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?? bowed si
"?s that I av" lu-en
iiliini": Inn i ii a as we do 'ii I'nil
more thon our di bio that
eminent more than Ita
M." And !" ?.l.ii'il.nn Saturday: "Thisdnty
It lion f"i
?Oie nreeent aud a for the future." But it
.?s?.'.mu??!, ul. u? li, \. ? ?Iii? sil ty nigh! that onii
itly, ti on: -
at ive? as well
ante??* fur the fu ' ' ? Wednt
Thiers delivered his gi The
aifii le in 'Mu. | luv is tim
balance oi! power in Etuope, Hedoes still '
that thal i- m . per?
manent eonstitntioii of Europe, lie hold?
jj ami believingly now to the doctrine of the Eu?
ropean equilibrium a- ill statesmen ?
from that] w. wbi? h
. BON historical point oi new. that .'
and condemns the Imp? rial impolicy of nationaliti?-**.
Mini agglomerations, and non-inten the
ig innes ami pl.ic.s, and interventions al the
wrong times and pla? wrong, iii" pitt*
-ii nt with him
l"n.iii this point ?.f
: at length, last u..in. sday, the re?
lit,., a to Italy and the Temporal Po
coudemnation of
l?..th winn acting f'?r Italy and against the
o iiv or passive bel ween the
ali the more impressive that .t. was solidly
,1 for a lui - ? ?
ins niul statements ?>f real or pretended
i. And TI..'
it, though arrived at
argument, from that
uf ti. - and of Jules 1 added to
Lis pi i? ? ?liiiftr < ?limit . ??al,
.? lo a
uition of it.s limn? po
attempt to i. \ iew in half a
cohn ? .hi?.ne whose print
?mil nils forty coll.nias of theMoniteur, I I
I in shew i , i ? constant '
weight ?>f"l-. pn ?nre that ii brought to
Government, finally squeezingon1 thedecla
li liciuls tins lett? r.
The relative faith we may pnl in that utterly pos
declaration, amount? othii I or the pn
1 i.ni'. ?. ill aussein the I'one'a
.1 little >' .I its .iM?,(HHi iubahit
ii Iraly. It Napoleonean get the (
nspoiuiibility with lum in Buch ni
i is less pn li bli i, so mnch the b tter; and ii
himself a ii! come into the arran g? meut, by
incing claims on the provinces thal It;
? to Ill-is?-:: probabf? ?, why,
? hen yet better, sleantin hohe
1Y .m ..
lunation oi Rome, With ti
' ?pli eoiiv? nie)..
withdrawn i ulon.
' suit the is as
muoh of a eoneeasi?n as the inteUigt mona
tbem could expect. It does not suit that very small
.?f in!? lii>." ni libel i1
aolntioa of the Roman Qui a the
dissolution of the connection of Church and
It does ??? h SUit Hu ? an of
?.? (?ill.'d iiu'ii ?i ? ommi ?
?I the i.tst -
?>t to lie hi.th'Tad ; Ol
ici as n it
it? 111 h? history ??f all
theil il.-ssurs ol the liicawber
faith in something turning up. tanda now
at the lmrnl ol I ? ?th
ling, if that suit? bett? - nghiaMei
i-.-li, .mil lins M-r\ old Roman let
In renard of the German iced
the little ran over the knuckles [if li
rta I think I may] which M. ink
i-t given- n dlj lol hi addn asol Iib "
to noes little II'
jLarativrlv big fellow I
answered to the call for a conference with ? 0
linly :ahall be roost happy to, very." Prt
ingot this na v te. takes Hesee to task f
Bsalapertni npon H????8e not only kisses, bnt,
aotoapeak, heka the rod, .th"
am?-?-lui?! up in lull-itln f??ril" : anybody
Hse(no names mentioned) who ?ants a licking.
\\^*\dfarotur ! t" be -ure. thal
The moat significant rep? ?ectto fen i to
that mentioned in t ?
ot Mi i/, al
Moeelle. It says that 1 era of the a
nie led out dal'.. ?ith the admirable
firing,, if y.ui [Uten ?"i ... i-?atch, like a distant
?*.?-lio, th. i - ?mid of other v
i.y tin- I';
mis m- ii- in I s of i he
Ina Moeelle, One II.Noel, reaid ...
man quai :?-d to lia
a new- Htt
ofsurpaaaing the i '
ooa qnalil indled, ?cmaliy carrie-d, by
two men, ediarges by the breech, and
without i and with
balla i"-r hour: and it combines use
tfith the sweetest '.r an entin ta
powder, lian, and all, rjosti bul half a i
talk of guns remin? ."te v. hat one of the
a n ply To
the Ministerial ftpeaki ? ?ive laudation of the
I I 'in ?nt id;?, whii
? Dongh, d<
toro it in pu-? ?-s y.un-, ??es, and then n?ed tbei
for wedding to your admira pota.''
A/tei t!,i ? ??ill be in
5lace. Loi E frantU
tuehette dt ? ? ? * rielly
for tin? season) retinal from ti ?
The whole sum of n r foi that
amounts to ef ttlilch
TfcOOO have been paid over to th? benefit of ii.
?ii 1'atis (by law, not bj managerial charity).
to the author ami compoeer, &f?,WSl t.. m? t tin
?vant expensen of the theater, I -, probt of
over'?Oii/JOn france to
Offenbooh'a I fltid
music peotly ??hanged from ti I flvi rears
?on te
Hi- Robil - . have the
. paaaion t"i dii
lii/im; the old Williams] meets with discrimi?
nating luit generally favorahh from the
critica, and a crowded nightlj from the
public. It is, not uko the Duckt Helene, Or
.?te, a broad f.-' ? bul an
' ess is mnch greater than
'itleniiach attained in .ttempt in
iii? same kind m 1S61, . Lan,
by no means entirely the
farcical "?-Id man'' in tbii
i?f utterfunninessare i rains
.-. s t! ? :
n Hati'l. ? ..n.'ih'goue
./nn < notably fu cures
v in it. Jl? is a roving .
?tim ? h? day g ?1 en the i ii in?
habited by the cannibals who were in the bal
mil to keep th'inkstriving
tween "'this or on tit-" Jim Coks, whola no Spartan,
.?ef. m ('(.?iking to being ? I ni tunes the.
