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f?L' XKVI.N?- 8,010.
IHK PRRLU THOflllS in ikklanii.
I.iiMiV S?t..ni. i i
The Fe-niun troubles in Ireland aro evident
?Beana MIK wtm ???*?*?! i'"-;',ir'
ported beta to-day that ni neblition to Ibe tr?>?.i??
already eliipatebed to that island two caval:J
mente have beeu orden d to leave immediately for the
nene of distuilxmct.
Kl'IHHi i.on Sat in!
In spite of the roi? nte-il deni,ils which have beti
made on all->'b , lm\ Srotsman to-day roiteri
eUteiiient that tbcro has been MM trouble m the
Fntifh Cabinet, and insists that Mr. Disraeli, tho
Chancellor of the Exchequer, had threatened Id
resign his post miles? the Government accepted a
Reform I'll, liberal m its pro vinci u-. '?hi bVoMMM,
however, adels that Lord Derby yielded to the cogent
demand thus made for a more lilwral policy OB .the
part ol his inlininistratiou, and by this action n
in:i..stt r.ul t i .?o w.i- Rf| rt< <\.
Pana Banenpt Itaa R MM
Lo France, newspaper this morning usserts that
Maxim.Lau his tolographed to some of the physit ,hus
all? tiding to the Einprev-s CBrlohl? to MRt him at
Gibraltar by tho middle of De-ot nbar.
Ream Dan I
Another one of the French regiments Iel' this i ?ty
yesterday on its return to Frn
Till FAFAL Id Bl
The Pairie (newspaper) this liioiii.ng asm
that tho convention on the nbtaM of (be Papal Debt.
the prov irnoiit. ol' which have been for it long time un
dtt di-ecus*ion, has been formally ?ii-;
?mall \
Sr I'l.TlkSHI Uti Is
An Imperial kase'has bien issued, tlccluring all
the relations of Rnssia with the 1'ope cd Home abro?
gated, and annulling all the special laws, of the Kul?
pi re which have heretofore been made in accordance
with such relations.
I., boob, Do
The Egyptian Council has passed an address eulo
glsiBg tilt- offkillH of the Viceroy of Egypt fbf tin-?r
leal, courage and ability in subduing the Cand?an
Dispatches from Candia state that the Cretans are
?ubnutting to the power of the Turks, all means of
farther resistance having been exhausted.
The report that the Cretans had blown up a con
went garrisoned by Turkish troops is continued, Roi
. if hie among the Turks was small.
I 1 UM I', i
M ronner? d has leen chosen President ol t! I !
Conl?'d. i ut .< n _
<Ji.?t?M-T WN !?.< s- li? i in.,rd ?i. mt.k1 j. 1'. tie ? .ax?t
X/Ott ?ihich left New Y< t? Roi H MM
noa pr??. aaiai SB her Wiiy to ! m i.
Ijvi- -'He (Mp m1 Limerick lins arnu
I/'M't N ?'il S i,?ib -fe I.H.1? i ewan i t?-.:?.?
tal 'ur a oiiey. .
Anvrifaii Secnrrtitsj tire qootcd nt the laHee
United str.i.a im loeeUm ".i. ihu.oia Caatrali
Ktie Railway anare? v|
Livi iitcs'i. December f,?The colton rnarM to-day
?peioil hitCTuit mi M tau t|Uite BOttve 'di ?he n
prk-?-? La? it.g r.t'itsiil Bom the temieran decline of J
?lay and Midi.in.? D| .nntl? me I urreMly t|iioU-?l tit full !4d. ist
aoaiiit It i? ne? f-etifnated that tbe ?alea of the day ?ill
?aBaoaiit to over it i-e?; Lal??.
ff*?? Oui S|atC4J luriMpt'bti? Lt
I deferred reporting on the ipanrmn of Atti
Ward in London last week, as 1 had not then been
eUe to go and see him. I have now b.-eu, and am
able to say that I think he will have avery considera?
ble if not an overwhelming success here. There i-,
perhaps scan-ly enough in the talk upon the Mor?
mons to sHti?ly the British notions of au entertain
ment, and Arteums, though exceedingly leeonp
io hu own line, has not the gifts of " tumbling" as we
understand them, which were posse???-?! in a high Re -
jrree by Albert ?Smith, and more or less by Wandin,
and eil his successors who have made anything like a
bit; at h-ast, if he does possess with gifts, he keep?
them entirely to himself. There is uo singing of
comic song?, or mimicry, or indeed acting of any Km.I
in ArteniU?'? entertainment. Ile is very ?|uiet and
ouaint m his Dundn-aryistn, has no help whatever
front change ofeoetBBM and characier, aud TOT? Rttlc
from his *? pn-tnrs/' ?hieb arc, however. Molly later?
??sting to any oue who cares about, and wooli like
if he could to understand something of, the queer
?ej-aoavt ire Xew-Jcnisalt-iii when bil descended
under the shadow ti tin: Ki.cky Mountains. D
?f thi'-e ii??ae!vantages he gels crowded lodi?
enees every day, and k??eps tbem woll inond,
His dfimous iaooi ? ?tlior,
which Otana* nnat, I thin b. For instance, when
he tokl M?, m hi?. ?Iry jerking way, that " be -hi.u! ! he
glad If be co'.M nebo a little money by these ?
tainmcnts. that be might go?to Kew-Zealand?as be
ot wie.1,?lo htrtlietd in vain.' ?? WU
dtaoolred in Inextlognlahabra laughter. A poeael i
??f hi? t*e?t sayings are ?drem!. ?? who
have rent! hil paper?, |i ioqM
tA the edge Ma Hut he is Mnl won h going to
and 1 have- do doubt wnl in* hat?. "hfOd in n \
Ihi as London li cot.cerned. I think Unit the d<
tiu?es of lui" I
??nt nmreootenel bun. They cwrlaihlj uni It
am! I ism broader, or I shtmld p
?ay louder, trc.ittiieiit ol ).;s lahme t. ?j,d ne
ituieiii.e on OOJ 1|,.
iC.wever. have ihir. in ?tore bl
?tambitiOBflnnng \u<- pu?t week. Xotthatlui the l.-ast
ttunbthe ?.,.-'?do'.-, which she told, of having I
0 poor boj 4 : in a military b"
any dis i have thought c.
bet ti | || at HU li ..
1 hough pe/taiii. 8l Jil ,. H .- not the pi
tell the ane???/in ?-. Hot ne harm l.y i
giuitio?- -so i. ?j. tvearfng a pretty wreath wil
? i her? of lu- k coat uiul " | .
re /y soporttcial iisetlu-Hl kimvc!.
?MmRB4 Wafaiijjt. vLivbciiaWtis tU lacultv tuo to
turn tin- whole H le. IJrefet ti.:- I
M Mimi Garrett, the only lady it present practising m
Kiitr.lund, by her Ita t. and her
ibtod -eientiii. ?..ni |.[ m n?.ul knowledge, which
i.?i n ? ow to i .??I m queetion, *n> srinning
?iver publie (.?'nun,, to the -?i?- ut renais pin ?oners.
1 feitr that her position, tai thal of cur otner fBBBf
women, who is really tniniBg in MTUM* for the
tnt-ile iinaged tor some turi" bj
> m Walker?i ntl.
unluckily, there n m reasonable probability ol Um
????iirM- eesning lo on end qaiokly, au so geltinj for?
p'tNii: a? a nr?X'<i laoklng ?o*angwomen, iapuata
. . thsu ling
BOiroi t..ik m ihM ii ii:o tenntioavloTJeg city,
nods to no mid hi tr whatavei ?be moy ploan
? m ut n lew ?hiilingi ii !..
? Great Ii? I..nu demonstration at Manchester,
(.( which 1 spokeK.tiicwh.'itdoubtfull] LaMwert.oann
oil on Monday end Taesday wah rex] considerable
I trnsl that the iligbi notnel Jeelousy
itli ch MM ' otic time to tarer tbo Beform
I i 'ti. M the nii(l(ile-cln-tt Iliiivetnelit. fruin ? |
Ki ' Hin iMgBO. Un workintf-t lan uioveii.ciit, :
ray, and tbat Un Ifani lunlis haoqnel did a me
thing lenard bringing abeul this result. .Mr. I
made i very powennl speech ni ihc benqaot in
Ute l-rec-Trade Hall, which you will nil no doubt
rend, no tliiit 1 Snell ?'lily M '.islip Uf my MM
to no BBrpoM by trying to paraphrase it. I"hi
id Ubi imbi it lien it, thal the eailanght
mi Lords Derby, Stanley, Cranbourne. Mr.
I ' if Ii, and the rest of the new < roi oroBM M wa? loo
savage, mid likely to ?lu then inure bena tlmii good.
