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civil corrys.
TV defend
Wi'?- ' .,.
After ?be examination of t 'th,'r
Blau ?nation aas adjourned M Mon?!.?.
P w
?saawn '
Till U
iv nititr
! i
mu ' ^'ll1 l'"' '
It* .tf, on June 13, IMf It was m
veal'?' r, al * <?'? ' ? k V P ? lo ; - '':'
Tin i .
lb,, . ! The t? - dnoui
and . ii ual m ?
1, ou, m wbt< ?
ratim-' lb?
Ljjl, . id rounded
out a i dowi Uti :.\ i h ?m I ;: tbe
ferr? i all
a regular and know? ti pfroi
an,- ?i of the I i ;'1 again al
wl? ?, tij ahead
?otv, v?t.? Iher :i,e ? ?.. ed ol lb? two n
ap lo tina point had been as c-mtcialed foi by the lill
v i Mt bel?g na abe naca ?
heat an?! In phil P her
?jngti J ug? In?
tended f?i allow b? i to j? ..-? Upon her trip, and to ?ii ,' a
ft. 'Jini' fore, no fafllt l arl of
the. ? ? K.. i lug on aud pin smg th<
the? ityoanftrtopp? ?I. uni it would hat? entailed ne din?
ger ??f u collie a h.t?l no1 the Cayuga suited her
Tina ?tartiiig up of the Cayuga Bheu ?ho ?lui
tuon ii tin t\*o Inte c1
t ? ? t when the Caj ii *a ti.'
up tn.it nt Ue b"Kt t-he mast Bfestvc the leny b. ..t
?ery i :?"?? ly. The tw? ?are bj thin movement
Mengbtbato ?dangawwaproximity, and .?ie'K>?it atten ,>'
tog m manante! maal be bald reapoaMbli for the failure
te s Li urth( rmere, the state
mool ol t1 ? piu ; ,i ti? t lie made i
Kiah te swing tais boat to weet whesi thedsmger ii ?
alun i i -i? nt, although the ferrj boni was
le*t v..i'ii?i bave cam? ,. exeose of the
fiiiot roi this m.o in a Is tint It wi
oil turua of the ?aheel te swlug the how ol Un
feet, and Mat there waa no1 urne i? make I
if su? a be tin : m this boat, it n
tie h
within any abort dtetaaoe e m ii lie
not : pilot no: to
ntl? npl i" mt' Ins wh<
of tin witt
M west at the I ? Dial ol til?
pi1 it ? i-t.i douM on tta? ? ?aim ? ?
resttm. ?ni largely as it do? - upon
?Mamu in thal the ?
lin? lyugp.aud Um libelante ar? entitledt
tam '
g?Br of it len nee to
*ta ; iller ?v Abiittt; tor claimants, Mr. G
?an Oa.?vourd.
IBM 1?May 2J ?In fore Jm. ' ?'liu.
kaHri".' ?; i.?t S.
In tin.? t ;..-,??, h i... n n issned, re*
Mrnabii yi-ieiu,iv n.oi inn ?. (?mitti to lite obucr In
aoinmai.tat ?,<?\? : o.-: nimanduig bim M are*
lue. i, who had beeu enlisted in
the lill;,; oj tin
(But le i, ?? UO li I
BP*'" l? ti, 1H
not ? i
Si tn. paient oi master an concernid, aud Ibat tlicj
But .
Be Bt "I u. But
re-- of the a lit, ? is.: on ti
I ?-en! to I
Rtgli :i nt. Unit. ?
dal:. : li.il he ha.-? liol,
a.i* , .i. ,n v um
(ton .- i re turu '.., ?? ? :uit '
bejuriadi? i ?? n ? i iii ? ? ni
ral* d ci .lia not be argued, ami tin v. .u waa a? cord
Sim...--, ii
? '
aer, ou. U S Infantry, foi <?? u. butterfield.
TOPEUIOR COUltT?bVboial ttnis?Mai 23.-Before
Justice M? ' i s?
TIITT TKCI I. M.sl.h ?d M 'tVSI't PEH8.
Ti'? f'irriii 11,' paper
1 ?rho u I tinta t oh sold tn?
ho., t" ti.
Maneed li ?? imbil? ? on of a
tltlf* leuibliug the older paper. The
??lain! IT baa 1' 1 ri 1 i ? i\ ftiatn t..'
Bradant from pub , and obtain?**) a tem*
petal v min ':.'i?. ? le o f? nil 1: '
pa\ ind that the i:?
luii? I un
aerluli. a 1 .tin: e to Ik the gi (rand Of thin nt tion.
The Coui t
?VPKIIMK COURT -Cm? . Before Mr.
Justice srniK.'ii
rnagtMiiRi.i tv nu-1 bk .?.<;<> juto/north- nui um
IUi'I.Kiiai? OOMTAKT?RIGHTS <>1 -? 1 ? >t Kllnli
i ue t>?*,lt on r?l of Hut., lint? ti ?/' Aunt g Prit-h ?r J,
'lim? Ma, k<
The relator in tliis ? :? ? la a large ?-to? kholder, and
Ma reepondeat theTreaaurer and Neu 1 .,fthe
Coic.iko and North-Westem Railroad Oompssnr. Tim
llempalit Kci p a titi: sfet it oh io ti . ? i Ity M w? .11 as in
Cnlin?.'"" Aeeerdingto te of tin relator, there
le a ?tri ig opposition to the present Board of Directors,
and it in intended at the neit election, which happens ou
the HU? of Joue, to make an effort to oii"?t them. Ile fur
therbt.if i .. < a'lnUvif that it is rumored that the
?resent d.ti ? i??!-. intend by a huge issue of Muck bassd
an a ? i orpnrebase of som? other road to con?
trol t. li? mates ti. it i" bas applied to the
respond, nt tos a bat of the Btoekholdi rs, and has been ln
fonii'ii tin it n> noue, a?na i?>r an n.'-p.. lion of ti
1er b?i u. and baa been refais? d. Ile i.-?W appltee for a
manda.?.an to compel the respondent to allow Lim to ia c
and e\.tiiiit.e tl.e iMink.
The r? ? iin<l ut'.s t? niiaelfelatnicd thal the whole U. ne
aas a gart of a conspiracy te onsl th? pn -eut din? t? ry,
and that they had aiaeBvend that the nae of fictitious
Bowe.-? enterad into the coi sptrac*,. an 1 argued that the
eouru cf Uiim State had no potter te exercise this tarto
aietkui bt ?ass?anaaa over a ton ?gn eorporatton, and aa
the ord? i to show cause tarni bien served but two ?toys
hefore, a>?kt.d an adjournment to enable them to prep in.
their ?argument
Mr. Larroque, for relator, opi?o?ed the adjonrmnent
"The tim?-, to th? cth of ?luni-, waa short for athorough
can t..-i?- Mpeclall] i.Id have to txaudn? im
taincka in both this eny at ? , nd. wtaaterer might
be a? te or liiienta of the r-tockh?
Baking a pUln legal nght, ?ittu by statute, and ahoalu
?ave ?I at once.
After i-oine further dlsem?aion, the Court ndjonnied the
matter to Monday next, to give Um respondent an oppur
tounity to preaent author tie? on the la? ?
Mr i.arri?iue for relu?or. Mr. Tilden lind Mr. Allen foi
?OMMOK riF?l Mamu Tirm-Mat 23. licfor.
JllOi'e Ctlllii?/?,.
Binn art S:nkii' - Order giai.tid. Hobby agt.
Dolby ?kc memorabdnm
COURT CA1.1:M)AK-This Dat.
MrTlSMB COU?T?Cim-eiT-r?KT I.?Miusa, J. Or? r and Tar
ni ?tr K?, < ml i - ?
Pakt li ? Bmtiin, J SUrtC'?n?t?j.
-Fullff ?St J*h*iion. Hall?.??!?/? P. ?1*1?
.e ui. ??cbitocD. ?-to.
, ift Hum .u'lto.
hil? ?et Til? Hil"
.Mto? V?ji lluliautl tfX lir-i^i^l ,a.
rlek. ?M-.tntitr; -n ?gt. Ht" e
I ?lit Week?
..j'. Mina?.
?JS? I'm--., ?? -? r.JS? l??k?r?y t$XVCeMJ
e-h ?ft. Bet?.
-Ht'? Ut. atainant . .?r;?-'-.?< ?-"?,?. KBis.
-Babsawfei aft Vron. 1MB If ?gt. IIniibc?.
t?a ?ni. U,n?'i Hern. ? aft. It
TH-M??ili-.m ?ft tltrl-ar.. .Iitd- Li? \t,u ?cl S.
-? . ?st. <?!.if D Ii>c2?Uy?i?ii. ?ft CuBAT I
tl??ei? ??** Hqn'ri1?
?VHiLBK tt)lBT-SMe ii Tiftx -Win?, J Itsass of Uw ni
1SS-K, t ?ri Cn?hlaf
llfc-B?n?itB trtantous.
IBS?8a<1? itt. Stole.