?Im sieur Blot ; of his
erving up tbeir ; . rthem hi
the mostr?
;? nt oi Mau 1 inlay is clianuiiift> nil? i bj '?
MM Halli Marie.
The Voirie, alluding to the i? ,.<nt ni dil
?lons in The Government, and of ? (it an ire of rniListiy,
beUevea It may i affirm that there ii nut tro
?lightest fiiuinWiou tor then
tbe different membert of thi ant hasnot bein
inr one moment distal
Tin- trial of the persons Implicit? ?1 lr. ti
tras te coane ob on the i ith of lu i "nix r. Nina individuals
. at lari/e.
The l're**t uf i Bl a rumor
that the report of M Magm onth? state of the ???
. nul Ultimate? that BO
I for by m ?
'1 he ,' U >\-lor>i of lift lotta -aye that there Is | i
of del
m i ph WOUld (-?uiinii-ne?- s-isiiis
? > consider it ?te?l it- lab
i ?, ii, 01 DB. i iv ' ,
At -- ol the Boj ii Geograp
o.ety, b don Monday, Inc. V. a letter Sated tOOBhar,
nt li, fiom Mi- . waa
road. That lady says. "Mr Kirk ? von
ha has hardly any doubt at al', that it IS indeed Dr. IiV*
legates* ti. c, IhOWhtta ua.eier who Lail been n ?
ii.M?'.-iiiiri. If it I? i ia it bet Thire is no
tia In the liitenor that ?ve know of. snd a
? fn.uj Um west would i
J? also a rumor that at ,u the
ry of Urawa, wealof DUjI.batasj * not
? :
weea two neuves. Dr. K?rk
??ad ftent a lar, and other
- t?. UJiJI to meet lil
in any waj
vfould probably I i Kaktlao,
??ritlui? on the ?ti of (J " You se?
asniruii.ei that our fi I? I d - ?' er in
vim b ?e obi
In ttc first pliw?, sws among some i
battre traders; I then tr?v-?'l it
?iid drew out then utory wl
??f Hs Intereitei ; so thal
?"isbch men had m
*ajr lo d?, ?j0 )f th, ,
aid. aiu
t'iS lai?
?nvaelf ?md ?liajieii?.
an li i? i ??i-i? i. i ,,,
??hal it Un?? ?i
Kllkjll,, d. With Ila
?v> neat, we um ? illation on the
? '
Inder the Co ? t. ?r ;
tu the ill-, m-rv
Mr M.itar
Chancellor said he w?
inenta, and givejud ?
' I n at?
I . W.
i ' ,1- m .."
Ml;..'. li, .'i"! DO! :
Northern. Ki
; gland
. ?
most of ti ., umi
roany well-known leaders of Church opinion, a ri?
pio va at n. uml lune expreuet] their
~ ?? ?.?I eminent statesn
1 Liberal, have proi n one
?tone, Mr. Gathorne ll.mlv,
i n is tba-eommlttei are the i i irnar
"?'.""? ???ord .. i.i.i-l.i.i. of
Bishop of Oxford, Mr. Boresfoi I Hop . and Mr.
mill t mihi lu? no lu lui it-p,.
(diff?rent m? n. The
- win h luis ici to the ?
bonds of ?yu
? -l-h nuil Am. in,..
?ii ?i rec? I'lmii ?riven ; ? an bishops who
I. 1 til?! Pal pi .'lil.-eil
? m assisi ,.
restoration, ol ths Southern
. would furth? : -i"'i tttbenfi
l it willi'. memento of toe visit of
. :ii'iin prelatos ti. Englai .1."
k5 SI Mill l,| l'ti!.
The Blsl ?
' the
Presid? ncj nf ths An
the report of the Committees appointedatl
tin?,'. I with divlni ?
fe I' M
di.ui i returned to their dioceses, so th?
attci ot so large as when the Synod first met.
??n u i.id. the Commit ti - r port i
were: Synods, sppointmeni and statu
Bishops, Ac. (Bishop cf (irahanistowu, chairmai
. i ?.
too full.'ii . |
itlon submitted to the Committee : "Thal m the
judgment of the bishops nos d, the whol.
on i- deepl* Injured bj tin- prt M?nl ? on
dlUonofthe Chi ii; and that s t_mt_Utes
tu? n.m- appoint? d at thil
uri ti . h may bl
Uti red frota it continuai ai ri
the true faith D
' rwardi d te I np of
Canterbury, with the reauest that i ? a
- ?
. . ,'!ll
ll.ittee consist? srof the ?*
. - .lilli,
Out. th i iituiiiui. ?iii.iitit.ii-, the
? .'I?. m.?uim:., the Bishop of
,< ?.er. The n .
to t:.
, nuil
' the sentence of ti'-; I by
m mu? bishop. ol the South Afi le in
? It of the u'.
Importance for r- moi mar ti
English communion, t . louu? ed by
some cniiipi teni i nail on
? aid i? u rani Hu?
tt ?.illili Bisbopi , end.
Hint Hulllll jUStiff ill: lu . ?Jini I
; the
ll.-lu convocation of ?
. b1 have > li aith
.i.? tah. n - ul f his
? eof Natal, ? ni having
Inoin i lu ' i ?
as lu iiri,
.. I to be insufficient to purge lulu f:
and oftei sentence was pronouue.
api'iiil to the Archbishop of Canterbury.
ii.tl York, bj II
t ?
in IBM, by the i nod of th? I
land, by ue Provincial Byn?Ml ?>f Ca
that the spiritual validity of lbs sentence of deposition
accepted bj <.*"? ? -? ? blah. ??? I m of
Lambeth Conl I the
seo is spii, irniug i.y t;.
hrousTbt ?. : e many ni? i
?? ' ona m It.
-u. th. ni it m n.? thedntyof the
,.!i niul ntl. :
? . et ion of t!.
of v . in v a lit
. , :
h -n thai
? I be
print? i.ftin
* Ii ,Iium i cm I
Eardley, ?ii? ?" '
b. r una tu
wit I.
