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a\ iptrited ?-iimlitliite? I'litnk Blair.
"M.v TOke is -till fei wat.''? iUair.
Tho Peadleto? Eteori are bow known
JYtulIct"11 Poll l' -ii' is.
?< To bei <?' n??t to be ?" Man
jiovt-inber answers??' Ret t?> ba."
Ptaaoirntir ta? tics: Doolittie an ;
Orant'* pi in: I
Horatio's fn n/.a -,^?-\nlom's a?hl:
jft*BeaV*tfl freu! ? I ibe au Ban, JaJy, :
?Wa IBOl by chance the usual way."
apear Se Blair, ti straet frees a pepelar soagj
Beyntoar obtained tbe l>emo<-iatie nom::
ay declining it, and Judge Cbase lost It by -
The H?>ti. .lohn Bell <>i Tennessee ?~> i>.u
lajeHael, bat Is la fair health. He hopas te live
?Jcyuioiit ' ? trii-.-ii.r.i.
ThoTipton Times (D?mocratie), an influ?
Huill?n? ; I BBOar ami
Blair is going to ?stump Ohio. The run!
aaftsfMrei - ars prepakias h* Etre atas aa oi.s. qata
A Cm.'innati paji?-r kwggeets that the IN
;\ lag i"f tie- li:ii?i>y rid
oft' 'iy.
Wanted -Experienced oarsmen for an ?
?altloa ap Salt Blver la November next. Apply ti
tnour A Blair, Tamsneay Hail.
The two soldiers: "Let tho President
pcr?o the . . ii? tl.ii?s' ?tato governments."?P. P.
jr. "Let ?,:- hava Peaee."?(U. a. gkast.
The Council Blufft Nonpariol says thai
Democi.ii.a ?<f ? in. iinuati had it fuiiernl d. ?
?rer the li.iiiiiiiiitioti ?if Beyaseee und Blatt laal srei
The fact that the sohliers in 1S|>4 gave
HI votes for Abraham I.iin-i.lii, and only tAAtt f?
Clellau, may give some Idea of how tbo same so
Bill be liKi-ly to vote this year.
A Westen paper announces that Gen. F
T- A. (total ahatleeeiia) Mali- will deliver tsmperaac
taies (luring tho campaign, ('.in such things be,
?vorcomc us like a Bummer, Ac, Ac.
The Cincinnati Conwicreial says it is the
aSsssJaateomptalatel Desaoetatls sewspepera that G
Tiliuot tu'.k. It might not, however, be a source o
.tit te l; '. ,i Sej muir hast taikeil less.
Judg?' t baas was the tractional currency ?
Bdateef the DessaeiBey for ftestSeat This la the
?on wiiy he n eived b Craetleaa] * vote whleh weal i
?I votes. History will Soelds whether h?. ought t
classed iis .1 decimal or valgas fraction.
The Indianapolis Journal says of the l'en
tnesc-wi: "If their favont?- had been nom
Viuld ha-> 8 couie buck with their colora flying ; bal
las, they
'".1 their dusters like Arabs,
Al d ii" silently stole BS
The Philadelphia Preot says the Demo?
1 ve tak. m curt- to nominal,- a caiululato fui Prest
sao was la fa\ Bt "f the laet rebellion against the <.?>\
sont, ami a cat.?lu?ate for Vu s PreskUal WBS bas |.1?<
linsolf in favor of tho next u belli.n auaiust the Qov
When people are drowned, camion an mm
tmes fired for the psarasasc ?>f raisingthnlr'k
3emoontt? b.t\e been thing cannon over SeySBOUt
Blair, but then- Is no hope of getting their .
?rater. If they do, tho Iu-.kIs ?/ill sertaialyhe in
At a recent dinner party in Boatos
eonserv.iti\e teatiosaea aaao..iiee.ltheir intention i<> ?
for Mr. (,'uii-r, whose lioiniiuitlon was nioiii?-nt:i: ily
peoted. Oa :.;iii,iiiis' that BejBBearwes aeseJaatea,
agreed that nothing wa* left for them to do but to?
lor Oran t.
The morning after the nomination of Si
tnour and Blair bv the N.-w-York Convention, a M
tied arepa to the dees of Chh f justice (
"Which, b;fore it was removed, caused BSBSS Oaeasta
among the fi ?sesis ?f that gmtirsane until it was uu?
?Stood to have Batty a political Biguitleiti
?j When the news of the nomination of S
mour and lilair reached Woosn-r, ?ihn., the unteiri
thereabout tired o salute in honor of the ?v?i.t.
pointed the i ,i!iii(iD towaril the North, whereat a Gl
Bttan ?tanillngr near quietly observed that they w
A'&log the same way they AM darlas; the war."
On one of the Long Idand Sound h<>.its.
Thursday u i u ht last, the Issjurrywafl made of a Rh?
Island 1' ? ? nt (a d.lognf. to the T.iiiiir.ariv ('?un
tiOnj why "such un unpopular tkkatWSB uoiiiiiiiit?.'1
"Ob," Was the r?j?!y, " n.s the party was bninul t<>
beaten anyhow, it was thought beet th.it ws should hi
B good whipping while about it."
A notoiioua hotel-k<?per in this city, hinis?
a Democratic tlmikey of the It ist \<at?r, aiiihl,..-? hOB
from tbe tjegiiniing of tjkewai to this day, h.'
pest of Coj.j.ei head? and trailers, Is SaM to have
inarkod recently : "I know that the South is being
aonstructed, foi there has been Bseretel
earpete during tbe last three months, than then v
dpring the whole war."
About a year airo Horatio Seymour, in a sjk-<-<
at Albany, recited tbe following well-known parado
It had not enravied his memory at the time of th? Ne
York convention, but Tilden and Chur.h PSWI
from rushiii?; on the ?tage aijd n rx-Htinsf it after all t!
Bute? hud declared for him us the nominee faa I
" I can and I c.m't,
I will and I WOlH.
I'll be A?A it i de.
And I'll bed?d if I dont."
The following is the openjif lenteoef <
Oeu. Frank I>. Bloir'a speech at a Vuiop meeliug in f.
floats, aft? r the fall of Burnt? r :
"Mb. ( iiaiitMAN* and i.iMiiMiv: The Rebel? wl
Inaugarnted this war shall not win by it a? much ten
tory as they can carry off under their linger nails '"
Extract from F. P. Blair'? letter bidding for the Den.
eratio nomination for the Vice-rresideney :
? There i? but one way to restore the Government ai
the Constitution, and that Is for the President ?
?declare these (the Reconstruction, acts null and mm
compel the army to undo its usurpation!, disperse tl
earpet-b.?g state Governments," Ac, Ac.
A venerable lady, an old rendent of th
elty. who bear? an honorable name, and who, while tl
war lasted, did as much as any soldier, and far more tlm
pjany a younger woman, to aid the iKivernment, keep tl
hospitals supplied with lint and delicacies for the sir'
end hold tie wealthy circle in which she lived up to lb
constant duty of ?pending their money fn ??y for patnoti
?purposes tin? noble old lady, with such a oonalreior
lo crown her ?0 yeara of well-spent life, was actually li
\rudedu?'o!i by agati? of Democrats calling thSSSSSlII
g?iitlemeii. when the following conversation took pia? <
The Lad i -" Well, Gentlemen, to what am I iBsS??!>'"
tor this ai ? \p?-cted visit I"
Fir?! Gent--" Aro not you Mrs.-1"
The Us? i '< ? rtalnly, I ani."
tiecmd 'on'-- And the mother of Mr.-, who SoM
Such aud seek an office in Washington 1"
The Lwl'j ?' Yc?, Mr.-ll my son."
Third Qeni -Then I suppose, Madam, you w,!lbe gla?
?to aecotuiiiiKl.ite as many of the delegates to the Denio
ejaWtio Convention aa poefheeae has room for I"
TheLml'i I assure you, Rir, you are mueh lnistak'-n
"Bo peraous ?,f that chai a?: ? ? welcome in in;
*ou*e. ,l.,sii^ and liUgiiiK the beil; to the servant win
Buten.; Martha?Of? the ?l"..i lev these asmaste Gen
ttlernf.ii, y i will bs |.1 SIMUgS to relieve me from tM
*ery unv.. . . ,:f lutrnsloii. I ?in ut a loss to uiiikrsf.iti/
"What I ba?a ?lone to give an impression that I could Wll
lingly li.n bos a tra!t?a> in my house."
EtitroM.-liH-ln broadcloth, looking miv hi.? ? pisb, an?
. BBtBtsaiputtveijr sqnirttBg h ? s ?ster ths sjeae ti
right ana I. it in. tiny go.
A Chi. ago oewspaper tell- tbe Collowin|
which m., ?errs t?i i??.iiit Bsaay a p?.innai BBoral la Um
pKxsfut campalga. 'Unity or Unity live yeut? ut'o ?h?
??Mai winch now serve? Washington (ity ?is a sewei
WM not th? IhmI hoi? it has beciiiit of Uvti y? ".tri-, it wa?
