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ANA-I'A^AUK OK IH? ",Ki'v '' ': ,
LOAS ' i*** "?'
l(i 01 AMERK
,. r. a. ?Awre?
Washusgt? ?*. l't day, Julj
I,, Remit? to "l '" ,N ,l"in,,?',:
th. - Carolina Jan et
Abbot! und J?bn Pool and the elect i
I^nisiana, J ?lia I ' Wm' Vn1 Kell<
M, . ?ttell'sbill.proTiding forth? issued three
,.,.,,, .. n pun ? loan - '" redeem the?
ered bj Mr. Trumli
.(.if g<
^,,^ |, ? , i. .1. Mr. ( B ?''?? anoth?
the ] ? lion of American <
? ?j was laid aside f? the purpose
,.,?.. ,:!!.?.. . bill, which enge,
H, *.i the * nate the remain
of the daj ? Senatoi ? 'bai i d an omendm
appropriating a million and a half <>? dol?an loi
|Ml., rat ion < f toe improvement? on riven and li
bee?, which gave rise to a rather exciting peno
debate between Mr. Howe and Mr. Feasenden.
rally. :it aboul the Renata wenl into I
, w ben tlio ?
, un? <1. The Senate,
) i> the < alendar, a
be bn ? el promotions; also
including Collect?
,w ?, Pantine I others, a '?? re .?bji
tii'H was made. I ?,,1S wereaa folios
Waa B.8cnll, tobe Assessoroi the VHIth Disti
ni Pi VI. D ? of Ne
.i<, i Dsnl at Tabasco : E.
Hpi in ? in of P?m ( onsnl
?? ?/. Pern; i . ' Collector i>f 1
leu ' N ' 1 : Antho
1 ' ? Postmaster, 1 ooklyn; Thom
E, v. .II. nry Eh r, and E.
. ie Navy. I> putj Pa
i. . s Chicopee, Mas*
i ! .it Holyok?. I liphalcl Wngl
J ? I ;. er, N. I
. : Eran?
) I nl-G? n? ral at I
Internal R< venae, Tenth Di
| Pennsylvania; R.H. Cochn \ wr Inte
pal 1 Kentucky;
ck, Collector Internal Revenue, Second Di
?i Kerr, Marshal, Wt i
. i. Pennsylvania; and Thomas H Prie
t Internal Revenue, Third District) Mai
n 'i:,. Instructed the
i Summ to ?' ?. (?> report the i?i
ii,?K, tiou forth? pnrehasoof Alasli
with th? !' mitted. The impress?)
i- , whole subject s ill i-'i> overto next
a> tl . m ntimenl >'f the Senate i -
o of the treaty-makin
pswer. and as th? H ? is equally determined to a?
aen in the futn ? dm? which the] '
I other pending tn atiee ?
? ? ?? mitb '?. one of them \? ing
treaty with! ling for the appoinlmen
of a idjustment of all claim
1h("- en 'iorenuRente. 1 us Am i
? .-m i M ? relativ? t<> < iti/t n-lti;? is ?Is
; this measure, tb
tially tl.'r same as those lai
ilow? in the i treat) negotiated byMr.Bai
iiy" withl \!i.r matun ition, th
i . ? > to !? i ommend the ratification ?
th?: ;:? to be so reported hi a few dayi
TboH Committee regard the action ?
the Ways and Mea is Committee on the funding bi
it, ,\ ion i" touch the finan? ii
?uenfiuii in I'lio ix'nato (,'ominitt? mi? o\
j5'??.cd in fn( ? ? feature of the bill, ?i?
irrj to thai relating t<> the term <
pearafoi a bonds are t<> ran, and ti> th
loa rab ol mi rest allowed. They believe that th
bondholdi ; \\ ill not const nt to i onvei ? the existin
honda into the new se< uritk
that th? hole -? ' me is ?mprat t? able.
i . the funding bill, as i
) , Committee
I evening -
1!, fa tariff bill took
tiding bill, made an earnest ef
im ? i i np and disposed <>t, bul Mi
(n In ? that the funding bill be lii-i consid
?red. and I < ed ; but by only one majority
?m the call <>f the Vus and Nays. Tin
euasid? in Cummitt? >
of tl the debate was limited to 1" nun
ill? - : II, tin1
tin :
tin . Futura financial
eoadit ?on?
cas*? d.eaeh inn tentl) ? isbing ti
hf>i -i m the prix!) hl' cam?
pai well attended.
iiini \ - vera] o?
the t?i the bill. I
first hour of the session \\.i> improved in disc?
tin- time in which the bond is to matun
til!. '.lit it
"i pel
eant in?. After
aaotl debate, the
uendment in
t? the ' and it
tu no
taxa) : md
Com ? i pro\ ?drag
far the i ibac ks, an I
it l.> the
?util ? . ?? I ' '? ! lined tl Kenate,
Hinl theh . di ii.iti' mi thi>
a* tio h that it meant
?a ??? ? mtrac
1,": i KPansion :
?? '? i H.iin
cemii.ii tin; gold ?raa the last
dk? and H wm Mr.Schenck
otlee that be would call npthe bill to-.rrow,
,ni" lurnal and
have . on
,,f ,l"' l":i- '' mem
**r~ i sud Ixraisiana wen pre
aaaded tnd referred to the
Kl etwa Committee. The memben are to be sworn
in in morrow.
ted here by those
lab rested in the p . American
Citlr? r ship bill. Several Rep
?W ? form, and
*n'- moa i>: tb? ml
day. im: a ..iU ..( t!,?- roU ihowi him Inamin?
