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T?r Ai'i:ii.Ti RM
l*t In? united I n>! l i.11 rt tk?*-April Tenu
?* -il ?liintii It i- ? .??id all
( tuirt t. ill in- ?lis
f?-e',l i-f Min,: Lim, argument, api? ni. A?.
t Is prohahl ? Huit J
?griminal canes to he eli i>oaed of are tl*
v lue h tin- el, te-:,1.tut g n lot?
? ?. Stlllieelat
t IfI , lil 'i
. is i bargi el with i. i gi ry; I in i .^ _\( ),
?d?tendant i? rl-arge-d svlth rtmbe
Government m.ii t-j?, and the ..,. of the United
Alexander i;??-. et al, ka thick defauelai
? rgt ti with dttfraudlua the Government nutol
au ma of iiiiiiit-y by luuitung t-i niaku full returns of (lio
?alua to the t"ollee loi ol lut? I I I
in the U nu ???i Kt.it? -, District Oourl tin Admiralty Term
?will (-..iii? ?t 11- on TtM-adap, ni i II be
-.| .?n thal day, i>\ Judgi i".. it-, foi tin
i aiiso^. It m the Intention of Judge Betta to ait ?luring
t no t-et m None of the caee*a on the i alen 1er a
j. ibllc ink-lot; most of tin m i" i y ovllulou
a? i ita.
In t!;*i T!ttitei1 Ht.it.'s Con,?
'?eui lo lie dlslHNMMl of. (?1 ans put'? ti' i; lui
Daring at ?least a portion of Ulla montl lia***
tl.o tiiatusui.l fact util C.atirt <?r "ippeals sitting in tins
Metric! In the Supreme ?Court then s be - Ueneral
Terai held by Jualle-es leonard, Sutherland, snd Ingra?
barn. Only tsti? cn ruit-? tvil) l?e-li?l?l. m ?1 those pre?
over bp ?ladara from otb r tUatrletn M? Justice Clerke
will fceud the Speoiat i.iti, fui tr?ala wliih ?sir Juslico
IISinslil all? In Cli n min in (?> he-u-cx parte b
I *igati-d motion*. Then?eulteol thf m the
( nan,i?e-i-'scalendar d lion The calendar on
thafliat Monday of hfaroh, by a? arrearages,
riMitaii.cd overiOO cases iioh imber,
Thieoali-adar, with Ihr lecrction-io (he month ha? been
(liaposcel of by Mi luatloe lugnthanii wit'i nona. I
frota Jradge E D. Smith, the numbai reserved bj ?
Hiidetii.it; over t<? tin- next term being les? titan usual.
Hull tim ciile-nelar e>f this branch will re? ? foi to?
day. An important motion tn relation to the Fernando
Wetod r.aie'i? stands lri?,'ii OB the /
r 'ached some day this st,?. U
Ia the Hupii.M?. ('-?int tin? |tny ti ireSStdOWS
for J nat I?--?t Jonc^ and Mi (linn, tin, 11 lal !>.ni foi MM
Vury caiia?v? belli??' appointed to Juatice Garvin. Justit i?
;o&eruon, Bat hour, and Um ' m the (?etiicrttl
In tin? Court of Con.u,?-?i l'li-ai. ?lie. appoint menta for the
first two weelu ere Judges Cardoxo aim ' ?als t?> the Jury
Teem, .mel .luelge Brady lo tha ?Sp? ' ?? til i rd
Monet ?v tin's??- will besuspoii? ia held
by ali the Judges. _
U 8. flOlflfMOimil I OPTH R much M -Batea*]
('?iliiiiiiisioin-i Willi l
la r? Kitraditlo" if Phill
On r-onipliiiut e?f liaron Guido son (Irabow, Atti in;
( ?tisiii (???ueinil t?f Pruasia for the United states, that
Philipp II i ri. h. late "??ci. tais ?.f Un Rhenish Railroad
Company of Cologne, Prusala, hr,,l committed cert; In
forgeries in Prussia, and, on the presentation ? f sufficient
proof? e?f probable ciatise, tin? pints tue- -e?1 waa arrested
at Fon Im Lae, Wlsoona n, ana brought te? tin. city for an
The substance ??f the all? ill?t Henrich are
th-ii. m lK-.i v.. h,?, with Intent to defraud the railroad
company, f??rgi??l at'nt ottered forged papera; and,ea
pectallT. with li ? \ j n_;. ; i? i.-.?.'., at Ctdi-gne. falsely m ol'?
1? receipts, namely one of Hcinrtdi Dahleuof Cologne,
for gfS tbalers, n "-roar-fin, 1 fleming; e??.i? ?f Wimar
OMtaa of ?Cologne, for t ?> ti "t Herman Rich?
arti of ?'??I ogni-, fur Hit thaler*; am 'lier of Herman Rich
arte of I'oh.gii?'. for soo thaler?- oneol Wlmar Uaatan. for
bh) th titi?; one of the widow i.f l'.ii r .I?,-? p)i Spalngen,
for 70*! thaler??. V) griwchcn, I pfennings; ooaef the helm
of Ki.?nz Kaiser ?,f ?olocne for i.e? thalera, tgroswhitn,S
pfenning-.; one of M.ittluas Dinger ?>f Gologlie, for m
thalera, is graacb.-ii. i pfennings; on. of Peter Baastn, for
4T thal? r*. 12 gi.?-, lien, i pfennings; MM Of Andrea?
Kleisclihain, fm 1,13.5 thaler?, l ?groachen, 7 pfenning?; one
of Jacob Mall, for ir t batel -, i groachen, 7 pfennings; one
of liri m,?u Ku ha?t/. for 1,800 tlialtt-, 9 groeohsn, 1 pfen?
niug-, earn-of ?Berbart Mall, for ist timli i-, i' grosehen,a
pfennings, anil one of Wm. (.?ludh ich of Blppes, for till
thaler?, and k groe? hen
Tho-a? t-ece?ipt?4>iiri>i?it??il te? !?? signed respectively bj
theponsm?anoTri m? nt.oneil.
The- aggreirate? amount of the.???' alb-ge-d forge-i le? i* tater
S/*.ot?? ill American ??iirrein s
ItstscniHthitt tim Kiiiiiish Riillro.td. of which Henrich
waaf?ecr?-titn, is owned by the Prussian (ios ti inn,-nt.
That, (bo roeid wauti-d bunt? f?t it- Own Us??, owm-il t?.S the
reraooa wlame named were torged t<? these receipt??; thal
Ue lands wore t.tkeii l?y the e...v.?tleiii.-nt. ami ttic.s.- re
ceipt? put ported u? !??? ?-riven f?y the varions amount?
awarel.vd to ??ach ownei ux land That Henrich preaentod
forged paiHTH te. the TieMurer e-f tlie road, purporting to
be powern of uttoriic). cmai.uting (?uni the ne.landowners,
and cmiHiwering htm to receive the amount-? swarded to
each one; the--se.lt la alleged, Henrich atoo forged lient i? it
b ?vi acted asfteeretary e?f the ?road froin 1?? ?. l>tM?a_d wm
in the habit of obtaining from the < bief Tresanrer of the
etompttiy orden gist s for the payment of landa required
tiy the company. Tahlug ^vantage of ibis privilege, be
pn?aent?'_ tlt-sa? sUeged fenrged pt-ssi-rs of attorney; ob
talned the order? foi the mi>iu?y swsrdedto the i>crav>us
from whom Luid had b.-.-n' taken, and preaentod tbeae
ordeatH, uud obtained tUo money on thetii, by giving these
forged receipt?
The pr?K>fs show that the Chief of Treasury rendant.
Phdipp Km k,paul lo Henrich the amount ?>f the receipt?;
that Henriih ahortlj sfti i staid, on the ttth of Deooraber,
lSSej, procured ?t f i ?m. ?..is- to a ??'.ne on the road on the
protensc tltat he waa? ttOuut to put his ?v?n Into busitieii at
tbAt plue*' That on the .'d e.f January, lfteW, a 1? iter waa
???ooivo- by the? ralli?e,, !, ompany from the defendant it
?using hlmseir for not returning us ?non a? expected, on
account of a e?ete?ri? cold, lbfe.re he le-rt he- hail Stat? ?1 to
various pomona that ho was going to take his son to Lou?
Henrich did not return but took passage for this coun?
try, arriving here in March, 1SSS. He fli^?t laude-el in llia
la.ikoD. He went from theie toChlcago und fietabHshed
himself in busitic ?? ii-s a doctor ami druggist at Ne?, lsi)
Van Burou-st. Ile r.-uiamed -then until six month aero,
having Imh-11 joined by lils family la the meantime' Hi
then rembved to Poa du Lae, wisconsin, having, It w
stated, given out. previous te? Ins elepni tin r?. that he wa*
5oing to various place, but telling no one the real plave.
t tfon du ?Lae ho reaumc?d the baainess be lia?t follow? ?1
In Chicago. He was au rented in Foo da Lae on Wednes?
day last, to which place he b.inl be? ti trat ked through the
vigilance of Pmaaton offlciato ami detective? Great
credit is given to tb>* lion. Benn Clauaaalns, Piusstan
Co?i? at Chicago, for hla ak:il ana em rgj In the matter.
Mr. Henry B. ^paugh appeared ?IS counsel for the
Pruaslan government- Baron von Grabow was alato pi-e
The alleged fugitive Is quite an ordinary looking man;
la rather sparely built; complexi?n light; hair long, and
wear? S goatee, mustache, and sble whisker? of the thin
Beet possible kind. He- sppeared to i.?- lu ex-oelient
spiriUaudwas app'tn-ntly tin coolest hnd moat nucou
cerned porsou preaeut.
Ile, on being i]iiee>ti?>n?-d, stat?d that he was not ready
for an examination, ami ha?! no counsel. At hiereqaeet j
the examin?t lou wai- iiosttHiiievi until Tiu-tthty next, at
S o'cltsrh p.m., wa^en, it lie has not obUtiacxl counsel,
?counsel will be aasigued bim.
Before Commissioner Betts.
Us.tsd 8ts|?i tfkaut i. K. KiiiiaiaVn. C. II. Ksn.nitB. Bog?i I.?,., . ??
Ling lol Michie-! Lang.
The two first naund ?lefendants were appointed keep
?ra of a seized distillery at Ko. 81 Abattoir place. Roger
Jiang keep? a liquor store at the conter of Lleventh a? e.
and Thlrti-flfth-st. It la ? harged that on the night of the
18th lust.tbe defendants secret!y remove. 1 from This?_s
tillery to Roger Lang's place, three barrels of whisky,
for weich Roger hael agree-d to pay the. Ramsden? Slim.
The tostimony of witii.-e-.es In sulistantiatlon of these
chargea was quite strong; twe? peallee off leers s weadng
that they aaw defendants remove? the whisky to Roger's
atore, and i?ii? of th? stitu??*.?.?* testifying that he- over?
heard an agreemti t made by the lumsden'? to nu thla
whisky to ftogrr.
The further examination was then adjourned to April 8,
at I o'clock p.m. _
COURT OF APPEALS?Mak?;ii jo -Ikfore a-'l the
' M e LHITIF.st"
Ti? F??spta mt ni. Tba Mita.-uil BmialwiT Bink ?it J. bu T. It? fmaiB
St ?ti. Ssbs ex iyL SbUbbsI Bid! ?.f tbt Kr|ni??l?c liri Tba Skrur
' Tbeae? are appeals fruin judgments renden ?I m favor
Of the defendant?, on returns made 1-y them to writs of
alternative mandamni, whereby they were direct?-?! to
refund to the appellarits, the Broadway and rrthig banks,
ce-rtaln taxes paid by them tn lba and lue,* on United
Rtatoe Boemrlties, the same havfng t???,?n d?-clare-l by the
Supreme Court of the United mate? as exempt from
fltate taxation, and an act having bet?n pa.??**- by the
La*?talature of this Mate on April 80, isss. hmatO on that
decision, authorizing and directing the Board ot ?i%??i'
visora to refund su? b taxes.
The Supervisors audited and allowed the ch-jin-. of this
?ad other banks, ami ordered the Issuing of county ist
?>uue bonds for th? amount of the i-<??sp<??-tlv.* claims Put
?the Controller refuse?! to ?leliver them, the Mayor r?riis?-?'i
to sign them, ?%nd the Clerk of th? Pupervlectrs rcfuse-d to
aeal them, on the ground that portions of the claim wen
Taoasod upon "certificat??* ?>f in_ebte<tne*ft" of tho United
fltatee, and that they were not exempt from taxation
The appellant? claim that the question in ree adjuditota,
-being covered by the decision of the Supreme Com t ?>f
the United States ; that certificates are securitke of the
United State? within the meaning of the act af Congr*?*?
of Keb. 23,1962. The a? t of l8?! gare a legislative con?
struction to the language of the former act, and declares
the words "obligation or other ?cnrlty ef ?the United
?tate?" ?hall Include "certificate? of in?lebt?.?ducae."
