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l.i|.j. i .' ' "* *s re j. i'
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tint? V :
l.wai??! . r
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a ttuii :
the urn li f?l
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T_H Ml -IliiX.
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or ltd of li -.-?ulier. i
t'tiuod a - ?
,i "i iiit. Uaraaaa aa ROM**.
It ?at reiterated tina -
r.ome, and, ai-crlrdinar to
Iw-K-ria* IT tmid ?pt.
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Paul i
Ar. IA I li lill neat i HY. ? \ V I n IN? ?LAMJ.
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BY III) _l)
The 1* * ?
bil? itlVil:t'-l :l 4-l?-UI
HiaVB?T _11*0*:TB.
The 1 i Itrobcllo r??.
Tl..',u *
aaaablBe at bair? -??.t timo, ami prevalencv of'raius pro
Rumt?-_|_hrvl be??n current ti* 'i Count Bisrcark had
?I and hn.l re
Qlte't' prou >:i .
At ??H-4-ufrronc-a of av i ia Hungarian
kobi at li.? miiieiaa??' of M Heal to^d
Should l>" panned vi ?th rofei to the Koval rescript bl.
I>t??_ made a ?jtor-ch : -nil flint from tie .'not of
?it? lo tbe ouiitim: ' - . ' all, iilitl far
|rre?t?r ta ila.?-? for ho;?-thai. u-: II
i. : I* re
?lUibluf.-.l, i .? "'i!'l :."T fa lo lake
Into c " , he pro
noati ?d.tre.t? viotdd fnitli? : t the Commit
ytMaion Atfairt should continu, it?, labors, mid hu their re
?uiUrtKfuro th? House. M. Den).? motion tu tomykmt by
thjse presset.
Tb? in -jiU4*r?of Or Left ?t n rneetinp held at their C:?i>i lo
day, rc?t>;i i-I not to take part ii tlie d.-liht-ratio:.
?ilttoei o . . cmnioii Atl'uir? until a llungsriuu ministry abai'.
kars U- n constituted.)
A t v'rritl Of Mr? i?ith I I ik TV-is ?X]
kn_k_di ' relatioiis ?iib tbe extreme Liberals. Another tele
?erfs II mc Liberals vrei,
a tr?lt>n *? it h the Di HI l'un.- ? i o?bad just bl then :
pMBoad ' ?st bo? roary rrx
He -the i th. ami held a
that the Peak party had a
The Committco-'of the L'iwer ?ustria Diet had
adopted the draft of an address to the Kmpei
fan M-iji'?t' in reaiK-itlnl tern.? lo couioko the Dot lue
Lower Hoi,-e T, ,. debut lu-? it
AJTir"*?? froru in? ?' ibrr state Ibal
the coiidiiioi; of UM >
but that the ?tatement tint Her M |estj hud ?bonn ?.
Of lunn d..ts .f foundation. The Euipcroi Muli
Bullan ?rila < ???cited iu Dcc?*nha**r.
Xtor-tr-nr. TUcti a.seinl>l(.! on tho l''th of Xove-.l.'-r ?nd
reei'ivcd lmp?-nul communient loioi Tbe *ui>rr:n.- jmpurlauco
pi the lioii-isrian uuestion narrows th<- public intnc?! to the
IMot ?rhichstt* ut 1* -?'.h lu twentieth Ulet, that of Trsn ?vi
Tania will not U called UM ii the Hurgar?an claim? ujiou
Traut' i? -?.ia ure arranged.
' ImBFBVC-X', NUT. SI.-la yesterday's ?itting
t?f th? tTjroieaa D ty di'mai.dert ?bel
rumor? : the Tyrol, of an !r.
jeatioato eetii tlcui to I tiri' li not whether
the Omrmmm i t*w?s resolved to ?iroBt-eute ?itU energy the
I ITS. ' .
The (j'oicrnnicnt C'r-tnmissioi ?r replied that the nimor? In
?tiottlun ?ere ab?olutelT'> .'mr., und that the
??arernracnt .?.? brady Jeteriuin? d not to cede Southern Tyrol,
bud to t ikr vigorou? mea?;'-*? a??aiiist auy agitation iu the
ltltiAU diitii. .? r?>r annexatio., to italy.
. The principa'. ba*es of the nt.i -?rat. i/ai ion of the military ?ys
Um ara ?tated to be these . 1. K?cry Austrian suL'et-t to belong
to the army dur ing ten year? frein sas list roar ol lu? sir.-;
four year? to be ptutetl in M1 I vi? ?orTiee, tia years in ti,
?nd on f'irloi.^1. C. Tbe furlough? to be rej?i:lat?d m Mich a
moy that li r? posee effective may bo ir.rinU*.nii*d up t?> t?.'?'UUO
nea. 3. The - ir effective to be {?JU.W'U men, ?t. Tiiciej-i
leats lobe oo?-posed of men of the same nationality indio be
?wristtntid In ti-ii. of |?c?t?e . I :,:?{?<!.?.
Mots 'ibt* ?rtlllery to be inereucd from II to 'ii reiriuicuu.
Tb? candidate? returned in Venetia, as far ?s knov? c belong
t<> U? ?'?derate party.
* A roral deer?-, bad b<-.:? is?. .1 onlcriiig the oessation of
taartial law at'l'alcrmo. from the luth Novinirber. ?
IL Ha'sini deniea, in a card to The Horning fitar. that he is
tb? ?'.thor of a sensational appeal to the Kuma-?, published
?TOT hi? natue bv the Pari? Fatn*. f
' The iK-?nate hare flalabad Unir preliminary proeet? ?nd
Adjalrai l*?r?aoo has b?en summon, d to np]iear l?-fo-e that
pedy, ?otibg .? . Elgh Court of Justice, on the l?t of December.
Adv-io?*-? from Rome sar it ia expected that negotia?
tiona vr_l tbortly be opened betvi SM the Courts of ICoine and
iFlnrenoe relatne to the appo'i-.ii .eut of Bishops to the tee? at
r/i*?eot Tay-act m the Italbta-SKiiiKdotn.
4 coBToeation of Catholic itish -a ?ill assemble ?t Boms on
tb? ?Dtl ofVun* next.
Th? French journal?contain veryalarmiDgacootinU
?f UM inton:?' o.nditi.m ?of Qaeea Isabella? dominion?. A
The extr?ctt frota Kreuch parier? given beb?? show bo?
.?.tradlctory ?re th? ?tatamente iu eiroulation.
I "Tb? Queen Dowager," say? th? Armir National, "h??
?VhM her -?olkrta-aioa? to the ?di ico tende-ed by th? Dai?be??
de Montptnsler to Qti0?_ Iitbidl?, but without ?fleet. The
-a-vqai? de Mlrailore?, one of the olde?! of the Spanish nobil?
ity, and torutrrly Presbieot of the Connell, nest endeavored to
? ?w tb? QiMen the ?ianger of the courte she ?a? pursuing, but
ml? l?i?-?c ?a? ?qnaliy unavailing. Political cou.id. ruliori?
%??. no b-il-eno? OB a mind which I? the ?lave of re-giot-A?
Implas. Om? mt Importo ?ni t-t?rry><. ti tolva mi aima ( "my*
?oij Is ntHhlnt; if my soul be saved "J ?st har ?luwer to tb?
^_Tlrte?t? continu? to be amde smoDgttrthe ptoioa uta in th?
frsty th? f"oio??l of tb? King's Kegln-ant ?c4 other o?cwi-s
tV* ?m Mot off to th? Philippin??. Tb? ln__?i*ce of Con
aolm Bras-o Is '??raaslag ?very ?Jay. Path?? Claret has ctMifl?
y?ac?i? hil. lOo-aaad Mater PBIIOO?B?O eoiisiders that bb is
tt?^*9*0!1?*** *f G?1 .? *-*ve tb4? Chnrob ?ad Bpain.''
? ______JeUt_M? -*? f4wni??nt?i elreiM of P?ii?. ?ays th?
?*TC??*-,7 ****> " fi ?*? ?si*4"K>d thal tb? Ulearraphic trlr??
?Ve}_?f *_____***_* Sm niw.of.gtsMrMrlBtB?ta?a-tmgb
??^??^ia?!?.i,.*?? >?^fv*c.'i*'?d fritendlyadrla? fH?r?*Vr?n4)4*.
_^ _?^*?Sr_!^l_e?l.-,-?.**. ?-*?1?s*i??twt af O? ConacU o?n?
SSL1..^.!?^_?-?l?*i-me******T** ***-?*m*mmtj UM
M? ta ?tit aad ??Mb th? ourrent of ??MU.**
^t>?' ?awa IV?at Spai?,'' tari tb? _i*oU, - ia aoct ?IBleting.
ZSi?? r-^-Jw^^aa? ._5* Mrmrteblom I. &
j-?ice.? then semein aon-? no: ' ? I it n th" small to*?--.
* .I |.ii|?-ii.!iy| I nu, -.-.
h.i?e r." tffe- ia ir-i'kjrnt'.rv ?I -y (n which IhPjr si?
? . r otc- lull of. i
ra? nor > httt II griif in
- ?'..' ? '!ie erin) and i ?.-"ju? ere,?' t
in ti ? ininti je r>n re
? leilon a I ciliseu, a
l-l I\ te | i
. kj-I 1
led i.i
? I'mi? that theQurxn
i .1-ii.e it-fii:-a ni Irmwe, and
IHIUII; tit?. ps on UM
I i : I.. I?. ] . pat-j fi.1 mi) Minn V
n,: n; oi ?i ' ij.'.ition.'i ) n .t erinii' Hu i.,ij?bt ai_?e
. lil 881 \.
hr fniaW-i Ol ??vc! iy contra
?I n couceitnslion of
lio.p? I -ii ! ,- uni
Mme luuinal attisons ? tra-i-tof Djtt--?. Ihe
..?.-I. J . t ti." Knui r.f 1- ____.-i by Bit?-ulit
al'cr an e?i^lit. ilajV aden
. The Minister of V'arMi.ni ordoir- tlio convenir? of
|t-?si liO'l'i.l I?" .
li parti-eat m Wai up io the :tb of lu?. a__s r
i , bpa i. .! i ?- on tlie
ItWf . l (lint fho In-sli tiattalii'ii'. ol I
A (o hare I ? ? '? ' Al I
. "I the Cretan in tut
' -i ; ?d Of I
? ?mlmice lo I ? d.m a
A?_e-ltl ?.' ' '?-t sa
\ i nrl . m paull" h '??? ' ' i^cenml
? ? f.,unit ? m gcuo) Sourooa H.i uoii n re?
lil ntiiee between lbs 'luiI? ind
KuiiS'.i res-li in?; in >
t. i . - -I ! _0W.nl -II
I toi ?reg iini-.l ii ?i
I Hi al Mud ?I'Tii l 1'I
I? en ri'i'l-ui-ri;' On nr Paahi?i. '
According to a ' dt_|-tc_ of I
I ?.
.?li'-l, but (li t tin? ilir.irii-1?
1 Mirtiji'-liii:..?! ' :". Mu!.-.uri') slilljofl'-r rr?a,"t
A <?r?--k diipotck . reektroopshadrceaooaeoa
trut'-al . n m.I tin- <ii'-' ? '? ?? ' ? rn.a-n: lind
OilltT'-.l .
DP_AM?S Of Iii:. 1 HIM ii OK f? VIA
.X11? 1 " - .i - ?! *t? i titraitali.]., f n ?a?n ii
1 ia- !>?? - ' -t~ n....i (_!! Mi ..- .i" -i -I Li pt;
I to 1 fl. un - nu I
. .m li thal on -
?. :..' I IlTIMfl--.
At ria had
mad? ? i i . s | ? -
Hit? Son un f il.r tim! ?il l-'l?i-ado
OrillM OK IHK ?n.\Mi:K;__.
