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?xarrnvK hominations-bit.ls ????*?;
S?r?U a.iainst ?JOTO! ms.ii.i.-o
Washington, Monday, Jniy 90,1W
The f/JIsllilil? created a flurry in tho lobbies of
Capitol to-day hy Bending to tho Senate a bate,
?erv important nominations. The piobabilitics
that UM Senate will reject them. Gen. McClernf
the nominee for tho mission to Mexico hash
twice rejected for the samo placo. He ib looked u
m the most objectionable man that could be nai
far the place. It is not probable that be will g<
?ingle Republican vote-not moro than Seven at
farthest?. The ?tory ie that Seward does not w
any one coulirmed for Mexico, but is sata
that tho mission, should remain
it is. Rosee rans's nomination to S]
?rv a surpi i.-e. The notion prevailed that the Ft
dent would send in his name for Mexico, Hat
teen buhstitut.-d for MeCleriian?! ho would undoi.
edly have he.ii contlrmed, ?As It K his confirm?t
for Spain is very doubtful, Tho flou. John P, Hi
the present Minister to the Court at Ma-ind. is a J
publican, and has a good record a* an ortieer-. Th
^nis to bo no deposition among Senators to r?<
|dm. It may be remembered that Mr. Il.iie is <
?I tho Ministers against whom MoCtRCRSb) ce
plained to Mr. Johnson. H M-Watts |thc peff
??elected for tho Austrian ?Issta?, is a Fhiladelpbi.
pf whom uo one appears to know anything. U<
?aid tqbe ?bitter DtisssetRt.wtth plenty of money, n
fobs surmised that the latter cgiiinio?ity scenred
?pp?ii'tiiKiit, He is anxious to go abroad for
health, and would like the Austrian mission, so tl
be might make Vienna his headquarter* during ]
itay in EurojK*. His chances for confirmation 1
very ?Ihn. The appointee to Russia is the Hon. Jo
I* Dawson, ?? ex-Con?rcssinan from Penpsylvau
?e was the Democratic oouiinco for the present C?.
?rose in the WestSBOtehiadi Fayette, and India
?iatfict of Pennsylvania, and was bcfitCQ by I
on, John Covode. He Is a very bitter partis;
at has a ntitn her of ft lends among the Republicai
Edinnud Ceeepyfm nominatio? for ??sjtsjsJsjJoi
of lotemal Revenue surprised p.6 ouo. I
flection is a certainty*, although il Ja i
urted that a kind of bargain has been nriang
With certain Senators whereby Cooper Is to be ?c
_rined. Judge r'ooto. appointed to be Commission
of Patent?, is s clerk In that otlico. Ho is the fath?
tlaw of ?senator II??nUrson, and it i? sai?l that tl
t will secure his cou?ruuat ion. C. C. Cox. noi
lasted to 1 mcrot Pensions, is Licutenni
Governor?i and a goixl Copperhead. ?*
Wells of Michigan, is ?elected for the position
Aasistant Secretary of the Treasury? He ie laid to
the least objectionable of the wbulc batch, and mi
he continued.
The President has approved and signed an net ma
lng expropriations for tho legislative, executive, at
Judicial expenses of the fjovernmcut for tho ye
tudfng with Jur.o, ?Srrj an act making appropriati?.
for sundry civil expenses of tho Government for tl
same period ; an act for the removal of certain poli
asi disabilities from the persons therein name
joint resolution, exonerating certain United S tat
Vessels from the payment of tunn.ige fees to consul
agents in the Canadas; joint resolution directing tl
Secretary of War to sell damaged or uii6civic?-ali
ana*, <>r<lnane?', or ordnance stores; an act declar
tory of the law s in regard to officers cashiered or d
miBBed fi oui tin? army by the sentence of agenei
wart-martl.il; au act imposing taxes on dlstiU
spirit? ami tobaero and for other purpose?, and tl
RSt authorizing tho const ruction of a bridge aero
tho Missouri River upon tho military reservation i
Furt Leavenwoith, Kansas.
In the B?nate, today, Mr. Conness again gal a
the bill for the protection of American citizei
abroad, ami it gave riss to a few hours' debato. M
Patterson of X. H., replied to tho speech of Mr. Coi
neati ou Saturday, taking strong and positive grouu
against the reprisal clause. Mr. Morton followed i
nearly the saine strain. He did not like the noti?
of placing so much power in the bands of any 01
anan as tho bill proposes to invent la tho Pfestdei
at the United State?; it would lead to adeclurati?
ef war iu thirty days. Mr. Williams ohVied |
amendment, that in the event of the imprisonment ?
OB? of our citizens th.- President shall demaud tl
IssAousfor pueh arrcfit, and that if they appear ui
reasonable Of iiKutticici.t, be shall demand the r<
leaw of such arisoRav, and ?f his bsIrrrs is lelayec
he shall take the necessary steps to efli ct it. II
UUtdo a si?eech full of force and point, in support e
hie proposition, ami on the gem-ral rjaestlon O? <it:
ronship. Mr. Stewart supported Mi. Williams. H
did not particularly care for a threat of war. Enflai?
Would not declare hostilities on any such a prel? nee
and the only way to make our flag ISBBtitttill
was to see that it all'ordcd its attises
protection every w hero and under nl
eirenmstanees. The RRhJaetwas then dlOffM 1?.
the purpose of taking up tho President's veto m?-s
page on the Electoral Coll? ?re resolutions, and site
the message bad MSSj read, the resolutions w? :
pasaed by 45 to 8. All the Southern RRaatefa, i
eently admilte?!, voted in favor of the rSROlntloni
It was tho largest Republican and the sinalka
Democratic Vote ever i/iveu on a veto m?
night session was bald for the consider.Mi m ?.1 bill
from the Military Comimtt? e. In executiv.
this afternoon, the Senate had nndcr eonaid?
the Sandwich Islands Reciprocity treaty, but did no)
reach a vote.
The Judiciary Committee of the i??***) UmilSSSd
to-day, the bill providing fa an ?le? tion in Virginia
but readied no conclusion. The Committeo will re?
sume its c<m?i?leiati?m to-morrow. Iu regard tr
BenatorSlienuai.'-' proposition relativo to thoolhcial
nature of the latiilcatiou of the Fourteenth Cbnsti
tutional Amendment, the Committee are under?
stood to bo indisposed to take any action.
fcnator Sumner reported the 8ar.dwich Inland?*
?waty from the Foreign Relations Committee, with
?herecommendation that it bo ratified. Ho made u
stror,)} gjiei.ch in favor of its ratification, and was
sallowed hy Mr. Ftsiviiden, who opjKiatid it. W'ith
est reaehing a vote an a?l joumment took place. The
Indication* are that the Senate will ratify the treaty
ts-morrow. The Chinese treaty is still in Comrnit
??. and i* to bo renprted to the Senate immediately
-*?**? the Sandwich i?laud? matter is ?iisposed of. It
???expected that Secretary Sewaid would send in
?? treaty whatoby Sjinaiia Bay in aold to the Unite*!
?tat??, xjjaj frjt-tj,^ 0f f u0 measure are anxious to
***? it confirmed beforo adjournment.
u tl? House, to-day, little businee? of special lm
>orUnre was trauBucted, it be?taf the day for the in
^ttionof bill? and resolutions for reference to
^^itte**. The states were called for such a par?
?*e? tut as tin? end of the aession is so c!o?e at land
*jyaie?. were oilt-rod, and they were ot a private
*?r?- The Pr?sidant returned the EtaetWa. Vtm
'?????nKilutiiiiist-, tie Senate with a veto moanage,
*it*r -?at iMxly bad durtoaed of it the House
**** the resol ut ions over the voto. The bill inak
?pnrtUiottgfoj,!,., temporary tilling o? vacancies
J^w ExttoHvi liepanments was d-batod at
^Jtui, bat bo vote waii taken. A resolution to pay
^^Borcb fruro MiBBouri over 1^600, for sup
Seat o*,l*n'** <uclm<,<1 ,,v -i,n i" "eoiitestiiig the
votad?* ro6,n,?or from that State wan veiv ?rsat ly
j. w?*?. Buril?'? cuim was held by tl.
_Ml4?<!_ai,t?* to ha ?imply absurd, and if the
Igt,,^*4 ^li "ted htm u bad Rrooadent would
mqJT** ?lt*,'1?.med for future contostanta. The
af ?aOra_r?n'**ll*lia'' rt?n:iT^'ituJi ?'' their ppstenstoRS I
IRatprttfc?. y' ,VOt'^ Vj p:'y tliC njon<;v- Contrary to i
,Nlt_i"J,_!1? ?U?d"'? l>'11 *"* "of tukeu up. An
???Ule tor an evanina aearlon. for the nur-1
pose of disposing of the bill, but it did not pre\
MeinUern, tire?l out by tbe excessive beat, sought r
Tbe indications, to-nkdit, are that Congress i
finally adjourn this -week, or early next. Sem
BlktilIBS? of the Finance Committee, and BsfSI
Moi rill of tbe Committee on Appropriations,
marked, this evening, to several Senatois and |
resentative?, that tbe business before the two Hoi
is so nearly finished that the time of iidjourinn
may be iixed without fear of postponement. It
their intention, tomorrow, to call up the House i
olution relativo to mljoumnieiit, to Whiefa an aim
nient is to be offered to adjourn about Thursday m
Tlie information from the President is in offset t
he docs not intend to veto any of the appiopiiai
bills, though some of them contain clSBSM to wb
he is opposed. Tho lb-tit-ieucy Appropriation 1
which contains an appropriation for reconstruct
purposes, is still on tbe Speaker's table In the lion
and an etiort is to lie made to pass?? t<?-iiiorroW.
is feared that the President may veto it; but if
determines totV? otherwise, then an immediate
journment can be effected.
