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V?l" XXVII.N?- 8,209.
Li.skon, .filly 81?EYoaiBg.?Ttr-tmy mu Um
Hdoinl tlav ?it li)?' I.one.wood l.uci s. 'Hil. atti I.'
v._? !.u_:er even tlin'i M MM ft -'? til'?. '1 he pi ni.'i
}iai i.n ??.'??? Li? li WM f?r the Goodwood BM_k_0,WM
um toot teelly wini liy Hie linke, ni Beaufort'!
(???tmtiii. The Landing _MMMM i'i in ti e l
ii,v oreler: (?cumin. 1: Vu i, 2 : l?a. ljhuipii i
?Ililli. OK ACKH I l.Tl'KAl. MM MINI..-??AMKIM
r.i.is, .Inly :.l?hi tint ?(?iniK ti-ii'-?" trial ol
niiiwiiin and Neptof lnas'liiiieH, winch took place
ye ?t< reilly, cn tin-, lui'siriVI farm a' V?iictiiiie?. the
di.stiilmt-tnii i.i pn.is ni?tlc by thclniy tkhtYt
the Amesrii nu la mut li?I exe? 11? ?1 aliening. C H?
McGera i. ?'. reeaiTea Um hichaal ptiu* tor i.i- Reapei
nuil Mo.v.l. anil gold inici?is nie? awarded 1" ?? v-'"
Wcod-uiel 1'airy. _
I IVBB1B] I KM'i c-iiiv.
Viivsi. .July .",1. -Ac. o. nits hutt r(.i(!i(<l
tlii-ei My ni a ternlili? asplO-?O? \?hnh niciiintl m
one i-f the larga linn, ? owned hy Um BothanhUda lo
Mm avia. The miiie was full ?if wen kunu at the tillie
of the disaster, ami Ml than UK) uni.? C1 arc reported
tu liai ?? Leen killed or iiijnii'tl.
VIm'iiiiii.' The MMt of Um Sultan e.f Tuik.?y to
\ . Mia tomlin.ited te ??ay Bil Imperial Mm.Mv
di'tiaiUcl this aft. rini.iii fur 1'? ?til. where he will
make abrief \.t?it, and thence proceed to (.'oiixtaiili
BDj.le _
cr.KM ANY.
I'.iKi.is, .Inly :>1?Kvciiinj?.?Tlii' .'ntt-siati
Government is prcpMtng and Will shortly m ml to
CapaaaagM i tool} t?. Um not? o? Um Doak-- Cobineti
ri t|tstiner Miforinaiioii us to Um gaaranttoa ragnireJ by
l'liii-Miiltii the ino:? ? t.mi ot the C?cim:iiis in Nt'ith
ern Schi??wig. _
Fa i um tu 1 : L'liinel. July ;U-Kvening The ?.tenu.?h p
OaHBRfl Mar, ?.?i?t YaaBlee, ?Mell MUad traai Haw
Yuik on the Mik met., has ai rived at thif port M Ml ?.?>
to Havee.
8orTHAMi*Ti?N, July 31?Noon.-The steamer (;? rmania.
Ca|it. Haal.', fruin New York on the'?nth m?t . Milled at
Um. i-oi tut 5 o'clock th. s moilun^, on the way to Ham
i.i .v ...w, July ni- Noon. -The .ti amer ft I-a val, from
Que bec, au i\ eel hen this morning
I/oNiK.v, July 31-N(H)ii.?Consol?? f?'i- money. 91.
Unite.t f?t..t< i Pive Twenty Mad_t1__|? DUaali Central
Ballway ?haren, 7fj ; line- Hallway . hate ?., i.?| ; Allantic
und (iicut Vic-tun OeaaeMdaMi i>?>i.?Jt. 2.J.
Afternoon.?Consol? lor BMMf ha\c atlvuiu eel 3-10, anil
are new {?Mied M MOM PaCMd -tatt. -.?re-Twenty
l?oud?i mttwt ad\ .ince <l i ic, and are' now fBOMd at :.
Illinois C* ntral Ballway . hare ? ha\e advanced J. and the
quotation now is 77 ; late Hallway shares h?ve advanced
?1. and now m le ai ?j; Atlantic and OrMt Weetara Cottr
eolidated boiidj?, M4,
Evening.?Consol? tlnse-el ;it 9i\ for nmiiey. American
securities closed at the following rate?: linti el .??tates
Five Twenty l>oii<l?. H|. Illinois ii ntral Railway ?hares,
77; Erle Ruin ay shan -, tnf? Atlantic and (?nat W? -t? IB
0MM__-BMd Imiicls 2'ih
I.ivi r.'.m.l- July 31 -Noon?Cotton (iiiief ; sal? s to ___q .
10.(10(1 l?alos. Middling rptniid*. lejd ; Middling Ot
Kid. Flour. 30/ lor Southern. Corn, 35 for new. Bar?
ky, 8. Oat?, i!. Pea?, 41,0. Cheese.!.?, lied, 140 .
Lard, 019. Pork, 73'. Bacon, 43,. Rosin, common. 7, ;
fine, 16,. Tallow, 44 C. Potashes, 31 Spirits of Turp?n
tine, 31/. Petrol-uin-Spirite, 90.; refined, 1 4|. Clover
iced, 41/.
Afternoon?Cc lton m ry el nil. Th? salea io day MB Bet
exceed <_,00o bale-. Middl.ng Cnl-ii-ds, lnjd ; MiddUngOr
leans, l0Jd. The bnadstufr, i>roviMou, and produce
Baa ric to aro without change.
K vening.?The Cotton market _Mm1 dull. There has
been a decline of one eighth of a penny on Middling l'p
lanibe. The following arc the authorized closing ijuota
Middliiig rplainl.?.. 10;d : Middling Orlcinis, )(i|d.
The sales of the day Met ni? nu im baie s. Flour Is a sbil
1 tai lower, and .MM I at M . Corn ililli at :i.r. pel ?ir . fur
futo Mixed Westcin. Bailey, Oats, and lVas, ciulet and
unchanged. Cheese has declined 1 ; fine American was
last quoted at 53 pMewi I_ard has advanced t?? So for
Aumican. Pork 7.i. and Beef lie . per MU. Rae?.ni;: .
perewt Ro. in-Common 7 .and line M Ppmts Tur?
pentine 31'. Tallow 44 c5. Pi-troleuiu-.Sit.nts yd., ami n
fined i/4|d.. per galhm.
Lomdok, July 31-Noon.?No. 12 DaMt Standard Pugar,
if, 6 Scotch Pig Iron, M . Calcutta liMMd, M ?' Lin?
seed Cake?. HO. Liuseed Oil. All I SiK-rmOi!.
Mil ile Oil, _-_2- Petroleiini llM-d at Antwerp last even?
ing at 4-1 francs tor .Stainlarel Wh.I?
Afternoon?No changes have occurred in our markets
?ince the noon report.
Km nmg -hugar and Iron are ?te _ely at opening quo?
tation*. Oils and Linseed unchanged
ANTWERP, July 31-The Petroleum inarki t is flat and
-tomi-ial. The Quotation for Standard White is 4.| franc s,
The maiii. by tin- chii.a, which left Liverpool
on July '?0, readied tins city yesterd.'iy. We icctive
hy he r three days' later foieign tiles,
_)???(ii! HpeeUl C?.tie?poa<l?>Dt.
lAjXlton, July 30, 18C7.
Ibot ??mt th?? ?I?*? ??k '. Jubn fatl^u?-?! I ?aid .
Tia- ..p Um k....< I.r ??? I'm ?. ? I ?
TS. i??r aUr r_#.? na?, ti? p??t a ii?.?ill,
All Hadlam ai J l'an.aaa?i. art M out
Turka, Egyptiaui?, RolfMBt _TMtllt?BI. Mi de-.,
-?ianntes, and dwellers in Mesopotamia?- ure thronging
all the streets and hail- and thtat- rs. Tbe fez bas suiier
eeded tbe .MM-flfe. (?i_,y ??piiits, and black and yellow
ali.gie, raiugle, Mungie On ?.tumbles on a Turk, or a
fellab in baggy trowsers at ev? ry street corner. The Re?
form bill bas not y.-t pMH, hut John Bull is already in
tbe midst ot that "wblil of revolution and change"
?which Mr. Cassiindra Urn* prophem d wau coining.
P..?-?, balls, o\ atmus, ree e-jitionn, addrt'Saea. bumiui ts,
dinners, bails, review.?these, a halt dozen in every
twenty fkiur hours, crowd the day. Kveri
thing baa come at once-the MMaal
?ne sliootlng. tai volunteer review, the ilnitof Um Bel?
gians, in? Sultan, the Vii ? icy _.,?(i VTen tin E-npreea of
Vu I n-iich is announced today uu OB h.-i vav toEn
ft . , . .,' l" -J'-)? thing triegkal to iiun t pe-oi'.le in all
??'..*.? <;"ne?lv outw? \yh* Hie trage-.ly. I Uve yet
T, ? , T, , ?. Ml< fuIJU?-'" "ian John Bull doing up Hie
11, .I ?ur hi? *W*Xs from Wie Leraat The pen that
wrote the song of Bottom after be was "translated" into
an ass ?nicht t?. be hfje to describe J. li'? Beriomaaee m
.?,1 i *'Vt?n. ntial courtier and poet. The spices of Gul
ntercuJiiK.iiig ?m t?i(. ,llol(, o/ j?c>Wllin^ Kt. parebinent-,
me Uiiau side bv side vtah tke \ve>oisack, the Itosegardeu
penueatc.l b v tie ?aie.i of Thames v.ii-!.es. make up
ine aoof of the week l?d our penrise Haw
(/??riie deaenli? tba. Liigusbman as " uuiMiaginatlve I"
would he had lived t?. see these ela>> 1 hoi?' America
win not mien ifce resnleudanoe which Jenkins Is putting
lute, the usually leaded columns of our papers, aud es?
pecially in The Daily lrltoraph and The handard. Tbe
u?*-'- aeeoiint of the Hullan's Meit tv? ne the big guns at
woolwich Is especially imposing Ou this occasion "a
Cgnueriog sunshine vibratod over villages set in the
??nest woods, and amid the most verdant field?,
nuc other ray*"-tht*e must have l?ecn from the fixed
a.T?rr ' pf*,1"K luu' ?P*t*. wtrn ntl-, ted back with
?T^i JF. b.r,'<ljl0rM' tn>ta 1?*rK??. white, fleecy clouds,
S, i_.?,.fdfd .to ** ?fe??"?1 M*rkl* rt -M ??oeiie."
notwithstanding all this, the day in question
-?". WreUll*b<.* Ufc* ?oldiers were all dreuch???1.