<)!.I ' 'K'! tur tu
d'>!,:n.i;t uf ana ..i the ptaaka la the ? I
pial ? State Departm? ni
a treat] will ' d, which wfl] snbstantiallj
?o\. i ? i i? an?t effet t the mm
tin B oka Hill would if passed, The Pro-Euglisli
party. eoMpossd <?! DsMoeratsand Republicans alike,
m?- ' anj dot laration <>f principle cal u
t<? around the bonoi oi Qreat Brit ?v m whk h i
kaaoi ta? d It real m an Impu?
taos? ni lui Maate "f )aatk<? and fab dealing,
Tat Hoa, Pied? rl? i :. - the aewly-eleeted
?asiatm fnea South Carolina, chosen foi the long
lana, la ? nativa of Maaaaiihiiaiilts. bal ? resideni ol
Cmn ton mi mom roan In bn the war. lie ia
af* o* age, and asid to be an earnest Union
aa . ..i "t talent, cultura, fine addn i,
w ho
Iha- ' in orgai
t4"'- ??'.<.! wat utt
opponent ?if ?eeeeaion, and ?i DnkmM ai unflinching
loyalty during th<' w;ir. His ooUesgne, Mr. Robert
son. it a wealthy eittfcon of the upnet afjctJOB of tho
Suite, ainl will bo a working Senator.
The weather has ?rightly moderated to-day. Six
01 even sudden death? by heat occurred yesterday
and early thin morning, including amona them .lames
Magill, several year? meaaenger in the Untied Status
Treannivr'a < Ifhce.
The following decision of the f ;?m ral Land < rfllee
authorizes the entry oi more than eighty aerea of
land m the South? rn 8tat< ?:
In cm. i .u m or me iMiemit, )
(.1 M i; M I.VM) O! I 1. I . .1 n I ?. 13,1
Hi ..t-n.it \mi I;i . i ivi i;, Jhi - Ippi.
<.i\i:c\uv lu reply to the Register's fetter of the
7th inst. I have to itate that the Department has bad
under i Ihr r. ?trii UoD ? lauM i ? the II< mi
stead act of June 21, ihga, limiting for two rears utter
ili.it date the qnsutltj to eighty arres and the feo ( |
be paid when lb* put? nt Imui -. la the n nuit of the In
tlon it is decided lbs! tic hmltstion havitif ex
pin .1 mi the JIM of June, IM ?. partie? maj Bow enter lie
..ne- or li n*i as prescrib? >\ bj lue original set of ;
further, thai the ^.ml original act, amended by the sec
oudsectionof the act of 1864, vis: M foi BO acres or loss,
and 910 foi agreatei quantity, payable nt date of entry.
\v i iii i h railroad limits entries >>( ?acres o? k Miare no?
V'crj n -i" ctfully,
jos. & \\ h aoa, Commanding.
Washington, July ir.?Th? Senate'i Bcled
Committee on Ordnance, bare m ole a repon In
part on the purcha? r, contracta and experimenta of the
Ordnanee Department They any that the Import
dry will be appreciated when II Is considered'
that during the lat the purchases, eontracts,
and experiments made by the Ordnance department of
the armj ;il"i il su iplj ol pi uii etilen i>r
tins das?, i H : tile I . I mil ?illi,
fCether,97,000,000, but more especially, will il befell ?hen
il Is remembered, bo? ,i? i i : ? I I ? Island, and
on the many buttle-tlelds of the L'nion. this nrm of the
service faded, not only to expectations of the
people, but did in fact, largely.tribute to the d
v. li,. li befell us, Each id luo devices named by Gen. Dyer
bad. In turn, been urged on tie of the De|?art
meut during the first two yearsol ibe war,excepting
? > 11 ? y the " Kureka" proji
presented to ihcir consideration until the Kail
II appi -o? bow< \t r that .n >? i
ander the advice and rcconiuictitlatioii
of a ?Inly constitute?! Ordnance Hoard ;i.
approved by tho Secretur) ol War. tbi fntnre n
. and Kchcnckl uro
Jectiles, and thai a v< ry el iboruti i ompa i
- as then n > lew of
lletel'tlllli.li:.' \\ Lull l - the ("I lip* ...
dnin projectiles ? ci e aiitln
all) the so call? d Dyei pro|cctIlci
,;.nl In ell c\pcli<li-ii in Its
in.mala, une as .i u i money.
It ?ippe irs, nlso, In il tin proj ?> lile
i? m every mulct ial respect thi
lyer prtijectiic, and that t ' be the
?me. In \ lew ? Is , i j all
' k own, i!;.' pi? ry fir tu?
. of the Board, ved i>v the Bee
cannot be .? i muiittee are
oftheop , '
Die i
? i, m and
il. mm il di ?
fu i 39, IM I, were pun bases, contracts and i \|??
which ahould not bave been made, and all such pur
\ 111.Hie III
the face uf adverse "n pm i i ol the
violatlou also of thei tti. la il ? ?! the
in ???.H tmeut. 1
Mandai I
i-ii ,| || va i actual
desire to
promote I ol rhisact ol the
.... l| !.', t||
War, la presi uti at.. becau
the ii lation l aetermlncd,
and whi id
Col. P. V. II i
l.anl!. y, ( - \
< apt. H.Crl >pu , and Cap. i bo were
Hi n.| that thi
to the i
- 'inn tu h ive in
?*> - 'i*a> w
.m to i. ii? uo Or words,
li ?! e Itl.i! to ? ill ll It Wl
ihown to be .i
)>P']e I .
Illllllenee V US lilollU'lit to lie.'H' IIJHlll t
meut bj --1:111 oodj ?
to tie ?'., I
vlew thai
... . ? .
XLthCoNi -inv.
Mr. WILSON ntetl the en
tor elect 1
Mi. V. :
Circuit <
t tin de
? ?
in '.
I ? .'in a
1 ii the
. I
1 ?
/ ? ? ? ? ?
? ?
? ? ? .
? hiin 111 MM ??'.
Mr. .-mi.
turn, lie '?? Ihe m 1
employed by three 1 - ?
? I
Mr. KDM1 ?l*H Itep., V?
Mi ' ' '
pro Hier 1
... the reduction of 1
HOW \i:0 (!S< |
thi joli ' ' ' '??'i,y i
<m motion ol Mr < oNK I.INi
.. ,- . \, -, ?: . un ordanee
with n request from tb< H
Mi. ' < ' ? \ ! -~ 1 lake uj the bill
i. which
? .?it.. w lu h ;? ?? UKKILL
tin proprietv ol laj lug it aaidi 1
of the Deflciei. \ Appropt ?
?sin, 1? the lai rids
ind the Clera read
III! I>l I H II M \ Bit 1
1 idnx nt mad
u Appropi
? ?Mi.. 1 to.
? um 1 ami ndment
il . ?