The Hon. Wui. M. Evaits. Attorney-General of I
United States, took tita oath of affioetbii BaornJ
before Judge Wylia of the Distiiet Bapreme Coi
and shortly afterward anterad upon the duties of
nt w ofloSt He wafl Vi-it? d during the ?lay by m;i
BehatOrS and other distinguished person?.
The following isa summary of th?> ?-hartres I
?pceiticatioiis agaitist Kiihard BtaStossj, Judge o? 1
lT. B. District Court of Alabama :
That Uichnrd Bnsteed did willfully and corruptly c
duct tin- affairs ?>f ais oSee of Judge for in- own gain n
Brost, .m?l tiiiit m tin- Boring of 1B66, w bile ? tort islng I
powers of bto office In Alabama, he undertook toael
tin- eounsel and agenl ol ons Jacob Stan wood, and nc
ti.u? ?l thejpurcbaae of a tract of Land for Btanwood fn
Jumes A. Turner, and tli.it Btanwood baring he. ?un?- ?I
saUsfled \sith the purchase, Bnsteed unlawfully consult
with Btanwood and advised bini to employ certain soi
sel and to proceed In tbe District Court, und th.lt opoi
bill being Ued,nraylng foi an Injonction to reatn
Tamer from eoDocuBg the purcbaae money, bust?
unlawfully BBSumedJurisdiction o? tiit- case, und grant
the Injunction.
Second Specification: That he reads an agreement wl
.i.ni,??.- J. smith to obtain larg? sumsol uioueyfroml
people .?i th. st.it?.' of Alabama. The other ipeclBcatio
under this charge all???- that l.e reoelred 16,000 fort
settlement ol a case througb his aerrant, Wilson; that
oorruptly procured the sppolutment ol two i:? gistcrs
Bankrupte] on condition thai tbey should dlrlde wl
hltn the emoluments of their office?, and that he re? i It
a sum of money from the Clerk ?>t lbs U, B. Diati l< t Uoi
for the Northern District of Alabama a* a condition
nil retention of oil
Second Chary? aud Specification!!: That he delay?
?lenlnl ai.'l sold justice to the citizens ??f ihe Unit
States, and thai be conspired with Smith, tbe Dlatrli
Attorney, to bring about tho condemnation of apiece
land which belonged to the Confederate Dpi
and whkb bad b< i n taken possession of by th? ? omn
?loners of the Freedmen'i Bureau, in order that sa
property might tie frittered away tn oosts aiid?iivid<
aiiii-iig his crcati
th chunje and Specification?! That he WAS er'n
aaliy IgaeraBl of the law, ettbuj charges to jun<
- etc.
2 ?ith 11,urge and Specification?: Tnat Judge Buste?
combined aud con?pu*ed with Builtb, District Attonif
and Hardy, United Stan oppress and ?I
int, under color and by Virtue ol tl.?
Rices; thai Smith aud II,m'y compelled
targe numbei of pe?
ti?'- hbela wen Bled, to i ij them unlawfully a ?am
money amounting to over 9200,000, which wai retained i
them with the ooaseatof Richard Bnsteed; thai Judj
? ? allowed Hardy 10 pe? cen? commission, lu s
ditioii to bis legal toe*, on tb? pro? 11 di o? salea of confl
t-.tt- 'i prop? rtj m.el?' by Dim as m u ?ha?, foi auctlone? t
fees; il red?mltb to proaecuts lulls on beb?
uf tin- i iiiii-d States and ol an Informer, without ?ii
oltsslus the name ol said informer, and thai In
where Judgment waa rendered for over 190,000, and ? hi
tin- defendant prayed for a writ oi error, ind saYred
bond In double tbe amonat, Busteed refiiaed to appro?
the bond, and avoided its appro? a] until by tap I M tiu
thi u."ii?> was collected on the Judgment.
The la?t specif! si be Insulted si
browbeat v. ; decided questions contrary i
what be anew tobe law, with * manlfeal porp.
lu. m lbs ti uiii and pre*? i.t ti.?-- iniiiin.i-ii.it.?..i.
Citizens of Alal.ama are in this city to lay tin -
eha>rgas before the Judiciary Committee ?>f tl
. r. t?? bring about the impeachmei
of Jiulge Bosteed on the atora aronnda, but tl
whole sobjeel will probably ko avw se Usa ??? ?i es
stonof Cocgreaa, and then they expect to hare tl
articles prer^arod, aud sll kursngemeBts made loi tl,
Sepnblicans ol tl I <?f Columbia bel
an immenss sonsting bars to*night, in front ?>t th
City Hall, for the pornoas of ratifyioi tbenomlni
?i t.- ti. Grant and Bcbuylei Colfax. Upwm
of 11,000 persoas wars on the pound, and the sathi
?naarnwas almost unbounded. The colored peopl
wen largely ropTeeented, and inarehed to '
ot the meeting with ii:ii.-ie ami banners, transparet
eh -, Komaii candles, ?t?. A ba?ndsoms ;>i..tl??i:i. Wl
! erected on J;nli< liny Square, from which I'.itiioti
ere made by several of tbe leadiagrneai
ban "t Congreei Pile sad LtOgaa stad
1 excellent speeches' <?n tl.? s, sod ??i
? illy i h?? red. '1 he meeting a.'.'.ii.iMl at
lats h? m. v. ith i In-? rs f?>i the (sandidatea.
Orders bare been Issued by the ?Secretary o? tb
to Bear Admiral Ir n la commandlog the Boot!
Atlantic squadron,to cut ?lown hi-. Corea??iie-hait
This nil! neoessitate the return <?f sereral..( the ws
? now in tb? It i- I? ft t?. the dinars
tiofl of the Admiral whal v< ssels shall be sent boms
The Navy Department expects to beai ?Irombimoi
tbe snbj? et in al...m a month.
rams from Penvei represent that f?en. Gran
would reach that city to-day, and remain two oi
three days; after win? h !u- \m? h I urn to M. Louis.
'1 he s?-? rotary of t!?<- Nary sonl a i <
t?? the ?Senate to-day, in replj to a resolution in rela
tlon t? the discovery, occupation and character o
tl.e afidwaj ' the Pacil Oi Tb -
lands, be says, were diet orered by Capt. N. C. Droohs
commander of the Hawaiian bark Gambia, In July,
Kv.i. in Mav, 1887, ?the ?Secretary oi the Nary di?
rected Capt. WU?am Rcyuolda, commande) oi th?
steamer ?Uackawana, to take possession, which b?
did, on the the 13th of September last. Cap?
Reynolds In ins report describes thi
haih?Ji as fiiiini ?l vciy inm h like thai of Honolulu,
as rath? i more roomy and ssfe, but with not semucl
depth ol watei on it? l??n. which, bowever, app? aretl
to pe about 18 feet. Water waa found in thi
at m distance ol from 11" 1 i? et.
'Jin- Secretary ot State recently ?called tbeattea
tioo of the President to a correspondence between
himself and Mr. Van Vail.? nburg, the American Min?
ister to Japan, from which it appears that the < oolii
trash baa beoB opened in Japan by a snpp? ed? ii
z?-n o? the United Statea In regard to the i
of that Empire and tbe existing pro. lion ol law
as inadeQuate t<? tl.e suppression <>f the evil,
win? h threatens injurious ? Sects t<> the relations !><?
tweenthc United States and Japan. Mr. Van Val?
kenhuig'ri Inquiry elicited tbe fact thai tbe Coolies
were engaged for three y? ais. to roi k ?m plantations
to tbe Hawaiian IslaBds,and that they sailed from
Japan In the British vessel ?Sclota, th<- managei of
the husiness ln-ing a Mr. Van In??1 sa American citi
?en, who ajip?',-ir?-u to he acting al the port <>f Yoko
iiama as Consul Gen?ralo! tin Hawaiian Islands,
with the consent of the local authorities, 'i he ?locu
iiieiits on this subject were communicated to tbe
Senate to-day, with the recommendation thai tbe
law of February, 1808, prohibiting the ( nolle tiadc
with China, he made uppiu aide to Japan.
i.r hon.
WAsniNv.Tov, July 20.?The PrsaJdenf sent
the following, thi? afteiiiix.u, to the BSBaM :
lu tht Senate of the I'mtnl tktttt.
