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j ? ?
i ne to a kr'-'e, in? lot
I? ukin.
. r is here ii '
i - . '
the nvi r :
? 'l'b l'.i.k i '
11.4 in in ut "1
wo bl I
After al
\ . !
Mr. ll.'e
li' o of th
i ahead, m ii? I
My encourt _
l .r-' lhere wei fa "divid? v. ;. ? itemed to
.1 .l'.wn mi" in? Ar
breadth. _
tarlee, ??,-r. ol th'- j boa. In
ulled with a i. ht. oii
; ful.-1 hunter*?, whi m .**,- found
: deje-inn, which ;, ??
tho rain tx _?
aide. As we dee? . rident
thal w" ??'r ;.,,! _\. t .? lim
ward and ?Lu t.d to4i-.it : ii I
'i_' Ik* other.-j - w bo
i ?.o lectura ' maka BM Des-er. ?odo
t__B, howore tam* t" bagg err little
pruveiul.-r, ri M at Baili - .
Dg Out on the w ii-. Vi o ?
?lau, wbeu .
jivor |
?. un rail?, dirid? -I into two ti i
Mr. I. -iuled ui, led to tLe Salt Works, al?? nt
where w ? could !.:.ii Ibo I
dtfcirt-,-d rai
lb" w.iy.
It w ,- i .--.- wet,
and lore: M
feet '.
the 1.
1 away as we j?. .
Like _Miy another, tac narrow and'
i bl? ?. and
led, t'ltii' d our
L.rse?' head?, aud tods -
A lol
i'lain, was our beooen.
? rom ita loot.- <
- ai.J just before night : wa? rea<h?*l.
: .Mr Hall, the ?uperint Works,
nncaivcd our dru.pu,it petty, s tmd warmth,
food ami pet -, tho storm, thr?t i um a
wer? not fuilv avare uf the in? Ol, ieiiiul.ee Bl
U-eta, aeddli s un?i
t tapa alaaoat filed tk a ..??lei
?irounJ the ?love, yet, aonahow, the I
j- w?.t swiftly a . : and taro iti
w.'io i-tiiii ul 1er i? "d w it h ecjnal ho?,
'IL?) I-.of a ??-Ui' r ;:. ( -1 .ra
-, and if they are always no ?.
? -led as ?io is OBI Cate, the 'Itrritory ui.iy be proud of
Mr.'ILiK gave me some information coueemmg tbe Salt
Work?, from which ii ippiara thal the yield ? I
which are very str?>:i_ly impla gnated, i? < ??jut'jj?-. ?.I
ing the wanta of Colorado, tur man} rear? to coi
?.pun ?>f the bi_h 'ino? of labor, fuel ann lOppliM. t
ductiou of s . porouslj ?mi
oa th?? eapaeltrof ti,- worka will boonbedoiii i
??.j(,'Lt ; my character el li?ratet, ti bave vi??
ii.?d thean tbe ctin-'txs reader, iierhaps, may i,?,t I?, willing
to excuse :nv neglect; but, al the tine, I waad it t
more a?trr'4eaijle to nurso my ???aked
.tove than to trudge a ujusrU r of a mila in n
Uiat I suppressed the vu?? of eo_Mte-SB. Wo all know,
however, that a ?alt ?pring i* like any other spring.
Mt'itatto; ti.it tho wat-r it ovapiraud by Uunnir, and
that tho importance? of the wutks d'-ix-nd? on the q
end quality of th. water. 1 beUere Air. Hail Meted 90,981
gallon? per day M th? tai - be pere? nt-ge ol ?alt
U equal to that of the b??st ?pring? in tbe world.
'1 bat night, we filled the sofa?, bench?*, bud the :'.
tbe kitcha?u aud Mltin^-room. Fir in tho trunk. 1 dticov?
end, make? a much more uneasy bed than fir in th?
Toward mom; ii? the .'.?.per? were re? ties?, aid if u ,
before the sun we deserved no special credit tut li
houth Park waa Hill moist, ?odilon and ahrondrd in nut.
Ca_on City being now out of the question, Colorad?. City
and Hike'? Peak wore next discussed. Sevuntv-tive milos,
partly of very r.?ky travel, end no blacksmith's ?bop on
the way. wer? eltcigether too much for my '?'ty, and we
filially decid??! to make for the little mining villuee of
Fairplay, 2U mile? distant, to the north. Thence t
T'?T i* a three days lourney, along the 8outh Platte. < >ur
Biumali bad ttAm m\ thu neb est past u rag " dunn?/1!.
and a lick of aalt, io that th? j were iu rather better 00-_
tion when we started.
Thu part of the bouth Park ii a nearly level plain, COY
ered with the finest erasa. I?, tachad bills or Met?
tain-ridge?, some of them streaked with snow, occasionally
interrupt the level, but, looking northward, tbe view
always roach M to Mount I_I.CG! n and the lofty summit? of
the central chain. Du the eastern and southern side? ?bo
mountain! are lower, although __ey rise toward l'ike'i
Peak, which derives ita apparent bight and imposing ap?
pearance from ita isolation. It is separated by a di?t_tiue
- tin iiiiiri from the ?nowy ipun of tho It ocky Moun?
tains. The altitude of the tfmth Park is considerably
higher than that of the Arkansas Valley: it I?, in tact,
equal to that of the Middle Park-between eight and Mm?
thousand feet above the sea. Hence, it ia doubtful whether
grain can ho successfully grown.
