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In Bat Patted BtauV I Circuit Court Patrick II. Rea?
son will he tried on Monday, the 1st of July, on an Indli t
oient for making a counterfeit fractional currency plate.
?lins will tubttantlallj curt the trials m tin? court until
thecommence nu it of Hie Oetobei terni.
In the United Stat? - District ?'mut no calami ir? have
been atada op forth? mouths of Jaly anti August After
thedMiMisatof tin i bampagne casa on trial, nah motions
will ho heard and Chamber busii.es? disposed of
The tup?eme Court (Jeneral Term xxiii meet on the ist h
of July at niKiit to render du latona, The more Important
ease? now under con-.dei at ion. and which ?ill then proba
bly be decided, are the Church ah Extt aslon conti st and
the action of the ski igbter-bouse owners, who seek to rc
etraiu the board oflUa'.th from ousting them from the
cltv limits.
The second brarich of the ?'irenit xxiii he In Id on Mon?
day, July 1, to flni-li the short MUSS calendar of June
as. During the vacation, the Superior court ?pedal
Term will he held as fellows
July Turin by Ju.-tice Jones; August Term by Justice
Barbour; September Tutu hy Justice McCnnn, The
twnirt will open at U m.. for which lionr nil motions must
he noticed, in this ( ourt ??General Term xmII be held
twlco during vacation?on the 1st of August and Ml of
The Common l'ims General Term will meet on the 1st
of July, at 11 O'clo k, to render decisions. The CUambl is
of this Court durn g July will be heit! by Judge Brady.
Tho Marino (mut lia? n ta'cndur of k? non-pui . i-< s
for the month of July. During the vacation this toort
will hold daily st
The Huprcme Court. Chambers, will l?e held during
Ji?y. the Hist ?eel by Justice Ptekli.ni', and ti
m under of the month by Justice Leonard. Tim Court
will open at lu a. m . anl the call of the calendar eottp
nioace at U, us n-mtl. Nominally the following three
months are vacation months: hist year, however, some of
the most Important litigations ?rose, und were settled
during the season. The ?soutoat over the Excise, and
Health law? occupied n branch of each (.'nutt the su?
preme, Superior, aid (oininon Pleas?during the wholo
time, and it was ft and necees iry to call in an exti a Geo
?ral Tenu of the Supreme (ourt to aettie and complete
tim nanaar.
t roiu home indications it would seem that these eon
testa are to be reuewed this year under other foi ins 'J he
butchers object to thcli removal from the city, and it ?h
reported that the liquor dealer? also intend to maka an
mixed effort to annul or override the law by jmiu lal
Burnt a?.
In the case ni Brookway, who waa brought up foi
sentence, ex Judge stuart o? his < ouns? 1 moved to quasb
the indi. tin. in . _-, nsi Uro k ? iy, on the ground of Its
alleged vlclousness in containing more than one tiftense
In a eouut, he coi.it ading that the Indictment charged in
one of its count- the commission of 350distinct offenes*,
in stating that defendant had forgi d '.?50 notes or pi?ces of
Assistant United States District Attorney Joseph Roll,
In reply, ?aid that the itattaaanl M to the tfiO not?e waa
uierely an alligation tending to abo? the sei?tua; the real
count or offense charged being contained in a detoiip
tion of one of tin te nott s. x\ hit li des? rtptloa followed the
allegation; it being aeoeaaary te deeenbe the paper
alleged to be forgi d, in order to a t forth u offense, and
that this had bri n the practii* In his office for some timo
previous to his Dttng there.
Kx-Judge Stuart rejoined, contending that the practice
In the District-Attorney's office was of no moment, and
that it was not necessary for an indictment to describe
particularly the article which was tin- tablect of the
offense, an mdictmt nt betas good if it simply set out the
substance or tenor ot the offense, and this indictment was,
therefore, void, as it charged MO offlbntet In one i ount.
The Court overruled the motion, saying It ?at the art
tied practice of this Court to contine in indictments of tills
nature the li'gal offense to the p trtlcular thing described,
that only one note had been described In the Indictment,
and only one Introduced in evidence and sent to the Jury
With the inda tun nt.
Ex Judge Stuart then spoke in mitigation of sentence,
laying that Hrockway had be? i. led into the matter by
Other partie?, ?nd had sin. e sim t ir i;. i.-itented, and fur?
ther that he ha i been art? sh ti undi r a inlsappretnuM?
Brocha ay being ashed fat he had anything to say in
reforene?' to hit sentence, said that he had not expected
to be Sentenced until Monday i,to-da.\ ), and was not lue
I ired.
He ?as then remanded for sentence until Monday at
13 m.
Jonas Atkinson, a confederate of P.roekway's, and Na
thanlel OaUe] . the latter convicted ot making a t minter
ieit no cent fractional ( um m y plate, had their icnioncca
postponed until Monday (to-day).
Freeman Ologston. the boy confederate of Broekwny,
after beni?; questioned by the Court, by the Court's direc?
tion, withdrew his pi? a of guilty, pleaded not guilty, and
was reminded f?ir trial.
On motion oi Samuel <?? Courtney, U.S. District
Attorney, Roger A Pryor, a practitioner al the barol the
Supreme Court of thlt8tate, and at one time a lirigium r
nouerai in tiie Coi reden te Army, waa admitted to prac?
tice iu all the degrei ? In the V.o. Circuit couit.
IT ft DISTr.TfT COURT -Before Judge ?lr.ATi-111.mt'
The jurv in the champagne case ?ame into Court
this illuming at 11 o'clock, and the foreman mfoiintd the
Court that tnej had not yet aan ed, 'mt that some of the
Inrors belle yea thal they would ultimately do ?o.
The juror, with whoiu the refractory eleven will not
agree, then info; und the ?'..art that lu hil opinion an
agreement would not be . fleeted. They theo, by direc?
tion of the ?'mut, again retired t<> nae? their unsatis?
factory deliberations, and at 2J p. m. communicated to
the Court their Utter inability to agree und were dis?
They stood eleven for claimants and one for the Gov?
mom y importaxt salvage cask.
Jote|.b ? MM ?g1 Tlic Ml ainr Merninie, kt.
Tliis is a ela in for aalvage preferred by a large
noothar ?M pen?os fenaerrj eomprlahaga ?oh red regt
meut of i he United stales anny. The facts are as foi
lows The ?team, i Mt t rlmac left the port of N> w Orl
on tim nth ot November, IBM, bound to tola aatt,hatea
with cotton and troops. On the morning ofSaturday,
the nth si.- ik wlin h Increased to such a de
groe as toconi)K-i ia r t,o put back for Wea Orleaacthen
kome aoo miles distent. Tin- ?asor soon ehaked the
pumos and the i rt-w i. limit m i d to ball, notwithstanding
which the leak gained rapidh a id by 1 o'eloek on Bundey
morning had fnllj extinguished the Ure* ami lia- engine
?topiH-ii Dp to this time the effort to keep the vessel afloat
had been oonfli ed to I all ng fi un tin engine room ? hit li
had liecn done at Brat byllu .lew, wini Dint U.ii gi.ui
ually relieved bl thi nu a ol the n .inn ul whom the i out
mandlnf officer had i ? labor had ?. i
entirelv lato the handt of theaoldlera Tin ? ib r, how
ivar, oontinui d t?i gain, and wa? .soon s: m a fe? t In the
hold At tin? time the master of the steamer, who ap
pears to be i competent man, and whose conduct doea
bim credit, tafe .. li oimandlogthe regiment
mat the work oi I i Ingmiutb made a regular thing by
the regiment, wBereapoa the Ma|or Issued orders to or
ganne the regina it into two rebofs of five oompaoiet
each, to workTwo hours on and two bonn off. Tmi
done, and In ti s manner, under tile Immediate din
of its ottners and with military discipline, bailing i.\
haml bucket and tubs from pla es In the engine room, and
by barrels boisti p from two hatches, .mis eon
tiuued by tin- regiment without Intermission, and with
tuohaucoeoi that the kept nearlj ut a stand
The. n ?. of the v. for the most patt engaged
In empty i - i and In the navigation ?tthi
sel, ? ,i for
that parp?se, and in ??? upoua
wind. Ou Sun?! ! m sight, when
gun? were find and nx )?.< :- sent up In hopes to hrlug her
lo their assistant? but wit bout avail. Oa Monday even
Jig a luht was made, which preyed to be Umba
light, some 45 mile? of west of t'c Mississippi bal
weather was then t.i r, and the steamer came team
In ten iatliuins of water, with the beach in plain slgbt.
Boon titi i ' a vessel wen se? u, aii
distr. ita made, which brought to their aid the
steamer Morgau. 1 roa this ?U ana i the true position of
the Meunna. ?? ki ta ino
cured, anti nt the n aueot of lae Blaster
Um Morgan lay Iy Bet during the night,
SUd next lina Mug timk lui in tow, .uni
towed her up te the bar, on which she ? -
grounded at i o'clock Tin sd. I ji to this hour
the bailing had been coal ila nun of the
regiment, directed bj I Ithout cessation night
ot day. lue labor had be? dexhanstini
of the til' ? without ?leep for three nights ; the
water gave out, ind ?as only supplied byashtrwcTof
rain which fell; no rt gular m erve?l, and the
men ?auld drop ?sleep a? soon as relic ved, and were often
with difficulty ion-id ?gain by their offleers, who weht
around,f??r the parp?te twei '> nu.uti - b< lor? ? t? I. relief
?at to be put to ?ark. Winn tia: vessel anchored at
rimbaleei I ~> ' hei posll mkn twn to hi r m . -
ter, buttha beach wat In p audwhll? b1
the water was smooth, so that tia steamet oould have
been then beat hi d, and the na u could have bet u land? ti
in the boats. No effort was made te abandon her,
but. on the contrary, the Major stationed guards at the
bouts, toprcrtn: ai.v ii-mt m tin in for that purpose by
any one, and ids men were kept bailing?the regiment
working with the i ?galai. blue, aud, so far as
the leak was i oin <.... d. , plying the pl.u e . f
hy the wa ?
stopping when tin Rt? au. I lilace of taft
the har, witina reach ol the steam pumps, whence ?he
was towed to her <!t ck.
