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THE HH ?-'-.I... NN v : ' :
M i UKI nil ? I li I I.
?i i m M Of NU MHIOJI M ii.- --mi; ii.sl
,, rai t? K?ra to tub TKim-ca.
Hu itve-Mi. kmjmX I*?The ('tiiivciitie.il nut
,t in... io.-. ni t'lijutcl Bqaai I 8,000 eotored
n ". Ilito \Se If I'la 'i It. I ';
m in Norfolk, luoY.el m the Convention
fcjul done ita work, it da now ad|otnn tam din. The
? '* It liiiili ii with c1...? Mr. Mlllillientt
ip;.. s? ?i ..?i.oiiiiiiue ut nmi taid: The reaeon forad
(oinuii. 'Dt fiom ve-feiclny to lo ei.iy. wat Ul giv<
Hr Batta, lad offcen ?sim had not participated in
i p nu ii|'ii?.itiiiiit?, to be in aid. ?iiiel b?
lu i d Ib? i'niivfiitinti a . ..1 tu l. ; i what
to ms. ii there waa toj political tcaaa?
ka? the 1 p ?ty,
It t - i."'?s l oiied, :m<i the party a ill carrj th<
by -. I ? enongfa to
all ?li.i'i? i ??[ party ? I of yea.]
Tb? peaker arored (ditiri only those Beb?
ils. wl i would t; Ik .i-r.iii,st ('mmi ?? lad the Bl i ah
. and m ..uki not. like Longstreet, work in
aiA . nton>tnietkui.
At 1 ? ??? it ' i>-wi'if loud nie? for Botte,who
t- been bj n portion el the. crowd,
nit1 afusi?n. A colored
ii? IU iii|>ted to nihill?.? tln.ni, but vu. cried
lena with -hoste ei ?? \ Kt?- ihe reaolntion down I
foo It np! Vote Botte dawn P Mr. Bayne taid bt
Inhered the wing ei the pints- rejceoented hy Mr.
Butt- ?. -.)?-. ?'.. sDihoiit iiiinirlint? m the? Convint ion,
to ?; ' lk niiih r it?? ;;eim'ic te. A vote 0. M ti:, ii t
an ti tin -I oil*? ?ut ion adjoin ?ud _.iue die] witb peal
tilt? .
An ?*,_.? w.i.*? then organized, lad Mr. liott*.
who li.nl liiaiint.lined hi- ??t.iiiil, addie ??-?.-el t le m. He
su.ii be wat bo tait adie, hatcatae aaameaaber of
the ];., abliean party, li bad been eirealated thal
he bad wattan letter?, denouncing Northern men in
ViTirn -.i i a? s?! litters; the elinii??' was uiiinuiii.c -el ;
foi bad stood hy them, so much to us to
n.ake ia i ii i odioot with his ossn patty. With i
erne te having Ixion unwilling at one time siiue the
war to Live- t!u- Mm ks Mitlr.ire, be laid he h;.el only
N'en - ht knew if th?- nepi?, was given tal
fraire lie-fore he had protection, hil vote would
etrengthen the li? liioc'iuue party, or he wtMld bethel
doss i, in tin -?i11-. i> te attempting to vote a 11li the
Bepahlieaaa. Qe ______ not ittended the Convention of
Apt ii beeaaat in* though, be eoald do mote good
out of it. He indorse ti it*, platt uni and mi did hi?
Im ode, who had nome to the etty to attend tin
present I'onveution, but had been crowded out.
whether by accident or deeignhe could not t-n.v.
They would have, re-adopt.d the j?!..tt. ?-n. He
wainui the Meeting not to be deceived bydema
fi? lato the belief that they held nil theil
be 1 .?m.?ti.u-of \ umina will not reaial lie publi? ans
Bow, bat wait till thej It into the Union. We
?will need erery maa to fi n lit them: wepiyjtjj?j
lins? nns man anray from aa |( in a ?.f " No. no; ??
trent?"] He tuen read an addreaa to the peopl
a platform, which he -?.ud bad not the approval oi
Jad? Underwood ead Ifr. Hunicutt. The ad
recite? .-. thy close "l tli? \i*-?r. and the
conclu? t ot the - ..'t'.ieiii people h d mi by Johneon't
polie s s?. pMa bad ?Ul.is ed ?i ' m ?traction A portion
?>Vi? J-'atform waa ti .?graphed laut night
t). ?V e of Shenandoah moved to i* ?
the addreaa and platfonn, hnt the motion met with
ituh violent oppoaition that it was a ithdrawn. Hen
a lond voice announced that a tpfaker who wat op
rMing the indonement of the meeting had stolen t
oree from a one-armed negro. ThU
coiiiuMoii. Tin tpeakercame np the eapitol att
eonfront the aocuaer. and a erowd ol blacks r.m m>
after h ni. Kvt-i vthiiitr looked like a ru.f tor tome
?...- \,,-< t>i*- niait? r v
ex.-, Lad only beard Id not
vouch for i?
der,. E.erp-iint made a vre brief nteeeh, find was
?allowed by L. H. Chandler, Dbrtrict Attomev; the
.? s Mr. ..atsenb (coloied), Louis .?..ott (colored), aud
Oth? :? m t\\w f*
The. following resolutions were introduced, and
tinaiiiiin'ii'iv ;.d"lite d :
1 Amen, an clti-__ntw.il soon be re?
quire 'I to -? ntatiscj in ?? :?.i
tin- oiti?.- now liel.l by the eh?nee Pretldent 11 the I
?Katoa, and aath? lat? War ha? ?? cedtht 1..,..
narty at well at the nation, undei
tin. . | gv-nerala for the - I in the
fit -, _? ? fiir liberty, ai
lian.' - ?i t ? : ? ? ?raut, Mi?nil.in. 'i bom
?*ujp !? ..'..h s. hofleld, aud the Hon.
fffcaddeut 8teveaa.aad Henry Wilson are prominently
? bi-lil ni? a?, among the most deM-rviuj. ni couuc.lion with
the fore
Benotet I. Thal we milurie ti?* action of Gen. Sheridan
In t. ?. ft? 11? t?, t-\? ?ut' tin lu? ? ?.i the country, coi
ifip : lamont tlirossa uiuuiid lulu by the ?
dei t . - -- --.
Mt ' rd. Tl?;,t t!i<? Repiii- re. to
tUCtl li.AS i*?I '."?'. ? tloi
? ?
Ti tin pt ..?p? ii ty oi tin- eenntry, ant) thal si<> ,,?., ?.m i-,-.
sow tin ? when the pr<?i?'
aotulnate a candidate for i' tli-nt,
we ? || iri. e all -m h a? ti <?f protee tion to the loyal, ?
of tin South then ihn- cont-deratiea,
Boeakina was continued at tl_,c meeting until :
ly dark, islu-u it adjourned.
A large meeting a! d-rizensoi Halifax Coanty
vi. In Id mi tue ;oth,anda-Co_i_.'othe ri_-iiia.:.uii-.aeloi.ted
Wf-r. tai f? loa iiiK :
It'- .. ? I t-t ?? j-leAge onnttilra.? to r?T
?It.? .
'I. '.s. ...? .1 _rr1 me
ni I? it
. : (?at nt,_.t. hone?!
Mqalr? ? tttyt lui li??- i
. I ?-.t s. -.? bee? ?.?-ms btm?(MU prt ? h.li'ir.g bt-d .
mied n.e n ? be* ban ?tor k act) ht?vy lifli-( w_? to le .lut <? ?r ?>
r... *m now lu jar.a
ta.) <? is ?Ulai, ?lid tlajtiLf bel ioi-Wil ?ali a tl.u r. kJ
1? knm) ti ?
I I '.l-l KATION IN HBW*0__U -Jlfl.
?v- .ii.iL.tN>, mAtog, Is?Tbe CoDowiag oro the
Mantel tbelag-ttnttae ta Ness (.nii.n.. aadAlglera,
t-x. ? i tiuir ti el_.t Hine ?lays, and the gi ? wal Dtttlktl
III. Tin-whit?- rinijority In the
?saii-li la is, .uni In the city 931. it itexnect?id tii^it tin
,, ..o it r?... roil? \uii Btahe a larg, dnterenee, Ho far
a? l.tiud Ii. in. the Mut. regiktei? : W'Uit?^, ilMl ; lilackti,
Firm MilitaKT ?"?uki, a. a !s-h.mri-lin.\
I I. ?l -to I I? _.,N) ss ? . '-J
CU-CCIsAI >s<?. '>??CoiiMHi-ssioiicn O? Kite tntii
a ill \<e m ?nil*? ?I *-> Mt to take the ^a_uc o.ith ot I
liy the BtgUlrara, whlcA way be I
for? ?i > i?-. -"..iii..: vutcrsoi juettoe of the peaet
Hi? ?i mili ?i' Cba.rman of the Board One of tbt three
Conn ippoluted toterve at each poll, will be a
t?l?l?.: li ' ii ill
BBT.1 ...'.' I.I.-..:?; li. .? .1- I- I'.ti n; ::.?'.. tin illtt't li tit
Jl??iir?.- ??' i under tlulu -nu l-l.':?._r the pull
iKMik--'?"?! ?.. thal they are prwperly n-wle out and
canil fe: It iinis be n ? ???-.,i> t?i lue lud? m the .?oil
lM?<lk^ la tetae of the coaaty {?ancbe*. the nmiie.?, of nil
the ptiaoat regtoters?d In tut ?taut pariah, owing to tha
f Hat II ni'??- '"' iiiip'sv?:!.le to eii-e ile-ii-to the ine?
rme-? to v. tu. h ?. m? Of ti ' i? ?I be
i ij ?if Jins. hri|?ri.-?i. ufflcertwlll
i i.. repoil ?.i i In- : ita! uumix r of ?
iii.a-t ti?- ?i little ?lel;i\ a?
ilil., J-.Mi - \s I ...i-nii,
,i,,,,,i loth < r? Bri m.- - a a a Iii
_ _
Act,' \"^. ?..? Kx c,ii\. Brown i>
i ? ' ' ' '
I,, r, ,,.\ i* , \ .-'.'ii.atoi BIB '?i-i In inen-,
. i, undi i t-M -? .tiny bill?.