'{nie showiMK Off the guns to the -lulUn, who stood the?
wnoie lim?- nuder the Vriute ot Wale?? umbrelia, looking
?ouneomfortahle that if <_u)ln saw bun ho would never
t [??**k ?-I? happy friend if be ' fell like, the (iiand
inri. But what is the Hun when the Hultun la ?hinlngl
nee what splendor liis presence enables our reporter to
?-* in m raw, dingy, wet day. He sa> ? : "A ?livery g?ay
I'ltl-t appeared lu the sky above I.hooter? Hill, and
J?_* ^o?on off mu? the deep purple clouds on
r "?"?t. ?nd iii* passing ram ou the Last, while
w-neath, id charmlug contrast, were the hazy greens aud
reels of Plumstoad, the ?morald and tawny hues of tim
?.tiiiuou bringing up th?- neutral tones of the distance
wiui true artistic etfe-e t to the pine ? olor of the moving
ponyt of officers aud soldiers lu their dark blue uniform?,
w- fold and silver lace on which gave the finishing
s__a___a t0,lu*_Vlftur*." But even these paper* are
J?"?)?'* io Th* Timet'i Jenkins, ?boee power of luiagiiia
__. -?^11^ ._*? * thouaaud and one nighU, l?r Buythlng
ttut. ?_m Oultmjt* yitat te _____ ?umt? M IM&N the
(In,on? ii.t.wiif fe- linnI min tlml I"-1 ''.???7V rolling
?ye followed lu? Imperial nish-??? after?*t-eOpera to
stationl II, um, wini,, the Duke .nul l)-?_?ess of ?- .it Ii?-r
i-iiid ii.ni i?i-a-j>.tt-? <i a _, .uni ft if. Vijatu tin- Pa-ttaa
alighted nt tin- doora "f ?1>1? dni'iii inmisi?n,
tan t-i'ii iniiii ?-i.in).m.? tii.li" pith, o<i iiiini'i
iriir, of linn??., tait ??'?uni? M.il ta-T? BM?
?ii tarnte ?mt to greet at?; t'/?- baa- p_or?5dj ?ad,
?aid ra? i,,?,s, fea mi'!'- nu)'.?-.in- ??itriit.-A baree?-?
Im-.-ii witii.-KMil I li:ui tin- Suit.? it. ininti tins (Trend cninpiiin
a-a ending t li*- grand ?talrw_y to tlie picture nulle i y I
^iiiit, n?\ mil iithe minda of those unhappy reporter?
Who, Unlike Hu Innis, hu1, uni I?, en llivile.l tO .???attord
lii.u-i-' jin h .ne? envied his fortan? *e*a, kam mach
linne tu,! Hu ? tn\?" hi? ti h.h? when t luv und nil the
\?.,rhl .|i?i.i?.i. - thal the Sultan lim! nut none to Ihr
-?t.iti.ii ii Hun-? at all, iui.1 ii., i t* on f.i?t asle? i> l*l<. plug
is ii,? (..it , m th. -IIiii l.iiiiih. mt I'i? ??'(? i?' II? ui.V lim?
men? ??Inn 7/,? Time* mt?i'a hi'hhhhn tmattinatron saw
himtvM-eiitiiiii* the marni ?talrwai thal lead* fimu the
lniiu ?? tumi lim.r it'hi.? picture trallei jr. Bul The Ttaeepmmh
i? ?m i-t ..-ti'. *_-?-??! i- m it.-ii i." h i h i ni iii. Sultan tit the op? ra. I
nui .?mi? i mi lo quote it ut h i, ?t h; hut I nni?t i.ii on Ita
autboritj tti.it " whenever be (the Sultan) bowed be lift
aplea-nutiiiipresaioii,and ?vlmnevir 1? imiled he ma??
?i friniii;" th.it " cn i.uni? of blatorlc import, blending
bei in .unit?- the ??lute and red rosea of Yorkaa
I ? -ter ihin ml. ii limn Un- el?-lui roof lis though
.m xitui- to 11.um elansblp with ;i representative of the
Orient flower1 ??hu h m lent flowoi wu? ' a ci-toent of
.-I pliiuiuti?, ??huh n0 ml mit m lm!,nul contrast to a
ii... ?-h umi ?if . t.i m ni,iii>-',:, "wlilk u?- flowDi .if
ib illunie :ui?i.i. in y . . atotid ii|> illapUylnK with
i.in.ii lu? i- -lui, ?s ?li that eeruld be exhibited ul nature and
intim i.tl i? ?mt. " After Hu? rou ??ill no1 be ?orprlsi ?l at
the li? um ??huh WOS written foi the ci i ,i?ii,.i li? Mr.
Bartholomew, and ??hu h -?muid he pal OB re? ord in TlIK
Ti.mi si. MB thing that WMreallj wntteu and sitas* la
l-.iii*!..liil A. I?, in:? ;
(uni pre?, rt? tin, Sultan Inn?.,
Kt. . ktrp llirr fr. iii all ?.? -
Ml?, til? Mttr .i',,1 li:. . |.. . ;
T.. B?aaj M I II -.?I th, I,ira !
O atar tli'm ? untn.ur irr. at.
Of Hu mil,m ? lajea .,r,,rr
Ou U.re mat all lil, ??tag? ?tit,
Ami remain fur ettt ?ure.
I? pint tina, (ino,,m Owl,
Ami. ?ij Til,' li milli a|,|
-el lu? |"I i -. It .I
lie willinglr ? I ?
lart e?rr? trt .
Tlirouttlotil lu. ?.rim ni ltuil
A ail ?ar hr ilraltbr fruit? uf orare
Wuk an tiu?ji?iiiiif Lj,,.l
?.'.al of al) Kl.irr,
l'on er. ?ml rrnnnn,
limul tie I.. 1 ??,?
Uty Hill ?rar a era ... '
Thra ma? hr urar 'i li? r
1'lll.r ami *aj
Jorfull? !r,r Ih..
II,? li,.I r, , ?
Tlli.? (nie, wliieh Is e.rl.uii!? the ?01 -? nu writ toll in
an? ?i.'itu ((?nilli?. ??,,- -, i i.,,-ii by Mi Coota in n
m.inn in nf ciiiui.un,h when be detenulued .to writ? a
Won? pice, ni lniisic thiin ll.iith.ii.iuiii ??'.? mi ?e, ?uni lie
?Imott nut 11 ttlt'tl. Iii:?, i?, i Im in.nice ???i?, h.i\?i?ii.
.luit? ,-t hp?. .1 bj thal ni th< < rystal Palooe, aber?, ?her
in.iii? ii.?-,.? m ??hini jin?,!- men walked shoal ali. .-.-?-?I in
j,,i?i. ???'.mi ahirta "ii which waa printed m red Abdul
?.sis*? sntocrsph (whleh curio.?1.? resembles? lobster),
thin- wu.? h tremendous ?im?? ot fotu?tala? and mm h
singing Then- .'.i??? English people ?tooti op la b*?oad
'. i?, ami Bann UKI Ila- Hu > could, in BOUUd? li? |?ith. ti,
Miim. an od? t" tin tool-tan,written bj /. iflreki
i-.tt?mil (a Ure?k), and set to music bj _i_IU, aa Italiaa
?li lu the prevent e of atMO peon?a
ThoMillan 1?gunn* Hgn?of Iii?na fearfully l?.?ieilj he
i? alit ?ul\ looking fai worse thanda ni ?al.I i when the (Jo,
i rniut nt ??.i? reminded bj Urala Napoleon tbal held)
Wat. Omi Unwell tO K main (mi: . r m 1 n: I.mil II. eaiiiiot
Mir luit he i? waylaid by a deputation or a eorpt>reik>u
who ,ul.lre.?r. ? him Hii.l ?o<-?ullin ??ni I.? linn li hi?ni
ti ??lue i munji to -,, th.- M h j ra a n \ iii rio. n of tula ot
thal iiiiuiici|..illt> coming out lit lill-* mid roba? alni le.l
Bad tinsel to salute His Highness. One report of a-inn
hu nu. inn' borrowed ? rom an aaeiaiif work *?_ suAtoe
for Bil ol tin ?e inl? r?n??s.
O: r ? ,,|v -an ti,,, r. rntli. r.
i-rlir.l all la ?
Iii beaaii i" ? .h.| uti nt ami
li.,w ii,-um :,., ?...i ii.,? ,i? ?..., ii ..i,,. >Matts. 1
lint whs! -,( th.- Vlceroj of I : - ? i ? t all tlii? while, n m .?
?.i .iktil The Viceroy has gone nome. Hedldverj ??til
tiil th. .?titilan (.une. 1 lie ladle? tlu.io.hI him a little
ju ii?! i-.ii. a ? ? lint >;i- ?? lin h ? mihi in ?ii- lu- liiouiihf saaiust
tilt- i.oltl of tin- Hal? in! ThS \u.To? nt III-I luMlat.il
-boat ii.?\.ne the bare ira ol a certain miine?it l.niy tai
k_e?ty placed in in?, ?iim desceudiii? to dinner, sod
I Vld? lilly at ti)?' table ll.oili.lit it bl? ll'.llj to H?elt lu.?
*.*:? /? li little flulll lui lllieial t li.illu?. tin ,?t ? el, Ue |Ot
BO far our ti.it ??lu n he rlslted Hit dl_??tia lets
lit the (,'iyrtal l'.-iiae. , ?i fair at ti im. ?o \? on lil- In tit that
he g.?ve hci _:,(! for li rliiall hottle of iM-rfiuiii HOWOT?T?
as I lia?.' intimated, ??mu the Sui 1 ht k pal
.lol! Boalt?n 'ailie the \ iiiiov ??a? jmt out
eaiiille hy the Min. intie. ti. tilere an Sillipi. i ?of bl?
barina been ?nubbed at lost Ho ia a aun of i.lestj
and latelligetice, ?nilaorn? of the mo-t ?uiniat? d ?.?
nu u m L gland li ive I" en iii i ply tnsti m tod by tin In
tir?-nj\?>? tiny have hail with him Mian
Minie, it n- notable that lust st tin- iiioiiu nt
when tin,? Loud ?ffectation of enthusiasm for the
r?ul? Hint Is the cn.Hun Is fllHna ?lim Mam!,
?ni?? fioiu tlie Bast Inr ih ink?? to a bodi
ot Enj*_sh___ who hi???- lu ijt.-il her in bec struggle with
the Bl?'li.nell ?\ llor-A Ila . ??a? ? -, o? I I Hill Kui-: li. ni Tal.Ki?
lt Isa queel coincidence. -Tin?,'' ssya Ihr l'ail Mull
ua&ttc. with s lut? nt touch of irony, " titi? ?a Just une ot
tlm?o illu?trnt)oii? of ?Cnivli-li fi'-eiioiii ?hi.h iortii'iien
tan ii? ?i r BB?entand Tb? y i snnol i utnprebend how the
<.o?i i unit-lit i un I??- re,ill? fiuiully to aa] f'?i?'i?n l'tiwor.
while til?*, rw-iipli- an- Mi unit?ii I?, mid, ul" I. itnl < 'iiiiit'll.
it?, lit? ?au ?I tiniiiiiA Mr. Mill hint nitlit tlirt al? i.? <l ?
motion to have England withdraw her Lmb?tsadoi from
Tin key : With ?4 ii iiii merael l bid bia Million, and Ben mt
llli*line.?s IK?ea !
