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Tiik Tribunf is the onlx, MB? a** ia J
p-M/r?. Sta?Vi rririliiid full *y*** *?****?*. ' '
??I ?/ ?rar. and fully repreoettox* If ??"'' toni
?JJ - a mM ?vi* l-ta-sataa oui frotta* ararat, and at
Zlei^iopila,, Thu^farTixy^n^r^rotehet
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Urdaxi by Thr .Ni sr ISH Herald and 1
BATTU von MtCfl -bST-i
11,, Tl.LKi.iaill IS TUB TRim-NP i
LONDON. V.'oilnosti.iy, Aug. 17. 1870.
I>is.._iohe?.re<?eive?! at th?s Prussian Eiu
b?u??v in L/?n?l?ii coniirm tho Priiseian buc?J4??s_458 on
8uikI.iv ah cady reported, but do not throw much
|j__fcl aa BMSan -MSSt TTb-TiT No telegrams rcoeivtjd
in Ix?n.l??:i up to midnight Wedne?lay (17th) erpLiin
with ?I- .nie?? tl'f- tnovrmeiita of kho hist threo
days Um French act nuntu aro extremely vague, hut
tlx> liniir.iiA) that l?.ided counsels aud changiuir
constantly embarrassed and endaagert'd
the Kr?n< li retreat. *?
'lui 11.Im nk dispatch from Chilons proves lhat
tri?? ps were pur.h?-d forward from Chalons toward
I!, t/...? late a? Saturday night, a hen trains w?;ro
st?>i?|s?l and lirc-don at Pont-a-Moaesom On Sun?
d?n UM l'maaiat.8 f??und the French still in great
fen-e under tlrt! walla o? Metz. Since Sunday no
foiisiil. ruble battle is known to have b??en fought
any wh< re ; but the French reports of cln-cLs to the
?v. ?tward ?f the Mosc-lle, wlieth.-r Irue or
fa!?, ???ntirui the report of Bazaine', retrograde
mon in? ?it.
lnti,? aSaanec at FtsaBlaa lal<Bfissa there is
aotliii?.' to show what foin?, eitlu-r l'iiis.?i.iii ?r
Ki? n.h, r.maiu niai Me!/.; hut there BBS he little
doubt that BaaS-Ba, after hesitating till it was
alinoHt too late, hil withdrawn the main body of the
I ?" ? !i anny westward, and that the I'm??.an
.orr?*?* have haxrassed his retreat hy unieniitting
attacks on his flank? and rear. In pin h cinuin
?rtaii? SB n?. puerai or derisive erie.)<_-einfrit woiihl
Ik' ion kihi unlnss the l'nuisiaiis liad moved rapidly
enough to > .it ort th?' Kreiw-h retr?-,t. Tin Prussians
e?^m la h.-' >,,-?.?i IfcsMsaiThib??ikaamiibim!]
i? I"?-Mata, luip' foi'tit? isflBaislal ;.t tha taasa
tim?' l?.f,.i.' that city, and there ia no known base
l-l Prih f-no's statement in the Corpt? L/gislutU th.it
ill?. PrusM in attempt to cut ?.ti .'.a/aine hail faii.il.
for there isnocviih-tice that it bad bass BB?9>. in
Mtch f?>rcea* tocompel l-tzarne t<? ?ho?>-e between
?han?l??iiiiii; t'.icdn.d lim- to ChAhraa aad a;-.??"'.n?.
hatth. ?
The latest aceoutit-iila?-vila/aiii?- at Biais La iil
I ure U miles K. N. ... of Y.rrinn]: but tin Ii.ihIi
afpan l'anal-?? tio informalion as fo ihe ?lisposiiion
krCr.ii p.^hofthilTiiribian columns thn alening his
imimIi. If it he baa,as iln- Fr.-mh give out, that
M?-t? is hchl by a mero gaiTison, it may he many
dBBNj Ix'.ore a great battle uui Ix- for? ..1 hy th. IYii??
siaitH or acceptant by the French .it any poim w< ?1 of
"Mi'tz Meantime th? re ?9 likely to I.e. M ?fimtii? the
laut three ?lays, a continual sue?. ?>i<'ti <?f encounters
^?etwiKii the hea?lftof Pviisbiau ?? la Bsaadth? rear
guard of the French. _ <?? BJ? ?.
scxaosru bobo.
