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THE i l-l AP < i/i 51 ITJ V
' |W LIM. OK ?LU ?'
i . .
It is
.1 ?lltll
11 e
i ?.
llllS. tO
? ' '
,-pt i:.nt
-, .1 M
: 1) da) .
be held tin* v eek nt vrh.ch
atepa a put tie
lalat ions ot the
-will aw tit With mi
Is da n ? ' i-i und
?!..,? n ?I
- - \,
. ;iiiUgtni? . K
SEW tai or sr.'.
leg ap old e?' I In v
Pajk in
? rk- Of ni OOtEABT,
\ : of the >!IK k1 aid? ' . el lb?
ti v
i, M \ .
Mccall and !.. It
? t the ? harter of lb? '
f h ? i ? ayai a <.<.?< ;. . ? as an of ptjbtli Inh t?>t
. ?pt ..nie j tor i lb* I ... section of
I? -bey are ber.b. tutlol/.ii, lo ker?.
a ti ?is, . roly be necessary for the tcronimotU?
i trrsce, psi ktgaa and
atariteaatti . . aetexieedm?
iSrse n . !.. ard S> re- '. f .?rr> tu ..seiif.i
????????a* si th-s.. . : tit?. ?
: i k.je a srti. lr sht
i ils e?eefV thtt bag]
imirnfers ?toll ;n fr.#. SI..m ? sid
I sir ti en said compart? saal r.eihsre?
e*e t. pel.nu ni I* ti St
rl.r.rjr) I I I li. OL'?.-. TI S
. ruo ?o uisov earTtsa*? ti d
! >l e V it> I*, Ifl
ei sMl landings
k* .i t
'I. it" i~ exrept
rssr *f tar? tur 11. v n n.her nf paxri *.:. lea mere I han fuur,
a Si
Cb' -si[. iji? sad ... mpaaj ii ti bar* the rltbt to
. v?r st. (oi. g fror, II i i.iii.iir i"
<u4ai? . hy oreti
iMllsf ?tetrnfex sa.. i. - u.-ou psyiri the usm
i so any d<> tod leiform the
? er ino
?stall ?? beat re pi y .?, ti d in.iv
lass ' 'hr publie hull? or entrtneet of
Bl ..d drpi la ii. ?ti.l l.ttr . t io do
I I ta* ?ares f r rtrnsre, tt
. I ?cm: w ric, ov? ?ball i.ot b*
pertal'i. I in ,rin in. ' rssssbeat a? rallroa* r?r, or tb* lui
??*.? ?.. . "i. ?*. i ndi.M.
:. ..r li . :r hs.,
I??? srithin slid dUtric v it:-,. tiri) sod settlor
. e Baird o' I ?loners el ttid d .strict, w bo are
aeerby a '.bom*? era) ? ie ?urti Breases, ?mt gi
e?iry of
..|..ny r uTidii t Mid i.curd al lil be ?stufted ti st II . sn-1
rta?f?i s ; ? |-r per. n lo rim,se ?be pnvilejet
?*r?bT < . .1 ?III
I I S? SO sun i, 1 f? r.r.e?- -ile-evoked
s'. any lo, e i r n isr . ... st? i rope
pla*** t be a?aaby atattl Caaaaey si stand. karil tttMtJas. ?al
wa;isil^.iii'> i ni ssid scrnl.
I th* trsvslu.x
a<blic w<?\ yrq ir- \1 i ????ii vrrivedf r ..ich Icelsrashs' be.
..?r "f Iba ?ir>- I'e ?sr?i .
An. te ...n. Tii.lttii.r auy of
'. bs.'.-ui d f?til? of s o l.drnM?siioT.
aal ap H ni t . bel ? i S>l?> nor mora
laira air., ot Imssi. i i Ibaal ?or atoe* than 3? atys, or
, in the .' > rs
"The llavirs of t\e?. Vol / .. ?ml
, -nils sod
: , ij ass u spi I.
cstion of ?t ii I erupsio . MM ?. re? of
? i i-tie l.-ei.?e <.: I .lier resale, and rioiorr? ?id other
. r-i ?wed sin ntl v ao* ihetsr
y ?art S ? dante W.lh Oin
orain.? i ai.d pi.ts'e ? ,(Ui, UcctiMS atti lo
. st ehsrged for ...-i'li.v rlrt?.
ill ?ot drroird or rerelre SBT
|?l|er i -d lu this arl ui (?tr the penilly of ?MO
ID my
i.' ff re
11 no moll ni le - I by ti.o
I -l.sii lauieil ii, tverv pttsenrer
'.vhsn use? by tberu, tad ka ? I Mesa?
eatlv retd hv a' ' : - .?mr, t end rat** ol
Be. - i
i . V.;,l( e. I'd 'l.rri- >
? r asine
I-? tnd l)r Vfr? to rr ; -
.? d avery Ile?
-l? f .t s> hiell ttw ?Bl .
I? (ra rd ?na t ly, aaaer tkva pmalry of *;l
r eaoh i fin.se oa tb*
AnS ?a? Suaerimmd.r . I aaehea of ?. (Bew-Twk
aa?t bfuoalya, or atkei prison y lulkonre? by the Mry n
s.', isa .nab ? I?, hor.es ted
Oli . at 1 wt.sn en: rr ',. It)? stn.?
. M . bdrtwn, if so dix?c.ed bj said
- *?nl. or .ah? srrltiasT.
?i-?dor ?te Stwbosball refute to rrsnt try
tai 1 ron.p?i y ti ? of th
1 rtnt anti .-ondill..i.a of lia) for?.
siued by the sa'd con.piny iii HIT
l tod. I .?.inn,l !JI US p smnb.
? ut e? eeduif I1M?J.-rtih ud t-virrv
. fital.
. -natter tt get.. I with a
; . . ? aa? to ti lotra
? ?
e nae ?rt ?le of convey I hackney coach," slmilai to
?io backs we have a' ' in NewToik. tsut mreh more
some Ationt I rear? ?go the h .. kt.fy coaches were
r a keel cab ia
bange was not roado
. great oppot.' kli of the hatknev Mea h BMB
era at a much
rate. Bl tt time the hackney c(?t. baa were en
-, i;>er?ede<L It -!dng what" a rapid increase
: ''.eiilste'y apj DOffiber of people ?ho availed
III IllDer
?ncrcaaed tin. arge per mile wa? theaone
?oet.ee or al?rn.t 'S cents, which rate wa? after some
?<r mile, and about the yeal le.si
i' w??t reduced to . I ...w rate of alxpeeos i? i mile.
a as that the cab business b. esme a
IBM it lindner BSSB | re.nully.
. -.- than f.OOO cab* in Loi.i.o.'i with about
iiraeatowois is estimated that the cab?} ??
L >ndon |ive? err.ph>jment to30,(X?j ,
are two dist):?? t lind* of cab?, on? ol' .* hick called a
m." is a patent safety cab, patented and first tatra
- a man named Hansom about the your IBU, Iii? a
two wh-el conveyance the (':i><r of which is" perched on a nant
. the cab, which is called the di. key. on ?level with
one of this sind we bein ?e m New ?ork at
i i. owned by our oi utir hotel*. These t
ent and piratant to ride in. tauig . uol and airy in
- while In wet or cold weather the rider ia pro
i-oo expoavire hy a pair of folding ghi ?
lianaaan la adapted for currying two persons. Une of li
titvaat.ige* 1? taS safety of the passen^rer in ? ese of arc.
tbs hnrae s ranidn| away the forepart or footboard being not
wore 'haa twoleet from the ground, and fortheyenrs they have
l?sea in a?e there bave been very few accidenta The diner is
tie most ia danger in cum- of accident, his seat hrirt? at such a
Light from the ground, although in COM ot a horse ninniiir
away he> can with ?afety let himself down. Some member? of
.r elalie? In London baie private Hansoms for family
three or ftsuv seas..is ago a few ladies of the Mut Um
luigiit ??ve besa aeen In Hjile I'ark perched npon "d:
dnvirir Haasotn?. but the evtstom soon went ont, a? it w?s too
ftst ' a thing f > become popular ?mong the " *w*Il?."
.her kind of cab i? the "ftrar wheeler," which ?erom
.four intlde and one outside It was tBOBfkt
I it radii ?t lea of the Hansom that it would entirely sipeunle
tia mot? ?ober lookltr conveyance, bat it ha? held it? own in
cNtaaiiaeaeeaf lu adaptation for carTylri?;baj-Mge (whhh is
.. the roof), where?? the Hansom can only carry a ?In
. aantsaa In addition to tha two passengers. It isa
?.Barwon ?Kcrirreiwse among the working classes to ?<..
? aeekr ksdea with ?ey*u persons, four laaide one on the box
. ?d ... on the retsf 1 he ratesof mileage are alike for both kind?
of cal?. Thereto* snantionesl above kmphea thecarryln? of
toa* only. If ?nore are taken there is as extra half tare
< large 1 Psjswengcrs have legally th* optiou of engaging ear?
1 >cr st 21 or 05 cetits t/r hour hi I *** fall
iuto ttLivse In coneerpience of cnntant ?Mipawr? hetvsaa cabbjs
? vd paaaenger*?? m f * rn- " law enacted
ahestud I." ni mil? i fi bout IL? cabbv, vlng at
?it diningjt
of lix. Tb* 12 cent? a mile euarge. only appli'-i to all
f-ithia a radii? t?f five mile? fr m f'hor. g ?,oit, which
*tbea?st whee., the Nat.onsl liallery stand? Bs*yo
distance a passenger had better moke an agioemoot before
?.!?o J.? will ti.?! cabby "?ticking on
After twelve ?'chick *t night ?gieemenf? Vi
feaeraily made, aa after that hour tb* dir.er? esa charge ?bit
A U ewaar? of ?tali? are n^joired to be lleer?ed and for each
Ive and e?b they have to pa? ? doty to the reienne of alvi'it
* . ' 'ransom. Ka oh cab driier abo ha* a Iliense, whn h is
i?#i*?t from the I'oli. e i'.ureau at a nominal mm. In case of
< ' jn ??f.rre tlst magistrate of violating any of the cab
livra Mi conviction ii intloracd on the hm k of i -
1 ?
