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the old liAn.l we bare been n?e?1 to. ike ?fare carefully
apt and the orcheitra porf??? t. There wa? a constant
variety and iu three weelt-t tin- managers produced nine
MM opera.-?. MM of wl.icl. were peculia.ly
WHtOJtaaa aatoMa. UM kc-i'? -11 '"?'ir
nromiscs. and even du! more tlian they bound
'mmmmgnm IO do. Tliny never ?ave a "gged
or a oartleM |>? rforioau.e. The artists ?U woiked hard.
t.a.t sserrl.T for MaVpansaatl ghttf ko!M iaa ?IOliol
?ai^cot*. ?ad Vi? rc4mlt mht *" ev'D WA? liiiruioiilou?
t?ir??ct. whim io far m??re acreeablo than the display of
individual brll'lanry Mr Ki??.i ?b a musical director has
moe in the ?ourse of this ?eaton au ?veillent reputation
???nlotel'.iient ?nd painstaking eoi.ductor. and a good
J iUe Of the public Mil ; ;?nd Mr. Hen?, to ?-how wo tr_
] eve belot.rfed the fun.lthit.g ot the' wardrobe, tho prop?
erties, the scenery, the chorus, orchestrs, and mlscei
111,mini ritliKl..'?, hal shewn commendable liberality,
?we wish tiny w< re BMO coining back, but in Juno the
-.?M?as are c?in?t to Kit-land, tor n soa??ou of rest, and
??nat will iK'tome of the other tucmben of the company
I? uncertain Th? re is some chance of their all making _
MaoaioMal tM to London, snd it is also possible that
the? roar continue their perfonuancos id tins country
?With Mi>? Baratt in th. leading paru.
Till: DHAMA.
" Marbeth," at Ilmdli's Theater, enters to?
night uprni um second week. There are several excellent
mitl ndn..table features lu the representation; but, con
atderedaaa whole, it dites not strongly commend Itself
to crltH al approval. The tragedy ha? been brought for
-ward in bane, to Hil up a gap In I ho season of Lent; and
ti.ere are indication?, in both the scenery and the acting,
thal give it illustration, of a tendency to undervalue Iti
ii?tr?Ue??tit'.li>owerand lu poetic grandi ur. The adJ?n,oU
<?f iwjenoaii.i c??itume. foreiample, are lawless, mixed,
and oanfusitl. In some particulars tho piece has been
dressed with whatever caine most conveniently to hand
li ?thor ;?a?"tii ulara an ? ffort baal we u nimio lo reproduce
.Vature? ?>f the time when Slad>eth Is supposed to liavo
I. ved. The result Isa motley blending of somewhat in
< ongr.n*tu element*. It li scarcely nece-sary to say that
t? purely imaginative n.? tnoJ, tempered by Judlcions
aai tasteful lttgard for Scottish an(i?iuities, ought to
luve prevailed. In all these matters. bti ?et accuracy Is
i.fituer desirable nor ??.??killie, in the stage treatment of
' Macbeth." The period of the chronicle was 10IO. Tue
1 .-tiaet. of tli.it tune, In Die lti.u-li isles, were, for tho
MM part, made of sods and wood. The 'clothing con
I Mai ? nilly of garments of wool. Silk and cotton did
ti?,', exist. King Duneun could not possibly have worn
?t hat gorgeous sud abundant drapery?often of velvet?
"lu which, ii|,on the stage, he commonly makes his royal
..?-.?great from Forres to Invern???. Tue soldiers of the
l?erii)d. wheuover they went Into battle, preiigured those
J\ .'-a ranger? of our own d.iy whose modest conception
of full Just la satisfied with a straw bat and a pair of
?s . r?. lu other words, tho real soldiers of the real
__ ?tbtiii w. nt nearly naked. We touch thus upon f_ct_
o! general knowledge. It is easy to see .that the stage
nrtut ??-uiiot deal lit? rally with this subject. On
th.? oller bund, as? o re lily, he ought no1 to huddle
? ?tail ??'??nous play iu the trappings of Indifference.
' M ni?- iii ' ii a poem, at 1 It ought to be illustrated lu a
I rt!- ?cuit. That spirit is hu king, to a considerable ex?
it ni, io tli-e treatment it ha* r? otived at Hooth'a Tlieatcr.
M .?chamoni takes?but doe? not lill?the place of imagina
t raMHaa The aMMMaaa lack???lu tem to atasaaaaa
-thae?eiitia,l element of the supernatural. Slacbeth's
first entrance, oa the " Monal hetitli," is made down the
.???o of a rocky cliff. Other, snd even great.r, defects of
..i -?u_:?-.iiviit and biiMr.cs? mar the .ici???.>r?e_, and help
to defeat the potency of tbc acting. _.?<?<./<". dots not ap
H?,?ir ai iiL-lit-uif '? the chief coatni or of ?11 barrat,''and,
?lu rsforc, we presume, unnecessary to the ??.'lion. Mac
teeth't ex.I. ?lien gong It? murder Duncan, is made
t .'trott, li tho realer ?_ot>r at lit? back of the ?.tapo,
a ? ilia' lu? face is- Concealed. Lady ?lnUuh'? re
. .r?e<e and .uniting ni, after the murder, are
?Mi: otu altjaaaOjaOI. ft? I.? the scene of the aesassin-tion
? ' ?" ovfuo and so is the ?jaahoi ?nd gory specter of that
? i ' n,. ?. li.?li commonly Und* lurid color and excite?
ment to Maikelfi'a "solemn supper." The latter cut,
}]i<tve?e:. :? a good one?as was long ag?o Ml net ra ted by
J im Keiunl?? and by Macready. Tua v ltcli-uuisic, llke
v .?.?. is oa.lietl, but Ibis was always a psj.iaite ou the
ttagodv, uud ile absence u spires no regret?though a
???n. mid ance of portions of it, by Mr. Molleuhauf-r's
<m liestr.i, wocbl not be iaapproprat?., between the na
. t M Maa, ?W. the UiltKir ItliDi.tlii ? at wh.ch ???? havo
1 .iiitui, huwerui, are tho merest ti?,?? tie-down of d??f?-ct,
meegea? t with the lack of iroaf matt % e feeling and S-BO
tunal potter lo i_,.fl of the acting. J?ls-iu t?oo_h per
MaM ?mmtheth, teat, ?a totaMol its paru, jit? porsiiiia- '
non iaexti?vilr_ily beautiful; but his Brr-tiag thronghotit
1 te chars?, tir ia i_ar-k_d ly grave delect?, au? if merni to
aatjtol tlie penoBagu he dtp,ela Is nt?t, as a win.!?', the
Jf?tM?a<BwaMftaw|aoiO. Mi. lVtoth, it l? true, ?lie, cot
?ta? litt? fat-? Mota of ula. new sebool of ?cum
?ii.? aiihrjul, that is, vlilch is rejir.t-eau-d by Mt
i iKbier, lo otter word?, lie dooi not f/obilk uf ."?tiakus
I?.?re*? ideal Mid ?(riva to r<..u-w-f.?le a-?I galvanizo th<?
Al-irhttl, or tl.e I?<*i.??i>' of the aiici.i.t cUrouic'ie. H.s
ii.ubeih, wl atf'v? r al*? It mat happen t?> l?e, laM a bate
l> att'-d. r?.'.l-i.? adttd, d.rtj', ?-becp-atealiiig ... ?>tt:?li ins
t i?i,1er _ tim c levi ntl. century If may rot ft??* built ?1tb
!*?? i-fecl set ui-acjT, but it certainly li built on r?liikc|.
|.,ipt?.? text, (?nd therein 't in a ?avcliea. aaaO-taaoO
lia- mmOt OJOOk-OOOaf it?in our juJgnu nt?is a lack of
i . Boot tmOL JtaMI. as we boc lum ia the page? of
(j ,.,k ; ..it? , I- grand, lofty, uoul?:. ctiurngaoas, luiparl?
?:,- n... . u.c. caii'l iplfptlidly imag.natitf. Wiien l?it
pesaaaM u M*aotolaaoaMsrtaa is MoaoftaatOtOto?
?'- sa? Baal tun batt.? aataollife,_ao?_aM with hma.r,
?i-ti mmteh ?s ii. repntut oi ; aad lu that ispiv.-Bie uio
r it f!:? faOOfl n?,<l tkiie?--?..'?fui m t .at I. n.yifory,
?r.J ts-rtbl* Ki U.,-11 sir?irigt_r-(i_iiclui)c ami ttocoui]?lieh
ft .?.-I '10. i|.,;M<r through wLloii lie sub
. .?.?a? oata t?. n> tai juc is Dot tilioiVi' of
II- . ?? dil ?. A T ei Mai uiKHi will? li he fl??at? Liri
.'t? "I I, ?Ot ?i-Ojy Of blBOWU rihOtldll^?. He Ih lill
.r2 - ? ifs raaoaral aatteO aa " a horr.i?;e aoaaay
t.: the aorMa aoaaa ? _ttnaaa|his Mai and itcftci? M
I | .-/ - ... life \v_i<-ti ot_.*wT>?_ would lie that
< ii..,'. ? f nun ?ltd brut*, OOONM gt~at.?l ?-ill.
te? treaaf t.t t hooolai loM?tioti. aasj lnanittiy
,-? ? i;t t> ' ?TL on-, fm but-vai:t ktragili? uta kimi,
OOOOJ htaft aaalM 'he proatvUnga of bell. In ti.a.
em at tua paanaoar??. B$ ?a_-Oao__o_a\ oo -Matate
i.) i., tt \i aad the t?let.:_iU-i?:t.*-the iiihii la CT?at in
ka) otra ass ncaaoi in Maaaortaoaa Miraugu ?-hich he
pi??.- Vi ii. t s tlnei?fth does not harraonlxo with
ii.? laUaMa. Oa tits ? .iiti-ury? unie?, we Matate it
?. .it ? ; i t. >'..f'. <A, nfc??, li? bli ri,'ftinirn, to evil
Ihlaft?Sg Sl'.I evil diitsg, tul??? Ittefors hu, own fat?,and
i ..'.-?>!' ? tt?- li n.lMh ttHaa of the we rd ??l_t?rs.nor
'ati* ). ? -et? of -inil?lly aoiliitlub, nor tho
?j M ?jf tte boaO-UM ai.'l trrr.bi j siren
oat roao by 1??>?, to gotd i..m into
et??.) h j hat (naias , )ou?*?-?i, baa thor aro
1S.J*'.? tli?. ,?e_i_iv win.j limy arl?" from physical
?Ota ? , it. ', ..- ; i ? ?,,.?. Te tt?? t greater bom?r,
Mm a kia lal ?? g ;i< -?, -Ahich i? ks tho fouoila
t-SMnf Ucftt'i | i.,!. ? ,i(M mere Muui'.-bt of the lin
i?i?. -.. u?... ; artaaa ha ?ivesno a_. % late aaaoatata?