* fsvoi.U: bathing jilace for b'.ys, j.ai ticulally Iii?
asiBllsr ones, who aie aeS Tewtara te ge te Hv rlter. Os
OBeo?thi-..' SeSJSBsVsaa, when I rank and one or tt\(i "lliei
?rfthe hluirs %-trt, i,tewi,(, ;, iJtttS WsSW in iidvsuce of
thsothe.'.. picked up S rlnil fiom tin; BSh "' ..."liii.?.'
audbegan to dress. As the boy wa? a v? iy little one, and
tBeoypoiiuiiiiy to show llie i??wei ot a lilao wa? ?""
tV?A to I* lout, Frank unit? he?l the Bbtrt IMSStheehiM
and threw it overboanl 'Ibe outcry at so BBSSS an
actbtai.ew.i.'.d ?.nh IsSghtSI. for hlS Mg moth? rs hto...l
~T blm j as shirt not sinkiiig so fast aa be wished,
?s threw : hunka of mud Mii?l atones upon It, until the
??W-?reiglit? d garment w?sut down. Frank laughed long
?*4 luul. tUe little boy tried; Frank, aa a punishment
{Pant iu muting m au honor the uotic? taken of the gar
tuent by the B lira
?.unk. n shirt Bj tins time nil ???. ,u- bad
drsssed themaelv? ?, ri d th
v?;is r-,,iu,.,i -,, ? ??? belonging t.. ti,, i,, u , ..... ,,.i
1,1 s? .? rli tin The H itra ha! si joyed their pa?
time, dancing in il costume, but turned bow to
then u?n ..lot bes. onee/v,. - is mining
aupposed victim had foHRn hi,,,-,? -, L-?,?
toa saf?dlstasus. Terriblewu theprohnltyand wild
tho wrath when the muh beeasae ,,..),,:,:,? ti,..t ;
Blair had thrown btSQWR aft | | larjjft
u trroooverably, The Uttle boy ? l basaah Is
tb? WMhlBRton Canal I? .1 a... ?xat< to the Tammaa] I
? i ntloii, and as m least wiB roe ill the Incident ???? bave
related, aad lunch a* Goa. BLalr's bl?ander?ia ,
in .sinking the ?roa! shut
M i Mm i: HI i HKG in HKW-0B1 i.iSv
Ni w-Oai i an?, July 13.?Tin Demoernej beld
i? aaaaa mooting m i..? i ,i ? .-t i<- ?qe in, thla asimleg. aad
formally ralilied the Tammany Ball lioiniiiiitioiis an.I ?
platform. Resolution? were adopt d, amideiaaln? the
new Constitution of Lot ' expreaalna gratitude
to ri. -ahnt Johnson foi hla exertion? In behalf of tin
i >. mocratie party, 'i be i ?? - ? ?! n 11 > ? ;; ?* addreas the intelligent
colored meo of the Sooth In terms of kindneas, and ?ein
iih-ihI the course juirsin-d by the officer? and soldiers of
tlie United -tit-? Arno toward Ibe citiw-ns dorJiigtho
;.?i<- administration of the military authorities in this
sihi?', ti-iideiiiig t b?ni their heartfelt ?elroov ledgmenl tor
the uniform treatment of the citizen? of this Btate, aa
brotiier.s rather than us subject? of vindictive op]
? m i ring nri'i i'.m? a\ mi i us?; in >r. loi is.
Si. Lot is, July lit. -The Republicans held a
maaa meeting last night at the ruth-at Market, the pur
poas b?nit: to ratify toe National and Btate nomination?
.mil platforms. Col, a-Ii?t of Nnrth-Weet M
Judge Porrest. recently of Ohio; E. W. Pox, a Johnson,
and Col. Colcord of Bt/Loul? were among tue spcRhers
An attempt was latVde 01 limi.oi i util It. I? ll to b
the meeting, but It faded. The resolntioua In the Btate
pi a m.ii-iii with respect to Impartial suffrage were rai elvod
with cheers, and a very <!.?.-i.i.-.i detonuination was ex
?uc.-i-i-d to cany the Btate for (>r nit and I
The approaching state Convention of the
Democratic party, to be bold al Tn mon on Wedneaday of
tins ????? k, i> the lag topic ol conversation
iiiitong poiitieinii? In New-Jersey. Tu?
already boon ? 1? ? *? -l throughout the Btate.
estimate msy bo formed In sdvai ee of
the chance* of tl. aspirant? for the
nomination. Essex being the largeat sonn
i? In the Htate, It* voice w?uld be potential in the Con
B were lililieil ?ii? a,i> on? n.an, but
locald havoaiiset.I tour caudidntea bave
spuing on III Newark lloM, Tin \ mi?. Mi..lohn .1 Mc
Gregor, Mr. Kehemlah Pi rry, Mi rheodore Runyon, i i
Mr. Markte/. Essex le::.g divided swoon these
neither will go Into Ibe Convent ion v. ?th any ??
*bi?> strength- at least ii"t ??t tl.itsel A? each is
uaturally opposed to the other, each ??ill of con -
hla Influent?, failing- in bis own iioinlnatlon, in favor ol
nudldate outside ot Essex Of the* bal
two ?>f any prominence-Theodore K. Randolph
??f Munis, .?n.I Amee Robin? of Mlddlaaex III
Randolph, it is conceded, Is i>\ far the
?f the t'-o. for the reason that be ?rill
*.? into the Coiivetitioii supported i.? :,i,- .j'.i.- del
turns of two rouutteis? Moni* snd Hud
with 81 vot - -I connty i" ?
will develop tn his favor, at theverj ortlset. a strength
which no other candidato can possltilj hope for and ?
the ;?' ; poi ted to ' . : ..in
hiiii the iioiiiiiiatieii. Mr. i:
man. hot bin reported a* divided beta
himself and Mi Perry,hi do? not ? ?
i Mr. Randolph's
favor, and the latter baa iiy all ??das the "ImSde track,'
though, up t, Mr. Pi t he
most prominent candidate ; Mr. Rnnyor ii>
f. jtmg hmi In Kssox bun nrol ibly del
Convention alao, without adding !?? blaowa ehai
The loyal voter- of Btapleton nnd vicinity
will hold a meeting wltb the ?ir.mt and
. s Hot? I tin? evening.
ANO! mi; TURK Al ??i w tn.
The Charleston Mercury, whieh probably did
ilion- than any other Siiiittii-rii ininnal to Iniiii; niioiit tb?
late war, and which la nu? ? staaeh nriporterol ?
inour und Blair, thus ?hinv* thai another war Will be
ciiiiiincmed if ISS iiiMuiie* im eriiid. 11
it says:
DOSS, BOH ' -the
next Presidential election, and Installs t Pi-eMdei
the White n?"ise. Must the) not, forth i ?.
nodo the ??roil?.', ?oit nsstore the ? - I Ii thl?
impossible- Why Is it so 1 Tin Gi the l nili I
- used the army ol the Unit? ii Btati ? to el? vate tb?
iiegroto supremacy ovsr tb? ion of
Constitution?! what is there te preven I Its tx
used to put the Bontbern Btate? bach to their original
condition, of the - a ovei the
m RTOi m viuda ?itmii ol the (oii-M
Butitlaaaid that the negro Btate Hoveramente can
prohibit the white population ft' i
\ Indicate tin h .-iipr.-n.a,-\ or the i
? ion. 'iln-y i an i u on ibi I'n id it o? the I nlicd
- im assista ',ni- tit? ir uiiconatltiitloiial
rule, and the Preaident la bonnd t?> obej under lhal
clause of the Constitution which ?ayi " l*hi i
Rtat?M shall, oa application of the Lcgtalatnre, or of thi
Executive (when Die legislature cannot be couveuedi,
protect each Btate against ?fo?/ie?Ii? tiolenet "
?? Domestic violence !" p.ut the white pomii.it inn do not
mean to laatltati "d ? intend to
within the .'?uiilh.in Matea. The) mean peaceablj Ui
meet Tn convention, pr? ,,>:i. mi. .1 by I
la tors of their former I t< novrruinenta, aud
in such conveiiiiuii foi in * ?'nnstituiion for the govern
in?m ?il tbetM Btati - Hi? Domt??, in Is*?, did ilu- *lih
011' any question or molestation,
tute a more populai Rovemmeiil In Rhode Island tbau
1 ; K ? ? ? - 11 It Ii
the rightful privilege <?( the people uudcr the Cunsl
ttun of the Unit? 1 Rt ?'? - v* hen
ibey please, end f?i what porp
I ?
"1 to
', . . lasailt -, ;?"-?
that tins.-' i afford, any areaud for then ?
tutes 1
\ I?, ino.'tai - President wou 1 ,,.
answer, to en.? application to htm bj the 1
? 1 i.uient* loi Rsalatau? ? In 1 Uovera
' .11 Ibe RrM piaf |s llM'iitia-li'utioi.,,. a:.l n\o!ii
v, ai.?l then tor?- I ?i?-- ./' ) oni aj
cation; and m the eecood plaee, theCouatl
the 1 . - - - - iree to pre
real peaceable astemblle? bj t. Booh an
anewer. In our Judgment, would aeoure a peac?fu] 1
gres? of sveuts V.? do not tblnfc that tbo negro Gori
menu la the South will attempt,bj their own i>o?ir,
to force their rule over the whit? ? .
that this will i?- the rcmraeot things, the white population
,i?/?-?ed t-o foi m .1 ' oi.M.tiitioii and eh al Btat? or!
and representative? to Coiigrene Thla can be done
by the fourth of March next branch of Con
- then will devolve thi i- ?, ' lung
which are the legitimate guv oro menta of the .w',?'.
