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V0L- XXVIl.I\? Wl'>.
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Tlett HfntltBrt Bt. aM,'.It f !?t r'.i ra ij'r. M r ni* ???t ? a
r?_? I 'I*
ita ! i ?.- rS| ? ?.-. .i. ?i r. ?? t! t i, ? t ? 11 - T i ? ' ? ? '
?aptrti ?u ?(iii* I'uilttl Stattt O?TtTBmrtit, BLd bbcIf? t I
Ima Bow* fui romp?ale?, ta , M 'tr *n
(Bfi . , .
M raia-1. tis) m HIS, ?Baa it mott breon.?
A*T UM.? ?ii (?.MM. ' _??
1?iBassef?i ? __aT___ r.Ai H-te ?t?J-OJ
Trrm.nu. ?>f tia Sas Franc Ko iteamt??.'
fortio , ?.f t'a-.f..?,.-!. Watten.mi -'tah te the t.vtwsrd af Salt I.ale.
ab*r* it m il martB__ ronsetl ?Ith Ih? otlirr jurta of the RAI lu*?' II
Mi Iii? KAll.KOAP, -SIM??f ' >n> ti* HiHouri Rittr, an<l t_..i
fcrai tit -..lu irtrry ef trade ami trarrl to and htm the Fir Sr Cottt,
Tia? i-r..l liBiiarsa ib??.Tv, npvs tia 'iiBgl.T
la- ? i..ir,f-',T l'iuruti*. T! e i.t fr.i'.ta uj ca tir li?t lince ita
_aa.B,*_r*-_ratBlrei.:T *?*<*_ TF.O .?U l'A'.? IN COVK.
T?r ? ? I r ttt ?ii'Br'.?i ?
Wat, IN ? e.| bl
'? ? |S O.tralni Eiptcirt.
f?lI.'l.M? ITim ttO'_,(JSSfll. *l!ll..3!> ;ti.
tai* Wr. _f ,
it ?i ? lo forward t. ? ,
I mon ?ta. ra.
?Oat . . ' ' i flBSCll ICVI
tiB*!.t - ? ?'?Ti atJ f'.rthr.- ?
ta tha- ?ir.r are,;!, r. ?
_-t |- i . . . '..at Ut**rj Sacrauittto ir
laths <
IA.? i. ( al, Block, .?? I Bai
lar? .k'.?.ii.utm.oon
at, SOO, 000
laS?1 ? 10,0ft?..??). a?-??t.. 10,000,000
IA?Bl i-5,.:? . .1.000.000
. 7.5,.. 17,000
?liv r ?ira). ?IS,517,000
..?ar-urcca aa lill 7M _.??.977,S3 1,000
i a Joint inTBttar io ti? ti i ? ; ritt, an J by
?? . f_t ? f ti I ?-. v . . ? I ??, THE
? ICT, nTIT?I tub co
< ?
1? ? imIsi "> of SI,"CO ? . .
SSB|. I 11
a ranta'*.
T i abont cat p. i
?a !? y -.'ire Jua I, SI (it* Ira. i ir fier
At-tu trat
e ?
n:-.. ; b_8 ? : MENT.
- racine railkuai? ?>tt ?
?al oi.1t M ' ? ? ? . ut.J U? th? nu.
pSStsI Sj tb? (iu'.arniBCt.t, and r*[,r*ttiit ?
ferr ?i ? .?.'i. f ? ? : '? rilualilt pr. . - .
tali ?itin*d to raiik
BIM ? "-ST. M
lh*j ; ........
I . . . , .
IL T '
III 1 f tb? roalaf grid'ig tbe ko
?.. ? ? ? ? .
V Ti
lla.iai .?rtfall; lar?tti(at' . ? ? ?
?. ".rdiallr
reeaat-L' in? tb'v ii?, a a, '
oom ';:i|11 a
??.? ia. ,. - ? troUi
TEM TO nriiiiN PER CERI au, w i \(.i:,
?Ort-tri ria b? ml di,*?* a? t-??-_?)
s?_t I " .'gre.
Boa. ?
i im; ?j ha J ? ii.
Aa. A mmmmWEm HU-Bli
Ai>.ioi i:NMF.vr Of OOMORUfl POR THI HOLI?
vu ? i i??- i KPBM81 - "i THE SPl CIAl inn I --
ii?.min.; . OM-tn n i S?01 N. HOWARD Tu
RETAIN im: Bl EEAO <>l i ICER9.
Wasiiim?kin, Kinlay, Dee. l8, 1807.
1 he Senate t"-day (?mnimd In theHOQM r? -i.iu
ti.'it for ii Holiday ailjoiiiiiiiitiit ; so CongTMl take.? a
? froni the _0(h instant ta Um Otb <?f Januar?-.
Mr. Mieimaii ;t?kcil !?r*;iv?* t?? ? all up the bill to repeal
the cotton tax: hut there wert objections, and it
??ut over. A bill va.? passo? providing that tho
?nullities du?- t?i ?letras-d loldien shall be paid to
theil families. Tb?- lest of tin- st ??ion wes taken np
in a speech from Mr. t'orbctt ol OiefOD, on (ho
The IHotise was m session to-?!:iy until after 6
o'clock, but nothing waa dona bal speech-Making i?y
a niiiiibci- of Meaiheri. Then m,is not a gucran
peasant at tay period oi tbeaaaioa.
The Beuk in Kx.'cnlik?* session to-day considered
the President. Menage sent in yesterday, relative to
the suspension <>i ?Secretary ?Stanton. Then waa
i'.iii?iiit'i:ii.i(- disenasioaon the subject, and a?rerai
Srn.itors held that, InasMnch m the Pleel
dent had given for pablieation a garbled aeeonnt ??i
the n -nu? ?i.m,, of id,. iuo-.t Material
tM.iiiK the whole document should be published.
Tiny referred i?. iii.? fad ibatfthe Annual Ile
. ven out ?uni ?old ?m the streets before it was
deliver?'?! toCongress, and that otheroffleial docn?
mentahad times been made pablicl brongfa
siniilai mi.'iii. nil sonrcea. In the suppressed points ol
the message, the Preeidenl elaborates al great length
on the ?iagular position in which he would be pi
m hin ina? in bia Cabinet an officer with whom be
could not hold confidential relations. The friends ol
the President think that Mr. Johnson woald have
made a much itrongercaae if be had removed Mr.
Stanton iaatead oi snapending bim, especially when
he maintains that he has the right t<> ?i?> io.
Mionid th.18enate |r? fuas t?> |anitaio the raapeoaion
"f ?Secretary Btanton,thePreaidentwould be com?
pelled under the '1 enure ol < Iffice ad te i?iii?-taie him
in the Wai Department; bul there yet remains to
the Preaident the othei mode "/ fettiui rid of Mr.
Manton. *? i/.: a removal, subjei i of conree to the de?
cision ..f the Supreme Court, ahoold the lah Becri
t.. ? ratest th?- j.?.-,?. i of the Execntirc to
sa? b i- n ??val.
1 .?ii'-iary Committee were in sealion
'. and had under consideration thi i
S.-naloi 'I ?illina?, of Maryland. 'I l.ei ?? u ,i? | u, ,
non to prenant a report, bal it waa found impossible,
ami in oom de? ; led to report lbs
nate for such action
d? ?ni? ?l proper.
Pool ok live ? ,n? j to day by the I
Wayi and sna?ttee la t!.?? d-scneaioi
revenue erally. Commissioner Rollias I
appeared before the Committee, and gave hie ideal I
ob the el t?> i.,-niad.' in the law to
!.. lim ol the revenue, I he Cea*
mittet? bare deb rmined that the whisky tax Maat lu*
ted. and will atl.ii.it every mi laur? calculated te
. ii-11 that i.'snit.
The ||i] ,? of the II. i ?? t?, day
rued the Chairman to report bach aitl
change the bill recommitted to them requiring!
? hu?*-. ?! t., - conrte-martial .?hail, Lnordei te
in nstored to the anny, be renominated hythe
They believe the bill aa preaented e__t*
bently pfOpcr, ami ret ..iiiin.iid it? pal
Ma or-iien. Howard I as di id? d to i tain In the
?.<i\ oe of the Freedmen'a Dnrean tin bum
i ih. sen k '? by the re? ? ni ordi i. ant
,i expir?e by limitation of lav?. Applfcatloa
v? - liiade f.. Mi i in th? m "
bul i ?? pen mptorily refused to di
The National Conncil of the Union ? of
II, on Wednead
day bat. Nearl ' ? "? the
nwaarepresent>d ?>> one delegs Beta
I km Dieu ;? I I tture ol ihe proceed
..! it delega
and the W< -ti? (?rand Army <.f i li??
