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New-York tribune. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, September 03, 1867, Image 2

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HIIST Til I.. H?i o'. I O.'K A. M.
OOTBBBalaUl i DI iu;l MBMl
ifSMMMidiui' lUaMfrtaOoap'st USataOoa 67ni
i..?*! 111 98.001.1" I 1.""''. }f_\
i?5>..um l.i.iHio.ISM Mjnn.iio'd'k.iail
i<iooaVs?Vrk.iia : ?,000.11 o'cllt nat r .*.'.? i?7i k??r
UBI* I?? R*S t" j U 8 6? 6-'?Sj t-'p'n ta *?*** ? ?- ? ? ? ? ? ? ?J"
],(**!... Hlilllll.llll.i DOiVlJ- V?.. I ?. ?~..~?
I'8 6* 1040 foup 6.000.IOS? 70.(??l. ...lliTI
14,500 eiint. 991 101.500.io?| lw,ooo.lJo'cl'k.l"7i
1.000.11 o'cl'k. eVfl W.OOO.l?o'crk.l?Si
Mlasourl Is I American Express Mich So A N Ind
15.000.1?3 ' 8. 711 ?"O. Sill
IMBMMMM new 1 Wells-Fargo Expr '?no. Kt|
10.(100. 6?1
Ohio A M Ota
Troy .Sal k K 1st m
S.iWO. W
A tuon, au Ex. HU.
I lurlh Nation lt'k
10. B?j BM. M
90. G? i 2i>0.M. Wl
Pacific Mall ' l'?0... 2(1 call. Mi
10.144, tie ve & Fitts
N Y Osntral I.IM. t??t
100.1,30 1?.| Cliic A North W Fr
200.BM Ita. 701
100.bl 106JI 50. 704)
1061 ;,
10&i' 2
100....1*1 Cull.106e1 2""....M call. 70?
Chic A Hock. Island
SOO. 70J 200.bi0.10-.tji
Metropolitan B'k"j 200.2d call. T0| TOO.lot?
SO.15? 'Hudson Uiver 100. 110.1081
1'arkBauk i loo.ml loo..dcnll.bnl
40.IffJ ' ooo.126 w10.ssoioaj
Cumberland Pref I 60.2d call 1241 (hie, Bur A yuin
SOO. 83|' K?.125 61.121
IxM A Hud Canal ,N Y A N Haven .Mil & Ht Paul
10.IIB 60.121* 200. ?"J
WMtUuTol Ihading lioo. ?si
340. 43 I 2O0.1041 Mil A bt rani 1'n-f
li? ad e'l 830. Bal 200.M ?Mall.101 ii??t. -^l
lia..103J Ti'l W ai West
Qiikiksihi r
100._ 2?,
Adama Express
lllttiuis Central lo". *9
300.120 V, It Wayne A 0
ChioANWobt ??k).Ifal
400. 4B| 60.iota
100....2d call. ?*i
bbcond not it d.
IIB Sa 5 20 Co ta IV S f.s 1SS1 Beg i U H 6? 10-?O OOB
21,000.114* lo.ooo. Ill 40.0UO.f-i
llSV'J?)Co'p'nC6ii U 8 6s 10-40 Keg
80,000.lOSi1 8.60S. Wt1
Tennwiee 6* new V 8 Es prow iMIeh South A N I
10.000.?3411 I?10. 7S 4"":v.-,;.-?" "
Misaouri 6'* Merchant?'Ua Ex Oblo?*? Weatera
1.000.103 2.. percent paul ' AM.? ???? ??
1.000.llUi 40.?1 ***? __'vi , ' f
fhlo R I A Pa 7s i ratifie Mull < *le ?V N V, 1 re*
4.000. ?1 15.144| -:"'-:-?,:?.?;? -,'0*
Woateru Uulon Tel, loo.144 , t !.;c A K I.-luml
BM. ?J NY Central .400.... ??-??????'? 1
100.... 42i SOO.10j| Pitt*," \. A Cliie
Adams Et press Hudson River BM.BB1
40 . .... 741' 100.124J 4T.Ma]
Kris iKeatling Chic, Bur A squill
Mi . 69J SOO.laB] 6.12?
ana ona ?<>trtr? ok brokers?io a. ii.
Ohio A Miss Ger
|N Y (outrai Midi Su A N I
lO.tjt?.271 loo.l?'?i f',-?.W
Atlant m Mau
UK).l?J I4XM IM. B4
'a?.lOSf Cleve A Eitts
Cine, K1 ?V l'.i : BM).W*
soo .1811188.law fas.i>3. m?
loo- 0 7o| 400.b3.10*1 ?CbJeAlSW I*rel
crate A M w 100..?naj im.ta Ml
100.S3. 4C| I 2O0.S3. 70|
Ohio * Miss ter , li? .?ding Chic, R I A Ta
io.??.27? fat.wi io??.bio.nr.1
ataHlnSB fffir-Mich St) A No Ina ino..1?'3|
40. Tl| "
.V?0. Ki, 100.SlJ.llWi
100.)>1V Kl? 20?).1C3|
24K>.c. WJ- ( hie A N W 1'ref
Chic AN West 888. 7t*4.
100. ir.J loo.bli. Tot
BM.C. Aiill 100. c. 46}, 100. .e. M
?ieve Aruta 2t)u. tt. '?I
400. M Pitts, HW?i tim?
A danu: Ex presa
"Vest Union Tel
100.bio. 4.1J
200.'Mi i0".baa
2.1*.0, M 100.blO.lO&i
IO?.b30. 4?H
B Y Ceutral
K10. 70J
(H'K.N BOARD OF IlIlOKKIiS?fil p. M.
O A Missler I Hudson liiver ruailln?
6,000 . 27i! ??00. IB? I 8M.10ft|
l'ktitlc Mail
N Y Contrai
,200.. ??J
200.sio.ii5 200.ana;
100.Uli Chic AN W Pref
Clara .* rut? I l.sou.ia]
-.?JO. bt8. 93} UK).BM To
Chic, R MA Pa 200.slO. 7(>i
KK?.io3|l 100.tas. "!?i
Mirh 8 A N I ' Chic A Norlli Weal Mil A St raul
??. 82|l 100.. ?0 I 100. 48
gejajT IK ?ARD.
?II. KA.
I'ei?Jfiim. i Walkill L? ad ?Edgehill
United Stat.iS Pet \ UM. 4? 1??'. 3 20
IOO.\?jO. 3 75 5U0.?i. ?s 100. 3 15
BtttillO ?Vrs-'i?. I MS.Bf, 4.? IffJ.at. 3 15
Hew York A Eld'o' 100.l8. 50 Aft. r Call.
ino.3 00 Holman ii".1 Ita.k;o. 3 10
200.lif-0 3 O61 loo. 12 Harman U. AS.
Rocky Mountain Corydon Ilot..9 05
fal).blO. 1 35 Aftel'C.'tU. I lui. 'J 10
300. 1 SOI 100.l?i! 1 41 N. w-Y,)ik<V EitVo
100 . I) JO. 1 40 i S??'?)lid CalL Iii??.WO. 3 05
liai.t?3. 1 35 Corydon Wuki'.l l?tad
'300.k3. 1 45 100. 61
Mund it, Sept. 2?P.M.
Qalfts not sostrong, aiidclns,-!- at 141*. after sslttna
at 141|. The clearinj/s at iii?' (??.lil Bxi?tastfM Bunk
a etore |;?,f>?,0i)U, and the l.itlauce. Bjaju] .\.
Ki Government Htoel\8 o]H-ued steady, lint at the noon
Wf call were freely offered :tt ? unull dee* me. In State
I stock? and railway ?Mtnaaofl ht'Ie doing. The
I niiscellanetins shares ure negleete?! and ?jtiota
tii.ns iiiiininal. The penerii! ?liare )i?t It dull, and
tliore in no large buyini;. The stocks in nhieh clitiucs
are operating are easily carried BBtxa the irltit of
money, and are for the moment steuly. The bank
showing is not as good as tlie lotus ? .\jh< ted. After
the call price*-were lower, with small sales. At the
?Second Hoard the mai kel was heavy, and after the
call declined a fraction, and closed ?lull and heavy.
The closing prices wen-: Neiv-Yoik Central, HA'd/
inr,|; Ktie. IiYiiding, MB|? Michigan
Bantaarn. KfrW. nttaanxraa, N, a'X,.-. Kock Island,
litftaaaal : N??itli-\Ve?t. ni. atti W 1? ; Noith-Wc.?tcrii
rreferred, 70; Fort Wayne, 103'?* 11*1.
Mmiey is easy on call at MI "MB cent, and balances
aro left on GoYeniincut.? at I \* r cent. Bans*. <-ii
gagemeiita continuo in favor, and lonir-dated lulls
pay full rates. Rc.?t names are (lentcd 6?*- 7, and
etsx'iid trrade at b'aV.
The trausactions at the Sub-Treasury to-day were :
staBMpfai for Customs, f.l'.'.OA?; for Gold Rotas,
$T1,0UJ; total Keecipts, f;,?i7J,()41 4.'5; total 1'ay
anaata, KMtjafl |V? I>ul??nce, fjlli,faHjtta* vi.
The items iu the Hank Statement siiow the follow?
ing chaiiir- a :
Ann 24. Aug. 31.
Spew? . *f..(r?H,MS tT.'Tl.Y.'S Ine.ll.243.0?)
lacgalD-iiiler*. M.'.Mi.iiiO t'.T...:i?r.f.71 lue I
Total resi-rre.. gTO.os?..^-? t:r,._n4.\06 Inr.S4.ai5,7<}l
Deposit* . 1^,744,101 lie,tr.^.il5 lue. t,l4a\Sl|
Circulation. 3J.736.24? i?,7l.\l28 Dec. M.111
ToUl llaliilities.. 8223,4>?t).if?0 8224.607,443 Inc.l2,03TM|
25i?erc<ii1. 6i,f,:ii,os7 &?'..l.',),si,i
ExceMover legal
reaarea. ?i.,.,36ft.478 8i9.o52,:?o8 ino ?3,e?,.<<27
Loau*. 250,697,67? 247,877,?v;2 Dec. 2,?20,017
Tho statement out of the liberal dinbun?emeiits of
tho Stih-Treasury is bett?T, but the increase of
strength is tjuite moderate in comparison. The de?
mand for currency from the interior has been snfli
cieiit to absorb a larfrc proportion of theTreaNiirj'pay
Ti.eut?, and still coiitinut s. When the monthly debt
statement is published it will la? shown an important
contraction in the most oinlitablo kind of bank re?
serve, compound uotes, and a reduction of plain l?gal
Foreign Exchange is firm : Bills at CO days on
London are truoted at lWavflOP" for commorcial; |4*a|
??Sl??V| for baukers* ; do. at short sight, 10.4j/?xll0i ;
I'aris, at 00 days, 6.1?^i, 5.15; do. at short sight, o.ltV?*
5.13i; Antwerp, IJ?tw8.ai, Swiss, aUfarnasalf] l?arn
litirg. SSi-Vi?I; Amsterdam. 40j^41 ; lYankfort. 40|
?ll; Hremer, THi-?T^J; PrassiBB Ab?bH, 71 la7?.
The track <ft the Chicago, hock Island, and Pacific
Railroad bau been completed to a point within three
tuiles of Des Moinee, Iowa.
J*?* Bonton Pott of Saturday says :
The money market to-day 1* well supplied, but there i*
apparently a alight increase of activity in some (niarter*.
A more liiiak moveun-nt In tiovernuient fe-curttie* ha*
brouglit alsitit an increitse*l dernand for call lonna, Tthlcb
are now reported In gtMtl riipieat at 6 per eeiit. h.n.i
banka, however, which are uiiaMe to disfsose of a? much
on call sa they would like at that figure, would prolial.iv
have lo isrire anioiintit at a lower rute. liuaioea* paper ia
In aU-ady aupplv, th?- bank* generally getMna from ?t to 7
per cent from their customer*, purchasing from the out?
side at from 7i to 8 per sent ami eren hlgber. Tliere are.
however, BMM choice slmrt il.it? d note* which pius at C
P?u cent ijiute readily. Ixniir dutea are In little reqwst,
e*l?aclall)r while rates are low. sa lender* are not* dls
vomod to give up the control of tlw ir fund? for more than
a few inoiitlis In the pres*nt (O.-idiiJon of the market. Cn
tbe street there la a fair amount of patter offering at a
rature of 74 to 12 per cent, much ?f iteonsiUeri?! very good,
althouirh iieihai?? not wiy a til kaoivn at IIm- hanks.
Ne ?York fund? are very scarce, and are m brisk demand.
