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v?1- XXVI.N#- 8,110.
nu RWOKSTM ? .?'? "''? ' '
MU, "? *' "
i , ,.i i n, Ah?l i UM m '\ ?ou M
rotaran nis
? t Tri r< ? > >
WAHHIKUTO*, l\ ! .\. A| m1 .'.. IM7
i]tl,\y, , the II..11 Robt.J. Walk? i ap
,.r.lie,| m tra Bin.. ' ? "l "' *'?''<*
ii | aawniag on b Im H of ti?' Htate <>t iii issippi.
|-??. loin. : i ? -?? (o -ulm.it a. bill of ?oraplaint, with
||?. f .Mid hi- O?!
mill agenta. ' Ord, '"' i" '
|Mlii.i"> i -n'.i .?in 1 nnil real i.i.iii <1 fii.ln < X? tuting tin
Art in i?r<?\ nil lui the more efficient govctnmeni ni
ll.V Rl I ? : Hi .i'< a, .uni the A? I supplementary linn di.
an?! i li.11 pnwei ?1 injinu lum n?ul aubnemi be jseued,
lill ??. U ii to tin partie? ; ni.-.ml. w 111 r ; n > > other ii ?al
thal ?li?! Ci.n.t ?'i. iii ?in proper. .Indie Sinn key
M -parked I ? ? |.lil'I. ii. Attm
,,, -,,ui lu- believed tint ii
x>,,v ? ,, | Brut, tu niii.nu leave of
Um Court to t.'. -i lull- Thi? MU waaagainsttbe
limii'ii Staten.null hedesiredin Ihooarlleid
poaaibh i! .o.i?. i.: ... ...i i M., ii. He repeated there
?jMMt be a motion to tile the bill in tho regular way,
Judge Sa thal that wa? the notion
-v. Im h lu- i ? ? aware of the magul
Tul. of the subject invoh as, as It dkl, tin nuportanl
;i,n| (|, in ni thi'C(Ui-tltnl|i.l!.'ti!\ ni COU
tfirs.sinn.il l?gislation. [1 rcOtl.lient thal
:wi rai h i li i i-i. a i -I, lukl be arrived al. a- Mill ii mh
i-hief ink-ht reaaJt by (May. elm i Justice Chase lo
Judge Sharkey "You< ii onl) mow morn to tile tin
Mil. anil rt wH! he in order t.. iii-, m : this liAxI in"
linn ?lav rial Bran- bei : \ 1 am
li.nl> uni- to TO! the granting of lim lia\i." I'la'
Chief Justice "We da not propone te beal argo
im ni on M ' ila' mili i i ?
ImillOli w ill be l!ni." .Iii.1l-.' Snails, v " I will HOW
Ile the application." "Ils he did. and thei-aiei
tn>? iit omi until i.iai motion ?lay, ln-infl I m-d..\
in M.
It ii rmni.iiil ii .? ni pinnum nt Kcpublieail < in
tliat thewlinli uiovenu m ia merely n dodge on the
part <>t Johnson ami his uni port? ni tu ?rente publie
M'iitiiiHiit m their favor. ! irkey, W.dker,
und l'a. -mi- are ?,>.ik< d apon a? sound Johnson tuen,
Baj?bate considered a m lint mi. lim to either Mr.Stans
Inti y ?i Mr. Reverdy Johnson as lawyer .. ? !<?. i.i 11> in
MtiiM.' hu simple as the une i hey pn tend to believe in.
As Stirnabern ?aid to-day, winn before tin Court, he
intendMdtmposingthe matter with all the nwau* ia bia
iHiwi i. it i--...:. idered ua eertain that tho Corni will
decide against ' rkey and Walker, and that
Mr. Jobsia?n'a friends w ill make a t'ii: floarb-h and a
it llliriull OVOI lim l'le-nl'lil'- v.l. lill.i- In his
enflntry. in earning ont the laws whieb he opposed
whoa being made, and which he. wt|l| believer to be
iiiii-oiiMitntiimul and wrong) Hi- will be trompete?
ia a piedel martyr foi the take oi peaeo ami union
ust Radical fanaticism and disunion, and thus
i si-i niid paint in the ('(iniii itii nt election will bi
made in favoi ni the Johnaoa Preoidential ;
A? i'li-nlrn; ti :?!.!> m -:it in tin name of On 0,
L Aadhwwaaa United States Marshal foi Ma*-arlni
wf-. li wa-cn run il.v rnimnnl line that tin- ?ote by
which Gen. Waas was rejected for the same position
wuiiid in- race* nu nil. i>ai a non pom hi atina having
1n-ch made, no further action "ii Wasj will be taken
(?in. ftnaanrian a ai i" day i onfirmed i>y Um Hi ?ate n?
Brigadier General in the Regular Army by a majorit)
nf three \"ti-. It is rnfnoreil here to-night that ttm
Kennte >\ ill re? onslder ita vote and tinallj rejeel bim.
'Ihr fsikawing ia one of many petit iona wh ali
?tod ni ilii- eui.iii malton!
lim m on i:i i ??! ? i m iiim -. *
Wi-iiiM. ron, M . v
Thk Hi?;. Hi nk^ Wn>..\. J kmUfnait,e% , l\ * ttwtU .
The nl:(k'i-i.'!i. .1, ?ninill.l- ni OutlKTl tfilTlj
?mil i. in., -'h . i.iniiii ml to l lu- kimi rim-lili :. !]<>n if the
toiiiiiiittfn-oiiMiliT.il> \ I ?! II.
lion? ,-.iii. now in tiuiiiiiiiiti.iii f...' ?i !',t i^.nlini-hiji ia the
Ciiiti ii -'l.ifi - Ami lal ie.|in?t that li? !..
|..v Mil | Du.NM l.L?, I R 1.M I > .
.li US A. I/ll. I?, II I... I I -I'.V
i: it Raus, V w Mun-.
JtlHM ( i?f.i -I- .. \ l".iv.:t\ w.
It. r. Bl ? M IM'. <? I .Mil II!'.
J. W Nt. ( : I ?
In eaja <>t Ueu.iiouMaaau'a Bnal rejoi tion,tbafrieiMbt
?>l (?m. 8i< klee \<- caiithlenl of Inn chancea : ;k .?nt al
tin-:il uirinliri- il| the Ncw-Vmk ii- I . tin
Home bare dgiied a request foi Iii* apjxiitiUaeut.
The Pr?aident, ?..day. nomhiatal Mr. i lion..
l.'olk-et(.i ami Mr. O. Galahan aa Assetwoi! ol tin
.Ninth I Fernando Wood'ni Dist rid <?! New-York.
They will both l> rejected Thi Senate Committee
on Foreign Vfl . to-day, instrncted their cliairin.ni
to toport advemelj on ihe noBiinaaion of K-fioaotoi
With lu M Austria. '1 be ijfejiate nts
tainui lin- ;ietum ol the l oininiMi r. and he waa re
lad. Tin- can-.-!. wMeh operated in hi? rejeetiou
an-inanv. Init tin-innlr ]>l omi in nt nm i?, t hat !i:a- \
of the S.- nat ni- dei bore there ia ao vacancy^ and it i
then parp?se t"\..t- a#i inat an] nomination foi that
bbOwbou, rbuj aaonring the position to Mr. Motley. 1
have iM?-itive l.nftwledt/e, BOtwHhotandiuR the
d?niai- of in w,-i>a)M i.-, that >?. :.i.i, Soward not
nniv promised the appointmenl to ex-?enatoi 11
but abaohttely Henl bia name to the Preaideut. 11"
lattei followed bia own inelinalions.
It i? ajaterallj onderatood that the Senate ?ill
Mblat the a)i|inintliiriit (if Hiiil-.-rau One
Benator opposed to bin voted with ihr majority, foi
the parp?se of be?ai ena^dad to m?vf a raeonsidera
iM>n. In cana he itinallj rejectod, it l* pa?bable that
iithtt Gen.i8iekl?aor (jen. Robinaou will roceive the
t'l'ijiriesMn.in Kurues leli fdV Kew-Tot% tn-iiit'lif,
then- being no araapaat ol an earls settbsment of the
iiitiiinlrir- attending the Brooklyn appbinti
Baaatan Morgan ?,1"l Cenldina. anani determtned
hat no one nlihll lu- tonliruied by the >> pate
laf either of the tlnec \acant offices
in ?hmaaTrjra uni'? he aball, bofore raeeiving bil a|i
|>oiiituielit. linve then liTOlnineiidation-. C"!i/n.
aaaara?ablnaoti,repratautiqg the Hld Metllet.ioae
gaaeiaa the moa! ol Baooklj n. i hum- a i igtrt tn
0 -ay in all those offices, a hil?* ( 'ungroaanian Bai ni a,
who ropfttenta the Ud District, which compiiM-n
aaoaral watda ai IbiiidiIj ?? clataaa thal be aball
lu- heard m the appuiatiaonf tata Poatmaatet, aa it
tH-liiia-h to tin-whole city, ann lint tiirtely tn h'nl.m
oona ohdibft. Thoa Becretary McCnJiecb baa to be
?. onsiilted in regard lo nomination? foi Internal Rev
??nu* othoo, and he ha? a candidate of lum own for
the Awtaaorahip. Nritherof the Mt w York fknatotl.
or Hohin-on. or Harnen, will roeonunond Mc?ullocb'a
awadtdatt, and, tn retajrn. McCuDoch is opposed to
all othei i nididatcH. Mnitran and CoiikliiiK a< t to
?ethei, while Barnaa and Robinson are at h -
h*-ads with thetnaelvea, with Morgan and Cpnkling,
and with r>t-(ietaiy Mcculloch. 'Ibu? the n.attet
atattdsi Prealdtaat Johnaoa doee not interfere, foi
the ieu?nn that hi? interfeu n< ?? ainnuut? to nothiiid,
onleh-he vfeMet?fhe Ngw-Yor% Beaatota. In tin
mr m tiiin, while thi? dead h?k exists U-tween the
?outroliiiif powers, the pool hungry aaen who ara
here aftei the ottcaa BBVOlvad are lett lo Maive. and
?<? much of their valuable time hani/inw aroiiud
Willard'-., tie White Hoii-e, ami the Suati Chauiber.