I bars gtveB to tbe Joint resolution eiiiit>?l " A r?solu
tlon fcXt-lurtliiK from the Electoral College tbe votes of lbs
Nat? * lati'ly in rebcliioH, ?hull shall not lui.?- I"?i.
rtieognlsed,'' as earefal ea?mlaatlon ??. I imv?- been abls
in B*sstew upon th? sulijeel during tbs t?w days thai bars
Interrened sines the Bteasurc was submitted fur my nj>
proraL Feallag eoiisUrained to wttabold my consent, I
Berewithreturn tberesolntlou to the Senate, la winch
House It origlaatod. with a brief statemsal ?f tb? masons
wiiirij ha\>: iudiii ??<! my Betlofi. Tin? Jolat-reaolutlon is
ikisi-d ui'.ui Hie a.-siiiiij.ti.iii Utat soins of the States
wli^if iiihahiiiitiU Wan lstely in rebellion, . ?re
not noiv. entitled to repiraentatloa in ('?.iittress,
und to participate iu tue el??!i?ii oi a ITS si
?1? nt mu? Viet 1'ichi'l? i.t of the United Ktates.
I have heretofore bad occasion, to gire la d?tail my rea
SOUS foi Ultw-i.til.?.' from thai view. H is not iiet-eshaiy nt
Ibis time to repeat taem ; it ii sulUcieot to state that I
sontluue strong in my eoarletlo? Ibai ti?? sets ?>f Beces
alon, b) wl,a-il m number of tbe states songhl t? dlasoles
th? li ?-??n'iie? tlon witi? the otli?-i Hut? - and to Mii.vcrt the
J Qh>u, being unauthorized by the ConetitnUoa, ami in
ition thereof, were fn-m the begmnlog abso
ii?xi void. It follows necessarily that when
ti,-1>-!?ma terminated, the w-veial States ?rblcfa bad
ait? iiijui-d to s?-ci?ie (?.ntiiiueil to be States in tbs Union.
aim .it; mat wi.? re??itired to enable them t>. nsaam? tbeli
lOttS lotas UOiOO wu? H.at they ?Ix.uld ad.-i-t tin
Blessures BOeessary to then |iractleal restoration us
- Wiich measures were adopted, and the iegitnuate
result ?as. that tilos?- states. ba*Iag conformed to all the
i.iii.'r? UieiiUof the (?uistitntiot!, resuiijcd their ?oriii? i
relations, and became entitled to the easrdse of all the
rights guaranteed to them hy iU pTOTlslons. ? he joint
resolution under ousideiatiorJ, liowevcr. seems
lo insume that by the ?iisnmx-i.iiu??r? ?rti
of t?o-ir reepeettvs inhabitants, those fu
f.irf.lti d tlieii- i Ighl ,11- tin li i.i.it .'in. lit vcr Bgata ?"
erciae them, except upon readmiasion Into the Union
Uta tonna pvwecrlbed byCongreaa. It this position
ei.rr? ?< t, a followa tint they win- taken ?h? of th? lu
by Mi'tuc of their ?K'ts ol ?aoo??tnn; sod l?. i.?-?-, tlint
?war waged upon then waa Ill?gal and unconatltuttoi
Wi wouiit tlnifl be plaeed m tins inconsistent uttltn
that wbtl? the war was eommeui i ?i und fian led on it]
tin- diatlncl ground that the Southern State? hen:?; c?
posent parts of the Union, were in rahelllon against
lawful authority of the United Btatos, upoultsterml
ti?.h, we r. suit i?? u policy ?>f reeoii?truction wk
aaansBea that it was iw.t m fart ? rent l Ion, bat that
war was wajredfoi the romnieet of Territorlea ?ssuti
t.. as Btrtsras of the Constitutional Unlor* '.
rm.de anil maaaer of receiving and counting
?lectora] voto? for President and Vlce-Preald
of the I'nit.ii Btatos, are la pura sad i - pte ten
preaci 11m ?I by tba Constitution. That ?neti om< i? t lui]
ut.? ely requires thai tit?- Pri aident "f the Renate "ah,
In the preseBee ol the Senate and House <'f Bepreaei
lives, open ail the certificate?, and the votes thai] tl
be ? ?unit, ?i." ( engross bai therefore no power under
ConatitutloB to receive the electora) rotea orto rej
t ln-iii. Tho whole power is exhausted wbenlnthept
rin ?? <>r t in two house? the votes are counted and th?
?alt declared. In this respect the power und duty of 1
Proaident of the Renate me ander the Conatltntlon pu
ly miin-t.Ti.il, m hen therefore the Joint re
lutloB declare? that no electoral vut. i ?-hall
t? i ?i\? ?I or counted from Ftntes that, since th? ?th
March, l&fT, have not adopted i. Conitltuti?.f 8i?
?overnmeal under which a Btato Government ihallbi
been organised, a power assumed whloh is nowhere de
rated to Congrcua unleas upon the assumption thatt
state Oovernmento organii id prior to tbe tth of Mari
1867, were Illegal and void. Tneiolnt roaolutloRi by i
nlK-utloii at least, concede? that these State? were Btat
by virtue of thi li organisation prior to the ith ?if Man
ISS7, inn denle? to them tlie right to \ut?' in tbe 11, i tl
of President und Vice Preatdenl of the United States,
follows either that this aaanmptlon of powet l? who'
unauthorised by the ('?iiistiiatii.il, or that tlie Btatos
excluded from voting were oui af the Union t>y rear-oii
the Rebelll m, ami have nevei been legitimately reston
liijn? fuiiy ?at?tiled that they were Bevel <
nf ?he union, ami that their relation? thereto La
been legally an<l eonttitutlonally restored, I n
forced to tin? eoBrlusion that the Joint resol itlop Whl
deprive? them of ihe right to Save tin ir voti i f?>r Pre
dent and vlce-prealaent recely? ?i and counted, is m <,
11 ut m ith the Con st 11 o 11 on, m ml tint < tonare?? hie no me
power to reject their votos than tin,?-?- m tbe State? whl
bave been uniformly loraJ to thi ?-'.-.?t i ni Union, it
worthy or remark that It tin? Stute win.se Inbnbitai
were re? ntly in r?bellion were legally ami conatitutio
nliy organized and restored to Inch iIgtil prioi to tii?' t
of March, IStrT. sa I am aatlftfied they were, the as
legitimate authority ander which the election for Prei
dent and vlce-Preeldenl ran be beld therein, moil
dei ived from tin- Government? Inatltuted before th
p. riod. it ? learly followa that all the Btat? Govcrnmeo
?rganiaed in those htnt?-n ander t?i?? iota of Congre
for tint purpose, and nnder military control, a
illegitimate mid of n?> validity what?ver, and in th
view tbe votos easttstboss Btotoa for Presideat ai
Viet President Ib pursuant?? of the acts basa
a?n?e the ith of March, ist!, and la obedteaee to the i
eulli'it reconstruction arts of O Do! be legal
'received and cotinti ?1 while the only votea in th
that ?rvii be 1? gall* cn*t ?ml roouted will be thoea ? aal
nui-nan,.' of tii?- law- m fore? In the ?even i Btotoa pri?
to tbe legislation bj Conarcaa upon theeolrjecl of Reco
rtruction. I cannot refrain from directing >?ur aped
attention to lb? d< i laratlon contaii i ?l In the joint r. bo]
tlon tbat " none of the Hint?, ?host Inhabitant? wei
lately in rebellion ?ball bi entitled t,. representation
? ' ge, A'-." If II is liniiiit by tlii ?t? rial
lat no Stute la to he allowed to vote foi l
and Vic?r*-I*re*ldent, all of whole inhabitant? wen i
. In (in late Rebellion, li la apparent tn.it :
the State? will be excluded from voting, ?Inoi il la a i
knows that m svery Bouthern btat? there wei
many Inhabitants who not saly tl.? i asi i .? i
m tin? lii i" II on, t,,it
ti <-k p.irt m Un ?uppreaalon or refrained froi
I it any aid Of ?" li It
that tin- true meaiili sol - tbat i
i portion of whose inhabitant? were engaged I
the Rebellion, ahull be permitted t?> parileipale In ti
pn - d< i tial election, ei? ? pi upon the t' rm? and eot
ditione therein prescribed. Assuming thla to hi th. in
eonttt uctloti of thi ?
, portion of ??.h,... ii
kabltai ta wi r? ?? tuallj In the rieb? t*o |
at ibi dux i. h .ii "f ?..???'?
\.,t<- counted i It i- wi ii kno
1* ,.( N. ? . .,; k ui ,1 i I i.lliit.Hil
of Vit
. ?ell Known In it Virginia m
.rli'i; thi ? ? 'i !?;? th?- i i '
- . ri. in? nt ;?* ,i State in the Co tu,, -u , I. .u |y, thi
apoa the lermlnatlon of boetlliitea, it ?Aat not ?>?
d< ? in? ?I i,? i ? ?-.?i \ for her rcBtoration, thai a ProvUloni
?, tern? i bould aci ordli * to ti,:
juini resolution, tbe pet i Ie of Virginia, unit -a th. -.-. on
plj >? llll ll,I III 111", It J,|, ,1,1,1,,! tit? llalli I
?.?i i'i. ?Idem and V. ? Pn nidi : I while the i? ?
pie of New-York, a portion of the Inhabitanu ol whl?
i to hat ?? i in ,
?1 \oto nun.;.-,! m ...?'?
tniotion vrt-rerlbed tor Virginia, Na? V?
wore a Stale Utan Virginia tba one I? aa mueta antlth
!.. In- I. |.i, n 1,1. il in Hi. I .i . !??: ..I I '.'..- i,I In
If i <>??(.-1. - - has tb? powei la a* prit* VI?*h*i* <.r u.,
, an eier? Lac lb?