The Chicago liejntbluan ol Saturday says:
N?>thing of importance baa tronirpired la menetarr
?? lr?-ie* since uui iant issue to etttal.lieh any ( liange iu Hie
local money market. The reeelptsof grain, though le*?
than yesterday, ?rt lari/e enough to slisorh au Hau.? um
aiii.....it ?f ctirreiiey, and the tentkney of the ditconnf
market m te Blore stringency. The ?.lir. "
The Cincinnati Gazelk of Ti ??lay says :
%^1Vl\tk?r^! ?f -.- ^-thel'-a ' , '
ar?Mist)s. UAjaiuJ- i, ?eui pm?j acuvtay tvmployt?il, and
' -? a? n ? s ??? ? ? -'
?he am??'int Bv?nlabia for dl?ootintlng i? helng rapidly ab
? .??bed. Hat?*? of interest are flrtn st HrriO per cent, the
Inttnr raitt rrnrrslllng fin Biat i lass Bajuna of ?hurt ?late,
ami pood BBBasa ?paaa la tho open market at 12 par tent.
J in re is a Kood ?lemand for exchange, and less complaint
of a surp ii?, slilurtiKh some are still onU-rin?, out ( Of?
run y, to be pn pared for a possible contingency. Kate?
ate M ad?, at l-lOi/A dis. buylDg, and pal hulling.
The Mih> nuire Sentinel rays :
Hu*tne*j. it the banks is fairly active, and on the ln
i sera i* a good deaaaad for bboobj dom tM
f:; .tin di ii. -, * uni comm I .*ion monluint.*. and the suppl*
Is diminishing rapidly, rendering Cn muktl stnaewaal
clo?o. liali ? of lntei Bat are um -hanged.
Iaiuk of lite Loan*. S/irrte, Circulation, 7>n."?('.?. and
J tool It,oint, in the lui n I, s ot ?ht tilt/lit Arie lo.', fat
tin vah endingBotuTa\ap,AupuetBl?latf?
rae? Avi-ti|?i Ai-rra*;? Afrraf?
ni I.>f
Nun i
Ait,.?iii iiif A io ,.1,1
Pink of N Y.
>1ai lutt?t..
Wen liai t. .
Il" i.aiiia*'.
I .
Hink, of .\rmrti. a..
I ti *.
M?-ntl bchaage.
Me. h 4- Tredera ... I.01B.TM
Graeanith .... 1 I".'.?.m
I ?.ti ?*r Maat '.? *.. ..?eSt.tMS
rta Wiri National.. I
Baal sun- n \ 4 (?,681
Aii.rriem Kirbin.?*, lu 11X933
I. imar.il
: -?n .m
r. ir? MB
. I. . ?I at.?
. .', II, ?a.
. :t SO 1 -9
. Z'tMttt
. ?.?TI ?'I
r, ',.-(, n ts
Mer. ?util?.
?ImV. K(*|,iil!?r ...
Bett! ajaatrk ra . ?
M Mu-Lola?.
.*?!.,?? mil l.ratlicr.
t ..tu b. :
(wuimum tilth?
Oriel tal.
Man- ?.
II i tie
. irrti.'v*!
. .1 !8a,t>,i2
. ?ill i ?7
. 111? I. Mo
. ? itft.'.m
. 1 791,1?*
. l 411 w
. 2 IW IH?
. i :1h.?"0
lu .wo.r?i
. 1.414.WS
. I.?947, '?:?
f*\ BIS
.' :,.M.lIII
i res,M
I ?.V?.t?.l
lapnrlen B Trader* 6 ?6,611
l'a k
Baal B AMiM-iiUon.
- - .
N? it. Bil
Baal Uitt-r.
..Mai.uf ami Merri->..
Vi arts N Menai.. ?
< ta'ril Nitii.i al...
?? tiaaral.
Klr.t Natioua!.
Thinl Natioml.
> 1 Kurbange....
Tel la Ni.ti.-i.al_
N.t.i ual Cunnii-, .
Baan rj Bali teal.,
M yit-MUt...
Kluit-ntb Wini ?
l r.-i i tm
tot taa
to; ?a,
?'.'I ?ii
if* UKI
?r. ? i I
31. ?atitj
M "?H
1" 249
I.? I?
ti i -. a
;i2 tai
244 li?
?.>.'. Ilt'l
4 :; "-?1
ti na
1! 117
?m m?
7 114
4? nts
4.\l. 17
TI a? 16
| ,,.?1
S3 .m
f. SSI
f, I li.
Ami.n t An?
el Circe- of U|B
Uti..u. lift?,., t*. Trader*
a a
7Ji,.l2* 7 li I'.17
11 f!H4 4 '? ' MM
fin I 4T0 4,lu.I'la*
:.- ..-. .n..*.- i i
471.lija 2 4'rr. rr
1.940 8 MM .74
*s7,no t.m.on
. 1
7'1,7'U 1711.in
mi 4 7
2 7.1 ??'!
MB, 741
371., 175
D'? I 4'.'J
I ?rNI?*? 1 WH ?*5
. 5 Ia'rfi.7-17 i,?i4.sn
452 97R ?K-.'i. ?I!? HU'''.'
?niDt.J 822.t<7l 94? 1 '7
; i 1,919 .;.! 41.' it
1 . '.J IJSS.B79 *'?'? '*? '
?'211 KB.tBJ 1IH.?1?9
2..r.'??4 2 UK, <*ti wi.?a
? i B4i.sn 4"' it
BO 3.f*i.!l,ill l.M I '1
???? i-7 ?7 M..U.I1.I 2I"''"
i m nto T.fewi.em 4.!'.'n?'i
-.i 4,524,430 1.37(1.759
1*s!f70 1.311 '
.' ?4..4I.?
i.iiwi i.:.i4 9tn
(. :?:
x, t eos
; i r ! '?.
I i4. - 156
1 .-.117 i' Ki
1,'M i 17
1 ?B>,S0B
:. i KI.0S6
ua,an i.!"-''?
4 II?
7-... no
16 ?.tiru
1 I.' I ill
?i ian ?.' i
2 li ' ' ??
2.7:,:,. -I
?42,in ?,.?4577
8 576 ?mt .2?!?
36011)0 I
t*S,3f.6 (l-l!... I
MaM 5,(ko,1)75
HO KM If.,?81.615
.... ? i 1 hw nn
- : >i
11 em
Bo.? SOO
1.'. 120 1.18
Bl ?Ml
1 ..??.??-ill
?,sn 4.M
7 7i. ?.'??O
t ?i IM
?>.'*l 401
t,'U 111 .
M?..9.'.H .
31a.444 .
?I |ii...-<.ntit?..?>2t7 H77?i..'| Spatts.
Cirralattaa.0,71.1,1311 pinada
Wal Toii,l.i>. tU* t?,57l
CI? irin,? BM th? nee! enJiti* Au*;. ?4. ISS1
?a far the ?Vak in.tin,; tu? li. l-i?7.
i :..; tie weak ? (.Juin A if Si, Mel.
i?itali, i* fur the ????k . uiiu? Auk 31, IBS!.
Mt m
SB '71
6c. "I
S?? i?^>
Mi ,l?17
!?;?> l?o
ii.-- ? .t
117 .?.I
?I .4 ino
51 II
a',..' II Bl
HO '
1 ?,'? 4 ?,
?47 11*9
221 711
!(,' I",
BM "?ii
I 3 17.5.15
B?'i4n ?,96.9 484 li.-.' ?'? uri s
I '7- ?..*. I?,?I0,TJJ ?, ?
. nu uro taint"?*? :tM,:.7i
OX' IM 6.3J2,4.'0 B,?*l .W8
445 10(? 3,>, : Ml 1,1 -? I 'I
7!??.I9!4 1,7.11.419 ?A, SM
2(.'?,(*.4 712 140 M It J.I
904.7t*0 IJBIJM 7J1.100
1,451 ->'.*
31 '.).'.
ll)K ?tab
2? "aal
180 (K10
??J .?)
321 4.2
IN 't
tal I.'209
1 ?'.III
(. ia.I
?B>42t 496,C,T. 98
U| V4H 77
l?.U7,5!0 87
[C?ac*iu,.j ril'o?kii Lu Thb TKlBrs* !
Mo.M'lV.H. J?t 2. iBeT.
A**!!!:.1- 'The inquiry ii light tut Tut? ut IS MM In.
le.li I* ?Ile liunilllttl.
BUILDING MATERIAL8 ure nitlmiit ft? ?in! ( luiiifa-.t ;
tin di linn.d fur tillartiilei euiniii?,'iinaler (als henlnu' ia
lnutleiate We quote BB fitllnwn: lilli Wh ?t S*,. SB f??r
? -i ?in milli Hard; $1" (11*20 fur ('rdtou.Blnl fin fur l'lnl.uli -luliu?
Front Cement ?it |1 IX) for Kum lu?alo. Hair at Mame for
Ki..(.runde Mixt J : .lOc for lluenos Ayn? Mi\. ?I. iin.l 11 if
12c. for Weston UBWasaaMl .Mmeil. Lulim ut t*i, tlii.e
ti milis Lime at It SB ?tor ( (minion, und II M fm Lump.
Nails nt ?"? "5 for Cut (lal.aMB.l; B7 !i.ri'/t7 St for flin? li.
l'm-li I ot l'.HI* ?it U V tun fut June .^iii.i (*. .lui; c4 7(1
V till', lol Willi. No\?| St Iltis: 13 (" B Mil. f..I (lil. III. ii
i:,i*tein, ?uni Sli M ti* bul. lot di? nu ?I K nu kel nor ker und
Empire Mill*.
( 11 DON- The l?',i?-lnes?i Is llgBt, ?illiout any ? lit'.-'' t"
note in the mt nil Imie of tin- inirket. Batt - ol
?it I.e. f??r Middini? r-iliindM, t? '?ne. for ii". Koa (>rl< ?m*.
(1 ii-Iii. 'i'lie BOWS from Bia .I;in-in-, per atosmrr
Um .111,1. 1* i-oiiclilered mon- fin or ilili?, hiuI holil.r* nu
\( 11 Ilrrn nt full prciiou.* i.ttes. Tin? iii unind. hOWOTl i
1? nuKlt late. .?ni! Me luiii of DO iinji"! t.?it IBIfBi Jais
aad w*aal Indi? dtsstwrptloni are qnJ?i
ITIK S I?* ( orrKB, IBrT. 2. I Bat
Rio. Iinr?.""-'"* '?'.?
Jat ?. lura . l.'f'i C?la k.i-a l-r.I.BTI
Jira. ?..M-l-t?.14 4'M '. Mun '?.lue* . I ' '
: .-? . 4.1 IU I Sival"l?.l-,..
... 5.93? I i'..rt.. lie.. La??. 2(8
Hull: AND Ml \i i1,? inquir? ' " ?v' -''? '" '"'d
i**l.i!' 1 I'Uir i- li.on- ?nilli -, tin lois ai.d medium ciulm
in :: n fular: N.-w Wiu.it KxtTBS are etiw. r; (?.?I d?>.
lhiu and in (,-o?h1 requtit; 1 .milly iriad? ? are Hillier in ?I
inia'i.'.d i.-|,u*t-, IBS sales .ire kid t.til-t ?it I?? 7..,' '- ? '
foi Mlpi Mine Mute: ST 'J' 1*7.' 71 I. I the low lain!?!? (if
We*t.-in l.\ti t -nid Win it.. *'.' 7',(.'t?iu '." for Be? Hpriug
wii.-i.t Kxtras- ?to ?s*??fl. IS foi i.'?-.?! to cboli? R]iriii*?
Wheat Extras (old Wiieati: IB .m.r?iu 96 for old aad i a
Wln.it >?.li?itiiis Oin??; lio 40u|il :aii f.r'lni.le ?lo. <m w
V, ii. nil. Iii 7().i?i:i for new Willie W 1.? it Extra "
I'.i.li.nui ?uni Mu lin.'iiii: Im ?111 2.'? for row Aaitt
(1 ? , do , ntid ?10 it, a%\ 5 for Ba? I^?n* I'll..!- ? sllfun iii
H??*at 1* iiuc it!? a ? I?-iiii is quits tlnu. ml eon un.n
??.i*!( ;-. ?.ii-* of 47U 1)1)1* ?nul traiga al Hint I Crana?! in
i <- hoi -.iii.il. bt.utlu-iii I ? ni !? in ? ii ii! i
tin low Brades are easier; eboiraflrm; sal ? .i ?oolibls.
st eV?llO 4D for t-iiiiiiiii.ii to la-ooil I'.allniii.ii- .uni <
Extras; li" loam '<? nt a Bktra ??? ?>it-i.t an I Vir-diii?,
and flu ?.'?'..??It fur Traill- ?nul Ps lull J? Kxtl
.M.iivi.iiiil aiid Delaware Rjra Flour is lower aad la
? ?li!, ii, f-iili.-iuf 2T6 l?W?. at ttiasri '2J. C?iiu M? ,ii
la tu m. inif ?inn t
FIBil? All de?? rliit'itiisnf Cod or? firm ni.tl in fuir di
Ii nil at ful) lileMuiin prices. (Nu. 1 M :??*aeluiM I !?
