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VOL WYN.N?? 8.2*37.
I,??M)os, Bi pt. 0.?Th?- Foreign Office has
.??sii.il a Hine IMMB I oiit.itniiii: tin- ?l?uiiiuciit? wlm h
haie la-i ii lil' ?1 ?ii tliut department ia tli?' Alabama
? a??-, ;iiut tit? ? ni n BBttta?nnes ulm h tan aiaafslise?
hraaa tin- Oersejna*ena* al Great Britaia awl tlic
I'nitetl Stat? s Im tli? si ttl? mt ut of tlic ? l.iiins. The
latent di?puti li m liu ? (illectKiii ?hows what BIOS/feSR
aas Basa anadc Ib the otnxttovenj, and states t he
rtabaltnaisapon nhiili Um toghsn Qoe<aninan)1 is
willing lo :itt. mata i Mil M ttleuient. The ?1 i?-t?.il ? li
is a.ldi. ssetl by 1 ?nil >'..mlcy, tlie Seeretiiiy t?f State
iur For? ?l'ii A.tiiis, tu Srr I'lctleiirk linn ??. the Bril
Isll Slllllsl? I Bl V. .l?!;iliizti'l!, tllitl IS (liltfll Mil., '-!?, 18W,
l/??rd Stanley ititoims Sir licloiek Urine that Kn
i'laiitl is itilin ?'lo submit llM (':iini!? al Auicrie.'Ui
t itizens for dam?t.s eaused by the Alabama, anti all
other similar <1. mauds on fJN part of the l'intiil
Stutts?, to ti CtMtunisa on ??f Arbitration, if the ? ?aims
?tif Hntisli nil.i.?( rta .i;.'.i:ii?t the lint??! Sintert for
losses ?utter? ?I dm nu- iii?' lnf?-war ( f Hi hellion aie
liki ii i.se mi) n -it'.! to the tie? mon of th? Iame Coiii
t.ti\ MINMI.Ni.
l.iiMxiv Sept. ! l.ieniim.? In R circular note the
Suiiiiine Pesta iiiii.ouiitis tt? itaBBJnstaiaatitataan
loitrts that the nat ni the Island of ('.india BBS been
brought t<? | ' ante, and that a general amnesty lias
l?.yti gnmlmi t?? ti?.' uaaniaraata. Toa man note
promis? m t li?t raany rataraaa mil i*' foi t h vu i h intr?>
?iikfctl in the Ians ana* adiiiiiiistiation of the lhland.
ill!. I.I.I ? i IONS.
Hi ui.in, Sept. .' toa Liberals have carried the
i i?, inn ? im the Noil li (?crinan I' n hument in all the
laraa icmoaoi lae i oiiit-di ration.
mumm: inii;li.k;f\( i:.
i mo i.ki. Si pt : Noon ?The slaaiUBhip l'ciir
a uni, fii.m inn lu i on Hie ?id of August, baa arrived ?ure
?m lur ?Bay to Liverpool.
???.i iiiAVi'His, Sept. i> Koon.?The steamship Wcstr.
? ., t \\enke. Ililli New Yolk SB the 22(1 of August, Ili?
lli? .1 li. i? at lxo'ilotk lust Bleat on tlie May to llreuit-n.
l.?iMi.\. r-ipt. 2-.No?.u. ? Consols for money, 94|;
t ii:*? d State? Fue Twenty bondi?, 7CJ ; Illinois Ceutm!
Hallway share.?, 77|; anta Ballway share?, 4.'.j; Atluiilic
and Oreel Western <'i?li.?el:dalcd ixmds, 22.
Aft?riiooii.?Consola for money ?4 1116; United
Stat. ? live Twenty lioiid.?, 7.i|; Illinois Central?, 77J. Erie
Kailwa., share*, aba Atlantic and'Urcat WcBtcru Consoli?
dated bonds. 23?>.
Kveiiiug.- -consol* enansfl ktaatlj at 94 nie for money.
Anuru an sectiriliea closed at the following rates: Cult? .1
?tate* Five Twenties, 731; Illinois Central abures, 77|;
J.ne Iiailw.iy ?bares, aaVjg Atlantic and Oraal Western,
\m\ i ? - ,
Thank fort. Sept. 2-Eienlng.?United States Bonds
? limed at 77J for the Issue of 1862.
I.ivmu'iioi , Sept I -Noon.?<'??tton tiuit f; estimated
?ales today, lu.OOO bale?; Middling Uplands, iojd ; Mid
tiling Orl'.'iiua, lOpl. Com, 35 3. Wheat, 13 3 for White
? alifornla. Barley, 5. Oats, 3 5. Peas, 41 . Cheese,
19. Bnaxf, 142 6. Lard, 51 ?. Pork, 76,?. Baton, fa/.
l?.?m?Common, 7,?, and Medium, U . Tallow, 44 9. Pot
Ahlien, 31 . Spirit* of TurpcuUtie, 3d . Petroleum?
Hpiiit?, s.d.; Refined. 1 4. Cloverseed, 41'.
Afternoon.? Cotton without change. The weather is
faiorati't' for the crope. Corn declined to ? Wheat,
Flour, liarlt y. Peas, anti Oats without altenitmu. In the
l'rot islon market Beef has advanced to 14*. Other ar?
ticle? ma hanged. In Ins Prodiu ?? market Tallow bri? dt
t Inn d to 44 '. No (hange lu other articles.
EvciiliiK.- The Cotton inaiket closed brui, at tta follow?
ing atithoi i?? d ^notations: Middling Upland?, lCJd ; Mid
dling Orleans, ldjal. The sale? ot the day BBBSnal to
10,000 lulcs. Com tlooed ut aj for Mixed Wattan
?Tia???, M 3 for California White. Iii*; Provision nitir
ket closed dal!, hut pints arc unchanged. Spirits Petro
.??nui one j? i.ny high? r; t'losing ut t*kt. per gallon. Tal?
low, 44 6. iSpirlte Turpentine, 30 . ??tate, 7 9 for Coiu
iijoii, and 12 for Mtrdiuro.
l^i.MiON. s. ai 2-N0011.-N0.12 Dutch Standard 8ugni,
24 C. Bcotch Pig Iron, 63 . Whale Oil, *40. Bi?crui Oil,
gild. iJnst-id Oil, A39. Linseed Cak?s, ?'0 5 . CkaUBtlB
J.uis??-<t, Oj 6.
Aftcrnooii?We have no change to report in our mar
Vets sinec the noon dispatch.
K\?iiliii,'-Siti,'.ir closed at 24 f.; Iron at 53 . Oils and
lanattMBB. ?t? ady at the last quotation?
Ar.Tv.tKi', Kpt. 2?Noon.-Petroleum, 47 francs for
t-tuudard White.
Aftcinoon-l'etrob'tiin, t'i francs foi Sramlaul White
Tltf mails bj the City of Boston, lnmi Livt-i
]>oo) August 21, arrived here yesterday.
)i;??i:?.(.ATHiN OK PAItl.IAMFNT?Ql 1 I.N*?
Ba*aQa? ii.
Tbe Iiupcnil riiiliiiiiKiit w;i.sr)iortirrut.-(l by coiii
le.ssion on the 21st t'f August. The Connolssiont ra wei
the I/ord Cham? llor, tin- Oukc of Iieaufiut, tin Ouk?- of
liu hinom!, Ita tari Sa Pr.olfoid, and the Fail of Devon
The i-pcaki 1, atb-i ded by sume na Bkbl IS Of the House
of Coiiiuion.-. Ravtag appealed at the har, IBS Lofd Ctian
ct llor read the follov Bkf nitaSiifrc from tta yuc.-n :
Baa I.??KI"- ABB til.vii l.Ml S : I um h.lppy to bC SBabled
to release >',11 finlu tile lilians Of B I'M.if and lliol't ttull?
. lily eventful isas toa, and to oft. 1 yon my at Know led g
m. nts for th.- su? <. ssful dlbgenee w ith wtalcn you have *p
l?i.. ?1 yonrselvce to jour parllasaentary duties Mt ii?a
tu u? witta foniKii couiiinescMiiiiiueoiiaiiieii'lij footing.
At tin- 1.11,1111111 .-ment ef tbe ttteSUBt jeal K''-<it fen:*
were entertained that difference?, whick had srisea i>??
(?nu lia:ie and Prussia 11111,'lit have I. >l to u m al of
lAlncli it wa? linpooalblc to forteea tho ultimate result.
Happily. Un .Uhu e t? mien d bj my t.oveinlneiit, and bv
Itaeae of tta ottaet neatra] steies\abied by Ita moderation
?if Ita two rowel? elii.Hi liiti-ie?ti-?l, ?lilli? e?l to alert the 1
1 i,!< at? neil calamity; and I trust Ibal no ground nt pre*
ent exists foi appreitaendlng any dbtturbenee of the gen?
eral pisaee. 'Hie H'lnmuiiii iitnuis wini h I have Blade b3
Ita 1? igulng iiiniiiir? li of Al't ?. una. witta a vies to obtain
tin- release et Ihe l!iiti-h BUuk eta w horn he detains in lila
dominion*, have, I rt^gretto sar, thus far ju-oved mef
i. ?tua!. 1 li.'V.. therefore, found it neceaaarj to addresato
lum 11 Mrempbjry demand foi tluiriinniediate liberation.
and totaki im asurtsa for ittprajrtiaa that demand, sbonld it
iilliinat. ly b* Imiiid init-siuj to resell to f.'tic. Tta
triiiaoiialile (-oiisjuracy lu Iicland, to which I hate before
railed yuin .'Pi ntion, hroki: out in the tai!v pall of the
Btesent reei m a futile atit-mpt at lnfmrrfctiiin Thnt
tt whs sui'pn.sud, Hlui"?t without bl(H?ds)ied, is du?; not
uioie to Hi?- 'ii?? Ipllned i ??mi of my tioops, and t?? tin- ad
lull ailie ciiiulm t uf the poln e, I han to the general loyalty
of tlic popul ition, und the ubsetrco of any tok?*u of
sjuijiidliy willi the Insurgeut* oa fas pari of nnv
ransraerable pot lion of my snblects. I rejoice that
ita riipi? lina > if the law iva? \ in?!i( a'.-d Without lui
I on ii" the painful lii-eessit.i of fcMMiti'-iii>r a
?ingle fife. The W11 f^or the abolition of certain local eg?
rmptioiis flinn tuXStloB (iiulil.-d Bet to uvai) my ?(If of a
iin. nil cone -i ?ti made, m untit ipatioit. by tin- Emperor
aftta ii?;. ?. Aiieii'iy severa] ih\>? were removed
w huh preaat 1 in st iiy uism British taipping, I taara eon
fliitlt'tl a post.,1 linn eiituui with the liutid State* uf
America, wlien ? the rate ol postage between Ibe two
touiitru-M will Im (l.iiiiiiishi d bj out nail, ami fiutliei al
rangrmrnti an m piogre?* for IsKieaslng ita laten oona
1. tween tal* 1 eantn and tta t oatlnenl of Non h A mc m a.