Although the mist gathered into clouds, Ibas? lettie
Lung low for sereral h??ui_, hiding the mountains, which
constitute the finest feature of the Park scenery. We
i*??ed Hufialo Spring?, forted several small aftluenta of
Ibe Platts, vainly tne?l to plunder an eticle's nest on the
top of a piue-trw-, aud tuen ?filtered on a slightly undulat?
ing plain, oi?;i.t or ti, uni?, m breadth. Now, at least,
the ?ky cleared, revealing snowy c__.ni io front and on
ti??th ?.des of u?; stretches of evergreen forests on the
ioww elevation?; i?_"t.?_ rans-es to the eastward-land?
scapes, shifting in the relation of their forais, bot never to
he measured with a radius of less than thirty miles. We
ahould hare enjoyed the scenery more keenly, but for our
anilely lo reach Fairplay. Mr. livers point-id out the lo?
cation of the place, near th? foot of the northern m.un
? I
, i
?I ' . i . ' lilli 111
D uni
foi I 1? i '
i '
| t or. a
i . .
a' thi
doubt, '
ipi ol'
I .
. t
t" tbe
' \ I .
? '
tv, a I .
tween the i '?
! under nil the Wintert
for ta?
wini .
or 30 i.
the air.
i i
.v, Bunill gb
.' I'! ti Tit?
All !bo refer ami Subtler .
I .
i I..- Inferred I
It is impossible t
baa ita owl
i. i.
lui: CHAFFES- I.i.ri.v _0 001 I.'.V'l:
Ti iht Editor of The K Y. Tribune.
SIK : My Bl 'i ? !"tt?T frl ..
i .-i-i ?nur ? ;t).'?r of th'? 4th t
tempt? 1" expl di I
Mr, Bant, Ih
? ?
Maree, la your ha 19th,?
' .otdlera" ?
,\ . ,\ i i letl
thing BBMBBlil % -"OBI that ??Bl I
do, arc calculated to mtfoad the p_bll
nae, ami ?? tiu" .
and s?"
-'. page f*Y of the Lae
. . i
1 ?', ?li el
in r it
all the
all t?-' and the Oorernor
\4 . . . - . ..II re?
ceive' the 1 . i -. . ' . rnur of
:, ?ml that !:.
at a _oitala tbaa, Mr. Hunt bel .- I
and D< ?
and John W-?Ma, a'i a
' aptly ?1 por ? ? ?. -.-. I um
,:tl lu a'Jj'.i rii t?i sty da]
(...ivi :. i intil the nex*
lu-uni inet, ('illuming? snatched up ti
MHB. It?-,i g i r-veiiti-il by one of thi ?
> ? with a pani ii by himself;
he ti. i bael ?n. tin? table, and In .?
. ?it it woald makH i.u.lUli-r.-i.'
.. i. -,.?. bim
i n he dnl do l,i f i ?re tlio result of the
ran ?h? ?lei laied?
B-heeqaoB-*) the Boen! proceededto eanva??tl
from ali tbo counti??, ami found Mt. Chtl-otl elect?
ma'";. ?, ud gave bin i ? wcord
mgiy. Bia obloct in effecting an adjournment for twenty
? u tit (.'-un time em lo j oral of
theHoa. Y. Ball, Beeret-IT of the Ti*e-NOT, who lea
high minded , an, a
apsny to thiB kafaaoai aroeoedlaa, and gel a n
tod who would. In tan be onlr nkooeeded
moral el Mr. Hail eeme to?? ?at?? to Mmsleta the
iniquity. All rproinptiy i4?vpf>nt-d
to bia deaaaad lor Mr. Ilall'I naMva., the i!?>?r>l of Can?
vasser? had perform-'! tf.<? ir di ty aooortlna to law.
I waa present ka Denver during th i
?ad ian |ir,i4i- the above, u, rsl ittoe te th? eanraei
mt.ally true by mimv of the I itiz??ns who wi re in the
maa aad aanalei ikeee nota te me, ead will ?- ? r 11 ty tt
time. JI ?r?; -, . li-tify th -
" that a Deleejate la not a 'J .rriurrial ofioer, '
Bi sr ?.'..' '"I I-?- the peo
i a Territorial
, iiiiii ti,?; law ' i inch bj thi
following I- ,
laling election? Hays, " If ?ny va'-aucy thsll etta1 m the
or any i ihrr J\,, ?foi iai
f. The ingenuity ??J?p!.i4'"l bj ?'-?'.'.'. m his
lo j'i?tify iiis usurpation of power lad in.liwlul
, hi truly amnalaf, aad, aa he eara. 'lal aolditory
of evil doom, ? ti?-:i ezpoeed and foiled i ion
to hide their owe gtriltf'1 "g?m hea???-ris that a "com?
