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___MN| ?.IVIS HKIIWNl.llW 2,-9'- MAJORITY.
at TBLBMHarai ra ni tkibdwb.
Nasiivtixe, Tem?., Aug. L?The fli-4tion
ytAmXtm uff vu!b perie*ct ?i?i)*'t. A militnry for? c, and
."?III H,Kari*i? iMtlll'CWl'l'tl ?HI ll.illll. ??TI t lil? ill-till I'llllll?
of any kiinl occurred. The following ih the vnti- m
thiH fittV : Brownlow, 4,044; Ktherulge, NI The
tr-oiinty fi ill give ov?*r 4JMI majority for Brownlow.
The ret nins from othrr counties come in slowly.
?So far ti? otaste, from. Brownlow'? majorities arc : In
Miwry Counly. l.-W?; Montgomery, 7?>0; Hradley, 800;
IUyv.iM.4l, %\m%\ BllU?j-W-. l.lM'.
Taic uajniity for Brownlow in tilt* State, fri'tn in
??-cation? reeeivt**!, will exceed ;*i,uu?. K\e?\ Railii-al
canilul.it?' for I'ongreriH will bi> elect??! hy majorities
?of from :!,(KJ0 to Ki?.?? em h.
M km ni is, \ti?r. 1.?The election ]?a?--?*4-<l oil
quietly in thi? t-ity, ami mit a srngle disturbance o? -
? -iu-j-iiI. The saloon? were nil aBBBti, and tin- best of
order prevailed. The _*ith Infantiy wire stationed
at Court willare during the ?lay, but they were not
tailed out By the fiinl arniii.oiuent the whites nuil
?lei'UK?? were to have ?epaia.? voting i?la.M : but
later in the day, uniting tliat they could not all vote
there, they ?<iuglit other jm.1I? m crowds, and
then were unable to all vote, owing to
lb* short time allowed. The city
iriTea, Brownlow 2,_ir_ majority. Mr. Nunn (Kepubli
c_n 1. for Congress from this district, in ?leeteil : al??o,
Mr?.? re. Rytler, Kit hanK ami Uauiiltt.n iur the
laftarislature. Inofficial return? from Madison County
gi-e Kthcridge SOO majority. Haywood gives Brown?
low .VU) to 700. Hanleiuau and Fayette give a Coii
??ervalivc majority.
Ci-tithSYiiijc, Temi.. Aug. 1.?The election ,?a-.?ed
?nfl without disturbance of any kind. Brownlow s
majority in thi? precinct i? 728. The county will go
1,001? majority for Brownlow.
Nashviilf. T.'iin., Auk', 1.-The election to-d.iy
wa? the quietest imi known here. The whit?-? and
blinks voted without interruption, and not a hurrah
for either patty was niven. At the )>ol!s a few tmi
taoti? were arrested for attempting to vote twice, and
others for carrying eoneealeil weapon?.
Returns from .ill the ward? but one give Brow n
low ;,,1?'?3, Ktheiidge 704. Four districts in the
County give Brownlow 457, _od Ktheiidge Ut\ The
Republican ticket is all elected. Mason,
Independent, got but a few votes.
Miirfreeslioro ghan Hrownlow a majority of Mb,
IaSTergne 310, and .Jefferson 77. Columbia give?
Brownlow 1.449 votes, and Ktheridire MS, Frank?
lin and four pr?im ts in Williamson County, give
yo*, majority for Bl?-B-0_.
Tul lahoma?Majority foi ?ownlow io. Huniboldt.
in Carroll County? Ktheriilge, ?*4; Brownlow, M,
Brow n?v?le. Haywood County-Biownlow. M4
Ktheiidge, __}, UaJlatin?Hrownlow, :*V.i; Ltliciidgc,
Broat Our Special I'orrttjx?!? *mk
Nashville, Tenu., July 30. 1?*67.
It ha? iMTOint' the fiudiion to decry the
?'Hrownlow Government" a? a miserable des|?otisiii. and
t-df K-Hlie the Ilebel? iii Teiiiirt?ee a? the ni."-t patient,
abused, aiid lou.-siiflt nil.' }>eople on the face of Ibe
??rth Now tlii? is all tio?ti. AfUr U*?'? sum mlat the
Kitiei? returned to their b4 nie?, regained inuuetllate pos
?e??iou ot all tbelr property, except their slave?, and
bave isren emoyin. iitiillstuitx ii ->on?4-s?ion of it ever
?ince, ana at tbe very first general cle?tion that occurred
they ?bowed their appreciattoD of the genero?!ty with
wbieh tbay had been treat? ?J hy <__tag po??. aai.ii ni
marly all the .'tims of tratt anil i>rt<lit ni the Stat? .
whick they are holding now The auiyor? Bad recorders
of our i lue?, our board? of alderuieii, our sheriffs, touuty
court clerks, inagiatrutc?. ? on?tal?U?, jail ki i neis,
??te.. etc., are all, or ueurly all eitlier
returned Rerw*l ?oldii m, or ?tay-at l?eme R?-i>? 1
4?)'iii|>ai-irui-. Thi?e ofllce?, in ?nany caw?. ?Baa? filled
by meu who had not ve! ilnitiil the irmy iinifi.rin, anil yi t
U-?e rctiirutil Bebet?, with Tal ?alarie?, cry thetnst rre?
k?aJ-ae about the tlespotisin <?f the " lliownhrW l.nveni
B?eut." The truth ir, ii we may eae? |?t Um stat? Ootrnka
Btwwt. with it? few beggarly "tin es. th. it-tin al? hare next
to Dothmtr lu the State. They are ?lundiii?* al?I off, WUiUS
the Kebel? ik?< kct tt-e fut salariis. uml how ! over then
wrong?. And what an- tlxir ?Ttwagal Muiply this: that
tbey arc not allowed to take cot?ti?<l ? f the Miiate coTei??
Uiiiil. When TeaUer-M-? ?? ,i.-> r*c_4__Kt*i? ?uto tin t'liloii
it was the uaderattiiiiliii?.' that the Mate ?roviriiiiiint
aboul.l reniai i in the hand? of loyal mm until aqiutJ
i-lKhth should Im e*at?l>l>t.iU. V.ill?nii <?. Lmw i.l,,\? s
faithful to bia jih-di:?'?. That i? Inn ? ri^ie. Nothing more
Bratulette of Kilituckv la? Ved bat khoiie and surrend
??r**d. is any Noi tin ru in.iii ?rn cn eiti'U?t)i to tiiink, for a
aaouit nt, that T_??aaaaa ?'oi.* rvalue? v?oui?l have giien
to the negro hi? civil IU'l?I". <?r conferred upon him the
?ka ti ve Rancln?e ! I? T? nneasee C?>iis?rvatl?iii une w lut
?lore enllithteiied. mon-lil?eral or lust, than Ke?ilui ki
?Conaervatlsiu! l.vnj eui- kno\?n that it is nut; tli.tt
while there are m tin ranks of the < miser? .?tism many
?t-ery liberal men, the contioliii-r spirit i? mau.nant Cop
perin aal'sni ?*_?? -__B tin l.iiiih may obi,un pint? ? lu.-u
from the wolf, tl>* .colored man m.i.? l?e sa!?.;.v ?ntiustttl
to I ht i are of Tenne?l < ( "?"?' n ati-ni
Tenue?*?c m.iy h.iv? !? < ?i pr? iiiutunly reeonstruetcil.
but, ??nee it has lie-eu don. . the leguiiiM?~? ami ex?<uti?e
uower must remain iii the hand? of loj.ii nu ii until the
ftrr?*du?.'ii ai'? < st.il'?sbi d in their right?. A luami: n
?yuipathy for di?frane?ii>?fd Kfl?el? sluuild not betray us
luto a ?urrendcr ot liberty. Th?- iuuiiIn r uf a_t-JM tim
tram luin-d Lu thi? Sute ia hut littlt gre-tei than :
The ?? uti jKilleil in th.it yeal war 14 ,iKm Tin iiuuil?, r
rrglaten-athi? year will i-eaeh nu.non. ni psaatbl) i ??.
too. That in.ikesa <liff< r? i-< < "1 <>n?y a I?-?*, thou.ian?!, a
ii.nth smaller uiiiiioer than were k?.l?U during the war
The < oli.i. ?1 ,x tij'lt- hav? nihiifeat.-.l tbe ?riiiitint ?
ne?i? U? oiitain tt??ir ceitltli ate? of reKistration. Paper*
ba?e I'l-eu i.~?ued iu ?lils i ii? -??'l e?3?0tj to :>.t,oo i U?in ii
nun The oro? ? -a* of re?;i-li allon was very ?lo?v, ami.
when the office waa ??iM-ii. no matter how haul UM l_?
poured tXoWp, or ho?? hot the sun. liri a! ti tv? ils of ml
ored nu n were always waitui, foi tin ir tui n Of the ??100
regi?tered in Davidson < ?unity, iot ninii than 10? Will
?rote the CoUiK-r? ati?? tick? t on lhuisdBJ , ui.li -? t h. .it? d.
Tbe negro iu Teiuusnee I*, at present, meBBtlji radii al
The ?tuerld?re caltipaia-i . im? t ?i??iii?c hti* tl"ii? an miuli
?a any otber agemy to .uiensify it. E?t-ridgc and his
eivlaborer? have not been attie to oueeal their hatr? ti "f
the greet liberal aaiaanrra udopted byCMgraaa Budtha
Teniie_?ee Lejtiaiature, all of whitli ?.'.ill? .lift it ed the
fteediuen. Henoe, Iba mur.- induatriou.ly Ktherid.r han
C4?i?4??ed. the more certain ha* he made the siuieaaof
Brownlow. The liberal mu tion of the (oust native pl.it
??onn-tliat which pi?aga? the party to " ?.jual am! exB41
lu?!let to all men. and excloalve pri? lieg? to BO?e " - ha?
been practically a nuliity Every ona uiiderstanda _MM
Babea??? a? "glitteiim* gem ralitle* ;*? as meuuli?K, in the
Biouth of Etheridge und the rank and tile of the pat t >
he le-tU. "equal and exact Justit? to all ulote men. '
Eth? i iilire lia? demount! ?ted to tin- public the
??et that he did not understand tbe ?itnat.mi
that be did not know how to win On the other
d, Hrownlow ha? been wise. This pro Hin? try
1 baa become an apostle of liberty Hrowtl
??w ha? not attempted even to apologia*? tor his old
error?. He ha? cut loone from them und renounced them
And thi? has l^eu the eournt* of the Kadh-ul leader? inn
?Wally. Bl? ike* did write the "l'un-an Letter," and he
?Bay bave "?old the la?t slave ??<t ?old in Tconeasee;''
but he neither deni?? nor apologizea for UMM had thiuir?
trid thinvn bave paaeed away, ??id be aeeepta the new
order m the ?pint of It, and 1? welcomed into the new
Church of lilierty. Poor Ktlu ?ldge, however, baa mu the
rate with the damning m ord of Copperhi ail,?lu on bl?
bark?a load heavy enough to crut- a ?tron-rcr and hctter
Nkw Okleams, Auguet 1.?The followiug or
der waa iaaned to-day;
IlBAuyr_itT_ii? Kn rn Military Ijihtru r. I
. J?EW OBLKAla?, La., August 1, 18C7. (
B1-KCIA!. OBOEH No. lol-iExtractr- The Board? of
Aldermen and AaaUUut Aldermen of th. cityofNew
Orlean? are hereby readju?ted a?follow?, vi. A. W I.os
worth, 1'reaidetit; Jame? Mc?lajakey. William Biiilth.
