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V0L- XXVII.N?- 8,307.
i^> y-b
rat AmoAcnno mektiko 01 p-abliamei
BROTHER N<>, I rBOH Hil 1 I Al IAN ot't
LOHDOX, Nov. ii Evening.?Diapatcbea reeelred
bean Florene? to day state thal the liaban Parlia
in.ntwii! conven.tbt Mb of Ibeenaning mooth.
Barm Rataaxi, formerly lbs Prime Btiaiefw.moca
tai?tot?made Preaidentol the popalar broa
the Partis ent it is said thal Gea. jtoabrea,the
pi mai Prime Minister, bee baaed another nute
wherein i' action ol Pranee io lavading the Papal
Btai ely denoooeed.
\i hi W 01 rBREAXB.
Row Ki >t ' Some freah itrnptiona have lately
l>een iikii*' ?inosH the Papal trontien by nnall bandi
eaT Garibaldiens. Thej wen promptly mel i>> the
l'ont iii? i : troops, Mid, ia all catea, wore speedily
aappresei d.
LOBDOM '?'< \. ?1 ? Evening.? Tin- animal supply
bill wa | issed in the Honet ol Commons thiseven
Nov.-.-j Noon -The Colonia] Officeia stleBgth is I
receipt o i d?patehet from Government offlciala in
the Weal lodiee ralatiTeto the alleged T?rtola die
attar* iadieatiag that the aeeoontt heretofore pul?
11 shed lia\ <? been greatly exaggerated. While it is trae
that tiif Weet India blanda were viaifc .1 by ? severe
harricaoe near the elote <>i tatt month* there ia no
ovidoans thal T?rtola anffered any more or in any
other way than the othei Itlaadt In that quant r.
1 l IV ni i?i?. UTIM08T0K
Pitpatchet containing the gratifying intelligi
of tin- .-aft ty of Dr. Ui ingstone, the oelebrated I
alar and explorer, hare been received In tins city
to-day. Tlic particalara reoeiTed arc lew, bat the
l '<?? h,i la know n te have been tafe and well ia Api ii
la-t. Howat aben exploring the Watten of Africa,
Lam?n t? i : milt - from tm
In the Boate o? Commona thia si ening Lord stan?
ley, the Beeretary of state for Fon iga Affaira, stan d
that the English Government had tot promised, nor
w:w- it in any way boand to goaraatoe, the bondt td
the Interoeeanie KaOway Company ed Honduras
Preparttlont are being math in this city to obterrc
maneealiai mannertht obaeqnieeed Um Peniant
who are to enfler the death penalty to-morrow. On
S imlay a flint lal procession, With hearses and all the
ti-ual moorniag dei iota, ? .ii be organiatd and march
to Ryde Parb, where a solemn meeting will be held.
rru< ll.w. IHK. Hi I ison RAI PROPERTY.
Reparta that propoeitiont have tuen received from
the United Saetea for the p?rchete oi the Bnd
property hat canted a rta inthi : the
* o'lipimy.
In tbt House oi ConiatotMlaet Dightaaeflbrt wa*?
lnatle to nave tin lives of tin Ifaacbeeb
johu Franeit Magnire, tin aacanbti far the City oi
Cork, stored that the Honte Interfere tot t stay la
the execution of the BtnteaOC ot the Fenian COBVM t~
at MaaMhtaam tad thal meaawbilc the pointa of law
apon which he baaed ins reeolotion be referred to
the twelve hiebest judicial anthoritiet of the realm.
'J i.c motion aare rite to a long and earnest ed
bion. Mr. Maguire "a* supported liy Henry FSWOtt,
the ateaaber for Brigbtoa*. and Bli George Boa
Hut Me.?is. Hardy. (?iatNtone. and Kinglake made
Ftroni: apeechea tgaintt the motion, and it was finally
?withdrawn hy its author, the tphMOSiaftht HORSI
b^iiiK numifeetly against any further consideration
of the sid
Evening.?To-day, the Committee appointed by
fhe met tu,- of last evening presented to the Qneea
at WhKhm a peta.on foi the postponement of the
itktM at Man? ht-sfi i. Hoi MajCStF. in S most
direit manmi, dccliacd to giant the player ol the
i.m.ii non.
An orderly demons: I I -t the SSOOntiOB ol
lbs remans took pata here last aigbi A large anan?
as* of porteas ataecab] d at one of lbs pnbhe halla
und'pi-s'ti resolutions urging the 'iovemment t<i
gttaMaetaa al preottdhsga. A committee trat ap?
pointed to draw up and pn B Bl t pet.turn lor BBSSey
to the Queen.
QREA1 i I M w ii, mi.le
Mav Roi S&?Tbt city ha* the appear?
ance of being in aatats ol siege. Must ?
nary ttH cantioot STC taken by the Government. Har
rieadsa hare bass i roi ted la the ttreets for lbs pro?
tection ol Hie troops R?galai infantry are stationed
at ililli rent i>oiiit.- ia the cuy, and troops of cavalry,
which have lately arrived hire, are patroling the
strtet.-. Two or thice thou and special policemen,
who have bSSBSWOTS Bl hy the munn ?pal authori?
ties, are distributed among t!. j> lice ttatiom?, where
Iboj sre reeeiTing their trat* Clergyman Lave
been summoned to tbt j.al, and have beta
clow ted with the condemned prieenera daring the
paaSSl part of the day. l.\erythiug indu ates, 1k
yanda doubt, that the Goremmeal is determined
not t<i pardoo oi commalethe tentenossof the ou
fortui.att BMB and intendi to make-of theil exeea
tion an IstlTting ni mo.'istiatioii of fiimness and
rijioi, ia ' t u Stop to Fenian violence and
' i TTION.
Shore, one oi tbt u ndeinned FtniaiiH, lia.1 beta
granh meeting was held hero
opposed to the execution of lbs
i'tm.h... and reaol itionato 'nat effect arsis patted.
BxBMUCQHAM, KoT.tsV A ItrgS puhlic. met tint' ?as
i< ? i i ? yt -tt uiay to piot. -i asp?att the hanging ti
the Msnebettei Feniana Borne disorder oeeaned,
Baal riotooe demonstration? aere made at the oon?
da ,? ti oi tin BMintiag
01 i
!'. I ' tamaltoe og at the most
lag In lavoi of tin last night
jin,. *. and the tgrtsttoa ia hi
en. . da] A bit? .an toelini pn
i non of the popnlation, and
BH d.
Till ' i I . 11 BILL.
pal ' sion of the Corpa i>p|1"
jat:; ? sow Army tull, whkh hat been
-Ni ni Wag, was introduced.
i upon, and in its genera]
j?-:itiii. ? i ? ?>f ISA Ona of us pea*
? term of military tariim to aine
yoBai ' ? mptrorof Aaatrit has aignifted to the
Baspsret MtpoiaoR his willingness to lain Iba Gen?
eral Evropi ?iro|Mmed hy France.
*h.. :, fjflk?sl Blas Book*pnbHtbtd by the
Frei,di Gevevnaaent, hat spasasrad, and from n- ;
the follow ?ni/ - i a ti acted :
't'tit (MAiimi.i ut will soon fix Hie time fur the return
of Die tient li li nop? I; oin italy.
Tu* Multan of Tuikey. though he La? (Jccltinil to adopt
the courw afltMed by Franee, w fiideavoriUK to u-?tore
triMMjulHlty Kud j? we to the Islano" of Candia
Ta? rriutiotm of Fraaee attl Ha UaMai Males bar? "
gaijx.ij tii< Ir u?!uaJ waimij, Fnuiiio. fo?ow|ri? Uq vl4
tra.Iitioi!.-. behOldl w ith true BJ in;-if hy tin i lIV>rt? made
iii AiiHTK-a to efface the trae.- id | ml war.
i. grot ia expreaood that thi efforta el Pranet tod Bl
Stand t<> I'.Kif.v tin ?unir?i between Spain, ami tin !;.
pabUoa of Chill .uni Pera were tu,ni?- m raia.