< m..m 1 ..1 d Wim rs
\ ? , na mil the appropriate I 1 1
. .Ill l lUM ' '
' . printing the proi ei 1I111K1 ol in Tin
. M- 1 1 -
? ?
nj) i.r tin-1 spltal around?.
AI.M1--V. m 1 ic :-: \s kS -1 N \ rOHS.
-.'null, after 1 o'clock dr.! KI MBI U. (111.1 loti r
rupted theproceedit Irom the
. Islutun ratifj In : Ib? XIV1I1 ' on I
?'i tuieudiueul ; also, the ? ??? I
for the lone let m, .1 id John K. Harris,
for the elm: I lei m ! :
were swoi 11 in,
A 1 on.ii,,11,.^ ?I 1 iii,f?Twne? u?? lir(ji red OB '.he li il.n.
Appropflotto? am, eeuaVattagafMeson, Howe, He
son, sad Morrili (Me.)
ne asaste reesnied tbe sooslderatton of
mi. DBI n ii mi ui aurais uns nii.r
Tbe third section having beca read, forin-idin*
contracts for ? pablie building, ?w Improvement) an
the Uovernmenl to pay awn than the sum sppropr
f..i the purpoxe, >i?- tii.-'i niploy nient ol any penons
oat a prior appropriation to pay them, and posit
| "Vi riiiiniit i,ii,. , i, viiii.iiinf the provisions toi
til lllr.illiif.
M mrs RHERMAM m,,) PE88RNPEM opposed the
ii.which was defeuded bv Mesure. MORRILL
?i i in.ui:.
Thi ?ri!.m wasstriekenout,oaMotion of Mr. H
MAM ?tola.
? m motion of Mr. SHERMAN, an appropri?t!?
Uti,()00 wan made to provide for the deb ? liou ol cou
i. a- m.
Mi. CHANDLER (Rep., Mich i moved ta Insert ai
propriatiou of ti,.KKi,iHHi for the pu ervation,
? .mil iii in io of certain publie works nu riven and liai l
heretofore eoinuienmf, t.. heexpended ander Iba ?I
tina ut the Secretary m Wer.
lu i. pu toa question from Mr. CO?tNESS, Mr. CHA
LER -.ml 11 i i -? appropriai hm j to luk? the place of
.i Elarbor bill, which la to in- deferred to Um i
Mr. MORRILL (Me.) aoffgi tod striking ?ml the *
"h. i. inf..ir comiueiired," and leaving the <
points for the rxpenditun ? lu tb? -?. n tary of w.u.
Mr. I II Will.i.u ... M |.I. il lin- in.. ||ft< all.m.
si \. 1.11 v?. item B? . .iii a - oppoa? .i the imendment,
advocated taking up and comodeniig tbe River and 1
lim bill, the dlauusalon oontinulng up to 4:i& ?vi
V, In II
Ml COLE (Rep., CaL) moved to go Into executive
slon, but yielded to allow of a in.it am to provide an im
mil' m--i.ui, a blch prevail? d.
Mr. ' UNKLINU made a n port from the Oommltt? g
Ciiiiiniiti??? on the ilUagreenM uts bet Ann the i wo Hot
on the bill in supply ? icau? k i to the I. >?> ulive Dep
blch wan adopt? il.
In the evcnlnir, Mr. Wllaon ??ailed up tbe House
Heui i si m n le lio,?* o, .... i- in pro?
mg tue arrest of John II hieb was passed.
i ni i i Hi ;i \-i m u>
Mr. SUMMER call? i un th? b II waking appi
to; the pnrchaae ol \ la tie
i be < 'ommitice on i rsrt poi tod as aim
in. ni. itrikln : oui the tlrsi -,?? lion, ?
inn t.
Ii nmendmeutit w? re a m i? i '. and the bill pa
'l ii. i. |
' H
an? mat >i n UM I r. M r?
\ t.'ii in entbot i/.- iii.. ? .i .?. r iiieai i., property t
I !
cei tain poi liona i hi reof, am
moiiiimeut in tin' lal< Heu. v- it h tutel Lyon.
i ot ni !)!.? i: ?? ; 11] ii,.i .
m - Kapiilit m i hi
I.ill exempli ? certain I nit. it
m \i:i. w K? p., 1 d up the hill n ?
t.. mi. hi .1 womt-ii m t; i i ??: I
? i ' ? useion - ? ? :.anil nt. It ?
?.?i over.
Mr. WILSi iN ? It? 'I ni. the bill loi s th? M
l't - - i iiahhobmeiil of the i Bfat Iho p
o'clock lb? - ii look ip
Mr. II? ? w K m..m .1 to un
? ouiiiiitlee on I ? mi . '??
riv? rs and hai Ihm -. by u .
. ?...
u. ins mi the atncndmi I
Mi II \ i:i \\ ... '? : ;.?
in i ds nf nu? iitaliou '
AH. i d . ' '!? il, a
.11 !.. .1 In ti il' T.
I i. - of lin '? I ' I' Il
I lie I ?
: |
? tniuiK.
? m t
from Hi. -tit. of Vn
I (Milan A
nu i.ii.ii.'.i. >>i h,, i . . ? i .
pen M
I I I \ 'l !
I ' -I
\ mi
\ . ? ' ? ?
\ I? Kl l
IK.I -! 01 i;l I i.i -I '
G It IS V) OLD i:< i-.. X. \ . i. ported
,n til?- ? ommltti eof the Whi
? | ? - . ibeci
of tin fl
, . ,, ? ? - . i ?
im. 11 M'iv, i
The lull lia- propotei
'I II ? .
I,I i,.,;,.
i ,i ilmeni
l in- i
? -? ? ?
' ?| i
aliM-mlll i
'!?'!? M
' ll Mill "
?I til
The nexl ntiu-niliii?-iii ..? the rommltleeof Wa
ii .-inn of the ttrsl ?
n , ?nuuallj m <".n at II
mi nt 1 i? rate ti pel i eut.
? m H i. opt.I Mr. 1 Iment, and ?t
1 m .'o. ml tin- mu
lu i-.- ?trin ? ,? ? ?
Mr. Will V< K exprc* rene? foi ti
i. ibard'? am?