SOUTH i ..i.oi.ina
COU UMA, S. C, Auk- '-'? : PcTTJ
han writt<-ii niicatbc-r i< tier n? OffKMlUon to reuiDah i ? i ion
ol tin- ' ?iiii-'r? Itteaal p!;?n
(ntl.i i ROM S. ?'-? kmW?* --?" I'- ?--Ott.
Hnkl. - i.aw IS.MI?-.! ni-?-xpiaii.itors remstrution ordert t?i
tay h? tlttratton rol eo_Btaeai t law i-tah l/<
'Il,i iolUiisiii,: o? Gas. M..?!..-*.? oxlei brottghl
foi'h l> the lah IssoNoithein e.iti.eu?? in <o
Hr?it?.i -UTriis Kir?.-. Mut Akt Di-T-UC. I
tr__riAi ii. ??,:? Ki IK -J I ?': ' ' '
(ir?i I?
. te lit ?I tin- e: M
? . . '?It. t- iii li.?
?.. .
TU .. ? ,,.,:,, o* ? iii..*. .; I'-si ?.I t.uiuB.1.?..? ? matted -it- Im
' t n
<*.- A . ?i(i , , '.it A I? < ?0- A A A li
Al?u?i. iieet.n?. v.i_?ih!iI )ii< hnrle.ton on I
?Wim. ty in?, lion. A. U. MaiMty. H ujiai.iiia?.--?iy
indon-c?! the i'iatf ?ntl of tite lt>publlean -tata Ooaree
tien, w Ii.?. Ii lias I?? i u puOl??bed in TH? 1 BU?. Rl
tLLKO-Ti OVTRAOI Bl 4H _J__T unen:.
//. Mobile Advertieer ami Regitter publishes
-? ,
Wt ],.,\, |? i, ?lu,?vii a Ii'tttr from Mt'iini Vernon triv
iii? an ii.'i.niiit ni tin- ?hooting ?if thi*.geniii humander
i ii? itiurl..:., i -. a? ilt iii .1 ti. ol the KIti--? ?t i ?ni iag1 1 '
lut- .m ?fated aa follow?. Duri?g the abaeneo of Col.
?I. ("apt. Hhall, Hi, iin'.i..iii-1? ?'Hi. < r al the Munni
Vernon Areeiial, r.-i .1 renr aim?,. ? languag? In refert-nce
t" lulu <>ii l.i rtivirii < fi. s a'ttli.-?'<1 a nute t" c.ii't
?kins for in explanation. No anawei' balai n
turned, Col. Blicnlierd na?t a chalk?iga. Foi tin?., aa la
,-ui i" ?''i Cant. A made cotnplalnt, nrrt CoL Bbepberd
r. a bj a ?quad "i ?olutei a, rommanded i?y Lieut.
B-ii?.m. U.8. A. (in tii.ir ?ray to tin ???.n.- of eoDflno
im i ?, ?Shepherd in ht mounted, the part? waa halted by
iiiii. who ordered Rhepherd u> dUmountt Tin
? a remarking that he waa a pi leoner In the
ininti? <,f I.a nt Drown, and could t ke aa orden from
i .o,r. -n.:i! ('apt Mitti then abuaet. kim In the ?MMranl
.., .uni ii?.'t.ni',1 that mil,-? lu ilirinnutit? U at
once be would ?hoot bim. Shepherd answer? I, "1 am
unarmed and a prtaoner; ?boot ii yon ehoe*e.H shall
ed at lum with a plato), the it.'ui talan/- effec! In
the neck and graainf Hie windpipe. Cul. Shepherd fell
from lu? hoi < 'iiit- wound i- i."i ronsidered moTtal
;- ivailabk? in the littet kart t ??-?-11 taken to
? i in? juotitu for a iifaiHv ^aaaault opon nu anarmed
' ''' ___________
lill MONTH (?1 JULY.
BT iTIAVTIt TKI ? ' B_| li li Tilt! TRIHI SP.
\\ \-!:i\i.i.i\. Aug. -.?The followm. i" ?
com'., ( tin- cr?-i itt'iii.s fur July ice. iv.l Bl the
I?, I'.utint at t?f Ai:rit iiltiir?.' N.'tr BBBttM Hi-partm. nt
li? ? ii ah] t" n l'urt ?i. ia'ni.it',? a t.ra?-;-. ? t fur unilomily
.t.oil trept ?i te the t ?Ulili?., mt nt of tin- Slati-tual
I?i\i?i"ii While ij\ii?:.'("i:iti?l BtatSIlient - ktVtt km u maila
in inliiKtitj.il pap i?. eept cialii ei tin" FO-ralltil faillite
ni the wilt at Crop BE kami Vi.ii', ..lal lilt' Itlipt?! t fit um (if
i?in at i-i til?- taca "i th? rael thal tlx?tt?tt worth
of un a ti.? tulls were exnoitdl in tin tant tota limul h?
:,n'ii?< iiiiintiir.? nf i migrant? wen fed, a mach
i aanoanl ol -? ii?-.,t aai ti foi m i ?l than nasal, Mr ii ,
mu pina u_ i'?i'.i.'iiiiiu. ,,\. i. m mel? nt tu Break a_n?STC-a
apaealatora ami baaki II i ittfyinft t?. ?t_ow ?iiit
it? more tlian lnuki- food
th?' deficiency, m>t the fau-te, i"i Umtc beroi wet
a failure nt the win at erop ka U?a eooahrjr. <?f
the last thrit erupa of wh? it, hre? ?i tom
Btatea, Weal Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Ind
an.i. made bul kail .. erop No other Btatea were
m thal cat? (tory, and iowa, Mir-souri, .?mi Kanaat mad? i
rood crop i'-t? ,ii of a deduction ol " pe? rento
- ol wheat, which would at itn?t bavi
tiiif it di. ?' n? i > ?u?r? II in ,i third ol th it
?i? il m lion ?bool, in ?? ' ?i- I't-t the
:? i hat '"i (1 but aboat Ure ?>n?hi i- to ? a? ii Inhab i
ant I-? cropol i?'.'. ii tin t ?'.-h- i? nilli.? are coi
ii n half bunbcl? to ? . ti person; the
pro-iise foi the present real . about ?li btunela
uv.r.i . ? ?tltal return? ti, j.,:\ ?how an lm*
prov?menl In ti ? >?? er l..?t
??? bul Texai N and Minn? -
the diminution In the _ittei i but? i? i
Tin- i ,\< m, ni i- \\ i al
i Indian, '??;
Kentucky, S3; Mi.1,. ?. ? ion?, -''? He.
.''i- ' ?
mi.,.ii'ii- product than last m .?-- varia
tlt'll III tilt' ti.I! ICt 11?0(1 ill til?- I'll'-, m t ' ii:?, |i ,-nll. All
tin Stat?*?, bowt-ver, except \eripont. ?Ncw-York, and
-t ', If,
'??Tlir? average In corni? uiiuHiuliy large, pert?
If.itnt?',.!, . .V. W -YOr?.'".?' t -" ill Hlf
(40Uth?*l'i - ' - li].'A ..lil to 101 )n I
?m "i ij i? till
tu deficient in the Nort beru and \, - son at"
.?unit ni the Boring With tbe continu*
hihi of thepreaent weather thi ? li impleopportunitj
to make np ;, I Helen? j, In whli b i
? ti ,i.
', . ,vi ,n mu < i
and the remarkabk uniformity of the Im
?!|,!,II?I'A lill
t?f fr?re
? ulai' i til Ut. Ni I .!
Indiana, and 4? ??n, d! In Ohio. Noel of thi
?ali ( f oat? point? to .i fu
rly m V. i ?"ci .
? .. .
I 111 A, Ki Ul
I Hay.-mTht -
larstf froui an i'. > ia. ii i> i,, ii. .'. -i '. i ?? h " ptJ' ? i nt.
? ? milli ate? a
"i-i n Bl it' i ? v in Main.' and
: k. 1 lu OOttdltil .
?a-, uiiiulk ,t hull are .?
na. ' ? " ?
I'm a? ?iv-m:hc* nr." ao ezeaptlonable In theil mi
?? be made
eat? ii i inprovi
\ .
grven r>.n whatevei ?i ita
?muk a co
un. and the V\'i
ft,lm ii. '
i l? h.i? been ai rear f?j
th ri u-'.i.i ?
?ho? .
?.inn'! cr"!' - r returned a!
In .i ooi
than ?ni uni lia!
? ill ni Id
, ?< ie njuili like -orghum,
i illi,a.?Tl'.f-i'?- is (in :
.lab ima, and . !" , lu;
; l? about
th, mom .i- i?-' yeal Tsereli a ?lu-ht differ
ted, m favor id the in ??.??-lil C1
Tai. Dep_n_-*nt .-t.iniiv" m.
, ' ived tu !??? ,, ti foi appr.
? .rly h 'taie, iliiiii.-ii tin?>? ?.'..'ii levcrcl)
? -i hy Noi th? m and -
whom publlolv ack_ow?t-dsed their (
waa -' M H la too aarlj t?? ]>n d
im..' n( nil Ti?* iiiiiiit'V'iii- eu? in,, - Hud thi 1 i?t
erop been a good one. It would bav? ? I 1,000 bale??
rood on? would have realized .ow.otx?, inch re*
snll- ;.
mi nat on ? ' ol the tab. ? a .ii
?how that lo -? ?. nf ?in ??". ?mi i,: aud a wei
had an iniiucii''? both uiHin numbera and
: uili It ail In tin- l ill.i .-,nli t
,i of the preaeul y.-ur i- no1 m it? ri illj larger than
that >ji
?? -
IfOXTRB-L, All-". i-~'MO o'.!, k |?. m.-Wiits
win !>?? in.-u.-'i on Um Ml last . ' ti
-iii take plas? on Us _b__
'j he Booaa m?< ta ?'ii V? j?t ii 5 i
wann ev ivulnic. AU the ?nlli'cinr ol the I'utlioli 4
?Sod Bill 11 tlttown aL.iiiht Hu- Kou
?-?THER li'.in ? l?i:i i ai:v (ii\M?iV.K H\- \
?si ra wim nu. i_i ?? ? ?
