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Vo1- XXVI.N* 7,990.
mt BY na ATLANTIC C_J_JI? NOV. 15.
. ? TiikuBir? ra TBB raiera*
11.11? t Wednesday, Not It, li????j- Ktenlng
In tie co1so of tbe ex-rebel cruiser Koppa!i-nntx-k,
H a? ii tor the I'M!ed States, the Admiralty Court hoi?
iii c ?'??si marni Coliman is entitled to her pttstieos.....
lovfON. Tbursduj No? 15, It-ti-- Noon.
Tbo Hebel boud-boldera ore al-out bringing their
oaaa under the notice of the British Government a? a
M-t-ofl againM. the Alabama claim?1 of the United
Htate?. _
liai M.fcW. Wediiosda., Nor H, ltt?5.
The King or?en?3d the Beljrium (.'Lamber?! yesterday
In hie ipt?ecb Le took oeeaaion to allude to tin
Irif tidly relations vtith all the great power?, and Of
y< tmwm that a ?tr.ct neutrality t-ould be observed.
I- ?coo?, Tburt-at Nor IV-nixiD.
!t is reported that when the Ereuch troop? evacuate
Koto?:, the Romans will imm?diat?, ly vote in favor of
hung ai."?.-led to Italy.
lOSCMO NCT it-Tbe bark Jomo? E. Brett, frtuu I-.bii Ida
for Nrw Orla?-?, haemrired ?I Qottortowrn. bat" IL?; bee?? dum
bytti in . (?oilmen
?Viir.NiTOwx. No? it -Tbe strains-ip Hf)?Oti_. froai New
Vi il (h t M tuutbuil bei* mroutt to Ij?tr:>?x.l to dar.
S, niitMiT.js. Roi 14--ET?n_g-The ?te&mthipt AU?
a__ai?ia anil Ht_!__iu. from New Yiri NOT 3, urmed bert tbi?
Qt'BlOMfOWB Stn '--Noon-The ?Uan.?-hip Oty of Loo
.t-u, from Nt-a Yoi?. NOT _, toacbed bert toiiiij en route to
ljierpot- _
liMKH-'i Rat it - Tb? marin for Cotton i? henty nii-l
irregular. Tbe ?B1?? tn-tlaj have lava t.WO bato?
LIVLHPOOL NOT 14- Ktfuing- The Cotton markt/t is ?lui!
?M1 p, st-?-?? bat?? _rti:i?sl ?ti. TLe Balee tt>?luy bair aggrepat<?l
MM till?-*, M.tldl.ng I'pliiitil? hri? qo-tted ut 1-4j?l
Ir.mitu.. Not IV-Noon- Tbe < otton market opened
?li.ll mu? | r.i-e? bine ileeli: ?si lill) Jil Miiiitling I'l'l.i'ials arc
.:i. :. ?I a*. .4.1. The ._____!._ ?'at ? auk a ure . (JUO bott*.
Ha Brea-ttaiT markrt is firm.
tt II.BCtHf
I . > i ' v foi, 14 - 1 ha ii.ii.rj inarki t is n.or* trat. CM ?"IS
lait- hilvi_..id low 1er money. Tbe lollowing are tie ? urn i.t
quota!.- ?tate? securitica I'mted State? MA?,
? ?I.,..-.? M| Illinois i-Llr..:
Lanaa lOI ?4- _ii_.i.i.?-4'tiDita?,8 for ?s>o?ey, 90, Brie
ttkres, . . tr.il M, Vi.ited ?tt*te? .Via-Os, 70.
I? Met Rai lV-woou.-Tb? moiii'T market islirm i'oiisol?
for money ve,
Tbi? folio? in? are the ors-ii.ng [?rio? of Ameniaii ?? ? inti. ?
ii1.?-taning m* hr.< Kuilroa- 5I| Illiiaoi?? entrai %*
?tica. Oui SottUii Corr??i>B??i.a.
"Vr.vux, Ort M UM
t metis at o&o leap, has sprung from a ?orvilo position
to tbe lugLest cutntnit of popular irro-om. Kor two days'
L't ( .tiMLi hare been enjoying, to perfect intoncatioD.
tie luxury of a free expression of se_ti?iit_U at the ballot
" Vof loamo Vittore Ernacuele il nostro Kr LI talia Vnita."
"We will have Victor E_.ai._tl for our King anda
ti..ted Italy,' hu becD the rallying cry-in ereiy month,
posted on erery confer, mug in all manner of lively songs,
and heart monng airs, mingliug in load vivas rousing tb?
echoes in e-try campo and callie, and canal of ancient
* ?__* ia the apreesion of the affirmatire rote ia the
Venetia-. "Plebiscito." Merely a plais 'Tes' with no
"if 1" nor " ands. Ko qualifying expressions arc allowed
to be m'.uu ?r printed on the little white billet, upon
.?!.,<" it lLtcribed tb? plain rerdjet of the people today.
What may be the hidtUn thought? of a larg? party,
?hos? fetlmga ara strongly Republican, I will not
-tdertsk? to -.ravel. But first "we will hare
the Km?, a Constitutional Oorernment, a United
Italy ' these are the nniveml sentiment! as expresse.
br these two dayl of the ulmoct excitement and rejoicing.
The trst day of the" Plebiscito' was ?TO Sabbat., and
?f cotirae the mort ?xcitiog of the two dar? of voting, a?
Sunday Is a leisure day in this ytrt or the world-tbs
gayest of the week In Venice-a .* Keste for toe poor
tte?ple in which they say " Ma?? ?n t.eir cbarei.es in the
-.orung and f?t nappy ?t tb? cheap wine sbops th?
bt\ance of the ?IT, and in the ereniog gathar into the
, ?-?upo? to finish th? " ?wires; ' while tb? better das?
day of genera.1 rclatation and euin-ment se-ik the
Y-ikMk a_d Cafes t*r their eteniDg's entertainment
Tie uiitxiug boure were enlirened with music and a
gorsKiua ?itylkj ot ?n?* banner?, and colors and derire?
vf eery tlracnplinn, th? nsnow strt?ct? eiirytrher? had
ti.? r.p??_rance of tMi_.p..al artLrt. t"e flag? projecting
fron tht a.ndows and bsloonies on either tide almost
touoing eaci. other. Provisions, of all elaiwi of both
sex?, formed erery where. at,d, marching to lire.? airi of
hfeodajriiau. ibouted their chorus of "81! St '' drawn
out 1 nretical o.tes measured by regular ttri, erer and
anoibursting ont Into a grand " BP as the climax of all
tbe ?presalons of )*y they sa?-ed this dsv capable of
At _ oclock a proaeMlon of the National Guard,
pre?nod by tbi-lr baud of music, armed on the arowdc
p t?t.a?n(, marching rat idly across the grand entrance
of tl.e >?cai pi .lace, formed a line t li roi g ti which ledits
with th*. attendant fentlemen and lades ?itbo.t escort
ware mttsi to enter the courtyard of the palare, winch
waa soon lied, as well at the lnmenee torridon bak<>
L.t?, (?-tt * tstairwrny, wlndotrs and erery atiesaitile
point, fr<t the parement of the tonrt to the roof of tbe
?rand old ?la.?. NCTCI sita?-? my reaidence iu TaadOB
hal thor? ppeared sut h a dl???4-T 0f tuai.ty and dress.
E.sgaii? wtiieu and noble men w?l* ?athorad' in this old
bm.ic ?iitmt. fully rralttinf the l-if'-taott of the event
fc_._t to Bsirjupirr, wbith, by a popi.lar -'?ct?0D ?hould
-ace the ?as??.pon tb? charter of their libert, ^_0.t?n,H
after a Uiugnidpalien t wat ng aud hoping or 1.T t|11|Q
half a oeniit-.tnnobltsd by one of the grandest st. "il(.,
of modem ti_?a in lb? rerolu'iim -1 11M8, and real
the rrownin? n-tory 01 -** - .*?<".? l-?olu_?-t a-sem
blag? of pecplt ii ha? Berer bean my pnmege to ?w
?ther in Arness t ni ?01"0!*- 'llll.T ?',Te ,n .lir loipoitaai
dram? in whi?i ^"T- ttagetlier ?it- all Itali-, were actos
ti-dar- real-??1? ?hs'-onr (?1 the iu"?t inip_rtu.t eras lu
tbe Listxirro! V.??-?K ?.a being wnlte'-t? then acts, and
-igL.tied ?JL^TTA* ot *.?. ?'Isciion.
Adiirv,;*J, , n^?*'*>ul??w>??u*iv from two ?tu:"li
.*.?i__5^__irf1",*,<,'?r.ueartbo front ?ntnaao.
*<m- ", ^W. ,0 "V-"ar?*rle, throwing ,??1,
??WS? da? ?'fti?,r; ?nm*
."., .he people. /, ?ASi?^'y^/.^J
prominent la?~er wai rrceireA m\ih w#7t__! _ ,_ '
and ?n a few "ort, terse sentenoaa, t-pU-^/.iu?";
the election which required UiaaUMkUmn?i^V . M of
-ora] force and elfa-t lo their aevon. M tlW glt',
thew addresses, a lady stepped forwarO ?op?? oL ,,",,
bali onie?, with large Italian flags em rafh sidtTwalL. '!
by two prominent citizen?, and pro??eede_ to aifltoa ?__
tudienct in the most en-rreiic style, closing br ort/??__?
