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'JV AJM JW^'I vlvi^-?
V0L- XXVII.S?-8,:MMi.
MEETING OP < 05GR1 ?38.
k lill AT 1 I N I? \ V? I IN Mil. -I\?I! -?IM
IS lill. Hol -I DEBAT? OS lill ?DMl'-loN
Ol I in I I ??I --1 I DEI I '.A 1 l"N ? OXGKEiSS
AI ?.lol KM I? I?. MONDAI - lill BILLI 1XTBO
Mi -lAl.Y ? oMMli ill IM1 RXA1 m VESL'l
i.?.; m i -.
?1 a? ???.IM 1?, IHR TI '
\\ ?-iiis.,ii.N,T!iHi?il;?v. V??v O, I*'7
'Ii,, s. ti.-it?. um t ?it u..mi. with an onasuallj fall
ntt? mi.m... ?.f nu minis iiii.l i large crowd la Um
???illili, ?.. Mr. Wade was press?t, notwithstanding
Ins ii'?-, m iiii-liii]?. ??Imli iiiany l?-::i??l'av??iil?l loutit r
ti..- ?election ni a new presiding olRcet Decenary,
marks ?ol liis injuries wer?- visible oa Ins haad
iii a nulli!?' nf iiL-ly wounds. ;it.,l li.' fiiiiijil:iiii? ?I of
a? h i ti ir lion.s ami sore shoulders, bat was still able
to mo??- iiioiinil among tbe members :i? lively a?, sny
??t bis mil raga m Gor. Morton was In his Maa,
fhongh scarcely able to sppesr. li?- li.k1 .recently
gonc Un ??u u li :t Bevrre lu lions attack, and his journey
i.? i? bad almost ?prostrated him. The absentees were
rd 'i Delaware, Buckalew of Pennsylvania.
i ? j of Connecticut, Guthi i.- ot Kentucky, Hender
?i, Hendricks of Indiana, Howe ??f
Wisconsin, Baulabnry of Delaware, and Spragneol
and. Mr. Sumner presented the petition ol
150 eolored mea, ??li?? allege thal they have been
? 1 from employment in the Distilo!
. : ililii-iin ?ticket, sad a-1? relief
m i;?.? t rnm? it ??mis. 11-. . ii to
th? District Committee. Mr. Sumner then intro?
ito? ed u bill, ?i copy of the one po? i.' t< ?! bj the Presi?
dent las! \\"int?T. to amend the City Charters of
Washington Mid ?Georgetown by allowing colored
to hold office in those cities, Garret Davis ob
i at ii ii went over. M. rldmnnds introdneed ;?
?idnt resolution declaring the faith ?if the Hovera
i ; to the redemption of the national debt
la ed ?. li?- wished it to he upon the table
i rtl but should ?call it ftp at an early day,
ami hoped it would pass th- - iii entire
snanimity. The session la-*? ?1 bul half an hoar, and
:!.. adjournment was until Monday.
lathe Rouse, as the hour touched noon, the floor
li ? >? iii just before the dance begina
? people were crowding all sorts of people.
. ill. ries were crowded to excess, the ladies b?eing
? il m tin- deep gorge? the Fall tint ?
t a, and purple, and "Bismarck "brown, Th
; . ; representation. '1 he sp
US excited i:r?-:it hit .
nid mint, sallow and haggard, -1.?w 1 >- moved down
the hum of sympathetic voices. The
?l ?to in- in better health
? time ?h-, ? n. Butler
??..- til center of an eager company of Western
m. i.iixi-. while Mr. Washburne. the Father of the
fresh, and young, ami bright, as
the -ii he wen a yoongee son. ??as sa?
dly welcomed bora ii s f.,:
trip Banks, Bingham, I Allison,
ibarger, Kelley, Scbenck, and Wilson, were all
???;. rinly greet? ?1. ?and were objects of great attention
from tin gallen? s. < >n the 1 '? mocratic side Mr. Mor?
ass an object ??I lim at interest, as well aa .Iiu!:.?
Woodward, and Mr. Brooks, bursting ?? ith a speech.
The psayef over, Judge Woodward ami ?Gen. Cary
-, la, after whichf the Tennessee members
vers called ni? t<> l>t- ?sworn in. Mr. Eldridge ob?
jected, when Mr. books took tin- tl??or and began an
Ity of the individual members
of the del? ratioi |S nator Patterson, the Presid?
son-in-law, was busy in the vicinity of the
ipparently engineering the assault, which
is understood to have been .lum.' in accordance with
of Mr. Johnson. Ike debate ?m Um I
matter took s a id. range, and consumed most
?if iii?- stiasion. The whole Tenue? lion,
with the exception of Butler, was finally sworn in.
Mr. 1 ' rather the better ol Mr. Brooks,
sad compelled him to vote ** No" on Ins own r?solu
The discussion >-( t'. ittei ??aa
me, and ?li?.?.- many of tin- spectators from
tin- x.... i es. Mr. Kelsey got in his bills in relation
to m,;,, m linn nt, ?? im h ??.)?? printed in yesterday's
Ti'.iMM . Tln-y ??ill ??un?- up ior action mi Monday.
Mr. Robinson of Brooklyn got in a resolution t<> ??ill
to account for not protecting Amer
less I?'? aiana in England. It ?? as senl t?i i be Foreign
i ? At about 4 o'clock the House adjourned.
I no1 announce the Committei -
? .a?. and perhaps not till th?- beginning ol
the December session, <>n Monday, impeachment
i brought np the first thing.
'ii!! introduced by Mr. IngersoU of Illinois to?
day ?r i t?> the ?Committee ?>i Ways and
og law which
autli' -ni v to ?retire
karn circulation United Btates ?notes to anamount
_ |4,000,O00pei month, and also prohl
sny farther retiring or reduction <?f ti??- cunen? -
i ? ni the Ti? asury.
. for the alleged purpose of equalising
soiditi's bounties, and it is not unlikely that such a
?measure will, for the third tim?-, pas-, the linns?-, lint
tin-tr is m, probability of its beeoming a law.
? mmittee on Frauds in ti.? Pay ?Da
I'iirtii.u.t ??iii liolil a si'-a-ion i?)-iin.rro\'., notwith
stanilini; iii?- alt-t-iK-c ol Mr. Bcoflcld, who goes bl
- in bli ?family. A laige nam?
an <?: atti been mbpenaed, and iii?- Com
1 ?? ?ill remain in session several days
h? ??1 anotl d to?
day, for the purpose ol examinini ? C. Ba
har,the"!.amentdetective." lathe ???m
tii? - atitiii li?- '??? . if lu- had any
tiens i?, make m his ?testimony relstive t<? the
?aIih h lu- replied " No ;" thal ?
-SU ia pro i-'-ly the sam.- condition SI ??li? D ii'- gBVC
?" t?- ? rotary ??f War.
F.- -, ? m.i.m- to-iia.? renewed ins
rtkn of inqairy in regard to the repeal of the
'?"ttoti tax, and Mm Bum ti tam? adopted Um n
^'tioi:. it ?u] Ik- reaaembered that al the last
?"??ii Mr. Blame procured a vote In ' !ommittec ?if the
?Lol? Npsaliag tin- tax. lint tin- lions.- ati.iv
' i amendment to the pending bill, and
taitif^i tin- t:ix j, is generally believed thal the tai
nflsaav be tes?skid
-ken is a large party hare usiag every effort t?>
miaf abeai ?li?* ?isaoval of Celleetoi Bmylbe <>i the
hm .K btema] Bevenae District. No
ohm^M have been preferred against hfan to Um In
? ?Revenue Coauaissiosei It ii understood thal
ino I'r?M,i,.|it ?lo?--, not Interfere la tin- matter,bat
?MU tim ?iii.-stion of lins rt'iii<,?.ii or eontinnauot la
? entirely in iii?- liaiiilit.if tlie Scen-tai v ti tim
Treasury ami tli?- ('oniiiiission, i. \ pim ?\un, ?<nn
I?t.s.-.t pimrijiaily of the men ??ho procured the ap
iKiiiitiii?-iit of Wim-??.?'ii asansessssi t?, MeaaaMre, an
busi:y MgngH in ? ? Hi-it?!.- agalasl Mr. Rollins, and
sr?*. seekiiiKtohave linn ra>!ii. r.-d, and a man a?< ? pt
ahle to tlitii?ttlve?appointed in Inn place.
A mtg? tnmthm ?if th?- str.niK.-rs who ?'ant?- li?-re pt
nItaess the sfsniag <-f Congre? i.-ft Im their boas? -
UiiH.v.tiiiifc'. Many oi ti,.- Easton OeagtMHnea
al?, returned home, and ?ill be bash ?m Monday.
a caucus of th?- Repabtteaa mssabets waa t?> have
Im-cii li. 1?| tliin *?i;iiiujf( |,ut ?? i-oiihiiltatioii it WM
postponed toso_msveadag n?-xt w.-.-k.
('hi? f-.jii-1if * Chase ?*>*-'*. to Ballluioie kHnorrow
?iioriiiug, to lie present at the seiisiou of the I'mt.-ii
htatcit l)ihtii<t Court in that city.
The li? paituient dttfci are inakinii a Minni: ?(lort
to pro? ill?- uti im renne of their ?.alains. J lie fisSCS
t,.li?:s<if the D'-paitiiientn ali?! the ?Jill? I ?lit hi-adh of
lliireauH an- un?li;rnt?Kii| to Im- in favor of lh?-a?lv.itirc,
With the eireption Sf QsB?Ol___t| U ho si l mi it lv urr? ?
retrem hiiit-nt. and it iM nan!, w11 n?.| rSCOI u.? n?l an>
mmrngand pahUe ?xi??'ii?iittir<
Secretary Mi-Culloch, having ?ali.?I ??? s?.;i?it?i
Jordan tot In*? oninion on tLe lennie ?,f Ofl:<? -hil!