< m Mom!, ty U i --lit last Hi'- I'.? fiilln lilli titi, illy pa--' '1
Um House "f Common?. There v?an a tti inger?
pervading tm Parliament Nom aeeaied happy, nnlens
lt was l'1-iiii-ii, and even lu- ws? ncrvou? .lohn liright,
aft?*i bl? lone yeais of labor foi bousedwld ?uflraae, pure
and simple, shrunk back from it ??inn attained and ?aid
aoiuetiiiiiK Hhout preferring foi tbepresenta Uoi -ti
fiiiniliiM, and to u> t householdsiiffroce ?? UUleuiore
?ralina;.?. The liberal \> sd? r? w? re ?li Irr?tala ,i t bsiBB
im.ti in the Riaform Ma? bj rorte? UhMUi. waa
angry ne???na? really fearin? rtetnoei?ey hei?aaabte to
U.luiit thal li.- in lum? coliM-i ? atne than the I'm karts I he
only pt "pi'' ??li" had mi)' loo? of lailiiiliie aho'it tlu-ln
wen Un- haii'liul ol rea] radical? rep????m te?, bj ?m h
men ssTsylis and i swoett. N? i?i nie Ira* tbooitu l_wd
Craiihoiiine mu? Mi i>i??e uttered plaintive cries and
warnings, Hi? mi usure p?vmmI i in- omi peraou ?bo cared
to atter abopcles? "Bo"' being th :<?- r? i?t Ilope. Ii may
ix- well to muh uti ?:i u few word? the aubstome of tb?
bill H? It ?.'(???? I'? til?' IIiiUaC of I-ool? It ftVea ?I Vote to
e\ciy mal'-lionr-i luihl. i who pi r.?oiiallv payn hi? nile?,
and it make-) an? oi lui than pit?,,nil payment LI
It e Iii I ?inditaM ? . ? ( 1? inn le ??tiger "1 full Kg? ??Im lia- I?
tnpieil mu- ?,-ar any pul ?inn of a lion??-, ??li..-. ,
?.-line, llliflltlllnh.il, i? -li. It eiifi ?tin lil.? -.-. BVerj illili?
hmiM-ii'iitiet In count?? who pays Ali ?nnnally n* rent
It cn f i.un bite? tin gi .ni nat..? of London i . Iverelly, aud
????i.? th it i;,-t!tutioii one member; it enfranchises the
fuil-aged t. ?ni? nt? of Oxford and Cambildga Unlversl
?CBWBB ??'?II VOte lil tilt- li.Ugh ehitliiii? t,I timne
plaie? It pi ovules fol Hi" ?intuit allon lo all of Wboat
lat. ? m i -.lin ; that i?irrying rotera to the poll? ?halI no1
Im legal la b??toughs, with the exception of Ive largi
OB?*; ii.at?*tmi'' i-.anpolntedto office need not return
to tiiiii lom-lll nenin fui ici h ?'mu i lit hill pi ot? 11? all
??xlMing franchise? The kA?llstiibuUoti part of it ?li?,
pOSI a of 1', -. at?, \?li:< li were Obtained bj ill-fl.UH'lil.tliig
four horoliKli* etui? it ,eil of gii.-i fraud?, ami taking "ne
iiieinliei from all boroiigh? of les?Utan 10,000population,
Birmingham, i.im ri?ooi, Mam hester, and le m.. are ra? ii
to hare three am?aib?ra Tho aoroagba of Haitiepooi,
Midilieni.oioiigh, DarliDgton, Dewabiu*y, .?-tai, jinnIge,
Wcdai abury, Urave? od, and Bt4ickton, are to have now,
for the lir?i'tiiiie.ioii? ..in? i e Balford and Merthyr Ty doll
arc to have tv?.? iii-tr.ii. of oin- (-,wral ?uhiirh- of Lou
lion tra combined andei MCa*?ln .?" and return a member
mid a BOW l'"i <?iu;h- " Hiiekne? "- in to he sei'ar.iti ti
fioin iii?- To?vcr Hainletrt. 'I he l.'iiiveii-lty of l^nulon I?
to ha? '? a BaSa?bar. ?? .lit y II? e. mein her?? ?re ili-ti limit ii
aiimiir,' tim counties. Bui h ore substantial!y the feoture?
ot tim liill windi, on 'iiiemlay, tin ( hik of the lloii-e
laid In-fore th? l.oid?. 'ilnie i? iio?v no doubt that
ii a.? to euroliliter a is?! ?leal of earning opposition from
?m:h lame jsipii? of lb? Pabnerstonian formation as Earl
Grey, ?m1, perhaps, Karl Rua? h ; from fossil? who fancy
tin msslves liberal, but whoa? Liberal?un la relative to tin
Uses? of Hi?' l??l generation. Tb? onlysettoaa danger,
however, si?l?relieinled by thelKaith al? 1? that the Lodger
fiaiieliintj ??ill l?e ?-'.liiiiiialcil. the iippreheiihiun Innig
base- aa a ?u?j?_??at ti???t ???oto Derby would in* only t<>>?
willing to tluow that oierhoaitl The 1'n-iulcr Ihnc far
?how? pim k, but it may he aaubtad whether ho ?aa go
tin?jiiltIi ti" iieino, mile routao brilliantly a?hi? aeoond.
on rciijip?*,sriug lately.after rii_-iess,some oao asked
I ord ir im?? be ft it " i fe. i." replied he. with the ???-ii
known twinkle in hi? ey?, ''Radieally trotter, but ?Uli
ratii.-i ditty." His defs?se of the aoareeal ?Usparty.e?
tbe /??l, wasa tin- lull la proposMfara thud reading, 1?
awaited sith nindi ?agtriier^; for the. pooplc liaieiaitli
in lil? fraiikiien? und eoiua_e.
No?? that the llrjlit in aiilintntitlally uv?-r-for If. 1.? uti
Ilkilj that the Louis ??ill Mliously altei I li o bill-It is
iitiiu.ii'i'to s?-r ever.? hndy i online round to ltas,od (lie
v, hole, the bust thing that could have boen dour " \? hen
?te ruin up th? Whol? mall? r," ??iiyn tim I'atl Hall Omette,
wlileli bai oppon U the bill from tho Hint, "and consider
that our (holt e? lay between the colline ?? lui li Mr Jn-ia
?ii haaaaaa tit (<> forte upon na, hhu ? tonxte winch
would har? lui t?> ohroak paralrsli ?>f l_a
(i.i? ci muent, M lu ?'? l?gltavlon which inii-t lime
aubstituted lieu.- lu.-it ?it m n for the public men
whom tin??' ??nulli liav- dcfe.'i'"l and diigraietl, aurely
the true nifeiciice I? that whateiei ilifth lillie? and dan
gera may It? ?n mu ??ay ?? har? don?) ilijlit lu taking uur
clisiiee of tli<-iii. V\'e ?ay liotliing. it will lie ob.-x-rveil, of
tbe very different couiiia* Mr. Uiaraell uugbt bave taken,
and yet lia??- i>:i?*?e><! a ?atitifactory lt?form bill. We take
the matter a? we Bud It?a? it lm? Ix ?n forced ujn>n the
coautry ; and we ?ay, let u? hy all Btaaaa make the l>? nt
of tblng?,'I'-acli (?ni mantcin to le?ru their letter? ' a?
?irsedi'y and well ?? possible, and generally set our bonne
vigorously i? 01 dei so a* lo DC prepared foi all contingeu
claa." . , . .
The Tinte? I? evidently very man, ami mean? to try and
hunt Dlanicli to dcatti ; !be arciet of which 1? that every
one of It? prophecie? oom. ming tlio bill hsvo lieen proved
loma mill ?mil. it? sdviee liivanably not followed by Par?
liament. It demanded ?be dlatuineiil of (lie peraonai rating
da lia?' It waa retaiu.vd It demand' d tin n t.ntlon of the
cumulative vot?- , that waa rejected And ?o with
tho reat, 8o Tlie Time?, uot dating to light the
bill, ??pen? on tho men who bave conducted
it Mr. Low t'riclar?"? that It lia? ((inverted bim
lo tb? (loetitnc of ??ompulHory ami universal ?dues
lion -Vie munt iirciail upon our tuturi? mast ?ra to learn
tlieir letter?," be aav?. Jon? Bright ?declare? that the
Reform Iasague? rnuat all retain their organization, and
hem ?forthnee 'but the imople get the ?heiter from undii?
inliuence ?eniiable onlj by lb? (necttt) ballot, that
national eduoatloii m ?cciired, ?nd that Ireiand re. ?Ive?
JUHtice F.verjUodv li willing to go about something ex?
cept (he man oddlj named. l??fB. __? ?imply eit> and
grind? hi? teeth.
It ia surely a very mistaken report that neem? to have
rescbed you sa to the de*reo sud extent of foellug lu
--rope conoerulus the execution of Maximilian. I am
psMuodi-d that the ?reat body of -bera- oertalulr of
''??oil?.il, men here and on the (?mtinent regard that un
nappv 1 tin.', mt liaiing . xplated-aa (?iriinlin layi the
muni? i pi Balaiar and Ortega, and ii having taught -he
mine nal iiiiMtei ?,f Bnrope that, despite the fallnrei ?>(
MaaamBa, then- heart? are quite penetrable when tliey
ann to crush hnmanlty. "Leie Majesty," said a great
man lately on this sutyeet, ?? i? no1 m . rimmai M -MB
Humanity. Mexlee v.a? never befen ??? -??ture, and
Ile ver ut. mm | ,.,, 1,,K|, ,,, the e?.t.em of H publie an? ill
Mi rope. Righi or ?Arong, this I. the fact.
Ob tlu 17th of July ruiliaincnt Mat? not in
io. ?um on iieeciunt of " The (ire at Naval l.evicw," and on
tin Itth the I Ii.use MOMBBMM wa?" o? ? upl? ?1 ii? ?miln.t
taeaj tii<- voting of lappIM* und _M preeeedMgaMBl
almost ?riTli.lv cleve.Id of interest.
