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tired at thla 1
> iii! wo be Mid ? -ful in tin -
I n nul?
li, . .mu, ?i room was in a
ords which *
-, tin- lui
linderst? ?" value. In rvplj
the leaves i I
: from you came to I us to a pos
lio brought me ten plugsol
?hi ii. and _')i it
d m .ui-w, r
my father i"
I would Baj
i ? be cold ii.ty.-* of Winter cann , and I
mine. I ba?,
lag 'far you .i long time. I nm hungry und
i .a. l ?un a m ?ii
' , ad like yoi '? li-*'
people. I lik.' my people aud u .
?Iren to prosper and arrow rich."
ttiug up, in- walked up to Taj
?ti,I. llftll g up Uis '- ' li in,
' -
the Big Horn. I- I ] is* me
e on
Hie p. , mai have di ttroyi ii my
i 1 hare burnt up the
. men bave gone on
t...ni. al .1 ii.? - e killed i '
I it ti. r.
\?. i- I tn _,, to ? tn kill gan
? ?
. iii tin ia I"
i '? JUU
i . you io Un 6 ati
i - '.
? .;? we
I ?tO Um Mi?U\. bUI tin -
com Von
u- in a way, 'Whj
going to -i ?? un m \
Tin- white f .tin t - will be?
guile I awect promises, but
ii ?... on ai '1 m ?? Ihi u
, In spite of Hu se wi
ou, When 1 go bai k, i ?-\i" 11
? r '.'Ut th. red r
Al. : li j i. :? i- full
otu inn lath I -
i We, their i
\ ' ned ?'ii
ked <?;i tin
II. H.llllrV,
1 i ii. ni up tot h< ii.
Hone, a i
i :n ju.-i euch manner, bu! we Jump
It .?\i you thal lil?
li.n ,- i .m w ? m . .
di ii ? di ii betti r
"Boin wen! t.? Fort Benton i" i
dom eonae a ? pardon Irom the
wint,' chii ! at :
my tiii><* had ?im.* i
up : -, bul t!,< .
Ing tlnii ti-t- In i down.
ud about
I il.m r wnut to h r li i
II Prom my birth I have !,. i n rale* ,1 on buffalo mi at, to
um. . to roam *>i er thi
i..- pity ujiiui u-, : 1 uni
tire! .
-..i I he, ?is he concluded hi?
an*!. tai?:: Og ti? 1 i\ i , and.
un in to tim ( omuitssiouer, '? Keep your feel
ia with these mo?, asius." 'li.
tin-in Mitli maur -
'1 la.-ii. at Bears rootb sat dow ? ', n Crow war
rlor ??t 'i_.ii!,'- stature, rose, and, shaking bandi
h nal,'. ?Un.. : ila ia to be putl.-llt ali I
I" I qui -r
i rd ii around i
?t_i} i your Bhoalders,foi b;
pt l Ml a? ill'. I.r Ilml."
He then said thai when bia tribe uant.-l arrows tiny
i ki -I ut.i , . ?al in...I<- their own u
i ? - \i ii.-ii tin ?. n ni.ii a Are thej picked up dint? and
sin -? iii, r. ami iliu? tim.i produced U
w inn themselves. When ti . to lint. !:? ? ti.. ?
made stone knives, and II they Rui. d their
?.iii' By giriug them knives and hatchets they would
in-. ? r in.w in i-, their own, end if ti?. -- .
?I li lii.lt
inn ii the ? ive tin ni bom -
? l L-'it:-t?i bunt them, then that was good
,?i .i ii would ? ' a patty .'f wlut<- bad
?-.?m lo buy I . road that paM_ - bj I.
I ?. '! ' road iii?' v. ; j, m? i i ; t v real - aaaui*
' a the g.I- only two oi :
year?. One iii Iheir big chiefs hud gone aftei
?i nf tin whit* : never b4. n
hen ? "tim of bim he would
know h .
4iiiii.-r tn.' ct.? mu? ; Black lout then
I....?. up the )>n-t history <>t ln-> nation, and i
its t;i .-a ral i ,n a plain mann* i
bef?te the whites, and inferentla I what
then fal iii be. lu
bon- the hal treaty bad both
r-.ni uol kepi t" ?
their pi i m- -. -.h caused bia nation t?. doubt win ther
it w i^ re? "ii. make snj mur.
i vowed I - it
till ( (Ililli t to I.ii!, .' ill HI ti, og
sheas apou reaervati? i that
tin . wm. ii -;.,j? the I'oub-t River n i ill the
thal country, as Un y wen
of a.; tin troobli and the Last wai a be uttei ,
e?-rnestreq t,l -,- otc to the pitch of pasMon, hit
- alii. ,1 w Mi
tim iiif.-ii-.it i .a b - ' -..-iii in. ni, aud bia win.le lorm tn in
4_l ?1 with n .. - emotion.
most righteous demands, )i>
bodi swayed to and fra. (Sometimes lu del? ?
? ? ? and in ii li up aloft, sa if worki ?I up
luto fl . .,,, ,|
vividly I i -nil, ri .1 al tbi bandi?
oi li.Ulan ag? i -. for no wrong thal titi
evi ,.
. ,i . evatl
vi Uli a tia..? ulr, bi pro idl - foi ni] ti
lie-art is ae- Ana as rock, and I will no1 complain." At !
lui" !?: ? -i ..i oiil dei
mea? i).| wreathe then
lofty acara a . .. .
of tin- vari ?Aim h lin
had st._,j.i d t.. ordi i tn di
Hi? m. ami. j. men
I?.! . . them, lii-i.-n -..uni
li? de.n.n,iii ii thai the foolish yo
called ?? ? :n . ure like ? bil : know
mu wii ii thej want; th? \ : .-? ,,, ?,? ?? ,, |por,
amita we are to
semi your ?old r. and there let tbcm live, not
In our coimtri r ,,.;, ,, ,U(11J ,,
??S1 ' in ,'l
forefathers told the Crow na! ? . m0
cau lli.-y I?.- good when you ' ..,.. |?,,
Ihiugs in return, bul
*J??*-. '" ?thi an are dog?, and ..*, I rem. mix r ti e
W*** ' i" ' !??? d al i..;; -muli, i fe?.? Hj j .,,,,*
???( ' Have i" i :,.. n.. i. m your country that
? 'nil,,Im,, at
?ui - i waved up and dowi
?ad forbearance ?*? :. spei
in?.ntli I , ppluudcd ti
li " ' 'ii ft I?. Ininl lum. I vu n, ti,ii .
in ?! willi tin- f -! in ?bo itmc Un li "I .ii ii...
pre?Mil could Itelpbul adiuir. the ateru r*
nu)..-t.mi.?_-. pride, and Du loftlnem? ?u spirit which aid
mated the proud rounb uam e id Bia. b 1 oo!
in- apoki i ? he turned round to
snell su air of n -?-nation a??out lum thal all ti mputhized
willi him. and lu - ,1 mtb tin old wurrioi
(.1 *l.n *? mist, " Wt in drivi n tia? ? until we ? an ??
nu further. Oui li ii broken, oi i
MlUM?. ?'. '
a little while lou? ? r, the whiti man ,. ..
cuta ne, foi we ?hall t."
Moll Boll m ? ? follow, ii In a ?, h, full ol i
?lilli.?-. Wbil li lltlOlltO Un
?a alMrra. aftei . I adjourned ti
tDoralng. ,_
POLIT? \i. rii.ii ?* in ian \i.\.
Yi . r
111 I i n i N
in addition t<? the two .idea with which the
Bo??S ? d, n..nu ii, Die (.ov. nun. i ?
dm Oppositlou, Un i* ' k1, oi the
t_oti.ni pal mont, ander the
4 , ill, l ilium Uni ,|, I
*V III'ii
j'i-.i mo w111.-.?..
I- I )ni ]. m U tO
ti .1 i.r .
?-???-? ? ' '
' ?