1 " i?ee*???l??. ortir
tween "cabby und a pa, fare, I issenger
li?) on I? lng iluten i . l"dice ?talion lo have
prof ni il une if
I j- . 01 II.-. ? ?. . - . ,
? : 'li- ' ' li ..- |l mt) .- !.
n git! ...
' ? I hut cal. ?
.?i n . ?rind :'
' 0
? .
.ii. the Billabar ou II.
*ei um ?nun ion? ti
In tuck cate? the party ?ummoain? m ??bli
ht - . v|" f.? : uinl p..? ' lain?, he
di ii cr? oeldom cr?, uuoivil oi try a IT??" of
this kind with a Cooknoy,choosing loi ucir ?i. inn? innocent
Irv. Monday marali p ?? Iks .
?.?t cpait foi hearing police complaint?
? the cabman.
The cub stand? are located gener.dir in open ??inee? or in C i
?lu. te With nhill Inlunatily I.01.1I011 Bl
There ara generally 'broui/boul London tne'cali ?tard* k
milo, cxiipiiiig ni the cr?-itt tho: on ?MwrM oi UM ' W.-l I
wbi re they ai? Binrn BlimaroiM At em li cab ?tarni there i? a
' for aupplviug wni ; I ?Indi is done by a
a.nu n , ?.iii.-,i,l Oreaaod m a dark grew. unMnrm I
hal The class ol men generally che?ea for thi
lim. ure. ?h-vchai?eii. pim.iioaed oi awablrd soldiers? It bi Ihn
(?llicu?s ditly to regulate UM Itarnt oi the men for going ?>tf.
and looks altet the coi .lu, ung of esch stand Ai.y rioliitioir.'f
palie ?maa co ?artw. wy ta baa mi
olli n?U r'h iiuuil> r and enu,iron? bim Al eioL cab-Mand i'. i
i?. n pin tea U?.iiil i. illi a I lol?' "I l-ire.- irom llieine to nil di*?
leU, parks, ?u?l all public building? ead
placea of aiaii?..
The extent of ti .tata BSBMMal ri'i un ed fo- itaBOM and yard?
i - v. r -. , I to poy iwry hi ?? j .
? . bate in? in ri cent ml posrtioDi A a-eaat asaay ?I the
auialler proi ri
.elnl'luhiiiei.' BBSst some baring Dpi
one cab, Wim io II? piopanloi bun--If iii ive? und annie I
many as two hundred. Uie Largest belog the MMrapaMlai 0?
bantu:h. togethei with their runieinn1. I Um*,' aWtog I
than fJ,.'??J,(??i per niinuin The great mnjoiityof tin -
aro kept in i
ordinary but tb:.i bl owing M the weekly
i but? .?f a MI: lal I inip? ?-tor A! '"it oin fourth the nnint1?-: ol'
night thal ar<? ?orten hy day, ?
? n night and day (.tiff. The day stitt'
woik f.'Uiecn boui? the night alni! ten boum.
lMlCTtl) CAM.
A few voar? ?.?o. wbwa tsaasVpon ama veiw pn-valent in Loa
don sniie cfi~ | ti seed to the peraaBS bavi
d [wi i nuisit ? snesd paUsnti tt>*l
tn'.als. A gd it nut? ti wasTCMM ami there Mt) no? cibsubol
??..?. tor U?? por poa? und BWSBBBM
Ml Huf.?KC
Tho home? watti d in lb? Baba ?r ? | . ?i.cra'ly of a ven I
rbaiaarlar. tba psini pal parti ag breketi down aal
maia that basa figured m the racing and bunting ?tu?!? of the
" upper ten . I UaarMBSn v
ter what the nninial mut be M Ion ^ hi ?ni '
and it reallv ia wombi ful tose? Iheps ?e som? of these if]
It n mill, is'aiuiiisl? ess tin IT? art afraid Iii" story |i
,:,| ? i. MI |?i k wick I? the ' I'lcl.rti'-k I'npera" Was
not soevtiiriTcriiti.l ii!T'T al M ?rene of the cabmen who omi
butane borne do tunk them ? frie! ' .-. without pjiv
?ptloDH, ?re I
at vory small cost and Iii?1 objet ; t..?,-m? to be to innke thf mo-it
inoin-i tun ni IMBI in UM ?>' ort.-st |?issiKle time bl
(?real tigilansa li exaiubsi?! bj the officer? i
preientnm of cruelty to animal?, and OOnvlctloni Uki
pl.n-e daiiy. 'li pSwtl imbil ti? ure p?it to tl.e foBi
I Hu. ' BSBMOm the
r:m.?t bnve ?or: eil li I like legs to keep Lie T? hic|e rp trl.ere.i?
in tin ci ? of :
bet that ?>f the ihnfl?. beside which the 'four *
expected to go ao fast a? the <t?i?hn .- II. Ni.tt n't? r
uigbt bone? that nrfl*ufl? : b ir from ?or-? on Uri buk and ni! i r
piu1? aro worked io a nm?t BIMI nianner, I? ian?, umli?
ef night tin y aland inn? I: krat n-k of tVtexttWi t! an j-: t' ?
It is a too coiiiir.oii ??.'It to ?? e aoine j?>?r l,or??e down ti
haps ha? atruk'. ' ha ?tli-t bee?! o
'llien are li. ir,i ? H ita "Bet at,'Is rd Hil. ' ' Loose that Cr?
?trap ' and tim invai inNe ' eil I?-- righi ni a mir- ?t and the
poor cteiituie. finilnii- r??i?t?BBS I M-I'"\ nt I.IS? ..
? lently to in ke nnother start ?n.l r'*"? home to t'
The lesson urgctl for Balsa such animal? hy the prop:i tor? of
lab bores is me Dite? ImpowibiHt] oi Standing tie I
first-rate animal?. foi lmwi u r goo.it1.?t may t>c two y ara ol
hard woik over the | Landon! Mocka them Up and
natter* of reba Hay that hrnken down bo
a? lontr B? good one? The nuinbei o* hotsas dying hi I
et ci y iicek II BrSarly
iuf.it traill-*, m?, ?inn. extensive
UMTsxrioB or DAM, r ATIK?, ?'..
All cahe a
miasiunera. who tel - fe, i h in
and comfortable. Ali on? d?te?t, ? ?..
demned i?, lui) !. t" o hen". t:'i" No
can legally refine to .
M I! the nibninii ?aspect? Ihe ap; :y fare
. .'?*. say ing that Ire I? engaged, omi that be " do:. I
M siipouny abyatSTB" Ils:
i? tin? .1 ?lu-. .?i i the I .d ..- iv ?Do? s ? v(- ai '. tor ? mile rldi
Um majority of people poy a ?hilling ?nd
?Winyar k1 ? peraaa atMrs ikem stxpi ?re r.i ibe end of a mil?
ride, and i? turns it with d:?d:nn. * ?; ' \' I badi
tumruut t-> baal tri I it
There are a goodly number of cab? thtt en)i>t t i
-i.i.re p-ligiout by lim mc punt.. ?? the
word! "lix (lav cab? "
HOW CABaU.N Al>. 1AI?.
1 he Metropolitan Company un?! une ??: two others, pet llieir
? Ihe week, but the an dlei proprietor? ittqutre '.; li.? it
driieis a eenuin return ead day (?ay el) vbieh Useyatast
bring borne to the Tatt! at ni lor ti.? n own pay!
all that they moho more t! Ilia NiirojH.liian '
Compart l ink Ihey are ?ate m payin| i . ?r men week]
t!mt tbet ?Jo not girt I oblad I employ a del
corps of men, women end gMa, numbering about H ulm are
constantly tra< i taking ni count ol
i sa a? uti
clolll t tb:.t the ii? I? . . r.t.'ni.
TUE I Alt.:
The caVnen of I.ondoi nr?nu.-ol ii, sp<-< nil fenttire?. The
gToatmsjorityof tbem ?reC? . uasgr ara inokeu^lown
badesaea frost ihi eoaatry. Tasus ?r<? a ?:"?". mm r writ |
i on.Im | theui but ti..- I
tl.ein nn- rr.? ii of II u:y le? ?I i.np. Th?J atl : ? nu all j
. : Ii .-I,
, i the M hip nii'l i. n,. :
. urns?
?-, pi. in* ''? - '
:,- it.-r ni oin
. ni lin M. nop iliUJl I ua | my.
(//// COURTS.
si PI.lum: i am i:?--s'"( H. I
THR HTtir?r>Aiir> MTtMl r??i?.
The parties to this Bin'
plnlr.tifT ulb gas thal , . ?
fendant con;. of adultery ?;ih ,
M to hnn BukaowBi UM I.I IBM
aith BBS
?lalalil on
cfiih?! to UM itaad i bia ?rim m
that bit wife acensad bim of krepiog lompany ann ^lr.
S'l'lire? Bl I Btl
fit fijr publication, and tnymg that if he did nil ?top ke?-piiiir
eornpany with otbai meat wire? ins wosVJ
k On the cross-examination the u
?mee their separation ha went toll
n-'itli'-r for the purpose rf rrtitltttIrg hi? aifc io \i?il ihen ? Mid
who wts ??ck.
Mr? Btaddai I that on rill ting tba
p!::intifT? bouse in ai sordani <. a it!.
