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'ililli SI ??.tillo.
11. vi i.*".' ol l N'.I. IN I?. Mme
till- '
I a
m?a , . m. BLACK ? li.'i'K-'.rail r?i..:fLue ila ,-t
\ it- 'j r?. _
TIIII IS* -?ierioa.
THIS : H I '!? I? ",;i
> t.
.cam mi ? ?- _ ,,
. ? r .a a-,
Dai an'. :?.**.. iib blacksmith?! w?'.-tiiki:.
' ? \VI
HW Mill,II I 'S . *; IB
.* I . . I
:-? 1
DAT AH ? ?
an -v.-?:.? -.jr.?*.-.-'- B I OB Uti?'i??JJ'"1J -?
i ? i ? ICE.
i ?
t ? ?
. ' i;n,:,;
i.*.,.* ? i _
? -
Dr. h.J\im'*a..i eMirri kb eurea promptly
? i-..: KvinsNi -..ii ?teamas- i s
Iii st's, So. I way,
*??? r>M In
' vT? an?!
Paru aale allaite, _
~c?ii, ?, i ?.. .\ Sus-, Mannfactnri i
. OraadGsU
,, ?
ItlKXKP rill)? Via- I'
\- . nre? of fia? ?t T - -
-.r.-ll Ita
.trill! tia- li.? ? !.-.:. I'ai'.i.r .1. N.?'.. tal ll?-l? ?,
t'.urlai??ll at._
Th. Ho-? r *I ISON OS BllSt Hows, a ?Bat '13.1 B??_w?t, Ne?
. ?rlr!, ovrB BMBfl-TVS I an ?TiTi.K*. tie um T OlilVD
< Baa .?-im 11 -
r?e?lu. M?i '.mea. ?- l-*r Inper.al deer.-e pabktM in TV
ASii.m.i: Midm., which waa the nu.iii.-i
raiwa.tr-e. it ti). 1'..:
:,- " i-i -id m >. -IHK aa_i ) uni i
M?, m* _
Tut .-iv.. i: M \m i x? ii i:lN?i Co.
,-,.-M?t HIHU.
v -, Ne Yarli.
Ganyan ?v Rabbb'i Highest Premiun Sew
im. Mt. Hissa. B ? -.'. l?r..?.l?rat, N i _
Kinki i; & Lros Si:win?. Machine?, No. 587
Broad-?.. Wa_trJ-L?.fal au. fiat? I |A| -- tarni
lor fit i'*r._
I'm. Pbamblik Bbh k M m hine.
Tsa But if mr W. kid. Bsam rm: ?'m. ria?.
J II Basics I'.;---- ? Ha 71 Brat I-a I N I Bo Bo.?
"Palmes'. Patent Limus, Best!" Lasi
BarohT1 AJJraat Di Pautas _ia,S?--York.k Button.
Carte? Viiniette, $8 per dozen; Duplicate?, $3.
ABaagaStaaai.ti?t?re.l. R. A. tam? S i : a.':,a_.-a_, N. t.
WIbb, Toupee?, ;iu<\ Ornament al Hair.?Fin!
ruai,?., lu r Ira t Ail ali ?t i.?'- h ri r'?, 1C Um.it ?t
Bat-Uelob- II mu Dye?The beat in the
? Mt, iii??an_.n.oiia paffcafc At all Iirn.ii ata
I'm\ I 1.9Al r.\!'i.-lll'>N, Pabi
Sraiswav A. Ban l-JSMrS-Urr, taitas basa aaarle.I tli. Fikit
<ll.?*l, ?i,.i |, Nattai fct Ar..< n.:. Kum.? in all Ihre' .tra.-? .xhll>il?:J,
Ui? M*'. Hut iu oTJt-r of ment bj the
u.aanaoiia t.; I?r-.
Warn ? :..- N . 1 ? ?rj.J 111 ?,it Poiit t-nth it.
l-wrv TniBUNB. M:ii! SabacrNttn, $10 per annum.
**k.mi-V. uki*, iiiiii? \r. M;ni Biibwiiben, si p, i an.
nebelt Imbi nt. Hoi] bubacriben, .*?. p i annum.
a .1 \ c r t i ?: i n n Kalt-.
Hail. Ijm^ni.. ?Steht? jw lint-*.
>i R1?V 7,"?i *, I atti sr, go ? nts pel lino.
Vi i i km i i.'tiit sr. fji SO pet liuc.
T. nu*. cash in a.'u.iu. i-.
Ailtlit'-t. The Tuibumb, New-York.
nu: ti: i rise is i: i ropl;
snxhN- |__o__isaa, ?ig.-nts for .Luciieaa Ijbba
itu*. Rall II-m ??-ti.i-;., ?'..Mil ?.indi n, Lo ml un, are
HM.ii! t.r,at Bril ?n.
Cab) i.na.ii.- -..v. Bookselktr andPnbllabcr
Plat?, ? , \t. lu Ans?
i r. N..I.I..S ,v i ?... An,,-m,n i;. ;. ... Ko. ii Rae
Aals r, Paris, sir ?cents for lui. TbibumkIb li ;
\ Isa i h a i ?... Book . no, _,->
l'util (tra Uudea, Berlla, are agents fur Tub Tan i se in
?i vtiil rr-ci ?Minns and u?!
? i:.ii:iM, and supply coplea of the
paper t. Aiuerk-uns t? _upt.ran.jr In Europe.
s - e ?bim',, 'ja tdiireiaci! to ' ina TB_B
l NU .*
Wt raattl anti rtaka ,? ?-tura ?.?-??..' CaasMB nat *
Ailvctt:?.m, j.i-a toe thil \Mik-, i--'.? o| 'J'i;r
TW Dramatic Kotes, further particulars oftht
Dean ttiehmoud Collision, Religious Yeic*,Courl
Reports, the Mou?u Article, and ihr Mt
ti,,- tecoudpage tins morning', ship "Sews, the
Crops, and other utatters on the third page, and
?' 'ittiy Items on thesitth.
A?liiiii;ii ftuiagul prorei t!i?- nuudnol Bolo*
mon, tlmt ;i mau ililijieBl in Ida ?-?illili,: -hall
?mtwi batata kin :?.. Lately, tli?? Kin--. ,.i'
i??-i'iiiiiilv ;ii?.| Greece bael i!.?- beooi oi itead
?lira' btfOU Ililli.
^ Tin? Treaourer ?.f tl.c " I'mn-.i gtatea report!
?i UMH.,001 ?s tit?* aihouiit ?t iee-_it] tot ?ii
?nhilin.' no!,s lu 1*1 intu?-.! t,,i N,?ti,mill slmnkm,
WV l.i.ir of |88.7_1,M0 m the receipt? ol In
tt-tn.tl lifvimi?' lot Satin,l?,y. Tli. total <-l
C-fteRII ri)lin!?'?l in aft} ,i;t\, ?t/m a.
Tlio fifti?i;il \?.l<- iii Iii??, I.-, ?i,.i, i,, TniBimii
foi (.??V? lilli!' i** ?is fnllov -:
Kil)Wul?.?A( I!? ]. 71.W I
lilli? lillltt ? ma;. ?