I'akis. Wi-di?.?? !ai. Ana 1". Bli
Um i't? 'i.i I <l.i-r>:it. 1. lui jil?' I??- rna?l?
pu b1 it :
" Mirr?, Aug. IT?3 p. m.?W? li.? 1 a sriisoa ??''
iragemi nt >? t-iday (thi* 1? th ti? ai ?.rrii t ?]..t<?-. We
(fair c1 the ailifuitage. but lout hi-Hiily." [KOTBa?
Ota li"! i? '?.! Minali \ illricr?' K1? Tllil? ? r40Ull,-tt.'?t of
M? t .tit?". I"" irilleri Wot of tilt MoM-lb'.j
BMf-ffiOB AT (HA? ON-.
r?ala. Tys?n_r?Miaj. im it, ins
Th. inainhod.i of the French ?t_rn_j ka-S-BMaitratad
at 1.1.tin. about tw? Ive mil??? east-noitb-east ol Vat
ilei and ,0 kilometer?, from ChalS-S.
I'll? i'm??ror is at Chahin?. ?lMBS bl li a?'inly
?argaiii/.iiig a larire f?.i? e. IksA_SSBSBSS ka Alfada
are n? r t., i. raallad.
Last eii.iniiif th? garrison it Straslionrc MMtsV a
ass_V bat wem ditras back ?n- ? Immitj lasa ??f
mei, i li. \ a!?<ilo?t thr?-e fSMB
S? H lil'11.l; llilVII lillKIU Rl.l'KHT?- lil li?
ll.S'-l "I TIIK AITIIOlMTIi-TIIK l'KOl'1.1.
AVXI..I? l)?K MU? J.iVK ?1 IHK TARI?
I'll! ?.
I'Al.l?, W.tlii. ?lav Aeir. It, ls70.
The Journal O?iiiel tin? ii oniiiij, . ??titaini.l ti?.
fuithei iic?A? con.? inno; the i?*4?iit batlle% [1? it thi
fitulii. stat?? that inii?oitaiit ami satisfacioty dis
pat4-h. | ?a. ?i i? ?? ii ed h? -n- >? ?1? i day The purport
?I tb? tiu?| .ii. I,,?, wah nut KH ?'i.. f"i th? Da-on that
ilarshal Bazaineinaiata upon xwtreej li?-in<y?.i. srrad
?onceraiiiK hi? inoiein, it?.
It i? j?'en? itally beliavai lari ASI ?.?..i? i ? *_.- ?. r i n v
ha? In,i, K?>ing ?.u sin?-?- ??atnuta.v la.?.!, the Kt.-nch
MscaagBS-il in a iri?-at sliatei-'iial movement in
soiving s serie? ?f eiiirsi-euu'iit?-. A? Die opemtiona
aieiartitil on in h plae?- wluie communication is
?iftlcult?i).,. IdaejPBjl ?sir.* haiiiiK BBSS SB- UM
aowfc n?-i4->*aiil> eoini* foi-ward slowly. The ?Hi ?i
greatly agitated. Al) niirht long git-at ciowds sur
rouruled the Ministry of the Interior aud othei
plaaai B?MBB Utmt k mmXe?. Many ruin??? are a ii -
ruiatniK bal iMth?,ut taaatm iai advi??4? tnta* xmmani
be ti.u ? -.
Iii vi? -s of the public lu.patieuee, the fWi/a
?aa-Maft thiH iii?.ri,?lKi pul.lJKhes an arti. le. ?...ling
thai th? -bun. <..-...iai.?iM.? aslsas then Ksaa _b
the aafsaai a. thiii tmxmiry ttttmai while tiru.?
sugaged. kaas all u,,- toeoh? gui?e?,', baanlm H
?.-?a in? onsid?-ral?, ii. TUTU ?.f aparsttaiM SO inulti
|dM5dai?de4Mnpli?ai,d.u.g,v, |mrll,tl ,,,.,.,_.? w|jJ( L
?tight pr??v. to Is- pgiBBSlSIS The arti, le ,wlu.l.-s
as follows : ?? We enirage that th? ,itSBSa will await
the re-ult with contid?-D?e. ne Cioveriiraaui will
Lela-U-iil to iU proii.ise. and will , omu.uuicaU
iriiaHMli-ttely all that SSSSSS to it. It n,U b? more
?hau mot pruuipl on this aaaasSBS."
Home of the oth?9rj<.uri,als have artirh-s M?,,|al ,?
Uro? but complai- of Unir inability toexplnj,, t\.f
tmarxm, ??. tin- r*??-4?nt military min -uunt? |U ,*,,*..
