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a*" * )?4?) ?? ? It" ' ---
??siiiiiv oa.mt .oiivt-a or WROR_J??V-TTB BT?TRICT
i OKGaaMr-1-KTfno? ?TIOII LOtnsiAiiA roa m
*? rauav ?arm ra TMB TBIBT*~?.
W v-rti-? ros. -ion<iiiy. Deo. io, lW'io.
t~bm tkniwt to-day sat till 3:50 o'clock. Most of the
lime * -"??.g ?occupied in ??ir-curiaing the Dist net Suffrage
, bill. *?*o cTonilusion ?WB reached. b-at enough wat* de
.? '' trnS io ?ho?*" that the lull will eertainly pass and
ti' A it will he a universal manbtaod suffrage bill, op
p- met to qualified or impartial sroffrage. Just before
' a? ?^ourument Mr. Cowan wrrved to strike out the
' ?twrti "mall*" aud grunt tho .?turTragp to both Rex??,
iMore the Suffrage bill came up there had been
s-everal new mea ?-urea introduced. The hill to prohibit
i?smoYal-i tV??i? oflk??? without the consent of the Senate
-4BBBreported back fu>m the ?Uetrenebment Committee,
?with ??infiniment?1, and Mr. E?tinuuds gave notice that
he. -would call it up on Thursday next. Mr. Wade
introduced a ni ?bill forth?: admission of (.'obrado.
The vet? of the old bill on this subject in still in the
4Li?anatrrT ?iiieoiiMderetl. It wasthoupht better todo this
rat h at than to try to obtain a two-tbinl vote to over?
ride tie pending reto, Sonio say that the I'resident
?rill not niriiin v.-t'o it. The bill to admit Nebraska
?waa e?p'>rted from the Committee on TerntorieR.
TUi? WB.-4 uiade (he aabj-Mt of a pocket veto last
The <*t>mmittee on Territories will report billa for
the admis-don of Coiorado and Nebraska, but should
Uie ! . io them, it ia very questionahle
? t?'lite i they ("tin be passed nver his httiid. There aru
?evernl Si'i.utot? 00 the Kcpuhlican side wbo aro op
?porvd t?i the condition* whit h they have adopted, be
.. 8 .!'*? tit? uot allow universal suffrage. They
thu.k it niirre importunt just now not to admit any
?tate which reitces tliio rifjht, tluiu at any other
p? ,ut i>suo is to b*) an ?beorbing
' :ture.
The ,*i cession until nearly 4 o'clock, to?
tally being the ?lay f?>r thi? introduction of bills and
SHttolntion-i. On ?v.ive, most ol' the aaaaioB was con?
sumed in having bills and resolutions read and re?
ferred. None o! thaaa wero of special importance.
Mr. Farquhar ?f Indiana iutrndaccd a bill to disfnin
ull -Moplc in the I ?'.strict who aided or support?*d
Ure Rebellion. If it should pass, and tho llistrict
Buffruge bill in Ute Senat? finis there would be few
?oters htire at an election. Mr. Elliott <>f Massachu
aetts is pnying speen! attention to the ?.?'ilduct of the
i.nret ?.iistructed in the South. He is chairman of the
New-Orleans Iitestigating Committee, and to-day he
introducid ti resolution ar-king the Secretary of
War to eoinmunieate to the House all the facts
in connection with the riots nt Norfolk in April
laxt. Mr. Ross's resolutions, instructing the C>ni
nuttee on Hanks and Hanking to inquire into the
expediency of withdrawing the national brink currency
and finishing up the system of national bank?, was
Ulled by decisivf. vote. At the eouimtiuctimcnt of tho
Boor-ling hour the Schenck bill to alter tho time of the
meeting of Congtens was tuken up, and after a half
hour's debate and a few slight amendments, was
faBtttMl by a vote of lui Yeas bo '?0 Nays, a strict party
. ?ota. It provides for the meeting of the XLth
CongTef-s nt nt?rm oo the 4th of March.
Directly after the Speaker declares the pre?
sent ( t.t nu end, tho Clerk, Mr. Mc?
pherson, will immediately call the roll of the Xl.th
?t'ongrets. Just before the llou?-e went into Com
aaittee of the whole, Mr. l?ale of New-York introduced
a reaohition asking that u committee le appointed to
inquire into the case of Hon. K. V. Culver, Member
of Congre?? from the Tenango District, Pennsylvania,
?rho is now coulined in jail at ^leadville for debt.
Iles??. Williams und Thuyer of Pennsylvania spoke
infavor of the resolution and it was adopted unani
monely. This will form un interest.n<? toga] question
and will ?how to what extent Members of Congress
.le am? nable to the laws. In the Committee of the
Whole Mr AVashburne of Illinois occupied the Chair
and Mr. Hlaine made a la n.unite-' .?..?..h on the
President's Message, alter ** bleb the llou.oiuljoiirneil.
The House Committee on Appropriations met this
morning, and .bad under consideration the appropria?
tions called for by the several Departments of the
?Government. The Chairman, Mr. Stevens is arrang?
ing them under their several heads, and will have
them ready for the Comniitteo to act upon in a few
.days. The Ways and Means Committee are
attending to only the routine b-i-ines? and
will not t-rrnsider any of the leading meaeures in
ragard to Pinauoe, the Tariff, and the Internal Keve?
line, until Commissioner Wells communicates the data,
which he ia arranging on thesevarious qnestions, to the
?Committee, so that thoy may have all the facts before
them. Agent? of teveral importing houses in New
York are here looking after the r'ree Trail? iuterei-t?-.
Tbey are prepared to make ??igoroui fight againtt any
ari?ta*uire which looks like protection, mid they expect
to-be able to defeat any legislation ot that kind. It
ia ?aid they are well supplied with funds for that pur
All attempt? to interfere with the Katkmal Banks
.r the currency were summarily voted down in the
House to-d?y. These straw? are highly suggestive of
Ute tinuncial policy of Congress during the present
The Committee of Ways and Means ha?.e not yet
agreed upon any financial measure; therefore, it is
*M>t trne, as ha? been telegraphed hence, that they
?Save decided favorably upon Kcpresentative Bout
well's proposition contemplating weekly sales of
The project for snpplanting the ("overnmenta at the
South, and making TejTitorieb of the State?, is assum
iijg shape, and there is no doubt hut what the measure
will bo pushed forward aud through without delay.
The following address and resolutions of the Cen?
tral Executive Committee of tho Kepuhlican party of
Louisiana were forwarded here by said wmimtteo to
the Hon. Thomas J. Durant, and will tomorrow be
presented to the House of Representatives by the
Hon. Wai, D. Kelley, who will ask for the immediate
CttxUideratirin :
IV Central Kxeeir ?? </ the Republican Tarty qf
,na u the Cemgrm cf the United State*.
' ?'i*r*??>*i- ?l.<i loir their coun?
try and ii.it' . tie name of tlio.e ?Lo lure Iib*rty
anil hate ivranny, te ???sa* to yon a? Hie faithful represenf'c
lit?? of the AiMTlri'.ii ??..<.?>!>.. n- ?i?r hrtitlirr?, to p-rotrct the
;rojx-rt"r of Hie loval people of Lou
isiaaa-tti ??tobiiil. here ? . loyal to the nati'.ic ii
.rt-T't-rTiraunt fourni?-?! o- jmtktortO irh nil good ?iii
rene, rttrttrillessof ?asiaor ?alor, shall eijuy equal oivi) anil
v vijti have the power to ?Jo io Justice tlenmiid? it, the
.afel.v uf t.r nation deruiiiiilt it When Ik? Is.ld, l?d mm of the
K*h?llii*rj at'empt?^! to destrov ti,?- ('. ?bra the/
?irt-?d it? fort? lu srwuais, Its mint?, and it? naty ynrds.
(lattniye?' ii? li^ht-lmuses seiitiint up??, tlir ot*<-?a thrir pirut?
satyt U. prey upon it? ?mnrir?, conscript'd its citu-ec? into
? nrid Mulrtt'.!
all lu?? k.iTiui and divine t?. a... unhcly object,
tatu it wa? tvo bite it? appeal to the (oustituti.in, t?xi late to UM
aujr ar(f*uaa.-iit but that of fortic, and the natioa. exert IIII.-J
tbe naturnl iifrbtt of Klfdcfcuie aro??? in it? miplit and tcitn
iBiasket, ntl?? and cannon ?cutter .1 iii?, dettroyed
ibeir imuOer--se did tiopc forever- abaiirbtrd the I'urharotis'iu
atilutieb of hnmaa alavvry. and, whetW i-oustituiionall-r or
?i<,. _t,_. aji a,.? Ceetj an.l txiuitl ?t 'j41 were triae to tin .
torul Mutli it U? ?aid of the Al??ti??ri vjetrple that nfUr ?riifht
?M?or?oui ytar??t ti??acTiflce of tcouamidi of.j.roctous live?
ti*?- kite BOW -reaily to ?umnder tiieir povrtr 10 i>onqu?rvtt
?ueioica who, bavin?.' in vain iried to de?tr?iv Die Ooas'.itution,
aov cUiiai IU pM ill th? lova) uifo 0l Loui
. lau* I?' 'liliv.-reil, Ixi'Jnd b;.ud and foot, to the
Sa. i v c1 thosv ?ho. ?ftt-r Lavin*; larmnderrd t?i the
?T?/tl</.firl_ tommittexl the atn-t-ious murder? of
.Ilily 13 at New (?ri??*_s I Ai? ?oob monten, to lie co.cUiated
*o ?bom ?hall tv? sp-ica) hut It? you for reilrt??? of ?--rii-T
?..?..1 We hate . KtUl 8tat? 1'o'veri.uie?t, Kebel lesjrl-ljt
um. X.tsitv) '?irish t.t*5*4>s, a Ktrb?l polioe foro?. ? Kobal poblic
C5l*Uui<jut uiAU-Uiiiiuf a Ueiiei UKKX a IltibeJ cburob. . Kebel
? baie tt-vritrm of .* "rulad ?oldier? ready, ?hen the
*r?uB?y' 'ti?? iMTiVBi., lo pm-ipitstt: -tlit? Souther? Stat?? kto
aasUt?-* M?alulion. Tb??e Bsea tis? misjiiiiac-d foUowtw? of
-r-^iuauitiadersa? WideU and l_.iiit_iin. Diel Taylor und
B?_a?Bfan!. ??re aot only I?-?...?-??! I?*t ?uMuetl, willioar and
aitiiaiw^toaci-irpt uy-Uarni? ?huh thtii uoDijueror? iui*cht die
?*:-?-'9* 'thfk* y Ue l?'u"' 9?^* ?f ti* J'r??id*nt of th?
I -utaiatUt??. llety UTI* Ukt-a uetr otmtmMe. The? aw proud
? ?hal tu., M ... ?s 9obt_mtot, ti*-, bom ?.' tMi ?taWis
?" ****** V*'Uo??-_ui|"?i'); titoy penaooke loyal bbiok men,
t_ajjmmtte?u_ti,ofet:oa.iet krtal wbit???; tha? ?b? part
li. riots, tm*l oxmktMit Luiut. lura almost m ?i^m 0f >-?tJaial
Fellow 4-kiseM, mt do oat (Mattala to ts???ri t__x ij___nr
Joalisra, lr>jar??_<i?ljt4,? tie* r_i?v?*l Suieta. hy hi* dt^rtioBoTsi?
o?? ?vt.?i_i vrti?s?ii?ai 1'?? bttvitilit ?L?vui that ?"W-iiiw-aU? stat?
Virf aCsirs, iiotaMii* JJ. Loui.-im.-t but tLwiiebwii tits ??o?dui<?
h'ttt*. W? brUfv t> thai be :.-_ to . ?triol ?rv<joii_t i
t_ tit act? immtuhnte./ __i if (wad ristiat-iMitt i^rra?>t-v-4 fro?- '
4i_K-?. We du uot avW fur Ttcfcauee 00 our ?Mialea, Ib4>__b
tmof ??Bid iuttiof um ve *ik for ?I?!!?* oaly. We ask youto
?v? to us a i,'...?r_a?r-?at in ibis Stat?, ia which ral? RM loyal,
14 k und ?bu?, ?huit p-rtloipafe?. Atti ma do ?okanly
-????I??? mat, m our opinion, tltmro eau bo ao peace.
mo at_t*\ ty, H?, leal ' .nisiaa? uniil sue?
. liaJl bar? bees e?uMi?bt>d. WiUiii? M ?. ore to
. :n-/ ?iliUtwl ?f?i_?|
w? tiautttay ff-H-i-tiiit. w? ar? al ih?
mu.? t.x? ... own eiatvmlt?.
_" l" Mt hi i? ? ... ,..:..:., .ii BU."?:tii_PLtt t?
_*"'.*' :*r.- ' ' ./ . . . '. . , ' ' lia? li.'1-a?'t Co?.