BSi K,. Sm.1, kc. t*t How
MS?l ogjfii; ?ft Mt Aloi,v
*3S-?"i?rb?ti tri. n)*\t
l?H?JolmviB agi Alt.f?; er
206?A?-nuit a?i Wnipi.'r.
!??SWm? ?ffl l'?r!...
ia*?Chitt?uil<ii int. c Diittntn.
. Uu? Knut ?ri TU? I?, li , I. B
?S-V?,. Hvitriail %gt iiridt? , ?u,1 li K h. Co.
MS-Ho ?um wu Mead. ' HH-C^ ?kt. Hi-1er.
Iie-ltrtw i-fi. Vm ViltnbtjTtfc ? ?5? C?? tlelb ifl Htr''ar?t
WS-Trm'.w. . lit SMita , it?- JUjiit j lit. Get
lO-X.tillift N'ioll I OT-Wllluias S*fl Petilirgnit
M-TV Mi?-, r ti. ?#t. v V tA-Inr. T'litlitcFiretn?. Cn of
W e?icht?tt* Cvntilj'K. Ii N. Y.
_ _?* i B??Liu nuce ?it HlliUitL
?-li rt IttUr ifl S J" li| ItV-I?-,? tip Mi?-.
_ , gBB*aa ? rirnlsai m?)'m
IS- J ? ?. ?t ?ft WSMsr. j lrH-BrUaerhof ?t. Ltdd.
Ball nr-l? nVi? ?. Ci *??
Stj'haion c..lhi-tKi4tTSR?._r?BTl-Ko**??-rv?*i J.
?r-Bfod t(t Dir??, |?->-j>-Twu?:m ian K.rV
lll?-Brtiiiia|t sflsB^ Mal I ?fJS-M^i igtWer
?tat. JtrSt '. .. ,. 3l?-n*)ow ajft'Hewaa
Sr?-* uhaifaifr ?1^. TV ??nra?tlllir,-ah?,trt? irt HeinrSe?
.ia ? n. of VI. l-t?-lii, rr ?it kiiatu.
UU*??!?X' Tk* A^;^|"<^Mt(jlr'-,VTW?tiyor ke
Piar If ?BaBBor?. J
Bit-Borrow ig; Wilkr: ''*-'h -> '>*rl* irt Amtowtltl
?S-Krtne?iwt ObuM. j*?f-\t r.)?li'i**t CcUkm.
> r*. Uw N?w. |.'V?- Uur igt. Ut
?E~!V.:'1.t*'k Ht H?rwi,? ? -i a-rt tgl. Lrwia.
aSH-iVh?lVr.,. (,?? Urti* if? Uri ?rmirk
IK-l.rr?; w Jmiaob. ! J'?-B*iiJ?t ?ft. BkaMa?A*t
|?l<-Bi?ti ? ?|t fUTkiri. it? K ,
k vc
COBMOU i'l tAS-TaiAL Ti.- - Pam I- Bbaitt, J 0M H?E,
< tun
?Bof'l igt Setoi.
Wmii lit llirttt.
(lo.prj ici Dir
?ft L?ur?-i.r?.
U'iKi.(?/ ?gt. Pt
ifA-Waggsrdagt f.lorj.
14 1?B.^ri??. ?gi ?but
M?-y,?!?r BH?n
IM-tiulanti ut Rhtor.
laW-SHliiH -Vft. C?UlA
Pal?U II ?r??r.r,if .* ????? Bonr Tib???
ii|t t <MT?*. H'.'-*??? igt. ??AM,
[.?? ? I SSS?kltkn. .iii l)r-T?T?Ul?t
?k* ,10ri-tw;?gt VM?..
L?..?. u agt Fr?i> ?.
Th* Jiunutublt Patriot says the Babertaan ara quite
??etacsftji in n inn >? u...!mit, ?ial it turn ttri? taken in
?MBt harbor on McuOitat.
lA?.Kfl AT THf* 8T()( K KX'.'tlANtiC.
rn - i
?7l Cou iTJfttot? rs r'on'?4
.lo.} 7,000.
> |n
f"o .... inmll
.1 -i 1,1 H . tt(
1 'lian J.I].!, na
Vi eat Uni?
t , . III
i ? i . .
.m\ n..?s
.tfj ' _
.ais i ? North vv
'i ?ii Roana Wat I .M
. .
no. 2-1 ri.., A N W Tref
Ohio A: MlcsCer [ ?00.
iff 100.
blO. 18j' J.100.W|
100....2d CSlll.lU3?
ano. ? <?)
...b.'*. 'HI 3O0.....I
< hie .?? N W -' r M
Tal & Wah J m
1,001'. 77
. '.??'
A!mii? 1 II 1 ni
1 .ni. Lank
(mr...h i.tai
liri ni. V An
Allan.- 1. ,
. U
I Moil "I 1.10.! .
. . ' . c d? It ocx Island
500. _
;u .
n ". ?antral
. .. .
.Idcall. 88
i ... Wafed v..
?to. 43
M0....Sdcail. Iii Ml.
'" . ?,-? M .
ino.. ..??I nil
lim. U A. Litsox
U>. i
BOO....I'll call, in?
N v : M Barn
Mu II fc) ? M liai
. '"j
an ( entrai
? Allon Pn f
II .ntl
M -i Central
? l'uni l'ief
??iib li S o.ii * i li
Bl 01
-. I 1 ?!.!' II, I Ml '-T.
U P a? : . li 3 lu
0.io id .i rlea.
.101 I 2?,o?>o.feMfl
IM.. 2V ; !'-". i 0
irica I Midi bo A- No lud
. 17 J UKI.
: .-. in..
1 tit Mail
423' ano. 67|
. - i
,\ 1 ;!ts
... "1
1 200.
A Janies l.xprepj -'I . i>*S
. ci; ii
2-. . 1121
Vi Ila Fan ' '
?al l'i?7
' \ I
? ... ii
" I. , 33.116
_. ?^?
Ali l.CMI.
.. . I
* i.
i p, nv
", - i .,*re.ss
o, I V
. 26
. 41
. U
I - i ? rial
w.lui? . ant.:ifjt
Ohio A. M Cer i:**ie Mich So di N I ni'
. : i
BostOl '
fc;o. . r~\
ion.. I . ' ? ?
....blO ?.*"> ?
200. I ?
om BOH D Ol ?. * m
I ?
lo.nou.C'J .*? i . I
BoHtoi l.?fl0'. ? ?? ?'? ' Ar?
... T3?
t.. ??*
.v. \V lCbie Ai N "?Vest Pre
Adam? l-.x press
100 ?'X-div.1'3.130 , J"?. ?I ??? ?o<
Kn i M - hl?oA N li I i " I
.loi m.mu. t"t loo.?e
R* adina ? ".
2M.feM.MBl fe I.M '
1'l.lKlil.ll M AM' MI* ?
li. ! JH'A..1>.
. ? ?
IRa-enn oktatl
Ulah ?. Bun
. '1 I? I.
. U ?li. .. .:: I
La i ?" -' (?via
6r. Atlantic & la fie ino.
Quart1 : .
ion. 3 I ' ....?30.
???i. j 4.- am? t ( a... < orytloa
i no.e.
I . . ? i i..i o
? .17 60
| . i, h
2 00
IS 40
2 M.
Tin naiuT, ataj i-- i-, m.
Gold oin neil at Ita*, lok* Mandat
? Book
, i Hi?
llanco, 11,711,141 ao.
(jiivi i ? strong end i demi ml. lae
at ] ; al 1081
fn lot and 105| i-?i '??I sines con ki placad In large
naonata. Bordar Stat?- atocksar? iteady. lu Rail
rood nortojagaa tiioaulca nwnuderate. Toe
is lower. Citizens' (?as Lit/ht Company
Bold al I 'i",d is in request at the pr.<.-. Than
? io\ciiiei,t ? isi.i'i in priai M m
the v.iliiiucoi bojdoon Hadafea Biwaj ia at lOlsaTQBt.
r.nt ?karaka to v.?; mu? ??us. ,i ?,; ftOfc Tike Wooten
akana aro nil lower, and no larga anoaaM eould i?c
ri i ?a- prion. Ami Um anAoainanan fev< i
ishamlii.i aahnmoderne At tao*alaaottM market
d beary ut (;ii<>!utiei?e. The follow.
Inganthi c1 iio| prion: N.T. Co.-itnii, r,.<.-..?
?'; -, Reading, 103J? 108?; kUcbigan Boutk<
ern, 6" ' reload nod Prttehnrgb, 78*9781
Rook Maud. *'>Va '?r, N?'-rth-V,*cst*-rn. 881-9851; do.
i'r? fe-i.-?:. ..?}'"'5?H; Fort Woyno, ?5jl?f8,
it in good snppy at 6 jr.? - r. ? ,n good
aaakttaTala with aalaono luit at less rate?. Oeatntdor
ciul pajK'i ia not in demand unless ot umloubted
chara? ter. licet names pass at Gi ? 7,, and kaW for
aeooOjd podo.