The relator? also claim that the ?-n-ihiuu of the Board ef
ftupervieors was a judicial ?Wtermi nation, and aftor Isring
approved by the Mayor ami Corporation itiuuii?! waa
final, and the Court Ix-lew had no right to review the
On the other hand it is conteneted that nndei the set of
late, It wat left entirely open for judkial detormiaation
what amount? of taxes imposed for litit and ism were
paid by or collected from any banking asaociniion, Ae.,
?potrrnny portion of their capital stock luveeted in aernra
tiaa of the United Htatea, by law exempt from etaxatltm.
Cangressa ha? no axpreas autliority to grant an exemption
from Use taxing power of the (state*. It is only vIkimhi
exemption arise? from the nature of the ?ubjeet brought
be implied from tah Constitution ItwiiX that Congres?
might declare it. It waa plain that ootna el the acta ol
Otiagreaaexempting Fe-,tul -*cuiiti*a trow btale taxa
?tie? applied to eertifliatea of U^lebtednes*. Jkckhon
Thoa. H. Bodman for Bath of Mi? RcpubU; Jidi? T.
Bunill tor Broadway Baak; Ruhsid u?uoi_.aaV??r
? ? -?ii
Mr. Justice Sutuksland.
?j ni cormsMcr qt*??ynoN--AN AosrKMKK*r io hy
on rvacBAMB or COU) may ph-imfumtav-i l'K
Csrs'aas Uarrmj aft kUrj BtrTitm, sr?4 Othet?
lite teeto of the case ?re brkrfly as follow*,:
V 'Uara Barris?? executed hU bond, dated Max ae, ibte,
tv Frederick Bronson, Bxocutor, he., ot Isaac lireum,n.
?leceaeed, te th? penalty of to.t-00. oondRtoaed to poy t?
gold and eUrer coln of the stai?rtar?l by which ?the ??hit
- f the United ttetoe wer? legularcd by tha law? existing
?? toe Mth day ef Msy, 1st?; the ?um of te-noin it)**
yean from the dato thereof, with lntonat mt the nato of i
ver sent per annum, payable aemi-anuually (Complaint
7?v. I, ko., tiki r-mrtoagesd certaU property aa collateral
aaeuilty. The plaintiff U aaelgnae of this ?end and mort
Maga. The premlaea mortgaged being decreed to
?he WAS te Ms-tltion, and the Referee being directed
f # the ;adgteeat to pay eff this mortgage, seeerd
i ne! y ?paid the plilntlff on the 11th of r>ec<-*nib-?r, UM.
M.i'.i ti?'?, tlie amount then due (?ii the bond and mortgage
in it-(*M. tender uotea This j>?n mei t w?as by -special ? i d< r
entered in thla sctlon and wltu I t?f tv plain iff
in.1.1- mihi.ut pi. ?nilli.- t.,, ii? i mvlng her right i., h
paid In gold and hi I Ter, nce?i . In ii ferma of ?aid
lunn! and mortgage, and a balance ol ?..<?"?'. i elng the rtlf
reta value lu tween the value of auld m tea und the.
; uni Mb cr ? ?'??I - nu of
a depo i? ; b ii Statt i
'i i lurt Comp my ?sa a substitut? for the mortgugod :
i *?e, Judgment ? on dei ' I p. in
( lp ti m (i n i. rest, to wit, |4 '
suds , and that the moucy? in Court be? paid by
To tills con?;
complaint doe? not atate ifacU sufficient to couatii ?
Cause nt ac'lnll.
M h Miller, plalatifTsattorney il. w Bobinson for
M itbont criticising the complaint in any o?b? r reap???,
I ? ii the demarren to It, which are general, as
jo-, touting, and intending to present for de? lalon, tin? ?li
gie tiucatlon, win-iher the plalntlfl mast deem herself und
i ?i '.??nd and mortgage ?etlsfied by the|i,lM ?S w?hlch
?bred In legul tender n-otea, ?or whether she I?
.?mi? i?m addition thereto the9_,M_- in legal
tender-sates deposited in the l olted States Trust Oom
, uinlei iii?? onbr of tin* ? mu! in the pitrtUnui ?suit?
hy ?it raugemt ut i>? t\. een the parties, a* and fur the differ
euee between ft.lSl CS (the amount due n, the bond and
mortgage for principal and knterroti and the market
initie ol ti cert.?in quantity or nun.I'd of ji.c.of gold
or silver coln, of the standard ment) Mied In tin- oondliion
?>f tlie bond, amounting by tale, or denominationally, to
UM -i one Niiin. In my ?.punnu It inevlta'.lj tat?
lows from lui? decbdou of th.? Court of Appeals
in Meyer agt Roosevelt (3Tth M _ R inn, holding
the I.'gil Tender Act to be constitutional and \ alfa
not only a* to ? mill acts tii.nir. alter Iii,- BMSaM of the
a ?'. bul ii--" ?I '<? culi! t.M t- ni,ide Im-?oic ; th.it I Inn ('(?liri
munt coualdei the plaintiff* Lend and mortgage fully
paid and eatteficd bj tbefi.isi M which she has received
ni I? -,i! ii-ni, r note?-?, and that theft must he Midgi?111
fin the defendant? on the demurrer?, Tin. ooudltivo of
the bond dated Mai J6,is.?_l,i ii t.> pay I*.1'--?? in three
j'-ar-from the ilute "" iii gold (?r ?aili ? i- coin ti the sliind
.uii b ? \>ini h thiM-oiiiM of the United States wrc regu
tatedbj th* laws existing on the ttth day of .May, lats,
wiih tuterest nt the rate of t per cent per annuni, p ? ? ?ble
on the ?'i.th days of Muy and November In each mid
every year. In coin H sfOteSShL" (Md anti ?liver ure
?sed not oniy for COiasge. but extensively foi various
other tiaoful purpose?; hence g. Id ami ?liver bullion,
M n commodity, or as merchandise, has an Intrinsic
value, no1 mill' fur cointigi*. but for mich other ?pur*
peees; -uni hence gold or Mirer cola bus an intrinsic
luluo um a commodity or as merohandise, and may
be treated ?a? "in h b* parti?*? in iniiiritig con?
tracte; and in construing and enforcing oont-ruota,! do
nut ?et, i?bi tin- ((.urti ahould not treal gold or oliver
coin aa the partie? have treated it bj tin li conti m-t. The
? m?,.ia,-, ci stamping of portion? or [deo ?? of theo, mel ila
alloyed with bauer metala, by Oovernment prerogative,
lixe-i the value i'! such piece? ii? money, or emin?.! money;
but the regulated at anda rd of a gold or sil ver coln of n
(.?neu weight, thal la the proportion bj weight ol Its fine
metal and allay, determine? it? relative initie aa a com
modify. Before the i-ouai lender Act. money me,mt
coined lunney, and all legal proceedings t?i enforce the
payment or ?collection of money debt?, it nan the off ice
of money, no1 only to measure the money value ti ali
commodities, eren it*? own value, viewed or treated m
a commodity, but al.-??? to pay or satisfy money debt?. In?
deed, If Mm may be aaeuaed tor uttering such a mere
verbel tnil-.ni, value in tlu- abatrad, or an mea-ure?!
by money, (oui I not la- expressed wllhont luoiie*,.
Hence it i-ci id. i,t that before the Legal Tender act, tf
tallowed from ii.fin e oi eapacitj of coined mom y. Ibe
coinage ayatem of tba United Btatee, it* adopted unit a.
value. Hinl Iii?? |"?wer of <'ongn-s-, ti. cnlii muli?} , lind to
regulate the value of coln-', Unit ? promlae to pay HW
waa In legal r-ftacl apromiae to paj at the opUoo of the
j.romi-or t'lmin any coln wIiich might In- a li gal U-ndi r
for ?liol at the tims of payment; and heme, that a note
for HOD and a note tar lui? payable In tot silver dollar-,
or in 100 gold dollars, or in five doublt? eagle-, m ten
eagle?, or .?o half -eagles, with or without the additions I
words, lawful or eui rent money of I ho United Mates, wa?
the Rame in fogal effect, for in eil!:t-r cum? the note could
have been paid in silver dollar?, or in either of Um gold
( (.ms. My cn ass forth??*-t-xtrt nniy elementary ri murks
mast in* tin? peculiar character ?ol the couttuel In
thin e:tr>o. The contrat t i- to p.iy H.oon (the
iiriiicijial mentioned In the condition ?>t tin bondi,
and the interest in gold or hiiv. i oom. of th??
utan.lind by winch the coins of the United n? tie?
wen regulated by the law?, on the i.-th of May, l-v;. the
di,le of tin* bond As the standard of % gold or -ii ve r i oin
?>r a given weight di leniiiiie- its relative value a?, bullion
or a commodity, the contract may be said to be te paj
StaOW and Interest la gold ?or ?allver coin of the value of
?be coln ?of a certain standard specified In th.* i ni.tr.it t.
It ia plain, then, that hy the contract, the parties to u
treated the gold or ?liver coin lo lo- ngia or tendered. M a
i ommoditi, or ss specific urti, les of a caouDodlty, fur the
( ..m |? t.. ix? value, of coane i.iiue.i in iiionei, in dol?an
ami cents. Bj the contract, the coln tendered In ?payment
i-a ?,o la- valued, and if not of the value or ?tandara .ailed
f..r by the contract then the different?? In raines Is stsu to
be paid or tendered The raines, aad the difference be?
tween them, must ?of ?course be expressed la money, In
(lollara and cents. Now, the thing, the coln, which by
the . ?mtmet is to be rained in money, cannot by tin*
oontract i?o treated as mousy. Money and the thing
which it is to mea-ure and expr?s- the i ulm* of cannot
both be ?rtewed er treated a? money, eran though that
thing be gold or -silver coln. Ki? ?rident, then, tust the
pan..-to the contract, by it, treated the Min In which
the hondls ?paya-ble? ss a commodity, which hythe eos
tr?et wras to be of a (???rtaiii value, or of a value the im aas
[.lining winch an- fixed bl the conn ad. The
Court mast tr? at the coin m wim h the bond li paj ??his a?
the parti?- ta the contract hythe eoatnet baw treated
II; ami i? hat is the result t <?f courie the n-iili is thai
the Court must view the on,Hu? I a? a ciu.trm t t?i pa) a
certain sum of money, a nonar debt, Inaeertaln com
modify, m In sp?cifie article?or acanala commodity, at
a curteut price cr valuation, fixed or ?irovi.l. I f.,r by the
(.nilli, t. And what i? the legal result I It mual l>.- deemed
settled that a contract for the payment of a i .?r!..in sum of
money, a nota for instance, in six-ciflc article?, at a cei tain
price oi ralnatloB, glees to ths pa*, lug patty ths ot.iion
or privilege of paying the money, in tuen sp? Clfli article*?,
at the price ?if valuation, but does not giie to tin. party
entitled to receive paiinent tin- right to enforce p?)inent
in such articles, at the price -named, or any oilier pro .- or
valuation, th it tin- paying party may pay In the specific
mil, ?, i or commodity, at the price or valuation, but that
the te,clvlng party must rec? ive lils debts ni money, If
legally tendered. " (I'mnev agt. Gleeson, .1 Wend, y.'t:
Smith agi .?-milli, ..l.itir?. MS; Brooks agt. Bnbbnrd, I
Conii. tu. mr. Fletcher Hgt. ?Derleltaon, ? B.?-w. ISLI of
course It follows If the legal tender act had not besa
passed, but Congres?, after the date of the Ininti, had
mulei lally de ha ?ed or lowered the staudard of tho gold
and siller coin, that the plaintiff would have been
Obliged to Westra payment M her (fehl In ?net debased
gold or silver com by title or ? ?.niit; thnt lier debt could have
Ih-cii paid in anv g.'ld cr ?11k r ( ?in at Ita then reg. i luted
siandaid or valu.? na coin or money, which wa? or might
he a h-gai tender for tam a sum or amount of inone> . It
is plain that this result would have i>.ll,.wr?l from the
verv tenueef the contract, and without referen???' to the
ooaaidentlous that it wa* the cvi.leiii Intention of brou
si?n, !.. Whom the l?ond wa* executed a? eieciitor by the
contrai t to prot?t-! the ?Stat? uiiih-r lim i barge against
tb<? power of Congre** to regulate the value of coins, of
course to debase them, and that no Court could aid a
party lu thus lindert .?king by contract to thwart or evade
a ('..needed jw.wer of Cuagresu The ver}'terms of the
eentrael compel the Court to hold that the plaintiffs
claims are not for the coin to lie valued, or for Its lalue,
hut th.ct har claim Is for her money debt, eaprewd in
dollars, and Hie inteiest on it, by the contract to be
lu Mid or silver coin. ki. I am not aware that
the standard ?or weight of gold or silver coins (except
the weight of half dollars and smaller silver coins, by
the a?*!?- of 1H?3, and whuh, by th* act, are made a legal
teiidd for sums not exceeding |5i ha.s been lowered, or
li-sM-iw-d or aller??d since the date of the bond. I cannot
see, therefore, how there could have boen occasion for
saving what has bien saldas to it? construction, legal
effect, Ac if the Legal-Tender a<-t bad never been
paSM-d; bur the I-ega!-T? nd. r ait was passed and ham
I? en held constitutional by a Court which controls, and
basa right to contint, th* de. ?sinne of this Court. The
act do?--not de< lare legal-tender notes to \,e coins. The
moft sanguine alchemist that ever lived probably never
dreamed of converting paper into either gold or ?liver.
