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ti- .
1 Vu-. - Nobody
M Kean. J
' ?
kow i ' I ? '
I. , i. running
]?ropotl. i o n ? in: '. lias been i
thron ?i ti ;| ??
?taon : ? Karn-, in
al. Kc ? ? I
?? ? t ?t. i? iini.iniiv ii tu aa Monta _
Th.* w.*?:. t -i lu.un??: hanna, running
iarhatweea the rmura of the AJlegl ? ? been
Uta Im; i\- iv tinun -. wl ? t at d ai i v. in H has
l.oi.i...m .?? aalen lop mhI hunbei b(.Iftwthe
known .v.r.i. The lamb nn< n were I hardy I i .
In Um radley? thej ?daed a little grain, and loi im-at
tin-y d.th mli (I mm li on vcn-ii'.i. d .?pt ii. lid
t,,,,) i. w i minta ? ha?. bfk*?ju organized onl
i . i-i.'iu. and nain, di I ..'.]?
but ix>. : ion? arl it still m? im hided in the (onnti' s 0_
l'iH.? II K.in, (linton ( li'itiii, nml Jcirti?i.;i. It
in.tv b | eatimatod aa one hiindiid mileeloog
audaixtj wide, andlteontaiusthe head-splint's of the
the i my, and <?? ni ??'??? ?-Uvera.
?v>t i | irtanl rond passed throunii hean the
Berth, eoiatl east or weet: the countj towrmwere In
.? ? m weeha ?>f
tiav.-!. I: '.in..:, .i i ? i-. ?'."? a HOW fashion to !? m
tnMlti,.,l The most Import .mt men Aveic tim liiw
j"ia. ,mi i Uttla langnini mad?* a lawyer. Almost
ni? ?v? ? lawyer waa ? si?? i tal ag ml fot non-ri ?idenl
land ?w era: Mt had a good ?.alary: his duty waa
li'intavd ti. [n.'v?.iit ui_* the land from beingetripprd
r?t tiiiii).-i. to nae what influence he muid to dis
eaaiaan eettta-keari ami improvement, for taxation
xai?uld I'lilloAv. ?uni either to get c'i.itdl to iii" fegia
1 ita ?? oi ?? atii-ml m a lobby iiiitiiIkt and ?eatha! no
lui?. ii-T,* paaead to develop the reeotiitjee of tait
?J '!|.'?l?t. *
A large part of the land is ovamd by r-a^talista in
M ? Toth ami riiiliid-'lp' ia. Unt perbspstheheavieet
owner-* ??in wall known l?.mkiii_'-h(>n?i ? in Kniopo,
nml then pi).-ks?'?sii?m im huh' millionsc*f m re?. The
title oi ?gin illy waa In the Holland Land Company,and
these foreign propnetoi*? now properly ropreeont that
Dii-?lii?.-al,..ti. The leadinir idea ha? 1? "ti that so:m<
ilav tin? i cul -.N?inlil be Aal tali 6,and that there eould
ha ne ?afei or inore profitable in?, eatinent. Con! and
lioit AA'ic bkjii'r.n t<) exi?t and there might lie oilier
uiiueinl? Still, hen? ami fhe: a Maali Had?, ol' ii tem
'thiiusainl a. tea cadi were held by persons oi limited
lu-Mti-s ?muet i me? they ?old their land, sometime!? the
tslnnii vi'nl it I'm then, and a few sattler? gained a
foothold. After tho nur 1 WlVjJJljiinsport,
there waa ?..me activity, and a tan new ?. tilt ra went
np tin* .-?'??.'in haiuri with geoda and their families
in cann.-.., v. lnle one of then iiuiiiImt (hove a v okc of
njjf along the ?alloy winn the river bet uno too
?aliallo.v to be navigated, the canoe ita?* abandon? d,
a k?Ved wat ion.stru._Uil. .-?'i;.iii.lt?.? a? to Avhcther tho
billilli I m.is hare at coviTt.l '.vitli snovv, and tin y
pushed on IhltWIgh the wilderness to the watti? ol
the All.-i*Tiiy, and selceied Iik niions a*,here the rail- |
road vv ?s io i nine. Bul tiny had lo trait many years:
?.une did not live to seo tin ir hopes ivali/i d: their
rhilili?*!) sa-liloni went tn Baeethlg, never tos. hool, and
nil lo'i'.o'd '??ii k willi sail tuart? to the land they had
left Walmul. I Avas told ti one man v ho had lived
ina val!.", idle? 0 year, ?? ail um for the railroad; when
ii did ( .nu.. he Improved the fire! good chance to n !1
out ami t ititi to lu? na'ive place to educate Iii?)? hil
In paasiaa throutth tim country, I saw many
of rei.Tit iinprovonient. There ale good sa iv-mi IK
and at. least oin* t lancry newly put in
t?I??'ia:i,.iii. w it Ii a line pro?*?? el, im li.u.k ieploBtiful,
ami tel m ii labial'!" um!-mines are ?hipping largs
ipi tut ,. ? ut coal. Beyond Saint Man's ia a mine of
?--uni? * i-K.tl, m? n.inud fiom "'i,nulle." a? it waa us? d
by th?- mincis in Kurland iu?li ad of eami'
it l.uiTiiiu ill i mate, and it hit a residuum litoilarto
Um aah - ot haad wood. P< ihape ti la La the only eoal
ti the k nil m mu i ."in'! v. uniese it he in the BieohiaV
tmtg? iniiif? of KelitlK ky.
I e i? told thal the soil in tin? nanoiT rall? i ? la la
elttied in tee? li: that for this reason graaa does not do
well; but that on the mountain level,? n k retentive,
oi' i;m- (fuality, and . net llenl f"r ?.-ra ?.oat?. I".!
mni , ilt.r? ropa; but tambera? n paj little at
liiiiiiiu m farming? From iii.THA ?omi -i ?. I li
Hit! the .nu.>un. of :
that, a the mw lim!.! baa bee? cul off, It oaaue
IMVAtght vctv eli?- i|i.
It is .i i.-, cnt ilisrov. ry ti it an aere of | '.oil gram
?ami ?s iv.?till any acte ? t rjhoj ploU land. Mott
tli.n iii- the graaa land i?> desunid to uicrease in
vsluc, ln?t tn??? the tiimate in av hich it i? natural
r>? limiii'ti to a few degrees of latitude, l'h ladelphia
do--? 'io he within it. nor any place south of It,
ault- ? ntly elevated to maha a climate <
pondi!!.' 'o a liiulmr de?gree ol latitude.
On tin* continent of Ninth Amcm a, there are mole
lessees m latitude ia which the climate h aaited to
Hap, wangie, ?toaona, Mtton, and augai cn?ne, than
??? _;i.i-.-? N"a. whist daily prodm t* an* limit' dtoa
licit- not i-xi>t>L'diiJ>' tlii?? liuiid;??! miles aa ide, ami a
p ii i ?o ,v inch uiu?t alwaya be devot? d to otbei i rope,
Hi ia 'Mit ance ol ?Iii i '""??r* all our mass lam? i - ap?
pal "in Th?. nicreasi d dein.uni lui 1 mt ?. r and i I
?VWit_g to the increase of nui |a?j.uljliuii,uiiil tin l-i.-u'
p_\?*fita ?i itlag iron: tin? ?'luitc. make B nus? faun ?d'
lape rial due Itiioi ne i ???-?* tjn? nr-?? that pastures
iii.ii be reli slid, the land to hi ?uown should
get '"? ' " IWag-L Itisawell known in t i hat tim
rraaaot ?aouaitnln region?? is more nntrilitsaa thnn
that in tin* low land?.
x . * ? - I'. ? ?. , 11 . i wiltlorn(,ts8 i? surronmh d
>*i . ? -til aitful i. -'i..)i-> in the
woihl. < in the Ka-at are the fsmoua wheat and cleve?
ros'ioii?: on (ht South the eotmiii? ol Ceiitr.- and in?
di.mi oa the Weat thi great dair?, and fruit rea^ona
ol Ohm; :nu\ vn the North by 6hants?qia, C.ltl.uau
|tu. and Allenhaiiy Coiiiiii- -. where Um faimsan-.,,
valuable a?? in any pal t ..I the um id. Some ,0 or U?
i- Haag a tin?e neeten eennttea were lir'hi ,
I i -I i"i ila I'T-oii tl'iit they vu-ic so ftosty, aud
liit'Viiii-T-i wcic so 1,ma.-, ami tin? ami thal Per?
haps u ha? been disiovTcd thal in countilei where
?atti?* hue to lx foi Iden ?1 ?.un i., mit li? ?n (>??? y, m_>
i ? - i i!i''h snui? to ii ? ?1 tli.Tii, ?iml that Avlientlie
?A'ditai- ne auld tin- .Nullum is mc ho liol the gUSU
tvt'i not ?toAA* at ?ii. Bnsteai ?Vatha are very purticu
Inr, ami if ?mv pgnpla know how te pit k oui things
?aejitoeas, ti?? \ de. Um vegy l? ?t ha t la thetraakw*
kel tome?) ft.mi the State of Maine.
luniiui.Tiilile stnains of i old, purr av atci com? down
thrm.t'li Ufa hill?,: on the upland lev.!? ktprin|
fi-eqm-iit.aiidilithe.sUialliTvu'ui tioutari almmlant.
Snow f.i.i? raily ami remains all Winter, and. when
? Mette in Apni, the t'lmind i? nnfic/on. Ilcme
lien i? a i .-lii-.n sujuhi?. .! similar to Labrador, but In
tin-In arl ol all that is fiuitlui ami (ln.nr m this
happs '?Hud. Avlu re \VmI.T siifl.iis the sml 1, -vi than
it Afta at Nashville, aaI.? re Aiilxna-, tinder io?.?.
dahlut?, and other flower bulbs and ?h??ate shruh
It-eiv. a? w.*l! aa auk??, need no more protection fruin
tim It..?I 'han they AVoiild at Nati luv m YieksbiirK.
tot health, t lie*.! luialities can hard ?.a be Mirpaased.
IS??*?? thai a lull omi jx-netratc.?) them, tiny will be
vsiuc?t aaBaaamer renortav. run. an ami water will
Wink all the AAomhis said to be wnui'-ht by sid
phnrona ami carbonic a< id i/a? siiring?.
VS ullin twenty years, piumi?? m ever] branch of
anat hnattt ami agrh altare im? leen m. pnei mata lo
B??litt?a> one?? eousidercd of little value ure now takin?
a reapeetaaata, some a fust. lank. Not tsoly la it aeaat*
bio now. ?mt it is tm.y, to develop n>;ioii.s ulm li.
in the bit iceneration, jaesetifed olvsta? lea too gre?al
for itimUl men to ovircotne. And then, when tin
dev.dopment w iiia?le, adiautarch a? loch ni? ouerMBB
P?-?-1*nI .?f.- pn-sailltl (1.