M .lire? -, was m li ?.-.. We may I
A ? .1 . - olio Of
vi r> . f Loi don of i!if-t
?if ti.?' ma ? principal -
, :.. ?.'.- J . . i
S young linly of iireat persona] attr.ui
will resnember. Mr. ? ;? tr.?r-1, O < , and Mi
u for tbi pros i ni on
fur r: I. Mr. Gilli ii nal
Hy I bia H.
ii hi n- fur
din*? ronoea aros? t..-i ? ind a
? f separat] f< '
fat bei of the lad | Qt at
th? I'
honor of Ins daughter i
uml Hit prose. . sot inatitutod bl the s-..-i.l
wife. On tin lath of B?
ad] ? sirar'a ofllce In l
of J. ... .1
thal lu- sin-nl.t i- I,and thal I
waa ti. dm!.t that the defendant was guilty ol Um
mputod tu lum.
Aft? i .iii rxiiii
tO ti.tli.it ti
DEBATS Oil iiu I ??
In th<- litting of the Chai ib? i on I
? 1 uri
. ative to the coi.ii.ju nf ti.. Governnon!
In tin ;
: tdnt the following rim
tie voted by the ? ? ??
Bi mlj ti"
ned to mslntsln invlols? the nat na! programme
i log ?OOM ti.'.-1spit?! i Italy,]
sion of the Intern?
r the
i t.'lO
- ? ! ', i f I ' ? ?. I i ?
H1..1 i ' ?? '. ? ' and
. - fur 1 uri.iio th it tie Ir al uii-nt
? ..??pus? u the motiou of Blgntir Bella
ringmixed support from tbeRlgl
. ity. 1' wa thoroughly
. the difference between the nu ...
th? different puru? o would kii_ii the object desired by
- ?pi cnripurred In the views ' rtosa
ai.il '
?ai i .na of going t.? Roma, aft. rward, if
. m Korne as the i apltal.
iirred with Bl? In the no?
- ling the nu . . m Issue
im oi i'*.?. Ileol resalte, Dotof aspirations, and Blgnor
? "?iiii r,niy prejudice tai d I ths
Interpellation. Neither ?_nlif he approve a motion thui
supported*, such u coalition "f partii i ? ould only prodo(*e
ambiguity. He continued : " Let ns no1 even
aiHrm ti.?' principie mi bava al boort Discuss ;i.? n
and clearlj establish whol path yon lntood following on
?j be Oo?? rnmenl frankly dei lares Itself, ood
v ill firmly man.tam its views. Toa ?Miantry is waa? of
guty, and wishes to know where ai,d with whom
ve ure ?Hug. It the Kunian question lui*lint b4 SB '-.nil. r
nut nee um? the Right, bul rather those win?
? impelled the country tu ti.? hunk of SBSbyeo" In
lusion the Minister suid that m motion onlj rsgnely
Ding a principle wui unworthy of ?iiscUBniou by the
After aspee, h from Pirfnor L?rmt?, oppos Ing ti
linn, nut eenauring the policy <?f the Oovernment, tin
mutton for the interpellation to be preceded n> f:.;i,..r
..a order of the day was rejected by aoi againat isa
imber then prooeetted to tun discussion of
. tatton.
Btgoora Miceli and I.ap?rta spoke In fenns of M
aro of too poHey of too Government oa the Roman
?lion, anil dwelt forcibly upon the French Inttitcn
linii ai?'l the Meant declarations of M. Rott?Sl'.
ii., debat? was i-r__ed on the 10th. t-iirrinr Pell t cen
snitd tn? fvrrlgn and home aoljey of toaOoviwupm?I.
September Convention] Irrovoeobly
. : the principia of obtaining possession of Rome
.... au ?'?. futile ami i:., tilt B4 inns. Ile respected
the l'npe as tbe head of the Church, hut wa* i?nvirj4*ed of
tiie ? ? uhrowlnif tim temporal Bove?*eia*nty.
He condemned the )a?t arreal of Uaribal? as wholly
? ?u. infraction of tin liberty ?d the -uitu. ct and
lego Ileeonoludcal that, us mnt
tera stood, Geu Menabrea could ciUy consistently make
? sign.
. j prfssed his oplrif.n that Italy could
. i. 'ne. hut ?linuM .-? ..?" tO BMOft BDOOtlt.
? ni. juit the Kumar, ?picstion a?;.le, us it
w??-'li.-rogatnty to the national dignltj to be constantly
capital of jul> without >?? ihr iii
,....,', i. . the fulfil lmont of the national pro
i/rhij.i.i?. Ii w?*" fi'tt i>''--.i!y that iuly should he
. tO cniniiiaiid the conti.leuce of Borop
m? n ti ian raaos oa tmi roaaca paaan
?r., ft? hiiritn tin- Hist whoprodaeed la Italy
bj ti.?- ?or.Is of M Koiiherln Um tegttw?Ure Body. Ac
(l,,<: ? ?.numil, thS Hallan Uni. un.n el ought
. v tu brea? off all diplomatic relations with
frame, un pam of being ?liari'id willi taOOOOO to the
lie piedmonlett uastttt demands that the Irnllnn Gor?
an,,, in cointiletl .
- posslblo the fnaIon oi all the poi
li,,?. ,urse." it srgues, " would be the b. st wsy
lias mu political power to the higl t befitting s Dation
? , of muli-?." 'J'.? .ni,?, io ii.i. m.ir
? ?,, ? i
? i
i'.oi-una ut-, u\. I
? nt month.
IngnstB, l
- ni a
i for 1 .a- .
that the
to ? ?u,form '., it,
i nu Hoi, tUaerow, bul deny
I i it :,-,?.- '.f the Id of ' ' r,'nv
nl itates I i?T..r, ?hil? rutterving for
him-, f the ? '.-:?; if au
..Hier traill i, mt.
. .
- free from ?
!:liu-,lily 1?
noa n moved iiiat might dist
til?- t v\o oom
- i . ? ? i man i ?vi ment
ron.nu nee with .? I i t..
ein upon si ni . fin
eveutofa revolution hi Kome,tbi ItalianOoverni
woul i : r? m- "i ords
French Government replied thal lu case ol snob aa at
It would not act a nu au previously? ommunicatlng with
1 thal ' 1 ?calnsl*
thi v i... uion ol ? ? and
at ii ila- French 1
11 ed t O 1111 I . ?
opin il a
(.an.- ipylns r.'i.iiti .?. n tri
ti: .t , ?
