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V-?- XXVII.[??? 8,314.
Ml-- ? '
'*? I" *'"
a DM ti ii D
a? in ftftftai h ti tai
..IS .ir.N. I?''' li
lit ??til t1
afton?m ;' ? ? tar. B-antoo aaat ii
Huit tbc Senat, ?rill reject an*, nomination fer 8? i
ti.iv.'f W.ir mt. ...-I-.1.- the lilt' E
m Ml Stanton
lo be lawiully entitled to! ttttrt
,.,m ?,t deair?. The deeialon ol
Iba ?*??!..'?? that the rt
n. is t.ik? n fag
th. td-nfi til .in.'tlitT (|ii.Niiiiii
ai.niit ??uah ihate baa been aeaae ?'?iitrover?*.-?
.nu m v tu ran,
within which t_ ? uuixt <i to fan
li-t ni inn ?i]?-, ead anaaenaiona ei O-Bceii
mult i t!u> Teiiiir?'.?)f (Uli?.- law. __e_0____Bg to tin
ladii-f of ti ' 'i FikI.iv hist, tin- -Odaya oo__.
rorrow, ami the Preaident baa nntil the
,i?: ' ' which to aend thal body an aeconnl
i?f bil action a iii?' .?-'anton ami othei i
'iiiiciary ('?ninnit t?-?- wai In M I
day, uni1, anaeogthaae examined waa Senator
Tinm:.i?. who aoawered __ referred a_
-thn relative to a __U_vion with Sa .li tu
pul ?lo? n iii? ?;.. vein nu nt m rut it )<???. while ami after
that : ??;'?? Hi
Thoa to til?- ('(Hiiiiiittec that lie ?lui not
know of Ins appointment aa Si-cietarv 0_ the '11
liry until the nif-ht lu fore it tuck -?laic, ami that ha
? -i'\ Mi Colth aftei I tli?' ?lut i' -
; thal h> fal floni doini* -SCIX thill), cala U
Iftfa ii to ?li-i.rea late the it? '.?it of the < loi ? ItllllOIlt ?uni
| .il.oiit the fal! of the 118,000,000 loan in the mar
ki f. la .;?. ii c\'ry iMitinn t.? _?. it taken at the j
figure' that he liiiil a.h.-itiseal it ? \
.ill the aana] noti. ee> Be re
i|Uest..l that Jiilin A. Steven?, ________ r.esi?l?iit ait
IheBanh ??f Coanaaeeee?and John J, (i
Treaeaier In Sfew-Yeeki aheold i>?'
Cftllxl ai ?1 ? xainiiied ?m the mbject
Ooaaa aabaeaaed the.?-* gentlemen,
inn m oonanQoonini id thei were __a__elo
aft? ad. In regaid to the ? barge that be leatored .ill
the iii'uiey mun New-Yori to Waahina-oa, be atated
ihiit !??? .ii. ? t,.i |_0,000. and ordered 9300,COO d
it? il m st. LeoJa, and i??.. ? al t.? the oredil of tin I
, -nt iii Ne?-York, showiii-. ?Mte waa no truth in
the ? thal he b_4 attempted to withdraa
mom y from Ve? Yntk to Weahington. Mr. Yi'il. a
foiuici l'ii ?ni. nt of tin- hank, waaalao_______Lned bj
the I'l'iiinuttee. He -a\? a full hi?t??iy of the ft
action, ami fttatod that the loan ?a?, ?vi.ertiae- n.
due fa.rui.analtbat tin? bank took a million ami a hall
it IS pet (?nt. Wheat they tonad that the loai
knt taken ref-uiarly, they a-?k?(l j>? r_a__a__- to take
four or five millions additional, which wa?
ii hy Mi 1 ?mu:..?. The Committee adjourned
to next .?-.ililli' i]. m tin- hone of fft___g Mi. < i?' " oi
_kii. vf. ven? h. fotc tin in. They ?ill be the last nit
aeaai'? ?ailed, and the Committee wfll Immediately
after?aid preai ut theil ra.i?oit.
It le SOW __0-_ ?lefinit.ly that Mr. Koli ins. pro
jk)_?'k shortly to resign the poaitioil of Comm:?.?:
of Ii ? ? _____ Lu?- been ? ou tena
d by Mi. Rollina for banne moatba, ead li
th.? i pteaanra noa and rai-?illj wadi
ha?.?- bia ?mci ??-air apfeiated.
It ia iiiid.-r?at?tod that the House Committee on
I ?on? ?ill to-imiiTo?- report that the (har?.e_of
.tacky Co-__xeaaaeea have
Dot i :ied l?y the ?-videtice taken. It la
axfoetad bat eil thn ihIrigation will Inn admilt?
tlicit pt probably the aaseabet
Jri'iu the I.Xth I ? i ?-1 r i ?-_? r, John 1). YO-Dg, ?ho.a
kaated bj Mr. M ?
'l"?i-i:,aiir,i?-. ????ni?, the f'n.?t (lav of :. I ??-- n of
? .t ? ill he iieei ?.?.try for the -
it in?" act of committee.. A caucus ?if rionatu-i baa
b?'? n ?ailed, to in? el lo _aatTOW, to ariiiiii-'e th? ?? in?
eeaaiaitteea. It ii iK.it probable that there will ba
many ?lia:
ft Uf-Tc mail'-d t!:'*
Bg to the South, in ami Wcaton cities for pub
lay aftemoOfl next, vi hi ii the <l?.iu
___t le to be delivered to Coagit aa. CofeaaiOrtha
Nuit a:? t<> I??-mailed to-imniow .?.ciiini
The pr?sent :k about Um leii(*lh of the laat aimual
The pahUaked statement that the sentence ol
c-uit-martial aaafoodiag (i.-n. Cii-ter from rank and
"pay tor on?* year ?as appin?.ed I'V t):?- !_______, is
tri?.; iuatu-r Lau not yet been formally
?laced h?i at..,, ?on ?'rant has. I
mi. approved iii? ? in the folio?iiir* lau
gtiai?c. "The t-?nU-ncc is confirmed and *e7i_l be
__ee__e_a '1 he review in? officer in examinmi- the
teatimony in the ca_?*. is convinced that the Court.
in awarding so lenient a sentence for the offen i ?
"?-inh the accused is found guilty, most have taken
hit?, -.oiisideiatiatri his prcious servite?."
It is state?! that tin- Pre-ndeiit will next week m i.d
to the Senate the name of E. L. Plumb for confirma?
tion nt. Minister to Mexico. A Mr. Hollister of Con
nectitut, it is rumort?-, will get the appointment of
Consul to Havana.
<?i u. Sherman is announced to arrive here next
Thuinlay for the purpone of meeting the Indian Com
mihsioiiers. who will asserahln in this city on the 10th
instai?t to arrange matter- connected with the recent
treaties made with the Indians.
The memorial pre__nted by Senator Conkling a fe?
lU.vt* H-??, relative to retaining Major-lien*? Howard
?u?i Si'-kie* in the nervic?.. ??ti not from the Dnioa
League Club aa a luKiy, hut only froui mdiMdual
meint?, i?. thereof
ii Schur/ in in the city, and r*tate?< that he efft
l^<j??a>ed t?> imi??a? hmeiit. lie i.? ?m bia way to Eura?;?-.
l?sate heeeeaaaeed the nomination ?>i WO
lir?n H. Davi? to I?- ?gent for the Indian*, of the
ch< nahea eel
W_e_n_M1-_at, Dei'. 1.?The following is an
aitr.nt Ii.ii. Hit rr|KiM ?,l tlie Coutroller ??f tlu-Currency,
-relaUve to Um- failure? of National Bank?: " 8iu**-* the
?iri.-anliat)?->it of the Klrat National Bank, which _?c_rret_
Jim? 30, 1-Ci, up to October 1, 1WJ7, a period of (our
r__ra _*.?_ thn**? months, ten National Bankin-- Ataoela?
tidle have fa-led. Their aa<*T?*(ftte capital ia *n,8*;o,08u.
Tbeair aKCTi-Kat*. liahilitua to the public art : CirculaUn-*
__t__.,aaa I'.po*?it* ami other llalillitiea to the pub- !
lie. BlrV-?,7im. Total, tt.SrJo.lOO The circulation will
"t?r paid ni full, ?hi that the ?iul?Hc will al,(Ter mi loee from
I hat a?-iiree; ?ntl the Ixmrta deponlted aaaecunty (or the
annie ?a tia lil ta> dav reali.c a surplna o( tumi fiW.ooo tbat
???jnld be ft-Mttea. ta. 'he DftTtoetit of general credit<tr?.
A car. 'r. l ii*')iu?U: of the aaseis lead? to tar i oncluaion
?hat they will realiw a ?um auftl? tent to pay 70 if-r < ?-nt
k> oreditorg. leftviuft the total ultima*?, lona' aiintalijei. by
the public thiou-.li then failure, about t:,o?-(',(K?i Tlii
National Bank* are Dot exempt from the Alaafttl r? arhnti
-arei common to all buiiklii-; inafltutlona and tuiaiiie*-? cor
?Mirations. No ayatem of banking, hu?ever [?erfi et. can
|ii<?t?ict the t-t!i.-kli<il<1?-r?i or the dcpoaitori? (rom
4-udde-n loe-, neither ran the moat atnu?-ent le*-i?
tatt-o. nor Vue rreateat Omgrtt of arutt-hfulnei
-anal ?K..-I ..n mat part o? tfelft ofliee privent
.tioua o| law a.ial neKleet of Um fftBd-UDeutal
pnneip-**. ti gotrA f>-iikin?; The failure? o? national
balik* ?Inch baie thoa far oca ?in r.-d may, m e\erv in
*Uii<.-, ne directly traced to the diahoneaty <n nmtinpe
ten?y of the bank ofti. lal?, mid the habitual violuiinn ,.?
the plalneat moT__Of_ of tim law under m h It h tin v
?-rf-auizftd. Ir? aome .-nae? al! the ?tan tink?, with cap?