Tb?: Quotation? foi Uxchaugc arc as folio we: Lon?
don, G(i ?lays. I89i; Bight, U0|, Tans, Iori?, 6.19141
'?.Iii; short,, n.iO?O.C?*-?; Autwcip, .'?.!;??'?;'.IV-; OWiaO,
l3Jl Hamburg, IB|4fe88|; AniPterdam, lit;
i'rankiiirt, iJa^Mli, lircnica. BO; liei?n. lty*a>1St.
In froigkfej, tbo engagements to Livcrpuol. jwr
stcaniei, IM 30,0?? bush. Com at '?Ya'.'A., and-??0
balee Cotton at id. To Lokdon, lnr steamer, 7,010
buhh. Barley op ]?rivate ic-xvan ; 324 boxes ( heeee at
4'.w.. and 'AW bale?* Tura at 4<?s. To Itreimn, l.MIO
bids. Rosin at la. ?d., and 2oO bal?;. Cotton nt \ <>;<?.,
and, pet steamer, OOP baks Cotton at le. To Ant?
werp, TOu bbl?- Ros?i on private terina. A vessel
with?OObbLs, Petroleum, to Bromen, at ?te.; one re?
poned to Hamburg, with Petroleum, on private
terms, abd a bark of 500 tuna, from Ht. John'b, N. B.,
to the Biistol Channel, with Deal? at t;2a. ed.
Stockholders in the Chicago and North-Western
Road are meeking through the courts to enforce their
right to t xamiuc ita booka. This Company has made
no report of ita affairs for nearly two years, and
noedl a thorough ventilation, ita aliares are the foot- !
ball of ?amblers, aud their worth, as an yivcstnicnt,
in as indofioiM a?> the value of a lottery ticket. Like
a lott'iv, it yields the manager*, in ionic form, more
piotit than to ila owner.
tV Lu>< tunah GateUt of Tuesday eaya:
BuaiuesM, in a Kcneral way, remains In all respects
nearlvn- v.eekfRO. xh*" dry good.?. ?h?s', hat,
and clot lune ui?rchauta h.?vc lrnl -Abat m these day a la
danaanluated A fair trade, but in ordinary tmii* it w?mld
'. ?erj sU. k, coL.aidtiujg how mesger u trade has
ocen bitlicrto lud.
Tht Cst'ago Tribmif of Tuesday remr.rka:
In fiiiHiielai en. les business ftf qnfft, and In ?onie
quarte 11-1 lui r ?v.,., im Jtefcitatioii in lulling it vci.v iluli.
Tiie deniaiui for money is onlv mod?rate, and the banks
snow no heotaticn In ace? ptinp all the offorlntr?? of the
I right kind of uajyu. h^giiatuxn are tUo4w?i? aar??u?i?aal j
and outside names are entirtly Ignored. Kates of lntcreit
art uni ? i
The follow -ing w ill show th:i Kaetvari'. in??-?
of linn'?iii'1 ?.1..111 finiii Lake pofkl faff the week
lfaj l8, and dntination :
nur- 'o.is,
li uiklrk..
r ?gin a .
la. 2,4i?
B?-W R'?
4 UJ
10.ll 2
1C,C io
. '
?.? I
tala ?M.Of? 13?.103 883,141 T8.1M i,':1" 4V?,n
I'ti \ ? ? ? 2
Coi I ?., . ,. 0 474,1W 1,521,171 4i IdjaM
' as lin: meut* bj nil nut laataar!
The follow m?.' ?ill bliow tlie MwparaUia waaiaM
of il?mr anil (-'"?iii .u tin portoorl Mila attiras?, ?Chtoairo,
Toledo, Detroit, nuil ch-veluiui, fiom Jannaij i to
Mag l?, tor IMS and ?OT s
ISflT. l'ttil
.t. bills.l.icr,-1,! 1,100,1*13
Corn, bush. ,. ".? I ?s.'-ii.Qf.s
? ? . bo ii .l.'^-.ii" 1,901
B ;!???. I'usb. m S->.
Bye, lundi. 87?7.?o3 34ii,4(??J
Total Grain, centals.1MM.M1
is 7, deer? ., sd.'ji*?
1- ". tit it? ?i.-??' i.rulli. 87'
The Mid?fBB BontlMn mad sarnad, thathirt w?m>
Lu May:
.I07.2M ' Dee..., .C19.071
llie groas earnings ai tba Dm MainM valla} Rall*
roail I week u? Majf "ere a:? lallawa!
IM1 .ill. j Im ..f',6Jl M
Foi tin- second week In Mai :
IM I ...tl.,757 a-t , IWrC... |'.?,7U ?tv Ilif .. |.,(H2 7?
Till; mvkki.ts.
|c*ar?'i. ynfertslfe TaiTatasanl
TBOnaOAT, Mat m% mu.
ASHES?TheBMirket Is firm fur Putsi Batos at MM.
..i? ititi? : '
, U? Ml nrtlt. . ' ?'? r
tins li. ail
We quote ar follows . ? oinuion .
ml i'l."n I'-... O? m? '.t
'?ii. ; 1.mu?, ? ' 1
Mi.?ii. .
. .i v, ?tern 1 ....- e t t o
He do ,
t .ti i' Ubi. for
:.: .
' ? ? e -1 p. and] raawkal
freely, and : ? n
i i ?i ..?' e batos.
i [?' ?
? i.iiijeiaii ?y
active; . ?
FLOUR .*, ni? mi i. 'in -ind
B i "ir i mon market ia
i - ? '.
? ? nil -
- I- '? ? -v.
l.f.iii : 111 .' Extras;
r . . . for Trutla
? ? ? : l-i t
ft? Ml. ? .
Bt I
: , ?,'... , .
? Cuni 2
t .
er Is ii
ii, at I i
bu'li. u. - .?ii Im?.
- . ? ?
mil? bul q det; the ?i*
ni,uni li ,
la offer?
nr ? -
a MBfl M
ti. in uid foi
I ? ?1. ki ?1
Hil'! '
fur M- i -i
?AiO Vka.1 ?.?.1U.A ..... ?u. ?.. mm* i..--.??? ? ?-. in *?. ?til oil
I? 'li.- ti.? - . ..'....
? OB . M Bi it! I J' . eli: i ' ?
llA"t v, . with turill? r
priors los ? i tiki foi.
Mt ij.At--! -' i u- former rate?;
? .
?aL 8TORE? Hv tief
fei .mil io fall di n und; ia!? ti titi stuart, at
i are firm;
.i i . i. Fine at M .',,
. ,
Is ?lull.11??",
DI L?*?A 1 ni
pt" d, ;?? !? < :
lb? i. in ' .'?? for
Whale, ... ?
Nu I, anti f.tir In ??lillie.
I'ROVl '? ? Port t?.
riie i
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I tail mu? i?. ii
. ? . Ni
ti2 f.u v . i'i ? ii Pi . j I'i Ime
M?'B*. lii'l .Ililli ?ml B lilli? III" le .u tit?
buln, al ' |17?i t.l
im pood i.?i !.. . . V ? ' - ? j tor Extra Plain
Meei pri?es ara nominal, li"? f
Ullin- ;. ? .1?. Bl 111 ful
US'? Cut Mi.it- are quiet and unchanged liaron ii
.-Hill! ? lit lit !.?r, l.,i l.tti ti I
li. fail ??? es? tierces
i, Ujai?tc. fur City, and i_i u u?e. ta* tail
ti? ]?. lill? .-te..lil.
Al iii:.*??.?,- l*BOTISO*< MaBKI I, I O'? ' "? B PortWSS
li ti? t ; Bl *?J, cii-li; MU tibia do.,
r firm. Lara dull.
C1 I ROU.I'M i- ttitln.ut i hann in lillei'i We quote
i.t i?n. in ii a.,, and ?? ??. m i?ir'.-. ttelaea, In bond, i ; n? .
foi LbS.,??* tul du In \\ ., '.'t</24,,e f?u I', dtl 1,.,
B. W., ?1 l' W. li wa* ullin,unieil HiM aflt-i
boon lin'i '.' ,0?' i?''' . ( rune wen sold al IO . In balk.
Kit I ported; prices r? malu steady
BL'OAB i liai beeii an active business doini* la
Raw Bugara today, and tu?"' market cmses verj Armai
: for fnii m i'ini'1 P.-iii..! ? ; ?-iii- of 9.S02 hilda, at
for Cuba, 12314c for Ciarided do., ii.? i.v . f,?
? oo, and ?al boxea Harans ut Ulallie. Refined
Hi? tun el
M.!.! i- - ? ? ? ?1? nr<- v-itin,.it t h 111/,-e to note, and
. edull Rough I nix Seed '.? ?inlet at >? ,. j. .?? ?'.iieuttii
lu- 1 lu ?ullin?* ut MMiniMTS, Kimi, in liostou and
In re.
TA1.T.OY. -The tmirtrit Is b-ss active, but etr;i?1t ; sulcs
Of 40,000 ft lit
WIIIBKY- Tin niuvket 1.? finn: Mtoaof Western ;it arc,
In bund, and OoBtrabaad at ?1 MB#1 30.
