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l.ivrni'oe?! , Mareil .i?--N.hu?.-The Cotton iti.-.tle?t is
lim?, mi.el maeis. and at D>?
te.-el.V w11) . it? 10,000
M ..I?!?mir t pla?ul I? tAie
Hi.?.iitiirr? n..ii'n?t .- generally without change; Corn,
how? vi :. Ira? taken an ?
s?] higher The folio? ii? aro the qaotationi ! i
mu lil?! f??i West, na Wlt? , I
Kfdaml Ami? i .i?! I ;?i ' . White. Cora?
p.t.b )x r ?,ti.i-: t 'for Mixed WiMmi. ?-Jarle* ?VA. l*?rB
Ima ?|, I ?s IK.SV ({ooted
i .ii i..i?- ?t?. iiue-il t??'.?i . )>? r i.i'l. Baoon,49/.
,,!,., ? Mai ki
,,,,., t ?Spirits r*l ? "iirti.? ii Roa n, i I ?
filai el l'?!t.,.i uti,. 1 '.. Spirit* Tarpenl I ? DCerd 3.1?
nil? ut 'i. a. ? i.et. t - I " I ? ? ??..filil'ic
la?.I. <i?M lim ?I <'?l ? ??? ' - B1 ? . ?? ? I,a.-?iii Oil,
j tal? ut ta I.iiiseul, ?i;. ?h'iiale
I , t ?, | ? r ? I m- Ki.srn ?k1? iiiiiiel. i ??.?il? - ?it 11 .
Aftenieieni - *-n,e.? The? ?elie unit-, the Cotton umlieft ll.is
.?Hite dull, and i> .?i??,:f full au | for
Middling Uplands It is m,st quoted at J'.-U. Othei ml\i M
Stl ?... ? ( Hin! run ha
i .. li: - Wheat i-.? ?? ; y. Floor,
.,.,,, t ?s ni ,?, bil
T??ri,!i, wi.i.it. i ? i : Oatt ? 'i Pork, 7Si Beef. ma.
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tin] l-i -. ? i -i i ?I. ?MS, Pot
ASt.fS ti* ? ? <?' I I . I ' 1 44S. fell. I.Itl
IIO ?I ( . x - ? .1 Cale? .?, .i
V. la.i,? Oil, au i .i ? Rosta, its.
11 ? hi an bteaio-w. ( it.v .?.' Ki
tPtnti ..->.
(?ia:at BRITAIN.
lil- j;i ni.'i ?gil !-': i??y
It acf-iiis to lio now M-tt:?<i U-yoinl a!) WBOataVla
doubt that thtre will he no Kiforui b..l c.vned ?BBtBf
|l?e present session, and tient ..? ; will be made
to the present conMttuene?. ?I luilianient before tlte
?cpresentative*- fin,illy de? ..le how many of theunrepte
^ntid i?,,.lu>ns may be laf? l.v ...linittetl within the vale
sf the ( oustitntion. Lord Uertiy b?selo? .are el that if bia
atill is rejet ted by th? House at Commons Le will appeal
to tie country, and..melvin-.' fr?.iu its leceptioii t.?, the
llooie on tie evening of Monday, UM >:!: ?j? M
Vitai-urt- la already hOTlleasly ?cia<i. tuned.
The details o' the measure as propound?d by Mi Ia:??
ratli it?r?e exactly with the description W* have already
yixtn, and nothing new hat? ??eeii eiirited CTrept that the
extensions and alterations would add l,ouo,000VoterB~to
lue boroua-h and 300,000 to the county constituent,!?"". I >i.
the question of redistribution of seats tb? ?Government
Bdhered to the i>.hii ah. eh fonned patt al theil
fiist attempt. They take :?.? neal****-! t\*x_y tram i?orcui?hs
IisvanaaiMapulatit.il of ka?, than Io.ucki, and ?ive 15 of
them to county com-?tuon. ? ?. 1? te. larg? boiouayhs. and l
Ut the t'ttivenlty >.f ix.iuli.n The Chancellor rt tkc Ex
the?iuer ttromlied that ei?r?ies of ti?, bill should U? m tlio
Lands of i-eitiVaers ou tue f?.U?ewiia?r tiny, anil Invine
"burne?] Ino hriJire? ?lad boats," con? lude?! a ioii-f and
?bl?? six?(ti in the fiallowJn-7 lat-Kua?.'? :
I hoi* that the House ' will candidly fiaissliV** this
*ur?*ure. As far as wt? are cone tra eel, tti? luvra sj?;er? ?1 no
me then-Met. .nid hate? neit shrunk from ss?hat s*.as
more important, perhaps, m eodeMYorlag ta bring It be
lore the House. I will not advert mine ?essanly to the
Citrumi-tanceH attendiiiir the fraiiiiiii* of this m?*asure
which has now lu-e-ii tii'011-.'ht before Hie ll?mav: of Com
n-oiis, under very ?rreat difficult lea ami at s? ry ?vreat sa?
rifites. I do not wish te? elia^ms?-? thut I have felt j-reat
iliairrin and great mortification m connection with what
Las taken place (hear, hearj; but I believe I have done
my duty ;? neera], and under the tireiitnstauces 1 do not
think I could have done other than I have. [Hear.j In
attempting to bring the- question to this poiol we have lost
those whose abseii"e from our council? we moro than r??
grtt; we have had to S****sial to a high-spirited party to
make what no doubt to some wa^ to a certain extent asA?;
rlflce of principle, much siecrlflce of sentiment, and mu. h
aacnfice of interest. (Hear J But we have not a??i?ealed
In vain [hear], b?(Hi'dhe th?- member? of that party were
auiiuated by the same feeling which liifltiinieef us?a
seas* nf duty and tonsictlon; the-y felt that Hie time had
?w?**,v?-d when tliis quest i ?n must fbe dealt with and s?-t
tle?1 extenaively and completely. I hope, then feare, the
House of Commons will give thi* measure a fair and enn
iid conaideration. We believe if la one which, if ?vl-apted
in spirit, will settle Ita long differences; and that It ia
nuMified to meet the requirements of the country. I am
told for cert?_n that there are objections against It, but I
?beg to remind th? House of the dbetiuction which we draw
between popular privilege and democratic right?. I am
t*?ld that in this measure there are checks aud counter?
poise?, and that it assumes In this country the existence of
e*?aaea. If there are cheeks and counterpoises In our
?cheroe, we live nnd?-r a ( ?institution of which we b<-<-?t
tliat it is a Constitution of cheeks and counterpoises.
I H?-ar, hear ] If the measure, beare some referenc?? to
?'?ting classes In this country, why should we conceal
"from (juraelvca, or omit from our discussions, the fact
tnat this country is a country of classes, and a country
af 1 lasses it will ever remain t [Hear, hear.) What we
Kan? to do is to give every one who is worthy of it a
,k *T*Pt" "n thv' go'ernment of the country by means of
lae elective franchise; but, at the same tim?, we have
aj-en equally anxious to maintain the character of the
riouaie, to amke propositions lu harmony with the circiui?
~~aee? ef the country, bo prevent a preponderance of
__,j cuma, aad to give a repr?sentation io toe nation.
MB. r.uifxiiro.NK'.s 8PBECIL
Mr Gladstone mee immediately, amid the cheers of his
a>*-ty, and proceeded to diaoaas the bill. He ridiculed Mr
viaraati's sadden roverenoe tor the principle of Rating,
-"-minded him that the House in dealing with the county
?***_* -*** Tear had decided against It; eonttr-anned
tee Betattstrthution a? inadequate, though it might be
?eau wit* m detail in ?Oomtnittee, and denied altogether
i_\T!_?*CT0,Mr "?^??ftBures. The groat ma-ari
K?wo?A^^^V?^^rf^'0?0,*otu>o'r?t?i*< "*".
^??^y^T^S" ?i"1* ?Chem? "*** ?I*????
?BrVoiaetaiSiT-S^,^ *??t?-'m}own-*o-?n<t h?aiaeholder?.
?mt> ar?A.^?ti__^_t'2?_*?' ******* ont in an eiah
iSttaSr mmtoM^Wdlffertadlftoreat btsmmgtu.
*b**_ sutSi-^Tand i7!? ? tbe ? ********** <* ?he
^?-saoSb^B^i^iL""^*' ***** th? TOt? "?ub
fjhewedtoo7w_a_ ???5, ?,th* ?b?r? ??* increewed rat*a. He
r-arda <rf thewn w?^w!^^ tf1-1-" The throe safe
tor? end eM_i^y?L?^u,t'?*? "*''"?. ???d Daal vot
?ould aet very fa-wirfSlS* tV.ta'1'l" ?Bowed that Rating
be ?clad*i, ,_Sfu^?' ^A**11?*** ??--?ibsni might
.ntcicarSSd aST.hiU^ b7}b* ?< u?n of veetrtcs. *"d
franchise would be' riftnaiit i?rr?<*?,'_*rfl/ *??*ougha the
**nilng the iCl T^tff,T|5ft2l,0,Kl ?-?rage-and oon
?^rrtiBmidl^a^rt^V^tane emtihatk-ally d??
te it, tkm u ^SBri;A'1,.t h?r?? Implacably bostlis
??.stion of it w?r",r^^MeHf|',t! ?fMud, and the procia
**** utb to ni ?say? ?g*. **f ?pSaij^j
personal payment of Batee wen nmctienJIy dead ..?? ?.'??*
fiii.riln nil? iiilv, ?anti ?III? tin- ii<l<1ltii.n ?if a lo.lpi r fran
( li.??' no ?loutit it mimili ii?- .? my advantageous Mil I"?
ra f.." bat Row tbst party would treat 11 **?*?