Mat ken i h;?ie been *-?ild at Svi, hut luther ralea ?m- no?
asked, BBJ ?.-1 'Aiaiii 'Hu- ?*to( k n. ?I. ait B.00B bbl*
BcaleoUertina arororj Baavea laatooa, anti juii.- nra
lrleailil> a?li alt ?h?, alni OB Hie Brsl anual, u Iii? li will
not i.? Inaldo of three n-'t?, u-ij full ?rice* will be
obla Inert ; vk- quote at iaa>?tSe. Ko i Httrnug ara In fair
di uiaiid hut ti?jt linn . ve quote at 1" ?? IBB, pal boa
(.KAIN-Hie minker for Wheat I* B04BM ? hat bett? r,
l-l?? t;.illy fur Auib?r W'lieiit; tim Bapply i- i |
ei|iuil lu lire d. lu,uni , tin- inquiry Is i lill Ih f?.r
iiiiimiL'; W6 notice BOBM tiii?ili(He ?loiiii: foi f'nliiie
ililiMi.v at ulmlit ?tur towool quotation* ; ti.,
ai- ..,<??? i i?u*li. nt ti au f?r Am!?! ?Jersey; Isa Cot
Aml.tr M..te. |2 ?"</?2 12 foi White Mi? hit-,Hi. Bali tO
Hi il\. : Vi l' for An.iier d?> : ?BJ H fo? While ( .iVfori ii ;
? Anbei **<>iit tut n. Bario* Ifall Ta? market :-?
(?k-;. l .mil moro ae 11 ia- ? ?ali % of IM* hu*h. at |1 .'.2<. II ' t.
oat* ?ne in im ri saet? Hoijilv, the niaikil to niv gnu?t,
und pi Ice-, lue. n il( ?Hin d-2a.il- ; Um BB*OS ure 4(',(?hi bu?li.
(?iii? at Tsa?77( , the lattii rata for retail lui?; state at
74,/ 7'a?'.-. Jersey, stoBBBc , aad ttoutlieni at i
lu.ivy. K11 to easier ? tin ?..ii iin?,t\MD bosh VVentern
ut II ?noll 42J; Mate ?,t Jl ',:,. Cm openetl ttvUttll .
better, art ta b sjootl ?li inniui, bat later bmbI ol tin id
ian. B WH UBM, liol at the t lo-e the mai kel l* ta lue ; ?li?
?-a:. * an BSJaabaaB. Lump hmI Unaoaud, ?t ii (?-.(??i i? ?
W'.!.t.-rn M i ?ed at II 1? ntl SB, ctoslnB Bl II 17 tor < lo.in ,'
t*?>ut bi in Willie, to ni live, u! ii 21.
Sid' K ni (iI'.ain in Ncwiurk mid lirooklyn Wan
haaass li i?t s, lat?: Waeat. saVsarbnsb.; < ?ni, 1,'
Baafe : Oat -, IM,TM l?u?h ; IsalaSJ. 11,^7? bu.*li , Mall,
01.422 litlr.ll.. I'liiH, 21,4(11 lillhli.
1.1 NMKri Wi luariif nu tmXtO of BafJB' pi lees arc US
lu*t rii?iili<l; ?al?* of an liai?*? (lolli at "24Je.
Illili,.** Hie inftikettti ni-iail?, ntj?_qtliet; ?alea, 17.2O0
Ali n an, S| Bl. at S?4?., snld ? %fk* Lit ( alitoi ula ..t 1 . ,
gold, ami 700 City HaUtclitcii., ox, at i ij? , (uni my.
in.Ml*-We i.i.iii oi m? trausactlotis; prtoea ure un
ohanarett. Mai.iln roiiimumlM Ht?-.. *nuo\
ii'?l'i- lluiiiatkit in quiet ami prlooa are uri. lumi/i d j
tin di inaiitl liUftlxcoineuioderut?:, vie q note at ma to u Die '
a.? to irrowth and quality.
HAY ?he uiiiial* lontlliue liberal, Hiul willi aaaif a
ii 11 ?di rate demand |>in i-m li.ne it tlovvnw ?ml t. ndeiuy
W? (jiiote at 75aS3?., foi ?lujuuu?., and |1</|1 M tor Kel.nl
Mol.AhKI-'.S-The demand la lljclit und prtoas without
ebaliKe to note ; Bales ol '2(in 1)1)1? Mum ovado ul Na
ni* k larT. 2. 1W.7
Cilia Mii?rofa<.o l.i !?.H 4??l St. (.rim bb.il. ina
lula CWred. kum.. *~\ _
l'itol.i.?.. blr'i . 3,7M) Tetalbbdi.13 H45
fcivlLb ?ben, BBS* . Ti:**[
N'AVAI. a-'lOKiaH are gOUOTOTlj (|iili t. but ?iriecs am
tant. 'Hie rlOhuii,' quotation? are at* tUlows:
?Sj it.'i T'lri-fDliOe,
fr??- Vi?'. ti\'uV)r.
Hpinta Tun) , m
ben,). ?P tal. IVm ?51c
( ru'? i urp., iu 1(1.1?.
?P 280 li.$ - 9 i Ob
Kiaallal, ( ?maadi., lo
bia!? . 4P I.I.I. 3 87J \% 4 00
>:r?in**d, ia
l>r?:? , *P bbl. 412J* 429
Beatos, Ko. 2, la
!,!.?., 4> 1.1,1. 4 tO 0/ 4 7?
Bciu? Bo. 1, la
l? - ?P bbl. MX) <f f Mi
11!..?I',?, jialr, iu l.l.ii
I PW'I.O^W r/f750
l(...tr?i. ?itia pilli;,
in labia ?PI.I.I.... 7 50 A 8 50
K.niii*. w i(?l??
I (..*?.,lnlit,!a,pbi HI) u, 150
|T?r, N,.rtb C.untjr,
I io Mila., ?p bbl... 3 50 9 ?2?
I Tar, l\ iln,unrt,.i, m
tlilc..ap bbl. 400 9 423
Pitcb. ('itjr, in bbl?.
PWH. 3 75 a 4 00
ll'itrt. raoul! -ni, ia
14.1... 4> bbl. 3 7S 9 400
OI 1.H-Amorlcan Unseed Is dull but steady b1 11 2nr?
$1 J1, i ii cuslJ? and l?l?l-?. Iii Crutit? Kihii Oils wu hear uf
m? dianne. Whait? Is ?jtioti-d at 76e., and Bpanaal %'i.
Matiufattured oil? are dull and nominal I.ardOil laimlet
but Hi ui at from njc. ct|l 25 for No. a. No. l, and fair to
prime aiid.-hoiee.
PKOVI810NB?Pork has been only In moderate fle
m,iiiil ; iirie?s are a trifle t.etier, and ( ?..m- tlnu ; tim ?slea,
Baafe and regular, are i.soo bbl?. at Svj 2-ifi., m tor .Mem?!
lu ? f is H-are?- and Arm; small sales at Bli utii tar Plain
Mt ?s, aud BJBMfBI 75 for Extra do. Tierce Beef and LSeei
Hams arti dull and nominal. Cut Meats are lu fair de?
mand and Ht4*4?dy ; sales of City 1*1? ?led i-houlders at 10J?-.
ami II? ?ny lny Halted do. at lop-. In bulk. Bacon is firm
ami in fun demand; sales of 150 boxes lee-eitred st ].?'..-,
lae. for laonK Clear; lap', for 8lr?tfonl ( ut; I5p-. for Lunar
Cut Hain?, and 100.(300 IB Hhort Kilitud Hides ut ID/riip-.
In kalk. laard Is dull but prices are unehutifred; BBBM of
yon i?lii/?. at IMMIS?B for No. 1; i:tirfl.tie. foi City, and lal
?*14i*. for fair to prime Steam and kettle Kenden d.
Bl in kB-The market 1? <4Uitt but prices art: ?Itkout
eh.-?li^e. We quitte sa follows:
Oii-Ik-l and Urin,? (Je.. Weit ?ra Reterr*. jood to
pul?, I? m.3Sai0c tbiair?.)0iB2Sc.
Sute Irkiai aad ttibi, fair te gtat? tnt.i, Welih (tied le
fl'o c*.?Urrt?v. cioii*. .ZScMne.
111.. Iowa aad Mimi.liOrHit. Ohio, coramou to lair.14??18<
CHEBAB is ?jillet and imtlmniretl. M'e iiuote n? follow? :
Sur? Kavterr, |?iad lo choir? I Vi-naoat .'.?irr, ruunoi lo
?Pf? oa?.li ?434 (twice, ?f>_. 10 ?I J
St*'?, fair lo ?oad.10 ?x12 Piu* appl*. 13 VU
?ta*? (iair.e* rhotc?.II 8I7$I Ohio, pr,ra?. 10*11
rtti*i.?t OaiiT ?,'?'??.II ail Ohio factorr,?*j<>?1 tocboiceiO ?TU
Bril.fi?alrV (J???.Il ?'J I
Ai-TiKBooN Provision Makki.t, S o'clock.? Pork,
?Im e '( hai-yc, .as been quiet ; the only salt? wa hear of
I? that of ?SOW/Ib., cash, at 923 K5; regular Untftredat
?J it?;
I'I.niOI.ErM-Tb? mrilke? L? **?"m- The demand Is
finr. ItaqtMtoatUvltte. in bulk _t Crude, and IftUe.
in bbl?. tut do.; lleflutd, in bond, at ?*i>?0i;. for SUiudurd
White -
ii!' 1. (?nl.v a miMlerate nu?ii!!y prevail?, prlri?l Sn?>2[
Inii no imi?oi-tant alteration , sales of 400 bagH Buhko'-h,
i;i bond, ?m prlvnta term?.
Hi.I.Iim Hie liu|iiiiy isliirlit for Timnthv Peed at S. M
9*3 IS pal liu?.li ; (lovi i Hu ?I is dull and nominal; Itou^h
Pial h? ? ?I m i|(iiit( d at $2 ,t, pat butdi.
?L'jAlto lus .*ui,a.a Li ive ixMii In very good ro^uiist,,
and the market for all grade* romains firm Tim saV*
foot up 1,340 hilda . Ht lf>i<*12pv for Cuba. 1Si*I34e. for
Clarified do., Iiailc. for Porto Klco, 111*11,0, for Mar?
tinique, and 88 bOXM Havana at 13c. Ketincl aie ijuitt.
r?t 14<?1G|(). for Ha? ii?
?TOCX IB? I, 1*57.
PuSa. brail.W.4'i I Tot.il hiela ?'Io
1'i.rtr, itici. ki.'?.D.rti i n.??m. i??.?san
Mirtioi.iu?, l?i'i. 44?) Manila. |.i?'i.n.itU
Bk Grata, abai. 1T1 Uraul, beg?.*.??
l.ii;!iaii Uland. l.hJ? .. l8? J
TALLOW Tlie d'inn'uli.1 good, and tho markot Ami:
MlM Of 7'..0(1) II, at U-rl.'i' . _ , ,,
TOBACX (>- A fan'lii'pnry pn vail? for Letal at full pre?
vious rates.
?JBTai.t ITATBOa?Tr?e ATM ???.I' M-?S"H T.R.TCO.
II, .... V?r?. i barana. Tan.
Sn.rk ..r, b*n!Au?. 1.1*67.4 ?.VT *i.1 Peliri-reJ ?ii!?.VT68 i'Jl
I ?. , ..',1 aiBiA?. * ' ' J ' * '
"_IstorkonhamliVi'' 7,1 *7 4,007 ?30
?a**raersM wanunaomat
K?n Vu kB.C Ohio M?r? 1
hhla l.t"l?
ajaatMkaai An?. I,tan.it:?* 6?