r>any of Rebel deserters organised a poll and
Mr.' t the Kiul.--al candidate. If this
wore Ino, it would givo (moil ovidonre that
they were pmerty .. r?-?-onstnict??d." Thli propoeilion li
so ridiculoiiH thal it BBOdl BO refutation ?from u" i
?imply a weak invention of n brain ! byan
- mia to thwart th? wilbla of a ]i.?,_| people Bad
ile!.'at ti,II "'lim?lion of the Mu' ,? bo bilblt-L
tiated by any ?hiidow of fact. Ile ?a? a _ao that a remus
wai taken and " the reta! all In and the reiult
1? a pop_-tloa of about 98,000." Wliy did he no1 miblUh
th???.? returns by the counti?, ? Simply becaaM if lone, It
w< ubi hate proved _mstatementfalse ti? to pot
A loiter just reeeired trota th* H*-er? tan ud acting Oo. -
araer,eayai "Six of th? ir.o.?t inr?ortantcoir.i?i?-i- in woeith
and number?, exc-ptiig Qllpin i. ?, aro
yet to le beard Iron.. la -ill connection it
may bo well to ?tute, that n.i.ny of ibe
aaaeiioni, wbilo in ibe proaecntlon of theil
mtiToent,riiy ?gi orhnt o<7 the dntlea Inpooed lythe law
regulating eeBl.l return?, oopi?s of which, though
tly forwarded failed to reach thom in tia. to be (,f
'-, (.thor? wore not ?(?vised by air recO?j
authority (hat such s law bid leen mntttd, in'til aft'
atsessfii'-nt rolls had been ret,,- Clerks.
I um also informed that in r,"t a few localitiea Lo ?ffort
wa? unirle to n-iord tho non tsx-pa* ing n-tub t.t?, and that
only inch natnei were taken down as carne property w lthln
their jurisdiction ss asiessori of taxable property. In the
second largest and A_oet populous iniiung county (Clear
Creek) no csnsui has been ma?lo, beeau?o of tho refusal of
the officer assigi.ed to that dutj- to act for lu sum ipeci
fied in tbe law."
Hie ctoinpt toprore the nun.ber of : In Col?
orado by this cenius is only equaled in ??erlldy by the
manner in which he attempted lo show io Coagreei lut
leision, by n f_.?e table of the vote? cast at the d fieront
elections, that our ?population wai decreasing. To this
table h?obtained the signature of his own cleik-a high
minded and honorable gentleman-bv deception and fraud,
which will be abundantly shown at the appronciiug ses?
sion of Congreaa. That Cummings do?s aot I (brie his
men ttateiaeut ia regard, tv QUI wp?-UV?<>& ?. ihvf V Of the
: i
l. I?, !
: ?
III? ( !
?lil b ' lo I.
1!? i
? the j ? ? i i
. ?
' dation;
. .
every por on "ft I ?
rl foi >? i. ?
I . . -, " . i - ? -,,r. ,1?
H inch every mernot r - .Ititi? n
v. ith bul ti of the
u i nert r duri] , ?ititi t of ti
. cob red ? '"| I?- ? bo ?ero prompted i
' '
lo ceri i
?liouhl be sdojiied b
ti ii I i ; ? lint that bo ?
I itter.j
i ... Teni mi
by bl ' mia
? little
? '
. | ,
of the \
? -
hi? poa II * Polit j." h .-1 gina '
' Kt inding.
. . tiou Of I
i ttu ni? and
the 11 i
I , t the h
I . i
alexander < I
i i
i .
I ! III.
Al I Ol
I I* -tomoo Till
i' I;
aln ni-- i. . - ia
til.! V
: -
I Iii,ii.lu..
. ? | Hal ' ' . I
; \'
11 .
B ni ? m It
l ?,,?!..|
- . >
to tie- ? lados o lull
. -.-A ii ?tall. ni,.I III ..
Uti- nuil.Ii'i.'.l i
Ml Will,-,.'i ll
.i.-l III." tit bl I a lill ?,f
? bun i- ?
mi? tv,!- , ?
i 11.1-. | ,
? r ?lu. ?lilla- ill HU" linn- I
I I,? I - ?'. fra i. I? :. ? li .: I, | .- ?? I 11 - li ,'
. ml.ll?
police letuii! i ? ?lui lelir? to
ti ii-l .In? ii!t--t
i>. tit. li t.v- i.?-?; .lu? aft
i ut li
.ml.) t,,,t do .
! vi l,ii li _lrtt_.lt eutt?. BIM] |
.1 lilli, ivoulil lieI at I!.
I? - Uki '
II " I'- ? ?ml
eoergi '
I Win.hi ti., all . i ftf?.' i^opl? -. . ,
ut Hi? i
..II Hu- - , ?bbatb, Lui" !?.? H i all?.| f.?
m,..it. ?I t.. _N sr? ? . mur i?. farr? I
( "i,M ni,, pn.iniii. tit M.,ni,, I?- iiiiii...?
" ?.'lue vi hut i ?
> -1 m. dut] I
I ' >'. 'I i.i.v Of lb? ti'i.i,.-;.. li win .,? tin?
aaaaaHiiii gnlsg Ireni tJ..-,i blood) ?,,.k hu- item ?
?? and name thi'tn I
?-. lim? we not Btterly fini, ti to prora altar i-ll
gattoa ti.ai l'r liniiii ?i.a h.-ui a pat wurlfl
m.ii han" ?s-ol proved that ha bad ?-Arli-i?-t ?.._' mt ii nan as
f? ;,I Ihl cltt H .!!? ullliei I
? ?