?. m --.mi fi.r fiituri? ?(?nuili i at ???ii. Mr ?ludston? ??new
. -. ... r (.y ?as tii.it tar inf..Min? ? logged a?? it ni??- bj Ml/(
? ?l'y ii?,?!'? .:? 'ii?' (??i? ? '?"ii 01 ? 1 'f*H ? V -'?i
ti stripped of those ?s.ift ?i-iliitilH. H WRS il BBSJ8
?iti?i-y mill Kiiilii'itl measure than BO **<uilii 1??*
RtOSUBDOrt. Hi? tollu. I Ulf ?< 1C illCIliOSt fii.Uilig
? '? 1- > speech!
I will confess I w11? anni/ed and ?tint -ed Si IB? f.icilit.V
??.?li v, I,,, |, the right li.iiini.it ile p i.i ??ii,.iii, look mc l..n h
decleioM ??f tin- Douse of Commons i.-,.?; y ??.
arrived at mt li in ?few Rights of eft? hut lui "ik In J>i??'
(?f rstlni !n,i ti,. ..iii. r in fe vor of :? uUl m ?I e rr** ???'?"'
< r tin- i a. h ?.f tue lion??- to which tin- raffrsR? ?l^"1" ?"
The I'dii wluorabM gentleman
,?.r ,r,.H, .Wultii Hi" at.-ii log at
a sound scheme of re distil butlop > ??"-.??,""' ,|',,!\1", "
of the question; bnttblH ingnttttti ??>;? li ?e n>.,> ce.it
? 1, Hill] Illllth ""?'' ??* (}*___ ?*"" !" ?'",
tail 1 Mated tll.it _t HIV"!' 'not la* m'?s!,,?i, ? h. ,, it
wa* m rmcr or the ?io.-?'""1"" '""' * ',';?- ??""????'
..,:..: milli sdhera-<?-d st.wdhjrlt [H< -at hotI
nasa bv also the ao/i??**?---'* *?x ?n*' ! " the educational
?i ,,?? A."i -.-,.?,,1..
tank f .m. hise ?l?i'I'- ?'*/ U-.t- nay, baa rrown from .? IP,
wubinZi?tiilihi [AlauKh.l I pass by those
fi ?it ?ii... a v-ctii tin* ?Imple n-msrlt: while I. ?I rourse,
. n re in tu?' i'"?"i faith with which the Chnnrellor
of the iwchequer gives us the resulta which ne expects
from tJrose severs! fruin lust -, i mast entirely declino to
m?. Without questioning the right honoi
in ? Rood faith, I look opon thone fl|
? i ruin on.* ?ml vision.m. Tospesk frankly, 1 look
i three-fourths of tin enormous number ol rc-ters
whom he paraded In dlfferenl regiments asM duct
, ? dm ut 'nuil fiiiii? bl?M in? ii. ? ?'" fni-l Ti.i?!?, and
XUv mt.|,ir?l.|ii,li -m.-.i Ml lilli,- ?n?.i.- 11? uti n.? t. u. ?.?.? k
ram. [A laugh i Hy objection la totbe estimate of the
right lii'ii'n.ii'? :-? i.: i man. The principle of tbone votra
h oin ii tn a Krcat deal of (onnm ti* whit li in ed t"'* bl IS
trounced now.
Aft? t -speaking of the an-orni H? ? Whlek would 1 ? I tt atfd
bj 'Ik bill ni diftci't ht? borou-jahs ?n coassqmsm c1 I'"'
? ? ?i stems ti resting and teOng, Ki Glndsssssi
pin, 11 dod ttiui' :
? .in not one of IBOSS who lu lu vc the Constitution Of
the ( ountry in d?pendent upon the suffrage ha alwolntely
: .ni of Derby, a ho spoke tin other nlRbt of an ex
?uffrage involving tnc destruction ol the British
l?onstltntlon. I kay? a Rival deal mon faith Is tin*
HrltUb Constitution than to believe thal it dem nda upon
ratlug oi upon Ra sxaet Mtlmate and the adding of mon*
or I? m to !i?e conctitr.i n? les, < "beor*, I l bellei s that we
a . -. make ninny lint-takes, and y? t the Strong good
m ...at- snd the whole traditions of tina country
w.ii kc?p the Constitution ?m ?In lept?. I! Is so season
why we should tii.ike mistakes or slter the rustoinsrj
nu ttiod of our legislation, or why ire should cstabl a), the
m ?t principle ol the lull, .if ti"- n-vl?' honorable v> "< man
said the House of Commons did on the motion >?t ?
orable member#or Gslway. Befors I secede to atna
iiicii le ellis.? ii|inii universal ittftruse, equal to It
or to manhood n r-i.l.i?t in I suffrage, In those i ural districts
?are is no ?small Tenements Act In operation,I
Should like to ask mjrself firs! of all whether l sm
im ?pan ti i" endura the application of the principle lo all
the county conetitucnclea of the country,
be more preposterous than thsl you should way Ve ??
peasant, ?t common bodmsn, or dsj labor? r, earning one
shilling slspi mc ur two ?billings s day, in a town where
- no composition In force, "You shall h. ?
franebtse for nothing and hs j it on Hie n g ?ti i witliout
knowing it,'' vi lui?- In pn.it emiuunifies such as the
east parUh.es ?snd boroughs id laondoa, snd nmot other
toiviia of the i oiintrv, i ?,u alifolutt ly fun? in tim. , or
-Boney? or bath, the reupound householder, who, at the
same iniic, in a man wiioM perfect compotenc? i ?? i> |? i.>
poat i" reoampense by putting Into lui? hand ti - dual
vote ?i hu li Is Ki!?'' for the paj men! of din ? I las? s? Iha
second ?if these ?-.ifi iruards, p. i tons! rating, an the iiirht
bouorsMe gentleman proposes It, 1 venture to pi*,
doomed. It may bepossi?Me t" make personal lantiiru
-condition at tko saffra?ge? the righi honorable get
bat i-oiiileiiiiu ti the plan by wbich, perhaps, ii 11. i ?.- i ? t Ik
.a personal tatton ?Is s practleal conditu ?'
the snffrsge, wini?? it if regulated partly bj purs
?accident, partly by the will ?>f tin- local or parochial
authority, and partly by the activity of political s**ents,
aiid tlit'oiik-ii a Uheial u?*?- t.t aeaaoMateapurse,?eaanoi
he eiui'odicU in an act to amend tia ?cpn m ii!..t.ai. ot the
Mi. ?.ladiitoiie rnnclitded his reninrks upon "dual"
voting In these words But, besides b? di b gigantle en?
gine uf ?fraud, this dual vote Is u great deal marr It in a
proclamation of wai of flashes. [?Cheers.) Talk of the
lititish Constitution! The author of this dual rots is
? who strikes st tbe British Constitution
'iiic British Constitution resti indi -
fi.'in lime iinineii.oi lal, upon the unit.tal good nil!
and (.'iHil feeling of the people, n?'"ti 'h'?
equality m hlch th? y enjt v i?. fore ti??- ej i ??t the law, bj ?,.,
the nunn ti in ? hu ti ti,ey lu.-.t in their pub
reckoning as men and citiseiu?, and enjoying equal priv?
il?ges In that rap:n Hy. ;? beers I hut the day you place
,n tli?** hoads of the ia ii man, auder the notion of fortlfj
Inghis position, this weapon, whkfa bon ? galnsl
Ins paorer fellow ? onntrj men. thal da] v.? ? m al the doom
(.f the Iii r -li ( ol,t-tltiitii.il. i'Hi iii-m ii i'-Ii? i li- , Vol -
.1 ?> a , .-.? . ?.-i eas ?.-?.?I? , ! <??i ,. ?1 ?. ?. ? ? '
danes thal nnit-ee'all elssses "f the . ommunltv ; tbst dsj.
if lou i on Id pass tins law. if you could pnimuItfSti it aa.ii.
act of Parliament la the tornw in winch tbe ttigbi Hon.
gentleman propo-vn it. you would liuiit uj. a flam? the
moal dangerous and formWabl? that, mi mena? ed the
safety of a eonatry, [Land -eheen |
?nly otber speiechesof import n?.e weretb? e of
Mr. LOWS and Mr. Kocliuck.
The former opjiimi d the proposal at OOV? i na ? i I With
all the vrheiueiue which ehaiai teru-ed tiix open- lion to
the scheme of Mr Oladstoue, He oondcmwd the rntinu
franokise, as ?icll ?ia duality of rating, and expressed
lilltiACIf as tin* illili)?/ to ?I'l^iJiilt Ui?: 'Ivflilij' i "t ..
try to the keepin?/ of an ilni.i idliii (lenVii'iVv
Mr. i<o?i?iuk taunted Mr. Gladstone with yearnings tor
office mid ]Miwer. and expressed hi* sppravsl of all the
(imeminent propositions except "dual yoting
Mr. ii?uley und Mr. Butler Johnston, both si the Con
senative side of the Houw, spoke la Ikrarof tin- in'-,i
sure, as did Mr. Bernai Osborne, from the ipfto-itiou
benches. ..
Tine.- prominent C'nrftriiC^eu, Lord Craabom?, Hir
Wm BfcathcotOai^talfr Beresford Hopeoppoeed the hill.
the latt-r ?ug/f?atlnKanother "fancy franchise" t"tli?
v. aaTiCel.Fir ..f tin Exchequer, the oMeet of which snouid
If to tontet ft rots oii"tl(ketnt loora linn" The
hill was lead a first time, lind lbs del.ate a?l - , i : i.? d.
IHK i-MKss (i\ uti KXFORM BILL.
The prca', iiitii the axeeption of the (?on-iuinent or
gaiia, condemn the measuto.