?itieuce of the ?mfuaion th* dates and the buk of ?ftl
ual informauon The following wa? bulletin??! at
ia* Wai (Hliee lh? ?_u?04Tiiiig
I iMswiiaiaBl al Wat lass mbm momvwI mut tssa?
IBS anny, whi't. rout r..i?- ? t.. cany out tho n?ov.>m?-i?t
?? in'..|;i.?l aftortlio lullllant rninltiif. on Htiiuliiy iilprht.
Two divisions of ftu> enemy sMrglit to iiil?vrc?'pt the
I it nt li lu.iicli, ?nut were repulsed."
mi tSOOffl i?EMi?it\i izi.li?TiiK l'l.Acr. i\nr.
i r\?ir.i.i:?-K)i.i)ii.i:.? mm ?() mu/,-ioitko
TACKl'.I? BT mt t-M.WP.
London, Wi dm.?day, Au-. 17, 1870.
A pim a iul correaivoiident of TiiF.TnnuNKat Chalons
writes on Sunday right (14th): "Ten thousand
wounded nun arc being brought into camp, The.
town ?ed ? ?imp pTct-ent a arene of riotous disorder
and disaipatioa?soldiei-s shouting a'ld drinking;
OOttOa audstrceta filled willi prostitutes ; no restraints
of order or decency among oftlcen, or soldiers. If
another battle i.? loot it will be a massacre.
"The tniin by which I attempted to go to Metz
fomid the line cut nt l*SBt bIbbSOBSb. and I returned
with tb< 14th Ii. triment, whit li h.id beofl ordered to
Me ty?.
"The reporta of the dist m hanron in Faiis lir-.vo
unsettled ISO Gardes Mobile;?, half <?f ?thom would
break away and ret urn in BBS? of a revolution. The
regular army is still true to the Emperor.
"The ad vane?? of the Frn.<..?iat.8 beyond Metz ia
knowa; but a great force of French va ill remain
there. I cannot understand the notion of a proba
bility of a buttle here, in tin? circum-.unccii. Cha?
lons is not a defeiixiMo position niruuist superior
fori'i'8. I.eing ?imply au iiiiin?use lev? 1 plain, a camp
not mtr? iuh.-d, ami with BO works in c-onatruction
iror oflicen? permanently t"?minanilini?. Whoever
aniong the | lag th.Mi'-h happen-? to be
senior in rank, ia IBS commander v.hue he btaj8.
Then am <laaaaaaa almost daily."
The rtiime ? t?iie.-iK)iiik'ut .?.i.-.s on Monday;, August
15 : " Th? Pont-a-Motiivion ailair was serioiih, Six or
Bet en Hains .vere started from Cli.ilon? for Metz in
rrij.i.l sin ("f.sion, OOIXJ Baf al.out 7,000 S'j?di-rs, com?
prising three infantry r?priment* and some artillery.
Near Font-?-Mauss'n they found that the railway
1 a? ?ut j und 1'riib.siiiu artilh ry . p. a. d mi the trains,
whi. h iiiov??.I lia?k us rapidly as pohmIiIc. A panie
Wran, ntul though only two nu 0 Wati killed by the
Prii?siun fire, many juiiii?? d fi'.m tL" tia in? ahilo
iii"viti?r rapidly ami wer.- hurt. The tr.iiin?, how?
ever. ? v. nt nally withdrew tvitliout mnth loos."
I.OMh.s, vV. din-,day, Ailg 17, 1870.
The ?l?. ? i ii . ?BBOBSi ?ndent of Tiii.Ti:iiiiN*_,*it Iliui
burg wilton on ?Sunday (14th): "Tlie Second Division
< ? th? French He. t lui? lu-en fi-fen 20 miles \V. S. YV.
of Heligoland, stoerini? Fast. The German fleet at
Cuxhav en and Wilbeliiisliaven hal put to sea. Can
nomidiiie! has since been hean!.
"The Fr.-iieli delay.-: nre unaccountable. Th? ir
fleet niii?lit have taken foxhaven, completely com
iniindm?' the entra?e?' of the Elbe, lut ?OW it Ig well
fortified. The Ellie ii- I b.-iiig bli?. lt.id?d, roOOOsa Bl*?
rive daily.''
Ix?viM.\, Wedin sday, Aug. 17, 1870.
