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V01" XXVI.I*?0' 7,091.
IA-M.| N M. *"
Cn ?t! loO-BBI? ?l?*vtAMt;?tinji ti.?' (.'(juutics of York
ai.?I l?uin?-tii. McTii/ live? Lau- Inn et bj
Mci. lay, Mo?
It ill Mild that tin- <??*v*-lnir.t-T t La ;u,\c to ti ?. ti?, t
that lari-c utiiiil't-ri? of Fe?iiau** bave 1 ten arr.
Inlfir.d weekly, anti ii? well j.n ] arc d to ii...' i.t;,
riilrell.ous iin'icineut.
Tl.e Refont (leiiioiiNti-.iijon in l-.ti . i? I - irgfc mo
day vtua a largo und __,po_bS|
1*1.1 KS1A.
?____? III
It in 'H.*-v?.-.i !y ?t.-.t. ii that HIND.ark "
lumc ti .:.? ? uf'lis ofteO.
TUR At,IT.lTIOV( FTHKBOMAN g1 ? KM] *. . rR_(,_I>
i v au*m_uu_T.
11? M ... .
liaron LUiMol?, I'miie Mini-ti-r of the Ituliui
??nui.tut, hal .?.-ixl a circiil.'tr disMnrBgiog ti i
turn of the Kiiiu.'iii gai ?t,.m.
Italy, he HkjB, Mill he m if:.
truiiiipli nfl.t-r ligktS.
I ' V
The: ' ivlir.'i.i (1 :. , ,.| l'eru huvt*
? f Fra*. . lud.
The] . tiiy itop] ti
tarni of th* lerioiu iiloc-.*. of UM Pri_c< i D ?_
BlMWUl FK.IITIN41 ?N 1 AN'! i A.
'-? in i in ii'..
l'iiu rene ?veil iu Candia.
from Ikm! ay u-pBTt the
TU (. I ttt .
liri!? to pu ITB-t i '
Don M
-lYim-ci i. corroa __UUUT,
;, ?o.fJOO balea.
market ha? Un. lira, ai
: ?la.? at
?.Of for L.
__K"1CA*4 BEC C1!
The following hn I
Kne Railway ttarc-t 4?i
The followii.g are the c1??? * ? I A.irrii-aii ?ecnr,
tl>i. I'liitfii Matu Km l??,!.t.(i -???I I etarti
IPI, Erie Railway ?har?.. M
tiou, Otu Special Comipontit--1.
Vi* ''I (..t v. i
The scene in Venice, f? r t Lt-tt-e j ?tit ?even day?. Dassel
in viv.dne?? even a'.l that a corre?po_ut_t of the Am TKBII
wax hu? i.nted. Of that wild, wonderful ?truggle, t.e oc?
cupation of Richmond wa? the ti.mai, in tlii p;ctuie?que
and emotional, as well at? in the LutoriO view. Here, in
my hotel on the Grand Canal, I recuil it? i-olomi. e?tbu
?ia?m? and ?lient terror. 1 try to recall every feati.r,. of
italandtcape of flame and ?httdow- the K. _?ec..iv oi
plo?ioa? ?if it? panic-itricken edifice.., thone architec ural
.made? that felt the dt-tperate end of rt-btllion, and n'.elod
?nd fell with it? people. I ?ee, again, in it? half I
Janian ?tteeti, rolling ?nth tl.e lava of ?car, the ?pur?', of
the mounta'.ii-NorUi erupted upon it walkiLg with al-lost
foarfU and lufrtyjucnt huzza?, up the hlBBShsa of the L'az
ing. 1 tee the glazed fare,, of tho waitii.g pn?o_er?, tit
the bar? of Libby, whitened with ?orrow, _i?d Ltitic ? ith
the hearup ??f tilt tramp of relief.
And I dare belieie, composed a? I tory to btt> la this _a
11 !..??_.? of Veuice, that what I hear, ?ei*. f?el and think,
make an in'Teuion more fixed and in' r?- wi.i.derful tltn
the last prodigiouf tableau of oui grand war. Think of ?I1
randLitircn1 whoever m bold to rei.d this latter I
how a gt-aerou? and imputit.it paoala lave been coi
quered by de?potltm for .0 long ana burning yeari, a-, d
awoke only yecterday with e?ery glori?>ui ei"otittii a.i
?wered by complete and abaolute rolBllttent Thinir,
altK), that'th???e peoplo had biM'ti independent aiid fomett 1
for 80?y4?ar?, that their tran?ition iiom ladOMailSMI i ?
alftvery waa not made by oli.w M0B4sMaa,
which prepara the nixk? of ir.cn fur th .
yoke, bot by a luddcu leap from glory t?,
?haini. "With araenal? all bu?y, like your? at C'liarleitmri,
or Brooklyn-, with beautiful mansi?E?, like P'lfth-avc'n.
freih from the ?ton?-( utter, with ?hip? OB the ?ia a hi?,
tivifygrv-aai and vivid t<> it? last i?age; banker? and ?pieu
lator? ardent ai in Wall it., and a flag whoie tlutter in
the wind made every man thrill, like tl.e unwind,
ing of our pale ?tar? and purple ?tripas Utasa pruud peo?
ple wc:e handed away into ?ervitude aithout thought or
warning- " without a n-ckoning. ?cnt t'i their aciouiit'
The ?tr.'iiisTT'? ?oldiers ?ei/ed upon ti.t-.r ships and
church??. He mounted guard i.jK.n ihe,r Vktfl an.l
bridge?. Ile introduce- the severeit law?. -I,.? li it-dad
men ti ?t ti.ey have no volition nor influence. Heplajadoo
their holy holiday? hu own imported air?. And ho dratted
theo, iuto hi? Brniiof. Judged them by Lia jud?r
threw Uieui luto duDgeon? if tLey ?histiered.
Thi? ft ran (ter, mtireover, wa? of ?ucn blood,
temperament and education, that he had not one
?ympatby iu common with them. Ile wa? a cold
tacna, palo-faca t niau, and to their warm In-art? and lunny
?pint?, oppoted a nature of phiegi-, oMaBSSBBB, WBSSTO,
ice. He only reasoned where they felt. He ?poke in
monotone? where they wonWt axprm with lightning and
thunder roar. Hi? preaeaee wa? a perpetual corp?e to
them, and that dead, fish eyed, ?tony <*.l-?>ae. their matter
and companion. No novel nor apottrot.hr can tell how
these bound bodia? of Venice felt the awful clammyne??
and repulfion ot ?hu AuMrian rule. Thi? be?utjt.l city
m the ?ea waa like the deck ?>f bv? ih.p to the An? ient
Manner, whose daad crew looked up tLrougb freeamg eye?
and euraed him.
Think, alao' yon of the Great Republic, BO keenly ?et
.itive to what men write and say of your iou_try t iu?titu
tit.n?' that ?carcely were the bayo?vet? cf their conqueror?
familiar to the people of Venice, thai, ?cholar? and citizen?
ot neighiiroring oi remote nat;ons I it lately their equal?
aid nval?, cuni to a?*?e their ?hame end ce'ebrttt? it. They
w?ik??d down the ?i-lendid .frretche-J.tii' oi Vai
1~1? or ?iipercihou?iy, and made ii? power and ?AWlui* the
aubject of their aong?, dramas and orat.oL?. It wa? a? if
New.York or Hofton were luddenly tened and deteerate?!
by the Englitiiman or the hpamaid, and tli.r.iJ or ?wandy
touriit? among M wrote hoohs and letter? frotn the But?
tery or Bunker Hill, dincnbing otu monnmaBts ando.r
n.itery. All thi? th'* ir <?:. ?._'! women of V. nie felt ?.,
th" quick. 'I My wiii
I,. "I
ti-Hry, thiir conqueror? baili fvrr Bga_Mt them a I-Til tHy
to ilrinii tin- r.-iMLTi? i-f !'i. ii nil,i?. Ttiry (.'H'* I'm I I?
.?i ?-I .v.-ii. TI,'- iBxaa -MTB |.I --ra applied to
i .ni t!,< :n l-TBTaf Y i t v?llh ti.i? ('..illili lli.-iil i h |x 'litu .ii
ii!.?I 1 ?t ..lunn, Iii. \ (I,?J I,., li,?li hi t ?if ?III ??If llillteiri
" ?xi'li-, I, II II,tu im III linn.ly ilcsj'iir. Tba I, K
'? :)' c1 Minn ilii'.n li w i ?i,"I cxunpli n ,if LtmitifBl t-'uliii ?h
mid evcrl-Bing dr-, otu:.. I? s.irn.i ?I. thoy wafi -ti I >. ?
Ticir li?i,r!H. Al ?'Vi rv i I'liiin Hn-y runtied lo Rn'i.n
It.ey gre- m brotherlylirre UM oldertbargrrwR-BBI
tyiaoay, No braro'i dagger! reraoRBd ti,cm. Ooea
.?iiir mu? Indomitable patriotiam were 1-air apoeale. Anti
it ?<? happened ti.at tlit? benigBity tad wiadoia whi?li
?husten iiiitu tu ji.Htin- hi,?I M'tri'ti, |niri(iai Vtnifi? U>
nobler rliiintii-K. Hi-r ur.stc nicy. RRMMd to labor, grew
DOM ai,?l halujeea. Bet c? iiiii.?'i i? ii?(d lo lini.ircr, Riib
?i i.i.il t< i!. !? it uti' in ?tit-Til titn'ii it (.boole" c(iiiif>,
?mai be "! i? It-'t? r MRl t! IO t?.'i bad kiidfii. Thcrifore,
V. i, ii is today a ?ltv lilli? i Icil is the light of BMden
repuMicai.n-m, muted In one .o___a____fi_ ?li-mrc, the
lu?! but ?lin- of tbagrant nonicipal repon-!??if Iba Bo itk
totoragoita exclnalve ambiti?s, and aaaairt to the it..?t
oin rum ni Minting ii.oi.iiK iiicnl gort ru?nente.