Benedict, J- It cannot be ?tiaputed that this valuable
sPamer, with bar cargo, was h s position of very groat
rfl, from which it was i and cxhaust
ng labor Ott fOI UM d by the Mu Hants ; but, ?bah ti
vice Is admitted, it is conteudod that the case is not one
where sah agi can be awarded.
The main objection of manv which have been nblv pre
acnted In behalf of the dalman ta la, that the persona
?boperformed the service lu ?juestlon were ;
and that the m r\ L-e consist? d of ordinary physl? al labor,
within the lino of the duty win? li. as passenger?, th?y
owed to the ah In. To tins obje? tlon it is answer? ii by the
at her side thal the circumstauct s attending the rendition
of the service were axtraordmarr, and the labor peri
(ornad was not sa? h as is mt lud? ti in u pataengi r'a dutj ,
ami further, t! tit the hin la/its wen- not pasa
within the meaning of the rules regarding aalvage
fact that a large atcamer, leaking at tina one was, with
fitiij. aerea to len feet of water in her bold, waa kejit
? float for the spate of four day? anti three nights by the
, process of hand bailing, is undoubtedly au extraordin?
ary occii; 'deni this case only hy the
ehreajuetanrei that this large uarahsr of ana wara kent
constantly at muk, and with groat efficiency, bj to'
powerful aid of ?. n. iciously butUrmly
applied by the officers ul the r? giment. but It mav admit
of doubt whether u.- were suth as to
chaugotln i if tin service, aud take it out of
the cah'gory of ordinary labor, which it is said rmi\ be
required of a na???-tiger bekmgtaa toa ship which 1? io
danger The : this ?iue?tn>n nu
sary lu the ?n ,, d, ,,, \ um ?, f|?. Oj,inion
that the libelan?? 6 aln that i< latiou io this
?teauior who , ?.?{ r ll4
the rules apffil. d to s.?ii.,ui demands. Tin reason of the
rule in ?pie?t. > the class of persona towhiebnt
relatt?? paea? ..- .- ?ne not aliuw?d ?aivage reward for
*? iforined by them in saving their
li made the duty of
seng? i by the pr?exKtliif OOStract under which he
roumcU?! hiniM'if with the ship. (i kauf, 81!.)
?HiufiMitly ?nth a duty, the liability of which, and the
extant of whieh m oidlug te the voj
oharacu-r and outfit of the vessel, the oomp? ten? y of h? r
master, and many othei like circumstances pet ullsr to
es? b i:m can only arise ?mt of a voluntary agreemeut.
1 lie duty rcM? incontr.u I; I," Is a "?avenan: '
xtfctl.'ig covenant apoken of by i^.r?i stowell,
<rhe.Ntpluie. 1 Hogg,'??;i. 'ibis being so, I um mabie to
ace how the Ukalauu aie to be vousiiicrvd as within the
nile. They made no contract with the ?hip: had no
power of ?election of the stun ou the voyage even They
y ml no passau'r money, and incurred no liability for any
quired no right of action iigninst the ?hip In ease
of failure to transport them. They wera not fid or tar
nlahai by tim ship, and had no luten-st whatever In
being transported in ker, but were ahaply
tata compelled by the orders of th.-n sup. ii .r
officer? to go on tn.?ml this Maat] at a
t?rtola time to i.-ave, again whenever ordered by their
officers. The Uoverment it Is true had contracted with
p for th< transportation of thlabody of troops from
New Orl?ans to New-York, and to pav lar their tranapor
tutioii, but privity of contract between the men sod Ihe
ship which would make ordinary labor for the ?hip In dis
tu ?? a duty is wanting. That tke position of these men
on hoard wa? not i omridered hy the master i<> !.<? thal of
ordinary pttatngera Utapptsrentrrom the fact it avidente
that UM matter honed no orders to them and did not
undertake to direct their ?bon. hut applied to the com?
manding! nicer of the regiment te Issue his order? and
to kci p tin-in to the work under ht.? direction. This view
u aleo confirmed by the rimumamnroa which sit hough
DOt icollei ti ii by (he master bl proved bj Major Huin
ateed, the commanding oAoer, wbose apjtearanco
tai mode of giving his evidence tdda weight
to his Mat.inciit tiiut when the master first spoke to hiai
of the likelihood of being- compelled to tall apon bim for
men to assist In bailing he ?aid that Hie nu n would of
M paid. Hut it l--aid that Hie nu ii were not the
? rew as the cargo, and therefore must have bttopas?
sengers. This doca no1 follow; a person may )>e OB lioanl
a ship und be m itlu r master, crew, or cargo; and yet not
anstaut the legal relstlon oi isissenger, as waa held by Dr.
Lushington In Law Ti noa, lt., roi 15, p 344 My conclu?
sions, then fon, is that Hm service performed by the
libellants cannot be held to have beta i>? iionm-d by
Hu m in the line of anv diilv as being passenger?. Hav?
ing thus dltposed of th? main quttUou it Is only neces?
sary Hi say that tim other objection raised by the claim?
ants hare been berjawfore patted 00 by the courte. The
fact that tin v were soldiers and m peculiar relations to t ho
Qovtrnment is so defense, sa many rus?'? in Um books win
show, 'that ?hey saved theirowu lives with the ship doe?
not bar them from reward, nor if Is good ground of objec?
tion thal they did only what was their houndnu duty ns
men. It is indeed the boumlen duty of every man to labor
What he can to save the lives and property of his fellow
man. And it is to taoonragt the performance of tai? daly
that the imiruUme law, out of upBatderetlnnt to public
polny, awards compensation for Its performance !?>
t. inn. uno el a duty tnipo-cd by contract is not rewarded,
hut services rendered In porteante of the diotatel of
humanity and prompted by a desire t.> is-rform the obli
g?tions which attach to avery tana. Tneae aro the verj
services which when they result in the saving of property
tit reward) .1 by a Court of A.lmirality.
A gato, it is said that the svrviccs involved no rl !
prise, or diaintrrrattflnoaa and that Mm
iry characteristics of every aalvsge Berrico.
The rul?is stated too broadly, (The Clifton. 3 Bogg, 1318,
The Enterprise (Shipper's Gtaettt), ihm. The Bhsok, m
(Shipper's Qasettel is.'>4. The Pnruanat Con. option, 3 W.
Bob., 1?4. And beside, this servir? was not w bolly
wanting 111 these characteristics. Tim labor lui? j? 1 foi mid
might well involve risk bo health, and text daly tbt mods
of lu performance, ander the cirrtun I ?played
much paUtnee, wllungnett. andtubordlri itlon 'J be 1 ase
presenU another feature whieh h entitled to noUc here,
itapneara hi evidence mat when tin- ateaUMr reached
the pin. e w here sim anchored Hie Ix-ach waa in plain
sight. The weather wat then floe and tin-sea mon became
smooth. The steamer could thoa batt been beached or
tie troops landed in the boats, instead "f a ok, gu irda
were stationed at the bouts by the Majoreoti naandlngto
prevent any one from attempting to resort t.. Un in, and
tie m. 11 were kept at the txhtusuug labor nil that night
and .hiring the next day, and until Ins ateami 1 wn? tate
Ij grounded In the Mississippi bru. Tins laboi. pe? formt d
tlu i Hu- steamar carne to anchor, vvus for Ibt sole pur
pott of sav tug the ship and cargo.
Considerations of public policy nj>on * Inch th? whola
doctrine of salvage re.-t? to be fal J applicable 1" the
pr?tent case, and to require that the ?nod ordi r, patience,
and willingness with which tin? large body of mea,
soldiers, as they were, with arms, an . the power to pro
vate at they pleased for their own safety, labored ton?
st.intly to keep the ?hip iitloal, slmi.i.l l>. recognised in a
Court of Admiralty. There remains i i determine tim
amount prop, r to be awarded apon (iii- qui si,on. um the
? peculiar, not only la some of the crfi nostone? a st
tending the aervlce, hut in the numb r ol persons elstm
lng to pt rewarded, and aa no argument opon tin? pott!
wa? submitted in bchair of tho claimants, I desire, before
determining it, to hear the view? of conns, |,
The terni? ofjthn ?leered will tin n fore I" flxcrl on Satur
day m xt. al 19 in., wheo I will hear ni gnmenta upon ihe
?1 nest ion of amount, and the foi m of the decree
Emerson A Goodrich. K. c. Benedii i, .m<i w B. it.. i>?
for libelante; Bpeneor, ?tea?hMattel!,ami C a Btaalia
foi i luniiiints.
THF PIRsT ?OMK.STr.li AIi.ll DfCATfOff.
In Ihe rue of HfHeiati-hi ?ni llcrnttein.
Mr. Edwin Jumes applicant is counsel, with Mr.
Ii. rsl h attorney, to oppose Hu idjudlcation ofbaoki uptcy
against the alto'vc named parti'-s. The ?n f of bankruptcy
rellod U|?on was the executor of an aaalgDBMSal giving
??viral crediton preferencea to ti:, amount of ti7S,0Po.
Mr. .Tame? raised WVOral tcchnlc".' points tsto Hu-in
validity of the petltioni-i and ta I rototoi - debt, and the
?a?. liVnit? d in kia liiuiiling m a written demand for a
trial by Jury of the nu?-?tion of the bankrnpl j
JudgeBlatohfordaaads an orderdireoting Um tat?ate
be tucd at the Iii at sitting of the Dltti lot I 0 ?rt
BUPREME fJOUBT?CUAOBoaa -Beion JotUce loons
mci i.e.-.
Morgan et al. afrt. Mot gan et al.- Appin ..lum de
Bel) ngt. Whitmore It. i-ni t eonfll med
Bell ngt. whitmore - Motion denkd.
COtloua Caro//1 igt. Joseph Prow Motion granted on
pav meat of tin, costa of motion.
O? ?irgiana S. Knitclil airt JoatpB W Knight.- It. port of
Bali tree couflrmed, tadjudgaaeat of.1ivi.it ? graalaaL
common Hill laacTUii |anj Balan judge
DI ? latoNi,
John D. Kelly, jr. :igt. rhot Ooraaoa. Seo mein
with clerk.