A ino legal-tender note doe? not purport on Ita face to be
?Vin, t,ut ?does purport on Ite tace to be a promise to pay
tlO. Ou its face It purport? to tie a promise to pay money,
not to Ik- money, but the act doe| declare that these
note? "shall be lawful money, and a legal tenderla
payment of all debts, nubile and private, within the
tinted Rates,?except dutue on Import? awl interest
on Government bonds, whuh shall he paid In cota."
Now, .h.i tiling which ia a legal tender for a money
debt.-which a party is by law obliged to receive lu pay?
ment of Ins money debt, muet be money, or considered to
Ik- moiM-.-,. for it perform? an office, or ha? a capacity,
whi< h r.eth'.iiK hut money ?an jn-rform or have. It necee
aarily fotkiw*. then, troa? the terms and legal ?fleet of the
tem? of the plaint iff? bond, or contract, and from the
I.? gal ??iiiWir aet. and the ?lontroiliiig rt??si?_,ii,s affirming
it? constitutionality. th?t I most hold, a* tlie ??oiuoialnt
shows, that the plaintiff had received K.isi e?*,, the
amount due on the temi) foi principal and interest, In
legal-tender notes; that the fiend has Iieen paid, ami
that she must consider herself and her bond both aatiefted
by euch payment ; for inch is the controlling law of
the caw* Of course, any one must ?ee that when
gold or silver eoln is the subject of a -contract of
pur? h.i*e and sale and delivery, or of pledge, or of
special ttepirtdt, or of an unlawful eunvenuon, it is per?
fectly d?sistent with the fore ?nmg view? and conclusion
arrived at for the Court te treat It a? a commodity, and
apply the ?ame rule of ?tamag. s for It? non-delivery, er
unlawful conversion, as would be applied tar the non
deiiiery or unlawful conversion of any other arte leo.
?on.moally. And te prevent miaappreneiision of what
baa been maia, and m view of several of the caaes growing
eut of the Legal-Tender act, cited on the argument, and
which I have not time more i^rticukirly te refer te. I
?a ill go further aud sa-y tf A. Ii. 1b the preeent oomtition
of thing?, agrees t* mil ?and de-ltver tJO b?chele of wheat
t?j c I), or io perform ewrtain amice* tot C. I), tot tied in
solder silver coin, that I do not ?ee why the ?curt can?
not and ought not to tre?t tiuv agi cement as ?an agree?
ment m tlie one ease, te exhaaare one commodity for
another (?juiniodity, ?nd In the other ease a? ui. agree?
ment to exebang? or reader certain ?crviee? tar a
certain commodity. An agreeiseot to pay ao many
dollar? ta ooIb, or In coin at a ?ertein vataaWob by
tale or weight, is on? thing; lit an agiwcment io pny so
tumuy dollars or to render certain ?ervicee, or deliver a
ee rum eoniioedrfy, for eo? by Ulta or weight, is another
thing. The result of tbe Legal-Teater act is that gold
tttrtl ?liver coins have practically ceased to he eurie w7,
and have become??jeept ss te the Oeverasaent-pracft
eally enctuslvrl- a e-emmodity. and an bought, and soki,
and speer.lutexl ?*., and con.monly.viewed and treated m
such. Why should a timm ignore this stat? of things, nu
le??? coiui-e.lcd to do so by the term? of th?,ixmtract or by
torc? cfiSi Lega>Tender arti Why should net A B.
and C. Ii, be preeumed to bav-e made the eappoeed agree
meet. In view of th? fact that gold and uiver eetn hae, M
between mell vidual?, h?teme exe lamvtly a ceuamo<_fy -
ia 1 iew of th? fa<rt that a roUl ??tragic le worth taartaeu or
liftecn ?tallai? in legal te neb--- i.ete*l Why ?hoind
not tti? * ?uit eoaakWr A. b aud (*. D. as baring, by
their ?rapposed If reemeat, treated the coin to be pabl
for the eommoditw or servie?? as a commodity, and
t h? word? one ha>n?*rtd itt^kmri, aa uaed by tbero forth?
p?tpose ?.f d?,?iftniting tlie (Quantity or ?.uuittt of pie???
of sota? at their ?tamped or coined vahie se money, to 1*
de live red ?rr paid t And If A II and C. P. har? so I rested
It by their ?ap-peaed agree meiil, why ahould not the Court
ao treat it, and coMtder C. D.'s ?agreeassal a? ?ululant!?
ally au ?greeaieet te deliver a ecrtawquuutHy or number
of piicea of coii*. ss a roniroodify, tar a certain other oom
UoAlly, nr for certain ??rvir?? I Ia ?zamtatng the plain?
tiff? ena* of a money debt, and her rights under her
money bond in view of the la*gm\ Tende? act, I have not
Intended te sty anything not consistent with the conclu?
sion, that if io th? supposed ca?e, A. B. delivered wheal
?? Dgreeinetil on li!? p irt, he would bo IcgaJh liable to pty
be ? due ? ' the ? oin i t! I Urs, that is, pt n-tically. in legal
or r?erf ?t-rnisd the (tervites aeeordlng to sirreemnnton kia
patt, and (\ l>. did not pi.? or d? llvi-r the? coln ?<?e?rdlng
t.'ml. i li?les, for in.i? tn ally legal ten .lcr not ??at ni, in,,in > ,
and reprearnt douars 'Iii?? agreemont on ?C. H.'a pari n
tins supposed cane ?Is not to pay so many dollar??, ?or to
p ) se, many dollar? In (?oin, or In coln at a eertala raitt
? ?'...!" . .! ii tis in coin
lient oc lui tin -? r\ i. . - Na? tb-lat ear datj I? d?0
n ni iii A Hi ..- ra the wheat oi performe the
s? 111, -t-r, ni'il, tfbcii A B d?????? this, tlie terroa of the sup
?ens.??! agreement would not ? ?>tnt?? ) the Coori to hold that
debt of 1100 was du? fi mi I?., ind I do not are
why tin- ('mut oould not bold,oonsldenng the rircnm
ande i ?.... ii Hu. supposed ,ra?, i',?ii,i-iit ??a made?
ami willi reference towhlon the partli* Bust I?? pre?
???aiin.i t,. ii u,? . m ii ?. t<,!, thiii e- li.'a duty w?s e? pei
f... n? i; se it; A li ?at .. a to delivei in.? coln, or to pal Ita
\ i'ii.? in |. ? ?I tendel ??tes There munt lu, Judgment ior
the d?fendante on tin? ii. mnrrera, wit* seat?
Cn tv n-a, it? fore Justice Ikoraoam
CAN IHK CUV JI.IX.K ?.IttVT A Willi 1)1' ____t___t
tn r?- imteyk tam
Mr K?-en. the-\V:ir?l??ii ot tin- Penitoittisrjrotl Blsek?
well's Intend, w?? ?erved with a wrll ?r ii?!..?as onrim?,
pan ti by ('ri -. Judge Ru wiiroonnnndlng linn to pr?adnie
tim body of (baili n Kdwarda, w bo waa confined Is Hie
r< i.iitiiiiaiy on it commitment f??i mladniiMiior. Air.
be-, n made re?(nrii thal Wa irdawaain his custody ss a
pi ison***-, imitera final commit mont of tin? ('??iirtiif Hpeclal
Bf?etona, and bo reapcotfullv declined t?> prod's * A
Kdwarda before the Jtidj*?, ?hyrraeoti of aald comrall
liicnl, Illili Ii.S I In? .ii . .te.in?. Dettaoft 'li.ttn?
,in,l Corra? lu n ?Tu tee Russel ? ? j mm? tiievto fat-t-j i-nne?! an
titt.i liment .?-.etnst Keel for eonta-mpt
A Beetloo s. ita noss na.o?r. t.? s .t. ii?, tin., attachment. It
we? contended (hat the City Indgi 'i ? I i.. p,,sv-r or an?
ti, ,,ntv to leane a s. rit ??r hfcbee?corpus, s ml (ho Qeneral
i. m ?'. tin-? nutt h.?ti to hold in tiu> ma?' of Die l'copie
agi. N-uili.
.iiiilgo liiitiaii'ini, aft'-r hearing u-gunsnt, said tliat,
although be haltered the City Judge la??<i the powsr t??
i ?-.ne t. nts of babees oorpua, yell the deeisten of the Oes
eirti 1,'iin ?te to the oounanr. end be would vsaete the
nttarhionl and discharge Mr. Kana it i? undonteod
that an t_*pt*m sstil la.? t.ik.-n to tin? licner-i! I -nu
?Befen Justit? Hi "nu ulan*. -
fWtolliKI Ml ?fttoltem illlllgSSSRt fur plaintiff on
demurrer wtlii -.'??ata?, and with l.>.tv-? to rletVn laut to su
nw-r in H days on payment of e?o?,lH of liomin rar
Heroin Justice? Imiuaiiam,
Darting Mt-tMiliei Befemtentopeaed0? payment of
coate of ?inn.i tad motton, Danes to be nstond tom'
??ml ?r. and mi ?l??*ni fear li?e* tilt li of Ajaril.
I.tiiior agi Itraillord.? Moimi? ?le-nli? I, pi al ni "fe costa
g1?), to alilil? ??soul.
Reten .Jtn!i<? Munn
Ptt-e kc-i et al agt Mayir- Rotea a? OB i?-?l??revt1
I.Ititi!.II *? e?l e.V. NH;?e ''?-.l-l K i IIK. I.IKN LAW*
ti. k V) llhl-iHeia iel. llaili.eli. I Hie???-., leal othei-l.
This artioa is lor ?the ion towra oi ? mee 'heaic's
lion aKHiiMi th?. New Timk 1?italii fin aaalailelafaiiilAael
bv pi ?tutiffsat the rripioft of II. II Davis, wini had nit
agrecmanl In wlittng,dated Met ?? is.?, willi A. T.
*->!e-si?i!, >vin -ii agreement oontainnA the following
oteases: "Is oooalaoratloa ?>f the ?um of g';-o paid i.v
Beria to Stewarton the sxeoatlon ead dellrary herty>r,
Stewart niam-?? to and !i??r?l?y d'?"?? let and iiMit tinto sold
Hats li the- bulltling kiiowtt: M the (In!.-a Church Of the Mcj?
sluh. situated on llii.a-lw-iy, opp.eiite Uio New York
Hotel, in enid ?i\, fsr Du? term ?>f 11* <> wash?, eemsssae
iin? ?in Dee. KI. imA, wai ending M De-* 14. UM l'iwaea
sion of sahl pr?miere shall, boss.?vit, t..' given te? Davison
l?t>c i. UM, with the ?privileges if mtiUnrimob altrrsttims
theftreon, mbjeot to the spproval ?if srii hi.??art or in?
tigiiii. ,?s ?li iii I no4 deprec?ate tin? value of aald building."
In nu?dagaoch ?:i< mt min?. Part? may nae the s eaei /.