Th?? At t for nu union of the iiiiti?ii Borth-American
Pio\ii.( is is ne timtl Hccoinplisliin? lit of a si hiilic long
tontemplsted, whereby ttaose eokmles, now oombinod m
I be expected not only to gain additlon
iil slreiikith fi 1 tiie purpor? I of ?lefeii?*.- (ibiains! external
Hf.'?.'iessiiili, bul may l?e united 11111011?' ttamselVM bj tiesli
tus of mutual interest, and attached to tbe mother
country by tin onlj botada win. h san effectually secure
sues important dependejieta?* tbose of loyalty to the
4 lown and uti.o hmenl t<> British conneetlon
Ormtucmbs t?i nu. ll"i ?i. "i CoMMoss: I ttaakyon
fur the li?? i,.: -upplics which jou have toted foi the Pub
Mv UkBItS tSl>UBBTLgMBB i have had ideal natiafuc
I on ni givinx mj assent to u lull ft? auietidiiif? the K. pre
?. i.taii'iu of the People m ParUantent. I eane itly tnul
that tlic exten i ?? and liberal iiieasure which you lias?
?1 mayeftecl a durable seUleiuenl ol a uuestton
which has lotigent^aged public attention ; and that tin
large nuuita r of my aubjeeta who will Is- foi tbe lli?t Ilma
??lu.ill. M to 'ii' ' 11 lui' of tin- el. ' !i\. fi.nu hine mai , III
Hie di?? haib.'( of Ibe duiii ? i iiiiei? ? devolved upon tbi m,
pro\? tbemaelvea worthy of tee imnfklsat ?? v, im li Parlla
nui.! baa repssed in ttaxa. It 1? gratifying to me
i., lad that tin- lengthened consideration which
jim han- necessarily ,kii?u to Una liupoi tant
ajiMMttkiB ha? nut pii-Miitt'l jour suterlug
?,i, ii.i'v ?ni, nts to w talcs your attention wai directed
at ti.? collum LU ? lu? ?it of 'he s. ?Mon. Hinl pill in uLsrl) to
em h a-hue iinmediuti referen?? to to tin well-being of
tin li,.turill.ii t |aa*U'?. I baVS li.nl ? sp? ei.ll piiliMll' Hi
1 i vina mi Hsreiit t.. i,iii? for 1 Blending te vartou* trades,
iaiii.ru. li inii.iifii iitioiihSB tavi been found BeBsaaary,
the piov, BVoB* of ita factory at l* the sueiress of winch
A..^aV-aiki? |**i. #'v??|.b>a?4?/ yi vVAt?^*?-??'r 'uVv,-f **v?>?
linn to tilt* labor of noun :i ?ii,ii ? hildrcn. w t h ? tag i 8B>
i"i(t(-mtion tor tin*, ititi n t-t of tin trade?, luni.t-diately ton
(?< rnrtl. | eoritidcMly anticipate from til?- ??I?? ration ? f
?VaBBtaaetil MUUteea??*e Improvemaatlathe phretoali
social, ami Booral ? oiulitlon of tin* working oin???*??? whit li
hits rum found to ?io? ?iiiiiiitiiv the appfleatton of las ?i*
t-o tito?? Brades to vi Imli'l.i \ tiitvi? l>t in luth? itiiroiillncil.
The ivt-triiiKts ??Iii (Znl to I??*" iiiilMisril SB v? ?irkini ti ?in?1
their MBBlojara ay tia?.* ualoaa aai other BBsortattoaa
!i|?I?*iir? ti to BBS to ? ?ill mi iiui'.iiry: ?'"1 ?ha ii-v? ?atiuiiH
iii III. ii flinn till' ? ?animation* iK-fon- tilt* t lOlBBBlSSttNl, to
ulm h roa Ravi roui h-t.isi?ti\? ?-am n?.n. hare dlael.I
.1 -r.it? of things which will il.iii.ui.l jom Batas! taimd
attention. The adti?inteti-Moa of tin Paar Laws, ?bien
g1 li. lally has enlif? m d BTt II I" H? H' ?m tin- comm mill ,
?ititi especiallr ob ?lu? ??our Mienn-civc-. requires
ooaatanl Baperrlsfon; anti I bara readtlj u?
-. iiinl ti. .i imi Mii.lt. applied to tin M. ti,no.
?lion?-. ?Ill toad .to equalise Um pt-esaure of taxation,
and liii|novc tin- tu-?itin? lit of till nick Jiool, vii.,,*( <,oi,.
ilifit. ii will lu* /.-ii ?till In in titi d hy yom vu Ilioin-i,;, h ,1
.cia'ii-latioii. 'Iii?* Lill for tin r.cKiiliilion of th? Mri.li.ini
Hhlnulng tont im.* important provisions calculate?! to
,i.!,( ii. tlu lu .dih ?uni i4,o,fort of tbtjse ettgaaed m the
min.ni ii u,.unie. ii,f.*( ?.ml i>t li? r vaJaabie amend*
in? ni* of t'n Iii w li ?.v. lu i ii t ho result of your labor? ilnr
mta:the presea! oom.?and in rtrturoing to your boam
you vu 11 i .ii ii vi ii li von lite ?.-lailfyiiii; hhim-h?iimii r* Hi it
vont tiiiit- ?mil jimmi* hare not been misapplied, and tii.it
tini liiivi? h nulli ti m ? Bsriaaaf aas saures winch i ho?n
Batt ( .iriii'i-tly prar tony eontiibata to tbs welfare <?f
tin? ? oiintiy mid tin- contentment and happiBBSBOf niv
THE KEroIt? lill 1. or 18C7.
Tin-Ki form lull hit* linn i?rinted, Hint was on tin Ql?st
in tin- Ininti.* of .Mi intit ib of l'ailum?-ni in the foiiu iii
vi !n< h it ret i ?vetl tin- I.oyal as*??iit. It is called " An Act
farther to amend the laws relating to tha i? an tautatloa
of the f.-oi?ie in longland and Wales." The preamble,after
the foi niai ?? Whereas it I* expedient to amend,'' mc., ?? .
a ta forth Brat, thal the Act ?hail i?e cited for all inn pom m
sa "Tin- Repn sentation of the Psaals Act, im7," sad,
M'i-nilli, inov nie* "1 lint this A? I shall notappij to N ot
laiid or Inland, or in unwin! air.? t tue clei tloti of Mi in
bers to nerve m l\,iliainent foi tin Dnlvt ?*itn s of Otford
01 ( iinlu nine."
Hu in *t put of the hill refer? to "frai.cliUes," ?md
< lause i prot Id) i that
'? li ii.v mau cli.iii. in and ni ter the yi ur |H -, lit? entitled
to be r. gist? i? ii a.* avotei : and, when realst? red, to vote
for it itii-iiil?i i 01 nu liilit-i'ri to M-ric in lal li.iiii. nt for ,i
borOBf I?, who ia (,ualill?d an follow?: ftrst, Is of full act.
mu? no1 Bubjecl to IVgal nu tapa? it v ; aaeaad, Is <>n the lae,
(lay of lull iii .my vi .ti mid hil* d.ir.iii* the iv.iole of tile
int ?. ding 12 month* in it, ,m Inhabitant m etipli r. either
a.* own? i or ti nant, of any dwellm?..'Iioum- v..: !.in the
Loloiiiili ; and. Ihildly. ha*, during the time of *'., li 0, t ii
| Hit io n, In (ii luted tu ?ill rate? tn.i?l?' for the l? ii- ? of tin?
(??or in saul Iniioin-h, and hu? ma or lu-fore Hie .,1 il.iv Of
July Mid au i ?illili anioiint in the pound to Unit pa] able
l.y other oiillnarv i? i uiueiM of all rat? a mail.- Bp to the
1'in ? i ding Mh day of January." The tinline farther pro
videa that no peraou shall be rated a* s krtnl occupier.
The ? nu Hi claiiac I'oiit.iin? Um "LoslfSB tr.ti.? Iii?-1." and
Mt* Olli 1 ll.lt
"Even man *hall. in and after thu > car 1 ?????, lie entl
tl?-?l to be registered ras a voter, and wltsa n .,-ti ml, to
rote far a member or members to k? i v c in Parliament
for a liiu-iiui.li, vi ho i* .?iiuhih d H lulim?.* : ti i a*.. kg of full
SUB, und not silo), it to any 1? ?_-;tl na aii.u Ity ; and,
Miontl. ?i* a loil?.'( I'. BBS "ti ni li ti Hi the s.iii e finrotl'-h,
*-i.parat?-iy and ?i* -oh- ti nant for the. twelve isoaths pre*
oeuinB lae la.*t du Of .lilly, in any year tile ?.une kdltlgS,
Muli 1(mI(.miii;s liciiii,' par. of oi ( ?uni thrSBBllie ?.?ai'.lini/
Imli -4-, ami of a el, .ii \ earl? \ ulm , if let anfandshed. of
Bia or Bjpvrard; and, third, has um...?ml in um h Inda
Inepdarfbg the twelve mouth IiiibbbiiIbIi lj prereding
the last day of July, ?mil ha?. ( 1 nmeil io i?. regis?, ml a*
a vot? i at tin- m vt i i-tin g reg atratlon of rob i* "
The f?fth clan**?- relates to the coiintv fruin li ?se, ntul
confer? a vote on every owner of a tsoprhold of lb? dear
annual value of a* over ?mil al?ove all land < huri/cn and
i at?m mude nasa tin pm
t'lauiv* ii live? a-, uni vott loall 1" r*oiiH llvlni.'mit
nit1e tin- limit* of hire g1 ? m ho oin? oi ... injin * land or
hllcUielit* of the ( ii ?ii ?imitai vain-- at Big, ?i l?.|ect to the
Kann- ( ondit!, ii* as to iuiit.tr und payment o? iut.saa..*
proi ??I. d r?'? m tin- ?? i-. .oii?iii clause?."
