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XLtii CONGRESS?IId Sesi?n.
pi:nati:.Wisuiv.toh, July is, lftf?.
Mi. TIITON (K?>p., Ncb.) iiitrodttccd n bill
grunting lands t?> aid in the con 11 in tioii of a railroad
from Nebraska City to Intersect the Union Pacific Rail?
Mr. NYE (Rep., Nevada) called up the Joint resolution
for the restoration of Commander Hughes of the Catted
State* Navy, from the retired to the active list. Pa
Mr. CATTKLL(Rep. N. J.) reported from the Committee
on.Finance, and recommended the indefinite postpone
nient of the resol at ton of tbe Constitutional Conv? ntlon of
Georgia aud Mississippi, asking loans from the Govern
ment Agreed to.
Mr. TRUMP{ I I. till.? called up the, bill In relation t<>
corporations created by the laws of the Cnlted Bl i
autlion/es th.-triu sf,r from the BfatetO Federal courts
of suits against i ..mi".it.mis created bv the net of ('<"'
graaa, upoa tbe corporations filing itatementa thai suck
cases involve ir tag under laws and treetle*
of the Uni I*- , .
Mr. MORTON (Rep. In,1.1 called up the bill to authnm?
the construction i.i bridges ?cross ibe Ohio River. It la
a bill of a gent : i tii published), p
restriction-on tl c erection ol bridges, uuh a view to pre
ventti.e obstruction of navigation, to be subject to the
supervision of the S<cretary of War.
After further ?i:s. ussion, Mr 0ONXE8S (IN p., Cal.) In?
sisted on the ap? he hill for protection of
HU,His m Avii.i n \N ' wt/.i v- a URO All.
Mr. SUMNKK (Rep., Mass,) took the floor ami said:
Before entering upon tbli dlscusaioo, I wish to read a
brief telegram which came by the cable last evening, ?s
isttn, Jal? IT, '
In i
fairs B nt It' Simrer to ? <|i"
lBfi>riB,ii "fi Is l*fl I" I ta th? Pait?* M?t<-.
0??eniui, nt a RM? ib las malm af aitai ' nies ?I
?birb u?a i Bt tin Aim-nraii
?laws of ilit- q lit a iuiaun-lrr?t*t.iliBi? between
til? tKtl DBtlUBI IHpM
A?lil to this Imfiu iiialion the Well-known fact that the
United States have already ratified treaties with North
many and Bavaria, end that we are engaged in tuco
tint : ? with othei Powers for tlie acttlemanl ol
this ?hi, ,st .on, ami we may surely approach the disoaaaion
without ?my itni i' t) cxcepl (Or the iioiior of our i-ouiitr.v.
Tho ?lielaii '1 ol'i"? t of 1 lit- bill is all lool in ii-rt.iiii special
fcatuiis, which are nothing less than monstrous and
uttcri.a unworthy of a geuerons Republic hopins to pive
an example t" in.'iikii <i. .?sun !>, air, it is noble to reach
oat and protect the righta of th* citisen .it home and
abroad-, but no .m ..i iu thta behalf should betray ua Into
cotuiiii t which cannot be regarded without a blnsli,
This bul propose? to ..iv, prodigions power* to tbe Pros!
dent, seen as huv? novel C i ore in our history.
We are without precedent. On this ncoouul alone they
should be carel red, and they should nel be
cM-anti d null-s on ?rood reason i wo potrera are
coiifeiicd upon the President?first, to have mi
ptesee control <>f our commercial i th a foreign
Government; and secondly,to arrest and to detain in
custody any sutvjecl of a for? Ign I ? found with?
in th* 'juiivlii tio.i of tbe United States, li.' suspension
of comiiKrii.il relntions, and the arreal of Innecent
foreigners simply al the will of the Pn - M uro
the two power?. It would be difficult to inngine p
The proposition hi new, absolut? lv new; not an tal
iu history, for not a phrase in the law of nations
sanctions it. I need not sa j bow little in consonance it
te with the age In which we live. Tbe urcsent object ol
Koort men is to mil., war difficult, if not impo
Here la rt way to make war easy. To the President
is given the alanuin* power, in Europe war pro?
ceed* from the sovt reign In England from the Queen In
Council-, in Prance from Loi u, This la accord
Ingto the iroulnsof naonarchiea. Bj the Constitution of
our Republic it Is Congres? alone thai war.
and yet by tiii- bill one men In thli d ruaj do lit
tie anort of declaring war. Tbe next power conferred on
the President h th? first m its abnormal char
Betet. It is nothing less than authority, in bis discretion;
to Hinke reprisals by seizing tnno? eut for? igm ra hapi?cn
lag to be In the United States. The more this Is considered
the more It must be regarded with distrust. Reprisals
belong to tbe Incidents of ta ai in the i ,i before
civilisation bad temp? red the rudeness of mankind. In
the early days n pi Isuls were direct? d BKaiusI pel
well aa property. Lven against property it waa done
with hesitation, ?ml. in case* free fivui ?ill
doubt, ami after an arrppeal to th?
for justice. Against persons it was dona more surely
l have already said thai the proposition to su pend coin
Bserclal relations Iswithoul an example iu history. The
othai prop .-i'ion la w it lue it an example all oe tbehutcful
act of ih?- First Napoleon, condemn? d aflei ward by him
self, vahen. dUTillB I h? SllOlt-llved peiicof Aluans, lie
Beised Innocent Englishmen who uuppened to be In
1 lama- and detained them aa prisoners, pn
new pcopoaed under the present lull. Among the** Kn
glislnmn who become the victims of this tyrannical de
creo was Isnd ElglB, on his return from Constantinople,
?where In-had been aatmh to the famousSir
Kidney width, tlie hero "f Acre, ln;)i of whom nt the
time wate pessiug through branee. There was also an
Ing?nions scholar of feeble health butexatiisite
moots. .iiisej.ii Forertbe. author of one of Ih* best books
overwritten on Italy: he. too. was triced. In tlie pre
face to hi? admirable work his family have recorded th'
outr../.- ; r> ad it ir yon would knot tin judgment that
?waits such a transa? turn.
Mr. 0ONNE8S tis-k Um ' 'lie fen
Btor had gireo a 1? arn? ?1 dissertation on a suhjeel not in?
volved in this bill; that the history ol th? bill wa* well
understood, as well as the reluctanc? of th? Senator to
report it to the B? nat?. Connoted with this, ije went on
to sav, the fortuitous and auspicious rh clarationi of 1 old
Stanley, received yesterday bj tbo Cable, which n
this biil entirely unnecessary, to whlcb hould
be moat obliged. The gTarlousneaa ol Lord -
the utility or the Cable, perbapa, wonld b? a matter ol
?lirions reflection. J
It is not pro?s*"'! to prodace war ; It is not intended
to reitulata the action of our nation, or to
effect Other nations in ?use of wai: but it
does propose, sir, that there shall be American
statut?- laws lot the protection of naturalised clti
sena ?b tovelgn States who shall bave beeu arrested aud
Imprisoned, and thus deprived ol their tights and liber?
ties ?'outniiv t<> the dignity of tin? nation. Mr.
Coartes?, in reply to Mr. simmers remark In re
Sliding to war, said : Well, Mr. Preel
i be a cause of war, in ? I? d
'mIi i ?? of war eonld be more bolj ? Where is there
a m m ni an Amen.-,111 pn.lc of character rhat wonld not
liisi. ully ily to tiit* defena* ol the nation la the pi
UtNi of war for such a cause I 1 do not, Mr. President.
stand ' en as the advoeat* Of men who nave bun admit
ted to oui 1 and who go from our eonntry to
others fer the mirsioae of atirrine upa revolt, it that
can la- shewn in an] case, II Justifies tlielr detention, and
we have Bothing furl we defend our institu
tions ?iK!uut.t ti.e interf? rence ?if persona both at li?me and
abroad, and va?-1 one. do as H-adily, as a BMlttei "I COBrae,
that right, for o'litT nations. But, Bir, upon this
num.-''' us plea at tbie period of tbe world's history, that
a hoai-iu 1" tag created in tbe image ?>t bis mal or, aa B ?
aa*/, i., peer of any man, that it shah not be acfenow
::???: t.: il !:?? has the right to deb rmiue where )? -
-hip shall be, what country he shall give bis allegiance
to, what class of politic?! institutions he shall ace? pt and
adopt. Why, Sir, thai W* .should Ml be 1 ady to stand up
iu defense of this great prinolpla Is, Indeed, most
Massage. Mr. Oonnea* want on to reply to Mr. Bouuner'a
arguaient against confeninff -in li extraordinary power
upon tbe President, holding thai no ami but that of th?
BittatlTf Ma. the 1 "??? ' 1 ; thai < i!o nothing
la thepremises but make lawa, end asking whether those
?wrotmly Imprisoned are to uni.mi .so until there 1* ?
change in the Executive office, or uni f not
ins. mut and request the President bj
lution to take necessary action,' and whether
the President ia to be trusted wnh ?
power necessary to carry on 11.a-? ct..it Govern
lntiiit, and yet denied the power to protec-l a citisen de?
prived ?'f bis liberty by ?a foreign Government
fanning agr'T to th* 'iu<- lion "t tbe release of our citi
r?-ns from for? nm dung? oua, and disclaiming any deepei
feeling for them than be had for ev< iv human being de?
in i ved of i.:s rights, be agaiu Implored the 81 nate, as p it
of Urn liiw-iiiiikuiaf i'"\w-i. to remove the cause ot those
ooinpl unis II.- concluded by sa>m>{: "Lei us not '1.
jK-nd uiKui the gra? 1 "t foreign nuera, but let ua depend
tHHiti the Independent, fearlea* and righteous cause of
mu Government."
Mi BBAGI ntoM lili; l-l;l ?IM NT.
Alike ?conclusion of Mr. Cob nets' remarks a i
was received from th? Picahlent, recommending certain
A iiii'tion being 11.uk to refer tlxiii to tii? Judiciary
Colllllllltee. t
Mr. FOWLER (Tenu.) addreaaed the (hair from the
liciin? 1 iitie sun-, aiiii tbe motion prevailed.
litlill? MI"N ni tl? 1 "l lill.l.MIl AMEXDMEXT.