I? i'Aiir.T, HOT. fT.-Princ- C-arka opernr*. t)in
in ii. ?p-. i-'i, ii?..
thron?.I ? u ? r n ?? ?. . i bs
. the ti it? of I'uria II ? al un
. ..illi ncighUirin?? cotintin-?^ *
a peat-fal eba tbe political reliitloni of Ihr l'rin i
'?i re a-tiafuckT? waa pi?i?-?l by tin- i"?.-..?;iiiliii!i . f hi-.
dynast' na^he pari of UM Pona aiad tha g*aar_a-?sina P
Ali c_itrnctsjt. lernt Hito bj 11 ? OomiassB?! would ne c.m.-d
ont ni uni ?.in!.i-?- in luili-r to pi? ?"IT a Iho wodli of the
couutijr ' _
Talip Vi'i-'nv ?ij.i iifil^thf l'liiiiriuid it in jH-iron on
til? la-I ol Hot Mill?-!
A Hnni'idv I? !i-j?r"iii*?if Iba 23d ?Novenibei fliotai
Kki-I.'inir.? .?iii I.iiiiliui ut'.'j |e-r?n.]?-i.. Market i quiet Ship
menu ol C'.ttoii tim mi. ti i i .? balea
llnv ; . *. . l nud drooping Kieliniige,
4 t.f
rsii?N..HAi> (?.' .?:- Silk Cini Kxclunf-, f. .JJ I >? I
IilST|7__BAN( KS AT NAN..-.. .
Shanghai! nilli .. ?? t?! Hi" Pi h t?i!iil?-r n-??irt ?li .turliaiice??
amone Uto Chine-? ?o?lii-r?. t Nankin, ihe Vic? m} beheaded
-I ?_f ti. m M liir*i?i n roi bil liirrta
T.IK MUl.I>KL__S OlstA?? AMJCKli AH CA-TAi:'
The tniirdcrer? o! Iht< captain and . ile'loi.giug to
the Au.i.-urtii ioho ;.er Au! ni wire ?'il! iiiidiscov??r?rsd.
it*-mrs wrti? i
Two le? ship- the Wts'i. .: ?'? i und J. E I-oj il. bad been
wrecked. ,
Ad-.. i. iiiiiuiii'ii . tint ll.e ilcnth of tim Tycoon
t.?ik pli< ?? n. Bcptember. Hu. mect-t-sor was bellete- to I ?a
lavolubl?. lo I .! i?-ii t. Sa
ii OBABU ____? or in? civn. wkt.
The ci?, il w .t? IM'IIC?. I ??? bars Iwsaliialc_ l?rinen Cho?un
dictated Isla ? . ii ?raa heMered they won!.I ha ric
lie had iituii.iii coiuiiiiuid oi the BM.it? af Simon
UINlHTKR It rAlllis
I.'io, Niiv "}.-Souhor Bereis Mncedo Lad boen ap
f??i!:?od lituxiliaa Mluisler at I'm is.
Int. llif?enee reoelTad front the ?eut of war annoaticce thrrl OB
the I-tli nil, Hu I'ainiriiHiiin? Ninila n ?!. ?.-fclrr? Iii i/.liso?in f
irencli?- cniups plucod uudrrjthe ooniaumJ of II?t?u 1'orto
The I ? ...li i is. ?s-liii li iir??t'-.!?Hl sB?iu?tjfl
ii. ii.til narn'iiat Pnttiftny, bud concentra!ed an army
ii]?m the frontier of ihe A _n-? ?f Ju'uia?. anil
tnreatana to in?ade ibu Are-eutlne I onfederatiou.
Kxchnngo on I_?<k?n.ViN|ar?M| CotTee, 7.00CMo * COO reis
Total ?I i|.iiirjitty.luce de]_rture of lint niall, IS!,'*} bs|(s.
I? iga.
I'.ui! i. NOT. 1 l- Ereharire. J>.%r> ....'. Susjar, T-niito?, 2,J00_?
. Ilrotlli? 1 r at'
'.I a
it; i v.,, AI ?. Oet S7.-Kxchan?-. 4_s_<f.-'?{ Kew Wool,
SUfKKIi?!: COI K1-'lui?! ?iii.i-IHx 10-Ilcf"rc luiticats
? Moxi II..
CITT __A!L-!'iA.> ACXTur.Kie-WHAT WII I. ?XCi;?r. A*BA1L
lii I. t?)>ll R THOM HAMACIJ?. ?
Mich-'1 Schrltlei. un li.ltn : an, ne The Forty
set .uni si. und (atiiini ?t lim Kallroad Csis i
reara of aao, to ncuti-r *- reaaoa ?.! I?-.' IT
?im o\?r by f.'ii. oi ii' fei..nu.is ear?, LI. anntlay aft
letH. Hi? left I? r 1 ni .<? bo amp
thif.li l.v reason of li i nd bli titrai loot ?rai
pemuineutli disaldcd. The pbiintifl ?rune that the tan waa
very iiitieb cmwiieti nt Iho liti.u . thnt lu wa? a psfsn-nger slenl
Inn on tie flout plitU?r!ii ?lu 1 waa amomiorj mut h emailed i
Unit hi- repeat? ll/a rrto ?!"|i st UM ?orner of
Ti inn nt), >! i rti.il winn he urtlMil nt tl.it |H.i; t
. do? n ?ui Ure lower step of the frmii pUtfona m rap? i la
?s n-, .i si i uld kt'.p II d be would ?o Ire ready Is g l
off, bul Ciid.n?,- thai the mr WHS IK.I stO|l?ilI. he SAI? in the act
of a.lojimiiL' buck on IhS plat-s-B ?hen he ?IIJIJH d ui..I Ml Inn k
wnrdfhis l-y* (--g under lbs cur si d IH-?U'K t JII on r bj I HI! h
Other pt oof waa given coi'ioboratlro of this Staat
At the cloie of philtitllTi ptrhifs tl,?s crinnir-l for defendant!
rntivod foi n ' ismn al ?'! the coo plaint on the gruutuli thnt io
fendunta-hntl not I? t-n ?hoivn giiiil.T m .noy Deglii/onre? and
?I ey wera necligeiit. that lut loi the negllgi-ncuof p! i?i
liff ?r?"!iti iLutmsr to the accidei.t, the injury .would nut baie
hnpiH-ii' -I.
Ihe Judge Hiought the c\ Ide nee wm 5nr*lcl"til to go to tl.s
Jiiv uni ?Jeiiietl !ht n.ollon ?i ii defjiidnnti' counwl excrptcd
?ieltndii'ti then ititi(M1U<-<-?1 evidence to ?how that the plat
foi m vi ni nut crowdesl; that the tinier wa? not asked to atop.
Bin! that the pliniitiit Jutnpe?! ol ?hile ihe car wai In mothm,
and ?o suffered ihe injury. At the cloie of the proofs the mo
illsmiasal was rt-|iealnl in the additional gummi that
the prept m?enme..' of evident lu l?Tor of defendan!? wii in
if i y ut II? -t.ll.e (nuil ?unid be !?<ui.l to Mt saide any -.ardill lu
favor of putatif na aguinit evidence.
'J in- ( nut granted the motion on ti.ii latter groutid, and the
oomplaint ? as dUiniaaed.
tgan and (ito?s for plnlntiff. Monea Ely for defendanti.
brtcuh TKUM.-llefore Chief Justice lloutMieo??
Tiabell? TTowell agt. ?f?)bn l?elly, Sheriff, Ac Therhiralcal
Bank ag? Thom,ia J. Ikarr-Motion grant.ni. Frauds A.
t'o?hlan Bfrt. Tbcodoro Sultui et al -liiterroKiitorlcs a"ttleil
..rnisttli'ii Insuctl iSuiiiiul Kt buealor r! ni Biet Henry
Illnmeuthal.-Motion for extra allowantu of t73i?rat<ted I-raa
Ilobblniet al agt.lK. Voeter Ikewey et a! -Jasindiapprored.
John A. Cooke agt. John A. Cole-Order of arrest vacated
with f 10 costi nntl defendant discharged from irrest Willum
lIeader?on Bft William II. (?ebhard et si ; I ?in id Moral, et al.
' B(;t Sln.on M .Siinie-on-Motion? granted ?.coree, the Count
Joannci agt Horace li. Dar -Motion denied with 10 costs.
8UTREMECOt-T-CnAMni?tv?- litr 10- Before Mr. Jui
tics |01____-_.'
InreWm. B. Babc'Kk.
The facts presented bj the papers in this rase are in
great part fnmlliar to the readers of thii paper. Mr. Bnbcook
wai Indicted in the Court of General 8ei?loni tv the (.rand
Jury for having fcloalouilr in bli poeseweion Iii.,?-?, of limed
States bondi ?toleu from Mr Lord, which bondi ?ere giren by
Mr. Ilabcock to hil broker, ?old to Jay Cooke A Co., by them
sent to Washington for transfer, and there'itlentUled.
At the time or thli lndictmenWMr*l?abco?nt waa absent tera
porsnly in Rhode Ialand, but bearuis that bli broker waa In
?troublu abtrut tbe bouda, returnotl to the etty, when he waa ar
reitesj1. He then demanded an <-laminstIra: snd-the examin?
ation waa bad totora Judge Dowling. In thnt'-examnuiiMn
Capt. Jourdan orths nolle? gay erldance al to ioma converts
tloai bctBt-tu himself and tbe Broker, and also aa to a conrean-.
tlon on the evening of Uta arrest betwoaa himtvlf and the pris?
oner, in which the prisoner stated that ha gut tho bonds from a
saan in I'ultonat., whose name ha did not know, whilo next
morning the prisoner statt-Ko tim that ha got the bonds (rou?
one Cotre? in Tiro?-wa?.
Tb? Justice ?immltte-I him ?Ithont batt and immediately
?Her on the lit of Ii'cenber, Mr. JuitVce rJntherland granted
a writ of hsbeal corpua, which rame up for argument yeater
taj. ?CM tha 3d of Dece-ber, Initant, tha DUtric? Attorney
applied to the Court of Ueneral rienioni, and tbe priaonar waa
oommitted again without bail. Tb? return to th? first writ aet
np tha trat coaunit meat, and the warden afterward filed a mp
ptssseotary return letting upthe aeoond writ,
a ,0a tha a-wna_?t yastesday Mr. Graham for the petitioner
elalaas-I that tala aeoond oomraitment wai a mare fraud on the
writ of ha betta aorpci, and oo_d in no way be eoniiderod. that
this commitment bad treen meda on tbe msra am ports motion of
th? District? Attorney, without notice to th? prisoner and with
out tha prodao?ion of tha tastimony before ths Juatloa. That
Judge Dowling i commitment was ?Jtra tim, the eese har ina
tasan manly rs?errsd to kim to take taitlmonr.
On ths main anea-oa It was artrued that this was In fset a
?-,ii_hmeat by hopeless _mprlsc_msct t-sfora trial ef the citLnn.
and WM therefore a queitlon of the hlghaat Importaure, that
?fU?????ittwT?H*i,utu*?HM ?iu_ky/|__it4rfr?4?4
poaithel] tliat in bailable niift lb? C-t-wrt thai: bail that this
Ih it tlvire ?a? . cor-Uiu ?-vlast of ofTenst-? bmliwire of^
ml m i. hi b the (Vmrt h?d BO di?tci-t*titin eir?-i't to ft
na! o' I. ni Tl.?TirTT waaCnvoiTd by tb? pmrnio lOtS
t ni.iiinli.in tii/nlnst ei i?? : ? bail and against creel ,
Die pro isiriti of tb?' Constitution ? onld t> i
ti m pi opsiS-a???, the (V-tirU t ..uld mfuae all IM?I \?
. Il H if t-ne! ?jil un'Tiu-rl than tbe punisbraeal
Of a nrin Iieior?. tilsJ l>y a aTTfTlT~T tilt l?4?ftlT? iMprlfl
- un Impri .inn.? ni vrtiiaj li - I ?.
v. bil,, iu the i,-iii..o of pnai.uinuNit inflict? a? ?lieriallou ia haM
lit ("?in'iani Qtf'i-1 ?pTorni -iii?? in ?iipra-irt of bis rirw. ?rd
arpuert that ile-ira*, m Hw ?a?-I n,?.ii< lo Ihr kamo pnii.t
was tbal this proi ision embodied in 1 ' tal ? Co nat it?
I fttate C'crarti till the Conttitatii ?i ?