1 ii? ?learner Haas. 11, tv bile on the pasfuige from
Ilainbiirg for Sunderland, waa find at hy a French
non-clad near the Fila?. She paid no atU-ntion and
kept on her course, when the Fren? liman gave chase
and Incl a-eciiil .-hot. tv ?iii h i?duc.d ht r to show
English (Mal ?r.? ..nd heave lo. She w;i8 (Inn bo.mied
l.v a French otlicer, who after ex.unit,nig hu pap.-:?,
Hillier? d her to proceed.
'ihe Noi th (.erinan .?< lumiif i Pfeil (An owl, which
n . t i.llv sailed from Hartl.pool, lias been M i.'< ?1 by a
Eicnch war st? nm.-r.
The bloekad. uf the ('? 1111.1:1 port? BS*4 ing l?een es?
tablish, d, Austria ?>j permitted b.v the Russian G?T*
?rtii?.Tit topase nierehundiM-?Inly free throiii.h the
pott of l.iira. The name of the consign? e bl re(]uiic(l
IO BO si own <-ii bill? of ??.ding.
The st. amer St-ntiti? I. b?-h?n?r?iigto the 'Ii'ie m? mu
Sliipjiing Company, lias. Olllrsd in the lyne with a
p7.Ti.1al OBtTBja ?10111 a I.? unan jm?it. T1i:h i?the tenth
trip made by the steamers of that ?ompany since
vt.ii tv.i.s declared. The Scullin 1 on Satin,lay BObSS?
th?-Fr.Tieh th? t lilla katliiikf the l.lhe without ino
', ?union, sin. however, dipped the Hriti-h en?itm.
to which the French fleet repliwl by hoi-tinpM .ind
<lil?piiik.' the French eiisipTn.
I he Faench blockiidini? sijiiiidi-.n OOBSBBal "f BOB
lajgaaj ii"ii-' la?)-, nim- of win. h aie an.lioittl m ?1
low MUlth-W(-?t. of lleligolalid, and one ot 1 lu lil, ?i
jiaddl.-wh. ? 1-t?;i?n? 1, is ( riiiMinir in the roa?lsl?-ad.
i Iln ii. w. of their approach wa* taken to Haniburi'
I on Friday afti-nioon, by a Norwegian aokSOli laS
! 11 am burg authorities at once ordered a lighter loaded
witb torp? ?loos. whi. li had been l.v in?' in readmem?,
' to go ?low 11 th?- 1 iv er to Cuxhiivt ii, and awail oi.I.tk
; Tiny also diHpatch.d two faat Ht??iiiiei?, the Cu*t
aavSfl ami ll.l.golun?!. OB the mouth ol' ihe Elbe to
re? ??nunile!.
The Seiitiin 1 nu t awBOOO eaOOOOs Siitindav moinitik-,
south of Heliafolaiul, steiiining a* last as BaBaBSBB for
Hamburg, with the new? thal the French ships were j
1 lo?.- lo the island and that a real blockade was
eft?-?-i?il. A* the Sentinel paused iii?- fleet, a French
cniisit wiie, o\('ih:i'iliug a strew ciller BOSBSl in
wiiid. < ,i? .it o. t i ? it v Waa appuient ?SB the de. k-<?f
Hi? lion-, lads, bul ii culil no1 be iii?? ov el. .1
whetlxT ti?, moving tiguree. w. re suhliere or sailors.
Al a nutting of the lyne ?hip iuMiruiice s<m it tu ?.
ves?cula y. h formal r.nolutio;, w;t? adopted not to
insure ?aaaaaa baaSal t<? is it? undei l.locka?!e. or ihe
approach to which ha? laen rendered ?lung, rou? b.v
th. feiiioviil of BaaOaOS, likti't" and buovs.
KlRMAI. MfllFK ATION Off THF. ?Lo? K \ I? l-l I 'I
nil. 1.1 i'mas roiI-.
I'AHIs, We.lliCMl.i.V. AM.'. 17, ls:o.
The .lum nal (limul puhli-hes thi.s lii.u ning the fol
lowiiii( notification of BBC bl? ?< kade .?1 iii. ? eua?l "1
the Genua?, und 1'iti??i.ui ^t?it.s: ' We, the und? r
sigioti, Vi< ?? Admiral, ('..inmaiidet-iii-Chiei of the
natal force? ?-1 lbs Fiup.-ioi <?f the Fin.?h in Hu
Norths.a. cotu-iderlng iii?- state of wa1b1t4v.cn
Fran.?- und 1'nitai.ia, hh well as the stat? s of the j
North Gennan ( onfedeiation. 111 v iiiue of Ihe power
in BS vi -?t. ?I (I? lins tliat fctSSI BBjI afl-r ih'l'.ih,
?lav o? Aiigist, IM!?(BO rujtnts. <?! Fiusetia ami th?
