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yoi.. \\\.R? %\U
pftCSSU si:i:f.\t.i.y awaitix?; nu: onskt.
Al HI 1(1 IN--N ?KM BWrt OBIOIB M I-' Al W
CAMTAH M m in.'I' B1 BMA! -\Mr\iiin I.
UmNMl, W. aBBOdayi July ?.?;?MuliiiK?'t.
The ape? in! eca? ape mit ut of Tin Ti:im\K. under
wrtteefreafl Billin that the Proa
hi.in b id | :! '" 'I1-1' ? i'.v- Prince
Frederick (li irl.'s li :if pam Di ?ti I omiiiand of tlif?
Rhine. It li Coneiderod M o: I.ir. m
Berlin l?iiit Najtolcon. uHUitinK on ?linlouill.v OB (hi
part of Bouthera Germany, li,k1 planned
a raaden Bmveaaenl aa M Uw Rinne
tv,f,,?. I I concentrate a MMMcnbk
hve?; that lie wai bitterly diaappointed bj Ibi
UTiaiiinutv of ill (ornum ; and not daiimr lo rath I
it-nt northward with tb< Booth German armj
on hil flank, he lias certainly delayed, and perhapa
altered hil original plan of campaign. It is be*
tiered that no adranea eau new bi made ?it any
without riakiug a general engagement, Prue
aia, though not ready to atti '? everywhere
foi defanaa. Thi prolonged rtaj of beadajnarteri,
iaclading Ina King and Gen. MoHke? at Berlin,
hliuw* a confidence thattba Pruaaian lim* cannot
anywhere i>e suddenly forced.
Danisii Beatralttj lan ? ko? <i Impregnable, Anearla
i* bow Biding with Praaaia rather than with Prance,
renehan pnrchaaing amala Liege,pretend?
bag that thej ara toeupplj American orden.
On ~i><'> lal eorreepondi ni In Bt, Petenborg writea
cn the 90th but. thal Gortai hakoff a 111 no1 retuTn at
pteeent. Baron Fredericks of thi Foreign Office baa
baeaaent to aaalel bun at WilbadL Tba Baaaiana are
ntnting troopa cn the frontier <>f G
Tin tala i'i anny in.isis baa been dieoon<
tinned. All ic?rea af abaanea in the anny are
aaneelcd. 1!. troopa at the camp of Kraanoe?
at id nilly to ?arch, flurmiiamil
epinlona Urot Praaaia : the libera] papara
sustain France. Tin ?tt. Feienharg Caratti Manies
France wholly ; the Meeaeai Gewatet and the BseAaagj
< blaaae Prnaaia. The GeJaewm at t'u^t fur
Praaaia and bl now againat ; hot argea atrict oeu
trahty on the part af the Goverumeoi The "
?er, an otlii'ial paper, at til Ht atti? kui I'm.- in so
mioiil'Iv that tin- Pruatian ' kargt ii I '". com*
plained i Flearj ia le remain in Bt. Feterabnrg at
preaaal The Rnaaiaa GoTeromenl attempted to
inti if n by perraadingthePraaaiaa King to make
to Eagl uni the ih ? laration which waa demanded i>y
Fraaee, bwt fail d.
Tin- Emperor appoint! John, Archimandrite and
Icapoctoi "f Ihe Eccleaiaetienl Beminory of lioacow,
aa the Archbiahop of Alaaka ami the Aleutian
blanda, i>> reeide either al Baa Franeiaeo, Ken fork,
otBit dary w?l be paid from the Imperial
til asm v. O, v.. ft
Donara wabxuu pbifabatioii?eight btjw
in;i D rilOl ?ABO MBB OH TUB HMNriKK?
?rLBWDID li- hum. 01 IHK. AHMT?T1IKIB
< ,1VN' K8 01 -i" B05,
Uni o?, ?? aneada). Joli it, lara,
Tn Tubvui rpecial tonaapondent al Meta, on
Sunday night, sent UM following TOT] important let?
te- centaii uj the firat i kau ?tat? ment .it the Frem 1?
petition and plai ?
I left ungenau aa the Ski, taking the train bj the
lim whichleadi pa-t I'..ti in- and Barreguemincato
M ! . Al Qfl tiiii lme warlike preparationa ad
arerj kind were lo be teen. I pOaaed Reid
hattet ice perked complete at the different
?banting placea, arti! I gol tired of look?
ing at ile mi. \ItiiiinTh the French carry their Infan?
try and artillery a good deal orce Um railwaya, they
leam inclined to alio? the cavalry to march along
the loaiN. v ? v Biore ti an a tingle partj of
keaoaaaen, and io one eaae a whole regimenl walk?
bag al . a hi' h, jual bt fore we arrived
at tiie \ oagi a reu parallel * Itb the ralla. 'I ha regi
lient in me ?? un m , un d in the lu le -t marita, M
the, wi ed theil banda ami aponed their aoanewhaf
j;: led aleeda into ? tret m a awi i te the aalutationi
which reached tbem Dean the foot aoidiera in our
About4 o'i ! m i, we reached the Voagea. T hi>
rangeof '? Au. which takea rise near li* if? rt. nins
aearlj paralle] with the Shute until it alopaa
down to the lowland! about CobWnta and
?.-. ?here tin Mr;. I ourg, Bitche, and
Met J! liuea pierce the range. Aa a militar)
wi alf aye been i onaidered the
im oi ih fenai p maa d bj Pranoeoo the
Still, thi thinness of the range, thi bn adtk ?T
which in-ai Bitche blander 80 milee, and the huge
un m i h i i f ralhsya wbieh i roaa it baa traverae din e
tion, prevent it froaa fotaabsg a rerj conaideralile
militar] oaetaele. Then- is a loeiety called the
" Frau?.--1 irailleuraof the Voagi s," >\hi< h on a amaD
Beal I? tra aomereaemblanceto ow volunteera. Ah
awl: lone u Beean*centrar] latheaaibV
ni Fraaee. Thej bareaiwaya been ton
aidered in an amaabag Ughi b] iheFreneh yanrnala
\s however, now beginning to expreae theil
aatonuilimeut at finding that the banda af the Vonirea
uri v, riuoalj dianaiidiug permuadoa to fleet a general.
amil cooperate with the r?galai lara
Alter u inding f"i sunn- I une through a defile, anil
kelara w< bad eHeajathai laaeaaMlad the weetara
elope* ai theVoaayaa, are arrived at Bitehevamnall
fortif ? ii pUu a witk a Btrong rdtadeL the Bin agth of
ed lo lu- m thi hi>/i? ami Bcarped sides of
tin- bill apon wbieh it was perched. Proaa Bitche
*o Barrel u m ?nea wa aaaajed camp alter aaBaap,
True, ii,any of these were small, hut everything
aaaameted with them anntiatakabt] repealed that
"'?' ? ? the OUtlyiug pall? of the hup- four.
Freea lilt-he to ni negaran inca i? ahonl twenty
- and throughout this ?l?stame, and for ahoiit
tw< ty milce w,nt of Barregueminee,foiij Bailee la
all, tin- hue eenatanttj aaaanMehea wubin a Caw
oetweec Bih ha and BaneamaaBinea their Baonhen
I thi li .' ii With eontidenee; hut
bejoud the i?Uei 1H,.,t it waa alaai that tba bne,
w '? ois from Meta lo Bitebe, bl loaf now
ol extra., n Bj lal) iinprn tanee, w.is ear. full., picket..!.
IN eoorae, loalyaaa ? portion af th? areeaaatieaai
??BOO, hut J ,,M1|,i ,,|,? ro ,ii;il at ??j,urtant jsiiiitH,
?nell as where raada areaaed the nae, lhere
were campe of eavalrj ami artillarj awaMatdj i \i
dentl] placed to rapport the videteea and pichete
wi,.. h ai. wah bug the frontier,and to save the line
f<-in being interrupted When we gol about ?birt j
littli louth of Barrcgucminea, the
a tamer, and we ?lui not m a a
in i< u miles, ami oadj paaaed
al "?' ii iraini lad? n aith military
li hut the Una froaa Btraa
' i< .omi Barr? lui mut? s has
brain impn laiona not lib? Ij
1 ' ' I range] ones .,t ti,,. h.lMie kind.
/ pli . i!n a impraniima to writing,
bul mi ne faint Idea avaj I? aaav? red i>> bnaginmg
IDed tritt aoldlera, eheeriag ami Mag aaeand;
Stations lim (1 w ,iti sympathizing tptt t:?t?.i^ ; true ks
la?!, ii willi gOM in mkIi iiuiiiIxth that um- CWHd l<?
tak? inter? -t in ih. m ; Um mads, winn tiny rouM
li !>< . ii f i cm Um tlains. inr-iiTiilM-i ?m1 willi ca\alr\;
; ami lastly, fat Um 90 mflea in awi ? n Um Hit? Imami
Naiiotrmiuincs' t. nts, so timk that I could hardly
make out win tin i 1 was | at-sing through one or scv
ti al ?..imps.
