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yoi.. XXVII.N?-8,$W.
r? at i /i?.' Tri ?...mm r>> tub tsiki \*
PAJUS, lag. W -Liter ni tin- dav \ ? -1 < - 4 ! :. v tlif
"Kmpcior Nunoleon Wilted at Amiens when ki ehw
jiumI?' .?few IMIlriH Hi ( Ohsiilcied til?! thcchthllS
litfUc lecrptione whick had ken sTerywhen ex
1 rulc?l lum throughout the count r.*, attested the pa
IriotiMu ni the people, mid tin ii < (iiiliilencc m Um
government. Alluding lui? fly lotlM Mcxi? an qucs
iM>n. he ?Ixl not t Li i ii k. French ImMMM had hen tar
Bight ?! ni 1.1 ii? 1: prestige impaired. J lie Iaht ( VCntl
in (?erouiny h.ul le ft 1 ranee tnaanfl) and ihe would
uni,nu so. He ?M ???tain thal tbe peace ol' Baron
would nut lit ?li tutbed. lu i oui Iumhii, ht expl
lu??'<h?iie for Um establishment of mon- libci al insti?
tutions, and M ider and mole i? ti\c trade, and who li
he ?k'iihiI Ins enthusiastic I.?den? n? he would do hin
ataNBa l" proiimte.
scdiMUNii BPFBOf 01 BAHN min's BTBBCBCS.
Um Parie l?onisi' Hviiii'..tiu/?H ?ita Am aadaV
sweeekn recently ewan hy the BenereeKanaken,
?ltd the i? nte.s are fumer and higher to-day.
N? nf. U?Bal OB Mons! ier. the Minister of Foieiim
affairs, has addressed ? < m ulai iiaaataa to the
iiiiioniutic nnenntattTt i?! Ki.un? al tl?e Earaaaaa
Lou 11?*, in i et an I to the i m .sting n la t ions of the Gai -
tiiiii.?.tit v it li Um athel < aaUaeatal Tow? ia Allud?
ing te n <eht ? v? nts, and | ait hi; ?ally to the Coiif? r
iint lu k1 ..t BahnfBfg. M Men-tin d<< lal?! that this
lilMjii? ii ills Hu ? ting ot the Kinpilol? al i'laiiie and
Alisma should be regarded as a freakpledge for the
ui.luit?nan?! ot peace mEarepe.
a pRisi rosa on nunoan uwcouti
in. French Academy kal ?warded the arise ai
peetrj toM.Grenier. The aahjeet oi the Boen is
?? n,e D. atti "i Abraham Lint oin."
Bkkst, tag 8.?Aatoag th? passengers \n Um
j'.?mh lionera! TraaaaUanttc Conpany'i steamer
Borepe, sailing ?toni tins port to-day, werelladanM
Biston, 1.? i sirte and diaiuatu coumaiiy.
mi ruorosETJ BALI Of THE im WH OF ST.
Cora^fiuoaii, Avg.Sl.-The journals ?d DesnewB
m? discussing the reported pr< position of the United
Ra!? s fin the pari hase of the Island of St. Thomas.
They generally favor the project, and urge the Danish
Uorernnenl te cater into negotiations with the
Anifi i ; .. <.r\? 11.n.i ni fat the sale of the island.
Si Pi imisiut;(., Beat 1.?The American ?steamer
Q?ahl i I '.ty. Capi I hincan, has Milled at the Cri?
nea. On 1 iiesda.v last the ex? iiriuonibts Wen re
veived hy the Fnipemr and Fnipre<ss of Russia,
?he are aaeadJag Um Bannest in the Crinea, ami
?i ie \> .h miy weleeaaai u? anawa by then Maj? sttet
pub it i ? nom m? run Nowra okukax pak
i IAMl V I.
Uriii tv, Bepi. 1?The eleetionw WBTMh were held in
this i ii\ on Saturday, for member? of the new Tai ha?
in? nt al Um North Benaan Cenfecjcfntton, result? ?l
in th? mu ecu of the candidat? <'f the Haditul party.
liiMi'N, Aug. Si -The little atkaaw I jiulit John T.
?^?io, ( ..j : Oohtj vhb li s.t:!ed fruin Baltimore on the Wd
?if ?-XI.V last fei Tarin, wa? eansi?(d when aiuiost at her
jon* irj'seiid. <Hi the tutu of August, when entering the
Knglish ? Launel, a siirtileu Njuall upset the little oatt.
One i>eisoii ?uaiue not a-veitamed) vas ia\?.?l.
I-onimin, Au? 31?Koon.?Consols tor money, >i
Basted Mat? s ru? Tweaay i?<ih1?>, is|; Dnaeli t entrai
BafrnajaaareifWl! Bril Railway ehui???, ti; Atlaatii
?.lid f?real Western (onsulidaied LoiuU. ii|.
Afternoon.?Onnooie for money steady at un o-i?; tulted
Bt*U?s Five Twenty houdf, 73|. Ullnol? Centrals, ",; Fne
liailwA.v share?, ii.
Fhankhiiii, Sapi 1 -Tvening.?T'nlted Ptatei; bonds
?*? re footed to-day at 77| for the issue of . 11
l.iuiuiPMi, Auk'. IS?Ban ?Cotton 1? drooping; the
estimate?! ?aies today an 7,i'hio hales; BtMdUnf I'pluiuls,
lopl ; BMbtttOg Ot* uns, mjd. Wheat, M ? for Whit? <
Sarnia. Floor, si forW*rion Bain Obn*SS/a oats,
IB. Barley, I/. Pea?, ?1 . Cheese, 40. Ber?, 137 C.
lanl,M 9. lVik.79 ?. Bacon. H . Koslu?Comtuou, 7 j.
and Meillum, 1J . Tallow, II c. pot Ashen. ;:i Spirit?
of laraaatlaai ??,. Petroleum- ?rp.nt-, s|d.; ReflneJ,
i jj. omaneed, 41..
Aftel noon ? The Cotton niniket dosed dull at the foi
hneaj aathariaed qoetatiooe: M,Mlt*n Vpiunds, if??d.;
SSSSABagOcteaae, H|d The sale ?of the da;| ex? e? ?ltd the
estimate !>., l.ooO nke. footing Np P.oiKl hales. Themaiket
fur Breadstuff? < lus?d gelotaod anflhiagofl Corii,:?' |
pat anitm ftwr Tlei Mixed } tera. I lour, "u # bal
Wheat* ' aiiforiM.? Hint.-, i i rontel TnaoMeWel roi
lio'i-.in? clos? i! u ?th an advamiug teiiden?y on some
?Mu i R < !.? ? s<* has advam? d to 51 ;?, and Be? f to M? C
Otacr irtbisw Hackangafl The only tewan ? Bm na
?lue<- luaiket is m l.illuw, ?hieb k Id. bett, r, and Ckwad !
at*? I ;? evl AUothei qinitctlonsere ? cltwd
lAwnon, \ R s oDatah Standard sugar,
24?.. sx?.t? h Pig lum. r>.i . Whale Oil, ?40; Si-erm Oil.
*UJ Mim. ti i ,!k. s, iiio 5 . Caleutia lanseed, ?6 6.
1 -, i
Aft? mooi .!-, O;!* ard Um
na hanged.
The Bteamehip Haawa, Iran Boathampteoi
Ai.: . ,.i h \. Marday
4 <M NI l:|s\| mci K ? KI MUKKU IMhUYIl.W 1U.
I W I I N till: KIN?, ANI? N M'Ol.l u\.
tua. O-i v. ' ..U*Lt
Pi imin. Aug IV tatfi
Tilt' Foil? lal Coniieil (BwiWhWKwUO <?f tlie
new Noitli (.eiinan Conlcderattoa hoen Ki find
me? ting f<i ?lay al tins eily under the Presidency of
Count Uisinan K a.? Chati??.Hot of the Con!??leiatioii
Tbifc ('?iimeil is a dehlieiative and letrislative bixly.
consisting of the delegatn from the Coveninioiit?. of
the various Mates constituting the No1 th Oeiuian
Conftduati.'u, and mialagoiiw in it* i lint Rt ter alni
fuiietions to the late Fodonl l)iet at Fiai kfoit-ou
the Main.with the material dillei?race, howey? i, tint
none of its acts as pnanitione can take eil?it ?n
t)i? Coiifedeiation until they have it?ei\ed
the sHiutmn oi the Parltamenl ot the C'on
foderation. In the Peden! Connell the votes aro
linided M follow: l'i us.-i.i, iiielnding the Stat's
annexed last yeal rTanover, rleeee KancL HoMtein,
Baaaaja, and Fiankiort ? ha? i~< rotee: Bax?
ony, foin ; Ift.s-? Uarmitadt, for that part ox its ter?
ritory Bortb oi the River Main.one vote If ? < kleiibnri/
Kebwerin, two votes; SaxeWfiinai. on? %?>t?-; Iteok
lenbiirt' St relit /, one vote; Oldenburg, Ottfl \ot?:
eli ans trick, two votos: Bnse-hteiaiagei), one vote;
axe-Alten berg, ?me vote; Saxe-Coborg-Gotha, one
v??t?'; Anhalt one vote; BchwaiTboig-Rudolstodt,
one V0te? S? !i"ury.liiirg-Som1er?diaiiscti. one vote;
MFhldeek, am vota) Benn, older branch, one rote ?
K? us?, yoangei braooh?one w>t<-, Behaumhurg-LiDpe,
one vote; Lippe, one Totoj [Atkrek, one Tote j Hatn
buig. ?me vote : Mieintn, one vot?-. Total, W TokM.
