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V?jr- XXVI.N?- 8,612
nr^hi'B , n?. ? ??i?? . ? l__ r?!BT*?!'?* ..rrfR-t)? Pin -
?rai mr ? tAtstm rns MX- ?-?nxii-n THR DO
rne. , '.- I? ""m AHPTHP F1.FC
h ? : tt? hKBSL (IBU.
i ?>_.; - : r
,..,.. all . . rr"t.
Wsei if?)..
y, q lices was ?lone in
V?. .>.- . SeTWi ? na of inquiry,
MU? i.g ti.? m ?'?i' -' "? Mr' ALiLoLy .u relation to the
jLaw. ' : .? , ?, , : tiodnoe-, Mr.
Waile repoi './..?io bill !r__; UM (oir.tn.tteo
?i Ti Al l?;? o ck vi the Dinli.tl f-i.flriage
nni?ii]. i he pendinf motion rw that of Mr.
?Jowan t?. ?-liikt ont-towoi- "n.a-ie.' **o as to make
????e liitl uni. er??., se to se-? i.? well "?< i?!? r. Mr,
anthon, i ?i,t-n.. i i...! wiaiii. ?y ii far-or of this
amendment, and rri_.il? an -tlniiralrle npeeoli oa it.
Mi. ( OSA.m toliowt'tl m an argument rem.ndiug ti>
lir-UJiifci ver) l?o?gl' -1 iatft. liu-?t.?'. At limen
?arnett and at lime* lacetiour, he _uii._*d the ?Senate,
if he did not i -(-ii?. '-1 -. it. His ?iii-? ntj in 1?? half of
mnali tra?, doubted ty Morrill and other
friend? of the hill, but ho repeatedly ..
?Vtorifeii h.iiisvit ^riil eaiTe?! in hi? proposition. Mr.
WtafJ?' made a ?-h?rt, sp? t?h in favor oi the nineiidment.
t*sti_|t rho gi,?.mil that tvoii.t- neeittU the hallot to
?Illvktl?. lftWB tO piote.t thrJlllMriVeB
, contingency ?d' biutal
shuyen delivered Li-* maiden
aTt^ee?.!!, and acquitted hiincYlf to the gdiriiii?.p of all
*?*io heard him ft oppotjajd tho in ndlng ameiidmSTli
AP aat ?_s?rmaii to the pr??iix??,itK?r Wore the Benato.
ilay Iii. M? nill attacked the
the ? ? what he termed '
?.oa ??r the po'-itioii'tif the Senate with ropnr:) t?> thf%
.U!f UP ?hinged th.it the mode in a ' ? b iii
ol in this connection ?a? a ?
?V> Aim iialism, und o?.-? it-d that the s.n?.tc
. pt im.-e with UM House in the
to .' queition, M - lid the
did not p?*?ss the "ii wa?.
trevnu?e tiny were afraid ihe.v had] ? I sttrnirthi nongb
t.. . i. rrid? UM roto 'I be ne?? , per?, i ?a I? d by
M? Morrill hav? never -???k1 new than I
I., lYctudenl I?.?* not yet sent I? . ?n ij
ir.ij?orUiit appointments tor nonti nnation. ?The ?ecn '?
.iiii-Hlit.n iransinitted to that l?ody >?-r-n.-rduy
'nival j.roniti ? i -,
To-day was committee-day ? the Houei, and marly
Lalf ti ?nui; report*
fnin li" ? liainnen ol the eominiit? ?-. The noel nii
l>oriiiiit bills reported were two bl Mr. Neltoo, from
ixte Judiciary Coou-iiUee. The ni-*, ?rae a lill de?
fiuiii^' the duties o? the Clerk of UM Boase, ead ? la
?MUM with the resolution ftgrt-_ ni?oii in the
i lasl Wednesday evening, Batting forth that
the nail.? 11 MI JUTMHI ?hall be plao*-- on the roll of
\ l.tli ( ?>iigr??s, ii.? a member ol r_-1 '????ly. mile?*
-late he repnwents sha!! have bceu represented in
the prsre-jiit i'ot'.greHK. The lull wa? pro?wed to a
TIS -Sgr. and wat? adopted by a rea anti any rote ol'
133 to 31. 1 wa? ii bill to provide for ?ic
s-omiting of the Klcctoral rote in is-. Tin- wai
also rei'omniended in
rotee shell lie received in ihu 1.1?! ral (
?Hi from .Stales uot represented in Congre _t at t hut
The Demoerfltio member? expr?s- ing a de?ire
to debate the bill, it was uiH?l( t) i nier for
next Tuesday. The last half of the nsiini?.
?aimed in debating Mr. William.*'??, bill tot il??* Ki'?rnla
tion of the Appointment? to ami lit imvals firoiti Office.
The debater was participated in bj M'??rn. Stereos,
Williams, G arti eld. Hale and S?. iier.ek, ana wa?
rather dnll and nt??n??tonon?. Several amendments
wore offered and adopted. Mr. I-?rene offered
an amendment to the effeel that h perron appointed
to at-j public (rffiee and rejected >>y the Senate ?hail
in holding ??Iii.?' lor the period ol one
year unie_? the disqualification should be removed hy
t vu!.' of two-third? of the yena; e- It veas rotad down
hy I?*? yeas to 132 nats. Tiie itmoiidment was the
?h?rt spicy debate between f-icui * and
the lnltor ?.-cliiiig the laugh on the ??Id war
horse. Thad. t .ul; the matter in his n-oinl good
b*iraore?l manner, but was*" d?-teniiin?_ on bating the
jean and nay? called on hi? aii.enduiei.t. The bill
will, in all probability,l?e panned to-morrow. Darin?*,
the t-re?r.ion ei-Spcaker Grow ;ai?l >"?m-mber nml
member e)e<t from the Ormige and Still:
N. Y., Col. \'an NVjck, were on the fl?K?rnf lb?: bouse.
fi?\.-ral in? - mor?ais were htomatttai to the II
(lay, one from the Weet asking fur the repeal of UM
nu ?une tax, and ?me from New-York it-l?iiit' (or the
iWBtlaction of tin- National t urrenev.
Mr. Steven?, lr?un the Committee on Appropria
tioinj, was instructed this inonung lo repon a lull to
iencies amotiuting to abont two ?nillioii
and a hull ?it iii liai-. It coiilain* the ?l'l?r?>j.riati<>ii
asked for by Secretar] toward ol ^2?0,00u, lo ? nul I?
Lim to proeecnte the oases now pending beture the
tribunal?? of hiiglnud and France, growing oat of the
lato rebellion. Mr. Sti ven.? will probably pat the bill
on it?? passage as soon ax it is printed.
The House Military C-?___-t-M to-day nnihori/ed u
bill to be reporU'd eonlernng upon the President
power to confer brevet rank on i>rh< era in UM Regular
Army who have distiiiguiialied thiiiiM Ive-m th? \nl
nnteer service, ruder the present lav.- no
tbority exist?. The Comantitee alf? had under eon.
-.?deration the bounty quer-tion. Thr bill pawd ii!
th? last session is not regarded by the Comini'ti??- ii
?satisfactory to the Foldien? or ju>t in its provisions.
It is proposed, therefore, to frame a new bill, with s
viev. off reined w11.! that crude and ill-ttsonsidered
nn-asure, which wus hurried through during the la^t
boors of the session.
An amendment was adopted nt the last ^r>K?ion to
the Diplomatic Approprmtion W11, .striking ont the
appropriation for paying the Minirter to Lisbon,
.which was intended a? a rebuke to Mr. lim vev, who
held that position. Mr. Harvey H still ?it !..
o?3?rupying the position, but draws n?? salary I he
Committee on loreign Relation? of the Senate bare
auder eon-nieration the qtMCtton of recotiiiiniidiiig
the appropriation for keeping tip saul miesion. Sir',
?ewaref is very anxious that the snlKry should bp re
.stored, and Mr. Harvey allowed to n>____ Mr.
Siiuiuer. who i? Chainnain of the Committee, is mi
derstood to be favorable to it.
It is ascertained that the mtmbors of the St-nnte
Fmaii? e ( 'ommlttoe, and UM Wars and Mean?-(inn
initti. of the House are so evenly balanced m
important tniestion of inlatriou and coiitractioii that
U ..? very doubtful a* yet what will be propi
fcither Committe?, thoush then- seams to bo but little
?ktibt but that Mr. MtCi'llot-h'.- rei onimeudri'iii.ii will
vt--y nenrl.? be ooocntrc- in. Jn it? present form, Mr.
BeutwellV bill for the ?ale of Go.ernmeiit gold ?loe.
liot apjiear to weet (be approval ?ii the Committee of
Wa." s and Menus, ?id it will therefore baal
before being reptjrte??' to tba Ho_ue if, ?udetd, it is n
poru 1 at all.
T__c Comniitt?. at Investigation into the New
fsvlea. i Kiot? hao ali-vady summoned six prominent
lx?uit?i.?niaui now htrr* t?? ?ppi-ar and give tostlnuilii..
i-he Ccnmittee e_p?x_w to cturt Bouta l?v the last of
the I . Jenes.; force ha-, already 'ntarted.
?l_e President to-day sent a message to the Hou<?e
in ftsjilr io o resolutio? ttsking whether any applica?
tion h.u l'?cn mo?ie to him tor the panton of ft. E.
.Pickett, s ho a? tod ai a _____jor-Gencrai of th.
forces io A-3 late war lor the si:ppres_ion of th?
*_d if so wiutt h.is been the action
_-M_?U, __,.?. Among the documents ?n loeed
>? spne I'.'.iiu Judges-Aiivot st?-Ceneral Holt,
slated July ?Jaet, who nul_ciit? for the con
-*i?Jera-on of ?'he SiwreUiT of War the state?
ment of a writ??" who was recatn?y in the military sar
wi?je, aud while on duty in t-jr.b Carolina was
??mcnally eonnectt*_ with the ime-tigotion then made
of the charge prefer,red agaii.?t Hie Bebo] l'uke?t and
.ottiere of haiiug mu."dereid aomd !__* ol' our prisoosi.
mi war. Judge UoU says h? Le, a thotoiighly
??? liable man. It te recommervd?*- thut Pickett
l?e arrertt-I and put on U -?1 before tim Military ?Com
!i trying the ?p_tjp?t<i?<? of the J-'ated
-_._ liuroau in North _V?~lin?- 'tho Becn-tarj* of
?,? M in A letter to the Pie-ui- '*'t, douxl D?_cemb<-r ???,
'fiking into cou-idera?'''?!' the ?talon of tb?8
.funreme Court of the United rkatos, ta tt_- ?i^eoi
Milligan and others who had lieft '? tried ami em? veted
bj a Military Coi luiih.-iou, omi li-," donbts ea?t upon
li-lictiou of suth tiibumil-, tho Mecref
'?"t lelt a itiiorimii to pursue the e-tn.i ,(' M
.??neraluntil th'^P'nion
l.oiild be formally I
i'-iiMj nib j*? d agaiia t Tie i
-'. Mi?