? ? (?? iii?' Tri ?entry D? pertinent, Um S.li.-i
i..i stat? tiwi be Is of the opinion thal th? bwappli?
cable i?? thal l ?. i?:i! im.nt .?.inin.-ii es to-day, and no1
?*? ??-* ?"?' of Congress, ;m?| the __neao_
tbepartiee dr?gnated, toirethei with theevid?
anti reasons of suspension, most be sent in within the
next twenty days. Pempanuy commissions given
dm mc the reeess of Congress ?till, bj? limitation
l'li?- .n the end ??f the present session, namelj on the
30th inst
It ia ascertained fi<?iii :m official sontes tlmt Um
lisl nf elahns pending befoiethe < 'omi <?f Claims, np
to .inly |, last, was shoal IJMPX Hi?- munbei ??f
Judgment? n ndeiedsineeMareto, 1808, Is800, ?.f which
IWwere dian !. rhe claims sllowed amount to
<?\. ? |500
A F. Rand II .gi n? ?if the Treasurj De
I? ti tin? nt. will leave here in ft few days, under in?
strnctions to make an Inspeetion t??nr among the
varions ports <>f eotrj ml? sas sloni the coast, The
n ? - ol disorganisation ?>f manj <?f the offlc? ? m thal
on bj iii. \.ii.iw fever epidemic, renders anin
sp? < li??ii ?.I ti,? ii condition mon iii.m usually m
' i ii ?? Department
i ? ? following is the receipt of enstoms in gold
from Nov. n t.. i?;, Inclusive: Boston, |
New-York, Bl,; > ??; r,: Philadelphia, $127,773 :i;
Ban Krancisco, from Oot n to
19, Inclusive, $14^81. ?'?'>; total, $3,870,87?. BO,
S|.r. iii ,,r.i. i, \... .! . ,; , iaaced i.y Gen.6raat.
?lu..is that the oin.-?? ..i the Chief Mastering aod
Disp-jjsing Office for the Btate <?i New-York be dis
continued on m before t ii?? 16th proximo,and all
records forwarded to the Adjutant General. Brevel
? ?CoL W. I?. Pea I . S \ . n tired, is charged
with the ? x? < m ion of the order, sod will repcrtto
the Adjutant General.
Baron Henri Von Havre, second Beeretan ?.f the
F?. Igian Legation, w*u married to daj to s Washing?
ton li M I nmills Webb, The ?'nkr.m Mun?:, i
and M. ( antagalli Becretar] <?f ii.? Italian Legation,
m ti .1 m aroomamen.
?Secretarj M?t nBoeh stated to-day thal his raporl
<>n the -nances ? ill no1 be seul t?. t ongress nntil the
day after the President's Messsge is transmitted la
Di i ? nilliT.
Genera] Orders Bo I . from the Headquarters
n.v Division <? i tin- F.i? iii?-, announce Brevel
Fi i _. '..n. Washington Beawell, U. 8. A., ss Superin?
tendent ?if tin- Ga?era] Kecrniting Service on the
Pacific Coast, Hieadquarters al ."?.m l*a*anciaeo. For!
"i anconi er will be the genera] depot for recruits en
listed in Wa-1; in vi ?ni 1. linn! t ami Oregon, the Cmii
mauding Officer of i!.<- I'??-r acting aa Commandam
??f iln- ?l?-|???t. Camp Reynolds, Ant li ml, will be
the genera] depot for all recru (?enlisted on the
lone requin.' to bi ?? nt to
lint Vancouver.
i! Court Martial whi? h < onv? di ?1 in
Ban Frnin i?. i?. Oct. IS, presided over bj Brevel
(??n. Kobert Allen, Capt Jost ph <.. i; i
-.ii Aitiiltiv. was tried on the charge oi nat ?un eonn*
?*d bj his preaencathe illegal whipping by a
party of soldiers of ? private belonging i?? the 3d
Artillery, near thefPresidio Resen si ion. 'I he Court
bim guilty, and sentenced bim to I?- -
j?, nded for ?is months and lo l? i ? ?I in Gen?
eral Orders by the Major-General ?"iinn.iii.l?n.' the
i1-..-run, which was done, the statement b< i
in thi '..I. rs thal nota itbstanding the high
reputation of th? and the favorable recom?
mendation of the members ol the Court, the review?
Log ' "i <>i>iiii?.ii linn the eircumstances
? "t justify him in remitting any part ??f tin
l_e annual report of Brevet Brig Gen. C li Row?
ard,AsaiatautCommissioner Fun.m B.F.and \. I..
foi the District ?.t ( olnutbia, West Virginia, and part
ni M n > lan id stat
tics relative to the pr? --duration smougthe
tuen in tOese set tiona. No a boo] bas I? en ? on
ducted bj the Bateau alone* ?alai h ? "i tea? bess have
i.?it been paid bj it. but, foi the most part, the hi
ings m which tin- schools are held have lx en ?-i? ? i? ?I
at tin : the Government. It appears from
the report thal titan aie la Gau. HowanFa distrld
in common schools, eondncted byl
whom 112 ara white and 81 colored. Iii?- Dumber of
ira amounts to 0,295, and the average attend?
ance is over tin. i-f..illili?, per ??-nt. To the above
m ii?t be added -ii schools, taught mostly al night, t"i
adulta. 83 teachers, and 1,703 pupila The trustees <?f
colored schools for Washington and Georgetown
have paid the salaries of 10 teach? rs and about |?
of incidental expenses, and in West Virginia soms
dozen ol the teachers have been paid in part bom
tin- ?nii.li? sehool fund, which the lau requires
to be impartially expended f'?r whites snd Macha.
From ?the entire appropriation for edueational pur?
poses the ? tounn t ?$25,000 to be ax
immediate ??ni rin.n ??f ? ,n h An?
nt C'ommisaioner. In tins district, li ?-< l?<n>l
housea have been erected, as follows: In Marj land,
Bj in District of Columbia, ?'?: in West Virginia, 9;
in Virginia, 1. There sre, beside, 98 In proeeas "f
? iiii-trii? tnni. distributed as follows : .'.' in M n \ land;
8 in West Virginia, and 1 in the District ?>i~ Cohun?
The schools in *li?' District ??f Columbis the report
says* will need no ansistsnrr frosn Um bureau, (?r
from the Aid Bo? li ti< ?. sa the colored people >?. ill re?
ceive their share of the school fund, together with
some arrears of formel years, which the then eity
government refuaed t?? pay( ssnoantlng in all to
about $88,000. Dorina the past! Sommer, turo large
brick buildings have been wectod in tins city ata
cost of about |7^>00 each, and foc tin- future nil the
expenses a ill be paid by the city.
In the fltato of Maryland the presenl law allowa
tot tim support ni publie n.-ln...ls foi color? ?I children,
thal part <>i the Behool Fund derived tram tim i
paid by dtdored j????_?1*-. Tins Inis hitherto been v?sry
small ?n the counties <>i Gen. Howard's <ii*?tii?t not
enough t?> start s single school The Constitution re?
cently adopted provided fat the eboUshaseul of that
system There ara at pceaenl eight sehooUionaes
completed In Um Maryland ooontios, i I lo pro? sea ol
buibliiij.'. 16 f??r wlm li sil.-s .ti?- s. i nu i|. .iml thies t<n
which negotiationsan pending
In Weal Virginia there ia an Impartial system ?f
im m lim.1?, though tin ? iilint-'l si bool I in- !? ?fiiirf-il.
lobs separata, and the execution oi the taw, as f??r
example, In levying taxes, building school-booses,
snd employing teachers, leeattaelj la the hands ?i
the whites. The following is the exhibit <?f the
Btatea: Bcbool-Housee completed, lj "'? psooem "f
building. 8; school honsas for which -sad ia seemed,
8; school-houses i"? ?rbii I? negotiations are i>? minn.,
m. nie teaebera in Weat Virginia will grmerally b<
paid from the publie -and, though, in soms placea,
the sehool terms will, for the neoti v<-?> ?"' ?""? ???
rery short, m?em lengthened by contributions fron
th. ...Im.(I people, or bj ssa.sr.s-t? bon i>? n? vol.nt
aoetati? - Beside theahove schools them are also
several ??ii?" taatttntkms "? ti"* dhrtrict engaged,
more ?.i 1?WA ii' ti"' "v"rk *,f ?????????????'?-? t1"- f'??*?!'1""
am] n-rriMiig ?i-Mslani-e from tin- Lm.-.n. ?I.?.-.-1)
wen giran last Bp?*?! lo Um National Theolo
deal Insn.nt?- and ?nivemty, b?1 >-.. report
hasbeea yoi received ed ita practical operation. The
NoniiaJ School and College at Harper*! Ferry has
boen pledi ". -*? ****** ''"' * i'""1
aaaopanad ?... the ftth bat with II pupil* lim
u, ??ward of 80 sob?la? al the Howard 1 ...v, r?..t>.
vi,.. I. was chartered bj ad of C-OgTcse, March ?,
lYgyt, Thefbllowing table shows the work done m
the Industrial ?Sch
Namberofscl.Is ?up-yrtcd entirely by Bureau.
AT.r__en.oi.tbl" an? '"I"'" ?' 'j' ?'' ?
\.iiiil.ir?.f (.'..iiii.il* ?i:?i*tifi*? t.tr.-.l ???_
Nu Xrof yard? of carpet nianutactuircd <
N . .. r..f I.;? I ? "f "'""* niiii.nf.Kl ii-.l ? J?
??l'il?-r Mel.|?M?.,..;.t..ll..?r..tii>i" T
Ami.ik? monthly ???"iid-uicolu all. . me
Vi.nit.i r ft traini.m? n.aiiirf... tue?! -*-^
??.. ...i.. r ..r i .nu? ?: r.iw liriinl t.tw
sS?S??i-ortad bybsnaveleotaassels
i m
-, monthly ?ttondanc? m
sun.m i '?.r-imii.i-iitH iiiBinif:?.'ft?ri'?i ,....ki. 1-'h
.N'uirii_-i of ?annenUuianufaeturedla ali th? m h*M.i?
? i.r?iiiiHi?-l?i ? Bmot
Xl/ni CONGRESS?Fn?r Bnsioir.