Itiguau/.o agt Olmste.vl fin?, i Bett! .1
Bridget McUuiro agt. Denla ftfcOuin Bet nana, with
Luke Malloy ngt. M. Ilollenbaeh.?Motion granted upon
defendant stipulating no1 lo auc
Salinger agt. Boam- Beti mem with ?Jerk
J. 11. Bay agt haine K.iiiei annotated ?nt>?ert to
th.- rights of the Aneriff under the execution Injinu Uon
a- to salvage dnwulvod.
M'KI.ooatkt* conn- btofoic Surrogate Tress?
The wills of the following decciutcil lamons have
t.. i h admitted to probate during Um past trtek: v K
Htrong, l'ram ?s J. Hewson, Mary Ann Lawrence, fielen
C Kapi? nliagi ii, Freden, k Well, Marah Wilipili.-, .lum s
J! < uiiiiiiigliuin, John I, Dudley, Conrad Kiinlstg. i,
Henry Pbejne, Charlea Fisher Banner, Anthoi j Waechtei
I>? tiers of administr?t ion have leen moled on tin foi?
lowing estates : Loci McKlbblo I, James B 0
Wood, Jacob Dit tu?. Ma iv Hath, Popio BIssk off, Jeans? (te
Boekart, JamtaUill, Adolph Bohweiser. Cornetilla Mur?
phy, William Irwin. Iii. luid (minn, Janie? Caldwell,
jofni Buck.Samuel Clark, Iii nry Bellman. John II. Janet?
The following ictten of guardianship hive, been
granted: Catharine Condon, guardian of Ellen Condon
um! Johanna Condon ; Chu. les Kerker, guardian of Eliza
li Heiland ; Boberf H. flay ward, guardian of Mary B.,
Edward W., Marie L., William F.. and Ernest F Alma;
Sidney OaoB?th. guardian "f Victoria J Worcester;
Juin. ? Boat, guardian of John W. Mead , John P, i ran ?,
fruardltn of Maiy 1-. McManua; Arabella Sub liffl i .guard
au of William li. s it. lifl.-, Patri? k Mooney, guard! ui of
li?, it. I. lb lillian! ? Laura Itelmers, guardian ofCbarlns.
Alfred, Miiiini, iii niy, and Theodore BaUaera; Dam. i
O'connell, guuidia i of Mary <)'( ?ona? :.
bL'I'ltKME (?li UT-( iKiuiT-t'AHT I -Ih.i ? m malua
t ' m ? <??]? Ml t .1 I
Sl'I'KKMK t Ol UT-Cusaaski.?I'?? sha?. J 1 u.l Jb.n!?- ('?I?-d
Clau narr.
1- B?n?i trt HU li-k?-r
( ? av? atoaos
Z? Wil?oa ?t ?I ^t Bru? ?j >'. .??*?rt?K' Pt?kf ?I ?I
1 a ?I ?
ti ?:
S?Uoelun M ti <gt Q..i^l?y ?I
VV - ?.- VVriflt
4 ? Skii c ?k?I Im I
?v?Wr*/ igt KlnDfl?nd?r
H?Rondtct Van rWfM?l I 1.'?-Ki-Ut arl (?II-..I
IO? linuliain, o , -(t. Bobiaaon j IStWUtckeUat.ma N llauk agt
li?Hw h* ( aiji?i C?. ant h(nt Kia rt al.
?|'i I IS?Maiuiinx ?t al aft H..;.,
l?-f'ifr.ou st al. ac? ?:artlrtt
l-l?I'faillip ?S al. akt li
rt al
14-Waitif.Mrt rtal a^t Hamlin
ti al
17?Trmulrt-iii ?^i Bra?
ltt-SM-traiit. I
1')?Ha??! agt. ?.?
20-W.bnkra rt al. aft Beck?r
?tal a>
?Kt Reilly. a Ho? naart Cluiftn rt al.
Ir? i, ?g? Mnrgau .
O?Cana a?-L Tja isa
<! ?Kau ? ai{t Mo.ran
. i rt ?1 ?ti Wlllart
M >K' tinkiuaon rt al.
? n uti Alla? rtal.
. I Cet? rt ?I
? i. |gl I!.-.'I ?I al
ST?Bare? t.l Uli,.. Hin ia rt a)
? urra
35??alamo? tgt V.iiiif | J .-Jobinon aft C??aU?t el ?L
37?Mulholland art Dev ho. I 4J? Minfirn a?rt llfir^n
?14? Bui.in. .it' l Imp i t-r
4.V?MarriDei aid Gotta P M rn
? -r 11 al. ul Cliriaty. | <W? Bu'...i- art M
41?Van N'dinr et tK agt Hil.'a I 47?Kiuin-r agt 1.
4J? Kn-t.-t li Wau Co. agt. C.-iiIt
?I al
50?Tlia P?-'.p!?> and I
Tile? agt Connul;, Se.
II T?toai ast :
It?TiiflV.iiile and ?..null a.-t
r? c tri
53?Fulki U ai. agt Bar?rtt.
C1 AM ?ItlHTII?(?KStRAl. Cll.KMlt?
?Iky k'- . ?ft ' ? -Mtxtrt ?g1 llsikdl
it ul 70? Wilier ii al avt Boarlraa?
-.agt Co..k ei'T. kc rtal
ii-Ar lier et al art Laiinrtnati?
. t al
to? Ba'-haradiairt Hrldrabcmt-r.
S?? Ki. liariU.ni a^t Kraok
IT??Caaa agt but? Nat. Bank af
ii., i ,i
W)?Stuart el ?I agt Molrtn.uM
r.l? Stnrgia art Th? Maror kr
(B?I'almer a,-t I ullinrwort!.
(,^?i lil. ?arc ..nd (? E ?L (,. agt
Vi He?ir.
M?Kataas agi. KlnnW.
?..-V?Kirtiardxn ?gt K.. bardan?.
81 Mil?, limit a,I Mi Dermut
ai?Maaou aft Manon
71?J ii .-a et al agi. Wbltoejr (S
7??Roblraon aft Carasagb.
71?.tame agi Bl ? i
74?lotf hitt-nai.it nf N Y ai?.
":? 'I r.?ein. ar rt al aft IlnJJ.
7?^-? <.,.k agt Htat. Nat J.?,.
77-? oiionr art Markler ?4 ?1.
7tf?l?r?)urlet ai agi Backltrat
79?Brown et al agt Moak et al.
l?ii->-<i?iti Amerira ronic? witliin Ihr? military Jtirts
.1: t: h of (jen Kousscuu, who makes hi? headquarter? in
Ki aorta from a TrenKtiry ntretit at Yatikton, Pa?
lo:, i, represent that suiiiLrnjliui; i? ttrrtod on t?> u tarprlt
incextent,and that Oovcitimeut ofllcliils, ivitli th?- ?lui
lied asetat at theft tomtMiad art powerltta te prerent
.'. 1 lieurmn, UliilniiliitIon, bliinUetM, ?.ntit-ry, nuil nil v ?i
t ifood? usciUiiy iii?- [adlana, an Introdueed from
Oaasda and ?old to the min-? in Dakota fin of duty.
Two men, traveler?, wara n-ccrtflv taken from a
hotel at Council Bluff?. Iowa. In broad daj licht, by a ?t-lf
eonatituted vigilance commit toe, mid Ciirned Miine el^lit
mile? out of town and hanget) Their only oflen?.?- oat
the making of Inqulriet Lo retard to the int-mbera of a
rlgtlanoe commiitet who, auuie two year? ago, hung s
liiitii tamed Ht-nderaou.
Three lar??- ntii^i?etM liavt lfttoly been fourni in the
Chaudi?re sold mines The flr?t wniichi-d 48 ounce?; the
?ci mid weighed oi| oinii c? and the largest, wcikIiIuk o*
ouikc?, in taint Vn9, watfound a fow day? n^o lu the
ulliivinl wa?hiiiK? hy two miner? named McKenzie and
i. 'Hu average amount of ?, >ld wa?hed fruin the
contriraneetinthtpnasettion of tin- minera baa
lunn about HvOOO a day. Bo ?ay? a antcl?! Udcgiam to
ouo o? Uu) Tvivnto bsivtrt.
U S 6s 5-20 Cou 'C3
D s Bl 5-3oCp'n 'i i
l.nOO. l""l
I' B It I M B
2.000. .1071
rilisT linAlili
63,000.107| livwo. mi
?S6s5-J?C?iii -. Notes 7 3-10
79,000.nnj 1st eerie?.
BOW .11.14. 1,500.106J
ii herios.
l.noo.IBM ?i000.10f'l
DBM buo Cou
Tennessee 6a new
Virginia State It
Mat. . ex-con 53
Nurdi Car Stated!
.'..noa ex coup 63}
Miss6s l'a K issue
Missouri 68
Ohio til MissCer
Cantonl'o iMWifln.l V > fnd
Uni.b30. IT) it??. W|
ino. 47 j it?. 7H
Cumberland Pref i. -o.'>?k
?MKt. Mi BJ ? 2d call. 7H
ino . 77f
Cleve Col A Oin
(hieAN West
KO. Mj
West UmoaTol
I,'.HO. 4s
m. 4.-.?
7oo. . tal
IBV -d call. ??J
6,000. 2o>' Ml. 46
j.x/Nio. aej Quicksilver
10.000..b30 2d I
1'i.iHtn. 5S*
1,510. ni| its?
lu.oon.b30. 2d?' 100... .2d tall
10,000. 26 Mariposa Po ?
. 44
. ??'<!
. ?il
. 411
BM.s? F no.M call, hi
ino .?jj CbhxfcM w Prei
ia?. Ml
| l.toO. li)
loo.M call. 931
ano. luv;
MB .
l'ai itic Mail
oin.) .v. Mis? i m
10,000.... 87
Erie 1st Mortgage
Alton 4T III m
Cle. A Toi. 7'a N Hs
Chic A N West 1st
2,000. 87
Chic R I A Pa 7s
4.00". W|
Harlem 1st m
?.000 .1011
T"l O Wah 1 m OX
l.non. 1:14
United states Exp
Mci chants'Cn Kx
:* per 11 ni pt I
loo. M
MO. s'J? ti
Adama l-.xprcfi?