From this von uill perceive that it all the other
plates oocsphie agairtather, Prossta i- m an?nority
In that oody. a contingency, however, aot likely to
BreryState <>t the Confederation iii.iv appoini M
many delegat?* to Um IVd.i.d Conncil a? it bas
'.'ot?-s. The rotes, howerer, eanonlj be east t>y
Hlates, no1 i .m roteshc ' ast bj proxy Every nu'iii
Wr of the Council may introduce reaoltitb
rropositions, ami theProaideotoi the Council UlUSt
?y them lie fore it. To pam. a lenolnion it require? a
simple iiiau-i it \, A ti?; vote occurring, the i'usi
dfiit has the e;i*i na' Vote.
Tit? following Btanding Cemmittes are to 1>? sp
???oiuted t?.y tin Conncil.
1 Arrnv an?l I'oiIiIk ,iti??lis
j Nava. A i'
i ASelrs relating to Tariff duties and t.>
i '1 liol? .mil ( "lumen e
6. hallways, Mull? ami 1? ?< grapSM
S JimIh in y
7 A? ??milt?
Jo every une ut lixtac toiuuiilU** U?e?e uiuit be
r? an??<Mit? il. beside ibi presiding State, i. (.,Anh
;?i it.isi two otho >tat< ?, aud each M.?t< ha* only
??in \<?te in thane < <>ii.in? 11<?a; tli?iBMaabara of the
In st ami Ml <>n?l ??iiiiuiiill? ? N ;u? appoint? ?1 bj lho4 ?nil?
li, .linier of tlif Federal troopa, ?. ?.. iii?- Km?/ <>f Prae
Bia. Iii? membenof the remainingeommittos*ara
tints? n by the IVd? ?ral < 'ouinil. TneM ? mninillecs
mool l?c n ipi niated and n i nom n ? very year.
Evcrj merni* i of iii. r?.Ki.a ('?nunii um-appear
ai any time in Um Parliament, and on demand, must
be a^-iiriinl the tliMir t?> represent ihe views of his
(.?i\? i lum ut. eren it the maa ritv of tin Parliament
m opposed to such view* It.it no member of Um
Federal Connell can heat the MUM time a number
oi the Parliament. Tin- tallowing trent bun n consti?
tu?? .it prem nt Iii?' Federal Council :
/';'i?*i/i - Major <;< ii. Podlrielekl <>t the War T>epart
ii,i nt : t.i? uteount (U n. Rieben of T11.- Navy Depart
nu nt : PrlVl ('iiiinciliral.il 1 incefor < ?eii'T ti ?if Keveline
mid Taxation, Pommel J -? li?' : I'm y ?..umilor ami
Director of toe Treasury Department, Gunther ; Privy
i "inn lim ami Din etOl tit iii? I mw rsitf ol ( OBUM n ?.
Delbrttek: Portmaater-Oeneral Phililppabora, and Di.
Pap? ?'f tlic Ministry of Justice.
(Saxony The Minister at Plnaneee and Koroijrn
Atiiuii-. Von Frieeeo: Privj Conneilor and IMree
tor <?f the Ministry of the lot? rtnr, Dr. Weiblich.
<,mut! Ihtrf.t/ of IIish t>tiri,,ttailt.? l rivy (?nilli ,1m
of LenttonHofBMB) Munster oi Heseaataac court of
Ultimi lim hy <if Mfi:lr>iliiii;i Sr h tri rin.- Major den.
Von III I ?riler and l'l i\> < ?unit dor Von If Mik I
Orana-Duchy vj fares ITfltaser. Plate MlaletM Von
w.ii dm t?.
Otana I>iic/i?? of Mi I.U nlruro-stnli':.-H\AU' Minimier
Yoi. Bulow.
Orama Dmeky of OUenaurw.?state Cnmu-ilor Du.h
?hu.'ty of r>rnntit irk.- BMte'MlnlMw Von Campe, und
Privy * ?nun ilor Von la? DI , MiuiMei of liniusv? i? !? M Iii?'
Conn of Praeahv
/>,/. hma/SajH Miinhujrn.? riivyCounclor Count Hi Mtj
M iota ti r at tli? Coori ef Prussia.
????thy of imreA/?mBiuy.??State Minister Qaratenbanj
von '/a i-h
PuehyoJ Anhalt.-Statc-Miiil-trr Dr. RiBteais.
iriut i/Hililt/ of Schuitizbuiy ?;inlots<u<it.- Mat? MlnlttM
\ > Bei irai?.
Principality of 8th wartburg AMMteHUrMMM st.it? Coun
nior Von Wolff? rsdorff.
PrinetpmUty of Waldeck.?TrXtf ?'?.mu ilor fflopp
i't tutti utily of Kean ?Older Brunt*,- President Dr.
ii? i mann.
Principality of Senat Tounmer J?ranal Minister Toa
liai boa.
Principality of Utaunhurp, /..>;??.-Privy OMUMDof
Ho? ? ker.
Principality of Lippo?Cabinet Minteter Von Obelanb.
?Janet ton it rTwerot" flenatoi Cnrtlus.
llttitse ttnrti Jiiiiitliitr;;.? Senator Kn elienpaiH r.
Banoo hum Bremen.- Bl nator QUdi nu ist? ..
As far as I dave been able to aw <rt.nn all tlie deje
gateetothe Federal Ooaneil arepreaenl in Berlin,
aadthabody waa daly organieed t'?-<i.i\: aa before
??tate?!. Co,mt Biamarck, aa Cbanofllortu the Con
federal ion, presides ?>v? i the Connell. The meetings
oi th? Connel] are not to be public. It is anderatood,
however, that the ural biunnett tnordci will be the
adoption ol Pariian antary ralea and the appointment
of tli?' standing Committees. The prim ?pal buaini m
of the ('oiiiu ii attins time will bo t? agree upon billa
relating to the Consular system, the passport regu
lationaof the Confederations, and a law regulating
the free and nnreatrieted migration and settlem-an! I
of the inbahitanta and aahjecta of mm
state of tlie Confederation Into another; these
laws are to be laid hafen the Culminent which is
about to be < boat n. '1 be elections lia?l been tix??l for
tliottfth in?>t., lint ov lag t<> tin- fad that Um prepara?
tion! in "one of tlie tates for the election ? annof be
concluded by that tine, the elections ?rill oot come
off until the early part of ?September. The Parfthv
in?ii t wfll be called together by the ead of boah :.,
bar. PrepanUiona and agitationa f?>r the eosaing
election ara in full blast. 11.> result of tlie coming
election will no1 dinar mat? nilly from the last ease*
tion. The Oovornment will have control of the
Parliament. The general political situation at thia
time i> ?me of consideraiile uncertainty and doubtful?.
iicKs. The public mind is bj no ?mans aatistlad that
a war between France and North Germany eau i>o
avoided. On the contrary, everybody here beliovea
that, aoonei 01 biter, it will come. It ih l? It to be an
impressible coaflid between the I.at m and Qerman
elemenl for the dominant position in Enrona.
The King ?>f Pruasia ia expected at Berlin in :t few
days, II?- has completed his cure at i?ma,bu1 m
stead of L'?'iiiK from there to Ragati hi Bwit? ?land,
an had be? ndet, tanned gpon, be liliiins hete, and on
his way visita Ins nea province of Prankfort
ami li?-se Kaw], togiTebia tu w aubjectaa chance
to s< <? lis ajnod-natureo count-eaance. and get recon?
ciled to their change oi tl\ uaatiea. Tli? Frank fort era
need eaaecial conpliatiou. Theae worthy barghen
greatly ianMatana mourn ?'\t i ii.? di parture pi Uteji
republican greaineaa. Aa (prUieotheranni x<<1 prov
tli? \ lia ve ^n promoaoy th? change. It is only
a pity thal naaaat, n bile she ? as aboat it, coald not
have iwaUowed "i> Um whole of Germany, lot triftf
consummation ia devoutly to be wished for. <>im? a
United C.ii?uiij it r ill !?. nore tft\v to K?_t j liheral
1 he new Minist?.r of the Caiti ?1 State?. iiiorc,e Ban?
croft, baa arrived at Berlin, and li.nl a i.is? iutervk w
vest?! ?lay withCouut Buuuari K. wine h proved highly
satisfactory on both sides. Bancroft's appointaient
? has bean received bera \?. ith great favor, and in- posi?
tion will he ? most desirable one. Mr. Bancroft la to
be presented to the King next \M-ek. During his in- I
Urview with Bismarck he took occasion toalrudeto j
the laeaageof tnelawbyCongreaaprohibitMigAmeii
can di pi, m i.it hi s from wearing Court un ii ?nins, winn
Count Bismarck at once i? pliod that be thought that
it was a varj m lis.M? < na? tim lit ?ni the part of Cott
i?K'ss. Bboaarck ia a man ?aaito free bom all isham
and humbug,
Rumor han it that Nanni? on on Ins i? tin n fiom
Salzburg to the Tyrol, when be is about to have al
Intel i n ?v with the Emperor of Austria,will meet the
KiiiK ol I'ni-sia atCoblenta: bat I qneatiou, aa yet,
ti t at a mat j oi it. liatlni bel m va (hat the King ia
?on.in? home so aa to await the turn of ?venta al
Balzburg. If unfavorable he will keep out of Napo?
leon'! way; bal it NaaoMon'a m??-tmt* with the Em?
peror of Austria results) m nothing, at leant in noth
lua threatening to Pruaaia and Korln German}', King
\\ illiam a ill moat lit? l.\ ?-<' to meet Nap 1? on.
?I ?i-t. ?,t mi r \i:i UM1 .si.\i;v SMMOW.
The boaineai ?>1 ParUagacnl ^^:ls practically
o\, r wa? n Um m ni; i? ft. although the Um d ptofogatton
did not take place until the following ?lay, tlie Bjat The
m sMun um lasted ataca the Mh of Febraary, a period *f
fix mu?.?hs and IG tlu\ >>, al,nut ii i ? ck loBgar f h.m an or
dina,y session. During that time tin Loada hat on Vi
taya, or for Sil tmiirs, hi in? an an average about two
boars and sa anaaaaa ?t aaafe attttng. Tbatr Laadahlga
dirtdeii sathaea UmOoMMonasat ob rsl dava, or for
'.'?" hour-, being oa an average apward h aoven
honrs und twenty BuaatM at each sittin/.'.
