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ug.?"The -
I .1er the
uf.? "The Black
:, ma ii ?lu? - ii, s Evenins;
Wau ? to l'-'o
J?uiinrii ?oiitts.
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..... ? ? ?
..er'., Tra ker,"--, bt-.a-i?
TSiiis'i-ai ?
, , , , . . t?ltt?f? l'u:cku.:.taiiOBl;
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K. rUM. j ?jt??UtAM*litir>(.0 j e . -
f>?r {*. d?. ?tblcb tan? -
?tima. Tb.? Ml -I o? tue In?.?. I
?n?tMa-fa?** <'?"? * IWF| FSSM-B ?w I " Sf,t_tUid
tiOtllAt Hi ? ' ???
S ,--, ? it.: Bl '? : -.,''? ' ?
indisputably superior
lo (JO Jlsril ?t*eS9*M J','?.'', Cr ?it Bl M
?l-l \ . I D
i Vaai
?I o*a nnmuffttlurt in?!
Baamsu I
Davis i i .moi i
Our I
?n r't? -'
l>e?-ora.?j I .
Gilbert Bri
. hrsf, R. T.
I>?A1 -
? lawns? i?u barta Waaa
l OCtl, lioIU Wa ??
?ii Jtwtiat.
li ??sr? ??'.r?t. ?rrjirtrt?*?! b; ipte:?: I .?ittrleta
T B. Biss-rs . Ca..
T. B. Btssts k Co.,
) l
an i.-i un i-ii! ?t.?"Bbowk'sBron
C'lIAt, Ti" us?' ?.-* I
< wgK?, (V.'ii Bkstacll
eui Lung*. Their g.?i>d r-1 ki
taiUttoai, rtpreMnttd to be the iftxn?. Obi.? ? i'S arva
Kadi ? -Its Good El
ttkt l'a? ? i
?I nut I? ?
Kia cr Iii.?
Uartts Vigil te. $?? l?or dozen. ? ?. ii.
X -.. .i ? Cuni .No MOCkatbai .? M l
Wigs, Toupees, aud Ornamental Hair.?First
A.iiftai?? at l.?tak?ieri. II Ben?, a?.
Bat? Hair in.. -1 in the
?aoiid. ? jtrfttl Ait -cfi ali
ink i:..,!.:: M I CO
Stwi.sit MaCiibu
M ? i._
I'aTmer's 1'aum Limbs, B
P?tj?T i::nuPi |-u?i?i . ? k ?. B?w T?rt.t Boat??.
CllAPPKD II \\'..- W11 I M ' ^>'I'l Lil
eared at Ntl H Haasts ? Cat ?IVS ?it-.??
? "st t- st ?ii-1er. S?? ti?
-Hi. ' P???
.?it Co ,
Kinki.v. &L?
??? ? ?r?. t ? . -
A.?Unr.i matibm Legally Warranted I
?or ?mae? refold?! Dr. Pcrua'l Oraal . ?j.tt-i? Ra-oiiitie ti?
?tin luAaralf. BafartacM, \~.,'il cana. Principal depot, I
J ?*?r _
I okkky's Patent Wi . nu b s
? I . a - * lila ?a pei.rtnte *kl - ..r?uMd. 9?'?
I . I li.? (tal VA ?rriattd far fit rear?
B. S. t J int. B. T.
Hi it's- Family SOAF,
./ Ofssm ftatrtl f. J. C. BlIU'l Bob, J?! l'an ru?, Bin Turk
Pi i ? Soap.?li u i ol linM?- to
jjrulaaatt. Ii ?? . . ' i, ? rttltr/
? l.
Chickeki.no vV uiufactun
- ? PlitreP?tTti ?t ? ???-J?4 attkt Par ?
Bi)>- > : i,i- til? I.ario? of lloDiir ?lid a li'.tl Bill
Balli, a.iki.1 I) Ink p-eiaiuia* djring tu? put 4? r?ar?.
WtrerotMt, s? iii timad??*.
is- k position, Paris, ii
?t???.? ft | ?i i? .mu? li?..? bott ?-?-'.?I tk?Fiarr
fltatu I."I 1. Miual for An.?rit*? ?ira? '
I? lit j ?i.i?-ait ?er t.tl ti u? Initrritioi?l Jurt. TbtSBM i ? i
? .- Au,?.-i?a? ?i
'.hi |i ?l.l.u?
I i??i . ?. - ,
va . ? -.-.? s ., ?us, iL|i ni i .i N?? York.
Ths lentlewornen ??f the Union Befiel! A--o
. . 'iite.J the- li>IlowiL|r; as tlio form of au
? ib" I.Htlss* l'nion Relief Assr.i intien, having under
un l't r of tbe vu?]?.?? ? nial orjiliansof our
?lllal . , if. Owjiiftr u>tba
I sr ?'. jiitt-r, thoa? ?
?t liions are Dearly destitute o? lill
. ti tins Association. Tbe
,iti?in ure real, nut
luMKinary or i[iuri?iiis. Tbe ladies < oiiijeosiu.?- it
^ visit nil |u r-iiiis brouifltt to fluir nut.
fully si rntinlxa tli?'ir condi?
lli lympatliy
"f ! ?rlraa
? ii-it
' ' * lion to make publlo the Individual
casos of suffertBB aud ? ; by it. 101 m
suffering families, it
vuuiil ei , Rn<l
I fall tu ?aue tu Iiisrautv everyUuloa-lovlDg
? tributuui? ?ne toll? ?iel,'.,iul , .tied
Mrs John A 8
" . ? 'j
?,-11"'?",','? ' ist Thirtieth
?urcr; MISS Madelin.?
MeUtiMn, Ke,,.,,i1IK. Brcrttarjr, No. ni West
'Jhirtv-ttrat-rit.; M ,,itl Co?M
I ?r, No v
Mitrsliall (?. i -, Kifib
"n. u- ; Fourtooath.
? ( lintoii place; Mr- (;.?.
? i.irlj'-niiitbst ; M Wurster
5W<,D,J ? Mun?
W. No. 75 I'.-, t Tweiiti
?blrd-ftt ?Mrs
?1rs A lia- tj ?. venttH
Mi U'rl i
' . West Tweutl? tb ?t ; Mrs .1.
elftb it ?
lt.; Mr?. A
-- -Birril st.
Ml'. A. T. HTl.WAl'.i s m,\v I'A'AfT
Ths tniinlis nie tjreeting tim inna columns
1 ,r the second story of tin- v.ut warclnu??? vrliuh Is to
r tb? blurk bounded bj ' Nu ib iir.diciitli
fVts.. and Jruiirtli-ave , ?,r an an
,ii.-hit?(t :s Mi K. inn, tin- arelltcct also for Mr.