On the l'.'th, in the Hmm of Cnnimons, Mr. Samada
(himself a -hipboUdej. inked the Pint Lord ti UM Ad
ii,nally " why the fleet <ti?t nut leave lu anchorage Mi
perform the cvulntions laid down in the unigraiiinie; I!
tin ?t.?i? of the weath? r waa i ousidere d to be sulfli ii ntly
liol tu. .m ? i he- ?.. u mt m h ni Ibe Programm? .and whether
It was not oonaidered nusatisfactoty that wliili Ml
were eniaible of going to ana with.mt ineonvaa?
leuce, there waa no1 thal coufldenoe In Uie seagoing
?in..lui. ?? ..f the ?hip? of the fleet thal they .?lionld have
?1.so U*( a lae, ? ? oura. v. ble h would har? ? nable .1 both
Houses of the Legislatur, tojinlgi personally of the ne r
fnrmance ?.f each tia..?, oi i-itiji m m?.?.? iat. ly l>ad
vrcatli? i
Mr (Uri) .aid that the Admiralty were m.t.-t anxious
tli.it tin programme)shonld have been gen? mum .-ti. but
that the. felt that, lathi bair state ol tin weather, the
evolution! of m many and anea large vessels must have
been attended with great n^k [Bear, heir.] it? fore
tin y made the signal of "?mi.nal weighing," however,
they were confirme el in Hil? opinlou by yie highest prae
tiiil null.?.inn? Ibu, heal I The 'iiiilit honorable
fen ti. man added that w hen not le e waa given ? ?f mi? eiues
lon he hail couiiiniiiicateil by t? legiuph With tin- piinei
pnl oilii'ci? In eoiiini.uni mi nie occasion. Ile proceeded
io ii a?l ti? tin? Hun?? extracts flinn the answers he had
received, which were unanimous in the opinion that,
ulule i the circumstances, it would have been blghlj an?
de ?millie to put the He el tiiioiii.li the Intended i volutions.
lllear, hen ,
tuf. HMBMM maxihii i .?..
In the House of l.onl? on the pilli, I.?.m1 Str..tt.?id Di
Itedelitfe gave until e of hi? intention to mo VC ali humble
milli ?,?? le? Hi i M.iji sly, expressing the coneloleiie c ni Hu
House on the alb. ling death of Her M.i|i ?t V? min reis
lion, the Emperor Maximilian, and theil ii en IndlgnaM
?M-MOfthl '.ii.li nee dom to humanity ?.nil tue ii? ige of
civilised tiitii'ii? hy the barbarous execution ol thal meei
imlorliiiiatc .uni hcioic l'i ince. On in? rihing to in.?ki the
i'la Kal I of Dei bj app. -a'i ?1 le him in?f t?? pt? ? I I I Itt
It If tin address ?*..? ilmpl) one of ? oudok ne? te lint
Mu?.-?i.? nu ti,, death of ? mai relation i??, mama"? ?, it
ought iii proceed lunn the responsible Ministers ol Ma
Crown, uni its i? m. brough! foi >? urd by an Independent
peerwoukl seem lo lavolve a slur upon the (toveruuient
a.? if Uni had mgli? t??l their duty, li? i Man ?i> needed
no formal assurance from the lions? to convince hei H mt
the] share her feeling? of m mu ead regret b1 thi death
of a pi ?m i i?f tin- noel enlightened character,aadeM
who liol only inen Influenced by the highest and meet
patiintii- motive?. Nor was ii necessary for them to en
press tin ?eui ime ni?, uf extreme horror and regret with
which they, in ? ?.i? i.m ?i ? with nil the civilized world, bad
? 'I til? ? I IO I ?V ?li III nt v nula lix? ? 1? ?al ia He it ? which
ha?? ha rai t. risedtbe proeeedingi of all parties m Mi slea,
ami ha- culminated in Hi?' Judicial murd? i of Hil? anter
t?nate prince iii doubted.however, whcthei it wtuld
be consistent with the usual coarse ol procedure in lbs!
House, or Indeed expedient, to espi-ess their opinion M
the c?>in|ii? t. nut ..I a f.iieigii < .e.\. riiiin n!, luit ?>f one of
in. p.u'i. la s ii? ii ?*i?r. If any OoverBB-enl -?-Hli
Mini1, lin Majesty is in alliance had sanctioned ti p.o
et ?im,- ?j question it migbl have been right to addiMl
Hi i iia,i st], asking her in make .? i. pi? ?. ntatlou i?? Huit
!.. ?m I niiieiil Hill Illili l.? taiw n>> 1..??.? i him lit Hi Me X
ic?. with which we lim i ti? which we ?an
make my representations, and it would minime bo
quite unprecedented p.i tin Hoaac "f LonUloi
am? i.plniini on He - ii'-i? ? ?. li would moreoVCI I"? very
umI.-?ii,ti.le thal i? un.m?n should ia brough) forwaia
which must lead to a discnsslou "f the whole
c|in-?linn. And mult r tin ?e clrcumStoOCKW lie liii?lrtl
tit.ii tin- i.ni.l< lord ?Mini.I allow Hi? ni..tti i to lin i'
Earl Rossi II also app? ali ?! m tin noble lord t...t tu presa
the motion It wouhTbe impossible todo so without ca?
tering luto the ? hole que -1 ?.? i. of tlie elvil wai in Mi neo.
and this it was most undesirable tudu li"- u_
vai uaderetood to conclude hi expresslui his I I
inii.itii.il ttn tiie character of Hu imXt Empertn Ifaal
Lord Stratford ?I? k. .li.it. ippealed ii ma
be had been bj the leaders on both sides ol the Hoiwm u>
abandon the _ii.it ion, lie < ?.all have nu la sltation in ?I? ng
M 1 lum w hit liail fall? ii li?.lu both uni?.e earls t tp
p? an ?1 thal fullJlWtle e lui- ile . 1. done I?' Ila . I?.Ha. ti I it!
ii.i Emperor Maximilian and to the nal n ofbisexcew
mm : und undi i these c ir< uiii?taii< e ? he WOBid Withdraw
bl? lim. ii.ti
Tin- nu.lum waa st<?'.<lli??.*ly withdraws
lill -I IM-II Ullin lill ?lill lnllNAIM?
Tb? Bari of Darby. In i'p?> m I?.i I i i nie, ulm
had a.1,1 ti \? hcih. i ti.. Tornado had beru rr_.lu.ed to Hie
0 vi m !? or llM legslltl ' ' I . I .1. i. l.l. .:? ..I ia. I let! to B
m-opcr tribunal, - id that tin ni ion w hu h li? r M
?...ve ruin. 1.1 li..? lal., i. in i ? ?;. . I ?.fll. mall, t ..fibs
1 urn..du dnl mil in.nive any r .prrs-le.n .if uptnloo
meritsnf the cas?'o., the on?'?nie <>r lha ether All II at
they have ?l.ii.. i? lo n ii._.ii?tr?te agtaiit?! the m ode IB
whit h t V Irul wwiiirt-O' -ileirrii
Hieiismtai.f Hi? Tiiilt^il.i of al.? upportlll.tt) of bri?.g
tag forward their ease The i. milt of th.- i.iu?.-.ir_?eie_
. .1 to thi *?p.ll.;-I. C,..\l I mi ..I ?..? ti. ?I til .1 l
inn) pro? eediugsbuie bei a declared nu ii ami roi?! on M
chum .,f Informality, Ko nsw mai has >?i i" ? " "??
meneed, but thi subject has not been lost slghl of bj Her
M ?Jest y's ?...m nun. it 1 la -, '- im im- re?
in.ii It.ii.le foi the nun hu????, i.i tin <t p
siiin.iii.il Hu-ow not ? ..f tin r..i.in an mi anxious le
get tm h iessel i?a? it. m? >? have i ol shown um h anxlati
to press foe an Investigation lu fact,so lu as be ?? ile
eti?.. ii!, neilin i pat i ? ,n uied ?I? irous lu push forward i?
trial ria Uulu of Argj )? and Earl 1
proved of the course pursued hy the (lovernmeal
mi nil OMI nu i
The. toOowlag la tBa Mal M Lw_ Derbyl litter te Mi
?iippm I? 11 in tin I1...I e ,?li I.urd?, uigiiig UM .1 MJ Ott t ol
the lill a. liri :
"Mr I.?.It Ki : Tin- Reform lull li'i vi ii _- n IB OOtOt I the
Mob . of Commons, It Is m] lutenllem to propose that It
? li.mid It?- ii .ni s f rond Hine- In the HottSf of I
Monda]. thi ii t lusi ; ami ilthough 1 be p< thal I
lui? ina? In ? ailed foi at Hi it ?;.n.i\ til 11 i ?if ? \ 11 ? I...
Importance to hare as good an atlenaance Mpoaalble ??!
m. friends of ithe (Jovemment. I have therefore to n
qocsl ti at your lord?hlp will. If possible, hi In your pla .
oa that evening; and mci that you will favor
me bj \?nir attendance during the progress of thi bin
Hirinigii committee, m which it i? almusl certain thal
?..m. ainei.lim? nt?. ?a ni i.e nniMii t?i w lu? h it mai la im
j?it?ilile f??r M? r M : 11 ? ?I v '?? ?.??'. ? i tun? tit t?.
?tt lit I hate the lnil.ni !" I'? IO) I^Uii jroUl.Ii'lit
mt, Di kui '
On the 1MB) l.i'Hl ('??Ililli , the (inn Ililli? l.t whip in lim
rppi-r BeaMi aaaed lhe_,folhri in^- itnnM
"( innis ami M"-i iMi'Hinii Di\i?i?.v i ,,]
i.re> having given notl.t an amendment ni
second reading ol the Reform hill on Mond iy neal
it i? Impossible f??i the leon rnmeul t" aceept, jronr I.? t?i
ship's personal attondanee on mu evening li n.?.?.r
earn. ?-M) and palin ni .ill n qui ?ted
" Jlntrtil<ty,Ji\\y li, lsc.7."
The ame lulim nt ?>f Kail tiny le filled tu in Huf it
going i iriiiliir I? a? lullows :
?? i hal Hi' bin tu amend thi lawi relatlnj to Hie ttytt
K4iii.it mu? of the people in England and Wales, to wl eh
it i? asked t.. assent, noes no1 appear to this Horns t? i??
calculated tn Its present shape to effect a per miine nt ? i
llcmenl of this Important qoestiou, <?r t?. promote I lia
future good giiM'llliueiit of tue cuii.tt), hut tin li.. ?
reeognl?ang the nrgent necessity for the pawing of a Mil
to amend the existing system of representation, will nut
refuse to glr? ? lecond na.ling to that which b
brough! to li from the House of Commons, in the hop?
thal m Its future stages it may be found i.thletocm
reetioBMo. it- fault?, ami to rendel It netter fit te? ..
Booompllih Um prepei ohje? t? of mm ? Ma ure.''
Mil HUP.III XT lllitV.1V,II HI
The contest to till the vacancj in the repiMMtatlM ?f
Birinliigbiim, e.'iiiiseil by ?In- ileath of Mr. Hi li?.fie Id, |a|
become so exciting and doubtful that Hie 1.Hie ral pin ty
had se nt for theil oilier inemhe r, Mr Hrlgbt, to g.? ?:? ?
ami mldress his cnm-'ituc ne v M theil dtttlM at the
present crisis. In a speeeh on the 1Mb, Mr. Bright, ufier
reminding lu? beareri that they were the sons of the n i u
who ur in? ?! the.success oi the Ant Reform mu, mo.
oeeded to discuss the cirenmstanoes connected with ?he
various Heform bills whick had been Introdnoed to Pai
liament That of l_ord Etuasell'i OoTernme nt. Introdo ? .1
i,v ;ii Oladstone, had been met by every form of pei
??'mili animosity, i-onl Derto eaaM Into power to staa
tin tide of democracy, and the result had beeneonvei
?Lui from the terrllile perils Of ? ii fian? hu?, m Ijij,, ,.
hold sut!ruge. There waa nothing to equal thal since IM
beaeti were i-.m! ti? have committed suicide to mu. tin ?_.