1 ?
lid Ooveri
Kan ud van.
li n reallj i
th Ailinini t;..t.,m th.it hud i. i,- n m two
i>. an ?! lo i.u littli
donald, thi i olved upon a
pourrie which he hoped would Un posl
- and -im it the ii
asno less I ban a eo ilition betweei
? i- mutu ill) .ici t ptalile, Mi. r
several days of negotiation with Mr. Brown, the Reform
ii ?..i. di i .... d that a i eminent
should be form? d, h ?\ li i: as n i- ii I ol II - ? ali? . the qui -
lion of a federal union of the Pnn Ince?. The nnnounce
ii). ni ut Uns solution i" the difficulties which threat
? recel vi ti with | >n, and
i i be patrio! i who
. to sink 'i ' I fe. lings for the
This ...ulm in i. m,mu i! in j...v.. i .
Ni h Dominion rame into
that Mr Brown in tin mean time 1? ft th. Government
. Hi -l"'li ii- ti. (lit -f lu _',.! li ...II \? lill
? te? as to ti ren< wal oi the ii
. ind his pince wai Ulled by another leading Re*
.Hu Iii?n. Mi. i ? i I \\ In n th<
:i..ii ministry
in d upon tin basis of thi first, foi i!i?' pi
carr) ii I ft* sup?
porters, i iving ss i"" i ii" i pi ink ol tri. li
lu it pi mfederatiou, dow ronsUtut- the Qov*
At present, tin- poml ol ? lo be t'n? -
In** to the circumstances under which thej are formed;
tho coal?lou ol the two irreal pari
? i the piiii".-" of ? m? In? "ni the gn .ii priuriple
d. ration, an objei t willi li mci the approvi I "i the
? ountry, tint Government di scrvedlj received the
support of Mr. Brown and his party ; that, astho coali?
tion .-i - it ti"- "*amc I'm)" ses mid on the
same !. isis ;.? r11.- first, it eqnalli mel it ti.
supp irt thal I '?' i'1" "?
onthe partof the Opivmitlon, thal th( iii tcoalltiou wns
work was UiiikIk
on took . ti. : ; ' Juli i "'? ?'?' ':
fore. i" ry. ?be l"-?- ??? "; '
titi. and -?
? ?"i :i--. rtion made k eeral v.i ? ka figo llial
I never be
ots wi re
nu;, li in f.iit.r al first, v I bl fitting
., at fal] ..r : ni- 'H'"
.. the Iona;, fl ' ? bloii. II
:\ um, i, i ; ? u open In hool and !" bin I,
and lan f cloth or? n dwith
di. ve mus? be .m1
lust, d with I . es, i" low uml in
ii \. i) lull, ?li!! nil. ti? mm li
. irtue ..I ii? form I
.- tu be j
ornami ni bul n lal
knotted t.. tu" walsl at the side, li must
the I..:i_'.
lu hind, iinfa-ihl.ui ibh ; ii
i fact illili ti." short, --t and thi
ininti.m a m. ' ' I'"""'
? the l'i I?.
. in- tritium I
uroi.lt n 1 ?? II ii b
. mi I" In 1
puff or a/* .in ??? nu i?
li about iii
' ?
llowln,?- Isai
, perhapi
Ol i'." Bli "'
the upp. r p ut i? tighl ill
np the
one m... ?
black silk, mi ki ? thu i
. ..'in-r very becoming and
g ' ? ? I ?
more open, i he a bi I at !.. rs
? red oi
:.ii" i- it- fronl may be oi oat .'. laces
.im- mat. i ia), <>i w itb ... ihm. i
? it.l. u bit ', ??ii i'i? te \ -
va>t, it ia made with or without ladies,
.ni- ii.iii,. i !.. bind, and ? ud lu .? bids
i.... k taff. Is it t im in ? nibroidi red all round ?? lui .lim
? ??illi ?
'.t tur bordi t srea of
- worn
'ii T!ie
.'.'liiriiiiiii: as it is natural. It is made oft ;
.mil quilted 0] One of the ends in front
form? a knot and buckles in th. style of the bells of old
? :l > ". !,i\ al
, little. Tin
of embroidered inn-in, with" Yalenctei aplace
.?I mus
iin. it it!i ? min i.ni ii i- bord, i? .1
.'I. I li ii .,! t hi ?
i b< se lwo i
led t..
yu ung i llowi 1er.
i small
knots of ribbons ; lb. bind part belli** i*ouip
aud provided with h ps ol ribbon, ...i:
in.* with ii." si; le "l tin ti
The "Trianon" bonnet, which has
pluiued lu formel repo**t-,lsllkeWaSO worut.i .
i \iPTios of oPi <ii id 'ii ?> rs
lill < HAMB1 i; <>l . 0MM1 R< I IM POR1 in i 1V0B
"i ?. -1*1.1 DI i:i n i:n i?i a SPl < ?i BASH?.
Ai i ?-ii.-ci.il meeting o? the Cbamlx i ol Com?
?? m.., Mr. '.' mi'" Opdyke la the
- I ! ,Chali man of thi select! ommitt. ??.
t.. whom bad !.. ra toiorraA th. I .
The ... 'i.i .,; oui financial -?-r?m r. ?f. soentir.lv
? t...?? ? mm.lit tint ;i i.i doubtful wbethel auy
? lal i.'.ily . ..n satisfat tortly solv? thi
lion? that appertain to Ita future work I
? ough undi rat.I, bul the en no1 tin m
' lu no small degree, upon the discretion ol'the He.
re? ry of tin Treasury. Your Committee propose to deal
- .iiiil tin ."lui.i Istration then ..! as lb. ? ait
peai upon the statute book, ntl In toe operations of the
treasury Department, and out >.f past experlencea to
ht they i an upon the future thal I-, op. ii
In-- before them. A knowledg. of th. pollej tli.it Uto
(cuide th Di partmi ut la . ssentlal to tu? forma
nj jn-t . on. lu sion . and In II i (be pui
any policy by the Be. n lary of the i n asm ? mu '
<i. i>. n,l ou the action of Congn s. Congn I is about to
i." ? t. m .1 i,, m iii. im ml m. .,,.111? n nu- to t?- brought foi
ward, and it la now to b? determined whethci oui Heua
i Representatives w11] sustain the honorable Be. re
tary of the Treasury in the w.iik ,,f ?, (oration so in,
or, ?vii, tin r . ongress ??iii vi? iii to the
' di m"mil/.m.m which is too ,. m ; ii Ihn
tile land. Interests of vast magnitude are involved In
'? "t Hiis ?luestlou; and the chara? t?i
<>f our people snd Die standing of .mr rountry
among couuuer. lal countries o! the world are to be de te i
" 's '.- be decided whether th. i nil d
?"??tan?ai | ,_ ? .,.??, with the fore
mus? -i nations,oi d . u>*?bandoi . foi de. ,,i, a
I ?"'? H"> li-.?, aspind amid all
oui i-..,,, iifsol war.and rashly leopard, in time ..1
" honor of a life Viiieh baa lie" o
' r'"l I" Hi" mu out* I ?..ii; < .,
i tti> liim ?. r ti,., i?.? .. * _
' ''"?'?.rtnnceof returning to specie um
- "?'' """',1 ? ill other
?sumption ?,- secondary to this, and ti,,?
alone of really vital com I .,,.,?_ ?
?. oecupyiiTganlnf
riot poaltion In the malo ol nations, m,.-. ,.