?kal bmp-lr.-l by bad debU, have beeu **?-or**aiii/-'.| a? na
tional banka without ?ufllcleut ?crutlny luto th?-;r affair?
mtA auch failure? muet be attributed to the old rathri
than the new ayaU-m. Ttir uttUera ol then?* banka
art prejadned in favor o? the ftate avtem
of banking, and are not yet accuatomed to
??? more atnucent provlnlona o( the National
?Currency act. Puch inatitutiom will trr-hable to failure
nntil their capital m re?<Uired by HMeaam.cta, ni they art?
i-rced iiito \olai tarv litjindation Yet. ii.itwitbstandiii-r
rhmae thlnir?, ii the (ailur? .?( ten banka amoni- the l_?s
Vatioriftl Bank? of the, Union during the p_?t foin ?,
aae thea* been three tlnie-t grft-ter, they would -till ti
?etre-fate not e?|ual in ma-nil tod e the Iretent failure of
we Koyal Bank ?1 Liverpool, or rh?- rommerrial Bank ut
? _---__.''iiktitutto?a winch were ftupi-o-'d to 1?* enduoted
?W-ft Ue mont approved ayatem ol hiij-liaii baiikin-*
l?ote l?--<JOTti_i__-t depo-iu are not Included lu the
-*?-"? ????_?? it Itaaa _. -?pg-at*. and other liablUl4*-i? tv
fr..n. tBc fallut- of t_M ''. Baal o!
' 'Ullin ni'?*. Tho aatli
. -, ii ft.'it.-!... kboldera <>n tb? ity.
<.n\ri;\Mi y?- 1 |\\M
REKL. ii UKI M ii NI -K1 ' E.PT*.
I ion < i BTOM8.
WASHINGTON) Nov. 80.- 1 It? li'ii-timi.'il ?hi
-ii?-.l flinni tin |'i ,u ,,f ti,, :
.' li? ?lunn/, the ii i-i li inilini: ti. ?lay. ii.
'??((I durini
followa; i?. .ut -|t..tviii.i nt N'
I i iiiJs? m.I ?it in i - !. ? I ?
Ji>U?iiiin_- amount?, in I'mi'il ?Mi* imti v ..' i t? r- ni t ? I ?? ?I
during iii" w.ck: !.. tin- ikaalatanl 11* n-m. r ?t s. ?
" . ! ?. '? I M.it.v ]l| poaitoi
Union ? >
Hi' I the United Matt** .tnlil" iu trin-t a?
??cennty for ru- National banks the foll?n
ftecunty for Circulating uoU-8.1 in?! for dil?*-*
li? i-f pub '. lum.. ;, ? . I, ,i,k ,., t s
i?mi?'?1 ?In-nts.-1!,.- \>i l'r. n- i mu nut
'.i in di duel ?I tb?
' ? mot.nt.n_
leafing la actual circulation at tin? date,
'I ii? fractional correa??**, redeem* <i and deatroyi ?l during
tit?' -week ?v.it* *??.??.*>*?<?.
The followlns sr. tin ra rnstoma at the
"W t .mi ii finin tin-l?t)t lu Hi?-V :?! >.f tin '
? li,??? i.imjo; Pniladol
? * li N .n b, froni Hi'' 3d ti* :lt?- -iii of
r e, $10 . - ?
? ripta fit'iti mt.nuil revenu? foi tbe wi i k
today v,. t? 1:1.111,??.'?'.
Mt i 0N0E1 Si l':i 81 Bl -?i"V
BO! BE 01 Ki (Ki ?i s li nil B
Ui'iiiM.rnv, Nov. Mi?The order <>i lu?'
iii lim v, i.,y evening being ?iat in iniMniv ?iiiitii.l be
don? by the Houae to-daj i iimi attendsuco?.f
members, not more than t, pre* nt
Mr A li Bailey, Mi Conklin? muii-?..i from 111 ? -
('! . ii.i I , Hi ii .uni tunk 11.i ...itli
ilni froni I!
Mi HW NARI) (K.i*
Mt till iel ii? li i k on Ml
?1 tin
Teni i I?en moTed thal the
. ? ii ti* ?iml tit? House then adjourned.
i i?T 01 111 mi .
'Mu- FortiethCongtetowill aasemble this dm*
i aesstoB, aeoord?ig to law. Th? following ia a
full Iib! ot n oJ i?.:ii ii n
.. ? ? d i. sod -.in "i i "-.:.mi 11
-i **
Jon.- \t i <i!:m i . l; nt Pel tary.
'. 1- .
Win Pitt I . --i m!, n, l: l-l
M \. II till ?Ililli
James W. Patl*_rson, ELIS? I
VI li ?LSI.
? inda R 181 i
Juattn B Morrill, i< 1871
M \??Ai III M II?.
Charl*?? Rttmni r, R i?1'1
Henry w llaon, li., irf? i
I II?.I.i I?l IM>.
UI . ii IrV.'l
it. uri li .nuin?ni, i: 1871
. '\M, nu i.
Janies Dixon, D
Edwin !
m ? u aai i
! TI' r .?.,,-, .. ,,. K 1?''''
< atti li. K
II s\?l LI tin
lI.Buck_.lei>. I? 1869
.-"ijJliiUC'.tlii. inn. Ii
M t ?
(JrMbrge it Riddle, i? ..1869
Willard Baul?bury, ;
?rlAHl 1 mo.
U v. idv Johnson, O.. .1*-??
ti I vi \ ii:.,im t
Waltn u
K1 Mt' K1 .
U I- ... i?"i
II ... I-..
TI.*-. Ni -?I I
I'iivni I Patt* non, I? 1869
H !??wi. r. I; . 1871
? .tt?4.
.n t moa
Eh publi? ans.u l *?i?,?..-?- ;?'H .
Bean 11 i. ? "i i ?\ EL.ol In.li.m i. Bp?
1 i. ii \ ki? .M. lilli.-..?, i: , of it m-.
.inliu ?b? mian, B i ?
IM'I \-> l
J inm -,i? \ Hi mil:? : DAB
Olivet I* Mint..n, R ...I'?
ll I |\.l?v
1 ? I
l mu,ni r i ii in t m ; t i: i?
io is
? l: i-..''
-l Howard i
.I.mi. v R Doollttl. . I? 1869
Titniitlii *> Howe, l: l8! I
M IV M v. I ?
li i Rams? j
! !' .. 1871
Uarlai K ... 1871
l K1
John li li ml. ivor
t barb ? U Di .?.. it ..1811
K V s - A -
Edmund '? ii ?
.-ii In i ti i( I'm
M l.|.:>'!' 1
.. 1871
M l to I.
William M ?t. a or. i: |M9
.Lim. - \i \\. i: ... uni
. ti ir..uti i.
John ('. um ?, K
?Cole, B
..? il w
? '.ll'IUl'u.
J?.hu Evan?, It
net Perbam, R
.i.'.i. i;.
t John A r* 1.1- R
i ru,, i:
Ni W-AMI ?Ililli.
i Jacob li i
- i:
ion, it
li li ?4. i M
| I. M ?.??.!?"
; ll.iiiIiiiiKtiiii I .-until. K.
H (-?A' III -I ! I?
1 l_omaa D Eliot, H.
.' (iilii-v A m? - li
D i n t, bi
DUel Hm']" :
-. I'.. ; .n..!. i ItUl
r Nathaniel l" Bank?. i:|
Boutw? H. H.
B. John D Bald?*m. K
?*. William J? H ..?iil'ii:n , K.
n. Iii m v L. Daw? p, K
lllloliB ISLASl)
1. ThomiM* H Jenck?-. It.
2. Na'hau P D:x.m. U
? ossa* n? i i
1 Richard l> Hubbard, 1?
?j. Julius Hotel?.las, i?
ii Btarkw? .ttiiii. R.
i. William H. llitinuiii, Li.
. i>
I pe_?a Bantea. D.
it William K K.iliiiiB.m. I?.
4 Jobs io?. D
.?> John Morrl?sey. D.
6. TLi.iiii.i? E Stcviiirt. I>.
7. John w Chanlef, D,
I J.une? lit?os?, I?
nando Wo*m1. I>
Ki. William II Robertson, R
11. Cba? H Vhii Muk. R
IS. Jobs II Kel? li.on. K.
13. ThotiiahCorii.il, K.
14. John V I. l'un n I>.
15. John A Ol?Wold, EL.
16. Orange Keirle.. K.
17. fall in T Hull.ititi. K.
l8 Jam? ? M? M?ii \ lo, Il?
la. William I Ki? !<Ih, K.
.n A<l.ii?ou 11 Lattin, K.
il Al? lander H. Bailey, it
? .1.lin. i Churchill, K.
j.!. I ?emu? McCarthy, B.
Jil. Theinlore M f'oin- roy. IJ
U llilllalii II Keli?ey. K.
M. William H. Min (?lu. K.
n. Hamilton Ward, I'..
_fl. L?*?Mn t?elye, R.
_V. Burt Van Horn, Il
i" jaul?? M. Humphrey. I?
?I Henry Van At-ruaui, K
M-.w n i: ' I
I. William Moore, K
_. ChariosHalgbt, D
;i. Charl? ? iSitgreav? ?, 1>,
? J,.tin H1H, K
a, Qaora*? a iiai-ey. it.
1. Ramuel J Randall. I).
I Charles O'l-eia R.
t. Lrottitr.! Myer??, Et
4 WlUiain I> K? Hey, K.
?Cal? b N. Taylor. U
. BenJairtluM Bojt-i. i'
7 John M BtiMiiimil, K.
U. John I. ?tr? t?. I)
9. TbaddeittrSU'TMif, Et,
in 11? in 1. take, R.
u. Hand M V_.uAu.kt n. li
13 (.i nr_;e W ?Aoodwaid, 1>.
IS. Livwi??*?* M?*rcur. H.
14 tiir.ri.? Y Miller, Et.
il BdamJ.Ok?abi?mar, i?
II William II kooiit/. I:
If, Mann-! J Morrell, K.
1??. Panuni 1 Wiltiou, H.
.m w. Beo?sM, i:.
20. Dam iii A Pluuey.lt.
jl John Cnvode, R.
OJ .Lillies _ Moorhead, 11.
IS. 'I Loma* Wllliaiue. 1:
M ?.i ni--' v La wren?. R
i John A. Mf.holt-iii, D,
I Hiram Mci Hilo? li. 1?.
. ??i. roaaoa Ai? it. r, i?.
t baa i: Phelps, i?.
i lian. i-> ThomsB, Et.
i?n* k Stone, D.
wr,?i i ut..IMA
i ? fcestai D. M ibbard. B
.' lictliUel M K K heil. It
I Daniel l'oltlei. R
1 I..'i*ATCiiie H Tnini.lf, ?>
i Joliu Y. Ilrown. D.
i. Jotn N. (iolladtiv. D.
4 J l'roctor Knott. D.
?. Ata P. Or??/er, D.
i*. Tlniinar* I. JO?BS, D.
7. Jauni* Il Ueik. D.
b Oaarag M. Adam?, Ii.
v. Jobu D. Young, D.
