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IT.: \* t'lBKA IB i:H?>0*__TH
A Hi m;; \ lu Maret! k ind Ins fino ?wa
i ? t?f Innkliti tt?o ?Hillls of r kotos
??ai?. i -sa i? i forme, on Mtmdiy
iiposod of
|t)?e i; air New
York- <>|?<>r* ! . v.s gltea lu exoclleal stile,
iv eli l.-rginuoii. U?ing
_ , charalag tii'i womanly
; lit aadtleat) urakeB??! Ito/e.
lu Illili?R In a g_ of tht t harm-ter She
?nat ?i. in aa 1 l.-asutl
,??** ant iel*)
flt.t? n ! linn ?l
I ?a t.i.r ?taca
I." I1U..IC Bill,
that ?unit! a ; ' k'1" *?
etpn -, .i H- in I
meero voce win? n? Mnd ." effectue
ipheh- i r; .
. - it hi.-- a
Vll__ti tiiitlertri??.* " '"i tha !>encfi! (?I tb? ...
Ve and mi. ?'. " K> thorOOgb BB artlti
, ?n ?TI r'-?i
On Tuetd'.i? ? Isettl's eharir.ing orae-i? " Fli.lr
rl'ATDa ' ' ; ajip.?srlnit a* Norma
.lam) ruf the groat I ?li i? ni st piras
. . Ihn ?lau-. Shi?
?a. tuf- M ?uti a prctli singer Hei
! t ?kal the ?? m of i* t* nviotlioi-t
Mer * - - anti wv tbiuk ?li?
J (li II a.
?. bit eoioe is
eilig 1! . ?haiiiltl beur
a ?. Ulllj! i fll?-t ?. "I ii?! , 111 OIIP
or tsro ]?'i??u.- ? , i Ar.'oii'icci
marte * daahl I ** iid tang lbs musi. ia a spirited aad
?-? ?t ?
<.',- ot 1: . re IB -1-- nothing
ia Ita j?--.:- I i merit? It i* a masterpiece of act
In?; mai MII?;I .- : : . entrai .? Id th?> leal tinto Di*
bfljaoi ?ras so ? thai i' ?i . !!??: ?. - i> .r" kepi cn
Yt.Ued with I, . . "?1 ii[.<?n the sdtmrable artist
t?i<? i.r.-irti-w! :?..-?:- rase The whola pat
tarma oee trat a tri ? para g
Ia Itroarthe?-.- .. ?? we shslll nie th?? ni.?rri at Winter Our
He?, when Mr M ? a ?i ? : hu art -t. mil _i?-?-t with ?i |IBtl
log ?as eoiJi.( ulai - - iiutiit a? theil high ??
WADA.i... t. V/.-.v-riOA'S MATI.BB.
The last ma in ?. of this em ?-lient arti-tt ycistorday
wat r?vy largely eil led and thaporf..r_i-nc\ tust.lined by
her,?.|f Mut AtVlai ? I" ?lips. Siiraor Aniu!i_ii. Mr Alfred
? I'-wo IUIJ Mr i ?gara ssost general aatittaetion many
?ti tha selections 1 ? \ y warmly i-i i ??rod.
Till HAThHAH < (?.St EBT*1.
'I . Materna.?1 a. "rt bat BirtM-Bg was a fine artis
t i, altfco -?a -rta
is hy nu roc ins f?llt .; i-litted l?y the pul'iio A? i i-' ,
we-mt-hud no su,., ' Ile eoialrir.-tiiin for aaay yean. Pa
repa e'tou? by . ?beaatyef ?herr?los an! tha ?pell of
beraerfool ii.? ry .?K-UI re* iseineot
should Bloi(i' '.- rowS Su-mu ii) ? Hall
whenerer ?ho api? - Cul Vahea ara ooaaldar tlie otlier at
traotioii? Uri. lo-da] a greater f-.? --rito with our
?i'?lio thaa ???..' ? R ttilla a plaalsl lathe first ela?
ignor Kerrit! -limn Ctrl Kotri Mr I I, Hutton,
anual?. . Mi ?Thee Th<M__a we few
surpri-?-.! (hit STBB I 'TBst pri.jx.rti.ins of th* t-otv DH'II ?IHUIM
be altle t?i sa-.i.iii:.?,. > ilo.e deairoat to listen ta these li mt
class, ailitiirulu" r?,. i i evening the eighth eaaeert wlB
fako pl.-.e?*-th.- li??.! ' i 'oil,at Mi I'.a'uni.ii. a-il give ia Ne?
York for tha prearm I?ei ail ?ho love tsaako *?'
lag _-_-___-_-_____.______-.
aama?B -?.BO urti ATI. KAL CIURCH. UKKhNWlOU,
Tha 8ocoti(l 0?.;i "r.;_ati_ni.l Church f-f G roon wie*.,
?Oona celebrated j ?t-'rl-ty ?tt One Hundred and 1 it'iath An
?irertar.T in the benmi i.l ?>ditice wh ?.'. *itimt"l ou the highett
groand ?MB?aSB Baa Voik and Bolton foiuu *<i prouiioent a
laaJmark. prtK-Uuuini?; at one? the growth eut-rpris* and es
oallen taste ni - The day wut m???? ;?; ??? . .i? and at
rnlUbt be aatlelpated ??n ?ui-h au interf.-tiiic ?aoaaMaa, large
Humbert fron; I townships aceeptetd the ia Tit*
the hotpita-lt) ?au .mili-i' Mr ti, Hul'."U a_d othrra to p&rtioi
pate in tin- exi <
The churt-h ?us tattefiillT deeorttM with frstoont and
wreath? of etei?jrenn* a?d a-ttimti .?ucrt bj th? ladies who
adlnd to thi-Ir 1 iimr of l?ie bj proi lilinf a bounliful rt'piit in
tha lecture room. Ahvio the pulpit fiu : -
' lu i? are of th* . strit-r? ara tt.e Ctu Jr?o '
IT t
( >tir Bstbsi't lied li our OotL"
??? reason of iii* hua of ?arl? n-cordi'dnring the Rerilnlioa
the ?ino! dn!.?-,f ?irt;ni.i*athan of the ohurrb oannot be ?asoer
tamed, but ?uft! i-ut fsots bave bei-n eollooted bt the united
effort? of the ?i-i'lor rjsnt'ir ll<*t Dr l.ir.sler and Mr \V A
Have, to form a rr.-r tiitcrr_tiiiK' history. In (?ctobor, 1718. the
(?enertd AseemMy of ( onnertia-'it ?paaBel ' libertr to the in
habitai.tt on th>? ?-?t *.<1e of Mlaic i? Kiror to erbbortT them
ealeea tate ehureh estate." and it it pr< sumed that tina p.v.pl.
arailed themseh ? s if thlt enubllne net to orgtmir? under tht*lr
ritlor. Ker. Kit har.l ?Snrkeil. tns following month. Wi'tt
rees wich wa* thaa enll?d (and still retains the carno of)
" Horse Neck,?' ?J?nr?M from a tongne of land running into the
Koaad. trbere tho In linns drore ana caught wild horses. The
ftrtt ed I Soo btsoame too troall in 17 to RTI?. ? nt replaced by one
which ?tooti ii:.til 17M uiiia r tLe _in.i?try of Kera K-.?*p?i ?o
Muason Daniel timnirar. Abraham Todd (pastor for m ?re thao
40 yesrsl. Jonathan hfiirdnck ?ntl Isnae Lewis Tina buiMiug
beeeaiinc tooooiitrarti-?! vtnsreplaoodb.T a eommottioosmooting
boat?, holding aleout SO), ?tim h ttood until HVt?. a hen in it* turn.
Beiag found entirely inadeqnate for the increase d?'ant? of the
S.?cli*t.T, it was removed, and the present stone ediflc??- prob
BW/ ein of lbs finest church buildup's, outside of our larg?" cities
-waserects?! at a ooet of MO.000 Mr Leopold Killi!? of New
Tork. architect It seooraaodste* SKX) persons, sad Ih? tpirs,
atout IIS feet in hiitht can be seen at a great distsnce on the
Ismiad. Re?. Isaac Ia-? is wss succeeded by hi? eon. Var. J.
lutria ?Ir., Re?. Joel Mann Ker. Nosh Coe sud Km Dr
l.tnsley, the preseut senior pastor, wbo was retired a few yeera
aiuce?n ooconnt of hi* aga ths aotne duties of the ministry
being astntned by the Rev TV. H. H. Murree ?hose strong
edrocviy of the tempernnce ard other reform? hat hld a highly
bene-cis! effect aui-.u^ the young.
The eerrlcct romtnetioed at 10 o'clock, with en Ineoestlon !?y
the Ker flatte T. HKIIHT and reading of teriatnral ??*l?,T)o!i'j
by Mr. Kittel Th?" ilailr then tang an anthem. "Oh. hoir
lorMT it Zion ' ' ft?!low?*l with a prayer by th* R?r. -Toe! Mann
fo-inerly a past?.r u! the mwkatj 'The KOT J. H. UntlfiJ.
I? D then d?lirerai s hlttorii ?l dUcour?*, replete with inter?
est, louohlng esrly incident* of the society and township.
Th? reces* between morning and aft?! noon san iocs wa? rety
plsassntly passed In ?tvlal uitfreourse and partaking of the
eieellcnt'collation prepared by the lsdic?
The afternoon sxsrt H?-* wareopened bt a welcoming ?address
?Ireett? the KeT. W. H. H Murray, followed bt s hUlorlcal p<ip?r
?prepared by Mr. ?V. A Howe-is hulory of t.e ' Stlll?on Bencv
??le?it Society" by Dr Plnueo-and historical ikntoliet of 8?h
battt Boboolt. by Mr P. Bolton, pleataatly yantes with
aiithssu tuna by the Sabbath Sohool children.
Thiiocoatlon will doiilitleta, long be remembered for ita
SOfltMaatlOB of Interesting Information and social plsasuit) by
aB the good people ot Greenwich and their guests.
Tha AmaricaD Church Mlsaionary -Society held its
aaaual bntlnees meeting al tht Church of the Atoentloa, Fifth
are and Tenth it.. yettei-day, 100 of tht clergy being pr?tant.
Thlt Society originated in the desire of a ltrga portion of tht
CraHgnlical olergy and laity of the Eplacopal Church in this
eeentry to direct the Interests of Qotpel mittlont QDOB the vol
aatary principia A preliminary meeting, looking to lu organ
iBatloa. was held Is the Churah of the Ascentlon, la Wilt city,
aa the Mth ot February, 18(90, and after a Bomber ot meetingt
a B4 much deliberation a Coattltution til adopted OB the Bth of
May following. Cut during the fire! year little was done except
eeapletlng the organisation of the Society. In the tecond year
thtreoelpts were ?il.ouo, and the eip?ndituree 111,(JW, the
?third year SB active missionaries were at work under the eui
piees of the Society, and the fourth year 31. The fifth year the
?reo*>p!t had lncrtased to fc1,5M, and ths sixth wire oTer
to OJ0. Of the letter tam |19,000 wat a ipeclal sontribution
frera a member of St Markt Chnrch, M. T., tot the endow
aaeat of a ProfeMortbip of Dlrlnlty in (irltwold Collep, Iowa.
The Kt Ree. Henry W Lee waa nominated to this poti'lotj,
kaiwB at the " Anthoe Professorship." by the ExecatiTS Com?
mittee. His nomination wss oonfixmed by the Iiuc.ees, and ho
.at? ixjcupies the i hair
The Eiecntlvs Committee made their srenal rer?or?i, from
which we ?learn thst daring the rear Jost closed 3B Biitiionsrict
ware employed by the Society, ot whom It were wtre new ar>
?aiatmentt sad k ^co_.mlt?lo-ed, 7 bsTS retlrned, so that
the Bamber at pr?tent it li. The recelpte wtre |'?f .411 &, and
the eipendharet t'A 't?; 03. Balance on hand Ottobet I, leo?,
IB IM ?l.
Oreat dMBcalrr wat ?tperieneed for watt of a financial tec
setary aad bosinevs agent, but the place waa ably tnpplled by
Ike ROT Robert "J Part?a of Pennaylrtnie, who acted In thal
eapa"ity aottl the soeie'T co_d secare theterrleee of a suitable
.wael A r?solution cf ? ha tkt wat tendered htm. The poti
tfea Is BOW filled by the Her franklin I.. RUIng. formtiiy of
Iha NBTBila 1-sslOB. who bst entered apon bit dutiee.
(XBoeit for the t_t__*g tear wera no___attd and tltcted u
?a'.tiBtBT -Jsy Ccekt, t?t, sf f *s*i.l?iil*. r
loa r*aBeiBS?iTa,-Ti.s Be? Jobs B- eues, 0. D ef rsonrtltv
?-?i the Bat. Bietst? 5ewtca, D. D., st* P??B*Tt?snU ; th* R.T. W.
? ?l-th.isos D. D .sf Msssschattttst D. J. Ely, ?^ sf 11 lad.,
the Bos. Cksrlss P. t.lea et Hew Jsrssy i th? ?s? N H. lebssck,
lilla- ?tsrylsa?.
Baoaaaua ISCBBTABT.- The Met. Klcharl B Tut **t Rhede
T?__???sa. -<.?irt? t>- Stott**, eta. *t Nsw Tt-k.
BaaesTtTa CoMirraB -Tks Kew i H T_t|, D. I).. tis Per. A.
ti VtaUa. D. D. ; ti.? BST !. H. CSLIS I. D. t). ths BST }. Ucwoii
Ba-SB, IB* hat. XhsBis? A. Jaaasil sienes Wthsis? Li. B , ?r.4
etiek ?J. rest??, ??a l rissen?k I. P*s?, mo, ; Buvait Bitva, eat, ;
Palea Ha->pBr?y?. ??a.