Ahumlanee of good longa and wood was tilted
aloagtiM linea, TbJelael pusaled ne anti] I found
that tliin portion ot tin i-r. m i, raihvayi m wpplk <l
with (oil frota I'm -tan mim"*, who li. it in f. no1,
they will flood before tbaadoniag, Hut mm lattin
m i m k nu u i onapicuoua by its tbaaaen. Than wm
bal little i-iiow of cu?n r baggage <>r baggage-eni
ni.ils. laaa aleonen? of Umidroveeof cattle wbb h
might iia\i lim expected t<> i>< ana with ? iurp>
When I arrived at Mali lu Um ant ttna,tnaa>
port bonn wart to bo found in aunaban. Tiny
win heavy,atrcng-lookiog boma,many al them
grays. Tbej tren picketed Lu ? barga square. Um ir
baltara tied to the wheoh) of eoaatr] wagant The
iio:s. - li ni i h iik jual 11 im bon the plow, and bo
Ride them laj tin n ordinary h ?mean An ana Mary
rorpe of peasants bad bees engaged to oondocl the
tragona. rhej had no nnifomae, bal carried cartu
on iii u bato, denoting the carpi afarsaai to which
iln j belonged. I ti led to gat a room at Um Hotel da
L'Europe, bul trat iafornod that it was full of n< l??
enla, and of the KUtt Hague I then applied at the
Grand Hotol do Meta, and was told that ahhoogb
the] bad l8 -'<m i.da, they would manngu to aeeanv
inodate im. Upon repeating thii ?peech to Um
lady who appeara to manage the Hotel de L/Enrope,
whore I again repaired to iaojain fat fettere, ahe
grew a little indignant, and aaid that abe had mon
generala m bet hotel than Um madam opposite, and
eren she had no1 is. hut thoa aha was not m the habit
of exaggerating?
'I lu eourt-yaidi of both beti ia were crowded with
baggage-carta belonging to Um atad Bungera. Ba
aainc alone had at Maat fire two-boraa wagooa
marked; "Ifarahal Barnine, N?>. i," ate, op le Ha 5
?not nn iliiheml allowance e\i n lora Marshal. <>r
derheaand gaarda crowded Um vates; Um private
Bitting rooms a i re turned into olims. and the ? all
htgaalooaawea aorronnded with uniformed men,
it was <iuit? a distinction t<> wear a plain ?coat, but
bj BO m? ans a pit Man? ?liM UM lion.
This evening I look a walk with an aeqoaintani ?.
ih aakedme; MDo j*ou obi rve anything peeuHai
about tli?? French ofBoerat" I replied, "No." "I
do." he answered; "tiny an- dreaaed in marching
order; the j embrace instead of bowing when they
part;tbej taj an?'/ wtvir, and no1 anadlea;there
will he amareb t .-monow.'' in..- anoughj winn
we got to Um hotel the ataff-wagone were loading,
and wa wen Informed that Marsha] B taaine and al
h a-t one ?li I isi 'it Of his < o pa would si t OOl at tia;. -
break. Marshal Bazaine eotnmandi not only a oana
d <ii wi-. bul the left wing "ft!;'- Prenefa limy.
M\ own belief ia, t! \\ % grand movement UBroaa
thefrontiei will begin on Wednesday <t Thnnday.
li- eentei and nearly th< whole of the righi
? \? ? i'i the Arm] ol Africa, which is rapid!] coming
op, and of which the Corps d*?ta tis airead ?
ai boo in lim between Bitebe and Barreguemines'
The left wing, which is i m iiMiiscl > strong ti Meta
ai .1 i aiont 111?-, will maka fa B srlouia and ?.nk
enfeld, the right and eentea beading tot Kaiserelar
tera; ami tins the mm amwil will be along Um
weetern alopeo of theVoogee, although aeorpawill
probablj be ordered to mora Ino parallel direction
along the eaat of that mage, to watch the defilea
and to give warning of a flank attach bytbePraa*
siena. Ii is not unlike]] thal Um Kum h arm] will
then descend the Valley of the Nahe, and thattha
Kin)/ of Praaaia, if be ia willing lo fight at all on Um
left bank, trill accept battle aonietrhere abont
Kk ut/iia? li. a poaition atrong In Itself, and affording
a amma letica! apaa Mapata a the bulwark of Oat?
BMW] : : i j ?l tin ataudiug menace oi France,
With regard to tin chaneca of succcaa of the two
combatants in tin Arat battle, I believe the odds to
be imnwnaetj m fnvot of Fran?. Foi Um laat II
da\K sh? hat h- i ?? massing Um whola of bei araaj on
th ii? inn r, ; ad a ullin one or two daya man lu s of
Bit< lu- and Barn Bemba s. 1 have read oi a certain
number of battalion being teni forward, tad of
? lin r* ii h .min i i hind; bal us far at I can jndge,
the French ara evaeuating evety gntriaonaa i -
I put BOODOO down as the krweatnumhei Ute Em?
peror meena to have anda his band, and in com?
plete Munmin i ation at Um entran.I Um
campaign; and I believe the concentration
: now to 1m- within l8 horns of completion.
i The number of gana will be large, bul tbej will no1
be adequate!j housed. The cavalry alaowfll not
bearahigh paoportion--probab]]i ander one-tenth
of the infantry. TBewboleei thorn troops are in a
mamilu ' ni atate of discipline, and the officers are
much mon anmerone than thone of Um Prnaaiana.
Tlie Fiem h Artillerj waa anpei mr to Um Anatrian al
>< Hi i ino, and the Anatrian waa aup rkw to the
Prussian at Konigrats. There is bo doubl of the
i haaaepot being a better weapon than Um Pruaaiaa
arm. I can hardly believe m the Pnaadtna having
\?t been able to effect nach t eeoeentntion of
strength as the French have eertalnlydone,and
in in vc that, "ii i lie ope ii ? ?>f the campaign, cither
with ? i without a bettle. Um Prnaaiana meei n tire
lu hind tin Shine.
'I'ln weather is most inviting for military oji? ra?
tions. Evana btdyeould notronaldtiritthaidahip
to be f??i? ? ?1 to sleep nndei a teat. The eountrj
aeema made for war, from Um ataaaeeial feaeeeto
? mharraaa aaovaaaonta Water, fuel, and atanding
or atacked eon Im forage tra te te mel trith every?
where. There an many \ DlagM in w hieh the ttaopa
might?if Bcceatary, aleep at Bight, At ptvaent Um
Mtboritiea avoid billeting the nu n niton the inhab?
itant??, and lunn UmW ? ?upsoutside the towns. Ml fa?
with \?<-iicraiH ?hoking tin- hotels, and ttgaajaa aui
m a U ? ?o, i nu tr the w | nares, is au exception.
Now for a few warda M to UM attitude of the popu?
lation. I have hy this time i/oiio tinouj/h | huge
hcetioii of France- the war Kection. It is tru<* that,
bat BMJ Ball travel? d bj rail, the v i? w I have had is
hut as a banty i utting-up of this partan ? f tin- ? ana
try, Still 1 lind opinions too? h ark and ?\ id? ntly
marked to make na peaaonally doahtfal ?>t Um state
of public opinion.
Urah Hv Um aa? an Um war is received n ti tan
theil dm , ami ao Liu gatttnt hoon the Kuiptior could
in stow upon them.
St,tm<i: lln sol,In is with the folors a?-ee|>t it with
anthusiasm, in many ?iwa with pleasure.
'lind. Tin nsdvis, waa han ban out aa ta>
limit? ii leave, tal.? it asa t? inhle duty, whi. h it is
their hard luck to have to discharge, hut their
opinions rapidly merge with those of their com
fourth : The upper elitsses, commercial, educate],
aV<t , all talk of " hlrrumr how the I'rusMans must
ha heaten , Imw " Ia I'itnict:" should lu and is unit?-?!;
ho? it is not patriotic to thong the (Joveminent.
Thi? tabaj hcttlcd, they immediately JftD the Oof?
t-rntm nt fen pie? ?s. 'I hey nay: "Me\i?o was the
atan of Sadewa, Wa ahenhl have flatgat in is?-;.
In Ix.th Hlsmaick outwitted our t?oveinmelit. The
pretext for wat Makai one; we iboaldBathave
longbl until IH71. Mill, the war was im\ ital.le, and
' I it I mini ' inu-t ha ami is unit?-d.''
illili: I 'in in a anil \ and I he lowei ? ho-, s of Al?
va? ? -' pi'fut Um wai ; Um fa attitude ia plain ead aa*
aqnivoeali Um?ttoannmt] balatrnadi Umfaorapa
? and ?atti?' tak.n hy l. oiiisil lons alth"ili.'h It inu-t h?
j saul thal UM I ti ? til I v I.? li.?> e this will hap|?. ii to liieir
i,i in.au neighbota am the bolder), still tbej ??
j alaba Uta war. The] f? la Um Mihin ra, Meal at Um ?
talk (.?mian as w. II as In m h. lo I?- sure, thal im
liol s;i> mi.' uni? h. Man\ ot thi-ln d" no1 talk I'i.ju li
\ at ali. aatll, m M la?areaegoi "The arbMandieyei
1 VvibvUlw? uwd?; f| tU'.Ui tkv beat i'ltuthmou m .
' Tram e, and the larger the number of the men who
speak their aWB tongue that fall in the first hattle,
the batear they will he pi. aaanV1 ? *'? 8
?FAIR lions to BujujgpjT hy tiik wau.