K. i. ?'.li., *...li. ?Uni the appointment ol a I ..ruin
on the part of the National Council te lha
kindred Committee to be chosen bv the Gre
ol ih?? Ri i ni.;:, both Committee! t<? meet m .i
next, with a view to cooperation in the coming
deutial eli ction. I hi ? two >.i -
.ni anda hall oi National
Council uni?! ne?n |y adopted ti tolo
rponii thal tin
whoh < "iini.ll abonld ii-?; in general ?
ntiment, and ii
alaon ?Wed thal the rosolnlion should be published
m all the \"\..\ neaspapen "f the countrj.
I m? mber of the subortlii
? .1? an?! to the
Arm? "i ti. i;. public,
? onnell of I I I I
. y upposed t" . ? 11 v itepsrtur? froto thi ? .i -r, <l pi
? i be K? I'.i.
. > I Mull ti)
itlaee uo tuan in nomination fm President ol Ihe United
. nue friend <?f ti
i ? de equal riants "f ?.n au
of i,
The Count ii adjourned to mi etati
dine the one appointed t"i theholdiuge
ii i ? ? ti at tvbii '.
in the Union, North and South, will I?- n
tented by one ? h.
The Htm. E.B. Turner, United States District .1
torn? . . , ? ' i. has
the position <d Attotney-Oenera] t" which b?
boen appointed bj Gov. Pease o? Text. There ure
furn 1 federal offices to be filled in Texas, ti
..;< - ai Brazos, Bantia I
( hi ??n, Indianola, and ?>l District Attorney.
It ii reported thal the Committee on the
Para and the now Executive Man-ion are In?
oommend the purchase of
aerea <>i the north-weatem part "f Washing?
(or th?- purpose. A portion of the land laeati?
mated to cost at th<' rate of $2,000 an acre, and the
?I, oie am. .nut will come nigh unto the price agree?!
mi im th? ; of Wall Mia, The pn
not n.'<t with approval ins! now, exeepl frota pm
Interested pecuniarily, li carried out* _~rwevor,
it ia eMnii.it? d that the whole eoal to the Govern?
m?nt, when suitable buildinga abai] bave been
v. iii approach gliysX.QoO.
'Ih.? storm baa subsided. The train which left
\.\. Yoik tin? moni i m?' did no1 arrive here until
near midnight The train that I'd? New-York las!
here at ?I o'clock ti.i- afternoon.
, ..n,. ja I mattera were ander oonaideration to-daj
?athen eC ?nmittee. After ? lengthy
, , ., ,,-, ?! to postpone action until the
next I. eel ?n i-. I' li hinted thal a BOW s?lleme will
l?. |,,, -n,!. d i i substitute lor the ' 'in- m .
..,,?. :?. which, ii la thought, will satisfy
(jons, god i? approved bj the ol the
A number "I the most distinguished citizen!
VYa-sbington I pul invitations to th? I
?h nt. members ol the Cabinet, Judgeaol lb. Snprems
Court? atemben "i both -tooses ol Congress, and
.?..ii'Mii.i- Ure 00 .Mon.lay
evening neil bj the President ?l Columbia Cottage,
foi the !.. i,. ;.: -i ?i" ( i? i??"-.
Joseph li- Btinei ol Now-York City, wee to daj ad?
mitted io practice a? Cooaaslst la the Saproms
14,i Greorgi P. Wi bet? "i elan Fort a
,i)(1? j?] agenl -1 thi rreaeury D :
Ml? It.
,\ i? solution ik ill be oller?'! in ti . roba
??n.M.uni.? ' ? t:"1"1 *'"' '
the ex pi nses li ' ?" '' "' 1'"' '','" m! '"
i uiAUaahh HtkiM iwliiu-.'-jy. truvelniK. ti.'., duuua
.?ia nonti??orso. The ?ggMfate cr.stsof
'lillllltte?? i? re |?1? ?lill, el .'is l>i hil; very 1.111*?*.
M.Tulum of the (.'.,n\eii turn of eii?t lller.s ainl \vhi?.k y
el..Tl?ISr.il!ie| ,it til** Willie I lulls?.'till? .iftel [nulli. l,:.t
failed toga, an auili.-iii,- willi tin- l'n ?i.l. nt. Tin v
li.ul j.i?-\ ion?.]j nil,-?i ,,:, Si i n till- MoC-nlloeh tod
<'oiutiii?K.iii r Bellini,
UM Ilillluli Peace Ceiiiiinissi,,:,, ? ?. ?,,.. ?gmt flighf Tit
llic office ni tin- CiimiiiisMiini.'i of IndiBO ?.it iii?, anl
remain,,l u? M's?i?u until <|inte Lile, engafed in Ott
t___e_?n_-on of tin- [?'.nits u< be sabrai?d in their
f.'i'tliK.nling r.'pi.Tt. I lie Con_dsaion j%?1j< ?? 11 n ?. i *?>
Ilie-et ,T_T.iin eui llic-'.'?til ill-t-, al ill?* III.ii.ill ???Iin- D
titi*-, ?in.
rii" ?Senate, ia Exeentiv. s? ?-inn to day, ??.nunn??1
the folkrWilIg lttilniliatii.lt-? : Cap? 1 lleeiil?.!?- P
tobe Coiiiiiiiieli.ie- in ti.?- Navy, on ti'?' vi'tive list;
Coininaiiele r Bg-eii 'Iii*?hit?'-?m. t<> be < sptain; Lieut.
( <>iii!iiaii<let J'l.ini ii II. I'.il.. i. {to be ('?.iiiiiiiiiiile'i;
Lient.(.'??luinaii.le-r Au?tm 1*. n.l? i _r.ist. t?. I,c ('tun
luaiielei: Aasistanl targeou| A. A. Do?lina, t<? !>??
Siilliiun; Was. B. HoMTii ?>l I'lni.l.- island, Adam
EVaokol lViitisi hanna, and Alfired Griffith of Mary?
land, to lie \s??i?t:iiitMii!_'i ?m.? ni tin Yin" i
Li? ut. Willi.mi .1. Sijinri?, t.. i.t Capta?i in the Marina
('tup?, and Israel li. Washborne, t?. be Fini Lient? b
ani in tin- Mai in?- C..i|>?; \\ ill? nu J. ( lia ml 1? r. to be
Coll.-ttur of Internal Ren nns lor Um \ tli Distriet e.f
Mr. I . ('. I'I lea ker I Iii? lil? ti nilli- t. ii.len d bl
natnui of tin- ??ti?? <? nt Con) mi s-ioihi .if i'at? nt?.
The Diiectorof the Hunan ?.f ?Statistics n|)?.it?
that the donestk eiportsoft?e United .tates f.u
the ?in..it.r ci.isi.i o,t. i*were in rains <?\? r
|90,000,<000, it Iule t,,r tin < .?in ?'.muliin. period in I*?*.;
I ft 0,000 an Hie La-.- enii flu- ?.mu
1'el.ee.l ?H l.l-t >l li III $12,00
EllswoT-b D.S. ?.?"ni.... ai ?it t ??liiiictii ut has ap
plied to the Commissioner ol Pateuti foi sn < ?
sion foi ? rcn years of bis India-rubber patent which
, tin >iit .,t M m li next The petition
to be heard al the Petenl Offl??eon the 9th of thal
mont li.
( ..I. I.ea.eiiM.irtli. Au-? nt e.| tira I?otra Bud I
niau? lie Indians, is lurte, sttending t?> tli? lal
tins,, tulas, ii?? estimate .?t the ??.-?t of farming
m? iimIn f..r theil u*. is betwi ? snd .?'?.???n.
They ?are represented to be friendly, and improi
m th. ii ni." i< u It it i.l 1 ?I.ill.