?ortbman Whitney. 0*Baa?J f'lark. Thonm? MeKnlght,
?eranl Hmlth, and Edward Whit? 1,1 ti,.- I;,,,,,,) of Alder
wen and Tbomaa 8. Mcrirre, H H lllggliihotham, J. I*
Fragile, p. Lurge?, Wm. M?Cullock, J. I!. Cuuuinghaiu.
J l' Montaoiet, V. i'rado?. John Palnh y, Qaataja
1). Honae, If. F- Ktruekin, John K Kiou
aaod, P. Kalaer of the Assistant Hoard of
Aldermen ?re renioyed, and A li. <?ii?lT,
Jam.- Orahaiu. 1'eler O'Donnell, John K. ?"lay, |
tT rinrb?iiji, g n fniipinm? f* - ??-?? ? i i ____?
?1* reapiMil oie,! to the Board of Aidcrmen, and Jolm
L ?termy, H. 8!ral?hl, Joiin L Havis, H. T. lliaon, F li
Jttuiiart, c. B. H. rla-nrin. t, OLG Hamps'??. ~. H (.uihil,
Jaie? I_j?r>tie, 1* Klgney. 0?ear J Hiiiiii, John Oauche,
--moud FliM-d, a.'id F. W. Ferkln? ara appiinUd lo the
-??ard of A??uit?iit ?Vlileruie.u in their ?tead. The reason?
tot removing theae pa'mona are to be found in the disor
_?re4 comUtlon to wbr:h they have reduced the city j
wAT_d)t, ana the tBoru tbey hav? mad? and are making to
hap??4_? (ha lawful aaf?utlvB ot the law of UongreM 1
Jnt-il Man li _, ni ?1 tin- act? ?uppl? in? Mary thereto By
?-oniBaai.il ot MsJSS*4JS__ P. II. ?___-__&_--,
QS?H L. llAKTfl IT. A A. (?.
Oi-n. ShenelaiiH order leave? one meinl-c i in ? ii? ti
Board o? the original Cominis. One member in the
I'pper, and four in the Ixm.r boai?! we re dee led eui
the Keijulilieaii ticket. Of the? new ippO_d_~__MMM,
I wo in the I'ppor and three m the Ixnver Bo.inl aro of
uiixe el blood, (hie in tin- LoWSf Hoard i??.i pm? in j_:r<?,
and one ne doubtful. None eil the SSlsil '1 SPpoistass
belong to the newly-i lifranilii.H'd citi/eiin, but are
fice e iti/eji8 of the Stat? of I-onihiana.
Upon the recommendation of (adv. Khuiilcrt.. (?cn.
Slur.clan appointn a Mayor and Aide rinan of the
town of Lake Charles, in Calcjuxicn 1 .uihIi.
lil C?--TRation ce.MPl.r.T. n.
Hire in Hen ck, Aup. 1?Registration in T-oii?h?
ana it i oliipl? !<-d, lui! i! ???, ill lake se \ e ral WSSfeS to iCVtsS
the roi.h. Many of IhSSC r.,_.?te re ti mulei the Attirncy
(le ne rill'* t>\ inieiii -will lie ?.ti ickou enit. No n. riu.it.' cuti
mate ??f the State vi.te rat. I i ii; ide, but there in no diniM
that the r.vine d rolls will ?.how h coii?r??i 111:1.101 it v.
\ I.N Ili.N IN ( A I'll (ti. ->?,H'AltK?THK. OOM-1 IV
ATIVK*? MKl.T IN Til!. MAI I Of UKI.le.Al I..???
HI ?tit .?Hi?' in TBK TRIHI NU
Kk 11M11NH Anjr. 1.?Thi? iiioiiiiiiK, ?t ?m (?ulv
licun. the neighborhood of the African Church ?ass Haled
hy about ;i,t.io black? awaitmi. the opt n.ng of ti? ili?ori?,
and tl.e .tritt.? were ulive with other- coming to
the place appointent for the nicetisg ??I the (hum -nt ion.
Tin- I'.e |i;il.|uatl lie.tiltinai!?!-?..Uni Hie- lint? lu letttkeel linly
with pO-Uiclaua arranging mattera fur the day. At li
??'dork the doors of the 1 linn h ive re opciu ?I. und the
building wa? uibtaiitly film), ?till leaving about .'.uno
Mash! nut-lde. Up to tin?, tim?-, ?.cry few of UM white?
Kepubin .him recently appoiutid by the County (oiiven
tinii Inul made their 11 |>j>? hi am .?. the white? pr?tent
i.tliemt '*> 111 li nu 11 m I) teeing ih,?fly tie it i.-,ite 1? wini li.iel lit?
te nile el the April Convention. A motion wau BSSdS nn-iile
tn adjourn to the Cupitol-???u:t:i , und the < i.iwil entfiele -,
liiiff.eV.iiii.' ?t tci lu ?..it.eel. linn 1? ?I e?tf te? flint ]>i?liit Mi.
J. W. Ultimi, utt iii.1.Ir it ?hen udilrc?? fei thoi-r ii.Mtlc in
favor ni a<ljonriiiiig to the ?-.?11,ne. Ile conn, ile el har?
mony in the-de lila ration? ol tia Linly, for the,\ weietliiH
day looked to hy the w he le c'eiiintiy. and bj lim.du die of
thtiiifiilitli- of 111 ?10kt? vvho.e f.tun it hail lOOksd pi.ncr
fully iii ward io null u Is] ... Huh. Ttkt mmOwtit
of Ki? l.lnnliil. ?11.el theil UttOt, Mile looking .|.i>lnli>
fur a diflu? Lime c in the < .mi e ni.' n. and he wfiiitcd
tin in diHupiHiinted. Thin wau a man. ('?invention,
and he wanted all Ki pal ... an.? ntatt M Stsd ni if.
Thune who could imt union-? tin Bspablkaa plutfiim,
adopted by the Convention of April, aught go nome, a'
they -tcie- not wanted here. Any men a bo rame hen la
liti-.ik np the Kcpiihliculi party in Virginia wt 1? ?ii.iin
d?ala a?d hypocrite! sao would nmt _____ odituathey
mt 1 .te el.
Mr Tu? ker of AUxi.r drill KOTOd lbs arnot! triicut ?.f H
ai.le in?l>? ?i mt n i?. t it .u the groaad and koop order far
the. Convention al the Capitol sguarr, which atottaa
being carne el. tin Couve at ion adjourn? ?I
Thone who fir. t arrived at the- square found a Conne r\a
ti.e delegate iiddreasing about ijote bhteka Ho pro
t< ?ted against three M lour nu 11 ruling the I 01.?.? i.tioii or
the overawing of thi Interior delegation hy uah an lu
meiiM crowd fit in Kit lim. ?T ?I The chic inition. would
ii.dotM' tl.e April platform if they ? oald oali linn it
A tune " '.?.ii could hate 1. ate! .1 .f \ nil inn I 1 1 1 1. In l e
in April."
The iiiiriniiin-euicnt toi? then muele flint the- Ctuivention
wa* saaa-aMiBg aa the etlmi sida of the- Capitol, ami some
of th? ?aiii.in.? n :? Another Conserv?t Ive arose aad
commenced prrteatlng agalnal proecriblng anj man soo
for his pant political oplulous The Republican pu tv. ba
said, wa? nut ?trong enough 111 the r?t.i?? t?> tlnow away
hu. h uni. It was not strong enoogb In the North oilba..
LookatOen Bntler wbodkla-an than any otbei n n
?t tin (.'herieetou Convention to bring aa this war A
voice-here cut the mwaker hhoi 1 liy aiiinnui?.mit thal tlie
crowd n.imt walk aruoud to the other side, ?.ml.! .iii m
masse, u < ring tin speaker as it h ft.
On tin other Hide wau ft milli li (Ml of the larne ft
cn. welt, evei ne en lu It.ihliioinl. With B ? ODS ?!? mine ?pi iii
kling of whites. Amid a good deal of eoufusMW, caused
by toe milln i.fc- crowd, Mr John Hawxhnn-t of Alexao
di ia waacbosea 1 ? mpot.tr. < bait man und Chai lei Sfhtl
ti? m y ol Alexandria Teaiporarj Meeretsuy. Anti-- .f
two noan waa had, to Witt Unie im ? cwinmltte. tu bl
foi nuil ?.f oin from earn delegation The different dele?
gations met undei tin tn?? in tin-i-ipiare In tin- un-an
tim? th? other wing hud punt? d ami dlstl It-ut? d Um Im
law lug tail 1
Ki 11 ni n Av ma; 1 CbMIESTK S The del't'iite ? lo the
Htate ( hum iilinti ol I'la tilaltl loiial I i.n.n in. 11. ?ali? ?I to
Uiee t lil the Aille un ( hint li ol tin? < Hy at li o', im k lo
day, wni meet In the Hall of Um lione-e of I>.l??_tt?? tala
erenliig al I o'clock, to perfrcl the organlratfon of tne
Republican party of virginia. Brerj <i<-i<-?_ut
qaeated foi.? pitinit in attendaaei Non? orini thaa
11 irnlurly api? ?uti .1 delegntei Will ti* adauttoi. m!o the
Hall. (Signed by the Committee 0. Arraagomeats 1
l)nriii>.'tin rece ??-e m lal . hoi t ?.dc'.re f ?? a were iii.-nle.
al) of them rilafn._.? to t!i< ieniri?e of .Iithn Minor Itottit ?mel
lil? fllClidie, anil till- propo?e el ( o|i\ 1 ?.li.m ?al!? ?I I y tin
lui iii.iii Mr Batta waa deaoaaead ai deelrtngta mtv?'
the i;< pul. a ?in party mt the Mats snbaorvleat lo in? own
purty, or tneak 1! up. There were lood HlSSfH Mr Botts,
.-nid a pi?.|.?.?,rioii wa.? tiini'.. lo tit.fi lim to explain bia
poattloB. oat it failed The- Roi Mr. <..?.? 1 the 1 made as
ailil't ?f. alni the ( tniveiitioli toi lu., li> reaHneliilileil ti Lout
five 01 in? k
The ?Committee on Pirmanenl otfii ers reported In fa 01
Of appoilltlliK all tin old nth 1 r? of the Apnl Coiit 1 tifl?n,
und ni oinini mie-ci that tin platform oi tii.it Convention
be adopted without alteration, Tin reportaste ihr oin
mi? wa? idopted, ind .1!r .Ii'lui Ila w Mun ?I w a h di 1 lan d
tn?. iietuiiiiieiif < batman Tia n < nminendatlon an to iii?
platformgs?verlae r.? an excited debate Mr Hiiiih o|
N't n toi k said if fie < miv ' ?ii um, which was i? rme I n m I -
meeting? adopted the platform II wonld have notblng to
do Imt go home and II Ihey dhl that, then thomee
li? i.i I > tin- ?.I lie-1 w i i.i- tn mi: nt, ? 11! t'_: it ?1 If I e ,?,.,,. n
t ion tn uld remalli in scnnioi twoor three days, adopt a
j platform, appoi Committee, and thi
' It? puliiii -aitH would io Into Iii lalnpairn tMt'i IWfl par
?iii?h ".niiiti ia r nun?, li?- ona followed bl tin?
