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Vo1" XXVH.N?-8,211.
a, ai%-J-Ttl? nt??*ar? to e?? t?ibiw?.
LoauCN, Auk- 3?Aftcrno?ii -Dispatch. I u
eeived to-day from Athen? bru Hw intelligence
that the Greek QyiOWQ-rt hi ',l iUs (,eUr"
toinatiooef declaring war Mail Mime Tort o
on th. mm ti S?(.t,'ml.or. shonhl the. hostilities against
tlie CTnllllfi ?n tbt Inland of Candia not be ended
by thal time. Ort at military preparations are 1? kui
Mi? or ?a*? ? louiiugcacv, ?ml orders have lu ? n
issued calling -*- Um ??"?"?<? ma-ran o? the kingdom.
Paru?, An_r. 3.-The Am?ricain iionchwl ram
Dm-derbr-i... Ml?M was purchased hy the French
Government, after a remarkably quick and success?
ful tup ?eros? MM Atlantic, has reached fe? dchUna
tiou in safety. 'Iho Mlowing telegraphic dispatch
announce- her arrival m Fien? h waters :?
"CiiKHHOrmi, Arti.. '?]. I8W.
?' To James XV. Buckan A- Co., _'<?<* : The Iniuder
_om hita aimed litre, in 14 days and 17 hours fioin
N. w Yuik Allon Um ni are well. The vessel is m good
wnditk-n. Ahhoarfi we had heal y weither and
hivh Maat-M ?hil. hehuved nobly, and pro'.eil ner
eeff a splendid bt-a-Utat. Wm, 11. W kbb.
Pahip, Ann. 3?The Emperor Napoleon will bo oc
cen.|i<imeti fej tlie Marquis Moustier, his Minster of
Foreign Att-dr?.. on his visit to the Emperor of Aus?
tria, and Mill remain threa days in the Austrian
capital. ,
Evening.?The departure of His Imperial Majesty
the lanilla for Vienna ha? been postponed one
and rata kim. or ntcMA
It is said that arran ?.erneute are being made for an
interview fegftwwa tlie Emperor Napoleon and K i i ; -_*
William of Prussia, to take place after tho vi.it of
the former to Vienna. The place of the meeting has
not yet been dc-ignated.
Tlie Emperor ha? received an adi?ress from the
foreign members of the Imperial Commission of the
Exposition Ch if erst Ile, in his reply to which ho says:
" Tin- Lum" fur the peace and progress of the whole
weild spring from such exhibitions."
Florence, Aug. 3.?William R. Roberts, one
of the leaders of the recent Fenian movement in the
Unitod Mates, is now in Naples, where he is rejKut? d
ta be intriguing wita the Radical Democrats and
men uf the party of action in .Southern Italy.
Pesth, Aug. 3.?The election of Louis Koa
eut-i to Um Hungarian Diet, from Wait/en, (aux s
alarm among the memhers of the Conservative paitv
of Hungary, who think that the extreme views and
powerful jmstige of the ex-President may lead to a
dij_..:rl?ai.ce of the existing political agreement with
the E_ni>c_or of Austria.
LlYERi-noi., Aug. 8.?Th?. steamship Penii.jU.it ia,
C_-i< LstMi., %vLi___ J.? New-York July SO,has .?
London, Aug. 3?Afternoon.?CotikoIs, _>4J for money;
United Hi Twenties, 72l_-l?; niiaoi.. (entrai
?bares,7", Eiio Ka.lw_?y bbarcs, 48, Atlanti? and Ureat
W9st_.ru ConsolidaU-d bouds. Ti,.
Fran h fort, Aug. 3.?tinted -states bond? cloecd ut
1?J Kir lb? 1-fcUO ot 186X
-Ljveki-ool, Aug. ??Noon.?Tlie weather is favorable
for crop?, and the market is easy, hut opening yunta: MM
are unchanged. Corn, 36/ for new Mixed \Yi-< m Wh? at,
13/8 for White California; Barley, 5/; Cats, 3,11; I'?
per uuarter; Beef, HI.6; Turk, 73'; Lard, 50 ; Baoon, a ;
Cheet-e, S2/; Ankes, ?X, tor Pott*-, Bown?Common WiLuuinp
lou, 7'. and Fine American, 16/; Bpirits Turpentini
Tallow,'44.6; Petroleum?Spirit-1, 9d., and Refined, i,4J;
devt-rseed, ?l/ for American Bed.
Afternoon.?The cotton market is easier and business is
?uiet. The sales will not reach 8,000 bales. Quotation*
Loudon, Aug. 3?Noon.?Sugar?Dutch Standard, 'j' C
for No ia. Iron, 53 peT tun for Scotch Pips. Crude CuJ
cuita LlDsecd, 0./c. Linseed Cakes, X10. Linseed Oil. 41 4.
Bpern Oil, ?130. Whale Oil, -Ul. A dispatch ii oui
Antwerp quote? Petroleum at it traucs per I'M.
The -rt-pamfihip? America, from Bremen July 20
__nd Southampton July J3, and Hie Ciuihria, froui H..111.
fcnrg July 30 and Southampton July 24. reached tills foti
oa Saturday evening last. The ttUMMOmU City of Btdtl.
more, from Liverp?xil July 94 and (Queenstown Julv '1 '.,
arrived here yesterday. Our ii len and correspondenc.
by ifeeea airlrala fumicii details of advloes ali-eai
Mlved by the Atlantic Cahir, and other intei eating new.?.
INO .(I'.NK.
Prou. Our t?j?tci?! ( orr*_f.o__._t
Wimbledon, July 22,1867.
St. Switliin has been doing lils worst nilli
that pan o?: th?* year that is allotted to him. If you
will allow so moist a pun, ?Saint Swithin has hcen so
reniorsek-??. upon the saint? without?both Christian
and Mohammedan?that one is disposa-d to fancy that
he must he feeling soiuething o? the indiguctioii ut?
tered by Father Ignatius last Kunday.thataClu?.ian
pe4)pl? -heuld he inakii.tr such an uproar in honor <,t
a heathen monarch, liut the Saint needn't pot on
such airs. The people ?ave fotes yesttfday to a great i
Abohtioimt from Am.-rica, to-day the gteat Javo
boliler from Turkey, but they don't mean anvthinc
particular bj. it, mai I remeuiW well their crowd in?:
{n pretty 11 ?me waj to ^?e the sea-bear at the
Zoolouic.;, GardeM whOfi that wai "the iMWeat
thing. How. - lint ?lliiikil tillie ?... i,i..?.u.
little (MM
Saint nlhuUd to has evidently
r what ii ?au .<; ;i; i,., Jingu ot
Pt._t1.-1 ?_ -""?" ?? '-?.a? I-, ?111,? ,,) U1C l,.,lt ???.iu,
ltim,.,.,.^. ail,i ),;.., biowu upon, drenolied, chilled
aVeryho- rytlung whenever an attempt lias
been n a?h to amn??e and astonish the Sultan The
failure of the naval review at spit head- when the
?hip?? caine ?ut ami became immediately concealed hy
?V.-4,0 ?: t-red broailsid?i
which the w.n. ., ?th, K tu ,,,,, ,.,,.
P?'? ,,a",l ? ' ' ribiiiidad tin in;
where ail r!u vimtora we? HU,\ i\?t.
??Irlaiboi . - from the rooks?this
i?1'1 ? ever since l?*t Monday
Mut. Kl\l\
l'|U ilttXtm JZe tl "laV* W'1''11
in?- *->iiiruu ?io? 1(. at
*s'' mian
institu?n*u. T ? ,.,,. WIl8 80
niiichi.-.. uMisi, fi?,m 1 i.uii". Lonl
1 "r y?_-,_P f_Ml ot l!ly ?dudle and
"i companies of vol
? ,
wlt^ ' Hie skill
*,?lh ? thrown
a.mot.1 < indi of voting noblem en
ni? li j.? :
tonuti 1 small arnn -I
?,?!". ' ,'1 "f uu vhat ?Uli
ol' foi mime (tiin 1
?i ha? n?.?t ?
r.i re_ugne?l
reviews ?a Wim I.
AltLough tin.
lion? of the Sultan and the
? to I?- '.resent, it whs lean
1 1 r einiu_.li VoIiiij
Mll.'IV. Of III. ".'.(???'I I
th. toil ' ' '
__.,,<! I lill . ' ! '
^rr ??S, ilv1' v.slnnueia. 'I __***__ bOW- I
no tteui? Ln?di? ii a "!y ,,u?^?'? ?aflayi the
m Wm mtmu Nfl Ukea ia ? hu??- Mumkr;
?"? a* ? ?? i- ?? ?'? ?
ami the arrangement and tlrill were sufficiently per?
in t toconatitute so much ?>f th? eBoire ___*??,_?_,
The s.ui.t to whom I have abeady alluded showed
a malignant iviroi_iess in rivtngns ? fairer morning
than liad ?toni upon Wimbi'-*l?*i?wlni-li is just ten
miles fri.ro Loii.lon-forsotiie week?. Everyone wno
bad?n;-, thought vf going (.'it was allun-d I?;,?'1'
(..-Id. The roads which lea?, totbe (ar?ndolo < <"":
m4? were lined with a solid Biastonry of m? n ann
women e-chsideof them, .ill waiting to see ?ne tib
rionan ral p iwnagei ?1??' were to be present on use
in . .iM.tn. Ii was 4-.in.il to ? Derby day. Al Mc yjp
.li the ,-in-,]i-j'i( ksiifii ont i?,'?1- 1"'.,,,.;,4"<,
all the fossil oonntry ??arta, the donkeys, .?mi wn.ii
Dotmadothe mighty fringe of tbs ":-?"???. lM;'*'
w? re ni least ','(?1,1.1x1 sim i t..i.us surrounding tin- apace
Mhich tot bro welkt bas bean iu.-lo.-ed by a
plunk fence on account, c* t,u> l__B_"
idle mal? h which bas fa* a fortnight htyen going on
bore, and whoso grand finale occupied the ?norning
.?I thaday (Juni ?), w_tioe evening waa to witm-sn
the erand review. On tli^ njnnnng Mu- luii.c-.ri
.Mm adelaide of Cambridge had st??o?l surroum id
t.v lords and .?-?lics-makiii?.'a tahlcau wliieli reoalled
the old tournament days ss wa imagine tketxtr-tmi
(li??triiiiif"d lo the sne? ? i-sftil marksmen pri?" s t<> the
atnonnt ol ?0,000, in i ups. shields, si I ver mounted i iiles,
-, the most leiiini kahle ot 'wini h u asa cm mu-Chi-?