.??_?. ... . d'.
I? . M
BM ... li Tu ?i li. d
BM.61 i M.
loo. ii? I', nilli!?
MB.ant. r.4j
I "i. . cij
?MO.'id call. 04J
; ..?ido
... . I)M
i bia K Ulaad
ino. N
soo . M
1,300. '.'.'i
?no . 2d call. M
too.Uni ?MU A 81 Paul
*mi.1401 ;.?.. . ?n
ino.lei? 101. ?':1
N Y (.entrai ? LOI.2tl call aOJ
Hf.o. 1041 MUA i-! Pan! l'n r
KIHI.lit?; too.bao. at
?7 ... '4d ?'lill.104 j UOO. l'.'l
. ftl
1014,1 lijo.tus. tai
104 ??io. io]
?i i '1 1.30. Mi
IN. 6'J?
Bl I.
loo .
ino.r.Tilx i, lach A W
MBB. io,! M.Uo
lut.2d call.. 65] Ti I W A W
MB. 00 HO.Bl I ;
li i. ?7
I5J lol Wah All Pre!
too .lu.'*
Ait AT Haute
Minne'. T ii Prof
yi. si
lue.aleaU et] too.....iom PattFtW &c
|| ?00.1"l
American Express too.
IB . C2i Ht....3d call I"-:
Wells, l argo Bgpr Mi. bij an Central
MB. ri 110 .110
IM....'.'H', ti ! . ' ' A Pitts
Chic. A Alton I.tM
300.11?!1 7(H).
mi s BOAM) <n iiiadw'ii.s-10 A. M.
Ohio A Mis--iii Brie Illinois Ct titrai
90,000 . bin. il , BM. BM Mo .12IJ
2ii,ooii.31 1,300 .... ' Chl R I A l'a
l'un'!.. Ililli.1 ... M.??4
ion.ni} ?.'j'-n.io,: im.m
Wells Furgo l.xpr ; mt . i .
60. U ! BM. ha .c '.??'?!
Quicksilver - i ? c '.' J
IN . 93| Hudson Chic A North-Wesi
Mariposa Pref.MB! ?o-i. IB]
400. B I IM.I?| ?08 . Ol
BM. Wt'MlehBo?! No Uni ">.??
MB.0 saj *>o. . ' . ?'i
li-.. . ?'t
v i MiTel ' .4,i
i . .44 .-?i. '?.:. n ItOJar A Tol?de
.... u Michigan Outrai I B? .. . i?ii
N y iel. (ral ' MI .110 Chic A M ? P?t
MM .in?;Cleve A l'ilts I ?JM. I I
1?. .bin 104 50 ?. S'. I I?. '' I I |
BM . M4J l.ami.au too...
Heading 4<?i ..
seo.Ml 600.. . . ". d5
MU ? Si Paul Prell 40U. >? ? ". Il W 0 '
300. Bl I .!"-j
lU'l.N llOOtl? OK BBOKBJIO?1 I". M.
O AM.f. Western Union Tel Paclflo Mail
eo,om . . 2d| 800. ?ii un. lit
Canton Company 100 .sdo. 4?| ? .cite
mi . . ?r.J BM ? ? A W
Cumberland (o.l BM I. ?M
; Il. 41
Adam ? ?.xpn s? Bna
. an ?no. i
.. Mj Me*
ano . .
Mi 'It li I n Ex.
Ino ??? .V Pitt?
i ,. , ? M>] Huit i MB
Quioksl J 2.?*?. I :
l?i .si Rea Ung i BM. tal
J0| .-.?o.10"J 900. K.?
:\ i bi. R i ? Ps Ch?a I M fleet
7? i.sw. Mil MM. ?<l
I I BM... M1 ??"" . I
? '. ??i .bin. til
BM .bj. w i m ....c??
UoO. I.< 4 1
in A M W l'n r
t |
i A M I
. 77|
. 771.
. 771
i .7T|
... 7?
? ?i
-'.<? '
PIUS., F W A ? li | J>0.
i -i . uni ?
B '
3K0 .
N Y ' . ntral
600. 104^
pnraoutuM asi> imnaa si?n k*.
hi.-I BOA BO.
??Il Ks
Mia Alf Wiri* iFnrsTioii I Cory don
("?in'U i.ngoiy ?. , lim ...... ni 100
li?. ... . : in Inn ? i j 001 6. i U M
Xjtm 7 K.t'7 M 'la\ u, Rivet ? d
7 lu? - ?n I . M M I.'?"' . 1 oo
BM aie.T ?em m| Walk U head lUuartalllll
BM n ? t- i : ? is-,
Smith .'. \,<i i., si i <<m> t ?i i
too stn W9i .s'! IM . ' ? ? I
300.10 lo IM
B.I. 7 I .1
Hin in. \\, .Ina. .-i | n.
Qold opened at 13S? and cu>.s<-<l lum at tbatBrtaa.
The dealings at the Gold Kxchange Hank weic ??."l?,
ftt,Ooa\ and the lialaiu's, *l,'.'ic,.:;71.
(?ovcriiineiit IkuuIs aie liitii \sith a BBMtaffBBt BBal
neat, ami bul small lota nie oflered in the general
inalla I The liil-.eellaiM oils sil.it e !|^t bj inore .H the.
Maii|M>s;i lilefericd sold Bp t(? "? ! : At!;intlc Mail, 10P)?
l'ut ?iii Mail st.uni at I Ma|j (?nu ksilver, Bal, and Cum
in rluiid Coal, Hil The Egptaat atoeha wow hoavy;
Adams selling at C^'j, closing at 6a) Ann Hean ExpCOaa,
fi'^j; Matahaata* Ubibb BxptaM was ataanti at ix? lud.
The KaUwtVjf Share market opened vet j strung, Elia
selling at (uj; Ne\?-Vork Central, ln|?; Clevelaiul
and J'ittsbtirgli, U| Nuitli-Westeiu and Cim ?miali,
4-1}; mid the same eagerness was manifested as for
the past week. At Um lniatil the inatket was firm
and all the leading shan-s bfOUgllt full ptici's, t losing
strong. After Hie Inianl there was a pressure to ??ill
lo real i/e,nnil l.in ami Mi. !i i gan made a sharp decline
mid the halanoooi tho list sold oil from } to 1 percent,
and fur a short lime the market was dull ami heavy,
but at the i o'eloek hoard Ina Burkat all Improved
and prices rallied shatplv. lum is ?lelisc.icl willi
nu al brxagularity owing to the i in nu use transit timis,
I.nt tania is BB BPataity Bl stocks ami all the activo
sli,ties can bo boiiow?,?! at I Baa cent After the
board Um Market nae dall aad g mm -rally lower, but
late in the ?lay rallied, and ?doatd ttTOBg BtangBV
lions. Tan fiiilownn.' tue the alating prices:
New York Central, lnl??;!oH; Krie, (''; ?''7| Bend?
ing, IO-,,/. KO; Michigan Southern, 77,a".s j Clova
latid ami I'ittsi.iin.'h, RHI s''! ; Boah Island, aoff K|]
North Western, Watti ; North-We?tcrn rrcfertcd,
lUMBal ; Fort Wayne, VC, a I0L
'i'lic money market is fte.ly siiji|i]ir?l on call .if low
rates, and for the speculation of the street capital is
Bl abundant as when the Treasury was issuing ?egal
tender without stint. This state uf things proceed?
fioin two causes. In the first place, prices of all
cumin.lillie? aro so BMtoh reduced that upon exist?
ing bank creilits and curremy niovemeiits aro as
freely niaile as when the short National debt payable
bllagal tender WM Bl its maxiinum, ThaBBBBBBBl
the j ear ul.so fa\ ois .ihumlant money un call, and this
advantage will remain to borrowers until the crops
commence to move to market. As Llier?- is nothing o?f
??onseipieiico of the old MOB lu move, |hj demand
BaTcapital will nut bl a. live enough to disturb the
general money market until tim usual Summer holi?
days bav?! substantially pa.-vi. As tim money mar?
ket now annatal then? ? reason to anticipate
rampant sp.i iilatmas in Wall st., followed by
the usual reaction. Many Block? liave already
realized all tho advance the movement of
a full crop shoiilil secure to them, and
few of thein can be called cheap as compared with
Milid investments in National Bl Slate ?tucks. Call
loans at 4'ii-tt percent, ami stocka are so scarce
that anything saliililn is taken IB^BuTlBBMll Com?
mercial paper of short datesclis at Bptil pel cent, and
Home BBBBM pass at lower prices.
Foreign Kxchange is dull. Hills at 00 ?lays, on I/on
dOB arc. ?jiiotc.l at ION W.'l fur commercial; \W] a>llQ|
for bankers'; do. at short sight, liol ??lilli; l'ai.s at
00 days, UHUaJtel do. ntslu.it sigbt, 5.rj*/?>fi.l0l ;
Antwerp, tUTfiJJI; iwJM, 117|?M.lai2 Hamburg,
M980|? Amsterdam, 40i ?411: Frankfort, 40|<a41i;
liicnieii, 7s'a.7sJ ; l'iu?siaii 'I'lialets, 71} a 72}.
The Btotk market fur the week has boen unnstially
BStftn, the liansat lions ? tjualmg thuse of the emly
lan Of the Kebellion in BXtont ami in rfqiidity of
llucf nation. The whole list has mo\e?l upward, but
the great exciteiuent Ina? been shown iu the BBakMBM
list, including Fiie, Micfngnn Houtbern, and the Na?
tional l'aiik sto.-ks, which have come to lie the ?kief
staples of speculation, to the exclusion of such shares
as Michigan Central, New-York Central, Ihnlingtoii
aud Quincji lludaou Kivai, iiailem. lUiuoia Conti al
and Bock Island. These, by the regularity and mag?
nitude of their dividend?, are not easily handled hy
?.peculators, who naturally prefer "chips" whieh do
not cost so much in the way of interett, hut upon
wlii? h e?jtial profits can be made. The rango of prices
for the week and month will be teen in the following
Tiie Hank Statement of tina week will show an
I of deposits of $7,000,000, of legal tenders,
fTfiOOJOtt, a ?bereace in loans of $1,000,000, and of
s] .-?:.? of fl.oOO.OOO. Thia large increase of funds is
ii.oney that bag hoon sent here to pay the interest on
Um Im.ml?, of foreign corporations and Btat?s, and will
l-e noon di-tiibutcd.