1 Hiilni y, (Jliirkc, li.
' Nul adniiti?L
un aiiti'i atios (TA-ilhont I*. I? i ?t? h from Temtcne-ii
iteiiUblKaua.1U l l)i?-*OMit?__>,.,.. . u
i Rod? tief R.
i il.
...m li. Mm.! ?. i;.
4 .lum ? Mallina, R.
I Jl.Iil. I I lill!.I.-. K
au? J M An.* 1!. U.
. li Un'.?, i
ni a Bunn, R.
-lilli It
i ?-mini' i P. ? ai v, I:
I. Robert < Bob? i i ti. U.
? .lill I..1*1 tell, i II.
'. Il ,il!;.ni Mun .'.-I . I*
1.1 \i * lark
7 BamnelBb?
* i ora? ? ? ii n.
?J. Rali-li P lin. ki .
- ' ? ? '. li.
il John T Wlltou R
13, Phllad Y.m I i iiihji. D.
! ; U? 01
14. Martin W. in. i, li
- ?. i'Innt*. It
it .i< im A Bingham, i;
17. I paru m R. L' k1?) R.
)^ Kuril?. !' Bpaldln? ii.
Il Jam? e a. Garfield Et.
1, William i.. Mi.Ja. k D.
2. Mlrbael t". Kerr. I?
i MuiUm *'. HuiiK r. K
4 William B. Ilolinaii D.
i an W. Julian, li.
C. J.ihn ITilnil it, It.
7 il.-ntyli lSa?lil.urric,K
m OodlSTS H ? Util. Et
j. i?. liuy l'-i * .illa?, U.
m. William Williams, R.
11. John P I Hliank-,, R,
Il I.IN'.I
At Larca john a. Logaa,?.
i. Nomma ? Judd, u.
?j John l Parasworth, it.
j l ulm B. B'sahburn?*, R.
4. Aim. r C. Ha?-Us?-, it.
I, 1.1?in t Uigeraoll, EL
6. Burton ?. Cook, K.
1 II v ?' I! Ru in?. 11. I!.
H. Bbell.y M. Cullom, R,
i Utim u Boas, i?
IS A.la il O. Burr. D.
ii Bamoe! s. Mai.-iiaii. D.
U .)? bo I..IK.T B
U. Un cn li K.IUII
Mi? iii?. A*?'.
I. F? manilo C Butin.?!.', I;,
? i barlas l'iison. it.
I a latta Blair, i*
? 1 (.?mian W. lin*. R
.">. Row E. Trowbi
ti. John 1 Dnci*?, K
1 HalUit K l*?inc I:
.. Beniamliil' Hti'ikiiir*,lt.
g. Ain.ita < ol.i.. It
4 i barle? a Udrklg?. I>.
I. l'hllctu? ?-atiicr, R.
6. Cad tv. *' Waanburue, It.
1 WUlla?I It iiiiloin. H.
1. I (?nat! li.-. J ?nilli? Hy , il.
Kill A.
I .liiiiii'h I Wilson, IL
i. nu,un Pri?e, it.
J. William It. AlilM'ii. K
4. William !_iui?liridi_'', K.
'.. UOOrga M. DfMlge, II.
?. Asuhel W. Iltil>l)aii!,K,
?I?IO? !?!
1 William A. l'?le. K.
t Charles A. Newooatb, R
J. J.uin.a II. Mi ( mt., .k1?.
i Jo-? pli J <*r;iY?-l!y. K.
5. Jotejih W. MiCitir*?. P..
?'. Kol.cit 1 Van Um n. EL
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t. John P. Benjamin, it
j. UaaaaaW. _adotasa, r.
1 John Tatt.*. B.
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1 Delon P. Ashley, EL
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i Bamael B. Axt? li, D.
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Alvin Plaudert, B.
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!-.m> Hi my Chana? ej trow Panama
?. ni.i.v. 11.? following i- m i
l'alun y. Morgan |fi K. a,.\i:,,l,liti,?
| 91,90ft 30 ."J. L. let WU 1)0
g I -,'i,. A i ., IO_t.1T. -1 "i?:- t ..
i I: l: i ? . ? 171 ?u -
Klb iii .?. v.- 00 Total. -
r? ti i : . m .?-?I
I M Bl TOI i T?OS ?ruhMUS?. | ! ? ii.i.
IIOl DIN- Ol I l"?' OVER. <>i \ l-l "i i ?
it, mi mi? m ill ?i: BRI ii IDO?A
HI ,v ii: i \ 11 i -, i i ' ? B AM M i?
i: ?'ti;' ii - PHOPOS1 ri.i\ PORA COMF1 M I v
I HIS m I III 1,1 ii Bl I? .-.
I "t r ?i?.-:?l ( ? ?
l.iMi, Roi H. i
'I ?'i nMiliitioii ia apieading with rapicUtj .ill
o\? i na ia im ti in. Tin- pin" !)? ?i Pian m? i ? m ti.?' (?mi: i.
l?ui' iii ? lartti aaatrr" Prado, ami tba Berte baa, ?ahh aaa
or two exception*! Joined tin bMirflaatfc iii vaia ?oai
?i, ?,, ? t,Gea. i... ru. ita. tiy la atea, lia?
na ..Ililli.i:al.a t in it ni : lu baa ii" '
inna Piado tooh all to Arequipa. If tbftte baa beea aa
it'M.lt in l.iiii.t. it ha? lu t u ii,,.,|.|> ?Wing IO ila n
th,it tiie n miIint;. i.t i im.-? mart tat tba eeaeaa at tba
? a u till.
I min An ipili' a '?< Itara (lint ROt?leg ha? 1" ? li ?I'la
tea ard redo? lag thal abat ? Tba ? bala ?'f Prao-'a furi???
arriinl in front of that pla.I tbft ,"!li ____. A all-tit
, ?? lu i \m t-ii Prado'? ail\ .nu . ii is'uaitl and
th. ni.ii?, m ?ha ii tin iftttei bad tea '"M "f It, roatlag
ila gillnil .uni tfthlBg l8 pi ii a nuii'lii r nf
tiona f i ? ?m Un i .um i nuMat Unana hav? Maa n pim ??,
and have goa? aver te tb? other pam, who ara paling* a
I'M mi lirai lor iii ?titi is, and If the.? _____ theil
? lilli? ?Mil Hain Ila \ Ha'l\e t. extlft. A?
tin? pi in wniktii ki ?m n in the n;
fatiir. ?-ni Prado baa adopted tin hw pim
lint with ?n advantage ove-rthi rebela, bo offen double
the amount to di aei tera from tbeli t aaip, and ?', foi eft. li
.?in tei.it tin y brin*- with Di? no, and will na) li'" i
fortrn tworthy Information an t.. tbft i ? I ??-1 ,
and strength ..f : lu ?r defenaea Tbia ftppean fail
f. p. i.lin,n? tli.it al' lu ?ii-at piini't carried '
tit I?, i ? .?a. iii it Prado i"?i - in itiii m m and ma. livltj
i?. fore An.,nipa i?. u poftttlTO gain fm th. rebela unil
fatal for Prado, tot arboleo! tin artlller. that waa In
tended to reduce Arequipa baa been left al lalaj until
-oin?-1.n gi , la- tent i!?i? n th it .m i anal
ranylngtbem overtbc ?and) plalm that layoetwi
Ila lil(i|llif;iin*|.ili I l-l.l > I ia- Ti mil torr Ila- mi 'I I.'Mil It
in nu. made wider " aa io allow tin
? i, ti,:i nil iii,- n iprea
.I'll, Ii? ilitt tj.e reTolntlon will I.nlcdbefon th? ..mi
. r til.' linn;' '
Col ' iii. hull al I -. ? 1. ' -h IbC f? ? tli'"!'?
that ?li? <.'\i m n a-it bare ?,..t In the aorth; be Kit i
tr-eatlng before tbem wltboul letting then gel ti"-?'
? nough to brine nu ?n ft. tim., he draw mg tbem ?.ulna,!.?
uto tli?' inou?, tams ?????? fi. .m tin ir a-ppliei lo crnan
ti. m u in.n it mut mi ault hit . ?ii. ? tin fore**?
ni tin I .??vii oin. i ' ipltftl
n to Col Balta Prado cannot afford to drew i
?ny of hi? fa ;. dow before Arcouipa to operate
u.-1,i?t Ba ' I ben would be no foro? ufan.? aa
mi r from enti ring I Im a and ten
lux .in- reina of Government, and Col. Balta woold tu We
\> i \ good ran thal th? > ? 11 ? t di ti?'? n on
ti! tin ? onnu\ ?\.i>? rai lit? d, ai ?! a i onitltullonal govern
?!ii?n thn e
Prealdi ut? i ,?! r.,i,i
It i? \crv doubtful ?In II- .- ' ; lill
the Prcaidentlal ? Iiair lu
it ia t um ntlj i, i???! ted hi I ?? al a
. omit
conference upon i ti? nui f th.
n'i|i, tiona! part? at tb. ?! not be
,( I t?. tin ami
1 i
ignite all the app
providing that tint would in tin n i... r-tii,r li,in aa l'ie-l
di iit 'I lu- the Ara ? ?. t..) n,?! n lura ii to
cm. r Into treat] al alf with Praao .?i tia- a. ?da. Um
Pi iii\ lan Goren i
foi Buitamcnte "-l v. written to
the Uo.ern_ft-.it that h< r. .,iy ami
willing to ?uataln Col Prado aa Prealdftnt 'It
o n volt. 'I the other
? ii ol the w int. ? .ilka
for annft; but If the-r cannot be fm
with their bow? and lane?-?. Ii,.- pi,ii? ?it-m L
^:?:.it alai ; nil
nene? In i. ?
upon hi? part to lull auaplcion aa :.. bia nal intention?
:?,i a :? -i ii known ti i ?till
?mouldering Arm? one. --ml tin)
upon tbeli un?u*| ...ri? would ?" ?dort
ami ; ' ft war of I he
tu.. ii , :?? / ilion and barba i 'i?..t
I,mila I Of tia- a ..Mi lldltlg p -.' ? '?
of tin hall,in? or allon iIh m
numeroua , a a belief
Ain,,i g ftifti | In 1 Im -. thal I i ide -ni taempt tktatt ?? ?
n?. allliiniKh I mut ?--Jil thal it li pnnrlpallj aim.li?
tboftft who al ?''.