I'ib aarOt ?cn Va tot. |i of i low cri.rof ru?tii, -uper?
MbMaaail Ma. orael-oo4 tho IbatotM ueturo
*?i?t? '.u.itg, _b or a mer1', or Maeta. from Mas?
!' ; . ? ;,i*_i-f h.? ?Vtit_ a_.'. ?I? utcanor. It
?>?? pal ?tab ,'.dtt._n'.; M li la oat ttateaaaaio'fl
li __-at,'_ _? i. I ?? i ?;,h m_Ut-f hit? idea', Mr.
I ' ? ? - i e klQ ?nd iicrvcu? eui igy*.
hti?-jer ?..',,>. i t ,:?. , MoaOaO 111 ?nu ?l,?r than hi?
I ri '.?j?. ?i'? Mai ,- mi ?etmgm, a?a?t, t (U* the glio_t
.fia I.-.. en ia aaataat a?','i of our time
***'-._ Hi ,ru_g?'jr /toTill' Li-t'l'.'?. ttMltOOMOaOJila.
1 -. tait teaks oa tb? tf^MMtatMaaialf
ta_i .- ?. , ti ,?. rlaata-wta ilsiutcn.e,
1 ' I ' '?? ? tai i ,i ? leeattd scL'-e f.r,d taul.
**' l?ta ,..te u ... rhjh y i-e rn^rd? 1 a?
y^ta?w 9? gilhtt wo ,i aaoota M. And
? ?Uetiea thnagu Um frfiltl Maaaoa, at ti.a
Mi u* * ' ^r:' *?l?"teiollj -ill? i.i'dif Mag
atfJ|iJ?-'-ta/ taooltti_?__00-tMtoa| ? -Maori
wraMVt__^_____-* ****** -,J(1 uiriuiiiti,J fOUao
___*_. -?taatai ? ?,*, t f ,r tut lal. i,;? ot EM
?r M '?" rl" lU* l " * """ ?''*?'' ln ?*?? tl|ftra ''
?te? -vt_r ? ? i",' ? " *** i<i" "''?fcui m ****
?titi.ja a **'"??? " ' mmX '?' A* ?"'
,,.,, " ??wai ,1 idyMaeiatthi* o yo inland
_Ma_r, I -: ??'"' kwn ti raa h?-r
l.-.tmn.?-., 'l * ' >wJ U(K" v ? '* ???'? l"cu
J . f,, _, J' '" ' ' ' I'1 I?'-'J' ?mt ?Dowel no
-^tai^t? '??''??>? ''? -* ??-i".?
j_, | ' '?' M? i. tr,,.?' i. Ui? niton, Ntaot*
t " ' ??' av .1 ?j|.1|,igl:l afttl M
' - , 'i? ?.'I. Cid' e,ll,yl,(,;7y, full?
, '?i a .?gi??,.,!.; ai.d it.;.?) of tim no1
? ...,.' ' ? tibjsk ?i ot melita), m the
t , '? Metis hei mahmie. Mon nu?
*? tt7t. i_?h'? '? ''"' ?MOrteai ..i-..,!,
Ml aMoM .m
?I?-,?,.* " ' ' '.?'...'?.
?, ' "j-mtt ? ; y ?,,,,,,.. ,, ,it , . ., d
- >?, ' li ,...t... i ,? ; ru
? . ?? - i i t, and ti
r. iii?
. . ? ? . .,
" Hy real. Hit I
| . .. j . ' ?
Into It of a finer and more delicate letnpemment than
animale? it now, and by Judicious rejection of both mincha
lan??? and Inrbulenoe.?There Is a irreal deal of <|iilel dig?
nity In Mr Hiendan'? performance of lianquo, who. lu the
tragedy .?uirtfl'e*!? himself a? even a grandor personage than
Rartftli hitnai-lf.omi wbo|??i??ht to be represented with fine
StateUoess of taSsUse! SOd bearing, and ?Imple swectn.-M
of taObJOfament.?Mr. I>. t' Anderson, li? bl? acting a? the
}\rtl Hitch, showed a keen sense of the ?uixni.ilni al at
mosphore of lils employment, and so, in a measure, re?
decmotl tho w 't. h ?cones from entire and dreary baldness.
" Macbeth" has attracted lance assemblies of the publu-,
fesaSpttSf SO Saturday nlKht, when the storm wa? at Its
worst) ; ?iel it has ii.-rn received with emphatic applause,
auch as Shakespeare's scene? never fall to evoke, howso?
ever they may chance to be Interpreted. Lot us not for
feet that the _Teat master of poesy I? ?nore pottMit in lil?
coutroi of the human heart and mind than any. or all.
who strive in his lllintraiioii ?This la the "Macbeth"
cast at Booth's Tinatt-r:
Duncan.Mr. A. W. Fonno
Malcolm .Mr. A. I'D mi
DoiiBldbain . Mr ('. J Dade
Macbeth.Mi Bdwta Booth
Hanoi???.Mr. V. K. Sheridan
Macdui.Mr. T. Hamilton
1-emu.Mr. 0. Moms
Host???.Mr. N. Decker
Mentietb.Mr. W. Hcl_hway
Ansrus.Mr. A. Jaoqeos
Calline.??.Mr. W. Webster
Fleance.Master \V Seymour
Blward.Mr. A. Matthisou
Key ton.Mr. I!. Hojean
?'hyslelan.Mr. \V. Drummond
Wouiided Ofticcr.Mr. II. I.. Hinton
First Apparition.Mr. II. F. Thomas
Hocon.l Apparition.Miss llelle Flohr
Third Apparition.Master W. Moore
First Officer.Mr. T. F. brennan
s- tnlnl Olllcer.,.Mr. F. Ktchardsou
First Witch.Mr. D. C. Anderson
Second Witch.Mr. T J. Hind
Third Witch.Mr. 0 Kosen?
Porter.Mr. K. Charles
1-irst Murderer.Mr. J. J'. Deuel
(second Murderer.Mr. T. II. Francis
Lady Macbeth.Miss Fanny Murant
(itiitleitomau.Mrs. L. K. Seymour
Mention of the anp.iii.ince of .lio Lydia
The iii| ?uni Troupe, at Niblo's, this ft fool og. lo tilo chief
auioug novel announcements, at the nunn nt.
ra* amafian isBTtoaa.
The Fifteenth Aim.idiiiont to the National
Constitution waa the leading idea which filled tho minds
of the col.ned people of this city yesterday. Klaborate
thanksgiving services wcro held at all their places of
worship, and large congTegattons attcnuc-tl em li.
At the rooms of the Colored ToOOg Meu's Christian
Association, No. 'TI Wooster st., a special IfeselBglltag
meeting was held In the afternoon. Mr. Olivers ObSSJ ,
the I'rettldent ?if the Association, ronductcil tue eier
oisea. The Uli? chapU-r of Homans was r. ni,
piaycr was offered, und the Presldrnt'l proclama
tion read by Mr. lOBlfeOI li. Matin v.s. Mr.
Gooey thon toado an earnest ad.Ires?, after windi
the hymn, "(,t>.l Hie?.? Our Native Land," wan snug w.th
enthusiasm. Kotiert J. Holland from Haltiinore followed
with a few remarks, and waa succeeded bv John Hall.
The hymn, "Tin? li.mm r of Frecdum Floats 1'roii.llv
On Hieb" whs mag, ?fter which Mi. W H. Colemon m ?de
a ni y spirited midies.. Tho ?SBttag was theu clo.-ed by
pia ? er,
ntHfOa HY 1llOTIIIMtllAM.
The Rev. U. B. Frothing.iam preached yes?
terday mornim? at Trenor's Lyne Hall ; subject, ?? Reli?
gions lessons from the Fifteenth Amendiiicui. ' Ho said I
*' For God bath made of one bleed all the nations of the
earlh." Tho ratitication of tho Fifteenth Amendment
marks an epoch lu our civilization. It Is a date to note
le the history of the weeli. It ti a iiio.imiio fraught with
hop?, but net less with anxiety. 1011 Of (noaBOgges
tions for tho tatala, tal] of cures for that futura.
It la not. my put pose tin*, morning to apeok
upon the in.Ii!;i al aspect, of thin amendment In this
j...ice ey? ii linns' is JiaCBBai- OpOB the ba?is of tho re*
lirions sigiiiili-.-iiioo of a measure Ami this leads us to
cnusj.lt-r var theory of government and It? aotoolproo
tue. The los tit ?tions und tho thorny must ovei?tnal,y
Bgrei with oin- another.
In the daik ????-es a theory arose that man was not ca
pa I? h. of maoaqlog himself, on* that ha mool be roled by
supernatural means. Io BO-OrdaocS wltti His ideo the
priest received his uuthoritv from Ood, and having
ameutcd the Kin?, the King iiiled his MbJectS l?y dlTluc
tight. We bait a-nlmhed all that, and baie no king, IM
pin *t, no linking of state and church.
Our President is not lOfoltlMe, rattier f.illible. The
reverend ipeeker IfeOS spoke at Miine h -iigth upon the a'i
Bardltyoflatraat-DCpowei town bed mea snd the absolute
1 ? '???liv of all BUHSeS Ililli ract ? of mell, of lias ii,?; i?
voice in til?- GevoreoM-nt. ii?- eoettaoed bj giving a Eta
toncal revit-w of iht-causes that li .1 lo the lnveiuion of
oui iii- ?try ?'I goveiiiiiu-iit, Bl cub.ii?; Ita lOSpirlOg lilli
sees ta the wittlBga of Voltaire, Roa*, ia, andothet
hltncb liilldol*. It lui omen us BOW IO pi mt oin?.Ives
upon faith in ?nan. Wo ii._-t take liini a, in; la. All lo*
aplrotlon chu ? s from falta and love, w?- mut-t
r? iiudlate tho old Ideu tha: man is depraved
?Hill set up the new that mau I-? tin? mi vant,
perhaps oob of tiio efeildiee ..f dod. (tho bmm Ibsbos
ihlt amendmenl leaeheB bb?that ef unity, 'lins qoee*
lion of religion is a sensitiv.? one. In this eonntrj as
have, side liy ?tiilc, all the religions eC the world. Our?
i, mit a Catholic 0000117, ooi .1 Protestos! aoontiy, oat a
Christian country. Toa blachi bare not aa yet settled
opooo sotlonol religion. In Africa they wen Mobarn
im ?Jail?. Pouring in timm?;!? the liol.len (?ate by tin
taoaaaodi aie ino Chinsse, Thor-dog with (hen? tin?
religion of li..?Ina, u reliKlou win, h wa? centuii.? old
wbi-ii Christianity was bun.