Yon arc with mo, tln-r? !".-(-. an tl??r? burt Ai.?frtnn Irii.n
tt..t titi.i". Hie i ml towan! ti,e Adriatic, Wa kata baan
IcrOM IhBBTBBl I.' -bardy plaina, fi-rt-11-wilhclive
and B-Ibanr, DI M ai.d rise,.? great dewy baais, daas m
n. lataina, far of tipped with M.??W, but nearer dyed la
UM Itali.,n .loud.?, ni.d M Inn wc have puri+cd the tail
- ?I*, ?A i,on? II,iiriift.cn are lion* only fraaSBRi rank
with mriiu-c hie, wa ihool apon a nrosprel roaebiBg doun
.uni thi north of a luke like ?m l__uid ttst, parting like n
liluo-vciiji-.l bond Hie Onabed mid squalid Alp?. 'Ibu* k1
ka of darda, tba Large?! M ibi ???ft .?tuan?? "f
Italy. Bl beautiful ii? h: v, aid ii,?,ru 11MIR any ____?____?
rund by battle. Tbroagh ita long, tapering length run
tbo boundary ii? between. Italy and Aur-tnn. VallejH
beyond it darted sp I? Iba iidaa of it.?' 'I .? IOIBM Alp?.
P_t_-c1 willi ii run the river Aili,*?-. "-.h one narrow ridge
of niounlu.L.? liciwi, r.il HI.'I inosl .liro-t loflta
io AUK,,!,, du* . . ?? M i tifio, a ),. H> draadad
"elbowa1 bare ebocked ai rj loRg nottoMiR?
lion "ti li itRRdi in tin* RRgk
' f tba Quadrilateral like ii ?ire!? li of tba hfigbt. ?i r?ky. _
reheat Hgbtai ga (ai f
oppoaiBg oationi wenl cm-ina
opon i;. A m?.ntii ntro tbair ibBndafi broka BOOR ?.i.d
midnight. And at the Muthern tip ol tbi L_ke of Garda,
iow-?f*. ' 1 ,.i.?l tl.cir, ' ?, muuutrtmt,
i ?...?. lika a Ci-tan rillaa-,
undi r i1 . Ita stn eli i n r ide ? iti
? ? o"r i it la iwallRwrd np in moati ,.i,.i baationa,
n imy bri? ki.. . owing about
? I ? a aha]low Mrrarn.
tba Hi ?It'i-liiaiii. ??i
IJu? Kui. ,.I ?1 .! ? .
UM t-ii.th a i ?.ni? ni bill !?> I r
. ii .!,! . y. . a? li.i , !!' .1- the horizon,
ii a rodan, a lunette, a rtfloprt, a tower, alow aig?aag of
!'!??, - I , ?.:.-. , ..I .:.. eye, ?f> it,
- !ri'?|iicnt a? iLe >.. j'iiiato paliaadei
ii.? y i-'" el IM g ?vi-i - - n_| ,--,, r?, ?wt-ll, .i
tall lovat np a ciiti', i'i.d
. tit ;?,u.'.,.i :L,. Tbii m ?M.lfcrin.1. At far,
. a ? l.uu-ti .. .r ; lofty, Boata
AT? ,.:.'l
' .? 11 :i :, ol jour? the irr< ?
i li
di Him.?- iii,,ki - i! IM
nu!..ral . . ? . li * i .. i
Of old ita ae] ?-ut a ban
!i>- w, Bl 1"
w< ik ?ii dating aai
It real Pei r '.
? I ? -
? and
I? .. , , t ?.,
; i obelad?
. i? ..ii IO Hi. ?c ??! iiny
. ?;,' :....? It'?. .
? !?... .!. j ?'
?-?-.. - -(.ii
y ilted by < on . I ?
. - -
"f 1 ?i Bil KA '. I .'.NA, _BB MANTI ?i Oil I R I I
lb < f I?' 1' I ? '
" ,--?!,.fl II?
i .-n m uni
I Iii- M
'..r- II - V!
Defend " '
I beni
tin- nab?
I . I . !t I
I ' ?I ii. Hi? win!?' ?, tli-r vt ,i|i .i
N ' . <!i,|-a l! ?|i.,\l
' ia HII Italian, ?.??ry ian
. III!.? Hann .uni tn,iiiil? :. Y i,,m
? T? rv po :. I??-?:./, ni-.I vi II,.in? ?.! UM ti I :? lb'- M-II IBU ?
., tbal >-ii' '; .' ?I-' ? fcrtl ? i
- H HI li.HiiHl'iri? b! li,til
bole. Th'-v riac from every ?well mil
! ?? ,-? t.i'i.'i. of eui' raid,
wi.ito a.il crim? ii bad ?
ity. Llki a I. rjiaii Mui.d.inl Ixaur, But
aniied, tbeie I -.ward and ?nulliit ard. r-i
on every fillaga lower, M e??-i;. | <?"i. b-aatad linn,,-i.?n -, '
lob a? BBgbl HIKI liffRt llK'.v Daine
above the iforK?* ol' the railwav, fimler tliati tbe Irani tbal
ghdei toward Venii a, laden with the !i-.?t v bit? ' oat. J or
itk-i -blue-coated Auniitiiii? Tbi] . <?v< r ti.? lata di-0ltl-_l
,',? ni at iboBB-ii aula aaifaaary
grave bad vi.'?*? Bird into tri ("'.or??. A! lu-! t.? -, i i t? i li il?
l-line wini! iii "i lilil?, the twin -onetae. of MaRtaa-td
Verona, ?Ld by -tau inniant UhniRRboR __ki inadne-?
?And lao^ter. Dudar UM freol ?BcUolated lowan si
Munlna, under Ha tolemiilT ?rand caaile and palace, fr? ii?
every iiiart'.-l!" m.i/le am! noaay baatloR, idle? lad in lake
and mot.--, tba oolora ol I'udtrmitt abiRB. 'liny ?patifle
ni Verona tbi I-II r?-t_alDiii_ IOILII of Kouicn ami Juliet.
make a aondrom coniice to ita marble auipbitheater,croit
iii Unman play-houie, drape avary toiling mill li the
rlre.tim of ibu wide Adn/e. leap ttloiik Ha i.<rjiaii und !?'U
dal wallfc fur mtu the MUBRl lOWWiOB Ibi ?purti of the
inounlainii, and lo Hie mi.i?i( ?if lajl?rtlil orfratu
t'.ey tm-ind from erery cbiin ti lOWBT? l*"Hu liieiti.-et?
oftboaa lonc'inflering ritiei -traifhtaray Iba j.?-, .j.!,- BBBR
in wild u-clHiin?, beating the re If-MUH- TJA ibol of imle
peiideni o liny ??our ii !" tim desolat? i itadeltand battei iel
nu'! lix the In-? ??lot a! tba mil??le of e?< :v gua It laai Bl
t't ti'.?* flaK-staff. It 1? a B'lrpeoii? i urti.m st ev.-ry port?
hole. Mot bera and their babea (owe fortb, vet ?bite with
th?i rttriiKajleof child-hirth, tbal IOBa faint liare of the
haj.py hour uiay drop iii!?'tl.(-t'lu?- '.?(-? and dwell there
forcier. While HHIH with ?..arlaiid?' HOfR and nil Hie
trarni M>')i,tHiieity of the Soutli. tim older ?Hie? tbim t!.<
fame of (hr lit acknowledge Hie indelibli love ?>f ra? a ainl
eountiy. lba tiB-Ba*f the baniabad Auetrtao ?r.? ?lnhni/
with ttie erx-ed o! _M_M an?! ti he! arouB. Iba be*d Of Ibi
Adnatie. They ice the (in?-? I her could m-ver win la
love iheui tba BattarlRg - tioi tbal Iraatr, l?r.i?-. and
BaRRBR could uot keep cnuatant-unroll lb?' eudgR. woran
ni BBOrat, vtl.i-ii'M-r ti.?-y pBM ?>r MOM, VlCW-M tiinpii it
imni bar ?'.eii'ier Hjiin-ii. PadMdragM witb li !),?. toaba
of Aiiienor ai,'l l,i?_\. It I. I I.? I IO M . ".*, Iba m.un?
bind keep of Von iaa, ni, i Baabad li it?- *. b*ttie>iiRnal ts tom
tint mmsftty -IBBBWay Uiat touch? . Ihn (Vi.'-eu City ol lb
You who have bi-eD in Veutce will be irlad it' I MWCBCd
la rei-alliiiK it to you BRB?R 'lo y<?u win. have not BBBfl H,
let mo ?bow from this lORg BB-SeWRy. M Iri'iii.eiit m batti -
r,e?, bndi/??>, lind dabajflMg pate?, that na, k at nitervalt
down it?? tim milei of rail? niiil arche?- a city lal low and
level in the ?bullo?' tea?, amid a boa! oi lalata. Beyond
it, a mil?' ".* Bkoca, ri-ai.-li golden ban o:. ? in? h Iba Adriatic,
breaks, aeudiiii. tbrouirh one ?ile and lila ral efBTMBBa
I piantiful tids, ruflad by none of tba iton_? beyoadthi
I bar, yet BdaMBta l'?r nail???, <'i'u now, wh'-n wa bn.lt
drep and mighty UriaIbBOB. In thu pant, lbrough tbal
1 taii.e cbiitiiifl, poured (.'?illey? of war, lu nt OR tt rtam vic
I tory, tbaapotlol Hi" Kit?! drinTii tliroi.;'b it. dri'pp? ?I ?ii
; yoi.der sul'lly llghtad Olia] .-. and ? lien <t woke in ? .rim al,
, its lampa weru lil?? the riral o I | m bli
' place to n.al, i S_BC tba paal LagUM. No ?tym our
, weet rereinble? it, BOM iii all the BiOBI ttorld. \',\ out ,?f
it? itolation came BO inelniicboh nor idmiyui ra-i
iti wave? no damp and disease. It waa beautiful 'in it? -I!,
in iii people, iu iti melting ekie?. So BOM it aim? to
lit?ht, a? we travel lowanlit. BDORg lace? lang in ?.nie.
thrilled now with the aaaaBRfaa of it? dory. Wbile
in its poiltioQ tiliiiji:??, m mere tOpoglBMical outline
t atronnly raao_Mai ?New V?.rk. Mmiply tap-r
ii. lowanl !!.. p, ,. a wideM !?i UM Wi-?t,
?.i.d a line drawn aloiifr Kourtii-ntb-st. from tbi Knit lo tba
North Kiver?, will b?ave ?outh of it the ihape and the
i uperbci'ii. very nearly, of tim Italian ?lhuhatlau. 'Hiere
l.i alao a diitinct rieor cliaiinel between it and the uland of
(liudecca, it? Jener City and Hoboken, and oft iti great
D'iral araenal, at therurge, ?Undi the uland of San Pi?tro,
a ungular reproduction ??!dur (?ov.-inor t Ihland. Hero
ti" p-Mllel ende, for New-York in one ?tamh ?aland,
at iDamg bold and rocky, while Venue i* a colleenon of I K
it rta, divided by 14'.' canal?, connected by .1*0 bridtre?, and
piTccd by !a'.o^O inlii.it.'lv narrow and laliyrintbine ?tr??eti?.