?tewart's siiIcikIM uiauaiou at Flftb-a, .-. I Thirty
?or! ia BuMlth?
i ?b ra ol tb? luv? man- Ion In
inasaive Iron pillar? and other Iron worka aro goina up
l.ll'lOI till! .Ill"' ',U 'I Ml -I Ii Slal W. W. Ililli? li,
and are to !?? \? ty uni?.in- Tba h | - which
e,')|.|H.rt tbe bnildinf rn. ?r
iletlgu. 'ilie. coat id tia-mu? alune wi!. K?j,
A Su Tsot un Mu? iCm i ir - \ few dayl
uki the Moffnnfcoperators al Huu?tou, t< ia?, t
9i"tlon t" | | ?? BTortk
BWltCkad tlirouifli hy WSJ of -N
I; in ? ij ni? min b;
P nail j
Dam y Trti ' ribtiro i*,r> oor anoam.
;s, Si l"-r an.
?ira, $2 pty a_a__.
Advrrtisn. s 1? ate?.
Put y Tf-ri- ' *? t^-r Ima.
Si v i W? i m.Y '1 : ci'uta periiao.
\\ Uki Y '! UIHM, Il ' ' t" liO*
?rdiog tt- i?'Mti-?a m tiie I'.ijmt.
Tu ins. eooh in :iuv I
A. ? !,-?,?. 1 uk TKIBTJNg. hpw-Yorl.
TEM a rB
MpBOta for Americio
nt Gaidao, Lott?on, ata
renaa la Orso! Britolo.
i ?iii.4. i ? .i i. A i f.. Bookacllera anti PlibllaMTO, Stsf?
i.-as?*-ntsfor Iur TiiiiiNF lu Aiisliaa.
C K '? ?., Arm ri-fi" Ran kera, Ko, It Kuo
A ni" i, 1 .u.-. an .?k.. uta for TUB Ti.im M in Franc?.
A AMIKI! ?V Co.. IltioVscllfi-S sud I*U>i!i*lir**-.?. Ko 50
l:.t. r dan L_?len, Buhu, arc agents for Tub in.:.
kbovs n?rnts wil rsrplvo siiliscrlV'tloni and a<1
vciliafu UBTltlBtKB, ' > iKpiel?f tilO
1'iti.er to Aa-eman? trniixiran] ?
Vt" Letter front Our Ou-n Correepondenl in the
Ciiij of Mrrieo; Bayard Taylor m Letter front
Hohen, in the Tyrol: A?rienltur?, a LetU i
r Special Correspondent in W'aslur
? . . ? i j i , ? ..ia.
IJIOIIS J liuilttjcin r, <??"? ??- ?' ."'". "" "??- ?..?>.?
paps; AVip Pa?Kcon'oa* on the firth
? ? Co,- i-f California,
It / v ;,/.. ?j . H,nilli Commit
apht, on Cue
?j of tkit morning's TuiBi ns
The ! ' ,'"11
rabie trouble. They are now s-trpoctcd <.f
? ?ian
. botta in England and Ireland, and the
Government 1ms m,nie extensive pirparati
ttae blow. Thi - ? in hanll>
belp getting a high id??of ti ?ii powei il they
? io v.i il in se uring th ern*
.; .
- T
; orton the terril '? i
tin- Lake Shori
rilif ?hip
Raleigh, ;i well-known eoastwiae steamohip,
waa burned ?m Tuesday on her 'iii? from tliis
ins, while >>r? Charta iton.
? il up nuil landed
barlestoa . thin?? n li\? * wore bo
lieved ti? 1>(- lust, but twenty-four of th?
? still mi- w< re las!
ok cUi es "f Um
wreck, ________?______
Whil? Italy ia el
France, and the menl findi it extn mely
all t . restrain the popular fury from \ n -
t t ik? - occasion to ra*
mind Italy and all othsr Powers whom ii mai
concern, I - on anytl od ti im?
?vit!- l ra
hil , ed ..,,:' i taken by
as and bei Allies in Um East? ra quel
only, Iii ??. d, to di ! i
- Rossia, and t<> oppose her, finally, with
r vigor, i
Russia li is earnestly inotesl I. li the It..'
bad s l.iMiiiiivk, the chance <>i concluding ?
formidable anti-French alliance a inly
not 1 . !
? ?
bappy festival, i here waa V of
wealth, i nts, ti: ia
in some former yean; an economical spirii hal
i into Um people; \\ e Broadway ihop
!,!.{>?ii bara tiona a htuiillst l?uainsa
iisiiiii, and headsy trumpery bas no4
tb?adant : bul In ths d.?
meijtio ' in '?, ws ?i:'ul>t ti"t, Chriotnios J.?s
.uni the 1' asoni o?
anity and humanity which are I
i>y the day lu'??' boen no?
Imm__m they hnvs been set off with compara
dvely little gilding. Now wo bars to tliink
aboul the work foi tim new year. Chiaatmaa
will have fuilod of it? aurpose, onlesa it hai
koned u? to ?lu thal work with i? a? wi .1
resoluten? at and effie!?
Thal there .should b og fi ?:.i .!?
tion in tin- - ?ughoot Um jen
Um cl'isf! (>f ti'ir Civil War, Miipiiscd no ?m?'.
The Rebellion eoDapsed after the i?r??j.? ; -
for planting an''? . .1, bjmj the
farmers wars n??>-.t i. pplied with in?
? Is anil animals: so that tiny grow less
than ball n crop. Drouth, acting on Imperfect,
shallow tillags, fearfully shortened Um i :
und eopecially the yield oi Indian Corn,
winch i-j the ?liiit ' Bouthexn food,
whether ox bread or meat Bat th.- product of
H587, though Impaired bj floods, worms, and
yellow fever, was thought to be general!]
: i ? lu ..i- with sur?
prise that tim South is once more on the brink
of famine? The statenlent ii too broa?*]? since
Tonnet . n, ?and extensive d__rictsof
other States, have foo?l enough; htill, there is
truth enough in the cri to justit] apprehensioa
alni proToks iiii-juiiy. Whal aie Um real causes
of existing Southciii Want? \\ ? answer-*
I. War. The South devoted ..ii box ei
and-Mans, throughonl four weary yean, i"
tin- pio-rnitioii of hi-r most lin? final Btl-ggle.
Hex able-bodied White maits were driven ox
dragged, almost es , ? , t?,,. Bobo] ar?
mies, Ii?,uU of families were pouiu? ii upon
nrnl ?'.'iii??-..I ?.ii to the front, with hardly op?
portunity to hid adieu u> their vins. Boys
of 16 and men of 68 wore iwepi in. The
Whiti u theil buaineoa ; Um Blacks
grow food and served In households. Hardly
anything was added to the abiding wealth of the
country throughout those four years, while
of food, dothing, _i., &c., wn. grtv
dually ? \l.au-!i?l. War xequired all? di vouud
II. D?vastation wai iii illy |_ the
?later years. The Bebeis burned Cotton, Bice,
nuil almost OYOiytbing ?1-e that wau
combustible, to sot? them lunn the ?ankeea;
who burned la turn to pud,nie U - u i,.j.i.u, by
Fences and otbt i rude wooden
f>! i net mi's WOTS ?At.n-ltily coi^uiniil foi i li I.