I*!?'?????,. *"" aw*? o? ti.? ?irtteut
1. We ?.ib yu io
?w??*- .!. u?. ??.?Uiutt.?-L?ysmndeyy^ vi IjrV* Wli?{?.?tit ?VD
Bars? ??tire p--don. ?Wore this?/ entrr upon ti- ?tutis? ol t?_s>ir
office. Do ttifM? ?.iinrs B-nd the Wytt po-ii?- of I.? ui??i?i a n ill
rrerl.tild ini-nit?fi_i(m?nibri-ijCCtliiU.(n.l?iritiftbO--<JClXlh
Tho above waa un.ni-ooualy adopted at.d or?i?-_ft>d to be
signed by the l"res iil.ut and Pa aft--T io t''? -amo of the
Committee. W. R. Ciu.i'-t-Pn_.ile-it.
JAR. L. MoisT-Bi'T, -"axretary.
ritson no?.8.
J. Renient. Tbattbo Central K-ftiitiie'.tem n lUee ?f tfco
Republican partv ?if I.? n-tirari- ?s?f.ti.m thtyXX X IX'.!. C< B(T?M
of tb?j Unitctl State, for sid. and will ?u_f|aiu it in th. ia
ment of and r*?rw)Tsl from otKi<o of Andrew Johnson, Prs_it-?at
of tbo I'nitt-t) Slut?-?, a iraitvr to t?'j? trust andB.jT-iBktt--n
Wtth the Kelirls, ??-?towing ni??-? them rnorium?? -?Bfa!Hot
patronage, for which h? diaplfcce- Loyal tai true mra ?t
uiuTt-rrr of the power, of Congre??, ti? I.t?.-hintue I??
rsirttneut of the frotrenitneiit, ?.??I ti?' faithful
Kiirt PentBtfvt-a of -?ts people, the abuser id Is. '. ? e pots..?
eitrrtiaed iu favor of Rebel? hy the winks ale n it? raUenof troto*
.I pra>i?t'rty. ?ontlr for?? ?ted to the I'm!? d S?:.t? s to pa*
th. war ?lebt tljr depletlajt ?_l'tkoXutioi.al
wy m:?l inir_kiiing of tho ulrt-udy irinl. ns.itr.e -taxation if t?.o
ICVHI ix-oplt?; bo adopted ? r. i-inttnirtion polk ? "i lifn? ly f"r
rti'e It-ntdit ?>f Kelit-1?, anil fiuletl to arrmt mnl |i_ni?l. the pa?rpe
tra!??ra of tire cruel massacre of the loyal people of New Clriettua
?ti ttio IKtth of July lift
II. R-olera, 'Iliiit in the opinion of tl.ia Comn itt?e tt.o
_V\.\i? - liii-illl lllllllif.il tf.l jr. ?I I llilall-tlllt' Ol
ei-.nn nt ?ii l,?i!iiti.ina onil ??t.il'li-l? n loynlTerritori.il li. urn
ment with a Military or Provisional Oorernor tin t? >n, in !tur
nuitiv s. Uli thf veriln-t nf ti.?-An.irn un p.Bal, a. a-BI
r.,.!, ?ad also pr?vida for a State i.?n_n,ii.< i.t Uli tain
on ti- I it. ?is til universul ?Dllrnpe, ami bj I] | r%iniit<' (.'.i.i-n-*
?jullul ne ?ion eiiublish unir, nul gtiffrape ttirsuit'tn -it trie l'i ti ?i
Suits. \V. li. till-.I l'i- ?
I s?,i ? 1. Mi ?? tary.
Tin? not nt nili'rvit'ws tif Secretary ? ward witt
Mi. ThaildeuR Stevens ure explained at laet. It np
pean that the Secretary has aaka I f??r a i-pecal ap?
propriation of $'?.rA),lH)0 to allow bia dep_rt_vent IO
pros?'! uti! 061tt-ti -Mai now pending in -?Oto England
aud Frame, for the recovery of luipi! amounts hi
property belonging rightfully to the United ?
and n!b<? t?? defray tlio ex pen.-? i a. bunting Bp _nd
i-apturing John II. Surratt. Mr. .kerena ?ra. tu-ilny
uir-trtii-ti-d by bia i-ommittee to brilia] la a bill f< t thti
purjii's?', win? li lie will report to-iin'rrt.w. Many ui-l?
that it be put ?irwin it? pot- ?age. It upi?o;.ri that ttkt
?ippn?j?ria!ion for this uinount ia abr-olutely ne? .
.mil Mr. sttvn.? hu? ??^i?M.?d lo put it through tlie
Botua without delay.
It is stated ?ni good authority that tho I'n srdcut ha?
rignrrl tho noowaaij papan Mnlaning Col. B. K,
PaoldiOf, late l'ayinan!? r in ti.?'i'iiiiiY, (rho WM ao_
rioted last Summer I.i um I ? < nil a?itial for '
un-iiif of order*, and aentauoad to u year's
nu m ut Fort Henry .tiul to pay u fine of ?175,000.
It will be refiii-mlx mI that CoL Panlding. offenee
arMtai depoaMog at? eral hundred thouiaad dollar?.
contrary ;o orden La the Itoohanta1 '- I ia! Bank,
ef wl.icl) Iafonard lluyek was I're-'le .!, ipOD UM
failure of which bank the l.o.
a vi-ry large _moant.
The Pur Department, <>n Saturday, cotoi-i
paying claim? for the extra bounty to i-ldiera,
the mt o. Jnlj S&, 186a, and payaaantt "ill eootin ia
in be malle aaiaat aa UM aeeaaaarj informatioa
olitruiit-d fruin thr other ilep..;::i.??;.(.?. 'J I.?' el..nu.-?
which have thun fur l)?-?'ii taken r,? M?re from '.lu?
st,iles of New-York, Ohio and Penniiylrania, and
ref,'iiiii-iit.-. belonging to the . -erra Corpi
and the Ragti__r Anny. 1' . . . i- l cl-I-i-nta to
annoy the Depart I -4 theb
t liiiuis. -.neb iiHiuirier? ?Till not i.tiUit.t'ti' tlieir'.iiy
A voluutccr hoklier, who died in NoTOBDa Uat,
I.? 1,'iiuiiied to a person, to whom ha ?rai indebted for
attendant-? during Inn iUneee, Inn claim to extra
bounty. The accounting ofticera of the Oovernmeul
hold li?t tiie ut t ol .Iul> .-, I-i'-?'., . r?-. ?io iii!,?.it
? ither by ??CM ?-nt. or hy YVIII bayoud Yshnt in
th? rein c.\}?r?r?-lv asaarted, The legatee In lb?
. ii to cannot, then
1" i(U?'?theil hy the Mihlit-r. It baa ai-'i lu eli dei ueil
fin? i-Beaia and BOIdiera ?A-!.o at ein.e to acsoept trana*
jim t.itinn in kind iijitiit iniiht. r oat, have no eliim to
tr.ivel pay, ?Ve-, to place of enn 1. in
B-lugauing all along onr ...at and rrantler i? BMra
rife at thi.? time than it bn ??..?..r it.-.-ii before. It ia
earn<tI on m | I " ? -Ii
urs ofeuetoma are lr?ijiuntty ahangi -.1 and ;?' ?li the
?.ininti-, with onu or two ?lection*, where aaf-een
lii.vc been aTManaded for pi
more .vinu?
period. Some ret ithia Babjeet wiu pt___?
l.ly ihortlj he in..
Than is the beti antbority for Maying that the Pn ri?
dent baa poritirel; d n??t t? interfere in tta
?n?t of .letl. Darli b? i on parole,
bat that he will retnain wherehe ia until an
nu iii s ? .iii he made lor Lis trial NOM t.me dving UM
enHuiiifr Bf--?f.
Pr?vate lattan Jnet ra-t-lred fruin theG-df su.ie.
. i. Nor. '?".?, -ay that " ihe i-uuih ia wuiting f??r
the i_k_aati .lefi. Darla batea iba aelabnli
l're-ident Jiihnt-nu baa to-si tat, in
eoui].-liaii(-o vith the lug^estion ol u uietuorial pre
?eiiteil to him by Dr. J. II. t.r. . ..i "I ll.e
Prison Y-M.eiriiiiin. grant litagMOft] -i"iu
muthtioii qrate- tt ofK ir-YorkU?__1 oon?
Victh under rei.te.iiie ol the ei\il and imlitarv courti of
the I'nittd S'i-.t?--, at? luiilig to ihem the Milne eletn
?ney r.ml ab-tasaent of tim?*, upon !'.'? lame terni?
provided for the ronvicta ii'idt-r lantenca I fthe Stall',
us mi lntliici-meiit and eotu ni? ii.ii- ii ."r go? ?l ? onducl
aud faithful and diligent ?lit. nt nui <?! eonris-J in the
eh-eivnnec ol the regnla_oni of tin pril-OU, and m
the pf-rforin.inie of ihe aTOrh inipeoad upo? tl--_
_ bin heucvolcnt laggaatioil r. iiiu-il the pr??uijit
and cordial a?;Kent of the Pl-rident, and in di t orda-? ?.
therewith the Atti?ri.ev-i?. i ?.r??I wai rea
immediately to prepare docanwnt l??r the
eieeiition t?f the dt-rign, a im?-. ? nu tit u lui h w ill un?
doubtedly iucrea-e the good order of the pi-__tit .__
anoottraga the ?efoimation ofttoac bmnwhon the
benefit, of the law have heretutore been withheld.
A law of Fiuniar purport applicable to? all the
States in the Union, WM today introdu? eil m ('nu
gre.h bl Senator llarri?, whit-Li will doubtlOM M?OU he
The Buliject of difpenaing with the eii.ployiiient of
women in the Trtamiry Department, is and.ergning
?liKiiisruon. It i? .??Hcried that while many ol ti., m
ero enpahlo and earn their lalarie?, athen ure nutti
iitnt uud unde-erYii.g, OOtwitb tr_nti? i.f?j which it ia
impt..?>ihl?' to ?aeharge them, ow.iitf to the liiipin
tamty of friends and other inloancea, th- jmy being
irreater than that which women mci ive in any other
vocation. The presbiiro for appa-itmanU is over
wheluiing; the Pnridant. house, Gan, Qraat'i bead?
quintera, mid the Treasury Department ara btvmgetl
contin?ala", and on manj ?njt the greater poriiou ol
the time of the Secretary uuil his lirtfrt?*i*1 it ta-ff
np in refusing to eniploy aroman and m explaining the
nu on for mich refutau!. Tin re are now from 50 to Uni
mor?? w?._nen iu the -VeaaniT Daparf-s-t thau the
Stscretary is justified ia returning.
1B view of all the disadvuniiir:.--. attending the cm
ployiucntofwomen, and ti. continued preaaure lor
appoiutinentt and the conHequi nt anno] unie, th?- Sec?
retary of the Treasury ii coiihidering the expediency of
following tb? example of the Secret.iry of the Interior.
and fli_.nii_-.ing ut unco all tho female en ploy??.
Mr. KichardBou of l.oritorj arrived tin? morning, and
entered for trial in the Supreme Court ol tho united
j States several liquor canea, ?nrotartog qnaationa not
decided last Winter. The qa_-_r___ muy or not be
heard dunug this term. ?n effort, it ta anid, will be
made iu Coi.gress tt?change the law upon ihe ?uhjtsi t.
Tho Memorial of Cot roller liill))oii?e of Now.
York urge. Congress in a lengthy argument to pro?
rid? for the payment of the State d"hts in? urred in
the prosecution of the war. The ohjec t for which
they were incurred he declarea to be no leis national
than the pr?servation of the Government, and that a
weakness ?u ih? members of the li. ion would have
been incompatible with vigor iu the head, and there?
fore policy no lass than Ju.tice calls tor payment
of those debts. He deems it doiibttul whether, with
thetnn-etrcy ina normal condition, State taxes levied
on real or personal property, will nure than
??u______ for ordiuary State " expenses. Taxer?
bear un*<iually on land and tend to o-.pre.-?
the farming interest, on which the prosperity of all
others depend. lia therefore propose? (hat tho Ceu
eml -overniaent shall relinquish some parti? ular
sotme of revenue to the several States, to be u.?od in
the __<Tuidatk_ of war debt??, and suggests that the
tax on inoo__-?s be thus relinquished as au ample and
proper item for such a purpose, especially as it is
qnestiotioble whether it comes within the meaning of
the word '' indireot" in the constitutiori&l clause con?
cerning taxation.
During the past rear the War Department have
sold IO.,*??} honnis for |?^sS'>!?,417 .a?, and 10_t,__4
mule? for t?,6?.\??_f? 96. Other animal, hare beeu
?old for .1,053,432 1?. nuking a total of sales of ani?
mais, no longer needed for mUitarv purposes, of
$U.,869,075 b4. The horses ?old tor an average of
.W 85, the moles of $74 67. The highest prieo for
? single horse waa f?-^i the highest urn-e fut a nagle
mule, tf.i'4!S.
The tt-vtement in a recent telegram from here, that
the Senators from Colorado and Nebraska had pledged
that-U-lves lit any direction, is emphatically denied
by those tanti*men.