Almokt every toot of the city ii built ipo'ii pile*. Kach of
ill liS.000 boiiae? i? wai-hetl by the ?i ?-?-Mer, an?l of Iti
13t'0?0 people n?it one ever r?de upon wheel? down tbe
ma uland of bis city. Making a broad ?piral ribbon of
bin'-' ?ea, thrice II wide ai I.r??ttdway, tliroiiph the loni,'e,?t
diafcieter of TB_iao, |'?K??ea the Orai.d Canal, the mo?
woi lerful water paiaonima in the world- in BO de^rc. U_a
the lull brick facing* of the Kleuuah and Dutch eily
ca?.i .'a, but a highway to marble BRlaoaa, ?Rio wblab ure
buri-ed the dreg of a'Southern ann, autl all tbe flonduei?
of tl.i? Ooth blomw.m? in their architecture Three budge?
oiily-roi? thu (?rand Canal, two of tl.iin pcaeti-k1 and
mi'dn-n, the middle bridge, fumed in all land?, i? tbe Ri?
alto ?high arch wai oi ihopa BRd mulltiti.de??, under whi? b,
like (''K-ile (/?.(odife?, gOMolu about Ihiif Ii.akiiof ett-t 1.
Dpon .'.?,, o tbi re ure*.".) I
1 . i? ' ea i . . -./ . HoBt o! Il.eiu ?I II ?,
tve batta (be oay ?ln?ri
I. :
Mnrto Tin? | ia//a i?i like nothing in America. From
tf.> ?tjt <>f I'e'rtir. li, ni,o lum! it i! toe ittt | luitrvt'l.
It in | grOBI oblong s.|ti..ri', Ml lect loi.p I I 330 I'? t that,
I?-' I ??uti l.'un I'loi It? ol' inutile, MMSBB- "li tlir?-"
?-ni? H lu ii marlilo |..il,.i .., tin < it with lou art lett. ?Mtt
H'.?I?A IIII.I.MI eales ami pplei.diil ?hopa ..I' jew? Irv l.fin.iili
ti.? ii iu.ilonthotliirilfii.il' t.r, rvitl.tr, at tht? !iiail tif it,
the ('uti,( dial i f SI. Mark, the ??Iron of Venn?'
'.I?'ni.ti plentiful of d< ii ? .?, lb.? ru tioett if not th<*
urtht r. HfioM ?tiitic (? in the world. It? furo it SOfOSS tin?
ttttt iemmt of St. Mark, part of the plunder of the ('rti
WKI(?, ?lid from the pa? ed ?piue h-fore tbem, ?et annie,
BB BB liol to BMI ths pir-pcctive, rime tho great Campa?
nile, t.f t."|| lavar, nearly a thouaaiul year? old and to tho
bight of 3?0 fiet - about twice that, it I du not mistake,of
Trinity C_-!_h on Itroadwuv. A ?econd tower near by
holds a zodiacal clock, rung by Moonth giant?, and facing
it from the ophite corner of tho i nu/.n, n ach.-H at right
ar.gli? ()uite down to the harbor ?ide, thopiaiotta of kit.
Mark, a m,aller ana, flank? d uilh the IJoi*?*' Talac?*, a
gr.u (I edifiie, many-hued. btulf on pointed arche? and
rci.rhirig on it? further end along the splendid quay. Thtr?
?to? tta i? clortd, alfno?t at the witter'? edge, by two gran
it?' column?, each of a singlo ?toni?, graft, _, the one with
a ?tatu? of St. (Ipori/e, tb>? otk? r ?ith aw ingi ti lion. (!??
ing down between them, m pint time?, the hoary Admi?
ra,.- l.ni. D4 ? n (fi. ort( d t.. tlieir gondola*, followed by tlio
anxious D' gc, and ?ailed from tho tory shadow? mf the???
column? to tiglit oui tho i|iiarn-l of tho rcpulilic on distant
?ea?. Behind the dural palace are the prisoner?! ol' *?ta'.?,
whose outlet i? the famed Mudge ot higlm, ,,( late the
M pult ton of the Italian patnotn. From this Mulo, or
State (pia y the I lew I? wonder lill ol' the donn? and cain
I nuilee ou tnreo opjarmite lilandn, and the broad bluo path
of the canal?, plowed with ?witt gondolas. Parriown the
uland (? the anenal. tvli.-ro the Venetian? Otted out tlieir
fleet?, a? Panto deserili? ? then)
Tin? l?. Venice, a labyrinth of islands. BitoBSB, church?!
foi.i,(i(d by fugitrvc? who grew up wa-dcgH, and are now
lo i' ushered into the tiint ?lav of independence).
From tins 1MB ot San Marco, ?A here the Stammte so "'t
caine durn to bin?? the Kiirrngnt.?, Tortor? und Worden?
of the Republic, a ?oldier in the eky-l.liie tout of the
Austrian, ?ailed "ff, on Frul.iy, the l'.ith of l.Mober, to
ion a ship, ? I? *". by, bearinj; a yellow and ?alile flag, .-III
I .-.ni H ii mt!. __ ?ugle. It ?Ans the la?! Austrian l!ov
? mor of Vi nice, the In?! (it .?1er of hi? mee, (?eli. Aleinaiili.
'flic i|iuiv vast-fWMd with people; [tri?natlone! gloria,
latin s, old men. Taral uiaili'a aili-nt path ttirongh them
to the vv.itor s edge, ??hence |te..??etl tho Austrian, ab? ?ird?*?l
ii...II of iron gray, full of tboftS outw.irt, ,'raet H which .ire
leaned io bia militari sehoolj aaaoa mee tooti BS_H___4
Ihs ?i?? ? iitii'ti ol Kaee-th or Garibaldi with ipnot di.nity,
ni,?I go to lu d tht?renlter without Natone. Ile nn'1 hill
?ih'i ?i.i.l ?lU'iitly sailed amy the aif-t preceding
m the .lilli, new. and nithont ol.?. nBtto., tpttt all of tin?
?toini uiin imiMii'M? uiiieh oben orton srttko-l MSSMB
?tul (-.i. if,.? injusto e with th" deportment of a dniien.g
master, he his caadoto peasee? off to ratoosl Us hal A
?lient ???lung of hniKlkeii lu?-I? ttttt ti.,- ,piay |?it< hi in
! re i II. '1'hen.i lias M regret in the ?ou! ot .my man or
?' mun thus saluting hi ni. tv? -pt the natural ?oleiimitv M
this pol't" bp liku.g of oin.iii? Htid Mt fln?h of l n iiV'in
tempi r?..| Mt nu in?tatlt willi the Htidtleii somPteto-SfOB of
its grave r-pOB-ihlltli- His gondolier landed him, still
?.iVi',g Ins hand, upon the di c1, of an A nit ruin ?hip. One
gul) ?I .'led Oler ti..' I,i.Ii .ititi \ I In..ii
tamed no M'lilier save her own, BO law luit ths lr??- !.. I? -
vior ot h< r people, no fl ._ of .un d?'?igiiati?>u.
The nitr. d ,t'I'm to this siit-nt ?.?-in' bat tMBOPirod :?.'
flawm ut. m. thlh i ot Kampa, Kinp? roi .?i
I a' tin? writing, h.iil '. ?i t. r-..-iit-.l .iit.r Mt Mtt
batlle of the war, alni mint.'.. .1 V?fti?f away from UM
I?.III.II,. \\ hat w.u.' hi? iiiti-iiti.iiia t?ti iii'l it W" ti" v."t
ki.i w I'liiiinifin tiff.?in \ i ..iii; ' riled I mi to r. ?(.ire it'o
the people t.naelvi . t_is had bees dom- in a< .?minmi
bott I on the (?rund Dana), will. SMM If* (limn .?lie ml Ihit
t(*"*l(:i t..' put of tha Rl .. h (? in M1 reeemiig It, ln
? '?> th.. -i.,!) ..i Sapotes
i ni V.-iiio-, il.-|.-, , hri. I.
led, mid null ml. , ?p. .eh. 'I in' \.i!i?iii.il (leard of
\t nu., for B fe? ii.om.iitt.il? lei:? tool ehargs of the
tow n.
1IKKI RI SCI. BSTWBBJ I Hill I*, ,\SI) l'KI-4? in.!..
In '.? i '. ' DO maa!) apology
lorsevi Mises lo M l_e tfrssjeh ruler to i
? I inli ti it!i to ;i ?Jp r.-tnlnition tor UM in t "I
hi? great _m .?for in M Iii M \ ??:.?. .<. int.. ria. I . ?
I ?.I thro? . oil ti.? Ucbt yoke rH ti a l)..i-.' ami ?bow ? I I
tin? all. ol I ... N
to I
?I? ali.I
I '
?Bible ef
Ira iMapoltson'i katoreeaaioa, nil.?? Be SMBSJI to
r..r. t
I illa be
lint n.'t .!" and I fas
i . :?-. tu-, u.U. .i . I
liku Au- It '
it wo ihl hav. .it '..
?.ty tim?:
" I k,pt Venue ?? lor.?- I | I I I ? ? ,?.
l.?*r up, I art i? - lo lha i-t-npi,- ?;.
v.l't.i or bar. f_i? i? not ? f . ? ?ill ^ir?
..' i
'l to .
:.aie in It I
ia I f ml Unit " BkJ mk
Till I 'I ?..*.? ' I Of Hil KieilM.
~I'lth till? 111 Ititi I
pan:si- a 111.uni l,t IO
;nti far ana?.