? na hm mu t),. i
mi.! mu otberi botmd era to teten r ? t inga of
1 "ihth . tv., i.l he bars 1- ?ti it, rd I bj hil
lii'.il , lum ja? -d u ipi.-.tun. ?i to li.,- lalldltj 0. ?
t-l.iirti-i I
KinU Wot the ten?an nl'.-j hare bsei If H bad
;. bis p)"|H .ty, ?ud that be lnul ? mil paaiUng a_Hin?t
ofthaCit? hin.- .,r,|. r.-.l bia out of
.im red, if he i ?ni i..' n ?!? r
vtooi ti.ut na . i?!:n'-'l daniagei tram y", , H? ? r u?. B?_ato_ J"
tlriii-tii.il ?if lit pro|?erti <
Ii it ii??t remii-abl? th?t aran, of men rniil.l ger
to a Ixiwllinr ?i?. J, nearly ?nin.'it,.!. -I I,? | .,,,.?? , ? 111, i ii SO ?t.-p?
of the nu?' piiitii" ?tra-i-t of i!ie ettj? bet wet? 't.>- boon of Hand
13 at night, i!? au.li?li I!?'" i? l?elo?. Bad l>ra-Hk up ?ml. ?t'"i Bl '1
y, ? id :,?? ?ItDM? ? lound . Iii' i
or ?no _nea i,v.?tli.-i_ ?.miem about the pemlxaton
m t I
i.ceifth Annotfbetary aalisged that Mme.
? iiiii? Id evi'i'i ?. ealaTt-Uted to fasti g gi
Thn-ierii'h I I? ft.'-re i .it lu STgnlSSd Ililli:?!;,? I -
?i and puiiltiiiuvDt of ii,, i ?bo i ran I act?
or pn party "f " OSBI .?*? f
??eiiH, : |f ? Munt ..n '.f g M,,l '?' ,- Binn
Strati wii-ilil l!,.- M.i.inr. tu ?Lull.
'!.? < lilef of I'i?l|, .. 1 ?i,- ,
m-on ?? I.* le-.ml ni tbs erlmi and wtittd tlirn- ilriii 1?
ilmtetl ti f? t,>??ii? of tim motel r ?
/?i.fatriilA *?Vn? UM liuir.Jir SOCrttiltsd for lbs ftttf ' 'I
tinki??; terrt'i ig [hsa lunn
MUUaa io Hilt 'J ern tory t
.'.ruth : 1. It li.? ??-ttlral j-.li.-v of |_s authoritie? here te
prevent ? itinei.a of the Dallad Mute? mt Mantons, from aa>
leming- their elaias to ? nrtleo ?.f ti,? pabilo domain In ti..?
re?iilurly organi-tl Jud?ela) tiilniiiiili of th.? .?.in.tra l
Kifhtttntk Ar? ?11 W?r?l iiue.tlnni whlah may nrli? In Ibis
elly f?'tw?tii "Moimeui ami (i?nlili-i to twi lettie?! by brut?
furo? I
Stneteenth Yto tim ftattt t"-4*hlni*-t of the ' Tab??'
le?J th? ivtmi.lii to ll?|?-. t am! trbtl th? ??W| ui tbc COUBtlT Ut
du tti|) liMiii lu Tiiili-i.?.? aa?l ?jivo-tLiU f
i PI
I, ?i . -- ' : (>P
. 113
-v i'P AMI :.: ti ?Mo?
; i - , . -
' t?t
li,,!., ' i ? ' -, Pair*
i i the i ? of the whaling '
Kew?Bedford ?ni!, :
: , ??-ii., bowerer, BOOB dis*
eorcr that the arrangemeal bj ?"" hahare
monthl] nt.-,mi cumin I'.iiuiiun atti Jaaaa sad I
? mi "i i?- | .-i n mont.
b ? .?ii ? I'm- ?ililli tin- Knell ii are
i li.ir iel.-t. Ti,,' ,li? ? . I ' I 1 i inCisi O
i, in ?l.i|'.it_, ia 4,7*1mil ?hy the rhomb line,
from il...' Un
? ilitl r
. .
ol mull."til "ii.
On the rcioi
t circle
1.5-?b i i
. 'i.in
ia | ."1 ? !
which i -. : y'i lois for adresse instead of favora?
' it ? ?.I
mu? Ami-ru a are temi
further by thii -sudwich I ?ment, InTtdvlng i
? ?. i-, tae pablic "ii the ron-d trip "i IO days, and an ex
i ii?-- part '?'
1 cooling stall am tor
i? lor the pert Intj ii i eui
-I I- ilrt
' t til.- East, ibis i".rt n ;i i ..i for thal
na;.? ?rt?tr r to
MU ii P .- M,.it we ?.."'ii i here li
< I Jap tu, und
?: ui-. n
?Yoik and han I >-i ?? t
lion? "i this a itnie Indi i
last ?a
pen !. ?!
loo l.'iril lur - |i
It la I I- ? ?na '
? .
I ?
Hie H ' '
'i ra \? '?. BIB
: lit it ia? ii?
i ? 1 in the
? 1 ile ; ' ??
f tbe 1 . ' I .
nu I I?
4 i
li?TO, can I'ln ive ii
- '?
world, tin- .
i irportod
? ?
wi will ._] . Call!