Of comte tin* c.? nnt! v 1 am ttpetahfalgof h
Ott? fini p;wMiii? through will think laiimiiK im, ...
elide Hut there are pi?ena MM m lea ? i? mote fiom
Station?, pod perhnpa diliicnlt to icaih, as here gf?o?l
iaiins <an l?e made. Manyara knewa aadi tu the
J?niil-i,? oi (?? the tUaUbetl
Anaeasj iinsc, I enana Mea ? one locality whare bua
d.i-'l, .f : ii ms t an be au ' other;
4ViAl .a.. ^. _-__., ;..__ vj-iwi,..-.......<.
' land i .m in-li'i.i i.? Mini ni ?':, t I-vi. ami tim
..'.trills fill h ' Iii" 'illlll.V,
? i nilli np ....ti?!,, : ,
?i. (I V tilt ill' lu pi ?PT
Men, the terms will '? ?
. ni im iron ?li (Ida ; t I
1.1 ?priukJ '? I
i i- i : ? ?
: ? np, ?i I
tin- (?li ! .-1 ? i beni m t
l.? H 11,1 (ii
um: ABTS.
' . .ni.belgium, ,-ivetli ii. Aii-.'n i, a:t li' i
all si m. m are t?? s.mi, i?> the l'un, h Exhibition
? ti??' work m their early de
? ii eon?
trilmtini i piu'iit t iona, In i li i?. if
?? exhibition tln-i yen nt Munn li
".i., i i? it.ai|istingni?lici| Klein li
paint'i in .uniii.i1 -. born :H l.oiiitleiuv A.uu-t
80, MM, died ii l'an? mi lha 28th of Pebrnnry.
We klioi? nt liut mu- ?'iclilli' Ir, I'-l tc,i.-ai ni lins
couiitiv. His works an bcbrband dear.
M-.. Albert i ?.null y BtBtM ia ? report addn
' ; i ?.t li \ .i.iunv. thntthornhna boon ?li oorerad
ntl ?lil'i? i.m sti.?lauf ii??-li.i'-iii'if tin Seine, a'
Grenelle, h ??tone cn veil by the hand (?f mau, ?aniona,
bum ? oi I'm lnpp.iji.'I.iiiius and tin- elephant
A in?1-pionl ni .m eiinrnving l.\ Rembrandt?
"lln: ibi m. I., known to eoHeotora m
tin ' Huill?n ii Motin Piece, which naine wb given
to it lue tust. ??nie li'.iiiln.?uill wi? yet alive, if u.ts
sold foi tli 'I ?..! 11. en u nu ?i is im tim lune b l8 n 1 nilli'
lut n ?"id in England to a Mi ?**alua4?t foi ?".?. "??u ham ?.
Ml 1' liner. \\ lu? all ? a? It possenses two Hccniiil-pinnfi
of the sante niching, ene sa lmlm mm i. and tim
iiiliei on white paper, ? (?mpeied anooMBinlly for tho
tli i id with a 'acal t li v I'i. m li a tu aten r
1'?.linn Him i Leys will send to the Belgian Exhibi?
tion oi i'ii i mes a i.nmin i ,ii bia beat workai Binong
iii? in lim f I'tiiilui linn in nil ni his (rMCOM ni tim
Ilotel de Ville, Briissels. Bosido these, he will send
his " Konnding the ? Irdei "i the Golden 11?-? ? c." .uni
"Publication of the Revocation .'( the Edict ol
Nanti s." v lu? 'i Merc ?nintiir tin ein-f at trait inn?, of
1 m Oallen of the London Exhibition of 1803,
The in sim a nf Lunn, which tren recent Iv boughl
by tho lunch Itoii'iiiincul for tin? Louvre, wen
seized bj the Italian GovoniBMBl in lirti.t a b?m
law which forbids tbo Minora] oi iinpnitaiit worka
?fart from Italy, ol whose national trea?suroe they
make ao important a part. But the embargohM bei b
removed, anti the treat oes are in Tans.
'i in im ?i ni \ n im (mi ?m mi? uilcil for Hu? I'i''!?' li
Ai.uleini Is being malle i?v Mi Munro, an Kngliau
silllpliit. Who, at ti??' lei|l|cst ni M Mel Hine, t n. ik ,1
ca?t of ( ousin'i lace aft*? ?li .iii?.
Somebody, a riling io i lu < Itj o? Franco, Mya Hint
>ji i'la'miti luis IT,! u tin V1"?" r'^ Ma???ach?*ottaa
Btun "i.... 10,000 ii,u,' s tofotrmlandinpport a mnnona
ni .m?lieiiliii.'y iiini ethnography
Mi. Rtlward Gotlowskl is making ? bust <>( " Ait?
mu? \% ,?i?l ' lmui i asts taken aftoi d' ?nth.
Tin following iulili:i?m:t! list of ml' lei scut bj?
Ann'i ii ?nu ti. tin- Imposition t? furnished bj .T C Derby :
lllll.I' OBOl I IlliMIIKH IBB "IIIIU itU'lllf I ?I I, in
nu i i i moa.
Ait i.-, i Committee -Mr Richard M.Hunt.Cbahnnan.
Mi??i- James H. Bowen, \ M Coz neus. J C liHiicroft
Davis, I. .Man mi' . li.?1.1 8 Chilton. Bdwat- <? >itheil,
Tliou i. ?. I1 ' Magnln, Samuel sinclair, A Motion,
i*i < ?t lim- Kgleston. jr., Messrs .1 s. Bodtleld. tino. D
h.miini!!-. ii i> .1 Pratt, .1 '?i t -lui. Jutiii? O'Connor,
James Archer, v Bait* y, Fi eilcrlck ii ?
nerring .*? CO., Ben ^ <>i v? one paton! fire pn?of s.tfe,
ei.lil, - ,. .:.nl b ilik-ls s.it". v lill
tin uiiilnllablc l'r?iikliint" li??n,aliil patent MtobfBaUBB
hans I.? ?. one p.ulm safe.
pin ian a Colfeiider, Ne? York,one Amen'.m itavndard
billiard table
?i.i Merrick.Nea Haven Conn., fnnutnia, em
i ?
.-i.).um L'stick, Philadelphia, Pa?, Improved water
tit t iiiie. nu,? .u lui.titi table top.
. im?ton, M.i?- , II,-i WOOd'1 !??? triYlng I" ;.
lue nftii i i bali. parlor ru, klug i unir
John Shuster. brooklyn, N ^ . one California marble
marble mantel, one \
? mail.li mantel.
- 1 P( .,-,-. Boston Maw . um ?pim;; bal I
t ii lu ti ill.le.
Antun Hcbwltter, Jten Turk, all kinds of
household u
Thonuis Joui h Of ground and cut giass.
( i.li.n ii lit'lit?.
li. 1'. iiengembre, Pitt burgh, Pa., aniorti-ent nf
?u i -?i ii _
\i:n Hoch, Newtown, J? Y China indporeHuin ware
(, jM k.iiiiviv, m i?. ffew-Tork, sir-tigbl i -
atel rimi? waru, foi preserving purpi
\s m. li. I?.? n?eml, N. m "turk. American Ml
i.a,i w chipman ?ft Co., Non Vori carpel lining
( in ,?u . Constant ?_ Co Sew-York, paper hang ?*
Howell A Bros. Pul lad Iphia, Pa . p iper haniriugs.
.1 K. Bigelow, Ho-t in. M i?- papei hanging?
Booth lumiiii ,r?ew?York, samples??! i???? k? t cutlery
I, ''..m . Ivory, ind I ? ; band
? . .s? u York, illvei vurk lu Bterl n
coiiuli?!lu >? ?. ??. pill tiers,. li ?wls,
Iii rum in. !.. ? *('??., Boston, Mass., chandeliers, pe?
?snts, tu
? i.f. ?ist iron, _ri?nai u hy
u ni
St4UllslaUa i ..... ??!. Ki t-1 m I? ? ii- I.? . ii n?
. dimension tw???-l?-?'fi
m,, ten nu, i...? i. and une pair of tell talc* (Cuntroi
i,i ?.,i, . Men Haren. ? ?nu . ?\o ki
mauuia. lured ,n thi hi ( look ( o
.1 ?oi j?.- ,i ?... Ken York, a new and Improved
pa fur kiTi.-.-m- or refined petroleum, mad?
, aeki ;? mid : lil. lamp.
Thoa. 1 Maitland, ,: . Philadelphia Pi pBtBBt Mai
andren O'Neill, Portsmouth,Ohio, ?.hu? imtnl More
joim r Mueller, Detroit, Mich., rad i
w l:.'ii> n?. Boston, Ma - 0/1 mo - ? ?
Pratt 4 Wentworth, Peerless oooktng rtovm indutcn?
I -in .?? i.m'..! ?nu.-s, and pari?.! gmtoa
I?iii.H. Haskins.Cambridae,Masa.,gaa-fiii?i I
r - PeaM, Buffalo. M Y~ Peas? - \.i 1 i_ht
i: a \ \ Wnv'iii. Philadelphia, Pa tranapniBBtand
,|al p. : ! lilli I I
Mi**. Ii w Smlth.B'ealMadford Msss.,wax-woc_,fruits,
flnUet -. alni i ( ?.el. I
A lime ile I lina I!!??.? I " i'i. N. -w Yotfc, W t\\ finwoln ami
Kaldonberg A s..n, n, m York, gwiilaa mreriK'hauiH
pi i?-.
ne Itauxburst, Rahway, N .1 , n eros* entwined
With !.. ii ti ii li a c i.i. j,|i.i:il.?iiisi ?ilitaili'd fl'tiin pi mil
ami trees of tins ? onntry
Jules I.a? Iniiuiiie, New YtWk,rnatiC WOrk, i,?'n
baslici-. ii.ni'l-. anil brackets
11.1 | ?lill 1MMI? IBATIOH ?I I'K ( III lill Qt MU"'.'
- lill I I -1 (?lill.
Yiira Out ?? t ' -.?>Bil*Bt.
Hi. Lui is, April 1,1MT.
'ilni' ia alnail? abnndaiit btMoom of Um in
i'.mini, i.f an lulim :i ?" tide "f immmialmii duriiiK Hie
prcov'' "l'ii'K and Oammei Bnjtkwaid BMn_M hM
leiaiii. u <lr VBfOOa] i^ uu"1:- emigrante thw far. Bi t
pun lias? s ? f larg? tia. M nf Tai. ? h W<_OBBBigtt ot the
Mai", and lOiitrarM for mu hnthtfgl in ton iii MUJCy
win te. Indli ..te tue way Um ttAa i* ibbbbBb? The exodu?