There wen v,i dtvioMaa in the Cummona
daring the aaaaoa, Tha "eounta oat" were aaually fea
In number, betna limited to seven In ?iii (liston Marali
?ii. v.hen 4o wi re not pieaenl at l In the amratag) ?><????
m,it. mi May U9, the Hint day of the motitina stttingK, bold
t,, facilitate toe progresa of the Reform billi third, an
.lune M,on a muUoii fin .nljoiiniiiient ; fourth, on July
n oata?sjthird readfogof KirO Oaognlen'a Libel UiU;
fifth, no July 2'', when ? iipt \ niau was abonl tn tall.ii I
ti ntion to the servk oof the troops in Nea Zealand ; sixth, '
on Joh ?.s on the I.oid'? amendments ??a the < "if' ra sad
Oaths'lull; and hcventti, t?n .tilly ?to. u hen the lions* i,;
?-s? mi.'?-?! for the evening sitting, iii? -?-ion han been
remarkable In a?rerai ?ai s. Pirat, in that h Oovei anwat
hus uaaagad to keep ornee und power, altbongb ai ?
part] it hau no niajorttyts anataln it in the iioum- of
Coiiinjoim. S'uniil. that said Government, sltboug? np
to the pit-eiit \taitl.i avowed enemy of aiiylargeea
tenaton <>f the Buffi ige.bavi brough! In and carried ??
larger messers of Kadlcal Reform than eves the adro
i ni? ? of sui li a measure had d< ? wed i" ?aible.
It WOUld be UBjUSl liol to inlinit thal se\eral other
measures, having for then- object the morai and sock?] i
benefit of the eouiuiuuity, have also bec" pai'od dunn,'
tile setsnioii.
Tin. Barona oeaanov.
Tai P.i'fonn Laagw bave maolved to matatabi i m or
snni7iitioii. eaaaaalag of ?no baaaeheaj Mt lavasaasof
Maj^onraUaa, aaaoatasg the people ia the um of tin- ro?ea
anti prOBSOtBag the return t? tin- next J'.n liauient of in, ia
b. jiii i! ?! I to airaai al Uharal jiriucipie?. ouc of the
Uadiag Matares af the ana aaagnMMaawfDhs m aajta
t:on to ni.?am far the aea rotors and the aid the prat so*
non of the bollol bo\, m order thal tin y may exen lae the
nan, ni-e Miihoui undue talBeneo being brought to baaf
apea tu? m b> ii" ii' employers.
rae follow mi.' letters furn? John Hi ??Id a m1 .lohn Ptuait
Mil. to Mi {kui?*, tim* ihut tllfy ?amtioU tolitinucd
M> Da IS Mr DU UM' I nuntlad to ?vetliHt It 1? n?t
Intaadedto I voulluue ihe orfranisatloa and labors of
the Reform League, althou/ck so area! .? ?teanaaboeB
train? ,1 in rae ? yu at em or tne suffrage? on thal bnuM h
of tin ?nu Miion of i? loim I pi. sum?- you will bo?feel ii
IU'i-es-ai v now t ? utol?te f til tti* I. w? far us UM boron?!)
me roi... meit, iii t tin- roi t? v-ion ??f j wide franchise ia
mi*t luosmptett. m ???n?; is the ??< nrity of the ballot h
d< nied A?* a n a> bloerj for condui ting el? tiona uitlmnt
?t,-,>nl?i, th? arrangement of Hu- billot Is perfect; aad
if on that frtoim-l oulj , li ii onld l? lopt? if But thore
is ah,?bet grouad ou which all Roforaaera shaahftaalat
up,nu it.
?. ii, e more wida tin aaaanga, ti??' more Um reareof mt-a
lu huiitbl? ? InimiV. nu.? - who sr? ?dmilled to tue eiei
11 j? of psbtteal in his. Um more cwar?yln it neoessarjr
that the shelter ol the bullo! Mniu.tl I?- ?iratited. 1 ?ni
eolilld.lit It world lexjen OXpOUieS at ? h-i turn-. ^tcmI ly
?liiiiim-h i ?.unpin.n, .ir.ti ?.. -t artht '.dons i-K-iiinl iii
i.i.itini ? bli h im? m ??? te nm I: Vi' ralU, ami th.it it
wnubi nuki i Ho "i Commons s Biore couinleta
i?-pi. - illation . ! the opln! m- slid wishes of tin eli .tord
body, l bavo a ten strong eouvk-tiou ou lui* tuUiect,
m ill hope nil ?.m frit udi li i ughoiil the ? oui trj will ?e
. pt the batist ss th? net! irreal <\\u-<4 i for which. In
connection ?n it li ParliaateBturj lef-oriu, tut ?. nugbl to cog
i. mi. Without this isiepianl there can be nocsesps
tom eorrnplioB sntt opirn-ssion ?t eli*ctlous. ?nd oui
puUttesl ?ont, st.- will still remalB.wbal tbej now sir. a
. dil t.? ii- .- a free and n.t? lilL'i nt p...ph. If the
Hi f?,im Lrsgtn and Reform Union will niak? iii? lui
lol their m \t win I., th. v Biusl s.i ?irieed I ""t not
t. li \..i) tl.Ht i ?ball heartily Join them lu their labors for
thlsgreateud. 1 hope the friends of the ballol ti,..,
Milo ?are for fie.Mom lUid morality HI tile uni Sill-'of OUI
renimn.tativc lyafeja - will yrovid? lae ntisdfui ?ul?? io
rnsbll yon la gaseen *th nn 1nrre.i?inir forre t?i a 'em?
pi?te sm < ess. H? li? u me alwii^s sincerely rome,
-John Put?,it r.
' ?almond Braies, esc.., Lincoln's-inn, london"
" hinKiiHii! Park.
"Di ah Bin: I have already r?y w nding a suhsi n|>ti?>n,
p a In my adhesi?n to tli*- ?let. rmlnatles ?f the Refer?
league to ? mj li >? it? organization in promet lug th?' regls
f ration of Hid lalirra]? w hu will hecoiii? entitled to ?lie
suffrage limier the New Reform Ait. With regard to tim
furtber object of promoting tin election of ? munda te*
professing advanced Uberai sentons, I saenM tie glad if
not only the Reform League, hut all thr olh?r nrfrauP
aatlonsof refnimers throughout th?'country. woiildk??'!1
theinaelvcs In existence for thal psiuoeo, There will la?
ample ? mk for all ?-f tin e?, sad I only lmpe that tiiry win
not ?ontliie their niji>ort to cuinluUt? ? wlio ml lure to
their own particular prtMrraaaans, hut win emmnd it as
advanced Liberals or all Bas?tes, a clem union ?if whom
among themselves waa sever snore seeded than itwiii
he at tin tiru general el? ctiou under tli? new a?'t. I aio,
dear Sir, > on t n very truly, J g Mu?.
" Edmund Beales, ? si| "
BAPOU Ort M W " hi toitM.'*
The liKiiintain lias biouglit iortJi a newee.
What has ben for a week announced ii* a dis Int..?Inn ?>f
a? w polo v, BOanlhs) jj, atTiiiu.ttii.il of fLe mh ?>f .fan nary
?leeroesln respect to the press an.l public meetings, turns
out to lie a measure of lulininisfration in Banoal to ??arish
road-. The Emperor has addressed tin- following Bitter
lu B. de I.avalttte, the Minister of the [atanor :
"('ami'?il CBftton, Au;,', l8.
"Miivmki it ii: Mimsthf : You art* aware what Imp?rt?
ame i attach to the prompt completion of our means of
? mi numil atioti. I consider them one of the surest ways
of l'icreasliig the streni.-t li nrul riches of France, for evcry
wiure the Dumber anio good eondltloti ?>f the roads aro
one of the Hitler certain regne ?>f the ad\ une? ?1 state uf the
? iviii/;iiii,ii ?if peoples.
** 1 have already giren instructions to the Minister of
Public Work? to |iiiisin tin- examination and prenais tlie
coiiccsaion of now line? of railway. II?- will, mt tli?- saints
time, seek tin means of Improving our canals and thr
navigation of our rivers, W Web are modifying counter
poises to railroad monopoly. Hut our ? Burts must not ho
confined to tills alone. The Agi n nil ural ( oiniiils-ion has
demonstrated in au evident manner that the constru? non
of a complets network of narin wadi ia an essential
condition of the prosper! t] of the country and of the
weil Ikdng of tases iui.il populations who lune slwayi
shown mc su much devotion. Preoccupied with tin
realisation of tim project, 1 had Instructed you to ex?
amine, m concert ?rath the Minister of lilian??', a serle?
<?f assseurea which might permit of our terminating
within lu years the network of palish roads hy the triple
?oin in i <in e of the (ornum lies, the Departments, and I Lo
Slate. Beside thi-', desirous <>f facilitating In the eise of
the Oommnnea, the moana of participating m the ex
psnsC| I had re?oested you to prepare for tli creation
of .1 ?pedal fund ?l? atim d to advance them the 11 e< mry
sums ii> swans of loans granted at a moderate rate, and
resmj able at Umg pe?1 tila
?? 1 approve the noto which you bave addressed tome,
and tai principle which serves Itssa basis. But as. be?
fore presenting to the Legislstlvc Body any definitive
n -oi h tions, iinie mo s? \ ii ni Important guestions to ex?
amine, sod 1 beg you to jut pare complete and prul-o
eieini nts of Information I be delllterstlona of the Mimi
i ip.il ( oiinrlls will cmiIi olly roijuire to I" the point of <h
p.uinie of this labor, B it I di sue that, in the Investiga
lli li obi? li 1- about tuhe open? ii. li larg? part Iii.IV lie li It
to tin iii'ini'ii- ot t ii..?? departmental a ?embisca with
u P..si patriotism and ?lovelorn 1 am a i.uaiiit? ?I, and
B l?os? i mu I'M? MS I know w ill mil fsii ni?
