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1 lil KM ..ii ra OF BT. ( R18P1K.
A 1 li m I ROH HU I ) \m I oi . I PIKB.
Pa t '?? Se 1er al rai / . ?
it lu- aeret been my practice to notice
Bag pi return! etta? k.- ra n , ,.
i t, m aaj c tase, the Ladh I waa ol
am hut i nu- one who at ta aa i nuuapiiadi nt tori i n
pap baa sun It to ]
i ?? ? Ord ; m thlse ita in it In ? mj
? rwMMtne I know li he ultim . 1 h ai
i it tamala 1 le aak tin tun Dean of stating the re ii teeta
?f the (nae threngfe in?- eataanaa.el nu Tuai ? ? hi
vii hi | ?appeared la the Banal oaVn Iv? form.
? ? been ceameetod with the Cifepta Order etaeot
fr, ? rta Mr-t or?; talaadtou ? .,
? haig. - liiaiii nfitnrt ti m tin-1 ' i te true, i ,
?would jo o an] "lu- in din nu ing it as an tsatreajo oe
coiiiin..a denn,., u- well Bl ?> high hauled
i MeBlra? f against and f t de i log
111 Uu - ': . - - - I ?; . .. ? ly for USthl
m lip) r free toa '? lo. In an Bru k
? "t number? I rear
i,,; i. .iai. tt. r wak klwn la to fa? Poeten
:; rm. erlrcl Ifroml eth Adam-, la whk ?
,,,,.. | thai | daatred viol? a? thoagk l
i. in aaawer totk it I have oal)
i !;.,m bean ?ii mj i h aa t itn ma radi al la
. ,d .pled at Un eloei ni the war. in which I
WO] Tin Tkh'.im: iden of
gaufrage and Unlvaraal Auumsty," aa I attlH
.i ibi te 'i nong?,to aA pt itt
I ... i ;;? -pi ray would have beear -ton a ti ?ii.
brag ei Bat Coi r - saw Bl
loi.uipor.. and amil ate, and wa all arno? the result.
.V ..ile ;.. I -: ite lalfl in>t to curry favor with .my one.
! ply to eel myself right al the beginning i el
...., i never thouf I t.. bi ? r A -uni la
\ a? the Chinese race la thla < ouutry. Oa the
.. i w( aaj fan- Irmly i ki -' anything
. like ti.nats or vlob ace la deelh g with tala m ?
au ...
in te whick I alluded m my letter
to rae titrate i ate? red aolety to cooperation, wittel bat
i t theory from tne start. Inca again i
? lang trip to North Adama evldenceaof a -pint
i h it m.-, h m- "-ii adder," ia m wof ; in poaaibU tieai I the
Hind yon, the Cristdna were free from oil banana
?omi .i- tan la wera con tunada though they were the
ate sutil ir- bj theImportattoe of Coonee,ead l
I Hi -t iii'n i? m twentieth? of the
? i mate want ta*ah?y defead the Cooliee from
v . ... ??? anj um ao foolish as tooma it. Beaauch,
t , ?, :. i etotbei aof m i - o konetta,
.\. v, i wlah?tu a lau woroavto s.?j thal the chargea
m la agalnet the < ?rih r hy >our mrieapon?i ata la North
?I and MarliM.ro. BN m UM main ineorr? 11. The
??..r yet -.t rm ii fur au tacteaee
? -. not di 1 the Ladgt in M ii 'lbON dream o' -in li it
- -ti Iking the -In pel Mr. Howe; thOOgfe Mr. HoWB
ta sonta wa) fe i the laapaeeama that the] would, The
l .there, i- not ri -poti-i ?ii foi t'u ,e I ion of Un ha nils
-1 nipiny. Thal ia totalr malani, bb 1 pur
, km w, havtag been polled oa peraonaTty to taree
m an ?illhi.il c ipaetty, Tin Cn-piu
i i mea la st- laing aa dnat ti
who da nut ni m to Jeta hv Itatmatopamuada
ne i. IoJ .iii it hy 1? f ?tau.?te alni hoiioriil'le nu ?li-, alni
I a i ?f Mr. i ,.,t. i ana pi mi < utod, ?s alleged,
i ' e ,. r - m ta bo i i-, teapoaaible ter It, 11
rispia Order ta a vi iy few warda.
i Cris] a Order hm three p?tate in Its creed: lal la
?. ii! laheeen m it-own braaehd ladm
j -, !.. lam Inna- of toll, lind, as I eon-iiji, UCC, ?
h i-'.i 11 ajuara In Ita au amarag aamaaatt] ,at a result, co
.- ion.
\\v bara tunal in- ?? rpettanm thal the waridng
i -i I with pi aalleel eaeeaurm galil they an
. tter how evade may he ma term el the
i i pt of lusixuctmu must tii>t in formadla
tin m 11 -- iry knowledge may l>e gained, in mder
t. m . ? illy out the C'.iopei.-'.tivi plan "f in
ihle n. an- for prop? i Ij adjust
i. , ; we, ?i lal or and i ipltaL wi ?
.in. m- io an ead; and th a ??; a I?
? ploy me lit. ' ?hall unset with obstacles,
fteda id abased. All that weean beai
Not f. al ila? - ?if
i th ?t " Trade t i ionhnn wat La l
?i at ..ii wat worse, because it i ?
nan) .um grounds and v*i uki be equa ly
. . ?. tryst? ? ? \iul 1 i
our efforts to trade for ourselves have
tim-i ? most violent oppoaltion from th? very
? . tin- i risplia|urganization at tyi i
? .in .m m it.- ilemands.
I know tit n what I am auytng when 1 ? -?rt ihn? tin1
? . - j asisto work up an I to ? ,??
? hi ? est prael ? ? ?? mons nt, and it th? > i ????
-tn-uni will for one year more, tbei will
- ite tenor m< r
!? d ami cotnmeneet this w? I .
and we sha!i punk Um
walu ia qui ?tun "i our
m n bav? gon i o far, but when I consider how
? .ni i- n,,ii i fe-ti d tor the w.iki'. chu - I?) ( ther
pulpil or i ress, exe? pi to eouslgn us to the r? rlons of
i he daiuued, 1 f<.? l quite well sat.-fu.il with "the post
rM I have any Influence with workingroen,? I
? .um lo inei? ..-?? tin ir cl'-ie.-i?. t, to in uli.a? lil
teuiii i o,- ?.I self-cult ure; ,ii? i ii tia worth it
' ? > th? ins. Ive*, ti ne to tin b i-v ?i
i ti let initiation to ernan? lps e
? ji. -? al -t- le," Hie tj .
. .ti rd to tre I I ?- a d m i r? - to 11
entvontempl tk anlHendlyeoiuinents
? -. lu i on? la-ion, let me --?
? mu i .- ?i- otb?r luuuigranta come, be sball be
u me i cafe,aofaraslaniconeerned; but ii lie
tua the China < orr? ii? ndi nt ol 'hil Tun i ?-1, i>.
i ? .a, liiii. . ? - in does, ni.- h a i 'i t
I ..m en.onraga ?ir alloa ?. i ?
; ? . - ?.lily won.a 1 t.^iit tin? i -i .
und tight it l" a hall, no matter bow
: many may be ter or against inc. My onlyambl
I toi ? ir 'o tin be : oi bj) bumble ability to do
ih : ui-t i. 11..- i ii I die to in.] i ii. ile i in luton of th) ? la ?
it, i-ur myself I <a? nothing, but fur
my children uud their future I um eonoerned, and you
on pies tin
n - . < ertatal) 'I ni I1 n im. rannol
11 mi - . t- de ii - - i" is n? ni the mat
i ? ? bi ?ist ?n mod? -,
?i HI, July .'J, l-TO. _ W. <"l Wilso-.
2 o ihr t. il i tor of The 'Sri h ana,
: Where liken is mi much slll(,]4(. (ben
Biii-l . i little liana-, and h?m ?? 1 BJ ad this coiimiiinii u
i ' ? ?? qneetkua, MAxe trade anioahrta alb
Bl ti
i j Impropriety la w. ?;,'. ranea eomplalning
?<f thi ii.:, when, owing le high jtii i < and
rents,! ? a evidently d?plia able I U there aaj
I -'it Of ' "l: '? ,' li :i, In order to
I Of ti r CB !'?".n : - ' Aft I.ot
? i ? of resisting ? redi
. ?? ? .? I ?ly i ..ml ;. !?
le I I: . .. gio? li 11 tin
. .
y, a i. i poo min a?.
: ,i- al i ?? -i ni in tia ? Ity ol ;> "i ? i ., taaceoiu
' lu'..-,. I- " ,' : ol 1 m to ? . 1- el
tli it t II ir li -W. I : ?
a-id aot tluit tin . ?hoi i condemned
ou ni of nu ? ?t I? w if tb
Uianting t th use ol la
i atli Ii dui i: i- ? '
o ? n charged iig di al ti | . ? ?
not 11 ? - .i nip i ?sou io the ti o p
; . oi em i, a ; ueb i \. i mm -,
and will tuey not wholly dina] before the
? - n?.' ; 1.1,a.
a ric larh, ,i
rWBJIIT'FlVB in Mii.i.K \;kn ?.?i r <?r HOBK IN
I.VNN. V \-It ?LI PIM.
The Boston TrartUeroi Satrrrtiay aaya: 'i'la re
w about im ? loutol work b?I?yna,aud.ti
, .i ? ,
aitout July 1?aud em from five to eight
lo It - .
'im i ? .
I ? ? ? ? i I Late "f affairs,
i, i a ' irows ii.. Bl lug of mai i ordci Inl
mid I1 I.no 1 ?'iel.? Was I,uiui. ? ? .
. ?? going Into tin
t I Led I.p.
h meut them,however, who?1 rgercon
W< I '?? I Vi Hull inn fa In I . .
r ??? ?,?[ waid "f ?Mi' h powi ? bil li ? .i db
,... i ?;.)..i?.-' f the largersbopn Wlthavlewof grtlingal
all the faeta of the trouble? betweei tb? ?hoc ti
turers aud tbeiruuployeea in tin city of Lynn, yei lerda)
i.u in of our re|. ii? i - vi it i a tli tpli e, und lu
t. ? w, \ .ii ~i ni. ni 11.?- parti?, on both aides, .?ni in nil
I , i i, iiifm uihl.o
? ' be iiiiiii'tfiu-iiii- rs' vii ?
suuir jin? pout- are eontrudioied ly tie d ?pint
? ii.- parent dUBeulty,"' ?aid np unlnenl
manufacturer, " t.iav i??- suramed np La a !? w w.