, i? o: any otbi r of the i-t,,it-?. 'i hu
n ?Uli ? f the i
? ,i .,! ?1 deb .tub ' '? i? opl
be deprlv? d of th? the (
eaa were to | roi ,.!?? by law, thai tti
i none ut th" ~ ? -<?1 an
counted, :l '
?entiment with a majority of tbe ta
lation would at on? ? uni d h> the ? ount
It would, Im rever, be ? ? I to find In th
bi v i ?... i. authority for I ,
? - < intmu nuil. ? eoiithleratIon, than for un enai-i
? okiug ?In? rtlv tothereh I m uf all Ihe i
In m rm d.11, .-i- with the poll ttcaU preterenre if .,
,,f < ui i-i i -- No powi i' ?Blata In t lie Conatltntlon nutlim
l/Mo; I B? |< Dl r. tolutli U, Ol III? |'I ? j>-.-. ,1 | .-?
?ii ill un?? !.. ing tti ui one would be more palpal
?tliutloaal end revolutionary than tl 'h woul?
ri -t upon tbe radical erroi be i",-.??
to pn -?i ,i" 1.1 m? hint , i to i l of lb
tat their vol
Vice-President, l-'or U.? ? ? Indicated, f am con
?train? ?I to ,-? turn tii,- h loi n ?lut
?'ob further action thereon n? <?
liai/,. ? P. ?., JBly ','?'".
WaiSBuroTOir, /tly Kl-?The toUowlog hi
promnlgatodhy theBecretarj "i si.it.-r
Whim* II BaW*a?, '
. -
Whereas, 'i I ? Of shea
th? sutteeata day ?>f laas m lbs y?'?r on? thu i tod elajb
kundred and i i*.'y right I ch is b
in?- *?? . ire? folio? lug, to s II :
?,, it i;,,it.t,t by the Renato and Hon?? of]
t.?ti\ei- Ol - d htato? Ol Aim I .? a n. '
?cntbled, two-third? ol bath Ifouat ? i onrni. Ing, Th.it ?hi
foliowlna article be proposed to Ibe tegialature* of thi
- aa an amendment to lb? Constitution ol
the United State*, wblcb, when ratified by tbrci
nt aald leaTtslatorea, ahatl ho valid aa p.nt ?,t the < onatitu
Con. nan > l\ .
?BTKLB XIV.?a, ? , ,, J. A\
I . .
- ? '
Mu ?
I ? !.. .
? ' i aal tat? .i
lo iota al i |
l ., .
? ll a || '.. ,.i ?
,n t.: i -, tf.irtiB
. - .
? ?
? - . 4 | 4 , .
. ? I - r ? ? I i , t . ,
i ' " ? ' > M :-'?.., i ' . ,,; ,v,.1|( |., r
Ib 11 * ?? . ? ? ,,r, tfl i ..f i ..
-., o: a? a ? ? I I
? ? mi? Mata l* M| por) i|r i
... ? .1 a .....,, . .. Mllllal 1! a
mu ? , I ,.-?].?., r '-,,, '
I.? a ?. I? ?,f la? Iklnll o? ?a? 1. Il
SB? I 'I Ir ?a.. II tftki i ? ?: t ? \ Ib? i
. I a. ,i .?.i , , ,,
? r< ?
lurllh? Ib* l'ait? Blata* I. . . . . , ? ,.
>t , .;. I I i,; , ? , II , 1.
? Mal?a Ol atf i ? u l f ... , , .?,
Hut nil ai..i. ??it?, aaafBil**? .j. ... , . .
i, :? ?' I . < '( ? ,'HM ata. la?? ?,?ii t, nf*N?, !' t,
,, , ??! lia ni. la,
,bi>'i.t<Ji . i ?K ?,1 ?ai.
Hj?ak?r i ? tl,. I?....,, , ; I,*,.,,.,, i.i ml
I alai B1 rt i 1 ?*tBB,
I'm.,:?. I i.f ib? Iraala r?, h
(Altltl) I" 441,1. Mi l'llltll,?
Cltlk *l li.< II ??. M i'l It?prat?ntiliitt.
I. R PoasBi
Is. rttsn ti ibt S?tala
And Whereas. F.y ilao ?ccon.l aactlonof ti)?--wt o? Con
S rea? approved the Mm o? April, oae taouaand eight
liii'ii'ii and slghtoen,entitled "anacl to provlderoi
tba publication of th? lawaof the UutedRtatea, and for
other purpose?," il is s*adi the duty of the leeretary of
Btat? forthwith to eaass say aaaendaienl to ti" CoRstl
tntluii of the t"tilted f-tates vtlutb hua. m? n adopted a?;
eordlag to the provisions ol the w?i?i cot.aiitiitioii, to h?<
pub -1.? .4 in the nowtpitpors aiiihorii-t-il to proiutilgitte
the lawa, with bi? ccrtitl<;ita npeiifyiug the Btute* hy
which the sain? may have sees adopted, ian?i ihut the
iiune aaa heeoBBO valid to all latents and parpesss a? a
part ot tin- ( ?niRtltiitioiirOf th?- l altert Mate*, and
ii/ioini, Ni.thci theaetJuat quoted fi.iiu*iioraiiyotbr?r
Iaw exprehkiv or l?> eooeinsivs Implloatioa uutiiorlie?
th? Bestatsry of state todetormlm and do? ;?le rtonhfrul
?I'leKtion* u? to Ihe aiittie'itii'ity of tlie orjiaii.?ulion yf
Btat? [#ftelature? or a? t? the power ol say ?t?te Iaegii
hat un- to retail u tirerions ait or it ?oli.tTuu of ratltfoa
ti??. of any ainiamiineiit propoicd to the CoiiBtltuliou; aii?t
H7?-ry<it. It ?pjiear? from ottlilaldne?imeiit? on fllft In
ti: - Department that the amendment t? the ( ot.stitutioa
of tin- in,', d Btatos proposed it* afoi? ?md bas laten ratf
fled by the liegialaturea of the Htatie of Cnnueotjent,
New-Haiupahire, TeBBOSsee, Now-Ji-rae/. Ore/yon, Ver
nn.nt, New York, Ohio, Illinois. Writ \ ilgiina, KuuLi?,
ktaiae, Nevada, Missouri, Indiana, Minnesota, ithom
Island. aVlacoBSlB, I't-nnai l?.ii, ,i, Mkblgun, MubtinAu
setti?. VehraakBi ai.d Iowa; and
Whereat, it further appear? fioin document? en Die in
thin I >? j.ii iim-nt. that the alliehflinei.t (o M?e Oo?slitiltion
of il,< ci.itf?! Hate?, proposed a? afortNMiId. baa abto Ui,?.n
lutihed t..v the ne?iiy constituted uni newly oatablllTirii
hoiiie* avowing thtmMilvcB to be, and acting m the l4?g
itliitute* itiepvcUvciy cl ibe biuto? ol Arkauaaa. Ploiida,
north Carolina, Louisiana, South>Can Una, ami Alabama;
Whereas, it further appear* from official documsiit? on
Ble m tbis Department, tli.it iiie Lapgislaturaa of two oi
tne Bute? tu ?| above enumerated, t?? wit: ? Ibio and K? b -
.!> i say, have tinee pass? ?l resolution? respecUvett . ?rith
aran lag the eonsenl of each of ?aid states to the aforesaid
am. i..inn ne ; and
Vihrrtu*, It la deemed a matter of donl.f ami uncer
S\y ?hetaer inch resolutions are not irregular and in
rana, ami therefore, inegeetaal for withdrawing the
' onsen! ol toe said two States, or of either of them, to the
aforesaid Btnendmeut ; and
whereat, The whole number of Ptnte? in the United
states u th'rtv ??"'Vi'ii, to wit : New-Hampshire, Msasa
ebnsetUJRhode Island, Connecticut, Kew-Yors. Hew
?i?.-> \. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia,
North Carolina, Boutb Carolina, Oeorgia, Vermont, k, :?
tacky, Tennetwee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indlaoa, Mississippi,
inm.'is. Alabama, Maine. Missouri. Arkansas, Michigan,
li.'ii.i.i,Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin. Minnesota, ?'aliforuia,
Oregon, Kansas, West Virginia, ?Nevada, and .v ..-lu ask?;
And Whereon, llu- twelity-tlii??- Mat?IS lit?! herein ho
fore nanu d whose legislaturas hare ratified the said uro
posedamendment and the six states next thereafter
i.atijt-il as havim,'ratiiio?! the said proposed amendment
by newly constituted and established legislative bodies
tog? tli?r constiiiiic Hirer -fourths of the whole numbers
of St.iff* in the Uulted States.
Row, therefore, bt U known, Tha* I, William IT. Bewarti,
Secretary of State of the United State, by virtue sad Is
pursuance of the second section or the act of Congress,
approved the soth ?aay of April, wit, heretabefore citid,
donereby 'ertlfj tbatlfthe resolutions of the l* -
turcs of Ohio and {few-Jersey, ratifying the aforesaid
amerulniriit, arc toliedeeiiieil as rmualiilngof full force
suit ? ff? ct. notwithstanding ths subsequent rsiolnUoo ? of
the Letf ?l?tate? of these State?, which purport t?> witii
draw tiie ?oil ?nt i.f Mini Btates from such ratiflcation,
then the aforesaid amendment has been ratnied in the
manner bereinb? fore mentioned, and ?<> has become valid
to all intents anil puinoocs asa lu'ft Of the Cuimtitiitiou
of the United States.