. I ? In? b is in pi
- u h i? m t\
ett in
its waii, look to I ? '
III . n l
? a
' 1
*> 11
V I? u1
, . ? -i in
l ,. li lo s apply I
. * . ? .
? ; ., (sbonv,
1 t t
\ racier if earned out
: 1 and
Ill :.?.,? * . 90 I t ' ?
?!a>. Bad pa] "'?" *i ? *?..'.? - ' '
Alllfl I ' I ka ' ii' A | .
? '
the people of I
gro j ? ?i isla on, ibe
I" to
. bi j an ii'",
- married women "i"?" I1? ?' io lound
i ? . , ' .-1 foi
? '
ol li IO? king race. 1
Mi ti ml. .i,,' ?
. h lilai di ?
? M k ?ma an.I ( bniaii.a'ii ..f .
the uti.er ?'iiil'-t.iry.
i .
' -, by the k.i.ii... ,r natireaof the Handwit I
,11,| ?,it? 'I Ililli II' :iy l\
I II r
l : ' :
ami tb?! trial? ?. ? are i ra?
I ' .men,
Doran they icalousof tbem, bel they an befisalagto
tear ibuiu. parti] on aooountol th? >r lawlessness, and
partly be ce asi i ni ilrodaeed lopeae* kata the
l ?it.t.i! ti rlipersBeer this etty, and feaad
th?* pal | froi, thal form "i lae malad
t m aserere
fono m ( HU t. n. /. ?!,,. r_uiaku I ?
'.i. d to Chin imt n. It li lo the nut:? .
ntttt"kt ti.em n...'.' i.'i.iiir tt..tii it "- - '
( lunn. K.,rty ease? to,- nt,i!tt treatment, ?i ?I th? ra an lo.
at ala/areit<> un ??th?? Island ?Jif Manlikl. Th?M? hospital?
hu? ?J bardi] I.ii in ' MTBtiOfl OSS 4 . -:it, tlei Mil')??? t ti.i? in?
1 au. ni,.,;, i ? ? 100 hare been die?
i bargt ' potaaaium. 1""
'i".? ..i .?-.n, l
dnetioi of ii,!? bide? ni ,1 i?.- tin ? ?h C-ii ' ""' li
li I? true Mint,)' ?r-.ir? sly ?-?er iittacl.-. ?hilo tuen, but '.t ii
nun? tho loee to be fiered oa thal lecaant; nairn i.'??
eoaditleaa It might aaauBM a BOW eharaeter ead ahonld
ii"t lu- hiilli'ieil lu liuil \-i. tuna anning ony claai lathe
United Btalee.
Ju-it before ill? lbil.elliun the . ? ii, "ti Ininti til pr.'Mul
?tinuig tiIB Entopss- reaideats oa the Bendwieh ulanda
'hat soorti tu j n rest au Aiaeiieaa aaeendeaei here were
f-itila. Whee, I.I v. taej ihooght.
ti it "ur Bentahe w,ia ? failure, thej gatheredc mrage mid
?iren?rth an?! I?cgnu t?, nm'.o it bold Itroki ter eboolotisa
Hi a sort of coup de et,it, tti?-y dlafranehieed ehooi one?
thirdof the pop?is-ow. fjiilniaal ?aaYaga bad hitherto
- ,l, tt ii? t ' ?_aTeBpc_-i_g slteratiom 4? .r,? awda In the
('uiittitiitiun of the eoaatry, which, bul foi eatielpeted
otppaallion OB the psrt ftflAm?-It*-n lealdonta. wowld io?4e
beea ?tul mon B1 i" . rat! _h< itndityol the
Uorernmenl t? ?>k itr . . ,1 11* Lon?
don l'tmei. 'ihrice bar? tim English and French at
tempted to ?eta-lah lheeuol***i ?? ruh ra <.f this ? ooiatry,
and aaw It eeeaied aa If the alii-*, bad Barr le eome i"
lenMaa?-oatherBaeheeaada Benaada ?iiuuld ans? to
ii,.-i,nee. our I'm ibe 1 mitt.
iiotii Kim., ?? ..n't Bastea! bare lapteyedielidoa to
preaeoto ihmr religions objects, lbs formel openly sad
ollii inily, lb" bill, r i..-..-itly n:"l in,|in"l,?. 1!." .??lilli
ami th?? Anglican Chan bee ned the presumption to declare
that the cSristianlBBtioBof this louiitry wai ? tantiOBI
wi.rk, that Hawaiian convert? were matt bypoeriti
large petite of lha f'?r?-i|rn eoBMaaaajty propoood aBl be?
rule toa I'mr?tanle Btainistratioa uf affair?, sesee rai.? BI
apem II? were " 6perB-Bg to destiny Amoru an latMBee
on th? Mud w11 li Inlands. Hut the failur? <>! the l<?*lelli?in
hal detootiltrstod to the?e fctBlga advchturt'TS that Am?*?*
lcan principio? muet ore IOUK prevail, and chang? for the
better BN already observable. There was alum in the
tide iuds??d wbe i the Shenandoah burnt au Hawaiian ros
?at Bear Aaeeaatoa IslBad to prevent her from conveying
intelligence uf the ai.i.etrance of that pirate on whithu?;
?round. It was held that her case was one for which
reparation might b? fairly demanded from thi Drituh
It I? not often Hist pexiiile hore are ajtitat.nl br politlosl
queitioui. yit d..i_g the bill legnlauvti ivoilv?* Uiv,e
' ' ' f ?