cap, carved bj Celestial artist?, and rrreaented
l?y (Jlnn.se volontiers. By -M tun?' this lu ?utilul
mony, win.h wai oondncted with adn-rable
grace by the I-rinoeBB, wan over, the music nf
the hmndred bandi was bomo nj-on tho
air, heralding the aimroach of koa troop*? m the
review, 'ihn wai about 5 p. ni. Ono of
the first rerimenti to roach tho ground wai
tliel'.'ih Middlesex, :d the bead cf which, mounted
on a line tone, rods it-, Li. ut.-t'o!., Thomas Rug] i -.
win? ?makes ia admirable soldier. Dut Iba ui'i
ment wini li is al wai s the M ii.-alion DO these oi? li?
sions is tlnit of the han legged Booti Innen? the
?Siots P_si__ia--av_r_aing six lee! in their shoes.
a bo march np merni-, to the tun?* of "__e lli,.*lilaiid
laiidili?.'' The ladies are almost swooninir w ith de?
light at tho sight ol these great fellows, atong whose
ranks Lonl Elcho, red BBanrid and bostarn ?1, i ides np
and down w it li thai ra? li. ni ? piliMii win? li last .\> iii
drew ii|>,,ii him one ol ?Malihew Arnolds severest
?haft?,. The Stots baves drom-majorwho tanaariy
seven feet high. But even be is beat byth< Belgian
(iillin-tl:a.]or, Who Jins hceii the towifs talk foi" two
w.-eks, and who, ii lie had remained I? lund w Ii. ii
Ins eoini.i?es left to -day, li.iulit. bave slain (I
it m ti,?? Provinces as ? giant, li is truo
tt is t? How ha tried to make himaolf the taUeat sol?
dier La the world by an elongation of his Mp and
feather; Inn.?I am not romancing?it is certain that
from the soles ?,f his lutoU tt, the topof lil*- fl athel he
ia toa ie?-t tim i? inch? a ! 1 be Belgians w< re consid
erably aa__sed at reading ??n an elaheawte b?mier.
" Aii?>!en?iTi' et Belge," lui they.doubUcaa, knew that
coidi.il feelings can express _M_nselves in bad
liein h, .uni Bl eined nim li i haunt (i w lil? the elilhu
snmi which greet-? d them at every -*? p.
ThaSoltairs arrival had Leen an_o_nced for sis
o'cloik, ami it In-ha?l popped out from tiM dial ol
Benn? t's clot k as ;m boor-mark, he oould no1 nave
been mora pnnotual ; however, hit conclu on
not lind at once the and fumbled about a
little on the coma. mm h to the deliirlii of .?ics
sitiiis ?he iiu.lt. v. 1 i? hail a kooiI ? h.nn i' inns ol IM
mir linn. Once, inside be ain.'hft?l from the coach
?will mounted a inagnifiix?l a hite Arab s;< ? <l belong?
ing to Queen Victoria's suhle. He bad, ?xhiiy
euoni'li, brought all lln- way bom Constaniniople
hie own gorgiMwi saddle and in nil?, which, with the
siijHilt n weh? 1 si'iiiielai" winch lunn* irl.-aininir at Ins
tide and his eoat heal ily t*_nbroidereo with blue and
gold, made a strange and haadaome enemgb i
loi English eyes to ga~e opon, lit-sat hi
tt r, 1 tnongbt, than any man in the field; and though,
when bI a_h.mini* monH his i \t dwatfish
ami hin t oiniH-iiaiit e wooden, BS he lode up on Ins
milk-white cha: gai and (?Bused by the staff, ? n a hi? h
was um np th. , :t-, ,-n! and -l.ii .!*? be approached,
be certainly* pi? -'-nit ti a line appear
hihi'. i'.nt bis im.'" i,m',.ihlo gravity ii
ion Hy amusing, ile m vu smilea, and be rarely
speaks. He received on tliia t>c__don the most tu
mnlt-oas greetings with tin" most ii tonn
t< nanee. At ti" i , i i a dula had be? n ? n cteil
w h? if a I .1 of li ?ii. ?
??olle( t( (1 and where w i.- v. ail ing?for bim the rMnoe
el Wales and the Duke of Camb ledaimply
a*, l'.in.sh oin. ? is. ? \t t ; ; . ,i i he (, rand
Or.ler of Mi (i.iidit-, which thi Prince wot. as a i<
sponaetothe ordei ol tb? Qnrter which th Bultan
woie. i'ln- -?I.ill-, nf tin -nit in and ol i! ' li
thi!:, by a graoeful maneuver, formed into .?
< m le of many column-? and aurrouni
i?nnt where the royal j".;' stood to review ti..
UrOOpS. 'i ?if lie .lln-? li.nl in ? p. i "i i ti in ?. i.L'l it vv.i .
,.? ni thal tbej cared i ?see than to 'm -? ? a,
_ad tbej came sbambling up ali ?. . m th.
Sultan ami tin . . apparentlj indifl renl !..
any of the turns made by
their eoniii?.-iiiden sa to ti??- di
al some regularity in their ?ni.\?'.n, i,t-. j;m _ft*_
th_mcaa_ the magill tic-en I light of the da
ular ti? s> j ?s ?in! < , ...v.i ?.I Hie li.? iti-li
anny, inauhiii?' wah thi p [< lion oi avastiaa
i.inu.', array? ?i in tu, ? b ii is
here mainlniucd olidcl iu bat ile tb? makin*
bright mark for the foe bj tb? annulling show ofex
ti nt that they enable even a - mall _ompanj to make,
At this grand and proud moment, wueu th? Crinee
was beguiuingto be proud? bt, the Duke of Cainbriiige
?welling with _osoti4in. and even tin Bult?ii giviug
?ignS ol being thi? uniment ?he ill*.
nattared Switbin pours ont his doods upon the whole
company. Tbs rain was '?nu ?! ibu?.-< mcim.ioi.l,
? iu-t windy nina, whick come train
quarter at once, ii.n.i below ?is areli m
above. What to do I in?' royal halies lookad so
v.i'tihed under tin ii niiihi'ila--. Hu liveried foot
ii,eu iireheard lo swear, 'I he Duke of Cauibi
?sod the Prince moved their lip? in what 1 nu|?p
to have Im-cii ai!o_"tnel pinna ti.ieiilatloni. 'I l,e..-nl
taiii aloui) ase?isQ i>> mc bappi . be ?v., apunrently
unaware thai it was i?iubig. InePrin sol Wal,s
stem loi wind with a n ?x> ver bim
with it; the Siillan dec! m -, and ??its through all
wnho.tt ?-linking. A? ,i this w?-,? not enough, tin re
mast seen (..?nie anotbei cutaatrophe, one wb? ? made
tbc re? km lunn ii.is point a li.ili:!?'. The great l>o_rd
renee which kept out the v."-? sasembl) ol t hi*?I
not call til? ;ri "iln iiuwa hod,' t*oiiiuderingthe
; wi atbei -.?? ?he roughs, ol di who could not bola up
tho taliMiiaiii.' half-aoven m atthegates gi reway,
? te Hyde Park railing did jual on? year ago to-day.
The iiifiiif-billie British public came H?>udhig the
I \vh ?le pound, streamed in through and between tho
ni Volunte? r?, made isbunis <?i the dais and
I .-Laid, envelo] ti i"..I drowned the wlnn.'
? '.-. l be . avalry tin d hard to drive thi m ha? k,
bat Canute was not more i,n-i,i","-li:l against ihe
sea. lln beat ih.it they louhi ii,? w,,-, t,, make and
rrve a lane tbrongli which the i oould
? h, a>> they did BS swiftly OS tliej OO-ld, lnul vv ith
bnt little regard to showing oti well, or to an...
j beyond getting through, ret there was two hours
l t?f it ?Q ?ill, JL_Ufi08 ail tlu.: iJjv N;.lfi'.ii .-?.it i .ilinly ni
. tin- lam. .. ia? i??.! one r? .
| diirniiv tliat '.lim;. TI '- I - m.ide t?J iu?-' 1''"'"'
loi Wal.-s, while iln- l;?>.val titrops we?e ?arch
? mg j?,;-t, and ii haar) hil remark waa Ino
significant question (in French), "Are
Volunteers F to which iii" Prince replied: <
".No; ney aro of the Et rolar Aj-my." The Sultan !
did not show by hil face L_at be felt hombngged at
having the rtegnlar Army shown oli at a Review of
Volunt??:s, but be evidently was no1 relociant to
move when the las-t company had fiaari It bad
ki) iuUiiilcl, bllt foi li?' lloo.l-? oi rain and loughs,
to navena- t_en_h_1 ?ih-ni-Daltie, bat this waa now
?it of the Question. The battle was, indeed, di itia? I
i to be ? real one. Foi no soon? r h.o\ the last. ompany
hied i?:?-t, than tbc enormous crowd j?; ?? -. ?t forward
and completely walled ii, the Koyal ?anii-'? -. '1 ho
polite were on the lar out ?ide, vainly sudeavorina t'?
get ia. A seane of utter tumult prevailed. Tbe
Prince of Wales, the Duke ol Ciunbndge, tie-Kail of
Cardigan, and lol. Erskin had to re?oive l_ems? Ivei
into a police ?oroa about the Bultan, and managed,
by breasting the crowd with theil hon a, te ma
way foi lim ian min- win. h 1"- had nowuntorad, 'Jin
peojde took entire i,,?.- , s-mu of the carpeted dals,
lad it was SJOminutes before the 1?.'\,.I I'oliceme^
wf.'i ahle to i*.'t th?- Ducherisof Cambridge and the
Princess Mai y t.? tin ii carriages; they were then
man bed h iln- hen, mg masa ha
lot the ordinal y lonl? ami Uidies, it wa-, oulj b3 1 ??.?-?
ha iistieiitli iii.it t!, ' in .'it through ih?'
in-11; winle the spb;iniid Turkey carpeta and 1
chairs ol the pUtfoini were left to tin; mob. Boaauod
(in R? v lew.