I he lonou ing are tho quotations for the City Bank
New York.HOiBankof the Bepublio....llT
M,-.nli.ittau.135 Hanover.Ill
Men hantsl.l18 MetrojMjhtan.126
.Mci names'.li? Nassau. .lot
t slot .If Corn Kxchango.lil
? renta Ward .iinlcontincntal.1*3
Matt of Now-York.ne Importer? and Tr.ident'...lU
estasse ree .n* Manota) tar*ad Murchs'., loo
American Exchauga ....lit Central National.liri
i a.ti, .IWOrkaafetl Bank.im
Janet Jour it Janes?, Ja???)
Vnlt.d Plate?fi's of 'C5, New.. .MOI 109* lo-i, 1104.
Missouri 6'?. *-"i '???** ?* '"-i
Atlantic Mail.MU 1<W| l'*l N*i
r.?iii, Mail.i-" UN Hil i*H
Michigan Contrai.?I Ita] Mjal lmf
Brio.m ??l $N fH
Hodson BJrer.iw* losj io? ina
Michigan Southern.?9 cs| 7<j 78
Illinois Central.in* H'-'J ISN Ijaj
Cleveland and inttsburgh. 7r,l 77 vsi w?
No?? . Western.i?k :i.'?t M 43|
Noi -Western Preferred at] 6:14 641
Bock Island. . m on? eo* o-'.j
Toledo, Wabash and Western.. Ml 44J 45f 471
Fort wayne.wi w esj 1021
1 'ho btiMties.- ?it tim Suli-Ticxstiry to-day was a*
follow i : Rewipta for Customs, *197,000; receipts for
aodd note?. $375,000. Total receipts, $t,!?80,209 l-l.
Total p.i'ineiiK $s,5?H,'.'-J3-Ti. Balance, $Um\kWf
170 01.
Tlie foil.minc is an ?.m^ial statement of the hitsi
Bjaj of Um oliico t.i Un Aaaitfmni Treasurer of tho
United Staten, in .New Forfc,iot the month ending
May Ml, IBU :
m:? iiit? ano MM-.! malan nts.
Mar II, 1SJT. hy balance.$124,921,324 57
i: . Ipta doting the aionth,
On lie nulli Of CUStOOM 98,040,113 09
On ?n ,?uni of (?oi.i Not?-?.. . T,aa),omoo
On account Internal Keveline Mt.tM 7'i
.. ml P 0 i?. partmeol I?mtjm ?*->
On i...(mnt Transfers. i,:t79,r^i la
..mt Patent 1 "?-. _ MM It
?ina., nint Mlacellsnei S2.78? 4rs 24
( m m ??<unit Piaburalng A? c*ta, '.',n r.Ttl as
on ;n i .nint Interest meeoanta. M*MH oo? S4.?w,si4 07
raiajunti. $2w,4'jo,i4? 64
Treasury r>rnfts .$W,?44,2tt *i
r..-t offne Drafts . MT,
Disbursing Account! . 10,9*1,908 17
. 171,090 m
I lecouut .vu:
li. foin . LtnAU M
In < iirreiny. MtMtT tt- 77.030,978 00
nalaara. 1102,459,17o 04
Bal lo Cr I ? .-><. r U. fl
Bal . Cr ,1)1 burslug Accounts. M-V '
A -..i nile.- . Ml 4?
lt.ii ,Cr.,Iuteres1 Accounts lJ70,ltl M U.M"U70 04
It. ..I].:- for ( n^.-nit In the Month of
.lu-. . . 1^,040.113 09
B< finta fot Custonta m tho Month of
.1...:. .
Dec: - . tl,t>.7,Hl? ;il
mi <" Jimmu* ni the Cuilril Slnlrt Attny Ojjlteat
Arir Turk t'ur Ihr nt'ii-th rniliH'j Jhhc?j, :
la of ?.oil. U77.000 00
1 urelgn Coins. li.-?*? M
Foreign KuUion _. 7.7ou 00
Lnii. d fertao 1 Bullion SM,tM 00
l>c|MHlu of .Silver, liicluditiii i'ur
chii?c?. 67,000 00
lol. len ( eli-.. 14.OO 00
1 on lam Hellion. . li,i'") M
lulled Mate? Bullion (coutume1 111
giddi .. 4.000 00
lion (Montana) .1."
1 mi .1 M.tti - uni,ion 11.?ike !->.;..-."n uaaaea
cuit- .1 .suit. ? (ti:.um iNi v.id 1, .. . tuatai
T,.t ii d ? P v-ti.I.. 1:1 Bars . ti.-> ,?-?
posits: Payable in ??>;.? Majaes "o
C,,.l.||'ir?af.iinpi -1 .. 1214.851 29
The receipts t.i tin? Uet itoinoa Valley Itaiuoad
f..I the two lit-t we. ks Hi Jil Ile vv.
?nTifai BJ | ? -I.17.J 09 | In,..19.030 43
Tim All.iiitn- am! drool Weat ra Kailwuy earueil
tlie third weah la .lune ?i\ daj ? :
? Mia.. . |1 H..?K, ; Hoc.140,491
'1 in- f Aloa lag hi an txhihii "f tim earning? ami ex
penii-sof tin- 1 i:nni l'a. nie Kjilway, K. 1)., for t!.o
ii,until of May. l^o :
I'l'ln i ..... I Im Ml fl l.-ll! . 133.007 fi S
I i in ?(..vertiii.i nt In -.pa.. . l.'..4l:i M
i i .m United Mates mail . 3,750 to
Total Oorernaaenl . ajMMSJ
Front Mer. hand, o ..i I ? .illc. 1-.10,87 j 3?
Tot il euri . $172,106 28
Wink- . . Iii?'.
N. t pr?t.i? to batanea. IMM u:: $172,10? 23
'1 lie follow ini,' are t!io n eei|its for ctutoins from
June i"i t.i tin- ?.-1! ?iiht., laalnaire, at lan ikuis bclow
111.'Ulmin .1 .
N. r-York.. I ' N Orleans, .Time
1 13 17 ? lo Juno 13.... f4S.S9?5 ?1
iklpl?a. .. -.-.., -
Bal ti mow . 111,417 ?o1 $B,tTi
i ?. .. ot?i tu I.iv tr|HK>l, 8M I'M?. Boafa at Is. ti, ami
p 1 ?umur, \,"**) Mils. ?lu. ?it -.'s t"..l ; i,i?m boxaa
; .rs?i tes. I,uni at WkX/BtRw. NL, ami 100
liii\?-s Itacon at '?"is. To Ixmiloii, per ?teattur, B hlids
Tobaeea at :?>s.; IO te?, do. nt Ma, To Iliemi-n, M
Ca.sk s Tul meco at 10s., nml '?.'Ml abh. l'i tfdl uni nu
in i\ ate Iii in?; a brig with aVOQObbhv t<> Porta RSeo
ami back, ami a bark fioin < ity l'oint, w 11li Inbi. 1 0
to Ihnili iu\nn privat., tenus.
Tim liii.'ii l'.i? iii?' liftilrnatl Cntnpativ will pay tim
July inter, st on tin ir first aaortgaao)boada in gold,
fin of Uurrrnmrnt /?j-, at Uktit Oaaiaag \%p, 80 Kaaaan
st , on and after July 1.
'lin-m im i|nil ami interest ?if tim ?:i;lit per Cent
loan ?>t the state of Miuucsota, ?Ino .Inly 1, will he
paid on and after that date at I lie banking houso of
1'. M. Myets tV Cn , No. 'J4 l'un .-1.
M? ag| linnean, Hu-iman A Co. will pay tlierou
pons on the convertible bonds of the Hannibal and
st. .los. |.h Railroad Compoajr, and n tim boadaol
Hu -t.iiool Mi-?iiiiri, issued to tli.it io.id, duo 1st
'Mu- following statt incut shows tim imports of dry
goods at this BOf$I
aaraoasa?. Ima.i. isa?. isor.
Kilt? n.I at the port .. $1,140.191 $1,278,771 $1.138,100
Thrown on raarkel.l,7<Hjtoi 1,000,717
.?1 isi?.,. iso?. is?i?.
Entered at the port.... $33,22S,|S7 $68,301,801 $45,749,821
Thrown on martel _17^3<M i 14461,771 *9,770,07l
Tho total imports ut New -York for tho week com?
puta as follows with previous returns:
I17 " 0?.?*ral
W"k m.1i?{ (luoja. M o. lu*. Total
' .$l.i:i?. 16? g),2:l3,389 $4,I7I?\47
Juno 22. 1,034,900 ? 3,o35,H04 4,070,791
Joan ti. 925,090 4.070,114 4.0yfl,Mi9
Jun? M.1.0IO4U MIMT! 4,230,68d
June 2. 1,2U.V,7 4.71M.148 0.1*50,717
May 25. 0-j.-,,7j-j 3,305,701 M*MM>
Dry (?.....Is entere?l for constimptioa ut tliis iKirt for
tin w oak ending Juno 27 :
hnlerid for Consumption.
?ison_, ?mor_
r?K? Vaia?. l'a*.. Vnliir
Muiiufarfiiresof Wool.... Ool) t?'l",8V0 ?? $2ori,2?;7
Mnniifiictur.it of Cotton.. 36*J 1M,M1 4nt) 114,4'JO
Manufactures of Bilk ... 175 17t,TM 177 is7,js'j
Manufactures of Fiai 410 us,s20 hm lm/xn
Mlac-C'lluiivotu I>ry Uood?. 219 7b,729 lil 65,780
Total.2,079 $834,202 1,500 UM,*?
II'ithilrawn fruin Witrrhoute.
Maintfitctiiresof Wool_ l,ul9 $4l.S,lUl 171
M-iisifiteiuii i? of Cotton., lil
Manufactures of Silk .... ?s
M ninfa, lines of 1 lax Hfl
Ml?. Il.tlicoUr-, lily doods ?8M0
Total. 2,!>24
Add entered for COIih'u. .. 2,(1711
Total thrown upon tho
Uiurkft. MM $1,000,717 2,041 $1,000,742
BnXerad fur If?raleiishig.