-, the to ?m ??ivi rnmeut or tb? wl. man's ?.'n?. tv
ment 'l hla determlnati??n 1 d be oh
thiin-d before aio contest Is niadi In tin SoutUern statei
at an, us to these ki"-, <-tnments. v\.- Un- m boa it \* I
a-ti iina.ed in Congress, Tin latl Vint, st liv tin- 1 >< tn
011MR Bsemhen of ? longres? in tb* Uouse of Repreai iit?i
tiv?M against thi admlaalon of i)?o aar] froui ,
Arkansas, eleariy ?ml:? tat??* thl coura? of the lion ? of
ncprcstnitstlTSS iisdni Do? . itroL The \?ini?
men'i representative? will be nlmitt.ii la the Bonete it
; will be different ; bat a DoDoeratic Executive wil
, talaly regard the action of the llousi r Renreaeutatlvei
as the i-ontrollliig 1n.tl.011t> to de termini nil duty If,
I after thla, any "uomesUi ??lolenie" take? plaee In any ?if
the BwilhsiBatalm .una ni?- ahite mea'?
government aaentltl?Bd to nia 1 upport by in. mtei?cution,
if any is inquired,
lint let u* suppose that ti' ? rnmi-nt,- ?
lawleealy eadearor to prevent tin peareabli
of the white mpnlatlou to reorganize their governmejil
?Abat th? n 1 Tin white popiuatlou la amplyaufflcleni
to protect themaelvee All tinsy ward 1- ih.it tin- Govern
meut of the United States aboil etand aloof, Hateas
groesan fool? enough to attempt by then power toe?
tabUsb tb? ir supn ma? y or er the white race In the Boutb
-t?te?, they ? an try It, but thl not llk?ly
lust ?try long. We e III tia?e no obji ctlon lo the Govern
ment of the United Btatee Insisting on enforcing pear?
?iiiiw.iy th?-??inte population will forma reps
can (government, ami win u-mi Kepreeentettvea to Con
ni.i-s to represent the Btate, at,?l Congress will?ettl?
v.iiK-h are the rightful government? in the Bontbern
Btaiee a< eordiag to the t oaKltutioa ol the Unlh d '-i?1' -
A Deinoeratie ratification meeting ?van lolil in
' Leavcnworih OB Retardsg Right
Mr. Isaiie Ila/lelmist decline? tin ii?.niin;ili?iii
to the Distil'-t-Attiiriii-yi-hip o? Pallad? Ipn.u.
A Ki'Ul report sa/a thai a ntunbei of Catholic
..men, t??n ? oioh'iI Kepi? -ueiifatn '?", ini'l a col?u?-d
Democratic <'lut? participated In th? Reyinoiu Ratifica
l.on Meeting 111 New Orb ans on Saturday evenlag.
PE?|X_J>*__fBU A < ITY 01 H\KKV! BJ
dur t?l?graphie diapatehei have girt? ae
coaiitsof thoHf.iiVe of the ?vorkmen ?mployed in the
Philadelphia ga? Wetfta. '? <?>n-"i'i? i" ?' that city on
I rlday night ?ai left In d.ii'knc*. Irr afamJBaf /'-s',
! which has the biet de? -liptlot. o! th' SPfeSTSaM Sf tiU
city, say?:
It is enough to say that ?even-elghthl of the eltv was
I night sbronded in darkoese wot ?? Bpark of light
' illumin?t???! the ?tre.ts. Mot a'ga? b .m? r shed fort
! usual hrilliiii.'? l <<-1 vrnowngobji. t,nn pt the pa
grr ears, wna doll and blach. Theenh imtni thai | ??
plehadof the dark event was ]>tlnt??l In the aftertiooi,
papers In the shape of a diminutive ndvertiaemeut, ad
vising persons buruinggss tolaj inasuppli of c?
,,s there wonld be no gai faralahed by the 1 ity aorta A
large majority of people were conse<|ueiitli unawate of
outrage aoont to be pwpetrated upon them, aad wars
..> unprepared.
When the hour for lighting np arrived, there was the
usual ?inking of matebee ami the gas-tmrneri aere
bed oil For ui.out an hour a ??? ak flainn wai pro
doeed then the light fiickeie?! sud luddenlr went out
met? r? *??-iv pronounced out ol order, and gee litters
M.ii'ht for to remedy Ibe evil, but to no purpose
1.iiiee, however, wMsooaraad? known, aad then the
r., strikers. Councils, etc came lo fere share of
,;,?i, there was scar? sgsavs^araerprs
? 'he allghteel Han.?
The retell etore?. eating aeloon? an?', places of amuse
, riieiii w. 1. nearly all oloeed. The ?treel cara w? i? par
ticulai obl'cUof interest, owing to the fio-t that tliey
curried lamp? ? hi? h 1 a?t light upon the? daik ?ti. ? 1?
( lie.tnut it. looked much as It did half a ?entiiry ago,
dark ami dismal, i ..e bustle and contusion incident to
w*Kied.i??d t.? almost BtUJaess. Bol fsw person?
.p,M-ared..., the si.lewalks, and even they, as h.-ygrtiped
" ? ng, appeared us If they were looking for highwaymen
?r^hpoekeu. Beattered here and <>'V^"\Vs .',T '?
front of the hotels und MWSpeper <>??>'?'?. the 1. ts of
I whb'h weVe .uppli.'.l With a ? amile, wb.jh ??? t for th a
! ahadowof light siilllclent to ahoW laxlestrlana that they
I were, in the city. ?_______._
With the exception of the ptlncipu' Uotclo, the morulng
ipcr off! .s ?nil red the greatest lnc.pnvt-ni.-i ce
-n,'-- Mu' ltiti.iiliictl'Mi ot gas every ollice has been anp
uued wlti . . if baroers, and perhaps since thai
,s,- ,,f L'. ftiue ont a
Along IBS stands of tin- i-oinjiosi
toi? TOW-of . ,., , (M.sTiii l.-'l ? - h 11 ? I !. -
? It la this 'light they mnn.-.g.-.i ?,.
s t up tin- paper
The Continental, Qirard, Ansncan, Merchante, sod
other of the leading houses, ni-v.-r looked more gloomy
thaataal olgbl The gaests retired at aa early hoar.
: drowsy, Ami the serrants fawned,
while tbe proptietor? contented thetnsalrss ay Imping
t'uiit su.'ii i state of affaira would last but th?- on-night
Strang? ism irlng were sroosed aud eonclnded tb it ih.->
bad been lauded in the wrong phv ?-, t.iat niHte.nl of visit
? a! city they were In a country town of ao sa ill
. b< snppei tables of tbe hotels i?'."i;?-?l odd with the
Une o dip? xhs haUweye, aaaalli
radiant with II bt, could only be distinguished by bad
, berna? i?. lampa The billiard roesas weie all in
?a and not a ball waa < Bed
,\ plneea of amuaemeat w.re open, Benseqaentlj
ippoiulmeul iiiiiui.g theabr goers amount? ?I to
butllttl? in" Mm i?, .n, in,i not open and the]
era were not required. At the New Cbeatnot, K-llv A
! .iii.ntni troupe i-i.tii i.uiu'.i .m a m.in-m .. iiy candle
? rth! lio 'i. i s troupe al the Ban utta al Opei .
Ilolls?- Tile coiii-ei I ^ ,,,?,,,, \i,.ro closed With tie
? n- drinking
in, Kit ten house, fodopeas^mee, Waahlagtea ami
,l"iTiis..ii -i|,i,mn?-i!i' lighted solely by Bra boas
i , irtfug to ami fro,
tinsmiths and grocers reaped yoaeg barreeta
1 ?"?!'' i? ks ami tm Illuminator? were lorgelj Id demand
.nil most, n t tin- tiiisiu itlii.' ?t.,,),, ,,f tins elaas ?>f gotxls
wen- ?? xi..m-i. ?i Tb? griHJeraend tallowcbandlera w< rs
kept bimy, uud last niKUt more caadle? were sold than
for all the nights of tho sis months previous Ooal ofl
pa were la deiuaad. and a lively ?Irada was done
m them.
At tin Post-Offlce eeeh ci?-rk wa? peoyaSad arltk a
-i" ' i in ol The < .it ir.- mailing-room waa tlliiiiuiiateil by
tbe light of candles. Tbe dial? ?.f theStab HoaaeeloeB
Iden by the darkuea? Tim telegraph offices were
bread bakers woi sod by
Tbe hm p ??'? m worked without light
Many p. ? und penny dips tbrougn
raids them o?ei the darkened ooursa bui
nut other out rage? doue im t)..' midnight hours
wer?, talked of, and If the predictions of hundreds eesae
i laaae we will hare full a eoluma of items
mim. ..-i to ra?ate, Manyan eys was ho!
. in dismal night,atutthensrrousshook
ami qui? ? red 11. eooslaul
,!? :u Ubei?
? reek t" Vine si . ami from tbe I)
". m- the ?M;i> pai t of tb ?
i ?. - the wanl of light. Tts
. '" Hi" . I! V. ill il I IB I 111 |>i.?> ?'? s
mo ai. .it woi at, mu? tin-ii?' bi contain i full eiipnly of
gOS I I of 'hit locality may we.I ? ..iigratuliite
: iy night iir. th .. ? ? true! i ss
? ? ! - of the iti ki - n I light was re
As- | i match, with ths -?t ikes ??
I H iturdaj aftoi noon, from the
loot Of ??ne llUliilie.l ..im littv-s.-. ..-,d st , 'i. in?. , |
? ugh ami Jamra Wallace of Port Waabtug
n IT feet aoalla, umi tbe cuune was to
l'oit V ick, a dlstaaee ol two uni
Mi ? m, roo, of the station In One bund
... ;. 1 ..s refer? e Mi '?'
kins ii?' .li-) tore m ii rali
Ml Hu ii ? ,is is .??, ,,
- iHl ? l-i \.Ni> YESTERDAY
i id ' ? 'll Ifl ?? . ?1.1 si ell.'. .: '(|.