I.1VK stock MAUBT8
THURSDAY. JM M 'Jl.e linn-i|?:?l rnttlo fraile of
Die tvi ? 1,, wi! I' lb? e teeptlon nt Mululu",, tv in? iit'Culiiiiiu
nlpHtv vest? utily, 'ila uriiMii today are: 17 Mill-fed
hllllr? at Illlli.-iiill < i'J, liol Mild; 1JH steel* Ut ComiUtl?l
paw?making 2,151 fn-h ?-utti? al that uiurket fur ti??*
v.cek; and 62G at One hundredth st Tlii* (nota up 2,r,'4
ginee Mundi,-, , tvhliJi le about l.ltiu leas tlian fur tbo hAine
tilia lu? week. I i.lena \rt liave a lmavt mu ut One
liuiulreil'ii Kt. next Mtiuday, wlih-li due? lint look llkelv,
prices murd be high the doming week The remnants
held uti i from jreetsrdsr, arra the las fresb cattle at
Cuiuiiiiiiili'ii-v, v.i ni all.f'Jld at i o'elia-k p. ni. willi the
exception of 60 hoad, foi which uocotlatlous were utiitm
m Prices about as yesterday. M in fur a lot of ci-ewt.
stillcis, andl*?l?He foi rou; hiah cotu-led ?MUM MoM
nt the di ?im - u' One hundredth M wore itittors?oulv mi
of thi-in coni-ft'il. mid N of th??.?- TBBBBS; lint, with a
ifno?l demand lol all exeeptiui -miiit? lut, heavy cattle,
iioidln?; foi IT?-, on ?ewt., mot irf the loin we? sold ut
iflai?i , with 116 Texas Stillere of Si awl at Us J'Jc-. aud
wi fat euri? iiiti.e fiitn the minc t?tatc. and iiulU Kiij?t,ur
tt, ?in mneral ran of Tsxsas, iu*f> it> woljilit at Buffalo,
aobl at r.iaioiSc , lulling them BJ ? v.l.
?me ?in of ?lu civ wera ?uld l?i J. k'irbv In 8l*xth*et., fair
abcared fctook. at 7t?7?>c. Hunte. A Elliott sold 19, fur
II. B War?', Olilu ?heated stioc-p, fat, \'i at R|c. and lf>f,?t
Mr, they would arci, (cr almut ti? li ?aK.BellUdCo
at commuulpaw.W New-Jersey lauibs at M ?o?$7 60 each,
orwaioc. V ?. the market m-iiia s little stio?icci lu:?!,
yei-terduv. On? ear of T8 lb wa*) ?oM at Ii'ul?vn(v'{y toi 7c.
There were 8 carl of hofru arrived al (jtniliiifihipa'? aU
10 at Forti? th st tods?, ueurly ?ii of ?B-liiuL wiro sci'.l.
willi sevei al loads hold overflow yesterday. The mark't
1? u little linucr at \ e?toiday'a ral?*, one ejtre 1st hrlnx
ln<jr7|e Most of the sitien? aero at 718.V, aith tliro*
oarestiUfud, UOlfi.stTlc.
May23.?M?bbls. Flour, l.ioo bins. Whisky, 2 JM Mils.
Corn Meal, MO sachs do.. TM sachs Oilcake, iV"? lmsh.
( m:;, J .v.':. 7 mudi. OaU, ? bush. Bceds, 'it pkir~. Ashes, Ifi
pktrs. B?cf. *6u hbU Puik. aco vic*. Cut Mt-uts, 15? pkgi.
lAtrd, 2i.4SJl.lT0 Ho?r*. I,'?*? bl?Ik retroleum, 2,674 pkgi.
Butter, 1,7^ pkgs. Cheese, 1.B4S bbl?. Kggs_
Orrie? cr ia? Illixoii Cs-ntt;*! IUr*ia?p t'oarAJrr ,
MswluNK. Mlji 131.7. j
H??I.I'KRS.,ft!it"]I.I.t?<OI8fKNTnAl ftAIT.KO.tli (?nil Av,
fur tin* Kirn ,n ?f Pirri-tor? ?o?l th? tria?*? t on o I elbcr t. alMai, w iU
If bold al 1 ,(? ?" ' *f*I, "? '!?* ( " "f ' li."mo, Ob
\t KI 'N Ki- li AY, tn?mk l?T0f Bgjr. ISffT. it i oVUxll p. m.
IL? ir?L,l.r h? "I" ?'? it.? < ' r,.i,?i. ? ., tf ?.?ami ?t ll.f cIm? of
tS4ib?M tt U.? 14Ui laiUiiL ?Ml itD/ytB?! ??> lb? ?st d*t of Ja ? ?nt.
I, A. tAiJLUi. aHU*l?t|.
? D?Tts knaajM>akkknt| )
jd T*??-jtT-i*-.?uti ?t., N?w YofI >
iiDsvr? 0r7a?, ii i? n, tes-T. )
Jfrw T?vnx ist? SJsrw-1
fort?! of Puurtl, ave md '
a T THF ANNUAL MEETING oi the ntock
,'\ ?.-"? '? - N * . I? .'> li-.#j K*. nail CoujxM/,'tj
-hit?, to win WILLI?.n
?UGH !t i IIIHAK'I '.llvll' t N Mil I EB. A m? A
HAM ? V?5 .'?' EVKLT WILL'S O. UOKl,
HW i*-?A?bilA.s, ?-:/.k...ltl. k riiOWUKiX'OK, w?u JO.t
ATHA.N .?Oil" I.V
At ? m-'-tn.tr of I Ml -? ' ? i t ii j:. Coriurt. **q.. ????'???'?I
? h"j WILLlA . n BlbllOP . , -i *">?*"?
... ? rrtsmrei pn i i ' , its of " "'
lugScino-it, roiuoTott _r. *? ASKKJibrHf,ntenurr.
Osro-s or Ki >. ?sirAsu fstosASOS CO.. 1
Ko '? W am 1 ?Cr ii ross Ms- -??. 1 17. I
1 ..' H? < crij.ur ti] '.? icy j' is?.. ?Bi-*- on MOMMY, Hit'l-l
d.i. of Jan? ??at 'I bo |wU nil asea al Um ?D'! do? at I o'clock
p.m._J ? 11 r N MILLliK. HmrUrfj_
Uttjs of Illi.m,.-. im..i.i?iir Ornea, ]
?rsiKornn; Ma? 0, MR. J
THE INTEREST which will beoooJM due on
UM Cr,! VI,...LAV a K Ol' TI1K BTATB
OF lillKOia .-I!'.. ,-. li u Aa rfeaa Kirhiif* Kallon?! Bank,
- Iori, fioa? ti* lal to Um ll'.'i, Inrloaitr. ?f 'mr,
_i..-/i u BMI -- um?.
JI 3 I IM?N H A UTI.I 1 . l-rti.ilr.it Ka 44 Lupenanl rt.
J. J l Bl M Iba I eaei .- S ?/ Hi-?.!- il
TI" O m? ? M 1 ; lUehlo'rr of the Silk
M? in- ** it .'- ,, ?mi. -t., Kew-Terk,
brioc J* Losw? ffteaat Ki,|:ui, Boiler, Dte-IlraM auJ l?..t-A? p?r*tm,
fci.jRinJ ?'ni Belting, -?ill all ti i Ui.il? ?lal app ?aiui-i tempi?-!?--ill lo
Ant-das' .ink rant writ,noa tad r.fc.'v fm imii.<**l ile nae? liiflo-i'-.r tlio
j.,,c nf ? . i I -.?tri I? ait ..?teil.
Tb? It??' rn. ' i. r . ? ft.? lan la Bl* I" I??I I th?
( ,in;..iiT : at? Um pr.i i .,c . ? p.i.'iu? at tir liui'dlu|?. kc , at aU^OOU.
Tl.r I bon:? ai.1 Mn-iura-rr IcaM ifl.l nib? ijun'kaat.l, ?oit ti?? Coi?
p,..T uni? tr~; I
' "- "i i BbafUaS ?od Brlttng coll ort?
ei2i- ^iO, tad in i m tell ?arti ili.l ?an.
Th? l aillai M.?-! lt.a>IVi.fioe
I'liri'liaata ti al."??. . '5.* ?J
W? ::i.>- ? -.; i ? . "j,'"?)
Ffti Ii ' t rytr ctut ptr anuum can
, lian toi uti '
1. akl (nx Mai i.iit.cn art opticl anil cat. be fi.uatl al tk? Olt? of tk?
lllOMA-. | f*a Ni. 7"K,
atlan.? ins:. K?. 142 I 1 idtrat
?.'ttit.if Jl K.VKtAN SMI til i. HaLDUI!*, Ko? IM ar.d 1ST
Allia Peetorr, Km XT? to MT Waa? Th'rt? ?nf ??