IllBlll QbbbpbB ( onfedenitioii. extending fiom the
Island of Ibu kum lo the Noith of the Kid.-r. with all |
It? )M,tTs. h.?ll.<?1?. iiv.-is, raSBS, Ac in a ht.lle of BB>
Boa*B?e libn 1 nib In ti naval foi ces plui-?-.l in our j
coiiiiiiaii.l, and thal triendlv oriinnlial v???wl? sliul)
I? alh?w?ad t-Hi? IBIS in wh:< li BO finish loading and j
quit bl.Kka.le.1 IkhI*. Proe.i-.ling* will BO ?nalitut??!
againal all raaajofel ?vhieh shall trv to breakthrough
said hloekail?- kki.-or.ling to iiitaniational laws sud
trtNitiee m?w in foree with neutiHF powers.
"(iivwi on Ixiaid the Fiant-h Eiupenn's ir.in-.lad
gggSMBjBjBJI BjSaSJBBji hetw?* u tit* Lia-arLbsh lalaiMt
of Rall gai -.n?. aiidthePnt'-'sian cotvt, the ICth d?v
Of Al-KU8t.lr.70. J ?.UI.ICIIOK.
" Vlce-Admirnl, rommander-in-Chief."
l'\.".TOF IT 81 BB----HD TIli;oi?.II I'ATRIOT
li.vn\ i ??_>.
London, Wednesday, Au*. 17,1B70.
Hie special corrcsi>oiid> nt of Tiik Tkihunk at lh r
lin W)ite? on Sunday (14th) : " 'Hie attempt to raise
a na liona, loan of l'M.fxiO/XWof tbah-rs htw not hi-cu
flin i am rul. lp to yesterday tho subscriptions had
-SSB_ad boJxh\ '-H) only. Hut this loan ?lid n??t pre
tciid to offer a chanco of favorable investment. It
wa? laaaed as a five pi r cent loan at a fiscd price of
r>8 per cent, without ouy stipi.laWxl sinking fund?it
being left to the option of tho North German Reich?
stag to redeem it hy yearly purchases in the market,
as tho suite of the Budget would allow.
Ths prospect of snell r?demption, under present
tin ninstances, being very indi fiuite, the investment
might he considcn d aa ?n per'? tual annuities. An
Buch, it would hardly have sold for 88 even he
fore the war.
" To such extent a_ it has been brought into mar?
ket, every single ISBN-AM his sni?Hcribcd from pa?
triotic motives. The King himself has Bubst rihed
fsTO.flofl; the velvet manufacturer, Diergardt,
at Vierson, l.OOO.oOO. At flerlin ? .?Dno.OCO have
been subscribed; at HiUiihursr, C,?)00,?XX); follow?
ing these are towmj taking one, two, or tlireo mil?
lions, ami provincial cities of leal iban 1 f>/>no inhahit
antaat about M 0-alaa p. r head. Most suhscrip?
tions are of 100 th.ih-rs only; ii? very many cases
being at one pr? sent? ?1 to charitable inst initions, or
destined for orphans whieh tho war will produce in
a parish.
"Aa Vet Chara Ja bo pi-apaotsf Pru??ia imitating
the example of Kranco and stopping tho coiiversion
of notes of the Bank of PkSM- t. '1 here is no run on
tho hank but what the actual needs of the money
market produce. Of waut of conlhlence there is no
v, lu u- a symptom. Nobody wants specie instead of
biiiil, iit?N-.s, ami gulil C'lii?, 1':? in li as well aa En?
glish, is even :it I ?li?eoniit. Yet a demonstration is
incoi.rso of picparation to warn the Govern ment
at-iinst any nttenipt at making further Issues of
BspSf money. Tho radical frcc-tra?le organs propose
a ti amatory tax on property. Tlie prices of provi?
sions, <'specially com, are going down. As yet tho
magnificent hart? st has tho stat t of the wsr.
"It was report? d that tho subscription has since
reached 80.i,m.<?no at Hamburg. This SSI a mistake ;
it ..mount d to only x.no-'.uio there."