Si. LrOl l8, Ann*, ii.?Wet?ni <!!?;?.,telles ?talc
ih,t a trail from Ltavenvt01 th, in e_Bl
y I .Niuinaii. h.i'l ii tl.lit With the Iii.liaii? OB
B-ndajr. Tim tkht laated all day, i tlltaward nisht,
winn the white? were i???ted bj Papi Behemerborn
wita two field howltier? Ikime lb <>: II ludlai
killed. Tin lavalttyol theflgbt i? ??"' given, ii Ii n
ported that the Indiana har? ?,-?-?'? of ten mile? of
of Mi.ii'inifiit stutn?!i, and .?'
ti.i ?to< k the. can find
:. Aaslatant-9? cretary "f the Tri a?ury, with
a party af gentle men from New-Yetk and ?' i"
li,. ii ?,? init I.;, "ii nu tin 'Jth of Jnlv i ht y liad urikil
mi?li ? :iii 25 Imliai??. Bud whipped them
live?) : ii t ui> tolnn i " fu 'm '?? in the ?ntttl
?? bavi tit'ii ft- -i-i! t,n riolS-SB >?i
' ' -
____JKk_9 A(('Ii?l.M DI < WAI.A
\ii'?lil?, (?iif.'irio. Ail-. l._-T_tC einipi.iiit
?. .ii.- hats ?it I ..vi"? k ia-t int-'ht. B?aa Best IMb
? i ii tiMvc nf h?r?, ??. vhich bad ?frayed on the
track, thirowi. down an embaukmenl llfeet.
ii.m i .i ?.mil,nu. and ?' i n.ii*lv m
? nitn .Nun? <>f thi acre hurt
I'.i li \l o. A11 if. '..?At ? ni((liii^(?l the Hu.iul
?if Tia ?it- Uria" linn ii i nie a i is?,lui inn ?a.? .tilt.jil.il icijiir?!
in. the Tru-tcc? t" expel f v, Pottei mi tin p? i "ii * ho
pi t, ti ii,, * rile yt'?tt rdii* \ ? omn
|,?i":n*'"l to ni.ituic a ?lion M-( iir? ?i ?.toiii tui
?i?ijvcinife-iii"i'<ny tt?tafen.
'1 i;r?v, N. V., Auk. _??S (?"tliK.!?. p, ni. I leam
t" i? .if Lit that it i? ctii.t? iii|>iiil?il to IBS?I Uta < iiniin.il pro
i ..-ii.ii?.? -tr ain.-t tin- I'l'inl? lit ami (i-hnr ?,f gmt
VoadiUa I'hiiV; ?m Hie froond that Um rail?, "f tin
..; to i" B j'i? ? "im i tfil ?v. iiiillc, flioiu-h
I im.i?.ii" tin.? Will hu lu.rd Is p' ""'( t_SJ li..'-"
Biade an a? icnmenttoSaadi a iA?.?r,i?. whieh ?t.r.i?
laid t., ui'.i.hf the .?ii.stii.ii nf linn' ahllil) lapaytbe
lor?, not only of ?te old L'nadllla P_?iik,bui li.c*
i hi Unadllla National Baal It aleo Baw ?p
j.i ra that la aiaay iaa-UMca o.<- Preaider?! and i-_hior
Ir Individual note? tt*? irnnrni.t i-oUntrj depoel
?i",-. M until ti,.- bauk departed thla lif? thal
leen fl? m - tri dep all Th?
? from a qflartrr tai half a milU_u of - :'-,;mi ona
-, ,nv. aaaeti ni reliable valat
1 am ml vim, ii uf fur: tu r trout'!? anini.? thsaa l>..nk?. A
vttti? wouid uj'iH:ai to be at Lund
10?-tEPORTS Of T1IK (.?MMIIII!? ei\ ,,?.?.
1 l;\e>li, IT? . i'S IMH.'IKIAI, IN 1 I IU > I \ AM)
<?N CURRENCY, ItSNKINi;, AM" I\-l I.SNt 1 ?
Mf-fORIT. lili? .i: i ? nil. ni.us ii u\ ni.?,\
M/AIlCiV 01 lill II ?.l-l.A ii UM.
-T T?IB1,H*I'H TO Tint TKIBC-lt.
Ai.it.iNv, hagaat _ i - -
A lan.-?, number of petitlona egainal tffrtartan ap?
propriations MOM pit -?enteil, and a titnnl?. r of re?olu
tiona of i ? i ? 11111 \* sseic olli red or Ot-Qed up and
aelojiteel. The Colivctitlotl, liy r?solution, lix???! upnii
Tweed ey, Beetenibei LO, at U o*elock, m?, et the time
o? acljoiirnineiif ?in, dit. The Standiii-,? ('oiniiutt.-e
on ihe; (?os ei nor and Liciiteiuiiit (?osernor nnnle
theil ii'port in full, iiinl Hu Coininitt?' OH linlusti nil
lateteeti nade pu?al reporta upon the rightt of
drainage and ?>t lahiag m intemathmal ratera,
Mini li wein referred to the (.'munnikee
"ii Hi?'i.r.ainl.le ?uni lilli of Righto. The Coiniui,
teeo ea Onneney, Baa___tg;and i___mn_artn.atid on
Ottrpenttont othtt than miuiie.pa_, banking, und
intwanee,?wert allowed to pteetnte ieint report
Minority reports sv? te ?ii??, pteeented fnuii eaeli of
the.iliove Coiiitnittei ?. The ( 'otiventioii ssetit into
Coiiiinittiie ot Um Whole apea Ihe repet? of tim
Coiuunttee ou the Organization of the lj.iglt__._uie.
and the rcinriinder of tlio nioniin? tOtnifin lit con?
sumed in tim ictii ?niel ut inn ot the amendment pro
riding foi 33 Senatorial diatm I- ??atead of eight, it
reported by the Committee. Ihe .st-nun.? Meeton
waaocenpied in debate on the report ot the Com?
mittee on ihe Organization of the Legislature.
i iii: PBOC1 i DINQ8 ok tim: ci.wi n i ?..v
The CoiiMiituiti in. t at Ida. in., the lion. Tin).-?.
0. Alvon! (Bep?Onoadaga) rtiaMnel pet tem.,la the
i hair. a\ liiiV'-lum.li. i of pititioii.? .-lint ii.? lum ia.? wi-re
pt. mated, chiefly upon the lubjet t of tectat m appteptt?
ntioii. f pnbllc iii??ii?'> i A large cumber ol learet of ah
teaee were a.?i.? g f??r and pani -ti al \ arteaa -v<_-, ? ot the
l'loil? ? ?lui--, ti-. upon Inquiry, repartit .
uieiiibi ra ni ?? i?t on I?-.i s i-, m- um ii i ??<I leave? of al
Mr. r. i. 4LLE1I (Bep , Mt on
tin? I'osvi'.- iilid Ililli?'-? ol the- lio.t u.i.r iiinl Lieutenant
QoTenior, made the folios* ing report :
'iiies has?- doI deemed II oecettary or ad
recommend m.mt in,,, ii.i.if-iii? to Art t of the existing
Constitution, iiein s m?.' ti,.'i im i ?.?tent?a: change i? de
manded, except in aucb particular* at thej have d4
1 ? a? 1.?i <? 1. _.?. - ibmltted coplet of the
i?t. -.ii. .ni. 1.th. iiinl Tth m'i tunis of thal article, and are
n favor of theil ? atlre adoption, lie u .
fal l rae t_? uble, a ,. 1.
? i and approved ?.s lona and weH c.?t.ti?
lithed Otage and nein .al construction rather than
to adopt ?a. 1 1 ? [1 a.. . h iron Id no1
1?-??.ssiii calculated tot-r-etu. tin continued 1 -tenet
of provisions which the) bare unanimously apni
I bey bare propos? d to amend the fouril pro
s uti; c that the eon .pi imatloii ?n (?overnoi ?bul
li?h?-?i lu I.?sv. \s ? ..ii,:,,?;,1 ., the I
? ?i. tb?t ti.e j.i. sent 1.. 11 ]vfus? 1 ion lui
? III. : .1 -l-ll. .te it thl j III).Ile Htm -,
to reertve, they believe ? nut mis* ur expedient to 1
..1 .1. r.-ililli,.- It? amount In the Constitution,
].|Cl)?o?e.l that it I" lil ?I tiltil lis the '
?o 1 ?o 1 the adoption 1 : ? iti
ttiiioi,, h, order til ii It ma
to the capri? it and tempt at turn
hitnii ata, aft! r the t le ellon ..f >
candidate, 01 during in? t,y, ?
? ..... t.. . * fot" the pli
ant t?, , ..,i ( illumine?? 1? i?.' add? 'I I
til a', ??vli-'-ff the 1 ? ? ? ? . 4 I? t
RQiount by law, 1 . .u lie? i,t
mai ?-?'iii|.? ?
for ai
uno. by virtue of bu o Al coi in any other capacity
The ti osuna tor Insert!!,?? |
h tiitviM-i- 10 ? \. 1 me i, ' . 1 1 ; it-. .. u
lion, and It iry toilrtail tin in 1 1 pro- '
requiring b s-ote ol ol lue s-, hole nm
Bj the e m
Us ti..
Uni!. .
mil tia 11 become a
Ino: li,? pal ; ?a m
a lu tjvlit ? o;" all the . n.
? 111? li I IVl
' ;? 1
' '
-.-. nr ( numil i
ron.lderal ? | ; ii
[?/?iii *
1?-.?lull n, bul !??eilend tia poa
thal h' m ty approv?
iHlllil . ] . ,:..?.
ni ai ? "i- part? ??? * 1
treque uti j Im en the < ?? w thal bl . jw
approval li 1 ? , -? ?
hit-It.' ' ?? [ii th." ? ?
', ..(? ii, .,1 ' |S?? HI, n ;
' - I
ii benefit of thi u 1
. lances they 1 1
I..1-. i ? ? 1 - . ? ? Lin- lu .-li
. ?
It expedient to del? 1 mine that the time for signing1
thal! 1 ? ate with the ad| im I
' ..tainui .-i-i ovil,,. !..!
I ni,Se,ill.,'.. .-' ii, B .
I mm 1,_;'ii,-- ti..n, 1 oh ti,, part of nemo . lute-rented lu ti,.- ?
. ?
und li . - ?ni imjKii tuii Ion?.
Al: 1 iii -.1 ' 1. ' . , ? ? i he I
rested In 0 < lort rho. j - ofBi <? foi t??? t
? I a-. it-Uo.