..ii to wiwin their tr_.>l n?y
. '
_i .??.__ . ?. ..,?tv?i ?-a Ai..LU, 1.1 ., | ?..- i
ia Piekett'i ftia-aiicatii-ii tot putt-tun, datad Jaw? irn?,
kaarru,*.o to th? Pr?-?ide_l in which he ?ajre it wau
only throutyh the eoneeiaiitM>ai duly to hin root her
8tuU Vitifinia, that he joined tho Coufet-triiUi arin?/,
atid ?u?t, hwl ti. '. i" "*"ulii i.uthavi)
iH-fii m tl.ut Firv.ce w no osa ?*?>. more attached to
tho old torrita MA 4Vfi ?'otv! by find lonptS frr it
with more fid be did Tl.?. di" ?wanta f.ho*v
t?mt in Juiie, M,:' Lo took Uti ainue?ty oalb. A
latta! from Gea. Pu kilt dated March li', Irin,, ad?
droi-Kfd to Gen. ('rant, ??lowr- that the ra]?etu aocoic
panying hit- BSjpUeatia- lb* < ta?en*-] UD Ihe Viuhiduut
vat presented bj ex-St-iiiit?**/ 0 JU. Hiowiiiu** ni
Ii..im.??. 1 u-kett t-at-H to (irr. Gras I
MT ii .it '. <w liinen.i ,n | r??a ?ti-' t!.,s MT?-! ? ?4? D?k
your faii-n.t ? i'.?n?,ui-rat.. i. >.l in? eau? au?! that yon ?ia*, if
?nu Ni., i- iii-TIT sun ?rely, frr M hi *, I lu a |...l(-i.l iniiuij'
onor ns un ctlir?i ,-ii,.l ? i/?..i.'-i'M... vat ni? I. aa iimot-reini-it
ajsna it I*.'in i. ? I ???. i.-1 .;-? 'h?- I':?-.?.?ni u
?.IIIIBBBt? 111?! 1 -WJ bv |4?riiiltt< ?I !.' '? .1 l*?l< ? *<-.
UM.u .. trj ..._.? t. n.i V? .: .
myfii?_?'.T u.U. li in,i ? wir by ttliiny '. .?. .-.?..I
I ??.ted i_npJy/?l ti.... -.* th? I ?< t
I'lita..!. mil? <;??>.<.::?,?':. in a Nov-th ?"?relira -f-??!ni?i,f werr
token vt iih ni Li? in thill biii.? it- l,?.?:,l ig , g . 1,11 tim w?k>r? irtwl? r
which ti? j l.nil ei.bsl.il I M.ri?.. . .'. r--.,r,?| them
A rea?u-ui* oraran_t?_ i ??.. .????II I K-1 vonif*4??t<l
..I I'll.r? bom Kort- t .. i-i.il Virpin'.? ottUe
wliona tlj?n.? i, TU i.'tin ,1 . ? ... t ymt
feel!? 'inni;it;ikril?l.'-t?,t Ban u i.,- ,,;. t.!.. ?i hv i??ii:.l>?-r? 4>f
their vii i.|iiii-? r.tiil c'-inriii.e*- t),.y ?n. 'otu,,, s-ia-l? i.nil ???li
?iaaaaed tai It- tor.?- Tb?a ??aad
t'wv wire duly <ie?'Ot?il i.??or?i ..?.' to it,?' . ?u-ti-re ot wai
in hki- mat? My a?!.?n tv?? s?n? ion??! hy th? tien t ? nfetl
'.-? int. It'll,. t.iM'li' i* .,rnv.?l f.i Ile I M . .
tu o i ,. n.. i" \ tula ? ?ti lulu! t?' n. T ii,?? 1.1 ?I T I..? li |" ot I aTli
not :IOTV DtmtaUy I mer? li ?,?1, ..
b? diaturu il m HIT ? ?lull i.' . . mily from ?lui .
??ti Ibu! u.\ l'iiroir M I,., !. nu? ?..,? . n ?, .laii'li li ntl | rite I
m? flinn't.i aeaault?ot lime pwwat ' *! .? -"i't
.?., tb? ?ar ?iict.bii* ?....?I .ni, . iirii-T
AfpeaHug in rou a? a ?.iii ? ?.. f '.titi? nt y??t? ?ill
lit?' Ii.? |Kj??f?4aB lil| Bal.-?li ?-?tl'.ril, J' Ul
?uudiint tan'ant, LI * Pit-at-iT.
Tb? fn^ii?l_f ia On Oran?> iudoneiaett on tfcii
KcBts-t-tlnli?-fiTviiii?!i-?' :.> H:? ?.l.rllci.c- Ih? I .
the Umt4-4J hiutee. ali , U?nt ...?...!?'.-! ?"WIT
be ?atPuilnl In Oil? t*ai?
,. I Iii .? ?'
i that the ] nu,I.
:i i-.i i n?.. |.i' .', ;? t: .in
i- ,., tal fat ?BJ "ti ? ? uillu
. at li .?? ' I...:-" 'I lint
the nuil triai i i.i i.':.-''fil t"i ii.? mimi
t ?
1 At (Hill
Ilaluneut ?as a luuvh ? B?r B-tl a ben
ti.BJ ii.- . , ? ?i ?"l
li.IlU \?-li! .!. theil ..'!.. li lill,. I'll -.ill 1
| k !.-.>??. | ? li!, 1,1?:...!!,'.
Jotlj-nie ol n? I! i? >.
? .t:.ir lo lb?' frit i.? i- .! it.?
i IT III? n ii) :t ? .
i.i.ml i-tilrrfi!
into t.. >. r.i
kian ? r. ft i.i.TM i.ici.i i...:
I.: ?lill* H i.li!?? ii lin! I .'. Hi.?ti lier-' M nilli till,!'
?arj licitily ? ? ? "'? wi two tlv-nii
i'i?ii*ii mt n. Ii
?. -?tfiday. Dr. Siiin?-,\ ? f > I ! ?- n : ?- s i j i ? ? i. n n.i?i?il,i?r i<f tba
S4r.1i lu? ni l?uiiicii! 1?? i ullin.m Al ?. al i D bera, nl.ii.
walkiiip rliroiij-h tba ('n"'.t<>l erouiii!!-. ? - a 11 bj "ir?
J n!i*?" Abel of tbe ?Rine State. Abeldiffe i Broaa BU
iiey in i".i . .1 I'.in ? ?'I-, " Hera
t.,1 ?re, you d-11 re?,?.?*:.?lit Smiihi ir.i-r." Bid?
m'y uni,..nt raplytsf, ?nnnt'diatoly l;u??. -K?-?I dova
Alni, ii? ..?.. tim ?-ii-iii? ci,?li .i uni.1 e-reniuf, iro*B
Abel st nt a el.fill? ***?<. to - ?.! ??..'
ii.? tbe Matter b* fighting? rtm-l. The chattan
accepted, and CoL I . .' cted
Qej'i -?i-.'li'.l .'ilitl thi l!?. -* 1 lilil??.'??', i- '-.-: -
..a ttif? \
of tin* I'll!..;:..,.-. To-day, li..*vi?',-.?r, Metida tuUsrs tad,
and the thiiiir wii- rt to i-rtii*-.
?,-ittil that J :dr*i' Abel .
j t-tiui?if- that hv only mtt-mli-ii a little plaaaai Uj ia bia.
remark to I)r. Sidiiry. ila? uit'i.r. baa .ri?.i'r?l 110 lit?
tle ?..v'.-itbUK-iit niiioni- the friaada of the *mrtie.s 1.? if.
A i 'luniiiiht' iron: Ninth Cafuliaa, beaoad in (?ov.
Holtk'ii, baa arrived hare, ami waa i?v. ivr?l by UM
i Soutliern RepubliCAii A??o<iiation last night at tiiiir
r?M?ni8 on F-?t. 'Ihr nil
io marie suggestioni to i ongn M tottobiog the ttMtpnp
ii"!i ;.?; tiif N.-iii ?-ni S'i'tt - on a loyal I'fir-i?. and u.
\ re|ire??iiL the in-eil? ol tba loyuj |i?"iile, tbi r |
i ?oiitlilioii. A'. OtTr". HIIIII!:.':I Pot i, in.I I., r.? t?-.l.iy
i'roni Kew-York, after im .it.?. a*ei I.*.
It i? uv.icii talk'?' "1 ! <.?iv.-riiiin-i,' >.!h
??al- of the i.--e--.ty ol bat DI a cable lisa ir?.ui
tba iiiittil ?State? to Krance .lim*. All gmt <li?
?latilits HUT: to thal l\r.v. r i.iivt k? go through tba
tauadi ol' aootbai ?MV? rinuent. Our Oorei
an iiuineii-?e uinoiint ot < < r i<?-[??ntI? i.?-4> bj telegraph,
It is atetad Ibel tbo t'?.ur di-imtti.?? Mfit l'y ite?an1
? . ?.n. ertiing Mexico and I .:r..rt .-or*, IMU <;..\? n .mnt
j $90,01
1'iiiti'd Slat?? Tr? h?
lett? i? l'rotii ,i r. hel rpci:' in Europe, Inclo iog u < < r
liiit-ii'i: ..i in ?.?.?it ni' tba C'ootaderaU t;?.v?rinii??nt ti
' "C4UU. He Mated io bia litter thal ai i?"
Mill. I'oV'-ri.iiu -III - : ' . ! ? ' 1 . 1?* ? ? I
to tba I'tiited Btatea. Gan. Bptauei gave ?
to-iihv t" bare ii y?>ltl ami the proi.-. da tamed ovm t?.
tbe 'I'K-ii-'iry.
Mr. l.in.l - r of Parliament in El
Ililli K ? (.'.Vi?n,!ll.?Il' eil
lv in ti.? late Rebellion, ia a part* is
pending in tbe Supreme Conti, and . n , . enttxl by
'lit iiivolveH al.?.'-! $100,000, li
, in I-."ii. the Opel, ?usas Kilima?! ( l -i ip I
I.?illlrifili:l J'l:r< hliMil H'lin? 80,("00 I,.::-, ol I
iron lrom I.in.Key. Hepn>mi?edto deliTertba iron
? ria!ll ?'...te. bal Kaili d to i. W I i n
delivered, the r/riee. of irou hu?! full?:, co
and tba Company refbaed t.? take it. I
?ned for the difference in tbe pri?e, aid
waa the finH .) tba Compaay'i wippen iu l.;ver|.I.