?he was taunted in a most ?B?u)t?Dg manner try .Mr? -
while attending on her ?i, k child, aud that apea
inviting Mr?. S to po'.'it tt.
a? 'Hs ha, rr.v holy how do you like that I Doc thal cull
si a admits that ?hi
monsrrated w11 ? Georgs yoa did not tren M ta
lint ni,
u.um bat lag ..? ributi I
I titi ailn?it ?I : takei sway from i
, at tba tima of theil ?eparaiUwi a va?aable mid wateli wbkhba
hnd (riren lier Whick he . .'or ?.?. Ii
1 took tl.e pap -?
'i'hos li Hill for defendunt . f:tin? Spem-er foi j '
i.Mii.n ?IA ii - ?-(iMMi-s.'iiVKR? nn-i' I v
- Prf-fore Coirini ?ioii?r .?MIIVMI!
Init'-d Static iigt. (iiotarmi llemmi
The defendant, wbo it ii ra 11 . t,'c<! Lf on? oi a p.
Italian oesnitarfeltera, wa? ?rrestetl ea 8nt?tnlny by one
S?. ret - lou oi the Treasury Itenertin-'nt On bl?
pBBBSmwM lound ?V>0 in lithograph connt'-rleit $1 Ireasrsrt Bad
.vi rent? in- li" I curroncy aotita. i; ili^t.v
Indiffbrent about I .. cbaigu and denn-d his guilt- TI
i bim for exuminutiou ou Monday UM
12th inst. _
MMMovAaVS OOUTJ -Hw W -r^owien^owB^TCrattJi
TIM willa ni tin? lollowmfjf dtyeetned Mrauoi bftTd
ts^n admitted to prolmte ilttrltiK the pnst wei
Kniar. Wn S. Clsnde Juno M? K Praser Dell? \
ihiiv SI,, i ol e? Chnmpion li Wrijrhl ??-'11
A. WuiBJWSSlb U'.-.ir Unantan ?June? Km 1er li irh TeiV-ll,
( h.trlet Vsndctooit. india 1. W, rclt. John i'arel Ihomi'? II.
H Marshs!!. Wn. A I'lauci?, Tho?. ii. &. Maelueil. Lydm i
W Felt, ?Toini Kehos
T.etuT? at Ada . -i it*lon have been granted on the estate? ol
MichaelI Lyn bj, John Smith, S'i?an Sthuylcr, -I
J?me?'W'?ilk?r Thorna? Pinkett, Christian T?atacb, M
Collsghsn, Erastus Plato Hobt Trnrii It JobnP' Rodman,
I'iiignau, Paulu? Uattx, Jacob Hal ReorglaM Powei?
Kartei?, Jahn ii PtJfWaM, John WsKnerscheiil. ilaiy
k1.< ann ami Wil mm lliggam.
letter? ol i>u?riinni?l.tp b?re been issued to John H?s!in
?iiardlan of Mary J- MtsU-rson , N'el.on i'lato i uardian oi
ir??fts ?n?l l-l? Plato: 0 1' Se?-, i,i de Cssnli, guardian ol
John II. Pine?; Fl'if-h O'lirien. guardiH
Amaudar?. Weeks, ifiartllenof HairyC nml I.iuiNaM '.
tr?li?u of Kleuuoi A MunhaJl, Oteu
0 brien, guaidisr. oi ??lain ?'Krieu.
The f'omtiii't'?. ?ipjiointrd by the Knpreme Court fo
examine rn?vlidate? for ??IIBIUIOD to tho liar will meet ard pro?
ceiM witta the exnoiinstion? ia the (?enere! Torrn (Supremo
Court, Koom, ?a Mond?; Ijtb Xor.. init., at jo ekari, pi m.
Ii.iiv p, HSMIB, i
KoWAtro I'M II i-os '.( omiu.tte?
I ? II HAU.i ir, )
C0?J11 . IiA lS-Tiu? HAT
Rt-TiifMB COI Bi I Par' L?-Sald b?
to??ew f. Hi??n?n -Coat) ,?..-.?. I" e la ?-No? :?
et? agt. fliuith ?t ? . I et ?L: rye j, Ai., ?
. It 'Ja., Altin Mi* I' . hpiisie??! I.' -
H '??Mlla?t. li?itlier./l?7 I.T?os?(i i-- i .?'..- IIIIMJ I
lill Tt..lll.l,ol?'i Ililli? ?ft ?1.(1, ./, . I K.c?.e'?
?Jl r'oi'l . I4SM Ati'l. re ii .?'
H. I.?r.r'l 1,1 t'!,,,.v . .'.| l , n.- I- .
" I lontl ?j!. II ni.: ?. n . I . I
? ' I
I I.inihin-rlW rsrrn*b>? *rt. IfnimsaFIrr Intnr?erernni??ey. IS??,
? linke?*-?ti Obsvrdnrtri ? kW?, W'ijian aft II a???: I-, It** l/'I'otm'l
? .? '. rta ?..:.-.... - , f. f. B B-Cej
D ran sit Mr?, list? t ?J94 RriM'ii et ti ag? True? ke HW.
Hertei.blcd ??'. ?.?*?.*. I *W M. I ?tlr v ?ti! I vi eh, SI nift ? VA
A.oi ?? steO?a?aj ?rt
. -t ti -, ?14 f Li M ' ?ha ? ?. ll?ie .;
l'-irei* t,i I l.enoe.iy Ift Bsad.'i
i HA??. -rr.nrMjjiii, J c Pi m-tt
..-?vdi'sMsr*- i"?H 31 ?'I'? l' iksagi Holwell;
?it. I I
; mt,
: in ena , l 104 W tri .. ??.
? ? \ 'I'll' t?/. A''
I ! - ? "er. i I r' ti ,
1.3 th..:...u?w sst. rho ?' ?Ve? I rt ?rt_
taaaas, Teas? -
Meld k? I^av'AK?. I* . ii ?a J. ' -? e .
at 1.4 s i. ft f fred I I ?el s*t. 1 . i . t ? ? ntl
v ,Jllrr .. i ?i.? jil .... ii ?n. Lo
. I. ' r ?.> n ? ? . ' ?'. SR1 '
reins r i. k diner, ?, Kte? <t ?at! dlraidr lm?St?t,i 4 N?? sft,
. ist. F Ubi j .
si Ifi. ?'to. ?**! 9 wat? 'I "' ?Ij ' I 'k el al la 'ltff-rv ?J' War
re? ?Sall !' H"'"" ":' p n? ?f. Lske f al. ?
Nen emu, rr 'rd ( sl.-ndir- fniirrnT '- arl i seed N*s.
li.Van ra-ha.? ?I*, lb? Tided ??% HJI I .?dCoa paajr; U.fssoaiton sti.
Janewij 1? AiiiVrion art M. or?. 15. Arkn s* . llafg. ''
?It. Has*'i H Myer? sr? In rr li 'plesd-l; I?, Leigb ifl Hay. I?.
'1'.orr ash I'"' b. Coal ?euptny ?f New-York: *?. ?Irk.
sft lilak.lv st ?I..11 rt.l.ick . si s(t Brown rt ti
rVtXSUl Iris ll'ld bv lr. i;r I'trrs!? li Nu. T? linar r if -
tour? open- st 1?> Oil rk tv. In- I lela rrer? ? si'nd.r.-N'? I. The
K t. P. Nath-nsl bank ?st t.s. .. r, Iii Hehatrt* ?St. turi;
20. ?lol? att fVsrond e ?'. I. Tin n sr* le ;. ". I'-'.? of law
sud laen,-fi**. 1BJ, l.n.lin.l ?ft. i ??unan SI al ?ITS. Ilannim ?ft.
Ve?h Det ti.; ? . ?ft I -rriugtot,
I.? H.r?rh???. Ad'ee: I VI Wl It hi?; aft. Itili I 't al , ISS, ?Ion
??I si. a.I Vu,.?ni; III, Iwrri'ti ut. Twetoa; HU. An.lers.in a? ti
?t Tile I.. H Iel rill 113 I tie l'eu| ,1. L e. a(t li.inbri?.ll
13? IVrpard set Hsilorse; I? fir-rsmi agi W ... ,1?I -tb el ?1 . I*
J-unnisiu ?J? McMaen?; HfT. Urifht, ?xerutor, agu tirUeold, jr. rt
. r- et I i...i .?. .1.
Surnuoi: (oritT I'AitT 1 Held hv Judire HA8
B'ioa.-O' r? Oren? it II o'clock t ni.-Bo. ?ir*i Oat igt
lilakr, 2ji"J. Mirllrub.-it ??. rer.md ?ve. K*uli"td
Wskemi if? (I ?h,?': Hnnleyel si. s|t. ? has? ,
M n. y r? si S?I i jin h: ISSr*., I.sache Mt. Tie ?nmp J.-?.
Trsns. l ill. belataid If I. 1 he I Ferry ? o. of llronkly?. 1*11.
i'.' I! n- e' ... .'..- fl. Ii I.re t.-t. I>sytoo, lu?, Oin?.
ti.'tni*. Litt'snaa; ?77, Th? ?tsrer, le trt. Reynold? st t' ; H~J.
. si sat In. I' Ure In? I? of Brooklyn; 1ST.BiaM ?ft
- DM Igt The Will sin.
b.niht.il? Elislna lo : Ps? II.-Held by J Jo???-Court r,p. n. st
. get?. llr.it,. af. lo. rt . .'I ". Itr.n.ki'. m Ml
u 'i I in Ryan ?g1 I a ri li .-t ti , ???.?', Brawaelital Pla*!
. li. llri'.iri ?.-t galil U.I', M. P.aia'd sit. Rdley; ?ST?., Rnul et
s', st?, toill.rtiinie. rser? (IsfVney ?rt. Honfl.-n?; ?TT? Ulm t act.
'11 e P. Ntl litnk of N i ...i .i.'uied i .r ?, f mimt in p..fe of the
Orwawicb a?v?aa? Beak i ?Si M?m stit lu k.;, II?. Belts el si
tit I...ii, i.a n . sldlsn. lit Lolnhjrdo; Ii7?
