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VOL. \XV..N?? 8.025.
Tli e ?ti__rt.rli?p Allen-eoiif?, froin Southam^',-.,?, D<C
Pi, armed lure ?ettenia??,
The City "f Suliiry, from tV??toii, unit the _>_.?_;,? fro? X.w
York triiifd a'. OtasofnJ D?l I
' i.H..ii li'*u 1'alt.moro, 'alia ?^', JJarA rrcrr, Wama,
Vtie?Ui, ?rri?*<l ut LlTrn?ool D?,
?'"???lia th? Liierpool B1 Milli
.t liras?a?ntl He?. ??.
Th?' Ik ii. na, lroto Xe*.Ynrk for t.omlon, past-sl D?-t.; I
Th?? st' ?mer I.e. t)w,,, from /harlottito wn, rcpciTt* tfAokt
In? ou RwiaamhmW, tl.c ?te?toer Ilritimtii?. The lutter had
V??t her ni.l'l'.-r Wj. {.roj-r-llcr, and ?rai htlp?m. Ph. had 15
inri' pm?i?i.?D', ""Kiar,!. The Osren offered to tah? tome ?.f
IL? pats?.u?</ a i,i,t t),?, "tfor ?ia? declined, and ?In1 wat ? ippll?*4
Vitkflth. 'u,e ?rit.iiini?t l?fl 0_Mg?_r Tfn ?ill
Hen Vu'fc Wlt), 300 pastcnp??r?.
i T,le '. istn.u Il?..ir?l of Health hat hm-Oi S*i?N tl.tit Odest?
tai ?'.owlon ?re siisptcted of cholera rr."
9tom Oar 5?_?ci?l Corrrsj-oLilriit.
C< UTAXTIM ! '.i, Ni'?. 9
W Europe depends for her new? upon two great tele?
graph agencies, Renter and Hava?. Whoever can
buy up the agenta t?f these Companies at a given place
?_n have such news ?cut cut as may bo agreeable to
ira. It would seem as though Turkey and Frame
lad invested largely iu this business ?if late. Even
luring our war the telegraph Lever lied so systemat?
ically ami so meanly an it has in reference to Crete,
?france does not tri?n to have the Entfern ijuestion
?rought up now, when her prestige is M conipromn.ed
y her ill success in Germany and Mexico, but the
inperor knows that public opinion would compel ?n
MmM for Crete if the truth were known about
the continued struggles ol the people against the
Turks. The Turks know tho same thing' 80 the
Eublic must be humbugged. As few people r? ad uny
ling but telegrams, the telegraph has been pratt?]
Into service against the Cretans.
Official telegram? from Atheus conttiuliet these lies,
lmt unfortunately the (?reeks themselves have sut h a
?eputiition for lying that no one believes these. They
epend rather upon the impartial (') telegrams of
Reuter and liaras. How impartial the.?.? aro muy be
feen from the following specimens of Reuter sent to
England :
COXSTANTI .OTU N<"?.."..-Tho Insurrection In rai.d.u is ?t
end. Sluce th? ? npit/eiiriiit at Vryues th?
ve l_r*n nuking theil iiitmiittiou to the Itnix-rial author!
>>'???.. 6.-Arcordliig to lut?llipei.ee rec?is?'d here fruin Oan.'.lsi
"lae Sphakiote leaders liase ?.??inpU'ls-ly submitted tilth?
l?h autliorlty and ha??1 laid ilnsn their arm?. Most "I the
?ir?, k mtrMorU *h?i took j?art in tit? inturn.-llon are p
?Vi ??reec?. MUD? C?reek faTlsoaers however, ha? e be?
So this ?its
Ka? 1 -I he Insurrection in ?'sndia 1? ttnted to lx st si? ?i ii
^"hrce eiitrapi-ment? hove taken piar? at ?ellada lu siluth ti?'
iiiturirent? lost 112 killed. All tho Siibuklote chief?, 3? In mun
IN r have natte Iheir sul?mi?eloii. Akifl I'atha is to be ?los
fcriun ? . The li rand \ i/ier ?lill obtain
fnrthi: Christian? from the Sultan.
>.?,T ? - Nunn rou? ??reek ?bliss arc ei??erted In ?'sndia. to
ftsruiar li.?mt tin lirii.ii. t ?Lo buTt taken part in the lut? rr
NOT 10.-Intelllireiire wceWs-d here from Candia itnt<? that
an the Milimistlon of til? Cund?an IMSH?-*? tS?il?|ih? I aali?
liroidaliiH'd uptiicral ntnuests ntnl case DOtic? th.it thi
Trader? and foi ni lit'orij to ?juitthc Island
llerc the whole thing Is historically complete. We
ttuow not only that the rebellion is put dowu, but we
have h detailed account of what has happened sinco
the end of the tri utiles there. No**; I aiu able to as
inrc you that the rebellion has not beeu put down,
that very few of the able-bodied Cretans have shown
any 9x4X4* ti yielding, that no ('reeks have returned
Eroin the islvid t?> (?reece except those wounded in
?Attie, that no such amnesty had l_gu proclaimed,
Rod that if any rebel lead? r or foraiflwr were ca'igbt
by the Turks he would either bo shot or sent in chains
to Co?stntitiuople. No less than 19 such have arrived
this week and others are on their way.
? Th? Greek Island of ?*".vra is only ? few hours by
fteam from the ('retan c?-___t, and it is doing for
Cr?te what Nassau did for the Confederates. The
Greek steamer 1'auholinion has made some '?ti trips
to Crete with ammunition and recruits.
Some of then? have been very exciting, and she has
narrowly escaped capture by the Turkish blockading
Miiadron. The Turks call her the fcjheitau-vapur
(Devil's steamer), and they are this week fitting up
?ne of the fastest of the Sultau's private steamer? to
capture her-if th?y can? On one trip, after the date
of the .?it telegram above, sh? landed WO men with
breeclt-lo-wling rifles, and foui ctuinon. This week ?he
has made two trips (one a failure) and landed a large
quantity <?1 ammunition, CO bale? of ?euther, a lar^e
dumber of bayonets, all from England, and 301) ad?
ditional volunteer", incladinf '?1 (?aribalitiaus and 3?.
Montenegrins. She is to be joined in a few days by a
'new steel-clad steamer, which can run eighteen knots
ttn hour, and it is expected that they will put ."?IKt men
% week upon the island, with all necessary supplies.
The excitement in Greece has reached a point be
{.ond which it can hardly go without forcing a declara
ion of war between Grace and Turkey. Everyone
now, from the King down, Is in a lever ol' sympathy
for the Cretanri. Every available gun und held-puce
?in Grace has gone alreadv, and volunteers ar?1 going
?Tery day. Even the stolid, selfish Greeks of ( ou
CUntiuople are moved. This Wuk ?orne -(Hi have
.gove- from here, and among thern young men iroin the
?reiilthiest fmiiilie? iu the city.
If the Cretans can hold out until Spring, and they
may be able to do so with the aid they are now re
A-oiving from abroad, I have good reason to ballar?
that the Greeks have determined to stake their
dom on a single throw and cast iu their lot with the
Island of Crete. It would be a bold step for sut h a
Kingdom, with less than two million iui.abitants, to
declare wur against Turkey, but they have not forgot?
ten the Greek revolution, and tiiey know that m D a
step would reopen the Eastern question with a ven
gcauce. My ?>piui"n is, that it would be the best and
.Wisent thing they c?uld do. They have little to lose
aud everything to gain bj riieh a step. Thi-y have
lost their prestige and become a ?tench in the nostrils
of Europe, especially in the moneyed ?jireles, but a bold
fctep like this would wiit them frieuds and sympa?
thizer? everywhere. It would afford somu sepe ?or
their restlessne-s. r.*id they would ne pretty sur. to
rome out of the conque?t with a larger territory than
before. Eiance might prevent ibis' by sending an
?rmy to Atheus, but it eau hardly be prevente? iu any
?ther way.
The Turks are protesting already against the aid
.given by Greece to the Cretans, and King Goorge has
Promised to issue a proclamation enjoining neutrality,
Lut it will deceive no one here or there. Turkey
would declare war against Greece to-day but for the
ngly " Eastern qostion," which would at once be
This week Byra has been en fete. The rauh?linlon,
on her last trip, brought news which was so fully be*
iieved that a ?solemn Ti Dtwn was celebrated in the
Cathedral and the city vu illuminated. *
As I have no official or private news so late as this,
I cMuot vouch for the statements made at .Syra, but
the? are probablv founded on fact, at leant. They
.re'eorroborated by the known fact that Coepncas, the
(?reek chief, had fortified the convent of Aikadi, near
Kethymo, and was there in force on the 19th di No?
vember. This new? is to th? it?th. It is said that h?
hod fortified aud mined this building, but being una?
ble, after a vigorous struggle of eighteen hours, to
hold it with the 1,000 men under his command, he
.effected his retreat, leaving a heroic old priest who
had volunteered lo fire th? mine. On seeing the in
.argent? retreat, the assailant? rushed into the build?
ing, and taha priest applying his match, th? whole
building wa? blown into th? air, with a loss to the
Turks (it is seid) of ',.000 killed and 1,200 wounded.
The son-in-law of Mustapha Pasha waa reported to be
among the former, and of the latter 400 had been
brought to Canea, the remainder being taken ty lie
Th? Turks, of course, would nublish no such news
liter tho island had been pacified, and after th? Greek
roiunteers had all gone h'._i_e, but I am inclined to
ftelieve that the faot of the blowing np the convent
?rill be confirmed. The oth? r Greek commander,
(simbrakaki, at last accounts, had taken the offensive
Mid captured a large supply-train, as well as part of
3>e town of femonia. lie afterward ictreat.d to the
fcinous caves of Me.'idoric where the Turks left him.
After all, as I have often said, the r?
?ith tho Cretans is that of sub?itteir"- If they cea
Ind food eocrugh to last them ontil Sj?rinr', tb*y will
???Id out avon again.t the 00,000 troops on the island.