15lliI(ll! OftOB b .?luil-sonu'titiiis, m -
lyj at others, waatonlj. Domestican]
i all Undi wne s^nerall* " impr
pt off by one liak <?i Um othi r. If Um
Booth hml baan full-l,.'ii.i!,t], j?-,- bdtistrj ,,,,;. t
nave beonaadli hMffloienl sine? the \V;ir. Bo!
HI? Al.h-ho.ii, ,i ??-i, w?-i?. like w i-, swept
Hot h-, th:,,, Three Hundred Thousand Roath
rons he in theil graves who, hut for the War,
would now be ii, riforona, effective li,?-. They
generally h-ft widows and ehildxon, who are
BnnnlS to wwk tha lands It ft th* u., or which
they tenant, savs rsri ineffloosnUy. These nie
Mntlj sobering from want, whUs the
aggregate product of their aectlcn is leanened
Ws I'ti'siimi' that the North lo,t an many
DM u in hat tie as the South tlitl??u-, h.ijiH nioit-,
t_ractod inn,, i pa-Mjiation of
*?* ?'?'l ' : Wh?e thtiri, wao
i.? reaventen! ra (-*?*'!
oin! in the Smith than in the North. And,
though ??m loom i in actual bnttle mnj bare boon
the greater, otu hospital sccommofotions and
iiniliial -m\i., were Esi snperior, and?thanks,
in good part, to oni Sanitary and ? bli
Cominis-,i lis, l?. i!|| ti"' 'H', j
lll.ui.i|H\ %> Iii? li |,i l-i-li Mlv si|-t,'iiit(-il thclll ?
we rt.ivtil iiiiii:.. uves where the Bebel -?<k i ,l
dod proved In parallel eases Intrurablo.
IV. Not only during the Wur, but rince Um
War, inn- improved Implements and mnehlnerj
li.ive grentlj increaaed the eflfect?venees ol out
industry. Ohio and Illinois gron al leaal Unka
tin- Core to the hand that the South doon, n
eau till her planters ihnll be :ii>lc and nilling
to i'injilny ti..- vii> best Ubor-aaving fan?
V. Industry waa never so premien! among
the Whites of Um South ?i- among thone ol the
North ; while dares, as h nile, do the I
amount ni work they ena do and escape the
whip, And tin? habits formed nndei Ihe Influ?
ence of si.iti i.v --tlic aversion ko labor tostilled
is but dowlj (?vcicnliic
VI. Soda! nnarcbj now comes in, to
vate i-vil-ah. ady sppolliog. The Whites and
??.lacks of di? Bouth In.vc no1 j? t leaned re
dprocel confidence. The Whiten atlU dream oi
negro insurrection and outrage, end any moon?
shine Mm) ??I a negro eonepii ney to plundei
and masaacre sunns their bnplidtcredence.
Tin- Blacks feel sure thal the Whites would re?
ive tin m ii thej could? Hence, thej de? rl
tim rurel liistticis and throng iii?' cities, where
tini derive confldeaca from their numbera and
from the presence of Federa) authority and
force. Tlic fad thal the planten fail?often
from .-in cr inability -1?? i?.?> whal the Bl
liny li.iv.' fairly earned, strengthens the
Blacks in their apprehension thal thej will
liavf to iie-'i't against n *? hi ni \< r
"the Bureen" ihall have vanished, leaving
them without external proti ? lion.
?Mi.-i ci, tnlnlj. we do no1 di
t.? ignore, the alleged indoleoos .I impn
? of the l-l" ?- ?? ?'? ' thal li
tiiciii prefer Work to Ploj at Um same i
They Mould be a singular race if ti. were
no1 in.' t' rate drem s, nil? i . vagi
among them. We presume thej ibed
11 ??m Vi'ln:. - the false notion Ui it I
ctable to get a living bj icheming than
!>>? work. \i i we have sal ed q obi i
uliu bave cundill ted extensive b open
tions in the South, "Hove roo any tronbli
"to bandar ned tin* reply buauniiormlj been,
'? None, wb le we I? ive morn j to : maa
"hi, :." And tin
i t tinii.?im that the
lu work diligi jorously. I
bilitj t<? poy for labor puts the employe! in ?
l:i!.i Ile i- no longi r rnnat? r. Ile
c.mi!"! say. ** I 'n tin-," it done : be
? , *
when he should 1??' able t?? eommand. A ,
per ? mployi ? is a relf-contradii I ?
? '1 Ins a; I ii le is BO long that WC B
pone our . : i ? tiwi.
m EMWORR AS h l mu R :
The ? .I th.ia that
nn overtasked brain will I
i, if, Indi i 1. n be not driven to a fatal
? i. WY nn 1. through igno
.\ i !? ?. ? m.m, foi instant?', kiin'.1.- |>? i
tly well ii
i ? ping, that very -"->.i lu
ii ill Im- fon ed to ask I.
i ?<> 1 'un',". Still hi V
nnstcaeonnble \t??tk, end cr ol
conscience t.? commit ? long and .'.?ii ?
rilli? ??I?'. It i ? Ussi Kill, li j ?. -li ti ?
post ininti ni i V; Inii'i' inn. th if ' ? " li
lamented Qov, Andrei
??.i- of ti ' ' liole
country, wns it ally killed b ? It 1
ik t\iih nnytliing lil
? .-if devot? . Mi?
lli well
the terrible ii-k whii h I" was nu
be gnve blmseli t?? ii.:??-.,
he . life In his bond ?i
ii be bad \ olui ti ered n? I? id I foi lorn I
noon the field <?t bnttli. w
m et mary ? Was it entl Hen
a niau of extraordinary < ip m Ity f( ni
fuiis; lit-1 ? - w i-i ;i Ufe Ol uti? ? ?Htm. ?ii ii.In? t"
tin: eonunnnity ; Inn- wns that raritj in bj '"it.
na nilli- m.m with snedocatuMi conscience; I
wns one who nn'-rlii m .ki . and ?lu?
did make tbem,bnt who wns utterly lm tpnble
of ?my a-1 oi d?lits rate -i li, Im. .., god .
Um maturity of his powers, Jos! when h< had
trained bimaelf to till bighei ]u>-t- in Um p
lie Miii't .la |< nly ?alii d
"tins exigent moment." t?? borrow the lan?
guage of Burke, Mthe lossoi i finished man ir
" not es lily supplied.11
Whoevi r nndertal > ? to do tin ?? o
days in one, wQ] bosun eithei to kill bimsell
m to du his \\.;k badly. In ( ?Um i ling
is gnined bj i
longed application ; yet thh
sUy acknowledged and just ai nun.'- allj dis?
i.li-d by !