In testimony Whereof 1 have hereunto set my hand, and
can* d the seal ?,f the Department of State to "he affixed.
lion? tt tin ?Hi ,,f Wail,ir,gt..n, tlin 2(?tli ila? ?f Julv la lb?
,;?l I M ?? ? | i.nrtr.il iii.il ?uti-?,l,l. ?i.,| s|
c Of tL? Luilt'l ?l?!r? nt Air.crlra II.? ? ?
i n ham II. Skwaku, .St.r?.larjr ?if blatl.
WASHIKOTOK, July U.?The 1'irsiih-nt to-ilay
nominated t<> the BBBafS William 1'. Wells to bo AsM.tmit
Tre.iMircr, JehB la DawaOB of 1'entnylvanhi to lie Mnils
t< r Extraordinary t<? Ruaabv Christopher L Coa et Mar**
land to be Commissioner of Pensions, Henry M. Watts ???
be Minuter to Austria, Ellsha Pouts of New-York to b<>
Commissioner of Patents, William S, Bosse r ans to be
Mlulster Extraordinary t" Si? do, John A. M? Cternand of
Illluols to be Minister to Meiico, Edmund Cooper to be
Commissioner .>f Internal Revenue, Bobert Mullir ol
Bevada to be Realster ??r Pabilo m??ii?-.v si teintent. New,
AlbertO. iimiiie of Colmado to beAeent Jar the Klowa
an.i ?'??imiii.-h.- indlai i, ?(. Q. Riddle of Nevada to be
Receiver of Publie Money at million!, Nev., Daniel J.
RyaB of Wl* onaln, Re? ? Ivor ? f Publie Monej i at Keno>
aha, wIb.j ?> M Burnbam, Assessor of Internal Revenus
for the Il?l District of California: Theodore J. Tedball,
Collector ?>f lut? m.il Rev? nus ?>r tbs lid District of Gall
f.>r:.in ; Olivci ?Jn itb Williams, Coll? ctor ??f Internal Her?
anas for tbe lid District of Connecticut; Jeremiah Beil
linger, Assessor of internal Revenue for the Xth Dis
tri? t ?'f Pennsylvania; CharleaK. Feiten. Treaaurei of
tin- United States Branch stint ai San rraneUco? and
i: ;? mi i Wood, Collector of Internal Rereaae f?.r the
ni.i District ?f Nuw-Yoik.
Xi.m CONGRESS sii-.v!, Rnaaitm
BE9A11: . VfAanrs.B.Jaij is, isst
Mi. VAN WINKLE (Rep., W. Va.)called sp
a bill relating to pension?, and II es i Iteea
?'m.'. the paaetoa ? trenes t?> ths
represoatattrbs of ti??- ?i?....-? ?i .Hi.i.i married soldiers
sad sail hallowing w k i . tbc atotheri
??. the falber; tblrd,ths erpbaa brothers sad
it antboi : diMbb ?I in the
I; it,, if | . . ? ',1.1 III llic p? 1 '. 1? ?'. Tl.i- il :
us in? i ??I ?i? barred from n
Mr. DR AK] " proposed that trestles with in
?iiinti - of 11 it.?--* ?IimII be eonaldered and
pasied i.im.'i In ots i session. Laid ??vi r.
M \ s I II? ?s ^ (Rep., K II ?-.?li.'il up the resolution
00 additional topics of tlio
A a-1 u U ,
Mi MORG \N (Ri p . N
N Y i rrp.irte?! favorably the
II?? um i-.. . ri? Ins the" ,i- - nl >.f the United States to tbs
coi ati net ion of certain a harvM Bad plsrs,lath< hsrbai
nf ? >.?. ?.-n.
Mi will I.Y ?i: i< . w. Ya ? r< ported ft '.Ill i/raiitlnuan
eilen I. n ..f the pal? til f?i a prmtlog pr?s? to RM bard M.
Mi MOROAN oftYred ajolnl rMolutton,ii.itlii.rl/.ina- tho
s?. i?t.i\ .?.'i ... ii n? .-?ni? Hie account! of Joba
l. Du, 1 Mf'i.i, m. ?i (jeorge Updyke, <.u
the prim Iplcs f ? . ; 4t.'i J -i? ? ?miiiIk are
forest* I in fa wsrrtlt.ii troops duniiK t?e
I i:i BtnttTS OF AMRBK'SN ? 11 ;/l ss anno ? n
k? ii up. Hi- ?|iu -linn w.i- on Mr. ?'..in.eas'a
itiueml.i. to -....i !i.authorising the
? ? by Buspenalon ?>l ooiuui? n lal
. s,
Mi I'ATTI . N in vindicated the 00m
S thai tin y ara In
fnvoi ? ; ? ' ? i lie i i .???' ? "M ?.f i itu rallied cltiseaa.
He claimed that tne doctrine of the rlghl ?>f expatriation
l mi i ..n doctrine, bal was enunci?
ated by Cicero Ils observed thai our theory Is directly
l. n o|.r.m theory. Putting Into the hmttts
? ter to aiaae reprisals, therefore,
la \ ii t n.ni > a dec Is ration of war by Congress, and hence
I thai pr..\ l'ion
. ?n of the I tor 1 ionne ta's smendm? m
? n.- im ^t ?.i ;?. tlonable f. ature In the I
I ' , . ? i. .?i? nt t?. stake r? prisais by
' ' M.l'll.
m , coNNKari ii.tiii"-? ?t to aay that the mil requires
? i \ ..\ ..n ible in? n ' l n? tors
I tN. II.) .??I'ttnu. ?1 that It would not
lira i f, when our Irl?b citlseus are forming combi?
ne the Indejicml m ?? of tie ?i rouulry, and
l ii exertlns heraelf to defeat tt,?-"iii..\(
m? i.i. we ?n? mi id sympathise with the ? Sorts of the Dation
iii.it has furulsbotl ?o many orators and statesmen; bul
V.I-1 Mi.iMit, ai a n.il.oii, BS .invtliii.i,- to BSStSt tin in in tli.it
Mr. MQRT< >n' k. i., Ind.) concurred with ths I
lion of tin- preamble, thai the right of expatriation ii
li'illll wl ill.'I Uli In el? lit I Ikfhf.
Mi i i.uKY (Rap ked whether a nation en
sailed In war baa not a right to prerenl its eltm
inr- i., ? \ ad? !!..? duty ?'t defend
Mi .M??i.i?'N' 'inn Is one of [boas extreme?
which lu? .i r -mi, m.iy be ? I
w. .un bound i?, o i leel
<<i ?in/i-i.s aa ti.?.??- born on the aoil; bul lei as
m the band? ?'f any on? man the power t.? de
? i?i. ?. | ?.. ? a tb< proprletj uf inaklng reprisais b] i m i n i -.. i i
? i.t linn. Suppose, ?inn ??? imprisoned Dr.
HUckbiirn. the BriUsli Uovermueui baa seised and
m,jM ;-,,!,. .I mi inn, ? , nt American citlsen m Ixmdou,
woui?l tin i<- hoi bave I?? en wai l
i in. i ni unas i'h \ i in oyBBBCi i n.
j ho President's veto ol tbe Klwteral Colleae I.ill waa
received, and shortly afterward, <.n motion ol M? i J ?
.Nil N?a* (Rep.. Vt.) the Senate cousWeied It Aftel the
, th? < IIAIH stat? .1 in- qui lion to I.i .
.iwitlisUndlu? ibe 1'i'M'l?m'? "i J' ? ?"
Mi DAVIS (Dem., Kj I thoughl the President'sreasea
mar con? lu?
st HOWARD Rep., Mleh.) styled tt ?me of the most
ii.il.iuiiii.il?.n ?loi Min? 1.1? ii.it ?\?i omanated from that
source an opea and direct declara!ion thai Ibe Recou
atrita lion ai ' aid void, and thai uo vol
,,i.i t.. be . ouuti .1 m ilia I...
Mi- i mil.nui.i : As ?M ?? bumble representative ol the
?t( (, j. .. .m |?n!\ . I .nil." in? ?? lui' I? IWIIll? ' ? 1" lii'M'1 tills
tl take up the Klove. W>- will go In f"i? the i? uplo
a noli !;.- . in? ?H|: nveriiiiieiit? shall i tt ??.
roy? u by n ? m? ausl
j ,?..... tas i'.< ?.i. al a relu bj ll i?>
i? .?
i. . ?Ata m ..
I . . ? ?. Bast
?.. X -"'
l S i! . U a i.
I mm n,. i,,
, M , .. ,
K. . RMS, Wl
m.!?, H? Is skli Stinsss, wi .?
