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Vol. xr?VH.N?-8,227.
price four cBfrnsr.
nCuMl OUT, hkam's POSITION ? A HSW
IQUmifl VS. fiit.I'.IDAN? MR COI
Or TUA!-: ma,
B1 r_.ig?i?l Te TBS TBlSr-BB.
Wahi im, i?)?., I !nir<?<!; ?>', Ai.;;. '.;, MT.
I? is now a settled fi.it th:,t Gen. Howard will be
relieved from Iii? pot-ttaaa a? I'mium?ioaat t? Um
Freed nu n's Hincan. The Pi? -i-l'iit DM conti ?nplated
making the chani;*' for a laag time past, bal net
until Mr. Stanton ami Gen. Sh? i.?I;:n w.-ic reaaOTed
did he definitely deiide to a? t in Gen. Howard1
immediately Til? order for the removal of t li*
General may be looked t'??r this week, indc?-d is ex
pocteilevny day at the Headquarters of the Pnaai*
men's Ba?aaa. g. a (-?ant ii? a!*) appariai UaJ ?
of Um President, aal ha? iviitt? n, 01 a ?il bara ? pro
tent hiniiht to thone on the innovai of Mr. Stanton
and (.in Bbaridan.
The anana of Tmk Tkiiu nk Inward Gran! has de
termiucil those of hil fri?n?ls \iho manage lur* ftaab
dent i .1 raaTaaa t<? make hha pronounce his adheaaca
to Congress. Tlie General hi?ntl to-day aiuieiinccd
that he would hohl no communication with in'ws
paper . i.rrespoiitUnts. lhirinR the pi'Miit troubles,
all taiils of adiiii.-fi'iti to him were refus-?i in tlio
inos!t paMtimaalj aaaaaei ay tim aa_iable Gea. Tvtf
tri. Tlie Maadi of Giant steadily assert that G ian!'s
launa to Jahnen? aaaat um remora! al Stanton and
Ebel i.lan aac Tw?U al and d? ?? i?l?-d. The flit ada of the
iTesidi-nt. on the c.ntiary. say that Gen.Giant mad.
li., r. !.. ;i odd and formal 0*Jt?-tion to the removal of
f-tanti-n und .*?..?riili-n. Von ?an select either story.
There ?re many of our l?udicul friends wbo Maaarl
that Q|ant i- all ii,ht. tint no evidenee is yet giran,
7/i, ?,;!''. a trill nrui- the icinoval
of Mr. li waul. Asan ed tor of that paper was ii
Cbii-?l?atiim with him last night, this is significant.
The PNaUUal II understood to have said that h?'
wibiihl :n ? i jit the resignations of Mr. MeCulh.ch, Mr.
Walloa, aad Mr. Baadall Ha wants to make a Mar
dt.il. ?;'"1 have liesh eaids for the remainder of the
term. You may regard this ns peiui-otlitial. Mr.
Adam-, Mr. IMngliai. Gov. Andrew, .S? nat or thox
ti .an, a.ni 8aaa?an 1'?noh. Anthony, and Fessenden,
aie all mentioned in conneetion with eahinet appoint?
The work of chaiigitii, the Southern Generals and
all Gea? rall not la harmony with the President will
coutume. Terry and the illustrions Sheridan have
I nat nt oat to ti^ht the Indian, and guard wafna
trams. Howard will ?omi follow. ?sicklcs's head is
In danger, lie win probably be suit to New-Mexico,
while Pope will he returned to tlie Sioux country.
Meade will probably take Sickles', place, and Hal?
lt? k the place of Poi?e.
It is laid, on Rood authority, that Sheridan had
mail?' ont an order for the arrest and trial before a
lnihlitary Maaariaatea of Gen. Steedinan and Gen.
BaaaaMNa, for Mpadiag recouslrutlioii. Tho la?
giTM him that aawar, BaaaaaM and Btaedman aad
?enly l? it Mtir Orttaaa. and the aaaaal waa thus pie
It is already known that instructions were a
days aRo sent to Major-G? n. Ettcklea, In eil. ?t thal
the pa ?> ? "t Federal courts must not he iut-iidt-d
with l?y military authority. liec-nt disj.ar. ln-s from
the South state that notwithstandinf these m-tnic- j
lions, Order No. 10 was still in force. These ia?'!?, I
unexplained, convey the impression that the General
Is guilty of contumacy or disregard mt oid? r; from
the War IrepRrtinent, but it is positively known han
that the h,?ti actions, at his requet>t, are temporarily
t-:-pended for a week in ordet that his views upon
the subject might ha BUmI? known ta UM authorities
at Washington before fnrthl r action in the piemis-?.
A letter received in thia city from Pennsylvania
atates that the health of Thaddeus Stevens is BOW
Tery poor indeed. Mr. Stevens cottld n??t linden
aaHfM of a visit to Bedford Springs, and the writer
say? it is extremely doubtful whether Mr. S. will
ever be a!?le lo come to Washington a.
Comtiii?sitiii*T of Intimai Kevenuc Ballina baa t
turned aaWaalringtoa fiom his laeeatTlail to tau
To-day a Cmnmitt??e from the Radical Gannan
American citizens of the United States aallsd on
r-enor Roiikio. the Mexican Minister, to ?c
throiiRh him to President Juarez ay, ad?ti<??? azftaa
?ive of their aiijirobation of his course daring the
recent struggle of Mexico, and aaa^ainlatiag bun
t?n the success of his course. Se?or 'iitii"]?. replied
la suitable t??nna to tim remarks of the gen?eman
pn seiiting the addr
The reiTiit order mustering out a ntuahai ?>f ro]aa>
teer surgeons, most of whom have bean engagedin
the Bun au o_ (Yeedmen and Abandoneil Lauda, baa,
with one exception, mustered than all out of the
aeivi.e. It i? probable that the lew racanci
ie?ng bathe r?gulai corpa will aoon i?e Ulled, o
t?j i. - of all the volunte? i having
hi-?-u di?t"Ti-< ?1 \? ith.
I'nit.if S uer thu morning n
aeived the following :
Pim ii'H.i'itii. An_r:i?t
Baa, Mr; Iharing aalawfally rarelved l?ovarnmenl
i ..ty to the aiuouat of g7l, would hereby refund tne
same. Vin. -1 rilli,
li.. -..,:. mi v Ins. n?.Kiii r> Sol t'li.it, U I I
W.B.?I had received gn previuastetheday lix? ?l fee mv
dejiartuie to ii..- front, lah! Hi betas the Ars! Installment
tif <?uv? iiiineiit bonni\ und omi BBotith's pin in adi naas ;
but iii.nl tin- aalafortuae to in: detained, tlirougo ?
?ess, nut.i the formation ??? aaotbei s.'u?,'i for the front.
_.'. - ti fiiiiii'ii -.?.is iiiiir. lui! oft to i
then ni-- t.f Gove rumen! bounty, ami my
raine betas ealledl thonghtleaaly at?-piH-?l up nuil lu?
ce:. ? ti ?aid boan ty tlie second lime.
'i he Conunisaioaierof l'a tent ?has is?!u?i sia patents
foi tha week ending s?|>t. 2. Thia ia the larges! num?
ber oi patents ?ver issued in ??ic- week i u the Gom
DiisaioDer'e Ollie?-.
The City Councils <?f Waahlngloa have pa?-.1 a
bill t?i repeal ia?- ^.-m-i?iI u.-t.? eonoeraiugfree negroes
ami malattoea,whieh,howaTer, have benn a dead let?
ter ever since the ?'.maneij.ati'iii of nlaves la the Dis?
trict of Columbia. Two of UmM act? re?iiiir.-?l
? iiiiii.' into that city to Rive bonds for their
gis?! hahafrtor, thal they would not bes?me a aharge
on the cortsirittion, and that emancipated sh.vt?
ahoald pay ?-.o f?r jM-rnnt of resi.b-.iiee, iVc. I In- a? I
aleo retK-als all other statutes, creating a distiuctiou
on a ?.culm: oi color.
The Washington correspondent of The Bonton Ai
?arasa - t.-.. grapha the following lctt?-r from ffattrMan
V> Grant:
"Hi ?io; ti n MittiAiiY l)i?inicx 1
i OaoutAxa, La., Aug. ?, mt. i
.. im, i taaaaoMltaf In .?/ a> the'I
/as?as, Wtmk?mqtoii, D <
"OMtaaAL: I have the hOMT to suhaiit for your iu
furni.Tiiuii the follow lug:
"Tl.e state of Louisiana Is registered In utvoi.l ,
a.?li the act of Cnii^rcss dated Mardi '., 1*07, au?l ?lie lui,s
supplementary thereto. Tin- poll hooks are nei.ili i?;,,l,.
out. and the Omnussiuii.-r? nf DaetMa in aaeh poUlng I
P'-kiiic! oppoiti' i.iuni?c-r of ragMaaad vot?-is I
Will be slitfiitly over 120,?jon. The ?tate will, iii all pt
hilitv, com?- lu a? a liiinti Mate, in aeeoaapHahtn? thia
replstration I hive bal n?> ?>)t)ii??!-|i,n fi,,in the
masse? of tha j.eiijii,. o', ;i.,. aamAmmmj. mu, li
assistance und laaaamflMaeah bal tram th?- pnhiic
Kess, and especliilly tb.f ..f tlie ? ty 0f
Orieaaa, hii<1 fiutn orrie?, hold, is ?na oflle.-ncekfi-?
?la-raa?Maal, i have met with Mttaiaaaa aM appMtts?,
Tia-great, ?t embarras:meut wMli which I buvehadto
Mataaa_,WMtha aaaataaa raaaan of my (baaerahfub
? rl; ?very day in the j?.i|H-r??f this ?ne. n
iUMitiienf, a? it v .. Mwa tha
itly aad MdMtrio - ?. hating la
Vi? *? only jietltctheilk-i.tsof tlie lllfll, ?uri til?- la? in
i*" spirit, i i.aM-.as i bara haantofoaa atetad M ran, imt
W.II.-.1 m. js.inni,: ,??,..?,.,. h palmed Tirhlsrn M
Help ?,r infi.i, ?,, ??. lu this work. U,.. ,.,,,?? the Uw UH
ar. 'Tilfr, it w , BO i vi.-uted.
aal' ?^i???l _*T? to ,Uitkft the ??-??- Ml^-I ?-**?
