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New-York tribune. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, December 13, 1866, Image 8

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but l?iaA?r ft} BP TRAtawiEt ai ?TRAM- -OB-ISM or
pan SLSAia (s.MMiTTfca IH-TRRI AY- FULL ?Y
?44?it-li O? TRB PB' I' Bl I I LAB?.
laBia*?-. tim H"' alway? tf^puif f"t 1 ?tat'.. Mia ia
ft?ip-.r.< . ? lud An . -
atwsne ?' s41?<,aate n.??L? ?1 ?oiveya-ie ?_r? ?. .
a.iry aati ?!.!?:. M io "Mariala toi tbo?? tia li-? r-i
a*a.<i ifaaa ?f mr?*?*?.? ?I ru-??
tail i?
Vi. s..
?. '.?-?. '.
?. i . . art m ? t. ii.i.ia?- -.?.??.
?*? II .
. ...
? ? ,
I , a ,.., UiOltl
?IT l-l
.ti la .S
a ? ? . .
??"?I U ' ai? ?li U
Bli*?].? a ? and rapid tranm tt> lie ?
nm i- . i ..... ,
?r s?'I ?.-? ? ? ?. --rai.le but I
a.. I .- ?
? ' .. Baa . .. n
i ri m.?
\ 1,
fand *? ithott b
- -
-I? y, I
prit) .1. upper -N? ? V"rk Bl
?i,,*, . - ? '. ati-nrn
? .
a_rra_| . '. ?s and way car?, aii.l foi '
. a.initeioner. I
...! H..tiii:an uii'l li?! ? ravi
'.?.. iuh :?nr '
-.win?? . <T p. .:!. ii '
r> .lame? r'
.??ii a?l
- morning ut i o'clock. No dei ision lut J
? .at aiiii DOM Bia} b? -m'a?- 1 ttWic foi ?
?...i. w.irl of the I'limraitt-"?" he
ai?, i
-k? y ?
ti., air?
. oil* vi ill probably be mi"Je
I*. -.; ittai K' dlway i '?-tapan? baa ?.-.
Bl', a
w?ai?J Iori
i .?! Joba I i I
I,?? fi?-: rmrpon i?f (.'.ii?tmi'tiiiL' a tnuufl ifiwl und?
i.i \ . ?laiure
It. tbr
?_n _ :> and lailnJ
IT -, . I d. feat?,l It !H hlleireil t.v |
?I A I Wtv-rarl mid other?, ou the (iwuid thal it tro .
Bj,-. [ -, ? ; .- le, IO loli-Irai I : -
U- ?.? \.", In;
fut I .
(I .-. ti i? to IIIII; roaa tor n ?I..-..lil' [rael \
on t. - 1 hy inra.ia of . '?.LU .
-, . t.- the hot ton -
iraik?. um! ti? ?
?a ..Va-i ,.ti,'.r ..IT-ni
tie i .
;,,'... i
Btna**r BMW .
ai.w at a .'??ry i'.< o? > ' 1 a ?p.,. :? ? II;,'! iUuroinal
B eel TU.:. I (la".for-! In-low Iron) trhlch lewoi'.l te
It. 1. I ?atali atlon in a luxurious and brilliantly lu?
,."w ?'(UirviL
TI i? I li.ir-. ? T ?xi' Id tbr
?lap-alatj tom of
,umni aloi.ij I ?.de of
4 ? u dini-t-'tt-r- I
af Vba da?? ?! t
id ??.rn.;. tied arou-fbt ir?m anil across their topn sr. t?. ran
lion i
on which ax?* to be l-id ?te?.
'i ?i . ?u* to tit* 14 feet iii *h? i-]?-:-', and arc p-ropo
Arti?. ; the j-.omul to iron baie? n: 'i' . pim
Ulmn :. orna
Btaalai BWa?Bg frame will run twin tbr track to the a
l . mt bar? to a ?tj-condan roa <>t cul
? arc lo le? rlr.t.-r? hj .
Irr? wir* roy?, ?"-tob in turn i? lo le? HT-wllad bj III'IL
a?? *. ,i " ::: ?t.iti i: MT-t:.i:i::'-? rr ?t.Mi-d
t . Ukaaai ?* -nie automati. ally to a .
fcaifn le ?trie? of rope t.. ?.i ?. it a: !..
-.Irrvei.ti. i, o', lie toiuluctor. In thia matter ii :
i_riat tu a ?.iinilar road co!i?tn_"l?.*?l in lxindou l
rup* ii. mci.e- . nee uud a? long a* the roa.) I'
?litVii :
.f tv.? . ihr rope vu? too ( am bat ?on? ai.d
It waa t
?v.r? n\ vmet and it is n ml a I... :
Bl ?pt. *<1 Kura K'??*r.i? Would la- j ?ia. ed lo
preve? t Wai i . B_ g tim track. __t mr inn be
?t? i -Mad .?r itarted at the a ill of th.? oonda? I
- ?*?ii.-ra!ly km
?a.d aii-ilar to . i 'book.
. |
a.? a t**B| ni ..?lillie I
TLB hal! ai' bat to lie leinoved .
tvrn ri???D3? If *t)THi_er?'d ol
THE. AU. Alii. II.A?.
??-.'.Iii ltrothers. Ho 1 ? Uroadway an VU npi't", I ,
tt,i Are ?de plan, -aajgnad and prriji-s?-rted hy W ii r, Nowlau
l Y I hu ?e?.-Tii to I? Bcomproiuise hrtTieii. (b4 lOBnel ?-..1
B*r.al rt.B'i? and ii alleg'tl to combine then u-?-nt? TV!;. .
Iii-r tt-rir It (fit? iVr i ,'i t>e?t . <
.l?t?.rkt. ya . -<,._ ibu
IT the proprietors:
1 an loail is to oomnenor al the Battery ami tullun Ihc
__a of Broadway t4> ,,,e U'tr. r iiart of the Caotral I'nik theme
along 'te vr? ?tem Mile of the l'ark to some ?.itali* poiot on
II., ii [i-i part of ti.?' i?la-id hen-after to be 1. at' ' I: . ?
I'uk and frmr.
that'?."f. of a doubl, trail to it* Ti]ij*-r terminu? li is to be
I-.04.I' iTati-g tlii-?t:iit it? i?!.t:ri? I, ?
iit|' '?, .' twenty feet the lower eii'ht lot to !?? .?
rrpfii? ?.<?..,r?. {Iia proposed to4-oartruct i.i,,1.'i Hie l.nil.lii.?-? I
?jpfttdh* the -x- iTatio an ei . .
\__ to ni.?u t1i*U frosts in the ?ame Mvle of at
axe a? t-i Uul-tJaa*? aU.ve aithi.iit anv c..?t
whateier to the ?inperty holden 1'hii ?ill jin.
I? the 4t.**^l/o_r nacirt? ?,: stv.->'s Pidewalki of aboi
?AJBiJ ?idlh *. I??? I" :i!ltr?d aloLa i
tbr .erv frotiti.B-d beiT?*-*? li?i'D' ina i-Lisad trai-k ? ill I?? l.iul
T.i?r?-lr?j*dwiilbccoTert-d by a ^> ?''jl-or;?*?! l_r ,
**)LL?iin erected at ?.u:t,iMe dirtancea ?lonp ?_J SEN
.?-?ci y iU. vt'i.uete HL'. ? locked T. ?i? .* ?
titrht ir.i) paveu.ei.t and will co:. ad way '
faiae iel ii i_- t!-c- ?tri. ) ti ti.? j i< ?ent time wii.
. . iioiii witti ti.? n i:lt at
the corner?-. On each ?ide of the MirlaiC nntt v..:..
Btructeil a heat ) ra: . topn . i ai
:uce ?id. wnl li vt i : i. a ralu .