? i the outrage? to wb ? h uaofl
liaatloa i af ?rlall ?
< oney 1- u.i s .s "i ,-;? OOUtribtll I Its hun
III I III/. ?,-> w.?,
; "u.i atmosph?re, and to t.ik.- s roll in ths
1 b m- n of ti
raosl i , ' ? .?, i p
"d work
I en ti.'iv and Iheli
i!|"II With" '
? ?
- . , ii -- m whether ths I ? '?
Baighl , v. ,-:?
lis j .hi ? , i, , v. u of i vi r ao
? ii.it.n i? r. the BM ms ot reaoblng it
. ? which maj Im d?'
bal it ion of ths silt wm nr < an
? Il tel to the crowding siui ? rasblog to
or to tbe '
there Is ua poi ray ( iTotd
W, ill tie I: IjiS, ?
the boats sad throng them on 8 ooal to
?uSWatlon. et-rtaluly, toa punit win ircelybe
tnlcr.itc.l M.ii-.-s urn gie.?l niiff-'irrs ? l'Ut im,,u
. il. li'il.-r -
stances ( the eharaeter of ?..nie af ths
; .' II, tl tl..
K-a'i,,i' !., of j.eta sad de? il I
li ?i, ai.'i !.,.it brute fon eel -. it?? if
?'S nie ii] |.!i pi lui' .1 bj tl''
dies, mu?. as s s lierai tnmg. Sraai Un aiomenl ths
enrs start, until t;.- v reaok th?
i i bal v ?u.i
i sa i k ? Mori esp. this Um
r.l lrl|?, \- ?i.': Ibe iii)..|. i. -
.-,! ii.i,-m of tbe i i has baos intim m. >i b? drink
A'i\ attempt al remoaslraiKSS is t r. it- i .i i
and son eta the potasa who vsaturas oattte
N.\i:i:?.w i * ait. Off <'\mi?i.n H I
I'm i. \ ni i I'm \, July T.?. ?A tii?? l:is| eight, in
C'lin.i.'M. n ,i wi>>. n ? iiugiit in Masan Ooldj .i Ohne
Seas' plaalag mill and box fa.tory.ilffl.il the Fire Ds
psitMii'iit of Him' town, su,I tl? ?tr...vr.l from 1] to I? bull?!
g the mill |- 11 Itortbs press?es af atseai
On ? n g m.s (rasa th'.. Ity, wbleb pumped ?...t.-r rr..m ti.<
:- i.. lb red thai the wh<>'.> tews steal ha?
?i.'-ti". _
III i : r ? ? I AT Mil.I.H AN. TI\ V*
IS i "? Dk leans? ?July It??Later aeeeuats from
Mllill Mil, i ? IMS, I. |" | l lliHl till- ll.atlll llll.i
at un ei.'l. 1. B Bl d. M ?nt replies to tl
from tbe eltTl offleers end sgeateel ths ri...in ? ?- ?.
rae. only n smsii ?.|iim?i ?f saMssss Is
'.. l-.t s? ir1Mirt.
i \. i, ii un. sa \ki i.M'i un
i? i-? i, Jal) 18, Ad? ices froto Idaho
n |."tt that ?.en ?t""? h ?d lu l'i it I .m m II with
i be ptiaelpal ? Bief said tbal th?y
Bre tired of lighting Ills thought that tbs < OUI ell will
result In a treat] Ioiiiiiuk th? ladtaas oa reservation?.
lien. ? ed ou aa expedition against the Pltl
TO l'-t the ?Illll-lltV Of til?' - >-? ll
I ?m tu?- ''im f for t?-ii ..r h s bl il
.na. root Usase 11,^> aumbei
??,', volunteered,
I s-1 ? i \ \ mi |;|i| R m.AU NEBRASKA CITY.
Nkiiiiabka City, Juif 19. I lu? <? m? n weal
(rom bere ou the Uth inst with a herd of ealtls fol I
K indall \ ' ? it t ?u mile? from Basra they wen- alts
party of Indiana who killed Geo Brown of N? ?
,-i mi wiiiiiiiini ills ruiiiiiaiiioiia. How en sad Andei
11., m? n f'"i, iii as long aa tlic> could, billing I
ol Hu Indians, Tbs Indian? ???i.turcd ths eattla
1:.. k w\ a >, .Inly in.-At about ene ?.'?l?..!.
this ,.ti? ?noon, while a paiiy ?f young New Yorkera wen
betfatng III tlie inlet, one ol their number, lilll US bj Ii.im i .
..in fi-i'iu th? I 'weiiiv second War?), wasaweptawaj
b] lb? - M , u nut mid drowned. The body had not
er? ?I at nightfall.
Nashvilli, July It??The QoTonHir's offlos
was croonled y? itcrday with aagrees fraei Moary Ooaa
ty who bad Bed frota there In feai of the uiuidcious Ku
Klui KI..H.
.. ..'Ill? lllllill.i tel ill rilllinlellililll y.-stelilav, 1?.*. '.
.... I.i.avi-nwtiith ha?l only two gsjaes of suiistioke.
.In.?. Kliea uns killed by liglitniug at liai
lat?a, 1
I lie grain MOSS la Cinaila havo suliereil if
?tr? Ij fmm Sristk.
_Fear eases <>i sun htn.ke weic r?poit??l in
....81sosees oi sunstroke wtre ssssestsl in Chi
.i MS '. al.
Prises are t?i be oi? ti to nil comers in the l?o
luinlun BiBa Mal< i, .1 M
Mi. \\ in. W. Ruby's house and store iu l'oit
> sifkt i ?? eti.oou.
r.iKlit persons ?li?-?i ?.t sensUeks Is Memjilii? on
Saisi II M I ?'?'.! l'a.r H.ai.. ?.'.|li I uil.il Sl?t?a lufai.tr^.
_Mi'li.uioaii ? ('o.'s saw-inill iu Peterborough,
Canada ?at temefti tu tl.? nttat of evi.iaslt.j tr? no In la? Bkjkk
1 ne Bt, .l.il'ii lioitt Blew of Montreal MbWOSS s
far? will. Ui' 1*11 11, ,fai Mar'"r, oc U.. lit i.f A?|n.t
_Nineteen <-;i MB ta ?linst I ok? WBfS l.|Hiiteil in
i . . k SB MS?! to Saturuaj Bikkl, Bloc ul ?bicli
_Kt.i.iii'ii Massett'i Isetnrsso Janas nml i'liina.
Iff. if th'- Sl.nai.tM? IlklBI) iaai" .alivo of .Sao l-'iaorliri. ?B MSSJ
_Win. Gnstmen, n negro, tvss taken from the jail
???1 ?ha? al I i?.? '?' I ? ? loot, s lll??l'i-j?d offer?? wa?
raj? on a ?lui? M>rl an?l tw" r?l'.r??i f?rla
Untief Die New lioininion Insurance law, ths
',B?ui?iir? roiotaui" ksfl ?lr|o.ll?d *J?rt'*??. 1 bt Ml.?in of IiLai.?
. ?a, it tl.*!",'*" ''on, II.!. SOI MS.
_TwelTC sersoas died in St. I/onison Satunlav
. l.i ai.'l - |kl ,f?tt?r,U?. I.?it Wth i.??rl? .HI. ISMS???
. latrol?, ?| ' i? ' " "' u11"-' ?shl ?a a?i|irrliiiluerJ b? beat.
Durum <li" Btonn, ahout no??n on Saturday, n
hnlMmaon Arrli.r ?'?? awl l??riii? at . ?'ble??... wa? SttasAkTBgkt
??ni^r.iii? '.?-i? lin?si maUollj BM ? SBBS ? taOtefh b? bt
?? 'lift.
Mr. Ohed Jotn-s ti Canton, Mass., w.i? found
asaVia h ? k??h?*<B m II - Ilk ..f Jolt, ?uh a ?.?it.,1 i,??r bi??. II. waa
. ui? ri.wnutir.l mi? ui? but lul.af?|u?',tit Ml? MaJdiB Ihn
?itWli-lsw) saS Ma ?if? ?ars ?ftiMid ba aaiShnai u;u?, ?"?1 n>?
?Tljaan II SSkl to b? '?r? ?lro?| ???IbiI tb??*.
Tur. Vkry LATIfl Ship New?.?The stoam
aLij.s Uaratoga and Alheruarle, from Rlcbmond.and John
Glhson, fr.mi Washington, and tbs bark Daniel, from
Palertavi s/rlrod last uubt.
Poli??? an? -ts lust v..ck 1.08-1.
Mr. K\.utrt was i? town laat Satniilav.
'J honaanoa ol Q?twasani went to liol??>kcn yea?
A number of the citar chorchas eloeed yester?
day for th.- hi,min.-i.
Every avenue of escape from the ritv wan
SroWdSd yesti nl,,y.
Marshal Tappaa of tin- Mayor'* Otite* grated
i7Stt?4*aaaM last moek, and?MlleetM ai.4'.?>
ili?' Kti.et-cleatiiiiir contnietoi'.s Reel?genos
may be Mantled in the gutters of the Eiglitli Waul.
Mi. John i\fnew, ii proininent Mason of this
cit>, wee ?V?uned with Masoale tenions lastBatnrdar.
Th? i:, v. |f, O'Brien, the Re?. E. P. Wright,
ana the Rev. N. J. Ration ?ailed for aorope Bettuday.
FtiHonst. praver-in? ttiiii? aaaembles daily at
11 ?.i luck m the. church miner of William ami I-iiiti.i. Its.