" Virar for the King and Ut?ited luir," whM V? re?
te,red with the most intense exciUment
'h* ring in which the 1-diei-niledtbelr roi??*.. ?
.t.'.r t at.dkert hiefi tor several -mule?, ?hila tb? btt_
?a? playn.g the liroli??t ?ira. Before lie wild -ppta*.
which followed the addrcasca terminated, to? lae.es best,
?o form into procession and filing oat i-to tt? ''GraiSh
Piassa,' led b? band? of music, and - rot* ._ from tit
immense 1 rowd which thronged and sur d about t-im
<m either side Ly the "Guard," leann., lb? national _>l
' rf . f Italy.
'I he procettionof fair pat noll .*. _g enough to inclmalh?
1 on it? -Or side?, proce? dod tolit
.nl.utettithttimatirerotfasofthe "Piel-.eclto to theto
men ?9f ahepooreiclasses aithi down the ''hi?tm
it,' the Hruiwl?ay of the ? .ty. Tbue bare the lad? al
- , r . ?iAt?"
right? " froin th??? atible women who. ID trill orowaiag
ait of their live?, gava ?.ob a powerful mural impetue to
a jutt eau?? aa to cairr an eiwtron with a majority ?nr?
oortled in the Mstory of any electkon ?moe organtted gov
emmcats har? had an existence. In all tht? happy day.
when every one waa perfectly wild with enthtmastn, Dot
one incident occurred to mar it? Joy. Io all iny walka
through the city, 1 could nut find a ?Ingle par?oB who
.bowed the effect? of iotoitcation- DO harsh language
.gtvnst their old masters-no ooaree harangues nor rile
language which in mora favorod land? disgusts the hett??r
portion of coiumiiniti, and keeps many away from the
polls whose influence ia needed to ?u?tain a proper
decorum arnott* the lower ela????. It ta all to he credited
to tbs fact of the presence of the large numbers of the
best portion of Venetian society, tenth male and female,
who considered tt their dutj to give their persona) influ?
ence and attendance throughout the day at all tbe public
plate? and at tbe poll?.
The election waa conducted after the New-Kngland
(tyle. A rmird ef ?II the names of the resident* of each
' ?istleri " or church district was taken, prwviou?)y, by the
pricttt of the section?, and revi??- at the desire of the
people by a ?econil ?xkrnmitte* consisting of half clergy
and balf citiMiii, a? the people have not the fullest con?
fidence in t bo holy priesthtiod of 8t. Peter; iii it rt|r.?tnr
included all the name? of person? of proper age. an? w >o
had never auflVred imprisonment for eniue, no social or
property qualifications bein? required.
At each poll or voting placo, a sniiad of National Onardt
were ?tationed, end at the most a band of milgie. Every?
one seemed mont desirous of aiscrting hi? manhood by
ci?nut* hu freeman? rote, and although two days were
allowed for the " Flobi?clto," yet the ?urge majority of
rote? were cut the, tirst day.
Prominent among the niihicn.it? handbill? pMted at the
corner? of tbe streets wura: " Remember the Plebiscito of
1848?'' "No man 1? a trae Italian who doce not rote at
the Plebiscito '" " To-day we rote for Italian unity I"
The elecUoin wore held In the church?? and "?cuola?"
or club-room? of the pneata.
It wa? a acene of tbe most touching historie Interest to
behold the freemen of old Venetia passing through a Hie
of their own citixen-eoldierr, Belf-created, under the portal
of the magniticent ?cuol.i of '. San Hocco," into that gran
hall whose lofty wall? are decorated with the ?ublituc
?tiidi?? of the great Tintoretto l8 year? of whose life waa
der?oted to the order ot the '* Kran " in the d?coration of
tbia princely edifice. In the midst of thi? noble hall wa?
a group of earnest men sunounding a table, upon which
waa the center of attraction, a plain boi, into which was
being gathered records ol'more importance and more power
ful than the edicts of Emperor? or " bulls" of Popes. In
those terse i-iprt-??lona ?a? embodied the will of the sov?
ereign people. All K ti ropo is ?peetatorto the scene? being
enacted in Venetia to-day. Ttie peoplofeel the re?pon?ible
position they sustain toward their brethren, no1 only ia
Italy, but all over the continent. They are not voting for
Victor Emanuel a? a man, nor for united Italy alone, but
for the idea incorporait d therein. The vote moana for or
-?remet a constitutional government-a gt-vernment of the
ptxtple. The idea ha? bcoomo a practical on?. It aflrcta
the tutu? of all the 4Joieminent? ofttie Old World. Will
" K_roi>e be all Oisaack or ?II Keput.lit an I ' The Venetian
vote to-tlay ?ay? " All Kepubliean," ti?it, perhap?-,
the American idea of it puolii-anism, hut at least the recog
iiitiiiii of liku people, mingling with their reverence for
their King, aaoiermination to bo a recognikuti power in
his government.
A wbtilo seek has born consumed in taking and can?
vassing tlio vote of the different l*rovince? which form th?
" l?oni?iiir(lo-Venetian Krugdoin;' and on thit lust day of
th* work the representatives of the different section? trom
the Krault to the I'o, and from Pi-dnem to the. Adriatic,
have gathered into common council, in tim " (Sala della
Se utiiio'' of the Ducal palace and there, in publie, ran
vus? tko vote? of the entire poll?. A? each repr?sentative
r-iies lis list, Hie ligure? are taken by the Chairman and
r-umnieil np, and then rit-m?', all the audience ?landing, ho
give? rauh total which ia welcomed with th? greatest
ciit-iiimsin. The foreigner cannot at old notii it's* the sink
lug resemblance of the gathering? of the Veuetian people *.o
Amoneau audiences. I If . tiiirar tho tiao of the hall pre?
clude! the po?aibility of Hiluiittiag the crowd of people
who would desire ?diiiie?_in. lard? wen. issued to a
M-Iti : mi m I?*' r not tD.lJ88.ilB_ .'e'?') nr t.iO peopln. and rarely
i? it lb? privil?ge ot any one to behold a nobler ?.-roup of
men and women than that gathered hero to-day to solemn?
ise tin? git al act of an rn fra ne hi faed p?*4iple.
The Ct.niicil or Judo? of Klcctinn were seatcl npon a
rained platform, arraigned in a H-ini.-ircle, in th ? center
K.-(.*:ii..r'le? ? hio, the hupreine Judite of the I'onrt of Ap
pvui? of Venetia, a noble looking man whoso general ap
pi'rtraiiice, highietied by a be-uttful long white boer.l,
gave bim the air of one of the old *' lknge?" of the " Re?
public' All the t'?immi??ioner?frotn the different provin?
ce? were intelligent looking men tilled wiib the ?pint ?if
the ?vcc-sion, gathered as they were under the nnmenau
'.ainting of the " Last Judgment" about to declara the
tina) verdict of a free people, they pre-ented a (?OSjp
mirth) the pe?ol of the historic painter? of old Venice.
It would lui UM less for me to attempt the description of
Pie later ?.euc? of this memorable day. it ii all, with the
eveuta of the week, a matter of history, and ?ill receive
tbe thought ?ml at it ti t* of those ?hose duty it i? to write
in more .indelible linea than that afforded by a daily news?
paper, the reci.nl of the great era? of national ?trviggl??
and national existenc?. Suffice it to ?ay that tho declara?
tion of tbe vote wns niaile at 3 p. m. of October 27, from
the balcony of the old Ducal palace fronting out upon the
" i*ia?t?4A'tta,' to a people ?lid with enthiiiiasin, amid
cheer? and vivas which expressed all the depth? of pat?
riotism and love toward their dear united Italy, which a
people juit ?c.ipeil from a foreign yoke alone are able lo
The evening, more brilliant than the day, fairly biased
with illumination? ia all the tmblic avenue?, while the
" Grand Piassa was a marvel of light and teauty. The
figure? of the election will reach you long ere tbit commu?
nication arrive?. Tbe mere figure? ti all luch election! are
very limitar, bat tbe great peculiarity of thit canvas? it
eifiroited ID two or three fact?, vu oat of over half a
million ?>f votara enrolled on th* schi-tiles of ? lectio).?,
nearly all voted, and only 69 nefatira votes were call out
of the whole number-many diitricts reporting no iiega
tive and no delinquent voter who bad lett bil vote. Tbu?
baa Venetia evinced her earnesUiea? In her great electoral
privilege thi? week, no ?u lue?? nor inability to reach His
poll? Being allowable among thi? earnest people. Basil
maa must evince hi? loyalty or di?loyalty to the Ooveni
nient. LIow inanv ?lection? in America might show a
different re?ult were it not tor the many excuse? which ?o
easily keep away from the ballot-box the very c1??? of
people whoae duty It 1? to give impress to the" ?liunw ter
of the nation. A? I close. Venice it alive with excite
ment-waving of flag?, firing of cannon, and every con?
ceivable demon it rat ion of joy I? mam.ettcd.