'1 in < hall laid 1" to,, lu,- bei?atC the .-ll.ti.il . utilii iilloll
of the utli amendment bj South Carolli
Mr. SHERMAN iRep., Ohioi oil? r?-?i a joint resolution
declanua the ratiflcatiou of the nth article ol amend'
nient lo the Constitution ol the lint? d Maies, lb 1, m .1
to th* Jndlary Committee.
Mr, (AiTi.i.i. in trod u< 1 <l a bill In relation to peaaltiea
and inteiist collect? <1 bj din > : i ..\ ? ommi asiouers. ? om
aaittee on Judiciary.
The deb.it?- upon the special enter was reanaBCd by .^tr
Howard, and conttaued bj MetMra. I r? llugfluya? n. Drake,
?oiiiits , end Bomner, until i: BJ p. m., ? hen the Senate
vient .uto Executive Session, aud toon afteward ad
JolllUtd. _
HOU8I OF i:i.ri:i..-i'.NTAriVKs>.
Mi. LAi'I.IN i:?i... X. If.), from (be Con
BBartae*waPrinttog,reported a raaatatioa to ptintteiooti
..f the Intel nal Hevenue ! a I ' MMf**
the 11 ou3e and 1,000 for the Tieaury Department.
Mr. 1.1.A 'Kcp., N. 11.) rej orted a Jetai leawlattoa that
00 bill a* i>aid by the Tr? a.siiry fot prtBtlng sj>?-i.iliL-utioiis
of contracts above the contract price, ?wtcepl thai TO
cent-s asey be added to ever) 1,080 words for additional
,-ost ot i-oiiipoHiiion occasioned by a change aaade in the
ht) le of BrinUng bj order of tho Commissioner of
Pet. 1
Mr. WASHBURIN'E (Rep., r Masked unanimous consent
to oit? r the follow Inat :
-r of 1'atra.t? ?!l?(r.'? tint li? lu.) tii?
? tt,e cipti.il.tuica
? ?rrttar? if
t%s Ut.'i,.-, sad n ?t ?1 l>? 1J.M1 u-J ta ? issla rala
?i .n tb.
The joint resolution irptwted by Mi I
ami the n -. luiion offered by Mr. e/asbburne was
nrmsoi bi ?<>mi ^i d ?
Mr. DAWE8 (Rep., Mu - reported a resol ntlon that
in the matter of the charges of disloyalty sgalnsl Mr.
Anderson, member elect from Missouri, and the eonteet
snt, Mr. Hwit/i.-r, th? test monj be taken In tbe manner
presciibed In the act regulating contested elections.
Adopt? ?i.
lui isi as t tvt> "it tn CABOIIWA vkvii 1? BWOttB iv.
Mr. DAWKS reported back the cr? tl? utlnlsof Uve R? p
Maeaitatlvea < lect from the State of Louisiana and of two
BeprescntatlTc? from the Btttte of South Carellua, and
in..ved that the t? s? . ,,iii i.?.- administered to them. The
repeti wm agreed te and tl"- sin R??preaentatlvea w.;<
sworn iu. Theii names are as follows: Prom Louisiana?
M. Vid.il, 0. H. Bypher, J. P. Mewsbam, Jamea Man and
w. .la per Blackburn, r'rom Kouth Carolina,- J. H. Uosa
laud J. II. Wittelii'
Mr. GARFIEI.D (Bi p-, Ohio) reported ajojnt resolution
providliiK ihat in all eases w lier? prtvate soldiers sei a < .1
ont their term and enlistment and were honorably dis?
charged from the, service the Secretary of War shall ob
applleaflon of the perty, remove any ?. barge of desertion
that may aland on the roll ai/ainst sin h sold? r where
thore lias nut been conviction for di-seitlon by <mut
martial. Passed.
?'be SPEAKER presented a communication from tbe
~~- -i. immu a i ?iir ft I ? , - ' '
Oovernor of South Carolina transmlMing a Joint resi
tlon of tbe LcgiMftturo of that Htate ratliylug tho Ft
tt'outh Amendment of the foiiMltution.
Mr. MOOftHKAI) (Hep. Penn.) aaid that on oonsu]
tlon with the friend* and especially the Commute?
Ways and Mean?, this morning, it liad been conclu?
that ?it Oils late stag'- of the session it was better not
antagonise tbe bualne?? before tbe House, mid it wasv
certain that the Tariff bill, if it passed the House, 00
not puss the Senate this session. Ho bad consult
within the last two or three d?ty*v members of tbe Pins
Committee of the Senate, and was satisfied that eve
the House paesod the bill the Hnnato Would not take if
and act upon it. The tariff men have reason to feel v
gmtofni to the House for the strong support which
iiniasure bad rcceh.-il evei v tiim- there bad bienal
?nie. He therefor? I. it willing that it should reroaio
ill next session, ami he desired the Speaker to state wl
pn i'.ion the bill would occujiy when Congress reass?
The BPEAKIB replied that the Tariff bill wasaaw
nnflnlshed btunm' - m the < emmlttee of rae Whole en
Male ot the limon, and that when the House weal i
Committees! thecommencementof the next sessiot;
would be th?? flrsrt imam???? in o?tet.
Mr. ALLIBOM (Bop,, Iowa) reported a bill nntliorlz
tbe Collector? of luternsl Revenue to put tbereqnli
BtampsonrJoonn nirte which, Mu-maga Hniorenee or at
dint, bad DOt been aulhclcl.Il.v ? tiilii]i. .1 at the tllni
their execution, and to reailt tue peualtica Tbe bill ?
The linns?? went Into Cnmiiiitt? 0 of tho Whole, ;
Plum my in the ( ball, ?m
Mil: I I'NIUNfl IHM,.
The amendments reported by tin-Committee of Wi
and Mean* SSflOOttOB *. which were merely Verbal, Wl
agreed to.
Mr RANDALL iDcm.. Pi mi J offered the following a
now section, which waa agreed to;
OR ?. >."' if Jurthrr mtVlM, <tr., Thit tR?r tin- j>iaii.i|f? of
act ill nclianpi a. piin-luit?,, or tal?? ?f liie homls ,,f tin 1'nilnl Mi
-I ?!l h? utils 1.? iiitiIii i, ilir emmtftiitiim (if la* | nli! < In a Irarl ria*
|iio|H,.?nU lar ii) ?mil izcsaaaaa. ?ale? or puicia
i ,- li.ihltr.. Um Srrrttiir, af Um 1
?errla? ti.? rtfkl to rejeet ist tuci? uu? ?tmuM lit- Jmi u to Um j,u
II t.-llM t.1 ll,, H?.
The next ninoiuiment was that reported liv the Oo
initi?e Of \Vh.\ I und Means a? a new' set I inn to follow I
tion four, in ii fereace t<> the taK on income from bone?
The section m reported by tbe Committee ou Way? a
Means was then aRreed to.
Mr. mu?an (Rep., Ill i offered ?u amendment sa i
diiiiuiiil section, which waa agreed to, ?i follow ? i
AnU t>t it further matted, That on anil ?fier Un pu..??-, of 'h ? ?et
tiiilinrii? niiiliT la? rilatltg law to ***** sssSa, 01 kalt ni!Baal
'I 'n**arf i ni??, it sMifatMBI ni lli?. Hi itt-,1 Slat.-?., iliai! ?MM ?M
Irrauaa; prsvUM aothia* b*?*i* aball pr*?-<ml Um mmtvism*
i'ri-iaiiry lot.? k*OWB SI ?. \'-n thiNlct into I , II. BSf
rbtBce of levialrr?! b*ada far ?oapo* l,,n,la, um tir* i?me ai t mita
tti r.tiirnail rniu|iiii1?i, ?? prnfMM l>.r Un.
Amendments and sulMtitutes were offered by Mises
Rutler, Pike,Bcbeack, l.vnch, Maynard, Boas, tngersu
Kiblack, Broomall, K' ise.v iiml Hindu, bul which oil
diM ussion, v. i re ?everally rejected.
Tbc question was then taken on the substitute onei
yesterunj by Mr, Boutwell providing for two ?
bonds?one at Bee i" r cent for citizens of the Unit
Maies, end one at four per rent, payable in thai all
Btatesorat London, Frankfort or Porta
The vote waa taken by tellers, and leanlted-?
N'.iv.i, i'.r>. Bo tbe auhetitiite was rejected
fho Committee then roes and reported the bill a
ainciidiii? nis to the House.
Mr. BCHENCK (Rep., Ohio) moved the previ
timi on tbe bill and aniendments,
Mr. BOUTWKU, (Rep., Mmm.I hoped that the Hon
would not second Hie previous question, so be mlg
offer his substitute and have a vois on it by Yeas ai
Tbe House refused le socead tbe previous qu
? . ? 51, Nays , :
Mr. BOI TWLLL then offen ?1 bis substif
'II,,- lubsl : ite and the bill, ai reporl? il bai k from tl
Committei ot the Winde, was ordered to be printed, tl
vote to In- I ii., n on Moi .'
The bill a- passed opofl by the Oommltt? ?? of the Win
is U follow-:
It n |M> tetl lia' !!.' Si-rr.-larr ? ' I
I '
? iriS| iiiW-r??t |,4
? i, .1 ttiirr >d ?lu' 11 ?
from t -, ? ?
an I ill. - ? I? aunt I
o! th? I'nilH SUUN
cipal uf 111 out.'. . - ISg oBU?llll?.
Ml. 2 Ata S? U ,1: rll.fr fa* ' I. Tl.il:
Mit if 1
' '
I I ?i.lltlist ' Al irt t.i loUMftM '
? j ?Ml<f
th.a trl or un p**Ml US al m
' it.r ea
irtt ,,f ?? :? ?,
t,> ippoiit it? a."Dl ?it*? r laai
II ?I,- ll, . >
St. 4 I
,-???, a - ?
tl.? BBS)
'._,?""? ?- ? - if tu on ?s? ll
I i er ! -: .- . : ll ? a.<
|,tral,i? to a?. p*?**a. Silt?,
i r? nl tl.
?ii II i d?M i !
? .< ni lU culpo:.? orr.t.r-.t SM at t
' ?
4 ll furthtt t a, ! HI ? r ? ?
laUi.l I? | i.?i !rij tj la?r.