"lil. r ulai !
the question of sovrr? Ignlv lol .. I rhe I
ni"',: n plii d up ? dul not, i"
a "in
t ...it ni thal ? in ?.. "U'l I rd st Paris aa
sequence of the Im ision of Pontifical territory.
Al . net
tea that 1
i lian
troop ' ' '-.Vi.
Oil I Minister at Bi rl:n
d In
?-' ila- !'i ussian dip
what course to pursu? Inthi "f the it a i q
lion asauiuing an 1
i ? ...
i m thi I of NU
? ni.,
?.?id nil coil
With tile Italian ariin .
. t of
I- lo
toward Italy, but hasi i taki ? ;e to
the H
ol the Coufi
li,nun Keusl hsd stat? d to thi
II na t '.
t de
II,I,, ;
In n till ms' to the in-.
IT Bald
Itali '
... 1.1 of t.'io
vine |
tin- i
the l ? .-?'? ii, di
III rfaV
- Ifav
? u.n
I i ina
aancUou! I l any
l>i-;. n. hi - i rom ?;
Mass in Uti
It 1? -iiId that I
I ?
I .
? t ' t com?
I.) n i
? !ur
: '
Of I'll 'ii t" bid fan
. but
? | mai
City In order to t
? tandi
tin. i , r. ,ui> t<> a?! and
'The? nffl
-.-. im rather hop? d
l? ; !..1 ni '
or. no1 talnly the I
the Ii i-f' : '
? bo ??m no1 li ? the
' 'a
, . to pi..-. ..II
ii Al' , I"' r?t.
? ii,. :. i- a n port that I k1 M ' le "It
of J).? i min i, a i ? "111
time, ! .' '?" ''
to m . . . pedl lads
of ita prerogative.
"TI ??IT
the poll? e t.. a Bve Ko ne. The C< the daughter
< r the Pi? dmoiit.
vith the Al ?f Novara, and I the
Intimate friend "i ? ? irlbaldl (i.Monte
Rotoudo t?. attend the wound? ?! ?
t... ii u .i Into this Uiiiu uiiy I?j, making pstrloUi
m the ),"?i .tal?.
?? i in- ti a graph willi ned yon of the death of
II, ?bli ii took id ii i- yi -t' rdaj afternoon
al 4 " ' i<" k. He ill but I"
nil/ <.of the most liberal of tb< Sacreil College was a
bad odor at tbe Vatican. He] id reached bland year,
but tins is j oana for a i ardi?al
"According to in.' official Journal, r lmrul ofOai+
haldlana, i on mandi d bi , ? ?' the
i.m im Han Stefano on Iba nil of November, but
attacked by the Pontifi? al troops and put to Blghl t ii
refuge across the frontier. Bui there are Braver perils
.milln tin ir h . . "Uil'it nt:;. stated that 29 fnnctton
? .f tb? Roman | ompromlaed by the die
t.ui, ?un s of the '-.-.i of October. Thi movement failed
chiefly through the treacherj of three members of the
Committal of Action, who, for the consideration of I
ci ov? na each, revealed the whole plot te the Oovernn
It iras til m in' ' the signs] for InsurrecUon
BhOUld I'?' Kiveli tim I da) St* *
ill, who h "I > ng ?gi d it from the outside,
und tims the insurgents f. U an ? asj prey to nu? troopo?"
n i-.NAi (OB ??I pnntci ' "i I .
i he .i.'.'nir Jifc.'''"?ni publishes B telegram
from f-t l'i ti i-bur,-, d ibd I?.-i . 1'?, which nv rta that
Prim '?,;? rta? hakoffha ' - - - 1.1
The nu min is ot tin? Left la the Uungnrian
I>a t, ?hosu iipp.'iiili.'n t?. tin Doak pin ty had !" ?li for
aaaaa time al lances, by the loyal enthusiasm en dad
niiKinK tim people by tbe coronation of the Emperor,
nave iiiraiu l? ?nu tli? ir violent utiu. k- on the mod? ratea.
< m ti??-. d of December, there a isa i ery hot d?bet? oa
the Ooverment proposai that llungary should take np i1
pi r cent of tim Austrian Btatedebt Thi Mno?rtti??n of
the Left to the dm ?ruinen! has been greatlj ktresath
oned by the support of M Mori/, l'en/i. hitherto a
oiis De&klst, who waa General of thi Honvedtla I l
snd aim load.- a ionic thouin mod?rete ijieech ? fnw
days previously, in fa? or of the radical proposal fur
? ?t.ibaslai.ir a Hungarian aim) i
tlu id? a if s? pan-tiiiif liiins'sry from Austria, de? larlng
that ins moy oh.'c. t in asking rot ?. eparsto ii,.,.
linn? was to defend hythe moat eOecUve meena tua In
J ol i! a Austrian Bl
A Bombay di-patch announces the arrival
tin re in. tiie ? ih of lu i-eiiila r of ti." I uiiiii steam? r t ity
of iiiibliii, which was taken up tv tin- : verm
mi-nt f..r tin. Abyaalnlan t ip<-?titi.-n
a .lnpati h from it"- i? K' i %, dal -1 Bor i, layai "Tiie
Bishop of Victoria has arrived A memorial from ii??
Chamber of Commerc? fore rovlsion of iho treaty nitb
1 i ti f u i * .ni? ?i to I. n?, : ?'"i by tlu ? mala, a I hope of
the (Spanish rastl steamer M kbandoned,
A reva't hi ? near I'-avm ?
appa ?red on I ? ..? d, and
? ? '
rT W 1 iV'.fc
MPI '?MAIS ?ililli UO ja, , ?Ig. ., ,,
| ?
"is..ins, Wed a -da.v. ia ? Mi is?:.
i ii
m4 there n
1 ? lin? opened beautifully
bright ? .. and ths itrei ts wi re thrtmged
in the forenoon with .foyous troops going to and fe
,- from < loin li. 'J be ,' -, nn](|(
and heavy i ' rally laid n-- !.-. i?, the
on ,l begaa to rain, wl?eh rendered Walk?
ing "1 '. The re!iKiim, stxer
ilitl'? ri nt eliiiiilu? m cr? i? ell
I wen i?r? ached in
au of the places of worship. Out of doors ?