ClaaSSa 7 ni:d t? 'novillo that horenfler all
aaaaaa ihali ba ssasuaialj .rated, ami timt tin- rataa
?imli )??? paid by the o. captar. Tasas ?Sitin*?*?? to away
with the STBtoBl of composition of the ri.!?*?l.y tit?* own? rn
of siiiuii tenements, bo?! which has beta io luiif* lu rocas
lu Eas-tasid.
('lu ii st* y na the ccliluutcd IllaaBB BBSlldlllB Bia IBH)
n im *?nt.ition of mi.K.i ./,.?? It roads li.il*: ".it a (OB
tested ?le? turn for any county or huroiiirh n jire-?i nted hy
tlnti nieiiihi :.*. no piiunu bliall vote for innre lliau twi?
landidat?-.* "
CsBaaa lo applies the priBclpk totiiefitv at tijaioa.
which has four members. " At a e.uiti it.-.'l election for
Hie City of London no peTBOa shad voto for Uiol* than
three i aadhlatea '
t tauus ii da_fraat4?sBa ?til paraaasi from voiing at any
oh ct Ion if. duii!).,' nu h ?-li ? (Ion oi In .i ?.y wai in . lOnnac
tlon with it, they ?hall have tuen hired l.y Bat* of tin- can
didatcs a? Bgaat, ctert!, caavasser. mcasanaer, or in any
other ?ainn ity foi the purposi * of II.? . :? t lion.
CaUOM ia di'fiahcln.-?-? altotj'tli? r the l?oi(iu?.-h* of "?Tot
m-??, Botarate, Great yarmouth, aad LBiirimu-r," oti a?
tdiilit of ih? InihtT* und trent mg which lui? for -.. nmaj
at all el?-? lions praraOed m Uiou.and iuwituL
tiii?/ ujv e persisted
tabassais, li. is. and is dtsfranchissa fore vet ali iw-r
hoii? nanu ?I tv the reportai the Roysl Commissioner in
tha before named borougha, so thal lae] will bs Baablato
vote for tin (.?untie* la which the aeveral borongba are
Bttaated. bowevei well sjaatttod Uk.v may i? ?i* owaera
01 M i tip.el la
Tl.lH lum..'- ti* to l'ait 2 of the l?.ll, vv'ii.h di al.i with th?*
di*tninitioii of seats
l.'ian*? 17 pro?, lil' * that, " Kruin ?itul after the end Of thin
preaent Parllamsnt, no borongb whli h hud a leas p?pala
turn ttiiu lOrOBOat tin (on*!!-, o 1 1881 shall i. turn linn.
tbuti ohy member t.? Parliament,st-u-li boroughs balaj
enumeiate.l In 8< hi dole A, la tin* ai t annexi ,i "
ClaUrt? Ih J.IV BS ?Di addltlolilll ineinlier to tin -City of
Mandu ?.ter and the boreughsof Liverpool, Leeds,and
Hinninsrhaiu, BO that each wiil iu futui?- liuvt: Hu?.*!- repTI
aenta tlvas
t 1. law 111 cn at?K tin- follow In?; new borough constitu
Cliclc?. ? -at-li of Willi li la to ti I ii: H tWO Hu lillie ?: I'll? 1*1 a,
in the County of Middlesex; Darlington, la the County at
lrurlinui; The Haiti? j'??. ;-, t,i li-i m1. ( nu.v of Kent;
Iturnlev. and Btuleybr?dKt*, r.-nmv of Lancashlre;
WtBdaeabory, Count? of Btafford; Mldilleborougb, In the
North Iiidi!.?.'. and l>? aabury, m Um Waal Knlinx of thn
County of vork.
Clanaaatfwrltoaloi ti.* n, -ti.?non m Um new Bo
i lau*.?- n provides thal the t" r ?ui.ii* if Mathyr syd
v ii imli ?* ilford *lia!l ii, f iitui'i? eai li rituiii two merni?, r?
in-ttcad of one, itml that th? Mi tropolltan BortMsfb of tin
Lower Hamleta *haii ba divided int?. two < onatttueneies.
each with two BMBhera The now in raafth will be eaUaa
'? liai kuey "
Clitu*?' i'l it fei* to di tall! Bl to rir..-tuition.
C linn*?- 24 ?Her? a im ml? r to the Uuiveralty of London,
am! elauss i'> eoufsraa vote on it? a^adaati *
Ctaase a aathorlses iui- division and sub ?II*. l?-?on ??f
several of the ooanttes to be namitl sud deaeribed in
Sein dub I?. <-m. ii division, or m w *u!. .in .-uni to be n i?
resented by two membera Rafereaci to the tcBrediue
shows that saeh of the following countlea obtain 1 wo ad*
ditioriul membera; Cheshire, Drrbyshire, Devonshire,
Baaex, Kent, Llncolnabire, tomertaetsblre, Btaffiord, ?**in
ley, and York*liirr. ni.d Lam ?ir?hiit and .Noifolk Obtain
four additional members cat h.
l'ait I of tin- bill ia headed " Barrpli mental Proi i*in!i."
" luodt-nt of i linn I,:-.-." ?ti,ti contali ? t lausea M to ?", ln
ilualvi. wini .li i? for altogether lo rt iristratioii, the mode
and plans of rotin?, ?
OUaao IB appoints Lord EverBlty, Mi. Rnasel Gurney,
Mr. John Walt? i, !*?i 1 muk ih f rt.-*li i -, and -it John Inn k
worth, GtommUsloneia to mature Into the state of tha
bonwfhs ( f Englan?. and Walen, and lu it port a? to how?
th, v could and should bs extemi.-d.
Clan*!?.- 4'? nahes ?t a misdemeanor for any pi raon to i?ay
tin-i.it. for aiiothei pt moa, foi the ptarpOBS Oi cnahluiK
tilm to bet nun B reglet? red voter.
t lau*, "i prohibit? an* Retun hil- officer, or sa? rlerl
BBoployed by bim, from acting a* agi ni t" any cantlldate.
tiaii?? 51 provides thal In case ol the di mise of the ^ov
fTi-lKii I be I'ailiaini nt then in bein*. Shall no1 t< nnmate,
but continue m force until it bedlaaolrad hy UM aaaai BhM
to the ( row ti. or of Itself expire.
Clause m ?uovid??a that members sppolnt? d miniaters in
say Government tnay change the (xtsltionhi bold to the
(mi. riiinent, without HlllijCillUK UmSBll I?' the m ce Unity
of a reflection.
iii?- only <.tii? i Important danae laelanae M, winch pro
vide?, that ** the franchises eonferredbj tin set shall be
in addition to, aad not in aalBitttBvteB.ef, any ortsUaa;
iranehi-' I " ...
Schedule A contains the IMAMS <>f the liorouirh?. having
a population of less than l",non, referred to la CMuae 17.
M-lifduU* B dtfttiitHB tue iiaiiitb and boundain.? ol tlie
new l?or<iUp?lis.
Schedule. ( buspecial reference to tin- Tower n.ni.lt ti
rxaadule D gives a list ??f tha counties to bo divided,
and daeeribi> the new divisions ; and the other ncliedulc?
toutain the foiiiin of claliii.s and atria?-linn to vouh. Ac.
nu. mt? ?KM 1 KA?.i B.
A Bntottai of the Laagaa stb ? t.? M aa Um Mik. Mr. Bs>
iiu'.iid Jit alca, the I'l? ridout, made a BBS* BB, in W_k? he
ai know U-dticd the co'.lltet-y vvlil.h lu.ti B4MB msnifesfed
toward bim by Um H?.eak< r ?.f tin iiou*e ol Commons iu
m ?mining hliii to a?*eat undei the g?Ulerj of the HtMUO.
li.- tin ii made an attai k on Lord Eli bo, who, while pro
reaaina to Ik- a Liberal and a friend of the workiii.-fiii-.M-H,
had lu? ii ? our taut in b!?>(','i.o*i!ionti?all Ban ?BSUrea ntl. < l
In? their uiterchts. Kcfcrnn?. to Hi?' letters received fiom
M.?i* Bright and Mill (which have been alreadj pob
li*htil ii. 'lui. Titllii Bl ) lit wini thal tiny were inoiitl of
the ?ujinoit of Bach men, ituil would continue their oiican
1/stlnn and HKitatloii until tiny had obtaintil Hie jirotei
turn of Hu- ballot, fr?*ed the hoiiHehold occupation suffr.iK'*
fiou. itn rat? intyliiK fetters, and n-v.-rM-d the de.i.sion of
Parliament as to the reprericntiitioii of munn Hie?. It w as
ih ?. nie?! to un au?;?' foi B irrand ban?,lMil fit ? m. h to Bl B
hratc tlie tnuinith of the Kefm iii Id-agUf at the j?i^idk
Of the Ki-fnun hill aud the itjtttiou ol Hu l'ai ka 1*1*811
\aliun ui t
IV8SB rarliamcntary rctunn? )ui?t BBBBBi it sppcara that
the total funded d?lit of the United KtBftoM on the 31st
of Marah laat wan j BBjJu.aai. torolTiaf bb bbb"*** **^i*rrffT
of i'j5.H'.H).ii2, and r-howiiiira r? ?luelion of dt-ht tallai the
pBBt U limul u* Of .v:i.7-'.<,.'J'?, hut an in? n ,t*t of char?.-?- to ,
ii.i amount of aM*V,470. Taotuttantahtddebt amoiuted t.? \
t".'?'? .*??'. of which sU,??aM,raO0 (-(uiM.Mt? ?I of Exchequer
InvolvlBg a ili.iia.eoi 41M,tM,aad B?,aWdBW of Hu- i
the.|ii.i tavonda, Involving a charge of *?7,*150. Compared
with tlu? ??reci du.it* year, the unfunded debt ahowsa.ii
tin? tK.ti of ii,,i.?Ki' (if the Exchequer ltondi ITW.OOfl j
!.. artug i j?, r cent tntoroet, boonie payable ob H.i sib of
Non ml? i m \t, OlftUtJBOO ?it 4 i? i .?it SB '.lu? .iTth
?'f M in li ti? >.t. and iouo,<"iO at la] per 11 ?it OB UM l*tli of
Mu, li. lie.?.?. Th? total BSBOUnt ?ti t!" Vatloii.il Debt,
tund? d and unfunded, ik ?7.7,?'.' .nu.
" SI'AI.V.
Il!i; IV*l KUI* IK'V.