Gen L. at?lssJMiaa, USA., of vMHag ni, command re,
MLtiy.aLd aiUicut ?_g_tt_,Ma, ? mt*\%%. winnie
alta Bl} (li.tus and hui.?- til (f n?y removal. Iain, Oin
. i ,.i, \ ? r v h sirf-ctf itilj,, j ?mi obi dirnt mrvant,
"P. II. 8UKR1KAN, Major ?"lent-ral V. S A.**
Tbc ?li?i?i? t? r of tli?' Kiii?i?t?'ss?(l ?-ori?HpoTiil
?tioc l.i'Wd.i (..i. (li.Hit .uni Hie Tri Mildil!, rii.itnliii','
tiiSHu-i-i iis?: ?i uf Mr. Rsatsa, ami ti.c rtiin.it.ii ?>f ??i'ii.
a,,, ha - ?i," Batead Ac kVaffatafe safaiillag it ta s
Kew Tari pi'l?-r, if Star MBt fi.mi hrrr, is a poer pic i- i,f
i: h -Mimk. Ktrsf, tlie lr-tt,-r protfstint.' aciinst the mis
F-.ii of the s.-.Tt ti-rvof War whs short, but extrem, lv
ila o an (?i ii. Grantexpo-Mil to tin- I'l'-sid.-iit
i. i "in um Hint ti,?- latter had ii" l' r ni rigfcl to --asp,., a
Mr Stanton, ?Hill iimt iiiilii'iuii mi n-tiiti' liuivii nuu'iit
flin! i Mair;,ni In kaw, Nu- |?< ",'!i- eould net be oom in-ill
ff tin-icii'iiiiv ?if siH-ii aatjaras T?taMn the PriMddeut
?lal ii.it reply. The ?f-?roBd r*rot*at,in the rae <f Gea
M i ixl.ni, I'.'Vtrcd a little over :i ,?u/i', mu? is iiiiisf i m
nliatlc in it? toa? ami language. Instead el being a
meadlr letter It I? several? official In It? tenu?-, it ralis
apon tli?- I'rcsi.l? nt ft? withhold tip- order in view of Bnan
i lal reasons Hiul finn? consul, rations of patriotism. The
r? lily "f tin Presiden! waa ?1-'? i (Iii nil. It covers ubont
a iii/in ji liri ?, and consists of n rpi-rious io-.'iimeut ro
iriuiliiiKVis riirlits anti ilntn-s in tin-cas?', anil finis with
ti? i? i. iniptoi y order already announced. Tin' Irat la
t?-niinn Mas toaoad it oat ?elely as a Pi-eeldentiul order in
linn, bat altar Mr. Johrjaon'a reply, Gea. Grant made it
his nuil .n f,,i as lo , naide lum te ?end ?rat the fifth
linn. 'Iii" oiili-r li-ll iiy m.iil for Ni-M'Oil. ans lins morn
ii. ?r. Bot ntl inore removals are looked far. The k">Ml
iniil Ilie iit.ove papen i \is|i ii, and that the I'l.-d
d- nt hi? RRppreaand them, is ?Treating as much exclto
m? nt in oin? ?.ii ein les .i? th.? torbling of ('en. Rheridaa'a
dispatch?-?. Thin fact may foin- Uni, pnblti al ion
[Wash. ( or. Heston A,h ? ilis,r.
It woiil?! s?'? in thal (.???n. Sickles ?Io?-?? not fael
disi>o.s,i| to l*aaaa?hM tim fact that ho han a superior
illiicr. Ile Bliag ites tt, linns? If the rl|?rn to set a- nW the
antliority of linn who 1m ni ide li is ('.iiinniind. ; a' ii f
liy tin- ?'(institution of tin- Caltad Nt-ites. In ?pit? of the
insiMii tii-as nf Gea. Grant, enianating from the FroM
d' iii, directing lum not to interf?ra with the pi ?otas of
the I'niu-i! stiitcs c.iiits, he persist? in bl? contixniacy,
mid has aK.mi ilnt-t toil his subordinate nt w-i?ingttra,
Col. Frank, to pr?tent the? lecutlon of the proveaa of
the (init. iYrhaps this is no mort- th in v. t"
lie looked for. A lilla it Who would lindel ' ii a- I" five
Ins ?ni mole than tin- force of a legislatir? enact
uient, as in the case of Order No IS, and who imi
so iirt:?- reapeel for the hlvhert < ml trlbtuutl In the land
as t?i ?lisn fard ils atitlu?rlty, amy be expei t> d toeontemn
fheoldcis of li is sujienor." It !s ubont time Til if ??en.
.-i. Un M M as mad. lo .iiuii! stand that, limn,'li in- lots lost
a i? g in the Mar fur tin- I'liion. in- is nut the autocrat of
the ?'ami.nits; nml that, tfc-imgh a Commanding c> neral,
be mus? mu riaspei t the aathority <>f the ?upramc j idl? t
tni?- of tim country, and al hit ( <>i,i;n..:i l< ; in ? he '
Mihiiii-i ord? i. ina\ in-nulli aid.' m time of war, i?ut in
tillie of pi-ill e t)|,-ymil-t lie Mlliordlli.ite t-, t!..
(iistn-c; and. thoiiirli the Prestdenl is Commnnder-in
chief, he is s., bi vntuc of the fael that he is Chief-Mi
trate of the nation, and must hold the s.v..m ?abject to
the-Si. dei I ?i'-'i.-.stt of 0B8 la?
sliiliut'Ui fat?
GEE. howard.
TI? ?iiiti? i?? .ti (1 KiiKU.il of (?ill. How,ii?! }i;;s
irixt-iirisi tuv.iiion- rumota eoneei ling bia
tioil of the Babil? of til?- l'ri-.-d'nell'? Illir.-.l'l, tin- i it. t
and stoat prominent of whli h wa? publish? 1 In an ?
in? paper }? trrday, i" ti' efloct that pan of tin- pur
? mulley of the Howard Uni vend i ?-? t <?>? was taken j
liiin the funds accruing f m the unewlnu-d bo ntvand
hack pay of colored ?oldji-rs from Vlrgluia and worth
Cn,.Iii a. This, as well us ?In- etatciut-nt Iii ii le-had
made a large amount of monei bj the parchase of lus
estate, It ntterljf ii_fouu?ied in fact The facts are ?lm
plr ai - ' -?;'!'' a fand wa* ?tai-tcd, b?
?airsci prion front partie? at the North, t" estahusn
a University for the benefit of the frecdnuui \ I
of trustee? was duly oi -f which Geo
How .' I ?? - .na,! r . : ni in
f) ii. st loll was ililli h ,-. d. and a la: -'?? ?lune of ?t. no1
g ?.-'-iiind for the purpose Intended, *? it >,i<inl for
l ni tl.is aui-plui,
i,,'i Howard waa Indnced to piirebase ? f?-*s lota,wnich
li" Ti i|lli!i d 111! JIM ,-?'!>? tin Bil IUC l-l ?'' Ii? 1
pnrchaaer, Oat cotenjporar) i - d? - i In
i apon !?;. ti.- partie? from wboni .i
were deriTcd, and all stiiten i led to danwaje
mid st tins time be n t. i\. I with ; 'ii
eaation. The reason la oh.?--es. ti.. ? mstn
policy which have di teriii!!i< ?1 the Presldenl to remora
Util.Howard. He?ani ?the Prcsltlent'? plan
of Reconstruction. But It would a? trcelj bi pruilentto
alles* th,? le the cause for the remoi ii of to popular an
??(Iii-i i : m-I in ord, r to diminish the odium of the n." ta?
ure, it will i?- ici i ? s.ov to ?'i? pira tin- publie mindt?y ua
d< i ?ailinn: .:.-pla n of attack With
tia ?apportera of "m\ porlcy," bat otu to miu_i tuad a_
' i-?t the pulll ' ,1 ?Is
efficiency is thus happilj ueutraJI?? i
[Washing "ii ( i ?on., le.
*r ii ii: i ? D?A_*S iBBSIOata.
Chicago, Ame, s_?-?I? Um l_aboi Cang an
?tan ?selettataa aassaarad aad took their ?tala A
( "ii.miiiiieatioii v as r.-? ?ned fioin ?-. nnin peraoaa In
Cincinnati, opposed t" the extension of Howe's aewtaa
mai hine patent, and waa referred to the Committee on
Monopolies. A communication ws
li Id, N. Y., ti ' -mi of
(pies, ami request
nmunlaatioi whl? b
...'.],i mt.ly n f'-i red
?iiiHii of tiie Commit! ' I ('"-ir
i made a lenjrUiy report in favor of e Ulna
loos?! " in ni no1 heal pa ' ' -? Bal
. ? ?' i? i ?
lilli,?ii th- l i.i of
the ;? . ? ' lui',-lied copi? - '. the i' port
oid. ii-.i i-i be printed, and the mote the
? : ?.. morrow aftei nm I ? ml) to? '"i
i' a:? ran.'ii ntaile a long renort, the gi rportof
Mini li is ben? ii' kal toetbe la ' ? d th?
foi;..'.' ititute for :
?? ?: . t we approve of the tyst m of coppera
A I'm*. detiMti- en? .'i i t wat
referred to a special comuii tee o omit
tee on? National Organ rci?ort thal ? cb an orican wonhl
h" h,illili conducive to th? - iboi movements,
and "'? :-???' ifs ' tulil ?blue w nil th?
?tem al ?..- . allon.
Th? reporl -- a- "i
A long d o ?? -m a m I :? '?? - i-i i d? letrate
to Europe to invci ?f ? ? ? iti??n I
with ?>" '-'-i' t" make arra .
.: |, ,-. , I ? i, nilla
the worklmrmen in America and ;
aaare perfect understandlna between ii"- Laboi Refera
?: lilt Hi bOl .
j ha 'fi' ; ? - in m ta rx i "mt ?!.?,- the
I, and the (<>u?
oh-- d' . ?
Si. Lol is, Auk- ?--A ConvcuCoii of Eng.?
aeen,embracingaomeof th? n..--t faataaa m theeaaa
ti t . ti?s.milled her?- y,--tei da-, ; to i niisiiil iii 11 fi-l? ii? e lo
tin-c"ii.-t? j-t.,iii ?,i .i lu i'U'i-acni-s the Mississippi B
at tins pomt for tin niintaa aad fit. Leal? Brtdga Oom
ps, y V.'ni .1 \:?iliie m:i .-I. ' I. d Pu -al lit. ai d Tliolu.is
MrKitsock fi A Committee on the plan, fonnda
tiona, piers, and 8up?^truttun ? >- ippointed, i ho,with
a attmVer or the prominent citizens, uiade an ajtcuraloa
up and doun ti,c haiii'i'r. The bridge will be alenii '.'.'kui
feet lill, :. "f tri; -s ]i it NT.'.. V II li ! '-- ? .mil"?? flat
aaaas, an?d SS feet abor? high-watei mark. It will eros?
at a point m Anothei company, caltod ii.. Bl
lam.- - Bridge Company, of whicht_t.pl Jo
s.-j.ii it. Ead? i? chut engineer, will build u bridge to , mai
st Waabington-ave., and ban sol considerable
matt na' ?m the Hvi r bank n dj I?.nroeni e v. <.i k. Ah
HOI,Jl as III.- Miller lK-1-llllll-a sollt anti;. loW, both Of tii'se
.'? ??i! he rana d.
iii.AW i aim hi: at rom \w
Foti Ann, N. V., Au^'. ?_ --The Lamb Bios.,
propi ?.-tors of the extciiNlvc woolen tni tory at this place,
have failntl. The auiotmt of llatbUltMM I? atattaretOOd to I..