Of UM "1.1 fasliii.iii ii ]?io ??i.ii(-n plant?is ii oin H,, i eut.,,
counties Lai aliiml mm.-in m inn, uni tlm-r iMBBlntng
??..lue ni li. 11, *_. ( lu Isllalii/i ,1 mid lilli./.? I
bi theil m?.ie literal neighbors from thalsMBsB-B ami
Middle ?tates, 'iii. in iv i omOl ? an* Jilohably lillie tO-thl
ia pul ?i n u Kadli als, and bj e nire toconnl lo orem benn?
ina numlieraon the right si.1?. m all fntnre eleethmi la
- ate.
I lie Huai'l <?f Ti ni?- i.f Un- i ii v held a nice ti lil' at tin lr
minn?. *?. u uni. ii ii?it, to memorialise Becretary >!'< ul?
ii. i. to hasten ftn paj metrl of the ?i?,ikk).i?>o found due by
l hi Commissioner?! ippoiuted to audll the elalins of Mls
?ui'ii foi ??n expenses. The memorial la baaed on tim
-, li , that the mouej i? areatly nec-iied to j?la?-c the Baan
ditlon <.f ti.. ? '? upon a new >_?*_?, There ti
t-,,:.. u mm li rhagrin felt ben 'ha? Minsourl twind? with
.1 interest, payment of win? h ii
alp nil j, isranteed foi the i?t.ifJuiv, arc aotalrradi
?i lufa?!, tin-i.e.iii t.ni-4 paid by the peopui
iimiiii the ia?i ihn. ich s should ha re giren .Missouri
.. um. h l,.-,.l Im i .i.?|? ii than the ?nice of liend?
would seen toshoa lu B'all-st.
? in Carroll Count] ii InrHJmr the MMt Mtt Of
Irratmi-nt awarded to Judge Moody In tin? county. He
li ?? ill?l?il-?'d all Hie i a ???? foi violation of the TOSt n.it li
from his i!'? i.i i. ami eut? i. d ai a reenon tor mch action,
th Al Hu' I n I d Mjl's ?..?iireme (otirt ha? decided the
luid oath null and rid There la no Mount of the rffket
of the de? ?Ion as to lawyers and preachers, bul beyond
that, Un?- ?!'?< '?hm d??"? no1 K" 'lu'ie i?. boworer, mm b
i i alni fur a ne ?i i use m n suppli ne utan i.pin
Ion by inn rtrart. tftnfihlng fit-n referenee of tim first de
U-.m, to rotara, _________________
Till. I.(.'I I? AM? ?( IK'1 il'I.I) IMI.I'.VII.V.'
V> ? nal?- ii t eil i d tin' f.illo'iinK stat? nu nt in refu?
tation of the account of an interview lietweru Qgg s? ho
ti Id anil Hie lion JohB M. B?'!!*, which appBBBOi in the
Richmond cuim?pondeuce ot Ihc ?ttt-Iorii llcrald on
' Mai. h |s
_? .u The Herold ut (In ?ith til r , iiiuler tin
!? 'I "I '( ?nu-lminl.'iii ?? ol Tkt herald," a ?tat? incut ni
:.,.,!?i to an slioaed iulervk-w butweeu Ben. ?Schofield
si -i the llmi. John Mlnoi li.rit? in KtrbmoMl, ami rejrard
iun ii as ii'-? m ?".?i v i? uti? t'l.u. | winti? to Mr. Botts to
. and in ir
?ya: " A hum? uiemlaeloiis production from 1m??tIji
end never Issued trtm* lbs pen ol man." In n f r
tia i tn the ii.t.'i \ !? 'i in writes," I WM KiM'i nilli Invited
by letter lo rall em Otu ttehojield before 1 i>n the ?
i,, wanted bo the nott oi invitation was wonted i> von
i., u .ih mt m munit ?m nit t) final twlffrB '? toe ?tait
i inver h.i-1 a .m Mtisfaetory or pi, ,imi,i interview
_'-i'l|.-'ii in m un i f,-," ]i?u
1.1 Hie .|il?-?tl,ni ..f ii ?
;? ? Iii !'i Olli-1,
a , .?.-- I,
lunns n:o\T rr.?RWA,
.AilD.'.-l ? I
lill. l.Vli-MKl,.?' l-l I 0 B? SOliOX
?amis-.. .
Jil ?III -l-l I ?
I ' " pla.*! ?! n|?ou the tJilil?? a few ?p'.tmen.? of
1 ni "i.iiu-.a hilI I. mun?, wini li I i/jit: ? '.-il al Bl
^ fi a a . - .ti,, . va iii .i mell fruits are
? v rsritj i.. Hu? m?mi,, i? of tin? i in!., bul Ulai tin lr
I '...lui lln'i lu .i !i iv ivi.nl?
rsroduea iu< i?
' ?? ?? uuantitles to ?apply
im- limn'' d' i .and. You never aee Floridaoranges and
ieasaaa in tin- city.uni. the* La aaasa
I : ,v. I. i'r. ti auk. \. I I
punnu?d. SO I wa? Urs!11,??!, |, ? , ,?! in-, ?
i"i rear. Isis -in-*? ti i tai .la..i.i> Is tall? etjual ?'?
tbose ol an.? i. ?-aal nt Hu win Id it ia inn , tis? I
-.ina une ? killed bj frost. That wa? the ruse In litt*.
'I in new tn - plann (I after that, wi re a ilouslj sffi cled
for ll'OI I I lill Mu- ?. .ile iii-ia ! .
hut thal of lit?- ha? not in ' a troubleso i ndolenro
ima, so tli it tit.'-ie at.' bal ti w orange oii ii irtli In Florida.
At Ht. Augustine we nu* told that Urge tractsot land,
now li iii).' idle, a?il growtUA np | ?i bru?! ?uni In ia r?. win
?un (? i m t ii ?I willi ni.iiiK!' m "'"i ?. anil 1li.it finit WS?
counted bj the million, and cargo sftei rargo shipped t?
imi i k? t. \\luit wa-, inn! lia a?.nu. it is Terr far from
being tin* en se inivv. Pot oranges are so a iree there thal
ilav i .innot ne untamed In quantity one ipi. uti i equal to
tin demand of i i-itur?. Bui s ,i? these would ?eil resalir,
while I was there, st eight oi ten ceata e.uh. The only
large orange orchsrd la the vicinity of Bl Augustine, i?
up.'li the place of Ml?. Anderson, win? h ha? SB arra of -'0
i i.-, tin? greiiti-i- put ol which i? planted,
but the tn. ? m.* not nt nu in '
a irreal manj In a? have i? i n planted, within two ?. ara.
niostiy by new immigrant? from min legion. The old
member? of thi? club will remembei Geo. w*. Atwood,
win) need to meet with us frequently. Be waa man.!
ri o? a m, i. ti o t in tin? city, lie i? now settled upon a
oeaiitlfiil pla?. .Jual outside of the town t.f Bl Attgustine,
sod devoting bl? i-nt-iiii. ? to fruit growing. FIv<
ii um now bl will doubtli^aa be able to ahlp trull 11 ?ou t r>? n
budded last year sod this Thecimimoo wsj of atartlng
sn orchard ts to co to the w ???.?i-? _m?i <n_: up ?uni?? orange
tree?, which ure found abundantli m-uni. locslil I
oat off the entire top, end brine hoaaWth? ?tump with s
fi w mots to ph nt. D' sprout? ?tari tin? etlj . and when
large enough i an be budded s il li mv rsrietj of t be oi enge
family, wm( li Is vei ?? Dunn rous, im ludio? nil thi
? ? i.11 ? ?_*->- ??, lemons, limes, ab iddoeks,.i . [irons. There la
no fi mt so en?!- of propagation, for the aeeda '?f each iori
produce Us ?Ike Tin? Inn!? take nadll.v. anti proiliuo
fruit lu four "rttve vi.u? fruin the |eed in cl){ht ol till
v. a?. sTotalthstandlngthat nurseriessre taauygtowa
thej are e-.tr. na.v uni I ia.ia ? ?1 ii, Mi AtWOMlgsr
den a amsll one tinn started. rbo?wextrsordinsn lemon?
I picked ru.m tin- ti??- ?i? i -inn?! upon atr, Atwood'a
TI.it * ?t there weighed 1 M Ik) os., and the next
?net a pound lit thee? wore no1 tin l?u?.-i that the
tree pr?duoed. im* laoneof Un tmallea] and weigh?
i.vti half s pound. The garden is ?hollered oh the ntrrth
by n timk lu dim ?f -'.m.* orange trees, from
wini h i t. '?.-ht linve gathered a wagon losd larger
und hiiniisiuii? r tun tin ?i .......t oranges
Very little use I? made tri um retir frail Sometimes it ??
preserved in ?ii rar foi a sweetmeat, and aomotimi
nt hihi i ? m uii of the Juice When ( left Bt. Augustine.
M,mil is, i ; , orsngi li '???-?in.? had uearlj di f.ilinji Hhil
iii .ii lie? Wer? i ? lal C" a? li H/i I ina?. Pea?, n?,?-!?, 11 ?rilli?*?.
lettuce, cabbages, ?lu , aero oioin?iii?L rmaiyic?, corn,
i.,.ma, tviuiivt.i pinnt?. v-i-ii- all inlgi? enonkpi for cultiva
tmin Y?t that Muniini tloiT'iie I? mil! i.nii diiv ? fr?*Sm
Kew-Yorif.. Fuh??!, j"ou may leave el ?iigiuitlne Mon?
day tnornlng errer breakfast ?sud es1 rom friday morn?
ing im,ii:;asi m Boston. The dlatsuoo,moatlj i.v tall. I?
about i,4M mil. - There i? no ?l- abl in my Bund that
Florida offer* the git it?>?st opportiudtles for practlenl. en?
ergetic trult-growera of g ?? .'.unit of thi Iiiin ted States.
A mau would be ni-.-- ? i sun of a fortune from
a mu-?.ti i t?l?li**h?-o inn:., diati !y nt Bt. Augustine,
or rather pr?f?rable, al I ackson ville: for thee.try l*
rapltliy aeltbog with neopl. who vu want to plant a
tow oranges, lemons, limes, citrous, ahsddo ka, guara?,
banana?, peaches, and ornaments) tree? sud shrubs,
which nu one kiii.iv?. sow, where lo obtain.