?aateiiala, -V-. ??.> fat now un the preta aee, it to-lng niniei
stooel Mini agWieted Hint the Change? ?I'litiinpl ?li.l te the
Interior eif a;tl?l btiihlina V"-. t?nly such tae?;!l ? 1 ipt ii t<?
the purptMoa of a fu-I t ?aaa tbe?*ter, similar toalbtoei
Darts ?gil? t? kate ami taits sahI f'hureh ir building
upeiti th.e t. i in, mu! (?oiiejitneii si ia i v??t.? 111, to adapt it to
the put i??.ti ? .if..;?'?-aid, .?t ins oss n i ...i ?tn i ispeas? sad
ut tin? expiration e?f n ?id teni mrrendei the pii-tacMinn of
said butt.ling and ?panatanate ?aid Munit wKh all th?
alt?rations, adtllttoiis, am' unpiov? BMatfl Hitit thateo?,
without an.? ihtiea" whatorerthereto!
l in? rtijri-, m. n" Chea givea Bavia the prlvileeje, " ?L'h?*.
etpiritn.il of still let m ?tit.l surrender _ nioreislii. of
r.ntitig th?? thi.aU-r up to M iy I ?li'-ii i >-tt. I ?i th,? stun of
ti li fe?i ?Silt levn w.sli-i, | ?a? V i?'?1 ? In ?.It ??ne e Al! the
i*??ee to this ai'iiii? w??rr reemerad tothaHea j h ho?
WOfth a? s-ol?. rofiii-i?, U? beer, 'r>, ?ml l??'?ailinne th?
The plaintiffs cintro that tinder Du* ttativetue-ii thelossea
bael th?- right t.? bitnl Iheui ?is rty Iw ?outrmcta ssitu ?ia,
in? .lan! ?. ? III olhtsr ?ViiaD. lllMt COI li I.la'I ois With hilo I"
cann-, m s irt't.s of it. OOntraOtefW, ?>r ?1 liei^i ??ila ?-<?utr te
tors to the os. tiers of tin* N?' w Y??i k ThuV-or
Til?, d?tend in!* r?ai*te-ii i'ii* etta
I K Jtl.li-i- litiiW'ir'h. ?tfl- r s'stlng 'ti? , ?t?*e?, and JiiV'i-S
Ins if In itsgeixtral bearto?, s.-ty?
Tim ? i-. if I ululent!-?iiel it, present* (lie nsk-sl ?ju?'?
tia,n whether? lessee, stn ii? ?the put ? .?.-?? of makinftaltor
iitiniM at I. ? ??an mel and a-ip-ui*-. w-th a view lo the
better ntlaptaUon of the premi?oste the bastaste tat
?hi, la ?!, <t it- rented, Is the igenl >' -hi? less??r In mak
lin?'in. h slteraUona s.? thal i lien for the agi ?ed prtta?
therefor ee, ?;. oat thereof sea be tniic?????! ?ip?Mi th??
1? lor*a ?lil'-iett In t!i?t prrtnliiis tints diaXpOOSd of
la mr view at the at?tala,-this goeatioa maat b? an
s\t.?te??i t?. the Bnaatlrn Ia I bia view tin? oempteint
shieitl?! !>?? dlsmlaard, *iti? -??.li ??> the dafeo Imit Ht-?wsrt
'1 here Is tw pretenae liar?! the pi.un! itf* s. ?n? nits .?! i,j
Mr. Sti.w.irt, or by anv on.? s? Img foi Ii ni, ** tt? Dot rate
t,,,us ixlating betwo?? bin and Mi Perte <?rtb.it ulan.
t?ff-? ?li?! n ?' ni loratand II ah i thej inn.ulina tim
lii.it??i I:ti*. A?. I nn.1i" .(.tut tl's.r p.. t,..i, the? ronnnbr
It proper, under the ?dvlosaf ?r? i i?r their tetM
e-tt, te? t- <?t the ?pi-itiuti of Mr H - dtlty SSOW?er
uti'lsr the ststats first ?cited, and if nnaunoe?afnl (b?-jr
Should pay tlie Ooat? Which ihsylher.-hy maka it lii-?ce 1
s.it . r??r Mi hi? v. ut te incir
tell la? Baale -i* I" ? Ita deolalona to sid s p??*a.bln futeire ni
amina!'.in of tins OOM by th? I true M uurl is lu- * ? Iiai
expounded ?x11 theatattatee in ri><|ie-. t to mechauiM I-m *
r.tbitiie< to Di?-Cily and (??uni) ??f New V;.rk Ho far m
an) of thean former etatutoa ?* ?.-?? s ni lar to th? Hassal
one in raeptsot to the na ila ?weattea larolv?sd in this < man,
tin? d?-< .ti.en, riWtetalrtS Dum i'ii for the ooivsUucUjP
vtiii. h I hats ?? givea to 'ne*. pr??fiit one
l; h Duerna . forplalntifbi li li v.', a tor ?l-rmi-mt
tra? i a i. Ji.ua li.-f.irs, Jtiit"*. ' AKi'?./??
lan Ml?.Ni
f-,?gler?g. aiglet -Ke.s.ii of nitre*<oo?hfin_M ?uti
d??? i- ?* grant? t
(lentil agt. Mari'i-n. The ord??r prt>i????*-?l by planiliff'a
atte.rnev isrlght, eue'/tpt that tin? reveivir ?aould he lia
?pointed now. If Die parties do nut agres* un the natue of
the reioivei, I will Insert ??ne In the? order.
The wi'li of the following ?ieoeaeed persona hare
hera Milo at t?-?l t?? priabat? during the peat a -*\l Wllhixm
II. Jeplu.011. Catliannn Mc? nffnty, TheaVeS? OHyriu?.
Tlaomaa Brown, l.tu-retin Bronson.
I^ite-rs eef administration ha??.- la-en grant.'.l on tim fol?
lowing estates ; Willmiia lib.era. MIobae! 1 Hikey, Alfred
Towers, Loola? Deykle. Praiicis Vlnciiit, Itridajot Harret,
K Hi?? Hillier or Heinllltg, Harban? Dmelflr, .laineM I". II ??pe,
Charles ti. ('??ffin, Kami"' M Dommon, James 1 II!gi;iiiN,
?Leonard Lang.John Walla?/?, Henry Ball. Hermann li <>t
timan,Stephen N. w. Jone?, H??phia Mispie??, Kphmim
1'iM.le, Pntnck Dote?, Pauline- Qp >*--i?. Ann 1ju\ Margmr-.t
CAI.rSDAR?-Tiii.-i Dir
l ?al KI i>Y Al'I'KAl?? -l?,??i. i
? -Bim s?. Kirlir
IJ? _?-?*?__I. Ifl. "TV-B
'M- laing liiLk SCl- Wiitin'I
IS-WUiuMBI l?i Sllllrr
rt-a-k-crle-k ?g1. hlgl?lb in t.
R. Co
te-Miri.lui igt Rif Pint Dat'k
li- H.iu?i-,i. kit Stillt
81TKEMK id! H I -?.??iss-l I
sri'itKMk teiitTr-cis?,
t'l~l< ,?r?u?,l Or*?kVJ lui >?
. .?liri. Har-I,
li 1? (iiian.lar igt. ?iqrrlM?.
t ? ? ?? .^t Baton %.
?V.-Wiataalu ?<>. lla.VIt?.
it: Mi I y at\\ Tn?g? li R ("?
e.?-KiVlfl Stanford
??C1? ma?Mill
tit Tssa? Mon
iii! ?g1 Hi -
en?imar?(?t.l m I
T ? I'inr I
t-ST?I*i?oit ??t. Hay re
11?.'? Hrim 1?' Hi'.le.
?1?H an ia? igt I "tal Il'.atllti Vin?
lia Co.
Iii? IU, ?e elk li Igt I.fDcL.
lia-;?-Swiftigt w?rt
l??l>-Merh?? ?gt Th? Central Ata.
Tnnsll Co,
10O5-Ailie- ?g1 Collier.
till?(atti-, ?gt luia-i
fc?.?-?liil ?gt Mil*
1111-KulUit.tW^t Wlitf
Igt. M ? .? '
L Wfl>iW.
il' ? Hal?? i.t
HJ-Mrl iirairk ?tgt F-ilhimu
lliavl?Cliin; igt 1 km Hu li? A. S
I <>.
Il"**??I. r I .n ?gt Litl'aria*?
lill?H?r?nt ?il Maurt-u.
U?J? Ki.) I r Igt l.ruy
nsi-Wbrut ?gt ?>gii?i_
M7?Siodick? r mt\. I.rs-h. fil?t,r
aW-llu-Lilita Igt. Min
1?H*-Wf?i??i? Hitter
l-17e-Sr?re|?gt ?yilher
ITIA-Homi ?gt Hnnil
S?-Tully ?g1 Tappet?
?ISO-Lit igt II lu ?
1". lit? lia-?u?? ?ut Slaerwooi.
I.kM?- l-ilii ?g1 lie l-artS-aL
lOtn?Lei-DtnHkgt OnttaaTtVM
3>M-II?rt-T ?gt J??**
2UIA-Harklar ist l'tiili ]a
2t>a?Ounik ?gt JirlML
l'iar V.
lil??S?it!?r*if1 ITarring
?1?-St??eni ?gt l'alrtcL
l-St?OstSSrf ?g<- tUib.
r?7-C*Ille-utl ?gt l'iire
TSS? Nerim ?gt Miritnu
lWej? forrll ?gt Kelli, hbitrl
SU? Metulesgl Kirri.
?losa-Lsio* ?g?- Buleu.
ill!??SUrlI'.g ?gt Vun Holte?
?-il-|i?t.tU. ?gt Orar.
|U<M?Par-a-igt Le?rilt
SI rsl'MU . Ol HT-Svs? til Till -Uni ? I llin-rrer?
S? KUplii ?gt Ianiu.li g
k -I Wlap ?gt .t .Tt.n
-j--*i?Um ?gt Ptmglss.
t? M.llaau.1 H1? Sit ?rt??)???
lunn of Ls? mi Vut
VMb?Cmtbn kit Vroillih.
141?rbemli B?iA ?ft fWiSrtd
Hit? S-.ru-os ?gt Hoff__.
v-t-- d Si ?gi at '?ibu.
Ub-Otyoai ?gt DurbuL?
I1-8I-I Igt M??.
li-Him* igt. Bdu?.
i/? ?-.-?.r ?r? Sam?.
I?-tllllllla??? igt I l.|-t??ii
l..|-Hal.t.n. ?g_ PeKS?
l'H-1'nagua? ?gt l'In-ll*
vu? l??ri?[H,rl igt KioSir
I U? ala?Ulg ?gt Hit
Ua-titurDtAAn srt Tr?iaVr.
l2S-SUll.il ?g1. C. tuai
124? Uufn-Wi itrl Sein.it..
ni IKhMI f?it'HT-Csisssas.
Ttit Irrt M? iiUt (-itktKUi ?all ti? tmltii.
.??ITKHIi.H (I.IHT-Tsui Tssa-Pist t-Mossii
tAl.'i? itrom ?gt Crus?.
jftb-ilkli Igt Nltl-D
r??r.-it<.?r?i?.r t.m. et p,w.a ?fi
Tlat lis Kui ?a? Co.
? -ie>~ fe?em t?X K,?ll_. I
iltlb?Wumbaimar igt Tin So?_?l
PtlnlesBa ko.
1\tb-ytrKlLb,i ?g1 TU Aiiliieu
?1 bank
')l1\-Hoenn* ut TU lull???
lia (.V
3l7*e-l!?le_.| ?gt Th??.?,
irrt-iiarhner ?gt Ctini.
-V--1 - Wllrt. ta ?gt W.V.0
??-aJ-Mfllel ?gt Pbehn
?UUfr-MeCoU ?g?- Ona Ma. L.fc lus
"e-fet- -Kell ?g1 Uti
iMW?Striittirgii ?gb Weil tires
Til C?.
-J933?Iioffass ?gt Mithitti? Tir*
les Ce.
PlST ll-?alSVlS. J
)***? Pttirt kit lnkissll; lbl ( u.
JAV?teth ayi t*,,
M-bA-Mbiito- ?g1 K"?l?,t
1 JSfr--llhi.es igt Se*!-?!.
BH-l!_BI ??fi iUTirk
3IS-K?U kit ??-f orn.it 1
6*l?-r?M,lrkgt tUaim.
l?leV-WbssIr- kg! Oirr-?.
JiJl?tVirtbmrM tax Rirwire!
< *-.IHK?S ?LKA?t . TsiJX
S"?V-K:i.UI! ?g1 Aitle-B? I t.