The totnl vol,? h !?T,'l:;|, o? i\ Iii. It ti,,- |q].
ilieis (lundi Mo?M ?it ?is Browmlow'i ''.-i.uni
"iug alul),,; cist 81H??ui foi Brownhnr.
We find no niintion of stiiiionov, blank
book8., io?*, fiu-1, (atp?l>, fin ni: ;?)?', ?itnl \.ii?oiis
4?tJi?*r litt 1?- iti'iii-t known ,n,!y te tbOM inter
I'.sK'll, ill till' Coiltloll, ira li ?mil ol lily <?,lll!,\
ponws to the Con.-titut onal ( ??um iifi?;n, pnb
li.-li?'?l in our (UM ol li?- L'util. Wv al?, ob
Nffl 111;, t tin- (loriiiiicnt wat not \. -1111, ? I.
Till' proc'-filii! -, ?.!' ti ,- I| I- ;,. ,1 ,,, ] \\ ,, I
infill?stn Congn - m hi? li was reeently held al
J.,i!i.-.uiiii', Suit/.? ilatiil, l'un. '. auoUicr proof
that Un* Boeial <|in-i?.iii i- ou t!ic eve oi claim?
ing ?i flatter -(attention from the legislator, in
both lifini-jilicn . than hai hitlierte linn a,
ColiU'il to it. Tja. H'lioite? ol tl1(" ,11 ;,
Cima iii- ?.ral Rnropean countries Indicate
I that the liitiin.itiDtiii! Coogif-i already repre
?ent? a formidable power, which is incrMuring
flinn year to y -at with i/i.-:?: rapidi? v.
Wliile tin- French papen are, a- nana), dis?
log the m? ..uni.-: ol the last dlploinatic note
ol' tin ii Oovernment, and are doabtful whether
?t nu ?na peace, war, ot nothing al all, the
Kin',' of Prussia, the frown Prince ?>1 Pin
?uni the Grand Duke ??l Baden hare made pub
lie ?.'.'In-??<? , whirl.* !i;i\i', at least, tin* merit
of being m> plain m not ti? be misunder
stood by anyone. Tiny ?ill state in tin* moat
emphatic manner thal the German nation desires
i" ? -mplete its unity peaceably, ii no foreigner
Interferes, bul b) force of nuns ii no other
- i. n open.
11.. late?! - Dsation, truly speaking, is the
production ol ?i letter from Gov. Orr wholly
?uni In.utily indoiving Gen. Sickles. He de
i i., : ?,.i Ordi i No. i'? was, so far aa
s?.nth Carolina is concerned, an absoluti i ?
?(*-ity, and th.it !'<? deeply regrets the ?oin?'
taken by the President and his idvisi
He believe, that liad uot Gen. Sickles Issued
this order, mci. teoops would have ?been
called foi rve the public reconls and
protect Bherlfts In executing c?tII process al the
honghtlrsi oi be__rtle-8 creditors.'
It appears that this no-called t>__nnical ordcr
wau, according to the Governor's own showii ?
an act of condign ch? rity, which tar. Johnson
has uscleesrj overborne and nndone. Whal h.i>
the President to -i* ?'
hofield has issued an order foi
separate polling of whites and blacks in Vir?
ginia, The Democratic papers repeat that
? ? -. d. Grant approvi i the Preeident
"tion*' t?. holdall the Southern elections sim?
ultaneously, and that Gen. Hancock will ac
cordingl. ii\ the first Monday in November foi
the elections in Louisiana, while Gen. Schofield
will i, .ill hi-?.nil!' Axing n prior day. Gen.
Him.oik i- mentioned ti observing that
there is not the ilightoal necessity for
trouble ot delaj In executing the Iteconstruction
Acts. This Bentiment docs not wholly ?i<vi>i<l
?with the President's temper. Whcthi r the simul?
tane?os policy will result in more quiet than it
is the habit of his Ex? llencj te ?1? .-in- ia ?iii
between black and white, remains, of conree,
to I* seen. We think it will.
Like ?i trae soldier, Gen. Sherman shows,
tli.it he believes In war only as i means of
peace. His Indian ttegotiatieai ric bound te
disappoint some ?>f th<- white tarages. He
h:is aided the C*c?_nm_-?a-oners t.? meet with ih<*
red men, and has fully .?econded their e_?_?ts
foi peace. Three treaties with different ti '
have been concluded, and the histoiy of In?
dian affaire will now, let ns hope, proceed In
Ink iiml not in bloo4_s_Hfid The uuthe
ties of Montana have, us was f<
seen, cone ? great way t<? mai anj
effort for peace. They have opened a want
and causeless war apon the friendly ?iii??- of
Crowa?aa act qaite in accordance with the
vindictive ?piiit in which the raising ??r volun?
teers against the Indians begun In Montana.
The Governor who countenances and aids this
new wrong ought i<> be h?l?l io ? strict
account? _________________________
EASY DOWN lilli.
The V. Y. Times MgReatatbat " Mi. Beward*s
Mpolicy" iin buying Walraatia) "seems to be
"gradually vindicating its?-li"?the object of
?ai?! policy being, according te The Times, the
\ speedy iti'iiui.-atio'.i by us <>t th<? British terri
I tory lying south-eaat ?>f said parchase, ami
i now, as it were, between obi newly acquired I
.?uni ?nu oid?i Pacific territory. Bays The
j Time* :
"Geo. llalli to Iks post at Wtka Compenj ii
of th.- Second Artilli t-.t, and C.innany 1 ? i the _Vinth In
fan;: i . hi irn'ii In nil 'iin- garrison ?- to Ii
omi ? Heal, I..?-j ?tal. an ta
: till nerve lo i
viv Hie whole tu the capita] i-i \
:'i toni? Im lil? den 3 ?. j ?m. m- ..r
tin i uni....k. d for, tia-1 uterprit- ?
Involve na nun li axn ass aa that wl li gre-vt on. of U
Uaruej _ ;?
. ban .!;i.m ? :
"TI '
li ni i
Of H -
...S ?I !a\ i-ll a. ,
tin ii'., i of that
tim.,. ? - -. 11 ?. t bave '.
? i
1? :iii. li :- n i- iii
ol our ??wa section
?Wi- tliil hope that we had beard Um
of "our own sectional divisions'1 in _<
to tin -r projects ol territorial sggrandizen
Hitherto, wi hare had to brave the repro
being impelled to resist such acquisitlo
jealousy ol or hatred to '* i lu- Booth;* but
this could not well !><? rendered plausible trith
referen?? io the purchase of a quartet ol the
Arctic Circle?
Tli R ate? suggests that we can well afford to
pay ?7,2-0,000 in irold te purchase "a statioa foi
"our whalers and other nerehantmen gi uei i
" in th?' North Pacifle." But why r-iionld we m i.l
te parchase s station .' Russia has hitherto
owned both coasts of that ocean, with all their
harbors,' she is eminently friendly to us, ami
there is hut the remotes! possibility that she
will erer cease to be so. Hex porte and __trbon
are open and hospltabh to our whalers and mor?
chantmen. Should we again be Involved in nar,
our vi??Is arc sit'?-from attack in Russian har?
bors; not M in otu own. Why acquire tbOM
Whither docs The TimesU principle lead nal
If we must purchase and fortify ports in the
Ninth Atlantic, is there not <v< n a stronger
reason, i mora urgent necesalty, for buying
ports likewise in th<- Weat Indies, the Archi?
pelago, the Ninth Atlantic, the Indian Ocean,
?ive Itc.1 Where a.??- wo to stop buying, If we
must buy in the Noah Pactflc, whose whales
are nearly played out, while hei ?.. ia eternal.
lio consider!
