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? ? ?l.-V li! Bl Killi \.N IS I I l;i I ,;l \. I nu.
-11. AM? -I'SM-II Mil t\i 1 .
'Vlf nu: ?i European intervention in Mexii I
lau?; ' ituomrlheiiiii.t important . \, -i t.? of mod?
ern tim? anl it. hi D the period ss 1 . n the
? -failed lo tl?. filial os .?M.-nss oi I
? ... uti ?-ementaof
Mi? ?it-a-i?- ?t int.i.?t. I ti real motive, oa tin- part, al
? f it? pr:.. ?,,,: [,;,,ii,,,-, |., m.,.*,?, -.n- te st? .?i.? d republl?
?a It .ni the lAiiii'ii? n unine
. .. train eat! lae el - ; ir govern
t m cm? of the ttOtt cn. ? : tim 1.? publiis iu
S ss Wes I I
The i'.i o! lampean hit? rsentlon fal Me.ices?.
-in to li s, b? I e .liii-iseil |.y the- C-NH. h pails of that
..mt: . . ?pre?!in?.!i_ the m t'a- sure-_f nu an.? ot'h'-t ros un?'
thepotitl dpoweret theiroppooenta,thelihttal? -fe*
plhln au patty, lilul of establishing a form of -"?< minent
| tonsoiiant s-ith ihelr atat-BWnta, p
m, than that wldeh tin-rat ?on bad adopted,
..fer ?chu ring its Independence. Atti
?i. ?:. ?? tss.? parties.extendingo\ei a]M..odol more
trim ii,,:t la victor)
opponent? wide h pron re to tin m
?i, |..ri, ? -. ti,,-?...??.?sion of the <<ns eminent, and the
conti - "f the Kip'.
I ? . ;;?i ,,. of ?.'.i ada bj means of
j onie. i, n hieb tiny hail hitherto found the
ti men! ol political warfare ?n ?i p. : ?.? al arab.?
.m I ? "t tlie Chun h part] in _
? ssith lain.,., an Poa
rerthrow of the Republic, and the establish
.i BQt \t the i OUri "I .-pam
.;,?1 prono,?.,', were, at nu-!.: have been
ir SM n- the) i. ??
(tilt ?? p. le I "I li,- i ? ' ? ??lllil
first entered warmly into Um teho-aot
1* wat DM t loilK 1? f"l?' ss!: i- I fir ni
hie. e???i?.?it utiitv for stepping in orosenttd Itself That
.'? .if i,?,1 ssai ?n tin? eonnti.s m event
; - ? confldi I) leved
?tilt ' disruption of tin American I? public,
tor tins nat,on to Intern?te
laror o? republican iM _ico. Everything
mi d t" i.. ? ihe nu.mni b . b1
h waa tin?" _ht that thi pi ii??.! had arrived t"i
12 li to e\?
? hi ftp mt. |. ,<i bee n? taken np bj the i m
J ? or N in .leon. Who fam ti li that ile -ass Lull the- pl-iiln.se
?.i abondant ?lois and benefit lor Prance The s
-..?ii i?s Me ?.leo ol nil pas nient? on in count of in r national
? ually i "in
m m . rent ion movement Emtland?that bad
I to Jeol al ?I
Prance h ?tli toe _ ..?? of that ic to
Me nie an Govern
? - s.i t .'ultim a. J ? .?< r ,ii fool look
???ii ??i t trii ?
ily for the purpose of ? D
t.?. and :.i demanding retires? for outrages which had
been ] I upon the citizen? of those coonti
fin- three Government? being thus agreed as to the
. su-?m o with i. -anl t.? their
claim?, the negol dtcd m an alliance, and In
the m .nth of October, 18-1, a treaty, known at the Con?
vention ot London, was _lgni ?1. pie ?I. in?, the threi Powi rt
to ineke, immediately after the signature of the Conveu
for ili?]iati hing to the
?ia.-it - 'mi..mit i a it. ?. ? i nul militar) fOrreaauffl
clent I l "i cupj the .??. s ? ral fort re ??? ? and mill
fary positions on :h< Mexican coast Without lot
Tiuie t.i Adie? each dlspat? li? el a th e t ss ?th troop?, mun
: ?.-r i :. - ? .tal 38.000 men, and the expedition
? i og Vera Crut em the -?tli ??f Decembe r. i?- i. when
Commandera Immediately demanded the tur
rendel f the city. From that time t?> tli" recent utter
oii.ip?,'of Maxim.1.n:fs empire the history o thit 1
r??in-1 inn ?n Mexico is natural.) divided Into
tiire-e p?riode: the Bret.trom the landing of the Allied
rr?op utz to the withdrawal of the Eng Ishaud
- lah (rom the country; the tecond, from the times
when tbt French, lett alone, fought their wa] t?> Mi -
ind usurp? ernment, to the arrival of Maximll
l .m ; ?ni the third, f ? ? m Maximili m'- assumption of Im?
perial powei to tin Haul timuiphof tin !..
pal event? of each of -bett period? ss? -
pi net .1 .. :!s to r? late.
The .. nation of VeraCrna by th<- allied
fou. - mut any ?litti? a ty, and
iiiiii.-.i 11< ly mi).?se? ?i by the tending of an ultimatum to
Pros , letting ton h tin n spe etlve demande of
ti l pt.seers on tin- Mexican government foi the
of pet h: iitry ?lunn?, ami inn? ni'.its f.,r
ssroiu? ?I th,French and Spanish s;:1'
u the -aine time auaddreaa to the Mexicana wat pub
ill luton i lou of Interfering witta the form of govei imenl
. " oi suth tin' llbertl -
i.,.- ..,. ?wer of.!::?! 7 to the not? addreitsed to him v .
pi.ip ? - -houle! n embark the
ililli. ? Vera Cruz, and, retain!
'.-hIv _?'n ?! ot -.'.t??! mc n, the commandera thoura meet
lum wil ia lard at t trizaba, a fe ss leaxnea in the
?im, for in ?.uti..lion Thit proposition
?.-tim. I. ai ison when the tow '?. or yellow
fever.pi s iii.? ,tt Ve: - approaching,and the
lau . -? s. ?.is from the
. n their intention ot t.i
s linn _; ttlthoot delay Into the interior of the country.
Mattel ? -'.?,. I tim?, s ! ?..r to
ceded In arranging fin au interview
d the Mexican Minister ol Foreign
?. bindo, which aocordlnj.ljr took place on
i i In tia!.s at tlie little si .... ol l.;_ >o'a ?'. el.
upai., .ti Cordova and Ori-tabe, and re
suited iu tin- agreement known aa the Convention of
l.i.s.i lad By thla Convention the alllea wereto be al?
lowed t>? occupy healthy position! In the more elevated
:,ma the i??,i.?t. and it waa ar?
ranged thal negotiations between the Coinmltalonern ol
tbe Ala?-?! i ?i the Minister? of tlie
m ?., ii ?iiiY-rriuient should he formally opened
,t ?n -a'..? on the 15th of April. .??ri. Pinn
:..?ithei .nveiiiii.il in behalf of f-paln,but,uponprt
?-.o the oThi i'Ii ?ihr? !,?iih??, signature, hi .it
?n. d that h.- had been moi Ina too fast foi tim
Frenen The English Minister waa Inclined to accept It,
?nit ti:,- French Admiral rtoutly opputed it, and thoagh
illy accepting it so far s? t ? ? lead the troop? Into
th.- Intel mr,"r? ferr, d it te the PrenctaOovei ome nt, which
inproved it. iiinl i?-tu-. .1 to t'<- bound by it. In
tu?, ? find had airead) ?prang np In the allied camp,
uid so i apidly di?! it _riow that :t sea.? not lona ??? for?- the
iiattil, iii?- j.n_-ii?ii occupying Cordova, the
French T. lu.man, and tie trisaba, and theil
on ml intereonree ssith the Mexicana gradual!) lu?
?a, dependent ol each otbei The truth la
that '???th the EoKli.-h and the Spaniard? began to feel
that they occupied a I iu In the business, The
Euipei 'i Napoleon hail already he? omi master ol the
. ? ' li'iivill?-eel that I) sta? ho'te
let? in toni -tal suth ?m h a rival at the Fr. neb limpe ro*
f ?: I the English he gan t?>
?u?i?. ? what waarcall) the cate?that tin*, had heeu
. my duped.
mis ii<\ SM? mik ciukch PAirrr.
Indi 1. t.'i'l.. ? 'tit of tin- three Powers
hllity for the simple reaaon that Napoteoa
), 11, tioi.i the ouUet, secretl) it? lui minad to act vs uti the
Chare h nails for the overthrow ol the Republic, am! the
Cons ; ? of Soledad, which recognized the legitimacy
of Un-1 ios et nine nt o! l'resiile nt Juan /, itood m the way
of his plant England find P] ug to ti- ii
: be formet ?s uti ., \i? sv
He buslnest pnrpe - ?. th? latter with an eye ta
intuit political intrigues In her own Interests Bat Ka
p.ih tin h.i'l already leagm-d himself \nth sin h Eeaetloa
i?ts _s Miramon, Mara n/. mci Almonte, and e-s?i, at that
earl) p rlod of operation? had determined upon pushing
mattera to acrlttt at toon aa potc-lMe The reaau oi all
taft? .liners inters i-st ? Is? tsst-en the
. ipeditlon. mi tin- ?th April i?"_. the Span?
rommanaerareturned to VeraCrna witta
?oard tin transport thlna, and
di ps '. alone ?n Mt
l in? elided the ti: -- ; otei rentlon
Ihe r.-al oii.i? ?? t \s..;tii the Kiuperoi Napoleon had m
view noss- he? ?tin?- ap. in I I The I fl to tliem
ret? openly fe ssu?i the Church party,
l I : . . ,f their Inten ?. oi marchliiK imun-diateiy
upon Mexico and ratal ninent
Tlie Liberals, on their tide, prepared t?? ?le
; ' e of their country .uni to prateet th?
capital ?' i it-fallen Mexico eonld b. entered,
be y. tleam a ? ordmgly ttrengthened the fortifli a
nd concentrated a large arm) within
matter of h
The patriots fought bravely; in-.r the French anny,!*
ted m the- flr-t attack on the placa with boavj
? I.?! i?s itie- anira] <?f ami
ne m. ?? trout Europe, pnsbed thi ?nam with to mu? h
?: ti- it oa the rath "I May, ian, the garrteoa aar
i-iiiteti.i unconditional!) to con. Fot-ey. Thit ??i- ..
h"?v. mow to th? Mexican cante? About M,flM men, in?
i i i whom -*'i ? ii?, fell into
th?- baud? ol tia. French ; added to which, previous te
the surrender, the Mexican army had been ?lii
iniii of esiis- ?mid i? mliied uii-eis.i.
the li. '.'li Up. lil? SS.IS
Imiih.? tim?! ii|seii<'d to t(,. ms.iele!-, the! l???t no
time in m arching on Mexico, and on the j"th of June
i? n i ;. oie- bit triomphant ent? mto thal
He immcdlati I) i.:/e ?< Provision..]