Val. a.
i i -r, tttCret I krrs,
I i ? ri ? ' "
'iio-H.ii.it. went Into Executin Hc?siou,and thea toes
l 71 o'i lork.
m m , rio* ?-i nu a?m* ?,s" "A1 r
lu ti.?- BVeuliiaT, Mi. VVIIaUON lltep. Maas.) called \\\> the
bill fui Ibe n.im?'i mu ?.i ii.? imilla/) l" '" establlsbi.t
of the t'uitul Hlate?. It. reported a ?ulsitltute ti"in th?
t'ouimittee on Militar}' Affali? 1 be nisi ~ ttion redu. es
the urnn tothlrtj rt gimeuts of Infantry, eight oil aralry,
and four of Artillery, i m ???? of Ibe Infautry reglmouts
t?. hi colored troop?, and three of veternn reserve, and
otia ? avail t reitlmeul t?? t.?- colored. The ??'?-?iii't m?? ! on
authorises the Pieildeiit tomiwter oui tberesldae. ami
directs thai uo forth? r enlistments b. made, until Iba
artny aliall be reduced to 3<>,?oo. The third saetlaa i>to
?rid? * for tin- honorable ?li?? bargs >?f all the liamla In tbe
service,?except that al the Mihtsiy Aoadeuo fb?
fourth do?lgm>tea tbe mod? of earryina (hi. act lulo effect.
The work is to be done hv tbs Secretar) i?r War, who ii
i?' mi i ? - ? : ? ? r a Beard .?r otBcers t?> designate the offlcer? t??
he iitaliieU, an?l to Milm.li to CoBgreas al Its DeXl MS? OB
their li?mes and ths plan doioimmod upon. Bj seotloa
i... ni- provided that racaacies in the putos? of com
uilbsloiieii.lhi mis shall ho left unfilled until the retine
tYuu is iiiiuii. und b] st-.-tiou nl? the K'sdeh uf Regimsnial
i-'oioiuissary In ?cavalryn^nseats,Oowtssan Berawante,
Hospital Hteward, and Veterlusry ?urgeon are ul.oliihed,
and the number of eorporuls lu cai-h toiupiiuy t?;du? ed to
four. Section nine uiiilmrlies the Secretary of War to
deliver to the Governor of ?jaeh State a nuuib'T Of Bjirlni;
fltild rifled inuijkiti. wllli accoutrumeuts, nul exceeding
1,00? for each CoiiKresslousI District.
Mr 1>AV1?* (iiem-, Ky.M"'o"0,'b<,ed thfl Dsmlnn of nil
t^s ?Slat?? a mere masl? to oyv?ir th?. pin pose of the Kudi
?1,11 ? to Ulitrlbute arms atnofiX the black Itadloals. for tbe
purpose, If not of uiui?ler, then of drlviug lsR^l Deuiu
cratie vot?is from the polls. Mr. D?>Is made a venom
dhB attack upyn ???"n. Meede, who hail, be ?aid, without
?utftofitv, offered S?O.oJO retraid for the discovery of tho
murdcie'r? of Ashhuni. He warucd bouatoi? thut for
beurance might oeaso tf> be a vlrtuo.
Mr. UOWAltD (Kep.. w'is.) isw no occaiton ti)T ?he In- ?
3limant huist of ?lo.jti?nce lu which the Senator had iu '.
ulgii'l. it baa always been tbe custom of the Uu\om
uitjat to distribute arms ailion? tho States.
Mi. WII.LP.T replied to Mr. Uavis l.y reading? report
of the outrages committed lu Texas, ?igmtd by SSVeB
metubers of the (.'oiiventlon, headed by the President,
?iidK?- ('aidwell, showing the number of homlcidea sinos
the tl?'?* of the war, as follow? : lmJ?, ?j white?, as freed
men, ISM. 70 whiles. Vi frecdmeu; 1W7. M white?. 105
fr?-aalti.tr.: 1 MS, 171 ti hit (<?, 133 flISRlBi n. Sinoe this etiu
meratlon, a? wbitea nu?t ?i rreedniea bad been killed,
making a total of MR (if these tin re ????!(? killed In
whites, 4?t white* and 373 in ? ?linen; by fr? ediiieii, in
white? and M fret I'.iinii, and *- r ? <-<-iinibti i?y piareoBi
who-, race la not knowa. The report reettoa tke aamea
?if ninny eminent Vnlon men who f< 11 by tha hand ol the
a Mr. Wille) Insisted that he h:??l thus tbown the
necessity for putting arm? Into lho bands ol the orderly
portion nf that community, white and black,
i Mi DRAKE said that the outcry ?gainst this bill 1*
caused by the faot that it ha* a sung in It, namely that
the arraa are to be dlstrihuted to the loyal Geveraoreet
the States, He, for one, waa m fa\ <>r of ezpressiBg in the
bill tho Intention of protecting the i?..\al men in the Booth
at the bull?.tin?? box, and if he had his way he would pat
a Bprincrfl? id musket in th?-ir banda. These stories were
the machination? of designing im-n.
kfr. ANTHONY ?aid the uniform practice had hen to
distribute arma according to Federal repreaentatlon In
both houses-. He iiskcd to amend by providing that
'.',"?" be edited for each state.
Mr. BHERMAX (Rep., ohim-Wh.,t doe? Rhode Island
want of aa many arnaiI Doe? the Senator fear another
Dorr rebellion I
Mr. ANTHONY-We made very good use of them both
In the iiorr rebellion and in that of winch the Datf re?
bellion was but a prototype,
Mr. net KAI.i;\V (I)? in., I'enn.I-The arm? can be bot?
ter cared for in the Government arsenals than in the
btatcs. Any surplus of serviceable urtns can be Bold.
Mr. MORTON?The whole Rebel population have- their
arma remaining from tho war, while the new State Gov
j veriinietit.s ha\e ncttherarnisnor money to buy them. No
BUV Will deny their right to have them unless he wishes
to see them overturned by violence. From Indication?
lure to-night it can bo seen thai tin' Issue set forth in
j Blair*? lettor i? already made up, that II is the intention
to overthrow them. If possible. Is It not, then, necessary
to enable tin m to tiefend themselves i
Mr. HOWARD called attention to the President's decla
ration, in to-day's veto, that tho reconstructed govern
nient? were null and void. According to that doctrine
the President, in oaae ?>f a conflict |between those govern?
ment? and Rebel organizations under tho Johnson gOV
ernmente, would refuse to protect them with the army.
He ?Mr. Howard) would be a-diaim d of himself, then, If
in did not pint? rt them. The Rcpubluaii party w?s pr??
paie?! to tm-et every exigency, In? hiding that made up
by tho Iiennxratlo Party and the President. If war
must limn-, they would not shrink from If. Lot those
w ho talked of a war of races commence it if they ? lu.-e.
Mr. DAVIS spoke again, arraigning the Republican
paify for it* conduct since the close of tho war>
Mi. Anthony's amendment was adopted.
Mr. Dooi.ITTLE (Dem., Wls.) took tho floor shortly
after 10 o'clock, ami propoeed to uiiieud tho ?h-talls of the
bin, decreasing the army to 4?),?hsi laataad of 30,0110, whi?'h
h?. ??.iiaiii, [eii enough for thepeaea establishment. Hs
.idemned the bill as proposing to arm ?me party against
the other, and arced that if any military forc? is t?> be
k.pt there should be a regular army. He Implored Sen
ators not to ltiaiiguiate a war of race?. No little amuse?
ment was ereateo t?y Mr. Doolittle addressing Senators
Beveral i inns as " l-'ellow-cltuens."
Mr. WILBOM disavowed for the Mil anv purpose but a
legitimate redai tlon ?>f tbe army t?. the lowest point oon>
Blstent with?afety. it was impossible to reoaee II te
10^*00 men, there being In the Booth l?t,<)00 alone. The
Ashburn atmli he prooounced i*n organized morder, it??
denied that Ashburn wa? kll!e?t in a house of ill-faiiie, as?
serting thai it wa? a respectable house where Ashourn
h.oi found ?belter.
Mr. Doolitib-'s amendment was declared out of order.
Mr. VICKER8 (Dem., M?l i Oafofod an mu. miment,
providing that tin? ?littrlbution of arms shall not take
place prior t?i the 1st of January next, uuh-s* the Pre?!
dent ?Ball deem it neoeeaary for the prevention of ?lis
t m Dam c in the Boutncro states. After further diseiis
bIob, with conaiderable lnmath nco for a vote
manifest on tin? Republican side, a? ll
o'clock pasai-d, the Yea? and Nays were
demanded, and it npp? and that but ;U Beaaton were in
tha chamber, on?? wort of a quorum. If eaaangen were
dlapatehed lu aeareh of another vote, and after a delay
of tweatv minuto? Beuatoi < ami ron appeared ami voted
no. Ho tin- amendment **.is rej? eti d t ;? 3 Ve?? t?. 19 Ray?
Mr. VI? Kills ottered two other amendment?, which
were disposed of without a division.
Mr. NVI-. (Rep., N'i'v.i ?Uggeated to him to send up that
pin ketful of amendment? all at once. [I-aughtcr.)
1 be bill th? ii passed by it yea? agalust ? nays?a party
;,ate, at uihliiight, adjourned.
BOUS! OF Ki;i'i:i>i:NTATivr.?'.