President of a College makes s fim ? m ,, h to
the Preahmen ; be t< Ils Um m thal ti
properly regard Um lau?; ol health : ii
siudy is worse than no itudj al all ; thal dya
Di ; ?ii is tin hain uf mu eolli gi - . .n.ii n lum
out upon i 11 ? 111 i i >- that this exeellent President
is in the In.i?it of reading llebn ??? foi
nie-'lit,. nuil is himaeli i wretched victim ol
darook indigestion, has lomething ii
with his head, is growing deaf, ?
i.had, sinuk.'s inore tobacco than i- g.i fm
Ililli, lind \iill till.linly I.bilged tO (0 tu
Italy bj advice <?i the tnmilj doctor, unless
Divine Providence worin s ipecial minuit,
which it i- not at ?ill likely to do. it l
out that all tin- Fnculty ara in an equallj an
is?itih?actuiy cni?diliun. Tin' J * i ?. i ? |0l of Greek
lias a nish ni bloodtO llielnnii. TboProf. Ml
of Klutuiic Inis a mod m? hm? hoi\ Liver. T l.?
Profeasor of Mnthemntics bal something the
niatter with his throat. Even the tutors a.*.
dnadliilly out ?.!' soils ; and nobody ia Quite
well except Um rterwnrd and the lu d
It ia taken Cot granted thal btellectual Utbor
iinist have a malign initn? n? ?? npon the
stadcut'i phisiology. Tht worst ol Um whola
Tnattci i-, that gradnateacarry away with them
boraeellaajs Um notion that aothing eau i>?
acnompliahad la this world without ?bagerous
over-nxertton? The ?1? i^yinaii accepts ill
bealth as his mumal professional eenditton.
The lawyi : hndoB ?hat be must kfll himaeli
as Mi. Chonte did, and as ?non than ont bril?
liant iiiaitilioiici m ??,1 orara .?.into*
Ins don?'. Kihi physicians, ii liny RN
BlsO .stud? nts, disiegard all theil OWU
niaxinis, au?! betake thesnadves li time !??
their own nu -. li? im ?<?. Just ho it is with m?i
rhants?it is th? pace that kills. NOW it i- tine
ih.n every taunta lito is axponad to an am?
timely termination hy u?:? ith.nt oi bj ?Ussnai .
bot most in? ii have it ihm,.??? ni Uving n? tinco
Mon- and ten, und nu i\ gnBaVBl rule it requires
alxiiit 70 teni s to accomplish nnirli?to make ?
?fortune,to grill ? ggpd. bwi?. toj><;ii\vt a di?
eovexy, t.? rear a fi t ia, then toi
?lally r-pt.iking, ii i. ii Ba_>fOft?DO fM a manto
die in whai ii called the prime ol Ule. Tobe
nuit', some mon will ?lo more in if> years than
others in L''; bul thai work is mor?- likelj t.?
be will dene which is .lone with n slow and
I pct-istiiit eomposuxe. Baidly any iprsUoation
will eomrsonsate foi ti"" wanl ?-f mat-uiity
which ?t mr.Ji-r.it. ly long life OOlj ?an sicitr.
Other ihini:.s being equal, sge is desirable b?>
eanss it Knden wisdom possible. Nature
means that ws iboiild lire putty nesrly ?
hund?' .1 j san ; and she arranges nothing with
..u? a rsuxpooo. Now ?i lil.- which cloeee at a
pei i.mI so obi lonely unnatural as thal of middle
??au hi nilly be regarded as other than
broken ntnl fiagmentary : and the eootideration
.1 the more melancholy when the mind ims
Immu cultivated at the expense of the l>???ly,
becanas Um actual loos to the world is all the
tri ? at? r. What a niisfortunc to literature and
t.? the world was, the early death, for instance,
of Mr. r.u.li.-! Of whal Inestimable raine
would i long life hare been t-? such a scholar
and philosopher I We mus? wait long Indeed
before another anvil of inch Ureleai Industry
.uni iininriiM- espacltj foi generalising inunense
ita ill coin? to complete the noble
fragment which is all thal i-? left na.
There are two lives which offer tlunitfelvcs
for ?mr choice: t_erc is the life of deliberative
uml quiet industry, of patient waiting and of
steady persistence; and there Is Um life of
hurry and of fut, ol WOTTy and of ha-t??, of
feverish anxiety, unremitting toil, ami vx
li.tu-'iv?- pertinacity in the pursuit <?f this
Favorite otaj?it. or the other. 'J lu las!
mods of existence nhicta not leldom defeats it
own pulp..-.-, iiiiii liiniir? the asefulness of the
nobly ambitious and honorably aspiring. Those
who ?ne reallj in eaxnost are the men ws
-.in least spare, and are sooneel called upon to
snip mli r. Tin \ hau- behind them, it li true,
i i.',. .i example, and an honorable ulesnoryi
bul better far would It- t Ii? ir preaern*o, mors
inspiring theil living s?etivity, and greater the
aggregate ol theil Bervicei eonld they attain
the yeer! which are often vouchssied t<> tin
ruelesa, the stolid, and the coarw?-mindi d.
The Pates msy be sgainat na, bul wiatknn will
mini no clian?e ?.i pro) . life iii" eon
tinni - ? cb of impoi tance to I
/./ si VPTIOX ash mr. < m\ /?? n I
A eoii? ?pondent -a AIton, DL, I
lowing question relative to our capacit? to i>
???.lint ata:
? .-i t til
quin : ? ?
fur r<
. :y tu
whj the banks ?diould not
t? -111111' bts ? le p..v mi nta st the lame
i m ?-. t ?-linn. \\ lu u alii! so Lu
tin Govi rnmi dj to give the b
' or ::*. ? ni?.u Ita, tin' banks w ill >. ?,? I
-. ?I. < m t! in, gold a.s in
? be banki <-.-? tin >t foil to
lunn. di.ii? I* upon the Government'i resuming,
? mabie in
te gn < ii'.-i' !.-. by the ad "t
n immption bj Govern!
hh? in gold.
..iiu in. i Mimptioo
by iln Government will either force gold down
: it ndi not. li ii i' cea gold down
t,. ?m. ..i, ii.i.n p ..[?iiii, iuinr's papex np to
' gold, then 11 - I.m nt ? i"?
? ? linn nt
dollar for dollar In ajiild, for who will pay the
liio'i .uni l"i flieh tin? boldi r
. ? ' : ni i ...\. rament at
. ? I tig tor ; mi ni thal
imption would . pre?
mium, the Tri asuiy would, ??f i
, ig th?' gold m . ?h d t..