? ?-.v. nun -nt A superior c< inta, composed "i
thirty .1. ? in -milli-, ss;?- luatltute ? Mexii an clti
/on? of the lea? !ioi.. is- part] were Intmated with the
powen ol ? '
?t ibh -. to the ?. Hill.? r ??! j: I ,. lion
then tumnioned to decide upon a form of guv
Is mi t mi th? loth of July, ?.ml
forthwith declared foi an Imperial t.overnment, ?Ic-sik
n??iiii_ st tin- -ana time the Anhdute- Maximilian of Au?
tria as the Kmperor, aud providing that In the event of
his i .. ??? ].i the throne, the imp? mr Nap"!? on
sluuiii... request??, to aaiue aaubttitute. Tin- thought
of ?uiiinittlng the question to the tutu .
? oi . eau red the ml?
either i.iii. Forty, the junta, or til ? ot .Nula
The next step wat? to d ?patt h a deputation t?? Europe
for Hu- purjMi-e of offenng the- throne te Maximilian
riu-deputation proceeded to Trieate, and li.nl an inter
:?? 1 8, at his eastli? o?
neiahborhoed <d that ?its. ?.mi. nez de
I at are le.li!, win, si as the spokesman of t..
u, i?. ?pitilla)??!, aftei th.- fashion of the < burch
party, the cb h-wl lea the MeMmii nation to
-e.-k, iii ?in- n ? -itai.iishiii? nt ot monaruhy, the termina?
?rciLscords,claiming that the latt?r ssen the
ne ? e.-H.ti v eons. i|iiii.?e- ..i al] thal hue! occurred tin? t the
i-inaiicipatiou of the old spanish colonlea The \
lu > 'l on parchment, and Incleead ia
tin handle of ase en pus? ated
t.? t ta?- An luliiki- in replied to the depulatiun
m the f ii."? i ii _c U
I''Although the mission of maintaining tim imleju-n
* foundation, and
wo.I .-.t noble one, I must, nevei
?I ' e ssith tin sn w? ot Ihe
? -1" thal tin- monarchy cannot !???
rei-aarablisliMen a legitimate and lum baal? without a
jiss' ? ?.i.-'iiisexprei_ii?iu ol tin v.,shea of ihe whole nation.
' '" ul tin throne de jsemleni upon
?p ?.btttii, of the s?.,.,.?; .ouiitiy On the other hand, it
sus il.l be my duty to ask for guarai.tc?-? which art Indit
ti -?? to .??-ure Mexico ?gainst the dangers which
Im ,d_?-u h< i mte<m!y und lo^epeudence. t-hould th.-se
guarauu-e. be oTrt_Jiied. and the universal vote of the
Tunion be given in piv favor, I am reads te. accept the
crown, ii.i.j.it to the approval of the Emperor,my
broth *^ ?
j he posit on aatuinad by Maxlioiiiati In requiring that
t?iepi,,,,?-., .??Uhllhin.nt.friiM'.i.pu. ui.Me.i. .nliouhl
yo?bi^ut:i.li__ilxlltti\oXtoi,t tin. Me._aiiaiip-.uvit. was m
ner?n! inn? willi the o??i-n-ilal?- vi? w*t "f fhe I.mporor Na
poleoti, win., ?libra ?|ii. nt I" the de. i.-?!.??? of the Nolable?
ii.i.l iiif.in.ie.i (ten i "i. ? that tin- action of that body
- . i.ualdered ii? final, but only as pre!, m nary
IO ? ft! bl.I the Will '' ''' "'! "'
m'a wa? ovidenth Intajaded to save ?pp. n iuot?s
and de.-. ?\e th.- world aa to Insn-al intentions; t u i we..?
be mu?, have been w?
?? ' ???T . .'"ini-iii it ve y
Itory ; I hi Lib
,11 ,,,,-,. ,,t ,;? i;, pnblii wt re op in aim? agalnat them.
The ditHciiIty or UM i ?- '?- on ' In ti - ? ? . In those
I ' .. li, the nu,:.it'll?:,I lindiM
I ... ,|. ,,, ii i vol ol the umpire and, .?
a matter of course, tlu Church pain everywhere gaye
, In .1 um i'
th? Pn ich papers pub died r looa ll?t of towns wlucl
|? t ],, _ y ?: in Dieu idhi ?I ni totlie ' ,i ?'H', a 1.
a?,.mt the same time, the deputation of Mexicans .which
badin the preceding War offc ?ed tin Imperial Crown to
returned to -tirop? on ? ?imilar errand.
The \i, lulu;.'' a' i eptlng the Bubmlaaion of the i" opie t<
? li (itally a rote m his favor, reren ed
?i.tiinii ?it Miram ii , and In repll to their addie??
informing bim that the vote of the Notables oonferrlng
I -i, b ni beci i ' i" ti by an Immenae ma?
announc? d to them his
decision I i< condltl?ine, he said, expressed
the pn nous O ton? r, having been fulfill ?I.
and the guarantee*, of tbe establishment <?( the Empire
Se ii i ,d. In a, i i p i d the (i"'"- n Bl tire li uni? of tin Mi ixl
C-n nation, ? be would hasten lo place the
m.man I., und i it rd of constitutional Hw?, aa
Boon a? tb. i ounti j t "mid. telv i' i, :?
VI? \.t bus who love
? ompllahing my splendid
but difficult tu lill make us strong, will pro
(?nu im h? l'en, i and prosperity. My Oovernmenl will
m-ni fot.t i tin- . in: it in1,' n "\vt ?totneilluatriouaPrii e
whose generous ?upport baabroi lu at unit the reg? n? ra
tioa of our beautiful I )>"ti the way to my new
cou_try, ?t i- my mi? n! "ii to visit Roue, to receive from
the baud? ni thi ti'1.' r..the. those benedictlona so
pneioiiH to I ? bli b are doubh Impor
tant to me, as called mda new Kinpir, " At
i? lusiou of hi? ii'l'M-'-- sovi reign was
?I ?I - ,?, e the Kmp? roi Maximilian
uipauied with salvos ol artillery :. the < ??tie
?nu! the town "f Ti :? it? ?'H'" I" ? d? I.?Ii.ida tin ti al
. ?um in the followlnu tenu-.
Thii ' .uni': i ' and aba ?lute meet ptatlon .?'i the
part of your Majesty lathe prelude of our happii
? ? tlono Mi ?deo, ot
m ration, m" it? future .leaim.?? ?very
\, ir, ou this il-i.?, our children will on" i up ti inkagivmga
to li, neil m -'? Ititude fi r our mira, ulna? ?1 llV( I ile. e
As n>r o?, su,, there rcinaln?a la?! duty to lierfonn, and
I vour feet our love, ooi gratitude, and the
bomage ol oiu fid? lily."
, n knelt and kiss, rt the hand of the
I'lii?, ror, and on the ?uni day, after the siguln * <>i dem
nan m.? n, i i ii.;i."i "i Max uliban'? aeoeptanee of the
crown, i conven! "ti lietween Prance and Mexieo a ia
signed i,;, their respective repre? The conven
tlon, among oil provbled for the reduction, .is
? ? Kreuch troops then in Mexii ?>. t"
?JO men, including th? Foreign Legion, which
fun r waa to t, ti; m ti mi', i, ?ii i!> in Mexico tp guard the
t? which led to the intervention, and to evacuate
Mi mi " ? ; M iximllian should
J I" I - J ? :. i ? o
?iieiii. further, that the expeimesof the Preach exped?
tlon to Mexico, fixed at the ?um ??i .~o,ootl,QOo fr.un.- fm
the whol? ? ? of the expedition, down to the i?t nf
.Inly, 1m.i. ?in . -. the Mexican ttOvernment,
umi thal the Mexican ' should mdemnlft
Fren, h subject? for the wrongs thttj had undnl?
and whick were tbe the ?ii of t_eexi?e?litlu_.
M IXIMIUAN i??i Ml ? lill llii;t?M
M ixhnilian l"-t no nun in ? ot? rin? upon the datlea of
lion he hadar? pi d Alter visiting the Pope al
Rome he i '?arked with ni? i-n??ort, the Emprei
!? ? o, and a; : veil a! Vera < t ni on tb?
, itj foi ? ?I ./.?
ha, where he arrived on th? loth; and iftera t, w days
rest there proceeded to Mexico City, Into which In made
his entry on Bundar uorulng, June 13, with ?di
1? ?mp and em iriiMiiH < it is ?aid, never bel.wltm-avaed
: . Mi ixl? " The ?in it? of the <?'v wer? lined with
soldiers, public buUdiuga and privat? houses wen pro*
fnarly decked wltfc tia.-and draper?/ triumphal arches
? n rout? i, in, i ' I'?"
t-. ?salon waa t" ni?-, uni a? ii"" brillian! rorteae moved
ed with th? i'i ii d? i ? of artillery and
tin- n"i?ei,i , burch belli ? he new Kmp
N thstanding the disaster? thal had befallen the
Liberal force? In their encounter? with th? French, the
1 i - ?ut m <i. d t,, hold tin m m
Southern Mex i ; mainarmi In th? North had
been compelled to retir, befon th. invader?, and their
?,-:it nt .ni, rnmenl bad
je,,,Hin,.' to tin movements of thal irmy. Though in the
? , "min ??i ti a c '" "I- "f
men, tin ki- db-clpliiie and m .ralr.wt n
ip of .nein.'.i? and other irn ??niai tn> n*, ai d
?It li
;ift.-t tin fail of J ..',n ?/? d
on among Ihel IO? nei i -. i ?'? !? on. ni ?n hi c
Still, the
..lal although the
>? Lib? ral pari i dr? irv.
tbe maa who wa? at Ita he d did no1 ibab on? Jot of hop?