I "H ?tfi retui ? . tailed from
New-Tot- ?:i ' . Hf ' "i. ?i'h bim ins ii.itx.riHi u
a.ni iba i.iMiioii to h"'i '?: li ?
ti ai.tl Mor.ti wMsk-t? .npa-t.-il Ile na* I
i lol !<??"!? ?ors ali-K.-n-tl iii li I
thumb i of tie Bee Id-pill ii? s g UBI H"?> ?tu.Id we hu ?.
i bad the War ..ft: i '.. I to art
thro-.igh al; the vn ni i. .-.- "I" t t- gtof] we hive
? |hf l"r. ?i? toro I mi
q t. ri.!, of Ibl ?ii''?* ?i- h i- v ,ui'?tt we
I'.ivi- ii,ml? ol UM 1'Ml'' ? ?.? I? i.? I?.un hrave to do. o!
the Illtllie ?e l..i?. ? - SSB ?nd llir?.
Tat. Itoaeejftj we feeiei et et o_ifts_eo, Ye_ioehas
l,.-eii I,um.d anil (lining til tin? while "t bitten.
volt, l !""il, net. ii |tief, ii.itrt!?''*? she bat t lui ? with the
tenai-ily ol hie t?,? ttje remembran?.?! o? htogtorj Bad the
resolottoa of reelstaM ?
\? toa this AiiMr.ui. iloi-e-nor took bisshsdow t'om bfr
qiiSV, lu? ?in! fvt.n, her vTBtBfB, a poms l.ke . ?."h li.?
mstinsBS. Hin itsth. tj_B-i- The stotts ths p.?f.ei(a,
iii" Hiinii.-a. lbs hoaoa t .; ?, wert Utod aita j>?*op].i.
'iw.-niv tbo-saad ?ttatotl tbers, ii ? bewiloer.
Ii .-?it ' Nut i?:. ....r liol't th" a-at'-t, not 11 ) pee*
i: . 1. i. DO toll MMI tod, BO i'*?-r, BO] la i?h. n?.; t.-evij ?.i
.. k the ?oleinn vucilit panie
hudticii,i, lik" a iiAfiii ?if the sjBsetf-tn. a tri soler 1st
ran )?p IO the fttk "( t'r" Cf BBB"0, A groi.;? "f i.?-?t
war Uiin.iitel ihc harbor li.'iili.? ne, Hie p .
gre? wiiHe uii'l th'ti'l'Toi ?. A fl?'ld|? ? c n Hu- I',?,ra
BMvtrei thoo buck. Ti.. . broke the stBMf
of Iii" p..?.; le. N\ ith a ?bout lile lbs tullvn. of Ihl ? Bj ,
the? titi in'." e M I. "''.it I ai.i.".
Kt moment ol ?ittoiy, no SSJeattoa Ir.?HA iiagfSfe or
ti." ivrai . , -' eui" 1 ..?-. r IO _M lill" lb_l ?.?cue-'I li?- ki?t?i"
if iii'-n on np? ?ml ? totkS- 'b' 11.?pi:,j? ot old, tootb
iteOjd] ???.??'I fatliiu? lo tbf ii:::.a ?! t'.i'-.r ?tr"lig,
reepiif SOBS ths liftlof ol rt
sodoTei ??rain, in t lion, to th? c!it..-?? of
-re?- ti." embratriog,is oat ko_f,srdeot ?ahbi-f
trauapi.it ..! tmotlOD. ol UtOtJbBCB, sisteis, -Tul ii.oth.-r? o!
faded baits-tbs kneeling ol Mlharcbs OB too ?t.ine?,
i.iiiiiMii.e.l. r.i.?:ni?' to th" ?Lr their pine.e.I pa!:'.
eii.liiaiitiL' (?I n ho"i-i liil'lr?'ii. li"?'!" BBS- bj IBS gIMt re
. igoition "I t.loot--the sostoejr "t ssreettotrts,
m who.ii et en love wa? co_?]aorod bj tree
dum. stleBtlr, -**-11 : i Mded hosto looklM
?t the ?tf.-ii'i liBg dist ii ' t "f i be banner. Thoa ft.BSB
.i.ii'i great goiiiiiloi. sUret iti it ?i.rated Ihl p*
?,/, otbei and s u i at tim:- ?wm _. lo I M - sekine. Lue
the riiil.in? "t ?pint- km*. I nta, a Hair f.-lloier
. -, .ii putiil in ti., i t?' A lia?; ?. lied t'.e topmost dom?
ot Hie t'atlie'lral. Thi Ikuc t? l'?l??30 I.?ti?' a bBfS bal?
cony oi i".uti!... l.i.-ii-1 -aft m tue harbor, a? II h..!?tiiig
?all, ?Ai op the nstiojvjsl standard. 11 trent like a human
preeetice up the Grand CanaL Ths most stoohoi and
paltrj ? ana * srors ? saosled mt!) it. Ko hal so i?? >r bt.t
itebowi - ral (. _ No ama so eoU hut to ast-o
? i ' *> bul one ("ttrdtiial, hiinielf an It al -
.? ,1 .,1 ?A bo. "'I ol In? liftlerte??. in
Batir? said rage, rather than ia ( btiatian lore, set ??ver lu?
linn ti,-i'"!'ir. t" biiigcr than ft paper m rap of
papal iMi?i??-i-. Diwrtiy thors was a m?h of fouag im-u
into his hall, ami mer h;? windo? -?ill they ?j.r??d the
battle st.u,iinni of theosooassuuieated King. Now the
lu- 1? began lo pla) m the ?nat ?nerablo chun-hc?. IIar:>"r?
rtatole forth amlitru? k the note?of lianb?ii(li a
The ardent tlious?:itt Ml into lui" mid echiied
tbf refrain, n? if lha Uoa "i ht, Mark srors rooriag in the
?mast Oat ol tooBtldge ??t ?M?to th?? lag o? emancipa
lion t|.??t".l. 'ih"? ?tu.? I? 'li.. Lu.? froiii tbf Anitn.in
tliinpioii? and looiened the bot.d for countr/'s ??ke.
AIH.V)- tti" lung deirraded Ar?eli?l the ?e? breeic'lifted the
DOB and welcome en?i?,n. It tipp?*?l Ihl Kialto like a blo?
Hi.mirig keyitone. Through the c!o?e butine?? thorough
li:?- if the Mercer?a it made a ?olid roof of gieen and enm
MII. It ?hook to the rriMitcd jliaotolfS ol glad csiinou,
an.I ?eilt in interminable ptoeSBB?BB aero?? tbepi?7/a,
i.iiiipi. and mt" the dark ?IHIUSIOII of the city. A? If by
it? UITIM ation hrBn? band? Started np to hail ?I. Their
? l.iiiiroi ?a? like the BOftaSSS "f HU S t?i the great lurbii.
i jin- ihsj sonUsed. Ko thiel la lbs eity thoBk'ht ??f
pi-.nder now. Ko pedigree ar?te to any mimi, deatoefBtie
m the general Joy. And ia tbs pitch of the haMnasaa
crj ranorertbe multitads, "Out atun is mm mg down
th.) (ir.iml ('amil ! '
The railway dep4it lie? it the Westen end of the Or?nd
('iinal, r"l!."t" If' ti? 'h' i)'-?" - f iltl S. Thither denccudt'd
troin the trains, ??if OB the letr. Htiiig?tr?*.iln "1 the Au?
tn.tn?, th.* bait- ii,?irk. ti ?oldiei? i f th,, kihcdoiii. I-OJ
lUlfltlhcir head tut. military I uni? in "ontlolai Iva
lliid t.ime thu btiiiul ("im "I UOa i'lHltliiii, . u?er?*?l with
oaoaoBtto__ I-SBisha BaitoajalQ-aiBl of Venice followed
D iiir.i?, llrrse ri.fises.le of infantry-of-the lum,? ngi
menti I IterMglien, and I ? oti.p, ny of S.ipj t r? hut cm
I ni kfii, with t!ei. It'?? I, the nea tfotettot, .it it* ?r h> ?vi
'I i n .,?.! ti .it i . rj titln H knew, tIn ? ?l.-?. 11 ih-ii th- rich
I . . - ?. ' ?' o?t i< .1 it; on UM in.
I tinline
?i> aal i ... ii.,t< rr. T :. re .*? ii
no color? lin the home of Count Chamhord, Uie
BoorbOR heir to Iba Kuli, li t' run.', or Henri Cinq, a? he
i? ?all."I. Hut from the home ..| tho Koscnris, from I?onl
Bri-R'a lodgl-RB, tram tbo laaideRoa of H_f_iR?tbo last
, ? the I>?,g?-H, t!,?- .',,|orM and w? I? oin?'? MI, n* from erery
oth? r ? arvid door, upli? Id by ?nilling aumt caryti?le?,
1 m Booti m ?rm?, gBBrded by wing.??, lion?. At the
I'alacc (iiiirtiiiiiuii tho Aim ri? itn Consul unrolled the
Klag of the Aincilean Union, (len. Cuildiiu aroee, and
r, ii,- -. ?d lu? hot to it, at did all hu ?taff. Tho regiment*
a? they paemii gave it !.. arty rivaa. From tho Rialto an
ag?d ('??tinter? d'sccn?lcd and decorated tho hat of (len.
lietel w'th tho battle flag of Venice in the rerolt of 1849.
1 kept mv place upon this eelehrated ?riadnct, and ?aw
?o.iJicry ib hie ben? ath ino, with all the entbusiaam of the
au-OB pwplo. They went like a oarniral of the past un?
der tho marble wallH, a procession of glory come back after
long ?auJenng. Their IIIIIRIC waa not of victory, but of
happiness. It waa no national ipeetaclo, buta human ap?
peal, lu autiful a? tho sky above and worthy of tho fame
of IM ancient, Kepublic. Arnrutat the Piaiza of St.
M.tiV, the ??lilian were reviewed. When they s.'pped
??ut of line tb? y ?oro embr?f?'d by tho people, who con?
tend? d with each other for tho privilege of entertaining
thom. The only manton I nan untouched hy this beautiful
reunion wa? nn Kiigliihmun, who Mid: "Oh1 ya_! ya?!
I .in MI j ' but the . ity will sadly mi?a iti Austrian cus?
tomers, you know!"