The Timen exults over the SmailnOSS of the
force sent to Bhki by Gen. HaUeck, as if its
cool were the .Masare of our expenditure In
Walmssia or, it you choose, Alaska. But we
all know bettor. On new parchase has thoa
Minds ol milts ol sea-coast, which m ill soon be
??illili?, tor mails, light-ho?asea, forte, harbor
improvements, live ? ImproYeiaenta, Ita?, ice.
We Lave been fur twenty yean hoping thai i
lillie voiilil rom,, when in \ic might di*pen-e
with the Coast Burrey; now- it has got as by
tin? throat l?r anoihc. century. We true it up.
One Million Hollars pax annum will not long
suffice foi the maning expensen of Mr. Seward.
nrw- whistle, orer and ..hove ?my revenue that
may Ik* drawn tren. ii. And tot what I
The Ti..?s thus cautiously nnaaaaks the ulti?
mate object <>r the Arctic purchase:
" ?''' ' ' '. mili.
1 ''J' t! ? , , ? ,.. ?f
'?'?" rica t.i n",a i,,,, ,j _' .'
I- I.,, li '.
? k'liii:
,'? iin- i span . .-i i.i i,,
i. the luir, ?li .n
l?lurao tlioiust'lvcs on tue value In willoh tia?
? ? ii.i- Mothar country, the ten i.t
?ilin snd - i - - I ii li:. Im iii. i ? i
t. .n and i- no** lo fire both Hie A" m k nii'l I -
( ,
t "?*? t %
11, .ii.-.i, g* Cottfederation, totbejiidgloentof som.
i pen ?i -. in u i ?t i". ??.m Itsell lu Ibis aspe, t; bul no on.
who baa can ruth watched the pregn ?of ?bal m. i-m?
! . m avoid the eonoluslon that all the spei lal impel lal suit?
es, whether for railroails or for the building and le
. t., tin-1 -Ililli ?1 Our
i i inn,i-i,i- in the way ol regulating their own I. ? ri n -* and
I i-tiiiil,-inn.- postal and commercial tn lOee with taralga
ion iii- ii own rou it, ?re bul parte i i ? *****
im ?iHiiiiinv tu tin n- ii-iiiiii?tinii (,r complete indepenu
enee, or the forma ti. on theil own rcspoim._y, ol
?u- ?i i- w i. : itioui lui-.- .i-i' ' inaj bold to be i onau. ire
I to tin ir liiiitu,.,i lu l political lat?.
?(.nat Britain, all tar?, has been the
Largeal operator in ( otaries tot fMMtmtioii-,
i ,,-,, 'lading, ?-n ,t < lim mu v.l. iii.'t the bad
De? .lou'! pay, die ?- preparing io retire frotn
ii gradually ?Hill quietly. W.-. ander the lead
??t |fr. Baward, nu- i<> a?uni'- wbal ehe r?pu?
diai. >? ??t ahe, a- Uni hiwiiioal manufac?
turing m well m tr^munapi -?.ii nation on earth,
cm?, -Hitit make more ont ni Colonice
than we can. ?ind our p?rchale horn Ku it.
??atead of facUitating the iinl.ji.-inl? ace o_ hu
Ni.iili American Cotoniiia, taapna i?? ni ?__-_?
lated i?? embaitaai and poetpo_e it.
Uni why should ?i republicpnrehaaecolonlea 1
Why ihould she pay atone) to other people
tui iivin.tr iinili-i' lui iwaj ? l.oi'd Dnndreary,
after mncli cogitation, .discovered that ? <Iok
?rafa bia tail bacana? the ?I'??-' la biggci Mian
hi- (nil; -o w? lMcUiiic Illili a ** lu-ion'" ol this
?<>iiii11\ with YYnlraaaia must 1??' heldan acqui?
n of that romilly bj thia; yet, in point <>i
fact, under the detnocratk theory ol' govorn
mont, abe acqedre? ni aa nmah as we B-qnire
lui. VYoeec no reaaon whj w< should pay the
i.i-f dime foi the privilege ol improving the
harboreand lighting the beadlaada of North?
ern America. _
Moe! of our readers will remember thal ?
.l.ii i' reault ol the Convention ol Inanranee
Companiea, held laal November, waa tis?- or
.tiit?ii of a Chambee of Ufe Inamraiiee ??!
the United Btatea. The plan of thii Chamber !
w.is excellent, embodying aa it did mntnal
f.iii-uli.liions ?nul advice among the eompaaiefl
opon all mattere referring t?> ili?n eelenti_e
kaowledge, bnaineaa ef-ciency, anti gnneral
prosperity. Ona ol Ita flret riti?le reaolta now
m,iK? s ii- nppearanee. it i> a ii t "i all eom
I'.mics in the United States, the ."I" ' "f
linn policies, their oaacti and liabilities, and
placea of business. Bnch ? liai ?atmld l?'' vain
able, merely at u list, ii ita iafanimt-on wew
n, w. ' Bul the facta which ii ? "iIh.?1?. - ?rara
t.iii lii?il.t acceaaible before il?' presenl maa, and
do special .i.dit ii ?lu?- therefore t<> t?a?Chan
bei Lu bringing then, torward. Koi can the
tabular atatemenl of what the companies navi
done be regarded aa partfcolarlj bupreesive.
The iiiiml la 1? ?1 to i "?i -??I? i iii. i ihibil a \ k ..
Of .-Inn I? (Hiiiii,:- instead ?>? -'i' '.-???-- i'!"'' I '''i'l
aJ, m,i:, itii.ii ni uii.tt i- jim- lid. iii.in aenl
upon what bai been done.
The total population o? the doited Btatea
maj noa be round); itated al
mt in force, .?i u. n- on Januar] i.Ij Mi S3
policiea. V7e exclude foreign countries erith
Aim n. ia 1'i.iiH'lii -? and " A?. ??lint " campaniea,
Oi this number of policiea, New-York, -vv iris a
population ol I 181,011 : Coonee
tiuit, 99,189 policies, population 870,1 ?; M
Mcbuaetta. 88,80- policies, popuU?on i..'.'i..
New-,li ney, 87,841 policJ -. pcrpulatioa 189,588'
INmnsj Irania, i i.-'.t polh ?es, populatioa .'. ;i I,"
The total population of these ii?. Btatea being
7,480^888, the tot.ii ??l jtoliiH- in forea iaaned
by them la 818,708, tearing 8-570 policiea to be
ili-iiiii.ui. i ova iii?- n-iii:iiiiin_r two-thirda of
the popul ition. Of .n'li-" it nfll bt mid, thal j
New-York iiiiiiii.illt abaofbti ? raiVgreat pro
ji.iitiiin <?f the buataeai <?f the cona try, bul thal
deal not secouai Em Um oooditioa ol life in
?nranee aa gathered tram Iheac ngaree] not lor
other lijolnoenl facts, mea aa that while iVi
Jeraey wit- bar 189,859 people laant - .'T.'.!?; |iol
ieiea, IfaaaiSdinaetts, nlth three time- mon
people, j?ii? ? lam than i thonaand atore poli
. iea?