Suo.ooo. it u Bapajaaai thal Um Baaas of tin fmini-i is
?iuiilar to that Milich nidimd tin l,t<- ( -?.llajis.- of the
?TnadHla Banfc. oaca?MT? and peratsteal horrowlaa sa
the part of the Di.iii.iKinir linn, With Iniity loss, s m iii. ii'
aperatioos. Anaasignmenl ha? i? tu m. nie in theLaaah
biotliets to s wealthy i-iti/.i n ni tula town. The Lambs
lost,, fa, ton by fira anwyeaxa?luce; tin bulullag now
el08?d WaS ereili d i|[ioii the site nf til?- old ol.c It VU
from !ln- im tor/ that the ?uppll? s of etothlngwi ra draa n
with which Billy Wlbam'a Zouaves were i?i ~i uniformed,
It Mill I?, i- -hat those uiilloiios In id cul hu at
h ?st ?i hours.
I.fil J-\ M.I.I., A*Jf.a_L-?-A?'?'ollllts tlOIII SoiltlKTIl
and ( ? ?rial tlalraat? statt that tin? StSaj worm has made
its :ipp( SiaaSS r?n ii number nf cotton farm?, but so far
Bate ?ahme hal little at BO darna.?-, and If the weather
conflua? ? dry and hot, as n ha? I? en l"i the past four or
??-, not much danger is look I i rr from them
Havannah, ?.ii., Aug. SB 'Iii., inns in th? lower part
of the .Stute hat? m.iti ually dam.na.1 li., c ttoii'iop
?Alni li w_?iij>. inii? r.ijiiTiy. The rain I'iivcnts picking
ami i '.. .-ii. mam The n porta fruin tito worm are axag
gerat? d. li la raining t<? da'.
|..-:lrl>- MONBOK, ?Vug, Bl. Addltiolnil advice? re
ceit ?-1 ii "in Notib ('.?loiiiiu st it?- in,it the fteahata la the
nier? m. re creutiiH-, tin ?in-t ?erlous appretieiMiotiSfor
i iriotiiiil crup?.. 1 In-foin pinn ijnil river?. Roanoke,
i .o, N.I.-, , and ?..pi-I in:. h an- aanuu ovetfiowed their
li.iiik-. a l.ii t M lili li BOO? to ?bow that the raia sim ins of
lasi reel were mu, h heavier, north ami ?oath, thaa in
'. <>f VlrgiUUt. Hie.Inlt i iii,s o. ?Mi <l>-rtl'oii al
in i ; .|.-iniin din.lent plantations on the rtrera, aad
now ,! i? li and the damage i',-ne In ei.ijrs an Hie low
,,i" ni will be liiiali-ulalile.
awi n i -i -?imu k
Si. Loris, M,,., An^. '.-. -.folui McC-iity, wini
iii'ir'l. h I Kulh Ia.niKlord m iiallimoic on the 4!h of July,
BMS arn-tul hu.- BBaJM Ih-Ioic last, ai.d -. IM hi l.ehl
until olticcrs arrive from .Muni.u.il to luke li m into
At a liipuliliian meeting held in Main tt.i,
Ohio, on taiaifl hM.ahm aaaaaa?tog ti.at ins ptaUMi
i fur the hist jil year? hml I?? en "einrt an?l e?|uul Jus
ti. e li all nun,-' Mr. W'.ule n-vu-wed the rears.' ?if .Jmlgc
'lhui in.ni ami Viill.iiidiKh.iiii. ?M tin n carne ?luv? ii to tlie
?.T. it is-u,s of the campaign a?a.Muws :
There la a Beweouaaeau incur aaavasa, aaw, that en>
emu ?i.1 ? ti Mc m lui oppose us tu make mi nun-? ff nii;?--!?
lul tin li .1 It ly ; hut li is ?inly Hal BSgfe ?1 ?nul I? i/itilimte
St t;lli ni e tO all VOU I,.1 \e tit Hie lb, ftllf. Tile Ililli tif lil
an ?I un h io aufrage i? lint tlie l< gitltuate and logical de
?liit tit ii lulu wii.it I "ii lu.vi- ?lilt-inly linne. Thal nat
tiiut waa Iii _l i'i' -. mt? ;! t.? yen. Is t li-i ? riTiy iii.im lure
so lilli i| to ?? bal lie ?us (Initiir wh? n JTOU cam? ii]> ami su
florloualy sii?i lined otu Ki piii.iicati ?"iiiuiiii.it?' lum y ara
ago, that heshould to induced lachaaga that aaaiwal
tlus.tllllet " * * * ' * * *
Let the Republican party stan?! nji to their Integrity
w itii itnit .?.uni ans Wan -is el inn post .mil gevnttoa to the
right aud duty wlm-h tliey have ever iiuiiiitini" ?I, and
tin? next eli i linn u ill lu- tile lust nuil in UM ?'?'flin ?if fins
oeearaed Democracy, vi ho have eout-emled for nullum:
tint pel uni riiiiit ?nil special privileges, aad Iba doaataa
ti.iii oi tlie faa over the iniitiy. | Applause.) Do right
oneemore.Rii.il ?hall not ?pun luive OOcaaMB to call
your attention to tins important suW ?t. Lal tha aolaw ?l
men ?if ( ?Inn eoOM ni? lo the kallo! Inn und vote. " Deni
let th.- Ignorant nun rule," Bara the Hntisli Tory. Jml -e
Ililli lunn s.ivt nu, Juden Thtutiiiiii ?Miles "It h.is
pleased the Almighty to aaahi them lawM than other
linn." If Ile hits Mintie til.TU ki Wer tliiili lie has III.nie
'1 lull lunn, or I heir hearts ,iny ?\ul se, (?nil july them, lui
a niiiii lu .stiiiiii up, in the lutter part of the Nineteenth
century, aad tala about <i?mI idtulghty distributing hi.
favors um i|ii.illy munn? men is an insiilt to Omnipotence
itml nu insult to the iiiiilerstamliii- of mankind It must
nul he ilulu ,.lui! ice 1 lim mun, Hint it will nut he ?lune, ilu-t
bundled ?uni ?me tlmusaiiil thal gtOWBOd u?t V.ilh.liillg
liaiu, so yon didataea lum nguiu until lately, will ui
111 aaa to a a! HI areati r Bamber vi heu it comes to burying
vim. Ami it Is a Uttle cartons sa see hew the i!iiti?ii
Torlea ??u- making argumenta for Ttmnnan, Vatlaadla.
li.un, Kiiiiiu? a ( <b. Jiitrtle liitniu v, my old usMueiiit?' at
lilli?(?uti help lilli) -be Bad In tier te.n Ililli/ t ililli tu full
ululer tim Buaerahla idea that the Almighty had maae
maa Baan taba the Barrants ol otbera Gwddtopeav
su ide you, in.? fin nils, th.it In li.ni m.nie you fur mt
v.nits M somebody else I No, sir, thank Ood the Am. ii? :in
j?, opie li ive au! nur that, Tin r don I in Lh ve tin i<- is a
gri ?it ti? ni differenee in blood. There isa vast ?liff? r< nee in
liiuiiil ?null it?-net tuai exaltation; hut in government you
must take mankind a? the) an'; um! you me eulup? lied t?,
Mlliliilt to a tu t|Mitisln, ?it aaj that he ulm Is tu li? ROV
?ii.til bj tin la wa of a eoaatry ahall participate In taotr
m.i kii:,' ' We got ern ouraalvea i luve i barman's ipeeoi
in re, and i ama little tempted to read tonte of his lament?
ations; fur old Jen-nil..h, in lil? |n?.?f li.! iioerilii al IllCiil,
never talked like Thurman. [Langhtci | lie Baratta
terrible ti rannt the world evorkaew im? fallen
li j mil Hie Aim i ,. ?:. i JM i. j ile, mu) tin-j hal ?? BWTa he M IO h ik
mi tone; and to tails yee you are ia danger event hoar
ol f i.in; : nii'li r tlie dominion of ?oin? dei ii m other, Im
ilon'l know whit m whom. He taya theJRepnblleana
bara a laed upan the Oovernoj? b1 and Bade on) ol it tto
mool horrid despot! ni the world evei mw. Raw, my
friends. If 11,? ? i? a despotism. It ka a despotism of your
uv. a rhoostng. The inn m m iieople madi It, and wey
inn make theil way out of it wfcen they gel tired of It.
Judge 'lhuimi:?, lin? ?unit ?. it thal this Kepubll ?an party
.i ? so de pised by you and your party, te?i.?> ora
reigning triumphant!] over the once proud D?mocratie
,and trauipllug the principles <n that Democratic
j'..it? .m it i tu h ntl. Bow la that I Howald It cobbs
.ilioiit I J edge Ttiuniiiiii ?>ii_rii t t?i is a philosopher, and
to Inn), atti.i . ' tin i I till- ;? I '.?.II t< li in the
. .an.-.. It is because Ood Is Just, and beeauai Hu Kcpub
ia.iii parti baa traveled seicordlug to the dictate* .uni
laid down bi Mun. ? wa aad rear part) lune |
l li., ii ? k1, a ..I ill the ? lui lull didn't t mi.,- nut tri
nmpbant Now, Sir, that ma) be i harsh expreanlon, but
It t? bitterly true From the time that the treal Repub?
lican part) ? ii. inn) thej wera wean m
theil organisation, how happens It that, step by step, M
this greet controversy, their oumbers have eoutkaually
iel tli-ir principle? beeeaaa Bien Bad un m ?
A, more firmly held lo the American people, to du},
? jin?-. mus te tin? I \\ bj i? li I
UT, \\ ni? Ilu II I? TI I? 1 til tile ruin?, of V_! 1.1 lill IL- hiii til
i mu 'nan diiiin?. tin mil - M.i?
i. ni?? a traitor, wblla h. - a ia? ablag ana,
I. .i?vb:
!? tin ie a man Mithin tli?- healing of my ?? ra, vho
m thal an al i ?ntiot ?-i?y
- ? thete n min su Itf.v tlia t. . t! to ?uti fur
tin bold traitor, Vallandlghum will roll foi thi milder
m ' ,'I in i un,ii ; A- t..i im . I. 11 uni man I 11? i :?;.?n .1
...?I kim'? -, ii 1 had .1 ? lum ? tu ?i.. I.?. I
would lu? in tin u|i? 11 ti..in. 1 !,an
Hu slimy, m nil?.h? traitor, Tlutnuan 11 it tto] say
tin-- aten are too Ignorant lo roti Well, a great maay
nu 11 ai-i iiii.it- Ignoranttbaa l wish Ibej ? re? lasase
II? ? !. I .1.1 .1 l,un.1 til .li I.VTllllil.lt til III l V I?)i 1
1 Km. ? ti,.?t ut in. thai rom? up i<?
iii? (mu i, until? .,1, vary ignoran! ("bey ?rouie ben from a
'.nt?>. mill vii give th? m" ?I? prtrlieaa t?>
? ? .t in 11 th ? know no more about ? men!