That night none ?tcpt. Two bran? bandi on the Ducal
S'i'iare made uiiiai?: rexpomiv-y. It waa camiral to illu
initiation?, rockets, choruses. Kvery citnen currie?! on
hi? breiist or in hu hat the label "Li " (or " Ye? "), which
referred Ui the approaching plebiselte or vote,a? to wheth?
er or no Venue should annei he-?If lo tbo Kingdom of
Italy. The whole city during Ihree d.ty? did not caat a
?ingle "No.'' Tin? jubilation wa? kept up all the week,
and the Sunday ince? ? dmg, a day beautiful even iu Veu
ice, waa holy al aoiship in ita opon air thanksgiving.
There wen immediate reeull? in Venice beyond the un?
rolling of flag? and Iho crying of " ^iimi, MfMiAmi !"
In UKI Iir?: pl.ii'i?, tbe spy ?aumin <t, the A nutr?an patrol
left none to hold hil box or beat; the menacing bold
piece, grape-loaded, wheeled away into tho moro con?
genial tyranny across tho Adriatic. Then tho pa??port
lilli?'?.? feil iiivrar?!, like a min, and we bad paul for naught
to have ountc Ives de?, TI bed vrith all our rednmlanry of
BOOR, retro?(?sion of chin and forehead, and elab?ralo di
ti,ITMlooa of esr. The niilwa- tnnc-*able? over all Vene?
tia were iinm??<liatc|y corrected, at a gain of 15 miles
per hour, at a dimiu.ihed fare of half a cent a mile, and
at a total abolition of custom-house and i?n??port sto(>
pages, ?uch of thc-m com oriel np, only the week
latfore, two hunts ileii'iiii.'ii. luiiiii'diatcly, a? if by the
magie talisman of Aladdin, all forbid?lal and ?equestered
haunt? of art, glory, learning, threw wide their gatd.
(lallen?? and nr- null,, long of ?lilli? ni! und suspicious hoe
pitnlity, cried .tb.ud, ?'t'oui" in ' Thero i? nettling done
within u? that Kni.doin ?ill uot ?how '" Tho wretched
l'o?i Ollie", Iba cur?? of the traveler and tho ciri/en, felt
the breath ol' Hope and Faith, and straightway it? tardy,
e.iv.>sdrop|iiiig and Jcsuitu-ul couru re became winged Mer?
in net. So tattara wer? read by the way, as by ?ome mail
roMwr in tl??> dark, nor any letter or n??wspaper ?-up
pri????tl. ?.n?--, trusting, ardent, tin? white reams flew
from cent -rio frontier, KM ul their almost nalbia trunn.it
prit st "ml reactionist looked pallidly and bitteilv, as did
old woiin-n nini f.inu? re in Pennsylvania at the telegraph
wires willi h blute?! iluir ?-ropi. I'tmtography, liku a
itronger, VBIMOf ?nurhine, threw its strong. iiiip,-hibablo
?h Amort aran ? bora, ?.> lb!H you BBRM imy I >am?l Mamu,
or Joeeph Munni, or Arc/sen i, at Sa ti i. or what your
eri I'oiiin! wortti) . for Hie r-iimi'ri BRU adjudge.l hythe
Austrian? inoro .1 .i? obin than the pr.-s.?. Tiny could itBira
nun's iniii,l? ?o tt.h! tiny tlionbl not r?.id, but how, "li I
Holy S?-?-' ?hall wo make ? Id .omen .uid babes callous to
lin? tu. line "I (Innbalili mile??? we pul out their phiMi.tl
eyes? III-IM?', iii'in her i-?-? ret drawer tho Venetian maid
brought the features o( bar re?l-ttiirt?-'l lover and ki"?? ?I
li.rio. Th?< ??eilig Ui.'ii t"?k from the ?ryst-l of bMt scale4
watch the iiiiniuliire >>! Weneitli and ?ore it on li
"H. f .1..-. ph Mu/.im f' I saul to a
? I? .il. r ?Ul the I'I.I//...
" Oh ' y<?, Signiere, but old a? 'I'J, wheu ho was umoug
, . II III.?' Ililli ''
" Onie' How mm!| I? it ' '
j ii?tihitif. or what you
will. I? pu?. ? | i ?tr?nier wWI him. Adnu."
And' u, in s L.ilid? were bifiu.s ?lilli'
mciiibr ...
Dar. ' lb.' -?. ?i li.i|.?burg ' Lal it a?i?l to thy mm ? *
I' - . mlil.-il it again? I th??*. 1-BO
? I tin ?lill? billi? d.'parte.l, lo
innig down io?l? nerv iightiiiiig? Cri?e of imp? aad
'l?-til?' banker? ot abo very ballot? of l.'.i if?T,
Ihn | srled? of It.-li li! II
.h>? (. apoR it? ? ii?'i i
i II d ill; pit|H r? li??- up la ?I nu i',
tiiislle ?I'h lil? gram ami Iel al'. TbOJ HI Kihi, BR?
?tamtM'.l mu? by Iba tea tlMiusnn?la, on C*mp*\Rm,Mtrf?t
i ul It.. \ '?..-.ii .li..,i?io Baa-a sad t-ottoce; perrli
ourl.'!?. pandora's plagu?? are 1.1 lo?,le, si
l_?l?er iii li (li? n ?trni'g?' lb it i! ?Iiouhl be new! lil
tour .yr? ?ho will read it ' a erip? le?! boy trui.?Hot lit"
'h'- liritii?! Plana; yea, bard by NI. Mark'? gum Casilicu,
a table and a chair and a groan of Bible?, he tnrui up their
lh< n.u.hine a B4 peupla srad Ultim with f? ar. fae
' '"'?'i- II. thrill, IfBaa Wi UW ___iaii.t T_. Ni*
T.'.iiiiii ill I I.?' (ioapel Ari-orriln, lo st. Umrit- Tbe Metok
of! -minion 1'rnyer ' KBT 7B yeal. It ha? been a criine Bj
eipoa?- tlii-ae iMM.k? in Iba put'!!? |.'..,'. ? ? ! V. - H
tio-t K.! Of be 'hey ill. l-OOdMR ?ni* '-f theiii. Uki
l.utbei :
If notl. a. ik it wHlt-darei
If lumi . ?oik t will |. uah, mr?' '
? - - brohea ; tbe imsulaoi and Iba
i of the people bae__M valid .Riaayi ??! DBRI
Ko! "iilv i? there kiiullii-r hoipitiiity. Bora
honeety ai d proa ptRoai la OoreraiaRl errands, but the
tat?oni un ?i? bad ??. th'1 Ne? -
. i.rk coa? li dru ?.!?', r??c? ive their miniminu of fur- w ith
? itaatroteat IfBMtooaa drirao orai] hatband ORR AM
men? BMeeoraRlMgSrrt mest and ?weet. The aatioRal
mauiier? i bul g?- I??r the bi'ttei. at lu, ti s f.u .-? ebRRfB from
IVoarR to liii-rr.iii? i.I. and it I? half Iho happiuess of the
Ii?,li ol the I'h ?!.
THF OM ( l'hT()_18 (IF VBfirg RFVIVFI?.
While lh*?e tr.ati-nal good thing? come at ?inc?', there
an? ancien! laetitattotti thal OOBM ba?k ibadov-llka,
i ?IragO'libo. At I o ? '.m k Iba Moor-b fianti la Iba gildcl
clock .!'.?t r rai"- (bail .i "ii II .m ? ?. kB if Oat of the libra
t tie bell rumo an uiUuiti? number of pigeon.e.
'Ibet setile i.ndi-r the ramjiaiiile. and a grare old lady
Raia out to feed iheiu. Ten ibuusand people look on.
No bird of Iba iuulyt,!idc Hi->t?> away empty ou th .
that whirl? them upward. Along the mole of Iba Kira
degji S.-hi?voni. the ?lingett OBRO promenade ??f Vei.i? ?-.
Ino forUddaa BoantoboRki nu?l itory-teller? open their
bo ?ti.? and lift their ton ?.? 'i'hey bosom aud unbo?om all
<l??_r??.'? ??1 hoiror, inaVe loo m tit lo NT-I tlie Smoli, und
???lint lo Hourn wilh mauy au eurn<-st grimace. The
ipil i lid pr<>< ?*Mioii iweepi along, so gay. ?ofree. lodOOllO,
IBBI tbo I'lt.ocetiee of iiiun iciii? aluio-t r.'?t? tad, when
lauibisud ligor? lo'.tered in C'iui|mny. I did not ?eeone lewd
lOOT,ORO i,i,???emly woman. OROl-OWUi I"1? I7_k-< r ti.?1
unbr L??ii canopy of flags Iba Boat beautiful and the most
buBfry ?ei.t lu woudrous hie. wiUi ill the warm contrasts
of gear aud gurh that ?et ?o aell m tin?superb skies ot the
A'iiia'.i? , the head diMaa of I nunton, the ?bawl into which
the ?tart uud tho tied of mid day, the glitt?r of gems and
Ibe Binung?*? ?d' hird? are ptRRgod Baby ?"lue splenilullj'
foftuiIO-! clu-mlslp , th?- tai'?eliilnl .iiit.ru, light as the
? of Mi-nury ??r the benl? of dm es; the bright
biiil? of It?' ai h ii. A.?li ,i- tbo dow ir.Kji. the ebony
tree, ind MBOBOB?BOJ here aiul itu?r<i ?iib lua moiuici of
i aad ila erysUkl ornaaaeata. All tbo opoelaaia waa
warm ai arl in the tt ?[?lean Bo many _dioa had BOt BOOR
m"tv. ii, Iba maota <>! Veoioa tpr BO y?-ars. Ho many of the
ii,?-i ardan bad Barer beti MOR ?t ali. The traRp "t flrae?
tom, like th" tiump of Hid mighty aii.el, had broken the
cat'??ol the p?!?rc-i ..n't il.d the 11 nie, ol venerable re? li:???*.