Ma,or 'I In ma? S. Allison of New-Jriney wti ti,dal
tiounnated t?Ptiytmi?ti-r m tin Ke^'iilar Anny. II
wa?a ?luyiuantc-t o? v o liait ?er? during the war, but
owitik to bia political record ia a renogada RepubU
? :m. having ?ee?a>4ajgp|i to the I'htladHj.hnf on
? ntion. hu <i,iitiniiation l- doobtfol. (?ni Kilh.V
^niiih wa- toodayedaifabed a- Consol to Paaaaua
llu fnendi ? ottiupe t.. assert that be will no1 a, ,ent
thi--"one bona" position, believing hiniaelf entitled
to MiinriinnK brtter.
I dw?rd H Null. tun:, iiy Superintendent ot I'ob
le Inetruation i^ Minnesota, and foi three yearn oue
01 th. m ' u.t.iriri ?t f|?- PrealoVnt, ha- l? en a|?| ..j,,ti d
IVpftf) Cm nu, i--:.,,., roi the Ih ,,..,;,,.. utoi I
lion, shoal
Ucnatvi?\ViiaoiK-tuii..di.ui- bvdaj troaa fetetl
'..i. li?-1.11, h. ni- Um imhuu' in BtMfMMd
i.l till' aliove p|;i?e mm |i;i\ fog f<? li \iiy barge, .lI'i'Wl
?'..mo pi noan '?<mu Mrskhli ?nul very enthui ?at i ii
?cnatoi Shi ii...iii .ii.?I ?x Hi i > i ? s? ni i v < K.ih-iiii ol
Iowa, liitvi ti> murlow foi N? \v-i ?>i ?v. >n lu m i'tin >
?all for I 'iiio| r mi Sit .inlay \m. li, tu be .il M fit I li I ????
A lette] iirii\. ii l>v Hu' I.ist i,iiaiiii i. dated Qui cn*.
Raja that Queenstown is- hill of detectives in
all kiiiiis of dugui* s in < Dtrap mu li of * lio unlorta
i i m iu i .nits sa shall make that i ? >? t to ealbara i"i
America, The writ? considers Kenian nwweuvtut?
loi tlir BVNSSjI ;it .m t ml.
ut TKipi.KMH to tssmsvsi
s|N\|| I.m l: \ St MH)N| W ?''I'"- '?:"?, A |il li ii.
II' I I I ION I-kum rilK VKTKKA.N fORIfl Ol < Ni I MIKS I ?.
Mi L'OLE I Ki p . fal > pre? ni"! a pelithiu ol the
\ 11, i.ii. ?i .i rvoCorp?. t < iliforiiis II? ?aid theyservrd
Ililli >l'.lls. ?uni ii. 11 Hi:. H?ll 11 II.I lill V Vii II MU
i ? ? t ??! in tin i I' . 1.1.11 'I Wil I \..i ?.m s li ?lum lulu -, Ml I ni 11
.i. tin ?avajoc*, Ansehe?, ?ntl Ouuianrhe? lu Ne?
Mexico T'it?> \M'li .1-? 11. H "I . i .ill> '.'IKHl Muli s Ii..|,i
lunn . .nut i . i im .1 .i in ii |.?li.un i to Kin li < allfl i I i.
illili no? M* I" li'.?i ?! Hu- sum?- lilli- ni 'Lil -|i.uln
Illili Willi li Ii.is Ii. I n RlVCn ti) ! ''li I li:. < li.II, ' 'I "'I'll' I" '"
i over Mun i vpi i .
'I 'In ? p. lilli n Wl i? j-i lil 11 ii In Hi <'i ntliu fin- Uti lill tar)
I Ml ? UV Ml M l I i I ". |s \ I ill 1
On iinilmn nf .Mi'. KOKM I'm ii , Kaw "-iiImiI
tii.ii Mir Merretsr) ni tin- Interior nii.nu Hi
\. hi lim i. m i- \ Bi .. is noa n the emplnj nu i i ni Hi ?'
|)r|..iitliii'Ut ; if sn M \' I ii.
IH'iiMition; when appointed; bj whom; u.- ! what lu
atmet km* if anj havi beeu given to hliu, and bj whom
KI .sill I lins lilli IHK KM I I s|ii.\ i.l- KKNATOfl
MA HI sill IO
>11 SI MNMi iK. |. . M .-? i I'flriiil a ti - 'lui' u ?bli h
. i im..iii! i.iil up lo morrow, Mi.il a li rit S '
Senatoi from Delaware, having appeurr?! repeal
' lu- floOl ol fu' Si'n.iii m ?i .i nilli mu . '
i ni bi , and !.. Is hen i.> . ?p< ? .1 from i In Sei sis
i \ii : 11
on of Mi Mill'"'1 IN Rep., i ?i.. I ti fc
Went I '?! I M . U' . : '-. -MI'll
.'///. SOI I III R\ - I Ml v
Ill \ si uni M I ! s I I ,.| .; I; M ||.\ i l.,i| |(.
BT TKI k1.HAI M 1" TI1K Th: " I
Richmond, Va., \|?ril Qeh KchofleM luto issnetl
; m mili i pui\ ulm!.- i. i Kcgi*tration, ?Tiere is to he
? ?in- Krgistei ?in.- ",in i i ii i i. . h M.iv.-ii 11.,! District
in the counties, and oin foi each'ward in the eitles,
\n liosf iiii.iii'n .iiui.'s .m lohe: II..'..ii iii'
? ?i in the J n 11 m i >t.iti ?> anny, o? i>< i in loyal rititoii*
' i the ' mut ) in n Iii* li '.? ni i - ni of * aie othei
i mi ni \ in tin- st, it i : he must ha i .> Ililli eharactcr,
iiml, ?is Lu as nowihle, havi the coiktideiH? uf lim
IiMiinn riii/iiis : in' ohsll not he n candidat? for so j
ciiur. an iitiu i-i o? the army or lirulm..
Tin .ijiji..intim nts ni all ulm i i> art !.. I? i....iii hy
licll. N-iiiilielil. ?D lim ii i ninim-iiilatii ii ii II?
examining boaitl oi araij seseen*.
J.iH ISi.W.A
Nkw-I >i;i i i\v \?.i il . An. i! . i ? -? is h
port? 1 ut Dm k Point, Malison I ...
THE lilli D Mil II Ut\ I l-l RK l
. I S I'lill - ?ililli I. n.\ N- I MIN.. ( i M" \ i
Mi;t;..,.iMii i its I ni'.i. \|ii.i i tit Divi'i <
M.au omi at -'. i. . \i'i : i. li 1 I
ORF*RR*Nn I. lu ci.m pi i.im i- n\ itli t.i in :..l Order*
Nu. li, ?I.iii .1 Mi .ni.| '.mi m 1.1 Hu \in . '
the nndersigned aHeiuue? rommaml of l lu li .-i I
I, wlm li compi i?i ? ti.? Stat? -1 t Alni
sim) l l'unla. 'Un District*of (?corgis ami
remain ?a at pt.I constituted, and wlthtbi i
?muh . nilli -, except tint tin iii ..ii.h.1.1. j ni i
lim - Tur II s h?-,i?li i 11.11 li 1- >. I li.lit (li laj
I I le tit ii nil i- r-s .ii ntl -
FT?i] Ida. ami llabuuui, n\ ii; retain Ui
l'\|l||.ll|"i! Ol \\<. I Ii 1 II - ' ?
ilue. till m Ipt-twal ..??-. i . - , i I ?
? lulen .1 li i- Im)'! ?I ii ii i... i ?
Bssj setae toe la* Interponltlnn of the wlrrlan au
m Ila uni; adlnluisUullull, alni Muli i..
ai is? Iiuiii ila >.ullin ul :
I? u] i . n\ Ithont du . ' .
proi letty,
li ii Ima 'nil ' leal I? i uU? rato?d, Iwwevei I I I i
? .Nil ni! ii ntl . . refill Util '
-? i!? iiv i?. ii.? i'i i ;
ami while 1
. V, i. id N. I In 'I. '. I HI lily U/liii 'lu- | i ' I ? f IU
lukin/ .m aetlx ? l'art m I ii-..ili.' .- ? ii.vin.
i.i. it . .mil? f ti,e .ii I . f ( "i fttf* to j m i.b '?.. I lie ni.'ii
. i li.ii "I Un- !.. I '
I li 'I.
I \ V.li- I ?
i -. .1 ii - m ? i I are pn
- i i
."l.iiilifh? il, bul nil va?'... li ikiin'
' in ? uf
I l-tfll I Uf till | IP M ?it ||
lion ' t enfer* I- ? nmpU u rt, wnllx
? i 1 Ti , i,i i . i ,| , .numil ?
J so rmi . M. '
/ mu h M irks -'ni mi: > ',/;,/.
? t rstSOSAVS to th? rum? \*.
\\ \?lli\i,l??\. \|iiil'>. 1 lu- a"-iiu. t .: r
SU ..li.. : ii..t..li \ ,ilu . .i'*.'" .1 I lu I Ititi : I
com luil' ii ni..I .nyilil 11 ? ' i . .
? i . a,Ni
? OUR! <>!' ' I MM"
The ni'.'nu ii' in tim i asi i t .1"! i ' ' . ? I al.
:i!.t. The i i ;? 'i -:.'.-. v .i ? "i. 'ml? .1.
J M ' I H\ I MI'olMMl \ T8.
-1^ \ \ I \ I '. M 111 M N I I? >V s A\'|. ??I Ml | 1">?.
it\ 'Hi",RAP? Ti IM* HHM.1I'
\\ a>ii in?,. i<*>, Aj'i ii "?. 11.?- Senate to-day cop fin
the folios Ins, noisluattoui. j
i .
. ' i . ? -?..;.. .|
N-.-Yi.iIi ?T M > ?I ' ' ?
? ?? . ? ....'.NI.