It ia hoped that pet?? ami mod ha rettored between
Paraguay ladtheBoatfe Americas powen eHled igmtaat
in t.
capt. ( ook, rroni N>? York on tin- nth in?., hu
tin- way i"
(-' *-;? " ' r ?? t. unship i -
? ?m Nea v/ora ?'ii tin v: i> ihm., ?rrivi il
ut ihn jay,
Loudon, v IUI i,? ,,?,,., ,
?? li .-iiiii- bave been ?< ? ? .? ed tu daj ai
h .-i ? uri til ? und the
price of gold in the Neu York market, the/ have no: re?
been tarnished to the public, and in the absence ol such
Intelligence the following are th< i mung price?: United
Btate? Five-Twenty bondi Central Railway
anaret, AU; Eri< Railway abares. ,<?>? The bollion in the
Bank ol England bas ?1. ci Ung to the regular
weekly ?tat? m*-11 t .
?or ttHPoon Consols for money, '.urn.. United
Btatea Five-Twentl Bonds, 7u n lo; Diinoia Central Rail
Iwuyahari .
Afton m report, have ad
vancedt ed State ir.< rwenty bonds, tu u
ic: Illinois central Railway al Erie Railway
? i| fur money. Ann rii an
Securities?The following are tin closing ratea United
States (?. ? i is, ?of; lllinola Central anaret,
: m RttllV ? '
FXABxypBT, Nov ii Evening.?Five-Twenties for the
issue olia .>.-?/
Nov. ?3?Noon.?'United State.- 1 -ivo-Twcntles fur the
leane of 1803 ! I
Afternoon.?United Btatea I l for the issue
Erefiing.?United Statea Five-Twenty nominare quoti d
rit 76) for tin Issuei I
Paius, Kov 23 Noon The Increase la the qweiere
? rvi ?>t tin Bank of France for the patt week amounts
LivEurooL, Nov. ai-Evening.?Cotton t* quiet; the
sali s to daj footuj Midd ?
Middling Orleans -id. Corn, ?9/8 {? quarter iirMhnl
Western. Wh ? cental foi White California, and
i> io for No. i Milwaukee Red Barley, ( i p N rr. for
? nerican. Pi
Han. i;< if.' II for Wlnti r
; it? Prime Meta. Pork, TI f m I for Prime
Lard, m foi um An ? rl< in
53 Pcwl for the hl/thest rang* of Fine. Bacon.
? t. :.ir Cumberland Cut. No. 13 Dutch Standard
?? i wt for Common Will
aim 13 for Fine Pale. Tallow. 4; ipowl for Ameritan
rorpentlne, 37/0 t'eut. Petroleum Spirit?, 3
.1, : ?., Clover Seed, M pewt for
No : ? [ed
The regular weekly Brol 1-'
Circular report? thi 1 1 tton for the woek, In this
market, it e of which 8,000 i>:'<- woroon
speculation, and 10,000 bales for export Tin stock In
don shipboard la I8S.I 0 batet, of which 107,000
? American, [twill be seen from this ati
that t?o in grows smaller ami smaller
eachwi ? day arc estimated at k,(m>hales ;
iwinj y ona: Middling
Cplanda,8|d . Middling Orlt-nn? -a < or , 1- 1 Wheal,
1" foi V ?" 1 Milwauki ' Ki d.
4 Oats, 1 li. Pi - Beef, 113 c for Winter
Cured Extra l'riiin Mess Pork, 71 for Eastern Prime
M : ?
Standard Sugar. 2?,'< 1 I for common Wlln
and 13/1 Fallow, *? i pirita 1 ann utiu .
for Spirits, and 1 4j foi 1.
Clovi 1? ? ii
Den proml at
to reach 10,000 balee Quetatione have anders
.' ? Ki li
Wheat li . to 18/fl, and Whiti Callfornh
1 oro, Bai h y, < lata, and P? as are n Ithoul 1 b
baa declined to 13/,and Lard to 81/< Beef Pi
l;;u on .m at quoted at noon. Tallow has dcilim-d to 44 .
1 qui) t, at the foi
In d quoi iii 'o- Ml Willi g ' [?lal d
Middling tin da] fool up lo.ouu
. ;n ...i-. ?11 ? from Mai 1 an nnfai
:? al for got da and j uni ?? reported heavy and In
active. Corn, ?8/9. Wheat California li 1 Red Weat
uni, 13 6 foi No I Barley. I 4 Oat?, li. Pi
Beef, 113/t. Tori;. Ti Karil. 51 (I i Bacon,
4'.' Spirit? 1 lined Pi troh nrn i <? Clo
ver Seed - ? loi t ommon, and
i?, for Mi ilium. Tallow, 44 Ttirpentim
Lohdox, Noi -i
Sperm Oil, ena Ptn I i ? ; ? lion
I osei ii. > - I i qui ni r; I
iii I t> tun for thin ob
pt rin Oil, Bil] Ii!.
Mu? Oil, 440 10 . Calcutta Linseed, w a, Linseed Cakes,
Art' moon The pri?es of nil articles In our in .
iimiii i !.. - .: luuced in the noon dispatch
g W bali i >.:. asa Sperm Oil, ?lia I
'?- I I >' i-i! ' Ki! - i '! ? ni. ? 4o 10
Axtwbrp. >'o>. ta?Noon Petroleum, 44J fraoea for
Standard White.
leam, i4* franca for Standard White,
i log m the Pel roll am m n .??? t km
proved to daj , Standard White ? i..-?.i..14
Ottawa, Nov. 28.?Ib the House last nifthl
the following notice of motion waa given: "Whethei It
Is the intention of the Oovernmeat loi lend to
ol tin i otu ii Statet fin i imi fai llitics foi ?
patoutt in ? ui.ada that an afforded to eil tent of the Do
minion, and whi ti" r thi prlvllegi i to orth
,-, t?y< ?! bj the I niti ii Btatea In thi nroi Ina
Brunswick an to i u< ml to othi i part?of thi Dominion "
H.r Ji'fm A Mi' donald la trod ui i <i a bill n di wing the ??? I
m relation toftiu writ of bal i aa ? orput, paati d it the la^t
.-. salon, and Ln doing ao, ataU dthat ti
ision of Information showing
it.v on the part of the 1 enlau organization
Tin fallan of tb4 houses of B7 Hudson A Co of Mon
treal, and Forayth A Kcmberton ol Queb
ni In commereial < irelea hi n . and it la
,. smalli i bon?< i a ill bl In roi i d
rai MoHtrtai < i tiU ail pie on thi fronl ei
to keep a sharp look-out to monow, to guard against
Penlanraida, at the law will then probably taie lia
count in regard to the condemned Penlan? m Manches
tea England It fears that event may be seised oponas
a for another raid of ti" Penlan Brotherhood
and it urge* the people not tu allow laeamtlvta lo he
taken tj kui prise.
TOE AOCIDJWT Oil thi: I im innati. HAMIKKi.s.
CINCINNATI) Nov. 88.? I'uifliiT ?.aitii ulai - O?
? li nt M the Ciminnati, BamiltOB and ImU'ii
Bund O nagi BaUread, repretent tai aaaaa pjeaanted ni
hotrtbk m the extreaae. The eraahwaa leiiihie. rat
cars of tin paaaeagtt bain wiro violently jammed into
each other. The sleepuig eai of the lalla - wau
into ?mail nteoati Oat lady had her hoad taken etai>
pli-ti ly nil In i lioily, and anothl I ^a.-< mott Inn utily mini.
lated. The ninnie of the Killi U uri: Hu-'. Ki 1..i
Sarah, and Itlrabtrlh Morgan, who wert retaralag to
their home In N< a OrViaaf til tiatera Tai oameofthe
gentleman wno waa killed is Mi Charles Jackson ol Boo?
ton, and he lo?t bia bil m heroically eaooavorlnc I
.. i- "i thi ladk i
Further developments In i*<.-..id to the diaaater abou
that it oetuired ona high gradi of nearly ai
length and SO feet in bight, t hi aaventto the track bel?g
i that it wat almoat impossible to reach the care.