VTken tome ". hil moal trusted foi - inlng n>
ii?- lie ir:.\ entured to ?nu*.? .?t t" him tlial b
oi the Pre-ldeney mlthl ?i ? n the war foi
m.-nt oi . : ild them thal Dothlng could induce
bim to desert his post Inth? hound ? 1 to take
?i step whleh won?11 ovei the Lib?rala with ridicule and
h'iii-e!i w lib Ignominy,
At the i" : tod 'i m iv millan*? arrtv ii la Mi -..? o Juarei
w.i? nt Mont? ?? - had cal ?bilah? d tin i
eapltal; ?ndoneol the most Interesting epi?od?-4?f tbli
luator* is found In the overture niade to tin Presiden! by
Maximilian, inviting him to ittei I ?? ex-nferenee In the
capita) im th.- parp?te <>f dU? autnji ? plan for ti
ration of i?.,,,- to tbe co otry.and the ii in eatabUsb
1114-111 of the Empire. 1" tbU pn-poeal Juarei ;
reply at onee eourteou? ?nd dignified, but oxprea
? time of hl*> m.-hal i t resolution t" maintain by
nil tin mean? In hi? power the cause <>f whit h be v i- tit?
representative, With then? sentiments alltheli .
the la!?erai partj cord illj ?yuipathired, and Mai
became convinced that th. r?mpire, II It waa to stand al
ail. . auld on . b) .i long ,i "1 ml lou?
struggle Kotnlns. daunted, however, by the firm aad
eoiir.iijenil.? Weil'ii. of lil? Opponent?, I.?
vigorously to woik to organise the Imperial ?oi rn
nieiit, and i" earn "?it ?in h ii'"Un- and Improve
menta aa tbe state "f ti??" country denian i
ii? disposal ni i_?it enable lum to
attempt. Im l_te present, be had di<- Kreuch arm? i ow
m occupation of nearly ali theato?! laportaal postola
Hu-1wunlij, iai depend on : aa t<> the future, be trust? ,i io ?
theehaneeeof war,as well aetaUH tu?>i>ai>ienu?111tying
i-'.iit t? "f the policy which he in?.I _dopt??d foi hi? gum
anee, vis.i that of attaching the people to in? raia by
?hing order, gi vi nu -. -unti to Iii. and priipetrty.
and de -,
moore? ? "t M' ?-..
nu \< non ni mr i m 11 i? ?i 111
, But a new ac toi i laaowabeol tit app?*_r on th<
Hitherto, l raia e bail liad every! ?wn wai in the
Intervention biiaiiieas, and I aa 11 Hu plan? of
the Emperoi Napoleon f?>r a I um li Pn
M? vi " im wnii ii. in fa? ?, t!i - Kmp re waa bul anothei
ii.mu' woald be, aooaer or later, fu : 'I illil?
wa-, it i? tun. the old II iriue, ??? which the
I'lllti <l .-l.it? ? ?tOod lil) Btli lil]H 0 I 'h'
part "f Kuropean pou? i ? to establish tin no-elves on this
continent, and there was tbi sympatb) which the Ameri?
can People would naturally feel for I i th pub ? m , aus?
m M, \iei> But there were two thing? which bad in?
vented thi- i."?, i Din? i t from ? 11
Betten relative to the Intervention lie Uni ?
at th.- nun w hen tin allied ? ? -. i? 'l i ion w. i s diapat? bed to
Mexico, we wera engaged in a life aud death ?trui
?ave the I'nion. anti the t_?30Bd Wai tb? feet that the
French bad all along up to th? time whi*n the fare? nf t
. the ?"'?til. ii " a<lht-mi? ' in the Kinn.i,
?tx|iren?i"ii ol the pi,),ulai will, v. i ? ?nail, ii, express
ly disavowed all lui rclng a mouarrbl? ii ?-"v
einineiit upen Hie Mi Mean people The? h el .one lu
Mexico, the? ., th,.- luterc-to of Justice, hu
and civilization, and lb? iltere?
tablisbingorder In the wutntry, ih?\ would leave the
Mexii in? atlibert] to decide whetlu-i t,,. . would con
Uoae ta Uve ander a republic, " would preiei
fora "f government, prombdna -Ibilltj than
,,ny tin- (otiiitry lind lilli? i In li >,i. Inn now that the
i,:tii? ,it the Emperor Napoleon bad fully developed
tin m?, ive-., and that n had in en mad? ti ai thal the
.nat majority of the Mexican people wera opp
?iiiv eh.-u. ?e of i, un iniiu nt. th?- .M?en,.,n nation could
m, longei n main sil? i t on lb. Mi mcauqui ition \. wjrd
mgly. on fhe 4th of Apiti. IBM, areaolutlou paaaed the
I ii.te.| st itea li.'um- ni lu presentatlvi by ?? unanimous
??ot-, declaring thi oppoaitionof that body to a i
i,on of the Mexican brnpin li rabaeqaently wen) in
dneeonrseto tin Senate,when I waa referred to the
t 'tim lint tee mi 1 oreigO K' ..it,oil?, but was DOV? I repOl te I
im adoption,
An explanation ol ia, however, aaked i.?r by
the I'm in h ?,"Vellum ni, wini h li ii to a i-otTespondence
on tileauhfec! between the t-.o Oovernment? lu that
i >ii,?->oiidi m ? . Mi Howard, na Been tarj nt Htal
iii Gov?rnmenl ei proaalj '" uudentand thal the
resolution truly tnterpn ted the unauimoua aentlmenl nf
?he peoplei of the United htatea in regard to Mexl u; bal
not her and distinct (luestion, be said, whether the
I tilted M .!? ? WOllld?link it line--;.!., or pin",
tbemselvea In the form adopted hythe ii
thal i,iiii I in ?(iit'-tioti waa a practical and purelj ex
ei ulive one. the d' ei?l"li of it t "ii?t ililli,maliy belonging
not to the Hou_ ol I'epte?4 otative?, uni ? v -t ta* ? ongri ia,
but tt? the I'it milt lit oithe United .-t.ite-, ?uni ?,?> far Bl
, ni, t tu? (1 the Becretary oi State wai
till, i I. ti tO lifoi ni the l.overnlut lit "I 1 i.tin , that, while
ni. iv ?ug tin; declaration of the Mouse of Bepreaenta*
Uves with the profound reaneel to whleh it waa entitled,
in did ?n?t then contemplate any departa*, from the
pollej whit h the Tinte?! M.itt - (.im mini nt h.id Dp tO
thal l me p ii-in <! ?n regard to the war ex?tttng between
li.une ?uni Mexieo i'iu? t on. ?im,ii,1iiii ?? showed that
the ?enoluiioii of the lionne of KepuneututIven had
greatly alarmad ti??- Plwnch Government; and although
MapoliTon professed to be aatl?Bed with ttu? aaaurantjea
tlveii by Mi bewaiil, yt t Hare ian be m? doubt
th.it in the r?-?oiution the ?iNtiii?- Emperoi
of the Ireiich innIt have SBBB prt in'iliitory illili? ?itioti?
of the ultimata collapse of bli scheme foi the "regenera
11 ? ?li " "f M. x11 ". Thi?, Ut aliv?ate, ?a? nettled bV the
resolution ami the OOfl?ipondence tn whit h It hu?, that
the llilled ?-tatt .? Ii.iveiniin lit wni.id lint B?d 00?bj not
reeo.iii/e th? bow Empire KoMlnietw waa tot ndii.d
hy the Imperial Oovernnu otto the Halted staten, and the
I'lilled htal? i Miliint?! I" M? -!'< ? WU ?n.Killte.l t'? the
constitutional Government, oi which Prealdenl Jnarei
w ia the head. An attempt waa?m ide, imw, ver, to obtain
iinliici fly the ree?!ignition of the Empire by the l'mt? d
? in i ompliance with a yeaolutioo of the Bonaa .?f
ll.pi, i, adoptad He. eilibel 1H, UM, Ii'in .?ling
" inforiii itimi m regard to etapa tahaa by the ao-caUed
Emperor of Mexico or by any Knropiiaii Power to
obtaiu from tie Tinted Htatcf a ittogiiitioii of
th,- ?o tullid Empire of Mexico, and what
ui tlon han hoon taken in the preiniM-n by the HoVernili?lit
ol the i i,uni state.," th. l'r.Kid.nt n.-iit to Congi
elaborate (liplomiii.i corre?pondeiice, from wlmh i*
npix-ared that on July 17 the French Ministi r, M. Mon
thoion, called at the ixpuitm? nt of State,and Informed
Mr. t-Jeward thata?p('c!.il agent had am ved from Mexico
i-eariiu* ? it ttar from Maiiuuliau t.? the Prealdenl of the
i i.ned Ht ate?, making cert.dn expUnationa Pl.t ive. to
li m?.? tiona on the Rio Grande, ihmiu which the Uulted
-?tate? (?overtiment had made rei?rfcs?*ntatlons to th?
Imperial Hoveriiment of 1 ram e du the lath of July,
?'?>','?? ??'iel ??(inference with the i'l.-siilenl. r. tin neil
the letter to M. Montholon, ?ay in g that the Unit, d .stute?
was in nieiully communication with the Itepiiblhan
(?i.v.iiiment of Mexico, and. therefore, that the President
d. , lund to neebn th?, letter or to hold inter, -ourse With
the agent who biought It. Thi? rebuff iiimt have con?
vinced Mavjmlltaa that there wa? no bop*, of hia , ..ten
?ions receiving any countenance whatever ii oin tho
.liiimtit w" lro,n u,e
H.itoiir ?ioveiiiuieiit had no nie. ..f purnunc a marelv
iie..itivM policy in thi.? baatBeas. No aooaer had ti"- true
d?i?ign? of Napoi. nu become a;.|?aieut tiM? ,? .,.???.
etia'.cl a_ unit the ?ubv??loQ by turee of iilxo itepubUoan
-'-;?? ..-._. ?
? .uvermnoiit of Menin?; and M soon as our civil war had
terminated,Itareatonatrancet eaemed greater tajatat
neaa and a bolder tone The diplomatic oorreepondenoe
between France and tho United State? f? 'h'- year l*tt
tin iii.shis siiiln ifiit illustration and proof of tau Mr.
(toward, in a lettei to Mr liigelow, the United M .(<?.
Minister at the Couti of France, remretented that tho
in.-, me and op.iratiuus of the Preaen araty la Mexlee,
ami it" ni a..:' "ii i',? ?? ??f ??i luthori ty there, wat a tertoaa
, .?use ?if com ? m to the United Bl ?-? ?. Ne vi rthnlcss, he
...ml the objection of the United Stat? wa? ?till broadtt
and in? imh.l the author!., lltell which the French army
waa thua maiutaiuina i aal authority, he contended, waa
in lue' ' -i ?it-.,.no .it, t.. Hie lilil?es- of ta is 1... ? . aim lit ind
the principles on which it is.ound.n_: while every day't
evjiei it -m e of it? opcral.? oui) udded some new con?
Hun it,oa of thejtisl.i the viewt which thi?Govern?
mem expre edal Hie I ine the attempt I that
. h inn 't ?, ni?! in..uni- known lu another dispatch Mr.
. ?I ?as ? tli.it it i- the I*, -iii- m'- put ,..i,- t!..it
France ti ould lie renwee-ifully Informi 'I upon two point?