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Psav 11 -Put. I.
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bkb-hnri ?vgl Ort Ig*
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4SW-llclta-_M kgl rnttt,
MV-KMlk? ?ej-l ?iss-iisr ???
teritAk ara H. S. t?.
110-Smsties igt lis?.
?SU.?Pi ST I-lMMH, J.
tiy-Aara? h? SsteselsT*. k. t.
IM-Bri?-*.! kft Shtrisss Ss
>?, k* ,kgt Trill.
Ut-Ptut IA*.. Mt Mut h?i4l
e*fr-_awntbk! kgi Kri, I
*?J%? V ormet ?gt Witti.1.
<?.?r*|i,? (iii. 1 mut it
tKllt* kft Wilt*??.
Me-LlDii?si*? ?gt Hiilln.
St?? Dsikii igt Kuna- ?
?WO-Hie-phreiri sgt Kuglt
?*?-Aii*s ?gt sbttaa,
IKat-Seknlsg*? Igt Kirtiul
Hft-B.ik-igt. Girt??? B?t Put
Oattk Ctsie-l?.
"Hie Hon. Win. B. Cemphell, a D?mocratie Member
of the XXXIXth C-nngrese from the Vth Tenn-aaee Dla
trief, has piitillshatd a eard declining re-election to the
XLtn Congress on the around that the "generoua kind?'
ness and confidence" or hla roustituencr '' has not been
rewariled by adequate service dut?ig the ihvrt tirss" hs
held 111? *r-?l
truss ?ii i:t-g Phaais Uauk B. adlnc,
. ktj M.i"*- em.io?j
i i? i? of Comm? u c ?ski . ii j
M .Ill U'. ...Vi tall buj
ino. Il.i
I mirth .Nation Ik
Weel l-'iiii.i. Ti :
1'" .bill M\
em . ? ?
?fells, Varga Bxpi
II. Hi
I". ... H
M ,M rUH ni
li?.-Inn Mat I--.M-,
ino .
Its? .(I ?rill
Paean? Msii
1.'>H? ..
Mi. I, Ho A
Ml .
loo .
lis?.. .
_ISI ..
1 !
W j
. HI
.sill '.ii
... li.o TI
...HO 7IJ
r. i,'nid
lii'-ii Uti
-, n
In .
N V Central
cn ve a ruts
?Kl 21-0. blO. Tn|
te} _m.vsl
ban im Cblo? ?s West
....mi n-?.m
....uri ami.bin ac
1271 Chit A- N *.Y Pnl
3d cull
li30.M_l Clei
_lui 200.
ill 10*,} Chu
? l
I -.,.? IMl O.iij
-'?.i ti . ii j
.hi j
i; H?.- :. mouup -J
8 'HI. I !
i, v. ?".-. .*. ji)i:.g'i.'. i,
f.,lM). 1117 ?J
0 Ml? I -*.?('|''t
1 I- tal JO toni? '? '
IJ ?TO io 1
li h laS-WOuup '.;
f.,n ii.iii-j
ti H .-,.?. 10 10 (.'imp
9-000. . V?
Tree? KotasT 3 lo
l-tt BeiiiM.
3d Henea.
3d Hoi-ica?.
IIIiii'sCmu Wdsli -ti? . Hil
'?.(KHI.101 42.l'-'M
Ninth carss m.vim
u.imjo m-mua, m loo.mo vu
Mi.-M.i.iri Ga
1.?XKI. 9| ??00.
I nt 41 h Iloitgiigp ion. . 2d c
lo.isxi.:.\ Brie
Chu* A li I 1 ni It | r.-i. f.?
4,0?)S.lOli\ Uti .....<> cull ?Mj
Mil A 81 l'uni lui ?M). 6V
4,000 . 84 N Y & N Haven
Chic It I A l'a V.ln 34. IM
8.000. Bil Hut li Ave It I.
Ml?b Mouth 2.1 m :W.1?
t.Otsi. ? Mil A HI Paul
Cleve A Tul HP II | 6?i. 334
1,000.101 40. HI
NYOuilral .Mb li Ho A N lud iCblc It I A Pa
200_ .1*3.10? 400. 7H| 200. tt\
i-.i-ie ne.?io nv va.lu w_
IOS. 0 (W JI -00.?3. T'i? H? . bl-5. 98
?MU.Ml Cleve iii Pltteliurx 200.M* 07J
MO.? bal 200 . . 7*4 Chu A N Vi Vu-1
to*.Id h?\ Pitta, Pt WA Chu '?on.MI
Iteadlng I .300. ink 1??.*3. 611
ano.b3 ioa K'bic, u I A Pa ans.inr. g.%
(?tor A Toledo 400.o. or| am. b3 cs
300.,. I11|' 400. ... ?"ii 600.M
?H'Kfs lUllltl? Ol' llllOKKKM--1 I?, k1.
(lev A.T0I11I0
it Hot u [alai 1
I 1
Pitta I' W A. 0
??00_ .,
Toi Wah A Wear
Werten llnlou Tel Midi Ho A No lad
1.? .. li.
N Y Conti al
1,20s ...
100 .. .
..lu uni sot#
. 1" I 4M
1)10 10f>?> 200
?nie. It 1 ft ft?
IU 10-i
b1 in-all
Mi h Ho AN lud
bio. M| ;ioo
Clere A Pitta
200 .1*10
mun- HOAiii?.
Prlrolrttm Moeia.
!?.,. A?kf??
J 00
Cleve A Pitts
W7|Chic AN Weat
In. A N W Pre*
200. ?3 06
-300.C. bill
400.. .. k3
171 I
M 1 C
Pit lu Pt WA Chic.
Itonneiioff Kim..
lill, ii ill ia I'M III
C. ntral . TI
? linton Oil . TS
('liony UHpeo'.
S V A Alle?hsnjr ...
Pit Hole Cronk
Rjad I'aiiii.. ii
llnite.l Petrol P. S
Uuttad States
Cm,?n 71
ifiu.ni/ tittrl.t
Al mir da 1 M
Alpin? 2S
A in mc in PI?a. ti
ItatoaAH.11 ter (I I AS
Heiil4.it Cold
llobtall (lol.l
li?- ...alM?l Mil VIT.
Pul.ion Con-ol'il
Purr,11 ,'1.?? loM.
Onll.tlt, old
(*i?./l, r fiobl
1 Iii
3 01
fliiniii'll Union . 61
i ',:. !l ii ?I.,11.1 (I A Co]). 1 0?
20 Holman. IS
I on ?*..)-? Cold. Ii
I r? Kc.j-tUuic HHvcr H
I ?' Kl['|. A liti'-ll (I CO
l.a Oro-sMO Cold.. 40
l.iebir. II
Clbcitr (?old ... I
Muni in,! Quida... id
New-York. M
Nye Hold ... I
Onie a Cut. o n
Pc.? (I A Hof C ii 1 ?>
an.?!!-* Hill. 3 ?SS
KejriiiiblH (?old ....
Hot It Mount ?I 1 00
Him!li A Pur Q. 6 IS
Symond?'Pork (J ....
6 50
4 M
S ?
I 60
t li
1 Ml
3 00
4 *H
l r.
9 <*?i
2 t*
(??.liiiiil-i.i ,'?,. S
Oouaol'd Outora
CoiM.'d ?IroRory
1 ?n j Ion
He? Munica (.?.1,1
li.iw.ii'vll.? Ool.l
Cold Hill
(I'll. 11.?J! <i..Id 4 W
'.ut. Valley liol. 1 IA
Y (?Ho**- Jacket (1
Itonn Ihland I'oitt. ...
Wallcill lz-vl 4?
1 UuCand Marble. IO 00
SO Cirfrjatr titoCAt
j 10 ? ?I uloola Cop
lo 1 'nu ida < <.ii|i?T no
* ii Charter (tas Cup 1 fi?
4 '?o 1 ?.i?..i.-.n Osuuer i ..-?
nlHrercreeu it < ?.|?
I I-a- lloVHl Clip
I no Onlma ?_?i>|h 1
I (Arl tltoili (iirtui \rj M,,ri,i
6 Ol, Hu ?e-il nie .. J 00
I 7i'
1 0.1
I 46
I 10
6 16
1 66
S 00
16 00
i 75
1 76
H 60
6 00
Ift- ni} /t'.yli
Oolunililaa u A it
Uti 3 w
|i>0 ?J .1 Ol
a iik?
Q ian? ein
?<?' . ?J
1 M
I 01
3 y?
1 ?i Mfd ?li-? Ool
200 .3 IO Hu.ith A Pirmelee |
Oua'd t?rei;ory Col ?M fi W
i.?.? .
1 ?1
1 ??
ano . m
l><-.( ?! ?in?--,
r, 10
6 IS
' I?
1 n
0 2-1, 1*1
9 00 7'?i
K3 6 00 Walkill luM.l I"
..iv 600 m wa
*. 1 m Charter(lah Onp K,-)n!i?iic Hllver
a ?? MS . 1 70 in
8 M 'JOD !.. 1 7'? li?'. MM Qold
t 00 Ohio A ? ol ?! A H IM
0 (IO I,'??O . CO Kipp A Hu. il
t 00 tir- -.1.1 . '
9 10
0 10
9 10
9 U
9 2.1
9 30
2 66
9 JO
9 36
9 10 Ahuaeda
9 IS S??'
9 SU ('<?lniiiln.ui ?i
? 10 IM .
lort .MO
m 1 ?
P ????" h iM.! A H li.?ni?.i.
110 1.7 lu ?w ...
IN.*** Y.?ik Cold
I Ml IM 1?3. ti
h v? i?.i?ir*/ lilli
A M. j MI bl S IS
Smith '. Psrssatas
t ?MI loo 0 IO
1 hi,Walkill N'ii.1
. M
1 y,
Matikiiat. Min h 30-p M
(?nid tit>er*n || l!.'.? Un? export of the woek waa
(?ovfiii.in-int ttatitmit* staaiiy. ^nd tlie new isnue
of : -m memugpga?emgm. Th? inwcellanooiiii li?t ?
?till ii??Kl<*-jt??<l. I'acific Mail inatill iwtire, aud closed
At 1 m\ after aollini; at 1 -C, Tho K.tilir.iy sliaro mar
ket m a ivli do w t* alroiiK'.r ni th.* timmins, with a
ii,miel itn l.ii-.i,.-.-. IlieUgMI ?S'iutliorn wiw nu ex
t (?jdion, ami -nild ?lnwn lo 74' and cloue-il st 7I?. Late
in the day the foUo-wfag .[iiot.itioiM wen? made :
Now York Central, l'CJ a* IShei Bri* 8af?|) Hud
tau, UT| ; Reading. 1?/!| t?lO-'l : Mu hiican Boothern.
7I? 0-7'.. Cl?vcl.uiil ami l'ittilniriili. 7-<J ,r7'.i ; North
Wtit-rn, M| w ".'.',; North-Wjitcrn Pi.-f.rrcil. ('?'ila*
O'.i, K.ick Liland, M| ?Ht, ex div. ; F??rt Wayne,
Money wau activo to-day at full citen, but tlie i?r.*v
?tui.* tu htiiitiw wai not 10 great tut on l'ii(l.?y Si nu
pat cent uni freely pii'l, and i ti soino cas. ia little
moro. -Commercial ?kiimi nt-Ws at 7a7i for Wat, and
-?.?M for ???com? pata? The scarcity of money
thrniiitli'iiit tin- country ii attribut?*d by the iiifla
tioniitu to tho withdrawal of legal-tandcrs by tho
?Socretary of tho Treasury ?luring March. Thu opinion
as we have reaaon to'behere, Iim a slight foundation.
Some contraction of k-gal-tciubsrs will bo shown in
the April Htatatnent. but not the|4,000,000authori_r?l.
In this state of offairs borrowers cannot be too care?
ful in making long engagemeaits, baaed upon the idea
of cheaper money in April and during the Sutnnier.
In ordinary year?, abundance of mouey in the Sum?
mer and low rata? aro the mK but thore are move?
ments of magnitude to be made by the Treasury in
funding Seven-Thirty and comp?Jund note? prior to
August 10, which will diaturb all ordinary calcula?
tions. For the present Government sectiriticn offer
to capital the Im |/<- ??t rate of intt-xeat, and until gold ia
at a much lower premium federal stocks will not lose
their advantage, and cull kiuus will be cheap when
bad at about 7 per cent.
Tbe Bank statement is reportad as showing an in
creaae of legal tenders of $1,(100,000, with a decrease
of deposits of $2,100,000, and a reduction of $-:, -??V-boo
in loans.