The remain? of thi Misses Morgan and Mi Jackson have
been removed to the Spring lum Vault, there ti
tin-ord'r m ihdi relauvea. Aeoroner'a Inquest i? now
buiup held.
- ?
PHILADELPHIA! NOT. 2-1.?At 10 a. in. 0 (bj,
Janaea Canon? a workaaaa aanaloftd ea lae track, waa
um over by tin 'rain fiom Momttowa, ni .n the depot at
Ninth and Orecn-tu. in? band ?an aevtred fenaa bia
i in B4 li.
Poet Wayne, Ind., Nov. 88.?The Gk?era]
Council of the Lutheran < hnrch of Norah America, after
a friend!] discussion of two dart adopted thi pro]KW?d
Conctitution with ?nat unanindt) There are now fully
organlai d t welve aynoda, ni arlv i.fKm congregations, .i ni
over 130,000 communicants represented. The following
an the officers: The Rev i; Battler, President ii n.
I'otu (EngliHbi. Recording Seeretaryi Prof (?. Pritchul
(German), Recording Secretar) the k*\ h Adelberg
(German),Corresbonding Secretary; l>i ii li Muhleu
berg. Treasurer. Mnch unteres) i? fi-lt by the Lutheran
Chun h in America and Europe In the proceedings of Huh
d.m rai Council of Synods The Importan) quetUont in
regard to doctrine and discipline, ami in reference to eda
ration and missions will i><- eonaidered hy the Council.
? iver n?? Seleajntea and vlaitora an- pantent.
Bah Francisco, Not. 81.?The maila from
< luna and .lap.m i>y'?n itcamahip un at Republic, hav?
ing arrived here too lato for thi learner, were
im v. .mil ?l to the Baal ovi riana, !? i\ in?, here yesterday,
with kutti ui-tmii* to the agent? along the route to ace thal
tin y ??o tnioiife'b vi it li all po tibie dispatch,
Philadi lpbia, Kot. 88> The m at rood sod
straw iia|x r paton) caai o! the American Wood Pulp
Company of l'i?\ idt no . It I., againtt Heit, Dixon and
others, argued~by Thomas Jenckea of Itii"?h Island for
? ml bj Georae Uarding of Philadi lpbia for
tin- ilefendants, lu fore Ju I iod I adwalder, was
decided to dal rae i omplaintutt's I
and tho application for an injunction refused. .lud??'
Orien onciuded in^ di cisi?n bj >.?* ina that the coralitna
tioa and devices in Dixon'a patonis have mon olalm/or
originality and Invention tuan plaintiff's patenta, and
d??* not lafrinse on tlthi r Eeen'a w Wal ti and i...
pall nth._
<,' R BANC0CE on' mu way h> m.udk? i INI
Memphis, Tbbb., Npv. 88.?Gea. Hancock
piuwM-0 hen- lois ovi uiiig, on iht uttainei aTltJJBaJnpl, m
rout? lot Rew-OrJetma
WIKH ! os nu ? (,? |;i OF APP1 \l
A1TOIN I Ml NI \NI. II NI I.I OF I HI t l||> I -
? n nu B.
Albakt, v.,-,. s.?Upon corniting beads this
aaoratag, it waa roaad (bat Ti B* pabliean bm m1
Coaveatloa wera bj attenf tee, betag within ire of tan
oambi r w i uai * to mai a sa? am uium Um h aide of
tbtHeaa done. Tweaty IMtaeerati i . pr?tent,
An and bi ' h n a in ii to eonUnue tba
. Saturday ami Mnml.iv, ead
t? take uu reccM* until Thanksgiving Day.
eated pettfaeaa agataai tay aetlea
tending to overthrow eiir Bandar- and J teiae laws
Mr. | Townsend (Denv, Qaeensj oflared .i reeolntloa
decltniag tbe propeetttoa of tat Oaauaaeatal Baal ai A]
hauy tofurnishaaoaey on iaterett fat the tspeaaea <>f
tim OoBTeattea, ou the eroaad tbal tata (hum ntJoa m i
conatltntlonai body bat tbe right te pata ta ordinance
directing tbt Controller to funn-li fund-, fur its
use. The d?bale m Committee al the winds
?poa the JsdJetary was eoadoeted with asaca
rigor, anti shotted Baaaaal tatereat, Judge
Van Cotter Blass asede ta eloquent traumeal ia favor
of the life ti mi.r Jadgataf the (nutt of AppttMjtai
in opposition to thrir ehetOt bj DO] ular election. Lie
eontoaded that thewfDaf the pangie aaaaot approaoh
theBeneh except u the form of sesaass at?tate. The
Baa. Rattbes Bali i,Beaatof el? t treas tin with His j
tnet. alas ui'i.v vmdlested the paihrj ?t appetatiagthe
Judiciary. Judge Amasa J. Perla ? t rpn m >\ kiata if m
favor of hal j 11 *-r the chu f Jastt s of theCOori appointed
bytbi Qoveiaor. An asseadaieel te this cflect waa esr
bed by a rou sIMutbssflhjBwtlre. '
TH1 PBOi BBDIBOa or nu: < ?.nvi \ mon.
The Court ntJon met at mi <>'? lock.
Mr QREELET presented two potJtJoastreatettiseaeal
N' u lei k BgalBat Snj io Baa look hil' to the omi throw tif
Bandar tad Bat toa laws
Mr S TI 'W.NH.N Ililli iii , QlH i um moved t" n coiiHiilt I
the vate teeepUag Ihs prepoatttaa of the oamaaetetal
li.iiiKto el-.. moaeyto defray the eipeaaea of Um
Conveotloo on the payment of latarea*. Laid at the
table under tbe rule.
m i \ N i ii:i us'i m p , Onondaga) moved that the ion
Bidi ration of ti"- n port of the Committee on i io Judii ,.ir>
be postponed until Mondai next
Mi i.ki.i i i.v mun ti in Lu ti.i motion mi tbe table.
Ml II \ I I i Ki o , I ---im numil to pt til Tues
,v i, .ni et Monda) i
The Milt ?as Hu ii I.ii. i h ,.ii the ii ot "ii ? f 'I: \ lulle? s
Milli It ? i- ! ,.-!
Mr MCDONALD (Rep., Ontario) offered ? proposition
relative to di taili ". Laid on the tabk
.1 t,i 'len ii pi Milt ii.
Mr. VERPLAM'K (Dem d to reconsider the
Ville bj U hil li the rUll ? Will' >?<? ? .| ?
nu min i-ii ipn-?i fur a demand ol \< ?eandRayi Laid
ii:, Il,i ; ..?e
i ii Convention then went into Committal of tbi Whole
on tilt .Muli, larjr, Mr. C C Dwight (Rep., tuj uguj m the
rhe CHAIR um i, nu i ii the pending qnesl un to ne upon
the motion to i h o' -i tie i umbi i -f the i ourt
ol \pi i ? s i.m . sad the ti i m ,
fit,in u io linn *? in .. " maning ali . id ess quorum,
.lilli ll\ I ! I ? ? I \ III .1 li.1,
Mi HARRlHiRep., tlbany) tbougbl that s Oeart al
Ipnoals composed of -? \ i n ? ? t. ? i for .i period
ol ii uni n war.- w< u i ntln Ij win i '" i . thai
quired of them, provided they could ?tari with sa nala
cumbered calendai it wa- Incongri.- tod luton
mm.i m to select a uisn for a ten to end when
.,-?'? it mir bl nut in knon n when
? i tu n neil <i. end ii would w, . don mw b
in, eie. pulen? i .i\
Mr. (' I. Al 1.1 N (la p ." Wes] I With
Ml \ J. PARKER linn. Mbaay) flavored s < ear:
eomposcd of seven Judges - ild be un .
nient number, and Dve would not i
: ol pullin i iuiihIi uti in u, ild prefer to bave
?i i :n i It. :. (I fur fi mit ? n yean end to i. ivi ...? n. km Its
li ''I It III I. lill I li? > I'll, lilli .OMI Ii.iM ill. JNl'JIlI
to appoint ?nd i.o i i.i n ownclerl ..- ?? a? reporter
A i oui i i ' ufeii would : ul nu u bj
tin ir position removed from nil polltli o lo Bui m
?barine the pntilir coiifldenee to tin i, ghi i .?..