The roj ii and ; s ai iblad soon,
I ni 8p_acor. the
Lord of tb ere at Wimbledon, has fitted up
h ?*|Mi( :..l tent and a grand Oriental feast foftba
Su.iaii unit about 70 otlit 1 distingu?s?ed person
"Here, while tatis rain waa ?weeping ti,? common ?
oi the people, the Prbicas and l'une
and li?,'l,t--i s all a.-,-- n.ltled- at about 8o'clock ot
lil? in'inn,i<?amid a i.ixuiy ann ? splendor ?puto
I?, illili. 11 was all in a marque, orapad cv.-iv
wbers with ihe l-l^i.-ii and fur] 4bflags,flaming
with . um-.,', and gold, with greal tvliito? andelabras
abedding their
1 011 , tiuiforui? of lb?* l*(m.i m? d, . ml the
rone? and white shoulders ??l the Indi s
who I through a marque ol dieu own where
tiny lind h.-en ii'i.i-tiiiiiie?:. lit- grand table wi
? m, an ?. it inclosed with ita inner are anotbei
d ; and ? v? 1 > win ??? dower? a 1 athi .1
with reluctant crystals \ into 11. - ? n t -,
and stais. u would lie hurd t>> imagine a more
hcaiitiliil s,-e.it; than ti?,-? bauiiuet, at wl
? i wer iban 1?' moinbera ".' IJoyal
1 1 ilsmt 01 li?' in'ii'in of the nobility.
80itali ate sparingly of the rich vbun -
him, and <trenk rip wini?, li?- hu u' It und
drove i<. 1 1 ama, in his ?;.i
t had li
carne to nanirht l?v rea??m ot t!?e weather. The
Hnltan nui.t surely feol that tb? 1'ugln-b tiave done
thou very beat ter bun. Ik n said te -avv a genius
for*sleep. Ho insists on going to bed eArly. And this,
with his alsstincnt habits at the banquete spread
before bin daily?almost hourly?enable him to con?
tinue fresh and strong, while his aristocratic enter?
tainers are fast inclining toward a fullillment of
that adjective ?.miftitiiea .(?plied to tliein ; or if not
,. et " blunted" tliev are looking p.ifi'v and J.ale. It
is thought that at the Suluiu't. departure the London
season will end at once.
On Monthly evening, the 23d of July, the
Karl of IH-Tuy rose In the House, of Lords to move the
second reading of the Reform hill which had been sent
m. from the Commons for approval. He gave a brief and
i li ai history of the Reform question In Parliament since
IMS* he did not, ho said, approach the subject a? his illus?
trious. oxtoanoosSM ?lid 36 years ago, In the midst of popu?
lar tumult. "Hu- .pi?-Don waa then no less than that
of a social revolution In thin country?a revolution which,
by a sudili n ??ntl violent prest? ti an. ft ried the whole
political I'ower from one portion of the community
to another. Then? was then an exigency which som
IN'lled those who proponed Unit messiuc lo run counter to
the feeling)?, Wishes, and Interests of the gi. at majority
of those who hail t?i decide on the unction in both
lions* a of I'arliainciit, and pal ti? u'riiiy In your Lordships
Hun?*- m Inch ran -?sunter to Hie ?.hole power and uu
th.uitv of that ?la. ?which uiitoth.it pa-riod had excer
cis>-d the preponderating PffWei ?ver? if they ha<l|jvf
actually a monopoly (u the representa-!--) o* -h- people."
Lora Derby then showed that In Uti the great renters' of
Industry had no repn tentation whatever in Parliament,
ami that Tillages now unknown and without jMipulatloii
at all furnished statesmen for tin? nation, and
pro. (ceded to remind M? hearer, that even that
ay.tem had it-. iiiHilogists., und j-erlians lU
good points?, for the Duke nf Wellington thought It ho
perfect thal lie w nulli ha\e introduced the ?ailie system
into a new . .instit ni ion. There win? one advantage, Lord
D.iliy ??.uti Hi the Minister of the dal, Intliat time over
Um pr?s, ut -the demand was general tbrougboul tin?
country for the " m hole lull and nothing but Um Mil."
Now they bad to iipprt'ioh the question willi loolucss and
oonsldsratlon, ami he trusted with a isetie s? to settle
the question in an honest way as to destiny all cause for
agitation for many years to onie. laOrd lierl.y theil
wt nt through tin piin in ions of the mensuro (which are
already familial to the readers of Taa lunn >'ki .and ih? u
1.ceded to comment OB and condemn Hie til tits of the
amendment of wini li Karl (?icy had given notice. In
coiiciiis-ion, i>?rti Derb] s.i"i. " i mom nadentaad m
amendment proposing the njecttoa of the Mil, lum? sei
Hu tpedi? nt so. h a proposal mi-lit Ik-, Inn to declare that
tin- mil i? faulty anil is not c.il.ulateil to t (fact a licrina
neiit settlement of the question, and yet to vote for the
se. mid readlOC W1"' ""' ^'ew oi amending the
bill lu committee, appears to me to be a gmtm
tetiM Interposition between vein lordships snd the illa
CUMion . ? i..' on. mn [lle.ir, henri. 1 do net know
whether noble lortta opposite Intend t., support til?
uni'lulu? i.', bul if tht y tin net. I have oiilv t., apologia?
in the nui.i. lords behind me for the troiil.le I Luve put
iheiu it? in bringing them from ilitlYrciit parti of the
work) from Scotland, and Ireland, and other ptaeea
Your lordships will recollect that Um lull which _s east?
damned iu such strong terms bas bees passed with the
unanimous oonfenl oi ti?1 llmim' of t timm, as, after hav
...i icon, tii'ong!. a laborious committee, and all Its da
lied without a diM-_ntlent rotee. The Hinr-u.l
in ?ai tuon goes on te dec?ate thal Um MU is not ealeu
lal ed to ?-!'.??( a permanent settlement of the iiudion.
and after giving this slsp In the fa. ?? lo the House of Oom
inoua, it invites your lordships to do away with M.mr
I. Its of the measure. I must declare foi tuyumtt that I
t li i ?i Vc it would be quit? Inconsistent with the i
??in ii v.c ought t?> slmw for the Boase of OomsBous
to send tit ? bill down in committee with such a stigma
SfB_b_d 1?. .1. Illear, hear.I Your lordabips lune a U I
le t i Igllt l?i iii l. UM all the .1? tails of un.v nu a-iite vi lu. ii
tine before you,.uti you bave as deepen tal
,i? ti? nilli ; branch of the Legislature; but
I tin .niie.it your lord-bip?, wita all respect, nut tostol
irselTes by condemning a measure In the ii. -i la
and then sending it down tu eoinmittcw mm kid
with an opprobrium which the Rouse ol L'oiouk
right not to expect it your -ordahipa hand? ,n< _
Ia.nly to express hew readj I shall be to atteud to
aiq ..m iiiiii?.:i? which roar tord-bips way thiuk it
., ? ? the *? lew ol Inn rvilus the de
t. i - ni tin- inn, whit ii. I think, i- ,i large and m ? i
time .. Coi... i ? ,iti\e me as m-, .mil m.i which, if ii obtains
it. v 'II Ita a lui -? Um? i II' < l .? Mt ii
Mttlementof a question which, whlk It remains
rd, will hean impediment to Um progress vi all
? "' which
i ,
tU.it it .1U.I: ?io .1 UM pi I lie I pie ol : I.It?",
Which WOllld Ululer the co,n?!iol. I ."ii sin.?II
!.n i? ii. in.|..- -iiuliiv. He ..i?, i?. ;,.?. ,1 m ?1
tbflUg.lt tlM Lil'- ii nil I .'.."lUV. .lu ill.ill |_"\.ll thllt
tbe suffrage would toa given hy this lull t" '
i. mous v.)". were laeompet? ni to appn i. .tr li ?
bli io a . it. ii. ((<?? ghi 'n ii t,.- :i....mj.., it manner lu
ii ..o'.. . ulm ni bad iii .iii Mitti
l?-ti?eil lb? i\|.i.--ioii uaed le ins? ? air m1
. li,Mt it coa.tl j "l i? .. .?; i ii i.j
'i im i 'eie of Ratlend woi Id
trust? .1 ii al ii" ' ?
;l , '
I ., I a i ? i .'
I" I ? al? . .? it With sell.? mW till'.' 1 li O.K.--.
to lU i ?i
1 li? 1 ... I "I i .ii ii;.r\ol. Wo ill
u. nt but would prefer to ?-model tin b ! a couiiuitu??