, ki..i. ;? . .
li,.ii -? h I.'. .-,. 'I . : m Mir
. -
I! ..!?.: . . n; ? . . " i III ? H -
i s. 1. ,. i'. - .r i, ? , ' ? .
, V . \? i. ' ..... P
li..??., .Sr? ?. I A.,r. I, ?, . V
K ? - ? ?. ' I F ? I
ii. . i . i ki h ? t? > i. .
' I:,.-??. 1 Ml
..1' |>| NI . . i , U,
I . I., . |l..; V. M.I.... I . laill.fl
, li i.i LI ?
j Mi? si,., m (I T, ? I . I ?;./?
? '!'?? KlJ . M Wii.^ni If Tarto Ktfiak? M.n...
, Kobi? W. W. I- W u. i.?. I.. .Lill KtXh ?.?-in... li '
1 II li . Ni i i, K. i?,,. Um M \i-ri..,! to .
? I.?,.., I. >|..i , I. m .i ??'.! M. It.,..:? NI l.r.n. I'm- K 1
! Job K lim.. ? N ? ' M?
r. .. f..i. . VVI lain I'. Ul n U' nu,,, i ..(
i '. ., NN t..* :. ^ N ' ;. .
n i urirnmii. I lil lum rt ?if Mi?hil i
.<,*,., 11 ?? ?i r /.?..-. m.mi-.i. xviti, i ,.?,
!?.. . .i,, ,. Heurt I.-.!... ? SI UksrWl -,
'Jin s 'til?n Mie?ni/ iiiiTi.il.ntli.iiv
' ? S . ? pi. i, I"; II >tn NV !
I ..lu*? V \ ?lu 1 li? ."? W".-< if N 1 Wll K I IV
? ni?.? Mi.l. ; ??am M >? liri .!?..i ? ? a I
D I ' . v ?? rl.iuu llipet. Pa i li
j Wella llul? Part Pa i Jaaae* Willan !?" ni. W ii'.'.
! \m.\V,,ri Pi Amu P H,.f. 1, I. J ?lil, lw?l ln..iKi I. <l".?'.i. h,
Maa> >:?>?? li Kir' . I n-i Kal ' ki "i. n Ji.hu W
I Iulbi li M ?. i "n.i.1 ?,.,
i II m?! MiltM, Pa. ? Via luin?.?-, Williaaaaavrt I'? i I.i. W M .?
, Ji.ifillf. r>?
i '?!,$?! >u ji?,, ,,.. ?,>, ,?. ii Barrlar ofPaaaafHajari*,
.Niii?lM.?il?,.,r_'| J \N.,.!f? k1 NN'kil, : ^l,.n
? ? <?/ ?.il'i iiai /.>.?,..'- N.,.. .... I' NKj'i? 1 .i:r'
\ 11 H.?:? S'
?i uum.ii /.'.?? ... - n.!..'|.i Pvrrrnam PlfthT)l?trln M .
laan M i.?"? FMrd DubtH M mi",i- Jaaus Clfiueuli
lliru MSrlal Mi.l'.??'
I..I.1 Mull. .V'l -'" 'm ' A i"?? W'..tffn l.i.'t., I 'l?i,if'??f
t /'.hi?, i Avml??rmtk N ?,irl,f k? M?.. i, i 'v N|?.
- \Mi)A.
i at Tai.ai.axra tu th* tkihi <ib.
Tokontc?. 0. W., April '? - The sHbolttoCUte \nluu
teer torces which sets wssntly ae?eiss to lu.iu taess.
. selseatortiodssfss, bars seen plsccd under rnartlal law,
? hud the surbartty of Tim (>n??-n'? irc^ilMioos. liuiiniz
tbe time, ? ai-ii parade < ommsadttig nfn? er I?i? the powtjr
, of placing any memin-r under srrsst, who absents lum
' *eir from drill. The different ?anrps in tin- diatricl Ukn?
iii-eii piiiceUander eomswndol Major.den. ntlsted Tlie
telegraph station ut Fathei Point is i.ow ??im-n for tbe
, aesSAti.
'?'?HT'iWs RE? MM.
! Bl tii?-.k*fB tv tata tSNSJata
i \Vn?IHm.I'iv. A|>nlri. The foil" niiip stat* lueiit of
.<? . ? let I, fur ? BSaatSBS it ?nu \?mh Ii Mt) lOSSth, bax been re
ifiteil.ii Hie office of the fouiiii .'.oi.o NVwYoilt,
I ?VaiO.i'Mt 911 l'bi! ulelnlu.i, ?:i.'.i:n 44 ; lialtluuire. til1'
; "S7 ul ; New-OrissBa, M*ri'b Htbto Wd, aoa.aa? 71; f-^u
Krali.'lMo. I ?-li Wil to ?Hth. Sut ?it- 74 T?it.t!. t?.lVi7.t,H?i m
11.1 iticipt? from panton have not yet been recchred.
B3 rom)tsring tble ?tatcinent with the one wLiri? lidme
. ill.itrly j.!? 111 iii '1 .I. li is ii.ural Ibnt lu .V'cnt York 'in-i
!...- I.. 1 ii ..1. ll.tKiiM of limit tjijii, iUf'M*i.
rvfov 1 -vi n :?? iM!ri;o\n.
at tu r tf h -hi TKB ii. si Vi
ipnl ft. lim l'i:,nil '?i.i'n Diatricl
? : .1!. nijiil.i luu. ii:..Hist II.?
gillg t0 lill' flu? li
1 I'aiili? KaiJioad li
bboadwa-v burbacr mm. in ma AiftatfT'l
g'lBTBltim aaiDSB BUM i ? - -1 - r > ihiimii-n
UK WiiHKIM.WilMl'.N.
|i? Tri mum-? Ti) tb? TkiBin?
A LB ANT) l-'i iiluv, /\| ni ' i* 7
II,i l-i nair Iii ni: lil I'll ; ?< --. ii the i Ighl hi,III laW. All
an,, i>.lu.? nt ill,i"I I.) Mi Polgei ll'it un < Inld of IO
j i .n ? 11 muli i Miali 11 compelled to aorh mon tbi ? als
I.s a ilav. nur nene than fOBI I.mu at a linn , I ica'i d
a good iii iii 11 ihn naslon, i ut se rote waa tgki n ni oa it
The Wharves anal Itara bill "u- act tahen np m the
Assembly to-alght, as waa expected, bal matead aa la
, n.. i m. i . t-i m pi aaa maitn tt rtnililn Um Oom Pewa
Railroad MIL Um v\. ? i K111 V;.i!. y Rail.i lilli, aaa aged
Dhethal of the MMJaad and Central roam panned the
.A. i i.il.lv ti. ni: hi TI. ii.IM of Ila Ii.'m I I lain h
i.i tin i,i t, i?i ni, ?in ia iii ti,. i. ;\, a,ni imir business
ti au ai I' .1 Illili, ii,11 hil' ali \ tun .1. \ ? ni I lu- -i ?- mi,
llii' Cnnli li in i < nuiliiilti e mi ti,?' bill tri Ihr I ill t Im r
priiteetloii ri reinnh employ/-?, ??ported the rend! al
Hu m i.ii..-i?, 'li i '..,!?? -, ? ? . \ uiblv, und tin report
was ,.;'iri ii t.. The pin-,.n- ni ttu bill an ii.it mi
pu pi it.\ i n" i m nipt bj lui shall beexi mpl from k vi
or nail under au execution issued upon a judjrtuoot iii
t.,.i in aaj i uui ; in Hu < u\ ? i Ni a Vol k, (? i woi i<,
I,il,m m service done m pertorraed bj .n, '.deem
i,ji'v.. w Inn m h ;.ant dom not ex ce? I tai ?, ,
r m I .i i\ i . I ?.. I Wli ' ' ' i :,u.V ?'-1 . nt mi; l-M . ii ilpili
unit a? aforesaid, nhall be returned unaalif fa ?I,
Hie ( 1er! it.' nurt then lu mu li judgnn at wa* ? b
?. ?;, ii. ? ? ? i, in au) M..'-hal
i. it in City ol N. v. York, commanding linn to colli-el the
..,, , m t m,i ail.,,! mu n i idgtuent, i i m di ruell of iiuj
in. ni iiii i.. ? tu ai-ri -i ti.i- .h h ndanl n i i.
.i.i.i linn -at. iv . mi \> -, in tfce i. .I ii Hu debiera prt?ou
ni m,, i . nii'v .is.- York, ana ? ?nun min I lu
Ki. ii tin iii t. mlant v.," ? ' !? < til et im
? ball ] . a* m m i?
...'.. i a -,., i. luipi - r al
suuil in nu ease extend beyond thi la-riodul fin ii
i.., :-. i ule . n i i" Hw n
(.mlui r r., i ni ii it
Until 1)1 anches of the I of Hi .
ti III f . I I li-, .lilli
1 ? ,: exempli na
(? iiii.j Hail
l ..llir 11,1 In a (Ililli
i, ?idim . fore tin y p.,--. d flnallj. tiny
?j..nded, -n thal Iii? i,m.i? exeaiM
In a ? on i \ . i ,i i. i - i ', ,' Imp?t".!
uni n h i ? ' tnii Ulta late
duj ? ,.. ? i no fin. i?
i taxation
i ? Ihn.ii; h both
. inns I li. ?
lillllbtl k, \V . ' ? ' I.Uligal
sud c .
t. i? 'i i., -i ? - I a third
'inn i,f
? ? ? > > .li ii h>
| ,nilli?!.
II. -I I?.
v. .i n i rtial
, i ...Iwy
. ?
? i
i i .
i.. / nu
? i /
? i i
? .
. i
i '
, , i
? i
i . i ? .
? ? '
? ?
i. ? ? \ i
i ?
l ?
? li
- I
' ? ?