SI ?TATE .. W*V|IIM-.T)V, N'l? U.1M1
'I lu- SeBBtfl nut at noon to-?l;iy. I'lavci was
off. red by tin ?i,.,,.,,u. Hu- ?feUowtag s.-naturs tren
iii.' Presideat, i ? -?*< ad? u, Rasssair,
Antbi i ?wier. Russ,
? sin? r??ti. | i, in gbuysen, Mu mian,
? att.-ll, .tin, r, st, Willi,
? bandler, Harlan, Banner,
? "I" ' -- Johnses, 1 li.?Ter,
? ol?. Morass, i pi'ini,
<"-vi"'t. Morrill (Vt.), Trumbiill.
< ? ?i?Ktiti. Morrill tai? i. \,,,, K'iukle,
< ruda, Morton, w ill?
I?.? dort. William?,
Dixen, Nye, \? n-?.ii, ?,,,,1
Doolittk . I'.i'l? r-nii 'N II ,. Vi'' ?
?Drake, Patterson t reuu.),
Edmunds, P? nu roj.
i m u i.11,111- is tin DisTau i "i ? ?u i ?nu?.
Mi M mm..: (Rep., Ma* I i i.-.t unaulmoos eonsenl
t.li ullin i- a lull foi tin? filil?,? I -.-i ii: .ti ol eijn
in ti <? l>i-n n t i?! i ?i.tint?n.i. M- m in ii that it ??,.
act copy ot a hill i??--.ii at the Itotl Manion but not re
til II,I li li? til, I'll - ti. li. It ti,I It lull lill til . Ill i I ? -.:| \
a fra In to pans it. The bill waa read aa tollt ?i - :
I li.? ??,r I ' ). I..' ?ilii-r,--. ' r it nrriiri in ti,?
. . ' . ?rin th-,-i.trtrr <?r ?iril,i! ?tii-r?
, | ti ? l ti i.f Wtak ? ?I, li. ,,| l ,
? ji I I" -. ri, i" s j.,tor. i .
? - . ;.,' mi |. raw
t.. . I.?airt ?-, it ?ti. I.?J t In . : foi ? . ,??i llli.it?!.,
? 1
Mr. BUMMER pie?? ni? ?I ,t pi tltlon, signed bj, M white
11, i; t ti-, sa Ittllit?? - :
?li?? ?ti, I? ...-?? ...
I ' ; . .1 ,:? I , ( ', o| > I ,, :,-,i ,li,; ,
i . ii? I IM III. li,
.a 111.- lilli? l| 1 ?Hil
: . . , ?
ti| , D tli? I,,in rilli,i l.l a?,,ita 111 inr lutlll, I ,.l ? ,il>llt,l? a to ti..
i lu petition n ,- u ft rred to the ? murnini ?? on the DU
li I? I 111 < ? Itillll?! 1.
Mr DAVIS ,ti)t m .'Kyi objecting, Um bul ?\.i- l.ml
i un ?ii nu i.
Mr. WILLIAMS (1 I Introdn. i ti sjolnl n n
ii ; ..v ni?.lalor) ol io.m it -i.i. ii ion approved Julj
. . i ?? .mt inn ?iiin iii? i t ?m i t if < i um-1?. u hear mid? v
a.a- i"i ? .t'ljt. ?in aima the t ?.um ot Richard Vf Meade,
ill I I .1 -I li. I??-.
it ass referred to the Ji dirlsrj Committee.
l?) ?li MT Ol lill li l.i n DI ST.
Mr. l.I'Mi Sim (Ki |i . v i off? red the ft
on. ??lui li waa laid ou the table and ordered to lie
print? ii. li.ti l.i- would rall it up .ii ? ?;? ?
in ?I? ?i it ??ititi in- puMM ?I ? itn ? linn- iinanliuiij
? ?
la.Ill l-l ' ? ...
I III I \ \ US i ,.|
Mr. w11 -..v m? p . Maa? ? off? ted thi following, which
' Um Ti-.-?, try ?
ol ii.? Departa
Ml-l i i I ?M "I -
vi Ml - l:- i?. I..U.II moved Hint ??lu u ii;,
II, ,
? ' i motion of Mi -.":.
? li i. ,1 ii .,t i: ? i ..; u m dall] .
On motion of Mr Wll.HiX, tli? i? i f??i the railing oat
of ?fluiiii .-lo mippreiaa
|..|-t|H.||' i|
II?)f?-|. ?'. lil I'. ' ,\ | -.
Ni?- II". ? . -i nil?!, ii al i.ii. m ciiiitiiiii.i
tlnn of ti
, i.- i?|.t m u
Boynton, ii
im i ??ii ? lug out lim .
Ill lit!
i_-, true
I?'.ni?'I loyal man would In M-cured, an?t ti i
Hld I? ti -lou ? I lo lu- projM i i? ..?;.,,:,- lo '
I I I li..
I.?? ii?,u-, ? ? ?
heilig m- i. ad
The i? . Journal a ., iib.
?I'\||-?|.?N i.| Ni I? Ml
ilward ??t !'? ni ?)l?aii
'. <.in tin- hp< ski i
oat it i : law.
I III IISM'-II |,| I I , a 1 l',\
lit it. , ? ? , i ri ..in Ten
? .1 -1. uki i i" ?..I.' the ?'.till, and
proa? In ?I Du r i ? .?_>. i - ? ii vi foi il, ii
Mi i i I ::ii.< i -?i. i.
ot the? t'-- lo
Mr. IM
? ?
i '.i lim i no If oui m.i ii.? m
taken U ??< '" Hie ' ?""' ?lei ii?- ?...\. ni
III. Ill illili t.. J? tti 1 ?,,., I VI \ .-, ...v
I .it DOW ? al-t lit ti,.- Stat? .'li ?
|..| II. I.I ? .... I i 1 lill ! ?
II? (Mi Urta i-? toral u.? ot
, ? ?? iii-ii..m | , -,i Itj i'f
I!- Wllltl -"I?- ?if tli, -
.m 100,000 \x ti i- iimi t on tro .' 'I Un ?
00t ni v, bom were o? os bite
?oi, i- ??. lu? ?? ? u- i.ni i. -it.nu l,. ?? ?! Au ollicai
? \i-i?-?l and i?
um ;,I. .i
., ;. lizatlou, and a reprobatiou to all forma ol
!> |> null .m m ii ti.?. i lu.i 1.1 Having i|i-|,?i-''l ol this
(.-? m i al i i.,. i ; ..?:. I,, i-i.led ,? ? ..ti ? l'
. to Hi. -m .u.U. ii, i I Mt Butt? i. i u.' uil
tram Tenu? re, beca .. - ai I nn? -?? ?<?
: in-, ii- toro ai..I during the lb la Ilion,
introduced, nupported and roted ?' as and ,
n,t ,-i,i? i pro? i? t" H"- I nit? d -ai.it' -
linn i lu.? ni ?nu,: _- lip.... reaolutlou? lu ni??i
tin t m,in m.it.iit: ni .u,i u, tv tu i.li.i. who liulori
"II. I|?. I I.ti" Condemning the a??p"ii,tii!i m "f Mi
Bi ward In Mi I In? olu's < ihlu? t u sn s? : of bo?
?li. ?ill?! I"! i ? ? < "HU 1.1.-li I" I
Btato of Tennent*?*? out of the L'ulou Mi Brook ?
the j?.leu) . ?tubll b? 'I bj ti" K? publli an ?I<1< ol the
i . t .lu:?, in n gard i" the Ki ntu? kj nu ml ?
?f fin ti that the) wer? now Irrevocably bound by II Mr
J tu tin: swearing In '-i Mi Mi
.t Mi i ii?' i from l? uni *?-? i . on ti that k? had !
Riven aid and comfort to the Ilebelliou; had made ?i-ecc'iea
m i? ball "t n : ''-"I l< "i hi? sid sud support i" li, li ?'!
iiit, u |?i, <i ti. t.ti-i troops ,',,i it . md thal be bad made ? ,
i pee? h m I'.? dford < mini.? in I* I, In ?? hi? li be urged iii?- |
v.ig men toeullat In a Rebel company, md to defend
theil bornes ami tlrcalilca. Mr Brooks alito objected t"
tniii? ?wearing in oi Mi Arnell,on th? ground thal he
h.ni t ?tabliab? ?i in liiitn m i County, Teuueaaee, a tsi
lui \, w in b was devoted to supplying alioea to Ina i:> i>? 1
Mobilem. Mr. B.ks siso obieeted to lb? -,.us lu "f
Mr.Trimble, saying thal bis Information waa thal ka
(Trimble), if he voted st all on th? queatl.t
li? bad ?"?' 'l tor iii lim;, l' nn? ? t ?.ni oi iii?-1 i ion. Mi
Trimble (In his seat) assured Mr Brooks thal in bad no1
<|,, OHO.] Ml |S1""I.- .1? i ' |'t' ti Mu ttt lil.ii. ninl therefore
wiiiiiii? a? hu hjH? tai o?.?-1-tniii to tina swearing la "f Mr.