. oin ii.'? i. -?. "i i i? ti ?? mt. i? -t mi thal
portion of tin- debt In Id m thio country in
greenback* in? uling the pi' miam. \\ hi thei
this would I ' omp ?red a ith the
present lysta m di pi oda on n h
pu mimi; old would l.i- lo
Ita lumptiou ih.in it is non. l*or if it
would, tin n every dollai n eived bj the
? : ni.i' i.l ?a g .. ni..n l - would I"
h im ? d by SO ? t li?
mti slmual entin Ij lo
ton -. < "li? ' ted m
gold, it would foll?n that I
tin- (ha. on the gold valu
' '?. i ti ti undi i tin mil i ii.ii ravi
i.nth would ? i<'d ih?- amount of preniim
would ban to l'.i.v if it collei ti d iti i
? m i.'itt ni : bought i.s gold in the
market. In any event, then -um!.'ion
would profil ? ment, proiniel it low?
ered the pt? mi'mi on gold. And that it would
in.? im nit In.v.i bol wboll] remov? the pre
m i u n i on gold? at 1? a-t until the gold in the Treaa
my should i" ? ti, ami the Government
fon ed i - ? r< ml, -.?< ni? t"t. eleni foi
argument. Thal Um I st would find
gold Or Ti ?Bad? l.il.ly n
'Hu i ?X ia it - < (foti to ' I? ' d'? ii"( lu?
ll, v. Ai.<i if u ri.....lil. iiu trial and iii?' good
.t- viiii.ii eonld not fail to flow from i.
would ,'?- w..iiii the sffort Even should U be
obliged to impend again, we would be only
exactly where we now aro, except that, a>
there would lu less gold boarded ami boon m
the iii.'ikit. the premium would be lower.
\\ hen ti.? Secretar* had bul 1.36,000,000 gold, the
pn u.n.m i -. win n be bad li 11,000,000,
tin? pn nu.mi VOSS to I'.. Now thal ho das rc
. .. .i u Muinwh.it, the premium is reduced
proportionately. Resumption i4 the rery bott
wa* to secure iii?- gold needed foi qui eoin in*
? . rOB i "Uiii.'l i "s PLAN
. ' I explanation of Smaim Corbett's
I .f 11 r.iiiii'ti.m doss Bei, in in> .in.k'niit'iit, i:iii- it clear
? ? ni a*ok"*_aga al in? piaa, _
I,! ! it I'll? nu lit.s Ht t.li.i. Willi | l.'?l,(SlO,0U?
??f i.citi t?Mit i ? in ' 111 tii.itiiui, wilina; Hi." ?>i?,M?rtttitity to
: i Maka lad stan Isidora of I ? itoptwaat
l . -> BOd draw ?II tin- | "l'l lu Um Treasury,
I B__ takes Mu m.iin.l that tln-ro is no i irculatlliif
ii.nil.mi rOOJoaOBt I ?[tha gold ? tlieTrruMiiy. If tim 90
BOO i? nt u- . I' " "" ??**? In UM J'reiimiry, was
,., t),t? ?iilaiiily VAiiliU lu. li. lil l.y m.mc ?MO,
Bald ?*" ,lC l?r.'l???s?? at th?*? tut?) nf
fijaf?jm j., i u.. i u., it wsaM (kivt" peal relit f
".??O ai'.l?! iii.ii I?, t. Aa tim juin. (,f maUJ
i reiralaUd bytba supply Hrni desuad, it haslsaa
j. ??.. .1 that V-,i?s'.fnii j.1..ml upon iiu- market ob lbs
im ifth initii'ii woold brins ss hlsrh a preaiian na tin- tir-t
f7.tsNi.iHH> w lu it Mi Corbett's lull tvaa in.?, i.tet!, gold
?,.j?ri'nt I'l.-iiii.iin li Mu- premium ihould
i .. t,, ,i. -, lins ii a. i Ut- i'ii.iitti..ii i.f su. i, u bill, ?a inch
lioubtlOSS WOUld I"" tim in?., tint gala m.(? - iniv-lit lint
brina t<. nie?'.I ii??- j? r ? lui pit m i n ti i, m nu premium .ti
ail. winn thal Umo arrlveo, wa ihall bs pincel apoo a
kin. n- l.Hfla. just ulni.? lill- TOIBIINI Is ii? Minus of
?r our linanelal affaira, if n,, ih?t *rt,t*rjo,ooo ahonld
luiii?* M por ?'''"t- protBlnm, ati.i nt Um ?Mid ?.r twslvs
nun.His ii rlnHilil l'H"?,' l" per < cut, iiverai?ln?" M par sont,
tin? woold fit?' tn ti." (i..vermin nt a praralura <>r Iih,.??..
.??. ..ii ?hi.ikmi.iSiii ti" I'I in*te? Ismi.u1, ii i.i ki iii.'um h.. ..u if I lu I
Inn. li limit' fOT tOO GOtBlOS* jrOOT, OOd tinnlil ei.iil.Je OS IO
ii-ii.ii i um tun ? tu "'?i ' ?ici.t mi man j L?In i ' na "i.
Jt}W*Hi4< Uip ?liiuva.UiauLiy uu.ti.-ajt,i llic OOiVUUl ?lf_<*_i
In twelve month? 9/tO,n<>? i|-r>n the market for
, lum? i, ?al |.iii> ?es. i ii es tl.i)
price "f fold, ui m "tliei
Iva it Mould ?
? iviii. to 'ia- . ..in,try in : '
if by Eli ??..bl billa si.Id b of du
tie? on imports merchants ???old buy these ?,old bills,
tlur. by ni
and aradua] contraction legal tendera would b
worth ?s inn, i, m gol?], and would then be us? d allki By
giving i iii I mi i'j ?i.
Wn ki n\i.(._,,,| MEHI tH.
A performnnce of Uannel'i "Measiah" by tim
l'un ' IS a* etaciitial a part of tl,o Christmas
festn.ii in Neu iori as tba tarka? ?m plum pudding It
s? if; iiial ceit.iinly tin re ciiiild ?,- ,,,, ?.?.? ?j;,,nous chine
of tim festival whian Ik s b1 ths tovtdattoafjf < itrtattanlty
than tills monarch of oratoni'S, iii Whiefe am esfXOSSSd
au the pattes. Umbi 'aaaalty, Um divine aaaaty, the super
nal paajeaty, and nie happtneaa sad triumph of curuiun
fa:tii. mc havs not hiarxi fur yeera a BBota eatoyabia
i. rfonaaBcs than that of last night.* Ths choruses?and
a lu? it lassastMeef ths grandeurof the ??ta^fitw ahoraaas
Of " The Messiitb !"'- - w ?re gil SB wltli the pre? Ulon whieh
..nies of long practice, and the spirit and truth of as?