The Coast li at ion waa amended by iBcrensIng ths Bomber of
atarioe! aad lay mtmber* if the ExeentiTS Committee to tea
1 ot fire st heretofore, and prortdtcf tn_t a major?
ity at Us eomailtree ?ts.i tettde In or near the cttr where it le
toasted The d?U?!r,' t.t..local i_t_.Ltrs wire ihen BOBIA*.
lad aad t lett tit
Bs* BL Fstt*?, D. P. : ter IV. Prsttoa, T*. D. ; Pert. Churls? P.
Ohtmej, Pat. P. 1. Pair s, sud R??. ri..l I?? Brooks. Jaasss B
fasssr. s_sssa-_s**f?i P. g. Brs?d, Piti.borjh. J. \V. A?<_-*t?t,
O-U: ti. D. Ot-'.?7 -4.? Vcrk sod A. O TJD|. lllinelt.
A resolatloo rsl.rtng ?o aistion piarer meetlngB was dlt
aasesd al great lengi h, and fint-ly puesta in the following fens :
aetaliai. That ia tn? ,, xicn ?f 'his So katy it I* laslrak a ts s?t?h
Nsh is eui peiis-ei t meeiiti for prtys? ip?ti?.l/ ia ??koli ti mit?
The Her. *T. H. Moore effirsd Uti foUBwiBfi which vu
agreed Va i
~Bs.si.s- Tks? H b* <"*t*ir*l te th* tastatiT? Cstamittee te eea
mAm kh? wblsct sf sslfing mestisss ia dlC*r*a? esrts ef th* ?eantiy,
tttwUeh t-s.btwts ?.f tilt? Ucarty *b*U MprtsssUs sal *t4iti?s?_
fSJ?c??tr_a5.'*dw? *""?k i*-1* .".*** ",u
____i_!*f'"I reeoltiflens were offered by tis Ks?. Jota Cot
"tfy^j?* "T?? ??? htta ditpoeed of: .
***:!**. VP? msieo**Hmtw,l\?apit sea.lt.le sf the laapertstee ef the
.mnetasweas al tha slucatte-a, laWiest? ef Ike ehateh wuh spaelal re.
_!r?J_et_?r?.'T ?".... ".?' nSelttn m erler t? thVeseeets
fiL-TKaaZ?he^a '**' ** " w^*-?*5?
?-5-$^TK?S?^,4,,,*"'*"l*,f"'l,,^lw.t. .*?*.*.?
Xutm J. ?STtotStiSr C?**??WB.? with ? Hi? ta the ce?si
**?****'..*<?'"'.* ??tai.??>a Ul. .ftarnaai- I? the
____?*.._.*__-- _'__gy..,,!?ry'*? ?^ wa. ?h?, adir.-?-,
C_7e7tte ??? "?."Ingatohed olerteel a_4 lay mssT
._r-*__?>p RIA nous roe 1867-THB ?THOO- ruse von
lWf?, h re.
The Hoard1 met el 5 o'oltck laat ov .amp, Ibc Pr-?i
?ft-i l. ,?asnea M. _trl?_fin, eat; in the dhair A tra?-.! ion ?Ta?
takf-csT.t?*.?*.riatin# (.5-3,000 for the cui-renl e_?*ci._oi of
U.t? ? bool* for Hit' ye?! IW,7
A n kiJlsali.in va? adopt?-- ti, ,t |'. ( untroUr-r plur*?' i ill? (le
fit* (Unii'tirrliiln th?* lum ol ?J.l'1 _. . 34. lefcegSe amount of
tho balam r (?I the ?.?.jool fund A?r tin- /cur It??*.
fly reeentioa th? aalary of tlie Kt^rtneer la MM Boerd ?'? In
rre untl to . t.O?! per fiiiiiQtn Aftar lint??eel?ng aouie ?.titane
l>i_?iiie-_. tba Ikwril atljourned Cor a f t?. t :< i/yl>l
Ill CKAl OP VlTAt 8TATiail(*-_l_TltAiO( J! U I
B(?ABO urUy AL.H. NOT 0. IfV? j
lu .ho week ending Nor. 3, Ihure m'en ?O dooth?
In tbe City of Ne? York. liul-dlngC. in the pulttic II: ?lil til,una
'H'? tot si morti-Mt- in Itn?>klj n trtu 141. eichuire of county ia
titu^ltnii Zpno'io nana?*- killed 110. or S8.S0 per et-ni of all who
died m N?*w Vurk and 36. or IT,60 per cent of tk ?ho dud iii
brooklyn? _.o cholera and bul 13 death? from iliarrheal ninia
s*li*a occurred in the Utter i.lr In Nea Tori then.- t?e-s
Nly Tttliiathn fh.m (iii diarrhea! cause-, and among thone there
from Hurt? ia.
I he fintt pwwt ?if infancy pare l-l dc-nth., ??r 31 IO per rent of
the (?tal _iui.alit) in Ne? Vork and l'i. or D4 7.'.air c?*iit in
EUookJl-. 'Ih" ?leatliM of Children'.tiller tiro year, ot ein? ron
?ti'tttea 4??37 per cent in Ne?- Vol. and 36.74 per cent in
P. cooklyn.
iie?oitlct? ?.r?? n??? aiifennir bwt mortality Ihm
ihr Hi?? ?nnaon.- Tlie JO (h*nllis (ruin ac? rta tina, the 1C from
m?iil?i-ti?>'i-a <*T.?a;i. the 1". from tjplioid. and 7 from tsphi.l.
tram "gairut the pni entaille _MMI i?f thone di?.._-_-.
mk'ks) mortality leal week wa? ?.tin ?lint to an annual rata of
?-T? 41 per 1000 in Ne? Vork i-tclu-sis .. of th? uland inMitiitioiit.
ai I .,1 .'I 7 per 1000 in the I'll, of llKfiklrn The n?t<? m lx?n
d.?n.l>ie ?ccoud ?(.? k v.l. _ s?f (iclo'ier ?-__. _*: p?-r Uki,, in Dtib
lm Bri in Liiei|?>?.|. M| ?lui Ki Viei.'ifi, tin? Lilt week (?f Ka p
t'-iiilH-r (lu* r.-tte ?un a? M |Cf 1000, olioleim haling _Calroy ed <~
\ r'iiiieae (lint ???'??
Cholera Impon? very untiati.-lW* In many placet in Europe and
Hi?? V'niteil..? ut?-i titi? vi m |S___IM ?lu? h inisstt r.?..-tubb I
?Ne? York, in it? ( -sp mitre (" tho 1? ...tJi.nm?; CIU-I-H ?if ibeepl
d'.ni?* report? thiit ?nth cull??*! ?lill nurture thoitifec linn Dr.
PUT as un ?tat?*? thal ' exa-ariaac- prove.. IfcM ?eet i uti mil
thr? oho), m poison li rvn-e!? i r.'*cte<l in twtd ititi nut? tMtltll t' tar
?vjrrtrd in ? ti rider the cr'* a/ medical rruysertor,: And lie add? :
' In ih-* ?lime ?a? p~-iin?i.it'ii ? ili.irrlien" (beliei .?! In mt ml"?'
tiona; i? m*?.l'*ot?*?l. and the dimmer mt Hie _r]__e meti-Mtti i?
: lirit'ls priiitnci'-d." Hnrh tratlmnny kmm mwtm m otk
Hair ol?. i s .-r .-?.i.Iii in? a...-.-. I!.?s v lina nf Hi. in-o!, ?1? pursued
in (he ili*trt>pvlitaii Smut-tr. lii.trict of Now Vork
h HatiiBia.
MIAIMATIO I>I?aAt?..-f?.arlat)na. 1?. Hijshthpri? 7. Croup, ti.
?V-i-opln. Couth, 1 l.phu? Koter, 0. 1 ) |>l??iJ leti-r. It. hns-pn
l?s, 1. roeipei-l rever 1: Hr-en ?r? (. siloj. li. Ilnrrhe? (?i ut? I
13, Cholera ( A ?ltd i i I; Cholera lul?nt,m. l,j>rebro ?i>it_?l Meuiu
|iti? I, Inieroiittent I-?Ter. J l'jraemi? I. TVal 99
l.imiB-ie oa 1*0. .(.ATBD UlIKAtB? -.STplini?. ?, Mai (nant Put
tule I 1 ?t ?1 4.
Di?Ti0 HiaaAtil.-Starrt:i?u rriratiea. ke-, I: Doluium Trw
Bil! I 1. Totti 7
I'IATWBTIO l>i?B??st-Hr-p?y. ?i C?ar?r of :h? lionne!'. 1. C?o
oer ?-a t'etiontiuu ot the li.le? i?e 1 T'uUl. 4.
Tt.a?a<~9__ia DIMUU-S :?fu'? I. T?bet Meteaten-? t;,
riitln?ls I'- loe nsl.?, '-. . llT?l?oe^|.hslus . Tot?:, S*?.
I'ltau?? or TH? Nawiori **r?T*?- Meoinriln. !'.; Cerel.rltlt. I;
Apiipur. ?? r_r?lr?i? (rene??!), i. lple??y. I. Coa???!?!.!?, I9?
Ti-'annl. r ( . ..e.t on uf Hrain .11 Mi s. li II. I Te??l tt
l'i.?_??i o? ?a? i iBii't-tTOKT SitTe?. -Puricaiiiiiit I, Ilr|tr
tt. phT o' lietrt I. Aiia.in.in ot tia Heart. I: l*__T___l l?i-e.-? ol
IJfs-t. Ij Hia>*aa < I ti??- Heart. C. K?itv Deceo-rttion I Total. 16.
OitB-aai or raa liatriaiT-ar Mina- Lvta.itii 1 ; Ceafeetiaa
of th? Luiif?. 4. liioB I it t li, llemitrra.!?. 1. P?. ? na-ui?. ...
IMal ^l
HiiKAtn? or ena IO.IJITITB STITB? -flutr-Oli, I. it,t?iitut?-?p
tion 1 1 narin?. S , I her ?4 tl.e Stomaeh. 1; Pebil.iiilit J, H-par
ti is. . T.4?iai3
l>lta_l_? er raa t'?i?tA?i StlTtH-Nephrla. (Bri|ht * l'i? I 10.
CTIlttl?, 1 Juttk H
I>BTU.oeaa .TAL lui A??? or CaiLnaa?-Pi?-i?t??ra hirth, 9;
otlitii M?..or.i..'l .ii. J ( rsno.i?. t. ieeil.iii? 1. Tut .1 IS.
Vi oaiN -Puerpertl ?. ouTulal.oa, 11 1 loo_in? l. Total. A
AUB- >ld A_i. I.
Nt'TatTist.. He'illltT. t
Acciaaim AH? NaoueaKCR-Vrarlnrei and C?ntiul<>ai. ti;
I'T-wuini. ti timen, and SotiAt. t. ?luff.>catl-i I. _.nn_n!?tioii, I
ToUl. II.
h?iOi?a--ui?ld?by Charreil. I. Tot?!. Me.
1 li. (??'?'?-riiiR i? a nx-ni'itsi!?linn ?! u -e? acte? and nalniti.*?
of imraon* that di.-tl in _Sew York ai.d Brooklj n lu UM wi-ek
eu? li nit Nor. 3. 1060:
New y.->RK-M.ii ?(.. trt.Qien -m,<? TI II7.|irl> M| mt il -M.
NaiiT.ue?- An-tri-. I : Brnuli Aumrii?. I I), uoiark. f t at ?D4 ..
Krmc* li Uormaor. 31, Ireland. To, Scotland, t; lultrd St?te? 'pit,
UU' -S.
HaooKLTI-Men. Ml woman. Bl boTt VI filis S3, total. Uti. Na
ttTi-iea - Draoi.rk t.Kn;laud J.(l.tnt?nT 6. Iretti.d, .11 . horw?y.
1. Print!? 1. eVatlaii-, I, fni'.ed .*.?.?te. II'. \X * no I, Waal luJiaa.
I total, lol
Diria'U? WtaA.
Unity.. .
T.satiey . .
te ti , _e.ii
a*9 M MU
30| 50 M4
i; 4* _?.ac
li 4? je.oi
}| ? | MM
Sietn'et htittuelet tot week. ...J..
Meta of teat:erallia for norh. tit.
AT?I_I? buinidiiT (oi week, aaluntloa balaf IM, (?I
Tatal raia ?all, 4.1.
e 1
i Ml
ol^t a
(ti. loi? Jattiea l?owliof.|
peoted. ye-U-rday mornir.f a ?notlej- crowd ef prlaoneni er, re
arraigned before Jiutioe 1*0? ling at tbe -ou)l>? Many of
theae, l-twercr, were arreated on Hie charge o! las in? le-en
drunk and duorderi?. but M certain latitude ii alum? aluued
for tbe etcltement attei.dauit ou an ?le- lion. Ibe tnagietrate waa
di?pol<*d lo be Icnici.t and the ma.only tvere let off ?iib a
rapine, a rid.
II.I.E'.IAI. VoiiNr..-A eonilderaMe propoiimnof Ibepnanneri
howerer, were arraigned on the chat ire of hating attempted to
roto illegatlT, and their onaea elielled mure aermii? altei tu?_u
Hetisstlir -Kirie of the Kirai Piecinrt teatifitil that be ?in . --T.-.I
?Tohn Killer? while attetupting to role llingnily atlbehitth
Eleetlou Distm t of the Tim Wurd. At Huit time the )._.__??_
liifonned the Inspocton of Khy-tion that hu name wa? Martin
I'l.illips, re.i.ling at Coeutie? Slip, and that he wu? r.Ki?'ir?-d
iu Hint dixtri. I lie i? not the j?er?<ii> Ixtaring that name at d
bad admitted after arrest that be had pretiou?ly voted at the
8e?xjnd Klit'tlos Iimtrict of the Fir?! Want where he re?tdci.