The limit isyb: All sect lons of the House concur in con
d( minnie, if not the wlmie m herne, purl* u li!? li are de
elarad to bo SSSSntlsl to it; nor dowe mc ?my hope of
escape fron a peremptory rejection of the bill, except a
n-i.oli.ite. endeavor on the bart of ti.?- Mmixtry Se rt.tr??-??
i tUeir inej?*, anti, happily, tlielr pr?-vloii.s conduct kiii-sun
I no nanoo to ?lespialr that they mil fnake any amount of
concosstan to the clearly expressed opinion of the Hoiihc.
lite Iktilu Stir* la of opinion that, If the measure Is to
be proceeued with, the dual voting clause munt he with?
drawn. ?* Tilla done, it will he tor the lim eminent Mid
the House to consider whether, by the suiistitutionof a
lode?-? franchise, fur tin- matt oi-J.-ctlouable of the se<
oiulary qualifications, and by some provision for enfran?
chisement of eomjiouiid householders as such, a msstlSI
able satisfactory settlement mii/lit not he arriv?t>d at."
77i? l'ont observes "that the (iovenimetit baie so fre?
quently chained theil i-round, thal even now, alflioiiKli
the hill is aetuully ?printed, we should not be surprised at
hean ni.', on the motion for the second loading, that Itt
most distlnetlVS clauses will bo aliandoued in < oinudltie.
The Ministry were entitled to have their measure brought
in and read, but it would certainly have proved a aavni?x
of much valuable time if it had received last ni^ht the
quietus which awaits it at its next at-aj/e."
Ihr Telegraph pronounce* the scheme as totaMv unac
cciitablo : "The hill is dead; it is time it were burled."
The star says of the ?ioveinment, "The manlv and rr-sin
lute tone of .Mr. (?l?dst.me will have shown 'them how
utteily impoasible it will lie to carry such a proposal in
the I'.uliameiit of (?reat Brit ian, aud that all theil hollow
professions of adopting tim system of rating are a? well
uudei'-st?o<.d and aa clearly doomed to complete exi-osure
aa the measure Itself, so enid,-, unsatiafactory, and uar
row, ia certain to he iguomiulom,ly hurried to destruc?
The Pull Mall also denounce? the measure in its present
The Day, the new "Conservative Lilmral" paper, the
first number of which appeared ou the 19th, coudenius
the time of Mr. Uladntone'a sjaiech, and supports the (loy
eminent scheme. The Herald, ?standard, itlobe, sud (ilote
teorrn support the proposals of the Cabinet.
The benches of the House of Commons are not capable
of accommodating the titi gentlemen who compose li,
and on the 1-Sth of March, so great was the anxloty of
every member to be present, that the House was crowded
for half an heur before the -Speaker took the Chair.
Those who have visited the English House of Commons
will reoollect that there are several small ?galleries, each
distinct in itself. There la one appropriated to the ec
eluslve ?se of peers of the realm; another from which the
?fair eex gaze toronjil a braes grating at the " aaaembled
wiedom of the nation." Then there Is the reporteM' gal?
lery and the BpeakeCe Kallery. the latter occupied hy
peraons who are so fortunate an to obtain aa order from
that functionarr Last of all, there is the "stranrers*
?caJlery," holding certainly uot less than aevety persona,
out for admlaalea te which every member Is entitled to
write one order It may be fairlv assumed that every
tnemher availed himeelf of his privilege for the night of
the lrtth of Msrch. and as only seventr of the ticket-hold
?re wena likely to obtain a seat, considerable cm-petition
on?u??d. The police have orders Ui place the ticket-hold?
era en Une aa they arrive at the doora of the House, and
on the occaaien of the Reform debate the duties of the
police cooinienc-4 mt li o'clo* k en ?unday night, the lTth.
By S o'clock on Monday looming more ticket-holders had
arrived than would fill the gallery, and all after that
hour were Coo late, so that the majority of persons who
occupied the "str?ngen' gallery" on the "onritlng
night" had boon waiting slxtean hours for admission
It should be added, however, as an esplaiiaiion, that
nearly all of ttuim waited by deputy. Theee deputies, if
foralahed with the pass, are allowed to luild thalr place
In the line, and about an hour lief ore the House meet?.
the original holders arrive, take the pam and the place.
the deputy retiring plus from two to three ?uverelgns,
according to agreement.
"The ReprasentatSiin of the People Act, 18*7," lntro
daced to Parliament hy Mr. .Disraeli on Mondiy March
IS, having been prtntod, was laened to memla-rs of tiwi
House of < oiiiii,.,n ? on Tuesday. March 19. The act ap?
plies only to Kngland and \V.?.](??<. and not to Scotland or
.Hud. nor to the I/i-iiersllies of pilon! vi (.auibfid-fc.
Cn der fin i,?' ,? n tnftWOi that ?scry mai. who m of full
age, not su:? ce : to rsy H?Bl lal apne ity, slimi >?? ? ntitled
to be regis!? i?-! ttpB tetar, i rd whan m-?'ered, to vo?e
fora mi ml,? t ??? i" '"' ' "? ?" MMC '" WIlBBMBf far BJ
I'oioiiirh vsliof-? ?,1'iitifiiet nH f<?ll??vr*? "Ik ?a,'lie Mat day
of July ii. ?i?iv s ?.ii au?! BBS dm im" 'he sshol?. of the prr
ci.( d ng tst, rsar? Bean aa inhabitant s. eupii i-.asownci or
t? i' ti.' of any dwi Uiag tuross a .timinie boiough. ami baa
during the' time of su? it en icnnatton been rated
in ttfvrrl Ol the prenti??" nee upii'il t'y him
tudu!, the boroqgh to all rat? h ?if any',
mad* for the rellel ef tia ?bo? in respect ?f nea
pirmtaea: sad baa hefori tin mtbdaj if July in the onm?
tem paid al! pour rafea that have t'? ?onie payable by him
in ii ipee t of the said premian up to th?- preceding at li
day of January." In tne counties, subject to the ?-o?d-.
lions e,f ?lire .-tuet legal capacity et? ry niiin ?lull he ?juali
fuel tu vote? sstie? ;ii] - ia on the tsat ity <'f ?alt ra ?say
year, and has dm in?-* the 11 month* Immediately ii?ii'
iln.g lu e n the ci ? UBI! r, M OWm i "i ti nant of pre mlie-H of
.?my tenure wltbtn til? eounty of Uti rat? able value Air? or
upward anei has ?luring th? time of rai fa ocetipaMon been
i ntl il m rrspei t to the premises ??<> occupied hy Mm to all
rates tit ans j nade for the relief of the poor In r? sp*-? t til
thSSSld pr.lii.i-. t-, illili has lit for? Ha ?'.'( til ?las of Jill*/ In
the same sea-, |-:n?t ?iii r??or rate? thal has? become paya?
ble by lum m resoe ? ? ol rh? Mid premlsea ur to 'he pre
i ? ?In ?f Mh ?lay ?if January "
The educational franchisee sre th.it every ?ian, either
in niiintiiH or boroughs, shall ?be ? ntitled te? ia " ??'!"<? ml.
anil te? sod? tvho, [?'.| m ?ii ti,?- mat ?lav ?'1 Joh In any
sr,!? and Baa daring thi -, es Immediately preceding been
resilient in each ?e.tym borough, und is poaarasedsj
any mm m ?er* of the qualifii atioui folio** .hk " ??*? nat
haie beril ?lunn-.' the |? ii.nl of fin li i< t-idi-n. e. S gisdiiate
or ;t-mm int? ni nits of ?any University ol l!i< I Oited KI"?*
.lein . ol' a imtl.. pera, n a ho Baa pam ?I ,.t any ?.tr mid?
dle rleSSa eiamtnatlon ol ans university ?f the United
King-ton | ia. nuil li. m lue t, elm ?ni?' tin period ??fiel? said.
,.n .,i.i.ni ? ?l pi-ii ?t m- deacon <.f tin Church of England;
?,t ,t inin <st*-i of nnyofliet religious denomination sp?
in.in'? ti lillie l ni?.lie in '.'. itli not mole' than edie COlkSgM
to th? chargeai ans- registered chapel <?r plaeeol ?onhlp,
ami a, amI baa been d.ir.ng nu? h i? riinl. i.ff ? latins in- the
tiitiiiR?,-?- ihvM'of ; or oorvant-at-iaw, m barrieter-at-law
ia .?i.vof tin- inns of <?,,.it in i.ugiaiiel. or ucertificated
i ?? ?i,i? i oi certificated aanveyaucar: or a ? ? rtifli .?ted
?ittoi'iiey et- solicito! oi preatoi In l.iiiil.tttil or Wales ; ora
duly qualified medlin! praciiiiouei ragtoterod undi r the
Mi ii., ?al Ai t. iK"eH. or a ?< h???? niiitst holding a certificats
fruin til? Coin ti n (ti ? of lie r Ma,e at s e? ( <n t,? ti ?'ti i.dllca
i ton. l're.s nil ?i. Hint no person a im li in entitled t<? be r??*
Mered aa a voter er to vat? Inn -p.-?t rd any of the quall
fln I leal nu ir."i!i'l it. IMS ?..tii'i., in BSasB than one
The peennisry franchises are git en to the soterwho
'HI 'Has in ilur first day e>l .ln!y in aiiy Ti ST, and baa
bad during the two years uamediatelj pim ??ling, a bal
.m.. of no1 les*, than fifty poonda d< posit? el in some hat
Inga Bank b hie own sala aaaas and for hi? owa use ; <>r
hollis ?ni The fuit ?lay of July in airy tear, and bus he-Id
during tu o ve ai s immediately preceding, in the books of
the Cue i tor mid ? uiiipiiii)' of th?- Hank of longland or
Inland ii? his own nols saan sad f<>? ins om? m-e any
Parliament?) atoeheoi f mata of the United Kingdom to
the amount of not lern than flftj pounds; oi has, dining
th?. '???is?? monthaimmediately nrcrerdlag the ?tliday
?id april in any year, ?boen chargea with a mihi nut lass
:ha.i t .sent;, shillings ,ti the w boll s i ,ir foi aaaeaeed lanes
uni. ? ?'.'ii t of ?ti, h laxes, alni has l-efeire?
tim Mt b ela} "f .lilly lil that te ;u J.iiid ;;:l nie li lill? S ellie
from lum up to the preceding 6th day of January: pea
s iii ii ii i -* that even person entitled to rote Ia raspad
?efiitiv of the qualiflcstlona mentioned in this e-citn.n
shall on or before the aoth daj ol .inly mi ich year etalm
to ha r****taterod aa a s.,t.r secondly, thal ?so panes shall
ba entitled io be reg?ale ni as a voter, ca lo s ?it??, it? re
ipect of any of the qualifications tneationed la this scc
tniii for ti??'? th.in one place."