ia which an horn of tras aiuaical lateUtswaeaanal
? .-ii'ii-.i-i, -ni. Th? Harmonic r-mii ty has rarely
dens Itself inure cn li?. We commend i
til*) sl-iK'in?, of "Kur u.'itu us a child is born." "All we
Ilk" st'?-? j'" (BOtabie fur Um en?? lient diiiiimicndoi, " Lift
ui? )??ur tates?" tin- pani "Hallcluj.ib," which was
almost fanltlsaSi sad thal vaaslarfnl i?usiiik ehtsraa whicn
wa repel to saxyahnndred or aeoftha sa?dteaeewers
foolish .a."Mcii tu less ?.'?i i'i m.o.i.'-nil saongh M
di-tiirb, by going out in t!.. Bldatof it. Mr. HI ti. ;
"f'oinfi.rt ye my peeate*1 VMezeelleat, and i
tliati ly following it,"l'.viry valley ?hal! bs exalted'
?t '.vi-e pvi ? Mess. This gen
tlesmn is always i tvrstoilo. boostiss his i
Uty wak h eooi ta foi ran. m tin*
ii any other. Mr. Til
\?Id f'K.k tin-1...-, p.ni i. atada seed u*?? of hi? agr< ?
or^.in, i?ut lu bus hardly the aeeeaaary rotitistaeMand
animation, and consequently w.n often {tan
riiiiitti?,-, "Por behold ilaiiiiaoa ah.iii
the Barth," ' wurta an 1 tiinin-i
patee, Mu ui?!i to be- ? rally
wbeii ure -mine
whether the lionorsof ths nosing hehMBg M Hsdasss
tohlngs. Hadaina Beta Is admitted to ha
tin? first uf lu iiitr urat'.rio ruinier.? ; und ti? BaVS - IdOBB
hS ml lu r ill bet : ? IHS'llt. Bl
? , " And, I" ' waa alitta
of '. ' aU her i i -were au
perblj ' bj Beds
in?iii, ' Buds ? prel "nul Improastoa i?> ths
ilelkacy of the phi Tc?-t
1,, ?s of t!.. ?.- part, " i or non is
?lun : U> Mad ni"- P
.. mul hear! ? ia got ter It;
;? -tin,..I lal
? in. ii ?m Bttdlaneaeaa beatos ta er.
qulall , - ' that Beet
?, " in- wss deep
ileplllSiiffi ?iil'ii lil lilli, '.li li.if), >
bei '""? al v' seted It, "?
: :,. ad ;?i"t
? ii i- no
s iib a pi hen it Is rt
? ?
h '
. a :: v sa at either of the
, IB, but the f.?tilt wl
: Lilli Of
". t'a pi i.?
? !i Ilk?' y ? it ti? "I
k'uiiv r,
i u
little or i,, ti, o?? tr? int. rpret
. t th.? in. -ii :s . f ?'-,. uro I ?
aU good players. 1 i Bust
. :r.?m the oondactori If he
.t....- Dothlngbut ' . -."Ual
the 04 rfu: i.tbiy be !..
Mr. Bitter la a
. li? has r. . ' .ved moro than Ins shan * - -, we
iiu.-t iidiuit iii it im or? ? "'"l his
' irty
' aera
???lb b's spirit ; I ? I mo
I gO?
ml no -.nil.
? ' ? te ?
: faulting
manen . ni itxb.
I. it night Mlli'.'l di lui h
tbr c linn-s ii. ?re tin? ?.- tv.n, dr. ?
kti uf the Um an r waa
th.iru.it.iily ll".'l ti..ni u-.i-.il, ead ?nee
?Al. opl I ft ?HI Ui' I
? and to moi
I?.-, i, .ii llondnj the *-'Id Ind al !
di m I Bo ' I liaiik-st , In flu- ?
??in nwoth ' in
makin.; this iinii.iinu emeut we chronu I" thS ? !? paitare
of "ii? of .mr old? -. ,- link
ri our loeal lu-tory. The d ni ii
. ins, at
1 two
? r Wall-st-, ??a t!" ?
: f.ain. ni ?a ? ' ? . the
Iowa lirai! ". I .tin r of t
.i ,i lias lluuk
' lude
: by a coast intlj Inercaatag
. rowd, ntiii ha lof Mr. Wil
?? bare b< ?> [now
au bair I.a In Hie '<
fr": ; I ii. ti and theil? from ii ?as ili-t
i. ad ' *?? Vort tlie manorial i ?
I a i n.f..ni I was broken
by 1 II
or in
taught tin?
iii . for over foi t ? j ..ir-, and l la
?, id, bli moth? i -> ut lam one .lark
r, in order to abo? ber dislike ol tbe enemj huit?n?*;
i open the d. "f the building used as a itsble
by several ol the Bril -i? offleera for their bora? a, and the
..?? did Ino Hoik rsl W.U. thal n. ally lill
i,f i?, : acre (onad wandering about tim
i,a neil morning, ? auslas qi
ituotlon. It was on ofMr.Wlb ahile a boy.
iiiat lu- bad been ..nie t" place himself Jo the door wa?' of
lin l'y i linn u si. a- to i i,?lilli- han to in- his lia:..1 uti
i ian \, siblngton'a i oat .nut loton? it his hand. ?hich v. it
iiuue than any of bit young playi
\l ii, . ullei tlun of tho BPPOai
if Min lu ie.1?.u, and fm i i-iie.l the engraver, Btidd, with
l lute aud ?iiks? 'tiona while etecutlng bia pictine of the
i er .a bli Country, li." deceased enjoyed perfect
I lilli up to Hu ?inn- oi bl-? death, b'His' out ni tile stoilll
??nit i h i ck daj a before It occurred Ile leaves iwiibrnt bert
niul (In. a aialei t in lug. v> llllam M Hey, nu ?abel i leal io
the Assembly horn tats city, and who was ititi?*? in ins
. ,?-iii.u.s in ?milo ii. i-ii kic- :u eelator
. |. h a lu'iuu ??-, and he nu?.'- lu?an nui? descend
ile Wiii be nulled todiit itlte '.?. tit Ili-I l fni'l the
tuei.i.-i.i.. of his son, l bomas i? i. ?. n , No. so Bank it,
.ii i o', i.uk, i? ni. iiie re?talas will be latervsd m Qrsaat
w ?it.?! eeaaotery.
Dil. I ll.lsll - e- ..?"?>.
Dr, Eraatns Oagood died at hil reddence ia
Nor?? nil. ('"lili., mi Sum tay. in his eighty eU'hth t car ii
WMbOn IB PSSnlSSt?, Conn.. Mutch li, lisa, mid _? ?
in. <tit-im umb r Dr.lhSOMS llubbaril of tint tow ii. ia
j Ids twenty lum 111 ft ni, hut linr been admitted to prui'tu-o,
he nuned tt? Lebanon, nuil lived thetc until lils sovclitli th
) ear, lu t he i i _ incut uf ii wide tbid of 'iseftilnes.s. U?>
then rein? d to Sol ?? li li, lhere to ipeod tbe retiniinder of
his life, ballin; "I" " I' I'I' .-el.li i Ills n.illve t"?? Ii In til?
1.1'trii.hitiire. aud once bia diatrlct in the State (taaate c?