RJ2COMMEKOIMQ amim-mim- TO i
\V.\-ih\';t?'V, July 18.?The President) thi
afternoon, seat the follow! i* mssssgai to the two
of Oeag
, haa folly demonstrated the wi lorn of the fraui
Pcderal < Constitution, and nud
stance? the result of their lsbon wasaa near an appro?
imatlon to perfei tien n-< was oompatible with th?
jty of m.m. Buch being tbe estimation In which
Btltution h.?- ?-vi-i in .ii held by our countrymen, It l- oo
surprlsina that Bny proposition for Iti altcratlou <
amendment abould be received \?iili reluctance end ?b
tru-it. While tala s< ntlmeul deserves rommendi
en? onracement as a useful preventive of unneci
tempts to cbauge Its provision*, it must be conceded tha
time haa developed Impcrfectiona and omission? In tin
tutlou, tbe reformation of which has been ?l?
roanded by tbe best Interests ?,f ),'.<? country. Rome n
these have bei uri medled m tbe manner provided lu tin
Constitution Itself. There are other? wnl< i, ?liboual
heretofore brouaht to the attention of the people, hav?
uever been so presented .is to enable tbe popular |udR
ineiii to determine whether they should be oui rcoted bj
u.? ans of Rdditional anii
My oldeel In tlii-? communication la to sngajest certali
defi eta in the Constitution which seem t<> we to r, guiri
correction, and to re? omtueud that tin- Judgm? ut of m ?
in iple be taken on tbe amendments pro].d. Theflri'i
i if the ?h f? i La to which I > J ? lire to i all attention I? m thai
o?anse of the Constitution which proi Ide? for tin elect uu
of President and Vi< e I'n ildent tlirough the intervi utioi
of ? i? i nus, sud not by nn immediate vi te ol the people
The Importance of bo ameudina tin o aeeun
the ?lection of President and VI? Presiitent by Iheli
direct vertes waa unred with ?rreat earnestness snusbiPtj
by Prcaldent Jackson in his fTrsI annnal meaaage, und tin
iii nn uu in l.ii ion was repeated In five of bis sunserjuenl
coaimuuicatloua to Coiirtcss. ei tending tbronab I In
elgjityears of his admliiiatration. in lus m
be laid :
Te tin - p lie riebt of
It ?U L?
' ?
ll?- tin h proceeded to stale the objection? to an ??!??? hon
of President by the House of Representatives, the moot
Important of which was thai the choice ol i
ty of the people might be eaally defeated. Heck odtbi
anruroeni with the following recomraendstion :
I K<il.! ' ' ; M0O? MB Ii ?
?i n..T rtiit.v? t!l .i t?ni,.-ii,ai? a/ri,i r m Ik* aitcltaa af Pm
\ irr i'lu. **4 Ib! I ? r>vi-?!'.: ?? '., IT, ?inr '?, r?. I,
htil? It? ?.nari.t lalaUfl ??brat I* <u? ?? t Ue?, ai,: 4 fj,..,,r?
Mtarapti r eoaSaiag ?!,-.,, ?i . \-.
ilit i??,, i . -
? ? ?,'?,iiali> tu iin.it lb* ?? '?!' ' 1.1 Um Ci i : Riiiitrin I* a . .
|VrterwW?Rlwrftarardsjrsan ti-' i
ll la worthy u( rotiMiTitloi ?i.n. r?ii?i ...u ?I,
i id ? imifriil uu ?Luu Back in?,
?ultt.I woulil lint Ii? pn,|,,-r
Altheagh this reeomaiendatloa was repeated wltn nn
dimlnlabed earnestnea? In several <'f hi? inreeeding
nxBssagee, yet the proposed ?mendroent was
adopted sud submitted to tbe people byCongrei i
dangei of a defeal of tbe people's cnol? ?? In an el? etion by
tbe House of Repiesentatlvei remulni niipmvided fni In
thecoii-trTiiiion, and would be greatly Increase?! II the
litiii-e of Represen ta tl vea ahould assume ibe poe er ai M
trarHr to reject the votes of a Rtete wbteb might not be
east m conformity with the wisi.es of the ma
thnt body. Itut if Prealdent Jackson failed to m euro lite
ameitdmenttothe Constitution which beurged? uei
Bistentlj, il- sramnentei ontrlbub d largi ly to i n forma?
tion of party organisation? which havi
avoided the eontlneeney ol an eleetiouby the llou*. ol
Bepreaentatlvee. These organizations, th-i i,.
to the cancue eyateni of nocnluatlngrundldstes, and afti t -
ward to State and National Conventions, bave!
eesafal In so Hraitiag the ?iiin.iin of candidat?
eeeaps tbe danger of an election by tbe Hi
Repi i lentatli i B, It is clear, bee ever, thai In th
bag the number of candidates, the true obleei end
fpirit of the Constitution hsve been avoided mid de?
feated. It Is na essential feature In <'ur republl? i
tern of government thai every citizen possessing ti.i
stitntlonal quallflcatlena aae a right to become a can?
date for the ofRee of Pieaident or Vloe-Poi Ideul
that every qualified electoi baa a right t<> <'.i>t ins vote
for any citiaen whom he maj regarda? worthy of those
otiices But under the party organisation? win? h have
prevailed for year? these ithti of tbe people
nave been no efleetuRlly cnt off and destroyed ??- if tbe
Constitution Itself had inhibited theli ???< n lae, JI ? ?l tu
fer of n defeat of the popular choice In an electlou n? th?
House of l:?-pr< -I'litiitiv? s li ni RTeati r than m an ? leetion
made nominally by the peopk themselves, wbenbv in'
laws of party organizations ai d by flu- constitutional pro
visions reoulrlng the people t" vote fm i le< lore, lust? ad
of for the ru sidi-iit or Viit pre? di nt, it m made in pi ?
tteable for any citizen to be ,i eandldete except tbrongh
tais procesa of a party nonrlnatlou, sud for anj rotor
to east hi? BUffrag? inr any other person than ;
one Hum brought forward through tbe nianipu
of a noiiiiuiitiiiK convention. It it ibus sppareni thai by
inc.-ins of party organlsatlom ? ?vision of the I
Constitution which i?-?|iuri? the elicli nt and
Vice President to be made tbrongh th?' I,i? ctoral * '< liege? ,
has lut n made iiistriin,? nuil aud potential In drfentiug j
the gjeat object of conferring the eboice of th? e offl n
upon the people. It mai- be conceded that piny argent
aationa am Inaeparable from republksn government, and [
Hint win h formed and managed m aubordinatiou to the
Constitution they may be \ StVSMe ssfuuuurd? uf popular I
lihert v. Rut when they are perverted to purpose? of bad
Mtniiitif.il they are liable to hajnitie tho dangerous Instru?
ments of overthrowing the CsTftstltutlou itaolf. Strongly
Impressed with the truth of these views, I feel called
upon by an Imperative Muse of duty to review substanti?
ally th? recommendation m often und eai neatly made by
[ President Ja? k*ou, and to urge that tho inm-mlim nt to
thn Constitution herewith pcMOOted, or mouo similar
propi.siiion, may be submittoU to tbe people for their
ratification or election.
R?H'ciit events hnvia Hinawn the necessltv of an amend
tiifiit to the Constitution distinctly defining the persons
I who shall 'UmIuii are the duties of President of the United
I Malea in the event of ;a vacancy in that ofllee by the
[ death, resignation or removal of ?with the President and
Vie?. President. It Is clear that this should be fined by
tin Constitution, and i ol lafl t<> repealahla enactment of
doubtful constitutionality. It occurs to me thai m Mm
; eviit of a vacancy in the office of President by ?loath,
resignation, disability or removal of both the President
: iilnl Viro i'lesjib-iit. Hie dlllles of I lir olllre should ile\ olvn
| uiwn an officer of the Executive Department of the go
rernment, rattier than anon nee ronnectod with either of
, tlie Is'arlsliilivc or Jiidinui Iiepsi tim nt*. The obiections
to designating clthei iba President pro feas, of tbe Senate
I ?.r the (liu-f .Iiistii-i-of the Hiipreme Court. e?)K-c|-ally In
' the ?Mill of h viinimy pi educed In lenioval, are so
obvions nu?! so unanswerable thai Ihey need n..t ba
sut. u in detail, it is "iioml-Ii tu state tbat tln-y an both
, Interest! ?1 m prodn? inir ?a vaeaney, hint, arcovdBaa; to th*
us of the Constitution, are members of the tii
l nuil by whoa* decree a \.i:iim\ ma) be produced.
I ndi-r su ill circo install?es tin- iln|".'.pri< tjrof di'sigmalliiK
either of thee* officers to snocecd the rreahteni ?-" re
i moved la palpable. Th* tranters of tbe Constitution,
when they referred t<> Cimarreas the settlemeol of the
anceeaalou to tbe ufere of PreeMeul in th* event ?.fa
incy in the officei of both the President and Vice
President, did uni, m my opinion, contemplate the desicr
! nation of ?my Othf* than un oilicer of the Kxciutive
Department, on whom, In anch a contingency, the power*
I und duties ?>f the Presiden! should devolve Until re
i lit la , I he con Imp-lie v h;n lieen reu ote, mill s? nous at ten
lion has Hot b< in i ailed to tin- liiauif. si lUOtSBgl nit v
i between the provlaion of the ConstitntloB on this
I aubftsel Bad Mm sag of Cenar?as of lin. Havine-,
I however, bien brought slmoel teca to far*
.va it ii this Importan! question, It seems an
"inini'iit';, proper time for no to make the legssiatlow c?m
f m m to the language, in tent ami theory uf iii" OunaSHll
lion, and thus place the Kxoeuttve l>epartmenl beyond
ih" ri ich ?T inarnaHon, sud remove from lb* I? anulativa
and Judicial departments ev-ii temptation t>> combine
for the absorptl n of all the power uf goverun'-nt. It
baaocenrred to me'that In the event of such u vaeiiiuy
tlie duties of the President wonkl devolve most ??i>(.ro
priati la ni ion so'm- one u! the lieadaof th* several Ex? cu
Uve Departments, and un 1er tbfs conviction I proaeni for
roar roi stderattou an amendineal to the Constitution on
this subject, ta nu the recommendation that it be .-.ni.
edited to lite people for IfM Ir action.