11 the .??nu lune
m..' I Ko 1 a of the I': ?
to ti.III. ?? of I jo VI any
norton be eligible to thal outee who theil not havi
? tai ned tin- an- of tim is mi'-, ami abo skill nut I
been ii ??? ft ait ni *?' preced?ui? bl
tin- H al-*
Bec a Tht ilnvi-nuil- nuil lai-ut? liant'.'iivi'tnor thal]
be ejected at the time, tud place? ol cbooalna mem
of the Aaaetnblj The persons rctpwtivcly having the ,
bigbett ii'iinin 1 of mi - t"i c.tiM-in??.- ami Lieutenant ?
.mor shall lie elected : bul lu cam two 01 moreaball
hase ;ia 1 ipi. ii anil tl.e highett Dowbei of vote for lie
e-i n or m foi Ia? i-i ? n 1 at 1.?.'.? 1... ?1 Hu- t\s 1? houses ol the
1 ? . lalature at ii- ne m anunitl session -ha ii forthwith, by
' ballot, ? !.-?? "i'i ol Ihe 1 ?"I pe rsoii- w :.
equal and the 1.? ?_? ?? ?-1 number ol v otee for (?orern.
Lieutenant .??vi 1 nor.
m , . t, 'i !,, t ;,, In' Commande] -In Chief ..f
the uilitaty ami naval forces of the Stute bave '
puwei to ? oiim-ii" ti? Legislature tor the P?nate nnlrjon
?x11 .-miiliiniii 0 l!" shall tiitiiiinii it? 1.
iiii?-ai.'e to the Legislature b1 every aeaalon tbecond]
lion of the Ma te, a ml I.-(.online in! ?nell in? ,i?u, e? lo tin in,
bs he shall Judas? expedient lie shall trau__w t all 1,.., ?
butineaa with tin oflioeraol Uovernmeut, .nil ami
military. He shall expedite all tucli measures as ma] be
resolred upon bj thi ; and -n iii take care thal
the lass? an- faithfull; executed He shall al Mated
tuner? r.'ive lot In- Bel s le as u compe uaaliou t?? lie caleb
li -lia <t 1.1 lass, n. I?, iii?- fixed in the Legislature at Its
tt??t aettion, aftei tin adoption ot this t uastltution, ad
si lill li 1 oin j..11 -al lui shall lu .tin I li. Mi? lea-eil ni ilinilU
lahed ait? 1 lila ? lee lion 01 duri nu bl te nn ??f offlee
M? ... In ? a??- of the luipi .n Inn? ut ol Un-?.os. moi ..1
In? le moral frota once, death, luabllit. to discbarge tbe
powers and dutiet ol thetald office, resignation 01 tb
seuoe from the State, the powi r. and duties ??t the offir.
shall devolv? ?n, tin l it-iit.'iini'i coM'tnoi tot the n - due
of Un- til?n, m nulli tin- d; ..limit., thal! cease Hut
Whim Un- C'Mllt'il shall, SMth the eoII?elit uf til?
Legislatura, be out ol tin- Stats In time of a it at the
bead ??I the militai ? force thereof be ihall contli.c nu
! m. mit r in?< bit f of ali tin* military ?.1 ol the State
??I, , 1. . I . .' (iovemoi -ball p?> ??<??? the ?ann;
?piuliiiiii'.'.ii-a? tin i.oveiiiiii Ii? thallbe Pretidentof
the Senate, bul shall mils nave a ratting rote therein
it dutin? a rae a tie 5 ?.f thi ofl.f (li Minor, the Lient
to.m nun .?nail in- Impeached, displaced, resign,die.01
lu 1 ollie HU .IpHliie of Jill foi lil.111.' tin ilnl ? ni l!,? 1.Ititi',
nr te be ahaent from tim State, the Pn dentol ibeSen
ale .?hall act aa Cos, linn lint li UM Sa. all? >' In: filled, ur
the diaabllitj ceote
silt 7. Th. Ia.uti nant (?ovenior -li.ll re?-el*.e f??r bil
.,. * , ,,,,?:, .: , 1 1 . 1. ? talill lu ?I bj law, to be
Hist IlMil hv Ila- l,?_'.-::i!iu.- at It? lil ' ??' --.mi ..fie, tl.e
adoption ol Ho - ' uiistitution, 4c , ano he -Illili lu 1 lie li
bt entitled to an) othei 01 furthei 1 ompi ntation, f? ?? 01
i.eriiui?ne for uiij other duties or a ? li1 m.'1.? bore
eiuire-d to perform hy virtue: ol HaO-Bet, bjtbtt Coiisti
tutioi,, or in law
Bi;< ? Ever)'bill whleh shall have passed theSenate
and A??-? inlds shall, before ii becomes u i iw, be pretented
lo the!.os 1 linn li he .tppriis e? ?it th" bill he -hull ligfl It.
hut if he disapprovt sol it ?n any peri or part*? of it,i te
1 tainlnc teparate and dlstmcl provisions, he shall return
j it to thai bouse lu which the bill -hall bare orlgnated,
with hit objection! to the whole, 01 inch parts of ftaabt
?lull diaapprove, which shall entei the objections al
i im tec ?m tinu journals, and proceed in reconsider it.
If after sin h 1. ? unside ration, eiihei ol an entire bill or ?1
part d laid bill objected lo. at the raet atayhe, two
1 ibirdtof all Hu- memheri elrcti-d to that llouaeahall
? ?? to pss? the whole lula, it thal! lu- Bent, together with
in.- ohje ? lions, t" the tdbei House,by whh h II shall be le
roi.-,.ii 1.-el. ..ml if oppraved t>. Iwiethirds theint-Oil-ei.
i elected lo Hist lion?'-, it -hnli !.lue a lass . ?otss Uli
i standing the objection of the flo?eruoi If either of tin
two Houses ?hull no1 thus approv? ol taepartei parta
objected to. tin- bill 1 01 tainlna sue li pan ? at thal! i?e a.?
provec? til th? Com 1 uni thtll, SMlholll .lllni'ees.lir.S tie
far, after the von- 1? Utrea oe tuth |*ei-ona_darat_i>a, be
ungi otaiid .is 1 teparate bill an>i returned t?.
th.- eve: 1,m l??i bia signature Bul m nil
such ?uses im- rotet el both Huutei shall be ile
tem,I1.11I h> s 1.1- .uni na. -. ?l'"'1 ,!'' names ol
the members Tuting foi and ?galait the bill sholl be en?
t?tai on the journal of eumlt li'ius. respe 1 tivtly. If any
hill ?hall not Ik? rcttirmtl hy the Cnvi rnnr within II .lay
Banda-fe exttpted, aftn it shall han ?????ia pr4_?_nted t?
lum. the sam, lahau h? s law ia Ilk? maaaer aa if hshi
Mimed It, unksea the Le_islature ?hall, bj tln-ir adjourn
m?nt, nun nt ita retara In which case it ?hall not lx' ;
U*w. The rlpht of tin Uovernor to alfa billi? ?hull SSI
with the adjournmenl of the !.. ?-i tature.
The chiiii'iniii, if the .tandin ( oiomltu ? on [adoatrta]
Puranlta rep? lied in favor of authorl_ion the Lemalatm
to asea la wa tor the eonatruction of agriculturaI drali
without the ?x-nseat of the ewaer, alan ielatl~B to ti?
t ikiriirofiinii in may t.r the laternatioua] wati ra, thutt
rii;lit t.. snob iNh ?hall no1 ix* rostratned
Mi EWARTS. (Rep.. M Y.) moved that theae reporta
referred to the Committee on the Lill of IHk1?!?
Adopt? a,
Mi iiKADi.K (Bes . chsaraasj Bahai leeva ta hess UM
two ("niiimiit. in on Haiikiii. .uni (urreiicy ?mil Loa_r_noa
luakc ?I loliit report. Au" 'I I"
?Mr BALLAR]) (Rep . ? ,,,ti uni) then submitted .1 Joint
ri port from the?? ?tanara?, eommitn es, n? follow? :
A 1. in LB VIII -Sr ri ion 1. C,,)|,,,i .it 11, im BUT?] hi? form."<l
under treuers] laws, bat shall no) i??-. 1 ? ..t? ,1 <>i amended
by special act, exript for minni ipal puipo?*.-*. All .111
eral laws ami ape? lalaeta p.is?? .1 parnaani t.? tins ioc-od,
or which may have been lui?etorats paaaed, Baa] 1? ?i
ti red from time t?. timo or rapeak 1
Ufa, 2 I ?11 a frmn C4Mporat_-na shall he gcciirrd l?v ?ucli
Individual liabilities <?f the oon*oratora and othei at-eai
11 i-i. a- m iv be proa? 1 Ibed b? law.
l-l. I ". 'in- ti'iln roi 'lm' itinn, .i? lined bj thi? uti.'!"
ahi II Im- t yiiftrui-tl to h lade all aaaoelstloas and joint
stn? li 11,111 palin? h.i? nu* al,V "f tim |?l ml. .'?-a alni powell
of corporation? not , ?. pnrtuerships or Individ
nala, anil all ?-orporatlon? shall bar? the rlgal to ana ead
shall be eat-j-aet to he aaed la all eoarta la ii.?- 1
natural peraaaa,
Bl ' 4 1 in-1..ickdatara shall bava aa pow? t u< a__1 any
1 iv sanctioning, In any maaaer, tlirectly or indirectly, the
suspension of ipecie |*aysK_l hy any purnim or eorpora
?!?? I. Tke I .Ti ?la! ure shall pruville hy law for the
registry of all Mila or mm ? iaaaeo or pat Ib eirculatloh ??s
money, and ahaU roqalre ample aeennty toi the redemp
lion of iln- same m ?i 1111
Ile stockholders io every rornorat Ion ?hill he
Individually liable to tin amount of their re?p?*i*tive
?barr? of stocka la any each txrrporation for all lu debt?
? '"1 II.1I1 I Ii ii;?, nu Hat 1. \ni >. Chairman.