Norwich be never, for one moment, abandoned tbalajra
li man ?? ii d'l-l i ? wblrh wa s con-t Hut lunn 1 with h lui. lint
Imposed upon ulmself the dutiseof bookkticpur fur the
linn of hi" - KOOd ?t Co, Ile vtiis Me ?Bl a
luiii,'livid faun!?, though his lillian.m with asthmt, in
early and middle life, threatened t? make lum an .??.-..p
tu.n. lb? tiiiuiii'H w unii ibi-|iocai on? hero paid to tea
minmi) of Pr.Osgood mo tin? beal rnaraatioa of the
r?-i in m -o and I?'??? eiilcitiiiiiril for him bj ttio ?oin iuui.it y
aSBOBS Whll h bS lit ed, and lisbon i!, nial died.
M1II.IAM I.E.I IS Of NK\. -II IVi V. i ,.\V ?
NaW-IUVKV, ('nun., l)?c. ?'"..-Mr. William
Lewis, iii -ni? nt of the Lewla ami tleeober Company,
mid an e-ti i nuil mai piomloeol clll/ii, dud suddenly
this Bornlng, ak' ?' li >t ?us. Bo ?in-.i of apop ?
An Oin Mi inn wr in Uankih it? v.?Th?
eeleluali ?1 .liiciib llnrker of ISSOOllaSSS Is before tho
Courts as ii bitnkrui't Mr It ?ki k, r han Is an ,i milli, uiaire
in In? day. Ile it ov? i -si ) SMS of BgSi we think, aiiillont:
tu'f.ue tim jui-Mm k|. tu-ratiun looked uj?ou leaders and
bank books, wa* one of the budlu,? colimo ulai lowers of
the country. The Kelulllon <ui Whian WS bSJieVS Ife was
only I'.tssiie? htoaght lum to !>.ii,krii|.t?'), but yet It
i ?.-etii thal tas old iii" is m him. ind ha it trying Is
Hhakei.tr.,' ?kita liiauo? otioo moro ni
Um ?
i.reat i.jutain.
PUB. At n0-! ?OaUMol ; \Nt.
Bl .TI Bk*TM Tai .'.??IH IO Til TMIbl.??
L".vi?<?N, Doe. J...-Tin- i*r.-i'.ititi.ins ??f the fhivrrri
nicnt Ifeiast the l-'f niau* . ..iittiiiii?. *, . ? ,,v
and iiniiin.il pr. ?. trat inns bovs ii. "n araos ?' day,
win. h loi?oats that the an_koritiea ana ta ptaaojaaataa
of information that a genaxal attt-rnpt 1- to li.- ?i,rule
*?y ti" 'ii- l'i<- ?. .?in.,1 m
forioaa paria nt tin-1 nu. .1 Kiii.'.i.un. lot oomadtaitf
iat?_ilateaataaajss, BaW?h m England ami bolaal
In ad-ition t.? the n |_tar polk?? fon-e apodal eo_aa>
arj ai ? ra on dutj. and ota i ioa
my ttaeojoioa ?ii ?.teil by Um Qovora*M_t
-a inch, it la bop a. . .-i nf
..ri. i.
tmf: times <>n thi am
The Tunr* of to-day bal ia editorial on tin? .ulijeet
of the abjaaiiitaa war, win.h it atoan will be pre*
tiiictifl until next var. It bl_BBM Bir Wal N ipi er,
tin- commander of tho I'titish fun?-?, for UM* laoSfB
\\ Ililli the ?,-\|l.'.lltlOll IliU? I'll, nlltll.l-ctl. i.lnl S?y(
riothiui? of etiiisi-.j?eni c tau be ?lune duri_| tho
pxanaat ??? ?
4 VOTE tO l-AVei 01 nu n?ii::V'.''Mif)rt.
Lovnon, Hi?.aO.??Ths Baaaaoa tsavoc?iasat in_
aitilri S-..-.I .i note to tin- UovernnuMat ?>f Prime?-, prt?
taating e.un.siiv ifotaad the ?i-i?ti-i pdn i .?t ?he
lattas ... ? i. latera ?pn-stion.
::if: ii 1.1*. ;. 1.1.1 ? iai.
I.oMh.n. Des. -?"..-Ailvip.-s Irani China. I?y tho
overland mail and t?-!e.rTapri. report that the rob?la
aro me< ti in? with iSBMMMeta tm-ir oi>>t;iu<>ii.i attains!
ti..- bnpei ?;il ? ??vir nmcrit. Taaaago waa Ken?co at
the v:<rmns 1 IrSiit ?n- ports, ami S?Sbaafe 00 hii?litiiii
had (lciim.-d.
Piib airs row a, Doo? 2* -Tim stoooublp Etna, f u>t?ja
nan, froto Hew-Yotft Dot*. U, orrlVi ,H,ri
rjoltsd Htatoa tiou Is at-) Mitel
??*? ?
The s?.un,sir ? Ar.tWTp, from I.ivpir
- i_?t
i-Ai tacK
rm '.kam? di ki. oi m ssi
POT? INO K1 : .'i.!.-?.' *? V?Jin \ ' UCaiL.
From ,.i.i.
- I; ajM fur
to ti-.-, j?.--, -?mi of
: itara n ?l'i.sita
of her unity, v. ? in the boom <_ ths
? -hull ii"t take ;
ol K.iii.i- ! [Load ?ippl.ri-.' J .N.'v. r !"
. toward the close
i. At ths
ra abould be a eua?it> rpri-tition,
" I.'oin.:" In- rimant ;ill the torrt
torynowroledhy t! Pi J? - oihet important
. || Um l'"p- boa accepted tim ana
?.. i ...ii.'' a i ompari
s.iii of Minister Rouhiir/a declarattans sad n?atc
. . ii tioveinmerit. with
: ? atid sometimos with cotcniporary
>? r?d of ins ano lal at
-, qaitd as ?1:-tinet and BOtitiveasths SbSSO,
woco, wtt_ . . bet .'?? :i ia a
.i in prn'if ins -.?rit-.oi BB*aaeBBSS
mi the M. i itioa. It ii a favorite s? herne
Milli! Prefect Hooas?io?a, teos?
? t.ii't li. m tho
i I it to his aawilliof rabj?r**isa.
vi bo | ? f th.? ii.-;ui. and aro ia
babit, when Dot i hy t!i?? polico, of
ri? their oraves on ' - sod all karda4
i r. port published th? -. to
k t im 'li it?. Bil va
huddled ,:is in tin? ii? tiuil BJ1-VI v.iti-. in tin- fottt >"**?
i.l'.t ii,di ;t BBPSkTois C1 itv e. where tiley
? m hu li the eto?
I ha
" :min? list- run'' just riOW,OB?
?f tli.it t'ii. itnii- ODO '?f
admirable ?street of the C?saws*
.m lae 1". lie- of the (?arihalti' in?.