Ml GRAV?H (Rep., H< rkiuu r> f* von ii tin ;
system, ead was indl*j?uoed toentei upon new and un
trn it i ? ?
Mr kmhiii.n (Rep.,<"syntr.il hii.l thal tin i milln r
it ii\ i J i li end i ipi
: -? li Ifgl nf tie I. : :,,|,i : . ,,f (be
present ' oi it of Appeal? bad fold bim thal with ii .
peii,lu,, m ludir?? titey could laka tin present ,
? u: I ol \ ppi 'ii". ? H ii .ill lu
: ii eil in t?'i years' Unv in i"
ti ith tin- \ ? w IP niij. i :t .1 .if Uu t, ?
tin lodges when elected H- m th > were elected I
. .oui ,.i ? .i., i ibej in stn in elect lou? ? ; .
reelection .ii tin end ?>t ive ,-,,?. i. ,? ; ? u
to tlirtw .. shorl linn Nul ural mu,...-, tlentb,
Mini reHliriiutiiiUH, uill pit vi lit tlnin ntl Or?n* i
it Hie (..une tiine. lu ngBld t i -l" ~ .'pit a.e
Court, b< hi Id ih a Um v should
should ii' '? i < sll in re? i- s
ont i i im u in- iii i iilou. .- .i th.it a
ludst made a mistake, and tool and II
w .i-, in, i indi i "a ii" i si I ni (hi tat ?? ?
?tltutlon ih.it the) wen allowed to til on tbt
v. in i: .m ..pi" al was t-ilii n fi nil tin ir tit i luton?. W '
iivi nu uti,'in ii bl ag? i t ii v, '.ii I! i ,
Ii port Of till I niull.lt!. e
Mi II A I I- (Rep., i ? m il tbistul ' ?
tbt fu ,iii-i pi.n tn .ti importance of ai , a be foi
. ntion ii wai.m i ounl ol ibi u - In tie j i
?riteni tbat tbi < oavi ntion waaia the aiaia called
? .
m llerkimei (GRAVES) would cling
to iii, pn ? m Bul in '?? tie i tin u
tbins m tbe t x|x nun ul t. t ?! undei tbi Cotiatltu
tu i of i ??. thal pu nu i it out to I inj thl i| al -i fail
m- It waa an utter failurt ss rampart I with previous
?j terna The fault was not in ti mel wl isatupoi tbi
i,, ..i i,, then wen ,i- abh naen now m ever, lint tin
I ullin l\ ?1' l.u-. Ill li 1 " fenn ?
, m.li input? O ! V Ile '? pul ? ul lill Jil '
tiiiiiiniiti i It la an utroeloun ?y?Uiu, utu-rlj li umpi
ti m in perform Its work. In tin first place, II
constant changes ka tie in m h ol Um Court of
A) piuin renden it impossible fer t cm le m
rouipltab tin ?otk laid bel n them 11- also believed
lh.it tin iySt4 Iii Of ? , ? OBI Till re
v m no l> ii"" rat j In it It u vat be li ,1 tbi <e
uf ihs Btate bad sobm . made bad appointments
bal ? strong pn mun waa brough! to beal up . tbe i *
ecutlvo, aud ne was inadt to think that II wasunlyfura
shorttims It tin ij i lutment v ,? to Is mad? f'ir u
ycantbi chola would i? made with deliberation end
wisdom. Hut tbi? wes no1 the eril rbc evUia la Um
d?moralisai.ot tin-.pul e elected by the peopk Tb
popularlj sleeted odgsuiust be Influenced In iii- di
cisiona bj tbt dei topi? ise those wbo elected bim, tod
, lils reeli on. lie agroed with Ihi gentleman
tu m caj 't . (R i in i.i ui tn ti i nu um i u it.\ of navmg
a judge sitting up< appeal of a case prc\ iously decided
by him, lhe iieadlug amendments wen puttorotaaad
The qui lion then i an? upoi tie- substltuUoo of seo
nd t of mlaoritj report, se proposed oa Tbaraday
? vi iiiliK
Mr. A J.PARKER (Dem.. Albany) offered two i
un ut-i \nl.in; fur Ineligibilltj lo lilnc, and foi tJ <
power ol .pi'iiiiiiini ut ;u.i removal ol the t ii rk of the
Court These amendments wert accepted.
Mi HAKR18 (Rep., Albany! proiHwed sa ?m ndmenl
by wblcb the Judge holding the shortest tt r.n of otllce
wonhl pn side sa i bli I Ju
Mi VAN COTT (Rep., Ringa) hoped |tbat tbe amend
mt nt ii Jodgi Harris would not prevail Hu did not
wiall the < hu i Justice to be the mau of It i-t t \j
m ti,. Court li waa .i new .mu strange,ii impai lui,
principli that the maa who was to be ia tin Court of Ap
peals for two yean was bettei qualified to be U
Hein tin man who wai tobethen foor.oi la, or tea
pean Ht bad rotad lo CommiUet foi tin propo
hitinii of the geatlemea from Albanj (Parker)
tlmt the erenth Judge should i" appointed '?y
tbe Uovcrnor, and should, be tip; ?Lief, Ju^jcc.
He would von foi thal pinn imw. Incase of ,ts failiirt'
he must vote to ellon the Couti of Appe lia to ebota tin ir
own presiding officer, if tbtj sre corni tent as a court
of iiiiai ippi-i'ute jurisdii lion, they an mn ly com?? ti nt
for this trust Now ui regard tt> the term of office, tbt
Committee spriggs at u bound from two >i uih a- its high
est legislative term ol ofHee.to ii rMOJ foi the Bench.
Whsl was then aeon if Hum The princiule tli?t the }udi
el ii fir i ten tai HO relation to the pdify of flic t>Mlt?.
lilt tiiiu lion of Hu |udie Is fixed ana absolate Be sita as
tin liihci-trate t.? - iv what the 'aw Is, end to ii v and deter*
mine It? meaning i'in will of the people has nothing todo
witb tbe court of law. The will of the people? annol aj>
proacl i< exit pt m Hu form of solemn statute. The court
MM la a serene region above theolamoi of tbi peuple, to m
t?rprel the law sad declare ita province His preference
was im the appolntlvi lystemol ludges, Hut nisprefi n ni e
was not so much from opposition to ponulai election, as
fruin the fin t Hint it destroys his Independence and
vitiates his Integrity. Populai elecUons and
,linii terms wen- a device to put up.m t lu
bench Um weakest and least independent of mea When
a man ?roes to the bench be should be consecrated and
ted toa hii.li I'lni holy ullin . whick will absorb ins
If now his term Is limited to fourteen vi ire,
?1 bim beek upon the world with lu - clients com
lunl with habits fonned thal unfit hlro foi professional
usefulness I? thal dealing faithfully end righteously
with an honest end faithful public servant I i^niuct t?
muh -i if as wi.ii ms in him i Von ask him m eat Elmself
?,?l flinn all bis old life,and b oolations,
ami you should secure m htm al leasts modest cotnpe
tency whtlo health and the p:oi?*Ui*u*vi? i??r Lasts ^...i
Klioiihl remove mun hiui the ? in what will
become of bimeelf aodfaaillj winn loo ti reaman peel
Vim pay your Judges ?? meager pittance, and roa will
ahwayi do ao, no mattei li sa Increase M saade The
,t i m ti" limn in lu-un i- in bake ii a life
,,f t,luire waat da pat tata bj a leoura
of u reara. Now- the avenge nee ,,r |u?J i -
,,..,! lift in the ? ? 11 ? ; ? me I oun ol lu.,,
u,, i uted Matea and in Rngland, Is only from Uto l8
pean Voaajnl.ilj from "i"- to u? yean at moot.