In net 1 Think the looker-on willi toe ealanei Md
rOOgeet beedl (ire inclined to think that toe lories ure
w ry l;ki li lo make ? inn iTM ?eft f"r ROBM t iiiic- by
-nine -(?eli pulu y a.-this. They srfll bi.ng in O TOTJ
in derate reinriii Dall, perhaps with ? ?90 suffrage in
comties nrd ?Q in bortrttgbi. TbeHousenrUlreed
tbat o? any other niblin lull a .nd I tue. Tbon the
lull BOatf in coiiiii,.lle.c, tho Torie- will la/, BOW,
genUesnen, we don't nenn to follow Un meti?os
.?uni unreasonable conduct of Mr. Oledetooe ia the
last session, which we so itrongly detrrecsted at the
tillie. We ^1:.?11 'ne re.ni\ to DOW to li.
the Bomb as to all deton? Let tbe Boom tokeoM
BtOOSUM ami make what they pleOMOfit. ho tbe
Lito-ral hide of the 11?' tea will la\ hold of their mcas
uie, gTumbling and sa earing pririly at th? n ?uid th?'ir
dodges, will kio'ck it into i sand aoesebokl rafirege
bill, anti pMI it. nuil tbat from that moment we -hall
ich a rally of timid folk to ti;. I 1*1 Bnta
that their (iovcrnmeiit will lie almost ci-rt.-nn to bold its
own for Kni'.ie tune. This ii- thetnoel know ing 5.1.1.neal
i.'iei sating which we have going at ; ' : I eave
it for wool it in worth, md altogether ign
inn ?still seeing noch plausibility li it. The
Boint mi which all men MMI tu BBTM a that, if no
lull is fort] till Ministry mult fall '
Beetas. ona.ni), uiiiiil ai.ti higlili--cU.-iit Lal
.ii ConeervetiYe pin LivitiM in living la trying ttom
for their wera lug faith. TnebugbeM nftM trades
union.'. BrlgbtoOS them o'it ni ti.eir ptoprietin alto?
gether; and keri an- Um trades going to bold a
monster atartinga ami to make a procession all
through the west of London, on ti -
Tbey uilk li the workshop! ami
turning out O million stioiip?which is moonshine;
bul halt that number will scare many a weak btoOher
eil of the c.'im- of Adatan* into the Tory bsMBbI
beyond. To acid to then diMiunloM, ?very tti.-t from
Un Worth Minan nowi rd aw*, al Un terrible
rum 111 the iron titule, ot | lOBBJM MtWMB all the
collitrs and a three! ofitoMngje, If the* would only
look o little deeper into this 1 ildron, they
would ?fe the mr? ngn everywhere thai the war ua
?ni w ii -nuii be followed bj I pi ? 1
mi -o mder found. ? ve etet known??
lor now iii the iron, the cotton, and the woolen
ti m?e, there BM iiTiiiilters of the nblm-t
snd inii-i Buooeeefol meeton injuring into
tho priKtical weaning of the ''pejtneTshlpa of
?ry," and nut a lew BCl 1 til 1. I : their
- already into such par?i.ereiiips. Even a year
ego I shook) boee tell that I mustrun forasti
v. a,-;, eel one who ibould bare pro;
that the srtneiph-s ?d "fixed paymenl on capitel," nod
"n itara to every lebotH In profita pro]
his BOntingB,*' WOUld ha\e na*M MM way snd
cbt.i.:., v. 1 riul and able OOnVSltl by tim
e verj infi reeeen
Do?Beraton will ban the bell it their fool la
England rn another IO yeera. Then n scarcely one
I know, who
thino igiiiy in litvor of the prisent dcvelopim
what iiM-d to be c.illetl 80? ..?I1.-111.
'1 M .l.'iiiiin al 1.in:nr' .1 w ith
a good lift from an unexpected quarter. Lie I Brand,
the ' ourt'tnartial which tr:.
Oordon, bw written two letter? to Mr. Charter It.?
to.:, leeosing bim of ti Hing willful li?e, and 1 '
mi? bin to the duello, 1 fter the n no? "i high-minded
Paladins of the blue-bli I known oonntrin
Te* ia the lenntndei ni the tatton 1- equall*
inproving, kel among other
ibu which M indulgM Lieut, brand thank God ii at
II he ?s
thankful for small mercies, for " My
Lords" bare MM ool so n... ni 11 nu
tatton to Sir Leopold Mi Clinm k, the commander on
tbe fetation, deeiring that 1.tent. Biani mat Mejore
tinned a- to their anti onbip, and perempti rily nm
? rhoUrd he Hill lit '?' HW, file p'.l.lieatioii
of thors doontnonts, and tbe findings of tM Jamaica
(?rand .1 ni y will sen?! the nbscrriptiOD-list no a thoa?
01 two, ami put the Coiniiiit;???? 1 a velvet, ae lo
land .
0 ir ancient SJBJeniilaM BIO, m B din ree' and dig
1 iiifie.1 manne-, SUJoying h remark ?'de nisMi liage
which baa oocaned et the Unirersitr ol Londi
<>??-i<:inn of Nlnetoentfa Century rtantbeinism, the
.I pet ?ducations] ?enter o, Brougham, ?rote,
' and other j^reat lilieral li(.'hts. Tenir obelf '.1 nu.ral
pbUoeonhy lately btxama rai ant, ud Mr. Martii eau,
the ce.'-iiriiii'l fini.man iniiu.-ter, was m 'candidate.
Hi- tanilly had always BOM 111l.11, ih-i', loninete.l
? with the University, and beyond all possibility of
I qeeeaion be was by for tin- rnoet aide and efficient
candidato. The Coonofl, however, peaaed him over,
on the jdeft that their principle being neniar, it wo dd
!.. .1 istrtrM to lmre m e piofoeior a man
as a theologian m Mr. MertloMU. ^ here ipoo Piwf.
l>(- Morgan, tin- luutiiein itu-ian, Bl one ? ie-,^iih, indlg?
nation meeting? of Iba ^miluatc. ?1 Un 1 ni
tersity are called, n!nl the Council -eui m
lora peet til?n!. Oxford and Cambridge of course
look on with as mticli enjoyment, as it ih proper tot
learned <'liri* t ian CnirerailtaB to indulge io, Cambridge
tarring Jual appointed Mr. Maurie- to bet tn n ''hair,
while that of Oxford is 001 Bpied by Mr. Mmi-cl.
Now. if there art; two men 111 liii^lrtinl who, ar theo
logian?, would Im? considered mon- nu <)in,.i t.nn these
two by lanja sectfoM of theChriti mi' thee and
ni thi? country I huve yet to lean nae they ara.
Nor. 1 MMOae, would any eompetelit juui' . OB the
other hand, rrooatiOB tltcir eminence as il.nle, tcnaim
and jylnlosojiher-. Si you lee then i- IOBM n BOOB for
the criticisms whick are rife ol'tho liheraiity of the
la?t liorn Ktiph-h l n.ver-ity.
We have had an elcetitm of another kimi which is
worthy of note, that namely of a Knight ?d' the- Shire
for Wet lord County. The cundidme- were Mr. Pope
Hennessy, better known than ?--.ti im-d m the last
l'arjuuitint. as alairleinaii ot Un ?*ops*l hrss-, hand,
and Mr. McMurroiifiii ffaTfiBoglr. aligitlmitadaeteail
Mt I BeHeee of Briea lioru, and oerteiniy a highly
IMJMtod resident rountry gentlinBB. 'i'he prtaBtl of
coure?: ail ?eui lor Mr. l?i-nn?-s.-y, who wa.- t.?",erthe
less (?eaten kj kia PwtaatoatepponoM hy no le^p a
number than 7r?l. Hut what uiak.-w Uta election a
remarkable one is that Mr. Kavanagh is 1 BeTOBfl bom
without arm? or lega li. ipili ol tins icarttil calamity
he is ,? hue sportsman, ridingOOTOM country avduiira
abaaket, aad ibootiBg better thoa most of our
Otaok?bota, BO excellent f?.nr- n-hand whip, and a
good ?peaker. The BOOTgy ol Uta BMB n.ny be
Kathernd from the ta.t trat -onie go rann age M
trat? Iel in Hu-".? ami A-a with lo" private tutor and
? 1 og ating mto Bokhara, ami living
foi month- in pic es umre it tal alwa/l been
leckoiieil cert? n loBU l??r a giaour ti? ahow his
if Mr. Pnweett
Hi the i '
guim that Mr. KaVmOOgh will he able tota?!
nat with adrentage to Un eouatry mu? rjoorJerl to
h.iiiscir. Pint estant laradlordi out of CTbtet who bm
win in such a contest, and whOM t?;nuntry are
niis-ilutely contented, ire to?i rarH lor rn willingly to
OM when imiuii even thengh he lie a Tory with?
We in-n tai 01.a oeOOBBtaOf the hitler ii.-li:.,
- MM ?gainst Ersghtnd, Iran
who arc ritr.rning from Brr?Tg yon In Uiesoearly
iVinier day a. Tley repn-^u?. Tin- beling as to the
neeeana to b*> ?.linfwf s? had as ever \tith 1 he mai ki t
Eugiend. I am |i!ail wc are in mch
good eonnany, aud h..pe that wlien ; "ti have pit r.d,
it imt <?| the inventor, at leas' ol the BlniatOf of "mr
pol 1 y," we ?hall seean lniprovemciit ?0 the ;?
Nintiiem ?cijtiui?nt toward the blacks Bad BUM
/ tTM?Ctt nOM U)Kl It,S ULES.
Hy the A?ia's mails, which mac lied this city from
i ? so flalmdaj aoiMaVrlTalafMiMMBOli fltani
M this part vtetorday we uri iup???i?i-i of tar di? .
? ? |talOg f'irtl.ei i.e
taila af moi n i e i .-ii bp the I
T/tt l.nndon Mormnii lltrulil ( ( I.sen litive orgin)
?ay?. Wr nr.'?iitln.ri.-.1 to atnie t'?t ti.. iraasRaa ?i tat
. ?-tana
? ' ritatne mt1- s v li d
-, ?? ? he ntl Jet t i? in? ititi?! the 11 i.?:i'f!at.o? of
?imcrmis Wim Tits IWTTn stat?.