Kecenoil ?oer. ~ ?>"? _^<
T?bai .rw.nn kts ii tt ji.wi
PcliiirrOaio?.'. VU AM 1 ?-"7
Ri??-k on band Sejit t. lt>'T.?lttvi
Br.s?kljn Inaprrimn?.Ht?irk. Aug. I
Krceiiod lite*.
tata, ,.
lirliv?r??i?inrr.'? ??**
Stork ia llruoklju luafs-ctiua Warrbviiae Bri/U t, 18o7. 1,901
Ti.t.l ?turk. Sept. ?, lBTT.29.'*U6
W'Otil-- Our market for Dollie?!le remains dull, lint in
pi ices ne have no iijiAt*?rinl alteration Manta, Manu?
factures arc still the only luivi i?, nuil tiny operate, with
nun li caution. The cli?sinir ?pullut inns ire iisfn.lows; li??
me?! ie lice, cn at alalltk for N'allie ami ?me fourth Mt ii
in?.; MaMSB. for one lialf i.inl three ipiarters de ; IOa>H?.
for full blood Merino??; and IaVBIoC. forSaxoBJ riccccs; io
i/:i,>c. fur No. 1 I'ulleil; Bfllft fur Supcrtlnc BO ; and lia
(Mc. for Extra do.; H<r23c. for Coininnn UDWBSbed Califor?
nia; 24eV30c. for Kino do.; lKr/Sir. for Ti vus. und Ann--nun
('?iiiiiiiiig ut 5o<rti.'K?. We eaete "?oralgn us follows : Bouta
American at MU ile. for Common Wasbed; JJ<*42e. for llii
\i,i?)ie?l Mestiza and Meiino; 3'nilOc. fat Wa?.lu d I.litre
llios; 2'.(?2He. for Unwashed Creole; M BIBB, for V .i-.li.-il
Cordova; Chilian at 24./ile. for liiiuislied Mc-tu.i and
Merino; OnjM) of Hood lli'iK) 35?i4oe. tor l'nwasln .1; East
Indiatna"*?*? for Washed, and African at 2oO30c. for Un
wa-siit-il. and :Wc*40o. for Washed.
W111SKY- Tho market is more active, and Is finn; sales
of 720 lihla. Wooteru at 37 a 40c., In boud.
For tiik Wikk Endino Mo.sdit. faayt, 2. 11*57.
P.--?.? t'.>*? Vraie, bb.-.p ?i.i I.au.'.a S?ln? Tnttl.
(J, W7 36 l,TO Hab? W. NI 6"^?
These were sold at the follow liitf market place*:
SIr.p ?na
P.??r?A Osts*. Will I.?irla 8?in? Tital
AtH'iilannritTflr..?t'Tarl?:-:i .... JjO pi Ti I .
A*g*??.Wat M ..-I Yini. 1.TI2 . I,?** 6 "-TI
tirnii*iiittitit*t*b i,'-*' m aa aa .
AU l,.inl.?r!i a. ?I3 Zt J."? l.?U7 .
At l?rl .11. .1 7 .... li 14.WJ 1.1.7?1
SSI ! f. "?i I "a 'In rt lo
butcher!. M M?l.
A?, wr.-kl? rrc Ulait ?rai S.74? ?4 I i't 1 I BM !.' II
lltctipla la?l *.-.-k. ??.''?I 41 I iJ .*' ?.J J?, ,,u r?,?*?
nuc?s ok aaas ihm ?abbb.
The following un- tin- ipi.itattons per pound utxir? the
Bstimated netweagbt of bmmM *elli r Mnkingoi ii. thetis,
ii hull.? k aliosii (pi?rtela mil v. t li-'li Scut, at In i'iiU a
pound, amounis to toi?.
Cal? t>?r M Bal
Kitre Serf. I'i?rl7
li,., i .,t I.-.1 m tato la-la] -? l? I i
taat eaatialry laled Irai qoalit;. I ;
Munira, aeg?ad, Bil tBalilj ' ' I
Ti. .t <.f ordinary Ula Statn Otea, tail Coal.I- eUJ
BaaMBMSI l??-at Kn I al < 'UI ?>? ,.....?? BtJ
lb? r?ncril i??riirr i-f th? inirL.t todir ? eAi?iat?-bl at lit I -
Eitreuio rasga ef atna* toro.
ib. rn?ito!lh' Bair? ar. (r m ' ' II
Wiii.ni; mi i tun mi Fbom -New? Yora, ?WS; Ohio,
sill: Indiana, tW , lilin.n.?, ii,-..' '. HI --oui i. Ill, Kciitiuki,
602 ; Texas, 367.
?tKklAltK* Almt T BBSS CATT! ?
Til? total liuiiilxr nu? lui K. ? : In ml. i .mi ?li ret with
r.'lit hea.l I Lit week. Illnl ?lill 1,74* In .l'l. at i I ,i -'? I" I
Meek Lint > <?ir, und willi B.M9 tot tbe oom ?i?n ding ?raab
I one l-?-ar Hb.-o II"- lunnlier Bold I? ?I i> ?1 ' !.?? ? ?n?- liuini
le.ltii ?i market, I.M0 bead, CAimpare* witb I.SM bead
bta eeek, aad ? i ii a, ?:* b? ad, the BTerage i* r ?reel last
n t and wini j.iTJ In ?ni al lu.nki t ?m? tem- aga
?lin- i.iiile tiatie i-1- beeu i'i> muck dlaturlad. owing
t., tin- eiifi'iceinet t of tin- order* forbidding lb? drlrlng
or ki Hint; i?f calil" I? low 1 .uti .i ii-:.. ..I first, bal
now fortieth si. M.niv .?f .li. lint, lui? ?Iii tint tlili.k
tin > Itali) ?nulli be i?Uii|M II. ii to KIM Up tin ir I
lian? not ju'iivlded I'tlni.? OQtsideof tin hunt d ili-tr. t
other?, in I aet a Ibw, tara goes lotta J'? r Fla
ink? n ?lui e in rsiiN.-of tin- abad lol ra, sa the MS) estile.
t. .-i boga, end I, ta iheep alaegbt?*rt?d durlsg tta pan
?ei-k III Hie I '.. lill iillilp iv. \l- ,-l. II :.' i ?? '.-!...?'.
The 11 nil?, ui ? .t> '.?li? ii. : l in ?Inn . . ni I ii|( 1.27?
head on Tin ada*. 1,171 .. ? di? '1 ij, and < ).i Tburaday,
m h k lnir tan heed ?t th it marl 11, ? .Ui 1,789 it < urnmum
p.iii. In ?i'liinm to th ?t* I"?ill i 'in.. . ?lace,
n,,n i n ,,ii lots ef Btati rattb b or I '...ii" el? ,?, a
I ni nell, on- ? i'im ni; iii oil i ile I n. Riaul. wbteb b< ps te
snell ti.e nu ii. Ko les* ti. in ki lo ulm, in
ia mu.) ?lin -n ni owner?, were on Hi laaik* .?t thal
I i ice Mi,?i ,.f tli.?? i lit!, wi 1 anead of Ibe
.eli mee lafreiahta, and tbia .. ?unti le part, f?u Un
Lu ?re mi|i|'Ii I :? :n : ;-: - - ? ? ' rd, the run
over that road ? II not !?? sa ! ?i *.. lb? cotnlu? seek.
Ttani MM Bel Bim h i bai ; ? - f: u, 11. j n i inn,
Mi i 'i it at either ?>f Ita ? irtats, and li ita ? ?
i ti. i.n , t Um ? atti? ?? n l? los im dlutti Hi -n. .mt ?i n
mu out at liriii . mille a numhei ??' re?an drarei
IDS : I? in .Ii.I '.le ||*J |,nl r?
Bi' i.i' to -p.ni Then many of I rra.oxen, dry
( dil t :i 1,(1 In Ii I ? W? r Uli I te i oli.'t, h. ..ii I i 1 i III 1 I Iii
IU there wera ? bm rt - Sim Knit*. >.
i.i ? mi. > ?v Mi rio i "i.. al li I: i ' on bj ?i i lu -t.h k
I li .ill .1 tig 1 bi le 1? A? H 1" till..11 i . ?
ti .n. .-n.ii ? n i i-i i ? rally i - ? i I
tranafi i the ni u ?? f,,i n-aiiiiK and fi
CsntpTllla t.. r.ii.bi:m pn a, bim ni it tulh ? m irei Ki ?
\ <>ik. The i ison* aidant?! aw.beltei I
Iin i.t- ?ii Jml li i- ? .ii -1 ? ni of un? pal
Btepnii c at the latti i pisce, s?? thal tlesl i - ? >n us 11 and
injrehaae ilock, mort competition in tin furni :
fe??l, buring disabled an mai?. A? Tat cha .'? ipja'ars
lo ui t ti.. 'i.iiii. mu . ami i? tin ???.f t-'? " re* "f 1 iml
at llinghaniPtou oiii? to bulbi Ibe rardavaeexpeaashl
lil- li t'' f.ill ii).on Iii?- li.iiili'.nl ? .li.]' 11 i
1 hi ?ti? k lilli, et i. dil > Bl t "llllllllllt
paw, .uni so linn!;, held that sil ws? no1 Mid Ittdeetd, II
np?H an d to be iin iii - ii "f ? nu b1 Um swim?*?* i?> seep
n poi non ni the cat lu sg di t sa atti : i run
tin-.ii.ck. ?na' oi leo kita ol ?roMcalth hrongbl l*ie.,
?ni a ?mt:!?- ear load. Ter) Bm Uloodi I ?lock, fioni .?? .it
(. unti. lil , -"el bi <> U Ali uuidi rat 1 Iii as j< ?t
BMSieJ at the buter price lo drresi i | sun,
semi (inn lilli.ni? ?lol.-, n i ,.- l'.i .i.i iin .witha
small lot Of 'i'ei.ii'? ni 19c liefOTt lb* BXSrkeU ? i..-, i at
tin ?e l'l.ni s tke iirtiei? eera taued forbidding the drlr
ung asid hillleg of ? ittle in tin lowei Bart, infint,
m aiiv nil the limit up portions of tbe city, and tbia hurl
tta trata. Ttatalehera wee* .1? ?a. 11 ? ?1 ia wild Pi
?t,. 1- la ehMing around for p te a to Bill, tb? uiaS?rll/?f
tbem rushing euer te Jersey, though not a fea ? 'iii ii
(iitle to the Association Bbsttolr, fool of Eorty-8ftb-st.,
I...-! Hirer
(Jetting the IJAO cattle together this atoralng at 0as>
hundredth st , and flndlng iin (?iel of 1,1*1, though a full
ply, ?a? an les* Ci .n la t week,bolder* ti, ugbl to
put up prices le f fe. The general Bim quain? of Ita
ii lui 1 ? asst-ti if t la in. alni Ile li. u i. 11/ Salea WSI* at Ita
iidisnie, min hui it mit in ? n foi tin- trouble of killin*? all
vi.'i.l.i aara Mid "ti without nil.? trouble, A? it ?a?,
trade dragged In the afternoon, and all rlaaarii mr.
MTtBTS on ilu usara and thoM ?loi oufont t them
thu ii'iMiiiii? coming m f'-r their si..ne of ahsun
m npaoldlBg or nipporting such an lulqnltou*
m lu inc. foi int. 1 fi 1 n?: willi the 11 x 1 ? t.-? of .,ti/.iii?
a ula.?? sseetlBi if tin butchers wu call I, and itwaa
Iiri.poiv'd lo organise im.11 out? -t tin- li fin ,,. n.i nt The
lattin Will- Bil mi!.I i tt, hut t.ie . ln-i \i .,? lui !.. tti r til ill
last ?i ck. Our table of prices Is too high foi tin i.uik of
ti., ?al. ?? a? ro?s tta river, being ralculuted more for to?
day'* in.ii ki I, willi in any *?ood ?linn and K I lu. 1, j ii roi? s
.m s..ie. iiiiinii iinptii.il of beef In tbe city la Ten Lal a
at pr?sent, and likely to Lm it ?am during the month The
etty Is well ni'ii wiih strangers. Westen and Hu .tin m
is-ojile ure here buying Pall ?:o"il?, and li. li. ?tiona point
lo an Improteuient in trade gfttorslly, ?Iii-,, ?ni |?ti? nt
the Hie st!? k Irade in pnitli ul.n i lu-ti.', aOW li that
ii?- are lo hitve u lighti r um of poon i cattle for tin COD
lug week.
A7 III US'.N lill
Dudley A Post sold ? for E Bwope.nilnol teen tXMav
inon, n rwt., ut liaise.; l'J for Beaton, stab i ittle
iniM-.l. I*] .?t.. at Up .; ,-ufor E. M. bin Idol., HUU i ua
thin,I cwt , st p..
M. Beach, fe? i. ?ford ? Co., M ISIaotl st? cr?, fsawith r,l
cwt , at 1 irtlr-.c. *
BriiTgS A, (illicit OOl? M Indialla steers foi W II Miller
pool, || i ?! , at ! li '
tafM ? lieiiiy li.nl 73 Very IXMnI Ollio steer* H cwt,
wlioieh.iied at ii*??.; Hiid 17 sold for B. I*e Barron, stat.
Stet rsaiiil heifers, ibcatcci.?, ?| i wt., at 14c, ami i'? for
tim heifers.