'. ? ..
houtl - i ? . ' '. . : i
Will li tll<\ tll-l ..It
? ?
rellim ? ? din i i: ian I
|?,V I I |i. fl\
?t tu . , ? itan i
- . '. \ . lilllM A
IXiT.t? To i lllftli HRAIl
. nlll|..l
AutJi?. itf 1
\ Brooklyn I I ,1 ,
: ted '
,.-... 1 ' 'I III.
nil . vi ii'.i eiu.n i -\i vin in i
. . 'I i.i.*.- ...... ,1 Ila ;M.p...n!ir. ni
' l-l ' :. -li? ? IJlilnl |'u ? -
. I i, ii.
np i - i isaen
Authoi ring the < ' ' rupliiin < an.ii In
ila ?ixe of ti ? i ' i i i rule ol 11 t., i:t. ,\
im,ti.m tn h . i.ii-iii. ? ? an the t.iiili
I t ii U hu !.? nu the Rrl?
Cil..li. Wi -1 lit -.:..? II-.-. I...I ... .i loti n| li, lal. A
lo reel
Beni ? linehans Ui Idge ( km
iii. i inpi.a'um tm the ?iipimit of IheBtate ;
(ii.-, n I.'
\n*h,.i li lion of a iii.iini.il im tin bm ..f
[Hil! ' ? nil.ni.
\ I ? I - : ? ? I ? ; ' ? ? r the ( niii|il. linn nf tin Kin,ii '
\ ' 1
\ Mi.i. N, un- iii Ihr I ii until- n f (Mu Pla niai M al ?
? nan? railroad lioodi
i .ni' u.uitiesol Ni w Vori and Kinara front
thi pi..-, ".h - i,f tin law of l&S relative to thi ,-i..t. Lu
natii ?? '
"'?ii i i vi Rep..N 'i iimvi ii in i .??iriir m tin A--, m
eut lUioiporutiug the HoldlriV Mi
< uuipaiiy.
Mi ii < mi l'.i'in ?h.m Kings) and Mr PIERfON
(Rep., K.i,.-, n|i|.n-iii ii,, i. ..., ,i h mfhoritei the
. n . ! m. .-t .U:- .nul -t.: ml- mi tin tree to Af Ni w Yors
sud Brooklyn, excepl Broadway, with the eou eui al tai
owuer* or .,? i ,,|i,ini- ni in.i?-i - ..h .-m h -tu et*.
li. ..na iillu, nt WS! t.u.iliV i nln Ulled III hv a v ntr nt
ti tot
1 nuhling the Tanimaai t-m lefj m < nluttihmii ( min to
hold tSO.OMii wniiii ol h ai i ?tate.
Autborlcina ti? n. ? Voit Supervisor! to reeoaaldet
I tin ... non n i u m i i.e.- certain lax? - to bank*.
inn :|".i.nu.. tin Nea Vori .uni Luna Islam] Bridge
i ,'ii.p
To amend the i.i? regulutlng pilotagi m the Port of
I Nev. Vori
a reaolution wai adopted calling npon Jndge Coonany
ol .N> v\ Vin k foi intu? mat um lu I ela I mu to tlir rhargi
! the Mein uolhuui Police Board.
I Ml LOM |Rep., BnUlvan) opposed the reaolntton, whleh
. Wai ailn|iti ii. dm ililli-' tia ( nlilli.liri In Jin |.ntr and it
; portal Hu neal naaalon a pian ol equalising taxation.
Hi , i h.s uni.i 7.in o'clock.
nut - ullin Rl li TO A I UIl.i> i.i vi,im.
Repealing the ai t to pn vmi extortion b> railroad
companies *o tai a- tin -.mu appila* t<? tlii Tra) and
Boston Railroad ( omiaiuj,
Autluui/iiL' the Loua Iataad Railroad CoMpaoj la in
? reaaa ihr i apltal -ti? k.
lill l I..UI mu I: en I
The I iclit Minn l.iiii.M tun wa? taken nu in ( onnuittei
Ol the UI,.'.
Mi loi.i.LK (Repu, Ontario) morad mi mnendment,
dei J.niti-' it a iiiimIi nu a:ini to employ miaora moie than
ei^iti hums a day, nor more than foul boura eousecutl?e
ly.iuauv tut.nv. a?il, or pu... m employaient when,
m m ?hull munn-* i,,, employed la Bambers greatsi
than five ut n ltm#
.Mwi? ( AMI'HKI.I., (Rep , (nu ida ?ml KI.1NK. (Rup,
Mmrrpiilirrv I i'|ip'-i rltln iuliMnllurut ,i- hnpructlcuule.
Mi 1 OLUJCR m-iilnl that the iiineiiilim-iit -.vn-i rlubt lu
lunn l|ili r, I r ? n. n t.-11 it miLht ncril ulti ration in di-rsd.
Mt PARSONB (Rep., Muuroej moved lo in Du? age at
If, VI ill ?.
iSndiBj tata umlinn, awAgaaai *r^? maaifl !?
a mian a* ?Ms,.
\nu iidini: thr act mr the better proteetloa of aaaaatB
In the port .1 ^,?? Voik
Beeutotlng fhr pia. ti,, in the Flral Kedkaai>lstriet,aa
to holdltog linn." lu 'hanlin i,. tar the parpaae ef exclu
hivi ly (loaring ti P*u '* audcouteatrd motious. Adjouiueu.
nu I h PABBXO,
To aim ml llu ?" i relative to taxi - and a?? --menin
lu the t.ty ol Naw?Ynrg li previ dei B?i rha spiioinl
lil! lit ni tlili'i' l'ai MiiuiiilKMOlii r? bj I In I ,n\ i I lui ,u.,l
F*or relief aeaii^t IIIcl'hI taxatlan It pruvide? fnrre
tiunliiiK inm,'\- i It.,uki sod
lii-inaiHi Comi'liui? -?
The Mroait'Viv HmCf hill lu io i:
'i,. ia. . !..?? tlieci of tin Ni a *i uri I
and Midland Railroad Compauy, and lu asempi certain
I nuil- tli.li. t., X.i tiali bl a VU!? "li-,!" .1
Jo facilitan tbc ivmiiiu tiou gi th? Duli beru Outrai
I'. .In.ni. and li? exempt ?? rtmu bond* from t..xution
by a vote of 74 toil
lu auliiiit/MM- the ronid nu lion of ?i raitrond hi A. mum
< ..i 'I - Hu i Mu-, t* m tbe City of New Yolk, by S vot? of
?Jl to U.
Tu im ui|n mt('lin- Net? Yoi li and Knst Hitir lliulire
ii) foi in? ? .insu in t kui of a bridge ovi i Lbe?ast
River, Im t ah h New-Yorl seal Ki<n.klyii.
'I'o n | i.iii- til aajo of vegetables lu Um ?VityeJ New
> ? ik |.y nni ililli I list Cod ol im-wmi?'.
Hi l i Ml til M li 111
To .m.' ml ilie eos to ehange tbe route of t li?- Broad?
way and Seventh Aveiuie Kaiirrmd.
'I? ?i ".ali tor tlio regiatriition of Hirth*. Man aria.aud
I eatha
To authorise lae appointment of in*pe?'inig Nupertri
t? :ulints im Muli' (aiials, nuil to alinln-h Ila ollueof
hu|M liutiiiili nt of impair?
in prevldeieras seeessMi tsajttsseuaalte Kew Tori
Votant? 11 -
nu i ? iNru?m i i o
By Mr t-i.i.KHl'.i; iKcsN.Tomplros)?Tossaertdth? Ri
ni . ii t tal iii it ii I. .lui/ lu Hi e o| kui ni? of Tell Kia I'll l' DI*
I ..ii in > ; lu ?.nu mi tbe .ut to regulan TelegtuphC'oui
p.inn i
? 11 ni mu i i i i,-, ni r ?ti i mi. roi ?i i mir
Tin sii.AKll: .iinuiiiiii i ii Hie follswing Onufereace
<"u.m.:t i i h tin i-,i (iit.'l I'ni.ii inn MesKi*. II smith
'I' I , Ul .I. Illili I Ki |i , Alllillltl, I- 11. - li.I |. . Hill! -li?
ll f. II I', I. (ililli ? 111. |. . Killlis.ll.il I}, illili Kui ? I Hull fi li:
Hil Is- I'ASSKI?
I'n inthraisc portals latwss le lasas sanea) fer the eon
stun linn i-i iin nuntin in < 11 ti.ii Railroad.
'i'n i.h iin.iii tin- i niiHti'iii'um ni iin- Dutchess .i<!
I I lUIUl :
Toeatasad las Usas foi lae rosstruetlos ol IhoWeal
HI. Ra Iroad
Knr tin i?. m ni nf niiirtf.i?'e bsiidsei Platt*! rigta sag
Mull!II i'l li.I.lui.ill l'i'lu|'.ni\ ?
i'n ..m. .i' ti e ai i h lativs te nai igatlen ? t Cayuga and
Hi in i? i
li? i. ? in , ) p. m.
I.\ | MM i g1 ?-SION.
nu i s jas. i o.
In i? I..linn to publi. parka in the City ol Krook
l\ u
To provide for tbe vpenlngof Pljravoetl-sl I
'I'. authorize an hiMliutiuu for saving* foi nut. mints'
. li I k- In .ii . lill,111.iii .1 - .?
in a .it ?m; i /? tin . miaul ulai ion . f Buffalo Cn w Cul end
i .i i , , i ,i ii,ni.o.ul i ..mi' mil i
lo .nulimi/,,' tin- Travelers' National Is* rai.m
I'.Il y , t-i i If. i t Iii II.Oui I li Hu llVisl.f llullNlill.il-.
To '.i> uni .ii lib i:. nu- .ml m i;,11 n... id ' ,, ii ty.
l .i f.u ?lit.iii ti.i'. 1.1.m i m lum uf tbe m U?w .i i., i '.'. !
li \ I...ill .',.i|
Vor tin i.i,Hu i | mil. iiuli,i.f Ki m..ii I ii |.. In Ne s
Tori < Hy.
!.. laj .ut Washington B?j an btaj utoi tiehmene
h a ??? nuai ! Institute in Ni i
li :.. ii i I li.? l.ui:. .