(<nit? it.i.-* the dual vote- ?s th,.t I " A larson rigls
tered aa a voter ?for a boerougb bj reason m lo-hating
lasen. ii..:giti s?,tii and paid tin re**aaBtaettaemkeiaa
-? a-.. ?1 '..\e a ; ml .IM-OWC tai, or ??ithe r o? 111? Il taxe?, ?.liait
not by reason of iteing ??> leglaterrd loee aay righi m
a. li e I, ha- nany Pe? entitled ?if oth??J-.t !.?? duly iitl.'illfl???l? *?"
be i? i/nitered .is a rotor for tin- ra,?.,, boraagn m t? sped
?.I any fraiii-lriae involving occupation ol iiremlsea and
payment ol ratea, and when so register?*-.! m tmefeoAot
-ii? h double ?i.ialifie-atioii he ah.tll o.? entitled t?. ?-is?? two
rotea for the mendier, or iii there i>. more than one) for
each member t<> be ?returned t?? "arve lu 1'arllaiuent for
Theil ft llnwi a enatue gisin?-? a m? ml., r t?> tin- L-ivers
;ts ..{ Landon, ..ml sll !???- ?- ?iniei's the
inn,i, pins .e.,,u* ?,f th? Mil ma) be put lu for?e. appended
to -.in? h are ta* Baam na?l? r which s_?mi M Hgiitra
t .t.I. It:.IV SS liililt?-.
OB Var. ?. It. Mr J S Mill -nive ii.-rl.',- that in Com
mit!?-?- ?m ti.? Re pn at malton ??f ti?? People bill be ohouM
ii.es?- t" substitute tiie word**perwa for' man;" bia
intonttoi of conns, faelag t" saltad the fruncblm to
tv (.r, i ?? ii
To an interrogation by Mi Bright a? te? the pro poa! ?toa
for du 'o- IMaraell pt. ti..??? ?I togivi an answer
when the bil) ciaiii hefon theil? i??<- f.-t i second readlaf.
? III Bl M lill I S til..I tile. \ mi I
On Wednesday, March io, In the llonse ?.f fonimnn?-e.
Mt Hardcastle moved the ?.mt reading of the church
I ?? ? lion bill He advocated the t?*tal abolition of
ti,?-, ratea,contending thal it st..ni.I nn\, ?ia.- Katah
itshi-d ?in.i?h. by e.,;i,ng forth the rolontar] efforts of
ita wealty me miara e.la-, ision, Um t? ?? ,- ., majority
??f '? In favor of the aecond i??.?i!hik ,?f the bill, s te-nlt
d lotnl chears from the Oppoaitloa.
ME? TINe. <?! I III I. II ?
? "... al Gladstone convene?! a meeting of the Iih
lo agree on the couran ol ?TeppoaiUaa i?. iii? ? ??? < u.???? i?t
Ketorm btlL
M till or OH. I ITOGSTOBB BISBI i ' ? I D
7Ar l.o?it-,i, Inri saj ? the ? ...s ? i nine ni ha? i? ? ? is, ,| ills
patches from Zaatlbar stating thal ?the Arab amrehanta
?then ?lietieliet ?? the riport ??t l?i l-lr1agtl"*m'i -I- .?th.
st t TI. HI.? fcl-TION
fata Victoria held a state reception on the lath at
Kui kingham I'nlai-e. aft? i sa hie li ahc proeeeeled le? Marl
!.',lr,agll J I ti 11 -e- t?a ll?;l the l'lllj. a a? cf \S'.,:, -
* M.ss I'tiiii AU a BOM i ".nu.
rA- /??it/, the ueiv Conservatlve-I.llMTiil paper, ina-l? fb?
api?? uranie em the tilth. Ita object ia to lound a new
patts, to t?<- formed out of "Conservative-Liberals " mid
?' Lil'tial ' oi,-? i s.itltci"
??rrailf?. tiY fi.'.t iiFR, Tiiirii"??, h ii- itvRr. ash
In thct'oips I.i'iii'.latif, Man li 16, M K??iilnt. Min
iM? r of Htate, r-tpllcl eloeiiirntly to the Hpe-e? h of M.
Thiers on foreign affairs He clsliu?-.! that tim war In
Italy was a part of the la-rmaneiit poll, s .?f Irsnee,
nsiiK-iv, te. v,'e-.ik?-n Austria in that ? ova try. ii?- Jaatlllad
ti.? iiiiiM h.?i policy m tii>- Danish question, and ann! that
ssln-ii the l.ui|>. toi p?.iiit'?'l oui t" England that to main
tam the treaty so? urina Schleswig Holstein to l>?-niuark,
vnr must be -ivuK'-'l by land nn w,?Il as l?v tvatot, Kngland
sin tink from the contest. He declarad thal the bmperoi
i.H?l ?ion?? ?li in lil? pom t to pn-vent th?) ?-?inflict bet wren
A list i ih and Prussia, mel said that the !iiie-t]?.-it...| result
ra*the ixittle of Sadowa ?had ?massd "gust sgoay <>f
miad" to the French Oovernment, and that it seemed
l>e?tt*r to attempt the task of metdistleui rathol thau re?
sol t io war or sullen inactivity. He affirmed that media
lion had neat ?anly oei'iitrd ?>??a?:e- hut had prevented the
Prtisilans ft um capturing Vienna "In ptteetmo?m sold
he "ol th?' partial r.allr.utioii of ihs mills of Germany,
what is our duty I We must Ik> firm ami precise ; their
must be nu beal tatton, and ?so caaipremaae. if it be
thought that Fruin e?| has lost a single centimetre of her
right*) wt- must draw the sword. I prefei the aolaau
storm of war to a morsid dls?itiietiidn, In which our
strength and pioripenty would lie gradually eitin
giiliht-d." Hi- aiKU?*il that Kran??- wai in a l?rtt?-i n.nili
non til,?n balore tas Prussian war, stnee the old (?erman
t'onfeelerittiou could with Austria, ari?u?e a population of
7'.,i?o(i,t??o nieu agaiust France, but the new Cetnfederatlon
had only !?o,ooo.i?o, and would only have 37.000,000
if entirely united. He refuted the asiertiou of
M. Tholrs that Frame had no allies. "The|dar
that Pruaela threatsoa the squillbrlum ?>f Kurom-, Frunce
ami Kiiglaml will iintk?'her i-.oiiipreli.-nil that Hiedas of
ambitious folliAn is past."' He did not believe that Prus
-al.M-iilertained the iKinlous ?l.'slgti of aelvaming to Cou?
stsnlinoitle. "If she," he added, "wen- to make rti
newrd attempts f??r that obinct she aould encounter the
weetara l*awera having tn<- nnuie tatoreeta, ti??- aauie
htn-ngth, the sam?? will." lu coueliisiun. he ssid the n-la
lions of Frame with otheripowant ware of the most
fiicmlly iliaraiter, and that no danger threatened hrr
from without, that the coalition waa extiuct, and would
not revive under the sceptre of Napoleon.
M. Jules Fevre b? gun his reidy fe? M. P.otiher by saying
that all these oxouses wore nullified by fact?, hy official
Frene-h distaste bes, by the last spe?ech from the throne, and
lliially by his own admlMiiiiis That although (lenuanr
had lou,, de tired unity, the realization of theso hop??
might have been longdnferrod. AU hough the Ht-hloswlg
Holstein difficulty lad ?Vonsplosleati.it was entirely the
fault of the? tmporor. If not the resulto! his plotting. He
(the Emperor) had aske-d England to join in a-eontlneu
tal war against Frussla. while he well kuew that this
prop.,,*! would be ro|eotod. He liad opposed a com?
bined naval demon-trattos of England nuil FraneM). sup?
ported by Uiutaiia, tnsla??ei?ly prefeiullag thai it would
have been Insufflaient to have maintained the Iroatv
with Denmark. M. Jules Favre bellevr-1 that the real
object of Ula Emperor la this was to rotsUate upon En
atUti'l for not hat mK comte, lut? tbn conaxreoo tia liad pro?
posed, and to ral*? up a stale of things from which ho
hoped to enlsrj-e til? territory. Hald he, " The spanch of
the- Emperor Napoleon st A met re signified a ittmmoas
to (iermany to give u.t the Rhine. Our programme,
wbi<?h c??_itriaf?d the maintenance ef Austria In a grand
r?e,*itiou In Uermsny. waa openly violate*], and ta permit
his violation ?rout program?is waa a policy unworthy
of ??ranos The ambltlun of Prussia knows na bounds.