We l?. Heve ii to be iiil< tlj ?ine iii ii tbi
bnaineai of life bunrance eonhl be increa ?'!
twenty-fold by nsiog tht right meani ol al
tracting iii?' public. The beneflta conferred b]
iii.- lyatem are too little known, and yet they
? Import mi .i ? the) are varioua. A poll
ni insurance ii al once au investmenl ?ii a
?, i. i
in ra ol the iii-'in 'I pul I
than could I? at . nmnlntt -I
- 'if m inv j e u., ;i,i,| ,-i rtainl)
-ill- V.Iii -, li
. ,i| mind iutert i.
.? tin . ? i ? i < > i ; 111 i- pa] ii
I the oinl.it to -(.nil it
trifling. The man who baa
ni In- i.uly
' ,i< i ni prudence and
?iiill Will be I . ut lin nt.ii loin
'????? If? and k ?mil .1 by i,,. i.miiiv aa
r] Iii-, tt i-i? .it',, n,,,, i,? ti,, n,. siniiiM
'?' 'i ?re .t jii'-.i ion foi bil old age, be .?m,
b] ?i I'i.Hi . "inlimn w ni, |,,.(|n ,.I.,, . ,
opon .m annual in? mae .it i - j.?. ?ned date, if
lie i.i.ik. nu annual paymenl np to thal time.
Bhould lu- niall aa endonrmenl tot his daugh?
ters, be ?.m avail himself ol n method whereby
-'.- h < nili.v.iiH nt ?rill luKiinc due. In ihoit,
there are, in the rerj nuntterana and valaable
developments oi Life Insnranee, lafeguarda
against disastei to children and nklowa, and
means bj which manj beneflte can be realixed
even during the life ol the insun d.
Of the manner in win. h the greal truthi ami
l.intiiis of iii-iii.,.i.,. alamil i>.? beat iii?hIi
Known, much may be -ai.I. There are many
agenta, bul how are tbey lelected, and lion
many ol them art lealoui m tin repr?sentation
o? tin ii prin. ipali .' Tin re an pro pi etnacs,
ImiI bon much ?,lulu', do they displaj in ?
ting forth reaaoni 1.1 [ninring and the t.
gen of neglecting ii .' There ia some n?vei
ing, but how nun h .,1 it ti striking and .,,
ive -' And ili.-n the ih.oiv <>! Insurant i i- on
t.iiniliai to i larg? pranortioa of lock ty, ii is
not -< cn that a ihoii-iuni m? n may combine to
pay a mm]] ram yearly, .,- ,it -i?,?t. i periods,
toward a fund oui <?i which the aurvivars oi
i acfa m? m'" i nu > ai hi- death be paid aeei
tain fixed ram; nor thal Um nnmbei who
will die Li i?\<<1 by the lan oi average? M,
that ?i :-'ii,'t calculation can be maoe ii iii,.
i>a-is of th.- calcnlation l>? large enough.
Hauy people who now- regard an Inauranei
company as tbey would ? merely ipeculativi
.oi]ioiation, Mhich m.ty deceive then n fail,
would, if tbey kneu how eertain the raanlti ?>t
m-m.une are, and thai ilu-i.- is no ipet-nlatioa
in it, have the faith which would attract then
to ii*- doora. Thii popular education may be
< '?'' nded ti ty much, and ihould be, We
?-iHHild like to we ba_iMe*abeeti with -t.it. -
mmt- plain and easily followed, and that com?
panies endeavor r.. gain cnstotneri bj offering
to Um public Miine training by which theb
1 "? be proved, and their Ubi ralit]
? iplaim d.
Vt !" 'I" i tin < bambi i ..mu Rip?ate thii Kind
? . ?rorit we do not Know, lt.it would ?I
areli if they Induced i rombini d < fforl to
ml i the im in. -> inio mon prominence iii.m
11 ? "io.- at preaenl I Ti? re ia noUiing to pre
v?ai Um 'umuilation (,,i' an m. .\in.u-i\.- manual
which all Ac offices ?V"1,1 ??li",1?t?? ?"'" >??
-tance Th.* table bef?te' ^ls ,l,,,s ll,,! ,,,,lUl"
the kind ?if iiil?)n.i.?uio,i wl.i.i. '< ""^ ?"?*?
to them ot thone who* Mppe*. ?h,/v ?????'
to Kain. The intu? nuit ion that WOt\W W n-efnl
shoald h.- within nodi ol' the t'hanj?)'? and
mat be presented in suet, i fonn that rwiacri
AN111 be attracted ?uni b-_dnees BO-uw_-Wi-ftf3
Increased. .
Ererybody re-sainbera the War of ti"' Dic?
tionaries! ?uni llie i ni pre.ssi vi? appeals which
were promulgated t?? the bewildered pahUe to
-(iii the Beat." In these latter days, tho _exi
eographical dad baring n little abated, we have
the War of the Swin;. Machines, and the
Wai ut .ihe Piano-Fortes. The rout? sis ol tende
have assumed almost the bitterness ??t reUgioas
conlroveisy. "Wo keeps a pin I." saiti the
uite of Ihe proprietor of an Iin ?nnpaiahle
Blacking, ? numil* which tickled Lord Myron
su lunch that lor some time he was continually
alluding io ii in his h nu-, li ia notorious
that the age has produced no -.Meat epical pro?
duction; and' after ruminating fot many hours,
arc liiivi' determined thai no pet of the day
could desire a better Bulged for twetye books
of heroic vers,* thin tin? War ol the l'iano
Fortea. We eoold easily frame an argument.
The poem would begin with the ou-tomaiy ??ill
upon nine well-known amil ni ladies, ?mil oin
frisky old gentleman hy the name of Phmbus
Apoll.?. Twenty lines would follow upon the
lime winn Uusic, heavenly maid, was yooog.
Invention ?d' the ancient lyre, ronteets of the
Qredan poets, with faint allusions to the nm
n -t -ol .-ii in way and < 'hicki ring. Six line- about
si. Cecilia, lor which the writer might read up
in Dryden*! ode. .Mention oi tin- fad that
Orpheus had no Piano-Forte Description of
the Playing of Manyas, in which tin- author
might exhibit great anntomicnl knowledge, for
which he WOttld read np in Sir ('hail? s 15,11.