' ' ni.ut
TO fin iii!.li' II ' . ..nilli, '?nu . ! II..' \\
i le th? fi.iiiliiin s : ; - Denk, N<
Tu h ? orpoi ? m kel . Rai k. :,,
i' rorporati the Co?timmtal Loma sud Mlntag
? ? lllp.ll.'
I m till l'i "i i ' 1.1'li of Kum 'ii Catholii (ii ?lill ' !
'in aathoi Lie the Duranj o vihi i Miuing ( ? ? pi ay le
l-Mir ||i f. I li ii afl ? k
Poi Hu bette i protection "f j- 'turon
Ni a ? uri
|. til) I'l pOfl I . :. I
'l r> \. li ||l li
El i.i in>\ i\ 11.1.1.a,? .\< g,
t n\\i:i i ni i
1 lu I.i'i -t n lui us lunn ( i uni??'11' it. ;.i i .it i uti ur tO
tin Nu w i?-11 |..i|ii-is i m.i un i in s?.nl\ in eleven I
..li a- full?!
--I?*? |g?f|
ii.. ? ii
Um. l - t.. I . .
I . n?. i.l :.' i ..i-. : i' i
Hartford MU I ? Ml*
I.ii. bin -'.I ii l, 1 ?::i
Middlesex I *.vm
.N.'W I ..ml..li '.* .
1i.IIi.ikI I.i I I i
NN.i.Iii.nu '.-. I .'.114
I. ? I ii
I hi, . I "li 'i ? lu i. .'I!" i if "> | |i, total
N..ti i- "M j'. I .i ? ? ? r tin ' -..io. Tb.'
Vote tins'...,; in. ij... HU - Hill low IIS i\i.ii|s I hat
? ,. , , i lu iii- larg* -t vote
... i ... ; i. iii. State.
I - M V I 1 ?.. - I I I . I II ?
K. ? ?
ii ?'" i ., i i .i .. i . it i?
. ii ii i -. lu ? M - l
U l ? M id? Ik . n ii
NN ,1.1 ,. ,.
I" I, '..I .. .. lil m
i>. |. un ii au m..im it \. ia
M W row,
"llli'lh InlNIl HiNN \ i I I < I IllSr
v" MIN.N '-IIIMIN l-l.l. Will |,\ I'..-' I'.|l j
? '?'ik. Win .-. l'i iin .in ii:. |. .1 tal m "l : M i
? - I.mll?iw 'li- 11 i: I lilli . t..i. .fnlin t*. Younga i'i p ?
I ,-l II I ti I' 'S 'H' . II' 11 'H' I "I -.lil .Iii til ki I ? I- . 1, , I, ,1
..i- Bsuervlser. ?-mm? i f firsbosnt
? ? ik. - n..!.. ii i..n. ' ? i
ii. nn li ni ruler. Roi nun n
'I l.i- ; ? Mia 1 ... n tiefcet ? attTe I I i
Nut. ! ' I'm.I II.ill-.
franklin II Utertou iltep.j ?run ? ..ti.i fur supervisai
HIN I lilli ?l> I 1. . li li .1. .1,11.1 I . IV? I!, i li. |. . ;.. -: '|. I ',|.|||;
s.iiniu I i i illuik . A--< -?m fllelll Hi,I.iiinl ( : i i. Col
'..?..i lui. .f tin iii j.iii.iiiaii iii kui wea
? I .-i?. I li I: l-l ?M. .'.ii- Di N I
vui>. .-. 1-..I. ..lal ! In ni uni. ..f li.i 'n kit linn- ?' .n,.' in,
'-|.|.i -il nui.
I In- t'hnrterelections iu iHiio generslly exhibit I??
publican gains InTirlr-lntlm Mrp'iirliraeii i .-'...i
lu elect in a eyer) one "f theil eandidates ou the fit]
in kit. .uni lunl tin- 1 .' (ullin linn ii. Iin i 11 > l.^t
Spring elected sat twmeiluien s nrajorif j b4 Democrat*
ami ti.. -Ii.n/ll Of linn i.itn i UN in k.l. At OlSW
land all th? Ue|?tiblie?ii iii. ? u ?lul.iii-. except the
nominee foi Mayor, whu wa dofeatisl won elected
liN llillll :>+> In '?BJ in in.I ;1 j / li. It,ulir u--i'lf? tilt- I
i li i I um ni tin- I ?? ii ni i it ii Mayor lu ti uni. li - in -
lilli ill tin iii W :ii<i III I?, lum I lill Nu!.
.?i i ; lunn' tii.in ui in polled im l"it!, candidates foi
Mayot i.N..n gan, lln- total vote waa l,ie<7, wbili
then are not ?W legal voter* in the Ward. A -imilai |
state of adair* exist* in the ; th Ward, In Ihtytou :
illu hume ol \ a Ila lu ii'-'li um ti.Iii I mil I ?'-ulled 111
tin-,ii? ?.-, nt tin in lu.li If? luiiili. .m ihn ticket, by
m.i.mi it o - ranging from i '>< ? lo M\ lim average
I inuli m um it v mi tin mm t n ki t i- i'"i ; last Spring
ii u.i- "i.- ; -n tluit tin I uion gain in 1 .'. A lull vote
would have show li Ikajgain I'he t'oiineil -t.nul, '.?
I inuli ami 7 Dem?crata, lu l.'.r. iiin.i lln I ii u-i i
ticket waa elected without op|K**itiou<
A ii i-|i;ili li tu ( nu ililli! i. I i.?ni ( bjeag.i 1 In I ? ?I.
sun, ili.it Keokul Iowa ? I?? hil Kepiihlicnii <n\
i.Hi. .1- li li.i- USIiall) pnm Oiliiui lain
Returns i i ?nu Mu liman show thal lb?' l'i lull.'u .ni?
bil Ne i an ii ii I Im State I in aliniii tim usual UgjOfife) ,
The M'tf w:is very light, ami there vu uo excttg
ment whatever, lu the Milwaukee chartei election
lln l?e pu bl n ans uaiinil tun ( ?m m ilim-n,
////. ?XDI t \ Il JA
'lill I nul in I nul? M N--M RE I?IM UaVDIl KIN
st msjissn t" m* ta ivns
Si lan is. Mu.. April B Tim n jMii h ii in.i?,u iv at '
1'iilt BllfOtd Is lint i H'lllleil lui?. 1.'tills lliiNC 1.li
receivediresa Fart Bull) '?> a imiiili-iuauot' thiseity,
??i a intu? date than 111?- one upon \n lu? h the story i? ,
I'.i-. ii. nn hirlj r?-|HilI ail W.U. ami inakn no .illusion I
to any dieaater. Oen. simiimm has received no id
rloanel a n m--?n i?-. .'?mi ?iis i ??-1 n ?-, n, tin- report,
ahm m im sr OP nu i "i:i Ki ?I'.skv MI--U 'in:.
Tin Hi I'm' (Ul mt. i ii a i Jl. i nil ?1 Mm? li Ttli ioniums
tile following nu mint ol tlie fort i'lill Kr.iiin-N tu i-?u< n .
us fmiii-ii'-'i tu ?"im- erlitte linn in ladlauii <,uii'<t>'?->d
llillll?! '.NI J, III III?' lll.l--.li I?*
'liieN, tin -mu?. u i n- about j.imi atrmirf. Ml warriors
Nxuiimit ti.? n faim los I: a? king .? >ii"i> n?v Ine i ? SI the
fuit, the main IxmIn uf iiuii.il., wera aistioued os opposite i
sMssot tin- ?ImIiI?-. In I n lC ? bin- tu the gSSSBd SS SS IM*) t? '
In; ki-iii. w lull- ili?-v wnt ii ?mall tinmiiiT nf theil l>C8t j
ridera ?n s dash up to sesi t u, psstwlMSreUMOorera- |
nu ut liol-? ? nii-l uiulea were, luu??. .?ud stsrspsded tlieiu,
Tua commander st tin- post lent*eel aiiom te men ;
ni.ii stflcsrs lo iitiraun Hie Inili.ttia, ninl ro?ov?*i-. I
jf lMi-nl.lr. tin- lust aim h 'i he letlllng ?lllull j
I?.uni of Intimi? went a'ow SSeugfe '0 en
L-fiuraee s>elr sursuers ssd led tu? si luto tbe usirow .In
jil? s Mrs built - of iii-iii"!!- wain 'l n? s>atjrey them. The
imp was ?m i?-??tni la avert pariicnlar Aftei tim little
?....mu i.um "t iiu<>|i- hail falrl? ?ut?i? d the deep canon, tho
Ililli,m? m In? 'lu s.iIdb of tin- iiiiuist.iiii nu either abb'
liiiMcil mut in. i a \oilev of arrows and inilli-t?, Killing on
tin- Beet ??I bit 1" m H,e mi id 1er* alni Sverj officer,
liii- r.tliuiijii u in min i wero wounded, the Indiana
-ni. fought i'i.m i .uni kilb'd seme li or te of their nun)
i.i i .nu .na itn atna three principaleble/a.hefurs tbey
N?ere ^Uut ?lutNii. Rut lhere Wa* mu of the brnv* bot - m
t.Un w boni neil tau their arrows imr bullet? would Mi.
tlniu*ili be (lui iiiuiilii'il.i*. um.i..I?. Ile stood 111? and
rougut bsnd to asset tin overwhelmed by their ?luaing
up,m linn, .un! .'un \ ini; lum i.ff it |?rlv)uer to their ramp,
wueJi n? srset? nail) tortsred io.i?atb. The savage* saj
ibel ?'''V"' I""" l*1" i""" boni?; fin- fttti?! deftli-, th? j !
Kt.it -.n? i ""? ' f i ., .m i '.i n. n.rowers aeai the
ia to ?oake ?ureol Itseupture in rase the ii m .pa
iiiiuiiiiim i> ib|u ahould la sent out to the relief of their
luiniub- uni iin-NN.i- i.i done, although they could
phill ,\ la .11 ll,i I.i || t. lunn Hu I u?t I
rilKl.llKAl I.I I A NMIvl'l I||,\ :,u,|.,i|>?i iN * \\ WV WI
Fri'iu ('ia f|,i .1 i.v. i, |,?I.