Mr KI --1:1,1, (l.'t p . Bl la-, n m e), from a ft?ttea It) of
? ? .mm it (????. reported they eonld Dot agree with tbe
? ',?Mirt In io changing the pi ? -? ?it Constitution
Ittbi i? -i?: ''nu limn tic.itim: any corpora
tiona or amending the charters of anj ti', special aeta
it ?? uti.'i it h\ tin.-. who ?iii'piirt. tin- measure that the
u ni ?|ni 1 ii .?nut''-, ari ?? |..'"!:tir eaase f.?i
in begetting rorraptlon. and that general
lAwa ahall alone prorkle for the different <
? "Iassume that, after safeguard! ahall hare
been placed around furore Legislatures by thla Conven
1.1 m. to ii. ni?- iln ii pin it r, ami 1 a ni i ?a. 11 u made for de*
111, ?ni nf ii.:?:,?,1-, hu,1.-st and eapolib raen will
bo elected, and, ?hoold it be athwraise, the people will
pi i\,- i,? be a? hsii ..? th. 11 i' p . -, 11 ta ti vi I sub?
mit II Is best to retain the section of tin exlatinjrCon ti
lutlon cm tala anbjeet 1 have been unable ?ii?", t > aeree
with the Committee m ? ?-.nut in-.- Individual liability for
: nf the debt? ot :,n t m |."t.?nilli? m, tin purl
amount equal to the amount "t theil
In ord? 1 i" 1 .?111 mit tin ? 1 1 \ "i'?i 11? "f t i
creation of bauki ig and othei moneyed coiT-oi-tion?, It 1?
feel ? oiitlileuee io their atnlit v
tu im 1 1 ,..-.-. 111 j. 11 ? ol i 1.-, tnni? hi mt' the m 11 Mlty t?ln*
sun ?uiii ablll t i.. stringent obligation?. Hut
ti,1 same rerpdremeot?do not exist1 with other aaaoel
. ?I 1 1 mi ,i i.., 1 : ire li iv? th? Legialalun tossj
*??? li.ii laws upon this ul e 1 iboald ?pplj t?? each ela?
??mi bein ' fi' f'-i f.? 1.1 tit th? in? -.nt ' ctlon nf the ' "i
'" 11,1- topic " In r? sard t"
1 'i)i.-i itiu Mt r ? leas I ?wi Pn
I." (ri-, il '.i m |i"i attona shnll
the pert? . ?u? cn at? d m Ibis
?-ti'1 LaeTEB \V Rl ??I I I
v? 1 eonem 1 ? * ??? ? and 1 ro| oaition? 1 m
b.II '.tiiit without Indoralnit all the rea*
- . ? 1 Hobab? kui m,
? i< I., ihm, 1.iv
A minortt? nf ?:? astada asbetltatofor
.-1 . , I < ? N ,, TLi ?lui till" li I - li ?Vlt\ I "I [nllllflilll ?lilli
.i.'int ?1 ..linn, pun. issuing
tites, 01 any kind of p? tocir? 1i.1t? a?
? ? tn the i?ininiiit <.f tin 11
ire,01 ?ha? ? ? ti -mi ?neb ? ?
ti..,, m ?.-?ft tatton Im iii .;- debt? ami liabilities of every
?. m
,,ir. Hi ?J S iii -? 11 ?*.?. 1 ? ?v
\?.i 11 m li. Vi 1 nut, H* l-i'ii?,
\. i I! s ?
RRY (Dem.. Ne? York! rallad np the resolution
... the CU-rk of iln
1 itinn,-'ii i.iill' ' opie? ol
In 1. 1 "I ?m h ("inn.mi ( out?? II
? :. appotnl ' ' and repo?t ?rhal
...... ? ?. nf what
1.' I'lni?i n.t le: ?latir?
it HI.NB (Re|i t?;. r< ti t" r? f, 1 the
1 . at In and Hutu ni
stifle ?lie it 4o
I atkin 1 . ? ' :.. 1 nt Ion 1 ? i
?alii lo' mia! n 'I bj .11 nininiti 1
of the? . - ud li.it;
?i. li. li ni '.,, nthi-ri
Ml III. li lll\- nail II
t be tri? Ile waa no w11
tlou lud
id ' ? uiltted t ' i"i< iln |,. op] li?
wa* i" -.alii in
? th? ' "i.m utlou, but hi *hi. ii,! no1 1 nu
-. nt t" .
1 Udrew k1? motion "f ralei
?' HIT? A', iii Dem ,V Y.lde? lared I I '
I 1 ? . thal ti?? < Iti "i Si
, I ol ? ? , ?'i.".
Mi li?' i' ti ! <H i" i" . '-? ?? Vork).li" .ii,,, h 1 bf
1, ? .?in, ud*
1 r?solu
1 , :,,i uiatloo re
. ai.ii it waa
Mi i: iRKER (Re? ' moved ti
.mt 1..1 ". t Laid on the
mi i rws'i ros 1
...1.. ? on l-owera awl I I tim I
i m i? .test? .I i" ? , ' ' 1 >i ??? -"ii pi. i? mil
mu (Rep M , ' . ed Up ?
: ? 1
.al ? ?nil tn Iii
\, #1 ni ... uni ii u.,? adopt? ii
\ i ,\ Kep ? el oil '? -I li
' 11, .t in ' this < onveutioo, II 1?
Hu dot] of the t'ulu Aim m a t,, refund the
uuiuetbe ilel.Ui? .Ii?d and Incurred by
?..-- t.. ral ' ami f?ii|i-?"tt
jaar r 1 > 1 "innn'ii ?I. I. ii- durins the late RebellioB 111? ? - ?
with ti. ; i. ?-. .? "f x. .nu. nt % (."ii. pn
..M' ii the n ? ?"ii-111"' a ' m. 'l th? ti
? ?..'- lu ? ?VD- post? lilt .
/, -,./, 11.ni ?i , n|n ?f ti ? rtMulutlon, suth? I '
imltted t" 1 a ii ??? untoi and
|{r*anre??-ntative iii the 4 niirre??ol the II dted Htatea
Ml GRAVI (Re, Herhlmerl offered a reaolutlon
relative to tin I tin ? Irrull ? ourt?, and aaked
that u be referi-ed to the Committe? on tin Judicial*]
1 o ?
Mi lli'T? BIJIH [Rep.. M V.) called np In? r? solution
, Billilli ..nil., tin- 1 ?il|i"i.ill"li ul tin '
v ,, fork or Information roucernlnjr a munni of .?mta
pending foi "i nu dual the < 11 \. which waa adopted.
Mi a > I'l.i v, ?- ii:, 1?. < >i 1 "ml.1 .ni t al ..-ii finin the table
i,,, rea, lofore o_ere_hj ICr.___Sa_sBrooka,
in um' word '
/.?.?,.'?, f,Thal tilla convention will _r*Jo_r- sine ,'?? b1
i: u , lock, mi 1 I'M m. .m Monda-. ft? pi '?', ISM
?shki w - th - .1 'I ?imply to sa; that In? was 111
favor of the pat-aire of Hil? rcnolutlon. If i>av?,ii.it ua?
at ?li time? uiilnii Hi?" |'"'">i "f the ( "in. 11I1..11. ?uni
in 1.lu be rhaiiRtvd; bul it wi-utd facilitate m.itt.-i.? to
urne d? Unit' 1? 1 n ii of ailiniii niiiKiii lied -Boa.
Mi ..iii 1.1 v (Rep.. \s< tcbesteii moved to aasend
by inserting "Tneaday. Hepl IO." Aocepted.
Ml w ? BRI ?W N ii:? !' ? -I' t!.i?"in nun ed to amend h>
1 "Saturn ly.SepI ? I "-'
Mr HAMMOND (Rep., A11? _-li;iti> ? mined to BSSSS it
(I. i.?li. ' I
Mr. I. w in rtf-ELL (Rep , W Lawreace) moved tn lay
lb? whole matter upon the tal le I "*t. 4-1
Mr VAN? AMI'I.N '1>!' . 1 att_ran*T_?) iii" ntl tn ann ml
bj in-kin- It I ml u . P( pt IO Loal
Mi .HERMAN (Rep.. Onelda) moved t" amend by
?ttikins out " Tuesday the loth of 8? ptember?** aim in-, it
i_S ?? winn the I "iiif.itii'ii ahaU kart aooplet? a Ita baal
Mi \vi i:i> (Dem., Hinton) said It waa evlrtent flint no
member of the Conven tion could lix upon a tUne whea
Ibey oonld adtourn It wa? ui.tea?an t ? ? Qx upon au
arlHtrary time of adjournmentt for anco propoaed time
must succumb to tua boa?icea "f the Cou veut lava Ile
would move that for the pr?sent, and until ti?e work of
the Convention had atada fartaei progreaa, the whota
m.iti, t Iii upon ?in labli
Mi 1: BROOKfl 'i?< m Rlekmond) had latroduoed tint
reeolntl??1 In ?.""?l faith, m ? ob* qui bob of the m ti?0 "f
the Contention, Inaertlug the pn riosa n_4?-tlona_d limit
lus debate to so minut?e He tint aotint-aded to call It
Up today, bul wuuhl abide l?y th.? declaluu of the Cou
I h? iimt mi to lay upon the table wa? lo*?! By a \ nt?' "f
1 The motion 4M? Ml .-lui man of ? im-al.i i\as put,
ami loal bj a vote nf ??? t????.
Mt (?i:i.i:i.i:v (Rep . Weateheat. r) rooved the piail-ua
question, .tinl wa? sit-tained
The Yeaa and Kaya were eeJIed, ead the loal ailinn"!
m, m mi j m ida] t he loth r_?p- mbei, ??i 1.1 m . ** a? aai
tied by u vote of N to 51, BO fnlani
? it llunll.f, 1'nt.ill?
' ,-t lint, h na. I'rin??i
1 ..Iln tun ?Vi . Kittiliuu
' ? Kin, ?, Halte,
I m.I? I.a|,ha?. ?<|"'l
n ,.ku' 1 (' . Lmrrtau re, Ra?My,
l>? i?i,i. T, W U?r?iirt 4 ?AtVII
i ..i? Lmrrut? M li Baw sr,
I li'ir.l, la*?. rlilrrll.r
Ki ir?. U, I Slirl.|??t.
Ki_.?a>r 1 ?tnn Mttll.iti
Kraal M. I?..... | 1.mad s
I- lull? r. Mrrnll. " ?? ? ?ti,
, l..ula, Mrtfitt. I ?,!,,.
(iraat ?ar-la, 1? iriAn?,
W lilian t ? ?
Allan A F
A; u. ? I
An Irr \..
II., ?rn
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u????.., v
Hi..? 11.w
t. kam ulm
? BIM ,
[ At ill
I Hallar I
l.r I?.I 1
I eye ?