Pi ula Still it i? no1 t mi '?? form i gtnenl
v bal be would do, noa that he ninia bin
f ?o
An atti Dipl - ? to bftft? '- ? -ht
? , creal? ? tatt i In th? i
wa? the Ititi nlion of tlic trnoi ,,tll
iii ?it ? lan infrtM.r of the n II wa? bj
t), < |,l Who orr
n. lue or ni ? .'li theil Ure ..na- walking
,,.,?!, d them, whei the whole niot ?-?.?_
di?, ul?(i ?I 'I in-a.ii?\ peraon? thal aeemed to care ftbont II
ininti wer? .:?> . the feeling "I th? people
iip.ni tin- Hiilijrct, v.,1? 'Millapa thal "'? r? artet that
it iini not ?u, i t-t ?t. ..nal -n ai 'uni hrtng the praeenl
?tate of sfl-Jr? to sn end The ludifferenc? ol the poopla
aa to who la President and who la not la a proof thal
they ara- In.unit ?i.'k of Ha??? I' '? ..iiiti'iii- ina! ? minter
rtrol ..in, li the militarj an th? gai?? :-- ??d
the pi ,
lu prlrftte letter? received from Per?, we learn that
President Melgarejo of BoUtI? la reported to be man h
it the h.-a.l of v?-" men foi Pera, wtth the Intention
of aaalatingCol Prado la bia .ittu?k upon Arequipa I
?-credit that Melgarejo would. .in mu bln_aft_
to so foollth an expedition. Hi? help ha-ano. ti? ?-ti ault
cited, aad a_datan? from outaldi power? weald ___*_
complicate matten Men ??f .iii political ali.nie?? ? ondema
tin- na.vc mi-tit, yat ?tin hope thal tin ra i? bo fOwndftttaa
fur it.
A apeclal COBUniftftlen fr.nn the Chilian (ioicriitut-iit
ha? armed at I? la-., ami tin> I m mediate 1 j left that pl.n ?
for foi Prado, camp The a.lu. al of the ( nmiiil-ialoii ii
aet hao mu, i?uI ni? thinik'hi bjaoaoi 'ina if sk t<> ana
upon CoL Prado the propriety of trying to arrunge the
qoefttloo of Art-iiulpa m It bout a resort to arm?.
A treaty lia?. ju?t boen lifBftd bfttWftftO tbft four ulhed
lapiitiiicH that ia eeJealati A to prod?oa ir'><??l reault? to all
raun (trji.Mi ne treaty cranta to the ? ltira.u? ? ,f fin- four
repnbliM the tree practice of medical and legal jtrofa?
aluna. 1 he .llploirut laau.d from tin Ir rftftpe. UTO a nllci/ea
i? the only pmof th.it ?ill I?'-najum'1 to entitle thoa to
practice Tiio International copyright la fthw aaenied.
i Hillier, all acte or documenta Hint are I'-j-nl ami liiiidin?
In one repubU? ihailb? ?o In theotbera The i._tra.utioii
1 ?t fttj l* alao ?ii/ncd. The only panou . v ? ptod .ir? our
pailitu'al refugee?, ftnd thm only ?Ahile tln-y ilo nut In
trin*n upon the law? of neutiallty.
au qnaattona that may an.?.- in in,. d th.- anted repab
lu-?, no matter ?hat thftlr eattfte or origin, are t.? ti?, iii
? aird by arbitration, by the allns thi-inaelre?.
'I he folio?iDK iiiiportimt a ira ulai ha? Juat been inane.1
bf t-t nor Ilanama ha a. .Iini?t?r al t-'ain-lgn Ib-lutiuna, to
ila icpn ?i-iitiilivca of the allicrl republic? it i? mitbin?
more or laH than a piaipoMtioi) to bfttafl ?hont a ? niifnli-r
uliou of the republic?. The document ha? not only cauae.l
a ftTcut ?en-iatlou, but ha? tieen well received by all, no
that we chu .afely (Oiiaiah-r that Di. ilixl .iiflltiilt .[. ],
toward a ledi nil ?ayati ni ..f Un Benth Am? niau Uijiuit
he? ha? baw taken.
l.iMA, Oct. JO. Ir?l.7.
Si.M'it Miwistbo: ThftuaderaifOftd MlnUtei ol pon Iga
Iii lutliiii?. ?>f I'??mi '" in-ve? that h<- faithfull] Interpret
tin- hentiiii'-iita of In? (?ovemmenf, anal tbat th.-y will
coincide with that of youri, hj man fe?tni-- r.ur nli-a? in
i'crpc tto the most ?onduclM- at? p>>, U> cataullah _ _.,*j?i
and p? imam ut alliance of the .?mutti Atnerh an Rftpnbllca
in th? l'aciflc. The Amem-an Untos lia? lulvimced aoftM
?tcpa deipitc of prediction? and ?lou it? to tbft coutrary.
It ia, th.Ti.fori, ni.iinli ?it that thi? k> "ni Idea ia, in a cer
tain m nae, ahaolutely reali/.ihle It 1? true that tim
ifiai.dcur of the ohjict hoiiivht, and the ni-uy ?,i
that have prcaetitcf tbeeaaeiraa, altlongh ?mall within
tliemai lie?, have created a ?itiiatlou full of lacon
vuiiiiiui' t pon one ?nid it W.-W tw-l-red that rtwoold
lead to a confederation of South ilB**t_Hft. lilrntn ?I with
that of the gnat RepnhU. en the other, they have
fomented idean of anta-foniaui and aliviaion uuiil
they aluin?r B-li-Oi at diiaatmi? r?unit* The
mat woul'I I" a I'lixliify that tulpht jiiWbly he
reall-zi-'l at BO-Be fiitui?- jierioil. not a?r) lailiale, fuit at
tin- ptivii! Beeta with abfttaelfta <l fU? ?li to overcome.
The ?pirit of nhaoiutc ?eparatiou ano anta<<uni?nj i?a nji
l?ofie?l l?y all thftftft who comprehend tiK?. altu.it ion of thouin
america. Tin? u-aieroiia error of thoa? who do not wiall
to . iint.-inpli?'?' the actiinl iirnaent ?tate, and that are
filled willi hope-?'?* a nali/ulioii that, unfartuiiat? l\. ia
far diatant. cannot ???ive a? ;? Kulde t? the Oovemm?nti
of Ninth America, Without ( ompromltiug the reault? thai
mii/lit he noaaihly ?--.juiied. uud. ne a CO??Bf u? nee. tba
a .ina? of taft Union itaalf 'in unite iitliuatclv c.umtrlea
that baft? only the community of ongin a tia language,
and that do m>t maintain n-Utioii? mr even euromlin,
and even thoa?- th;?t have their origin In proiiintty, I? mu
illu?ion that ii would he ilealratale to ?>nv?tt int. a bril
liant reality, that will not ?>r until tie proper hine? are
ianl 1.? tween the ?ountrie? th ?i ??re hiuud ?iv the tie? of
political economy. The unrteraiK-u?-?. boUftfte? that the
dlplomatii hititory of the Kouth A_iein.ui Repnbllca,
al ace their indi p? nden..,. confirma brae oh?iarvntlrma.
The diff?rent American ?J*jni.-t>?_e? ttat havn met eim-e
the time <>f Bolitar have not piodinal auythini* bul
vague hope? for ?oine, ami for rthet? dictitfulrn ??
ali ?i-ni'B?ioei, that have fomented t le idea? of tapa?
atlon and dlrialon. The. piojul of a eontlnantal
treaty haa riven no bett_r raOftlta The <?u)-rre??
held ni Lima. In iw.4. did not uiidlf?. th.- ?ttuaflon
deipite of tht <-irciim?un(*__r.hat -_*il?mnlfed it? t-> i?iot^
an?l the one that wa? pro|ect"d for tie preeUit y? ar. that
?,'. otihl m< ??t under pn-cedenta ?o rlorfoti? alni aati?f_?
tory, have not preaented tlienineIvei. nor is there any
prohahlllty that thev will do en In tbe mean finie, the
??'?-lo of -?Ihaiiie of (lu- Ut h of January. I*'1'. Hint waa
-eltbratod onlvio rruclan aacnieioti. auU t. ia. -v nu
der the moutba of the .-mtu v_ egauaa, brought h
toar rep?blica that had ont. lit rolutiona sad
??iii of ra. h otb* r. n . of war have
<t mulst. .1 thom* of i ? sei in -n. ?i ? manner Hut tho prtn
iiiiioii li.i- ii.i-.nii, -,i more In a few months ti'?'?
f li...I .Ion.- In tin previont half century that hat juM
[' *"i It i- in-! in the Chilian Minister of PorelfU Re?
t to Congreae: "Tbia sill
thai Ibu happy pretsg* at m mons rosi and com?
j.i'ti iniioti. h.,, rsvealed a part of rta Importanee io th??
rourae of the -n tua! war, t.ut -t*. great* -t at lilt* * amyt
In lu- appre? lated It waa not only- a coll. -. -ti.m ol .?pe?
and ho-tiiiti..* against a common enemy, botttwaaaa
nrllj of futur? pn iperltv in time of
;. To itrcngtben aud ti re!op thi. lae i, sre have
'i?l ?hall coiiiliiiif to i|u. ?,n r f,.. t- lar? in our power.
i in ??oi, inin.nt of Peru la animated witb th
thought. Tbe treaties ol that Ila.? been ad
|nated between the Allied Ki-publlM it Is <?xpe<*iJcd will
?v't n.'l rcBUlts; from them ihould Buring the
ii?iniiii- ti? - of the i i. . ? upon tin- pria? i
il law, that tbe undi rtigned
ti.- lionoi io celebrate with our allic-, will augrnentthfl
c Tiiin r.i.ii relation? between ?ttr citizen?, mid will leave
r. i.iv foi in? .1 tin s?. vi i... h ihould tnml our flovornmenta.
The labor la bj no.m- dlfflcu!! t., malla?. The retro
?- ,|'' ?pirti of protection in economic mattera and
u '1 rivalry In p? h the persona
that ?iiiim ni? nu it, and the fuaton of Booth American
Rep?blica, anil ii? extirpation can only be the result of
? '.un >? m..I ti mi rho manta, even
i hm ich tiny were approv? n the opinion ?if the
-nul, -min u i,t io leave irmly _*a_abliahed the
i ilon, h. i ?nae tb? ? m ami constant re
i lion of Un m exacta the cttahliabroent of apolitical
?.-l'm tii.it would ?frciiiithi'ii and enlarge the
inicial principle. Tlie id? i of ?? ia deration wa? born
iii "in im!, p. mlim ,? iii, Liberator, without stopping
'" reat, after the fatiguea ol thi war, that ?ave na oar
enian? Ip , -.? notable words :
"It ia lime, no?, tint Di? ititi mm-.mil relation? that
Hill*'- the Hepoblli i that wen* foi merty ftpuniHii Colonies,
bad a finn).iiiiiii!,u baas, thal ~ill, if piisaible, atand I?, all
establish ? ?yttem, and consolidate tbe power "I
: uni political b*Mlr, belong?, and ahmild be In
i'i! 'o i ?ni, t.-ine .tnihotill, who abOUJd iliri'.'t III?'