IM H i ?i Aiuc a ?cirri? i* or TBK ?IBRAT BRPORM
lu?. Our I peela Cotl*?pui??r*t
IHi'i.i? (?it ? 1M6.
Th? vitit of John Bright to Ireland, an ?rent long and
aoxioutlv looked forward to on this ?ide of the Kngl.tl. '
-haiitiel and ?cariai v Ita? ?4. on the other, ha? at length beei,
realised, and realized under c.ici.uiitt.co? that mark it a? |
one of th? most memorable of our time?. Mr. Bright ha*
recently linen waking tin, __h'jf* in the land ot Brue? and
Wallace, greatly to the pleasure and advantage of the un
I franc h ned million? ofthat lind, and no ha? to the honor
of the aristocratic claaae?, whose with it it to keep those
! million? deprived of ?11 politic?! ruht? and power. It wat
' bad enough Uiat he ahould. in Great Bntaiu, attack tb?
I monopoly of p ?lilioal power by " the great famille? " and
idsQOuuca thu law of primocenitur?. bad enough that 1?
those bus? and prospomu? poi-tina?. of _bf Majettvt
dominion? be thould ????.? to stir up the p. .ipi? t., a hold
1 assertion of their rights Bul that 'ne maa sim. ?.; |_i_| "1
I vnu?rib'to preatrh bit ' i-cendlaiy dottriaaalt Ireland
', ?..fttycre wera not " He? I Crater) and " Woikn. Hi
. s-ou^t her? io k?ep the eountry in cuuuiot ou-tun wa?
?o_ie?hl??T ahatilutely borr?bls i i tat ???.matiou of our
?.Ist?..?. 'Ibu'Li'.di ne "' .'"J. Brighl upoa onr
v'?? cfsited am.il a fur oi.? rai.noiinde liom the
olig . . ?eal luv??, rommer.eed tttetm] ?eel,! ago, and
?i03t w.i:..it,i liiieruiiis'on. What nene e!ot|n?ut
' tnltu'' J th? greain??? ot fie uian" What BMBra faltas?
ing r> Agni?oi, of tha fifaatic powai he wieiu? '
Ot. last Sat trJay evenin? Mi. Bright laude i at King?.
town from tue lloiv.aad Mail I'atket. He wa? rassit ad
on theihure by a deput?ti(.i? ttoit the Banquet Oom um
lae. healed bv The O'DonoghiiH. Bv train, the party
reached\>ubim, where aa equipage wat m waittog, which
OB ve red the dtNtiDgiiiilied visitor to the bou?? of Mr.
JiDie? HaugDviD, a wealthy and eitimablecitisen of Dub?
lin and foi mairv year? a p?rao-al friend of Mr. Bright.
Tta* ( ommittre hid acgageti a ?uti. of room? for their
r??at tat the Imp?ti*4 Hotel Sackville-?! , but Mr. Bright
f.r!!Tr. ** ^""P1, th? in ?Kanon of Mr. Haugh'on. Of
?...t - r^f,entl,'u",J-.1 BV nx_lion at a matter uosr.blr
l^r, r__-r"^?t^.*r,e., f? 72S "t4*rs. that h. hat fur veatt
e??n n?g?rdr- h?r? a? an ??pt:r?,.:??i__" opt>o_enU would
?sy a monomaniac-on tha in.irct ? Z^* ??mu
??very and . Aholitlonitm' ?.%_$ ?^Tro?t'ut
champion th? gr.at cauae of fr,?d0_ wta?;Ty?_J ,?*_
-erelv at heart. I ramember that tome re_?.r_^\'" fil"
?pondent more w.tty than wiad, taltte. blmTHh ______
*- practif-) ?upporl to the ?lave t? item whtl? wiitin. l__
Mktngagain.iit. Ihi?, it w??aaid, he did by w7ari__
J^ou? garmenti made in whole or in part of elave-grown
co>ou. Yo thi?, Mr. Haughton'? roply w?? very aimple,
"ivuite conclutive. It wu that for many year? be bad
"lV?"i ."J' garment m the uiiuiufaclure of ?hieb ?lave
manner of man he is whom John Bright marks u hil tint
friend and eepecul host in Ireland.
On Monday Mr. Bngbt rein ?ed som? deputation Invtt?
ing him to an open air d?monstration in which the masses
of the people would bara an opportunity of testifying to
him the high regard in _____ tbey hold his charas-ter and
his services to Ireland. This 'most desirable form of
demonstration has, however, been found not free from cm
bturaasuirnU, arising out of the peculiar position of affairs
Just now in this unfortunate country. The Habeas Corpui
Act ii impended, and mau meetings ara not only _is
eoonlenanoed by the ttorei-tnent, but are regarded with
mistrust by the timid cititsns of the middle ?'lass. Mr.
Bright, howurea, after taking some time lo consider, an?
nounced on Tuesday morning his intention to attend a
mass meeting of the trade am! working claise? of Dublin
la the Rotonda, on Friday next It is not quit? certain
that tlie (torernment will allow the meeting to take place.
Perhaps Mr. ?right wishes to test them on UM point.
Tuesday evening, howeTrr, brought forth the great
event upon which each intense public intrrcit had been
concentrated. A word as to the building ia which the
Iwnqiiet took place, the name of which ia continually flg
nring in connection with large meeting? In this etty of a
political, religious, and f.sure character. At the north
end of Nni'kville-rt.--tita? tinest street In Europe, if King
George the Fourth ipoko truly-mandi the well-known
and far-famed Rotunda. It ii a large edifice, of rajdern e
architectural pretension?, containing a number of nail*,
nx.mt, ?Vc. luitible for public, eutortnlnmeDis, and let
out for ?urti purposes by the trustees of a neighboring
hospital, whose revenue? are mainly derived from this
source. The principal portion of the building-that from
which the whole takes its name-is a ipleudid circular
hall of about two hundred feet diameter, and about flfly
feet high. In thu hill-tbe largest assembly room in the
city-Uie banquet to Mr. Bricht took place. It has been
the Ken? of many a brilliant and important meeting dur?
ing the last hundred year?. Tho Irish Voluuteers of 17H_,
under 'he leadenhtp of Grattan and Laord ( .'liarleinont,
keld some of their most memorable couucil? aithia its
walls; during the anti-Union agitation oi 180U it ?u
largely mad? use of; io, alio, it waa during the lons
ttruggle for Catholic ?mancipai ion; within the "Bonna
Room" the famoui " Declaration " of I rim Protestant gen?
tlemen. Ionia and commoner?, was adopted In farur of
that measure of justice. During O'ConntH's Repeal agi?
tation the me-etluge aud banqueta and levees held in the
Rotunda were numerous, and one of those assemblies, a
banquet of tbe "'8. Club," st which all the members sp
penrtd in their handsome uniform of green and gold, aas
accounted a particularly spleudid affair. Bul rarely baa
there bee.n seen under the roof of the hiitoric " Round
Roora" a more inspiriting light than that witnessed there
last ?vening, when the Liberal party of Ireland gave wel?
come la John llright.
Tho room presented a very gay appearance, although
with tbe eieeption of the little pennons ?<?t up at tbu
fceiuls of tho tablrs to guide the ticket holders lo their
?cat?, no bannira or flag? were display? ?1, the reaaon for
the ebeei.i . of such decoration? being lest tbey might mar
the uiiiission of the speakers' voices throughout th? room.
A word may b? sahl-and Hide?, d ii doe from tho rep re
.entstivcs of the pre??-si to the ?rrangements of lb?
t'oinmiltee for promoiing lb? general convenience and
comfort. Persons eompcl>tit to speak upon tho point ham
been heard to tay that wttliin the t s?t thirty or forty
years no banquet on a scale nearly so eilensite rxliil.it..I
anything like the ?anio perfection of ur_.ii.i._ti..n Than
mas nu rruiliing, no t-unfiisiou, no lushing f?.r plaies.
F.nch purchaser of a thkot (pnoo .5 ? lulling?) received
with It a card of a particiilur color with a nunn or ormied
on it, and instriictioni that on rtiiering tim room he ?al
to proceed to the tsblc marked off by a ?nu.ll flsg of that
nillir, and occupy th? seat it ?Indi he would Bud a tard
bealing Ibu ?am? number with l.i? own. Tin? arraug"
mont-it may be au old ?me elsewhere, but it i? new ben?
- wnrVisI admirably. As the hiiinltu'.? <f ptipio carno
paiunng .nto the room they took up t lu- ir id lol (ed place?
with nnii'li les? confusion iban is ? oiiiwonlv experienced
st dinner-parties r f Un prison?. Tho If?- rrj r> -? n'?ti?, s
?ON admirably placid, and were most i?.urie?,uah
attended to throughout tim eveoiaf. tot tin ?o things
ttiiiiik? are due to Iho Urge numli-r of gentlemen,
most ol theos eminent MBMM <'f Dulihu in pu
feasional and commercial life, a ho aAer having
devitts! many day?, and l?.'g bout? of the
night? too, lo the perfection of Uni?? arrangements in
eoiiiliiittee, ailed na atewarda at Hie l<_ii?|iirl, and I--IM
their duties aith a grao? and temper -Inch it would be
hopeless to ciped frotu |?aid officer?. 'Hie fact i?, tti? pal
rn.tu: anti til., ntl gi'iitlciuen . ' I Oil lui threw tl.i in?. : n a
mlo tins Lu ?ne?1?. MOU-T, ileierinm? ?I ?l.at at sny cost the
ri-coptmn ?>f .lohn Itiiirlit In Dullm _MoM l_r ._ a.rl by of
the tn?u hlll??ielf, of Uic COMB he repus? tiled, IB. <.! i!..