, blri_.nl
I II,, ni.. ? 4
I B.r
I .'?Lit.
Ul uri,
Ila.iiiii, 1 <l.
J(?a??UKi ?I?,V
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H -?nt ?tiflf.n.
li, ?o.e.
Bfl , r
lui.r, 0 t.,
11 m 1,
S .rrnui?.
*?tnii l.
?n~-i.il M t
lau I ,
IA liri,,.?..
Mr. 1IAI-.K AU p . IX-i \) mos. el a reconsidera.um if the
vote. Tabled.
Mr. HADLEY iRep , Beneca) saul, mth a su ?a ti ti at?
ina the aenee of the Convention with referen? to large
or small Senate dletriota, lu- wouldtnovi that the Com
mlttee of the Whola i??- diacbarged from the futrthercon
tideratiou of tin- subject, ami tiwi li 11 n t. rr.tl bmt V to
th. Standing Committee, with Im ictiont to report a
plan du ; i Senate Distrie i?
Mr >l l.M F.K (Rep., Bteuben)offered a tnbttltnte. ne
saul that hi? object ss.isto te st tin .,. .,. < i tm Convention
upon tin 'enure of office as well as the ijueetion ol tingle
di tints, ii, woald divide his snbatitute ia euch monuer
thal the ?.ote could be taken up? i, th? ?., jijuj .,- ?ion? IK p
ara I.
Hi BATHBUR (Rep , Ot/nga) honed that neither of
th? ?? test questions would be carrie?.. They needed di?
ciis.-ion oi the Qiieatlon of largt or small districts, and it
waa heal to take it apea the report of the Committee He
had favored the system of Large districts, but he wanted
;, n uah to exprett their argumenta aga.net li He
?lo ibted ? In iii? r centi?me n ski? t? .my to tatt upon this
epic ?ti.tii in it.? in. unfold heat Inga at Hie pit-tut Stage Of
lue discussion, Hit own impression waa thal from isji to
lui'-, (tiie.v had t better Senate tlianftince that lime, when
Bei -'"i? were bronghl cloaer to the people. Yet he wat
open to conviction, aa wi re many otbera, and si as tagi i
to ii? .11 ti i argumenta from th?- opposite .?nie.
Mi. pi.imm.i; dt? p . Chenango) ?li.I not believe that
tin present state of at. m? ? ailed im- acttofl separate from
th. i ommitte <? of tin- Whole.
Mr. COMSTOCK (Dem., Onondaga) moved thal the
retolntioi tod tubttitute be laid upon the table. Carried.
lia- Couveotloo went Into l immittee .i thi Whole
upon th.- repoi t ot the standing Commute t on ti., < irganl
/atn.11 of ti,?- Legislature, Mt- An bel ill? p , Wayne) m t_M
? hin ii? I HAIR stated the question t?. he upon tho
?un?-i.?Im?nt of Mr Ballard (Rep., Cortland), substituting
13 S?natorial dittricte, mr Ute original it-port ol the C'uui
Mr, HATCH (Dem.) Erle) tagtevti n?.? tttepil-teel
li? bad failed to appreciate ti.? argnmanta m favoi of
ehaaging tin' pr?tent tyttem. ii' believed ia letting a
well-tried system alone. He objected to a centralization
of power through lai it 'in- proposition oi
tim gentleman from Wettehetter (Mr. Greeley)could tie
ibowu to be practical, it would receive bia cordial sup?
Mi. i: A BROWR (Rep . Lewis) waa ?!? i Idedly in favor
of it ?m di increase m the mouin ? ol Senators in emi? i te
meei tm s-.aitt? of the neat and growing < its of Kew*
York, bul waa opposed to t diatricti and ?? i?.uk
leeram ??t otke What will pu vent corruption
m mu legislative bodletl A freqnenl call
too; ml at the hal.?I? Ol the people. 'J ?if
people nant to know nod clioo?. their man. Integrity
and bono-ty were no1 so tearoe that it was neceatary to
to link i?.linly to county in onlei to timi a ungle n an fit
to ?it m ti. matt ecu-d that tmallpoli?
tic lana n a small way can secure the nomination la a
t. Tins punt? too much. It deetroyt the
I i " ? if r? i? ? -? i : ?t.i ? "??. : i.im?>:;. (In WbOtll 00 you
tall back te maintain the integrity ol ii ; ? ire, U
not apon the peopk-1 .Non. in large districts
l" pi' know in.'im,_r of i candidate except
ii, ; h? i? a member of the party: bul in
tin tingle districts the peopli know tneir neighbors
when they me j?,it up tm ?.i.n-?-, and ii 'in> are
h meat . ?I. ap ihm, a 111 sei ure their elee lion. The tingle
. t lyeteni i ni a'si ?;. - worki ?i wi II,and then: ssa? no
praetteal experience or mund argument to sustain the
proposed rbatige. If the people tbe-mselvetwere tone
leatedintlie Senate and Assembly, Iel tin in have
the opportunity, under this system, of electing the maa
?a bott If hi prove unfi itl tul,
them the opportaaity to send bim tpeedaly mto
Mi i.t''tVi.v i' [.. a irred the report of tbt
('? mniii ? ..?i Hud . .| to the s? usito
rial ' ;? bad been nrged tbattbi Intention of
in? i mun partisan, bnt tin- tboaht make
no loile.iiite. even ii trim, on the question of the
adoption of a s The Pouiml tee ?1.?. ?alni
any partisan icti ninth, matter, and sbonld be credited
in tlie i--' : i "ti l: le objected tbat .f the dittneta an
large the constituent may not lie acquainted with the
ti date s? itb the needa of thom he
reprttenft The tame objection may Be against the
?malle r districts. Ob|ee| ?i the pre
d eli vision of districts, as not bi ugfair nor equitable.
It then i a system more fuir than thu. i? t tl?<- Conven?
i "i? ??: '. . .t . but a? pn wnt li ?. ? men to him that the
? mu (e Is no) from Richmond
to di t.i? h til" I ? i.nts Ol Vt? ?'. I.? st.-r
from the mi District, bat doet no1 ? ;:? r any
pian ol amendment which thall tattle the status
of thal county. if be has a better plan,
let him propos? it ii. t. i to Including colored
? in/., i.? ?n the ratio of p Is not this right t The
Convention has determined to s ?. ? them the tra m in-e-,
? lli'l !: .-"Ii . ? this I'OIl
.ii i.- ui'.opi? .1. Ineuualitl ? of representation
. i ? - -' n ,1 the Coi \t i.tioii
will hare done ita duty II II ? lalitlet at
?mullos possible. If the amendment I? adopted uiukmi*
_u districts, be should favor a term of foul v. .??.
Mr Ki.i.i.i.N ?n. m. Kings) had lived under both tye
tem*, and taken au active part m i iminationa under
A iioiiuii.it,..,. m a district where a patty I.a-a
, ajajoiltr nmounts t o au election. He taw ne train
in.:.!. ? im.?d?tes could no1 b? pertonally
m :? mutt be taken.
There were evils lu both systems, it was true, but the
le iii? i iota ??s? rbalei i ed all ili>.nl
vaatagt If thi old .???-.m ol Lance diatrlvta waa
?? 'ii-in i- bad thownhim thal Ihe evils
- n itors und .???<?< mbijmen
would only Im mer? ised In ? la triel a s;i,_;1p
cluiiu .-?n loiitioi tin < -1 ? ? 11 ? - nonullilla?.ii. This would he
de (es ' m ' ?eruption matt
|. ,.., i.. i. .i isl Iii -?.n ti. If tin , r con ipt, the
i e|.i. .. ai. t,s ? s?,, also i?t corrupt This cannot be
i ?. ooirtetlen ot the evil mutt begin ?;iii
-' , Mi sTR H- m Rent ? then tv. .?> two
himself, he l"-i<l lo the theory oi large dist
ssyui''. ' . provided they
would prove that they bad equal!) apportioned the die
Phej i "'lin not raise tin i-baraeterol the *-?'uato
? lie !?. pie -a? li
i?,?n 'lins pro].' ti,-ti let? that embraced ?i popnla
r. n , at toms o_ the
. i -tat?-- i 'n- ?-.
II -... . : m .-,... .... ,. a purl of iii?
: won .1 no1 kno ? a candi I de nan ed fn
ii i ? , . i
uipel m. n to non
.. i? ti .1 I-.. I ,\ . .?n . in? n If a cuudidute who
.ml trtisU'd were norn na teil, the oppe
p irtj woul ! Und it io i ? ?. tam
t.-siii. d bj th? i- I wi uld be to the li le
of both partie? to itomli ite theil i?e?t mea He ????uni
! i .?t institute ?tweenthe _-enato_a choten
mal?-i tin- pn--.mt ? onstli it lou and thon ?ii?'??'ii under
Constitution of mi ; nut he w.u.ii nay thal landing
j men of to ?is looked i? n l? with pi ?i?- apon the nine when
tv .-?i n,..n Chambei a i- ailed with mea every
1 one of whom wat Itted to h-id the I te I ofltoa
j in the m? of the people of tins ?-tate. Tutu
! point eonld tain b? reached ander tho
.-'?n is m pre- mi ii by the Committee
i? de un i tot n ! atti ut lou to some I inltt In the prop teed
,, ,,?:! I I ? :?? Willi H" - ibjecl upon Willi h pt opie SU le so
eaton? a? that of political power. He did not believe
\.. i ?, ti,, ia nth ni k fn ni le" k1 ind (Mr. < tonger) thal this
division lioulel i.-?rit] ..-i mat. tal wealth,bul be preferred
to fall back upon the good old Demo? rail? doe? im of rep?
utation b. population Thi .?v?i.,_i population I
District audei the pri n Is 116,-00, a goodly
number, und nnethnt any man might be pi?iu.i te reate
., it Un i ill of Nisi Sink his live Nn.itoi?. and ii
large surplus o( sa,ooo. ?bowing alackof repretentatioa
o'niaiis half ti?* ratio in the ni Dlatriet theezeeta
,,?mini,ts to _t,8tt. in thoet t??!. Districts there is
:i io?? of represen! it ion amounting to m.,%7.