TIk- liark Juliana Qrove. lying at Tier No. 8,
n. i?, wae atend? by li| < avealag.
1-ail.v thil morning Mr. K. Frank's stalnV,
in th.' rear of Ko, w Baal Bevi nthtSt, was burned ; t#o
ed m the Baa
The pavement on some portions of Broadway
bus liai no hole? In which un- placed barrels to warn
The steamer. Mattano, recently se?d at Rtte*
tlon.la non runntn? between this city, Port Jefforoon
BeUuket, und Rtoej Rrook,
The Fifth A-.siiui.ly I>i-?tiict Union Repnbli
can Aasociatlon has or* n.-d a One rending room at No. ITS
l do? ot cit> and couniiv papen are k? nt freo
to vlali
The Balcony Pire Escape in a double tene?
ment at Ni? 10 nuil Vi Ainlli iilace, has bOOS Of late
tenanted br the famille* reshting in tho house, for the
purpose ot getting fi.-sb air.
Governor W. 1!. Marshall, of Minnesota, is at
th? Bl Nicholss Hotel, General .1 b. Hleeduian, Is at the
filtiiAvii.ii- Hotel, and the Hon. liei-iler Llyoier, of
h ,u ih- Union I'l.o ?? lintel.
Charlea Chevalier quarreled on Saturday with
C, .la? ROI?, a Jew? ill. m the stole o? the latter ni
-t . and ? bcvaller i nick Jeokele la the head
With B Ofa ?? 1. i .lu-llig u sen lo Vo.ilid. The a
es ?pu -i
James Mill.-r and Indian! Morris were nr
uug t a attemptlug to pea* a
counterfeit ?m note on the Pirat National Ran*- ?f Red
? v< 1. Ho peuatagM of goinl money were found
' '?Mill.
Passengers by the Hudson river steamers t.i
snd from the city, eomplaln bitterly of aa Intolerable
?tench :h ?i : m - from a slaughter boase or eandle man?
ufactory ?n the neighborhood of Tinity-uinth nt. ami
Li- enth ave
Jaasea Murphy, residing at Ho. to A1bany-Bt.,
ng ili auk, aud I? eh? d up
I m ii lids 1 Bl ttlou Boon niter i?. 1
RaidCUl RiS head b.idi). lie I
John Boos, 8 years of ace, was ?hnwt ??l on
. ?-..'iiiiig wliile bathing In the Harlem Itiver.
ge iii im iv waa p trvered and
Of tbl ! "J 's I'lniits, m ?un
hundred sod twgntj third -?t , near Fourth ave.
Willi,un Thompson, a watchroakei fron Do*
, li . pawned a watch h it ?lib liim forrwpal ifoi
?toin Philadelphia. He then came to thleclij a
arrested on Batwrday evening
aim ,11. Kl ll IIO.
The Rogers L*oconiot?Y? Company at Pater
Bon, N.J., is engaged in boildlag a ne?? locomoi
'1 -. . ?; 1 W? w*Hai ' n r
? impaay It will be oonatructed on nee prlnrdpl
is? ?i ?-, oil to draw a train of iirt?-?-i l \? : r i.
Vmi. ?lui Nee t?a ven oa time. 1
iitlii.i Broadhead aireated Attlmr Howe,
lit? ? I 11 ? Dg, f, 1
- Iry from Jnlla Reuse, N?i.
1 i : p nod a bbo ?it the ai Uclee,
Blld m . i.-,-* ainth'-r Imy of ha? i'.,iii Jiiun-s
1 led a isory to
\ i,?',,.-i? containing ?'iglit youin/ men,
while ofl "ici -t., North la
? ' petty aere thrown Into ?
tin- *?*:? ' ih?? ouoib Joseph P
i by th'
Ikon, 'ibe bo?() of
? ? Schirmet held an innuesi at Beflewne
I, "a r.it?i 1 'in ; ,-?i) of Mr?. Mine
from th? effect of 11: :..? n .... ; ,.n thi 3Rth alt., by I
. II i>| the B? ? .nul avi line, the j
d backward from tin- front pisiform while
?1 : ing beneath the m
Corom r v? liitiner held an inqnent nt tlie
11*11* vu? llospltai an Haturdaj over the body of Krauet? I
? ? 1 iraof ?*?>-. Ian ly n -"?i %
ena-al 00 the <ttth ull Hniith, who was In
I to get on board one of the dummies!
\,wc line, ?Ainie it was passing Klghty !
1 at a ear attached psa? I 1 ,cr bim,
The Journeymen Bntehers' Proteetim Aaao
B Saturday evening at the Henry ?'lay
I the following ofTl? ers: Pn - 't'-i t,
John o1? - m ?-t, \ n ?- I'n -blent. William Flulayi 1 in
rer, 1 boma? Draealll ; Keoord' '
1 1 Toiiniir ; ??? ?if.-aiil al Arini, '
Mh-bitei i>ii.?-..ii; Marshal.John Potay; Trastee, viiiium
1 , pan a 1 McNally, aad John I
K1m1l.1l RMBBOUS v?eii- Batid venteril.IV iil the
< ha;, bol L. tan.of one hand
ih ay?;., on r the :? m.uns
m ' ? II. v? bo \?.i. ili-,.?a in .1 on Monday la.I
rib River from a bttrge. At th? ter-1
Rilnatli.f th?- ?errloae. tin- reioalne were tuk?u i?i
, i,- the] were In ten? A In tho fu 1
1 , Superintendent Kennedy and
, force attached to the Thirty eocond
? uiuiii 1 Bollin comnu in ad an investigation on
1 in- : n,, 1 s ai I? inlalit OR the death
ul .Lin., ? , carenan, who ?a* on PTtdaj found
,b .ol in bl? ?tablea! No s lHimlnick-et. The ea*?> *.*? ,
gr*tsupposed to boon? of ?un-stmke. Di JohnBeeehl
? ci? uiuiii the body, |
BRdtbesa.lt waa aarcrtadned. bad beea Inflicted by ooe
John Plnnkett. during a Hunt between the aseo, asltofl
sth of Connor, la order that a poet
. ' I" in.nb-, the Ha(His; \?.'m ,ul
j -, 1 r 1; ? .1 until to-day. < onuor reetced at no. ?x>7 Wa?h- '
(agton -t
Mr. James E. Btotea hired apartmentaat No.I
Ii tiratul Maj t"i on? yes -. rent to be ;
paid monthly In advauee. Hvon after h,s iir.st payment
in- im iiif.-iii'i-ii bj in? landlord, Mr Jamos n l>'??n.
that be had let toe apartment? to another peraoa, and
imiiii. d ii 1 in to 1? move al t Lu- end of the month Thla be
d.-i iineii to do, ? 1,1,-1-im i.'iy wa? p 'i by Lewis,
ami in two d.-i iii'> n s ins rigut to n main a? a tenant via*
Bustaloed. He has bow eeoeed the arreet of Mr. l-ewu
foi perjury. In swearing to the affldavtl winch afflnned
that hi hired bj thettooth. Mr. LewM waahe?Vd in ?VhiC
??, 1
The following i* i list of the inMiaaeej "ti
111 daniaged by Are on Wed need si iii^-ht laat la
s - soi, snd ses Washlngtonet 1 <'h|
1 uiii.?< lo-il h> Bawrer, Wail*?ce 4Co.,Ko tT Broadet, -
ton, Vi.??-" Market,SlP.OM; ?Ciintlneotal,I
, IH.uuO; Niagara. 110,000; North Amerieau,
t . , tual, ?in.?"?'; Moutauk, llft.000; 1
Commonweallh, lis.ooo; Hum?' ?if New-Haven, SMJM0; I
aiidBterliug, ?S.000; total, IIIS.OOO, The ootton owasd by ,
'...it.ni -i ?unlit? r ,v <o of No. ?1 limad st was Insured
m ful low a Market, 113,600; R'aahlugton, S30,0rjo? total,
SXM00. Dtblee, Woith .?.- <'??. had their cotton Insured for
St.nuo In tlie Western of H?rtalo, andOoorgeR Blddle .V
< ,i had 130.000 In tin HtuyvesaBl uempemy. The bolldiiiR
I? owned by I yru?Olm?te?d, *n?l lr. insured lor %l,H*i
1 -.u h in the Ismael ami < oluiiibia roini'Siuea
A Cointinttee of tlie bricklayers nut Presi?
dent .1. h?ii|> of the WorWngroon'? Union, at his rei
lu Norfolk?!., on Raturday evening, fw the purpose of
pi.-|iiillliR *U addles* to tl.o daj labours of tint I'lilted i
Btatoe, appeallog for their support in the pre*est strog*
tabliah eight hours aa a day's ?orlt. Tho \*?.ik :
men are sanguine of success, although work h.i* oeaeed I
on many boildli ?r*, which the employer? bad gnaranteed :
to be realty v. niiin a eertaln time The htnn*-ii?iou of
Wurl SB Ho- pari Of the contractnr* ha? i?
ittlted In the owners being in many instances con
j ?trained loomploj workmos at ?? Ma ?laj for eight hours'
labor. MeearA Plnekel, Havener, M.?? ami Hrainlt.
liiiciniei Bree., Kwatl ?v Co.. Km, BehlodlerAOo., and I
M ?..l.hanl ha\? lifoilned the colululttee, at their
room? in the in unit Dlapensary. thai they are preparad
to employ aseo ?m tin? Society's terms. The Working
, m n s 1 um in 111 .-i- are exerting theanei Ivee to aseare oon?
traota either for the completion or eonstruetion of build?
ings, if they ?u? ?i? -?I, there will be u ftaTSat leiolutlou 111
many hnlustrial parseltS.