11.i akers are asking halt a cent anora for lasting than
ii. manufacturer?are willingUi nay. But. remember.
t I..M - no! the whole dillieuitv. There Is a Wheel
voll.h a uiiet-i in this un.ni. If the deaaand now made
b) in?- ?,o.t ratsotanplied with, the other ituim h?-s of tia
Irada ihr bsaieta hoeters oat, ahavcra, flnlshert Ae,
??iii next im m i,i linn ?i< Bandi lor advance, which
?al sImi ii?v< to tsj compiled wiih, until the
Brheel taaaan r-.uiei to the lu.-t? m again, aim will
?turi up for ajioth?-r Inortiaap. And so It will um
<iliue without ? ni. The ins in- will h.iM- to I? made BOW,
and whiciKvcr party pie\aii- wal I- themaiitei of the
aituatiou. It,' eoiitii.ueil Un g? ntl? man. "if I bad a I
man l.M.klnv aft, i i?? boree, lawbon I paid tin a week,
luit ?olieludtsl to Mild Hu Juin?. Lptbl eolllitri tai 'H'
tare, end the eervlet of Un man being thun unn?cessarv,
Boa wishitiK u> gi*^ him scars thing to do, eupi wau i i?kui
him into in.? woik,.u?ipi?n?l laught him ia Mun m.ua lis u
mart al the buataoa? at wbleh he coald earn? from * le
? ?S s ?i*L-in six luonth?' time that mau would l/c a
Am?M??T nvmufa? turcr ?.?id that la addition lethe dum
ans nant on k'?'i-'I rat?-, the men wsuted on? rant
?extra for puttiug ou tap soles, a mattei wbl ii Involved
'? than wa? i .mr. d to pal on
i 1 111 ' ? ? ? . :.
?Ai>>uvt< to ?upvly the tara*
noli.-? liad res "liitloidred ti?, t.iisinc?-. i?n?l bjd'\ din?.
np ti ? work done l?j limul In an? h a asj ss io Beep .
> .a ? "Ustautls i?; lasting und trimming, save sn oppoi
t. , ,. ,1., quick ncai and pi'il'i""? '". 'j'""
i in,, ni-, ami. n .l-l. ?I a m "' mau toi'??* Ullin?
- than ever hefon i Im? I"'" -'" -'j' '' ,'
, labtiab? 1 bj ti m.inf.? towra waa,?II ?
ti -..-. from le. t.. M lower iban ''-? >? ,r ? '">
,:,, .,,. i, w< re, ii in? of th? m
. i auiall mauufatl ?" , ? ' 'be lu.
, ,,. u,. ? inked mu? ? ?en mofe; bul tins could ?an
. lui- In Bl - ' rl. - at lowi
, ,,,:. ,?, ,,,., tin s ha i to? u ingi fron. Kimi I f woi
t., -i-i.'.iii. r. The meii,at tbe price proposed lo !?.- paid
roidd make from tia to las wt we? k, or au syei
?i,,,,,, ?.i, ,:: in. . ear ronnel In li. .? tis tim iboemaki r
,, , ivetl oi vi- forth wort it '.sa- ????-?.< t -I bj tai Bis i
-,?:.n tin? r? of Lynn t-> ?iso ita. tor it waahoped
however, th t sn arrangement woald be nome to wtl
tie still.? r- to-day, ?mi put an ?ml t" the ?lilli? nils
h i for tis?- ot- da weeks. Thl
lum ss..- al lout t i< Luce -t In lum. inrtlisuali?, employ?
? -,. hut ' ni .-iii- wa? at wort Iber? s. -i. ni is
(n.ri porter \ itedthe lu -d iiiiitt. r? "f tbe strikt
. n vs i lilugtoi ?*.. ss h. r< i.Unga were belan held. 'I'm
. appeared -.IbotiKbtful, sud aomewhatout
of tbelr element for lae? ol ? nploym nt rbej wlabed
Itanderal.It bat tbe adair was not ? atrlke In the ?i
? ? of the -.."iii; I nt th?' ht-t? ra li "1 left Wi ik.
s?i;. b action Interrupted the whole boslnea\ and (brea
thi mi nlntbeothi i ite]tartin< uta oui of work. The trouble
wsi ? "t .''".ni douldc ot ?ii e sol. ?. bul on Ih? uueatioa
of tuegi ; ? ral pi' <? to lie paid for the su.ri.. In the ?la? K
s ,i.it -, i ms, the m? n lorkat i m.what lower rate
bul ni , of the 1 all trade thej sah tor
?, u? v i the n i" lal rat? -. I le? >? ar ? nm'iiii
(., i... 11 ot '.?-i rear's price?" bad beei saked for by the
Dianufa '? the ?? i kin? n bad eomplii .1 bj re?
ducing their ot.ii? fi'iin u lui'f " nt to one cent below
th? '? pri? ' , ....
Thii ??ni not s itlirj tmi'inf.ietuiers, who wanteil a still
further reduction of one-half coal on the whoM ?a a
"Mow," rontlnned thi sitokeaman of the Crispins,''thii
waa a little too much for n- w? llndwi nave to pay m
high for house real food and clothing aa last year. We
)..\. reason tota leve, ?l-. that tin n is nothing to Jus?
tify the manufact?rela m satina us tu .? down M
nun h m o?r price? tbi demand tor thoei being ?rood,
an i iii. price? Mini'; being about the same aa last year.
\v, do not like tola stst? ol things, and can ill ntl..ni to
l.i Idle it thil "lit- t'li-o -t and in. '?t profit i tile si Bsoa of
the ye ir. We are losing tim?-. ss hil h is om moa? s, sod
the manufacturen are bIso Itwdoa brsvilj by the st .?'
uri t tbe ; ?-.11111111- of the bnsy season. Wi want
to go to work, imt ss.- -ss.?nt a . ii!t?v. t.. make living
s\. .. w. knoa it j-??an! that w?^nake IK and Baa ?
week; hut this la no1 true. We have gi nerslly fruin two
. months of forced Idle nea? every year, and our
is. i as.. Wages Will nest i- ? ii ? ? ?I |U p? r Week tin- j Bal
To?-1 rispia? lui ted, siso, that the larc? laatrafacturt i -
being?i;r. ? toi-- m ih?- bank,hail nought to annoy the
stn .in i on?-- lu refiu ngl icaah their ord r?? butas the
raab waa rcadllj obtaluable outside, this had no effect.
Mo v it m- tins 'mi-, be we do not knoa bat it ti ?certain
n re ia a want of harmouy and i ooperation betwet n the
largi nd imatl manufacturers. The Crispina, an.-?
many others thing?, told our reporter that some of the
manufacture! ?, who always paid the highest price?,* n
ti,, moat prosp?rala,theil ss.uk being I. .-Mi estimated
bj lobbera anti deal? is
'l he cn-pin- wi i--, altogether, ?oin i, digntfled, and un
demonstrative In their behavior. Tbej did nota? mt?i
wlahtohavc it iii-uni''! they were on ? "atrlke."
They indulged In no lond m boastful talk, threat?, or
recrimination, bat stated their ease Uoode ti] and with?
out s indu tis i Bess.
\ "tiipmmisi- of t!:e difficulty mentioned sbovi wai
made during Saturday, rat Boston Journal ol Mondas
saya: Hi. manufacturera felt, with reaaon, thai if this
state of things waa continued foi ..u.s length ?>; time,
?rou ii s-1 k ?lili? i mar).. tsand tin Fail trad? ol the
ruined. A-ii ss a-, tin- -h pi.la for la i ss,,k
u ii off m ?ir's 700 < mc?from th? corresponding \?. ? k ?-r
- ipili , .! I" Hi I I -.|i.us !.,; ?i
??"minitti i "t conference, wbicii waa grant? I, ami acorn
ol tis. from ' .n I. im f al the B wirti ol I
Baturdaj morning snd continued th? li aeaaion for aeveral
in in. M I tors ii.iii apparent lj reached a crisis with
both parties and throughout ?in ?l.?s ti.? streets were
fid. .1 with groups anxiously bat calmil discussing tbe
status of .ittaii-s. l.iti In th? day the committee roaeand
reported tbatthej had oome ta sn agreement i" ? un
premise the matt r by u? concession of i quarter of
a . ? nt bj i a h pari . ;""' thi Bgn ein? nt
on in,- part of both part ea io continu? the*? p. ii es t?>r
m i vi ,r, u ini tin crispin agreeing to v ort ior ti..- time
i'n manufactories s.iil commence running to-day, al?
though it will tak< ?.r two ssi. i. to ;; t -t"? kfltti ?!
up und all departments in full rum nu order. Whether
? - ill bo a permanent end of the troublei ren
? .'i. although it would seem to be substantially a
yielding to th. Crispin!' demand, "n effect of the
movement svili undoubted!} bi to lead tin mamita? lur
era to organise themselves Inaomi waj for their own
protection anda? ? ? uuab r movement to the Cr
and m th? ? vent of s fut un strikt t!.
il"i:t.ti ii.v lu mor? proloi
'I K IN.
Mr. Weadell Phillipa pnbliahea an aitiele in
? d uf ti, ss. i k ; on "Tbe i
iylae thal we should and do so a i
rm aa and aat rso l, '.i<- add i band
gration tob? aal and helpful must I p tai ,,in. It
? be the n suit ??. obeying t
l.i\. of tnduatry and the tendencies of ih? age. Immi?
gration of labor i an unmixed good, Importation of
lu,?o..u fn ?.hi - an nnmlxed evil. The Chinese, he
thinks, will be ? i sluabk sddlt li ni to the mo I?
if our nationality,' bal t'i?> aiust coom
spontaueos ty, ??* ' ihc i lah sod Oermani
doi ?. If th? capital ? f the -1
-? t.- to wi : k. h. i i- in un? i ?
?i m.is-i -, to u,., oi . (lu ii, np .i, uj -v?. ii Ii aa nu?
ll .nu.ii n pin ii;.. in?-:, their coming will be a parti ta our
poll leal system inda disastrous ? ti? ? k t., nar ho,.!1
-.' Thi wrltei then ?peaka of nataralixatkrn and
, i" i nshlp o- toll is ?:
Tin-1-nt to i.- naturalised mi'?t not be Umltad by
race, creed, or birthplace. Secondly, everj sdull muai
rota. Wlthonlj s natural amtmnl of Immigration, we
nan tru-t tin eau? atiou snd nnmtx i - ?>t our nativ? s "t> r-.
t, ssfcl] absorb and make ?'\ir the foreign element.