Experience eeema t?. bntre established the necessity of
I an amendment of ti.it clause of the Constitution winch
I pr?vidos for the election of Senators to Congress bj the
i li^gtelatnreaot1 thesrirrral Ateto*, it would braaoraeoe
- -t' in with tbe geniua of our form of guverumenl if the
I Senators wirre rmsteri directly by the people of the sin
, eral Mates. The ol ;ei tloti to the election of DoBBtOf* by
tin- !.. adalaturea sre so palpable thai i deem it unto a s
s.n -, t.. do more than snhtnlt the proposition forsnr-b sn
amendment, with tbe r? ommendatlon thai n bo refetn 'i
to the i? ojii" for then judgment,
It i? strongly lmnre?*ed on mj mind thai the tenure of
i fill c bv the jodtcisr?. ?>f th.- United States daring good
behavior or f"i life la Incompatible with ih<- spirit of
republican government, and m tins opinion I am fully
-ii-t niieil ti> the evidences of poptilai fndgmeul on ibis
subject m Cm iinb nit Mai. nt t.m ii um. I therefore
.h ? m n nu duty in t.mu. ml an amendment to tbe
tittittou by which tbe lonnaol tin- judicial officer?
would i"- limit? 'I t" a pei lod . r a i ,ii i, and I hereby pre?
sent it m Un hope thatCoBgn saaiii tub m It II t*
j". ?ii" for tl in in ,
in" foragtilnit views have long born entertained by me,
in lets, in the 11 < ' 11.-1 ? of i;, prca? ntallves, and afterward
In i-'", in the Senate "f the 1 -.1 submitted
iitialiy the "aine proposition? ai those t.. v huh the
attention of ?Congress to herein dii cted. Time, observa
lion, snd experience )? re confirme?] these convictions:
.nil, as a malta of imbu? duty, and with a .hep s. n . ..:
my i oust n ut M'M.ii obligation i.immeud <<> the . onaid
. i iii. n of Cons i ? i- i il. i n. i.i i, ?
aud expedient, I submit tin- accompanying prop??
aud urge tin ir adoption andaubmissioi to ibe judgment
of the people AM>i:I \\ JollBi
Washington, 1> <'.. July IS, '
.I'.IM iii .?i.i I). , ? U AMI MINI I )?> TO IHl
.-I Ill il'N 'll lIU I N, I ! I' s.
u ?-? nil t ,.f i ,
I . - V ,. . ..I I ? ?
fur p., . . ll? la all la- I
i. u a ? I ? k ;
? r? ib
. BllSf ia?r Ik
? I
lata ?it'.aait !
7St'/"" '" il rrmlpfi fty IS? Sn ..'' i ut il -
?. | . ? . ... .
. ?-,'-.
at all t ? ? i i
- - f Mm I
?t?rs ?
? ?
- .?
m.ib '
!.. Im a
l'i- .i.l. n' a 1 Vi r PltaBStrSI . -, ra?
cima .
. ?
',?-.... s atsiy a. 111? ?e ir ibrrasBtf i
- - .-.
I I -, : ?
."Hr. ?hm a
? -. ilaa il>?!i 11
... . ,
ni Iba Irai, a ?? . t .i fir.
an? gfl?anal ?l.l a:, Mas! I,
? ?
.1 i iiii,l,< r .,(,-? ' . ?
!. v .r rrm i., i ' a ??, ?: U a aa
?li'ilr Min li-r i,t?i,.t?a ?o.i, . ?i .1 if i ,i i-f.
? .
? . aa UM u . ? . ?? : el??
lli'l I? l?.il 1st l'i" in ' i',1 UM (,-r...|,
.nof l!lMr|(,l i' , If, ,.|.|...'k\ ?
.,..:. ,,f ..,!-? \.r\ ?
' - I ?
\ .i r i m. -..-. i,t. in.i ?t,.u , ? . ? r la IBs
. I
!l,r s, :,,-,. . . . at fr MB ?Ir Jirr?-,1.? h?IMi){lh?
I that aft. i '.' ? ? . nt to
l! ?. tul I ? I : . ?
, . . ?'?i ibais? PrsslaioalarTlte
,s,, . - ? aara
? n- i i,--, i 1
.,...? i.f II ?? rrn ,.'. || .,f tl.. I ? ?
of o; .. . ? .
le? i f th. -a! ! ?ifi. r, tl i> rama ?tiall J-ifelw '- ?
m et.,' il t?a
' ' ill'I?.
-.,,,,- "? i . isBxr,
Is r. Irr iu
?1,,,'L Hoi' ...urv, sa In? -
? ? .
I .? Itton .a '.r . f ,
? . . I
a l'i.?..!. Bt saafl ba
.? ia ui n.ai I a ,
? pi,?
rasters I i
? ? ' r?: tl "f tl r
I -, - M ...
I I ' I. I ? ., . - \ \*
,'. to rrail ai fn:.-.?: Art h .. I II- ,!,|i<-i?l
? -
.. fn i ' n- t-, IIbM : a. nnlain ir, I ??-.
. r '.mit. il .
, . ? . ? .
mi,a , f til Ut? StsB a, is i'"" ? I ' . tt -
? ?. .
a? i.rarl? a? I iMa . ,
til k? i?r.,b,l at ?!.. M'l i.f ?," '? irtl
tas, ra?ala "f ?ba
?.'ir.-., ' ? . r. ;?ar,
,\t the lof/gfistion tod in\it;iiii.ii ?if Capt,
mil. 1-. the President of ths tf*w?Torl tabmartne
\\ i? i king ' ompanj, t ro reaMrkahly BBeeeeafnl ati.m|>ts
m.ole ,tt sui.iu.'iriiio btasttBg en the nth ii,-t.,ina
tioli and f"t ?m ?I'd of endii? lit IliiporfHiiee to the
?iiy. Two r< ;it? ??ii'" !ai-t Wii.i.i' th.- steamer Motiead,
of the N..tioi.al l.in?, an non ai el, :x.i f. . t m length,
i in late b bemewsid beaad ship fren Callao, leaded with
?. iin -'.,]. sank Immediately,and lbs st.amer,
findlni SOI 'f m il Miihiti" ? oinlltlon, Iliade for Now
Yoii.. but ?lui. I: OB ths i ."?'? sdaT* "f the outer un.Idle
. i. ? ? of eater,el a point four miir?
son ths n oi. aid iiioiif three mile from the
.1. 1 se y h?|i i ". Will .'?? hi i '.I' ' '. Low 1 00, I BBSing the liiosl
dangt-rouaob i uctlou In tlu main snip cbaunel In tho
in io \"v \i.-,k ii.ii,. i. This obstruction baa ai?
read) ii-u!ti,i m the I? -s ?t several lives and an east.
n,..:.'.! b-- of annul barf a million of properly.
i iin -.is,,,. al, known lo bar* been wrecked thereby,
iii : i v.. nt down th? - ;,'" m.rge Bdn ards; suioa craft
whose name Is unknown, all band*being lo*t,aadtwo
other vessel?, . L< . name? no oaanot now recall.
rreeb now i Imbedded in ths sand, in
a po.iition bearing B, N. B. by w, i-?. w. Portion* of
In i boa and ?u i.. ..t inn i ? ? i ? - ara <">' "f water uimut four
feet i fr ruina-t i.- broken BsTi at l*W water
fur boiler? are about eight r< ? t and** water;
amhlalup* the upper portion of lier side* are broken to,
.i m.ne geek* bar* fallen ni nponoseb othei
Thus, while showing both for* and aft at low tide, then
la yeta biutow pau-ugo near a midahipa having abontll
feet ol water, through which i"i wge veaasls have been
known i.i|i -c, providentially, unharmed. Al difereal
times II. iii His buve been made byUu agenta o(
, ?. ' ,. ba ? e, thus far, proved
unsuccessful L'ndt-i lb? Brat mad* lbs Coast Wrecking
? "iiit'iui-, . i" ii.o-i. d tu ?ai-.- i ' toi salvage?vtaeaelaad
ui.'i Pi . l.it, I'bla Company work?Ml a
? time au.) ai. K sin n:pt. t'uiii r the
second eomrwet the Neptnn* Cssmpany was in
bava ?" I'm cent, 'i - Company worked at it
? v. r.ii mouths and ii-" failed to accomplish It. Tho
third contract, now extstlBg, gives to tfasa Now Voilt Hub
iij.iiine Writking Compauj is per cent, the Company is
' work, but with aut-n meager results that opera?
tions will prid ibly soin b* reliiiiruJshed. Th* limpie fa*t
I? thai ui- tea i inlobatrui lion, ?aiiM'ii baa already reaultod
lu s," at los* ol Ufa and propel ?\. i an only lie removed by
the ?id of a ?iiitiabl.; iib-Mly fioiu ?lovernilient ; such a
subsidy was one* granted, but am.s reaolnded In ?xinse
H'ieiiie of r. ?o i MUtatlOM liuide by Mr. Muckny. Uoyd'a
BAWaA. that liiu work could bo ?lone without (Jovoruiueiit I
?Id. Each day that abe Is sllowed to remain lnrresses
the dtfticnltv and expense of her removal, as in addition
to the original difficulty the fact is added that a bur Is
gradually forming which must In time become trouble?
some. It ha* heretoforo been lndloved by all practical men
that th?) employ ment of powder for the destiuetioii of the
w reck would prove entirely futile? ?nd a use leas oxpcn
?llture. Hut tho acreat succe** mot with In Boston Har
bor and elsewhere in tbe use of a new bleating
powder, claimed to be safer than common powder
.md having far greater strength, couilng to the
knowledge of Capt. Samuel*, he made stub
arrangements fur experiment as reunited
! In the attempt of Tuesday last. Tho blasts, two In all,
I were arruup-d ander the direction of Messrs. Lincoln
and Russell, Bouton, iip'tits, and Messrs. Hoyd Brothers,
ti? New-York asrciita <>r the Oriental Powder Company,
They were exploded by the use of an ele? trie battei v
furnished by Messrs Meere ? Bmlth of Boston. All
being prepared, the boat eoatarnuig tin? batter*/ retired
to a safe distance, the electric gperk wbs applied, au I an
Instantaneona responaa made. The second basai was
arranged aa apeedlly a? poaalbte, and discharged. Fn>m
tbe commotion created, the fact that Barge iron plates
were thrown entirely ?mt of water, and much debris
remaining upon the surface, It was believed thai areat
Burceas had bees attained. To correbwate this i>?'ii?-f
and make it a certainty, ttie diver waaagain seat down
and reported that a s"*? 'uni been broken from <mt the
Mil.tl linn miI.-m ut leu- t 4(1 feet In h-114.-1 Ii 11 ml 2nln bread til.
from which space the Iron platea bed is-<-n twisted mm
rent, laying bare tin- bub s of cotiou contained Is the
in.??I. Tins complete sucres? demonstrated beyoad
a doubt tliut by tbe use of tin-? Immensely powerful
blasting compound, this serious orjetrnetlurj eaa be
speedily r.-iu.ii ?<l Hm-li renoval will of ne<re*alty require
a considerable eipendltnre, and a? then- is m> fair equlT
aient to ix- obtained from the wreck itself, it is very wi
?lent that unless the wherewithal is supplied, a private
uu poiatlon cannot be expected at its own expense to
perform agr?ai public grand. An Interesting and peculiar
feature i mmf-i ted with tbe <ln> '? eiUoyaneail wa? fonnd I"
ii.?- fact tliut. utter ?-a? h blast bushels of ish were found
floating ii|mii the surface,and while awaiting the sub
I aiding of the waters a lively seeae arose Is the assure
I meut of the result of this novel method o| Isbing, One
black 11 1. thus secured weighed ?it least tu lbs., while
lucre were in.no other iisii of upwind of in Uaa, in weight.
i.in:?Tin: wai: PARTI in RKRLIK is nn:
AM r.Mi.\NCV--fl.i:Ml.( (I ION Of TIIK rRPIfl
Kr nn Our 0?n l'.iii??p< n.leut.
l!l Itl.l S, Jlltifi M, 1BC.S.