? iiiii??' Du the Democrats complain of
fin in lilli! In- . an t.umlaut I .-li. It the Victim of H
foreign de?pert Um wI.noes hera li St, after a reawenee
of five years, to eierrise the right of voll ip
I um in- un.h l-l and? Du ?ilu. . I In It? : lil
asea who 1? a natural 1.01 u ? ni/' p. itml who has beard
llii.?e ;T't it ??m ?I un? tli?iii--?tl fit.iii h.? I"? lu ti nji
???in lia? ill?].111. .1 li falllirillitl -- In tin li.et.,te? of tlnlr
better principie? beyond buj other ria?, ol men thal I
kUOW uf I * ' ' i.illl mil ?"I 'I li. lu-'1 ft au? finin th?.
Uat, I?-? .m??-1 bold thal tin- ?? 1-. 1..1 in? Ignorant, Um
.uti tlie poor, an equal ? entitled lo ti"- rights of
. ii-iu|t li la a piiiu ipk uf natural J ? 1 -? ? : ? ?? ti. ?t if a
m.m must in?- '" ''?? ia. ? ai m 1-1 i: ive s rtj bl
to participate In II I am elaii to sa) that thoa, people
?horn |oui I.- Hit,m iii- referred II lo yeo to .?
?? bi tbei i Iii ) ?hill lu- in1' 1 ? or m are mfli
tli? elsiss I li.ive allude?! lo in all thal Intel neun
Iii it BU n In ?"li inn! Alni I am
tO limn? I hit III ultu I fm a iiun. lu iii-el ii j. 1 li 1? ?lut y
? be m iii? im! in- a pi. ?" nui I uri si ? a .. m
lal "i a ire?! ?tatt .man if II was tim I
fours woola be absolute!) Imnoaalhle That
would bring you back io this pink ol ai I tut
Jil lill? -Mell V. lui Ililli III lrll ' lill -l|e|| I lu mill, Illili' la, lillie
?111.11 ile it Wltl -? in ila I -li 111. W< lid hate to cettlf) that J ?ni
\?t ii- ?in. iii ti. ?I tu \ ..t. No, Sir, th? ali 1,1 ? ni the Uovi ra
m? ut un oof ao?Tiiiijiin-ni ii ? thal eoBiestc ah thal
In 1 -??en liai 111 it fl? ? gol 1 I ni. >-i I I. !?? a man te <? ? ill' III
tn iiiisiiiu ?ti boneat heart. Diatkaail yon want. Mea
know tin- ?iitti it .ne 1 1 ?? ? 111 righi and wrong, aad there
la no dlfitculty m ascertaining whether this man or thal
i?ii, -nilli ?-.inn.- 1 ? ti? n .11 mai,- bo claims the right
tu \ un fur ionise if, w im tim , 1 nt km m- in- ?? t..;' 1 i,., mon
j part with It than with hi? life, and thal be would brand
tin- m.in ??nu Infamy who would take 01 viitiiiiuiii
it l Iii koowa winn he i-lalma thai fur btaisclf,
tiiat bia neighbor, whalever eoloi h? ma) to, n ?k
I? Lui B i.mln.l, has li.al MUM right, Ifl iv.utr
the ?Bmo degree that bi baa Will aaMman tell me why
lu ha? imi 1 Vuii Bay be does no! know as mach a? you
ilu Bo much the mon 11? - -ii.? for armina him with the
power topi .. ti lum -iii and to defeat ron w Bra rou al
tempt to trample him.Ibia rights nnderfoot. If bals
tfruorant, he wanta it mon than .1 be 1- aisi . if b? 1- poor,
he '.??mis it muli? flinn ii lu 1? 1 i.h. lin millionaire dora
nut in-ill your aympatby. li. baa aympatby enough, It
1? 11,. I???', );. . ?Hal tin li 11 Ililli. , nuil the u mu ant. ?1 nu 1,11 ii
tin? lu Ip/? ilu ?m? 11 linn nt Huit ta ki ? 1 in-. . n,. rights
uf ?nell ,11. tin -1 |a t 1 a?! 1...? 1 min in. I, ? mi waa! t ? ? es
whether a government is [na! at Bel, dont look lo arc
whether it sustain? the Integntrand |?onipol mea high
m power, bul loo) bow li protects in? wi k and the
bumble. If It protects them, li isa |lorh ita I?.ratio
1 1 linn ni. inn! it ?.,ii ?;...t.l 1.1 tavoi ??.tli Ood and
? it li lill JUS! lie
'iiu isposAn. then refait ed to tto hrjralt/ef tto iiaiks
dm ni).' tin nar, ami aaid .
Does tills ?ntiil. tin m to ai.y caaalderatton nt ?.ur
banda 1 Tto mau w to sara II dm 1 Bot, has mt the soul ti
a man iii tu? Im -niii. Id >.- a 1 ni? 1 ii In ni It ii lili ml uf the
Rebellion. As tu tin- Intelligence of tboaa mea,do jua
kiiHM that all ovei the aoutbero Btates, now, the colored
population are organizing themselves uno 1- boola aad
laboring more foi their auvanvemenl in learning and lit?
erature tiiHii any other people la the countr) 1 han
travi h ti tin 1 m-.Ti 1 i ii? ie ?mi v II] Undi ? 111 1 olori .1 m an
?willi a book In his bead learning te read; ih< old learn?
ing the young, and the young learning th. oui; bot h pul
tniir tin 1 > ada togetbei aud educatlnit ihcuiaelvea.
Dea'l Hitit I lill ?mi it is tun- Ack any
lnaiiiei. ' I with the educational d>partment of tba
I .-- . Illili ' 1 '.nieau and m < li li 1' mai > el" is ? "l k - tin y
?Mill lill ?I tim i-atnli'is tin ?e linn ?ne in.lkll.K
fui t.u uke of educating themselves, and 1? t nu
aunouiic? to you thai Bahai th. poot whits
li .1- Ii. as tiny" ?ne iiluil in then- nunn?, shall
iiuirv nji tli?.- ?uki s anti |mt themselves In a cutana
of training bettei than they bave evei done yet, Instead
of tin- negro? ? in ina the kgnoraal 1 lass ??- they bara Bera
n presented, n \? ill be the men of oui ' oloi a bo a ?li ti?
serve that name, beeauae thoM poor whites don't atSMB
tu lu- act nat. .1 oi tli.it sj.li it of I in] nu ?elm nt which m Hi?
nt, ?fin blaokS 'Un lefnre, I liujie li. III .ill V. 111 Ill-Kit ate
tu i ike tin last elim lune step in tlie wrogrraa of the re?
form thal tin- Repnl II an party bave had at bear! ?.li the
tim.-, i tell you. m? fm nils, vie m- making history very
t i-i i lu- man ?? im has been Identified un the part of
tin <.ni? lum. ni ??un iii. area! strug leof thepastfew
? i ara lu this oountry, and has st m ni - ; ? i. by sids ?? ??i lbs
Republican party, haia a proud reoord. lula nation bas
made advancements beyond wbsl any nation lias ever
m.nil before. We are looked to b) all the itruggliag mil
innis of Europe, and we know thal In the wai through
M III.Ii ive have Just IIB Bl ed Hu- di apolisma uf I urn|ie
looked ob v?nh great int. i ? -t. Every arlstocra! and
I despot In lui ??i? via? in harmony a th Vallaudighaa?,
J 1.,ii man .1 ( .' li? n.ie h a! ful that, through
our Bueesea.th? |ieopleof Europe would be emboldened
to throw uti i'- uko of deMpotism, What ?er<- thnaa
aristocrats dol ?11 i'uu tlmel ih<- OonfederacT was
Bendingeuii?? to enlist tlu-w- deapotlsmsIn ttolr M
h.ilt. and t" li i!" li ambiance In overthrowing tins
(.uveiiiuuTit. i lore waa IsMell, ?rho Ment to Franaa,
and Masou, wl?o weat to ?ngland. The) wera backed b)
arlatoerata avery where, and wera rnriag M aal sujip?irt
io ?ml tbemln revolataoulrlBg the glorious UoverBaseot
in wim ii we ii?1?- ?ni dlanaea go fnrtberl Qaa min
pluiiK? bl mae 11 mto ?l< < per degradattoo than when lu pi
v.ikes a dwniotism sbroad tu come la and ?ml him m ever
tlimning tiie glorious PrlBI I) le- of goreinun 11 ur ha??
liiiniiti-,! frena oar fst hers I One wind as to tin tyrauay
tbey m ruse na of having coBHnitted upon those m aden
.'.ii.? a tvianii?, n frightful tyranny I why. Mr.
BwiOg ami" I blush to w?.i ii, tm lie wa.? saul to bo
? good ni,i whig before tba tall ha arrota ? i? t
ter to the JobnaoB < niivnitn.ii In which to an
nouneed delilK-rately ti??' sentlmenl thal at n?>
time daring tto au could tto aeeeded Itatea
bare been eaclnded from Congre?? Poor old
elowa rho oaly plea we can make for bim Is thal ia is
?it in? nted, or bet n^-'it lo be damned ,1 slighter ! I ? i
mt i:? lu is to alt In thi tonuetbiol this nation to-ay. to
legislate tor the Uovemment they wen lately Invoking
tin aid of foreign countries to destroy, wbr, tto aaana
a fool lAppiaiiM? | But be bi no blggei fool ti.au Thur
niau, f.i Unit m hisiloctrllie tu day. 1 ?lil you e?.r hear
au?b ? tiling! \\? ara ?real ?rraala to Oungnaaa. Welmvc
?liait very harshly with these men-very I Well, ho
have w?- shrunk from the r-?ri>?I old principle? of Washing
toil, who was not tin.u^-lit to I.?- mm li ni a Radical Hi
w_sa K.4tlical thouah, und if he WOW alive today
wi.unl beasbad as I um. In th?-days of den. W.isi.iui:
ton, while he was President of the united Butea, Coa
tri ess, titkiiiif intii consul.-,..ti.,,, til. fn. t tliatni h? is Blgh
m .m- at hi m, ?M , ,-,.|, paaac?. apon thal ?ubjai t, and i,?.
it I'linisiiaii'.e l'y dentil m.d confiscation lor an j man t
levy wsr aj.'Hiiist the Coven. DM ml ol ti.? united BtaVtea
. Washintrion ri-comim nded thal law; CougTI
pasof?! it, mid den, Washington signed It. He m.
no mau ?if ?hain?, huppo?..- that suth a m.n
ii? J? IT. I>_vls, or Toonil,??, or (.in. lae, or any o
the r.-st of tlieui, muli r the provisions of tim! law, bad
fain n umIn the iiirisdictlonof Gen. Washington Mian I e
wa.. President. linn mach would you hav? given fe? h.s
ihalieel Nut Vcrv liiinii, I nu -?. " We know 1',-t \lJi:it
In- would have dime l.y what he did. ? < ii Arnold linder
tonk to si ii out and gootertol ' i. ,-. <-i nimut
.Major Andre, who h ni .cine Into the United Stat?? to
pan the amiiip nield with A mold, Mas ra light, Cell
Waebiugtoa saul to the British (,ovi uni. ni, "If jon
?ill?lelma to mc the tiaitm Arnold, l will Burreodei
Major Andu-unhurt to Min I Waal to gel that d'm1 nf
ilti.iltor. | iloii'i BBBk the I,li.ml of Alnlic; li" ka ? for
einmr, and I don't want ti,, xi-, ut,- hi?; M f \<u v ill
surrender Arnold, vnil can take Andu" Thal shows
what V.'uslui?Ktoii would have dime With UMBI B I B.