!? ii it, th it the i iiiti'1 Htati -1 u':i''-'is de re to t ale? ate
Hinee-re irieml-hip with France B? *nd, thal thispoltcy
would be brought Into Imminent Jeopardj uni -- I rant ?
would deem II oontistent ss ith In i inti rests and bo mr tn
desist fiom the pt-'???"ii mit of numil Intervention in
Mexico, undertaken to ovi rthrow the donn ?ti? republic in
Itoveretnenl existing there, and toestahliata upon it-rums
th ? foreign momm-hs ssluck had been attempted tobe iel
np In the capital of thal country. In eoucliision, he ?aid
the tiiiltcl stat.? would not re ? ognite M iximlllan even if
the French troope abootd be withdrawn from Mexlee.
?l in? dist.t is ?si.ii ..t Hi- Inte Btionaof the run? ii Matea
i .us ti um eut ss is rendered the mon neceaaar. from the
otmimatanee thal Mi Bigalow, our Minister ii Parla,
hail, upon bia own rrsnotisib *c?l to tho French
Government that the Uuited siiti? would r cognise the
Empire of Maximilian to ?floa as the French had
deported from Mexico In expreaalna bia disapproval,
however, <>f Mr Blgelow'? tender oi roc-oKiiitlon, the
Pie.-ni?.at informed the French Uovernment ti at ?i might
depend upon our neutrality; and on the ith ol April, i? ?',
M. lnous nde Lahuys, referring to Mi Howard'? pledge <?f
non-intervention after the departure ol the Prenota
troups, infill liii-tl the M II t|ll|s ile V on t hololl. S a pole.nl.' ?
leple. i litalise iii Ml til ?'. tiiat lue l.mpi nu ha-I ?I? < a!. ?1
thal th. troop? til mid i \ i? ii it?- Mexleo In three ?I lach?
m. ni?, the Hist to leave in November, 18*., the socoud m
March, ifltl, and Hie third in Nom tuber of the -aim fear,
Thus, through thi decided stand taken bj the United
st.,!??-. one great polnl ol the utniottt Importanoe to tbe
Republican carnie in Mexico wa? gained The supimri of
foreign bayoneta waa to lu withdrawn from tin . ol
the I numil, and Maximilian wat to be left tua to fan
with tho Mexican people? who would then he in t po
m i nm to ?lei larc their ?? ?ii na to wbethei the Ki pi:?- v. a?
io bo accent ii.the Iii imb i main) lined I ul while
the United Rtate* wa? tim. exertliift it- Intlnenooon be?
halt of the Republican i lue? In dexieo, the ?tateol .i
a that country became ever. 'Its mure deplorable.
\ot?,ti,?, m,lim: ihe terrible odd them, the
Kepubli? o.? mu? el to ililli in ?si's ia i hi eau? of
i i tonal In li pei li n i ; In ?everal enooui t< ra '?.?ii the
Imperialist troops daring the sear, victory declared on
t inn th each it et dindum ita,tin r] ?it lou
i m; ?i m "?i and their hope? homme hnnhti ? Mi
Ma x i in i. i ? .i f?.?? ivoivod lu ti ' . 'ii
It ii i ,i? inen an.I ?? I'll. tin.r i ???? ol till I Dpi re
v eiem i, ?tate ni the ntuia t oonfualon, the Troaaury
item,? i mpt., while then . aga?
meut? to be natisfled, ind I s curren! expoi . - lo be
niel; ami. to add lo tin tppn .,' ',?1.ss it h SUC a i ?I t'e
ol thing* must h . i
of hit throne, the period ss..- ;,-t approaching for the
es at mm m nt t m i ..ni'! i s li tbe Kreuch tr?K)| It
lu these circumstances th t it s-, a? detei I I tha
l. 11, i >. ? - - - i..:!.i'la should proceed lo Euron Ith .i s n sv
to ?i rouethen the alii n? m m? ol a
I ti I .on a I ml i s less ?s ?I!? N ipi I, on, and, II ? . . .It
lam add It lou al suli the 1 .already
tottcrii i ti
tim public an aln al I of
obtaining help from ian -,. I ?elua thua eui off, and
lo mil. m party of M and
bolder < s ?a -, .1 is. " i I to that
?Use Ol tie I ?up.: ? i :
loft loi han lint to a!. ,:. | i . I
roue. At any rat?', on thi :., be left Um capi?
tal, en route io: Vera i orU ibu in
i.? rived ?i d.?pat? I. from ? ? h
I I'llUlialiih I In i I.n if, Ul 'I li' III- -
uni pointing ont the ) i
du allon lu fore emb irh (t I havi
tin Lu.?i. lol li i,I .
time Uul ::. '
and Hu? ililli, li p.nts. i '
p Illili til" I -111 of till i! .
|0 iiiilm ?? mm t?> non lill, .
in im :. a:,ii inones I i up ?'? l> |
foi tin I'l.i e ?, tin s st, ,
foils M i mihi ,.ni i OH ?
li till li sooll lo tin PaplI
lu- ?aturad a pt??? lal ?
?aid " i In umatan - ?
tin Well lient o?r
hy our dom? -li ?I :'.'
lill eons |l Ii.HI that ?s.
, mild. ?I io u?. Our??
has.- given .? the
ill.ill? . uni SSC las. ? ... I ? de
t.. their re |u sit, ann "'ir
Intention la convoh ? '
ample ind libera
P ., ti. ii. .t.-. and "
I .mp.!?
ii .te Hie ptlblli llistltutl ' I
time, Mi ? . . i ?di,
ss IthoUt ? si Iml.ii
the ss mi; ..!
his Ing lu 11, pi ?? t .1 .'. ' . i
nu ss 11 m. i .?si ... nil
lint wini" tin i
Ihe lotterini "i
SO.ii.?* ss..- lend
Hie Kepublli t
iii..?tltutloi ii I'n
- ?m- .it ?,..'?
? nt lu the I
ground tit ii a- the I
eli ? teil loth? Pita li it
s Htm- of hit being I
M.-.t.... t ,, right! ii ni
?roi Wont ol ibe <
li i? tun , had expired
..itil.l. undi
Reptlbll ss.i? the D pla I. I
tune to the n ilion di
the l.ill ?.lil. ii K< ptlblli '
hi? Presidential U na i
nuil urging at le natta the i ?
i-i.,-.ml, ?. i forth n> Ml.i
I..?In.I, of ottl..' li
i.'n i-, uiueul -s lt.. : :
i., the .in -? i i i
oil .Vis i in!., r 1. "1 ti ? ?? , for at- I
te mptini to viola! I ? ?? nut
ol combinations t.? on .?-??-.
an ii toed aaaertlon ??? I
eiunieal si i- uo leen ti
I.o,?. ?I ii mot iiuf th i
be , ? ajoved In Ihn e di I
Mr. Bl
ii Affairs tbat th I
ami thal none of tim li
tin- -t|ii in?- n! I?? ". it I
dil oil us f.he . i '
i inn rinn.-ut, which directed Mi H
it- ih rp i um i-ih it ti. ? form
the I t.-m h (lovellim. nt that I
Imp. ii and <"!?m i ti .i ? 'i-i
,. ?i would in cat ried ?" nith auch i
foi tatty to tin .:.op
pot : une eomplii ?lion w I i bail a
i 11 o e iioss-i'sei. argi d ? nl>
niven foi Hu? ?h p ulm' ; ' ii th?
atkin f h bade toa l.mi- uti m t?>
tubatitatc one ? ompnuie a-i?? . .? n
at um m teperete pal i aa I a ron? ? ?st.
given that the i ram h troon? i ? M . m
the month of M ut I, J :,,?.
bell ss.it st.-iil M MI 11 Un r to Mi ; .ii
ahoi ?? alluded to II? ss a? o ou , ?en
slut m m, -willi Instruction? ... confei sii'h Pu Ideal
.lu,in / on ?ub ' '- doe .1 lii'ei. ?: ti* Ul I I
bl it- ?. and ol vital Impoi tan? to M I s.,. ,.i
the ?.un?' tima au!hoi./i i ? . v,,i t
nml -s inpalliy ol tin I lull ,| ?? .? | .1
bellet that Maximilian would soon re i mel th it Juan i
would require each ?apport and tymn I
order out of chao? ; alto lo offer tn if th?
-Tatted State?, it ne< essaiy,to de] him In ! tan,
al 11 ss-, pi os I le.i they were offered s .,,. i,
, m mi,. ? a ? not to inlett?
Miva .?. liol s lil ile Ihe ,,_? .| ?
i.. 'i "I lo I ampa o, whan the ? b< i .? ? alth
the nireiiit.'ii agent?o! Jual i ? bold
ill, tttl'-t sin li ? ni,sillt.lt Ion i! m .
'I be eventful drama a a. I rapl |]y di
to ?i oin -a- m t ..millan', pn . , ..
more crttii al Ile wa? turn
the c lum h puls, Ul? loma theil
lins, their property, theil all, d pi-uded upon the
of hit cum?-, ?nut WM Were I.d :,'.'!> pi i patt li to adopt
the most ih sperat?. im ? lurt I Um the I ,,
All hop? ..i fon xn ?iel badi bed,ami I
felt Hint apon them? . ?mu
I Sill theil Ma? I lilli I.ill I,, I 'n' l,,t. , I, . :, ,1 11.,n. ti,,
Blet, but actuated, It ia ??id, bl t .. ,,t
he determine I, h ?s,,, ., u, ,, ,
lata, toataad hy them Lo i ?? i., i ,i. i ?h ? ttaelt rate,
whatevei thal at |ht I I be , ,?,,. ,,,.,. .,,< a
National Couvres, wh.s nlMiiiloiu-d, uml u ..ii . r
ne? im?? of Notable? waa ??(.os>. n ?.I i'.--, i
Hut. ?it any rat., it w i. ?j,],,,, t tint tin.
only could decide tin question of which wa? to prevail
Hu- Empire oi the Be pubUi _l ii ,,,,,[
to follow the operation- of the P'.m'.?i..,t. I iden, both
m the Noi I he I ii and .?-mil in i o ?-I p. - ol Mesa i. A- the
i reach graduallj wltbdre.s from tin pe t. tin s had?
copied in different part? m the country, ?mi.?ntrated
their troope m the City ?>f Mexico,prcparatorj t? t.n
evaeiiatlnii, tim Renubucant to..i< po-seasinn ..f thote
plaeea, driviag ral the nativo and foreign Imperial ti
thal had leen left i.? deten i thom . tua by ii?. ? ud ol im
yeal the ss bolt ?>f Mi sa o ss m? the exec pilou ol thi ?
of Mexleo, Puebla, Uuerelai .,and Vera Crut, waa pi a ti
I lilly III the hill,ii- of the l.llii.i.ti? lu, (hi Igtfa of Jan
wary a Beating of Maximilian'? Hintat, ra, oflelal peraoa?