I? rpi tual dise-ite, m ?,t home aud a....I,,,, ..,',, redeu.i
,:"" ""'" _?"?"< !l disii*put< h) .. -i. idfasl mil...?
the path of ra tltude throngb ?hat. ver trials it mai lead
w, must continue toi uduroth. Illsuudsi whi. ii m sutTi ,
and aee ?mr foreign trails languish, oi reestablish our'
.?.?.n n i....um. ol .?iiiiiiit, bj sffordii .? loom mci
.liim? ??i'l mariners a lir-ttei o]?i>ortuuity to
,.. n m the ? omm lltloi s m n,,. ... a ;iiil. __.
land, Iii" Inconvenience? of a d.j.n-i ited .ii
? '?'" 'J tt It mi ii. lTl,l tt|(.
n ti.i i ni-- and losses incident to an abnormal condition of
our foreign exchanges are moat patent to thom m1... .,i?
t ni contact with the pecuniary syateinsol i ,,
alai .1 and contint otal I urop., Prude it m. ii will relue,
mbarkthen mon? ? "r their merchandise m un
turi i to diatant inarki Ia, with cold al apremn m of IO per
cent, with t li?- probability or even po_?ihiiity ol a f.iit ,,f
ii? ,i n lunn ?'jil be hron?bl t<> mai
i will p .iri'.i:. m. n l..->k romplacetitl) du and
w ?? our best - urli I. I bouda
and others of equal worth, having a long term oi
run ti.m.-!, m ii to other eountnea al Inn-, fouri
real ?/aloe, and no1 depbire th. iieedlt V.,-,r
mol -I..u m . rye? to thi fai : ill?
ili. *. n tim ii li
III Un t It? li li, \ ..I !'
wiir, ai
i led i
m tim
liii-l f?u it Will, Wlmtlnl
I '
eil mil) in tin- i. -ti nut.- ?mt li
-' IN ii. tim ti.. I wini-" -Kill III "in '
ni. ii tin i! K
,, otu "I tin ir ""i" i- are
- . I, iving ii ? theo* eau m
. i,,., o?
min r. lum--, which, under .'Hut ? - .?'? '"'
the ?.Im i- "J "'ii
i ? ? -,.. . ?
. ?mr ??un borders Is _? i't in check by the ver)
-t ..i labor and materials thal ? "'? r Into
-ii ii? lion Of r-i' n bl i-' .mi lil'i !"
. | ii, ,! the i ii ii.n i, r ami
of both W I i- ted of Um i n
.,,?1 im- dangei ni depreciation
li would no1 be dlflli nit to li u ? im., b o the 'J' moriili-a
ttonthnti ?i-i- throughout our commnnltj to habits oi
aial. \tia\ i..,n... w i,n li ba ? '?den ?I
byat? iti.I i"i" ' ?uni * ?. bul youl ' oin
nutt.-.' do no1 think II ni " w?ui. lo . ulurge i n Hu
vantages of a curo-ucj that ia not redeemable willi golu
.., upon the unc? rtainlies that atti ? 'I
n mi ni, ludise thal I? to tx p lid foi in
gold foi the nu in", i mot r are loo
familiar with tin m. 'I hi re ii bul ??n. rorreclive, snd thst
foi lins
ii. i? ;. vi 'i t" lie -m.n i* nllj m u,if, -i from * brief* ?
i. mplation "i lh( evil o Involved In the ius
paynu 1
i , ?urj m.!. - ,i " legal tendel ' was
before ? on m -s and tbi ? ni ,Ih n nrgi A
? in iii,- form, w is the daugi r In view ?if
ulm It Hi,--!' who ."linn, ?I tis ii , a),it.,I t,< the ? onntry In
tun. "i its iiini.,.-.i ni ed, now stand appalli .1 Ihed
? bi n. and
found no1 In the letter ol lui Constitution, but In
. ,,' n,, iwai II -? ? n I m a m ol the
, ., -.. !? i n i of Un- Ti. n i v t.. n ti n ? the ??(? p?
to reluctantly tuken. to stcadilj withdraw from circula
o portion of the legal tender non ,and thut approximate
?,. of tim dollar, whether lu gold ? In!.irnmeut
., ,|?,. i,, this ,"- ' i i"'1" rio n mi' " ?I
ippoi i. sud in tliM n i- to be lui" .1. di apiti nil
, ti, 11-, to ii , .i will ? ontinue lo be true. The
Influ? m i ilia! la relied on to plun
, ?re mi,, Um ibj -- from s hil h i I
: , be ni"-! ??' lop .1 m lue Wes! : bul
d, !.\ \\, - ? ira of the
: -, warran! foi itlai lung t<> thal
I be i. solution under whu b l
?ne m ting, din , i- rour i omi
ii.n at which .'. return lo ?pe< e payment may is pi..,.
! ?"f VJ
p.li-ll. .1. in Ubi r nu nu,:: !" Ulfl fall f"i "mi''
ii ion na to mt? rprel itiona of law toa!
, j mi iii? n- i
li li, 111 tin '
? li lu of lim inn. I!.limul alla! I li > lundi ,1
It lam ' m.?m-? d, ,,i ,
?t? lil Ml! I '? ,1,1 Ol ? lill l-lll I
>e once brid -'??., ?? w ?ii Im- made lo
ol In r,
nor it ? \m- i m r? nu n m in. dial
to a pun Ij
l-l be . ontlnni d,
" leg ii !? i.
Ililli ililli. i Hie
- ntl)
rj ?
i ti ? Hill? the ?li pi .mi., it un
re pi ' ? tim
? mo, or if
l!l ( 111 I. li
? inoro
: ??iii
I to n
Itolll I
the float lui :
um *
' . \
? . : ? n.
i . o i a v be in
eel.ed In ] i I,I
1 canceled. I
liol' ? I)
in-??, bauki si ?'? '
< nllilllMI IO!
be in?' i-'' ,
. ?
. a!... . youl ? "ir
ma) i?-. n -
I,.- li
. Mina,-!Ion hitbi rtop . ,
? m ?- li i\. proi ed el Mian
f. al of ti,? tempi ?
it a
?- i.. one mi dliim ?,f p ij mi
m m
. -it.. ?!.. pub
t hi .?I ?broad yom Corni
Dot al?- ti
; amount maj be, ; i
, no ? i ni.-n. ? ti show ti. it i m part ha? been returned i?
lb more lb in whi o u ? as bo
? bom -
. ?
the pin .? of gold, bat I?-, n Un?: It II
me thal tb len! t>
? I the i , ..j ,,-, m
? -
mu? itlon r: ??in pan ? ?
?.I in tim pursuit ,.f in. isiiri ? thal will t.-:..i io fin
ilirj improvi ti" 'bi li pntpi ii Obsei
price of mu boi
due "f gold m
bj i ' ligures, it will be a ? a boa
bees ia n
.?f I'nlted Btatee bonds and otbei aecurillea referred
t.. m this report, for a ?ene? ol i. ii ? willi unceasing
tin, ' ,. pri n,n,m ?
.i Un- i., ord ,- . ? u di i" a li it ? II !.. the rtfeet of
thi fa. tbi i i bange . <>i.t? m| return to ap
|, i\ m, i:'? j wo prop be n> uli In d
i ? let "
b. ., of 1 ' ? m,t, i for i ' '? mli
a? undera!.I bj \ mi commute? ?m prop
..-.t.?.n being tn jin bonds bearii Interest with uote?
that do not Hecond, to Increase tbi amount ol beak ctr
? ulation )?'? * ir I ? ?I uuld the ii' *i be
pt- 'I '. um. m i m the pub faith will. I
? i he mini loua ?-tt? ? ? ii ,,f m bl, ii i,,. , iii
Ir, "ii tin other i, uni. thi issue "i more bank < urn ;?. > i*
ii In 'l a lihou! an lui rea?
but hasten the ersah through which perhaps, eooner or
later. It Ls destined the coiintri . ia after much tem
poritlug to ??? dacalani tj thal Iscertsilu to result from
us 1< ?' Por tbi bonni of out rouati | foi
,, the patrio! al boam and the friend sbt.i
Min. .mli ,i l i its extremity, whee fore far outnumbered
fin-mi?, foi Hie -aia of all who confided to it In advene
fortune, youi Committee feel that this Cbambei ibonld
proteat against any lurtbei debasemenl of mir national
.nu-, . -i tim u.?ii.iii,,n of the novel mode aus
? III.- J,li?,In Ui lil. anil lift ll|? |l? \ oil ? I I
",.' i .n ..i -,.. ;. ?i ij monts, m hit ii
will ...ii-.,.n to oblivion all advers* auduudorthj Un m
. iii .'\|ii di? iit.
i. ne, ? - tbmktti 'I
?. \ i . . .
1 ki m i i. k8 Wis? ros, \> .ti \ i Uhu 11.
I IIIA.N --ii ki i -.
i....'., |, '
Mr f."? niau., afea
, ? r? |...i !.. -.i bitten
den, l . Id, ? ipdj ke, and Co . and
.. i , i.