Lnvniv, Weiiiienday, July 27?Midnight.
TV special correspondent of Tiik TBUUM wiite?
from Madrid ?ni the _.",th in-t., that the feeling of the
1 Government was secretly in favor'of Trance, hased
on satisfaction because Prussia, and not Spain, waa
attacked. The 1'epnhli? an m-uspapi-M ih noiiticeil
this tendency, and ajanad the (??ncmnicnt that the
people will not endure a hase submission la French
alliance undei null ?ircuinstames. The same senti?
ment is partly shared bj OBI aim\.
Theoider azpelUng Dob Cariai from France was
pun hased through Intrigue bj OlOBBga ami with hu
miliatingeoneeaahmji Bpaniah parties each regard
, the war with reference t<> tinir dynaotfc brtaaeata,
Montpensi.n-.ts hope thal Franaa will be too busy la
appoae tin ir candidate. Ti im koop! -ihnee. Tho
Repuhhi ans an imiiiovahle for a repuhlic.
_ u. w. %
NO It l? I til It si Ml.Ml.NT PROM THK OOTBBX?
r\TIIIi:s I nu ntl [gB] A.
Lom'On, Weaneeaay, July It, i?:n.
Tlie EngHah GoTernmont brb salt te make bo fur?
ther stat, men! aboni war except that of Lord Oran*
Mile's. To bub row Mr. Gladetona wffl not say any?
thing <?n the subject, unie? oueationed, hut it bj be*
lieved that the tippo-ii ?mi mein to lu in g on a di hate
mi I ini.i, in tin Hoonaof Commons.
The aumber of people who roany bolbrni the bb>
?uraneeaot the French Embaaoador, onoted by Lard
Granville, n ipeeting tim propoaed tri aty, eannol be
great, Hevertheleaa, there waa a great feeling of
relief thal If, Lavelette had eran profeaeed to lie
able to explain awaj mugl] aa incident. Explana*
tiona are eagorlj awaited froaa Derlin in addition to
what tin Bngliafc Embaaaadotbaa telegrnptaed.
?lu l)ud<? Aewto-daj expreaeed the wiDmgneaaof
the OoMinimnt to BCOept fmndh a-i.-ur.iines liom
Tiai.ec. That journal M] - :
" We an- quite read] to admit that TrhatfTft baa
been dbtcnaaed, nothing unfriendl) h us been done,
Perhaps themfaranderatonding Jual rai ?I a ill I < ml
to eoii-.oiid.iti- our IHendahipe beth with Pranoeand
I'rossi a. and H will lui m Bbownthal wenn- aet aha*
poacd to be regarded aa of no account ia the affaira
of Europe, and thai any attempt to reduttribute Ku?
ri-p. an 111 ii u ii s. ai d i i ni on-.tr m-1 the mop of En
rope made ? Itl.i na, would be 'n ? bnuing a ?th ml
a host. \\ i ih-iii to maintain neutrality, but abai!
not forget our obligationa, treatiea, nor th? dut eeof
our poajtion, nor the claimacd ear national beamr
! ami pride. We ure friends of beth nation . bat
tinni r friends of national right and ju-l ice, and U be?
ever iufringee that moat eeunt an having England
for an enemy."
This article wall expresses the general feeling
Teaterdn] morning all England waited in nsapenaa
a ?hil iration, a hieb almost tiuoatooed ungani war.
With Bach a prnapart, aniiena eyes wore tamed
toward America! and tin anxious gOeOtMU was per
petnoUj Bebed, "What would Anaericaaayand do
If we have to abi againal Praneef There hBB been
greataatiafaction fat learning thal in genera] the
Americana aympathiae with Primula,
Tin- correepondence puhikdied eaneenting the
Fnglisli ellon for mediation adds little to whit was
al i cady known. It applauds (?nat Brftaitt'l -han ?n
the negotiation, hut di I lires that the knowledge of
what waa going on waa far front complete. "Itwas
no fault of tii.nmll.-, ' Baya Tlu'limly Wena, "that
biaiueeoaoni and Indefatigable ezertieen)for peace
could nut euee) ?I. Hut what throwa an air of painful
unreality orer all the rorreapomleme. almoal aner'
e. ptimi-ihle as Wi lind it on the peri of our own QoY*
? minent, is on om- hand, the < leal determination of
France to obtaia al leaet a grand diplomatic \b terj
bj the hmiilia;ioii of Prussia: and on the other
band, the evident conviction of KhrgWiBiamthai
the Holicm"llern candidature wa-sBOthing hut BBrO
ti \t, and that the Qorernment af France wee treat?
ingPraaaia aa ii bad treated Auatria i:i Jannary,
isi'.i. Intending to mahn war, and trymgtoput the
ih fi ndant ia tin ? ronir." <;. w. ft
nu PRUBfJAB ami um m ?i OPPICtAL PVJ BJ OB
lill I BBATT?CONTBAOK rOBl -I \TI Ml vr>?
ni.mm.- PSOM m. m.1.1\ ii.u and mi; ni i
Di. Qg UfOBT.
Lotrnow, Weoneaday, July ir, ism.
The Berlin Carrmpaadmia af to-day, printa the
ti \t of tin- treaty of the French Emperor
oiieied the Cobbi Bkanarek. Ia uh aoaamenti
the <uni?iKiiiihnrr s.i\s that the Bmpafor waived
all opposition to ?o im?n (indication, provided
Praaaia would abet the Frenen aeqaiaition of j
j.u\ioabourg, and the redaetiaa of Balghanv The I
iiiinntes of the treaty in BaaMuleBti'a autograph
are jinseivid in tin War oiliee at Neilin. Before
the war of 1m>;, benn en I'mssi.i and Austria, Napo?
leon had olb led to aid Trussia with RMyRM men with
whii li t<? attn k Aintiia. as an ?-?pihal'-nt foran ?
sioii to Tranco of the ten it wy on the left hal k of
the Rhine.
I lu- Journal QfJMal of Taris baa an article this
m u milli ?m "the pretende?] treaty recently published
in iBtfenaVa naaevhoviagfarimeaBeet the aoanti
ritiea of Lnambanrg and Balgtnaj hy Trance on
the condition of Franco not appeekag tin-union of
the States of the Smith with the North German Con
fed.iaiioii." It aayi that after the fn-atv af PrBRM
ia 1801 sew ral eoafareneea wen bald al Baribi be?
tween Gaunt \on Ibsinan k and the French F.mhas
Ktdor. on Um subject of ?j project of an alliance.
Beana af tia bmneeet teeth bj The Time? were then j
advance?!, hut the Trench Government ne\?r had
any knowl?'<lge of the pn.je? t, and Bj far as the prop
j oaBBOM whn h wen- disi ussed at the interviews men?
tioned, the Emperor reject?-?! th?'in. It can escape
n.? on?- that this pnhlication on the part of Tkf hm
/Ion Timr* is designed merely to influence public
opinion m England,
M. Ollivier, in a letter to a friend here, denies the
negotiation BJ PtaBCi o? the alh-ged ?ccrct treaty
with Pruseia. Th?- Fnnch Minister of Fonimi Af
f.ins ??.'aln positm bj denies that France haa ever en?
tertained the id? a of annexing Itclsrinni.
Tnt Tims* to-day n auitains that its publication of
the aropoaad scent tientj batwnea France anil I'ms
sia baa had on?- s'OisI ethct ; it has secured the m 11
tialityof IMt-'ium. which, without the warning,
would baTI been liahlc to \iolation at any inoinciit.
n.'i.M ii REPORTS.
nu gMPRIM AiTiiiMi.u ki i.i sr?tiik Ti;i \ i -
Ml si 01 Ilil-iMI;- ?it WAH ? ANullll.K
nu; nu. " MORL! imant."
i'aius. W( eneafny, July -"? tMT"
The Journal flPaUthai ?anting pnbahmai ?? la
ero?" conten in? Ihe title of li? ki nt on the Kmpiess.
With aulbviJ^ Vi wauw?v Um ?us^Upug vi UiaA
?tan ?luring the Kmpcrnr n ahnence from tin- capital.