? ' ii aft. The 11 ?tabal?, lil* las Co., ISM, cut.? ?ft TI?
I? Mr? In?. Co
.1.- I nutt .pen. ii li ? ??'. 1S?I V' ???re? .?I. ?A sler
bury; MM. Wale burr sj' !'? Wl r.noia ?ft.
Ilinebftsld. IM'i. Van l?ylie si* Hat
Robbins. IM tt ?rm??16lO Mr? on? lill i(l. I in :e
. t.l ; lill ," ! rnrk ut.Vsii H.T.t.n. 16*0. MiHitrrthtii trt Wst. rt,
n,er ?,t. IS tuon: tfST, Hsiinnt . i'syior el al, 1371, Mir
tbtlLlr., ataltfl lr..k.ts, 1140, .N...-!. Kn'ef; KA4 Koine
.;' Ilurnhai... m.pli., 16?J, Anderson M?. Bitch. I'srt II-Held by
CaaziOXO .1 < < uit opens ?I li . . k . ni.-Ne?. 1W0 U'Ms/s trt.
l>?erbe,-? ISM N.rn.t;t B?*W?rt.?i, I M4, MrNelil ?ft, K"pn.
J 1 .-edderset I.e.iyiiaiT. SU fsBman -at <lo?jh ? isjo Tua?".
hn Tie , to s-. ??.ne, el ? : mt >? e.i sji. Ksrri?. li
.on sit. Mr?lee, fTfJ Otsattf?)*fl Ms'irte ? IT!?. Mar??.'? Ift Ho
b?'ii,???V| ItttV Montrnn. et... art. Ins Ind. I. el Sol IT?
.t.- . ifh iinlivri 177?, fiotneatt Lyni-h, etc ? 17T9 Mc(?n:re?|t B?i
du. : ?Tt?O. Mm mer tft. Tba Ms...r. ele.
Y. ?.UM. Cocm-Tm vi. TKKM-Held bv Ai BIB, J.I
lci.it 1 r. 1 st lu o'rlo.k? nn -Not V- Nnrih s'|t Jsr? ? .
s?! Milles"I Ml. I'ulnsn. if Basaavll ?T I lui ul (lr?ntn?rr; -.
r sgi. Kerri?. -. Ko.-i.lr tft -iitlk , M, Kie.m?n ?tL tdw.rl?,
pao? set. it il-v IS, I si.. . arl 1 < U . C1. Welsh aft \ ander
?ort,??, Holjen aft. Oilplrs ht lift.' rd s?i_ Beeehn ke.. 64. W I it
?eyagt, rskln SJ, Miirbnf sa- Birril H ? (' \. eeki r{' W |.,i, ,
ST. lee ?ft. fvr-tn.lt/ S? Beatty aft, Harnhi'f; ti, Whitton aft
l.i Dunn af. Keirifte
Ki BBOtMSBfB Coi KI.-The following contester! isanos
Will b? Cll lr? OB Toesds' I ?I KM I Willoi ?dlerk
Nov. li I ?el; ?. W ii. o: I'sinrk W l,.n?'on. per ?9 las?; j W11! of
Peter ll.is-ei. lan II. ISM. 4. W i'| ni Tbotnu B Mi mint. Murk 1
lt>y. 5, W llof AbrsLsta fl. ?wir rut March 21, ia?. ?. W|l of
IM lum Kr.eirisn. Apul 3. ICI/., :. V? i.: M 1's'rlc? Murphy. Ap-ll 4.
tfSK;?. Wiil m Marr-nst li. Min. ii ii. J lk-6 ?. W .1. . i \ nsad-r
l?.i e?n. M? I? iwie tn U,i f M.y li is?.
II. W,l . fr*) j.'... i. IHo. lr Wi.l'.f Jins.
Jim. Jm? r. Isv 13 SVitl ef Elwari Kyree. Cbn.iv,
June -tu. lktr.i II. Hil! o' tier;.min hast?, July II. IB??. IJ.
Wilwf JeunKrnshaw. J ;lv I? IM... II, W11 of Howard II 1..i?
Auf. 9. \V>* . \- Wilof MiUon imlls Sep.. I. 1st?, II. W ii of
liri.i) lim an, tx-pt. 11. lib* 1?. A dm a Minion ef Mnloinon Hart,
r'ept ', l(uo,*i, Adnu, mian.>e of W11 tlet. ? lH4*>t 31.
Adr I I.'ist., i bal Sept 8 I Sot.?/ Adnilio.irslion. I
Herab Powter. Oei lr liav;, :. fJua/Ji ?ship "I (....i?vn.. I.manu. I
and Klu? 4 ronpe- i i. .It< ni |BBI| ??, v.. i, . ,, Maitia,
ffaS4 l'. II??, ? . I of Msrl. H. Hheitn. Ort In IIG6.
c/.'/.v/v.i/. counts.
( m I:T ?ii srw i ti SESSIONS
|i'..i.i? fasttM i'u?imf.|
Tu.re wi ti iii iu\ in .;e< ases than usually appt'arori
? whlrh were Bat ?BVB BB '
tikis Court sa Sati^d;
picking |
ti li. V*
A? m.-i-i
. in to Is-a lil.-I un I BS crestioii lit that
; wa? uii i,.d'.-.ti brste bus nevrr Bass
llou.i. r.ltl
l'illss Wn..' m broaght rate f.
li .1 . Di , ?SJ tillie, a? .'?.
\. li ,!n?. I (n t. ?tu. o'iv v . ?
mule a t.ia.ti.e of walkin?; np ?d Iowa la las itreel
vie? of ber ?si- ?inca meit
(?nur? of Ins person IBa? ti
.... |
tlary toi thr'' r
A " ? i .
hour o? 7J o ?it..k. a ?>., in In., L of a .lotlu? .'ure i
bsmat *n*t< hcl from Ita* t
f.-tit of U. .
uns s. ul tv I
Cu*?..i - "i In.oM \'i i.r.-ont ?rr? ?awasEEl
np BSttaVS the Ceiirt on rl.nr
The proor wa? lu ?.? cry ru?o but olio ooatitl. red inf?.|>? I
I .?fl-tt
e??ewi ka I.itterlr ?bo?.
I bi? ling laid
' . Si.igisllnte a
lu . am UVI lil
?I with
i*, cumidrred
.entt ?t WS?
. :.? I. lil
I I whee
! 1 to iAi ui?,. ..lis du
.?di ?(ruvtl hy O?BSIB
??vine ?B?wwBv t.. int.. In ti |
. i ,. .
did I ot 111.'
of UM . out fell to the ground
' -?.. Tnlin
.th w i.ni ia i i
I I proof ill ti ? ?der' d
'.'.?. ni r wita
lad remaniled for *ri Iff a?
MIMI'.. I I H'l > ?
.\ . Mold-.', in slid utk?^l t. bj ii?-t n.itt.tl to
| .'iamii.e alliri. |. rj. The fnw r wns prutitnl him sin! he wai
i iJ-rniitfol to (-Vii-ni- : I? bag
M h? U' ni i ut of
ike ?tore the i ItwoiMeaof ; ii which
he eadeavered to cosoesl under bl? coal Mr iinMam u? the
i ulprit witii it, wberoktpon that
peccant m the itolen property anil ?tn'.t.d
irttun away Mr Baldwin j. -"? i captareil und g?t'- Um
thief In charge of an ofllcer 1 '.- prl.mid nn.ke nu di
?K'lili.t iittentlo: nrl wv. tht.i foru fuitutl
gafit* '?? tal ina f..r .ii rrtskb*
A'-MIII' . A lim HMAS - Mi Woll,*ng Shrt.rk ICI n-.'d
M I lag und ix'?titi|r BEB
(.roroc?tinn Tbc ti-t.rnor.y of Uki ? ?'Uijilalnnirt WESgirsaBl
BP OB mun' ?ait ?ml he Ure nie iiirht be
rseyas mit bli bund; then he,*?.*? avav ntrnirn
>.. li.en hu JurrfpM Hiruo'i ?m ruine
' i li'.! his litt hind:
then he goa? ara* a srw ?asia aosaetia?* H lim?' th.n k<
Bvare cotne ia a * * r si?- valla bask ?gata lasa as hre BM
id.lie bonni of him ?.?],..ni, Ihn, Minni i.
i -i ha ??..nu a no ?omi . i
UII.V ..l the .liter wini to ?how that the
Ilersoea Bad been abused, and the prisoner wu? the man ? bo
? ?iiitiy lound guilty ami tincl |.?1,
i..l to (taad .omiiiHi.d till paul fvot baiu.g th?
1 undi in baBta, h<- ? as ?'lit dunu ?(.uiu into the c? II?
A li" ? r A ClIi'l.N -loliii I.eiio? wnirhartreilh/Hiiiii
I nn'h tivh iti'.illng a Hie <?MiVn ?urth |1. X*M complumBat
i- a 1 .> i.i 1 mari, who bad to cummntueate with ttii ('?uirt
i haMmself knew llttl" of ihr into, but
e,; n tri tuna? wlio ?-vor?, that he ann- the pritorieron a
.. ti. ?ill. 'h' I'hlek' n in hi? hand, which he hnidrd down to a
. . ,,, .1 B4 ' ? I " ?t 8B0S kwised It and nin M Kain with It It
a-ems tlial a niimlier of bov? wen; playing Isisc bull when the
ijoir ot one of them saw lue slid rbtr'lrrn ninufnif nNrot loosr,
a. il ?t ..m-* i?'i>? ' M-?' 111 ate? ?lan pnrsiit d the firing hird,
?ml a tri ruti'hing It, liatkaW it tnai-ompetiioii. nil" mailo a
-jsiviioii ot it Tim piKoner wa? found guilty, and sect
go th? ? ii? 1'ri.on for Ji da\ \.