I.? ui ?le ol bellt ami harpers, on this Mmatof Suhbath
ibu ?, lim city of Veuice, ni ?aiutli caruivul, r?*ti(lc_v?"ie
Ingal Hi? 1'i-irs, poRI-d across the'frei'ucut bridges and Ml
ti,, ???? it ith Ids sur all hreiilh ?mi.'piiplike a bridegroom
lo tin? |.-et of Ma returni'l |R88R In the (anale .li M ii
Maloo, the llaluu ship? were aiichoreil. All day their
gangway planks waru free to any, BOOM dingor IIUM ending,
ami hiirnt ?.vii iRRRara abowa. Iba bras-i gui.s. WOBBO
indinen pofliro in an.1 mit ol them-wooden andiron'
chid, taut, smsrt, or shivi?ri?d in a? tun.-aud ?tern duty for
Iba <!?y bt??.anio only kindliest. lu the Tullin Harden,
which inak'? th'? ?limp point of the my toward the MR,
.Rd Urary like the Hatter;.- at Nevi-Vork. two horsemen
poda ?11 St.i 'lui* attornoou aiim! gi.-.it ?Iclighi lhere
sr.-old men in BBRaaORba hareiieviTH???n ?nv four-foot'-d
be??! but a dog, and these horses ROTO, in louie seule, a
curio! I ?how.
(In the 7th "1 Nov. King Victor Euianiu-1 will make
the .rand entiy into UM Qoeea ?Hy of the Adrialic. Tho
preparation? for this f?tu will out-rival thote !?>r tlio great
feudal ?peela? le of the Buceutaur.
liONU?OUIH'* _0X0-18i.fi.
Veale? our Mother I uaUmml to ?he Sea
i ?A mung ?<i faithfully lung at thy dooli
fu nulli ??' gather our prout ul "tin ki,?-'
Bal-I "!' the breatt of our Fallier to boar
I n ?aurtled uf all but our oar I
( |ii,nr?-_,Sii, id 'urtr.?!" Make WHT liefore I
ll?'iiil la tb?? oar ' Item! to Hie oar !
Munin?. ? of brat cr vi-ai-.
Ilupeful for inoie.
(?ravely we goudoli-Yi Ixinl lo the on'
Fi'wer un? we, ?ince (bey fettered thy hand? .
S ti. in I ni-' I" In t- lli.-e, our l?e?t ar?' hu ni'.u .
I I?,.?- I?, tht feet li? their lii?it? li. the ?.uni
Hill their ul?! nunf?linn, vi at? fron ?bt ?hore,
A i,,I lluille- ara our arm? at tu?- oui.
I eau sr.- thy rvnlnrea leaner tli? purse
!*ns???d from ti,j aiitcr? tin? glniii ibey wore;
Nnhle ?ml co'insi Inr paWted t., ,
Laart ?* I?, ??uknuu the lan kiar !L?-T hore,
Thy lalloll the blade of the u.n
Ilngrasn.l Arlmiral? carted in ti lui.'
liii|mi.iii benaa ami lum? of tore
I ,-,k "lia-re the . ?-i,p?i,l|, I, ,",., ,," ti .. Kg.I
Hav/tof tim itaashatoaa ?i mpan*
AgAA* ?hake the ttorlii tt ill, ||,,. ",r '
i.ni'g ara __lal ibno al ? MBBB I und s mt
I,, ? kow ti,"ir iiuither ti.i T riai to rei
11,, i Lbaa lai gi oa M n
II H.1.1 aud gi.; ?:? i i!. i.a..i, it. i
Not in the coorjaest i)f Saxco or Turk,
Nut from the Qciiocaf nor from the Moor,
IHhaU glory he ?t i. f, r the i _r !
Man we ear galley? -,:t, Kreiilom aj.d Toil
VVnto on our banner? from lu.I to At/nr?.
" Tyranny, lici.teaaee, IbSOf he "ur ty. ii
Art and fliinniiiity, tins?. IM our ?tere '
And Ibu? be the snug of UM oar.
t'liOHi ft-/??? di kam / Make way bett i?
Bead to tto ear I Hen?! tot'..
SliuilotA? of biaver year?,
Uni? ful for more
timvely wo ?roiMloIlere bciid to t.ti" "_. I
Venire. Otk lo
* .?.,, .,' lunge I (fio ftraight ahetavl ') UiC cry of gon.olien
to lud,inte dirri I.nu
Tho United ?Slates Consul at Candia write? under date
of ?October 14 to the Recretiiry of State a? fallow?:
"I hope that our f'ovi ru_?e;.t will be all? in Mime woy to
contribute to the relief of the unfortunate? who an? already de
prlT.il of the ntovisloB inade agrnnst the Winter tui.lt ivaa .n
many cttet of obtaining a ?Tinf* by the barbaron? seventv of
the LOT? rniiii-dt len e? ur.d who deatroy not ?inly ?torea of pro
vision? At Lui ?-v. H ih. botBOf und implement? and in many
catea the vineyard? of these whoso only offen?? hia been to
e??*?po at the appro?! li ef n ?i.litiery of whoie humanity they
ha?? good re?Kiu lo tl.iul.t If the charity of the Meade ? f
humanity I* not large toward the (.'retan? thou*?iid? trmrt
perish the tom- g W?uter.
The London and China Telegraph han retvAJived a tele
graio from Tientsin via Kiatcba, announcing that I'ru-ive hen
det'hircil war aganst Corea.
_ The Telegraph in miiiouin lr.? the deelnntlon of war against
Coree., say? tl.e ne?? confirm? a preTiou? statement that the
French Admiral would net entirely on MB ITWII responsibility and
without the ?peela! instruction? of hi? GoTerniafut. Heb*?
thut PTolnbly pKclpilatfd ? ?froud Co?Um ?"hum OOOJUft, lui
which the Kmpeior will not thank him.
The TeUnruph ha? alto recejTed r.eir? o? the Ameritan
lohoonrr den Stn ni,mi hann? rua a?! ore, October I, on n
Toyape for ?'oren, with a l.'ir?*e ? r"w Tl.e telegram say? 40
persoi ? hale been anxrdcred l.y the Corean?
The Doited BtaUa COOBO] at Palermo nays that the
rholera at that . itv kal SOI Frorn the time the
troopalandeil. 8(|t. IntoO.t tV it wn? onlT in ??ponirlie form
li.. ( .rani ?e.r',1-,1 ll.ut on th? Il'tli ill th?j Otticial bulletin le
inarlrd VI7 i-nsis m,,| l-l .!. i.tt.? II. re were at tuajly I . ..:
nt Campo t*?nt VdrO lodi?? I hi re ?vere several A menean ve?
.__ m port, hut with theftcepiMo of the mate of the Cato the
health of tl.e i Hit . r. psui nu u waacxetUi B1
(J__v_sr_>), lex_n, ?Nov. 19.-A diapikh frnni BN?JSS
?illa to T*i* Court??-,dated ti\c nth. report? that u ?pinted
attack on Mataincra? took pl.co on the 'Jth met. ile
s-irn lah !)i_?ttd M M im lu..ru. 'lhe aiauiiltiug party
n_.l?T l?|irt (.'.uii,i,j; th' ??1 v-I.tutre, but dittrurtn.v
Ctirt'.IIMl, he lilli l.r.t f, loW Dp hi? IU?Xv.8r).
The defend?-!? ?oat 20 pi_.oi.t-ri-, MS, Col. Hin?,
theil (oiuu,.i!iilw ivu? urn ?toil lor bud conduit m_\
th.'l.i'd. Oa the night ot tho lUtb icit., Tapi* died of
rholera. 1'hi? ?went will change the BOOMI 0_ <
I i.e irritai of Kscobedo IH reported?
llA_lMII?I"f?'.?t HMWIBM T) 40NTIMK IN (?FF!? F -
?IT TIL?.?Al II TO TB? TBItrvr
Nt-w-Ot.i i_\*i4 NOT 1*9.-VeraCma.date? to N
havo been rm
At an extra meeting lo difcutf the ?i'.iti.tn II of
M.uiii.ii,..n'SIf lobten inaniau el? determined t?
? .ii"...it...:.
Maximil.au a heultli hM MM vi ry mu h ii.j ?,n d l?v
.ii ? r? teilt ?? a v.?Taire, wh,. ii renard r? | . ?. * - that ho bad
atti -m|.fi .I to a' BO-OB 'I.e ' iota] Oto lha I'.tli. Man
lu ii uti? ?A ..? still al Or uni M
M--_ TO Ki ? VI* I i KI . Alii' - '
Bl ? ri tUBAta TO TH? TBItriB.
WA_0_TB UN N'.JT. 1'?-The Navy I)e;?iirtii.. nt I
: n.I??miallo- of the arrival of the TaUepMBB at
(Julrestou from Tampico. The Tallapax,?-? ?iii be BTI<*
eoaded by th? Paul Jon??, Lei?. C1, latter ; la??. _io
foreign veeaela ti w?r were off the mer or in the port of
Tttuipico M the 'Jdth if October, and only one American
TeMel m the harbor Inmpico i? at pre?ent ;n (ommand
of Col. Ouir.ei, with a force of 500 men, controlling the
cnitomi. and SOJtVStakg the payment of loan?. The au
Ihoritlt. of Vu tona, tl.e capital ol' the Stute, do Lot
rsosajoiaa those of Tampu o, and their guerrilla? ?oir? all
good? lound en route for the interior market* dispatched
irom tiieTarupieo <'ii?ti>tn-i_ouse. By letters from San
Louis 1'iloM. it i? a.?(er'.mied that Mejia and Dupre? are
to leave that place in tho early [urt ot November with an
expeditior.ary force ftrthe tatapMlB of lainpicn. Gen.
P_v*er, wbo h?? .i forre of I,*??) or V.000 men tu the H?n
rteca, and ii now holding Tampico, hat luued a pmclama
tiou declaring I*uel.la Viejio open to foreign commerce,
which it i? tuared will lead to op?Vri hogtilitie? between tho
fore? under hi? command ana tho.c under Col. tiomez.
I'mlrr tin? ?tate i?t' affairs the luhabitdnts of Tampico are
in constant dread ot t1..- ?no?* MffOM diforder?, and a
probability of the ludisu.invuate plunder of the town.
iitDiltteil iiuui L? Ves ?1? Auiartca of New York.
L?M" I 0 '
To Ih* Editor oj IM Yat de America Stie Yuk.