Exchange is not so firm. Bills at ?10 days ou I?on
! donare quoted at 10H <-109 for commercial; 1081-1
100] for bankers'; do. at short sight, W>i u-MH ; Paris
| at (?days. .1.21 i_;5.1?i]; rio. at start sight, 5.1ft.-2 5.1?.-..;
j Antwerp, 6.20?i?5.1?i ; Swis?, 5.20<?5.1H| ; Hamburg,
\ WSaMl; Amstardom. 44>J-_2*-tl|; Frankfort, 40;?*tl ;
Bremen, 78f??7? ; Prussian tbalen?, 71 i _ TJ.
In Freights the engagements to Liverpool are 200
bales Cotton at i?_-16d.; 100 tons ManulVtuml To?
bacco at 25s., and per steamer, 100 balee C??ttou a*
' ? lf-1. To Bremen, 40 hL?ls. TobMco at Sk Od.. and
150 boiee Estrai*t|Logwood at 22e. (Id. A Norwegian
bark to Camm and ?market, with 2,000 grs. Corn at
5e. Od., and a British bark to London, with 2?,000
bush. Barley at '?Jil.
The Naw-York imports of foreign dry goods com?
pare sefoBowu
fmr tbe Week IM?. ?***ttk,
Entered at ths ?pert. ttrj-).?*? ??,M?,^l
Thrown on market. l.loe.TM? i.tnt,:ss
?a*j,n i. ima. ima.
v literie at the port.go,t**,rti Im.uu.ki
Thrown m markst. ?,7D|,??4 si,3M,i7l
Tbe total hnports at New-York for tbe week com?
pare as follows :
Writ tuting Uitth U. Mir.hM. Marri 1? Mick T
Dry Gooda.|1,_17,M_ tJ,611,7?3 M.rr?,?7t |Q,4?S,U1
General M?M. I,0M,17S s.sid.ioo l,9W,4_3 XM,.,I
Total.$4,342,300 mmasmm $4^01,(M $4,S0S,1(M
The case of Stewart against Drew and others, t?
garding tbe alleged frauds in the management of the
stock-gambling " pool " in Erie last year, haa jost en?
tered on a new phase. The plaintiff, Joseph B. Stsw
artajhss been arrested with Leonard Huyok. ona
charge of conspiring to defraud the Qorernment.
Stewart and Hurck hart both beoa vince?! la lujj*
low-et. jail, the ball bolig fixed at $-?0,000 e.vh.
iiliich aiiimint they lind not hean ahl? to obtuin laM
evening. Mr. 111 : > ? 1.. it will be mnemoered, wat
? n?.! Cn .M reliants'Katiosal Bank of Wash?
in ''?i. which institution Is nil?-;;.-.! ft? be indebted
li? Um (??M-niiiiiiif in tlie sinn of |75O,000i II.nins
tintiaxfeii. ?! gportion al hiaproperty to Ifr? Stewart,
bars bo. t arrutad for conapiriag to io*
aJ M-ir?i Domett and Nichol?, Bankers and Brokera,
linve o;?-:it ti an offleo_d No, IS Brond-ek, for UM pur
< baas ?in.) sale of Government ?eeui.tiea, gold,nnd
Mocka? exclaaivelj on coiiimis.iion. Mr. Junien It
Nichols i-? btte of the finn of John llryan <5r Co., und
a member of tbe Nw-Yoik .S!<?ck l?\cli,itigc.
ThaCOOponaof tut Land IJonds of the llitiiiiibal
?ml 8t. J(?m-|?1i KiiiIki k1 Company, ?hie April 1, will
be paid in Neiv-Voik i?>- Unana Bherasnn ?.Co, or
in lhat Ml by tin? Tie.i-iiiicr. li. S. Wutaoii.
The filloMing in mi official atatement of the bnsi
neRiof tin- offi'-o of th" A??*.i.?,t*uit 'J.'r<-a.*iiin-r of the
'IiiitiHl Si.itc.-i, in Low-Voik, for tho month gkaamUg
Y(\ m, ItSCT:
Feb. 2v.iv,7, by balance .1114,3%,'VTt N
|{(?cell?^ (lim: i? tin- ii.iiiiII),
On n??? ..inf. ?f ('?HtoiiM .ti2.ifw.03. 2*1
On accounts? Gol?! Not?. 4,0:4,711.? no
On minina 1 le.., -??] Kel (inn? &f,.m Vi
On Hciount V. C Department. 67s.Mn H
On 11c unlit Tran-..,. . 3.6W.HOO CO
On aeoeaat Patent .,.,.,, ^ ey, v_
o., aecvaut Mi.v.ii.ni^,^ ;' ; 4.7.810?06 en
On sccoont I>l/*lmi>*iii*; vi c 'M . lObMMM M
AasayOrflos. i?h -/re 10
Ou aooount IntortrttAu-JU.?^ 4,34?, 159 75- ft.*Tti
r.iymenu. . $194,111.r?'?IS
TrcuHitrv lirnftH .??'734,90-? 78
l*eM Office UraftM. ^.t?. ?l
ll|sliiireli'< Accounts. ll.'tVi'sm 01
Ajuoiy Offic?. 'JaJOjie m
lateras* Account-?, sis 1
In ?Nitn . a.HlOfi?t ft?
In Ciin-encjr. '.?'/J.OOV 84? -?^ .-,- 744 m
.??lance. ""-Ml V? W
Hy Hal. t.? Cr. Tr-HHiirer 0. el. n .U.i.im 71
Hy Uni., Cr., Ditbttrstag Acts J,oit),iU 74
Hy Kunda In lm.nl. Im Assay
Office. 3 501,04? 7?
Hy li ii , Cr., lntortxt ACMOBtl 1.2 >...T4? 74- 1M.I34.I.1C M
Hy He-oetnts for Cuatomfl m ?li?* Mouth of
Marok, mt.tll.lAi.9H M
Ity KmcaIoU dir <.u.itun_? lu tin: Mouth o?
March, 1*07. KMMMM
Inonwmc in Iftf/r . ?tl,044^i?5 15
Htnteane>nl of biunnet? tit On tin Uni Mnlrs A stay Offne at
Ara York for il-.C S tttth ending Utireh ,w, lifii :
Il.il?^ilH .if ?iiifil. ^lO,t)ii0 0S
Vntatga Omm.?ti..,???-?) o?i
Foreign Hulllon. MM '?
lliiltcd ?KUU-rt KtiUloii ?-- "?> *
Iit-posiM of bill cr, liii-ludin-t I'ur
nlnv*??. Altino ?0
PondgaUotas. O-ons 1?
Foreign bullion.. 6-000 <?
united (-.tilt.?a liniiioii (cuni?.in.-<1 In
?..lill .... . 6.O0S 00
United r?t.U?* nullum (Idaho) . 1 l.iXJO 00
lind?*! HUttM Bullion (l^iko H'.iih>r'r? l.'iOO ?*)
United Htat?a Ulllii'in (NoVtvl.i./. 9.?!KW OS
Tot ni d.|H,?it?i ragtblali in*? *i? 1.000 oe
Tot.ti depoelta 1'iy??''?;? ?la? >u?i t?),.**) .uy
MMM 00
aoMIUrssUtDpe?!. ?t4.tt.l4l M
Tmiirtiiiiltcl to lfiilt.il ?i.itfo Mint.Philad.il
nina, foi?OMnngi. tlW.O?d 07
Tho biMiiuvirt of the hub-Treasury was: Ko?;.i|?ti
foirOaatnuota, $;rrj.ooo. ImQobS Motee, fciis.ow); total
Koceipt*. |i ?MMM] lol 1! l'ayoieuU, It^SM^IM 74.
lliilanc?'. %tiX),?AiA,\ ;??
In con.-K-iitKiii?;?-. i?t .1 r.?.?] irk in the??, coi.innis on
B?tard al laat, ?wa Hire bad banded aathaieUawing
?*opy of it letter-j-dilre-tued on the pr?viou.i\V'iMlnea?lay
to the (.'(?liiniittoo of the A-noinlily, olutfgtd v- ith tho
.n ve?ti.'T? it ion ?! ?iffiiir-i o? Inn Pai'iiu- M.11I Steiiiuship
NmrT.m* M?r-li F liWT
Tit* lint, Meurt ''mill, l'i,, t:t U'jklh, l.i.?u'i?r iu-1 Ja? ?-m
Oma MM ?f-*
i>K*KKiit)i. Tbanntersigaed?ii??, in respsneata yem
?tiiiiiii.iiM, attended befare >ou 011 Moi-biy la-?!, m wit?
lie??.?*-., m-, ?ni iMinci i?y m reporterei Un BupreaieCourt,
nhees sei s lees, how ?ver, wera-denied to tneni by your
?'li.iii niau, ii;...:i tin? plea tlint if he were iidiuitt.d, it
Would Im? iii* .via.try to admit other lt?|?iirt?i|-l, ?t(yllj?-.> Sd
in lint dei iMoa iiiHin tim furiiier assit rsaee that tun temXb
inony of ti?- witiit^.?.?-. takea ?iowa hy th? repartee ptaa
cut on the p.irt t?f tin? ( wmmlttee vrould 110K be imliinhetl,
i-ritliont I1.11 ln< Ix-a-n funt nul.uiitted in eiieh cu-md to tlie
?MneaS fur re-, hum.
Notwtthataadlna thi* rt?i?.??^.>in(?nt. liowcvcr. the ln
oi?.4?..i aawspapec reparta ?hare been aahHahod te ?Jsy of
t< ntiiii.iuv purportIu?x t" he that <>t the Bnisrilgiml. hut
wimii 1? in not titt.-iiyatMiii.tii..',la ???ni. tstt.irltb
ivimt they did ?H-iy, ninl winch. In ?onie In.tance,-,, at
11 iiiiit. h i?, t ?1. ni stateoaaots ahlektae?/ never thoagal of
lu.ikii.a,-. and wine ii do not n> < ord with the truth, at nill
ajij.cai by icfi-ii-im to Um tesUmoaj tbey did gira.
k i. a ?a 1 i._r. tin! io geatleaina actaaited uy .1 ac-me t.> pr.
vent InjiiHttei? and ?lin*.? u-f iKnn'i-r. th.-y will lint u|i|>ei?l
in v.iiiii foi redress ?el thegrteraaoeof wUeh they aare
f? i. ? ?.iii-n-?i:--i| t?. ion,)i;..m above,the aadenicned ?i?- m
ItoaiM-eeasao tesaj ssers lhaa uns to ?all your atton
tiuu to it. And the) lasaata, >? u nhedieat ?n-riaiit-?,
J i.MKH linon g,
Al LAN Mci.IM .
I'ai-scta ?auiiiT.
Ftgg df IlATfH,
ISl-iKfHS *Mt> DkiI Ut* IS ?iiiVKKNMeST SFCttlTIRS
No. it Maaaao-er.
Will re?oive Hr.TKN liiiK-n iu?t?6forconveriiionJiit?>the
Nsw oin 1 "?<???. hi-a:ku Homos, on ths nioit f_Snr_hle
|i ?Tttu't., n.purt.-0'tur Ina riinril I
H.vn ruai, March jo. Ii?7.
ASI?KM -Th" 111,1 rkcI for Tot? it ?Hejd> at$n J74(f|? M||
l'e.iiM .trn tumti-f and nomluul.
AI-c<UI?)la?We not? ealca of 600 hhli. at 49c. currency
m bond
BKK8WAX 1-1 firm with a fair demand, tales at Md40c.
for Yellow Wettern nial Southern.
Hlil' K-? m- firm anil in fair demand at til ?tu for
('?unman Hurd, |i; dill for (loton, ann ITS foi 1'lilL.idel
phl.t Krout.
?XiTTON- The market opened firm, but, under the len?
fnvnralile new.? fruin iilirnud, prices are rather beary,
closing at *>le. for Middling I'plands, to31|c. for do. New,
Orleans; sales of l.'.bO I?.iles.
COFFEE?Mo Hale.* of any ?lesctiptuu are reported;
prlcea nuntin finn.
CAVDLEB un moderately active itml ?teady at i8*w<*.
for Adamantine, 3bi/i0c. for Hinrm, aud 48<fiOv. foi
Pat? at.
ckmknt-Rosendale to lower, with more doing at the
dec 1 un ; Hale*? at ?ti 7'., 1a-.l1.