" l ri li upon the enlighten? ?I /< ii m.d the i oergerle ?c
tuity ?lihh von li ive Shows sine?- I passed von st the
bsadof tin- l m pat t uni t of the lut? inn to rapidly bring
t?> ? termination Ibis admlnlatrativc luveatigauoii, and to
uti I? ?on the legislativ? body, at Its next Hitting, a bill
walch ma] Insure the execution el* the werk the natas
lion of wini li 1 haie greotl] at in .ti I
?? Beynon, Monal? lu j? Uiuistre, i praj Qod to bei I ) n
io His no1] keeping. Nu m ins"
M m LavamtV usa published a report, dated the nul.
Isag-, relative to the es cutiouoftht sieasure proposed
in the above letter, sud s ministerial decres ceuvoklag
tin- .Mum. .pal ('?'ina iis during tin- first ten days la Ben
(einher, in oilier to revise the classification of serian
nuada i he Minist? i Las .u-o addn laed a ? Ireul ir to the
Prefects concerning the application of tin decree.
e ti i mi i m t \k hii^s.
TheCssMseaetmasaotian natal i" ???>>? fast, and
tien un BOWeaeeghtn -tore to arm several ?Illiston?;
I'littin ssn,especial]] m the Una teguments, in regj j
llnlHrfcct in handling til?'luw wei|mn, ami, m spite of
Shs ? \t? us! ve drill to which th? y are BlthjCCted, I In y BtS
not iikt h loi? mu Its use IhOfOOghlf f"i BOSSS lim? t"
come, fins ?iii probant] d?lai Um smicipeled ersah,
sill tins ih lay i? an additional chanei foi peace. The
gi m ral fseilni m the si no " thal if Umt? i>< uo war tin*
J eui it is ii ,1 hk' \\ to linne otf it ii! Preparations are
mai ins'f"l al mini, tin mobilised national guan'., which
h yet baa no legal elis tens? Ihey an tobo given the
old lilll/zli ?"iillm. muafcl Is. A ne.'v kital o? Iliapsaik has
sosa ?i?-\ 1st ?l for tin in . it ia of ? sni .1 .tia r< sal... 1 bave
leatli? 1 ', very 1 upai mu.-, and ia petatea k
... 1 iy,; 'ax,h at ( iiaio'-s
m camp of cassons stvstnl of tin
At the camp of Cualoft? several of tue su^Kistious of
(???ii. Trocha, tn his iKs.k on tin Klein ii Ann) Lave Is-rn
? arm d ont ML m 1 li rigidly nstan ed Is the ranks dut
lux the ma neu vim, and < \. ry nattalluu baa in turn to do
linn ia shaip-hooti is. IL. Prussian ha in.ii Ion has ?is?)
la-en adopted, bul only saan experiment, Ths Intense
mat of the weeAhet had ?-rctiy intorfored with iho
maiic-uv* is.
Illr I VII 1 W.U.- ?.I V
It Is denied poslUveli that th? Emperor has Invented a
new gua ?tiiiii 1.di sil 1 > a wililli battalion." The
only m-is 1 ii m ni ion in art ill? 1 v is 1, Ltahl gun, a Id? ii it la
int.mied io supply to ever) 1 t toi lou of infantry, but
winch militar] nu u Lan- no bj1? at opinion of.
O II M '? 1 III I I KIM ?li lill I Kl.ss Mr INS IS I HAS, I .
The editen of the Puns journals Mel?- sum
sasned last ween lotaaoaanof Um Prdsureui Imperial,
mid tillie I, 1 1 neil an ml 111:11 ion tll.it t lu V mimi lud
"d:-cuKi tin Constitution" uiiilii pam of lu ing pro-i
Tin FximiMioN gani m i> ?stans on -? ?
3ir h c Herring of B< a rork, and Mi < niaeash n
Bagaah nssmafm tsuor.bavsbada trial of Utah i? m.
safes Sar e ist of gen, to ha pasSbytki sm whose s?ife
Vas tli-t opened, i lie l.iiLllshlnali Was lu aten, owii.i-,
si\s 'Ar ii ni mu i'iiiiv imiiili ni uno-i- hil. 1 i? M I
apology for tin KiigUab maaufmBiiii to tin bettei
Vi-orknu d emp oyed bj Mi Berrin
(IHIK If PROPEBT1 lill.I.? lill UKO BAS -?'?Nil?
II? 1 lil AN nI! 1 s 1 1.1.11 IN.
The id? illili?; ii?ili tit UsB g.mi-??n of Rom.
witti the Breneb arm] I? made aluiosl complete b) the
piililnation of the following ht;?r fioin th? 1'ien? li Si c
ular.? of War to the < BSOOol iuiuiiiUh?liii|( ths I-fglmi .
?' Puns, .pnie :l
" Mt Dbas Oou>BTtr, : Mr attsntmn han t>?'ii too sen
oiis|_\ gxed on tin Roman i egton ree im to i??? ignorant of
Um grave facts which toi sonn- lim? hue boes ink n.
i>i tee in that coi |>? Whet OTplsimflna is to he given for
thal di .-? 1 tmii. not Individual, but collective, which J
tbreatem t" reduce your en>etlve to Dothlagt Tm
soldi'-i baa nothing to envy of I be troops ol the mothei
eonntty. He te eommanded bj frenes osnenm bsaaUns |
Utting (.'indes In our i.iT.?> 1m is serving n respects Ide
canse at his owe desire : se has sassie an v hat lui a;
ways attract?-?! the French setaTei -en essai] to fight and
s danger to front-mid vet be baa sbsmetully asserted
the Bag ho han freely ehoaen, and, Kivim.- wny tonilty
si dm tioii", h? I-? abandoning nu ebiel to lnlh>a
some iin-i-iable fsrelgn recrultlag 0K?ntM. Hisoseuse
IS not a w !-li tn se?i liis ciniiitiv minni for In;
knows Wi P tiial ms soon 111 In- 11 t ill tis to Pi.nuc?
he will lie sent to a disciplinary coips m Afina,
whsre ho will r? mu?a until the sxpiratmB of bia
pel uni uf military *ei vice, i aeptora tiiHt ?tata af tliin?s,
m; deerOolouel, Bl it U ? stain on tin-Kreuch Anny,
wfncli. wiieriMi it is represented, should maints in its
preettge of bonoi and lymragrous a'uiogatiun. Nut wit li
-t iiii.i mi, sm h lamentable incidents, mi dear Colonel, 1
do not it.-~i_i.-in of "i?Mii? the good elements ulm li >om
legion still con I .ins, effiii-?-, h\ moans ol dovotrduos? aud
poraevernBce, the reoolleotlona ?if rosead ttsse* Tom
eucrg) is weil known to ase ; tin- Oovemsseota of tb?i
Empcior ami or the Pe?e know thal ii will uot fail, it is
Important that y ?nu aOMsts. m arhsm > sa -o graaly trust,
with such giviit irasun, should give sonBjisnes to the
treope by their attitude, theil language, and that indi
tiny spirit winch is ig Francs thr asnean of snob gnat
tiiHip? In the rankssf yem kwmn I stall ta tapp] to
j. out out to the hhnpersc thoss who shall distinguish
tlieinsidM's li) their conduct I am aware that you are
to pteaeut to mo Sergeant D?nasele und two assuasn i
shall i sanrlns t ^etr msIsm a Itb errat lateiest. Iel] yom
leglOS, lui deni ?oloiiel that itu have our eyes llpou it.
and tluit I suttor deeply at eve. rthtag thal I? au insult to
a Bag m lastly venerated. I combine it with the corps of
thi? french Army foi everything that soneerneitsmOl
tin) hourn and tim U'-? asaltase sf its nigaiiuatioii.
?? Besstve, Ac . Nu i "
The genuineness of lins tettsC has hoon doubted, hut bl
uo longer denied. K?-uat??i l.a (?uerroiiuiero's paper, the
< atlioili DUllin, ?posh? Of d iu t.-iumof aduuratluii, hu?!
as h uiindv eitwidtioB <?f the relations which should sub
st-t liol ween t nuns- mid BoSSO. "If." says the Libtrlv,
?i,, ii IViiimiu * anisslain-e ni iiiufonu at tin-Lend of
theAnttbes lesnoa greatly asestad the italian sueeeplJ
bl ti ty, what will lu sahl In Horenee of tbostiM mors un
liil?takiilde attitude a?ssiiiiie?l lu Maislial Null'
l iii i KDl.f.n v IS su ii \
The State Department iu Wasliiugton lias rec.-.veil tho
following l'ttci
I m ( ..s,, | ui. Pii.i.it\ii, Auir I, uWT.
The ehol'-ra lias uf ii sudden OBI onie epidemic in I hld
elly and tahen vacy alaimlag Bsoparttans. On iii?- ^i-t
ol Julj. up to the tun?- ni the ui.iitiBKof my last dlasot. b.
Nu ti, there had entr Issmassnes ?a ki sun saaee ?>r
cholera,bul beforetlmday wai over Umy ran up to ni
,.,? on tbo 1st of August it W" nt up sudden!? tu ??3
i ,-. s and U ha. kept tims np to ?tate, averaging from 2Mi
i,, too< i*es Util] tim towel classe?, ai aaasJ, sie tim
greatest SUffefOrt, i?Ut i' Las, inn'. Ml. StU I ail umolu; the
iiiiiUl'.c sud e* ea the upper elaases it befassen \m
li tit ind httal nature tuan teat Fall, foi lundie mm thhd
.1 il'.' ino kui han- so t h got over II The saltire popu
panic-struck; the gn n?-r i??n el the waaltby
f llilili? s han i -"? IP? d to ill?'? o'ltlli. ni the llilddlo I la i
(l ive j, ]( n,, , ,m . a o, I .ii' ata] log In I he rtflaa sad Is tie
suburbs,sadmsa) "i thalsPoi have gone tin
full,.- luoiiiiainsaal pi " leate In thei opeu tl.l.l?.
in,ely hu S ^?n '"'?' ','" ?"I"''' :""1 '"?-""s, is
ahnest snUrel] inspeiideu. I sm, ^"??T^"!
lion Wm ii ? rard - ? "'?"> sf Stale.