H WA*.N vu, li.i., April 9, 1M?7.
The Reconstruction meeting yesterday was one ni"
the lai-p ?t ever held io thin mate Reven Ihdiiaa?ul per
non? we:i' pr?sent, white and MinuV, and the, sntluu-fivsm
waaextrenw Ex-Oov Jamc^folfhsou wMr^ealdant and
BBhwaj other!? on tho stage wen- l'iiltcd states Diatrk t
Attona y I it. li, A I,. Muru?, Haul Dr. Kallic;:iiit, who wau
? Hal.m ut lia: <'i.iuu,,:tcc nu U-inol Kiona. J he follow
'i i wi ir iinanuut inly adopted :
?? kraeraaa, Congr? ??.by the punna eo of Mie Military lull
ami tia Hill Mi|ipli incntary IhnrIn, hal cii'.nly ii.
'I. I'd Ma um r lo l,r taken hy the p. ..pie in the
Southern Mun h in arder that, the; moy be restored to
Unir ilpili neilin in tho (luv eminent, i>r uni f.illiri?
! 1 I I I fl li ,
") li'mo/i-fil. Tliat we recognise ('oli/?ii'HS is the mi
pn un h ?r ilativa peweeiof the nation, and tb.ii Mir laws
i i in effect oui restoration v.i win observe ami
??j. ?it m.!.-i ii, That na roaagntaa tim progn-e-nf atona
? li Itu- ? ; fiaui I,,-i mi nt nt Hu , ni.I i ?ni, and that vs it li
ii.uti:ni forbearance we ".ill -tarni ?ho dder to ?aioaMi i In
raefganhring our State (tes animent, and hi maintaining
ti.r national ninty of tat I nltod states 'ona aad in
?i i arable.'
"3. liftolted. That the education of the whole ample
ia oi :!n hiebest j m pin : an. <: to the proaBertty and pei
petnltyofa free republican enveniment, ami that we
Will heiarti'ilh earnestly ?.ilu.i [ni' thi- cilmullni, ni every
Ci Un (i ni (Hil htalr.
"i. Rftohrtl, Thal we, respcrtf't?j and earnest}) n
? ? t ihe Military ConMiMUider nf the Third IMstrtet,
Jlujiud.ii .lui,n I'.ip. to nun i a u j;'uti.ill.mil ? h i
tu u at the i .ii lu 11,.iii,.,iii.i, .,i (or a Convention
tu n (wghnfae thi Mme of ft?orgia In ?ei mil.m i with Ute
i .
/ '. '.'.. / .That a i upy of til? pi.l.nv ?if thin
- i-e forwarded hy the flecrrtarj t>. h - r veellenei
ti ? ru nidi ni . i u..- Unit? d v . ? i, . ..?I t.. k1 . m i., u
: . p. '
Col i in h, -\l o made the vhU> *>ix < > u of the day, gar?
tin colored people, a treat deal of nilvlce, ulii.n, if
Janal Kimma expn-iaed tlnu- opinion . they an not
ready to accept Unsaid: 'Timy would ackaowled/ri that
?i rael aere : ?, Ir cm nu |?atoi -, and ra< ima In i
II r i m.ii.c.pilfi li. that It H ru-i. i f..f n pimp!.- tnui-r
ti,. ,i tn i ii nu Uiaa t., gain it. I'oiitu i li not thi* ttudy of
a day, but of years ol toil and ria? , heart #lr1ntc?s
?>i .1 i p.: fnt kiuiiv' ??ili'i- if hum ni li 'in i' lu your
tuan inn lulim -lil .?In alai fin -lill s . I. .. : li tn
- :-| . ? ' t ,. , white* ulm ti ii you th. t von i rr linn
Ido I i o-, lia' '?
hern the hu ne of all people, and they will I* yoe i i I
von fail lu act w ,-? '> awl well la your now retatto sto
ti . I.u . Whlll .'>'..IV- Will hi tal' |l'i .1 "I,
I nant mci in the world we livi i" To fit yon for lae exer
i ino ni |. '.u. .o righi ? yon miul I? poiith iliv i din ..ii al "
? , Iii m. u who -taml Uli their dlKlllty, Mill ' '.ni'-? I
i tlvltj ;'r? I that ti lu i- f..r them.
i iu V fn.il thal \ r-'i ii. i v m M'u'jM ii I v,., I Inn"- vii;, ii"
? np .u di? !.. tin m : i irai, thal tin re an .
i al mai . thi Ci ou nu n a? tin i can ni
I, tlii-n, ih.it iiu h .ulm: . ol< i. .1 men, * ho will
control nu.i truth- ol the eohired voh . til give Hutu
i.. M.i.p..i t whatevur. J I man, In
nil ni h ?pn i h.-nul th it *"la\ i ii wa- tyranny, liad that
?lu-, ki..- . ihun: ni bli rare. Under the old system
ii|n ii'-d tn u-.- diaaimnlatma toward
f?n :r m i-fci-, .na? that lu,' , foi till fir?! ?linnhe muid
lill tin lu tin milli (ni. I'lti-ll hail -aid that lia-V inu-l
i ,. r ihr a uitea ? ure tli. ? m iui ipa i
they wen Mn i m mi Ipat, '.I If, v.-, ..I tin * li it e people
gwuVrally in umli. --and that he was under no ubi
I .. ai.v nuin. Im' IBS ficctloinof lil li i-r If ?nut hi? I a. < - . th,
' naliirul lawn .uni tin force of ein uuutti n
. . -, M ir du. i ii ii liv I mil t n i milln I pal lull. I.i HCkuowl
edged t hi i ? ??: i ii min an flora?-? flr?-*"htj and
Phillips, ami v..i- thank! ii that God p it
the,, hearts to labor for liberte aud equal rights, Vn
n.uI ulm I nun m. the other day, mt how
owoiiblvote. He won Id uti t Inna. Tin \ would
r fo ' , 'I au.i i is 1'ulon mei Sa hi Ip him
(urti, be i mild uevei upportuujf ona but loyal men fur
ofTiri ( ..luied inrii win i ,.t fool* thet Enea
enough lie Balli right, ami tiu-v would rote
i lu v WOOld vote ai? 'mV lulighl tm tit pirty
v,imii h.u! aiwayi advocated the iri-oal prim
and tin ra um ol Hu ir country ile
wini i d Mr whiti i ,| i :<? nuleratai ' di tlneflj that
Mu > u. ii.limi rhi t a lu'u. 1 Mayor, oi bave tiivmore
nun i i. a.. i-. n ii,. . 'i be filled i?\ both.
wh.ii aud colored men, who were ea|wMe of terring
wit h Inn,i u llr would h.i\ i w I. in and colored ali i
mu? white and ci need polieHneii, sud the nooner people
know it tia bettei iiu- wai (he fnwt tine hi hud ever
.nilli, --ni .m i.-xiiiiuai., .t mi) considerable nnuibei
? Ul WHS SO | . ? i III li.ni
? at ?i um.! In Man md ( \p.. '? d to we
i.imr ut tin m in Uaiaareaa Munedaj Ile bad, however,
? vi? ? ti ii. aad bulged im Ihta day lo cohmfot t
vi u-, ami-. nu peopli might hi- -uipii-ril to see white
ami i nInn d tn.-n working ?honldel to -Inn Mci in the
,' fi. id be wai1 nt u ?? ,- .i gtortona nat for hi*
.uni lu, tliaiiti d (.ml ln.it whiii iiml I.?.nl< linn
l ad al !.. I m, I ui.m r Un ' Hie) loved -?? vi fl to
in m h to Ci lou am! -, , t, iv
it i- iiiipn-M l-l. in desrrfhi ti..- Intense
rniuii-iiiMu rvinnuni in im ayeaker and
mid look . rti in |di v. iib "h . ', be u I mil .11.. the
1,1..it i h.u li within a fea yeu m to Hu dlftVreiici l*
lui. n Tiuiiiiu- -lum- his hrnthei i', grv ; fiixttlve,
,i.. u, lu li mu Hi.ft. ii, und ihtWBKi 'I lii'.'iii-li the st rv. i . nf
*-.i\ minah to |all uud him, Janu - -uni.,.-. lulroduciMl by
a *-nutiu ?: u .' it!, n rernort.In -s.. |H>lit]
Tir , rov , lils .Mi: isiaam, and,
?.ui kail been liefere rat hei - io i.-p mito
?OUI? ?|in i hr- llu V iliplaiun li Ililli tn Hie ern,' -aiillis
ihu au m f\,, i, ,i,, , of iui i '-. '
In Ihr (? ri ULI . I.i | -l.lt li Cr lu-V t Mi nillir r. Illili -- :
piuimu li: i ni,,u ii in? u u'rt a lilli? n alone, and , "ii:1 i r
to .l.r. at i,iii. . ly In i ipjMMi .1 tn li i\ u.t ? ,?
I than v hif#? vi,tri-. IIU Nlu-ecb va-.ni. ,.\w,,l...l
lulu tin rpfechof tim day Ula .ir.u. i.a.
i . and i lefcaul Slid Im-siiI Ii I -tv Ii nf
iii.ii'iv. uii|.i--..i everj one, mid .ni' \ ,-t..i,:-iu d
an had in vrr hraid him speal lu fuir |fe rv ?.<
lidlowed bj i (i * .mpl .i!, a > nluii i, man, lind ai. i \. c1
ii .'i.
u mu the work righi - ,
? nhm u oten, uni30 while meu on tbi plaitmia i,;.rr
i m. I verj in ii> i m ideas i i both i uuhb-ii. \ i- u ..i i he
? mi, -|rt..ikri - v , i, .inn a- ti.mi pun \ . bal but -n
, n tin i ul< n u men ; tin > ipaha i? hiiv ami fm ly,
MM IM ( M.'ol ,l\ \.
-fi li Mi-l i.'.\ i.i.i; M i li vi:l I-;..\ III ?Umumi
Ull l-KM.M IIVIII I'Mil V.