Tin- Administration will ht gadded in it?? polity hy
instrm'tim s and orders prepared by the l'.uiper?>r.
and to !>?? inserilx-d in the Boah of Statt. ami made
known 1:1 general orders of the Btrvb <-. UM Minis
trj a?l han eegaJaaan <?f Um Kmpcr??i's titan
ami instrm tunis, h? youd which the Knipr.-ss will
not ha authorized ht pro?? ed in any catto in li? r tt?
pa. ity ?if Reg. nt. The Fmpres* will presido at the.
Ministerial councils, hut will mit hase power to pro?
mulgate any otln r laws than those now pending h<>
ioio the LaajMattn Panatagaj, Another deem
taaanaCoajjaiaatat,aadat tbo prnaaaney al Um
Ktnpr?.-s, f., distiiluit? to the armv tin' gifla in fur
tln ian? a of the war, t< ml? r??l by patriotic persons.
The Journal Ojfintl ?I to-dav sa.'.s: " We have in
telliiii-nce that a rumor h.ts ban ?in ul.it? ?1 OB tbo
other side of the Khine that th?' Emperor hat given
oi?i? rs tint ptaananei an will t><- tnatod with the
ttnoat rigor, and placed outside the prut.? tion of
the law of nations. This report is ahsnrd. So far is
it from hang true that, on Um Contrary, Um Kmperor
<1. sir. s to treat priman with the greatest liu
A circular from M. Olli vi. r, citing a discussion of
Umajneetieabt UMCotpa L?gislatif,sa\s the journals
are only forbidden to mention BMvementeof troops,
or ateaattUuna f"i a? ti\<? opetatioaa, They have Um
right to apeah <>f evenmofthewn bt Ihehghtof
a. rwaapHahed fai at 'I be /earaal adda ; Aa ? mata r
?if dm s, a r< iiiin.w r to all person? that hy the terms
<f Article 17 of the Penal Code^ any panoa giving
Intelligence to the anny of nan aaeata of the arm-.'.
atfgiving aid in mon y to hostile forcea, will he'
pnnlahahh with death. The j.,m uni aleo reminds
non-political nowHpap.-rsth.it tiny BIO Bot entitled
to punt an] thing relativa t<> t!.c war.
Another ?ii?ular from tin- Prime MinJatet calls
apon th?- Hi.-hops to " oih-r public pi ajen to plan
France, bet ? bief, ami the noble infant who go? 1 t.?
battle at auch t?-n?hT age, ajadet the aaotactioaol
linn who holde in hi-> len.?Is ti,.- f m ? of hattl.-s ami
deatinln of peoples." At the time winn ?mr heroic
ana] io on the anuna, let us ask (?mi te hies? ?mr
.inns ead to t-T mt that a i'l"rioiis ami datable I?' ice
mayqnicklj follow the grief and aacrineea of war.
lit Lflei't li ' the following ititonuation lunn the
Beana of w ar: The Pmitfana ban at a? Bated Wolooer?
billig, and at Tram th.y have only two BOUadtOM
of casaliy. Tlu> aro i our, utiating at Maw-nee,
whenKfaag William arrived la-t night? Thetohia
rumor of an engagement, yeetetday, fat which M
(?i nil lil-were kill? I and WaBCB made plinoliers,
without Um to ti.i- Preach.
No ?h tails of the flghl or coiilirinatiou of the ro
p?irt han n t boco r.-< rived.
ih' eveniag papera report that a Prnaabn ausjot
W...-I attnted in Meta? and loleeaed on igyooo baan
'J he OenMl ripeata the rumor that an American
1 gion of BOO nu 11 is organiring hen und? 1 the ooaa
m.nul of a French afflear. The report is still regarded
1 aadonbtfoL
I In .I'lttrmi! OiKrlil puMishes air th. r decree call
1 bag out for active duty 90*000 mea of the contingent
of UM?, iii-h .1111,1 nts of Mos.llr, Huit Rhin.
ami li.is It!.in have he. n d. abated in a at it? al tiega
l-.vi.i.i il REFOBT&
BPAIM ?At Ai-si ;;i? lMM'H; ? HAPOUBOM
BXI i;i:ii> HY 1111. io Kg Off NV--VI .
Unaoa, 11 dai stay, July v, una,
It is reported Inn- tod.ivtii.it Fiance inquired
through Booda on what conditions peace might he
mil.-. Praaete'a reply to RaanttWM ambndhwl in
four wurde: " It is t..?> lab-. '
'th.- Spanish Qovetnaaent has deaaaaded ?>f the
linio ?I? Qnaaoal au axpbmationol tin-assertion
iii.kI'- by blas, man tddtl H to tinCorps L?gislatif,
that the Cortea wen to heanrpriead late voting for
I the 1'llIICf of Hohell/olleril.
An aboard raaaoc la atloat that the Emperor baa
? quietl] left I'uis to join th?? tl.-et. deaanhag it the
! sin? st and h!i rt? st way of i?a? hing Barita, where he
? \p? 1 ts to h? on the 18th <'f Angnat, his fttte ?lav.
The linke of Naoaau, having 1? ? 0 invited by Kapo
1? on to join th?- l'n a h mini. replies thal his sers ian
ar?- pledged to Prat in,
The Fitch yaaterday violated Um nenttnlityol
Laxemboarg. A patt j numbering ? hundred boob,
from Bilerek, trnvingetoaood in Bi bleogi 1. singing the
Mam ill.,!-?.
iiTiTRi of nu KKvoi.i iioM.-i?mi: ron
Lombok, Vedaeaday, fal] n. \?~o.
Revolati<onaty bitrigna is rifa in I .'?une andltal] m
view of tin- probable withdrawal ?if th?: French
troops. A na r? t depoait of arms has boeodia on red
in (??noa. ami a larg?- ?inaiitiiy of guns and ammu?
nition sei/i (1 hy the Qot ' llilneiit. TIM Top?' ib ?h? ply
ahumad at the prap < ts <>t Fraan and th?- plots of Um
tatt] ol a. lion. _
A I.K.ITI K I aOtl H\ll"N ?.I liol T.
wa-iusoi"N. wedaeadaj, Jail -'~. um
The follow mg ? oiuiuunii ation han ban m ? ived at
the Mat?' 1>< pal tlilelit :
I aparina ok ran gonn <?i uman Dana, t
w unuMOToa, Juij at, ian s
laaanderatgned, ?aveyaaal Minister Plealpatenttaiy
of tin- gi 1 ti? '?' 1 in ni nalao. baa toa hooot Bseeknev ledan
tin- r?-c?-i]?t "f Hu- U"le of tin- Hun. Jlamilton PtBB of the
Jit li UMMb, ail?! to ? -xpr? ss at the aaBM tune his parn? Ittlat
Mdataottsa with theeeateata?al sahl note, na which ao
gr.it.fjiiur a ini-iitioii la in.nie of the hannon.?, naJshhai
eztatadahMa tm aatweaa Pnaalaaadtha Battedatatoa
in regatd t<> then- aenann paney ami principie?)
In favor of the prof?-ellon of private prop? rty on
tin- high asea ha Ihn <.f war. ita aaaeaalgaad
ssiii h iii. 11 to i-oiutiiiiiit. at?- this note to his Government,
11ml he .lu rishes tin- hope that th.- (Ins. riimeut of the
I'uit? 'I Matea, BO UM pew B4 occasion of a dec true ti ve
war iiosv vagad in garage, i>y tratet aha BaaHnaaaW tv
terests of hoth the I'nit. ?J Stat, s and (oTinany an- *i
mriiiUHly ? inlacgi r?-il, s\l!l am th? ir high paattMM Bad
liithi'-iic? toobtain as a principle of international law
the universal acknowledgment of the liberal policy of
aha t'niti-ii atoan ha regaai to prisas- property uu the
high sea? '1 ne ni,?!? rsl krui ,1 han the honor, A?.,
An error was mail?-in tin- puhheation this m?.ni
ingof Secretary FatVa letter to lianm ti?rolt. win? h
is di ?in? ?1 of surtiiieiit importaiK e t/> be corre? ted.
Hie sentence in which the error occurred reacbi ia
tin* original n follow?:
"It is now marly a century ?vince the flitted Htat?-?,
throilgli Ttioiiifut.lefrrrwii). Henjaimu Franklin, ami John
Adam??, their pi? tiipot. ntlari. s, und ) i"i???i</, undtr the
yunian? of the {?Trat tiedaick, entered into a treaty of
amity aud commerce," in:.
noN?skkk iiF.s og LsaooM omcau
Tbe CtobcaUg naval expeilition, the must
funnlduble BBOM the lnt.'xlucliou of lrou-cladi, la, ac
conlnigto the ?jie? Ihi ?BUatoh published iii Tilt Tkiikm?
of jcutenlay, formed of two ?tis Sunns ander command of
Vlue-Ailmiral Count HoaetWillanujri. The following
dctaUn otthf) Iron-clad vissel?, wlU *how tile character
and ?tr. 1 Bjlfe <f tttt lanaattoat naval i?<inadr<iu :
Hui>? g? f
CommaK'tT. Puwi-r. i.ui', ?'r?w
Rarvelllniiteffl:igshlp..,i/11) ?.nsel. .