.BS i;i M??i:i I? AM.MNrr BBTWESS ai'stria
AMI 1 ir W'1 lU.MKll-IVAItl.IKK l'KKI'Al.A
LosDoy, Wr.lnca.lay. Ang. 17, 1070.
The __laBB_MSi of Vi? nii.'i d'niis Um I-orn-etnes of
th? r-tiit ? in? nt mi?!?- ni ihr lindon Trutes in regard
to Hie friendly attituilo of liaron fas liciist toward
lunch pnt? tihiiiiit-, alni it l?o.?itivtly contradi? is
Thr Tillies'* report that the Austrian Pretiii? r had of
f.'i'ed t?, favor I tnaly of alli-iu ? a Ufe Kranee.
Um Itnii"i i'?.v<t.iiiiitit baa banaasad lnrarmy.
An ? Mr.iordinai loan, for war purpot-es, bas been
lugotiat ?1. _
l.?)sno>', W.-.ln?srtay. Au?.. 17,1S70.
The rumor that the Empress Eugenic bas applied
to th<? I. lj-iaii i.ovornni"iit for jmiihssioii to trav
ttno that euuniiy on her way to England, is con
tinned. It is also stated that baSSS cciitailiing Na
poh Otrn private prop) it y rire arriving at Madrid,
.??indar stori. ? :>rc tchgiaplud lure from various
p 111?*. ?II lieij-illlil.
A dispatch from Carlsruhe, the hesds_BB_ttn of the
Bsdao anny, dabil Aii-u-t II. -iii the pei.pl?. and
g. .ti is?, n of Stra.tboiirg have l.ibi.r??l with BBS. to
uni! the ramparts, ?har the ghi is, ami bar?
ru ade tho entrances, hut the besiegers have
(1,-troyi.l much of lluir tiork. On the
Util lhi?-e --light eonllicts took ??lace. A deta?h
in? nt of BaSSS troops .?ct fir?- le a railway train \<rhil?'
it was nt::li>ling ill tin? ?tatioli. :ri?l ??lie of their lk.lt
1? ii. a a p| ioa< had vii iiin 100 pans ol' tin- fortress
and ?it? ?I on til?- rainpaits. The I>ai!?-n trooi>? lost
tim i' kill'd Bad V. mohiiiIkI.
(.. ii. Bharidon, with Consul (.? n? ral Welsster, li:.?,
tlivoii'.'h th?' fft "I "p:i' lol Mi'i?? t Hninroft, bein
elie?-riiil.. iu.'.r.lnl pemns-ion l?_\ the military
authorities to follow the campaign with the H.a?l
?Hiait? ra of UM King.
King William ha-tappoint? ?I fi< ti. Ronnin i?overnor
OSBSSSl of Lorraine, and QaS. I'.isiu.iri k-liol? ii Gov?
ernor-General <>f Alsa. a
1'aris gossip has it that Latw ufs wifi is a Prus?
sian, and that tin- General i? i?.ni,n..I in tb? prison
of Viuceuu.s.
The Archbishop of Paris has surrend? rwl nil th?
di?K-esan a? hool? and other in?tituti??us und)'r his
charge to lh<-Kietich ant Inn it i?m for h<?M]>ital use?.
OvafwUM b??ds have h?en set up in these pla?-?*??.
The Count de CbamlM.nl, the Count? kh Montai? m
bert and other Ki? ni li I.? -ci ti mists, have also lent
their dw.'llings to ?Hie inihi.iry authorities for hos?
pital ii?< "
Th? htBsJsa laaaai?-MwwV * thaiti?i.saiiiiouuc?d
at r?3.
The Fren? h Uoieriiiii.r.t has issued a notification
that all peacefully dispos?-?! natives of t.eitnativ d.
siiiug t?. remain in Kram?' min |SS0 on lh? condi?
tion of lalting out jM-tniit?- of isaMaaaa
|Tbr f..llu?ii.|-)?I'alr-*Pr*?rr?l ,u a |??rt.riB ef rrit*riJaj'l r,|.' i '
A Tl.HHMtll STItl -lii.l.K ? M'.MAIIOS's KKTRKAT
I N).\.,EI).
Lassos, fSaaasj, Aug. 1?, isto.
Our siM-eial aaaSSSJMalasI writ??? on Thin ?slay
illth lum th? h.a)l?iuartirs of the Crovn Prin? ?? an
aicount of the battle of Worth. There \gnothing
yet printed her? fr?'in th?' Pn??sian li.le.