? >..!? is hare been laraed bj thoE I tli?*
I'- ? di ?. .-nilli.?-.il t.. the t?aunandin? om?**rs ol
all l'iiiie?! Mai.?? n m nu.? Tessels stationedb twe
1.astport, Maine,an?I thi Capes of Virginia i? 'ininti?,
tin-in t<? L')? inie. Winter rrainng alona that portion
of the A i l.iiii i. ? ei a -r. I lu- si ii Ice, which ia order? ?1
k1 Bl t!? s ?? a-,ii. i? for til)' purpose e,f tii
iilali ii ? tin- revenue vesiieU to afford tt hate vei ??s|s|.
?T?,i I i- lK'C-i ".?.ill l Hi all I .l?e? l?f ll|s||,'s? t,| l, - .
I?.nuil to ports in the Cnited ?.tstes appr?ae Ling the
ce.iisi. in indi r tu iilioiel lln?< BSBSStaaaa, Hi,. riLMnie
?illiciis are iii?tini t??l to ?titv pr?i\?M?.ii\ fiMI, ;ui?l
qnantit] bs can becooreniently i-i??r' ?l
Tbej :n. al?'i iiistrin te t', While ? I I ?peak all
v.-???!? apiaToaehinn Um -*>*?1 which the] tem? tall
111 Milli, ililli ??Ililli 1?) til.I?,' K .Ililli?!.' a|,| HI m
-i. li a-.,s?,n,,, i .i !|,riii to their condition.
?ties 1 in expira?en <<f the ? ra
mi tii. le-? o? ,\|.ril next The l'iu?.-i ?mi-i? lei.
th.- ? >!?[.< n t u it i i >- t?> plaos elo?lina and supplie
i. aliuli uni be??i booed oi ii. I b?ti.
fin ?r ?lu?? tunis.
A <'..nf?-i. ....(?..
Hie win.un? Statis ?I iii?- I i,ion v, iii bs lulil at
Washington, D. ? , on Wednesday, th? ''eli al Di
easaber, to take into ???i.?..i?-t..i.? n the proprietj <d
ealNng :? riationa] onTention i"i tile i< 111> > ? ?.f
nominatina ? indidat? i"i i':? - ?lent snd Vice*]
el.-nt <'f III?- I'lilt? ?I Mil.? Thil .\-i
iu.it? '1 >?? i*ii the ?Soldi ? I??; s' t 1.1.,i, ,,f
? it-,. v Ik? ? til? ?1 the Pittsburgh ( >?n\? ?.i ..?t. m -
tfinher, (MIL In? ?!? i- i "I I?B?1 i uni.'?.?L- foi
i?, .mt .ii Ann? of the lint? ?1 Mit?? ?N-tut?
tola ?.:,- aft?I ? ??',ti"l.mi. r?-f?iii?a n? min d f?.r tina
rtiiiiM'. If a i "i v. ni "i ?hall Im- ? ?lied, it ti ?II li?-in?
itial' a ink. t n? ti.? mt. nats of Um midi? i - ead _ail>
f tbe i rj, I ' loth?
I'lt-suletiI "i ' "ii ??eil.l.ei?' and Bailors1
Union, urging ti.? I. r a nal ' and
: lina..n. t?. m? ? t soase tint? in???....
? ?din?. ?>f the National H
tu.n .?i
1 he Idle. !?,! .?I M;,- |, Ile Ml ol H
that i e,iiu|ili t,
I 'nib ?I Stat? i has li
in aiithinet. i'i?! derril
I, ii ? . 1 ' ' -ln.il li.
illg li -
? ral thonsand in mu?a? I ?1 trout,
Ibns tai exl
ill ?a 111 tit' '
I.l lill: li: >M SI N'ATnR Hil
lu rc'i'lt i-? :i lettei i?
I' - ?, v A I 1 ? li I ?H I I.. V, .?lil-. ' I . . 1?. T
''.I. .Iel
III, |,l l|l ?
j,.,i onlj ' I l?il ''"
Mon n ? '
of a practical c1
trnlj >e.,n , _ J vi??'.
I -.111.1. STATES 81 I'l'i "li. ' '" Bl
I III'. "HI I'e.-l I-" e.l BA VISOS ut.I.- \IIH??I',II
l\ \ i -I I ?> IN ..?.\ I liSMI M -' ' I lil I II -. II
I m , ?lill "I'i POSIT?" AM Bl l'.'f I '"
The s... i? i\ im ?-.i?, mi.'-, i?lan tilt' in error,
li . lit.,, I t. ..-UM I i,f ' 'iIili. ' li? ni
nu It t? ?I a itbout .' lion t<
: - ',. - ? ,- ,,i c , t.t. I li. ., u. s; .,!,- nu ol ved
groa .ai' of Hu folio? ii s fa
i I be ?li f?mlai.* m -1 r the I
v riieHoeletJ f?-i - . -. 11 i'-? i- a ??;?? ? u < ??? ? "i |.??i ati"u
i a?iiiiii?..-it- Ki ? ?'.*.??? bank, ? reau
m i nr i!n I ? _ ' an?! iliiiii.- I? lain? m
:.; Ham* ?id. sud li ? lupow? re ?i l?j u- chartt r t,
?t? |,?isii? ?,f mou? t/.at 'i t" l?tn, nae, sud Itusrovc it, ?'"I
t., ,?,( i ami divide Hu net Income snd mot ?then of In
?,i-t proportion? among ti tnaslng in deposits,
Mith tit?- .-?-ti? i il power? ?>f such corporal!
3 i ii. ?-ni n 11 foi - i-- m-? on the let of July, isis, bad
mi depoail m i>-a?.t. the ium ? f .i
m lu.Ti tin sum uf I 11,111 waa then investee?! asd i?? I I i"
??a m ?t n s ol i bl ? ."-? i n me nt ..i the t int? ?I Btates, ?which
tri-il bj n-1 of ? -.:._-. a?? - tu i?. exempt from taxa
i. i bell return lo the rit at. < ont roll?-i
. . - - I ? I ?. *_: f.'iili Iii'-' ti-'i.i- ?....- ?il'i|iain? ,1 willi
!>..> m. nt of ti u ?"i all n?ii u.? smount so lu?
ve..,.? d In UtTt ernt ' h? 1 n ? ?u? r however,
liiaia i u ?i i?i.n 11.1 ? un i?' of ti?- Stat? '.?t ?m all moneys de
posited with : not d? due iii s tb? inn, m vested
n, ? ?,i.-lum. nt i? ?? in is. ?a ni? li u.s refused i ?,?- matter
reupon lulunltted t?> the court fur arbitral ?mi,
inn!, i a pro? isi'iii of ?-'at' law r? latluf to ami? abl? ?uit?
judftme ??i ??i th? Stat? ? '.??it wa? m favor <?f ti., i.
m?,,, .uni i'i.| i u nu.' i? a ? ii ? nt "f Hi? ia? ni tin- sntlr? ?
i?. lae te ?1 I?.? linn i ? waa tin i, tab? B t''
tbe Bupr? un- ? t'.nt of i : i"i" "f th. Btate, where tin iml?'
m. ni aaaafltrmed It? inn thence bere, ou appeal by
l be tlot le ty, Tb? i?i?l. m? ni below was to tbe ? ?f. . t thal
i n. tux In question n.?? no1 a ta\ .m property, uni ob ti.?
coi poratlou, a? tue ii on the franc bl i
i u.- i.'.i,ntiii In error roiitendi that ladebtedneas das
from tia i mt d Htates, exempt from taxation i?v the
? onstitutlon, snd ? ex? m?>! by .i? t of Ce
??vin tier owned bl an iiniiiiiinii i,r a corporstion,"
i.?,,'ii.t in embraced In aay part of sal baal? with refer
en? ?? lu v. l.ii h u,, i o't-i ?.f tin property (whether fi an? his?
.tber property) of na. h individu. rrorpora?on ii
O? ed fur Un- |?iii|ii?s.? ni taxation, li ein?? n,,t i,t u ; i
avoid t?? question tosaj that 11 i- tin franchise which li
tan d, ?eiiiii'iir nut uni?-? u appears that ibis tax is
1, i e ?1 u]???n tin nil.? ?1 fiai.? n . m. ?? Live of propert.
or buvaine standard IlabUitj i bs
tanins of a franchise is not confined ii . to coi
j,, rations, bul u. iv be ? nfor? i 'i sg ilnsl Indit .ii..?!- aud
ii i? e i-ilj ?<?< ti that niai, r suebapowei the immunity
from taxation of .? creditor of ti.? inn, ii <t?t- *
Ulil (if tile tit. IM e/'.i ?liOB lee at:.',,n,ni J I
rendered ?.f ii" practical raia? if aaeb indi
tuina: aad ?wrporst los tbrouaboul iii?' Btat? sboaldb?