But what de you gain by making It a life tenure 1 'i i i
Kain ? whole tudge, with bis whole enei n given to the
?i,uri ill w hleli lie pie-nit?, alni removed tioui all eos
rodlng ansletles
The substitution offered hy Jiiu>;e Harris wah put lo
vote and losl
Mr Hl.i'KWITH (Rep . < linton) "ii ? ,i n amendment,
making the iwRee ofChs f Justice appulated \>\ in i,..
,, um: te Sold effie? (or u years, ead im- n malnd< i ol tin
,[,,,! , -, i,-, it ii .,ii,i le,?iiin*i oiiuf for i : >i
I lyu ?i dni^vi?- tfl Hie ii ?i.'itci*. tiiv,i'?'v:...jj '.uLitu ,
the Chief Jnatlet appotglad wai tamed hy a vote of 54 in
till* ...'li ..'mil ..
Pending daaeaaaion, the iinnr r freer?), arrived.
I \ KNINO ST. -ins'
Mr WEED (Dem-. Clinton) asked the iman.nious con?
tle- Couti ution to dio? the postponi un : ' of thi
consid?ration of tbi Report on the Powers and >
j? li g il di.n . Ile i d lb .1 ii was i \ Idi ni ti al " ' '?''
a qnornm pr?tent, and no buaineaa could U
: iii-u ted exci pt lut ommlttee of tin v. bole.
i In-n .jar- wen zranted, aiui the subject pottponed
until Tu i sd iy morning.
n- r. nvpfltibn Cn n went into Cotnmlttei rd the Whole
the report on the Jndi lary.
li GRAVES moved to reconsider the vote by which
amendment was adopted providing for the appoint
njPDt.bytbt Governor and Senate, of the Chief Jnttici
? lotion was li ii
Mr A .i PARKER offered the following aabstttute fbi
Mr Bet ku ith'a .iiiji Qdnienl :
-'all tie ? r..uri of ?pptllato jarifdirtioa (tlW l! I ''" ' rf
ibtll bold
JWI. ?IkI .hall ... ,
- I Ihr .-'. I M TU "111' -
? ..1 II . Shu i> Al ttM lir.t
ofJtAra mi ?-Itcti.F iLill \ut? fur men; ll.ui wui MUM SI
it wassdopti d.
Mr. ki MCTn Rep.,Sttnben)meredte amend Mr A.
J Parker's substitute by inserting after the wonl.-"i4
? " the following:
? *? ' '? UM if ?pMSb nhill lie the JiiilfM of UM
I "" Btn , ,i?;;,-m mUI lb? ci|
ait. nu. ' ?
I mt lb*U I?.-. *:?.--.U.a ?.ll.'n-l.ru,. . ?, [bl , .'- I
?t it .'if . ' ? .
I jrar.
Without coming to a roto, the Convi ution adlourm d.
The foilowliiK Is the Hal of absent? s ;
Bul sr I
1 ? : '
pratt*, ?
Bff.?!! W C
( bl i Ir?
I Kvrch
I a a.m.
P>if l I
Ki .i'.,
Qui i Ia,
iuj. r,
Hilra stat,
- <
Ki r inn,
/ . rr,
In. n*r, A li.
H ?
I irrrrr'imt,
H yiri,
H, Ut,
4 l<,
-?? i",
Mh-i -it/
Ti wiim-mi M 1
Un n Musi?. V;i., Nor. 22.?Jefferson n.ivin lift
Canada l.i^t 1 m -d i> . and to BVOid attiai Bag attention
in New Vm k, went mi hoard II ' 11< .aiiflnp A1U m..ra at
her BOOtag liour, '.' 0*1 KM k Wi d?a -da} Bight Ile wau uu
Mootana.I bj anyone. On Ide arrival kate be look a
coach atad drove to tai inalaaneeaf Judgi Onat Ve oat
expected his arrival to-day Dot even hit countel. ilia
couuseldenj the report thal Ihej bavi any otei
resisting a trial befon Judge Underwood Mr Davie la
ta excellent health, I erful Many frit edi
an i ailing on linn to night
\ i via.i M UOBITI l nit nu. ?? SI i BJ :
WlLMINOTON. N. ('.. NOT. ??Definite i !i e
t.on n tin:,- have n": lit lin d n ce ved I
Dnpliu Coontie? eli < imberiand. Bhv
din. Brunswick, and Auaou Coi eiert I
Tin :-:..? ,i
VI i amil.
B01 rB < Ahn,.INA.
\\ tsiiiNGTON, Noi.22, Iii fore s militar] tri?
i | I' . hy olih r of In II.
lohn McG? . dgned on the
t violating mi m m-ii o i i .i di i.i. 11 nu ra N
'. ai idly weapons. It apj i ara
nom tin t? st in.-nv that hi m ipped anavyrevi
?ned to shoo) ai ?thi i IK waa
i.nform the sentence ma mentare lo
the ipii t of I , It was i omn iii d t" stand as
. m for the i" i .ml ol
six n.thi u d to| y a Buefof *' 0, ? bli li Sui I
will in- ? ? i, i ni at thi i. ??? of
t '. ? desiguati d foi
? ia.
Al. AltA.MA.
un i 'W i \ lins nit .ii i'ii i \m .
Montgomery, Ala.. Nov. 22.?The article <<t
lltul I '- .-' pell, d .ti the Ki . i i.
?traction ( ' ' : ' ridee I hal las fJoveri
appoint a I ' .aL-i- of the levert I eenrtt, Solieitors, and
? ? - r. Mai
rrnor. but the I ? ?-'.- itun
Bgthom Chai
?linn a|i|., m i. . . i -'..ill appoint Clerks
of Du- - ti i ??? ut'.. ei~ ?Iii:.
i - . ? ,i i . .. ;?? ntroiiil of Judicial oflli em m pro?
vided, on account t>i Ibi elcctioni being controlled bj'
colored voters Tin Mack dc|ejat<?s atrongiy opposed
this i?ii.i-.'. ?n ordinanoe was Introduced and ri
to asteas a tax of ati a gallon ort liquor*, to pny Un ei
\t ordinal ? i v.a- inttodui i d
and refem I, i>nn ii tig th ii tbi In in . f tws,ooo )o the
\ iah n i and 'I ? uni -?-. Rsilnxnl vhii D a as rej
- In i "? fi '!? ; it* carrew -. during Um '.en
niall-i bargi d, and - ? ?! road I? bound to paj the aam now
In good monej It thi evening ne lion of the Con ve u
i,t tn tin- .uta le on the Lrgulal
Im Departa at, ?Sirred to empower the Leglshstun al
? rther In dlsfi am I
who parti Ipatcd In tbi R.Ilion and have not i
- - i teof as loaf.
nni i INS.