'.___* fiant CWj SojTp tbit oueitiva. AleanwLile the ,
811 _t>rings of the Cretan families and t.io atrotitie
committed by the Turks are ni? re revoll'ng than ever
The Servian ?niestion has suddenly become a very
serious one. They haw? doman?.??., formally, the
immediate evMnation of Belgrade and the five othijr
fortresses held by the Turks iii fiorvia. They havo
Kui.COO well-trained militia, e'.med with rifted cannon
and breech-loaders, to giva weight to their demands,
and I.nsfja is urging them on. Hut tho Turks are in
a dilemma. II they VieKl, they lose forever tho key
of the Danube at Hnlgrail?1, and they invite other de?
mands of a similar eba.?dei from other Christian
provinces. If they r? fuse, the Servians will do their
bert to drive thom out by fir??1, and this will not bo
ogreeul lo. Thvir policy will be to protrastwate and
gain time as best they can, but it is questionable
whether tho ?Servians are in a mood to tolerate this
temporising policy. Baseia is not likely to eneoura/e
anything but action, and Austria is now hardly in a
position to exert much influente in favor of Turkey.
'litre has been math excitement in reference to .
reported movement ou the part ol' one of the Catholic
communities of Albania. The fact that those people
have long been ?oiiipluiiiiiig Mid threatening, 1ms le?
the publie |<? give ? roden? e to tho story that ?-^.(lOO of
them hnvo taken up ann?, under the mmm-ud of a
Bishop, and are now baeieging the Turks m the
Fortress of l'rixrcnd. Tho nins C-IM from Sa?
l?nica, and it is saul that tho extraordinary taxes just
lind upon iho Provinic, had driven the people t<>
de?peration. This much is probably true, I 'it I doubt
wl,ether their ?it-speratiun bus yet reach??! the point
?>f righting. The story may be true, but as y? t it
Mod? ??nf.ruiation. Another correspondent says that
the immediate cause of tho outbreak was the violation
of a Christian girl by mumt 1 Uta 1 ho sanio writer
si.ya.bnt the garri?oii ol Monastic had man hoi against
the insurgents. Tins would indi? ate sericu? dilii.ulty,
il' not quite an insurrection.
Our difficulty with tho Turks t,t Cypress is not yet
settled, although the l'orto has yielded the main
points domuuded by Mr. Mortis. Th? re still romani
the '?uestions of indemnity, And of Hie removal of the
(?'?vernor of the i. land. It is possible that these may
bo finally arranged by it 'terence to ?'ino third party.
At auy rate, it is not likily tli.it any s?nous difficulty
can now arise between the (.??vi rummts <?n tin N
points. If Mr Seward shows inn? h more sympathy
for the Cretnns, this will be more likely to create hard
feeling. 'We cannot help sympathising with th? so
people; but alter nil, we cannot help them, and any
attempt to ?lo so, would probably do theil cause moro
harm than good. If we nie to shoulder M?tico, as I
hope we ure not, we itali have plenty ??f work nearer
Choiera and ?luarnntines havo frightened travelers
away Irom the East this year, und hut few Au.ern ni.s
hnvo, ?.onie to Constantinople since last Winter. New
Vt?rk was well reprer-cnit-il here .? lew ?lay?. ug?i, how
evor, by .John J. Phelps, eKj.j Mr. ?r?au?II??r?l, form? riy
of Tho Journal of Loimmtct, and the Key. D. {stuart
lii.dgo, with their families. They had live dova
quarantine coming m, and went away with the cer?
tainty often days (|iiniantine nt Alixaudria or l'e\
rotit--not a very pi? a?ant pimped. Theft ure still
isolated cases of cholera in the city, but li,?thing like
an epidemic.
Fron, Ou? S[>*rl?l C?rrs.| ' i.tla-n?
Sill?, ?ii?' . ? Vi .'. \tn
The history ol' European diploma??. ??r.tt? I li . ?[ .r.t? f
truth, mould be the history "f pohticul ?nuic ?nd the in.
folding of all the cause? of the over-re? i.rrr.g ?l?Juges of
blo?.d that have so often rngulphed Ike t iving? of I
f.?ii uiid the hopes of Christianity. Ami that kittety . ?<r
repeats itself. The crime of th? j.?it feaeiattOB ;? I?. <1 by
s?nie wretcln rt n??n???it of ?taiiontU glorj and n p< r; ?
ii, the present, to lx? renewed as olteii a.? tinl awn ?m
bltioni ni? n have ein!? t.. I s ir.i.i.eil I y it.tr,gue un?l w?r,
?ml the people nre too weak m uiteliig? u?e anti ??nul mu
tmn to resist their rulers. The men a Lo iway II e turi?!
ito rai uppreh? lim ti? aii.l t>,nr npjarint mpaasibilitj)
commit to-day ttie ?au?1 uicr? lins? iniimuuii dei ll's |>t lltM s
si li ich the King ? infallible and irrctponiitl? dared to do
three ot h ?, <?r 1.'.?H? wars ago.
It doesn't Mod gr?:?t ?tlmr? ?M1 weighty Interest t?i lead
thoko tuen to crime. Tbs little island whosest'ow-elml sum
mit we can tee from hero ??rot? the " Mae aEfsea. bal
bi'tu from time iiumcir.orinl the tied of tyrAi.ni SM i i
tn'. contjuest and is now ti.? vu tun el that diploma? y
aliii-h reamed them. Thirty-six yesrs tgo ( ret?? find
hate? If frmii the Bael fnuatii ni. brntal and ? ?iwardiv ?if all
oppression? and wat hy dijiloinaty tied head and fi.oi ami
hau_e?l back to her 0] prOMOf It nein? incredible that to
iiifamous a crime MUM have been perpetrated ia UM Ufs
time of men ?ow living; that in this epoeb the rulers ai
giant natioiit ehouid have so \ lolat? 1 the sp.ni of fattie?
aiid liberty n? to enslave a whole poj illation. ? i." tot mi??*
ye?rs hurt l>attltid And suffer??! for frei ?I?.u. ??,?1 w.,n it ?iib
the eipeii'iitur?? t-t half its nunilier. ?nd niisrnes mid mar?
tyrdoms iiiconti ivahie to tit. Ami such slus?ry u? it was
hauded hsck to'-that of South Carolina w?s better. The
life, the honor, th? prop? rty. e??-n thing thst w,is. ral the
A.iistulmnii'.-"liis wife, his lii.iii-'ervniit, hi iu.nl
servsi.l. Ins ax his uti, anti everything that wa? his."
Well, the crime is working its MunNHaeat, uiepei lei
and utititoii.-il fur and u tire is kindling m Crete which
limy make gommel ha? ?'f the fine pinn? .-?nil castle? ni air'
of the rt.lors of the world. Austria, wLo was the inert
earnest instigator of th? ?liiiiiemi'cnn? i.t of liberal Orecee
in 1 ?vii?, has p.iirt In r penalty or at least a bru installment
of it, England ami Franc? who BOW rii'-'tir th? lajuslire
then cullin.itiid, ure oomiag to the jiulgnjcni seat fiir-tcr
tht!. they di? kin IinsMii alone of ull thi.-t wl.?- si
repentant ami moy ha saved.
I um no mabel or even a prophet t sen bal I um le?
ceived if the Cre?tii insurrection ii ln?t the kli.illnig Of .
ti..lue which shall coiisirma eiii?.eri?rs und wipe ral ???i ?
l.et, ami that la?! alni basest of Emperors bi.ililmg his
Bummer pelara af ISO aud imldnig tho moth* beal peera
t... .t li opcB?d, throwiaa tth*t th? win le oa the lire, may
lind that It is burning und'-r htm, dod grs.nt it.
The conduct of the French and English Consuls in Crete
bal been Worthy the antee? dents of l8'(?. 'it.? I? r;n??r.
man Turk than Islam wi.s, hat not besitated nut ?niiy lo
indorse all the falsehood, of the bref* < f Col ?lentil opl?
and the oilii lui rej"?ns o? th? Imal truiemuicn', lut nus
.xbaasted invention in IVstning luaders of all kinds
ag.iinsi th.- Crtttaiis. lias sjieiit his tiinu in pros iyting ?nd
hu - ii.' al inflame? lo intriguing for the Turkish (lotrrn
inert. The poll? y of the lstttr I as he":, diab?lica] from
teat It threw into the island 40,00o of Its most
fanatieal soldiery, ?md, making no ouimeirtois or offort? to
con?unit?1 the j'<"?li, r ?heil with full brutal fury sgainst
me Irland. Milans were destroyed, mea, wornt ,
children massaerea ib '"M blood, evarthinf devastated
Lneonee?vabie. The histor? of the vu
so far is a mi-rd of ?ndurinf heroism, patient ?i.il",rnig of
wnuien aid ebildfen. uisternsl mil low sud r?solution
under trial pa one tide, und unmitiRiihle lirntalitv and bsr
!'i.i!?in 'in the other, such a? in oin wnatrj eui it ? >t he ?som*
pielieiiikil. '1 he poli? y t.I crusLl?g. ?.rit W?at?a the np?
p'ir.triiii thttt the ('retiins could lie fr!trhtrned I r tortured
into ?abnUMtoa Infor?; the worUl bad Unie to >??.e what wai
colng OB. 'J ??-i ty dar? were sappessd to tiitRct for thif
nut the calculation failed. Then the cunning of the t'.et rl
c?me in to help out. They pie'.ndbd that the Cretan!
hud surrendered und that all WM fiaisbed. Alreudy Euro, a
hud begun to more for the beroi? islander? when thin.wt
fe., hie a pull on lill their fnenUs. Vi.h-nUeis turned then
faces away und eoiitributioM wer? st??pi???d. Oaribaldi
was ?bout throwing Lu ?word in, when tbeMweeaCM
that it wu too late. So much time gained-, ten new days
added to their twenty. Hut in thora tea ?ltys nothing was
gamed, and the old falsehood tnv.st go out on service again;
and lest it coin? back protested, they must have m'l'.r??
ments: and behold1 ?11 ready to lend their nanni and
thos? of their Government? ar? lb? Consuls of Saftend
?nd Franc?. But this week, the last in Noven,' ?i
(N. S), no know that not ODly the l.oveminont Las
not succeeded in breaking th? spirit of a tlogl?
dntm: of Crete, but thut the Insurgents have just
inflicted, at Arkadi, on? of the most daning.ug blows un
th? invading ?my that the biston of these struggles can
show. Every day volunteers are Unding and th? Cretans
gerti?g hotter inns; and though their wives end childi, n
ara p?nshing under th? knife ?nd the snow, they ?re fur?
ther from tuba?.un.g (hsn ov?r.