But ii We for ass?., lab ?! ( sp tal t i lim i s
ti.n ng ' ? i - ? ? in such maasei n? will enabli
t e Mon? Lort ? t" control th? ballot box bi t -, ?
h i.d -, rvanta, We i old it to be ? ?
1 o? In? '? ?m I aa c!?-a j thi dntj of Ia g1?, at Ion i i
avert thii danger. Capital ia too strong now. I tiiverral
i ilsal ile onlj on ? untbtion ol an ? I
p. pi., w. cannot undertake Ui cilucati thi ?rhole
wondai once. lu dctachmeuta,million byinlllton,wa
?? u di--'?-?t tia sslio'? human ra? <."
Aa io the Influ? a ?? of ? hinom? a ?>n the werknatnaa !:?
t t ; iik- if they i ime naturally taej w10 pr due? uno i
weolt, hot If capital imp. ?is them la tua Ma they will
crush Am. i lean labor bo pant? riant.
"That .loii.ir noss-1. rt." in sas s. ?? after all the bl
I on Saturday night, means edoeatioa, udepemlence,
i et, m u t. "'I..
i.'n Importation ol Chlneae lalsot .i-, u to tate
rat ttoUar f i ??m our workinrman, The true
stat? :.i "i im st regard neha poliej a- madness, i i
phi .-ii.tia, pi-t must consider it rruel Bad mad too.
i:s?r;. one cri? oui !'-r cheap uob?ur
to develop ti.lintis-. Tin? i <'.iii>f?i iiii.l thoupht
leal cry tor cheap labot lioneoftb? great mistakes of
in arti) - and sup? racial .omttts BJ? issert unhesl
.. ti.?t . in .?p pr.siiu tion? are an luuuixetl goodj
''.'.?li labor Is an nnmitlgated evil. To insure pre - -
Ih.i ot everything but human muacle and b
lni.?l fail. li? sn ss pi sa- li a lui?, Wf
ti.t righi of ??"s inn ? tit to check .u-^ forced
snd unnatural Importation ?f labor, \cni-t such
a claim tin- advocate of a pi t?-?iise tarta cannot con
?istelilis ?.j.eli l,i.- moUtb. It lb? i li. It.m I .I--...I
tfa his i ! ?. !,.i., ?? Has no1 th? lal i n r
a light t" boj !?i? ?cat ?u fl"iir i?i the
? he ip? st market 1 Has no1 the capitalist
u?? ?inn?' right i" -' ? 1"? rtock oi but lalor m tin . In ap
? tmarkett' \\. anawer, ? Yes,provided there li bo
ai tul, :.ii i omi' i ''n,i i n. plot ot i-i ssi 11 ii mei orclasHt
to flood the mail'? ?u ?..-,? m.,! ss nu to?- lurphu of
sn. .in :. J oi- i. ii,, lion la to ? ..'--i' ? ?I
lathe] rebate of ai - ?? ", .. , ., ,. . v, , ,
,'p ud ?m mpi ly .mi .i?-':' -mi i i-i di I ?? ind
Lutsoequivocul that it ia worth Initie. Bali of wages
?' [tonds i i what the workman think? will baj bim
111? li?-. ? Sities Of life, lil- 'It . Ill /.'..mo/co .s?!"- ?Dill li
to tis tli. Mit, Ol ssii:?'-. "Sappi] BOd li. Innmi,"
'in ?' '"i?. -n. t" be understood swiii a qualification
Th?- Chinaman works cheap heesoas he li a bar?
barian, and seeks ? atincation ot only ih. loss. I i i
must iiKMt.ii'le wanta, ih? american drasamb mtm
ano Homi t and Plato, Eg] pt anti
l{, im: l.utti. i and M..IK- -i? n . < romwi li .nul Wa -
Ingtou, the printing preas and the telegraph, Um
box and the Bible, have made lim? ten times as mut ii a
In eonehulon, Mr. puittpa Bdvtsea eeitiaaii *>? take
advantage ..f the numb? i- al tat ballot nosi -, and i" use
: n< u p 'S-.- r ' rt mcis< i? ?.-i, ,?"
ClIlNKSi: IN Wlis'l VIKl.IMA.
TLNMiiN?. i?"i; rm '?ii.?\rr.\Ki: am? tynjIO
.Vmitk StfpfiiK Si'itiv?;-, Qreeiibrh r c.i..
\s? it v.l., Jalj -j. a i aaalgana at ?ii fhlatao. ssiii? ii i,.,
ad, waa bonanMd t<> dig toaneli for the
c; sspeaki aad Otto Baitoead, Orroogk wMeh
Uaa ?if < oiuliniioi atioli l.t I ss ? ? u Hie Allait i. ?mil n,
HI st ippi valley >mii ha apaanoL Stratnaantla
non tia ti m ham of the road in ?pi? Mb a. \ greal deal
. ?. .ml .1.111. ult ? i.?ni., in..- ssi ii, aaa alt?.ni? I? n
?.if.-.uj;' user tin- lu-1 lui min ii Britta ? ..-l ol h? i
that ?i itati a n m bei over lae B ta ttadgi, and na uni? -
beyond th alglaaat peiat of Ina Um '" V*t Allrghantos
Tl'iie i-, boWOVt i. seme t Uli ti? li ti;: (odo on tin pirtmn ol
tin- lim ..lu ofly :n rtin in nar ?rdi-i, t? aagnraty tin-;-,
s\.,iK having h.? n put up at Kiiain jmint-to?air> Hu
ronsl rouiol tin has?- ?,f hil^ win. h it i- mt. ml. ?1
te ma Baranna, Tins was anna for ttr.
i ol ? Mhtag the akunaaes travel t?i tai
BgrtBga last v a,. Mme tln.i BMM th. track hasin.tde m.
: ii,le i projYit ss sit, but tin h< as., r . uliiii ?rilli.- -sv,,ik
. is now pushing with < ataBt rain? aaaBgJ. Mr ) I.
Huntiiii/iou, th. I'n-sid. nt ot the road, |M-tt?r known m
eoanei ata artta BB i ovtral tfttrnM and sltaa nallan nts
ralh-sals, hostel tai i? for som? days, but h ft y, atonto]
Be informed tl?, writer that the road will be i ?iinph ie?l
t?. ti.i ?iiiio t,.s jum, ian, anri t,, t avtanatea aa the k.h.
atthahy June, Hil. Into M the calculation al the (on,
pan y he has lo douM that It will U- real.'. ?1. The ?li*
iin?< from Hiehmond ta this place is '?TI miles, und ihn
?li?;..m? to (, ns,-iiiil?,ti? BB the ohio, the pro|.< ted terun
nus is. I Iteilese, ni ?iii jon MUM flirt Ii? r. mostly ttaangt
a rough country; ?o the ( hinaui? n ?ill find no lu. k of
tnnuerinK to do. The eompl? tion of this road will b? a
commercial event of considerable linjxiriurice. H'r?-py
.1.1 lVorfolk. I an? told, l? ruM.m?.- hih ? s? - over it and 1rs
mi-toget wbloMwak?-. havm*nu*t dlllllld that sin la
to ha a i-omui? i< lal rival of New York. Charl? ?ton, t,,..
li ..?iiiiitiou? to pieic- tin Mlaaiaatppj Villes at Knox'
sill. I.s nu m- "f 'In Blue Rldgi Itallroad, ulm h i
sl-is? is -' h the i ig? ed country ,?ml
ii.nt- the i n ?tern (li .i
Mi liBBtiUKlOU ha- '".' U \i ? .-.eli .U ' .1..
fond? und orearon, ?ml ?-inphiylng ?htueoa lalmrors I
large numbera. Uesays hi? igenU know where to pi?
out parti ni.ir men win. heVI li"' ?il'ini'lii'it ? ?pi nein
lu the kli.f work ta Is done, ami In thinks he can ge
tog.tii.i i lol ol tin- beat ti un : b?ndeln Un world. I- n
lum Ire?! ol Ibem ii ? ,!'' "",r " ??"- "l""'1"'
Imll,l ne 11 ?i-. Tunnel, ? lew mil? ? from tin- pia <?
I ' , ,, ,;?,, .,,-, B| pi ..ia some ?i.iKniiM ?.nwliandsa
work .....m ..'.: pari ofthi llue.iind hil ? a <inesUon_how
farthesV men i ia? '?- replaced h) ? kin? se. The latter
,i. ui,| a ,-a '..i ? 5 .? month, an?l And thpnis? Iv? -, th?
.. ,. h??w< x. i. in.ioiug bimseil to furnish theui >> r
I Iii quanti lesaud kindi i : '.' ?'? ?< ' I'!,''"1 '"!""?; ","'
lo I.e. hing..: .lui llgl .r,!.";",;"'mJ
matter whether the ii irkel wie*? ri.r taU. Mr.
rton Inform*- m? Ibst Um,? an- very particuh
at..i a,muti In making tbe?eliiirg?ilns ?m, ?,,.?
iv-, r? m ma) prove to be of considerable slgnllcance
lo VU Bia, and may save bar Urge landowners tom a
i.sit) wim h ha.i ' '""? ?ten tbem. and which
la certainly ver] distasteful lothelr pride?I mean the
rlivlalou of tbeh urge finn. Their want of cap?
ital and cheap labor, coupled with the ambition of the
negroes.1 lb? white Immlgrantt to procure a home
?t. id of their own, in?\.n combining to render the
sale of t portion oi tb? li la idt almost un ?voidable. This
m w created population, iiow beginning to?..mai
taring tbem a deliverance from Hair dilemma. Idonol
think tin- mu a i- de- i ?ble. (m the <.tr.trt, I think it
rar better that thl? State, oran) other ?tate, ?hontd have
.i popnlal on m linly maa.- np or Independ? ut freeholder!
than a population of hue.I Laborera. I manly wrtta le
inda ali aprobebh resultofth? aewanrrwaaiali
An (ntliiisia.iti?- mass iiieetinf* waa lui?, in
I m I . ,i h . b? o for the format Ion of n society to he known
ai the " \nti I hine-e Convention of California." Tim
meeting wa? held umh 11Ii? aiiipnM "1* ?eve ra I organir.a
tion- ?if working men. A constitution was adopted With
the following "dei l,u at imi :"
Years of e\p-ricnce.ns well a?recent ? vents, serve to
ronvluce the linn who work for a hung that nothing
short of permanent organization and determined aethm
win prevent tin continued migration of chinaman to
this coast, who, In a few yean, would omi run tin- conti
nent, and render the mechanical trades tw degrading aa
to deter American ritltent from teaching theil sons the
?It)' of h at l.l li-' ti.o'.es, Which WlU lu? VI at? ndet.cy
to still more degrade la nor. and create an Idtoerlatoi nu j
npi.ilu degrading and m??re destructive to tin general
?..I of mankind. We an opposi d to tampering with the
? on -t.bV saving the countrj Is open to Chinamen who
come here hy their own tr. ? will, ami nota? bondsmen,
knowing.aawe do, thal all will be taught to sa) they
? | th- ii own accord: theil labor la no lern tnjurlou
i.. v . i . ; ii lal on ra on thal u ? mint.