,1 ,,ii,|i ii t ? rial, the ill???"li"f "I tit. ?ai?t ?if 'ht |.
pri?perty owned by bim on o.' Iel of Jausarj Is sssh
and r. >.i> a ??u un tai on Us s ,;11
aim?ar '" la? uac In question s mid n mil it I. u no n
ape? 11'? lb? value ??f tb? prop? rti al tin tin ? ?t tb? >???
hu? i- -? ? sow uni
:', further deposits of the plsiutifTa luatitutlon
mtt t ? i - : and be ii! that li
? , ?
ot lb? property held, as would tb? ?oat, Is Um cass ??'i1
t lu defendant In errol Insists that ii ?? lu*?
i! ,.f 'I,. I li l? .1
i nat. :
av, me-.pv?-.--'' sntl thal " wictu it. vi'?.J b? U??
'.ink if bSSBMM 'Upo?it?. and tontiniie? t.i t..? ??? li until
repaid to the depositor," tin a it is certain that I? tiiii
i '?-?iktiix sa th.? " total amount of di posits"of the plain
'.il n i ri'.r i? not stnl eaaoot tie ti? lal to be s ta*, .m their
iji'M ruin, -nt Mt mun ...
P. Chamberlain for pUlattff in error; it D. iiuhhsrd for
s(.' ndanl m error.
H i?nim. in\. Dee, n -The foneaiag cav? were nn?^. r
constdi rsUon to-daj in the Bann me < onrl : No. ?Ti?Ths
v*y.ir Binl Ai.I. inn nef the City of Washington, PlalBr
error, agi DennHon. M of eeaaasl f<*
?Tliierror rtleds motion for ths allowance ?n* ?
s'liinyii-ivt In this canee. >., in joel u Wleper, pialn
ifrlii error, agt Eil H?.ir..k m ??.?munit. Tin-?anse was
s" ITS rite .1 in i li hu .!,<?? ?Company act.
al In ' H'T '?. the i In nil Court f..i ii" Sorthi na
' ' ".- <nn-. docketed snd dismissed. So.
1 ' lt< i ?tates, spp? li.nii, ;,_! .\...i! ,- Motion
; !" ?i ai un? ?i.
M.iii rONGRES8-Hn Ri ?sion.
H-.ViTi; . \k MBUfUTOK, li" i.l*' 1.
Jin' ?MAIR liiul before tin* Benate ;i me
m..i .1 from the Boclety of in. ula, in relation to Indian
?I' Uwai referred lo thi Committee on ladiaa
Mr. u Ma-UN (Rep..Maat presented .? men.I from
John Warren, an Am, n, ,n citll-u-n, ji<.w In ii
prison, setting forth thal li? tras li? i?i f"i trial foroffi oses
? ommltl? .1 m the < it;. .,f Ni??? york, win, n t\,t? n f. rred
to tin i .linn.in., ?m pore i .rii K< latd
on In regard lo th? eotton tax, and another
fruin colored M'ltiiii?, relative tobi eli were
li!' Iif.l.
Heversl petitlous in regard lo Impartial saffiratre were
prrseiited bl Mesara Hil Mill li, HL'MNKK, POM
i.u.'V. .m?! i ? ; t. *? k I.. .uni referred to ihe Coron)
th? .iii.'
Mr ^ vi i? (Rip . ni i presented i ? *srd to
a m??.lili, st ion ol the r,-\ ? nne laws, snd against s rednc
ti?.n of the rev? une, which wen referred to the Commit
tt. mi i manee.
i intmto.
A MU reported f..\?.?..i?i>- bj Mi a\?ii.,n, ,i:,v.
p.. i .. ii"in the < "iiiiniit.. mi ii i
?aptes of thi Pays ?, ..i'? i? pan i '.i aiil
im .. t.?im i bill) aas ]? i? 'i
i i tu i ?m., ??i
Mr I RAUIN iRep., s ii | from the ? ommifteeoo Ter
tail, ?a ill,,mt urn. tullin lil. Ile bill t?> I.
'I .ii,?I |" til ju.I -
Utah, n.?I for niini purposes, rct-ouiineudluff its
l? ??.?_..- li provides :i?..i (lie lullitla <>l ti.? rerritorj
shall be oi ftaulzed sod dis? ipliii? ?I in stii li minni i. sud al
i-ni ii tiim ? it? tim (,., . rnoi -i, ?li din rl ii,, tw< Ifth
m ? linn provides thal Diuriiairi ? lu tin nu tones rosj be
?mil m n i/i il unir by Jnstlres of Ih? (Supreme tVmrt, or bj
ol n . i'. .,,. dul.i? '1 .m.I qualified ui th? ii
proper tow nah 11. in?, uni?, orb? an) Priest or Minis
?ii ol iii?- <?'.-|,?i. i..iii,,iiv ordained, snd settled or
I. I I I'm J . bl ! Al ? li |i II : ,? - i ..|ii|? ?. lil
? into the 1I..HII.I-?. contra? t Pol ? j ini
forbidden; mid ..II marriajrea within the de-sracs
? >f ? on? ingulnlty, v? it li i ii ?li , li m m .,,:? - m? prohibited,
tor? ii nts of thi rerrltnry, areilea-laivdtolieiueeatitoiis
and void; and sut-h parti, iwlmshalliutrrmarrj s I th. ta-h
athel ?t ?bo shall rommil adultery, oi forniratlou, with
i-.?i li other? shall !"? punUhrd by finprtsoumeiil st hard
lui,"i m th. )? int. nu.?i\, foi i ni inore iii.,ii nfiei n (rears
i.i'i i? ? than -,\ mouths. Persons who shall **
sid .in?! n-- -t m. "i be im . nt .it. the ? ? n atony, ..i ne? ?
nf M. -ii".iii-in known .?-? "sealing" or "spiritual
i re effect to tin same, shall lie .1? ? m? .1 guilty ota ei me,
? m?.n tin i. of, i? fon .i Conti of < omi.ni
shall be punished as above, and the person
m soli luiilxlns in? b rite, si i>? r
- li n i te, oi performing su. a ei etnony, abai! be
'i. Mild, .Hi'I -' tl,?JUO
' I? h. ..li.I Ml,|.till > Ill ?' ii. 1.1 '.???: li thi [?? l| ?
for nt least two v?mh ,,,,t ?.? lawral forth? Min
n..m ' .-..n? I.. ?? Its .tiliia-rs, ni members us such, to Kraal
mr. ni.?.mu?. ritoii rai . l'uni
Ml 1.
i ii. i ii ti,, .m ? fork Chamber "f Cum
iii tin? i i j. ? i of sp? ' i" pay iu? ni?, was ordered t.?
niol. ul Mr -NTllOM IK. p .
? ii.? n m m .,,' ih?' r lunn?'i. mi Pi nilli?:, who stated that
it- lim ' ulso presa li ted f
i. .1 by that < "ouiuiii i. ??.In. n
,?'??!, i" i'i ,i,f mlil,-, in.ii 11,lu ?. i,[ me report of
l ?. i HO IO i i?.? i KABSsS TO TU
Si rod b3 .
! .? i-t i ' ad fu ni I
. li waa refi ,itd to the 1
putt Hoads snd I'oel 01
ini ..i ? ; uki cotai .iinTtki at waar ronrr.
Mr .inn v-?i.s ilieui . M?i i ? ii r,,i ,i i? iola Ion ?. Hint?
ni "ii ? i, - of War for ?i |
?.f in.- ? .: Martli i I W? ?I Point.
At ti.- ?n?-,; ?t,,?lint Mi WILSO**) {Rap., Mass.), II WM
? ? ? r.
. i ?. \ iii '
?. th? bill ? ?