The wife of ?i?;nitc/ Fowl.r tri TvncciMe. ii danger
RENATK WeiMiomt, !><;. 10, lr?tv6.
MweTf.. Brry-wn (Kep. Mo.) and Spragoo (Rep. R. I.)
shunt hiretofor?- appeared n tr,?:i sriits.
Mr. MORGAN (Kep. N Y j pm-enu-d a memorial of th?
ChnmlM-r of C?n.n>.ri? of Ki ?v V?rl r? pn-neitiu,-? that the
records ard paper? m the lierl ? Ott..??-ol the fi, ltd Sun s
District 4'tnirt for the S<iutl.< rn [>.?tr,. t if Hi??iiiippi, b?v?
I?? ti dfslroved hy fije, ?hil ii ilociimi i.ta iontmn?-d cv.ileiico of
i/r.at ,nii?.ii ai,i< ??). it,/?i,- ' f *l,.? N'..rtti'r!i.Ki.?t?rii and Writ
ern SUt? s. not rin'a<ctt!,t* ti < piMaagl . f M ?it [.rovidins; that
ID ?tay protieedin*- in any court tlif e?.|it? i.t*? of on* pup. r .i.? u
a??.,t or record ?o ilestrt'Ved rliu'A la? . tf? r???l m ti K1?
I'f.iitriit? uni? be prove?! t?y '?.rel? IIUH.I.IV ur bv a ...py
t!,?r?.,| i.rt.'h?.! as:, .op hj the I 'I? rk "f Mid I'onrt w it), the
sii-pe til? ct ?? .1 the . rit-.i al *-.tiil U'-ii i rial LO! Ktf.rrr.lto
'Yuin,ill? e on .Tali. i..rv
Mr MOKOAN ptisunlcd n ?? tlousolth li I ml.f foui
_M rec of S.v. Tori in fSTOl of th? en.pl??* uient "I ? Mit,, i if
the Ni.tioDal Ki.vy for the ynutcot ?I ???llalliin?; t'.vjri'i?r
soiindu.f-s the fn?ilifif? amorata l'y the lut of the At.i.i t?o
0>NM tor atyiaj hine of I- i. prai I.io , .,|,lr. ?l.r?. t'y i ruin i lin?
our At:_iiti? Coast Tutti ti.? w??t?ni Coa?l ??i Kr?i
of Southern ?,'urep?'. K? lerr.ii t<? .h'? Ci ii.rt.it r ?. i :. 1 i ri .frn ile
1st ions.
Trr_ TARirr* o*? sua I?D W<KL.
Mr. rUKI.lS'(?m'Y?-KN f I.? ,i V J ) .r??ent.-.l thl
ii.i iroruil >.l the ?ill Banufsetarers or N. ? .). r*?y prav?n?? for
pataaf? >'i Tarifl Bill -?' duty on ?ilk m'inutucturf?,
TV I.ii h ?a i.? rit? rred to UM < O-Unitt? r i n 11
Mr l'OI.AM) (Rare., > t ' pr.t? nt?.l UM I I r<**<.
hit K.i M of the Wami f-io t. r? t ..:.T. util:. "I V? rmni.t, ur?rn.,r the
R-. ..f a bill I''i the prit.. tien ?I IJ.II,? ? t., WK? gromt -t.
ii. ro ?I to tim lium.. ? '
L v ?.' i > s? i, I r
' Mr KAMSAY iK?p M.i.i. ) i il. i. il the following reso
llltil.ll ? Inch T? li? lil". . il I"
I li. ti, rd, 1 nat II.? |.uiu,,tl?e m l'i.blii- I.m.il? be dirert?.l to
inquire u.to Ihe ?ip?d,?o.y 'I ...??.,.' il? Affrh .llanl aa?1 Wa?
il. -Dir ?I College Land Si np ?4??rii,al> ? m ??.jua ni 1.1 I " ? m plions.
Ml WADS ?II? J' Oh?4 I | I. -' 1.1? 'la Ii.einoi;:.lr,f Ile eiti.?. BS
el t CIT.,iii, iiiIltrilUll'tl!!?' tt.i ?ti.t. n,? 1.1? ll.ii.le II..it tl,e 'It rt I
t. ry i? .1. c1 mili?; m (^i i. ii.!...::, ?. ait h iiii.l 11..I u?! iv. ii ?cl ?t lui?'
forth DUBMTOU? ttatUtics r.i.il tatet? r. i.. 11 v ? . tin p to un t? I?
empli. ?I to the Asuoiaiit? d l'ress j? tu ria?/, I he n.i naor. il ? "?.
? i'., i? d print. ?I.
run Mia
Mr V. II MIN ..i:?p M .?. . | i.-. t..In |. i.'i. ii for n r? s? .1
fal ti un..y otlii" i?. W tu. I, .? ti n :. n ?I Io the Militar) foin
11.1!', ?
Hi ! : -.?MI N ill?|. M? I, i ?< -*-??.?? ?I ???liuuti? from
I'epnitm-. ! 11? r?.? .i?k n,i? u l , . I il. n? .il foi..
ni ti... ?. II?. t!,e f?:ii
mit:? e - n in..
Mr. MOROAK pri?i-nt?.l u |?:.r..n foi m. -r? aci-l ,inp..it
.?...I . ,|. I,, f, II!,il ti) tin- t li,,,111 .' I oll.l. Ittie
Mi ?-I'M*? i. U '!..(. Mi.? i |!'?. i.l'.l li..? ??tulon . f Cot
i.. Il .1. ?> i 't I Us I 1 lu..,, il ..I li.,i .Lu be u. i Im . .1 l*ri nient ..I t',.'
i . I --,:.? ;l (hter.] !:. I? mt ;?i it.?- I ,.;.i uiy Com
iiiitii e.
Mr. Vi MIK ill??p ObiifJ ? I -.:.". I. ?ri. i,.?,
reported bark lae h .1 t" Sateil Kchtaska, ?iih u,?i n-r,,_,
11.). Il* i : ? OF 01
?! i DMrisTDH (Rrp- Vi I,. *i.'i:. ti?' ?'onruitt. e on Re
. red Mr. I', illiiiiiis? l'ill tu
.? rm ?,f d!.' .? r. i- rt< ?I ti.' a ?mt>?ti
tute, tad i? i . :. i ,'?:",, ,1 ti.at .
A HILL, m .:_tine the Maar? ci . ?n.lu ii.l . Siier.
Ht U ,tu.:ej I, Wal ".f'.?ff ..?.f I.???? ?J ll.pittei.l?tiui -J tkt
I ..c J stellt,ij .??.r,,. i..."...',</, 'I I.?( ?v.ry per?on,
a I!?.? .*-'?rr? t.i r? of Mate, of th? 'li.ii.rv.if ?Vi?, .1 ii ?
Nuvv, ?..ici ti lin? li.len, i. ti.? I", lu ?Irr (l?i.?i.l .i.,l ti a All? ru. t
Urtu r?1. Iii'.il.p? ?!'., it. I ' . e1 ? !r?ii ?i?[?'ii,l?.| hy
U, ' vi ' - .Ip ?. 1) "a- t?.,. wii.i
al. ?Il le rtiilM t,o .] f.?n.!e?l is ?i j . . ,,e duly
q i i..,11., t '
?hall I.?ve t>.... ',ii, manu r ?ii.ikt.J .nil iiaij |j?lili?il,
-, , ll,?ia ... p-.
, n y ofl,. er ?pi.t?,l
a? t.', r- , ? Iii'. .! ?ii . .
11 i 11" -n u I ol ?iii-1.1, ?lui , ?tarli t
? r- ...
lo Iba l'r>?.,,?iit io he i wtj .! ......in.l'ii ia t? ? ? ?. .i.,,-, a?
.hall lor lay n , '. e e . c-l ? ?liajaalla* i ui laeayahla ?I pet
i . . i: r I'l. ..laiit mtetj
table pi rta? io i*if r...
- .i . .. n . i' .. r inlll lbs ? ? >t
.... .... .. .li !.. . I.-1 || n
. rata it ah.ll b- ti.? sli.'j ??' UM l'r?.i
iii!, wil lilli 2u dey Bllel ii.? ti.?t rl.y <f . <>> <" tt ii'?-Hu<
,.1 u ? ?? ih ti.?
i, ?J |frT. n I.- I.i. .r'lic ii, !,?.,..I 11," i,?,i.?
? I . ).. ?. . . . ... -, ,. i? I !u i. f I ,, I . '.. . I
? - . ? . ? i (
10 if,? r?n,. ralef i II tv .. . . ... srrtiff I* IB. .'?.
- .1, II.? aa^l.t
?I (be - . . i .. i, i" naeli ,.!.?. Bal, ii il?j
?, ... ... m.
:. r.? ? . ? r, si I Hie
I a. t- I ?'lim ia ki* .i.? I ?ball reata,
. i, ! UM ? ii- ?I M1? J ??'. : . ."".it? ? I a?, ii .tv
. ' . , ? .
11 el, o'. I , .
ti... I'r. .1.1??..? u, mern Am _tm_\ h???M? ml.rWJ n .i .
? II ?i i,,,.?
? , ia? ,"e I, lu . .
u i at li.? ,1 ,.,.? af
I ' ?. li- Pi... .. , 1 .! . : .?.
.i | . .. ililli | .
I i .
-t. bj ?rr.iitir r? inn " . ipi? ?l II e
?nrl ?I ti ?ir i ?it ..>.!..u in?, -i ii. I .? i... ?p-, -
. -?i.?i. .1 .1: la n m . . .a'.ai.t.
, i l.i.-i -r?, I.- ti. . I?? kfatsaabl, ?I? r i.? a ., I, .,.?1 a..... i. . I .1. toa
al?, a ? . .... i., a' e ai - ?. w,iti<>>,t aiij .?!ar-f f??? - i
? I ta ill., li. ii II,?Irlo "cul ii,, a.,,., ii,. 1 1,. M|?,| I- .| p.,,.,!
I.'. . I . II 1 * .ti. 11.? ?ii. ir? .1.4 ritt.? 1.1 uf II.? SaBlll ant
.?i. powrla and ?ililli a la r.r.?l?t lu au. la afta, e itali
.. 1 I y au. li MbM eflli > r .? I..?J .J l*w n?r. lae a .. li puwrtl
... a ?a . i .... li., ?.
? .'".ii. ftjVllir latilis'TI u iilhtosat Ila? I i ".I.II1B?4
ed la .n?Ld li.? Ulai ?.I in; .?.? ?, li-e J.rili'uuf
Wl,l. 1, 1. I.c 1'r.I L? I?. .
Mi l.l'MIM ?? ?aid thal
- ?i mtl..in .1 by n,, I?-. I ? T i *_r ..I bmtllltj
.? '
*. of the
?I. I 'lo 'li'lliillllll.lll
?.iii! Nil K.liiiini'i? '. c In Ih? hill
:,, be i on?..i? i? ii I ..huent
bo printed ?D4 tb? bill ??di cul., foi ltni!?.lay
' I'l \ ii:, j M. , I,,.??J ?I, | In inda ?-mild
:, r -| . ? tal .'!.'
Bot ,, ti si be v. oaW < sil sp it.? Kill sa Tharad .<
Iii l.I'MI'Nl'S I'liiiiplitil ? oh ?: .
Ins ?notion III i ..lilli pi?
TUF. coi? K TIKI iiii.i.
Mr. WAUK (Hep,, Ul.iol ion...!... c1 u lull lui i
ol t'..loi...l?. I;. I. ii.il lu l?.i I ..aTill.. o:: Un,.
l'A? 111. I. Ml.) OAI?.
? i.\ SKI H (Rep . .'! . .' :?"? sid f..r
. u: ?ti ..idon of ti,. ?-iiii I ian, i-i " e itali
1 . a-i!. I 1.? lb? 1 ? ! II..I?
?ici ii n v mil nu. ii'. Bl .?i i .-i-i?.
Mr lHAMH.il: (Kep Ukbl lull-odnt-ed t',. MkrviBg
Joint ii-nlntioii wini h we? l?'. ;n ?! lo I bl ?-., C'uiu
l!l('I. ?
li,, lui Thal li? afll '. * ? . . . ? aft enti
Had " Au Au io nn.i.d ?n arl ei.iltl.,1 au a.I la prvv.la lur tl.? h?ll?r
IH, lilj "I Ile I.'? . . I !??t?li(j?n ol. boilH ?' . ? - sellfd in
wl.oie ?at ti. part by ? e?.... eui U atUi p itfaaot,'' ipprond Auiuat
S ', ISS.', ii a f.l IBM ii. il U al I ..| e lera Bl ._. ,'. .!,- . , BM :..?fl.?
?j fei. riiu.pi s ?leii-rr I ,u, '!? . in v !.. a laf?,
11 ..', ,.: ?p. !..,-!,' 'lu pu?, ii ul ur lined a|t!i n el ti, lOu.'pi t ?a,k
?ira ol Irl il?n n.itrL?. .<
rheit? ul b"l?., II.? I. vira ii ni,:, I. ah . . |.? :..?,- el ._ a- loci I
a. rrwa. ?t uthrr ftatsi li.ia lad which ?ml b? ?' w?i In . ?