Hic?-?, and oilier ImperlatUta ol nota took | ?,,,
at th.? Palace, to oonudei the state of tfairi and to
deliberate on tha aaeetion aa to whether clroumttanoet
ih inafidi ii the altill? allon Of I lie lanp? lol 01 i.i.t || (u,
decided by a vote of IT agaiust 7, ti ii ii I itlon aa not
adsiHiiiiie, altbonah Marshal Basaine, uiio v.., present a
the meeting but did not vote, expreeeod I, la oonvletlon
thal the iiiiiM-ii.il i -.?ii -?- wau hop. i? ?s, .1? it si,.s apparent
Hiit the gre .it magill it) of the nation wert stnumly?n
favor of republicanism Earl] in February the French
trOOPt lett Hie e.ijtil.il lol \ ? I a I I ni, Mai ?li ii Ita/iiliie,
pre-vmus to th? li ?l? p nt m,- lisiiint a proelam itlon lo the
M? in itns, in ss Im h in- h ni tin audacitj todeolarethat
tim missltib of tUu fawk lil'tt? ?H?M_?"*'V tmH u">w f %
temdi'ii by Fraaoe to [?ap?te upon In. >'? n bat al \ foifn
of Ko.eiiimetit ioiiti.iv t?. their *.si?ii?-? Indeed the
wholeeondoet ol the French Marabal toward ?Maumu
lan, al this period, thou * I bal the Emperor Napoleon had
reeolved to abandon Maximilian to bl? fat-s rathol than
run th.- risk of a war ?ith the- United still? s l in? unfor?
tunate Prince, thus left to himself, prepared to t lim th?.
ililli in necean; aad ob the 17th of February ht Uaued an
order <.f the day ta the Mexieaa army, la whh b be taid.
" 'lo d^y I pla. a ins self ?it tin lu id of OUI ann) Which
hardly two montnt tlaot l begun to lather and
form Tin- itav I ?I? ?n.-il a l.Micr tim?' sin??-, hut ohtta
clot Independent of my will were In my ?ay Now emly,
tree from all oompromiae, I can folio? mi a?nitnin?tiia or
a nood and faithful patrio) '.mi .ulam nee of .iii ?nflu
?in ? of loreign preetare, s??' art looking to maintain high
th?. huiitir of our Kinnons inilioiial l.auiier I h is .t nom
laatod the vaUaat Oea Mat^aet Ohlef at my Matt, aad
divided the army into threa eorpa, giving Um oommaad
of timiiisi to the oouragnoat uen Mlramoa,Cavlngin
loium.iiid of the noond,Ita preaenl .'mi aad te Um
Hill I lil -I'-, a? 1 ?-I I,en Mltjlil lal ' ,11 hist? . . lilli!' n. I III
dud." Vat Uio Mac* ?U4 uusv iu bad -,^ali, and tho
diplomatie repr?sent?t i s es of the different Banmeat.
Powert ut the city of Mexleo addreaqed a protoal to ?Max
itnlliaD, descrililiiK the trim Character of thus.' suth
?horn ho had l.Mi.'iied limise If. |N?nitliiii out the imtiI to
which the foreign rcaideata tn Mexico were now ex
poaed, and de mandina the diemlaial from in? councils of
the desperate mea wanta neadewete ?tsdned ?oh nu?
blood oi nutaetoua hiitelieiies It wa? too late, however,
for Maximilian to extricate blmtelf from bia anbappi
]'o?:ii,ii He nuule the beal -NapoalVon he e-mld of the
Imperial army, ssiiu h ?ltd imt, on the whole, aambar
iimie thai .(i.i-xi inen, ainl took up his headquarter?
.it Qneretaro, the capital <>f tut Matt oi that
name, lit nilli?? north weet of Mexleo, ami
famoufl ti the pi.?.?- when peace between the United
?State? '...s. 11.mi-ut nul Mexleo wot ratified hy Hu*
Mexican Congre?? la uti. Bat to vigorous and to toe
rere the military operatlona w tee Republican?
that ih?- Emperor s.xm fouml himself unable to move.
The Im-identa of the ?lege of Oueretaro bare been so
leii'iitis published that we nena not recapitulate them
bett Tin* treachery of dopei baatened the Inevitable
ni,?' t.? Maximilian'? brief but troublous reign,
i un- rolle, which stretched him llfclcsa on tbe
Oueretaro, Bnltbed the I i-i Ungering hopea of
. tionist? of Moxloo. While lusex.t ifio'i ia to he
deplored, m? true Kepnbltcan eau behold with Indlffer
??????? the ti uim: ii i ??i the I ii? iii? of Mexico, who, for six
long year?, tonghi to nobly t< tare popular apvcrnmenl
m thal . on itrj Pn ss hat "extent the I'm ted States Oov
erntneni contributed bj Itaatoral laflaene. laauatatn tim
? uiv i, Mexico, and to hauten thal triumph,
will he ?? i from the factt hi iefly Mated In tin? thatch.
HISTOR. Of MU. STltlKK?its ii i i. i? OH mik
lil -IM 188 IM BKB8T8 ol I'll T8BII BO li ? 1 UK
M MliKi: eil MIN ol I Ol MI PI Ol MI N'I'.
'Tin Vitltbnrgk ll'a.) Comnirrriol ol' Thin si.?iy
.mt, a? ii m now (eanally termeil,
svhieh hat mittet tim l.th i,f .1,?i.u.iry Ia.-t i luted, or milly
milla, i? noss- regarded, by au partita
concerned, aa al au ead. Mention has prei-tonaly been
m ni. ..i the meeting held at Holler's Hall, mi Haturday
cs eiii nt' last, where n ? ompromlae plan ss a? inbmitte ti and
approved by those pit ??mt. The iron worker? renerallv
a;.| al to be? S?tbifloel With the compromise- ?lint e.pless
the ir lllfl M nil III i,l. .t I s l?g It.
on ni labor has been m,e of the tm??t exton
si M- that bat es 11 i'i t n 11 eil in thi- lo. alni, and the effect?
l. s, been fell hy all chime? of tocietv. It \s.. s rumored
III li. . . ml.el-, IMA, Ih ,' nu the lit- of the folios? in. .1.11,
nais- the s irloii ?i ..ii mills in tin-1 in uni vicinity would
?ti-piinl biisinet? .a ai-eoiuit nf ?i il.ili.-iiity al.t wage?.
ii - of the rolling milla had notified theil pud
tilers th . i ttacj were thoa poyina would have
te I. ,. thej i-oiilil no Ion.er nive $.i per tun.
fused io tnbmit to ,o\y redm lion.and
? i.rioel out, a? it ia now called, waa the reault
mday, December 10, the rolling null of June* dt
. ' , ss bli ? bad been p is Inn * < per tun
uni it waa expected thal other miHa
a.? example ? m Katardai. Jannai f
I.?, the iitit| i. lion Wolli-, ami the rolling mills of
(??., in th m. b W ird, ?t..pp. ?I N< arl; all the
. ?topped al Ui< ? time The ?mlv
? m ope ration? were the following .
I ela Borough; Hiitchlneon,
? o. -?.I,?i linn; til-egg's Mills, l'ou? Mile Run;
and tb? in li of Hu s?.,.?,,. i nth Ward. Thete
nu''? eontiuued to t un .il Wiuter.
? ila.th.m. the matter being
fre. I? ?: - ,1 on Toe- reh li. In
.-?.-"i'i ? . rall i?.I in in.- Trade*'
? ni? - meeting of wwrkiugmeu ssa?
held i inou? 1,000 p. i-.,,:? being in
?" wert made by
rkinginen to unit? and maintain
lad tal t \ -?-ii' ? ol reaolntlona, de?
-, Htm ia. ii.. . Landlord and Tenant) act, and
: i,. til ?? i ?! ills pape r?l
?boring in?-!?, ssei" adopted
n h i?. a iii tn, ii.un ?? occurred
?' II -..-.:'. \s U't, between ?oin moiilers
r ii - - h.nl I. ?a brought lo this city from Buffalo, !?? wort
a . . * the men a i. < wi re o?ir ol
i ?. t . .| the ? * ' :>?" at The Iron
i ion, ni i meeting held on the Friday evening
. . ' ..ailinn?, one "f a ? ? i h stat ?!
?ml to lie I . a Ii.mIs |m- .. ??
.iii ' ?. . ti s?. ,e ..;.|.I to til oi any
? ?
? ? ? st , i i reral of the mill i corni
? ?;, ,t |t ..-|m . ?
' : i i ii
? I'.? of the* - ?Iii. SS., -.
I over I
on the i-.?? ii ? the mill
? .
? ii. th? pt
? ?? tided In
|. i - ) Tins
I s ? "
re no1 >ma ij
t._- the is inte i i
? ipi?- . :
nop? I .!
? the kind wa?
-\| ,s
? i ingalta ?tsit.ti .pi : ?e, and ha?
tai ,'. i o .:?., -: .i uti the i?t
li Iron work? al.ui iced i an
'? i i?
I. .naI ?lui not
i t- ti., i mu
? fi in i.. ? many i? put t;
milla, and i .??. ?ide. ?ble ? ?. n? meut
June : i, ? ni i?? meeting a
? ' ?? i .
The in,;.
? - .. li .... .i .? ? ? i. and in the
..lol.'. .1 V ? ' ,' of I
el ii . 1.1 s?..? al u io Citj _? few
?t list week a committee from the
i. and ace ?- I >m the
. . mel and ign ed up ?a ? i am
i 'in Had '" the last i.itioned bodj
ist, and ral I them I? ?
. s ... li ha?
ra ? ' i" i tan until tia i it of the pent
? m ii?.. ant i i a ,. duct Ion Of nile
.- i fm ther i. tim
pi '.. ol Iron di
rill uudoubte
? 'ii|i'os ni''::', Mareil |, isa?
? I'
' .ni tilt si.. k ol tin pud
h ade of the
I ? s . ainl the Pi i ti-) Is.min
i ni, l,o_o? lion ui?.'..|. ra, i - de peudenl on
s m? nt. i, ? no la
. Iii. Ill f..I ?Ol k. TOO I hit III tl?e? the
? ?: im ?i out o; , oin ... in, nt at thal turn-,
.1 ?. pel ?! >s mt tin - m. ti would h?'
i ! it tin t,m., oi the drik? .