.1 ?A llii'iin? u't, who urged the pn?priety ol ad
1 |o_m 111 'n' 1 to n ot row at iso'i loe 1 In orr? 1 to gil ( Hw
! other wing who had no1 attemled Ulla meeting, ti ma to
,1,1,11 :n It Ih.y w.ai.l not eeiine- in. the I.lame w 011I1I lu?
ll p. n. the lli-i li 1 ?-" -1 ve ra! Hint ion? WC re iii.nie to .ni ?oil ni
and failed .treal coofnelon reigned around tin- ?peal
? ia! Moana? Bakei and sterling, betta white,al
ti nipt. ? ! te-, milli? ?f the i nely. Mr Bake 1 ?I? ? lariug thal In
would upeah as the m<. tun. had ad.rm d. the ? ulored
. ?.nt uf At m?, seised Mr Baker to pat hita off, and a
row m ? nuil 1 m m 1 m nt The plat foi ni waa adopted wltb
UOf ?.-, ami the Im .1 IHK WS! ilia an ti to
urne el nut!, to 11101 low Ilici n.ni.' at in o'i ?nek.
filler The olia ei? of the Apnl ( OBI e 11I10I1 win 1?
1 a'? I by a-t lainat.oii. The plutform ami addlSSSSl
the .ami- C'onv? i.tam, ladO_-.Bg nejir.? Mitin .'?? ami in
.?1... ? e hgiuili> to e.iii.>-. w;if adoftod with f? w iisssal
in*? vol. .s Tin- I 'niiieiitmu will meet at in o'? lock to
?SffSSW, when '?of. I'? li point,Mr. it??ttM. und then f. n inN,
who han Ik en eiuie t foeluj.uic eipeitid to Kpeakand
melon?- the proceeding?! of the Conviiitioii. Kv? rytlilng
Iridieate? Ilia! all will hariiioiii/e upon the oi-giiiit7iitioii
now eflert? d, and the- In-.-t IVSB-tS may he Miitiripuled.
(?or. I'eirjie.irit has loiine-iite-d to .tump the- Slat, on tint
jiaffoim. There lian satkaiisstls -ssotlai Stisf held
at the Capitol fhi" evening.
I.K II.MONl), Vii., Au?UKt 1 ? 11 p. III. ? Til*.'
appointed meetiiu?, or Kepuhllcun ('ciiivi-nllon, at the
("apltot toiiii/ht, ?lid not tuke piare In it? stciiel, a uuui
btr of the membcm of finlay'? I oiiveiition ui?|K?urcd and
organized a meeting In tho Hall of the IIino?e of Dall
gatea. Kieldie Cook (?<tl??r?eli in the chair. Hoveral perieon*
made IMSS-MS reiliiplaliiltiK ?t the ae tlnn of t_M Ceirivi't -
tlon to day iii? lim in el and unfair. Mr Creuabsw ?whit? t
ot Hennei. ciiinpl.nned that Franklin -.team?, who
had been appointed by that ICoantf del? ?cation to
repn-iv-iit it on th? Committee 011 Organization,
had been rejected. it. I), nerkiey (eolored]
Radical of Alexandria, denounced the way the ( oliven
tlon waa eoiiducted. und the country delegate)? were
rroweleel out hv the Hie linn.nd repu w-ntutli eu. It ?un,
he said, a premeditated -ffuir. ai the hfate Central Com
mitt? e ??t.'iyed lu the bac k door ami Siraafld BIBlt-m
wini? til?' rightful delegate? from other parts of the Htiefe
wen kept locked out until all wa* n aely ile nrotSSlSlj
agaiinvt the meeting tcMluy. It wa? no ronventioii, and
?hould not !?? c-ailiel ko He ?.anted all elasoeaaad
everybody repi-euenled at a Convention, and lu.jn-d Hie
oolered mea woald see that such u one wau bud. He
w Muted to hear what Mr. Hot lu hail t.? hay. He did not
Intend, nor did the colored people Intend, lo he I? d hy Mr.
Huniiieiiit. 01 Mr. Botts,Of any one e-loe who wuntcd to
uno tin in for the purpiiM- of getting oltn .
A eommlttee was appointed to wait on Mr. itottn, aud
??t if he would iddresa the meeting to night on ii? \ it 11
tion. Mr. Botte dei lined, though ii is understood In- win
addrm tii?t meeting to -sot row mus-nlng, it 1? atah ti by
mihi? ni.al Republicans that the meeting railed forte
muht did not tHle- place, hoeaoM ne got lot kau are m
pim SMS S huh will aver! a r-plit in the part] . ( um inn m
are lie-iiig heit! to lilttht to arrange foi lo moi low. The
platform itara wa np in Mr. Botts, and which wai BBaai
amasly approved Iii the Conaervatlvi wing of the party
laid Dight, a*?? 1 l-i tiiut Ki-cciMioii in trea-on, uml fieu.-on 11
a ?nme It advocates fror speei li without licetitlouai
tin pit mi nt of tlie publie debt, and fin repudiation of
' .1: fi di'iHt? ?h-lit. ami a hl.eral ?\><feiii of liit.rnal
Improve meat. Tin- toiiwwimr 1? ila i.?.?i paragmph
/<- ?//j e,, 11, 1 al Hum -t_\ and ie -lol alnni to all 1 I vii and
political rigbta to tbe rana and file of the anny, to the
greet body of the people who won Busied MM Mdaosd
Rita 1! " war by *a< ra artful and wirkt ?I awn, or v. ho were
fein??'i? the couaeriptlon or otherwise; but, exclusion
from al ? nilli? al power hereafter to those who were la*
?tiiiiiii'iii- I, either l>. .?iM-akini., writing, or prcu lung, m
bringing on the wai hy which thi? Mtnte waa reduced to
division, liuiiii.iaiioii, p<uury, ami ruin, si sntll ensto
dhius of the public homu miel general pt..-p.! tj ?1 rho
Hfate Thta in nothing uiore and nothing le?? than Uni
we ?id do with all oapuaed u> tlicm, wlio h.i.ti commuted
110e 'mc, If th*v haul ti??? ,<?.****
The ?tianiship fftMjf__Hfjcj. from Aspin
wall, July 24, arrived here yesterday. The following ia
her ?i?rel? hat:
Edward Hen. ti.itnn ro
. &?__?_? (" ?. OV.,714 ,6
P. Harmony'? Nephew? A Co. 6.(100 is.
I anama Kiillroail I'o.;. 23,7% ?o
j. ?v w. s?iii.111111111 ?v ?.'o. e?yam m
1 li-.i lie Ki Hy rv (? ... . 16H,JO0 HO
I'.il'iie*.", Minga ii ,t, to. US,,C3 Ml
l-.ist National Hank. 4 ?1? 70
\\i li?, la raro- Co., 167 .??.l io
U_a_ Waller. tttMt <??
,,!'l"'r . : -,. r>7ii,i?oo no
MHN ?V Asi li . illino
KlbOD ?V M uno*. ?.soo no
ftiOl.tl,8t?7,ai2 ?B
THANSI"i?RT.\TlliN RIM n _
Tlif' Panama and Australian M?sl ?'umpany's line of
steam? ?Bia aot paying, the wink account presented at ihi?
me? iiiiir of the < ciiijiatiy, let tully held, showing a debit
balance so far of o\cr t3"!.(??xi Thin tiiisntlsfitctnry stale
of things Is attributed to the Inter provint lal and inter?
colonial Hue?, the Panania line ha? ii', succeeded beyond
expectations, with the exception that it is not extensively
ilm'tl hy outward hninnl pasaeuirer?, because ?onie people
are afraid of I tie supply of coat i tinning short, and a di lay
takln?; plat e. Extra coal.ti. station? have, liovrever, been
established, and lins ditli. lilly w ill thus l?e oh? iatcil in
future. Despite the unlowanl cn iimMaiii cm with which
the i ntcrpnse has been attetuleil, the director? are kepa
ful of ultimate succi>?
The Hol,I,,i titinal of Bogota, puhlishe? the following
decree of the Acting President nf Hie I'liit.'d States of
Coltniiliia. cullin, the first lu signada, (len. ria uto?
(?utierrer, to return anti take i li ii gi? ?,f the Presidency:
The President *</ the Cuite,I ,S7??'.s ?f fnlniiibia, in lulfllt
vu nt t.i Article ttttf the CmmmtUmliatt, llerreea:
AKIli li. 1 The till/en ??ho .it pu n lit exereiae? the
Ft tit ral Executive I'm?cr being mil) Hie the ?ccoud
/', lignario ? 1? a-1 ? .1 b? < 01 .re??, on act mutti of the a-seiiee
of tin- first I'nugi, min, iii it?rai N. ii I o? o n tu rn r, cite? lum
to return ?lunn tilati I? and tal i i hinge of the Executive.
Am 'J In sellilill. thi?1 citation to (iell. 1,lill, in/ Hie
Hecrctnry of thi' (titi nor will Inform Maa, In ?he name of
the llxecilllie, of the political mini.es ?Ililli have
Ink' ii plat e since the a':. I "I the piesi nt molit li lu thin t it y.
f.ivt ii in Bogota, Mt- May, lsr.7 Hamos A?ti?r-,,
Secretary nf the Interior and Foreign Relation?,
? 4 lit.? IS M ARTI ?4.
In consideration of the foregoing decree, a t?l?graphie
disp.iti h Wim forwar.lcd lo I iiio|k-, ?ia New York, in
foriiiiii?,'??en (.ntieii, / H'l-icnf. so tJi.il he may lui ex?
pected al t-aiita Mai tim hy the Kreuch steamer on the
2'Jth iimt.
li Milli 01 NI WS?NAVAL IN TK1.I M.KNI K.