Tba aaaa ?aa decided in ravor of Lindaey j';:t abonl
Iba tima tbe Rebellion comnienced. Ina *\"r p.t
veiilf.l th? ii |7''ttili^ the iiinoiuit of di - _ I IO?*
tin- Contaaay bring np tba caae on a ?nt <.i ?nor.
The ( hie), three Ilirllil.t?'". of ll.e ('O'Ki.'.l H:
int.-rpreter of ti.i? Miuwi.ee Indiana anil
tarday lrom FfnTft- und had ni. exfeandi-d conference
with "tho ( ?iii.tni-.'-ii.ner ol Indian Affaii ??MaT.
The following aro the nniin - ?? ull .-... ?.t t'a
interpreter^ Grabain fcacer?, Chief; Matthew
King, Charlea Tnekar, ana Charlea Bina .imk.-t.
Their i.i.j. e: it to aacertain ti"' intentioni of tba GOT?
eminent t<iw*i?d their |.eo]ilu, ba*fin| li art.e.l ol tba
inovf-iiiei.t on font I?. ni,.l.<: lieaiii-?- ?^h Al the In
?liant? in ..nier to eii.-i t their remo' ul on' of the State
to the country wi-t ol tbe Chick? awi and tooth of
?be pberokeea. It waa not nntil tbe Bbawnaa dale*
iriitii.r: ?.?rived here that thiy lir./iue awain that a
toniiiii-?.?i..ii i.ml baan appaintcd to riait mid oonfei
with theui on tl.eir landa. They u?ll proba! ly return
to the.r holm , however, heft.re Ihe -?paltara ol the
Coiiiini-Moii. They ul 1 anea?* our langnagi Bnantly
and .'ir-f reiuuikiiMy intelligent. I h.- JollUTrini
letter of iri-1ru< tion? from ti.? Commiaaioner ol I
Affaira Bttrr to tbe Commiaaioner above alluded '?.>:
':.?t li ltl'1 i a.
liaai t" 1.1.,.!,
. :? i:. ;. lim ' ol n ' '??." Hi - ?tun In?
Mi. II \V 1 arl n.>i ii. ol ' '.,iii,< ii ?,n,. |.
poinU-d to be otic of the th . .-.!.. I ?rut? lo bim
bal nJafhl t?. ni?-? t yi.u ni Km K.i?. Cltjr, Ii
ii..t IK? linn? vi),ci, yon ?nui- ?u thal plao?, yea ?ilt lern
mimte. U?111n.???t y?..i I T. ui im.. . l?. iiav? .M-? ,i?i<ni to ?rio- to
jan aad BDtil other?!??* mi.?ti.I bj mu I ??-Ul? mi ra?- Irftcr?
!.. Km.?n? C'it.i Von will tla'ii'fi.n' arar} tan dar?, tenta
minnriipr! toil.? point to cal latteri ?ml-nu ?111 k?a?iai
: of Uihitrueaac wnleh ?Ul bo allowi-il you, I Inclus?
vin. :. list of ll.e iliiii?ii:.i liils?? ul [tullah? now ii, I
kui.His, With til? IHi|l!illitli'll ?if lilli, I. ,,f H,,.
?Mun of nu li tul.. MT ..I j?, t i? in, n tu ii.nki? n.
with ?II then- tjil?*?. n.n'1 (,< I t!.en. ..ni ..I li.? Matt--?hi
ar? in ooiistanl . onflli t witl, ti..- ?intei - ii. n MW Imni?. la ti, i
auijiiM to llitir iiin.lilii.il, m.il "ti I.? .?. I I'lliiu- ti., t uiuilil |"
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partments hare repeatedly called the nt? I .nettle
oablio t?>ibu uifttur the ? ..I ii app_i-i.t . i?batod.
H is rather on the m? r? ana. E-??oM -.. d ___-T?
.?t-iiil that the law e?p?'? .ally directs thal all m.ul
ti not prepaid i sent dim tly to tin? . i l.etti i
nil,.?-, .*.ti?41t.i.r- ninny important und ti?-?f? i .tlv '?.?lu
ubi?' letters are I??-1. The Departa*- il now in
lof bnndreds of snch nnstampcl '. it? IT, ami
foi:!.i.v? i... nu-ni ti.? 1?? | .iriuii ii* '.?II Mail
ii.? interest ol the writci ii is hoped erabli? will
bear UtCM tht '- in mind. T_OJ -In'ild ??? I.t part?? ;i
lar to ?o that the stamp? adbi re lo lb? TO* |?.
'I'he I'm-tOt... (.' 1?? I'lirliiiti.' bM re..-i??d iiif?>rir.,v
tion that the throng- maila . ia M ? ? ?. i ? h; aud ? .1
t. i li.iilroad, duo at Memphis, Penn., ol UM S0-. ti
November, were burned m the <.,r n-,?r Corinth,
The ace id? nt was ?..; ed hy ,t feurful toll ? .'?.
.in i, mg tim total doatrnction ol UM ba0P__ ,ur
? ?mt lining the maila, and lh< bombie death, bj lumi
m?, ol the baggage mast*1 i bavin? i bargt, of samo,and
:..- eondut tur, brakemon arto i thei . Ti o maila
. ii tu be ii -i which w? re dent in? ?1 loar Memphis,
v., H from New?, orb 25th ? Wrt-huigti.ii.'.r.ih. or-rilb;
K.i i a., nil, '.ni!:, and Chattan? oga 87th Sortmhtyt.
l'.-i nub? * bare been rocaired at the Navy Depart?
ment fr..m admiralQoliltrboroogh, datad I oitod?States
Steamer hhenandoali, Potal DeGalle). Minni ??f ('ey
?SOT. I, INK:, statii g thal the ofttcn tad
were all well. The admiral ^-m faoaaoa
.atondad lo him by ihe military and
ithoritiesat Bombay, which place he left Oct.
I. Tie Rbenandoab waa to 1? . . ? i ? ? < al? utta Nov.
m?. Ii.fiirii.tttniii han also been raceired at Iba Navy
Department of the arriral ?>i the I nited Htaten More
?i??P it? lief at ii.? ? ape "i ??'""l Hppe ?n the v. ii? of
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theft ti.iiiiirt.w.
THIRTY-NINTH t oNt.RI ss-t-unsu HKNUO?.
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Ur. WILSON (Rep M int*_ petiUona Ibff
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Tin tarni y HIL.
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V. _> I IIOX. i 1 Mi Cowan
nil Hu- iiiin-i.illi.i l.r |.? \ ni ?if ? ?lu.?I.I
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??i! it a as the pn<k ?ntl rlurt ul tturrk-an? tu luvt ud boata
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lunn', ii nt rocka Ib? i
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nu? Miel, pri? ?I? "i1 I II? ? "
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v. MI.j-li, U i late l!eU-lli?.ii, ?Uti lo kim? tin ti iel..1- li
till i .?.vii i
Iii COWAN iiii i. i,.-. ..i '. . : ila te take the
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Men.i n ?. re I? ?!' ?..! ti-'l !?i . '.i !.i.-l..i! .':? might go lo lill
|.;i'i i. .lu ; ? of the Willie i.TI ?nilot i?. i i Ih In-'.1
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ti?? r. II? hoped Ih? i milli pink, an
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? l.mi_l:|.'l.| i'1,1? lie? |..|-I.I,^|. H ht. a[>l_?-:sr
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Olh ?li!.I.'?I li,r? I!.i: ni th? I'' . I ?.,?,.-11,1(1 mill .?.Un ii
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of tliiil lautli. 11? lunil.l ?ii|? ii I., hil frier- limn M_s.nrliu
??'.-i Mi VV'lUon) to t-ipn-?? hi ?ijilulon on iimi ?uii|. ,t _?_]
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mi tl.ia ni!. ?Hull He -Kihi i lum?! - I he ?Imiirtl.e
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?lil rot? iii-lit m. ti..? proposition no? L__I?__?I~
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Mi Mt I.K11 I. ( Hri Me) ?i.n| h?; eould n? t t? t,ev. I! i t
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He ?OH1.1 not ..i.M'iit to tee Mr. . ow?o prttcnd t?. Ulcwea
t!.e p'irpoee of brenhin?? it ?lown. It wa? ti.?: ?il?!
..>?..??.'.k' n ni. "?mo ?xiie.i? ia oraler to defeat it. Mi
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trim?/ to i..ni. mi-i Inei, but be woulil not ??.??...?I Sir.
l?o mil ni ?III.I I.-n II, teyWoi to the I? ?ral nrpnmeiit . I M.
r... mi Hint fl.. i.n.|*i?ltioii t?. tli?frsinl.i?e tho??? who hart nar
Iii i| "Hal III the li? I? li nu of the npht of frai.? hine wai of the
1,,,1'iie of . n ? ? jH,~t r?< to !nw ninl therefore ?in on?titntional.
li. , , ni. I.I!? ?I tti.,1 no ? nii'-hii.' !?' ?n? iiiti'ni|."|rr uitl?? t.?1. It
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\!, i l iV, AN i. ?um? ?I 'I.'? lio? i i? leply lo Mr. MM rill
mini .tim. .ni/ tliul m dei rue n 11,1,1? of Ihe r.pni ti O?toyp
?ad ?aaara fooymtmt ?aeaelef the nature o? nu tv. ptietfn io
Mi "VAI'H (Hsp Ohio) ?1..?I he 1 .?I , ot ii,t..|,i!..| ro tnle
purl in tbo ?liM-iiNHi.in l?eciiii??' on ile ?r??t ?lny ol the l??t .??
.,, ?, , 1 1 . nilli ?? le INH.HIIK? ii ti,?? oniriiuil hill lo "?li.? li 'I??
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?.ir Hil T ,1 ?j'?.?n i.nt of un) neill.n ?rriinth. lb? In.?I
?Inn-? la ei, of "| nilen tl.nt ll.e ript.t to Tot? in a i-epiihiieni
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I'l ill ? la lilli tint it IT ol,lil be n.fi' U 111 li lie i:l?S ?)f Ih?
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their o?B ntl iir? a? ti-?? euiililie-ition f??r snlTr?fe !!.' ?li?!
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I.I With the fnir?u r- ["ii !.. an ?. utn.,. lil a Len ti,? _ tear th?!
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did ii,., t I" 1?, 1 ti? Ipatl in ti,?" t,..!. 11 uii'i.t 11. ...n -I ,uii iii . '? ni
'Le Ina;!,. ?! ? Lunn 1.1 'Li pi.nhst i? i ?pi. m ? > ol ininti. Ill?"