Hills \\en? intH.ilticiil Cot heating Rad venti
I '.atiiig the Hall of th?' BBtBR <.f Lepn-sentatives ; for ex
! t?min,g the lariedlctlOBof tt?o Ossai of cuima to the
ioj.il citizens of North Carolina ; authorizing the Con
sal Priatal to print tho Land OSaOS circulais in
tin- ?iiiinau language, for distribution In Kuropc ; ex?
tending the ai t of the 17th July, tata, for the payin? nt of
th?- ? iRpaass "f the Bogas Btver ladiaa War to two sess*
; p*_taa i,f Oregon vataatearai for a Oommiasion to ex
? niiiiiie the ? i.iims of Mm,tan? fur axpoaaae incurred in
furnishing voluntoera during the into ladiaa War; to
furnish c.union for a *ol?iier*' uioi.iimeut ; relating to
lauda in aid of th? West WIscoosln PaelBe Railroad Co ;
I a resolution ?sailing on tin- Boeretary of WTar for Informa?
tion concerning the prisoner? lu conRaemeat at the Dry
; Tortugas and in other prison?. The latter wa* withdrawn.
miss viaaia aauai am. in.h BVAToa.
Mr ET.DRIDOK 'I)?in., Wla.) 08>red, at the instance
I o f Mr. h I I?VEN8 (Hep., i'eiui.i, u reaohJtlOB reciting that
the rooms Ib the Capitol, occupied sa a s'uitio by Miss
Viniiie Ream, are n?. longer wanted to eoeommodata Mr.
Woolley, and, therefore, directing that f-he may eceapy
j them until ?he eomplataa the statue of Abraham Lincoln,
not ex? ceding one year.
Tho resolution -.? as agreed to.
, ???. ni mu m un ras i ni TW*.
Mr. LOUOHRIIXiE (Rep., Iowa) offered a resolution,
declaring that the Hoase views with deep int. ,.?? the
.irugglea of tbe Cretan? for their Independence,
and that, lue.mon with the American people, Il -ym
?'.in,,,-, iwltn them m then suit, riuga,andardaatly wishes
, for their speedy triumph. Adopted.
M -i I.loin BOBIRRSS.
Mr ALLISON (Rep., Iowa) Introduced a joint reeoln
tlon, admitting ?team-plowa free of duty one year from
Jill,. ,i. lr, a r.l-a,.,!.
Mi HAMILTON (Rep., Fla > presented various i.-olu
tionsaad raen*ortalaof theCouatltutlonaiConvi
Florida,including one requesting Congres? toeetablian
, etiual and uniform ?uflrag* in ,?i? state? ?,i lb? Union.
Mi its? in (Rep . Mich.) off? red a resolution to pay Mr.
Jame? II. Burch, ah? conteatod in?' seat of Mr. Van
H?,m, Mn., |2,9O0 for lu- tlnn- and expenses, Rejected
? on motion of Mr. wash m RNEtlii.) tba Senate amend'
un n?a i., the Dertelenoj bill were non concurred ?u.and a
? oin in it (? e on ? ,.nfe rein e ?;?? ,1-keil for.
Tin- SPEAKER announced the aelect Committee on
\ i u tila tlon of the Hall, ordered thi? morning, aa Measra.
l .ii,, i i,i N. u Yi>rk. Boutweli of Massachusetts, Covode
I of Pentiaylvanla, Delano of Ohio, and Boydea of Vorth
t arollna.
Mr. l>AWEfl ti;. p . Msss . reported back the cred
of Mi. i -i o i i, i ...ail, member ?l. ? t from Nortk Carolina.
Mi. Lash advanced to the Bpeaker'a chair, took the teat
oath, and was seated as a Pepresentotlvs frasa North
i arolina.
Mr. i'.\\vi> also reported back tlie . redenUali of C. C.
Rowen of Routb Curofiua, and aaked that the oathpre
tcrlbi .I in tl:?- Btatute of tbe Tib of July, IBM, I"- adtninta
: t? ii ,i to him. a- be bad a rv?ed iu tin- i eufederate army.
After debn ?. li Rowen advanced to tbe Speaker'? chair,
look the oath which 1? prescribed tor persona whoce po?
litical diBabilltiiw have been reiaoveil, ami wiis tasa I
it t Mi iiiIm i from South < arollna.
Mi DO.VNELL? ,;:? p , Miin.i, fi?lo the Committee of]
? ont? h m ?? on the bill :.anting laud to Minueaoto to aid |
m Improving the navigation of the aflaauslppl River,
mad* ?report i?commending that the Uouae agn e to the
>, -ii. iii- iim. -ml.l ii,ri..lain-the land gTSUl i?y In ".ii-'u
mu -. lb- m ol. mi argument in lav? of the- report
Mi I'iKi. tit? |.. Me I opposed tlie report
Mr. cut. (Rep., obio) moved t>> Lay il ob the table.
Agreed to ?.,.-.'...; naya, "2. Muhaequently the motion
wa* |recoiisldered. the Conference report wa? non-con?
curred in, and s u< ?? i ommltteeoi Conference v. .is asked.
KI..H i - i.l \mi ittOAN i ITIZa.NI 1RROAD.
Mr ? \n h .? K ii:.p. H. V.)submitted remarks en
the reaoiutton which he offered two or three weeks ago,
id toAuieti? >n citlseui abroad, arguing agaiuat
tin- dogma <'i perpetual allegiauoe, and abowlng that
KngfUiid heraelr baa ac-tod ou tu?' omvoalto theory. He
held that the Administration iboula enforce the Aiueii
?iiii principie "' sil bar arda.
Ll I 1 I rOH SHIN,.! I - 1 i:<?M MS U'C
Mr. I.All.IN, (Rep , N \.) p eseut? ?1 a petition of H. A.
li.nis- and others of Jefferson County, S. Y., for the Im?
uosttlou of an adititloii.il dut) upon IRIBgles imported
lu,m ? an ol,i.
i m i in ? i ? ? i sis victo as on ii i i or i o ataioR.
ThoRl'EAKER laid before tbe Uouae the veto of the
Electoral ' olh go bill, i he im wage wai read, i'iie para
rapba wblcb ^':-'l^(^t tbe po*?ibility ?>f tue Northern
i i,, ing ox? luded from the Electoral vote lierauae
Bomeof their inhabitant* wen engaged iu the Rebelllou, I
??in ci. ?ie?! ?a it h laughter on th? ttepablleaa ?niu of the
Mi. UARFIELD (Rep , Ohio) .i-krd Kr. Boutwall toex- '
plum **liat i- meant ht reference to Hebel? In New-York. '
Mi i;?.ri w i.i.i. raven oue will iwderetaud w?iathi
meant h* h without auj ? iplanation.'
Mr. ItK'-iiK^ (Item.. N. V) ?Ugge?ted tha: it means
Wendell Phillip?, Theodore Tilt ob, Henry Nurd Botcher,
??eu t Smith, and all thai company of Rebel?.
Mi Ki.iii. (Dem.. Ind.) thought it aaeaat Tara Maw?
YobkTbiui m. and Hisrace ? i i ?-???;? y.
Mi. BOL'TWELL had no doubt that it al,u?h?l to the
Hau i ork rlotoi - ?>f .lui*', i3?;t.
Mi PARNRW?RTH (Rep., Ill ) thought it refBRM to
Mi Beymour'? friend?
Th?- rute an naaams the |olnl resolution, notwithstund
Ing the President'? objection?, was Vas. 194? Kays, M
The PPEAEEK ?tenured that two-third? having roted
in theafllrmallve, and ft having been eertitted by the
tjeiuiio that ou a almlwr vote <?u recoaaldcratioa two
llilrd? of that l???l? fiad '??i'> agreed to tho passage of tue
loll, the Joint resolution bad i??-? uni? a law, uotwith&tund
Ina'ihe l'iv?.iit?oit'a oliiucti.ius,
Mr POMKHOY (Rcp.,K. Y.;, from tho Conference Com?
mittee ?m tbe laaato bill to authoru.? the temporary ?up
plying of v?c.>uujci la the KSSOBttVS Departuiout, mad?
* l'cudiiig the dlscuislnn of the report, Mr. 8CHEXCK
asked that there be an eveuiug aosaiuu to dispose of bust
tie*? on tin? ftptjiilier's toble.
The vote by Yea? and .Vay? reiulted-Yeas, 71 ; Itay?.
71. so tWB-thirdS not voting in furor theioof, the rulos
Were UOt BBBPOBded.
TliodlsoiisaioTiof the Conference Report on the MB to
?upyly vaoaaclee iu the Exeutive Depurtinout? wwsre
(tnjiod. aud alter u oolloituy between Meair?. dchoReld
"""mi UjOAH (Rep. HI ) offered a resolution directing
the booneepei of tho Uouse to retatu l? euiploymeut,
duilug the toco??, tho otippled ?oidioi* ui hit d?part
Mr. ELDRIDOE suggested a? an amendmeut that thev
bo allowed to go home ami draw their pay.
Mr l.tuiAN accepted the amendmeut, and the reiolu
lutlon as modified **us agi? .?I to
Tue ?onsi.lcratloii of the t'oufereoce report wa? then
resinned, but without reaching a coucliuuoii, the House
Btlltl i
London, July 20.? The Tmes this morning has a
leading editorial on tin? finances of the Tinted State?.
The article closes as follows: "Tbe true interest?!
the I'nitcd States (.??vernment lies in its honor and
riKht. Heavy as the taxes generally ar?s, it ia in?
finitely better that everything should be taxed than
to repudiate the terms upon which the national debt
??1.1 created."
If it announced to-day that Admiral Farragut will
visit Urecce at an early day.