1 li ? if iAMVm I'll Al? HOI : Broad st
1 ? ? ? I" vnl na 1 lui I I -. .v i: 1 0 No II Wall it
' f. ? afV J|. I llt.l.N.t Nu .Ki iliu.Ue-._
(VI, IHl of He? v. ? ?al! 1^ hell a- Iii? i.tr.-'of tlic r...npinr i.n
il.* i t.. rt?. uf .liai lad. Hu- b.. I* ?nil .iitea at li m at,J
i.lo.t- ?-. 1 \, ia.-.Nea ?o.l. >l;,j '.j 1 '"
___ti V aeir?ttrr
? rm :. < i .in- lito . l.ivi n liAIUVUD CoSfAM?, i
Ko -, ,i K Mar II. I '17 !
fPiir. ANNUAL IfEET?Xti ol the ?TOCK
I lim til,I-: ..it:. HI . ULBOAD COMPART, fa
the , r. ti n of Till; 'ti N hi. la Ti ii: 1 f... the rao-im?, r.-.r will la
. ? . ? gaaar. No Hu \\ ?
gv Joaol" I? I Polia ??li heap?
? ? al Iba k1 n on
: ii te ?Mr j to rr.tite te ratal
? fce Trant?ri Book? ?rl ? t o'.'m k p a?, an iii? 2'ith
t '. . ? - . . ? ?
_ i ?(UKI.) gceraUry.
>T0T1CE.?Tboae oi the Btock und Bond
?1 i .iii, n ia Oit ' ..- . I Ki ? n -? ? ? Ra ? I
? ?
? -j.I i f !.. ti ? 1
Muida?! tnttr.lt?, will at i -. t.. i >M ?I .on, .
lil H HATCH * . .: i
ClSTSr-AXD, PalXaStllLa im A ? a. ?. i : ? H a I..'?.ni... '
lion vtrr- O . M.
Vr?TKT..--'l'lii- imii' ..i meelina: of the Btock
1.1 | iad I
i .
nut at tuo'i <
7 LI i"! |. ? 0 i . ? ? ?
? I i-parr eil! be elnm-il froia 1*1? U: ontll
i . : .
??.??*r. I
INK. Mav 16 1-7 (
THE ERIE 1. i iMl'ANi bcreby
i ?
? i' ?
?. ?
. I . ?x1
I ?. ?
'. ' I -
I . ; . ?
? . i . -.
t..? 1 ujl
at.(art I
lo li
_ 1. H I.I e-nl
t ni ', . one CKirrn ti
?i.-. ?.. - *. i.
i ..I 1 ii' IBTll I f.
aim * a..! TON I,S W*A? *
i -.
FT/ li
? ?
A! 1. ?.'it um
la 1 W.I, ?I
Ciat.l'.itifl fiencco mid JDaukao.
v it TIUbT.
iii, n.Asai m ' * - ' ana ?-ih i'! ?
1. LA. 1 1 I I f> !? ? '?! ? i - I UAKKKI III .r.t
lull. o. AIL COMHISaviOM t li a Lets.
closing pkut.s.
m.w-yim?k. ?inr n. xsm.
* i
- ?
7 ? t *
i '
'? at
I ?
I* . ? > I I N,. ? I ? v.
' I Note?, It*?.
. . . iiii N.,1" ian.
asga ' i
) I0U
Bat a*
I i..)
Ii-?'1 I
iii I i .
114 | 11?}
11J li.|
,. ?o 1 KI \ST HY M> I I M,
ARD -I i MM.
1. il.I hii.s oil ?*? lill-A I.N.
aOTAOTAOBOllB TO 111'?, lill l M IM SOB
El i tm ?ad 'inii-i' si:hii - 7.'IO?, itroiasbd
Al I LLL .MAI,1.1. , I Hl< i
VKI MII.YI -. i ? N 11 Wall it
am- l-l.a: RM i.n
COVEK.\*!E\T SEClR?TiE.S, GOlD.dc.
NO l8 M Al 1. S B) V
BATES Foi; nCaUjroiYf) -IM .liiM'V NOTE?.
MAT ?.i ion
I'?? ALU!SI BOOM <r. a '.r In? NKU f H OOBOS aad HI
DU 1 HII.M t
Pat mn BOTO w? grea Un- ni-ws? bo ins aal ,
mu? Manoo,
For JULV KtJiliS -t ffm *\*J ?S?! 120 MOMd ??*! P?T MlO
I'll i IIU.Si K,
'_ OB i LI H *}?^_
t'?rntr v! Kaiatu it , Nan Tori.
We bar all Ml at t>.? mod libera n.rrent prlee? ?na keep aa Land a
M! aaaaaja of l,?'\ BBRJU 11 HUM'S OB ALL UBOM SLVE.S
TIlI?TIts?a J(('MI'iHMi IRTBBBS1 ROTO, ?oil ?itcu'.a ??J?-a
tot pureba?? Mai Mai "' BHH K-? BOOM, a-u! OOLb
CON Vi ['.SI < )NS.
We i-onrart W h???1 lane* of Sata? Tintinas lato Pin Tiri?
Till U5 1MB MOITrAYUBABLI 11(11 Ukin( tbe lal atrita at Cioriitr
a?M KaT|i. ?llo?in| a loaiUiMoli to.tealtra.au PAli-rn Kn.iib
to asti rhoal K??* to?t Oi.'nan rntL Oil p?rt'f ./?ti furn'i I
?rp fitina. _?IT CQOKK k To_
l*ue leBTTBKB ?f CKKDU foi Tran.tr? at.uau.? ia a.. pa;M ?t
N?a ?: a^il '.* ?'M-?' Re? Tor?_
JUllS SltS'KUi. ^ Lu.,
ho. 7 Bbb iCHlUB PAUlft,
latui rtea.ai liUlf'? ?f < '?<l?l '?? T,?>cleil itali pi;'.l *'t> ??r SS,
*:_il^*^i Vanita _
Hura o? Kaw-Ti??i,
B?v? P?rariT?FXT. ALBar?T I". 31 l*W '
TVTOTICE I? HLKEBY (itVEX ptimiant to
li Chayt-t ?? l-l"? ?I J"*? a?J *V>. !??*? *'? I** ?h*'
tbe.>r-iii "ii.,:n >t'? iane.lt!> the "for.TH IM vi i: BARB ?Haiikifl?Ai
??oUtioattK-rletll? Oit ? itrolt>?w toit ?01 b? rwl??n?i-! A4* l'A", by
ti.? M?-.?r.ul?i. '? ' "'l ? Bank'a? l?tp?:t t,?ut ..... ??o'?t ?a ?tTb?
hntion?! II* bat * ?alFatWr? Baak. UUe Cilr o.'Alb*?r toralt rear?
from U?t .lair km ?' ?" I a ? 'J' - ?'"r
Thnout|-iolm< ?? ?Ottt of Um Mid Wal ?naatb? pr??i*n*-l
a?*:jr?Mil. "? .^?.t .c?< lion, t.ndatt ktraaf. ?nd a!. ??' 'i ??i Ii alia .
no? o* prt??.??l '?r rMatj ptloo ?ui patnitot '? thiu tb? li?M Ikn ?!>*"'?
He! will rd?? to tv? i lurg? ?poa ti?? fun J it tiaarlaaf tb? Mupviia
tfnlentfo-UatJJi^?? 0 V- ?I IIIYLKR
JMl larjr?, P _ _ '?uotrnteo I'al
I.at? o? Raw i,KK. lu.?? DuAAtaaai.i
Aia**T kr'.irna?? 1tHi7 I
rVJOTlCE IS HKKEBY (ilVKN, ptiimunit lo
l 'unto e" ! ? '.La-?al la*0\jfay|a>fjjmlaiiaj,
a l'. J I* tua -TaAOBaVci-R'a BASK ftp TH1 . [TY Ol SVVT
li."? |.??al "? ?be .
kOllh ' ? Mb!** ****!?>'-"i- )?ia*r?l tit tua <.1) o? ure lo?.?.- I'?
red^tu'ei? *T ?'??"? ,,T ^r anptnntrndent of tb? B.irtkiif l>ep?rini-n
ga pr aenUl*"? ?? ,b* No?? Y ..ra M.le Kailotal Hank la 0* Cltr ?f
? ? i ? ir? ?on) i - i.' n art'i
TI t o?t?u -ln.g tirruUiirg note? oi tb? aaid t*ak ?pat bo ?rtaent?j,
???'?.rtaalJ. ? l? a. ? ? .?j ? ' .- Ibe data htrrof, ? I iii ?i ?
?ball aot I??- prtaeattd for reden.(liol, ?ad po\i?e?t ?iihit. It? liaa-thu.
?.,.? .Mt. wJ coaat lo It a : ..?? bpoa li.? fu.d it. lb? it-adb o?lltr hu
atralraoti.? Ivl lill tur|>ao.
ft, ira? ~. b w KlIlilJiB. littfllBltMlfAl
so d vamaq n .