?ii mi re,we declare ourselves la opposition to (he
in t) ? itli ( bil a. a bi ?' i) tl?' i I lb i. ! - .ii |n mutt, d
(Ol .i u to the I ?ill. ?! -t:ite.- and eotnpl te w it ti the White
i ii . ? mil or other classe? of American Labor? ra, and that
wi ?. ?a io( be i ont? ni ? Ith an) thing slum of an abroga?
tion of toe treat] with China except ter comm? retal pur*
pou s and to thal end we have adopted the following
Cou iitioii for tia- organization and government of a
convention ofdeh rates tartha State of California.and
ask those agreeing with us In opinion to orgaalm Huir
i:.el. s .uni-end di 1 rates to assist In making the ques?
tion a national i e, that wa may, la ?-um. nut strength
?h maud what ?? elalm,
lin- piImilpahjartillina ka the constitution ?re us fol?
low i :
\mi ii I??TUB i ii <'hin?'?c Convention of the State
? iiifi n i shall tw ? omp -? a of di let .ti ? from BTe
, ! mli a and nth I ?ssorl ?Mona In this -tate. The
.. ;.. t i to oppose the immigration of Cbtaeee laborera,
?, ii i, na. v., ii publii opinion up to the abrogation of the
i-aty with C1 na,
mi. ii rhi < ' ai?. ia mil posa? -. - all tin- power
accessary to aecompl li tin " .f Its organization,
ra? e ii" \ oeiation f??p neeeasary meana tar
Its -upii t!. Tb? CoovenUon shall exist until Ita i
i- ?n . ouipllshl d. ami ? ant] k1 d B? long ?
\ . itlons object 'IN opposition or adv.acacy of either
oi the political parties ahall not be permitted m ?ils? u?
?ions ? ' i mventl in,
mi vi. Even organised trade or labor associa?
tion ?hall be enMtled to two delegates for evi ry tm mem?
bers; over tbe Ira! ti?, or i fi.;i lion thereof,one add!
del? ite; provbled, however, that no i - elation
aha i have more than Ive di legatee,
Pi the I ii i I or ol 'I lu Tr i b u n r.
Sir: Im lookingcre? Mr. Bliaai-n'.-tullir?--? <m
the mt i ???in. t um ?.r < tain-e Laborera, It appaere to M
Ci.it lu-c'.iitr..iiii i-hiin.ii 11. tint. II i-in fa\ - rof p. i
mittiag thai bin? .-?? toi oma totale? oautrp, ?eoo*d? Ba
laopp lad to Um Chtneae enb nug Into oom] i fitton with
kim, ead teatree a law to aeoieat tia.. I am willing to
nu ?t Mi. I ; 1 -i -? r I. ami to hear oin-half of the cs
peuam at the meeting, t.? dtamaa pun
tin qaeettou al laeae. This appear*
to me to be : Is it or Is It no1 the Inherent ngia of all nu n
mid women, a tbout dintiucUon of raei oi nationality, to
,,.. i t,,r . i.ot'i tbey please, when I hey picase, ana I
\ ' . ; ? \ i r i . 11.1 ? i - ile n lin i an w il ...g t ? ;. pt 1
In i . ? iff] ni nive of tin, qui -ti m. aud tli a the
employer in?l tin employed an the 01 r ones who should
, . ?-1.. thi termaof Un contracta between
l nein. Aim I bold thi! w hm m r int' rd n - bl I W( en Hum
? nnio lio? i ?., ami, ?a pecceaity, an enemy to
... Julis Bataaxia,
,s . . Bl ?"'?'' ?"/. Jut) ?. i, i TO
mm T ! ROC IBB.
To Ihr Bettor of Thi Tribune.
Sut: In this (?iy are nan* beggan. Sonic
of tbem an deaerrtag, and many an teapaelefa Maaj
people, afraid of encouraging the letter, Lmfuotteatd
.Hi' , Io the Ililli of the foll?n r. The -ailie trollldi- e\)-ted
ni London. Baagtaad ; ?uni In one di-lrirl, M.?r> 1? Ihiiu , a
?ociety waa focmad to remad) if- ? aanu el aaone) wau
sabet i 'ed and aa oaan appotah?i toahdrtbata it, Any
on w im i bi i-, toapid] for them, and even honaebolder,
received a anpnl) oil keta directing the bearer lo the
a tributar. Inj om begging received ?? ii'kit. On
I i th. di tributo) .i registered the Dame and ad?
it i hi ?pp : then vista ?1 bira at hi? lu.nu ,
? i. u iii serving, b< Ipod bim. It waa found thal ninety
i i/,':??? .it w i n imposten?, and tbes won retired from
tin .'.i-t'i't. 'I i.e tnone) which bad been given Indis
? ; Iminntel] before, noa ? ffeetn di) lu Ipi a the a malning
t*vo lui- cent, ?oula not thit i ti adopt boom auch
Hall ISM' I -.
-. i -', UTO.
POLITICAL El '?"MY i\ wi lUf" w UXlVaUbMTT.
ra la? Edi tor of 11>< Tri ka ne.
Bnt: My attention lia-* been called t?i an ar
i :? le by " ii. c. n." 11 " PT? rk and W uu -." in j mir teeni
? July U, ta WH h t ? . i . i rim- m a refi rene.- to
tin Weeleyan Ui?ventty. It la aaatrttul Ihot thai la t.tu
Hon, having decided to totroduce'tha Mady of Pottttaal
Eeoaomy, the ti m her mtaattted the i batea of the text?
book to ?ha elaaa, when aawCtahm w.i? tliuii aiul ?oiiela
>.\ ?
im f... t-are: Political Economy hat hem taught in
ti?- Institution ?luce ii was founded, Keeenth the
II n m gi d the text i.k wltboul an).?u]tat ion
wah ti.lase. It Is a rate that the sind, uti should not
u require?) to purchaae new text-books before they Bue
..nu" un i d In the i u ilogne. tt tia- noil eof el i -.
waa not given to thi elaasol this fear, una as a i
bmlpunba d copies of tia teat-1.k heretofore used,
ti. t? i lu-, snnouneedthal be ?bo?Id no4 r?'/i<?>< the
nea hassk, bul Ita it the i i.iss nttghl ase It pro?, ided .1 s ,1
? rj arraugi nent coakl tie nutd? among themmlaaa.
Bu? li ?in ?11 milgi nu lit w i? in,oh , and the in v, book u d
ir. r '? lui- in ?he Wi -. . ni University ai not
dis na to tin- tirini f?h ?
ball tea?-h, nioreovpr, text-bnokabi thom sr,- re
a help 1 a- the stodeata, and not as biudiug
.illil'! " ? ill I le ill ' I in "!-. .In-I.l II ' I ?IV!-.. -
I ? '' Widdletmcn, Comm,, July j?'., IBM,
Tin: MXRCB \mm anhtiii: hi ai.tii OPPfCBE
7' I t h 1 i: ii 1 I or of The T r I ka a I
Bib: Otu Quarantine t*epau*rnienl bunder
ih. ?onlrolof ulong BBTlag iii In ?v! pi ?1 ti rs in T.nu
iniii.y and organ! ii far the 1 \pn- i pmpeaa of exacting
ti..n. themerchantt ef tala perl taxaawhich Bmaaam
1.. i;,. m ?n .i, wn the t.ix ob tea whhii Neaahmed
it-Hi iliin iimi In lio-toa Ifirhor. Tala for 1 narnia the
arti leuf ?iah ?-, win, h bj ih. (awi of thi? st.it. la am
subject te Qaarantlai ? aarer until thai ?/ear um aap
iii.iith Oftoar had ih. ?in.i.1 t? to reealri ItoaUmharge
in Quarantine ; bnt with tin-?ed of nome very bad lawn,
ps ?ned by a worse L?gislature Last Winter, ihe present
1. uini*i!t Luteuda to iori t 1 he nu rehata* turuhnnt to his
Will, and the luiquttou? charges ol bli friends. I di.t
ay that the Health officer of this port is no1 an I
?bk and bigh-minded maa I only claim that he
.? ilur wa) ' 1 ?lion ing it.
The a ?ert Ion thal th? mer. hantadeiire to evada nu y ?net
. I bring diaraai kera, Is false. lae t?waraiiune at
Perth tmbo) 1 ? ample security to this port, and it is a
ful p lene? Ibatcnahirsfror mercbanta te avail
them?, ne* of li Tin- Whole Di ?li'-* ol imp,ni
nu n iiaiuti-i. 1 matai.ni" Included, nh-u.il be ander Ibu
direct lou ol Im Ueueral r?nvernment, and H Is quite
turn the 11.uiiri i ' oi this port should be relieved from
the taxation and auno anc? to wbichitls lubjectetfby
I be 1: mu u \ 1 mu -e 1 f .mi one man. vu r.
Ken 1er*, Jul) If,
I- Till l.llil I IM'MT.IIII.l.l
To I hi Editor 0/ Thr Ti ibu i, 1.
Sue The Ker, \V. T. Clarke, ia 1 pennon
na thi Pope's LntaMlbUli . preached Jalj IT, ead pah
Ihahl ii ill Till. Tlill'.l M Jill.. II, lll.lkn ll-i of tin follow
Iiiki Ktnordli 1 > ' "1. ?1 ige :
A.'. 1.1, : .. ? 1 re; ? ?? than mo?! am? |i,.vim t? aaaaj
'"""'.?(?? lilrollhslaTiwit Book NsTtwtiarbaa all Usa bfsaai
I' li ia ?.1 Ba?
ll h-far! that Ibi Rilli L-* T??aa|aS Hil m Mill l U
?)ShlW, ?1.1 U awtawSS , rr. ra in b;,u re rsaili.