Ni w ?< ?ki i \n~. Moy. 22. Gob. Ifowei t ii ii
. latued Special Orden So. li ,antpendma thoae
portiona ol Ordera Noa ii and IM al Um
and ji-t ma , reaaovlng the .lu.I.rial ard Btate
on era rAi rima baa a -1 ? <. ? i dlspatcb raj
log inn i.na )..? din ted Gen Mower ti
lei making removals until Gen. Haucoci ar
\\ e are Infi i dm l thal althouj i. i>r
Svary, thi newlj appointed Sheriff, baa no1
the ' required bond, a militari guard wai
tent this afternoon for the purpoM ol ejecUng Um
panttfrom thi onVe und in tailing Di Avery '?.n
Main nek m txjieeted U ulghl The beadquartera band
and., di tn lae nt nf i:i>;io Iroopt are 00 tin- leVOO,
awaiUnghla arrivaL Thi I ti us?t night adopted
the Mayor*! recommen'iatlun thal tbi eltj
notes of tbi di oiiiiiiati mi of fioo and IM be stamped to
i" j. i . a ;n'. n -a I;, m i?i r i. A mata mi ? tiug
of euleena I being held al Lafayetti iquan in
in nan. a oi h ? ali to consider the on Huancea A
leujrtb) nreambli and and wen .?d |tid ona
.a which ix i" ii"' effect thal a conunitttei ol
n eiUaena Im appointed )'? confer with Gen Har oek
Dpon In- ali:', al. ami I Bplaifl to lulu tin m eil li IS and de?
moralising tun ?ii n- Iropoted upon the poonli tij thi clrcu
Ution of ..? uotea st money, and thal be bi asked to
n in m- them from the mon-.trou?, evil either, by removing
tin DTI ?i UtCttl < i um ii 01 i uln|>' lung ila Diuuii l| al au
tlmr.in - to tullin their pun nt i ugagemi uts, and suggi -t
tin enforcement of the condition upon which a greater
portion of Hu- money waa iaauA'd. fh.it it bo not reiaaned
win a n i m a n w N Into the Tri ? ury.
The matt meeting to-nighl wa? very largely ati
the crowd being variously estimated, from Bvi to
thontand nersont, and no disturbance ol anj t. ud :
curred TI.Neers and speakers are the most ri i ? I
unie ami substantial riusena Gen Mowi ; baa troopa
auder arma distributed at various pomta lo Ina
etty, ostensibly forthe nornote of giving a recaption to
lien. II.nun' k. hut at Hu- latter bat ma hi l 0 bl ard from.
havlag patted Memphis, it is regard? i .-.? pretext, the
um] n eton I? ii v an anticip?t! <i dl?tui i ance on a< i onnt
of the meei ogto-nighl and lae assembling of tin Cou
veution to ... ro ? iln auitt of tin. citj ihi ?m thal the
apprehension are gronndleti
?Iartford, <',,; i ? Nov. 29.?The contine! for
building the New-Haven and Derby Ealhroad waa U daj
D Chapman ol New York.
Bangor, ^????. S"v- 22.?Tue weathei u veij
mild tlan aveuli Si ,rtin ? "'r""P protpeol of rain, \\\ink
uini "'?i1 the mer open foi afcwd.iysiougtr.
Kansai City? Mo., Sor. 22.?The Kansas
City bj d Cameron Railway w ia Iniani d to-day with ap
propriate ceremonies Snort ipeechca wen i.j.nJ. bj
Mayor Allen and the Hon, C Kearney, Preaideut of th"
road, who drovi ti" last ?pike, assisted hy Wm (.illo??.
the oldest citlien of the place, and one of Its fou
Tata road glvee na new connectiona, via i..
and .wt .Io-'I'h Kool, with the li-', li> uav
of Chicago, ami fuiwlshei ?m additional ipi i di
route io m Louis, There now concentrate al this place
tin KauMsCIt) and Cameron, Missouri River Ho??], and
Colon Pai nie a) 'i Missouri Pai Ino Ro ids; and lh<
,,. p.?,,(.-. ruction the We?) Hi..ml. of tbi
Mi-ioini Road, Kansas l Ity and Neoaho Valley i
ton 11- v i- I lalla fiom all tbi se roads s
here, and much of itpaaa oval the bridsje non
buiidi. aMasonri River.
St. Louis, Now. '-!?.?Prairie ?ret still coo?
mu?'tn rage Is aearly all aaeUona of iheWcsi They
ia re been particularly ttvtra m Wottern and Nortliei .
Missouri and Sanana, in man j laatancoa ad lallydcvas
.tait, wboli farmi Immenae amounts ol propertj
ia\f hein dettroyed. rho awtmpa In southern
laaouri an -'"I t" be .? mata of Bro.
, j the mini la O Dtral i; illr I, foi a diatu
i ?n i'ia.rii i are burning ? I nion Doun)
be flame? bave extended Into the w< ida,whichan dod
nirnlna No relief ni leaned for until a neavyandgen
?lal nun falla, Of Whatfe lhere in no lUiuniliali ptOtfl I U
St. I.ni Is. Nov. 22.?Several small loft) ol'
ottoo have been i lied hero foi irregularity Ini*b
';,,i,,,f n.. l? .elia lav, Telegrama have ?lae
,., n sut to Nea fork, oidcnug the t-.,. u'cut
tiu^abiPiwd i*y? hira,
MBH I ia I'.?HT.
ST T?L?l,R?r? lo TBK TK1BI *I
W i-'. ?
There i> BBetl BJMN iilatinn iii !!,?
tile future action of COBfjrete. "What Will I
iraviH ijo .'' is tim gras! and absorbing tonis <
veraaiioc everywhere, boa ile highett diplo
i arele .li,uti to th,; lowest w.iitl political de
elis, it is dJacuBte?l everywhere, am! v..-:.
widely different ara the anrmitea ami pronbect i mi
taatnbjeet. The seaeral opinion Baaoug Cowtjraana
naam, bewaver, appears to bo that tin Dnaneial
tpj?etlOfl will bo the fust business ol any
,iuport.ih'0 in the regular Ileeeiulier SM omi,
airr-r some disposition shall have bean male
? I the i!ii|iea,hineiit li .siiiunt.y god report. Any?
thing in nl'ereiiee to the contrai tion or axpaoaiOQ ol
the etiiieiii y rivett the attention of ever* body, ami,
m fact, everybody will talk of ntthiilf alee. CoU
gMBUBbWB, ila- im nautile community, ami the coun?
try vein-rally are universally inten hied in the aub?
?i it. ami li ?>in eouvei-atioii with iiroiniiient 1.
tors it is learned that that question will he brought
Immediately before Ceanjrteai for theil delibera
tion ami aetion. Already the lim
drawn, ami the pareSi ure marshall ink' nmler
tho respective bannen of eoutractionista ami
expansionists. Under the baw a? it ?it preeenf stands,
ii is dial iel iniiai'.y with the Secretary ni the 'Ii- ISOJ v
to retire toni millions, per month. This i^1
Me'.Miii'oi h sas baas doing tor the last three or tour
months, sod, ni recent events ?it-?. ? 1?*t> bia cooroo,
provokes the opposition ami hostility ni many of the
a .'.ml Ninth-Wc-tcin member-, 'liny COBB*
phbin thal even mi small a contraction hampeis luisi
neaiand canses a tightness al ihe money market,
particularly m their sections. With s rtewto prevent
such action mi the part of Mr. IfcColloeb ni the
lula. '-. the g1 ntleineii above alliiileil to aWJUOtt tO
itrtrodui e g bill immediately abolishing all praviana
legt lati?nos the talujectjBOSBts piwveatany fnrthei
iiuii aetion. They intend not only te d<> itn*. bas
sigo to authorise a rateaos to relieve the monetary
?? BOW existing, A majority of the Ho i
san! to ia vor these views so lal as further i nut rael uni
ed, bul it is onderatood thal members sn
tn autkorising a raisane. Wb
action tie Roast sasy take m the mat?
ter. Um rVinsto ?will sot sgraj to iaj
pi.-.n looking to afnit! i. though lae ex?
claim that tiny Lave a inajorit .
ti., te. Altogether, the aubject occasions n great dea!
. i'iiieiit, ami calla forth much cn nu st diseUB
ajoit In tin? connel lion it may ht mi ntioneil that
sim i.ii members of Coiigreai oalled ob the fl
ot the Treasury today to endeavoi to obtain bli
?adam] some laklinf of um forthoetning re
Mr. MeCnlloeb informed thean thai he had na
nea Financial theories to propound: that he
believed his present notley, with a little eel
1 lik'..-laf,oii. giving bim en
powers, would, if pcrtevered in, surry the country
Mutelj through the criais TI? definite organization
ol UM CoinmitteeH 1M lockid ill the profOOndCtt
ry, ami every eftbsl bo far to arrench Um
from the bosom of air. Collas has nut a rta an on r
whelmingdefeat. As iinj Im auupinsii. the subject
ria a good deal "f talk, and those Interested
anxionsly devour every i raaah ol bafotaaniion on the !
aubject The latest general inpreooionis that Geo.