1 l.oCH AM* MKAIa-Tlie Market fm* Western and
! Stat?? Flour is lesa active, but with Hunted arrivals prices
j an? firm. Our stock Is rada? ed to about SOO.ilOO bbl.-. , and
U dally diminishing, The s ile? are 4,1*00 bbls , at pi to,.
110 70 fur Hiinerfliii* State; tll*|13 for Kutra Ht.ite; |ln 5?!
..?Iii d5 for tue low grides of Western Ettra; lu M -ill i oi>
fur Shipping Onto; ?l??SU Cm) for Ti-udo Oulo; SlJit?i?
|17 7J for st. i-onis l.xtr.iH. California Flour is firm, out
1am active; silica of 7no bbls. at |13_H* _,i. ('?tiMdlan
Klour l8 steady, with a fair demand ; sul?*s of ?300 Mila, at
lil ?50 for Common In bond. ?ti.all. 60 for Good to ?'hole .
und Trade and Family Kxtraa at |13a|13 80. Bonttaeru
>*lour la in f.iii tleiiiand, and Is steady ; sales of 3fO bble? at
111 Mafia 60 for Common to ?iotwl F-tra*, Haltimom and
Country, and tis'/|t7 ii for Tirade and Family Fit ras Kye
Flour Is easier, and iu firm demand; eales of ?00 bbl??. at
|7 bodgs 23 Corn Meal la ?iiili and heavy.
lll'lUUS IIIOM SKIT. 1, \06t), T?> niTlf.
<irr?t Kr.t. u <^h.r for?:-.?
?Uil Ir-rlufel. (.arts. I'.,|tl
rto'tr lilli?. bttla i.-M?.
New-York. March W. 4v,oki _eo,_o_ >r.\i*.
llaltimorc, March ?. ... *_ Hl.iOO M.-*-.
l'hllinlelphlit, .Mar? li ..'. Xl.tir, W.-.-.3
Boaton, Man-h M. 3,510 73,134 73.634
Fort Uiul. March ti. 1".? ?>* 3,-.,?__3 i. ?
Hem- orteaiia, March ?J.. am lio Iii
Totals .?ia,781 .JO_,W0 tnoO,66u
IU6?. 1_C..V.? 1,lilli,??. 1 li", ?M
ISit.m.'.mi '-?.-Ml I.0IMM
FISH-Dry Cod ure ft UttU.? m?ire ?active and prU'?aa aie
brSB at IS Santa Mackerel are 111 fit li* (obblnit it? __ui(!,
and iirn<-s itn? nell sustaiued; aalca at ?l.-e for No. 1 ?hoi?.
?.RAI \ II,e When ni.irki t is finn and moro active,
eapccialiy for white H l.euts; the ilem?iid 1? in part for in
vtsti-ctit, thouKh chiefly for milling; the unit? are 13,000
huab. tatt* No. i Milwaukee at ti It uU te. 1,100 bush.
Amtier Mate at 13 li: 37,tSAi lnibh White olifumia at
t? Hi. 1 gi Id; aud.'.Joo lal-U White Canada at ti 20u$S IA.
Hurley Malt Is quiet at ti ?tt-i ti -_V Varley it firm aud m
fair iWinand for home nu* and for eiport; the sales ale
43,0?X>bush, at ?Kk*. (or ( iiiiadai West, iii Iniud, and li IS-?
ti 36 for ?lo do. Free. Oat? aro iftnt? furn and nwie
active; sale* of 60.000 l?nMi. al c? J.. ?-?7.J, for old Chicago;
?71 a esc. for New do., and 7*J.*. tor stat?? in ?toro. Kye.?
tau^ uud the demand mo.ler.ife, sale? of 7,ms? bufli.
Western ut ti J.!, in store ? win ove ned firm. *aitt? a inn
lti-d demand, anti cloae.l etnunr and s.il^?le at 18^?. for
Mii?mI, In storei tim salea ?ara 1 -joAnt) bash, at II 17| tor No.
I Weetara .Mixed.ti le-atll.? for good t-o wry ? liolio d<?.
lu ?ture: ti 10 for Nen do uflout: uud li is .1 ti H'?i?itJ 17
fordo, du. at the I-oug Dock; und 11 JO all _?t for Did
Wt-sui n Mixed afloat, -since 'change. Corn has advauced
4c. ptr bu?h.; we kear of Mies of i%hO__ Wu?h Mixed \Vc?lr
? in at ti -?1 afloot; $119 is bid for *',uOd buabs.? iu r.??re?
but hokler? denuiod a higher price.
fixj-uH.? non >wif.'X obx. to oaiz.
,.., , lu??? lirit_? Oii>*i ???u
******* au.1 li-elABd. Fo.'lf? Psf?. T,u^
bub ??um S?*!.
New York, .March at. 3W?,471 17-XJ0 sss.-jn
FhUa-, March ?1. 3.W? ^.S3T 3".,HO
Fortland. aMarch M. VIO* _1JM,
tritt)*. *?i,oau 4t,SO 4e_.?l69
im. 1.1M.8US #7.061 1,'lll.W)
ISAS. 1.S37.?1S fia.341 1,7*3,90?
i noa? ?-row ferr- 1, l8**, tv &aib.
Ol^?l __..?:? lllSlt -V?f?V.
C***? ?BJIr.ui.4 ??Miol-?'*? ' ***
i.u.h. l"Mii. I"??A.
Maw-*y???lr, Martha.4,431.7*14 J71.567 i.K-JMt
Baltimore, Man 1? al. I17.S43 ?.all S87.SW
I'tifladelpliia, Mai^b? ... *34^?* lnH? ?MU
Bostea, Mare h W.- - Vi,iti 1..453
irortias?r, Msrea _a. ?,m t,en ?j?
ToUlS.4,rM.7S7 tteXtflt I,118/H_
im.i,M?.1-M ?3I,?W ?,MS.7<ri
niDES-The marks? for Dry Hides baa been /airly
acme throunhout the weeta, under a soed demand Irem
tbe trade and ont of town buyers ; prices have advanced
durin? the w?ek tate, and clone fina, sttk an apwsrd
tendency. Upper lacather Stock It alan 10 goed demand,
chiefly from the tanner? and dealer?, at fun prices; salee
of Rio Oraude Kips st 90|e., void, and Sierra Leones, lo
Hostou, at a?*c , Mirwucy. Wet Bslted Hidsa-Ttie de?
mand contluues fair for Domeatle SlMithten, at fall
prioe?, hut with a limited supply on head, ?aies ara re
Itrteted la CnUiUts Stock ; thsr? Is a (air lugulry tor haXh
desrriptinna. but siles are prevented by tli?? ftrmnsas of
hobler.? Wo epte??/? aat fedloia Dry Hide? lt?ien?>? A>i?t?,
lH'tta, . Bunnoo Ayres, prime, -. M ; ..,?)??,?, i?4
Bite, Kio ?? Orinoco, l'i-'iV ; California.
I . to Cul h Ho, li;-. Vera 4 US, Val?*??'i ;
I - 11 .1 lain and
Cl'l Uni Alllilll ?1, 1? J? . II .1 got?, II
'?lei'.. Rio 1.mi., dry itml ?- i-.; .-.-.iiniiia
1 ; hare. I,nut, It
? at I Port 1 11 ? ; Te?a\
loy balli ?1 Ililli . M,iran?
io.in, 12 -.. '?, . J "- ra iii iiilai., ?., 1 1 M.ita
in,I ?,el. 1 vi tie : Hu lim, 11 ?? !:? ; (bill, I3?al?k'.; t-outhern
Burt WesK-rn, HarflOl? Wet ?_all? (1 li I - Ayres,
? V r., Kb? (Iranii.-, lo^.rii.ji?- *?? ts; California,le*?
U'h' V It-. 1 ?ia. lu tl"if I' if. ni!. ...... St. - ??I,,, mincir
D , 1 'ii.tis Kimi,.!,!, 1 i ],,i,? ., , :.. , ( ii/
sit ugh ?W tlimaaed and < meei. ile ile; (.'?tv -.?Hngliter
tiimiiKMl un.l ...? 1. i j -.,. l)-i-r Leather block?
? s j-r?'- ami H!?> e ; 1 ,,ntl,- y -,. rr t ?^?ne,
* ?Sie , 1, su, m, ?iiain .Minns,
re ney Kaa?t I riftl-? Hu?,?!, -(,,!, ulta, ?if) - ? . ..I',<a
l''<?. V ti., ('?.le nu 1. ?1e???i ar.1,11, I3|?lac P tt; ( .?i.-iiita,
buffalo, li>a O'llc- ?y DJ, Mee-mll? uu.l Batalla, bu/falo, 9e.
P in. ...UV
iiA'i -The ?1- t..-?i.<1 ti fait .uni de nir.rk.t stead/ at
|1 7*. f..1 eil ippit _. and ti "-.'?: f'.r 1.
li I. Mi' '?; ,. ... fn m a ml 11 io.hI. t..;, ti ?,ni"et at 130.
g??i?i, .?thiel km 1? .tu ?I.? a a.1 nominal
IIOI'H Hie firm ami in good ?1? oiauil for lioiue ?onsiimp
tlian; we quote-at from |t*#40C, and ISO., at lo |-ri,wt_ aud
tj mill v
LEATHER li ?lock?oh has ruled ?pii.-t tbroughonl
the v.'1-ek, uutler a llnrliel ili-iuiiii.1 from niSlillfailUIISH
and di-alera, though in tin lal Iel pat I Ih. it- baa been con
sitlerabie lii<|iitrv for speculation: price?, how, ver, are
v iiim ut m a tr 1 lal alteration. It? ? ? tptsrrout the tam, ?nea
b?.??- boen fair, ? _.: refill 1 n.; about nl.UCO e ,
?eightsart? In ?gu?*d supply and neglected, .tla?a? ligbl
a light? mi??-k-te ?. mi! y..tnt. .1 Oak Bul? The market
la (tuite art Ive for lighl weights; othei iir.nl? ? an inlet
Ih'IIii-<. arein ?I? inatml at lim. prie ? a: 0.1k MUugteraag
Baited l.ia.:!it, ?-.<-.<., Middle, .-,..:.. 11?.?it. t." ?isc ;
Light CiojajH-tl. li ' ?Ti.: Middle ( rapped, 47aWc.; iu-llle?
Cr?>pped, l-uailt. Hemlock Bnenm Ayies, a. . light,
2-t.r/Jije'.; Aliddl? . 'i-b, A'MM ?? Ile? vi , J?? ,i;|e- ?..
Light, tt Jim . Middle. j: ?*?/?.?.. lient). Haine ; Orinoco,
Ac., light, 37anse.; Ml?bile, 'H?rmi,i-.; lf?-,,vy. aud.We?1l.
A DMiiiiig???!, ali weights, I'oor ?io, 1 j ?silo;
Hlitughter in KoiikIi. M *S?*to.; oak -Hlaugbtei in Lough -
Light, In-rleV; M illili?', . 9 -. ; Hesvv, b*?iSc.
LATHS -Eastern ait- Lii-i an?l lu fa. 1 demand at t*ti
for llin-o mulila a
I IM I. ltotllantl li without change, tim demand la
tin??!. ; ato; sales ;?t ti *'? for ( omin?la, ?n<l ti IO f.?r Lump
MOLA.-WKH-Tlu- mut k?t is quiet andptice -im.Innige*!.
NAVAL STORm spirit-, rurpentine i? finn,' ??..-a ef
4s? bbl?. at "M?'. Koli tis at.? fit'11 itml lit b?-tfei-?letiiaad,
-ena. ra of 1,'iae I,I,a I olia I, i ,1, Bl? It ill ?I I.'?,??*?! I??;. ?Obbla.
Ktrnineel ( ?mumu at ki i-1, and oVD bbl-. .Via. 1 at k6 lt|.
Tilt ?H ?pllet.
OII.S.?fit) Llina-ed without (bange; We quote St
?- ?"<? si 3c Fla? (HU ?ave m<-t with a nio?li?ratc de
'*???'-? at full prill'?, we gaeta (rude Wlial- at sue-?II,
?uiil (-"??de sp,?-? ut Sa ona-*. 60: l..utl oil iron ?:? ??li ii
f??i n.o. r.jv,,. a, au,i f ,,;r io i-rime.