Genere] riew of tin* Uiatory ol' Music, for
\.liiiii -ee Dr. Barney, Bli John Hawkin.-, ami
tin? Advertiseeoents ?d' Mai Maretsek. This
would finish the First Book. Hint- for ?he
remaining Eleven may he ha?l eheep by apply?
ing in tin- proper quarter,
We don't know why we tims Indulge in
hauler, 'the competitions of trade have already
sssumed a sciions aspect, ai.il resulted in nil
ink -lied which we may fairly characterise ?h
profuae. The lime has gone hy winn ehnpasen
stood in their doorways crying ?mt all day,
"What ?Ki?- Leek, what fye lack !" The
modern advertisement ha*- taken the place of
this shop ihi'tonc; and, for tight we know,
the fish-wives of Billingsgate now adreithw
tlnir herrings ami haddocks in The Lam*
lion Tina-. Formerly, it was quite euongh
fof ii man to k?i p his shop, and hil
??Imp would k. ? p him, hut. nowa ?lu -,
whoorel would sell inything most make
knot*, ,i hi- wishes by prodamatioa. It would
bi ungrateful in ni if we were io lind fault
with tin** stat.* ot things, by which wa lire and
till i-v - ; nid -o lim-: ft| ti,oh-a i kei p food
iiainiiil. linn ardon and actirities ??i?- not
iiiiicl\ pardonable, hut boLorablc. The ??hi
a.lr.'. Lai founds uri. signH? .une. The devil
will most certainly talo tin- hindmost.
It would h,- quite frightful, ii the explorai
win ut a lugnbrioos tain of mimi, to think ol
nil tin "Want-" whlcl tie ptfN ni .. ?l.iili
.?i present. So many people out <>f place
and anxious loi work m many emitting s little
foin -lim appi .Ti i.n , mploj mont -ao inna] n iih
something f<? fell win. h the] nni-t .-ill n linan
ciallj perish -so many defending f??r dear life
tin ? >??< lhnce and the ' lo BpncSS <>f tin ir wau?
-?? many conflicting i li ten its .uni i i va li n -> ap?
pal? nth ,|. ,pei.ii?- - -n in.uii ?h.i-lh antagonists
making theil wot t commercial farce at each
other- -" many wishing the verj things which
sa man?, other people ara bnrniag to furnish
m short, -mi.'i a general medley and mixture,
end crowd d cross purposes! Nothing under
the sim that may not be had foi a little Bioney
except peace, contentment, and happiness ! The
world ?t great market place in which we may
buy everything?except truth, and honor, and
Swann-ni im n mutual!) dependent
upon ? ...Ii other, ami all living m a .tate of
? hronir antagooiitra '
lint tiii- view, bowcvei natural to the maa
..) ?I-. pep-l.l. oi tO the Inail ol liiliuli- ht-ille,
would, as ?- nanni willi all Ion and dea
:._? views of lunn.in life, be an nni'i-t
one. The philosophical truth, wi take it. i
tli.it ii thean:. -?? ..i in n did not gratify
linn trishes and lind s fulfillment <>i their
purposes m advertising, instead ?d increasing
and rising almo t to iii'- dignitj d o fine art,
advertising would long ago han- none al
?'a r ont ol use. As prat ii? ? ?1 at the prca
? m day, n Im- ?! ?I.um to in considered ss an
invention ?n diMovcry. li 1- almost ?.nun
ilia! th.?-.' \t bo n ?? ii as a nu ?ins fail
only in a small minority of cases to attain their
en tis. There is oolj one clans ol advertise?
ments arranged a* "Want-." but really all
advertisements indicate a want ol ?something,
which n i- tor the iin.:. ? ..: M>m<*hod_ to
supply. But after all, notwithstanding the
irreal succcm of the system, we bai-dlj think
thii n- prodigiooa oeonomj .?i time and money
ii -ultu n i.il*. appreciated. A Wall -i. broker
iiiiiv inn up ami doWU that ?jin, I ami pastoral
thoroughfare, with hin stock ol goods in
his hand, ami hi- v? -iy pi, . ti? ?? ?uImi
I, i- his nu rchaiidi ?? ; bat iiohody ?an
meander from house to boase with ?i
i : . ?iiid vdtmble assortment ??i anything on
lill back. When peddling went ?mt, advertising
? .mu in; three centuries ago the Infallible Pills
and Pain Extinguishers would have hen sold
from a stage in the middle of a fair. No doubt,
ii the troth "'??'' f*"""'1' Paracelsus himself
vended bil |_tmaccai in that ignoble way. We
have changed ?11 that, and advertising having
made competition possible, we have it in it
sharpest, moot eager, and most adventurous
fonn. The time has not come for refining and
making chivdroue such combats in these
columns; end we do not therefore advise our
wariioi- io I.? rp iin n tempers. The Held S hi? h
they purchase ol us ia theil own foi all save
immoral purposes; but as we have several
mall 1"'- in thC in ??.liholhooil, which we
reserve foi oar own exelndve occupation, we
trod that our knightly tenants will not till
mora noiaily than is utieasarj.
Garibaldi has al lad published thi long ex?
pi ?tul address to the Party ol Action, annoonc
m,, that the time foi the liberation of Room has
come. Tin- King, in reply, ha- promulgated s
proclamation win? h wams Italiana agdnst tak?
ing ?my p.ui in tin* movement, ?md threatens
with vigor?os punishment all persons fourni en
Raged in ii!?-al hostilities agdnd iii?' Papal
authority. The movement is denounced i
?um?' against the lawn ol Italy and <-r nutioii-t
I lar aa wc can leai ii from the bl ?el dlMpnti h
the i"> ..I prut liuuation ?1. ? no4 ti
I linn troop ? h ill cn ? ov? i into the l'.,? 1
ti . i Hoi \ t,. o i li ,,.,i ,m in 'uni l.unaii
moven.? nt. < In thi pi int the succi - ni
ii'?' lailine oi the non ?ni' rp1 i ?? a ill
! 1 robnblr di ;>? ml. li th ? Ituliafi U9ve.ni
? ?;?1" ?? - < J *-7?*~,?
observ?e I -trici neutrality, Garitold) feels
eonfldeul thai, with the aid of the insorgont
in Um Papal ?(idea, hf can mum--..nil., carry
out hi.? plan. Should the Oor?_nment, how?
ever, mu? h au .iimy into lli? \'>i\>\i) teiiitory
foi the -iipjiresion of the movement, tja r. i
wc believe, no chance for ii- preacnl
It will he remembered thal the Italian Govern*
UMn^tOwea bj Ear the Larger portion of ii- ter?
ritory io exactlj tlie -une kind oi movement
which it now denounces as a crime against
italy and tfat- law of nations. However itaong
the reasoni may be which induce t!.-. Govern
m. nt io keep a'i'.oof from Garibaldi- movement,
ihr proclamatioa is an act of base cowardice.
i a uro in a
The lateat dispatches aa] ilmi retama r- ta
forty-eight coaatiea .slum .1 vote of r,.'^, al
which Haigh., Democrat, foi Governor, baa
-.-900* cn ham, Repub?, 88,741, and Tay, also
Repnb., 1-858, If the nnmber of counties li
correct, tiiis i-, a complete return, as there are
(or were las! year) jasi forty-eight counties in
the stale. Assuming the ?.gun - to be all right,
ht n- .'?<?? how the voie compares with thal of
previous years, and look particularly foi thal
" liemoci.iiii' ?rain"' of 36,000 in California iel
down in The WorUVt imiIimt table, to win.h
we lett ned .m Thin sday :
ron 'H ' tut"':vi1.1
li II' I
I-,'" 110.211
IM 109,16
I -. - . I
IT, ??<
Now where are the " greal Democratic?