.l?o run (-unir the itortTi leatinf as opes ayant "f in
feet|b*twe,n the fiucwalks and roadway
"Ball fnrnih- abuudsiit li?.t!.i ?.,'! rea
the railroad and I jB-fwayi will
?xiiinett ti.r it?".??-i ?tor'?.? a:.d the ?iirfaoa :
Baaceme?t? tor ranlti will be made bene?-vi the Um?
?walk?. M'benevvr the depth of aacBTation li I? -i"'i ii., ion,.!?
turn of the building*' th? bu.ld.ai:? will be caieli.lly ?e< uied by
thor? . ?rlBgpTOTisioi
-?st?: ?adaewrrafe: Tbe central i
tie ar?a:;?rei! b> saillir ?'.t';ort !e>r doul le pi??< ? le i:.i ! ? ? ia dm
?nrter f..r ?upplyiuir ('i-0t4NI water, and the two Mm,
Column? will support the a?? pipe?, for the Manhattan tti.d *tetr
_*er-(?as Compa??a? l-BBpaeuvelj .: oh of the Ar
Calf K-ilw ay a ill be of arc!.?*.' i-KMinn wbitl
Oast iron pij* for fie COLT IT ??., . ol the ?ewa?re uibit-i of tue
?_?l.,i.i!ii:i(r I'uildini?? Tbe archway? will !?
to allow of the rvoiural ?
Bieai ? of culvert? T, ,",. * all ..* . iritiei i
_. ? .. . ...??. a??* IBM ??^ __ -ii.. . ...?? T
Ci-vvtirtetj froBi banatug Into the public ti.oro
facestroet & to bra perfect horizontal pla?.?- Iiann-a* i.?
?ida-flltter? the ai.r!a??'? ?s aU-r bein| I "r.-- > ? . ' o_ bj : i
f| -tt. ii ni the ero??.!,,;- to t:.-- h"ii
io unred ?it?. .
tunnrl road that it |BT?1 ra? a ?testructior. an?! sia?pe MU
<?. -ii.d tra? main? ?tad the aeweraiTe. will, it i? le-heied lie
raroOTed ia tbe ?reade pisa by the MMtroctiofl of a tcnipi iaiy
set of pu? a to be put in ope.'atiru ?itn-lttiawn.ilv v
anapeuaioB of the fin ct.ou? of ti.?.- I
.poird to commence op?ration! at the Hat'? ?riuare
?im_lt4i?.eoi_>?t I ? Ihe r.-moi al o! ti I eaitl _-ofl
irur to buiJ.li:. '." Ifcat I? 9tom croaalnf to ci
Vii - ti ? work in a ?rriT.-n sectiou iipro'-.
.aailes of W-JO?. will bo ett*c*te<t iii pi??., of
.idewalkt, a? weil as temporary trestle ?upporti
?JOB? the Crotua water, aewera^e ?a.l fa? l'-|e?.
.o that none of I-ene ?-o-ivetue-oes will tie dniurW
tintil tbr ?ubrtltuU?? ara ready lor n?e The i am *ie
ilrawH by ?team encinea? ao con?tnieteal a? not to emu tAbm
Moke or ?park?. Tbe oars on the oulnde track? are to run at
lb* rate ol about five m.le* pe? hour and ?top at the a ill of pa?
amagan On the inside tratas they ? ill rai at the rat? of IS
BB-kra sa hoar and ?top al ?t.ted p?.)nt? the ?tali?os to )>e more
bameroo? at the eau- - ? tion is
wmrOiltDattd at |I XiOJO Ml rail? I !,e advaiitaaia are
/Vif Broadway wili'?r.-aent a ?urlsce ?treet of grtalor beautr
?ban now while It will lie Just a? wide and will srtonl e
.UiiiM for tb* traniactlon of 1.u?n.e?? Bttamt It .? t?. be built
.a li dollsr of eipansa 1?. tin? ?.lertaied ?ity
ltiitaad of interi?ria? witt pnvate ripht* or ?-ima"inK pr..?.
mttj it will bydooblinr tba adrantagos of tl.i entrai itreet
a?, parka' , with th? n-roaJe (1uadruplii_ ihcni abaol
of property on Broadway over I:? a?,'i.
.rees? th? raine of property on Broadway over Vi
aro-rth .t .?iimbluea tb? ?<1T ?i.t_|-e< r?? both the tunnel and the
.levaied wtrt, anil ?void the diaadvi- *.?.*-?* of a?. !.
Ei? and tafe, and ad-uittmr of rap*? ?i>"??d and at the ??nae
tula? aiPT. H?-bt and pleasant lor travel 9\_\
swul-nrf th? sidewalk? l??ss tiowded snd in ?tonv-.-i
Brest! '-r wi.l h?T? ? ?heHered vrsv Suth Paiaenferi on the
b*_lrvi?vl will have plentt o: light mi air which can be '
te and? rfroond rai rcsulrv-nitructtiio:, any ?tier jim.
?nates'" of bein? offer? ? e t?, ?
faaaa niust lusvital.ly be. It will from it? open aoaatrue)
a?, or ?roei.t to th? uti foTrataff an Plefant arradi ?
BWT otbrr ?treet In tb? world for t',e mi^-mlicenc? of it? deii?<n i
awi U? utility of Ha arra-gnTi? ot
Tbr Metropolitan 'li for i
t e Itn.aJwsT . the propo?. as? tb?
|l|Tbi of way taroura the biotk? ?an our si la W thal ti ?
Bau-? by buy nu at app:al?alt?o <
|?a*ei_ thtu to appropriate th? bund.
kui lay a three ?tory railroad-two expre?? tra. k?
R'JVTS the frunad. for tbrou/rh pna?eii?;i i- two ?
aba Barta?-??, aad two freight tra? k? ii. VU Ol BVBliaa VU pi >
me-t v>i>ul?l no1 intrrftre with any Beweriiire >.r got ?.
i Enh block tbr? th? io?d run?
* betyime a covered de[?it, with a l?re.?d piatform upon
?ka. 1, ti.? p**sen?ei-? oa.idd gi to and fiorn ide i-ar? ? itb.
lb? ?iimriance of ?!,,mil BJKI tLe n.,..i,\.'
U ti.? m_\ _,,,- ?luih ,ff ti.a ?treet? Ka.li ..Utfoini ?ii Ibe
I i.i.iioaal
ill ol
or i.,4
,?? b.?
9^_t__t?f fit ft/mi Utwam I '?? -vu &--*> ?you?
M Isn.iw?. al??t Tklrty ee?...r? ?t An****'
? .. i. ir,.p. ?.aie "_?? i*?'?. .. N?'
Vf l'ri i .
i. ? | ? !.>-?rs. l mOtk,
I i ,e ? .. - .. .' ? . 'titi "'1' ?'
. .... ,' I . a, ,, tas r-ra? il I? ?? In |.| K
I- . |? _ . s? ?pt ?h' f
i .i.'i.ii? noi Hinter ti*
.ira. I? Il a? I? t? ,;. .,?! K1? ?e 1.. -al?. -
. - i-rj-ee tri !* . hi. i.il .n.?i?r (he Die k? at O'
! . ?; '?-?-i.iii. m pi,?-iiix?tit- tr??tmri ?t.
.-i.,., ini.j.i.t ..(??.i.-i ii- aStaataajai lay UM i n
.or n. ?.iiin ?I !h r o'-er tl.evthrr rail
... tu,? ii aswtm Has .'
i -. tt . | ttitt 1.1.?I > T ' I
?I th? ' It?
i ? .' n...! ?tiv ?i it, rauwajs
kal ?1
t a.n l ,. . "
, . . . -.'. i.
??'I tt..
i lil "lllel il , ra-?SI Wli?.?-"
.-.?i m ..... e.-; . tar. t-? aassl sa ??
JdkP.il.M. (?. lill-. VM'.( I 11.1 .?"MMIT ? I
Ibu BzMQtiTt. .-*?..! BOAH ti
?. i ii?.?