AnU ttiere, 01 cr b> Halt Lake, we havo the Mormon?.
a religion w_?i.h plants Itaoll opon Moaaa and the
proplnl?. Of this rellgtaa, polygamy is a feature. We
uiay abhor 1?, hut iir.i??l accept it as a part of their ro
UgtoD. We muy nut dare to lay upun it the hand of vu?
louee. Iel If TOO do, )ou violai? a fundamental port 'if
nur Constitution, Iraodom of cooa, lance. And litre, side
by side, we bare the old religion ol Um Uebrowa, Ms
h.imme.la'iisin, Hoodhism, Chi 1st utility. Moi moiilnin.
It hal is Hie ..?son! loieratlon. Let tilth assume the
righi of in?, otboi to grow, U t us, at leant, echoowledge
,1 i- 1 gilt? of 1 ? 1 li? i ? And yet no uu.-iit to ko farther
ti.it.i ti.is. It is rot ei' a??'. There ought to be son t
tktag like broiinrliiKHi We mast remember that tha
t**?i*i ia ia in _,- airi m- ' 1..1 "f ali reltgloe laloveto God ami
mail. V? lion we come to ti.at lieavenly hoOM WO Sholl
dsoiiiTeila wfeelimailitstheenlij ol uu- spirit. Lea?
suit?1 tho unity 11 ibe ?.pun win bo the limul of peace.
i a ike Editor of The Tribune.
.Til: This city claims tin? honor of rerci? mik
thoflrst colored voto under the lTftet-nth Amendmui.t.
I TIx legislature had p.tssed a new Charter for Perth
I Amia?)', wiitin was submitted to the pn.iplo on Thurs?
day, M.inL H, for r.ita.??..inm. Among tho voters ap?
peared two Colored men, Thomas Mundy and Marcus
Spring COftBSBj eaell ?tf whotn d? pnslteU a ballot " For tho
Bortasd Cbortor," bolng, w< belta*/e,tfea iir?t .r theil
ract- to t.ine a?'.'. uv.'.ty.i oi the late announcement of the
ratification of that Klcruu? addition to oat Oooatltntlon.
'lim Cfeeiter Mia rut.t.... by more il. m a three foui I lis
Itrth Authmj, April 1,1 ?7?.
( nasa ni mvooatiD?
About HJ o'clock last fvciiiiig: laaaM wore
??ten is.uli.it from the rear windows of the third floor of
the reitaurant Mid lodging-lions?, of ('apt. John carney,
?st Mo. 1* Ka?t st. The lire Heparinniit caine out
promptly, and the lia wa? cotiilueil to the floor on
which it originate?!. Aft??r It was BSttaffOlShed, three
lod?-ai.. John Montiromery. Charles Urowii, and a man
namod Saiith, were?fiiiiiid suffocat. ti.
!'rom Ukj stat'-meut? of '.apt, < arney and others, it
ssssBOflfesa tao aBsakoA kaoota their tassai bato short
UtaS bo'<?ro Shk fire- wa*? dlm-otcml ; |g fact they w?ro
not uittoied fn?m rhe bar roora, where they had spent the
afttiiTiooii ami ???? enlni*. One of the l??d?f??rs, and the only
one whom Carney knew had .??no to his room, wa"
ni-otiliil a! thi b?>'_i_iljg of ti??: liK.ai.ti BOSOPSd It ??iii
ba UroUi 111 H?kIT<l
Hail It ?iri'ii known that the deceased were lu theil
;..t.m?, they could rosily have bBOS Noeoofl hal as their
room? vture _n Hie floor BboTOi ami il OSOSe BOTll IS Iks
eres ng, it was bchotrod that non? of tin ooeupoots
uf the rotjuv had retired, fuittliwas ?piit? dead when
fonod by tho flremso, Tfeooolot se tnn ?oed-worh ??f
tm rOSSS was MOrefeed and hlisl.lied hy tho heat, and h.?
faoe w-s btaskoaod by tho bol smoko.
Montgomery hoi ??mlmuiy been awakened und at
" ? r_?t to ?*caiK>, botdKl not BBMOBOd In roOSSrl-g Hie
f'"*" warn ?? ' nr. ... " " "'C Moor Of IllMHIOIII. ., |
door. Ho ??_?-?"-nn iyn.(i ._ ,.,.
had on no oilier auf<le of Biething ima ? mghl ihlrt?
Ho ?a? living when found, ami muttered soiae uiunii \n
agrie wold?. He dud almost as ?non as the III. lU'Ti 1, ho
were carrying bim had leesasd Ifes patement. Brows
Blss gove inuicaiiona of I fe whit, found. ,M?-di?al old
.a? at otico summoned, bat ali efforts to nsumit.it?.
?iicin we? fcoitloss, and the bodies weis boras to the
r'raiii.'? .'?tit may appen. "K-arcely anvtliuiK Is known
or the deroeiiii min, although both Moptgomcrjr and
Ittoii-n hal lo.t^??d tlit ro f.n ?.?me time. Ii.-tii arerseoi
,,? , employed In the rlclnlty. Browo, who woe oaao*
ookin- mau, apparent I v about .*m years of uk? has a
uiolber end ot!" r i.-latlves lesidiim l. Now-llatm.
Montgomery formerly resided iii Orerupuli.t. and was
known by the ssubriquet of "(in-i-npoint" He vas
BbmTr?lyeWnot ace. Aopereatlyh? bad tunty tata
doaa ?m In- in 1 f? ?? ??or? nap."? hi? clothing and
li.ioi ? iiu.l not been r. ?imved. ..11
'/;,? hen imi.mII> .?..iMSMii. und wheo toood bs
lai 11 .on his feed IB o natural position. ?V ti?H.*f wh?_
it ?, tahnown ? loeernlns bim. He wuos talfes ?jai?
itmtottlay ??tmg hoard..... 1 a r..on, wa? BSBlgood Ma
1, .r?-'?r .i.'i not ?->' " ****> _?* ,':"';,*? liJ,1"' M
1 ,' ami it tv??? from onother lodpr. *?"" '"'i
? olive. t-U With lum Cor u short His*, that his name wa?
:aS?.r Kteosn will hold sn toTeelijtatt*- te lol ?t
?ore?! fur I ?-??. '1 ?'- huilUin* wa? ?lama??<lM?J, tuliv
,,,.,1,,.1 foe erig?s ??i i'"- "" '- ?" '"", ""?
.-HI - , 1 i-v HOLL?a TRAOEOi
?l-l,, trial ?i [gaac Van Wart BuekJiotil t-i
? ?, 1 Beadell b1 Wsepy Hidtow te
?? ^ , ''"",'"
, 1 , . . ribo eos. wMsubmll^torhe
?uq by the? ...1 sa frldar er?emBSB Bat ssssrtslssl
that th*y stood h for conviction, and ? for acquittal
the urn und of the prisoner'? allrgttd Insanity, u,.| mi lbs
remalnetl on tin- rea-?, mlilii.tr of lim ?earl uti Katui.lt}'
nu. run. g, without any prospect of booming mere t.nam
mons In their viens in tim matter. Under these cm um
stances the Jury wa? ,li?, ),.ii_e,l, and th?-i.'oiirt adjmiriie?
ft r th? term, lim khont will agniii he place?! ?m ,? i,.i at
Iba .Inn?' lam, euher for the i?aii)t' off.-nse. ur tho mordor
of LU wife. Louis? Itncklioiit.
aaoaoooi votino n MUDMrtna,
Whmiv.ton, April 2.?At n soliool ?'le?ti?.ii
held In this city to day mutt of the colored cltliens availed
tbeioselres of tbelr right under tho Fifteenth Amend
ment und voted. The poll? oponod tit 1 o'clock, and In
the Seveiilli Ward tim tlr-t four ratea werri deposited by
colored citizen?. In Mu? si .th Waul several sl?u promptly
presented tlieui?clvc? ?nd were aooeplo?! The election
util,ir? in both Wards were Republican?. In tim Fourth
Waril tin? eloitlon ollie? r wns a Democrat, but he mai?
no objection to receiving the votes of the colored men
A couti.Iiriiblo vote of the colored voters wa?-tolled. The
Ki'jniiilicaii? of this city claim tin iii ?I alacttofl where
the i ?ilnred men have enjoyed their new right under the
Till: IllillMoSD TROt'Ill.K NOT TKT KM?1 D?Till:
Richmond, April 3.?Yesterday tho U. ?S.
Marshal served a writ un Ellyson to inve up possession of
?tie City Hall, and other property. Ellyson refused, and
the Marihal then applied for military aid. At a lr>te hour
t? i ?a-il' lu. chan_e had taken place, but It Is und. i-?.,,,,1
that ?Jen. Canny will furnish the lieccrsarv force to the
.Marshal tomorrow, whet, tllrsnri will ?etlre to other
QOBaaOra, and continue to art a? Mayor,
Tho Democratic Convention of tlio new C'ity
of Jersey met on Saturday evcniiiK, and made the follow?
ing nomliiatloni: Mayor?Charles II. O'Neil. Water
('??niiiil-*??inner?), resulting in the choice of Noah II. I).
Tailor ti Jersey I'uy, Multi.1 Nathans of Ilerpen, anti
John C. Hopkins of Uti,Ison City. Biiperintoiideiit of
Behool! -11. o. ?hapmaii of Bergen. Tollte Commisslon
eis -Win. Taylor of Jersey City. John McCarthy of Hud
son ('ty. r-atniioi a. iiesson ??f Berma City, ral toa Jus
tices?Mnrtui ItO_an. IliiilsonCity; M J. Leonard, l?crj?cti.
I l-l-?' rit?' TO-DAY IN CINCINNATI.
At, tlio city election in Clad minti, to In? lieltl
to day, the principal Intel est will center in the contest
for a Hoard .of Education, tlio question at msiio boin,*
whether the BIM thal] or shall not be read in the publie,
schools. The eanrass hn? haaa a soaawhal exi it ?agi ?ii.
Until between tit,' i,,i\ ?_> nur? ?uni am,mis- the p. opie.
One very interclu?,: feature of the day Is that the ne
?raeean te rota tor the iirst time, under ti.?' Fifteenth
Atncii'iinciit. Tin)' bara haaa tallied at ratioas ?mat
lliar? HuniikI.out tin- city every day ?ince tim jiiocl.iin.i
linn, the Bi-i.iil.li. ans loading tin-m, of curse. As to the
Bible qiiesti.iu, it is prnLablo that they wiil vote for read
in. ultuu?f solidly.
(.'in? inn ah, April .'?.?Hie interest in tlie elec?
tion has r> .u lied Heliman. '1 he eulorel people held taro
lan.-?' and enthaslaatts laeatlnoa io ?lay mi th?? Blhta
queatlon. They develop the fat t that tin? cflored tot. s
win be eaal almost unanimously in favor of returning the
Uiblo in the l'ublic Sein.ol?.
uriir.NTM amknumknt?natT ".IN.