.al it,? ?i?sn,.r,d?ii|^i|t??l ia ?hull lictLae bv un uiipafiori ti.d ill
. ile tJiatiiii* liou, lire
O.. ?Ii I KUAVItMi ?-P Chl?lISal?.
Mi II A 1:1:1?- (Hoy V . . lo p-r
?..n- Impiimifietl ?i;.'i?
tin? I'i lied Mat??, a!,nt, pi . .
iifli-ii?!?? ??rain?! ?I.?- la?-? ?.' .
of Ih? liai' : ' lien. lu
Ot ?!l I?? ? "I ti:.' Mill I ?
? . c T :? * .
n(-?in?l tin hw? "I the M.-iie n? ? i.?? i ''.le lo
(..m .. or reduelo g trun ..! i
I-?.-.? ? iifitover. ni,ii Bullio:u??? I'i?1
ti? IH? ?? .
c . i. ? ?-?iin ?i.?. tor ti,.- iii?, l.u. ?t '.: ?nt ..?. n ,. i liafnre the ei
"* bli lona c :?o itb? i i ..-.,! io
. K '? ni iii.? prot i-.ii'i? ?f the
Lill ??J :.-lri|e 1 I" Il.e Judll it: i ? oniiir.l'
...?vuiauun !ii.K'.KAi is
Mr DROWN (Ken Uo.| ..hi I the fttUowl
. ..' lo
ftrt-ltrd ? Ul ti./ ( io ii.i' ?* "i. I'i>*t Or"v ?. > ,J Tom ttirede bt
. inlu ih? ?luna . , ., pott.
UltliS I'.pi'ii e .1 I? rmiliii. ! ??.4 up?rat? I? pspb lia?S ?at_l Ihs
pin, ipal ii,.:, fci.te?, or - , ?? i m. dllOT i? man?, or
irl ?Mi .ii.li li,?. ?. on. : ?,?i . ,,? ciii.n.J. ,.' ti at
ililli be d?iri,?.l na .it li? ..bio foi li . in? ?" , c , .u.,1 si . . h liu. .
. li! lu . "a!i? ' loaith ip ?* llthllah ?.ffi ?a a' > I.
]. .ii.la a? uitv be detein.ineJ upon, ipen at? , ri la tilt pi,
lad thai if? .?. .-,! .,.>?.,? ?i mu,,....-i r.| ji.p.t,, ?, , nd.r
rsfllkl III i ?' l.l"U uni.ni.. :u fit??, ih? ? .mu,,.'.?. la I?
port hy bill or Mbatwis?.
ii- i*?inn .b-HKi KAL B I.L.
II 'I R?M?1 I I- (Beti I i . n.oi.'i m ," _ ti,?? \),t
Peaate tal? up the hjn I.?."al the ti.:: . . .,[ f,,.
4 'lilli -. .','.:. Act 1 . gia',!. Ig to Hi?? I*
Ih? po?'?i In u,?.,'.i. :.? ?iiiu???.!. tut
Mr. Mi'llllll !. ill? j?, ?ii Mi' II...? lill I?
el?i ti-. .' 1'i.liiiulii v
"T.'i al] o!',, i- H it bad be. , iougir
than ant ol'..-:
Mi. TBUMBULL It-li'ieil Hu ?.
I'. 'UT.
MI' "-I'M"*.fit ?bil? reryi.I la farorof li f/i ubtili't
bill Still belieTed Hist In.liejite.l I". Mr M?.ir!l v???"
imisui'itil Mint Mifrhl io tv? til.'-n up tir.t
iii TriUBbnll't Bud! >
Till l'iaTCI' T KB IS' H?!- Hill..
The l.iii t Hie I'istrict was tbfn
lahca lip aiid reid is o:islii-ll? ititi . 'i^
bill W11- II? lolll.Tl ?
^IC1I0BI. 'il.it liotii aud aPerli.e puta?? of tin? ni etch an?
evifj un* p*r?ou. BBeeptia, pai peri aua p?riaui under tua.-iiuu?
.Lip, of lbs S(Sof ti yeiriiBd i pward n hi hi. no! ben raaviitad
ol mr irjt.uat.u? rrloia or otlru??. ?D,1 M1.,,
I?'.it.?, ii, I u l.u lilli bare reaidsd n tb? sa :
ol ?ia montba pieviouttu snr ?ier-liou It.?"
tl.t ?l.iili?- !.-.i c!.l--. ?i.i al. ill 1. da?u*t , ....:?* I?
T?I? al ?ny e.actioi. in ?aid dimit?, with?..? . ou se?
cou?t of color or moa. *
S?C I. Thal any penon, vr) oit duty li thtP b* (o r<-r??T? rottist
s?T atrctiuB ?rltb.n the lliitrht of Coaumbia. ulm .lull wil.,' i< r*.
f?tala incite, ?I who ?l-l. Tt?.iinlv i?i?u lb? vut??f ?ay paitoa
entitled to ?*ch tiftil under tl.nAii ?Im. h? l.thlt li sa ?
lort by Ibe perieu refalad, aad t'.ill bt hsbi? to tu IsSicln.?..?. sa?
t ?vhtlin if mci. . I wai dan? Inoalnrl?, lo i fir's ovt el evdiiu
?-, 100, o: lo i_upri*4>aa>*rii lui . tei.u tioi 'st eej,,, oat ?-?vaf. |u tb?
lui ?f mi Liuirlcl. a, to IK. I,.
Bao 3. T,.?t if any pr??i: ,i p.ra-in? ? ill wil" '? tn'erruat er ?fa
larbaar ?,.cl. ?Ucloi In ti texetin* af ?uebtrat.-i.i??. I.?or tbtrysMU
b? daaai.d imllT of a oil.I .-ii.?. ii-,:?'?.! ?
Basais aay las? sol lo eifeed ?I.OOi. or b* 'nirlrlmS la lb? i?. I in
.aid liialrlot Iel a pai.od uoi lo aavaed J" _.?. si bjlb, M Uta l?ente
t?os of tks Coori.
a?4i e. Thal it ?hil. be tba doty of 11.? eev.nl crrurti bavl..* tri?,
lull juuidntion i>< <> . Mid I'i?'! .!, lo cirt Una art IH apa. _ cbarae
I. lb. i.iuU Jury ii lb? c?iutt._c*i!.*nt of eaih ima o. Ih* 4 ?tiri
S?C S. IMU lU *^l? ?lid pari? of nU iB?irai_.eat n.il li U lal la*
tOi lb? lime as? Irrrby repel ad
li? C'oramitU'A on the Mill lol of I'.iltiinHa i-?j4"**m"_.*?_diM ;h?
foil??*in?; a? B Mlartituta lot the ?vituve :
That fr?ai ?a aila? the -?--assat-e ?t tblt set, ?tnk tod ?rely is-tlsia?
T?. *ie.t_}'l>t fAirlett m_ ttltW* ....? fuiltHAiH?- ?1 U? M? ti
tw?tilj t*r yiri tai BJ-sr?! wks kiss sst a-m -peinai el ??7 hs
fs_n??s txiois or ?f SUM, sa? s?.-ep<U| parrs?-? srk? k?-?s ??.lanUrtry
isf) Iks Distil- ? of ? -l-sabis - liss ali tai corni-11? t_s -eb-ls la
th? Isis __.__-_! ?nd ?li? I?seilisra of th? I'niU?1 Skits?, ?B4 whs
kars mklk_ tink? said I? strkl for ?ka carl-i ?I ?Is -ssnlks ?rsTlstis
to ia) ?ln-tien tkvre n, ihsll bs aat_W4 ts Ik? ?kactir? lY-vhls?. tai
shsJI ka .??.?.- as ?kKlor, tai ?nlltlcal Is rot? ?t ?ny tlsctkiB lu ssid
rii.tr.cI, ?rilhout ?BJ diwiBcti?- .? asarouol ?I ?--1 ?I -*t
Bao. I- Thsl any pvrson ?rbsss ?tot? ii shall b?ta rs'?i?BTot?ss?
sny ?I?, li.? srilhis lb? District sf Cslassb-. wk? shall willfully reject
?h* sot? el ?ny ??son a>?atltl?-_ Is ... rifht? onde. ?Ms ?tt, ?hsll be
l-stile ts -n sci-s? of tort by ?ka Barrs?. Is'?-_ sad ?ksll bs lisbl? ??
___lctui?iil ?nd .-. nria-tius, 1/ ?a?:h ?art sr*? ?e?e ksawisalj I? s ftr_?
Bclcircrd.if * \-00, or ts iBipriKsnmral fois t*r_ ?ot e*tee-?g
?ns rrsf in th? jail of ?sid Di.tncl. cr to both.
Sie. l-Tkat if sny parrs.? SI perseas ?hall ??llf.lt>. lotnrr.pt OT
distti.t) ?ny ? i?h clsrta?. is ths rittette of teak franchis?, hs, tt lory
. hal has da-sii ?d inlity of t ni i adr mr s it-r. sad SB ronTiViiotl tfcereof
ali.II br 6n?.l In ?HT ?um sot lo .?-?<- kM.?-?1. 01 ka i-pritopai ia
Ih? 11.I In .. ?1 l:i-'r. 1 t- ? i-n- sot to ?steed thirty <_y?, 01 botb,
al It,? ?Jr.. r.t.on of IBs C.srt.
fa?. ? - Ti ?I it shall !.?j th? luty of Ih? tsTsr?! Court? basin?
jimsdifu.-1 i? said District to ?tsu this Ait?BB ?ti?- lal oksrjtj to tke
OranJ Jury ?t Iff ? in.iuvnvvnivnt aif ???.h ?>rm ot th? Court.
?p '. - I hal ?li s-1? Sand pat's of ?tis lurciiiaistsnt wlthathls set, bs
SI..1 ii ? ?..m? sir i?t?by 1?,???!??!.
Hie ?a.-TI st ti.? Mayor? ?nd Aldermen of th? Citi??of Washington
and Unir?! -?ii i?.|.?if?.[1y, osor IWms tiw 1st day, of Mar h In
to. tijr.r ?li?U prepars. s liai "I lim ,?r?.iri? th-.j j tapa lo he n.iaiihrd
to ?..t? In tha ?.-vrr.l XX i.i? ol aaitlt.clta?B in sny ?1? lion. And ?sid
Mayor? ?i ?I A ?l?r .1.11 ?I.?ii ha io S|i"ii<>?-s?i .? to Meets* S'IOVI.C? of
Ih? quialibi'uti.'i. .innis iho 1 ii'il Io ?.,1? in any ?In li.ii
Herein ?nd _r con iii'.? said Hat on two day? ia ?arl? y?ar, ?ot
ra. ?, .liii| tot dry? ('.-or lo ti.? snn.iai rUrtiau lol ths ?-Hoi. e of city
sailli 1. sisrii.f IT?ria-s sot-a tf tka- tlnwt ?ud pla.? of ???.h sa-s.loa
in .on?.? i.a.v?Bt?|?-r BrisKs- in ?.iid l)l??rirta.
?__ 1 - I l.st mi or t?t*** iii? day ol Ih? ?levi inn. th? M?yoT?
Slid A.d.rn.i B of ?B|.| ItlVB Snail ?.?a.? ?p aim? ol v.-ta>rs, tllUB pTaBBI-l,
la on? or mora pit. la placee In aaid oin*? rrspo.il.iily. st 1? sat IO day?
prior to ??ad ?ruitisl ?1.1
Hie? S provides IBs? ths o-ttrt pre.iJln| st ?ny ?U-t-lina ?hall
k??p ai. d i?s tl?a. hri-k list lim III ra?_j tr?-d st Ilia po is ditrtus tho
??.? lion if .'I uti ?. 1?, ?nd no Tot" aiisll b? rv. el.rd inlvssd.li.ecJ
oy tt* ?e<?-r lu neisoti snd no1 until ?sa pie?i.liu? ofTir?-r ha?, lu.-!
ny In h? .alulii.l 0? hi? idaiitlly. snd SI.BII lind his nua* un
ti? I.? s? d mark it si.J asrvrt-lil tkat his ?.tv woo .1 iistUs.
Mr. WIl.t.r.Y [Hoo \f. Vi) pr.?|H?srtl th.? following a? a
n.l ?tiiuti-Mr the lust r'.ciiuii uJ tUe substitute ofli-rrtl hy tba
' ,!|.|.
I? ?II ?1. ?lions to be bald brr-tt- In tbas Dlatrlrt of Coiiimhl?
tl,r f, iwinf d.'.rribad prraou?, sud tbosa only, shall hsse Ike righi
te ?ota, to ?iii
> ir.? Xiltlnsa r prr?cn. who wvra ?a-iii.lly r?sid?iils of ?sill I'll
trirr lad .) lalit ?11? Tot? thrrrin, al th? ric lions livid Hier, in, iu lb?
yrar lls.i. ?.Salvl Ilia .tai ?I?. III?.. IB Ion?