Irish nation Their fee linga ?ere ?t.ar??l I?) the entire
country. From ?II parts. gchtUin.ii . ?mt up to llublin ki
lok? I'urt in the proow-.iiii.?. ( atk, kerry, lialw.iy, |).-i,
egal, the i xlrimr? ?iidt of the Islam!, ?ent rrpie?entatliu
men lo assisi induing honor t.? a mau ?ho had giren s<>
many proof? of his good will to Ireland, and ?puk? n nu
ber iH-bull boldly and fearlessly to audierc?? in ?hi. h she
bsd bat few friends. Th? Udlea, too, ???ruil.l. d to give
Mm greeting. Iii?- gallery of th? room, which sweap*
round the entire of it eir.-ptmai th? ?|>ac* ovar th? paat
f>.nu, waa thronged with the fair une?, ?really enhancing
Hie picturesquo effect of the Brine by the v?neil colors o?
their < oat iiiies, and adding to ils interest by that rotatif
and ennobling influenoe which their presence imparts to
su? h scenes. Taking all in al one view, tb? sight ws?
certainly a pleasing and a t Inering one. Tho room lUelf
rrand in iltprop?irt1oni, chsstely and beautifully decorated
Fil by a huge and handsome gaaaher dependant front the
center of the ceiling, its floor tbrougrd by a company of
&U? gentlemen ia ?reuing dress, ranged along lint? of
tables richly ornamented and supplied with The best of
good cheer, and a little way above, that ring nf beauty
and fashion, that converging batterv of bright ?rea di?
rected on the scene below. If there I? . sort of human
nature which can remain calm, unmoved, imperturbable in
the ini-it of inch feme?, all I eau lay ii that we in Ireland
know nothing of it. "** * ****
I may mention that one end ?f th? gallery, that imme?
diately on the len of the dais, was set apart for th? lady
members of tb? families of th? gentlemen comprising, th?
committee, among the fair occupants being Msaam?
O'Donogbua, Lady Power, Lady < ? Longhill., Ladt (?ray,
Mrs. Mohr ;ney, the honorable Miss?? Koutbwsll, Ac
Ttere wat, moreover, one other witn?M of tb? fettiv?
scene-a guest whose presence was full of ton oh t tig Inter?
est for s'l who knew him. 8?atad modestly in a retired
place close by the dals, dei lining a seat apon it, was the
son of the late lamented John B. Dillon, a gentle and
amiable boy of about 17 yean. It i?cd?d n?t a glance at
hu thoughtful fact? u hi gtsed silently on the scttii?
?lound him, to recall lb? name of kit nobl?-h??rted falber
-the originaler and leader of the morement to entertain
John Bright-?truck down ?re h? could behold this mag
nibcent reallzaiion of hil etienthed wishes.
Kit o'clock wis lb? lime appointed for dinner : and one? :
that hour had chimed, th? company watches! narrowly i
euch arrival, expecting ?very moment to see the gueit of
the evening make hi? appesrsaoe. Hit entrain . and that
of the O Uouogbue, mt?, the room at about ?J o'clock, waa '
the signal for a loud and prolonged burst of cheering.
The guests sad speaker? barina taken their tea!? on the
raise?, dan, the work of supplying the "iuner man" com- ,
iii'-iited. and for nearly an fiou'r It went on lu good ?ariiost. '
Fearful wu the clatter of knut, and foikt, plaies si.d :
glasse?, but a it ringed band, iocsledin oiisond ..li be gal leir, '
considerately act to th? execution of danu? music in tbeir
most pronoi.noed ?lyle, aad tbi? coninrauce aomevbai '
hariuouned ind lab'du.d the awftil dm. The nolle mb
sided by degree!, grace waa ?aid by a reversant clergyman
nu li.e dan, and the (? DoLoghue. ut I'hsirinsn, rose lo
pii.p.is? the lossll. He gaiefirtt "The (?Jueen, pirftcing
it with a few appropriate remark?, then "The Prince oi
Wide? and the rest of the Moral family. ' without any j
remark at all, aiid then ' The People, the true ?ourci .'|
all pi.hue?! power,' to which lit 80808 briefly The latter
loatt wat londlv applauded ; the former one? which are
t.ckliBb ground m Irish p.pulsr ustetnbliri, ind which '
durst not be proposed vrnt-i? ike democratic clemant li
.ironglt- Mpretci.ted-weit; well received. I uotiord but '
a few peiiil? refusing to konor them. Tbsa i
hs cam? le the ehiet toast of the eveumg,
and set about proj?o?in| ii in a speech worthy of the ?xjtp ,
sion. And an e'.K|iieut and highly ?tTeelive speaker Toe
OT?onogh..s 1?. His appearance, to begin with, is greatly
io hit t_ver. Hit age i? ?.out III inn. he ia tall? finely ?
proportioned, aud ..I ici r Lacdio-ie festines. Th?r? Is
ir1 cn of borun, or t! migiit be ssld of womsnlr beauly in
bi? tate. R*i? ?.ft,Beaut whiskers do not mar toe smooth?
es?? ot hu ehrest, and alaaaaaO mouth I? suth uwoi.id, '
>f a girl w?-(f Us owner, be i ailed pretty. Then bit nigh j
ckaracier, hi? poltthed msnnert, kit proven courage, and
hil ancient rtae?f?, are pcunii that t llih hi? favor ?very
where, as? more especially with an Insh audienc?, whose
rspard for bira ia at.II farther increased br the fact n! In? '
near rolatioethip to (?Connell. In addition lo this, he !
ha? many of the qualities necsiarv for a greal oraior
?Moeful action, great aelf-poiarition, a ready flow of ;
?ords, ind a rotea eloar, powerful sod distinct, though |
somewhat delicate m some of it? intonations. Un ?pt-ech !
. m the pr?tent moa-lOB having ref?r?nc? chiefly lo tb? ]
topic of Parliameatarr rel.irm, was of a much lea? ?xciting
Balure thau manr of'those of hu i.aolrymen had pre?
viously heard lroiu him-less exciting, for insUncc, thin
tost delivered Ir him in in? sam? "??ni ?t th? lim? of the
. re-it adair when England hiring tbreitaned war against
th? Cnitsd Ntstei, h? decUred amid the thunderous ap?
plause o! about 5,000 perso-t in that sam? room, that if
war should coma, Irelind would be found on th? ?id? of
Amen? ?. However, in th? pr?s?nt instance, h? ?cn, ni tied
himself creditable. When he concluded by ?eislug bis
glau and, with .utstretohed arm, giving the aalnte of
welcome with the words. " John Bright," the effect was
electric. T__ raat a_t*-)blag? TOM to tbelr fb?t with a
ahout ; the Indi?? ia the gallery eanght up th? enthnsiasm,
and for ?avetel minute? there was a ?ceno of cheering and :
rejoicing difficult to describe.
J..H.N BKli.ll l
It waa when this dcmoiiitration bid somsu hat subsided !
^..nt the great Kuglitb airttator aroae to spenk. 1'lien th?
".?'".??tiatm of the meeting burst forth air.ab. Cheers
.Z"8 Bit.>?. .lasset and baodkrrohiefi were flourished
about, the ta.? oeeupanls of the gallery joining m the
demonstration by -.amig Iheir pcrfiined bits ot lawn and
muslin. He. r?i?cd I. 'i,i0 lamine hoad and shoulders,
?'' looke,] g,,,vuly BIII.II. '?.,n for s.,m..' luna Uni? r was
.?.iile.1 lor lu , 1,1,'t ,,f u truiu|??t, and O_O0 ?HsB'TI ?ii?