Morrl! Wheeler wai arre?t?-d hy I'eteotiv? Hoyle also on
a charge of attempting to d-poait an illegal rote at the Fifth
Klin-lion IHttrlct of the Kim Ward The ae.-used wa
V red at llTltig at No. "14 Mooro ?t.. but the ollieer asceitained
that the rngutry wai falte, and Whm-lrr aduntted ?Ince arreat
t hat he bred In White it.
Benjamin H. Colin wai arraited hy otBeer (luerrln, of the
fourteenth Precinct on a e_?rge of having voted illegnllv at
the Xth Iliitrlet of the Fourteenth Ward. The prisonei 'imd
been reglatered aa living at No 1 Crn?l.y-?t. but the fact of lit
non reifdenoe at that number waa n?? ? ? tnim-d by thr Poli?-a 1??
fore eleotloa day When Colin appeared at the polls ha wai
oballonged, when he iwore hu rote lu und wai am ?titi
Otflca.'V Doran, of the Fourteenth I'rt-cinct. arre?te?l John II.
Short who be accnted of laving t"t?d illegally at the Vllth
Dlitriot of t_l Fourteenth Ward. The ac< u?e?l gave hi? resi?
dence at Xo. 1-3 F.ll/abeth it , when he waa challenge?! anil con
prima to awcar hil rote in. Al It had ht'i-a a?? ? rtuimd tliut
**hoitdid not remieat ??'o. 1^5 he wa? nrreste?! In couaenuencr.
( ..I (?eorg? F. Hopper of No. 1.0 Princept, one of ihe In
.peo-or? of tba IVth l.ltution Uictrict of the Fourteenth Ward,
caused thi erreit of Patrick Kiley for an attempt to vote Hie
gaily at the poll! of laid I) latn.t Riley wai not content ? it h
voting once to be reappeared ? lecocd time with fiob ballot?;
hence, hi? arreat
In all then caaei He evidence wai clear and te the oolnt io
tho Mnglttrate-omiu.tted all of H.i I'l'itObeii for uiul in de
fa'.It of bau.
Tbe following nan.ed person! were arrested on limllnr
charge!, bul wen ducbei(.d from cuitody by reuon of in
nifti-lent evidence.
JameiCurlry, amit?d by Offlcer Kn,ne_y ( f ile F'ir?rtcci:tb
Precinct, who could not iwear that the pr.tonrr waa not a
legal roter.
ThoioM O'Brien. ?rreit?d by Officer Kelly of the Focrteectb
Ward. Police | wto did not furniib my evidence of ..?ououi
Thoinu Carpenter, arreited by Officer Kellr of the Fourteenth
Precinct, bul he failed to injport the charge with progm
l'i Idence.
Virgil Vanderoort arreited by Officer Kelly, who waitsjually
nnal-le to fUrniih itifllcient ev idcnVe.
Michael 0._'.in, who waa arreited by Officer Barber of the
Fourteenth Precinct, G?*o. W. Hill, arreated In the Fourteenth
aod by Officer MeMiller Francia Mott, John J. Hackett and
Thomee McO.nnii were alie diacharged en the lame ground*.
ATikMrigii Bi R-LABT.- Early yeaterday tnorniny. Jimei
Brtnnai tad Michael Agntw, both young Bee, were f.i.i.d by
I-onndinu McDonmll of the _ixth Pretir.it in thi tits ut the
dot Lina itere ef Itrael Lowintht.l No VU Chatkam M. Ag?
new reeiited. ead wai knocked down twice by the roni.il?rr.an
before he wood i.i n. t The priionm tad attempted to force
in the rear wmdew of the itere, doab?en witb the Intention of
robbing it. Y?iteid?v they w*re ?onuailt-tl.ier tiial by Juitice
Dowling IB ??faull of |1 O?* ba L
Fraccie Gent e print attached to the French Catholle
( Urch on Tweify Hird tl.,|appe_red befcre tin court yei'.r
day to mitaia a charge preferred aga; ntl a young maa named
W;.u?a Uouglaa. of having Hole a, on the 31 tt nit, the tom ol
11331, the property ef the BIT A. Ftunuont, the peaton Tie
money waa in the Rev. Mr. ("ouiie i trunk and een_-it_d of
f 130 in United Statei X.-eaanry i_d Na'iot.al Bank BO tea, and a
3u?_,!ity of goid and uiver coin of the raise of .?H. -.me
.yi after the money wai mimd Douglia i-tirchaied a mit of
elothei which coal lion, and aa ha waa attrely a clerk with a
.mail aalary thia circumstance attracte^kjpaie attention. A
Poiice Captais wai called ia to aid in renjafug the douhti now
harbored agairit him or ia red.? isa them te a certainty of bia
guilt, and upoa aaarching among Xieuglii . clothing he found
wrapped co la a pair of drawer? the i-ta of |300. Iba prltoner
la in EngllahmiB, and waa born ia London, li li venn of ?ge,
and hu realdad at Ko. 9*0 Weat Twenty-fourth it. He picada
goilty of having ttolen tha moniy. and ii cotnnuitcd to aiunru
at -.hi G?--.al Beiiicui la default of |l **i baiL
AhUtoED.TenT.-Martha toni Catherine McCarroa Tere
yet'.etday charged hy Mra. Caroline A. Stimpion of No. S3
N.LH it, tiar tUath-ave., wlth^harlng i'clea from huon the
lit of Mt y, ted eo other occailom, a^mctltyof Br-ti?il ?ar
peti vainid at 111, three picture! of tha ?-?Jue ef |40, ten c??ttoa
IhMll and ive pillow eaiee, worth togei- rr g/l-ill amounting
le%alQ4*toM& Mra. Btiai^ot aa.e the wai told thal if ih?
went to MarthaMcCarroearwideeca, No 947 ?tantos it., ?hi
?lett get ?o?? elua ta the dlieevery of thi article! ihi had
M-B mTiaing. aad thal her ion liai ina gone there law haoping
aa the wall the pieturce which had been abstracted from bar
pildcac* Cat_eri_? hu lately been a domeitio In Mra.
itiopaoa a houie and holde a inmmoai agali.?t that lady eon
aeoted le BOOM wal with the lettleniiot of wagei due to her
whea leavlDgi whfla Martha lnaliU that aha never hadpictnrri
or Berthing atoe lo her tooee belonging to Mn Stimpaon. and
xtstA, laitaad of bar being tba pereoa mentioned in ih? erurt?
II i-ouU hare beea, trots tko -alar? of the charge herilater.
erke em at eee tlmi a eamat la Mm Stiupeoai houie. They
bolh ?rate bail to appear at Ibe Special Sessions ia the tam of
MM each.
1M.-OAI. VOTI-O.-Joseph Kemp, for toting in the ililli
I leetwn Di-.ii iel of the Twentieth Ward, not Uing a rt?deal
of the Du! r iel, ?gare bail In |I00 to answer at t.- SpocfaU _w
John l:esrd?in. for roiin,'in ibe XVth Beirtios ?Metrlct of
the Kii-hti*. nth ?Ward, no? t?-ii?r* n r*-?irli?i!l of tht I>t?trict. held
m ?.lu? bull to Baaarct ?i the SoeeisJ ."M-..un?a.
Iniii? Simih tor i?,ii'ii- ?II (I..- V'lthtKleotion Diatrld of the
Hult-cnlli Word, not bains H roeldoiit oi ftii- 1? ?
|JU1 bud ?to anitwer ni the Ki?er-ii- IBSBBB-I
f'pt-1,1? *B*I i-H! III*! Vorr - A rotT nnmisl ?ttmr? Mny re
aiding at So 3*1 Wt*l Twenty eitth st . U?ed !i?ij to |t-i.ua<_>
Just Ice Dodge, yesterday, ti.?', bit nntiini!_-uia ni pap?-r* ead
a qusnlilj of tr. -S. Trt-i?iirT Noli* ?iciiitii.c in raia t.. fa?
tum of lllO, ?rerfl stolen liom him l?y KsrnHn' ('..th- Hi.?
story i* thrrf aa unknown man end? lied the p?p..r? ititi tim
moeey from bim ?tun! hand??! tln-m l?t Cayte whorau off with
them and sonitht protit-tion li: () Ti??l.?'a ttort No St Ninth
see., an en!ranee to wliiei. lie ?at not petimtted. ti.
hat ing beeii locked ocTtnet hiii:
Th*def?-iii?egBie Hie intormntion lh?t Mar hnd t?yn willi a
more thsn boietero-S ?-si etidonrnring lo sell hi* tro??? for *o
lone a lime that some one cot dlrgu.-t'?d nilh t),r< nl.?n?|?t?d
traffic, ami t<*ok Ila? .??,.<!.' fie:-T* him. to put an em' I" a scene
which lielt'ii?r?*<l to a plan .'tait futo. Two respectable wit
iiesxet !e?iiiii??d th?( ila-? ?had tooa the aataralisatiea papen
when licing thrown el out ?from one iM-r>i,r, to saolbt r. Bad Hi it
there tit no money Will d lietwees th???i_ or n*ilil?? ni nut time
while I?mi: ethil-K'tl by Ila- mun-r. Bol Muy lo the li.it
moment. pt,ili'?l<il tim! ? ?wat i-i.sl ti't hnic tieeted ? p??ir de
cent man in that way. wle-n la- ivntk ?I hard m'l. Ila- *?' ?I "I
?his brow foi the euriilngti tliey bud tnki-n fiom linn " There
wiU be a further e_auiiuiition of the e ine
|Bel_r? Ji.atl,?M*i.afirId.l
(?RAM> IaAROhKY.-On Tuc-itlfty ove-nini* ?Hat, two
men named flerma fTt-r?ehfi-liir and Jacob Mil? r w:,! into the
furnishing etore of Duntay A i'.rinlur, No titi ?DBBM Bl . ""d
ordered a bill of fronds con? ??ting of tin' following I I
Th?n?e doran of wtnHcii fhrivlt. tullin! fit I ;1 .'?0, tl.i? .. ?doBBB St
woolen diawers, t?!n?.l et f.il 50. ene do/en o! woolen drawers,
i-Hlued at |7 (i), one dot? n ol w ..?.len ?Inri?, i allied at f? ?i tu o
doren of Merl??. liil?-?-?l ut f... nil ?tniiiiiilii.i; lo tito ?'lui I
The ROOII* wereon1i-r.il t?i bo ?? ni lo the rrSBBBBM of li.?* pur
f lit.it.TTi. No 124 Attorney ?t , uinl patinent un* to L"- msds ..o
d.-lirerj tritt when Mr. Dustm bra?ga! the p.>_.-i to th
dence and prrweiili-il iii.? bill dr psjun-iit ti?-? t?o BMa sttsed
the p?ne?'l and r ii: up ?tiun n i"i ? ? ? ? > ! '.- I- f floor of the 1. naSt
snTinif to him Hutt they would tnl.e lu? lile if kostteeipled lo
follow them to thmr apnrtmfMit.?. ami ?thai Hal (r?.?i-< beloaged lo
them, a* they hail pw (-)iaM'd tittW IA 1 I- bit duliivreil them.
Two police officer? siibse<)'ie'itly foun.t the prop?-rty Bader the
btxl in n book btalroom on the top ?tori ol the houa.? Con
to swslt examination.
(..iii! (?I AH*:\I.s
IMI*OBTAKT DKOIMO!? TI) rit??..?!?' (iTIN'i ?OFFICBBB Till
The l"i>ll<?win(* i> ti"- ppiniaa of the Court of Appeal! ,
in the CUM- of Frank Ken-It
ft, rt the ?pplicstluu ?I Frank Ferrit fot t ?rit lo srror I? It.? Ciar!
of A |.;.??!.
Daiie* Vh. J.- The fact* ap)?eariiig ii(?on this tpplieatlot*
an? as follows : The p:i?oii.-r ?a? indi) ted tri?-.| ?ml , ulai i. -I. d
in the Court of Geaeral Brsaioos ol the ?Peace in sad for tht
( Ki end ('??utily o? Vow York, on the L~th ?day of I ??'
I-.?',. of the eiiiii?? ti iniiitler in tho ?fii?t degree, aad seal I
lu lie eioouledon the I4!h ?lay of April bQowtng On ?
of hit con? ietioB tnd seilten? ?.'. the co??' wa* remorad by s ?nt
of eiror t?> the Supreme (aunt for reriow, Bad M the -*-'.'? of
ltVeeintx-r, imi.'?. the Jut1gme.it of the S. ?*i..ii* wits aflirun-?! hy
tlmt Oeerl '1 he i e?e wa? then taken bj n n ?li of ? m.r to this
Court, ?ml in the month of .lune IsM the lii.lirin-iit of the Su
pf-i.ie I."nt Wat i liai?,ed and tl,c rta,ntl ?remitted to the Su.
pi ?nie (oui t to pr.? .ed thoms ?Boeordia* to law On the aad
ilt.r ol .lillie hist, aflei (he ?ni?! inami had Len r-milled from
tin's Couit. the Sniii-ine Court |in?-?w.l.tl tln-roui in the r.i ian r
Mlawlag On t!i.i! tiiy tin? pi l?oin-r ?*? tim'ifcht lato said
I our! li-'ore the (?t ut-mi Term Ihstaaf hftirtatol a writ?
haben? BStvaS, latasd Iherefiom em! Ih? said ('.?urt Ji 1 J.-i .
ti??.ii "euasider osiler and sdjodrt that il?? pris.H
ni'.inler I?, the lit>! d?creo an.I felony sf..rra?i,l wh???-l la
?tunda ci,ii?li!ftl. I?- l.ikt-n l?> the I IIT I'IUOI, o? that'll? ti!