?. . i All p?r?ona r?a..l, 1,la "I aaid lliatrlct, who tura ba?-n duly
rtintvr.il into Uni mili'sry sr nsTsI ??rsh-a ol ?li? li i el -?taivs during
Hi. I I. It. Iivi'mu, ai d lis?? r-?n vr ?I.all herv.rtvi he limiorably dis
. kstts I t!.?rrlr...i.
I ki I Msk Uli .? . f iii- I ulled Statvs who ?hall bar? alUlnni
tl?a?v of .'I j?-ra ?srepii?'panprrs |.erions k_s?a_SBM antill 01
?. ny . ii .1 . f ? ?> inl.ass .Hi...., ?nd v.l..1 l.ei'.a; s 1? iJ.-nt ..f th?
warJ 1 di nut 1.1 wiii. li tlivj al-all ?Sa. to Tot?, B1M.1I liase r.?i.'r-l lu
a?iili.?<t ' 1 ?. ?I.v ?. no? ni iiioieir ont prsssaluag ?ny ela ii' 11,
Slid wini Bl.all has? OPti <?. d again.t thrill, ?id who Ml
IS . 1 ai..i . .?? wriiv t'.?r- -.
Mr Mt ?li KI I I. Mid ti.? lull li.-iil !?"? n ?ti hine bssfora th"Sf>n
?Ir ninl ? 1? ?<i-i? II iii.|?i-?'i'..I ?hal bo ?lui mit tliN'tii tiny r\
t, 1 tit .I 1. 1 ..'Vi nu i? m. near* al tin? tim.' iii- st.??il.l ?tuto to
t'.i- N. 111,!'. I Hi Ih M lint \l I 1 |H'ir?-<i'tl li) til? lull. It ?.Ililli t'O
?nu iii.ii i'n- 1'ill 1 'ir._r.rr ?I ti) be n m??;.??., r ?- !.. ?. i-.ilii??) ihn
rleitin- !ruiiilu?e III tli<- I ?letrit-t ?ii L'utumbU li mu muni
ti,an tim? It .ti-.? Hi?! trun, lu f. lui! it i-rttfuil? it
1 I ...,..-.? II 1 !.. ;.II. i|?,l -Biara m tin: lull. ni,?l ttiut
?hu h 1? ?if moat iiiti-ri-?? to UM ?<??iintr anti tai tb?s rniiuirT. fiiul
v. I'li-li 11r.1t ?My 1 III.II.'III'I'? nil stli-iif-su, ?? 'lint it <-ir.br. 1
.-.Ion ! i!i/eii?nf the I?i-tri. . "I I'ulumtuj. lu thi? Iiiirti. ilur
n is B--?hy, 1.? -x-crltn UM MU iu n ala?TN pi
.;.l soy it sin? .1 m. ? ? m. fur tapani .1 it itrii i"l inftrott
ti.at 1? !?? ?"? ' . N> !iii|.iirtiiil iiiit.iii; ill th.' mun
. ni this I MI..I Malea nsulint In Ik? District; mid it is
!? III. tilt- ?B lill,! It 1 . ?l!ltl!|i-.l !.? til?' Ililli.' 1.1 1 HU ' 'hut ?1 is
?..; i. . I topi i ?.:. 1 thnt 1? ?-?-I.nie?
|.ni?? i? uni! it? -i." i?-!?..!,? um! j?-r?ons fti?tj uf In
It 1? i ru ji. 1 ? in I 1? ?ir? :??l
?nilli?'.' as ill?!iii?.'iii'lnil rrom uniTrra?! ?ir m?.rth??.?l III
. unir) l.ns lii-.inl ?o much <?f lain. Mr. Merrin
tlivii nil 1.n.I in !'... 1 .?1'1?.n t.f tlio Krnsto m ilii?
Pii-nsiirr, tlmt |Bft-itu,-i hml t?'ii ?tudii?ui?!y iiiurej.re
?. i.t..I S? i?.v ?.1 .? m tim iniiiiitr). Hu- Miitiiik.? of the
. -.lu? ? .I.;.-, t ?1 !.? ?I? igtaoi lui til -Yu.' ii. mi ja-U i.jlir .11
I in -< I.J!.-Iiml l?-> n n. 1 isv.l uf .'?ilur? to ctiApcrate ?It!? th"
II . . ilniiiiK tin- lost ?< ??,..,. LI I hil iiujM.rti.itt tni'usurt'. Sut it
?. . . UM ? ..!ii|.ilv m 1!.:? lull in
p. rf. t I.nrrn n? ?it?I the s?iitirnei??k of UM UtMOmX lim nu; I
?.I n.l in ???Bat 1. .)..? Ui ti "i? :. ling bill ir?;'il l>) UM M?)?JT
.?I .'? tatt] u.nl ntl?. 1? Mi M.irnll 11111I from niiiiiustrript a
1.n bill ?(muli
Mr W11.1.K. in? le sr-M ?..uiurks m Ins proj?n?<>?l rui.tn.l
11.ml. Ilt< tin.unlit it n nulli ka nillur liunl t?i liisfraiat-hise
t. 1? 11. I In 1 I ml IM s?u... ni the iiuli.innl
uni 1 .ml I I 1 ro ?-. ti" l!. r.'tiin-, 1...
. ?? ,!li n
r nd t?i Ki Me brlleT.nl
II ?t Ki il ?finir? In Ih.'
1 Mi? nu..'iiilBi.-iit ?I??. pr?p?H-i.<l nut !o ?lnfr?nrlil?e
thuee u h?. . ?i 1! I mil ?va?! or 1 rito, ami bo tu! und
ar?'lum li->lia-I |a ti.? iutiiro.mly in tills
?. -i?. '
I . an., ii.lu.' Bl 'Mi Mi.il
I I . I II X I I. ? !<! ririko out
Mi III ?. I I?, lo tret u leptiratr Tot?-?ni
UM S rsl ubi ?as of Mr Willes ? Btn.-n<lmeBt 11? iras ni
Mi Ii S.?l Mil ', ? .i-. hy Mr.
k1-.mil .-..nil I* "ti,ti,. ,| if Mr YYMI.i t?..,l?l r"??J to ti -.
Clans? Bl lils iir,,*i_dii.. ! Ung nil I? r?uli? B ho
lot? to til.? I;, li.l? liuiiiiir
the lal.- li. .
.': \ I I I '. ! illfj lu? iiin..|i.!ni'.|.!
tin a ?|BH_ti.in I? 1111/ tiii..-.l ftii? I It III! lu ?.Inlths! It was in
I u <t I'., hi ' . ...n?.' .ii Mr It a
. li nut.
? si?linn U1..1,' t!.. 11 ?m Mr Will??'? niiii-iuliiivnt ns
sm.n.lV.l Mi XX 11 -us , I. . , ,.- ""uki not !??
. ??I ?urti??T,
?Mop? BS to Bf- - ?. llv .?-?s ii|i|__.?l 10 His
liehe?! t ot. J ?gainst it
fva wi i-a
? 1..ei ir ?nil wo ?htiiilil
il? n. o ?I it H in : .... 1 1 1
TJAr.Y 1 II,,?lu lu ?mut ?uti ?.ni,?.ti
I?".*.!?* n tht an .? ul?.?o?iir?i ptvtxrtj i. ho ootild rt
? nlr or ?ho la l?.u?.i?l lo n C ii-tmu . kltn I. II.- ?in. ?1, fn-,or
? li I1.nt 1 nulli :
lit nu.lilis l?t?i..l;.r ,n Ho riiflit .Iii .'t-ti.ii ntui ninl
_M-Ma I'-* ">!.'> 0 '! ...jit. ?1. I'.K.r
? ' the bullnl 11? ?111 as i u li mt
I - Hie v. .??
M? sAf i.*-lii'l;V ?I? m , li? 11 ?.. ; li ?ra? nut bia lota-ttioa
?l '..iii- wai token,
ni I" 1 \|itt-?? lu? ili?.i,i|.i'!.?! .i-i ?I 11 III fun lunn
|iu IM?I ; niitii-al t an
lu riuii.? ?1 .?. rs li.nu lift?!. 11! r- .
liniii Lu .... ftoni k1 -' ? . ?...
1 \ I!... II, ?I (I
lim (WiUm) liotu Mu ui .in-set?. Hail .
!.? 1 'vitan nu In C1
l-l -, ? in tl.vir lilli, -? bl (??BI.??lu.-i I
? i?)ir .. .it fnuk m..I >i|? .1
i;?s."i ?ho Boiiltl ktstc I4.11.-tlt hi? ?i.i.iu-i. ir?
s A '???? . -.. - li; ? "1 ii. -..n-. h.-.i-i'i, 1. Mr. Y\ 1!
. iii I!. ' It 01 ni Hu .'.
no? a.i ????'.?'i' of I'
?? . ? h iivtatb? ICY?
_ : ... . irtfT ?a? (Iii pvf.pk ..f lua! n*i- 1
ile Stsle insd urn n n 1 ir?;'vr nun ui'i fin the lhi..
'".im- i ' "i rave n ma j
l ?ri lu !:-w.l tliit IMi ima
a willi . [ 1
ami ali In! mi.
Mi* W'LTO'- iai.1 it wai tra? b? T_slta?4 DBUVSI. last Na
katy ai.
I- 1 ?"lil' what nu th?
.mik t.- In!?- j I.ai i
ki -\; i."?l<l i Y li'iucil thal -. . Mi WUton t-fttae to
I?? ti? . >t in- aim. tai. m.li but lill
n r? t i. ? , .,, .1 to ?troug
nit-.t?. ?iii
/"li?-, Mr AN ?jiiiM'nii.nl lu asstad
ali Y. .. ..?? nt t!.i- ?.!..
?kt o?, ?ni to T-it? ?rho In . T ? sy ?tilun
Isi.l) |.i? ?11 r .a.! '.tt. its vii?u T durlui tile als Itvtivl 1,,, .
1 uXX'-XN ti' , . _? l.u.iT tu ?tute
l>T ? ':...! !
I? ?r ... t.-iii.iii.-d I.iltl in.t hu i--Mim-il tl.rit Ihe \ ?
Iii)? l?i I'n ' ?? hid I ' u'tilrlT
. .. I lie 1 DiiYii ted nul?'
?. uf In? I ' , . ,iuii m th.- [I
e -, :ni i-i-aniltied tit?.? lavann_?r ?uii-li h?
(MI.14 h? ti ?I
XXiilOXV laid the arai 1 tuoJe pmviili-i la tUeaixth
li -ti.,.1 to oiitaln the ??idi 1 nuderbis atneu
II . ?u|.|...??:J titi-r?' vren- n. . ln_ ?rl.stber a
n .n i ni ; . 1. li '...? Hebelarm? a-ni -Ku-itulmuft wln-i
m? .
M- I'-I "YY'N . ?.;.?J Opposition to I iv I ??.lil.?f?l!il ?rit rig
q?sstili. ?tioii. aiul nu dual Mi Anthony'! amend
??M. !? ' u?i?o li?- 'li !-iii-iit ?shlch
pul oti Jfr Am.? 1 anni.-iul-.vul it ?sa
?tr III M?I'l? K^ ii?. 11. In.i i murad to n-r i.'iiiil'T Ute vol?
iDl ?asnlNc-?"!
-1iiiiY'?l>-ii'.|i t ?., 1 taoTi',1 m ?nike ?nil from Mr YX'il
tats a .. .us, ,'?nil vliu hate pud the tai
M -. \i f>Hl'l:Y ?. II t' '. bin sr?, |,,<a..,i ir. tiro year? the
Pi?'riit ?..Lil- ll.i .1 u I.i iii.irroas mul tlicio iron?a I- ?.
-__IIMI.HU ile cotlbl inte for iiosiueud
neb ! to tha M1! .. i. ? ?rai nppgaa?_>J to It tu srery shape ?nd
bli ? iiN-M*?-? ?si..diets hil aruendtneiit uml Hi* ?|oeilion
WIB .ti .,-1,- x11 Mi.. 11I1 ? lull, mid
li Iti livu I'll . ? of klr. Wal
'I...? \ ?.?- - . . ' ? Vr? and 41
*?... . ... -liste reft??? | ," n?)"j,i yfr \\ . - , , , ndment.
Th?? ?i?.. ???. ?.? ??.? t ..?*>! .1. ni of the toaiU)lit?ei
Mi bli_?i;l-___i_ii s.'.-t. of Hu- pro
HBa-a! -' - I ll.l.llths ' Slid
??.iiiiiu m I" u Ih -i?ui tba ?uni 1 '-?MI? ri ?r. Ailopte
XI. W11 -i.N 1 ...?-?_ to ?me,, ?udiiithe
rant or ii. . to rntsi" . th rta
? i.t t.?e t?*ae .-. verted.
klr I
nftril .'_?_; l?s-ore,?arson.
Ile ?,sl,l fis ??s? Ilil r ,' !v |l ,., ? . las , .