"I be be.aniotKsk. ?teliiM,Kt..i, lo ? rather loo
?one oi ngMam, ,,,t H,.ul ",?..,.?,;, :" .,_,, |,,hHll,,|,
were and ibis in the remotest part? of the room. As to his
address, it Wa?, in a word, magnificent. It alec tri tii-d the
assembly, h wry few tentences, and (ometimce each
sentence of a whole ?enes, brought forth rapturous out?
bursts of ???probation. Ile told home truth*, and the
people ricogiiize.l th.-m; he drew the moral of the fact?,
and it wa? ?hat had lain in the heart of every man of
them. The t-mpathy between th? ?peaker and nia audi?
ence wa? complete. Taken bit by bit, his ??peech waa
wonderfully ?bio and effective; taken a? a whole,
its beauty and power are iucreased a hundredfold,
Us ipoke from no narrow bail?; ha argued upori
no ?election of exceptional fact? which taken ?part from
their h montrai context might be warped from their true
meaning; bnt he ?poko with the whole course of Anglo
Irith hutory before Ins mental vision: with a full ?ad
accurst* knot ledge of the working ol the liritish Govern?
ment for .'iO0 year?, and the result? thereby produced, Hu
?tatement? were incontrovertible, and if hi? conclusion?
were in .-my degree at tuult, it wa? not that they were
over ?ever? againtt the Knglish ruler? of Ireland, but that
they .lui not take sutli' lent aoconut of the national a?pi
ration? of the lush people. B?it he had huniingdenun?
ciation? for tbeir ?rong?, deep sympathy for their suffer?
ings, ?ii.I an honest iij.pr cintion of th? relation between
their profound ?hu mitcut and the system of nile to which
they bave ?o loag hen ?iilijected. He knew tbat the
Irish people distrust nul h?te England, and tbat they
look with hot e uni 0B? -8-8? te. rbe great free land of
the \Se.t I in? fol'owing beautiful pns?age in bil ?peech
elicited a treiiicn?! ii bant of .'ipplsusc, which waa re?
newed ?lui riyeit I ??..?i'-rsl t'ii)??-:
I ?ith lor?'' na le 1.1 Wli 1. I 1.1 Arti a few diiv? ago from
arnott lui! .'i I! : ? v-t.i-.i,\ Unhliu II? tnl.l nie tbat be believed
a ?ery mrf* portion ?f what aacaDail the poor ames? Irish
Bien, ?jnipfl'hlAil wftl. ?ni ?iii? nie M ?my propoeiliou tn?t wa?
advert? to the Imperial(t-arrrraateal Hell, he und further
that the |>f??j;.! t.. ir aie imliei in the ea.untry than of it. ami
that they ar? I vking ?ore toAmei mi than thev ?r? to Knglnnd
Well, I Uli?? there in a gond ?l.-tl in that When w? contlder
how m_ny Irishmen han lound a rrlupe in America, I ?lo not
knew how we ? i. n ?m .let at tint stti'rtuent. Yea will rerol
?ret that the But leal Herne? prayed ?n tit e?ptlvity. and when
ke prayed Ma WiBmaws wert ?ipt-SJ t'jitrd Jeruialcm. You
know tritt the ful!..*, i? ti Moll..man 'I when they pray turn their
facet toward II ?... | I i,.. I r:-l, p.?stnt. ?hen heal.? for food,
and frerdora, lad Missing? lu? eye foll?n-? tit? setting ?un.
The truth ainl Mie [m. ti v ol tin? passage touched every
heart, and it waa long huon the emotion excited by it
?tibtulid. In th? sum* wsr in his refr?n?e? to the Church
establishinetit ?ml the lr.nd <|tiestion the honorable gentle?
man waa exeeediiirly apt. terse anti forcible in Ela re?
mark? On the whi'l' . his ??ne. h sa? regarded hy gentle?
men who hld hcrird him spiak tt many previous oeca
.Kin?, and who had ic?t.l iuo?t of his adare????, .? one of
tbebcstheeicrdcinrt.fi. At ii? couclu?ion the whole
. ??..milly rose an<1 ? h.?.?:.?I him in such a manner a?
?bowed thal, If they ???min ?I and (rusted bim before hear?
ing bl? ?pe??ch, the? lovell him nficr it.
Some good addresses were eiibtciiuently delivered by
other sp? uki IS, ' Bt, M if h the conclusion of Mr. Hright ?
address, tor n al r>ua':j|.sa of the nieeitng waa done, and
the aast'iiibly awfBfl gmdually to tl.s|>?rs?. ttVfore the
room wt? rl,,?r. i at aaoat 11 in? i? p. m., a good portion
of the ?ddretees < t UM ?ilionoghue ami Mr. Bnght were
being "?ct up' in tin? ?iriii'ifi^ .itt',. is i.i.t oulv of Dublin,
but of I^uid.i", M.r i l.-vi.r M'rmiiirrliaiii, tllasgow, ana
?li the chief :o?vr? if OrSBl Brit-?-,
nu Tuny raaaa.
Ta-day nor o ;Jt rjiaBJ-BI wa den.g all they c?n to
tttBBSfSt- tim Kraal r? tatWOI I. it tt ey make ? very jmor
hand of tli* I. ti i . ?a. The >(ten of ni.-thl'lug in the slight?
est degree with ?:? inveterate ab'???? which th.-y call
" the right? .it ; n.jH.rt) atti ti I frantic, ?ud their
BlS'ltU'S? I? Hit. .?tt.nl Ml.ei, (e l.leu of toUCblUg the
eburcli ?stat * - tt_it tti.i to it. But tliose
iuU'uitl? i mi-1 'm ?wept ?way, Ott ?vu y or another, before
material pr- ?pi-. '. <>r ?H.I'I al . oiit.T.'iir-ii? can be knoan
in Uti? < ? H uti T i ii,.-,-r. ?t l.'ii'-iit ?indi Ireland will di
rilB frein Ml. -krigfct'8 ?i-ee. h ? It. t ?nil (, o?t erfiilly
tul to carry ii..? ? ni ?? ti?ni lo 'he ? ni.- ??I a large elua? of
men who i.?**d .??'.? trily inttiiiit .1 ..n the? eondiiion of
tin? ennilli J- a ? .i[i|->iti.ii.ty ol receiving
?uch inf'rma'i. ?. through tha oroiaarw ?hannels nflnih
Intelligence. Er?t \ ,, . ii, rv? are, perhaps, men
who have a i.. : ti... tall Ifeaj bear about Inih
grievaniis It ti.* nu . ? o M. ti windy tg.t.ilon. the
BBBaaaaa tm_p\ . '? ": . .??.?k t it IIISMWBI r??o Tbii
.peech will help t" ni to in t| 11 ?mt them
with the fact t'a" M i - ? ?ipi? on the fat? of the
earth who tr? I . .. -?? Utore real aud
?ippressii.-. A . ml wan ?l??:i? tor Ireland by the
grrat-l,ra*is.l I , Brigl t
"?unit? rmi't'T i'ir>?i
Thi? in.ir.iiog ? dei i .'.. ii tr-'in tfie Cork Farmers Club
wtiti-d cn Vtr. Brigl I art . : ti.in ?ith an ?ddrrt?, ex?
po-sung approval of !.i? . " - ? ?II the lainl i|iir?tion. In
It lh.?v ?I ? r I?? if applied in In i. ml
would hil Mt to rl with i i. ?; <ro'.? .nil I...pi'v funn?
ing i la*?, ?llili' It tiki ?it 8 Im.? the oatlcr. ol tin? n li
?.iiM I..- nil? I- ie(ited Mr. tinghi rereived the
lall/, and r*plit_ tti them ?in ?unable
lOHSHfl _5T ll.iVkklt.M? OV MR. BRK.BT.
T?v-?l?y Mi. Biii't ?.a? ifiiro.luci-tl by the O'Uoiiohue
to bl? Kmlaetie?. Cardinal I'uilen. ?ho nealud the di?
UBf nish*?! g*i.tl*i. an in tha aioat genial and kmdlr man
ner. Thru inter? lit'.waa a I...? and moat atrrceal.le one.
Mr. Bt'elit f-el pa .1 a vi.n of rn8.lll.aB88 to th? widow
of John li I? lion, a kindly and grateful act, for which
the Irlth | ut'it will feel grateful o bim. fo much for hu
movemeutl Op to tins time 1 lie mail for America closes
to-night, ?o dist this letter must here conclude. By the
ii? xt mail yin ?hall hear more of Mr. Hright and hi?
friends ia tu? unfortunate bul yet genial and hopeful
1' B -Latine add that the mott accurate of all the pub
lulled report? ol Mr. Hright . ti?e?-rh that have come
under my netc? I? that of The I'ullin Fie, man's Journal
copie? of whrb 1 tend herewith. That ?upplied to the
i?oi?do_ papes by telegraph i? not nearly to good.
KaiB, Pa, Nov. 14 -An inquest wa* held thi?
?norning rta lie bottle? ?if those killed In the late railroad ard
dent The ?'..Irme wa* ?imply a rec-jiit-latino of what
I Ulcaraaa?. y??t, nlay. the Jury found aa tin ir
verlict ita' the rouw of de nth wa? the
rm.ntl ?f two rail* on th? ?.am trark about lo
or IS miall? Itefi.r? the ami al of the day riprem from
BolT-r?. gtrn.t M '?t and in nat replaciBg ?aid rail?, or a?w
one? ki timefnf Ike train lo pea? ov?r-th* muH ?f groM rar?
)r?*ntai w tlrn.t *?eu*e. on lae part of Ju Mi-tony, the fera
can in rhara? nf th? trick and workmtu he lairg alxeut part
?f the ?ftai-Mia l.aiiiigno eurnet tim* and being without a
Hfi.al flaty tot Ik? turpiar of ilgaailug th? itMM of -_ni?
Aril tlir in',??! a/i.r??iil do furtkrr fled the euodurtnr anil
eviglaeer of tir ?raia frr?. from all Maine ai J th* ?sltlcrr? of
.aid railroad ?taipaay ruliiabl? la ant emulnjlng eArkrnl men
at track laye* and fanila-tag thrta ? ith tag? aud lint ruction?
to ilgv.el ?ud Bop train? In all cat?? of danger
The folio? rig ?am?? ?f iujared ?re t_diiK?oal to lb??? trie
graphed laat light
Mr k1 -?wa. Hoehrttar. brained ahnirt th? btvad ?nd
tirutt k1? MB ?fed l8 or 1J ha? hit right foot badly loraine!