Tb? following letter from tho Central Cretan Comnutte?
at Athen? has been received by Di ? How? of Boston :
SIR. Gn.ec? entc?rt?lns in?ff?ceahle feelings of grut.tudu
to the humane and g.narous people of America for the
sympathy they ?-ince?! during ti o Oreek struggle far
independence. Th? American neoplu, with the ? ?dial
coiieurrenc? of the Anicruun Hu v? minent, by the su; plia?
of food and clothing they s?nt to Greece saved thousands
of Greek families from starv?tl'?n ?nd prevented the dis?
persion of Greek armies mil making h??d ugainst 1 urkish
oppression ?nd barb?!'-in
The noblo fingst? Hell?? wcn-.U nevtr have reached her
destination and taken part in (he war of ladepaadene?,
had it not been for th? kmd iiiterference and mniiifteent
?ssistanc? of the American Government toward com?
j leting her equipment ?nd dispstchinir her to Oreeee.
The Cretans in their previous ttruggl?1 for independent
were partftkor* of the American ?c's of beneiicenie, which
we now gratefully commemorate.
The Cretans, unable to endure any longer the violation
of th? lleudar privileges ?nd liberties which tb? Turkish
Government hsd solemnly ?cordfd them, ?nd driven to
desperation hythe heavy and constantly Inoreasn.g bur?
don? imposed on them, at ,tngth to?,* up ?nu?, with
t?*nnln?tion ef achieving 'ii"ir irdej?endenc? or if
_', victims of lil??my, ia ti??1 attempt.
In ? ' K di.i.ui contest, tie Cietsn insnr
gents ciwca ?v 't... ' tv the rx-t-nlo tu. G..
ernment of the United Male? of Ament a, eon vine?*- th?t
Ainerlfan ?ytnpathii? wt.oltl, B? formerly, be eiteBf.?d lo
the ?truf-gle of the Crab?.?, ?ho bave venter-*-?! to I id tit
finnoe It. the whole Tnrki-h Luipi-?, gai, ni ?/?dit.on lo it,
to ile wh? le power of K|?*Tpt, Ai ordin?-lv, one of the
-rsl step? adopted by the Crotan iiihur-ft-nts ?na to tr?BR
iint a ?o r-nin appeal to the I'rtrideut of tl.e l'nittil Stute?
ard to vin* I? j. certain ethel mearure?, the remit <>f which
tbey are ? ngerly ?illili' to ascertain.
Ke-qtiirir.i* in America a fnithlnl i_l?r>, r, t?r of Ihe.r feel?
lua?? iei.i t i ?-.ni.? ? tli"v Liait. naturally thought of It.eir
fill tai bcrctm tor, Dr. tlowc, wl,.- by Iii? long re? ?!' I ?? S
lu llrcece .Irrii f? the former war ?,l i ixl? p? m.? ti? '', ami bj
hi? ger.erou? ?n5 effective rcrvite? ?liiiiiir? that period, ??
VII 11 as by hi? effort? to iwlvoiate thu (,r??k eau?? ?s a
Infini mi ?t tit? Qnob ?tn-.'.'U, secured to luiiirclf the
veneration tai ?ffi??tion<f the Hcllcnl? picpl?*
" I oe Cirtir, CeiitrnJ Committee iu Atti? n?, ' ftctir:|t in
-cronlacc? ? itli ths -??rnti merits of th? GrsskJ In |tmt ral,
ii: ii tho Cr?t;?ne ?II p-.rtx ular, hi irby ..pi. al t?) your *rell?
knoTtn jil ilhelli Linn unJ ?ntreiit .? u t?, ?t. ?. f. ith timm
a? a . harupiBii of tt>?t cooi.trr ?tin li non .?I old tho Ral
?nd ?oiirto ?ii liltriv a-di.ivi'iia.'iti. ti. This y< ?i > ?n al
ftciiviiv ?ft4iiii|ili:ti by r-ur-icg your??lf in t?t?Miiblrtf
in a? inMiy parla ef Ainiri. .i ,IM |?.r?:l.l.' I'li-ck O'?, uni?
te? I fornUSUt| a. ?I 'liri'.iii lu uti couti lint ion? t?> tho Cre?
tan mriiri/fiilH.
1 Le ( ri-litre ? n the n. li < >< ment < f their indfpmd? liCO,
.?111 evil.??) moling gratitude lo ti. ir Aim noan _<*?_.*.
faet?n I nie, nt tu?'|?ri *i nt MM nt, I? in I h i? iitiTio?!
want uf nrra?, ?iiiiiiiiiiiitio?i. *M*v*i*riOM asvellMOf . H.ITUI
forte to fru-tiatt) the SliMltg Turkmh bloikade of her
lu ? tut i ne to nu our want?, we leave it lo the ?-enc
rofity urti Oin n Mon of - ctir?clf atid (Heads t?"l?. whatever
you may tii.d ri/ht ?nd |)o??i?i|,le m our behalf nt thi? uio
m? ntou? ? r.ns ol our ? ountry ? hietory.
In ?.on? IIIHIOU. wo I . g ti. SX] r> ?.? our i. ii.; '. te 11 r. fitl.-n? e
in your phi,hiHcmmi. Tour jmlp'ini -nt, i?t.?l ? ?| ? in i.? ? ,
(.ntl, kO| iu?* to I e I,,ni,re,I i itti -i tftoij r? pi?
\\ | i< nunn, bu, v.iir i-.i.? ? m mu? grateful fi ernie,
k1. HK.MKKX,
all A*i Ml VII KAM.
A. V. l'AfOlAKIB.
*?.1U1 ti? I li. Howe, ?Sa, k1 Da, |l"M. II. I' I
Amata?, Nat.29 \BB I ? riuirr-raiBoi'T.
i;,||l 'HI'ANl li OK M'Ai.N TO IU IMDIil'H (?I** THE
?HEM II-rill'- IM'KftJK Ml'N'll I "MU II rcill.AH
) X. Ur MINT IN NAljRII'-ARlii'lllAllV M A 1.INHH
TO Il M I Til))?! 9-RIM
Fun, Dui w|r, lal I cutty. ,,dr?l.
DI M lill' I ?a ? '- It-t-t,
S.t.4 ? the City of kliUWiil tia? t?< u im Watt in a ?t?i? of
?if?-?1, the H|.uiii?h mrwggagm. ?huh an? n?,i tRaawi to
discuta home |.oliti(? ?iitli any de-.'" < ti ir??.ioiii, Um,
like tlioie ?I the Hii.-ri ni Ktni'ir? I? ?II ?IICTIII?- the ut?
il . ?t .la IIT ,i, , i.iin,i,n.(' ti?- | ? in J i t oilier nation?, and
Hu? per?? nal c1,,inn t. r it ti.? ir iiilrr?. S-amanl? hate 11 ?'it
herct? Icrtf almott grt t? ??"in I] i|?'i.<?iiu.l ti the pul lo l.ur-i
Do?? ot f< rcipn State? ?ml ti.? lill!?? II .format!? u tiny ?c?
??tilrv li*? tit? ti through ti.?- I? ?I !< II.? .In.III if ti..? Kr.i.i'li
\ t. y? and in w that th? y arc not fgtmM?i to I. ??ni much
of ti ci ??n aCkifs, the? lia?, . T. i\ 111?'it, ii,, i? ofasesi
tu I,.!,-.' ?'li.? tliili??* ? I tt.iir ni'(.'til'..I. I I-?' li. i"1.1 I
that have takrii pin. . i, IT,., I of li,? Kurt?! eau Siht,-?,
and a hi? h nein hut t??.likilv lo N tin? pr?. ir?<.r? of a
?,'iml var n i .I.t the al i.nit? ?f BfMlia ti BO ?niall import
ante to the ?tin ililli?.* In ]? :n .1 ti.? I? n i.i I,, on ?.. OVll
? f l,< r gymi BI ..!'.'.ml ?nd the taliiulili- t...?i? ?.I .... .atioi.s
I.? t^n itory u? ....I all-ni t'- au < i.? IUT at* 1-4 Kn-nth Ktn
fttor Kor that NOOOa. the Krui? h mooan li te? 1? willi BA?
IS ttial ti.?- M|.aiii?h | ? nmnila is m the hands of the
it Iv Ilotirl ?m a lioin lu? aru^i of ii.tri?.*,n ? bass not )i?-!| ?-.1
to ilni ? in??, .ii.d tliut ti ? :i "t tlio lat?? Kui,
IAIIU? Philipp? i? n -nilli'' iii iii?, most t. rtil.-, . ..iia'lii.i.. ?1
?r.il ?t'pul'ui? ptuTiMra ?f I.i? ? ?t? r m UM'? kUJfdoB,
where he i? "nilling MMM opinion? ol all ?or?? ti iii?-i.,'
ty tie adiiiinirt.atitr abililr with whick le attend? to In?
tint (?tate?, and to tin I inplojin? iii oi num. n...? ?rli?. i,?,
aid ?lu r?' I?' Ilka dltwtt] tai pontt "f tln-ir t.riv nt,?
life, he and the Duchess ?f M? i.to. :,? . : ,i? -ort) that
. *. tv ti it ti ?ra? oin.- ?o ehearnill] paid loQw-n
Iinbtlla. Mitre Is no .lout.t that it i? tli?-'f. ti of Nap I. on
Will, h hu? ?Til. Uti ?1 tl.e lli'.l? Ititi li ? ii i-f lill ?.ititi, .
ti.n ina ihrir - *?- ?.. UM DU.? ol U??i t*x -i.r al lt?g. i.t
otHu- hiii-iil? io i-r li. ??. -.. i:ir ti .. ? r..?u t.. ilo tBtl.er of
U.e King of Portons ? I rsof party,
hi? ntvir taken lu IU of tin? imaginstion of a ? >? \ la ? h,..?