. , an nil? i I I ? wild ino
!.. j? upli of tin?
rtouth ih kins pn i?, i .um ? for
?. t year's i-rop, as t kiould b< repealed? as
ka? i Iii tin ,r v
i ? ? .. .1 !.. t. re lb? huh
?i.,) i foi tim) i ? .? -
IKKII.I i p.. M? ) thoni*1if tiny hail hetter
li.m tu? ?bul? Mii.ji ? i ' Ion m?? B?sate at
, m. al li "??.'- i? ?lui M Ion v. li. "Jier
i,n.-.1 ?"..it? '. ni-?? !?<? relieved Iron,
lax II? I ?i? al Hi?, lill, va ni.1,1 bS ?I'I? I
? ii *..-. ?*? '!? ra i.?>ti'- thal li?? pro
li... .bj ? i unn ? tin? pi?-?? nt ? rop
I .?. ra' mill
J I', f ra
" . I
V., tllll
-, i?m ? i ? . ? intent
lin- lull WS
i ni ii??i mi : i, '
Mr W11 ION H? p.. M
ii. ri.iii ii Um "?'j' ? i ?
, ... tia ?,. m. t.. the faint!!? s "f di
? lu wbli ii ' in ,i
li Mon iii. h il be did
ant I how um. h moue) ki would take out ol tha
It - mi' tin ii'iiiiiii -,
? ?I bad ti" *
? .III,, III - Hie bill ? .- i " 'l
' S ?11 \ I I ? .. I . I I 11.11 .
...iiiiii Den taha ap the
..i i?, adpiurn ou I rid i) lb? .."??
111 Hie \ -ii? I .
fused to eon??uga Hi said the Senate could
lion vsiit
.' t..
Mi lif.l'I'H K8. (Di "
M. MOKT05 Rep., nd.)
?i v.?.ii. I.? llM
Mi i DM! SOS A., p \ : hop .1 tha fama
i? ii.iiieit'i i?.
Mi i.m >n ** 'I'.p. Iowa said It was ftratlfyinjc to see
in, ?e ma "t i ? .ni nu) .ti ii patriotism I
r li ,-i li. .ml Oil til? |..l|l ol DI '
tors .um itally. I"i tes ltd had lud iljn ?! lu th? u
,. ... ? f .uuhi. i i I ne !. (.?-!., tu m tbej had
I |,?| ,ii. mi? li ni? i.? uti.lilly m tin Unit' ! >'f
\ resolutions of censure on the Mi ??-.?k. kt
., urtaiil li n it ??-?nil.! do tin in ii" harm
t-i, ousull their vol ' ''"' end ol li?.. mba i
Mi ii'Mi SIi* said, if thi Beuator from Iowa Mi
I, -M? i| t<? t',, i,..ii,, to in? ii/m.t'i I,
was no t the b ad ??' in
?iin'?.i?.iiii Committee, to whom be m il som?
ml i. i'.'iih?
Mr ??KIMI-- Wohave nothing it thi world todo
Mi l.p.H Mi-t|'"l(.'f'ii'li rln recard loth? ii?
of .it i? ml i in.- '" 1.11 inn- ni Uti rsol lealslatioii, nft? I
Mi ' \ M i Ki i.N Kep . I -, i and Ml I?" 'I 11 I I I
?, i..i ..n adjournment for at leasl lendsys, no
lime' k'.i.i'i.i bj '. m. .inn y here, as lhere was usuull)
nut lilli? ?In-' "M??-i- I'kVI- di. ?ti. Ki i m I MUK
HI KM AN, and Mu ni; n I coi tiuued the di bat?.
? -. - :\ i v.k\ \ s i. i ? i" ?.i? n? fa? "' ol ?<? boll
,1;,?, christmas wuma ii ?.?ii by white aad
.. i,. ?, i nd i ?""
\|. nilli m ? . ? Mu- Courts were in
, Vi i in?.nt ou New-Year's day, Mr t'ONNI**?*!
(Kep.,Cal.)said I" waa no1 in favor of abolishing tim
lu,li?!?* then v.?n m.n Vermoul [uiugh
11,, in.iti.iii t" n ' onsldi i ? .?? iii. i. ? inn. >l i.y a tote of
.- i., ii
Mi 11? n u 11 I l-l mi-i I in aro? nd lil ins? rtlng "frmu
?ii.niliij Uti nd ?if i?,, ? nil? i, ... li.ii.i) Um i?l?ii.l.m
i i --i *>in n and ( 0HK1 IH ?it? p.W.l
, p|?uM-d loth? resolution, butt hough! ti w?
to idjoum, If atsljifrom Prldaj lo Mouday, as Senators
would ?'" houu tin n .ii .iii. \. iiis.
Mi I I --I M>l V moved a division of th? i|Uestlon. but
-Afterward ? Ithdrev? It.
Mr. I KI I I"?'.IU "i A N 'H' I' N .1 i said In- '?'??'ni?! "I1
,,. ii,, mu.mini, i.' ?i? *.?.? li .i- m? r solutlo
. ni> .i.l.l two Fridays, Saturdays aud Monda; i to ths m
Mi a m ii?'.*? Y opposed .Um amendment for the same
Mi DRAKE (Rep., Mo.) said In view of the em ? i "f the
i?-i-.iiiti.iii ol j."?"?-: *?. n it""? npam tha "iii ?m. s, as
ti., nulli tie old rouplet, thal he would not recita last bl
?iimil.l lu- ni,um ?1 ?"?n t. i" atina usm? ? oa the Boor, uunvt
be ' < nu? l ii?'1? ! i '"'? t ! In ordet ih.it iii.
y, nutnr ti?.in Iowa [Mr. >o ?un ?>. should be enabled i" Ko
home to Invlgorat? himself, and tiw Senator tram I'i
sylvania (Mi Canwranl to visit his doubtless aumerous
araudchildreu, thoo**- he iDrake) bad opposed tin r. -,,
lutitiii. he wouldaow kow fm iii. bmg?*atadjotunuuent.
i sugbtei
in?, smsiidmenl was l"?t. and Um resolution was
s?l?nii??l bj u -."" <'f -i i" ' i.
I I ?, ?II I |,'S
on n.. it inn of Mr. COKHI IT (Itep.. Oregon) ti.. Penatu
took up the pcudlug lilli, i.!-.!"'!'!'? ?I bj Mi. I?
n.mu?? toral? tin valut ol legal tendel Dotes !.. pai
Mr Corbett rend a I n.i.'ij ?[? iii lu opiH> don i.? the
bill, m .1 < .<?-. 'i bj roo .,-t'' ' i m,mi ?? ?n,
rinsiiee, toa ii? t with I .. .1 by
li,m t" iir.iMit. fm ' ul sadd notes to lake tim
i , , f . ? 1er, aud to fa? i i ,., of
?I?, ii |, ,\ meut?,
rlu m .in-n v i? n?-r. ? i to.
H,, Ka? li it ti th? n ?kelli ii . . .
aftt r ward edjoerned HU Mondaj
noon oi i.' m -i m mi\i ?*
Mr. li IOT 'lu p., M ia?.) preaent? >1 the
meu.? ' ? ? ? ? ! ii,. ? ? .
,.f II,?, i. i ? I i ? . ? : 11 ?? _? r :
t - ii, n Hu i rifara of
ti?,? IlidlalaS. iili.l pi i) .UK tli.it tin l?.v< ? ! ,
t bo p i-s.'.l fin th? n
i,,?t,, i,.,,, I lu lui linn i n ?.i? .i li u? ?I t?< th? l i.iuliiltt' at
i, AffsJi -
Hil , . I ? t IX
On ii - : ? r Mi lil . " . the -. ??? t
.vitiuutia.ki uik diaiiiLiiiiii.a rewiutls to Um ?willora vi
JeWeteem Das?, ?aas illmSsd to woertMseasiasaesBs.
Tur ibibbbai BBianoB tit on mW sarre*
Mt. ELDRIDGE (Dem., Wis.) offered it it-a.??iution ?li
. the CommtMloner of internal Revenue to report
what irrsngemeat Is carried ont in collecting the Income
tax from the wiiak? r? at Hen ?Lebanon; wbetbeM each
male r_ember of t_e?_ommnnit] ?s sllow? ?1 the? \< mptlon
of |i,n<?\ or m hellier thal exemption sppllei "my t?? the,
Com,11111n?ty as a whole. Hit rcsolutiOB ?.?.is adopted.
II LI. I li. I)I?TItII is m- i r \ A?.