Mr. lin..,- h.. - .m.
i k i i' |. , 'i. , moved t" ,.o" '"i iho aniendmenl
.it (tUIHU ' M.l' ? leiidmenl offered by
fllllilr., !l I.Hill- "? "
II I the i ,; th< lime lo
? '. nt Interest,
aud tin ?bsoiute withdra . .tstmeonsucb bondi
'?.; in
Mi. I'AINI lEep king out
ol . \,i\ thins ? hi?
K of lull .
,t bimst if m f.iMir
lid ? ?ten -t ii im
to fui.d iimtei II nu bai m t ?? d?me it ,u,\
did .-.M.."-'- ' lov ? i rate ..f Interest.tb? ii
,, .. ?, iui ' '"."i prom in it II? thought, boa -
i ?tumid be four pei
be '?,'1 i. ?t Ihlnk they euuld eel monev cheaper.
; i'ii- dut) m the (,i.'.. i uutenl with tin- ,n
?u .1, lo expend our liait ol II In n .lei mlug
i of in. ii fall
Id "I'l'-I lint' ll l'-l|. IM[ll,,,l|.
1 tin rent ? ni,m lr.-ni Hum
mi ? should !"? i'-'.'l ucording
ii ??m \\ i, ,t was H at platform i
, i | . tLi i - i ... i in lawful money,
ri-:vi:.\\1 W hat do you call lawful mom ? I
-h i.-. thai i- youi ?"" trine and mine,
Btel .
STEVEN? I hold to the Chicago platform, and ? ?
i understand It, ou thai point, tho e bonds an to be paid
: m m u.U. i| rniitiai I
\ MEMIiEl i Mr, m? r? m a< cording to tbe
I PIKE Tbe spirit and letter of tbe eontra<t.
Mr. ?TE V EM?" \s li.it was thai la? < """ the interest
- hti it,! Ln i?. I. up toac? ? .o i mu
tbe il ?< Un \ would be | al al i u iiivnc).
? !,, p-i ;.i man from lili indt ti UmmI .:.
Jsataa be Hit. Btaveos) aadentood tl ?! aa all aaeai
"food it when the law was enacted; ju?t as it wa?
Plained on the Boor a gocen times by ta? Chairman a
Committee on Way? and Means, if he knew thai
Party in thi.entry wonbJ ga for paying In coin
which was payabli ., atoney, thee eahanelng the
"in- balf; If lie knew then- was un h a platform, atol i
;k determination, on the part of his o? D party, be wi
*ith Frank Blair and all, vote for the irthor party
wooid rote for m> such swindle on the t.?\ payer? of
country. He would rote foi no such up? illation in t.
"f the i;inv oondholdi r* and millionaires. Be r> \
(though It was hard to ?ay It), that even if frank l
-'.n the platform of pai Ina according to U.mtr
and if the Ri publican eaudidatc i tood on the platten
Payina bloated speculator? twin- the aaaowni agree
he pabl to them, and of taxing li in constitnents te de
he would rote lor Kraal Blair, even n ? worse rum I
Heyinour waa ou the ticket,be added. iMmli exi
men t.]
Hi (ton The DeameratM dean aro still open,
tic- kciii li m.m can tie taken In.
Mr. CNKIL fRep., Penn) moved te flx the latent
?oui snd a half per eenl . and Hp.iW.i in support of I
Mr. HCHKNCK opposed the motion, declame his n<
th.if the ii.iit could lie cousolid if ?! gradually at the i
of ?nteres) proposed by the Committee on Ways i
Meaaa, He had no objection te awlte the bead? aft]
em bond instead of fmt.v reare.
Mi h.m:ii.'.- imeudmenl nxliietberateof mterea
four ami one ball per eenl was n urteil.
Mr. PUCK'S amendment to nuts? the interest four
CI nt. S | ? ..I-.. I. ,i etetl.
Mr. BOL rWKI l. ili.-p.. Mass.) expressed his liellef t
the passa?? of th bill would postpone indetlnstely
ret .n n 'u specie p :, mi nt Nevertheless, waiving im <
Judgment i? would vote for it He preferred, howet
two classes of bonds; one class for domestic invest nu
at a rate of Interesl which would render them d?sirs
hi re, and the other ? :.i-- lor foreignlnvi itiueul at a hr
r.iii of lut. n
Mi ?TILLEH (Rep Pean.) farered the Senate bill
prefi ren< e to the amendment of the Committee on W
and Mi
Mr. Delano (Rep., Ohio) deprecated any action eel
lab il in ?hake .unii.i, ace in the national credit. He c
an enemy to his countrj who aimed, direi
01 ludin. tlj. .1 blow ;ii the credit ol the nation. 1
countri ?..?iiiii nave to stand up to It* bargain unto
to tie letter, bul to the ?pli il ol it. II. in ferred
? bill to the amendmi ntaol the < ommltb a of Wi
? lint Ml
Ml l;l.N ION iKep.N. H.) sj ,, ,.,,,f, , .( hjj DP f( lei
fur the s, unte bill.
Mi .Lin, \s (Kep., mi argn i that the ealyway
? 'iinpi I the funding nf the pn ten) United Htotes bond?
bonds pay Iuk smaller Interval Is to impose a tax ou
'i ni i iRep., Mo.) moved to make the terms af<
bondH ,| ipoke In suppori of thai proposito
Mi ?' tw KS, alludluii to . rclei. to tb< Ulgb ',
In London, explained tl
tbow wen ?percent M rllug bonds payable m l.mu?
and thnl iiii.\ were .i per e, ni ?hove par, while
? ? ? i tin name in ?; ^< < were N
? ii i be pn ference tor
i ? l >ond* tn the fact thai they are pat .i
don i ? t < ?? Uorlse .i lean "i i\
? ? ni m rtti rllua i'"1 'i ?? "'?'n i lie mterest payable
i m,.?on or tn 1 ui d in bad aasurauci - that i
bonds woulii n. r k ,i ??! i : inkfurl m any amount
Ml Bl i I i K 111 ?? ? ... l.'il With biS coll. .r.'lie. a
thought that I.N pa) per cent interest, fi
ind ? Itliah ?