BBOOKLTN.~PoUee Rneeii inst week, it?.
Ailain Grerken and Henrj Bold! "rereaneated.
sa Intwnfn]. fot throwing stones in the public itrseia
An nnknoam aroman dressed in dark apparel
committed sul? Ide on Batorday nlRht by Jumping ?mm a
j Oread St., tests boat.
Qeorgc MiCartiiv, n clerk, wai arrestad, ?m
1 Baturdaj. foi a 1 kilatlou of tin- city ordinance is Rrlag a
rifle, loinleil with iimvib-r and ball, In the Street
Earlj ?ni Batprday niatri Henrr Meyeinaiaa?
taurant, Myrtle-eve. Park, was broken Into sad robbed
j of knives and foiki?, valued ul Sao, und Une?- largo bue
1 ket? of eroeheeyweee.
t'atliaiini' Snviler, the little ??rl w]|0 was in
I lured by falllUK ?iv?-r a trunk at Mr. Asliclman'* bonne,
:,. r'latbusb ave., where nho wu? ou a vinit, on Friday
. last, died on Batarday.
Thotnaa H. llallowell. 10 yours of affa. wai
drowned on Batontay eveelog whila haMdna at tho fool
of ?oint at The body WaS leixiverod, und coll\c?ed
. home, No. s. Ilolid-st.
Man Qraa 11 y<t**tfl <>f ate, irhoae parent?
, re-.nl? at No 110 Ilo? iiini Bl.. K. 1) , was inataiilly klliaul
on i*atiii<liiv e'.cnliiK by fiilliiiR from the turn tsblo of the
Routheide Kailioad, cuiiier of Uushwick uti?l Moruo?o
? avi- , 1-.. D,
Win. Ilowoll, a onn>f"'fr. Rttaehed to the
sehooaer HiuhiaiKler, of G<?orgetown. 1? C. fell from the
Elaiforin of a < ?.mt M. ?ur on Batorday. and \?,?i run w*et
\ it fin in wagon. Hi* Injiiili's ate Of a serious character.
lie was taken to the It, I. BSSfatSl
William KU')iai?lHon. h nionilier of Engine
Oompsay No. 7. fell from tue apperasaeoa which be wm
riding. \Uieti turtilnK the comer of Myrtle uve. and Jay
It., on Haturday, stul WSJ run over, ?????ral of his ribs
were fiactuie.l. HS ws? taken to the City HosplUI.
Michael MeOirney, one of tho Inspectors of
Building* ha* loen dmnil**ed fr.mi his i?oaiti?.n by the
Hoard of Trnsteeaof the Hrooklyn Fire Dei.Brtuieiit Tho
a,vou?aUou uruvwl s*alu?t him ?a? that be ?ttewvted to
Edward Norton, ?>f No. at? Mulb rry-st., was prostrated
wiiile passing ths corner of UraSBWich and lludsou *ts.
Taken b? me.
Iu Brookl/n an aaknowa man. Sgsd about 33 years, was
prostrated by ths beatlnTblfd ars . near Twenty-?econd
..i , on Saturday afternoon, aud conveyed to the L L
B?? York, lliHir. Ther 11 ir ll ' II ur. Ther. Bur If? if.
I fsli IB- : W BV .
11 I .n W. |> BBS Ml>? S. IV.
J ?<P 3fi.li-, I SO" so 04 g ?, g
b i! 0.06 S. K, S 8*- ?'...'?i.S. K.
i n s us s k. y tu axa v. k.
ll -,.,? a?...s s. ll t;c testa e.
R*waHK?-l" ' ' ?-1..1I.I? l? t. ?. ni??'' cloud, t.. 11. Af
- j ? . .-!??? to ?un?*l. K??Bi?f?flair to II :
11 1 "th Mori'iuf-I'lundr lu 4; <-!?ar fruin 7 ?o 11 ; altfhtlj
rlou'lr t.. If 1 Banal s . ? , , |, t.. 4; eU?St I?I:3S| .?r.
-.mi i??:?) 1..7..V5: 6r?t tliiBilcr brarl ?l j
iiriti.' . list ?tat?, S??S KirBii.K-Ka.ii la T:M: rala
.l??.tli l ?f au lorb, li?'.tuiiif to 11, clou!? fru?? il to 10, l.ll.a tioaJt
t.i IL
< rvTIltT VtttK MfTriiROIOiil.tl. t.FPAHTMFNT.
T - ?? ..wi'i, I? an aln?r?rt ft..ui rrf.-nlr,! ohaTTitioea at tli^ i>ttr?.
l'ark Oksirvati r. I r il., wr. t r: H i| Satuniaj, July 11, IWSii
lli?M . f ?rfinil a?'..?? th? ??a. ?l kart.
Il i(l.t ..f ii.itruu.tBi? ak*r? ?h? i.ri'iiii'1. M feet,
!!,,) i af ii .Miinriita al.u?? t! ?
Lalitfl.li>?>' 13 IS"lf. I.'ia-iluj?, 7J . ST , W" W.
/".??/. Ol.icnaU illgbts , K?Lr?uhrll, in ?bada-d
1*>.|. fa? opan air l>a?
7? m ?t? in. 9 p. m. Mean .7? ui.ln.i?. 9t?.m. Maas
.Similar .... '?' ?-.'??> '
.. , ?.n.l i! si 9!.? 117.6 71 ?6
.. . ?1.071 3nuM30.?B*J| 7J.3 >">. 76.7 SI 33 |
W?ui?kIi? ?'.-?; Il H4.7U i
Tl,?-'lar ...... W ' - ' ..?-.'?- ' ? ?- ? WtO
.3U.WI 3.S.UI 3U 11.11 3003131 71 83 3 72.4 76.63
Batuda? .?SU 0.SIS 2a.!?l 'J0.OW7 78 84. 7t 4 TBU
w?sM..u.?BJOI *??? Ms?a?..4Ui
-1 M ai mu m from
Mailir.um it 7 i. is. ?if Hi? Util.?.?Sil 2.3;u m U'3.3
, a 7 s. ai uftti?16tk.MlCDI f n ot IStt... SAN
un al 3:28 a.
?a. cf Klh.?7.00
IhJl?lBIll II Tir. BVaSf|aS?.?ISSSa.r.?
_WlSD.-'->-? L'iCUt.
7 a m. |BV?I. ?p. ?J?. Uni 7 i S II??
rviBL CBaim ?'. n?w. r .ira?. v?r i.,inr. ? m ? ia.l'Mu.ia?an.
BauaTr .. W S.Wbjg.B.WbrW 1.181 H>. B ?. I.
Mouiiar ti B.W? ?.W.syWtsSl t ?- ?. 'M
' s B.bjB. B K- B B. 1.871 0. 2. S. .?
i.y...S W.' S. W. B.KkrS M? ? "? ? '?
Tu,.r..|ar S. i kB.byS 13? 3. 4. 3. 3 JI
S.iurl.r.S.W.byS AS S. MM L u. ?>. ?
T..UI dialson tr???l??l. SM R? I>?r Mean. 99 ?29 nul??
lu?,-.. -Kan. nu U. ll.uii.ltr .liower; dufatioi, 221 uuuatfl, drpth
D.OWtirk Ulli front H. W. U K.. dlataat i ?ou.? ??>?!'
liabtail?. l'a-?. -'?? .>n 1Mb fioia l:W?. ??? nnlil 2 .. ni. w?ll ??ardurd.
bbswiti oe tin?nota naasin ??i?? i
/uly. 7 a. il. 1 p. ?B. 9. P- u' ****** 20'attil?.
Sum?a? .0 7U0S i" ''??M
Monda, c
TsstakM.0 6..I!) 0 61?? ?.w*o """* ? , ... . , .. ...
VT?sliiMSsr..S.faM S.STH O I DtoUst tb?a?>r fr?? M. W.
Tiiiaraaiar- ????< ' 5 ' h '
Prisai ...l'7?i5S O61MS 0 7123 "
&.iu.d.,.......:isvi o?issi IM Q.C97I
Suma Tir.-t? ?st? ?VSM4 UM
bi ....'.'.'.'.u.Bisil a?*.? v.v??S Otilio?
At ?bt Alleniaiiiii Club-lloust?, No. U ??sti
Hlitseathet-i yesterday, was coiiim?-nccd the Fust
Annual Contention of the b)MMI Ucrltb. a .1? iWltl SSI nlar 1
oriiitnlrstlou. similar lu many of Its jirominenf f? atur. I
to the Miisonu- body. AnK?clied, the Hebrew SSSBS of
tbe onlcr signifies anything that Is tieiievolent or chanta (
1 ? n,,. ,ts most Importan! obleot, thatof MMeerlM
tiunniiintaiiiiiiKHs member? Inflase ef a.? ? -"^
r.U'iil.d to t-sUblish more ?n-iutly and fraternal
-, us between si! bsltorers sf th?
Sewlsh faith in this country. It bas
'.' .1 ru- tweiitv live v.itrs. since which
?',,,,,1 f,,r tweuty-flve Wft ?aes wincn ?
lthasiir?Blse4lWI?lgoa. The? lodgja ....? ?rattt-red
ailortx the Uuited BUtee; they sn ?i.vi.l.d Into It? ,
? ,tii.-t Lodges, which ?re ondei ths Jarisdlctloaof a
m ii-niiiK dMegatas belag BSeseat from many state?, In
0, u.lli.tr Callforiiht. There were i?.5 l.-dge? reported l.y
tb? Committee oa ?iwdMtteJs as liaviua saat iei.1e5.nta
1 m After the ?'oiiveiillon was culled to order to the
? ? iiuliSaar Mr. P. W. French of Mimelty, who acted BS
Unnoorary '( nainuan, the nomination of Mr. Adnlr>t
M .sen for President wai announced and *m voted upon,
r..sultniat In Ms uuanlmou? uleetloii. II?* sul>se<tuaiitly ad
dresaed the Convention on pertinent nuttter.