Th?. Cawse or the pr?sent situ?t I ?a of affaira Is the ex?
tinction of the ?Legislative body l?y ths pewar of one mau.
At the present time we ought to go to tha limita of etir
rights We ought to repudiate all Idea of aaaaxation,
but I would ?T?Ak if the anneiatiuu of Belgium or l.uxein
ebouri- wore offered us wottld It be iV'iv^Keil V'
M Uranierde (?sisgnae than delivered a apeech.lin
which li.? said: "Wa must threaten no Fe?wer, but be
srwed and await ths eoune of ?ti ?Mils. We wish for peace.
If other Powers will have It so ; far war if It lie luipoood
upon us." M. linera thou called the attention of the
HiMiae to the preaeot-4ate of political affairs In Europe
He saul " There are three linea of policy open to Fiance
First, a policy of Insinuation, which would make Europe
believe ?that when we apeak of great agglom?rations ws
desire to tncree-e our own territory, lins Is the policy I
should wl?h the (iovernment to raliniiiuih I should like
to eee the formation of a great couservailve party In En
rope that would prevent all spoliation. Beeundly, a pol
ley of i-e-nfldeTice In our ruler. Thlrttly, n i?ollcy of wateh
fulneaa. winch would not nr-cssurily cause a completa se
orasuUation of our anus. but a new organization of our
military fortes The policy I dr-jre tor Emn.-o would be
oenaers stive abroad, and liberal at home."
M. Kouher leplled to theo*? new argument?? e.f M
Thiers, and sahl "Tliu (i.?vernm?nt does not think to
Impede abroad the principio of the sovi-reigutv of the
people win, h it holds at home L'niraiwusuffrage sais
tieine-d Ute? Imperial Ijuvi-nim? lit whh h was Inaiiguiiiti ?I
on !>??< '?> ?' Mr Thirrs (laterruptiiiK Mr K..til..11, " I^-t
U^foxget?" iLvud interruption? and ?cat am iiomm?? >
Mr Ronlier con- luded thus: "What le re<iuired "f usl
Wari I*??, one thinks of it. Violent annexations! No one
baa prepesad tli? in. A ?policy of watchfulness! That is
Hie | y et th?< ?lovernmetit. Our isolation has been
nil.- ted ?At will hu? ?? no exclusive allian.ee. To-day.
h.' . >?. the allies of Kiiiriiiiid ; to-morrow, of Prussia at
Aust.ia; and that, not with the object of conquest, but to
solve !,/ i oneiUatory diploT?uatic interf?rence, the various
(iuest ona ?,?. they ?arise. We seek great meanstoullay
frsM storms "'
lie ^nreaun of the Chamber have refused to author:*'.:
the Interpellation ?f Mr. Picard sn tin? rctent ?fieuatu?
tuan, Ii. soMSfMMI itiaunot be presented.
II!B ? l.r.MAK 1A1U.IAM1.NT AND THF. POl ISlI 111*1 III??
HI HAHKf til ? (?I N I ?IMIAIl? M.
In the N,t th (li rman Parliament March IB, Couut
liisuiank speke against the protest of the Folish depu
tiea, ciuceriiiug the Itu-orporatton of fenner Polish terri?
tory with the Nor!h ?.( nil,in i oiifi delation, and said that
I hat protest wi,*- directed sol against the OeafOdc ration
buf against the unity of Prussia, and, therefore, ought
r.itlri to be addressed to the Prussian Diet. He said that
the J'ollsh deputies were not attthonted by their electors
lu bring in such a protest, as a majority of the Pru?MO-Po?
lish population, especially the ueatuuite, were satisfied
Witk theft* condition, that the clergy and nobility of Po?
land only cat i it d on political notation. " It is
time '' said he, " that the higher clergy di?l
their duty. The restoration of Poland Is not to
he tfceugtlt of " Ile also oj.posed the protest of
the deputies favorable to binuiftrk, agaiuet the
incorpor?t Ion of North hchleswlir with the Co-ofe?leration,
la? speech tal wlti.-h he suld? "The Kniperor of Austria
aloM has tia light, by virtue of the ..nitro Prussian
treaty, to re?|iiire that a tots should ho taken in North
H!i,.si-.i. to determine the future position ef the north?
tini'.m? is of t li tit Dinby. The portion of K lil? ?wig
toa? will lu- ceded t? l?i mnark will be smaller than the
i "' ? op? nli,ist ii nniigine. Count HisuiarcU, in re
plying ?oInquiries .if Herr P'-hrops from Dresden, In re
Karil is the relations of lu \. in boar g and I.iinbnrg,
statte thiii Prussia had never ttiraateaaS*?UbUniMfe?h?gl
it wa? a .if nail* agreed between Prussia and Holland,.-it
tin* ia tOicnk of the war, to remain at peace. "We rannst
fuie- tl'.e "oven i ?fill, of those IHirtil.n to Join the Nuit li
<.enn-iii < ..iifi il.-rstioii. We ?hall put no pressure .ni
linn ?ml in that tespect sime we might otherwise evoke
it I'aiif-opeaii question." He aflerwsnl s.ud, dilling the
discs? nu, that the r< l.ilions between the Mouth and
Ndr.i'ut ?.eriiiany lud been insured by treaty limned:
atelj after the ((?nil liston of peace; and he endeaion ii io
ninnie tbe apprehensions that -Mouth Germany im^-lit cn
(? i ni, an! understanding with foreign pim its.
In tae North ?,erin,in Parliament on .Mun h 70, the
amendments te the draft of the Constitution, proposing
fii-edoui to the press and the rights of public Meeting?
??sere m (cited. _
R 1*8.**-IA.
Tie Journal de St Pttertbottrg ol March 1? t-Ay?,
commenting on the ?jiee? h of M. Ollivier in the French
Assembly: " Friendship between ?.rrmany and France
has nothing alarming for us. On tin- contrury, no Kussiuii
wislic?? It disturb?-?!. Though ?lermiiny may be proud of
tin lunrtesies with ills, h she is treated by French ora
turn, ?be will ss little as Kunai? believe that her relations
hsie become 1??? friendly toward this country, which
i\.is al wai s in, lalli ti.?. ni ?.ermany, and baa hmmn \,_p
ally m flint of ?lanifer."
SOS-I Til UN Al *?rHlA AM? III VtiAKV.
The Vu nun ('< i rt-.pt ?tlrm; lias lot el led i ()||l|lil|
uleatlon of a letter addn tard by l.ouia Kossuth to nue of
m~ fi 'ends at l'i ?th. ami dated February 27. In this do, ii
on nt he disi ussi s the tan situation ?of Hungary, and
?:.!?; nut h? baa always Imen of opinion that tbelawaof
IMS ?ould triumph In fin- end, but that he lind not fore
?a t o ihat ?the , ahmet <?f Vicuna would act with so mu. li
ci ler*'r an.) pr?den? a Koasuth s|m ,,?_?. uImi of the forma
lion of a " Uaiiiil.i.ui ? oaf? deration/' and of the ?not esatty
"f Isatgnif the word "liberty " forevei inactlbed on the
nf Hungary Ho d? clares that he mil end ins
life l?i a foreign lund, aud adda : "Von know that lean
liol .-nd ought not, !".n i ? nt iiu amnesty. And, beside, .,f
uti.?, further use could I fiel The bittei j-ars of exils
hav? broken my stri'11-.'th.'
I? is mi ii? 111 m ? ?I that tin* Fiii|M-inr ?if Kin.?, ia lias n
t .-mied an ami .st > lo nil the K r?-nt Innen who ?vere eiiled
? i ?la tor 11,lupin itj in the late Polish rebellion.
i k<n i.am n!u*i Ai.ii-.s-f list', '.vi
A prec?ametlou has been leaned at Prastmore offering a
reward af Soo acodl for ever) brigand captured, dead or
: d l.iCO amil f.?r every capture of a chief of a
I .Lilli- nee it-.eii.il .it Lisbon, ileriied fruin I'ara
??" - ii ?. averts that two Brazilian iron? lads have
bess piu.i.i kera<<? tantana ne,ir Ciirtipn'li The .mur?
re? i "it in tin pmi na. s .,f the Argentin? Confed? ration
i?-..id to t..? estending Twotboueaad five hundred ir
. bun !... o taken fi. ni the allied arm- !.. ..j.pose
tlie Inanrjrenta Prreldent Mit?i ha* n-tiini.-d to Huenos
kyree with a thud >.f ins ?-untingeiit. t'rqtilia is hostile
to the roTolutionlats in thal Wat.- The Brasilien squad?
ron has piisse.l ?'iiriipaitv, ami is exploring the upper
afflnents of the Parana
Tin- State eliiiii.ii iii .Michigan occura today. A
Justice of the Huprrtue Court, two Keginni of tin* Foi
vemty, and lis d? legate* to a State Constitutional Con?
vention, Intrusted with the luiiM>it.-mt dut! of revUuig
the H tit to ? '?institution, are to la* elected. The followlug
are the rival State tickets :
Hrj.vhUrnn. It ?no-cm,
Jmrfct rayerai Coori fli-ti1?unq K l.r?ir? |i|i.l??t?l U l,rxi
v.um Juren . I i >?'?'???'?<?'"><?? ?****? " ___" >'
* * I li.i.i?, .1 ll.it KI ?o?a??r IA tilt
Vie following Is lbs vote in the State for ?iovernor m
i-', ?i- ? oinp.ui .1 mt h tin- uti ii'i Regoat lu I?-?,-., i. lui
thePresidcntl.il roto Of I?-?.*
i sim. ison. I mii.