1. itii .I to ttnigti r? .lu.?.?! l'.ii,!f!i on In??
leek?, ai.'?, a heu s i? tri..1'i-f. i.? i? ?I ti. ?... I , ..i ,
?Al,ich under? tin d.nat,on <t tba Ir I ixl t'? lit?
Iatioll?, I ? ? mi.? u - li? i.i! y i ' ii,.-( irle.ti.?
ft.lt iii |.. 1.1 fr, ?i ei.t . ".in. lil ?llli their iiittliiitlc? with a
vieta- of Tirr|?rniK for any eoaliag*-?] ti.-i n i(*Lt BIIK.
A? ti ty V( ll.Ti- tl.Bt 1 ..'II titt tti .< \, a; 'I >? BBIB- ' BtioM
srs tin-il ol' arl'.t.-ury powci (tWt tl.t-a.
?elvi?, out a? the eh?! ipioD? of cotl?titutloD?l g'iii rim.' ii!?
tod tslifiOU? toleralioli. A* .tie th?! Iii?' QMOM of M>B1U S
1 i . ?ion of p..?. r n.>?. depend?
j on ol K disaatiftif-tl .lilli?, and Ibat If tits Iluka of Mont
Dsntleraod hi? wita did sol bid tot titt yyipf-txM tim
H- ?talala ( i.)i?Iitiili..!iuli?t? Uow, Hie h.- .'kout
fir ?"Uli'Other ?BI.itlll.ttr, I ' ?! ' . P ill??? of
Mi i.'p? :.-i? i ?I oni,I, notv?iti.?ui..,!,.- bal boitg tnetinte.
pia . ? .1 to Mailntl, i.iiiiri'oii.piii.i.-.l I.? h?i ?..i?1 _ad. and
Wlttiliol li.ort- tliiiti t!,*ee parBOBS Ol her ?iiit?,t?, rt li <>la -
?tn.;e ?ith h?r ?fetal n?"t. Ut .1 ?. !-it>- tsa
dii.iii? i,nii the pruliabilitie? ?f a retro
timt ?o ilii drin onl tin i
ti i i hird ?M? perks] ? Ih? tn-i :
<-f il.i? iiiipurtui.t in. ii'-uTi r .1 ti.-".. forliks
In? i. in..n. uni ;<.? i... n."; m -"iilim?.y
It-rvi .1 I J th? ?-Jil. ? ?I.oin I >. t "I.'-...-? 'n p ..... i.e.ir ti ?.?.
vi lunn le bM reiin.lt to .ir?).'! II? lo ti." I.'
loua fi.ur?. uf the tj
t" hi r persPK -. ItT, if [iii! li ful IT nanu? ol tin B l| eli? lil? o'
i.? r ?.i-ii-r [both In ?JIIM-?I,.l and moral endown-ei
l.ei?? ,!'. Ila.'.in!, tboilfh Ui?* M"i,i,?i? ? .- vi .1 ibeit
roys! relations .ii li earas ?.i the
latter,the) an neroi ioog ?.I? ma in klsilrid vhtrs
they mt um IT ii MMfh to (!?*. ?TboltMaM nhii?- ? lii.-h
ia UCT. r tuk en. Sut i.i 'ITO I i- a.w i? -,,t. t.. -?.-I - : r. iiinti d.
It?--,al. . tl.e I-.T'IT mt? n ti,i- TI.,iii!,v T?IH!. II.
qualifies of K.i i. Louis Philippe's Baosl talsatad mt Ml
m ?tatong coi, timt MU!, the Blunted u iportiouand ?? ?kly
li 1,11.11111.? of ti.' Si-.1.1-1. Ki; g ('<.l.r..;t At ih'.
tu -t i-ii'iin-r l-i-tvii.i. id. two risien, iii? ?_ti?. n ?liarply
rsproocbedtheHneliessol Uontpeuslai v.r.. ia g the
?.?urliup-? mu Dnsdons lasimtnei t o; her h'i?hi.
Kilt_ilit.li. and phieili-k' Leime 1 er tim di?! iitt.li?? of tl.e
Ppaliiih Klul-aaMtilor II. l'an?. 1..1I li e ywuA ii-':t t, Ut
of tbe trouble of deliToring bei messaft '. tnpartini
her Rtlviu , a? ilo T ? knovn and negatirely
u??.. Ired uj.on. I iii- ii.i..i.t.i. ii.?.
deje. t. d and disappointed, aftei lereral day? m
Madrid ni her rti?t_r ? pul.:, u, i?* r,111_\ watehed and o;l>
BllOWCd to 1*. T? Hi. lil. -lo I- to ?lilli pr-i?. - . || , |, ,,- l\,\. I
nee of the ?overnmeni .N ? i -* ?papei ?*..?'
to indnlca m ob?Brration ot .. tb< ni>>Jsci
Indeed toe 6a] ral <?l (he disti
notions about tbe praaa that be ona iaj fined lbs IA, ?
. -i a i.all at ll?k ,
1'i.liit e. ,,) ii ! ? :, bal Ti d. Iy
lated print in 4>|inu, s" as hcavih malo ted and ill pi
lion sntpsnded for a wsek for o
ti.st Vi .?i.i.t wl..? isaaasinatedhoi ni?
tre?? undei eil
ibe Royal panton.
Soin? ??iiiniii.it,on toi.i. pises rasterda*- an
attti vi--! and ?i .mnly etnploTt-d tiopiilace of l . ?
sequen? ?1 the sudden riss in tbe pelee o< iirrmi. iill4
Cspta)D-G i T.i.a- ascertained U it UM riao tras no1
oeeasioned it any M'uniii) ?.i i r. adstuffs, bul l.y ai
oly oi tin? toni dsyoelted ?i tbe lailwai trarehoti
lacifd (?ur ot the principal oorn-brokeri iu I??- pinioned tu
gttber and led to prison through the streets, Aroa the. 'i*n
iiiHikct to the SfllTi.'.cr? jail, wLnh I? st th?- other .-_,; ol'
i ti.i-iity 'ii.ei wera llbaratsd a daw howe aftemard. iv.
tomad are the Spaniards to extn l?gal neaasrai un
iieretory form ol gorerni snt. thal ?? far from i
o, inioi ' - ? ?li'., o' i r,.c
uver* l?...1y spp'ovrd or it. Li?*. 1..(?.??.. l'.-,uel?,?ho has
the auprsttM command of the pronnce and the? tv,!.??
at unired loinc ta !?-l?r.ty both ia arm?aiid letton li
tnuialatiaa* ?i 'I aaaoi J?*; i ?ni. m Deliren d, bas I e,.?: i,ro
lii.ti: .i-t-d hy the Upan i h jkeadoaj n? wotttiv .-f the orig
InaL He i? likelr t? le ev.-n hitter ki., .w? to ths u. ild
e? the most _nacrapnlouaaf?.1 ti th? pceaant ? riest?ridtlsn
(tovcii.ii.. i.t. B ii.e tin.? u?.'.. h?iTiiiia- hu?-:, reproached bj
tbi 1'renJeul of tin COHBC?I Mar?! ni Nar v.-r , p _ having
pormitted the circulation of the PortOfUtM -???papera,
-? !ii?;ii are ?ai-( ideiliy auti-Buurlioiiic, he aanl a (''?i_ii,ia?itry
ot pollos t?i ?1! the tea im?- ?.lu? ? and litorarv iL?iltutioa?
toniiiiounts that if any of tloin ?I?' .id reosireany kin
ti pertodieal in whwh the Queen, ti.? inst?tottona of tb?
i ?itiLtry, or tho Ctthollc ro?i-?loi. have ever beau ?ti?i kid,
he would bring ihe uutn?Kin?? eonunitteea, pr?%A.e,u? and
secretarle? hehir?? n n .rt-?.aitiul. The coutg.ueuo? of
t?n?e_*eeping order wa? that not a foreign nswipopor wa?
to h? s ? ibttMe, till !lit)('oYcr?metit.?pp??!ed
to bv thu foretifi. renden!?, rarokod the etmosioui order.
Thi? uioroing, H p?r?de, a tediously Ion,? -?.rocUina
th.n of M ?rib? I Karraei w?? readtotbetroopa,ep1< ium?
thom ucvtr to inii then i, 1T?S \ p m polities, ami td'ignore
everything eicept the dut it?? ?if their |>r'jft???ioii. and
p?k*'ive and Mimi obedience to the commanU? of their
; chief?, 'lbs S"l(lie?B, who well know that no mau h?? ?vor
been more mixed up with n.ilitarv ?editions than the
prtioht preacher of mlliurr ili'tij.li'ne, tall the prot-lania
tion " Narvat-z'? p??tor?l, gai n.ake no little fuu of it
'lb*> Marshal baa, howurrr, introduced ?ome reform? in
the anny which t *? likalr, for a ?hort time at lea?t. to
?trenirtlicn hi? hold ou the tn...; ?. Yru (treiiwaretli?t ih?
last military r.-v..it, ?.Li'- bfarsbal O'lHmneU put down
in blood, t?K,k pi-ce in r_e artillery and cavalry regiments,
which, being the mod arutucratir . "r?? in the service,
w-re the leu.t suspeeted of a tendsne** to sedltiou, 'the
olln cn? o? the aiiu.irv. w bo were preosnt in the aso-riu It,
wer?niB?BBcred, anti the sergeants and i :1'?#IT!? ttok ths
direction of tho re? .It. The ditaccntent of the sergotnt?
had been dexterously lormented by the emUsario? .? th?
diicontented partid? in tho Kingdom. TI.? ?lsoont ,1 of
the petty oSoaaaof the ariilltry ur..??. fr-.m twoeauMS
Kindly: lue sn?tt-rcrstic constitution of thi? branch .f the
-, in which ?ouio y*?rs?gonool_iirwa? a.iuiitt,?.,
who could not xmie nubility of hirth, and ia which even
nnwplebtanoflic? i-?lr??i?ahictantly recelyrd. Sfcondly t .N"
.ttriieint til aitj)it,fy MAO- titi loot to be BJ-uioiitetl. fot
til the . ffleort bed to be educated at ? military school.