Ui li* I'll. \
'I in- i/i.iilu,itin_: cM'ii i-i -, ;iii?l distribution oi
diploma? to tbi ssemberse. Um latii of Girls'
GraauB ni? I.I Wo M (Sixth Ward] of ?
A Mccosker le PrlacIpal, took place yesterds afternoon
la tbe preeeaee of the local boards of Comm i *
Tro tees and a large numbai nf frit ada al tin* pnalla sad
teachert The tchool-room had been rcry prettily dees
??eted roi toa occasion with evergreen wrea
11.ti rci? ? in - ni, ,i n
and instrumental, solos, choruses, ead hymns
,''; tin pupil?, n mt ,,- ret latloni and coiupo
1 he pi r : , lt , ||, ,,, ,,.?*,,., Uu<
lb leather* and pupl * rii? rall du loi |
M ? Ji uni Uowi ? , i tppi i
mposll. m I wa? wi II di ered Adiln ?? ?
? i- bj Mi Randal Superintendent of the City
Hr. Kiddle, s. um ' intemlent, ami
1 Uti milln., all '<f win.m tp iki in
ii . i
hool. The!
>.r lim a I i,,
lil- I . -,
Lee.I ;
DUTT OF TEE REft ?"?'?'' W P ISTT.
II ?>t TIM HON. ? li \ im i'- .**. "PI ?*?' I i: ON
i iki\ . i ,H. i ?i mi: ii in; ...... ?ma?, iii.n
" I I... I \K>N lil PI lil.lt IN I IMI'.U1'-'
li i ?ni?.. NOV. '-"'?
Mi Ki.1.1.?.?-. Ki i-, in i? Iks: I fini profound!/
fiii. lui i?> i. ni fu i Hu- ni-m ii. .i ? b evidence of
i. v iiiM.it ti?. d of the duties
"f tin- posit loo, t.. v. im .i -, me, with a
Ira i. solution, to the extenl "f mj ability, to faithfully,
liriliiiiii'lv, full? p.-if.irm iii. in I'., i tor npt.ii
tin- lain.ii .it nu.,t!i, i ri. npaiga, pnad al our
. - in the pa ? ,1 bj -.m t.-.
rent defeat, and i "it -1 ? - t i r m (!"? futun lu rup . i
initividual . lalma ol no man, i." be itatosman or
organized, Wa do not with mad baale and eagei
? I. -in- struggle io make a Ural bid im office and li
bj t ?. ?ni.it ni ?i \ sclzlnaupon the name <>f some real or
i.m. led favoi ib ..i the p? opie, and pai-dlnn il al ii." bead
?if ??.ir- organisation, with a pui pose hereafter to i ontend
i ii. .1 h pn ? mptlon np.m Pn l?t< i
pointment? \\?- ?li. no ?>?< k t" pul "i. .in? iu. 1. Hen upon
iii" ..iii,. ? ,ii il,. ..-m ,,i die m ii h.m..nui Administration.
While admitting a bell, f thal tho ?? who elect a Pi
i.nciii lo be preferred h) him lu his dispensation ol hi?
favors, we prefei tobaaeauj elaims ?.?" ?imil h.
If any we do, not upon a devotion toa man, bul t?.
a principio, im these reaaooe, i" rta couviuclug,
we li"i" estuhlish the l Dion Republican Presidential
< smpaign Club of the ( Ity of Ni ??? N.. i n Our purpo?e is,
prior to the meeting of ti.. Union Republican National
Convention, by the distribution of documenta and the
holding of mass meetinga al Cooper Institute, to bead?
: b? in.' most able mnl eloquent Union K> publh .mu
of the country, ii. strengthen iii" faith and add to the
knowledgeof those already with us, and by appeals to
the r? aaon and the judgmenl Incr. a?..r uuml i
Minn, lu the properly constituted and ?.iiiln.ii/fil body,
candidates ?i?..ii i.? presenter! for the support "t iii" Union
Republicana ol the county, whoever thoj shall be, ice pro*
p.i-. bi an m hi", laborious, and efflelent eanvass, t * ? pn>
mot. their election iii-n lource ?.f pleasure, of pride.
and ol bope ti. ma ti;..t I * a among you, gcntlemeu, and
pi. .m i tu m ?uni active among yon In the establishment of
snizatlon many of tin- veterans ol the Lincoln
Campaign Club o( ISM, with their laurel leaves yet fresh
up.m their brow?. 1;Ipe experience in the management
i campaign, an industn tbatnever t:i>?. a faith thal
. in remove mountalua, a loyalty to principle that ooin*
Qucui-ea or lustruuientalliy can shallow oi affect theae,
nidi in-unn . an yom attribute?. Welcome
here low pn urance of ?mr su*
How the years ii" ?? ara attempt. ?I to be
m ni?. Liu. h ?uti desolate bj ti.' black-hearted
ii.ii ni Johnson, bul hrlehtcned by ti." Arm
Union Rep Coi
. ad .m.i in.m? li i.h .'. lightened from
1 i?Minn bj akiud, . . ?i pure and In
mortal spirit, and heal his worm, fricndlj*. encouraging
? , i . then Hi" Prealdent "t the
: , was iii" actlv.
the . nu. -.' friend ol ; ' smpaign
. ovei whli li, m i - ', I had iii" hoi
,1 ,.* v.l.;. ? ol yon, lu i" lo night,
v.,,, i li ni fu ijuentl) the honor,and iii"
i... 11 affaira, onne. ti d with Hi.I", t ol
. i, toi rs with bim both i" f. and aft. i
li was lu- personal suli? li
:, ,1 i. h- m mj ... our moj? ? "?
? md ii. v? bil? I "..i iii" m. iimrv
in, "f In? I? .inlifnl, lovelr, uns. I
. .tim.ii.lf pub . ihall
fade awa- ihall be I. n t" rael .? Bowel o
mortelles uimm h
lu allotted in in" Hu hour
i?,n l age .mil infirm
,i h it .t? be p< r:
, .- to t!, ii I
.. lie lu? h in.im-, mu? with trembling '
i h,i,, i well un lui. i ? i. a I bad ** it h
i | i time win n .m effoi '
1,. DI n . Di III? tf li."lilli..ill"!
Hi i lent, ?bal da ? dI this
t,.,!i to ? ....i reuoniu ition I" li!? replj
? su li. ?iitii- ? to Hu ' oi ?
. ti i their arrival, walkin?,
ml it,-. when suddei
| waa i- ?:.I bj H" m Now, the ?ob i of ? I
i.. ..I i- rene strong, and In fli. .r own land
I-;-1,111.-11 liff .III. ?. I '. lill!, I.
i hk. .m .i i? ii leal. bul
.,f lu.ml. in i. -i i pun .. his
? i : t be
, : ? ??? And ti -
? .| to Othi
? ? : ? lb the affaira ol
t ired and i
.. m -, .1 b; ?
is rein.'
? uni.'.
I mu
? i..r muted,
pi ?I lion
, I ? ; i n ?? ?? ti?..1
..in Ililli i full
B t" .in li
try, no1 In tbi
: ? tin- I....-I ?I. t. nulli. .1
lof the I ? ti..
I rlectton d - '
? - Btly 1? eli Uti " kell "ir.
? i. -, have n"i ?. t had lime t" I" ?'? i '
in thal
..- i,,,,im, h will contribute. Hid you heal
bj .li?. ,???-. struggling I."ii bj hour wttb threatening
it.!, willi
K the
b< h from ?
It id. . I Li
p the
of || |t C4
' even maa
. bi re > nuit s to I di In
. . I u iii. m? ni i ?lui? of bin
i ? Land i ..... found
mat I i ? ili.it
?i, from uat kursa Into
? in! Iel tin-in !..
?i.. : . f I'!.-- d. :?' ?
. around the -i?'t ?? tv
ii...,la .if )..m I'm.m. ?pit".h was ?
s lu the va?) f ( .-.ii
he ?
ii . ' ?? i mt nf ?
linn*.', i i. , ted the ti ' nu
, .uni, w lu n in rall . omb .! ..i. '.