AM i i 9 1 ?.ni mi. Mr. 'Ihomiiion JHU'T,
who is hist ?."iiiin to i?n.' of the mo?l inUuential [aditirlan? the
hoi ??er produced, and who i? bim?elf deiit'ribed .? a
flt.e Hrpniat a powerful wnt-r a ki in Hit:, mu. awl a wan of
ettrsunlinarr taletit in any bvnnch of indi ?try la ? -Inch he
? to ?pi?ly hlmsalf, ws? brought Intoi.uurt *n Huturd?y
a charge of ?taaling k ?liver watch fra?? Mr ll?ury A.
1 ;. n.iaiit p!ejit.-d (?uilty awl af IIHII* no
i wall .liie.-.l, bat Ibu iiiitorur wa??ent to
i : i tares moulin.
i KUM. I?' Ml ?I - 1 ?" V'iinjr m-n ?rho ?. -,,, ihetr n*mes 11
. r . BBr] B8k1 .lohn Milli
. ? "I ?ML? . r Jouirt B) 'iho,,^,,,,!, |elt tur, h,ul Urn
' ' " ' .'
I ? j.r.Mif um not
; i who wai iier.irdii-nfv discharged
? ?? .
.' II
McCesi?irll had strict her 1n the face ncr?.?? the riimth vx >th
.ucti violeac? as to complet'o -knoiii out ol her bt i?l nve
teeth "
The testimony in this CSKC ? :i? much ?.-, .
. --ii.ich
-a ??Hiern rep 'Jimi. of ti"' Bl
Blister Jow-pli and bis an : :.' h- I lol ''" Wl .?iron
it? fare ?viB'cieii? pn.|?-?i !.?. '
( o'.rt. Ni 11 it!.?-.. ?? ii ??- pi....?II tlifit. (?".?
?bool s
, ibu in tie ?
I ?eflp.IT! TV M '
| baaa ii ne?
ten ,hil
I other k:?? ' .-?
I mu ?I ti a it ?a? so
lin for ii
I .SBAS'IIII. (iiA'M- I "yh.. I fi ir tutu? st.? Dire
and ui reason, look it into In* head to throw a
?tonu ?kSBMgh th plate (.bia* slow winfhiw in fron'
sture of hlr Samuel I Tin an of No HW ItroaaWB-y If i? ,,f
cvur??. ?el kno? n tosWfT, person ?ho protucuail, . Broad wit,
ox any l .in?, biennal ?troerB, tl.Lt the?o pin
WladsWI ?r of tin t?r> lal pt at m/e thntscieie
pnsluo?, and that ui'h theil various dei wallu.?, tin-y form
oin-of tie prlnelpal ottractloni which nie. mppoiod to b?ud
pmipltt to pitroiire the val ihnjeut?. lu thu per
lista*! miii tin pan? ?t glass wa? emly worth fr?o ; and. a?aft
that ti t required wa? Ibwl the p|-i?oncr shall
reiilaee ti t bri.ker i Ins? al bl? own expense- Wort? neit ?tot ox
MI, the.li itJoe |H tnutted tli- prisoner lo depart on the under,
standing tliat li?,- u- to bute a new pane of rUa?. of ?uch , L-e
.nd ?juullt jr a* ?hall be peri. < tly ?uti?fa?:lory to Mr. l.ymau,
put ia le toie t.. ?i i '..nrt day.
Asuriii it Oil i Spun- SVMM?I I - A growing nuisance In our
city, and one which the various Police Magistrale? are deter
rniui?l to pot down i? the so-called ' fiift or Premium Bp
Into the?e places green pcr.pl?- from the rural district? are In?
vited-they ni?- iinln? ed to ir.t eat T, dollar in the porchase of an
eiivelo|>e, whioh contain? a numlter, which uomucr will entitle
tlnm t?. a ] i,/" ni UM ?'.ar>- of J??? elry-? wnleli. or Bans Other
Mrspttag pre-ail the unsuipveting ?lope at one? pay? lu*
dallar, ami li permitted t<? drat? a prize, a Inch he 1tnr1g.11?? it
voitl. at le-tadasea timas Iba ino?.??y he IsrtMaMi, Than
snothsr g im>- u Lutrodaod either dice or ?ard*, ia that ahupe
of the ' ?weet-board" or ttuM-csxd atonta,'' and, the otu
tonicr on. I Lndsoed t.? gamble all h.s money 1* woa awny from
hun. A rs in tin? iinitter ol'Janie?
Urown ?nui ' tine who keeps a" dollar Jewelry
?ton m We W chatham-sl Brown ?artmit Into this phee
h?. ?i?!:ed to rmrchr?e and when hades
ri gaM th > siilewalk and go au i? hi? baainaes, he wa? asi
'lim?, who ?(mci kim wita fe kui" Twa amplejra? of
Lia? were knlmdaessj vbe pi oven that they rtlwnyi have
at lbs itreet amsi w hot? I m li tu It Is to
entor the nine?, and that after a m,m haa ?jone raahtB the ?lore,
hi i. pii .[ mill rariooi ga mrs In gat bl? mraw (tam bim ifiee
I mt wa?
lound i/mlty, and r. n.'.ii-i? ?1 for MBWBBBM
A ItiniAii DAIUBBTI 'Ililli -Martin i'nUaghnn rep
resent?'?! Liri . ?? t.. !?- tir authorized ?gent of a well-known
brew ery and in that Bfeffea ity Batst? t.-?l a number o' m4 Wn-Is
from the custorm-rs of th it firm which barrel* the *at?l Mirtin
i.J io apply i" hi? own use ?j,d emolument, lio wal.
however, deb cteif in good tin e and ?u? In ?
MivK I u:' i lII ?? - Mart: ?.ret Pirrett it.Mo on orercont from
Kate Sharkey SIM> a dre?* nnd a shawl, lor ali of which ?tu?
was ?eat up to tin1 Uland for I??o month? Johanna Lawson,
took albert andahandksrehi-.f from Mr WiniamTaotar o'
Nii.l.. aie . <i !.. :. ask .! lo | li ail ?he ?aid that ?lie might
I* guilty lu t if ?l. lad t lui the man's things, ?be wa?
drunk It the ti :i?. Mia got . John 'I lerncy t? m
aknrfedbj iii vVIUlamll UlUasiwitk rttsjllfeg ait felt bat?
from the oiitsul?) of his ?tor?-, and be wa? sent up for foir
ABSAI-IT AV. Btirrar -Mlchnel Long, for sn assault upon
John Kuhl n :n ?eut up fur one month.
Court- M.'iiluv ii? ii the 11th lost.
KMIM r>?i m OOVatT.
I Brier? Juttl . Howling |
ATTKMPT?P ItfKdi.ART.-Lato ou rVurday night
Charles Dun ?mil a M lo icd in the act of attempting to break
luto the baoitiiient of premise? No \A> ( ?rcenwirli it. occupied
?a an intelligenc? oflict? by Nichons K'neirle by MB of the Pi
rattos named denrre Per' it ka cs'igrit and h?M the Magia!
until oib.. . .i. Pr?ciser < um? np
.?IT l>::iiuo:iil WOW w:u intoin ated 'it
the time, declared thal h? bad Bo mt?-ntion of committing a
bu'glarj. h'otwithatandina; hu protestation? .lu ti tee in.
ile u by trade a black
an. ith
Ih'tiini'M li-itii' i drinan rt siding ni
N? '?' of the low deii? through
.>' it:.i. Ti. I if PoifeM on BataWfeaW night. nn?l cieatu
nilt I- U : 111 ia t!.:< ??ondilion b4
l Bjrfca, Ka* ih Nliinirnt.'ii. m !
Anna h mpanj tkam into the dsTre] -
. ..-It) he WU? i
. .
II intetl I:.. ?;-. Isman Mci ?on ni II
S:vih i fscl sad the ofllcer srrrsted all of the
girls. Tim premise? were f bed, bat 00 tr i.?? of
ptrtj i "iild I-1 foi. feel I -I ?y the sreii?e,l
lee l'oiilinir at th? Tomb* but the
al -.nul h lo?? . ?r j . ?int. Ij Unit any of I!
property. Hie iragiTira?r aasBaasd to c.jauni*.
I --on ll.urwUy mondng !
?a? found Cat duiuiir Hu? night tt.-oof the r?i!? of the (?rand
?t and lM-abroaica ?*mT| Itiilr? ad. at the eerier of W?.1 '
ard i>c?i ras?ci ?. ?. had bei
wain, i I lar one -lohn Oerritv wa?
M tin a. t of tiling one ? ! ti,i? rail? ?
into lb? luafe loop ?f on? M?rray luootadM I rai kim ?t near
vTeal II I.?', .??- eli f-h1 im-o'mr nul. sid when srreitud
Has ne? ?iatiog fi r UM ?ale ,,( ii,? ?t-cond. Just.- ?
. .un for ti lal.
AN int. li. . nil?? Williams who on the
1 . -lit i!is?p|?'S|e,l from a dredinng machine where
???,??.,1.1. - m nii?. o. u .. j-ri-.S iv ri ? ??laxing
?t ith Inm Si?, in rn>ney an.I ?nine nrth le? of clothing beJongkng
lo Mt !.???? > employe?! up? ? ?? a.?
ni ?Sarurttx?. ?
to kel? : tali -t Or the
.SI i 1>B]
: , '
I ? :n the
luoib? P KM who was
- Hen .?, on a
ii with
be ?i,?
cnlli't apon Andi r?on ?ml
? .
. '
in fall '?
.i li- . t bad I- ?-.i ??
-. i i ha BMtrl i?
a? not
: that,
: ? t of i-i
? ?
um. were aili'r in co rrt witt, IV- - it? I- T
. . I -esk ti '? un Ka W. uhl SB)
- prernei ourt lor their action lu tie prcni
,u : 'lAHhi i roi ii ? 001 i:i.