Marshal Nartaei hat. by ? royal decree, doue away with
tbes? invidious distinction?, and for the futur? every
.. Ulier in the army lias an *<iu?l right to promotion i*
every branch of tb? service. Tins luiportunt decree was
read a few ?fays ago to the artillefy soldiers ?t the celebra?
tion of th?. fa?el o ?y or their patron saint, Saint Barbara,
and ?as melted with much noisy enthusiasm. At the
annntl banquet of tho soldiers, when, ?n<?r>lii.g to lime?
honored ci.stf.r_i, the officers wait on the soldier? st dinutr
1 heard tbe chttrs gm a for the Queen and for Marshal
Narva?*, at a great distance from the Ile tin?, where their
ptetereraaetf Biased hitrr??'ks are situated. Martbsl Nar?
va?! tlattiri? himself that, by disbanding sll the old mt*
grants, appointing inn ?m?'s, and putting into effect the
deere? he ha? priiinulpatcd, that he has etadicttcd ?II
?.?ins? of ?hi? ?lutent and sedition in the artillery c??rps.
The run upon the Bit ti k has completely ci-uaed. The
il.niit'is having received large remittances of specie,
h.isnip p.ml ni ty (ne who inn,?' for ? hange in gold or sil
\ei ? Int ni i they would or no, has caused small notes to
te st ? prpiniiiiu. Onie ? fortnight ago the shopki^pers
would oniy tako th?*ui at 8 per cent below their nominal
You will h?v? seen by the Ouittte of today that the
(i.M iiiiucnt iiitctiitd to support the new Captaiu-lteuersl
?.I ( 'uiui in lu? courts to put down ti.ive-trading, it has
authiitit.ii lum to i ante estates to be visite?!, and ?11
rawly.lauadawd?bwea ti?.m Afma |beoalee) to b? set
lue. Ho is enjoined by the ?lciree not to lis?? n to any
c< ? phills made hy the slave-owners of the fidelity of
their old slnirs being endangered by such visits, but to
r?e? uto the law, whale ter be tin?MSSMMMM
The ?'peu?i.g vi the Alailrnl and Urara Hallway has
caused the ???d ipicsiion of the ralealsatioa of th? vast
t?as te ?I nu? uiuvaied lands to be again brought iut?>
consideration. Nothing Knoll! can, howcier, be atfeetod
till n-ligitiiiH toleration is granted, ?mt that is v.iin to i-x
11< t, _tt least at present, with the clerical party in tho
?sientUiii, the royal family awe-struck linU'uers to the
r..upt?i?l.?'s of a half insane mun, the country bowed down
wnh contribution ?ml all spirit of enterprise in a comatose
State, Ora? I.?rtnniili, who arrived yesterday fn.ni Cuba,
??ml whose pi? sene?? in Madrid it supi ?no-d to hu the lure
runner of ?ne of i'iir fre?|urnt palm?1 inlriirues ha? beeu
coldly received by 'he Queen, sad hu?, agi? ral ly to ii hint
given him by the Munster of Ys sr, gone to his native vil?
lage (?> re? i mt Ins health.
The TumM corrt^ponilent ut l>?il?lin says:
1 L? .?. i? i.utl,iii|f new ni.nit 1 <ulaiii*iii. W l.i.'.i M l ma V I?1
Iii" i'it'Mititiiii of the le.idert tiny seem!.. N- H t l.-.-lt uiate?l
rarassp ai?l?L, the aiitliiiriiies are ?<? vigilant and lim oier
whrliiiiiig iiillltiiry fur??1 at the command ?f tin' lim ?riiment sn
conspicuous, that only ?lowniight madmen would do ?hut ti??*
. ? i ni? lill, ti,?t III? mill uiustd.il! th?y I H iso their flag
- J uals upon th?' i SSMH s ui<?uth.
A nurnt?er t?f mxtut were rngiigT.I tin 1 liurs'lay Dee f. SSSfl h
ii.ir ill Ihr j.lim l|ntl le t? ',? in ti.?1 city ??I Waterford for James
Stephen? m ins ? ?.ii!..', riat's
< '..i .'Itiril ? ?ilhu'a pastoral, which was rtjad in tho I niblin
' ? m. li II. .hit ii,. '.,.. cm.?it mu? '!... 1 . i.?.in mo? ?ruent,de
?.hu ii.g th?l lit? ??liovnt. . .?f re? ?.lniion tboafl they talk lomlly
l-mrr i.t? Influente 'n?> fin-nd? "" money ?nthl?g Unit
i.- ilil lan r them ?lill the batt ?.II|K? of siieeess If tilt rat
lei.ipt nui a? Is nf li.il'inM Ile niilv i.?ult ?till he th.it ???lue
p|..j .-iii li. r be ihiin. g..! ?time lue? luatt ?tul ...nie deludid
tun g ?len - ?; ?1? II.Iil'il lo I'.'.-Jtetuiil ten Ilude, ?nil ?loomed In
lead ? iii? uni.?- than death ItarK Th? ytotortl <<mi'iuiii? ?if
UM ? IIII-V i?t?d nfuttltt llir Ot-?g? BfSMI ?Hil ?nts thiise
?tin? mu,hi I,nie rTt-?.iiiB?' lu (areakia Iii,?tin uioi.es ii. ti.?
| ' . ?? ia "I iniurtu? ra I.elpin?; III H|.|.?ld I ?rallare ??< I iiiitit'i.
TI,,-l'ail Util thttett* ?ays The . lamination ol the Fenian
Iii in? ?t l'ublai ?fluids Biu.ie ground for s|i|?relti nsloo that the
j ni.. .. in their rty, ruft to mate nrreit? may have been led
Int.i I. tui|i un tri) doubtful ?ntl,?ills, am! l'un into pla? mai
?tas it teeming pe<?
I'la ?In? ?ft? rall ?te nut ? ?nth the trouble It um y lie that
. ?ii. idi.m ? i-rus!.'?e? r?'srs, and thrtt In capturing
[.??Iii? !.u.?- ..'i'iri'.l ?ie conspiracy of an important
. ri.r?. hi? f I! ,t we mull .?J the foett dltHosesl on his
li .'run ii?? not t-arr) ?sith tlieiii ? oin i.-tioi on tim l?e?d
-r JuBtil.cs'iuii of Mesa} a arrest wat that lie
bad m hi? mum UUa a ?arte de ?ttlle of Mcphen?, aitli the li rail
- itgaatati . n lb? hath if it. fi??tu the conductor of a
SKI. I rulitiBtii paper ??kin,: I.nu to Mad letters in Ininr of th?*
Y 'email < ?a?? to In? jonmnl ?ml ?iiottirr letter Iroui ?um? anooy
? to hine I-mi a.l'lr?1??? ?I not M
? ? TI >-siii|,' ?I? ?ii Ut - m !? the Ste?
ll.? fenian lol , ) ! ?nd. whrra ii.? Hate??
< " :'U? s ,t is Biisp< i,.:. .1 it oi?y bo nuite riKhi to tiike nu a
in?:, ..u tn, !. _-,,,,.. ,'. hut Miaoy ????. arrrtte.1 um in LHiDttn
I .>?.?*?.?. ?i d It ti_s isporl wf ti? ?xaiuitialbin be cnriect
?.?'?". u! I .i? t., tir 1? Bt-islt.j of llie pr.n-easiliiigs
.??.n ?ST in which
. ' i,.rr-rir iu | as?i_nn, ?? .1 ibe ?hae?< i- <?f an? st
orr pt i I-lit * t? ? a. mam. ??e lim a
tut a ?-?i.? i"? thru lu i, ..?.<. ?.* - rlug cap
ti J ii.t . ,i I? 1 li? ni Ii,?MU. . ? ??.emily II he
l?a win.i st i?r?s?J again?! hmiTo the ?li??. rVrslit of
raes to b? ?ti
. J i Bfniirft euch lactiit In other vaaea."
V..i fuOaViaga.ti'tht of the ?cirnre of asuspeite?! ? Fenian
?hl?' iip|*?r? in ?he J/?...ii'i'/ nar ol ti.? lvth
. ol the Admiralty the soi*
' I h? iri'ii iirrn .tmnitr Bolivar VOU-horsc
. ? hi? li arru "1 in tin- Medway a
under rlrrnaulaacv? wblah 1?*.?.?.* iiitK- doubt
was Intended to lie employed f..r ?o?t? iM?gal pur]???!
. th?! ti.?1 i>tean.er ?rrll?d in the river s iU T ...
s ai ?1 trow .? itali, anpnioii? iir? uniatance? connected
.vu? tr,t i|"'i h'i i?s lb?ueieiasssul
At first the deeUi r imiae or ta thow ni
after 1er ?rrinil ih?* cotiiineirT.-il
. ;'.??IT fr??m a barge ?util out
I" h.'i '.i.n ni,'?I with, tin y
altin should tie ?ei.nl u?.i ,?i, the urihal uf in?!rue
tar? wat sfceleu bj ?party nf tho
? ? in port ?II. ?in ?hipbeing ismr.le.1. ?11
.- to )i?r character ans set ?I reat. ?? ?:.'? nu? f.nin.1 to
IKJ 1?I1TII with ati'te? oi.d niutiilioi s of war, o??iiil?tlu_; of gun
l?i_lsr Iiislelt a? I--, riii.i.rrs, ti uni? ?ml arms of T?I leis
. i"?-?ti?.r ? lib a |?r(? nunut'.ty "f cotila cuircealed,
ii'i.wBa; ? 'rich ?ira ?tiled tis I?-- a Coal titi of ?hol ?ml alifil
? ?si!.11?.a ti??, . .?f ii.?) retael, lb? captain
' IO be found OU '????ni nu?l it wa? ?In!?)?! ihnt h?' hu??