Thousands of wild trees bsvi plante?) trota
Du V'.iitai. .ii i' ml. :,- tin i i III -. pi.?
tia. I.? nf vv i lil milln-?-? lill ve I.? ? a imll .III .Uni III? -pi? m i ?a
Of convint in i,- I ln-iii lulu ?w. i i ii n.t ? ..i.uii. m ? .1 I inn.vv
two yestng men who here start d i rtTove opon Halifax
River, sunn- ?? mill ? sonth of st A ii ?rustine, whi. n they
i?it?-na to Im i. in- t" "?'"?' I" "? lo? i"
rapidly as the wert i in Lu? aci-oiupl?thed There
m.-, undoubtedly, great opportunities all out
I Inllilii ti l i uti tpii-llis in. n tn inakf in vi Hum??? uni a,
cumulate wealth : bul l wl btola -li ?..,. 11 >- nndersl.1
ns ski lui,' tlinl it I? HT} I.H lunn I" n. mi II lAorudo.
The luiiiiit.v generally Is i - ? Idi : ni - . ltd there
iri' al ina ni' ?list .m. im i? to I" i in mi i.i. red before all the
pi.'.istireia end advantage? of the dell it* v..n
nu full) ? njoyi d.
EEL I o io l s
Au PO/W ? Inn. li i- pi" ectedsl Anl.mii. N. Y.
I'm lav, a pi ii r*. i? app-'iiii. ?1 im : 'i' In Ver*
The I'n ?inti i '. ol Biooklj u will meei u i VYetini -
ii ?>. Un nth mi
The Amil v ?t. ( liuri h h i ian. ha?i.| St ! .unit h , A
(.'Illili li in I .III tnliI?i -t
Tha I'n -i>\ li v ..f Loo i lal ' ?tal Mat?
tum k on tin- alii, m j p m
The Presbytoi v ol N< s u !. will bold s stats?*] i.-t
mu st I'.ii' i ?"i. "'? the tell
The Clssaon An mm I'n -li;, !? i mt [Chill
In? ii hilt I) La un-! Iii Hi"??
The I'n -I B ipi ist Chun li. II
i.-ti ni ii...! big to an up los n .' ?
Ila fiimi ii of Mb I ilteth M ? - ?!. ami i
nu min i ol ti.i M? I
atlelnlitl in li.llliIB
Dr. Cohleigh, who ! Berala
?I Boston f??i l'n. i si ii a half y i
Mil I ii li, ii I r Hu Ii' v UiltM I I li.?veil.
'I he Bei .C1 RIii ph< ni I la call
fruin ti,- K. Lai .a l'i' n ( linn n .a Newtown, Long
I -l.ilii I. w ni I.i , i, la IT d Oil ?run!.ii in vi
w i stholii ( itliedral in thi* Citj will ra W
in t m li ngtb ( '-i. i
long, .-nal ti m
A vu nlilr, i-. ' ihn!.n -it Springfield, Iltis*., did s
good ileetl tri lil ti .?li ? ? ? linn li.
bj l.n.v ? : all ti , '
:" ' '" all ,. , .
ii i? -ant n.. i i.iiii.- tti>- i iii:..'., have oiiK
H vi Un- a : . .nu lu ? m t I heir el
mt. ml nu ela nearly a
uomlaationa c< tub
I in- l,'' . / - li U-1.I-. ! ' l. of Reen? Il B
Win h, i, n ...i ol Fltswll lain 11 . l;. ? a'm ?ink ol
smi.it-1. ?nal the Bet ( a w.i.i.i... n n o| Man
rbester. ara am. f-, ?ii?* wen ,i ??, ?
Uampaalrt I.? k1 rature
The) fallowing Methodist Conferences liegia tina
:?? nu i! -, - i a - :i '?'? i ?? i ? ?. I ? V I'll I a -li I n i ,, iii, .i ,
Buhot?Hlmp "i: in sark, S J ?? ttt? hi_|.
?lia. BlabtTp Ann ?, ill .Vial. ; ... , Ni . ila inp.-lilii . Bishop
Kai, dey, st Mai. !??
A Union I'la.v.i Meei \ oung
l'cnpll | lill -lad III Hu- Ii..lils ..t Ila' A nilli,;
Mill*- lllll-fi.lll As???? I.lill.II. Ill lill.. .1.1 A li. ' lu T
( rerjf Sa! m da) afternooD. si i.. ? Us I sa ara tu
1 alton SI ' , ? ..tn.-r of ? ? iii.ilia i
The l?ti'. Conn Im? E. Bwope ol [Yinit*/ Church,
Pit I ?I m I ?'li, li i.Tv . ii ?i i ali |0 lu- li s?|. taut inilinli't iii
,| li J III r > (lill?, ni AS.?! 1 va . II t j ?ivth st , tn
supply the v.?. .nu-v i.i t a-lum I li) ile mint i-lcclmu of
the Rev. Dr. KeeU-j to the lUshopri< of Maine
A ape* lal meet ina ol the Bosnlof the Baptist Con*
veiitinn of tin st. ir of New-Yt-rrt will meet stKe H
I',Ilk l.?W oil V.i di ' "I.IA la it '111? lia. lill, isialli.lt?>
tlisemv, question? deemed vitsl to the ioterr la of tis Ban
n i a. i,mu ii,.i ian in tbla Hate, sud sa effort Is to Ik i kts
lore? iangellse thi Bute.
The lion. Ii'iiinit Duli Owen :t?i?i >? -?? <i the First
si.vlitv ni i-n , ii., iii?!?, in Iiinlvv..i!ii ji ,::. yesterday
tuoi-ntng. Sui'Jr-i t : " Illustrations of eplrituauius.' In
SI li I t. 11 I? II It III I MT of ill Til i Hi- i I a'.li I I.f rp11 It IMlMI I?.
medium manlfeststion?, .*.. lln-i v.i;e iut< n?l? ?1 to
pun?: th?- tnitli . f sp!inuali~ni.
J'h<- editoi of Tit ()? r i*i m n AUi'i'iim ?.n i?-,; ga?
compiled thi following ??at lit It ol the Rp1a opal Church
In the United - i i liishora, it. \n\em\n
Mini di ?n -on?, '.', "". ; onli!'. ti ?mis ? -I.,n?i?-, \<- prli
calulu la l< ? fur In il v nnl"i ?,.'.". , churches eonset-i itea ?.
cominutili ?nil-, Pi.."?. Bnudsj ??bool tim lu is, it.??u,
tscliolain, 157,slJ; COUtrihllthill.? ?> ?.""I.?iO? til.
The Worth st. 'nr J-'iitli w.u ti i Msthodist Mission
is sunn !.. l.r i, mon ii lo ,',..:.' ''<' ?T.. vL.'.'. ' ' '"1" ' ?i??
lu- (iiM-iieil about 'in- i i ni May The T?Ii.i?li?t sii?r?lt_8
SiSS Hi tlljs . It! . fl nm tin 1?! ni lust 'lav la tltllH ?UllT
?r?ztVi : famille? visited, more thaa lojae; psgaaef
tracta ?i'-mfait? ?I. .?.,ii?. ; sei ruona pn .ula ?I, MO: pi ayep
ni.-? tings held,Wi ? I?*? meet lugs, SOO ? i??aslitnaofgunt.aj
Schools, ima?- tutkniWi funeral? atteatled,?fi yanaag
luptlzt (I. SO.
A inaminotli lair for the hencflt c1 the Catholic
IT,f.a tiny at lVi*si, li?-?!? i i- pti.|ci ti a.mid a tempor?r*/
bitiidiiikr ia to be erected at tin- not tlinly end uf union
square tor Ita a? ( on u <?? i ? t ...n n a ni ba KM feet lutix*. \a>
ft-? t wide, sud hsve st sseh eud a wing ?steading south
wanlly M frot. 'i In- spin? in-.lii< vi.il M In lil? d luto ?OUM
tlmt) cninp,irttneiif?, Including a Kit. u n, refreshment
aaloon, Ac. It is Intended to lime the linidm/ it.idy for
oi rtip.itlntl bj Mil! I.
Tin* follow Lna figur?e a 111 ?how theatreugth oi the
two piirpi.s?<l iiju-i ?,j.,ii Dioceses ol Western New
Yotk. Vuifuio linn, ?i Population, tiit.tt'j; ana,
?i.i'i aguare mileai aelf-aupitortlog imi?ii. ?. Mi nu?
siini?, n, tut,ii perishes anil missions <?. cleraymen,
so, ?IiiihTi linn,im.-, ,i rectories, m* t-oramumrsnts,
7,mi, iniiiiiintiio.,. m lae? and ItW,g?3,sa* ?. ctn-a
lJiutiM- l'lipui.ii'..n i.':.'..- urea, 11,810 square kullee!
s. I! snppoi liiij? pal-in- li; ii -,'al paiTslns
?nid misaloiis, '.i7 ; . n i-.?.v un ii. 77 ; chnrvh bnildlngs, s7
leitoin-s, ;?.!-. i mi, iniii,,, ants, ,,'1,1, . ulm llnttioiis lu lt??i5
ami tatt, usa,
'1 here la genei illy expressed n ore*] at Um n ligna
tlon of the preside i iri .>i Brown L'nlveriltj by Dr Beare,
In <?in??-?|iieii?*i- of la? .?i .?a.nu of Hu . -li.iiiiiiiiiisbiii of
the Peabody Trust???* tni-ichana? ?try* "Nohlgnei
tribute, therefore,i is ia paid le lu keora than toasy
that the ooBegi sa* advsneed Is hit hsmlsi that It?
?mils.' of stn.iv baa bees improred na icaouriia
(,'i.iitl.i i'iilarp-?h arid Ita reputstles ..'emin!. It ha?
beenbreturnt Into ?in?, i syasnethj wlti laedimoakina
tlon, umi ?iitn -.i. ai.-i f?Toi wnh ti_.a |? ,,,:,? ut largi. .uni
wa? iiiii-r. in iiisiuii m .i .a prosperous
coiKlltmn thin al tin- present nmiiKU lu r In? fa. e nf
many and perplex In dlffv uiin ? he baa ??minirderad the
i oI li -i In the spirit of ii..- , bard i. has ,,un?v.l the ?'Her
nils i iiiilMTTill'-ll nf in.my win h.,,1 n, v * In fui e li. i n in
tereeted in Ita affairs, and im? swsaaaal an honorable
pride in imj?rasperity amoai the citlsei or ProTiilenci
Slid of HhlXje laland '
fleshof the tbigbsiituan to t! ? oom ?The girl wa?
I ?in ? years old, b . ,. i,v -a,, m ?mu r Ti . r shri
weigbedonlj i IpwikIi ? i.,.i le'rtiirehsa ueea laraa
?Tally rife reoeutlj lu Knglaml A l?.i?o.r, nsmed Jataes
Thorne, has J i.im.iIhi Thiiui.u i? ."> nins
penal eerrltude l n Inflietina horrible am probsblj fatal
w.iiinil- ui'oti li' ? ri ; -in,, a lib. s red ho pok r Willi.nu
l'ni-1, ill l^illilnii I-, ,| H,, | .( Uiiplelili'I IO 1*11 li!til III?
l?ttl< '. (lid n??l nml.