? it rblvalrj ? h* pel m the. um
? sp
pealed to God
' 'I..-,.!.l-l of K
rvrd, thal the rlcturi ???? ? d be iri?. ii t?. I :
and , '. ?.ii ink fm the " ierj
? ?! .', anti ?' is
?ii I lie ?Hil ? lu.?.- pill 1. II \t
? -.- ii ulelj i.
d. fi ..t and i ru?h oui I publi. in >.i
ti .1 m tearing from i li?' bmlleaof i,. .?> ??-. ,.i li
;>i... in. in
in !!.?? : M "lill ? bite "f I nlvei ?
,tl"1 li . Billi |'i I p< I li.ii i
powei "f iii" ? 1. L-l ki ? t .m p.ii n ko*
th" pi. |."ii.. - and pa ?mu? of iii. ii a ? .1 lo,
..i,,I en rd igalusl the In itou ins of p. i
np.m bia. w men, and iii" and ti mpoi ai i
? ?? ? f"i t!i" !?' in, ? | tiavr P.. ii ..i.i.m,i ii .ii
the North,bul f.n ?-? ? r i Mate t.1". - , ?
m bj bia. i )"? i.'* rote? lo tak. ila pla. i
up the Bout beru Ki .. i \. -. \ rglnla, Tenu,
boma of i ?-.iiii <'.iii.i;i - ?.. . i, ulina, era
die ..f the Kelielli.ii), i daua, \l?
bama, Misai ppi, Irkn -, .ip lu one Kio
? ..i..pi.-lim: hue .in.! deposit j mu I be
! i.i Republican candidates foi Presiden! ?: .1 \ ??
Pit ildenl li i- ,i-. .-i i.i ,i as the li.rtulltj ol the
iii ii tin-1 will call np tin -..h Hi" t h Heat rvee: The?, ??ill
tlml un un.? alreadj in the thick of the fight to aid them
m the ,i, in. ?. in.-i-t ..i victor) The mlgbtj Weat, whither
Um star of empire takes Its ? ?? Is, aron In iii-? boar,
faithful, an ' will pn srnl lu t in-1 siups gn of i-, *. mi un
tunken fn.ni Answer,Orel i; .I, Minne
?...t.i, WlaeoDSin, Nevada, Muli (an, Neliraaka, Illinois,
.i. eye, Ohio, not this yeurbj l.iiovloal -haUnot,
mil nut ' in.- M i it. ? i. wini "f the great I nlon Kepubli
ian .Him stand linn i N..I -.imil iii" ....i.iin M.itf be
found wanting The l..ni save Connecticut, is firm t"
.11?. .in.l m in.- coming campaign, Connecticut shall be
redeemed The keyal. of the an-b, New-Jersey and
the Empire At?to, loal to-day, ?hall l?s regained to-mor?
row, w in-ii clearly, sharply, ??> ii ti. fined, i ii" Issues shall
be presented lu a na I lo between modern In
m... i... y sud i m..h Republicanism. Had ?i Presl
.1.nu,ii election been held tala Kui!, and UM
respective Htatea voted precia. | h? iii, ? bave, a Union
Republican President would have ben elected, and this
wit-oul ti"- -.mi ?i.-: n item i \. i l ii..' the ephemeral Ile
ii.a. t I...? lu .ii .uni nu ii toenjoj Ita bri. i hour of Ufa
and ti.m..pi. m tin- few Blatea in which it baa tbia ?..<>
tied II ? 'i ?i .-veii m tin te has na*?ed,and l8?>) will
tii.ii in.i Killin, k), li. lav. ..it, .uni Maryland miuix
agalaatthe Union Republican candidate for the Presl
dency, Whoever shall be nominated by tha neil Union
Kepubll.au National Convention will be elected by an
overwhelming major!!) aniujority uupreeedented Intne
liiit"i)"f the contest.*.l Presidential electiona of the
i ."mil,) ililli- will be m? apologj f..i sacriflt lug. m tha
i m..ii Republican National Convention, principle upon
the altar ol availability The bitter l**eao_s of the p..st,
as well a? sound political morality, teach us thal luch a
-1? i in, ?? is us iii-.iii.in>! h i m1 . owardlj. as h ka in Its ulti?
mate result? upon the fortunes of s put? illsastrous No
man, howevei creal his Intellect, however anaullled his
character, howe?el rcsuleudeul bia tflory, ouathl i" bo
m.[inn.ii. ,i in the neil Union Republican Natloual Con
veut ton, as li ? i sndtdatc f.th. i the Preald. ui ? ?" ti."
\ i.-" rn-nii-iii \, unleaa hats a firm, uudoubted Union
Hi pnii.h an. und thal upon tin- Him.! Men gravelj
mistake tha material >?< ??tu? li lbs i .n Re?
publican |<:i 11 v I? rmiipii-iil ?linn tin?' lap
puaa tint I hal rnagniflreiil organisation, ?.?'t'1 Its
heritage ..f --lory, ami the nu.-i.it ml don li ha?
?.i to.nipliah in Hi?' future will forget it? I.iurt_l
principle?, and adopl and lupport for the first oil
lim ?ifl of ti.i* people ..n> men eicopt tbo-ss In whom
oiitldeiire rsu lui placed, lind who are prepared lo saj
thal iii. ? ara I nlon Hi publicans. Proudl* pom
.I it.".I .m..? "i patri?la, l" roe?, and
i.,ti-,m, n m n? ranks, the I nlon Republican i"-><'_> ">
min um.' under the ml?erable and deura.linu
,,i ?. rkmi (..' i mdidate? for the Pn
,,. i i ,. outsl I" of ita owu m ii nation
.-a? m the ? ? I Pn ii i
Kiliej of ni ?- it. ,. i ilion Lu .?
mi.? m
I li ,
be th.' happy lot of the
i sod the influence
"f Ri publii in instil ill rapid
Ninth and -"
o?.'.i r m the i.?, eof Progt ; Indebtedness
will be promptlj paid ?it tbi propel times and m 'in- prop?
er waya. At pew .-, ,,r home -ml sbroad, mm um qualed
elements of powei iud wealth, with an laduati
?'? rprl in;.-, lin- ,,1 "? ,- Am,-i n ?m Repu
-, ' tue most powerful, the i roue, the most
.,!. .mu t:,, n >?f Ui?'
? mli
Tn Hie : ?,,,,/ independent I feettri of the I Vh
\Mermante IHetri ? Having been compelled on
Domination foi alderman, ten?
dered iiy tin- Republican Convention, that bodj bae
selected ii? Lockwood, eso... as their candidate. It rust
myfrienda m tin DUtnct will give bim the earnest sup?
port thej ?oklndlj i.iMin? ?i i,, myaelf, for with proper
effort, in view of the contes! between opposing factions,
In- can l?c i li ? ted. ?i oura n spectfullj.
Cn kO?iG.
'ill I ( EUMIlfAL ( (?l
'I'lic case ?>t Adolph Aachen and Nkholaa
i swson, fee .mi. sroring t.? obtata whisky froaa a bonded
m m in.n-,- by a fi.indu!, ut bond, has bees i" fores Halted
? mi ?nijiiurii.il hoarlnga saocatbaa
Mt tuontli-, ami Um fa? ts have l-i-nti fnl.-, r.-polt* d in Till:
Tumi se. The di fi mlam- wen eadearori?f to obtan
iij barrels <>f whisky from ?i beaded wareboaes on*
fr:tmilli, nt M radlstlu.itioii iioini." karlag ob it tba aaaM
o! -i Cann, purport-igtobi tim Signatare of the t
a in. waa to re< t.f.i or redistill the whisky. ( ommlsslom r
( igboi n now dismisses the i omplaiut and di charges the
defendants, holding that thetestlmonj la Insufficient to
M-tnl them before a Jury, and thal tin- onlj question of
irregularity relatea to McCann'a name, the other namee
on tin- li, ml in m- genuine.
Late ?.n Paturdoi ev< nina Issl Policeman -otrtaeoaar?
n- i* ii M illiain llali j ?n Wi -t -i , in ,.i Fulton, baring in
bl? posseaeion a b irre! i?f appli -. m lu, li be < ould not satis
fa, tor . . a ,, teni to tin- i,,mil-?