W. Mathias AiiMlils 21 State tattle rov. ?, steers, luilis
Ac^-roniih : l coe ami ? ..If. *:??; i Springer, 17" i , m? and
calf, 170; 3 little two aud tluec ytui old bulls, |-J; j lu.-if ira
for BM?
cb A nurd Mid81 111. stier? for J.itius '
inlt,? "' ! ***** ' '"' *M'- " ,'1"'1'- '""l
i l.urcli A If,ml -.,1,1 HI III st. era for James W.??l. l|t|,t,
r.i'wt. cn Ile at ?B iv. or IHM each, and 43 tot ti.
( in tins, III. steels, uneven, 61 <tw cwt., al liolMe
W.TbonpsonMid 14 for Mayfleld & Thom'
MM,t| cwt., fair to gond, at 14'l<ii6ie.
ipHon, 111.
< omy A. Ml I'lieisiiii sold for >iav?,ll A Ilerry 1!XJ 111
steers, seiint f-i cat. lit 14r/15c; und W3 for themselves
Ky. sttters, fat.hio'vt, at ir.rfl7c; and n lil stier* ai
?104 each, 7 cwt. cattle; and lu Texans foi Woods A Post
Gi ewt., st stroiiK li? : in III. steers fm It. Dtmaky n ? wt'
xtroiig, at ln-j euch; r.i for Pettit ?V Henry, Ohio oatt le s
?wt., tllln st? i-rs. at ive., or Ita t> ta*kd. Also, f,,p Jmli 'Ac
HisIkith, V*) 111. steers of 6|(iwt, ut 14c, and loi Texan?
II cwt., lit UN , II foi (loislell B laiulein, tilly r,? ,.?t [||'
stetis, atl4c., und 1*4 for Z. J. Frost, Tex una of tu car,, at
13c. '
Colwell A De Hnrt sold 140 fair ?J/rOl cut. Ill steer?
for Judy St Hodfrers at Wile?, also, 37 for II. W. Pirrili
111. (little, B?wt, nt 1:k, und tVJOhto at?-?rs for PititjII
??.niiii'in. 6i i wt, at i;t<iia|''; 15 fat llutriauu A ?loon
state st?iers ami heifers, ut ii'ei3c
llithcock A Vi i Ison sold Sfl Mtiite cattle, mixed steer*
ni??, and heifers, fan llesh, at lo? lie
?lark A Eauuit Bold 111 Mo. steer* of 8 cwt. for 4? i?1?IIi?a/oi
A Co , thin, little cuttle, ut lie.; also 17 of their own O
steers, fair, 6| ?wt., ut mi.
AT ' .'.?illI Ml IM'
Geo. I). Alexandc sold .r*u III. etei-rs, common ("l*r,l
cwt.. st 13? i-.p-., e: ?pt one ear very tim- blooded stock
raised aud fed by Milton KiKirs of Scott Oo 111 Th'v
would dress y ( wt . wen extra fine, ami hroni-hl it, - ti,
11 Taylor of Jersey ( iu for 17e., to drena fal fb ?y aoai
V.r.Omrr, for I. w liatcb, 140 in. si.ei?, ? ?t,?,1Ki?,t
not very fat drove, plump 7 cwt., A?.H|?K at l4,/lfli(, ??j
87 Texas cattle, good, 6j<;wt., at 13c.; and lo be?v? 111
steers, coarse, s cwt.. ut 16c. ????'/ ?u.
43eo. Totfey sold lae of the J T. Alexander cattle Al
owl. *U'er*,jui?t fair, nuntin?; out at UI?.] .1,- f_- ?aJ ?
Eastuuiii & Niuhol?, foi Meit., th ,\ Nicholl w*? III
Steers,6iB7| cat., 41 head tit 15c. to seule 67 m bu'laiice ut
Iiray ?V Fitch sold 487 111. steer* for J. T. Aloxnmlcr, r.l
OWt., at Ur/liic. lin y had a Kood toi?.
It. W'cstiiclinir (li?|M.,.i| ?7 46 fal si ewt Ohio irradi?
Diirhttm's for W. KI. hards, ut y.nu.t . ami :n for ii d
Cxkrell, Ohio cattle. 7iuwt. St 15e ; hI?o foi W Hnida-r
a? very fair Ohio steers of si cwt., ut lr.|. ?,; ,,f tin m to
P. Luivi y of VWshitiiitoti Mat kef, at |ijj 50 each, or ( lose
upon Me., beiiiK \?i> K'"?' I .'title.
W. tartana sold si II.im.i-i ate? rn fui Batta May A
(juU-wood,7 cwt., fairish, at lIAl'.?e.
C, X*. Wi?/dj uli sold bj U.iu. ..1 ?Ivor* fOf J. A'. Alex All
der, ?J cart, rattle at l$9Ue Tlmr wem n common drove.
Eastman dt Urn , for Mooro A K.irnell, G3 Ohio steere,
fair to very i?otxl. h cwt., sold at lStflSp*?.
W.JobasoB w imli lall ?I bl? "7 Ohio HtttT? at SHS each,
to J ii. William?. Tliey were a ?food 7t cwt. drovo
I?. O. Culier, ftir Tlirtinpson A Taylor, lou fair 7 o?t.
Ulinuin st4*r-rs at iii i -
H. fiery sold 74 Illinnis steers forT Pcntf. scant 7 cwt ,
a nil e (.'(?ixl klllltiK drove, niiiiiliii< out at liS<*?17c. ; and 4*1
Illino.;? attv-ra, for li. K. Hmith, ft? cwt., at liifc.
T?n*iI A Wheeler, for .I. M>**, 45 irimd Ohio Hfeer?, Bl
cwt.. at litTlojc. ; mid M Illinois steer?, rowland b?liers,
for n. llnnaJry.thin.Ita?, mt., at pu oatkt ?ii*?, ??
Ohio steer*. 54 ewt, ut 17" ; und 31 HUi.t dry cows at 109,
i.itid ii ewt. ; and at row*. 4 J, C w t . at IBS,
T. J. GaB.Jot Bedford A (lui, 72 beaty ?IO m. Kentucky
frr.i?l< *. fat, but a little? coarse, at U?17c; very few at
uti. r 1>I leo.
II Me) ern for F. M. Sim?, W 111. steers, oonv.nonlsli, 0*
|| ewt , at IM,
II. Hurd had ?7 111. steer?, boiipht at aSaffBB, 697, cwt,
sold at 14 /l?*'.. and 34 btiuirht of C I.iimii ?it the yard?,
fan 7 ewt. 111. Basera, Mild at Ut IBS
W. 'l'liompHou for Coon A Horbury,|150 Ky. steers,
fair to ?irline. H ewt., sold at I Wir Je.
1*. ?f. Cary iwnd C5 good Ohio steer? for Wm. Brock, 8i
Cwt., nt 13 ir Kip:.
HiL'M A I-?ui?n had :.2 HI. steere, 6| cwt , sold at life
Ileuley A OB. sold M III ?tei-rs, 6?, cwt., at Hi'DiHe.
E. l/?)Ui.'liimiii hud 4.1 fat Ohio steer?, seven of tlum 91
cwt.. vety line, sold ut Ita lo kill und weigh. Tho others
would dress 8 cwt., and brought lW'Ififi.
A. M. Allerton sold iii III. steers for Allerton A Staler,
from Mr. Allertoii'a flinn lu Ooek founty. Til ey wen? u
fat lot, 'i Bart., ami run oat ut tio7 eu? li, aooat Me. p n>.
J. A. MelTltt sold 70 III. steers, fcSttfM of W. Johnson
ut the vurds, rated 71 ewt., und r(?tiiili ii st l'.?l??e.
II. M. Valentiii?) had 14 (?Ino stvers bought ut HerRcn.
They were ?t ?2?u>.l nj cwt. bunch, und sold at lfi*l6|e.
ft II. Kii-liar.ls.in Bold K'2 roisl Kentucky cattle for W.
Wheat; 48 of th? m Were A No. I, very fine, ?i ewt., sold
at laaiilr : I for 17.0., GO Ih P ?wt. Tho others weighed 7i
cut. mid were ?eil?ni: at IW ISO.
Mll,( It ( 'llWM liu le in so littl?? elly cull for tim few
cows ciiinliiK in that (|iilte a proportion of tliem are sold
I.. |te.Idlers, wini luke them out iihdiii; tim inlllomn.
Dealers say a few really good ? ows would sell wen? they
lo lie lind, nut .(immun cows are iiotsuluhh? ut low tiriees
i'mii. Noinliially they un? bliaflBf SSB.BB S?."?, with now
and tin n mm at t.i.1 aiul tloo A BasfBSS? win? biouiflit In
several fresh cows and aouio springers sohl them ut t70<*
VKAh CAI.VKH- Fat vealaof nbotit INI ID live weight
are in good ?limaud, lind will bring IBB. P ? Ure weight.
Many course calves, larne enough, but l?????i, ar?- soltl ut
la ubi , with ?till eour.*< rsties,raaralararnaa ? uti *, sssl at
so BBoeaner bead, generally utt'J<r$i4. Annals ure com
tialatllell light.
Receipts this week. :?),2' J. guotutlnii?: The following
report? of sales ot sheep and lambs, by several <>f tim
*lucp brokers, who Sell (?II (*oiiifnl**ioli, will l-lvt* the
Hit-lai,*!- of lu 1res per henil thin week. Tin V ?u e ipioted
p II), live wt'lia'lit, foi : I'liim* ?lui-??, Made.; Inferior to me
il i n in ?lo., 4i?54c; primo lurnb?, 7tat?c; common do..
H I 7C.
(?Hie supply of sheep still hold? out, a? will be seen by
iTie large tolal. There wen? :l ears at Coiuniuiilp;iw thin
inornlng, Uteara at lliwliiui City, und iliout 4,'?*o?it Forti?
eth st. Tiny were not ?ill sold, but tim diuiiantl was fair
fur seed laalBa, one ( ar Slut.* atoek Belling at ti 50 at
llud-on (Ity, 217 fat ?'tatt? ininti* B.1, MS l'ennt.ylvaiil.i
lambs S3 60, while some tiri?* Ireavy lambs brought Se. at
Fortieth ?t. Anumi; Um sheep were (me car si m stink
Bold at CotnmunipaW at 6le , with one ear BBS '"' ? BBBBBJ
at (le., with one . ?ir at Iliidmui City SB B Bl tye, aad SSI
tine M.1 th Ohloaheep at S|c ; also, car gmsl rtlate theepsiid
lamb? al ti
ai roa i lara sr
Hi S Iii Oriiw-l.Ul ?hei p ami l.unb*. avit :i .-ini* t.1 91.
Of Jot kirby- 2,7'.7 heail ?tin? atn-ep at Ijiru , l.iinlia.;
?'J 1 Bl , vnth ?omi* BSsifM at Pi SSajjSJ ck Ii
AT l iiMMI'MltW.
HV Kin.!*, llellla A ( ??.- ?Of, sheep, |1,701 tis- ;?*, BT7I
'jon, a*ii H-i. n,i, l.. 2i r,*,; ;wi, 11,411*3;; I'*?, Sr?'*'? ?v : 1, p.'??;
-?I. #174; S4I, li,los '2i; BBB, tl,iVr2. Total, MSI BBBSB,
?lo.M, 17 An ra?.'e,Bl 90. SB) Ininti*. STM .*??; III. Silo;
l.!0, *,,*>. Tutsi, 4<*4 l.iliili?, maSS 2o Aieiage, Sa 6J.
Pllv Jil.lil. Iliiekiiigham ,V .M.T'h. 1 *oii, 20h Sheep, %f :l Vt;
1- ,tv. 7?.isa.?*nas, sat,san u., i-?-.. S7?.i u-, tai, r*>2 n>-,
?Jil, |7'i-l 77; 11/?, SrB'.s CO-, J-21. OiOl HO; srs, p?..l ?r, -2H?. gili -AT,
til. S7J0 (.1 ; 417, UBWl US, S70i BJ| Im-?,
t?l.l 17; ??0. S7KI ST) ?Bl UNI ?i>?*, SJSBj '21 .,
41'.. tl,:i7.17*.; 2???. p. 4) ; 17.1, f..17; ?II, tl.OHS 2'i:
iga, Basses, lotui. f..-.??r?. ?.11.1,.-. _ .hh.ii.-.-, naa
oh laiiiita. ti..iiu 41. see,aces; na,as .. bsb,s)nb? BJw,saaT:
SOT, I ISS0; BiXlBBIl BBa,|seBTS? i--,. P'A.; 114. aBBaBB;
- ? i',, '2.tS. tJ^'f,. 2.1!, SMSBSei BBJ, t*,i: M: ?ji,
iTetSB' iat,ISWM| l.a.t.Mi. Xulal, J,*r. Ininti-, lu,>A3 ?-.,
a\? ragt, pi n0.