New York from ?I.<. ht BBtBS ?ml on Kilil.iy. UM 1711 ol
August n<<>? ha hanged hy the neek aatil he le dead
nit setitt-Boe is idi-otieal with, trml l"ii I raprtHloa of II ii
pi'iiioiinu-'l br lli??('i"ii! of (iein-riil Senior? SXt >pl i
tit'-d bu ii? t tt-fuii'iii . . id Iii'saul ?furl .la! II
ils s si i ?at lo I he Ha? i .IT of tht tit' anti (oui,li t,( Nee ". ak
to cstuc ? t-?iitii.|i I-, I- dot -e i |??n ti.? ?nil I rank Ft-iri? ae
oordlnK i?ilsw. And the Bald Coairt did IhtfBfors sppolal th.- Kih
day o? Aui'iHt t'.?n next at the day uj>on VMsi (he ann! ssBB
t'llite silo ill l?e etoilltttL
1 I?, (iuti-tuor. oo the spplltatlon of the prisoner, respited
the exa?-.illi?!i o( Ihe .?.iilnii ?.. until ihe ??l!i ol ?M?,'-? - It
ia now uin'-i on bi-hitif of the pn?iuer,
I Ihn! the Supreme Court hml no ?aalaorit? '
judgment ol death upon thi? primmer. Ila- yadgmest i?l il.e
I our? of Geiierul .Va-i<nj Is-iiig *(.U l ali J, operattre, t
a-.r!ii'?l, ?nd IL* only one i.\ani whuh the aBfisBSM Baa hi
ii. T he! the 8npr?*me Court hsd no att'boritT to fit s
the exe?.'iiti?,u ol Hie pn.ai.i.cr the sole in/we? to Jo thal I
il.e (.'anirt io which I?,? was tried, eoutf.-ted alai stigiaally ??"ii
We think It may I?, cooeede.1 that st to the fir,! branch of the
fi:>( posfain Of the pusoin-r'* ???. II ?i i BBBWly, thal '
ourt had no suit?,lily to | ,! d' Uh upoB
.?? pritoner. It 1* *<?i)!?'J. A Jntliruieiit of death lm?l I
ii.amci?! by a con (?I'll'"."'ii ?ii.'l reiiii.lii'tl in lull foi' " ?'"'
me entirely (oniur with pn?oi?er'tcoiiii*?'liii theeeoood 'in ? h
of hu first proposition, lo W11 llial th?;u IKIIH-al of I
of (-?eneral Sesaioiis I? IDK ?till a Tuli.l BJpHBti?reaad el
jadirment. tu the only one np?.u ? I i. li tia prisoner I
axsoattoL It wa? tbeiefore a ?ork o? t'iperertegatlBB m th S i
p?eme Court to p??s senteur? sgnin tii?in the prisoner Ihe
f-ntenoe aJnvuly poam-d wa? in ae< on'mii i with the Itw. wn*
Tslid, OJM rntire snd BBrerenied, snd l.aj Ison sfllrtaed by th?
(ourt of biet aTen?rt Tin re wits no MMataa Ih-refaie fa.r
suotheT s.-iit?-u?-, si?l (hi* ?< l of ?I-s?,,.
uucslleal for, worked oo detriment;? - ' iurj to Il.e
ii no Kr?n ml for a leTemsl of the oru,'H o'. ;'. '.. -? n? ". '
Thai romains is full ?one ?alni sud oi.-r,ri?- Ml,?'- !
maine?] Ibr IBs Hupt eine (ourt Is du M ?.*'*? J ? .- Otk* !'.
lion? of this l'ou?t to Btaoeed st ?-'iidiiiii t>, ;,>..
being rriai:l<_ fiom tin* Court to Haul, that duly It
i/mited out ia the ttatutet of thu ?Stille (.1 tit ? M i! I
*4. p vr.t
,Si< lern k.1 ernie!?, th?! ?IwheaeTerfo? any re-isun any con
Tlct ?entence?! lo the puiii.Tiineial ol*l. nth ?hall not bsio im-m
eiet-tile-d puisiiaiit to suah ?miltiiie ?nd tin- anne ?hall atnlnt in
full force, the Supreme ( ?uri on the appllrnti'iiof Il.e A Ibu i.-? .
(.?.n.rid. or of the Di?trit I Altorne? of the Count.? ?here the
i t'liiltlion wn* had. ?hull i.nur a ? nt ?if hnlmcii r.,r?.<i? %p brui?
*nch oon.iet l??ti-re ?ii-ii ('?inri ot if la-!?? nt Urge ? ? arr-iiit
for hi* sppreheusion may be Mailed by Hu' ?time Court ux any j u
ine thereof."
N-etlon M enactt. that "iipon*nch com it! be(B| !iro?!K-)at
In-fore the Cou; t. they ?hull prove?! t.. Int) in re into the is? ts
and clniuintaVittea aii'l if li" le/al re?i.??>n exi-l ii?fai!i-t th? m?
culion of ?m h sentence, they shall ?l|ru a wurran! !?i tim ?In-, -if
of Ihe pru??'r Coutily, o.?iniuii!i?ll!ig Um to do SCecBtioB 01 SB? li
?.??l?ente, at ?ui-h time at shall IK- IM iiited tin ri-iu, which thoil
be ol#yed by auch ?heult at-cordiiijrli."
All these proiUioiit hate lenn ht.-rully eompln-d w lih In the
pie?.-nt Inttaaee, and th? only depaiture from them is one of
lortn und no1 of ?ub?t.iiiie, that l?,th? lepionouiu ma by th? ?Sa*
fir. it-.- Couit the same sen! euee Bad Jw?rment ir Indi, bad ?al?
ready been pronounced hy Ihe Court ,,f (leiionil ScssRIfll, ?ml
whnh had le-eii nfllnneif lythe Su; renie Court un?! BJ lui?
Couit. '11.0 dhBKj Bl ti." Snpp-in* Coinl and it? ?hole d'lty ii iS
on being informed that the i**iiteiice lind not b> eli list nted lo
oaute the coin let to I?* ItOBghl befruu that trii.iuial Thu! wat
dont here, ii]?.in hi* ?tBpBtnua-e there the Cowl WBB lo in?;iiiie
into the faotl snd cir? iinintnn? re, snd if It should lui 1 that BO
lsK'tl it-u?on* azlstad why tim Mataaat ?houUl aot b* . ?
?thoa it win muda the doty of ths Court to Issu? a warraiat to the
St.eiifl ol th* rouiity tu wtiieh Ihe t-oiiTiciion wa* hud. oin
miuiilllig him to da i-ieeulli.n of tu? h ??Iitein e St ?U?'h time ?I
the Court ihntild ai?i?oiiit. All tim hm! bt-eu dune lu ?tritt fal?
?llmect of these abrei tion?. sad we do not ??-. any renton for
doubling their rejrnlnnly. The eireuinslauie Dist ths Supreme
Court rtpasted the sentence nlrou.lt In force smi ?????-rat ii e, ?1,"*
not in our opinion tilinte or impair what Wss done or make it
len effectual. That CevMLWlth lite maptlon of thlt uii'-tssntiil
particular, bat proceeded purtnant to thu dirrcuou* of thi*
Court according to law.
T_e?? considerations dispose of the teeond position taken by
the prisoner's COUI1S.-1 namely, that the Supreme Court had no
authority to fix a day for ths executlou of sjiy Juilginent afrainst
ths pilsoiisr. We hate seen tl.ut the Uuiguuge of the Bo? bed
Statutes slready tjuotsd fully aothorind theSuprem* Court to
rsms a day for the executlou of the sentence, thsn In full force.
The argument of the pritoner'i oouoiel Is based uixm th? tee
Odd tection of tht act of April II, 1.39 (I.sst of ?"'Ji, chap.
4C-.'). It it in these wordt: " Whenerer, after tjie et miction
spon any indictment, the ret ord thereof theil be remo, ed from
tuy oth?:r Court into tht Supreme Court for the purpose of re
rlew, tht -Supreint Court ahull, upon affirming or roverting the
judgment or other proceeding*, remit the record to the Court
lunn which the tau.? wat r? mot ed, and the Court to ?talah the
t"mt shall be to remitted thill ha.? power to proceed therein
Bucortllng to the decnion and direction of the Supremt Court "
'lit KsHssd .stii'.iaiis h*?* prii?nii-<i for the action of th? ?Sa*
pr^ms Court upon writs of error snd certiorarr In orimlnal
BBSBB Sec.'.'4, v. Ruined .siriutet 741, declared : "If the Su?
preme Court thal! ailinn tuch Judgir.tnt, It ?hull direct ths tsu
te-r.i.a pr-onouLccd to l?s exe? uted, and the same shall bs executed
accordingly. If the -Supreme (ourt thall reierse th? tudirment
rendered, it shull taider illrt-i t a ne? trial or that tht dtfemltnt
be absolutely dischsrged, according to the clrcumttancet of the
rate.'' Thu tection wat amended hy the Aot of April '.'4, 1*63,
[Laws of IBB-, Chap SWS J by a?!i!ing thereto tht following pn>
iU0: "i*rotided, howeTtr, thal the appellate court thal! have
power npon any writ of error, wheo it thall appear that the
courlctlon baa been legal and regular, to remit the record to the
conrt in which tuch i-oarietlon wit had, to post tiivh tcnUuce
thtieln at the laid appellsts tonrt theil dlrtiit. ' - 4.
We tad occaalon Iii th? catt of litlily tgt. The People, 09 V.
T., 124, to p?ut tipo- ti't ??edon ti amcL?l?;d. In thal cate we
were of the opinion that theconrlctlonof the pritoner hsd been
legal and regular in the Kins* County Oyeren?! Terminer, bul
that the tenttnee pronounced upon tuch con? lotion wit unwar?
ranted In law ; sod ws, tberefoie, mened the Indgtnent of the
Supreme Court, affirming the lame, and directed tht record to
be remitted to the Court ef fit? t and Terminar to na?i tht ?en?
teco* pre*i ril-ed by thlt Court We think It would bare been
competent for thlt Court to Inn titi the day for the exeeutUm
of tne sentence which thlt Conn by ltt Judgment affirme^
_oeh certunly TI? ita rractlce In the Court for the Correction
of Erroro, and there li no reason which can be suggested
why thlt Court could not do what it waa corn?
il tint for that Out, units? ?-??trained by atatute.
In the cass of Tht People agt. Enoch ( 13 Wendell, IMlthe Chan?
cellor, in dclitering-Ht opii.ioniof tht Court, laid on affirmance
of a Judgment of the Supreme Court in a capital cate: " 1 em
also of opinion that ID B cass like the present, where the execu?
tion of the eentence it retpited by the Oorrrnor until s parti?
cular day, it li the duty of the Sheriff to proceed and execute the
Judgment of ihe wurt al thal time, anlest s farther rttidts Is
granted or tis Judgment hu been reverted or amended in the
meantime. 1 em alto of opinion that thlt Is not s esst In which
it Is nsceitary to tut out a writ of babeas corpus and to bara
the convict brought into the Supreme Conrt before the teutence
of the law can be executed upon him. The Judgment of af
Brmance may therefore contain a ipeclai direction to th* .her?a?
te execute the sentinel on tht dey to whleh the execution thereof
wa* Uti retj.ited by the (iovernor. In the cue of The People
agt Clark (J Salden, JUS) thi* oonrt on reverting a lodgment of
the Supreme Court and affirming the Judgment of the Dyer and
Sariiuiut- lu a capital case, where the latteroourl had te.tenoed
the nrlfOncr to be txecuted, ordered thal as ths day
fixed for the execution had passed, the proceedings must
be remitted to the Supreme Court to prenoancs tsntsms
sgelnst the prisoner. The order ectttall- made tn ?hit
Court wat that the teeord be remitted to the Supreme Conrt ia
order that that Conrt may direct the sentence of dsata to be ex?
ecuted and that Conrt ?lid accordingly proceed to have
thsl seutance executed. (See The Psopls ?art Clark, 1 Parker,
C R Rep. 3*1*.) We think the provision* of tht eeoond ieotl?>n
of th* act of ?K? are inapplicable to a ceee like the presan?,
whea the record le Immodletely -amoved oat of th* Supreait
Coin lato this Cnrt, ?wa Its aaaouaoecMal of the Jadgtsial
of the Con!. If (he re? ?.rd lind remaine. in thatCviir? It
would doubtleaa bon IKN-B rotruler for the Suprema Court to
bate remitted Ibe n-cs.rd to Ibe Court of (.enaral leeaion, ?iib
?lire, linn? to C ?I ( '?.?ut t?. fit H slay for t:.e eiiv?i?t'ii! of the
...ni. me ii-rmi*d an?l io i-ane the proj-er ?arrant tberofoc
r? cord in Hi. o ie" bating bet-o reinovr*. tn thi? (ttiit,
n?e . md in Ike power of Bm rnTonme Cowl U remit ft to the
(??neihl tv?a?.on?. nml the itotttU 4M Bat make It ohtij lory
upon thel Cowl lo ri mil Ho Barn* lo the Ow eml H. laioai upi n
ita ret ra tbei .wtit und direction? .f tha-('?tut
I pros !.;> lbs ;vfoi?
pi*?l? tlj be mi-li.t ?liih ?r- inirtle
every e?????.' of a oom n t irateaoed to the piim.-l
i? l" ne?-, r fr.r anj i
reale-, ?(??I the MI it ind in At- fort?
i.t tlit?jiiilirir.i*iil K...I ?.-i ten, c pioiioun? ,-.1 in thi? unen by I lui
I'onr? aa? fcnrtl. n,-.?! ti.-r-' 'i>-I' .'""-I i ' it Ula. day
br the ewatton liaun* paa?e?*??l. further actif*-, b.-. nine
I that ? ne Iahen in Hil? ci??e m itnct conformity
v. lib tlie'l.-ttiTof lii.-l. ":l ' 1 bt nell'.'! of the N,pr?_ui> Couit,
u ?o. thert-f.ite in anoonUnc?? with th? ilireetion? ofthi atatu'e
ciiept m tS?*uniii?|??rii<nt pal.-ular ?ires?!*/ ntlirrtid to, and
t!i . motton f.r a ?ni ol orr??.'-i? denied All Men
W'illliini I KI Hiring for th?* im-tien. ?ml Qn_-_g t. Redford,
J'. I?i?li__t Attorus.). iu etfOmXXtaSAA
?Judge bUtniA-l
Nth Adinna act the it?* .m?h:p 0*?*an Queen.