;/., Lend, . it ? ?crtnua ' ? tweeathe
Rrttlah ne len si ? nt and the Cnblo?! al Waahlagtta larvffwet
I tin ? nat it h itlfiniiitenj.il faithful
ne utia.i'v lri um L'mun ti t."'i (M | aj. ?s din ii ...t ti.<
Krotn the I.ti t!. n flieh?, fa. -
!My ?in means if diverting aUOBtioa freu, the- de wnfull
Ivcd M. \n nu I ti fist noa mt prevaatiag Ita Kng
?as regardlag that. rael with i-nti?f?w te ? a raper!
datad ta Pan? te lae ? tT< ? t thal England will i
liiit..-.una with the United Statis which
?enid i ot han- ?nain ii th? Kit j I n r of t' i 1 r. ni t. I.?'! ? it
? n.liunsi i ? t >i.| ,?'" i f M' Mt"
nu kkwass in mi nu ian inn n ocnboats?
T?o ms to na suit?AkRisis oornanni macaw
t lowe*-nam aerival or james stm ui Ns
AhliKSI I'F A Bltl'IOSEI) rrSitAN ALF?! -A SCSI ft 1001
srt MT ClRi t'l.AK.
rta I ' i lal ?tcT.ii.'ii '? .- Oa the 2? th the
Admiralty dUpati rd a telrgras m PortSBoath dockyaM di
reatiof the - ol ti ? mow
nur and (?mt,tea for the eui | rant.en ot troop? on
the following mor? ng foi conveyaaee t' batead Haags ?>f
men wt ely told ?ff to coal Ita ?hips ?Mel waa em
ried oat through the night, ?vs wa? al?? the mm in all other
I fruin th? ?mu..i? Mer.-'.?i a i I 'he vi.rd liotl
re?tela were to b? re ady I? cm hark ti? 'r. ops ? i .1? i ?tis si to I*
Id Ii.h.i.tn Regime nts) by ? a r* i k la tin r b stag
ii ? an at kk\mtmtA atSo'el ti ?a Mow
?", ft r the-Jrth alni V.sl Li. .n.i-i ta M fei hild in
? te more to lr? land at n aiaaieut s net,te
rder waa received by ttlagraa alt i itham ?a lbs ?nm?
dal frort", tin- Admiralty ils'r.. Ill .- -i s ?en ? ,' labaal tapa] t<
in 11 ..? forthwith lu Qeeeaatuwa then mewett farther ?easm
In aci ortlat.rr also ? ith a BadOOl "i'.'i n.iin-d fron, th.
AtlmirHlty a tlrttiri.ri.i-.it of Royal Marine? i< it taedqoerton
< I.it i .ey rail
to PI. ? ..,.-d 11 M s
i ? Willinrn.
A i i ia ti i.. ? ? di ra Is aiar:n | r?
vail? in thi? ci police
? nre hiirricudiil and the military an Rta] I ratag l
Mapa Wtm O ? ?arratk? under aim? last
' ? ?
7' Timts't in.I'lin inrr??|. i.i'i :.t ?nyi Ila! ?ravivai
-.nil i :.?dm ed a bad ? it, t is. baal r?s ? I tia ?hop
kef'* -
A Lui lin diapatoh oil ran
? , ? -.-I -:? BOM r
nott at
.;.'-?! Pt n curri
Boa here were Badar arms ?a Sol . ? baient?
airy pair? Had I io.. I,
? i ? in d Istirii Li! as d It ? -n.t.-d they willie
.1. d ?ti i tig tue .
i lively Si.:.nun ktalcoia ai?! Dag
VI al li 'W mi, th'
i ' | ice of Llyert
.innii ?uli ita i ;i ?. i k ead I
vaivere Ti.ey areeeppeeai m tab
the I>rt.;-| " la'at? oin t lab**?
I 11 all* port lunar ?sa | ROgiaM ?t
l'iiit-mnut!i ni, fin vstL m>t tor I.
hut It frew Ireland the 3 'ti. H ?- ir i s
Wth ? ? (runt nt to (J ?? -?? ?
?i I then go to Liverpool aid lhere ?u -t i?-r
v,tr?r,,,f ?;,,i _< toys A? n ghi le ?apartad
I ? i las ? n am ,.i ,rr i,,-i rant al Ihlacrilleal
l.iry diie,t,iK- ti - in ?hat [.n. u ,s . r ti?-??'? ' ?? f
barracks iBpreaaiag oa tben tin nrcroaity of atti
? tn th.ir tlrill ?i In-ill mun n | '
mt in tl.eir ?ali I. atti r
te :.r? and th.-ir lo. k M '
. ia take n oat one?? wael ?treii i le
raoviBeats la the Mihborhmsl ??
l.uie arru??! doling the w.'k I ? ? .srei.lly
ed that a barge numbrr of warranta for ? .??,? ? t??l |-r
I .i- ?I i, utily await a
m rd li ?ai ti. e aatk to i ii I noa
? foond that a
r of th?arrival ? IhiHin in? brgaa ta
ki ow nothing, nut
" ? .
i fcallewl , ? ?
i-,i fork ?te? in a?, (p Oampaapls ?
II r|?'."l ?t i j. in ii -? . . ni., ,
Head I
' ?
Bad ? h? reier it Blgl
? ? n.i.r nu- w:.. a fr ?? ? rr: .? . - (. . Hi...
in coi.:
1 leisi-ht aatata M t?u ?"Si i ?
Be 1 i -i-e? sr.iti (sun.d ?en ! ? .-' out of i
lan ? ?s a Maa i
ii loin pl?te i'la?? la n.'iiiiiy parked
I al? .1
I Wl te
card wa? tari J tai ?!
?iniiii Itaryaad < <? N Uraad Irrada Cork
? -
min ' :
Bel attneh.-il lo i .eh I In re w. re ?la? ?pare pare
? ,1 te ?.,i i. ni u? nile? al : I tin Ids
! ?
?,e Rrttlah arn.y Bad
apt,? m-d to I ii.- just left the man
. On the tatt nf
raab i-iin 'ins imp?? ???-I luin-k ami Ca It.rn..i.:
i i..- inn? i< < re ? kareh p?< ked m ?tra? ni <: th. tam ?..? tata
a ni. mm hoot.ii..' li.ia m? m.- registe , l maa
V-in-riirn bethel A in tin r ern. ?-.
larme ? mt ipi ?a lo
I ? .'? in fi i t Vi a t?" in l l! in
ui In ? ?id" lind one f.x.t MM li.? I <?? ?!m| TI ia
cm- had nn-n-ly tin card im. the ml With Um ...I..h?. John
I'.,... v e n .Su --i Uraad Pal
ii It waa finn"! to iii.ti:, 90nie? aad tayooet? iim-u
?.indar to and htj M .a ni- Baton ?.a the I ? 11.? i ? 1 t.. li?
li i ra ni??' ?j ixe nippl ? and ds new bullet Boldj I. ?
woald i uti n. Sd lu tha ?hoi Thta cast ? ?an
ti. ,i It. -t II iii! ming Oil i .nth '? ' ntl.? ! ?aO ilaliul.d
i niitaiiii-il ?i itl.tiii; i millhill d I' i - in ri?
lli! in tin raoal |h r:> ? ition m.i? a ?tal
BBpsawd le have basa toad M ?foo? althea iBBadiald)
i aitw the lUaaave rj had ham Bade Urad-e oaalabb Uak ? en.
insji,.t nt? d u,t im i to Bab I na pee toi llaa . ii u .-I ?u i it. fun ?
ni.d it ?a? ni?- r?-| ? .it? ? I
l??itii of ?iiom procniiid with ?n .a..;! to Panroae
und lind tin- M.| : - .ni
ti. the I'riin'i i, .nv I'nlii? Ktatkotl i? ,.i II.? i WtjTt ni
: tad ? laalae d 111 -? / r<- n, ? ., ;,,. ,,
ii Ihe niy und (hi Mali'' St 'I ?' I'
n:.d t.lh.-r M-|? ' Inl'l" i iti/i na i.-ited the ?t:itinii di,.
aeratac, ta n ? m ' ?ho arms ita i si i
? h nae iinportiitioii i .nu it be ?loubted It rig.ay thal
lb? ittithnr,'.'> eaton on ?h?t??ei Hait the ara?
ware iiiteiidid nu the- u i y i. ?p. i tull? Bra ?whs
nial npl "l-l. ri miiil.en-i in i in of ( . | i,..?:???(- lo
?hum then ? i n- inlilri-??.-d hutt'
itiil ni re. miiii: i_-tH^lr . nnne. i .1 >? It h their trade ?? I i"
Liiarliah iii.-ii.ulm tniei- parked. lo than M .- '
thal ii. . ??>??? uia.l. .1
ol na ila- linii lik. li in i vit" - i-| n .mi jjii! ii.?t U.ev were In
li lui. ii tn U n , em ,1 ! i -i n ail 1' Jj A di ?
i.ini nt ? ho Ki
ruai? m -t,....linn
?in'I!,:n.'ii;, th?23d,|aschoonernaaed flw 1
registe) t 'mulline! d bj Cap? i rai ? irrlved la Qnerastowo
hal lair ill ihiie, of fottT CtMlt-g 1.1-'n.' li "I I l.l line' f a Point
slntmii. who lo ...ii.! !? I ? ? 1 Ina
illina.-ia aaaaltorttaporpowafamklag a Morel tor eura
haadapod? tal It la Beat vary minute s.
aaoa aio r bearded by the Castoq Huoie officer? al ysn-. t att? ii
Bowava lae ? , m ?hi? i ?> ?
alter Ita (iiaiiiiiiiii.il?.- ?Meera board? d bel and alaitiy ?tin
n?owed annie j?,lu., men ujiil I I tul 'i if! \ ?