H..V..1- (friirate) . Pertrot. BM 11 Mi
?... bim ifi.t-ai. ) . DuCiullloa **> n IN
1?. ?-.?li (f?iMle, 7,lso ttlllnl... l?e- il? a? s . .
K.M I, mil'. ?II Boult?. 1.0t?O I? B'.m !
'J'ii ti 01 PO| ' '"'? "B 1 ti'? '
m . OKI) bit l-l?-"? II *': "' ?"?' u l"1 I '"'?-M
Os?base (fr?sate) .l'-i iflol?reaBM n IN
Hhii'Ii-' (fnrmte) ? ,1'us'l. w?i li m
TheliM.ors.lt. 1 ?-'"- ?" ? ?S!
.leaiiiu-ii-Ar?-?Kirs.-tt?) aateaat IN li siu
Th? paii tin- IBiniaa win tant ka tala taaadtaea win
to tostad for with mtareit.n aha la aa Bag?atbaaat la |
l,.i.,,! s.-s^eis. ?she Is .. st? nu ram, of peculiar ? on
?.tiiuuoii. ?ir.issing i">t tattewater,ead rifin? aaa ?toa
f??-l ?Love the wal? r. Il.-r prow tenniii.iU>s in a pstot, ,
aad?li*JrV?t( ? aruK?>aiUi S kitti vi ?iW?i>i\c I'fviuv |
cone which nerve? lier ?is a ?pur. sl?t- i irrtet 1 at a sinu'e
loin, wiii ii weighs at lana, and ba < i ni one 'li ? Ir, v hi? h
li plated wita Icon from one ? nd I ? ti,- uti ? r, and -
erad over Ita aotiro length with a eyUndrti ii ball-proof
ne dotoga of the Boehemkeeo, formerly the Deader
berg, will also in latcreeting, u the I? tee Brr-l In
<uu um! i liol employed In lb? Frencb -? ? tee, she
116 gun*, throwing olid ?I etching 47'. i ?
? ili-.t.iiii-. el M.imii f* et, .tml h.iH a total burden ii
vi I aiimikai. i oi sr BO* i.t wnXAl ". /.
Vii e-Aii uii.ii Canal Banal VlOauaa i who la bl ehfli f
eoiiilnaliil of tble Meet, bl in ? xp? rate i ii oill ir, ami BO
ahm ai lata aa aaral matt nie Hi waa bara La ia
whl n li noa .uiinitteii to the na\a! a beei RV hi i bbm
Kn^ign la una, IA atei ant in IIB\ ead beeag kttael al ka
tia- aaral aaaadrenat the Plate Rtrer, be t??*? ?< part la
th' bombardmentol Mocador. lu ISMM ara?eotnmU
-imied i.\ Hear tdmlrul Montagnles de la Ro?|u? tun
plon the coasts of Western Africa, ou which mblec! be
aroa i I.> published In IMl Home time .iftirh.s
aomlnettoa to the grade of Captain In 1*44, he waa
apiioiiit.il Governor ol Senegal. 'Tins settlement on
tea we-t 11,a : ol Afina baa a population of ii" 0
Inhabitant?, nod b.is belonged to the French
the seventeenth eentary. In IftW Admiral Bouct-B -
i.inun / reen ned to Kian? cuni two '? earn latei wai made
Commander of the Legion of Honor la re? ogn tlon of the
ze?i ami ii.it?.-> in- bad displayed abroad. Tba Buasian
wai arel aura linn an opporUmtt] to take parti bt
operations on a large ?cale. Hi waa appointed Bj
Aiiiniiai lu IBM, .nal served in the Crimean expedi?
tion iiml' r the ord? is of Admiral li noella, iii ni x1 be
rame n iii). prefect ?it Cberl.r?: fromwheneehe
was transferred to foulon. In IBM ne waa appointe?!
Vtee-Admiial end reeetved romniandof the Mediter?
ranean -ipi... run. l-.vi vi irs later be was nindi Senator
or K:.u,re m wim li i ipacitj 1.1 proposed ? change
in thal m,uti.? iiitiileiy v.iinii was not adopted.
Among the writings *?uf Admiral Bonet-Willaumex u an
account of battles on eea and land, and lupplcnientarj
t.n iii? tor linn i lad m ?sels publishi ii m IftfA It (olios s
from ins i ?i i-i-r i hat at i a~ Ihr? ?i during the gn ii transi?
tion thal ha-taken p'an-in naval s ice the
ill! \ s i if Ne I-i.n a pi| Vi ?le ne live. Hi hal -? ' li Killi oil's tn?
m .,11011 adopted ay .ai tin-1!? i ta of the world; Iron large?
ly take Hi, i i.u-i of wood in steamships, and the intro
auction during tin' ia--' tin feen "i beavily armored
\ i toals, i .irrj in?; gani of i Ml BMMB -.ze.
? oarnaaonn oon 11.
? i'luina mIi r Urala ?.ii -i I. who li in I Barga "f tin iron
11 "i Etarv? ?i auto, is the si ?a of Admiral Grlvel who died
last yeer? sam wee one of the reaaraaa af thi Ph m ii aery,
i oiiuu.inil? r Ortvel was born at Bree! in I BJT. Re ? irt?-rc?l
the Klein li naval sei \ Ice at the BgB of thutei n, and wa.s
-mi i ?si \ el \ promet? d until DC lui line < upl.i ill of a
fi ..ii. iii*i-iii ami of a largei war vessel la IBM Hi
tink part ni ti.i- expedition to the Crimea, and was
mm 1.1 v wounded during the bond irdmentof eeba*itop?d
bj the Allied Beeta. He waa appointed officer of the
Legion of Honor Aug. IS. UM. Many Important werke
Bave lu?a written bjr bim, among other subjects on lue
naval operations ?luring the Crimean war, the ?lege of
M la bi nu Turks In IMA, and the attack ead, defense of
uiaiiin loitiiii atlooa,
On. Roinii.iki, a i.o U te bara mi army at so.oon mm
oiM-r.ituiL igainat Praaaia from Brhleewtg^ is of QneB
ile-i i nt, uml wa? lim ii in l'aris in 1 -16. He lias Bittali!*!
iiii-tim nun a? au i'fiici r la tin- Afi i ?m troepa hi 'h"
i-'n a? h -i rvii e. lie paaaaal in ? lam i path ? m i ??pt.mi
of tin- Eooavea la lie*, and, by m? eaeetve pramoMea. be?
came general of division In is.i7. He was prominent
Uni Ina tin t i ino .in i ampalga In UM, and distinguished
In 11.-e if meceealvelj at Alma, Inkerman, md the assault
? n bebastopol, lb iii^i served In the Rallan war. In
M ?J. i-i '. I e a i pi.n ' U In i I'tiiiiiaiiil of the s< t oud ? amp
at i halons, and, in Jut) ot t in- teme fear, waa named
aid-de-camp to the Emperor. Oen Bourhakl wat amOe
Commandei of the Legion of Honor In 1868, snd Grand
Officer m it 0. In Heptember, IHM, he received from the
k. .i Prut la the ensign of the flrat-claei of UM Rag
F.ni(iri:\.\ wai: ITElfS,
CoBunenting ?m the visit <?f the Caar to the
Prauaka i ai'it.ii. the Hamburghwhei eerreapoaotatl re?
fera to the sobject of German unity and tha restoration
M the Imperial tamaa hi favor of the Km? of Proarle.
ami adds; "An understanduig between Rnsela and
Praaaia for i he attalnm? at of ii. ends i ould h irdly be
arrived at unless c ii.nn corresponding coneesslons were
made i y the but? r to the torui? r pow? r, a bk h would be
t .1. ii :? moll lit to a jr.ii In ?ii .ilialiiloliiin lit bj l'lil-sl.i of
in r freedom of action. Bueb a renunciation, it la evi?
dent, would stand m direct contradiction to the whole
mt? nial ami external poucy of ? uiint Bfaunarck."
Ihr Monom Occaffc n rp significantly aayg :
" A time lund i oiiii' WtM n liu>-:a will get ml al thi fet?
ter- tmpoaed upon her, ami will rcestablmh her influence
mi iaaiij put ' iiuiii ii m the i-.a-t. it M laBpaeaMi that
Khi-Hhoiilil rein;"ii forever ka the cuniptioiis whawh bare
Imiii pceaeiibed te bei bp the treetyef farta ?aIib
empty karoora, with towae unprotected from ina a i
? si -ullin at ' t Tn tej all along the ?non s i r the Black
nea, A neal pow? r disarm? d In Ita own watt rs? a powet
vu lotions .a ? i. -linn ?m r the Turk? i? now undi Fended
in-ii ft them I i.i ; an) oue believe la tuen a thing i Can
I it i e true i Can history atop at such a fact! husma
tntut rtr*tiiblUk her ?jutrrr in the. Black Baa, itiul uhr mil
rm-itiiimh n. of this no ?nu iimiiits, not even kerena
inn -, who exert tin ,r I" ,-t eBbrta only to pmtpOM the
ih-i uitve dal as far m thej can."