Vice President? were selected a? follow?: P.
w Rosaiidale, Albany; O. Linsuun. Ltusvcuworth;
jacot Miller, I'UUaidelphla ; D. ?. weit ?Saa rk^saMsae i
extort money from pstSSSS BSfagSd la building opera
A liariicss-in.iKcr, (.rniiini-k by iiiim?', MB
ployed at tin- stun- No U South 8e?enth-?t.,Jumped In in
tin- ptor al the fool >.f South Ninth ?t. i:. D., on s iturday
DviMiiiiif for the piirpose <>f tiikiu? a liiiti?. aud attiklna
li'-,i'if.iri-iiiost u|mu the shallow bot toas, broke his neck
and died lastaatty Body reeorers i
Two ??iii(li?lnt?'H f?ir tii?- C.-itlioli?- jiii?stli?i?nj.
Charlss Fiiiniiy. edooaled In tleaoaj and Willlara O'Doa
a? li, who recelTed i Is education Iu Relrtnm, were rege, i
lurlv ordained l.v Bishop Loughltn, at St. James's ?'.ith.-. !
iiral, on Baturday asonlng. The Kev. His. Oardener, !
Freel, Mi-Hlieny and McCh.sky assist?-.1 in the seMSBOatSS,
A f??I?-tit.sti> of tlie ?IllvilIlfilU'l-s af tin- lontf
talked of ami nt last aeotiyeooipletetl Booth Sid? lUilroad
was had on Batardaj ssornlng. a train earn lag 600 pas
?engen arrived al a leai] -rirv deimt wltbinreoeh of tbe
Boutb Fouiiii-si. and Moalrooeeve ears, Willlamabprgb, ?
which enabled the passeneers to reach New-York 90 min- ?
ules ?ooiior tlisii by the Lona Island Roed. Hut for S
tower which is being laid In Broadway? Ike ears would I
ran directly to the firry, sod la that event the pausen ?
f/or by this route would save 40 inmuten instead ,,f %? ;,H
un Saturday. The Ompftiiy have been negotiating with
tin- Dttotera Point and Wllllsmsborgh Railroad < onipnny '
for the poaaeasloo ol .v?utii Itlghtb-et., but thus tax with
no fuvoiable rcHiilt.
Tho eorner-stoos of tlie now cininii ?if st.
Vincent do Peal, North Hixth-?t., V. D., Was laid )?st?-i
ii.iv afreriiooii with ImpoMng carsBonles, by tbs Right
Re? BlsbonLaoghlla,aoaheed brjr ths pastor, tin- Re? :
David Muliane, ami rather J. B. McDonald of Ht. Mary's
Church. An immense concourse of eltiseas wltaessed
the aaarelsss aad many civic ?octettes paraded. The new
.-iiiin???, to li?; built umler the direction of Mr. Jairn-s Bod*
?all, will in* aa ornament to the Eaatera District, and
will Im of sufficient capacity to properly a<c?>iiiino?late !
the hamaaae eongregiitlon at present under the charge
of th.- Indefatigable Pa ther Muliane. Aft?-r ?leposiilnir
tbe usual reeoras la the allotted plane, Bishop Uoagblla
addrtwaed tbe aaaaaablasTB iin? ily, and paid a well-merited
Rnmpllmeiit to tbe young pastor aad those who ?.. cht-or
Misted him In his great undertaklug. The police
arrangonunts, by Capt. wogloiB, wen highly ? tinient.
Al! Vcw-York look? ?1 up with a .siiiilt- hist
B?salas ?aea "rtt-*itksJ?adsacgaa Isgaleet and tiio
distant thunder to roll. The spell is luokiii ; tho nur
rury has Blurted on its way back to the temperate re?
liions of the scale, and tho bot wea her of UN lias
BSWSSd (Mini iiot days may indeed be expected; the
tliertiioiiietir mav make Its mark several Unies more
among ths nineties, but it Is imposeible that the uveruize
temperature for another week this year can be as great
as it was during the la?t seven ?lays. Tho latease heal
has driven bundled? >>f fantttss t?. their tersas aad
Bottasses, und thoii-ands more to sesl
the pleasures of tho fasbloaebls irslortagnlsosa
Foi a month pa-t the church? i here been ?limlystb ad? d,
snd yesterday they were almost de? it. t. Ths rush fur
Coney Islitnil, llohoki n.aii.K'eiitral I'aik, win unusually
large. These place? are to lbs poor what I-on? Branch
and other fashionable resorts ars to the r?en. The chil
drenare heTiaglhelr season ef pn-nii-s ami aaearsloos,
? ,'it, ?ii-.e many a "doetor'a bllL"
During the past two w >eks inaiiy households liav?? been
deaolated bv death, ood many nun Ule? deprived of sup?
port l'roviiience, as asael.Is oharged with the mufor
?..: ' s whlek n suit from tin? MtwteesBeae <>f maakiad.
I lu ?i.'.itiM ? iiuii luv,- t.iki-n piaee thu. Sommer teach a
basson wormy of leiiiemlirniice. It is b<>Kiiiuing to be
found out that temperance is us Important a?
oleaullnes? || ., people wonld pnservs their health.
The Metropolitan Board of Health, in a memorandum
? !" sn i-.sii.il, s.p. i nies the
? .lit mIiIm r mvi ,s that are ri'iiceiiiiil in propu
a?atiiiK spi-i ulc kinds of ?i.e. use: Fu-si ?hespecific uifec
tluus property or ?u I -tu.r anyoi.f th?.
pestilential d - rond The local Imparities aad
m mo Iioiim) uiui s'lounds w ii.-r.? the outbreaks
?->? Luv.??-un. ?I. or aie lieble t.. ?,. ? ur. Third?
i ami atlnorpliirle liupuiities winch
injaie health ?>.- help t.. propaeate - ? idemlc?. For tBain
fe? iliirf water-cloMts, eeaa pooU. drains aad sewers, it
recommends coppers? and earbettc arid (a arodad ef
? m- any dean
<>r offensive pla??*?, quicklime, charcoal powdec Ban
? hlurule of lliuu are leruinni?-ndi-d. For sick
t'.Mos. i?. iir.oiiM mu? slsasSa, tcntilittioti ai.il
in uro recommended, and to um
nulckltme, charcoal powder, or chloride of lime.
Among the tblnga to tu- disbtfected are ?uentiotied : bed?,
Im ?Idtug, and n|iholaten d ?tutrs : soiled elothlag from tho
.-ilk with cholera ?>r any contagious disease; carpet?,
mages, mattiessaa, fioota, <?r anvthin?/ thai may
be Infected b] cbobsia exereassat, or t>v Mnali |kjv, ?car
i nthareoi toglon?dlaeeaes. ThedoeaBseal ? los???
by niirit'x the neeesMtp of doiaeatis ami per?".nal stsaall
n< -s. nuil renUAtllag our citizens that th. re are no substi?
tu?, s for pure air and water. The mortality in other
oitles, from sun-stroke, Is snasaallr Isrga in sfonlrsej
;i fatsl eases were n potted oo Priday ami Saturday. A
dlsptttch from JI I.mus says that mota than Sodeitthl
u. i uiteil, from beat ami whisky, oo Tbarsday last.
Iu this city no additional doaths from heat were re.
n o ??.', ,.t tie ? ..i.'i.i r'.-, ?illico yesterday. The following
fiti il Base? \i? i?-1? ported oa Saturday :
ll.-iiry Behwarseahurg, u ?leruiau, ?t No. ?t.> Kleventh
John Aetii*w. an Importer ?I'.iiu business al Vo. u Pine
st. mu? residing In Snusford, (man.
The follow .ii,r table airing au exhibit of the nun
deaths for tbe week ending Salardajr, ths ISth iti-t., has
beeu pr? pareil by Mr. John F. Tual of the Coroner's offtce:
aba- A.'-i ?'."ij> TKatl
Mm. Wuiaen ilrn J.:ula. Jc a....el. earh .1?J.
? ? lay, li. 1 ? 3 j l ?
M.wi.iar. II . 8 I I 4 b 10
T untar. 14. 41 B I b SB ?I
W?,|,,.?,la?. IS. 4J 7 5 7 ?7 54
T! ir*t?r. 16. J9 f 3 ? SB fl
Kii.l.? ?7. :w 1 ? ? JO 36
SatunUjr. IS. 6 ? 4 ? 4 1?>
Total.IM 2H S? 4.1 ?H3 JO)
The follow.nu i a-" i ?. re reported restsrdaj :
Mi. H Ucrnab ?>f No. <o w.-.st Twenty-a?t-??t., wa?
prostrated at the eorner of Fifth av?. ami Twenty first-t>t.
tsarali Johnson of No. ui \\'.st 1 lui t> sutli-st., was
found Inseiiiililo at the conu-r of Ninth ave. and Twcuty
?ei .uni st.
George Kinneily ..f No. sai Oreeawleh?t.. w?? found
?ituna: In Broadway, near Bleecker st. s. nt aoBse.