'? Kerntet littulrnt
? rai-'Hrj. )....?6.;?i Wilkrr i llrp. i H.aH Jaun-ln -"1.511
W il,?m,l|l??u. j f.: Tim !!>;!.. ?I??--? j lH.l.fi Mr? lilian.il.ttl*
Brp ??J.. . f-ii.nt Hep any...Jl.90? H?p. mil.16.917
T, ti rats Uli,Coi T..U1 ..??? ..-.. IBU T-til .ut?- .. I?, III
lu ians tin- ?luestioii of a Constitutional Convention was
sui muted to the people, and wa? carried by a vote of
VJ.kn against MUM. a majority fur revision of 60.H8**. The
prsaent election of delegates is thus held lu oliedlcuce to
th. express.?! will of the jieople. Judging from the pres
eiiitoinp'.exion of the Leglslatuie, the Hepublicans will
hare at least a three fourths majority lu the Convcution.
The Spring ele? tiona in Ohio, for township, village,
an! city officers, take place to-day.
TrntSaaWord (Conn.) Time? publishes the full?)wing
WAEtOanYtOW, T> *"-. March as.-The report in Tur.
Tanti ni. in untrue. I have Information that theelectlou
of Mr Kugluih Is certain. This Is my hop;* and belief.
_ .1 l-ll? 1?! _ON.
st tin????? ra rai raiama
Madison, March 30.?The Assembly, after a sharp
fifht, by a large majority has concurred In the Mensto bill
to facilitate the construction, by tbe rrarle Du Chlsn
Railroad Company, of the railroad from Monroe to Du
buque, anthoritlng mortgages, bonds, and the issue of
stock to replace fund* and preferred stocks. The bill la
somewhat amended, but ia substantially In the form de?
al rod by the present managers of the road, and opposed
by !.. H. Meyer, representing the preferred stock holders.
It repeals the law of last Winter, regulritig the assent of
each class of stockholders to tbe couaolldation or siten
sloo, with a proviso that the repeal shall not take effect
until the bonds pro-rlded for ?hall have been dulyere
catod and delivered. The limitation to the power of the
Directors to Issue stock Is pen-. t ?rally removed.
The Assembly has rejected, by a vote of 33 to 44, the bill
makin? adultery the only ground of divorce. WestUerbv,
the Democratic candidate for Hupreme Judff??, has with?
drawn The Hsiiata? Committee on Vederel Relations have
n.poTfe.1 in favor of psylng S M. Booth ?1*,<X?, expenses
asd lueses in suits growing oat ?of assistance to fugitive
slaves. _
?t vst BURAra tu vaa raiaoira.
San Francii*co. Cal.. March 80.?The JapsntN*
Coramlaslen and suite sailed to day In the steamer Uolden
Age for New-York. During their etay here they visited
the fortifications lu the bsrW. the various tallltsry ata
tlom the Government works, sod tit? ettenaive manufac?
turing establishment* of the city. They were received by
several pronilnet (It I tens, and appa^ntl-r were highly
?*retlfi"<f ??1th the many attentions shown them. The
laying of the corner stone of the new Mercantile Library
biilldinf in this city Unlay Was sn Imposing affair. Ths
( ercinoulee were under the direction of the Maaouio f a
ternlty. The full (iraud Udge of the Stat? wa? ia at
III I'1. A tu H ' V FUND.
si riuiiri Teraa vaiat iga
I'liiiMiiRM K. K. I.. March ?Mi.-Tlio I?ev. Or. Resrs
baa resigned the l-ie-udency of the llrowu University to
a?-cept, it is understoo?!, the ( kihi ni kgbuey of the Pea
boday Oouthcra ^ducsU-Xifti movemcut
Washington, March Sl.-s-The President haa ?oin
n. in;? ated to thf ?Senate, In Its Executive Besaton, atraaty
with Hue?,a, by wini h that power eurrei.dem to th?
1 'nited States ita sovereignty over all ol Russian America
and the adjacent islands. It especially includes the strip
too miles long, which cxt? nds down the coast, thus ex?
cluding Rritiah America from the Ocean. The Treaty waa
laid on the table, and will be taken up next week. The
Treaty waa concluded between the Secretary of State, on
behalf of the Presidentof the United Statea.and the Rus?
sian representative?, on bchsff of the Emperor of Russia.
The Russian (iovernmetit agree? to convey to the United
Htatea Government all ita po?"?esslona on the American
Continent, known aa Russian America, in consideration
of the payment of |7,i*ijC,?K)0.
The negotiation was discussed at a Cabinet meeting on
Friday night. The Russian Minister afterward visited
the State Depart mint to arrange the terms, and at an
early hour on Hatuiday morn.n>_- the arrangement waa
definitely perfected. The Euglah r? tpttat ntatives here
arc deeply ? hagriiie ?1, and it is said that Sir Frederick
Ilrticc will telegraph to Kail Derby for instructions to
protest against its acceptance by our Government. Tilla
acijulsition more, than double i> the- L't ited Hat? a "..???* ou
the Pacific, which now extends from bS*n-i* California to
Behring"s Htraits. with the no-pt. n of the nairosv strip
e'oniprising Itntish t'oluml?la. The tcrnto.v o nd by
Russia comprises the whole e?f thet'ontinent of North
America west of longitude Ml*. It li boundeel by British
America and the Pa? if,? ?ii,,'. Ar?f.?- Oceana It iiaclitdeaa
irr? at numb?-i of islands, and la < f the highest importunes M
a nat al ?I? pot, ami for strat?gie i urpoaea. It isa valuable
fur country, miel embraee* a s asi lection of t? rritory, the
possession <?f which will Influence m our favor the vast
trad? of the Pacific. The pun-baaed territory covers un
s-anl of MUN i?.|iinr?? ie,t!??n, and continue about
aa,ueo inhabitants, hall of whom ar?? Eaouimaux,
Th?' fisheries an- etty extensive, bat the pi.ne.pal eom
merclal wealthaf the country ih m Ita fin ii.i.i??, which
would, henceforth, bo altogetlu r controlie el hy An
mer. liant?,. TI,?. a<'?'iiisit;??n i f this territory ?rsemlil give
tur Oovcrnmeiit the ?oiitrol of the Boaalan American
lalagraph, la cass the we,ik sboald be otnahpketei.
\\ASiilN?,Te?N IKltltne.liY AM) IHK III SHAN POSBF8
WaaaOBBBMai, March .'il.~A small rcniest lia? been
largely answer???!, as the following palltll sent from
Washington Territory, ttatm to lint? Ixen more than
gratified, in tin? negotiatione yesterday, of the treaty
coneludeel between the United M?i!?*? SBd the Russian
.???i? minent, for the pincha?,? ??f the Rut??-.an American
To Ilit T.ieelleney Ani rlw 3nns*t<H, PtttUtBt of the
United Slatey;
Ia refere u? ?? t<? the cod and othhi fiahsnes yourmemo
rlaliste, the legislative Assembly ot Washington Terri?
tory, bei?' le-nve to ??how that iiliundatice ?if Icad-flSh, hal
Ibut.and ?alliie.n e?f excellent quality have; t'l'eti fonad
.ilotig the shiTi s of the Russian Poeitemlona. Your rae
me?nali??ta respeetm-'y re.|tie at your Exe ellency to obtain
such rights and prmlfgca of the Government of Ruksi?
ns will enable our flsh.ng ve ssels to visit th?-port* and
harbor?, of its poeseeslons, to the end that fuel, water,
and provision? muy i?. a?alljr atstalaad| tltat our sick
anti ?llsabled fishermen may ??btani sanifiiry as?
sistance, toejetker with t!i<? privilege of em ng fi?h
ami repairing vessels lo n??d ?.f repairs. Your mc?
iiiorialiat?? farther request that the Treasury Depart?
ment )?e- Instructed '?? forward to the'collector
ofCuatosM of this (Paget Bound) <lii-tn. t, ?inch fishing
i.? ?'tis?.a, ;,i -tr el ? ami log-books, M will enable
our hardi ?fishermen t?> obtain the bounties ne?w provided
alni paid to th? f;?li?'nii? ii In the Atlantis State??.
Your no mortallts ?finally prnj s our I. m ? Hi ney t.? supply
inch ?Inps m may Le spared ft?un the Pacifl i ;?? .. fleet,
In exploring and surveying the flahlng hunks known to
navigatora to ex lal al, ng the Fa? .fie eoaat from the Cot?
tea Hanks t?? Behring? Strait?, ami m Iii duty bound, your
memorialists will ?ter tuns'
?Passed th.- Book of Represe ntatives Jan. io, :
list ami? KiiKii'i i. speaker of the House? of Repa.
russell the ( "iti.iil Jan 13, ia?<-j.
Huts ki K Misi.?, President of the Council.
The petition is accompaiiieel l>y tlie certificate ol the
Secretary eaf tin- T?-ir.t?-i y a- .<> Ita bi'lng a true copy.
The i" titlon tis ?< ? n. was pa*m ?' ? ra than s year ..????.
and is (he- foui .!..':? 11 ol I be trent] DOW .?'?' Siting the rati
flcstion <?f tin- Senate.
Tiir: ( l.l-H? TEBBnOBT.
Tin' < i ?-?.ion of Russian North America to the rnitcii
States, it ? iiiiMiuiniHted, will I??- the most importaat inter?
national event affecting this continent which baa oc
? ttrred in many years. Suth an unimportant part
nul?, ?I has Russian Aim ii'a play? ?1 in the affairs of na?
tions and of men that, wh? i? sn offer for its cession from
mu l'oi?',-t (., mi?.'j,? i is u,u U, ki-os? ii, the announcement
ronlurra uji In the mlnu of uCaily evixy one v i ?:.*^*? a* .i
c??i?l, barren, ami uniahabltod region, converging about
Behring! Stralta, and ?-?lebratod only because
lice? !.y ami Sir Joiiii Franklin voyaged eui ita?