1 dei idedly ?lu'!, hut 1? bind tim
a.y and glad
I forgotten, and b1 :
ligious .nul eharitobleinstiti .,-u?ates
l with Ctixistmas ?linn, is.
I'.i), s resolved here within the last few days
fron ile) l billa ' Govi nun.nt. uiiler thi
af thal Republic I?, l.ntri.ind ?ni an iiniiiiit.mt
diplomat!? mi -
Tiie rumors relative to the reduction of the Reen
? v aro ? otin ly nufo n. Grant has
ndi 'i mi im h mi i-."-, a- reported in
Burne p ipt ra, Un i '
muuii itiontothe Commit!.n MilitaryAfl
-li"i ii not think a redui lion of
?a ni nui. al ?able,
oin, eon of the late Pn lidi ti. ar?
rived in town t.-.
TEE UP RALEIGH i;i f:\! D Al
;.!i..: Bl N I n i MM T, ABO I l B Of
iin. PatSSI -...li- ANO ' Bl W MUSI SO.
i -i"-?, Dei. K, iii.- sa ?unship B
which left Ni ?? fork on 8a I irday, with tif teen paseen
. aboutK
? rs and
brottfftht lure hy a tug this 11101111111:.
??? ii m? been lost, In?
clodini I " ; -liman. Twentj four neraonsnts
Btill missing. They wera last asen in the i?.?.it ?u
? lingini * '-.. further parti? alan
Bul w ; 1: \-i - ai YOBKEI
Thi ti ?m William Goldsmith, who wns shot
i alive,
leadeavor 1 I muirs ante
t ..!..?. 1 be b ?ii . ..t. ;
hroat Into iiie
1 ? ? .
It a bet of I ' ?
could i-..- 1
!.. r v
. i'.il- in, inf. if. red,
H'ui ten
. ? ! ' I ' Hit? ".it
I'm kit, Bl
, ii wi ?i a of ti Derril r kind,
D the spot (mun : .- 1 he oc? ur?
renee, and at affair has
? 1 In this
: ' -
"in. fi.r
d in a drunk ; . bad hit
1 m\
1 :\\. : 1 :\ VOBK ? 1 PT Mi*
i. fl New ?. orb I
? nataa?
I r sailed with aU the cap?
rutforprlntli ? 1
* .
: ,
? . Uaptlsl
, porting,
. h tera at No.
I in tim
Ii. 11 1 Kcv. J . ? " Mur
I?. I).; the Kev.
A. R. Wet
'i , Clinton R. 1 ?k. ce
. , 1. ,
1 ;
: '
; h \\ ard, No
41 1 mu lb
? . man);
mIi Ward
? ?
.?ml -I ;
:..' of tin 111,
' ?
K waa ! "lu, the
the i. . ? ? ? year.
. era ?t thi Cltj ? % ij nop
? oten ?Ung:
. rooms In tenanl
t MM 1. in -
, - ibbath
, to pui'ii, aohoobk,
Iii h Ulai I
Bided bund ' 1. found good homes
I"! "i; ' 1 m mi fl
living m
Bin, indu? ' i luaii? M ? shop-,
? toiuutur} visitors,
diatrtbu ?
R] 1 v.i ci 1 ION? n ran cn i
'j i,., sentence nf a 1 aaij la Kentucky
. far thS killin-'of his wife In a BBOfBBi Sf
.'--,".? ? 1 ? '. BSlag bun has
antiquary of The Hartford Timm ihm
nee t"..)< pla?*e la New?
I va ,.ii maa
e' red by
? i? eling potatoi -. Ile 1.. -
. tin? knife !
? i the old maa
di ? d In front of the <
Hall, .: . . .1 \ 1 - ? 1 ami d J.'im
nainli r al the laSBS time
I. Al that, a ling to the t? al
; .- i, 1 p . |Q( ? t' ' Uti '?'.
- hanged for
. . ?a 1, uned Bl B mged t.. the
t Kin r for pira ? Jai l Is,
rti sit paint p ; -i Brown's lu id of
lb? em i:.. io ?vi, bad been hamlet over for
tt . ! ..f tin ti, -hy
tissues, so as have the facial bones and -(.nil in a thor
oughlj denuded itate, hi burrowed u pot from un old
?. man, sboiledtbe bead. The ancient dame
ed na- usa t.? which ho had put the pot,
ran Infliction
from her In thi ihape of a tongm lashing s.? well laid on
that lu ? dissuaded from tim furtherproaaetv
tlon of the study of anatomy. Another rest for thoa kf
fold In New-York enaui 1 untU ISM, when John Johnson
for thi murder of a asan named Murray,
. ni ar the old Bl rj ?a ? kal
Church, and was witiicased by at least 100,000 persona,
Cn nanglna l? no longer n noveltj In N( v York Maa
u." 1 "?? I ni ' lallj str mt'!' d ni ti, ?t 1 a j, at the rate of
nai tan um, without causing any not
?n " _
A. correspondent of The Christian Rtvorder,
? nulo, after re?
marking that it u sii sated M ?Uss 'rom i?i m. r, and In
lae lui?!-.t ?.r tin- richest silver minim, country In the
toi Id, reminds tbe readei that the on from tiii;
r.I the I Rhest prtzs at the Parla Kip ittlon. 1 lie
tii?t silver lodi ana the rlebeat?uiver rode there, waa
.. 1 bi 1 ?ri i,,u M. Bowman an 1 > dava from the
Missouri lint mines ? and the colored 1.1
of i" "i?-' tow n. 1 a h ? 1 Immenaa au mt,t> of the mining
propertj in ii- .icinity ' nul 1 p process foi
working the oree has been laeklng, a -.....
< o?an .1 p. le., i .s, known aa the (ted, White and Blu
1 i:. dm lag 1'osip.u.), with a espita! of ??10.000, h.?