' nments, whose Influences would msin
tain a uniformity In it- prluclpli -, and ? boee name would
i" -rtiiiiii ni im aim our on n Internal tempests, um h a re*
? it uti A --?milly of Pistil*
j" t. ni lui i.-. 11:111 n ?t lu i n li c th.- K. i i ililli .?. N. veil In lev?,
th? i."i? riiiniiit oi l'un Excellency will comprehend, as
do* - tl> tt of Peru, thal the u? rf. 11 conn deration ?tumble?
un nbataciea that are produced by the dlveraity
?.f policy aud nulli ?du. ii!-m : which. If [hey ka va uta
i common Int. reata to follow out, tli*?y invar! ii.ly
in? r ih.it .no ih-Hiu i within themselves, ami lie
rapt, m a iitiifoiin.l maiiiicr. the m ullin? tit of
i . nuiplete Boverelgntty Added to tin?, tiiey tin*!
1 in m-ili is given to anli'- pat'- fear?, mIhiiiih, iinil
? ? ? a) very i a?I] ? i.t.ii.-ate?!. it, h nal
i ' -m1.i.- thal we ahoold give i urt? lu ? up t?. chance pro
N. ii lie: i? It Convenient ti follow nut that -yt.ni
til i-ol.ii .mi that ' .? "'ir rep?blica tbe
i thai :. th. m. Thoa
ric laolation and fu Inn, li I- m.? -?.iry to lind
?notbel (.i.nl. i.i?- of the Iel.nil idea,
iii.it win? 111?. moat approprl it?- to our situation, IBs most
K-epta ?I* In point of i _-araet>r,
(bat would give it |rcrn ineuce, which la tb? *-111?l roini!
ti.in of ,..; iv ? Hone, rho undersigned <
p? ni.it Lin - ' ' tbe formols of the union of
t li. pub ii - lu ' LU DOl |T? *? nt any
tit...id.t- ?ystom for tin- t?inl deration, nor Beak among
? ;. - t! ,,t bittoi j pr* aenta, or ti. r a)
. ?I Vi public? BbouVd .?
But convinced that a eommoB ead eanuot Its ob
ti ned bj Itolatlon ..I tit. paoplea, li.Ji? \ ? s thal there
should in .-.-i i ?tiona! political ayatem,
'iitly, a permanent authority, that would ein*
i'i it WoOld ? "lill llalli- to '
"finn Etepubllca, _.?h thjaoblbct.lt. (Jovern
n.. ;ii >>t P? ta pro* ?u ? the I -?'?' ry
..f Man ii. lal ?*, thora
? h ill be an , ? nttai ii - of the
,-nillii - of tin l i-'.in. ti.. .. rate on ti?
' itabll I. inn: maintain the I. deral .
:. t. n? ' with the following : To
i I, ?p. ci ti. ally
to tbe ?tate of a .r
.?.ni with th? atUuatmai '
.i ;?? .i. ? ana I lia! may
m between ai v ? ?! the Alb. ?, whi tu? i I ba? t. lal ob ?'..
f e?, ling tn all? -, ?i any
i, bo far i.? poaatbto, to
.1, .iiii. ci Iniinal, ? ommi n lal,
i tom lion?. ?, tt pa ?>i ino
ney, extradition, Ac, A? , In tbe foal Republics; t?. ea
t.T'.?i?h. in COI -. ti I- _ri.i|ili? .UiioliK
? . linn w ith othi r n..lion* : t<>
adopt an int? in of Imun ratlou froto Lui.ipi
al d ti.. . x binti ? '
tb? ' .?r. o ..ii. a!, . oom
.mi i, 11 urn wt, i te ver, und tix
u? n w iiiiti am h treat lea . an be
l; nie ? ?tal.flihli c tin- I' i nunile that DO
i m li? sanctioned witl.mf pn?
lamination i i approval ; to writ? and
ot el n me tit? for In atti
11 ..i j, t i. ?:? al mt It?? t" th? Cnmi. and good undi ;
In, with all other nation?, to ,a?."i'l iii'- t? ?
i make tb* m more
in? nt tin nu! m of Mo alii* -, ad
Uly lb? I ? li? Pa?to and tin allied
Urti aiuM-inlily will meet at tin |>...<>?
Win n clu?lug lu Bra
. ' of nie. ttli|i
-?.< i , taking lui.u? lid.itmii tin
|".li. the
' I all other str. .
I i i ,' to tu t ...-ii , i! ..Ii Ii) I ,n I',, mo.a? it
Tua ??I- lae? that are at tendant upon Hie utluig
.1 th. f oil ?ti?*! ?au.ll Im- |m.ni I,?- III.- a"i ' ri.iiicul lu ? Im-?
t. 11 not-/ tnejr Wiall li?.TI ti.? ir ?. -?. ,n. TI..- prm
I the ol'.-.?'
I>it.l. in.ito' and ? ?
w mill probably I? n.' etuli of Hie i'i?!. i..'1 union
. .I i.'.iii'.-'f to ii di? ..'? ?? m. if
Itera which tbe Dreta m ' | muid occupir
lb. ?o aa. In a manner, to J.-. ?c couatgited certain
motive? that would,In tbe opinion of tit. uudei
jii.tlfy t| - of I'll ni| ol.-li!. i
from their Qoverum? nt-,
.ou i d I?-.li* i?'-i ii n! ?ti? n ni '-i i .him uti iii The propoaed
I Peru i-1 i ii' au ' le, _<> thal thi four
,. . 1 t:. | '? . ii ?I m ... di Ui It. in i.i,?-r
I heir International relation?, aud at the Bama time, In the
moat convenient manner, those ?hieb ii! present ?in?,
?iii! that ?bnuld !>< ? xt.i'le.i with th? n-vt ,,f ti,, civil
I n fruin n Bating
n. n t ni?* r. otu?.- _ ith ntli.T nation?, the ( i?.\ i run,dil ..f
Pera balle vas thst eli*? ahoold est?n d and draw them
mt*-_ i" ..? iv? that the word Conti .1
. ration will JuBtlfj it-? :f alone, bet?n property under
- ..?I The republk should nat ouly celebrate fact? that
':?,ed to arrange political Interrats,or pa
i ,t on. ?. .u te? -. ? io these i?? lg*
ii-i? -t ?. uni only to ally tbeuitelve? foi their min
m4?i dafenai aud mutual a?-, nrity; thej ?I.Id aspiro toa
.'m ihtt of folium?, a ictpi? mille "tundea"
tin .in.' wat to found ?oi.ily their wealth, mid exebaoge
with advantage reciprocally tbelt elementa ?f progrese,
?nul fl_ n? nilli liixiii'.? among th. gi ?I;(| bodj u' nations
injume the .hu/..1 _oriil Bara la one cotnmoa
.ml .letctiiiin.il that of e-tal lldiili.at permaneut r?-la
!..m?. tin- ori'.il.l/.ill' II "f Slipropi .ile lnetltllt,on?, and
tin- (?? ntiaii/aii'ii of ni. a?, i hw? an.I asplratloiia of the
members of the Unlw it i? ?new rlgat, thal eallafor
. iliahment "f s n< w authority rio Minlafora of
l'.?ili\ ia ami Chill t*1 ?Jli'.'il) thv iiiid?.Ti?lKri' d lis? ?omttuui
. at* <1 hi? ideas hu v.- hofiorcii tT.iMn With tlii-lr approval,
Indicating that tin tit?! meeting ?houid not ta We place
until the lit day of Marah, and that it ?.litiui.t lie li? Id in
I.i?a, and that tin ailOCOanlna m-e?ini.? Nh.)til?l be held III
tb?otheroapltal? in thor srehabatloal ordtw. Nothing
. .m ii i te inore -rat? fui io the reiuvuiii Oovernmanl than
10 have the It..n.ii to receive the Plaslpolvlltt.ilI?*?* of til?*
dr?t A?n< uihly Weverthelosa, the aJiied Oovernmanta
. an ad. |t what tiny .?ff?'ein to BOSBOBI toni?ulcnt for
the (Oftiflioii Interest Tin- iiinleiHli/Led I? jn inuatled that
th. principal itlea? that are advanced In thiinot_? atirmi?
iiatuiiilly ti "in tin Mtuatioii Unit the alllct baie f.inn.l
them-elve? in. iind h. ?t i.e. rely trutt? that your In el
lancy will favorabl) receive and k-nd them foor power
lui hilp Improving the preaent oMMtunlty t?> ranea
the otti i? of my iiiitinguii.lied (on?idera!lon, I am, your
olM-dlelit rxrvaiif. J. A liAKKENKi USA.
litiriiie,' tlie|'*-t fortnight we have lind several oaites
i.f the jill.m fei ii. hut tliey'were of a very mild f..rin,
owiniitothe ?Ai-atli? i In in*.'too cool to develop It. IIow
i it hat coitiniciK.'d ?o early In the seaton, we can
11 t.<s? t thal we will reap a rather larf-e har vc?t iJeior?. the
fall k? I? In.
A lar??- niiinher of ..neila of Chinamen baa l'?cn
rands laths diff?rant luburba al [__s_a, it bslag ia?
portad thal "" ? Inteuded ta maka sgoaeral n-mg and
lull their iiatiT.tii, ?nil ihiii ?riiii their lth.rty. There ap
i ?.Hilo save been tome foundation, and, as the Coolies
niiuil.i'i aetacthlng HW?- 10,666 here, they would han- dom?
eoualderable minhnf before put down. Th? United
Hat.? ?lui'? of war .Nyacknnd DaOflrtah have iirriinl al
Du- port Th" An? ric..ii ?lilli Iii -tin a Thttyer Ita- put
Im? w i? akin? . aha arlu, la ali stobob?lty, i?? aoa?aaaaod.
(()!.< ?MU?A.
ItATl i : i * ? 111 - \ M? Till l I i?fi;at. c.i.vi iivmi ST
?lill .Ititi *'i ?i"\'i nu ?-COLOMBIAN
i IMS? K-t?lllb M.WS rftOM CKMltAI.
Mltl.l? 4.
Fian, ?lal ap?<i?? ?'orr??porn]?nL
PABAMA, Nov. ?r?, W,?,
I'nsiiliiit Simio? Ai'?1?!.! il m mini? Keili ntl
troop? Hit" the Mtateof liolivar (na a short tun. ?_->> h?