Our correspondent says : -'The nwilt and skillful
min.ment assiaal Weissenburg, resulting in coni
j)h te suc?e)4s to the (jerinan arms, wa? but a foi?
tii^t?l th? st?.nu whieh threatened the northern
part ??i sJaaaa. Oh the saaaad day after that of
WdaSSahSUTg ?ame OH butti. ?I Worth, ami th?
Cii.w ?t Pun? ?? g.iii'?-<l ;? ti? tor.t oier the ablest (len
,?al in lui"'- I? is iidmillt-d that bat li.-iith
fought Brilh i" Uaa ? oona?, and tkat tiny inllict??!
lu Hit I.?? on their ?>p?M?_,eiits: but the fas f of thi?
hard lighting and of ibis heavy loss shows how s? ii
on? a ?lefeat was suslanied b\ M.i,Mah,,ii,
" I travr-rseil ihe fi?-hl wini? th?- ?hml sfill lay un
|,uri??d on the trampled ground, und could forma
(loud notion of ll?'W the tight luul g.?ue by the
gluv?tl.A ?iidili'es ?vbiell remiitticd. Worth is at the
Is,ttom of a fertile ralfe ?, bstwaasj tw.? ridiresaif eiil
tivstcd ground. There is uimh of worsled huid in
the in-igliborboo?! ; and e?p?-< lally In-hind the Klein h
p,s,ilion .?r on the wosten. Bide of the valley, there ia
?strip of iwreax a hi? h forms a cover for retreating
" Tba little nvar Bruder, not big auouffe ia H?m
mer time to Anata-ki ff, t',,ves through the villa- -,
and a highroad conic? winding down toward the
vilhuieot, th., eiMtcniaidrof tho valley, flank. <1 by
tree?. H? re wa* th.- Prussian position. Stretchiui?
far to right and left along tina road were heaps of
spiked helmet? to be seen ; ami cart-loads of aaafla?
Bjaaossai bo?TooaoJ aat?s las Iibob At a distance
the IVnch m,, ikefry fire ha?l tohl more heavily than
the German; and I heard that the French artillery
had tseen very well served.
" But though the burying partira were busy with
the Herman dead on the Eastern side of Worth, there
waa more than au exchange of slaughterous work
on the W< stern aide. Hero tin- Prussian? and llava
iians had pin?hed forward iu strong foiec. ?uni their
fire had told fearfully upon Um French. The high
apirit and rigid discipline of the one anny had tV.ii
moro than a mafeh for the ojbSBOOSIo reniatance of
the other. Whole compani.-a of frenchmen had
lK-en mow?.! down in ti?? ir wild attempts to cheek
the enemy's advance. If had benn a tolerably equal
light in aomo place.-?, for the ground was strewed
with German dead; hut more and more I?^-ench?
inen had fallen in proportion. Black Turcos and
w ide-tr?iusered Zonav.-e lay thick at many point?,
and the ciiiraisHiere had sutler, d mu? li. There w. ro
Bteelbrea.sti?l.it. s and hriiss helmets scaif ?red thlcUj?
on Hie hue of retreat, while the dea?l hors?* in all
dirtjctions might be counted hy hiimlieds.
"And so westward thiongh the wiuxl went the
traces of in? r.-.u-inar ?UasjSSC ; oflirera and men lying
grimly where tiny had fallen. Homo in quiet. Hh.-vdj/
spots. Bj though upon a Dic-nlc seemed asleep, Poids
of i'l'?odr remained wh.ro tho wounded had he-en
found. There were knaps-irks, ritb-s ?uni oveieoat*.,
cither thrown away in Dight or hit hv the wounded
on the iii-hl. Then! caino upon a spot win-re the
French had rallied and where tlmd.-ad of both sid. s
lay thick. Tareas were then? who had evidently
fought t? the last and hail ti iel to tiro llu-ir pits?. <?? as
thev lay. Frenchmen of the line regiments had hero
find uara fallen la numbera, as though they had
halted and faee.l alxiut in regular order.
"lint the BBBOS*) of the fields beyond the wood
se? nn ?1 to indi, ate a hasty retreat. V? agmn w.-rt?
ov ei titi ned. Ikiggago wa? tin own out upon the
roadside, ?md many ktiups.n ks wein to be seen. No
one who had panned over that battle-ground of
Worth ?vh?Mi T did ?otihl have failed to reab/.e that ik
l'k.iI dissalsr had befallen tin ir? nth ann.-, thoasjl
my ..i.s.-ivatioi.H wets iiuuIc wiiMi iiiu-t at tas
wounded lia." bei n removed.