111 foil 'the I li .1 la H in I. n. Ila I rein r I L W . ii.-ni: f...
?he waa bearded by two hiat's?vawa from ti.e lih^-k 1'nme
sad Er'd'jiik Wiutaa ml Den h.'n wert
the al i| tiiuii -n in tn ?tiru l i-i i nu taken ?
Illinium lil?- and from ? hat we could learn Mithin? uni?ti ti.J
Oai tael/'il
li la eiulerit I.mu in tint ert-?t ? ,a[ n .? : a fliat In the
Brads nf the inilheiiti.? of ItogOM nena? of ihe Titania ?
n?it to ile Liuisir n? two mtraos amaan sad ?vtoctive
Hillier I .osen hine tan li !t , r aad it i?
n iii r en mil ni tin ir raitody lill ? I rHf(in li dJ|
ii rbe Titania krft Hwaaaaa with ISO tam
. fn. the Jlanlooislil.c '."ii n n.. , ,d ii la
iii:?i', J . of her hi lag i " laacb eipai kal i Ile
Ml Map toni iiitniui,it..m ? t n ?, i...
lu? 1 Uni ?a in niii.o?! i n Ii palin . '.. ?'? ?, ri|
inn. I I an Knfrlwh port w11 ty of iu,
ilma torlMSpMl '1 In-aflu?. - ?: I "t I mt? ?ni i oii.njntion
i i Cnei 1,.1'iu n It una inti'ly lalkad el ? oeeui
I I.e
lie v,, a.,,,, mi.t s m en.lu r m a ii. i ??? avaatag Bri
I'm,?tadle foniti-UMi aiieatid. al th- li
:. ni. --..io. . M Nally
.'i?l?ieii.n of Is'i'nir ?n Aimrii.ti. I , nn.i. or a?et,i ,:
Dial he
ti I avlng any
R t tat OlaVgo?
laaat, aorryiag a pertmenm ?mi no
' lill!.
the Cmmty htaya hie
I m omi peri <>t lu
l.-nd. Mil. Inan. ^ tin Uurvt n,', mu tn e
Illa uni s Mr Dime It M a>tieide,| ni ii r
. i and being acipiaintad with the la. t af
li.| mu ?I gai i en.- i? foi n , (ode
i,,.i i \? K Nm ?? In I . .....
-.lin n la IK* at? aim .- In? nil h.i , eu Huid lki.v L. ? ?
, . ; i ft A?
? u lasen ?Me I? lad l.er i I aractei nut! preteMioi ?
i retr pr>winled to he i?;iior?iit ol fa .
S'ew-York <
niiiia [bav?obtaiaedthelollowi . ? Meratclm
im a 'eepf nf i hit h tia? Leen ter w?rtli ii to titi) l<2.uu
ti a branch ni ita i ?e
Wa? Lin-? ii i mi. M Ponai lia. mi hil'? n. (
'.iii Liottd??y, .Ni.? VoiiK bept .- .." (
, i. Biri H m
inc.. ? .at'-!' aaataaarytocrcMaa
.?? ' al ' ..I
..I smt", uni n rrltoTh a aejyaii log to ti I ??n.? it ia ?n
Jiiia.d innl die*? ted that the mik be .??.?n.ailj ii mun tin ti at
Vlo.1", olydcl UtS lyal?? ?V? dil I i, lljli-?, tuiej, iwli i^l?aiVUiejilJ ,
I Each Run D triel ?? ist? er ptwttaa ta 'tie ?ame. to
raMangtoasl sraamtmy regixsenta*i t r'F'
i. 111 to nuil ef a ti .i .ii tin. i.f i.i.t i.-ss than 's?.- nun, or 'O
nieii ?* ?neb r? a tai ) ai.? a u,atin. iii. of HU), or SO reipec
t,ti it a* above
II Kiitt r>pi:? ? r.f t.- t<- offlcvral |.v it .-'-I..! el Mentermrit
? ? ?'. a ityiim i.t.d i'i irtenmuter, th?
liilter to pert, i - af i'-.-nii' i.t-tl .'.'ininis?,iry of
?ulineSfncc mid f.u i i. n ? ai v tu eonaiat of ?M captain, ?as
ImUsanasasst i-' ?rcoail lu i n iiitii t four ?trgeaat? fonreof
IsitMl? twc L i . iiiit.itiiuBi of IO, or iiiaiiiuua of 7U
In raal] aansfactorinaj o- f.trrnitii: districts, a ?quad to be
ratoed unilet - tu the niimrrr
of froral ' I anilina -.nth other* at Ita
Ired strength,
:i.I li teil tu I?- lollowed hy Ita ap?
is, n. te. ei.T .a ii,. Beal officer* lb? cotoael of which wlB to al
Uwedl ' I i? regimental ?tiitf ladjiitaut und
tit? ??artrnaaaui ?bisa ?Ball complete the orfaahr*.
,-at huii ?i.i, >?ei, i.ri?Miii/.itii.ii i? etrarpi I
oolonrl will report ti. -..u.. by tettar to the?? b?ailqaartar? at
ling .i complet? mortar rall tfhtoiegj
melit . ii "I. .| | lil -i
tioii !? -"L-i iii.-r ?itli niiy liiteriiiiitiiiii at
any til*?- ?
each refiSHNil if Infantry will ts? arrnedfand inlfoTtried ?*
foil, u - prefi rred?
?umi dru? i sad * Ipi i t"
..m and tiiiife.-ti..d ??th a Maa tb-th rap ?ritagrasa
hand "' and a half loch ?/Ita sfwasatadlaM A irre-eti Im
iii er % ar?"il I'I?.use and ?k? I In* paiit??icveriimclit potu-ru).
?lill, , : ord dova ti.e (inter ?am. and an n?. r
. .-?? i< i, . . st-I the entire triform will
net pic ?-I I " "rd cart probably Le olitaineil anah ?Smpfl
ai.a in? . . ?arteraal the lo?e?t cod
Imetrtteaoa application Tk* officer* aad tin isr***taatata
wear ?*i.i!? and 'h> loiignia ol Heir r .nit. the pattern for
?l.K I, a? ?I-- I ? i-I "I
lu ' f (Which S ill aot eircfd fit,
raJsed ?i di iti ii li ? bi r* ti ii parti? liar ara sf the ??mee ha?
tli iri?ir!,,i lobe i.i formed ?ame a? uiiuntry nshsttfsting
?i. i ,.,: ,. t of ?ana oatttar, ear
ryii f j - ing ?par* lb r* I md c.jiiipuiH.ls 1er
i hvulryreii.inei.te ? i.i lu ?,.| ? ?it d iiiiim-iliiitfl? alter occupyili|f
the eiiern s e. iinlry
Iii. , b to Miitikt of ona captain, two Heulen
ant? ami fifty nu ?i ?ill te rui?rd fur hirht ititilierj tu bo uni
?rv and dulled ft r tia? arm
ef the wr in- Btoanaenf wa.nu nail he bereaitir It?
ill Ali t ullin, sen,i.? i"i ofloera "f ?var* Rata i
iMiinl fren, ti ear- Leml.|uarti te ai.il iii. ntUccr Will tal ininti? n d
in ?cr-.m ?. 'i?i i lien, ??.. i ' .1 Great rsmraoaM (j takes
a efti.pni y i r ii inn.cut is rained
the imn.. a . : in ?j |,lu ant? foi cou Batal I ?al ta Im tv in... a
- ? a.. . together? ai. .i i, ii.( let? nutunry history ti '
mrvim lu . in| .eui 4 bj , . :, fur ntl. i e in ?nth
The . Inted hy folcnd? on
? st,, ia if Captahu whi b* ttoir go*4 eocdaet
11 !? a .iris.np froui tbe ta?uitltic? of
:? campaign
IV Iii j '.Mt: ? 1.1 .:,-|., 'i :a WlB to S| ?"II. (ed trim ti,car I tal
ijiriro BM in
-ja et the troop? Badet*? -mt l&foratatioa a? al. li mime a
Complet? ? d t ,a ti eat niiM-atiy reijiic-tcil thiit ?II
Sinti ? ter .ii,n...nut. ly upon Ita d
' ' in ti.?-ti' Id
which will U :",i..n.i mi ti c mi n.. i,t .a it? ?aasah Msb
I't . eil I. -ii,,I . I l -..,.. I ' Wll I UM K IO Ill al?
I I- Si isa Ail' 11'.. i.t lu -. ' ml mu? Acting Su ri tin? if
Wat y I
7/. / i ?? la a I? inn i ram Ttore really to naaoa te think
that Ktepbeu? if not airead? la fit la ad will ama at then aad
that to nikiia li an ?S, ?aSCSW at least on in.lui :IT Ii,
v leis I? hut? le. , li t ,,t! ni late and ii ink? tie
fun,. ?? .innes te Un worst at lia?! a a,,:.
/.. / a* ira? tho*? who . .iiit.tetiiii.i e iii..nu
ann thai ivrefUoa? * ?* as ataranta ?el
the i ?III?