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:,, ? nald lae? ti.i la rep?blica? lorn, ?u -roi. ruinent?aaaa
1 ..t Uta l! ?11? la . a-,-e !.. I . , ? 1 ii :L -t ?II I li-'I ?Ml? nl.ul
tot 11 . ? 11,11.1 I,! lol the ?elinle ol tin? 1. iiiiniiinl ) waa pi..01 to
thr liiDplr-Bl iiitrll.cl. ti ,)t lu? D4 i . ml '!.!? H'lTI rim,en' OUhl t'l
?lui,,I IH..I'loiihl mi,ml fi?i.T.-i. Who .? f Hint . -iii/iit lo be
1 !<?'?-. I. .1 IT 11, IS I- I II' In IO. |;I? I lilli I lit I ?'. 11 ?1.lill II i ? I ht?
? . 11? 1.1 ii tl.e in.n.I n Lo Lue 1,0 . Ila 1 ini.i.ni i 1 I ,\, f? i.'linp
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ni'?!. . n.. n? ami moimi. Im* . 1 cr bsjeo ?hat ti - ? |,L ,|.,|
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pending un., miment Le l!i!finli<l Io vote for it Ile
in ?I? lit 1, nI I nie i 111 rn.In. ..I It I- raaac -In? .1 ifl.I i.,,( I <. UM best
Inn? HI..' pi, .. ti, ?,Ullin tie Mil. . ' I ,i? ;i- Ii. 'Le I'll . ?if II 11
.1, ,, lowie BB Inulno doubt ?I liar??! he nu? f'illy foe ti ? . I
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tween (te fe a? al? and t ii?? te.?'? in ii"? r?*?*ie< ' ?hilo
I. Iii ?ero nilli ?ill',. ? l to tie annie law. 1 li?' 11 HW .? li ?I
mir ?u .! M. M ...I? ? I,. 1. i 1? ry ninnie ., tilt Is?
rcspt'l nlile for the ju?t (ion rnii.i-nt of the .-?until .I? inn? ii 11?
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Mi "1 ills, |(, |, |,| 1 mnj he ?li.? i,.,t ?turi? ?Uli oth? r
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?.I t.'. I..' ti. II. . .'n.l ?a .' no 1.1 .-'inn ni ? hy ? Wv
11 ni ?l,< . ,1 ; it i"te lim! would lint ?i|lislll nppli to 1 remita
n.un li?.in toting Hut nnothi 1 ..In. ..In.11 had 1-ceii liuole !a?t
li . r i,li. rim? bud is'i'i. d'? .<l.?l I'T ti e |" "| I? Hin!
li- au? lo, adhering ta ii. .1. Ile w?mid ...... .he "?. . .?'". "?.in
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amendment II. ?as npims.sl lu ."u ?t'llag Ih? two l'iicst.ons
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kail a rrrnt crT??t ni??? Mr. Towan If Mr.
? . ?uni ! n.l n u.l 'i.i speech? f of ti. ?mu a .' .1 n (. ti.?' pi.it
t.? T. ni? Le HO'II.I Luir n Utttt 1..-.1-.I ? l.??n lu I. in? th?
: . . " ?., tin ?a mite Le enti .
? . . .!. foi Di. L 1-1.!.''inn "' the
j .1 ?Le IT,mu u o| ii,, lamt I,n,I lin nuLt u
Ml ' ''-ii, ??ubi offi 1 ?linn us ?.limn? ns ?11 ind.pi
. L. TimiLI int.? for .'
? r II, una ia !?Toi of lirirro ?'lill ii?*?* If ? "ltl??- li
-. We hine won ii? titi tn? flistriet
? f ? ,,i. 1 iii farther ?B4 say w? have wi? It for fill the
Mut. ? .,1 '!,. t 1. mi I?, (nie the 4Til" ?if Mir? li !"?.' b. tore thi?
.1 shall . I?-?. I ? ?.>..<.' the ii?'|?|i? ? in nil the
. . ill I?? 1 L.th. .I IT uti tin in.-:.! m ?'.ifini,'! I have nut a
M III ?-l.lili K-i illetn., In.l ) siltsl Mr vTilaon ?hy. li
th ? 1 bj. 1 i Liol I?', n d? 1 -M1? ?I by tin- hut . lettinn? ll.e eoiiilder
. : 1..11 "i tin? hill ?s? .h?, nui um,?,I dunni; ti,?? lust ?eetioii. alter
1. I all ' a-' |M..t. ii Hi.? II
Mr \SIIMIV ?uni ?he r?n?oi. waa that ii wss found thor??
? .- m I ?Ir.iii-lh . 1.I'II III the Senate lo puss it ?ti 1 tin? 1'ieii
li. 1,1 1 ?.??.M li,II? I, t IlUt till I'll ??ili-Ut TTniiil
li? 11 Ihe Toleo nf tin people bad lieen
.T me'iiiino? ?1.
M lull *. ?? 11 nu lentous
righi ?I -Ulli..,'?? I...I in 1.1 ls?en ifoiierull) eiiondeil to
?s. ne n It hud not only B?T?f !- . B ,,?k"l for by Women, but
Li U-lioir-il t'. ?uni.: I?- ..?j.,t l,i I bet? I li? tv na? iinothoi
? -lil lint I?-nlb.'ixl I?. T..I. It tliey puitlcl
? mast 1?e n pur? ofiLe n.Ititi? St
I a port ion of a ?."ter from -I,?hu A.l?!t,?. in which th?
fii, ? L.? ren?.n ? lor hi? np
.'...' who faTi.irtl Un? nendiiia; ann lulll.enl eulltelad
til that ? sais li ?linuld hsTi th? !I'I ol iarTra<ra for har own
lie (Johnsoa) ?Ivays ?ui'|?i?i?i thal tim daly ol
prutei ? liiii|li-?l lo tin ir liii?li?inls nn?l their liroih
era l plalactl that they had IMM aulticiual
Som? ?n? li ?.m,pla.ni? Inul l?*-*-ii ms'lc by a fe? Lui
: they wen such aa w?ra rerj ??t..I-.-I 1 ? aVn-otainatisl, nmnir
i - lo | pata i? ll.e
I political
Mi t?WAN raked i! ll.e pt?- III* of Indies nt the polls
u"uld : ;>l' :
Mr .11 iii N >4i\ ?aid ii a??U '?I I', k.'ulof BM
- ih o I n.l ""in it Li
\ .!, iii?u, all mun '" 1 'rim! iVLt I.??I
' u ?"iii.ili lo \"te. T? hen ti .- : ipi I un- .!? no .1 lo n Ni, uni ,1 l.e
? ii,in Hu ini'.iti.-i nt Ir*.
Mi.\\.il.| || Boor In -t.hoi.io of U
'.a ..i th? ,,-,.. ' . omeo to
j ' ?' la?a .?.-t
Mi 1 1:1 I IM.Ill fSl N i|{ep Si . j,;,,. **_
fimo Mi. I'.'m-oii that ?mini. Totnl ia Nea lor-.t Ud ii ,i
ka ?.illili, !.?. ?I ii. . ti' ni? 1 !.. v .li.l ot one tun. ' lu.l nat ni
pr? ?? nt li. ?iniiil ?in i..Ml,, i ti..,! ihe Hiuni i' i
o, I um ?nut la int.. Nm. Iiiinilrr.l aad niiit>i.ii.e oat ol
. ?,, i. ? i??. ?,,.(, '-. ia An,,u,., ?ni,tul i.unit? but what the?
i i,..? n . ? | on toe i i
?mil ?ii- I... l-l aad In,lie! Iii ,.,|||il lee !OI,,|,I,I . .
l'elllllllp Hie I 1? ,-!.:. lain II Ul Ml li.?lill? nilli lol I'lOlll Oil
ul Mi I'IHII 11 11 i. (Ki I w. . . ..- ia I,,I, ,"i
IK'I BE OF R?PRE8KN1 \TI> 1.*?.
CUMSTiaU ?'K \ Milli II . Al'..UNA ItlMBKa.
Tin? BPE vKKli preaented ll_iV>t?dentiali ni
mu.?-r II I"*., n It'-pn -. iitnti?., li. th? \lill ?
' . lena I I ?ist riet ol '-'.'iii ? aro i... Itefcm I to the t'uraioittce
on l:?-roi.-t!'u lion
?? MMIl I'K VA.'TM'V ni I.I Ii.
d ti. uppointm. nt ul Mi lailm
?li- I - I'elll I On thi "I ? r: li ? "lilli,,!!, I n! lia Ni V. (lill Jl.?
riot? iii plan ??: '?I; ? u ipi -
HiMMIi ni. ox ? _u_s.
^(?i.t.ii.ii.i Mi in 1. A"? n ii;, p ni,,.,, the Corni
? ,,? . :i pO? i led tu m lal foi i W l.ell
en r it ? u?. i i,,-?,.11 to du ?o in its iiiiitstiaal
-I'll V M.li p,".,.I i., I ill lb? ' i.,i n
ot I if- Of nit; ? i n?K.
\I: W11.-I.? illip tow?) limn li.? I .lite.
. lal. li., dutll ? .'! thi fieri ..! ll.e Illili?,
ol pi ?n-, m ,tn, - in pi'p.,imr f"r Hie urpui,:/ati<<
j House . . i i -i m
. ,
of II,. I..'Ti pieii Un?- Mon -Lull linke n
i?.Il ?.i th. i:< pr?sentai namea
? of lill B4 motil .lilli'
. -i nti-,1 in t! ' nell |l' ni
; and .? ntlals ?how t
! ?me i, f-ul il? ? I.. :?
? ipi ? Iii. li or ? |lh ti.' Lui- of tie 1
? | n.ml. - ti "i m i. r In tin ..n . '
ot i L ii or of his u1-. m . or inability to illsohnip
- nil di n lu- on ti.? - ?i m like i ?se
m bia I i? i. . , , thin]
. i ii.:- ! m a i. Ion* | UM I .il'l' bj
j nor inofi lean L
.| WM-ON . vplmi.ei! and advocated Iba MU aud
? itlon nu its i ?
Mi TIMK titea ni mi represented tb? impurlaBCc of th?
i lull ,D that ,t should I
i Hi ' .: ii., pi. i ,
biil Hy 1 .
illa. Mirri:-.UN ______ A.M. T__9_9t__t_mat URM
Mi. WIIX'V Mop IOH.-I) fioin the --me t'oiiiiiuil.i i?
p.?it.i! u l?.il ti. |.i.-.i i.t I!.?.' !..? Bti-f of illog?]