('..nit ou Sunday morning, ont aa do complainant ap
p< ired the magistrat? ordered bia ,i (chat ? "it Mmi
daj >-i. m.u; H ilej t ill? ?! at th.* I.?.
lion to procure the apple?, ami tin re s ia thi owner, Mi
I?, in Of No. 2? Fulton .-t Hali-v v .r.-t.'U
i?inl yeaterday? taken before Justice Dowling, win. r>"
mnndedbim toawall examination. II?- was afterward
taken to the ofitci o! ia?- Huperlntendent of Police, ?uni
that official directed that be be -'ni befon
torney Hall Ann Harris entered Mi Jamea Hart's of?
ti. i-m.e of the down-town Easl River Piers on Mon
,i.i\ night, snd while in conversation with bim stole iii?
1 man Murphy aawbei leave the Pier witb
lils pockeLI.U m I.? 1 li.iii 1. .uni srreated her on sas?
pu ion. and yesti rday Ju-?io How ling coaunitb '1 her foi
Twenty years _t 81 ? ntence whlcb City
.1..!.. Russel m - ?!. yesterday, upon Hugh Courtney,
v I...in ,1 im 1 ii.ni a,, n. 1 guilty of raping Kate Mai
ii,, u.-, only fire years. Mary Ure wry, amlaa
- ... -.1 been Indicted ?"i grandlarcenj*,
ni, n compliance witta Um request of tin
??.,u-, ,,f tin- 1.1 Sbephi ni
juttii ' J?-it' i-"-'i Mai J.- ' bel
to answer for violation of tin- bealtb ordinances,
? allt lot ill l-.l'-l ' i
'J u?. )?. , i ? ititution
: :, ami lim :n U-' 'I m a
1 ?ui tue sib ?"i theft ui u Uuu'Jic vi cloth
. K, Hey, at York ! to the chm-are pre
f. 1 n ii .1 ? ., tor ot tm
-: Railroad, against John .1
Mimili in aceus_*dol pn ? ei ti _? an ordet purporting to
la ,l"till I.al , C, " 1 Mr.
for #3 li.- g ni- Jour dan Un- ;
Saving m, luspli mu thal tim or?n r wa? a forgery, which
h,- afterward i 1 to be. J : - 1 li
, if 1,, m,i<? commit?- ii
In Um ? "Hit of bpel - riionmt
publie that in- mill' red Marj
Hmlth, a bawd, to rob him of I-, m <.-..- of the dens In
l batbam-st. Un- I* : 1 not clearlj* ihow tbat
tim i;iii commltti ii the I ? di 1 barged.
Sine prisoners w horn the Board ol Health bad taken for
exposing ;i-iif"i s.u.- in the Fourth v.
: undi 1 .. ii. a In the papera of 1 ommltmi nt
from the ? oui I
them t.--tun .I th ii ; 1. -i. ?! foi -
?lie eompLal ? only om
oil? n_
In tim Kings County Court ?f Oyeraad Tenait
tam Ui roi iii-; man (.:<>-?. Justice Dailey, oonnsel for the
.;mu for an n 1 ournmi ni on the
ol want ol time t" fullj prepare lortriaL Further
??, who m. :
_c,l from the
itten 1 ... n ? could not be
1 ijourm I.
. ? ui line - ka notoriety,
Bt ?n ,?., ! ,.; I
been *"in li ted of working sn ?II
li ii ii iii1 ?burgh. led foi
lu the Brook!
In .In-t,..- ? ? ni -
( .111 M.,- 0 answer for an assault upon 1.
? : m :. a (, ii .i_". and soon then ifter
. 'i : .1 ...."i ..: -., im ,1
to bim eiid. m >? of his wife's Infidelity, aud hi neath? dil
fit. m .- A settlement was effocted, the ci
t..... parate? 1 ie husband i" allow tua nit? alimony.
? ; . :
,1 for fighting ia t h?.- itieet At the Police
:t til?* Con n iiml.r
.-;.uni?, were tal?. 0 f otu 1 ..? no
? 1 .ii 1.?'.-. ? In li"' aud
and bj li.m
I 111 1 1\ Ii. 1 ??I Ill's.
lu th*' [Toil .tates District < "iii; \ester
-, found al .N.? :
lui of do . f 1.n ml .if N" M Praakfor! b1 . quantify of ?1"..
?I., ..*.,-. fi und at n hmenl of F Back*
. ??? : quantitj
of do., I.I al ihlrtj titth-at., near renth-ave
. u.; the : igm was ti .'?I som.*
OB tim
? ' ? in, n m, re ael dow n for I Conn*
tel f.>i ? wanted iii.-* eaaee to ga ovej
I . tin* April term, na gronJad
WitUI 884*8 W( ,'.'..I DOl I-.
lo be pi et nt till then. Judge Blsl Ilford of ti,. |
?mt that iim-nuii ti a> tim Qoi ?
?a uni. ni m a? m,m n mli nuil williug to commoi
- . ,1 aa, in lu? opinion, the v.
spoken "f. who were the 1 laimanl * in the eaaee, onghl to
bera from Prance before the april term,
1 the. i-* prevtouslj tried? li "I been selected by
i by tim (,"\ermaeal.
ild lie put first on the 1 ilendai (01 the February term
i., in* in.-.I theu |?, -r'-iii|*t..i;ii .un'.. ts, In the iiicnii tillie,
?.?un*?*! f.n claim mt? tbould be sble to -li,''.* clearly that
ted were
? ,| f .in I., Ing 1? m i.;.. . ? b
?rond Hi.' . out roi >.f sn. li m ?' .? -- oi m lin. ?
Dike Brother? of thU etty im| of wool.
and It was seized bj the? Custom-lloiise otttclalsof tins
port mi llie around of nndi rraluatlon In the Invoi ? l w
I the (?on mim nt proved Uiat tim Mimi m.i* la?
voiced al '? ?a than lu value la thi port of shipment. The
1 dual in?! Oona
b?i! for i.oi. 1 i.in.-'.r a*ked for an ailjournroenttoenabla
ii,, m -, of a sick wit tn --. bat the
Court, afterasklug what additional testimony tin* wit
uraacoi I give, denied the request on the grosnd that it
Moni.! no1 help ' ' nu nt to li.?ve the
ml direi ti da vi rdlcl fo
?1 White I ? - ' nal the Board of
? lo preven! Un m from excluding him from
1 0 , 'i. ami li vt tin?
tame tin ? 1 tal nat Mr Mi Lean, the
i.-.-.,?.,; "ti.1- long roora," roi a similar punt?se. Mr
Mi I., m allow? ii 1 in* i 'inn,-linn .gah ii bim to be :rai?!, ,1
bj d< ? lull ml no 1 uti thal 'in ordi r be va uted.claim?
ing Hi it by bis contract with the Board of Bn
.an mlim' oui?, m.mi?. 1 ? of tint Board, while i?y the
"i,!,i ,,r injuc?ion he can exclude none, lim Coori
'.in,1.0 iir."i> nf the Common 1 aeerved its da?
bin a salt la the Superior Tom I Darts, the
plaintiff, li ii,.- ilepfnthei of Frederick .1 Fhwlng*,a
youth of about IS jn ir?. The boy, on Bent. I, ia .