\i i nieetibf ol the (luuleaton boara ni Trade,
I i.i.v mi ina.u a lana -p. i. li u|mn reoousuruo>
lum. fiuin v. lui li wi quote tin- fallow
Tin \. t nt i "i rn ?-. , . i.t'v i a -, ii. ?ni- .iS.-Uun d that
? i .lin ni ti l I itnl \ . j, i ulii|i:, ivl pimple.
:i lui . a'.-' .nu Ml) tlilll that Lmlv li.I- a righi IS .l.r.
in ni ? TI.. |i..\-11 i \i-t- in thal bod)' to dictate those
terms, II i secure tor th< uexl iwoyeun. andakenthey
|,,,u' tu. m-. :vi- -.(.'.ii. ;v aid broad li upon thal pint
form. I f "i 01 ?. du no1 propose to gn u> fin- Kupreuu ( burt
ni any when elie, foi lui pin jh.m of dl*puUng thal power;
hut In good faith I will ucrent the terms, humiliating aa
the) iu:i> lu . and np. lily. t.i!r!\, nul -,,,1.111 l_v inn- their
adoption before um people. Urcat npp!aiu< \- I
1 uve -ml tu yon these ti un- are bunilllatlug, and,
in man] i.-p-.i-, uugeuerous and nutmd, inn. winn
1 uiilii -- 1M :. 1-1 theil pOWCI ni -|.l le n f the Pie -li lill t of
the United Btates, and without regard to theconstirw
Iion which haa In vain been held up to them fm taahtet
1-. Iiuilith-. I -. 1 DO ntlu l rnill-r fill m to adnpt ..- .1
matter of luterewt than to yield. I happen le be uno of
that class of person? thal ire dUtniuchuied now, kcuoe- |
forth, and fon \. i With refereuce tu the di-fnnn lu-iuc -,
clause, 11huih it wai nu unfortuuat? one. According to
mi estimate muir in the region of ? minti * in vak li 1 if- ;
nide, it appears thal within tia limit? "' anderaou l>in- '
trii-t ahme, nhout l,aw peraona would bi excluded from
the privilege of voting t pieiume that this rule will up
plj tn the entire Hnti of south Cand?na. Verj magj al
these nersousexcluded pujoj thi esteem, reipeet, and
confidence of thru fellow-cltlzeni. Sfant of ibem.
Indeed, are, lu mj humidi judgmeuf. uipun-d
Ul the friiiiai.nn nf mu State hu? i riiincut And
the aii-iiin of these gentlemen lu vont (on
rent Ion, when if nssemolrs fur the puj-noaa at
pi i pal lug a * imitllu?on, vlll be D -min e not only of re
L-i it to tin p- o j ? u . i. ut a misfortune in the Mate. I would,
i ben* fore, say tn even mau lu Boutb Carolina? wha> hat <
not been dtifruncbised,that as soon a- the nropjer order
baa heen Issued, be ?hould proceed t.> register ail aame, I
ami pn ii.nr tn t'Mlu polls to vote for thi 1.1-1 man thal '
ran at selected to form a constitution nadar which wa
und mu- j.u-ti 1 it\ can Ure, I believe that Congre?* mads
u mistake, and they w10 reallrt II. vbin the) extend
Mitfi.u-e tu tin? roi?lied man. Aa soma of tlii-M rrmatke I
ure likely to vr" m print, I wouM bera take occasion lo mi
one m-two things which I delire to go noon the renard.
When tin in, --al\ illili -In I. flinn ?lie Mate of >ew
\ m 1.. Mun ii liusetti, oi ( ibio, and sa] - to the black niau
-??Weare roorfrleuda? we are going to take care of
von ; vote with u?: thor white people 1 aiinotlK-1runted;" j
I want our colored men to sai t.> these cmiMarlcs. to the
M mai bniettimeu.thal laoouthCarolina, uudei tin-law,
u niHtti r- not bj whom it wai pain d, ever j colynil niau. 1
Iwentj one >*eari ol age, li eutiuod to lu? ballot, aad that ,
be would not ne allowed io\,.t. in M?r-:u Ihim it-, untesa i
he lund read aad write, ?ay to the emissary uf iiiuo
whocomei here tor the pur|HMe of k.m"k' advin a* to
how you shall vote, go bark toOhlu,snd enUgbtcn the
heathen there, before von route here, because nobhtetl I
man then 1- entitled tn vote, Within the la?t 1 Uiv? 1
weeks. Ni-w Jersey, Ohio, aud Mlchlgau have resolved j
thal the black man shall not vote mulei anj i-irctba- :
inn'* whatever. I know there irt an apprelaaiiion '
?ule -plead m the N'mth and U rsl tlliif, aflei til-rta nil ;
tim timi id Hu- Southern ?tates, we shell fall mtotlie
nui of our 1.Id all:, - ami a--,"'late.', the "1,1 IKmocrutic
i.irtv 1 say lo rou,genttameu,however,that 1 would ,
g1 ve' lin siu'li pwdgre WS have iiiionnth to M-ttle I
Ith that party, gentlemen, hi fore I. IV least, will unvii j
uuffi.iatr willi it ii.uod,k'ihsI.and apphmar] Man) ?
rou well U nieiiihi 1 Unit when Hu war first ?0UI I
icin ed, grillt liopi? und ixnei tiitlon? wen- held out hy
air friend? In the Xorfb and Weat, that there would be
10 war, and that It li commenced it would be imrth of
aaoo'a and Dlxon'i llne,and no1 Ui the Bouth. ion t
now.mi (turning to ueo Blckjeai.tbat faith was pledged, ,
nul I will now -tate Unit If Unit faith lind been property ?
miicd out? there li 00 piobahilnj that any Btate but
otitb Cundliiii would have Seceded from the ledi ral
men, Aaiiiu. durum the pendency of tlieC'oiiMitutloiml
mei.rtuiefit. EViry Jfortnern ncwxiuiper, pud iiliiinut
kvar* Democrat lu the eouidry. urged upon the eoiilhjo
elect It? pruvislou* It w u- n looted. A few weekn hilly
lapsed, and j et wi find that tn the |ni*.-Hk'e of thi- Hher- ,
au lull, our Dcmociatle friends, aotlua ?" ronjunetlon
?Ith old Th ul st. m 11-. wen- iu-iiiiineiiial la buMipo?
atina on that lull iiu iiiust odmiiH feotuu s. li went aoek
o the fien.if?. w11? finally iiiL.pt. d. and everj nm ni (lu
i, m., min ?m w- p. ipi 1 - ali nM 1 Ihe North, ?ofai as lam
llforuied, hi v.ul alni III l. ,1 lia *m lim I li i
Hu hill I a) to >( '. Iherel re, Ui it lu irv
udgim ni ii i*1 Uum i. r as tu rrk uen ?> ? i"1- and a i > a
Ulalu '?
liOsiiON April 1?The Itadget laitl before Um
House ii Cnmin. n, lest night hy Mr. Disraeli giv?s
general ?aiisfm-tjiiii. ami Is well if?.rived bj th* | ? ? m
ami iiniub' ni of Parliament
All hop?? for tin sainty of Dr. lavini?si,,,,?'. tin
ceJehratexl Airlcau explorer, have been abandoned.
Later a?l', ii e-, lunn the Cape of tjixxl rtope coufimt
beyond admiM tim reaovtoi <>f his death.
Di mum, \ptil .-,.-.\ deSfStrase Ueliel. who ??is
re.ciitl;, taken prisoner In a igfci near tbi-.Hv ami
who gaie ilu- oarac m Metrhass. psoven on ? saauuev
11?.li tn lie ( ?,|. M- In ni. a p'i.inimiit I'i niau agitator,
ami fonii.'l.v an offker m the United KUI? s -. i \ i.e.
ii I. KM A NY.
ItKins. Apnl". iii. N.utli (?Vrui.iii I'm lumen!
will ?ulionni mi tim I'.th instant.. TV Ptisedaa
Government is ghoul bo ralee ? loan of ,t um??)
I.ivkki'o.ii. tprfll The strip w IT Pisjmm Uapi
Kreeuiaii, from ( .dl.io fur llanihurv, put lulu M ,. M*
to day, haviiii? su?tiiii.e?| severe damage frm.Ilknen
wini an nnknewi vessel at .-?a. The. ttesaaahip Dee
ni.uk from .s. w-Vovl bee arrived oat.
LoNlniM.il. li i. Api.I ft- 2 p. ni - The steamship Ninth
Atnerl an, Cspt Kerr, from Portland atav?as M, arrivesl
here.ee Hu. -. ay to Liverpool this forenoon.
LOXPOK, Apiil V- Nooii.--('ons?ds for stoney open
:?" -1. Vim ;.. .n su initie? np? n at? follow?: 1 .- . i. ?,
.v-: iiiit.uisCentrale, ?|? f. s. Banal, ta?, Ti.? regnlar
Wh kit n im ai fasta the Bank of Bandead show ti ..i Hie
?iiiimiiii of bullion ?m? i|ii'i,'.i-i-i| eiis.nnonterlin^
Ain ri,mu? rue market for United SteteaiVlvi rwenty
ponds is timer stnes tim eeee easeri, end pi ees lavo
?nlvaiii'i .i,. The ?s-iie of ian f osnsow i* Au? gaeteal
al 7.VJ. Other mt n lis ure um l..nn;ii|.
Bveatag, COtu l- cloned steady, *t 'ii foi immy.
Alg?rie an Se? - ed st the follow. T rat?*.
United States Frve-1 sentie??, TCg, fumas Cai*tr.? ?.
Igt; i: i. .. -, i;j.
1 li lM,l i.|:l. N ,| I - ? , Tw.-TltN 11?.- 1- 77;
? i lag - I I it??! suite? J'?nc Twi ntl.-, weir I..-' , ? ti il
i't Ti. ali ?ul\ .lill i Of j pe> ' ' Ut sill? i mm lung.
l'Hit-, april ii. ? f. >. Kin.-Twenty limul?, g?|?