M.ny O'lioiiiiel!, aged J-l years, was found u. Mott-6t.,
m .ir Bayard at Taken to Bcllevue Hospital.
A wouiau uuiucd Kiiiiiia Wagner, living at No. SOpMott
it , ? a? prostrated last evening lu l?u.lsoii-rt, Deaf ciaik
son st.
Patrick Sweeney, of No. in fliTSewtohsf. wa? last
evening proatratea at Twenty sixth th and Flrstave.
Taken tOBelleVU? Hospital.
Mary Mill, r, a denlSOB "f \V'l!li.iui?liiir((h. was last eve
pin.-iiati'l iu Aliiist. I'akcn to New-Yolkilos
B. Slmpeoo, Washington. Mr M. Kllingnr, of Mi
ua? eh'''t??l Secretary, ?oui aeeepted the position In a
short add reas. Mosers. Alfred T. Jones, 'f Philadelphia
and Louis Abrams, of Cincinnati, were appoii i An .-t
snt Hecn-tariee. The Couvaaths? wiuiu easslss aU day?
but ?lal little but peril ct Its i hear ad
?ji'.---e- from it? permanent officer*, it tin.illy adjourn? ?I
till this mornlnar, when the -nii|.-it .,f., new constitu? ?,in
I* tobe considered, It* sesnlon will continue thmn*h??aj
the entire week. On Tneeday evening the delegate? will
participate in a banquet in Ui-- dining baUof Ailcmania
('?ui.; on Thursday they will ?o on 11 pi? nil toFHrnParh
enjoying a carrlagi ride through the Central Park oa
then- way. Among tin b edit t n pml et - of the Conven?
tion ere: Jndge Minoii w. KoHAudsl? of Album*, ih?
Hon. O. V Hermann of Nee l'ork; I i Htm " "iy
?in mu'.a'i'ii ?I ? h igo? the :???? '??
mood; Mr. 11 ! eli'iithol.if < no uro; H. BelXOttO O? N'iw
. ?ilk, AlpCoT. Jolie- "1 il....im
ntOTTIVQ os Tin: i iSflfOM TRi -
A -in.'ill .iililienee, eolnlio-e.l ? hb llv ol inf'T
anted peeaeaa aad taelrMeada, wcm In attendai .s
the l-'a-hion track on Satin .la;, hPiii.ooii. About a
o'clock tho t'ut ci'liillienei ?I. Tin- fir-?' ? I
animate?! .ill i:r. I-'oiir startet? WttS OS hand BoltiR
<'oiii.ui. Twilight, Charit. .
of ?a? h were ?, m u tho
.nine.i? e>l, ' ''? ttltS),
bringing ??n, TwlUght ?fes, Charlie Iti?
sad Mary 111. Just provlon? to tl.?
flrsl best r? III -ht advene? ?I. and In on?- pool br01ia5.it HT.
CoiiMii ?la, 1 han;.-?r., and Mur\ lia. Altera Hi.o star?
In tin- hist heat < mi.an broke badly at the lui u Teiljghl
went ahead more than t?-n hncths. and won the Aral heat.
The loaa of the Riet b?al did not impair faith In ComaOt
as in the pool*Coman brought 170,Twilight ISO. and tho
oihi-r M. TwUlgfat lead to the hum? str? Ich, wlxen Coinaa
puasod hlui and ?Aun the 1.11.-1.-, B hiuiii. Tin betting
then was as high aa three to oui ou Coman, abo, aftof
breaking twice ?m in?- third boot, won the race.
Ajniatcb betwoeuBill) bomt'sllambrtghl aud Sf? Copp'S1
Mora, mile anil repeat, was decided bttweon tho
and won by II. in'n ight in two ktraiRbt heats. In the
teeond heat Plora trotted very fast c?.i..< up the
Btretcb snd answered gasMly to the whip, but fall ?
reach her big opponent.
ii-mn r
H???. patakia of #50 itch, lull? aad n , ? a' -, l.irnfM.
i ?aa, i- II,. I . . . ? t |
T. II. Win.,,,,, b. *. T (til . I i ?
. I 1 1
m Bajen, b> a. Mary. lab
_ Vtiarti n M ?a.
firat lii-a?. 44 I.' 2 ii
s>C?ml l..-4t. U 17, .' tl
?'tun! I- . II ? ?1
r Sino: aiil? tint leptat. W baruetl.
R I.iiii.it I,. t, Ilaiulirigbt. I I
? U ia Y\uu. t S
Klntlatt. it hit *:?
Stcunil heat. il 1:11 ' |T
Ai.iiaw, July m.?Atilie Islaml Park Coaran
yesterday, Bolla Uoiddeet trotted under saddle ?ani?en
Billy Bolee, the paeer, to harness, best tl for
H.noo. Rolla won in tin? estralghl heat?. Time. MT, : 'il,
?:'i?|. '111.- )iiiccr behaved badly, aud Roh? was uoS
crowded in either h? at.
Mr. .lolin BpleeTi residlng .-it N'o. If vTeel
Kleveiith-st., oent hi* colored nerv.ml t?. .Mi .1.15. 1 i
drug etore, No. 179 Blxth-ave , ye?t< nlay afternoon, for a
BeidUts powder, he feeling sossawhal sawelL l he ser?
vant n-eelveil from the clerk. Jmo-ph Piu,moii?, what U?
s.ml was tin- powder sent for, and returning to the rest
deuce of bin einjiloj ' I'. RRVO il to liim. Sum after takiliA
tlie powdet Mr. BmOW was Liken violehll> ill. Dr. liarP
?ettwae imu.?.-?Iiately Miiinnoii, il. and on examining the
dief? of the i>?.Ad<;r, found tliat It eoiitumeil a large QOem
tltyof strychnine. Before anything eould i" d.?tore*
iieve the sude.iiiig roan, be died. In great agony .-im
tuons was atonte ara lied un?! hnkuil nu in the M? reel*
at. Police Station. He says that I he powilei frlVOB to Mr.
Splcer's servant w as taken from a Jar m bn li be ha?l been
usinii for several ?lays proviens. Be had, yeaterdap
luoriilin:. ?old .-? vcial from the saine )ar to \ai lous ]*-r
sons. The powders were put np iu the store, ami im?r
strychnine could have been iub*tttuted for the pro peg
dm? he cannot possibly conjecture, He ishelain the
Police station to await the venhct of a tomm-iv Jury,
Mr. Bplcer baa been a v,?il known and wealthy residen?
of the FUteeatb RTard for many yeara.
The Seventh Report of a roinniittee of the
representatives of New York Yearly Meetirg of Friend?
on the condition and want* of the I'rcedinen liaujuaS
-ued. Ia it they refer ta the work that has bien
done m the past, and Rive an < xpin it account of tt?a
work being done now among the freedmeu is kichmond
and vicinity. Those schools, a* well as lb? fust day
achoola, have been treat ?neceases. Tur?' ai? it
i now in sncc?B?aful operation la Virginia. A been
?l.joo worth Of i lothlng was ?It-tribute?, ainon? the
aeedydnringla*t Winter. Bcbootshavealao beeneeteb*
ii-heil and assistance afforded in Maryland. North Caro*
i Florida. They appeal very earnestly for fends
it them in carrying oa the work. Tiu-y ikm<i
15,000for the cominR year, with which the?, eaa to a
?i-at aiin-ni.t of ?."nod in the fiel? Is of labor already mtai?
a f.rw n RI nmsn r<>. trass! mast
?t ei ?Star food SLippkf. I-?r,?l Tar ? ..wiikj
pr:rtairr?tu!?r: to-.lt?, ?an: A pht, # Hi : 1- * Huln-'B,
. - . I 1 1'i.iit, eH"; It?
; 'M RMTt <i..ui.iariiirv. *iii: Rsls a Rhumb, SI a
ra. glaOj K?nt,i,k?. +J?, Opklr.eri Ot*i_BS, #>?>, Salt*.
? UV; K.?rr* ??a.la, #M; l>llow J?. tal. el.Mi.
>IK*|-Mia Julr l? -('..itou laiolballr fr. ? rrn- VU 3 l.llei: fiixirta,
n?u?. Hi.nr j gT, wln.t. ?1?"' I ?~e.
?: + l ""?? ????"' i'.-? eteagisM, u?<i, i l'ii'H?. Bat?**
??-*"" N ii Bid, ;:?
I HTILLB 1*1; 1, -T.,i,ar,?,].,,.t; 1?ra:Jn<! Fl,?ir. S? tSRet
*lla?,ll .Vl ?*-|,Mt. .. | :i?*| w , ??,? ?;,M| ,iJt_
ra. .Julie. ; ?k? BiJtt. 171?. RuU Maala-S.L.,4.J?^ lia.
Fur "?lolli I'nlelir*. Kr.rkl?., anil Tao on 11,. Far? ?tt Rfrr?'?
a?Ml -? i.,., I ?r*_riiii iini*fciia.
LF.OXARD?At I .?>. Warlnetlar S.pUmUr S
lb? !('? ',.,' oik W, .total I'.aai, t OT. ir|
I.D.? A*Bt*t 1-rui.arJ, ?itiiybUr of J4aat S. L.aa
in: ,1 l..I ?"'?.
NrWI.AM._VAN AXTW K.RP-.M BstaaBk*BB?r, R T., Jul? 9, h. Ik*
K?>. Mr. Pato?-. Frank K. Raaibi I "( Iir?vK it to Jo^ (ihiu.. r*at(t*t
dtu.tt?r . t tli. 'at? H.nry V?n mSmttf.
I?Ron>Fii'-DODOR-Al RwVaitai I LmVi S
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