?r. -...-.
Mi ?. A \ ID J ' ' " "' r\\
' '
lil r... e ..' ..
it H? m? t biii
.t ii?
?'??llirut OUI Iii. ? Ki.li.l
' Aa II.. ... ta ' "Is Iha
?Bin?? of l/* .o.a. B*? .'. ' .".? 'f r.- wa ir <.r|?tii.'?at n.Jrr
., ., ,i . na n? !.??? lor??ided Iheir uni.? oA late?.
W i r. re(t I to ratas?, ?I . few lu*-_e*s,
hsah.rl. ?'I Si.I Ol ' '.. iir.inid with
rorrr?! ? B Iparad ia?up*tTi?iii| i?r ii
, .. nlol ! ?nid ?s? Ib?l lho...l ir-a il is
r.??.? hui. ri ..J win ?
the moe? flstteni ? snd rsery dey briofs ten. ?eJ s .
tkst sll i. worin t ?? '?.t ? ' ?'"?' '1 ? i
if we ara prr p*ily ?
. I |.?ri!iL- ?Il .
pain a sale an.l ? -un-ths? wil. nul be opptr.sier upon
toe s.- red ..i. I .: ti.? ?? - i .sis h. ???.rai e Joio y
1 v. . i
... .?. tit- w11
' ! . . I'
I iodise? ttrlr ? he mtrrttamt at ai lal irsaee
The a ?. ? 'nts of
I ti? !- . ' . .Ml' n...r?
hirorr. . ? .-?. the c?u?e of ?u-Ji hi? II ?sll.fsiti i.r s. er
? . .- . . ; : , I ti . it ?nil othft
??ti? :.
Tlrr sr MIHI. . a ., ?. ft lu ral! ? s. ? i I |i??entttir
.turase et o?l oil sod its rl'.-sct. wh.tr tin y ?.. .U r.|.ar illari
1 ne Mourin?, ?? .pre !. y a. po? Ible ?I.? orftaltailo? of looal hoaiil.
and Hie ?d> aticr ?'I .tin to s in-uuriUnil ?'aiil.id ihiun;'
:. Baili-I I '. I'' l-l? >
n ?lilli.11?.
? prill!?' ( oumul'' -
A?.: - t.
"t ?! .1 t.rli.1 k p lu
1 he 1 - ii}rrti Ita ? liiiiui.au
I . . ?' ? ufi.r CMS? Um li linnal hen,i ..r I ,.r
I?. ! .-a .
.?.r. i in.idrrrd the i .! je? t of ni.ini
? - ? rep? r'
TLal fro: . . ' Ik?, li.vr !?. ' . .
' it risTr.nu ii.
?.?mil , ?1 losiii?. Inn ? r?i?. .' B
? ?'. ? . alni s'l nlhsi ??' ' ? ? - lireJ
* ?
r.' re am. .end t is? af t ?aHal Tin?.u(iOisf il e
?pu? stork o? i member?
?on.paine? M HIST Pe ?ii?; ".iii to ??-ii! iii sdi.i. Bg th? i"'
Kirr lo? . IITT ?i.d Hill Ihr '1 rrs?'?rrr b* ?lue, I?.I le
. lu ?I e
I r.ited ' .i.lil .ali lax,
atlas*. IV Ts?
Mi 1'SIM nrl?T??l tt:.- folio? ?
I.-, ?? 1 . r ?he Natioiiti RosrJ
? a? -I? I
?to bar? a ti la ali t ...?. ?:...?! ?
I -. ? itali ?
v - p
?'i.inti.iiti? ?m i
mi ip.i ita? I fa oi ?'??al o.i am |
jiiai?.? whan n. in??-ni in .-,?.? m?i...i la ?
\ ?solution tra?
.u.!--"t< a. i t_ti en? kaeal tai ?i.?i
m? irai
.nr.H <?f
rate? aaHliltlaa*- in Mat ? . Itavariis ihsll
dei- -iii,iii?
A n ??I .ti?-u wa? ?.lupteil that all les
- ( om
I tnittee of ?ni
e lieeu
'?kin i.? bri .?? ti . i. I . : hi-o ?.I au) ?
tMliS whli'li baie t*i?-i
.atsl tu meet al id ?. ilutk ibu?
Annan ?lirh , Aliunt V V |u| II ?... . ? , . "
iterJain NI. Ali.ni? ?.?. . B?:ic i M?. Hi rin
Mid H' , or M.a. , y rl? ' i i . ? -, N ,.
Brill.?p..n i eaa Batk ".r . ?
.JBtl HMu (leso ?nd (?ii t I ?l,Sa'..'B Ni i .
ts | .s t o. Rosrd N.T. . ? ' , ..
DtTTvapefl (.??., lim r lows
e. lad ? i?.I? - ?,a, i ... ?.
Rirrr Mail ; ? 'Tt II?? . I It Wit
(J. esburt. lil tillea Cast U lad (J ?nd Pap: li. I
N. T Htitfi rd ( m lisa IR? .' . ? iii . .V I
Mid li.drpri drnrr. lo? a ?
'?I...- 111. | ' . ?. ... I . I II r
Ki Ark L ui.Ti .a. hy Lo ip ???. N I
worth, ksiiisi. Laf-patle, lad L_w-st - ? ??t , La
Port?, lud . Lsi.aii.? ".i i , I.. I to..?, Iii.. Lerei N V.
Miakite. Miaa. Mobil? As. M_tw*t_k**, i\,. ,| ,,., ?. ^
klscou.b II . r Mtoilos?. ?'. .
Iowa. Ml . , : ? iii. .?'..tsra I st ..
*.' 1., Ms- iori N. T.! J*** li??
Ni/r?""* ?JIf- "' '
N., p. ' ' est?. ' ? ' ? : M... .
. i
1 '
?) 1 ,f.i??p. c .- I taia \tmn .
Plymo r? ."??? Q ? I ? ". ?
I -B?i. ..?
Lil?. M ? i-lv : _t_ i'i
I ?.;- Mr. . Sp- _'.'] "... ?I .
CO., P?B! I ?! .III. N I? ;
rrssjr, Nil.-' ... I ?Ni, .'?Oatt?, K. I
IV a.Inn i?.? 1) I. II OK ??tar Va?.. Us:? . v. sr??.
C... ?. I . Mil ...
The l\)rli?.'tb Aum.til Meetiug ti this Society wXi
< resterdav _A?n?C-M A R ','?'?
' il? .-?M .-'y preaidrd th?
I: -. I?; I?? li ut t?..- Ti. ?.u.i.i balas i | .
, ,'. _ ?.-- I " '?? :-? "TI ?
?,. ,- ._,..?e,??l. T_-fe KNM lust .!.;,'?; lb?: ?.
. of
; tiODI frota ? :. '..?? ?-?.a I
pt loo? I..am 1
.;_-Hie 1-ra?ale II-"
. the snin ol *
??: ->'ni)n?l
?! III also parciia?e?l ?nd Lib?; i.p Lu t < ita, at a
i oat of I - ? ' . - . ?
SljtHalll'I l
I ' ?
. ?1... ? linn?!..Ill III
. i . " l'
A brlff ti-j-hr? wa? , '
I Of U)B Soclatl I ...???..m '?J ?i.ii! Iii? wi. I "f
ika MisMoti lia. ?di?M?Mi i'.i.rii.i? i?- i jansi SSRI
I to UM Moeral futul ka?? ?.? n !.?? -n-i I?-''"?; louard
a fi i.d ni $100,010 kSTI bSN ' ,.s!i)fig
. . t- lo air
vMtt.'il.t t-h-rri'li prifQajll 'I li? K!''^' ?bj* ted lb? M
le bring lae roapel Is 11.?- uii??e?, ahn ?i? DlMioaariw -
i labor, 'f li?r . ,.'U_rsii
?ncreased ?i.d the old ?. ,e? I ?tly in:|.rusr,! i | ?t
r. t? y .. -t IT ard mai beaaealarfad and n.-.iiv lar___e_i si th
?e?tt i'l.e lift!. Ward Mi??ii)n li?.? atMS IMvai i'i?
i atin'i ?14 n.-itly ?ille,l up N.? ?> .. ( ,. |" ,.t
His te-ith and 1 ?fiitie'.l,.Warda har? no? Ila
"iiiiiiR nuni.-i
?L.'?:. wa? ;
II.??.'.. ii
kli??io!iatii? ii ?:.