?elveefrom slaughter. He described tim Tory party as
wron?,perverse,and Intractable. K\?ry good inea.-urc
was oiiposed l>) tliein M leng s-? M It wa? ?afe to uitpose
it. when thal politl?n became do longer ti oabli ail op
pofltlon suddenly collapsed. Hmhhmi been the c-ue m
respect to the Roman Catholic Emancipation of i*?i, and
of Hu- repeal ol the Oorn'lajra. They saw itarratlM
siaring a portion of the popaJatioo in the toot, um!
famine in Ireland ;bnt it WM only afuu iameaieagh
m?n thal theydlseorendtM von in*??..rri had tm
same Tory j'.rt> bael now passed a Itofunn hill ad?
mitting worklugiucu lo the suffrage In greater mun
hers than had ever been contemplated In any bill
Introduced to Parliament by any party Hi rr
afti r the Toi lea would "how Hie ?ame persisten! and un
chang. aide resistance toeeen Imdmimmu. When the
.Speaker the other night put the filial ipiestlou that the
bill be read a third time, not one-the very faintest?cheer
Usued from the lip*- of one of those who sat on the Tory
side Tbo bill was, In fact, the child, the offMiirlng, of the
ambition of one man Ile lud never hearel from that
l.artveme Word of kindly sympathy fur tbo??? to wleiin
lb?' (?ill jIBpnilil lo Klve the franc hine; but from what
was runmrcel lu reference to the course .ilwut to be tab? u
by the other Manch of the __eg.sh?iture, the bill was likely
to become the law of the land. The m hole uueatlon M
to the amount of good it might hrlus almut to the country
depended em the future and on whether eom?titui-iie|i?s
like this e??er. iv ii their nower. with wisdom and fidelity
Tbs voter imt-t have the shelter of the ballot, and he
recommended Keform laengues toeeatUM their orgiuil
/.rtttnii until that *? ?s obtalued. Tim honorable gcintletoan
discuhieil at length the li l"h cinestlem and the Irish ( 'hinch,
ami ?* ?nt on te. remark that hitherto everything of a Libe?
ral tendency that bael l-een ? anted out bad been done by
the towns; ihnt tiny had little help from the counties.
That must bo remedied by future legislation, rimslng to
the contest going on, he said Uliiuiugham occupied a
uroud position lu 1W-, Manchester In Itni, Hlnulngbani
again in ia?.. The town had again to sneak, and musl
answer before many dsys were over. Let tbeyi now ro?
turo UM rieht maa M Parliament abewlng thai the cea
sUt-eacy wa? faithful to the principle? it had ever pro
i??>cd In allusion t<> the objections which had been
tataytX to hi?, taking a part lu tlie cont? at, b? ?aid that Ins
<>wt? Ai,r? ret In the result wa? direct and overwhelming.
rioi man'? was no grent in the return ,?f the Liberal candi
l icy owed to him. he ?aid, allegiance to their own
1 rliKiphH, and for the manner in which he had endeav
?naauo ? nforee th? ra. Waa be to i,c only nominally their
fine?, ntative?wa? hi? authority to'lie cut donn by
t Juliiiighiin toacollpaj-ue whose voto wmild dentioy the
I ..?ree of hi? 1 Better far that he ?lmuld ecaae to I"- Unir
n-pre?eutntivo, or retire from Parliament, than that lu
?houlil he content to ?it, and ?peak, and vote with a di
? ide?! ami . ufe, i,|, ,| aiithei Hy. In .'.inclusion, Mr Hnght
i 'injure?! the linn . f ?irmingham to nive him a colleague
WBo Would di'fend thoM* principle? ??Illili b4 believed to
hein?i painhh from the hapim??te and grandeur of the
On the following evening the Conservative candidate
replied to Mr. liright.
Tin-: BBXtJIAXB IB loit.'V.
Onllir evi nu fot tin .l-th.riuiiilt.tucoiirly With th? Orand
Keceptn.iiof th? Sultan in the City, the northern part of
laondou wa? all alive in eiiinxtjucncc of a (?rand Hall on a
?cale of ulinont ni.equaled magnitude taking place at the
'AB*ticiiltiir,il Hall " Nearly all of the n.o'X? Hi !gi?ins were
and the laiiidon iiaperi -peak of it a? " the lar
t-ti ball ever given." Tue appearance of the ball w.o?
t.xeet'dingiy grand and elegant, and there nr?- said t<> bare
"<?? p? ruell?, pt? wnt. The Sultan and Vic? roy ??i re
ixpet h d, but did not put in ?m ap| i ?trance. '1 be Prince
?f Wal. h however attended, accomjaauled by Punca h?
.lllee, I'rinc?' ami I'ruifCM Te?-k, niulftin- Duke,of Coat
irldirc Dm ting wa? ?aid to have bon kept up until
' o'clock in the morning.
Tin? hoMpltalil? 1 idy.who inliciited the imim une wealth
f her uncle, Mr. Coutts, the celebrated London banker,
.t?, a!??? the? large prop? rty of her father, the ??umwhat
i.-ela.?ted politician, Blr Francria liunl.tt, and who I?
?aid to be the riebest ??muan in the world, entertained
u:l ile Belgian vlnltor? to London, and ?boat 1,600 of the
lingi-nb m into? nu v In addition, ni tin grouuila attai!_4fd
tohei ?utiiirhau vilU?, " Holly _4td*re?_ llighc:at<-, about
?even ?nil.-? luttant from tin flank of England m a north
? ?after ly direction. Every thing paased ofadaUrablj a
K-arty welcome alni a aplendid > utertainmeat wa? Btv? ti,
?.lthmit Hi?- lu.?? and ceremony which attend ?tatt pi
.mt Tin ?elgiun? got a royal ami a noble welcome,
in the Ih et ?-eil?, of the word?.
The bund of the < ii!d?tr?mu Guard played apea th?
"lawn," ami othei hand? ia i formed Is "tin r part? ?if the
rroniu." Home di*?ppolutluent wa? inaiiif.-ititi. The
?'rince of M al. n and tin Kult,tu did not pu! in ali am" ai
ii.ee I'll?, c ami I'rlii? c?a Louis, the Duke of Ao?ta,!'i luce
?nd I'rliu ? ?m Te i k, ami tim Orieana Princes were bow
.?cr. pi? ?i it I in I?i j 11111 **? r ??a? laid in ihre? splendid
t_H|iu? on the ground? In the eentci oue thi'ii were
A^Ot? for I, Ja- /.'iii -I- I.a i li of the tent? Wit? Vlflitcil bj MI-ta
? nunn ami lu r Ko? al ami dl?tinirui?Ii< ii | in ?ta during the
tampu t, iiiui the i: h i uf ?'ian? iii? .'.. nu ?pokesmanoa
ii-luiif of the )n-i',tniiii bosteaa Tht bealthoi Uueen
i ? ?im prnpssad by < "I ?. ?. ire ol th? BelKlsa
| ..irde Ctvli'Ui.ti thal of tb? '. i.g und IJueen ol the
na by Prince reck. AfU'i ''MU? ? ?.uti - (lsrd?*o
lib i repaired to the Igrli iltllial Hall, to
, pi - it al a ti mu? i mu i 11, i m ii ii, I l,i ir liniii'i Mad
! mc Ii.ni'j. Madame Itudemdorf, Mi Mme Beeres, and
Cr. W?*__ ??.?i- the principal aoloist?, aad sverythlag
.???ed ctr well.
On Saturday, .lui? ?n>. the "I:.'/ian featlvltiea" were
. iiui.il up ?a 11 ii a dr.. ml Volunte? i Itevlew al the Wimbi?
,ii liu te ',, ? a ?trom.' iiiunter of KngliNh Volun
krr?. ami the "id .alar" regiment?of Guarosa?Wled to
: t. It nt alni i . ,,.il. III t f Ila m ( lie
I SI \-INimt Allot I ?I Mi.
Tin Par?? i (?iics|iiiii(lciit ??t I lo Poll Moil
t auhe a*-i__ that " gnat waal if oijb1i1?bos I? ?-1.11 felt
h*re, aiid th?'?light'Ht utoveiiieut m a military wyt? iu
cttmee* alni in Th? Emperor*? prot>esed r_ti te the
at??? at chal?n* ia ? mat rued Into ? desire k> examine
-?state of tin- ti ' . - na! ib ?? i-i m m whether war ?hull
La audi in fon W ni' r i nun;? on, or Ib the Bprlag."
? n the ?lay IoHo?? tug, July IB, tht tatt* cmie-poi.tlciit
Tia? re Is iropolitics! new? <?f murb importance beyond
ti. report that M tb 'I, 'i-: cr h i? ..iblie-?i ti a note'o Ihe
Praatatn Foreign (?Bl i\ Tb? ?ending of thi? note Is eon
'.?lltti? ?! -? '.).' ' .ii!? I?. Where It I? ?.lill that M de
Mi?aaU(T baa mel? ly in-lit a illapilt li to VI H< i.? deltl for
wrbol roiiiiiiunu atii'ii to ? !.< f'rn man (iovenitnent, and
I lot tin? 'li-1' ?I. I? collu id? ? ?'. lth a ?mular one emanating
*r>?n A nain.? tin ?ubiei't, of course, being the n troce?
urn? of feld? ?-*. ig t.,| in i.mark. It in Haul that Prince Na
miles?, ?i lm i? ailoat, will no to Cora ?barri ?, and thal he
. n i ha; gi (1 \? iMi a nu?*,mi ha? mg fur It? ubjeot to
I ?trslv.? tit efl ? made h. the Cabinet of Berlin
I UsM-tnatrt to ? in im hange for a ?trier ob
arnranre-of th? treaty of Prague.?? eoiM*ern? I?, mmirk
j The iden that ir.ir matt rit-m beitretet 'h,* mimili/ and
j jv????io ?iii.',? ijiintt thon Inert i/mnnil Letter? from
I l"tll?i i' ? r i with puabin? forwsrd ker prepare
I (iamt for another tampa gn. and tliere i- do doubt that
I a rats ii " ng continuel on tbla ?ide of the Rhine
M Mil" lu the Pr?t?e of tin? even*
loan with tha?a?* word? I In Prusso
Kia?lli i iii. ?.. li rig ii iit.-i.d in i,o longer a tuyn
1er-.*' ?! Ml,? a then i. in i lid? lil? nailer? of what Kann ?a
d14 with ii timm ? lu borrowed after the ? iniieaii ??ar
od Hi i? hi i weak point wa? want of rapid
??iiiii- n .? : ii, md -he i ?|M mil"t the mom y ?he rained
In liai,, i i ? ? on-li h.a h r-ilway runiiiiiK fnm Ht
i M ??lirra ?I'pcala to tin pat ric.
Irai of Ii..I.re no1 in ?ml Ki--i i |a li? '. i ? ?I d. alfa?
I 1 M II,?IS?. . V? ?I III III.KM.-.