Mi KLDRIDGE then stated t" the House the ?round
on ulm h li- objected to th? ?wearing In of Mi Moke? li
waa that Mi Htokea had .ulm,ii? ?l lu the House, on the
27thol July,ISM,his having written ?i ?iiiir to John
Duncan, on the loth of May,! I, tatlug thathe under
Ni?-?.al boom i_i"-- iii.-" i'"?*??'ni?t."ii- were solas tim
round* ol bisaectlon in reference to hil poaltion, wbick
bl '-' 1., -I V.l-1:? li tu i i l H i t. tllllt III' li ni lu i li i
a.I? m ate "f ii" i i-."" unto the time Lincoln had called
f,?i 76,ouo troops, lu violation of law, foi the subjugation
,,( the South Hi.ii I??- ? "i""n??'-?'"I ,"'> Mun- i?i |,n
.. for his nuil-?-, oud for arming the Btate andn
HUtiug Lincoln at the point ?>f th? t..?>..n? r. and thal lie
1.....I enrolled Ida name aa a volunteer te resist Lincoln's
Mi. LOGAN (lit [i, 1,1 ? ?tpt?""?'-d In-? (.'r-ilillcaiiiiii m
h? ?mi/ im u.i? ih nu Hu- Democratic side coming up to
tin u tula. He waa willing t" ?have the matter ol Mr
Butler referred, bat a* to Mr. Stokes be thought that if
,-tin mau i ould wli n out a wrong that noble man ,-i?,i,, i
l, i?i wits ?l out the ?iii.in; of that letter i" iik'huik r?.r Iha
i m?.u. ??luit ?woe genii?snwere pooushlag trsasss
Mi DAWES <R< p , Mass i moved M u robrtltute fur tks
pending motion, th it the ?-r? di ntlals ol Mi Butler be M
i.ii.tltii tin ? nu,mitti t- ??u Electlona, and thal pead
Ina the decision of tin- queation that ne be not a worn Is
He (Dawea) uuderatood the gentleman from New ?srs
(Brooke) to make bia lootiou In good f.nth. ami be
., ? m,t ii that that gentl man bad mad? wonderful
proareea alttoe laat baaloo, when he put himself on the
Ki-ouud that im charge of dUloyalty, nowever flasrsal
.uni palpable, ?),t- ?uri?, leul i*Tonnd for toe ex? Ituionol a
Miiiii,,, ?.In. lu iii a ?nil.f biaelectlon. He M
tit-.iHil..:? ?i U ?? ?"unit? "u thlswondenul couvemou,for
whi? h th' re v,.- u?t pal ill? I -.,l"' " '? ?rat? 'I |ou m-}
to Daiii.i-i-ii?' He trusted thal Mr.Brooki? would con
tiinit- the Journey until he saw more clearlr even tbaa
ii,?, members on the Krpubll? m side, what did couatl
,,,,, buyulti mi .iii ". ?i'i The gentleman had siso
i iiu u tia ?round t" ?I n that ii wai proper for the lit.um
t.. look inl" the i .iii-t.iiititiii of a State and 'lu ni.
whether It ia Republican or not ne waa bapoj for >ae?
tobealil? t" "i ?id ?'? 'H' the pentlemsn rrom Ne\? Vork,
sud to vote with him. He welcomed linn as a new eos
?ni, ninl t ?i? t lui luiii, liKt- nil ?"i.?? i'-- '" l?a_e iii.- Ita?!
autillo wort i ?eel for n pentan?^ .,,,,. , ,.
Mi Ki'M.i. ? (Rep.. I?*--tii i oppo'"':l'' motions lotklag
to the <?*.<-lu-K'ii of the Teun? --? we?? m and eulorlsed
the character end services ol Mi Utfikex Hewlebtdtbe
ii, ml.'ia Of II"- .".?I'll' t.. Ulm?? Unit It via-th? 1-try oil
t',. floor which did no1 aeknowleilge anv timi-or .lac
tor ii o. iitiii.n' which could not pell? *?'' them of dldtan
ehUeiiicnt, not foi n - 'll.ii. bul for the boltlligof
oniuioii? In I ' i whl? 1? tbei li? Id to ?1?3 "i>
hi it,- licht?and ti,.- ilegn-dutioital tim urtored p?-..?ta
Mr DAWi--? declared Hint be waa no1 .?-?iiuic t ?fcAit
be enid of Ulta that be hud one ?I l,: uplnlons and Mes
for one ?Ide ol ti ?? Houae and .? ?'?Iff? rent -. i fur it,, other
?Ide sud he would leave it !?? the jjentlemsu froa Ms?
Yorit (Mi Brotdu) to dlvkle Ids reta saudaqraidsoa
' MrU cilAXLER (Dem., Kew V?wkl eouuasatsd ?n the
fort that Mr. Dawes waa willing, In order t., ea*a Mi.
?Stokes t.. ?lu"? Mr Butler Into ti"' ???ena, to ht bim
Habt tie wild beaata an Incident vtliK-b remludd tim
of the Apostle al EphesuM. That ??-ntl? u an (Jawet)
Hht.u'.l out n ii.l I" the Hotine an.v I? -?-"'?? foin -. ii.tun ,
a- he mi?l l-l* l'i'r'*' ?a?! ?I. u??l the principles of tenth,
bad solthe ministers of the ?.???-i"'1 to Join in ?a
?mt fanatical views, and bad trodden ou ever? rlaut
human anddlriaa. The Boase flmuhl eatablkb Hie
principle either that the j.pie ess ?-j"t tli? li owe Ki'
reseutativss. or that no member shall be admitteJ io -
sssSosttv Who ?t*? Cot 1"'1""K l0 lLf iK'hf ll'al hush et ths
, Mr. DAWBi lemarterj thai hi? srauM aal *--i??t?? am
leaaoni?of Brripture upon the gentleman (I banler) ? he
ilnl nut aani to burl In? fe? Una
Mr. makshai.i.iI). i? , m., i'xpr,..-,,! i,,? rxmrletloa
Unit tin? qeallflraUoni j n?- -, -111... i |D the C-onatltutlon
the ??Uly t. ?t thal could rielitfiilly !??? unpli' '1 to
lii.-iiii.. rs. i., f Butainc? the ll.iii?,.. bai ,?tai?lt-h<il :?
?I 'ti? i' ni In? ?for itaown act n ihould be governed by It
Un described Die Bute ?...wnniii nt,,f T? lin??-"-?'? :?
dlagrace to the count*, um! to civlliaaUon, ?m1 c?'"1 '
wa* a notorloui fact that Union ?oklien In Teuu?***~e
i bad tii-i n diafranrhlaed nuil, i- til?- Brownlow Government
aalmpl" be?-auae the- would Dot pul their hand* on their
ftiiiniitht iiii.l their mouth? m the 'lu?!, and kueel aunpllnnt
i.i iii?- nearo _>vernmeni there which waa lording it tbere
orer ??int.- Amerleaii tri > men
The amendment of Mr Dawes te rotor the oisdeatlala
of Mr. Butler t?> the ("onimttte on 1.1.-. ti..m wa?a_**eed
t... Tblawaaa rabatltnte for the onginal motion of Mr.
1 ' '. ""? ? i'" ' "f it i.? Ina t.? refer Mr. Btttl?
1 n??! rliiit of Mr. Htokea'a. The Dem?crata generally voted
??.**..?"..n agreeing t,, tin resolution aaamendeu. The
ncgativc.votc of Mr Brooki waa received with laughter.
ami tlnr remark tint he \m.u1.i have t?? i?- eouverted
Mesare. II,-i.ic. .Xtell ni.I J.iliii^im.?if r.'ilif.irnia. ami
Mr. Washburne of Illino!?, wbo hu been abtaat la
, Europe on arcotnit of lllneaa ilnee tala Congn
I jM arad and ??..i?? awoin in,
Mr. ELDRIDGE then renewed Ms motton that the
! ereilrntlal? of Mr. Ptokoa ? f T. mr. - - .. be referred to the
? ?".'muni.I.h ellon*, iii-'i-thi i- with tin- Duucan letter.
Mr. HCIIENCK (Kop., Ohio) nald he wanted na more ..f
tin?-..n of thing The ni mber from Mew-York (Mr,
i I iii-i -hi.un bj bl? vote iii.n be bad been tri
tiri " with tin llouae, proving that bia object wh rather
im littli i'ii r \ trap, which had, nowever, epruug
?mil. m __ i inn. If, than foi the pui| >..??? ?fa grave In?
aniry Into the right of a member lo take Ins neat He
"1 thal the Fin i ?? In the eatte of Mr. Mullins ear
i n ?' mil li"? pi r.il.li-lH'tl in ;.'n K. utucl
i u ?in to the -i.in unlit of a member (Brooke), to
which bia own conduct allowed lum uol en?tled, aa he
h..? I ?uti .1 ,i .um ?t lu? n? n j.t..-,...-.nun. he waa oppouc?! to
the reference of Mr. Stokra'a ? ? ?-il.-nri.il-, na Hi.it ?_-<-1.r !??
n. m h ni ?ii'iu n in.? i.ijnit} b) lighting bravely ander the
'ii. MORGAX (Dent., Ol.Inquired whether the fael
thal Mi Stoke* had fought valiant!) ander iii?- Federal
1 Das ? illili n linn i?? take the t?-?i oath
Mi -i in \'( K i ipliedtbal b? waa no1 th?' eonacleuee
K' ? [X r ?.I Mi. M.?)?> ?; lliiil waa ?i ni.ill? i i ulm It for linn
M It.
IMi. I: \M.\I I 'I'. m . I'? nu i?'..iiii-i?t?'. Hin- rnlii. in. r 11 it?
Republican nu inl.<-i ? ui the Kentucky ??:.?'? with theil
I.m action,audi.-;. .1 boa I?ej oouldreoouule th? ir
pi ne) n ...1 In? .?ii?i-ii -
Mr. DAWKS clone?) the debate by max Ina tin- previous
rn, rcmnrklOK that the li.<? couta paaa oa the
nn ol Mi -'"ki.,i well in tiny as al an) other
linn?, the only linn- In ii Ik mi.- the Duncan lett? r.
Di?* til iiudi d, .i ni Hu- reaolntlon
ol Mr. I :?ii .?i:-?- ?-i? ?-.j. .-:? .1. hi Mi.?tokea'acredential!
? i refei red.
Mi. lill? ?i ?I?.?- ih? n -ii'.ii.iii. .1 ?i resolution I" r? f? r the
?ti i|. ni i.ii-. i if M.. Uni ', 11.1.. ti" i -.mi n, ni. ??? nn i Irctioua,
and ??-ni to tii<- ? !? rl.-. ii. -I. and had rend a letter fron n
Lu ni. ii.mt in the Utli i iiit.-.i ?i iii'? lufantrj, aupporting
?i ni' i.i 111..ih' in n ?]n 11 in that ?ase. tteferrina to
.? i. m.n k "i Mr. I '? Mi.it Un- oui) ?i :
between Mr. I.?', n mil l.'in-i.f waa. tiwi at tin bagta
i nine of the war Mr. I?x_u wan it terrible Copperhead,
j ililli I itii-i -I' n I I lull I,,, in, v, lu, !? im? Mr. I.i'-'ir,
' ill-UM..li In. i .ti,ii J,fill.ii,-, iiiul lilli.-, if ?lill it
? .ti. \ to the ri-in.uk- of Mr. He bene k, that gen?
t.i-iii.m ? n? nut .i m 11 .nui.un.. | bad not ?lill
?i Li? 11 >' of III..' : ' I ' I'., li, ii - .i ?lil.li 'ii i.i ? In ?I i'I Iii'lil, he
to li..'.? . In- ? ? "l?l ?if ti ?' II?.II?".
m r ....I,- then ?i f? 'ii d his i
V I I li. f"l ?? I li' Ii
1 '? ?.mill not
?lin m lM dlare
?..ml tbe i? iinii unlit- of ii'i Teal Oathlaw. fit? lionne
i? linn'.- n n Iel dow n Um
I -ii HI..I Important requirement ol the teal ? ithfor
i iitbi'i It -'it li"!?i np m id?* iifiii??-t
? ?M.tl f.illll III?' i?l.i
i ? .1.. n. .ir !.. ?t e
;. ?ii ? li.ri'l in ' -
li. ?iiui'i pot , ..ii-.-m ? .. ague'a ' (Mr.