What ??nilli h?- have ?lime Milli Vallandigham i Vallan
fligham Mt ni. as tar m einleavni iiiK to betray this mt-iion
as (jen. Arimld ( -,? r went. '1 hat is to say, ho did all that
his dciilish ability COUMl I.id tin ans of doing, IB the
cause of treason, and if hi had fallan under the juiisdic
tiou of Cen. WBabington, he and the whole accursed
posse o? the leader? of 11rs Rebellioa would have Ins-t
tin ir m cks. lAppluusc j It mi), lit to have I", n dune.
I t?-ll you, when men i ninnut the rnnsf flagranteriuMB
kiuiM n tn the law, and the law pi 01 id? s for ?Belt pun? li?
lli? nt, it is a weakness mid a wickedness- to spate thom.
(Applause ) How many have fallen becain-n we did not
do it 1 A man may ?cent to act with humanity, but
really, while he i? dealing leniently with these il?-vils who
have done such/mischief, he Is doini.' a ifrcit injury to
hundred? and tlmusnmls of others. Hut, say Thuiuiau
and Yulluiidl-rlutiii, you are erecting a despotism over
them; you won't h t the m come into Congram to aid you
in Hu-administration of the (?nvernmeiif. Did yon ever
hoar sii'-h a plea us that ln-fore I Is it not a little mar
vi ?nus that this natinn has never visited the lau upon the
ln.nl nf any trailer 1 BIT, the Stood nf hundreds?I waa
about to ?av millions-<?f yourie men, the flower of our
youth, haa i" en ?aeriflced to tai? Rebellion, and I blush
'" ?? i) the retribution of the law is not being tlsltod upon
a tingle one of theil heads, until, from the perfect immu?
nity they ?'iijoy, tnas.iii b' gina to he rc-pot tahle 1 fear
Hud ti? luble for my (iiiintiy when I lind that tlil.-? must
accmacd treaaon thal baa accumulated ?rah a debt upon
OUT shoulders. Bad OOtl ii? the lives of hu:, du ?li?
tarais of our hr.iM' hoi s flint y. t these u,, n n 1 K i un?
di? is whs have done It all are theobjectsof ?ympathy
fmm such men a-s Judge Thiuuiiiii and Mr val
Mr. Wade proceeded ft? follow? ?
Non I a ,?i.t to s. y one Mord as-Mil flic wici-ess of oat
gi eat principles, rw. aa I hare already ?toted, I don't
ailiiress this mirum, lit 'o any man u ho, in the li,
stood by it mid syuipath/i d' v, th ii, mid who, when otu
11 'Ul'.es were Uah k' st tlpoli LU, Vol lip a roi.I I fed traiter
as a candidate f??r Ooternor, and stun?! oui agilntl ?til the
cain.isislng, ami baaing, and pi? Bdlng that wits ilma- t<>
BBTO the coin.Hy 1 don't ail,tuas tirgillilents to those
men. I want to-p.-ak to j ou m im have been Identified
with this good ol?! lb publican patt] li euron rain irv work?
foi the success of th? se s rent and irloriou? principle? mo
hue held ?ti loiiir; for ?nell ii tpecta? 1? i ?ve! came before
this depraved wurld nf mil's I i fore Just n Hi it ii)i"ii it.
What has this pat:,i dine that we are brandi da? R
m d AboUtltmltrta, ami all that f Bate we not grown from
a load no iu?ri.'i i than a man'a hand into a great j
in the land-a patty which Dow predtimlnatee our
ti- land for ?ris-ut ' p > ?I I Why dont li?
ll that I VMiv di ??? find nut what mis
datodled tin-in to nothing, mid bulli us up f" tueh a
pim 11 f li is i he great ?pint of rlghfeou?ne?s peri
Bad perradlag the port y a ih which we buvr acted. We
bsvesitssl L B>>usly by the rountrj udbyourpi
j,|. -, and, w.ih the ? i ? pt. n i f oi ? yeai
Ki piibiii an Isaf y a..- , ,>
i nu n iioi.t appear t" und? rstand m hy
4he old In mo. i at.i pall. !.. I : th? ban of Hie
,cop.?? and baa i- rou? a bu a ^ ..ml .i bywurd among
mea. Why li _avi departed from ?Tory
pnuclple of reptil? ? upon
the i rlnelplrt of I old
patriot l Ipu-ii-: . ! ti., m. He
laid down thej . eitrrled
d' <i m
r? puiiii'ii i-m a ,1 right?-??, nee?; mi. with too fetiM* of
Almighty li-i'l, thal ad why
\k ?hall no1 rall. Why, bi . . c prlni I
j'li ? yu advoeati in-day. ii you gain a v.. i?.ry you
tt.ti-t plant j o :i hal . you lnn-t ttomi
th.- r" '..isi.-j,,,; ,,f th.- Almighty, ami tbi
In lil I ey? u pi ill Ipi? s tau pu?
ll-,in.a..ii- li,..'.; I. M- you III .
ii'i.-e-, toa ?' ? ? and the
nt design? the All Ighty has toward this Hatton,
sml the pi im ipli s , : , sud pall
tram pi? il und r foot You w ill it- more
a by-ward tor future geMreuoua ti..?n ton bat? beep tn
I ?" | i ' I ' !?. ? ho hat e
?tow ao like arock s?*:un?t all i!,o.
?Ia\rry aud wr.-nir. aiul han- m vi i swerved from tour
integrity, still you au te he a piiii?" In the name of the
nat Ion In futura yeai >, a children and your grand
np ami call ?. " i bh s? d. ion are
making bo oomu , tee how raea took at
thisai.i i Kee to what end they tried war. w..?
? \? i a n,"n gli tiou to any poll! ral con
ti.m i?? tha i ? ta hi? h i tratritmted in st,.:
?ha, ka-? oil -.?,-., if human bemgsl Thal i? ?That
you havi don?-. Yon hate t..s- bond Um poor
.nil :h' i,<. .1. Yon have taught them ti,?,i rights, sud
p.a. ' d tia m "i. th? 1 onr <."i?-r..in'-i,', to par?
ticip?t? therein, and to he a part and parcel thereof. I
, rou ma) .cht ? '. tin Revolution all
over, ana you w11! nowhere ?i I anything so gio
thai i ?al - '? ?? alreadj i We ha?e
got almost to the cud vi, I .??? i niost )?'..,,?.ii the weak,
ii.?? In i|',i -s, ami ii '-s. ? ?mpked down, onoB
the rtsoa of oti nu 1 [ter
in I lie last ?li p I Wl I . ? i bold I.a? k \tliell } " l hat'- I elf
('Hellion ii!, it t" li,.,'1! f || ih.-u- hu;, loan le ii- who
. platt? ? taking i ?!? p bs V ? ird, ah? ti
?h- a ,,i f,,i '? ii i in i be tature i ^ on tnaj
h iii pt. oui: ? - I has? m- ti, I) It tour _
?..I I" a-< a ! lu i'l ... , ph 04 . r
mi) mu b fe? an- ?,,, -.. the ' 'I I or
Mm /o ai pi - t to him thal '?.
tal.i - bold ' f 'i ?? i i"-A and :?"?).? hack, imr uni > nlm that
ni the good and work perscverts to the i
p.hiiH- i i know ?ni will dot*, i: ir- th. last
th. I Iii? I?. lui '- I. ' '. e v /h Bl ^ ?
ha?' Baan nibbln?! it tin ueel of the t??*groea for twenty
?ca??. ii ha? been their only capital In trade,
I-t-t n? la i ran Let ua couiii ? ia doini right, a? we
bato begun Let us go up to the polls, .
mid git? tn lie -i mi ii m l.at i" lol i -. 'n der God,.. - mm li
lo Ho lu as !,, . | , , | |rc Ho lu the I.,'' Iii" 'I nf lil..
lice that belong? ti them for I tell you ti ii Bty crt-cd Is,
equal mi'l na. i i,i-i;,.- io all Baten, without regard t"
i ? Nothing ?bon of thal ?vii: do.
No*i. na: .hu.; of it mi.i or ought to satisfy your reaaoa.
If roa mil bul come ("TM mi uow iiiiil take lui? la?t ttep,
rou will reap ti.? reward of the glory and the
f"i which rou have ft High i o long. I know row will do
111 - ,).'i l ha' .- li? \ i r fa lad v..I I . .ill lit rv m hen if m i- Iii
|i-(.p.inr,, ami you a U no1 tail it bow. I have tuH fall ? -I
so font.- uu lull - - (it-ei '-?, m ' i have i ?in,i in ther?? was
any dangin lieeisar? J i will du right when tha daj
"f eli d,mi com? ' I"'..in!.
Mr. Wade euactuded hi? ipeeeh wttt ifhw re*
th. siit'j.. t id the nal 11 ? D< m". rat-, h. saul.
Mi le eialeal.'i ?i;^- 'o p, i - 1 nie ill' DCOple illili the I ou.l.t
to throw o'l iii.- h n I. n vi if, ii m -.s i:,, in re,I fir the d.
f'I se nf th?, i-oiili-rv. Hil : '? li 1' a. ?p!'? of jUsti.o
would Derer e?maeat to thal n- a? ihl aoivola to ra
repudi..:- roftaatttoht Ha belletad tin* Deaa
nriata- p ,.!;, v,., .ii- bCUrtod 88 deep ?B the Oi tuber
al ?' t : ?. i. tiiat isata aaall ha asronrrortlnn far Ita battjai
th's, if '
M 11 ? Il OP "i VAK'!: SIIKIi'MAN.
Si iiii'oi S h? I ii.it ii .ni?!:?--'?I .in ii.iliicn-o itii
?lii-lin-at Canton, (?h ... on the . ' Af;< r ali .?.-_ it
lll'li! I!, fa' "?*oT SSgTO sutil. :.'?-. tie t.inn ??! lil? atleiltloli
l8 the Null,mai Unan, is, M loliows:
Til? re ao- ?..me ipi.?-!:.- I lil this
cam a--, im, whion are very Important IcaaoniJ ni
lude to sume nf th? in very bilefly, and chieflj in replj to
what Judge Ham,, r Mid to i the oth? i day. Th? ? are
flnaaciaJ qn? ?tiona growing out of ti.?- war. Von a ill ob
?erve tha? then doctor? do not agre? al all. Judger Tkur
mun. Judge Ranuey, Mr Vallandigham,and ao doubl
nu ti) "thus, talk about debt and taxes ami banks nxtrcly
to i-xdto opiiosltlon, bul the Democmtn party havi not
.I dare nut take definite positlnils on ali) of tin in. I'l.'u
'i. last "niti^'i" Li exhausted thai will m.., iu?.?.l ?.?n y
these irrcat quettions. Judire l:.17tiic> I? opp,,-,-.! to au
te of paper money, will? l?hurmaa .?aiiis to paj
vit our bonds Jn in>>?.- g? enba? k?. or mon- rags, m he ?alla
them, andVallandigb im la In favor ?f paj lug th? whole
debt by an lame of greenba?ka. The atanaUon with )<>u
win be m1,it lu i the union party, whnn La entitled to the
credit of the wouderful su. i esa ol our ttnan? lal dm asares,
? m i" -t ?aire ?iii n? m prohlcra? as u.? , rUe, oi wheth? r
th,- publie credit can 1 e aaf? ?j eonimltt? dtoa partj thal
?luiiiiK the Mar tried all the) . Ottld to di -t?o) our . n-.lil.