I |
. .. .
. iiiin Is in- > ??. ' i
| ?.'? A Jk, V4..' ?..-?.?.,, .
civil, COURTE.
?X1T1 t) iT.VTtSCOMMIgHlONKR'SOPyrCrB Ai-kii I
Befoic t .linn,t?,um, t Wiirra.
nil. rm M1_B i v I'-iiuiMN .?i-i*.
In rr. tli? Kiln.lawn i ' ; -.;, pa Hi
In 11??-a i,is... prciimislv ii'iHirt.-fl, Hi La|
? (mi:?, i for tin Pruiriian <a.?u ?nun-nt. pul in \ iri
pen in evldenee wtth th< vie-.? of ?imwuiL- the culli ??'
Heinrich. The furthei (tearing wM?vtUonn tn to thi? afu ?
I'O.UI, .it lillee nlin k, winn cuni-, I UM] thi Bil ililili,
criiinent Mill put lu fut thor ducitiiu-iifiiry evidence.
COURT Ol -PPaC-LO Aritri. t
r?i tus m mi ( irv .ti i><. k.
-, fmk tai Tia fatal kc
Lon?M S i?!i wa? arrested :itnl couimitted bv a Po?
lin Justice of the City of New-York on a charge of tar
reny. Thei It? Jbdgeof theCttj of (few Vorn allownd
a m tu 1.1 i,'., ,-, .lim?, apon which she waa dix
on the around that the commitmenl was detective on it4
fu" The 1 .?"util T. rm of the ?Supr?me Court lu the
l'11-t i?i?tn. 1 revacaed Mita decision on etrtiorori, on ihn
ground that tim city Judge oi theCltj of Ben Tort II m,*
authorised t?> inna a h atinas corpna. rmm the Judg
mont enternd on this drotanrtn the pMoent upp? ai ia t?ken.
Tho sote anea ti on tn ?Skia case ia as to the power of the
City Judge to Wain- witta of habeas eorpna ?im im< vaca?
tion, iimi thl4 agntn tumi mi the question what waa
oiesnt hi tin- wornt of the m 11 renting the office of City
Jndga,'* all ludlclal powers vested bj law in tim Kemi
?i.i of the ( it? of New fork mo Muhijad ob ?mu 1 Ity
.liulu;?', und BUChCtty Jada* shall, 1 uni urn nth with ? lia
Recorder,perforai and ._ac-aige till judjviuldutieslm
pi ?mtd on mich Kecorder."
on the one i,.md it (4 contended that the Re?8ordeT had
th, powers of a Supreme Oonrt Commlsiionei beforetbe
1 nii.-iiiiiti.iii of lMi", iiml that jmiii lal powers Inelnda all
m i m ?iei ia 1 powsrs only to bo exerelat if by a Jndgo a part
nf bia official function. On the othor hand, it in
argued thal tho Constitution of 184T, In aboUabtng the
oiiiie of Supreme Court Oonu?Ueioner, took anray tim
power frmn the Roooro?r eontorrad m that capacity
soli ii, mu? that the obrase "Judicial duties" waa nearly
Intended to dlstlugiuah between those mini tortal oom
w-liirh th?' lu ?collier lind ??xcri-lsed under the anciout
? lin lets, from the more st m tip Judicial duties.
'J In? ( omi reserved ii? decision.
Mr. Derry for plaintiff In emu*; Mi. A. O. Hall for the
(Ililli I
II? '. li ? ? I 1. .-; ! 1:1 ?**) Th. S'il!, i?r BaltMa Co.
In the month of Jnnnnty, IB5?, Henri Draw, the
plaintiff, then aiiout eight .11 at ? of age, being 011 IliM war
in Behool in the Mith-ai'1 . ii hen mar lim OOmM of
'I'?? ntv ? I'jhiii ?t , waaInland bj beingrua avei by one
of d?fendants* 1 ira, ao thal a portion of one foot had to
lie amputated. Plalutttra prtiof ihowed timt while tbe
1 m i? a? m mot Ion, the hoy n n- beekoned to by the In ike
million tim front platform, Um boy liant,,; firnt heck
?un d to the di 1 ver to ?top, there was anon on the ground,
n hillock i>r ridge between the htrrandenri that neem
liclllK* still lu motion, the mini ?it the liiake ?ei/.'il the
plaintiff l>y lim overcont, mid endeavor? d to lift I.lui on
to the front pintfui in, but finding linn too beary, lut linn
full, ?ml lui _?t _?__ iujiI'j; tUv win-? 1.
Tho tvtlifflWnTr^iTO-.'TiT). flu? orakeraan, for the defense,
tended t.? ihnw thal be saw the boy running toward the
car, eoa?ag 1i?'*- a? if to K? t on ; thal be put out hu hand
to naru Iiini "ff, as in tbougbt lm wai gobg to c> 1 "fi ti"'
front platform, which waa against thornlea! thal be pul
mi the brake, and in ?be saw the Icio*/try to get on, and
?aw then- v. t? .lain'. 1. h?- put out hu hands to tn and
?at? li bun. bul I u!? d t?. do M : Unit If In? had oaugbl the
boj. lie would bare fallen off blmsi if, and is *nn- he <ii?t
not toueb the boy, and that te eouht not bold onto the
brake with one hand, und re u h ont toi ah h -M tey? He
denies havtng bet koned to the boy.
(in thi?t. tiinoiiv. tbe Court eharged the Jury, among
other things, in tteM wordi ii ?um teM
?aid in the defendiints' coiuisel that the act of Rogan waa
no1 one for whl. h thi defend tntaarc M il?lo, Im-chii ie no1 in
Hu line ?.f bia duty or rmuloj raoul li seems lo '.???, hon -
en r. 1 hat tin ?. 1 v.ml 4 of ' he I ompaiii "ti the car nie in
tie inn ?it tn. ?1- iimi and employment in helping tic
penna or min n passenju ra lu getting on or off tin? ? ,u- "
I In J11.1<<- i. f i?, ,1 to , hnrne us t-v,,nrst. .1 th.tt " i' til
negligenee on the part of tbe ?plaintiff to get npmi tb?
f i ? ?ut platform of tin- tai while In motion, if toe Jury "hull
bellevi in-mad,' the attempt, whether Inrltodto maka
thi ittempt bj thi iiiiiketiian or driver, or no1, and the
plaintiff w mil?! no1 i.nt it led to recover,' and Instructed
thejiuv ? that it would be ncgliffeuee under therlreum
lupposed. If thi plaintiff hid m>t been Invited."
hargi ?I ihat if the iury tlioui;ht that Um drtvi r
beckoned to tte boj to come on tbe fmna pin foi m, that
it non',.I nut lie negligence In the boy to do tal'
To i ,u li of ih?'?" tutargee and rclttsalathe defendants
rteepted. The grntUadsof tin? mi ptnxi to th' fit?! ure
tiru It Implies s dlfferonea In tim onie imputed bi yonng
and adult persons, m4 thataanBunl aaaonntol
ii.pi,ml of lii.th to ihOW v.aiitof tit'u-llp'iice OB theil
i,n-i To ii;" others the exemption Is t.ik?u that ti waa
eonceding thal it waa within tte atrope of tho agetit'a
(driver's or oonductor'a) suthority t?, ?lo ?tied a (bing,
while the clear rules of tb lived say ?voca
authority, ai ?! i vi n bad tbej given it it wiml '
,-, n, i in the p!.nut u f to aei under it. Dwclslo? irseirved
M Boardmsn fur plaintiff, respond? al, Mr, Manara hi
di :? uilunt, appi iluut.
Iii In- ( li:, f Juatloe li'iltl I'.TS.iV.
ii", n ITtTl iMi'iii: i ist riuci n k ? \?i.
" i lt.rrti.-i tjt OMMVlB V li
>Tbia was a motion tor a now trial ?b we libel suit
.?r Mi Mwrfrtsekagainst the proprietor*! ..f /'Ar Sumid!/
Fit i.-, ,,ii i, .1 a Vi nli.'t f'r It,'*!?, (?tin
of the grounds on which the motloa waa baaed was thal
had boen improperly Belected. i'ln- l'oint baa
: lln motion, ( hu I Jti-l. -? Ko'i? It -"ii llBlaVaitBf
.m. , |. Dion
ii ih, rose on which thli motion WM i" ?id be correct,
there w nor t-onuntUed on the former trial a
I'.ni.r i Mi yen after i ? hallenge to bim by the eounat i for
Hu? d? f? i,?laut? hud been withdrawn, was chalti
the plalutiiTa connael for pr\% ?Ahleli ? h?!
is tried b) the (.?un. Tlie juror iiaiii!H' Btatod
iiiii hi i-,?a .'iifM.tnl is Ikemtrieai rtpreamlationt," the
j, i,,Il|., .illnr.I til it ii, ? ?l I? it,, i,ni|.etelit, find
,| th, Cull t tu e X? liol? s ml '.li..', t'i will, li eulin
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.I am.tin i ?..- in pom li d In b ?toa I.ti
u. .i-i.?n ?n.d stMirse tim couusol t'H the defendant ex*
m ,.'..!
? ft. itaitied by the liirot did not show
? i'i,.i -.i.n ii'iittion? to Uie tittrti?'.. on "M'li Ina? and ill
? 'lilli? I? in ) , nil au nil lit of flu '1 i ipi H inn, " M Aim >n lit ed, '
in law, to s (?elusion npnn tte mattors In Issue In this
. a-., and wai iterator? only ? aroandol ehnllenge t?> ti???
f.ii ?,i i.i n . on . hallen?*.'?. Iii re must, li,? refine, Wo u
n, ,i it :ai ..'i tin case, with c.si. to abide thoevenl
Judah, Dickinson Ac (?iililm-liiiiidi f? plnlnttfl A '?
Hail f.ii di fendant?
CALI NDARfl im? Im
( ill K1 OB .MTK.M.s
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110?Bna'.'t, I sr;. I I ?? If J',..
? t^l lift I?
7t I V, , l!.,.*.r
* rr.,,,1,. r, ,r, I'', n a(t W,l
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si pul ME 1 (M ni' Usisaai Tis*
? a?t I.rr?n?r.
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I' I!, ii.11 i?t HiA.ii?. M.
: .'i ??' Kril,. ?ih?r ff
? Will ?.' ? '.uti?