Ai. '? iii Iii? .lu imtilde Punt naya thal the agilita,
?ho, a ?hoit while ago, ??err ?cnt Info Hungary to pur
chain horn n for tia T i m h ( ,i,m 11,?in lil. have recalled
dun linn? to rt lu.i.n f??r a few \?. . I?h at I'lHtli; It l8 a Ino
?a?i t ii ?i th. i a?.1.1? hiii.?iA i, i,t to the afreaeh _urmer?
?ra all well I rallied i bi i ? ? i -. ??m I bava imeu men ly lent
lo malle loom in tin- unlit.ny ntul-lss for illili allied
nu ir.mr matth.i is- tiik t oatt i rt.ini nu
Tin 1? Wa? a ?li bate lu tie ( 01 p- la gl.latlf, oil the 16th,
on ii.Hilary ipi. -: ? i.? M a ra bal Niel, MialBter of War,
<!< '? mied ti>. lioveruiiv-nt In s conciliatory mau m i. .uni
ti? t tina passed of ??.lim,! say of those tempesta bow
?m isuol in tin < i, uni. i i.m n m O?ala Blioln man.ig. d
S_ o 11 "?..ite Hu President, bul he e_eited general
lulu ly ?? Inn . on. pal in?: Hie ?ippoiiitiiiciitMofaiiiii?hal
?c of a private A ma rabal, he remarked, receive?
IO??? frainn M Mai rh.ii. .a'.mi a? St natur. 4li.ii?i a? ? oin
i i a ?li - r i a t. i- im) rm ? iitertaiiniig. l.'.i??i for 00ee
?li- n ..I Homu ?ii all 16J UHO dan? -
??ii 'i -.' .I,, i ^l l.lai ? ?./oiii i|imte.| KWldier'?
imti ?am ' "rewire? i halfpenny ? day for lu? ?*????
flint is. Uti ?? ? i, i ", ?nap. iii i die, ami thread "
i_tb_ ir-rn toa dcpjv to ?? __o_a__*_
I !.. *-. ,.iti, July I?, the motion that the bill sbollab
,!i?imiuii.t for debt ?Ui?uld be rniit hack to the
i i ? lacgialatil to be rei-oiialdcred wa? rejected by (?:i
.H.-II .?I M ? "li ? 1 bj ii wan a wann di bate, and the Sen
ii. ? i un d little d i ?p. li d to IMSs Iba B?tasare, in ?pu e of
tin remouMtrance? of lb? K11 pit ,f the Seals, who aa
? t"lil the HOUSfl that it wa? tlieir duly to do what
1.1 ??irht'l I m- S l?ate lum inured at linn nt? le
ita ?illlulit.
nu 1 kui ??.
! I prk I "f ??heat continue?, on tho ??hole, to h? ?tend
1,. nut. um d The borve?! han iiiade a*o?h md? rahie
1 1 1 .? m tin Niuthof I'r.iiu e. snd the result di?se not
1 ir to be a very brilliant one. I nth? Qaat?r ami Baal
ntl lance Hu ?tate of allan?, ??itbout being no bad, dm ?
mt ,;ne i mili'etc ?atinfaetion to agrliultitrlnt? The
K..11.1 iiiaj in nai.I of the North Ka*"t and Went of France
uortbcm district, however, with the ?xceptiou of
li.? Milt um-, the crop ii gi neta ly gootl
rnaao* ?1.
"I. Y'i 1 i"? o' Igj'l't arn?ei| 111 l'an? July 19.
rio' maia ynea ? denial to the di?auletiiia i~?nora
ui current rea'?-iting the faic of M. Daaa, the
I n II li MUliSt??' lB Mexico
Ihe ?.iieeu of l'iunaia h ft Parla July 1? for CoblentS.
Jt r taking 1 ? cry allei I innate lea? i of the Kuipre?..?, and
???riuly thaiikinB '" ? for '" 1 MtontlaHis 1 heir .Maleatie?
l?tit?ii with mu? uni ???are?? ?thal tbay ?maid endea?or
_? about a good aad??rereadingbetween France am!
II i?? ia. iiiui it 1? ?opposed thal the s? tivn tx?~pera?en of
ib' Que? ii of -ngland la to be nought by the French tui
pur? ??hilt at (??horne.
M Victorien Mardon, author of "No? Intime?," " La
,';.i mile Iteiioi taB," ami ?'?'.ral other MM fe??ful coMieilien,
ka* now WrittaW a mw piece entitled " La Femme du
.?Ina , ." in ?? lm li tin ? yatina? of the day are ??ret?ly
?1 n.'l 1 d.
Vill'iire 1? to ha?c hi? national ?fatue In Par!?, and
M. K.i.iMMtiiaiili ha? di elded that it ?hall atandonthe
?(?pa.if (he Iiintitute, where It will have a lion on either
idmlral Farragnt ha? arrived In Purl?, and after a fear
di?;?i'rtav ??HI ?-" on lo Mt l'etcraburg. lieu. Dix went
die 'j to Koilloglie to meet Ililli
l'ii' King anti i(ueeu of i'oitugal are to ntop nt the
fir Ttmei corropoiulcnt ?vrltee: The Pole lien ?tow?ki
bal not, up to yeaterday, ?eut lu any appeal agiiiuat the
se?, nee pneaed upon linn; nor, Indeed, ia it likely that
hewllldo no, or that he over ?eriomtly thought of doing
?o. lie hail fully made op lil? uilnd to be cuudeinocd to
dit'li Mt ??ral i?ei?oii? about Ihe Court have expreaaed
tlitr nppii-heii?lon lest the ('?ar ?hould he offended at
Uit renult of Hu- trial, and they prelty ?trungly declaim
agl'ii't th?' jury for Unding ''extenuating circula?
it die? ?." 11?' motive? of the Jury uni'iiostlonably were j
thi'trong Hvmpathy felt among tho ela?? from which
th? weie taken for Poland, the youth of the criminal,
ant 1 in rcpugnanco to capital puulihtuent?. rapoclally
?.lue no blood wa? shed, ?axcept that of the asaaMln
??self. Thir 1?. I believe, tlie tint time for many year?
th'.! a pe??n (tuivlited In France of an attempt to com?
?n- regicide ha? c?cat??*d tho ?caffold.
Bio'her corre?|Hiiiiient wrlle?: " It !? ?sid that three
iif he JuiT? in the Mereiowakl trial were of opiulon that
the nrlaoner ?hould be ac?iin tted. and It I? thought that the
uiiict would have henu In bia fsvor if the Procureur
lus?-ri?i liad nu1 challenged ali freutlemen who prs
It the pocket of Uerezowaki'? cost wa? found a work
on *oland containing the " oathfif Kallnskl," one of the
leiUer? la Ko?clusko? lnsurrtHtlou of 17'j?. The oath i?
"".?I 1_1_, ?wear In the prenence of Ood, of the whole
wit d and of the poll?h nation, a? well an to Ko?cluako
th?j.uprcnie chief "f the national m ' 1 y force?, tout I
w11 lit* faithful to in? country and It? defender whenever
1 uki ral'ed uuou : and I ?wear to obey all order? I receive
fr.* Min ?ntl to execute them foltnfally. I will dono
wring to any clil/eii ??ho take? a part lu tht? lnaurrec
tu 1 and 1 ?hail pi?1 veut ai.y one who may wish to do the
?hditr-st Injury to thi? chw- of cltlxena. I ?wear to keep
?tutet the object of our patriotic oonaplrscy, snd never to
luftrm afulnvt any one who tskea part In it. I will seek,
by Ul __?? uieana lu my power, to aid my felloW-cltl?Vu?
t? oat ooaaplracy, and to coinmenre the national struggle
2 aie ea?l?sat moment posalhl?. Bhould s foreign Power
_^tt??4}4_isi?iiators, 1 will take rere_|t imBiedlBtely,
1 swear to combat the enemiai. of my country to the last
hour of my life?; and if, unfortunate fv, I ihould IVCI 1m'
tray this conspiracy fur My country, 1 declare that in
every eircii!ii?iaiice and in every place- 1 shall Submit te
the death IBM-Ted fot the vile-t traitor?. May (.?el. the
Holy Trinity, ami Jesus ChlMt M hi lp nu-."
"THE rol.lTK?r N.U..V !N Til!. WIBI IT **
The following letter is addie-??d to Hie Prefect of Police
in rail? :
"M. le PrCfet : YcMenla-v. at half pa?t l? tfohW?L as I
was proeeedina to my ofBoee. in eompany witii M laaw
rier. advocate, I was accosted al Hu-.?.mer of the Bat
d'Aboukir '?y au individual who called hlmei if i-onis ?le
Pmagnse, and who followed meto my doer, uttering
provocations and insults. On the othei hand I read n
the Pays Journal de 1'hm/iirr the following ai tie le; :J
" ' lil l l 1.1 in No. I,
" ' Courrtgoof M. Vermoiil.?This clay, at 2 n'elo? k, M.
Louis de Psssagnsc, employed b1 the Credit PoneIsa of
France, having met M. Vermoiil li atnrii.- on the ?mu ?>f one
of his Meade, accompanied him to paces, covering with
bli spittle every feature of his fin e. The friend received
nt the ?ailie tillie miine sphishe?. which M. Lontode C'as
?agaae wltbdrawi very willingly. M. Venaoul, tim? ac
i oiiipanii d to Um foot oi in? naueaae, ??? ni philosophie
ally to change ali linen. We .?hail pabllah to-Morrow
Ulllletlll >'?>._. l.Ol 1- M. CAMAC-! \i .'
" Til?'?? tairtl ?ir? urreil, M le Pr?fet, exactlylBl I have
the lumen- te mention to you?all was confined to verbal
insult?, iii?, relation of tai Pay* li a illili?, .?ml disgusting
Ile. But It prove? that s.iliie people hale not i m ii Hie
man agu of Hie IgBohle In eggs ii. if pro?.?'? at the ?ame
lune tin- design e>f repeating the??? ?cene? of provoeatiiuis
and Insulta I think it my duty to Inform you of lhe?e
f.u i?, M le Pr?fet thal you muy take ?m li Steps a? shall
appeal iieeeaaary for you to pt mutti tin- public peaM
ami cleanliness. Beeelve, _kc., A. Vi.kmoi i.,
" I.ilitor of the Court utt I'rtiitrais."
The cause of this assault wa? un ?uti? le reflecting on
the brother-in-law of M uncle of M. Louis deCiissagnac,
?* im beasts of the outrage h? eoaimitted. The frequency
of tiie aclHof violence cominilted, elthc r on i?eisons con?
nu led wllh the Pr?s?, or on en? h other, has compelled
the Prefect of Police te tssae special instruction! to hi?
? omailssalres to do all in their power to prevent a re|?e
titioii of these Bcuuelal?
In a f?'W clay? the iii.?t number of The ttrttrinl t ?mette.
of the .North Herm?n Confederation mil be published,
ami will contain ti??- text of the Constitution and the
iipiMiintuiciit of the i'e fierai I lhaaeeller,
MIAU l II MIM.-IKIF.S I'ltor? )?-l I?.