Exet pi m 1885, v.hen ih< re wai onl.
Court -lu tice to ? lect, and winn neither party
put forth its itrcngtb, the Democrats havi no1
.-?me 1800 polled M -mall ;t vote a- tiny have
thi-i .mu. I'icin 153-968 im Buchanan (no1
counting their >li ?i<? .?I Fillmore'i roti i they
drop down io 42.8Q0 for Ila!,!':; n clean lou
?.! mon- than 10,000. They also lose 1,500 fir iii
1884, and IjSMt from 1888. Let n- take the laai
Gubernatorial election ia thal Stare for (com?
parison, and show np onie mora The Win Id's
"lying in lound uunibers.'1 Here i> theil
. I.il'il !
i.??."'!' vr;. ra nea ? >!t ij' n
Tin foUowIni in tin- iii'iii. ii.,!,! gains, ni i mu I Bam?
bi rs, ?Ino ?I Spring:
In ?'inn.tutu . rt.oiVk ' In riiliftirni?. ii',,ooo
lu K' Dtucl . .'i.'?m lu Mu, f .14,000
lu Vin. U.iii.ii-liiii ,i,??i lu Muli!, iliit.
In Rhode l-l.nul ?,000 -
lil N't rilli ?lit ...lit?) ? lu!.li.Ti ,IM?)
Hoc? m ?total n. limiT.im minto i vu n__n_t
mnl m.i- 'J', nil. 'if of ii..nl> M^OI \nlt- ii?i!v on -
qtiartor of tin rntlra |?upulw niajurilj I In in
. 111.- 1'. ii Sill.
Bubstituting the truth for the abore st.tt?.
liielit, We lind the following le.-ailt taking, Bl
tra have laid, in the eaae of California the
rote for 186S iaatead of thal of 1885, when
there it m bo contes! I :
m Mm it? in ron m tan uro U -
I?-?.??, isil?.
' ? d, it fi, i i
h Dill ??? -?
\ pi mool ..... i" ? i.1,1 'i i i
l illfmiil I 44.Til 12,3 ?! toll -Ml I
.Maine. ID. II? 41.7'..
tot ? ? . -?? .- ? . ' ito
Boil appears, bj the aetnal reoord, which
.?.innot be !iailiinll\ ga___ye_, thal Inatead ol
a cain of m unit lite thom uni ? ue do not
count Montana- the Democracy ii down for an
actual I"?. ThJa v.ill do until we get the
e.\.n i uih- ial figures.
g II: Ma\ KA 0 m S 0 THINGE
i ?m- constitutional repugnance t?> tvh.tt i
callcd Nativi-m ;n all ii- manifestations rest?
on til?- aiaumption thal an American citiaea ?i
not a Oerasan, nor aa Irishmaa, mira Span?
iard, aron though he ware bora inch, hut has
bj iiiitiiiiili/itimi become, to all intents and
purposes, sn American citiaea. Yet we seem
io be .(niti.nli(t.il ami put to foiifn.-ioii by
the following announcement la The sunday
V . ? ?" v :
"AU [Ml iBT-VT on.. tM/iTt.iv Tin Cie::ii :-.? "f our
' -, i.i i,, \,.;', ..Mt.., nil their InSt-Dnco
ii|ioti tin- i om te of poll)
strongl. foil un' n ,i|.;. rs thal lite i..m.i- hostility
\> in. li 11 -ii. tm i u tin '
1?. ii., i. !.. i- n ?! I i,. .-. Kl>pilltllt-tl ",'|'.r.i 'if- Is ?kittin.lt
... i,l eil in i? |.l.i. ?? t.i t ? i onset? I 111
tit? ir mi. i. -I? .'I'.n.i.T .ii. lil. mu .i!, iiiiil I??t tu
ittfi'sl . .? ii ??? lies m ( mu?.nu ii. unit? .1 . .
t ' f l .?.''ip _? i 'iii... lion, and to
| I ?" III i'l It, .i'l .11 tv.? .
i.iitly f.ii nu .1. w im li. mi l.i-t I'm -ti iv. I.v the I
. ?1 Ih. pol Hi ii I'i !.l .i- i? .
I....1,. iiiiil,,-- :?_, in i v r' i ii ilthftil Influente upon the
... im ni |i a.. I- d ti ' . ? '? i
< .Hill' llgll ..li - li I*. J. .!.' t. 1.
I lit \ I - ? I.':.. -,
.lilli -III" I.
I ' - lil till?
hull, i . ilsewortby, l'orrvs|M>iiileiiee lias i ?? -. - it
,lii prtinilm ? tlie (lennans
I? Hitit. ? III.nil tit-till! lion
'.. im ni?, ti'.nii
? lit m.ut. r 'f Iii. ?Uti? m C' ti?
ll.i . n.. i \Mtli ti om
lui?? - v.. '.I foi .i .1'" i _?
?ii, ,.' m that Its i .1 f??llo?rrs shoaln
, ?i, ta m' Uni. . the nil-' of ii??? H
i .
? n |..ii |???
\\ e hare nothing to my politically to Ger
? ii. hut we earn? itly adi lie int h
American citizens as were bora in Germans ?"
Ice, |i nut of the -a.ne in re spread for tbem.
l'.\.i> ti, nu.m who embarka in "muli?- at i
iii nu m i- .in argument foi an American
party. _.
I in nilli, di?te result ol the battle of Antic
tam wai -oin? thin-: more than tin- d.i. al ol
I.i. ; ii t\.i- tin . lii.iiH i|'ilH'll ol llie.-l.iM-.
ru -ni. nt lan.oin told Mr. ? lia-<- that ne bad
m..di b ros .u l.< <? waa drivea onl of the loyal
Bl., immediately to issue the EVoelaniation
of Freedom, and ne prompt!, kept hil promiae.
I- u no1 i.ein i lignihcaal that neither the
oraton noi the poet, al tit. recent dedication?
mu . tren Um Chii I Executive of the United
Btatei made the slightee. allttaion to this
memorable facl I _
Iii,? Court oi Bpecial Bessioni, held at
Mu- Tombe by Judgci Dowling ami Kelly,
ii-.ill tin >t .it- round, and costs mv>h per
aniitini. The othen are open onl) al ?tated
11 m? ?-, and tin ii . \\o n-< - are a- folloa
pi, nu- ( (mil. ? -JHs't ; Shim ?mi- Court, ?:v-,| 891 :
Common Plea . 138,104; Marine Coort, 196,916;
i.i m m1 Sessions, 144.488. rho last named
Court paid iuto the treasury l;.-i year 1509 In
line.-; ilu Bpecial Bcasioni paid In 111,066.
ll.-it are lome cnrioui contnists which need
. iplanation?