? ? I . Wij a?t I h? Irr,. ? 1 'i
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Dank A*( Diim
1 . la.t llr.l.lrr
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:.t Hill ?4t 11.11
1 ins.' tiri j^t Tt? Thir-i
a'r Kallsa, CaaBBSB;
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Tka UcobJ ?.?
IT-nm-r ?|t li. Ur*i.< .1! Pi
Ir.jlr.i.a ( ?
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lOOO? Itr.r.! .... l'i. ;?. Batssl !o? ' I1A4 sVi'in.inr tfj \'ti HuI'H.
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t'js*?Th* i 1. P?"' ?* V-'ung Mi h
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4.1.%?M natl.t a?( I ;u. ii.Mur,.t
W7- II., , 1(4 |,
l-l ?ii'. l,uus liUuJtt B.
? -??.iii? ?gt lit,
k p ?tt Tb.- Tl,!rl
?n- K. I 1 ..
6I*-M!irpar,| agi I'l,( .tti'ilcAl
Hank Not. ( .,
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lt,2(WTa?l,if at?. Harn?
l''JI -?IiIltrrAottl, ?at Bl ??
HJ-Itar.*rt1 igt ' aiBi.l.rll
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l?Vj-.s, .,tl lil IVnlritl It II of
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I/o? Klnifv i(t Moran?;*.
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IIB? l'i.k .." Kelt
I*- Al.oot ?g1 Kail.
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Lui, H. I I , I
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'?''?'? ?.'t..'1'JiK' W.,!'? C,. M| 1 ,,.,;,, ,
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lirr a, t 1 l?t.M?Kt IL
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4Mb- limul ti? s>!i*?A*aa
li ? liiri.'.li? \\r fl,??|?s|,|| p;r,|
.,,,. ,.''"' ' " . , i*i?ii??t Wtl.u
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M.4'r?JB 1
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US ?s ???Coup'? J m .lio
m." ?i.ion park Bank
14.'"").in,, jo.li!
lon.uoo.io*.* c, iitrKutlonalB'k
?sgOOrjup 'M M .lin]
10,000.1...a ! .?m th Kalioa B'_
?.'""T.OP?' M.1044
r S aa Mta Oou 'M I Merchants' Hank
N v ?v N Els?Jsn
.1 :J
K. -adiug.
0l*>.K1) IO) J
Mh 11 K AN lud
. 70'
20).h?. 71
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100 .TOf
10,000. ) .US| Michigan Geutrel
liMi.isju. io? t iitiiiM-rhind Pre! I loo.l?m
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U fl6s&.M(;?rri?ii ?iWc-ti'ili l'iii?)!) .?I MO . lill
>'.1.(**). li'Ij too . 41 IJMO.114T
. l'inu I 700.hio. UJ (.IcvoAl'ittobura
MM.?) B . Ali 1.0O9.73J
Treas. Suie* 7 j 10 ? hill l??llver j .'-un. TU
2d tit ! IM . 31 ' '200.J.1 call -
?.-VIO.las] M. :il J Cl.ii; A North W.'st
W dei le?. '.\iliiunKi.pii ? 2nO.
MM.1031' 100. ?7 600.t?10.
Teniie.?s???.6enew IPaciflcMall h?.
MM.ci .oo.?M.MM ?.ooo.
Missouri6s ; MU Jd call
?o.ooo. osv MO.BM.1MI loo. M.
?.ooo.iii ?M.lJi .('Im' A N W Pre!
t "i.n?'. i i-vi ... l?|l 3,100. (_
MM.?ooi' 2-,.vd call uii Chic A Bock lal
Mr i k
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1,400. K*J
100.?30. rWl
MO.l?:*0. K*.'!
?00.?detill. h?\
AA il? A Weat
V??" lu.ll?t
1)10 loi Pitts F W AC
5?I loo. "?_?,
HI Toi,
tv, j MO.
55,?N.I (
Bank of C'ouuuurco
Continental Hink
Ohio ? MlasCer *
10,000.rJJO. '?.-ii,
2(i,ooo.. .. i.:io. MI
10,000. 2.-.?
70,000.. ... 39
Buffs M YAI?-u? l'Mil A.St. Paul Pre?; ?4. ?i
LMO .'... ; 4.?).02 IN V Cintrai
Chic A N \Vi'?tl I It le Preferred ?>*?.100'
3,tr*00. all1 H??.71 I 1U0...._<1 call.KjOJ
AiuerliTin Uul.l, lus..
?It ??NI? ItoAIiI?.
u s 6? 5-20 Coup ?g Baataa Wat l'on 'r c aie a n W
MOOL.... IM : 100.ni??, M, MO. '.]
V I M 1040( 'mi Mariposa l'rt'f IM...kaa>. M
?jn.uoo . M MI. 30
Trcus Notes 7 HO Pacific Mall
?d Hen. - si?.m
?..000.1(1*1 'jil).)_?<>}
Ml-s-otii-iti-j MO.IMi
.%.',,iHH). or. Erle
O A Miss (Tr 2,.'i00
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2o,ofl<). jU ,-r) . 65 I 100
20.01*1. .2?i| Iteiulilig ano
jo.iaw.24, 1.000.li?'l ??MO. ?7
West Union Tel I MO.k*?| :??).?io. ?7
. N
? ;
Hill. hlo. 331
400. 321
Chicar. M W Fret
?an. 60J
Cine A Rock
. *k
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le Island
m, lu?) .k>U\10ai| 'J'?. A?
40, MO.?M.MOt !?*?. 87|
i't? mo. ?eo ?es|,TolWsb*kWe?t
iMii-liitiiin C.Mitrul ?M . 374
.IO? Tul Wah A W. ?t I'
391 Muh Ho AN Ind | art.
. 69| Pitta i-'W A Cli
si) Ililli.,.a I ,-Mt Lil 1 BM. 91|
ho|' MO .112 ' I.*?.?M. 91
1 loo. Hit 7(H?. 91J
.lill Alton A 1' Il
, 100.lli|' K?). N
400. 90} Cleve A Pitt? ??'lii?: A Alton
>0.M) ' MM. 71 I *_*J0.106
?IIT.N Itnvl.I) Of l?lt??Kr.US?.."?j P.M.
iMIchsji? A M fini
40 I.**.?!.M| MO. MI
t?),, ?j.m..bl. H ! ?oo. 6J.
4?l ???'. W 100 .?10 Ot*-_
I _???.??-.. ?All ?oo.M. Mi
WI Iliul.?i>!i Uiver I coo.M M|
? . i II ve A Pitta
Mt.. .
(mit Iv-silv-tir
atlantic Mall.
1 ?I.Ml
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.v V re Ural
'?V rulan Til
M Y( i lil ml
41*1. lit
i;.?i . ? j Reading
< in. iiu, ? i- v Pa
200. . 8-J
1,300 .l.V'? 1,000. 7H
.' .1 . 'ii". ION '200.1'" 71$
300 ... iiaioo|J 400. 71
MiiNDAr, Apnl H- t vi
(i.?id ?leeed al IA?. The openiii?? prie- area IM,
and kWlUaf al 1 '<<;. Uiidcr lepoHi oi Europe-All
(JoATUTiinent ?toi lit vveie not materially -.(Yet ted.
Etui .lu?n liewa, ami sold at 1U7, lol tim ne'v
issu., of i di. in >-a'i* ?t.i><:k?:tmi i.iihia-, Mortgagea
lit tin dom-. Hank shan a Mare sti-iuly. Kailvvav
B-UACM di"Tied vi nh coti-mliTaide liriiin. ?s. hut soon
.?roke drawn autl? lnse.l lower ami weak, <)i><*rutoia
an fa?! loeing ronrulcm-e ?n railway .?lniics. ami Imy
araare A??ereATA?iBg st.-a?itiy. Theehlal pwohaareal
present an io (iinr talioit contracts. :i plot.*?? Dot
f .il.ulat.'d tn p.'iniaiieiitlv sustain val?en. Hie Elie
i.i!')iiii_s im M.ui h ara r?*p4?ite<l, anti BBOW ?jaaVaW
?ai!), hut in the f.tei* ot this statement there is a
nm-weil i!i-p.?itiim to ?eil the *>to<T. Ott the forth*
(.nillir.* annual report. Thirl discount will show thal
Hie pn o m ?I ?im \ i- not a trem? pnahaeo at the
? pri?e of Um ..?minmi shaif?. nd that the
Utter are imlv worth fluir valu? a.s a fiM>tl?all tm
ii? ?illation, like ( 'tiiiil??*! I;iml Coal. ( anton, etc., etc.
Tin* last quotations are aa follow?), with a disposition
to ?ell : Neiv-Yoik C.-ntral. 100W It??:: laic ??
k'cadiiik.'. 100] 1 lo- ?;: M niluan Southern, i"
illinois Central, mi?'iin* HnTnlaail and Pltte*
lmri{. 71 HI; Korth-vl i - : <!?> I'nf.'inil.
Bo* 1? [alead, ??7 I W|? I art Wavn?-. I
Mom > ia active :.t 7 pea cent aa ealL ia ion
iiiiTci.il pap. i no ellan*'!'. I'ln- li.UiU ?ttitcitmiit is not
eocotuaging to rjtJtietvere, and .?how? that the hanks
Bia in a i?o?itm!t that demands prmlcnl inamn'eiiiiTif.
Miinv of tliesT'iiistiiution? h.ivc licuil ot nutiitTini?
lotta i.y Un ir rieighbota," hut an- ttMaaaelvca
uiiliurt. Wi'steiii I'm nu ml letton re|?)it .? "ti-flit
mom > illili!, t," .Tiul .pint.* lal.? ol' int.iist ma hii?h
that th.r.-.in h** M iiiiinediat? L_t?l reuiitlaiic??*
t?) tllis point
Th- follow ?us; ?towt tln?( ??million ol' the N'.w Volk
City hanks thi? week and ia?t :
M?-, h J) A|,i ' 'i
?_V.,.'S!..?|-.l |. j 1,470,017
Loan? ..
rtpoi lu 509
( ?i. ni il!..a
l??.?l..r!l?- . . IKS.'
1^-taSlTfUd T ? i..',l.i,-Tl
i.nun mis.
D.-posit, Mknjn.-MO
(Tita ' ill.ill .. ...
Tul a i .. imJiMMM
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lae ..
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it.'.', a ?? ?
Al. ,,?i , ,
Mr.-, I, ii'!?' ,
Baal at .Ami'
A I?*!?* ? Av,i??,
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Mi ?> al*
i-iwfuitiwru'1 I'.i.ti','?.! Appart ?urpr?) HXtaOJaM
Apparent ?urploa March M . i.?,44J,o;u
I)i,ri--i ia uf Slllpllls in tltu week . . _ti, 701,4^11
(?i actual moues n aorveo Um boailu bave not inore
l Ililli U per ci Id.