?Y. I f-T
I l'or?
I, it ?it bellen
Here iib'..'! ?*i! in faur o| il.e i.. ni Iel .A?.
,'i t?nl ?, -i
? ? ; . ? ,
ii i on ;? bj
ii ty to i i A ? '?'?? ? '?"? be iodui "I oa?*>tl ? d "i
t bein to favor a nieontideratio- of Ihi qoeaiiou.
Huf ii - bera ? thal I
of Piaaan did no1 raxtain a rery bigb reput I
t. r? (m uni.ti Wheo hit - annnn bebecama
:i: olrenl ? . t befon
ai ?I the ?egal gentleman ?bo than managed bU
iboan '
kin - ? i ? ? ; j >. W be - m- s-trii t frienda,
; rth thi i p ' ' i -, H ..,- - mel i
mt .?m al the on tact. Dilling t be reronaid reti
-: li nine nu loved -, ?
aliios, be Ind icedt
and, tal i the eontaui
.', and, t-?.- orator r
he order.?111
I i ion lion "i iii" i
Aneml l a itli loud
ment. ?Pris?e W??liaui itood op for the C-uuBoai
itrippi -l t?.i .i Bgbt, sn?l ?
11 no1 the Mini-i'
? !ie:i Hie S'.. I mitiiontv, ti
ji'tin.eil, nuil t hu tiiiM-ri.n,? ?,t tlii.pi..; '
'mi darrag the 1. ? t.
the li.r- i , I. . '. - ; blj aro .. from I
. at Dr. Hildebrand, who had tana aent to China i i i
Mr..it? nt M il.nr.i to
I ; -
mon - bad it 1 in Inl I, ind, ??
nu.ht bare boen expot ted, the ni >? ?paper uri iel. ? ti
bibiuvd l'zeil
iii,ii.I. li, .1 li- .
Bted bj the iiitrii.iii. ii.in of mrn .?I? and plain
(ely decided i
Hildebrand fu ad In Jan
tint mono?. r u..- ?
din t '
- ? -.-i di r
t til,' OppaMUtlHll I
- .? strong .
r the
! .
. - . D
list that hi -
.,':.'' ' -..:., t -
bj d '?: i. A - ? bara b< cn .?. t
. - p-i i- .- ?< f-il. Rome
? ?
It ii g
' . . ri.m nt i- I
Tin i UAH nun ni uni.11 ? /?/ \ \
tltXt I .'.'.r o/ the -. 1 Tri
ir of y.-ari a .'?ti
.triiit . i?_r_,sy_,i
? .
:.) lill I
bat I
i . i
mill.? l.l?t .le, . g li
' . i
, <. .11 ?
? . , .
I li.'
I . ... ' ' I I ti; mo k1
I 4'ORKI.? Tl't.V
.' 't- / - - \ I I
letyoui .? ? . i ? .. '?mili
'-.?. I hie ssd vi?" the Mt lintot?
lion t?? th?? ??me I uUe n ' Ila Urn
rittnn .?I ? III?! lbs lM_btasl IBlllllsl I
v other
1 ?
- :.ili*r .tome li v
I nt of Ilr-iiil I -
.. .
it aa well mt <
II ?
i Soul Inn ter? ?vrnre
. ?.iiilrv iiinl hiiiy ti?, ir ?nil? fnr ??a? la
ii.-| . run.'lit inlii.-h II ..??..!?. to our 1
out l_l ? -livr?tinn. 1:
' . ??? :r cor
ti i rale.
- la ? ml
. '] ed i., i .? di
. -< r of the ?fe.tnier i? ?
IIBAIIL lai-BiU"? AUBSOT, N.wVirli. levi
I'Mta.r f ?"?.frei - 1 "-. r-l
-, II
-. 1 ai*nl . flh? Hr.illi.-.
. it fnrth iin.ler the ?lit. i lion
? I
ii lim > Jal
I ?iiDilTU'V TS* Bau l. ?ith
? , Ift:. ria??
? it. i .1 i? ?.I-,-i.? tu ?nv ?11,'tr-t'
ritti a?i:h fan ..1 .. I._i,r?titt
? - ftl_| tiny ?i-l'i-t
lu? nwu I Nilli I :. ,. II I
? l-l li tie Mt? ef J I ?
I ?*m !?!.), p.yti til I.? I.? uiiil? in rtr?y?a!.y IB-lalla,?nl?, I
??.-.ti -. o i ?>?.?! .i-i |. .-.?.. ii. iluv.tiuii'-tit ?ii1 ?
?I ?t-ttto I'.'liiiri?. It pert ?I
?rrlv?: - ...." i.w. m ton* ?mit
llittiv I?. ii ?i?liini|"ii
. . , la ,?! pat? -li .i UM, 1 .!>!.,?I,I? .III?' .
v ead-i th? ?
t all tlfhl . . "liai Io na"!??
. . ? . i
tiri Kti.ii;i i.'i. tu.?- b....tt,? iut.,r?l ?. .1 nil r? ? ?Her t?o v.-.rt
millen ? m'i a 1 mi-if', ?ml w li lu? ?i? ni't liiti til B-lltairj a
. M ?lu?)