Let nalook al wtueofthew matters The) UtikofiKir
large public debt. Very wall, mir d. bt is large, bul m hat
caused ni a Democratic rebellion We had lo --'-?oom
between a great war with li? Inevitable Inc.dents, ,|, nt
and taxation, ni, on the oth'T h.iud. tin- o.crthrow of lim
National Government The Union party preferred war,
debt, und taxe?, t'a dlsilii.ol!. D14 the I limn party lin
,Mly im n ase the d< bt, or It-pOOO linei|ila!ol Unjust
tnxeal ?in the i ontiai v mu laonclal ntcitaurea wer? as
niecessful as oui- military mtmnane. While ni: the ?naru
of tim I "-mu ratic party impaired our i redil, m ?lu li
(littiiiiit to negotiate 101411", prolonged tin-war ami in
(ini-.-d the debt: ami n?w that tim m;h I? over ?liai
party it likely to Inmaeo the detit. W?1 Intvo tim
tait bef?te us tiiat th?? rm.a, pariyha? i:<;t ?"'lv r '
vented an lucir?s.) of tim deb-, but Its redil, ti, ni,.,,
be,-,, steadv mid rapt I On thettotOf AOgTiBt,,_?,?
WMto,7S7.??,8?Ml; OB the 1-t.liiy of Novnil.-'i', IBM, It
waaSa.Ml ut.ui. or a is duottoo ?f aBMrfTV^S?? on tha IM
day of August, is,":, it was gj .Ml.*--.? -<;. ?M a I..lal i.-du,
tluii of ?U6?91.WD, in le?? tnou two yeara, and during
these twoVearawa paid oM beMde animmnnaearoouul
of Boating debt, the itobtia ?f the Mar Sunpom ?io
!)? iiio.iatie parti im? In pow?t, who d'-- not know thal
tin- di bt would ha largely Increasedl Tlis only turu
I?, mocratlc BUtoa.Kentucky, Maryland, sml Delaware,
ai-- mu? deinaii'liin. untold mlliltm? as pat foi their
rial.-- Even I?, um, iat is .oiniiiiiii d totheii payment
All irrer the South thej axeprepai tig claim? (oritiJiuiM
during the wai A Dtinocrittlc Coiigrviia would rnul
them all Nearly every Iiemocratti tk-uutoi 01 Member
has .-.iinmiiii d him-eli t" pi nelpie? which ii adopted,
will add toyourdobl ?.-'h ,{KM),(J4?j to li fie muji ,duu Ko; till?
li-asnii ti??" v i"u-t.iniiy exaggerate th? Baaouat
of tu?? publie debt. Lol ita " whal II )?. II
1? lltiolil.il.il. and we knnw to 1? dullai th?-ainnMiif
I rend ft. m the last otlleinl ttatemeht or ?In Beer?
the j rea? ih?' B8_t?BBat?i Utbr, A?'_n-t 1, via* ???.ni.
30M3*. bat of thietWi'.'no.f?}. is in paasito k? and tr.-?c
IIOBBl . um iicv, not imvlri: interest. 1? ?VU r th. .i.!?t? st
hearing debt r-.ll4,i?.'i),<X>0 Now if I have my way ti..s
liebt will u?it lie nu reuse?! one dollar on any pittBllBS
wbut?v,r, but ?vail s.inly and Kr.wii.ally l?. pud off. It
.'I that tins debt is not min?. <t to taxes, and this dis
eriiataaUoa is uajost to oilier tai payara now, 'ii.s m i r
or prt>|>i rty in iin-ouie held by ??ii t iii/., nu is subject to
taxea bp tto bulled atalas CoBgressroa) imp? . laves
oi. it as it docs oue'.b.rpiDiierfy er inc.'in? __i ??? bonds
now pay Income tax. But it i uni.t ?. .?..??? tas.
Tbiala true, but whose faull lait 1 ... Uah? party
Biake this exemption I MotatalL H ka m..tie by tin
Constitution of the United States foi hieb < Daine. I
?lain in? .als. wbeu it suits their purpose? profess sueh '
profound ilcfereuce. Tlie Bapn nie tom I ol thi United I
Mat? ?? - ? .a.? a? 1811 di t ided that bonds , f the Ui ?:? ?I
stall s are no1 su; loci t?. any tax by oi undi i ?tate author?
ity. Ti is ti? t iSeiii lia? lu en Ii.'.iu?ii ?. ...i. i?
sime, it so happens that every . i. id*? ti. .,t b..M aatoa
the Bupn u ' ? ia IBIS tal had this
? on before bim, and each out ., tim bbum
np.moa. The j i; ifip.?; is ?ibvK'us thai ? - ? ??:
ga ss to torrou money la paramoiii I and rauBot b? taxed
?I mt? iftlttl With WltlMMlt ?lei-tit ?;. Ing it, 'lu allow ?i I
State io tax iiatiiii.nl mau? may emu .'? a Stat? te preveal
tto nation tapm borrowiug aaoney. Now, tlteai ih-elsleus
?le very weil kim?? ii to a? BBod lawyer? sa Thurn.an or
Banne/, but, matead at saathig them fairly, they bnnse
tin- li.um itally luff el?, inpliu, tim boa!?. v?lilii- all
united Btateaboada have been exempt from local taxes
aiuce the fiHiiu.at.otj of Ihe liovemiinmt by the CtHkStlta
tiuii Hseif. and bat ?' SB a? aub seil bl by every Admrtiis
tratlon. The lils? 'mans ?hu _ag tlie war contained BO ref
Branca to tins eenatltuttonal exemption, but in subsequent
laws, after a reeenl dcckaiOB by Judge Taaey, ia ln-ceiu- I
btv, .Mt, that United buttes hoads conld mt be taxed, I
we lus?.rted a declaration ia on?; of our loan
th_t Uuitcu Bia tea boi.?is wera bo! lawwMt by er
linder f tato authority. They dal not el.um.ie the lav, but
simply (Uclund the law, in v.cwnf ti..s very tj ueeUOU,
atidof the eeitnluty tbst when tba war wn? ovci ?mi re?
stored ?red!! would enable us to bun? ?v moiwy on inure
favorable t?'riiis, we always kept lu vu w, In laaalag
bouda, the principle of "rede? inability" al tto pleasure ol
the li iietl Rates, in a short tiiu?>. Tins was a fixed pulii-v
ni your financial ?Kents. Tin? n tba reason ?t ram 5-, ?s
and io los. The United States may pay ?ft ar.v portion of
our debt wit Link a short tun?-, ? uti? i?by taxes or by Bor?
rowing money on fal niable terms. Nothliitf BOW Stands
iii the ??ay except the Treasury notes known B4 tto TJBB,
wini 1. will su.iu be converted. Winn tli? process is ac
eomnllsbed the whole public debt ia m tim most favora?
ble shape, ami may, from time to time, be funded ?it a
a sr rate of Interest, and so as to adjust <mr condition
proper anti right, both to taxpayers hu! the public i red
[tors, on the (?uestion of taxation. If we ?-..n sell
ti., ia we can Itsue. bond? expressly Hiibject t??
State taxation, aid with the proceeda pay ??ft" ?mr
outstanding bomls as they Beerne, or may??m?l
Wbleb I think is fur better?reine our preseBl
bonds with tonda at a lower rate of nit?'re?t, the redne
tion of interest being m tto nature of a National tax on
Oovernment securities. But, fellow?eltlaena, all tbesa
BrraBgementa mus! be apon the baal? of Ufo strictest ob?
servance of tbe public faith. National erodlt ka ourtmly
Beeta) aaaa of war or peril. Debts eanno! toentorced
agaiBBt a aatloa by courts of kaw. and ra*! anly ui?oii
honor und faith, wa cannot afford to tarnish these? All
thal may be dona consistently alta these, t<> lighten our
burdens, mil be dona by tto Union party, but the
malignant whisperings of Copperhead?, who talk about
?it nt ?nul tax?e,are kateadeuoalx t<? prepare you tor
repudiation. Kow, there la a goon deal saul about ?mr
National banking system. As tins isa sreattaa of Otu
u right to change oi aaedfaty it is expressly re
sei vi ii. Tin ir ri^ht io issue p.ipi r Burney rests only ii|>t?n
the consent of Congress, and may be withdrawn at ?nj
t.ine. i.< t us iee tow tai? system Manda. To aseare
the privilege ol issuing notes tba toaks mast ?trpastt
with tu? T. ei. -im? r of the Uulted ?tates < overnssenl bond?
exceeiUng li> ten j?-r t'eut tin.* auiouiit of ti?, ir circula?
tion, thus faraishlng a stable market fur.mr hoads. They
mn.-t redeem tbeli notes al then counters and al cent?n
of redemption, thus foxuiahmg a convertible currency.
1 in y muai k. i [? on hand In l ? uionej or green*
i about is per oent of their cireelatlon aadeposHs.
They must pa] heavy taxea tu the Unite 1 bl itea, amount
lug, last >ear," to *??.'..''."is, and t.. the St te?, amounting
toovi r -n million? more. AU their Interests are Inter
laced <\nh the credit of the Nat inn;.; Oovernment They
, ed and took the place of'tbi State hanking svsti m,
v? bleb wa? BiterW drstrm tn?.- te Uw Kations I ? redit dor?
ar, which uni?-'.:' ti a currane) without set uity,
and which tin lux.? ?1 .tatos could Deithei receive nor
pay out, 11.ey are eonv? ah at agencies lo collecting tin
reveuue and promoting exchanaes among our people.
If ti.? ?e r- .iii. are not sulHclenl !?? auataiii the
system, then it vviil full. ?ml s???rni? of State banks v?-,,i
spring up again. By adopt! . Iwvl
m-.lie-,? nat of existence otate bank? whose Bggregate
? a-ni ttloii was Si so,ooo,(??), which pidd us no ta\t>, ren?
i?a no farllitiee. and pre* :????! no Bnancial ? ?. ?lit.