^ mid furnish all tin- ad ? tag? that bleeolli a;
had ?le ? i ils il.
m riii-- amendment to extend the time to ?ii
Afti i f Messrs. JI l>0 (Rep , III i, l;
. tber members, the vote ?
? :ii'?i t ? if tic i niuiuitU e ol Wi
mal< ?ng bul ?' ? cla loi bond ?. to. n "l fot
pi i. nt. and
Mr. ft K i. ne, veil to ami ndthe provision m unit axeut
Ing froi rtlug those words, " n?bii b
nipt from la latlon in any form ah
M PAIN1 and ether?, Mr. PII
? .in., it n .ni, "and the
III !? in,ni ?bull !"
inmi i United -t.it
i m any form ny or andel m..
Mi <. \ i:i 11 ? t> (Rep., Ohio) opposed the nmendme
IHipular on,
, . ? I with Mr. (
' M |,Ji elllill
it ion no in itb : a bat mb
of the oouuti v
KIHLACk !'? in . I I to ami ml bj
a ? . ???'". ,ir le I, r Rtl
,. ||
\ ? m.-1.. t n.. ni the ? ommltt
the up
i I on of tli
Ulli l.llllielll llf 111, '
lili I III.
of u ,
ms to Um
1 lo.
i i arose on t m prop I to lie I
? .
, I -Hill
? ? lilt.' 1.1 ?
. ,.
: amount to
inc.- I
'. Ill llik' He .'I M)U
? ?? smendroenl were deltated i
i.AKI li IILNi
It, M m II. 1,1 il , :
Si l i:-ul.l. moved tu strl
IN?il i lue 111
fn?m I
? . ' i tee of Ways and M
? i lo lo i :.
- * \ I I I I . 1 IM. W. I
.. vU.I.-n.
RN. ifl'lll:\RH|t \
tVANAI'till i' m . Mol rerr.l moved to leffalli
? , advocated that proposiuo
toft CRN I that thi
? would ben .i" .??? m i
, nil) pi
in HH \l;i> iRi n loved !?> so I I
, p.ml i
N - 1 Hin ill.,lio
??Il . ? ? ? .Ulf 111
.... ?! bj t lie ' otuiuittnc ol VI
Vi, n. ? . i In i m- inti ?? -
laga ' tin- Interesl
Mr. <* All! ILLI> advocated the retaining of the sectioi
m p on ? il ?. offi n a b) Mr. -
? i one of tli
I \ In ?|N i le p i\ nil lit
? n i lust d, the question was t ike
on > 11 11 m i. i... ? 41 ??. amendment ted.
i offi i. .1 Ml ? .'lueiiilii'i nt t
. dine thai thi
m.iiiei arising afti i tba pass? .
act el '
p . Me i moved to arm nd by re lulrlu
., i? m i mil t,, be in writ I eed to
| M.I |;m ill -.,. . led tiiit in,- i
the lie ii til "i ii ?? ?old -p. i ni.ii..i- nt Wall -'?
I- PUCK remarked that II wasin anticipation ofth
Court which would lu'o tn
,'i.ilei .n I \
i ,n - ? lion w.i- exptin?. i
11,.-1 .nu,: m ie, at 1040, idjonrned
?| i,,. ? passed upon by tin
tlee "i tlm v
f i -
. li i
? , ,- . !? Ul ?
, 1 ? |l
.... | ? I ,1 ? ? . ' '" Hi'' ' '
lib* ISIMI '
. t n?! .m n .ei
li tut.,, HI!? ..:
r ?' ?
. - , tSWUl "f IV l'f t h? ITr.nl
? . . . . : tt, tllM-l
:.|.| ,lrl.l. |.,.l I . IS? ?'"' "' lb? r
, . . . ?'., m lualUM i
- i? hrr?!,T ,i,:
.in ll|,|.,.ll?il ?.'? IkS ' '
I, the ?ink
, tin ? . -. ? ?? *
? '
mi iim.M'i i fin a DARJon m
l'un mm i in i \. Jaj) H Ereaiaff. The rop
ketsi vii.oMieii.ai.'i the etrtkeef Ike (,*.i> mea Mill
.tmu, - The neweaaper oMei - bave ?eeeralh n tori
ed to candle* ?ml oil lamps. ?>r Inquirer propnetoi lias
lemporsril) tltteit up sn sutomatlc ca? spparatuson tin?
ti, -1 n. ?nd lighU thebnildlne by that mean? A few
of amusement are open, bul the] caaacd eontlnue
iM-i toi mam n , ,,,,.
l'un \i-i t i-iii\. July 17. -II i?. m.?I mg city
i Liniiim Indeod, to-night. All that pari wlmli depends
? m the < It) Works i- lotallj deprlveil of lixbt, with the
iMciitinii of a fe? ? sndle? snd lamps In store window?.
The upper sections el tl"' cR.v. di pendl'jgon the Boring
, ir(|,.|, Nnd the Kensington Works, an still lighted, but
n la n.>i known im?? lung this will last, ??< the gee eompa
es' employe? are ill neting tegetkar,
un; i ROM IN IOWA \s\> WttH OBSIK.
Special diapatehed 't""1 differenl parta of II
lowfti ,, ,i ?,., ,,1,-mi, represent the i ropa te be ta
a rerj favorable condition.
i \ i i.-i PBOM II \.-K-\.
v \s liiAM l-i ?'? Julj li. I'i-|> il< In - n
e, tul ?t ?in military luauiuuartei from \i i ..
that the troops nr? III oicellenl health The . dians
now regard tni i?i upatbiu of Hltka and etkar placee wltk
it not eafrtcndli latereel
ranaaa ullsd.