Man h li, the a ?gi ? paid
.it .i.)".'.'??i ,\t this time ?oma of
.?...?in.i part of tin? men witta ssoik
\ ive been out of employment aluce that
t. un s-, milli the DCW an Ho.? nu lil goes
. ?a.u want ,,i i;,.- tame rate would
an nuit us ??...-o.iaai The total i.nat of money, had the
. ?i.,...I ni..?. Himi would have been paid out, there
lh.? estimate, perhapa, wllifoot cover
?mili our elty h.- ?uatained bj the lock?
out it u no u.tilth r that all partiat are glad to me Um
U i in rang? >l
i .li J| DU I \l:v \M> MU < li l/l.N- ifWO! I VIM*.
bis: In your rilitiiii.il i.f s.?t.i.li> upon
i invention aad tha Judiciary," son?...'.: MWt
t. ia tin Citlaeaa' Aaaoclatloa whj Itretnalnt quiet
It MB? i ni., al titue t " Von an-ia eititi if von sup
it the Cltiie lion bat boen or Uquleeeenl
In the in it ter of lin ri t ??li ?li net Ion of ian |n In i.n v The
. '"ii ha? presente?! tot!., l'ouatltuilomil I on van
? ?.it .o .,, (rament In ft > oi oi < ei tain nil
lu thi fundamental law of the Elate, and, amoug othei
In i.isoi ot i? rhanga trott an elm live t?? m my
I h ? ?? I lU'iniai >? Tin ? Utter ?ni?).-, it., s
! i? di.??-ii upon general principles, mil thinking it
i couiu it ion to Ihr e onveution, to make
' ? Bon? again?! Indlvblual? In addition to this the
? lion pi. pared, and h is bud oin ulau-d, a petition,
of s? in, i, i be I Is a i .. i ? v
te K..,i
? -,, st Um hsi teaj.-.-tf .11 racoma
r ? i , , ? ,? m ...
? ? ?
' ? '
ti ii tatet ??( Um i. . I, ? ? ? ? ' l -. i?l-t>..., a? pits? 11?
-? tit I u te nat...? .if ' thorne? ; ?n.I ?it?
llt.t .:?...,
Ii : ? . .. . ?? la?.a ?t
Uah *,. ?mm, t
li .;..-. if-,;.? .,,1?, 'l-l
This petition luis been tlgned sers- generally by the
mambertol the bal of IhUcitj aud, an ma-- louie HOoth
n t, by tin- follow lug i.etiii -in.
el,aries or,,?o,, rilarle? i lerick B Tal
ai.iil_.e-, Al. sjinlei Hamilton li , John A Week?, Marshall
H. Bidwell, Ueo T Htruug, i:? ni I? Hilllman, Goo l>?
I ni. -' Laura,StephenCambreling, lan i ?in Hlrdaeye, John
H Anthon Joseph I. Juruogan, Albon P Man,Parlad
Clark, Hems' A Tiller, .lohn ,1 Townsend, William
Mitchell..John 1. I',.ison?, ('ha- I' S.iutliiii.ijnl. .1 I,sert.
fraey, Cbauncei shailer, Orlando I. dtewart, Cana. E.
Buller, William I. Booth
'lins petition, thua tlgned, hat been pretanted to tin?
Convention ropiet of it are m circulation among the
member? of the bar, and it i? expected thal it will be
"IsTlleil b1 ulm,.si es. i f lasvyer In our i its -, slue?', up to the
present time, only about I? has.- declined to tin it. Ai
ruiti.iii- a? each copy is nile.l wit Ii ?igaaturee, it i? Innis
ndtted to the Convc ntion The A moe latlon i- In commu
lu. alum willi the .Imlioiu y ( oinmi'tee, ?in,I is ?asured by
its member? that the committee is sedulously at wort
v.nha in.iy appiiiiet,-mu of the Importance of tim
matter m their banda, aud eipeeta to .len?.? a Judicial
*ytteaa whieh, although aomewbat of a rompromlae be
tween the ettrema vlewa, while it avoid? most of tim
??s ils ot'nn ?-If? live, will attuiu must ni tia* jjood of uu up
The i'iti/?,iis' aaaoelatlon 'loes nat flunk that it should
?*,LVH,*v \v J.li-, V?"'"111".!""?11 Convention charget of
uffl?lul nil-oi-iMucf ??ciilu?t ptTHeuliir Judge?. Tim ?mu
eralreiiiut.ttion of man] of them It loos?eil known te need
any coueotion of facto and fLgurea, beatties the Couttitu
tioiuiiOonvantmnthouldrequire no better or stronger
tvldaaot lu favor of a i'!i?iiK?e ihan tim almoat nnanimout
opinion of Um Bal or tins,, [ti Koreover the only ??.?) in
whii'h fact? could be proved would i?. to fo before aeon?
mutee huving th., power to examine wltneaae? and ?sen
then it won!,. t?. rwld that proof of particular Inataneaa
oan'orruptioii h not sufih hut evidence tor abolishing the
whoh.ey.tem Beapectfulli tubmitt?-.! i?\ dlreotion of
theBzeeutiveCommittee. A I? Mun in.
Sen ? ink, Aug. i, !_?,; tur. leMt-Wf.
TUR ki:v. mt. (iitrr- nu; aLLBOKO win:
I'll I..ONK11.
A pr.'liuiitiary ?? -?..immation Io t-MMM of tin?
lev Sir tiieton, the ?llegad wife polaoner ol Litchfield,
''?mu , whs li??i,i i omtly, ami reaulted In binding that
Individual over to anawertha charge at ?"ourt The te
ous-ii nreeaated no evidaaoe In bit behalf, bul gated
ho a uuld b'jroiirioi pi ovo that, ho km au mu. _.n. ui^u.
montana?TiiK IVAKI kivku?minuma city
?minin.. -i.i 111 mia ra - a?.Ki? i li i ra?
thi; m a 11.8.
Kr,ui Our bpcriil Corr?ipnn_-at
f_BOon_ Onrr, MoatanaT., June 27. is?,:.
After ?i jilcii-iiiif cvi-tiiii'^ nt .Snake Elver ?ra
1 roc .eil th? frail bridj/o, then swaying to and bro be>
f?ll) tllO Viulelici" ol' lill' CHITt'tlt (.uni nine ?wept
iiwavl, wo Martod for ii night-ride toward the -.11111
init of UM I'i?(k.V 1 nilli?''. 'Iii" inusketu.-s were emin?
ently s?*?ia!,l?*. illili foi li nie sleep in tile ("Oneil. M veil
our coane veil? w?-ro of little ti-??.*, for tiley would
touch the lace at some points, und j nat UmkOO-I
turill? iilor.?" would s?l 11,- like ;i swann of li?es lt.liting
Oil tile LTl-ell. ?Hld pleSCIlt theil" lill*X<?till> 1 ?? ?I? Uland
for liliiutl. r.veii teward niidiii.hf. when it n_OM
Bold thal I _?- t.? wrap my ilin.k lilnnket aiuiiuil omi
my gi eat -oit, the m .i.*?!v('tt?e?4 wearied nut in their
eiloits to linage ii]m>n ii.?. They mi iii to be
I?"i leetly a?'climated in lins region, mid defy iii?"
chilling Masts u? lim snow"-ela<1 in.iiiiitaiills hard hy.
As we leached I he higher bluffs a iii?>.?t welcome
In i'i'/i" greeted us, ?uni cleared our palli ?tf ihe buzzing
and luting pest?. Early in the iiiurniiig we reached
Pleasant Valley Station for bf.iki'asf. I had not!, c1
ils entiling nanu- on the little gtii.le-1.ouk. and had
fateful anticipations of a deli.iitI'll1 nitnintaiii home,
lui* wasdootned to disappointment. Of all the liltliy,
repulsive stations on the mute, l'h-asant Valley is the
worst. If consists uf a narrow giddi li? tween I,v.?
high Mulls, and we ( otild not get out of tlie SOOOl
into the "?lution without plunging into mud ankle
? i? ?? -1 ?. It furn ?.-.lies ns one uf th?' i ?'gular "simare meals''
..I'the must priini.? life in tin? primitive land. A
ni' '-nilli" apology I'm 00??e, BO batter <??' milk, stale
eggs and baton, and bread altm?:-!. as gritty as the
nioiintaiii I? ililli ., ? ?instituted uni bf_B?-MB. I ri?-?-il
nut say that we partook most .-pari ugly. l?aid our %'i
each, ami w.ithd nut as speedily a? possible, la t me
?av, huWeyel, lui th" "liuuie-?latii?iis," thal ?I lt-00
?UM nf Ti-gilH Ml the plains, ?nul thrungli UM inoiin
1.11 tis. I ian iii all hut I mu un al,? that weir nut invit?
ing, and tii|x?n the whole nu 1?. t t?i larc wuiild !><?
band tan*??ing in Um states.
Nine ii i ? 1?- h l'uni Pleasant Valley w.? tea? lied the
munnin, the dividing line between I.lah.? and Muli?
la na. ami the ginini divide Ot UM gle.il Vate!'.-, ot the
Nuilh West. ,Iu?t un the summit numerous little
iprinp start, and sunn 11 ? i it?- lu lunn Rod Hutt?
Croek, UM MoUMmmoat source of the Father of
Waters, Illaek Tail. I>e,-r, and Stiukiiigivatel' rising
i'aithi-i <". mt ?m iii?- range, ami Hone Plain and Big
Mule on Ihe we?! fruin Jetleisun Uiver- the main
BOnn '<? ol the M I ?.null I i ; ivlrile .?till further ea ?' tile
Mad taon and '.allatui ii?e in the mountain?, ?kaili
.'Hld nili_.it?; fruitful valleys, mid anita at (?iill.itin
('it,', ?unie ?ni miles north of thi? pltOO? to lunn the
Mi??uuii. The Snake Kiver euuim?? ?oiitli-west fruin
Ihr ?au trim it until it naehes . lus?- tu ihe southern
lu.I Main?, when it .1?-?' nl.es ?t B?__?__?I) north
w.tnl; theiiio inn. neaily ?lue north tn Lew
istuii ?ni the Idaho Bud Washington line,
within lu) miles of Ihe r?nti?h I'uiindiiry. when it
sweep? MOnnd MUth-Wi?ti again and unites trith the
foi,uni.ia at Walla Walla. If is to the Culuiuhl.l
what tin- Mi-.omi [| lo the Mi?.i--ippi a tributary
irnater than tin-nv.-i that t'1 >?tm ita ??-?tera and
Onda ita history and nain?-. It drain? Malu? and all
of Oregon weei o! the CO-COd- range, and a larg."
portion uf Washington. I have no ?lata bofst. me te
make an a. dilute ."?tiiiiat. ot tin ?i?-?til?n??? iii
in.ii ?s,i!il?> *-1 r.-.a,-ii ?laver?,? mi reaching tin- OOOan,
inn it iihm! bo folly 1,0-0 nil? ? in it? tatt?ona wind?
ing? tu lind i wafer gradi fruin ihe top of the Kocky
lange t?. tin? Pacific '<>a?t. I orooBod it at Bogie
I.'.h i?, in?! |i?l miles from it? sonic?', and there it was
uv el 80 feel dee;? in the Minili cliniuicl. Bud BOBI ly MO
V lid? 11 .?111 ?hule |0 ?hule. Like the I 'lilt to ililli
?.i. .-ii. '.mWi rar, it nul btm defy Um uti ?gnten,and
I I.,id nu holfing hand tu the mai. li of ? oiiiimi, ???.