Til? x- A mut for cclli ?len. .'pon lull li. ..rim? A do
cr.-? wn_ end-rcl for (l.e Ubafianta, ?iib un or?i?-r of reference
te compute the danu?] . Ii i i oium-Mloner bru niadc lu? r.
port to thie Court to whloh th? ?'l.ilriiinl f-i . i?' ? principally
on the grminil that tie* Comrma?ion.*i-i in MBOaa?ag the ii
to Me Barga Xo-A Ute anea It would have broogM at ibe pan an
(tootla.?tun-, itnton.l of the price pni.l at III" p...tt of ahJpOBBBt
I tliinV. tin- i-Ai-ent:. ?n to tins point i.? ? eil tullin. It, 11 i?p?-n to
Ibe (>l>|t*s?tion taken bj Mr Jil.ti*? ?S?or -y in the ? .!?.> of the
BCihoanr Cinch (1 i;-il III) TOoOffh that wna not ii cane of
damage be c-tUaioa, it wai a ean "f tem aga I?* itiut ii.*r klad
t?f ton Ii i.t raatarka ara. fherefora, apt emi to the pola. To
i-t-liniat.? the t_.ili-.i_rs--, lit M!?H! theCVgO WO-ld hiw? ?old fin if
it hal reached the |?>:. ofdnttaattoa pi-t?ki?, la BOOM Benaan
of coiijecti.le, nuil BMB-M ?? tli it fur r? IM.II winch 1? uti? r nil
contlngenl Tba Kboo_er in thli en?" miirht neier have
ri m lu. ti.i* port u! iaatinatioB eraa if aha hadan* eoQided with
tin- Oeaaa Qnee, Bhe ? aa ngarri te all (ha __d_a_n ix*nU of
uni toatl iii. i oliisi?.!: lire nml BM-Ctaa dangers which attend
telBC-r li the 1---II I ?1 ri?liU-?.T.i!.il (lie . .,: r . . I'll?- to I?* that luid
dova I???* . logrea . Cutt of th.? United Mat OB in .Smith et ?L
Bgt Condi- (I. If?? 35), Whick i-i Hie raine .if tin c??.??!? at the
|??rt ol ?Inpm.iit To Hil? ihoald te' added the i tp.-n.i? ti
navigating the reaeal to the place ".thor?* the eeiUatoa etweiied*
nrlo-inc ali i tic i-i ?lt*iK o' the cargi oe l-onnl Oe tin? amount
the libellant ia aatitlad to tatertet eil per tom, tram the tin
Oi Coll, .lill
I??*? tli?? report I?? ref'rrr-,1 (?ink ?o ih? Commleaioaer to ha
r,?r?t-ted In the particular? naineU. in M-_b-_B_ty witt ti.'.?
M mia DOCTO < tannr-Ve. T-ivf.)-. Mi ''i.'i i
M . mp
? QO-?noM a Bom M_jt___jrrT.
< \V BpoaMleg agi (')iiif P liron.on
Plaintiff lilli |i?-si tl.iit at (Icti'iiilanfa n*?|(icst ho fur
ni tbed inn ?iib an etea H ular ead ather _eel>ag ?ml
e-?ih-eg "l'i' uni'. . at aa c-pewaaof $131 in eaah. ami that It
wai ?no I'.jii'-i.'K .t,--.->?l di it Hine Ihtagi ihetild ha MI haaged
i?.? ntii'T BcaMaa ?ni i!HiKii.K' ipntrataa, by which defendant
Is i am?? ladoMce la plnnlitf u. tlie amouut of |U9 M f'?r
?inch eall i- bra
'lin*m racial ?. ?ini haatlageadrae-iaa npp.raim m?
sFarraated try plaiMtiir to riva aatUfartlon niel that it ?li.l n??t
?li ?o being ?lu''i- and twitting d?fendait, lo irr"nt inmlil-?
tin J c_p?'u_e and defriidant then-fora brlngl a --?uut'T claim of
I "4
'i'tirt plaiiiiiff and defeadeal I"??h UvtUed, and Ihelr laatl
mony a M ? erf co: Iii. *inf - phil mf t?-.t l'j. in/f (lint li" dil not
warnet tho apparat ?a bw t-fcrred Safeodani to portico who
(....I II....I it I?cl";i Innt teetifi?*d Ibnt IL-* fullirr of pliiiii'iT.
?tho wa? plaint;'! 'i ?geni did ?arrunl It.
After Ih?- jury had retired ?m.I I? e i ont a ?liort time Ih v
c.i'ni? lit?? cmrt at; I nif-n t?-lmr ask."I nl.e'l.'-r tho] I?? ia?r?*""!
the Foreman Informed tho Coori that oao of their aimer (a
<t?-insi?n r fiiMtt t ? i ota aaaigi lag H* a raaaoa lu? ik'C"r?i.f
th? K.n(?li?l. laagaece li - I n"~-?? di?
leven iaron retired aadaooo aft?r
bronght in ?? v..?-.:t< l for pi . :?:11tf tor the ft ? :i."l
J Ii II l'i;..-..' for plaintiff id-j Butler for defendant
Befan Mr Jntkra I l I'VHNMU?
lill. lOVa "TLL TAHIi
Ni Uou C'Ii-i? Bad "l li'-r? i?t,*t- Botith nu ! other?
I - : uri'il to murro** a' l'i ?'-look, the
il*i halag -i ? up.-<i In . ?rearing m a largo poaaal of juron.
II ri:i;; II | > r. r -T_ui 1 ; ? aa Jui
ti? - Iii awi u
Willi i l.'lser*? Ferry
Tkg pl.iitililT? ion WK-i riiii IIVT vbtle in A boat on
? . fctrj bool B-Mh Cowal? and
drowaod The aaywaiahi I wheo drowmn It
nPinn.-t-i from I that th? bov. ? iih two enmpoatoea
. ing a.-toss ( ena ha?! al-MaM reaoh'tl iii?
*..._. -iateenth ?t? and had
tened BO Igataat a s'r .r-.c Ude It?*?-W. ?it'snar in '.ini bow ai. '. M ?
I un-* at Hi? ??.ir. a* I ?i (lui I DM atoCT-Bg. Whoa I leek law Ika
it. atnl-oat el oao u;wn ti.?- Water The
l??r eli?? ?a? ?t.-rini. I ?. ft tba r.ii 1er al ! li. o l-oat wal
?. IIn? enoad by lae U le t'. - !?iw ?f il.e N??t ena? in oolllaoin
?I'll tha l?ii? "f iii? f-i r r i-.-tt ead wheo Ibey reached th?
wheel I ''.IH Il.e le. it Th?
? ?o bon wwjo MTH bo) ?. ? wai drowaod. Tnere
Tho bart olola thal thor did eel t . ?til ?ha
an? ? it. In a I vi I.--I uf ti., m. lad COoM Bot ai-e her at any
? owing to ii-* .'-??;? lytagat lae ai.arf ?t
"i ?. /i h -t they Mag eh-M ? r wo of the piala
tiir? vu . ord the ???-.. I -
lo tho hoya la I that Bael iwam i?-Mn.l Melon
aaarta t?> wh.-r? lil . ' . p..?;A Ihnwi le hh-, L>
< sank
Ti..-1* , . ?,.s .. t,.t,n,i?i t: ?? t1"* boy ??? goon to the Free
Aea.enit ti I ? . .: lum at his fnetory.
li-ili-n I ?lit aakod f"r a iii.1.1.-eil o.' the oompUial on tha
ici.itimi t!.at Hie plalatifl ?r?? bo? ad (?. ?how altiriiiatls ely tba?
? .?. uf the -i. o leal ?? i U I w .mt of .siiitntiuting nee
B a tha laaael ??niieuj
?. 1 kal ' " e in?-ii? goiag ia.' of
the hoya ia the loot Ki vee wai aogHgeaaa Ueaaked it al?o
OB tho | .. hn.l ?boan lo ??*cuiil?ry liilei.-?t
lahiaaoo b?l on th- ronumi had lc.-u at a ??niaUiit ei|?eute
I in
Motim. 01 t-rr-r. --I I- it t . . Inly of th? Court to ?ay whether
li Bl .- i, ?tilt;.-1? -i.t to ju.til.? I h-' jury In hnilm* lhal Usera
ia aegllgaiit? ami there U (bat in tin? oaae 1 henlaintitf n
Ittiuiid t.i innVe out a |?? uniarv I ??? l?t Hee death or (lisboy;
Iml he limitiR- near), r-tuli.-?! ti-aire? ban. hu education la?
i ought he eapootad to oootrihoto I? tho*%_pport
an I aaatatoon of I.i. father, II wa? a aneatim f"r tha Jury
wl.'-tlii-r II.i? st us not ?ii? of \. ? n.i.irT lujury.
PAH II r--' ira Jaatiea -T??M-?
John II. Will, mi? el al ?irt .I-Ti-tui-li 1I?-1II;?T
. ha plaintiff m tins oaae allagia th it ha porahaaod D tialee of
i .Mou fr?)in the ?Jef.in I ml foci a aan [ile ?how n to him. (In
ti.? matai of (he colton It wa? (bead to he in a -1.oin?,;.-.I con
altin, colled, in ? trVhaioal pl.ra?? end hy eottoa-deokre,
? u.-tatial dried," whJ h redo *d Ita nurk.-t ratee lonah arl
I'tt-nt Ui?; h- lost f\?i on the Iran.?, dun, for ?blob lum ha
now brin ma ?ml
I he daloadaal alle(f?Hi that Ihei-unpl? ihown to tha pi ?Intiff
?i? taken from Um Bale ami flint ?h.TI the ?.Imntirl ??I?vi htm
..''.?m wa? iagood eooditloa ho repii-d timt he would
not aniwer for it. Unit Ih're wtm n ?iimple. he could Jinl?r- for
hloiaetf. 'Ih" pl-iniiff cliilm? thal Hu* ?ampi? ?bown bun v. a?
dill . rent cotton from t lint Belli atad: that tli? ?ample? ?bown
lum were "rebated" cotton, winch ?houM be Bound cotton,
though it nriKht bo of di-fcraat kiade Theeant-nedL iiipn-it
BMaaan n Du meaning of ' r?-ii_ie,i ? eottoa, tha ea__t_daat
olaimlng that it taolwied ' w?-t ami drb-d' cotton, but chiefly
aa too bother the eotoao w?? na t? ?ample.
'I h? Jurr head uri lioili point! fir ti i plaintiff, and gar? bira
r f.?r ?I.M 47.
C Buinbriil.e Smith for pltiutiff, S \V. Parmna for defend
Sl'l.CUL TniM - -It.-f.ir? .Tus'ici MIM::!.
Ilenry fterton asrt Peter L-M. iWAWkb 1,'iieli? a(rt Th?
Campogab rraaalaatliiaa , Ja? aloran aatt. Jacob Carpeater,
Ilenry H Ilr?x>lih?ra air( llen| K M?)i?'*lf. mutiom grnnje?!
Ail'lition (' n.-iclier airt Luther (' Iilile'tt?, raottou denl.-d
with |10 rmt?. Mo?ce Slra?btirg?r a*t. Th? We?t Colon lil
Co. liit'Tn>iratori?-? ?ettl?il Auguit Schlecht agt. h'ranpoij
Harker, toot ion grant?' L
COURT OF COMMON mill TaiMliai ?iir 7 -IVf .r.
The cato of Clarke agt. lirnoks caine np reitor_ay
mominir In th? lO'irt of Common 1'lem 1 b? dafenaaat? aiked
?for altar of pnieeetllnni bafora Mr. Nichol, the referee In tin
caaa, ana of the ula direct?., by Judge I>aly of tba tatet* of
The Krpriti. with a \ iiw to ??tiling th? partneriliip
The defendant! aaked to U? allowad to tak? th? cal? to the
Court of Appeal! by illili?: a Nui.l for I.'?-?). To thli the plulntiff
demurred, on the ground that it waa not an app'alabl? cal? and
could not go lo tim Court of App?*?li u.iiil th? property wai
mlil. beyond that It wai not a cutt at common law but a call In
_ir Cram, In hil argnmaiit took tb? (?Ti?nnd that th? Couti
had no l-K'it to continue til? publication of a political paper any
bingar and they certainly had no right to allow an app?tai to
tilt Court of Appenl?. by which In all probability " I would be
oblliptd to continua the papar for uva )eari more," that the
attempt to go to tha Court of Appeala wai ilraplr eaothof at?
tempt to gain time, that by repeated ibilayi In tn? court! thi
defendant! had already ffalned nearly four yeatra, and wotilS by
thli appeal certainly gala five yean additional; that tha paper
wai worth more money now than at any future tim?, and that
It waa perlihabln property, and according to all pr?c?dant!
ihmild be ?old ?llliout daley.
Tba Court took tho puperi. and re<jerv<vl Ita d(*cl?l?in
Cram k ...bu-toa foi pLaiutitf?, Mr. -mitti f<. d?:ft*U'_anta.
VK -ra- t a ft
ltARTVT. COCTtT-PaHT I.-Before Judge AI.BFU.
Andrew li. Mooney airt The Cent nil Turk and North aad Ea.it
Hirer ItAilroad Comj^uiy and Uii iluiltou Biter ltaiiroad
Company. - s,??,.. . ?