Tin- niiitiiiiiit.il it.i|??ir? liiivc \?iv liici.'K iti
teiin,?-i.<i in raapaatto tha a_Bartaaaaala Bpaia, The
futrir. Puta, Aaa>ia,statos thal Ha BpaalBh ?toa par?
l-artii.,t Broaselshsa oompletely faiUnf, and th? Insur
| B*.**". |*aiE_| ?if i.wt>*?4V??4?? ??ii ?-VVaV* ?aa-^.avviav. ~+.? ?gXQ ?
expected to retire to tr.e French frontier, a here they will
be disarmed Irapan Batsed fresa th?- Spanien refugee?
urge Hie Insurgen!? Is ibtpnise. SB tta attempt ha? proved
afanare. Gen Prim m said not to save quitted Belgian
territory, mid is report? u to have told his friends that he
would only go to Spate v. hen a fortress ?hall be In posses?
sion of the lnsiirg. nts
I.n trim,,, ?f ?allic date, publishers dispatch from
Madrid sfiiiin?.- thal tranquillity ptevalled thioughout
Spain, with the BAM pt ion of Cataioiiia. when, however,
up io tbe press?t. Um Insurrection had proved ??bor ti vc.
The Situation ?tate? Unit the town of (Jimna han fallen
lilt" the lum.!? ol the !li?nigelit*.
Aihi!. s frein lian? letts ?'ate that martial law has been
]'l. i laiiiic.l .li that tow ii.
(?m hattaUonof Preacb troops ha? left rcrpiguan fur
tin Spanish frontil r
I li?- A./Hi./iir ?a>e flint among the persons arrested iva*
B4 imr Ma.to/, the ex .Mnnstei
A dispatch dated Tonioase, Aug. 2?>. ssvs: The Insur?
g? ntr who had ei tared Spain ?ave rsUred to tta French
frontier. The Lasarroctlon spp? sr* to be put down.
A dispat. h dated Madrid, All)'. 20. says :
It Is officially announced that tta? tumps are pursuing
banda of lBS4*rgenta lu Cntalenla and Arragon, who have
not mi t with uiiy suppoit fmin Ita population. One
ii.inil, imib-r tin ( "lninaiid of Pulule*, liai! been beaten,
anil Hie others lill lied to the frontier
I i "in iiipigiiuu, sumo date, it is said :
Intelligence received tare from Catalonia state? that
tlie C-tpfalii-Uciicrul has expi lied Ml Liberals fnun llar
< ' looa, and has ordcicd the closing of uno of the clubs of
tlie town.
Aiicurller dispatch, though dated on the same day,
gives a somewhat ilitTt rent account, as follows:
Armed bands han appi an ii iii \ in lou? paris of Cuta
loina. and at Kari i ?unit gnat agitation prevails. Tho
only cry rinsed by the iiisuigeiits is "Liberty." The ( SB?
taui < iciieral of tilt ni. ?Ii i.i has si nt troops to pursue tin m.
It l? stated that tbe InSUrgeBtl have at tittie lund
leaders uf distinguished posit, on, who aie known. The
railway and telegraphic communication in the proviuce
M? eui off.
Tbe follow,np is from a Paria correspondent OB the lnth:
" We are witliout letter! frofl Bpaln, urn! fear* aie enter
tallied by the fi lends (>f the Ilouiboii d> nasty th..t the
dtvya of tbelr nils on the Ibeiiea con t ment are mimhen-il.
The Spanish Enibaeaj h. re la In a ?tate of ?reut disquiet,
alii la ilisji.ifihiiib' metsenger* m all dire? 'tiona in aserch
of iatslligenee from Madrid Tta Parts tournai s arana
about the probability of another wurk of niilflijeUiiB being
accomplisses!, and Itae Kiugilomsof Bpaln aad 1'ortugal
liebig unit, d ululer one sonnib'ii. Hi ange to say, the
bing ami ?.Jileen of I'liitugui me at present at Madrid,
nn.l Ita PtiHttt ey naree their visit to thal winch tta
crafty founder of diplomacy. Louis X1., paid to Catarles
tbe Bold. Tin Duke of Urta Spanish Minister al Flor
t nee, lia.? I'? ?li ? balgi d by In? ( lui. -iii tu?- tit lo jirolest
nu.inst tiie recruiting said to be mtauj an, under the
suspiees of Garibaldi, foi (on. Prias.
'I in (ion ini'i of l;,ida.;o/.jian isMu d the following cir?
" < ?ii the 1st niid 2d of the picsi nt mouth rumors mi re
(?inn nt thiit a I'.ind of armed sod mounted maraud? r?
ii,lil mai!, tin ii appi aiaia e in the pastiin laud ef Naide
gamas, ttejuristll? tiona] li mi I of the \ alfa y of La s< rsaa
iimi lion lu nito. Proper meaaai? s bai mg besa adopted
Miine troop? of the tin. Onard and setcial of tile ilihuhi
tents of the neighboring towns ant eat 1b pursuit of tlic
liiaiaiuli is, but it subsequently tranaptred that Ita nnuor
s a.? enfin ij false, i his point having bt aa i Lean d sp, it
lu i ann- kno". n that 1" or 11 of tile inhabitants of /.a.e
u\i-.i had nut together OB the lot, und gone aa
horseback to divide or fix the boundary Inns
of certain ground berderlag apoa Ita pasture
latid of Valdi gam.is. The person from whom the
tli ?t Information on the subnet was obtained, arnnf?
t hong li l les?! y and pr?-i ipi tatt li, i hariet, i u.-tl ,i.n band
of marauders wtata was simply a gienpof peseeful uti
71 u?.. Perita reaaoBiabott- ipeelfied,thisOovsraasenl
ha* taken the lice, -sal V step? to rentier r? ?p. lisible for
this false report the perssa tay eluan li was spread Tta
int.u province sajoys complet* tranqnlllty, and not
i\iii tin- least lymptOSSI Of moi al Of Uiatii lal disorib r
have shown theaeselvsa in any of tin- batata Mi li.i?
piovliiee. 'tin pi i-im aiiiiiniiii i mint |a made puidnlv,
III order that It mas I- lu i ni ?; lit to til? knowle, lue of a...
u' t known thal 1 am ?Jetermuaed to punish th? arena
gators of tSto news erith tta BtaMM ngor aad lanexlble
aerertl) of ita law, auch news being generally the reault
et a ?.i111,m i it. u pian to ( xi itt the public mind and k.-ep
Up a ?tate of alarm I.li'lAMi M A Hit.
" BattttBkM, .?.li?; Bj lr?C7."
THF. Ml MIN?; (it lill I Ml IbttOattn
Tin Int? st ?lts|iatt.li fnun Balitar?a, in tlatetl
Aug. 21. It is stated Unit ti.( dtMie f. It li> both the Km
).I? for Mu prest ii at.mi of J. mi Will Im Inalilfestetl
by au In it , ti n to tin other BttrO] eau I'd?, cr? to Join In
un agi.. i,nit, 'i, .a h hu? asea entered into bel treen the
t no ?o\i rely na, or tin aettlciiieiit of < rrtaiii iiuer-ttoua.
1 In- buri? of Hil? agre, m? nt la believed te lie t lu- state
tenaareof IfceTrestyof Peseongaed at Prague Tta
Emperor Francia Jorepb, on nirsnating Prince Metter
ubli. Austrian Minister at ita Court of (be Tv
witta tbe order of the Golden ITeece, eulngited In ures
? m e of the w liol? i ouit the aervbres he tad rendered tta
Mate by reestablishing a good anderstsuding with
liane? Tta Emperor Napoleon expresaed nlo.nl to the
I ini'i tor Piannat J??? ah In? IksaalM '??? n.i? Sa, i...?n...>
'I bia Incident created a gnat aenaatlon among thoo?- ?.rea
li?m h piipi rs have iiiiineroii? ni <mini? (.f the wi 1
come given to the Emperor and Eataccm of ita Preach
on i li? ir road to Halsburg and on tin Ir arrival t?f whal
may bave passed between ttat two Emperor* m reapccl
to polities -i"tliiiig is kiio? u, ami nut m iieb < oli'ii tin id.
Dispatches of Ita BMh repeat thal a eonfereBct ha*
been held betwecB Baroa toa Beast, Count At dru??.,
lillie,- Mottenden, and Ita Daks dt (.lamont The db>
J.o.Ill,ni? of these tWO soiililgl? ate i nlisidi 11 ii ellii
l.i i Mt i"-ai ? ful, ali thal it :? endeavored to tartag about
i- an muh rstanuing r? Lative t<> Europeau qui ?lions.
Aft? r the ti? pui tur.- of th. twoEmperorafrom Baliburg.
ronfi i em i s v ill t?- h. i.| l'i tu., u tin- leading Minister* of
th?- French and Austrian Cabinets, In order io ?l? Due the
results of the preliminary discussion? whian have taken
i-Ib?.- here
The Empreaa of the Preneh and tta empresa of Austria
win go t.. i-( bl, to pu> a \ 1ml of em .loh m , t.. ita Aub
lim hi m Sophie, tin- motin i of tin- lato Maximilian.
The Austrian linne Minister bad a ?...uni laterview
with Ifapoleon, and Ita latter ob the ?ame da* fit Itrd the
?id King of liai aila at Li opoldorf.
The follow I nar in an ?? count ret ni ed by in ill :
in the afternoon, precise]) at a quarter helen 5, Ita
Emperor Napoleon and the Empresa Eugenie arrived.
ii.ii were received at tbe stat um t.\ tin- Emperor and
Empresa of Austria, the Archduke Lads i? VI? tai (brother
of the Emperor), and a very nuaxerou* attendance of
Ministers, chinch and lay dianltsriee, and general officer?.
Aft? l the Hist gie? tings bad psestd, the two Llip?roia
and the Eropreaaea drove together la one eantags wah
BU boises to the Imperial pul. n e III the ??tv, lately til?
residence of the Dowager Empresa Caroline Augusta,
widow of Francia I. Tin Emperoi Napoleon waa In plain
clothes, the Emperor francis Joseph In Field-Marshal's I
uniform. The Empresa Eugenie wore a white drssa |
trimmed with Ilgbt bim ribbons, Bavarian colors, la honor
ot the Empreaa Elisabeth. Thocbeeruigof the asa. mbh d
crowds had biin m in. minn? when the Impimi and
the Empresa of Austria drove to the station, but it
was decidedly fainter winn they returned witta tin-ir
guest* Thin- will, "f ionise, bs se festivities
during the present visit, but in boner of tta otxaaBmal
this moment 1res me blaring on all tta bbobbIbIbi ant.
tallis surrounding the citj i be tange i ntemberg, und i
whli h, act m 11 m ?' t" Austrian tradition, 1 redertt k Barba
i .it. .1 awaiting the !'. siirn . lion Ol (.ertnati lllilli ,
that monatrona mountain bt almtsii one mass of Burne ip
to Its li-IV Ml III lint, ', ,ia?i Iii t h lull, a Ina I \ e lolls ?!,,!. t tit :
fe. Iii liufi sei'iliable in IIB w muli oils itt.it All tin? other
im iii,i,mis ami hills ni" ni, some i f them also ,1
6,oi)0 feet high, sre almosl equallj ceri red with Bies Hist,
to Judge from th? u lu Igbtneas. must be enormous. Muujr
of tin-m Must te imies alni mikes away, ami yet tbej ip
p. ii (lose in tin i lay wTbeu the tlr?t Ht? s liiowed "n the
um,mu of tin lilli i-liiig tin y se, ined Bt the beginning
to lu-light.? on the Hnhenssltiburg, the rMlIeabove.be
city, until presently tbe whole profile of the glan) nat
light? (I Uli willi Haine-.