>'ranci? Muan frora Austin head cut
??.trick RIBUI? feooi New York, ?try badly hurt about the
bead iu??x??"?l ??Mi-ration of the frontal htMie
W B linton tram VTor?_i?iigt?a Ohio, moly cot and right
Kwi s??tr?ht[.r?lu??d
John Oa|i?on Mine?? lad oolUr l*?n_r tw-oken and tidr
.1?tun I>eeti.o* Se? York face cat ?ad riodr Inji.red
B'.?? rt I ?cb X?w Yoi! ?o-lp rat aad race badly muti
_ar??r?i ,trr? -ntr met l???l*r iajared In band . ker little
.on kad bl? ?-?li rut
A grt.lleBBi. namr ui.kjenwii bad bl? right arm injureil
CisrVriBwhiral' l'.'BH??tk Klch ( o Ohio had bli Irg hurt
II rs Wa Bufftln I _d|v inJur?ti wtli Mt reeoier
Y .*< ltnbi.itii. Unrn rfrid Maa? head tlight
k1 fi Koinie- gpttt.fhflil ki?*? head ?light
J H Ltvaly KtvTrk leg ?light
?'I.si,?-? __r*t. >'?w York laillt injured in heml arid I mr
.ht.i. Hart. I? hml hraatvt on\ hand ?iat? a ruurrir.l daugh
ter ol Mr. i?r?t *-i le* lau ? hildrau all tllgbt
A i.i?-ibei ? t~ ?lie-Blly injurwi. who left Isiforr tbeir name?
eoidd bt- tmertalMd
Aflat th? rtnitrUit at the nrrdiel Jame* Mahony wa?
arrett?. ?at farraat it?-??l hy ti-? lilMriet Attorun l'nlJi.
f?-? 11 r. | lu LI ?Ira?? again?! tdpt
av ni ?flin TO va? yatara?
HaUiejjkTBS Nov 13 'Ihr following ara the bid? lot <
the redro.(lion of the Pennsylvania Htate Loans opened j
in til? -tatt Treasurer ? Office to day hy the ('?jmmita?iou
ars of the ?taking Fund.
The I'liouUalonm bsve reserved the right to receive |
or r< ?eel ti? ttrint em which these ?tat? Loan? I.AVC been
(tfleteil for redeinptior.
.N.ill? ??iBU'lt???- (Irurge Biikrr A Co Rerj-t?tered TV*?
IK'. ?>. TI, |jiic? '..- ?(." M.ri.t Kuyltured r'ni'i gin ???'
..i r, .oupou JTiv*? |ini??t yritt op "?rv W li??.?
. rglitert- hvn H mu pri(? Mi| Keltecca Kvkeltou. Kegi*
terni Fur? ?JliOtJO prtoe par Dreiel A f-o Regiitrii.l Tim
|3 ??00 liri, ?. W| ltr?t National Hank PL._e1rl.il.in Krgs*
temi Flv?t I' "?? par T-rn* National lUnk rt.iUil.lijl.''*
krgi?ter?d >.vra tit 9!?> pi ice N fioupoo ilve?, til ?KXJ
.hi KirttSaUvvnalBaiik rh.la,leli Ida Ketrieta-red Flirt |16l
Mtm, ?rt*?. t?i. J?? Ctmkr a Co, B?g|?i*red Flin
r?S5 ?a ?wiee. 8-7 t'oepon Fl??? 14? dbti prtee, ti
Kaowlrt j4vg.?Ur<Ml Klim 13 tWJ ark? par. Lewi? Klkn.
??gitterml Fk'SS. tt.W?) pnrt U>. L*?u Elkln R*f1?tcred
Firm, HO?) Brie? I?, LewU Billa (.'oupou Five* B2 fkfXJ
?i it ?ka- ant, inker.tt JuMph H (?karil Ragitt-.. >1vM. |13.
IO, trio? Wt. IUngbani A 1'ntt? Rc_,tt?r<m >1>ve?. m.OOB.
jiilr?"?,. >V?tr Lum lUfUMtrf?! Flv?a, tT T*. prier pa'
and io taren J Lal-urradi* reaptva >tre? tb.?*?i price Tli
? bar m H ?_st???ri Cou|vnD >lve* |H ??Ojtrire ?9, A Hl.lillr
( ..i?i,.? >n?? 111..?--. | TH? ?>| A. Biddi? Coupon Flvt?.
|U,U?0 urirtle-l . A. Hiddle Itrgi.trred Fir?? 137 000. prie?
<>li York t'outty INat!or.al Bank ? oapon -tie? ly?'(WO nrlce
KM. V B feeaev ( ouj'oa Sue* # tXro, price ltJ.", v. K
Keeley. Krgif? red Flvtf t> UOU urie? VU
Statt? Tiaaaurer Ketnbl? ttxiay received a dikpstch an
noum ing that the aafe in the Treasurer? office of Heaver
? ounty bad been broken open and robbed of a coi.?id?ra
ble turn i,i meney.
his IkM |f T( BY HAM.k1
?1 lill ?ira 841 1H? TBIBCSB
I. ...lill, Mai li". -.lai'iet- Hiowi. i? 01
i. a? . tul . I IM n > t cn tt"' ' ? .?* daj M ..t?
awl.i . . I i . ?. Mail i. I .
rv TBI ??.aira TO ran ra?an?a.
ToBOJtTO, C. W., Nov. I5.-Tb? Fenian trial?, which
have occupied the attention of tho Court during the past
II days, will clone temporarily on Saturday next, as the
Court will notait during the term. It waa at first snp.
poaed that such of the prisoner? as hid not boes brought
to trial belora the Court rose would have to await th??ir
trials st the January Atsi_e?; bnt it Is probablo an
arrangement will be made by which they will be brought
before a Court sooner. A sorclrj commission is expected
to issao in a few days for holdins; these thais immedistely
nfter tho term closes, a fortutsrbt from next ?Jonday. It
will be Mr. Justice II taggerty * turn to take up th? busi?
ness at that time
Two Penlan? were discharged from custody yesterday,
sufficient evidence lo place them on trial not being forth?
coming, ?nd two more will be discharged to-day for ?mu?
lar reasons.
?v TS-IOB-SB re ras mars?.
HcrrAixi, Nor. 15_A Toronto special dispatch to Th*
Etprtt* gives the particulars of the escapa of KtaA, the
Penlan prisoner, from )itil. In turning Queen's evidence,
he was given greater freedom and permitted to sleep m
the chapel with the turnkey. Last night he retired to bed
at the usual hour, and nt vi: IO this morning he was seen
lying in bed, ss usual, with his clothes on. At 3-0, on?
of the turnkeys had occasion to go np stairs, when he
found Ryal! non eat. Other turnkey! wera immediately
aroused, and the police were immediately notified.
'The escapo wa? effected in so daring a'manner that be
must have nad aa accomplice to assist bim. Prom an ex?
amination of the eurrounding?, tt appears that Kysll, after
leaving the chapel, went down stairs to the next flat, and
entered a room used for the storagu of bedding, ?_?? He
then took a beary tick mattress out, tore it Into
?trips, ind made his way to the door on tho third flat,
which gave exit to the open air on the east side.
Thii door was about 30 feet from the ground, and waa
ttrongiy fastened. Kyall had provided himself with ?n
iron bar, with which be wrenched open the door, and,after
tying the mannf-cturusl rope to a portion of th? woodwork
on tliat flat, lowered himself down into what is known ss
the outer yard, and escaped through a fence on the ?ast
tide, ?bull is in a very dilapidated condition.
A very enthiisiantic meeting ti the Wolf Tone Cir?
cle waa bi kt laat ?t.iui.ar i? ti.? Aaaa-mbiT Kooma, corner of
K1-t ave. and Tweuty-nerond rt Mr P. fooncj tlie Chief
('.i.t.-r occupied tti? i hair, aud ?tated the obiecta of ti.?
Mr ArrhileacoD rn?de .. I? nirthy mlilrea? upen ihe eiifTcrin|-.
and uriTiit.on? ??f the !ri?h r*-ou>. He had trareled over the
I'mt.s) Sn.te? aud ttiro ii'h i la??it So.lliii.d, lint iiet.r did !.?.
nu et our . oiintry to . otutsirr with bis own, and he belong? d to
the wilde?! of nil Ir? Innil-lil? Uloie.l ruiiMHagl.t.
Sen a tor A I. mUwttmpA Wa M?? ?nt ?peakrr He ?aid they
w, r? r.owou UM I n?ui ?liii.tilhi r er,?ch lu the hlntory of Ir?'lnn I
when thiit lotr!? t-ouiitry would ??KUI be ?reeled Irom the grsep
of iTruniii? al Hiitiun nml ni | rc??ioti The ?jii.t.-r ti.? ii w.-t.l
on to ?j? iik ni tho Windin?? ?if Ainrrica and Amirtcnn people
Notwi?(i?liiiidlii|r the |aer?i,iili.iii? they had ?urTi-ml, til?'? ?er.
ne?.H before hi for frn-<?< in Ile ??iii thnt when f.e Went to
Ireland io 1 elf lit- ?vu? _ri.rt.it and ttuck in a Ilntish dun?
geon Hu co'iJil in'ii r f.r". t lli.-.t u-niriitlc olil famtmtmmtt
men imtsiifred th? ?r Innry hei..l? to ?m h paaa_-?f pulu u of the
eoiiftabolnrj force ?nd sack like tvr. t? !?<d objtt Is ol liinuaiiity.