...?? i.. ' . I '.i.l. u bo, ii ''. Ill be> ira oi the
from the lb .' tut ?peech
,n nk t?- ?ti Mi I
lu author, lu n li ay of I lo-1 ..i.
<? p.'ii.i m m ?h ii._: i" i' irha io? ..-in-, ha
...?i " We have broken ?J llulaterlal
^M.-ition. We have of M in Uti
Hlateutij nit.? no au archy of nil piiuelult audatotalde
niiu, i,/.,'.'i". of party. If bein elura ard It X* ti beaimpli
tit ion lui ween tin two great partlci ?hieb shall
oiiii.ni the ' ' ii i? in.m?? of the
li 'oil I? li" _.,.i_i ?. ? t I lire. I U!-ll I ? 'Illili fiel tll.lt
ih u settlement oi the quesUua. The deep mt*
lortum i- thal Um evil la not confined to lira moasuw.
He inn?! in rerj blind indeed who diras not n.
ihi ii suit in Hu' i'..?Mnii foi change which I .- arlaeu.
The ('"ii.ii.ri.isii? of . i. are broken up ; things
i.ji'ch would bare been Luconcelvabh. .? t< \. in.?ni .go
are no? I and open di hat. . hi i
1.? imi lu. i." -o Milt lui .'l"ii thal It i.? no1 ell?di
a matter of quaattoo. li, m Is a dangerous temper, aal
lu?? before now Ueii th. ptaeaiaorol revolution; and
us cutt, their i ? great temp
t-Ht? which have lately iwcpl over the civilized wuild,
inii> well leek v lui :? ti a i. mt ii'Hih the dark and aiikaowu
eo'llltll ii,' i Whil hldl M.iji -I . *| M.'.l-.. .- .'lie l"i?'lilig
us. [Hear, bear.] You are nasarding pint upon a
country of o d trail it io i-, where the arm of toil I nun ted
and ? ?vitod, whose commerce reata ?pon a prctur?ous
im ii;_ mu! Un oouditlous of who.'- sotiiiy aie ?
aim mil lal."
Hie urged Lord Derby to atseal Um ...dis
till".In.?i nu!, alni the J.u.ic ol Marlborough lilMsCd Ibu
;. et h ih fending the Govei nment
<ni il.e followmgday, Hu 2v.i1, the deb?ale mun resumed
? "ti Ul tilt' ?? iii lil.- tii.H li
t...muletea change, being in that
m.h i ni.j? . llouablt limn Mr. (ilaiUtoue*. x ; Pran
ihi ti bill. i. ii.. d, and when once iu?ib .pio
i". Itlou bad Vi i n made it coula not be rstnetedj it m;is
bopclessto look upon it as auything bli. unotli.-r step lo?
ward universal suffrage, Wbkn could barolynn resljtid
ir. ln-r.i?!i had li il"p< op!.'i.? n
gani the frai.chlne, no1 ss s mut, but se a rignt The
in. ;i HU , l,e . i.l.. . neil, must lc.nl t.? ll.e -up) ein.icv ti
??? '"". i . iu.it when (bat time ram? tin'nid
Institutions 11 the country- the Church and the House ol
i ii '. Id hardly be allowed long to remalu, and the
present? i "i proi>erty would be called In quee
? ol pt : "ii.ii p,i;, ii.i ui oi rates and of
le idince would, lu his opinion, tra liiaufllcieut to Insure
Uni th? sower ahould not pat? Into the hands of
the Ignunml and the ii ? vu-", ile t mi' indeil a p? ture ?f
Un n-ftull of] tthl measure by declsrlng bia liellel
Jhat the tendency of thlUKi was toward the cal ibliabniout
"" .'I., oi'.' ': '; -lUll; ?lnlein doubted win thei silt li noli i.t
chai.?. ? would be lor1 "-?li)1.,"1'"' |M "??'"? F-st ii would be
the duty of uli to staud hy in? .ouutiy under any ciicum
-?tHiic-H. ' ? te v?
The Lord Chancellor defended the bill, which he main
taint ?I bad ta ? n well eonaidered, and wa_ -.iti-iuttory to
the majority i,l (hu ua\iou.
The Dnl "'i trgyll uni i.ot adopt the rioomy anticipa?
tions of 1-ont Hhutteabui y, bul hs allowed thal tin mil aid
propose to ititi t great i hangi ? H' refused oredit to the
Qoverument foi any merit in conuevUou siith ihc meas
tue. as their -lune had been, no1 conara Ion. hut eotnph le
surrender of all their former positions. The aortton of
the bill relating to the horoogn franchiM be declared fo
be subiitan?al?y Identical with thal propounded hy .'.'..
Bright in 1 , which waa then deuouncA by the mern
bon of Um present Uovenuaeat as de-oeeratu in i i
TheI)uk#Df Richmond vindicated the < onsutency of
tin .i;?? luiii ni m proposing u measure of Heform, ds
I party bad an cxrlualvi right to deal With
i '.v bleb .'iii-i it ii tin- wbols nation.
U?rd Houghton rejoi. ed thal the oh> 11_? which he had
. iii. a v oi,i.i in- attained l?. Hu jiaaMii? of tin?, bill,
but regrett?t d that, as lu the Instant ??? "f ? atnobc l.uiau
t a j ?. .lion .uni Hie c.ain Cm ?'ii.-p. ..1, it should be by Um
agency of .hoes who had, up ti the leal moment, i>. en the
/.eiilous opponcuta of such measure?. Ile, however, rs
minded tua bearers that m a nea ami democratic House
.,f ( oiniiion- m iny stn i,ii ?jin hin.a- v. .mill lu? mooted hy
which theil i uliug. aud their pivpo-Hesaious would be
, Un iuu?l prepara tbenuelvea to meet such
fair and candid spirit, and if the? did so he
: i?.i!, lu apprehend a diminution of tin ju,t, 1U.
ii that ( h,Hillier.
UnrdHarrowby enid no1 perceive why tin ,??.,
?in. ure of DemoeraUc mh^ thould Ira '-itt, r. :.t ii, Englaud
from what 1th dbecninotuer emu.huh where u hmi
pievaih'd. and tberelore the quentlou hhould Ira bow to
extend the ?uffrago without concentrating ali power lu
li ol lh. poorest of the conimuniiy.
Lind launs defended the gnard?ii Houaehold Suffrage
as a tafe snd propel arrangement, li being iiupobaihie to
exjract that any mere Uguie ol rating or rental would re?
malu undlaturbed. He contended that tin possible dan
oin lite, i im!.i Hutt.ni', bad beengi-eaUy
exaggerated, ttaut the so-called checks or safi
would have been uaelese, and thal be regarded tbia hill
M ii i ?un?.?': viitive measure, beeauae be belMved :i wo lid
-treugtht .i and mu mt.nu Um InatltuUons of the country
I/uil lili?--?? ii saul be had beeu ready tosunperi any
p which ahould eufraucli ' srusans, and
. ? prepured to mt cede to uni scbi nu wl kli
ahuiild proiulae h aettlemeiit ol ibe Keb nu question fm a
considerable period ol time, nut th.-lull now propo?^i,
red to li i., v.o.?i.l ?nil lo achieve linn?, oldeetn.
..itl.t would also encourage the eleeUou of iguorant hut
hy ii.iiii? ol corrupt expenditure.
While ne did not abare'tas aupre?n-n-.?.n? oi run;,- a* to
l.c ( Iii elM.I Uoilsclionl Mitfilig.', be did -int.? ipiUc nu
. i n pt ion al election? uiuf. i au? h
a.?' Km -!._? iiihi. of K. diMiihutnin we? !.?
? '
tlon to which they were eutitled, and hy meat? ol ?hit h
any innovating tide from the new borough souatituen. ..???
cvttid M re?s??vd. A_l-_uu|h eaterlahung-sUong u?_...
of the i?re*4ent bill he thought the norme ought not to
eunport th? amendim tit proposed. .
Lord Darby, obrwrvniH that the amendment appcAred
tob? quite numtnported, exprimid hi? satisfaction with
the debate, ;,? .titk?>ii?*li in.inv .ilijcetions had been rained
against the tim, tut; di?-, tors had taken various and
mutualli ?I in., in, -iii.ii,,;., fin m walsh he argued that
tin plan piopajij*>d ui the hill waa a reasonable and ?aie
Lord Ona saM that as bis resolution had not received
UM support le had anticipated, lie sin did ?n't pii'SS it
Th? amendment wits negatived, and the bill waa read a
??eATontl time.
Oa.the._d. In*the Honte of Common?, Mr. Disraeli
moved the second reading of the Beyal ""arks hill, which
I?rov ides that liereuft? r no pulHic mating or deraon?tra?
tion can take place m any o? the Royal Parks without the
consent of the Hanger.
Mr. P. A. Taylor moved that the bill be sent ft second
time that day six months, cn the omi that it wa? an
interference with the right of public meeting.
Mr Hardy Bupport*u.l tin? tinasur?'. and Mr. J. 8. Mill
made a forcible speech again?!. It waa ptwsed, however,
hy a largo majority.
two i nu n r. TBiciipns.
The Ulrmlnghani election nae terminated in the return
of Mr. I ?non, the Liberal candidate, hy a large niajority.
The number? were: for Mr. Dixon, 5,819; Mr. Lloyd, 4,214.
Majority, l.fios. The Liberal candidate has also b? ii re
turned for ?'<,v< uti v, beating tho DOiST Mr. Bul??ekI I", r
rnnd. Mr. Jact'b liright (brother to John) has beau te
Ic-cted a? a cundill,it?; fur MaiichesUr at the licit election,
in order to oubt Mr. Edwin Junie??, ab A<liUhtuii'?-.