(?iiiiit HisM?ink bei lilt forliiseatetc in Po
im-raiiia, iiomliiiilly to riiTiiit his health. In the middle
of May ho bad a severe sttaeh el plonrlay, from which
I.-covered about ten ?tiiys before his ?b-partuie. Mi-.
illness, u< inlis'lit Re expected! was lollowi'd by 11 debility
?vhich has nul yet entirely left him. The nal OSOSO, how?
ever, of hi I temporary wil hdriiw 111 from political life Is
quite different from that which ha? Uagenloualy bsea eon
jeetored m tas sbeeaes <>f peotttve IrnoarRuliii sa the sui>
lect. I/e has for SOSSS time been suffering from a iheii
instic iifTectioti, but his orgaiii/atioii Is not one of thOSS
very liable to complete nervoua proetratloa, sud even If
it were, hi? habits of life mr not, us many Imagine, of
such unceasing application aa to produoe auch prostra
Nn perses Is Gennaas Ii.h had m much Inluenco in
maintaining peaee u Count Blamarck. Usually repre
aeated ?h the raah advocate ?>f bold sud vigorous
measures, be haa Is or In reality the only check up m an
Influential parti m Pres?is n<h<n util g such measure?,
and Unit wit h tin- favor of Ihe King mu? the avov. ed sup
perl of the 1 1 ow u I'm m. Tala party, whose hostility to
it,nue la not controlled by the moderation of Count
Bismarck, haa recently gained considerably in power. It
Include* the Minister of War. Gen. von Room Gen.
von Mobi.e,.m d rneel of the l?i ? h. r anny officers, and
perhaps the M tiistei of Pluanee, Baron von der Heydl
Bo much royal favor baa ibis militan element succeeded
In obtaining, tbsl Conn I Hiemaroh deemed it proper to
withdraw from the head of .?Hair- foi a lime, a ml aeeord
...iii'd himself of in- 11 cut lllueaa as a pre
tetl for aaklng an extended leave of absence and
liberti to retira to si? estate :?' Verein. The droite
fi,i military n <.n ol tbe < rown Prince und otbi t Oen
?i lis w im partlcip ited in the short campaign of ISSS, Da?
n:,ij been whotteil instead of aatiated, and exasperated,
too. by tin- inii : 1 1,m-.- nt Prauce, which virtually com?
pelled tbe conclusion ef tne peaee of Bkcolsburg,
the) ni" willing and anxiena to odd to the
laurel* which they then Required, tbeee "f a sue
reosful eampelga againel the Preneh, ?-vea though
bj sin li nn attempt they would itepard ever)
thing that was then obtained without tie pu?xstbillty of
tecuringany aiatertal advantage. The king, although
more moderate m hie view? tbaa this party, la leas n
ol ?,'. to .1 polu y nt conciliation than Ins Prime Minister;
and, If It la improbable that be will allow himself to be
urged into aggn naive pro? edlngs, if any Ditaundenrtand
ing with I't.un.- .ir.-* -, 1 ' 1 no latlilllty of ? peaeeful settle
mem will be more remoti than if tue King were governed
in the counsel? of Count r..-tu.ir?-k iins war party I?
?i much blinded t" s good uolley b? resentment
toward 1 1.nue thai they ars favorably in !
? inn it to on RlKaace with Russie encouraging
the ambitious deelgna of a neighbor which if luccesafal
ntoally menace the Prnssian State, The repre
1 the absence of the IT? mur
being by seniority, the Minister of Pi?onee, Barn von der
Hi \?lt, l? nt the bead; In i .1-' ol bii abaem ?? the ">l i ib r
of Wer will preside It ts well to remark, hoerei
little or m 1 adilitl? or] wi Ight Is civ? n to the counsel ufe !
aitiilstei thu- t mporarlly occupying tbe Presidency In
net Th? si nonneemeul of tbe repn m ntstton in
the absence of i hum iu*iu*n k was made with the ilguill
rani reservation ol tbe rlgbt to make any other deter-1
uni it inn. This .mi !n u it?-, it is now announced, bus been j
? I l.y ?im lirnni of appels! power to the Mlnlatei of
\s ir, Wen. ?on Boon, giving him full and supreme author- ?
it? In the m!u.iiM-ti.iMi.ii nt tin- Federal Militar) end
Mm im iiii.iir-.
Whatlsof particularIntereat In connection with this I
lubject ts tbe avowal b] Gen. von Moltke, In a recent
a the l?n t. nf M. foi armumi ot? in
v,ith i., rmanj. .1- \?i ll ,.s another utterance lo ? work
entitled, "Jiti Petdxug von IsCfl in Deutschland," pre
pan il 1 m it-1 Uic pei -m ml luperviaion of lieu, von Moltke.
, lust volui.f tl,!-? work has Just been published,
of the negotiations Rl Nleobburg, de
1 ..m d bj .m oflli lal ot - m t" I"- nutltled to tin? raoat Im?
plicit coufldence. It la here Intimated that the conclue-'
ion of peace was compelled by tho dictatorial Interfer?
ence ?if I- llllll e.
The ikTutlon iu Europe rend? i - II "in e raors rn n tary
tu t onaldei tin possibility of .1 dlstui hanee of the pen e.
It 1*. uf cour>e, utterly Impossible fur Russia to rrdln
qulsh her deelgna of aggraudlrement in tbe Bast. It la
scarcely aaore easy to rendei the hostility to thoss do
ilgaa bjea eflective by detaching any one of the Btatci
m uv? h ?.-ni nst in 1 pi.lings from their alliance in op- i
position to her. Tui re i- little.m for doubt that an el- ;
[lance between Rueaia and Prussia would result In mi
mediato war; and tbe precipitancy wiih which Russie
commenced nggrcssioi i In turkey when the 1-uxemburg
difflculty arose, and her bast? to i< oede fron hi r
ami exp?ala away her oonduct when the Laondon
. inifi n nee averted s breach between Prance
ami Pro?la, pretty clearly show- thai re?
newed attempts ?o the ja.111 of Rusala will ;
be made to execute her purposes whenever similar dis?
tensions between tbe Government? of tboae two State?
-ii.ii; arise 1 if such ..11. nipt? are persisted In, open boa
t title? will be unavoidable. Almo?! all sppearstod?
pend upon the peaceful relation? of Prussia, and conee?
uuontly liftman.?, with France: sud it must be admit?
ted thai the maintenance of sut h n lettons la endangered
by tin- pu -sut ni ?. m 1 of 1 ouut Blanutrak froBi ?u bead
of affairs m ?.?nn.iiiy.
Tbe pre I tbe Presa la Pntaala are so oppres
? !\e ,?s 10 ?iii.iiuiit to persecution, H'lthm the .
days there have in en no lesa than five different <
la proceeding? against Berlin journal? brought to
public notice
in April last the responsible ? dltor of Kladderadateeh, a
paper of ?ir Cum/, cisss, wsa sentenced to a flue of 100
tbalera fnr the p ? ? ill? u of a punt ii presenting a scene
m tii.t tin's " I'.ni-t." Paust bad the features of ?Count
Bismarck, and Mepblatopbi l?ssbad those of Count i.inp?
the former Miniatei of Justice so notorious for ins barah
judicial Baeeaurea sgsinit offending labor?is ? while Herr
Twesteu, who, a? I? w< II known, o si sn especial u
Lippe'i pe? set m mu, wa? encased In Morgan tin 'i -i?u i?,
and represented as warning Paust against tbe evllsocletj
of Mepbistopheles. Tbe most luiUcruua part of this pie
ture is oertamly the man In woman'a aXtin ? othorwiae
tinn- i-, no point m it, ns every oas know? who Is ac
qualuted with tbe spirit of "Pauat" ,i .1 s.iim- upon the
superstitions dogmua of the < burch In the rllxteenth i en
tiny, lint the eulti i was prosiM uti d ami condemued for
Insult ii'tii nii'i'iiiy to a pun!,e offleer. Tbc case I
.i npon appeal, and the flue, by e stretch of judicial
i h m? 1.1 v. b<< ii partially renutted.
The second i.eedfng ??.is tried on the 1Mb last.j
iiL'ainst the fUaatsbtiryer ZeUuHo.tot ridiculing the bom.m :
catholic faith m an article referriug to the delivery, bi
the Queen of Hungary, ol oprluceaa Instead ?if a prince
ll ??.tn there lueutioned that the ex Que? n of Naples, In i
lister, had brought her an Image of a boy modeled in
was, iii the head of which were three chip? from the
bone?of Mme departed saint rhis relie, it w.is s,mi,
waa to work the nilraeuloui effi 11 of i aualug the EuipreM
to bring foi th a male child. The ail u le coud? mm d such
sn pi i -iit um, and urged the enemies of tbe < ourordel to
avail themselves of sachan occasion t?i latirlM the
Papacy, i be Court deliberated k>ng and earui itly upon
i u ??Is ami anules u f faith With the alulit? ofaprofe?