Mannfaetnretof Wool . at] $M1^H 700 $351,8.-10
Manufaetarttof Cotton.. 200 C7,ft'J7 uti M.7M
ManufactareaotBilk .... ?i Tifia ?7 6?,ii7
Muuufiicturi-Nof Flax. . Id 4D,li^ 3'Jl li.i-i
Mi.ii eil lueou? Ilry Uoods 21 15,227 23 14,-.';i-j
Total. 1,118 $114,57? 1,303 $469,4i2
Add enlcretl for cons'n... 2.079 ?;i4,Jtri 1,500 0?8,7?S
Total entered ut the ?
Pari .3,197 $l,i7S,778 2,1*31 $l.lJ?,l?-,5
Asis report?!?!, Mr. Spinner, United St itcs Trens
iin 1, btg atVIraaaa?soa oilici.il lottor to aenshior of a
national bank in Now-Hampshire, in which he ?tate? :
" After tho failure of a national 1.ault, nil its relation?
troehongad; aa a anna. It has nothing ?ore to do with
it? notes, whether mutilated or perrett. The Cnlted
Muli s, un s legal kndorter, In t Am t be? omea the maker of
the in it i-, and undertakes to redeem ?II the note? of ?m h
defunct or defaulting national bank? aamay ht presented
" this othes for payment. Thia obligation It eonelaslvt
?son the Uorernment, whether the aeeurttiet lodged for
gi. pare?se wtth the Trettorer urn ?uftieiont or not. i,
11 1 frcnt, bccoliie not only the ttukltr of ?11. h ?tcftatiltlux
mili.nuil tiKiik, imt become Um tmttrt of ni! It? cn dit. 1 -,
and einnaaajtsifad to set that the interest? of it? . reditora
?ml of the (loveinnn lit ure fully protected. Huoh note?
??and In the Barun relation to the pel.In- notas latued by
tba United States, and win bt auhjeot to the aaaatrulat
in their re?.-inpiioii."
I'hoanUuipatiouoi an abundant harvoat is giving
- - --1
a stimulus to general bnsineea in all departments. A
prominent Chicago merchant has sent to his corre
?{loudent here the following accounts of the prospec?
tive crops iu the North-West, which are conllnned
by numerous other reports from similar authentic
sources :
Chicago, June 26 ?The prospect for large crops of
win it, oats, and rye Is very promising. I near of no
croaking from fanners la Iowa. Minnesota, Wisconsin, or
Illinois. A few weeba inore of pleiiB.irit weather will place
all of the above mentioned crops lieyond (lauder.
June 0H-(Hy Telegraph], - Weather splendid, and has
lu in tinea sith May. < 'roi?* never proiulM*l better, liar
vesting In Kout hern Illinois.
The exports of specie from this port during the
week have been as follows:
June ??7?Steamer Persia, Liverpw>|_
Mexican Silver. |7?,oon
Mexican Gold. 7,l?o
Oohl liars. 15,seo
Klher liars. 16,107
June 77?Steamer Eagle. Havana?
BpaatebCtold . M.ooo
Anieiican Silver. 4,000
June 27?Ser. Volunteer, Kio ?jrande?
Spanish (?old.., 8,000
June 37?Steamer Wes?'r, Ercinen?
Foreign Silver. 1,500
Juno 27?Steamer Weser, Southampton?
(.old and Silver Har?. 117,935
Juno 29- Steamer Pereira, Havre?
(Jeld and Silver Bais. 20M??
Foreign Silver., 1?*?
American Gold. 136.W0
June 29?Steamer City of Euston, Liverpool
American Gold. 174,387
June 20?Steamer Haniuionla, Hamburg
Silver liars. 278,3?!
Gold liars. 30,728
Silver Coil. 3.887
Foreign Silver. 1,200
Total for the week. tl.140.098
Previously reported.23,07?,834i
Total nineo Jan. 1,1867.124,319,934
hann-t.nii ,-n; . 46.673.778
Same tillie ?MM. 1S,014,777
Thu specie hhipiueuta to-?lay was $'M,'Mi per
Pen-ire; fcJUJ.iC i?er liammouia: $174,06^ per City of
The Hoxton Traveller aay a:
The annual meetings of the Nashua and Jackson Com?
panies were held at the eounttng rooms of the mills in
nashua on Wednesday. These mills, like most of those
In Now England, have been unfortunate the past ?year In
??<j*jkitig themselves too 1.neely with cotton, and have by
tills rowans reiluced their surplus profits ?>t former years
very imitcrt*.Uy, a semi-annual dividend of 5 per cent is
now payable in cara ?Jompniij-.
T?e ('i?i<inwa/i (?azrlt, of W?'dn?ssd?y evening says:
The Money Market Is about as close as it can be, so fax
as re ga rdi then gular business of banker?: but the de?
mand i? not huge, and tai presen re, therefore, is not
heavy. There is no Immediate prospect at present of an
Improvement, as int.ru curreiuy Is going out than is
coming in. Kan s,.f interest in tl.e regular way range
from ti to 12 per cent, hankers charging regular customers
ti'a 10.
The new Ppanish tarin for the Island of Cuba is
to take effect on tbo 1st of July, this year. The fol?
lowing table gives the principal items, with equiva?
lente of the duty in United State? currency :
t'mi?r (Mat
Forr?yn Vrodnrt: Ppiuutli i?g. Furtign itf.
Ale and porter, lier.") litres. lsl 2?*i
Uneon, Ml kil. W oo 1300
Uuttcr. 50kil. ? 37J 0 12|
Candle?, tallow, 50 kil. 2 do 3 90
Candies, other comb., M k11. 6 io 9 oo
Chees?', mi kil. 2 e>) ft 37?
Flour, wheat, leo I-ii. 3 ??? 3 2??
Flour, other, 100 kil. ?4
Grain, MO ki!. *? 1 ??
I.nuilsr, cub. met. 60 60
I^uil. 60kil. lot 3 30
Leather, fsokll. 13 oo io so
leather, patent. 50 k11. 30 00 30 00
Meats f.i!t be? f or mutton, 60k11... 133 1 871
Pork, 60kll. 375 C 23
Metals steel, Ac, Ko k11. I M ?10
M.t-1, plain inanuf., 60 kil. 10 00 16 00
linn,pig, lookil. 36 39
Iron, bars and wire?., 100 kIL.. 78 117
Iron, nails and screws, lookil. 3 00 4 50
Tin ware. M k1]. 10 00 14 00
Naval Moi?-*, loo kil. ?I M
Needles aiid pin?. 1 k11. ??? M
Oil, petroleum, AO kil. 1 72| 3.?
Paper, wrapping, M kil. 176 2 17|
Vnpcr, writing, r-o kil. 6 no 7 60
Pap? r. printing, 60kil. 3 1? 3 00
llit-e, lookil. IO IM
al?ala. Bli tit. fir Ml. 3it
Shook?, box. Ai-., leo kil . 3jj 4.j
Stave? mai head, mille. 3 75 6 00
Soap. 5? kil. 3 00 2 50
Slits?, Ac, pat , for men, pair. 7? 1 05
Shoe?, Ac, pat., for women, pair.... ro 6S
?boee, ean m goat, nasa, pair. ?o ho
Shoe?, calf or goat, women, pair. 2") 30
TtMil-t, common. 50 kil. 3 m 4 60
Tools, fine, M k11. 8 oo 12 00
Tallow. ?> kil. 120 1 C2|
Tea. 50 k11. 20n?) 30 00
Vegetables, 60 kil. 5<i CO
Watches, gold, each. 2 mi 3 50
Watches, silver, each. W) 90
Wheat, hectolitre. w leo
Vinegar. 5 litres. 4} ?i
Plain cot tons up te n threads warp are taxed 11% cents
per kilo in a Spanish totea*, and is tenta lu foreign ; do.
prliitetl. J?l and M cents; ?lu. plain from 33 thre.ttls up?
ward, M and 4;)^ cenU ; printed do., lil ami 64| cents ; thin
muslins, .vc, varioua ratea up to ti 35. Woolen stuffs, as
alpaca, ?he ?pot kiln, 7: and M| ; woolen cloth with cotton
warp, 76 and N cents; carpeting, per kilo, 80 and 87J
cents. _
Norrii Wintlow, plt?iuilf, ig?. Ji.hn II.ittrra.-M, lli-nrr Wf'li, W?. O.
Pargo, J?mi' ? I -i.- 1 : j : : 1 I under Utilisai),
Alritu .Irr Ti., -lui-?.?, The Aiurin'su I i.im Cowp?nr, ?oJ Urary
t ?I..1 Alrisailfr Hollio.l, Trrimirrr v! the Mul lou
psn-r, iltfeutktnU ? Summon? for rriltrf. [?'?PT u!.]
To IBU DBfBBDAKTS: You are hereby summoned and
required to aaawei the complaint la this action, of which
a copy is herewith BBTvad upon you, anti to sci-vo a copy
of jour ai.sw? r to the saul i-diiij>1.iint on tlie subscrlbert
at their ellice, Bo. I ? Uroadvvay, New-York fly, within
twenty days aft? I the a rvn e BflBMs, exclusive of the ?lay
of such ?ci vice | and if you fall to answer the complaint
within tin- time aforesaid, the plaiiititf in this action will
apply to the Opart foi the relief demanded in the com?
plaint.- Dated June If, 1 ?? 7.
H.Mi.i.i. ? 1'ii.niT. flalntUPl Attorney?,
Nu. Bj llroadway, If. Y.
n mm comer?jvftnxion umjbit.
Norn? Wintlow ?gt Juiiu Buttcrflf Id, Ucnrf Waft* William ?J TtTfo,
Jim*? Q, raras, Btsaol D. Jaono, aJasaadat haJaad, Aleundrr
Tiiompun, ii aasvteaa Bajaaai Coonpanj-. ??J Henry w?ii*.
I! :.na. Twssur? of ??? witl Cafftaj.