Al -I IMA.
S ?FOI I ' N-> N IMI
TIM BssVaan /><'<"'?"?" ?''?-''''? Ws?S I bat UN
tuiiK-iui ujjdJtuiuicBa wejri recataatn their armai at
Augsburg by both favorable and unfavorable demonstra
tions. They rearhed Munich on Huiulay. the lath, aeeom
pasasd by the King of Pararla, and after a Stay of ten
minni.*?, left for Salzburg. They arrived ??t Salzburg in
the aHi rinn,n of Sunday. Di.??. wire received by the
i .?op? i?,i . i:?i i nip,,,.? ?{ Au-ti.a. (he Archduke Victor
Loma, aud ina alni ami rarihun authoriUea, The bort i
? ?*.?:?-. ?m m.etiin... exchang. d cordial salutations, and
Um linpTial party were welcomed hy the croud with en?
thusiastic cheeni. After the recaption at the railway sta?
tion, th.dr malt-dies left lu an open carriage for the Im?
perial rcsideme.
ram Aramo-niKNcii ai.i.us? b.
Tlie .Vene ?Ytmilcn Wait, a Bnssl otleMl organ t.fthe
Chancellor of the Empire, Baron Von Bcuet.. publish? s the
following remarkable li a?b i
" We think that there Is no need of s Kusso-1'russian
alliance lo incite an accord lie tween Franco anti Austria.
The cause of that accord Is of a date more recent ; it ?lates
from the treaty of I'rsgue, which, it la true, is a nure
convention concluded bel we. n Austria ami Prussia, Bal
the tenor of which In of an Importance eminently
l.'ureinan. The peace of Prague has cn at?d In the very
i ?'liter of Barege A power unknown there Mine the
groat Baaaerara of Oeraaaar. it is truo that, till now,
it ban beeil contended Unit a great anti pOWSSfal
??tate in the middle of Kurope ?wa? necessary to
in..iiit.ilit peace oo the ('outillent ; but, in that cane, it
would ne desirable that such a ?tate should te animated
with pacific Ideas. Hueb event would have occurred had
(iennany succeeded la reeovcrni?' her ancient trruinleiir;
im i ?crinan) is au ?lupin: of civili/.tttinii and proxies* -
au ? ni].., r of peufl??. Instead of it united flplMail?, there
roue a great and powerful Pros?!?, which ban thus become
a new danger for the peace of Kurani. It la a fact that
the linuenMillerne must be logically aggressive, beauae a
paoso from Frueate would amount to a backward step.
Aftti frederick the (Jrcat, that paiiM' hruiiaht onOcna;
the pauso of tbo linly alllun? o brought on
(limul/.. Prussia must be active; in other word*,
she must aim St . n:,'|iii -t.s und licvcr erase to
disquiet Europe. Unfortunate ly, ?lune to her are numer
ou? BMSaats such as to excite lier appetite. Germany
is at the proa sat tuna under the yoke of Prussia; milita?
rily shaking, I'riiosU I? a great power. It le of para
miiiiiit neeeaunr to aireumaerlbt thal power, and the ?nil
iiiii"! In? reu? bed by menin? of the treaty of league. What
Prussia look from the Amdiians at Koniggrat/, and v\ hat
Frame had graatot to her previously, ha? been lu Ger?
mant limited by the Mau c. tim what neither Franco
l.oi .\ -tila did evi r a?-?piie>?e in in that Prussia should
plan, n. i foot lu Southern t.. i in.iiiv. Already she lias
l?n 11 ?ed to do so. Firstly, by nar treaties of otlnislve
an.I iii .'i nul ve alliances; secondly, by the Zollverein con
ventiuu. Austria could, w.th reai on, find In these a vio
latioii of the treaty of Prague, becaUM la both clrcuin
st.nu. n 1'i'us.sia uaetl her preponderance, and compelled
the southern States to aeeapt hi r proposals.
"Hut enough of concessions. Aaaooa aa Prnaala puts
forward for the third thoa exigencies it .u would destroy
the uni. |m ndfiice of the Boothera States of Oormaay,
Atnarta and France ought to oppose l*russia. To-day
they openiy ask 111 Prunela why 1;. me should Interfere
with the ircaiy of Prague I bi'.i ii s question .-..-liternon
tv use, and it in BSMa den? ?atlou of the truth, lioth pre
. mu ri ted alld Imbi.
"Let as ignore that at ITiknlsburg M Benedetti was
always Im'I we? n I'miut llisinai. U and < ount Mensdortf".
Hut would it not be a si..um lui tluntr to forget that
Fi um e bj her attitude greatly helped Prnaala to go ou
with lae war of w^j Baa not th. Pi satten Prima Minis
t? i bien at Hhurltz dal he imt offi i LUXemburgto Fiance
a- the price of h.i benevolent ncutrahtyl Had not
i i ni! ?? ihown herself disposed t<> ?ut h an arrangement -
had she iiitoimed Duty that sin wa* opposed ho ber con
ipieiing Venetia Ihrongfa I'nuwua? bad Fiance placed a
ooena al abai rvation al Ulla or al Beaancon- would Prus
sbt have been able, even with her ii??e<lb--guiiH and In r in
tcllertual strength, which we ?ila.lly admit, to ?end a
ningle man lo the frontiers of Hob. ima I
"rae arnerajanteat ?of a Prim*? Russian alliance bad
not yat dawaed at that time. Russia was not ready, and
the ps? Miration of Poland- we mean her crushing? was
not In UM adraaaat stats that ti is now. ^nd, also, the
iiiis-i.in ann) ilid not poMvehSthenth.it assurance aud
ful i .Hilldene?' in its own strungth thal it eittcrlalnn
BOW. PriiHSla would have deemed herself happy if she
bad i.ii n able to acpiiie ib?. Elbe i> lebtea tor a i?ortlou
.?f the Couiitv of (Jtata, anil for a large mun of money.
The Sovereigns et Hanover, of Iii -..se. end of Nassau
would sit still on their thrones, it is rraass watah baa
ni.uiiii.iinh.il the greatm s of Prussia. And th?' l?nln roi
Napoli mi should not be entitled lo ?utcrf. re with what is
going on in i Minimi?. < Is it, pal haps, because be did not
paru pi i any pat t with Count IHlsiiinii It at liiarnt/1 No.
Weean ret koo on theasaoelaUoa<d the principal Prusetan
organs, it we recognise the right ol Pram t> to Interfere lu
w bat )s g"ing on ou her frontiers, Wo are cdith-d enough
nt.,.nt thal ? oiitlntial txirarxlitpt of iiiiiinty fioni France lo
Oi'iiii.tfiy It wa., the sstuo in old time-, but we de not
gnow yet t?.ib?\ if m lullst jiref??;? prussian in gemoaj to
tin- iinperiu Napeleea'apreteeUun upon the KLnhisu Con?
t'd, latlon Hut one thin* is certain- Austria sod France,
tin most Interested Miaabora, are compelled to koopa
ranful watch -ince not Germany, bal Prussia, sas ae
qaired au much power latbeecntei of Europe. A wider
di \. lo] ?ia nt of Praasta WOUhl ?five tin m tin light to op
p?>se Unit country lu comiuou. Tills would mil be au u 111
B ii at Uenaaay, nat aaa against Pruana."
i in. rihni1 Hrniii mjnc t ?gorg
lin reports ni tin- famine ?it Ori-ow nie move
fa?, mabie.
The opium revenue for the past seven months exceed?
Mi. Ma-scv 's ? sinuate by weaily 4'iou.ioil hteillitg.
It Is stated thal IM \ U erny is fralulntc a s. herne for tbe
esta illshmcat of an Imperial Beak of India, the central
nauk t<> i?.- ni Calcutta,wita braaehaa at Bosabeyaad
Madraa. la tin Sm?ii vvrsi ttm uaaaa ?nd in Um Punjab
A railway bus l>. <n BMSjeBH tM-tweeu Catani la and
ng, ?nid iiu Khama m Baptere?soj sMBaaaal
ami ileila tint I i Bim BtS
The i, nit ?,r exploi-atloaa wblih have been made
pio\.s in? ni m li, ali.?Uy of n Wai tu illina through
lim ?nab. i fte lavett igst toni Myaml th? frontier are M
re? i.initii n .
Maila Is reporti 1 nabealthy this year, which hi attrib
uti d to bail wat. i und tin ??. ant of -ai,!f;.rj arrant.', ?neill i.
The niM.rts ol tin CTopa and of tho pulili?. heulth
throughout Bengal are MON favorable.
Ill Balgal BJ MM >.i iniMiiAV-i linns.
Advice? from Bombay are to July 24 Tastotagraph
lui?- Is greittiv uni roved in its winking iluriiiK the luit
tortnigbt, but live SSltaB Si the Indian line b< is.'iii Dom
bay anil Kmrathee have been destroyed by a -tonn
Iiniii,li- latin ure in future lobe charged on nil messages
fu. ni Kuh. n im to Quat flin am aaa* Itaaos reetaiauig
troup. of tluursn wheii the fO?uui?aiity to w hitit tin ) ict?i
,s not s|m-, ,ii,..i
l be lut ?o-u in lion f'omnilttee of the Hunk of Bombay
has ix'eii nu n asctl. Taree-foartM of Ina ?hares of tai
m-? b.mk have already been applied for. A Btemorial to
IM Government is being circuiated among the ?haie
holders of ina Bank >?? Bombay foi Ugnature. nrayiag the
i.overiiiui-nt M Mar B p.n t ot tin-loss attending the Bad
Uisnsgt mint of the bunk
The urgeet vladact over the (Thane ?.hunt incline, im
feet high, baa given way through faulty construction,
.??id t','..? trains tbi robj Barrow ly ew aped iii rtruetloa.