Evening American bends cJoesd stead) i
I.iiM'i.n, April " N'i'ini. The ina i ki f> aro i. et -I
i era ly unchanged, (nls- fJase?,: ? ?. p
tun. Whale ?ni t' tun f. i lui ni'l Iriiii.'.2 li i P .'.li
i'i/. hum ?i i ambers. Uaseed Cakes ?mp tu,, ter thin
obloSaJl rev f?? ?buy.
Arten.?mr. Ti." Buurket ftrf "agir ft irirsajtrrbat 1 er.
Other?util k -. re um bassjsa*.
i.t\i li.'inii.. Apnl ft? Nimiii -The Brokgra' On liaren?
noun??- that the tntnl ?alesnf rotten for the Ifeek ? min g
' last eveii'n/ ..-. / iii .1 i-i,i?i ?..iii-, lu? ludiuK i mithaka
tn sssa i'at.i: nil sxperters, The inarhdt has i?<n
geserally dull ami besTy, and prie? - lave CsuV a uti inily
? pi. ihn mii the week The m.nUt today tKrtday > opese
; dull ami ina. rive tvitli .i pr..-pe?MN?. gay*? |g|e of - s g
I 7,000 bales. Quotations are uuebanged, tin hicbent
! ttgatee of ia-; evening being gas ruling prie?- t..?'. y:
', Middttai fphiiiiIs, i. -I lUddBag Orleans, l d ibu
i total -t... i? ..i eotton ::i port n. 1 on sblpbaaril at
I present time Is cstt?tfil 'r ??- ??? -, of
wini li ?iiuoniit !:...!?<? eales nie of Ainerlrjin growth.
The bri iiii-iu.'f? market 1? quiet. Wheat*?!! i foi Ke?l
\v.s;,ni r cental; M ,; for (Mlfornia White, t- ?entai;
. Flour,W uti i-Ui-i. m ?"m.al Ireegs; Com, ?li foi \vi-t
??ni mu. d. !? .p.. . Barley, ? I wr A??*.",
i per pt n.; oat-, t lo* Ckuudian.taatenn Prevksame
a n .?nu r una tteeaty. Bast JS/bfoi l i-ti-rn Pi um Mi >?,
p m i'.: Bert, in ? for Batta Pi um m..-- ?? m i ,
? foi < i.i n i: si i ut. p m a.. i ia ' se.
ia i?'f MuiiiiiiiK' Ameriess, ?% nu i-ard. te p >wi.
? The stark?. : fur produ ? d prie?-* are
i um-iiami-'i. Petroleum ep ut* na ?? geshm of ? ni
; itaaskavd srbite, i ?'. p gavAen? Beste, CkshmoN BU?
?iagton, I f cwt.? line k p iN\t. Isgdi Clever
f ewt. for Amtriean Ead lakessedanpajsj
;?. Pata TgUo? H'f h* cwt t. r
: Amerlean and 8t. Pctcisbarg Turpentiai I
fOl ^piiif?.
Atti ??."nn. TI.i Cottee] inarki t i? somewh.it ia?.?r.
Tho Hreudituffa ir.nrket i? finne?'. and pines t? i <l
upward. < ?jiit end ^ teal i?.i\c adN.ai?;?t?l k1, ?..?h,
' and gre mi?ted emu, h a p?-r eaeitee im Mi\?ii
\\i itera; B'heat, ii n i*r cental for aeeient n i tod.
l'i n.'linn; ;- dttff, ?mil has deCtlBSd ?it |nl gallou !? r
st.uni.nil Wl.it. . 'J'i,. lateiti ?Hii-s wen .a 1 ?J.
i.n i-mil/- fie .mu i in 1rs iii the Cotton mrttkit i?m
timie?! throughout the day, bul thou has lx ? a uo further
?i?? -lim; ni pi 1.1 -. .uni tim merket stoned rjasetattlM lol?
lowini; assist i lead ..imiutiona: Mlddbog fplntiit?. I3|?l.;
MiddlingOrlcair*. 13d The saleso/tln days
The ailviN-ea from Man- lu-sti i um uuf.itorsbte.
Tin.- market fur goads mul Y itn I? dull, and Hu pi ? i ?
i deeliplng tendency. The Hu-.-nWuf:? luarlet
? ...-. ii film ii thi advance mi (?'in and W lient, nour?
austera canal, .- u p imi. want s,, i Re.j Miiwau
k-", 15,?, .nul CaUtUmla White, 13? tai i-eutul.
?.nil, I! ? pet ipi.trrir for Mixed Wi.-iern Ib.iiii,
tTP'fior. Oat*, i i f ?.MT. There it im ehagge to n -
port In the l*roTls!on market. Pork?Prigs/1 Eaetern
M.--.::' pee .'?H? ?. Beet Extra Prime afeas, m/ft**.
*?l tn. Aim-riran fanl. i., perewt Hjt.'ii, ?.- t: p? i . Ntt.
fur ??iiniiwrluiMl i ut. A-li.? Pots, .n per'ewt Petro?
tessa,! I per gelloe fur Standard wTrlte; f:"s.i. Ceet
nmii s i.. ami I-nie, 1C |>er ewf. Oil?- I.i nae? ii, CM |t c
tun; Whale, gfgpartsl enU. for leeland. Ts?lnw, 41 (I
lier ewt, for Amerwan. Npinta Turpeutiue have iii ? ,n ? .1
tu .: Iron gcetcb I'ik, M per t iii, mixed nuuiiti*.
UEXii o
Pgfsei L. Aibsiin ni th?. ?teainsliip Alaliaifia wl . ]\
i ai i iv ml last night, semi* us the following auuiuuuj*
ut .Mi vuna now?) up to .Mur? h ?:
\er.i (.'ni/ is atafe of niei.''- : I.''??? men with '? ph I ? i
ntilliiv iii-ul?-; proviaioiia liigii. but no Mo? Kail??
im m sea sill.- ; outside of city, i'.a?iu men, with t
small field Napoleons; men arra guns expect? ?1 daily.
Muli in <?ueietan). with UM ?ti lrn-n : im im lum in
provisions ; entaide, ?"i.imi I.iiieials. Meft?e Viksw
lau, in state of sioae, hut ?till lomuiuiiuud s witu
rtbail, the s?-u|kort nf Mexico.
I>l?.r.TOI Ittn HKN. HAULM N.
Wamiisi.iun. Ai>ii1 Sl The following telegram
waa received Is?re y cass rd ay;
?as Ka.iM it? o, Ascii i. ISST.
II'.,i Munn is M. STASTn?;, ?trrtturyof Um
1 leam from a ?.'eutlenian who bus recently vlsitnl man?*
paib-uf Kii.-?iau Ann i lea that it.? v?tue i?gr??V?r tb-n?
lui? been *npp?t?ed. The rejecthtu of the tnait ?ni'l
canne arirat illssatisfactiuu M this ?osot. e*]>eilally m,
(allfolllla. HW llAI.IKIK.Mu.ill (.U .
tFTTIH 1R?>VI i.KS V1K1..S.
<?i ARrrKMA*TKH-<>KNrHAt s Or?n e, 1
KO Lio? Wil.Nl lal., l'llll.Alihl.i'Un. April 4. IN 7 f
Aly Dink "-iii. I stn aurpTl??fd to fimiir atutt-?l tim g
ubjectioss ure nisule to the seqirbaltlon of Ru?*lAti A mer?
le? I eau coueeiN? ?if r.o- ?ri?i?t. r li.iou to ?hi* Pa? if..?
Mute*, und I ?antust auppo?? that Atlantic Senator* will,
?lenv to the people of those States the fliheries ?Ium lain.?
uiiou Kuselau America now vtitmn their kT.isp. We i e? <g
amb a uujrsery of seauieu, auch a c-omuiei?:? ax tii?h?v
flsherua will prmlme They wilt f.-?.?l th.?
?o*?t* and lalaml? ?f tim Hiu-lfte ami th?
\ igonais cliuiato ?ill breed a ra?e. of banty mlvcnturere
M n-iieat on the Pacific, softeiied bv i hristisn ? n ilitation,
the ?b-ed of the old Nurse H,>n King? on the Atlantic.
Aa a lover of my countn, auxlou* fur the growth ant
pniapcrifv and strengtfi ami virtu? ?f the Nation. I,
alioulit value Kuasian America it? flaherl?-? and uim?-?
bet mid the hot plaina of Meuten or the. fertile plantstioas
of < uti? I truat that Uo effort i.?e?hd t?# anuin- lb.?
(fiviit actiuialtios will l?e omitted. The execntion of Hw?
treaty wulcivwn ?inr g? nciwrten with the prateea ami
ti..ink? of future age*. I am Hulv and rvape?tfi|_l!y your
fiieinl and m1 vant M C Ml.n.s, Q MO
To th? lion. Wai. H Reward. Peei-etary of Htale.
The following is au extra* t of a lotter ?b?te?l A|ub b re
? ? iv? ?I at the Department of State fresa Coninnsloi? Johl?
Rodg?T*. Comniar.datit of the Navy Yard. Boston:
"I think the Russian Anieibsu ae?jui*illo? smuM l?v
vnlnatile. and if north an.? thing, the price wonlil l*e a,
bagatelle. A few house* in Uruudwgy would amo.int ta
?is inn. h I seo in the imp? ia i hut Um vsluout h* ground
In New?York isrepc4S?riWaP?dAne(s,si t-Hnu.:.?! by
?..me partlefst %^mm. .V?^***** ..?"J
coast to the southw.n.1 of Mount Wi-sJ
(left out In The ITtrmWi MU;? 't ihe impbrtab: psri of
the Russian rosacsshuiN m Anni na, in latit-ide Me. la
the same latitude ns ti i J^?P ?i El",,",',?
We should I ave ?v .trip rf ?! h mneti llkeVrtei^ - " ';;'
-uppli. -I.u,op. -w.i:.,,???. til., ?or tim... II??
abore is ina an I ? ? ' ??'",v ""' "",,: ' ?
lundi u ...en ih ."ii U. - . ino . i -?- an .iin.i.ie
uj ,. ? ? - ?
..... ?
ni lb. .

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