The Hld Senatorial Dtttrict, at ii stunt? upon tin pro?
gramme, will be made n Republican district He would
ik that the distri?*.? Im divided according to politi
,.,! district - The niii District at present ihowt t ti? ii? it
? i, while the IVth baa a small surplu? of Mtt lu
ti,. Hld, \ t ti. \ Ifli. \ I It ti. ami Vlllih Di.trict* the li?
an- large deflclta ol population. They leck, when taken
together, more than the ratio of one Senator, vii.: in.? ii.
So \ ou bai ?? h> -in-1 report t lurplnt of more than mmm
m tin- lower D?' not vatie dlttni .?which m nnteprt tented,
ami in tin upper Republican oountlea .? defli it amounting
to more than tbls, viz lll.tll Bo fen have here this
double Inequality. Thia nu- treat injustice. At tim
proper time ne propoaed to ofler an amendment, walch
in? hoped would befall i".iii parties and dlttnctt He
wouldstn!?'.? ont from the inn Dlatriet tho t ounty of
Orange, with M^-Oponolation, and edd the County of
AH? on . s. nh a population ?n 106,000 I bl ti be would t,ik?
cn?? go, ss un a population of 17,75-, from tin- Vlth District,
ai.i nhl n i?i the IVih Dlatriet In place oi Albany.
Mr HU.I. (Rep., Rtoex) held thal a representative
I, tine approximated to Iti design the more nearly
n represented the p.-opi?-. Thlawaa very imperfectly
,t,,i,,. undei the preeeni tyttem. Certata counties are
alwaya Democratic, and othert Invariably Republican.
Itmeritlee In these t aunties are now repre?sented? und the
mUfortune It uot only theirs, but that ol the?tate This
mar be una oidable; bul If It can lie remedied, it ?Inuld
be lone Thit ro_jeet has ht. Ived mm b attention bera
anti In England Mr. Hare't ?rstem of minority tvpre
tentation wat highly commended by Mr. John Btaart
Hill as ?nts iiit.ii-.-?iu- and feaaible. lu the tpeakar't
iipinioti. it \s is al?" p::n tiiaiti. H? had Intended to pre?
sent it, bat did mit doto, beean? be had not time an te
perfect ii as to applj it to all the detalla of our ballot.
Yet he ss US i .HIS ill? i ii II WOllld he feil?.lue alni lielie-tii lal.
iii. tyttem of the gentleman from Weatcbetter (Mr.
,,i, , |,'s ) \sa? that latani n a? the i nu,ill.if is. ?sstetn. Ho
wal in fastti of tin- Illili on L'i'liei.il grounds,
i,ut ssit.s i.?it v?t certain ol Ita detalla,
l?y it. however, ile* mimi,,tv ss..,.:?i alwayi
be represented it wa? objected that the tyttem ssouid
distill) tin nnioi-itv government That U not ?o Why.
Mitt retult, tin- /",?/<? svoiilil he represented. It ssni
make the majorlt. careful whom the j oomlaat? it sviil
give the people the benefit of those who cannot gain an
??li it,on where thej noi reside The planofUoi Pea?
ton, fourni? ?1 nu thit theory ol n n pn seutatli i ol the nn
; Hollis, gave thit foliventinn the It I.? Ill of ? sis folll of
i ita ablest member?, who could net have been elected on
th? "iitin.n v in ?nu its ?\ ?tem.
Mi M I.Kurri' ?It-t.?. -t lis? me' laid fin* Mr
II,,, . ?s ? ui im- i w?lk well mulei ?i in til .nein
?ii mveremettt, hut not ander ours. Utaer
v.. n- al? is- in.ne .?r lett represented uiulcr
our present st ?tem, and wen liste ned to Is ?mr leitltlattv?
bodie? K Uns ai-eii..i n? tief reptfetented the faull lies
With the p. ..pie thetii-el.e- He (ltd llisi- i.-,,..| tbt
. ?I ?ii~p?-,.p..it,"ii ? I Ihe propose J .-? munn,.i it stricta
In the debate ousuaTragi n liad been held that the ele?
to:.? of the f-tute were the people Nts? .?ukiits polled
. iii.if.y vote? ?.ni ol i:-..?..*. by the census The
Hell.ile! lal ratio III Uti state ss.i? .?I.,?, votet Nts-, Yolk
1 tbon had onlj anexe?*?!?! *...'-i rutea The Hecoad Di?
trlel die! ti?' ?'??I '?' ?"" propon oin ii vote, lucking
votes '?'h Hil?*?! District hint a deOrit ol f,0__? tot
tlllll III '. IS" HU ?'M '?S t t ? ?'?. till ? llftll 111 .'...J the _l\tll,
till ?? s? ml ?bowed . .1. le it ..I i..'.7.1. the eighth H
ib ti? it "f -I.'." ruell i the propi.??.l apprnt ..nu,?-ut, i!
n,??.?I on vote?, New- York would onlj have at exec
4, J IS. iitnl tin I-? ? ??ml I lu?! 11. I ? I ' ''. I in :? .? ill ol lins.
examination bImiiw? that the rural di trlets cost a more
m-iiis proportioned sote than tbe cltle?, and ti largei
vote than toe averagt po|mlatiou rhesc element? must
Im- take li latO eoii-nii lain II Ile |., |., . , ,1 T ll_. t 111 a Stn !
p.tti} view It would he beat for the Krpublicana, ..- u.e
patW-t-Mb lo bold Kisl to Iii? hu..io ?ii??)! -t hifcUm, lut at
the ?ame time he w.",r in favor of th? larM di-til' 11 1 1:1 a?
.'.i* them to select a better e__a or mt a.
A Hei nilli, ?ni member fruin the ?ny araa b1 _ tom
io n cud th.- propoaiUaM ?if the gantk man from
Weal bertei it Ore? ? ?' t s ?h el.nation of i
snUrage or <?f universaI imae?ty. Certainly .'
i m it-elf. ?iinl na eartalnly neitbei
.?t. He '?< In \eil in tin rule of i,
'i'la m ;...'. m i.\ be the minority of I mm
row, and .* w is pn per ti. re -l emtd be
M.tiiin rea*?i "f Um j* opie ..t _H ? bos, II
waa the principio ni HcmoC?-?c rule. It might
be w_. m hsve the minority rcpr? enta
Usa i,, a m i..in h, i| form of govwiiaaent, but hi??
Inarepubhi ii wa? out ol place. The minority and i
i may become the mujonry. Btippt?c In ?
of A~,ooti votes upon one side ana -?.??nu upon the otbei
what ia to prevent the ?xixru?ve < ommin.e of thai ?I
nriotiog 30,00o vote? for the glven candi. I
10,000 ol the minority voting three Hmea fotbtaentididatid
Tin? woBld gil 1 the mil ont; two -. natur.?, and ?hua the
ml? ?>f the major.ty wotdd be overthrown.
In coming dows aa near to the people a? was ] ?-- 1 !?? Ii
a m a poor compliment '.. tke pt opie that m -1 ite ?>f om
common achoola they wen - ?oyean
ago to be entrusted with tbe choice of ??t?. -
tfvea, ii?- believed In imsU diatrletieta for the populai
bram h ol the L?gislature.
Mi yoiTNO (Dem., Ulster) said that ?the i-f tn-trirt
vTith a Democratic rmtjinlty of v.ne?. 1 an only - ? :, < t ?ve
Benatore. while hall .1 dozen Republican distrh ta, with ?1
party majority, a tittil over To.ooo, ran el? 1 .4. ile
He thought that the divisi?n of Congressional ilitWriet?
was mm h more fair 'han this pi.? ed ?*< n.itoi al plan of
division. He favtjred single diatricis. He wanted U
know the maa for whom he ?rated He ih. 1 .11
Benator? holding otTiee for tbrei ?
third of the sen..te bein? ich year.
Tin- Committee rose at thla point, the hourof . o-eleeh
bavh? arrived, and the ConTsntioa took .1 .. ,--t,,,?
O'cloik p. Ill
?un rea?? imbi da M Mm
1:: I"l'?aiil'I:. * tin-I'M f-.ij? m. an,, : le it? id ?' ro tem.
wi te both ?ii?i ?it. ,n.d it was 1 ? 1 -, forthei t'eaUon
to sel et unoUier President pro tem ii' ? movid
that rii.iin.i?' O. Alvord Ik chosen Pi tem. foi
the time being, and thal tb. kwretan no?fj lb? (<>_ip
troller "f lui b appointment. Tin mot ?":, ? 1? rarricd.
Tin- ( t,!.\t 1.:?m. ti.1 M went into a Committee ?jf ?h<
whole on 'An- I? poll of the ( "lilliiitfi (? (?li tin ' :. lllt/l I ?"Ti
of th.- la?gialature. Mr. Archer, (Rep.. Wayne) in me
( hair.
Mr. PRCtDLE (Rep . Ch? nao co) ? oak] tot agres with
the report of the coniniitte? wtthrefcrci 1 I
att district-. It woidd take the powei out nf the kanda
(?1 the p. opie and pi; 1 it in Ihe nandi of [ki iti? ian*, it
would tei a to establish ,1 regen, y, having its in adiiaar
tersattb? Capitol, and it would control the Domination?
nt political parties. He would have a Connervative 8eu
ate, and "?io ot y< udrea? h "!' or,,
ami with that view ?Sen-ton should be kept m ar the peo?
ple aAd held responsible 1?? their imm?diate rapreeeahv
rbe plan nf miall district? would eonm uraeb
nearer t" the aecompliahmi nt "f aa? h ?1 rasait
Mi MERWIN (Rep., J. 1!. ; in) was in farot of large
Senatoria] Dlstri. t?. Sm h .1 pian would secure a -'
body "f mt ii. an.; pn Ila at aft ?. nt complained
of ; but while he e\prf-.?ed this opinion, he waa oj
t" tin? Convention assuiuiug the responsibility of 1
the apportionment. That duty mure properly belonges
to the !.. -.?l.i'iir, . - this body ?til red upon
tin work, the? were compelled t" enter the )
.m na?and 1. t_san feelin/? must nc?**s?arily be aroused.