AT ( ii tM urn i tit'?.
Bj K aie, IU Illa A lo. .IihIiI, Uni kinirtiMi'i .<. M Plier
mr. A Y.n V?.it. F M.i.tl.e. A. Un*. and B. il.
Op.lt in . Ill Hlteep Bad Failli.*. Ut p,; Bat, t? "?', ISS, Il Sa,
?B, i: >r, 2t.|, H *., >r?, t-, I.?:. t4 ",? lil, t? !Vr, 117, Pt li;
lil t4
11? HU?? A I?iinnn. V SJB ?h? ep. |*-ii in-, 114 limb?,
? /* -lo i p, SMS if7. I SI, t??'? SSf 17U, pot). Il I. p4 . *;.
?-.I . Ua, P,i t i": BBS, 1-*?'. IIS? BW SS lot.ti. I,?.* .
P . -i 14 An i ta." . ta M
lill. -mini. bURKKT
!luil*i.u lui? r K nlro.nl.
m. i ( i au..I K.r.liii.t.l.
e,':? Tutsi, .'.',.'!
Bl iib '2T ? ?ira of lu?.'? OB thS m it i.? t the t..ne i ? toll nibly
stri.n,;. and el the pin.* ..ne vi k as*o, Vlf.: I|l ;.. for
pilme, '. Tb for p."?r, willi ??in lot of ??Iii? a! 1 i. . Bad
?..:;,?..;.1. 'Iii. tor? ai? m ?1 trtiubleof tsnluawtiiiaf and
:? it lortntha' ia now ..Mi, sad Irada sjoaasai
? a? UtUaJ.
B4 7 b?t- bj !.i?i* Flour, 1TB bbls Whisfcr, ISOss * ?
Corn Mi al. 2?,i li tiu-.lt \n,i it. 2?,i i h ?-li tuiii, '.:.'???
lulah ? >.it?. a j t.ii-b Rye, 4.- I butti, Malt, ... ?.' b li
-? ? ?I, lu pKt? li.? r. Wpkits I ?Til. i, ii? mil?. I', ti..I. um,
1.2.2 pkara butter.T.l -|-.p, ase bbl? !.??.*
J iu.iiui.il.
orr. ? .,rt?i li'iri.i'tt BSMfaM aBnBrs? SB ttSaSBla*?]
US Maia las Miaaiiaiiii Binaeta ra I ? ? ?- >
| Wail.i N^ Inna tarnet I ? ?' 1
fv<) THE ?Kin ni? ah; iioI.im.i;s.-a
I Sf**rta! M??l . I Um Ile?! IsaUS (wn?S bl l . I r. .t
-, . \ . . is ? ?i *. - ? 1
11 r "l'A ? las l"ti.
l? ? a ian ? : maa ?' Is* I -utt ia I ii> lanrjaa ian. .
... . . . . |?*ai
1. . ? a ?.,?'?..'' ...
,. , .??
ii ?a Ita i rae*al au.i . ? .
........... net
. ..*(. IlllCr?, (Um! t" t" | ," (SB li llir Bl??t.a/| iS |XI?aaa ?li,/
- :? .. m o. mi i itn tv.
? ? - i ?j ,?! ? . i Mili i ? lasl ? ?ja ,r ?.- .1 ??f til?
?I ' I '
ii? Traataaaaal? mall th* ?atlee ? t tVr'V.!. k?M*t* at th* mr?t
har se? asll*S. a? tiver ia. 1 ru.i ?ni r? ?.*???.i? ihr C*aiaaay Kr
flin? Imitar*. atl.l IV i t'.ll'!!! I.t, I ii? main
I* | I'll ira H ?it ?.??i. i .?i'l* . l'i?K?!i?r*(T ? ern. a, |
S . a' > la-, ? S, It J .. I * (
frilK STiiCKII(?l,l)|.l;s ..I ii,.. I i.?-i Pacific
1 BaUfaai Cnarsast are terekr 11 ??; (Bal Uta Seeaal Bret
, l<, | t ? l.r th? I 'r.l.Mt. 'f I'.., i ?? i*4 Um
. I* ma' I..K1I* !..',,r, li ? m a III te
I'll .! i.t.,t.,r i.-it, .i i i a.il'.unl.a
I MBSaSI ia Ha?- ? it; ol .Sr? 1 t
lli.lVKU AUK?. I'.-i ? .' tfit.i
l in. Tema ?" r.tir?
I?' t I'., if, It ni ?at I'.iariiT | li
r.?a a ?? B4 Wallet al I'nu ?i ?i i in i lu 'I 18S1 <
I . f I Mi?.<l l'Ai IKIl li tll.U li l iiMI'lM 1,1-11 i,\ Kill*
IOB, lu- -KIM Kill* I .SSI. ?HI be Baa.
t!,.ra-f..r at llai.ktmr llou.r ,.( IMllSit MOBUAB k1'*., Bl ?Bl
liiiti,. p.?.? N?. i***k, es a Iel*
_ (,?,!,..ll li M J IMIMKII Tr?*i
I I .1.1 ?M. .?. ,,*l| l-l' I .11 H li C, )
I lai, I l l?ll_4 n*,l? II It ' ? ? I St | I 1 - , , a ...I aft. I
8r|t \ ? Ut Titia ilitltnil ft k t , i ? ... v. ? i.. ?
_ (. ?? i IN()KBSt?l.l * r?( r*
dr. , r ... I c.i ? I! tu Bub ('orna c. I
Kn ": Ki ? \ ?., ? t .? i I ?.: (
TsJOTICE is III Kl.r.V GIVEN tliai the f.?l
1" tanlaf t rrt t.. ,|.. af Stark al t . II . .. I . i
Baeetona .,|.i,vi 1 niin-.i i lu i,, auasn aasl ia.???leila?
li . rr,,n , ,
I rrti?, ?ti- ?(? ? f?r Jfln ?hurt In mer of I ,,l?. r IV i 'iii?
(Vrt,nr.tr K,, Bl f..t f.*. ali.rr. li, .,,,?,. ?t , .,.,
i. Ma ?i? '.? r n ?Lair, m i ia i '?' ??
A i.l thal tlif tun? ?III I,. a<>,.| ill I III :< 11 i I I. IN ..i, ti ! I'M sim
ti.? 4lL ilai ?I Si-(,t. ,(,l,.i nut. ?I I ? ,,, l,,rk. t,.-.', a tin .'!.,. ui ti.?
Cemasaj Be ^l brhasss>-slBea, t.. ra |i..i...i?. ir.irn?r.i i,, n..
BSflisMaf tia? AiK-utarLU futrr.?t a:?l il.u.ra iBetrneS l? liar ula
h, ..et. r "f th? Mr?
_W IIABTKM1TII .**..-(. t.rr
Sa I HI I \ li I I" Ki
? Ai! i ai .?m ?. rat.nitti.ixio.
Ti l?r.pin? ii...(,?(, ir i fat IB* ?aaata.tara . fl!>KN ml
LINBB B U IIIM-.lti. a, I Bar* f?,lr ?I-.i.ali .1,1 ti ,t I baa* r.o ha
aren? ?t ? mi, (haaja* Uiau aallea ?oa*i? a. rat* ile ti j? ti . a*** ia
ti... rea -r, ?Miid.kii ian lenateJ lan lina ?. ..lui,..?. n?!..., , Bl.SSO..
(?IO In flat lli(lili,?rr. Ba?l ti,?- !ii,|..rtl ..f III,an ii? +.*4I Mai ??
li I I'l? I ..tii|. ,n? i ra p..?r t,, ii, ?i.i,f?, lui? ill Hn.la ,.( tin? ?
llni-n?, li'afi-iii, a*M*sa. tala*?. Ir t>,i,n tla? rae wat. ti .1 I I,. ? li,??
arrureil rlinr (?lait, m I ..ri.|,r i.?l ti,., |i,i;.| bUI?*. Iti.l l?.r cn?
uirireS lb? in.nut., lure ..f I,, a?, f,...... ami SastlB !.. .-it??.i Iii. raerla
to mrrt a BnrBn* "f Um !.n.a?.| I i t... i ... ? I an at,. k< ?I ta-.r-al
af Urs Baa***? raa???a>e* ais san Bell al ass) thara laatt i ?r ra ? ?*
[???ii,* li'?? par r. i,l dti.-.i, la 111? ( .!. im.i ?ti .tr.l I,,'
iliilr rtcral ?nrk!??(, t|,?t (!,.? rai ti,..a a |?,,tit.,f M |?li -nil Ml ""O
? |.'ii.lli*l A (,-iliuauf tilla alan k t? ii.,? ..tlri.?l at par. sat It I? ??'tif,
drtit ; tirhrvrd ii it no ?t..rV I,?, l,i-ni ?i.rnl I., ii,? pul,,,- ptaeaaUea
iii.r? p..?lt|va. ?ml iu..,? j, r. .n l ?. I. !.- iBSneetSSStS thsa ?batt .ft!.,- rAI.I.S
(II. MAB) YM II lils,, ( oMI'A.M
Kuli parti-.i'ari aampla ? (af |*>nan, ?.r .li. ulan riri t,r h ..I io ?r| liri
ti?.? to M L BBRLDOB, Agent te* Ihn Cearaaer Is Ben-Tarl *?..?. 21
tail IS Nimmt , or li. N. l.hAI I rr, lir,i,i,ut, Bn IIB Iitil.it.,
Ri ? ? nu by Kiiiiioii.i?. t?, alt ii
Krli l.aiiiro.iil, ,'.,.?;-,. .s? n J. i
? "MM I* Ht IAL,
oil IK.Ni',
?m? rio* it.
naonofl tbcst <'oMrAsv7^~ nkw tour ?? mmI, bbbbi
for ?I? th* ltntj.li ..f iLr In ?n and l...(<i,ap..rt ttallrene 0.|i?i.t
llire? llun.il ai? Kim Mort???;. Hi.bil?. avc.i.J l,y .? aiui.la ?ii.li:, ?
i*..??l, ??.I ?luirniti-ril i, i eaasethtalaa' iUlln..iil Uaalaaaj ?-f Hi aul?*? .?f
rrtilrallni?! rtaid, attvfir*b?ll?TnJ u> rouitllnU Crtl i-iite aetataseal
in.riti?M,t beaili.
For I... particular* lad trrtni. ipp!r it U*M mt
BO ?J BB4UDWAT, ?.?r..( Rai t..r it.
__W *"' ALIillICII *-rirrUri?
FI01IT DRAFTS-ON KDINlll K(ill AND (,l,AN(i(?W,
AT Ml .H T. SI')? K KX( IIANtiK
BO. 31 lMLI.lAM.ir.
Kir?! MirrUAt?. 7 per .?ni. limn!? IMakaw Kund IIUr1?*(l) fur
iak.br LYS.?*/- JON IS No 117 Bruja a?. R?m..b SI l_
VULTON CUUiNT)' (Illinois) BONDS-Iseucd
? 1. aid MISSISSIPPI ANO WAUA.?'! RAU.IiOAD,? ?"? WP"'J*
?lad k? Ihr Coal./, aMteJ, at bi?b fate*. Appl? to UKO. (J. DUNBA?,
Ba 7 Wall it,_--______.___*___
Ranking lions? nnb #unIuM.
BBSUTTBB SOB, OB KEckii-t. AT makkkt bat se?
NKW-VOUK, ?.ci.icnilier I, IS?7.
BsaMasta, "Ri.
r-inpon. iri.
S?l Ke*i?tere,l At...
5 M Coupon, 'G1.
*?2>i Coodoo, '64.
i*?( iinc'iii, -te.
Mil Cooiiob, '?A pea.
*7u?i.npOB, '67, "
IU AU Keeiatvred.
1040 Coupuii.
lo? I
lill Gold.
Ill ,Ai..u.t 7.30.
lc'.it'jiin? 730.
IH.Jolj- 7.30.
110 (??t.. 41. I. Srrte?. IBM..
111 I De?,, G I. Not?e. IH64..
I' ? May. C. I '??-<?? >**??
Um) til*:., OL I Note*. I J?'..
?"{ Sept.,?'. I. Nnle? I lo?..
tiyj.o. t., 0.1. Not?, law..
in I
1 'I
1 taft
I 'I
we ana SPECIAL attention TO FL'NDINO
All ??Set tak?o la eirhauee ta 5-'?0 MONDS. Kefiro.? mad? to cor
rcpoudi i.ti witiioui Ji-.a?, aiiil ou favorable tern.?.