Mini.* grttlug <?'i .1 Broadwaj sad re. < ir.
waa thrown hy the premature starting of the ear, tad
struck on his bead rhe skull wai fractured, and inna
abort tluw afterward epllepej showed Itaelf In the boy,
milli! would appear be la ?till sugaring fioui it Tim
? .1 iimf tin ei. -pf.-itlu 1 lia.i 110 -mil relation
to the boj a* would entitle bim to bring an wctlon for
- ..f -. 11 n 1 -, ii ii ! in ( ... riii. nt, over?
ruled tba point, ?ml the trial waa continued. < i
I'll?, case of lin- F.tnali rho Imp?rtase* aad
ii oil i-' Bank m Hie -Hin. me ( otui. Is a suit brought by
certuln stockholders if tue Importers'and Trailen 1
toi.ill certain >,f ihe Director? of the Bank to ao
.m in relation to the loans made bl tu it Beak
to the inna.!*. Railroad \ !i a quantity ?r bonds
of the Railroad were denomteil with the bank te
... .iiiitv f.?!- two tint.-s fo, .a aggregate of over
ti o.uuo, bul these notes were, ?iibseqiientli ?ur
rendered nndei .1 m a an mgemenl Theplalnl B
thal Uni wa? im prop* 1. and thal a? the directors w ill not
dt tereco* 1 the securities* thei are entitled to
.!...-,.. 1 lu- -mt. iii. 11 In*.?' been levi 1 ii gi "*?>.n : oui of
.-n. now comes up on demurrer, the
clile! |ioiuts claimed in the d?marrant? bein_ 1i1.1t tim
.1 sue * ?u-e ici undi ti rmined,
? ni M. VII M.\l- Ulis Hxi
Si 1*1:1 mi Cn 1:1 Circuit. Parti. No calen?
lull! Koa MO - -, ?.*', ii'*", vu, ...?i, 1; 'i. ii:..
I, 800, 131 1 . 80S, mi.
Sirteial Term Issues ol Law aad Fee! Koa
in., as, i - -, t .; 1
j.'., ' m, j ?1 ? kamo] n Beserved Vi N
1 . . 1 . 1 . 1 -i. 1 ?-', 1 ?? lie, iss,
1 . 1 . 1 .'..!.;?-. ;
:.,. Ill, 1 !
Ki 11 mon 1 ..1 m Trial Term ?'?ill Sot
li' UI I, .?l-l, '.-.!., . '. -, 41 .
:ii... 11, , Port li Koa ? -'i- - U. ? -n. ? '? "*. It" .
MM), : i*, 'i ? hi i i. j 11.
(?.i ni ..i 1,1M111 ia iii?- Equity (..;. ii.l.u- un
. baugi ,i ?_____?____?__?_.
W l>( (?NSIN
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Iii. 1,iii, iii mie .?I ?ill tin- Poa ti ties oi W I
iMi-iii. ,?,, ni pierce ami ashland,foo! np si s trtle
i. m li r 141.000 1 ii- ie Coontie?, when added, will
the vote to Jual about II. m lut li is the larges! rote
?ver easl m Um (Hate The total vote (earn assed) in the
I'resldi uti.ii . li. linn nf 1-1 1 was 1 ii 1. In the ? uner
?Illili I.Ml ''I.lill Illili 1 I .
a errol
?Al Ki AT TIIK ITOCI KX. MANi.K.- Hl:?T | M.I.
10_ ./i LOCI _
aOT______l I'r.l'AICI MIS!
D 3 ?*?? s-20 Coup 11
11,000. MM
"-0*1)00 .
? |_o'cl'_.10Ti
Uficse-aocp'n ??*) |US*?ss^a-W_ral
i.o'clk hw ! 60,000.1.a ? '?v m-*
(Cou '.'T h i Tres'y Motes : _ ni
10,000. P.'"'e'!: 1071 i'l '?
i - - , , ?' . Iii.-.k
. 10U Id Henea.
pi.i... i .?,,',-i'k U l\ jt>,i*jo.100J
Vorth ?Caras tBaak n.-v?! T.iii.i.)
.i.iKKi ex-oou. M\\ io. 141 14?.intf
tries Ninth Nutiou'l H'k Merchant*,' _u Ki
10,000.Ni -">- ,.. . li'-'| M . M
MoOaB \ m Juin Ph?nix Bank I?" ***1
l.'HHI.M ! UNI.
1IKI . 1?
Pacific Mail
..'?. ....
M.? 8a Pac B B Las
Ueorgia -tah
Tenneasea Ss nott
Ohio ?t Miss ( 'er
90,000. -t.
O _ Miss 1 m
1.1.1)0. 89
?io. .17J
MO ..._*] eau. ?
UKI iii). M
U7| M Y < ..??ural
11* 100.
87.Um, Erle
lit.?.I. . 711
.SOO. 1171 Erie Pre'crred
.Il?i r,.i.71
3.00.-I rall 130 Reading
Erle a_i M.,ii;'f *79| M . .tw
5*000...102j| 200.b?) U9| Pa.. HI
:??o.lia i ?'>.<>.i?.!ti h|
Erie 4th Moi
kjOM..l|i 60.?10.1PJ&I ?OO.MO. Ma]
Hall.'in lit in 100_ .**00.119? 100 Id Catt. fM
MM.looj'Atlnnti' Mall Mich0o?ft No lud
(liii'ANWi'-tl-t IM ....... UT| H?>. TM
5,.?oo.si MartpoaaPraf ' loo.... "2.1 ?ali. vjt
Toi A Wal) 1 in i \ ? & N WasS
IMQ. M IM....>dcall ta| T . M
t. A Chu".' Huston Water I'?.?? IM . I
l.(H?i. 97* lia). ITJ UN).
Iiankof Coinui.'ii-e Adams Express BOO. I i
7.116 6. ...'.'.I tiill Mj
Continental l'ank I.M Ch?a ?k IS W Pre"
4<i. P.:,} MO. . M
Ceno-NationalB_I co. ra 4.?..?v.|
(Vi.1M| |M. .. 2d. all. 79* 1*0M.?>'<
19.l'H '-'.().
K'.itith Nation Il'kl ion.. DM ?."I
in.m7 Wells Pargo _xpi < bl. .vi: irtiaud
W.RW I Ml ."'11 ]IH)._l-l
Western I'nlou Tel American Eipreaa *t_. M
i. .Ml ni.ra Hew-Jei
I??) .. .2.1 call. K*f H. - "
Mil il: Ht Paul I 10....
2D0.?.*, rsi
200.40 300..J
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rsssiwirouj. ;'bis??.".'R. -'? ?? i ? i Vi Coop
IXMO.113 i 10*000.....107| 25,000.l**_l
I .- ? - 5 j')i:<m'?2 lTS'r-9Co,p,B'M i ,
1_*0M. i"71 M*0M..UKI Treas Kotes : a io
.los rsi.-.V'oUf._7ni .! b.
UH?S5-20COU 'IA \ 8,000.lu7l[ 1_,UOO.W.
Ml 11.133
... . ' .ti
"i 10.li).
; '
Tennessee fas new I Adams Express cliic & N W.-t
.oil IM. IM i1"?.iv?!
' ino.n\ i'"'.-?I
l,Oi>il. 7'' CM? ?V N ?A' I'n-f
I american Express 00 l
li. 774 i ?
4".n im.
M. "*; Chic i R Island
I United SUte* E**pI loo.a*f
Missouri 6a
1,000. 91J
o ?v Mis
Tt.i ?k Wai) i ui na
'. BJ
w. -i In Tel
Mariposa Pn t
322 ?ydls-Fargo Expr
L-l lOO. ?a
Men bants1 UnEi.
loo. NI
Clere a I d
Ml. ffni
r_ li
20. . 4',
I00.121 j! 100. I? i |_M..... _.fc?M_-?l
M.1211 Kne
Atlant. I 500- _____
100 .li" ' : i M
lill.Ill . ..
.uri IM...
NY Central loo... _
loo.SM.U31 Toil - W.'-t
loo.U_|l 300.
Mil .vat fmii Pre!
Iii 200. 1
" 50. ' I
791 : nu.H|
7V? ?00.
! 1,001). t
OPEN H?..ni? OF ltit..|<Ki;s?10 A. V
American Express M. r. bants' i o i.\
.MJ 1.1 . 30
N v ? entrai
. 79 ' IM.
? Ene
Mlchbo _ M 1
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LI 7V_
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100.b3. 7? I 600. 71? Chic, K I _ l'a
IM... . 95|
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300.r UT| 4'.'?. 151
.uri mo.? i i 4"" . ,
MO..lill H?i.... . 1 I MM
MO..?.i 1171 I'M. -
.?J.IK* W.-u'n Union T<-i l.ioo.?a
im.?.a. Ml
oran *<_?___ ft? aaoKxaa?1 r. m
American Expi-eM i Wi-tUi-oo Tal I
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ilxprcis ! 1"0. ? ? . Tl?