?a? amenJeJ sall won!aEtEnlMHajei? o' An.'iru'au itotn.u
?Cil |tr:r.i!?il ui oi'jr. ... v>!?a aud Nasjjt.
I h? -. uate. at >. ?0 ociook, ..* ??HJoa of Mr. Al-TUON V
a.lj'uirusx-. _
The tirat bastiMMs in-onler being the trill of the
'lowlag ?_!?-r? Ultual-ni
flOTUlk M_MT Ot 1 li S I.ATF *1_U_. iTATX^.
T!) 11 ?a-rrtiat ri.-rt-? Statea,
Kaiasiltoik. a ivpul__au lona "I ?"'? ' '
rea?! t?u v sn?! p?f'?? imititt
li 0, .m4 oolared lu be prinlrd. li pi appointment
t.f I'm . ulindra t?> ? .ill ??(nie
t'tmreu?????? all iiinre pe-Hrn?, na?tre horn or ??tarall/ed. who
It)a Ixe? waUfftt tt?r* ettvtJvit tiitUnH tit mu\*?, UiHBt i
(P-'I'b ?
tiT? of eolyr, of th? ???? of 21 year?, ?B4 not taloaging to th? ?I
itpta'd.ias???, to vote lo?electm?f deles-ate? ta th? l'ont eatioo?;
the ilfle+r?!?? tobe loyal men. Tb? ntmyto? shisse? ?jet boto who
bav? held ol?ce. civil or military, ?mler tb? Confetiei-ary:
Guerrilla?, piibliiher? of Rob?! new?-p?pe?r?; Rebel? who violated
?a ooth to ?ua^rt the Conijtitutton, or who h?TO been edu.*?t?Jd
at lb? Naval or Military A. udcniy. When the deieirate? Irani?
a Stat? Constitution, that ?hull ?ecure ?_lfra,re to til but tb? es
oeptionrii classes, and ?ball disqualify from boldin?; utttcn all
who aisled in tbt? Rebellion, and tveoure to all roes not dnuiuuli
fled by tren ?on or other ennie. ?iiual rights and full protection,
?hail in tbo event of th? adoption of the Constitution by tb?
people, provide for th? election of "-Hato, Jadleiul und Leioaia
tit? officer?, and ?ball submit lb? Constitution to the people,
authorize?! to vote for .1? .epates, for tb? adoption or rejection.
When ?aid 4'onstitiition ?hull bo a.hiptetl, anti the imendraont?
proposed by Ci*ii?r?r?'?? to the Constitution of the Laite?? Stata?
are adopte?! then tho lo?, til u-eniber? of Con (frei? txomxboto
States ?bull U s?!olttc?i ty tit? _ seat?.
$_?T ATX AN?f* ?_l_??ATtl.
Mr. DARLIMi (K.-p., If. V.) lntroduocd a bill granting ?
rifrbt to Und a submarine ciM?? of the Ameri??ou Atlantio Tulc
aph Compiiuy. It ns? rciol twi?j? and referred to th? Pott
Hoe Com nut tec. The bul irraiit? this corporation, ortranlsed
under the law? of tho Stute of New-York. f?.r the purp?'??" of
?'stiihlitliinK teh'irriiphio coi-iruiiiucatioti? between th? t'mte.l
-?'..!,.? RIM! other milton?, via li'Tmiiihis, Azores Island?, und
Por'.ifrnl th?) tolo rijrht und privllepB of tb? At ?untie coast
within the inrisdi. lion of Ib.v I'nited State?, for the retriod of
..?) year? the Company to .um rue?o? operations in two years
ami the Oui eminent to hine priority of use.
Mr. R041KR.-? (I>.m . H. J.J intro'linied u hill to repaal the
Neutrality luw?. Ki ml twice and referred to the Ji_dici_--y
Con.mitte?: It repeals all the net entitled " An act in additk-.i
to ti.? net tor the puninhruent of certain crime? aicainit the
riiited Stntes. .iii.l tho acts tjicrein _i?-iitioned, eiei-ptiag the
l'ait h tection the:
Mr. iliNi'UAM (Kep, Ohio) introluct-d a bill to ?Icclare
Tnlid and conclutiro cortuln proclarnatlon? ol the President,
?lid net? in ?mr? iniice thereof, nud tho act? of courts murtlul
and militury touiiuismoii? fur tho suppression of the hit." Bahai
li?m. 1'.. i.JtTvii? nud rt-fcrTCtl to the Judiciary Coaiiuitteo.
Mr. FARQUHAR (K.p. Ina.) introduce?! n bill to ?vite
trenton ixliou? by di-fraiic'iis'in?". within the Iliitrit t of CoMta
bin, all peisoiis who voluuli.rily bore nous ai-.iiu.-t tin: I in?"!
Stnte.i or ?c. ?pt. .1 or .?ten ???x1 the limitions of ..Hit o from or
unlir tin? ?o i nib d (imi. I. ist.? St it.?? of Aiueru-H, or any of
th? in J!? ad ivvn e sod ii-ti mt to the Judiciary C'ommittco.
Mr. VAN* HORK (Kep-, V. Y.) presented a p. ?ilion of 118
-, of Monro?' Cuiinty, ?. Y. aa-iatr for th? ommom? of n
la? p-nting rapntkons to The ?.?.!. ii ?III- ?Mildier? of tho Wai' of
Iel'.'. }{. ;?rn .I ti the Committee on rentioii*.
Mr. C1 'I.I.OM lit? p.. Ill ) iurj-?xluc*>ii a bill pi i\ iding for on
additional I?rm ol the Cn. ni i na?t of the I' lilted Stute?*, for the
ni Dintiiet of Illino:?. Referred to tin? Jiidlcbiry Coin
Mr I" A I \K ( Kop., ft-,) liitrodueed n bill to proviil? for the
e?t.thli?him nt oi ?iue <>r nor? naval d? |>-ols on the Northern and
Soit,, IVeatcra l-nl.'-,. Uetertot to the Coaiwitt. c ou Nuvul
air. III'.HV il(.p . (...I.) intriHl.iced j bill graat?ng land? to
jid in , oi.i-tr.u non of . railroad fiutu Btoohtoa to (.'oppcr?"p.*lii*,
Cal. Ki'!? rr< ?1 In tin? I'oiniiiilt.e Ofl l'ublie Tumi?.
Mr M? 1'1'KK (Ka'p, 1'aL'lutrodiieeal a joint resolution, au
tliiinniji the s??i r? Intj ol' the 1 reiisury to purchase a smtuble
Mc foi u llranclia Mint at S.m Krui? -laco, oa the npprnvul of
the till, bj the I'liitnl Mut??? Iii?!! et Attorn, v fur I iillf.iriiiu,
the r.-.'J?tioll i.ut to L?. loiiatrilld .14 ??thot-d?f ti.? ?Ullin;
ol'ii buil.liUK t'a'-reon until jini.sdi.ti.nl then ol Is eeded by th?
??'n'.? o? i .ilnnriiK- Hefeireil to the Cotnmlttie on Appropria?
__n*.L rp**.?;.,
On m?iti.ii of Vfr. FKKUAM .H??|. Me j ti,, i inm.tteetm
re whether my perum?
ni the hit?! Kebel Stute? vc h on? name? men struck ?rim tin- p?ii
I? un m i., mt of their partit ?pittiun in Rebellion have
bt'Cn ?-?tond, mid if so by ?hut authority.
8AIBTT OP MAU UP. lTuVrMll."?.
On mot.ou ' ! tlr. KK li (Rep. M . mmit
t?-?: wa? lurceted lo in
li '.iIli . :..l lil
(he < olio ?tt? ? tn I?? u .tlm.-i/i ?I to ?end fur per-? "it .?.rnl pnper?.
e.v.uiiine ?trjiparatns ,niiii uiuchinery and cunso \ .si-iu-id tt-sts
tv" reof tu IM- n.
Mr. I1I.A1NK (K.p.. Me.) of!er.d Ih? inllow i:y
?? .1 i'hat .1 . i .iminilu.?! on M?l'iry A??ir< ba Icitriist.-?! to
buHiirs late lb? ripe-ie... y o? (.rovidiiij'by law thal ?iDicr? ?|ni.?iiii?J
fr, in lbs vocinUfi irrvire into li..; Ht|. I t Aru.y u.aj Li- hu v?tted in
tiio latter fur ?ntUnl, ,n?ril .rio ia <r (kllhfal roudu t la the former.
f)n motion of Mr. Koli.INS fRep., V II ) the Nnrnl Com
nnti.e wa? instruct?-*?! to report a i<i_, in..kim.? tbo up|i<natmeut
of the head? ol ti.? ditlerent in??? }ii?ni??:?l d??i nrtn.'-ntu of tb?
Tiir1oii?iaiiry-"ur?l? ?nhp-ct to the approval of UM ?..
TITB >'?aroi.i WOT.
On motion of Mr Kl.?tii di p Mu-- .?ry of
TA .ir Was .In? i red to eomiaunieatc itifonnulion In r^fucnee tu
tin? ii"t nt S'orlolk, Vs., on th?? l'.th of April I"*?; ; alio, any
evidence or do? itnwiita rtlntliiir to the ulleped iiiipri?.inment in
Gf-iirgia of ti.? Rev. Mr. Kincher. n nnssio-iary io the fre.dmen
of tint Nil,'
On inotn.u of Mr Al.LIA (Kip, Mm-.) tia i'lHtran rer
i ?n? di:.'?t,'l lo comu. line :tc iiilonn.itioii as to tho
,.f ta?? liri/ Lah StaaBltUip Uno to cuirii t.
At*? orMTS OP AkllT OFFICm-l.
On motion of Mr. it AK1 (Hen V Y I. the Military Corn
millee ??i? direi-trd to ln.|uire into th?? et|M??H? my of further
let.i.,..lion to fm-llitat? a ?lettlenieut of tiuiitiia-i ofllccra' ?o
ciuuts with th? War Dupartmeut.
t l'.VblHlN-.
tin motion ot Mr HAKT the r*re?ident wa? requested to
furiiiib a list of mime?, rank, poaition, li., of all person? ?n
f......I in the lal?- li? bellum wLo have been jisr'iiineti by bin
?na e April I' IHriJ. vvith the reijsoiii f?ir irrsiitlii?? rh? purdon,
and the iiuai.-s of ottfeers at whose suliluttoni panions were
?ri..iit?'l. .
Mr Ho M 11 KI.-S .Kep. ?. Y.) iutrodnee.1 a bill to snlhOT
1 Ita the (rruntinir of di?.*liitr?*es to f??rtaln v.luule..-? la tit? late
war. lii-Xtirrd to the Militsry Committee
On pioiioi. of Mr UK vN'DROEK (R.?., Cana.) the I ouimit
lee on I ?.imuerte wi? lustii.it ii to n? ;'nro whether foreign
ein. or ere ciitfugrri in th.) i-oastwlse fr.uie cm
trary to the la? s o< ih? tintd Stat?? aad rapad the facts
with in. .: r>?> .onniei.ilutioii? ?? ?hall prevent the ?nine
IN. MAB*. Of PA? ?-.'R UfcTAILKD 80I.I1IEH?!.
On mon in of Mr HANKS (Kep . Mass ) the Military Com
nntti? m.? lustrooted to ?.-um-ider ti" eipedieucy of providiofr.
foi nu men tn- of pay for ?oldur? detailed for the purpose pf
.: i.utr m lbs ?.vend deportBMBt?.
Tni: MAXtritrrTjaix?? TAX.
On motion of Mi. BHOUMALL (Kep. IV) the Comrolttcc of
Wart iiii.l Menu? ?si mit: nctcil to ii.,cure lntolho ?tpejiency
ol ul.o',.si ?i >.- ii,,? lue per c?*nt lnt.nmi ll?veme n^ on inautac
turinic ?ii'l the priMliiit? of ti eehanics' ?kit!, or i:'i ?ome ntbrr
? i.v i. nein.c those iiiterert? I'roui ? portion ol'their pr??a..ut
On motion ni Mi. WBLKKB 'Rep. Ohio) thr> sam? Commit
t> un? dim t'-d to ti.'iuire into til.? expo.lteiicy of ?oaiuuudlii?;
law that the tax on the manufacture of
hiirur.? ?uiiille?. tiuwure iumls-r. ailerons and esrvmire? be re
,1 ?,',i lo t'o j? i ii'.t ?nrtei ii ol five ns now proud .! by l.-iwi
ul?. of h n n... I asp? toi? rd ili.-tilleries nnikuo: lets than .'<J0(?al
lou? of wliifki i-vrdnt. paid hv the Oov?*ruui_iit ?ad nut bv the
di.iiiivr? - I -.- ^^
Mr RFI.I.l'Y (Sep. pa ) oflV-rt-d the followiiitj:
>i, Thit lb? r'o*"Til'i<i. that the Wir ??bt of UM eonntry
?'.o It] ?*? ssllasBMMd b? ile len.rillou that c^ntrtrted it, li ml
.in?ilei.eii by . ..nil iinnpr. of nitlouai ercDOiia-f, mil doei sol
ur?n with rt:??pnr ??I i f tie HoitV.