Krui? ??ni S|ir? ni < vit??|?ui ilrnl
l'ivAM.i, July it.
N??lliing4if s|iti ?al intircst lins tiniiapiii-ii sime
wiitin?: my last, ami the iuiiteti.il? for cot??pi!.uga letter
.ire as little im |iii?~i|iie There la nu news fioin the Inle
rior, but little from the r. uti.ii tapuhlic?, ?aid. If any?
thing, lea on the lath mu?. Publie opinion ha?, indeed,
lu ? n ?| 1111 *- st.i?,'inin?, owing to the want of tttitiiethllig to
(rive au optuion upon, and, a? a result? the ?ail and III
tuned fate nf Maximilian lui? In mm Die ail abtnibing topic
of ctiiifali mu?ni?.- our local Mtvim, ince ting with comlcm
nut lull or approval according to Hie profeaaed politic? of
the party lu gemial the iiatlic?, it might not la- out of
I-tace to til>scr?e, sa-cui to appioic the execiitim. of the
Archduke, and applaud Mimi.in valor and bravery to
Hie ?cry echo, o? i i li?,ki ii?*, of con rae, Mexican har har,?in
The fore Ign? m ii-Mileul here. howa>vei particularly the
lunch ami (lennana are not mealy-mouthed lu their
condemnation of ti,m last atrocity, and look for??ard
to the Stat?? to manage affaira lu stn li a in.inna r
as to pre ve tit fin Hier outi.ii.-en of tin? kind and
thwart the execution of Kncoln In ? throat lu regard
to foi, i.ni is Mexico is much tis? near to anti
Un, easily proem able hy the 1'i.ind State? for
Hu hitter to ulltiw Hie w.ml,,ii w.inte of hluod HOW lu
pi ogre?? lu that place ta i oui i,,ii
'I In? following are iiliont Un- iiift ?ntercntlng Ham? of
ihm r In M i ni,i Un- I niliil Mul'-n ?tramer K?.? lit?I
nailed Io? Km llalli I?, n, anti ha? Inen 11)1.1.?ii l,jr Hie
Ila. utiill flelii l allan Til. I.ng!i?h gllllbn.it I a-. Ml. w Illili
lia* l?i 1 11 Ivilig lu I" for ni 'Im liii'lilli? pint, linn al-, left,
anti Utr pl'.uc tB the ha? will Le tai., ii hy Hie Matin?-.
O?,,? expacta?, In in mi If..inn,, Tue Tallan?in,
lit ni h 11,im Ile, ?till I,?? in thin hay, alni the pi.nr
Ho,n la Is IB ti*lim ipw I li ,.i n Hint all the hand? that
??1 ri 011 hoaid ha? e left the ?hil?, ami thal ?he In now
liena It? li. lull for tile guard willi li I? Billi kept oil hoard.
\l itlmiil u tt.iir, w llhoiil nu nu.'11 1. al.ii will.nut ?ruinen,
?he lien at in 1 mooringa ntt?ii> al?a !.-_?. Lui in..), m r
hap?, play a patt ii? iii? m1, i i..ii? h? nil,ii ?hi,.? ?if ?li?
1 ..lui lillian na? ? In I iii 11 fi mu ? li.|,n ni war to ship? ?*f
peace,th?lint ami auigklflcenl ?itun.?inn ?.n?t k.
oui.lie. m 1 nlly lamil lu ii al New Vm? foi 1?4 r_cll?
Mull Steamship < oiiipuni 'n Illina line, ?trued hen",
?lui it fin Iii N? ?v York, on Hu- mi,ming of the lot li mat
She made a ?pi-mild U'.viil't Of m dal?, hating left her
place of sailing nu the'Jltli nf Ma.? Hie ii |xirt? having
1 iicouiati-reil vi ry si-? ere ?ulliit on the other
Mile of I ii|a- llnrli, hut, an Wan ?* I pee ted. ?lae
I? ha? iii io'.u, ii tin.? .mil proved li? in If |n>Ma?md
of ixitiitiit m a going ipi.linn ? Tin? arrival "f
the liinil Kepnlilii in tin? li.iv m ?juill au event, In Mag
al.rnit the flint ?picndiil ?peelmell of ?aval ar. Inlet lure
that han ? ititi d linne wateir, anti the ?hip bal?if hil?
1 ?, neil im ?mall an 1, m nt ol .nilnu .if inn ti "in nil who ha va
m 1 11 lui To th?9 similar,, ol lui 1 iipluin and Hit) agent
of the imiijiaii? to which ?be belong?, out ?-ni/? na lia??
he ii permitted an 1.pp.iit'iiiit.? "f ?vltiu MB?BJ und ?xaiii
talng throughout tnin ?real acbleveaieat of _ut_ricaa
shlpluiilili I?, and the? l,.i?e mailed ?liemarl? e* nf it III
lal ye mimbil a, ?inn " ?pi 1 tal" ailinn, the nuiiiher. It
??nulli he ii w uri? of supin log .itlim ?a at'impt ali) Ililli?;
ilk.- a tle.?t 1 ipi ion ni hu Illili,, - anti minmi uptH.liil
ini-nl? nt lln '.ii .it lit UOblh . BJ? 'li ? lia? Inen siittli lently
?him aln.nl?' Init I tulumi wlthbold ti Iiderlug my p? i
siiiimI share i,f ailinn al inn of I lit- ii??r ?lice and sil|M-rlor
lllilnh of lln? I? all.? I? KUI,Mil ?i-i-f I. I mimi 1 nifi n? that
I ne ve 1 beheld any thing lu an oe?_B ?oiog -t. a mer mon
1 niunli te It 1?. tin 11 fnie. with mm h |>ha?ure Hint I
willi the ?m ci M ?? inch ha? al tended linn fli>.il iii?.' p.il.n a
mi Ita hist voyage, and wiall th? (li?al L?rpubUc ??ml
?i?? ? al m bet 1111 h h ta ni iiiliaalon extending ti1 the world the
ti 1 MO i' s .nul ri ?min 1 s of the ?ft eat count lie? of the Asl
aiii continent A tittie ?teeauM- of ?bout i?*?i feet m
length, built In Noa v.uk, ha? arriva?! hen tacoaupart
un lit?. a lal Will lu- put log) Uni J h ?ti? in M [Minnihli , ful the
purpoae of tradln?*between tkiaa_4 the?o?>?4ri?I ii-iimrw
nu Hie ' na.-! M t-'l as < 1111 la, 111 hill' In HW lu ti hy Mr.
hi liali 1, a .ililli in.ni ol min h culi rni ia,-, and ia
?l?nken of aa expre-alj adlapttxl In la? trail? fur
wini h she !s I'Ulll hhe Is to lie ia I It ii Mon ?ajo. and I? Hut
expected le draw Basra than four feat of water. Th?
iii??itHilly aunuim the htale titinp? ha.-?eiiiiHiderably uh,iii d,
nu 111K Iii the pre? ant nu,al.? iiieu-ure? taken hy the ailtliiir
Hu s. and to the -kill of the pli??lri_u? in attr-tidance.
Hut a lal".'.' 1111 lu I >< 1 bott .11. d. hi,?I sc?er?l in a half deud
?tate ha?e lui 11 ?li-i lial'ireil. Tic larg? bolly of the sol
iiiei) hav? ia cn n.red trou the nuit?i m this ni?,
nial I.'ken to au em ampin?nt mihi?' distan? ?? out of town,
m In I?' ii >s tn be hopeil Hu ? ?. 111 faje latter on the m nie
nf health. Tin' BCUtlg lllilish V lit? ('niiniil of thtn city.
Mr. Bidwell,came pretty ni?.li gcttliig aoundly thraahnl
the other 1 rening, by a aattve The ctr? na??laaea? attend
in?.' the assault mi 'this unworthy reprei?eiitutlie of the
majesty of Kii.laiid have laen kept unite undercover,
but: -.iilti' lent Is known of Hu in, nut! of the Vic? (oii?ul,
to lead to tin- ten? ii tion that he \? ill ?lenervi-d, if lit-, ?Uri
imt pi 1,?nke the ii? ni 11 It. Mr. Hld well la a re ti He mun nf
mili?.' proel 1 ?I I te?, alni is allo.t thtT a rather nu ha ml ?nine
ja inuii.iKt lu demeanor, he ia cona? qui ntlw .julie uuiiop
ulai auioiiK Hiitirh subjects hete in general, anti Eu.lisn
incii lu partit ular raw pal?MB, native or ttnrluiu,
woiikl in???- regretted If ba hul been takcu down a |s-?i ?>r
two. From Aspinwall we learn (hal ?everal luiproie
ineiits bar? lakeu plaie In the eieitinn of BddlttaBBl
huildliiK?, und in the sanitary ?rran-cement? of the town.
Hhould the railroad authorities, r?crive. ? renewal of the
contract, whit h is now ?cry likely, 1 leam that they con
U'luplate further ilnpin? ?incut?, not Ihe leant of which I?
a thorough drataBft of that elly M ?winnp?. The place
is nittin. more anti innre populated hy the coiiataut
sin um of iiiimlKiaiiou llowinK fioin thal ill ?tarretl
lilltlsh colony. Jauiau-ii. he ?el ?le (Inda is ?till skulking
iii Aspinwall 'I lie weather nu Hie Isthmus is foul, but
(lie public health continues satisfactory
Krom Ubi ?ptiiil t,urtri|t.,ntltBt.
l.IMA, July 14, IMT.
Our last mlvlce? from I'uno slate that the whole of the
Indian towt? and village? that were lu Insurrection ara
quiet, and that the presence of the troop? will piohahly
keep tin in, at lcaat for the. present, In check. Th? com?
mander of the forces ha? ?einnv?d all the authorltl.-? that
were objectionable to the Indian?, and haapiumlaed them
that all those who have been gulltv of cruelty aud extor?
tion to tlnni ?hiill be puni?!ied. The Indiana were not. at
first, much disposed to give credit to tim (?enerar? prom
Ina, and they ret'iiir. .1 nt tin? hand? Immediate proof by
11 inn? Inir them, which he had the coml m n?, ti, d., The
Indians ha?.'11.1111.1I ??-I BuataBMUte iknowii us liuata
muiite the Vnvapi. tram hi? lui lug made a voyage to
?.inn?? her. and wrote a book about li.) a? their Comn-aV
?ioner to Mina tot Hie pin pos? of l?riii?rii>K ihtlr . .1?. \,e
fore ('ougroaa, und bj 'his minna obtain froiu them re
di-ea_auaprotectl.il ??-lu?! Hie cootiiiuou? cruel treat?
ment of the mihi.h \ commandera 10 their depart nient,
ami last, though uol I? aat, fi?>m the i-P-do_?nem ?f Um,
elerg] , who exael from the poor, dm'th Indian ?he entire
producU of bia .?.ai'? laln.r that have e*
?_]???,! ?lie pluiideriug military. Ali.a,I, ha? Coi.