Cmvkm.iv, July 17.-On tho eVSBiag of the l'th
[net, ? M-rious row ominvd at Milhcan, on the
Cutral Kaflro?Kl. A mob of sbsat S> BOgNOS, 1>?1
by ? watts enboel teacbea ami a aogro preaebec
named Brooks, attempted to lian-.' one WdUam liaiii
il.i.v, lint the wliifr riti/i-ns interfer? ?1 M prevent the
execatioa, and headed by tho MmcM ami the ageat
of tin. Preedmen/a Bureau, attoMptad to Maaiesa tho
mob. Um ri suit wan the death o? tin or twstvs
rMgroes, On the intli hat.the aaMbanlaejr?Maai
on both aldea and lUrasbaltrag aeonrred daring the
?lay, the estJaaatsd naMbm of casnaltlea being as, a
small body of troops arrived late last ii?kIi?, and dis
penedthe rioton alter killing tine?oogroea Ihn
Utter, anMberiagbetwaea BOO ami 5tWsjeraombhad
foitiiied thesoselvM throe miles (?ma Millkan, and
rafaaed to lay down tln-ir aims until the tTOOSS dis?
persed them. The entire losa wa.s between 50 ami 00
peraona, TlMeolnatoa in said to have bean ataaght
aboat i?y .i rospieion that a negro BMasberetfthe
Loyal League had basa baagedibvjtwbo ban ainee
been found. [Ah.s?w ?ate?l Prosa abspart
fui i Min-, July 17.?In the Senate, the bill
providing homesteads lia? born poseed. An attempt baa
been made to reduce the amount of the official bonds of
the Si 11?- Treasurer, m a? to enable blm to take posai n>ion
of tlio office, ttie bonds already given having been do
clared Insufficient. In the liuu .- tbore has been along
discusi?n over the couh ited seats ol Dem?crata, ami the
probahility i.i mat Mveral may be ousted.
Atlanta, .Inly 17.?In the Senate to-day the
Committee on Investigation reported tbstnone of the
members are Ineligible, and a recommittal founded on
documents sent m by Uov. BuUock was defeated, 13 t.,
22. Mr. C'andler (Dem.) defend? >l several of the members
accused, ami - ml thai Mr. Mi Crutber,.of the accused
me m hers, bad to call on the I ohm army to protect hiu
frofn vloleuce while the Union asgwsa Bylng over ins
heud, and that other members accinted were Arm Union
im n iluiiML tin- war. A i. -i..intim was passed Informing
Gen. Meade and the Provisional Governor of tbeacttou
nf tiie heuate. in the Honse two members, Messrs. Long
of t'.nr.iii, and Nut.n of Hancock County, wen found in
eligible. Durtng the discussion ol then cases the Honse
8t. Louis, .July 17.?The Frontier Indea re>
porM that ?nu. Crook reeeatly attsofrps the iu.it.inn m
ii .1,.., liai baa been defeated, ami was obliged to Mad for
i to take in the dead. Hen. Crook bad two com
nf Infantry. The Indians wem well forttBee.
St. Loi is, .July 17.?The Lwat is still bitensa.
n,'.ronry yesterday rom above let, Ovee M deaths
? i. .ni..i by sunstroke and whisky, yesterday.
AlfOTHJ R PEDE81 ki.w i BAT.
Milwaukee, July 17.?P. M. Simona of La
? iiupl? d his walk of 1,1M bIIm lu HI daye,at
noon on the 16th. Ho will begin his walk i" < bl
i o i im k p, m. on Saturday.
lilis 11 iimiat ni- CONFEDERA PE ni: ad.
S Wim mo , July 17.?Ill?- War lVpartnienf
bas order? .1 tbe Immediate removal to the Catbolle I > si
etery of the bodies of 910 Confederate officers, wbo ami
and were buried on Johnsou's Island while pri?e nan of
v. ir. i lie 11 moi ai h tu be made on Monday aext, ambir
tin- dire? i.nu of a Qovernmeut ageat
Bostow, July 17.?An accident oecorred t?>
the Kiipply-pipe of fite conden?!im apparatus nf tbe
Hteamei Providenceol tii r. toi Une, cuuains; .. bad
Ich ludneed < 'apl - to beach her, tln>
i o'clock, on the iHtssaife fi.au New-York to
l'.i intu?, i in- water was pump? il from tie- compartments,
Hu- leak was Ktoppe?!, mi..i in.- ?teamer was backed off
from Hi-' o.- o ii ami i? ached i:i -tul al.out m o'elot K. Her
hull m uninjured. She liad 100 pasa? agen un im.ml.
tim: rnncAoo ?tool exposition.
Chicago, Jnfy 17.?Tho nm>nnfaetnriera an
making? (ten re preparations fortheexpoetttonof wool
? ? '.mk in August,
under ti i of tbo Woolen Mauufactun t i' \ -?
m mu of the North-We?t. I iiavetwen received
from many trading manufacturer?, announcing their tn
Mlei ol the -. ? iii
? .i n,' to be held iminediatcl) after tl
. [position.
Ottawa, July 17.?The Council ?>i the Do
I H -IIIC the
: ?
amounting ? -,, i?. ,,?? ,,.,). $ew r,,i ,
th? new volunteer com
.;. n quired to enlist for
? i ask the existing
v..hint. torcPnllsl after Oct. 1. If a sufficient
I obtained by volunteering tMe Oorernment
will rest rt to a.irait.
A i rooxA, .Inly 17.?The railroad in nice aeroea
lu? un.i River, six n f Harri?bui -,
'.. 11 at a l.m it m o'i look t J t ? ? morning. N'o delaj '..
ml .ii' it. .1 im i...-. quence, an tin. r ?
i'oinpau.i eon troll? tun bridge?, oue we?t and one east of
thai i'.'iii!, bj which tra?na can be poised without delay.
to have .au. ht ;t.iin s?..?r!?< from the
i train i r west, wbicb
- beton the tire was
? ' ii
St. Loris, Julj 16. -The engineen of the pas
- ?? "? ?to Railway i
roterday, in consequence ol sdditional duUea having
I ? ., m.i -, . <i upon ihei i. i imlssed, aud
?. . , ! ' i..-i|:,\ the old bands attacked
the neu meu, aud violeui ?1? na wen made
the < muh' ' i '.- pottee, having
, k?d out, quelled the ?11 I ompaay
uteuipt to reduce th? men'e wages,
1...I i~\ in i. July 17.?All the Freedmens
? . .-v.. ]'t the
and I'sduc ih, hai >? b? i h
?i.,, i... Lai., allouai i', partmcni la t.. i?- ? on
tumi ,i - :.'i tim education of the
? i people._
DISA? 11 R TO i LMER OR? CI ?l
M..Mi;' \l. .Illlv 17.- Til?' .-tiaiiier (?Hciall
In I edar Rapid* : i-' night, and was run
,u Hoc ami beached to prevent her from sink
? ii, ..? ?. i ? landed saf?
brought a.-;.? this moruiua i^> lbs steamei Ottai a
i.i s . i:\s i vr PORT I EAVESWORTB.