A, lo vi b it weir? Iis1hl?1'' ol' Itb? tMalati o!" 1 l -I iv
I. t . Khow Ihrit Inireiiy. I ttmft where tbe thief was talen U/S*
min.nor, I P. f.eigrrttte delicio waa bailable, aui!?Jisi in any Ona?*;
the reoalrial or ??o-wiiii acii of ?tol.-u ??.???J? tv?! ballalla, llul If
.iii., m,i liiaiililiT of t i??rht. but wa? .add re ied to th?
eiofth Court It ? ss ? lodtoisl di?eretloa not ?he MCI*
Tslii!ir*ri( th ?judge-, and if the driendanl w irr. no1 clearly pi.illy.
or If bo inii-htJaie nu?i?C4-at. Ibo I'ourt ?bi?uld bail Hie"' ?MI
-jtdoul.t on ??1? evideue?" whether the. 1? n I? v..?.? ideulifled.
?,The ludidme.d i.i not ' si.uui* the tbi.-f m ii be d.-f-.'i?" ?ad
is if the grand ptrj ti? o knew rl ? tln-i . It ia by na ni
tai" tbnf thi pr'soaeT ii be I se? inf-ly rwiv-tvd them, re? ?eh i?l
tle-tn ii'im th ) li i'?f "r from bonn? int. rmediati? Inathe latter
OrtHe It wa? r?ry doubtful ii tl.i) law would reaoh l.iin. lot ii
Jibe i!i?..i<-li.ii .<i" in i'ly iiiliilniry. still the cuso c..niii.'?"l'*d
lU.lf t,i theOe It The Ostlj Ctnli-n? .? nf "i - i-t: ci
conv-nrsiitions m_.le under lb? mcnti.l dbrtarba
vuth the ?rn-?t. and Ibcrafore ???t deaervinj? ?if mueli cr?dit.
consid?ration? tboi.ld, ha thon?-'.! dp,it i ?
to bail, and t" a motlei \W ball, in ae-conlanoe ?ititi iii 11 oin lilu
I; .i? ? t
I he I**?tr!o1 Attorin'T ?ub'i iii.-?! a ?niton ?rg-imi-nt.
I bS COM' II -cn ni IT? iliviaii.il
Mr John (ipihttiu ?ii'U. K Stuart I >; pctitiaMT; A O II di
fir tin j>?*....lI
OOtTBT Ol' COM Mt ?I l'LKAJi- Do? 10-ncfir? .Jud?r>
Tho CA-K- of Miolmel Mulhall ?j?!. Tot<*r Hnttorby,
for ? iKiirus ?rrillaud etlonmn. which wa? r tymtttit in "'ir
..-??lum i * ga"Sntiinlny la.ii, vras ooBlinued 1.? f >i Judge Daly
: i) Tin- pliiintil! pim ,-tl Win Kla?n iL'.'i tim mi
it une eliiim.il in the l?..??us-4UT??at luid bOM ?LILI.TI in
,N"ll JCI-SINII; the p! i:!lt:'l tin Hie M i' n? ll'lK'un
li thal bewenllo Ne? Jn (?rd of hi? "??n
i. ord .uni th ii lu? TIS? a<?ci>:il|i?iii''l ST/th? plan liff a I nu
? ia lianted llurn? ; Hint hi? *rvtpeirr?d llio Irounty biiuself
. if to th? pi 'Hitit! lo keep for bun.
? ? ?f MI 1 ii.r? M ia? I ban ttton di? ?rl \-ncr. thi t.a->ert
ii! a ?iii! co'iiiiu ii._-?l 1> thv viitii'*?? Hij?iiBst flu1 plaintitfBor a
lou in coin citiii.; this money lo bil own u.??' Kul'id out le, UM
I ,'i.rl |
"Ii, 1 .! Meliii'ijifiiiir placed on^tlii* ?1iind.-1 ?i i d ?II knowl
j -.i . -,i !?u:ii? Ir I'lduJcnt ?adBlIU s?*l lb?! bo hultnod
it at ?iff time to 1?. C.11UI..V lb? Jur> reluruod ? il-i.lict for
| ?i'iil.f.ir ?**?.)
Ali I bu-,:?? I ?i |. ? lill .it'll B lti/*n f ir d'vfendu.iL
Ml KIM' OOVTatT -I'" M-IW?f,.ro Jude* Htv-i-4?.
A (UM OF PAI."v_ IMI'llI.iMIKsr.
. lulu??.?, lu. nteiiiiy ?|ft Kdiinrdl lui iison
'I li ? fi. M ni tin i c, i.it?, as a|ij)c:ir-l?y tho ovifVnc-*-,
Ott ll.nl Iii < pla m i iff uri? arrested in Msr.-h ? uti on ?tun
baria?, sel i...-1?> i iMiiilmi T?..-' M i ?ni fjriige-ei . Ihat"
us? h"l,l jn . ?i-t . I- Lu H||...II, t.i |be : rat of lu?
bii-iiii'-.i sel ?tadlt.
'I he ili.fi'inlimt lilOM Hist Hi.? arre-J ? n? m nie |,T "c !
t!i ? ilif l'H,m of ti I m? hliirtliil, mid lh?t Hi ? BlgM 1- '
. pi?!.ilill. ?rho had Iran disiden,- ?I li ?nu th-) dofeudant'?
ei!i?i!oy, had IJa?si?thre it* that h . vi oui 1 lit bun.
.?'ibu nu, . H,-?! bal UM j :ry Itlllag la
?i;, -e, v, i- Si . irgrd I . ji' notoria}
iiii.'Mici. rrinnied a trrdiot for the plaintirT hi i ?? u I
i H |ij iiiiiiif, li l Ki -..'ii f.r i i. ii lan!
CODRT M fil? 'K-.
RuFnKMF. Co ::l ?,' vr?T i' iidars will bo In id" for tho
.all ?loi f ?r JlDUarj ?lid ? l,rw t ? ?I, li I 'I ti,?
.Sja-eiii 'l?riii f.i Febvaat?.
AH rame? ran,ann ? ,,intlipoe?Hl nf ??^ui-f .file ( tiiii l?r? sbag r?
(lill til? ?.ni?) ii.ii?. ?iel lie eali:t??l to I |4. r nu llaa n.?a ' .
InfCi ro.ian.rl n i'l. He |.r?i?nt I t ?iiJaia , biri M . I' c?"?- . ?? I -
placel ..ii Ui?>n?iv t ?.?a?li'? BB on mi? of Hi? p?rt.e* hi? with
iii ( leal I :n ? II ?ut, I ?it I or Oeba *? Inin wl et* 'li. a . .? II
to be 'ti??l a Mile? Hut ?urah r?uas li?? no1 bon d.?po??d of .;..! li
?ti * I pell?n.: in I!, '
Flu-? ?..li - i....? i>? ?M be'o?? lb? I ?I. -4TV '.' 1'-??..).?' . eil If
filed ?f-er H.?i d? * lu? rau?a will lo?? II? pis" ? ,.? ?i - I , a '
li? l !?.? I a: li..- I ? .?.
I? l,?i? ti, * .ii?. 1 i.iinibsr of Ih? rima ?B th* i re?enl Cslai.'lsr ii
not (it?B. .li.? i ? i.? wi I inK he p!ared on the rat??' ( ajeniar
A like ?uti.e i.ml i???I-,l ?ill. Ih? I l?rk ..?T ? tteritl T-rm la re
?e-.i li. f???? nu I n I'alruS?! .1 tb?t ?ria. S of li.? t ?>-. ti. bel..:.? Hi?
ia*h d?7 ol I mcnar e??t. liy ordn of Ih? I I.THI.
\? ? . rt-rasM I lil
iiawrt ( otv?_r-GK*.?RAI..TH.?I YOW KI nDAB?, DVJ,
-Sono?- il.? < ?JI-DJ.T f??r Ilia neil '.. Bal ? ?art ?III
he ?i.adn an witloul r? f?r?-?ro to Ih? ?! 1 -it ?icl^l N?v
laai/?mi??t De filed and ?IT? the ?Jaie when ia*.?? wai | >in-U i^ll f
wi,I u?t be placed I?B U? laleedai. \\m I Co??BB, 4 lett.
TI. H. flRT?lI ('?iRltT-111 Ii. CK, I IT I*. I. Stll I.I. I T
A. l.oekwooil an,' J?: n I' (iv?ffl?l?l. w?r? ,,h u.? ion r.?*?-.
J II r -.. . i. ai,1 Iti.l ?.?. N W.lte. ? tuii.l.dl'. |.r?. II?, inlli?'I'.
- Vu..-; Ni? ludioi.d iir ,i?.im? t.. rn ?-?.f.it-a: s.
Hoi?! ruii.n j i. ... pu i pitt nil I? l.?v? b-?n !..? .1 Ii? ! ? Uni.lan?
Nation?! Hs'iaay I ,N"?lcrr,h. w?> airsi.ii- .1 II? ?lilli??a ? p'?s ?
not fuilty, p.r?d. .1 |<il 17 sud wi? remaniai la, saat?*-?a. J u,s
fi?il?ili?r,|liidi.'ird lot pilli?! ru.uii??if.-ii ?s ce?, li.- ii .m
wa. al? . ll!il|.i-il II? pleaded Bol ?'ili!J Bud w?. ?iiniliJI '.rial
III f'AI.KMl.M.' -Till? LIT
?rrar.i<BJ?ooriT-(!i ra n.
FAST I-1l?ld br Hiasia?. J - ' *?rl oyoot ?i I? ?'?lo-I a ra.
Baa IN?*.
IfJ.a- I'uli-iiiiKoa a(l. AlVw at al '.li ainjrle. ?.In. 1 ?4! Noll
T4i-I bau.b.'ilaia a?! ?aliabarj t: i.-li...i..|i I.?>..?.ti.et.
?i.i lim-?aabaiaa?4 ll.irii.ial
trrtl-<l?n?t a/t Hawlaad*??, '..na ar? IieaeXliaa el
ni!i-?V.ii (rl "I i|! lb? 11, a'.
'.?)e?r.?iif lire Ina Cm, j
FtBT ll-lirlit by Id! '?latir? fi ?aas - ('?lar? ?peni s*. I)
?'?:? lia.
i"??. I "i o?
2411- MauBia?*'. si. M' Ilob?.?Of tUU " i.imUrm' Ki' fab-rrar
?t ?1 ? ?I ?I
Mai Ma ?t,?L aft. Bult*f??hl,tJ*4?- Monbla ?I a. a?) lOradea
el al. I et al
tSM-Rrowa afI. Frairb l*.'-M-M?i|><i?? ?4 ?' ??4 8rl.iaidl
a*-l Hack? y
-/I.own ??'. ??rai
- II. . 1. nd at ti
!..?? n.i, luit il? Maror le
IM*.?**-Cot i?, ?ft H?
( o?!.? ?i* lUwly. aAm
11 . ? .: .4' **?,
?'It*, ?lal
-l'ln.ai. Ml bia.ka.
ft?- Matrta BjlJISt**?;??.
1...1-ivi.s.1 aal 'H'" M?t"?r. te tyim-t
IMS-The'l.a-.d-noucsi llor-al-a ntl- li ? l?i ?rl Mlrlrr
(*e ?aj'-l's ti!?! Fu? la ' lilt-S.nr .?'. ?|t Kaa*?-_
r.r?..r?('o. ITiTS- IV.lliun? aai Metter
? tjsf. M|?ral' |li?i-K??liia .?? ??>?,|ni
l'ut lil. II-fl by Mi Jaitlre - al N . TI D-iaii?*?.-Cauri
.peal ?t IO a ":.> 1 i H,
Ho?. N*
i7e-N,l. .!. ?5? Kal r. ll'erifT MS'-Venelet If Pirrili.?? ?I ?1
?t? S?iai?r? -i?...' 1*4)"- . agi l.lty of
110? Ilil1ani.ui a,t -ionia. treok'-fi.
j .it. ida IMUO* ?W-It-Tl r* b-lt ?r? atareas
!,'. Io?, t '. lleta-4 oi.gti.a .(- Sa??ad .?.
liro- time ?<r>. Tue Olea* Flrai Railrr.il Ce.