It am? Ar it BSBBSM "''I. I of |'?>r Mr
i.. '. i it.r as ay fans ?ho
?as a mm. nf I el., .r A* ahoahl thai? I- I Urlnd
m high i.vii
at ? Bl
ileraerl lint an taaivrrumriit mi
eat ti. ' an D4 UM hal
.*. ?.;. , i if ti., tet.fii.-t and i.itlt m.nid?-md by
report of rm I nu und
? ,|?r ni. , ii -i.-,1,nally the
-ame ?? n* ? ?i ic in m. una . - aad it eatlr?
?els ?uve nn Ireland vrtioth. i tiicre i? tn b* a r>|st.ti"i. >l
t.. at? i.
t t i.i.I ile tapa, n-- ? I and
. :tnl!i?y ?lil i.i I B ? ? r e.tc tl.e I
nu? ahito ?anana ? ne In make
I. te r.
OW that all I*
i.m i ! i lo talk a .i thi?
'.V : ? i .-ii.ti
? hil ' 'u the
1 chini. ,.,:?[', i.i la likrlj t.. l< .- I. it . i|]...:..i Wi have
trietl t. , ? la few
?du it
purt in |.'i uii.r -t n ji.tm m ration and ll.ut
? baa ? it would to i nd? d
nnuti i 1* ?till Utitig
??,: -lu-.- B*M
; liiiag .md arsstag m
irtiatiii KratoaarM ate aaastasj aM swtag le asa
ai a ntl
? ?- .a 'i,i, ?:? and nth-? ure di?
gilah ?. rkal , i - i, I :-l. |.. rt- i
lort : 'I be
nairn? I . h ?.rksl'i- t, I i-l. i-. rt- I'ike? and
"1 and at? ia.i -| ta i n
ja;', i. ni art a:..'. tu-itrahni.d wlm h
, t 1?- kiii.ati.
'? la aalhoritie* Un bulb ?Ule? by ita ?awaraai
? ?
> . nia.iiaiii MMWagen But tw IDlegntl ..I lite Hnti?h
-? bul ti..-i r.?(at it) of Irrlaai ?tnui I..
liai '?? - Mile, I ti.| [
? a ra-li.ie in ll,e ultimate mu.? *f th. ir BM*?
?? . " lb. it ' ? la? ,!.-?
? i. n tullir?? anil al?nla?t?
I t.l K al rlt ?[>ortfa,i:.?C le I
kiiowleda , iii nhi?.fi Hutu iiliatutiilin?; tbrre ?ere BTvtolilj
li Mr Slt-phru eulild hate mppued, ti'
. In Ire
' iiy aa it t nu i?
tbe oatbrrak ol .staan? ? 1 with th* con
I ? d i tiarri ??i.al> ei
: i-t , renrtohaing f"?. e bal as
a[. ra. ? wt.ii li work? tiiulri i. m.uimI vt lil. h line?? It? lit ?a
? Skill
| o ut ??i,ii.at r> ?-en ?nil i!i?ii],|n,in'Hii ii*
it i,. t n lu ti ..? , !? a-. 1 1 k? : -
I *| c? n ia tkavi vii .: ry aal his pn
niara kag la Irr toad and n ? ?ard of rrl
fete tin- t, ..r ia nut I be ? ,.r-t I* I
el. ? u. I. Uf (el ?li 1.1 lett lujlj U lit V? 111 li, li I I , I
..1? ?lui I V tie
i unty piir.ilt/n'aT enli ipi I*? ?ad dritlag oaidUl n
UK. i. ullin?*. Hr., ano nts<osrrrn
Iii.? i -.i nun..ii nt Mr i Ung ? - th? pop
ular nun.I?r Lu I ? ??,,. a B?*)?STa*jaly atti.
?? !..??? | , ? mi I ilea.1,11 Illari.t Ni
: -i \v ii..ii ni, m. anti
\l. II ., I bead i Mer*.
111 ., Mi BSts ay, ? '
II Da-be* ? eoan i
M. Hngbet . t n.I n. inl.lr. >- ti..
n i ? lied r/ttb - ,.i ta i Baa t, ?
Hy with tv hut l , .atniii ..I I!,,
in li i- K111_-11 a. I. II. in?, | . g ?
m ,. .-it I. jai n, ? -. ? . aa ,??..
?.flip t keel ; ','? few day? ?
.uf ?ali n.nu than i ; i t..eir
thi? i
aert if n ???'.- a Wen pt lo ii.n'.e .i I
l|, tiela tr,| 1 taplin ?j* le, T h V ti itli
I le . . ? ?
way mil I.. Bri ? ' - i i 'i .
Hi bm "' ' '? ? He con tem
ti i V i Ullin . ??-,:?! ? apathy ?
rape? hil] " ? ,>...?
leaa ki timk li . ,,| I"
tn 1 !?i-iiii>ti!ui ula li ,::,..
ii bau i ii??* to a\j
liatei. t.i nut rto?
?I.i en ' . , i nth uti.I pnliliL-ly all
? - ? ,
tonal' with I beril ?? lb in Uml
ti?;!* '
?en. timt a I ? ' ..liu ,i: .,::
alan .?n , i .. - ,
nu.n h ..- I ill.uni inn loy
? ni hi- ,| | ,' ii. ni ,1
tsaaspa I
? ' id n-' -I" . ,;n| not
-I.i . bara m Part?an?) m un ok]
Uli.-f et In- had t? ? lo toni
n. aad i ? i n n
iwlauiy cl', v ,. llatj ... il.I ]. |
II.al W.,? li.
?ee? h>- il Hie Hi.i.ie nf < ?in
mum ?, Hi , [e prop?
,. I n h
I* Mi r. i
.lirai : : I m, ,tl,n I, h>- nil'ln -
Um i? > t '? lUcii
l.i m i i. .Ilvaaa "f
i imiiisM - ? a. / foi io pull ?lotea i?....
Oil ?M
prirnte ? . ,. naarall) taken
would , "iiiii t
ami it i
?nilli- j.
Mu! ii , .i p tboeh)
put ti.- I , ni.
ntontl afli II I
I II | Il ilahding
, ? e hill ,? m
tlmii -
tide I,' , ,
that w,,
cattle ; . '?
a ni". t ?nr
. . :
had been leid M ->d ni
hut. .,
i lao I
,. .
[lirai , .t con
truat na- i
? .', :'i the
moa*. [liri ,.n,i |
i ?
I Hear hear . Dn il e ? ??'
Mr?',?'. - lal It
. ?huit
an*? ti
la?-, an that ?uv ,
Un.*; , - ... iiuti tlcueivJ yjj thoaght ti. lie ",4. uv\
th. n or ne? tee the forre of that oljertion Tt wai of
n.urie to tin? country a ijueitioii nf BanJcipel law. bot
that ilid not t oin >rn the American peet, le ut all The
only faet they looked to and cored about tin ti ia?that
a ve*?el lull.d tin- Alabama carne oat of au Ki.gh-h |?>rt,
seamed ?beal la all maa ?entinto Engtiah p<rt? waai
aad detroye d a gre it pert of the commerce or the I': st. I
without the interference of ihe, British Got ?tauen!, until ?he
??? deatroy.-d at last hy a ?teusuibipofth? t'nited Statt a
Aim riean? sated who ??? to pav for the lost. He Lever ?aid
tin? ron.-ii nu- hat !.'? did ?ay they were decidedly hound to
ga teB (air arbitration ami not to make them?el>.-? Jude.? in
n.? ir own liai it theiroaaa was aotge d ?fer
obteinl on of ajoat triboMdajraiaattl
le pal It ?a? ?aid that ItweeM he dlAcalt to li the term?
of nrl'ilririon ht fur ? hit did they appoint law ofliien and
li" vi r ?lut- ni? li to ein.Til th"UI. except t,i?n!l"-l -, "?tric'ilt
i|ii.-?iio: ? I I he y Bight lol ' tn>m Lord stm.!. ? a late -,
ead from whet they believed to iiavehuppci.nl in the? I
Mt thara wee gatag to lie a eouimisiinn to bmain into nil
ia? ?*nn,a reepaeUag tot aaatrattty ?hits and no tin .
,| mua ? mild ' ou.e !> fur.- it [lliar bear) '1 hey
night uppo.nt na many coinuuaiioni mt ti ey pit
neutrality law?, but they im^lit depend
upon It that if tln-v ?I'M' not willing to go to erlnti itinn
they iiouid lieu r ??et tim lincricaiii to i niisiiiir the tpje?tion of
ttra&ty letra [Hear hear | Ha mo that MPraatar
.ni'ihil tiiini'? ?bout the American? ?ntl about
?etlttng theqneationi ?lisch reused bud blois! Mateo two
nation? that ?houlel be friendly, and hi waa Kimi thitt lard
Derb) had esas? to thal eooclaaloa [Hear, Bear.] iii wai
?nrs> Ml hi? lordship ititi not arrive at it live ?ear? ugo, ?ral
then' thin- a ni.hi ta i" ? l.iiiama chum? to ?ettie nt all. [Cheers
aud laughter ) At the bottom of all tin? Wa? th? feeling that
hriltuiii? OV-fkt to rule the ?.en. Lord Ilerhy auld tlir.t the lay
mir down ni the Atlantic teleprapli by an Bogtllh i OBpeny Lad
indicated hihgland? old chum to the dominion of the aea.