-n.l io- ? lit tittil of I're?eieiil min I i" Pi"
1 the i mimbil- ni??! re-.ol.il ,.i. mite? thnt th? li'!" Ilion Which
w.,? ? t?-?.: i ? u peedee ti UM l'uiu?.: HtatM igalaal mt ftmym
uiitlioritie-, if the I. on li,i.lent li,. le... .:.li I '...'-' ? u nleut nml
ifToltii.p loini bul ?Lo-e i.ruut.i/iit m..i nlh.'l lol?''? hud now
Iseu ov'U'iie iii'! li ii- :. lol'atmi. ii;- . .me the
l?-..plool ile ??lerul iKiilimi? of tin? I iitul aaattl U'.*ict?'foi?*
n ??r. ?ri.ti il r . BtaaM of \*irniiiif?. Nmih
CaroUaa Baoth Carolina, Oaorgia nerida, -Jab?ate, Ml
?ii pi Aikiii--.il-, I.oiiKiunn mid Te\i? ?.! ".nil . m'P'l.-r'itr.i'iit
ami soih'IiirlK .1 tin ir i^litn? ,1 n ' .' ., - wit?? tin- fui?.:, n? io
d. pri\e Hu M of Un i,K! i
(Jutted Htatea lo th? posltlm I RcprusenUtitc?,
tli',1 ti ,-\ ,:??', le i.-tn;ei| to llicil foi :;.<.: polltll
. -ii OI.IT ) li.? eui*!' -r.t of li '? In? 'iinVi, ._? 1 "TV! of tim
I't.?led "?tute?. Uni it Tioulil IH UytbpM U .?.ii.m.iMti??? tims
ilfpillS?! ?1 elTll (Tilt <l nni< ot .-l.i-l ?I.. political loli.ti
. n.;i.eilt ot : :..? nie tm) di?tui Led foi pal
in ,p.,i....i i., n ... i ;.-. tlaa >,i PraaUaaa tai v icei'us.iiem al the
I'mtod Hliiles. It therefore eiuicts thal until the law luuliap
pos-emf thal MI. ?I .-?tute? sl.nll haw? ii,. ..." d l.,I? , ?'tal |*?)l
lion?o'the Pi u.d Si-Tie?, lie!et,,f.i.e |. pu-?c!ile.i m<o.urn??? u?
!??ot ViiMuiu >tntti (.'uri lum Nititl, < urolinn ?.
I 1,,1'ilu. A!, |rn| Ariao? ? i I Teta?,
i??t??i?'?l I?. Hu ir ??.lltii ii ?oliitiiiii? io the I'tiim, Ihey aliaO no1
1>o etititlr?! t" i. pronuUtiiin lu the ?li?? lorn 1 utill-if?? mt VU
?I l'ie?ni. i,r ?nd \ me I'r'snl?!'! . *
?ml lb.it .mill inie ?I."li
? ? opl a? ewl, ,.
!? ?! ill.m? in the I'nioii ?ud i?iilll!i-il !" r?*l'r'**-e?
M ll.li. M Wiivon ?li.-tli r In? I. I
Mi ii
XI. K?N'I'K ?tiKKe-l**?' ll.al it W a
. '..'*.. I? . . - uni, ,. I ir-llllla I ? '
thal if ItoBeaoi .'.??i* ?o postpone tu? Aki'? ?I hu e noobjee
.nu IH the ii-, ?t ,?.? -,t ol thr bill ???I pt ant!? ????'oin
nutt?-?? haalN-sn ur? i*-il r le aro ?Vr-n.1 II .i!r??a?+y
???uHu-he'l In ?*?" prena.ole lb?! ? ?unaii'tre rural wl?., ted the
derlafatieti ? ? ?hs l'r...i.i' ?f the r?nt?d -?f I . that the
,.?i,|r'i.V. Jjemeeeen ?.rule he tl,<> people ?f ?he Hotlth in the
,'?.i,r?r.. I 'h. I.. I ? .i, ) .I ?!. jin?-. i| .. rTiii? pel-t-?I Of thS
In i ;i .'? ?'I ? I? ?. .? ?' ?ronKiit It l.nd ?lite followed the dee
'i-n-,i!i.i??in?.l? l'y < ?>r,K'r?"-? in the joint res< tntlsai ? roridhlf fur
tbe ..it!ui??i.jii ? f rru iiifit-rs treni ft-Mme the! tlio peutteel
.iini,m.? ?I pert??-ie ol ti.- ralea formerly r??pre?*iited a?
N.B.?'? t? uni i'"t b?> restore?! IT thr ?.?.??.?nt ti the lan ii.?!?, if
power of the fal?. - '??t.itrs. On th.?' t-.-. i ?I? i l?imi?.?n? in tli?
?naasUs tt.? . ? inn.itt?--? t?n.-.| ita |aat-I .i. i of th. tri [a
Ile i r. nrirut i II ?ti thS hill the ''inamittfT h?d fallft-T . |
.....:.' . '..i . -. II . ".. X.WVilltii? ? lier ta, io th?
r. sol'itiou r_?rinding 'roa? the Electoral ? i
in r? l? 'ni. i. I i i . ni', in!!, i'i ??...? ?i? that tin ? I. o solution
?.i? . . ni.in.I m it? ..perution? to tho I'ty .i ?f
l-l.?!. Illili, thr? I : 1 ir'iU'k'l ll.-i! li -, .-. I : lil..lily.
Mr. KIN? K ?ii(.K':'trXl thal ti?-;-? wa? nii.ithrr .liircreiiea?.
I lint nt Hint III.I? the ?.?nillir? ?u? ill the ILiiist ?ii ?ar, III ?I that
uri <u-.no in the avlnt of i?cat'<?. |_xprcaaktaa of __-teal on
the RruuWivan
Mi W)l.s<!\ -\i'e ?ero nt thnt til!.?: ii? tho
iii.il -i?- -liiiik ti," . Hi-? t ?if ?lint ?m- un ii.oran! mi!-- fjista
to ?lui. lit-ding li' lit 'I? ?I'll 'In' i'n ?,.li lit, li.?t llliit war
d)rair?t the ?Liu riiii.eiit ?if til" I'nite.l l-?tel deprived thoso
? -? nil - nil at.ii..-1'i'ini'i.f ile T , ;,i. .1! nut l?r |? i mit!? ii to
parti? :.i.n of I'liMilint ?ad Vice President of
.1 Hu?- ___-I har? toes with the C1T3 gor
. .-innen?
Mi II ALK iii.;, S. Y I -ni that without eirre??|ng any
opitiiun al to the II ei,t of ?iir Mil I?' llioijfhl ?li?' li?, i-? ?houlil
imt ii It now ?ithisnt it? bein?,
without opportnsfrjr fur its exaait-U_- l>y member? eua i.ir
'I ??-u-ii.-n It ?.H certainly a? g ..1 e\.T
. i.i.-iiK'1'l'le-nit'nti'iB of emu th-.? Congi I ne bal
i? ' n .?. npled -, us pr.-ne question? from It? eomin? ctr-?nt
I In- pre. ..'lout ?mi IIT the Chairman ?f ?I?' ' Hlieinrjr ?'?.tnmll
t.e ?lui nui -tri, him a? tppll? ..II?'. II" trn? 'mr -r ?-lii.'.l ?itli
the arrtnuent a* it no? ?tool, ft ?lid not nccrasar?T follow
that ?hnt ?n? ?itlnn tin sphere ?>f CtjagreM ?t the rnai 'he
.m ?ns actnallj raging ? -s i.e. ??'.?in!;, i |>i ?.. ?-?I at for
iieiiiin tu dar \\ t.-iti-i'-r might In-ihe theo?y ai to ti??? posit Wa
or the le le Hebel.state? it e.uil.l not lay tit ii": c1 th it ?I y ?i i-te
not noa nt a stat? ot h<Ua jtnnrnnte. He e?7Bee?led to Con?,!UN
tie' pom r tu ?I. tei iniiic boa ?'-rfniii ?-.tent ?lure low lind
hu? tur Krate? i-net !?. tealored to titttP repreaentattoa
len ?ni In rlu II- ii |in-?r -ntiitioll lil the el?-? tornl .-.lierre. Hu
. '?. '? Iii M1 " nil Ntual ?in.? rlIT thal tl"-i'i- ??n n Inn;t t?i that
pawer sad rbet H ?lui not Ile -til. t'ongreot and?
.. ii.?I m nil i -ii?. ? m iini?- of pern : wur to
?us that certain State? tie? ball not be > .-j
in ? '?n.j. i . >-. ||.i th rel'.n-IIIBT? il'in rlu
I? part-ail Hu- hill not lu ini. . m.i ?in ?t ti i< in. i.iiii;
?HOST ?I t?. I?- iii?!.'.I ?nil ?milt
.lu I!.- ?...ii.i not mu rim t he ?nilli then be lonnd ia opp.nl
niniiiit Ile m-I'ht be fuini'i avipporriag it. Mit to_er ha
im? nut prepon ?I to t.. ?til hu lute on ?>> im|?o tant n .
Mi Wll^tiN aseented t.? 1t? f?oetp?>ne_?-it nn-l ? ?. 1 i? m?>
lion (lie hill ?a? mni!.' n ' I* . r?! ?ivl?-.-for 'I" I. ' 11 -? ! . > -t?' and
i. .i. ,.-.i i., t.- pri?t? ?I.
Mr. tv II.'-? ?\ iU?|i Io?ni. Hum sun.?' I'oiiiiuittee i?.port?d
a lolII to repeal ? ?i inni para ?k1 ii?- ?el ol April '?? I".-J mr
Ibc l'un.?I.nunt - . ???ii.-.iu .-ni.?-? ni; .ins! Ibu I led >
It n-|H'rils ?o witch ?i ihaaeiM proiei.-s thal as persea s?mil
!.. 11.-., ii.il .I.n puni i?-! Car tr- m apltal
ni!, ine. <-r... jil the in?!:, tin. .it therefor -''lull bo tamul llj Kl__d
juri a itli ia tai - dtcr the irrii_iii or .-..?pii-il
?Lull be . uuiiiiiMiil. An*I a pi o? lilas thal ananas irail'y of
'. .H nil? i -??II? i... . muy H any iini?- ii.' ira.iii.-t. aI. und
?ml puniti>?tI il.erel.ir
Mi LAW .11 \< J. i Hep. iiliio? osplaiue.1 ami ?.iii? <it- <1 the
? s u! Ii... hill.
Mi MIHI I AH A KULK Rep., Ohio) III ililli 1 ?hll__lhS
lull ?oulil ?lliii. the ii.. 1 of |..iM,n? ?ii?-? trnil ?<i? lui? ?wiTeil
hi llio mt of i .'.I!.
'.Mr I AU KI ,\< K n|ille.l ia the imi.iuitr-?here the vrime
?us ?liri ml? lorn?! nu m 11 ? iia?lit to pros.