In.uf.c !.ft?rtf M' Hu ??tala.
mr ?,?. The I'r.toB Fir? 11?)- li .imn.l'n? t|> ItrViBi
luiur. j It?*-Bryant ?(t Mua-Il ?4 a!.
Kri-Hina. at' lb? K1B|I C? tft~-t .??, aft Krdr. Sheila,? el.
rif? Itnuriae? T? ?iS-Hill irl \?' ?k.l? .
10TJ-.S.r-i? i;t*Thi Fl.ri.il Fir? ll't- -?am? aft ?lu.?.
li.urai." . . |ll**-\Ve?vef li!. IS? Firat Nit
1<T4-Sia.? i|t Iba let Fir? b ' B I ?4 S I)
.iiriu - I Stew I ?el ia ??I Uuolley st ?A
II.? I Li Mi J ??tlr? lB?aa?*M -1 ?.art o|?aiat I'?'?
Tb? lalloMlsf ii tbe baleara of the lal M?u*it Mall ia Cal? a dar
IWi-Halam ?1? Fnab'.i-b.
)(,-Hr??h?f F?v??r
lu? -Miiki*??' Ham?
IG-l-llhlri? aj? F.71,
ITi)-ll*l? a(- FaftBBI
.a?! . ?ti ll.'firtst 1
ITJ-MiJd'-eloii ?ft Aruoia ?I. ii.
lTI a?-lb J Is? lo aft bcb'i*r
1er at. ?L
174-Bil?'"w a.? Kona.
Iii-(1)1.1 14" 111, bei-h if?
Weeta I
H?-Bnik-i4i .(le*, ii ?-?-Bona.
1TT-Holly Mt 1'
ITS- Moranje ait \lh?el.r
17 ?-Joraee et J ifUlliahrt al
1B0-Wood i|l Bich et- ?I.
lll-liiltif Fir? Int. Co ifl Bird
.ill at a'.
Ill-.Hchanib*ii;?r M* Wheeler
it. Tt?.. sari i<? Bul Mt.
1?)-Wn.fl 1ft. Mu liliv
l/l-"Ahitiia|biai aft. M CIB?
UI I." --?iiiii ritr,fM. Tofk.
1144- Dsston ?|t F? me.
Irl-H'.rk ?ft lim....1 ?OB.
. v 'I h? K if?r?
el:* k Jrhttioo tUllrsal
I omptny
ir_1t Tpliertt ii M< Wlllu.
V? Hut?! et .'. if\ Albarta? |L
I" "?ia ?ft. t irioi. ?. .
. ?fl. I ??ran rt ah
Kll-Naaaau Hank eel Charles
K?*d et al
I?*.-Sima ift 1! ? kaili li 1'
li.i-Siui? ?ft Motliofiliettd
.I. ti.
*IOt--tain? ?it Bowes.
Hi-In ra Morni fiiek Inland; lui-S?ro? tft P?ot ?ad.
IM Isis ?St White.
eOl-Tahar K< Wai
?f"7i-A.i.l?nrl?d at. al aft. The
?I ail lui To.
*DS-Flnuijeso aft Flum^sii.
*s)-Mal)ii??t al ?ft I.? ititi?.
lla-CL'ir. iiiUift Kauri.
lu?. C<
!S4-Fsrd?ft Si'.i'l'.
IS.1-M???h tit.??lerrthim
ISC-Bau! of I'uni-ioiiwealth aft
. Wyli.at ?1
ln-Fitnciitft Chinirsala.
las- Fnak uti Koshler.
tit?-Tsbot sr? Kelh.tn.
??FliaisB COUBT-rnAMBin?.
Held by Mr. Junie? I.TUBA?__.-Coirt opsui at 10 g'.jiocl a. at
No?. ' I Mot.
It- Bir?rdih'. til' Taltai 8h- Hillowiy tit Sl?pii?ns
6T- Freiten It*? Moore. |HS- Hilton tfiaNlir?.
?3-Um,? ift Sin e [93-titk. ,t e?t Haul,ti.
7t-B??a?lia ?it Wik?ii?ln, ?--."iplt/.'r .,?. I.? r
ID- Wilfhl ifl t uh.it, rk
Pall T.-Held by DAIT, J.-Court opeua at 11 o'?look I ?I.
lit?-Watarbtfrr sit. 8hipr?tn.
l?aS7-Behn!'? ?ft lilidl.j
1141- Van 1'yki aft Hatch.
IM,--let out ifl Buffess.
U.i*-Bivl?y ?t' Mom
laS*-R?f??.li?l. Vipp.
IS!J5- Wood tft .lil!
ll?t*-B?Iiy ?fl- BfldetV
Faa'is.l.-Htld b
l?to- FrserriiB ifl. 8tr??f
Ul4-MoTB?fh ?ft. S-hipP
1141- Porten ?ft Tbili*
. B, Co. ._
l!l?*iil-HOICDM M*- Brandif?.
1108-Moor? ?ft- Lswreoee
IftT-sy-Anr. Ni! -Bin! of N- T. ?ft
i;Upp.p ___.__._,
1110- Jon?? Mt Carn Es. I?l Co
ThUdivs. R
lon?i sat.
el NY
litW-Mr-flirTihia ?ft W?t?rs.
lill- Hvtlaaa?.V*n Vill???,aTS>.
lSll-Joo?. ?it Ilnlf.nF. I. lo
lll?-Frt?hrT ift. Krosdwir aad
S?Trnth IT? R d,
I91?- Benbow i|l HUitoine.
14.1) -llruilu. T ift Sliipmio ?I s!.
It?*?''-Hsroion t|?. Air?.
T ludf? baiL.i
Ilto-N.lien Mt Kidds?
Ml-Stni'iBwn aft Brady
IWJ-Valaailn? ?d Hewitt.
\~Z~ ?.*..' .!.? Corbin.
t__~}{'.'"uf*tt. Fm.Ui.4
llV-IVuadsft. Tbal'. S Maal
Bskarv ( o
IHT-WeiUiu ,|t K?,!?,.
ittt-_____ tft Arobsf.
8CTi_ioh coriT-THAL fnuf.
PaBt I-Held by Mr Jti?l4? MoC?B.._Court op?ru tt 11 ?'olaak
_m . -Noa
K_*-Cuf?trt. O'?sflly.
flC-Deiheiinsr sfl. ?J??U?r.
?3SJ- \Vhitr?niore ?I ii Hi bs???
ril-Frincli Ml Talln.sa ?t ?L
Mia-MttsenjBi ?ft. BailtB.
J71J-?Isiioa ait Joys?,
Fa?T II.-Hsld by Mr J???*tl?? ?-o?Bi.l.-CaBrt op*ni al -,
Nea jlWt-Butlir uri. ?Iclrvilna.
?M-MrCarthy ?dni. 4fl. ?ft- ?*?
Di.yie* __
It-?-Dorl? ?ft RUaek.
IMS-Mef aliara aft Tb? Arolic
Fire I ?.a Co.
MM-T.yUr .?t Eatehum ?t ?1
l??v^o?4lrldfs H4lif>N
Fir? Isa Cs?
It*.?-'?u?? if*.?I)*f sa. i
taara-* rjotriT.
Ii ?li by tta-ax?, ?I -Court ?Ha? ?t It) o'alack a a?.
-Wtllsrs ?ft Botvhaa.
l.??a-l..ri[:rm.ri .?.. *??
.??Mt-t-Srhn-ietaeafl. Ilerni
Si?7-Mc!ntvtA|i D??t<"
ttll-MeMulkrn M4- "*ln
Mll-Ot-rf? tb? CilBt JtUU-i?!
.ft Flak.
?461-a.Bratt tft Militad.
"'"-Ortasiil Whlllen.
nn-HudtUtT ifl ?toliwstl.
?TlI-McKsestTt M tai.
?Tll-Roaaa ??t. Bk. fer ?tvioft
M4-Mar.iM. tri I'auld?-?1!.
rm-ttm? aft. 8arri?
MM-Whit* ift Tbs Msyor. 4?.
.!!P?--'?-?b ?4. ah H>- N*?bsi_.
?.-Msfslsfl B? k?l. ir
I4SO-Bslls st ?I ?ft. UoaaUnin.
__"S-Blrdi?li ?fl. Bona.
??^.-MsFieidaB t_t. alaka.
II -Edwtid. it% Wilotot.
4M-Po? ?ft Nat LIC?
t't-.lkser. irt CeU
.41-Rlllien aft Acioa.
BS-li?lb ?v?H ILC.aftSfhibel
?4- l'aviso? M<? P??k
.B-BVhu"! l-l. H*r?rhri*Id.
aa-c-r? nf Mt Ortfaa.
aa-M??<-B M(- a?ri??.
]?.? ?
f M- Statlls?
I ..-Moots .
I tA-Zdmrtt
M-8raanty ?ft. Imlth.
. Mt F r ?a hors.
rtoc aft. Blaioas.
eta-Ral? Mt Doo
TO-Hariaa aft rkspata?
71-Ciarla aft- BsdlB. Jr.
TI- Merila ?ft LvBeh.
7t-M?yat aft. fa*rtsfa.
Til-Mayer sft. Caatnl R K
71-HoLyw?*. a?t CUaloa.
txmrM of leoum for tb? b?o?tt of tb? Chunb of St. llatUi??
i* ?BBoueed in th? Bali, No. S3 Watt Twoaty ??ooad st Th?
Crat ?ill be dell?orr?! Ulli ?Ttaiui by William _ Curtis wa?,
^nvaawa^rtaait ** ? V?im*m ^m "*
U P 5B, TI Coop lOaUatin Nat Bank I'sciac Mau St Co
1,1X0 .KO'l ?i.. 108 _600.171
ti S to. Ifrjjl ('Vi;.?,! I! Wink of K.-pnblio
II.JI 6.li.?
L' S (?? 5-0 Coup '_! li*?'1' .n Ii?_ik
ao.ija-).iCril ino .103
... 1<?;' Continental l?i?n!<
IT. Ml
limik of Coiiiuiert?.
W . ?, ? 1
HW. oi
100.."?-.. 6
wi-.tt'iiion Tf
li?. ?"'r.
..'i?).- I?--.
UKO. *
V? . 4C?
.J?-.... SdcnU 47
?:? ..,.*?;.
\V Union Tel Ru Kx
17. Ki*
i?. W*
N V_-cntitI
J 109 .
M.s*) lin.
1,-1)0,. 7.
9J?. 71*
300.sO? '.1
W.2.1,0 7.
IliiiUon KlTcr
.SOD .l-l
N Y-Kew Haven
50 .IffiJ
100. IO!?!
SOO.2.1 tittil ?a?
Clo*-A Pitta
Chic, ?i N..W.
loo.?....- M
100. -??
U-ts r?t S-lOaap 'LI
8,t-xj.;. i:,
Ul-Ci, 5'JOCiii], V
I.V-si ... .0_|
0 ts -
?,.09. .U??*
li S Sa, 10-10 riMip
Tre?_ N.-ley 7 31U.
Ut ?erina
50,000 .Il-J
lid Series
.I?! .MS,
IM??) ik t.tip 70
Il l??l .. . IP] Q- k>ilrcr
N i'Sr.i. i; 1 loo. ft
lOOO-l.P*'1 100 . Iii
N V SUte 6a,'73 |Miiri|?uaa I'ref
M.oou.s??l .'(w. 3i|
Yu??i:iliil- Mp.. lilli
1,000. fO Manpoia
lilt.State<_.*79 108. I-fC1.io A. North W 1'f
I.i???.101 American Kip?-*? : 'JJO.71J
N c Si lei.. Ne?- j I .. |B I ws?.
ll'lr). Ml l'll'lliStvluk UitV'Iel^l M.
klissoiiri foi. IM . 7J.Chin A Hock Ia.
.-..isiI...A ... fijT? s K..jjirt-?? SOO. ' \
1 Oft D .,.-' ?.7H (Lie Ilur 4 Quiney
ti i.? I' m I: i.? Ailnru? Kipro- Co TO. I.k)
, ' I? .*hr\ hlilcV I'Dud 1 1'rf
s T '.i.-ot i ?i . *i?.?fi 7-1 ia.M
r.tiifiiiid PM?. puta Pt w. A chic
Ml.6!<_i li?. I'..?