Mr. I_AWRE-.CE (RepvO__o) iiiit-.iiiiit. a a bill to In
er? ase tbe Bamber ?>f Judicial Dictrict? in r?xas, w Iii? li
waa re?erred to tin- Oominlttee en indian AtUu'*.
BXI BP11'-N 1 le?! _T__? I'I TV.
Mr. KERR (Dem., Ind.) offend a resolution Instructing
the Committee on ways snd Means to Inquire lato the
? -i?, ?in ney of ?tuii-iiilinu the Internal Revenue law, ??? ?
to exempt from payment of the ?Stamp duty all official
hmiiit i xeetiti ?i tu ..r for th.- u??- <?f religious, charitable,
or hen. vient religious locictlcs. The resolution v?a.s
nu: in r? i y tit: ?tnt ai rowiv.i: IO ' I Fi'K?.
Tbe BPEAKER presented communications from the
se. n?tai y ,,i the Inferior, Attorney (le?era!, snd Congres.
attona1 Printers, with statements of the smoont ?if toe M
Iii r cent a i Inn a in. mai!,' In ?t j.-.-tr to tin ir respective ein
ploye ? Ref, rrod t.i the Committee on Retrenchment.
i~ni \ roRgroBTsoi nu. n?>t sit i (>m m 11 n i a
Also, s letter from the Clerk of the House tuting that
h< bad pr?par?e?! and deposited In the Honse Library:?
?i index of th? r?|iirt? .?f the lion???? Committee?
from i-i. to tin- close ol the l i?t Oongress, corresponding
with a similar Index from the foundation of tbe Govern?
ment lui i-ai. fur v,in, ii ?o appropriation wa? required.
IN e ..Illili u,. ,,, m, nu,ni, ox nu. ?TAH. 01 nu.
i ?tant,
'?n motion of Mr. FARNSWORTH (Rep., Ill) the linns?'
went luto ?Committee of tbe wie,:, ou the8t-teof.be
i'i.i.in, Mr Fsrssworth in the i bair, for gen? nil <hTi.it?-.
Mr. VAN TRI MP (Dem., Ohio .poke in condemnstion
"filii late ?ni|ii'a. lim. nt project, and wai followed l'y
Mr. LAWRENCE (Rep., Ohio?, who defended it Mr.
Lawrence yielded t?> man] Interruptions, ?.. thal Ms
?j.. > ? h aas m ule ii 11 of .?na ttloni und responses betwe? ti
himself aud Mesara, l.i.liai.?. Wilson (Iowa), Boyer, ??it.,
and ??iii? i i.
Mr. <rV?OODWARD (Dem., ivim.i made ?? lu ?ef iir.iiiiiriit
tm tin- law of Impeachment, arming thal the word ' mls
tl.Tii, aiu.i ? ' as used in tbt Constitution means not s vio
tallon of law, but mlsconducl Lu office, knowlugly done
t?i the pri ?ililli ? of ii ? publie .?i "f individuals.
Mr. G .RI li.l D '?:? p., Ol lo) Inquired s li thcr if the
: \ , i.- not ,i> rend? d li) ,?..111. law iittiniiii. what
constituted a mlsdemt*auor, he waa not nt the mercy "f
two-thirds of the Senate, who nilttht ?le. ian- bim gullty
1111 .nun'm i.in.. without regard either to ?mu
mou lav. 01 t.. common m n
Mt ?WOODW \i:i? he lil that ev?
? 1 Mu? ni luid in? utile, nil ?J? el t?. tin Impeaching pow? r.
and remarked that there was much moro danger of cor?
rupt iiii,;al?remainingunlmpenchedthan there was "f
un u who had been faithful in e Impeached.
ia. Committee wa? forth r addi.I by Mi El v
ilii i?. N ii. m . ?linl? mu itinti ??f the President'? com 1 ;
snd bj Mi KERR (Dem., Ind.) in advoc u j ?ef an exten;
aion of the Judiciary lystem >.f tbe United States, ren
?hu.11. ..1"at ii.?' on?,and by the growth
of Admiralty.I particolarlr In favor ..f the <??
tabliahmenl <.f another i? rm "f the unit? I -tut. s b1 n. *
Alban], Ind . for n lu? h be had air? ady Introdiic? ?I a bill
t'n .' baa been referred to tb. Jud?elarj ?'?'innu;'
ia? Doua lill I!, at 'J o'ci... k, a.ljUlllT.e -1
nu. 1 lil 1 |)Ml N'? BUREAU? li'?..-? 1?llllo.N
m 1.., m ?yoi
III? IIM..M?, Nil. Ile -c. 19.?T-B Y MT. illili <'?>tl
ventlou reassembled tbi? forenoon A communication
mm received from ?.en rk-bofleld, approving the ordl
?..nu.- ftxlng th? |.aj ?ef member? and offlcera of tbe Con
.eat ton
An on - reported paying the Reporter of tbe
(???nil ni.,,t. ?. i ia page foi di lu'. ? reported by him.
A petition waa i.?.. ? %.-.1 praying for tia passage ot a
ii.,i.i' -n ' i .1 ,',i Snead (Rep.) denounced the peti?
tion a? a proposition for downrighl robbery, and in opno
aiUon to the Coustilutimi of tbe United rat?tes, under
io ? ?..steil 11..? motion to las u on
tbe table was lost bj Y? I snd It was then re?
ft II', el
a ?i appointing a Committee to memorialize
? ililli, -s t.. allua the 11? edme n'a Bun an, In i i?-w ?>f the
?i? ?m.it?.?-i n. the Tit.-, t-. remain li? n nil ?"? iwastiaction
i* ram pi? te, s i- lal 1 on the ' ?
\ dopted lnvlUng Oen Orlamlo Brown
and ?tail ?d in?' En-edineu'? Bureen tot? prtv?egos of
the Boor.
\ ?-. ?i ?i. legan ?iiv? i -.1 r? -,.i it-uii? to appoint B e,?it -
nutt.. tu ?.ni mi i..-ii -rimti Mandas! bim to remove
the i?i- -ni State .?ti,? ? i-, and full ni--1.? indu? ?? lum I ? do
it then tu go t?. ?a ishiugton fut tin same parp?se, ?u- i>r??
? ni- tli? amendm. nt <?i the I iw aa a? to give lbs Convi ti?
ta m the righi t.) re???ive Ihem. The i? lolutioui were laId
mi the tslile.
ii,i reiHiiutlon offered yc ttivetotlie Intimi.
ol loyal i -t- rs <?f tbe
Repiiblh-an ticket, and the amendment t?. it relative i.?
ig by e ilored voters of ti.?lored men
anti ..tin i ? ??in, Ma, ,i tin- e??us. t i_i,',?? iii ?.-t. ??,? recalled
up, bir latdovei untilto-morrot? SdJtMurntut.
hit i.i i ti i ORDINAMCE?MEMORIA! !" COM
C.lll -- . ..'. lill. I.l PEAL <?l I lil. ? "I I :'N
I \ ?a.
An \M4, Ga?, I???', l8.?The (.?-?nviu Reeon
i Convention, which wa? m a-salon here to-day,
?tractionof the Relief Ordlnaaec wblcb waa
id? ptc . bj ? rote of i t.? ? ?
i.mt. (?? tli? resolution? ask?ig a repeal ?of tbe
. 'ittdll ti - ? i
... -. j.
? ' ' ? a
? .
II ? - , ' .! Ii. li.?
' - a _rr Ila Clonmell
. ? ?
?Cuan 'i
t- ? ,
tir ?i,, i
?' -
f the
ti !-.'? ? -,
.'.,-. ? -.,1 Stat*?,
? - - al IN ?tri? ila) lu liotb
A'.?iii:? di gat? offered bis r? ? mix-r ?>f
the < ut'ieiiiiiiii. Mr. Bradley (colored) doubted if he
. ? ? p? |>< s ,,, ,, i \\ itbout .?? iii'ii m
t.i? n,..u? i t'a convention sdjo Moudaj usat.
i.<>ri-i .\\
\i a ( ?iii i in?. lh.. 13. The Convention :??1
..',? n? .i last niL-iit iititti Monday ii
? uiiiiK.ite..? i.m.- in report
ii NM>-i:r.
nu c iiMiieiN e *, ' : i ; 11 i: nu i .