In. taillante presented lolniigienji hi? 1 11 ilentliila. and at
?lu- ?ntin tune a lengthy expofclilon bj the Indiana of
their s'i a? am e?, lind aulferlnga The ?Iim-uiu. nt ia of auch
.1 1 bar?, ti I that ii ??as ileemeil le ( ? unary tokuppres? lu
reading in open ''" ? ' ''*?-? ;" <l '' :' ? submitted to a ?|?dal
CoiiiniiHce, thal .i"' in nporf. not upon tim dtJCUB-BBt,
but upon the in.- iii whlihthe obleet of the Indian??
?ulicitatinii eau ' ?'ried out. lliistainante I? work?
ing hard to gel 1 ? ' Hirough Hu? aeaaiou. lie 1? Lb?
iieihitii who w11 ,1 of inciting the revolt of Ihn In
iliiins, but it ??a? " '?n tho contrail', he ha? Bent
Hu in ni hound?, ?mi liad It not lieoii for him, the whole
Kiuili would bv Hu.? tune have been overrun with th? In
citai?. The reason of the coloeel'? powerfal influence
"vir the lud?an? i? that Ue ia a descendant of ??ne of the
furner carlon?-?, hy 1 hi materna. ?Ide. ami the Indian?
veiy naturally took to htm a? chief of their nee. It li to
be hoped that bl? minnon will be successful.
The rejection of Mr. Howard's proposa), so far as Peru
w.H cm?erm el, waa brought about through the intrigue?
of Hu? Chilian Minister St Lima. Col. Prado was. and
nlvaya baa been, in favor of the inte; mediation of the
t'lited Stute?, whom he e onsielered to Ire the only Power
tint could with justice undertake lo bring about an
eeiutahle sett binent of the, difference* that uiifartti
i aiely exist between Peru and Spam. I have every rea
?ni to believe thut. if HerreUry Seward was to modify
.on? what bl? first proposal, and send out a ?pedal mes
?? i ger to treat with the (Jo\ eminent of Peru, and pay
io .Attention what? v?r to Chill, his plan would
?uieeed. Pe ru Is thtprincipal in the whole matter. W10
pa s for all ; and ?be alone ha?, up to the present time,
lune the brunt of expenses and the Sghllng. She eau
ulcne carry ou the ? ar : but ?be desires pence, and will
accept peu?? to morrow upem bonornble term?. These
ti mm Ur. Seward can cnsll-, obtain from Bi?uln. Or strike
on that part of the plan which make? It compulsory that
th? point? upon which the contracting purtles do not
airee ?hull be referr? d tolhe arbitration..if a third Power,
wloae decisi?n ?hull be tlnal and hunting. There was
ne such?-lana,, exacted by the Kuropeaii Powers from
i unce and Prussia in the late Luxriuhurg question.
'''J'??re left at .nure Itherty to accept the usults of
?b? jD-llfon nee, or reject them, and that may have
Iwc-fthe reason why the Conference wa? successful. If
He same propeatttoo wai teadared l?. I'.ru, It would be
ac-eptrd, anil I hate not the least donbt liut Mr. Kewurd
li.nsctf weiuld he ubb? to arrange any differ.net that the
rci.r??*entatlve??if the i ?ingress could not agree to. If
M Hew?tid'H plan failed lu re In l'< ru, he waa lint the
. ?wf net. on who waa to blame. The mutter wus not ut
teided to hero with that diligence that so Important a
ejii-stIon di mandu!. let bim try nguiu. I_e*ve out the
ailillration, snd I mu eontldciit the whole matter will
senn be ende c1. It I?, however, worth the atteuijit.
We have ren 1 veil new? from Ililli of the effect that has
Inca produce d upon them through th?? probable return of
ti? -Spanish fleet to the la. irte coast The Chilians have
tuen electrified, and nave coiiiuiciiced to get ready for
tiklriiifeniletliisitoi-. There have l-ecii some ?harp lu?
te rogation* put to the Ministen?, and they have ailn.lti. .1
ii?t they ure unprepared for war. anil eau only act upou
ti* defensive. Th m nits produce?! a state of alarm all
tlilflUgll til.? < e.llli t ty. The pe epic, the pies?, nilli even
th? foi nu r put -titans of the (?ovcmnient. have denounced
Hum lu no niiini usini el ti lins. The Ch i Hull liol eminent
lock to the Peruvian npiadi ?m to save them. A telegram
Is reported to have been ree cited in Valparaiso, a few
uicsueiit? before the steamer's sailing, announcing the
re4g11ut1.u1 of the '? iihiiiet As this liewa waa
1? 11 in ?I lu Valparaiso after your special cor
re ?South nt had closed lils rorrrsttondence, there
will I?? bo nie-titi?.n of the re?iguutlon further
than It waa expect, d to take place. The re|?ort of the
in taui of th? ( tnliai. Mini.tu?, lina been ree i'i'. ed here
w ith unfeigned satisfaction. It hat preserved the alluiure,
that would hate- been eiid?*d tu on?- mouth more by Peru,
which had heroine tlinrotlghlv distrusted with tin. ginger
hreid Cahiuel of hunt lago. Any change must in for the
heller, and there is a very great piobahility that the
le aiviai. seiuailriiii will g?i to the Atlantic, which baa
alvmys U-? n, dut mg the present j ear, the coiistant
ttimiglit i.y di) uiiil drei un by night of the Peruvian?.
I'oVcrful Influeii. e Is lacing brought to bear upon the
(.otcriiax ut to Induce li lo send the squadron, at as
carty a day aa posai hU-, to carry tia- war to the very doors
id ?pain, ami dcktriy her eomiiicrce. That there would
l?e s probability of ?neceas can be gathered from the fol?
lowing ?t?leme 1.. ni the munis r an.I class of vesaels that
ian lie sent: Frigate Apiiriiuac, 64 guns, Ms, rifled, I
pivots, ISO La Igreus; ?he Is irouclucl amid
shlM. Kilgate Independence, _o guns, Armstrong-?,
toolba., 1 pivot?. IM) Uuhlgren?; ironclad and rum.
1 rl.-ale idi.iai.ir. 12 gnus, loo-lb?.. Armstrongs, with
a Monitor turret, w ith two 'loo poiiuil Ai iii?truiig?, rifli'cl ;
her bull Is inn. ? hid, and ha? a rain. Corvette "Ctilsii," 1J
gus?. Kreneli rifle, wltb two pivot gun* forward and aft
if ISO lh 1 ?n ti. Corvette Amerita. 11 guns, Irene li rifle,
w Ith two in? of runs, saine ns Hie Cul?n. These two ve ?.
???I? were built ut Hnlnt Na?ilre In Ktance for the Confed?
erates, and were ?old to tl.e Peruvian? . they are very
fast vessel? alni carry rulber wicked batterie?. Corvette
Metorawill re. eive two larg?- pivot guns?one forward
und one aft with eight broadside guns, Cs>. rifled; this
.-??e I ia weh known in the United -.late?. What the three
ht?t vessel? lack lu fighting strength, they more
Utas muka up lu ?peed. Tills will lu- the Po
ruvlali jstrtof the sepia?) ron The Chilian will b?-composed
of two v?asela only, aa follow: Corvette K.-maralda, M
guns; corlette Abtun, Al gun?. Allowing that all these
vessel? ?ail for Hie Atlantic, there Is ?till left In I'eru two
iroE chlds ?rid two guul?e?ats for coast service, and some
ftiur Veasels of dlfferrut class?.? will lae rescued by < I..U,
a? ?he pit.poM'? to sell all ibe vessel? Ibat are u>? less for
wa? pur|K?ses. It Is rurrently reported aiming the fre
cietccitera of the Palace that the'Chilian Wove mnieiit urgo
tlie weoosstty of th?- I'uiti-d B?|Uadroii aailiug aa aieiu aa
possible, bill no Otli, 11,1 roiifli Illation has yet Inen made
pulilic a? lo the truth of the rumor. Callao is very ??ti? ely
preparing for the 1 ontciU The good?thut ant depositad in
tia*. I usloiii lions? in Callan are liebig sent to lama, that
K the u.osl valualile, the liaUme w 111 lie r? unit ed to
Hellt?.Uta, where tin? Custom lintis?, will he permanently
estultllshe?! lu what is here known us tlie e*ian Unit, tin
fornM-r residctice of !be Hpani?b Va ?rot s in Peru In
the meant 1 me Hie heavy pun? are Innig gol
lntu position apea the castle, and every pre?
paration Ibat is dr. mee! necessary, ia being
made wlib disiuit? h, f?u it is known lo lhe Hoi 1 rniu? lit
it the
el I'eru that iii? li.iii ia n of tin- Spanish Admiral IS to
? lintis* the Ailie?, and for that purpose tin- Spaui?h fleet
will not touch at Hie port of Moutevidee, bul will puah
o-, lo the -ral ? niest willi all dispiit?h Hie Pi un um
(luvrrnmeiit b?v? ?tlaaa faju-aived iiiforiuatlon that a firm
li. Kin K?i" i?. -i bas received a cunt met for the purpose
of flin.Ukliig the Spanish fleet with all the supplie? of
coal, mum -kiewa?, mud whatever ?hie they may re?|uire.
The luformatlou baa been ?wat t?. the tinted ?tates Min
ist. r. so tlt.it tin (iovrrtni.etit al I'-allllKtlMI ean give
?u< ti order? to tua Custom House auiliuntles m Call for
lilaa that a di t? ntl to walmalu a ?tri? t neutrality upt.o
our twrt, and not an Kngllsh one. Pre paral lons for g1 v
llig the Hot!? a ttt-flttllig reception upon their expected
return are la-lug mad?-, ami if we an- to judge from t lu-1 r
ext.-nt, ( aila., will rival I hurl.-lou la Us fame of resist
an. e Three more fort? ure beleg erected, ami their site
baa been ?elected frith great cure They will establish 11
eros? Ure with the other I.attery. ami will bave the ad
Katani of U-it.K almost level with the Voter. Thej are to
be mounted with Rodmans und I.al.lgr. 11?, vi und IS-Inch
guns The vuliierulnllly of Karopeaa iron < liol ?ur ?hips
?tieri Massed t?? S me ricas artillery will be tested m
thr ttist time 111 I alla.1. I'eru will have lh.it holier. We
presume tin r ? 1- ti 11 ? willi??- saitoualy tooled for by tfeeat
lu??si interested in th. ir HI ft? Mt have A.!lnln.l Dahl
? tan ti| on the s. nil-, anil it would not bo veiy unit ii out
oft heats) if MitJ.tr KimIiioiu ton- to sind, i\.n at lu?
0*11 c -|m use, four or Ave coo?! men, win? iiudcrsf i?nd the
working of hi? nae, asia na thut they are proper!)