.UI nilli? Moil 100.lOU
10U.,108J IOO....~_doall.lU>|
I IM. IM .Aiton A Terna
i tim.m Nsvigntion I M. ?
..... "-.J I 1091 M.-r&Cin 1st I'n
Clno* North Wt I ,li.i?t.>n JW nter 1'ouri WU. M
I,ODO.m I0B...;...__.. M I Ilk?. Hi
Chlft i. N. Wa. f.blhlinhSo AN Ind _<?.
'J.0--J. D7 I I.??.???-I IM.1. A St. l'iti-IPri-t.
CI. n-. A Allon In ltd' '.???.MM MO. f,
. -?.1)1)0. '.i.l)ll!ino._?C'a?iitrr_-> Toi, \V? A Wtxlern
i IM .ni ' l'je.i-l
1 vo i ynM no.BD.
? *. '_) C. IS N I Quicksilver ' iCIfr it nita
IU8] ?O0 . 43 i Mi . 87
r >..,.'._-?< ?,u n- Maiiaeea PieB_iadl-00 . .. i> ?j. _?? _
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?lrfi____ IN V Central. 100.b-j H
I.I???. . 60 list.11IJ loo..'i-J
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0*M??i('.'rt C *?) . m Chie 4 N W.Pref
I ?..'s s? a-k ?onp H
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1 000
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N Y (en Gi, 1*13.
klu-h Oeatral
Climb"risiiil Plot
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Weetara 1'alon T.-l
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|.w? West l.'i.i Tel * l"1. sltO .ii
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Chic. A*1_?I. K.
Alton AT limite
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10,000 .Usjj Kee Liag
., Bl] 900.
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I 'I.II Prill?-?.
i ?Tater P?r ! io.
io?/. ? r
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1.400. 7.'|
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. ?-jit'I,i.i A i-ook?.?Ui?.l
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li??. 3I|? I ?M. 71} 300. 71 %
'."?i.li] BOO.?1 714 _?00. 71 j
Msii ... II 7l|r_U0 . c Tig
too ia_| BO ita 7i, i-?.?.io 7?J
I'm.m h ,11 ; ?ti..1 I'I'II. Wo A v k North Weat
i-.??? " tttik 100 ? . .m
Wealern t!iii..:i li MI. h S.? A N.l ni 300..,
4^, mu. r.<?. M _ ?1 .._i
17 ICIeT.A I . ti 1 .bl .'.-'I
e .f, 100.C M
? -I Ckde it l?_ Ps , ItM. alk-ifttf
I ?IP, It \V A C "I di*
?J??). bill, lis?.li?j|
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'..?I? . .. till)
N.?? Yuik Ct-i.tr?!
oi-ea Bo.t.xi?-or rin.ir.nns-1 r. u
C?im!??i! in!
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al-t . Nu. i_rnti.?n IChle A Korti W.?t
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_ BJ
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1 ?
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T.i w h Weal
Illili.. .la ?'. mr vi
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no l mi.
1101 ??.?)
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7 1 Reading
7-,'j :?.?. Ho. ?lu.- k N W l't'f
?.'l Mich soi N lui -" a.tea. TI?
? 4
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. eoi1 ii??.ha, 7i|
4>?i. l-i?,f?oI r??> -I-I..7I?
-(!'. Ki Wit t hie eil
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??raa roam) or hK?>ii"->- :i| r. n
Matipa-M Pnsf y-ii. k-ilter. (ii _b Pitta
.111 US' . 4:.' 1,100.r"'.!
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? \ I ?I . l.'-l " ?10 ?Sall
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te k1
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I'?, ab.- Mail
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At ?sut 1.' k1 i.i
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Il loti
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al . il'i? Cliio 1 NsWtsst
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4i?i.?m 7J
Pitta, Pt w i (eid
.... to 1
K11?-?I Itillll.
HI!. A.a.l Biri li,-I
.HlbliiinlOold-? (.' 1 00 ....
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r. II..ps Oosd . 1 O?
7 ?
rrfrnUtim Elect).
nasnnnh.ilT Kun .. 3 -?
lluiihsusa farta.
C.-iilr ?1. 1 Oi
.N Y H Alle?thBnT 4 73
N Y. nui i 11.it.
Pit Hols Coal .. ii
Itrml 1-srin .
Khali? liner.
I Petrol F... 10
Ul.lt.Kt S(?t?S I H
i/iiiir,; s la
Alpin?.1 00
Aniorlcrtii PIs^ 'J 1')
skilniitle A-Tsciti- 3 V)
Arn-. Mill A Mi g I HO
llalei ?V Heiter (J 1 75
lien?.m (.?Id . 1 13
Pol.tnil (ii.1,1 .
Iliirn.ii_hs (??.Id . 3.1
Churili Util'in t).
( Wier (itald.
( ?iiis<?lldBtedUrng. 0 43
Curydtrti . V! 30
l?uwiiiei ill? Gold.
K.his ft Illa of C
Pirat National_4 00
Kuli Uiver (1 Min......
(?ol.! Hill .4 00
Uuiiu. 11 (iuld_ U
1 ki h ?.tone Silver ..
Ju kipp A llu.-ll.li .
0?i I.? Crusse (.?dil.. .
B .''. I.!"'.!<
I" l.il-rt? (?..I.I ...
?1 00 Moetase OoM ...
*? N?? Ymk.
10 .Sr? ll.ild
Oak Hill ti of Col
3 7j I'nh l!?un,rst C ?
llVtid ? sut I ti
3 00 (Junrtr Mill.
I 4u Smith _?l'nr (i
1 ...
I 1
8 WJ
l 4s
I 00
3 70
t 70
... 'Cni.atlaJ Upper
1 irlerT-a Co|.
?arldaon Cot?i?er.. 60
1 .'. Krergrrea II? of.
3 on Hilton Cupper ... 1 00
ln.lts.lifl ('ool?T.
a 73 K!i'???lt"n l_ippet.
M 1,011,,' [alead iVst . 3 .*)
9 SU I Hitor I-?ad . 2 73
a ?1 M*iUllll.e_ ... 1 110
II Fryrtu ('..mpany Stocks.
?-'.'Alisma. 75 00
3 SjlAineriesn_ 73 00 8100
4 ittll'iuiiHl Malee.... 73 00 7a io
s?70 Murcliitnl?* l'iiiun - U 'n0
.4 70' Jirniiir*iir!ririiir; Btnekl.
di. RuuoU Pile. *X> SOO
1 lu
1 73
4 Ol)
4 3?)
4 N
3 00
1 3J
Minina Stielt. 1 Longklsland I'-s!
Ayers'i Mill A M'g It??.I... AM IN
*X). 4 ?>.' li?0. b3. 4 00
.?JO . 4 g5(W?lklll Lead
CWdOregO soo.e l ?
?JO.b3 9 80 rsio. 1 31
ino. 9 so _?.at 1 ?
e ?0 300. 1 31
0 50 After Call.
1 So 5tV) . HI 1 M
I 43 8.-COII.I cull.
Ilrnvhoft linn
W 100. 3 C*.
ATer?'iMfil_< M'g
_M . 4 yo
li?. bl 4 M
300. 4 ??;.
After Cull
4 M
GnnncU (?old
H7? li?).b3 3 00
8milh A Parmelfef, Ilurroughi Hold
lOO?*?.. (1 73| 700. 33
Columbian UI A Sil Cou? ?.reg (?old
sou. 1 t?o! BJO.a 40
Sou' ....
After cull.
Oak Hill
Smith AParmeleed
400. 6 70
aoo.6 75
.BOO.'O 70
9 83
a B3
5 ?
m MOM? ir, Dee. lo-r. n.
Gold hu been henry all di?7, c.oeiug et 137|. The
Riling Star brought ?$I,-1"?.?,1I3 in trraauro from Aapin<rall.
OoTernmyit Stooki are barely iiutuincd, the InTcatment
demand being iaiufficent to absorb tho einount.thr?vrn
npon the market ht partiel in *jt<lt waating money. Old
MOe fell .] |>er cant, and new o? l8? 1 per co?t; iO-IOi fell
J: Miuiouri Gi fell If. In Kaiiwnr bondi a trmallabuiineu
at former rttei. Railway iharee aro higher under the
tank atetemenl which is considered enoouresing by oper?
ator? for an adr__.ee; Kortb Weitern itockt continue to
attraot the chief attontion of dealeri>an?"c!o?e at K). for
the Common and 73| for the Preferred, which ia equal to*a
racorery of the recent dWidend. The doling pricee werei
N. Y. Central, 111).III,; Erie, 7-|97.?}; Uudaon Hirer,
121 ? Reading, 110*110); Mic-igan Bonthero, 80|
.K,; ClercUnd and PltUburgh, 86. <e86}; Rock Ialand,
104.? 104|?,North-Weatera, MjaWJ; do., prefcrred, 7.1J
.73,; Port Werne, 106J ?1D6|; Ohio and UiMiaiippl Cor?
tiflcat??, vr.?J. , *
II'-ey la actire at 6*7 per cent. The Trait Compinia!
get eVaadily .ujion OoTenimenti, and 7 upon the aeual
?treet eollaterala. Leading homer, borrow at 7, but bor?
rower! generally pey 7 per cent. In oommercial paper no
Billa at 60 dayl on London are quoted at 101. ?109 for
commercial; l<Ji_?-0-?j for bankera'; do. at ihort light,
110?I104. Paria at ?30 dayl, I.18|93.13|i do. at ahort
light, ?.13?.95.1 lit Antwerp, S.lS|?5.r?>|; ?wita, M?.?
?.I?.; Hamburg, 3fi|93?^ Amsterdam, 419411; Frank?
fort, -li941 i 9?eaea, 7S|979ai ??ipt\%n, thilwt,
IMft, I
ThoMlowir-fj ?hovTS Ib.. ?jondftioa of tit?) Ne* Y??.-k
rHiy Ikuka:
.Drr I.
1063.0 l,6firi
. V..Z
?tnfr'. |-7
? -, ; at
. Do?. ?
? ?.)6'!t|c'
ii tat,of?
2i)l,C',' ?i
I. o;.r
TV?. H.V?I.r}l!
4'f> -H
I'rr. 5?
'Un' s'Aii'inont nlinws tlitil ?li'i'j-itoi-s, as i ?'Lil in ? s'rm
(rcnt mottj lBurket, aro v iti.?'mu ii fr tbi*ir capital and
US?1117 it themt?t?lv-rTs1 liirte??*-! of ?Allowing thi? tanks to get
a | ?r? .bl. The banks baro 1 tv i cxiiu. les l-i-ui tender and
loss dtpoiitf. Th. y taro iiK:rwi.'od tboir cirtrrulsJioo and
have our'iulod their loua, and aro genrua?y mot-tn-i; in a
dirp(?tion tiiiftrorable to a.ae. in'monftj*. 8<>iuo of the ki?!
iu.' institution? aruHtill ?lout icnt in l.-trnl^loti,!. r.ani sonto
"l'-t'i ni b) uti extent deM.lilag tlio attention of Congress,
us tlio valu? of tbo syren* cous'.sts larg? 1/ ia keeping ??cb
bank williln logal limit?.
Tiai.B ?/IA? l^-iai. *,??.!?, Cirrulati-, and Vt-mtil,. <a lit flaali
of 'h. City a/ Ultu- lor*, /or the teak endino Smiuramy. Pee.
8 IU.S1.
Usai of N V......
Mauiialtan.. .,.
Hank of Afiiuiic?..
I'l ?nix.
Truie.i. ?u'a.
(benn, ?I.
Meirb. Kta-iisufS..
Ni lOiial. . . .
Aver??? j Aver.ire Arri-af?
Aiu.i'i'it Aiiao-iaf
. f T of Clr _>t
ftixil? rulail>n. Dipoaltl
a ". "a
i levf-r.ric 3,i.t 9.'?! rn/M, t.m.tfs
r?-ni ,i
f> .'SJ.M.T ?M5 ?7
T 788!*?4
:,u. ..?? itniuo
4,1.11?)*) IM.4*>?
.jt.t.M I.S14.III?