That waa an unfortunate ?peech, became there wa? two aid??
to the tjuntion, |Hear, Lear.) button bad altered i,
togianli g of the i. atary, ?ml um Aaterh au and otter nations
?tie taking n dllVral view of tho BOOMI Ile begged to
?aOtatbt following lino* from a poem adun-sacd hy JouitLuii
to John to ?ho? the American view of the n usti?n :
We own tha <<-r*n too, John .
Yua mun d t think it iiud
If we ?an t think with you, Jahn?
li? jj?t your own b?ck ??rd.
(ila I'nrlr S .
Hay? he I ?ti???.
If that'? hi? game, ?es h?,
The frncing il S
rrm cm iiii|i
To hurt up ole I H
? Lend hu.elite-r I Wben it wai ?aid in the Hi.ase that the ar
lu, iiaas ?us ulreaily partasUy well reprasaotad i. had put
ti,, cl.'.ii a.ili-el tin i|UCStlon to them, that in Ii al .1 i n?es ?here
tin ,i tin-i? 11 ti.i rapnomM and nrapsastotad rame urta
i, -nu the siiiiej nsi iitcil went to the wall. ?IPtir. hear.)
Hi had i tillea, eri ti to prove RM te reterring to the (tiwi of
mu? ti r alni ?criant M '?'taille? that altin hei. to 'na. I.is of
contract by ina?tt r and ? re ant were not the lame. I Hear
Leur | Il M i "?e of the st mint it wai a penalty fir I
ii.>t 1 i fen?, in the cane of thema?ter there wtu-only a civil
peaatty?a tin.- [Beer h.ar) II? dwelit open that to ihow
that ti', -m in i msatad rare not in ?oeh a position a? th.-y
?I,, aid Is- [ iltur In-ar | Hu naked, wa? the education of the
reentry ? ich ?? tht y should all ?iah to a? M it I Hear hear )
II tit parues n ti rested wera represented ti ey would have the
',-? atmii ?ettled ii? it ought to lie lettled. | Ift-ur. Ii?-i?r | II"
' "lid tiny ?l.taild snake up tin ir muds '.hat the tia?
?a? come winn they should have compulsory educntion
in titi? country??einer?)?and th?y ?hould hove
ile Pactery Act? satsadea, ?? that all M abUdraa
should le properly educated [Heir hear) Then there wa?
i ltira ol food anti drink. lb? itorie? about adulterotione
wen perfectly trac i lit- food of the ??opie waa alaominable,
Bid WH not what it ought to be. (Hiar tom Man any of
ti.tai i, .taliiji.? In ??.nilli.- hail referred in llie ?tute in IViiU !? a
n un ri ally diain ui for the aood of hu country would wiih to
am tii.tu'l |i'ne? of ?Me,*] It was adniitu-d there were
?tit rtiounng?, but it was ?aid the lit."eminent ?en ?mt answer
nhli lu th. in bet th.-y all Were ac? BtOTOOd to Is ?n ve |
in ?.. inii.i i,t lind a great, deal to do ?itli all t.
Iiiyan??, Mt ia a ?mo otan ?eaton primed heavily
irnraeeaM li ?' M ciialooi lind bui-n abo.lal ed without diftl
i i..ty. iHcar la ni.I I.isuk to tin) glint .iiseatimi of tl.e rt'iK al
of Ile Con Lnw? [Hear bear) The mieldle claise? asked for
the rej?al i I the Corn Law?, and thal grievance tod R
mo?a [ Heur, tn tiri H the (ioiemment could not deal
with ?!l item things the (itsvernmciit must be a much Ism
itn|< rtant thing than tln-y imagine?!, and there eosild not b?
mu?li 1 arm tn letting ut!.'r pcrsi r.? eOBM Iii t" have ? a
.. iltur taorj if ita flirrrriment i ski mai .
tior.? In Ile m mallen, the elna? repretK-nted at present bad
failed la Mir daly by ailoaiug all Maa ahme? to come to a
? , people sanpraosatod wera thom ?
in ci Mag tin ?t steam ?et right. JIL ir hear, He thoigbt
ti. gus.I tadpta th'-unreprisi'iited uiuit l,i bri Ighl
m of the greet 8t?P coe 1 beeeweR wa? the ?ininm of
rat l aten to nut ?II the itrt-nptb of a n?tion io pull it
an Bg ii -would BM go through a.l the dolOM W
tho ki f. nn lill lut lie would lay Ibu, that if the inujoiity
. aaabem BB Ibil Bde ti the Hour? of C'ocinmii? had
ade i tul the rule raapeetii g ?|.cb maksi g to wkleh he had re
ferred tL< Kifonu lull Bybl have puiicd. [ Hear hear | Ho
r. ni lils rul on a particular oeeailon at dinner time
that a auggettloii ?us made to tako a divmou when a
number MM wai ?p. ukihg hld euded M ?I"
! tuitorti.r.nti ? ti .-re ?na one gentleman who wa? tata*
, ii,,um - ? iliulary [laughti i ?. and wheo the msmtat
a,.t i!n? i, hi gol ni |?alta?Baa umpped in after duiner and the
ni s ali ?n.I eu and '.el mil cI.im- Ml night ,liear L"ai ]
lie in.at how ?ay ii fe? ?ord? ?bon. the pro! iMe futti
lo'.ti.\eti.tilt It wil ? qotatmiiol the deepen man*
Baaln aasertata If M new OevaraBaM vam to bring in ?
lo term i iii Hur taar.j Beweeaerrj te my that i s. that
. .Laughter
lil 1-crlv nor Mr Inarm li nor any otl.i r i f the .
men that were ?nu ti nmg tin-iu had ?militai anything to Mu, mi
the aul.i t illtar In ar j Krom tin- n.dii ut. li, the neil?
1 paper?, ?ad tram the gossip ttey teard be the igit It w?? L.-t
?I ni .ii probable ? 'i-.rernrr.ent were going to
l bring ia a Kalora bill [Haas*, tear.] If Um (tarana
I trod-iecl aai tkiiiir like the I ill which t.'u-y ?hould bring in?ii
they cam.- for? aid ? .th a liefiTin m.-iiaiirt' ut all?that ?a?,
1 hinia.hi.id ?nfTragi for nothing ?hort of that Weeta
1 do [eh?er?i ?if they brought in a bill cmlodi in?
ilil aiiffrage he ? ould moat dei nl.-Uly en
te g>t It pa??ed tS?ougk the lloaa-e of
? Caammaa [' beers After the inter tsportoaee a
bel meeta hi iheoM like m lave u lut!.- nit of ramage He
ai.nulli Ilk? lo pie ion 1 ?'. and lord ( niul.oiiie going Hilo the
lobby m veto tor e bill ? i 1.1 la bytaeii ewe leader giving
! i nat hi Id miling. [I ki ? ri). Hu
intend in li," ,. nat 1 hey nilajit i ? lin r-, i i l the)
lill? iel li h non,y person? be ??? aorry lo ?in did ret n
',,ii- witii M mspact ,t toeeraad ?bob haar) ii arm
in ?a rally eu ii d Mr Han s pia i?for thu rrpreeeiiniii
ia?Which had leen ??mir approvi-d til by Mr Mill tlie
amatar ita Weettaiaeta H? (Vii Battes hal ai??is i?
i.iii'iiu Mr Bare*i plan and kell eyed m it sMmttehrel
? i ol pinn,- retona nul he waa aot gomg be?, nun- ho linl
i bebbj of ida aa s m rafee? to coi.alder any nth? r man ? l.ctit y
ll".u-i Mewn? for ?n i-diniilieriiil tilt anwaapru;
the iii; of Mr. Uley [Hem beer). He eeeta am ram ?petal
thal im if it ram? le a sattom dtvmta imiei? he tt-it a?
he did leel nt the tu-ie that it wai a mere pretext tor throwing
torr the tioiernment Retara Hill [Iliar 'mr I!
lint itinseieiilii uslv go iigMlliat any bill thal l-aii for ita
pic ' it-lean eiliii-:it'ni...i - lirage lli'ar tam If a man cm.:.!
? i? BOBa in a g."sl In-e haial it irotiiil a Li ii- ti.n- he ?as
? i toben eve? illeur he?r i He
! :... to ?ii it n!?t!e la? that e?erv man ? !,.
' innig ?hould goepaad regteter "Hieseif n..? li.
I ?ii;,] imiiesii toa peut on which then bad tari n ? gnat
ntrr-writing by dig?rant parttas m Um bee
He n ii ned to lb? lett*' hi bad written ni nut me Hyde
[ Park di min ?f.i.t.on , 1 l?-iir hear.] A i|iii'?tioii hs.d I? ? .
?e rieht of public meeting anti BO ama?
i a i . d up im tin i ia.-lit ni pul!a- an ctMi* :
? 11 iiii? it I i.giiiuil ?lepciith ti upoi. it imil to hoped thal
Untl .t g ?oulel le une to iin|cril it | Hear i.eur ] Tb? nest
in. atn.ii iiud rafal te? to th? righi toMcctui m. royal park?