??.??ia ,-,->,.?,??. aaioiiun? '?-.I) ??ml n,.r,la. aUribattlaf t? i,,,|
...i i-?linn ?-.uki dugrsst a mau ami ?mibus? uti nf MB for
... , ?1.1 ,aaaaak ????hah.
I must adiuii that I was somewhat ??toondi?1 when l
read tia,. |i:i.,.,m . It ?.nindi like ., |,,i,,,.,K, from I'.-iiic.
n ??ppi o? rayak r.ena to ant how aamaeanaBamtata
amyvenerattafl m raapeel fur the WVUthlrthihcMi
?u a .1 1 opinion ?a a as the above. Mr Clarke aaakea a
?I ni n.' assertion when be i^m timt " nil that 1? good
aiidgraBd in ;iu bible 1- uowben claimed tobein
'? e." Hi um and tint Christian- throughout tb?
hoi hi hold a ver) different oplmoa. Whea ke ?tate? tlmt
"" Bible " eomalnt rrrori lu luatory, matheaaatlrs,
? 1 ol..gi. mli.nu . 1 bronolog) , and luorak*," be makes
au amrmatlon that has no fouudattan on fact. I prof?? m
'?i' um iiia-iud a ?indent In thi i?i?o\e eelouem aa Mr
? ' u io , ??ml i.-t 1 never ateta weU-establlshed feet or
I"1-- Iple In Mini?, science? thal I bave not been able to
'"""ii?- wail tin, Bible. I abould lik. to have Mr
' Ink. point mil ?...nu of t!u \hu-+ igi ? in the Ilil.I?, tlmt
wanan] Mick ,1 groat .at. k as lb? ah vi
| 1.1.,Jail .'.I? .
nokks fkom OOLOBADO.
lit?.MM; s||iui-l;?.s(,sis IN ?, Ul.l I11 ?PIP .< ,l!l-s
OP TUB HO?SX- Till. <niiti"K PROB mu
inABTT?THI lAiil.l. ?vu-u??N?un Itrll
mnggi ntim ot rug < ton?
i.inii.iv, ('?.I., ,Inly 1?.?We tun! thal tfl
?fi.ii an anee to tara toga aaa toast Bksndi breooa u the
B ti im. n, lu -, o | half au hour or so, WBOO ???'? -rs t liinur
tot i talk ii ra lal into on ItotTevela ?hnaeari eel taaaa
blew dows ' a weeta mc?., Ita atare ss..s isuatwad t"
st md BU 'nuit ? roof, mu? sslii n UM ?ni? BOOB" la the
ii'oinniK. llu.v tall tin ir hands ov. r th? .r ?).? to k-.p
i,u ii,, ian,aal bj peaptra Ita BBeeaten t.-tis,ii. ah
through Ih. for.n Hu sun sim BM BOfOO! tat atova and
Bga n.-l ti..- ? ,-t end of the shanty , making Ita l"?iht>
remind one of tta old ?tory ?"arnaee. Bat bj Ita after
noon, providing the wind ?I'h-s not hhtW, Ita Hat innis
stand in the shad?-, ami Ita I? a k'ltle attgi gSBtly. The
trotting heard la pia? ? I a maa Ita baetaoftwo kitchen
(han?, ami al this lnuir Ita IrOBlBg ?'f shiit
hnanaaa is potag on, adala Mnanna, *'"> hal
asaaa at, lata ita Baa " ti done la stow?
Volk A* the sun d< stvcnds, the hens return from BO?
agtag.? law ?rahtagaa, whtoh every daj ?eereaoa la
nuiiiiiei, and,paaatagIta stove, atari they aaattoualy
pi, k at -oin.- drippiiiL-M ii the hearth, and thcu st <-k a
lodging pla? B ?m the hu? k Bat) ofthe ?-hunty.
uur new henea hal ana itory at arlj Beeag* ted. hal the
mason (on,plains that tea f'-et is tsO high ls-t sse.-n joists,
which nun!.? me inapt "'t that he thought it might blow
down; but it st.imln iinnl.s < Imugh, tad tai ho* hal
palatedttaraatagafM ?num-s. i gal that Bsoetaatea
Kin. rally ?ire B fOOd ?leal tta that p.-.-tle in the ol.t sUiry
Whteh toaagtl watH from the spring with a venn eine.
lind, I.eiiiK iTokeii intwo, eil'h part w? nt to bringing
wtit. r until the Bod fellow who mude the pestle tad
enough of it ; that 1? to -ay. ss Tu n a tim? hanie gots fairly
towart in-sr.s-s ?iheu.i ssiihout Moppin..', ?.it? n regard
les of bung right <t BTOBg Bad I say with?
out Btepptogl Alas! this la ?lion? nu-, to* a
e. ti.dii aaasta* of Bandea ero te ta toM eaeh ?lay.
mid tin- pulilic is ol.lii:eii to t.-l mi in.? and hod and
li-t. ti, so Ih it, a? I tova ?"input. .1, I u li stOTJ COSta floui
?j.-,. .m-1.. tino-, nial we mas raj thal ItTougt tta length
?tnd breadth of that buad, whan asaa aiwheelageofn,
win n th? y ?n? liars?-tink' Bad building, and ?ill tins, ii
ceri un per ?cut I- t" lie ?1? ?lucti-d for tim?' loot in tntUag
st..iles mid I BBtgM n?l?l in singing BBBgB ttOBt Kli/u,
Diet").ii Salm- of Which < ?mimt lu- I? ?s tuan ?i.nnu.OHU ii
da] .of |r?i,non,i?io per antiuui; halul-oinc sum-, BB8 Batta
i .inf. ?, s^iiu ii would be handy te im^< La Ita henee.
It Is a pleii-aiit outlook from our slum's- Bator, BBOt
wiirii. and ?ni"-- th? piles of iiioiintaiii inn i?-! warpiag
in tim m ; mu? us for warpnu-', >?>u Bevor sass anything
like It, as in the BOOB ?if ?un- board ssilh knot - t ss.. fe? 1
,-?j. nt. mi thara ar.- warpa m reaa Ita knots iir-t one way
and thoa aaotti r, ?-us in..' Ita he rd BOBaetanaa;o(tta up?
per nu? of those nrtillciul PBOdea siutk? ? SOBBS bOJM take
?i fam y f..r. inidall has. -oun pi? ? I BOtfooOOftog Wtb b'-utl
Bad crawl bj tta sim aa if ttay were pettlot rea '.y fura
stott l.;u k Io tin mountains, ss BOBO, in some m <p glin,
tin | ? .mill lie ?loss-n in the Mi ide, ami, UatOOing to the
falling ot tin- ci.oss ssat.r. lise In pOOOO, Itdfl out look
fr-'in our-haiitv ?l.i'.r taki s la tta delta fonotd hy tta
platte ?n?! < ti? lu- la Pondre, ss Lth aadj Ita raJlrsad tra? i;
ami the BVaaa in sight, for tin- town B1 la-luml us, and w?
fa?- south ami Bant hat Itara ara mea trtagea al
cottiMi wood, alii I" yoiul all H,-o lo speak, night. This
delta, is ti..- nanti eoaallfally. la atvhtud lato ty te and Bl
?o re lo'.-, a le I li l- ii. I ? ? ti.? .se I hat the im s il al il? I iilro.ul.s
frota thi 11' ! "'-In .in and Platt an t. BOBBS, IBStlngOOt
toss n i, railroadJaoi ti- B,soeh aa [adtoaepelasor Atlanta.
That country out yon?!, r ami in Ita Bight, although tin
kimi .slum-on it Ililli ly, is thuad.-d hy Ita Platte, tta
i;. i'H'.in an, tin- Solomo.l ita Bine, and U la aafa te
Bay that If yon travel aaa aallea j a arlll not ...meto a
tanas, althea at rea would i?-. ppreaetlng Phlladi Ipbia
ninl Ni-uVnik. 1 irst, on this joiiiiu-s, s .m ssoiiol ), i | v
-.,it "f lu 'ni? r ri-k-i'.n, vln-n-, at the mouths of Beaver
ninl (row ('leek, that ImIhI of Bett* WtM hOB
act n si. n, beaded hy a nahat gray, and ot ssi.i. n .? atery
la la at tato soase day j aext yan ceaaa ia!, the latllaa
ooaittiy, oeenpaad tv ita ontlawi <? rartoai Cheyenne,
Mons. ..?ni a..ii'.t'i". ti,i ?? ? .ml then throe ha region
. unknown and : s ? ble asi ?of Kew
y?srk, to settlements belo? Bplril BprbtaT? ot tai'iaalwg
Blue. BatherawUd Btrctehofcoonta] you will
think directly hetaeea oaaad dvtttaation, but thalia
nothing to the eonatvy eo the aorta, for whoa penensa
Baa tiver yan will travel tteoagt nearly m aegreeoef
r-'.ul.?thal brOVBB i.UiMi mile? -without liiiil, ni.' a I.on-?,
mi.-- san atento tappen to atrito a tone ataUononthe
Unioa i'.?? ?ti'-, or a trading-post oa tin- htlseoarhorla
British Anasrten, ?aroa Mc Ki aat '.? River, wl ta tha granad
ii alwers froscn li feet ?toop, and 1 i C nsdlsn trapper
lai-i- potato? - ?lui Iii." tin Mdajra uf Siili.iiu r In the soil
thawed 11 im lies om r the eserliistiiii; fro-t, l.uttlus
:i,(mi noies tataa sou only to the Math, ead going tan
nun ? n,ote pan alll boom to the vast iteppeeol -
wai ra la ssr. toted eabina Ita enfle w-?-? ps. Baot aw our
surrounding? mi the north iiml enst. Oa Hie south, ninl
ski! tin?.- Ita mountains, ..ne linds settl.-ui. nts all around
to the Jin. ih I No! te, hut out BB til?' p'aiir-a little, JO*.