3.47*1 -Its
2'Jil XU
5. 1.1?, WS
3,441 IM
2,. -7S 491
- J17
Hiiith?i._l)roT?ri*l 2,3o?.J
Mech- 4t 'lradera
flreenw.rh.j i
(.??th. Mai.i.fis-'? .? D, ??1.17.1
7th Wiri N.ti..nil.T? LIM lil
Dank Stat*.S If.| ?.'.I*', 458
?in. rlrsn Ktrhsnf? IS
C-IIIIII ar, e.
Il?rr?nti!r ....
Hank Bl
?t hri'luni..
hnrtn A morl' in
?.? ,!lan....
? '!/. ii?' .
-it. Hicin.I.....
' Lsalhet
? a? Kioh?n?e
. i,in,?i,i,l ....
( uiaimo.iwr-klth
At inn
lu p..it?r? li tvaal ia
Meen li Alaui-laiiOB
N.i h Uiver.
I ?llltlT.f.
Man. 4? ?Ich .... .
r-'o.rth N.ti.ui... .
i aatralarl?
Sec uni Mai
Ninth Nil, i' ...
4 ir?t Nalleail.
I n !..
M Y. r.arlianie
I'aatb Nail-....:
I'r. Dook......
Il-ll? llrad..**..
Ctoma Ntti laa
*Ti 14?.
f.t VA
11.1 J.?
? 3.' fait
-844 .>-*
12.77?! Oii'tOD i,ZtH>:d~
t*M,*ta?l f. W064J 1,441,384)
?.-7171 3 90*,iiA 1,104.374
44-,0?. J,M1,ttki 63!.U.V.
? 4r.iLl.TTi.lJ7 I.7.W l.'S
. 1.6*41,61"
721 014 2 001.1491 U3UU
' I????>i3i 1,1*4 M
|K,IM l.04J,0?W '1,Ml .Ott
. M .
IDH.iri*?, tHI.-nS J.*?,*!!
J-lt.iW I,Mat?
?ti.o? ITS,0i*| 1,443,218) 3n> MO
n_xiv r?i,Mt
111.143, S.34r2T,444>, 81 .44.1
ITS 2.11 tit.HI
I?.?47 3,111,773 1. '?-Urti
r?9 5.?47.740 1.240.187
I.U#U?-! 5 flin .o5i fi(W?3W %p,1 nu
??'.'?a), S.43J 947 2
t?t),u??tl| 8,471.1?') > ' ?.?J
4H-2 2'iTi 3.2-?,'l?4 1.' H I I
l:7,TW I.??). J?:?
?VI 46. 4,trrj.il7
4'.'r*rr, 1_ ? V 4 I l.7ji.2?O ?W4.II29
7'?I IJtM,-L-4},'fS4 2l3
I .i?s*l.4i 3tu j? t.5*1, It*
l-7H.'.l tOI fl?. |,r.Ttj.itb- 396,701
!..,??. i?r7 ci 1 |s/| I?>I '24 000
: -
71.1/27. loS:.M3 1.269/405 4', i .)
12 I. . n
815 D14
I (aaa 111
2.011. T7I!
7." I'M
.4. J
4 ?'.3
l.l :
11415 :
5*i 284-1 i.VA.tOo
211. li?1 2l?-1.5l7
17,413, I.fl\i4i
I fill. ??4 4* a<?I
IH 1445,1
*H,?7? 4.2i 1,743 1
?''<?> 17 li;".
?i'l I I 4-? lia
'.I.. a3.r?IT| 1.713,21! UIJI1
r.'.7l ll.lorT 1.04)3.11,1' 154.771
-is MS?) tm.m ?2-II?IS
7 ? Ita l.iOtl! I UV" .'
?i.TSSI I).9_t.4..t I
1.1 7 .1 a M I?? i 1
ii.SOJ .3 I T1.1 ai
.7 0721 TF?.2H4 I.5a7 4W ?'II.54?
8I4.IB4 Jil.Hi
1,423 aso
: .
tal,W9 14S,2?S
Lein? ?nil ?i'ic't?
7.113, 117..2
M.TSl 48,171 ?
. tint) CM,.,., 1 -.?ji-na..? 14 r-il ...vi
. 31.734? 3; ll.-i 0.1.:
f../? T.ii.l-r.....^Mi.'.llal.lJS*'.
'I??:i' -.f "I- wr-li ..i,li"i 1 : .aj.il?'. "1 41*! 7".
Cien.Bf? fortis wr.k'e..,|l!ir, llec. 8. 1
il?l?ll . -f .r?|l? week el.Jill.? I)??. I. I? St
.TiiTh? wsekeiniliif Der. ?. 'li.i
The Eventnt* Pott ?ay? iu r?*i*ard ?to tbo H-nit state?
UM C1 ?ring H. DM ?t?t?-c?rl i? not so hirorahie BJ !.
v nlic.1. |r .um 11 1 ?...1.turn. .1 liqtil ? finn-tho dertosll,
<l.?i-li!i.-.| .....'?. loas? hu.? f?llca |B,3W.C41 Tat
III..at ?. r;. .'i.-f 1.1 i.? tb.? ? ,11,Illili"! ili'iliiie in tha b-i-.il ti-ri.-m.
tliaalu.riiit ?.I vil.lcii I.? u'ivv tin? li lu |8>i,'M<a,t*l57, ?boBlh| that
.-. la.it.-i nii.r?^ ihn? thirty ?/tin Bill
Heptembi-r, ??o raaaon? ?re 1ts1.i1211.-1i tor tho ?b?oure of tbo
aiilii ipst .1 acoutirilrtti<m ni h ?-ni t.-iuli r?.
F'irst. thn Sii.th It .Irawi:.^ ntf nur ?rreanbaok* Tlio r"u:it
taiu-i fur iiinvini; the iiittn., ,iT>i tu'iapoo malt.* a .It-uian'l I'.r
f, ami nat.ona! luink in.!.'.- buln?; rrgird.?'! in I , S-. ,th
as less v ilnal?.?? I hail 1 , ? lattr-r aro *dot-_-J?d, un'l
tin? remitiiiM . . In . ? , ? <
. ..:ly, th . ata ??< ,- ?-?--rti-i4"ka_?eeriia to pre?
vail ia th'- W?aJ H? in ri'ii.ittiii 1 a? i.-.tyiiiiiiinartsbaiik nnt.?? sr?
s?nt ulm.?st .-t.ii:?ii eli, lu .-.. fui k ii-es of ciirrency l.-iu?; re
f ii.?.l l.iTT'aJstly in Tv)ii.?h lii.-r-uri? ?osreely ?StJ
1 hs '?.iii.??'i|iieiir- 1? th it ?a hil.? ?ur . Hy banks liavj a urovvnig;
ai-ciiiriiil .ttni. nf 1 ni::!. > h-, ik rut!'.? III their ra..lit, t., ?n stot'K
St*g1???basksI sallad. Tb? estent?!,, whiih ?u.?h
? ? wiitf.Tlui? us have I11K" rr.upetary rebtl ras ?Uli tho
inti-riiir bank? ia MM of th.' Baa* iintewoith; (bistres of tho
siiiji.i ne?! labia 'l m? fltrun-a ? 1-11 il?-a?r-r?. ?ud ?n^ ladral ra
1 .-iiiiiir ih" in..?t iinti.iii? ?.TTititiy in rotrard tot'a pMpaftiaa
win,'h th 1 lill.nilli* baa? t<> tho restirT? ?if ?rreenliack.?
-r.il? earirtiiga of tho _liobi*{j,n ("?atral for the first ?eek*
iL-rlior-eanh.-r wer?;
fret*- m 1 _Hi ..... INtavvl I r)?*4?rcai?.V.ni
Tlio rocip!? of the Atlnnti." _ud Oroat Wallan K-iii
?av f?-r ti.? ni'.iitli '.r >..'-i: '.i?r"'raa<?lie.l2fi,'',-!^r0, ?(pJinst
?'iUHl'i II tb? samo m.?nth ti HW5, otiiilntiiig a doi'ie-iM
of$117, '
The .s'?-' From ??ice, M-'-i'lilt Gazette of Ko?. 17, ro
la'irtl ?.?.f.illow?:
Smoe our 1??t r??f.?ren(?e there ha? been r?th*r m .?* a^tlrtry
In the ileniaii?! lot mooa? in c?talo yus - il' ?''
r-.iwnl ,'iiiii 1:1 Ut . raalts at the Ima!? toral I I ?s im
I'.ri.l mur?' en??? t.> Ibu fenrral market anil?
?i, now obtalmtl iiitiiu.t ti.'ii-h ilifflrulty at J' .ili'.r
111.mil. rof th.? ?iitiiagahare inarki?' ?.. ?ttTaiMad
?..mit ?I tenth '1 iii? vi tatk ?ad 11 th? recent ailinn?:.? ii. 1 IHIIIIIHT
?.f ?t... ki . ..!?tr:ii'?? t<? I?' 1? ?li maintain??) thi I de? :i;.'iun of
Bullit???! will . ..??n .'.'in iii'.ri' f?vnr -vit'L i*]iltnlt?!? and
i.lh.'r? .Fs?r?l0?g Um it hi.? been oxr>'*(-<rt7!?rlv tiifiictilt to
??.?pif?ate lusns biit'tl <i|T<>ii iiiiiiiri??h?n?? evemat ? very wida
martini fruin i"'iir?-iit ni.ukoi values, but altin, the aatl f.?-r
days anu?" i!i,|.,.. I.mt l'uni? ha?? Ixten eil.?? I KVIiri?
.ti? ? nt i*.?-r|.i.:atively I 1? rute-i t.f luteri'tt.
lb ..-.;?'.. ?.- -. t c intTii.r ?ho? no nlifiternent
ami sin.-i? <mi luat r. p. rt aroeaut .1 tn? ?'?),???' innkin?? au a?
greirat.' of f '
la? saarket I? ? eil ?npr-lli-ii ?sith bulliou ter ahimunr and
i? ?'.Ihn?- it 11 t I >r toll >v?rag< ?rr?iil.-t. Th?
Mih li . 1 ?liir.ped l'ait fur ?toverniiiont :i>?
mu nt #l?i.i??i i??J ?ii.it< lan 1. ?*'i nero 1? still a larg.) ainntliit of
<?>in lu tin? ri , ? p.iitiuii ?of
a". "Di of foraar tivi, exti-atliu??
a? far hack u? I - ?> 1
mi Ih? Y. i?? ar? offer?'! t' IO ? r i-?nt premi'im
ifers ar? statis ?t i as? i":it yat
payable tute?la ar? icHins* at -.'' i>er
(?.?.nt preim 11.. I rnlieg ut 4.'?1 fur hwl b?-akoil
lull?, run,ni. , : ,' do Bl 4''' tfiOiL
Tho Ii,'!'iii ipaHa r:. 1 ('iiioinniti Ruad Las compromisod
iti il'tficultii"? ?iib A. I* Mo?ry, esq., ?ud tho suit fur sa
lujiiiiiit oi. to .?.rirrtit tho ?-??tisoli'lB'-"!'. of tim Cincinnati
?nd Indian?]?.un v. au lu. luili?nai?olis ?nd LsfsrottoRoad
bas boon ?i'h'lr.iwn The projoot for placing the ?holo
line from di., baiail to Inn'*? otto, undnr ouo mans'-eiLent
?nd IMMM < oraptrif, ??ill be earned out upon the basil
originally BRMgaA
The Cineinttmti Oavxtttttomft
Tb? pnrk'.rt ?ro ?tiil i.uall.? to ten iti,*?* ti,'* hVtnanil Uto
C'Tni*? fruin toob-torbtbe log ?n-iliiit I *t 1. - .--? ern at yt tuo
liich to ailin.t of Iti li li:?-? Tp.i.t'sl ?::il the Satltbera litar.-?
n?II nut I? ..!>. Tim ti. ii- light01.14. of BosatoBaad fhc ?ith
dni??lt?f Nuithi-rn 1 . will be likely tu re?u!t from
the dl??atr..i.s UM ?of tim ..tperlinviiiir-rrf r-otttinplanling tbU
sanioii tu 'n'.., 11 j murr? if n? rnur-h as th.?? bHIttlM I
i.:i.,,ii n I . T j. ?i,?r?4 nri Trillin,?; to han? fnrinen ama
drmen. thai ttf ?? dtss*o?sfl take tho risks of the msrkot st,
price? above an export margin.