The LmiJnn Timo* suiniiian/rs the effect of the
war mi i ennui-riml ?.hipping : the <'rti < t* of a continental
war will tn to i anea a ram niall freight! feeaeaaml dag- le
the Mi -di terra in an. Ulai ??He a, .nul Halt ir, .?swell ishoiiie
werd for gram, rae aaaaharaf Preaeh mercheal .tups
is liiiuti'il, ami l In v i ? ti i ? Hy fraile with the Miiliti nane.iii,
Bbtck Bee, W< al Indica, ami Biver Plato, but tin Oeraaaa
tuuuage la ver) targe, and Its withdrawal U of great Im
I" ii l in ' . So .mu i - uill Is- min li m ile marni, en) ii-, ?ally
as, tin war ha tagoeearred m the midst 01 the siiuipn.g
season for grain from ail foreigu ports, uerebaats ssiil
prefer using steam tunnage. thus liuiiting theil ri-k la 1 am
of tut u, 1 complications. The navies of neutral Powers ali
being 1 ila u Hilo -ci \ u e, the ?applies of ? nal repaired In
Hu Mediterranean .-.nil other ports will ka large, ead
must be laid down Instantly, a oireamstanoe ihat will
tend lu im res-e the demand for steamers. No transpoi t -
will h?- leipi ie<l hy tin. in lil? rent-, and the tact that coal
being contraband will 1 ni "it 1 large dall] trade betweea
this couniry and Kraute and l'ruusia.
BOOTON, July 27.?Fully 2.000 BjsBi uml :i
1 ir>.'e iiiimlni ?if women, a inajoritj heiiiK' BermaM, with
man) eiti/eiiri of other nation.dttMB, gethCTOd te Kain ml
Hell te-ulght te hear the Rarepeaa war aaaauaaag. The
BMettagprovedeuthualaatle, ami Mm keeityaaBaamrhi
wim li Hie i, uw - of the sp? akers were applauded, indi
1 ateil ?u. hy of. i.rately'tht' i u'ir.-e of puliln ?eutiuit-ut ni
f!i.s m-, Mon mi N ip'ileon's w.ir of Bggmetien. Aaierieall
ami Praaatea 1 alen were damtayi i ki the iiaii, with the
BBgl of the hu al (iernian BMlatMa In the center of BM
pistformwaaa Bmmla tiguie laaeeaaatteg ? aalen el
?iel in itiy, with the motto in ?.. rui.in? " Mroug, free,
iinlfcil." The ipeeehaa were mainly in (Jcruiau, and MO
oiiitions ?1 re read in tiiai bmgaage,
K ?o Idowsk) of Boston waste? Pieauaaat, ami in an
opealna addn ia i-atd be hoiied the r?sult ol tuaatragghi
wnuht in- to mute ali ?o nuaaj,
E. C P. Krauss, foiuierl) a I'rofcosorat Harvard, ma?Ic
a long speech In (?elmun. He ulliuleil io Napoleon's
threat about Ji na, win ii that kettla was fought In IbOO.
The Kiemh ?iriiiy was then Mad to VteWrj , ami I'nisrMi
Ma- 1 -1 1 mid rate Pawer. N?>w Mexico wa? like a 1 h. u
liiHtn f.-\er in the lliutis of the Krem h army,ami btsli a?l
of another Jena. Fran??-would ttml another Lrlpstc
Tin- w,ii ? 1.1 caused bl tha nenton arrogaaeeef Napo?
leon, ami he thought it would iinUe ail ?ieruiany. Ile
? hura? t< rif-d the telegram alluding to Hungary'! ?ytn
nath) for Prance m e Perla fabrication. Tin- akjeet ?if
Napoleon waa to tear Uaramoy to pieces ami subjugate
lui lanllnr ntatoa it wa? the uUateatefell the great
Powers to ead the Napoloeult rule, and that would lie
ta? greatest poonthie kenett to France aaraalf. li? ?lid
not tlnnU ?Hough wa? known of the secret treaty lo treat
it Intelligently.
The Kev. Ur. Hedge* of Hrnoblllie, who ?a? edlle.iteil
in (i?-nuany. in the ama of a studied and eloquent
?peeeb, sam, unreservedly? "IsMawkth Praaaia in her
?trujmfa agalaal grame ft enaamlaaaaaiaij netiteiln
American nutat do the same. I believe it wih'i* found
that those of our people who Uiost ardently einhrai ed the
cause of the Union in our own recent war, are with you
lay?me. Par, with the Geranum, thai ki a war lar the
union of (ieimanj , and on the rule of Napoleon, a wax
against that amen." Dr. Ilnlgtn made an an.e
argiitueiit to siip|sirt thin groiuul, ftnil rlttsed as
followH : "It has heeu ?aid of POM limiifiie that
he cain?) lu like a fox, ruled like a lion, and
died like a ?lou. Napoleon Citun- in like a fox, for he Hole
his diadem, ir ever ena vm steam; be has rul?-d like a
lion, By intimidation terrorism, and brou- for??-, and if,
to complete the parallel, in thelaaueof this eoufllei ka
shall ?lie like a ?log, neither you nor I will regret the
i our-e of events."
The lion. Thomas Russell, Collector of thi? port, spoke
in lue -ame. nlram. and w.ts rather mole fit Mil In ii
pn iston. He was followed by B. K. Kis'hlcr, wbo urge<l
sympathy with th<> Oermen people, if not tor km*
William. He did not adln.re the king, hut Would support
bim as the repreeeatattve of right ead Justice.
A itirring du l.iration wius uiiaiiiiiioasly adopted. A
portion of the preamble hsld that the mau who at pr?s
ant rule? Planea hm torced Rue wai iu tha aaaal frtvo
lo.i- iiiiiiuii r, with the aim ol denying (..i-hii.ih) its right
of self devi lopiiuiit, nun iy io sMtlr-fy his own selflsb am
bllion. Amollir the re?oives were th?'?e :
1 k11 Sr mo iiltt l!.e Ixarix of i?r HroMita ?...' rruitrat lo Um af*ir
toll??? tMsn lumlrrai? iD.1 diyiiiiinl la?! li.i r> ? i -U BS MBMsI SBSH
for var ?oil that Napol?*?iu'i V, kirai!,m Ig ?mkii.tu rnnM. In wl.irU
tbi.uaan. i.if lii?au,l It* wrlf rr ,,f h*S|trSl ti.Lou* ?n jropanl.*iI
lu .?e.i, ihr a. Ilial ni ?ft ? I ?r ii.loulual I ..li ?i- Lair ,u .!. M
I ali 'Lit ti.1 - Mi-ml ruht ii kshsasl la^MSSSSBSS mi* I>?Iiik SShaSSS
li? thr tiriti- arana vi lomani a?t?ii>t Kruea- ?ill laaui? itthM
lu 11 ?it-miuri ?uu?jnl TL?? with ?iu?'!/ In? BSJM
??? rilr 0|iiii u Ihit mi part -r a^rti.,? ,.f
?h? ?)? lawn |i?.i| r ?ill allow li em ?I??? lo h. a,,la<-*.l lo f?iei|iB .1 ?u<a
t ?. , I-. .. ,,,rai tl.i-iiui 1> 1 f:..-1 tina SSUsesI "T..,.S iTttyOrtasM
? -h.il ihr ? r-o Waaalaas waa ? ,.n | . mi ?? ?"ol' '?
?aa ault I aaaiuat h ia sat au ?? .i.rr. I ml un? y.
,f N ia .Ires ;. a m . ? r...-l ii li lea ?> Uah ?u.i In ?rh. n.ua aWrai
.!?? .,. at III lu...-' sol .-'. ii.rm.re kwl all laSwfS, Tks SwWsl
li If |USi itsBss Ikwaisi rf.aian.li thal Una ?ar bt oim?! ?? *. 4
ro ? . ? St P am! ptTtttWISSOa . ami ii . ?ic l?lrn-.? M iVnuSSr H ? Sf
. I . Hi. ni...v.ut il,, luo? r ul th. ur?.i , S li ??
? o. 11 n ? ki? Msiissl linas aa asi to? ?b.ch Frase? hwamtaa I
..*. . ;? Irai ?'i.tU?.1
?. rsmuntttee i raise funds was appolntad. A loi?
gi- .m. i - i Klag bl um-, ti ki attend, was read??*???
t., . Hi| el, ...d Usuii 'In III I BIB nie Haml, ?im a h.Kl
nhuvd ?vivruiau patrjutic soxu sauid iu.bvui.dv?i vn
tbua asm durtas the errata?, retnWisl " banna Pwret
it' i "-, si Um ? i-.,). ' nwr'?