;-.'.* M .?
I'l.irinu.-'. Viattan
1 r?H? .Jinn!, ,'..I ?1
tiltiles (rum tot
- t
- ?
. ' 'eil
. . I to 11
- .lil tai MM? ? Ins?.
Pan-si ??) ('huitb HMI Mlatloai
it-mperi I
M ?
Ti reatu aaltad ?. i
O' mull?.!; ?jl ti? It? i Hi Tt ?ra?
!.. i? pi lal?
tulttiie Ati'-i ?lu!, tba SocirtT al? i.
'?>! Hie ri.sniiii. ?em
(Jeeifs IV Al.I.e Kiil.srd Anermsa. H niau i. H An.rburT, 'o
. :?? ?A H-t-i (?eorr? VV. Rat ? . .
i ksi .-. i i . v, i .,,,
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la ?tir?
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part? ol ?I! i
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plii'l. - M li.'Ia take! up
II. Brid "A mt. i it..- rarth bent
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other of wood both beiag bound ?ni, leo? f?l foi
?ring and splitting, ii will nut I? ?! the
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Wl.i then ?rill l;.,t II.,' M
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?'? luirai* and ti e u,,,. i li v. _j?
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On tbe other hand a v.,- . wf,iT ", t th?
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TI. ere for*) the iron ?I,on tai li"? nil ?MI ,,U \" the lion.?
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Witneai the Is-atma ol p.l.l leal li-tui-i-n -k:?f
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i/eneral principle ia v??i:iieil la UM . ? Ia
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hardened Itool. ?re UIMII. ol ?tone |,'h,- ?rrindsloiu -
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iron and iron hammer? are n?ei! lot eatuag a?n? MM
batterin| down the turfnee?
Therefore, why nae ?lone, ?lol ron ?, i?it by
rtincuaalou and rnbbin?r, v.her? lb? flril object i? toa?
ur ?. |Hi??ible, all aaMaarisa iu<\ tritaratloti und wear and
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.l,l!,,i'eo| p illTTi'M? IB foniilliK ?fag?? T. heel? the ?im II to
produce a ??....mel. iel cirel?, th?l la, a i>? 11 -,,.-.?-. ? ?vary, ??ni .t ol
? M. h al.all la? ci.iially ?li?tai I um | Boil I thal
Ihn aile of ichlclea li.'?' be I lal pUo?, wrhloh
:? ei-ui aicompliai.e'i piut M lb? [nrlphaij paaaai over a
??.rli-ct jil?'?? also.
Hut if the lim of lae ?I.eel pu?ei m.r an Itn|>er1iit pl?ue,
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It HistDT? but little ?I"''' ' r. ?"ried ami the ?ur
fan of t!,i paieiii.?ut ."./.?.'./"-' or th? ?arfao? Of (.'... ;i.ir'',rtf?fir
rterfect ?ad Ui? aaWI nni.tuf.-.t io iori-m ti,? perlectioi. of
i ladiapBB_alil? i" ' ??
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A gun at to ?nita which .!.* - n..i laaaal nloi.e ?n
*-? Slid .liiial.? I' la III? al ? rtr.et ?oul.l
b. i oth ? he.i(, ami dural I? '?' ' i ?.' . <>i>
? .., .. |. la III. :,! II,!.. .!
A ?olid block ?f polbbed ?'--1 thon*th ii !..:
?Ml v.?.uld l?ii foti
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J" .I- ; '
? - .-i par?
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'?r trist.h thtj rent foV DO mor? jet wHk Ibu pn???J_-?Tit liifr?>tTt
?if ?N m ?le ?'?-T.- In'l.lini:? B? atM K? lo ? prr ?-?M mon ?al
,i k i.. i..|,i ?n i ... t.. r ..al
I'll ' - ? ...I i r Ila? r
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tal? n? ?il '. . : ? I ? 'i" '.' "
?? tu. i, - . a lu J.tward a?arai
egg liMiSM tt" 1? .?...??I t<? 't?e m,tirovetncnt of onr pore
IL?I.I? lr-.tl.. Nlt-leot? pu ?ment be are?.? re'ly urUf'eil. nnil
.?,. Umt ?iii m ' Bl ?ii?tar.t wh.'ii ?nr .-itiiuim MR r.de from the
ItBt'ery '?) lUrlem Hirer ?iTrr a {-?eoient a* ?mooth ?e B?J.?I
lill II il I? [l'iart H inj if the ?Irise? ia the ? ei.Ual l'.irK.
.m.I la. iheap. r tant Batt .Itiri.M.- W* *r?J ?peakin?; ?f the
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l.|.? ' ? i.f ?..UI..1 ?. ll.'sv |.ii,r ..f u -i/'i -r.it.it le fir ".? rtiorinnn?
..... r T. .?!? m,.. .' .luli'il mtl. * ??.-ia ..i
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Maps-t-a.1 poon*?! tjaaliti "t i -M i ir? lualji patsawa
.i tai i.' h M -.
- reeis ... ? im IM ? ban it.?'- BBIBBI
. a. lill. ? lift W? li.e.lll 'In'ii l.?.U..
i ?alor Ut ti..,t pa
. raitt ?i?i..? '-.i n..?i v . alba? laaaaat 11
? , ' , ? | .? ?atra lei. ? i ? ..
! . :.i,i siiii.' wi-t-kly n-[??rt ?f the iin.rtiii.ty ( t
..I t. !' . II. uni ?I I.? .. .! ???ia
Vat a> Pol.lTAN H. sill? <i? I?BALIII I
hraato op VITAL .?TAiiiTir? D*s IS. IBM '
. ?-eel et.du f I'?' ? Iti.i.saif .ill.' iliiiii,. m St? in. i.
i I Jllil ?he ?''lil? luitllullon. I >
: .SI ..e?it!i. That nu rti lily was ?rjujl tv ?n
sm i?l desib t*?r . ! li It In tl.r latter i '? r? . i?r nf (a ii.'? .-i??i
. BLJ . I ii 'I .ti !l.e ? Hy ? I Nr?. i. rk aiiri ?SITS ol Ihr le
/ TH.. 1.? d ?rsari S,..?-', 'Cl [-?r? n? i)i?|i?i . i.l . I ?Luir ll.Bl dir?!
1 i ?Ji w I ?Tit st.?! tn llrrotlsn lu, or Itj prr ? rut ..I rhr t. lal. lb*
n.aiaillia I ave dill.i il.i.nl -.Bin .t ? lal. I r .. I Ii rftll. t. tsl
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v?r'?' . ? lb? ? r-i . ?...in ,.. al .i . ? . r ?.. Irarad IS T?I
?tin? I a?? .?.. . .1 t B Irrrrr I !..?> I of it? .lilli?
? I \. radd.-.1 I* II r.IraIris tilSt vs III krrrs''? r In. I?l . ti.?IS a? !?.,!,.
aaT*ps .i.??.' I i r. ?. .('.?a?.- . f 'he lirs'.n A Srsrlatln?
.?.I .??r'le M" lut li??i' t.ri. BOat
? ii -main , attrr? i f tl.r Siatb,
. ? nd Wail? In Nr? York, ?ad I I Ward
.i li,..? ?i I", i . k m MA blldren la tin? i IT the hi.t ten
??' ?? I la Hr. ,1 )n y'.i !!,e pa.t tis .