Wein .-, bah V'U lil.? US HOW ?s. ?hi,.??J in t.< ve?,
. our
Dotes without interest. It Is oftenlasked ni.? no1 issue
$,i?i,i??i,i??t (rre? nback - and retain the toni D ?ti it V out
we aave Interest by this ! We certain!) cm tin to, but
we I??-?' the ? m-1 kel fur ?i birger smonnt of our bond?.' We
mast thoa providi iti | ko of our legal tendera
-.t-iiit ?> retained iruiu t In-ill.ilion lu tin- vaults of
t..i banks, ?nul m- kill the goose that yield? us 18,000,000 ?n
ta-..-s. My- i-m.,?te:inn i.? that tim National batiking
.?.? stein works wau. and should not i?v tampered \- ?th. ex?
cept to secure a fit!.ei opportun!!; among the Wales to
rtbeo the secnrlt) enjoined bv circulation, and in
tun.- to maka a nati? -ii .enterof redemption or clearing
him??. i aaver waa much of ?i bank bub, tot while mi a
,i,'t ncit-s nie ?lein.uniel, us the) are ia all new conn!
when capital la ?caree, 1 believ? the presen! system
i th., ? i we bava . vi r had, Bud Car better thoa for the
l lilted Maes?,um iiiliuiit to ii-?'.urn- dire. Iii the banking
..|.. t iiun.? of tim people1. Amt lai??, f-Low-i linens. .,
t. w words as to taxes, and I sm done. The geueral prin?
cipio of our Tax la?? is to ? ?-?; ni ..? m -eli a? ib...?- me from
duties on Imported goads, s i ? ?- reasons are that sue li
la-i?-? ara iuurt eaalh .'..-ti.tt In the seaboard citiea,
mu? mi.nil b1 tto ??ii,?- par! ol Ne?? Vork. They ara
mala!) un article? oi luxury, vu?, as silks, broadcloth?,
and wines, ..ml are paid b) those who ara able te pa)
li Ilu- extent tllst t.,\e?iil iel i< i| B|HM ?ti'
ma;, be manufactured here, the) protect oui own iBdiBs
i md diver?!! - arl -, and inert ans onr we i
Wn levy these taxea In ,a..t. because gold i?
balla 0. ?ill for-.?ii connueii-e, and we ?i.?- tbus pro?
vided wilb ample nx tas to pa) the ?nteres! of nar
deb! Now, tn levylug othri taxes wa ?ele t lucouiesover
It .soo, and impose! per rant ?lut) apon such Ineoi
Th!? li? tbo fairest mode of taxes. The difficulty ksinas
. .-i talnlaa tto amounl oi Income, bul i<< I ? ort?
? era '.' teouie ac |S ms,
ibis t..x i- m"!- i'.|.i.-ii!> ???.?-?.-d. and yli Idad iislti?! year
iuiti In Kurland thki i?Jhe most uniforui aud
. tax. andu i'-iuie. Hei.'ive ?-? ,-t-' for taxation
such art? les the con?uuiptiofl of which I? not neressaiv;
sueh - i ' lu.'t
tin1 lav |.'ei?? ni.? i onsumptioB n t harm Is ilune. Tto fBH?
me in ?-..;i. 11 na- v. 111 - k > 1.1? I repreai i
of our ey? ? .-in. itougnl to, Bud will, '.-?I.
i ..1.1 tso.isjo.ooo. Tin e i .v.. ?ii Imports, lutMitue?, wluVkv,
and tobacco, la m? ludameut, v. now be amply
aient to pa) the inteaast oa our debt aad it--t
?-.vi .-i .t !i..e-. The ??? i .th. . f "? . ; iietotlaaeta
tu ihres ?ui our system o! loti n al t..ve- and yel nr. t*
mt ii m -l.i-tl ?iiil- nat. lil I aita .Ii dge
Kana and rare are n >? essai ?? In
??m- |in!iii. i'\;..-?at: - ie?. The spirit of thi bro tends to
i.?::,u,i,..iiii'i. in publie and in )>i : ? ite I fe ? I - ?- a ks.
ras! iinji.u? iTin-ni?. in-, invent!.>t?. r - ..,-.?? m
all ili-j-aiiim-i.i- ' the u.der
ot tba day. i believe the United Htatea i in lea.
these to our people, and ronans the op?ratloiis.o
Uovernmcnl to the proteotloo ol lb? I lerty
nml rights of It? citizen, al boma aad abroad, aad to
lim ??.-I mil.li.liit'uf it ? lia! nu.?! i.lili.'.i!. ni. Bill OS COB
tin? be accomplished! I? ii by par! -.? ? srbo asaka '
pruno?' to ride luto office No1 st oil I notice that al
moat every acbeme fur now draft? on the | ? nry
ara ?nppliod b) oeerl) every Democrat In tougress Tim
to secure w.my hi by cara Ib electing uieiuiier? of
.?? Tbi* toB parauaal and tot a i? i ition,
Aftei reoonsti etion U Bcltlad, the highest st) Ibufe. lu
m;. Judarment, foi ?? represeoi itive of las peop -, ?
lu!? cine mai ?i .i.iiiiv In public expendilnres I beheva,
t <un iiiiiicat.tia? already abowa, thal the next Congre??,
t mij'o ,ii-iTiiust eiii.ii-i? uf Be pu furnish it?
with exemples of strict eeoaom) In punlle expeuditurea,
?ml ?? lae ami pradenl cars of : oiu Saan? : ii tntet -tv
ClKCIMKATt, Aii?. '?'J.?Tli'? Di'in.n Ta? i.- l'??n
% ?-ni.?mi lo imimii.iT' I I iii.li late fur OougKSa la the
i ni < SangraaaMnal Dietrlet, t?> III tin? raaaai y m-cjauined
by th?? realgaatsaa of t?..u. ii-.;, s, met at cuniiiuugs
viih? tnti.ty. Tba ri-sol ition of tto Oblo StaM
(?(?ilVKtllmil, ?lid UM Kelifiiiky lesoIutltiUJ Of
KJri wer?) ?nlr.pt.',1 as the i?!:it?.?rill. The delegate?; bel?g
?iiur?y ?ii? lilli tot a asa <;eu. Aanaaa, mt? auetiic'r m
the ii ?inv. and Mr. I't-i-i..?! m. au anti wareiviliitii, iroMnto
u ??piiibble, faint the ( uiiveuUnu lnoke np in a row Wlta>
mu Boaalaatlag a candldafa.
rea ???ni?!.? slut: ?'osvT.Nnoa,
W'li.MiM'.T.A', DaL, Auir. .'2.?A call is ptili
Ihslntl tur a l oiivenl.tUl to >?<? huhl III WllUllllgtoil OU the
at jk of September, for the purpose of Banting dategBtM to
the Hoi'lc stat" fuiiventioii. ivlilcb Maali iu Haltimora
aaatotati ?f sw^jtoaatoa, to ft man.t al Cangraaa to
gnaaantea t<> althnaM ?>f ali th?- state? Banal Rlghta aad a
repabltoaB foi ? ?>f goraanaaent.
S\s Kkan? IIOOi Aug. DI.? The political c?>ii
fest lu California frOWS vi.y btttBC and BXCttlag as the
eifCiioii draws near. Efforta ai? in.nl? t> BuacBnttata
t!iy Union vote of H ni Francisco upon tho ?A'H .lal va
Hakal, Tim independent party conduin? tln-lr oppontl??u
to Oorliuin, bat ei:).piii t the gt-noral ticket. ur<e tun eine
tion o? ?he regnlar Boaatanea : fot 'Congi am and tto Lagta*
tut-?-, mu? Datai tin i.it.ti.atiou ?>f the t - * Mai
uuietiduient. _
Lamsixo, m ich.. Aaf. ?t9,?Thia naoraing tba
Baa ?'onstiiiiiiun of Mu blgaa ?-a? slgaed b) m rnetabt
of Hie ('.i:i?T?nt!i.t* vibn li theu adjQB.BBd BUS}dit.
Hil: i ki: OI thi. M'iiui.i: am> T>h." BOAH*.
Si.l.oris. Auk'. 'JJ.?Tin- stiiUe ??ii the Ila?
bile alni Ohio Ritlllu.t.I lia? i,??'i|iit-.| fuvlii. !:?'i> p. t'i??'t
liena Tin- aaplaj i -, ? tai uf w bota tota '??"'> toat paid
tn algkti i ii iiuUitiis, aaaaaablad MJaakaaa smi stepped
all the tra?as, acompani of minti, bate bren ordered
to that point,and tlieagfifts of th" road f,-ai ti?.ti Got.
Browulow will luke i ??.?sniv-iiiu tw ?ii thut poitloaiol Iba
mud lu Ti nut ian i.
at ?TiaVTir TSL?H?ara ts tbb miauM?.
??NIMMO.-, OK A III II MM ft. Al.ll?,BO~.
Vn:.sN4, hug. staU-laM) journal la lins city wln?h>
tljf iickiiotvlcilmd fo ?MI tile or, :u, of tfatt?
li une Miiiit-liT. Baron von Rrutl .is.-ivtw lodny iLat
:t <!? i, lisne allum? his Im n ?SI Still tai t\\c?-ri Ana
tri;i:ii,(l I Yunce.
A?illl KMKNT IN lill. r A M MIN ?,?lrMH?N.
PjUU ', Auir. 'r2.- It ?m saul Hut 8888 ?,f ti.? results ok
til?-?'??liierenco willoi, l.a.s Im-ci, |? Iii at Salrlmii: In
twren th?- Emperor Masjolsaa and w\naek Jsaspfe >??
to ibsisl tli.it tin: South (?tinrnn States shall unite m
? ? tiiifi ittiulioii of wliii h Aiistiiii sliall U- the Im-.u1.
It. is alsjo stat? ?1 finit au ugveeinent has been arrive?!
ut between the ttsn Emperor? as to ihe poln-y la l?f>
li? l-.iltt i pliihncil l?y AuMllil.'ili?) lia? MM in (ho Kant?
ern (picritioii.
Ia?)NlMiN, Au?'. ma--Evening.- 'I ho watatljj letiirni?
ol th?- Hank of PnaJBai. show tim, the amount nf
sata ??i in ils raaltt aas lasaaaiaai j-ii,?:*.; ?Auem Uta
last SSPSI t.
I.ivi.iti'ooi.. Ai?_. .?:. Nunn. The steamship l'lightid,
('apt. ? 'utting, f ? niu Ne iv -York AagMBl Ii-, h:?> al nu U.
bounces, Aagaal -. Xooii.-coiiw i? foi aasaajr, si|i
tTattoi BtataaUtolwewty houe?, 7*?; ; illinois oaatsal
Kaliwi.) ? shi'.i, s, n| . Ill' l.'allvny shan-, |?; Atiai Ho
mid Great Vest? in fliaaotldBlifl l-oml.-. '.'I.
Afternoon. ? mist.I- have ti, i ?im d }, mid an now ?pu t< A
StSi|| Tinted Slali? livi tvet.i-. boral-k i. .alia-ionl
an I, and Ma fjiu.t?tion now faT9|? Il.'im la ? ? attal Ka.i
way saasss aaraadtaaeai j, aad Iks att<?i ..^w.???.
line Kuilway sh.,r. s ha,. i al non m'
41?; Atlanta iiini < -.* ?.? ;. : n ('niisn!ii;.:i, d lu.nils ut ii.