?lui int.. I "loua) for th? aaSfSW of overtbrowliit, the
(lovetiiuii ut of I'liHideiii Amador Pierro, and ?ii?.?titii
tin? for n "m tuon in a? .-oidauce with the vl.WB btld hy
Uie Hnt-uta i ablast
lu ragard to tho trial of Moaqaora? there acema to be
m inif. ?te.l ? ?ympathy ?i?! eutlititlaam on behalf of the
tu nouer which It i* a? dantreroua to ?nrourai'o an It
would l>e to attempt to ?tippri?? At the lateat advice.?
(Oel l?i the trial liad not > H boon rnmlmtcd, bat wa?
avery da? loon mmug la tbe ex? um. later*? at of ita detail?.
Th. " rftaiid ' piltooei him" I'and hi? ?lef.nder? li.nl on
ati?riil iK-ciieiontmade "ii? li toucbiuir appeal? to popular
ay mi?thy *>n hehall of hi? mitdemeaiior?, and ?u? ih pa?
ihi-tl. iillutmn? to th? ?ervliea which the old lietieral
lit? niider* d Hie country. a?ti? "briug down the flouao"
in faior ?if the aieh delinquent.
Their ia a ttateinent that H?ufet A? ntta ha? lately nil
til, ??ed ? ine?.tKe to the <'on/?ni?i?i at ?oitota, fruto Whleb
il ?lip?-.!'? that the t>u<I|*et of the ?um nt year ?how? ul
,,.,,lv ? di Ih it of inore than a-i._Oo.onii, ami that of the
million paid Li i ..I Totten on the ratification of rho new
railroaU contrail, ?.lui."*?*' had been ?xpeude?l in two
ruontht. ?i?" n n >d-?i- ttoMasoa, Fleming? Oo wara
prepared i?> ma ko claim* of ?lamac*-? toa breach of ton
j'l? in?- ft um Um Central American State? I? favor
Bl,]e- In all of them there aro many ?igus of ?ocial
rrrov-re-t ami lot-reaalnf t?ro?i?erity.
v 1,7 pa-SBM the .?veoenh ??rinciplo I? gslriliiR ground.
Ih? ?lUittloti u openly dltcuaaod whether Tilla r?tate
?i?...lil not pnieue Hu* Harne comae an Autio?nil? and
(an.? bava done, ? Boolara the entire Indopeadsnoe
?if ti?- i-tiimu? iiii.l. t the prol ? tiou of ?orno foi? 'K'?
tnkwmt Th're e..o IK- no ?Imtlil th.if within a tliort Uni'?
. a f. ? v ?-ok*, iu._a.li. if nu -.UiUiKu tot U_s ImAU-c uksa
p'ac the?alter ft! Iftdcpandtiin ?rill be broochtfoe
ward hy ?.oin? of tin- m..?i promin, ul ui. u b. re ?"_? ? ou
?.??uti.m. to meet early next month, may har. a vu ?in
th.- ?. ttii m. i,i t,f tin? _|| m;, t.rtuni ?unjeoi \ reaolutlon
--? ii bj Cou-n-ena depriving l'an.nu . ol th<
ition ?if ?,'i-ti allic- wa? to have been ivi/u
?'Il'iiipi.iiailt ii[|,'i|.ii. va in? u waa to have oeeu mgn
Uvrly paid, ami ti. it without aaalgning any n moa Thl
i? Ha ?' unkind? at ' of ni ill," .uni _ felt -i? * u h by iii?
lithineniaii?. li? decided I odeuc) -.Min to ha
a rerae< i- i.utwct n u- and bi .nli i u..Vi it.?.
treat, wini lim N,.u ii?.i m BTimrM
i "M n i. \ i ion di- \ ti i l8 ?.:-?'.
Fr*? Ott fVr.?i CanMftMieai
I.IMA. Nov. II.
On dat?e from _____ aire to tbe 8d instant, ami
ata-elitiri ly .!t '., ,i ?; ...f, mya? Ther?' l? ,?, further allu
Hion made aa to wiela i the treaty for att-Ml
taii-iiid ..r not. in th.- ? ?inii.ui nwiraaalea Hadlee*, aaa
doln? ali they can io Hint.mt som. tElng al ant the matter,
but the Miit:-ii\ -.,,,,?j?, ingivlng them .uiyihiu-* but
jD?i what iiny want
rta treat) a th Pera abooi tba ft? e ?aporta?en af
wheat and I'lini h.i?i.iif y.i inn reported upon by the
( ,,iimi --mm ra .whom it wa? referred. Con iderable
? :?. iii?- probabla reaulti of th? i
ti.m m I'riii. i?? ri appear? tojbea pretrallingopinion
lint, ahoold ia ii. (.m. -m uni. m- will mit hi ?-o
favorable toward th. <'lillian Government a? the prevent
nu mut?? nt.
The contract between the Ooramment aadtba Pacifie
* ?. ai \'.i\ ? _.-. _ l : i. 11 ?diulian,, fot Hie t ?talili-lilin tit of tilt?
ia \? Inn'of el. aim r?. through the i-lrait.? of .Maui Han. han
.-in ti.
Hie n. >),r Chlllaa ootoaj In tbe
Utraiti i i M ?.-i ?Lui, ,ii Monte video, Rio Janeiro, a port in
i i a,.i a .uni i Iverpoo),
I'la n nu if tl.e toni rael )? far U year?, and the ?..earn?
er?, ara te ba of the bordea el 1,6801<? .?.h?h tnna.
V.ilparai?.? Lk-iii*^ now fort i tied in a very ncpeeteble
li,ama r the ?invcrnmi'iit ha, n, nli up its _____ t.. rebuild
n,. i .-til?n iinii?e bonding? that were (tefttroyed during
tin n 11 nt in iiiii.'iiilinriit
W tia n,ii ?oik (.np? band in band that of the proton-ra?
tion atf tin- railway that natte? Santiago with Valparafco,
ila-l..tier cito, notwithstanding if? eoinniercial Import
la fur fioin offering the commercial v?.??ri.t um
iry convenience? foi th?- loaillngand dlaeharge of
?hipping, iiuie ?? no wharf ulongxlde to which .ftftftftb
eau be i.r??n_:h.t. oelthei ate there niau nt moana of wa?
ra .a n g tin ?ramil? t,, ii; ? railway ?taiinn.
rbialattei Inconvenience wUJ dow be removed hy ex
t? iidin_r tue railway altinx tin ftftftahOfO, VS Inn aOpt?t
11 .tin can he brought np lo thai natom-Honae ?toree.? oin*
meroe will ?ei Itself free from tin befti y expen -?? iftflleted
on it hy thi ..i : __ ?>, item of cal
PBOBABL1 iiairrioN ?ii nu ? ?.N-rm'TI.jnal
AMIAUMIM ?lill. .??'II. Kill IK I ?I KIM'.
San 1 kan. i?. ?i, No\. . ii.?Tht' .Mixicaii Con
?..?l it this phire ii.i? received correspondence, which
abowa Unit the aniaiulmciit? to flu- ?oii-titiition of Mexico
,1 It .li.in/ have ptol.al.lv lu in adopted. Xbe
majoritiesIn faun of th? tua ala. du in Durango and
In the adjoinlni State? art- large Juin/, ha? received
majorltlea m .ill the (ttatea f,>r President TheTote for
a ar, 11 soi of the (Kan ?if sin.ii,m i- a tie b. t ?ai n, Martines
and Kuhle it), and a m-tv ?le? tmu will have to he ha d.
? \NTa ann i? PKOPEBTT.
Havan v, Nov. ?.!).?Santa Atina, before his
sentence waa pronounced, made h?a lafttwlll ami testa
lia ni. alua 1.at Uii. thal hi? prnpi rty amialinteil to *K)i?),iaai, Hi
Which ia included the Villa -lilt li lie ?i-lix III tit ChOMMft.
ARRIVAL ok MWiMiii'.N? li'inv AT BAVARA.
II it ara, Dee. 1.?The Austrian _riK.it ?? Novara,
ha', in,; uii Itnartl the n main? of the late An littiik. M i?-i
millan, haa ftirlvedhaw. The Stovaro belahs date? from
the < itjr <?f Ma li-at tai the l.ih. ami from Vi ra CTOl to the
.''th nit?.. Maximilian, n umina are In i bargi ol Admiral
Tegel hoff and l?r. Hort ?ill. The frigate -til na',! In a fis?
?ta>? tor Europe. Ob th.? rood the people were a--< tubb d
m manu ?, tait wftci antat, ami bodemoofttrftl ina were
made The body waa jM-i-iu iii ii to bonan Inthecofllu.
The physician who embalmed the body In the prfaon, bf
tin- urd? roi la ?ada. mutil?t? ?1 tin- body. ? Utting off the
hair ami i lutin ? fur the pqrpOft. ..I ?iM-cil?.itInn
HKWfl liiuM lill. PACIFIC i OA-l"?TBS I.IKTION
? ol NTH!.
Ram PrarciscOi CftL4 Nov. 80.?A letter from
(.1; i) uni.?, dan 11 Sm to, baa been racelTed here? and
?lateathal E-atgntraha?been**e?*iected (JoTernor of Bo?
i ba reporta from tia- minina? region art favorable
im- eotteo ? rup tin? rear la % per eeat le** than waa
aiitiiipat.il, notwitlHtaaatnf ?in. ti ftgrlculturtat? bort
tila, ii up tour tune? h.? lum h linnI for cotton rai-liiK ?_?
ti.nl I,','ia rta been u_e.l.
Mr. TlBHiStl. the ftgftbt ??t -?Oft, Farso A Cor, hail bflOO
appnliiti-d A merl, an Vice ( OOftOl, to OH th? vacancy oc
eaatonod t?v th. death of ? nant? r _-ar_*ai_.
Tbe llritir-li frtgat* Moina had ?ailed, thu? leaving for
i liniers without any protection.