Thi) nil/en? of Kil/.blilg bave lireselited the Ftnpi.-?
Eugenie with a msgnlflcent album containing pi.otu
graphie views of the environs of Balitanifr
ii m u i?? m m ?asas m un. i bbbi n. i
The ,V. te Hit I'rmt of Vi? ima ?us ?
" Large pun baaea of bosses ure being made here and In
Hungary <?n behalf ci the French Hovernment i?ia
tbouaaud bone* bave bees already conveyed by Ita
font hern Ball say te Bum, in lied mont, wheacs they will
be forwaid? d to France."
The wssitin Di tlic ItalianCbambers waap**a?
rogued August n by Beyal ?taree, wimu wu? rata t<>
Isill! Houses by Hignor Hat:i//i
i, ti,Ititi.DI.
A Florence bttcr in the Conttitutionnri Mya: "lean
?tate 111 the must fo! Illili lli.llil.i I tha', Upai t flolll lllifiir
seen eveuts, (luribaldi nun.? to Capreni; we have,
then fore, reason lo hope tli.tt therei n?t? bo longer any
(langi i \i itli i,'?peet to Kimi.? At Melinit, where tile (?cu
eral I ceci l ed an illation, li?' ?ixike of a I .-Mil lit loll In tlirj
I te mai lit V in le-.? alisolute lain: Hage Iii,in usual ; Mini,
a? if be wished testen ?ti ii more < learly his raptare with
.Ma/./, m, he stiiteil tuai Un li luu-t go to Home with the
Italian djiuistv. and that * ? alniie (oiibl coiutii, t thuin
t ililli? r' Happily that dynsat? ha? aigned tta Ceevaa
t ion of the 1Mb B. pi? mili i willi France, and if aro wait for
It to take ila to fcBBM MI ???Bil wait a long lune."
as i RBaasi laata?. s na nvafi v
The iind.istanding which i? suppoaed to exlit between
I'liis.si.i and tlic paity of .n'ion in Italy ia ?aid to beau
iisi-eitiiiiied fact. UM f""' i if Vi?urn,i ?late? that onn
of tta causes of complaint igalaM Pnnee i? tta belief fag
Haly Hutt bu army ?t ob?i:i?utiou of Ao.oou men has bo-n
,i ? m bled Bl Toulon.
nihi'ori: ISB imp BlTVOLtTnOR.
The Pope, say* a ool reipoiident, wrote to tlie Emperor
Of tin- Fiein h. mot?n fen w? i k- sim csiiylng tnat In caso
of a Oaritebllan invasion being tolerated hesbeeldat
once leal e Holm . lu ;i . !?'? li Vi 'I .li eil l mil to make part
i ii coil.-, ??loi.? w i'ii oi lo the revolution, and to ga at mice
Into exile lu sum, neutral .nitry. wtere be would wait
cn i.t- liu- decllirstioi . Wbicb it U will known to those
about tbe Pop? ?rill b? trlctlj utibcred lo, prodiiced
a -ilioiig iib ' li ?'i'I I1"- di*ia?tch "iib ring all attempts bo
l'i- ?iippi? ??i .1 -i '?< '/.'"' ' I* i.'iwanbil fiotn Parts
(,, ii.i.i,, ii.. ....!.:?..i.ian p.nit an fulanna laal
?., i,,,., ?I ? lu? li H "T."uted bj the Qeaeral
und hi ?"??s.( m/:... ? .::?' . a Mazsinl, on tta other
hand, la under?!????! to have irlven bia trusted agents ?u
tier? io ?ii-p. ml al i?ni?eut ad i, aa bi will no1 allow ins
?m?i,i,tu, ft Itali logo to Borne. Buch an hourn i? ie
Mill it foi tin i i B< .
ilit:?liii mm '- LBTTBH
The ?'ni if exp?e--' - im belief thal the I Lilian Cabinet
im? dlapatthcilH nob i,. Un- i i. m b i,..ti iiiim-nt relative
t.. ?',,.? lett, r .ni.i' uddri - d bj MatSaUkl Jlkl to tta
Coime inder ul Ita Ai.U "?? I- g?*n at Home,
lill I li"'.' 1.1.
Tin , h. ' . ? ' - i ?''?. IB? fui -.''ioii?iit Albano,
v? I... i , ? ta "? di-, a?, had
, VwA.-iiia*.iV'?. frVt* , laretaVVaawal tt :'"Af^v |'4>A?>
dying, sent to Rome fur her confector, but her Majeaty
died before he could arrive, an.l ti.? confessor biniself
dud ?hortly aftcrwarO. In one ?lillie night 160 oernon?
(Led. Tin* Inhabitant? of Alhaiu?, anMaaaaBf the ?traiitrer?
Of having teported the di?* ?i?i, tlirciiteiiKl to drive tia m
away hi force, and i? ha? been found in?ee?.?iiry to ?tation
n ii? ta, him nt ,,f 24-i?aaves there to hasp tim aaaaa.
Mai.v deaths have actually oci ni red in (In- lailwa.v
<ai nain m between AH?huo and Kow?. A Nap'?*
em i. ?pondent, -w. ri'iriif on t|?. i.ith last , ?ay?: ?'The
Zouave?, dispatched from Home to preveut bloodalMd, "it
???.t?tiii? Alliaiio.fourni coip-i * It in.* at the eorners of tilt?
??'Kit. i?,ii,,.iy hariawsafflcieut conrad? to hear Umbi la
the arare. iMlleniaaaat in command of theZtiuaves
looa up a corpse on IN own ?boult!? i *. ?uni hore it to the
? ?lic-t. ry ; the soldiers Imitated lu- example with ?eui,
and the bodies were BO hailed, in fa. t, the Zouaves are
benaring m a Manaor truly admiral.le. and ?basse tha
1'iiHillnnltiiity of the Italians All tia n aident din tors, an
?eil a* those Italian do, tor* Who fame to AlhaBOWlth
great familias, have taken lli?.'ht, and not one native
do? tor will vent un* there from Kuuiii. The pe?tilt nee i?
happily ?nbaldlug in the town, tin* number of ?a?enhav
Jii?r fallen at nine from ISO to io-i?erhap? be? nune the In
habitant? han- Ile?! ni matte."
six yr.ARs of napoi.kon.
Emile tie (Jininlin, in tin* ?libert?, tim?? com?
ment? on the rsltuatlon, apro*,??? of the Emperor's recent
" I-Yoiii Aiiguat is, ita3l, to AiitTiiBt l8, 1HS7, exactly aix
yean- have elapsed Thcco six year? mark a BSBrtod In the
' HiMtoiv- if the Hchturatlon of the French Ltnptre'?which
1? ( iiiinpiciiou? l,y there <? vi iitH : Firxt, the .-xj? ?litt??n t?(
Mexico, the occupation of that country and the Ave yearn'
war, wound m? hy the bttaulty of the Empresa Charlotte
and the Bhootfng of Maxiiiiilian at ?.?ueretaro. Hccondly,
dipoiii.itic intervention of Franco In lu?'?, lietvveen Poland
Bad liu--lu. wound nphy Poland kMing her .idnmiiHtru
tive autonomy, and her ?iii.irt? i nit*, after inticli bloodshed
and incalculable ruin. Thirdly, the unillcatioii of (ler
many, engendered hy the unlflcation of Italy. What
Piano- hits lout during those all }car>? 1 Baa plainly
enough, lint what lia*elie gain d '
A t ' in *poiult ni willes: '?rho Iinpr-ri.tl letter pom
iMUialy announced hy tin.? ?nui-ofllcial pap. rta li ?is made ltn
appearance, and tin ila out to lie the duplieate of a letter
aililit ???.ed to flu Puke nf Persitcny when ho wa? Minl?t?T
of the lui? i mr tux year? SCO. Like tin- letti r of Aug. 15,
I,*?,,', the letter of ?tag. it?, IB61, win- dat( (1 fruin the I ..tup
of < haions, hut the luike of Pentan*1 nqulred only 2.*.,
OSO.ON francs for vidual nada, whali WOTS to he tennl
nati-il in eiia'lit y? ?.i?, alni tin-Maii|ins de L.ivalette l? to
l?ive UOfiOOfiOO lu money and ten year? in time. W hatever
may be the real Intention? of tim Government, this do
in.mil for liioney i- looked upon w Uli suspicion, unit on the
Boara? it laqualhted a? an 'tmveuni cachi,' ?mil in fact
Um ? ii-atioii of a fund luto vi La li the Governuieiit will he
ahli* lo dip in cuse of in ?I.
T!ie Camp of Chalons will be broken up on the lit of
Tin. XKW orrii v um -?F.
Tin* facade of the new oliera i? adorned with alt?rnate
F.V alni N.'*. ? hu h the auaip PaiiMam? ?ay Btaiulrt for
(mjiitiitl ntju.it.ti.
Uli 'liffVN IS-I liltPi TION?TI1K M'l.TAN's V.Y.
A ilir-piitcli ttoni our (?(iiitsiMiiitlfiit at Con?
stantinople, dated Ang.ist 13. ?ays:
The affair of the American OsSMBl at Crete I? I? BSBBSBf
?etli.ua. Mr. Monia baa demand?*?! the moat ample apol?
la... * fruin the Turk?. The reaolutioii of Congress on Crete
is not un millik' tin* mailer.
i lu Litiuh mu? Ruasiana continue to remove preat
Mimt.i r? of the ri..i: n.ml.ara!.!* from Crete, (?mar I'a* ha
ia n??t ai?ompli*hiiig anything ?hess days, rattler retro
Tin i-ult.m hu? eouic baek, and, a? far BS can heneen,
baa fallen back Ititi? lila ??lil wa}.?. Ile did hot apptai at
uni ofathe fi tea n. lila honor.