Evening.?Ob?oh ? ioseil at ?'! | li. foi ici.ey. Amer?
ican s?, unties earned ?t th?- rWewtag ratos: Di t"i
Stall - )'.ii twenty bonds. J.,. ; IHInOl? < ?? I , *> a? y
shares, :;"? ; Elie I:,,, -.4?'; At..,'. . i <l
Oreat Western ??o!|s"lidai>d Is.lois. ?!!.
KRAKKI'Dlil', Ang 'ii I.Vein:'-, ln.'m S i '. s I i i da
illeiplot'?1 at Hi foi the ?sell? ? o'
I.lVU?tiol , A?::.'.' Noon. ?i |,i-i, inat. 1st rlii.it, ii
!.,.ia\ in,'.?i i ii -, it_ldling "rlsnlr. if|dt Mail
illll)|[ Uriuii-, Hil. Wheat, l'l '.? for New >oiilhern. itali? 4,
s/. com,?;, :?. ??.?'.-. i ?i I'.i.-.'. i .".n.:>4 ?a*Batta
tTtatata, Oteas, li I Bsef, i ?u-d, U t. Pork,
Ti 6. Bucen, li,. Wotan ?Middling. 1- ?'minnon, ?j if.
'fallow, ? d. rataaaaia. ?I/, r.--i??I? i m sfftrlt?, r-d
Kell.a ii, I t. ClOtl I-' ' ?1. 41 .
AfleruoOII. ( nltnli is'j ll'l al I! I al Cul pines. TIlO
mi -afher 1- fine and .'a vol ab!. -for II e top-. 'I'la- pim?
tot llreadstiills ? ti-i.itt?i!. Iii th? lYovismn
market Laid Baa Mraaeadto .*?. , and rue?? lia??je
clined to st . Beef, Pork, aad out al aaaja.
There are no t bange? to report ia tha ProdutMl market.
KM-nlug.- Tin- ( otioli market ( los? d la ; \ i, with a ?lc
i lim- of ?d. ?ni rpl.'.nd-: li.,- fi.ili'M . BthOtMB ?I
eltMataf ??unt.iti'ius: Middling Ipi.,i il-, lo,?!.; .Middling
a?. Hil. Tin- ?a,es nf lin dai fo? t up l-?,l-0? hub?.
nour, 34 i-bl,!. Corn, mit Permut?e, wheat, u t? for
New Sollt ?nlii. liai li y. (?als, iiiiil 1*8*8 un? bunded. |^,ul
firmer at BJ . ( haaM lo at y at 4'J . la el, US ,'aml I'ok
ra 61? bi.i. ffaeaa, ?./< fot Camhethuial Cal MnU-iin?.
Ko-in," ,: f'-! <? lum.'?i \'.'iliiiiiia.'tnii, und i- for Muldliug.
American I'etioleiiin. s.d. f pria, fur Sjii-ifs, anti l/l for
Ilctined. Clover Seid, 41' far Aim'ii-'an Ib-tl.
I.oM. i\. | ?Mt. No. U Dut?.li staiidaul Fugar,
ii?. VMiale Oil. -vin: S)??iin (?ii. ills-, l.insecd l?,l,
_?)? 10 . I.lii.-.-e.l ?.'si-, CIS I : ? al? m ta I.iiiK-cd, 68.6.
?cottli Pig I,on. H .
Afii'ilioun ?Wool is (ii m at Bttl inlls pines. The |.,ni?
of all arti, les iiii Hie s.-iuie ?sat loon
Kvcuing. Sugui ? ii ii ti i cou steady, and ali mtitia? nu
altetad in ptiaa.
?BIWaai*, tag ?-j N?oi?. ritinleuni, 13 franc? for
ttaittll.il li Wlli.C.
K4 l ii.
By Iht- aiiivul ?it tins |???it ??I lh<- Wrig Mar
piteiite, finia I'nii au Ti na 1-, mi hat? i??< itttl Hay tun
? s tn the M inst?iiit.
The paitisaiis of the late ?wl ni i m ?tra lion were busy
p'.,itthtg aciiinat Sahiflt ?-'s on'in-iniiit. and several ar
of influential paita? hal BSSSJ made at I'oit-au
l*iince uud .-st. Mare. Nuue foreigners, rt-aideiit in Ha? ti,
had hssa axpraaatng ??yanjathy with the msiconteiis,
?Co. fute i?!'. Miiiiied hy the ? ?n? eriiim nt, tlironph Its
(irtl.i.i organ, the Moniteur, to ha mine r.'uard<-d ?u their
.: d to abstain from luterfi ring 111 the internai
1 of the country, rho Government, ?tays the samo
paper, h^g token the noel eaergvUc meaaureo lo toatuo
th? Illaii'Tell aloe of public tlilii'llililtj , afitl feils lta?;M La?
creasing?*' strongin the confidence aad support of Uko
pe?p_>, SteaiiMhile.it is prepared with aaarlaae? fliian
1 nu no-.,-::'., s which will pt ?m1 nee gieat bein fit to all
,a.s...s ,r m?o!; . ..ml which will be put ?u execution
wnh the lei.-; p-jstlble dalaj .
couimlttee appointed t" examine into the public
ntl under ex President i?enTrard'i idmiiiistiatmii.
and the ttata of th? public Treasury, haro mari? ti,? ir
1 e??ort. which ?-"lit?ina some stairUlag biota as t?, the way
ia which the publi? money wa? ??piaiidared. .'rouitim
? li .p|. ira thatOeSTTard'?ofllclai Ineaaaa aaaaaated
tn 140,000 (gold) per ii-Hinn. bestde winch he dow
fi'm the Tri'.t.-'?.i |T,i]?M per yeal foi taMa money th*?t
n, tai entortalatag viaitor? at the oatlonal palace : ami ii*?
h.ot at lu? tola disposal, m addition, tin- sum of gui.ooii for
tocret police. Tu? extraturdlnar) expeuaes incurred for
t . ? ;? ?-. toual ?ui'ioiiii'll?s'saiiiilioiiiforls of lil? Kxk-IIi i>< r
atuounted annually t.> almost as uouu as tim ?narrt
Blaney. Thus, tot the tear |v?', ?, have the foi
t.iwirv eli,n..s l-'i-iuu:try i -, 111. nit ni e and vi? n di- for
the pal?"-. 11,236; Fehtuarj M,furultura and ?r>st?tJs.
?larch I, repair? ol fnraltura at tha palaaa? tvaa
(ia vni.-nt nf m.n kuiea, ?.-.?:''; Jut] M, lepan mir of fuirn
ture, aad twelve dozen glat_os, 14.170, ??eptambor 1?'. 1?
p,i is of furniture, and pay of W"ikuien m the gard? n,
October U.pureha?a "f lamps. |: jo -nearly ?vi.??.
ni mm yeai. Inanothei place m?- Buaa charge of li.it?
foi iweatmoats, aad ia aaothci lue sum of 4Vjr?j foi a,
... 1, lim in.
it appear?, too. that Oourmra wa? In the luiut of tpecu
latlng ?ni a large ?cala with the publie momys. li?
Woola borrow g-jld from the Tressur? on the ?m-.-ui if y ?.f
hi- salaiv, pat. ?ia-e Mili th?- gold the ?b pr?t iat?-?l |at|sr
currency at a heavy tii-coinii. and out of tin*? papar
money pay back,dollar fordo.i.n, what lie had u>ri-ow?ii
m ?rascle. OeffTard, who Is al pi- .-? ni ia Parla, aa a tisit
to the International txliihitiou, ia a pot U-U to be a mau
of tmmenaa wejith.
Tim bii-iimU lu the north-eastern i'.,stiii ts w? re pit ii it
coiisidenible trouble, belag in iii it. li si Cater fnrr?- liiun
btvd been suppooed. Several encountera had i?-?-? n sap
I?,?-,! ,1. Several aacouator? had taken place hastaaaa
thom and tha (totatamaat t-roopa. in au of whtahtlti
former wei-e badly heaton. About no of theui, diueu
out of Fort nia-aton, had tak.-ji 1 ?-foi;?.- in the ftoaalalian
"n Kiviint iuformili
'tjowruaicut tue Doiiiiuitau Minister of Wsr. Octi. K??
ltorrltory. In givimf tLiformJlion of lui. tn tiic 11?) i nu.
mire, took ocasiou to assure .-saliirt??- of the frieudly seu
t.ment? of the Doiuiun.au Ooiciiuiienl toward his luim.n
lu i-unforniltr with an ofllcial order issued bt the Prcw
?leut ou the 2'Jth of June last, h ? Iminlx-r of Couisaerce for
theCity of l'ort-au-Prluee had iM-en foruit-d It BaaMBBta
1 member?, and was to enter u|?oii the disihaig?!?
of its l-.iut i ion? luiiiicdiately.
1 lAtnJI D. MAI ii.
Si'itiN'inKi.D, Man!?., A11 jr. -".*.?The 11? 11.
Lis-tii-i D. BaBfjh. a proiiniicut ? ni/eu of Springfltnl. tai
a well-known member of the MsasashaBSHS Bar, dieil at
hi? residence in this city today, aged f*8 years. Mr.
Iieaeh ??is formerly actively engaged m pnlit^a! alTaii?,
iinit waa foi sa-verai yean the candidate of th? Iwi.ni.iin:
pjity for On\ ti um ol the State,
TIIK Min l-l. ( '?.N \ i.N i'K'N.
Ki.vira. N. V.. Aiiir. '."Mlif Viocsm ('??II
vt'iitmu of ?Vastara ?faa 1 ark1 has aata la Beaalaa ia fha?
eily fur two days To.lay the lepeilof IhS Ooiiilmlfeas
n 0,1th' division ?f the Dmcese canisS up for
the conalderation of the Conv??itlon, which ?n? r a
lemrtliv iui.l exhausting dlstusslou, m.-is .utnj.ie?* ino
dividing line follows the eastein i.oiin.luri*?. ?if VV ay ?..
Ontario. Vates, Schuyler. and St?Miht?B CkMUdhm 1 ha
I 01.Venison tin n it'lj'-uiiie'I ?hw?Id
?nu: NoKriiKUN PACIFM kaii.koai?.
sw l'l.'v!*? 1-1 o. CaL, Kag. tie?A iiqpatdh
barn Olympia. W T~aaya: rio-party winch is making
-,- of t?M? *'twther? PaciBe liai.oad has found a
?-oura oi'.-i the L'owlIU Patt to the I 1 k? ?,f i'owlit_.whK-lt
[i.i'i I. poll to be eXtli-tm ' !'" Hil roiitl. Tilt?
lur't ey orei tha awuutaln? will be Bwtahed hi t? iluy*
Tho ^'?>llng Moni** (?hristiaa Ass???iat?tin ot
Bethlehem, I*s. luuulim a bous? for .hen own lir-c.
The cornerstone will be laid on f-unday, th?- -jmii n-t.
I ne mniiei r. ?[nui d I.?r tin i\.".k has I'ti'ti 4-4'Utn?)ii*.e?l
by the eiioi'iis.
Admiral T. ir?'tl.otT H?lctl yit-Knlay fiom
Now ??ruai.s f.u V. ni ?io/, in ii.? A .?in,., ?tal ?StaBMB
I - /..is-Hi.

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