"huial prelate, ni d finally, ?mite uneapecteuly aioiiilted i
the accused editor.
1 In- third pin? eedlng enmc upon the ??d last., upon an |
oppeal front a sentence ngalnai tbe publisher and editor I
of the Mum- newspaper, by which toe former we? ? mi
detuned to four ami the latter to -n week's Imprisonment
f,,i insult to the late Mioistorof Justice, Couut Llppe.
11.?-?i? i isinii commuted the lentitnosol uaprlaoumeuito
tin' payment of a ano,
'ihn fourth and llfth casea occurred on the Mth In-f,
In which the edition? of two morning papera were uoufJs
eatedhy tbe police thatot the Zukunft, It is sunu ed.
fur an article against the Church, and thai ?if tho Social
Demokrat, most probably, for social democnu y.
Tbe Met of the Murta Uerman Confederstlon Lately
adopted a meaaare of considerable Importance In requir?
ing the government to open negotiations with such
powers os were favorable to tbe object, for tbe purpose of
recognising the tavtolabiUng of private property nt bm,
fram capture by aruted vesaels. Thispnnutple w?s tifHr
us?-? rteil by the L'uitcd State? ami the proci i dii gt In tbe
Diet bad for their i tuei object it? eatablishmi ot Lm i w? i n
tho two oounu lea.
i:.ni\ la-t aretiiog r y?oung num called M tbe
!?iiK-fc-s Bonos,sad Inforseed tho cieik that sowas an
.iv'entof Kob.-rt Homier.just arrr.ed fjrSRI tfOW Vnik, and
that that gentleman would be In town during thee venina;.
i in- " .ii.'' nt i if Bonner" m it Mid that hi? employer waa
to he greeted with a Mrsaade. He at om-e- starten to pro
euro the servions ol Vane's Baud, anil shortly afterward
they were taken Into a baud wagon ami driven to the
diiiw.whcreaiiii.it lay in whlobtbc Mageat" ?aid thai
Mr. Boaaerhad srrtved. Tbe baud, under ordere from
tin. " ragaat," plajed suaaeroua popular aire, until it waa
dlacovered that Mr.Bounei wits uoton board, ami then
tbe " agent" said that ihe expected genti?>iiiau would be
found at a Mr. " Patti-rsoii's,'' on tVeat Lake -t , and the
" ?gent" and baml at ?une went to the West Bide, Mem?,
timo " mine boat" Preneh, had prepared to d?> the honora
to the guest whose auddeii arrival had b<'<'ii henil.led, and
a iiiapullfent ?JOllattoa wa* to bo sei vc?l Uli on the, u'ii
Hum. Niiinrrou? friends and admirer? or Mr. Bonner
visited the hotel. Thu oaass of lila erratio visit was the
?ubte.ct of dlacustion, aji uxpvctatlou WM VU tlo toe. An
hour passed by?no Mr. Bonner?no "atrcnf"?no nothing,
but disappointment- A little before midnight the livery?
man of whom the band wagon had bceu hired drove over
to Patterson'*, on the West Side and found V ass's Hand
seated, and silently awaiting order* from their detntrted
guide. (Chicago Journal, July 11.
During th?* early part of last week tlie
em pretue desire of all tbe humanity left In thia suffering
city was for coolness. Could our tlmatcrs have supplied
It. they would have needed hardly any other attraction.
Und their representations been given in refrigerating
cuves, below the sun's Intlueure, or on elevations paral!? 1
with the region of eternal snow, our citirens and ?oj?iur
nern wonld have b?>en only too happy to " usslst" In full
numbers; but, as It was, with a. thermometer rising to
degrocs as fatal as a battle-tleld to many, it would have
I? en almost too much to ?-xp.-ct a crowded attendaice
even at a distribution of puz?-? to ail comers. It would
have been a relief, if not a saving, to our
managers, to havo had tho supply of gas
a-. Inill> fail for B few nights? a? It did last week in Phila?
delphia; but, altlHiiigli no mien fortunate accident >)C
CUtred to lighten their responsibility, they paitscd through
the snlti-y ordeal with fortitude and r?signation. Ho
much suffering virtue touch? ?1 the heart of tho clerk of
th.- weather. Mummer has relented, and beamed upon us
with mote considerate gad mitigated urdor. The votaci?n
of tho ?llama have been suffered to return to
their respectivo shrines, which they havo found
uiidimmed ami much cooler than they expected.
At tho Olympic they were fanned gratuitously;
afila, Hangall smiled pleasantly, as if nothing
extraordinary had happened, and appeared t<? have
gained rather than lost In hounding agility and grace.
" lliimply Uuinpty" has COBM out ?if th?' fiery furnace,
Ilk* pure gold, brilliant and gay as aver. Iiist?'.id of sink
niK beneath tin- Bumioei HolsUoe, he gat he r.-a fresh vitality
from it, like a sal,amaiuler. Free, tignum t Efe presenta
us this evening with a novelty which will draw all the
chivalry of Gotham to the spot. If consists of the "Light
inn,.' linn and Bayonet right," to bo executed by s
brother and sister, MassCarrte and Mr. Chattes Austin,
to whose remarkable proficiency in the military exercises
of the French School vae bar* alrcaily referred. At Hal
link's. Brougham's "Lottery or Life" will keep possession
of tbe state?- for a fswtnlgbl longer, when I.oita will ap?
pear upon tin? m ene and attract the ntunberleaa admit?s
..flier pr.tty follies, archnees, and dapper witchery.
Daly's " Flash of Lightning" at the Broadway.Is drawing
v.ry fair houses for tho season. It will bo sue
???????led ?m the -i7th inst, by Mr. and Mrs II. Watklns,
wbo will open in Mr. fVatkins's dresse ?'ailed "Trodden
Down," fournie?! ?m the Irish Bel.?-Ilion. The Now York
Theater la closed. "Th* Grand D?cheos" and the
Worrell Biatar%withdrew on Saturday. On Thursday the
, .11 bo re-opelii I for the benefit of Ml. ?
Bak? r. tin Btage Manager. <>n Monday", the-a-7th Inat. tbe
Business .Maii;u-"i,.Mr. PlBch.will bave a bmieflt. On Mon
iia-, ih.- dof August Mr. Charlo* Beade's dram a entitled
"Foul Play" will inaugurate the summer ssaaoa at m
Theater. It will bo represented, with new scenery end
appointment*, by an ahla company comprising Mesera
A II. Davenport, J. if Barirhas, .l.nin-s
Burnett, <; B. Btudley, McK ?? llanklo, F. <>.
M i,.1er, Misses Miry Wtdla, Jan* PUhet und
Louise Ilawthore. Af lira. 0 > House, the
"Plaakof (Jersey) Ugntnlng" which is tho true key t?.
Daly's " Hash," ami, In brevity and eonesatratles), Its
auperior, still kill, vaith laughter at the longest rango. Il
i is overflowing with the broadest burlesque drollery.
- Bryant, Una worth, if ora, Seymour, Basas?*, and
others rale tbe conic tempest, and direct the mmaeal
atoim, ini'iudiiig an nnparalleled stoemboal rae* and ?
terrifia explosion. Their entertainment contains also
i many unctuous and refreshing morceaux, such aa IBM
I grand divertissement "Lova among the Roses." and
other seaaonable luxuries, Tb* quietud? of the draaaa at
present would be greal were set the noto of bc*s>
I aratioo i?*r the Winter season heard aa < very
i hand. Napoleon in time of peece iloes not make ready
j tor war with greater ardor and industry than mir man
apart Iu this season of slackness for their \\ Inter
campaign. Mr. Brougham hi bnsy ii-novatiiig tho Fifth
, Avenue Theater, which be ei necia to open about the 2ist
of B? ptember, under a new name, with a new plaea. and
everything eta* now aboni it. wood's Mnsenm and Th.-a
tei is undergoing equally extensive and complete altera
n mi-. Mr Qrafl is 11. ui'ieii m remodeling th* Preach
l? at? t m l'oint.onth st. ,it ti,.. riMt of about t;<i,i??>
Borne of Ibe Minstrel Hslls are subject te a siBsllar pro
'. -s "f Innovation and improvement. The work pa
Booth's Theater, on the cornel of Tw?-nty-tbinl-st. and
tin sixth ave., advance? steadily, and will bo completed
mut Winter l-.dwm l'on est will probably lio the lust t<>
make its walls resonant with \oeii thunder.
BABM HI.i r.
Wo COJpf fnirii Tht fhpirimOftht J?me* thn fol
fowmg on 111 lit? of th* plot of Offenbach's o/tera txiufe of
" Kluo Bi-.trd," which is to be produced to night at Ni'si
lo's :
Contrary to the general Impression. OfTetihach's opera
is not a burl. si)up o|,oii the nursery stmy. la which tbe
hero m " a malignant and t Bl ha mal Turk," but up?n the
foundation of aald Buraery story?a pi*** at Frenes? his?
tory of th.- period of the orasadea, u, bieh runs as follow . :
A certain hud in Brittany, n?.?I OU de Bats, pi
of a strong < n-tie .nul a goodly number of stordy m*n?at
arms, acquired an unenviable r?putation as a destroyer
of I,Is oa?, 11 s[s "ie.s. lie was if [."I t. d t?i be iu tlie habit of
entiling women and children Into his castle,
and! "f there putting an ? nd to these ex
.st.-nee. He was even suppoied to bo nddteli-d t?i
baths of Mood, and exercising his eccentric fancy la
var?en? manner? contrary to the ates?lo. If.? ?ra? at
length in.lieK'l beSora flie Hlarh ?"?.uin-ii nt Kenn** nu a
murderer, bnl i ?as found Impaaslble to emvtet him,
the JndgeV fear of fins powerful baron's nien-at-arms
overcoming their horror of bta crimes. At length, find*
lug his piwy was likely to ?Up through his fingers, the otii
i 111 who is reptes, nto'l lti tin -?? daa s bathe prOMOUng
attorney, rose, and in a meat? rly ipeeoh reproached the
;th their sowsrdice.and aftorworking up the
? irf the multitude to the greatest possible bight
- so that the Judges trembl? ?1 Irai they should suffer from
lb* people'e wrath h> changed the aceuaatlon and m
?i'lK'ii tii?- prisoner, no! as a mardi rar, but as a sorcerer
i punta* utter charge be waa promptly convicted ami
ion m ii alive. Th.- plot >.f Messrs. Mellhac <fc Haling*?