I'\n\ti I i:, Hy., April -..?I Uko iilcu-mr. in
lafataO-O ftm that we have Just elected tho entiro
lia.ln al ticket by 131 majority. S 1'. lUiini.it.
Chjirin.in Boyla Iiepul.lic.in Co-iiuiiu-c.
?_j_axfoaOi April 3.?Tba Bepobllcanaof thia
city closed tlio caiui'.iijfii Mat urd.iy nicht with a lar^'c
public meeting at Allvn lintel, which was atldressed by
iii?? n.?n. Jallas i.. atronar, Measber of Oengraas fruin this
District, ami tin Bon run na, Fitch of Ne va. j t. ht,ti.ti
the um 'h east r.uri storm continue through to morrow, it
it -Till air. et the total rofe. Amolli,' tin: lilli? of Bltcbfleld
t'oiinty and the north-west! ni part of Hartford Count?
there is c.'iisnl.i iil.le ?now, an?! the trav linjr I? lia,I,
u in. h. i?, ?ide I?-m?<-1.11.?.- tho vote, may ?blay the ret,it us
trOOJl koine towns u lillie._
Loxa isi.ant.? room aucrioaa.
Tlie foUowioa are the iiotuiiiiition-, foi BopOT?
vi-tors of the set? ml towt,, of r-1- IT. ?Ik Cou it ty :
Hi MiNi,ri?\-I,i rp . J A. Wooilhull, Dem, Kiln rt
Cai ii (present ,n, umbenl),
-aMiitii.iN-Itcp , ____Ja_Jtfe? Deni., L 13.Smith (present
lal luntn.nt).
i?i n - i;ei>, c. z. Gillett (preeeat laeeaibentt. Dem.,
Kiill.lll.il. li.:]?., -??iii?,-?.ti ?".II.iwi.liia, Deli), JJ. .*?.
Bar? k1 os.
????i iii tvi'T'iv. Up,Win K i'ost tpn-. nt Intuml.euti;
Di m., win i: Pool
i.i?rn mi roa- Bar . ? Badajea: Dtm , ??
??,,1 iti.it i.-1?.|., tt. II. Overton i in?,.s. ht lueutnbenti;
Deas?, ?m ii. Will?
Jiintokii mi ?a li. p , S 1". Norton; Dem.. UlhTigbani
Tii1h.il .pier.-lit in. illili...ntl.
t-iii.1 n a l-i ian? It? p., 8. Ii. Nieblc ?present tnctiui
beilt . Di III , I I lill bit
'I lie follow ?ii?? aro tlie n??iniii.ttioim for Su
pcrv ??irs of the several towns of t? i? ii? Count) I
<?t ?TI It IU v KM . I'liarl?-? II. .Ion?-? of Cold .""prill;*,
li- ?!. ml ?-u,<?),? County Aim.uitu._l Bootaty ; Don.,
Townsend W. Cox, (renoniioatod).
Hoatn II? ti ?ii ah. Hep., John M. riaik ; Den:.,
II. m i l: .ni-, t
Hi mi ?ii ti.. Ibp, Hi nry l'ear.all ; Dem., Carmen
Corne lui?, denominated!
.1 ni tit t.?Hep.,-, Dim., James Nostr.iud, (renoini
Ki.i siiin'i) ? Town A?-??? i itl ni, i-aiiic catulidate ; I.? in ,
I'.. A K.iwretice, (ti in,inmate,1)
NaaTowa.? ni Payers withoat referaaoa la party,
Heit, y l.tvoi'xlt??. Ililli.. ? Tis D ?'oM'il. ireuuiuntatedi.
Mi. Howe, counsel for .lack Keyuoltls, trboia
now in the T'jiiibs BWalttaa extcution for the n.in .I? i of
\l illiam Townsend, made a final motion for a stay of pro
rt-odiiiKS in the Cuiimber of the- fuprcme Court, beforo
Judge I. . i .....nu, yeisterduy, that the cat.) may ha re
\o arti at tlie ?.tneral Term of th?: .??uprcnie Court. Ho
H.i ,1 that the ?...called iuiilie.il expert, stibpeiiaett
bj the la-Striel Atlorney nt the triul had limited expert
ei o?- in th.- study ot the ?li?? .i"?? ? i.iii. the prison r u al
fecicd ?lili. Daliup the trial lils HonorJudge Iiigruham,
In reply to a juror, b id said that thai, na? no . vident .of
Um piisoi.er's insanity. The defense arjraed that these
wti.Irt deprived In 0-001 tin? Jury of th? ir province in de
ciiiiug wh.i'i.r or not the act was committed by a .?ano
Mr. Ho wo then road the nflMavit of I'rof. Gonzales
Echeverr?a, graduate ??f the I Blreraitr of l'an? and
Phjrsli ian in t lu. t. f tin- New York Hospital for Epil?p?
tica, on the meatsJ (?uiiiitliili of I'.eynoitl?, rtetlli.. forth
that tin' ri,?l.?-,,r, altti frei|Ucnt examination? of litj
nol.lr. had i oin? to the conclusion that **ha exhii.it? a
io?? of morai feeliag and m. mi?! y talleh aaiaaeaallr oi?
rxi'v? ?i in the aaj lu m staffaa ?,f ??? in bl al defroasratiea or
aloii){ v\ ith . pllepsv, \i li, ii mi, h in, li t li I ali?nation may
exist w.tin.ut I < . . ..?.lilly linpl) ii,?i eoiiipli-te inanity, I tit
iiuvertiici???.? arlndoa eeratoril naatal ataaaaa InaM of
it? paitial and in?, i perplexing form?" ? nil.?el ai?,,
ri ad au i.lliilavit made by Itiniscif and i'rof. .Meredith
< !j m? r. to tim ?Meat that Bajraaidi was of uu??ouiiti miad
mi,i poasoaaod ail the symptom? eossmoa loeptleptics.
The?ithiivits,ha eoattaao-. would aoBTlaaontna Court
thai to tuke tin.? man'? iiie m tM ataaja waaia ka litiio
less than a judicial murder.
A bill had uln-iuly pio??cd the lower House of the Laejll
latine ant liol in n v vsr.t? at M r.?r ?.nd a ?lay uf pro? ?ed
int.-s in casca toad before the Coan of Oyer aad Tenai?
ii'i, Of m other wold?. lnaKlii|? Hie stuv ..; iiroco? ?lu, n? ?ti
t, e ne i al rs--Hon.? aj.pl ii able in l ?.?cr .in.1 I el mia. r. There
wasevei) prospect of the' bill boaoialaa a laa witinii a
few dal -. m d ii It iliil wo should have Un ttgaal and Bat?
p.oiaiu'e foot to win,e?. that perhaps ?Itbla a few dara
alt. i the ex? I illloti of tint mall the bill Will bo III Opera?
tion, the lifiKtlt? of which It?; will have lu en .1. priie.I of
bj? the lap? of Ihreaeriaardajrs, ah ha aaaoi was a
j onpoi ?nu. nt of lim i .i eutiou until Jui e, that durm?*
the interval the prapet nu dteal i ?an. u itluu might l?n
ma.!. Into tL? Donditl m of tue |,ri?.,nc-r.
j,..i_.! Inarohaai mM laatthe Coori had ap power to
deal with too question ?>f H..- mental rondirlonol the
prisoner, li Is a Batter for the eoosldenUlon of the
?.oviTiior, ami the application should be in.nie lo bim in
lb? usual form.
D,?tii< t Attoritiy Uurvin thou read a BtatOBMat mule
liy Dr. II,in,ti,onil, to th.) ?'H', 11 flint lu? li.,,I e.xaii.in. ?I
I., , souls -, ratal time?., faaattonlng him atoaarr, aa 11. >.i
collie to the eoaclBklOB thal lu? wa? i? rfeclij sane, al
t tii-i? t- li Of lot! and ?'. I'l.tv? ?I llilell??!.
'??la'? ii <t,'ii.in, '.lien took tho J,ii per? ?ill.nut t. .1, and
win r'l.d? r an uiui.l.ui la ? lav. JM i Howe .1....01111, e.l
that be ahoold go to Albany today lo obl?la a respite, M
p.ifsililc, until Ihn ?in? ?lion of lleynold?'? ?ai.llj . an lu?
BCUI'.'J. _
( ,i]it. (jooil, on?- ol UM paMB_E.lt. alni Mil
lion,I. Miwiird-si ol tie Itrfl-'f \'i.ii./;itln, sail, d on
BatatOay, lu M steamship Australia, for Ula.?_?>W
Hasara, .Mu.ltti und Marchant, and Mr? Mlddlelon aad
(WO children, k? to monow iii li,, ?t. am?l.ll? Al .?lia t..
Aspinwall On Weint ?.lay, Mr, Boater, the I'm ?er. saila
f,,i Liverpool, aad on M M? the Bssr. Manara C. Yetti.
Mu. lila, hli.i,, /,i.i|a'". Milba, .nut lh?' three ?Suter? of
? barlty, ?-..ii tor st i bomas m lbs lira/.,I mi- aatsblp lane.
I ha aaj, nts of the Weal India and l'anama Steamship
I oliljmli) In this eily bata pani all tin liot-l bills of til.?
i . -. ir'i-, uni fun.isii thin, ibrouirh n't i,, i? io their
ni. i..1. h -liii.itiuii? 1 lu- niall? for I In. VA. ii?t Indi ??, Mia? I.
m n ti,ii,?ieiH.i mti. u.e panaongar?.hove been lurirnd
?v. i 1?, li,, postal aillliorlllt.? h?_rt-, ?uni Will bo l-l w_i l< d
on Ihi- ti Id tia Bl. Thouiss.
Mi; M1.I>H I-l-.i.rosriK.N lu. M-1 lilil? IT.
? i; \ 11 ai mu? i tai ni-iouv "
jo U.e SiltOt ?t ?he tribune
Sut-. A piii.ta-Tfiiili in foot, nin-i, Tatai n
photo til ?sile.? ?r lloitta m an ut? h ward position Tin?
fa, tsar, tin?-m 0t?oo_aar?of aopMal ti... Hist. >> m
I', i,i,?wt.ii,:.. I. I o'i n jirliircl ami stowed away in th,
.?u.i. of tin t !?'<?l M. KUsa pi??i.al t.. a.low
.,,, i, n.in .i? i earl ?n. mimbi. foi distribution
., ,, . .,, ?,,,.. ?:i other sOorts lo dtouibaie
?"' ] . . ,1., ;,,.:i? U.ppoaiuonol Um i.
.: I r , .,...,. I
,_'. ii iib i unit (?,, .?m al ? ? - > ??.. ' . m 11'
to ?UI
?I iint'iinn, April I, id.'?.
. .-? -- .