Binn lit. .1 ulai li.nulli ti tor the e ?.ming tight. On the _?1 ?if
Muy all tin- Mahl I?li gun? dismounted thc-tuN-lve?. on |ng
to Hie weakness of the . onipiI'-ac? that the IQirlSgH
wire ?iippln ?1 with. Ihi? ? ?niiot taicn pla?? again, as
they bate lu-en alt? reel and m confess tliat we should
like to we the Ann i u au guns 1 uri) ?iff the palm of the
dst l'irliu|i#. within H or 40 days more. I up. ?Ni v.
YniiK 1 nutt si s sp?cial in i'eru willhnvo the pleasuie
of morell UK Ihe si? omi defeat of the Spanish fleet in
the Hat of ( UM, unit that the Ame ric ?iii artillery was
the ?gent.
Ai mirai Tucker ha? not, as it Is erroneously re
porte ?1 lit inn.? of Ihe Ne? York p,?|xi?, been dlSBuaaed
Illili the l'i rill lan Navy Ile w11? ?imply nil? veil, at his
own leipiest, from Ihe ? ?.nilliuni of the fleet. Ile ?Iii!
hollis hi? rank an Vue Admiral in Ibu Navy. The Ail
mit al left I.linn ten da)s ago, accompaiiii'il liy Capte,
lintis and McCorkle, with a party of twenty others, for
tin- Amuroiia?, wliiis?' head waters, thut an-in Peruvian
territory, will lie explored and surveyed bj lum. II? is
to proceed to the new river fort, Col. Prado, upon Mu.it
tara Uiver, where a ?mull ?learner 1? waiting to take the
A1I11 11 ia on I mar .1, w lrh hi? party, and commence at once
bl? labors. It 1?. however, rumored lliat .? me?M-nger lias
Sees sent after the Admiral undhi? two assistas ti, to
return Immediately to where their ?ervlff? -A bo more
urgently reipurtd.
(il()t> li MIVAI.??ADM1KAI. TI l K KK?Ml.NS
cn pkockks-?.
Fr_? Our hy?, lal ('u.rt,pi?<i<i?i.t
Vali-araisci, Chili. July 8, 1M7.
The ?Spai?Hli quostion, wJiich we luul sup
P-Ssi long ago adjusted and laid by, 1? again revived. The
rep?i-t brought by the last ?trainer that the Hpuiil_.li ?tjua?!
rou kad ?ailed from Hantlago de Cuba for ?-outh Ame 1
?an water? I? conflruied hy still more recent ?In-pat? ti? ?
from Moatll id???'. which ?tate the iii rival of the Numanrla
and three other Iron elad? at Kio Janeiro, ?bowing proba?
bility? In favor of a new expedition to the Pacific
Thr excitement in th? city- particularly among tlie
forest') merchant?, a hose commercial operation? will he
moatalTei ted In ewseof a renewal of ho?ttlitles-l? very
great Very little comfort Is ?bed upon us by (iovernnient
t_U?cUrattous in regard to the situation of affali? between
the two count 1 le?. Tia- deputies Matta, Last uri ia, and
Manta Marla, ujioii the receipt of this news, rame forward
lu a Joint rsepiest to the Secretary of War for a public
?tatetment in regard to the long-ago reputed tender and
accepted inedlatlop of the United State?, that the country
mlfc'.t no longer be in Ignorance of the position In which
the iwo belligerent? stand to eac.]i other.
do the _t?th ?f last month the Mlnbtter responded to
the leiuand by the followlug : " There ha? never existed
a troce between the Hpanl?h Oovemin?nt S?d tbj yov
1 1 ?iineiit? of the allied Houth American H? publics , m li In r
bavt the office? of auy other goveruuient been accepted
to bring about a settlement of our difficulties. Hut the
Chamber of Deputies anil the country must understand
that we are in no condition to waga au aggie ?siva war,
ami MS deterinliied to preserve our present defensive at?
titude, without running the risk of remote expedition?,
hewer? r much we may lie provoked to it."
I ?poke in my but of a bill which had !>ecn presented f<?
the ftc-nato by the Lxecutive for the authorisation to ?eil
theee vessels Is tas aiaadroa di t ssid untit for service.
Tlie bill was approved by that liuly. und the ?nips will be
disposed of at ?nice. This decision, following a report ?o
mena? lug and exciting, has exasperate 'I the p. opie, w I,.,
nlv upon these vessels to cruSa- about and anno, ti?
enemy, should hi? resume hi? hostile designs upon this
C<The few last sessmns of tim Senate han SSSS he lil
With rloeed doora, und nothing I? known of the matter
whk-h they hare ander eoaakleratlon. It is hoped they
HI, re? .iiislilelllig the Mhove nielitloticil bill.
We meiitloiied iii our foi mel reih w thal a petition bad
It? en st nt up to the < .o\ eminent ?sUliig for an exclusive
tu ii liege and asiiliMiition for the tele_.'i upli company
which prop??w-a to unlle ??ur port of Caldera with Pana
_ , 1 j,, (.iivi-riiineiit did no1 1 nil-nil r thut it had poWl r
ttt grant it, IM the solicitants have had rec nurse to ( on
We have had. ?Ince my la?!, a series of religion? _e?ti
val?, winch, trout then- frequent occurrence, ami attend
ulit liTOeeestotU ind image paradlas, ure becoming mole
and more intolerable to the foreign resident? here. A? I
Inivi once before mentioned, there 1? a heavy p. nu li.>
attached to the opening of placea of bualniss donna the
day? of fiestas, und, a? the Majority of the largo commet
clal houses are uuder the direction of forttgucrs haviug
J)? sympathy with the established religion of the country.
Ui- loan of time sue! money?to amv nothing of the disgust
which these spectacle? eugemler -' is of no ?niall coni-ider
atlon to the buam? _?. eonimnmty.
Ou Corpa? christ r? Hay the -burches were all open,
aim, t.y the papers of tills city aud tie Capital, we leam
that for many years there baa not been such a brilliant
Ih k______a__f* ***rv ????"? The military bands were ul) out,
ino ?hipe in the harbor gully dressed; a or.
bearing SH.ISSS.1U dathed images, and headed by tin?
intene e-iite snd other high functionaries of Hie city,
peasiel thron*!, the prim ipal ?tr.?. 1?. the ranks constuutly
* <Vk / w * l00t*'7 m?*?,s al rehaiomt.
The feast of Kan Pedro, stispeniled for a few y ou ra back
in eonse<)tienee ?if the many ubinia of the ridiculous __?.. e
perpetrated by the. lower ?-lass,-?, wu?? celebrated this
year with unusual display. The newe of the image hav?
ing been broken at the last "turu out" by two inebriated
peons contesting the high privilege of con ve ymg the
effigy from the church to the mole, the cb-rgy and civil
autb?irltle? forbade, a? u punishment for this sacrilegious
irregularity, the customary oin-rvance of the day. but
owing to the present ??-.welty and consequent
high price of tish in the market, it wa?
thought proper to rescind the and, attended by
bil Satellit???., einh.ilkeel on board a steam-tog gally
dressed with flag?. All of tl.e latin? lies and small boats
in the harbor?, similarly dressed, were brought Into reipit
?lllon for tlie procession, which uiade a circuit of the
bay, occasionally stopping to enable San Pedro*? bleaaiug
to clc*?'f ml upon the finny trilK?.
By a decree of the Chilian (.overninei.t, issued some
mouth? ?mee, importer? are privileged to take their
gonds from the CaetOO- Pease here, and forward them to
Santiago to be stored in bond, f lina relieving the mer
chant from the payment of duties until fhe g.xid? aro
sold, or, at least, for six mouths. The tOOOUt MWS-S re?
gard to tlie return of tho Spanish tt?*et has cuused a
united movement among the foreign merchant? to accept
the proposition, and they have accordingly _K)lue-d in a
re epie?t to the Government to publish full instruction?,
and fur nisji the SSSSSSSn blanks.
A new weekly paper, published In Knglisb, under the
suspiciaof the foreign resident?, is ?non to lie Issued lu
this city. We have only two daily papers? luith lu
Hpanlsh?here at present, and tlie new joui nut ought to
be supported ; but, hitherto, all undertaking? of thi* chai
acter have failed.
From the last Peruvian ill.? we gather that Atlmi ral
Tucker han been appointed to conduct a -?it nllti? expedl
lioti to tlie Amazon, ?should the ?-Spaniard? retal n to this
coast it would not surprise us If he were reinstated In the
command of the? Allied hepiudron.
An American hu? re? cully ?olli-lted from this (lovell,
meut the m lustre privilege of inunufut luring paper,
whlcb, should it Ih< granted, will open a new aud Im?
portant branch of Industry to the country.
In the session of Friday'last, He-nor Coucha introduced
a lull to abolish the law iif luipilaoMSeat for debt The
EHma having miller di??-ussluii the report upon the Li?
nares elections, voted to lay the hill one sute.
Don (?abfiel Cue to, who has Just returned io this coun?
try after a l??ng residence lu the Tinted f-tatc? and
Lump?-, i? alunit to ojun a large establishment fort?n
buying .uni selling of old books, which can be furnished
to thn poorer classes at greatly reduced prices. As those
. last i Uni? Indicate au agltatiou in tbo direction of pro?
gress, I deem them worthy ?if mention.
Hie old opera troupe of lust season baa been amrinent? d
by a new prima donna und tenor?u fresh ini|?oi'tati?n
from ItnJy-Henora IV.iali and He nor Attanllu. The ?ea
sou will open on Pundsy night with Trovatore.
The color--, people of H rook li ii MM. ita vi?
cinity yosterday celebrated the "First of August"?the
anniversary o! the IiIm ration of the ?lave? of the Hrtli-li
West Indies?with app.-ourlute observances. During the
day two " (?ruin! Pu uns" were held, one at Iacftoit's
Park, on Tomiihiue-ave , where the more thoughtful peo?
ple observed tue occasion with n-lgloiii and ?tin I ee re?
m?me?, the other at Myrtle avenue l'a; k, where fun and
Jolity were the ord? r of the ?lay. Tin? i-> only a general
distinction, for a gieat pniportloti of the visitors vibrated
between Ihe lw?. center? of attraction during the day, u?
iuclinatioti or curiosity prouipted. I'i? baldy between
.,(00 and 4.1)00 people, men. women, und < bUdreii, . i?it?-?l
tlie two parks, the mujoriiy being at the Myrtle avenue?