In the Lowt-r House ol the lie ?dist;nth n
d. bate took p!a< o July 1? upoti a inotion for an ?ntclress
to the l.mp.ror, pt..) lug for the- formation of a
romp'? te Mimsiry for the weetara hall of the
Empire, ii.n?.n von Beast declared thal the desire for
such ?l Ministry was perfect!) |u-t. lull that at
the pit sent moment n Change m Hu existing Free
vi-ioiuii Government night obetmcl the letth ment v??th
Huagary. when the ib legan? trout both portions of
the Empire bad terminated their negotiations, the pro?
posed Ministry would thi i be formed from the majority
of the House A long and animated debata earned, anti
the motion, ?which wai opposed by tM I'?, rule??., cain ian,
Bad Be la vornan meiubei.?, was finally withdrawn.
A iiiiiiimtti'e ?'f ' iitift-re-lie e 1? to ?ettie the slight dls
agreemcut between the two Houses or the MiattMMl
Hespoiislbility bill.
TM Emperor Prancls Joseph has approved the hill
adopted by the Relchsrath for the election of fielegatci
fl-olll tint! Al???< n.l.lr t?. r....f. t nilli tllr .1. tefpttes fiollt Hie
HungMiiaii Diet The bill for the modification of para?
graph li of _____ February Patent ha? l_M received the Im?
perial sanction.
?'IN AM. 1 AL ? ?iSMTIeiN OF TIIK ? eil Mia.
M Ile kc maile In?- llnaiunil statemt nt to the I-ower
House July 13, in a bpere-h of several hours, which is
reckoned extremely able. An annual deficit has becu
chrome in Austria over since the year l.s|, the vear lsi i
having been the only one fiemi thal time M this wheu the
riMiiue at the Empire exceeded the expense?, hut it is
during tin la?r twenty years that ?he put.it.-debt of the
Empire has been mod alarmingly Inereasrsd. Aiihongb
the revenue, which in 1817 amounted t<? i5.!.issi..ss.rt . mm
been gradually t.ti-i -I te m:,i-?i,o>?'il. hi 1WT, the aatlonal
?li t.t Ml b. cn very nearly ti ?hied during
tn.it pet uni, nml amount. now to out
|^M?.--O,_00-L The d?ficits ?Ince lswi have been
lh?*?o. l;i7,is_o,uMfl.; IMt, ISTaMMM-L; MM, MMMM-L. in?--!,
li.MI.HWl . 1HCV4. toAOOfiOOfi., irfii. Sl.aOH.OUofl. The expen-?.
of tin? war of lSiiei was defrayed priinipallv by the fabri?
cation of Stat?' note? to the uumuut of lu -arl)' IMMMM-L
and hythe movtgugi? of State domain? to the ?iinount of
io.?too (?nod. The m til al expenditure foi war pill poses
from April li, ism., to August 1. wa?, for the arm v.
157,??.., 1 -Oil.; for the navy, 6,r?.,*..ull ; total, .-..?Al.ir.od.
but this represents i very htadeqaati proportion of t???
total co?' of the wai. In spite Of Bil the difticulties be
has tu contend with, tM Minister woand np als exposa
turn by expressing his Laaei-Bost conviction that Hu
tiiiiutiv w??iiid be enabled to extricate Itself with honor
from Ita i?ii?eiit get leons tiiiaiiii.i! condition.
i \ ural i le u -, ii?i?n ??
lil ciiliforiiiltv with Hie l*.ilint of Hie Till of April. ISO!.
the imp? mr li.i? Issued a decree for the appointment of
two Evangelical Councilors to be charged with tM M
pervlilea of all schools ol tin Evangelical dcnouiiuaiion.
no e moa ?.i m \\i in us
it i? preiiinieei th.it the Princess rai lotta will be un?
able to go to Belgium with tin- Quoen. sin- remain? m
igiiuriitice of the fat. of her hu?lianil.
lill. HF. ?.Til I-l.NAl.TV.
The session of the House of Deputies, July li, was al
mo?t entirely taken up by a debate on the aboliti.m of
the piiul.hmi ut mt death. The? coinmitti ?? to whn li the
bill ettabi:. him. a new erbalaal eod< wai referred had
i ported In favor of tM abolition, which li considered an
eminently "liberal" ine,.?urr. itn.l it WM supported by
isTeral ii tM me_l ?? urut i oief-noci and doctors in Um
Hoilie. The ?{leech. ? 111.lil?' on the ne. a-i?fli W'cle Ml ?
el...|Ueiit. and nut with great applause fmm the Lol**
te el main Side of the House. Cine of Hie ?peajt'i'rs. Ile.
Isehabusi lung?, wound up his oration by exclaiming that
the abolition of the punishment ?d death would he a
worthy sac i iii.-c to mo..I to the illustrious decease?! 1-c
\ omi Hie o?', oi After a lung and able ?ti? cell i-f til. Mill
i?tei of ,iu?ii. i. M Um . against the abolition, the motion
wa? put tu a m'li ami di leatetl by u majority of 7'J to _c'..
The l'oinnanitin Moniteur of to-day eontaim
inaeeoanto. a recent popular dliturbanee at Oalati
iltiiitig which several Jew? W( re thiOWB into the Danube,
and mininnie? thal the I,omi BIMBI liave se?nt a e otu
mission foOiliti with initraintlons to fully laveetlgati
the mutter
iiii i ? i : ? a r i-1 ii vi: POLICY uk.ufikmf.p.
The Miniate r of Fil?ame has addie?:?? ?I a i? imrt to the
Emi?eror, pointimr out the noecsolty for the iiitroeluetlou
of changes In the tariff, ami the appointment of a Special
('e.n!iiii?.?iion to examine the ditfcront points win.h leepiire
iiiodiit? atnm. The Minister of Finance lip rum to this
reperl tMeonvlctioa that Imarovementi in the tariff eau
only tie obtained bv the adoption of au Independent emu
iniTt iai policy, ami states thal lu the- presen I oonditlon .d
Mus?a tariff questions must no1 i??- made ?utij??? t i.i
ilition? Stipulated in treaties of comm?re, with other
nation?. The Emperor ha? oi.lcicd that the .Minister's
l>rni?o.?.ils ?hull be executed.
The Hiirsrn Zeitung ?ays :
" We learn tit el the MOSCOW atulSt Petersburg l'.aihv.iv
was ?nid lesti'i da> to M?i?.?r??. M j man. an american tltiu.
The purclia?e iiiniicy i? payable in tlu-ee liittallmcut..."
MILIT-flRV Till \ I ?.
An Imperial decree hn* been ii-tied ordering the Intro?
duction of publie and verbal Judiciary proeedare liefore
the military tribunals, the ?aine M exist? lu the civil
??Hirts; inch procedure, however, te be labjeet to any
military regulation? that may l?e rendered ueccssHry by
the iiiiUiiements of discipline.
THF. CHUM it P-MPUff Hill..
Tin* Cliiiinlici ?if Deputies Ims adopted Ailie le
one of the Church Property Lhiuulatlon bill by/J8 agaiust
30 votes, two memlM-rs refraining from votlug.
The Italian coupons are paid lu Italv lu paper, and in
Paris lu gold. Tim numerous precautions taken to pic
veut coulions being transferred from Italy und prr.eiited
at l.e-thsehlld'a have not MM eatlrely successful, and
( hevalhr Nl^ra ia said to have received a sharp dispatch
from Florence, coinpluiulug that coupons were being
bought up in Italy, and by some meaus gettlug paid ni
l'an? ( li? vulior nigra immediately went to Ror.i?ohlld'8
and rcmoustiated. _
The Imperial Ottoman Bank luis imbi ?shed a
siateuient of the (?overnini'iit M-tgBMMtl for the loreign
loans and general debt during the period from March i
till July 12, showing I,?*),?-.! Uni received, ami HMM
falling due. while 1 iTo,non liras have been remitted te
Kuroye or paid, leaving hio.iioo liras disposable.
The Council of Stiito has sanot loiied the i ?'so?
lution passed bv the National Connell ii)>on the nth lust,
for the-stabiisnmeut of a aenaaaent Bwha Kiubassy nt
lleiilin, but has also rej. ? feet Th.- petition for the appoint?
ment of a Minister at Washington Then* will tie but
four representative*, ?broad, viz : to Italy, France, Prus?
sia anel Russia. _
Tho Official C,nette (Mndrid) of .July l8 pub?
lishes tbo regulations for IM luiiue?!iate conversion of the
t-paulsh Debt. The com crsion of Hie Passive Debt will
taJte place at London and Paris. The? conversion of the
Cortlflia.es will hu ?.fTeeteel by direct communication be?
tween Ihe Government ami the partle?s Interested. Thf
Qtuette adds, that being desirous of placing Spanish credit
upon a secure footing, the Minister of Fiiiaoee will net
only pay the Ortllieates, but also luterest, upon pr??>f of
their claims, to bondholders who did not receive ( ?ititi
cates in lMl
PERSONAL. , . . ..
Tbo (jiuud Duke Cuiiafitutiuv. with bia wifo
and his daughter, the Orand Puohess Olga, Is at Copeu
nKpriMm Dagmar, recentlj married, U -n-well.
Bl THIItliri TO T.? TSI_k".l.
Mi mi-hi-. .Inly tia?Na ti()iil)l?- n- anliciiMitoil
ill the el?'? tloll to-lllOlTe.W.
Hllir IT IT l:i>. ? ?.I Kit li 11 I AS HtlliriNei Till.
Lol isyii.i . . ?Inly ;.l.?Niislivillr \mysn t?\o
pin tie ulai?, of tin- rlnr :.t Purdy, McNary County.
mmt s_it:inlay. While a lohird mini wai lejienk
lng at a I'nion I en.-ne lag raising, an Insulting
remark wat mad. from the crowd, whereu|?on a general
affray ensued. The sheriff wa?, mortally and Sergeant
Harder badly wounded. 'Piree t iti7.eiis were accidentally
shot diiiiiiK the n?,i. Captain Hamilton's .?.tate Hnard
we re attai 1?? -it in Imlay night by _n puenlljs. The light
la..led till iajUghi The -nard Hit I i harnee! the gneiillas,
driviui? them thr?. u_h the wood, to the Tennes.-s M I m ?
rond. Three of Die nile rtlias WUtt woiiuded.
Klui AT KIM.?Ti?\- ].\e I I .Ml NT AT KM IX VI I.LI..
Kmi.w ii i i., li'iiti.. July Bl fhllalf aiveak
ingbj Etheridge and William', al Kingston to-day, some
negrera hh.i Badteahi interrupted the uiectidg,
when ? lint etiMied, one white man being shot.
No other casualties are ie?Nirtc<l Maynard and Kthe
iui?_? areaddnastaaMaanM irowd. here to-night, and
tliere im a .-nut ?leal of exc?teme nt m town.