'Ili<- -?np Mi/ah ha. been totuliy ure? ki .1 near AJIbangh,
alni sevuli of the cicw welt? diownctl.
ilie i r.w of ibe Saciaiin uto bavo beta forwarded to
Anu? n a in tin- -nip Lei ( au! ti. 1(1.
DiiriMg May over MJSSSgSM a ?st potasa, to tbe safase of
up wai d .?f i"' KrT.uoo, bare been shipi><?<i fiom Bomba)
un. (i?t\n:v i;i' airara tim.nv' m.?i>p.i-\i:
lilli lil HU lill.NUI AND llluriHI MIMs
1 I l!>- IHKli; HI>HNA HUN IMv.N?i\vN.
I ... ni ? to i?i tH'iir.fr.
Havana, Auk- 27?The Spanish stt'ftiiHi H;u
ci..na, fresa Tew Cans the isa mai., and Hsaltheahl
?nat .arrived her.? M tin? '.Mh The country wa? fast np
pi trarblai a peet i fal rtsfirt The kaasasat I lei staataSd
wat bosllv engni't'd In issuiin.' aeWMU and piepanne re;
Blat OUI to uaaWS that sad, and to regulate overy brantli
of the public administration. Charles N loge has had lui
n,in.nat,mi ..millinicd us fonsnl at Chihuahua. The
iniii h und Hi it l-l? Ministers left the City of Mexico ou
the sth Hist, foi Vara Criss. Sat* were atcoinpanie.l by
all the m? ml., is ni tin .r respective legations, and ware
under a ?ultablo escmt. They subsotpiontly luft Vera
Ciur. on a si hooui i mi tin? night of the lsth. Tueirdc-ti
nation whs unknuwu. A French war steamer was ga*
chorod ofl sai nib i?>s Santa Anna was still luipnaoued
m the Castle of San Juan ?VUlloa. Ve-thMg aeaaiMaaS
know u in rcgunl to his fat"
1 IH.l.
I nit' 1.1?.
st seit] ?.Hi? as ths tsibtms
Hw tv . \mo. >1, via Punta Kasa and Lake
(it.i.i, l. It Is rumored that a iiiarrel has taken
pi;,,,. , .,?.1.1,1,?Oaaatal Ksaaaaa ami Ma Uim.
(In. f of A.imia.strttlon. They hold ao commuaicstion
With ??.oh otln-r. tttoaSSSgtetJ that Cmb. Manzano will
retiro. The new system of taxation w.nl into effect fM
terdaj, ?ml was w11 enforced; but it is generally ox
jK-fed'llio whole ref.uin will give pJaeo to the former
?tam of taiaga. A alaaatsm tUM bMa MMtoai from Key
a'est, which BSaaaaaaa the arrival there rostet day of the
ya. bl Oriental ri-m Punts Rosa. 8he isfsetsl that ?ho
li?.| mu seen tin? steamer N.u va; only saw a Caitod
.-(..lei steamer off tip?' Ib'iuano.
KiUcd t? -I. ida) from Huvau.?. schooner Maggie Orsy.
foi Phitadclirhia.aBdbark8l Andnw, for Baltimore
Tha^uaar market closed quiet ob the basis of *,*<??
reiu utirarrobe. Dutch standard. Jfo. ia l.vihange mi
I on.I? 'n. lH4?Itl pnuiiuin; OB Tans, 8)f J'lf ; on I Bitoi
<'?.,;,.-, Uti I ? -? -'1 I.-'""Ut.
.- at -
- as
s?VN | | i-, , t, Atlf. ??O.?A (1 vices f I out lite
Sandwich Isla ' li - i-t ?i state that the K.n? ha? inn
vtutu th?-1. ?lalatrve AaaMabtj for MpMsiMi I Orana
results are aatlclpa*ed Irosk tin treaty of IMlBreetty
with the 1 lilted States. The Amertoau representatives
li ni lieeii ?uiti it.oneil willi i?\i at honor bj Hie Mitnslci of
Foreign Affiiirs. The I'Ulted states screw steamer l.n.lia
w.m.t will soon sail M a sarre] of the Mlddleb-ook Iskaud
?t ?Turill vssaanasw to ths tsssssn
St. pKTKRsiu'n?;. Si.pt. L?The \ i-.it of Admiral
Farragut t? St. Pctersbtiig. which has I,. ? n a Mgt s
of ovations for the ?Bethaaanmaed ?meaican. has l?i
minafed. The I'mfed States Sqn-nlr.ui. li? ade?! hy
the flagship Franklin, with Admiral Kaiiagu? on
l*>ard. sailed from Ornnstadt to-day. As tim liest
passed ont of the harbor salutes w?-ro tiled from the
fortification?, ami were returned frota the Pi.-nikliii
and theolhci Au.di? an vessels.
IDWUtAl KAHAfil 1 IN Hts.-IA ?lil? H l|.?N HY
<;kn. CLAY?VI?IT OW OOBMOM roi n? ii. Of
ST. rillBSBIIlO. with rut. m non, i.ic
Fro? Our C^ttisl Corrsscondrst.
U. 8. FlAflSWtT FliWKiiv. I
Off BaOnSTADT, BVSMA, \ugllst li, 10*57. 5
The Flagship Iiaukliii, wito A<linit.il IsttsV
girt, arrived oft Kronstadt on the evening of the pith.
The squadron arrived fal BtaBhWI wateis without in?
vitation or annoiiii? erneut. Our Mimulrou found
here the Norwegian ami Swedish bbMBBj which ltavo
kata waiting ?mmc time tor a reef pi ion hy the Qp ai
Duke Constantine. On flic aniv.il of the AamWkaW
squadron, the Qnwd Ihike Constant ne was absent
from St. Petersburg, and was to remain absent for
ten days. The C/ar Alexander wa* siflO on a visit to
tho diane, hw the tasman of his Health, Rear*
Adiniral lasso/sky wue the highest officer of the
Banian Qovnamitit at Bt, Petersburg. On Une?
graphing oor arma), the (?ian.1 Duke immediately
i? luiiie?! t?i do honor to the American Admiral and
the American MaadroB. The arrival of the iqnadron
han heeti attended with the lined delicate I ourteakw
on (tie part of tim Kussiati authorities.
As the nan of Admiral Farragut caine into view be?
yond Kronstadt, hrfore, erro, ?v had sainted tin Raer?as
rolar? (a COntocn always oliserved among European-i.
the fleet and Kronstadt batt, ties tired the Admiral s
salute of 17 guns. Beanre we could finish answering
the 17 guns, the Kusaiatis belched forth the National
salute of H guns from fleet and ?hore, with the
dawrtaM ''<.(/ ?? thr forr-mant htnid.xand nanny u<im thr
/bli-/-?/?// of hrnunladt. As the American flagship
cane np the Russian fleet advanced t?i meet us. with
rigging manned, and nmi.l the wildest shontaof the
Kutmia!! three times three, ami salvos of artillery
from Um cannon ol Kronstadt, Admiral Lessofsky
caine on hoard imnu-diiitt lv, offering the hospitalities
of Bosnia and welcoming tlie Admiral in the warmest
manner. Sunday, the 11th, was a ?piiet nay, but on
Monday Admiral Farragut received tho Kussian
othi eis, giving them a lunch on the ll.igshii). On the
Iflth tlie cn ii autlion?in of Bt Petersburg, tho
Mayor. ?.Ve., paid i statu visit to the fleet, ottering the
hospitalities and freedom of St. Petersburg to the
American licet.
On the llth. Admiral Farragut paid hil ft/ret visit to
St. Petersburg, whare he was reosived witta his ?taft
by Ona, (lay. who met bim at the landing with car?
riages, and convoyed linn to the rooms ol the Ameri?
can minister, where-a ??illation was pas taken of,
the Bnatiani toasted, speeches mude, and arrain/e
ment? made foi the reception of our orne?is hy i ho
(?rand Duke Constantine, "which takes place this
afternoon, ami tlie facts of w hieb I shall write in my
lette! this evening, Mrs. Farragut in the guest ol'
M.uiatu Lenoiiky at Eranstadt.
Ah yet the ceremonies have been the common cer?
emonies attending the arrival ol a distinguish? ?I A<1
iiiii al. lit ii/hti scd by the fact that he is nu Amu tan.
The Winter Palace, and shrines of the ? burches have
bean thrown open to tlie inspection of our orneen,
who have thronged Sf. Petersburg, in citi/t n's dress,
during tim last two ?bus. Every one is engaged in
sight-seeing, pin chasing malachite mementoes, ami
i/oi;i?7 St. lVtoislung privately before tho oilicial re?
HIS VIsll ni IKl-s. v.-KsriHslASTfC RF.CEP
TloN ? BOMOBS l<> MB8. ADMIRAL lAitKw-t I
I'm un St iris Pi k, sim' pnjunnjBi ?ii I Kitov I
srvnr, ST. SWn?m n, Kussla, Aug. 13. is?7. J
Bafoss gi\ ing SB account of the first recep?
tan ol the Inited states squadron and Admiral Far
lagut, oft Kronstadt, by the Russian authorities,
your cnrronpondeiit will refer briefly to the reception
of the Frolic at BtlltlB OB the fTitW bf the land and
marine ofneers of Prussia. The Frolic, on the way
from Cherliourg to Kronstadt, put in at Stettin, Prus?
sia, to take ga hoard Mrs. Ailmiiul Faiiagut and
patty, w ho lia?l come overland, through Cologne, up
the Kinne, and Pallin fioui Pam. The apiieaiame
of th?'Frolic at St?-ttin was tin-(?i-t usual mu of an
Ann mau ship to Fiiissian watt rs, and the greatest
ii ti ins ?ty ? was man ii? ?>?? don the part of thePiussians.