Un.au!? Uria??
fP* coi.LKrTio.is UAbK ntoiMBOOT TUB UNITED
R?t-m .AN.'? CANADA!
qr cnmiK'ATBB' or attosxr imokp_
I" At a UA1. 11 UOLLM
Jd-n ter? of th? New-Tori Stock BifW.g? ?m! Ooi.1 Bnrtrrl bi" ?ml tell
?a Coutnttulon GOLD ir.d ill elm? o' (U N l-K.Mll M' ?liiUKlTlUS.
Alto | [ni KSuJ BONDS if ?t?rr d-<f npUDo.
Pirrili itl?i.U03 |it?ii I? til? porch?? ?mi ?a:t* of FXI'ltl'lS Kid
AI>V ANIUS caw]? on (7oTt*riirr?riti. Dl??J?m;a inri ? onnoni ?olWtiA
INTKrU'.M' ?,lr.*,f.l M i|.| ??._
ril.U.OlO ViJjai'lU J I' 1"
Nott TI P,rc??iw?? ?-4 " N'?n ?' Ra*? Toik.
rrocn, bosps and ?roi.u
B^i ;S? :n.l St?l?l on (.?Bam ?inn V> ? u ._, *i j x1, ?t m?rV:t rtWjJ
BKVkN lilli:TIn,
DHPOSITS r??-fl?t*?l I? Curr?r.iv ?ntl tii.ltl, lu'ojcct lu cb?cli ?t ?ight,
?cl INTr''.e.KSTillo-.T?-d (?a prr tfrr'rnrrt).
Out of I ma orrltrr? mil ISSB**S ia.u.(ilit'.? ?I'.'ii'iOD.
COUMCriOU nid? m ill j*.t? of tU I'VnVB STATES ?ihI
AtAlLAIill. IS ALI. PACT vi .Illa HiJKl.l',
. I *
I lUNOAK, BHERM \N &. <"?,.,
M-:vt roi..
iw mail?i?i nil? ii? ii wa lio H'l ? ? tai
kinuirgo li.iina.
4TLAN1 u . :..
J.x. n l. i IM st.1f.4r' i y
li,t-r->-t RIX I'l.l.t I'M.I.'t? lu, ??"?itL
In?. : B a ''ni"! (fiar. - oo ?U ??i?' It?
1?1 BOTH I . . ? ? i_,a liait?!*
rVJEW-YOKk SAVIN.'-.? I5A?K, Elghth-a-ro.,
t.1 ? . ..f i ...' ?ni. i i .1.:: of
ii. I . ; , . i. . 'e ol. or i ' '? ra I frti.u
'lint, li ( UJUSTY 1 makai.
r u ; .-; i la ai ?
Dil-iOCSlU KotiCCB.
i?. I 01 >
lim M?' . !: .ir i,.,al i oXPAXT,
'I ; ?
?VIDEND No. 16. I ii.ive de
: ljo??r uit-ol
-:,*..' ilth.iortct*.
I ?,;. j
DIVIDEND No. ft. -'I in- hoard rd
? . .ni ?t. v
><?*. m ?i i ii*
Bi . - ??? '? lu.! 1st
NOTICE Is hereby given thal tbe Boord ol
le,.. i r- ? ? ? oatt of Z)
..... I
? .. ? ? ,,??
( OMP??T
.. .---.?li bi?
? ...td-it.
-pHTim RIX! H DIVID \l). Notice is
? . lal ?Vi-larp.1
... 1 1.11
Ir.ir.-ier btaokl ? .1 '? -l?.-?ITIU'e
MuMiAl UM J. i
111, (I i 'jit
1 ? A C1 S
Ctonwi for istiwM ftlot
. 1 i i -!??? ?. ..? i.' t.'.;. .
i? PSiht
? ' ' -m | n
. ? ao.'Wi a-iO . ."I f?r li.?
., ?aj't It? .
? i ' i : ho areli
i ? ?f lo
_ J t H. > , Ki . .
Al Ml M.l.i: IN I l.i?l.-l loi SALE in n
MARl'l ?<TI KIM? Hi -!.M . mIm amilanad.
? ... Anplj to
1\\.\ I i"-1 v-- \ reward \>ii? ?><? r'-alixed ?>v a
" , n... i,v ?! (ral?
rta iu a Ural tuna
? .?iaant.it
Wal rooavaabao. A?.?. <??? J \V.. I'ott UBit? Bul
Ntur- ?_
?^OE S.M.K fin UP ?"?hib?is.M'd
MUM S| ? IBOOIal MAKI li SOO! ' Ii. ,.::.?? Ol llll.lMJ.N
fe (Ititi. M it _
1 in. INSURANCE AGENTS, Generni<
I, . I . i . . ? nr.iai *??! lb? < -i . ' >? * l.'ik in., tin.. j?b
?ml 'hi ?ta ?-'?ali. ,bri pU] ?if*i*r.nj( BB
? ami linm lu...'- UKO? a?'u!
lio; io iiii-iprr ?L.t-ii |i?rii.. .?. i?lrr?a ?mu riftrreuci?,
lu h i OMi'AXi BotNj ._
I PAKT oft WKRKLl NK'V-'IMl I'. ',., i,;?.. ,.,.,? patrno
? I". BtSBO ?o t?'-i|.tioo Mal ?B.er lu I??? i* Maria) t l.?i|r an i niai.irc
Jt.ii .No I
11T ANTED?Men ol cnpiial to pun'linse tor
I r ? '?-??? if ?BO of lb? ino? nn''i lad i-I?., i lii.'allool
of th.- air lill- Al >1? >?-- i i. : 1.1? BCTTSB MAKES II rrodi,r.*i
i. i, la i|u.iutitT m?) quah?,
'li.. Ilatj.li' i A
coota a ..I?.'''? i ? I ' f r S J Slat?- atti Coonil Rlgbta foi .SALL'at
N - ? ' .?f priai? 11 l.i n, fin jj iri'ln. ttot.r
' . --.'-? aiifi.lr
..a 1-? parucului ?Jdiooo 1'MOPl'Cfc MbRClUM
OJl.l ?C1 Ulk
vt??>,U\ "F Bil lau? r '
KOW. De & 14 COIJ.EC.E-Pl.ACE,
Copartners I) m notices.
D?880LUT?6N. Tl.o K.n.i of FENTON,
I I! ?(?KHALI; A. TIIAI'Y ?a tia? day fliwt.lv.-1 hr aiotiul cn
? rut ? I) Kau? "n bt rig anne ?ul coi uni I.. ' fii in I|.;iiH?Lo'j X??
lork, Ma li lao*. A I' HKRTON
Hil is KlUOaBAl I'
ofco DOCULia ii
T'-1 ii i .-? nat I
It uuu.r theSiaiof KKNloK k III /tiF.ltAI.I'
A 1' II N-*ON
ldl If. Hi/'.l '.ALP
ui.uof ilh'.j?vMA.N' k MOillHMSl'i.l III i'tda? du
HObtL? li IlLljlvMA.V.
i ? I ? ; ian_
W80L1 TIoN ofTimitid IWKTXElkSHIP.
TLe liii.it, .i I'?rirer?hlph*>!ttofurr doiug baalaaaj ?IRa 1*1 It??*?
?! lu tua ( a...* V . fork uButi the firm, bom uf Kii'ltAltl' l'A
VIES la tula ja? UISSOLVlJh ?ml at an ?ad ?1'ateJ R??-lork, ?i^r a,
im.: IlK'IIAKP I'AVitS G-neia! Partner.
_JOSKHT McCOV fratr?a' Parn-r_
rpiU: UNDEB8?GNED, of the late firm of
JL PKRTOK II I/.i?L'tALl> 4, TRaK? will iotit.au? the Prolneo
?orauuaa.ju imam??? under lila o*a c?a.e. ?J formerlr Ho M vVu te
ball it Ne? \ork.Ma.r H.1M7 tihoHOK I) IKAtl
?Corporation Kotiere.
OARD OF AI'Prr.-NOTICE.-I't (to and
-I* n puruaace of Section 9 (eis?) of ?a au ?ti of lb? Lcgialataro of
the Stat? o'N?? \ oik rat.tleJ " Al. An lo ?-..?I-.? lb? Boa T of Super
?i?or?of li.? t'oi t ?? of New York lo raia? ?our? h? tax f.< lae a?? of
Iba r*r|.or?t.jB u it-t Lit? of Kew Tork, ?n0 lu r?!?t.ur. to tbe erpeodi-.
tur? thtroof, ?ad lo nrovid*? for tbe ?a.'it.ni ?ml rataient of ?mottled
i '?in?. ajalaa'. rall eil?, ?nd In niall??, to ?ctVa? at le? itatml ?aid Cor
poratinai," mi ?ed A urti ?-I, l*b7. .Notice I? bereit git?, that Iba SoiM
.?: a 11 i iBOMia ?ad tiitiebr ereoted for U ? ?d'ru.taieat ?uti ?or.'taool at
al lee? .: ?...mai It calm! ??1 art-oai.1? OU'ltaLtliuf,. prior to Jtooarr
thtdnt, A. I) ?i?-bU?n houdroil ??it ?lair '??mi ???inn the Maro?,
Allen??-) at! i;uirnioii?'l? of ti? CR* of NiwVork. I.*?? appointed ?-?-?
do borah? apoolBtll'KailAV tia fourth da? of J?b? neil (far), ?! th?