?'?easts. But, ni tin? n-stls? itali.ui of IK lie.nl ?1 u y iiu-li.e.ric.?.
i.r <?s ? ti Iii a ?'asnal glanera at th?' map of tile ? outiiu-nt it
wir. the unist Important part?? of the? territory would most
nkely escape notice. Thiess arc the Peninsula eaf Alaska
snd the sirbipelsgses known as (??-orge lil. ami Prince
of Wales, rather peculiar names for a aeries ?>f islands
forming part of UM poaeeSSlOUS ?f the Russian Bear. It
is notifiable, host ever,that the Russians know tile islands
hy other Beames, sad the one named George III. by Van?
couver, form i na pint of the archipelago generally known
hy tlM name of that monarch, is by them call??d Harnuov.
Tnese islands uro formed by inlets of the ocean, ami are
more- properly a narrow strip of land ?-xteuiling for nearly
ino miles along the ?mast of the Pacific, broken by narrow
causeways ami amis of the sea extcmLng in every direc?
The principal settlements are in these Islands, the
largest town la-iiia New Al? liana,-?!, ou the Inland of Sitka,
which has u population of only i.ono. On tia? islaml ? ailed
(?ieorge III, or Haranos. is the seut of the (?uveruor of nil
the establishments t?f Russian America. It ha? a i mt cr
not s i,-?i,!, h, i- Kini fortifie atioiis, au?) msgailnes built of
vtixal, ami on ita coasts is usually a fleet of two frigates
iiml f.t o ?.??rvetti-e l'l'.e ss lie.le- re-gion along these coasts,
in? luding tlie ai ?mp? lair?? of Kneliae- ami the penlnaeuJa of
Alaska, is exceedlngl) mountalnoue,helng a succession
m leifty peaks, most of thuin Tide itiii,', one ?>f
them reaching nearly 13,000 fe-e-t m bight, aud
another being little. Inferior In altitude. The
part .?f the mainland'south of Mt. St. hila?,ono of the
vi lciiulc peaks Infore referred to, ami the loftCSt summit
on the continent, Is nowhere more than 33 miles wide.
The islands and coast*, of the mainland have generally
been well explored, but the liiterlor of the country, which
looms up protniiu-ntly on the map, is almost entirely un?
known. Tin-estimated area ??f the whole buntory Is
about 394,1.00 s?(iiare miles. It has an as Singe length aud
breadth of ?100 miles. The longest linee tli.it can be el?,..vu
aere.M the country, from CapePriassSof Waleeon Kchnngs
Straits through tue narrosv strip bordering on British
Columbia and the Pacific (K'?au,to the extreme southern
polnt of the Russian possessions, is 1,600 milos. But It
will be seen from |lta average length ami breadth that
the mass of the.ce.untry Is tolerably compact. From sev?
eral expeditions that have been pn?Ject??d into the inte
rlor, it se-ams that the western part ol tlie territory is ele?
vated and uneven, while the part extending along the
Arctic Ocean Is generally flat. The north coast waa dis?
covered early In the present century, ('apt. Cook having
frevlously, as early us 1778, penetrated as far north as
ey Cape. In It?? Capt. Beechv reached Point Barrow,
and at the same time the lamented Sir John Franklin,
th. n Capt. Franklin, traced the coast from the mouth of
tim Mackeuzie Klvor to Return Reef.
The population e,f Russian America ia about ?0.000, of
whom at least tVi.OUO aro Enq uimaux. Tlie remaining
portion of the inhabitants are Russians, Creoles, Kodiaks
and Aleoots. The principal pursuits and chief de-pt-inl? nee
of the Inhabitants are the fisheries and fur hunting Lit?
tle attention is glveu to agricultural pursuits; but to view
this vast territory aa wholly forbidding and barren Is to fall
Into a grave error. For, its shores being washed by the
warm Pacific atreuni, which ?weeps up from the China Sea
aud breaks near the extreme north-west polut ol the conti
uent, ita atmesphere is toned down t<> the salubrity of
i>oint? on the Atlantic coast which are many degrees fur?
ther from tim pole. Far Inland there In a region of almost
perpetual snow ; but on the coast, and as far inland aa the
breetoa from off the China Boa current may reach and
modify the rigor? of the rJimatc, the land is fruitful and
the country inviting.
The fur product of the country ha? for many yeera been
made a monopoly by the Russian Government, but the
United State?? and lireat Britain succeeded ia obtaining a
lease for the territory from 80? W north latitude to M? U,
and the exclusive privilege of supplying the Knsalane
with agricultural produce and pruvisloua waa granted to
the Hudson's Bay Company. The monopoly of the other
territory remains with the Russian American Couipauy.
It la noticeable that, by the treaties with the United
BUtes and (?rent Brltalu m*te In tiru, the late Ruaaiau
possessions oomprshend sll tho American coast of tho
Pacific, and the atljacent islauds north of ths parallel of
St ' to north latitude, and the whole of the mainland west
of the meridian of 1110 weat lonaitueh?, which passes
through Mount ?St. Ella?. This boundary treaty wa?
accepted aud made binding ?o long ago m 1834.
at niMiiri va vaa rair-csa.
Washington, March 31.?The Senate in Ex??cutive
??talon yesterday confirmed the following nomination?:
Coltittori of Imlrrmal Rrvtnae-Qta. Janes B. Rt?_ais of Oki?,
Fa-it UiiUlct of LobIiUss , lieorj A. Qttranj to IL? Klijiitostith ?is
trle-t of risoij-lrisll. -, -. . . .t . ni
Jtmnort of Internat fUr-enm?ioho M. Fr_W lo th? F?rit !>??
triitrfPfSBiil-soi?, ("slvia W. Mc-insU On Tsslfc Out? i .?f lill
ro*lmaittri-V7m Crotawsll. St Dl?v?--_?gl??o, III . Ssmuil G R?Hh.
Pen?, lil ?Iiitotl Brown. SiUh?. Mi?, i H?ron?tts DsjUs. C?Uts
bsi Uli* i bosUs C?Biios, Tslledisiis?, g- ; Osor?? PhUlip?, Soy
WmI fu.
mauler of ?and O?n-Nitsmle?! S (?ou. it HoaWdt Kibisi.
Raletni Of ImKltt ?<*i?-ni?|,t P ??mirt of Hsrnholelt. Kssim.
T?lViO(e*>vl VnltreJStatt* Infantry?Capi. Iisold S. Me-Sem-is of
tk? Corni of Itostnoan. . _ _? ?
Te mCmpmim I'nUnl Stolei f??ai?.lr?-?Ji??i-b H ^It
Coltrtlor ?/ Oa*tam?~rtUt<i A ?luIn, Dlit-tcl of Miion. Obi?.
?urvrporof Cmttrmr?Jtim H. Ilarrlsos. RuIibob?. U?*_
- ?arsis? of M*nhttm4i?t-tiaaioi Vslisllse, PortUsel, He
The ?Senate re.)eot??d tit? following nominations:
**<tinsii??i>-' ?Tsiliel Statt* Armp?Wm. H. Jobuitott?, litt 1'ijrwsit??
of VolniUffi. , , . _ _
|?r.,7<i?le*r ?;*??lrrti *?* flritwi-Bra'it Col. Jamn B. 9rr.
Mijlilrr of Laut .!>?->-Abrita h. Wselswotll?. st trsT??-s? Cltj,
HMUeUtr, of Inleraml Reitnue-Cbir'-eiW Bil?? Vlllih Illili.?! ?!
Si? loila Tkuinsi Mitirith IVtli lu.lrie I ?.f Pruuirlfl?ii.
imitai ?lattt Mer***t-Aaa*l ti. vimat I?i?Ui?l of ktimtnAvmUm
OR!?!* <)F IHK < II A R I. K STOW mgTrtBA!? S
XoM^ii ?K, March 29.?The Ktbel nport f.om
Charleston about negro disturbances la false. Tue freed
m? n on.y r? j,, lad outrageous K?-l?el attacks npon them.
The mcetluir va? one of remarkable onler.
The CrXwrhtton Courier gives the following account el
the trouble:
Yesterday, after the adjournment of the mass meetlaa
of freed me. i, a rep%rt of which elsewhere appear?, a
sn iniiigly well organise effort waa made by the freed
men who had participate?* iU that affair, to teat the!*
right to ride upon the stiret ear* m violatieu of the rules
of the Company. The ringleader tn the matter, who la a
resident of Meeting-st.,op|H.Hiti Burna'* ?lane, nud a barbet
by profession, thrust hlium If into the -tar of Conductor
Fala-r, ?nd ujion being politely- reg?cete! ty him to go
out, refused to do so. Mr. taber Informell Ulm of tho
ruli h of Hie Company, and uiau-tcd ii|k.u his I? avlag the
iii.-ideof the ear, wlien his frienda, ?finding that he waa
liable to Ix- fon-inly ejected, it resistance was offered, per
mailed him to rome not. I p.,ti tin? return of Mr. Palier'?
?ar to the seno, waa ?i aasilltti lu Meeting, between
Oeorge and Hociety st*., a large crowd of negioea rush?-.J
into ii, to tlie great discomfort of the white paeeenaere,
and although nmoiistiatid with and appealed to by th?
(-ondiit toi. dei Imod to go on?. Mr. Falter Um n stepped to
the front platform and rc<iucsted the driver to r.in tne car
off th?' track, as this was ins only alternative. The effort
to c.imply with lu? rsqaeat failed, and the driver, at
the suggestion of Mr. Pater, unhitched Ins bone,
and. leaving the car on the mick, went up to the Com
l riiy's Mabie. Finding theaieelve? disup. oint.-d, the
rioters cnd( .i\aired to push the car forward, when Mr.