Tun li of the lnorn. S,irr,r, t'irrtilnttoii, /V/joii's. and
I rg?H Ttnoitft wi 'Ai* lUmk? of Ihr fili/of M ctr ? J'v/7.- for
(Ik wttk fin'""/ sil'ifiny, April '!, lmj".
Arrra^?! Aws?
Im.iuiit A.
ill'irrn- i.i I. iii
Ut.ua, l>.|,"-it* T.-*?i*f,
I J j I
! i mi.' 153,441 1.719.131 .
? ' i . ?? :
4'?tN-.; larr.us? \xe.an i aa.oiti
K3,I?Q l.tT?,?! l"llv?'4
1.1 . .
1,'-'?!,I B 1,010 k\3U,?ll 1 0-1,441
im na wir j i.v
-?-..:!? ... j.-.Ij.jh rJttn
t m i m aaj iia\i??i
in.oii . i,7M".m r.'i.irj
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tra, I-.7
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liyi,IJ?. 157,110 r,J*}l,tJ8 1
l?T.Ml tlTT'-iW
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41.1 7 tai 'U4V3 6d4I,'?iJ ?ilTV'ai.
tO.AJJ ??i,t?J0 4 TM .7?. J 1 I??'.
ill 7J4
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ll?ili Sipeblic ... 5,174 - I
I'll.?thai?.. . ? I ?*? ')'?
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North .A...-?1.', , . I tu..'.'.'
lUn.n-.r.1,51 ? li-'
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t .tiieua'. I
.St. NI, I.,. .? I t-u)ll
Sli.lri.l I B??IH
t ora Ki.-h.iin. ' ? ?
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ITissaassiilia .. ? -' f?*. lae
Orlestsl . ? - ?
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U 4.4
la', 54 ?
v- ,1
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4J!? 4M1
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IO?, lan
<T? l'?4 .?,-.? ill
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? H.l
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MJOCi 1.314,501
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1 '??? ..A
Val!. It
Ka.I I.
Haast ?in! Mae i
1 ?uni. National..
r.a'ia' Ni
sr, ,.ii.| Nallan?!. .
Math K.i(ii.-.rl ...
Uni N.t.'M.l
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?.* - I
KI lill
? ?
?. :< I
i u. an
! na. l??, .
! . -1 >???
?' I OJt.T ?>/ I
II 7.M I IAS '1
| , ...
11.a> i rai "?h
.' ?a. ! ?.
. ' I hi?. k:;4
?41 M 1 ? -ir.s, n\n
? J171 i*, i.m? ma
.* ?.'.'? I
' '
??? I,'17.71?. **>,:*.*
..I I!.'
441 ?al
-, .,
at mi
?a ,..,
- '
HI? 441
. M,tUI
Sil 1??
! n "??i
I'?' li ?
111 714
WM 51?
l oin tal . ??.<?. 0
ClLUlatlaU .
I . . . -,
(Tr,ril,i-a f. r''.. ' ?? ? I ->V ?C? Til
(Tr.rint?(..r tb? ???*-..? I ?'?. .?a I,g O IM 71
. ?' U JO, li?.
islam? fm Ha? mata -miin. .tpnih, |?U7. j. .
i:\ih.iimi' is hikiJiei and i-noteil tir IgMHsSkJ for 00
(I.tv?\ ?teiliiik,': I^uidou, primo hiihkeis , Mi|<ht, lui?,./
lif.?|; raus, hankers', long, ?? .11\ u m\M\ : I'.iii?,
liinlaniM', short. r?.l'??/,"? l:,; ; Antiv.ip, "...??,/.">. 17. ;
Sitia??., r?.'? a .1.17t; Hauilitirn-, l?inkirs. I?'.} : Anisti r
dam, tanke?e, ll|*a>4l|? ItthI ron, lianker?!, 41 ?
lirelllill. liaill.iT-i, 7'.?; l'.tllli.. I ? ? ? ? 1.. t .. ?'.'J u,}1,.
lit l-'u-iglit-AlLoeiigagotiik"!.? ty L.!*? *,? _> ?v*l ^ie li j
tiltil (Vin ni I-?.; r? li li tis. ThIIow at Psfld.. SfiO
hiiN. tah. :it IbjML? III ion?'? Baan m Mi, mi -?r
bUa. I'.i'inw it Hi, m 1,1,1- I'orl at
m?i 100 ?bala* ?" nil.?n al Id.
Tba bonita m b1 U * Bub i K t ? iota
foi l.unt"iii4, $._?.?. mm for Gold N I
l?. ..ipi-. f.-.T-iVTi: ????: t.?i.?i Pajn? 1,100 ,i.
Halan. ?-. |li ? :.,. til i
Um Vic I'i.si!,!,. ,,i tim Union I' R I
IiiakiH tin* fallon too ii i ::inl fa til?
Biograai ?( tliis muk :
Nrw TOBB. Mardi, l |
Work has not Ia*..'!! ??rtupended on the Uuloi Pacifia
Railroad nest ut oinaiu. Extreme cold weather and
mow prevents layin* track, but we *i-n- never doini-j
iii.-.c lu arcuiniilatiiig material and getting it to tin-etui
of Hu tr,,), w,. i,;tv,. n?w ou liai.'I un iron and I
ISO miles, m ii i v,iii pledge i,ij,?, ii to complete f\w> mtlea
.i da) f??i tin? In .ii'?. w '.ikinif day* i'i. . the I mt Is out
ofthe-ri.ni Any InvAntigatlon?ni onl) result toonr
'?>! mc Itali linllr nmre ncnl in h cn >n time tbali
Bl .Lilli ;>?f(ilc, ;U!(1 propon? BCCOIll|lll?ihillg i?om
U?I year Vie air in?! BSklng am* li'ciAlrtlIwi
1 IIIM As I Iii t; 1ST,
I;. - lent Union Pat Ifli RalwinB.
We beg toi iii attention to tho advert ?m?ineiit of
Nl'-.ts II.u A Mn'lcs. li.nikerH ?nul lin?I;ei?4, No. TH
l>lo;t(|lTi\ (Mil Ni? T Ni iV ?!. J 11 i.? lil m (B IltprcM'Iiti'it
i.i tin- sim k KirirhaigB kau QoUBaBid, aad l?uys
:ill(i isells un t>>iniiu?s: ,ii uni.I mil _Q rl.i.s.c.i of socii ?
ntii'.s Ii i? a ?(????I sale Innis-, and wo command it tai
biisim-.ss man,
mi; MAl.KI.r-?.
[i ? tt It] rtpmWi tat I'i? -a Ttur't? !
M?.NiiiY, April I, Isr.t.
.\-in- Th market is quiet for Fots at Is mo-ah mi i
Vi n U ?re ti,ullina)
lit IJ.UI.M. M ITJaBIALB show no parin Star vniiitnm
In the pi-i?'?i ?im ?> mu just; Ute busllK to u fair
i'Xi?'ui; wo quote Bricks al 111 ?/tia for Common Hird,
tl7,/$ir) for Croton, and fr. for Philadelphia Ki..ni: Ot
nu at at $i ri fur tfaaandair; I-h?ia st f -' foi Eastern*
i. mi?? al ti M foi Common, and fa 13 tor Lump,
corn iv-The narkal opened steady, i.ut thi? after
noon's ('.?lili' adrieea hare nnaettied relaea, and st Mia
rlose, quotattoas are nominal, al about j;i . js, foi Mid
(Uiiik i jiiaiid?. ilinii?!: f..i. ? d -al.-i bare !"?< n made ni
lower furores The uanna? t!'.:i? embi " a iJtoo b
(<?H-I.lv Kimoiitllllle- (mill it. til. al ii r-f. aii\ ?nie?
.?I ?-'. n. iga .a ili?i?e on privat? terms VVr alan ants sa Ita
in N?'u-(?ti. a"? nf 5.000 bags, ex Dixon; In B?_ttinore,
Lan ex-Wavelet, and 1.8B0 to bitIts at latter port, per
Cole, on privan nun?, oih'ci- ?grades of O , .nt.
The Humboldt arrived to-day, sith 11,000 mata Jsva, all
Of winch has .cuan, I hi-II di-).'ii
1 i.Ol II A M ?Ml. ? I. In ,', ,i ii;, foi \V, -!,-rii'.!lil?..i!|
I ,. ni is iimri m live, alni \i i v firm - in pin i ipi eulatir?
tholU'll lill?-fly fui 111" Hail.' At tin ?lose the telliliMiC
is still upward Hir sakiB am ti.But lilil? at gie ?ntl l >
for Superfine *?tat?. *n i Stat? * :
lu M f?>i tin- lui nades of w.-ti-in Extra; |l.i ,n. ?:i si
for KHinI to rlnilce -pill! ' Uli. tt 1-. - fur
Shipping Ohio ; fill i- ti.*. 10 1 t li ?.I. .I... mid 111 70?
Um ?a? for ??t i..,m- Extras, ( sliforuis Fli ui Is less in -*i/
offen d, and I? tetter; ?alcsoi 1,170 Mils at fin ?au
Canadian Floor I* less plenty, and Isftrmei . ?si?-?? "f ifi
tibia.atBU m , ?i ? ..i... m . i ' m ;.. , Extras,and Mum
li?". f"i Trade and Farol li hiwtids. liotithern Klour is butter,
and In fair demand ; taies of 2*0 bb - ...
i ?nu moil to goori Baltimore indC??nntrj K itraa, and lit??
"117 M) f..i fratte and Kanni> Extras. i'\' l-'lour is better,
and in fair demand; sales of 700 bbls iitr?,j??!'i ? oin
Me ii ?4 finn: nales of iwo libls. al ?ti j ? for Brand]
iii'viN The wheat market la again better, but qa g
at the advance ; the ?Jemand Is chief Ir for milling ; s.ih'i
of m.ui? bush. Bo i Chu " bush
Bo 1 Milwaukee at jj 80?W 7h -th latti r for i hoi ? ?. tMt
Imi-Ii. \\ Iimi aliada at ?ian. ami 1,1?0 L lah Wini.-(ait
i.inn;. . ? ? i" i.n'ii ia quiet, and is flrail] I'.'id:
sales o< .i,i,iii bull good Canada West at li i?. Inalota
Barley Malt ia dull at Bl J.'.'/ti M. Oat? are muob bettor.
uinl a. tue ; latea nt I?T.8M btisli ' rOldand
Nsw! iiii.iA-o. 7.,? f?.i oin... anil "mc 77. for State, lu atora.