I'onrt of ( '??ina? PI..?? roo? l'??t 1 (Boom Rp 19) In th? Cit? Hall, la
thr ???I Cur of New York ?? Ihr d?? ?ad ?.Ure at whltb th? a? d B??r?
ti',: pi o. eH with th? h??rlu| Is op*n Boan! of the matt*.-? of turk ?nail
at ?:???a o ?look lu thi forenoon Of the ?aid dar. The ?aid act eosutaf
tii' lollowiug r.??.?.?.n ' AH peiioue baring . .mu? .ta.uii li.? ?"i**- o'
Raw 1 ork Bow aaaTiuated. are herab* ??quired to treatnt th? ??aie to
'b?aatd.Bu4?'l o'Audit wiuiu li-1?? ?*".|b# lum lit? uaiuag? ut tall atti
id la na? mr ??mort no* uartrtg as ?"itiui.Ubi: d?in?!iil ssajiut li.?
leror, AMei?au, aad ? onuaon.l?r of the I itv vf Ni w- Ui k a??ll dtVgtert
o, refute to preiant lieh elaimi lo tk' Boam . f .',.. lit ?athis ti.? ??.J
p?rlo? al thr.? maa, I ba from ti.? paaur-r of '.bli art It* ?UM be barrad
trooi tk* proi?tatTou oi uiaiutauai. n of a?,j rtajkt ?I aei ou n I..< I. be ?p?r
h?re??ai st th? ?ali the Maror Aid. rateu, ?tai i ort... rall) vf Iba Cil?
wf.N?? lurk, mutt theiclroi?. -Nr? I?. I. A| i . lu, at,.
K1?*I1AiTT> B t'llNNiil.IY, i_ai,.).|.k-.iti I.? ?' Na?? Ysrfc,
la pnraaio?-? of Met lou it) ftwia'.-.jr-oij'bl) of U AM outiHod " la
seitocaakaaiA?guaremttasaniasais of lb? Coaatj of Boo?orb lo
ira IMS to illiad lb? power? ol
(ho I'lll'ln? tri tia,Boot ol
atMOttiSd claimi ifilaat ?U ( .-.r, pwaid April ? lloT, Not).-? If
ht?WhT (i?m, Ihit lb? Boord ?f Aiiillt tbema lid thoriby ti ?tod lo?
lbs lOJaotmoDl and lettloaoat of 111 loa or tV|j|tib.? elil.-n? arad ?i-.
I looa Ij'droS tee
tin- -i" ' ? Uto ippo'u'?4 lad ?lo
' Pth .!.-. .,f J?,,? ??ft flinn? li tho
Cito Hall ia tb?
? I."? Urti, ii . .?rd ?ill
??? i.i? tiilrr? of iu ?li.aiM
,', t.j.o ' i-'iU of lu? aalj ila; Th? Ula,' M f'lJtUlaS IbO
; ? I Couit? ?> K...* Yo-?, loar?a
t. ii? W i.i? a I 1 ?.ard of
i. | a -igt of tLi act. it.l n cat? ?'.</
r rum o- - | iraloit Ibi Coral . of B?*a.
York ?hall I " I. ????la'??M.o Boinlof Ao-Hi,
' - piaiajiO of tb.a in h|
loo .i?? nf lo, r |M|| ??,
. . I Coaalo of Bo? Iori nillo!
tlltli.ri.L. ' i . rt April '' ? ? .
K11 \ in ? ? ?VU LI. Coaptroiltr ? ii-ol N-o Torb.
chu Nt':.. M
-'i?'-. iTi-Uil I ?br. Iba|
I . ?? ? ..ii IB IbO
? Hoard ol SojasSSBS for i xiiolcilioo by ill (.'r-oiu taWr
IH 1 tarr?Dtb le tf It J ?fib lb? bo
tK?.-l, I'., .'alt..
-i.i i ?1..1 fiitl.T-lori-?aj-J 4*4,/iof ?Id. ?abjla Oco
. > a?r?l.
? i'-j Canal tun! L-K)?.? ?la,
?Uli lirai rho? li ?,?? . .
. .-rd r>T ?n.-ta Ana?? raoat, Inctml-ati tbao*?r?ral Itooool
lad I T '?* a: I pa -??? ?if l^t't. ..Ittata-d ?IO)
lit, AU th? I tttwoou I I'? Ki'iii.L lia! Blxtr*
fifth ila., - a.o??'i ?nt
.'.1 I ' ?.'..'- ?i..? i. ii ?r.'i au. tiurt?cith-it. botwoco 11.lrd tai
Io irili irta.
?t I.,('. t'i?nt
i. , lb? .??Wr'j a.'a ?f W???*.
Ut al., fr. ? ? m.i ir.
- Ti. rt. .1 tlT ti? ?tK*T? l:?m?d law?
11. nu i r?r)iio?l?d
til [ la-ka-'l t ? ., I ?I Ibttlf
f Mel Coori Ilvua-i ?.aU.aa* tint*"
d?7? fro?? ti? (late cf li. -
?li F l'i'.Kl.ET, )
J? 'is [i til 11 Vf RlJ ' B^inlt' ' ???????.
laA.'l I' II' M S
V - - !1? -i- Mai II I .-.
li..tni? or C'.a?*.ir*iii??ti.a }
y -ie .oui :iti iHit Db**a ?.????/,?
r,h??ii ? i Hail, Baw-lons, IUt 2 io?... ) w
SEALED PROPOSALS will W receive at tins
ofl.?? - i at 17 ?I'cloeb in . for fan??bii?*>
IbU l.'ipil . I .? ?I lav*
i' - . ? ? ih* IwU
at j lea ;.' r. tho C?tf Hsll Pi ? . "' ?. ? I I i ? lo anti
wirrarlfil. r. itti | run. r i.-? . ' ".' Sffttlofl - I'O "ittiB
ti it j," . ? ? I .i? t? ' tu i? ? a.',-.' lu
pool,.' iiin-r li,. . 'I.?, al ai.'-tt
??lace ii ii ? - tint ap
ptriton l.r ia tob? '.'? .,?..'?> . 117 la pr.ijr?
i ?! as (a
!.. . ?. fi r tlio
old lorUi ii... '. <ra, a? at'.l ?a
lb? I ' ? . . ... a ???'?.? ?
? . ?
Kt SB) ? l I ? l.lop?la?l
off??, ?.?.
tata* ra, Boa-York Citi
. ?tirr
? ? - ? - i - ? '?CS. I
XTa. (In ?li ,.rln I r. r?tk, p.
m .,- - 'TI 'Iii tV Ma | -? et Ja I aliad
.-.:?. t lou if
Bro, aim - l looa ? .
V.lriill 'MP ML r-of 11?- t?w trop,
i to "in boona.
M-at lo ? nltnL
: uni li'* bi-.;Js, iioo. lit*
kimi ni I
? " loo Tirdlll tbl'l ksSPBSl U
??,000 ?ii-naiSijo Soi'.tLorn Pt I^rti? ot
; . /, .Ut rio
dr-n ia and ? h?rr?la
t"i ii? ,.< ? ,. . baspa, fu.i li ..i .i? ? ; Uitl bull's
a??'- '
J. i ,'? -?lMwCOHK KBAI
110,094 Moat oak baimii . I? ampi??
150, us dr BROW? BPOA?, la' tali ?rta, IBIS
ne* ?.. . nail laaSS.
i '
? I?. I '.I IK B.rr?laM abo-?.
? rPI II ' CAB nadasBta
?..-ni ?joh.
? 'ii Jilo*; 38
?aaai la ? ii?? <3w?i
ilTtlt, Ol
.:i 1 ?If la - ?. Era.lt
fund lui (aaoj of Vu.cg?i off?r?d. iu4
?I'l.tlli ? . ? ? i. niod I ird SOAP, to bo mid? li? boll?a* iiad-nrr
' .- ' . ia, or otiboo aaiHawiloa.
I.i ian- r . .:. '. ? at] 1 IS I? r I out
?? li ?d.
V*"i.'ILI ti.! : ?'.i till bar
? a. a?*t,l*l I'. I ?'?..- fu.. Hat .".i alf
?JIM? ? rroli " LABBADORB I
SlBBjt > -.t.-, riMgai ?oif 1?..; Mil mamt
? - l'a.-.1? : t? ??l?^ projMiliI,
ind the : i . b ?li tbo
t?rmi. I rcuil coatiu ii.? *r.lt?t|Oiia
ml? o.
VTi ? t at ?ht*mm ill or id*/part ?I
lb? iborr to ila tri-S
' i ' '?? lan tba
aijonLi. ' ' Um itoKM prjp.ia.u it bo fcraabou,
. ? ?
- i libo dal? al fir baal u ???li
.. . rn-iik" lal I ,(uat??l,
ia >- italy aarbod oatotqt-j patfm An oton o^. ixnaa u.u*4 bo
b.H. r
? fr.^! .-ior.al pK-k?TI or ?nip?, tori, Ofi*?*?