Mi -?TAI l?l\?i i Id p nhi.i) tiii,nii ?.?1 ?bether the toil im
!???..!un? liiii.i.iimii ? laBterer.
Mr. l.\\\ 111 \? li ?uni ;t .li?! not.
Sl'A LUI NO asked w!. ? tli? r ii ?ould not be helier to
? lllij. 1 ?? ? x!? lui ti ' l.l. i lui |.|-...?-rllti?n.
Mi LAW KK\< K tliuinf.it no1. Their ?a.? no l.tnilntis.n tor
-inli'iiu n -?lj!<- -.llin-e jllliKpillaleiao.I hOal IK?-U ll
Mr ?'?IVKI INti iKep, N. V.? aske.l * bet bri- tho ?li..lo pitr
poae ?if ti?, lull ?u.il.l nut I?' .ie.iii,.|.; asilar th?*
?ti.tiitie of limitation, aad whether it ?erst ?orth ?hilo tu.it
ii nipt to ?lu ni tin? hill ?hut ??? known lo l/e uut-onstitutiomil.
iniiiii.ly. in rerireaa e-baae ? hi? U i? m irnih o Mwved. If the
.-...I iinv law tliet asunght io teilte' it ?a? aa ._.
Mi I lilil? .- K ?aid Huit if lins bil ili.l not pass, nlllla?
' iii?..ndtbo?e ? ho iiMiis.-rtiteit with
Inn' . . on tnpt li. mi pun lilli men t. If?- wn? will
Ina? lo go tollu ,'i-e.! ii"- ? iii?tuiiliou lur the purpoee of
. ?r '.Le . uri? ltc_sou ol tho?e ?no innuFiirule- the Hotel
Mr. STK.s BXS ? li? p.. I'.i )-I hine alwey? luokul upon billi
thm bit-..-. . i.1? ntl? bee* prepiirv?! far the par)???, ?f i-.seorUui
in?; ho? ne ? ni i-oiiiiil inen ? lioin ? i' ?'4-tmK ?naviet under
lin? law? mulei ?huh tm i rim?-?a? t__miit_sltarith<jcr?r-ldi??
tin?! I ?lo nut IH-III-TL-thiit ii l?"t.-o?)iea lins mil ion. Id?? not
!? lien thul It is ?ali- for ii? to ?inleriako to pas? Utw? by ?-hieb
\i ?. ?an panUb inen. Im? ITor f?llt?. ?rho i"u!?l nut bl piitiiraheti
ninl. i tin- In?? sailer arl-ah tin ortiue??? oomaiittosL Can
n ?Iii r ti? Constitution so .is to thai fa lb? pla?.?: o? trial
ii iruil'ii?. mil ?ii tb.it tin i?/?.? in.-.! I?- clmuirwL und tluit
they ?hall I?- triod I ?J Jurors ?iinuimintl Irui.i miutii. r Isniiwick '
The I'unsutiiii'.u nml tmi lu?? pruMtle ?. i? i_?--Uj that ca
|H 'vMilly tniiBuii cn?? ? are lil?. I neil lu I lie pim .'? leis) tho
null Ml? i.iinmln?-<l, In ii ?luirk-i |ires ioii?_f n??.-i!r!iiiiieil l?s
li? mid iiumn jury flinn thist baliiwiolc. AIIT Is? that pro
i |H??e? to ?has_s iii?t in ?in "i it? hatarea Heka to me eo
':?. att> III|I. mi; a kimi ol juill? ml ninr?!? i Unit 1 baie
Innis iilmiil In tout li li 1 um awn:, lim? if ile trn it..m
1 of tl.y s?.nth noir I? be trie?I uinlur our exuilliirj; . onslitistlim
' nut ?nie ul them v. uulil eui I? . "iii iele.1 I ?houlil ne? or tst
? t -in jil tu tri tin uyCur 'n-esnii I ahoold tri ?beni ,i? ln-lliii. nut?
I iiiiil.-r ?lu hi? ? ut^i'iuiis ami under tin- IMII? of war.
\ Ml M111 : l ; - i inn is ?luit jon noi.lti ils H pee ?ne MM
I A.liiiini?lri.!:iin
Mi prrKVEXS- I .im apeakhwof what I would tlo ?hen 1
' (r?t im? ?lie Ailiiiiiiiatrnliun [I uiiirht'r ) I kim? that ant
i iitteiaii? to ni thiviu foi treaaon woahl I? a tathire ?lthuii(?h i
?oulil n?.i i.i.ei.iirni;!' the nlleuipt , Imt I mci tuni thia I
: that I am full] M-n-il le Um! ni'i.i "f i em nadci run ,
('oustitutiuiI nml Ins. ? i mil.-II. . 1 jet 1 ?ould
luther h t en i? lunn of th?iu run iiii[iuii r, than
lu. ike n hi? bj ?In. li Iii.? . ?ililli I?' ?iiiiil?he?l I T1 ink our
?.iiMTuni'-iit ? i'.!'!?.'!?! in-i-r ii-futur?-. \ ?t? M ? and it? char
.'..r Justice before tin- world. I think that the Hritish
meet suffered mure from I hi monler or Lord William
..'? i ! ii i unit
"'hi', it t_w_?J _.ri ihrore.'. PT in? ^._,.: ':'. '',' TJ-!'.'-i ! Vi"1
I! i- l.iitei'iiiii.'nt l,n?i lartter li ?-ateful ho? It t'i.'^"" ?--?
? uti the i linn or tin i? ii.?? ? tot li it is helier I?, foi\po a
i.? ?ililli il.t- ?mill ?ill ii?? jmrtlT
m foti it . ? ?ni .in-.I otTensa than to attumpt
, DOW ta pana la wa lwt I be malefactor? iimj' eaeap? r ? pro
to I* ? lull tu muk.- lad hiiiie the time for prosreatloa for
..no ?>f ti.UM it'ii.-,? ? hu h of all others aboiHklee >|Diett- b)
? ?: i.me. Murili-i .. a ili!ii-? -nt tun.ir. There an nauuj
j eiiKiii-is! imt unli lu I ii I? !,io ti, .(ii,, re niunt
I? ?.?tu?' auietii-f las sad thi-at oag-1 tu l?-. m uij jml.iuiM
ii.rit It do-? not follow that ?Tcry traitas ea_?pee who ia asi
? r.lasl ? Illili! !: -lilt.- til?
ml. ii'i- I !.. statin ol limitation? inn? ia anj cn?? , in pt it
lu um? Ii-niii the lune
I ? hen it ;-i???-rim-in i-i.im? i n t-ut Instan- 1 * ? ? j - ?
II 1 ?It. i-i ! si.ppi.se un? ; ,.,!i H.?mil ?lu?
ll, nt ?. lui.- 1. thi atetute
I t.!.m. -.ini.lil iur. Ii . -? ih. time
. ?; nnun i.ted.
Wh.-tlMT t?nt I.? ???m i.?! durlnp; the eonttaaaiaee of the ?ear Iks
. uiitiii.i ii li i. H? a conti and that O__MS
'I ennt um? ? up in tin- i.n.. ., ma_ it
- never ha? beVn proclaimed. 1 ki-?a thal a |.i-ittlemaa nu the
Aieiiue hii. put ii . ' ?- ol pepcr ?hieb he tl.iuks
I m ii.? j sie of
im import!,: i e i.iul the .iii? ?le
i ni?-.! . ' i | Thi?
i n;..,... red 111
i t ia.-? r. nt? ure ii. ? . purni ?.! 1, . . . .'.. all ? itl II?
' i.?in....I a? t-rimiaals lim..:. no necee
1 lit) im ii i- lull bel it then ?ei a neee??ltj for It 1
i? Hi.ii.li oliji-i t t?. i.n. ?iii. !..!> i.? I? imrr nisi?
, ? ni. t'tt.'t. i...- lo treuaon, which would ?n?!.le the <.u.einii..-t
lo i mu ket where It la ? eald no1 ? out let
t ?a M? n ettoi a-Ma iii?- ?ii'
i"iuiuitt??i i ?houlil 11 ret] thai te MS saa
, milli teil ? ii iiu.'ii u! Iii??' uii-n
\ nlii.utiL'.i i.oi.-iip-.tiil pun?-i . becarh wbealtrse?
i l??t. uiiii have i.iul forgotten lb? which In luul
iowa I haTe neit-r Nt-n tor blootly punishment I do not?-si
>,.i.-i thal tiu-i? ? II ?aflleh i I :.!? a? n ?u D add bj the ax? i ation
. .'i. .it i.-.ul? i nt the Rebellion riekeii Vin, t tis?
lulen of
mni who.il lu- sun- unil in ?rilinat-T
it un? ?o. ? ara! I i
1 thal I ' tilt) oi ?latj i1 . :-tu In ?tiiueil
ii.i i.? i he execution el ens ol ibe kalperi el lto prieea laeMad
ut I ? ini: riaiied .-i his coiernmenl is ?ii.-m.i
liri.- th. r-ri.AKi.il Interrupted, annean? mu ?lint the moru
mp hu . il.iil th?' bill ?houlil (.'o on-r till to?
il, t-riuv
Mr IXOEHSOI I (Ka? lui ??keJ l.-uie to niii.Hlnee n lull
lo i? tmi ii? UM ??it ot seta unu bulhou i j tht >? Matary ot rho
Ifi M v-ni:rii\i i|?,'p Qt) M__ 1er_srsadtaf.
The bill ? ni read It dit->t? the ?teeretary of th? 1'iaaiaiJ
I of p.ltl uiul uiver in th. Ireaiury ei?
??.. di |.'.:i.?M> MA), r.lul ?hei. the uitiieat- ..( t ,e I ion rnuu'ii? re
auire ita aale to give public notice foi m _eil-)daT| of bia
! iii ?in- la i Meet ?m b s?le of the Mmount lo be noltl, u.irl at what
'. parted nml ?hull rsasire seeled propeeala for ?ke parehuse of
, m? p?it there??) ?t the rreaserj InWa?biuf?oa, nml s'nill
i a? anl th? aale lo the hls-?at Milder or bidder? proruled the
j s?, retar* muy re!?et ali the bide nml al?" prou k?4 the iimount
: In the Tri sa'rr ?hull not be reduced OT?I I ?Jirju nesj, iui?l ?jlnu
I AeTM'-d tlmt 1 iilderi almll depofit two pofci-ent of the aaiu'.fit
I fil'ln, '. "> *? . ' *?. '
Mr. M'AsiniCLNi: dill ?a!,l tlmt tl.e tendency of mich a
! lull ?oulil l?e to j.ut r i in the control ?f the gold
1 ir.i_.blci-? II, Wall si
Mr INOKHSOLL ?aid ti would take the
ninttii ?mi _ tin tienda ol Ih? fold camble?, uml ?unid ?top
I cambUSK In g_ht li ?enid pul it out of the jxiiier of the
nt of il.e liin--i.il to ?nid a goklea J?- pi?.! inmc
I nowerru than any monarch in the worltl-? ?c-epter inndc of
PS (ksiisJU of i-oltl-so ti ti he euul?! u? pie?? mu? ruis? ti t' mar
kel ut hi? pleiiBiiri
Mi IrltANHAt I I (Rap Conn.) nlij-ete?! tod?