I lu- f'-te? e\( ( ( .led aaj thinir ever Reen here !>?-fore. The
P.i-i,a >.f I ti.v t alone spent .t.?","t?o sterling an illumina
tn'ii, tiiui ?everal ni heil sa nun ii
Tu?- Bat?an Is uri sathaalastic about EngUnd and
Pitirhia, Bul i|iiif, eoii! about F*ain-e
1 i.-iii BV( rv p.nt of Tin key public and private militen
Barrs*, lu r. porting unusually faioiullc l.arvc?t? lid
saiuc in i*. ?iii ?toaala.
TIIK < liol KUA.
The i'hol?'t.i liiii* matlt* its ii|i|ii .'iiiiiicc in Kot
1 in' diM .-?? i* >.f a very virulent) it a rae ter, and
t?i'i-t of tl?. perseas wtvare attacked die within a few
Battra Ori I-r lila) I???**. A nar IS, the Hr?t ca?s oeeurrcd.
?.-dilie namherwal .??* la dall) increasing. <?u Bun?
dar Bra persona ?Im "-'i* - are aatartalaed that the
niaraar tiny la* mil) r|-?.rudi(, lui?, it la feared that the
i'. baucht ty which, ni?? orup.nile.* the ?treat keruiensr, or
fair,Jost BOW belBtghold, wttlkara a very bad effect in
encouraging ibc ? pldcmlc.
TIIK TAtllr'F? 'IKI.Ki.K ?.I'll To IM?IA.
Tin* Ciiiiiiiiiitc?* ot tin- Moaoow Boarac liiivi?
pi.-lilted B petition lo the Minister O? Finan?''*, praying
for iienQlsshtn to eipress theil opinion upon UM (foran**
meut pinje? t for lowering the existing tunff.
The duna ii of M i tu*! e t? bars Spprored the coneession
which has itci'ti granted io MsssraBMaaeea Brothers for
the eo.i*trintloii of adlrosl and special t<l'?:raph line
tullin clin*; Liitilaiiil .i:.'l li.illa Tin .?ililli l.u*.*ia.
Bl ?Ti int.( TBiatiHira tu nil Taunt?.
I.tiMui.N, .**, ?if. j.?The BBBM "t tlic only hiirviviir
of tin-cii-w of tin? iniiiiattirt? yacht .lohn T. Koni,
wini li wa.* lout m tin- I an iv'li-li ( h:iiiti?l. its AI Hist rou K
lit*? ?II-1 IO U* THE VAillT.
a iin'.iiiii'iri? papar aajai "Tfea Jaa? T. Ford sailed
f?. .tn li.tltmiorc muli r comm.uni of ('apt. tha*. \V. (?old,
with John Hliiiuey a* Mate, and ('apt. Hiddle ami an
In,:li*h lxiv mimed Muiphy. a? the cn w. ('apt Pitltlle
l.-ff tin- v.--el on ila io.t*t of Malm-, and when ?lie put
into Halifax a ?all..r named Arnostrong waa *li>pl><d in
biaplaee. cant (told waa, for nina rears pnvloaato
lasO. einplovcd hy the Baltlmol . ii Ohio Kallroad an an
engineer; he then weal to KewOrteaaa und Blledths
?ame poaltloo ob the Jackson tud Mississippi Railroad.
B ii?n the war broke out, be Jomed the Bratbern forcea
anderdon Beanregard.and rnbaequentlr commanded a
! .m li.ob limner. plying between t'harlf.tt.iii anil
Nassau. On entering the latter port, aa lim
fourth voyage, be was captured and his
reaae] bim carried Into Bonton, where ?he waa ?old,
aud he wa* impriaptird at Vari warreafor nearly a year.
As soon as Cant. (Told vraa released, be retarned to hin
i., lu,- si d family in Hil' mot. , v hen- lu- bec,nut- engaged
i ni?.? i'itiii purai its, bul lila ludonltabla ?pirlt of b4*
i..i ?mu t ..??ti i upon the perilous enterprtes ol
. the ocean lu a r? **el of only two and a half tans
burden, li ilevott ?I all in* energies to the and>*utaking,
and liol ti..- luo-it i,ii'".m,di.I confidence in tin ultiinate
?ucceea of th? sd rent ore. John Bhanei, his mate, Is of
ii , . ni -, .nui ha? i-i en the proprietor oi a restaurant the
post feu years ?feletaaaoa "f nVt. iootnb Hhaney, a
m li aitiosi n laberman, and tha ?on wa? raised to that
o? -.',. .t;..ii, andhaaalaonutds sararalroyagaata differ
?ni port? '1'he Loy Min phi WBS a nativo of Kngliiiid,
! and ?.niv rhippeil here as ?t Bseans of getting to his home.
? Of the in,m Armstrong nothing i* known further than
that bo waa i toorongo aaller.
Aip.axv, Si jit 2.?Tlio ('(iiivciition jiict ;it 7
iiVlnik tlii? eveiiln?'. The following m?morial? were pre
?elited :
Hy 0, ('. DWIOBI (Pep. ('ayiitj.t)-(if the clti/en? of
aVuburu, for the abolitiou of tho Hoard of PiKciits for tlio
lly .Mr. IIAUKIfl (Rf P . Alhnny)-0f tho citizens of Al
liany on the name aubject.
Hy?.' L Allen (K< p., Wii?hin?,'ton)-()f the ciuzeus of
Washington County on tin? aame ss>bjat t.
Hy Mr OPDYKK (Kep.N. Y.)-Ft-?iiii tlie.Cltl/ens Asso?
ciation BBlbraelttg a plan for New-York City (iovcnniient.
Hy .Mr. LEE (K?p , OswojSO)?Ot the citizen? of OswegO,
for tin abtilltloii of tho Hoard of Hogcuts of Iho L'ul
Hj Mr i:.VI>UFS.S (Rep , Llvlng?ton)-Of the elllzene of
LirmsjBton Oouutr. on the bbbm ?.uhject.
It) Bl KLI'M 'Pep, MeholiallD-OU?UUie?UbJect.
Hy Mr MMITH-On annie ?ubject.
The folli^lng re?ti?l<4tioua w?,*re offered :
Hy Mr. WaSXa 'Hep. rTtilllvatn-That the Committee?
__ BaaolUUOBS bS InStrootodtO ?oaiuend the alii? le vii
tTo 'il'.i'iUiitlun of tho lafglahttiiri* no that M.uila-r? of
AHSt'Illbly to I?? elected In November DOSt Shall reOSiVS
UM roiiipeuuaUon provided for lu thu C'ouatHuttoii.
Mr 8 T'?W\!*rvr> (Deni., Kings? called np fin* HSB>
lutlon offered by lum fur the appointment of a Coitimittso
toliiiiiiiii? Int.? and rejMirt wtietlior titi? OoavaaUOB waa
lea-ally and conatitutlimully called. Koferre? to the toiu
Ulittee (if tho Wliol.?.
Th? Convention then went into Committee of tho
Whole on th? reaort of tho Committee on tin* Power? and
Dutlesof LaiJalatllT. Mr. Uaikoi (Kep , Chautaiuiiua) in
the (hair. , .
The folliiwiiiK ?ctloll wa? ndopte?!:
" Mo ofBco shall ha eraatad tag weighing, gouging cul
HnKor IHM?? Ung .luv BMrehaadlsa, manufactures, pm**
?lii.-e or ('?'luni.'illty whatever: but nothing iu Hu* mc
tloii . out ulm d, ?hall affect any otiice cieiite.t for the put
?AwM at pr?jt?**cllng the pabilo health or tha iatsrastsat
the Mate III ltd niuperty, revelltl?', toll?, or plirchiiraer, or
iii aupplrlng too p?'opl?' with a correct staadoH of
weight? and mttaauroa,or ahall faroreal tin- cnniloii of
mu offlcors foi sm-h purpose horoaftei ''
Booie further progress was nuute when It v\,m found
tii.it there a sa not a qaaraua pie?(.nt, and tin- committee
udjiiiu ii. ?1 until I "''Im k t.. m,,now moi nlog.
HFitior** pKsri.r Of a i hapivahi.
St ha ii < ?in?, Hut., Sept. 2.-Un tin- oi'i'a.-imi
(,f tin BMltiafl "f ?i Me. Watson, at bl* lioli*e, three nilli *
from here, a number of yonn?*- imii *.taiteda chariv ,u i,
and finally pi'?'? ? and t" bn-al? in the tlom* anti windon ?,
win rent,???n \l'i???"ii tired a lh?)t-gun at them, wouudlug
I ti? o i,Kim ?I M. At.Ile and lUiiiiuiia-.tu, the lol Hit I \iiv
t ?^?y*?ii*41 '*Vi?V?Bfi |??1?1 aii.BS.a-l**?
BBMDED THOl Bl.K IN MAini.AM)?A Mo. li
ai tu tusara to Tai tudu m
Washington. Monday, mat, 1,18C7.
The President is determine?! to rclicte Kowald, ii
what he says on the matter can be believed. Hi' i.?
only waiting to lind a niau to put. in the place.
G?'U. P??po chu not be consult red safe in his posi?
tion. The President give? out that he will surely re?
ino? o lum. When this occurs Hinckley's mi uns
M ii again be brought into requisition, to make a re?
port justifying the President in making the removal.
It is given out that Stanbery's lieutenant. Mr.
Hinckley, is now eu gaged in preparing- a reptut ?ni
the President's charge? against Geiis. Sheridan and
Howard, similar to his report ou Gen. Sickles. lawftN
reports will be submitted to the Cabinet belora being
made pul.lie, and anything in the cases that may
injure Johnson will be suppressed, of course.
Apropos of Hinckley, since he has become so famous
M ?m expounder t(f law aud a writer, it is related lu ra
that not a long while ago he was made an editorial
write on 77ie World, and that the first and only edi?
torial he wrote for that paper was rejected, anti the
manuscript enclosed to his friend here who had re?
commended bim, asking him if the writer was cruizy.
It is not likely that the President will give the
Sickles and Grant correspondence. ? (?rant willuot
1? t it go to the public, tlitiiiiiiig that he ha.?, no
authority to do so. When Congress meets, however,
all these suppressed documents will be exhumed and
given to the country. This correspondence, and
(?rant's letter to Johnson on the removal of Stanton,
will probably be the tiret things called for on the
am nab ling of Congress.