Btaj travel until yon get tired ol ?t, and never meet
Latta of Tanas, bsyond the iComanrbe eonn
try. tin the wi -t, it is im ; Beautate Still, for M m. les
distant wa reset ii.?- ino.mt.uni around the basa of
Lons/ePi tk, sod, pee tinted hy cations snd divides, the
ss iid mowj rattii'-, u.".? feet higa, BUaweaea, whkeh only
?i?-? im? .'nu Balloo dsstoat aa tta bardi ri oi i ?ah; ami when
th? tun,el of Moiimia lett] m, ins m passed,yan ssri
ratea apea a taoonaaad-adlo atvatoted BBoaatatoa omi
d.-si it-, s? here hot springs si ml up tit? ii sslutc column-?,
and win re lises the HggOr li,?li,in, who.-?- to.,,1 i- of
ssoim.-,, ii/mis, er white m.-ii, and he la art partlfulT
which. Beyond an the iraad ooorrae, where PI
ami his toen straggled through niow io feet deep, ead
?'--aped lialf alise. Nu Womh r tli.-u that the BUT WO
bri a Ita le pare, end thal it is bbsj to lasafine we have
aaaay of tta conditions of thcAn-t ra? es ?m the earth,
when . ttit-s Aere unknown and .?II thin ga w-,-re m-w.
Hy the way, our situ.?tioti in not dlBBIBataWtO tint Of
tin- early atttea, laaaaanet .^ wa Uva la town .? d
have our faims oaandoj had are have m> waU?
and we ure troul.led with cattl<v ln?l?-?-d, this catt li
gaaattoa la aaa of Ita Bghaai at have t?? deal \w?;', im u
i-ih. law ?.t tin- land that Battleaaaytwaasatlaxge, tad
Ita IO ?"e Innis all BTSSUod, f. rwhnh 11 a-on -.?o li is e
ht ? n atnged te tan a hi nt r, waa p? rferaaa ?m'y daring
th. .lay?nor can ha BO ?s. rj ssh.-reat ?une. T.? cultivate
pardeas and treen ander su. h ? in snetaaeea would a eat
hop. laaa, bal ss. has.- d?-, ,<i. d m t ot ' ?i no1
t?. f.in?, a:.ii si?- must Ight the taalneea ttrongt. Tta
I:- -:' ?' obstss le 'i in our not t?. lag ? itto ne; sod i ot
has Bg bean at re ,-u anaatha, wetuuuoot oi mnlsea aaaol*
rlpol goveraateat, The chief aanoyaa t aria Itoaaaome
ia' ? In rae, Mho. with a fesv ess-, I.,'.,- ott.nl lu tOWB
and i mt ? t?rrala, wheai attv Ireowa are driven ?mt la the
BBOTBtol ; tmt soin.-tiin.-s they an- only lad ?mt. ami then
the rasl.-hmciit aWgtoa Ita I l.-ime.t pi?.of iinpild.-li. e
I ' all t.. ml ml I-a.- tsUOWO] One of the? f,-i,ow.-. with ?t
tardad a Bvwaawa?aannewd ta>an te aal Um Barn of a
n? lgttna*i Barana wtOa ta Brat aaa at, sad Um b h I al
th.-milk.,, ,,0,-t ?f ?iiiiii waa .i.ri.,-1 from tali i
and mid it to tag anm .??. lajarel al ila oenta ?i qoert tra
.-hall t? a? h tia-e saltia har.-lis bettet l'iilim I ? a?', i sn
tavataea taca m aaentha,ead hase ata t--?i a M lyr
ami an itsMiiim. nt of Canetohlaa, Wt aie aal poing to
f' n. e. a- it ?sont ,,f tin ?|u,,-tl'u,, Bad ? sen hoti-.'hol.h r
shall tata a pride hi hi- gargan atong tta edge of tta
ant wait.
We hase a -chrsol of m pupils, mid want'nore room
mu? wa Banal aaOd uni? a a heal henea tins sanaaaaar. our
? hair ??f ?iiiif. rs is tapial bag rapldlj. Bad a lit Um help
I of n m? i. lana ?mr ? hart k anon, ia ?ailie n apt i kable. Bo
tar m. haveasatoa Waadnia la an arflnlrrhrl hall.and
the BongregBUua te an laaga thal tt would bi theenvj ?-f
pr.... in ra la Ina ahnai h? ?. Va mba rlted (ot prow I sg
BOd ' a-nt ..I union ?ll-peii-.ttion, ui,l(I, ;,natur, m.-iit
wael??...-? thre.- aaontta, bal tta Ifethodliti and ?Con
BT -ilionalist-hase i-is. n nota- thal tins nr,- to Organ,
? - ?iiiii, i?-, ami th.. lovely preoaaa of ttvatea B s
anaaaeaeoa. whether itara wtfl to Btaegt i.ft to
torn, a Ir.-e Chun-h. WtsBt so,,,,. of 1H ,lint. talkec, >b<(Ut
more than w. have don.' li, the mai ter. ia uncertain. TI..
troulde BtOntt HtllWatlBt a Fi.-e (hi.r. h lie- m the f ? t
that n naanlty haaaaaaa bb fr.^ bom ttagtaveaaoaelaf
BfU r el,ni, h, or a dca tune bl in-i.-i, ,1 ,,,?,? w In. I, ,B t?. Is
ortttea un.i Brbatsd, and Una makes a enadL ead poai
ii-?- < han ii (.'ii?p- ami dies,
llannilo,on, UlU.r ,,l(. rifldtoafTaaai?anlatoi that
one has .?in h tapi. or that ha I.|1,|, ,,t Of lu- skill, or
as likely that he tOSI not know n.u.iti ; but our ?mm is
connnir ?,n tli.elv, and it ha? thal dark green look win? li
delights the nun with corn . yea. <?,? thing is certain
corn cannot stand much water, Which is proved by the
M mut hu?s atom m raaatog wat.. aatag taaagatdcant,
willi?, thOM- in apparent dust, lut Whtoh han inoistui.
.??l.^v.aru rank und tall. The ead) tap -of this,?,ni.
however,la that it may Mm.?!, reeetteg ears. Oatt
sown about the sam?- time eov.r the ground iin.-lv, ..ml
baling? ?la) s y et before a P|,Wt|| frost, lins prod,,,,,
?"imthll.o. |,?t ,|?. ?UI| mmm (I((wii mwn h((t thut
l)"l?-ui. ?ot Btgh, Ht.l, water is kept ruuuiiig lu the
furr.isTs a rod apart, and all ?that wish.-s an.l the aatst
can arise shall l>e hlBlBBBaV I cannot close without
stating, for the tv,,, fit of N?tural|sts. that this BBOatry
leant aa ted ael have raaanaaatoaV far toara really ara
atowgraaaheppara, ami i have aasjgrwe , at neraBa,ona
?^wberrr ab, two ktona al ni Illari ead
?ti ?pi I \ Hictv. ?na the otiiir the rattlranakr. but he lil
riiuili and gray, ead wai,ma aaj ima of ?ralrlt,la tact,
[haveaeveraeeaa nain ??iii mi fiirmidal .<? nana
little worthy of publie regard, The Bera of tala indel
th> n...en'tin regtoule varied uni rich, and ii laalmml
wi.oih in w Kau] of ma eaamaon plata
ii,,. ,,, d-de.i:?' tuprlatOg for variety and rich aolorta ,
ililli of the i then ?I"' I en-' ?'li- I ?lill I litin l>
convinced that a florin? woald d? i grand bo
culUvattna and Improving tie ahntet torts fi i
i; i-t. i n market, and thal they will.? .red with a
vin h ri',uai to thal withwblck man) ?? rletiea, dow
Wi li i :.. ill in '1. W? ii r. i i ?M d ir m um i a B.
N. <". M.
THF. TTHHITOin' Mil II Ml.-I'l I'll* PJ I II"?I'll \
\si . i.iMUi. \M' ?X1 M l-l I*! BOIL?ADMI
it mi. v ADAPTS!) POP OBAtWO?THI '."V
EttMOB I? MiM'm TB! IM'UN- \ iii nv
lin ?.on? i.i mun- Al i" OKI J i : I iv I ?1111
Ti ? MM, Arizona, June 'JI.?Ari/'Uia Ti rrltOTJ
! . been . kaaaefallj I behm, im i-.-.mr* people
n ,-. , h..-. n Aii/ona ??i the ampegoal of theil irttorlee.
Opea aa rthm kypatheali aoa i aeeauatiea Aihoma
Bal tag ?i r.-i.utiitn.il for lal.'< r and mon ?I? -? it-, f. vs. r
?prtnga and Mi. am-, ona loantallna and peerer aett,
holK-rdav-andnlKl.fi, and.met thcin.m. n ICOrpiona,
?anana, ami other ranimant i.lo, thoa aey other of
?.m i maryeSt a? a la feet, II Le hi i prlaaltlTi and ande
reloped oaauUttoB ana co..id ba tolrtp ?numred with
nth. r T.nitor <?-. 1 t.ih, Pel ida, Idaho, and prob Wy
,,iin ra, would ?tond below her. ItMrtatmaeuElabaaed
upon extoaded pmaeaal almarathm Lneaai With all
lu rdnwleuk.* of leinoteini-? from niark?-t? and mann
f .eti'.nd -upplle*. with roamiiiK l.atd-i'f mVagM -!'-al
tag h n ? i aanrdertag Ihteughoul her leagth ead breadth,
while f.irin. ra, o*inera.aad teamsti ra puaum thetaoei a
pathma wail rerolven and ammunition itang to their
waiata,andagannearathaad, Arlaoi .'- general pro?
parti] wai eompare favoraW) with th'? of Territories
dwelling la pi am and p.ned ef< lepaaoeeeef com
mut. i .ai..n. Thougheapeeedtoteuataal laager, iti-??
hut that our tannera am mora attached te their tamma
Umuthoaa la any imwlyaettled iiettoa winn- atj Mr
qnaintanm exh ada, < n a la ana h al ? aUiicram.