? ?.?T i tdtdenlguoi, la etiiil-tra?oB at tua a__?t__tBB,
..p?r al Kunai???! A.f-nrv hrr?l?jr ?st- . t.? .au l..r Hraiil. ?a
? wit! - . illvt. till follu?li.( t.?.
lltDHlrtotbld? fiv fall!
J>.'?r. lu pur. !,?.? l.n.l tot .* illiTttion or rru!t.| on tilt t?ti'.:t
. ;., .?"t,.,, ti, perara- T!.?,e lu.,li will .
licit t" '! ? I m i?t; ?I 11,, ?or mi" it ?-I Urti I. ia t |u?r?r>ty fur lbs al?
?..ii- ?? ma.leny thal ii..VBiniii.nl lur tiaii.purutiun, which will t>?
--- i-i, half pin?.
I 'lo^ii ?atnf?it,'iy .?. ?rify f r I.la il.-bt to th? G'tern
tat? M ?I...ti!-11 M I'rati.-h ot !il..?r Ihin ibu of
la lila cat?. ?Itt p?> "'.*?'? s^ut l>? ?tl?e'.?tl within on? ??_?
- ?a1_
/ RJ /' 77,'.I/-/ .
Tu __ yjilor <i/ Tke S. 1 /rltua?.
.SIB: I pinarra, in jem I ma et Ba-tudaj, that you
tal." / -try in the mutter of
; Msm to ban
i mil 1 lake tl.i lineal] of aaklng jrour attendon te It
? Fr> , la It.-t. ita tiiut-h a tni.ii.inier a? tin? I'?
?. ,ii-".. i ..,?.!, -i -ii imt tra te 1?. u/. the Interchange
:i i-ii.lu.-f.
; ? ;
ina? i.ut onij net the thing itatV--tn?e-bot an? the i?
. ? mifririntii to trade The? an bart Ike matta
ti ',, oven ..ti.ii bl
. ,i.|.? undi i ...; -, Hi?' perfe
tra-imal ?.! bj bli ilri
all ?ort?, anal eau eil.? nt!a ? lu re B-BSBStot and iiriMliiier ill i'?"
illrtri pBrrrhnaa ami rlnllvory Of cooras t! ii Is tbe men
? ili.illltili of -i-a.l?", bel it ii MUS the leta uti fui, u? lu.llciitilij" in
?bat tliii i tien .mr rcii.rn.? -
. 'i.niiiiir? ?HU thl? Tl,e Post's Meal, where the com
nilaol? firmer in to f. I ??ker by a ?ni. m
of/ret tiuile tint ti in it bj lb I nllvu -wlgbtl ami I ilomgo
commlitluu?, luke l.?-i"!.'? uiiil llutTalo commliilon?, canal
fre|(rl.u and Nea-York i-?)iunil??leii?, sei an fieitrhtl aual ni?.io
roiiiminlou?, Engllth rail???* freitihu *."?' merehant't jirolit?,
UiitU th? ?bare of th? pru_ueer in the price paid by tbe cou
luiner It to iroall that oatt wuul.l think An opt-ton of tucb lie?
tPifle -iiiihl lae 1? ci ro?y than The 1'osfi.
Where a breneh of Imlu-irjr now illitant will flonrlvb near by
thl fanni of our muntrv, j ' "it it. thouah it ueetltbs iharp kmle
Vfprohtbltlou to I. i?lt fruin the ptfCUl lUU, I, o 1<
^{tltnlrflf^, ft, \ T. I?, ???a.
' ??
ni) ruun>-?i M lewea than ?* Ha wool , ,
. . r?,
t unit y : %
I . '.. a . . -
' mr
? '. _
?if li.I-1 -
' ' XIX
1.11? ?.. I
IS 111! ? ill I.? Ill s
II.. II'K I I. lill 4 II |\., - IU ?B
Bl* I
I " I ' h
I .? '
I ,. ?_
I ' >
1" a? J ?,
I . , ., .. m
"He .??-..? li . t,
? 'S
? ?
, ' ' ? t
i_ men, ?h<? ?n?! their i"ti I ?
? ?. t
I , . 'VfUtJl IS
1 ,
? ? ? a
in 'tit
'. re t'let
SI. I?
M -n ia
lag I?
bruke otu n. I
ii lite on.! i; .
>l 'llf
? ' .-lark che? kmatms N?p"l'"ii | A p; . I
nuil it :. . .Ii . '
"t I'.-tl.. .I-t Ii .t'l uli'l ', ? I io? I? ''II
?til ti? li?.?? be??n Vol Hie
the ?trtip.'l?' at the ballot-boi *.?? ttood
. ?
It I
4? lilli'!
? r?.nii?in_- s*?_ J: ,t
ntl.ii- It i? u: . Katta wilka ?|.int of -
. ? ??:..-?..".? e
Be beti -jual Amendaient whie'i ?.
a at t?o galena? li,"
-, tent of tuf
II - N-li.-i, ,1 ;n bapaiUel ?'iflrage. thuiiidi Bet m ?
uf the ? ?? ? J ?:..| no1 I
g. fuiuaril . . .ik .?f
I \' lil.- ! .-. -
:? I)r Chapia qnoti nil ef .loim
Hri(rht i . . n
SIS tun.,'! t" ti" ?. ttn.ir ?in. ., ? hoped thal
,i her.