??w Tu*??. Hmif Tlw? Pi, Wiinl. Ila?? Ttt?* Fir. Will.
Apila- 1 Yi- nu YK April t. 7 a ;.-.'?> K
li iC UV! H |i ?g? ?,?,,, f, ? K
3 ?,' lv.?j f, K. 3 41- 19 tit S K.
I 4' KB ?K. S ?lfi ,t.,- km;.
V 4J" r?.ir .NF 9 J?. KM .? N S
Il if .(*> ? K. M ?? ??-, f? g ?4 K.
RsaiSOI Hatiird.it. April .. wm a ?loriur, rainy ?lay.
Tt begun to rain al IfclS a. ra,', rainy from l'j'io to i; \ nu
inj? from sa. tv. ti? Pi p. m Kain depth one and ft*K")
inches. Note?The clouds of this rain-storm liogati ti
gatlier at I" .'ii p. m ?m I'tl'lay Um 1st. Yostorrloy, Son
day Hie .Id, na? llknwiae a stormy dar, with Irria ran?.
Kalu fell at times from niiilnight to j a.m., al ... p. m
um, with litt lu Intermisi?n to 11 p. m. The ?ky wa?
??itlier overcast M very ?loiidyfrom Ha. ni. toniMMi.nther
win?? overea?! as on tho 2d. Kain depth to 11 p. m. to ?lay,
. i li?' of an Inch.
1 be foregoing i?an abgtractnf tbeCcntral Park Meteor
??logical Deportment :
H?r. '??tKi la.???? | TH ??at '?????- li*rr..?.
Mr?? .fi l>. Mc?. ?
tStlim nu at -i y r? M?r. ti ' ?' II? tlninnit? I? 1 p ??..Mir.!. Util
?ii?iiiimii.i? ni , Manila..?*? aSl-tataBBISlSa ui, Marc-IT. J. T
Rich. JBSJ Rim?.it.?
Mirth IT, rill frora S ? n. I? 12 y m.. luouol vf ?it*-.I.I* "? ..
a ' Aim. in It p. m . " " .Il "
April I. ' 315 ? m to Up m ; " " . M ''
Toni ?iM.i.i.l ?| ?iti-i fir atti. ...til "
I'.i'lir. USVSM I.J Iii? ?.??I tlur'.n? til? ?in.i.dli lui.??.
raonaaai _aanr_aa
St. Nfebolai Hotel?Attorney -(?encral Ch.im
p'.tin. Albany ; ex (iov. J. (Jrenorv Hmith of Verinoiil,
(ien. A. Tut?, lato Ha) lian Minister at W.t-i.i?._-? -i-.
Mayor Martin of Wilmington. N. C. ; the Hon It. I). BIOS
of Mateo, tha Hon. C. 11. HbenTll, Washington; E. B.
Phillips, (luengo ; H. A. Shaekelford. Paris, and C. K.
Orhns. Illliioi?. ?_ _a Fifth Avenue Hotel?Judge Com
?tack of rtyraciMn?, Bee. Field of Albion. N. Y.. the Hon.
M 1'. lleamu?. Albany ; the Hon. A. II. Kier, 8. M. Hate?,
and John B. Khlrld.e, Boston ; Adolph Hutro. Nevada,
anil (ij.ii. John L. Mwiff. Ma-sachuaette. ?_-r--r H Janie?
Hotel ? (iov Bullock of (ieor?-!-. ?___? New-York Hotel
- The linn. Thomas Kil.-ii, M. C. Nevada, and
Hin Jo?eph It. Anderson? Richmond. . II
Deni? Hot*!-Itolsnd (I. Hasard of Rhode
Mend. ? lAlh.iiiarlo lintel-Hen. John O. Hsserd of
Klmde I-land. and jados Monell, N'ev*bur_b. -_-=_-?_
Ilut'iiiian ilt'.i?,- l.ieut i ..iriiranili r Armentrout, U. ti.
Navy. ? -- Clarendon Hotel?Miss Carlotta I'attl and
Mr. Th?odore Ritt.r. ,_: Metropolitan Hotel-The
linn. J. I' Uni.buril, Albany, ami the lion Janies Nixon,
i?) racine, r . - Autor Flou??? ?Tlir Ker. A- J MeCnuomy,
oat the ltev J. J. fclcock, l'hlla?lelphij, sod l'aymaster
Allen, U ? Navy.
Tlie Committee on Hall witt s of the KaSBOSBaasCtS Iaw
l*l.iture left tile titi yeit? rilny for Huston, lu vine ?oin ?
In re BO an excursion over tim Bostoe, Hartford, ami
I lie Kallroiid. i i (iov. Hoffman left . in? city fur Al?
ban.? on -atunlay, and .Honator ripr.tgue for Vi'aihitigtun
?? ti* iday.
lilla CITY,
Arresta for d10 week, 1448,
Noitli I'ivc-r und ?Sutou fatua. eH-oas OM IB
the market.
Bernard Smyth??. Tai Reedrer, collected for
!..?..-? dUT-B-, tin? patt Week BEAM ?I.
(.?.?v. H.ilViiiitii ?m1I?'?I upon Mayor Hall ami
oilier City and (.'?muty ullin is on Hatuiday.
Tlio ?cashier of a Broadora*" importing boato
is n pin tri I to han' ?tb'i oiitk.l tvltii a lar^u an.nu: 1 of ?.he
fun.is of Ins cn.ployera.
Peter B. Sweeney, City Chamberlalo, bas j>aU\
into the City Trei.turt, to April 1, a. luteresl upon tho
? ity Uei?i!?it.?, ??.vt,I??1 di.
Marshal Tooker last week aiaated 17*3 Ueeaees,
te. iiieit Hurt fur |M 'e, .11 d refunded to c'ouiplainauld
??.'.o had boee iwtadtedfMUa
(.ii-?tavo Kinlon's luirtT-liorr saloOB, at No. 14)
Whltoball??!., wa? ?ni. re. I by borittoraoa Saturday Bight,
and a 'inaiit.i v ni liquors and ti..-uri -Aero ntolen.
Kuluin! U. Caldwell, tint nllogo?! drawback
conspirator, late'y bfOOghl back from C maila by ?'ni
ti linley, waa mliiiitted to bail on Halinda}', oy J idato
Woodruff, in p.'...?..
Junie.*; ri??k, jr., is Colooelof the Oih Rriiinicnt.
Ile it as elected on l'riilay iukM. t'i'1 inn!?? Ins t.rst ap?
pearance at the li'sjd of hi., cuiu.naud on Saturday uii*llt
si ti.11 pi tunen.nie concert.
On Pride? OTeaiag, Mr. Win. Ef, Nafle>alawa
yi r, of No. 'i>, Broadway, was tin min from ., wa?ou at
woodside, by a train en the Fluablof BoiLrood, ami he
betel) ceoapod vita inr> life.
Tho ilex. Dr. ,l??lin Hull, Wm. K. Dodge.
and llnluio tilt 1 ley ?Sill BddlOaa the t? lup"! ii. e Hitit
uni; at lu-. Juin? Thomson'? Cuuii.h, 'll.iriyfouitli st,,
Wosl of Btata ate., tliiscvoniiif*.
"Jin* Mi'.inn-r Leo, from Savaimali, wbieb fir
ri?t ti ut this port on .**at unlay, ran up to tut? ti ty with? 'it
reperttns or aeitlng to ha boarded at ??iiarantiuc, ,?ud
1? as uiiiai.tit <l bf IOS ii' alt ti UtlloiT.
An aosaceeasfal narah has beta mad?, hythe
Wr. ' k1 as ( '"in poi v to ti -ni t Iii iie.iiii-prup? 11. t Joe. walch
was ?.unk in uniintre nu, Kurth River, last Meek, by a
COlllSiOB It .tit tho torr* Imat Wr?? ha?k? U.
Durin,. ?1 lu'lit on Satunlay nutrnitv, in tlio
ssloon Ko. ino J antratet ..in. k Seppls, a bootmsn, stabb i
M.iit.r?'. Walsh of Hu tai fames st. In tho bead, aa isiti?;
a mt ions wound. Wnlah r. ! i.-nl to ina? ? cumplatut.
An inqoeat w.t-s held jreoterday over tlio
body of an mudlow 11 niau found in the R i?t River otT the
foot of Plfty-siztb-st. 1?... i.iai.i waa ah?.a: 1. years of
B|te, limi dal? lum, ami wore dal k Jacket and pSBtataOOS
and a Mildit-r's ntei. 1 b1
Aiumt tifty posaaai mr-t at tho Coe_aapaHtaa
li ?tel on Saturday u. rasMoai to a call tor the bbbbUbs
of tie.?1 lit n Dotted Aiiuiicaiis. Tho bosloese ?al
Boodootod ta BBirat, hal II wee nimm d thai the ebJrol
of tli? KalhcriiiK nas to lound u BOO p ? 'a .1 ?... tin
(Hlii.'is of Hie Willi.mis Literary f'nmn ?mvo
been ?? lei ted aa fu.lo?? l're-ideiit. Y. M . l'ollook . \ MB
President, J. B. Hataeeyt -oerotary, Stcphee unite:
?rite, K. Qilkensou; Trsaaorsr, A. ?uri; Librar?an,
II. Low? ntbol ; ?\wistaut I.tbratian, \\. Bl minley '?heri
tiati Kaue.
ThoauM W. WoaoBi EVesldect ol the Woooo
Mjiiiil.u Ho in. 1 B Bf *?pr.ii_neld. Hate., ami voll ken?.?
Ihronchool tho coontry na a roll way ?car bnlltlor. was
still i.u?i with pomlysii at st. Kieholss Uotal ta tala my
Friday alfht, and at a late hour las! olfhl Rmotaed In
aoodtttan of -tupir from which thon ia but lltUo hops 14
1? eovery.
Earl; jreeterdaj ? fin tccaiied aa the tlnr?l
f.rn.r ni the tit t -'mi botldiae No KI Canal st, occupied,
log I'l x?- ni? ii <i fourth sod imti loora, tar k. Voalen,
mili?.! 1 taral of BMldlega ami fputare frauica. Ilia
?!.?? 1. anti BBOCblnOf] ?ile daUU?Od to the .'X'.i-rt of
?.-,1,.'. , fully it.-lim?I Tha first and KSOOd lan :\ie
? Mt up.id hy \V A. Willard ?V I'ji., looking -uUni arti 1.1c
t ii-i'-irame mauuf ictun-ra. l.oa?, J,'K?j, Tau buiidm?{
'?as -oaaaffed okMk.