At 1 o'clock son.?* 3,000 people bad assembled lu Myrl l??
ate Park, and were entoylng themselves to the liest of
their alulitv. The road? la the neighla.rhood of the Park
were crowe.. ?I with \ehi.l?s of IV-IJ d? wi piiou?from
the atylish barouche cti.su to a box uioituted ou two
wheels, aud drawu by a single skeleton boree. Most of
the " turu outs.'' however, were of the better ela??,
and were lu general driven by white coa? h me ii,
as n?. " ?turkey " can lu- iuduc?'d to work on
Emancipation Day. Near the miranee several tent?
were pitched, and any quantity of ice cream, ginger beer,
I<eauuts, Ac, were dispensed to eup-r pn rehuse r*. Within
the Park the scene whs a most pietun??.?iue one. There
were all colore, fnnn the darkeet lo the lightest. Tin re
were all styles, from the spruce dandy willi immaculate
hals In the tlie. k slur'? d hostler ltgui.ib-s? of j??-r?olial
aapearaaee. The ci-owtl scattered tuiough the grote us
pleased tb. in l?< st The guuter lilliii'tci p.etnuil.ixl the
elHUiing floor, aud Indulged in Jigs, ret te, ?Vc , nulli wea
Had nature ?lemaiided test
Tlie swings and revolving horse? were kept la constant
n?c, while cjulte a lim ly played game of bus?? ball occu?
pied tlie attention of the more athletic of the party. Tira
or three old men, who hml evidently strayed over from
laeffert'? Purk, Inaugurated a prieve-r >ioetii'.g in one
comer of the ground. This proceeding al ti acted many
who Joined with a gusto iii the singing. Of OOUtUt every
nu an.? was resorti el to i.y ?harper? to e .tori money fn m
the |.ocke ts of the company. Tin mun with the weighing
machine was there; the mun with the bourel and nails,
aad he of the " three plus w hieb, if you knock down two,
I w11! give you fifty cents, gentlemen.". Then there wa? a
"rrotenmmr," who "walSeafealf a mil?, rou half u uni?,
trundled a wheel half a mile," uud did otlur ?..ouderful
thing? In the ?hurt spaoi of half au hour.
The crowd although a large ami mlicd one, wa? In gen?
eral orderly. Theie wi te a few cuibi.io lights, hat tiley
were promptly " lipped in the bud" hy the poll-If Muni
bulli mu? Incidents o?'curr?d, and auiid general tujmy.
nu nt (he day ?It? ?v io u t lose, (?uite a largs liumlur of
pi i/i ? were dlstiibuti'd ainung the p ti re li um-n? of tickets,
und before bcveii o'clock Ihe greulcr pul lu.ii of the coui
puny were " hoiiicwaid bonna."
Theeserciscs at Lrffert's Parke lubrina el sit gmg by the
i liildii'ii of the Sabbath ee hool?, prayer, and re ?tiling if
the Beeoastinetlon set, as recently mmtrnti by Congre**,
by Hie He v AN liee-tiiiiii of Boonklyn, an "oi allon by
Mr. W H Mortis of Lincoln I'liiverslty, and au ?ulilress
hythe Hev. 11. M Wilson. The unit lou of Mr. Mom? wa* a
thoughtful, well, t.iisiilcieal, ami earnest appeal to in?
hi an is to upiueclute and udiep! the m?i-Ives I? the MO
conditions luto which tuey ha?) Seas M tt
?i utly brought. Alluding to the aeeailoa windi
hml called the lu together, he sahl that the
colored p. opie i f the United States '.ad ia i u for i ? in In
ttu hal.n ot t elebrstlng thi t mau? Ipation of thi ii broth
ron in the West liulies, hut thut lattcily au ????' .i?.?iii had
conn'to them of fur de epei and lnoii "pt rseni.il Interest,
uial calling even inore Nan?)ty tor their |ojr and gratitude,
while it impoKcd upon tin tu dalles and reaponslbUltlee
to which they bad before been strum.?!? tUt
linn ruinent M the I nile ?I St*-?-? b) a ?Ingle
a?t had ral.?. ?1 4 .non. ODO of their iaee ti.nu
tin- condition of chattels to tlie rank of ficemiii.
in maii> of the Kates of ?I.i? I'uioii then freemen
were now entitled to make tin ir Voices heard lu the .u!
uniiistratluii of the (luv? rumeiit, und lu- hoped ind be
li. ml that not many yean would pa?? b?fale in no Stat,
would any man he ?I? bailed it??in exercising "O al
a freeman's lights, be cause it had ph u?a'<! the
(Latin to clothe lum In a lilac k skin. lu
%.? a of this present a? t nullt y and future po.
?ll'illlV, It In i ultu s the llii.M'l.ili .c duly ?if ihe voloietl
met. tO demon?!rate their capacity to appreciate anti
their Utile?? to exert i?e Ihe rights which han
be tu COBfenSd UIMIU thelu. I.? t IIO means of
ediiciitli.il ha tic.ii ? t< <i, whi. h will nt tin m t<? properly
u??' the power which they will wield. lu this cotititiy (.f
cou.mein st hools, it i? a Mutine for ant child to grow up
iuigiiiiraiiieof.il least the i luliuietit-t of un ecliii-atuin.
I?ei all parents mOt?O It, let all young people see to ii thal
wheu tuey are called uis.ii to aaeU-M the ?littles of Amor
lean cltlteii?, they ?hall he- qualified to exercise those du
ties Intelligently and coiiscicnllou?ly.
Mr Wilson'? liddies? was equally suggestive anil appro
p?late, ??ticial game? and convoi ?tatton Sited up the r?'
iiiMitider of the elu> , until the gathering darkness and the
tiuminentlv tliie-ateiilhg rum warned the participant? to
seek their home*
Tilt: ( KI Hilt..Til>N AT llAKTK?)ItI>.
Hahtioud. Aug. 1.?The ?Mci niinivt rsiry of
the emancipation of the liiiti-h West Indie? wa? cele?
brated by the colon d iMfBSM tt this city In a grove near
Wcitlier-'leld lo day The attendance was i.iy large;
many i?er?ou? being present fruin New York, New Haven,
Hnriligiield, Providence, Middleton ii, V.'orcoster, and
other places In the vS-lnlty. At 3 o'clock the meeting was
called to order by Uoyd (1 Hct moor, csej , Cbainunu of
the Couinilttee of Arraugeuieiits. who iiitreuluced the
lion. Fraud? (illlett as the orator of the day. On taking
the ?taud Mr. Hillett wa? greeted with the most hearty
and enthusiastic cheers, the swinging of hats aud hand
kerchief?, and every possible demonstration of delight.
HI? addres? occupied about ?VU minutes lu its delivery, and
wa? listened to with intense? interest to the close. Follow?
ing Mr. ..illett's address. Mr. .!. ('. Waters, a student of
Lincoln I'niversity, offered the following preamble and
Wkerea?. Sot ?.?sr y.?r_ ?? h*.. ?r,n i?llr .rkhr-t?! o? the lal of
A_|o|t ?kf im?iiclotion of 1,wm mm *\?\?t of i_. Wut luJ??
III,?ila. ?ntl "' ? ,
II herr.it I'ntil rrffrll? 4 tVW.-OO of nor brrthnrn In th? So ?th har.
brin ant -.if! ti? tiufl ?a?-?I??, for ?ore tb? t?o ???nturlr? f?.r n.?
Ohnt a??. Hie-??.I?.'??I ILra mi? uni
Wkerea* Slit art n?. l.our. uraaa our founlrt , thsrvfurr I.? it
Mmtuni ritt?? lesagaiMls th?? ?t>??i,t?._ ?t mi??,,? iu ii,, ?'ni
In ia? m m.U, * j,rscuf_nr ?f riii?nnpnli..ii in the lintej hut.? iu lui.
Hrovlred. That Iii? hi,t..iT i?f th? frr?.tmm m th? Br Uah lal.? aa
??II tt in our rounlr?. | ruv? ...i t lian?.-,y that tl.ejr meritctl lh? gr??t
I.? i. of human frtrdom.
/?.??.Iinl Thal the prajr.M of ?mancipalinn thntughoot ti.? ? al.l I?
au ?< ISn_l thal frr?i!.>_. la lh? natural r.iinlin .u at wa?.
/.<??..I...! I lui our thalia air .lu? to the filrinl? of ?inanripatinQ
Ihr?.1,1.out lh? .??nair? for tla.ir . Ifi.tU a. lh? ??..?.? of Imuaaii ia. g,\...
Pt? I rd. That, iu?t-ltli?t.._iliii? tin ?!r.-a|it . n ..f nar uimlrr'n Hnir*
?e tVlie,?. lh? priiuiplf? of jintir. ? .11 jet ttmiiipb. tn.l mijlit totean*
lo light.
Hte-lred, That In th? lir?l'iant H|M? thal illnmln.lsd th. a.n?. ila of
Sm nation in thr Xl.th I t.ngiraa. o? to? n_M our tra.I an.I lui.
an.I ?.? trial that li?, will la? Weat, ?nie ra,I .Irrp ilir ...i.it.Ution ol
?.in l?.frriini'bt up.'ti the prtu? ipka of rternai ?mtir.
ntmumi Thal ta? hall with StHgfcl ti.? atep?. th?.ii_h faint t.nar.1
f ie.,t. ii. li. II'a 1.1 ai .1 I ia.a anil O? 11.?al that thi- tune I? not lar tllalaul
?li. I. < t. ?? U?.l l.eutullt tue ann alatli Le tUdWatad to tinman lil
lie., liol, I hat we ?ill rainai? (Ne mette.r? ?f liar jtu, and hi?
name ?hall loe a. oar baan ?wh??i?r?r, R?-el hi? bl? ?ra,?
1'he reaolutlou? wen- ininntmoaal] adopted, after whicn
fnitlni i< in.u ka ?vere ni.?de bj Ml U.idi? ami tim Iii?
Mi lim i-i-_.il i-f siirlnt'tli 1.1. Maa? The proec-diini-? wmtt
interspersed with mush by a line baud
l.. e...- Hawley,mtrus and Iried fn? inl..f.'?'iiul ngbt?,
nu? united to deliver nu address, but owing ton pressui-e
of bllStaSM etigageineiits he Will.?.?ellcd lo dee llii?*
The programme of the ela) t ..in Uni? ?1 ?? i"' ? ?*T!I"1V? ! ,
at (?liman'? Hall, which was In eui) waj a very m "'??i
affair. Muslo ?va? fun?i?h. d S] Uoimid ?*???""*?; ,|M "
Band, who iK.feir.iied tunny cheis? "'''.'''Xerv har
dancer?. At a Ute hour the festivities clouod ?.cry har
at IT1-?"1IC T?l li.??I'll T?l TM? Tkiai'MB.
IaONdon, August 1 -Evening.--The leaders H the
Ii? form movement have made arrangement? for
another grand mer tin'; of the supporter? of "Re?
form'' in Hyik? Paik, on Monday nex!. for the p?in?o??e
..? in.iti'Hting against any rutting down of the fran?
chise extended hy tim Keform bill na it poBaed the
House of Commons. An immenae attendance is an?
ticip?t _
THF. i;n?u?woou RACM.