At Iii.st tlun: ?as a kind of BaWJtatfOB aliout the
progress of the Ship Bf the Oder on the part of the
Pius-! ,ns, who wa re taken completely bj surprise ,\t
the lust ap|M aiain c of nu Ann i nan ai tiled ship
steaiiiing so lui mi.uni. As the kimi intention of the
Frolic wa* manifested, the hesitation o? the Prus
stana gave way to enrknete, then ensnsndod eonr
te-y. then rathmmnun. which went on mcieaajag.
aiiini shooting, rejoicing, firing <>f canoona ami
hands of music, till one grand, g 'M.anil spontaneous
?nation flinn land and .shore Welcomed the Frolic in
Prnssiaa waten. As the Frolic ansajeachea Stettin,
the shore batteries paitad foiih the national salute
to America, und on all soles was run up the Aiiieio ni
Hag. The people thronged the shore in crowds,
whist) the Prussian garrison was marched out. ami
stood at parade rest, to welcome the Frolic's an i\ al.
Hie newspapers caine out with ?:\tia editions an
imunciiiii the ship's arrival, ami tin- Fiiis-iau ? oin
mander caine on laiaid welcoming the shin's
arrivai. On the mom hil' of the llth. UM
people, nohility, edi eera, ana ladies ?ame throng?
ing on bonni, and ?luring the day about '
15,000 people looked mer the Frolic with the gentes!
i uiiosity and admiration. On the arrivai of Mis. '
I ai lagut and nally li oin Ikiliii. the Prussian author- I
iii-- luiiiisheil uiagniliceut carriagei t?> loinc-y them
to the ship The people thronged toe carriage, threw- j
lil g Inn u plot s ami shouting .Ino mu ti otu the lad load
to the I loin's Imat. where 1 ii.ssian hands, ami eli
gsutly ?Ih.-.s?mI auls de-camp, sncompanlsd the lailn-s '
on beard. (Juc?- on boord, negread aarne of ami I
lerybuat out from UMnhoraend erny benn top,end I
inn available space of nonnd on either side el lae
Odgj vhs throeged with people, waving American '
??dois ami.shootingAineiha ! The iteaBMW carrying ,
tim Aiiiein an flag now pushed out iiom the non
with I ia m U p!a\ mi; Aim in an aus. and thronged w it ii
oiiic.isHi.il nobility, who accompanied the Frolic to
Bwincmfide, where a grand ball ?as Improvised in
bono, ol the aatarteaa ship. No nue can account for
tin- \ast enthusiasm of the Prussians, unless it came
poiitiullv through the luwuuud of King William,
at Berlin.
It would be aanpn tanentMn the fait, that the
Frolic wai one ??i the 11yde*buill steaiii?>is. tunsl out
in Eaghntd as a bim bade ronnel lot the Rebels. She
waa captured hy our fleet off Charieeton during the
war. Il.i original name in England waa tin-"Poid
" tlyd?-," and li? i Rebel name was ?' A. Ii. Vance."
The Suatltent Opinion of Hiclinioinl BfsBhl the
follow lu g heutofore ??pahlllhfii 1? ttcr from Gen. Ould;
< rnesnanan Srana Waa Daraatwwgt, I
Ki? inioM). Va.. Jaliuarv 24. ltM>4. \ j
/?? Mata" tan B A. Hm neu? g, Ayuitof Kxrhnngt.
Ma: la view of the present difficulties atreuding the
e v. iiaiii;.- aud miss se of sstasasts, I propose that all su. li
mi.-4(1*1 iide should in- a'teuded in a proper muni?, of
Hnii own surgeons, who, under rules to M established, ?
shall de |ms uni t.-il to take charge of theil health aud ??in
fort. I MM prepon that these suiki-oii. shall act as tom
mlsssrtes. willi power to le. i ive and distribute such . on
tiiiMitiisus of money, food, clotliliiK. and iii.-dume as ai.iy
b.? far wanted foi the relief uf tim prisoners. ? farther
proiM?so that these BaigeSBB shall lio selected liy then own
(?overuiiieut. and that th? y shall bars full lilterty st mi)
ami all hnase, threngh fan agnwM ttf trnhsasw it Mare
reports, uot only of tlu-lr own act??, but of any mallei- i.
Isttag to tim weifaic of tin- prisoners. Kt.sp?. I fully, yu ir
oheiUent set vant, ItoatKT Ul I O, Ageut of hxcttjUk1'
Nu reply w.i? ever received to this cotiiiimiilcHtnui.
r?eOjamiSM mya, Wfth reference te the ietiirne.il
prisoners, wliose tumble condition excited eo min li in- I
d:?rnati?iti at the North:
We have lindouhted authority for* what Wl tam
recseat. Just beton the prisoners referred to aiKiu
wiM-o retain, ii t" tin- ii dei.ils. the Agent of Exchange
foi thu tinted otates uiildc spi i lal snd lu gc ni application
to mu- Ak nt for the ii turn of the eora, cases or s? k
pri.swncrs in nur bauds. '? Even," v 'i'l the Ped? ral Agent,
'? m chs''s where y? ur surgeons tiunk th.- mea too til !?? .
neu c1 uni not I trout enough to survive tim ti,p. .nut
if Ihry express a di sue lu I nine, let tlnill coin?' " R?gulai
exebsngea beina iutenultted. our Agent took counsel '
of his well km-?Mi humanity a.i.i agreed to tend I
the ?ese?*1 esses of their pnsonrrs, provided Ihsl tbej ?
would not he accepted 01 regarded as representative?! sf
thssverage condition of tlie Federal prlsooen in the I
Routh, and used as a m* sua to inSame the Northei u ars
tlun mt agalust u?. This condition was -? rodly ssedgeu. |
On this understanding judge OnW prep.n?-?l a berg? ?
pvcialli adapted to the eond 11 ion of th?' hH. ami. wl h .
tia-aid of fin- Vm'iir.l.inco Cninliilttce, i.iiviiilly, ten Ici y
and bumsuely SeHrered ibem i ito the hands
of tlnlr fi innis. Tile led.ial iess.1 that n-cciieil
t hem Immediately stade uU haste to Aaaspoils,
where, laatead of nelag treated as auch Invalida should
have nein sa the emref enees en eui banda thaywen
made a public spectacle, ami a coros uf photographie ai t
i.'.-ls avro Immediately OsnMsetaal lo Uko wwiuuiU? uf
tbein. (Jointress sent down a comui.ttee to see ILi lu ned.
tor.'port on their coodllion. They wen? obta.iu d for tal
purpose, and that purpose tliey must subserve Thi-taT
pbotocrapbs ?wera ivduplh ute.l without nunns, thal
?atiiiil iNtptr?Harper's, la-sin-'s, and tin? rest of tUe?
foul hriM.d- sent out donl?).- . dil lons of their slte#4?y
adorned willi the hideous pictures of tftelr em?...,?./
foi um ; and iheobj. a w.os accomplished-'"The N. , ?!? <t
m arl ?,i- Bred."
rai PMn Mais k.M'Ki.ITION?a Hi.II i ^kai?
ioiu yuTA,
mi Tii.K.iupii miaaaanMBsi
bT?St. Lons, Sept. 1.?A dietmtcli fruin Foi 6
Hays, Arkansas, Bated the yoih tilt . *;ijs no was i,
been reserved from the f..r.e ?. ut .tgaiiist the lud:..i ?, bul
several balli. - an beli. vol to bave taken pl.no. All tin
savages in this section -a> they do not wish peace, awl
will kill tin Cotuini .-toners if possible. They arc driving
all the bufl'ilo? > toward their villages on the Ki p.ibllrat
A taMgram fiom Gen. Augur's headquarter* savs taw
In.hans attacked a Coverument Ham near Pint?' F.'
Hmith on tin Nth Bit . and were repulsed with tin loss ?,f
twenty killed. One olttoer and lour soldiers wi u kilU-.l
??nour ???lo. ah tin- hostile tubes anuru ' l'"it PbiP
kearney are under the loutit rsliip of - Rou cbn.;." smli
itro..lM,llt ?" ***? Weeh Mawk, a chief of the I Mai J
Indians, favors peace. A battle between the ()*a)ialla>'
and Bruie tribes of sunn incurred on the 27th till. aBt
osaarCamon, m miles south ?f juieeburg, m wi??u'
several savages were killed.
ui:n:i:i)\ii<>N-> of thk ?avagkk inkf.wmuii
?St. Lot ik Aiijr. 31.?Western diupatciuM ?ay
that the Apache ?iml Navajo In.lians are commit! ma im?
molons outrage* in >'<w-Mi \i,i. Two hunters hod MBJ?t
killed in the San I.atl.? Mountains, and f<mr other? ?at
missing. The Indians drove off 13,000 AmB, when I
clti/.ens pursued and recaptured ?II but \,mhk Tlie I
diana eantlauo troublespmt at thoHww t Water mutest
Itali. Sixteen were killed by a party of miners (here ii
the 4th inst. Indian depredations ui the counti) west o
Olive Creek In Colorado BM mentioned.
Ch?calo, Aug. 31.?77?c Montana Post of that
17th aays Hen. Ttrry, Commander of the Department,
after investigating the action of the Ki?* miva of the Ter?
ritory In regard to the vobuit? ST forces, gave bia unn,ual|.
ti***l approval, aad inly ai powered dor. 8uiith t?i prase?
cute ttie aampaJgB against the indiana lu eesnneaaeea
of this action, mailetBBBBl and other preparalMM am
Ming vigorously pushed forward for immediate service.