., i for the parp?se of mining and re
dm mt; ?Uti 1 on i'hi President la Jeremiah Lee: the
.-? ? i.-t it?, LonlaH. Ikmsisss; **\ 1 ti tendent,
Lorento st. Bowman. Of the eight n.-h io.it ? winch n
<? s? n -, til- a r ?.-i- ni 1 ni his. Mm of argentiferous galena,
the hierin-t assay of wiiicii wat B1,SM per tun, mu? the
lower i lase, it hi?o 1 ontaini ;. ?jo ota rein, threaded tv uh
anlphureta of feel wide, and asaay lag (B^OOO
??er tun. The oompany tv?nt?mplatos sendlTig an agent
.'?st to sell b1 1 ii: o ti d a-mall quantity Of
si ?vet bi smelting It ta Said that an Investment In stink
v. m paj not li 1 than 90 per cent Tim Riad? White and
topai y bat ? *h irea at SK sa? h ;
11,. 1 n s ..f the section average li ?? p> r tun ; and the ora
of the Comstock lode, to is mud.?, is U-iu* ?mki i,tUN
Iga of (fio p. r tun.
,:;;?:,,.1;,. mm,:/
f the I'
i ' ?iii.i Vi m-,..?*?; 14i?ae Ktandlsh, ?aifS Of
rl Mary allerton, wife of l me
All. it..n. On Hi,? .' ; of Mil? i
i? h trench ? .m..uth Witter
King to
m- John
? Warn n ami Hr. (Um i- VV. odell Ii
'u pi!, ; Minmai whether they were ?1
? I:,u.-. '1 lu ii.it ti.') skulls
rho died In i
. an fully ina
n the Burying mil, pr. pared foi "he puLrp.
'i.:, .i' nilli.1 uml pi.?,.
ti ila't of S.ivemb?f.
louT. I . , COkOpli ti,.I, uf IB
i:\ii i'..\;. i-; - ? ?. .
n n< j
Biri Yum timely and ?sniinei
- tO r.uli.Mil men || |.. d_j s ISSOOa bave j.r.iluitcd
mo to ask thi folio? m-r ajSMSahMk: Why oat hw
i u the car v. 1 of one, as they .ire at
? lid OOt ti.. .. ?.?osoof
the ..'lier. Towra truly, Wu.1
'? fa, I lee. 21.1SIT.
OB-HOI 01 ( "V'.t.wi.; i;- J\ <i;..,,s\ -|.y
Gem ral 0t__ >o. BJ, IsOBOd fruin ffSt??I'BBI tOIB PSBOH
BBOOS of l ulniiibla, l'ortlaml, Oreirun, Nuveiiil" r BJ, we
I. urn ih.it Bri v. t Mnjur-i H n. I', Irttth l__M|W__MI corn
mai i of that .Inpiirtui'.'Ut, and i-J puvcei'dcd bf M.tjor
?.? i III Bim
- mm
BUS "*? - i-w T**u_*UT0RY.
..? Nut we.t?r -
W? hesi fi ??m Portage la Prairie that the In
the nab! of the Hudson's
lo sell their land to the Canadians
one ? I-' ii.? i, .K. Winnipeg fisher!
. ?:, i? tie Mooltobo
flshermen have been more fortnnste
-unit hitit- come Int ? te, n luesting permission
to resltle about the laka. This baa been irranted on con?
dition that r rai troia ths mute... aiu?.-ii
ci.ii Immigrants mi.1 continue to ooma i?Beag us
?it White I'
m.nt for too \\ i r. t ? - r in the town and ni
ln.o.i. it is rnmorad that bow tinst ti
Bing of the boundary line b1 Pembino shows the Hud
-.ms i:,y poa! iii? . American
tii.it the Company have been notified that b
m us I poy toe Americon Import dut* on?
port? d there. ?/e tearn that the i
Looo Is likely to bo o permanent Inotll itioo. The
D?partait al bas -. ni up ii .... Inspect
?n thal vicinity, with s ?leo to ii?, bull?log of a
lu n k fort ul that point.
is belog mail.' antong the friend*
Of I .I.' ' - eui" It.t BUfflcl. Ill ti)
erect a monument In Guilford t.. th.- poet's memory.
?:,..' New *. ork la.
in.; Incidents of Mr. li.tilt ck's life, fur it memoir of him.
The Pine Plaint Herald -t.it? <1 tin.
. nyora of the roll road
to the Hudson Blver.r? port thal I
milo ru railroad to the Ni rorke
y way of Doa
bury, and fsifto ? tbewaj "f Litchfield.
. . Caralrr, ara or- radn Tamtart, r ; ?
ii'ia??!!. I'll'
tt??n or!' s t' , ?uJ Haaa?
? ar? at
lia at I - n
?Dt ?titi'..
u ?
. '.li/ J..
?? -.,'...-, .
1 rall H.
I d "f I'?
. Iudi, Ii??. 11 . i' .in pan
f, | . .
. i, kth In
psa b.i
I; 11?, IL ! '
I ' Ira??I?f
? ? ti Mr? tl.'r-.a. iw.t.i li?r.. -
t D?rtni?tit of i.i.lint.hi?, ?Iel or
. sansa ?i Lui
?.l?ra of arra?.
Is al , ' .1 lera rrl i-t.? from that
< .- ' . . ? .o'f? n.
i ? al tin!? Bael
M? i- . I II ?r '
li IV. ii
Il iK" J?aU 0. SUB j
i v. ?ii 3r> aoi.) h
RlSkKlt ? ?- ? i .?- i-t .? ---ririoa?of?'rt?t.
i nary at
k1 Tal pMt.il.? l)f
ark ? : shs asara.
?? * 4'ne.l Srwlna-^lnrhlne l:.-?.t?r? _s laksf ?n'
lithos? st bom? ' Yat f? u. .? 'i?? tir..??r O
la?f*BH?, f..r a . ???! d?air
- !?????.
Hell.lu? Preaents.
. Silk ai. 1 IV
i . ? \ ? .
lo mai-a?. ?? ? ? .
L K. vv .i ? - ???.I i'?? Fuerik it.
m muh ed.
I'M ml ?i-nillir. I'-?. 21 at i'.t.i.f.-r-l. i'..BD . t?T
i ,? iii ? " <>w, ???,., of ibucii', WMri. M.
li Malllksa, af Aafaata, Ms. Is ?ni?.
?? lo??1.T, Orr *? ' ?- bf tat
, ? jitkati.Maaaat. ' tan. trots
. ' ar? bis ii
Betakes, f. J.