Tlio feaeral ol ex-Bfayoi Brmly took plaee
on -a'.i ila? le in his lad it siil.tiicc, No. l18 I'ouitL ave.
ii;. 1 min. ?inen was almost sotlrrly por arad vita ilnw
t 1 *. und ni?:? ?iiiciiti d v.jtli !1 Tal OrBBBBB, wits ot row-wood,
richly in.iunted In ?Iver. Tilt? pall-bearara were Missr?.
r t? Winston, ii. 1 liniie, I>. Ef. Arnold, Merran Delano,
,i 11. Bvift,-ooinol 1? it ile oik. W ii. Ifcvosaod, mm
ii. !.. Darles. The Ep icopel fanerai bbiiIbs waa mud
io nu- Rev I cm k, aaetBtad by tin? ltev tie.? ii Draper.
BROOKLYN??Tha poora Hade IM insets
la?it \???el\.
The BrooWya fliipeitaaij treated *,i?o new
patient? last month.
The Kye autl Bat Boofital reeeired teriag
Mau h M new cases.
The Oerasaa B*raaai lUeal Lataeraa Coaaaefa
tIon. iii?- liev. J. 11. lla.leii, SOBtOT, held sen:??? rosier?
dal in li..ti tew ?huicli in Caritae ate. mar Mjith
The aaaaal report "ol Uack laepaetoi Di. F.
.loin?, of the Linn,.- Ix'partnieiit, ibowi that the Hum
bet of lil snaeafrosted Aortaf tho j ear w,u? 3,j.?. , ????.: los j
BBMttttt ? ollectoil tll.b'rt. 1
lu tlie ehess elah toaraaiaeatthe fool i>ii/..**i f
weic av?i.tiled as foi.iiw? : Capt. Mackenzie, Iii it prises ;
P.E. bren sin Ker, second prise, i:u?ei.o Deloior, llura 1
prise; C a. Oiaarg, fourth pcisa
Jamos Baaaa, it lulMiror li vine corner of I
Bond and Butler-sts., wes emoted restorasy _y Oflker 1
l?eilure of tho 1 otty-lhird I'ret-.ncl, atti held to avtuit
? lainiii.i'iou mi a < i.ar?-)? of hat lag Beased tue deoth of
L?-on I .nilli ?s. an Infant six. mnutli? old, ou batunliiy
Blfht, hy strikuii: it on the heei mI??1? druiik
lames Breooao, a;o?l 38t reekHag ia SaanaH**
St., 1 .- .1 Haiiiiltnii al.- . Was BITOatodOO s-'urilay btehr,
?hil. Intoxicated, and locked op In the Purty-tbird Pro*
cm. 1 st.ttiiinliou_c. 'lim d' .iTiian. on vlsitlnK l?reni?.iti ?.
1..: .?in.ut T..11 p in, found that be bad CMoodtta?!
suicide ii) huuK'ni hi BO? It it- tas ?eer of t?e ?.nil by a
leather ?'rap. Heleaveeo aslBBadlaaeaildrea,
fhe f?>llt?wiu|f wt'io tlie iii?oinitr? re?'?-iv?v?l l?y
the Cooperative lot A?.??M,iat?oij.s for tin- week: Be?I,
iBSi No ', 1 MS) N?> J. I'..! IO; Bo, I. V* '.c. Sf.. i, ti I?;
Nu. 1.tit; No.T,SSI '.-J, No. s, li:??, Ko.9,tat? 1;; No. !???
|.v. Total, I'..t?*i Ti,?, fo'lowlti)* aiuotii r? w m? 1.1M mi
IhelstofApi 1 Na. S, SUB; No. 1. PMO; No ??. I"'. Na
1. I Ki: No. 7, O^'J; Mt?. 0, tu*!; N'o U', H^ON, Total,
V.i, I
lathe Suiioaa'iitc'*} C'jtirt last, ?vick there
trcrt pro red the Vu ia of Charlea Oeoerere, Prodertci k?
1.1,ni?, an.I l.(vkr,?tli T 'A'llll.im?, ail of Un cuyo?
Brooklyn L.".'.'ts of adOHniatraUoo vere iiranu?.! bo
ti.? ? rni.lies ol tin- f... ?-un; iiameii iecoasail peraonSi
ti/ A,it.e Milla lui k. Mai-ir.t ? ?.rv ,11, Janus Hri?
c?,| i.inii Bebender, Edwin ' c.?r-i?, <???or<e Kest, sad
Utyorge VIIHORtoa, all b1 tha I ty ?>t Urookij-:
lu tin? I mt???! Statt?! ('uniHiisMionei'i, l.'ourt?
on Saturday, the sees of Ueorpi ?fudaoo, Ceahieeoftae
i'..-i ? nu.. "? 1. ai. ?.I \?.'li ? oil. -..:lin^ ni onay L-l .iiiitl 1. c
m ..,,1 letters, was called b ton ( ?.innii-nui.ir .1 nu*.
Mr 1. 1 *->.> mit 1 -?ni. hlaeoonael, itibui.itcil the saos, sod
arcoad thai taoOoreraat-nt hn.t no jiiti?<li?n..u,_a Mr.
itioti? was Postmaator, sod Jodsoa ?mi? booda lo hlui
f.r the bithfeld-ieoorao el hie daly. He...?.?.ii issBrree?
'li?? Metropolitaa Hone Bailfoad ?aaaald
ut mu lion on Saturday, by ord? 1 ?.f in?. Bepn BM Court,
?... in?!? 1??1 Bsort/miaa. li.? Eastern Dl?isl-a?ejit?ttd.
in. fi'ii Mi ire '" .Han and UushwlcS mes ta Mhldl?
Villas.-, waasoldlOBBttsfysJudstosnt torl-IVDBOta tkror
of ? barb - M Bandalla lb?' paiahese? wi?s sa. Join lou,
P'jiw Th? \i.-itin IMrlsloo?thal portlee Inn lino-??
reitst luv i" Mein ;?"'!' to 1rs -- ?Bl mM lo BBtlify a
? im it uuoiu i.?i. r ? ( W11. I'", i sod other?
in, 1 .1:, 1,., ?er ?var Mi I B ElOell tor HOJSS. ITOit' II
li ', tie, Mr Jam iNoson, on behalf of Hie M ?. ?
|?*S' National 1 tnh of Sf rueaar, i?i' tostad lOBtasI the Bala
uni!, .? . o in 1 the road ?aa paiahaaoaThylhohaah,
ol 1 -.nil!!'* ??,. . :?' I.' '. ' hi IS
li'?inihi;s 1 ?i-iity boxes "f eigara, velaed at
r. -i . ;. 1 1. . 1.0 la.i. ,l,ai??r, L??? t. ? ? I tmotmn ?
. . -, s . ? ?
uni ' . * . ?? * I b? Hi
? .. -. ! 1 ii - . it r I tate*).. .Iks
1 a'. 1 ? ? .'? 1
I n , , , ,. 11,, mat i-,, , ftttm ??
I ' . IT. II I'l AINH, N J An . u'.n-i.? 'n' !? moor
, ?Mt l'l?H?0?l mara maaa sr ms ?S?s Bt? BBSSsssa,
rri.tt Pmmtkmmtit Ott A T PAttemtm o' ?*m\.t,\. fta ?-?ti??
. .- i:?i i*?*|. II..I lu-'. iuiUFUl.1 iin.ai..
,\j;\V.\l'K'a?'1 be ? ??in pi i incut ?ry dinner ubi' It vi..*
In kit. i-<'. , i ?'i Hat rd ti It, Sir liiaT.r. tli* ??rfnt.t el t???n
At. ,. lal? J.i.i.. i- u'. .k% l.'jitiil-tatb? fc..|r<M:. ? .'ii rt. It. Una uati
i .. i im ni i f lln Hu i ft f?' ml ii j li IT i Mafiis I--.
bids* tka tomatal ml Ike fais Sell It.iriicu, ti.? lum? , tot koitt
?una. Umlt ('??? in.ui Un- Fan .1. Cii'fra* ?t ? ?. tri .?i ... ?in-i rln
Itf ?li? ,iii.i>-tf?rt?rt*T*. wrrbi???, ??*?? ?tlirr p"?i??n.?? rim??? 1
a A Ttii.r ilriit.rart li. -,n.-? ? firth? tiki??- ia lu? tai? ?
for I.'? i.t III? Eral ?.ra. uf Ik? II???'li ??? ,| r 1.1 fl ' til li- a
IU| . li .. ?I...ii ?li! u.iT?r?i?ll lil.? K? (*.?r Wir.! ?>..',' MmI
itmoak Wtai. looa l"ii i ??. ''""" Ustttsr.??! I'? ?I Cm a? ?.r? i
a. lae rraai. I??1 it tarawi ,n Jal?.-?. I l'w??iul t'cui.trrr
'lill. DXUO&tATIC ATIUI.'N?.Y-<?I.ni-;kaL AF
piton it
PB-Boaroa, a j, April2, ?ino.
To lion. Attorttrij (}enr>til QlLCMUIT! M?>r
ough . U . i...u si .1,j?. Have the in Bl*i ?? ?? .1 iignl lo votet
I-:. It. BrOOSUti k. Mayor.
rr.ii'M 1 OOKSOAL'S OrrtCK, I
.lu ?? 1 (hy, ipi 1, j, ko, (
Munni J'ruicelon, .V J. ; 'J li
K.B .*?ross tara. SBf., Bepm 1'ruiceiun, .V J . '/ho
Fifteenth AtuaodBMnl etehea und ??> much of our Hiato
l.'tiii.aliliitlini 11a mi ne? ?i mt of (.nlni dil i< s Iii? righi of
any BIMBOO tit the tinlnl States to vote. Tin* 'lliirteenth
li-Modateei made all Hu- colorad ix-opic abo wera before
in auret) tee*. If a flea eotared satire vee not a atti?
*en before, the tut atibe i-vint??. nth Amendment muk-?
him s.? Tiirco qooBtloaa aie inadt? ob the Fifteenth
Amendment. First I* it In fen? or ieg.ll? adopted I
batand. l?,,c? it operate upon ?tais oli-cilunsf Third.
line, li destroy eU provisions at the Oooslitattaa a? ???11
an proveo! t.iture I'liivialens denying tin? right to rote on
a. count of Batar, lu iiiy opinion the .lui.-.s of Kleclion
?houlil treat ihn matter ah a Steetle ti one, and an?w?*ra!l
those ?in "?lions te tho aStaoattre, though ibiy tuny im
llove a? I dn, thal naooostltutlooal t..ree iwaa tim bmoos
of procuring tho r-t.ft?-ation of tha 1 bod ed ern ni. .?ml
tln.ti.'ii on this ?lound it may Anally bo held by all
hr.un ties ?rf Um Government never t?< luv? been in force.