Tkt Cincinnati Time* of the 7th sityi:
Tlicrir li nu .' Dum ?ff m tho demand for mone?; but on the
ci'iilrary moa) "f tbo bai:ks re[vurt niore liberal applicatioas for
Inaus. The tusrket li ?TOrkiiig oloser, anila-vin lint ?l.u? bor
ru-vert npiMrUnoe ?orrie (iiltioulty in nepntlati-i?? i'j-ier :.ii'l
?utne of tin* bank? have been nbllg.'<l to refuto aecnniimslatlons
tu r.-irtilsr tli.rx?iit?.|s 11 .i.? 1? ii i'cnn'l.'rabl?? ?li-ount ut paper
mi tha itreet ami lutter.names than usual are found in this
?jilt?? of hot ?-.?.* era uliuvv \i\g that the roarket 1? lwcoinlna more
at rii.ffttiit. 'Hie -Jemand for money ii fill mainly tor lafttlmal?
purjiuie? am! th.-ie 11 a fair amount of ?ml paper olfureil.
Kal'it of Interi ?t ur.? ver; lum at 10 per oeut f?>r Br?i rlius sig?
nal uri??, ami I. a 15 pat cent ha? been ulitniicil ."?r g???! inciuu
tile papor. iii?; ilrret rales ar? I'?7-.1 per eeut a r-oulb,
* lui I?*, a u? 1 " 1
(.'u-ron.y I i|i??.ii the :
.", bin t
iliiin ?ml ? g1 '
[C?f?fully r?port?4 foi Ti? T?i?r*?*s.|
MOND t r IVo 10 UM
A8BXS-The market for Ivoih kimi? is quiet, sa!?.-? of l'ots
?t f- 75??** ?ml I'l-url?, on tlme.i?t #11 '*..r?#13 fal.
COTTON - 1'ii'lir the uiure l?Torabl?? adeiee? from Liverpool
tlier? ha? IHH'II au aitive (Jemand from ??porter? and pnoe? are
vi. II m-tiitaine.1 tlo?li?r steady at 33? tot Middling I plambi to
341c. for ?lo Kew Oil, una. sales'if 4,000 baitw.
t'OnrUC-Tht-r? has bwu ? m?J?_jrat? inquiry for iireavH
f'ofTrs, but the market li very beary, ?ud the advantage 1? ?1
nioit entirely ?i'h the buyer , sale? of 'J 90') baf? ?i Queen on
prl v ate term*. Ut her kind? ar? n?f lectixL
i'lunt AM) MKAI?-Tbo demand for Weiten, and Stat?
Fini r is niixlt-rste. an?! with liberal Uj?rnjo. prit-os of the lo?
Sin lei are Mia? ?*nj>i??r , the medhim ?rrndei un? lum ?ml in
'.tuaiul and t.iuillv ?-railes lower ?nd irre-tutar : the demaniMs.
in |.iiit. for ?'tport ? the ?ale? are ?.?"kW bbl?. nt 17 .Jual!) 50 for
Suprrtine -tata? ?'. o.''<l*ll vIS fot Hound Kttrn State , U'U?
Ift) ?0 for the lovr sjrad.-s of Western Kxtri . 11 '<? . 1 -2 SO tot
Wlst'otisin Kxtras: Ho??Jil 15 for l-ihinpiu?- Ohio; 111 909
113 50 fox 1 ru.i.* Ohio and $19 Mails Ta for Bi Lonts Extra?.
I'amuUiin I lour Is . sbsde lover, and t? quiet: sales of lou bbl*.
at ii'.' SOnflt 5o tor Extras Southern >'lour is lower and in
mod?rate demand ; salei of li? bbls. st?4l0 30a |13 00 for cora
mon' to fair Kura llaltimore ?ud Country, anti li-. (i'.-IHi for
Trade and rutuilv Kxtrw K?>- 1'lour Is plent?. and 1? lower?
sales of .loo bbls. nt ii Su a i" 4??bbL Corn bical i? dull, and
prices are nominal. Bu-.ktt_e.it i'iour is in fair demand?t
r? ponfo Wtyr iuo ?.
GKAI.V -Ihe market forvTheai* opened stront. but buy?rs
for export held off. and millers ?vineed but little deiire to pur?
chase uulrss ?r a further cuncetaion. and tb? market elo?ed dat
for Spring and Urm tor M'ntter?, the ?ale? are 7,880 hush. Ma 3
Chicago Sprint! at t>J ?nd T.tti) batt, fair No *4 do. at la ?0;
Stat? I? fin? ?I *.-. DOaaa ?.*. BarRVTii held ?sith mor? ftrrn
ne??, but I? ?err quiet talc? ofj7 '?00 busli. fiajr-ro-Ted Stst? at
li SO. Barley _l?1t li .-au? t?at li tanti 33 por bath Oats are
In demand tin part ??.?.-iiiUtlve),at llilo. better, closln*- ?troug,
.ale? of 147 oou bu?b at 6lij_o3o. torOli Chlcajro: boa?J'c. for
State ?t the Kaliroad deiwt. and ?ia>?7e. per cargi-- th? latter
for T?ry ohoic?. Bye I? held with wore confidence, but It not
aotlre- ?ala? ol 4,000 bush, prime Stat?, at II **?: ?Ince Ch?na-e
?ale? of 13,000 bush. In Ixind for export to Antwerp, at f I 10, in
eluding on? load ?Moped from tir?t hantla. Corn opened muih
flrmer, but abippor? bel? off. and only a alight adTsnce ??-??*>*
tnUlibwd, theinuulryU mainly for th? home trad??, ?alea of
91 'sJO bosh . atjl lfrrtU M for Wtater 11 blued in ?tore, clos?
ing ?l ll-??! vitar do ktinal. and li 03?li OS for New Velio?
Jersey, and li o.??l! io for rio i"c!n?-?i?? Canada "-eat ?re
firmer, ??lo? of ri.001) bulli In bond, at |1 33
UrWtSf-?if -???afii if UllraWI?*. t*T* -?. t*****! *****
aud in fn.'? d. ? ..
s ?4
-piiOii. Wf
lui toro
l. . ; !!.->- I'.*_?rn r? ??-Trr? M _._???,._
K-llo?-il__l K brin _.d m i__. d_____ ! u |. 7., .,,,_.__
tnon. rui.l ?S! 1" lui I.- ?-_?.
WOLA_-_.S-The -laieeia i.? li?rht M4 r>?-?l__r] pnj .,__,
to the 1... al on; ill Johbln? I .?s t > tV t
non.n.?I. *~
N AVAL-TOKP-. are quiet, but pncei are w?th_t c____w
'.h inste. -
. #011.8 nre ft"?ner_ly dell, b? t pri?es nro ?rl?hr>at eh an?? *?
al 11 _-j for Atocntsan l.io?.- 1, |l -M-rtt-t, to, 1 mt.
W ????.;l,- P:;>Tt!r,-,o%t Crude _pw_"__l ? 1.'.?'v, &
'??' Bl li. for Aincnfan Un?.-, 1, #; lU'ttf.
Whale Pi 609ft 6'i/or Ci_de Sp-ru
,.t'il Oil
Plt?)Va.xiON\'s-There h? ht-.ia le.,
pn.-<>? itrerutl hi?a?r wiib s Ter? dulil??'
U- for forss.nl delivery wc ?fte ?j? "f 7*h?__" *?
Mi".?. ?. lier? option, Jnnuary, st pi! . ?. , ?_T
'." .' ' ' ?',"!.!"' ^.<>u0"W-'- at tt") ! .'.? ? M :'.'f.a- Oii?|.?_, M4
?A.'! -t"M IU for Nw Mes? ?eel hiu trewi? m la-,?,,. dei__L
]>.i:-'..^-rvr_twu.'?hiijin_?iit and prjci ? . TT_
V.i- .t: rr>U for Old Pim 1 '
I. < for 01.1 Kura, ami tlTntfl .?? , '?!??,
doll aud nomtnaL Ilecf lim-utro at._ii ?11 j ? ..leh^uiid-!
mund n.iJts of 100 hbL?. at PoWttFXtot ?Te?Jt_r.i Ci? Mes?u
?ni ni?derstely rieiiv?, ?il. s of loi te? S_.*t tu\htmi UHUBL
( ?ty, at lue 30 bore? IMUes it lui*.a__id .' '?>' N.-w itsr-?S
I 1U<-. Haoon is inaetive. Orea?.-d ? r b?it a?___?aa
??" r-ii.. lur City. I.ard U o?iiet: luiitUnt nr?. a&.rig ,su_
? 'nfh oiii.'k h?!oiness: sal.'? of .j.-?4>kg?, ?hhfc
Cii>. 11. arc ?Il lol-, at litt T.Jt Piito? Oui \Ve?!om iii Ul_,
.(...tintl Neu do il 1 A', w? note a snl - of WO toa 11__er,
Ai !?Jisii..N Pitrivi?! .s MsS-Ki 1 lo' 1 it -The t___Ht??4f?_r
Pork 11 atrong; old Me- .olu ?. *. 1 ...*? a? frjo .ilj, ; ?)Hit>U.
New du. ?I tj?.'l ni,, ? - ?-rv
hi! a-Il -r K?-'. ? IS I 1"! . .
JT*T!'i)J.IT.\? -TI) rr...k..i !. Io- -r we tirs?.? sales VI -0
billi.? *_r-?a
nilli l.'rr l-.'tf. in bell i,Tlta.
t.?r iln. tu Av.,' r.. . f. . . sud s:??,, fgf
Il W . IT"?? Oil, s ii. *^
IIK'K-IIiPii? l*st.iii(xler?te lui?:- the market ka
flat and prieeelead downward; tal 1 tri-i?a al tjf
. >.: ii-ner. 1
iSI ?lAIuS-llaw Sugar?, n ? r>-1
. i-iiuiiiit I?? placed at ot ?-r '.". lui?, hi
atnall lots, al !.?} a-/ JOo for Ceba lo|?- lot ? pi. law
Ir?.murara, end Uli?, for hie 1 . ..???nd?
_?I??lu?er? Siloam al *
tSKKDS-The deauuad tur K .? tin r iv-cd ?? li-ntt-*l at !<|
Jil-. Tljr.othy Sec?J is in li' .ml II? 1 /.?!
bush. Poiij-'li Plax Sriod IS ?jill?-? at t- *'??T-l ' . pur bush.
SKIN-?"tv firm. ?ale?. .01 1 Vr.r? fror ii
?riM, u:i.I proi iiiiisir, 5,1-0 It Ct'utrral Ann?ri.an at 509-%a_,
(T. .I.I.
TALLOW-The market Ia ?re- dull and.in tin st? ?__? ol
.ni?? urtt-r.? an? noitiitml.
. \V}|I.SK\-The sjllal i? ii.?.!ir?at 40_?4;,'. fj W saiaiw
atil?.'?-i<i ? V. for-tufe iu I
UK.Kiri-. ?
Poa TT? Wura KM-IN? MUMU?, I???C 1?), IH?!
B??T.-s. (Jows. \ ?.!?. Sbesp smi UaSa. risitas Totat
5.VJ7 41 ?'? -Jt.?.i ..- ?.in
TI? sir were ?old at the following uuirket pla?.-.'?
JBS?TSS. CPP*. V-l*. Lsiub?. oona*. *_??___,
At National OroTe
^ . :? ?*-?. _*! !>.' 9H .
Al Hu.1*111 Cil? Drove
tim .. .. i.,rt ....* ....
At NewiIcraeT Ble 1
. ?,m 7.7JJ ....
At ll.-o-nliiVs. *?> M I- It.? .
A- o Urie- ?. %~> * I.'-?: .
Al C!i?mli?irliii'? . y-i 4'. !.." 5,j0-J .
.iii lo1i.;iasrr Hog
_fli..?'. . tj,'?>3 ....
la M trt'in th" c?ui di
roct lo lint, h-rs .. ano .. 400 1,W .