- f fjnrnl l.?r??ft?r
UAH kilt?At -Irr??.? COv. B *, on Ch.lslmu momie*;, the 15th lest.,
J,.In H llart'r ?li'I
Ti.? rsasi ? i ? ?? i
. . I:.?T, ba?r. ?7,?l
Ti ... bal
'!is Banff,?ift!ofti:?t
th Ih? II ra.?
Il-r iii..?in? ?ill b? tt.'ti t.> ?'.imuii. k Loa? Islaad, f.:ict?rBi?i)t
I , a, a-? i'.'.i'
Aro M , OBs cf W?l.uB 0.
IiuBD. daaajktt r .f Ik. I its w ?. ?] Batta.
Tb? r?'?''- ? aad ? " ? fan?r?t
' - 1st? lasklsaes, Kl(ht/-*__eat. aad Kirai ?, sa ntl?sy.
Billa . l..rk ?. ra.
rjOiM.'-A'. laBM Ml T. 1 <"" M.if la?, T-K H l_? Hoirs, *f*i so
Balai.??! ? ' '???? li ?.-.< lavitsl ta ittml ti.? fin<r?loi That?sr,
> !'...u ti? I'r-- lb. ("til liars
I y. I.-?.>; Jan? .? It-o'clnf?.
SAI.KIH' Vary J,. 6a'k?ld (furnier:?? of
? - ?c*.
?J ? la?, Johs Ci I r' 'V,.!i. ?id frtr.d
, J. I - ? ? I . . li- r fuu?r?l oo
.. i'". K, ?i U s' " ?, f.-uin b?r Iii? reOlsacs, ho. li Wc*i
IM i.i i i _?Ob W? . n. Bal ?t, ? Juw of tb? ?st?
. i ig?.
left ?fain1? ar* r?.|U??t?.| ' '.n?rtl al ttSI lal?
?, >o. 4J IVi.loa ... Blank. sa i ..i...?, tire .o, ?I 1
D. Ba_a, ?ido? of tb? lil?
Su , t??. li? ? ' ? Bl "f l?r .,?
. ?ra raassMsl to alAaaa the ftwal ?1 n?t 1st?
? cn., rsdaj i ? . ?? i
? i
MKDUST?At Balla?i las. ?a :, Israh K. Msd
IS M Mtdbrij, *(<?i 15 jesrs, 4
?Masks, sal H Jars.
it lW?_k?S?* ? -c. -. J.itiB T. F.i!?l*T, A4?k149
Ti i r. a- i ?I I? ' ? I? a-e r>?-,'i ftf i I '?-I '.-. lt*_?
ths fuD'i. "? ..-'.. l .. ? Iht iTtt
?.ia*.. at la* o . t
WILKI??)n M ? Thomii WIVt it . '.ii I i <K { r?ar.
I !? r. Illtflimj ? ft?111
r ?r? ini.tv.1 toa:t?rd bil tuBsrsI, from ?io. tv lia
. a? l'?r M .-. I
iSptt'wl |lctitf5.
ileB| an SOOI. ?Mlrtk. BsOOJI. loSaMaOMaTIS. M -m?im ,v"
slKiilis. 1..air poi'tiltritr la only ?eeileJ b/ lb?ir as?f?-?to Or
tm bj , , I SIFTEB CO., Bo. M
Brou!??? Baa r?*rl
llai?a?.l, Uarr?o.V H*S? a
.. xir-Toi
1UK Oilu?aV iSO l|KST' M?n?hrtar?a k?
WABBEX k .ll'An.'NB.
Maa, Nu- ? vi. irr >>? i ?
?Tarrsn Se fapadane, S? 4 Mill?? BBO K?" ?I ?.
4-:. li i? wai ?I Oi ta.'s
Tilt MOST S_U?BU :;Ul.Kk,..l'8Kl MaDB
Vu |? a k' Ulli A(? I*
_ WABRRn k IPAPOim X^ ( Bj
"" (allia lui- the Uni..lu??
. for Ho-?l ki
balases uf tlivu lai,
A?li Ml.? I.'I vi Ait HIS
4 I W IH'I rsM.K I'Ki. IS
rar I? .?'.?f ti? Hohdari I
lal is. IIK a Kill 1.1.K44 Boa, R .r,'.
~l'r?al-OfBre Nolle . . . .uJ tb?
, ? ? .
Mar..-? Ktl-Ll , M.
MUver?ttad Plated t?oo??'
I. I ' ' ' hKf
BitmtsitS l.llt Articles lor llolitia, Preat ?
StrtuJSWKt-? *>''M .ni' '
i r?t? ???
??ported direct be .
? ?SWBU, H?k2ABn v i'.. ?."!" I" I? ?"? '
"" lilli (i?t-?;i.?vst ?doune Houle? in t a?ediste?.
'tUm ..I r- . . ,,r ??
. 1 ,t.l ?al. ?,r? c!... ? ' ? I
ll'/lii!? t I .. nu " _
l.cnll. in? u*? ?A airlie? au?! ( haias
, , _??. a nvi.itf.
Jl,,e sweet'?" ?? ?' '
kfBis.ll-.J HoraeaJ ?? ?
li.'Ksr- ,",?
K4,. KM?*, ),? ? 1 ?' ? ? "?
?"'"*? . 90 ' '
..- Iliiitoii? and ?Hud?, ??.iiaaa
B.w Bl ?
" ?et ' J'H" b*W*
-K.r.Hl.u? ?ml *W. >fW r?tyl?e.
r-?ri ? - ; __
.,- , , s n 4 4 UP.?.?ir. ?aa
Fine l.'old \? ni'!? Ihei.i,
?I??,'.tie. o' N Ma. IIB
liininomi Viager ?iiii??
of al'. I Jjlir-, l-tib pnati. ?td " ?"?'?' mU *,r
SBC. I* At-r-Ka
Iie?niil Holiday Unod?.
il.it. '
(TB0BB uki ii iv g in,
I | M ?at
i, pan
I I? PARIS AMI .1 ,i\!aiN A-.li 1 ?li'.i "?|..:i HY gf
TVVMS O"'. laii;L r''(|??. . ail?pltS
Kith CaaSe tor Hie UbMSb
At:- - ?t.r? | r.iM?.
s* as
rsT.tni.i.siiLii mi?.
sith ?n? otter t?t?'.l:?ri?n?tit.