Mr. Vi .sllIll'KNK. ?Ill) ..?j.? ted to the riveption of the
Ile HFFAK-B -.?__ thal H It re.|iiir?'.l iiinuumoiia con
! tent lo Intrw i UM! as ohJsuUsa in- beea mude, the
j hill ?u? liol lmfii.i' Il.e I"
I UK t'ASB OF THE SU-IX matt. latmVKttt
I ' SI'KAKl ii im'?! mi 'i i in??-u?,i' li.nu tin I'i-esnlcnt
triiiisinlitntf'r?.-|?irt? lin n the Secretary o! War and At??.?ney
. (icueral ii? iel? renee to Ihecaae ol' U. E. Plokett, lele Maj?.'?
1 (leurrai li the Hebel army ia lap?, to the HOIIMC rea?ilutiuti ol
..i-i! uml nui nu tuni He '? tiidjitimi of l?ut ae??un' on
. ?el forth, but
!? and ?iii- ?i.i?? before the termlnution of the?
a the tullir anil ordered print?
B-fokt UP THE BE01STBB OV IHF. TKr.\ir?r.
rin SPKAKKli present?? a cmunmui? aimn irom ?
U_--allllni ih?. reperi "i ih? KefUteref 'he Treasnrr
tin.wini' tac recan?? .?.-eii.tluaf r-itie
3D I* 'I ' . ? . . .,? 0f ut ^re
ve.,luy iniill?!
HU ?.'?tbR?' ATP? HLi..r.?' ?UHAk 1
hir. 1MMR___.. iller lu ? n?'m ?.'?.<_:!.!?!?? .aT?i?
Ii.', ,i [?'.lill i??l
eorp? rut.n-r th? .-vohl.er?'sal f-ail.?-* ?jrphao Bom? II ??a
r?ad three tim?? ?ntl parnta.
Mr I) iRI IMT, (Ren N Y | presented a aetii.o-i ol Ih?
i Mm me I'lnlerwritl- of th? l'ity of New York-fer an tiBti-Wpriil?
t "n ro remove th? ?rech of 'h? ?tesiata? HeoU??,; al PAtulj
Hock. It wa? referred to lift li ni milt?? ?n Appropria???-*?
Mr ?.'l'NKUNti'Kep. X- Y > pr??eal?d . pstitioa ol la?
Ra? Dr Coter and other? askinp a m??dirl?jati??w??,f tase? pal?!
I'T eleipjm.-n 'teachers and . i ? Also a petiltaa at
iiiaiiii.ieturei? of and worker? x? :rory h4>rn, beac, eto, ?aktag
?chanpein the tariff. It ?ra? ?ferrad to the f.'oaimiW?? mo
Wnvs ?nd Menus.
ill? II..11.AT1ON OF _TTtjTnTy_yT9.
Th? bill report.?! from the J ,di?i?ry (?Vaii-ilt?*?, 04* 5, f?.r
tbe repiUition ?f appointments au?l ren-sural? frisa? on??? ?M
then taken np a? the ?recial order. An ?sat? ??led ?ud ?"?**._>?_
luneoiui lilseussK.u taXik pl-.t-ou tb? bill, which ?.? ooaaidaf M
r.? if in I'oaiiiiiitt'O of tilt? Whole and ranon? ??a??-????? ??4?
ised ami acted upon.
1 lie House huaily anien.kd the tint section Mu? to r??d M
f olloti ? :
That no orBcet of tb? United klette ippolalad ?n ih? P?a?a?lUw ot
Hi? I'r?.:ileiit. hy ?ud witta ita? i-lvlr? eui cannai o? IM "?ladt,
?hall b? r?ni< viril? ric?pt hy in.pt?, baM-nt ?nd eou.icnou. ?al by 1k?
i're?rl,iei,t with th? eonia-nt. t th? ?enal?. Prottit*. llo?i?M. thal ia
<-ete nt dliabiUty or _>li'?ru:diu-t li: ..ut*. oeiviiriin ?4 r'sr lb? tace??
til the '?.nit? where Ih? iateiMti ol Iii? p?h*t? ??rTle? ?i?y .? eke K
n?. ?.lary to dil] l.r? th? iuoui. bent walli Ih? ??vie? ia?etuae?4 o?
1 hat biir ten be duly had sad obtain*?! tfctreoa. Waa?! be Um tai IM
ib? PaasUaah on Hi? it,ommeudaOou at tlw k??d of iii? I* ??tri at? at
und.r ? I.?,..? junad.ellen mell utfit-s ?MT b?, tia ..?ps?*! Hw 4?_tt be
or drf?i.:.in? ?.tirrr ?nd to -*oinuii**'cn suotboi p?r?ai. tu p*,?f tm time
duli*? >l iii? plies until lbs .Viiite th?K?tt Ibei*-*, sn?i II ?liiiicetha
d'Uy of the President within <*" dsy? ifiet the neit .?.??u.r.liir* of |h?t
bray '" rej)ort to ii th? f?cts of ?u, b . .?p?u?ion sion? With the lea
sous tli?r*t?,r an.I the uaui? of lb? penen ?o lern'-?)r??Tyye*i?iB?!??l>-*>e4
hy bim. or ot stirb o4bn p*i*?on s< I.? m? this? prope? u> n?tala???
for ih* rh,.-, ?ud in OBM of Ihr r- :u??l . ? li.? tie-elm t? a-tmui ia IB?
i?mi???l ci.b.r by ? dlrtrt vol* t..er??u of by res<Jvl?a( and t???*at
in? tu tu? ap|a>intu,rat ot tb? pfiaiii io ?nu.in?Ord, I?? OVIH-?? wla* km?
bet 1 linn auiovi.drd abai I Ibrrfupou it.uiri? lta?rs*rci-s?f tai? ??Ki_l
fin ? i. i?. M though tl.e ian* Li? net IK?-.. ii.t?irui,t< ?I,
bit in no -ia? a.* I the per.on a? reitoird b? <-uttl?d
to my ailiry or comp?ni?tion for ih? nierv*l ?4 tlw.?
turinx wliii-b k1? fnwetion? rnsy luv? b*??n ia?p*i.d.d ?. ?for?????
Hot ti 0 ular m.? ?aMlawaais of ?o?h otk:? d?rln| su? h tutjmttAto)
tamil be-Umt ta ti*"?-'??? .. Uaiporaniy ??aiilssl-?d ?Mi portWai
iu? UM J litt ol ? 1, h oin. t. frotidtd. TbeA the I mid?-?.! ta? ?.?.? ha
I ?bs.l bi..?..ia?. M'l?a*d tb?t aa<? inipru*!?? w?s r?*tlr o? Memtktuynt
liiinii.if .fiai!b? antiiislied st ?ny rim? b?. or* fcoofiiiig?uy ?ac?
, ?u?i*i,?.,.n to IL? Sri.it* ai skuiH y, vidtd to mit. ?u. 1. >..p?4?.ca
, and rr-ii.tutr su li ofh er lu ti.? ? ,f-t et ni? ?B*? t. fi- tritU?fmrlkir,
T1.it II.'? .orion .bil. not api :) '-, th? Mid? . ftb* .*?. lal Ki??.Mi??
*)?J??r''lli ;u?
Mr. St i ? IAS fRep., l'a.) o if?'red the foflo*?. in?* a? a?
' ame'nii
! far.*! lad U it forth-?nietta Thet my mereeni minbee aero or
abaii iH-.nrt. r be uflii-iaaird In UM ((.Mt? tai ottto. sod wko ??a?
1 ful., ?vi air? li? kd-r-c? ind et:,.eui of to? l-Wuam Ibeirl? iballht?
' iu.'.p.L ruf le iil.ii??iiy fir. -it ?. ?'Hi..- uaaV-f I4?r L'H.'Ud Mists? CM
tbe tana al out year ?ft?r ?ucb IeirrlK.fi, ?tit., two lUuaia vf li?
*<?ii??? >b?U rrlirvr biiu if mil ?ii.*li,ilv Tk* yi.-4tctmm.il ol _??
r.j'c'eiby UM I-SensU ?bil! ilCl ccntli ?,?? to l,?,M Lil rnJ
'. ?nie?.
Ile ?poke in support of bis li >t ?ij-inc
I flu- iasf six months ii class , *
, ?iT?*rl??'ke<i in ninkinf iT.cn L.-ii i.? : to cfl!<?,-in4
w?-re now awiiitiiiir - ?Ion br ire S uatc.
! II?? hil?! nod.ml i t' .-it .a ,.'.. i II.a; ?
. lint if the rrr?ident Tren' ?la
a i,Hu e he would linsril tt.??ni t_U
inLiiip r* ne ?>f ju?t ?'ich meii. TI? I ?ard?
He fiM.-s.t-na) would |
ilirou-rh ?tieh slime. The T??TT fsel
1 rbi" wa? ? videiic? '
'li?hoin'st m 1. IrTtttt-rl wlth'tl tun! tbet tor at h*r.M cue jear
thev ?hotibl Ifrt. 1 no office.
Mrttll M I ? it. j. \ , ?'.n
prii?ti?*<l ir?ii'l. mnii fi ? ???I
? , I'vB
I'l.n'iii' iiiu! Le 'W ! I tu altuew? aud wtl
?.onie his 'It
v. itb tin- /?ni 1 . I
lh?"ie who liml Ist-t-u I.?
?;sli .ni::p tin ltesid? lit H. ,?.?! to pat
Into tin? turada of the r , - ? t.?. ?i
iritnist'il to rut msn
I I'reidib-nt rnipb't ?'-lui bia (Mr ">t? . lb? S nnt? **i.?
?11 otHee mid mi t .<? Scii.iti lit ?ul DUB, BB lNU?
, .lile ..f imid'iig BUT other offi c. t.i a pur ^^
Mr. Si RV KNS rrruarkiki that he wouM raa the rieh of b. itlf
. m Hist war.
Mi li.I It: went on to n mark, in n vei? of talllery that ta?r
?11 lim TI steven? w11? , nu VAm taro of
the e: rtii. bat yet tin t nut dteio i.o. um ti? tn?