. . n, thal Mr Stokea ihould jiulp? foe
..I luke ti.'- t, ii oath.
Mr. HC'IIKNI'K eiulaiu d, and remark, and
lint in.- m ferrad lol f.lin i -.m. in r.ini
Ibut he would bave permitted him to take the nata, bul
'" next moment moved M espel lum for
I .AIM ulna, n-.ii? M that the
ti- lllOUld Is;
l du? reaol
,i i..? i li.n te agalnal Mi Mai?
. una ??- "i n Maternent contained
lu the l?-tt< . iiriMiiicb'tl for K? ferrli % i"
i ? that n ?.?11111 bardi} i><- bell? ved
I lliitl .i i? iidi i "f the Kin?? N"tliui_ part) abonld now be
li.m,ii i . , ..r. ? I,. , un,n in returned
. ? ? pelled for mi?? oudu? t. De be
i r bal r? gentle
. -..n- ti,. I? .i.i- r of Hie ?? I i.ir k I .nui i r. kuti
ii.-h I..unir._ ? and ? >ri>li.u. .I?> linn i'n i .
.in'- iii?' leatl? i ni ? ??iinii? ol Ir -ii
di iuili ii .i? :.i folio ?
. D IV? I ?. m behalf ot Mi " ent? red the hall,
and .i completedeulal hy that gentk-uianof alii
n tb< :? it? i- ?ulinda? ?i n- ' II
h t- voted i in,n, .uni n waa reject? .1
<ee m. i.n.. i? then,exeepl Mr Buller, wera
? I III fTO III ni tin I??., .ik I? . Iiair, -lill luil till ' t? st
. nil ?? ' .. .iiuriliii-i? r_d to Hu m
lu?, ni i i ?. ? 11 i i.nn mu ?ii \|. ..
The Speakei laid b?'l.ii? llouae a ktter from the
I*? ? n tai ? i-f in. i.ii,-.. -, ..f N. ??,-. M? li? ??. ?i iiiin: tli.?t tits
? ?1 to ?Ijfu i.ii.ii ate ?n n.' ? " ' ? on "i i :? av? r
aa delegate, bul thal bia appnraul major!lj> waa iua.1? up
i?t frauda, and thal Chaval ?u<? tali i) ?'l?'?a' ?1 i>> itui.O"?
? 1,103 vol? ?.
i m j , refen ed to the Commltt? ? on li? ?
? awoi ii m .i? ?i? I?
ni Moutanaaud Waahlugtou Territories
wen ti. .i ? .?.um n?.
Mill ?' Il M I M
nu?. <l the n< ?i lui-lin'-- m ord? r lo be
' made on I In Wth ?>f ?'
tliat ti??' Judicial?) Couiailttes i?i???it torthwith mi the
all? ti.f liai p. .n lim. ni.
Mr. \? 11-t.i ?N (Ki i> . Iowa), (Thalrman ??f the Judiciary
( ..liiliillli i , ,-t.iti .1. I.? .lui t linn i?f lili'? .nu.nil!, i-, lh.it
Ita report in reference to the propoaed impewhiuent of
? . ii -..I'-i.i waa iiiit.Mi complete, bul aiould I.in
I Monda) next, at which time the Committee de?
mil to the llouae .i ti port tocetlu r ??uh ih?
i .n?! ?n? of tin minority, in makins tin?.
eui u? i? i.i? ?? i.ii .1 the vtowavf every uwaiuer of
?lu ii.m..., in consideration of thal atatement, poet?
??..i,, ii till Monda; m \i th? exeeuUon ol Um ??uhr.
THR i .i\\ i. 11 n ?m. i:i. iv i i m tv?.
Mr. K< il'.IN-o.S I?, in . N 1 i ?i.iimilli .1 ri? ii .|?i.?li..li
of orlvllcge a 11 -i.liitii.il, reciting that Cbaa I tdaiua.
1 lill, li St ill'. Milli?.!. I" lu ? ,n .?t lil it.11 II, lill?. I?? I li . ll.U.? ?I
v uti luil.'. t of dutj toward American euleena In En
glaud i-un? Ireland In f.mun: tu aecure their righi ?
i it liena, and Inatructlng the Committee on Eon Ign AfbUre
i.nur.- nun an? h ? I?.u ? ?. u.?I n? i? port thereon forth
?? lill, lu tin rilli til.li, II ?ri. li ill.U_r? I..' ti II.', .lill. I.i i.f
i m).i .n lum ni ma* be pre? nt? ii aaatnitl bim n? the llouae
tu Hu- m nate . .ii-? i. i? 'i n? ?tint, ti?.- ru-nit-nt to telegraph
to Mi A I.un- t.. demand bia paaaport and lo return nome;
, Una the Mii.'t.u? of Htate to communicate
nil i mi. -i?, .i 1.1, n. r i.f an. I with tin- State !?? i ?.n tu um t ?m
Hu ?iinji. i ,.f the :ii i. -i. m i ni i ?..11 m? i.i. n ii, ? i convie
lion of prraoua being or claiming to be .merlcan ritliena
n.rat Britain oi ireland, to be i unaldered. if ne? eeaai.,
in ?.?-i.-i m laion i-f tin- Hont? .
'lin- Speaker held lhataa tberaaolnUon propoaedtbs
i m l?i-m l un m of an oflirar, II ?.??.? i?n\ lleged question
Mr. lu ?r.l.?.m in pra? eed?*d t.? ?I. hate Um ? ;i-??? ?>f -*.?!?_?.
Wrunii and Nagle under arreal In Ireland After pro?
n i linn; for a.? um?' I?, viel?)? .i fui n mu? mu to adjourn.
on motion of Mi u a? ii i;i cm: ?i:.|i. iii ? n ?i? ut?
il, ii-ii. thal ?inn tin- linn-.- .uijuiiiii iuii.it, it ?ul.ii'iun
nulli .Mululu? next.
i in- i?i?.-iiki r -i.in ?1 thal h.' would ???i Murnini next, mi
b*aaotlierw lae directed b) the llouae, announce tbe uland
iii. i'uiiiiiiitt.??-.? fur the |uiM ni '
l-'iitc i.f .ii.?i-mi' ?..? _r..in? ii to Mi Bcofleld (Rep.,
I', i.n i un uri unlit of lllin?'. iii In? finn 11) .
Mill I? Il M I N I
Mi KBL8EY (Rep., N 1 I aaked leave to Introduce a
lull tin taring ti.? i ti.. t ni nu Impeaehmi ni m the tleutm
nt KepreaentaUvea ?.f rI??*- Praaideut, Vl?*e-Prealdent, or
nut tiMl ??lili, i: inn Mi I i.i?i:ii??;i: olijecteil
? m -anfi?n of Mi PIKE ? K? p . Ma i the Secri tuv ?>f the
Traaaurj waa directed to report the number of emplojr?a
employed aa ipecUtl agenta or deteetlvea, their eompen
.?.,-ttI..H, locality, <a ben ? mi'i??? ed, Ac.
(Ja motion of Mr. BLAINE (Rep., Me.) the Con.ttee
..n whs mill Mi .m. ?v.i? directed t.? Inquire Into the ????
(limey uf ii pealing the tai on cotton.
Mi COBB (Rep., Wla.) a k?.i leave to offer a raaolution
iii-.ii ii. mi. Hu- .lunn ? ..mtunt?. on Retrenchment t.? In?
quire Into the Ne? *i'iuk - hi?K> frauda, Ac
Mr SPALDINO (Rep., (MUo) ohjeeted, taylag that the
TI Mlllltl.'ll ?ii? lull lull).'.
Mi PARNHWORTII (Rep.,111.), aakad _a**e taofhra
resolution fur the tnknn: ofacenaua In the rebelltoua
Stat? ?. bul Mr ? ham i ItoWe? bed
Mr I."?? an aaked to be. and waa, sx**ased fruin further
i.n the ? ..minim ? on Retrenchment
Mi mi i.t.iN'.Mif T( nu Bade ?uni'- raauur-i In saalal
ni the letter which bad been not acalna. lum
ri-,?- Boase, st i o*eloel i? ra , aajoaraad Hil Moads.
task. ?____????__?????.
A ***___ AUK Mil.I- Ml l-l'I I? IK I Al. IX -LBAMT.