From the erlilence in (bil case it appear* that the
plaintiff'? danchtar, a child of ebonl U yean of age, entered
the car of thi 0. P and N. and E. K. R li Company for th? pur*
poi? of prooaedtttf nptowa. A? the oar neivred Thlrti?th it
and Tenth avn , a locomotive I umging to the llndaon Kirer
Jiallroad Cotnpuliv, which wai leavinn their d?p?)t, came into
.??Union with it, knocking ttoth car and paaaengen Into pi.
Tha child of the plaintiff waa thrown from thi car and ra.
oelved lever? lnlurlea, beeide a iierioui ihook, fmm which it ti
alleged ih* will not recover for a long time. The plaintiff
bringi lult to recover i-unagei to thi amount of 1**0, for the
loai of Berrie?! of hu child, ihe not hiring been abla to p?rfonn
her uiual dud?! about the bowe il_.ee toe arcid?nt Ha al
lBgei that there wai groa? oareleeineu on the part of thi em
pin? ?te of both Compotuca, and therefore brlngl luit agalnit
them both.
The hour bein? late, the Court left It to the Jnry to tay
whether tbtv? would reoalre their oharge then or wait until tba
morning The lury not reliihlng the proapea-t of loting their
diun?n decide- to aaliourn until thli morning
Hugh Heavy for plaintiff, A Schell tor dc?.aJ_tnt.
?. _. DHTBICT CouaT-Before Judge SntPMA? -R"
t'l'st ?f pr?os?u st?r? aaaiaia lb? fallut?lug .-?... I' A. ?gt. Tw?
aaaaa af rlkhau? ?r__-k?4 " A" ia ? triaaila, Saai? agt Tw-nty tee
bkla. wblaky tonnt at So. O N?w .?. ft , _l.i_"_i. a-;.eaii I ??n
Bialloaof Asaistaat li B. Oisiti, t Allora.? B K. riialp?, dai-rw?
sr??? ?aUresi oaaaa-inUu Iba abova ?rtiolM by dalaull. Tha Coart
thru ?all?, tk? (aleeiar for tha Terat mi *?t d??ra lb? ??rio?? eta???.
f"urawa COD_T-STBCIAL TUM-Defora Mr. Juitlco
r_TT?a.-Joba WliilaaaMB agt. .aa??? X*.'mumr*r*ts.-tm*mm*n- Ar
gs?u???)l by C.UB.-1- leaaaaa r????v?_. liait T Butler A?., ?g1.
B?arT Da MarUI -Daa-mr argtaad -J?lga>eni far pl-iatiB O 1.
Usw? ?B4 -ai.-h-T tat. Mordu M. That? ?t ?L - D?aa?rr?t ?r|ur_. -
/.dgaatat fat f.?i.t_- C-rattnO Treed *a%. Tb? Sen. lM-nac? <-.
mmtntmttnt titee*, tntmin mantd.
8-TBKMB Co?:aT-C!?*ciT- Part I. Held by Juinco
'Osses F. tftB*?ABO. ( .tirt opene ?t It o'-lock ?. <a>. Ne*. JOej.
Th? l'sople, he., *.-' Farrsr: ?mi, Oraet ?ft Hew'.ol et el. I
.?TI. ,H| i,?rue *tt (Ii?:-Hjt 11.1. < I.?r. Ix rita **_ 8*1 -bsry el ti-,
1521. Iii watt' P,s 1.2-5". ?Peck el el e_t. Pslfey et .' , IT*. Ra*
S.-I ?#i. (IsllshrriKB?. Th. mpion s.-t. Hs?'r.,d . I st-, 311. II,,?-?
sr.-?, f.ynck .-?? r If; Zl.*7 L\ ii,? ?. 1 11 e'l hi..! At. n??? U-lro-d Omi
, -, MI, ".. ' . ".?.i, 1141, C?w.'i?Hi?r,-h K-.fi.?? ?
tiT? Kun??t?l at' Ki??".!!?, Ait?'t> ... tri. Ba.kJ
li,ta, ?f "?SI"!l-l i.A. M-s. I. Ol DtU, .?i .?waite .*?.
' say; ??-T, H :-. n ???. i i ?. - i?ii?
(I l.l r.,-aaO t ? - . ? ra.la.rt . K - ??!,! (la?- .1 el 140 .'ri?
al I l??rl ?! Hi ?J II? lu.t'i" Ulli LIB Ni. Il Dusse -?. < - t: t
?patas ?I IO e i?'. ' ... TM, - . .? t ??i W|i|iiM?)t ? lOvtrali ??t
i, .H.ii Ki.,, 1,1 se! S.-.1,. t..:,., el ?1 , 20-16 .. 1' I.- ? ,.t
e'.l.ial I. ,,. ii--.'. ', ll.lt '?.id?wet?!. ?(!. Meade? il. ?t-5 ?Vc
l'?i(l?. d ?g1 l.wl>', . 'i-'C P?t,i, h. .et T'.o H i It? law?
I.' II. Mais ?4 ?I. ._. Frobeh, lim. !)?l',y ?a?, lliiiioitleli.L. 16-0.
li?! t, >i .,?? D',.al ti.r; '0? >?.l,!t.'rl tit H,.s?.I. Hi.-1?
lia, Pyet sft. Otiset-el W11 Kre.-msn et si ?st Kmty et si, ?ti
Hytaa/ssi "yack ?-?i.?..., l_K,Taer 1? ?id I i1.?. ?*t. TheB P
la.na ata*?? I ., , |.? . .--une **t. J tie ?it' ???.rt la?nrsnce (V, t rT6.
Marwin t;?. Iris An, pern K. press Ce. ; _* Dot??.er ?at? i'.?nir?l
Par? 8silr-.*?l i:? I-"' 1 '??l-l? r ?' ti. s??. Lid*? Q?XSBa__.TBBS
H-U try I'o'ife-J sstir? B-BBABa. Judt?? Cuaas ?id IHOB-HAB
Court opens st I" 'I s. n. -'i e wo ?eaoawta ed calatta? ?ii1 la
foi.tli.ufj to day >?0l?L Um -lisle by Jtiitg?.0'.T?B-At Pa,
TI lltastee ?! Halt?? fh>r?r -t'.."rt op, ns st IO e'rtocl ? Bl -1>. in,,rr?n
- Noa. ML \\ UMsans? ? .*.. VV?d?w>.rtb? SO Tt-? People. Le ?|t lCdly
nt at. al (lute a?'. Kee-liiiti li.?. Waldo?!... sf. iiercte,!, S3. UuTTny
el ?L Sit. BparBasS ?. H?r>c?.k ?(I. Jt,oi.?oo ?-.?t ,35-J6,-;
r-. Issue? ,.f Is* sail f?ot-N'a? l-'.T. Ku.buell s*t f t-l>niii at o'. ,
/KI llr,).dw?v ll-i'k ptt Minor; ti?. Phillip? *f?. Phinos?, 29t.
M-1 II? ?t ?i. ?ti babeockj N'->, Bair ait. ( t.-ri. ?ton. lit) Dw-rM ?<.
TtnaN J R. B. Co, VA -frrys?L ^i-?_"or-l ? Ifin.Hsrnu et?L??*_Tii?
B It P. < t? , li 1, ?isms ?tt garnie I?,!. Har? lal W?l el ?I , HA.
R t?n i(l Johnson et al. CBABBKS? - II'M by Tattles ?-.Titea
I.AAD-( uui ornn. ?t P ? in -('? of Caeudar sX li ni. '
iKur.iel ?ft l)r??r ?nd others, I?. .Ssnin Mt. Baa
Diatll ft *1. tj' Jewell et ?1, H. ?.?nain .?.?. WB
w.u. Call c) wnen-ei sa So it Msek?y ?ft. Mtakty ?ii-l t?'?. n
SUIBIIOK C?.II_T--PAKT I.-Held by J.-i'ice BiE
Bo.B-( ourtsprns st ii o'eioc?. ?. in - N-e?. ?097 Oieeoe ?art. Bo id.
l.Cll. l'ail???.!, eil Tin.lihou; 1 -n I_Terni?ri? ?-!. II )o!,t-. MB,
Caek ??'.Hull 2~C-?1, Atwilitit Mike. 2 T'T? MscHenne-' .*_ Tie,
Heeoi d s?e Ilai'rosdro . ? 2l!, VVatem*!. ?ft Or,? dy I 17T. Ben'ley
el ?1 ??t ( h?.?. ?,M?S, Butiney et K1 ?jr. Lynt-la, 1.111 l'i_t,kn?r .>.'.
I.yaeh. l.'il Koral ?;?, Towaaeod : 2 4/1. ?l*?iirooad t?;t Taiuit--.
2,47-J, e'bee.rl ?ti lUacli. 2 421. t ook st!. U-eln ; 1,7?, Blpey ??4
Jeros.? I'sat II-Held byJutl;e? Jose.-t fi'irt or'ti? kt II ? . ? ?
?. t?.-Noa it GJO, !'r?.-li_ian et ?I ?jt. Mete 1'. * "-H, Brtwir ?c'
Kli-iiaia.-, i.i-4, Be j,?.m a? al. a?t. Lyt c1, ?li?.ii?; '460 Hrownsil
?jt \?r. Kile r. I K4, ?trhn ,?1. F??riun; i .01, r"w'- .?? Rotn.on.
el si , 2.711. TsrrT et ?!. ?g1. Tbe New-York ?nd \\ s?iiln|ton Stesoi
slnp (V. ?,.|)l. Mooney ?(t Ti? Becond IT? lUil-asd Co . I." ?.
Maithows st? Ft? 1 2.7W, Word ?"rt Brouwer t.tiiCi, M?_ion ?t?
?Daryeei I.TIB.BW*-!! sa? Hani .'7 st, B,-nd?r *;i Comstora . t 8?n?
Th? (I II. ( ass?. '1 b? Orort-r? liri? Insurss?* Co.. liku. Brant _?(
Coi'BT OF COMMON P_FA8~I'art I-Mali by Jui1.ro
PBAOT - I f- ?am? ?I le Monday ne it ?Tatt li-Halt! by Jndt? lil
polo-Curt o'aens tt II t ni. Not KjTO. Murphy ?c Biri. MM,
Ne'son *(t. yrilre. ?Lit. 8--limi.lt **t. H??f,nri litt N'uni ?r
lorn" if IBU, Fowler sst. Udndj? ?r , lOM, ( ...t.lln Mt Ter
!?!',, li.J? I.?irr?** ig! th* Bank of North AmeiU-t; IUC, Fir??? ?a
? ti ??ree?. 1MB, Sherman se?, the ^ao..il,.?!ltJl B?uk N ?t,- I o'n,,?i,y
671. Wille? ?ci Ntir; 17IS, tV?l.h ?tt Kell? ?her.rj. litt Meek?
??I. Vonrlai??, I m Ktittmss sa-t. Kail., IT. i, (J Mar* ?ft,, aiuueik,
I7ia WoltT "i. H-n.
MARI.SK ('otritT--TRIAL TBKM - Held by Justieo ALBKB
Court op-n? st It ?el'-ek s. 01 Nos. -. attnrinell s?! Hunt, -,
Aia.iatatt lteial.ee - Nate! at' St,.!?, It?, I!,.i,l,y s?t. Mayer?; 21
llarfoitl ?,: . iVede'iierer; 29 Ml tt ?f. Jsck, 30, Sera;"? stt Th?
Ninth Avenue ltsiltoad Cotiipany. II, Noyea aft. A'tfibt; JB. Vs s
ss-i II?.,roi 31, Chaiamao ?(I Poly ; ^4 Por?!h *;t fii'r.3*. Th*
( eo'i-sl N?tio"sl Ran? ?nt. Ti.? N?wYa?rk Ot. Coireanyt ?> W-I-B
a(t M.ir.la? k . ?7, '/. r'.'li ? Wa Dan, ?, (lateris *;t. Speight ; )9, Tli?
I ..Kin Paw.I? i.'.Mi.i'it.T st?. Mein. i?'a. 40. Uni", ??t. M?syi ii
II* ?sy ?j? Oregory , 4/ I41nel?.r ?.-t Kir?, O, Hartia t; St :iiti..i.
T? ti* Lditor ?! Tit ti. r. II-IBBS
HiB: In Hie name of the (?eriiiin Radiiul K?*pul?Ii
cattt we beg leave to enter a niot? ?*nipli.i'.i.- pr??t?. ,
MBVtag ?Itter-ept in yonr p?|e)r if ) -?t "r-tm
" A ^?otl many of our f.erinin him eiti/iMi? 1?h?> rli.?riali an
nlwtr-i? ?. snd taattmeattl dorottoa to th?* Kree-I ?m sd Man an?
)?.? more derated to the Krt?"?!.?in t?f I ?V'-r TBey WOald like
to im]e?l Hie tar of ll'imsn I'rotrr ??.?. Ii'i! they innat I,?tv,> theil
favorite tipfteasU e?>oi<tlJo_i-cation on Haaday There is a
1 betweaB their habita snd tko fundamental l*?t of our
Mate ThisOOHIIIOB hst t.1??"! about 3 >?i t?tet ii"in t?o?
l?-!?!i?n mid hi? Meada aii'I cn 'n II i"n t?) our ade?rsstrlBS in?
liiK a dllTerein*?? ?if al?,nt lOJisi 'io thia uarobaUy owetfcs
defeat of three if ?ant fo-ir tTepulili.-ju CB-dUatSS fir C
?iib oth -r I?.. ?I ?HaaaV r? "
The ?yslematieul li! m at tl.it ( Vntr.i' ?
th?-m?i.l-.crupiiloii* lr,re?ti(?ati??n Into th?-?'i"- / t' > Q
!:. pul 'iean party of t'.;:i til
a eery imaU (??rcoiitaito of it ItBSCI I tent ?i-i?? ??'