Garfield will be chairman ni the Conunittee ob
This hi theehei'i- Commute-ot'
the Hottes, and agrees inany members are open in
the avowal of their danae to be on n. A great pari
il ; be l?gislation of Congress will be upon the sub
ectawbieli come within the preujaMo ot ihiaCosn
. ian tly every one is anxious lobe
mi it.
Several Senators sod Representstirea have called
on Secretan stanton, mainly foi the parpe eol elic?
iting his views on bia suspeneaoo. Mr. stanton
atated that be had ne desire whatever in n-.-nine his
position in the Wai Department, no1 be thought
thatCongreea sbouitl take aoaneaetion in tie-mat?
ter, ami make hit ease a teal one under the Ti nure
i-t-i lillee bill. With U view to rebuke Mi.
Johnson for h:s unwarrantable ?w*uinption ol
power, (on. Aveuli ha? ? bxig li?t ><i
(rienda ami sdaaiieti ia town, who are preaaing
huu lor Mr. Stantons place at N'ontaiy ol War.
(Jen. Avenu has sot a very had record, ami as it is
. thal bowes fbl nine nason or other a ve fun
ni the late Secretary's ira, n is not impossible thal
be bum esc ore the nomination. Hewonld benson
acceptable fu the Senate than any oilier Johnson
man in the < ountry,
There gan many rumors ailoat to-day
bag the forthcoming report of the House .imli
ei.ii v ("inmit tee on ?mpetu liment. It ia stated very
i o itivelythats majority ?>t the new- aaaanl
the Conunittee have agreed to report m favor of im?
pea< bment Thia la baldly probable, as all the nea.
hers ni tin- Conunittee are very silent about then
report, md, betide, the Committee has rsl |
two im etinga 'm lota they take a rote ob I
The Bouse ?Couimitteel en the Jndiciary arillbolda
meeting to-morroa (or the purpose of agreeing upon
their reports on the impi ach tuen t i.i-i . i.i pr?senta*
live Wilson of Iowa, the ('!,airman, han written an
elaborate report Representatives Eldridge and
Mar-bal [Detnoerata] have, ii is understood, reduced
their views to writing, while separate papen
been prepared by Rcpreeentativea Williams, Boot
well ami Lawrence. The three la.-t-nnn.i J papera
may be ha.iiimii/ed so a.> tu Im in bul M
the four membera m the minority, who are in tevot
ni MTaigning the Preakh m. What ita' repart m the
majority (three BepuWicana sod two Democrat?) I
will be, is no1 at tins time even a matter of '
tura, The question will be deteimineil ti.-motfow.
<um-ial news baa been receivi d thal the treatyfjfor
BellingtWO nf the Danish West India 1 dal.dj to thi
United States for f/I^OO^iugota has bo n recently
aigned at Copenhagen. Demnarl retail -
Croea. The population of the aswly-acquin ? d
minion is not auffkient to constitute a State, so thal
ii will have lo leinain foi some tune S territory.
Secretar] McCullnch's annual repm I ia completed,
and a copy haa basa preaautad la the Preeident. It
? iimii. ratood that Mr. IfeCuDoeh Btakea ? atron u
gnuMot m favor of eoutinning tb^ policy of con*
traction of the eurraney, aecaardiagtothe tersas of
the prenant law, at the raie of toni millions pei
trout the reports of the heal"* of thi difl rent ilo?
ta I understood that the estimates foi the
g/fiaeal iwarw7?UhaaauehhMgai thaa the sp>
ttiona required last year, The repart of Gen.
Oranl ahowa that for the Wai Deparlmeui al? aa
upward of thirty millions more than Und yi
rotary and, though la other department? the
pro] ortion is not so grevt, there will be a verj aasnu
? .liiiiost everywhere,
: I graph or the printers played BOBM atlBUgB
? .i..trau of Gan. Qraati repo
TfOBUNN last evening. Inatead ol :
mt (?n (?cueial':, ollie, the i.'i'uit reouircs bul
s i , .i to-day? pu?era asi down the total eat inm te
if |li:?,.???' .!? ?'. Ibis is incorrect. TEN TBlBCXU'a
-, M,1?, og?are the asset ones, la ad?
dition m the Uiii'taiis enumerated m yesterday's UM
patch, tot whlah boapiawia?ation will be reajoired,
:, down the rreeilimii's Bureau, which
has money on hand ssaWasd i<? last te July next
Thara will be bo balance Bert year, the aerlmataa
being made as closo as noaMbla. 'lhere ig alas
an. ilor enrrectioii to Im> made in lefereni.- lo the
ijuai.tii v ot bjiaaiileaaaifl aad repaired, it abould be
rifleeahefa, eke suduol 100,000riflea aaatateil.
irvrjurtoithajspQit v||oJ| WSS nukthdjo^ <->
? he v, iv in Tara Tntta toa, rhtnla lia\e aaRtad that
willi hKinl to (he jimp. ..ii mcr?a?e of (Lo njuui
ber o, . (1 |,v ti,,, i;, lejnl
a , .uil ?ii
I ;, nef .?li.oitf
The ' ? ..I and randa
for diatribntioa at the War r>partrn< nt
Of Civil Dill
sam te wa', tin- disapproval of the
1 retidaat, who will probably issue an order a
front! lum.i'.ti ul ...i> kn.ti m tlie Vtli Mili?
tare J?istr;ct. and fatiga bini tn dntjntatirhi ra.
j'.'i.; main part oi the Preaid at'ea g baa beta
liiisli'il. mil -io much of it was read in ('.?Innot
imetintr tt.-tlay. lia i:'.i-?s:ii?o will probably bo
printed in pampblet fbnn, and attiltd to the princi?
pal Bawapapart, to at to be read ti by all thaalta
neowely with its n ading h < lonj i
(?in. Si U.ii'u Id bad an mit t view to-ilay with lien,
'?inni andthaPresident and sntarrow far
lin Im
A Bamber of ('mirri mm d bart it ft thMrity.nanay
of tiieu mtending to retuain abaeai antil tan Brat
Monday in December, ander the unpreation that
there will be do important i riaInt4on uext week.
[t b general!] conceded thai I ? swiUraBaal
the cotton tax Ilta tecretary of ti IreatnrywfD
im .'?! e day sandte the Bi tate t reply ta the resolu?
tion t .tllintt upon liitn ii i an] fat t? M rtaart*) in |s)m
aeatjonoftht Department on that BBtiact, and will
ii,i Ittt I n )H?rt ?roin ConuniB:om i Wallt in fart? of
tbt n paaL
lim. 100 II. Day arrived lure to-tlay to altem! In
legialation on the subject of the piafMaad NbhfRfaa
1 alla Bbin Canal.
'J ho monthly report of the Assistant Aj" nt ?>I the
FiwtdttMaVt Barean for tbt Di brid tfCdaanatn,
vTaM Virginia, anti a part af .V.n \ l.uid. vvl.nh lia*
in-! b u pn mnh ?l. shows that $1**0U bara baan an>
pended during the tatt mtnth in the esaetiaa af
sclioollmiiM a, .-liants ti Tt .n ?his. vVt. Um tot;.!
paid teachers and women who sew lo tho indi. Iii.vi
schools aanonnta tn |806 ? "
i 11 le i \ki: in PORTO ifi?-i?.
HaVARA, Nov. 88*?Tin- st< uinslitp DfUTOtMl
baa arrived here from hi. Timina* on tim isth ami sat
Potto linn aha repet?a that tartan aheeha al earth?
quake oeearred on the ltth InM nt Han Juan, tim purni
pal port and capital of ?m to Rli t>
The hark Vol uil talk .1 from st. Thosaas on the nth foi
Apa] u :
The hu? i of the schooner runton ami the brigaatfas
?. damagi ii at 8t Thomas, bave bun condemned.
lug m the Bay of >t I hi mas to iii?
i over lu'iiiiii sunk .u the hue hnnlosm si il w. m mt? t
mi; witb success. Five millions te speeia weat down in
DM r l.hol.e.