Lravenwoutii, July 17.?Gens, Grant, slur -
il -vu r 1.1.1 n called on Mayor Mon head at b
this mon is. and, after passing a few minutest
weul to the roomnul the l.eavenworth Social Club when
a Mhort time was aiven to the reception of a number of
i in/, in who i died. This evening at a levee in Oen.
rthciidan'iiresidence at Forl I^avenw?>rth,Gens.Grant
- ' ermau received their tri i M geoerall)
wan im lb 'i
S \n l'i; <\i ?- '?, July 17.--Piwseng;er trains on
tbe rentrai Pacific Railroad now run to Wssteworth, IM
it ?if Hacramento. Conetructtoa trains run f oui
t. eu miles furthi r sait_
i vi EST '?! HI RAL M i - Bl ill ! GRAPH.
Isirl eight yesn of age coauaitted snietde in
\ Convention "i "Freedom Defenders" lias
.i.uinKilh waa found drowned in the ?anal at
MM.,.. . <
I be D?mocratie < onvention ?f the VMtli Hidi
. . h . . M ? slswsssty i'ouuiv
I heavy tbundei storm ?wept over Chatta
i,.>,.,? mi h indar A?i ? ?
ll.l. I IL'li ? | .i I '
.lam?* 11. sills, an alleged defaulter to the
,.tor ei? ? ' r. un
Himi b M .ut, u imfto -
_The Oreen Biver Cutlery V? orks, in Greenfield,
, , . i .. , ,
? l r
Mi. Charlee Meaan ol Beokmantown, while
I'.Ml l?f !.
... .1,, 111'. .1.
I . ,
If/0 Mi.v OVER WAG \\\\ palm
V'/m Buffalo Commercial Advertiser aaya thai
two im-ii , ?sliose uami ? were unkuov? ? . bul a bo ?
the. emploi ol a farmer named Packard, llviug near Ni
? ,, ; i ,i. , procured a small boat >?
and went over to Burkhorn Island Tbej reuiaim
the Inland untilhImiuI 10 o'clock, .it which lime in.\
utarted to return, i?.iii i., ii| tomewhsl Into?
,,,,,!,? u.i- - .a oi heard of lU.'io until ?
,,11,1,.i, win n frufuicuti ila boat were found i>. lu>s
the . ..t .i., t It 1* ?iiupo
tlmi which itnhtted tnem fui rowini: the boal drilled
lutotht rapid?. *uid thenceovci the F? - lue lx??i< ?<
),.?.) m t been n ..... i "i when oui informant left,
ADOITKI? ItY THE KN<;t l-II <;ov. hnmi nt.
London, .Inly 17. !? the Home of Commons last
erening, Lord Stanley, the Secretary of 1 or. lew Af
lairs, made an important statement in UMWOg toa
qneetioa anhing loa uaxwranatioa. a reply, ka Mai.
liad airea, ly Ik.h m nt to tie l'iiit.-d .States Comiii
ment on tho matter of naturalization, the Mbetam 8
Of which ?rag that the British Ministry was i. ady t.?
accept Um American view of the question. Ho
thereforetboOfbta misunderstanding between tho
two nations impossible. Lord Stai.hy ejeg ?-t.it. .1
that in his r? ??ly he hail declined to make a ti.-aty at
pteaani, us the Boyal Ckanustianioa is st m ooaaoaaarhag
the general mbjeet, and fort?n? additional reason
that tuno win not permit thanauuavgaof a bill at tho
areanad eeaaVon of Parliament
Tin: rKMLlKS.
In the Il.inse of Commons laut Bight; Mr. Mill
asked ?he (?ovciiiment what disposition was fo bo
mailoof the Fenian priaoebwa, Warren and (;,-tillo,
who wen-air.-led after (fleeting a landing in In
I?a with the alleged parnoaa of ?TMfag an hnaar*
re tinn. and whether the Coy.-ruinent intern!, d to
mitigate the tenteneee of thoee Pnilgng who had
already Leen 11 i ? il anil convicted. Lord Mayo Mpfaad
that then were no peenttar lee tain m tin,
(ase- o? Warren and Cuati Uo. which would 1. ad tho
enveniment to depart from the usual eaenae of tho
law. Boeae delay, however, had been ?an . <1 m
the proceedings, owing to the necessity of pracaring
eviilciice fiom the I mt< <1 ,-:at, s to show that tho
aceaaed warn closely em.cted with the l'i ahn or?
ganization m that i onntry. In reply to the ? eajal
part of Mr. .Mil!' uneothaa, Lead Mayo ?aid tin?
time had not y< t COOM for the revision
of th.- eaeee of those Fenian convict-, who
WON DOW filling ont the tel uns of their teatl tl., v#
i m. \ \n i; \i.i/.aimn m i.-iit'N.
7'/'. Mtni "i Sfewderd m an article on tin- s ibjaat of
natnralization ?aye: " B< fore any alteration ,s main
in tho English laws, lunch lime ami the most. aiefnl
coneideratkraa ihonld is- given to the qncationa of tho
righti of naturalized < Itixena." The Stmiari tageata
tho premature publication of tho dieaatehee whiah
haw- been exebani od between the British ami Ameri?
can Qoverninenu on this am etkaa,
Ai:< 11 ii isitot* < i i.i. in.
Dcbub, Jnlj 17. -Archbishop Callea, BoaaaaCaV
tholic J'liniaic ni Inlaml. is coiiliiicil fo lushed I,y
nil. in ki; im. moniti n-ii.i:.
Lokdon, July 17. -The Dake de MeartaeaaaaVmll
aitive.tat Cintra in EVattBgaL It is now rapaffaal
that tin- exile of the Dake was eaaaai by his iifusai
i.i obey any oriicis, nul. >s no ived directly freea tho
Qooan, ami that the exile .>:' the Liheral (.i-nerals
was decreed m eoaaaqneaaee of their alleged syav
pathy v. uii th.- Doha.