The servicn closed with ti tiona] I.?tua.
.All. ti? ot Hire, Ji 4? hu ii ti., ?
Etant. WAMA HI . I ? an
it be
? oil i; t.-i ut Killin?
: thy labora ?.
thou li??t n.en e. I ie n? d , end t ? f?eat , I li ??ti,', lim ?4t?4 ti la
Ii ???.- ?a ..' :.'!? . i J.t ? iti.nrii in tl,| U. . . a
Wt K.itv aiel Io??
thal it ina? li"
. ..'" nie! Htfiiiii.- bunal ?mi ?I--i'la
e i.,-n in ?. ii,-?ti uia'r-?ear and ?rith nnbkol laira
? . ?tv, au?l m a twelvemonth m tir ia
in?a?, **t that tim mi I? apart of the beg
.!<? ata_t- 1-i? I...?
,-f ?i t.ir? the ?\"iM over-never perhaia tliora
n.J. sod ti ?tav ia tho te ,et "'. th?' l?.,-ntli
it of met i
n ili.ua] protperity I. it
lad war th*
In tie- ? -er
p??l. but lbs fniil? of the past ??irkini/- ka
? .
It hat
yat t" j-ti? turon?.ti al_n.?t ut many eaustropbet u? tt.o?.-. .:? ..ri
. lia?
re ?eon t" I ?
- It it ??ii front I'trlmmm ?
_| in u ada, : 11
upon ? liU-li tin? nation travels, bul ii.ad tktrmst it
I-mai Hbartj . ka?amnebeefcweH
, tthie?
. ?11 ? ho ?eek ti.? ilevil"|?ni??:.t uf man ai.
of nation? Is moi- and mor? aboui
t and th? |
- Ihroewb an ur?le- ?
. 1. r?- lou? to nat ??' and
that sr|-i the oonoeat ef the ] into Ireland is
Lr? br
itiin?rlin_ nilli ?i?!nr natn'ii?. they profit ?II e'h'-r |
,',r, op, 4? ken ti
nation brillku I
tiona and ; 11 "j ar?
? ?4lt!l
?on Wood they wive thi i e 1rs so
1. gland IIUH i ?i ? '? ?
. Par .i ei.nt.ii?-' t a ni." arofci
? ? tod
honor In ii !.. tter home tvlilcti their own ki
iii!.?, -i4lu.il their blood l?a? help- d to renou? lu vr.ir unj ? .?
their fervid gani-i ?ill In ?amian ?lav? redo i
ttnd in all civility. M -Wub?
in ber househokl. ll.-r out? ast? ?I hoax baie !. ar;,o?l ihm ??
<? tot
amutiir t'ieir kiiiiir.'.! Can aay doabt that oat of
ii 1 .ti.pire ?'I' our : 't .cr? Il n'A
i because mort
hood riiihtc Iheheretv "Uli iiiunar? hs and the ortliodmy ol
non p, opie-ti?i? i? to t>.? th?
otherwlM going to decay N?tlo_? w_J fi - th?!
tre*T. The WSrld in..?t ha40 tiiitl? in ii' i. latta
i.i i..M1 M ti? .t enough, We urn?-. '' "?
th.? ?.?II ..f Oed r-l'L-aiti.ti Is a heto-r ?jfowrnmeiil tit** '
-IJIIH'!I ure . luntx-r tlwn aruii.? itiiil far more ell?-?t:?e
II i? t.. take se ?J any i.< SO i I H a__\
.? Ood ? provide?-? ha? 111 -
. .t K?'at mar.v aud 1 thir.k I
fin lo see the day. 4'.
.itlnstlielil-ortvof Italv. At Li-th there 1? nu nw.il
. 'I'm war, ti.?- l-.ui-1-.-tr.-?? uf the ??T.:
?j li ?.Sill to have i/oiie 'I"?111" ,h" l?rs,l<- l;-v * "',""''?? *"__ ,
iventtln wh-haDiriu? Provident? _--?ifi'?tl.4 t.? JO ti
..tenta in vt tuen a I'll me i ri'iiuiini- ?? ?' . ,-,,,",_
shs ta? beea reeeHsd to HI. and ?-?wer. Beton h< ; .'.-? ? _ttnr?
wlil.-li mai I'uru ?tilt ?.?.'it rnia-titer .lory than did hor a??".'*]
?Iny? sl.r? her hoiior.'d kinir? ?too-l I- Venn??'. Thi? i?
J tie ?mure it inn ui i.?.?...?. --_ -_, ., . ,.. u.,!,,!
v. IU tlie political ivotver oi fre- (."nutiiv In- more aladly Balloo.
than ia hi. land'??-hu-h ha? horrowj. ... um? 1, ol ita ?^?_*}
-ood to many of It? f-iiil-mental l.leiu and liiat.i'tt.on- an I
?uXapro^rtUof .urocout ,,,ci.U?...i. fr? m t.,,? tt, "
t,'.??? Anlrl? thuiie'h beaten dowu. will fln.l new life la BJ
um ?lat?, i. Fien altorharian must at l.-Mj.t. I".". "">";,!"?
V,:_vah-?i^:i?riS4UcUt?dtoU?i bi iBB_.rebIeBsc4-attr.a_i

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