IsMsBeaJsBasM b*sVwl?B>]
AlIIK.KD 'IllKKT KBHw A HiiSPITs I.- S'l'ftn liVi'tl?,
bet ni., ai H '. In Beri alh?
lb her B I.
1st ? :
chill ?s a' tin? ho p.lal A woman named Undi M
trtvriito??! time? aiti? ?'..? BWBg tV*?B tk?S bo??r?al WttbOWt the
? f>.|?nn Iii : ?get lays Ih?' pro|t. ?
.. kiep an.l tiial ??line of It wa? ?to,-n from BsW
it bli? guto liail liiS^?Jto
i'wt'.i. 'lui 11 m .MIK -A I?<1 named Willlara Trues wa*
de!? d'il mi I udny Last ni stealing two pines of silk valued M
?;?..', finn Mr l.lunrdA Nichol? a dciler In silk? st N
-' Mi Nlcliol? ? iale?roo':i I? on the fir?l rl.air but he
niau um ipi?? a hat ? roini Oti the ?ecoriil lloor \t hi? h be nee? n?
a ?tor'ii?, ,, th. front mom of thl? tloor Is -lug ix-clipicd S.? a
htwver's nir.i e. In wkicb the bov wss employes] u.ie of Mr
Slcnoll'i. :.:??. I.' Grand w K'tihuin, saw the lad i
out of tia back room nn.l ia*pectingJrom the appears
in? ot.lit tii?t ! e h??! sotnethfng eonceBBtd auder it, he fidlowi !
him down ?tnirs ?ni?! intothe street when lie 1 s?l him BITBSted
He then c?ml? ????I to ! avlnp taken ?etenil ptct e* of silk before
"ml lo ha? li ?. M d lb? m to Wolf llol/iiinnn a t tlor at S
Walker *t M I .. ur^-i ?I tin- IK,\ to il.e i oiiiini?Mon of tlio thefts
hi Ikreataaini him wits.arrsM U k? ess not ?ontinuo them
Ifolstuuiin wa? ,-r;. ?tul ni. rrul.iy list, und tngethur with bil
young ti? tim a si lurnmit ed for exjininuiion m deluult of
? l.(-?!|.|.l!
A 1 ?i -1 ttfl r.inir II 'i .-.. I'.i.cKk.v Cr-Late ou Paturdny
evening ti,- (?tin ?? ..l (!,.? l'wi nlicth l're? met made an orb? lal
visit to Iho ?nloon M the nor'li wi?s? corner of Fir'hth avo nnd
'llnrtj tlurd- t Bad nrrcited Jaine? Wel?h the propi ntor and
MVeral other? ?ho wetW there at IM tims. It ta sll?ged that
the pinn i? on. ..f tin.??? vtht, h infe?t tin? ? ity Ululer the reapect
. ii of ' ovster ?iilo?.ti? bul a huh arc nothing more than
uvular resorttfor I ad I both *tXi ? Tl.?-iiiopriitui
lillie pi?.? wal hrought befora ?Tuttloe I ed with je?t. nbiy,
iiid wa? committed to ??.pear foi trial at the Court of Special
Nu. lion?.
tSTtiAtiNo sxABt CrtAnu! -Rebecca Srvli living In Oreen
wli'have p.??cs???l t?o fine chair?, north li-5 eucli, which
Aaron Se.nnr stole last aeek, and pawued to a man aamed
( "r -, in l'.-nil ?t A ? ?inpbiint waa entered ?galuat him ye?
teiday. and In una held lo answer lor hi? thi'ft
1 m MAltKI 1 l'Ul.H K (('LUI
|B?f..rs Juidre Bits ?lill. 1
WHISKY STOLK.I.-Mr. Da.id Wlmlinor discovered
?man named Mmirlti Berg, on Friday evening ln?t, in the act
Of tnking from the yard of hi* distillery, st \?>. 1W Heiter it,
s demljot n containing two galloni of whl?kr. Tlte accused
?a? ?cmiuit'ed for examination in default of i??) bull
le,?? pBBBBBBa B* VMHKII -tleorg? Weiklsr w?a briaight np
.before Justi?-? Mamfleld, on Saturday li?' on th? chanre of
having ilahhi-il his wife snd a maa named Frunc?a Ranger,
% horn be fnnrnl toclther at No '.?.? Kast lioi'.?ton ?I. If ?pnear?
that w In n W? ikhr ? ni? rr,| the room in altercation immediately
aros? Ivetweeti tim and Banger, which resulted in his stabbing
tin- latter in the lue??t with a pocket knife and hi? wife in the
li.nk, I hough not ?etenly, HM her ,i(,tetri}>Cliiir lo leave ths
..u t mit lo? help Wii.hr was coiunnllod to ?wail
tl.ere*ult ??I tin? injer??'? In Inflict. ?I
('?-MM! Tttn Si'iiinr -On s.itunlay afionioon WO?
II ii ,.t bl? ie?i?l? n? ". No '- ' : I
s . MB administered by
, i
? I ti
I M - '?*|H)a.|( '? rtral Sat Bank ' Kite
?WV) ' :.
It ?fia, l-'tivin Watet PUK E3B BB|
l(M.i . liuiiMiit Riva?
I ? 33| 100
fork A N. II
li 1J..-.?.UW ?o?!
500. 7:1
-? . 7_>
(glasen* Gua
lo S. N' IQ?1
! st ??I
loan. uri
? . 1031
? 11 Unina Tel
Uti,is? .Hu I -fid. .'.:,: Illinois ('entrul
U Ms, 10-40 Conpont Iii . Mj 06
i.,.!?.).ltsij'W Colon Tel Ki hi' IM ...1.4,
Trei.? Not.-.? T 3-lU. I Jo .Bii'Cli'v.riit?.
Is'.>'Tif? I Mariposa I I.?*?.*i
l,ftXi.BTTfl '??JO. 11 'Cb-v. Col A On
?mull un. Mariai?? Pref - Ht
-...le? goa. 20?.1'hie * North Weet
. Us'. I US).?H? ?HI TOI. 37
BOM .lu..s HU ...ailtall. itVj, 10. "s>
3.W*eriM. firmsw itk LtuiJ ,Chiu ?V N W Pref
?.(io. smiOl IO*, k?). 8? 17. ... 78,
llltsonrib? I \rf.iii? Kxpreai W .
ItOBB.fc-9 8.V.
C ?Momia 7* ' Kotier Ciwil
I.I'll. ...Urge.llrf,: 'duo.
O A Miss Cert. I "00.
20.000.34kj '-'00.
."?'.o?'). 34J,Canton
in ??).... b30. 341 300.
OMe A K Wrst eon ' Atlsutlc Mail
?nl'd ron IH.II.1.?
Del. J.ai'k A Weat I
lol. Wah. tWml'11
M . SI
Ci>v A Toledo
Chio ?V Kock Is.
.ii na....no
7 fax). I?*J
Chic. Bur A ()iiiu<y
V).112, li?)... .113
300.11-' IXtiw .1er,, y Central
,0?.nit: io.UP
?a?.bao 118,1 41;.1J0
its).... 2d cull 11 if 1 Morris A Esses
Alton* T H 1
(hi ? A Mil 1
3 am. ?j
aolltaa Uuni.
IT S la, li) 40 roup
Missouri 6*
8,000,.. 7M 1 Outrai Coal I MO.. ...
Wdhi.-ihl i '.?f? . K\ Pitt! It WA. Chic
0.00O. !>2||I'Kt;ilu> Mail?. Co. I {??i.lo?,
Clev 4 Toi S Y n I us).-J44 j inw.ii?'?
IDO..?i, BW... -M call loh,
1.70.'Jdcidl ?iS (Cata A Aiton Pr-f
itt-al .a i3?t
HU.117,. Milwaukee A It ?
.?i 117,, loo.bJO. St
4o0.?. lin 1 :10o.bli
200.al 1171 Mil A Si l'uni l'rvf
I li?). 74|
Rue .Chic A V Weit
lOB . rV3s' tiri.r?Vl
i.!?). H3jl SOO.... .'?>?
1 >,i??). K> j HW. edj Chic.AN'.W.I'rf
laaao. .: i..?..iinr I 100.73
Ohio and M;*?. Or. 600. b1 o 1 !?j Cblc tltl.R.
10,000. il(' 1000. Il?jl 1<?).109J
Fourth Nntlon-I B'k'Mn-h. Bo. A K In Pitts Y.W.? C
lu. 110 I loo. BH 100 .109t
VuirksUver III Central. I 1,000.101
m.ml two .bw.iatf 200.?10. i?*,
. BJ |<'leve A Pitt? I 100. 1
N i leutral JOo. 'J'. I Alum A Tern? II
300....r ?17 I 1 1U0. CO
O A Mi?? C.'rt Heading ?>v> A Pitt
10,000. ?IO. 34, BBu.11(71' '.ss). ggj
Itiitlel ' I 41XI.b3 lll>,i SOO.?IO. gg
.jiAj. '.lili 4UO . blO Iii?? N r Central.
li".B3 M M.?15 IsS, -*J0.al 117,
400... .'! i 4?s).iiti Cate A loledoexd?
ion.?10. 24*J Al A 1 Il?tale
.2ll ino.TsO?
i?.' ...... br. ?all 100.?io no
MiirtpoM Preferred. Bottas Water I'owr
ni?). .-.?|i .HSJ . 33
li?).bJO i."?, ?Mi.-hltran ?'entra!
?g1.?:t gjfj v<w. tgg 11:.
V. . ,t I mor !,.', Mi. h So A No Ind
ja. sit 1
,... PI,! 100.
.?DO .
Y ?00
. n '
?00.??1. lilli
?tra lid
Chic. Kork I? & I'
?si .MO \m\
.... ?if, tsjo.?.i im
b3 ?UlCais 4 Ninth Weet
b3, lil 300.b3. 57?