Ti!!' Pl.t'OHiri) sri;MH!.-K>\ 01 IBB IM.ANh A
Havan \. Nov. 88.?Tin story ol' t! t WlRMCg
aloa at the island at Vertata*faret itaatrad here from
ck, exi ?ted inni ii .ictt ni btaanf, nm pewest to iw
utterly without fonndattoa T?rtola suffi ml eevereby
from the recent hurricane, but re?talas at the usual ele?
vation above the surfait of tie m a
I'M KIM.-Hol M. IR roRtTTH-fT.
Ona of the imoke-houaet attached to tho e?
tensive pork-p n k.u^ and dkm ksioe establishment at No?.
mo, inni noa im-j tu't., .mil ert finding tiuouuh
it., was damaged by fire >isiertiay to tho
amount of ii .son. Insured for tj.400 bj the Beltfeaat
I n0 l>y the Excelsior < OfflB U h -
A uro oeearred at about li o'c! ?ck yontordajr
morning ti? the basement 1 fWard Behool No. M, at No. ian
i.re um st. The BOOT was sol OB flic by the heat of tia*
steam pipes oonni 1 ted with the boiler. The pupila in Uw*
primary departments, vhn were last about to take a
.vin marched out of the building without aatV
ii.nl. . -' a:.ii girls'departments en the
upper fl ni- were hurried out without waiting for thole
ii order. Tbe toorina waa eut away
I til .1 1.in - ii, le SOOn ixl iicuIhIiciI.
liter of tbe Barana of Repairs and
Mnppiies bad been notified of the unsafe condition of tho
atna, and visited the building on Tuesday.
He t Inimi Hate dauger, but promised
to La'. ' MS '.1 f rt palra ii ..lil?
li.'-Ill I! KV IN WKsT ioUTl-I it.IITH-.vr.
Charlea Stetnu tlistilh n at the foot of Kartar?
e.'Mii' -t .N 1;.. ivsadestroyed by ure yesa?rday niorn
ing. Loss00 stuck, fln.i'ti. 1.ii-,i The loas on builtl
Dunts to about 92,000 rhe fin 1? supposi d to bare
i' en m it tim in moors of Hook
and I aubier Company Ko. i. named Uennessey, while on
ti"- way to the tin-, w.u- -11 ouslj Inlured by tai u ai k eu
wiui'h be was rhUng coming In contact with a lamp ?lost.
Mr. Henry Little's flouring and Plaatering;
? Mlddletown, N V. were deetroyed bp art te?
tween 1 and I o'clock ; morning The ori"?n of
the fin Is unknown The mills, which wen- ralatd al
t^o.iiuo, at re uninsu
AlBARTi Nov. at.??The (.r.uid .lnry Rfgftj
|lvea a dtcision In the case of Senator II nupbrey,
ebargtd ofXewTarl with receiving a
bnbe I, 1.1, lu I 'ult r*;rotli.il Kailway bllbl III
t':i Senate, by m hit Ii they fll InoeaaSSfOI imliitiiig tho
'urn i-*, nip in- tin 11 roused
A hitter of Willsou's waa lutn lu ed, m which be pieced
r ? of tin- -i... m of ti.1 Manhattan Railway in tim
1.Mil in Hu- st mitt- and
\ lu furtherauct er thi Company's lull. sHts
: . ]m 1 11 ut.
Not ? I lnculpattngsnymemberef tho
1 I101 ..-li if i',.'." proved nu 'm1 that
i liad been received b) certain lobbyists iiM-ludtng
the broun r of a lal for sei vice- n nd? ?? d.
Sr. Paul., Minn., Nov. 88.?Mnjoi Rolsrai C.
1...-tei United >:..ii'.i Army, retn ?? ? 1 ti 1 ?
ltd (be Red River ol lae Nartl lie re
1 till 1 Hiller
channing and aamild a? I si ihm ?mm
mer. Theben ind men at Fort s Ripley,
..,; \\ idaworth 1-1 mi Heat
Toi boo, N"*. ? iini'i? I oi< iii al I
omli On 1 ' I is Wi s
great eordinUtj bj k 11 iln Js nf
sK-ppt o. opie, who hwl bet 11 up ?11 11 gbl to um ? 1 sa We
? u'eliiek. Weatoi
? trmpt tu ?;i k Wv nul? u in ?i
. .1 iloiiutl Uo an.
rHE COUNTERFEIT T?l'.'. ' ! : M : h>
. [KG 1.1. \ tXATIOR.
The Ke tari A<li < I . b ia 1 be fi :'< a 1 : :
A ?reel Col. Wai. P. Wood, Chief ?f lan
? liep.uilultlt ap
1. id mu? 1. :uie art
artnl.iMt 111 Which b Itated t ins attention bad bein
; (orsome tin stlgal ob <'i i?\" eoBn
1 ' I ?-' m ti and tho
raltci ? Both were flnetj ?-,,. nted ti ?
I ii mu a lead
After a thorough investiga
lion of the faeta connected with the anne of tin se two
notes, it appeared thst they were in.ul? at I'ai.laUfffo,
(iloucosl ty,New-Jersey. Tlu-bu-int-ss w. ti .?rrb-d
on m I managedT?j one William Spencer, abat Win. K.
Hoc ka way. the aiaeorery was mads some lime a^o.
u p lulsl oro s wt man known as Bannah Heyaseur.
be wlfo of ('barb ^ Wetherby, alias ?? np. 1 h,''
lived ? Ith Spent* r, and : l him in tin?
1,M?ate;.. .;.!.?- Full .1 umiation upon these partieu
Urs ha? been ob ' ? ?s eds to tlu>
U \',trc tile principals, and that
others we"" employed lindel them.who executed iii?
transfer work, and completed the notes after a lead ha
.1.1 bad been fnrnlriied theaa by?
tiic day aftei tala ?t.,ti
in*- a \s...- uuide a warrant w Mr tee wn-t
,.'-.- 1 ; iMi imoui 1 UM ?i'?
?reek . ' ?' "" " "? v
WHC H tel, Ni ? Vorb,
's Hotel. J.v ? t). aber?
they ?uti ?,led,neil till the following I'm ? ay,?nee iin-y
were brouebt to this oit) U I before < cnmn*
sionerWl tebead. Tnelr appearance ..ml sum iuuIiiixn
wht n aiTi -'-a m New-Yt rk ,:a\e rise to tim bl Met that
Hu v wt u- .ii' mt to nee the country. Atti r tl< 1 x aim na?
tion wh'i .1 was continued thn-uxh Tu, stlay ami Wednea
dav* they were allowed to deport, hailed to the sum <>r
?joe o tai it to appear for s further examination. Thungh
ilieyare still soguaidi d as to effectually provaat
escape Bul the u iting feature of tins ap
u'rejienslou lies lu the fact that not only Col. Wood, but
. vi? riem eil detectivesaunounct 'li i ti ? COuater
1, u seven-Thirties ami l.\. I'wen tit which created so
mut hexeltconeut in lb ? 1.1. - uy Dcpartmi i,t al tin-tim?,
iib ml the lM?tot
?d Hut h.ul tv. r been pul BOO the market.
1 and executed by the same banda
u iii.1 thO flOU eulup cu'l 'H'? ost Holt H
legal-tender rotes, for the manofactiir
WM ul which .-i 1 arrested rill?, arrest.
Hevea persons are Implicated, ...1 nf whom have matta
Laug 11, affluent 1 ,1
jiartsol the country. Bpemei is ?aid to posaras
11 line li-iileme ia 1 mi.iib Ijihla. Winn bail w is tbw
m.null ii H uiiiah seMiioi i promptly pnxluceH tn*\tio,uWL
und deposited Hk cash in the bauds o? iht wooer on>v?Ji*?

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