Illreat apuliiuie | There wnt he ?ni?! . |tr. ni oljn t in I oiii.nir
to live ni A merna Ilfrt- they lean.nl to I? MB uinl to ?titiid
fi?. ? ?ml he U lu ?eil (.oil !;a?l Ntl ti.? in to Au.in? a for ?oine
good gNMM Ti.?'y had rome lo pn p-gatc tl.c ( utholic r? li
gltm an.) leiirn lo be freeu.? i. | A|'ilui.??1 | 1U .-|?-iik.-r thi'?
ilitatrd mi tlie American character, und JIU-M-II a i.i?ih eitloirium
on t?a m? ii tt VPlt how thal they had taught Irubinea tree
dom. anil lu w to a|| rs < inte und ?ii.?li. nfc ll.ul In >.l?.in. Mr
\|..rri?.ni tln-n tmmm ii wl.iit Ireland would l?e III M tmr?-the
I .ml nf tin ir futl.iT? v.? ni'l i.ot hu?caname on ?arti?. Lint wttmi
be in the banda of the tymn:.. .?! ?Uni-I aad enemy. 11.. r>
wnt? _?oagh men in the'??iit!i Ward of New Ymk to ?ruth the
In?!. i!e?[?ot und tr?m?i|er of ti., ir lil? rt.e? Hi: called on ti.' Bl
tv go to ?ork tike m.-n 11 ItmmmtAlt Insli lalor and Insh
l???|le Ile ?uni 'We -ill iro lo ('aLatin, to buffalo, nil
il.i.uigti and ii.nt aithiut d.iugcr.
| .. . - W. il ?t.-1?- ali..?, .d tn go this time without meddle
roma _?i4__?rl_g ? '
Sir Minn??.n I I? Bel TO we ? ill be free from all aealrality
law? to keep _. I in k at the i,. it :.ti:v of the ____.*? Uti
IBMaaal tL>y ?II kin??/ H .! Karia..ml ami the piirt ho took
?(Tu i ti? t th. li. A ten.- 11..? little tillani
Si-i.ator M?.rr,?i ii- Vi? the little v lilma-ami in ?pito of all
the alten,11? nf the lillie t i.liuli or I'r? ?ident Ji.hli??ui WA ?ill
til? the Matta-ty law out Of the Issjk? of tbe Senate.''
? I a.,lil II .
The speakt r wa? followed by Grn. Spear, ?at1 otber ?peaker?
who ?roka io a ?Imllar tarsia, after ?huh Hi? meeting ad
joumed al!? r tiik hit the t...in? ? ?.i th?-?- ? li" t. I .i.tt. it-J iii ir
Mnleril gi lu B__t la litlaad ohm ?all
av riuu.ir? re TB? raise??
R-LTlllt KB. Nor. li. -Messrs. Hinder and Woods, tb?
old Board of Police Commissioners, formally surrendered
everything Ibis morning to tbe new Commissioners, who
have fully entered on their duties at the Commissioners'
ifliir, where they are to-day receiving numerous applies?
lions for office.
sr raiaaa?ra T. TSB TBIBCSS
PBILJ_.IL! BIA. Nov. 16.- The first great meeting of
colorad people in favor of Impartial Suffrage waa addressed
hy the lion James M. Bcorel, Calvin Pepper, eiq., and
Judge Van Vleet of Texas, at Camden, N. J., lau night.
The meeting adjourned at a late hour with cheers for uni?
versal ii.flrsge aud Senator ?score.?
BY TI LB.a.ra TO ria raiavaa.
t*AH KkAMnaro, Nor. H.-Letters from Oens. Airares
ai.?I l?ias, via Aiapclro to Nov. _. atste tbst four vessels
of the Kraut b fleet bsd left that port The gannon con?
sists of l(Xi met,.
The news of the enpture of Oaxaca by the Liberal? is
confirmed. Aintl.tr ?comm ?am three ressols of the
French fleet had pn??i?eoed from Acapulco to Mststlsn, to
withdraw the French troops from the latter place and car
ri ti.?ni - hail Illa?
(leu. Alvares bat hied his headquarters three miles from
Acapulco, which piste b? expcclcsj noon lo capture, hanug
received froui (tai. F rat eil? O a battery of rifled canuou,
?ccoti.panied by I'. American veteran gunners.
ST Lons, Nov. I,',.-The Rev. Dr. McLcod, Kditorof
'Jlu Suit I.ok, Wdette ?Im ??' deterred from retunnng
to Itali by the tti>i>ss?instion ol Dr. Hot.mum, has inited
hi re, sud ?ill return ?ud lecture upon the subjeol of llie
insecurity of lil? aud propertr ol' (lennie? lu rtah. He
sill alto lecture on the ?ailie subject tbioiighont tboN??rib
aiid Kaat, with ? view of interesting the people generally
la Ibu matter, and procuring the interposition of the Gov
enin.cnt in betiall c1 the pe net ii ted citixent of the terri?
tory. _ _
ai TBLBea-r? TO vaa raisrs?.
WASHINGTON:, NOV li.-The rspid c<>riven?ni!i at
th? ln??-i!T 1I?|..II!III. i t iel S?t.i Thitt nt1?? ii,to Kit?.
1 ? 11.IT U.i ii? i. ,i'tt iitlr.l ?tt Uli man? ililticii'llie? nu ?cctiinl ..I
tile iiumls-r? of li.?t or ?loli-n Setei. Thirty imte? ?eut -
l?eporti_enl Pauli? HI?I |? rsoti? mtttm*J III Seien Tliirli? ?
.Lr .id irmenilier that slthnnirli Hie BBBfaa lunn!? of tl.c
(?Oicrnineiit ut?1 i??ned p.iiulile |r> Itcnrci ?o tlint tlie?
will pn?* hy ilclitcir Hot au fimA altlmui/li MM ?
?tnlfQ W'lieii in tl.e Lan?I? of a Imn? titi?? lioldi'i iii" ti???
i? ?iifffifiit -i'h iii?1 seien iiiiit,... ?illili m laraaa m
tvlut.lt lint willi Hu1 ?mil? oi older in?tenil of H
bearer lUipririli?! on tin- fuee A? long II? a 7 ?> pole rturniln?
lilli? Iii blank It pnssca by d? Inert like n c?nii?oii bood. mid a
bona fid* pure li ?KM foi talne caticullecl tin-same tiottrilhataud
mg li lia? be,u loat or aiolvn Hut in ea?e the holder of tin? : ni
Bli? tl.e Nant ?pace willi lila name the not? then lace?me? lu?
property pavnllr to Um ot ?riler ?inl he cannot thereatter be
dtpriTf. of bl? till?1 br any lo*? or larcetiv of the not?, ?n.i _W8
than lb? holder ul a ? l??c?'or it: nil pural'le lo hi? order, aad tliit
I? lb? law DOtwilhitaudliifr hi? name'mav have been ?o ?kilfullr
?ttractad. bv ?cid or otherwise, ?s lo lesre no trtiw of It.
If _? boldar of the ri.ile tn prove clem lr that hit name wat
once written upon the face of the 7 ? hi? title t? good, notan!,
sla-di.g tlie emi-uie and even a?{siii?t a Isma ade h.-'lder. for
vaia?, and will be ivt-ognised br the Treutury Dvpsrt-ieiit Bal
upon proof, the Dole will be ?paid to bim.
All perion? ileabog In GuraiDnicut ?eciiritie? ought rnrefullr
tn bear la Bind the foregoing pecullaritr of 7 :?> note? which
??ay aa ?tated become eourerteil into neroliaMc ?ei-inilie?,
pul al'le nair to order which cannot be IB? is.se with ii ni of tbe
coi.ioii lasu'da nf the (.oTrrnmfnt
?V T* i a?.a?i?N v? ra? T? Bi s ?
WABmitOTOB, Nov. 15.-Tbe receipU from Cimtoins
at New York from the ioth to 31?t October. ?ere|.,.V*,'Ja.l and
(rum 1?! tn Kit NoTrmtier 13 194.373 Irom 1st lo ?Ulli N'otcm
l?vr ?t Ilotiton la~4,B|0 I'lula.ltlpliia Bvln 'J*?*_*, V-timor?,
? r.? !*.'' and ?i New Orleact, from October -J to Novrmls-r
iiiAMt-i.r. rea IN MICHK.AV
M Tllll.ttr? ?IO TUB TBIBl ??.
rat-OIT, NI .. 15.-Oof ( rapo I j
ha? SPfOkl l?'l I '.. ;.?.?? nu " ? i .
?t Ttutiirt TO ?ra? TBI BO?