,C. til ?00. 57i
. ni! ,V<0....?3 371
. b3
C'S).?10 91 1 '.?OO. 571
300..?.I ??i.?'hieA North WPf
B3 M. I'
?3 Ki,, 1
.... MI,
m ...A mi
. It WA ChiCef.l,
I ?i
O A M1?? Ort iN 7 Ontral if'tev A To! ev #J>.
.. ..to. :i4 I li?). r in i i ino _ki HW
IU.IW?. S3M IM.llbtj '.t?o. IIM
lloaioo WaU-r l'wr Ke?diti|r. | UM.. . ?:i li y
Uti.:M, H?).llt.| Chic. K I? A Pa
lill . .? .... BJ 1 lriaj lill.k1 lOI'l
...k1 gat 4(?).?3.11M 4I?I.10?i?
1?' . 0 Mi BW.r
ltutUnd Murble. ; ?500. . bil 1>"|
?jim_. M lol Wa a \v.?t BOO.ni",
UN. blO Bf?) HO . 511 f'hio 4 North West
li?). si g| 100. M| L"?J.
Cumberland Coal Mirh So A K lad. i W10. "
|00 o 'j-1 I.400. '?.j 4is0.o
100... ki I?-? SOO. sil IM l.'-stl.
..Ii! '. rr?vj 400. t>J B I ??.. I
BH. MI too .?3
'.??i ,. ,. hi BH li?)
xa .goa 41SI .
100.slO ???.CbieA N W I'ref
1??).s30. r'if "??I .7?|
1 '?si.?|gl
!?*' ?10 7?!
I? . ... ti he,
Will?eibarTo i'oal
llntler Coal
li?) . b3 SI
n?i '.'1J Illinol? f'rntral
mi. .'.li ClerA I'itt? b3 '.*
Une I d?). lil] gat ( 7?,
400. KI I ?oo. c 91? ino . b
400 . . BU 'JOO .... M .'j
l.issJ. ->t i?.i . ?l| l'itta, Ft WACexKl
? ' - - - lil M .108.
. r.i?, I.'."JO.b3 ?li,Smith A I'armelee
300 I . .e. Mi -Jio.10^
; | -. IJBS.i W"- ?," u"
riKST BoAlttl.
A.?. J Bid. A.ke.l
Huwnth.i ?.old ... :i.
7 m ?I v C. ?JO 95
M ii..;. M .?> trr
'.?-. II.I 30 1 50
5 00 Du ...IM ....
. 1 50
_ K 12 13
KIM A Boetl ?. l 30 1 to
in I., 1 riO 1 '?'
i ? ... I 19
1 : -:? ?. . :. 17 S.7
1 . il,n.I in?.
N ... ... 1 ES
8 oo Sve ? 17
. ! M
'.'1 ( i .
' 'n? Oat?) . ? oo
?r A. .-oil ?I
6 OU Uiart/ il
M ? un li ... 4 j41
? io Siiiiih A Pi
! ? Canada Cvwroer
? i Ila? ??:- m ''.".^.r.
1 lil Krerirreen Bl'.?p.
Krank in ? i'ls-r -
?.' to Hilton< oi ?sar. ... 1 00
l Jo [Hillturn ? olipe,
. .
13 '.'.'. Tudor I.ej.1.
-. T5 \v ilkillLea?!
Ml Wa
STJ?JH?S? ?f>?s?ai if ktt*??*?.
3 J.,!.\.1I.II? . 77 00 JB-H
4 Ut American. M 00
MI United Ota??? .. -.' f? Bl 00
?fsrnbanl? Paisa 11 DO i? ou
1/jin 'l 'nritijy tStuttu.
1 IS
I'ftrnUttm ?totki.
: : . .. '.M
1 i.'3
Cherry I.
?'linton (lil ... 1 75
1 r ... '.'5
Ku?t Niitloiial ... I
. Pel ?'o 1
kUegk ?i o M
N \ -. ', ?ark . U
I Bait.
Pli ii..!e Creak.
Cminl Pallal I
Jilling OfO.I?.
Alban. ....
... 1 V!5
. lag.
* Han th '. i i
i ..old .
zitier... 1 JO
. ii.. 4 DO
; i ., ...
Beg ...
? id
Coitilon ... 5 70
DownievlUe OoU. i*>
Kel la ?J .M.n . - ?
rir?t Rational ... 4 oo
I ', Min ....
- ?
: . -. -> . i ? Sop.
Hold irui
i.'ii.!i.:i?;oiii . .. i fjy
;o ?o
2 is)
1 30
1 ?
10 50
2 00
1 40
13 SO
;*i oo
3 00
2 10
3 Oi
r,'r,.Ir,.n, .??. ? . .?. A ricifie
S \ r ?t 5 oo
: People? Gold A Sil 3u0.. . t?iO. 5 ?Jo
i. gOO.
Onion ??.ii.rtxllill .2 80
3 PO loo.?3 t 99 Crosier
Coa Oratan ti ' IM at I M SB B3
'-??I.hto. I -.ii ..??.
^t>i .14 'iO1 kill.blO 3 35 Coit'dGreg i.
?.?00.14 00 li?).1.1 2U -1?).13 W
. .,13 95 MM'h 4 Partuelee Corydon
1 !??)
'?SI . .
Ethla Gold
l?i .
100 ..at'U'i b3.
100. ki
l'.rst National.
ino .
l'-.n R
foo .
Qatd Hill
(,milieu" (ii)',,!
II. .?-.'(i.iid
Kipp A r.ueii.
I "? .
li?) .
1,000.tJ IU 7.7, 10U.b3 1 70
p -. 10 7U SOO .-. si?) 5 00
rill? Cold
100. 83 lu SO
100. ?I
3.-5 *X>_ S3 10 BBj li??) ... ?3
3 25 100.bil) 10 50; K?-y?tone Silver
3 U5 Laing Islund Peat, j lotto.
loo. j 7n I i ? ro?*e Gold
4 05 HW,
i TO
1 10
W.ilklll le-ad
...o 3 70i 100.
!. m
Nie Gold
8 IM lOu .
I M i Kugle ?r
.J 10 KOO... afo.ill.
1 30
(nlmut'iaa CAS i .*?>
1 .Hi gOO. 1 50 Peoiiio'aGvld A Sil
MamvfutttTQSlacks. 700 . J .'?1
1 SO Dutehsss Go, I W. 500. 3 70
1 4S .?oo . SOO tstO. 3 P5
1 JKi sri.'Mi .ill. 600 .MO 4 00
1 ?U Henne?,.,dt K r-mrh A Parmelee
1 ;ij li?). 6 30 aun.al. 10 25
.tJ. 1 30 8ht.de l?v.r
lou ....
l)?k 1I?1 . 1U0.
UKI . 1 30'B?rrfenC A 0
ion .....13 1 33 -i ... 41
\?, al .. r Ni. keL Anuru-au Y
m .. 3 Ml loo.b30 J 25
100.b3 Jisjl
100.b3 10 40
400.hj id 7J
Walk LU Lead
_ |0|
100. 1 ?Jo
200. 2 00
SATURDAY, NOV. 10-r. n.
(told is lowor and c'oses UIJ, after selling at ?-lu?* 114,.
The export of the ?lay wa* |il-?i,l',i).
In Ccvrroment Rttvki no material change, Miisortri
tis full 1 per cent; Railway Uortgagea ara io good demand
at full ratea. The miscellaneou? lilt wa? faitlr active:
?J.ti.eoa' Gas Light Co. of Brooklyn rose to 1*23, sod that
ii bid privately; Wilkc?barre Coal fell J; Cumberlsnd
Coal wa? uiado to look pleasant at Hit, but p??ople
?sannot be too careful about tratling inlt : " Butler Coal"
.old at 2y??*?.4j, and "Downy," with gvld, at 15c.
per share at too Miuir.fr Board ; l'aottio Mail ross
to V45, with isles of Atlant io Mail at 111 a
l?V3|?1 New-York Outrai fell || Krl? fell ||
After the call the market was lower, and itocki wer
fjreed d"w:i t.) very low point?. New-York Centra
ws? ??noted nt llt>; Krio, aVi Michigan Southern, !>0,,
C1, vihtrd and Putsbur?!!, B9l ?tarth-Wl |
limn, Stfi do. I'r.ferrnl, fl?j| I. . lil lu?
r I ("irt \V.i\ iir, 1 . .. . .
i . : ?. |
North-weatem, .VtaVli, North-Westen Preferred 78it
Fort Wayno. lfjUwlo.ii.
Moneyisqootel qoitsj irregnl.Hr. and :? not ?<-. m?r t?
get except bj- leading bxraaea rjpoa nnrmniMBl M
cnritv loma are m.ido in somo ct5e?i at I p?-r cent, batt th?
rule is Otoii per cut, with fe M run:, I ? ird 6,
The TruM CofeBMniaa nu?! ni-veriil I? ?ding baiA? get 6 p?e
cent, aad in flow of the lukin* sk-iahnd from '.li. Soutfc
and Wust, oro not dispxieed to abete their ratre to any
borrower, or upon any socarit*. Commet? .: paperifeaal
so ca?y to mov?-, nu?i i? quoi I .1 ..-_ 1 ; ., -,,.,, ?,ttOUti
transid 1.1 1 [,-. low-. The riolont d ?torbane? in UM pnee
of pror.iiona and brr-tRtiiUiflV, talco in connection, with
the fact kum n to ?ill bank people. Ulai gTiin an.? pro?
risioBl are now held l?v bold uu?i reelle?? gamblemla
tlieni tliMiiiiltiKit the Wes?I end in New -York, waiting ts
unload, ia making prod ma paper less fashionable with
Kxibangc is nominally finn a! the following ratest
on London, IWjwiOHJ for commer?ai; I0i?%,|ftii (m
bankers- do. at short sight, 1 IO??wllO;, l'aris at CO (Uys,
?At^a'^l?i, d?>. at abort sigbi, ? iltijlfli Antwerp,
? IHJop?.15; Swiss, &.18J-W5.16, Hamburg, ^i?.??}; AB!