Unthill? 1mldteordor ?ill result If the I nia.f-1 of Flec?
tion in any State, hy c??nc?ut, now. answer tlic?e question?,
in the iii'i'.tti ve Yet If any Judge? think* these Questions
should be answered iii Hie insalive ami ilesirtn to make
a ci-?;, .uni ih.iiks lu eau i'la, in au> do ?o, hy refiiaing
a BOlored p -i ?nil's vote, h?: niav-1? i*.hoiit*iuioral guilt it
fuse it, but will ni..hnil.ii illy subject himself In the MO
hUt of the law (If any there I?- impon, d upon a Judge)
fur the lcfusal, and if the Court? deeide he is wron? to a
civil -ni', and tho BOMBO slecMd niay if tho vot??a re?
fused would iiavi- defeated li:m. los?- hi? election. One
or t ?vu rares In the whole Htate will be all thal can be
productive of any good whatour. If It r?liull bo deeiuol
wise to conti st the right. A? a pi act:, al, present ques?
tion of the hniir, the rigiit of the colored mau to roto, If
he m alhorwlsa ipiallfhiS. ibonld bo traotad as sal tied ni
bis favor. It.uu.iir OiLcsuusTt
The Citiioins' Association s-inl Bl ?i formi,...
blo diictiu.ent, ouotigu to lill threo of our column?, of
whit h WO j.i.'ri.iii! Li., following salient points: Tin-iI.ilTI
nient Is ailtlretased to the Legislature, stn! lets forth that
for ?ix yOBSB Uni Avou.itiiui baa been struggling to ?e
ctirs honest and ecoiiouilcal government for this city.
Their present purpose is tho examination of the pro?
poned new ?hat'or. They concedo tho vital point of di?
te t responml.ilify for tho adniiulntration of the law?,
and approvo the proposed form of liiipeacliiuiut by the
Mayor of hi? subord?nalo?, ami tho trial I.v'u .upreuie
Court. Tiiey go for a Hoard of Publio Works, ctnbrac?
lOBtkeOMsa and Street DSfSSSSSSOts.i-xpoctlus thr-rehy
tuget much better ?ervice at an iniiin-ni.? reduction of
ccMsr. and flguros aie given to pravo their position. They
fiirthernioro approve these points and tho proposed
charter : 1. Tax to he lovit-d only _v the Legislature; J.
Kibonlinating the action ef the Ctuuiuoti Council to
L?gislative auttiorlty; 3. Approving the election
of A. h r h en on general ticket; I. The tlire??
ft?urths voto rei|uired for the adoption of any act
e apeadlos the city money for celebrations or
luuketlua* I? The parks t.? be all under one
Boord] Tlie restriction at Bil exponse?, to the ?um of
previooi appropriations; 0. The praaarrottoa of existing
nrovlstooa aga I oat bribery _n.l Improvident legislation ;
7. (iiiTtiif the Mayor the appointaient of hi ads of Hepart
imTit?, and beldina lum 1 ?? sj?. n-?. i..e for the sc.u of his
sub iidiii.iles. lui) ??tate that tins plan, lu substance, li
Um i-ame .1? that recommended in l?"'i7, by a apt? lal Coin?
mitti e oi the t minni'ftaannl itloe Loatly,tbey arepleaaed
t>> ?a? that "while the metropolitan rharaeter Of tlie
?T uin.is.sion? is chung? ti, al! the bennicia! provision? ?if
tha acts ?mating them are rethloed.*' Anil, lastly: Tho
AMOataUOB would ?fate thal thcie are ?o many provia
-.niis til the proposed uiw charter tvhii h uro ?lecided IBS?
proret-OBts upon tim ? ?...iii.t: leeal soverooMal that the
Aas.iciati.ni respeclfolly ***** Its eeoetiaeat tate law at
your bandi a? tho ?icuicst ncLctit wo van obtain for thu
TmVB in n:r.NA'U0N.via OO-U?i ya? irr hack.
Vlee-Co_--Bo4osa J. -?'. Baaaett, jr., sailed aa
Saturday for I.iiglaud, his mi.-asion hell g to ?upcrvUe the
re Utting of lils yacht, the Dauntless, tor the forthcoming
international ocean y .vii', race with tha Cambria. Mr.
Kennett intend, to command his -.??-?-.; in person. Hy
his during ami perseverance in yachting matters ho long
.?.ne* won the ettet-ru aud SSO??SOSS of American yacht
li "ii. and in tho jireseet BOSS, where ho ontered Into an
isnaiianl tv..;i Mr Ashbury t?i_ii.|v as an a merl? au
? a seo, the ?.uutract i? tim utore heartily applauded tor
beta/I ni atti' by lb? represent.if ;\e A mt 1 loan ya. luman.
\, h le every member of ? UM iv Yacht ihnb feela that Mr.
Beonett is tin- proper person toraeeeed to the hhrh hon
lira ftllotvlng a victory lu such a mutest, tin re is a
divided oritilnti as ??? wheilmr tlio ? ?.?..''. -< is
tho vissti mi-it l.W.'iy to B-Btavo a triumph,
elie I? not yet held in sjch hi^'h osfa'eiQ aa bee mister.
This botos theeaao,tbo defeat of the Doantlees weald
u?>t ton.< ra m- Beonatt'i proatlea la the least In?o*
glaad, Mr lahtrary's eaaa ?sjiut u?e iwer,?? There tho
Canil?:la 1? reoanled ??? ih?- reproaratatlve raeht, .?ml Mr.
A-li-jin/ a, her foi minite p??s<-?*<?r. Should the Isinbna
nie the rees ead Mr. Asaoary samaaHid Orr to aersoau
ino rossal'oaooaofli would imur i?i toeoriet la B?oiUmm
a? ?lue to li,? ptSBBOl e. v? hth' bon tile dt)foat of Ihr 1 Tiiii
bru? ?voiiii in 4.r..i,?..0*% tam assail ?f ihn aoaianihlp
nf Mr. Banoott. As to tho SOSOtloa of ??loo ossOloai?
tara, h oBeott the ABMtieoa unit. ?1 ?. ?.- a? to tia-stadol
of one (?.?at. ?Inle tht: art In ItaflBOd li to roif ?ve au in.?
petal or e ohtreh. Bo much for the practical ixaringof
tlie mee. Tho iBteieat vvhlrh ii li.is BVaOOOOd 111 both
??1n1i1tr1ehW.il iBcreaa An the ?lay for MtUoa ??ii an?
pi.iiK'hcs. iiv the Fourth of July, the unie the roaaela
aroti? loare Klnaale, Iratood. it o ?1 hain noah? .1 a piteh
oi oxiit-iiit'iii ?lilth will lind its culmin?t.ou ouly wheu
one nf the roSSBM makes dandy Hook point.
iri;**; B KiciiANOia-l>itA(.__
At 10 last ni?lit .1 fin- o-currc-.l in tlio ollie?
.f I.. T. Hoyt, broker, ib tha war of the Arm floor of NU.
te Rat hasp pitt. Tho entire * ni..-th.g sud No. ii were
bul.? doOMd-d. Mr II' .-: r, t .-i..t, 11 - an?! ?l'ieis wera
dania?.'.'il to Iks BttaOtSl l-,'>00; insured.
The front ofMee was occupied by Charlee Unger ?ft Co.,
bankers eod broUeii?; loos WOO. 'J lia frout oil.ce un the
BSSSBa, leSS wss orciipi.sl by PSfSStSS A Co., brolen? ;
iBSSlMSa The r*?ar lOeH wa? BOOOfftad hy I'armlre,
Sion?) Je ' B?! 1' M KBB. ih - fimi' 1 mm 00 the tbird Hour
was oct'-Pii-d by ....yuts, Broa * Co., Usukors aud bro
ti - : Iobi tut
The r. ai i?. in tit? t. iTipletl hy John I'. Kiampp.
brokar IsMBttjtah iii.? fonrth leervrae occupied bv
l/i-iiox Mniitii, iiuiiiui: ctigiiuK-r. Loss * "?'. i In? front of
lbs tret lobe of Bo. IS wea seeapled by ?ltiigerland ._
Pi ince, brokera, l.???? IS6S Ti-..? r?-.?r roo? a i< oeeaelod
?.-?? ' ?'j 1. il.i- ..A'.:i t < .?. . i..i..'i ? aud brokera, len?
All Ihe.-e partie? aro insure.1. Tti? bull.lin?rs be <>ng to
the I. ntl aatote. and aro d.iina/t rt ti. t ...- t-.uTit.of lia.iris);
tallylaaorad. nelrolsaappeeed t??u.ivo heeaeaaeod
by au overheated MOI ???
?v?m .vu HBOKaii COIXKQB.
Tiie Woni.iii'a Medical College, ths .ill.ipu.tlii?:
party of Vew-Vork liudicol OOOMM, bSld its BOBSMaSO>
niur.t exerciseiat Association Ifail on Hat.inlay evening.
Mr, PiesMSOS Wil'.ot's<>ctupled tho ?hair. After the .?pen*
nu prayer bv Mr. HepWOTth, Miss tliza Phelps of Iowa
?i< iivunieil a t'|...'ia .. < arl ileoteaoC suoaessfol nom?
l no1 ion ?are |.r? ..< m .1 ti Bilan E. -liteUeil of
Pouusylvi ula, rrlostls a. LoeiM of HaaaaelMMOtts
l-jii'i. t ( ' li .n? nt Seo J ni ?ey. and liles Li ? Morgan of
Bow* York, Bindoola ?'im .ne : ibs arodoai 1 unr ngti.n
HaMBiBMr. Prof. Bully Bia? kw ill, M. li., ml Iit??*ed to tho
) ?'in.g 1 alle? ?oin' eulie.?- ?lut Pullt? ?lilly Will ile B-bOT*
unions, f-he .li ?.ml (iiein m ii'iiK min i ial their studies
wen not uni. I; that tin f??t of their Ix i Bceoptod by
Ui.. public a? 1 i??iii.ii - required eeettoual and cai
ii:, -iinlv Uiro'tgboul their nts. Mr. Hepwerth ina.i?
oif t,f bli ?lull at t- ris.,c-Hy -li-'is;. nr ^!?.t'!n?< 1
Heyesol#o rinn.ed Ptaoaoeeci undert|n inSeeooonf
-?? iiutrh .sieni, le aiity, asa BOerpp. Hr. McCreody of
tli ? Ex m 11 'i ? B-ai ! 1.1' rt.d th. gi-atlfylhc rerult? of
ti. ? 111 ia.:ii.it,i.n ii. fovo tho eemhinod ?pinlou of I ha
1. .1 ebon m laid thal the Isdiui wea* ?yond th?
arero-Oef laalo gi arlu:?''*. Th* Ibu liable Vsledletor;
mu m- ' ..'? road ! j Bin I uir.t M .1 ,1.
1 f.} 1.1. - MKI IIP \ i ANNIN I I ??A HY.