O't Joined. TI -i ?h?> wat o?t?!,?il?ly I- eh?rg?of
. .??.I?-Bi."i. R'HT iht ??its in ??iiS'tilon of
li ?a l ? .. i i v.e -w wo?
i :'!.-..i i-aiher that wa? le iiuru
li Ini.i.il ni. lx?uM 'the ctflii.iistliiii li ey pi1 that the
l".'l?i.ll:l : D?t j Of IB? lioVl .! i.f the
, ia, and that the Ilolhar ' i waj t?.
Hvmih Au,? i lea ? imii ?h'1 w?. dataiasd
mr. isrosti QfWTiov AM? MB
ii- l:..-r..int: ?j aseUsa I? '.' ?minant one. If it
be ti HT that Mr lingi.t titi ti i.' o Taries It iscvituin
thut h? at?'? i 'i <. li'-ni them, 'i he i? ...lan.g Is S ipecinnii mit
hy ?ny meoist ?s ?tinbillous st the mott of the dutrlbcs ?gainst
TI Pcndortl ?usi that net i.lei.t hat made Mr. l'.ilght a deni?.
.t iii'ii,?,! KHi?t. he is ht n? tu re a
?i-.'l h.s n,. T. nu? again?! 'Mr l,..w?
I feeling I hall.e "...mid wllliligl) !,ot,i.d on tho mob l?. S k1
t.in .??.iiti.-n ?i. f.r Oartag to spuak . coi
. Ut to John Bright. No Ol ?. eua toad hu abuie i?f the
I'. ni ?.!l ni.! fn-iirn llial he wniil?! C0U?lll l" BO r.'fuim
I .?rrisia ?ii li lluii.ee inx?|ryi tlonnt.
Eba wtaltb oi n. ?tueront?; that h? would break
. own principle? rather '.nan let Sheas enure to th?
party !.? hist.? No ??ne cn. L-nr hi? diatrlltes
; ra Without .??nig ti it If Mr. liright were i .?<
I'1?,!?!?.!' i -, -. ? ."tree tiirss woulj fais .is III li. Kilgin id as
? tv ?ra,..,, uti | r?-a? ii. t',e S'.M ti ?Tit Mule? of Amerton, thnt L?.
n...II m.: Ii.'-.'.i.ni would ti: ?lli.s?e?'. to liit Timm and Vh*
. t .al. la ,-i Of04 li liso Joiiintala of li ?ince or li US a la.
; 9m* ?.icussiM on M??Uil?y til?1 pr.ihahilltlfs of a
Itefoiu, hill IKI?? bro'ighl foiwuid by the pr??eut Ministry. It
Thenottoa __*?_Ui<iT_ bill cnirlrg from the C- ntertaiiv??
li o?,e of the ??Id iiory about lha priest and lil? bleailng
'i h? pri' ?t wui luiponi.i.ed for ohaiiis ?tul itaeUaed to gita a
Bi|..',e a penny S IIBKJ-'I.I.V-even . fsitlung. Then the tup
??kui if the tiiTrr'-n.f father would give hlni his bless?
ing ?Ld tie print readily otlarad to bestow li \Vhereti???>u tb?
>.i-d upon hu ghottly lather and cont.ir.ptuoissly
1 I'.?- hl.-ni'ig. ?Jeeiailpg that It ?al ?lint?
ev iden I If ?,h? pr.eat thought It worth ft fartbiu*
'?' wralst nerer har? enntente?! to giro It. A
i?l ' .- H?l"i_o Hill if n couiei ti ?li ?rill twvery Ilka
tie pi lett?/ Menin? Wt, lo cot I now a hat reliance to place
KIMI ii...1 stories c1 iii? i.lou. lo the Cabinet on the lie form ijuei
Irm. hi.t u ii tut ?I all ?i likely t??! thor? ?r? two parties
there, on? of which would endeavor to pacify the country by
Ibt n.tro.t.ftinD at something I? the s&ape of . ltffurm lull.
wi ile the nikr ii inclined tni brute ill ratb?r than abandon the
.' ?Ml Tot) principle of ,\n, ?*os,i'i.n_t It l?. however very
larDlliisiit that n neoimltl.ia ?sf ?ha necessity ni doing som?
thing is now Is-lng loura and mort frankie uiaiiifeiti.il In ?juar
t?n wlitime t short iluic- tiuce therr tim? nothing hut te oro of
a?.- K'.loim ptopoekl.
TI.I Tuan .rtcnts.ag a letter by Loid Imffonn, ?gre?? with
hlin thnt thert it nothing in Irish emigration which thoiild
. iggeit to ?,?til.?t? or a.nsjgogut. th? Ide? that the people
hate I eau sgt? ruinated, or ihould Wd them hint that? retalia?
tory vengeance on in? landlordi would bo well deterred.
i r J: Uliman h?i ottj don? what the EngUshman
?nd titt ?i.ituan had begun long beftre. Thert eau be
nothing io r?eploro In tL>: ?niigr?nun ltaa,-lf; for, a? Lord
? obmrv??, tb? large amount of th? tem i'.tactos mad?
iiohi Amerita thowi how the In?1! bar? prospered lo thiir
now hi ir.? <*isdoubti>dly it it a mlsfortun? that th?y go foith
wnh ftelingt of hatred toward England, ?nd that th?y chtrith
11 tra It. theil u?w oom try for to macs joan. lint traditional
disllko It hktly to be duugeroui onlr *o tar si H Is lut?n?it.?d
by r#?l m.iiery lo Ireland lUelf. Th? betwr th? peopl? ar? fo.1
i; ti clot'ed In? rtii clune? ti there of Kunian threat? being
foll'Wid hy ?n outbreak dingsiront lo svclety. (?appos? Anser
. ?ejerticg i's prear-ut o? lion upon ?n Ireland of nine or
ten militent S? ?ou?t. Is won Id no douDt hare been tb? case had
.V-? bee?U id, luwn.grstiyu the uiittry and despair of that
ti'.''..' pity well be Imagined, when it Is coo
h gvrattly troold have on!) four fifths of ?hat he
liit, Pr..itbfi"hlCl..b opened tho cuttle ?how for thli year In
AgrUmltural Hall lein f ton, on M?"ul?? ti.?1 10th tatl
'.fc?ttlti ?ilsii.it. .1 M ?mall, but tV? quality I? unusually
'.xs-aslleist. Th? prisa? a?r? aw?i'ile?l ou M.lay morning ton
th? hall ?'??entvl lo th? pnVHc at a crown oaeh ?I Q ?. cl??* p to.
To day and ihnnipi, th? week th? pululo w? ndniitted for ashll
lligeeih pertnii lurg? ntiml-sn of paoj.lo ?r.? ? tilting tb?
* Iblilvn. wUixh bat ?p unusual lui?/??? tVom ^tlug^h? tint
.neh ps'l
... ms
after the rattle ni?t?-?. The ri-tac? ef Wale? lae. .?veil?'
prlrei iu Deven? and Bertford?
The f-niri?! fctak')* that t*fo Conrcution relating to
th? roiitihct? debt ka? beta ?igaed.
rR?>-ci>-ai'BiaiA*4 IKEATY.
The llviottur eoiitirai? tke ?otelligeue?* that tk? arrangeaient?
for Ike KiBBco-Austnan Treat? of I'oaiBMrc? and Navigation
at?? nearly all complet?-, sad 'that th? treaty will cotae into
?.p,-ration Jua. 1.
"*B__N B motin STILL AT nour..
The ?ame paper ??y? It i? Mated that four companies of Preach
troop? ?ill rvinuin at Home until the end of December to repa?
int? iB?ttei? referring lo th? rutiiiary adniiiiiitritlon. 1 li? re 1?
-.n..' faessnaa of tosreaalag the itreugtli ol' the Hoiuan legion
by oo? butlaiion.
/.a franc* tay? Wa I? om that the Kmpcroi? Maximilian hits
returned from Oruah? to the City of M .??ico. A telegram to
that ? Ile? t li?? Irffii receiTid from iliixinnlitin by tbt! Ar? k
duchess hophia in Vienna, k1. l"erthen?y, the new French
lilini?t<r to the riiit???l States, h?? left for America.
The Corami-?!?? for the Bnasnaaisatlss) oi the Army met
again <". ?ntuiilay ?trompo une las Kmperor preiiiiui?*. These
?J?-liberation? ?ill not It lard ti,?' preparation of the Kudgtt.
ma rai sen OK WALIS IM FAHI?.
The Tiri? eairrf poinlciit t?> Th* London Star aav? " The fact
of the l'iinci'of Wal.? having pa??-?! through Pa.i? witboat
paying H riait to the Kniru-rot ha? puen til* to nanny itrttnge
luriui??'?. III? l'ovnl llighneis lii?t?'?d o-golu-r to CobtdogBe
preferred going to the l'alai? Hoya), not to ?all on 1'riucc
Wspoleea, oat te be pesasul at a seasssess play tailed "La ?ic
I'a-nienne. ' LohnUUmbmb, mt-iition? the fact of hi? being
thrre ante?: 'The future Klag of England frequcuilj ap
pluuded tkeeccentriciti??? of li ia piece."
The Ville de l'an? iioui New York, ?rritcil at Brett at
"Waight on Mouduy, I)?--. 10. The France ha? arru iii at St.
Nasaln irum Ma-tea vutti ?I.IM.IIJO franca.
It?-?*-,ni fell in hi? room th? other day aad ?eriotnly bruined
i,i? bead
'i'l.e dcpartiir?) of the KiDpr??? frjr Korr.e will, according to
I)..- I rogri, of I,vm.? laka place ou lhe ?el- mitant. On the
albs? 1'iinl. the Liktrli aiaure? ita n-a-lt n that the idea of lier
Majesty's trip to Home m "completely gi? en up. '
'i he ?n,lefei,daitc* llelat ?tat? . that apart-flit? have bee? en
gaci'd at Home fur the l.uipn ii Eugenie, end Hat lier _lujct-.tr
.A iii ?i.rely pay a visit le the Pope.
The It? 11 h Board B1 l'unie r? turn? for the ten month? end
mg ih! :n Ure juxt been -wbHaked. The following tables
?boa ilo- Milu?) of laipeits aai expon? iu milliou? of francs.
I lu retaras for lbs ],receding ?it year? ure appended:
Tttclnu* F??<!--o?