;. will be on aid to tho relative faith ?<?> ney pul
il- u - . i Minister Boah? r, to
'?? glanceat the great debateon the Koa MB
?in????tiiiii, m1. . b lu -'.;u las! week ia the Beoate, ami.
.?kiii1* this week in
i- raised in invnr otuberty,ora raiosl
?^ ft rim Poiio, bat an ? lim t was
. bytbetbi I tratero, two cordiaoli san
t.i in.lu.'.? Government t<>
dpotiitivel) inr the Local Powsf
irdinals and i> -itivel?;
.. tno-nii tint, lim ?I th.it fhtro
v. en m f.illtitv: it m.unco
jj.. him ob a s.i. rifko to
[tofy, ambitious of nnity; or eflirctivelj pratt*?*! thal
?oven s*d bj reatoriof to bim the territory waitsh
from him sim.? 1B_?_?
Italy, a ;:?? jatwor of av.-i.-.-u??.
irse they i latter pnieeoo.
Theil pport of it, . I do
i ! im if.ti v -.u111 n-le.-. i- thal the spiritual power ti?*?
ponds im if-? faithful i *ei. ise oa the temporal jHuven
and that a Pope beeide tl_i Kin. of Itali al Boaae
ruler of
li.iit'i? he would be independent, lae Archb
?.f I'.ins. s comparative Uberal, and more mod? rats m
loos than the ( ardinals, koowa withal to stead wau
.? !: it ti:.IV 1??' 1*1 i-'inl. <1 OS
ths !?-i list temi?, ol i oin;.i..mi?,., tliat his order
cotilil i ."i-< iii to. m m .uiy the-? viniili: "It \i,iul?l
he <i. ililli., if p.-.-iMe. t?. restore the provioeea oi
whieh tho Pope I I'livetl. it is Bbsolotely
ia ty to , 'i lum the teinioty he
- ahookl be .s'..i?*hi
l'ou? hc:il (ioi.-inuii-nl
by a *i',.*c -.-ion- tievelopiiieri' SB
its n A cortoia *> ia theos
propositions, taken with the known o lotions andean?
i .nu nts of the sp? iik.-r. tra ve them, ?it tin fimo of their
utterauce, Ricial authority. _od rsl
the mod?r?t? coo? tliatioa Archbishop, and even thal
weary old ex-Volterioi - Dopia, j.nm-d
with the more leoloos Cardinsis ia a.-ki:1?: in.i.in
ment to defloe ita policy, ii ii had na", in resTettiog
its it !. ,i-i aeeming vacillation. Theo rose ntmstier,
Miui-t.r ni 1 I'leitm Atijni". to nuike his in.tideu
ipesch a watery, ei i flowing, meandering, awia-*
swaab, ?Mtlying oronnu a feo pasl t'.u ts and pr. -. ni
focta, with no definite current. When he sat down,
toi u'.? i "?nieie attempt? d to apeak, for tbosar?
potM ot pushing tin* liovi-inmciit orator to ?ometbing
ii.-.iit-r tim m mbionoe of a rstjoitira c
Iii.? brother rjeoatora vm??1i1 in?t listen, and
i'.I im.u.ti:.eut to the order ol the ?Ivy.
On Monday, ?nul m the Corps Legislotii, the ?lehat*
\? is 'pencil bj ii.les Irtv-n. with ?me ol the sblesl k1
nil th.it .lent 01*014 i- ii. iM. ipi. t i - "I -?! .'?iii ' c .Hld
criticiam a ra in hing, merciless ? lainination <i" the
long, contradictory, vacillatins curse of licmir
policy and impolicy and ao-policj oliattorvod ii tim*
Bom . ' till t.. .'..iv. .uni Ins tun
cIusioo.it is tobe not? d, is neorlj id? Dticol with ta?l
oi the I liriliil.il s : "We must yoi OUt O? iii s.lo.'iilllO
lit anv puce, iiml th.!?? :?.te Put tw.i outlets ; cither
uii.iniliiii the te'.ipnr.il ??i-\oiliiii.-ni. which will
BkiTa?ge thtMi with Italy ; or. mainte?i ????"?
power ? ti. cii? ty, .n.d in thal . late, take iwaj n ?u?
Italy and i-t.uo t<> tho Pom ths provinces ho
i'i.-t-it ssed bofvire I8M I he time fur half Dieosoroa
mid expedients is passed. n.e time i- mass
i ii. cid? .1 opinioi. for a. di ar aud i!> Balle
l'i.iii'v." This ir?oecb ?>f Pavro'a v?iu.a
WM the effect i ve one ajjalnil Goverom? ii aid ins
on.- moat ?li. ' t.? t* "'i :?.< ? ei iiiiui.l. vais drill, i. d i>
Mondoy. Other apisofcora followed pro and i"" ?''
IO?y, of whoa bvoo _tooe who ore on the sub ???
(hiveinniriiV expressed a desire to kut.w hv --"ne
positive iteclarutioii on, and how far oo.a*S?tj| ?aaS
(?..veriinieiit lH.-lt vviin Thenagaifl rose Moustnta*.
Miuistor ?>f Foreign Atliin-?, casting a vi t io?Jjro
abundant and eouall*, t n pu?. u!.u H...><1 oi l?' ?JBttJ
than that with which the s. n.it.? v. ted itaeli sstisb?!
on the tunisised polloyoi the lioveiniueiit. ll.'i?|N?ato
atgriMator length than in the ?Senate, aud (vniciitir
i.arm/eil the growing eoipbasis ol the pobhe cail
for tomrihuitf ?htiiiit.', in subsSitatiog a few more
focUolittto more infonna'tion about peat n?*gotwtu*oa
with Uah, ;u d alore direct n f? tenus t.. the piNtaibM
results of the Confereuoe, for thal sinsuhu spol?iay
for (?ovenuiient reticence ??r nnprnv idem e as t.? tliS
future, which be pit>?M>nted to the Beaate, lins ip?i
ogy la a gem in ita kmd. and we need BjOa_rteasiB
its fellow, in " ?autel'." ii?.Ii.?? l.iiM.lilli" ? ll"M
Aul'iiin, mu? i h:tt sp...-, a th? re bj oui own s<. r.t.try
? ?i -tate, wh'-itiii io bia mowd toimltebla way, ^sa
the unpiai ticcd woi hi tin n t'imuht. be mi?deatly
pliii'ed lim ioii-,t;int rnlii'iiloiirt failures of hisNintjr
doy peooe propheciea to the oocount of Ins Mmilarity
In pin nie test?? with the Priuceol l'en''?- Munster
Moiisti?*T was equally 0*M?dost and annu-thin?* Ulidia*
in b i metaphor?the implied riinfnoiiikn ?>t *Aiiiiiot
foresight being humiiit) itself, but the? compenaat?
lag is.iiit m the oomporioon b?*iag tim lirst
Person m the Trinity, when speakiag to
cho pablito m (hi i.?-!.?* vii hil t'iuplv?tsu

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