A?B,ii.t lil. deal! y si. I min ? p. non. Hal ?Ians??', lu por'sut
? ? . ab?! ii ii. r? int prn?r IWal (hr '?'..1
r HT rsi not !r.o -sisf.iily fusrd ?irlr i hililirn
li. >..i .. ...... ? il> i.i,.l.r_i? yr.r iu the wr.t B>T>- in 'I. w-Vr.rk,
.' pet M ?.--.. ..i .: sjra ead tb* litT deaths el
?? . ' ? . . . ' ? th* total innrishty.
in ;!|..II.I, 'i.e rslrs at tlieae t.riiutlB of li f?n y wr.-.
: ?i.d tyah I. feser? i
Iketwi : tl.r iiiflsniiiiat? ry ?L "ian of
th? rr?u ati IT ergaas . la Ike two te?, lal
tuiy iii...d.. i .?iii douii.ln- min. l . ?re t" sr a.,lie bait ?f
mi -' .! T !'. HABBI? H?.!.-r?r ha
I'll? I
of i?r-. ', ., i .' ? '!.. ,i.. ?
S,? i MI.* - It. II li wa.in.r. 1/1. b.yi. 11? |.i.
Nsneitirs-AJ?IIIS. 11 I ?st rid ?. I; Rafatad. II Prince I ...
Uisoy. i .r. - bwittadaad 1, failed
re, 11 Isis Xi
HtiKii? M< - n?! - , ? T. ?..tiri-?" t?.t?r 'A? Ns
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.i Wales . . ? i.. |?|
li'ii'W BY C'SN. \V??niii.?h:'-(.?n. BteWsWt !..
1*01 . . .ml ? ?.. .
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I k -
.ertanimi'n? t' li ]
\tl?'U< ?N I5STITCTE.-Til?' l'.il;.'
th>- InuTi. nu Ir.alr! .te .-. i 1 ?i.e. I tin? . -.. r,. ...- ,. 1
?'??.I? t :
. , . . ? I
filar? . tattara
i t? 1 lie
r, i i of .re ?i
. . ' . mhl
iMult'li. HUM'!, 1?, CM \f, 1 11-1 I'. -W?
' rib baa
baa? pre?? titt.l I>. Mr ? . li 1 .. 1.1 l>j its ai.i ? III D
Dw M fir-t ???_?!.? ?ii tt.,1 ?j |? i ri i of ta?
? -.'ii reieiti. n, ii,.. Uni . of UM . . '
vi ? . ,
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. ? all '"it i? r?-r
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i. i.l _
linn?- AMI mit BUOMM - Th?' Bu*, J'r. .. M.
1 i, t.. ? I". ! in-. ?n'.!l?il ' l'ai .ir? ?r.il ti.' I
i ?. .
,..'..! I i . . . ..
and ap| li _
demand ..f Its puldif serrants ?onie ?or? ..; ????.iii li?
:!.- i.fft-lal trahiaot.?.! ? if '
i .mir.. .1
.?.s ar.- a**_rne<I t.. one of Iba this ? I
i !? l.l. t. .t : . '?. t.il.'l
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? i.ti.er hal uti?1ertnk?ii ti. rr if as
? .! it hal IH . n onnelaa-lad oi
? shall hf ?til ar that
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All- .?I l! Iii. r.- n re ali l I" <|.lire?neat?
?'.m r?l
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i i.r.i?i i? f, i -
:i tlitt. ? It .
BAU np TUP _pnUM______ ARAL?? AM? IIITI???.
Alan. I'm? tur? "f . a ai.il Havre
. 1 t.. nf)i I ti < ?t. IIIIBI.IJ.? ?
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iiiuiiii.? l.ii.r li,, nip? ?raia ialerraplad bj tin-a?r I
' ntl tin line ut it? .
? Of KiUL KMATI.. - Mi'??r- A. .1. It!...? kor,
ti"!. TI Ita i"uT' <
s. I . - . ? (rl MO
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"ti. lill' - i I.i.I? li li i"! .
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~4l."t?s M ml H',',1 ?t ??Tli-r. '-'. Uti'??,
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mill. ?I.-i Lots a?ljoiuin_r. .intiot).?-.uti. ?id
I m RT CALENI'.VR- Tim (.'?tltsinlur of tim Kim,'!?
i um ti .?. ipri-r ? ' "i l.?r t.? tin* lire lil, is a?
. -. ..
lAaaeoBceuieBts |
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willi, n of A a. r s ??BL., j'l.t pi. 1.1.? J h y ?. ?US I U ItU Nr.
?Jw?j. N I A ?... N?w I'ur.iiiiisuBt with l,?X?t> I I i.tra
. |-!i. m i.'liI S?? In calf, oi RIO In Tutksy moror.-.o Alss.j.
lil'il boul-aui-.i.l? ?... ths csi.lrr Ubis. A ???...? ? iKnpiioBlw
Tai PaaasoLooitrAL JouiBat I. only *? ?./? ..J pwasSMIfMMl
?.. ?ny lad/ a?r |?OUM_UU U??tts of Parts, I'hllis. pi era AitiaU, rtc.
diflsirnt sis?., oisy be kal tt lb? rbieuoli|ti?l Uoouil. No. ?OS
bi.tlws;. ^
8T. PAUL'S CBTRI II.- That oU and oriiamentd
Isndmsrk I sn esst y bs found *. lrn| ss th? fart ess bs r?ro?oibetod
I'.sl It ?land? opposit? tis iilrbnlrd iustitii'.tuii ol RBiri. ra? HIT
TBB. No IU Brosdwsy. I M-BH M ft I?-?-.? ?Trr htilllnit with Ibos?
. ilia, tis? tmaii.t of faalicuall? brad t?sr loi ?abirb K*OX is uui
?artally f?ai?u?
MR. I>K <'i)iii?t>VA UM I.i'i tur.T snvs, "I.tVRTT's
HaiaraxiA hs? s d- Iris tai rfl?n ..n UM '??-th ?nd?tinn ?nd puilles
th.hir.th ' lor sale by ?11 lirui-ci-t. ?nd psru-y deslari ftli? IV'
n Woosi?! ?i, Maa 'iii
1..M0IF.U TO If0. tOl IlRo.lIilVAY.- T(? ?ibtaiu f-M'lli
lisa SJITII not !.. supply the lurrrsami dniiand foi Ta? HcaULAa
Alisa Ti LrokAra ti?? oflli-e la leuioycd to No .01 Bm-dw.y.
1 llOUIU.
Do von vrsnt a WRBRLKR A WlUOR. B_.WUM?___.?
?ama fur yoursalf or filri.d I lal lu? st Mssooio Pair.
C.OTT0R 1'ArKiD HAND LAMPS and Ki.rtD tor tin
in? rai. I ? ?iad fur IO rent, per fall
DIL CoarABV. No. M CouiUsndl-st
..in? mi I e ?.ad fur IO rent, per i.ll.m st the baoVOBO LiBBICATiaa
l Vu. n, ? .?> I e: _BI HIL or !?...? ll?n l(ra!.ir?r. ?ad ..!h?r pr?p?
ia!.o . ran be h?d*t No. 1>l I'.r. adwar
ntjtt I.II I KI'ODI. AM? yl li INSTIUVN, Dr. U-ln ?trs?'
?I io li?' la-Mrs Ham.a!, Hniiri snd li/ant, Mrs Sl.!.iiin:..l 'neltoet,
Mr-. Hal.irl M a Sri l-l..ill Ri, I,mond I Imli a. Jsatisl. snd kal lu
PltuM HAMIII''K? AND SUI'TIIAMIT ?N D?, I l-Io ?t???n
ship lin .m ,, ? !,., Roll ? - :? k?d? ? K Li?
lirnnari . II la ta un?' ? ?bia ai J 511 in th? stat iBa'r.
i ?TE8T SHJF WI <*
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i?._?.l.>a..lse4-l.>> stA?? ? i.S-?i all .aJat-.-il. L""' *? *?.> ** ''<? J
I'M mit |?.?*S H?..i??,i I oil. _MM? lr, l.i?r.fa*, i Off '1
(?tittil. 1*4. 41 II, lurg C4) "41 petmet . Native?! fl?au ?Bip rmia,?)'?