N?nis Winslow of Waterlow n. Jefferson County, the
tibove luinu-il plnintltr, by Sewell A Pierce, his attorney?,
?.lain- of thl abOTI named dt fendants, and for cause
of ;u tion states iiuil ihoa I to thl I 'ourt :
Flraf.' Thal ih>- ana iii aa BiacoM Obmbbbj is a joint
sttv-k assoctatloM ot ganlzed ami doing bu-iiu al uiulcr the
? of Bat Bhtat M New-York, having its
and principal placo of bunine*? in the City
of New-Yerk, and is BBfBiBi in the hu
of transmuting and cairjuig express matter our
and along ill IBB UBMBB? MBMl w-.tlnn flic United States
for hire; that the saul Jolm Itutlcriield, Henry Walla,
William C PargO) .Lunes C. Fal go, Ale\.?ni!er Iltilliind,
?dWta II. Jutlst.u, and Alexander Thompson are thu
ti listet s and dir. ct.-is of the saul (.nut MBtl association,
having the management, control and direction of its af?
fairs and BaanaMB, mi have baan MMh directors or trus?
tees fur the last eighteen months anal, more; and that tljo
said Henry Wells has "ecu ojul ?s the l'resideiit of tho
said Company or Association, and the ?aid Alexander
Holland has benn and Is the Treasurer thereof.
Second-- That pri?t to the union or consolidation of the
said American RxntOM Company With Cio National
Paukers'Express Company, as herelnaft?'? mentioned,
the capital ?tuck'of the .-aid American EzpRM Coiilp?ny1
wa? four millions of dollar?; that sometime lu or about
the yi'iir isf..\ by nu arning? nient between tho sahl
Aineil.au Express Company ami the -.ud National Baal*
eis' impress I'oinpaiiv. n nuii.a or consolidation of the
s.u.l Companies was effected, und the capital mock ?if the
?aid American Express Oompany nominally Increased to
nine nililioii of dollars, and divided into shares of Uve
handred dol?an each. That at or about the time
of the aald union and eonaoUdatlon, ami a? preliminary
thereto, the said American Express Company divided
among Ito ?toek and aharehoklera a large amount of aur
plus ata?era tad earniaga then on band, and received
fimu the shareholders of the haul National Hanker?' Ex
preta Company, or those Interested therein, m exchange
for iin? dock which tha latter ici ti vctl from the American
Expr?s? Company, a laine amount of money, laing t!.??
iininm.il or par raine Of toa capital ?lock of the ?aid
Aiiierli-aii Expr?s? ?tuupaiiy, \v litt ii was bnuad to the
?nid im'i-siiu? so interested lathe National banker?' Ex
preat Company, and divided the aald slims ao received
among tha ttockholien of tha saul Ainerloau Express
Company, who were such at the I une tif and prior to the
said union ami consolidation, as the ?aid plaiutlff is ln
loi ?neil and bellen a,
i/un?: The sahl plaliitifT, at the time of the said union
or consolidation of lim ?nul two r?mpanle?, a? a stock?
holder m the ?aid National Bankers' Express I'oinpaiiv,
vv.ts entitled to receive, ead did receive ?toek m tlio
M.nl American Exarcas (jompanj to the amount ot Bhtot,
ami the ?aid American Bxproat Companj received tim
laid ?um of tJ.MHi for the saul stock, ami Issued the scrip
or certificate therefor to the saul plaintif, which ?took
the said plaintiff ha? hitherto held, and still holds, and
owns, and ?nil ha? the certificate therefor lu hla p<>?
aaaatoa, read) to he produeed ; ami that, the ?aid plstutiff
paltl for the ?aid ?luck moro than the nominal or par
.value thereof,
Pour!*.1 Thal up to that time, and for some time there?
after tin s.mi American Express Company had men, ami
?.is doing a uiy prosperous and profitable btuinosa,
tarntni btrgeanmsof money, and ?lishllng large prouts
and gain? among li? stockholders, ami m cumulating a
large Biirplu?, anti after tim saul numil und consolidatTou
of (he saul Companlot til! sahl American Express Com?
pany ca? ned and paltl to ita ?toekholiler? two ?piarterly
iliMileiidsof three ui par cent eash; and the aald plaiu
tif, upon Information and belief, avers that the ?iu?! divi?
d? ml? .?iii not n.vhuust tile net ft ara Inga if the ?aid Com?
pany at the time thay were made.
ti/lh. That at or ?bout the lime of the consolidation of
tho saul two ? 'mu ii.tnlosutoit sutil, iftnl about (ho tim? that
the ?alii plaintiff so a? aforesaid became a stockholder In
tim ?al.l Au.einaii Expies? ?oinpuiiv. another expr?s?
ii.inii?uy, kiiu? n .is tin- Merchants' union Expresa Com?
pany, ?.i? organist ?I and MUbUahad aaajolni ?lock as??>
i nileiii foi tllO puipUSO of cairylng on a blUiluo?? ill Com
pi Utiuu willi (ho ?aid American Expie?* Company and
other Arriv?es companies then tn eitatonce and hsreHiaft**
nau?i-d; fhM os the plaintiff la Informed and TasakTS
l',*\?*!. ?\"\ **'? Ameri.-aii Kxpreaa Company, and the
United 8tat< ? Baynes ? oinpaiiy, and the Adama Kinrtaa
Compiiny. two other expr?s? com ?mule? thon In <\\nuneZ
and currying on bu?tn, ** ?f the ?aiue general character a?
that of tho said Auicrtaan Kxpre.-* Company, unlawfully
combined and ? o n federan ?1 t? ?ether to destroy the ?aid
Mi rellim tv I'nlon Expresa Company, and to overcome aila
destroy the Mid competition and to retain a monopoly ut
the ?iiid ox pre?? businca?; that to ???omplMi the ?.ita
unlawful purpose, tho ??us. ei.nibli.lng and ataS
crating i-iiinpanles, by coneert o? am ion, ?ad by tnntii ,i
?mci m,nt between themselves, reduced the inte? iud
t.? ni of eipreaa eharget te a very lo? 4l?i ruinous rats.
and to ? p..mt ?t which the business euuld not Ix: done.'
?ml earned on except si groat and ruino?? io**?.*; that lu
or about tin- month <>f Uvfober, l*'/>, the superintendent
of thc|r ni ted Mates Express Company, act Ins a? the plain,
t.ff I? informel and tm-IIi-, ves lu pursuanra of th? agreement
and confederation between tout company and tin- ??id
two other uniffKler.itinij and combining eotnpame?
issued a private and confidential circular to Its ?u pert a!
tende?is and agents, a copy of which la herein ?.. aaj
nexed and marked A; anti tlie said plaintiff i? h.f mad
and believe? that the others of the aatd combining and
confederating tempanan at or about the sam? time ??suet
to their reapeetlve aoperintendtnts and agents a Uko <*
similar circular, and that from that time Um ?lo . tn.nt
contained in tlio ??ud circular wore followed a;;d ob?
served Hy the superintendent? and agent* of the auld
combining and confederating eipreaa companies, and
each and every of them; and said conii.ininir and ContotV
crating companies, contrary to their duly a? (?um ra,
refused to receive from the Merchant*' Union Kxnr.a?
Company or to deliver to It any express matter of any
description, and refused to have any dealings with th?
Mai Express Company; ami the tau combining tad ron.
fi derating companies dsi rednaa the rau-s of t>-aiis|>orm
tlon on all oxpnie* matter ton Sgura much loss than tbt
aotoal cost of transportation; and from that time to this
the'said Ameritan Express Company Mai theotJn-rcombm
lug and confederating eompanJ s hal a been .uni ai
ing express uititu-r al low audh-uiuous rates, and doini
business at a serious loss, and at a loss that will prora
ruinous If persisted in.
Suth: That tho receipts of the said combining and con?
federating express companies. Intituling tim American
Kxpress Company, have Ih'cii, from before January, 1867,
to the present time, continually and rapidly falling
off month by month; that the receipts of the American
Kxpress Company for tho mouths of January, Febru?
ary, and March, 1807, wero $402.200, against *sn-'..8?, re
ceired for the corresponding months of 1800, showings
falling off of the receipts for these thioc months o|
?404,fi'.r2, as appears by the returns of the said Anuru an
Express Company to the United State? Assessor? ii.tf
that the receipts of the other coml.inii.g and confedera
ing express companies wein gn-ntly reduced dut -i
same montlis from the corn -?.pundin?; mouth? In tin pn>
ccillng year. _'.l
SrtentM: That in the month of February, 1807, ti I i
plaintiff, as a stockholiler of the said American Express
Company, received a circular ?lirned by the i <-sid<-nt ami
Trensntvr thereof, a ocpy of which Is hen onto mi. . xi .1
marked li, which, as the plaintiff believes, *
to ?ill the st? klmldei-s, and In which they stale Mia: Iii -y
havi? ?Um-du?! it prudent, for the best inter, st? ol lue
stockholders, to On??? the usual quarterly div 1.1. i d pay?
able on this date, so that th? entire taminga of Hu Com?
pany may bo used in carrying on to a 8iu-i.c~?'al
result the competition with tin organisation foinjcil to
black-mail this and other establish? -ti expr. sa r. ? puntes.
and in w hlch th? y further stated that it aras ev ideal i bat,
the competing express com pailita co.iltl not li.!.?.. oath ?*
to Operate upon the same lints, and that "it i- .Ictii)
the policy for this Company to trtmid roary dollar ol li
eurrnit and surplu* earnings, ana, it aeetaatni, t- Bsaai
Ut stockholders, to insure complete ami lading ri>f"
rather than to abandon the ?tiaggie;" thal tins plaint
lulim.liately upon the receipt of tho sad ern ular and ot,
the 25th day of February, ls?*>7, by letter addreaaed to thj
President of the American Expresa coiiipmv. a <? |
which Is hcr.uintoiinnexed, na art ed C.prot? ?Uti against
the course of action iudicatedby the tin ulai, and against
the said abuse of trust by the din otana and n mi ?
the ?aid Company; and the said plaintiff tot al ali times
ami upon every orintslon nhjnrtnn tn and protest? dngutu*!
the unlawful and reckless toorat pursued by the Amor*
lean Kxpress Company, in connection willi tin saul o;ii?.f
combining and coiiic.u-i.itliig Companies, alni again?! ins
means resorted to to destroy a lawful competition In har?