Mr. WA sil bl KNK (lil i moved to refer the rwolutioa toth?
i itc o;. Way? anil ii?
Mr WfMWuliiJi (K.p., IU.) laoved to lay it ?a the
t'.l'le. - T?i ' .
TT-e limite lffiKed to loy ii ?in the tubl?. and it ?os refsrrt-d
to Hit Committee on Wari and Menu?.
Ur. SP ALDI NU (Rep Ohio) ofem! the lUlovinc
ilrtnliel 'Hu' the I ,|nl Ct um.?lire uti Kecomtructiun bersqneil??
to ii,jil ia lii'a ti.? ripedl.li. y ef nropuliruj a joint rriolutwu de
c laraton uft> ? purpme of I', u.iea? in tbe re-e|iiion et Senater? ?ad
H-?,[nMl in ir. .n the isben'in Suis?. rri(?eclivrly ou lbs rstiA
lit ,-n ?,v t. ?ir ,.| Ih? I ui.itit iliTiial Aiiieudui.nl, ii.J the eatabliab
n,eut . f 11> pulil,,?n tarn, of (..teruuieut, not lucuaalaliiut with tbt
t oiiil.i.itiun ol tit b'l.ited "?'Hit!
Adupti '.
Oil motion of Mr lit'CKl.A N'l? .K.p. O.I. ti.? Militai? Coin
tn,tie. wa.? luctiucted to iiii?iiin- luto t.e etpeilniiiv of pa?iiii><
? luw Ibr li e relief of discbargt-d soldiers who have a .
?ii? 1o?t tueir di?, ?an??.
A 60TUlfliUrT li?XAilCN.
On mot.on of Mr (.AKHKI.D (Kop. Ohio) UM Military
('.>;.. iintlee vv it? ii.ttiaiitiil to li. .nile into Ih? etlaiin ne) of urn
| io th? Ki ,te of Ohio the Inmls r anl ethel' material be
I mylng to the L'nlted Mntei at ( amp Chate, Ohio, to lie Ubed In
'" Asilara fur the ltlu.tio.
TAX f)*/ Ol.-TllUUtllDJ.
Ou motion of Mr. M. KLEE (Kip.. Ky ), the Committee on
\? m? ami Means vu inatructcti t?. ini??iii into the exped?
nicy of eseitiptiii?- diatillci's who diitill ati'iunlly lets than 90
I'.uiel?. from lie? ice tax ?iiirHiM'd bv act ?if July 13, lttiC.
B41INTY 101'. HO.l'a OCARlia.
On motion of Mr COOPXB (Deni , Twin), the Military Com
iiiittee vi u? initnuted to imitnie Hilo the expediency of extend
i.'..?f t.? t' ? I!,?-,.. i .i uds of Kentucky tbc beucbt of the bt?
I ?uah/, ng l-otiutie?.
Ou metion of Mr. ?I ULI AN (Kep,Ind.), the Committee on In
viili.'. I'liition? was in?tnict.??l to luqune into the t?x|K?4Uency of
s? amoti<:io>- the I'entioii law? a? to allow ?ppllcituti of peusiuus
b> i?. "?er tue ?ama from the date of their ?Jltt hurgo.
On motion of Mi i A KUI' HAR. tbe Secr?taiy of tbeTi-?asnry
v ?s dint -te?', to fur.ilsh ibforniatlou a? to tbe du.ributiou of the
f ,..,..., i,;..oj,riated last ?emlon for inucaied salarie? in tbe
? l'epjrtmi nt.
On tnotiou ot Mr. li I ii,, ?imilar In formation wa? called for as
to the ?tirttibtiiinn of the S^5,UW granted for the same parpoe?,
bv the Act of March I INO,
rKIlf*irE.?_MI*4T OP SLAV*r_I0LT>l-?9.
On motion of Mr MOULTON (R?ix. III.), the Judiciary Com?
mittee ?as instruct?.*?! to inquire into the ??olit-y and ciptiltency
ot rapeaUag all l?ws provima-* for payment, under any clrcum
Itaneei to person? cluimin?r to \?a the former owner? of slates
tor the los? of inch ?luvei, ?ni! to r??port whether any coruUtu?
tioaal ?ibjectinu existed to th? repeal of such liivr?.
Mr. ROSS (Dem.. 111.) offered the folluv.ii.<
Ke,alr,i, Ttat th? rar-iBittti? on Btnkinj and CnmneT be la
ttrni ted to tiauuir? Into |hs expt4l?ncj of wtthdrtwl-jt Ita Natlecal
eurriaoy ?na mu ?Hilf up the Nsllnutl Htnki, tod furuiihinj ths
casuiry. la lieu of iiicn *t?tlousi ourraucy, witta itetmbitti or oibei
?"rrtecr of nuiiUu ?hirictsr.
Mr WA su lil" UN _: Jil.) morea to Uy the resolotion
ou the table.
The resolution wa? laid on th? tutile b? a rot? of M to St,
Mr. HAKDINO (Kep., JIL) otfervd the followlnir :
Rttmlred, Tbil tb* (Jetannttee so Baakiol and Currency bo ia
.triai !?<i to rvport . bill i, it ?lu I prohibit any disitai.BslioB sf tba
Hitici.sl beru Tsodsr currsi.cy , ia?! that It li lb? rl?bt inj lbs lo
l?,?i! of th? whola people of th? 1 iiitwd -attlee lint lb? UoveT-oaietil
.hill lui!? ?11 hillili tsnded tiidil?iliii??l to circulate u monty, tad
tim the exerrli? of lb* pawer to (?li:? hint note? it virrency by
oorpoittioni under th? Ntlicosl ?ad H ile tiwi ?ho'.M b? dli?nu?r???er?
Mr. RIDWRLL fKep , OsL) msdo the point if order that th<?
Iluten bad Just tabled a ?dmllnr ivioliil.on
11' IKKK overrulett th? point ?f order, holding that
th? reaol'itiori ill tiered in ?ever.il particular?.
Ht. W<iX$JU? W?.N? MU niKiviJ [? J?J Ui? -ti?lub?B ?a U-t
toble, a? it ?ras dlreetory to the C?___itte? iastoad of le*? tag ii
to tho Committae'? discretion.
The rv ?solution waa tabled, -mo ra.
m a_trs~r ?t?-_TTT_aa.
The Si "A KER ?iimonncd Ike Salee*CsMaaaitteei a? fc-krwi.
0? THS Nsw (i-t-s-jri Kiora-X1?-??. EkWt (Rea., Maa?), _kV____.
borter (8?p Ohio), ?nd Cniipoell (U??i , Tsaa.)
The laitor wai lahaegiViitl)' exoujed
Lir?-. -Messrs. Pike (Rap-, Mc), Puns worth tj_e__. HU). ?s_Csss_r
(Dfia., Ten tv) -
O? _-?.-??__? R_u__k--i-'--Mesar?. M*yaM (Sep.. TSSS),
Motilar? (Ra? . Ms.), Msrcur ("Up , >"?-). Wssbhara (Kes-, la-),
sad CLaiiirr (D-o. If. T.)
O? I.TSSSIX RBBBiro B KBACM-Messrs. Dsliiuf lato., H Y.lf
Be.aaa ?Rea. MlcuJ, _?_?*."_. lR*>, Ohio), Myers (Hep., Pa.),
aad Trtrobls (Dam , _y.) -__.'
? Hra**'?-> t'OBHi-ria OB FnsuDBi? s Artkraa-Mrotr*. Eiikea
(Rep., Mas?.). Kel.ey (Rep., Pa), Ortb (Rep., lad.). Blni-vm (Re?.,
lihio). Tsvlor (Dem. ?s. T.). t koOobUtkO memo- troto MisBe?ri,
UuiiueU (ker-, low?). Pals? (Rep , XVI?.), sad Msrsball {Dom , IlL)
\ it'sYon,
The Hmtokn also announce?) the following to fill Tocenctee :
(._ Co?IBITT-!? on RHCO\STBC<-??a-Hise (Deut-, Ky.), to mmt?
of Oridei (Deis , Ry.I. dseesseil.
OB BASK-III AUB < ?-_-*?--HaaUr (Dam., N. Y), io plaee at
CulTrr ( K.B., fk ). detain?- (rou If ossa.
UK EL_-c-we-3iokei (Rer., Tsaa). tastssd ef fsla? (lap-,
I?B .'.fiLiTABT ArBAiBS-fti.n.sesulDsm,, Ky.)
On TBBKI-HUBS- Cooper (Dam., T?nu._
OB I .STAUB I'BBSIOBS-I.sf.wi. b (Dam. Tsna.)
Oa Ros?! ABB Ca?iAXJ-R?'i?sa-su.
OB Waa !)__-? ok? LOTAL *TST?B- Hswklru11 Rep, Tean.)
OB K11 srsBiruss? or Nari UKBAB-IBBV-Hootsr.
OB Dierai?-' CoursBU-Mai UBI- sad Km-ix (Rep., lc._r
Oa Mtu-rtA-Psiae. riawkla.s sud Wai- (flaw., Ky.)
OB MIMBI ASS M?-?BS~Ttyl>y (Hep., Tena.)
Or? 1'CBUO r XrnKDiTTJB?a - Yrtivil (Rep. Trun.)
The SPEAKER presaMit?-.! u t-ointnuu--ttou froto the liar?/
rh-prirtmeot In r?f. renee lo Houso resolution of nth July, leYSfj,
?)ll?'r?'?l lij Mr. Wright, which dirssoted an examination of th?
condition of Newark Hay. X. ./ , and the moutni of ihe 1 .Mai?
ninl H.io?i-n "ok Hivers, ?titln?; that that waa a matter for tit
iryer, ? hieb " as under c!_r_e of the Treasury Depart?
ment. I..in! mi th?; tabla?. a
rea uc.UK MI y.tiyce or < OJK.BEIH.
Iii.' lull liitrixlmed IIT Mr. Schem_k, and ?kleb was _nd*_?
i.'otisidi'i' itiou lu-st Thiirs-?y, to Di the tin-- for UM re?ru__r
lim unir? of c-jiigr?'??, carne up oa special order, the ?.cation
Ixl!.?: on Sli?-!LiLsiriri.T'i?__eiidmcnt, fixing the -blof Y'lbnoty
as the dur for ele.lions of Kepr-eota?Te? tbrsjsisjhout th? U _)i-XI
? it??.
Mr Hir.HY (Hep., Cal.) explain?- bow It waaiui|?uBalb?afo?
imiiil.-rs 10 heel?-teal lu ?'.tlitornbi antler tbitt prariruHi, anti
how, ii elect?-, it would b?: iiU|Hisaiblti fur them to be in Wash -
t?gtk-1 "ti til'- lib of Murcli. .He know no way to fix it, aatosa?
the niuhoi-ity w?'ro gi\en to the (?ort-nor to appoiut reprs
seiitiititi'? fur nest Congr.?. IU declined, bowe VIT, to more
lilis laJliclllllliellt. .
Mr. SHELLAB-AKOKX (Rep., Ohio) withdraw bia iiroei-f
m.'iit. ?t.if ni-- tli.it lu? ? nulli not make it uiiobp-i-tiu-?W? to all
the in.-mli. i? ii mu th.- Stntea ?hieb had not held dot--ni.
Mr. J'.IDYVKI.I (Kepi Cal.) ?iifrirestcd rtn am?' idtnent ?ia?
post tri?t UM 1 iu? ? mon? of Stute? to Ax a ?lay of ? i?-ctioii prior
to ti..- sth.af Murri, .
Mr. IS?TI KN(_ (..?-p. ?.hi 1) pn-ferred to bare the lull aii?t
et?itlvers-il ?Mil ins on tlao ?ubj??c_, ttud .leelinod IO
let the mu? riili'i
Tin- set 1,K1 ?.?.-tion was itwadr-l, and tue bill ?as pawn.
127 to J?) It la aa foilowi.
tit ,t maettoi, ?Vr., That la ?iHitlo? to Ih? ftrst or rstslst ?!??? ef
meelln, ksf Cr_|m? thara sha.l be a maeilri? of lb? XUb Cenarsas al
th? Voitvd itstes ?B4 ef eash ?o -eceding Coafrns? thereafter al if
o'alovk iriei-idlon on lb? ?Mb dsy of Mir ;b, Ike day on which the tmkt
bSfins ; except that when thalih of March occurs oa Sunday, lbs-la-I
masliea ?hall lake place OB tka seat mc leejinj day at IS o'clock aaav
ridia.i. ^
__tf J. And be it/ortkir tnattti. That SectIon IT af the kel **,
proved July IS, 1SH, entitled sa Bart niskitif sppropriatioas for sundi.
civ ii rxprnaes of Ik? CloTcrrimvut loitke yeer si_is| Jo?? 3S, olas-I
fur othrr pulposas, be so siaaudrl tbat no r-'enator sr Rrrreienlati ?M
in ?oiifrvas who hos besa 11 nivn,L?r of lbs C n?rs<? next issuisdl?
stely piet-rdiui slisil '._??. ?uy aUusranca Ivr 111 ei*v dr lrrr?l_af
to the place of met-tinf tostteud luch ?ddaion?_l ?es4.n yrorlipi tai
ia tbe f .rv|alu( iselion.