Trustworthy ihielligeiic?? flout the Plains, received bere?
.Yesterday, gives the following particulars of the initiait
operations: A pul tv ou the road to Fort Reno lost threw
men killed at Crazy Woman's Fork. Two bundie?! bead
of stock were run off from Weils, Fargo A Co.'s tralB on
the lr.fh instant, near Fort Reno. Two citizen? be longini;
to the ti Min were killed. On the same day that the light.)
at Fort Phil Kc imy occurred, the escort to the hay,
party from Fort Smith were aita* kel by a large oody uf*
indians, who WON gull,tully rvpuieed, with h.avylos*.
only one bodi waa 1? tt ob Hi. field, the lost hav i g been
carried off. I w o mou of the wurt were killed.
BAB Franct-sco, Aii?r. :H).?The conifptuid
cuec of lltr Bulkim, from Amona, states that in Iho '
single district of Lubul sixteen men had been killi ?I a*.'
six wounded, and e2t),0Uu worth of pioperty taken off or
destroyed by Hu? Indians since Mann. The troops urn
now trying all in their power for the protection of fit?
MW. Hancock's tp.stimony uefore top. m
Tlio followinir ennuin? sonic of the iiit?'reot
Ing ?mints lu Major-Oeu. Hancock's testimony before tha
Coniuiixsiou at Leavenworth upon the present Indian dif?
ficulties, lu reply to a question by Gen. Sherman, (len.
II saul : All the Indians of the Plaina I consider hostile ;
1 ?lo not know- that the Camanches are actually so, al?
though Ihren of tin m have boan killed while committing
degradation*; aome bands of the Caaaanchea have cap?
tives, for whom tiny demand a ransom, which wi haw?
refused to give ; we hive demanded them unc.iii?1l|ioi.
all) ; in this war. the Kiowns, although hostile, hove mi
immediate grievance, at least they have represented
none. The ?tenora 1 says be has seen no tims ? hen H waa
absolutely safe for p?i>ple to ? roes the Finnie. He avcia
that the indians are more hostile this year than for.
iin-i ly, an.I ?ays he has never known any period when lb?
' with so nnuh soil
ami malignity. If our troops should be withdrawn from
wai whs so ?.?? lierai, and conducted with so much spin?
the Indian country, M w hito man would ever go through.
It would amount t" an abandonment of the Territory. IS
Is behoved that not s man would remain In Colorado.
The deueml is of opinion that the Indians would nob
cease to Ihj hostile if the troops were withdrawn. They
would Un n ? ' ?in th at i hey hail galued what they lui.I
started out lor, to cut off those roads. There would ha
peace until the roads were started again. They gave u*
notice thal the} Intended to commence warm tin-Spring.
Gi n. Hunt m k has tin Ir statement, which was ?vent to >b?w
command, r? of post?, saying that thess posts mnsi h?s
iibamloned la the Hpring, and that the Pacitlc Railroad
must stop at Junction city, as they intend to lit iii. Wa
i miuot have peace on the Plains so long a? th? Indians
are allowed to hunt MtWOBB the Platte and Ina Arkansas.
It i? uni?.-?..iii., lo control the young men. The cltufa
au?! principal men are nearly all desirous of jrace. except
ululer som?- great grievance. The young men leave IBB ir
villages anti commit depredations on sonic preist?*??.
There is BO qn ?atioa but that the old hu-jtirs receive thtt
stolen horses from the voting men.
(len Hancock In reply lo ii question whether he sup
poned it possible that lil.? Indian Agents, sm h .is Wy ahoop
und I-eavenwortb, can be trusted with the- dlneratMa of
issuing gis?!? to .my part of these i*-uplf, saul " I do
not know about Wyukoop; I think the trouble with agmla
is that thev aie alf, probablv, connected with trading ta
teioi.ts.undtliliilith.it such persons ought not to b*
ti usted ?nth sin b distribution. It would not Im? ?salo
thing with mi honest agent to discriminate between tin,
friendly and hostile Indiaus.'' There whs one cain?, lu
October, IHtW. where arms were furnished to the I lillians
by Hie agent, after Item? otht lall) notifiedtual Mn-y wuie
iiicliued to hostility. Mr. Uogy, the Indian (.?minis
sioiici, gave sut hunty to sell anus, alter hi was uotlfl? d
that tlio Indians who ho.-ttle, and d?fende?! tin right.
TMBBlvarsal testimony l- that the Indians aie well
armed with pistols and titles.
The Indians alwsysnteree the bodies of white persons
thoy kJU with arrow?. Tim friend* of persons killing bun,
nil put mi arrow luto Bins. They uover bunt powder
wiiou thev cmi use arruwa In ssahasaasaa .mVv
use arrow* The pitiieip.il maa are armed with
lit.-luiiis, aad tim otheis with Mwa and arrow?.
ThO ladinas do Bot tight often, unless they an cf verv
supoiiiu numbers, They do not fight without en ad?
vantage. >\ In-net er tltey flml their enemy prepared they
give up. Th.? Indians are now currying on the war with
all the now iuiprnv. mont?. Thev have field afa.se. s Wo
f ?und a glass at Port Wallace. They BOOM up like a reg?
iment of tahiti v. and appear .ike a regular iBghasat,
Hie chief-? ?t.iiul with a mirror and throve reflections aa
Slgaale Wbaa the meu oliey. Thev have'signal mon all
around. OB one Occasion 1 was with Capt. Smtfh.a gnuie,
ami Interpreter. There wat sa Indian brilliant^ anayed
making atgaata. Cant. Huiith pulled out a small mirror
fron his bosom and na.sjied it on the Indian, a ho be Carno
frightened and ran away.
?BOB. HanSBOst durJng his etaminat'on gave a inmuto
account of toe baratagof taoGMfwaaM and t-eattaM
ins ciiuip on the Pawnee Kork last April, the facts of
which ha. e been repeatedly published. In re pi j to a
HiiesUoii as to tin precise object of organizing and going
out la?t April, the Qaasra! said: "That expedlBwf waa
the result of au aggregation of circumstances. In tim
!lr*t plate there was n rumor that the Northern Indiana
had c?uue down on Mmoky Hill. Gen. bherman thought
tin y won- hostile uml ought to be proceeded again?!.
The ?Kiln ) wa. to pursue Hiern, and, if friendly, to feed
them. That w is the order. The evidence seemed U) bet
that thor wera u??t dlspoeed to war. 1 afterwaid con
eluded that M IM ugenr? had failed to demand the mur?
derer* fi oin among the Indians, thal I would make the
demand, iiud w In re the evuteucc was conclusive against
thom, ? would fiike BOfltagas if the demand wna not com?
piled with Hut when Congress Boag, the action of thei
Senate was so positive in regard ft tlie interf?rence??*
the iiitlttMiv thal Gen. Sherman gave mc an order, in
w lltlug, not to go luto these old mai tera as I had mteniled
todo, und as I bad unfilled lim agents'hal I would ?lo.
lins course it was tbo.^ht would intimidate th? tril*?a
who were hut.lung conspirado?, and would oontlrn?
thosevvlinA.il? iii.'iidlv di.-posed toward us. ihoeear?
Hie motive? willi vvbu li I w.nt out. I was ordered hi
leave the old mattera to the agents whose demands t
would enforce if aseeeaary It was not anadvantageooa
flung for ni?, but I went m the ?uterest of peace I told
tba chiefs that 1 did not come to fight them, and that I
would not make any ileinalul? of th.-iu unless the agent*
?skis;! foi the production of a culprit and tiny el.ouUI re?
fuse to give him up. I Illili 1.0 t OIIUUIIUU .ttlilll w th thw
Indians dilling ihe wTuib; time of my atiuiiniktrstioii,
except thrungli their agents, up to the tiiiu wc w? ul on
tii.it axpedirtou
The es puises on the Oeneial I>epartment have lieen
ti.os.- of u pa ne ciili-tn rat, with the exception of a small
quantity of tarage Bal SB Stages altero tliey li.t?l lau.e,
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who will not ne paid until Congress api?iopnat?s th?
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evp.nse of traueporftBK goods this year v much les? thai?
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Cln t eiiues BUmber about ?1*1. the Arrapahtx-a ?loo, and BM
Ktawaa SSB. Tin re are but few Apaches on tia I tates,
prttbablt mo or soo. Fifteen iiuiulr???lor i.wsi will eovej
all engaged between the Aikan*-is and the Plail. thal
1-, taal 5g SUt the camanches. who number about lyBJu
San lit vM i-t ??. Au^'. 31.?The Pacific Mini
Hteauier M? nialia sailed m-teitlay for Panama With
tl.i?.,s.i,s, in t easuie The Givat Republic sails for J ?pan
and china so the j?l Mpt.. conneitiiig at Yokohama willi
the st. .unc? Costa Hi. a f"i shanghai. The new nan.'lily
bin of -Icauni? to Honolulu make their first trips on '? '?
ai ti m pi. ilu? Sartal crup tin. year is considerably be?
low tue usual averaat. More attention baa baaa g?v? u I??
wheal foi export h sample of plg-lrou from Oregob, Usa
ti.-i made ou the Pacific (Wast, Is on eablbltloo her* i?v
,1. Il?.s? Hi,,wee. ( nmrntaalonri for Mining and AgttraJ
tura! -tuti-tii- of Hie Pat lae ?oostjaal rornrned rioui un
evdiuiiiittioii ol Hie lesouiceaof oregon and Washii?slt?u
Tin rec? ipts of bullion from the Califoruia ana Nevada
mines foi tin |Mial week aggregate SinMBS, and nam.tna
Oregon ami britlab ( olumbia min. s Uni mg the same tinto
they amount to tut.T.ouo. A dru Kxchange h.ta Ueu ea
tubiished lu this eil j. and ?iii ujmju ul MtUMlay nest.

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