WAIHIB0T05, Nov. 15.-The following waa received al
the Tribune Bureau Ibu evening from jour special cor
re?pondent :
NEWOKL?AKS, Nor. 15.-We hare the rery lient aa?
thorny for stating that, within a lew day?. Gor. Walla
will again urge and, if nccent.irr, demand of the military
authorities the srrett of the numerous panie? mcuae- of
murdering Union men in the Stale within the past four
months, and against -horn tho civil authorities amra
fulled to proceed. Au?/ interference with this projeH . iri
place the responsibility where it I? longs.
<-.?. Mower has infused new lifts into the F reed men ?
Bureau, and is preparing a statement of outragea eon
mitted against frccdmen, which, together wita tlie ?vi?
dence, will be laid before the Unite, flutes Com-ttaat-ia?
ers for his action under the Civil Right? bul.
A petition bearing several thousand signature? ia to H
aent to Congress praying for the appointa.?-at of a Pro-1*
ional Governor.
Gen. ??Sheridan in arresting and detaining Preautrat
Ortega ia ?imply obeyinaj hi? a_-.r-et.ona from Wash?
av tiiioiifi TO ra? T?IBC?S.
LKAVI.VWI.BTH, Kansas, Nov. 15.- Tkt Tuaetaftbi?
morning ha? a full account of the ransom from the Kiowa
Indians of a white family, by Lieut, Usaaeiburffa?, el
the Third United 8t_te? Infantry, which ia stark??, al
Port Dodge. The prisoners sll belonged to ?MM I-_ily?
and at th?? time they were taken by th? Indian? ware re?
turning from a vint to ?orne ii? k relatire?, and wera Bat a
few mile? from home when surprised and capture-.
In the melee that ensued, the head of the family, Jame?
Box, was killi'd ami scalped. The remaining mamban of
the family were immediately placed on animals and Bur?
ned to tho haunts of the savages. Th? name? of UM cap?
tured wero Mrs. Box, a child 11 months old, and her ?Area
daughters-Margaret, aged 1? reara ; Josephine, 16 year?
old; and Ada, seren vearsoid. In the haunt of this re?
lentless toe the child fell from the arm of it? mother,
whilo the Indians wero goading the worn-out animals that
carried her. It was crushed to death among the rocka, tam
mother not ben??; allowed to dinmont- and se? it.
Tin? mother and the two eldest daughter! wereeabiccted
to il.i? mott unheard of cruelty and outrage? by their brutal
captors, whilo the youngest, owing to her youth, although
spared a fat? los? horrible, waa nevertheless most barbar?
ously used. The child, tinal le to undeiwtar.d the com -
lorn.<ls ol'lu r tici.disti taskmsstirs, was placed upon lit?
couts ti'.l rho wss totally rousted.
Wbcu rescued ?he had almost forgotten her -otAet
tongue. I.icut. lJe_Bei_urg..r and hi? party, after tb?
treaty witti the Inii.r.i.t, returned to the post, ?nd pro?
curing the iicccMMiry ransom again betook tl.cu.ii Ive? U
the camp ot the Kiowa?. Arriving there the two ?U??t
girl? were delivered to him, he tmying a ?um ot money to
the Indians that owned them. .?. as to prevent a repetition
of indignities to winch, durirg their stay, they had boen
continually subjected.
TI.o day following Lieut. lli??elbur_er ai.d bis party,
with the two eldest girls, started for Port Dodge, wher?
they arrived the next day. The guide and the friendly In?
dians took a direct route from the camp of the Kiowa?,
reaching the fort by a shorter and utucker route. A few
days sfur the Indians brought the mother and ro>ingi.t
daughter, and a ransom in the shape of nine blaiiketa and
proviiioua being giren, they weic di livered up te the com
mandant of the post.
Altogether they were IU captivity about ten woeka, and
, m that time ?utli-red all the cruelties that the bend-like
' malignity and heart 1CMceM of their cowardly capto re
j could invent. They are now at Kort l?eavrnwortb, baring
left Port Dodge in charge of Lieut. Heaaelburper on th?
.ih intt. His instruction? are to report t? (lou. Hau
i otk, u?~ absent, who will u.i.ke tiu-1 dispcsit.oo of lb?
< unfortunates. They will probably be sent to their bom?
! in Texas.
The Santa Ft Seir-Mesvan at th? 3d in?t. boa tb? fol?
lowing i
We have to chronicle another horrible tragedy which
occurred at Kort Seiden on the Sid -lt., resulting in th.
deaths of ?(Lieut?. Warner and Hailehurrt. Waraer
waa i he aggressor, and shot Hazle hu rat in the *'-mach,
lhe latter, who was unarmed, then ran into the quarters
of the com mandi ng officer, but was followed by Warner,
with a pistol cocked and bent upon accomplie-ina; kia
bloody designa. Seeing no chance ot escape, Hailcburet
closed with Warner, aud, wrenching the pistol frota bio,
ihot him dead on th? ipot. Haslehnrtt was mortally
wounded, and expired in four hours afterword.
at ni.a_a.ra TO TBB raisers.
LAWBRICB, Kansai, Nov. IA-The Paeifle Railway el
enmon party passed here this afternoon on their way bout,
stier a buffalo hnnt on the Plains. All well.
ludian hostilities hare bean renewed in Weilern Kan?
us. Pour hundred and fifty caralry hare been ?eat to
Port Peanh, on the Arkansas border, (len. Gibt* A
troop? went from port Ellsworth yesterday, to protect tfc.
O'erUnd Sttge Line.
LBAVKSTVOBTH, NOV. 15.-GOV. Crawford baa ap
jsjinted the VAM ol Not euitn r at a tiny ol Ttank-gmtig.
at TT i ???ira TO ra? mansa.
CLIVILAUD, Ohio, NOT. 15.-Tb? Wool-Growen' L'?
rention reassembled ?t 9 o clock this morning. Tb? bmi?
nes? in order ass the consideration of the third reaolutioa,
to which opposition had been made by the Illinois delega
tion, and iieuding the discussion of which in the pi.vi.aa
evening the Convention adjourned.
The Illinois men held a meeting after the adjournment
of tl.e Convention last night, to decide upon their duty in
reference to the objectionable resolution, ?nd com luded,
as announced by their chairman this morning, lo withdraw
their oppoiiticB. for the sake of harmony. The announce?
ment was received with expression^ of gratification by th?
Convention, and the entire report was unanimously
The Convention decided to assess the wool-growing in?
terest in order to raise funds for meeting the current ei
penscs of the Association.
After some discussion and opposition the following
committee wss appointed to go to Washington to urge
upon Congress the consideration of the wool tariff at an
early dty. The linn. H. 8. Randall or New-York, Messrs.
Montgoijiery of Ohio, Pottle of New-Vork, ?nil Garland of
Kem.luiion? were adopted thanking the President of the
Association, the lion. H. S. llsndsll, for his labor? ia be?
half of the wool-growing interest, and expressing sympathy
for him in In? pr?tent im.es?. Some further discussion or
ciirrod upon the t'ucitton of raising fucdi, following ?ku_i
th? Convention adjourned ?mr dir.
av VBIB.BAI? ro ra a TBIBCS?.
kloitTHKAL. Nor. It.-A ?er'oi.s accidecI o? erred to
Lis It Nu. ; on the Beauharnais Canal, and natigaltoa lit
likely t?. be luterruptcd tor several days.
CiitciNNATi, Nov. 15.-The Society of the Army ol
the .fti'icaaee r< n??embled tlii? morning The following; ?Bl
. -. ?tir rlectetl for the ensiling font l'reaulent (len JA.
Bawling! Vice President? J?itior (it-n .! A loaran, I? P.
llliiii K J. Ogleabv *? A Mt- ?revet Hng tiesa W W.
llelkiiai) ?ml Fairchild Kecordin. Secretary ( ol. I. 11 n?y.
i..... I .?rreaponding Secreiarr. Brig G?. A. Hx -ri?la|??i,
Treasurer. Major (fen li t. Force
Tl.e grcuter puiiiou of the proceedings were occupied ia 41s
eutaing the prupoaed monumeiit to MajuM.t-n. Mci'Ue-??.
A resolution wss flnall? paated flung upon Clyde Ohio, the
burial placet of ?eu. McPatrsun. ss ih? proptr plue? forth?
After transacting some nnimportsnt butine?? a resoratioa
wa? adopted to bold the next annual ?Mating at Ki. Lotus, ta?
time to be lDdie?!ed bv tin1 fri-ident,
Whereuiaon tia? .??-.letv adjourned. After the ??Ijsjurnroeot
the tnemtier? la a boiw ?Ulted the Hall of the Hoard ef Tv-la
Lr imitation where tbey were cordially received bj tb? Mai
chant? of Hie CUT
St TBti.aira T?r?t tmrti
DBTBOIT. Nov. 16.-Tbe crew of t_e schooner
Adirondack reoratly underwent e_traordi_ai- bankvMp? ett
Lake llurou, lb? ?cbooner was iliiniasteiL and drifted -tool th?
I_tke Uday?. niaeofahich were out of ?iirht of lau?. T-eci-w
Bii.i?i?t??d for nine day? ?olely on btuled wheat.
?T ttinilira TO ia? Tmara?
R-tOB_rTBB.No. 15.- Ii .- reportad hm? tl.ial Ita
. .1.. .i.;.|li!la!?t
n i.? i .. .. i.i) i?

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