Mi Si' li K NT K rem.irkesl that the object of the i?7?A'i<J sectlok?
at the bill xi ai to proveni piyinetit of ovutrnctire mileage. Ii
tli - uhraaooooarj ?lid not eorer tbat point thon)u?rhl', be would)
end? avor lo have the f-rtioo Mnenilrd in the Senate.
Mr. I'KIIMAM (Kep. lie.,, ftmm the CoMiuittee on InrsliJ
r>'!i.?!?iiira, rijaurtetl b.ti-k sith sinendtnentH the ?Heaato bill of
la?t ?e?.si,)ti, to i?nn hie fur the jiaynu-'it of peniioui. .
After ?oiisiideration, the uuiemlmeiita were Bfrree?. IO anti
tho bill, ni amende?! p_??rtl. The tint ?eetmii ruttb\M_ea tk#
rn-si'Iiiit of the t'luti-sl .-slates t?i estiibliih asreni-ica HMD? pat*
nu 'it of paiisloni irraiited by the I'nit??.! States wlieiu-r, ia kia
jodicmeut. tin- jiulilie int. n*-; snd the eonseui.-n.-s- nt tbe pens
?i.uir. 1. .?uire and. Iiy and ? ith the mil lue mid ronsa-iit of thai
81 nute, to appoint ?Il peusiun agents vi ho ?hull hold theikt
otliees four y<_ra, and until th.-ir sueeessuin ?hall base beea ap?
I?.in!. .I mil 1, ullind. and who ?hall irive boBii? with gooi and!
8____-a-t snrs-tie? fur -.h .un.mut mid in ?at h form -? Ui?.
.S. er-t.ir ? of the Interior iii.ivsipproi?- prorbl?- thal tb-' numb???
of pan-i- ni? (?ate or Territory iball in IM ease b#
ir.ereaacl heri-.tftcr -> na to axe_- three, ami that noa??-)
a_atwj ?li.i'l bs f-?bilahed in udilitiou tu those now existing
in mu Slut?- m- Terril orr in winch the whole ninuHtitof taraaiiitiS
pnid iluri.iir tho flsciil year le-x? pnH-?'<Iiuir ?bull not -STS?X
I the ?um of S-JO.WIU; and proxidet1 hirth? r ihn: Uu? terna
of?-em of ali pension un-i.ts ?ppaiatad slue?? the let day ol
Janoarv. I-'?., shall expire st Ihu end of 30 tUya tram th?) MM
s?!~of ?bis net; ninl that tlie Preatidcat shall, ? itiiiu !.Y__t?.t]
fruin the passage of this ist nominate to the Seaiite Mrsoaa foa
.n-rerul atreuiiea In whloh peaaisst1 tfoot?
_u.se been npi?oiuted 9iu?:e the mid lit of Juniau-?/, lAtS, tvat)
1? 1.?ion acenti appointed prior to ?aid date wat nused.
ami now at-tliig, ?bo.ll continue in their i-tpectlr? othes-. Batt?
tbulr ioi es-?or? sluill I* ?nominated and con Um?-I in ace*riU
ance with ti.? provisions ol this ort.
Mr. li ALK (Kep NY) ?.?Tered the fuilowinp as a qus-tlo?
of prinl
ina CASK or THE noy. c. v. rcariii.
Whir-1. It t? ?I-..- tbat tlia Han. C V. ft?;.er et reattyret-ia. ?
nenibar ol tills lluaae, I? detainvjfroiu Bissest is this HviaM BBsjaW
ai-rsat. in violation of Ike nrovisiaus el th? Sixth ?et lion, lil Artlaia,
of the Constitution, snd of tlie ju ri.viv. of the lion? .
Hitoittd. That the Coain l'.te? in J.ioj. i.ry Is li-rvhy ii at r ii.-led??
ssltri all prartieabie 'ispatch to inquire into tha circaniatauees of ttsj
esse, and ~port th? ?.lustctiii? Hasse: snd'.hat it repart ts I? ?
Hoa-s whether any breach af It? ??risrilsfss ?se Bava ? a?BBaUa_i aa_
lo sea?! fir ?-er?.-. ?ad y
?nd to raport '
noa. ?ad |>spers ; lo ?11 duri?! the I?-BIOU <>f lb? li. 1
by hill si ?vtlierwiae. al ?ay tim?.
lim! ?if the ii-stiliitio?. Mr. KAI.Khutl rrad al I
l.at ?. ?ion alien ii ha bad. thvr.apon t-? saisi Co-mitt?? bsaaycwsS
' 11- UP,
e\|iliinn?i.i!i ?f the i.'stdutto?. Mr. KALK hutt n-ad at tha
? desk :i newspnpsr p.irii?;ra|?h, ihoBltisr that Mr. t'ulTsr,
of Y'euuiikfo Bunk notoriety, wa.? lu custody uii'ler the civil law.
ruul that lie bad baa- l>rou_-ht before Jndsre Frankey on hafkaaa
CDrpu?, mi ths <-?-ud that, as a Member of (?iiii-'re??. he was?
fr?-?? :i-e.? from babiliti'to arreat on eivil pt--Bli si-1 tost I-sa
.Imlire had dei tiled that a Member of < 'untfreM was not ra?title?!
to his pin flv-'v? when held tor an indictable offense.
Mr. \V1I.1.1.\__H iK'-p-, I*a) stated the main facto a? b4)
ii-.'1.. 1 itood tin ni co;iteinlln_ that the decision wits wrsmg sail
?In.! Mr t'ulrershould bodlichkir^eU from eiitodv, tb? OBIJ/
exceptions to the exercise of Iii?- priiiiesro U-IUJ? where a n?-li?
beria eliarare.l with treason, felouv or bnaich of the pcti00. ,
Mr. I'll A VKK (Rep., l*a.) took the laaie ?rrou'id.
The 1-?olution w*s ndoptc
The SIT. XKl'U presented a nie.s?T(,?e fnim th? l'rea-alent ia
atir-tver t<> llonse rea?>ltllinn of ?tb D.-eeniber iu reference to
ocuupetlou of Muxieiin ?oil by 1,'nit.vl Stat?- truope, and traxs
mittniK a report from the Secretary of War. It u m irfemxI to
the Commute? on Fort-li/n AfT.tir?.
Also a ue?u?-(i from the same In reply 10 Mr. Ik?atwell?
molutioii rt-tsting to the ?li.-.c??iery and arrest of John II. 8ttT
rntt. Referiert bl the JiultciHry (.'omiaittee.
On moilun of a member from Missouri the Stx-retory ef Uta
Interior waa direotr- to furuisb uiforiiiitii?iii ia relercnc. to th?
ii.tvin? nt of money by the United Stulee to the Atehison and
TiV. r Peak Hiiilruail Company, lor the construction of a branch
of ti, . Union racine Kaiinnu) from St. JosejiU to At? hiwon, ?Vc
CALi'IOKMA miil-b'S.
Mr. BIDWELL t-?>p. Cal.) introduced a bill to provide for
the care and maintenance of tb? Iadiana In Northern Coll?
fo-lia. itefent. t? Cximaattee on Indian ArTairs.
On motion of Mr ANCONA (Deni., 1 _), the Miiiur? Oom
mutee vat instructed to inquire into the expe*lieucy of ixiii
iiifT Section I ot the act of July 'X. Itvki, to li-raaae the aubtary
i/rtce eitahliabmeiit of the United States, 10 ia to permit ap
pointMenta of penooa w ko buri serred Ave year? or more us
the army and were dUtiug-?lui- for cap-ut) and good oonda?-.
in ihe b?' Id.
Mr C?>?K (Rep., Ill?, fn.m ?ho Judlt-isry lorn raitt???*, r^
ported an act to amend the act of Feb. M. I.?'..I rearniat ng tton
ami cost? of clerks, marshals and sttorne-s of tha 1'i.itnl State?
1 ir. mt and Utstriot Court?. Ordeied to' be printed UM! recoui
unit? J.
THE PRk-II.tNT'S l___ta__OR.
The House went into n Cowmitte? of the Whole on the Mata
of the Union (Mr WA.SIt?LTtNl. (111., in tba Chair) on Hut
President a unnuiti Mesaaire.
Mr. l'.l '.INK ii;, j? Me.)ipoka at aome len?th in repurd to
? ihtiun ot tin. country. Ile m.dntalnea tbut tbe bit?
oli?. non? bsd deeitied that the tlislo? ul States ihsMlld not be ail
m I tied to tho pinileare ot Con gre? ?iona, representation on au*
le?? ?t 1 iiiitriit oouditiotii than the adoption of the CoiiitrtiitiouaJ
Amt-ndmeiit. Hut the c1.-. 1101.? bud not decided tktit Cou?-M
liounl rc|iresenUition ?h mid boaccorded to those Vate? ?s sa
inituidi.it?- eonaeiiUi-nce ol adoptiiiK the Am? lulim nt. Tha
Aim :,Umeiil would Imve la-eu adelinite basti? of adjust-ent ii
ti.': suutl. had promptly aceepled it M luck, but ihe South,
hatrtnf piaetle-ly, if not finally, rriected it, Cougrcaa is no
'....(?Bit by any proml?e or nrpfiestion imnle or. '.lie tub
- 1 ven If the amendment should be made the d? hi.ltira
aiijusluniil. tho .Southern States could not be rwtmitted to
reju'M i.t .nun until the term? of the amendmciit ?houkI
be complied wttb. The eorreclion in the baal? ol
rtpre?entation ?hould be ni-ie st once und asst p.4>tp..iied until
.ft? r the Cous-roea of ie?U If t_l--srlhsru State? were read
mitti-it to the floor on the bests of tb?apportionment of le?-1, th?
late Slnve States would have nj member? of the House, whtlsj
Ihe Froo States w ould bara ?.->. Bat ?pixsrtion the n.?*mtH>ra
on Ibu baa?.? of the ConititiitiuiiBl Auieiadtuenl. and the slsra
Statei wontd have bnt r>, wliile the Free States ?.,'.1.1 bara
IK!, n n-lstive rain of M to tin Fr?? St?tes. A err??[?ondinaj
clianife would be made In the Electoral Coll?es?? the North la
fittm?telT aralnlus; 41 memhera on the baili or the amendment,
t would be necessary, therefure, to have a ajx-clal eenaua and a
new apportionment be/ore ti.? Southern States conId be right?
fully represvuled. It waa ni tbi? new that, at the lost aesaioa.
he hid ?uNnltted ?1 bill pruiidiiiir for a ipecial enamer.ition or
the inhabit-1its of the United States. Bnt the corm'ry now <U
mandetl ?ree ant!rat.'.' in addition lo the C.nstituiloaa. Amend?
ment, without free ?1-frige tho lura! element ol the s? nth
?onhl l>? in the power of the disloysl, and would be ?.??rs'cute??
aoeordlug-ly. The Conslitution.d Amendment ia admirable a__
Sassiillal. but I? defectlTe in tliat It leaTOS the Rebrl ?l?ment ia
po?seg?l?.n ia" the local uxivrinmeiiti, fire fopeiT?^"lte lojal aies
of all cnoipleritm?. antrfto ilem Ive then of ail partit i]iai!oA lu
omi affairs. pwW?d thev will thernsetrea ?tcceiit a eaita__l?-|
Mprpiteut-iiii'ii i?; l ousre?! mt tlie penalty. The ?lancer 1?, the? -
would accept the penalty in order that they might riait tha loy?
alist? with their vengeance, just a? certain reUtfiotia da-nomina?
tions, in Kn<rbiad und?? the Stuarta t_vor?si me_enrn t>t
proscription which bore wit!, Kime bardahIpi r?n tinn.seises la
order 11.st t!.?r miirbt visit rival and bated Secretarlas with
.pite m< re aererely and eruellr. bat (Are the ~il'-rl ti? the iM?i??_
?ad thus aided, the loyal whitea c?-i_?J tmrnt a combinai-.?Tthil
would be Mir-prc?t?ctire, and there ia no protection vc- ran ?_.
tend to s man eo etT?)otive and e<-MInaire aa the power tr) ursv
teet klmielf and tt. saatirlnar protecttoti t.? the knyai citir?Tc-k.
a-eure p.-r_unneucT to the Oerernment, so t!,at (he Vstarwaia.
?uffraste i? BO? OISJ-IT ?he di.fhat^e af a pennmai
ward theenfr_i the m?at f", ?ri_.
'?rsl! f/uurs! p_?.
pltltT II
Mi. RI.MHi.l:, .l.'-n . ,d the flocr bat a?t l*)Bff ttn?t '
* Patota, ht pM,*tf \OjLt. fr i4?_t-H^
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