Silt: Hy n rare aci-ident 1 haTt* been pern.itted to see the
original of an important paper, from which I wa? allowed
to take the iuil?ed BOpf, It l? a letter addressed to
Manmilian, late of Mexico, by Don Joaqu?n Velafqucz
de Leon, his lui voy Extraordinary and Minister l'lenipo
tent'ary at Koine, dated at the __BH__ City on the 18th
tn?t. You will find lu that letter very important detail?
of the disease which h.i? affei ted lately lit .fin Carlotta,
?'?-?.?lied F.tnpri'i?? ot M.'Xiio. As much of this letfer us
relate? to Carlott?? loeaoUf i? of the hainlwritiiig of
Vela?(|ii(*z's ?e( retnry. Such part of it a? relntcs to hi?
petSOaal affair? i? of Don Joaqu?n'? own hand. He very
likely thought that he eould not tru?t even 1, s own secre?
tar*/with ?uch an itnp'-rtant communication. DonJoa
?niu could Uot disguise his Jealousy toward his iol!o__ue?,
Ion Joaqu?n Degollado _i,d the' Hi?hoi> Hamirc.. who
hold lu Rome the tame jtosition that be docs. Th? letter
i? al follows:
SIR! : I pro. ted le n?f"im your Majesty of the particular? of
!_>. unfurtiiiiiit.- ?nil ni.? A|?'i t'.l rui.t? ol'Ih.- insl Mr Of-I
W'ociiiiiil ni.-ten??- linn,?- ?nlaiuitie? IO Mexico. 1ml it certainly
aerer eatared otu mind? wfceaarewe?*? edmitiaa IMeoai_f(
and beroi.udor of Her Majetty (he l.iii|?rt'?a it! If_rlag N?T
Maji'stv eudiiruiK lhe d?ii|f'T? ?ml fatiiruc? el the Lad road? to
V.iut'ii.r ii. ti..- i.i'i.? Kaaea in the m\, 1st ?if yellow fever |
cr<)?f)ii?t the "eean aii<1 coinliitr as a great sea Otu Oil, to de
_mmi __me Mt Mesieo ead nie i n-cutnm ?f u ?tie?, that ?he
wooldbe ?o uugricionily rer,-:ie,l iu l'an? m t.t uffe?t kier
Majettv . niiiid to s.-rlons'lr The dtfpereS? cmn it tittil of Iff]
leo, a count) y an much lu loi eil l.y Her Majesty, undoubtedly
liad min h laissatm La hei m ?tal ei? Itemeet, lUOf ?lie ?howe.I
tome fvoiptoin? of deranpement at I'm Mi ai.d _oaltataa*0
lhe t-fle. ft nt her t'leption in Pul 1? ?err tu struiiif that ?he
Mea in Botan, so tim na? t?? ReaH,whart stn- Magtaad
tin) taw Panlino I.amiidrid in ditgui.e. |la?:i'K "? a ?ti.-.t
fMM and fancied herself ?urr.iiin.leil lu Nup.ile.iii s spies and
traitor? WBO had peieoaedher. On acinunt of tke sasaoseted
.Mu? nt Hit/.-ii I did not meet Ker Mnj. ?ty at Oin. waithsi
1 hail ?oim with llithop Kaiuire/ to meet ),. r MfJSSJSS Sefinr De
if.illml.) wat ?lill. a committee from the l'?>iititiei_l (roverumeiit
uN" Weal to meet tier Telegraphic detpatclics on the WBJ la
I?i!-!i,.'i| me that her Mtjetty would ?rrlie tit Ancona, ni:.I ti.
.?ml my.olf weat to that iiort, ?here Wf heard that the
l.ii.l ?topped ?'t Botaea While there ne risitsd the holy temple
of Loretto Her Majettv the tmprett aimed on the *.!5tb, and
?e left hy an e.apecia'l train for Home, where we aniTed at li
.li lock el Bight At the fir?t water itation her Miijctty tent
for me to come to her car, where ?he wat alone with Mrt. del
"itrrto, her lady of honor, and atked me the Kate of afTain la
Home Oar conference lofted OUT three hours Her Majetty
concluded by iBTlug I wat ?swell inform?-*?l on affair? In Met:..?
?s m Kora?. and promitcd to act by mv direction? here
Her reatoiiioir wai ?err K*u?it)I? ?uni logical.
ami not a tingle word ?f taert gavo ground to
?uspt'ct that meutal agitation that ?ub?e.l'ioiii.y developedI lt?elf
4)u the *Ai.tli her MtiJc.tT rested In Home and the next day we
called wilh her t?. see his HuhBtff That same day her Majet
ty i oiideteend.tl to teu?l her grund ?'Biimberlain Count del
vaOf to lui ile me and mr niccet ro her table, and th? ?ame
?sa cit.mied t?> the Ot-flf niemls'r? of tl.e misti?n and
hi? fra!*" ? chaplain, so we ?ere all Metaalit at h"r Majetty't
tthle. lu the luorfiiiig, Jutt at w? were rtady to ?tart to the
Vstlcaa. her Maiett-f Im?flaed that the saw from the corridor
..f th" Hotel tie MM, uliere ?he ?al tti't)|?*in?:. that the cook
nile ?,f her cat -hinan s hal wa? not ia ordir and the reprimand?
ed him ?ith innc'i latfiliBiHit. and JclayJ ui till past the .?mr
ti.ed for our recepiion. The intcrriew was toiitary' ai Tour
Mnjestj km.iv? i? tin i iitinin ?ailli ton r. iifnt, and Imted one
hour and eighlev-u miuiitet ti,cn her Majesty prifenicd her suite
to kiss tl.e f.Kii uii,l I,.uni,,! il.e Hely Father und ?e rutire.l till
llnner tin:.' wheo her Majetty ?'i.l?i?.l Mr Caitilkj to be
eat.-tl nt l.r rn,-ht aecor.li'ir. t' the e.'vrt nvai.uii) I told
\I , . . i mv j lace wat alwats next to t|,,
r. fulfil ..ti . . n .i, I ?? ti i oldrmi minitter, though having
, , rdeis llir Majesty wit -nirry
i ? ' . ..
niul I had it |
II.? nt
Her M.i.i? ?tv sent for me three or four tunea aad fi?
nally ??tiler? ?1 mc to be brought hefore her ia my be-. Al tiwi
i SUM t,< t !?<. ilone ?he st nt to ?. e what was Use matter witb me.
it MBBa _ht Ihaa -in i bad baaa i?ii?on'',i the <_,?? tvrtnreat tea
Uti. ?Jil.H iga ?le .iel Lot tay to. After reoeiting the .lii4.'
ii.,.:.' ''|- ni?l ?-li,, r _B__ant_ ?. her Ma>,ti. tl.e Eui
BOB w. nt !" wait the churches and monument! i.(
in company with CeaMBaadar Dam, iii? Hoii
- ute I'haiiibeibun of sword and cloak, who waa s| -
1 ' i.i? ii to wait on her on that octillion At ?ty o'clock OB ti.?*
a.i rung of the lit init.. Her Maie*try the Kmpreaa, went oat.
anil we waited for her till i o clock having hail no breskfn?! a?
Her M letty ? hoiiaholtl. At ty o ?lock cot a note lrviiiif _.in?t
Ai.tin.i iii, telling me to come to the Vatican immediately 1 wit
at the hotel with Mr. Castillo, aud having no earrie,*)ready C
took the one our (IOIIHUI ?unie in. He had been walline in lue
cn ni lire?? ?mee li o clock in the morning to aeo Her MaJeatt.
I met Cardioal Antoneili mnch afflicted because II<-r Majesty.,
tie Empress ?mid she would mil raturn to the hotel lill .?"?
Iel Valle her lady of the wardrobe, and Irr. Ben
?i.t?. ke who, ?he ?aid. had poison,?, her, hail left the bona>_
-he Cardiual. perceiving bcr eicltement without apparenB
cause, aikol permisti?n to write to ma. Yea," she sat-, -y??r
may write to Velaaquea, but I hnre nooonfideooe lu aaybtsl?"
hu*. Li? Hohnes? ' We contri,ed. that thoa? ??ermine ?boul.f
lea? e the hotel without icandaL and I then went to the Vatican
and Informed her Majesty thrungli a note to the I'anlin.-il
written on h.s Kninenec ? ?leak, that ther had left seeording f?i
her ?riler?. She partook of the I'ope'a dlnne>r, and wanted tut
stay iu the Vatican nil night for fear of the person? laentienetl,
hut my note ?-a.nu 'I lier, and ahe ? lUitriilitl ta return io the hotel
by 7 ji m On entering her roora ali? perce! ed the key* were no1
in the door- lu fact the doctor had taken them ?way ?eeretly, ia
he afterward acknowledged, to lock her Map .tv in her cham?
ber in case of a noient attack Noticing this the went ?traighli
back to the Vatican and ?he wonted to ?leep in a room oearibu
Pope s She passed the night on the fin-t floor nnder that of
hil flolicess who looked himself in, ai well as she did In ti??*
Kimiiaiir of Mrs del llamo The neit day she amused b.iraeif
in the Vatican museum till noon, and then returned to the boteL
?lui f-iaroinetl if the -n?i?eet?.<l ??non! were there. They ha.I
retnrritd, and had taken other rooms, so ai to be near her
as they were responsible for her an.ott ?peraoa, ber
health, and her jewels and valvahb-s. Hil Holm?-?? ?eat hi?
physician, who had a meeting "ith the physician of the Sata
Biacou.?! H< IB-ti ?ailed by her Majelty and bor Majesty a
own physician, and all pronounced ber dUeaae inonornanie.
Rfbile ter Majesty wa? iii the Vatican, on tlie l?t i nrdtm.l
A li ? . i'i ile L'ouut of h'laaders and Count Homt*lle?.
with ter Majesty i and the l'ope? eonsent Tb<> formrr wa*
ora In? to Mirumnr. and the latter had gone, with penniailoti,
. kll family in Austria. Mr. ('altillo and I tent a tele
grtun to ? or u.inister in Iklirium to hurry the Count to )__><!
B- he ?al there and ues.-uf yourmajeaty word by th?a
Athiiitu cal le ?he following day. When she was not on ti,?a
t.n i !< idea of poison, ?he ?onverted nitionallv and noboil/*
w itl.out antecedents suspected her alteration. Shi- never ?pok ?
to ra? of poiwm for i did not ?.'.- hnr in the Vatican, and tin?-??
t be-ii ?It oerei mer ti?, ned tl.e .?abject to DM but always ?pok.?