-"i in AMERICA
TUB \\ \k i\ PABAOI \'i? a MMsTU \ni? hk
II \l <H Till PABAOI WAN-?llll. l-KKsl
in.vnu. i.i.i i ii.in in mi: ABOEXTrXK Bh>
I,'].? .) iM.iii'i. Jane St, v ie LOXMV, .Tune IT. Offi?
cial dispatches from tin- scene of war on the 1'aiana,
report that the allied foro ~ i uve again commenced
a rigorous ' ombardn enl of the fortrcen of Haxaaita
by land and water. The Paraguayana mnama?aa*
JN rate -uftie tor the put: ??-?? of dislodging a ?hf.ii ),
ment of allied troops fron the Grao Chaco, hut
tin- attack was tcpubjcd, und the enemy
wen compelled to retreat to their tatreaehenente
with eonaiderable loss m killed ami weeaaded. Tha
result of the Preeidential election m the Argentina
Steine u ac yet unknown here. Tha rcfaarte ef the
progreea of the election aa fai laeaivad are banana*,
nieto and rxmrradictory.
a COUP D ' i \ i - vi n w r PBOCLAim BIMNtLf
li\\\N\. July K.?Wo have aih ici-k from
Port a : the nth inet? Preetdeal lataevc had
Emperor, and wasforttfymgtnocap
it.u. ii - aU tkeee *iio had
?ought tefuga in the foreign consulate?. Three days
waramg wa? gtvoa them, at tin- exxdratam of watch tima
tkep awee tn be tn ?ted tin- same as bend Be, The Carda
Burcoup bad arrived, and taken OJof those reflues? >>n
board, on I cni.iv. rae tech. <>en. Fauberi lamteed
thetownof Bivance; but troop? left the Suet Rioalna
aud ti Rebels, capturing Mime arma na
the Held, Ba ent ,it nine some reenforec
menu front but ttrooehold?. TTiey continued to attack
the rebel? during the whole of their retrest, and finally
withdrew Inside the walls of the city fortifications, which
kept upa continuons Are on tin- besleeers'camp, Tho
; the Routb ere arming. They bad taken L?ag&ne
and Ooave, aud were preperinn tn attack Jm nul. whb'b
N-.iii i?,,.,;-. out for the Government. Arzreat cbaage is
about to be made in the plans of the Government. Tho
/,/.-.-,;-,m were tbn at< utng the foreigners in the ?areets n(
Port-au-Princi ch man-of-war Arhillea bad
arrived tn relieve ?he Cond?. Minister Holllster com
tul action of >alua\e. v.ith r. ^ard I*
the foreiguen_
a m r.v.u vm: .\r PO?OHgEEPSIB.
!'.,' nui i r-iK. July l'i.?A hurricane passed
i n'. lock yesterday afternoon. The
wind blew with ?real violeuec from tne north-weat and
. m was a? 11 m.,-.in. * -l by l.i.i. wind, Uahtning, .cut
heavy thunder. In all part* of the city broli
,i visible. ?>l,e 11. e. 13 ne l? ? -, wan
inappi d A tn. mol ou a build
' an -t. ? a- M .?. ?! up nnd thi"- dloiu
lug yard. A curious feature of the hu I that It
did not extend furthei north than elcht miles, further
east than two miles, aud further -<>".th than five miles,
n down, and hundreds of feet
of fencingwere destroyed Tb? bail stones wh h I ?
were .i- larire A cal ai Muin-M ? '- pi< a> -I
uii by the vim . ? ? t al .i hlghl ol b ,i
fi, tin tin- aii. Prevkm? to th.- hurricane tho beat was
For five days tbi u iry hasrc?
tin- shade. Casi - of ?uusti Uourlj.
Two persons, a man sud i Iroppcd dead in the
streets of Koudout, j immat. A colored man
n m.i d Jlmson dropped : a' Kinder
book. A , ?h,..' - 'I tmin he.it
a! Crot?n i reten?a; btow
ii.c tiem tin imiti . snd t.. - be si?>.
however, I.a- th. same ?
week past, a'., ?tens?
sgala to day. Xearh I ? ?
pended, l?a ksmlths, ?: armeu
. patii till) for .; rhii i;.--.
The inilkmen of the citj an :? chuudredsol nusitsof
-, ..t i.i.?
. Ity con;. Itosrdof Hi
its utmost end< porous ?
i i,i POI ,.-\ n.l.i: MIX1 .-? -N ;ki
Km- .-.<? dnj - puai we have lied '
? hi ii IJHll ' ' tlliK ' ?
Ule i - pll \ -l'a 'i 'I' l'a- CO tj !\ I' I, . il
> .n' imr- i ., ,| were Mill
likely to t..:..- piai e.luij . ? \ and ii ?
pedt?a th? i ??? Ibirtes.
(,,a i.i 'IV. i. !
t., .i, p.iii li ti - ? ' th'- n p if.- : troubk?!
bu:, in rote ?'? i to < htalu ill Hiuti
trustworth) iufoini i
nisni the I Wtb in?l .
v?uli ?a. , Wilkeslmrie, l> n
..n.:,n,, aud i. an tin m la- leaiueil
t;..it uoth ug beyond ? ? - - -
?urred, and that a ; been made by the
from -i 'i ? " no Dutrase bad bem
? ii. All was*yulet on the 13th, bul ail the minera
reportsulliided ti i. -. rlally to egsrt tb?
co. I market, bavuig is ? n mvcuted by aiea engaged m
coal s| i
Thornae A. Goddard ol ihe liftn of Jaasmi .v
.ni ??? n i.e. mi n. -, bauta, il.e,! on i ? -
.1 ,y night.
The Rev. Dr. William Allen, rorroerly l*reai
? ., resid? nt of
,...;-1.,;. abrkl at tag a?.'?
?iti?iii r ??i C< n. Blair im?li- :\
I insist? ,1 nf
made up for 11 deficiency of ?timbers Hi? i tin^atlon
i on on? It i aa
i., low .:??'!: -M.-, 'rah fo? lo. i -i rao in
. . i m- il. I Mali;
' ardent orato - U t i'i?
I ?..?-M make anolbi r tally.

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