Will, si,, ndaii. Sickles, Ham.i.!.. ?uni Grant,
.di m Washingtoo together, and all applnuded
io the t.lio by ?i grateful people whenever
tin \ ..o abroad, Andrea Johnson li noa proba?
bly tin- mosi miserable man In Americu.
nui. will i" a m.iimi' .a the Trnateei oi the
? ? niin li i m?. 11-n ?. * iii the Agricultura] Reoms, st
\ | l.:i ii \ .?m 'I Inn Ml . li" Milli Sept? ml'? r. .ii 5. |?. iii
\ full .nil ml n.i tiie linMii- lu ili'Miil. as the
Iii i (:,,n ni i!.i Facitity, and other important bus!
i. will I"- ?Bjiiianitt.1 im t!.c consideration sud
RI IH li el iii.? II. ml.
i in 111 i' -i \ ? i - \ r- -i ! uti i
Ka i 11". ?nn, Bi pt, \n arrival rrora
; it;..' lu.in uf
n " the MU]
i '.-n ii ii
Ii. '.I li II. ' I .
William I?. Kurll igh, iii le tte to Coi
li..in H ii...I i. tit,ti I ni II ,)..-. ..li Oil M.linn', it . eu
I, ', I
PROB im j: po-)tpov?m?-.,nt ok ??""? ''?'i^iaha
i.l.UiiiiN ?Qgg. t.|.A>." AM* r?l I'KF.**!
nu i.rwv.ir?TiiK iiviir*?.' IN WASa
IM.TON?Titi; OGTOBBI lTAT_BNgl_? '" "U*.
vi vi n iici.r,
? T I K1 UHPAPIl to Tim Tkiurwr.. ?
WfittV.I ?*, S [,? Jf, ?ff*
Adders from tfow-Orieaas, through private
ionices, indloate that Oen. Mowsi "ill [tont pone the
? I. it inn In Louisiana nntfl about the Bmt Mimdsg In
November, oa acconat of the prevalenes of yellow
fever and othsr canses, f-wnths anne Hnressltai
1? inn?i th it a portton ?if the Kalin;t?s,,j Lssn-S_n_u
Mi. Durant ?m.g tosas, ?l. -.n- ?h.* ps-tiwniomsat of
the ?I..mu?. oa the ?roimd that tin? tolocsd veten
"have not had snffidsnt political traiaiagandonl*
t?,..' in offlefal circles kate, horo^f, it
i- not believed tli.it Oen. Mower will take ar?
non in I li at ?li iff (?uti, except BpOfl i'i m lilt .! ?nu witt?
and suggestion from, Oen. ITaneock, who though.
ali*-.nt from the Inni'*Barten <>l !n* eoi 'iiii'f!, ha?
neu i ti:? -li'ss, tin? ?niitiol of ?itl'iirs in tin- filth Dis
ti id. Orr. Haneoefc waaia, H i - mn?!?-!-*too.I. acqnte?o
ia tho snggestioa that all the oloetions bs li. 1,1 tm
iin- Mme day m the use districts, The
President and Geo. (?rani had i eoasnlln*
linn on tin-, -?ni.ji.it -Hin?- di - i ... lliftjr
that under th?* Reronstruction net*
m itlli r h\' i itin nor (?..ii-ral-in-t hi. I bl - KOJ con
toole, aothority over election* ? atina, but
they are al io nnd *r itootl to agrco as n> the propriety
of holding the i ketioni on the mau day, sad thal it
would be idvii ble to rigg? ttlirsanii to the .?..ral
District t'.um i-a'Hirt'-, net m shape ol an official or?l?*r.
ii.t m ?m sdvlsory eommunication, whieh ile?
Qrant was expected tq tend. It knot known thai
(?i n. l.r.uit has i m itiiiitit? ..ti ii on iin* -ii'ij?il willi
til" District t OIII1I. all? li ia.
I .lian, Han. nek, and Sickles are all itill in the
.' . omi? > d 'ii ?i.'|i.'i - nf yc-li-i.' i . ?m
ingthi G Grant and Sheridan would atl ail tho
- the same exi nil -. The b ?'??V' ? dru.
t.. exeeea, but neither (.rant n? r Kbei iden was pre?
. at. Hancock and GI adieaeo,
and met with ?i lnill?iiit ]ii.]ition. Grant nnd
Sheridan has?' been together Staat of to-day. 'lim
latter is hera ob no parttcalai hneinose, except to
nim.' fall) nadontaod from aoachiaarten what in
expected el ahn ia hi* nea command m
ii.- Indian countiy. Oen. Sickk 'i deasaai
im a Court of Inquin Into the ?i uargi ? made sgaiaot
liim bj ih: President sod hi* t I kloy,
bera mdoned by Oen. Grant and placed ia Um
hands of the President for his npproval or ?li*u?p_
pcovaL Bhould the ('unit not be ordered, BidUsa
and Great win leave f.?r Kew*Torh together about
the middle ol iii?) week. Ora. Sheridan's room at
the hotel have iwni arewded all the evening with
sallen, mostly military m.-ii an daly hore, Us and
Sickles are to 1m? nar asilad to mouoo s. cuing by
rarious parts of thoGrandArmy of the Republic in
ti,i- District of ('ohiiiii',.1.
The* -tal. BWat of tin- publie di lit f n tin? month of
September will not probably show much, if soy, ?1?*
ereass in th.. flaTsni-aonl obligation* Thai- or?
I.i n wons tor believing that thi r. *\ ?i be a >ii/_ht
reduction ia the -sont- <>.'?>< taber, but l-opay_sanlaf
twenty-five ___Jl_oasof ooia lotsreot oa i?.? -twenties.
due '?n the Uni ol Novomber, must ol ooor n prodnea
a ili.'l.?lent shOWlag of the !..??? ol BCOOUntS io tim
? "nt of the debt fur thal -south. Dpss.
the whole, it Is found bj SCtlt .1 fsetl thn*
fu ti in-piied. and hi ia i r and m1.? eotissatss f??r
tin? coming two months and eight ii -. that tin?
it ions of s? ? i? 'ia i ) IfcCulloch shout tho
financial resal?s of tho 8ass_aer aad Fall months, sa
let f nil la his letter, to the l!?>-.<??i mereluuits, ato
iik.lv i?, bs sabotantlsllj veriAsd, wish a raeaeaaMa
I'i. -'.lit that thu actual .how im: 1)* the l.-?t of 1). com?
ber may lx- wry BSBCh moro la. ?nable than Mr. Mc?
culloch predicted.
(Jon. Boaks, Chalrama of the House ComarfttM oa
Foreign ___?____, baaaooeptod the iaTHattoaof s,-fiua
ro, te Mssoapaay him to Ifexieo. A similar in
vit;iti,ni bas boonextsnded t<> Senator Mtu-tnu. They
??\p.-i i io !<-:i\.- ..n tin? -,tii nf October.
There are i.-nrte.-u applications ou lile in the Stat??
D?partaient f?>r the p.>-m,,n of Mialati t t" Vu a.uior.
I i coal by ii. I ?1? ?ith of Mr. C11..1 -li.di. Anning
the spplicaats am Gan. Wilbah J. P. Manton, I. J.
Al' a Of Ohio, sod Mr. Lina* of Marylai.?!.
IfooaeossBsr to Calliool has yet been -ppoiaaen.
Th? re are onmeroui candidat? *, eai h .?f ? bom ssssrti
that the President lias promised bin the appohst>
Roblnaon is still hore working ihlogs.
c.iit. Mowysschofl.who roeont-j ihot and kill.it
Prad. B. Sheppard of Mobile, :u Mbaat Vernon Al?
i?nai? and who, before the decease o Sheppard, wat?
ti ni mr Meonduot unbis-walai an oAeer," will
probablj ii?1 tried f >r murd? r by the eil ?l Court, now
that ??! I i died from tbeeffeetsof lbs sli??t.