During the Utting? of Purlituneut on tlio Md, the
Billian of Turkey vUitcd both lions?'? and
was received with every mark of distinction.
Ho was on tin Md of'July entertained by tho Duke of
Puthcrland at a graud banquet ; bo afterward, lionoreo*
tin Boral Horticultural H.sl.ty with hi? fli-i-scnO?- at a
mldim-lit fete at ?South Kensington. A grand public re?
ception at the Turkish lamb asm* and several other < h
|ag? meats bare i" di (nun upon account of the lamented
death of Madame Mu-nins, winch event ha?, it ia ?aid,
seriou-.lv ufrt?ct?<i th<" ?pints of the Sultan.
in-fore taking his depart?rs from England the Sultan of
Turkey, by the hand- of lil? Foreign Secretary, ! nail Pa*
?ha. tranmiutteit _2,50?l to tho Lotil Mayor of LO?dOD.tO
he distributed anning the poor of Hint city. Ile alni left
Abott to be divided among the ofhYlals of tho Houth-K.nM
ern Hail-ay who lind indulged the train? inwlilili he
traveled toantlfn'ii Ia.iiulou. From CalaU tho bukali
sont the follow m.-1. h gram:
"('AUis.Jiilv'M HAT -TobisKoyallTlghneiw,the l'iince
of Wales, London At the moiiient of quit?OB the royal
va? lit, ntnl, ?ii my parting from the Ilritish flag. I fi 11 a
?t'-lr?' t.? thank on? ssore Her If-Jest* the tim en for the
kiiitliif?..- which ?he lias ?bown to un-; and her people, for
tin- ree? ptloa whii h th? t have mi >ot?ed me. i ?nu ?iiually
frat.fiii t-i roar Boj ii fllgtino? for all your attentions.
pi ?v Muli, io good as lo transmit ttle ezpret"sion of my
sent buen t s to H 1: It the iniKe of CauiliTiilge, und to
Blake known Bl Hie ?aims tbus t<> UM valiant anny of the
Qaeen, bj the roMeofita Ujastrio-i taklet, how inn? i. I
am iiiii)"?"l bv thi sympathies whi-h they aaveshowB to
?ne, .nul how mut li I am it? mlmin-r. I hog your Royal
HlchniMta "'-" to convey my tluinks to the l.iave im
brill?ui( royal n ivy, wbi.-u has given mm no nublo a ?ix-e
tacle nf It.- power iilld of It? lil.iKIillh fin o.
" Amu la A/i/ Khan (Oh board the Royal yacht Os?
borne) "
'1 he riiiltaii paid but one prlvnte visit durnig lils ?tay in
London, and that waa to Lady Palmer-ton. H< rt_tertto
hi lailv-hli? thal Lord I'liliiur-lt'ii wiut the Kncli-liiiiuu
whom ii?' in?, t v, i hed to -M't, mu? he raine to pay hoiuHgc
to hi? n.une my vi. itnig hev Indi .-hip.
His .?luje-ty i? Mild tt, have pi. .-? tiled til?*" PrllicrssAlice
?Who rtp.-t Milled the <'iic<-u in the State festivitn
a tl'Unninl iii rklac?- of gn at value.
Th? Veiu.v ?if KcyM in. wh ' a m ? ---11111-4 ni present to
the wife i.i ihe lord .May or ol I en-IB
fit A m i:.
Ita NOMBI (?1 WAR.
'I'll- Costin, "tal ? -orri >[u?ii?lentrt mc r\t n. host
for row tokens of ??torro. The story li a mt?- from M.
de Minihiicr to M. lienedetti, threatening an Intervention
1?; Krame ia tlir N?u : h ."?'<? ti I? -wig negothition? li.twun
PiiisuKi and I't'ii'ii.iik, is .it livt abandoned. The I um li
feat?all hesHS lu Kum:? will have it that Al? *. nu1er :.i
??lily waatiag ts ? reaMss " sa n?e loan? to be lauashed ?>n
Ihe Parin mid bS__Sa exchange s. in order to fort ?, ni au
?irmrd solution of th<* KMtern qiiestititi. Napoleon loses
noopportui ; ? i,, i <>n< ihiite l'iiglaml no I?' mik Ku-?i;i
witii.ii.iv.' fron i,;- ? manm??-?. mat no mam? passes ta
w!,i, lithe ?/?.. not contain warro e i pre??i?>ns of
good will to Aastria. hi ether wnrdn, whea th? -
?oin?.a it In le In- France, Kngli-nl, Austria, and Italy
...I...1V. lied la I-.. t Prunela and
Tin f( ? - ..f tiio c?uii.i/iratal '"itr
o in. i.ihei relu? tii?i..?? attjanrngthat ni
, 'Kin?-, tot Um? pressai? at lia??, nun eon
. h mu h si ? i-Kii'vi' ? nowa
TI.? Uonitett rta
,? , .,-? m .ii, i,. Um Wai ? nine
,,. ua - i" no quantity "f material ei
? :. dm ti ? Win an i",'i.ii 'J-f"<ifhi ml (oiii-tuil i?f
,io> tim? pubit. ? i statement tahich waa
i ? . V" I V fi> , '? eli,
' ploy? 'l by ti.oi oft min n in. v wen al
; ?. uii'ing t?i ?lu w that ' i ..- wi?A _a,t ..,.
j htimiU -, ... I t ll.lt tie ?Hilo
ill not tail on the u mon,
a? th? v
' loi ??y? ?? Tli |, ir__ou? < i I-', au?.
I ...? lil I. ? klll.'ll, Uni V? ''li .f., Inline (!;, ,
I...I. ol l.Klnl -.Itl.tl (be allan nf i. 11
M'. ie ,, ? nt? i t..:.. it. p..?,(???? mt arming
o 'IV, ii II? tilt' lol tri Mltl'Olllldlllg P.li?. '
li, ? ,|.|-?n I ni Ihik -Li' in ni th? Kf/i-iiie mIii? a ir lolled
lint of th?' lltiui.-li-- l?l let V of .lill, ?in rllpplu-d I?, tlltt
Miuintri "f U i sine? the im last-and wnicb eomprist?
iic.nl) ? v?.,- tina^ mat ?A.imtitin. ? .i aidilha s outut.
nu. ( OBI -in i-i ?.?ii .
The se?*mii di?l nut t ?nu, t., an i ml. a? wa? exp< ctt ?I. on
the Mth, b H vv. i ?untilme a few ?hon longer. Aller the
a<lj?vii'iiiut n*. it wil! ceitainly i>e n miineil in Not t ml?? l.
?aj Ih? (to.i lllllifl!. {(?1 Hie di i in..-n?ii and pa*???age nf
the thrtH" laws tom lung the arm? .Hu-pre???.,and the rig'at
of pilblu in?? ting
On the '."."U of July the whole of the ordinary Hudg? t for
I-/- v.i? voted bv .'in to is. The debate on the (xti.iKii?.
nary lludgtt began on the 2?1
?>i ? lit i-i. m mi: ni.vi m i ??
Lo l.tlrrlt ni? ? ?? i h, public i? v t nue of I'l.nice ic eon
tiini.illy ?li-i-f.iMiig. 'I Iii -a i?,i,-tiiii ?liinlnuiioii, in ?vli.i'
ern wayitniaj Im exiibilued, ought to engage the atteu*
tit'ii of tue t nonti v and um represeutative? On a ronv
j .ni-, .ii o f ti,- ii mi quartetr of i ??I, with the eorre?puDd
!ng?|iiattt rof ia .then i- a fa iii,?, ofl of ?-.?.7?-..????? fraurs.
No braneb of the revenue is imn-aniig ein pt thal be
ltiufc'iiig to the eos! ni p?o.-? attona.H
1 ?I I -IF.? I'll IS l'AHIS.
Attia i,.in.|,iit a_tsh\fai gifea u. the I___M_aa ia
Italian exhilnlKm win? huve g lined mcdnlt?, and al which
("i.iint (l.l.iv.ni'i.i, the Italian Coinmiiudoner prenlded, a j
i" ".ii ni it.livi.r"! against the temporal power of the
Pope Tin"A',ii,, io ".r.'i.? (''?tiri, riimpiftlned of tin? want
; of delicacy to the Mu pu- d. Moustier, and the Mlnfstei1
of Foreign Affair? brough! the metter to the loAWlf'.?
?I lil- Kxeelleiiey Chevalier Nig.. Beside this the lu nob I
(...vernujf nt hi- taken the nocessar) m?mmHires to pre
m ni hu tin' fillan" the lils? .i?iouuf iMilltu-al topics at all
?irniiai nioetlngs.
> xi ? -.-ii i so?_aa?-NB.
It i4 offIrmed thal lu i mseii mnec of (he e\pi rise attei ii
nu tue rceeptlonvftll' sorer? ?gin andpriiiiM ?lu P
b-perial civil -.1 Its ouliiniiy budget by
i*"iiii tai?ions, rho Emperor, It is said, lui? in!., to provide
foi iln- : r-xpendtture by parmrats spreading
?iVMIWii or (lu,' v. irS, WitbOUt having lecoUI-e lo .t
lo m. ii is .|,i,? (bat the < osl i?r the entert-?intent of sov
erehms and princes will exceed the .-um of two millions
Till; iMi Kviiittyvi, (itt-.-, OOROaaM,
**T ??????? el. cr l ?
Tli?* grand Infer?,.itiou.ti ebess match, which ha? been
for ooiuo time pla* nig in the mOtttet tho International
Chili at t?o? l'iilvei-al Kihihitlon, l.i Just hioiight Uli
clo-e. Tin lhiipfi.u * prise h.,s be? n woa i>> M Koli-, h,
of Hung n v, the second prias by M. Winaver, a Pole; tim
iiiml bj II. gteinitz,an Anstrian; andttsa fouiih by M.