Oeoit. Uvula. T.tal. ti?-.o?4?. Urtil? Tola!.
.-.?. .'i.tet, too xms im.!.ton 4:te I ? "
1-'.'. '.'le? 9341 V.7le IM-.IMl **?>. 'a".-.-.'
itu. ... ?.?.? wi a.t*?. 11-?, i.t,mt ist a,3M)
*'r?rl>_? PrecMui
(food.. Mrt.ia. ToUl. limida. M?l?l*. Toll I.
.?.(? '.?-I 411 'J'134 ietil.11.15. ?t,4 9'i'-'l
Id'S. 3.4M iWti -.Mt leOl*. 1 HIS i)33 3 14f
- I S4e3 SC3 i)M4(.?lwl. 1 V,tl 401 2,051
The revenue from n.dirot tniai.oii amount? to tftl00u,00(),
?-rniiiit 5*3.0(0 W4J ou the lint ten mouth? of IMiS. Thi? is an
laiilSBSe of 37,000 I??), which ii tl'ii? ?ualy/ed: Cuitoie? inrrvaa?
,i.OOU.OQO; ?me ami ?pint?, im reuie 1U.0U0.U4). tait, increase
l (?KM?.?, B all vs sugar mere??? 14.0DO.OIX' tnl'i.cco lucre???
?, lucre
4.?WO OX), ii.n.lrlc?, Tuerca?? ?,0)< ?H,
Tie King ofFraaaia has ?.unffrrfd the order ol' the
lila? i Rafia upon U.e King and Crow u l'i luce of 1?? um?rk.
'lhe J.,1,i ti A the lilli u,? i ti that Co mt Uiimark? health
u io ?haken tl,?l he mun saan ret?an.
1UK LI-kJUL '-ARTI'ill.
A ?li.|?it? h from berlin lay? . The member? of the different
fraction? of the liberal part i ? ill liol?! a private mretiog to com?
la .. ?imleistanding on the >|U??uou of military reorgaais.
The ne? ? puhllihe?! hy ?ollie definan paiveii that IhS ?a King
of llanover had absolv?d the ..Ulcer? of the late llaA-averiun
BES?) from their oath of allegiance in contv'iueu? e of M*..*e??n
tHti-iiii mail?.? hy Kngluiid i? not couCnne.l.
A telegTBtn from Hsnoter tejm Count Kilmanierge. coru
n ?inter of the ("'mu bridge r?glaient of dragoon?, ha? beau nat
to the fortre?? of Mimi, ti for having nrgt-d lorne ?ubordiuate
oitleer? not to SBtet lbs l'ru??laii ?ertice.
Th? (iovernor of Hanmer ha? Imtmcted ths Finance fiepart
?ral to tit, ty -lunuury 1, MM amount? of the petition? which
may lie elaimed hy the officer? of the lu(? Hanoi t-riaa amy, a?
lioin that dut* they ? ill eenie to receive their pay.
A di'ptiuh from Drsadra tari
'lhe l pper llmui? unanimously n.lopte.1 the new Army bill,
which -tropeas? the Introductivo of general liability to military
?cn n e anil ?dopt? the other esteutial pom? of the Prussian
?yitciu. _
VISIT op THB gi YA:? TO roRTrnAt.
The Queen of Stiain, aeconipauii-il bj the King
o.??uri t),e l'i Ince of Alluna? ami the l'i ince?? Iiuballa wS
M.niri.i ot, th? nib Dsaaaabef foi Litboa omi i?it to the King
? ., of 1'ortugu!.
A )TH(.irA.v <t*tntt*Ki_r-.rr.
lint??),.-, -li,i.ii.?., ?iii-iit.-It ii ftatcd tL.it Kuttita baa mm
posed totlM uroti^'tiug I'ower? to hoUl a 4'onfereuce in order
I?, arrive ut tue mean? of giting Justice to the C-rUtlan ?uu
Ject? of Hie 1'oit.-.
Bl ...?.?I A AND THR PAPACY. 4
A ?Jispatcb from ?it. Petemburg ?AJ? :
An Imperial tikate ?tates that the relation? of Ruuiu with
li..m?' lut iug been broken off. und the Convention of lt-47 with
Hie linly See ?nd all other ?rrarigement? in reference to th?
Itoniitti'Catholic Church having conscjucntly lost their value,
thea-air? rslsllns to the Catholic? in KUMI? are ?gain to be
placed under the direciion Of the suthoritis?. who, in accord
um?-Tilth the nai-liug law? ?re iiitrtuted *?itb the control of
pul.lic *?.>r?!iip iu ltuiiia and l'oland.
Si. Psitusni R?.. Dec 7.-The Ooven-ment ha? decided t-poa
the c?i,?truciiou of a railway Connecting M??oow ?ith Wir?
la v?. The line from \V?r??w to 'lervtpol, th? first braach on
that Une, will be opea next year.
The nfflclnl paner? rml-lt?- the nkate u-?<?c?ing the prop?rty
tax ?hieli all to? ni ?nd borough? of the Empire are to par an
miullv from l?oT. lie total oi the tax i? W.OtiS in) roubles
[tam B __
A tele-4-ftim from lluehai-e?t ??VIT At Crlitrgevo and other
Itoumauiau port? s IU day? ..uaraiiliue ha? been iai|>o?fd upon
?ii IT ni? trout Turkey, lu ct.iiietiueucc of tioi^Med prcTalcnc?
oi TI Hu? Istrer la seas ports of the lurk?
A ilejAitatiou Irum tl*.o Lower Austrian Diet pre
lewtad io the Kiiii-erortti?rvIdrt-?er??<iue?tingthe convocation of
th? li. !-ii.tl:. Iii? Mi.j?.-?ty replie-thst he would t?k? their re
?4I1M1 lilt?. tOll?!l!elu!loll.
Vi)\\4 lief 7.-Fire conventloa? liave been ?greed u*??n
-hetweau tho Austrian and trench j.lcnipoteutlari?? intrusted
with the negotiation? for au Au-tro >'r?uch tr??tv of corn
mere?. They ?r?: int. A treatv of commerce, to which are up
pended th? neceiiary tiirift?. '-.'.I. A treaty of nariratlon. iii.
A aoBStdary sonvsama, 4th. a\ convention for the literary pro
pri?ty 6lh. A com eil inu concerning th? ?ucceaalon of A*u?tn
.nidying lu Kreml. po?i<?fil*)iii, and vice versa. It 1? expected
thal ih? til?: cui.Tcntiou? -?ill b? tiyuedoa the 19th iiutant. artd
raiiti.'.l hy il.? Soi cn l-rii? five day? ?ft?rwurd. io thal the DOW
treatiei will la put in toroa from th? lit of January next.
In Di? u?w ran 1:1 France lower? th? dutle? upon ?teel and
Vienna article?, ?nd Auitria redure? hv en?-h?lf tk? duty upon
I French ?ilk?. Such ?ilk? were paying, tem franc? par lot) kilo
I gramme?; iu the new UritTthi? diitv I? ??tiled down at SOOi.
Tb? general recitiliing, adopted In principl?, will be rat in
fore? in 1 M?l. According to tl.e new lyitcm, the p?*c? effect IT ?
of the? army ii. itiluaied ?t r).V),<J0u m?n. ?n?l ?lil I* brought op
to 1.1(K.'.(??I' men hy the uslllag of ths first baa of th? laodwohr
Th? nii-ond which 1? to do oiily booie lervlc?. is estimated st
FBAirco-ArK-fBlAg TMATT.
The Franco-A _?trlau treaty of coms-vrc? was ?igned at the
Foreign Mlnl.lrv on lUc. 11.
The rr?-?uleii!-of th? Servisii Senate ha? arrived st Vienna,
and w??te?l upon th? Foreign Minuter.
A di?patch from Florence saya:
A Ii..ynl decree ha? l?een iinaed ?uthorixlng the Minister of
Fluauca to luauu ."..a?','??> of l?ente, to provide for ths varment
of the portion of th.- indemnity ?till due to Auitria. The Min?
iner, iu s report to th? Klug, declare? that, thank? to thi? ia
au?, he ?hall not uaeal to rtaort to any ?straortUnary ireaourcs
foi the Budget of 1*41*7.
rvAC?Aiio? or TUB PAPAL STAT*?.
A dl?patoh from Ctvita Vecchia ?ay? ? The frigates Mogs
dor and Lnhriulor ?re expected here. The 7i?t Regiment of
I r?uch troop? hare ?mosrked for France. A royal decree hu
leen iiiucd, ordering the Commlttioner? of the King in Vsns
ti? to ccsae to ciunTie their lunctions. a
At th? farswell intocnew with the Pope Gea Montebello re?
plied te the Pope a? follow?: The Emperor withdraws his troops
frota Roma bat sot his support. Hi* Majesty leave? In the
Eternal Cit.* tb? protection of Frauc?. May tia? appeass
passion? sud trantjuill?c sorrow? impart ty all mind? a ?pint of
couci-stlon, ?mi _??ni*e to th? Holy ?"ec iiidcpcndenc? sud ?e
esrity, in ordar thst it may maintain it? ?pirlta?- influenoe ever
the whole world. Such ?r? th? eantest wishes which I la/ at
your Holincss's feet soliciting yocr bcaediction.
It Is stated that the Pope ia about to promulgate reform?.
Kona, Dec. 11.-418 o'olock thi? morning th? ?'reach nag
upon ths C'asUa of St Angels was ha-led down. The French
troop? ?v ..t/uted the C??tle. The hut detaobatsat of Erfoch
troop? left Rom? this morning.