?t'andoned the callie o! I r- ? l.?-i) ?,f V i. I??: iii? -'fH-doai of
Th? n tit.? mudeby tlie in*' i.iijer !>e.'r
put) hail no iloulit J.- ---ii ?I Tim and many of "ur follow citi
toni about their -timber IIvl y.11 itvo aswehaie th? . i? I
r?vl* of faithf'il (lerman ll<?ptiblica_t who at ter. ?led th? num?r
on?. momkWsWt throughout the city durwir the eimpaign . dil
you know, tit we do, the Mill creator munlior mt tb'ne .
a ho, wit ?lout eilt,* ti nnv'tiiifs an? I- MS of
liberty im.! who tt,t??d for it yt'tterdsy, ynu wotild not haie
sj?iken of I um C-n-sn* of th? city -..?..r'.:!i.r th* Repablitv-in
banner ?Wo are Justified lo aayiaf tb?t not aaadbaftt
n.nnle'r hat betrar.-d the part? You p?it the I .?) d.iltrtei'S
et? lii?lrely ???on the si4* of the Goman K.'pu'ilican?. Ia tt
just-ia It in i.? iril.'ii..' withth? fact? to do to I You knot
that not ,ilnn? the Ktoite law b?< cs-iaod iho di*?-itiifiu*t.?>n
take-? bold of tiy th* Doinoeratt . vunr own ptp?.r hn* r?*??i!
tsiiy ?im? H tia? oppeeiUoa in i.!-" i-i tas ?_Maaa_es of th? Hoard of
H?-alth Atni?iip' th??*-? ? ho. In i?.ri?eo'ienre of tho pnnewor
thy at-tion of lina Ii,,iir,l twv 1111? hoslit? t.. the KetmNienn pir
ly ??_ Int. h?rt. w>nn l??il??r? i v. th?*re are undo'j-tedly as
many if not ni o re Ano-nrin. (h in lleiniiin?
Toa say, furtia-rmor?? that to thaee ?.O/?' (?orman Iti.p?ib!!rsn
de*nrt?er? we pro'?al-1 y n??i th?> il??f??at of throe if not of four
al 1-?in 1 ?i.'liil.iie* f??r c i?:.rr-at 'S.'*! ?i? spplyyoar as?er
lion to otu? Inatimce la the Vlllth I'li-BINsllllial District,
jt!*. JaaaesBtoatslaeaivedHBBTtwiss oi;iin?t T.aMciTsata
('?,! LaOtaadB Cannon Aeoordlag Is nair I'II!i-niittion. at
hiuttono hidf of the ???11m,',! ' ?>t) (?erman tlevrt-r? ought *U
to hsse resided in that district in,>rl?r to d*f.-?t the II
can eanditl ile link Mr if w-.? li.trib'it. your iviatiined (Jermau
de???rteni ain?.n(? tin? ?eiorrr! dutni-t? in ?hi. li BOOOfdUf tO
? no ,,f IleptiKlicsB defeats, the aiithmetio
w10 ihow the altor irr?.?nu!!.-??i...? ?if rai: a'-iteinent Ootha
sawtaary,wawaaldstats ib?tof th? 'ni?. BeaabHosa fotn
cast ye?!enlay, at leait 7,,?) wer? ful liv C??*rtnan
Ainenciii? At far as tiM IsBSBl r-tunit i!?ow, Cot.
K??iiliin'* ttiiij'irity will h* al?"it ) Pt Und thttsfafS Cn
ircrtnan* of tin? eft? lia?.?n faKMess to tit? ca?it? pt fr.vdom.
ti?.? K.mt.m tindo iinti-.lly wou!?l haro b?ea d?)f?<ate<l. W?. ?ho
liai ? faithful.? and ??'?Intuir wotked l??r thi? oanse of frttxlom
and pniicre?? in our ailnplej c.iuntry. an.I will continu?lo do
?o ha?? a nicht to ask of our American fellow citiren* a jist
npptvcisti.m ?>f th?s-?ntini?iitt ?ami th? action* of the groat ina
Ji.rity of th.? Herman lU-puMnsii* In Ihi? elly
Kelyin?r iip??n your jtell known wn*.? of jiittic* we n*?peet
fully r?*?jiie?t the publication of this ?tsteaiflut in your to
morrow * I**n? very r?*p?-?*tfiilly. KKKLKKIIK S? III 1/.
Chairman of the Central Fenton and AVovIfor?! Campaign Club.
AKS'.I I. TAX-BB Ca>n-?**|>nii.li!:({ S.vr?!irr
?te Iori Nov 7 UBI
The Jorone Park "Extra Fall Hacei" will take
pl.v.-e t? lay There will be three snd perhaps fmir m ?
of ?-I.ia.-K a ill le.? n Murillo. In e.)me of the meet gentleman will
ride their oa 11 horse?. ??Ve have alretdy ptibbthe?! a !)?t of the
entriee. It will I?. remomU-r???! that tho pn?.?edi are to be
given to the poor of JTsstehestOf County
Th?re will lie a ?ale of toni? tine th?rt?'nhbre<l ?tock on the
(mund* at 11 o'clock a m. The racing a ill be^m al 1
o't'l'H-k p m ______________________
the grand concert of the Brooklyn Philharmonic Society took
pUoo ye*t?rday afternoon, st 3 o'clock, at the Academy of
Music. The affair petted off In a manner itunt creditable to all
ooncernetl, and (are promise of a snoceuful result. Several
di*ttn(ui*h-i! ?t-ttt?'?-Kt"ll?>uir, UeUloL Uollmaa sod ethert
will sasut in the grand concert
A CHOBAL UKI-.T.-The question of uniting the
munica! lovi-tlei of Brooklyn In ona grand "Choral Union ' hu
been for a long time ander ditcui*ion. At a meeting held ti
the Aoademy Of Hutlo toms dayt tlnre. a committee was
appointed to ' doTUe tome planend report." The Committee
a*?i?mti'.'-l last ?renlng st the Marth.tl't room! In Montague-st .
Mr K 11 Moorain the chair, and aureed upon a plan which
thay will report at s public meeting thlt eveuing.
ViOLATiOBB OF Exoisa LAW.-The liquor^lealers
of Brooklyn who kept open on election dty, snd had tht mit
fort urie to tie arreeted, were yesterday brought op before the
proper trtimuaU and Doed I'M each. Quite a dtilnctioo from
the pro?'.t ot the day 1 buiineu.
Fsto?iorj AasAtn,T.-Etlward Deloher, a boy of
13 yean, was arrested on the afternoon of election day, for
tbootlng with a ride another boy named W. Marlow, who with
aome othort was sna- 1 ing .?__. Us was held for examina
lion. -1
Fi-Oitiora AWACLTi-Patrick 8han?, residence
unknown, was ye'tttrJay ?rrt-ited by the forty flrtt Precint
Polioe fir attacking, with an BE. one Bridset Cowley of Ko.
KA Htnlton are . Brooklyn. Bridget's head waa b>_i_Iy cut but
ali* wjll probably turvlve. Patrick Hill haa the pleasure of
turreylng the beautlee of nature through the "bart.
?VaiiD -An Inquest wet ywterday held by Coroner Naumann
at the Twenty flrtt Precinct ?Station-Honte 00 the body of Otto
Forth, tged 3 yeera, who, with a number of other boya, was se?
rioailr injured by the eiploelon of tomt damaged blasting pow?
dar which they had found in the itreet, and, tuppoting It io l>e
oharooal placed It upon a bonfire, the particulars of which
have been publuhedIn TUB TBIBINB. Thomee Foster, owner
of a coal yard at the corner of Second are. and Twenty-eighth
tt, tottifled that he had given to Matthew Monahan. driver of a
coal cart, a large tin can ooiitaiulng a quantity of damaged
blasting or oannon powt'.'r. direoting Mm to throw It into the
river, at the tame time telling him that It wat worthleis. Mon?
ahan teitlflod that while on hi* way through Thirty seventh ti.
wi'h the can In hit cart, ona Wn. Gordon got Into the cart,
and In a-short time the eaa broke. Believing that the contenta
were hannleu, tht men threw it into the itreet, where It was
found snd collected by the boys. Ths foot of ths socident was
described by John Lorin*. It bat already boca publuhed in
full. A rerdlct In accordance with the faett was rendered, by
the Jury, who oleo oentured Matthew Monahan, Win Gordon
and Thomas Kottsr tor oulpabls negligence They were held to
bail in ths sum of psOO sach by the Coroner to asa-t the letton
of the Grand Jnry
Ni? 7-H,mr, 10.T'.Tbl-B . Whukr. M LN? Wkoat BJ V?
bu?k C.rs. !.. Gil hush . lists. DM ?S3 l?ish . Ilya, 7.V7I bush
IUrl??v K,?j:i btseh. riehen, li pkgs lVwf. 70 pkgs 1'ork'
170 hi.? . 1 "t Usais. I ?I pkgs . Lari M pkgt, UrdTli) ksss'
I'Mioloum. i taft We
MOB If r?MI .Bli MO-.MOr.M-I It CTtH
I Fre?a Our Bpeeia' ConwpoDdaa?.
S? r I-vKs Cn. D I .O' '0 If??
Tim Mormon ("hunli. ia [ta ay?it-ni of or*
gaw-r-Hoa, ii? ?cn ergnlnd plan or p.???.*.r-i?ia
an.l -?If propagation and in II? ullimao* p rttmsta,
U on anomaly, erne. Ii pi.?*nt ?tain? and falnra
prnap ?te adinonieli n? .hooM I? clearlr Badentoodhy I
pie and li-in'ruin'??I of I." I*.iii J S'nti ? In fie Sp.? two
?barnet?-1t-.ti.-__i abovo nnm?l, a. well a? the mi? loaerr for ita
iroi ?rtiniciil. a ie the p? rfectiou of li'imnn tagc-akp, appin ii lo
peMth ii. moral and re ligloai elem?*ut? ii KM*.al orgim/alioo.
Heu I it it contain any t uni principle of evil ia either of thone
particular?, there exist? tbi? graotet aece?aity th-t ita
actual power? ?Lou!, be? d'.ilr appn .otted ead it..ob, *t*ti (oro
-.?uincd. ia order thnt. brtiiml? prttniugof vicioisea !<. ?. their
. .?.?*?_ vant be neatrattaed and prevented l'iil thn.
aa to Iii.? moat important particular of it? orgooiaattao, all
au?bonn i? .?tere?kin one individual, ?tyicsl the ' lirai Proai
deal v i-. iiMnrr.i-i to bil a a?.-r and to ?peak Iii? will ni
II -.. n and whaae ' eouaiel ' therefore, hoa all lhea-tbiir*(r
of la? nita hi- ft'ltowera-irrealer. ini_r?*d. than any wnlte t
law whirl It ia 1 ?.< plaaone todi?o'?*y. Thk ?i.tliorn? ueott
' '?> tin? people through io/cnor ofliciaL?. ?boa*, giudatumo
etten I in comnli-_ raaiih. nl.-ms tram the bi_ii. ?( l?> Ino lowe?!,
aad by ?horn in.? trill ia watalaed Bad rigMD eulorel "Ihaf
ant bom.?I to bim. some, doubtle?? by a inr.t.ik? . bul honcal
B-oL sen hoo-itf bj lira ?u iateraal i??< looa ?' ??eg, tho
tit.lim? ?)?lem piiabUbg the pr? - nt ineumbenl ?u p-aphell?
honor. ??;? ! ft? i n ipouafl>lli-lra ei en at trustee ia t> i?t of tho
Church to coiumui.d ebtudaat ataana for ih.*??
??.?I Other p-rpo-s?? This featnre of (he Morro-te
l'liu.-ch ?j-it"in 1? alono sufficient to demand cat-lnt at(?ntiear.
clothing ai i? doci, an irreapooaible prion, or K-?|I?M>?II>1<*I onie
t.? lu? i which ate it?rer etea tired, with a'i-n.li.1'- |?o?.-r. whick
bama] ' te for the H?*? ompli.hmenf of t tut ? dangerom lo tho
ouinm'm ??al if be be wise, far totten, and iiiu-cnipulo?-... at?
ti i'lii*? , ire may ?afely ii-crilx? to lingham Y<?uit|.. eap>*?'ialir
th?? latter. ?Ince any int?*lli?reiit mm ?ho enogatn ?B?aoaal
de atienl-Biii la then practical dayl mu hsnllv hope
'?a ?':ir?i> being called narrup? lo ?? ol If ?.*?! H it the daitK'Y
d'-*? not stop h*re. The plan of pro.clytiim i? pat lat? m ?ti II?
parti ?hi!? polygamy funiithe? a means of s?-lf propagation
no' to b<* h?t sight ol in au catmint? of activ ta?w ?r?. tv?..*--.?--.!
bj the Mormon Church for rapid lUtf-BOB. Tin* mun BmtB ia
mapped off ?iitodi?tnct? fir tie- former pnrpoie pti-tio_l:ir?t__.i
g paid lo the anee tick llr lahnH-d pottina at >_rea<?,
whence by far tbe Inrjrer ?.hare of CMTert? ia drawn from ?'nong
th? poor and ill-conditioned ?la?.?*? of those conntri?*! Ile
?iiipe!?-? poverty at home thi? unfortunate mas? of men ami
voaan la madepliiitie tnuteriti! ready for the hand? of M it-root
m.??i.?t) i;1? ? the hope ol improi mit'their temporal con.litt.xa
? g Iii ni ea?y vi. tim? to the ?piritual delusion 'lim ia
- I aantioi - ? _fsea_aatancei wh.< h i-metitaeafoeen
an es il cuti .e. and therein lie? the secrvt of lln-ir at:c?-.--i Bal
th ??.- tiiiiii- tratial numbers would amount to nothiuir if l??fi
? I abroad; they would benefit tho arch ?chemer at Use
heiil of tin? churih. pecuniarily or politically not one i?ta
li ? : e ti ;? m__rt bo gathered aoa_ewhere uader ale pret-etinff I
control Wh'rea?, when Ibu. s. nit<re?l tiny wno n? so many
? tph *i t ir. the aorld. Bothered tag?ther h-*? and ranged >v?ide
a unit to uiie them \_Iue. directed bj hil o' .?iii.!?* mil th *y .?
oona ? i'Jiin LU ?plu*rc, au ine_ist:!)le poner by men* fn.ee ol
?'th. church i? strikingly iitnilar ii on? part ?* ?'.sr -
-?.sfu! effort t?> bl 'In- OO-troOi-g power within ce?1aia
geographic___ita--ho*?Bg tt.e en.?;.-nee <>t a main al>an.lo?i?*d
I?? lo] la it* manai?-Mncut. In Missouri it? 'neml?-**-? l<?>_;
-:?:i of an entire ootDtty, the prs?itres?iv? lina ?.' the
leaden bj no menu? ?toppng al th.il.liinir in which the ?tes-lite
ir im Mae of rourne, guie ihem all (he ottlcer?, each i:icuiub>*ii|
if o wing Bopreme anerlanee In acoardoaao with bia aro
feaaed faith, to th* hoad o? (bo akara-ead beleg nejnl i?> hu
i' iii-m-t.* Bribie tin? eoateation bile an ibemaud
?nlile n?-ii;blw)r? f??r al! mankind not Mormon? ?.??tit
lag to their tiaimeiiclattir? _raMOnttlea' <>i Im rt>?a : ia*ti a. Il.e
latter ? ?iiiiplain-d-with what truth may tie infere?] ?.o.n tno
aaalag-of all manner ?>( injune? at the band? of tha
M iraion? aniTlhat when th?y souifht jirotectioii of th? law.