Kenmann. ol Pi ussia. The grand prise t fcsists ot a iiia?r
ii ?li' t ni Bel un v i-i of tin? value of from I.OiHii. to O.uijof. ;
tin- other three prises weie at\r_s la sBsaey,
M. OKl.'-ILll VI l.A^1A?,^A.: AS 81'V.
The l'iiun tar tffmuyala publlohss the foi lo wi ty; :
'i the y.tlllor o/the c? ,.,, /,,,,?? t.
Von iaqulre v hetber u is nue that lu mi the 11111110 of
M. (?linn. 1 de ' u m iguai vv.- found upon the liaI of per
?-.?n? i.'ceiimg -tul service money Iron the preceding
i ?1? veinmc m I "ive n U> my conscience to state that in?
na me appen I ed 111 el (iel Ill's li?! II* a pSrSOU 111 lee. , pt Ol
a iiiui.tfjlv paiiuctlt. I nilin k it out with in) own hand.
This ll?l was seen bj several friends who wsrs with me
at the time? Accept, ?te., Li.nut, ?'.(?1.1.1s.
This letter Will be exlrfinely dltllcslt for the I _?
to aiinwer A tl.it denial of.? fast t?' which the Minlstei ",
the Interior of the Provisional Uoverament plodaes his
wonl |i not to be especiad? ?IHI the fact I? one M 11. ' j
hie of billig ixp.aiiiitl ltvv.iv. Al. \etlll"lil. on
the n -iiinony of M. lae.liu Kollln, h i*? now puf upon M.
Uraniei de < .,- ? igna? the boa? 1 onus <>f showing that he
wa? nut n np? in,.'lu Louis Philippe ; i?u?I nil m
iM-e.i-iiiiiui ?pr, but a regular one, receiving a montliiy
m ,,? ml i'n', ?? he can . li .,1 Ulm?? If of this? Iniige, he i?
li?.ni ihw day mun.?m homme ini?n,e.tMt.
\ tan ov rai Az/.i.
Tho 1'arl? (oumul" uil'"?t to att.u h gr.at liriportanos to
the v Uli ol Hlgnoi Katani, who will ...ine to Kal I*. 11 I? ?
Bible, lie n.-n?- to lnul personally wal. the ril-Sh
O'iv eiiiuicut on iiual?? e and otho! mull??'?.
GOOD lKl.l.IMi TOWAhl) ilCVN? K.
Th? MB?-O-lcial North (?ermtn (?tizette of
Ju> -pi !.! -hcAiilfidinu'artiilc in ?onf 11! it..... of the
rum??r? w lu? h aie ?nann haglaalag is ? IrciOate to ths ? f
f,t t (hat " ? loud? mi'iMii' o?J.he pohtlcal h ?. Ison
flint "tlicM.i.aiiec i.iiw.f.i Iran ?ud tteniiaaj will
c. ' to v n" H says: "O'iach.A roiiiiu,.' i.-i.oi 1,
?.'.t ?vents m France, we.na',., ti toe?.? lo aten
cil,.r?u?...i.?i'?.??? ' 01. "ii.unir, Uah?
lu F?ame I? m I ?lue outer
I ;? rliuonj;. T-OS4 Iccliiiij-11 ivo made \uj foi a
calui' 1 J uil util VV' "1
Th? ?am1 joaflial*a)*s: "Kotwlth?tandlngth?io?ma
dictions which have been r ven, the Qeucttade tranat
H...I'lai.r that th? i n, ri?on von Nvi-nhe tin
nu- sub!? ? t ot Him gar; ir h ?renniue dot umeut. We uiutt
ti ,' f in? '' r ii'"' istimr power?, of Journals whl.-h rtinnot
' .' " f ?l lV?_' rj -SIM ti 1 ,?l
lalof lUOonteuf-'"
Cow) **UttiMiy4 ?ni vuy shyiu-t inset iMMdufat
Prunaia at Emu, or at Wiesbaden, in order to confer with
Ilia Majoety upon several ?jueatioiis of dornt stic l obey.
Gen. Moltke ia ?aid to have Just Mt out forFileala,
charged by Uie Prnwtian tto .?i nuieut to cous.ni.-t a plan
for a atrategical railway. The (Jenerul in ,u ?.ompauied
by a larg? number of oUuci. s?pceially Mleeted for this
The following is from The London Globe (semi-official
organ), July 24, evening :
" The DiiiiIhIi fJoveriiin.iit han point blank refused to
give the'giwnint?<M'dt'iti'i, did hy Pruaaia?mi thal the
lianiah ?luoetlon remain, an open sore Th. linniih Oov
eniinent requires that l'ri..?i.iHhi.!l fulfill tin* 5th article
ortlie Treaty of Prague, ?nut ?ive back North Bohlt swig
to tile Dnniah (?oven,mei.t. The impudent rrni?.anl of
l'ruaeia that the strong pt ?itinu of Duppcl and Alaeu
should not be incluthd m the act of retro?*?, sslon Is bWUXr
tu ii ii v reject? ti. Tin up I ot ol the matter sun.? to be,
that though this Questlt ti may lx_ allowetl to sit ep foi a
while, it will upt by .?.ttied without furiUer hosttlitlt., In
which other Powers than DGiitnnrlt will take part."
The iVtinc? aaya: " The reply of the baulah ?lovern
iiiint to the Prussian note of the lath June, relative to
the question O-Sehleswlf, was sent to Berlin on the l-th.
The Danlefe (.ovcriiui<-nt~ persists in refusing the guarau
t< ea demand? ?1 for a few Germana of Ninth f. lo. ..wig,
and expreeee. once hk;?hi Hie desire to see all Um Darna
of 8cl?cawig united to the Kingdom of Di nmark."
It h staled that UM two brother? Of the hing of Dem
mark, Prince Frederick aud Prince Julius of Qlacksberg,
have for some, days 1? cn in Pana fneopntta Tim \ lett of
Un Klug ?f Denmark to this city, which has bien ? po&eu
of, ia not likely lo t..k< place.
it ai y.
A \Kxly Of Qarib-_tdfa-M ODO strong have ap?
pealed at different point? on the tttUOi frontier., bal
\w 11 prevented by the Italian troops from making any
atti-ii.pt at invasion.
Tin: ItiRpectioii of the French Legion fit Rome
by :i French General, Dumont, and bia speech, have pro?
duced a general excitement elsewhere, than in the Italian
Parliament. D.imont In reported to have urged the men
uot to desert ; said that though they wore the Pope's
co?-kade atd were paid by hiin, they were French soldiers
ehurgi d to defend the Papal Government for the French
Emis? ror, nud that they munt defend it to the last drop of
their blood. It is considered that Gen. Dumont would
uot have .enture?! on such so appeal anlese authorised,
and it ?h ?ns?Mted that the speech is another" proof that
the i'n neb Emperor Is not disposed to tolerate the ag
gre.nt.ion ?in Rosee which Garibaldi is planning, or to
satisfy Um "aspiration-)" for the possession of that city
which all Italians and the I tallen ?orernment entertain.
In collin itioii with this matter, it may be ?tatt d that one
of the journal? baa a lettir fi im florence of tl\e '?Ist.
win? h says that Garibaldi has disappeared from "the
.?minuit of the apennlnes," where In- had goue'orthe
I- is. lit .if bin health, that M.1//1111 has arrived at (?eno.i.
unit Unit an Italian Ucct has bueu ??cut to watch the Pon
tiftcal coast
lu the Ginini ?.'r of Deputies on the 22d, Sig
uors Pinuclaiil and Curtl interrogated the Government
respecting the in-p? ction of the Pan ii troops by ?1 French
General, win? h they declared t> be a flagrant violation
of th.- sptcmb. i Convention, ead on the armaments and
enlistment-, ulm h wen- being made, it wa?) huppo-cd, for
tie Invasion of the s-tutesof Um church.
hi_.ni. 1 Ratacai, in nply, sind that lip believed tee
rumors of the armaments were exanerarted, and de?
clared that thev were laing made by the Homans them
?elrea He did not consider it necensary for ?um to con?
tradict the reporta that the Italian t..?.eminent had as
H??nt?<l to ot Indirectly particip?t?*! In these preparatlone.
Be said thal thone were under a delusiou who lalicvcd
that the Italian Government weald tolerate anv
rloletloa of their engagements. The Honian ques ion
must be sol .?.I by moral means. Explanation;} bad ]?yt_n,
he said, demanded of the Fvuicb Goiernmeutas totbe
reported mspecUon, and widen would be contrary both
to tin-spirit and the letter of the <_'??n\ .?ntion, ? hich be
weald caoei tobe respected. Btfnor Batar n denied that
any arrangement lind is cn cut.red into with France for
the i?estilut!on of Komau deserters, and no representa?
tive of Fiance had cvei stated that .1 forWgu shoii.d be
regard??l a? an indirect Intervention on the part ol
lim ??? He believed that the French Government, which
desired the extention of the Convocation, would not be
the first to \iolate it.
figi.or Importa s.i ti 'he Bomana had the rlpl.t tocntei
th. ii .i?nlt?_ry and endeavor te obtain freedom for theil
? ? ni,ti.\.
biguor Eat.i?/.i.in reply, declared that he would alwavi
cause the terrtterj sahJe-H to another Goverume-it ton*
1 Iniait ter then dropped?
A letter from Koine .ay* that t..? National Commtttss
and tu. cental of the uiatirrectiou having agreed to stal
ti. differences lietw?'? 11 th, m, have constitu? ed them
M-lvea ?.m united body,?udor ti- title o_ ila Natioua
l:.,m..11 I until. Tim. fusion of part-Mlstobe made kuowi
io Um Reamas in a programme which will shortly b?
ii?h-ied. Tlie It.ii.an dovarnmeat ?,minnies in is.' ??u Hu
..'it.uu.l it 1? saM ther?-is no ii *r of any di?;urbano
? ak 1 _; 1 Ik? ? in (lie stat. s<f the ( burch.