Itve is vi 11 mm li higher, an?! la In s ..-?I (ter irisad f?ir uilll
iiiif; lalee ot .-"Ainlnisii at II foi ordin?r] t?*i
choice Western, la atore, and *i ?for "free" Canadian.
< ora opened ?lei id? di) letter.with abi Ink ii>eculative a I
tuoderate exnort demand, bul rlosed quiet al the b4?
?. tine, Ihoiiiih ?teiiilv; saleit of l.',is?0 l.u.sL. ;.l |l '?ii for
new mixed VVwtern b1 < ommunlpaw; li n\f%\ .;\ f, i
old Western mixed, in store, ? ka*!-g at ?l n>, *! ??*?".-rBl ?T
foi old Western niixsd,delivered, andfl ?s CortMitlMCa
atOA n "i <?Kir?," .n N'.u Yoi 1? WurelniiiiWr) April S.IW
Wheat, i.sll. .1 I bash.; ( orn, 1.479,111 Lush ; Oats, l.'.T.TIl
btian.; Rjre,-i.j.i?;; bush.; li.n.">, IIA^MM in.-ili., __lt,*?S'
u.?i iin?li : Peas, ?,.-"" iiuih.
iiw Tin ?lippiv i* inen a-iiv. and wtthonlp a moder?
ate demand prlcen sr? hi it) t! i?i so for Shipping aud
-? bo for n '.ni lota
linn.~ Mo advance in I I buyers to rednaa
theil bldn for 1 tsrelgn Hld? i
cn wcae unwilling lo give wa; momentwaa
j .in' to-day.
II? 11*8 i ontmiie finn ander I i*"?'?l d' marni, th" nnpiiry
baittg c'.'?ij1"1 cbie/ly to tlieliQme Iradi : weijiioteal
? ?> L'touin ana <;?. i
m.M}' Mimi:?? i? firm, and ia fail demand al no.
ntl ei "i i it? ire dall tod nom
MOI. \--i - \ v. 11 fur ?1? man,I
re well supported tales of ISO hlnl? Porl ??
10 iiini?. Maamnilia, I hi?U. te tea, t
lilli.-. Cuba Mu?? .na.?a '< 11 ?I? :i.i? '. Bl "'Je, and fiom
second hands BW Innis Muscovado, ..? ?
oil.s Ann lirali I tit alni in f ir n ?
Il ?H ?I SO ! i-li i >? - *VI als.
and ti 80 tot ('neil -l'.ini. Im.-i oil U dull and i
?i m i. ? So j. N" I, uni Fair t.? frlaaa
j'i:i?\ l-l'iN.** - Mu? ni.iiUi t foi PorkopenodeaHer and
dull, bul ' 'in di m n 'l price* inn?
?.in., li, mil.I firm. 1 "I tn?'.l, di li'.. : A4
bbls Mi - ?' *-- t-|. ?? 'i? t. M .? ? ?? Id earl) m : I a
m and re-sales, cuih and regular, un .', ohbls., at
kB m , v.'i 13 f.n in-is Mess, IP foi extra l'inin-. i.n 1
? ? ' for Western Prime :?: .. wti
a modi rate dernaud: ?al? - of ?" hbls, al ?ii Boiifl
i, lUdtW ? ' . do 'M i
and prices Boudna] 1;? f Ha
Wi It? m ?i ?i" Cut M
Hams atise. Bacon is noiclevted. ?Lai-d,uudei the ad
1 i- in : I with uiotf i ?: - -
? v lowsni i . ?al? - 160 pa-? . ! ?" l, :
ui, , bul t few ?nii.;i lol - ? , s? .1
Wi ?tern Steam at IB for Printe.
Bern.? I? dutl and beat/, toni prtoei /?ro-rviti. > ?
Goshen and Oran? i o p i -.?? "? ...ft
?oil to prime - I
>t.it?. hall 'it Km?*. Ilii-itiain Ul
BUii lim ma li iii" .?intii
Rtate Welsh tubs, fair to prime. .into
W.-ntein i:.?ciic, good o choice . ll./l?
w. ?tei n Reserve, i ?>uimo:i in good.l'"/ii
Noith.'iii t'etu^ylvnT,:*,. j..??!*
( iii.i.si. - V fitirdi ni.itid Hill pinvail?. bach for i *.p?>rl
and homo u*e ; pi ice? sre f ii u:. \N e ?piott
i.,.,..l to Choice, Vf... H ?i?
: . j
nr3*. Common to Prime. . .. ii <?. ?
^UKUjIi l'ail ?-".C??i?n. .. 1", ?II
licii-h Tlail ., Ohio
Vermont 1' in ? ? Pall I i t?tnnt .u ?ni..
Oin... Pninc.M 'd
Pini app! ....... tv arl
A.'llltsn.iN l'i'ni |s|.?N MiHhl.l. ii ??'?I ?? ? ..
-,.i rabie i licitement baa prerailed In th. narkal
Pork Mimi' '(/bang*; prie?? have advsueed, and ? ??*)
finn, -tli.? Of .'.4i?j mil? Mc--.it ?'i.1 Jil ,f JJ J"*, re^'c
and fU sit, sollet-m ?in ?
PEl'IUlLi:i M it ?lull; wa ,ni,,t.? ("riide at 11 ?til?
l.u:L, and li . K ,? in i.i.is Refined In bond at Me. m
8 , ii\i-. for do lo W ? -iSi?*. for 1". do., ?o , Me. for I
ami 's Uki foi i' \N
K11 K-No iiupoftiiut sal ii are r?poIti.l 1':
M'omis -Raw Sugars are lest ?ictne. but wttbou
we.ikiicM mi the part of holders, and fair to ko ??: i.f .
Is attll quoted at i" -i ?????? isles of al hbris. at n?l?
for t nils, ii a uic. tot Porto l'icn, uml ItA boxi ? li.
at li>i,.'ia|. Kefltie?! ure fli-iii
MKl'.Iis 'Mi.' m ni?, i i? furn for Clover Seed at 17?'. [?
Timothy ?. ed la salable at t-. :."> "*t f imsh BiMtgh t ,
s.s I i? ijiuct ut t'J yo*?!!. ( th 'it.i lau?, ed I? in in, de
laaB-Bt fOA ?U'.ldv at, H - ,"??I. in llOoloi.
li en ?
tallow The market la ralri* active and -: t.iy
of los, ??' tt at ni'
WUtSKY li?*' market is firm but ?piict; salon (
hjalt Western at ne. ?sail
Rta KIIT?.
F(?tt mr VS'iric Ksi.iN.i Mnsnir, A\n.\ ?, 1?V"?
B-.ira trSBBj Basil Sii.i'p tr ! la? !>*. h?tn* loti
4.704 ;y Istfl M.'.IT l,'..l 4
The*? wara ?oid at tho ?dUoiu^?* market placei
?h??p *n<1
Euc???. t'oAi. Viil*. La?tr?. 8wta? "?
At Natlou.il Dim.'
yardi .-'.iKO 1? 603 io ....
At lind. ( itv Dime
Yarda.i,i7i. 3.S90 .'<?
At N- n-Jeiaey Htixk
V.inU. ?Mi. 2,i'".t 8,16<1
At Hi'Oiyuug's. ;i7 1.1 .?<; i. tit
At ti'Itneli m. t? 0 B BIB .... .
At ( linniiwrluin* ... 5? ti) 2*1 MB .
At lort let li at II",
Yartla. tJN V
bent from the rars ?li?
ri ?t to Hutch, is . . 63.... tVX) CO) .?,.
mTOUMfi ncekly ii' '
celpts lsst ytar_MM M l.liM M?BM ISjBll " 1
ItccviplB l.'st iv.-ek . 3,'fjrt Wt I-111 ;
1 itii 1.4 ni nri.i mis ? U.K. ?
Tin- f.'ll?'*v1n< are th?? iiiiolation* per |rOUBd (i;xw ft
estimsted net weight ofmeat?seller?ilnklniroffal -
ubuiiiMk whoN- (?uartennillweigh *) cut ,at iiuenwijH
iiotitiil, al?ouiits to lau.
CrnU far ?
I-".xfr.i iwr .I" * J
The uext Ix'M ??ii sale tonliir. 171 <t^|
rii.it generally rntad first ?inuiity.is|ai\?
Mitliuiu. or ajood, fair ijiiality. u ?i*]\
That of ordinal?' thin Steers, Oxen andCowi
ihfeilorpr io*?.-st grada at Cuttle .
The (^??Il5lI;?., areraga of tho nu-ket t?4aj I
liiatfd at.;.
Fxtrenw range or ;'U" ? from.
The moat Of I hessies t..'?i-?"" .
Will K1. IU?'',M11' AH!. JK'IM.
The Bullocks a?>l?t .1! (Hi?-^iiiidredlh-M . n ' ?
< ti. and ciiiiiuiiiuli>.iw aro repetid froui the to?*)?
Nu Voik . 110; Illinois..a....
IN nnsylvsiu.i. M I Mlsnoiirl
OhlO. 'Jo '. Moasachus.ytts.... t?
Ma Instill . 14 I
The> c.imeliy the followiug routes: Erle Ra 11ms?!.
Hud-ui Km 1 Railroad, l?ll( Hariain it?iiir.'?td. M: ."?aJ
llavi n Il.inni.i|i. .K.. (aiinlcii an?l aaboy Kallmil.
Ni ? .Iel ?ni (ititi ii I'.iilro.ld. 'J12: liy IIuiLsaiii H
bons in. 011 foot, u. Abuiil l,1oV were lu tho y?n:
Bl m iTK? AiiniT nrPF rvTTt.r
lue t.i- 1! ihiuiIh? tins week, 4.704 lieml. cm,>??*?- .
lie.ol last mis, B. und with '..tis hoad, a?
w?ssk last year, and nilli J.VHJ foi tut oorri ?poiiding ?*i
one fear ago.
The imiiiiIht sold fester?aj and today at the f?ns ii?
leilth st. iiiHtket. 1,710 in uil, ?'?.lupar? s nilli 1 ?,!J li?** ,
laat naek, ami sith i.'ii hoad, the arenge i?r v?i??>kU?
>i at-, lynl with j.ri bead at nuuk? t one real Bara
Mll.cn ( OWI?If there u.,s . 1 . -? ?! mi**
?luiitieiw to a stagnant market, wo 1 .^li ?mu,
in'.- not ? ? - , ' 1 ? n- ii
foti ed l'ii?i.
I , - 1 !'.'.. '..1 ... . istol
nui _. 1 ? m4 prkcBj liu; vi ihove vu a
1 m>iii?- us?' : ?>:icrs nu- jo u..
H| ,-.,. 1 1 lorj . '??'"?I to Choi!
State ha?t?iry. PatrtoOood
BtaU V:n tory, Conimon to I'i*

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