It w?e important thai we should not act hi re with refer
enea to part? st party iseulte. The party in
j't'Wt r new m..-, give place to another, and li waa ouaafe
and OBWise to pi*edJcate action with refarcne?! t? party
Mr. I'(?I.(,i:r (Ben.,Miagan) had not at fli.-t thought
he ihould support tne report "f the Coi imittee for eight
Senate Ili-rrat?; but the discue_t<?1 had u'"iu Hi?* ?ul>
ji 11 had wrought a change upon his mind. He luid eon -
eluded that a larger number of Ui?tiier.*i would be pre
ferahle. If this body should laake the apport?mmeat It
would stand forth the first m-itanoa, way aol pa?? it
over entirely to the Legtolaturel It wa? a le?ri?latl>?>
duty 11,. ,:i?i ;'?-;,in tim.? far had here,had shown the
propriety of passing the luhjecl over to the 1.? ?.Mature.
uowevei the ??1 tri Is maj be arranged, it won?.! ??ff' ? t
Ihonaandi 0 be oust with reference to tho adop?
tion or rejection of t!io (. onstitution t>> be pi upo?? ti to 1 _*?
people li au angel were to form the Diotrkt?, ho uould
not give entire satiafa? tiwi
Mr. Ki:i:\AN (Dem., Oneida) siid the Bes?te should i<*
10 constituted t_at 11 would be le?? affected by loen I
? -. ai.,1 Biora tells r preeenl the ?-tat?: at large
ih.iiitl. lower branch of :lu- Legi-lature. In bia Judg?
ment ti??-pu>ii for large di-tnet?, and for !??iig term?
n ?uhi oom? the near? si i" making the Senate anea a budy
1? it 011.lit t 11??. It w? lid secure norman, c? y la that
tody, end maka the laenibare partake more of tb?- 8 ?_',<>
un ?rest and Btate i?-piit .itlou. It would give Hi.it body a
dgher claaa of men than could b< ?.(tired by nuiall dia
irii t? rbt 1 ?uir.t ? ? h ? ?? their local representatives In
? iiili the experience prior to U-til?_ ?bown that
ne f-i mitti waa then a 1 ibli. body than it hac ken nsince.
II. ?ti?l not ?1? -.it? t.? 1 1 r. .1*011 (or tbla,
lut thought the general r< ullection of men would earn?
lum lin? \i.",.. Experienced men would always ??<
lecured la that body, one quarter of the number only
1,1 in. elected In eaen year lie be?tifd tin r?- was?
?eueral feeling that the able Convention nf 1__B math a
inisUkc m dividing up the otate mt?, ?mai. .-en.it, ? lal die
tint?. That wa had not hail a good Ooveram nt Mace,
nui-an utile ead a? ilroBg un 11 lu the higher branch
nf tin- Legisla! ii-.-. BuchaSenate would pibva a eaeek
ii)ii>ii the popular braBtli eli-cti-d every y?.ir. He
thought ?1 careful i-o_?td?ra_ou ?>n the ?uii.a-? t would
confina bia view, ead thal our beal effort? f-honidt*?
. fait apportionm. ita ol tli?'-?e
di ?tri? U. He uellev? d thal nu b 1 parpi ?<? would ti tarnte
tku Convention, i^-t nu eaat asde nar partiaaa rlewa
u ,1.11'.?'.., ;? this work with a view to the publie g????!.
He i,ini. r hoped that we would im beak to the oM ?y?
Hiii nf 1 Iiirtli? Mnnihrri of i.asfmhlj by counti??. The
?mall '1 -if., t -h item bad >now a that m? n were ele? ted K>
the a??< milly. who waelid not have bein thought of for
that ii"?itioi? if the county syetem had be? n io rorea. II?
appealed to the b_i__?ora if saeb had aol been the ?x
ii?1er tin? jo. ?.-nt ( "ii-tiiiifinn. Under the
present enn-i.tntion th.-re mi do head t?. ti t OovernnM nt
and ko would fSvor a 1 ian of going back to the plas >?t
having ?"Hu ort.? ers appoint? ?1 bj tbi _xi 1 .nive.
Mr ?..oki. (Rep ?lied attacka thal had
be, 11 111 nie upon the ma], ?Hy bj tl.e mu."lily. Qeatk
doat of tiieit way tohant up rl rant-?
i?., , immittee had been charged with gerry
in.mil'-: im: th. -l.it. .-<> as t?. m tke H? "nil*
t in making up the tllatiictasereporu-d, ile
question of potttic? did tint eater in the conaideraitlon of
tu?.tn?ttw at a'.l. Tin r?miit'.aint wa? that while the
Re|,ni".t an iimjoiitj in the State wa? onlj about two pel
cent that hy this apportionment the 1. ? would
.nor? t" ' ?"en 1! ?ra fur ti.. Di mo? rata But the
??ommiitee < "iiltl l?"I In l;> tiial. >" ' ni.?. Hi? Util..'
?najii;ni? ? w?-r?-1 ouiim-.l t" Kew 1? "i ??? and .1 I? w ?? utlgu*
on? eonntie.? The ? .?in?tutT? t could Dot tiltil.??' Hi?? ma
ioritie? ovar tin Mut?-, iinl in ne? thej wen eompelledln
making an the district? t,i ? loai
tin y h.id doue. V un ..II mat ootud be xat'.' r?-tl Iioin t'n
oplnionaof Btomberathe commit 1 ilt'iej wert
r? presenting the vi? w? .,( t,ns( tmv< itlon 11. n c? mm? ud
lnglarge ?li>t" lota. There waa bo pi? prietj ia inaainghotli
- ni the Legislature subsfanl ally alik? ,aud there
wau im rood irgnmeat In the claim thal the cou?_t_e_cy
snould ?mi so ?elect the man tn.it should 1 ?? m ut to th?1
Sen 11.- 1 here was no strength In the argument that pol
uni:.n? would more dilrectly control uudertlw larguill
tncta th.m under the email one?. l>. I mit the politii ian?
control the 1 ominatio-s now I He taw the tl.t1'- .?Hy of au
apportA.onntent.aad would gladrj _ave been t? .,< \, ;
from aiiv reapoaalblllty with it. Bb had bb B-f_
?an iee'iiiu'*? in the matt r. He did Bet M
what patty advantage there wea ki >'.
fur le did not MM why New-York ?lioald not be Rcpub
lnan in the eoune of the in ki three yean, ii. taw
nothing now to prevent it Hi- friend- avro about to
m k? the negro out of politic? and then aouli 1 uotlung
'.??ti for tin-I?, nmerat? to base an i??u 1 ightei
The trial of John H. Burran wa? .ti ?at 1 on? I uh d, and /.?
would be disposed of by the time Hu? 1 onveutiou k-ould
adjourn, so that he ara aol lee what w.i?al be l? it.
[Laughter He had prepared another apport.m. ni
Which he WOUld |ii"|">*. It w. ? in I i.e.? -*.n> I???live
np In despair ?t evei being able to make eigktBeaate
diatri. t? ii at would !'<? aceepl
Mr. (AHl'liM'i.U iRrp.. Hut* In sa) did 1 of apj reva "f
tile plan fir l.tri-i'distiit t- II would not ?eeni, au al?l? r
1 hm-, t,r me 1 I'm- 1. ' - - would if ?. leeted
from ?pei'tbd lo? all tat-a Whll i'A ?el Claim th? lininllia
tioas The change la the boundari 1 of district- woald
not prevent eorruptlons 1 e repree? lative men
of mole in.;, ?u in- iutegi ! li sa should tell oar
ronstltuenu th.ir tin.? ;> m bad been sdopt*ed to
prevent corrupti? a. iii. ?? would - b ?>'? ne,
Othei meanaahookl b4 re- .1 ed to .thatend.
The representatl ? ? ' ' P**
At tit?i we onlj bad foin ?*? uat? ' ' ??*?
then it wa? enlarged to? I ? ? 1 '"?"
Thus it had bet*, ihown thal repreeaatatioa had mu
??III.ii.'ed. , ,
Progress wai nported, the Committee ros? ?nd leave
was .rani'" lo.?it again. AdJuBBBad to loo. mk to mor
tow moi?lag. _
TBI nUaOl 1 1 \'-i' m ?At.vi:.-ion.
Q \i \ 1.???'N'. T.--4, A.-f. '..? liie yiinm I? vi t
ha? ne? 11 pnwuoaarrd epiden-?- i,.?r.- wen 1 _k_tf
111, nt? on 'in- ,:?t tilt.
IfOBILE, Al?.. Ar._ I.?An ?ligine M ll.c M??
inie ami ( m .?t w 1 itara RaUroad ezidodi .1 to day -iliing
the ell.ili'el .nil intln.ili II.? ),.i.?.?ei Igt o* w?ie Ullin
i?. Ai-i; .?i i'i::.-t?Ni.i:H.
Lon-vii.i.i:, Ky., An.. 'J.?Knur pr?ttofMt
who were conflaed in the rloyd Pt mtj ail at Scw
\ in 'i'..,- aped therefrom tu-duy by iit?iting Hie
rear wall. Two "t them wer? n 1 reeted, hat the atheea,
au- ntl!, .it large.
We y? ?t(Tiliiy inihlislici. ?ni iic(?niiit ?>f the
lim hu:.'"i a 1.1.in in-ill' Lelpslc, Hi 1, ou a w-i ?don al
inn 111I1..11.111. The mini.? now nid lo have beeu lnno
eeut. ihr WUmtnyttu Ctot*tjereAm sais:
it 1? row icaaereTl) BftBaved thal - colored giri, who
lived N1.11H Mr. 1 ullin?, 1? lb?; p? raoo who net hi? ham 011
11 ' 11,d ihi has "fen lodged 111 jail, charged with the
i?teiise There seems to have l>4*en no gow pc mu for
auaiieetliMi the boi who waa haugof wttiii); Bra to ti?
bain,and it i? ?uiil thal Hie gaiigol murderers imtde a
in,-lake. The pin iii.? who did tia Ij neilin}: ate ??titi at
vet.il ?? k 1 iously stated that the ?ervant? ?it Mr.
Collin? 1 house r< 1 ngnlied them ou the night of the mur
tli. nuil wiia'.tl haie testified to tltir id'i.' *\ on the
Coroi : had they mt b? ? l lntin afated by
threats, ?omi el which wen- ??i-a-tily made on lli.-y were
Bboul Uigivi heil ?va'., m?' it in fm liar alleged thal
th? guilt) i. ?? .1? toe i-c-peetably oo-t-Mrtei to bo
pu ??,..!..! thal they are Repu_lHM_a la poiiii?*., etc.. aem
vi v, LtK.lt tb ?bevi unuKiiae. criiB-uai M it la weak.

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