?terdam, 40j?ll; Krankfort, 41 ?41,; Bremcu, 78??w79|?
Pmasian thalers, 72?72i.
The business of the Sub-Tressnry wa?: Receipts,
|??M?7U 11-tor Custom?, $327,000 " Pay menu. $1,931,.
77?S 8?? Balance, $9!,W7,769 e7-C.old Note?. ?-Mio.ooo, '
The total imports at New-York for the week compon
a? follow
VVi??koridisg. Nor1? Nor,*. Oct ??? f\ | ?j
Dry Goods ... |l.?;.l.o- ? -?? I 049 ?. , | .. (>i
(leai'ral mdse. 3,?>4.741 ?oo:,;.'l'> -.',.?n ?ni '?'.'jfiimi
. ot J I . f:> ?Md 1 -.' 1 11 it: 0S6 ?.". 3 17,777 *.'.,i?tl,9gi
The Now-York importa of dry goods compare ?, foi.
low :
rartWwaat. 1S4M. IS?*. is(p*.
Rnteredat the port . I .n:.i??'i ?CS?I.BBI
Thrown on market . M ? ?j 1 ? HO
Etwa Ain. 1. 1S4M. I MM. 1SIM.
Entered at the port ?$oci.?.,.<.i I :iiw". fill.?
Thrown on mur?, t u.'^in.isjo i-i'- ?-st
The tax npon itockt of National liane? 1.? exerting
some feeling among shareholders, who bare been pre?
sented with bills from the tax office. Tho Comnusjiounri
are ID posseeslon of completo lists of shareholder?, sud tha
tax cannot be avoided by any person. At the fuw m ?kel
the bank liable at its pla?* of butines? for the '.IT. m th?
absence of pay ment by the shareholders, ooma banks kara
determined to UM 11 me the payment of the tax and cliarga
ii It the shareholders This cot r.?o hat boen adop'ed by
the First National, and in the end will be found t? be tha
most comfortable plan to bank.? generally.
Ilia following aro the corrected earami? of the Milwau?
kee and Prairie du Cbien Railway for October:
I-?.1.$316,>0| le?f, . . ?2X.1 IT1!, Ifecr-s? t<M tf?
Thecarnings of the Hi (?regor dt Western Ila ii mad foi
October were:
1 m tm 11 - I li???. S-f' O! , [lecre.-t.e |3,(T7?
The earnings of the Chicago and North-Wester a Com?
pany tor the brat week m No-ember wr re:
I?-*?. . ?$fefe*rB*| Bl j leo.).. gi?*,?.?* BJ 1 Increase Ota Ott tv
The earnings of the Cent.al IV.in; l.ailroatl tor (?ctobai
(?ross earning?. . 14 17
Operating 1 ?pennes -...? :?' fS
N'et ea-nings for the month, In gold . til/ :
which ii an IfeCHfeSB of $10,000 over the net earnings for
Septi'inber on the same length of road, vu.: 79 miles
from Sacramento to Alla.
The line earning? for October, are reported on tMwsVBSl
as abont $100,000 less than, last year ?huh s lea?Iing
Director ?ays is made good by decreased operating ex?
The Cincinnati Commercial of Thursday sav?:
'I bat? bj no falling off io the demand for m?iner ard! thl
tn.-iik.it is gradually norkiug OSMW Iraile in Balfe1 itcpart
neata is inactiva ?ni n? roneetlon? ara Ms es
promptly a.? anticipate?!, the it? reliants luce in m.inr cases
spelled to borrow There uu? aleo ?onie pork paper
ottered, and a? the season advnnces the demand from thl?
???urn? willsMsxUj LU .'?"??. CfeROMf 1? ?nil being ordsra?
from the Eust.
The Chtcago IVtwfetw of Thnrsdar remark?.
Tb*re were no new feature? in flnsrir.al matters to lay Mo?!
of tue discount bomen reported business rather dull, ?lough is
come ?juarter? thent wne u mil uaud for accumino
datum. The market is easy for pi une bukiiint? paper, whicb Is
i>-i.?ti!v tal.cn at the currvut rat?-10 per cent In icgar?! M
irruirt paper, the banka are adopting a ?ery cousin ?live p>.Uor
and intaiiabiv r?f..sir to tnakc adt ince? unie?? at a wide mar?
gin lu the open market good ?hor* dale paper u takeu at lil*?
lo percent, and second rate it 11? per Beal per Innnm CsJI
loans 011 (ioternmeut are notsinnl at iu? -? das?
birrowcit. Moitgage loans ture eatv- at t? a, 10 pst cent per sn
The Pretident of a prominent Wettern railroad thn?
speaks of the new mode-of dopleiin?* a railroad treasury by
rMrms/hinnei ordlipatehline? are whollv iinn?-ce?a.tryi
the? uni do notl.iug ni IfeSMfefeUTM to basti u toi wirti nkenbsB
?I-, bat tow solely dependent nrsm the nilli' ??1 companies to?
tin? extra merit th?'r claim as much a? the mt kims- bafea 1*
opou its rao'her RM ;ir:iaite? to
IM propriet?r] ??ay property a::?l however
-t. .ilv golti 11 up connot fn mef
ntj an?l cn.peti-noy of railroed maaagers. Tl.?> :.. -. ssaafwj*
it and charges between the i ton
tfeMCf and i?"1 ii..!'tore un ad?l!tionsi ????t to the i-liippe?.
lUii.oail? ?re ouir eouimon camel? uDd a? ?ucb shoubl I? fir?
prompt li dispateb wiiuou! ile? lutervea
tiotiof a tbirl ?vitiT the Bmrebajidlse :fi?l prop ti ??-ekinsT
? 'ion of
,.. rkth
unit part w?y to ?ad 1 star .branch I.nea
1 . ..?le'rii-T of et bli lineo,
? !-y initiviui ii? or a ?"rp,,r?i'? .'? th?
liooi ot tombining bun ? m?o a I 1 our
crowding them and err ti . tting all or nearly
all that are outside to ti. ?li imp? non? 1.. ..??el
rond? into bankruptcy or te miall feg them it least Saanctal fall?
ure?, a? they will onli h:c. a tt-ir kiciil l.tuint as to relr OB f?l
w lu. ?1 t m 11 ?i high rat? . di?| utoki
1. ?. promptli or ??case to do h
Of monetary afJiiirs in Baal ffxtBlciBeo Tie Mtrttmtjk
fef October 1? ?,iy?:
1 is no perceptible ??isBtaaaant ia the awflsoad for money,
an?l lianker? and other? are eiiab|.?d to en aiiabls
li? nlty st mrrre lan?
upon fi- ii madi
m 1..? . J .,? 1 ??? : ' ).M-r month bul uo
of the hnsine?? doing is la the shape of re? dng?
..?u.iiig at IJ ??T ?'t'iit |e r niunlb, with
large offerings at 1 :\.-?tle
.ourvea eonttnue up to t ic niuul ?vernge. and ihn? fur during
sblpineot of ?.'??XsTOoii Ooremin? 1,1 .
U?! ?learner, ainountia? in all lo i > Out) <t*J sine? January 1.
Bullion I? in g?M?l ?upi n
er p.,-poses. ?iolil bars* mat be quoted ti ??'?iii t?4(X
er it ??-illtig at lwliper > em U.*.,miul tor avriag? par
eel? Currency bill? on th? \ . eat
|:"mium on gol? I. llfMdrafts payyabtB ife ci ?-al
?4 par. cutpremium mid l-J-grapu:. ti i?sicr? Brfe made at 4
percent Sterllnjr exchange I? riding, at 4?JuiJ?i for b?M
Lanker? bill* euwiBien-l.il do ft.- M
The exports of treasure tr ?m Ottober 1 to date have
been as follow:
'lotal ?lace (Vtolier 1 BJBJ li .?)! ni ?14
1'n.tiuiuljr this jeal. M te.- ?j?,' '?^
Total ?mee .lannsrv ! IBM |M EfO '-1 S
toircaioudiug period ol Iso. . XBJ?.lnB 4jt
Increase thn rear. t'.""'.i5J
ABOIDI ?Tlsitie. 97,33t,ww0. lo ( oupoa Bend? o' 11,1
Tk? Bondi ?ure Thirty Year? in run, one are ?wared i?
a I'irtt Mortgage, conitttitttng an aiuol ile prtor Um
on that portion of Mt? Road, Equipmentt, Vi inrhxUl,
and Euttre Property of the Central /'?/ ../., Ilitlroai
Company, loeait? ia the State of California, aud ts
tending from Sacramento City to the California Stat*
Line, forming a part of the GREAT FA. mc KAILEOAD
Hoc IE, adoptad and aided bit the ?Nm? SraTU
UO\ E?M?ESi V.
For Sole at 95 per cent, and accrued interett frua? J*lf
1, in currency.
For further particular? ?nplv to
Bankers tod Dealers in United States and other desira?
ble aecuntiea, ?io. ? Niuau ?t. New-York-.
fJT Tine MOI Ko, K lal., Mt AM> l'a? ne Ileil.SOAB
FlltaT MottTHAiir Si \IN rKlt CI:M De? i ?
(Tniarv YKAHS TO B !
r'o? BAU Mi
('LARK, Donor *. Cn
.N" , \V*" ST.
mr, MARKi;I'?
ll sr*f>illy reaoitej lor Tai Tillar?!?.'
Skll linn. No? II 'I*?"
A>IUs have been In fair deina* t and tos sears.? : rubia fir*v
rloaiBK m I
i Lard dall and be
I.Id' kMire mm and a iib an ?elive deesand prhe? na-waa
. '. ..il.-tct e ?? l|l Uti .
.li-.., .
* .**

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