PROVBgONg -We base lind n fair demand for l'ork te
diiy, but pt?,,-. ttn. a shadeearner, closing boar**, fee
f nur?-d? Its ?.^ we.hcttrof?ale?s of ?to?? biala. Mess, buyee
May, at 124fa Tlu- k.i1,-e. m-th ?ni recular, ?are ?.?ice
Mils., at ta-' i;-rp_i tor o'.el Mf-.v tu ita ? for Mew
Mess, and tu to *?t prime M. -s. l.- ?f i- steady; serte?
of *?> bhla. ?t til N^ii?? set fear Platin Mess, and P?en m
fur-Ktra. M??**. Ti?;i?e beef w ?juiet but ?teady. Bee?
Hams are fairly actlv? ? hales of 12?) bble. at ti-i fer Weet
ern Cut Mi-ais are dill and heavy; s-tles of llOpkga.
?uiall MweT-etl-ickleti Ham? at l?ejc. liaie.ii is inn? five nag
nounna!; sales of (Mi boxes L. <;. at Uah ? I~i?l ia luit
uni heavy; salera of 1,150 tin-*., pait 1.i-?t evealag, at
iii., for No. l; lae. for City; W?l?c. for fair to prime
steam, ami l.'i*l;iic. for K? tile- K*?iielert*>d.
li.ll.ol.l.l a\I is without d.-iii'ad ?hange; te quota
( t u?i... at ll?i< .. in bulk, and IC+oilc.. inbbu. l'..-fiiaa;d, la
bond, at i?".?tan?.-, for P. L 0. to W. ; trie, for H. W., ?aud
inejo. for 1' W.
?rraasoos Provision Maukkt. 8J o'cm.rK - NoVhlng
hut b??e,n done In Men-? Pork slnee 'Changs; priests ara
weak. New Mess, tul cash, and tu ntApM lj.regitl.tr.
kK'K-Iii the? iibie-iu-e? of ??ah -, pr.?-a are uominallf
8U<IAKH?Tlic market is not verv artice, but, in come
qiioiue of a aean-ity of refining gra?^??, pu? ????> bave rallier
limit t?alle, ? loHlllg st about I'^arlm for fair Uefl.alUg, sad
Kaejalole. feir good tin.; sales of ?IMbhda. at J^'ini?. far
Cub?, und 190 boxe.?t Uavana at io??/ loie. Beflned areduil.
hKIN'8.?Goat? Then arrivals has.? b. on lixht-T bulee
CtiiH.-oa. 2-2 i.aU.-s 1'ayt.t, and el bales Malleea via New
i>il?>..in?. Thore has btse ii a fair dom and ft?>iu uianufao
turt-r?. but tratui.u tiona are reatric-te .1 l > the firmixMa tit
botdera, who. owing to the hu.?b cost of their Mocka,, aero
un st iiim g to make tina con? aeatoiis demandi ?1 by bayera.
Prosite? ti se- re??ipts ?n? large. Deer Hie narke, baa
beeu only moderately actlv?*. ?-viies Uiiig oooflned to small
p.11? el.?. The Stock is small of prime ?ittailii?-.?. while
ititi-t.oi gratti-.? ate in go?.i anppi**, ni.?I l?at little la
?1'iiiiii for. We? ?pi?te', in golel ?p It." Deer?Hod'.ita??, let*
5,?s?'.-. Han Juan, ?Vn\; Kolitar, inc., H<al,5te.; Vera Our.,
fi??'. ; Chagra?, ?itabtc. ; Puerto Cahello,4tc. ; Para. Wo.
(,oat-Tampu e>, 4>?-; Mat amortie, lie.; Umiios Ayres, W9
ftTt?- ; Payta, 34 <r un:. ; In curniuy ? ( iirsvao, 60<f4*o. ;
( up?-. 37ej<#|Oc. ; Aladras, il^n th- . c.nit
BKBM?A fair deniaml for Chive r He.??! ut 16J *17o.
Tun.?thy ?*-??? .1 m iu fair elennind at Aj '??> 1 ti. Hough f'iaa
Boni is in fnlr demand at tu Milito .?J por bu.-h. Calcutta
1.11,-nc.l it atellllig lit ti fni'ltI tit.
hOAP?OsstttB te ?teuely, with sah.? to a moderate es?
tent, at 17?., curreucy.
Tobacco?Kent.u ky Leai baa bee? in f.ur demAnd,
at itlxetit pnsious pines We quote- In eurrency
as follows ; J.ialit Leaf Lags at t.i'*.-.-. Commou at
sj.TTe., M?-.lunn at TfteVSe.; (load at Dimiic-, Pitta
at H'afl?*., and 8<>le?'tioiis 15?li>e. : Ileasy Westens
and (. larkitvilac Lug-, ',.thi-.; ( oliimoll at Cj<*9c. ; M?
du.-j, ni,!! a-.; (,i>od, li\ane. : Vine, 10--17?-., and b??t^
tioiM. UMh ; Seed l^'.if Is in fair eli inaiiil and firm; w?
quoto at 7efl0c. fur Connectu itt Ki!!? I ??; J" .' ?.. for wrap
leery lots, anel M<i ?.*-- for fine wnpiiers; 6ui,c. tor Nsw
Sink Ht.tte fillers; ?aVie. for do. average lots; ?and
ir._j??c for ?arapiiera ; ii<itjf. f..r lvi:i svlvauia and
Ohiofillore; t9?le. tor?reragi? lota, andu ?/ .'?.'. for wrap
lH?i-.. New, i top Ciiiitiei-tii-ut filian, ji.it-.; **rapi?ety lota,
??ii:!?-., ami fin?? wrupper? 15?a tot-.
TALLOV -The demand la quite active ?tul firm, salee
of i.'-?.!??? i- ut li . ii'?', for fall to i rilli?, iii? for liutoh
trtf Aaaoctatiou; ;n..t in Philadelphia, l ?.,??? m prime
(My ?t ni-illl?.; alrt-j salmof i".,is-a tia Hutchtrs'Atnocl?
Uon st u?<-.
WOOL.-Wa? have iieipsrtu ular chsnae to note in the
miirki-t for ?liitne-tii 1?<<?. ?*- Mian? our last. Tile ?li-iii?ii?i
ftoin iitaiiuf.irtun m linn Ue n moderate. The eleitlng
?juotation*. are na follows: Ix?me?tlc Fleeces at "SOeMe
for Native and , Meiluoe?, MV57C. for one-half and three
quarter-. d?>, on-itxc. tar full blood Merlii?ii, and ?a>#70?
for etoxoaj l'lt?t??:es, "Jn-KS?. for No. 1 Pulled, ti)ejte?
for Bupertme do., and ?t-aj?;?'. for Kitts d-< ; ?l<ttfQ
for (??.iiinii'ii I'li-saslu-d Culifoiitla, SS9SSS. for Ftue do.,
o' for lettie. ,i.ul AUiiriiali < oillttllig at ."a.'a</W. . Wa
quote Foreign as follow??: .?jotith Ameriian at :s'.iU<'. fer
(??tunion Washed, tiBOc. for Cnwashed Mestiza and Me?
rino. M ?IO?- tor Washed Kntre Kios. J? ?/2---. for Cnwashed
( re.ile, 40#4?-c. tor Washed Cm dova ; Chilian at ai-vllo.
for L'uwaahiHl M>-?itizaruid Merino; Cape of Goi>d He?p*t
3.v,>?ioc. for CnwMShed ; Kant Imli.i. leftSSC. for Washed,
and African at ao?30c. tor L'uaaihed, and ?a,iiac tor
WHISKY- The market is" hK.ielv.'Isiid showeilfimoce
activity; sales of 5*> bbN. Western at ?c*-. Lu laond.
RKCEirra of produce.
Mis? h 'W*.-i.7??J bbls. nour, ?1 bbls Wlitsky. M
bbl?. Corn Meal. 1.13S sacks Corn MnI,!I,.UI bush. Cora,
1.-.71 bush. Oats, ?..son bush. Malt, ojc bush, Itoeda. m
Pkgs. Ashes. Ml pkgs. Ueef, Vja pkgs. (tit Meats, IV. pkgs.
I-ird. l^M bbls. Petroleum. l.idO pkgs Butter, VW pkgt.
( ?lee..?"
Jai kmstills. Ii ti, Hirth ti. !"*?""
Ornes or is? ht. L?an?, Jscanaavnta ?i?s ? an luVs. B Co., >
COUPONS of St. Lotiif?, Jackminville Mid Chi
riio lit M ort (if* B.uli. du* April 1, l??*f7 w?l br pali .an lal
iflri tut ?lit' it the ?Ski of Muir* M X. JIM P I. CuMl'AST, S*.
81 I'., .i-:??? .N<r? loti, fr*? of (?ia<rcran*st las.
1?. a HOWARD TrsssBrtT.
I'rni'i ?ir ist P?le ?oo ?sp Alto-? IUilkoid("o., ?
Cn ara*? lu., ttaeak ?O, ISA I
0UPON8 of Income Bonds of the ?t'hicag-o
an?} Alton Kirl'.-id Co. du! Air! I. HIST, w11 be m?<| ea iel *A||
-M.it elite ii th* . Be? ol Smu M K JIMF k ? ??MPA.VY Ko. I*
Srceuiwii *><?? loll. leM* l?itiir,?a?rt las.
_W. M. LAR BAB FE. Tre?u-ir*f._
li (V.-Tb* IirrERKST du* . i. tk? ?i-rt??ti? Bos?!? of ttli (onipmj,
April 1, Ifefl, ?ni! 'a* ..iiel do io-I i(t?i that ?Ute it th* otee ni thi Com
itsnr. e>? it th? XitWLsl Bmi ?f (hi Kaput,]'.? <- '?.?. of Wi it nat
Hmnliie W Bl.MI.NT Trceuurtr.
Iff-Iori. Mir-h H, ISb***._|
Orrits or Ciicahoass Nibts Ws-tsvx Raiiwit Co.,1
R? ST BsnaiawiT Ni? Voss Maret, ?9. 1?**". 1
COUPONS due April 1. It?tr7. from this Cora
DSB-i ttxtt pat em Kgi'IPMIvJIT BONDS w.!l t? ft.t on iad U
t?r tUI dil I'D lerCMiUtiuB It !L??.iTaV ?
_A 1- fRlTCHASP Tr?*a?v?ir.
Ultu.? ul ?IIB PAHAOA Ki LHlall, lUlJWSjn T.MrM Bl .1 DtSOf. I
go fc^ W*li n Mt V.hK, Misis It '.?e.7 1
A 1 IltK. ?e?K.S if ih? 1 ANAMA RAILHO.lb . o ?ii! It* leid il kit
.?-?a ..f t-r e e -iii,. N'- .' Mi' tk Tostiss BsildisA, ???> M05HAT,
ti.? li? ut Apr.l te?t Tbt ??? '!? m?. op?t, al H ? VWk a. ani ????
lrna?i,at.t. .'|? le JOSK**H F JOT HrmtuJ_
ri\i i ni: SUM. mk.uVkrs OF THE AMKR:
A K AS l'A. i S ri^l l-atl-'tliVUMl-VT TaNSINO I OMPA.N?:
i'Ahb VOTK 1- tUl is pniti'iuiia ?f Um yi??.?i.?* ?if m iel p?a???l
tj ti.. Lef?ilBtuir uf lab* *"??l? ??! bia Mori. ear,..U?.I in *e( u. u.U.. r_
tit? ftKiBBtlda of ifipurBtkBi di u,w -ht.l-r.ug a.',?.*g -?ehit.'il vi
(tM-biit-sl (KUeViaMI {alieil letiitjllj H IS?, lad ibr ?u.iT.dtsin-1 t.? ?I?
?nile ? u'**titii i-f ?Le Ste-ell ni<l*ra r-J isid 0?n)pi?f will ha be '. it On
???Ve of A. R. Wbji.it Huahe, li Wb1 I-uti??-! iMj at Ne?-Yorl.oa
tl.r l?tt, .U? ai April mu. stt?'?Wxa. Is IU a/Ursoos. Tb* ol?j?rt*
flii ?hv-b isiil me. nor ii . ill?.! st? tor Ih? pup?** uf ?jlisiUns tim
B?Mimm ?I mia I <-?r.p?e.? t* iIm ?*I Del ?( ngbt*. ?mi i-t li- imiag olbin
to a .sail, lui* ui.k'1 l.* psWiitB Ulil I? mi Cv?ups3<*. To .u?-r*?J?
! ila? ?..itht? ?.f T-vit*.? U? ?r?tru. I? .k*l B Pi?l..let.i fre.u. th?Tlult?^
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1'IIK ANNUAL MEETING, for th?> election
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CfTT?Uri CfrY B0.ND8, 30 year? to run ;
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_'_S?. ? ?SOAP ST
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