Ii the i ? '? l! iillthnlitl? -> t' lil t?) Ol t it cull, t 111 .tit lill Will
l>.? ordered.
Gea. Gi mt b M referred to Attorney-' Sen eral Staa
berj certain questions bearing apon th? applieatissi
of M.ij .i (i. a. lit/ John Port? i fur the api .intincut
of a m w Board to rt ? : . togi ti.? i \* ilh S h*t
1. r v.ntt. *a t.. c.en. i'.rant bj liayoi Gea. Pops sgalaef
the applii ttion.
Qen. Cliail? s G. lT.'.'.|)ine is her,*, tsti -peat t??-?
boura with ths President to-day, ti.- hnmored tho
11? -'.i. ?.t with lbs stsevthat p-__ein_n! BadisBla
eoneede Kew.Yorktotho D inoeracy thio EUI by
0 majority. Hatpins told iii. Pwe di st that thi*
amant V 0
The l'n si.l.'iit did not attend ehurcb to-day.-Ob
received? ellen np to midnl :', t
XTiis evening will begin Mr. Ifaretxek'e raga
lar ?, i-..n ii Italian op< '??? thta I i-aawal, wMk Mssmno
i i aad B-jraer Boaesol as __oq_sra_n_
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lliiu furn. silunus!n!| B-snmnil. sag ths laterssi of a m?
nrarkaltle pnKliieti.m ho fin Y Slswoe
I'm i|ip atiu ..* .i* ti .* I', a- For Tu?-*tlay (?vculog,
,, .,:,! 1'. i ilta un in tit rllned, sud tor U..li.c-d_o'
ovt-nii ? I tho i ??? I? ti r, Pin ? snl M Bate.
, eu-on Ht the 1'f? li I li. iiteiMill. ["ii en l'iii'-day
.:-.-. \t I.? i. tli !. i|.|.t i.inlv tirOi-fltl ?'.''i.;V ?ill Ins
???i .m?!. I t a- ii. ?:??'.. *t.ii?ii-:. eil in N?".t \iuk.
The Gtonnani at the sta?lt Theater hnvn
iivi-li ii* tia- t.:-t _hPM ? I ! "f ?'1*>!;_
initt.i A brtlllaat tutu? by O-NO-oel?, setal ti.ere tor tu?
?pasta, eka-HM M tit i panie st ton ; n .'.'iii!.- !>i<-iir**of
m. I; i- |as( -i alai ? Bneplee .mt.}-,
Wl?? li ?'ii'?ail. ?? li V.I,..?t.- bom lo ili-lll '?lill Hi ' I'? -I tii-t?*
atiiliiin. I'l'iin lo. 1 costicd or loi ion' Is the aa_ao of
ti., ,,,,, mt t -im. it Is ths story __ Pkrlaala, s niirrd
?ml mt Ain! lawyer, wlvs has s tttt?y rouog wife?, and
[ ,lt a (In i-liy, nu- t I. I !.-.? u? ' '"'?'? I? ,l<?
ntlmlr? r, V?l??iitliie. TI I ''?? .'l>*rki
i thal let lunn, han in?--. --'.?a o? nu lil ristl I
i > l,.\,- ROI t V lill !l l:., ? I .?'. .1 1 HU t?) Will
?ti nil in- ?ni**? itun *. n. ' the sMStaj
awuj on a ?..i.-? iii.i*.', ti.? ??'.? .?i I - tanti, aad
i. u, m o it. 'i n. -i\ . 1.1'?- sr? i -:...'i ?; ? *? lev?*
pit?, nil ,?f whom appear ?n the -..:'? ?ith their .wee.?
lu ...: -, \ il, Htm- lu? nui i -; t?i
tin? jungfruu le I vou SupptV? .'- ? ' rls tanm utut.
b mi n .-1?. n pi.it.ii ?Man ait?a. . toOOTiMtbach's tatt
. ; ?I, li U ..?-.' -ia ? t!'. i ' ? ? . : 1 ?? -til. 1,'al
oiitl effective, suit '"it n '.Hy Inferloi In -entlneat.
An) linn, ??iiiti .a .i i'.t :i-lia . : <!" . net COBr*
bul .:- buricsnuei of inlUtnry sad drsnatts
lii'i-ic, viiii a choral or t>\?>, srs h. arty
.m,! capital. n??' rea Girls are -?.] ?><>-? 1 tu
il m li'i-i- ef i .1 I tuan, hi i?, .-a wbotsi
m a them .?.a- an anxiety thal tint ,-ii.tii tin,I husbaada.
it, ?I ill til? til ' II III I? : n*? ng ?ill
niuasonlai Jrlll o la militaire, to which tho may old _c??n
? . m.m ni.n'i .-.n l a?i- .mu -..it of RcnerallMiiao, -ti.t.ll
illtugalarg? nuddangling sword, which lu msnairet ?
ilimi-li It wena pranclrg steed on parade. All tins ia
wild ImuI.--?in?, which Mr, nieodorvL'Arronge conducta
with tin i. it.-t ?In.ileiy. _ single candidate for malrt?
luonlslfelli .i> arrivesnuthf -., nv,aud andcnroi laoii-no
.a .n. n i toni an terroriua aud parental bullying. Tho
tin .1 ui-iiiers sppear In the garb <.f .arlou? nationalities,
.uni tin c.nilli,-*,-!-'? ii\ei> i.iiciii tor travesty Basexest*
i. ai i-ntiii?i-- ?nul in ci-uni. iii" Italian sria, hera saan
? a the um-! i.m1,mu. iiie ecstacy end .i_vn\ of graad apera
bj M.ul.?m,- I/Armngo, i- .m Imitation quit? equal t?>
i., roi kui ii -..f :li-- Un d.and, thi n fore, on? tliln?? morn
positively ?uliiiii.iiili? than u were imitaUon lu
|. . Ubi 11, m Italian j. wi try ii.e upshol of
th,- farce is briefly told. Tin ?. >.nin::
man so much !.. -u-eii by the len chsrmlnslj corop? utit,?
j mu ill, mill th. Miitei ef tin li terring
i ., ... (.Is hin:, .m.l th. t, li .Hall! ?Lilli.
I,, ri. m-- !\. ? In :i I wilt ?"ii* si .1 -nii'ii Ing
III: iii i?, ile: |U -1 li i t. li ii II. I? ni !'.ii ??' "l I I
Ten U t I of ?vivacity? and here, h? In .'ortunlo'a
love m "-.I me L'Arri . ? tul ca the I? ? ful
anti ilntlili : < ninedy. The i?r? - ? - ?? ' ira
,i .,:... in ... .?..m itaai aaa
, ,i t. ,.i -.
The U.8. Muttwl Piano-Forte Al cn ion ??? ill
.... ? in uiitit.ii t.. its atoathty
iii tribntlnn >.f Pisaos to nul Partiel I in I? ro
i.iili i., ii \ . lal lou m.l th l ?mai will -*?
1 ??

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