Axbawt, Not. ?ti.?-*_ B-djcqU-t morder tria]
?*:?? tmi. iini? ii h? rt- iin? svealag, Jaaasa ? Pahass ?.i-.
iiiiliflf.I f'?r uiiinlVr m the U I Bal ISSJIW m UtttBg Archi
bald Ml vet,?, m the tn? ii of t'net innna, in Oituhrr, la-t
?, .,i Pataass ssogk11?s _sad >.f st.-M-nH'? iaafhtar. a
?ii i ssjsi 11 Mai ? ii? oggou >i ths aaatah, mui tkreaSsaed
tu i h.i-ti-' I'.iiiiu r if h.-tU?i im! sbaadaa tas salt An
??lui,, nu ii! ?uni li.i?t) ni in 1.1.?- tallowed, .?n?! .?n hour
ii'i ?. ?n mu.?. ?\ lu? **???? m pin ?nit, i .inn- ni? with th.'in
in in !li?' liuiisi- uf ?i tiuitiiiil fi :. ad. Til.- juiiii- fuiii?!?' i.ni
into tin? hun?.', ..ml linn.? nix nil.? an SMW I.?'in. ba*
tened the door. Btovena aeaa burst open the ? l? ?? > i (both
im i aere rurmed), wat :? ttruggie enaued. In which
Palmer waa co??iderably lnjurad, ?nut Maveaa ?.t- 'l||"i
ih?- trial wa? before Juti(*ePeckham. After the >\
riiniii.it ???? of aeveral wit? *??-??*?. ni ither ? une?? i i?rop-?,ii?g
lo -nu "I'. Hi?- eounael lui the defenae moved f??r lue ?li?
eharge "f the pnaon? r without allowiug tliu ? nae t?> _>' lo
Hu jury. Th? DUtrict-Attorney objeettna, d'?? -lu--?
i th?* Jury, vlrtualli ?lir?-?-tin-c them lo lind a ver
d.ct ?if ac?|intt_l. After Im ii?_ ?mt .ni tin, aftenHwn, ibey
n turned unable to agree, tkm ?.'nurt in?iuii?'<t of the l?i?
tri. t Altin n? y abai lie ?I"*!'?'! That ulli??i leplnil lh.it
tie ? -I"" Imt _ \? rilu-t of SUUty of iiittii?l_ii_ht?'r ni aoniu
ni thi light*- ?li-cr? ???? The ? ??uri declined to *-'iul 'he
Im v ll.U-. i?ut iIimIiiu t.? ?I th? m nii.i tin- prlaoaer. nada
verdict ot "Xot <?uiit\ " -i?? aataesd i??- ?der sf the
JUE sol hiern STATES.
HU < <'\\ I Nilli*.?Till. H:\MI1I-K AlllHII ?Ni
i is ?li. I IDOPTRD.
Mi.M.i.iMi uv. Ala.. Nov. 'Jl.-Tlic follow iii'-.' fai
th? ai firle mt tin- ??IS? tin fruin USS, ;t- Him'.!? sisatsfl bj
Un Ki t itnstructlou ?'?ilivelitiou BSafSTtsd th?: BSS OSB.
AI'.TU I.K ?.
Bl ' i ios 1 livery male Demon horn in the I'nlted Btstea,
and even male person wno has been satoraltsed or who
baa legally declared bia intention to becom tell
Un- United _?t.it? -. -.'i vi m.- itiii or upward, ?? to shall have
resided in ti.s Btate di months next preceding th?- el? c
titui, aini three months in tin- county in which he offers lo
vote, except sa hereafter provided, ?hall ti.? deetared an
elector: / rroidei, Thal no soldier, or sailer, or siartne in
Hu- military or i?,i-..ii service of the United States shall
in n sfter sequin residence hy uaaon ?>f being station?-?!
un ?lut? in this stat?.
-ii. i. it ihsll i"- the iiuty of the (haend Amm?
Mt to provide from time to time fur tin- registration of
nu t-ii-i turn; hut the following classes of persons shall not
be permitted to register, vote, oi bold office: l ir.-i-. Those
who during the lab Rebellion inflicted, <>r canned to be
Inflicted, nu? cruel ?ir unusual punlahm? nt upon sai Bid?
dies, tailor, "r m, nue employed, or cltiseu of the inn? ?l
si tit -. or ?? ho in any other ???ij ? lolsted tin- rules ?u ? i?
iii/,?! warfare, meemi : Those who an oc may be als
flam lui ii ii? tin- proposed Constitutional Amendment
known as the nth Article, and tin- act of Congr? is passed
March ?'. 18?7, en ?pt su? h persons si have silted tin- plan
nf Reconstruction proposed hy Congress, ami accented
tin ?political equality of all men ?before th?* la??; l*t ?>
? iih ii, Hu- ?it i.? i ii ?--? milly .-?i-tii kars power to remo??*
the disabilities incurred under this laut clsuse. lined:
i bat those who shall bave u? ? s convioted ?if treason, ? m
l)i//li men) ni public funds, malfeasance in ottos, ? rime
im m-?mi >b- b? law ??nil Imprisonment in tin Penitentiary,
or in lin i.i imiti,: Ko Idiot i'.- Insane persea ?h,iii i?
j" i mi i ti ii to register or ?"te in this Bl ???
-?i ? . ii. All persons before registering must take and
subscribe tin- following oath :
I II ?iippnrt imi tntintiio th? Ct.ti
RUI li I ?in ii. t ? l
? . by ?,.? ,,| t!, ibu? ? - ? -
!??? ? r t.i i",:,,-.- ..r ?ti m Iii? ,? , ..:,,.i ,if thia Stat* 1l"lu ti." i ?Umi
Stale? I I a
PU I., ?I DI ?
? ?tit utlu-r ela? at I ?.ni i.-.t in
-. ?uv p?r
' tb'?.?i-r? i??.-! t
tra. tb? lawi ?al . fit tra, --r tlie pi
I..?.ii? of ?I a.? ii. nr ot ?ClUiton willi II
Resolutions were sdopted i rpreastag enttrs mtlsfsction
v.11li the militant sdminlstration ol Mi_.iiii--i.in. John
Pope, .?ml ii i iii run; i un tin tbankaof tlie people of \ ?
h.Him f"i iin in in anti impartial course which he lnnl pur?
sued liii'i votes were Kiveuagainsl these r?solutions,
i-. ? 11 .ti in .in In -1 if tin-1 onstltutlon were consider? d snd
adopted, involving unimportant cba_njtea lu the old Con?
stitution, excep. the creation of the office of Lieut i>?>?
. The Convention ??ill probably complete its work
tin- w?
i ii.? i io\ i.-i -iii-.
Raleigh, N. ?"?. Mot. 21 .?The dtsction re?
taras Utan I II niii|?iiify for tin- PftdtfSh In th.- lily, m4
from meager returns from the county it Is s?tala thal
I will he swelled to m>, The Convention la rai
ried In the county by over l.soo votes James H Harria,
t ullin ii. li ini-oii the i:.uln al li? kel. Returns from ether
parts of the 8tate are coming In slowly, but all Indicate
[hat the East hua ?on? Radical bj a large vote, and the
west ilso. It ta thi'iii.'ht that Orang? County elects the
1 . onsiderable tnajoritj
; uf tin Radical candidates for that county, la
W'imiv, i ?. v. \:.?-. Wov. 51.?The election returns sre
?i-i > meager, bul enough have been received to establish
the fact tii.it .i i ouventlou li.t- lieen call? ?1 tot bj
.I thal tin Radicals bave elected a majority
,.f the di I? _vit. -. lil) fi v. In -.Hi- - h ive lu i II ii' . i? ,1.
inn i, mu?,!,, r of extreme white Radi, ils have been. The
? n ii-i n it I vi - li av.- I. .-t in.my ol tin- ?uti I. fit- ti n tit r tin ir
? niiii'i! ii? heir Indifferent ?-.
nu \? inn - NO1 VOTING.
Ciuiiii-H'?, 8. I'., Nov. -ji.?1:( tunis re?
ceived from eight Court-Uouaea show 3,741 Mask ?nti-s
at.ii ii white. 'i"ii ? - ?rill be ?shout the proportion through?
out the State Not one vote is koowa t?i have been cast
th?- ? '?invention.
?iMivi. <>i ? m ORO i_i<.i-ri..\it i <>K r.
? 11 im, VIOL1 \< l..
Charleston ->. U?, Sot. ?U. ?A negro
tr.u-, wini m august ?ii'lcnti? arrested a white ritlsnn.
and e iin. u i ..:-?? i ' ? _ r?.. ? to violence, has been sentenced
bj Milit ir> i ominieslou to Impriaonmeul toi lix months
al hard laooi
Richmond, Nov. 21.?The Conservative Con
?? liimii. ?ain? ii niiii- here on the nth of December,
j-l? .mi?? ? In lu- a lal _.'?? Iinit?. A ?'un-v.ij of I
.uni one ?if ? onaervstlve Editors ;u< eta tacit un tbu eumc
\ meeting of Conservative colored men to-night
adopted ii -"iiitmn- depreeatina the efforts of the white
alni colored politicians to alienate the i wo rae? -. and ri -
???I? iiiK to form m ??uti. the objei ? of ? hu ii m Iii be to pr?>
mote bat utonj lu the commuiiltj l be ipeakers took the
? ?<. .t... .ii to lit i.i that iii?-?' ?in- Oopparb?
I III I li I 1 I N ?N 1 -ti?.\ 1 liNnK. R ? i I I KI. ?-I KI li,
\NH ni III R ?ti 1 li ggp Hy \|t>\ | li
Ni w ? ? i : i i ?n-, La?, Not. W.?Thfl follow in-:
iii w?'?'i ? Kii i-, in tu Mu u ?ti? Dirran r, >
.Nn\. mit, r 21, l-'T. )'
??ii i?! Ososa, N.i. ?-" i:\n:?t i i The present In
ruiubenta being impediments to r? i onstructlon under the
laws of Oongrcea, the following removsls ami appoint
im tit-? nf m ii i iii era In Louisiana sre herebj ordered;
a ii?, u Viiiirhie-, i.i.nt Oovernoi i- removed snd Ja "ii
Hswktnsappointedtnhisnlsce, N ii Hsrdy,Secretary
ol Stab . li it moved end J. R. ?'. I 'It k in appointed in his
??t,tin G (Ton, Bl ite Treasurer, Is removed snd B.