GOLD for Oiitoin Uome p?rpo?ea f.irnlali?d atlowoat ?arkrt ratea
VKKMI1.?K a. lo. Ho. 41 Wail at
NO lil V. ALI. ST . SKW-TOBtv
Kur AIOIIST NOTES we gi'? ?? NSW 5-20 BONDS, arid p?r ?V> 53
F,r JINB NOTES ?e fire the NEW 5 ?0 BONDS, ead par t>4 &S
Pur Jl'LT NOTUS wt fire Ih* SKW S-30 BONDS, md rtv-eiit g1 45
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Ba -i NA.V.AI Mi.,
ACCOUNTS OK BANKS It t NT Kill, anJ other? BfcCLIVbD on
(??urabi? termo
mates a.ni? CABIBAB
& CO.,
Agents for .he Sale of the Inion Pacific
Railroad Co* First Mortgage Bonds*
TVe* Booti heir !nt?r??t it ti,?- rt? of SIX Phil ? K.ST IN COLD,
aad ire mid it NINE TV IM ?INI ii?! ar.-raeJ iulernt fro? Jul? I,
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B"K.lir AND Mil, J ON Hi? li I.NAloN. later?? illoweJ oa
Bl '?0 W W.I. ST . ? OB, UK NA?.?AI ST , NEW ?UKK.
it. kan a? I a? ii Al Hit lau.t l.lrrral cnireni pnrei, lad keep oo baud a
'i,.)\1.1i.\MKNT HUNDS OP ALL IS.?. DES.
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stocks, BONDS ANO n<"?l.r>.
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M.it.N llllltill..-. i.i',.II.;i > INT" K1VETWBNTIKS Al HIE
M".^. I \ ??? t ! ?. RATBa.
_ .i \ i OOOKF. ?t Oo.
lcllN MUNBOE ?v r??..
.Nu 7 l-l !. ?' I I'tlUS,
N.. S ?TALI Si . NEW T(?ltK.
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?JMI I li ft McGINN18,
BANKI IL? \M? i;;(i?KEB?.
Ko 4 11U"A1?M'. Bata IXBal
?iorr-fu. ni <?.u'ii-i, Slueki, Bund?. FithaBR?, Coaaernai P?per
Purrhaae.1 ur S..I.1 uti C"?n ?
t>?iu?t? i ?? -J ?.I ii.terr-t all..a? I ?imp *a ?I'll au Iti.-or|?>r?lf<l
iKi.Nt't ana i."\ns BaaoTUTaa roa aaomoao com
W t?IIIN(.1..V M ?Ml lil JOHN M.< INS!? la
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Fb?ME savincs dank of w11.i.mis
I " l.i i.i.l! roraet - I Jloai li I Kit i K.N :'
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W? (iinii.r. ?ri.tari. PEii.lt M i'l.N'dKI li?.
M M M Milli.i: I li;'. I' h OS llt.NMNi, itm ?K
N,-> I ?i.,:. I I,. I,.? ..i i ... ? t ....|.?r l??lllulf
M\ I Kill IN. IN; li.KM, I..-?.-I..IU1 tai. ai.uooluu ALI. Si MS
'r, h. +i u ai tax_
*|*ll!r.l) AVKNTK S.wTn?.S HANK.
I 1'i'HNHi ?'t 1 li KN'l'l ??VIII -l ASI? TIMBI' t\K
??p?n .i. ? -.. i) i ia*at MOHOAY, \\il?Ni:s
IMI Btal ?\ II III It I i I N|M.? I , mi I, !.. ?
.h.... aita til? i.,. .. ' ai,i .?ix rea cant taraa
KM Bal L
ptiakai HotiKS.
Onu a M ma ( ni' ii.,' * nu ABfM lim a,'in Cn? i'iii 1
( in. a... \nt 14 ISeT I
niVIDEND NOTICE.-The Sttxkholdtiia of
I " i ' ibJ Altea I . ? i i n , ,i . ?-. ii. . ' i u..ii?..l lint a
I'll I m nu ?i i n | PBS ? KN i fro? erUeeertaaeal t?i. h.? !.?*-a do
r ?r, ,i ,,n ii,, I',, :rri?.l ?t .1 I ..ii ?at Stark o? a*.I ( at paar. | ???til? at
laeeaVneflW AooBaaar't A|ee4a Me? ? M K JBSIT S COMPAST
Na iJi'i??.? V? lark i'ii in>SU tv ibeMsafal Iwlttkitont
liri raaa*ti leoki ..| ila I Mapa*! " '' ' * ???"?? <l ?I <he rU.?a ..f Ima.
111> I." in uf IL? .'lal .n-l . a:,il r. ..p.-i'iil nu ti.? luwn.nr nf Sept. Jl
_ii M [AKKABSS .'.'.r.r.r *'..lii.A*..ier
urrini ?TU Atu-.ui M m. ,?i. ???mi' i .-ki-im j
Se I Ile?, iii. ..i.n \ BBW-TOBB t if'ial .". I'T i
NOTICE IS HEKEUY i;iVKN thal the Don ni
?I Ur. lan "f Illa C.'i i'*u? I,air tina ,U? d?. .arni a I'll li'1-..N II
. t I li.? ISDOSI II li! PI II ( I Ni oat el tho net Illtaaf* if BBBI
I, r . i-lil.* Ailalilt 1 ? | ai.l.ie ?I tina t urneaiii ? uuVr. ll??l?v, >.u
l. ni. i in I i ...M Unka ?In L. . '?. . I i..-.,. -.. |,|.,?t.. r I ar.,1 ic
BfbBata ,??| l.i,.!.. H MBBBT J VIINAN. S?.-r.t*rj.
T BB0*U>WAY ST??Ki: TO DKl-N.?. M?
tB* aeconil, Hurd ?rd fuuitli ioon, 2.1ill!J fut ?aib. 1.1 lugctbii ur
alu|l/, ailb I.'li.'i l?rt limn, hat.-kwa?, and ?(.tran.e ou Muna) li
ll.il.nro of OIlA.N'i.K .Ititi' A ?'?' Vi. 41 I'.rki,?.
r\E?K ROOM TO LETiBt Na I8i Ilroad
1 / w.r. K....m So 4 A ... Ml BCASTll R l?BHK foi Ral?
j^?RNISHE? HOUSE io LET-Nfnr Irrbf?
X pl?i-e, loutalua 15Koomi in |ir??| ?rUer Poaarailen imra?.llatr''
StBi sru_ _ ian z.t.Niir um.? >?? so w.i, .1
A rent, '? rn.iiii? nell furaiahrd ? i annul. , ti?a de put. Ai.pl? to J
A. P., Nu loot biaben -t , N 1 v ' * J '
r|*() DKT- lo a privat? f^iWr?TftiriiislH'tl
S I,r..?n ?tone Uni SK la Sr.uu.l ?ila.?, |l,.?,kl.'u. A ?-euti.aaa anti
aife ?III lii'.rd lo fit p?;iaei.i of r.ul H d?-?nr.l. Appl) al No. JJ Ful
'TI) LET? Dltillklyil ?(,4|lt4?l tlll4'4'-Ht4)Vv 4'X
? leii.i.iu bWKI.LINt.h Be* liri lal.US knmul la.t put la
? .??toriler, p?liit.-,l |!.*i*?t iiei?),!.,-!,,,?!, ,?, ibAbdV.ni, ?ater.
IiiiBii-diat? poeaeaaiuB. Appl, ou | rerelaee.
rpo RENT KURJilKHEIl-A very tiWiabla'
1. tlirreat...? l.i.k I.MKM.IMI BOVSI ..a Ten!, Oral ti J.T
Sialka?t.,24iM). at * ?Ni per woull, I'm.te f*a.il? o??l?. Api'lr to
S W hhNKl'HT .Vv lnViueit
?flousfi nnb (ifarmi ?SFlnntrff.
SiteHll, .,?. |(,? Bat to Ut*)?* ?11*11 I ir.r. An,?,,. ,UllJ
!.. ..I. In.-alinn ?,u 1, ?, ,UB uh|, ,l(r.,Jr,| ,?_ Ad.Irena U., Bul No!
*>, I 11 I ??el I Iffli r
AVANIKDiuITkciiasI. or tllttft-A -?Jl
?iii ?\KM '," ' "' 'S ' U "a ! ' "-"' M""'' "' ' K-" ~ ??tata!
Kallrnad N.a J?..., ,?.? ?,,, bj i...l. a .li.iai.rr f,..ia Nea lora. Ad.
Iraaa.wllh full parti, ?|.? Kill, hu.um, a.
Wanui) i.. r-iju??ASE in Di.it.kiy?r,^??
t ferry.-.". ?I.M'hK ?Uti ?tatra liuuiutaiiajiitt. A 1
*Ul.u| ptUa, hVA.Nd, Uu? Ma I? Vulmui 0&.1 *******
?\ja? J5ial ? unit for Snlf.
FOR SALE?Willi ?7??mc(liiit(! poKscssioa, th?
ne? Uin-e-atorr, liel? laaenieut, !?ri.?a ?ion? BOUSB. North eaaf
renter o? Kort? ni ?ib at aal ?VteatS-*?* Meaee, ? fc Hii5?, lot, BO f!.,
???rr moer .or; pri?e, ??.(?i?. A??, Ile lal ?'j imi.* atari ?lie. ?>?,
WU. AUm?, Ra IM, gaita1, Inquire of Hit ?turn, JOHN (. BARKS,
So. l18 W'e.l Knit? i '.tb ?I._
Ililli SADE?Ufirgc quantities of REAL
KNTATE in tin? rit;. IlriM.klrn. jii.l ii-n.it?, ii??, law quaM.?e?
of na|iro?e.lai.d uti.mer..? r?! I'K??I'KHI1 in Hu? ?ml tie W.lr n and
Saat inn SUte*, b,?,i n u-ral but COU? i'UV fihM ?' SOW I ?ta al
kiata of boajteat aee-etUterl_ _l',,J',-, * ,u,Kf,_
la'UR SALE?A new UOI'SK,"on Oiic-lmndrwl
1 an.ltBe.itr ?eventli at , about :i?>U feet ?.?I ni Fifth aie north
aide three ator?. lilla- ?* anil .ellar, Ih.I .?lui eulJ ?al. i. tin e marble
baii'ii? on leeond et.rr, bath mum tritaiiie.l ? iib I.?vi ??lent, ?peaking
tub*?, and bell?, ????I b.it-r la callar; ?a bri ?m ""f1 r,' "'.'"" .*."""'
pirie hua??. Applr tu HILLS tV WAKEMAN, One buuJrcti?ad-twoa
trlftbit., bet? ?ni Sei-onil ami Tnatwl ??'??_
WM A ('??IT, No 4 Pi??*-?t-Fnr8.M.K-A i ?iaber of STORKS
lu the lower pirt of the tit/, in mo?! of the pr.i? ipi) ?tnete. Appljr u
abor?. _
mi??iii????ii?ta i. am ?i
JJrooklrm fx*l if state for Salt.
A HOUSE on De Kalb-avo., one on Green-ave.,
ont ?a Sukett *t.. and one on Tavlor it , all fur SALE cbe.ip A
(uuntrr pUee at Moiitelatr. N. J., alao, on? at Illix.ranvlil, eai be buuibt
low Real Eitate AeeBC?, Ko. 5 Uet-knua ?t, Kerna No. 9._
A. kaBdaome. eitr* ?lilli, corner liol SE Nu. IS?omi pi*.?. Brooklja.
?I h or ? it!...ut Stable. Ilonae 34 feet ?id?, three atorra ?i.d hae??eet|
ia lae orden tiny ronreni.-nce. eirrllrnt n.-if bl?,rlM>u?l. Prie*?, ? lB,StK).
Pur particular ap;ir tu r It KKI.I.i?.?: Sa *4 CeSaf-at. B. T_
V"ALUA?LE POPERTY on Enat Rirer and
Bi.ib?irkIal?t<Brookl??,K t?.)-KOK BALK S 1-.*? PLOT el
OROUNI?, ?ile 2:SJib57 feet, with LegittUlne ?iiai.t to eitend BM feet
further into ti? rWr; and belna-d'rectlj oppmite Fonrteentb.at.. la Ihi*
nt?, it alTurda atleairable location fur a Kerr;, lUnroAil Depot, Market.
V, *reb..u>ea nr an eitenalve aajaaaaattariag at I.ie.uiier buaiueae. Apply
t?l/i:ilOIS, VANIiKKVCX.ilT a, Co , N?. 37 V. ararat, N r.
<f onntTg Heal <tf statt for Salt.