The latee* r? ??ort? tram Durango state that the Haiiinn?
aa bad pronounced In favor of an Indepeudent
Itepubllc. and h_rl defeated the OOTenuaent troop? ?cut
?u-.ilii?* th? m (Jena ? nt? _t> and Pat on I?- an- ?..PI to have
i?.nuil them afterearapiuK from Monterey. Plot Ido v,.l-*
La reported a? one of U leaden AU the Northern and
Weatern ?tate? an a ttyaxted to Join the revolution
? Mas-ttan letter al No? in ??_y?: The political c?n
illtior ol the i iiuufry 1? j-looniy, mill eomnierce, conae
rmenlljr, le ?mpewoed Oen Martin/a wanta ???vernor
?!,!pif"thc Slate, ar,,l i? not nomiiiated by ?Ii?'I.i'iri?l.i
latore li? wlllaiwnmi tin GoTeraorahip hy force, being
it tin h, a.i.' tin- .ti mi lin guarda at dliTereBt place?
i i tin Mate were dftUj rxetel__ug i??r the purpoec of da_
fending tbe lawful antlioiiii.-s
rho ?mili-TMel iii? K piiiilnaii ,irniy lately dlemiMed
? ill uadoubt? illy pla) an important p;.rt. tiding with the
v a rty thal pi. ? the mu?! ami -?iiiinlt i injr the Inhabitant*.
i ti?-% are repreeented lo be ? wretched let, ami ar?
. .ii-tartti-ti, ai at baring been paid off by worthlft?
m Kim? ;? ii-ini nt? of indehtednea? Instead of each.
Bah i i; ???. i?< >>. Noft I tin' iteamahlp (allen City,
foi Panania,aal t?l:atdav with ti.iiw.O-ti in tn-a-ure, o?
?AhicU tl.lxl.t?-Oi?f.n New York.
Tin- itglftlatTirr, meet? at Baciwanto aa Mooilay, when
the Senatorial coate?! ?iii bagla. The Denian rat-, __*rc II
iii.imrlfy in punt convention.
Hie "-_p-_**-_Mt Colby,for I.iv.rp.ml lailed today,
natur (?r rvii'?e*'r barrel. Wheat, l-l fiO/|_ as ,'hu.hcl.
I, nil.e?. ._*
aiming -t..o_ri>. Crown Point, t-x1. .hollar, li j. V. ?low
jinka t. t?..t' ?v..-. Barage, Ho??. Kciifm:?., $iu); Imparta?,
lim, OviTIliUII. $44
BahI-AKctaco, Dec i Tba traafcof the OaatralFa
Blflc lluiiiaaal have been laid from Ciato to the summit
and throofffl the ificaf tutincl. over 7.000 feet abOVft the
?aa? The Irai paaaaafae aarfaaaai through the tuum-i
1 wi ?it) four mile? of the turk ha? been laid on the
t a?t Mit nt tbft moiuitaiti? With a fortnight of open
weather, the ??an afata mile* will befUledup, when a
connection wlu he made with t,Uc lower track, 1.10 uiilc.
cact of Sacramento
/.'// 801 THEAN STATES.
-"I ill < Al.oi._NA.
?WINKI I. on . ? ii Uti i -TOR hank.
CharlbstOR. s*. C. life 1.?A ?wintlltT, call
it,/ blmaelf it I Oolemftn. -eftrtftg a forged letter of
IntTodnetlon from H B Qte-Ua 0_ New "iork. haa ob
tiiined ftfi.oo.) In ciiricln-y from the Vint National Bank of
Cbariaaton, bealda ?eheeh for ti.?K*??on the National Hank
of AugiiNiii. bj ti, pi,-,i ne ehecsft on the Flr?t National
Hunk of New York and Kuffolk Nationrtl I'.ink ?>f BootOB,
llr ah , ampcil la^t Molida- , and not lilli? ha.? aiuco been
h? ard of him _
Uti < (?N\ I N i ion- r...??A(.K ci .R ORDIRARCI
(ilta. VNI/IN?. \ MU 11 IA l()i:(l? IHK WAU
DEB? "i- i in ?niiHH'i DIATRD.
?MoN.iioMKit.. Ala-.N-TV. 80.?Tho Rcionstnic
tiiiii?.'onveutiaiii paaaed to ordlnan. ? tu day looigaalaa tiwa
?. olunteer militia of ft I aimai ft It autbort^ei? one company
to ttoty thtui-iaiid votri?. allofticers to be appointed by
tin- t,iivi-nii,r, ami to lie ni known loyalty. A jrruat milly
otllcer?, with heavy , uiohinicnt? are n**OT__fld fa?r, mclual
Ina; one ni.i,|a?r i/.-mrul three brlxudlei genera!??, and nu
adjutant, apiarteriuanter. iinpector. parma.ter, and mir.
?eon g?nerai, the win,la ia, he under the command of the
Tin r.mmrv ititi ? ile? lan that thi? ine??i.n- placea the
?tate under a militia dyaaatj ?laiUar to Biowni?w?, und
?ay ita expeime? will BOOaaft?ruj gi?'4ti_ iiui..a_e the
rate??if ta?Biiiiu.
An oriliimiiiia w_? |.h??i?-'I deelariaa the war Jebt of th?
H'aatr ami nil Hat.lilla? a i-iikmI <i_recll> or ludirecly lu aid
of tin- war null ami void. -
AnI'liliiiam-?- Wftft reported l?V a ?elect committee, end
wa? dise?aMe till the hour for adiournment. prividim*
for the ?)\tln(*ul?hBient bel Wftft? ? Hi/eh? of thai Htat*?, of
??I! da hi? ex1?ting July io, IK*., on payment of in?talluicut
lu note of the ori-a-ii?.?! amount of ?let.t
Ila M'-imti of tin- ? .invention ?ill inutiuiie throu-fh a
part ?if mu wooka _
i.orisivN \
?lill ?lilli ()N\ 1 NI I..N.
Niu ?iiiii \n?. Nan ;n.?in th?? Convention
I?, .t i\ ,i n -n ai nui vu?? otliioil hy ? m-gro uieinber OS*
pi? ??in?, th? ?euee *?t the ? 'on vention ?-. opposed to ?en
acal ?m n??? y It wa? laid over.
A ic-oliUnui ua?offi-i_?l Uiat the flxt ami paramount
duty of the ? int. ntiou lu to fuiUie a i nn.titution. and
ditaptnae wit h. ?II iiuuoi ' huauie?? tiuiil ti, ,?i? u. ..impllahed.
Tho reaolutlon -a? laid ov-.i
Mr. Wlehllft- (whltft) offered .m oi?laaaefl propoain/r
cn lulu i baft*** ? In ?he organic law**.?! th*? **t?te, to toe
effect that the l--u'?"laiure ?.hrili eatftbllftb tree puhllo
ichnola throiiKhout It?''Hl.t, nu,| piovld.. for their ?up
port hy taxation AU < liil.lie.ii Itctvee? u elk and einlit-'i a
y??ar? of a_,?' aie lo l?e adnniied without dialinclion aa to
lace, eolair au pia tiona ?oualitioti There ?hall be uo
????parata, ?eoOOl MtabUfthmenl foi any r??e. Aunivcraity
Uto be enulili-lie-l in Ni w i ni. m?. open to all ?tudeuu
cftinhle of matriculation, withmii di-itmction aa lo race,
aailiii.tii ptftvlOU? .'.'Ililli,mi Ila I'tlal ?ftCtlOB provide?
for the niaiiit? nam? ftf ?QoTernBR-t-?hool. lheordi
nance wa*. foMttt? t? tin L'vmmitt. e "U Educatioi
?.(A. I I AMI Bl Hill DI ill.? 11 IK ACIfOi Ok TBE
OLP I t- ? I I ( i?w\ll??K'M'?*??
Nk.vv-Oki ians, Nov. ?Jt,?OoT. Flanii??rs haa
l"?ued .?proclamation ia pmiiatiiiK all connection with
tl?.?-e who have l"-i-i? alteiii|)tlu-( to procure the passa?;?
of a 1>||| fIiroiif.li I nnitte?? uruntln?/ ?Id to build levees,
ftOdftarai M Any or ftjlpcraon? ?.laiulua to act hy State
authority In thi? matici. _a?nui. p?'W?'r? that do opt ti?,
lung tu them ;" ?ml ?le.-Ure? null and void the contract
entered Into hy .'II An-nmai Charle* Irani, and the
committee ?.f the old board of Iftrr foiiimli-?ionerft,
whereby n wa? ?tlpnlftlftd that the ."?late tvaotopnya
bonn? of ?o i-i ti niau in?? loaa or appropriation ile also
revoke? the i nni?i_*-.iii ol ftatremar _tnl I. ard a? a-teut?
of tu?. t-t_u ?i,.? ii|.ua...u? enter U havina a healthy
EU ROI? ?:
TUB j'iifii'OM.ii < ''N'Ki.uvi ?:.
?". a* * i rrwci my i ? - > -...; , ,s i .
Mit ? OKI EUI -( .J PLAB ' < i 11 | '.' - . >
? ES1 l'ui.i UP VI . .Ii ?.
?t A-llAIITII' Til Ki.MAI H TO Til?: *l ?
l'i.diiPM i-:. Rov. '?'. -l'ai., baa a_H \.i wmttmi ?
the propos? d ( ,.t :.!.,i,-,.. i, ?,-itfr.iy :,n ogleial initei
was ?cut to Ki.tu.. lain?.xptstiatloila lin
dual aaawarol haly ?rill depead oa iii?- aat-ataof
Napol'?(;ir.4 rapl .
NSW K.Mi '.v t nus iiviu ti. -im ?:n p.
Pana, Dec. 1? rho Marquia d tfo-uftiei '??in.-i-i*
?if Pon .t?. ih? French Seiiai ?
y?'Htciday. s.-.nl tital th?- ?tay ?ii t!u* rn-n*-?? trrjopai
now remalaing ia ti??- Roman territory wot
hiief. and mat 0 ': mt? laded ki insure tb?* ??;,!*?? tv "f
(Iii' PopO. Tin* 1,11.'-'io-i IntivKii tlie II??;,
and Italy was <iu<-.it di_tru?t. ami tit?' obp*?i of I lui
li* neral Kiii'(i|HMil ('?iiif.'i-enc?' pi*.p?.?<?l I?;, !h< :
rot waa to i-.'in.iv?' tins diaimit
Ii (MM B, NOT. .7'.-.\ diapot I. from Nat'!? s l?i-?l;t\r
Htate* that Vi -m m?, ?a ii?.ii ban been amoMenng
for st Ion? tim?-, Is now in a ?.rand state ti ?i upli.
GREAT i;liM'\lN.
H NUN ChNVI' J? IIKi.M ll.'l I \ XT'.
I.dMio.v, Nov. at).?Men?t?. Warren, Halpin, stat
CoHtciid, the Pani?a peiaoaen abo ~?_re seal ne?*!
to iuiprisdintient f.,r g tinn m yeal s. ??t.: i?, n, /*.
hroui?ht boa) I'ulrliii t<? IVnlnmille t?> ?-affirr Mn-'i
?.nt? ii??s. Tu- v matt In;:.?le.ii!'- ?I, ami -..?..ni.'1 ?.