THE WAI it.?-um; iv mis rjftf.
AI > : ' ?. I - "l : : <.i tau* PsHMOTK- AIP
-"? im to ti.i. ?,i i;m\?, g . n rita ok tub
I Mill? BTafl S.
The Exacattve Committee of the tierm.in
I'm.. A.-is-j. ?. st get v ri m al tntoiwttntj
la order to materia ? sdi mm sndrsadsi ..-tame t<
the rauss al Oeiataay, It WB be edi ?sMs.aay, hagan
lively i. i --.h ',. to a?lopt -? me w? li ?leftned plan fur th?
lllllllll a- tloliof ti. . IBB ? ' li.? at In Un I
iiioi.!?-vio i .. i larbootubii ! .? ... it rw
i ana daatntts that the tlfferiiat fltraua Patra?a I I
BocleUea si Boehatot aaanU aamfilatatj praeeadti
tbefonoatienet II ?? orgaolaattoas, nltl si i Brea! ra
(.m n.ia. ? ,.t th. 11- ni ,,f i at ii. it aoaM tara aaeaan
??.i .p.ua'.i.. .>. . i. rtoa ?!i th. Oeraan r?tnenl
aid Bot i? t.. ? mt?, i yalai - '? thi
st..f. Exe? utiv? ( m mult. os.
ii app.ar- ahnest sapai gnana at petal ht tas te reaaa>
lug i a li ?it ii. ?: of mi. li a ? o.nl. nat? m ,,f fear io...I- B i.' r
Inuii? in \lii. ii; 1. N I oaljf oTOUtd ii . .. .'
ling to elom eounnne toward 1.t the
BOM ol',c? t lu- lustrum? at ii in BTg iig ? a? h Imliv: : ? I
BMW anergetta uii'i peraevontngeBawtooas; hat tboi aval
ii.?lu??:.' ? ' ?- rmeoyead la Pnaeegaoppot
?tie directions) by such a vest hsagne otto. Ita raaaUl *
t.oiin In ii' m.} every etty, vtnaga, et :. nJettaroni ""?
the bSOOd ?xpuii-e of tia- I BOM, Wolli be Witt y
gn 1.1 thoa if <-a. h i stristh bM aocft tj, ar< n a tii ae
b. .-tate, were a? ting ><-^g,iU-lt nut without ?-?n
m ti.m w.'ii tin- rest. vioajBtrr, tin- on -i ? i tu.a
of al iii. w-. ' i? t ' - ''-uni ii'ifT i!i t" io.? .i .- p ead
la-iiug impression upon our nativi Auteru i
Hit sin .oh bave Hu li < i r.n.ii ap] mvsl to au ?
di'^r- <-ili.it a ? "?' :? nat -.i ?\ small lui| ii? ina) *. u
1 li J-i li HI U> Oil . HOIK li" III liol Oil l> SS"l.i-, li it ... ta
"I -J Illp.il lis , .tli?l to 1.nilli ? III? 111 to UlTuSS i li.-.-! . s
u.?th * i^iit in fa vol ff German} lato Mi?
t-.: h .??? ..i w h . Actuated bj th. -?? ron?Meral . -. t ?.?
I- o ?m ise < oinuilit.??? of tie (taratan ?'.urn I.- All 8o
cietj "i gea Yurt pronuw ? uietting ?>i <:. .. .? it? - la
.... on th. l.-i!. vi \ igi i next, for Um purpo* "f
agre? lug upon some plan 'or combtaed ... ti .n ia ? :.?
manner shov? uno. al. .1. In th. ateas inn.-, Um aramaa
rations :n Um diBereat Mtalea will, bo doubt, hatt ado
s..in . 'I s .111' ii ni |j io a.linn of th>- wi ni.:-.-!. ii bj tli*
delegate? tu ?In- sot?- of ti?? ii reapeetlre?n; n latmasot
the plan mlopteil iii III ir ??eill?-rali..ii? ?i, ?hi .^.t.
As ii i-uiiiMi.it is 11., Beceaaarj lo set without tiela/,.inn
?xec uti v< .. oiii.it. i of Um '.* i-..a;. I" ? .. lui :? i
i etyofN? -.'. V'ik bare reaolved sot i>> wait saul Mo
stile urbanisation* ma) i* compl?tait, but to Luttita
? s.-i\ .??.".'i> oi t.-iio/i-i i.p io tin present time to tend?
one ?delegate. Aa binding resolution? will bi oal of tin?
ipi' Btton, and as tin ?1? k | it? s ssiil contine tli. in.-, is. ? t.i
an agreement upon louie plan of .??tem, m- i.i><utis>s
Com nut te? of Um German I'atriotii Aid Bo?1> i> of Nt ??
Volk <-..nii.i? 'nil.? trusta that the Initiative bens with taten
wtu not give rtae to say IU-feettag or tin .r mons. ?*j
mlaconstrae?. Litx'puoual oaasa call tor aieepUeaal
Ali Aal Bo? i?-ti' s .,re r> ipu ited to take th.- propoattioB
?lit..?" ' ? '-.. ?.in-! ]. lile .,..,, an.I, lil
i a-?- of appi .vu i, to inform tu< .-' ? retar) of lue ?.. rman
Patriotic Aid hw ni., No. 160 l'.ii?m >t, corn i [UrasdV
way, New-York, lor Um Executive Commit i ?,
a. j ti ni a, o. Oi raj>ix>Bjrsn>
l?r. II. \?'.n HOLM, MlK??lM?UM,
f, BttBti
Mr, I'liilij? BteetjBgOf ot So. II Jobn-st.,
!.. .-un r of If.e ?..rii.tn l'atuoto AM So. nts, ,?<>
Igeetaereeefptef ttt fotlswtog aaaartptaB m
aid of ttowtdowe ead payanna ty toe war waa I
s .r.i- mijiiis-i el i??--? i slims ssi re labacrlb .1 : iliii.u
dani ?x Co., tip?, Baron son ?..reit, 1300; lu .1
-.1... I UM ; I'm p I. -.-.i l.-i-, t.'.??- o.lreli- A? ,( ?JO;
< isa dil Ottendurfer, ?l.???>: Jas A ? <>., KtOOB, L. U lloi
borg, aeOOj 11. I.? ?. k?-i a < ".. ?oiiu, IM \ o.mu, ? it..-.',
*. ni. \:n ?I ~i bi? ningi i. ???">; L. Km lui. , ?^ ", Bl? in .? ?)?
g Oona. I.,?*'<; Mrs. < ? Btt ii.ss.n , l^1"; Jouant. s Uen m,
*i.i. l?.ii. a a 1 - in, *.vt?; PiMesvaul ? < ?.
?i,'*?'; Ferd. Menalng, ?;?)"??, I-'. Dufola, ajsoj !.. K,
Amaiuck,aaaoj i: < U'u - lie M-.'". Herrn Koopa Co., tom;
L. a. sou ii.aiiii in, >i.?xj?e. J. ii W..-. Ugm in -s ' .ii ?'";
lal. l.ll?Wellie)?l, >l,''??; ?.. li. kllliotll, |l,l"?'. A. M. M?
lle, MOU! I-., l'as? i -t? .il iV lu., |.'UI; I ; .e I .?'liCu.,
B-je?eM. R. Baltaer, t500? Kremelbera a. Co., rOSkC V.
AuIinol.lt a C??, ttOB; ( ...t.-. I.ulm,. Al.'., ti.nun; J .-? lins
tar, UM; Meyer a Ouse, f-oo-, Kucba, Lot-I? A Oo., ?..?
Becknagel A Co., 11/300; I., walter, aas?j g U rael >'?-,
' . ai., .nu, *?-?-, vi. C. il? u.-. m 1, Ban ? i.i IbmsI m
l..,?i,i??'; Kiln I.,Ht .V Co., t.'/OU, l'op, lilli.-?. Il A Koli.?,
?l.etjij; 11. bo?kti A,(?t.,*l.??).
AT T1IK (oNsI I.ATl.'j.
The CoUoiiI.ite of the Nuit li Geiman Con
fi il. i .t.ou is i rowiii | from ? uily ni?irniiii<: until BM .?6
lu^'ht ssah Proaatsoi anatana t?> hase tinir pas ? i
figued, -?. aa ta return to Europe sod fulttll theu* Bulli*
tais ?lui;? s. ?: .m all parti "f Um BtatasMs ii.a?
?lady. It is n.'tidi??? a i? -iu.tri.ah .?? tact that Um a ?r
IMS? re i ? is? ?1 .it tin- toi,-ni.?t. lia- I ei-u ai.in ip ?teil t)/
tin ?l.,ii..l?.h. o i iinil-hi d lu Tin: l'ami ?i .
a gggariw raogggg,
The Geiman W uikiii^nicun l'ni? m, panana.