, il i,.- Qaet u), bo.ii.al ead Tb? B ha? ??d .1.' >.| writrtty
wo .l?ll? .n'Iir l,??? i|e.
|WasaaBt| . W I .".I Waril M ilmini?.,.?, N I
H?l IA Peril.ad
H.-i Neill.: Tv.r?. v\?i. , Mai.aaiiil II) <I?T?. wuh " ?? team ?.
C HMI Will Pas. < ?' l' "? .. >.? ".' ?O. .?a?ka bi ? laeli?iBr ).
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Hiik Voj?|fi|Br ), loading fui U calca , brig T. J. Maat?"? B4 . fat
N?w Turk.
Iii>l Mar-r Hi?rl ,vf rrontassriplo.), Rolls, Ris Jssatr? o? t. I?
?Cn eil.e I.' K'fianil k von **<-r... Had ha-tiB| wtixls the torr
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h.?'.r Wai (I.IMIII.. .?.In-ille. Phlladrlpbls fer Pmtland
S. hf t A ft beni ?, IfHrbi I I. i :? l! '..r r"".ion
-jorree, Carriagr?, ?c
I -i, !.. ...r. lu iniperl lli-if r Keel ve a..,utm*!,t of hi ?I f ??. i ilf
ba.it ? ..?tillAUK! ,?.i.,nr .lin ( l.AliK.M i?.? cot'l'l.? iTN
l'.'.l'." COACH-*-). B?d ti.rri.n, ...? ?.d rr-t'i wuk u.-d. ,!.!,?
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1 Ni.VV TOP Jil <?(?) i abo _ T iiii-ov. ,. __tk
a'l Ti,,-, " .,;,,,.( ? ""1 .",-.,, r l! CsVOMMOM'l "?I'tBIaE,
li, rtT t.r"ud .? . nial TB.lo. ?aV?. ____^_
F^?i SAI-E-Foo? li rgi . ? o-horae TRUCKS.
Aptty tu S. W. rVilAOW. No 199 Broa-hriy.
rrvvii iiiii-K Kor KA WAYS and oua vic
1 TOI!A, ??.I Ihrer ?try haiiui. m? ltlit ._,_- Pl'LOlKH
rl?K BAL- iuw. No li?! Liberty.?,
? 1 ? *,1L1K(J >IT WHOLESALE PRK F.8.
r'I.Nl?. HARN' SS. I?A[)D'.l ?
H. ( A M PUK M
_ No. M K".,rt)i ??.
\A l>Lr... M'K( i.Ni..'.l>. iil.ANKi'i.*?, MlKl.irl ARM* ?n,l
NA', y ( IX ill!.?'., ITNT."?, 4.,.
< M UOWtMAWi Sa ? Av?m.e D
it pd.fe-i ii'ji/MI'NT.
? of ti.O naoaatmj ?ni>. rai, i act br?ii complnrd,
? ?pe, ! ." _, .,1
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. ,.'.[. r.,i .,,1.1 PRIDAI Itl.NINd TI? T???l?i will
, bl r?!..??.?.?'
Oh B5T0II wtc ui.hta (?I? out
?re advuer! ?o rr>or??l ivitb Masara, MI'NN ?1 (o > ditun ?,f Tar
??irBTvru ABBBI A- ?h? luve i,ro??rair.l ,",, boten _m l'aia?al
Urti, e for near.y i V. 1. :, I*V Yl ARS. I . er Ai,..ri, ?n ?n.l r..iofa??n
PsIS t Af.-i.. y .? Ib? II,0?t eilan?, ve il, 111? won! A | an rbimi ela
lalslag f ii! lastro ?tissa to lavei-tc:., li ?r-ut ?ia'...
MUNN ?I 4 0"
No ,'|? PARK ROW -iew Y. rk.
?< IlII.ni.l't.- GERMAN (?I.NTMKM.-W.ir
l r ni,ted ? rerlsin ei-rr. ? thom tbe | .ghtrit dmiwr, for -ilea. ?I?
w. 1.1I. ?1 irfu.i. ?lil rhe'.iin al br i.e 1 ,d alls dil???ei ke. Y'1 tam
.INe. 13 Brwrrv. ?nd bv . >! tri* princtp-l drugri.l'.
?tab? n ... 1 U o?i.- y I.? f 1 a 1 I. ry f. r 1 c,,|l... (.oldi, ( ...m o.j
'i'1 . > - 11--?I, L.r,?? ?i.J ( tieat. Ii lura? s
?li ?n..?g ??,<! , Irsi >.i>| the luuia ai,J ai.ayiug irritai.? a th',?
i? .Kiting tbe ni?? ia? '?-?J of divina up tb? couih ii.d ltiiiag Die
fhlnl l?l ' P. lii.Ns'MOilK No 313 Dev .!.,>?* Yara,
ind r? sil tlfucgiit?
a (r '. ?. 1 lal !i ?. f ti ? I'r- .- 1? i . 1 Iron. . ipi if? th* b'ood with
? liTim ,r.,.,,,tfi, tiu'.r, 01.4 me- ii/e |< ins
? Ho, I rmne II f ,-* ?.,;", .\e . it
.. ???. 4 1 . .1 bl '. -"ititi..c4 ? ?alaab-) traattsa aa
" Irou is ? Medir!?,r, wiib r. rti-i ?te?. ? . w,.. i? i*at :.?.?.
. ..
i.oount ?f tb* tei-ent .'.e'lne In ti.e ;i.. e,f IVoOLKS
O'MiUS wr now iffer to ?eil . .?rge portion ol o.ir ?apsrb U'intsr
?. 1 : turi aire BUL?, ?LOTIUNO t_to_AD__at of
UK 11 Var, ri.\i\
I I,()\\ Kit STAND-?
,ii.\\r.i,i'\ BOXES,
LADIE *-? w i< 1 1 1 N Q D 1: s K s.
HAN I >K 1:1 It 1111,1 BOXES,
1 LOWER VAsi.s, 4 Alii) BEOETVXRS,
INI,Mi) WORK 1 Aiu.i.*-,
OLOYB noxiis. lANt'V IAIU.I-?
cr '? I * DI.IT;. 'N T< I'K %FHT LAROK WTO* K (li It'i 1!
,AI.N H H SI I I HI, A Hr-AI'ilHI. '. AU1KTT DP Till-:
AUtlll <?' DU.-- II.!..ANT. IN STYLE A.SD I'r K1.
H A *4 r r ACT?ES, tin. NtiW iiii').Hi.[. ml: :?!i: noi.i
I'" I? AT
N0* <;*<> BROADWAY,
WAI HW Form n yty
~1IIK *4 t 9r____Vt TRIBUN- for this w..k copliina Ik? fsl
I.uri?., AaTtrir? -Mri'ii?.xh on " M ni.roli??. ?iir I'nrad?
i' rr.i, ? . ""i I'-rr-?i I'- I? v , Ji.'.ii II. bnrrair Ti r ( ..um ot Col
? nJo !.. br.'..in?-? ?'?t? . i?ultri?* ?I His ( afin'.- Mt iMomli Th?
Ilrii.itm.nl .! A|rl?-ul'jrr , hilitoril r?-?ji?pl.t
?III. .N.'Tl?
Nsw? 01 TBS Was?-l)oins?tlc Nsw? Cri.rr. ?n.l ('... .