Aicr-iR.? --oakly re
?teta- In?! ye.ir ... :.,_**.". liri I,'.? 18,11)1 I ! ,m Xljttt
? lu*t wee?... 4,'?.-i 41 7a| W.-"-1 C.IHI itjft
Th" forton in.; ara the quotntttins ir-r porte t. apon the otfi
nin(?d net ?rr-i_rlr ?.I 111? st. avdl'-r sinkniif ulfal 1 hat u, % !>_.
Ink ?I.?.! t,uirtors .will wt-i_u t ovs 1.. at i. _;euU s pound,
nniumito to <i-? , *.
Coota oar naomi,
Prute. orjfitra n.di.lsy It-'of. 17|nlr)
Tlie iitunsrsston nth? todiiT. 1??I7
'1 hut BTuersllj rut^d lir?t tiuality . lij *lt>aj
i!?.dmin, or t<i>a.il, fmr .j.i.al;ty . II '?M5
That of ordinary ?hin *_??ra Oa-.i-nd Cowl . 1191?
Inf-rit.r, or I'jsrost i;rrsi|i-?.! 1 . IS 949
Tlie ?-"?'eral .1- - lsy_-?i?ti__t#l at 14|9IS
?raiajre 0! pt-- ir .m. li 911
Tlieniost of th? isli-'ar-fn?m...*li?i91(5|
The Ptdlook? ioM at Allortou'i ure a-[xii -.ed fi-?ia? tit? P-low?
itos ?
Kew-York. 5.M ?Indis-a. 194
(?lu.? . (ill ! IllinoLs. 1_11?
Mi.-hir-n . I? I Kent-irky.UM
'llii-y i-Jiii'is liT t'.i? Ijllowini rou?a?a. Erin lUilroeA. IS?;.
I Ui I?-iu llniiioaii, '. l-vl ; Canillen and Ambo/ Iculro-vi, IU|
N.-w Jursi-T ('.?utial lviiilnxid 1-?! by ll'idsmi J!:ver ?io???, lldj
on foot, J*, about S.MO wer*, rn HIP \ tr ti to day.
Tha folljsTirtir ars? ?he na-nea of droTer? osi-cra, or <>oi|.
ai?Tii(N-a if tli-3 pnm-iri.il eton -i and ?-her? tboxcitti? ere re?
p<irt??d from 1
AT HCTDS-.? crrr.
.I F.trthing, Ky . 1 At li tleattmUn K. T.M
Mr lV-Iil??n, ts. V. IB I J W t mbe-? til ... IV
. III. T ... l.H Wiiu io Phillip?. N. V
\ MorTshoii?.? I
,1 1 Air? ind.'r. 111 ... .?.:
S?i.lt .t Cur!. Ind .14!
V \ \V,?r- OtUD.47
W V ."_-_-_, III . 7J
I Gtllet? Ir d ....'vi
(t?in A lliissli-iry. In.t.l'si
I'leireli 4 Hurd. Ky.117
I? Tolley A Co., lud. lirj
!? lui.-? A Co OhtD ... 7%
Smith, N J.
\ D-dlsr, N Y.. .
Woods A 1 i illeapie, lad.... IM
; Ifo .". 4%
1 lad .aM
McDonneU A Ward O .91
>? rstrnnjr? Ind . M
1 .M
A (,-iiidr III. .M
1? ln?i-r A Co. Ky... . 71 L.H -I l!i.-k, X IT . IB
1? -1. .1.'. /. f.. 1...1 ?*.. r.'r II.....-,, . .a?
1 J. llro-Tu.>M
Kirk A KfNiajau Ohio . M
Parthlrif,_y. 7rl J MIMI, Ohio._. ...*M
J. Bw-Uoofr N. V ... ..?m
Inal . W
m\ Vsx.1 ohtij.... M
Casxi A Hosahury Ohio
W. J Templeton. Ind .
i .....OB
* r-iiniiui?-?, ni ..ira
II L. K-A Ohio ... t*.
\V W Il?_Ttb<ilomew K T M
A. Utotich. Mich.M
J. Arni.ld, K..Y?. II
w w Mori ? Ohio .M
V il Mi-ad NY. II
?I A Merrit! NY .to
- H.K)l_er, Ohio...M
\V ?Snadt-r Ohio.M
I). Miller, N. Y. M
.7 fJlinni, Ohio..41
GY-rrault.. NY.IB
1 Kirk. Ohio.M
Esst man A Uro , Til. S4
Hartitu Local, N Y.73$
tatt A Es-k-tisin. IlL .. 9.
- lil .. ..
?N'liuester A Lauter
bock, IlL.,-.. . Hu
??TiuDS-c A l.onli-r
lK-ek, Kr.75
.' Mi..,: N Y _ . M
Il U Smith, DI....
T-Oilli. A Co.. Ky . 10?)
l'?Mi?:it!n.T. ?lieh . IA
.1 Uni?..nib, Ohio.. J-!
M Dalton, lit ... 5'.?
M Qtjnaaa, h V. it?
Laul.'sri A Trainor, 111... SH
Kastman A P10., Ky.4!?
?I Willie. Ill. 19
It Ilsrtratn. IU.X,
1 KTSII, li! . . 38
I. ? Coll III. _!
S I li.ury. Ohio. 4?)
J_,1:T"II Ohio. '-1
I? M. (?mi ?Iii-, Ohio. ?X?
P ?li-ixiena,M*hiP . W
The arris als at Communipaw were **3 head .if which ft
wort; takt-n I ? Hti.lson City, _?_IIK i YM tt Wie receipts a', thal
pi ?ve bat iii - takee to One hundredtl; it for te
taiiing to butcher..
The totar-umber tins ?cok. '.VT h.-il. cumi-res with I,??
henil UM w??uk and with 1 - mu? per week leal
year, and with 5.71J for the e<_rrespoudini{ ?r.?ak ?mu yenr af?.
The nuuib-T ?old toilny at Hie One humlredtl. it _o?trket,
! 5W held, rotuparea ?l!h 1,570 ?ir??_ last ? t??'k. and wilU J,?-?
head, ?he averrt?oT>er week ?ait ? -tr. anti ja itb J,7X> heal, at
market out rear ago.
iTtTDflO? Ctrr, Dec. 7.-Anothorlijrht run of cattla
and an adraneo of |?le. from ?hu day week, beeres'ScUiu?/-?
! rill i- tri--! er tliitn at One hundred! h it laat montiay. Only 2?-I
hand hu??' li?'? n roeeired nj> to today and th??y I. isc ill bein aoii,
a fi>? a' li;jiil7o. but fTs-nerallr at 14 9l-'?|<' for _?iir to f~_4
?leen, and ilk-, for oomuion. Tho ?juality ihowa a lit-a 1m
jirnn-.iii'iit oi-er the previt>us?w.sek ninl tin-adv.ince ?a in park
dun ti? this. Butchers say th. re Is nuthing to warrant their Baying
inure (>r the Battle the markets beitifr ?.it-rninled with meat it ia
impossible to obtain any miranee on the quarters, ? brie mattoe
a?i?l pork are lelllnrtower fir-stn their itbt_ndant:e. In feet, the
?tipply of dressed iHeep ii enoimoi-.i. and hind ?-nattere are ra?
tailing at 1?V p rr, Poultry, ti??, li n glut in t?-_larAet. sod
turkeys are acting all fie w11 dt.e nVroaa 11 to Ma., ia some
~ ?, with 1
1 Is pt?
tit lor curt-asea of doer. Tnkin?; all theae toi??-th-r and addiagtka
ousel _"'c 9 ?, with ITerytbing elee in*tMli Ina j_r.?pt>rtl<'nrilly
cheap. Veuisou ii plenty tt?? ?nd is selling very ?nw Wrfl-'c
rh lor eurea?so? of door. Tuking all theae to^-th?-randad?-_?t
wann Summer.like weather, with raia and hot aunibiae alter?
uately. and it is only a wonder that bntoher? take hold ea wet
a? tin"-, do AarthlBa] Ilka ire-- r-.-celpti would make ona ot the
hardest kinds of markets.
With only -?.??J? cattle in in-irkM njMin s mu* ? renn-kobie class*
'cool dny, it is aomewhat aorpriiiiig that pfteaa hare not sd
Tanced" eac?.-p! epoa th" ?erv has) quulfy, nhi?-h ts-ingir-re?,
have enid at ?j?', higher than last Momlrtr-ont pair ofsrerv
extra sold at Ila. 9 Ot- but generally real good ?-???le aold el
l(S917c. ?I? B? and gin- fair medium,,?nch aa leost of th? Weat,
ern droves, a? 1.1} ?71'-.. A a there wire no rerr poor eenie ia
narke? we hare no salea below 1*. The general lnptaaiiea
.Is that all the ad ance WBJ u;?on ttrst lair? of Uri? qualitr end
thnt It waa nil owing to the ability ot ?tew ipeculitor?. to hey
up all the good atock at Albans mid hare and hold it for a ri?
Tha onxleraie sipplv of sll aorta in?market thii week, kee
hell>e?l tis.? ailinn. . 0.1 flr?t q?-lty,*bo? the ?aarket fer all otkmt
gTavlee haa not only not adTsueed, but It cloess fr'ly aa
hard aa it till ln?t week and the week befor? wbea
c?fila were left over uraold. and thl? aftea-ooai t-aataisi WaM
aa thoagb the aanis ro?_? would follow tivday Howeror we
notlce.aom? of the madown buyers _a?e ' luying foribw^ee.
and they may clear tha yardi. __loeB_e?e bee??eade thiilj?
ternoon at %.' a lieu.! lower than lu offered tins mortiing TH
doea not ahow ans thing encouraging to ?poculstor? aett week,
.-?.. of " C'hrlati?aa tx-er will com_aen?-e ueat week, and ibera
i? conaiderabla anaietv to know what the market will he Ig
that-butoher? tar no1 over l8 centa ?Indee*!, the cattle se?
to dar at that are'actuaily na good for tax* V<tri*ma at aayee
the fancy animals _?u-ly fed for the bolides?. Th? we,,"_
tt. dar has been greatly In favor of the trade, making it ero
have no doubt half a cent a ponud high-'r than it w<
have been auch a day aa Saturday In oer orinlon ?'J?*s~,"J<*
reaeon t?i hope foi any wusiilei-ble ad-woe upee .*,'__*J2
while the suptily couti 11 uee?fair, end while,-?U'?0" t_*r" fr?
poultry aw all lower than at any tit.-for a jaar peat ?~
price of boef la now higher. In ooinparls?.- the* any .*-"?_?.
in th? market, aud th.-rs ?? no resso? for it eac*p! .P^_*'JTe
and a willingueM on the part of Iwl.'hera fo kaarp_2_Prt_*_TT
as it 1? ?t pn-ient. It U in the ?rower of *e!r ceeteaera ia -?
unire that the price of beef ?hnll be equal.-red w>__?__j3_Z
Thi? li limpl? fair to b?lh produienand -HUMa\,aaP????^
"la BO eoarcity ia the aojaid? of uur ?ort. "?.k.* ?atea
We notice e Ps?r of foil blood ? rrshire btUls In -eerk?<??".
ihouWbya.1 -?eauihe kept for Improtin? ^.^..'^J-S
cow. ia the, dalry refioni Thar ere reioectl-?'} *?* "
montha old/of Ine build an." are h aid a t^Andtmt eeea.
MkoKKKS fsALK? OF ?I .__**_..?
TE* MABKir At OBI ?^?I*JW,,"??;MI. iUmta
SimueU A K?k.?...n ioM * hea-I *"d __j^_^JTl_
light, at lite., omi to day H LUiaoit ca?le, good, ?. ?tri aa
'fc3* Hughes aold 38 Ohio iteera for I ?_- *. owt. M
Hartraa? * Culrsr a.?- J? lill-?-? at^ra, b?'^glJffi?
decent 7 owl st l4#l?Hc atti 91 ?ele ateera tari- _-_?-??
,-W M?n.T'ss-d W???- ?Pantry ealtle at <??';..-_
T l?iliu _ <:?>.. ?ere toiliag 100 Keatuckr .tee.? it .>*.*
?a??ML 1/0% laiPI-VM

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