? n.? ',
.irraeut ijoa'.'ly loti C/aditloa.
?i..! p?i??.l ajii.'B t; (an.?? from tbta)
. J.? ' , -ratii.
ii ? i..?-?' irr IBfar, vT^far. loip io?i M'.t t .11 bo la?
tai aoaplos
dru Ina, ? I a ltd bj ttn ?rf.tr, wbOM CSItaliUtS u.i. I? ro*
't riAf ta i-i?*T'.;-> .-r tti ttyuCtltt ti. la l?ati? U foils
I - J.tx?a. o '.bo*,! ?I pa. M lo lb?
/ r-arUta-J o< thit f>f>cr ac/tiyA mutti*
' ? ? lo I'l. Mu:, (,- ?ri am? .ruavravd
. .a .-.,,.. H ir ?LAWKS,
Brt Bri.-, flfu A ( O 8
I ?... . ? .' A- II IvrCoULatlI?' ''?'?,1
No 4-mr -i Ne.. Vous. Ma. ti, i??7 J
XS. (ia ita) ? M e'ck-el
m. ouTt'l IUAr.il? - ? ? -'. ? ntBBfl HKlK in ?uri
raaa ata* bo daj to 3a/ ?t boitai, na ham *i.<
i\ .?? : S 1 ii td In Bn ibu Hi IHk
Mireiobor IJih, I ?W7.
Tit? in h beef la to I , lal.t?, with arjual propork,
tiona of .. .!? asd I daw* u'lnw 14
t>. ?iel I ? expcaaa oi tfc? taaUaa-aat ?a ?o<-l
k1 . Im." a. 1.
Bidder? ? - 1 '.ropniala ?t ?hit pr,.e Iba* orl?
.-il liti..?' iL..'.etl Ui ?quai
a re.?! 1 wU
aaaat bar? . . kaMsaa? ?val aaaaassa
Al. lad? muai be ?. tj, Ogaad li) lu? ?i.eTtaUri
Ibeiaae 1 ?. a. .oltowa.
'? Wa, t'.e ?11 .? raiguad, hen-br jraarantT that Ib cr.?? UN f. .K?ln| bid.
of-ho accepted, ii .hal! be du'./ I?'llh?l ?1 aiaBsaag M
ha tros purport aad t 1 ......-.tait 1 ?ii ho ?a
tt-uttd, ?iib. I?0 Mad ?ii? r?i..,.?auJ dolUr? tacB.
-j uf anuia'ttora) 1 T ? '
Bii!.!?rj tWaaaalra) iii':?* ha arwaad ?t tba opeainr t>f the prapaul?
i ami lo- lui y j tfstti ?? al t.. n Mafia? 10 ?.?n ?tunediiUeii Ut? cwanar
?Bil loud. Ir.v.aaace aauat br :?? of ?. I
?ateta, tari t ? IA? j pcsml w11 ?1
Mt An " li? Wh., than a ?r> umue I .?1, il ntl? la pen
feet p. od l am will I'lhiett the pe?aos k.aJtiag it and the fj?i?nlora u
the ?mai? peaaltrofihe ii?.
A prii.le.1 nan of thia ?ttrtrt ??Trent ?cu?t tv? attached to e?*-b prop*??!,
au : ti,? narara gtaaaj ol Ino oorltabl a Lui ?rnVHtnt ?nrriira ia Um oom ?I
tief ? lue Govern :i:ent reaerri-? ihe i.^itu itjetl e?J
m w a j
fmgmtut* vltl ),r wuilt BW?lth?V| ?i? e?*rre?i.ji or ttr iqjinjUnl a|
Moa aa lui J? aro ree?.?ed fvr the pur; ..?e. ,
? other Luforuutti* dca'.iad bj ?j?, propaatag t> bW ?.''bo fuer
BuLed ou ?r, i .?tin?! al t? ii? oflj. e. H. Y CLARKS.
_Breve? M ?Jot ?j?.. , A C 0.1.
I *'TKr. <t.?t?i Bsaiirsiir-i Owe?, *
1 ?*?, April 21, 1D67. J
I BAPIUIOI tHK MIt>M?cilITl niVKIl.? .Seated proaoi.?a, la data
plteati I at lina afftcc uiatl 1- ?, , *A'r.?t|eM?4T, J?u? 6,
foi et ? . a ?.. ?? a* t'oo* fro-?
the lied ol lae MhaaWl PI Bl??* at the Beek l?kn I or l'pper R?pida, if
mi an? of.. * i daine ?ntl ?uba | . or ti. .?. a f.
I outr.u--.ir. will bo iwqairvd I lui ah all boat?, ?tartan?.?. *?.. ?b4
io t.eriorn. a '. the labaN* I a.", a tam w? rk. Theio
ia abatata Bootata??ardaol roofcla 1.? r????d.dtattihaiad ?re.jn?,i?
at difer? m- Baoiaa ai ,1 tbet.orlio.ual teOou? ??. r?( tba
lo*- ?ni. i "tn??n. iulerleucn a? lui e aa lirariirati.e With ria? vgatMa.
Ina? propooo
Ula I -1 u. % v a I?, or .b ??KUliaai* fiwtli laag'hi
aa ihe engineer la rh i-f? nu.- ?i
TlieU ? ? ?it tin.'. ?'.I th.? and aa
kal Kill be aoasidercd w HSN r ?? aatiafaeto*?'
??iuem-e ti'?' li la UaataaiUf] aad ia? tm-uiiwi. ?im ??u taper?.
to la tas work.
A printtd cop/ of tbl? ?dTerli?enie?t mon' be ?ttaehed U aatb ?rogaaal
Ei*. h bul ?tut castala ??ill'-, guarani*?, lined hi t*o M?|*oialbts
ptraoB? H..ink? for propo??)? of ll.e fui.i required * lb rVm af |-aar?
laSaa ?? . ha I ire ?bett at thi? iifrir. ou ?ppllCt'io? Propoaala ?HI bo ia.
doru'1 " I npaaaal <? ' retaoriue oh.tr'ua.ou? at the fieri lalaod Hap.-o? **
and ?dtlreoaed lut .V? 81 llene:?: J. 11 WltaSB, I', f. A . Lieut tJoVwad,1
'3ilh Infaatrv |i???apor:. Iowa.
I'?rtie? deau.u. tai'tl.er inhn. a', or cas ol.taia the aata? b? calttaf ??
the I', t*. La....te? > vfi > oui ?iel Hai? ?to Oareapori,
loe?, wurr, ut.pl j.??? ?pfeiUcaUoaa, aad ijuauitirira ?.! ?otk will hS
iho". n to all who * iib to eiamlae theu. for ti? Bur-aM? of ?aaklai ara?
Br ordar of tit t'b.af Eru.ueer ISA
' J. I! WIL?"I,
I i.-nt. (o'o??' *lu lalaotra-,
Bat 11 a,or faeaeral U. S Ana?.
?J pair ( j?
ah* ?mail LI. jui H
Th? braaa Ir.strnraenU? to be w :th rotar? ??Waa.
Tbv aburo uaneiflcktrnuieuti are lu be piala bntfcod, ?id
. W .UW,. UU...I IU11IUI.?. ?.* ? ~- ?- ? ?. p.w?, mm v w,^?,,?.
fur tit- purpnot fn wbieh InUtxtod.
Bidder? ahoii'J yrtaaut taa.pl?? of Ibc inttmjBCBU liai lb** Biopoae to
fun lab.
tor fartb?r I? ionaatiua rao,??? at this ??ea.
The I'Bl'.od BUUi reaerfei tua ra;bt to reject ?a? pari 0f lb? whole ?f
a bid, aa au? be deaaied to Ue ?altrcil of the eenie?.
Propon?a aboald ?Uto bow nvn tb? ?rt.c,?? tai be ?arntabed, aad
?hoaid bo inuoraed "Propoaaji for fun iibiog MuMCal lnifna-eatV" aa4
?ddroaaad lo Bt BUJ C?aL 1). Ii V L.VJ o.N, Ami <gr. Mr. une??J, V. B
1 for r?futait?? aa?
:?, sith Vrap Btawh,
. ?J right U reject au? u,
think (or U? mtere? of ?aid iat;ro*?iii?at.
B; aidai ?,' Um ?"-n-itr?ttiti
L. b viBIARD. I.Heaa*.
Brookl/n. May I, lift _
Alor bit- ?flrt?cl?_
yiabblFIj^ <"
1*1 baw of t??r? ?tri? (?nd q-aiiO'. ?h?b will b? oak! lo? Iba a?k1
Ol? dara ?t ? 1 r??i?l it?-cl oa. ?I A. KLAPLK'S *?aUl Wataiiesaal, I??
MS 1-C?at L.n' tetatb it utar rhlrJ t?e , N. T. Cat Una ?mt
la aaeta?????, sert lioi.li? bail tit tree ?f a.a)?HO. "> aa?
siaw Aki. Rn. ??w fe**?-- miji "I'?*- ?*?? a ?una*

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