J. jenkin-, appointed in hin place. Hypolita Peraltl,
Aiuiitni oi Public A? t ii'.int-?, * i-. ?removed
.m?! .1 ii -?pin n-? appointed la his
i: m ?Lasher, Superintendent of ?Publie Education, la re
im?.? ?I. snd .Inini Mi n m i- appointed In his pla? t. Hen?
ri Benael, Btate In ?Collector, Fourth District, la re?
moved, and Ueorge W. Kendall Is appointed In bl
Hy command ot Brevet Major-tlen. Jos \ Mower,
N i ni ?mi i lu mt ?mi. Second I.nut. nth in f'tri,
in-? vet rim I.a mt n.n.i r - ? ????;.
iii u ?,i ?ki in- i u ni Mu hau) Dirran r, i
NSW t >i:i i ?v-. Nu?, th 1-7. I
Mi'tu Oaoeas No in (Extract l.) ror being an
i n 11 ?i ?', m, m tn n ii ui-ii in titui u m le r tim La wa of Congress,
Charles LH'lery, Coroner of the Parish ol Orleans, La., is
in-r? h? n nu i\ i ti. ami \? hi Mu r i- appointed In bia pla e
The office of Sheriff ?>f the Parish of ?Orleans being
?.nant by virtue of Bpecisl Orders No 188. paragraph?!
current series, from these headquarters, the Coroner of
tbe Pariah of Orleans will sot as Bheriff, in accordance
with iii? ia?'? of Louisiana, until the nilli. <r newly
appointed li properly qualifl ed. By commando! I
M.IJ..I in in r ti JOSSffl A MOW I li.
n i hum i i in mum?. Second Lletenant ._:tli Infantry,
Brevet Plrsl Lletenant l' 8 ?
[-he order makin? the offlceof Sheriff of the psnahof
New-Orteaua vacant waa issued In cousenuenci of the
failure of Dr ?ivery, appointed by Order No. in, to give
tin bond r.-.|inr. ti I?? law. ami the refusal of the pr? -' nt
Incumbent to surrender bis .?ii: e saleas the bondexe
< m. ti u? bis -m .i moi 11 at ti pt? .I
St an extra session of ?the Otar ?'oiini-il. held to-night,
ti.. Mayor submitted a report from the CItj Treaaurer.
?? 11 a. SV 111 j_r ?Ulai lill le aie .-till III I'll? Ili.ltlDII |I..-|('?I.IK K) of oltj
lilli. -
PROJBC1 im; ill! ?NNI\?lHiN ??I IDAHO 1"
?? ?-niNi.ioN ii gRITORT?SRIZI ?RROl OP1I M
I ?>U hi TIES.
s?n iiitM i-? n, N?)v. 'Ji.?riif rt?aiehip
Mnnialia han arrive?! fruin the Northern BOOH ?villi *-.?>.?????
in tressais. The m ??? ?baal Oragsa ami British Ostsnibls
in animportanl
l in |ii.?|. t fur altin ring Northern lilahotn Washington
'Iii 11 tory is attracting attention. A committee has i" en
ii|.|ininte.l tn .ir.iw up .uni obtain signatures to a memorial
tu Commas Is fsroi of sunh annexations preparatory t?>
the ininti ?um of "A Babington M a State.
a lane quantity of opium bracht here i>.? ?the Qreat
Republic has been seltcd by the ?Custom-House, on ,?
Charge oi SD atti ui|>C uti the |>ait nf iu consignes lode
fiauii the n venue,
Ih,- liar?. Harriet, fur Net? Ynrl_, Cleared to-day with a
raia;.) of MM bbbv of lour sad i?j.?h?u sacks of ?? heat.
Flour is -t'aily St IT ?MMUR Wheat linn at pi ? H
Legal tenders, A
mn Francisco, Nov. 21.?The annual Con?
vention of the -"'?niau Brotherhood nf California,acting
m concert with the irish Revolution?r* Brotherboiida ami
recognizing John Bavage as the Chief Kiecutlve ol
A ineriia, iiil|'ii!ii''l afti-r a ?burt SSSSlOS lo day. The
affainof the organisation are r?iir?'seiit? ?1 in a ?.iti-fa?
t, 11 oonditlon Thej Indorse tin- policy of the Irish
Ki ?niiitiiiiniii Brotherhoodss eaaneiaMdnT Tboaias J
K?-ii) ?if Ireland end John-Savsge of Ameriea, Ara?lu
Bon, expressive of sorrow st tin? death at Theafraaeis
Ifsagher, wai sdop?tsd.
?,i ni km. OOUNCTL ??h- Till: LUTHERAN ? HI RCH
I',,ki \\?)Ni. Ind., Ni.v. 81.?The uaneriu
?'.Him ii ?if tin- Lutheran Church of North America, ??huh
.i- mbled m this city yesterday. Is stlu engaged in con
tillering tin Constitution preparad by the committee ap
pointed in the Convention in Rea<ilng,jPenn., laat year.
'lit.- debates are being carried on In a ?pnd and ( bristlan
swirli Mr kraut h of Philadelphie ?I?liv.-i.-il enable
?discourse last evening ob the s^sjS?wori nt the ebnrah
ami tin Onavsatlon.
< oNVKNTIi.Nroi Till-: |'K!.**KY1KKIAN ?HlKtlP
N\-ii?iiii. Sor, -_M.-TiV''""''"?I A>^-iul?ly
ef the Prasbyterisn Church Is the United ftautt mat In
??"i'??-i.ii.,ii m ibis city inday n?1' Lse?. i?. Moor of Vir
gists wssehoses Moderator Ths opening sermon wss
delivered by tbe Re? i?i K?srr of Hhelbr rbe Baltimore
Prasbytory wss admitted ",,l,1 ktoeyeai a* i'-trt of that
body. Thora waa a full stleinlum <?
(l\ (.i:\Nls REPORT.
BTREXi m ??? nu tiiiiv--Tin MATIOM?t
?iMi:rn:i|- ? imp?.ii? t ik.m tin. <>- \i. in.
MASTER'S, ?i 1.?.I.?in- .IM.i: il.'.?, un iiki?
n in. 1. DEPARTMI M? I I?? Al. ?? -1 ? M ?
lill .???I 111 l;\ MILtTART COMMA?DEBS.
v. \?iiix(.T<?\, Not. ft dru Glmat baa tboot
completed Iii-? aiiiui.il report a? Se? nt.iry uf War m'
inks tai, oat Of ness! la Chis, ot the Anny. i.i?'..i.i ?.f
in.ikiiitr m p ii.it.-n ?.?n't*, he will i iiiiir;tre .til ?uni. r on?.
h?-ii?i.ami-nil un It la that shape through th? Pre ' nttu
Coagraaa ti ?? rarloas Bareaa r. ??uri?, sad thaas team
iii?' Military Distil? I OoBuaaaden tarn been ? ilnaltted,
sad fi'iin ih. e cm m i nut ii i- um.tiiitti th?' stapes ?int_
for his report, which, as will he M-en, la nm-r .?np-Uant
ami intt'ii -nug r. _ ii'lui- the i>i'< ?? m and lutuif pea?.?
sstaat?haseat ?if the ?mv? mm? nt.
Gea ??rant will -ihiiu th. i bia week of retraaahaieal
waa ? ?.lilil?? ;.. i ii hy suspending the mount**d .
anil the Aiuiuil.iiii. < tepe. Bad _?I t? run- lath A?)
triiili.? iitriil'? I?i p.trim. nt the ?lilli? -?t of th" BUTSaB for
the Bxehsaga of Prtsoaera, aad of tin.? Bareaa ot _ebal
Ariiiint. Since the la-i annual report he SBJS alargo
aaaattfy e< sarptas steeee I?_ __ea ?i_posed af, aafao
nr. RMS civil BB-Mf-S ili-ii'hiir.i -?1. In Hie min. r <?f the in
?peetana ef* troops the eesl hasbeea psaflj reduced, aad
for the future, ?mr troups betag inu-lly i ni; . ed ?MS the
Ralas? shs oi.inp'etitiii of ti. Paetak Ratt-oad willaar.
ttiiriiiy ii ossa tin- cost <?f _aaspectaOea 8_d rai
nuiiiiier of troop? aeeeeaery te be kepi la that leettea.
in reference to the Preedaiea's ?itr^.m. Is
nu m'f Beither Its ?outilmr.? ? oi .li?, mil ; _
Tin- total Mieagibd the anny, the report ? n tMaw, >.?
the Jijlli, wau about .V.,', m. Hie munt)? r St rest*?<tS
amounted lo lil.out ril.iKi?., .irnl Un- ?h .erliol.? fur tin? ?ai n?
p. nuil wiTc upwrtrri of ii..???). Reeratttag hi? )???? a
ii e?--fiii, ,'trni in seder io hu thai encourage it. .-it it
tu m une nth i- sdTsataajee, the Geasral irinoniiniiiids *
t h iinii?-In ihr tti m of Mtviti-, rii.-i kuiic it from tliree ki
tlnjnii?; alioa eh,mi*.- ni the BJ StSSS "f ? oin riu.iltia
At ten nun wlD I.?' called to the number of desertions, a..?
the report reeoanasaos thal airsrs pualshmeats be pre
serlbed 1er utah aB ssss la litase. k1 the i?h
of the last lepor? ni?:?- ?era aaaat U, i ???
nun i i? ni the v-r\ n??-. At the present tim.- thSN
are hut MS, and th? h are commissioned odleera reraaia
injf, there being no enlisted mea in i i -
The mustering and diahurain?. ofUcera hive all be? i ?i -
ehargi ?I excepting those at .lbanj. Pbilad? ipbi ?, < ?.lum
b i?, LoulsviUe, ot. Loin?. Santa Pe, and ?ni.
n?? appropriation, bowev? r, for vniunii ? r dlaburs? mi nts
? itipnr. .1 during the ?coming year. A i.men
it ii mi w ill lu- ni.iii.- lo ll.i :. .-?? the iilllnln ! Oi Officer* in
ii,.- a. i.i nt.n ?ii. le 1.11'? 1?? partaient, so as to allow one t <.
eu. h brigadi? r and m dor - nora) of the armj
port v. ill also ask f?-r an im reuse of the numb? i <?:
O? the Ill-pel tor *i?ll'-r.?r? ?.III? e.
The report of the Quartennaiter-Geaeral for the la al
year? mini- June w. in?;?, ?.how? that over 11.?KM) separate
"u i ..uni.? nave bei n -? tiled, amounting to in arn tut'.oeo.
ooo, leaving claims to the uiuouut ol ii : un
??illili. During the past year the same Department Im?
?ii-pti...l of about is.ooe males, ead
<?f au rp1 na and unserviceable animals am?: mt !..
iie.iriy * ?"?.t?-.. The total ?.ii? ? ?>f this charaet**r ?in?-.?
tbe close of hostilities have been about H??joo.ouO. Ko
purchases of clothing have keen made during the year,
the supply left ?>v er from the ?var having h? en v< ry li
A nunaber of wooden buildings have bean sold, asesaos?