The ? iim.it. la unid dum g tha wl.oie?. .in it i- hi althy,
?Bl ?it no time ? ni r\atit g, Tht -oil of the \.ilh.. - te ol
eoaurpoamd atamugth ead ferma?. LUradi lying atong
the h nita < m/ Btver, nun whom coaairabanh this etty
,, bj, han ).. ? i. til. .1 for uni?- then Ml peere, daring
much of the tone vteldiag ta-t I crop of ? hi I orl arter,
and then one of corn within th? mma 3 ? nr, aerer being
namured, ?.???l alfil prednemheaatlfully. Ooperarely
ti 1 from ?ni.- eauae. Every edible fer at ia or beaat th it
can he produced lu tha IY asperate ??mi iraptoal tomoo,
. in he raided lu re. Ti'" U hol? i oll.drv l* MM g1 ?Hid ?Hal
luxnrtow th id f. r gn atag P< Ith? r the fmataal mat? r
nor In it nor drouth? ?if BnaiBMI ?h -troj tin pa
mid nunan.u* gram -, of wi-' li tin I*.
t , .. Th? black and whit, praaime U ahundaat It now
laohallki atuntcd hex. dried read) Ihr the brake; yetti
la pi. n ir. a. ha I i.i.ui.d 1- put 1 ;? 1 'i Hu u-? of the ant*
: ,- , m/. 11- and of th, (o v. i>;meift**V La BO
-, s animait aonld 1- h. It ri m tie- ?1 q thue, and
lygu uded or i. ?i ?h d at Bight Thi M U
ram ob tai amnatema m hi toa raUeya. Xbnhei
i-hue and p'ent'fui in a targa poTthmot tin- ftoiMeap,
ami then i- eiaoash aiawmg la ali aeottaua em>
vi ni: lily iic.i-.-ii'ie tor Ira wood, and the toaaperary
Mylmofbtatdtag I baetaat. B h p ring edi ara
bow worked, 1 w11 en am aaaaerom miara dtoeo ared
11. a ?ill i-. 1. nnim retire with raUn ti rtatton
nihill eil 11: 01. eera f' el rannotta li ' red n iay ?earn.
TI ere la an um rootingrtmfliV :.??< II I the kaaehi ladtam
will ?re many y< an he twaoghth te a pee? talemdlttoa.
Wereiteah ton - atocia, ^..-t lartamm aauM ha m?
enmnlati d h re in u lew pean with Ittttoeapttal aad art
.i:i, it A d "f laber. 1 han neeatlypaanfl av?rai
B ,..t lim ad . of re al mi trail, lined apoe < Lthi
van m h gram 1 ?- fur m loa ? ra 1 eoM me, and bul for
? ? 1 lama I ahouhl aayaetl -onpatP apen aa? of the
?mayeataimmggroamgMtoi m.?r ?piin*? or itreami
Miiroiimie.i with gravea of Ure oeh, walma, .v.. Mart
wita a agnail aaaoual of atocha aad hld a w11 lag adieu te
1 \ 1 Brtward .ur?
ti .- Buring 0 we? M m ttlei 1 1
ti traveling d. man?! and forth? ir
own aceda, while bonding atraug bouses,
e.n.ai-i, ?ia. in- for m-' ,,f, n, aad aMhtag the bnprove
im nt- icipari d upon ti c:r tarma At thi end of tli.
mam year, than new bal -o of them ik<1i!,
tri..us ?iti.-rens rflBmlulllff The im--in
in itiierd.i d with tUeee m wat ah indoox ?! the Ti 1
Ai 1 ordiag to ti,.. 1 m-11 ptiona on the boardj at lae 1
1 li . 1 iii - 111 - Hi Pi i?!o \ II'le y, til \ W.li k.lli li h.V 111
diaii-i. rho other threi fourtha ma] yet be touadhard
at work lo Um i Hep. A lew weeta age one?
1.1 -, '. (i bia !? ne ?, 1 ?to t" Tin a. d, ol ti ti' d foul E
Bold 1 ?:h land an mun I on, dart di I ?ty,of
which the writ? um ona, at I p? naroda ??.l ataht,aad
aerer reeled until he reached Ida (aria, M Ballal H?tant
from ti.1 m.?in 1. ?id. with his gam BM s? li'pim
1 Bl t :i" Dm mi.nu.u r..-. inTein e.
QuJetthe Indiana, eui ap tin- tanda,andgrre Aril 1 .
a the mi Ity foi hw Mi ad itakJ - np tha
non in her defenaa win eeaea, I pell tmaaaaher when
mea of avenga oueereatJ n traveraed tbeex]
? 1 Inola and pnmoaae .1 u.? m mo itl)
less und ui ni abb '.. ater it I to
. uni mill 1 Of II in ?''id hi r. ; bul su .: WM lu .1
maturity of the Western Btal .-> I
wet opened or wells dmr. Ti.i- n oma.iii'- ino
- and brooks full of ?1. lu Ion ? t.
With pirk and above! tbcae ttreamt might be fouud in
huiidii La of place? on the grassy eos-. .- i le-land*.
Tomaki in) ei'tion of country fruitful and attracth .
t n andu hltrceted tabor are required, and b) na I
1. ? .11,- will trisoua '.?? tr ii rfonne I.
1 j. Rufford i- travelii ? ovei the Territory and ae
nuiring Infortu it on re?p? cling tb? li liai - from
-re.. ...uti 1 -i. iii-1 onvera i with Iadiana wherevi
1 .111 he .ipj ?1 ;i In d ; v ai.p With il'i'cn
and military, li. carefully not?e everythlngeil? ted, o
'' li ?ittiie close of ti U seif-iijjiMVe.l l.llx.r, In iuti\ *
.iii i. reach right conclusions, witta a view to final!)
di termine whet lerthe indian prefer- bell or bread, m u
rlt) or tasecuritv. De has had about M years'experience
1 i flgbUng uni reeding Indiana, but Is unwilling to pre
j.ni.re the Ape? he rai c withont ui i omnletely as :-?
luKiersl udiug their onlnhma and affairs, li. ,..?.- ?u*\
returned from at urofatoailtoa to the t uttward
as tin N' ?> Mexlran border, and extending over many
: to the north and .-mit h of the Ulla Blver, during
wbieb be conversed with teven] chiefs, aub-chi?
ou um mbers of ti, |
others. Thi part) accorapanvtag bim was ?troug, and
daring much of the wa) waa favored with a militan
escort. I.n< mpanh'd the party, and waa pn ei
ti: QwVeruor*t li t?-r\lee-.
1 be 1 andofwbtchl u Lu ra (A*a-raaer) Is chief ia entirely
hostile. They roam from far down into Bon
. 1 and np to the ?.lia ith, -.. am f .
-m. t,. man) mik ? luto ? i i ?. in ?, have no
li? n .. 1 is? di . ' |i and rel) iu ilul) upon theft for
. ...a .. d theil u ml. .11.1 niurdei with?
out regularity or provocation. Ills band wek>oin< reni
?.-nil ? 1 n mi all other na? -; i1 ? more ferocious md skill?
ful in plunder the warmer the welcome; c.^ rales
them with rarjel ?verity. Tim i?-?i^t iii-ot??-iiii i
piiiiiih'd byahuoUngorlaacliu* ?ibuder, Hi him
1 counted dextrous lu making ittaeka froniam
busend?*?an?l ?avtue hta men when d.o _-. ? to themis
iuiiiaiieiit. ile and athen of the band pntcUc? joi\
I imy? a lu a weary of ? a Ita ? ? ? Ben tt md
? a adult? rj 1 1 none la 1 lint? I ol .
sightly evidence which wa ma levers piaca-s, s tin
practice obtains geucrallj amoug the Ap.M-hct. Tin
band, whatever ma) be tee rause,do not aoww
pe.ee. 'iin-t.ui la amplyanthentieated, tin ? . ?
II .?.- Ihe.i pan ??-? to (?Khi While tin 1 li v. , but ti,
IndlcaUons thal if ?.ula? wen trilled, in, baad
might aeettor and poealhlv mute - mi ibe^.'
win. .ne lM-anai.ly incl?n, a. Tai- Information is from
various sources, and full? substantiated by a Me*han
11 nu d M.-njildii ??rl 1II10. who wu-i eajituii ,1 ,t Ibes 1
of in, ii? i.i for m m u nat-, aad ? -< an! d, ria ktcxiuui
?in ires t bat 1 never nv captives burned atthratake,
btrt tin j ara often tnrtnn d b) ?boottag irrowt Into them
uni ?-i? ? 1 ?-ive them for fun i?u to four boura The
-in'W - an tin torturing, whili th? bo l.- itanci i
II .iv-ti.i bewaspn ent winn tin? burne?! a lum /?
? 1 the thiel well km a thi r, were
ind ehildri 1 s II hont hope of ?? ...;. Their
?a ' - the t" a. i ? as hosth rs, and do .- i
the other mental labor. SotwitbstaudinK UK neeta -
this band, their knowledge of the cou lltty to
?utislst on thi ?pontanenu? productions of their mouil?
la if iu ile ' ?.1 ?na m in i:\ fore? .u ? -n,1 '. ,
?pu? h.- Pans,. ame u< areupturiu . ti. chief,as tbn-v-did
?I i?of Hu- band and much Rtolcn tt?k laat rear
rim? captiv? * and ?ill mnrraaiif lufonuaUon a i- li
Hi it the uni elm f . OOUUUI - to ,|,-, I.,,,- f,,, a, ,, .,,,,| ,|, .
?traction Be ?purni um nure? made through rch id
Mjiinw .iptr.i -,
.Nortina the ulta, la the Whit. Maamtaaaa, taoM li a
hod) at 1..?h. A, ., i? . ,,, ?n tgtt)t IWi,|, , ?(1 u, ( hiet)l
and one prliieipnl ebtef. >U-eulM. , lett. ?,, ?? .,,
'??' ?Of I ' v!' ' I."- ti It? li I. 1 ih rl 1 . .'. u ..., (|v
Ih. 1,600 1,1,ina to, arc termeil I'oyotcro Apuchc?? an?
other band t.. the westward lath? Pin.a tpnehe? .?..
rim Coyotera baud and their chief am ni.min in,
have it? warrion, twelvi of whom n known te havi
parti? pated ?u tin murder of two men and the capture
of theil tram-, nmi bumiag what they ?vmld not take
i?\s.i? Tin ? atr.iir o? 1 m na u.ii ita jftj m . . 1 ? Tucson
on th.- .'.th ultimo, ?a the v. ry time that (.-\ hsr
fard wee boldtag mt? me?? wah i-.?-, uit-ta -?? laa and
hinKillM'hlef- at theil home? in White Moan:.? 1 .1 -,
at a time winn a nambi) Lad *uh-ehlel was at ramp
roodwta pim iiult for peace aad food, rae latter attai
? Ing im pit? ilv treated, exhibited his slncrrtly by steal
ag .1 ? u ka?-, a 1T li : 11 -iiilit of th-- . amp, and lee 1 % t,. ,. n
ka gang who had amnaUttod the outaagee iuvt re?ite?l
ih.? burned the gram along thi i trail to obliterate it
mt thi- ?ui. 1 la.f pa-M.i over the bnrned route wan kia
hi.den animal By it? tra, k* the ?oi,n. rs \?. i. tllt.], a ,?
in- 11?, lu?n ? di.inc wiaii the) a.-lion a. ?md u .a
hat? Ive I minni?, recaptured ?omi "f tin atolen muli i
nd marchandise, aad took some prisoners The ?...?