\ ?-Mini i. I? nu.. De?*. 13*?The .Senate t?i
elay [lasse,| t),?' ComiUOU < al l li r hill, ii'i'l t?
it e i'i.\ llega ? ??i 11 u?. ? i ??n rail
, ?opie.
AI'I'e.lMMlM OF .11 I'll IM ? ' I I t? Kl>? M? ?\ K
?II m ol c OMBERa I.T1VE lil \< i? I.
Montgomery, Ala., Dec. li.?Nun- judicial
aad ministerial cHlcers han- reeenUy been mm?
,':ii ? ji.it.. to loyal Ki imiiiicana Five ot the saw sp
es were extreme members of the late ?tsconstrno*
tliill ?'.Hit ellfliill.
i in ? ?ir? 11 at i ic ?iiii.i.il meetius Issl night organized
rvative Club, The whole affair waa man i_< i i.?
the I nits, ii,,, colored speakers denounced tbe io
called " ?-.irpet liai, member? of the Reconstruction
Convention, and declared that the colored people were
enei.t.. i in-in? .Ti?? if n ei ?ii,? longer refused to heed
d counsel of theil tried aud true friend?
the ...I Inhabitant? <>f tua Booth. Resolutions were
adopt? u ? tin li ?n e ??re lu itronjj ti mi? ?.^atiist tb?
cat lou <-r iii? ? ?iiistitiiinui.
. ?i\s| l?\ A 1 I \ ! Ml I UN?, tit Al I 1X1 v.
All IN l _,G-_., I?e '?'. lu. ? A ??illllt.N ('?)IIM1 lilt ?Vi
l.-i_, ill i-i cr B call eif tbe 1 ?te .-tal? ( ?mt eli! mu al Ma
.was held Iiere to-nlgnt Much? Dtbuslssm prevail? ii,
ami.? resolution waa adopted, suggesUug the assembling
of ? National Convention ??i Lotuavllle, <?n Um
i . Li ii u y. t.. f.. i in a parti f"t i. atoration and tbe preser?
vation m ii??- riiim,, on tin- principle of the Constitution.
tiiiii-?iii\ miwi.is K.iii?,i. STUDBXTS am?
M ?.i:??is .nu iii K8.
A mob of about a itrtned negroes tbn itened mi T?.s
?t.?i night to attack so. studeuta ?.f the ?.e.ir_i.-i Uni*
t Athena. Tbe a?t inti-nts ar.I In turn sod s
Imminent.when.troops were ..i?i?i??i oui
.mil ilt-jei i. a Hu- negroes.
IflUiSOl Bl.
-mi ?ii rill IT. LOU|g WATER BOJIl-g?-A ICS?
l'I e III? Ml RDERKR I? St HI D.
St. I-o? i-, lh?'. l^?Two mUlioni ano i bali
nf tbe Bl. I "nut V, nl.r IicuicN tv? re r-.il.l at auction .?n
dar I he ?tu , . ?-f ii leiilileri? were the
?,' i,, i ? I. at UM O'? !?? *' Ibtt
m?-i ni,'g mid cold
lui t?. iv tar.
"I'lMi.N OP THF. I.OMXiN Ti?
ti iriisTic naasasra ?o ths ?srBr.i_
I.n\|.i)\, Jiee. Vi?ll? ?.?minn /,,.?., ti,.-i I ? ,,".?,
-iiy.i that the holding o? ?Eofopeaa Coateeaee tot
tilt'Hl'ttleineiit of the JiVliiilli (ill. .?.tittil kk. niltl In
inoi kery, after the reet nt ?|,.t. li nf the Inn, h Be
i. tary of Stiitr, 11. IJouh.-i. in Hu* I.? in ??hu ne Inn!?.
a mew von io rai italiax goti rumimt?
Pajug, Dee. l-i.?It is atid that tin- Minister of
Foreign AfBalra baa aeat t<> Floreaee a dispateh in r?
irai.l to llif ? latea ni Italy ?ni Komi', lia?' ?I apon, antj
in ?elise ni? ntifal willi, the ?ikeecli of Mini?i? i lion
In r in the Coil? La_g_dat-_
lii'iiKNCK, Dec. iy.? ??va-iiinir.?Sa lion*? apprak?
in? ent? rt.-iiiie?! of an in an r.-etion in Naples, lu
whit h ??ty th.? tieinoimtiafioiis agalaat th?? eoam of
the (iov?Tii!iieiit ha\e li. .n utiu-.ii.illy viol.-nf.
ni nsnAMi?
L'.Miov, Dec. l-'i.-TIi?! ?M.v.iiini? nt hi? ?I. ? ideal
to instituto ?i prosecution agiiinst John M.ittin alni
the t.iher pewena who nia?Ie treasonable sp?. <-It<-*s ou
th?? occasion of the funeral demonstrations m Dublin
??n S?mala y la?.-.
111...WIN?; II' OK < I.Kl'KHNWt.I I. I'KIM.V
A?Jartaa;attoatptaraa ina?!.* t?.?iiv io lalaaae th.?
icoentl] arraated l'en ian. Col. I.urk.-, ?kho Iseaa?aaQj
in ( lerketiivell Prison. PUB?Sl waa placad tullun}*
'.ne of tin- priaoo walla, ami was exploded, it m mg*
l?os?.I. l?y Hiirke'? eoofedaratea. 'Hie whole i-ttle ?.f
t!ie nail \kii? l.loikii in o ihe a r. 1 ? ?? (MM "I Uki
expkwhm aaa aa fraal that three adjoining buildfaga
u.i.? deatfojed. Many peraoae uren injun.l.
:iM*i it le f..uni that M.ine in.? wen leet_
Mu? li eonfuaioo preraile in th? \ ?cinity, anil it i-?
?lilli? nit to amOt llain th.* ii. tail? of th?; ?n < _f9U_MU~j
1 In? < \*.los?.i!i had veiy ?ti ions malta, bat M a? aal
-n? ?. ??ini in fa. ilitatiiiu- the rescue of lim ki*. Tho
priaooet aaocoadaed la au iaaei et li. ami eoald Mt?
aeeaaeb] t_M breach ia the wall. II?* has beaa ?
inok.il to a lilli??? oi L'lealt r se.iiritv. The gXpl__ieSB
was tr? in? n.loiis in it.s? lle?f. The [ni.-oii wall ami*
neighboring baildinge ave a asaee ?>i raaaa Sainn*
litree must have been lost. It is wildly}
riimoiitl that M many as II B_n_Btj
I.aie Inen killed, ami that home lioilie*]
an? Initieil in ihe innis. It MOM that ?lining th??
murnini* repairs had boen coitiiii'-niiil on thewalJ,
I.ater m the ?lay mum* unknown mt n v. i?; gym kg
roll a lum I. k\ hu li ?lonlilt ?8 ??..iitanied tin' jmiiviIi i.
uii.ler the place where the np.in* \m ii? 1.? mp, iiiiid?-..
Shortly alter this the explosion took pla?)*. T\k?I
ni. n lad a W)iin;in. m ho were leiiml in tin? ki? nilly,
have i.?fii a-reatad ?m aaaaaV loa of li? nu, connect? *|
kkitlitiie p, rn. trali.in of the ontraire. Iii. ex? it?*
lin ht then? is ?n float that If is iinp"?r-nlile, ;?*? >??f, to
olitaiii :my coiret t ae. omit of the ? it.stuiltu *-.
11 M '.It A I. !?l !H_UMI I'.
QlAtOOWi Deo, It? Kveinnir.?An attiinpl v?.-.r
Blade in thin eily to gat np a funeral to-?lay tor til?
Ifaaeheater Peala ns, bat it a as eheehod hy the mt?1. -
felt II.'?' ?,t the am lloriti.-s.
Ill i ka?-r. Doe, It? Kv? niiift*.?Kxtemive prepara?.
tiotis hail bael uiaile hy the tri? mUof AlU-n. (?ould.
anil l.aikin to Bold a publie funeral to ?lav in tittie
lioiio'-. bat iii?' OoTeraateat ottoere -tterlared, nans'
unil.r the authority of the l,?.rd l.i< titenants pt** ?
laination jiut ;i stop to the ?leni..ii?tration.
lill. InMinN mm <>N AMEIUfAN AfTAUf.
i.hniidx. Dee, i".?Pf Tom* eon-tell th.? leetp.
tooee of President Johnaon'a Tiowe ob the disputed
queat?oaa ol naturalization and allegiance i?.-? ex
?n. --. .1 in hie Annual Message.