?entinte ??Lout two doren trade oi^aiiizalioii??, iii di-ttusa
lag tin- war I" tWI en <.? l?niny ami Franc?-, has conic to
Um eoaelosloa UuM they ought to protaal agatMO th??
wai as being carried on in tin Intarontol dyuaattei amf
not m tin-ititi-', st of tbe peopie. A i..iiiin.?t.?- of Ive
ha* been app?. u'- 'i to piep.il-e an BOdlOSa "ii (lie aUl.JcCt.
sixri:!.NTii wahi) <ji:?;am/.ati?>v.
The QegataM of the Bixtoaatai Vina lavo
toroMd seTergsa nttntoaM tin eaan atPnaala Aa
BxeeaUve lorn mit tee compoacd of the otlivtrs of iho
otaaiiliation. sad a number of coUeetars, has beea ap?
point- ?I, the Object of ssiil. li ii to t.ike up mouth.V IUD
-ei.ptioi.s. In ?,erke and Mt. J.s. ip .m ilel?'|(?taa U>
tin-1, ? m i -ni ? ommittae, and lae fuUwving . rte >-i- bat.?
I.eell ell-.t.'l: li .-l.l.ll t, A. H. Kosen l.-i n ; Vii t I l-l'
di-nt, C. link-, ?s iii lal us, Mtsolu. Lohn ami BetaaV
? h. r ; treasarer, a. Ben? Mbe.
A flggMtW lil.'.IMlNT IN \i \v-v?.i:k.
Tile Qegaagtal ti tiW '1 liiitt entli Want lit-l?! a
large ead aattaalaatle aaeeUug burt "sim;.),- at v.'-s
ii. i..., .art. is, No. ?..i ajtasaa ab BM gea Mis.-ii.-i-.
bi I, ss bo iktii-.-.i ooaspt? aooMy la the Qeraaaa refeaaaat
i.; i-.-, ss ,-. . i te.i l'n--iili nt, ami Fred. Vimm, ftsen
the I'r - d. ut, upon taking tbe eaair, made .? powerful
addreaa, In stun a be -tat. ?1 Um obj? ? t ..i 11.- m . Ung t.,
I.?- in? m ?-.tin/,.i ti" n ufa n triuu-iif r.? litrlii for tu.- nuits aad
iml. pi mleiii e "f im io rm. .ii f.itle i ?.uni. A ion ...it..,
consisting f Mi V'oaa and tbe ( balrmsn ? nappointed t?>
rall upon tbe Proasli.naiil sad offer bim a? ?-aii-i
of -u? li as desired u? n tura w I lei n ian j sad agbl Is tbe
pi u.s-i.iii arms A largo number ? ^:,nl tbi rurollaaenl
i-i. and i it- r Ustealag t.. sobm patriotl? tuuair, the
Bwrtlagdatperaad to m?. t again aext Monds) i \? slag.
lill'. ?,l U.MANs Off Yolt?MILI.
A prt -limit" try aaaMnsBg of the titrin.ui baattV
itmitn of Volks ill?-was n. M last BVBBBBJl Bl atoatgMol
l'.r.sv.ry, ? ?irmr Bight) -cs.nth-t. mu.I K-mitli ise.
Mr. K. 1?. Kr? im I waa appointed Preaident, U K?a
Merer, Becretary, sod Me? ra, Uaniemaa, .1 r>natarer,
J. J. tv-blUlager, J. Fenerabend, sod ? FeueraiteBtt a
Coiiiinlttae to amaga for u. aiaitt meetliig on Wsdaeeaoy?
Aug. J.
The Executive Committee, consisting of \%
in? ml', r?, ?hi. h ssas appointed at the in:.iii Al?t
im ?-tiiiii at I'l-liuoiii? o s on Monday ev? iiiUrf, basr js?r
maneiitly oriraiil?.'?! .in I .-l.-ct??.! ?Ins tatWwtBg ifTii-ern:
ITeslilent, P. lienly; Vu ? 1'rcsi. 1? nt. A. I>. ???isille;
Tie.i.-ui? r, Vatahie, /tit.- 8e< retary, I^mi M. wasar,
MeetJiiKS will Ik? held at I)eliu?.ni. o'? every Thursday
?siiiiiiK The ?ali-? i Ipi .?ms thus tar amount to a SUB
layan, The Ciiuiuiiiii-i- resolved to traasaUt tata? PI art
tnisi-riiuicMt, IliroiiK'h ita Mitunter at WanbuiKtoii, aa a0>
count of the pteeeaataaa,
....The Grund Division of S>us of Tem in ranee of
Paan hash ??ii bk*?i m fuu- <u-?h i.ni...
_'I he Newport ami i lucinniiti Bridge Coflspany
tunk ihi '..i? o tti BUB un MuuJ??. Vt>vrk va Uw Un.lcr i, mm pro?
t?<wiii|l r,(. I .
_Tlie lind iron for th? N..rtli?ni Pa? ni?- Railssav
Wft Uri all ? .S..-.?- ti :..r lmi.nr. Vinn. Th# rnwynwil r?ui,ta
of ."Ou tun, ..f ant MUM T r?.l n:aaufariur>.? m Hrsnoi Itum.
....Tbe American hatUatainf laatiMIhm ixv?n
Bl BawAMt ?ono?l aaaMO m V?.tfir,iir M4*?, .?-u. :?? Ho '? M
U.f'f.l.... Pro* I SO ?:? 1.1? l> "f hr.sl, ,1 U"-.? -t?. ??? ?-:?<-vr4
Prr?.a?s??t. Adilrf??*! w*rt- AtU. ml '. s|, N BUI? Pi-oA '.ro??v tmA
Pur m .if Bru?*i ? 1 ni?, roi.. Pr??..iriil niau? of tori? ? ?*?!??, ???*
olhrr protaiurot t??a?o,turo.
_rYapanttoaa nava bean perfected mr;? a??'o!i(l
? nou*] iru.iMiu .lil,.?,*i-i' 'li*ln>'" '? ? i.'-i'?1' ?It??*
H.il. BoiU,u,on tbrMli -f Aofuoi A tin ro ho-r?/?)? ?? I rr?j?l? ? ?I
<!?? N I' Hank.? II* r ? uroi...n By?lo?ssl ro..r?W i-I otoojo.
i..?i for?, ?nil ka nttM be ??? .? ?t?- ?? Mv <""?" '? ";?. ?
t#ou Nii.rp,. NU. JO 1'n.t M, BfB loM Ml OMBI1*??t? u<??*o (ruoa
Uno orruuu.
(RIMES ANT) ahaW?l1""* M TEI.Ki.RAI'n.
ii..- nattle Inland fien Mill, aav Paitoa, V.
r.,?ioi ae?tru.?sl bTirr ?"? r.ie?U; u.?M. 1-?-. ?J6,?W?. ioooti.0.0,
Mlitaaann'i c??r?la?re ft? tory. >?' IbK?.t??ii. t-.tretli-r
wUt'l.oo??oMdo,oll.^. .o.ae-?o.ool ./ in jeoWW*.. !,?,???.?.*,
iooou-oji?. pavaa
* at-rioU? accident took place at Wincheater,
in'ooioo^OT ?<? ?" X" ,'""1 *"'? ,,?*,ia- "* m ,-0?,? *-!?>-*
I,,^,?lli..oorfl? .?roi"?- ?-I?'1? ?Saatai ?rf poaosrufon ?on 1*41/
boj-t, o?io..o?ki.?.d ?aatat
A nre <? <?iirretl In the v illnjre of Rkhntond, Vt.,
, -_i^?t"o r wh.i-b Irt-tM??! Cr ha'l?,'. .1 if .( J II tiioim th?tro?
'*' ?olTi**'' '???r ????C H-?-wir? 00-1 ti?. t..n,.fj II R*?jo..ro,
h.?. i.ii?r ino;''li?-r "I"1 ? ?ojlnr oliup uti * t^ila-r obup. I^moo
BK.Soo |?rtl> -?>?->"l ?" 'ooutaix?.
PattaoOtl \l.lTIKH-liY Tl.I.l?.KAl'ii.
i h Qnad lu'v at \a ladaae. \ t. areendal ina
onoaMSuaTOBal aapataa A Lt-onoo; ?iiiiv ???.i ? .
...Beert tan oi War Belkaap am! 0* ? n.er.chiel
,. o o... OoMrtooooot . mool .1 ?s? *' Tn'*t
ir.,.,..,? noTrn ?Vraital Ij '???? li???"??4* "" ???'"-'?
. Tkx-j lost- for BariagoaM w-hikIiL
... J.ilui Balea died in t hi. inuati y?-t. rd iv He
?0 boto .0 Ko.U. I ia 17*.. ?uvl rauartttal W U. ? 01011 ? ?' '. ?"? ?^V
r ?.-. i:.r lioil.i .1.1 toro. Hit( lUu? 1. ? ?????.rr of m ??t?^a?a?
IB ?.taauoaM. ?al >?.*?? ? <?????? ?? $m * ?.?**."*

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