!?i IM? ?VI.?II,,T Hie Cona! ?if Khin.lers and Count laOt_b.ll? a*
arrivnl ?n UM ctetiing "f the 8th, and rem.lve,! to tal??,
her najeat* to Mirnm.tr n?..t iL?y. OR the morning of
tl.e i-ih eh?1 sent f??r Mr Cnttillo'to sign ?.-it-nil deeraee,
rhich ?I..- gave him. ditcLargliiir all her tuite and erei,
Mr. Castillo him??-lf bul. ni ?oar??? he did na?t ?in
tl.i-m. li. sp.le of hi r majesty's insistance. I he ph>
Hicini ? had ngrecd upon the tieceem'tv of her Maj?-sty s le?Tin?J
llon.e ?mri.eili.i?elv on account ol' th?? -bet of the ?cii-oavo o
t.? r n?rvea, an?l tti give U?e in,gust invalid the adtautagea ol
isolation ami uunti y mr. Un the 7th. her MajostT, the ?_
C1 R I v a Hpeciitl train fur A noon 1. w ith the k'uuat ol
_aden M.1 ber wSe remaining la K<itn?>. A, tAmmtr Baa
.?.ally at Am OBI aud on Ihe morning of the 10th ?he arrived al
M.rntnar TheCirantof Flanders thinking solitud?* beet foi
her Mnie??y the Kmpiwei hud ?let.Tiuiiie?! that she should no4
take !? ave ?jf r,;-,y 01 I. In retpect to family ______?_, and ol t_?l
go.??! ?.f her Mi ?-?ti M well as to avoid r? .?|aui.?iluJity. I re.
.re mc a written ita-1Beat of Ihn
DI orden i?? be e_rrled ea b] the Count of Khtoder?t,
the n-intior, of our soven Igt) ?t ho had uatuiall) tak?"i ?'barge ii
her in her pr?tent Hale of hearth. He gnT?. mai the documciiti
and ly rensi'n of it tour Mu, ?it's ex' niuliu.iry iriii?ei? 1
v, i,* Dtp) ; ?..'!' Ii'it al P'lHl M' xieaii?, N'rii'gi, and I
w . .?? the ?ri.'ir.n to bid adie 1 to mir unfortunate Son-reign,
who nu? n"',v nffering for her low ai.d devotion to Meiate, "I
? nott ImporUnt sertie? a?-ir II 1
fir.a, ein ainstanci 1? SI..- rpoke lo mt ttiih h? r utuul anual 1..
_ asked why my enmnanio-a were not preeaat, The> r.-.
--'.: of ua doctor s orien, " written copy o|
wl ?h I etna run. I told lu r M ije.lv th.-y ?ven? iiidist/wietl.
? ?' ll-.-v ' . . L In t'i't it '.?.ia rain?
t the I t Of Flunder?, th. 11 ihook my
offered bia arm I I I ?, n:.?l w-?r?itt io(hcc_r-i
II liter and I..? lady Mr. Illond. ?I. ?Lo w?t
,.. r III Mexico the AustrUu I't.nge, aiul
a.'i'l hele: I he Di Igian
_ . M .Veri.ga ihe Stcrcrarim, and I I-lowed, ac
ind ?.?,!.?i-crBUBB !??
. of which I ant afwayi Sir raaraealoiw I ha??*
?pin iled In Pai,? v. tin
' ? U ?') an I
her .?.IT -adame del Barrio odwaeo abe jet hu k to th.?
Bot? I told Ki8iii.et.i?i.'h rl.st theT had rtoi-w.l h? r Op
ii? r M.ijt'rty -i (.r.ii.'I ? '...UIISTIHii. left foi TllieB sn,|
Do ?ti.i iel OB the lith Bal ?a ?..un,g th.? latter
? m-irir your
gthi good iii.ileiitt.ti.iling that r.-nriied ?H?O
_i?e c,?!nril?'te ortraiii/iitioii
of the M ' ? -v.? .\?- Al wot um I r.ive, the .tapate?.
? netto i ?' :.t it to the UanreB r. Uttmtaa for puit
? lay. I ut as ,! th the i .i?* ??f 'Jd ef
tru?' dsi" oi the tele
?bed the ue.t ?uy wiih the ?i.?t* eaereet-tb
: hil Uti y ?I.?. 1 ai - iiere,
?ut expect t< .?'."rt f : IBM to I?' iwur MinuBar
ord' rs am.1 a*BpeB herti ?MI..II?II ti
matoo r'|?.rtiiik: tt.ut Suntu.
A.ina l.i.s r.iited alnan of t3,U?W IXU and ?eBt an e>|? U.tn.11 of
.1 ROOO n.?'ti to the o,,?*t of Me?'??. If. t.vi?it
t. ii? Mii^' ?:v ?. . "mm inii-aimn of Ibe ,'.th from ?'ncrnnina. and
1 ?<<? in (he Ina.,,, ,i,t t.noierno of the Ith ihe tpmtsmo
r Mr C'ltstilio a? Mi:.:?!. ?- to Home, lie ihiiikt
hin.?.,! that it is it temporary appointment, beuauae,
ha 1? not aetiuainted nilli affairs bete, the Be
gotiation of llie c.nconlat -oaitl be delarad or woaM _il Wa?
nave no1 received the letters i-ei't-Mag the miMion, aud it ia ?I??
g for me, who bott alwayi dci-rre?! the <?aluina?., of
TI ..- Mnj?'?ty and the t?o? crain? ut, io lx- broun hi down to a,
len I ? ,th the lest, ami lie empelled tu ?juit Home when I ha<!.
n?k..i leave to triiTel next Sunnier a Ith my fumily for my
health, at which time I could write to your Muji.ty fiom ran
? 1 und when Kamircz and Degollado had solicited to go
back to Mexico. So that our po?i!i..n? are altogether liiittakrii,
tittj ire lo travel, and I am to go ba?k to Mein...
III.ii cliiitely. I snppotte that tliit 11 a ?intake ot
your Miiie'tty's secretary in writing the letter?? tlmugb I
nave r.o n'en of disobeying your Mnjesty 1 orden?. I nu sorry
tu ?'-am ut this moment that her Majesty, the Koiprraa, e?eii
fin;?-, ts the loutit of Flandern and a ill not ?ee him. I regret
to ?end y?i!i ?nch sorr<iwfu) news but it is my d?lai-lae-CB t->
1,-t vuur'MiivJetty know everything as that la tiuo fraak-BB
and loyalty, and the true wav to -m taja I tear that tbo
couiiil at ,,rrj?nleia and the Franciiciiu fathers there are mtTcr
mg for nant of meant.
\VisLing your Mijeeiy all ?unsolntion and LOT more then
cterthe ?pecial protuotion of 1'rowdeucf. 1 leiauiii )?iur Ma
JestT s moi?r obedB-I mitaiit
.Tot.JIIN Vtl AM.I B til 1.F.0T.
To his Msjeity the F.mperor. Mexico.
Suffrage should be conferred by the States, that right
being guaranteed to each State by the Constitution. An?
drew .Johnson is in favor of qualified su drago ii; Te 1? ne?* o
as a citizen of that State. Ile authorized ni, _i behalf of
the Chief Ejecutivo of the natiot), to urge truah?ed iuf
rage for three clauee of colored men of thi_.J...tiaat, in
April lait, and at his itiggestion we renewed the propoii
ti'iu again in July, only about ono week beforo Congreee
adjourned. Wa took special paint to nofity meerai Radi?
cal Senators aud Repr?sent?t i vei who were ansious in?
quirer! on the subject that the I're.ident was 10 favor a.
the [lan propoaeJ in The R,publican. Th?> Rudual* were
afraid la touch the question, and went home to their
several States and bl.iegiiarded (ha Praal-mt, and declared
that be was opposed to extending the right of luffraa^ to
the black man.
Andrew Johnson is iu favor of more for __*____k man
111 Tennessee, as a citi_en of that S'utc; he itifjjeited ti?
(ior. Sharker <>t Mm-isMppi more t ?r the colored men of
that State, tai requested und authorized ns to nrge upon
I'ougri ??, at the last s???iou, more for the colored meu ot
this Distri? t than Charles Sumner, or Henry Wilson, or
?nv other CongTOisman of Miis.?iic!iu?etti ever urged for
tho ?idured men ol' their State. Ka e__ani man who
fought in the Cnion army. <?r ?ho ?win property.no
matter how much, can vote in _-BB8-teatta unies? he
eau road and write. FraB___Bl JohpeOB (.ves beyond that.
//, ii in futur 0/ grunting S'iffriigi- t,1 ail culvrtd men,
u-herev r tie Constitution gttmt h,m 'he puictr to do ..',
ir/io eau rtad and unte, or tAmt ttrnmt honorably ia the
I'niun army, or ?rho owns prupnti, tu the extent of taro
kmndrtd and fifty dollars and upiur,.'.
Ihe only difference between the 1'rctident and Con?
gres! ii, that the former believes that, under the Coniti
tutnm, each ?State has the right t>i lettie ?he iineetioR ti
suffrage for itself. Congress iisume? the right to impoae
it upon the Stales, Constitution or no Constitution.
'Washington Republic-1, >'ov. 19.
ar T?_Biii.irii TO TBB raiacaa.
NABHVIL-B. NOT. 19.-In the House of Repreaenla?Tea
to-day the bill providmg for impartial luffrage and uni
Tersal amneaty wis tabled by a vote of 39 to ii'. The Eait
Tennesseani voted almost solid against ii, while a majority
of the Conservative! favored the measure. Ihe bill wia
Introduced br the Radical?, and the more c-.lightened of
that party warmly eapoused its paatage. It ia but
just to say, that somo of those opposing wonld
JT?.lit by a term or two at .onie c!< mentaiy school, and
their <?i position is doubtlem traced on lively apprehension
that their elsim to inpeh. rity over negroes hot m exiiting
lass. Wita Kia-t 'lei.rieniaur ii is hard to Ml which ia
more I rtti . ' I 11.-..'. ? f til ii ? .? The
: - are ayll B-l ?
. i || eoat

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