Oil S.tt'itil.l.v uVt'Iiillti *A illiilii' II, .'\it>?'(*
, . ? ii sdhiall *ir*mm*\m\y at tho looms of the 1? ..?soui
.ia in Ki'ii iv?. Tho Chlof Boes? a ?eeftneahsd ?Ita
spy?Ahss-T.TS**tby*** Baarp A Barana, commis
?.o:., r ??e.'U Hreni.aii ?fid Jai.iBt MtO??*Vi.n gave a
0.:n?ni Timor of Hie event, and he Old DSMOSSB y
writ ric? edlng'.y ' bil.int over their ncent ?in .-.ess.
Du leeth< da\ a ?I? .... ion f?o:n the Wm. V 1?.t'l-1
-a-HHitoUon M?i'ed theil ^u'r? . ead .11 an . leltaal
1,. nant tes Grand Soetteio sold thai It bed han ?i* he
.!'? 1 i- a? lol h h ? |.?."?> 1 10 remov? !' pub ca'i (?Tiuh? ?
Iii .ii?, ami -'to I ave the city upi:- 1 ' ?? .!.' , lOtl
H-i 1 ' and boaaei ? ? ? i.'a 'i w'tout tha oropart*
?oru 1?. t? rklngmeu,andcitiien ?t ? I] v?i 1 Irejo-s
t niti. m 1.1 " He waa espeelallj , stifled sSthom*tl< ? .f
t' e 1 Uieni,JM a pui lie SMS lohsd with pi mr .?ml
. .t ,:.i. ....i upon ti ? unv. of m r 1 lit- 1! _??- bl
ti.ee consul icy, -Sp?cial!) al a tlate tike the pit t,
?\a 1 tai les, '. d aa ? BMkuMbfMi i? s -sspssois 11 rl
iojtraep he reins *f poo r
1' m ? ut . inga.Ti u H 1 t?? be held at t.te Jtinctlcii
of 1 Bl???? ? ?>' ? ?! n ?I ?t., ?ir. Xwi?cd' h ._. , Ma.
p. ? t ltd l?.a ? o' th? Bl ?MO.
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Olli of nammen I; t,.h tia ?ra. ?nul. A.aer?"e, tr? Mil? M.rfirel
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All Nuiice* of Montages mu*i be inderted tritt fall
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I,AW SoN-At Allrn. H , M.rrh J.I J|, r I. mt? BS
'l>r rr.al art ?i, I tr t.t? el r'a? to a ,_, .?'.--, ?I? Igtertl
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III.1er, No. tb -tit <?r ?a. ,it. , . ; i*.ul) lett, ti . Milite?.
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t\,e 1 r ot th? I itf ..t Sea i uri. tai te? ol 'ba ni? (, ?. IrtaM Heb?
?in ol Ur.t. ?.ter l.o.i.ty. ?. V., ,? tit? -,Al it???Ska) ate.
The r'l.l ?r? ted IV rn.lt ,.f|r.e 'rrene<l. I??t?tlirr ? .li hit -ttrtk?!?.
?br.ttiin S ii. Charlea li. Unana ara r-.rj-nr.il? .?tile, ta ?Kr?_
I..? ?ime.Bl from ti ? I'r.'.r !? nan Ckatffc (tb? Io Ita-, bat-aTi, kt
1 I 'Irr, Ik-M., I frw .|oor. ??al ?tilth air Il.t? VI,.. I.? ? ,Hi?| A ot?
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?ra und ..I 'l,r Mrtp? llolluw I raillrrj fur r.l?r>e?ll.
?iHllllRIl- tt Roo.,, ?aerial aflat a ?l.trt I Hu-?? tait .<?_. V
f-,? I-.-i-1 i Li..?a <,r? ?jo I. til .la .birr of I -.r? ta K lit,,? ?I Ita
IIiBAHT On ?Ba.lt? Apt . 3, With? uni? rk,M ef Jaka Wilina? tat)
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I. , w.t? at It .lu? ?V Lrit.tt in . Jiu.?irr ,t Oiorr i Krittln, aa...
Reliti??. io I f-eia.lt ir? ttmlej to _lt?o-l ibr in tnl foi r>l lira |?I
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LO-ltWOOr.-At M .nnl Vitana, N f ?, |S|SS_Sf April 1. Jetait
Hii in.'..,, 8 ft I. 'Uti, ii ml, r-r o! lobu M. t'.t M.t. r II I ????? ? .t
_UUD?Al Ititi ? . h < ..tin . Aprl. I ?f ni.I.(a.ul ictrltt friert
?li...? H. ?.. . .( \\ It. m I I J MSB. .?? I teem i?, I , ,?o?tiit
MARTIN-i.-i lataf-Bf Air 1 MOJ lllai.it, ti rt?. I nt Mita I Mir
t.t ia Iii? ' lil, ?. ?r ,.f . rr aje
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toe fuB're! 1,-tt rrt at lirr lltr ? a tr?. ? li.' Kia? (?.".' Mall .
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tirMUl.N ia r.r.tk'to. Pria? Apr.I I, at 1 ;,l U ?r.?. f'.uie I . ?Mea?
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Vari, at 1 in j. ra.
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rta I i .....??, rtB S? hau al COtlO Chant Wap SBtvSB- TI itf?
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fhs I-r.:i tal r. ?t.,,, ?ft.., ???_<? irt ttlttd W Ittttal IW lbsaa-1
IroiB It.? r-, .r , o: , ,-r I .a .u ta, I.. I). I ?,..',.. . ?! : ..a Hal ?Ik
eat at J t"ej_al P- to
?Mlril-ln Br....kl,n ..n S?n,1tr ?I n.t M.rl?a II If. w f? of Ila
?tya Snotb. iii im. rrafl - -tallai I, ikt? h
Funeril I?'? rr? li IV, Srher,. rr ,,.r ?n ! ? ? .'.ti
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Taw) rr a .?-? a . I laaS, af !,.? ;.?>, r MObtlttal t.. <tlr?.| I ? Narrai
fron, li.a htbrr a rr.i anrr, Xu .ot, W tat li, rtf?l__rl ?... at A onana
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at (.'.D.-inaati. la btrMiib J'lr.
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I,?: \. It."!, tell at I) ttrirl Hra-i'iarura. B*a 8.1 H-.i:?,r A,,-.. I,
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Ob '??.K.ium. ai.it Li ti?i?t In b-a ?iuiiiun,; auj ______ tbt part?.
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bataal .?.rcr.urj, tu t_? Comiaitta? at lu te ti meeting
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kittlr BaetroiaiB, No. Ill Braadwar. wat ttljounatl ta MONDAI, itk
IBr place.
The areli?? w .? : -I I at tbe call of Meatet
Ita-aul, at I ,, etor-k. ?t ?he Mia?.
..mr an? bril allh? ca
Mt, (?K.N J.ll.N A. KtT, WM r HI ' ?l.'.KTT
Mllt-HAl.I. <> KOBKKrs, WILLIAM K b<?I,?il"..
AHO-.ll KN?), ?AM H. RAI NOB.
Sil Ri 11 KHI? KNAPP. RK1 BKN W. Hu ri M,
li.ANIRL t. TIRMtUta, li I? MORGAN.
NMl.l.lAM RI...'!??'!"? ?!' THUMl-A. .Ai I.-.S.
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It ii ?- , ? ,? ?- ' tint tie - ??? charter ?till bt irte, o? i? tbt Seiilt em
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?.??<??:? S lit to? artiif ?paaeii.
Arter lit Mirtieir * ???.? Vr?? NICOL It l'AVIU-tON, ?it
Oi.Lt z ie :.. ! '.ilt.r?t ?t *S?j Br?t.|w-Bi iirtr ?Irrat Jo, et it.
ti? ma ton llroiberw,
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rtail tiRANITR MNXKR mttg, fea-a.?l? lu ?Il
H.J.s-ll flliM DIMi__lSb.TH.au?_ I u U
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assis lelit,r?J .o Nt? Ytrk lal aulnil?. I? lu? l'aetj can pata
t' t !" >r.
_ -_T_, 'J.TH AND 'i IO 1T ,.T??N IT -OOOCtTB _
?Juill.n* il?, lla?.?r??.
O?' ?Otl?w ?to-'t ?f Pre-irli Ol'm <'ul II, 1 lil.mitr. Tlbir ti I ?Il SU
ter-li.irl Wara, T? ?? ?. ?'. ?r? t tt?B. Mr-,nt.. aui (.ai Ktit-rta, Wa
ba ? J II ?nie? Ur bri?? ?utta.B? r?er lr?rl I e?f l
lil l.?hl.,l t,r. Il M: .
Jt* Vi It < . ba fib BO, ?ria ?t ,?.-? U.a.. '. ?1 t'sel
Ml I.?rit ?? ! I -l.l ? -..?a? I) J.or .? t. al ra, t: . (tall I otu
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. ?) i'._<.ie_ ?,'hiitl'trrl K?H. ? a kell frere
I'll 1 .Hi . rti. I ?'?. 1.1 M ?I. it. tun ?I La.! pllr?.
t ?al Ilk??? ?li I ol ,B B.atu l|.'-a
ir? ?'t.- lb.'?r wl i-'Wfc
tv ). P Piii.KY-.'? s nilBjss?aaB
ll.ir??? n:w lu M al. li?-?, .li it i-;r? . ?V ,-.
A .Ktrri: tutl.o! WAU HIS JI.WKLR?. SIL ?Hi and ?.tTTIl?
Ti .1,1 K ) A,.-?. O.'-KA OLA.-akk.. k... ati.-o. ?.I ?t ^?w?t!j l.K
p i io 1HII.I.S. u aaapti i<- oin u...'A.,?u?k _?-... ._
n Ms Bttsl
Mt-Maa ttIN':?l a? k???a?Ti:u 1 Y, l-i?rilY _?VISJT1 DOL
UaOtast. 000 0 All.k.N Iii BROlDWiY _ ?_, ?oar V*i*a
I ia. it il I l.l" I H (O.II)Vl'AY. ibe'? Tw-it, ? tiatl. ti
'iirrrliaaj. lavass-stoi E- _,salC-_>__at tkooU mothe L
\ ?VKN VMH8 MjITTRI /,i%
at ii Baal I . '.!. ?1 ii, ihr? Vu ft? nt ?ru'/f,,, , r. u;,r t_
m_B - _.*-f!?____- ?itiBtaty. Oais-M ?'-?,
-f?v."liit> \???-.i?l?l), ?.?ir*,,.,. .?* ,. ,. ,., ..,, <-?._,
Til i nil ? -mm., .?i? ntl' .? i <t?s Kki-i im ?s*? a
TIUN wiU .- k? ?I THia ??W,(| _?x_M.N.. A,r'l?|t, I t, I
?'?'" ? ? - A?"?'(??? U. ni.s |Uk ?',?. ?a.i.
?KI ?I ) ' 111, I ? ?
Pata? m?, ri ! '" rtiilt?.
v.*"u -?or? ,.-,-_, i.; r ? ii ,r. .. I,
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