X .?HYii i i.,Te un., July 31.?Arrnnireineiita for
the presen.it ion of jh.-u. ? to morrow were completed to?
day by the appointment of 3oo special policemen and
MS-gnlng them to duty. Col. Duncan will htiM? eoin
niiii.il of tim military, both militia and regulars.
He wies ?resent at the installation <?f ihe i-jtce lal
police ami mule a short address, pledging lils co
eperattoa ?itii then m Hie discharge of tlu-ii dutle?.
Apprchcii. lotiMif liol are generally quieted,yet, within
the past thiee days many firearms have been ?Id.
(-?KN. ROI ?I ? \l a l'i:K?l.Nt ? IN N K11 -Oltl.KANS.
Nkm-(>iii.F\N>, July 31.?The coiitinited prei
ence of (ie-n. ReaaMM Ml excite?. gcucu.i ?urprlsc and
min h t..Ik. tiiitimstances indicate and it i_ generally
believed that h< ila hi re to watch and report upon thi?
ne t mu of di? slut..lau Hi? conduct, as well na that of
Oea. Ht? eiiinaii. (.???ard tM District Co-smander is loudly
denounced bj t-h? ridan's Meada
im BALI di iim.i I'.e.Mi?.
Ni.w-Oiii i a\?c, july Rl.?The Board of Larc?
Commissioners l..e? ippointed ? romudttei lo vMt the
Ninth and Vin tli \Ve?t and negotiate for the ?ale if l_i ve?
bond??, winch How .landan \?ill sign.
SOUTH <-\i_oi_ina.
TIIK ? eil.I MUM A-v. AI LI ? KKll III I AN MA8H
Murara m chaki...mun.
I'll uti.I -min. July 31.?Geu. Sickles Inn. dia
ini-?eel Magistrate ZoHlly of (??lumbla from oftlc*?, for
releasiugou insufficient ball, without due regard for the
public peaes m Um -canty of lMi__taMeaa_a__ttM4_?-Md
i liff?- ami Dalley, na two bmb arrested there oharaod
w iib .i--aii|iin_. .uni t.iailiiii .1. ?? TIiiiuipSi.il. a Northern
eerresnondent, and vv J. a mist rout; of Washington.
The military have in rested the aceimod parties.
A berge Kepaltin .ni mass meeting was held hire bul
nljrht, the frci'cluii'ii Largely prcponderatmg Dr. Maa-key,
('??Hector of the < liston.*, presided. s__?_?i. ???? vi?*
I'residi-ute ?ere F. A. Salier. Collector of It iteran!
Kevenue; District M torne v Corbin, and sever??l uiMM
ci.i..< n?.. A motion to add the name of united Htotee
Mai?),..i Kping to the llsl of Vice Presidents was voted
.1??-. lu an overwhelming majority. After severn
site?, lies, r?'solutloi)i? w?-re iiuaiil-uously adopted cxpresBi
lag their unalterable nuipns? to carry ..nt m good faith
and without reservation the Congressional nieiiss-rve
lcNtkiuK to restoTBtion; mdon-iug the platform of the re
cent Republican Convention in Columbia, ami declaring
the maintenance of that platform, without <in.tlittcat.oii.
Hu null el?deme in any candidate for public favor of
d? \ en mu te the nu-ut party through who??, em tiona
alone the Beatfe can look for restoration.
l.KiiMoND. July 31.?The |fo-low.!i<2. import?
ant order has been issued by (?en. _.cho!le!d It Is de?
signed to more thou.uglily reconstruct the people here:
Hi. ll?<.I lilli K1 FlR-T MlLITAHY DlSTRle-T, 1
BTATBor Viaoili*. Kn iimonp, Va. July _*!, 1W7. J
(.i.MKBAI (?;okp* No .*?In pursuance of Section 4of
the .ni of Congress pawed Julv ia, 18er. Hub District
CuB-MBBderawill report to tMee iieadqusrters, for the
action of tin ( on iiial.dini?' (.??metal, the CBSSS of ail Slate?,
( ?ninty, anil iiiiiiiieiuai o Illicit? v. ho aim " dltalo;? mi U? Ut*
Co. eminent i.i tli?- I'liiu-d Stntes.or ?ho use theil official
iiiflitcnce iii uny manner to hinder, delay, prevent, or ob
elt m t Hie due ami pi oin r administration" of The acts of
Contri se Hci-fuftfi. uutil otherwise ordered, all vaean
e Iel thal ni iv oeenr ka Ptat?*, County, or mun: tpal ortie e?
will be Ulled by temporary appointments, to be
ina?lo by the Couimuudiiig Ueneral. Tim (?overnor,
sud other executiv?? otile? i*, the Courts of Law.
ao?l ( ?iiiueils of (Hu!- ure invited to reoouiioend
mutable peraous for .ippomtiuent to such office . us, under
tM existing laws of v tr?tete, are usually tiled b> their
appointment or ii (Min the ir iMUiiinntlou. Reenin?iieiida
lu.ns from Hie ??rule ( '..in fs, and from tim li>-a?ls of the
K.vec utive Department - >'f the State (?ovcrnnieiit, will
in? wal to the Oovernot for hil indorsement. Thoe from
ai.y other toarra will be lorwarded by the Militaiy Com
i ? ? i .--.?a n ? 11? -1- and t*ul.-Distill t Commander willi their m
.|.i ?? meut Hu? eon ?..-n? lui cn ?1er No. X6, from these
Hi adipiartei ?. datad April t*. 1?S7. Is hereby no f.ir inodl
ili d an to Impose upon the Military CoiiiniK.ioiicrs tee
duty therein required of the l*resideuts of the Rourds of
Bealstratlon. All persons hereafter sppol'ited to any
ollice In Hn> Militai ?? Di-tiut vi ill l>e ?(?pilred to take and
?mlfi lllie Hie o.iih pi? hi ubi d bj set of Congress of July
U, IHei, iu lieu of the oath pie>. i ii.ed iii (ieiioral Orders
Ne?, y. from i hese Headquarters, dated April 5. ih_7. Hy
command of IS i ii. ami Brevet Msj.-(i<-u J M febo
fltld.l HA. | F ( HU nv. Afsf! Adliltnut (ieiM-ral.
lui Ufl HI I? AN ITATI ? ONVFNlliiN ? I'HO?
l'lt I- ?H A II A KM'?Mci! S K-MOW.
Hu iimond, ?Inly ?ii.? Tin* city in tilled willi
d? l?K'at?.. to the Colivcntiou. vv'.ii. li will I.? tin- i.ugest
ever held lu Vu arima, in? r t\? ?? iMMBBd fii.m the coun?
ties will be present. F vi iv indi, allon to day gives assu?
rance i hut h el. ?in- foi haiiuiony ?ill be the prevailing
seiititnent sinemif all class?e of Ilcpubllcans. Numerous
eaaeame were MM te-day and to-night ()ue, at which
all Hu pii.iumeiit men are pit sent, is In session at the
Cnatoa House. The Mleeflon of ? President oeeupiea
their atlentiini. Several distinguished leaders are put
forward, not upon any partj i??ues, but are merely per*
som?! and indis idiial preferences.
A meeting of the c\ Federal officers and soldie-rs to
niicht resolved le extend the ruht band of fe-llowsftip to
all. .?.Ithoiit refer? nee te finir antecedents, who were
wilting to cooperate with th. ra In restoring; harmony,
dev? lopinir the great Interests of the eouutrv, and ad
vaneing Repnblioao pilnclples. Thev return hanks to
(?en Schofield to! lil? tolmluistratlou mid Hie fe arles?
manner la win? h he diieharfad his duli?-? Th? y also
appointed is ?lol? _i.?t??? m rapa -?cut th?m m the conven?
tion to -morrow, lhere is the- utmost Kixxl feeling in the
city, and all paite? .ne iani.'iiii!e with regard to the re?
sult of the < emveiition
A large uuuibvi of press representatives are here from
the North
t'p to lu o'clock to nulit about -00 colored ami loo white
delegates to tM Convention Mve entred. Mach mora
lntcrctt i? shown by th? oiti/i-u?? lu tM proeewi
liigs of this Convention thnn was eviiu??|
towanl the last, as among the names of the
delegates are the familiar unes la Virginia of the Carring?
ton?. Watkins, I'loruoys, Oordons, Lewis, and other?.
The blacks of the city will be at the Convention en masse,
ss lui Heil lo do so by Mr. Humm-titt in a
?peech last ninht To-clsy. those appointed in to?
Merl tot torie. told their employers that they
should not Im nt work to -morrow, mid three ho?
tels foi colored )>eonle an picked by the arrival!
anti lu the viciuity of all ore unlimited gatherings at
colored politicians dlscnssllg the events of to-nmrrow.
The naines of Keesrs. Protts. Hauxhurst. McKeiisie, and
Lewis, it is nnderstood, me being dUeaiied to ntKht, for
President of the Convention.
Me.m ni u , .lilly ?ii.?The coiidiict of tlio voi
illileeis in liniaK luto the crowd at St. Hyat tithe in <mv
verely Maeaied hy the piens. An investigation mt? the
matter show m that their oflit ors completely lout then
pio-.cn..- of mind. Hie Bernie reooinmeuds Pal ?.ame (J
to take action so as to regulate the e? li?
lli?, out of Milniiteers of the countv towns in
such cam. The lion M a le oin Cameron hi? been ap
pointod Queen'! Printer to the Dominion. Niuet) thea?
sand dollars wa? realised bv Crown laiud Departmenl
from sales lu the Madoc Itegion. It has been decided
that tim TSth Reg-Meat will reaMM bent. The r-nth
liiig.iile, R. A., leave te-alfM en route to England.
m%m -~
MutiUFN, (dhu., Julv ti. 0-f-l" W_ *_____
and Nalhuniel Rogers, the Me?t Meriden postmaster sud
Ins Inotbei. who a-esaulted the editor of The Ketoidet Win
loaded flreai-ms, wei-e Huh rveulng committed U?ine
countv |uil In default of obtaiuing ball, ou a tntUimn*
issued by the OotOt,
Mc.iuLi. Al?.. July Sl.-The crop repolle are
r-a?.trabte Tli?? ?eather is clear and wanu
lui i isiiiii July ?ii.-Renort? from fhl eastern m.rte of
M?rvU id ?te unfuvoiable Vor corn crops The (fsys are
w.m ami the iiKhts cool Thermometer IT.
i-?.AKI i -i(.s. B. c . July ?.-The weather is rainy, too
U A.'-'?.?1 "\. ?...'.'July ? -It hss been raining since noon.
BPinfOPIKlaD. __***-? -Jd-y 81.?The Miiiiii.il
comme nee ment of Williams OoUegl took plaoe today, al
winch a o?as? of __ .students grie-luated, and the following
honorary degrees were conferred: LL. D.?Riohaiu H.
Dans of Calulu mire. Mass. ; Senator Edwin D M?rp?n ra
Nsw-York, and John B. Dickson of Kelso. riooHand D
D.-The Rev. Addison Ballord of Detroit, Michigan, and
Thomas R. Smith of ?sw-York, Becretary of tM Amen
om Blois SocieUr.

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