I'll. ? ..ni'? LCODLATII BOOM TO Bl DIMOl vii'.
Paris, Doe.1 -Ereaing. lu?, reported that tbel
Corpa L?gislatif iiokv in aeastoa ?till s,?,.n li?- ?!i?a
??.??..?lin ti." Emperor, ami new elections ni'.! be
lu 1.1 ni January next.
( 111W
\ MIMIOM <?l MB. ni K1 is..ami-.
I.'.M'iiN. Dee, i"'.?A'l*. D', r? Croat fthnaghai aaj i*
iraa bettered there thal the A atari-ran Mlnlaiai. ii ?
Hon. An?.,ii r.iiiliiiuaitie, kkciihl ?ooti leave I', kin for
tin United Btatca? np wag o? Europe, ob ? spot i
. II foi' the < hill. M (..'\ellllllelli.
MARINE IMI.I.l.n.l.M I"..
.is?i'i\\s. ii-? ii Nu-oti The it? n ship f*nhs,
Capt. >;, ne, ; n.in Boston on the 4th last., has arrived Itere ?
un Iba ?.? bj t.. LI? ? rpool.
i -.. nil ? - n." N..'."inii Line iteai Caps.
ii i.i. h? m New-York Hov is, umehed ?t this port te ila.?,.
and '.lien proceeded to Liverpool.
I.Ik I Ki a ?. . I . 1). C. 13?1 - . ' -?pt.
Rt mu?, bom Bott? niant fer Delaware Bre iktvater, wfur.
ashore In the ttralts <.t Dover, tuMUt Calais, aat m lasa
.|, ,',,111 ' - VI - dl*? Il Ilk'illK ' ,.!?"? kklt'.l lil" Il'M" "f fa.-' Uli A
.ni 'Un ?iii.K -In p;i.inl. < ni'?. Brastnii, whieh ?,til-<l
fi.iui Uni ti.-'p!,u mi in?. UHi ol Ok-t.ib. r .i-i. li.,
ri ved itt .i port In Holland m s Irakis
. .i k-?..\\. Dee. Il \""n Fhe stesi -
i i|.i Mniifiie,fromMew-York Kortaaber90,arilved I
jresterday, _
i .*.i ..s. in ?? i. Noon.?Consols for money, ?.?' li..- .t
I Five-Twenty Bonds, ?1{; Illluois Central rtaliwa*r*
i i n- KaUwaj ahara?a, Ma).
ki,, nun.n -1.1.la stead*/ i?t ->?\ tot money; l'in-.??!
i vi Twenties, ti ii m, Ilunols Rallwaj shan
Hit; Kris Ballway sharss, ?-t
Kveuisg. Consola ? i,?-? ?i ,?i M| form?n \ An.- ii
Maturities closed st the following tal - ; : I i
Klve-Tvt-enties, 7111-1?; UUuols Central I Bl ?
Railway shsn >. IM
l'kKi?. De? i> Noob iin? i.'iiii.iti in the Ban! of
France, according to the regular \\? ? '.. ? s ?t.n. i. ? i ? .
Increasedfourteea mlliltras "t fTaaes. iin Rentes ?rn
v.? .iii.
I ?.?nil?:. Since ii""!t te ii i> Rentes have Improved,
the ? lose <'f the dsj ??? re s l\ u
i i:tNM..in, !>? c 13 N'uni. United HI
ties fm tin Issue <?f IMtl
Kvenlng United buttes Bonds closed al W11 M fat lbs
I i- .-.
LlVEBroo!., I?. ??. 13 Nu.m Cult.ni .lull:
mated .-..!. -1.. ?I.) are *?,.??? liai?-?: Middling i ,
Middling Oi .. -..- ..f tin? m 11 io .t
up ?W.0?O bales, of wliich U,oo0 bales wsn for export aaai
1,00s bales on speculation ; toe stork In nott and on siiip
i,....Li i- i; i.oiio bales, ol ? bick : ?.omi i. ile? are ?inn
Corn, 45/ a for Mixed Western. v?ii? ..i. i ? i :?> *'biteC*a
fi'ini.i. ...ni li ? for No -' Mil? mi,.*' Red Barley, ! ?
for American. 0 '
Canadian. Beef, ii.' r. for Winter ? ired Kxti i :'?
M, ,. Pork, i ; for Pnnie l -, -f- rn M? is. I
I III Aim ri? .Hi. ( In e-i . '.' for the lr . ? f
tin?-. I?.?.im. ii for Cumberland Cut **?> 13 Dutch
lard Sugar, M 6, Rosin, t S tor Common Wilmlngtnt .
?I'.ni ii f..i-Um Palo. Tallow, it foi \n.ii, i,. I', n,
i? mu. i per gallon for Spirits I Pptrli* *
rurpeutliie, iri 9, < lovel Seed, . I for 2fo. i AJneneau
Afternoon TheCTotton mark? t Isa little mow i? t!k**,.n).l
. noa promise i>. ni. li lO.ooo bali 11" fore the ? lose ? f
theda) : the quotations are unaltered. Comuadvaiu-lu?r;
N,,?. >fixed Western s quoted at *e/6i*er quarter. ?*?!
it, id? m is i foi < iillforuia \v int.- an.! ia .i for Mo, i >..
kvaukce Red. Barley, Oata, and Peas unchanged, [ia. -
has declined to 4u percwtfoi I'luuberlaud Cut. otli.r
.iiinmii.ii'. ?ne mi. !i.Hia-'"l. ntO in il!?, t for *?".i/.n .-?
; , No. ti Dutch standard lia?* ?Uti.ii' .1 t>> i? I ?
nui. i cbaugei .n. n porta d.
liiiii.-Tin- Cotton msrket closed w ithont Improrc?.
m. m m prk . -, m uti the exception of Cottam to arritre.
wbi.'li i? linne!-; tin following ?H?' the anti.?ni/.? ?I
Quotations: Middling I plands, in port, T|d.; Mnlding
I pinn.l-, t?. iiriik.*. Til; Middling Orleans, "| l Ibi
i of the day foot up 10,000 bales. The ad-trlees fr..n?
Manchester an unfavorable Goods sad yarns lium
n .I.. lining tend? ney, an i tho market la duli Corn
?I thin ut te, ?v Win m unchanged. Borley, or?.
??..t-, i - Peas,*.,*, Beef,lll/? Pora, a?/. Lara, M/,
Cheese, 'j Bacon, ?" . Sugar closed at the ?1= ?Hu?
reported lulu, No. 19 Dutch ?standard being quoted .ii
Spirits rurpentlne, ?d. lower: the l?.??t ??.?I.-? v???m
m.?je b| ??; i; Rosin steadj .it t ;i f??r Common, an<|
ii for Pine Pale. Thllow. ii . Clover beed, .'J.'. IVttv
l.iiiii, -j for Spirits, and 1,3 for Bell ? .
l?..M..,\ I??? n N'oou Whale Oil. 139 ?per 235 gallons,
ftpcrm OU, -til* per'tun. Unseed OU, g*T per tan. Lli*
-, ? ,| Cak? s, -li Vfi tun fur thin pale.
i ?, nlug ^ hale Oil, _..??; Sperm OU, BUS; 1 Ina (40
J? i7. Uli>aeed < akex. -li.
i . N,?.,n ri,r Petroleum in-ik.-t ia
ti..' . .-'a,l?l.ll?l 91 hltS I-- 11? "li- 11 lis 1.
lill ?I?ii\ N"l DISPOSED I" BAW li???.
('HI. k.,?>, I??.', l8.?A ili-|i.il.'n ln.lii OtiiHliit?
t'i?-1 th n-' imii ' ii ' ?p ' ? i ? * "f t.i o
xiii says a party of Si?iux cttine iii i Phey ?te?
lire to make |.-, but i |*ort ih.it tin malu Uni) ?if ti ?a
t aro ii"' ?li-,??-. .1 t" treat until th? f?.rt? In thi?
country are abandoin-d. K"' i lul.t tin
whites n? long as a man i- kifthhu. Indian roartara
frlei ?tit li ?I ,.:? .' '1 " li?? Uli ?l.u ?-._?
k>l\)\tatoLt ^_kl _i_i_u..i?.v-.

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