libretto Is, of coon*, a bnrleaqee aptas tins saadhaval
sio'a, ni.I as bl.Ishiii would never do m an Open
boiitle, they have arranged 'he matter to suit the public
taste. The sei in- opens in a Village in Brittany, upon the
estates*f Barbs Bliss, otberwlaa ?.il da Rets,and dis?
covers a pair of rustic lover*- Fhmrott* ?Mile. L?mbele),
and rune?- Bapblr (MB*. Dardlgnao the Prince being, of
a ruatio in appearanoe simply?who are
startii-d m th.-ir mutual expreaeiona of love and d?
v.tion by tlie appearanoe of Boulotte (Mlle. Irma),
a slu ?.henless, who lias bMOBBB tli?> slave of an ex
traordlnary passion for Prlaes Bephtr, who in do
? ?? reciprocate* the Ham*, siiortiy enter Popo
I.nil (Ml. Dm liesnei, the alchemial attached to Blue
Beard'* suit", and Count Oscar .Mr Lagnffoul), chief
courtier al the palace of K'ng Bobeobe(Mr. ?*rancls),
Intended to represent the King of Prance, rae two
friend? are dellgbted al their unexpected meeting, and
mutually explain tbe object of their anarch. Popolaui
i oint s to Shoo** a Sixth ? ..'" for b:, master, Blue Beard,
woo tins time wants n a IrgiB peasant girl, win.
is to be selected i>y i"t from among the villager?'
daughters. Count Oscar has come to seek the only
daughter of the King, Prince? llctiniit by naine, who
? many yean before, when quite a child. At
this moment the villagers appear, and Popolanl canee*
them to draw lota for the honor of Ins master** band.
Boulotte Wlaa, and the village Is ringing with the
ko ts of congratulation, whan Cornil Ost i recognizes
th* basket m Which 111? lots W*N drawn as one in
longing '" th* Royal household. On laanhry hs to the
ownership thereof, Pleurett* is indicated to bias. The
s then go ont at tb* ? '.unit's raqaoss, teat mg btm
alone with Fleurette, whom ba recosnusos ntt?-r a short
conversation t?> ba the long lost Princesa Hermla. En?
chanted with hla good fortune, a* hurries her off te tho
? 'ou?t in a palanquin provided fur tin? purpose. As the
in moves up the mountain it asseta Barh* Bleu
coming down, attended bj his meu-nt anus. He hi greatly
stunk by the beauty ?>r the Princess, and determino*
thai sh" iball Is > otne his leventh ? Ife. His sixth is new
presented to him by Popolanl, and th* cuitinu bi - i
th.- iii s[ a, r. J he second n ?,r tin- ?,'ou it of King Bobech?,
overs, ib the course "f a couveraataon with Count
?.sear, great jealousy for bis wife, (Jueea Clementiue I
' VI il", f.l? alil.e ?UClOS :n fait til" < oillit has il. ted us
lus Instrument In puttiusj ir.a.i.a live mipposed suitors I
of-ins wife. Tb* Pnucea* Harmla, lncenaed at a
" marrtaga d? contenance" which her pap.a has m
riiiia,-! d with a certain Prlnc* Baphlr, rebel? against this \
disposition of her hand and beart, ignorant thutthe!
l'i mo* is her a liliom shepherd, lie an ives shortly, and
u. i .i. light on Unding bar lover m tin; peraon ol <
thought h.-r greateal enemy knows no bounds.
It is .a ?.i. iat dit) of c?r?monie? al tbe court, and accord- !
iui( to custom, tin- nan l.v mat (led noblemen pre?en t the m
sell is with tli.'ir wives to kiss tin, king's llillld. When it
. .m - to the turn of Boulotte and Bia* Beard, bowet ar,
she kisses tbe prince, being still a* much enamored ol
blm a* before. This throws the whole sewrt late oonftv
aloa,whleh is Increased when she throws h.r arms
around the king's m ck. and klsms him ou ?in h chink,
anil ruaba*OUt, followed by her huobaud innl tho mis of
ludlguntion from tho oourtlera.
Tho third act ?pea* la the ulchomtst's cave, where
Popolanl, in soliitxiuy, tells that b* has bean employed
by Blue Beard to destroy ins wives as feat us be wearied
of them. Inateadof dobgthls, bowaver. he haa hktdon
tin in la a large room, purporting to be their tomb Bud
externally resembling one, bui better nature rebelling
against tin? commission of so many crimes. Bins Board
appeara Btdannounces to Popolanl that Bonlott* must
die at one?, a* h* intend* t<> many Princea* Marmle be
for* 11 ?>'? lock that night, thai hour having been rind for
bet BMWriaga with l'i nun Baphlr, Popolanl consents r?
luctantly, and wlu-n lii.uiotte is brougbl in by themen-at
itims aiiiiiiuisti i s tu her a sleeping draught, and Blue
Be ird,believing berdead.aalliM forth to marrv bi*a*vaath
wife, Popolanl, bowevor, Immediately revive? i,"u
lotte by un-ans of u galvanic biiterv, and touclilug a se
. ret spring, disclose? t h<- int. nor of the above-mentlonod
tomb, valiere the tla?> 1 re.. ding wives are ilisi o a en d at it
sumptuous repast. He explains to them ail that tins is
the propel tune to ?to to the King and inform luiii of the
orioles of bis subject, casting themselve* upon HI* Ma
j? istv for protection, ihey acootxtlngly set out (dlsgoiaed
as BJ psiesi for 'he ? ourt, Tb? fourth uct finds u? .iic.nu
at tlie palace, WbsBN the iiuirriago of PntW*
Baphlr ami tho Prinoa** Hermla Is about to be cou
siiiumated, when Blue B*ard appeara, announce? the
death of ins sixth wife, mal oiainwthe King'sdaugh
t.-i as his seventh wife. Tho king, naturally enough, re?
jects Ulla prestiiiig Invitation, Uiitii Blue Heard suga.-ii.ts
in blm that his ai my nueraliy, uml his urttllery purticu
;arl> , are In B minli better state than the royal one, .and
unies?? lus demanda are instantly compiled with, he will
be linder tin- ui.pleasant tio.-s.sity of knocking th* palace
about theklng*Baera Bl* MafcMtyl* dnadfuByfright
??lud nt this tliie.it. and is at a loss (o know va li?t step to
take, wln-ii Prince Baphlr defies Blue B.md to mortal
wm bat, and the u.m^ det^areaih* victor shall receive
hi? daughter's hand.
The fight commence*, and I* being carried on with great
fury by th? oootendini partl?M wheu Blue Bt-ard tudden
Iv cries foltii- I lia- Piu.ee nal iu ally looks around, ?ami
iiiuo Beard, ?n a most nugentlemauly manner, stubs blm
iu the back. Hule hen.g no kOOgvronv ob.stacle to his
marrtaa*i ho is about to proceed to the cousuuimatlou
thereof, when their attention Is arrea ted by the urrlvalof
Poiml.iiil with tho six wives of Blue Bsard, and ?oiiut
Oeoar with the als victims of Klug Bobeehee ItflrTia -
ail disguised m gypslee. They Inally throw off their
musks ami dlaoovet tbaNaeelVM to tiie asioni.slieil nas?. of
the vaoulalbu nuudeiets. lu oidei to Iliyjli kUo piece
mumtt m a,.
without- further bloodshed, the ?even ladtee are marriM
to the jewn gentlemen, tbe Princes? esjioualng herb?
loved Saphir who hi resuscitated for tbo purpose ?
Boulotte receiving back Blue Board ?pon his promua>??3
smeudraeut-the curtain falling upon general sau?n??
Gas-light costa the city of lioston $2:i8,0fjfj.
Kato Field in pasRiog tho Summer at th? I*U*
of Bfaoals. **
(Jail Ilaniilton will soon start for Europe to
bo abiwnt for a year. ' w
Wappinp;, Mass., lias this year produced ihttux
pair* of twin? and two acts of triplet*. "
He who is "iiionaivli of all he survey?'' oa
the Island of Juan Ft i narnlt z, has but 18 subjects. ^
The fioviiii. ?ii year locusts aro oniifrratin?
from Tennessee, and the rabbits follow them In UmJl
sands. '*
Stephens, the lata Basal Cant? of tbe K?nig.
?rotlierhoudiu Ihn United Slates, la teaching Lngtaahl?
Tho ?rfla of Ahel Fulsom, of Zimhrota.
Mitiu.. was bitten by a rattlennaku a fi w tinyi tu,, ?,?2
?11? ?1 in a few hour*. The snako attacked b?.-i at tlio'door
of hat house.
The printer? in The Toronto Lender office ara
on a strike because they were off? red American silver In
-aviiieiit of their wages. Tin y demand that 10 per ceot
iseount bo allowed.
Hiisliop Moriarty celo hm teil masa two week*
.t,;u on the suiiiinlt of ht. Brendan'? Mountain, R'orrr
Ireland,'J.UU0 f?Jot above the sea level, ht. liR-iuiaR hi
Kerry'S patron saint.
.John V. !.. i?atfleld, third liage of the Oin
cliitiiitl M. Il < Ulli, last s. eek threw i hull of the recul.?
sl/.e and weight, RM f? el ; on the ?eoond trial, he H-iil n
:vr.{ feet; on tho third, SOS?tbe longest throw ever re?
Anionflr ?M visitors at Newport is Ralph
Waldo Emerson, who is in excellent health. Oea, Jo.
Jobnetou, late of tho Confederate aimy, and (lea. Bam
cock, a candidate for the reccut Tammany candidacy, ani
expected next week.
Samuel Wells, who ilieil in Boatnn oa
Wednesday, ?rasenos Oove?sr?at Maine, end .ia?ig? of
the Bupreme < ourt. He wa? brother to the into ex Sena?
tor JonnS. Wi-ll- of New -Hampshire, and alto to ox-Oov
?'mor Wells of Iil.nols.
On the 2.1th of June the legislature of Con
ii?-cticut passed an act granting a lull pardon to Jobs
Devereuxof Waterhury. tl "ii an Inmate of the fM*te
i'i leon. The Governor forgot to>ien the paper*, anil the
> MHkf niitn died ou Wednesday of a brokeu heart.