To-day wa? the third day of the Gc-odwtioti
Races, and the events included the great ?ne of the
meeting, vi/.: the run for the GimdwoiKl Onp. The
atteiiilance wa? very lorne, and the ?MM of eiciting
interoHt. Vautran, lire defeated favorite for the
Derby, won the " cup," for which he had also been
made a hot favorite. The leading horse? carne in in
the following order: Vunban, 1; Tynedal, B; Re?
galia. 3.
D-MJjjT, Augnst J-F.veniug.?The rer?orte4l di?*
tren? in the connues Mayo and Connemara, from
famine, lia? la-en much exaggerated ; and iift'iairs bare
now assumed a much more cheerful aspect.
Pakis. Angn?t 1?Evening.?A new Rnwian loau ta
to he offered in thi? market next week.
Hut ssKij?. Aug. 1.?Manuel Carvallo, that . l:ni?t_|
of Chili at this capital, died to-day.
T??K ViblT OF Til? P.MI'K.ROU TO PAM?.
Vikxna, Ang. 1.?The Emperor Franci? Joseph will
return the visit of the Emperor of tim French al an
curly day.
Lonix??, Aug. 1? Noon.?The temleiicy for all descrip?
tion? of ?4-ciirltlea ia better, a? the feeling Hint war wa?
approaching iv-twrcn France and Itnwia I? deellnlDg.
Coiit-ol? for money, 944 ; I'nit.d Htut??Five-T??enty_!__%
-Ii; Illinois Central Kail way ?bare?. 77; Erle Railway'
?hares, 4S|; Atlantic and Great Western Consolidatajd
hond?. 23?.
Afiernoon.?Cotinol? have declined ?4. American se
ciintle? ?re steady ?it npcniug <inotation?.
Evening.-CouhoI? eloaed BIN for money. An.cticaa
tecurltic? closed at '.lie following rate? : United State?
Flvi Twenty l*on?h*, ~?i. Illinois Central Railway ?hare?,
77 : Kii. Railway share?, IBf* Atlantic atuIOre.it Western
Con?-olidateil bond?. 2">f The hallion In the K.ink of En?
gland has increased _90S,i>O0 within the past week.
FhA*?KKOUT. Aii.n?t 1 -Kvenin..? United Btate? botul?
close, unchanged from Ins! i-Uotatlon?.
I.ivkhi'oou Auk- I?Noon.?C'otto? ijnlet and steady;
estimated sales to-day, 10,00?) bale?. Middling Upland?,
104d.; Middling Orien ii?, K'j'l. The weather 1? favorable
for the crop?. Flour, _? for Southern. Corn,-? for new
Harley, ft.. %Oats, 4. l'eu?, 41 C. I'm? i?i.uu*- Land, SO .
(Tieeae, Mi.' Bief, 140. Fork, 73. la un, 4S . Pot
aahea, 31 . Roaiu, common, 7, ; fine, If?'. Spirif? Turpen?
tine, 31 . r-etroleiiui-i-pirits, ?d.; n fined, li|. Tallow.
?I te Cloven-eed, 41 .
Afternoon?The Cotton market I? firmer, t it no Im?
provement In price? la rei?orte<l. California Wlieat I?
quoted at 13 U. t> cental. lu the Provision market,
li. t-f ha? advanced to 1*2 6. P Mi!.
Evening.?The Cotton market closed quiet at the foi
lnw?ii?.'quotations: Middling Uplaiu?*., 10_d.; Middlui?*
Oi U an?, IO,?!- The sale? of the day amounted to 12,00?
hale?. Advice? from Mandu nter ur? unf.ivor.thIe, and
the market foi? ?roods and y?m? \t henay uiul price? are
ih el nillir. The HrcatlstufTs j__rket closed vs itli a declin?
ing tendency. Cuni ? jier quart??- for Hew M_xed
Western. California Wheat, 13 9 per cental. Oat?, Bar?
ley, and Pens uu?"liiinif?:?I in price. Lard, '?i . ?'hcese, 4?/.
Fork 7S . and Beef 142 fi per MC, Ha con ?a . Roain?Oi???
nuju 7 .and fine I* . Ashes, ?1' tor Pots Spirit? T_4>
pentine 31 . Petroleum?Spirits 9d., and n fined l 4).
Tallow 44 6. Clov.rf-.iciI. 41 .
Lonim.n, Au. 1?Noon.?No. 12 Du!? li standard Bogar.
15?. -HOteJi lix liou, W Calcutta Lins?'?-, t*;i; LlD
?ced Cake?, -IO. Lil.iced Oil. -41 4 . Whale Oil. _3_
i-perin Oil, gi jj. Pctmlciiiu cliwd at Antwerp last
e? erina* nt 4.1 francs f..r sriiinlan! White.
Evening.?__jt_f and Iron ar> un?-han-red. Other ar?
ticle?? tmOtimmarna. Ad?ice? froui Aii'tw? 11?. ?luted noon
tod.'*?, report Petroleum nnimnal st 4.) francs pel huJ.
W a-hinhton, Kag. 1.?Til?' ri'.att.i nndrr tins
auspice? of the National Yacht Oluh. of which f apt. F. W.
Miller i? sailing master, carne off to-day on the Potomac
River atnl waa a craiul ait'.ur. atlr.?? tin. quite a lurim
crowd Of sp.-i lator?. It wa? the tlrtt tiru, of the kimi
that han ever taken place In Iii? mi lil, ?t lia,? .at. and
a i ttrtlln.ly ??a? mt? ti and Interesting, 'ih i te ferr) imat*
were eu_agad and aceoiapaaled the yacht? down the
river, Tbemt wera rrow?Mi with people. Along the
i, inkiel tini met? crowd? were gathered! tewttaeaa Mai
not. In .ill tl'.cre were Min?ut I..'-.?? ?pccfatoi?. Vi-.t, r
da) heiiiitiui'itei's in the i-lu?? was the scene of considera.
ittment, large numbers congr? ?raUiig and di? _?_
HU'the nu I It.? of ti eli, its. TWO of the.? .the L_dr of
Lyon? ami John **. Mt?? by . wen entered frou \ Y\.nidria,
venteril.-?'. Making tin .unie iiiunli? r of einen )?. At
im early 'hour thi? norning tin nu ii? ??hicli hail not tveca
illaro r?-?f at tiMS pin?-?if Starting i?revn?i:?lv. c? min. ?nee?!
to arme, nml krag hcfi.ro the hour of ?t art in if
tim c.-ns wen ru,.?,hil ?vjth parv?Bt on tlietr
??.iy to the intu?s, and Hinse w\amay to wit
ne.?.? tin- start. Tin ti? vei? gentle brees? hlowln?;
a Kill.', anti lhere ???s ,i piiil'.ihiiit.? that th? ine uiiglit,
in Hu latter pint, al U.i?t. Ix..Hini- ??ne. I'.ii in. the race
the liveliest iuteresi ????? nuiutfested '?? paaseageira en
the m loiup.uijlag beata, und a gnat mttu ot ?n-tt,iig w??
Aft. r th.-iioai? bad paaaed AtoB-adrta Mm aattaag wa?
much betterthar l?efore renehiagthal point TheCat__
rlnc C-aaah? ?vas Hu iii ?i to romma the mo) al Part Wash
lugton, reaclilli? til.i! iMiiut at i:M P. M.
The ltruuitt. ?aine m ?'?? "ml. at 2 minute? to 4 p. m.
The IaH.lv of I.H'im wa.? Min ii. itat hing the Fort at 4:0?
p iii. The only'other limit.? thal Were ii"t <li?tanc,-d were
the i.rt ? liniiii'il. Capitol,!. P.r?everauce, National, Au
gusta, and Highland Mary.
(?n returning Hi.- Itrnnette and Catherine Coom1.? were
ttagetliorat Alexandrini. hut the Cmiuilm caine in ttr*?t. tLrj
in iiuettc foilewin? in r . I"?.!.?. i lie rtrst pi ni' of ?60 waa
a? inled the llrunctti ,???:iig to au allowauee of time by
a ?litt'-reiice of keel.
The ?ceund pi l/e of tan wa? ?warded to the Coomb?,
and the third prize off-? to Hie Lady of Lyon?.
S in Francisco, July 30.?Tin- ?teamaliip
?,olden City sailed Unlay for Panama with ?7S1.J4n la
treasure, ?443,1"4 of whtch 1? for New-York.
A meeting of the Mockholder? of the ria? age Mining
Comimny \?ii? ileld tiwlii.v to consider Hu- pi untan lion to
Increuse the capital ?link, th? pn ?cut capital being
ll.iMi.iMn. or 800 ?hares at |2,(?00 each. Seven hundred
shan s wen- represented.
The niectiug un?ni?unii?ly resolved to Increase the nu*5i
Ihi of shares to I6,n*?n, wit)? a value of *f/00 eacb. making
the capital #:?._oo.???o.
Flour N tlrm at t?'?**??' So*, sale? of Oreiron Extra at I?.
Wluat activo util so - ti ?S. Barley, fl 47|. Legal Un?
der?. 72|.
July ii.- The ?hip Ellen Houthard fur Liverpool ha?
Flour and Wheat are active, hut quotation? are au
?egal tenders unchanged.
^i\ Khan?noo, July 31.?laute- nthicea from
An/ona r.-prcaant the niinuig new? a? di3co-ira_lng.
Central Arir:on?laauiTerlng for want of rain.
l ornate letter to i,n?. McCoii.ih k ?tate? that a fight
1,,,.| :,, ,?, ,-,.,1 at Terxfon Bpi In?-, ?boot four mi c?i ?njuj
l"n-?,.,tt In which four or Ave Indian? were killi ?1. ?na
i'api William??and two mott at the ?th Cavalry were
??,,iniled '.int. William? dangenmly.
il?. foilowing I? ??' al-'i-et/roin a l?tter of Gov.
al. t ?irmtrk to ?'?'li. M.-Dowi-ll: .
f Id that af Fort M Do?? eil and oilier post? that cap?
tive" taken ty MM trnopa have ?MB turned o?.r
, cnlli.ui? without procea? of law I ham
it inatanec? m "??'>??* ehlldi-en have U-?-n
?old the trocj??. and of ..'hers -here they have been ex
Changed for good?; al?.? ...?e where they have be, n
L*i?eii to the- I'lmn and Eaiicop? Indian Bud
il h a.? tnl?e8 aft.rwurd B_M th, ia to tim
white I am al?o informed, that at Fort
I -, ri Mcliowell H i? our ? uatnin to deliver adult female
?atiacae tajttl?e? t? the Puna? and Marieapa? for
?laughter." ('"""- M. l?o?? eil ha? ordered an iuve_tlg*tioh
Into these charges.
Gai.vkston, Ang. 1.?The appointment t>f
Mr. Peaae ?rive? great ?atlsfactlou with th? beat taeuot
all partie?

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