. ; C. \ nice ?' Ii 1? li . II. thought if
hera ?u? any ?... h isght it ?mini 1st a good thing te
lieh u m ? legal va] [Hear ta ? Veos he
i aram M la toi ti., righi had baao tmd to a certain
? ii. ni, anti the palinga of the park had b. en pulled
do in. The Government stated publicly in tht Boase a Com
i mon? thai tin i te driva sterj lacillty mr tryiig the matter
: . a legal ?hi 11 ii se t:.i r:h'!,t tiiliimul and that wa? abai ita
i.mel..un ni wen tweed n. do-ead ?t Mrartictuar thnete
?iiiti-tiieiitt.iitM.-i.nl mit tin Reform uraga omdeta
? ?I Mlwittalaatliag M ofcrof tai Oorcraneal?wtethm
i m ? rotig or ??nillir M la? ?na on thdr ?ni or not?
III. . , lu BydePaul [Baaraasteaaof dissent
.; pnaill ?mi el tin- particular Uininelit he ? n te the lell. I
tit Iks 1 ilid an nfti i M ? '!' r of the iii.?
i-i. i ntni 1.1 t.. n let the? hnii- in liter to a Proper trtbojiat he for
ont ? ould tui ii mil alni i'|.|mi? ti.? ni H !,,. -, He wai ?till
i ni the setae opinion und he ?reahappy to be al k to ^?y
ttiiii ?gua did m t go lo Ila park??au old not hine Illegal
?I i.e. la , He hi |ad tiny ? ould m i epl the nffei of the den ia
im ni mid he toped the right I? tac? la Hyd? Park wt
und und tatahiiai.i-.i [( beera] li? thought the Leagwwaa
p? Hi (111 righi m ?hsit itel did an far ti? get tin a.' u? the BCOtlBg
aint I lit he li. ugl.t that llilngi hud gfj -
night to a patat waen ita smo that eoReeted wm BaeMtroil
. the LeagM [Hear, bear.] it wn? only righi that a
II pt teeeleflre sniiahl hi allnwid le eat to ita mi ti Majadg?
im nt ead then > ntiie Behn hu ciiiiatilueiit? und lay the matter
um.Viv tatara ih.iu. tf than did M ippron- of what be had
?'.. n ne ?iuulil ?ay. "Yoi iniiat lian ?orne oue else-to
n pieai nt you fur I mut,nt ?( hu r? ?
l V ,,,i. - Hut i? mor? than Loidtou ?ould ?ay |?"hecr? )
Mr Hafraes lamntleeetaa. tagged to qaotoo fe? line?
ii.me fn in M ?sin. aihln ?sed by jnnatl.iiu ?) Jobo, ?ail ? I.lib
Ml lo Lure uiiiuaed tin lu. [( !.. ? t ?
(mi f 1? li-nara in law, J. hu.
A m1 It? fur har ???? dow
Ti,?; ?r l-fl the a? ?od mw Joba
II e ?n?il and iho ph.w ."
?titi Hurl? ?
Sea ti?. ' I au???
If twain t fir law ' ar? h?.
? lh?r? d he ?Be ?n'tidy
11 on. lirra le ln?j
?lim ?, , .1 ?t tal) J I -
W hen no1 ' Wilt Jim al .1 mr '
II. ibouldneitrefer lo ti., ?laaaioe aaatioe llet,r hear]
I luring tb? debute nu Mr Inuton's luoimn he and Mi Mill toa
fi ?t it tn is ;!.i n duty to urge apo
I irni.i , f dun -iii-1 aheiiid DC put OB trial m this . o
[Leadehren rta objection urged ?a? tht??that the i
l immune?'?its a coiniiiittiv .if pi natc peraona and Hint
l"i. tht-i lind :... righi "r bnaine,? to int.'riiieil.lii in a mutti t ni
tin? kimi Well b? (IfI Hugill??) ?ould ?ay li wa? not with?
out the nu ?t deep fieiing ol rcanoiiailiiliiy that li e .lum i;. .
Committee ubi lalerfcn Be ogreed B waa eel Mpnn
aarh a committee te do m bMwboot pravtaeewMitl iii
hear.] It vu the previeee af M Pet aamsai M rhe ..
>i '11,.-lim "iiii. .-i ? lind refusesl la tin I
?st -r Is hoad and wini' ? i? l> t k
? t!i?t tin wa? one af M g? irm ?,?
ti.n't hol tara 'sp for yeera in t'u? saaatij? lu? la tata
u'sin Iht Bimi 11 tte doty which the Goreratoenl I,.ii
I :t litnii'iii imd unjx-rf uiiied [Haar hear) Invn
Hu? mutter were Baa, ititolUmal tju? ?
i mild I. ? -"tl.ir manner 1 here te. mm : ?
? i- i*i t'.-ir e 'In, ;.-? ?ere lo hat I
if h'. or death over Bl i thal happened -
re tif their c ll'-ai beal II . !
ilu 11>. I :,iw wherever tin-t i if! s |
to da "' ' i! i hear.] rtera ??ra many rooiiitu
?tul with the m?tt>'i bal there wa? u grt ?ti i
undi;: bsJOW them all and tliat wa? the dm? ?(
Ktiih.nl ti inn! ? i' j?-, t lat-.-s [Hear taer.l I" Kngfaiid
bed beeegivei ii.e power ta rule et er two beamed aMb
' d.rti -. :,t in?or?- ai.-r.? being c?lled infetior n.
' 'O-ntid he la-lii'icd that N the war in which thei i j
ibeirdattostowardtbsmreemM munta tina .
"o-iutry ?i u!d depend [II?ar bear I II? desired them to n?k
Un n m 'n-a ? I,?it wa? the true teat of manhtatsl and no!i|eiie?a m
u lattin er m ti rn?n It ??? not M be ?taahM hy the tiny m
wini', a maa tahaeed toward aaa Mieagei rleteraad gnater
IhyVi? jiiniclf, but tipo? Ijjj uiod? of dealing va lt|| li.o^o ?jjo were J
len* BBSS to ?SW??e* themtelve?. [Cheer* 1 Before ?Itting
diwa he would ?ay tbat hu *Hr* bael tingled on nav?iug ia tk?
nevr?p?peni that a irreat lumber ot peraort? bad boen convicted
of annie fal?? wigh'? and ine*?iire* iu Lambeth. |l.au*-bt*i |
He honed that diagraSC vt.uld he aloa*) ?iff trom tfat borough.
.fa perfectly l.'.-l'lit . ? ,!.|..i, , i, iheiub
jeet prevailed, the?? conviition? wonld loi be again l.eaid of
'lfc?r hcuar J
A Vince?Where i? tout (hum?vortr brother represe, tali?? ?
Bb Hue-he?? I will matter la the word* u?ed ia repi? to a
morenerloui?'?ucarlon : " Am 1 my brother? Beeper? ?Cba-ar?
and lauirhtcr ;
lu reply to, meit ion*. Mr Huche? ?nid hr w*? not theopea?.
nent of the b-tllnt. nor ?a? he the- advocate M it Hi* t*"-"*)**
lar Wl?h wa* to hate the vi,tiiiif hy volmi' | *|t"* al?mt whick
there need to na Mersey. Reoeal ? eloa eleetian
i -iimmi'tue* had not altered ni? opinion In? ??* **? i*m*dj
iVevil waa be dufrniiel iscment lln.r Inn I A? to Ike
qneatlon pat to kim reapeettM th. onueetion t? tween l burch
aid State he begged to ni that he ara? a ?ember of the ?kurth
nf Kialami, and on th? ? boto, tim i.-lit ti.?.t th? ad?Biliaire* pr?
piiiiieratt'il inn tta union of Church und State Ha thought.
i nitcver 'th.-it t:.'-i.iiuruh of Ku(?l lalla as Ultful
and aa ?tronc il ?he ?ere separated freo, 'le vUte He
Is-ln-vcd that ti o union wa?, ou tho winn? laB0*VSBl 'o tho
On the motion of Mr Granville BStasnM ! y Mr Laing ?
vote of eotitl.l.-nce m and thank? to Hi Hllgbca ?n? pa?*<d.
and the ass!lag Mpetessi
a it cire dar ttl.ich lue MiaistSI Sf War
ha? ju?t midi. >s, d to the ilcpitrtm. lit ii ii.t?nta?iite ii'i i ming
tin in that the entire Bipirtll Unary OUT] - ni Hex n .? to let'iru
ti. Krauet- ut tt. Mil) pull ni 'ie?t yen and that ll.ey mc the ro?
to re to reaee toaoefoftb I? mud any store? to tint nuatry
Tata ?teases', MJB ti.o Tuny*. " coultra? a i?x..t M ad
whii h aneas could .?ti? langai doul,'. hi.iI whu h ?ne ttsi ( leerly
nidieute.1 hy tin- aatar? <>t thing? mt to tan e ittelf .ti n uimiuri
utKin the utt. ntl.ni nf the lint eminent Our ? itl.dr?'tai fron?
Mexico will take pis.ee spc.-inly e'otnplet'-ly ah?! at oi.e t n.?' II
win ha mtnuitiiiieoiis. ana not ?eessentre las partial ud?iic.
?--ne withdrawal would only Ince bCM j oat. ft d lad Mali
i, ,ii.n. ? Umpire gradually conaotidatcd it.-e.:,.,.. baan a tile t*
replace liv it? ne re-mu?.,; h roi tto?W*agth we ?.ililli tv fitin
it 'I hal hu? not is-.-u prei da Iv ?he | ? ,i-. af ? t. i ?- darin?* IM
last lew month? It doe* not need mach ni '? mug
ni/e that the. ? .ni sfaaasaaa at foal d*c*tadi an
mixhthavecv repi -i utalivre of tie In ii h flag
m Mi neo fo iti it. li . "(it vital,
dol whick i? aid? nil), au?
we batiere ?n ? -red."