ti'lhth : That the business of the said A mci
press Company has not for many months patt paid tho
euri? lit expenses of the same; a? thtsj ilalntifl li informed
and believes that the losses have ([?nmg til that Mana
been v. ry serious and great, and, if Du same cmscot
action is eoutiiuied for tho future, the plaintiff apace?
booda that the said American moori ia Compai v w.ll be?
come ?is-edily bankrupt and insolvent, .v.,-. :f ii i? i.ni
now insolvent; that tho ?aid plaintiff is initirmed
and believes tht ?aid American Ex preta Company it
now a borrower of money to a l.j-go ainoiuit in ti.?
street, aud from banks and other pint.-, s mr tin p\r
nose of paying its obligations und tan vit g on Its
business : that it has no surplus; thatOftlj Grotti 30 to 40
percent of Its capital stocK is repn ??en!. .1, as tie plain?
liff 1? informed and believe?, by th.-rial and peirooal
im petty which has boen acquired, iuid is m vi ashland
owned by the said ( ompany, und that the n idas of ii?
saiil.iii.it.il is representad by toe vain ? <-f Its business.
the gtwvd will of its patron?, and its frtastusea ; that tht
?aid Company, as lot said plaintiff Umi .omi and U*
Hives, M ?/ery hugely to drat ever am ? meant
in its possession for the payment thereof ot... r than by a
sale of the property or by an ?stest-uicnt of ils etcvk
holdelS. ?
sinth : That, na tlie plaintiff is tniormed and beUertej
the said directors and nisuagers of Hi.- ??ul American
Kxpress Company have at vurn aa II met used and ap?
propriated the funds and credit of tl.o sei?' Amerli .,ti I.x..
press Company, for the porch.im- and aale of ?ti? ks, o" in
i the purrliaae of atocles for ?]s-iii|:itiv<i purposes, and that
prior to the lost election of Directors c4 the New-York
Central Itnt ! rout I Company, which waa held In I?ei end er,
UM, the ?aid Director? or Truste? s. si m? or one of tia ni,
bought either In the name of the sera Ann un i Express
Company, or in the name of one of ti tor ti
Trustes?, or of some other person or pert uis, and for tits
us?' and benefit of the said Ameiicaa Expr? -s ( t uipnny,
and by the use of lu B?tant and ita credit, a Tery urge
amouut of the said tapirai st.sk ol li., said Kui li cid Com?
pany, and the said william <?. Frugo, at the said eli ctloa
of Directors, voted upt.u four million* of th" aaid stock ol
the New York Central Railroad Company, which lisj
beta purchased and was th? ii h- ?d by, or lu trust, for the
said American Express Company, and that by unana
thereof be was enabled to ?lee' himself, tie ?aid
William O. Fargo, John DatteraeU, and Edward
Ii. Judson, Directors of the said Ncv York Central BaU
road Company, that the said plaintiff Is informed and bo
lleves the said din>ctors or trustees are now cunv.iig
with the finnis, or upon the cr?dit of the ?aid A mern an
Express Company, and for the ?aUrCompatiy, a very large
amount of the slock of the New York Central Ka uro ad
Company, wh:cri was purchased at a very baft rite, and
upon walch tin re must, if the stock le ?old at present
rates, be a very large and heavy leon and the said plam
tiff is advised and believes that auch p?rchate?and all
pun lues? s i f stock, ami all apeculattona of every kind by
tin Mid directora for or in the name of the sa.d American
Kxpress Company Is ail abuse of their ti u-t, and that they
tra s.-v.ial'y and Individually Kable to the stoekholdera
of th.' said Company for any los? which has been or may
be sustained as tin- result of the saul eis.'? ni.?lions; that
the saul Centn] llallrtmd st.xk waspurelia.st-.l In Motten?
tion of the combination and eoofedatooy aforesaid, and to
enable the Niid American Kxpress Company to obstruct
and Under the bosiuiss of the aaid Mt?rehuuU? Lino,?
Express Conipunv.
Tent?..- That by tho terms of the stock certif?cate issued
t(> tim ?aid plaintiff and to the other stn kim'.h rs of tht
sahl Ann ric.in F.xpnsBCompany, the said stock is ltaJblt
to further assessment if the same shall be mc. ?salty to
tari y on the business of, nu.I to pay any liabilities which
may be Incurred by the aaid Company -, thal the bu?ine*si
of tot atti Mlltstt Company was fomitrly a proiit.-iulol
bath* -.?, ami the same nu^lit bal ??? i? en < - atina? .1 -id
cum"! on at a largo prellt.an.t might now. if the direc?
tors and trustee? anti man ige ra of tho saul Company
would cease, their unlaw ful a:.d n tklts-1 Units to rum
anddettr?j a ilval company, and te overe?me a lawfu'
competition, and that although In the opinion of the said
plaintiff they have loot a larga noasher ol patruus whu
ii.ni di en m tin habit of giving them bnstn tai apon whu.i
large pronta and taina were made, and which they wi.'
Ut umil.le to regain, y et,the said i oinjuny unglit be ?ave-*
from further lo.?<t if Ina saiddiret tors and managers wooM
t.ovv cotisent to abandon or withdraw ^-m the said
coinbinutioii and oonfedtsrsey, and manage and onducl
the biisii.i .-s of the said Corni.iinv upon business prlliCl
pies, exacting and obargugafalr and rensouabitrata
for the transportatloo of express uiatu-rs, sad, by adopt?
lug such a courts, they wmild be enabled from theil
earning? to pay ram sonable dividende to th.-ir stockhold?
er?; but, on the contrary,if the said eotnbtaatiet ?ml con?
ti .i. i n > are to in continued, and the saul A merleta Ex
preta Conipepy ihall eonttnot therein, ami ttattaat te
carry their rretght n{ ruiimus rates, as th< y have .ntli'-rni
beeiiafUl AW sf?l?tloiiig.the result will, as ?li i
anprehehtla ?.lui b. Ilovet, be that the stock li. Id? i- of tht
tsidComptni will not only lose the <JnuKlui? wuti4
aught be made upon the busimss of the aaid (o!in>sny
from Its earnings, but will I*, compelled .contribute te
the payment Af the exjxmsesof said c? ? ? p.my, and tat
debts thcrtoii snd the stock will acara iu Um ???ni a total
loss. *>
Elerrnih: Tlia.t the action of the Wld -? ral coniMnial
ami ?.uufcthiiii mg expn ?J f,*ir,i.uliiea hu -., uitd to tht
??-.lu}!.i chants' Union Express Comptant' .he sytnpsthy
of the (rnhlle, and brought to the aaid Comiany ? vert
laige.n..I va!" .Ule business, which would Iin\e rH-enattV
traita done by ilia ?atti combining and eonfederatiaj
companies,andesp? dally by the said American Kxprea
Company ; and the said American Bsp isas Com pasy,
With the sahl other^combluing and ooofederatlug expreM
companies have lost the sympathy and roufldeace '-f tia
public in a gnat in. asure; that the st, x k of the salt
American Kxpress Company, prior to Du ii entering upst
tht unlaw lui warfare, was much abort par in the mar?
ket, and was deemed valuable, and w..s niucli soa?M
after, and that from that time it h is depreciated, anti 0
threatened lmmeillately w Uli further and ruinous deprt?
Txrrlf?h: That the said plaintiff is advised ?nd heuert]
that|tht ?altl directora and trustees h ive violated ltd
unused the trust reposed lu thomby the court? of sctlot
and conduct refeiit d lo; by their groas mi-.uiiUSi;.'iis"Ui (
of the bustiies* ami affairs of the ?aid American 1 \prest
Company, by tlnir fruitless effort? to destroy the said nee
chant?' CuliHi Kxpress Company, aud to overe?me ata
destroy the said competition hythe wanton d. stnn tlonal
tot business or ?aid Company, and throwing away of IM
earnings and the chances of gain and profit to th? ?tot*
holden, and by their unlawful dealings lu stock, uiul thal
they arc individually and iH'isoiially liable to the ?.aien?
can Express Company and bo the stockholders thereof!?
the loss and damage that have resulted from theil ?-Uti St
lion und from their said luinmaiiageiiieut, as well sa io*
tho lo?? resulting from their saul ?ti? k, ?uni other unlsW*
ful atti uiuiiithiiiized transactions.
The said pluintlff bringa this action in his own t*h?j,
and in behalf of ah other stoekholdi'rs of tin saul Vina*
can Express! oinpany-who wnl come li .m,1 unit? ?ita
him in the said action and contribute to the exr?
thereof. The said directors am! managers, acting in (
ti it, havo the control of the said Company, lnsoiuinhl
the said plaiutlff cannot procure tlie consent of the?
Company to oat its naoae as a coplamtlff, am!, therefor?,
the ?aid Amaiicuu Kxpies? Compauy la uiado a party tis*
a Tho ?aid plaintiff, therefore, demand? Judgment that
the said Joint-stock association known as the Ainerlcst
Kxprea? Company may be, dtiia.-ed dissolved; thstst
actoiiiitmayli? taken of its assets and property, sad,
after the payment of its debts, a distribution u?iadest
their ?aid property and ?effects among the stockholder?:
and that a receiver of the property and t-ffeci? of the sala
Company may lie appointed, aud thal the'said director!
and trustee? may be a?ljmlged guilty of ? violation ard
abuse of trust, und that they may li? removed from offlet,
^"i.lle?^ri'L^l?l?t^L??!.?11. ?V1. ?-. d.?*ulvr,l thsj
? f.. rTV^? ,"iit tb*y niHy '?? removed from ein
and, if the ?aid t .??p.my ?Hall not be dissolv.-.l, ti
other?i may U, apm.inteu or eleetod by the ?tiK khol.t
ii their place, sSSthat they may be.leore".^"a" ?I a.lj?di
to pay to the ?aid < oiupaiiv.antl to the ?ttM-klumb-iiihorm-.
?ni h sums ?a? hav o beeu iisit to the ?aid CiiaMaEHPavtS
the ?aid st,K Uioalt-r? by their ?aid ? S?.?3
hy their said abuts oi trust, and that aa liiul?uJu nuj.

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