Lord Napier of Maj??lal.i, fur himself and for tbe
officers and men of the Abyssinian Kxpedition, ha?
made Riat? ful acknowledgments to both Houses of
l'arlianient for their recent rota of thanks.
Cork, July KWA Kiinsmith's simp was broken
into last night, and plundered of it? rout? nts, by six
armed men. The Bailee aro activ?-ly cnfuiged in a
Hi-arch for the perpetrators, but no snasts have yet
best made.
Paris, July ao.?The Empeior Napoleon lias gone
to Plombi?res._
Viknna, July "JO.?The Baron Von I dem, late
Minister resident at Hamhiiiy, has bean appointed
Knvoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary
of Austria to the United States.
OEon?;iA??;k.n. mkaih-.'s Arm.v.
Atlanta, July 20.?The Senate was informed
hy tho fllTTSSner.ts lay, that the raperkef the Committee
appointed to investigate the eligibility of Baatataies, under
the act of Congress to admit the ?States of H ?orgia. StSJL.
and the evidence taken, had been transmitted to tho Com
inaiuting General, aud that a reply had been received
from Oen. Meade, In substance as follows :
The General acknowledges, the receipt of the Govern?
or? ''oiumunicatioii of the litii Inat., transmitting the
action ?>f the ?emit? on the eligibility of it? members
muter the nth article of amendment to the c<?n?titution.
objecting to the same on the ground of the admission ol
certain members, who. In the JiuIkui? nt nf tin- itthsodt] ol
tin' ? ?iiniiiifii'u uml the Governor, are Ineligible. In reply
the ?Oeneral begs leave to st?te that tbe ?ul.Jeet nattas
?if the Governor's communication will b?; bold by lnm for
coiisuleratloii, and aetmn thereon will be deferred until
ho isofiii ?ally adrlesd?.f tue course BsveaedBr the iiou.e
of Representatives on ibeaam? subnet.
Ou motion the message was tabled aud the .Sel.ato ad
A resolution which was offered In the House to
s?-nd to tin- Governor papers, documents, and evidence Is
case? of allefred ineligibility of ite member?, ? -.!? '? it? ?I
i be Committee appoint? ?l to report to the Governor the
action of tiie House on the eligibility of its own members,
reported that they hail performed their duty and that the
Governor would transmit the report to the General com?
COLtTMBfA, July AI.?In tho Lt-iiislat.ire hills
have been introduit ?1 fur the reorganisation of tho
? i.arts and tho other departments of the (lovernineut.
'I'll?- negroes are petitioning for incorporation into the
luilitui companies. The lfou?e had a net-ret scwion to-day
for the ciiu.-ideratiou of special communication? it-. ? ik?I
by luembvrs.
Mt.NTOOMERV, July 'in.?In flu- Senate to-?lay
Mr. I'enninKton offert-?! a resolution look uij: to the re?
moral of disabilities from State rotera ii.?-state ? .in?
stitution disfranchises ??11 whom the nth auieudmeut for
IikU ImUliiitf ollk-e. Mr. I'liiiiiuKtoi.'ii raaolotl? was
adopte?! by a large majority. It oro title? for the appoint
ment of it Joint < ommltt? ? to report at once. The k-Kiila
tioti to-day was mostly of a local character.
Washington, July 20.-Gen. (?iUein, com
mandlngtba FomiU Military District, ti 1? i?rai>lis frjm
Vlekaburg that the (.'oi.Mktutlon ha? been defeated in
Mississippi by T.uJ'i majority. Only one Republican
member ?>( Congress (Gen. McKee) is retui oed ss ele?.!? ?l.
The military authorities ba*S made no investigation of
alleged fraudulent transactions.
Bt. LiO?IS, July ?o.?An army officer inst
from Fort I.aiiu-d, on the Arkansas River, sajri that frein
twelve to fifteen Indian?, representing nearly all the
m the Plains, recently pongregat<ed si ?r near that
post to receive annuities, but tbsi on account of reeeal
?1?'lueiiations ?'?il. 7/yncoop had beeo ord? red to withhold
milis itnil ?iiiitnunitioi!. Thltthe Indians regsrded as a
a of the treaty, and they therefore Infosned Ost
Wvi i oop that if be did not laane the arms sud ainnalUoo
they would tlKht forth, m. ThemMtiBabrofceuptaeeafBs
1 lion. That evening (tbe lath in.-t.,i tbe Ktowas iitta<;ke<l
a train from Ifantai City,.?? well sa a Meilcaa train and
mail carrier, and robbed tbem. Gen. Solly arrtvsd tress
Port Marker on the Utb lost., ?and tul'1 th?- Indian? in the
pretence ol BOO cavalry thai be preferred peace but ??u
i spared for war. Tnli leemeatoawe tinm. but they
were aullen and discontented Col. Wyneoop d?pliss?tes
"ihe vacillating course pumied by the Government" siul
? li.it the tnd?tne in kit SMfStotaj irrre noter more
peact 'ally inclined. Dut he adds thai BAStilltlesSJB liable
to break out at any time. A Lieutenant and live soldicra
belonging to F? rt Larn? ?l have been kiii??l by tbe Indians.
All ti??' troop? at Fort Ellsworth have been ordered to Fort
Lamed, and the commanding officers of all the posts iu
tin- department have been ?.????red t?? prepare their com?
mands lor action on the sborteal poesiM? notice.
murder BT OVTIaAWS in ti:.nni>>i:e.
Nasiivii.i.f, July 20.?Jeremiah Azell was shot
an Saturday night, near Franklin, Tennessee, A mmoi
prevailed dnrtng tbe day that the negroes intended ts
burn ths town at Bight. Exelland others petrolled ths
streets <>n I a ? ?? i?? back, and rode oui some dis aiic? from the
town to ri i-iiniioiter. but discovering no signs of hostility,
th? y returned t<> town and made a report, whteh ?juietcd
all rear. AabortUme afterward F./eii sad three othen
lude just outslds of the town, and were Brad upon by
en persons iu ambnab. Ezell rooelved a wonnii.
fioin which be died ou Sunday. Mr. ITsasly BBS wounded
in the ho? 1.
Sr. [?Ol IS, July 2'>.---A ('?invention of colored
linti was held aSreeB i::i.iy hist, at w h iefe delegate?
w,-re apfiotated to altead ths Berfier Stete Ualaa con?
vention, to be In id la I'.i't.iuoi'o A11 ?_' 11 -1 4. for the pur
posaef appealing to UM people et Virginia. Maryland,
and Kentucky, so grant Impartial saAnce sseelerei men.
Kesolutions were adopted applauding tne ucgre sulirago
plank in the Missenrl Bl ite in.itform.
TsltVstPB Of watli: POWn DOIMsaf.
I.tMTsvu.i.K. July 20.?The ?'?intest hot ween
sti itui sBgines and the new a?tnospherk wateryaywajt,
built in tin- city, reanlted In favor of ths latter, live to
one. The Invention give? water-power for snymsatsy,
al.-o for na\ i>,'atiuii purposes, at one-half the co?t of ?team.
Civ iNN.vri, July W.?Moro than one htin?lrc(l
cuesta ol Hotels m Owensboro', Kentucky, were poi.Honcd
bv drinking mils at supper on Sateraay aveaiog. All in
a fair way to recover. Home of the milk has been ?eut to
a i ln-nii>t._
BoBTOkt, July W.?Capt MoClttre and the
ml??ii.g boot's erew of the ?tup Living Age.whfceh was
binned nt sea, BBVS sr?iv?<l ut l'oint De (iulle. They
landed at the Maldire filsiafs? ?and wtro kindly treated
bt thy natives.
AlbamT July M)?? I.iU'kt-y (.'oulon, a laborer
m Moore's Hi:? kvar.l, In Morten st., in this eity, ???
uiuideie.l ?m Siiuiliiv Bight, in thebriekyaril, by unknown
persons, and hin body wan thrown lntoaii aSajatCenl l?md.
Buaplelon is directed to a Kauir whose names are not dis
? a?
BOaTOV, July 20.^Josoph A. lioydoii, for at
t?'n.|'tlii?r to eviiih the i>n) un-ut of the taxes ?m ?jeu bar?
rels of distilled ?pint?, bas been sentenced to pay $4,00S
bue aud to he imprisoned five mouth?.
Bo.?to?, July '?0.?The British lui,: Mohawk,
Capt. Fkaser, arrived at ?31ouce?tcr on Sa4urday, with
several of her crew In irouslor mutiny. In ?luelllug tbe
Biutiuy one mau was shot.
MoKTRtAL, July 20.?Travelera from St. ?Sclio
la?tiqu? and other point?, report the forest? on fire- **?
(?uebeo ?teamer? are M hours late in cop?equenoe or toe
suiuk? ou the riven and railroad trains sre also detaineti.
Portland, Julr 20.-We?ton, the lH;a*?ti.aji,
faded to make fifty iulle? la eleven hours ?tt i... loieer
City Park, on Saturday. Hi? time wia eleven hou? sis
aud a half minute?. ^
Wohcestkr July 20.?The Ward crew, wr*
lui^be?nCemeTreli'fort1.eitT oarei[m?^OU??mM
U,7on W?tlne?dayJbave arrived and Uken nuaristrea? tbe
Waldo liorna?.

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