UK Mt I)
TMBT?ta*lmr rirrn no further intelli|:*nee ?M.t Me a lean
affair?, but the Mttnorial Diplomat ,/"<? wbii I. .a .. m tiered ?a
the ata? m in 1 r.iucc of the ??peror "duaiuiilt??,
?ay? a* folimvs i
"A few dnytt nit r the departure nf the ?te?mrr 11? i ?Vallico
Fng?ine from" Vtn ' ?***?*. Maxen..mi, <,< tid.
vin Ni , an ti.?t l.c.i I .islelnau ci.aitrtsl Wltb ?
ipaaial nii**lon to i-n had eahartoi at M Benair? sa She kita
m Beptatnher Th? Amarieaa pian aaintataed aasi Han ann
that the definitive result of thi? mullion would 1??
the end of ti." M.-xi.-uti Kin| ire. Th? prop*|i?tiou sd
the?? rum.ira caused con?idettihl? uh.rm among th?
Mexican popalatio? The Kapere* Maximilian m-ui hil
Ulli als ?--i r.-t irr Capt 1'ierron k8 nut ?kii UsaOBBBBOSa
bto enrenbnrs?tion at VeraCrna on tho r?th of October l??t.
Tnedhtti.betweea that ptaea aad the eapiM tai ?nlmanli
travers.. In 1 lya how?-er tien ('uatelnau eel) arrived
than SB tta tM M As far a? our mtormation ?aaa ?lunn?;
tata intertill a fr- lent ?nohaags af ?sfapaahto eeaaMtaas
tiona i-Kik phil-? UBI?WB th? Emperor and < n\ t i arnon. th?
tenor it whnh tt ..In imt pretend to kao-t. i.ut ?titi, | roN?Wv
concernedttomtortoeof Baa. ('u?teitiau. D?ring tin? period.
i ?. ti,. 181 . n Itali ?a lironrht Ita Emperor tto
?ad ne? s "! ri..-::.. nfn! perturbation ol the Kmpre?* i.h?rio?te.
After ? hu initruotion? by tehgiaph a?
Mirumar. Maiiiriii au, ovemhi-; i.id hy irt.ef n-tnetl
for two dava to tie Chattan Of ( h'V'iltcprr whee? li?
r'tciv ? 1 to lu? tapani in th?
Hat. Hartog ?Ita for Marshal Barnine be |< it.tesl oat
tbe neteamtt of taking a decided cour?e iii praaacs ol th?
iiiiasii.f i .: i Iding tt c1, the dei laration ii male
tiy Mr r?eward at a meeting that totara the ?aal <>f lb* y?*r
there would int - l ? r ? ., h soldier on Mciieui teniti ry fM
f uirsr-.ir i I : - ..oiniiiir to a deti.tive nat tullun h?
reqahrad tia? foi wa?ta*wattoa that i? why be wa? iroiog to
?ithdraw to Ortaata where besi.t.? lie ?hould b? will.io ?**ier
f liaaaaaltatlail willi gai np? impatient a? he wa* te be ira?
?urcd a? noon ns p?***ato?S Is te a'jt? of the **n,pr**a. In
fact, the ?ara? I ?-. lia han,led OSer tta powt-r io Marri.al ti*".
Hine, ?itlmi.t. towsrsr, ?hdientina' then he ?laited for Ori?
zaba. Our iiifniiii itioti hate? no doubt the that tbe i'iu?i i?
Terr uear th? truth i ara Shs ?l?|*Mtur* ed IM Ka?
pi mr o! htexl ? "- t vi iv probaba* fat-l |erbap*
stras at thi? moment ?ccomritotad l'l ? Mu.,?ter? ?ho after
Illa M itcii 'he capi'ii iflfresl then . ollmllv?
realgnation, han st tbe request of Idanha. Ii**?me i*?*?*??*
the axtaettoB .a aaT?lra"
Al Sli?l V.
11! Mlt.KV
I'm : anna re^ 1? f c H, ?nar!?n
iiiicsti-,-1 ui a. .?a.? iiLii ti.i. n ralath asf) partj gi y
I , nplliloU.
|'t,,n V, . _ \t ih?' oMata| of tlaf Hu: ?um,n Diet In
tala .upe:,, to-day th- foBowlag laparlai Ke?< upt ?i? ii-rid
We I , th* Kir?t hi l.i^l ? graoe Simienir el
Aiutn.i. ArxaCiiio Knie; of Beagar] B-raernta ?injin ia \a
Uuiiieiiit and lii/i ?. Arei.ili.ke of Aiit-tiiu At- MM g1 OS ?tag
and (flin ? to I . I '. tupi rai digi iti.ili? ?.-?talen
and repre-.-ut.. -... a... oni bithfal Kingdom ?I rJuiagnry, ana
the para t.ii-ri-i.i . nnnected. ?tun ?re aiM'inbleil in tk* 1 elco*
tosed to ra la oar Kural fie? City af fcath l>c.*ui.l*i
I. With aniluiken u t.t.i.ei et in Lnneidy
lrotiiicuce ?nd in the taithful devot.ou of our |eopl?a. W? I?
?nine Hie tint al it nur ii.'u"'..itiniia ? ith the I lift the alia tia?
,t iii uni apueli flotu the Uno*?
mid ?a . important ..n 1 i Altara! .?? uMaMts objet-t
ne eui,-ni, i lie-i..i.?iitutiniutJ ?ettlf meut of It.e ls>i,.l . ?
inp the tarmu.-i p:til? of ll.e mt nan ty ???tliaall. ?|??'lv
reati i it.I iii?; aiiloutmej? rifttita oi our U-it/ved Klii(jd.?i
ol H?ndin.
The MfaiOiahto turn of the ??/, which wa? not to ra?
?dBMSd I | tk .i..'..'t t.. lone* ST ? ur Souti.ein mut wl
len asatatal hain bsass M t>uiit u|kjh ti^ grstjn of san
saan '?t.'i ata re..it hssesM af aw aneri atea atawlta
?fuuiliiitr the nuuiericnl ?uporienly of lile Toat-r? Ulled
a ura I nat I I
lute? of ita ssfsee ?assess si fate whleh could only to
n ?imp- .iiii.,. by Um ttaots ?sarttaaa af nariaso
I ai.d oi ile- raoralaad Bratsrwl?teength of on? paoplaa, ?? dnl
M Ikaailat? lo r*?tuw to them . ,i i.illtior.a, tb?
?t, I ?t. al??}? rack
I oned a , ? ,. mr putiii.ai heart, and
i amona atataai usoriine-r.
laie n rthSpSSt (<" pin! ? it!, irgnrd foi
i th?cbai tal | -i in toternattoaaJ irnrltaaa,
I hSBSSr?vWtB re,.lie in BB iiitiea??.d iu.il itailly ,,uavoMlabfcl
i detrrtf th t vu ?lu 'ila Lasten tn the extent 11 our powol
tiie a?il??!al Of the rtei:dinr it.ternai affaira of out
manar?hy apon li e l'?si? ?^..!.-? ,"1 , ut t.? e?aii.ii?i to tto ?m
cite s.iti.'ii, nor, ot the comutatioual right* ?ed t Man at oui
"In our Roi ? resetlgtef the tatt of June '.?M, we lia??
I ?Iready rico.,-.::, si tto r?*dy actirii) ?'.ti ahita tbe ??tate?
' andu, of our t.i...tul Iv.i.irilm:. sf Hangssj, lu
UM aaa.-iui I. d tar* uajotittted tl.en.K ,ie? ?ill i,it cBtirt?.
and have Spaa th.-ir purt ai?o tx'^run to tontriliatelo tbe BSM cn
01 the oaBNBOO tiaK
The iiiori: wer? we forced t? lan ent that we were i on jelled
to prolog nu ita tfaagartaa I ? ? t ...st ?t the Terj ttmewBea,
owiii(T lo the ifortMOJ 1 olllgenee e: tLt ?ane in the [nll*n*?ry
lonaii.' Committee a draft wa? olitnii.i d :?'|?n t
Lag the i t aad ultimate, object at which ?Baaaan 11
baa nota* yoi leg t.n.ate ?tug?? <'f pubJ.o
eatata ii 'l eo'iM.lerntlon of ?he l?itt?we did L?,I i t?B It tbat
tun tasitat? to \, .-- our n eopnit.on ftawata , , ,xli.?
e.illol tijan in the .tuleavor to MOM ile oppo?ite dennuitl? to
turn m. i all those pointa wtoa ait<M^<?*ui
is ?ali u . tn par? ti t waj ?tra ?olutini of th? aali?
oneattm I ... ri>.-hti an. ?qBlty
"Wann ..''ii in that Urah the iiviiv mi,** ot
the council.in ni BU (ountrie? cxpteitttd. and the mili?paa*aBta
lotisuler iln li ?tjtisl na e'llldlliK pulu ,tle that tie ?turity ol
the BkSiareaj m il? mo?t llLjiorui.t intereat ?Louio he guaran
In repi-. t-i t:i.'uiihetltating fraoai.e** and that SStaMMM
the eitit-s iii repr. ?enUitirei :u l?;et amiembM bare a?
preaai'd in th.-ir ulina? to u?. ?t tlcntore ? tah tl.em to Uwl
auurttl In inlt.i.i., thal W? iici(ii../i IJM ?ubjttt? pr< ?< ard tb
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? ? City ?? Vienna IM* 17th *toteo.t?.i
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