I'loiii the summit the ov, ihmd line travers,? the
?.ian? bleak, sterile, and lirukeii ? ?unit i \ vv?> hit o,,
UM "''iel side, ni Mahn, ami no sign of cultivation is
\ ;?il?!e until Virginia ( 'it v i? ranched, and hen there
i? nu protenM .?t raoring mon thannkilrlj flotrors
and -.onie vi-.et;ililes Iii the gani,'tis. Sillie dl?t:ilit e
111,111 the city Wi? st i nek the heail-vvutels uf Stinking
Kivei, and foilowed it tot aame mile?, it gained Ita
rc'tiii-iive tule trott Um ia.'t t_al it n_so_o
f.r.mit.? depoail for the Indino ?lad. Instand ???
barring tin ii doeOMed .'?miad'? in the eaith. they
nrapped IhoM In Uieii blaokata and robes, and ga*.
tiiein aepnlobon In Um ??t?ooftnon or on ela Tatad
BOO ?. ei'i.ni:'. as the mulei? say, tin- BSOM " tia rtmt
frigtaiiee." Tin- ?tn-ani has ii rapid descent, ?uni is
.ni ni i ahly I,?ead ti t'?i inigntlOn, hut it hoi BO valh'V
ul ?ulli. lent width te !>?? productive.
Virginia City, Um capital of Um tatritory, wa?
I foiintled iii IMS, and wa? uii.uially nallsd ?'?nina, in
Inmui uf th ? vv iii ul JeffetBOn 1 ':t\ t-. The tir-;
tleis iron iii.i:u!v Bob 1?. and ta U__ ?lay they have
liiaiiitaiiieil their ?upieinaev in thi? portion ,?1 Mon
t mi AM' i ii. if h. ol vv huh Virginia was i m gi nally
hut the nilling ? amp. wa? the ti.'h -f gnhh ul th??
si/eevei found ni am ol' our gold legion0, It lirs!
Itiult np a considerable mining town a mita nolov
Virginia, called Nevada? hot ii hoi gooo into ??apt*
tl ifi,?ii. and is piiictieally abandoned. Out nf tins
gnleh millions ul" gold hive boon taken. For ten
nu?m it has boon Bracked, ?nine ptaoMM Moah ta bat
jmids in width, ami at its lisod ure nuw louiul tilt?
il. In ?t unan." I? ads. Altlitiu_h ev.-i., hu.,1Ml ot earth in
the gnleh ha.? ali? ady boOB panned, still it is Unod
with minois who .tia* inivv bringing tin? inure ini
proTod lystoms t.? woth it over again pruiitahiv.
Ditchi - ha', i- hill brought tKM. lakes LO miles dis
l.ini, and the li v?l? :i?iln- process is now washing don n
Um lund bonks and ?inning the aboodj ooos irorkod
oarth, A nuuiiii-r of quarts nulls hare sircodj boon
ersetadon Um loads at Um hoadol U?o gntah* _nd
when liioiii.'lil down to piopei mail.?genlent and legiti
in.it e fut ti ?u i?i", mu?! make Immnnofi itI-tim to wlll
oviieis. It i? admitted, I b?-OTO, that in? bettat de?
ll II fil or lie I ie I lead? ale lo l?e foil li d oil the run I men
than in Hu stuninil di.?Iiitl. luipi i fett liiathiriiry,
vv',,1??- direction, and Impatient, _l*_dviaed, and
n_BtofBl efforts al dev. lupmeut hive made failures
on lilil?es while pia. lu ii men Mould gather toituiies.
Hil? Wind" lull, m lather the elltlie Illils.s uf
liiukeii and eunt'i",?eil ranges, seem lul?e studded with
UM pic? mu? mot?la. H< lena has Laken a .sudden
?tait, ami now diotOnOM tin.? clt) in .population and
i lit el pi l?e. M?i?l pi i'd.it UV'" -rill, lies a I?" lu lil g worked
Unie, and vii v in li gold and sUvOB MsMI havo bOM
devoloped and taotod bj nulls. Argent.?, M miles
distant, lia? silver mint? which yield lunn |100 lo
?UN? per tun, au?! the I. ad, ul litharge, is wuith fj SO
;,.i tun al Ihe finnan'. The Hth-fp i.i Ni per
cent pure had. and lead in now worth '?'*) cents j??.r
round whulcsale. It will m a shuit time become
ele apir ami ?iipplant wood tot fOOfl-f, 1 leam that
.nie ??oiupaiiy vv ill slioitlv turn out sheet-lead lot th.it
pntpo?!'. DOM Lodge. we?f <?t' a high mountain
lange l'loin heie, has ul ,o dev doped \eiy \alual?h"
gold ami silver niines, and ti? li gulches aro lieiiiK
trorkod Ihoioi and _dg-rt0n.and Jo__ia_-) __roeUy
north of thin, arn jiftlding largrtly trf bothaUr? and
gold. As yet, thy Montana mines have not liad tt>
( outdid VV Ilh til'" ha.se Mil! ills US Ul ( 'ul, ,1'ailtl, llllt Uti
tlle.l descend Ml tiltil" Ililli?*?* they Will tilt c! with
tlu-iii more oi less. "Their leads aro yet in
the infancy of lluii development, and al M point
that 1 have heeii ahle to hear lu.in ha\ e 1 h.y reu lud
n depth su?lh icnt to OfOTO th?' _MBBiWl ?>l rlchOOM ol
the Moiitaiui unid lead?, while, in t'aliluiina, they
nuisl sink down ii eoii?uleraltli) ?le|>tli to get pa.viiiK
on, hut they w?lk oie at a profit fioin the irra-s
louis, with lahoi ami all e\|ieiiscs thine as liii-li.
l.al.oicis coininand ?J?"? PSt day; inim-is, eiiginccis,
Ac., flinn *\% to H god MOSt Ol the ??te is raised by
?haftS t?> hasten opciatious. instead of tunneling and
waiting until MnVnat ?ysteinatie dcvelopiiienl, ia at?
tained. 1 have seen or? worked profitably Mint costs
*..'."? nei Inn to deliver it l?olll til?) 111 I Ile.?,, while ill
C?UfOI nil UlS ?11111?' ?.re W'ullhl he dchv tied at uliOllt
t... 'Ihe hill? in which tim valuaMe had? arc lound
aie m n g ii lui ly adapted to the cheap de I i ve ty of ore liy
tunm Is. Most of tim minen ! have seen could lie
reached liy tunnels of a few hundred feet, nilli theil
be slunk at a gi? at dei?tli fioni tim biuface. Ina
lew \car? the mine? will ho worked as they nhoiilil
I.e. Speculative coiupaiiicM will die out in bank?
rupt? v. mu? pim In al men will make the mountain?.
j ie Id fabulous lilian! it Ml of gold and ?silver. When
it is considered thal these mines have not been known
mino t-.ui 1MB |*MM| t--t tUoy Uavo btx-u nUuo_t iy\
-??? ? ? ? ? . ? _,
?eeeaaiblt fur nihfihlimj until one year agi?, and then
only bj the petiloai overland route, o? the aiment
ee|iiiilly iH-riI?iiin ss.itei-. ?if tim Mis-snuri, it letrOBJ-Mf
ful, iinlei'ti. tlnit liuiiiaii energy could bare i..?t
pliahed what it lia? accomplished lure. It i- not
strange that ita quart/, iniuiiu. ia mont imperfect la
both ina? inn?.rv iiml management, ami therebj ron
iieiiii comparativeh unproductive. Nothwithataod
mi- all then obataelta Montana, i- teoond only t_>
Californie ia her yield of gold, and will this
Vim go up to fully twenty millions ,,| ,,, ,.
?re, with ? gradual tarreen bon jreai t??
si h. ?is legitimate enterprin m diaplayed in har
mun-.of almost boundleea extent and oewildertng
ss. ilth, Iilemiit whether any part of the trortd will
vii lil -?ne li larm retant M mt ??huh capitel and
1 linn ?is s\ ill Montana in time. Just nosv tim list
scientific talent is ?lire? t??i i<> the manten ..? our
Rocky Mountain ore?; each year sviii Mnalift .uni
cheapen their reduction; capital ami marm uia*
come.armed with the improvements ?-_? h-ik?; may
?nil i. ami make Montana^ noss with hut ?oar yettta at
lii-tots. tin- great center ?.f the production of the
l?i'-< lout metal.i tin- continent. It Im-s t lie ox peri -
eiiee ul lim older Illllnntf Tel l .tflfin te? pre?!)! bj, and
it. ullin?.t im pamable tuoon taina have boen a wall of
protection ugainal mad speculation and tin- waste nt
milliona in paral) re legitimate operatlona Colorado
ia cursed hy speculative corporations, whi?h han
not \ itality cin.iii_.li t?. live, ami not Miine eoongfa to
die, aud toey sit in idle ti?, ami bankruptcy u|ioii
valuable minea; bat Montana la open to practical
lui?in.'?-, enterprise, ami s' ill svell repay thofet who
-hate?me to develop her tnrpaning rich
In addition to the rael mineral wealth of Montana
the production oi breadatuffii la now quite equal t?>
the consumption. \\ neat, barley, ?..it?, ami rye, and
Illo?t si l ? tai.les. ?ile |,,|??1 li, I,? m tile valleys ill
wonderful |>erfection. It will startle Eastern farmer?
to read thal wheat fields ia Montana has?- produced
ni buehi !? t?i the acre, but it is certainly trm*. <'?.rn
e.nun.t li" u'liisvn bei ?. ?(m the m-.imui ia too short.
Cattle graze nal all t li-Winter m the valleys, tai
usti alls lump m exec-Hint order. Lent Winter, bow
e-sel. mans s\?i? [oat bj tin uncointuun seventy of
the weather, bnl during anj ordinary Winter the
cattle ss ill sustain linn els.- comfortably on the
grans. Even a? far north as Fort Beaton tney cran.
then ?tu? I. all the year. The Rneal agrii nit m al p?>r
ti'.n ?ii tin 'I. niton ia still uninhabited, save hy tha
tavagea. The Tellowvtoue region bee the neat _?_??
iiiiuii? i limite imitii ni the Platte, aad ii DM-Meeea
he siiiemliT'ii by the ivd mini, ?uni hld?din ssith
he.nu s ?nul plenty, t?. reward the hnabandtnan
The irregularity oi the math to tins TenitoR ia
terrible. Of Thi Tbibuwi 90 oopiea ol the daily
?ne miss-elite nu-here, ami lli.ise received hut two.