Mrs. Cordelia Wade ot Cincinnati hits recent-*
iv made the seventh attempt to reach a definite lolatiisa
"f her continuity by Violence. For the seventh tlaao alie
baa failed, through the vigilance of her aftVctloiiate r*l- ?
ativee,wbo have, by mncn practice, learned to operate
the stom.'icli-piiinp successfully.
Last Wednesday nfgM a nnmher of the ?in?
dent.? of Bieter Academy, ?erenaded Fieri barrah, their
writing teacher, with us, tinosos, torpedoes, bella
gongs, and horao-flit'll finished ihe evening's ?|*irt
by taking oil' all tin al . ? Jus OBSRSRb. Thef
were lined Sin em h b> ulty.
A letter from Cape Cod says that during last
Thursday'? storm the lightning iti tick the wateis of Wa
qunit Bay, and frightened the eel* to tbe surface. Tlier
made their way to tae abere. and ou being thrown bark
by tho waves, came to land again. In the morning the
native* collected 15 barrels of ! hem from the beach.
A Weatani editor an of a eotemnorary t
" He is aa unmitigated scoundrel. In intelleet Le m ?a
in*. Ho can't write English. His clothes don't fit him.
He i-? a shallow-pated D?mocratie gopher. He ?trink?
parrgorie. in addition to this he is an edderto Inafri? uda
and u Coppertkead lo his country." Hurt is what poor Tost
Bead would call " rlpoi liiporotToa **
The Manchester Mirror slates that the " ansie?
fo.im," as maii> fanners cal! it, is more abundant nil?
yen than flic oldest inhabitant in New-HsmpahttO ever
knew, it is a white foam at the 'otbtfl of grase, and in it
le concealed something, In embryo state, that I? oouMd?
??red the young grasshopper. The microscope reveals its
outline?, and ?bow? that the general ides about It lsoor
.eit if so. m a short time tile flehla will literally a*arre
with Riaaitiiippets
Among; the intere^tinp; "Personal" para
gl aplis <?f a Weitem oajier l* the following : " The King
? if Bavaria <r?"-s t<? ind at dayboeah, oueen Victoria
-iiuif.-?; Rugente smokes; the Holy Father shave? hlniaelf;
vbles O'Kotlly IS writing an elaborate obituary of rj. P,
I liarte; ?i.'ii. ??rant ?bed last week?one of the best trot?
i thu state, t -oit ?4.IIOO- haiiuii'l N. ( arr aUsi umler
hie barber oa the ?th?friction sore long time be bore,
'nit natiiro could'nt stand up under more of it."
A lato EnffURs. paper snys: "So/no cuto
Y.u.kee Importera have t,? en cheating their own Casta?a?
Hoiiso by ?retting their lead ?nt from .Spain, run luto
molda representing the Reads of eminent American
itatesman, and invoiced M ' wwka ?>f art,' which cease is
free of duty, if the tinted State? have to com?tala el
lead helag iMUgfrirfi in on then? andet tae form of ?tsles
men'? head?, our oontplalnt on thl??ldeof the water is
that we have to pay heavily for 'itatcsuieu's heads
?a Inch should be properly eutered m lead."
The sotar eetipsjfl that i* to take pi are oo
the nth inox wiO be total. Hpecl-d expeditions of aatroa
?mera ami photographer? are te lie sent out by the (tor
eiiiu,ents uf Great Britain, Prance, Austria. ?Oeraaaw
and Itnly. to ob -,-rve und record the important pheoemw
nun, w hi. h la to lie <>t nearly seien ii,unites' duration.
A? ft will lie viaiblo m u* ?..lalitr "Oly tn>m ttu> r^rteam?
of the ?iirfare ?if ourirlobo a.llaeent to th? equator, IRC
ration?expeditions wuTbave to undergo the lnirdMtips
of a 8ammer journey to troptoel regions. Most of them
ready under way. At Aden, at the uiouih of tae
Red Rea, where the eclipse will be observable at sunrise,
m tike UMMt convenient point from Barons, the greater
number of t.. u hiiittfir iwtoji will fongragsta
In the course of tue day the total eclipee will be vQnl?
in India, on the buands of Horneo and Oslebee, tho ls?iir?
Island-, and toward innSOt in N?w Cuiaiia. la all M
these b'l-ulitie., careful observations aio expected to be
OB the Biotm 01 AUDITED
< i ri/rss.
??Uasiiim.hin I? C, July?, Utf
*? Dbab Bii: Toon ot the M m>t. b i<-niv??l.
f am unquabuedly in favor ol tho sdepsttea of mc^iure?
which w.;: .usure mu naturalized cit.ROM ftOSB outrage
Rhrnad, as I aas also for abandoning all diaenniiiiaiioo
against tliem at home. Itlaeaooaa fiar sao that Uasr
abandon tbe hossssof their youth, and the gravel of
thalr fore! itbera, traverse oeeaao, and aacriaee penassl
?ttaohmenu, charmed by the story of libert? in tsJtasV
land, to ceme and dwell among us. l would meet lie-tn
on tbe ?bore, not with suspicion? look* and uivi'luiis
l.i'.vs, but tu welcome them with kind word-, and ? lull
and Imme ll ite enloymont with ua of all the niivlleM??!
American citiaensulp upon taking the oath of .?llexistrca
Tae origin of our probatmnary natnraUsatioR i.iw?
??us iu a fear of forciKu Influence? wbiai th*
Government was weak. Bow we are airs p sad
need ool fear. We have conquered a uionstrou? rebellioe
fonnded upon wrong, and have given the world notice
and proof of our ability to take care of eunelvee, aud, at
tbe s.une time, have Inaugurated a policy which couteuv
pi itea universal and equal citizenship foi all the d I
of tula continent. Bow, elneewe ha?' to pre
-sent anota strong motives of personal interest to otu
adopted eitlzena. to Induce loyalty to the Government, l<i
us make assurance doubly inre, by enUaUag tbebr grnSr
tude .is Well. 1 Would dcclme every luilli'i? ris'ht to el
patr?ate talmeelf, leered end lndefe?*uble, ami pledge
every power of the Government to vindicate tala m *j
doing ; and I would place it in the power of 01 cry nun M
becojie fully naturalized whenever he might cbooastj
do bo. Thus we should i>e what we pro fern to the world
s nation of freemen, equal in all thing? before the law.
Truly rour Mead. l<i> hard VArta."
"Col HRRRl laOOAR, Joliet, III."
MOKTGOItRRT, Ala., July IS.?The Kepulilictn
state Convention asaembled h? re to d.?) for tbe purport
of nominating Presideutial elector?. As tin- eountKM ?!
in tin? Btate, i-x.-i-i't twelve, were fully repre*
More was mule permanent Chairasen, ami J. w. riniiipe
Secretary. The Committee on Reeolutloo? reported
a seilet'which were adopted uiiau.uiotisiy, and anml
loud cheers. The flint congratulait ?< the jm.'?>
pie of Alabama upon the restoration <>f th?
state upon the baste of humnu liberty. The sec.i in?
dorses the Chicago platform of 1868. The third dceljree
liriuit and Coif i \ worthy atandaxd-bewrers of the Repub?
lie an pun y. The fourth pledgee Alabama for tlraut and
majority. The tilth de. lam the 1
ilonistaof theboutii and theOearaeratleparty of tbe
North lib n!lt al. and that the issue tin y iiiaVe with h>ysl
people la the p.line now M then- the l?-lli- of p?'.i' e, i ??.
and order against Rebellion, anarchy, ead \?,ir. ThS
-i\tb pledge? tho Republican puiiy of AlabasM
to maintain teVaOlatS free ?obool? ami lue n*;
lot ?nit eijual right* for ail. TI.e Hveata
a.-ks that < ??'ii- Bnepard may be retained ra
command of the Cnrtrd Btafee troops in Ala?
bama. After the resolutions had been ad?,pi?.I, the Con?
vention proceeded t<? nominate electo - i ou*id?
discussion sprang up as to whether Niisbolas lMvleel
lluntsvilb' ahoula be one of the electors for tl ?
Urne. He was dually nominated by acclamai
Joshua Mots?' was OheSM In the same in.inner, ami (
holm of Montgomery sad Berry of Mobile, the latter?
eolored man, were chocen olternateo. Alter ?oaMOtbof
proceedings tbe convention sd)ourned in extellesl
?pirita ana amid loud cheers for ?Jraut aud Colfax sud
the Rlestorsl ticket.
The Chiemoo Times besjrina t?> tmnble Rl tho
organization ol the ? Leather Brigade" of thai dtj *
Republican club. Its sppesrauee 1? disagreeably reeat"
oleceut of the " welttner received bytheKebel? is
and ?aggeotlve of the ?? tanning/' winch is to be tbeir !?>*
iu IsOe?.
The Warsaw Xew-Yorker sa/R: "Tin* in<,?>'
that even bis uppouent.1 have \entuitd to a?y ?Rain?!
the Republlean nominee ft*?Governor is that be ? M f,,r
inerly a Uciuocrat, and that he is rich. Hut as lie ce.?^
to bo a Dessoerat whea party fealty involved aid sn?
coui/ort to hu coniitry's foes, ami as he made hi? ui"ti'"J
honestly ami UOBOlt liberally and patriotically, we d?"?
think the complaint* very hci?oui oi
A sneeial diapateh to ? CH?eaM papar, bUot
Nashville. Tenu., July 15, says: Ihr XatkSiUt llininer of
tul? niorulng contain? a leader which ?ounts'l* ion.blO
aud armed ii ilstaaes to the furthet enforcement of the
Uwi of the Stats Government It warns the white us
publicans, that while the negro?'? will be anared a? fMJ*f
practicable vingeauco without mercy will l>o wteiikeu
upou them. There is little doubt that the Kn k ?>
Deinoeracv have resolved on the forcible overthrew m
the State ?Jovernnieiit. Th- aaeatlUg ?f tlieiipeoial*es?i??e
of the L?gislature on the ?:th lust, to make yrovl.-lonsror
tho defeiiao of the loyal dtiaesa of the State, and for tus
euforcemeut of tho laws, is regarded with moat psiuiui
auxiety aud apprebeusion. The cltiieuaof many iMirtiou?
of tbe state are completely at tho uieroy ?>f the weu
organized and thoroughly armed K'u Klux force.
The Ithaca Journal, in speaking ot ^ ?'oni'
Inatious lor auto otliceis nuwle bv the erracust? Couvea

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