?ram halda tong interview with the i-hud L-.ultti
?e-laa who la about IT yean of agc, In st tun ;. f..mu
lulle?, with gray hair, aad broken le health li. i i?
h.-niiiatUui. mid wa.? re. ..?. ring Ii iii 1 ?., und n c n, I
bile'.-u.i.-.iM.riii, to quell a Ight arnon his men 0,1
mied b) Imbibing ?a nu..?!, itlng liqm wbh ii ta. ?
:'1'' ?'UBhruhci led ? i .1. the ?.| ?,i: , ;, ,,
? ... i i .
huh Uv du. ii:.,i!j UiBil Ul \\ 0\ ', BIM,
had walked 11 rulU - to I, ive this I iib, and bl ?ng fe. ' '? in
I ? lltl , Wasl r.,t!,er
?st I.o ,r
dWl li. ami .-?. hBd li?' I1 |
..I wai. and Wanted peace, lie, toa rt
fi in-d With '1 light I" li ' ' ?, ?? Win -i it ? .,- , .
?fe f. rids i nop!? i' ia d into ?: ? >
.ml p. al IM . i
I' tin n lo tin -. nu ,
II m ,nil! I!' p' mt? 'I I" i I"
bl ?.111-. ,.-'...? l-l
"I III.?
I i-k too tu al lo I? i.? H " ?' h ni.,:
II s-..i ia ?i-f. t . and plenty; noa be bad nut lillie, ai
to I ?I-? : h ml bil til it.
li -lu.u.d 'i i . :.??? ? I t: ? ? i?orn,
ml - .m -. Tin- n B "I ? '?
skirted hen and the srtth rt?-h I '??!-: "?t- h gn it n
riety of graas and ttiulafr, inucbof eau i I ?no
iiuln allons of gold or ?lol ; II. - i ?'.? i
lu i -, t.u a ind mu ? i - nu , and lan?? of
trout, tin n the It
nah, La-i y? ?r, m July, lue t ruo | st tod ..
"I ti." sr Inili vjk found Hi? m ltira? ? >
w? re ni ding, tlfstroyi d ti.? torn, 1
-np,.In ?I wita atiunrl
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ti -hn.o ef conduct would Ud thean i In?]
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Oovei n-'i ' Id lilin, and, aft k gifts "( i -i
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Arnon the* Loaches are many M i ,nt?w
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w iii. th. i-i. A m ?i?nt v of 'I ' - >
roung ti al th? j ii ive no I r
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lab, sndeoDvi ?? fi i ,s -.i., ? r?f I ti t><
readers it safe fof th? m to act theil [hei ??
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days' communication, na? lad arson I the lol -r
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and pi lag? " n te i : tt.? m i. tint* bt"k. ti
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n.' :.*, '?? ?'? m? u not b ' u ..i
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tion ot. a t. -. i sati -
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I,um st,al d litt? i -? n; o .- ?
Votl d ? i' ? i I
I heir living, aud would soon i? much mo I
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to prt : i i?- -i i t.. s? : i . t aal II
producing th. ir ?.i am I, lint aa ?UM ??(
tin <urestniou> of diverting;them from th? como ?
Of ilin -,
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far si thi s ? lupin. Hu,m nrobts
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Tlie re? ont cm t of ' I* , ' f
Arizona. h.-i.:v arti ra al ri '
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h<?|. - ni i.? . |- , In thi
id toward the 1 L
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t.in il. I in I !'? -t ud apii ?? ' !
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atine. ' -1' nt a fi ss il
tunnel? cut nor ' "
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up oui ol the groui
. i, m g., d and -ils. r -" t: st It i an
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und transport ? - ' "",
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I ,.,,? the wi ? , .,-, . . t f. r an atnpta
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in .1.1.? not n? ?r. r than twt ntj Uv< lillies. Tu?
, ,, |in im li i ? li p."?p. etlng I l
lot ? '
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i nie, that they 1
m.,,, ?i., .. , ? I? mil. pro? ear?the?.i len th
extracting the precious mt -" m preset mu,only
found by ih- nun. r. None bul I a
t ..ss ; n. nu ti art employed, mr will la-, except a : w
nu ?hanicsuntil '
lad, the most Hdvaiitam itndaudodlto
. i. .t .1 thereon foi n du
BOTCH Of ONE (|i' "' B MOI I \ I '\'>l'<.
r.'iiTviri i. Wi-., .T'llv -.':.?" Mai Isp '
bi ii.? Banu m se?is ?ii ron
Ington with athel Indian vtsti . . g ca I r.
i ? ' That li the as --t
lod res, ?..- fa i. Black 1
kletonlpa or Two 1 : i
, rhnired, and wen
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Indian i t, Ha T tra k i ea
In ? g nter quarter* lo the neighborhood of Port l n? ?_
H. T.. on Um l ppei Misse .t I It Ufrlendly,
tin i- iii are, at in terra I
the n Bcrei
written t? li ill n *?'n. tally aod other m j
.?ti:. ? ra, i. o )?. ..i.- high f ? ' aum . cal tia
tin III t" co. l.'l.'-m e.
i. i i ?. a nt (nodi r ? I of I
.-m Votant ? ? . waa or
den I to i'rt line in bsadaosher, tata, Bad i i
tliT' lim- months. Dewing that :.. . of the
"Two Kettle Band" were eaaployed Ir t
An ; ? t'i? in wer? th? two foin ti
Mimi.i-i.us-.i. or Fooltlog, alni
I in bight, veil put i?,
1 ? ' ? -
... ni] pica
? from l "i i !.. . ?jua n to IVrt i
nu.' H e t hack ii'-'u thal Fort, a in : t
been sent under eavairj ??-<??.u from Fort Randall. II"
s, e x postng tin
? i i BOO miles there and flits i.? ?" ild
ft ' ,iii Dtty u ? " . p : ?' ? - ,- -. \ ? rin of
the weather, in thi depth of tj inter. lils e.|ulpu ?
our Quartermaster, wa three of th. best n
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himself. Bise?
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root lie S. I
extra i ni let ?. In, on t ?
bract ?.f g""-i . - revolvers, \ th o ? i
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him tor the round trip, It i- proba I ? t' I ' ? s\..u i
) iiilir ujisi? i taml ? hy I-- was prohibited
iii. -arms autlai lition lu Wa*
ti id ?it one wife, or stjuaw, i ni? f? i>. ?
??? moa; sa the) ? sn afford to buj I . ?i ?
ii'ssa - - made li a i oudi ion thal - i
ence. By the
?sa- . sp -n ?I
She si... '.b larger and st ttg?rtl:?ii
n ?-. that n be ditln't ?h- -
take ?m- l?y I
Cuff Ililli. \ - li' ss., - li, our
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tor linn and I
tin - talus i ? .u :-!... i. . i ,
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Th? Chai i fe, alter
?he ioiilu i uti rtlied
fourni " Mi - Pom ?li . m in
la rdomesl
?o elevated aa to live ba a "Bat tent ? te, ? s-.mt,
n.ai. - I,.
i?i!i. I ? ms -?ii
s? i t :, ; ' ' .
Ol her 1 , ? p?. Mi?. To. ii...? V. li
ti.m th
I 'V
i l the unlit irj ?- - i
lilli I r I u?id I ? ? ? . ? . . i ni-t
?., -. i '. go t" .. ' ,\i. I
ssiut tt . v . '. ?.ill oa ile I ,.,,-cl ., d ti,ml
curiosity, but I only ma kura. Toiuaoawk, wh.Ulm"
ii atti., young squaw at red hut tw x1 . ? roma hawk
rbonght her too roung, and sb? M ight htm u?o ??bi. B i
litu: u< u boast m in isii. |
Bot so rare a virtue among ti., i
i ii oat traae, took Ton; ?hawk nil el
SUll . le . :?'. 1 '
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i, incut bad ii
'l -so ia . rs, 1? um .11?> vs . .
THE W11- PI i. s ii
The m 11 ? I? r of .!??im is..' . ' i : . - '
Wi. t? , tall i-s 1 .n -
citcuii rr.,11 t,K k
pi.. i ,n thi office al . ?
.in i ti., iipiri -i ii, a mon., b1 It appears that k
Slid th ' K , ni | nul M ,ri|-|? tt? ss? r? i ' ca.-. .( t
'Hu toni., i-1 m\ tin- 1. ni r ?Iowa ou th? Ho,.:, when N
san apprt a. In d in tu o. hil d Uti d I I.
tim . |s,sm i i,, i Iowa ss ! .
lust i..,, kotta? ? i- K ui . tin piasti ai il expired
i - : th? > -. ?. . -...- pi-.-, n ... i s ?,
many others are of i he op ? , -.
broken u-r, .ni Aim ?tt mortem txtmluati. uti
svi.l he i.? .1 t. t- f purp? sent
a? t?. m, ..live ol lu- ?1, ,,tl,. h... . n . aaa a
was mm h r.?.- i,i ?.i - s ti,,,*. w ho kui w biu
ut.d. r the li fin a., of liquor at ti,, f ,? ,,- his it
had I ? eli CO d' led M Well ?ll-;s*. .! p. l-l. tS.illl .i'I
? - - ? n ; Wail? tal ... i ? ., ,. aj
I Iori nag.? n.a?. ?
the s || ig it, m.,1 s killed a niau . u sunda.? I v
poio lina I.nu In a shocking manuel fcver? effort aul
I" inud? hy the eli . i , ? vsi,.., ha 1 io i ?I H" P .r
su? h a ?? r, but it is I ii"' ?""??
b le of ti av, m is ctt, rael iu< e f?u ? ?- ipe K ' ' v
wa?a -m... i . I . . ?
now investigating the raae. lit... im,.-.
nu: M ?'I li i u vii gOKD M.i'i? TH? ? v-K
'I ills ?-.IM-, tile pain,-nius ni wlilsll BaV/BJ ? I"
".?is appeared,eaasea?yt t. i'...?? a hi?> Inatoaaotady,
m th.-1 ,|,r.-ine i .un?, raamnaia. oa a wrttol
Corpus. Bj , uh-id. WhO 1? . h Us- I witl ?"' "/
?li It'
. . . '

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