A MIMAN TKIAl. |] KAI'iiv.
Kvcninf.??The Killian Barita ?a?? up i'??i tisaalna?
tion at Hoiv-Kt. t.i-diiy. Massey teati hen ti ?um. -
able liiiRth. Ko ?li ? lisien waa n__ua_a__L
ai*p;:kiif.\-i'ins Of a haiw oi t i-.in u.
Dec. 1?AitiiTiix.il.?T?tere ?m i ?ni-iileialil*' <???
ment ou aecdiiiit .rf the PeaJaDB. An diiilne.ik m
feare?l at Main lie-t.T. nhcie ?oins lui.- In? n aoiirnd
liy tim pnlii'i! anthon: ii*?, t lilly mie arreit lia?! I?<ii
made. DiMp.tt.'h'i t'i'.iiii l'?iik I: ?aii'l. r.-i-?-.?.-?-i! In.
to-uight, niakejiiit ntiou ol serious ;v|tpn i.? n-i..i,>
there also.
OBSKQI'IKS <1K TIM: K.M.? I I KI b I TM '. \>.
MAN'CHK-rKH, UM. 1 ?i-.t'eliillii.-Trt-?l:iy ih" nita
?"(inicuo!'Alliii. <i mid, and La.kin wiro ?.?,,. ? v .-?1
hero with lum ti solemnity by tin* Irish iniih-i.iiaiit v.
A funeral procoHsion pas.*-*?! thmiiuli (!,<? utreet?, .?r.?l
a inuiiting waa bald. Na attempt wai ina.I.- l.v iii??
authorities ti? intciThM with the 'in ?reed i ima,
and nodi.sttnh.i-icc ivhateier ?n -ciiiTi.l. Tin ?I.?iimn
Hfration. tli.iuiv'h c?iii??id.?ralile in huiiImt?. tai Bul
eajoal the oin: in.nl.; in Cork Ki dal.
COKK. Pa? 1 -l'.v?nini_.?A i/reat _MB?BB?-??M *.f
sympathy for tin- three Fenian?. ***,??? nt?*<l a? Mau-?
?hester, araa Made hen to-day? The ? eneaonit ? an
similar to tliusi? iviin h took stace oa Sinulav laal "?
London. Tho funeral procession was very lonir anti
inip"?riiiii?. It wa.*! headed hy a lofty . ?taiah-u.-.
trimmed with gMOQ add .biack. and ?Ii.tmii Li nix
li'.rs.'M. Tins ?vas followed by nearly iO.not) |M-t_..i.i.
limit ?if n 'boni \ioro frreen emblenk8. S-UtM*?m1 ? itli
aeaaai Ovee IjMM won?? took part in the proi-est-mni,
and several priests were <>1.--tiled iiiareliit'.c iii ii???
rauks. Qead older pre vailed throughout the day.
THK ?f-JCt?l ? vi: income* rix mil .
London, Ker. J*'?Evenin_-.-Th?-i>r?>i_i??e<l uaoaaaa
tax to pay the eX(Kit-**-i ?it lhe Al?y?-*tnian ?ai w.?*
poasnil to the second rim li ne in the li?.um- mi i ?.m
liidiiH this evening.
THE LATK KATA!. I'oil.m I-.XPI.? >?I"N.
Additional particulars ti the expl?i_i??ii ?>n l_?*4r?f
the st??iiiner lioulxmiini?. at Liverpool. v?-*i?nl.?t-,
bait beau nat brad at thin Boaoaaj. Tlie Botihonl ? w
wau not tin- te-Miar mail ateauithip lx'ttvei-n I,-ver?
jHiol and tin .li'in-nt ports ui OiatB e. as al lust K le
kt.i|i1i?i1. lint a Qfae?aa na? ft+tmer, ?m. ii bad
r.< .ntly Is'cii tai?ad <?v?i I?, that (Jovcrniiiehi. f*lit
waa built in thia country ?Inrini. tin- laii.-i ,e*.iai,f
tin- war m tin* Tinted Stat.-, i.n I'la*- r. It. tilidliit ?V
('..., aOT?ts *>t the Ce_federate Oaoaeanetm la i?i?-..i
llntain. Particular atteiiiiOVJ won i?iul K> ?f-rrf irt
her construction, a. .slie sras deeigMd f?.i 1*1.?-kail?
mimina, in which servir?? -he ?a*? i|iiii?< sNaeeaaaM?
All that tun- she Ixin* the n.une ?>l I'?ii. I?w*ili.
It h.'i-iiii tli.it tin? expliiMdii dc'-nir.-d iilxitil ?? <. ?l._?- W
in tin? iiliiiniuj?. ivhi'ii tin- ?iiiiili?.ulina ita? liti.i
lu-r wharf. She was get till K np st?ain, pi? p. ?ann i
to loaning lit Qnaaa? mamn uba awfal neamslty e*c?
curred. There were 7?i per-mns, all told, mi l_..n?| ?i
the time, ami it is tluiiiu'lti that at teasi 41? i?.
kill*d. The Banboulina li.wl a large i|iiati*ii i >.} arma
and aiuiiiuiiilioii on board Lu fin- (i:?iian l-..\ein
ineiit. Sin- ?rae literally bkrwa ha tsra ami ??. ?in.ve.i.
MAIL SlK.?lllY TO THK (IN till? ?IT IM-llll' I INK.
Snuie of the particulars ol' ihe ?oniiii'T e.nli tin?.
Cimard ?teaiiLship Line lor luirviiig ihe l.tititli
malls have Immju uiade puh'.i?. Thal lim* is (?. raaaiva
???v),i)4J4. for weekly service beiweea Uvi fool m.d
New-York for one year.
Bfiii.in, Nov. :_.'.? Ikara eras .* larva aecoi-tag ?i
lln?city y-ti'itlay, at ivhnli amorsnaa aoliU?i ttu%
linancea Weie discussed. 1. S. lay. an Amenc-in, ?*?
verely attacked Tliaddcus Btovens as .? ?Ieni:.r???'_ni4
aud repudiator, and denied thai Ins \ n ? ? arare *l.*.?*>
ui the American people.
Tilt HW UAH ?tint i:a* I.
P(?A 1.?The Prussian (!?>ieiniiu*nt. iluinitrli Ita]
Postal D* pa?t'lient, hus signed an?? BOMWaTI viiiK
the Hainliur'? and Aineriiiiti M.;un l'a? k?t ? aBSfeat. ,
and the North Gem?an Lloyds Steams!dp (mu pani'
for regular mail serviie fruin Mauilnirtr and Hrenieu
to New-York. By the term? ti tin* ..intiact main
additional facilities are binn. '*' the pnldi?. ainl i-a
\n't lal pKivisioii is made foi Iiiin?iiii??i<*ti <?! ??iiiii|?>Vs
of merchandise by ma:!.
riiK new i(iN?iiii n?*N.
Viknna. Nov. Jil).?In th?' h?!*!i*i.:li i* ??ei.tay a*
draft for a new Conslitution via? a.li.pi*?! allera>
atieuuous resistance by the I.ilieial?.
A NEW VICTORY C1...ililli? III II! IT I.tit/HIIN??.
LisiioN, Dec. l.-The mail sliainei limn lii?*/il l?aa
arrived at this port. The la?I aawe aaeateed al lim
Janeiro trout the scat of wai <>u the ra?an* ??.??. ei?
i-ititn.. The allied cavahy had m.-ole an allmk ?*n
tht? Paraguayan forces, which, the Braiilfaaa idaias,
resulted iu a complete victcii ht l'i<- Allies. TI?**
Piasltlaa reports of the fight ?av thai I_apea l??*?t
1,000killed*and%T?utkmmo. mbila ii?? loss >?i ii.??
AJliea waa only 60 killed._"
Lohimis, Nov. ia Sfaarnoon roasala f..i ?!??...???.??
131ti; United State? Five Tueiiiy Imiiil? ri! liiin...? < ??"?
Hal Kail ? .?y ?hare?. 37} ; Krie Kail? ay afearas. ?1|
PKASkioHl', Nov. 30?Afteriioou.-l.iiil?*?! Si.ii.? bite.
Iiteuti?*? for Ihe la?ue? of ititi. '.& li it.
Dec. l.?l'iiitfdat?tes Bonds are^uoud t? ?l?> ?i "?i for
tb? Imu?) of l8...
LlltKeuoL, Nov. 30?AftemOOD.-Cotton dull and ?te.
rimed 1 l?d. Mlddlln? I'plaiirt". .|d.: M Mill I iii, O-leaii?.
7ld. The tale? to-day will uot b?- over s,?t. n*iw,. ituUe?b4
of ?ale? to-day lO.ttj? bala?. Uiea?l?tiil_? dull. N?> i Mi.
wanket? K??d Wheat declined to lil I. Hurley, ?lal?. Con.
Pea? aud White t'aUforui? Wheat unehaii-fei! I*r.ivi?i?fin?
iiuint. Heef, ll? ?for Wlutei Cured Km? Pi lass -eat.
P >rk 7?' for I'i un? Ea?t?ru Mesa. 1_*ji?. VI." f??r Km?*
Ann i nan. Cheeae, bl. for the liiKb*_?t laiiae ?if Kia?
Hikou, 44 ti for Cumberland Cut. N.? II ixiteli suuiOard
fiuiriir ad*?. BoaIii, 7,? for Common W U lui nu I?*., an?! li
fur Une Tule. Tallow. 44 for Ameritan. Hpnli? ?>' Tar
peutine 17/. Petroleum?Stiii-it?. _, ?P gallon. ?imI He
fined 1 3t. ?'livem-td, J'J, for Ni?. 1 .\unsi.?-_u lie<l
L??**!??*' Nor *)--lfoon.?Whale Oil. simm ass calloaM
Bneiin ?ni, JtlU ?P too. I-iO-ecd Oil, am P ?no. I in__**.l
take?. ?11 ?P 'un*
AMTWKsr, >fov. a<y-Koon.-PelrolfUtD dull ?l ? danea
tor btaittdard WhH*,'._
EXPI.0S10M OP OLNPoWliU? J-nr-) ut s?.v*
San Francisco, Nov. ?i?.?Thc I a?:ili? ijuu
ponder Mill? at San Rafael, ?kin. <'.ninty, in U.u. m.?.. ,
ixplinled to day. Thn-e of the men e*ii|*?e,v?.?.,, i,., m.iiI?,
at? u_it__iis; auotiicx-scri.uti? talorHl

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