TBK ?111 Hi H I'HOI'fcK.V Hilf..
The general cb bate upon this bill in the Italian Tarlla
-.1 ti' 'tai ?-. bit til?- iLatcuMlon of the _?pa
ro, ei.i_'? 1 meeeeda rapidly, now tiiat most 0! tin
amendments liavi Ik ?li h illulia wu. The majorif, -tiunli
iiimly i,v th?- principies of the pl.1.1 drawn up by th?
tommin?.', wldeb maybe summed up in ihr.o poluta
supprrsaion ?.f the religious corporaUons, tb?
a'-ob-n - . r-niorttiiaiu, and the applying of ec< :, - .u,tj< a]
'property to the relief of the 1 1. ? ?. ti. ?_. ,,f th. state The
\me\ M Mint anon which the debato turns, tbe other
two helm Included ?11 if.? project of Pclnli.j.-i, and the
peal 1 "n ci m to arrana! 1 duaut lal ?cheme i,\ which the
(?tate mai be able to derive tin _,u ate?,: poe.-il.lo predi
from th. alienation of the church pinneity.
In Hu* Chamber of Deputiea, on tbe l.tii ar.d 20thof
July, articles _, :>, and s of the church Prop? i-ty b'li were
adopted, with some moiliuci-i. im. Tb? .1 jcusaion of
Ait Kit 4 waa adjoin ned.
The Pope has sent some valuable presenta to the Sultan
of Turki y and UM \ le.-roy of Egypt, lo ?t-cariiiiiou of Oie
pretty t., h ui corded in the States Cb t athi
The Pop? bas teceived the formal r, .nutation of tie
celebrated theolui/iau I'uwuiglia, who leaves italy lor
London lo at_el*t AichbiKhop Manning.
Ii tin re it-ally In III iiismnction, tlie Govern
linni siu. eel in suppressing nearly all particulars,
lin- Pans comwpt'bdcnt of Tia Mo, ?ouj Cost (London)
" .--oiiic p.u titulars of the insurrectionary movement in
spun -mu lea? heil r.irix. The whole of Catalonia is in
full r?'\. It. The labels are ina-ter. of Tortosu and Vina
rosa The t'overiuinnt, nevertheless, kepal to be able
?.ptulili to put down the 111 ?urreetlon, a hieb is mainly
um mi?' to th?> KtfMM poverty .aid piaiations of the
?Aoikiiu. cla.-M - '
Tlie Saline correspondent writes: "Tl<* iicw? ?1*?m
Spain la not mare eucourac-Df; au-ain t-]..?n, has. <imap?
pointed those who lu in ve m tue oft-repeated promb-. to
reston lui ? 1 ?e?i?t. Kaflway shares are held large!-, lu
lian?.-, and (?oMiiimeiit does not seem to ImabMlodo
anythiug tot the Spanish laui-payiugtoiupaiih??. An at
teinpt IsToeing made to get ral of sobm of Um ner St.
Petersburg and Moscou Railway obligations, but the
nubile ben are not disposed to return to tt.eirold faith
In foreign seenritlea Adosen loans av.ait the public if
they would only retara t?. tliclr obi faith. The only
ciieeifiil news I baie lo comiuui,icnte la tin promise .fa
moir than average harvest throughout france. The
ratas hare produced hcaiy crops, and we only want
sunshine to ju-urc 0110 of tb? i^_jfl?l ? n ldno? late yean."
em 1
The Siill.'in ?11 nved tit _-ii'f_e ?it 1 .1. m. on
tin '.'iiii, and ?waa reoetred by the King and th.? Count of
Handera Tbt recepUon waa of a very cordial character,
Aftei tuking ?upper, the bultau left agalu at balfpa-t I
_ a. in.
till lil I GUM VOI.tNTKl-US.
IIcrMaiesfVnehlpK?rapls ai-rixed at Antwerp on the
J.nt Hu Hi ?jiialis \m re r?'i?i\?'d with great euthu.-lasm |
ii,,..it tiNeiiibarknig, and bomiueta were fSMSMtU to I ol.
''l.fthe evening a grand biin.jnot was given by the Bel?
gians to the . eton: aider and otlleera of tho 8erupis.
?IIM-IKKIAL Kl.f Ki.N-mil 11 V-flKMl. ItH.'S Alt'Wi;S.
On the iOIIi. the Lower House elc.Ud a commit tit to
confersHh the Committee of tlie Upper Etooaa -pen 'he
points of di.-isV'i? em? al ?ti the new bill on nnnUteilal re
?ponstbillty. The Committee ol UioLowei House Iscom
.?rc.l of Hie foil? ? mg Di pulu s: Herbs! Kais, rfcld, Tinh
I'l.n.i, Kluu. ?-kmlalbow?ky, llopa't-u, Wiusier-.t.in,
Um -ii. and Vldnlich.
Hi.- proposals of the CoiuniifVe an Religions AIT;-;ra
then caine on for discession. The Provisional Minuit? r of
Public Worship opposed the bill. Ra it the (ame Uma
declared tlmt the Uovernment recognised the neeeMtty
foran? t Urinent of tile position Ot the diflereut religious
coufcsaiong, in accordance ?nil the priaoUilc of fr?>utli>ai
?if ?(?ii-, ieace, and that it Intended to Introaui e billa upon
mixed marriages, upon the r? llglooa education of chlldrea
boni under mi? h union??, mut upon sewsaloDS toother
i hurt In *. M .lb regurd to other jiolnts. bowsvt r, ho stated
that they iniiht form the mnjei ! of D-gotlatloM with the
Church, in order that the appearance of snj infraction el
existing conventions ma. lieavoided. NoiwiCi-.tuud.iig
Uil?, dt t liiratk'H, the piopv.??'* of Its Coi_.i_i.Un wert
adopted by the Lower House.
The Pun ena charlotte le to be n uloied from Mirimar
10 Lacken. Hie i?ui ?n of the Belgians., who went to .?.lira
uiar, itfeotiipaiiit d by a celebrated iiliysicbii~n itccord
? .tb iht ndviea . f Ve. I.i.ilcl of \ .?Miua, ami ti..,t ot
a Belgian nuil,eil man, wlm belli re that u change of air
and eliinate will bt iMii. tb ml to the Princes??will b?r
, .in,ici .i i tu-, m m?.\.il of tb? itufortunah Prlaceaa II
11 ? l li? im? f'.'in pit tin.,:., ibd
A MLuiateriftl order linn been pobliahed, '-u- n
tlioiuifik "{Tie ei'i'satuitiit of 1 ulcers for the Houved? U*a
llonal fluard), which are to lu reerganlied
-.? : ".? j?. '. ? . ... |_4>v?D^CpliorjWj??c|i_;i
tJbattalfonaof Hut.veda. * 1
ausaiAM tama_.aias~TKA?iSTi.VA_nA.
Jin-To??* frutmbt stete teat *?_**_[ <__***** f j
distributing money among the Roamanlans resitting in
I ne new municipa?tie. of Tr.insylvanla have nearly all
been elected. They have sent addresses of oonlKkiaoe to
ti..- Hungarian Ministry.
The delegates of Hie Huuganau lu? t and the Austrian
ith n ni meet at \ burna on tbe uti August next.
The moderate Leftblanie tin i itrem. i.rft for support?
ing M ko? i ha s candidate r<?r the Met for Waiuen,
and bare tie? land that th.y wiil propose Count Alexan?
der Carolyi for that district.
The BnHnn it expect??! at ivsih on a visit on the aHk
inst. I reparations die tx lug made I?? y m in*4 M: je?ty a
brillir- it th? friendly weieoa??
g;?11? to .he Hnuganana arno emigrated to Tink, y miss?.
Au Imperial du no has beea mnwd, tccon
vekiiii? in accordance with the existing lawn, tim Piovm
ual Assembly and the I'rovin.i.il Institution of UmUov
ernmont of St. r.tei.buig wincb were dissolved lu
January !a-t.
Re ?in has signed the In ici national Kan i-ary Conven?
tion for tac care of the wouutied in time of nui.
im: .t.i.iAi-cE arm o._? m v..
A correspondent at Ht. Petersburg, writing on the nth
inst., says: "The betrothal of tlie joui,g King of tbe
<?iei hi to tho Arcbdiu L< . - olga was celebrated hero last
week with great pomp in Hie luc-CLce of tho Emperor,
the whole of tho Imperial tmuly, and ?ill 'he for? ign em?
?dora KtngOeoqp was dren, ed in tia- uniform of a
Rnssian '.?encrai, ami hi? young bride looked rery pretty
In tlu national Russian coatuum. She is very intelligent
ami wall sdocated,unlike 1er brothers, who, It is said.
lien, greatly slioclv'iit lb? Parisian courtten dour.g thur
late visit to the Kreuch capital by thtir ignorance ai ?1
want of tact. Ti"1 marriage, ??Alel? la to u. ?_
place in October, will r.ot be v.T-liout a seal
Political slgniflcanoe. It is tree -bot in Western
Euro; rrlajrea now seldom have auv ? ff'tt on
the policy of nations; but In Russia the launly tiea
of the sovereign have consult i ible Inflaeuoe >atiieac
timi of the ?itilte, a.- v,as \. iv stri ;ingly shown laut year,
wbenWa tembergand Darmstadt were treated ?-o ten?
derly by Pru?.-:a in constquencc ot the Intervention of
the Ciar In theil behalf. In tin present case the lntro_h..l
of the King of the Oreel? to a itii; a-t.in princesa acquires
a peculiar signitlcatice from the threatening ney ?? t of tue
Eaaternqu. tion. It is also somewhat remai taule that
since the return of the Euij_i;ror the works in tia military
factories -I'd .ir?oiials, winch bad for son.? time Ixen sus
pended, ha e been resumed Aitii greatei m tully than
i \cr. The foi ti canea of CroiMtfadt and N.coa.jpfl are l<eing
amply .iipp-tcd with arma ..nd HmiiiuniUi.ti, _anl troowt
au o provisions have been sent to tlie principal towasia
tbe .outil and weat.