A movement ia Ml foot here, among loyal citizens
iioin Louisiana and Texas, to petition Congress at
their next meeting to reinstate Gen. Shci idan in
coiiimaiid of the Fifth ?Military District. They are
of the opinion that the only way this tau be done is
hy impeaching the Pr? -sidcnt.
It is stated this evening, from a trustworthy source,
that Gen. Hancock has applied for an extension al
thirty days to his time before reporting for duty in
New-Orleans. The yellow fever is so very prevalent
there that his physicians and friends urge him not to
go al the present time, as he would surely la? a vic?
tim to the disease, especially as lie has beeu so accli?
mated to the pure air of the prairies.
Prominent citizens from Haltimore state that ?Teat
?ippri hensiou exists among the Unionists of that city
in regard to the coming celebration of the anniver?
sary of the buttle of North Point, which is to take
place in that city on the Mb ?nst. The militia of
Maryland, since Swanu's apostacy, is composed
mostly of returned Rebel soldiers. Their number
is put down at 3u,000 strong. Those regiment?
made np in Haltimore a.id adjacent counties aro to
take part in the coming celebration. So, also, are
h \ eral independent r< gimeiit?. componed mostly of
colored men who sen ed in the Inion Army during
the Rebellion. A rontlict is anticipated. Tin se Hal
timoreatis state that the Hebel element in Maryland,
and especially in Haltimore, is very g.eat. and they
mean mischief, if they can make it. They go so far
M t<> express a willingness to obey a summons from
Johnson to disperse Congress.
Gen. Shanks, member of Congres? lmm Indiana,
and Chairman of the Commit lee sa Impure into tho
Tr? atineiit of I'uion Prisoners bf the Rebels Dilling
the War, arrived here to-day, on his way South,
(?en. Shuni*? has jost returned fmm a trip to New
York, where he saw Cn. Fenton, and succeeded ni
getting linn interested in aiding his Committee in
gath?-nug statistics. The Committee is iu receipt of
lctti'rs from all p.rts of the Fniou from tims?? n ho
served in Rebel prisons. The General goes South for
the purpose of obtaining iiiformatiou on the tab?
ject there. Ile iut? lids extending the duties of his
('ounnitteo to inquiry into the treatment of those
citi/?iisof the South who were loyalists during the
war. He Inn?s to have In? I ??inn ittee ready to pre?
pare the whole report at the beginning of the next
session of Con gres?.
L. H. Chandler, Assistant liiited States Attorney
for the State of Virginia, ami Kiln in L. Dudley,
who was teiii|sir:iiy President of the Pittsburgh
Soldiers' Convention last Pall, leave here to-morrow
on a political .stumping tour in the Shenandoah
Valley, in Virginia. Piof. W. Howard Day, C. E.
Vancey, and F. II. Graham leave in n lew days for
Mississippi on a similar mission. All of the above
named "sarBOtnl are sent out bf the Union Republi?
can Congress Committee.
Since the trial of Surratt his ?mai tus in jail lune
faanl uiived, and he now has one of the rooms of the
second story, flouting south, which he occupies in
common with Henry Johnson, who is charged with
UM killing of Thomas Sinoot. He is of bite much
iinproied in health. They aie well fixed in this mom,
cm h having a cot on which they sleep, some books
and papers, and when not reading. con\cr?atiou is
engaged in. Surratt alludes but seldom to the charge
against him, but ?peaks of genetil topics. He BtBBM
to think much of his Zouave iiniioiiii, and neals it
nearly all the time.
The adjourned nie? ting of the Har to take a? tioii la
reference to the dismissal rsl Mr. Hradlev, will bn
held to-niormu. A? some of the committee appointed
to report OB the case me absent from the city, a ti mi I
report is not expected, but possibly a paiUal nanti
will be made. This meeting will be coui)iosed of the
adht rents of Htadley and Sun at t. The loyal mein
hers of the Har will not be ie present?-?!.
Tho President to-day apiHiititcd Judge L. I). Blew*,
formerly Member of Congi ess from Texas, Collector
of Internal Retenue for the Fourth District of that
State, and Colonel Minor of Ohio Collector of Cus?
toms at Calveston.
A warrant has been issued from the Treasury De?
partment for tho stun of ?M,:il7.u? 'jo ni con,, in pay?
ment of tho interest due on Ten-forties up to the 1st
The receipts of the Internal Revenue from distilled
spirits and tobi.c. o were Largely in excess for the tis
i ni year ending with June last, over those of anv
pr?t ions year. A verbal ?i roi m a former printed
dispatch renders this coiTection necessary.
Tho Department of State has received fi oin Mr.
Samuel H. Ruggles, delegate Horn the United States
in tho recent diplomatic monetary conference at
Paris, full raptarle of its mo,ceding??, and of the plan
agreed upon for the uuilication of gold coin, which is
to bo propo?eil for adoption bj the different nations.
IK-legatos duly accredited were in attendance from
-t) nations of F.urope and America, em
liiacing un aggregate popnlatiou exceeding
.S0i),0t)o,?D?(). The Tending features of the plan ale
/?nf: The nioney of the ti ?u bl to be exclusively of sold
sud silver, ex. cpt for i-liauijc lu small amounts, to be ouly
u u article of. .unmerce.
Second: the dvo franc gild niece of France to be the
monetary unit, with it* multiples, reuuirmg a reduction
in weight of the United ."tate? dollar or nearly three ami
u half percent, aud of the British uoiereigu by nearly
one por co?t.
I hird. Oold coln* of the samo denomination, by what?
ever nation issued, to tie uniform in weight, diameter,
and quality, und to be niue-toutli? t'J-lo) flue.
fourth TO he decimally divided.
Filth : To be a legal tender in ali the nations.
Tho reports embrace many interesting detail* of
the amount and progressof tlie coinage of the United
States, (Heit Hritain. and France. Mi. Ruggl.? i?
here, on leave of absence, to confer with the tjureru
ment ou tin proper mode nf presenting tins mea-uie
? ?I reform to the consideration ol Congreas at its next
session. H<? will shortly retara to Pans to complete
Ins ?lulus ,i< I oininissioner of the Exposition, which
is to close on the 1st of Novemlx'r. *
The buslines i.f the Pension I ?Hite show? tin- ? BIN?
nuinlH-r ol claims received ,lining the month ef
August, original ami IncreaM of widow?, ?te., 1,801 ;
of invalids. 806. Total. 8,787. The iiiimb.-i of claims
a.'.mitted, origma! aiul lnnt.use ol witton?, c?'
4.'.>K?; of il;'..nids. UsJO. Total. tA.\% TuA uumU-r
ol claims rejected, origina] snaln?reass ??I wmwwb,
?\c, *V?; of iii.aluls. lili".. Total. M4. The total
Bamber of ( launs diapoMii of (lining the mooth was
7,:vJ4. Tim iiiniibei of letters srritten was 8,187.
I The niiinlvei of circulars sent. 18,8TB. In the bounty
1.mil iiivihiiui 0 Mariants "I Ita aeies ?.ni. m-n- i?
? ?k-Avi? V?ll*Li!i ^'a^ilaa.' '?tS 5^V /^aPajM \l jar
.tnts isritic.1 ?luring tin inontli wa* ?50. covering .*>,72f
afir?. The number of claims i?*c??iv*??l, ?H ; ur.tlfi
?pet i al act?. OU ; rtiicvval circes a*)nntt?il, J?> : r?v
jcttcd, 17.
THE WLwmVDuwWn insPATciii:?*.
(.KANT*. 1.1ST OliDKIl ? Pol K NO l.ONllFR AH
Al-H'KI?. HOI (iiJIM Ti.) ?-MVK.Kl) 1.1-N
Um Rai*.ral iMfrtn dbmp that Bpacftl Ofdof
No. (?o. i?-ue.i bv t.en Gram to Hietrii t < ommanders, la
B lOinph to answer to the allt-gutioiit that tie tli-m lal
had rec?(led troiu the potion BBBBaaai in Hie tlftii ilau??>
of his instruction to ?en. Thomas. A < oinparlson of Hu
two orders will show how far the answer Is complete
The instructions to (?en Thomaa vrere to "eieeute all
indera h? iniiy And In lone, uni.?? authoii/ed hy thai
(.em-nil of the knar ta amad, utter, or modify theiH."
(?Kin No. UOSaiyi?: ??fommaiuler? of U.sfr.cts will muk??
no ?ippolntuieiits tocivil office of paeaaoa who have licen
r.-iii(,M dbythemBelvesurtbeiri i?<lii<-?ioraiiieomuiaiid.'*
Tlur?: vi mihi mihi to l?c a wide difference I? later?
the scope of tia ??? two .riler?. Tin one requires tit?*
extention of all orders regarding Kes.str.ttiun. Kit ?lion,
Jiit.e?, Ac., Ac The other forbid? the n-appoinim. nt t?>
civil ornee? uf iNTHous who had b*en removed. I umltr
ataad th? Preaidral make? no objet t Ion to the latter (?en.
(?rant's order), whatever h.? tnay think of the ainunm
which dictated it. Rut ?hotild ?cb. II....cock rt-etor??
ex (?ov. Wells to his office, would It be bl ...titraiv.nti.il,
of (?.-n. Grant'B? rderl vv( |_ would nirthsld als? in.? by
virtue or any military appoiulineiit, but under the I'm
Btitiitmn of l.ouNiumi, and by virtue of hi?election by
the jieople. The same rule would ho'd in the t u?e of li..
Uovenior of Texas. While the.*? gentlcnieu would rcfuset
a military appointment t?> .ttlce, I have, no doubt tin y
would be pleased al belog ttatottd to tha offices from
which they were deposed bl (?? n. Hbtrldau G?, ?tant
will h ive lo remodel (?riler .No. CHK
Borne of the nun.-pondent? of fho Hadn-al pro*a hard
baan Biting out portions of ttea. (iri.iit's private 1. !l( j lo
the ftesideat. The (juiieral nhould trrstifv his friends,
and tiittilir.li the whole h tier. The last (IsiaBT. in which
lu- tell- the Plastdl nt tit? r the people will not tinn-lly ?ul>
luit to tho removal of Mr. titatitnn and ?cn. Mumian,
would lu p.iittcularly intert ?tiller lo the v? hole counliy.