Ina to about HOODOO,
About wo <?? met? ries have been opened, of whieh M sra
known as "N.iUoiul." rhe number ?>f Mildil i ? buried in
Hie?.-.mu.um tonearl] ,??...??... ?.; which n.? than 210,000
bodtea ?re it,T?-rn ii In the ones Known as Nation Tin ri?
al ?? ?lill n m .ti n i ?i- illili.?? r i. ii .?iiuii I 7( ..mm. In h li. .?, m.tklli_
it total ot ..--,.i. ih.-?".?li? ? ..t .'.?.i? i are Interred In
these cemeteries, of which Um cost to tbe Go**en_ae_t
(?n jni> i. ism, the Booth? ni railroads wen Indi t? r?-?11?,
the lio?, .-iiiiii?.-nt. In the ?um of over te.900,000 to Jua
ISST, Tiny hail reduced this t<< t ?"..'.?(*?'.<"??. i in- report
???i niiiiii?mis .m increase ?>f the ??ill? ? ta ol the < 'ommi ?
of Htifostatence. The tobacco for the ann;, duri rig th?
l i-r year cost about Ssoo.oni). Indian subiutenoe for tbe
year to June ;>?>. amounted to Sturts.
Then -a? paid during the past year claims to the
naumai <?f about |iit..mmi. over MASO^M worth ha-lag
been rejet ted. Tbe un.?? ttled ..launs ?sssaaI t?? ahum.
'I'h?; report of the ??iii-.e,,n (,. narai sliowa that tiki De
parti'ient l8 lu po.imi ul tin- records of 214..17 white
?ohllers who died during the war, .nul of the records of
nearly tOflaO negro loldiei ?. and "f over mfiOO Rebels. The
Department ha-? also the reeoadi of ..i-.immi aoMtoew
??im have been wounded and ?lit-?t?>i? dlntbeservioe. ne
average annual strength ol Um white troope ia aervlee i*?
a little over 41,000, and the lick report aaows in.ouoeu
trtee. The anu) mortality during the y? ar ha- been about
1.-..M). Tin- number of -hue and col?red Midlers iii?
charged for physical disability during the year baa asea
about 700 if? I" -" ?n. t e? of artificial limbs, such as
arms, legs, Ac., were issued during the year to tohtiera
In th.- fund of the Modi? al Depart?teni there la i balaa? ?
of ovar t.'.'MM'.ixM?.
The rayma?!? ra now in the servir?? nunitx r al. and the
Department ri commends a further ie?l.i. Uou ol the f u? >-.
i m re is a reduction of one-third In the expensen of the
Ordaaaoe Bureau, ami a reduction of 17 per cent of the
m? ii employed lu ti??? arsenals. No diapoaitlou haa yet
lie. n ina.le of the appropn ?lion made for the building of
ri?- bridge al Boes bland, on account of the refusal of
the railroad eesspaay te perform their pari of tbe <"<>n
trees, i'h?- sal?' of .? namoi r ..f useless am nala la reeoa
mended, and ?it?? for others are reported up??ii. During the
. over _3,ooo Hpriagfield musaets were altered lato
bn . eh loaders, and over 100400 nrt. ? hate i.., q . :. ;tn??i
ami repaired, aad all the adulera on tbe Pialas have ??. ? a
armed with these muskets. Cptoth? pn i.i ?.
?tai.ii ol arias of all kinds hat?- been e-usaged teta
breech-loaders, which i? pronoumred the best and taeos
?i rvii e.itiie ?.'im in tin? world. Bevon hundred aullloa
cartridges have awen aada for these iiiii?kef?j. with aa
average ??failure" of one-third per eeac. Au ?uiootti
linie i-.iuuou of less than ei-^ht nuhe. have l.??u cou?
th uni? d
The .Military Academy u n port?.! t.? be In a flourishing
ii.iiilitii.ii.andeoatalaedin June y; cadets, of walch
number S? have stace graduated un.t obtained .oiuuns
The entire military Mtimetea for the eomlag fieeal y< .ir
are oat down at ?"?".".<>"".""" i-i*?- hundred thousand ?tol
lara are ?.?keil fur the !>? pertinent ol the Ueneral <>f the
Anny; tiiM'.u.?. lui-the Ail|iii.iii!(.e!iii.irM lillie, aad fur
tiie Military Academy giM.OOO. An apnroprlaUon of
St3,000,000 will he a-kul to lupply tin ueflcieney and
nutt the expensea of the Quurtermaster-Uenerai'a i"
partment. The Medical Department will reqmreabout
I1S.0OO; th?- Pay Department aimut ?._.-'???,'???. and the
Englneetr-'a Department alxmt 110,800,000. A million and
a h iif e 111 be ask? ?l f??r tbe Otdnaa? ?? Bureau, aad ?'.??.ihwi
fur ih?? M-iuil aervlee Ko appronrtatlon will tin a?k..i
for the bubaistence Bureau, nor the Bareaa of __btan*
?lusttor (.em Urwnt ia of opinion that the poaee witt
the iiiiliatia will materially decreaae ih? expense of the
anny, runt Juatifj B ndUOUon of the foirVe, Ahoilt
S3, ?oo.ooo of the entire arpropriaUon are lat? aded to aa at
iii li? i. Ml It"?.
ii.- report will state that all the raranciea cauaedbv
tin- uii!-ia?e of tin-aire? have been filled, and that all
appui n tm? nt.*? most la future go at du? foot of the register.
in n i .mim? ml? ?nell sa Increase ?>i the numb? r o? cadete
?a ??iii not require ?my enlargements ??I tbe preseas
bulhllngs, or be an j additional expense t" tbeQovera
me n i. He will iiurgi at the manner lu whl? li the appoint
liitnts might be m.nie. m t??ll??t.?: Thi? al large,and
one for each Congresa Dlatricl The continua ? f??r at
i. .i?t oae year ?>f the addition?I p.ty to anny oiin en -.ii
be reoommendod.
N.. rep..i ta have been received from Gens. Shi ridaa an<t
Bl. kies, bul Um y will maka repot*?iat aomofuture tune ea
ti... .?minion ?if thew late dist? lets, liena. ( .?ui?>. l'ope,
|.*?i huile hi. and Ord have ?. ul In their reports.
<,eii Sherman, who has mads bia report, thInka that
ll.iin. .liule JH nee ??Uli the Imli.iii? is ? , ?" ?nu
mends the employment of Indiane tai the service, ?-"roui
jillv i tos. pt so. IM ?aeon na n? pi??. .1 orer the Pialas,
I.ikiiu" in arl> .'?.??no n en. M?i v?.ineii. ami alturit the ?ailie
number of children, neaii? ijorn males, u^ssoesea,aai
uiiuut i.ooo bones.
?..n in..ina? reporta story thing auletla in? PapaeS
ni? nt. h.K that the l-ople ?lill ?ho- disloyal teudeu? e -.
? m the suhjeet ??r Military Commanders of theKeeon
sinn!. .1 Districts It is understood that (Jen. i.r.int will
hoi?! the fuiio-Mii?* opinion; Ure Militar) Commandera
so farsa their dunes are concerned, are held In inbordl
nation i?> lum (Oea. Uraat). aad i?> the v?.u- Departaaaat,
lu Unir tinlitarv capaelUea : bat la their civil u ha rasten
tiny are entirely Lndependeni ?>f both, exeepl lu til?- mai?
i.i of r. nu.val.? nat appointments, tie feil-tti.it while thop
ara independent in tin ir military oberes, thora ia not eao
of them ??ho would not yield* poaitlveaudentire submis?
sion to any expreasod wish of the civil administration
pi n -ni over tin m by the constituUonal acts ..f ? . ngri ?
?..?n. ?.i.mi entirely approvea of Um manner lu wbtehthe
?everal District Do?uaaadets have discharged th?ir
jattes __________________
TEKHIIil.KH.Vn.KOAI) A( riKI.M- A Ti: MN l'AKll
I Bl Oil OLUBIOX--rivi; PCESONi Bl UM.l?
TO D1.A11I.
i'in? inn ATI, (?Ino. Nov. 21.? A t?nil)!?' ?ic?i
iient oeearred ea the Clai laaatl. Baa?ltoa, sad Kayton
Piaadgsasa Wsllrsad. tin? sMsaiaaj. l-wa-rpceastrs-s?,
du?" here at 6 ti'ililik, VSS ilet.iiln.l at Loek'.nul hy a
fni-lit traill cuiuiiiK'from tiie "???iith, and ttWoU the ex
SfSSS train -*.a?? waitui.- f? r tin? fr?i?,ht fia.n I. f.ik? a
aide track, .motil? r frt i_ht train ?itnie ?laihin. aioti?.-, ami
ran Into the rear of th?I _******? M train, l.ef.u? Hi, m.ni sa
tbe look,.ut. ..ni?| c.-i sat km lag t?? stsf it. The saWsssa
?peel the stove-lu tbe expresa train, .?uti nt it on art;
ami lour taiISS and ?ne ?.?? ?it!? ?ii in STSSS humeil lo ?leatli.
ami a liiiinlier of ot!i?T j?, t -.nu?? we?e SSrtsastl injured.
The train Itself waa burned lo a-lte-. The names or real
i the knie.i have n??' >? t linnaseertataed.
?at,r Ihre? of Hie ?.Kin ?? killed hy the collision al
Lu. klitiitl. thi? murnini., were ?Stars, and ta.u??'?l Mor?:ai?.
?In? ti.ul tiik? t? to PetfSta ami I.oui?? lile rho ?iti*r?-r
wmiiaii Head .?' I??'troit. The man. J.iek??.:.. was fnu*
i;,i.?.ni 0t?ses wi n i.atl > iiijuit ?I iij tu? sheet ?f the
c. .Ulan ni.
Tim ?.mi I'lti?.. Nov. 21?'llu- Ripks ,,?
tun railli .?i Maaagnah are labe aotdatsherld '-?lot??
?ntl-*, aaaortgagi forlsoi na " fawm ?.t ?,?_ i..,i,_n

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