A dispatch from Constautinople, July 23,
aftirm? that the Ottoman Legation at Athena telegraphed
yesterday to the Porte, announcing the evacuation of
, the .Sphakla district by the Insurgents, and ita eom
i plcte net iipatton by the Imperial troops. The whoi?.
island is declared to have'submitted.
Our correspondent writes from Constantinople, on th?.
10th, that though Omar Pasha had taken the village oJ
Sphakla, and some strong points, yet he Is far irons
having gained possession of the District of Sphabla. The
Greek? still hold some of the strongest points In the ffpha?
kian mountain?. As far as I can judge the Greeks MM
regard the chances of Cret?- as more favorable this weela
than last. The Turks have sent fast steamers from C_oit
-tanti nople with positive orders to treat the Arcadia* a
pirate, and destroy her whenever found, hut I doubt
whether any Turkish captain will daiu carry out Um
Letters received at .Marseilles, from Athens, dated Jal/'
19, state that the Arkadi had completed her nineteenth
voyage to Crete, where, having disembarked voluntoeta
and cargo, she took on board soo women and children tor
Greece. \
The Athens journals publish advices from Crete, stating'
that *ubs?'ipicntly to the advance of Omar I'aa.a with
his loree, into thu Sphakla Mountain-, Mehn.et Paslud
entered Askifo, where be was closely surrounded by t.i3
maureent.-. Sohuklote families were leaving their homeJ
to aeeii safety In the mountains. About 1,000 women ana
children hail taken refuge in the -mountain caverns,'
where they were in danger of being killed by the Turk&j
i The foreign consuls had protested against any unn-seea.
sary violence, and the English Consul had bent a steameci
tojji-otect them.
The Lecaitt Herald ot the 1Mb publishes the foilowJajfc
, from ita s my ma correspondent, July l J:
[ '* I hasten to send you the news which has just reach?*
us here from Crete. The landing of Omar Pasha with ia
liattalious at Prauco Casteill i- confirmed, as also the tuut
' that tbo troops succeeded lu occupying the village ea
| Hphakia, situate?! in the district of the same name, at the -
- foot of steep mountains, close to the sea. II is Highness
immediately notified the fact to the foreign consuls at
?I Canea, immy of whom concluded that all the insurgen?
position?! bad fallen into the banda of the Imperial fore???;
"The tm_.rtriaa.TlT How.-,\rho retum?*d here ihis morn?
mg from crete, talla me that Hadji Mikhali had recent?n
made a ruid in the neighborhood of d', .a, where be Lal
- killed some bashl-bazouks, und carried off a number ti
i sheep ti) t'.u* uioiiiitains. Another guerrilla band bai?!
I mad?* ?i -iniilar raid right up to the very wall- of C?nula*
. and bad burned Very Pasha's farm, which is not mora
then one hour'., distance from the town. Raids and s??ir?
mlslies of this sort are of no srre.it moment in a purely
strategical point of view, tut tiny m-rve to coustaatK
alarm and haras? the garrisons left by Omar Pasha ia th-*.
north? ru t?.v us.
"A detaehmeut of the Turkish'aun v of A rabiatan tatt
bail.? d June lu at Hey rout, for Crete, on board'-,?*
Titi. asMO-MB or b.-?sia.
In reply to the Turkish an.wer b< the L.?t "identical?*.
j note of the Great Powers, laen. Ignatief, the Kumiaa
liaihassu<!<ii- at Constantinople. h.is informed tha Porte*
that ii m t.ovcrnuieiii lasante the an.wcr of tia. P.?rt.^
at a turre tuuoimu tinicoithj of nulli r, m_,i that It will l.of
be ann ?i tied. This baa iau?sil .?un_e uuc_n_-.ii-? j
the Turks. _
RUT LAWS li,I ?ill. ?MriRF.
It is reported from Coustautinople that, by dire_|
tion ot the bal tau, a Coaumlsslon, oonstoting of sev?
tral otlicer? of the Dcpartmeuts of Commerce, and og
Foreign affairs, has be? n appoiutail to prepare m elna
oo?!e, following the Code N..i?ol. ?,n in such of its prw.i
sions ,i in... b. applicable to the ucc?'SslUcd of the lawa
of the Ottoman Empire.
Til.: st I i.iVs EXftCTtD ItKTl KV
a coi respondent .it Constantinople w ria ? ..n the nth :
MPreparations have already commenced for the ?ultan'e
Mee pt lou. Illuminations ?m an nunn-iine .?calo aie tierna
iirranwd for. Handrads of workmt n nu- at woik at '?'<<?
Palace of Dtiiin.ibatktch. The fio?t.? of the uuiat ?
Yalls ?)f tho Pashas along the ?hores? of tin Bo.-phortti. .v ?
having their old fa.-hioii.d Illuminating ti.mcworks tr?
otted, und the pyrotcebnt-ts are woik.ng donM*
hours uiider the cm r. .tie chief of the Ord?
nance Department. The orden '.?surd are te
have everything ready for the --altan'- arriva. Ms
20?lays from the prex-nt. It appeurs doubtful, ii trial
afajeatr ezteada bia *> islt to Bei lui ami Vienna, a he-best
be can be here lu tho time named. Tlie first U?dicattsag
we bave of coining ii_ipru_enu_..t_ fiuui the 1ki?i flno? in?
fluence of the ImperiulJi.ui'Ui \ tim new arr.?ng?'mcij|
made l^ "" lessees Of tbe I*., ; .. '.pera. A very supcrioa
company has been engaged for the coining sea-on le?
BMaeing here In Korember),the ni?! eborvswiO be *!>??
ua-n-ed with, and an Improved ?ne has been taken firom.
Lu .('ida.
I.OI11) l.TOVS'8 ILl'lRUI?)
On the'.-.?th th<-t.raii'l Vi?_i?r?.i'.t' a f.newill bampieft
to Lord l.\ nu- previous to h.s-ieiirtmeut f.-oui the post of
British EmbM -ador totheivi'te A.l the ii.c^ibers o|
tlu Diplomatic Hotly were invited. Lord Lyons fake?bl*
depirture next week for Paris, fo enter upon hia nee|
fua. tion.- ?i- British Minist? r at the ( ?uu-t of the Tailerlee.
Tut raauKo-urn oun*annual.
It is ofticlally announced that Turkey has Joined Ute
International Telegraph Convention so far as regaida Ute
Asiatic douiliiions.
Dates from tlie Cape of Good Hope to Uio
1Mb of June had arrived In England. The dovernmeab
scheuie to substitute a cinglo House for the two pressag
Houses of Parliament bad been withdrawn. Tlie Colonlag
Le<{i?latme and the Corporation of Cape Town were pr*0
parlntf to Blv? the Duke of Edinburgh a gnoiA rccep?ee*
It was reported by the steamship ?a.xou that arrived sa
Talabs Hin from the Eastern rout.' previous to tbe depar?
ture of tho Briton, that there was every probability mt,
Dr. Llviucsta-M neu)* ?till alive, blr liiomaa Maclear,
however, had uot receli ed any information on Um eub
There was no particular news from Natal cicept that
the country was looking well and there was every proba-1
billty of a good crop. _
Sir P, l. Wodehouse, the retiring Governor, wa* to
leave for England lu October.
The o?prey had proved a total wreck, but only one ?it
her crew was drowued.
Nttw*. fvoui Bombay up to the 24th of Jun**
badrea?hcd Loudon ila Trieste. Tbe Bombay Uovera
meut had received intelligence of tho death of ou? if uot
two of the captives in Abyssinia. _ ___
A me? uni.'of the shareholders of the bank ot Booms
waa held on the 17th of June, at which a rcsoJution wea
uiianimous.lv _dopte<l in favor of amahcamatioa w.t? ?H
Bauk of Bombay, it ?va? umliT-tood, however, that I-B
Uoveinmeiit woulduot ?antlloii mualicaniatton nulli ss?
lstled that the reconstruction of the Bank of Bonioar m
impotviii.l??. ..'. . ?__.
l*he new dock was opened on the 17th '^ J"n*/am._- L
Accounts retetved at l-iaMJ????'^'"?
Orlwawer?* l?*?s satiifactory. ^'^^___TJ!_ ?
liaiMd. asking for ?20.0M lo suppo-'t 1.J00 U-UOieU W-S?
kari- been 1,-fl orpluius by the famiiM" , . ?
Ti.?? proi-p. ? ts of the lnd^o season were aa.d to \)o
UAUr"ru'?'-s lu calcutta fn.m the Mauritius were subject^
f?_ii?aru'a "danters in Assam have memorialised tM
Home tio\ ci liment, praying a separate AduuniadaUoeu
Hud-beiippropiiailoti of all reieaucs of As_am for ihd
solebeneliio! tn ?t I'm .nice.
Ads a.? ii.,m British Ruimah s.v that there waseTCI^
t>rospttt of an abundani barvest ti.cre.
Advice? received at Houp Kons, June 2%
from Japan? annouuee that a pi .tua) ditforeuie hah
mmn* between the -.hio?oou and thu Dainlos, iw-is-xu'i*
Um euenius- of the aort of Osaka tu fvreftm Wade.

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