Th? foil.m lag is-" the full and ?cen?-ate toit" of the rope?
f?u vu, tit ailitn.-? to the french ouicer? mi vtitKbetl for hythe
eo-Te?|?4)Btl,mt of ike DtVitt .*
" ( )n i ho ?va nt ?.mr deowtnxe I sm he^ ?_~ dear ch?dren.
to bid yo? farewell Your fing left Frare? witt tb? minna m
uphold the right? of tli? Holy Kee. lo day It ti getag beck. I
_.i?h that it may lo ret.iscd with th? koon tatmtg itot li
left. I am inform?1?! that ?I? tmtoiio heart? ?r* nor-I,
they trrmbl? in thinking of th? dlBl.'_K.e? la which?,
?ney see th? Vicnr of our Lurd J.wua I ?rial, th? head of
the Catholic Church, lher? rnutl t-t ?o lllMloa-th?
revolation will com? here. It 1? jsmiwi??*?- It ha?
been ?ard ?nd it is ;?,.?.>>.. Au Italia? 1? high po?
sition ha? ?aid t ni Italy waa constituted bul not com?
plete. Italy would be undone If th? r? Hill tem?l??ed Ure a
?Homer of the ?and whore order, Justice ?ad traat.allli._i reign I
They deilr? to ?lltplav their t'ag from the Capitol. T??? h??w.
.? well a? I, that th? TarpeUa rock 1? not fut motoaA. Abtut
rix years ago I waa ?peaking t? . tv, r ?? utatit? ot Platero. I
told him to inform tim Emperor thnt M Augnttitic, .??hep of
Hippo (which now belong? to tb? Vrvaeh -?-agu?), terrifc??* b|
the calfttnltle? which ha foresaw while th? b__r_?r_?a? wet? be?
sieging tb? city, atked Hi? Lord to its? per_.it.ed t? di? before
witiictting them. Tin reiyreaeuiatiio ??id, In ?fly I? ??,
"lh? barbarians will not ?nter. ' Hut be wa? M p-?e_t?*_.
Another sind to me that Home could not he tit? tap.lal of ?
kingdom, but that it could be the capital of the Catholic world.
Hut I fear the resolution. What am I to do I What ?ta
I to ?ay I I havo no mooree?. Yet I ass traa'iuil, for th?
mightiest power, llotl, inve? mu ?trcnirth tnd constoney. (Her?
the l*o|?e Iseeanic ?fleets.1?!, aud ?II | rent-nt participated I? hi?
emotion. Then, placing hil band on hi? heart, ??4 raising hi?
eye? toward heaven, he proctcded.) ?So with my hlessissg, *??.
my fathciiy farewell. If y?a se? your Emperor yo? will tell?
bim that 1 pray for him. It U MMI his health 1? act g?od I
pruy for hu henlth. It m ?aid that bin ?out ?. no1 at pttoa , t
pra; for his soul. The Trench uuliou is t britt ian. Ittcbicr
ought to he Christian alto. Trajet* offered with eenfldenc?
?nd persteTtren? e arc nccetiary and that nalia?, .. great ?IMI
M powerful, will obtain what it desire?. A? for me, 1 lit? I?
?rod s mercy, and my blettiug will ?cc?>oip?uy yo? ou ycir
A United State? frigate arrived aff Cirlta Veochi? De? 11.
Fumi-V !-. l'y '.' -Ii i? I Willi? d that C'omaiAU'lator? Tsv
iiello has LH-CII inatiut ted not to lusuit on the oath ol fealty of
the bithopa to the iving of Italy, nor ?a the exequatur. i
All the bishops who had been ?cul away on account of pulu?'
lal'iy have r> t'iiii<<l to linn rce|?cctive tee?. ?
The. ti a le ti* of Iriu.i at.ite? mat the Government ha? de->
cided u|-m bonding iu Veil na I. rge natal establishment?, ?ntl?
that the port of th.oggi? has been varefully turi eyed for thal?
purpose. _
intelligent? received at ?.'. nruntiuopl? lrom Can?
di.? nuiioui.ce? the complete submission of th? Cretan populatto?'
from Cane? to Kettino. Official intrlligenc? ontirm? th? ?ewe
that the Convent of Arcadion after being itortned by th? T?rh-i
lah troops bad becu blown up !?y the monks, The Insurgent?*
ara ttatetl to have lort ft few hnudrid me?, th? Turhiab low be?
ing St? killed ?nd 130 wounded. The insurgent? ?re declarad tar
have exhausted their mean? of rcttotance. A diipa.eh ttomi
Trieste layi: luttlligrnce from Constantinople ?tate* that?*
official advices had beru received fruin Candia announcing tar J
ther submission?, of Insurgent? The Turkith Comuniones
had prolonged the term allowed for submission by ti? day?.
Intelligence from Athen? states tbst three.Greek
Army (nips had left for the frontier provinces.
OanWtliant continued tv ?nive in Athens.
A dispatch from" Cairo says: The address of the
Egyptian delegate? iu reply to the ??seech of the Viceroy ?I th?
opening of the Chamber?, praises Hi? Highiet?? administra
lion ?nd ei?.rei,s?? satiitactlou that th? Sultan, ?nder tb? guid
?nce of divine inspiration, had granted to the present dynasty
the right of direct hereditary ?accession to tb? Viceregal thron?
-? measure which tb? delegate? consider to t-t the i.ireil iola
guordof the couti'ry'? truni|uillity and the heel g_utr?*te? fot lie
futur? welfare. The delegates oleo thuih lb? Viceroy for bating
esublithed a National Assembly, aud eiprwM their e-MVietleit
that It? deliberation?, being inspired by earaest ?tcvottda???
and enlightened ??atriotiim, will conduce to public eooco.A ?r.4
to the prosperity of the lund. The ?vddreM ?Mad??!?.? by In
roking the blessing of th? Almighty upon th? Viceroy ?ad hi?
TI.?! members of the Federal Council hare hftft
elect? ?1 The Presldtnt for 1K>7 will b? M. Fornerod, ?ad th?
Vic? President, ti. bubs. _
A dispatch lruin Hong Kong astyai The French
Admirai has billed to the Core?, bot ia?d??H?4 K 4o4u ?ce?
op? ration? until the Winter 1? over.
1 he American schooner (Jen? rsl Sherman hu bee? ?else? by j
pirates in the river leading to the cipiuL They Mt tre to h?i j
after tying to the masts the cr?'w sou two Kagliib ppo-kgrn,
' i all
rho all perished. An interview had taken placa bet ?re?? Ad?
miral klug aud the T notai of Shanghai with re fe re ?c? eg th?
? ???pression of piracy.
THE cnn-FSK gitaatti???.
Larg? Nxl.c? of N ?enfer hat? m?..? their appearance
borders of Sbautuug ?nd Ilona?.
i ep io? ?
?a th? '
Intelligence from Japan states that the death el
the Tycoon ita? been officially ?nncuncetl by proclamation. i
' 8tot?b??hl, tb? Triinn Minister of th? Khagooo, I? vtgor?_!y
proaccuiing the war, ?nd Chotin has twlc? beca daf-M4 (
A Japan??? Ktcb?s?y will proceed to Raaskt by th? ??art ?sail
to settle th? Sagh.len difficulty, and to ?rrang? the ?.ueit?oa ol
bot-ndarle?, __ \
A telegram from Melbourne says: Great doods, f
with heavy nins, have prevailed ?I Melbourne ??ring October. I
A dispatch trou Adelaide tayti The Anesshly ha? rtrhnloA ?
the bill For ibe amendment of tn? Costitution.
Th? wo?)l clip Is satisfactory.
The natives of Hawkes Day KO likely to f reva *
troubleioiue. j
It li reported that the Waikotei Intend to ?ttaeb Naples OB
th? departure of the military *
HAVANA, Dec- 93, U-M.
The Mexican Empire b?s boco diri?ed into four mili?..
tery divisions, throo under command of Meji?, Marques,
?ud Miramon, ?ad tbe fourth, Yucatan, is to remain in ita
present state. |
(len. Blanco baa been ?ppointed Minister of War. Tha
Emperor will soon return to tbe capital. Tb? Castotn
llous? at Vera Croa baa been seised by the pretended.
allies of the Emperor (the French) and tbia will caos? a
temporary financial embarrassment which the fburtlt
party are relieving. A letter from Vor? Cn?, S|satis? off|
th? visit of Mr. Campbell, soys: " W? were visUea at
Isla Verde by the Unitesl State? steamer _tai?iu?i_*na_.
with Mr. Campbell and Mr. iihcrmaiu Thoy riia?t??si in
the waters of vera Crus from tb? 39th nil., until dawn ot*
the 3d ins!., when they disappeared, only commuai??ting
with their consul.
Moj?? bfts triumphed ont th? forces of Eecobedo, witta
fatal results for the ?nemy. )
The Manhattan arrived Ibis morning from N?w?York,
also the Starsand ?Stripes from Philadelphia; taalatter, '
owing to th? stupidity of tb? Spanish Consul at PhiltvUel?
phia, will be yofiably sent to quarantine.
MOKTBBAL, Dec. 20.- In con__MU?nr? of tb? ?"?posi?
tion in th? botrds of arts and manufactura?, J. li. Dally; '
Commissioner to tb? Paris Exhibition 1? not g?j?tte<d, bul
will probably be sent in . stiborttmate c?p?oitv. i
i)rs. Tsche a?d I??:!yle?ve for Pari?, withi_iuIloD. Dairy
McO?e n?xt w.ek.
Tha telegrsp'i says. So far complote failure ia e.Unding
tbe Fenian trials st ?Swcetiburg.
Th? inspect on of anns of the Volunteer* eoM__.e_.cea
todity. If is expect?d to occupy a week. >
No sleighing her? yesterday. Th? streets vere very
quiet. The dullest Christmas for twenty years.
Airt> 8?TCHKMKP.
?t rsu?_u_ra TO TI? rancs?.
Four LAUAIHE. Dec. '.?.-A tsrriblo massacre oeenrred
on the SSd, near Fort Phil. Kcsracy ___rerct Celoa?!
FeU?n__aaa, C'apt. Brown, ?ud Lieut. Or?mm?_?_L of tha
INtb lgfantry, with ninety enlute?! mon of th? iMCavair?T
?vid lWh Infactrr were surrounded by Indians and ever/
officer ?ed mau killed.
?v raiaonxta so ru? raines?.
HALIFAX, Ile? .'Jil.-I rita TV-aoda advice? report
^0 totM lots of fhe bai? P?t itind?? bound frc? Rtvhbutd l?y
New Orlraut. with t. ? oi.u of line A vertioL of the osmwn n ol
be saved.

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