A^l'^iVANT?^G~fXr^ SeM. m?M
climate, k4 telle? aoutk of Philadelphia. Pnce unir S'/* P?r acce
Alao in-proiei! farina, bin tired? ?r? aettliua; Inf. rwatiuu aent ft??. A4
dreaa C K. I ANI'IS. VkaBb?at,Ba? ttmMf._ _
? ed KAHMS, a ?real ?irietr, heiutlfultr titrated, ont hoar fr.ua
Is? lork, for SALE luw. Alv>, Countrr Sent? ind Home? TO LET foi
the tenon or rear, bj BLACKWELL I? ?Mini, No. 243 b ruade af,
New-York. I te li a. a. ; Orange, c?rBer_Main an?! Cuae-ite?. I tal
lutl. ?i!.e. Va. ; 270 acre?, partlf cleared, balance hear, timberi
lar?-* portion abound? Ir beat qua! tr feen ami re h purple Slate ; tilt
?eint ir? opened and winked I?, prott. new din, |oed witar power, larar?
?tune mill, niarhiuer? complete, ac<-?u.n,.?l?tiuii* fur >? hai.da, a tra?!
npenir r f"r a '?unipanj' or print? ebterprue , terra? eaaj. JAyl.'ES. Bo.
IiiH ltr.,..l?aj._(
A MAGNIFICENT FARM, 114 acres, near
B.rtii. ll.r...,k. iK-.-intiful ?ello? anii. very prudm tire . larr* twe?
eter? boiue 1J ruorai; tenant Bun?*. Iwu !>?rn?. and other nat-boildia??,
?II in complete unie.-.choice ?Taft.?! fralt. neier failing itreaia , well?
anti apriui, ? wood in?cient fur the f?nt Kine vie ?. heil'br location,
.oodao.iely._J Agi ES rtn. jw Bri??????.
J.\ chuter Co.. one b. ?r l,r rall, luilldlnei BSg*, rou?', aiid Iret
BSSJ 411 ?nei prixImtiT? l*nd In? r..ad frunl. beiu'iful la?a. In? fer?
^.m?. fruit ?ImniUnt. ilew tin?orpa?*eiI, oerrli'oiin*- di? Seaaal ?ml tb?
?urrouniliiiij c.iii.trr ei. el. nt water perfect!.. I.'a.IU/, bt?t uf ?octet/1
a pla? reJlel? witLn il?clt For p?rt'cal?r? rall ob
" * JAyUSS, No. 208 BmadoiT.
b!c, and 8 a. re? Land, near the demil at Miilburn, >'?w Jcntf,
only *4>?9. PETTIT*. FKA/.KK. ga 171 AtmtAmtj. Baal Nu 2
Xa. WICK; 1?J arr?. ?? : I'i.i-'.l and w.tertd i 2 pcrli orcbaidi. al??.
In? apple ?ml [?? ?r ..rrhirla . all kirala ?in?l fruit? in a!itiir!?u?-e 0.,,?J
larre I.BililiLii? in perfect onler. Price iocludiaf( all tte ?t.ick. croBi aal
taruiinf loipieniet ta, unir + J:l OOll. will ?Ichan^e fur Iluu.? lu bnruklra.
PETTIT A Flt/.FK So 171 Hroadway. Boora No. I
Cnl'.N'lili SKAT I Jil ?i re?, larne m..|eru l.rirk r**Na*S*t| ?itea
?ne i,.it ren?dmn, tai. ter.?r,t bn-iv?. fruit and ?luvie. Price, mi lading
?luck Bad iiapieir.. at?. +? ?JO. utl:.-i? S*k*Sfk
PE-riil Ar KKA/KK, Sa ?7I Breidwar, Roo? So. I
*. a it Meiucbea, ose hour from Jenejr ?it? : large raixlern Hul'SK. li
r.M.in?, irap.e oatkoiid ntl Ala?, ia;?-' farmrr'? liuaae. Fru.t. *?-. Ouif
? IS.mio. PSTTIT At l-KAZKK. N.. 17! H road? a?. Boom No I
Al INK F ABM of .ri0 acres, olio an iii- from,
K?w rtrunaairk *-.??i lar?-? H.mae ?:.d uulixiiMi?'f nearlr'newi
In? aelectiti? of Kru.t Tr.?-?: weil aatered: cbuire |i?-atuin Alan, a
I'AiiM ?f:6 aerea, lare? U idinc,. KA KM of MB *? r-v i.. ir I'epot, aal
en? of 70 arm. i . Si eaaaJJeaaSaaS? ks ti I lil I? ll.tUnh.NLl.lt'. 11. N'?.
1ST g re?! ?ty, baai-meut._
I > I : Y LANI )- lT?Y~LAND.
J * < Leip Ll>l S. *'.i?i ea.-h. parable *l'l a month far ti'? br CHAS.
It. MILLE?, Allatiti. ?'? . Ka.tNe? V.-rk. Mai Be 9 W l'uu,lib; at,
tear t Itr li*.I. greaklrt ll"uae? bunt fur purrbaaera ob ea.? kenna.
HA1.GAIN " at N'ow-lliiiiistviik-Sl'EENDID
I 'IN rCV SEAT. M acre?, a bun lauca fra.I and il.ai.i ; tarra
liar.?..? Hunte. ?II ii"?'?.n iinpror.-n.enUi ample uutliiiiMingi ; ?pirn Ti?
Btara ?ad di:?? gaMBI tniier? cheap. PETTIT k KHAZEK, He.
171 llroadaa?. K<?>bi No. 2^_
H ARO ALV^?BB of the U-at FARMS and
nnut l*?utifuii? located CtilMIU BBATS lu MiMEHSET
(iM'NTY. .NEW JKKSKY, '.?7 a.-r?i iplaulid huill'a'i: Biagmfeenl
?Iiaile ?n-i lawt, Bear d?p?t, rbarcnea. it.-r?? ant ?chooiA. Pr.co, taclaaV
iLjj ttuck. cmp?. luip'. -.euti, lad fiiuiur?, Sji.iaki.
_I'BTTITk KHA/KB. S.. 1TI Broadair, Room So t
BAU. UNS.?79 aerea in Lebanon Valley, tho
I li ?'prettieit Til!?-, ?n Ne* Jeraer . ian.l Terj prodacMrei
i meatuCf ?uil, bul!din|i lew , frultplel.tr; ?eil watered , ruBieiieat te
depot. cbarcS, actoul?, Ar . ;?ru,l en? Alan 1 ti ?.-re?, ciiuice KAKM]
ia l>e-iBAiilo?n Vil>r N, J . no better in t'-it ?e. iinr . ?elduin two inch
ii.-eil.-nt farmi (tXarad ( i ?ti.E, JA?vl E.?. Ni 21* Sroa<i?ir
Ire ?f 3 "Olual le K.?ilii.a.l. I. vi Mai t, frn? |* to ?5 luilei fmai
..'? VerbUtt lablBe.Si i 11,50*1 ?13.00* liil'TlT
A KKA7.I K Sa, 171 Broa.laa?, Bouiu No. J, or C V COJ11IE.N, Hock
ntre. L. I. _
UURLlNtiTON. N. J.-Foat 8AIaE?Mittanar*.
I * MABSIOB, Lu '( ? 1 > ?t u.,nner. ea t! a man ?' it. near Ilej?.?,
li ?:.?:.? ??-..t?:? i?. L.'t ?ni eel : '- . ?r -r lea, ?i k
I II tT ? i.? .:, aeUta rBABSXIB ?'OULMA.H,
x M B ui ?t . Bar? un- >n.
V- iAi.l.' e M?- ,t.?n-* i. r.? t,, el ?Ilk frail: '.?ru. un ?lern reel.
- al,,? ir |m.?. Al.nl art?, .'.., *? M'??, H ?, r.-i CUai?
I! laat B?rn, At , S J MS. .liier? ?ill fruin I U> i ic.n frun *.' 'JDu la
? ; 1 .iii' A. i-it.t/r'1- P. !Ii.m-:.??i , Houia ?
\J ftrlea ir?>t of Nc-Jeraet lilacrtl.1 M TI
'? iT acre? ? K1. I.a'? et..|.? *'.. -? ? Bl*.K*);lMi
?. |,. ST,?*, i'jKk an??. ?> I J :??., |.??. laiir- lil? '. ?.?.<.!?
PETTIT*. FHAZE1 N 17 I ..'...,. U....:? N? ?.
? ? i - a ?jj . ,??"* , *?e- ? ?a? ?. ??. bj-ij-?-,^.-,-^ ,niiii<i ri|,ri,i| in.ll, 4B>*9.
.... Ii...m Se X
PENTRAL i:\ll.KiiAI> of NI-\V-.1EK>E\
\ ' g1 ii I? '. I i'.KN. \ _a (teat ?..!..'? ?f gana* Hunae,??
?Wat* Se, itali pulnt? ..i i?-, ka* ai B
al?.?e r..Ad. AC 1'tNilAM )r A.?r N.,, 1-.' hr,.*.la??.
\J DBSCB?Beat* brick, larg*, a*h?iaaMal. vaataBBaati eWBjBBBta
?,iii?i??l coinnriiil.". ebaralaf ???, af lake ?id rfllaat li .rfiacre*
i'f ??relient liu.l. kilil? taltitaled, f - : aub f ,.t. ?t.i,?? tree?, ?ni
f. /fi'lr ?" it:' KtNKIN- , ib? pre? ... II I. KiHKB,
N I ? , -t . , : II I gil hK A ' ' ? ..luu ?re.. BrooklrB,
fur pLolo.r.pbl in?t lenna.
L'IM'ir FARMS FOR S AEE.-One of 1?0 antA.
JA. J.m?J ii., leal - ' ?? ? . . ??r? d-?lr?
asi* ?lae uf 1J0 acre?, ti ?rr? ?.? . ? t ' ? ? >??!. * ead 4
_ i: '. ?HEPI'A RP, Nu ?Boa ,1 | t?rete
CH)R SALE?Al ??GLESW?01), Perth Ata
1 l..? N J ai.'.r? hr'C DWH.I IN', li",.?h BABJ .ililiT
bl ni.. **] .-.s . t
!.. ... tia KI ?ti Aul
ii r , UtelA l? ?it ti?. Nu. ?1 .N*?*?u at, DI C.
1,'oii SALE, ?m St.u? n Island, ?) aerea ol
LASO ' at? i , u . *?t:?r,.i li ehu. ai'.u? : . f ? mi ?
Bats Um roiu. i ol Manor Bead, oa I I Tai I?, f..r attatg
mt i.u-aiion au.: baaltl i.. ?ur? ???*?! ?..ile . wat pqrcbaaara.
bb'1 ?t a lo? pnce. Applr to L?l uoi?, \ A.Nnfclii uoKl- ? Le , Sa if
H .'cr -t_
I.ViR SALE al a liaiyain?FARM on sistcu
I-:?.! ai l i.e .if renroal, aoer depot i ctMBtartalile hoaae.
iii?:? mill.iii*. i?i of land. Mo?, Sti,5tXi. Appl? lo A. Jol K?
Nf.At Nu I l'iw .:._ _
1 SBTl ' Il r Yitl. ia St i Ibtbbi f*a*i?l Sill
read al mt te doa.>l tv?, orta-iaallr ballt ?r a aaaar uu.l. Applr to A\
(??H'I'I? S? 4, W !::'. .1 _
J,mi: SALE.?A satisfactory RESIDENCE for
? ii? BaasaBBaS, B) ra. ?a ?a t??t bank of the liud?..n. 15 unir le?
..r.+i.*, ..' Ob? U lill | ? - : Centrai Park. ant. *
luti +i' s.?1 I i- Parmi in Jeraer, 14 lui.ei t,..m .Ne? \..rk. Aiulr
tnJ K. WOODBBIll?S. S? 54!,:ne,L
HARTFORD, i'tnui.?1.? aiififui suburban
Kl..?ll?l Ni K on K?rnn|tuii *'? , .?.it BaSS* ?er?nd?h?,
f lana? c,in?ei ??lune?, ir.udrra Irapruiemeiit?. larx? ?table. I acre? la
?- 'r lil iekrlaln?. ?ral dow. r #01 ten . a?-l.t or eicbau*-rd fl>r a re?l.
Ita . I? at ??a! Ne? Vork. KII?KK. N.. JJ lia? ?L , or M. L. Kll'Ebl
? Co., Bo 1 :.?. Suitaa ?1.. U..?.k:iu.
Thll beanl'fii' countnr li about to b? upeoed kf J re-1 rai'mad cora*
?il ?al."ii ?Mb Sea turk . Unie. ||b?BNI tin t nu? b? ?t. iuil..??t ta?
hiiuia Iiupr..?eit K?rm?, Sliore Krunl?. ,ri,t??u.eu ? I . ui.lr. .???la. Cot?
taari and llj|!i n? Sile? fur ?aie br
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Ko.iin Nu I an,I Basti ?tun LoaSJ II
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li.Al. Septruibrr I IWIT at 4 p m.
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WANTED-Froin Oct. 1, ROOMS and BO ARll
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