<>f Tht Ti,,,r?. ten! me temi-weekly einee the Iel <?f
May, I have received bnl one number. Letton or
papen mailed in Wella, Pargo ?t Co.'t maii-baan
come promptly. At Salt LakeAx received papen ami
letton, through that channel befon the ta?e ?lai<*n
had reached 1 'misa r i.s mail. The Oewerntnent paye
Wella, Pargo.. Co. $1,000,000 or to to earn the mails,
hut they manage to delay and lose to nun h mail mt
tor that bunine?? men aw glad t?i pay then traMi
pontage, in addition te the Oorernim.nt postage, to
maure prompt traaamiMtion ?it papen and letton.
'I In-s- carry mott than bali the letton from Salt Lake
in ( alifornia in then -p. ciaJ maila, and have Qotoi a?
immt ? nse-loi.. -, with Wella, in.'" a i lo s stamp on,
which are bough! and need to guard agninat th.-loss
?ii dew} of mail matter. While Well?, Kargo _fc Co.
ara permitted to bave i-im-c ml mails, i anted at ?i l.?rge
extra profit, they has.- .-scry inducement to cunfuae.
delay, ami loot the r?galai nalia, so as to
oompel cuir. spe.mli nth to pay t lit. m. m ad
?litiiui to tin ir Qovenunent compensation, twi?-?
?u time ? eel iblishe ii postal rates, iiml the}) hase not
lieen ?.loss ti? avail tluliise-lses t<) tin? lltlimst e.f til?n
advantage. If tims ??in ?-any letter? and papen
through in regular tine ia their own special ?naiU,
why cannot the] bring the regular mails through in
(lie same tillie' Tins' ll.iSe ?untile ted to d'user
then pidinptly. iiiul. tare when stopped by a publie
tawny, theil C-ilnre to do ee must !.<? tin-roult of
? mel? ?>ii? ?.- cr a want ?,t the neoeeeary coaeh-roon
ami teams, all of which they have obligated them
telreatofnruish. I found al ?livrent ?tatisas et.
the wa] tims ?it malle piled np, and sometime? imni
l?iu's an- s, attered along the road, apparently dropped
ntl ami ? ailie?ly abandoned. Ii Con gran would
has.- the Far Weat supplied promptly with maila, for
which an ample sum i- paid bow, tin righi lo con
peta with the maila must be taken iron the Con
pans-, ?nul the contia t enforced rigidly. Hut one
i na h has lu in t aptnrad by the Indiana on the plaina
tin? buring, end yet tuna ol tnailaiatter hase u>en
loaf, Wheie is iff UiU the l-OSfinilielit make-tile
inquiry m earn ti I
I franl that the line has been interrupted. Well-.,
Fatgo a\ ( o -i attorad their crippled bones for soma
300 in i Us mi the im.st exposed nar: ni (lie line (tront
Fiut Baandi ?s t.. i..u ledo), turnad them emt t?? iraaa
mi tin ?noss, ami the Imtiaiis, thus invited, e .um? in
daily and gathered then np, until ntM MO nein
taken. I doubt whether then would have been an
Indian attack ss? ?t of Fort Baunden if Wells, large?
A t o had atablad and fed their stink as tin- neem
demanded, fot then tree m inn on the nountaiin
adequate to support thetn. A? 1 stated in a immer
letter on this subject (if ii ever ranched you), then
waa not a bone or nule taken bon the Pom pan jr.
ss.-t .ii Saunders, oui of astable, inn a tingle ?table
neil while it waa occupied. Yet for theeehornet^
eir for mod boneo, claim ss ill be made noon Conon no.
Will Congress fool the billi If so, tiny will par
Wella, Pargo ?V, Co. ? premium tor delaying mttd <_?
st ins in _( maila, and for siippls nix Indians ssith their
exhausted botan.
I hast, aa yet, no meena of knowing tho condition
of things an tha mountain lina between Denser and
Ball La!???, but 1 beg leave to auggmt to toe military
aud stage ant hot it les thal 'Ins test tim snt'.-t \ of the?
route lu fon they expose ti is? let? hereafter, a? here?
tofore. Let Mr. Ben Halliday, foi instance, take
pass-iire in a <..vh at .li!? ?luin., or Junction, f?.r
Salt l.ak?. with 1.unit.-li. n. .?-lormati M eseort. I/>-t
them have the beet of bones lor changes almi-r tha
line, ami ins it?- \ i-its fruin the " frieliiilies " by ti.ni
ing the advaaos teano oui to arase, so that Shannan,
Mullidas ?,. Cn. mas exeieiM tlu-inselsi.?., .io I did. in,
helping to catch their teams at the stations. Toop
would donbtlen aeed tone hair reetorativ? befon
they trot through, bul n ii is their buainen lo r?ro
t etaude ms pasaengera, it would be eanally ilu-ir
lni-iiie-s if thes sliould part ssith any of tin ir hair.
The route once thua traveled and officially reported
noon, (?mid thereafter be held oal to the public an a
thorough fare meriting patronage. l'util then, p:-n
??in.'i'is who do no1 pre_ertobaewindledei scalped,
had luttt i stay at hiiine. tn telei t tOOM Ot_Mt route.
________________________ A K* M
A movement is now em foot funoin?' the t.*ach
ei-ni N.iii.i?K.i to orK-iui-o ti Teacher*' A.ssoii;?tn.u fur
the state.
lallswoitli. Kansas, is nearly depopulated in
eonsequence of cholera. There wen fmui tliree totcu
deaths daily for i.. ia| l
LlAbnin Vandeitioef of Gypsum, Ontario
County, While al work lu lu* harvest Hehl. Pjckeil upa
, .f wheal lias in? on it three perrect heails. nil won
lili. .1. Hie si I,, al si as ot the Mediterraiiean suriety.
Tlireo iniu in TCODM WW8 cemvictod of mur
rt? i ii ?I ?, [..reu.. ?11.> I"- banged svithlti a month, uuleat
tlu-v iu'sliir?'.l in?' alli-.re?t si? tun alive and will in-fore
the expiration of that time PoctunateLy they were sue
On Tiie-ei.iv nu ilevatoi in a manufactory in
pitt-ittu'-'h, Pa .??as niirfu ip.it' ili.y tits braatlag st aoog
wheel from the third story m the cellar. Four _rnls em
ployed there were upon it at the time, and recelvea severe
iiit.-iii.il Injurie - from tin* trighttal fall.
Thr l'iimlcrs' (Lft.) Donner asserts that ,: on
theOpelouaas Ballroad, -nur the overi ?ss. tin? snglaaar
on the train has frequently to blow the whistle to ? le?
tia track of alligators, uni tra. k is ihe onlj ti.nn. aisivs
water tor them to rott on tor atan j mllea, lae train hat
run osa r s?si tal allgatOTS ?inn tat ssater went down "
Boaton has th?se Little jniis upoa hgf banal i
The Chestnut Hill Beeervair, to eos! tl.ttS.00O* the lns.uia
aajrlum at Winthrop, noogoo, the removal ol Kort Hill,
frommo,oooto$1,000,000; tbe extension of Hni._tls._iy to
Wa.-liiimiuii ?t . tl.otaO.-00, the wldenlna of Federal-st-,
tJi.'.ooo, ?uni the New I ourt-House, |000,liu0.
A yoV-Lf in.tn in a cross deal railioiid car
ni er <" Im Inaatt, galag out uihih the piutfonu to _ret frt*sh
air, le meii over too far, and ins head stunk aK?*"1?- ?
1?,.-t of a bridge The bloa 1 ruthed bli bead In s ternhie
manner, Instantly kLUlng lum. and Lhroartag lu* tiody
.?nine eiKht ur nine feet ass;ij from the tra?k.
1 >ui iii _r ? ii'ti?s at a scluieil in A vein, Wh., a
lad puahed back Harriet \. ilson. a ??rl uf 11. .she 1 ripped
and fell, her head ?trlkung heavily on tbe pioiuiil l'ht
poor girl _.i?|i? d but once, .uni nil wat over The _ir', had
a presentiment of herdeathtwo or three wet k? tn-for?
the fatal event occurred, and had re|H'at??dly ?i>okeu ?a
the inhject with bet parents ami oth. 1
A fmell milli \?.lull?- or aeiuatio nionstcr,
ssliitli " pilli-, MOWS, niouus, nuil e-ats white -tish," l_?-4
been nea m Lake Michigan, it is described nbejej
mm ii largi r than ans iturgeon w bleb has evet be M -4*?1?
in the las? t, some ?it tims?? who |i.,\e -ten it e.?l.niat It?, itt
leiikttli at fully 1- feet. li. head MIgtft alni tl-jawt
eap.n lons.
tin tin* cvi tunk' of tin? :.0th of June, a litt!
daagbter of ?Mr. john L Baan, aged eight yea?, whs
it ?nie.- at Hickory Hill. Mji. raddenljr dliappeared. "
was uf tlr-t Mippoaed that sim had |OM int.? tin iviiaKliW
puk berrie.. Winn fourni, she bad waaderad m tua
w noils tor three nights Utid two das s, and wa? ? uni??
rroiii home.
A oeiloivil finid, resiilmg in KvansiiUt', Ind.,
.in ti of lietnorrhiiiii? of UM Mtt ?Shortly after the little
fellow eotiiineiii-eel bleeding, ins inotlier starte.l r?r a
pliy.-ieian, hut In-fore? she returned life hud ileparie-er
Strange to s.-iv, sthortly lifter dentil the SSIfM turn?'?!
perfectly white. We have beiM <>f the ??orpoe 8f B want
person tarnlag Mack, but never heard of a HIN ?ne
turning white.
Workmen aro laying foiimlations <o the
new nluitui.iii for the new tutpentloo bridgs si >UL?*r"
mils It Is intended for the uee.*f foot pa^enire-lHOUiy.
The bridge will be lot ated imt h short di-tanoe fimn iue
International Hot. 1 on the amerh an . id?, ?.od the turwa
House on the Cunada tide. It will roepure B ?P*u ?? ***_
feet. The w nilli will I?.' 10 f?3-t, -Uld the tll<ht ?hoi ?? tom
watti inn feet Tho at ruc tura will be of the u-in-l wiro
i.iii a s, mstlag upon woodeu tower..
A ?on of the Hon. John M. Labar, of Lork
port, n. T.. ii y*?" ?f ?->*: d'ed on ,'^1*,?d*r1^n5'\r"',Vi?*
from the effect-i of opium admini-terad hy bi-eld?>r brota
er who bel?g til of consumption, had the drug ou ha? o
fur hu own nae. The little fellow waa nervout and couia
not Bleep, and on Monday evening tx?i_Ke?l for the opium,
taklmr only ? ?'?n-H I?"1 -*?0"1 the *?lte of * whMt kernot.
His niother was absent attendue ?pon a dyinc d?u*D;?
atftanitoga. Inder the?? accumulated At-llctii.ua the
tiihei tauk, aud u coutluod lo lu* -)?.?_

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