I?mou to be th Connel "I a i'y. ?< -t II.''1 ip, ?r
"*?. roinniiii ?I? ? Arruv aa?! ?ji?ht reTtaB? IBTI?B
?i-ia his iippoiiitmeiit to sny ??f ?ur'
?haaU iiominat?' li'u and ti ? rcs-trit wr-eM be tl.at the. uuntry
??.?nid Is.- ilipriud ?'f bia valuable aanicca Iii
i I_iupbu-i-.I In like mniii.er if the l'.-reident tt.ochl tlealre f?
pet rid of Inn liian? or Hei. shtTTrnrin be bail ouh U laomiuat?
them for ('b?!f-.fiistlce and in being r./c*?-.: li? ?h? Snate
lh?(f?-nea-a) ?trrdd be rendertd incapable cf boidiiig bia lalli
tiirv piwitioii
Nlr STKVKVS in?l?t*d on bit ?a-cmhtiei-r aud railed lot ta?
Y??ris and Xnvs.
The Tens and IVay? ?ere taken on?1, mrulted Yea?, ia 'rv?iJ|L'
So tbe amendment wa? r?*jr,ted ar..l the lirtter cuir
non of (be bil! ?ral over till t?> to tnerrtw
Mr STKVKNS t: nt . 1 ? ro
poite.l u Lill to auppl.. >>^M_____?'<fl'''M 'M '"'*
4 ?ii-vieeot ti ? '(ion rnme'i; * ,Y* 7.
Ki Itrml to riimuiittee of Wie Whole aid nuulo ?pccial or?i?? IM
8.1LABT _tc__Atr.-A_JocA_t__ar..
Mi S1KVKNS lutrutli:...! a /nut *-aiil-li.A (ptuilina ti?
?liti?.i.?l io np? n??li?iii to e*rt?in eivd aa?playea ia law kies?
i ?. 1'. 1 art'iient in '\Vaiibiii|-t?>u. Rrfancd lo C't aiui.tU-e ot
Wara i.u?! Means.
I'iiC House at D40 adjOU-T???!.
\\'AMiiM?TtiN, Dee. 11.-The rectt.t ??ccre? by Ihc JuartB
(ii'veriinjii.t, tUilaring forfeite?! the gr?bt totuc I ?mniMi?.
t'<>ni[Hiiiv for? railroad and lelcprafh aero?:* ihc I?thtnua
of T< ! laiitopec, aud grantin(- u like frauchiHatf) the Traa
stt C'ompitnr, ha? attracted ?rreat attenrit.n here. On i?
tiBiry it 1? naccrtainesl that toe factr nre na ?? Dova:
I - ??* -i i-rntit Wai -pn.]e to sion und 1 e a??o<l..tr? and on?
hi na
? to 1 ...ijous, ?i? C'i?!jt ea? na
i tiled by l'l-esideut l'omoufort. nnd the trfcuCti-? mi\_n (0 tW
u t oiiipstiy. That Company liuvma fallen t-a .'?ta?
Blond ?ol*? within ll.e Uno pi? ?. 11'ntd. upplie?l to Juaies _\
I*-'" I??i ni, i-xtt iiniuii, 11 lueli ?us trained ?nd faun.?: nwaia,
appin ?i to Lnu in Irt'i) (or nn<it!i? r ? ?tiens.<>i TI!.ti. waa
.riHi.t.il Hy tin? |, rm? of the laat extension they were ?-on
pelltfil t.. coniiueiite tina woik by tbe l?t ot April IH)'?' ant
(.?iinpltte it in leven veura uni.??? interrupt??! M 'ni <JI '"?ar
r.. tim aud interruption duly proved to the iuti?l.u?!.< u-f.f th?
M.-xini! tioTi-rniaoiit. 'ihe work wua n?ver eomiaeue?*d. aa?J
11 1? ?lleiii-d l.v the Jn.ir. 1 ?i-.v? run'., nt tliatthrro wa? 1.0 wa?
or r.surrtet ion in Mexico up to the dnte limitetl for it? eoai
n.ei.i'riiH'ii* ?ad that Iii?- litbtuu? bus remaine.1 in p,*>c>irion ol
tl.e Ji.nriat? throuitbout tl.e Ir. :.iL ?ninnion. lue ?-mot waa
owned and mut rolled by 1iU1.n1 of I,oui?uiLn, aad tie Ha-bel
llitii in tin South waa d?>iil>tb?ss the . .ii??'of (Le dein? ia ?0?B
I aad ?x.tnpletir.ii- the work. Alter tl.e c?oaf oftb?
Kabellion II uii'iit of tbe 1 ItHapaay wrat? io 1'ron.eut .iuaraa
tor 11:1 order uinttin? the uiitboritiea 00 th? I?Uiiii*r? to
ptrmit tbem ha Boatuaaaaa wnrk. ?Juans repiitd that tha
eiur.t was l.ips?'?. and recotumeinled the comisiay to apply la
Lim ?or it? n 1.iii.1st ion *.TII1I prool of (food e;i IM- f< 1 tnilnre la
perfniu. Th? Oaataaa-r, kaataad ?; aduptiu,.- Iha auiri-'istion
of J um.?/ fort!.? Uli ttni au u?f??ut to V i millaa
ai.it gul u decree from bim re? ..?.-:n/iii|r il.e Krsii'. aa aakaMtM
and mitb.-ri/.i.?.' Ihc t oin? uny lo reinoT?; lrom Louis.ano u> ytem
\ or? an.', to t*h luife its nuDie t?. the N\? Yor* nnd IrbiiMO
tepe, li i.lrou.l and si. un..-i ;i> ??mipiuT Iii daal Ju-ure?
? a? applied to niemnvliil. lo tl,e u?w Tnutsit Cvlia^uur tilt tb?
?rruul ?mi nlier waitiuir several mouths for the Ltraikian*
Couipaaj l<? npi IT. in |.u,?,.,!,. e nt lu? suari*t?i.?-? I-? -murda
.1. tir.?.- int. 1.1. ir?. dad?ri?t l??~i Kr?Dt Bull ?nu <-o?d. and
the ftm.iliiiM.? to ti.? nea eompaiiy ?s Le han m emly ap?
plied to tL" '.?*. t-rniueiit of tbe tinted' St.itea U) ltitei'er? and
n d.i. . i !?/ t<> reioke bia deiree ?oaal
liii?- ti.?- finn hi?e. Thi ii?. . rim., i.t ?..1? i ?.?,..? ?I that it
lat??'?? aathJBf ?>f t-iieU ?meroo hana?? bera .--a?<l ty
li? ?n - I duuio/. bul at all OT, : i-tl.at the ?puestion is on? ia
.?hu!; tin. (ioTi-nimeiit of ti.? I'I it<d Stiitt? eui Bot ii.terfsr?.
All tin? .:,, i.mei.t? ?ml IsctK ?ff. 1 ting tl.e riitiit? ol b> Iii aaaa
II e 1,-ei. lUlimitleil to tl.u lion Caleb I u?h,i g. who baa
?.it. 1. si. o| 11.ion on tbeui Hu refr.rda the 1 ??UISBI
Jiuti.'s ?I li..i.i nu.! eoneltiiive as to ti.? rig* ts ol a,. | : me? aud
HIT?, ti ?t m? mutter w?,o n.ay Im tl.e I-' .:.. 1'ree.dent rd Ueiico, *
ti..? n.-i'iee of -lim.er. will Is.? re?i<?cted k? la?, he Win?* th? onijr
prism, m Mm.o ncogulscdaa l'r? . iini.njr prtv
teiiiioi.H 11? stich II? I . ... mna CtiBt
pony uiitlei? tbe deer.-,' ot MJXI?I.?I.. a fiauekis?,
as Kane of abor.t su? b Irgul sr,.', political effaci sa v , u.d ?a or?
der of-letTerson Ilftvi? extending ami de.-lariu-? ih.nl ?t__a yttr
ilej." - ?I n h the I'rr-. '..it of the L'ui'.eC State! Uid in t-?r?rat
ol Li TT i,?,.l uid lu,?????! anti, lo?t.
Ka?-t)_LKAirt, l>?_c. II.-Dates fnui IUUIJKO to th?
'li inst rej.ri-.cnt Southern Mexico in a d?plorabi? wndi
tiou. No legit?mate buaintaa ia baiog don?, aud ttt tjraat
eat tin. t rtmutv fur the future prevail? al retrnnla th? ?bil
1 ty of the .luafci party to hold Ta*_pit*o. TLOT bara -nada
burdensome forcoil loan? on the people. Tho Iuiperia-iata
have doui likowitt*. At San I.uia Potiisi |ti5,000 ?ara rtv
cei.tly c-iictad, the latter by Mejia.
Ii 1? reported that tb? releas*.- of (.lea. Ort**|? baa boom
?T T'issBJi?? ts-TB? raiavaa.
WABQINGTON, 1>CC. II.-Diipatche* hare bean ?eccired
at the ?sjavj Iicpartment ffw K iir-A.lui.i-al llc-irr K.
Thatcher, commanding the North F.u .tie. Smuuhoi., dat-nt
Uurted Statt-? h'l?-(-abip Vanderbilt, eil' Honolulu,Oe'obar
V4, 184J4?. Tbe Adiuiral my?:
I left Sun r'ntn.'isoo on tbe 13th inst. ia tb1? ship ba-napoa
1-oni.l . "wi-i'ii tuiuiaaud suite, for liouolalu, -lui _rriT?d hera
ou the _ti inst. All ?elk
TI?? Adiuiral inclose? a cop* of a ?1 ?pat? li to ...ID, IVOBB
hia Excellency A. De Varignj, Mnnater of Korei?? Rel?.
tiona, raturuiiit? the thank? ofthe Kiupr and hia tfonrt for
touit'sie? cxtcniled to her Maletty the ???u?-?tD.
- m
BT rnrinura TO ?ra? ?raiaraa
l'i.MLB Dec. I!. -1 her?- us areat *nthaai?*Ui over lb?
tlateriiiUMiUim of tba Kepubliean t ona*T4*?a to aduii t C?alo?
I'i'.f. "ti.iynard hu boan ?Dp?iinlad C?j-aBti?aio4,er ?0
roproMnt tt*? Temtorj- in the Van? Ki-rttaitton. it kuf?
amount of ininaral ?piioimen? haTi betin forTarte?..
it?- Cheyvun? Indi-n? atr prowHag aror.nt? Litlag
8priu-r?. ?JO Hailo? ??tt of rieurcr. Foti an felt, e? timj
.re known to belong tv a hu?t'ilo b-oil.
.1 lt>_j,'? to too ?-UihstUd
1 ' 1C1 ver.t r ?--.'- ? . ..,.,. I , 1 . ?I .
f,__t* biebi ...

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