I i.iiiiliire nt It educed I'.-lirs '
? ? ' ? ..
|r.?t:? r?:.ir...? pr.cr?,
SlRiiKS' Furnitur? Wir.
i_Bo. utV) Broadway
Bronze ln?ll?iicnsnbli-??.
Back as IHKSTASDS, TBBB Wk*\m>
ISW KI.I., liai a,:,
_(AstVMI,, li ?
l.H.lies' \. iii, 1,
Ji'it rettiteil, 100 wry rkklj rngn ?
I.AIiIK.:' KIM, GOLD ill N.i.Nt. Ii ,.KS,
?lie" J at "?I?) per c. it l.e!..* Iir.ia.!?i? pi -.
_ A ( HKNKbi? I .S,..*k.S lin.?
4.luve Hour?.
A few Ttr? their? ririeti?? of lil.OVK B0XBS, ?fUci?:.! by nar fctt
'a: . ?Di Imported Jireet _f
? M... M.I. IM/''.KP '. I? .1
?-;,,. i', i'nrlur Hni.hcd iiubber Miibilng tai
.luit .sTRII'S. .-? -t,_
I tel al 1'rraeni*.
OtU r?r, l.-ory. n??:l ?ni Ri.bl.e- ' etta?
Urtftit auil Ik ii i<* r'.aiti.t lu'.'? t city, tt pitSSB 9ksl -If. ? ??.
Ail (ooli wtrrtattsl. ?.. S. Jiili.NM'M ?V >
Bo. 44 Bi ?
| 1 (."?',/ in ""a.
H - .,,,',, ae p, ? ..?,! |? rertlie l||t 11*1??? l.f yK-? i ??KI, 1'il t?:lf B*"
? 11? i>?k .a tLe bniimt ttjl? .if ?(.,1 bon???.
M. K1LLOP, Sr?AGlE k Co., Bo. 37 Park row.
Ctetkai IVrlniiera of ? I kiata prorapi;? r? ? ?c\
LI ?Jw lb Li.it? i H uair?; Miakis? ??ri le? L...'tit?. M
aowgiBO, o??, .?.t jj i .aiiikjji-ii., 11 pa ian a?.?
Council efotlcti.
lir-t Aaaeinbly District I nlon Ii? imbil,un Associa??
Ilou.-T :.e u.en.t.eraof th.. A?-...--A....1. io . b? call al
(lab ?t,
KBIDA1 BVKNIBO, Die Ti, to ??eel tMtliM :?>?;??*? l?t??ti*
iriuf .?JaaJ '.) ?
'.v II??>??>? ?I vc PL Buht. Stet.
Third Astrinbljr Dlarrtrl i ulon Krpublb-itu A--.iiIi*l
fion.--In pnmniiire ?if t rall ?I lae Cei.lril ( ?'li I*? i
?. ou KKII'.t? KVK>,
; en froia 7 to 9 p. m.
TnOMAS HULLIOatg, Prull-at
J. HS' Kotri. I ?.???.j..
Ions A.??|t.:rs. (S""f,ri"'_
Fourth A??emblv l?incrlel t i??'i In-publicnn ?tnoelav
lion.?In pnrtutar? ?ft?-? ?
?al H-,.?1??t, ..B PKI
..?IM,, bert 1 It. m.
JAMr.s Ji.LAUn.V, Pr.-iiiitBt
Tifttiii Ir-wfit.ev. f ? '"i'fi?T
Li'ih Aaaeiiibly lli-lrut Iuk.u !..
tioa.?In puriatLte of a r*,i uf tl.a I
i.,to i lert ol6,?.i ?I ti,? .?. ?
a? I !>? ?aiitut ?ar t 1'utle
ri'lBIF? K. (.11 IlltlLtlTt, | . . -
i?,.??. _?_!?.__t_
-.?.lilli l-si-iiiby Ditlrict luton ttcpuhiicnri Attorl*
olio? ? la turana??"? of a rall af Iii? Cet tri - tkare will ki
? I'KIMAKi KI.K?li'i> leiJatXu. !l* -.iiii-a'.e 0? KKIIiAi r?t K.V
, 97. l'u. ??,-a r-,n, :?.,.I p. m. Joll.N Lohhr.l
WaRTlBLi U? t ott. M-crttarT. I
-.-?euth V--iiublT llls'rirl I nbiii Ife|i?lhllcsn .%?????
rltiil? a? ia? ?f Iba la?ir.t ira i, a ?? I tr.it t
. a. f..r l'?.e/.te? i., lb* Otttfii ? 'mi.., . fat
I Att.K-11 ii Um II?*!
tOAI BVBSISO, iii* .:u. :a*4,
. i.-ain 71 lu 9 p. ia. b, ir 1er.
ti) Wl ARD ELS WORTH, rrtftideot
li.bib Aaaemb?j I'lstr.ct I niun Krpuhll? sn I?*ocla?
Hau mt
. .iitii-tr. tf SlMfUtttt, MtnLeri, L'tt, t..,e, ta,! I ? t.itasl
t.. ?he ' i'.te for tLaui-,- e.ri Polli ' ' ? ?> t
urloek p. m ?INO. W. fAUMK?, Pn.ideat
Ja.tl-H Staat '?'???rellrr._
~Mnlh A???-uihlj Utatrlct liil'in KennblliMD Aatto*
rliillo-? ? ? ?1
Hall K?. 14
ira. aa TIll'KSnAr BVKXIBd L'n. J6. I'cIii open frtsa
T| Itl ?'?.-.?.?-ft. By trdtf Uaaeral I ?
( rtAHI ?' VI RUIBT KlKBT, ) j .._,__,__
_IVu ('. CitetSTth. _ i8ttltfav"t ^
ii \?seinhlv Iklsirict I ulon Kepabliean Assaete
lion -A PBIM4BY BL.K? liON, lo ?lee? le?^.i i.i ti.? l.'.i?iEir?ta
lad OOtwti if Um Aaanriiliw. will lit Leid at No. ?*tJ Kaai
KlMt'A? tVLNINo litt - ? op?? fra?
i. m. JOHN LALOR, I'it?.J?;t,
Jims ?iostis, | .._,...._
_Hixi I'i..ti lB,?*TtUr'*_
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