The General should favor the count tv with the completo
There has Leen much surprife eiprc?scd at the tom if
Oin. rWffSt? late letter, in which he Hay?, " No conceivable
nu BBMtBBCaa could induce ne to inteifere with ihe gen?
eral butine?.*) of the State. The orders to be Issued aro
such as are eoneldored necessary to the execution of tho
l'.icon-tiiictinn ii-t?, winch do not warrant violent
chain,'!-!, in the ordiaai|'( ?un *e of civ ?1 lu.rim ?? " This
Sltered tone of (.cn. Top?- could tai?)!) lu . \plained If I
wen- authorised t" refer to eertala v? ry msbUVb I astral
finns ivhii h have lately been gent Io'him. Hi BBBasaa
in tin: tit.-i * or lui,,*, .?'icndaii and ?ickle? the roult 11
arbitrary orders, making " vtoltnt afeaataa,'' and he
would avoid the uacootltj of being " n-iii-ved." It la.
however, too late. He munt ?ikuju prepare for lila "?eu?l
il'i uti l* m the ?addle."
It i? rumored in Ililli official circles that should vrwan
cies occur, Fred. Douglas* will receive the nomination
for the aflea of Commissioner of Kreedinen, while Col.
Parker (Indian), on ?en. (?rant's staff, will he plated at
tho head of the Indian Hunan. Col. Parker Is a gi nt le?
m?n of undoubted ability and line literary u. untie niants.
DouglaiB eau sjxjuk for himself.?[Waah. Car. Bo?* u PtmtV
St. Lons, ?Sept. 2.?The Kudicul C'lulss and
delegations from ponts of the (.rand Army of the Ko
public met tonight to arrange for a public recepto n to
?en. Sheridan on his arrival here. ?cn. Clinton B. Fi?k,
President, and Mayor Thomas and ?ov. Fletcher i.ia.le
?peeches ( olorcd people will bt? allowed to parin ipsto
iii tho deuioiistratiou if they desire.
The Louisville Journal of Aug. 28, say? : Tliis
dutnunn-ln ?1 commander,* hose whcrealrouteof 1st? bsvo
been .somewhat conjectural, Is now iu Western Virginia,
on a tour of inspection, ami will be absent for severe!
Basta. ?SB? I? accompanied by Major Kt Hogg. The ?en?
erar? health Is not very good, and on his present tour be
will combine the olHclal with the recuperative. It ii.u?t
refales eiciybixly lu this Department to know that ?cu.
Thomas will retain his command.
Senator Tiumbull pulili-slms in The Advocate,
the new Congregational pap?r published at Chu ago, an
elaborate arKumeut against the right of Congress to regu?
late sufl?agf lu the States. He says:
However desirable it may be, lu the mind? of many, to
abrogate the unjust d'scrlminatlon on a?. onnt of color.
?tvlil. li i?i'*\ al* iii the ouailUcutloii for voter*? in uiuet of
the statten, and to establish a uniform rule in that respect.
particularly in the election of Federal officers, the ?oysl
1? opie of tin- land have recently made too great a
ftruiridt for the maintenance of the Constitution, to setk
to accompli?h the object hy CouKressional i na? 'n* nt, st
a ?acnili i* of the ol viiui.? im atiing and ?pirlt of tbat lu
?ti uuicnt The ftiudatneut.il law, known as the Conatitu
tion, emanatiin* directly from tho sovereign ixopl?-, and
pi.i niK ??n tl.i ir Representatives limita'ion? In the fier
i i*e of if-wei, i .in never b<- disregarded without endan
gei mir the private rights und the public liberties of the
peuple, as well as the existence of the Union of which it
forms the truest (security. There can be no ?tabill?) in
the i.ovi nmj.-i.t without a fixed fundamental law.
Hem e. the tlrst step toward a free government ia a writ
ton coustii.itlon, In which Is expressed the sovereign will
of the j?-?'i-i, in relation to the form and powers of *rov
ei-iitn. nt. aud the extent of authority delegated to tlu-lr
agents. To trust representatives with unlimited din? r?
tion, or allow them to exercise powers not granted, wool.I
lie to make them the masters instead of the servants of
the people, aud such a representative government would
be little better than a despotism.
But if needs no argument t?> restrain a loyal Congress
from attempting to regulate suffrage lu the States, when
it It once shown that the Constitution confers no such
power ; and, however desirable the thinf? may be lu itstll,
aoiDo other way will bo sought to u.-c.?mp'i*li the ol.jfet.
Baaatac Trumbull then argues that Article l of the Con?
stitution, tijx?o the tpial:llcati??n of voter?, ?/lies < ongrt-HS
no authority to control suffrage in the State? ; that It
contains no'tyllabli* on the subject, slid that the amend*
mont prohibiting slavery Implies no .?uili puwti. Hisar*
gumeiit c1??-*? s ?is follows :
Tin? li-Kislstioti of Congress regulating ?iiffrage in the
Babel .HIate.? d'R'S hot millt.lt?: D>(iaJn.?t the foltgoinn
views. That leadatatlon la baaed ob the authority ofCen
givssover the R?Ik1 States as ?nniiinnit territory It
may be admitted that those Mates were Beret out of tin
I'uion. and, ?o fur as the Constitution and laws of flu
United States are ron. eruc?l, were as completely subject
to Both dining the whole period of the war and ever
sinie. ii* they ware beton tas War. The post oftiie, rti?
uti?-, ludti lal. and all other law ? of the I'm*? ?1 BtBlBS i f ?i
geueral character iu a l?-t;al *?-n* -,i xt? i.-led a? coinplet? ly
over thetn as ?State? during the Rebellion as I**?
fou-, Tito United 8tates lost Bpaa of its le
gsl authority over them as -States l.y the Rebellion, dut
tho States themselves lost all their nid?? a.?titatta, wini I?
could uiilv Im- wielded through the ma?-h.iii ry of a hut?*
governmeiil Hetuo tiny Umt their n ] i.??. i.tatu n in
both Houses of Coiii?Tens. beean?? thej Lad millier a
state Ia ?delatara to ehaoas BaaaBBB?. nor state law?
uador which ivprestriitativi'scoiiltl lu* :? ? ted. Tht ?uti?
n")verniu?nta wero destniycd by the l-l? -Uellion, luit tlio
liia'al authority of the Culte?! States ??ver the Htrtaten waa
never ile-stroyed. The hontile State got erumcuts whl.U
were inaugniated in lieu of the State gOVeraaMBB? win? h
they dastroi ed, were In furn o\ ?rthrow n ami coi??,uen d
brtbS l Ulled .State?. This lift those Stat?? with? ill
fitato governmouts of any kind, und without the nlni?ty
to exercise any of their functions helongiuj to il? m ??a
States lu thn Union, which could ral) be i'iiumiI
thtough tho agency of State Kovernuicntn.
Tho I'nlt.d Suites did not. by the nu a : -t of the Ki Ixl
States, ii.-alloy its own authority oiei tin in an State?;
that coiitiini'-d Just the same a.* Into:, in wari but it
did destiny the hostile State xoieri.mel.t.* \> :,i< it I....I lien
sstabllshod, ami, thasaapoa, in the Bhseaee "f any irg-uF
mate state Kuiermeuts, bt-cauie lnveste?l as conaucror
w nh tho power? ????loiiiring to state mvernmeutn, till auch
?overunielltS (?nild l.?e le?.stabllnhed ; Slid it is und? r tilts
power as coiniueror that VaagM?* BSaaaaaa, tluring tlio
proc?s? of I?? ?oiintriu lion, to eoiitro!. bj uitlitary jtowi r,
tho l??cal affairs of such StaUs.'and to regulate suiTiagc
No olio would pretend that Coii|;:een COUld Sllb|?ct Uba
ptiople of Illiiioisor New-York to the tuiMtary rule wfilch
lias been i *! ililiahcd lu tin Rebel States, and th? re i? rstt
little nan mt foi saylug that it ? ?mid re>iu:>?te Mintage In
Illinois or Now-York, lrccau.se it has done so lu the Hebet
If the \ lows cxprca?s-?d are correct. It follows that them
?re but tWB wara of setruring impartial au (frage tlirouarh
out th?* I ni m (?no I?, i??r tlic States thcnit-ielvea
to adopt it. whn li i* b. in.' (loin bj *on,e already; and
no? th it the lubject la being ngiuted, an-l 'fs Juntat be
imr ni;?.!?* na iraat, tt i* to be aoyoal it will sosa i-t.ni
ssend itself to all j tha other la by au ap.*-riduj?*nt to ino
Constitution of tho Uuiu-d Stat??*, aduptin?. impartial euf
frai.'.* thiott^liout the Union, winch to become cBct-tive
uni?t Ik* i alined oy thive-finui'ths ??f the Stata-a
\VASi!iM;r(?N, i^pt. 2.-Tin- .^ecreUry of Iii?
fi.j-.ury to-day received a dispatch from 8pecial Axent
Hell, at Ualvestou, ?Utlnat (hat the jellow fever at that
I?.mt ia fatal bsvond prec.tlent. Out of M officer* con
,e,*.lw nh Mi.? Ciiatoni-ll. iu*?- onlv three are fit for duty.
Hie lemaindi'isn? either ?i? k <?i rVad. In coiiBei|tieneo
of th*? stat?- ?'f airalr? the Depsrfnieul has l??ued iii?trno
t ion for Mi? i emot al of th?* < u*t. ni Holleton t??mt fur*
thcl down the wlalid. out?l?le Nie city limit?, which i? aa.tl
(,. lio fice fl.'Ui the epiilotiiic.
ihe Collictoi of luti-riial ti? enuc for the I?i?fu?t of
ualveaton, Texas, writtBg t" thi ? iintu.-i-loia? r of Inter?
nal Revenue, thinks there i* n- ? ? u -*ity foi the reaMtval
of bl? ollie ov. ill?/to the pu '? II ?? ?it \ I li DB fevi l TWO
l . lunn*- .u.-r will Inatruct him ti rxt nia?- bis '?*" .''-???g
ni'nt in Lu-matter. An i 1 ?Itizen "f Texas, now iii
?tou,says: **Hov?r .. has the fellow f?\?r
prevailed to sura an extenil ? -*t sa at UM art ?v
eii' time ' l'ur tho Week i ndlns 1 .esday, the nth of
?-(?plomber, there Wtll tie Isstted fioin the Patent ("Ruo
HO patents Daring the pa ?? . sr B? BPylicatlUBa
,i ..! - . . .i, tala haie BSBa II t
Ni:\\-lim fan?, S, ??t. .'.-Hi. ic wire Umly
yellow feiii ? intt?riu?-i;l? ?.-i.niii. .ulong tlit-m Ti if.
Kinif. the puitilut. and I... : Ml ' ' nu ? B of tin-ii.?n ? la.t

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