; IM.b3 321 M.hu. :it
i m.' hug
IM.DM 80, l"V
Mi! _ nt Paul
, IM.lOJll 200....,t>3. 5*1
If U A St Paul Pref *??) . ?.'?1
. IM. sl| IM. i
M.C..110 Cleve A Pitts _M.b5. 5-?|
200.SM.UM 2??I. ?3 ?Chic _ N W I'uf
.C.120J minois Central i.*??jo.Ml
N ?i < .ulr-l N .130J 400. M Hi
l.lii).113|'Clii.'. RIAPa ... hU -"I
. (?ii Mt.t. -_
?.t'K.N B"MIII? Of HltOKKi:-.?_| P. M.
Ohio &M Car i'.i. ilk Mail f.-.t.v Reading
?tai.hM 1911 Ksi. V.|
M.Uli Mich Ho A So lud
...i:!; ino.
Adams Expresa N Y Cutral
la. ".'i wo.mi1 ?"?oo.
K?).?10. 71?
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I 300. 5?1
6H|! 200.S3. M
Hj 600. '.t ?o
loo.7.'j ein?- _ N w? -t
Merchants' U El , 200.
I"?'. 41 250.,_
1. 411 I IO - ' , RI A Pi
in Ei rm Union Tel ,i?.a). I
;?o. ;?1 Ml. ?| MO...... ,
gtiii'ksii\i?r 'j.-).bio. ? ChUANWPrel
lit.. lo* Tia).3.1 l.'-ta).
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Mart?'?i-.i Tr. f IM . 3311 COO. l-l ?:
.12$ Kn.?
. 1? _?).b3. 71| l.Oia?.UJO. 67?
- I Ml
l'KIi.ol.rl M AM) MIMM-, IHM II lilli B.'AKD.
-li ??.
Mwtlna Stneht. Smith .t l'amif!.?* ?**?-?*oti?1 CalL
ITew-York Gold IM. - ??ruth A ParnselM
Ison IM. - fl
N. 1 ?...ik.v EM- las.. . " ?'." *? -'J
200.S3. 1 4" Anu?ir.ni Plag Con-GKgorj i?
i' Ml .M ?->
1 ?ol
IM ..
I; ra
Bnchacaa Pans
. ii
Ti 1 ?: 1? Rta .' r a.
GoldclaaM ir 1 I_a _ap_a?*___r**_l __rrj hat
paau ?I. an?! tin? pr.ijtrt by ino-?t ..?HTatiTH m _-. ? I ? I i.
. ..11-i.i. 1. ti dead, rho 11?'.nnik:? at Um Gold ______ga
Hank **r_N ?fi/...?;:!.^.!. ami tin? balan. ??. *'. ' I.
4 ?... ? - r 11 it t ?? 11 r Mot ks an- hIi-:i?1v at ****_*_ ulai '*? rutea.
State stt?t ks arc ?t? a.ly, and full p*-_**M are j
Lank lh_-M uml Ci.lway 111 ?>rt_. 1 <? Mail
font inni"- at tut-, 'Uni hat ititliiti'it MriOtM kSMM uiaiti
its buyer?* for M_tnl It Um ? !??? 1 um. Tlic in.uk? t
OyMMdal 117:, ami ili.vtl at l_l|. ExfTl M B_*fM k.
u?.t?all hi tut-, anti in tlfiiiaml at lull rat"?. kmrnUM
willi at v?'. ami M"r''haut-.' l'uimi at :.**. Tha railway
share maik"t wa-thill. Noith-\V?'steni |"*v:t* -trou)*.
M'lluii* at 581 tot tile t'l.iiininn. ami H| fur l'n-fern-?!
at tin? K.'-iilar Hoard. Tlierc are stroiii* l.ii\.i-> for
all thal li ?.tiered, and no diapo-itioo ihowa io ?. !i it
siii.it. Bril trat .?.t?-:?.?.iy ?it 7i| al the
S.'ii.iid l'.uaid piiit*. Mer.? sit r.'ii*? r on
both issues at Ni'ith-W?>!frti iiinl uoarly
all th.? active *_tarea. Mci.liatita1 Ualoa wai
-t 1 ??tiK and laid al ?_> adina tha boaid prieMfMM
i-iiii'ia'.ly slum's''1. Nmili-W.-st l'r.fe'tii d ?..Id at
North-WeM Co-ttMa, ___-; Elia, Til ; t-_*__o
M. ii na*. I.unvaiit and sold at U!'. TI.e market
? l.'-itl la-__f and ailive. Kecisteivd ?I 1* ?.'nts
18hl, i!-.1:,? 11.i?: C-aaoQ 6 I? HO, ?_Ml?-<i.
;iX'>: C.n-'i 1 - .
- . - Ifait, l??."ii./1.?*., ; do. do UM-, i,ir
_>10-|? do- Kaw, 180-, LOT}_> 106; do, i??.r. lOTHJ
los; K.iii-t.'i.'d I1I-4.)?.. Ion, ,1101 : Coulton (?___? 1M|
*-? ...tul. |nc..?' io.*.,; do. third,
i- ? I ? IDJMMI??? tX-O-paa I %t cut-., t'.t-t'-l.' d"
new, Ol _ .'.I i ; Mis-oiui ?'? \* cents, y?. 1rta ; Canton.
: ('niii!..i!,i!!tl, ?:''...>?; Western Union. ?_l
. l'n iii,' M iii. laM_)l?Mii Atiantie Mat!. IllN
L18; Mariposa. 7 ' .?? ?*'; do. rreliin, B-StM
Wau ir Pomar, IT? !?'.: N-w-Vork C.-iitial. li".*?*
1! -.; Erie, 111_-?_?, Kiie I'leferi.ti. ?7 o',.': H-?-M
liner, l-H-tl-Hi Kea.linir. 96] 9W?i IIMhlgaa C_a
tra!, lo'.';?? 110; Mi.'Iuk.ui Southern, si?.*-',: I!lii."H
Central, 13-.?ISO; Cleveland and PH_t-_rgh, f*-vl
Nortli-Western, ?.?*,,;.>'; d?. i'lti. 11-.1. <'???
cleveland iin.lTole.l... lol.? !"?.': E-oek blaad.
61; st. Pani, u|_ n,; do, Prefan 1
l'oit W.nne, '..;.
l'.\?!i.ini;e is t|iiot.d as fol!..\vs: !*___>?, 88 -t-*?
lo1.?;./ lif.?.: do. at siulit, lo",.' IO*.'.: C-Oa-MCfl lal '"""''
lOIHI J'ans, long ."'.IT.u.VH'.*; d.<. shoit ?._?_)S.l_li
Antweri?, f_JMj5.1'. : iWaM, ___0_-_k.11 ? : llanilniri*.
.: Anisttiilani. _H_-1, .'lanktoi0, 44 ._H__t
l'.iiiiii-n, >.</>.; l'.tilin. TI, ?j *.'-'?
Mom y is easy ?>ti call at 7 per cent, aid stock
lions? s m.iko np th. ir a.i'oiiut4 i.athli. M.-ivlianr.
-Ulaatll slowly at high ?tea. Waatauu ka had at :;-?
'.', ami set'ond ^'lade at IO- I'-'
li." id. a that CaBflT-M will suspend taaEMUmWU
pre? alls anioni,'liol lowers, lint it is not .:i>y to aaaTr
.over tin? ioiiml.itioti for this hope. If _M '?"'? <i"
?Mil ?Tai a l.ortower, reeoin??? mijiht he Lad to th*
l-o'ii? y ol'Mi. M.Ciilloih's pr.'tlet'es-oi-, win. inatiii
?.ti tumi ?iiireiiev insteail ot " __*fi_f 1110111 y," vitten.
in nee?! As the Tn a>ur\ d-1 inn tin- iiinent .\t'*?r?
hal I'oitntetl its surplus 1. \ enne hy inilltons, is ?ue-d
llj |..i\ .iii,'oil (lie short th his, amL his .?'.en latttM
?tired that Jaly. IrJiW, will tat all It ' *

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