N*w \. i? ' I*.T li.- k-iii.ii?. S...-t).*n. NVv.? Ti.a Injinu Korri|a
N?wa- I i . ' I I ?i., r, Ilalv, l"iu..ll. K11.ii?, II., itty , Slwltsor
lind. T , ?.
TBIBTT VI\TH ? M,Ki it-P[ois*iir.|i ol His "?rniti? mi IToiiia of
fr.? TI ?Li. ATIO!f?-Banrr,)It'a HlatorT 0" Hi? t'nlled NBBMI
?lorratl ; . ' li 1 I: HU I., .-?tori?-, I l.n.Ni?? buak?
11. roB CB-JTI "t. is ? rim-li-,in O ?.r-?i-rclil l'arrr?p>Bdrnt
tb? Urrst ?*i-.??l s4 iatUyeotonya
I.BTTia rsoa '. Toa UKOTSN ur ??.ron-?"-K.-.1..1 O .r ?:p.riil Cor
raaaafl?Val Mr S .>. .11 toll ia Ciaali;
Til III?? Qsiattoa TU Watatm Mo??-u*i,t n ? Jin i"?i. u ii.?
tra An Ani'in ni l.i? v.-r ia K11,lind, Veite Ki-part ?it ni A, oidiut
to thr Prin ? of W?l?.' Ai'a-i.iu? l\ ltd , Tim ton
lariBTiiL Titee,.' -I ?u-r tun, MM. dr (lii[>?rm. Mutin.
Co, '.in and l.?bi...l.)? n' FrsBCatS th? Mriaibsi. ol Ills Lv/ll "*ut>ii
uliiu K.. 1*17 ot N?T? 1 oik
I'lSLic PotTirvTi A!, n t r ?' His Rrport . ' ti.? S?-rrtiry of th?
Nivjr. l)?psnruriit ot Iii*......ii.-lispoit of f,lt_ot Arti D. C. Biofclas
..,(ran. ()r?ut. Rrp.irt .( ti., t oi ,nn??ioi?-ir of tri? lien?r?l -sud
Urti, ? Ali.tucl of It-r .1 ..I ii?- lo..mi.?i..1er ot A (rlcuttur? , Ab
.tr?. t ol K-port of Hie M ? i?!?rjr of IBs lutnior
KijiiL Biaa-rr.
Taa AaassT or Sea?.TV.
Taa RircBLii'Ut 1'SBTT ?to THE ?OCTM -I.rttor fro? Hone?
Ktsi'Tloa I?TltLltu-ira-Sr? York- Otflii?'. \ ..I? o' Iii? Stitr
( luiirr l-.irctliJii m lliadatju, IA eat I uiiuii; Seo. -l*Bfi?nd-Muuuip?:
Ms Won I To? Inilsa Lil., t l.i.ictrt. TndinoBi sod Suprr
?tliion?, ?nd Hoii.ai. ?ol ihs Crsofl?!. By ?'w Hubinion. Cbsptsr
Il M? M 11 I Toe ??tory.
flit ARTS
PoBtlOR MltrBt.LA.TT
Ur>?kl! Nsw? '
AoaitTTiTraiL -Arnrrlcsn Institut? rirmrr?' Club, Tii-idsy pa?
4 Iniprovriusut in llor?*Slio*lo|, Au-unmlatiiif fown by IV nid?
al..1.. Hirst luprov-ii,.. ,tml*es?i 11J M?il.n,?a- A frrfrit ?"? f R?kr|.
\\n<l 1 of lAilrt.Ci.terri?-C-ninit .r BUts ' W in'.rrini Pot.!??'
S.mr Kraut. Milk Si,.knr?., Dislle Acid-Rhiibsa-lJ VAin?. CastW
l.ivlui. Ihr Ait of lUa'ini I'rarli li,.,win? , Ktrr;rrri.. Iran.pin.-.
I. foi lii.inbutioii, Caaaastiaa s b?d llab.t, Hi, kotj Nit?
Haw la I'lint. Laaisai li.f ruiiilou A\?.)tr?l. lasseta i'i'B?,...-r?<l lu
loa lr Knlfa-SBt) Ki kwt.ssi-I. it li holoomr Kood'
I? i?i A ?r.oua... U .uleriui Strswbrrrir? . Tri? Corn Crop
li BBS mr (?r .pr Koot?
POBTBT-TII? S. I li. r? Iriri.d, Dn Pltit Iver DI? S?'?ir?!
I). ,in. '
l.irrsr l.uaorisa .Misni
( iTv lisa?.
.Aliat-lLi anson ITU?.
MtHBIl.ill ABO Dr ITU?
I.1TBIT N?tv? MT Mll.tSTI.' TllBHIII BBI-bl r>?|?ni.?? lo
Tba V. Y. Ti __.
1 "lim ..as.-I-?ili HT?.:'? al Hi? ."?took, Monrv. lolton. Or-it?
-. \ Irib.L.r
k.i.lv ?...? in ..rum.'- I'll, ?J m s r?| fri?, f?ily !oi imilii-i. hvrornli.
I . MM ,
tie mbi-r.brri, ?lui!? cop? I vr ,-.-_ : ...il-r?.#?(10
.lr fhVI. .??
r I , ,,a .ra ol a.lharribrr? . 1
? ilbia.ibrr?. ?
. I?'"
An HIS opv?
"laslBlsrs?. B4 a. .. . ?_?ai "?. ._ ''
lUBitMBM ^?d(?M .tlb eA*?t?l?A. H*w Kui*.
Il A V F.
Th? SAH .??T, nos? l (J Ni ' rVKN P. sad la eyery ?.y
THE BCan I IMP l-Vl.i. i BCD!
.?..te I.I(,lirr.l? AS ?J! li Ki.Y u HAS, Lied snd I- ..issed a???!,
.ad D?.?.y. al WITHoi'i' 1IKIIUV..VU the MUM, ?.LOBE ?ti
CHIM.MRT, ? -as-rewinc Ha iil'RNER!
Ws des. in KEROSENE OOOM?. al kinds sad __a reta At
PINED OIL in u.aiA??. ?i.d mt.'? ibe aUauiioo of a.. ? .?ess, ?stA
Circo!??? with prira* ?nd t'.-.uioi.iais, seal le a!) .(ri? ?n-.
nUCt IVES k Co., No. 49 Msid?,. ___s, H. T.
tW ?'ol* s|?B(i fer THE Eol_DI.NU POCitr LANTERN.
CJO to MACFAl'l..\ND'!' Book ?tort?. csrnifi
* Twists third it ?nd Hr .?.t?.f. Thrr? ron will li. )h-? thaffPTV
BOOK? o'the day ?c1 sll Iii? ?v .! Standard Works, and .?se ?kc'.e
Kiifii.h Preach snd ??colin ?.ti-.i.nrry.
GOTO THOMAS K. AGNKW?, Orwiwi, h and
M?rr?y ?t? wkare yon ?i I find T*a? Cnfa., taO P?oii? ?lei
e?erytl.iii|-,?e r?.e?rwr ll)?n mr -??.re I* New-Yo- Ona relee U.s*
Hsse Uken 19 Pirst Pram.-in. at the Principal Fsirs ned ia Uti?
." .ii i-i ' .? ?ait. nie ? ?i .1 a a., wer* *war?i?-d a Kirai Prl**
klrda? at th?. Oraat latamatioasl i ii.io.noa in London .?J, ia corn
! se'itioD with J69 Planoa fioiii ali jsriB o! the IA oi li
Ina! tli? ?ir?t superiority ol It's* iii.lr ii-ILU is or. ? .u.Trrsallp
| o-. ?rded is pro???, by tha ?ACT tost Me??- Slelawaj? 'tis..
i.-uuroreaieats, ?nd pe?.ullariti?-? ?f ?-.ifl?W II-? m' hsre b?-> . opied bj
i UM ?rest msjority of (Be m. 'fa. tnrers of b.rtli bemirpher** (A4
j CLosaLT AS CHILD ?a Doxa WITHOUT las-i.aaaax.srT or FIT?