Fuller put donu the brake and stuck to hi? post,although
he wa-* tin? atened by one of the number who had stolen
the non by wini It the switches are tin nul, and held It in
u striking attitude over his head, while others strur? t?
puil Mr. i'aber away from the b.ake. At this Juncture
the Hi ral of Um p?tica ?sslired lui?, .tom his
embarraaslng siiuafion. in th.- meanwhile the cara ol
M. i-M-i KoiiuiiUat, Rives and Ht. A uni ml had been iova
? 1? d in Iii.: saaae way, und in some iustauces the lady pae
SSBCSIS were coiupelled to leave th. ni for fear of personal
insult and injury. When tile rioters found that the con?
ductors could not be awed into ac<*iilesce?ce with their
Acamada to be permitted to ride on an equality with the
white passengers, they tried to Interrupt the travel of
the ears by placing stones ?a tin- tra?k. luformaUon of
these facts having been communicated tu the L'p|?ei and
Lower Guard Houses, detaehnssats wen scut from each
to the scene of the di-tm ??.ince, and hythe influence of
their presence, and the aid of -,i s.|iiad of regular ?soldier*
who wen- dispaii ln?l fjoni the Citadel, the riot wa? ended
and the rioters dmpersed.
The following is the test of (len. Sickles'* reply to the
address presented to him ou Tuesday last by the Charles?
ton merchants:
Ornum : It affords me great satisfaction to receive
this visit and to hear tin* granting sentiments which
have ticen expreeaed. I feel ess-ored that the citiiene
?rim nilly will iloeverythitg m th. r j ewer to sustain th?
laws an?! aid me la the dim linrgc of tht) duties which I
am to perform. The gem ral mt? rests and prosperity
of North and Bouth Carolina have been the object of my
earnestso?eitude since I have been in command in this
Department) and what l han- iloia- in this regard in the
p.i-t, I will continue to do in the future. The ?solu
lion of the present political difficulties reste
nilli the citizens themselves. The military author?
ities will nut Interfere m narttsaas in mili?
tary movements or organlx ita na, we will endeavor im?
partially and fairly to protnot.- the reorganization of the
i ?vii government in th?? two l*t?tr?. Ample protection
win te given to lite, iii?, ni-, and property, u-, conclu?
sion, gentlemen, be aasured that 1 ?nail always l?e glad to
hear any expression of >on, sentiments^ and to comply
with your suggestions so far H may comport with my
seuec of ?lut j.
LErn-.It tttOtt MA.I"l: i.lM-ll.U. THOMAS.
T?o following l'?'i* hem Majoi-fit-ii. Oeorge Ti.
Thomas toa prominent citizen of Chicago, is published
in the journals of that city :
LoctSVOXK, Ki-., March ti, .M7.
Ifr. Carter H. Haiiki-'.s, i hieaao. III.-Dear Sir: I re?
ceived lour favor of th>* !'. tb hist this iuorning, for which
I am much obliged, as it will ?nal le me to point oiita
locality lu cu?tg:.i and Alabama where the people of
both bide? of tin question al ?presen! dividing the connlry
are In extreme want foi provisions, and many who have
means to do so wib be comp? lied fo unit their homes, un?
h ?s they can get subsistence enough to enable ?herald
make crops this year. The pondo of Carroll. n??r?l+ftn.
Polk. Pauldlng, Campbell, ?.'orvet.i, and Heard, (la., and
Randolph,Calboun,and< lurok?*, Ala., are represented
to moss not having provisions to laet them until May
n-ixt ; aud great nunine-**. who have the means to move
? ill bo compelled to do so, unless Um . tau procure provi?
sions fruin abmad. AU rlasaea of the citizens are alike
dartltate, the rich a-? well ?a? th? poor, aud both must
starve if tin ! iel. am lu th.? country, utiles? provlaions
an- sent to tiieui. The nell an* pci*f<-rtly willing to pur?
chase if any oin-will tend them provl ai is, and wait for
tin m to g.tthtr In their crops before demshdiug pay
iii aiding ti ? is opie, I !;i ow you will b? doing ?mod
servios In rellci lug. dis?t-e*-*1 which is common througneut
the -?-.mttt. and uni also ' . pci'itr igenient to peo?
I?., who will appreciate the relief afforded them in tneir
Hint of need. lam,dir, lery respectfully, your obedient
ssi i ?ni. (?i? ii Tiu-ua?.
1*. 8?Corn aud bacon arc arti? les most es.sent);?l, ?'? the
people absolutely need sonn thing to enable them .o re
malu at home and cultivate their crop??. Anything sent
t-> Mr w*. II Mi Danu l,< stroll County, (la., via Newman,
Oa., on the Atlanta and West Foin! k.nlroad, will reach
Fi i m safely, lie is the autnori.* d igent of the citisan? of
( ai roll County. I can ?end you the uauies of agent? for
the other counties, should von desire them. It will te
necesssry to write to those couuti? ?, however, to get the
other names._ o.B.r.
THE Pi-U'lK Al -1TI .llli'N.
Tlie iolloiviug letter inun the KeUl Gen. llenare?*
gani ia published, addressed to the editor of Th* fitm
(JrUani louts:
New Orleans. March 03, MST.
Dkab tim : You have done mc the honor to call for ni/
ojuuioii relative to the action of the rk?uth under the
Military lull. Having seldom taken any part lu politic?,
I do not feel well ?piaUfied to advise ou ?o momentous a
question; ueverth. less, as the same desire to obtain my
views has been manifested from ?anous quarters. I shall
not shrink from the responsibility of expressing them, in
the hope that they niav tend to compose the public mind,
so Justly alarmed at this moment. In my bumble opinion
we have but one of two things to do?resint or submit.
The first is inadmissible In our painfully e\hatute?l ?oou-dl
tion. Four years of a desperate war have taught us that
the argument of the sword can no louder be resorted t?
by u-t to redress our grievances. We must, tbertft-re,
submit, but with that calm dignity becoming our man?
hood und lost Independence. Having been ovcrpowre.l
m the hit?? struggle we can submit to the harsh aud un?
generous tenus of our couquerors without dishonor, and
we must adopt the least of two evils. A futile resistance
would only cause our rivets to be driven closer.
We must, then, acquiesce or leave the country. But w?
love too dearly the land of our birth to abandou it in ita
hour of sorest triaL We should avoid, also, brin?ging it.
by Internal dissensions, to the condition of poor Mexico
and the unfortunate South American republics.
With n-gard to the suffrage of the freednien, how eve?
objectionable it may be a? present it U au element of
stn?ngf h for the future; if properly handled and directed
we shall defeat our adversaries with their own weapon.
Tho negro ia Southern born ; with a little education and
some property qualifications he can be made to take suf?
ficient interest in the affaire and prosperity of the South
to iusure an intelligent vote. In our future political con?
tests with the North on protective tariff, Internal im?
provements, Ac., the freedmen of the South
will side with the whltesof the South and Weet,
and they will thus contribute to give us back
the influence w-e formerly had in the coun?
cils of the nation. Our people should understand that
the radicals can remain in power only so long aa the pub?
lic excitement is kept up. As with the turbid water? ox
the Mississippi River, the sedimentary particle? are kept
up at the surface, only so long as the waters are in mo?
tion, the Instant the current Is checked these particles
fall to the bottom. Thus it will bo with the radicals when
peace aud virtue are reatored to the country. The conser?
vatives will then take the relus In their own hands, and
the constitutional laws of the land will once more pre valL
Respectfully. G- T. Beaureoasd.
? ? m
Pursuant to a call signed by the Governor, th?
Bute Auditor and Treasurer, the Postmaster, and Mayor
of Montgomery. Gan. Wager Bwayne, and ?orne 100 othei
leading men of *the State of all nationalities a hug? tai
harmonious meeting of citiiens of the Stete, wa? **_.*}
the capitol in Montgomery on the evening of ataren IS.
TAe _-lrerfw?r of that city, lu noticing the ?*!*_)Wag?,
"??"?The yard and every portion of the building that could
afford a view of the proceeding? nmUO tWhtg. apjgg*
many colored people were in attendance, and there wera.
also.In the pechad cro?wd. many mt the ti-ueeSand most
substantial mea of Montgoiuc**. who showed. ?*
takably. bow deeply they had tbe Interest of faauanWf
at heart. The Hall of the Heus? **ss decorsted with flags
of the Union?S? ?tare." _ ?_..._ T -
Address? were dellyfed ?* Messrs. h_t - Feldsr, J_C?
K,-ff??r M m Mr H (' ?emtile, (Jen. Wager ??wayne aia
othetn. ?-?Wu?0U.,Zi_T.n? g thV^Z^L?
cltisents to " oar/ out with earnestness and harmony th?
Z Ants.* IheReconstnicU-J. W"*?^
only " for in*- ?--'?li known to have inflexibly st heart th?
po?a?rs/' were unanlmoualy adopted. A f**-?.i?l-'e_:
Iiob at the cap?tol, of the Union men of th? ?Ute. gut
rerowuiendwirand an Executive Committee sjipolnted
and authorised to call the meeting together Sgal?? tor the
purpose of taking preliminary atepa lu tnat direotion.
?v *?La?a-J?> va t_b ?iii?""
*P*A?TiH)kT Me.. Matfh ?.-Col. Rnnsom. in copi
nSd?lHsSlu'van at thisP??"^Eff*TA??S
from the War Pepartment t?? Htirreude? to Mr. *?TtK??
of NewYi-rk all tbe anns, ammunition, ?nd/??_?**:
?luUawful parpo??.

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