JH--1 ?? urn? leaded them by court? idmlnk-terod uud?*e
llurmoa a'-.?p.ie?. or if not denie.i it., aa?trraaean
at ii?-1 by Mormon oftlc-r? Theae ai.:..?!* ?.!.?-?ad.
BB-Mg otheri. the practlc?* of pol.rganir waa charged upon
tiltia- ?icr?' ali repeatedly di'iii?*d bv'the nietl lloweier. fro??
wbati-v.-r cauaoof rtu?|-mr - * linatly ovei whelmed
bj au lulu; mu* populace, and -Otapoaed loabamion the oouatry.
11. . ?ir; ih.-ant fact shoiill-tot pan nunotu'C?! in thenatnreol
di .'?imatuntial eviilcnco hu? lag an i_i|?ortaut bearing upon Mia
Lit'-1 thut potsiraniT. ao'etunly itiiavovied in Muaooi.,
?m 1 .?' loara among the ' li ? ' of Mormon enemn*a In-r?. Waa
au 1 i? to ?wed in Ctaliaia portion ?if the faith-au im|e?i taut
I?)rtion (00 which the S.tit;ta? are on every occasion rn,|oiiie.l to
prartlea Mern the ?am? pie? ? baa ben n wted oi.?r agata ?a
a int.i h larger ?cale au entin.* tet-ttorr, in-?tcaal ot au uuiifnirl
ci .t eouatlT, hoing the field lor coiitroi of which tbe.t conlea I
It remain ? fe b I len wliethf-r similar oatisca will ultitnately pro
du-..-i.nil.ir viol'"l!t re5n!?t here aa elsenher?'. C-rtu;nly n??l.
If prooautionary mensui?-s w?-iedt;ly taken by the';->-. enimeil
to pr t?* ?t ?'ich a contummation and at th? ?amc time rendoo
i ;?..* ?fr?* th?-irenriei ol'fitt'ir? evil that 1?. if thainot-il ?<*ii?o
of ti??? Nation holla polygamy at ?'ich and the aitenc aa 1 bar?
pointed out productive of jual daagt i In reara to BOOM lint??
iir?p?>?itioni ta-ing admitted. H rcmailn? tor tho (???venntieiit ta
dutormine when is the proi?*! t'.ui? to adminiiter tb? ouii'-e <M
pr-ivcntiou ?hich U to renJer iionecet-ury a pound ol' euro.
1HB __-__e____TO__t (O?iuK.VCI
li *n?.th*r mooni by which tb. faith of th?. Saint? it kept al
fusiou heat, the wuhea of "The .'resident ' mad? ?nowa |.?
th? pasoplc- his purposes he keepi to himself-aud bli personal
Inliiieni-e over them maintained. They a.?emole tu thi? city la
Apnl and October of each y?iu 1 In-lattei hji Just convea-4
? i 1 h -?'ii adjourned. It wat said to I??-. ? txen more largely at?
I ?b-1 Ihn any other that eioi aasetubled iu tha Territory.
II ? |? opie B-OOhttalj swarmed from araty diroetioa, bringing
lo ni tiki-t lundi of grain, with ?bub the eooatry in abundant!/
??.pplii'd the pn-icnt yeer, to eicbango with trader? for Iheir
wan-. The "Corral'-for io the Outilei irreverently terni
the l'ul?>riinele and Boaery im-haiure-wa? filled toorerflow
i day, and on Sondar they were regaled withaduatourao
1'i-phet, two hour? fong, in which he commented with
????-ii moretbaut hil usual seventy upon the wicked way? of Ibo
world at larcc and thi? ui.g-.lly n-ij? uerator. ' of Ctah ia
piirtioular. Itefoning to the adieutofa ?on ef Joseph (Ho
klii.tsr' in this city, alluded to ina former communieatloo,
and the testimony of Hint iudiiiilu.il? wife, whoso record?
an i ri-cotlcctiona of certain church aecret* aei'm to bo
nu .nieiii. ntly ne,nr.it?-. lingham declared hci to he. and
a', sr ?.i ? lo have been, the damnedest liar thal
ever In e<l.' and tha( ?he _i.nl ?evcrnl *in.e? attem|ite.| to potion
.lo-iepl. . i? T wliii-b your huly readers will undoulilcdiy (oix?o
her. coiniidering (be circun.stauc??? Cpon the laud qiu-?lt?u bo
wat espc? ntl!r bitter, ?wearing that If any " regrnci-tor"
Jumped any rUnmed by bim, he would " elve him a pn..rnptloa
lint ?hi'tihl last till (lie resurre- tion.'' When It is rem?*_au<*re-[
(hat his claims" cover thou-tamls of undetinrd acre? of uniia
prored public land in thi. territory it becomra a <| nest loo ot
sinne laBBOrtaen to penon? desiring homeitcada here whether
(lie (????ernmi-i.t will ufford (hem aslciuate protection in their
riithlt a? airaintt Hrtgham I Sultan of Ileaeret who claim? all
the country, and threetons them with vengeance dire If they
attempt toaattla in hil riciuity, and be lure he will eicrul. bia
thread Just BO far as be dare?.
Mi Wes'on filiror of 7*/i? Ycitettc. and the foreman of the
office were set ?i|?itt late the other night on their way home hy
a .linn of initiai.?, illsirulsed und armed, who presented sundry
pistol? at their brail.? and. at tb? lame time, an mutation ti?
accompany them quietly, the only alternative being that usually
allowed ?ii auch p-.'Baaut occasions, to wit haviug their brui ne
Idotin clfrcltiallv out in case of refusal Brains being eoniid
cred. a? I have n?*iird, lomewbnt essential to the suceras in meit
of their profession, these gnttann prouaptly complied-not
?etT che. Hully and with many misgivings it may be presumed.
1 In* forcmau was kept behind ou this occasion and escs|?eit
?cot fir.* eicopt some uncomfortabl? punche? he got In the ribo
and ?r lierai rough handling, but the other did not come off 14
eaailv. though rumor ?ay? ni* coat did, ami hoaever, a? the tn?
. liTi.lit-1 m?i?t interetted pre-ervesa strict silence as to the
uni ure of his outruarr? yonr corr?-?pon?tent must nscdt do like
it ;.? . lins and otli< r inatleis of a t.miln- character noeat!J
eua. lad ban boen laid beloi-e the coiuiunnliiig oftli'ir at Camp
Hou^Uas. he having celled tor the tame to ?.-> ablo lumia
repel? the factl at department bi-adipiartara for in?
formation and action of tt? Qoaoral commaudlng.
Ka(her Kelly, a Catholic oriest who aller much ?litlictdty by
Indirect mean!, has ?neeceded in purchrtsing a tile w hereon ho
propoa?*? to erect a church edifice, was warned by an auouv
mou? letter, when his purpone bs***am? known, to ?tewtat theres
from a? (he building wouid not be ?uttind lo stund, lie al
once called upon brigham to learn if the unknown ? riter speki
by authority, which was denied of course. Ou tb? following
duy ?he semi official church organ broadly lnaiuuatcd that al
the outrages perp?'tnited here of late have be?*n gotten up by
the "Kegeneretors," to prejudice poblic oninion ?gainst the
Saints-a piece of cool a*?uranee which ?rook be ab-olulely re?
freshtup in very warm weather but renulnugno little cheek '
to venu under present clicumataacca.
Th? Kev. Norman McI.eeid is daily expected from th? E??r,
wher? I.? ha? been delivering certain teetum ti?itin?nt i?j
affaira In Utah, which, combined with oller ?itm'sr otfanies,
nrom_M>? to make hi? reception among (he Samt? rather wann
for comfort Their wrath can hnnllr contain iti'-lt until hi? ai -
rival, it would leem. for even now aft manner of Innueudoe? are
riii'luh?'?! againit him in their daily prints while their artiatie
talent 1? ?mploved In deiigtiing tllmtraled placanls. not In?
tended to be In bli honor, wherewith comptcooua plucei in tho
olly are docorsted for the delimitation ni the pobttc Koitu.
naiely, however, ioma eiperienoe. which it is |.nimbi? tbep
have not forgotten, will help tomake them BadanU-d (bat ii
ri-'?uin's ?.nu? 'bing more ?uUtantial than tach aslaiecrowi io
d? tar him from tb? path of duty.
I ?or. Hiirkey who baa beru paying a protracted u?it to tho
Pahramgat mineaon the soutl.eiu isorslir? 1'f tlie l.mlorv I?
agnln hero ainl bringk eiicsauraging report? from thal localit?.
which h? beli?re? (_> be surpassingly rich in silt er mine?.
lhere ti a rcuort of an attack try li.-iang ou a partv of pro?.
ptvtor* from Idaho lu the VTiud Kiver country of ?horn it ii
.aid eight wer? kille?l. The rumor need? con?rmation
Indlin Superintendent Uead baa gone to Cn mt Vu!'.7 t>
make tha vcarly allowance of prrieuti lo t_? ljsiianj aiaein-l.tl
upon the lUt..ve at that point.
LA??ICH.--Thii oorDing, et hilt'-ra<t 'J o'clock,
there will be launched from the ilipyard of Henry -teen, at
1?re?spoiot, the pioneer iblp of th? Pacific Mail Company'? new
Liu? of steamer?, to run Bet ween San Fiancitco and Cblua*
She la to 1* named the Great Republic, and when complete,!
will be tbe lir^.st ?11 .len iteamiliip afloat, 'ibe keel of tbo
Teiael wai laid lait Decemher. The extreme length ii :*_0 feet 1
breadth of beam. 30 feet, depth of hold. :)1 feet . Inch??. Ha?
Custom house measurement li 3,ODO toni. Sh? i| the itrongest
and moat suhKantisl viNel ?rer yet conitnicted, being diago?
oally itrapped <>n He 11.1 ?de of tha hull with iron bandi _T?o
inehei wi?le. bhe .? also planked orer hrr timberi and diego
nally itrapped with iron bandi on the outude. In addition ta
which ?be 11 dnublT planked over the outside mappin?. theietij**
uiiklDg the vowel 1? heavy sgaiu aa an ordinarv oue ot ibo
same dlmeniiou?. Hur engine 11 being const nietest'at the KOT.
.Ity Work?. It ii an upright bnm. with a CTiin.ler lt? inchee
in diameter, ind l'_ feet itroke of pilton. Her wheel? ?re iii
feet In diameter. It 1* expected thal abo will be ready tor m
ou or about the lit of .'?bruarv.
Tag SrppoeiD MUBDIB C_.II I.I FiaaT ava.- Yea?
terdiy Coroner Gamble hekl a preliaiaurT examination in the
case of Mn. C. Towera, wLo w11 found lying dead in an oulla
i?bed ?banty, rtcandy occupied by herself and husband, at tho
corner of Fir? are. and hortr ninth it It WM ?uppj*?ed thal
her h .?hand had caused her drath by ittacgulation. Dr Jooeprt
K. Sh?w, Deputy Coronar, ma'de a po?t mortem cxamijiitloa or
the bodr of deceased, and found that death waa, without
doubt, toe reault of lnt?mptranc?. No Injune? or marka of rio?
lance wara found. Her internal organ? wera found to be mualt
di-t-aaed. 1 he tnquctt will hu bald lod?r. The woman Car?
rotlton, who had -l?appear?tl hu line? Men found, aad will
gira har tettlmoay iu th? caae
FELL II A FIT - Louiia Bell fell in a fit, while p-ia_
tng op Park row. on Tuaaday ?Tailing _b? wa? immediately
.urrounded by a curioua orowd, and a bil? lying bolplesi op??
tha walk, ?ora? ?coun.lrel at. 1. from her pocket a wallet, eoos
U-iiiag a check for ?"?). and |?> In bill?. The unfortuaat? wotaaa
?aatakea to Iii? ?Second Precinct olattoa ile_M ud ??haej*
iiaanllf li th? Kaw V??k t.?????(??l

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