! ?ISHTS! snd !hst tlieir u.str in.-:.!i te? i ?ed by the matt emioeal
i pianists of Europe ead Amarus, WHO prefer tlieui I.r tue r owe puk?
li?- ?i.d pt.?sie .i?e when? sa-r sa aanhhk
i.ery Pisno is constructed with their "Peten? Arra!? AirsnfaV
O ?i.l IPM-ISD BIBBCTlT TO iui rcLt IBO? Kasai
srKINiVAi A SON- du? ? .p,?-i_i at-ntlon to meii uswly ia
Tented' I PllIOl?T I'lA.St)?, w?rr Itla-.r PST?>T Il??oi.*T???*
?lad DOCBLB Iron Pram*, patccted Jil' ? i, lune Tnis nar.it.sa oon
si.ts li. proTldiD(theiiie_ruineiit ?ii additioa to ta* Iron tr .n.? iara*n
of the soundbosrd) wit?, so iron brae? fr?o.? lo ti?? RESS of II. kolk
frarnaa bein? cast m ona rtsr?. tl.ereoy unr-rttn, a ?.. .. its/ ef con
strnction ?nd ?.spstlly ol atsi,dii.g la ti.n* n*Tsr ?cloie stained ia thal
c1- of instriimen'.
The sonn ibo.rd is supported oelwisei. the t? o fr?o e? by ?n t?p**?
st .. r?-.- Is'iiif its 1er.ion M ih?l tb? (raste.it posaio e degree ?I
. reduriii| a-spaeiry is ob'ai? d ai,d toi sic. i. , ? i,, sal ?a>
sirsble polo?.
Toe frost ?oin*?* tad exquis.ie quality el lone, a? weil se ?Ja*?-city
?i.d (,rornp?ness of s.-tion ?.. ?BeM . ?ar I'prurht Piano?, '??eel lied
the unqus itird sdii.iiatioc ot the u.ii.ical pro-?sion tad all ?ne bese
ha.?.-d t. ?in
STKINWATk SOW. aaaSdaa? * otter iheae bes.til i mair .menta
to the public, sod ioTire esery ?.ver of music to rall ?nd ?ja?-t_s
' K inperer of Ri.aaia
i l'?T?e??.?o? Sep. 19, 1MB.
. srnoi re'rain rrom ?iprass.sf le
you ni y uiiiii.su issd ?dnnrtt o |r?s_f is imtkiii'iiTauT-.
LB?? (iisrid Piano? fwhirb I ? a-d Um?, la a! ?????it in rimnssrick),
si.J ! desire notliin? in ti.? a ?rite. ci??li ?s to be ?ble te perfora
upon one of tleae niaiterpie e. '?re Send me. therefore, (careel
J.tisrn O.Tid Hoer.e A to . to ?'. l'e'er.bnr|h,) on ? of yo ar t <-?_r?
?rsnd Pi.uoB-odourse at m???? mi-erste srusl s price-sndiufo-?*
me, without delsy. in which n.sn?>er ! can beet 'raitt the pjreksee
mon*? lo ?o.. Kriuo -tin ly Tour.,
Coin? Pisnist to the Roy?! Piaiiir ef Kn? ?'..!
'LolDOB, >.n| ?nd. ???). 4. IMS.
Yo-tt SrlllWST k 8*as ! sm rr.ui-b plsssld lo Be* Iii* rapist
sii'si.i ri ?.m?ra u.akiur ?adUM aaasaraa? aartll ?tra ?oai-ssis
de.?rse.II> obuiued. ."?honld ? ? 1 ir..hle opli.iea beef ?ny weiskt.
you maa add ?tiki 1 ?ire my mr? ariDKBara Pi?uo(..rte reeittl a?
.at or. rhe Tiah ol ?l.n un
Court Pisnat la '
Mts.B? STSI.TWAT L S. |fs
ubie opinion be of any weisBt.
DKBDTB PiSUolTte rest?*] U
?. .tac* my ?nrle*l berei timk
nan ---i tba ??.nd Pia
I Lei
duririf II v four ?' mis! tisits lo Pt
o's!! (I ? lira? K.iropean n ?n '. ' r?ra b-i! 1ST* fosad ?0 leartn
? ?M I 1.1 ?L TO TB? O!?' I HKlllKSD or roc li- f?. ?. I ron?-*??
one "? pa*f (Inest -.?niisr?' Pian ? ?^o?: to ?np oae o! ?he (?rsn.? Pienoe
?ustiufsi i.red t.ere. Tr? ir ?.
Pia . II K II. the Prince? ?f \l ?le?.
VrEWWAT A SONS- PIJ?SOS sr? (It* only ?maii.ii lastro.
B-Bale ?ip*ll*d I? Taup? Si sr.-? rumben ?LJ tit. a. j ??d by tea
|r??l Pianista ii Utirop^sn ..? pit room?,
ii IR?.ROOM.?
Ni?.?. 71 ?M? 73 KA8T PDl'RrP.KNTH
lisle e-u F-trtk ITS ?ad ?IT.H, . . ?
a_U!tD, KU 1*1 ?.NO I'PBK.HT
HITS b?s?n ?wtrJed ilXTV IHK FIRST PRKMH Ml ??Id ?t_*
? ??. M__M_,OVn ALI. ( .?MP.-.TITORS Bl the i r -. ip?J fair?
lotlns ?-oiintty snd s PK1/.K UXDAt Al THK \M)!(i.t. -S PAIS.
la? ?NOON, iu eoair-(itioa win. i!is best aitken of this . ouniry ?ad
it! ' uniTerielly cooceded i. sb ndsnt'y preved b* the ntf r??tt??i<_{
l?tt?r. ?ti?! te.'iuionul. -h? pot (te m. otk. trrm the
IN?! ARTISTS Oi il'irDPI lu.Hg .ti.er? ?n?y be men_e??d:
Ka, II. I HROADUOOl) tiir.-.ot Broadwood k Sons, Undo?.
Mr. ( I? COLLAR!? firm ol Collard k Collsrd. London
Mile. A. l.oddsid. . r.? r, Rent Kastrier,
(I ss. Hals. ArrrdJs?ll, l.induy Blopcr,
Ju'.esBenedict. ' I. Hatton. Sydney Hmfcb.
Jsn-ssM WA-. fail Rsin?.i. Biiuley Rickud?,
O A Osborne, W Kuli?. '-?.-dl,
H. W B?if?. s. A. Chspr?l. . v.,. ? aal-.
Lo..is Pis.dv sod oisoy others.
Esery ia.trune.nt uisds by ns i. lully wtrraated.
Ai-ibeHied AcenulBslltl? pi np?! cities ol me !'.
?SU N.
. .Irdreds*
? 1. ? ?t titi
au? cain?
NOTIl t. at oi.trti an a: ,i > ??! ?dun sala?
d . h by ti.? l-iibiic oeron.ra '? Hnaslklll .Nersmly
uais f*c? Ibat nui.ibertes? r... oleilnt? imtnsJtsleiy spi?.
srsmadeof ' pilonty of la*?srtwa An ?rlloa o* ?lil? B*a?in**
?l.eaily cn*im*Bced in tb* Supi?ii.*l o*rt of New lora. New, Iber*
for?. I A KP. NO ill. E. ti.? up on. ?aualerfeitin?. or in ?a? s?*??if
niskin? me o?th?Tr?de Msrk i e.-eoder. ?ad du-T re?i?ie.Td, wiUbe
pro.? 'e>! ?nd, ??
ilLiiiit li ni -st ... ii-e b? ibe
,,l. i-iuRilAN SOAP (O.
No 4.*- lir-d*??.
E dmund Kirke
On The Border
. | y
?uiy A-.*?-.* pRR tv* e*u; Bim*-****

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