"On so IsrgvB a scene of B4 tion it would have been
iitip?'??i',le t.? jndge of has ess? i losa sustain. ?I. I
see no reason, however, to tbuil?! the ..iii?isl return
on th?- (I? noan .?id.-, whit li gives about 10,?J00 I'r.i.. h
iii' ii ?nu! 7.IKH Gonaano iWi du rohibat, and attotit
7.?iij prisoners taken hy the victors?4,u?ai in the
batth- and 3,000 in the"pursuit. These losses, with
tin- further lot?* of cannon aud ?.??lorn, JJitttle tho
battle "t* Wi.rth au evil day for Frame. Well might
the wounded OeiluailS luiso tin inn? Ives to che. r the
Crown Flin.o as ho puascd, ami ?tv that (J. mian y
wikri Hair. It will often be t?>ld how the armies met on
the rib August, and how Mtv-Mali.?n made lim unsiic
ossful effort to retel th.? invasion of Alsace; BOW the
I'm-?ians held llu? left of the line, and the Hava
iian? and Wiirt.-mb? rg.-rf. the right, ?md how a few
Haden troops held in tcMcrve hy (In- throws Frince
wen- bra m trlil up just in time to share the honora of
the ?lav. Then? was ?t li. ree attack on both side*, it
being difficult to say which party Ipepran the light,
(iriidmillv, a? flu- ??enuan troop* pressed round upon
their opponents' line of retreirt, the r retnh w?-ri?
for. ed to so hasty a retrograde movement that the
let nat !.. i .une very marly a rout.
"Hie m, .11. ?mi. proved ir?sc|f to be fully the
eaaal "f tim easSaatapt, and pcihapri more ilaiin *tlint ?
.it 1 u?t. so sav th? Herman soldiers, with apparently
BJOM rea?.>n. Moreover, the Prussian? kn.-w their
weapon bcttCr. BBVing long been accust lue,I to it,
and the Cn,vvn Prince handl.sl his anny so as to
i,mke tin- limit of thedi-ivtly tire of his infantry.
I In-. a ?iii y whs not used foi ?in attack in the first in?
stan? a-, but wii?, sent in pursuit when the enemy be?
gan his i?tii.it.
" It wai* a % ii tory due to the patriotic ardor of the
German troops as inn.-li as to anv thing m their dis?
cipline or fa? tics, but we must ii"! folget that the
Iii :ich ?bowed ardor likewiso, and the scale wau
turu.-d for the (?ennans ut Worth hy their intelli?
gent understanding of the bree, h-lo.idcr drill, and
I?, i heir s'tradim-sH in tiring. TI???.- matters rake
time t.. 1. arti. We see the glorious result* which
(o nnanv is leaping from her careful preiiaiation.
"1 In- jii?Minei.? wire ?leitH'Uilili .1 near tue first sta?
tion of the rcop.ii.-d railway through WcitJHenberg.
I could distinguish many Tur?-.s aas rtoBBTSB among
thom, thoiiL'h th.-?n?-?-iler i?art were soldiers of the
line. WS drove Baal thom very slowly, for the road
wa* bhsked with ammunition wagons; and I no?
ticed that they s?( mel woitilly ?lis?-ouiatred. There
wen-nu songs and no laughter tots? heard among
iliein. and til" f.vv that were occupying themselves
in ?.uking fruit in trees that tiny lrud climbed, had
not :i verv lively air for Fr?-tiehmeii in.-iuh a posi?
tion as iruit pu king, linn taino the convoys of
wounded men moving to the rear. BiifTering bad
ii.a.ii t1 ero brother? ni misfortune. The Germans
and Fr. ndiiiun ?niiiL'led, sat or lav ?iiiully side l,y
side. 00 ii 111 ? ? > V4.ii. old coiniaden; the only enemy
.in?! the , oin,lion ?ueinv, being tit?' Jolting wagon.
"A? we mai ?d Worth there wa? a consiatit stream
of wagons, bringing down wounded men, l'ius-iun?
arid Hiivitri.Tiis.'I'uiKis iin.l Frenchmen of the line
Ihev hoi. the inisery of the road in .?pial nil. n?-?-.
It was rare to lm;r a ery. though tin-p?>?-i fellows'
f.i,.-? -how ed mu? h pain. Tiny w< re a sadder sight
in their blood-stained bandage? than the mea who
lav griuilv on the hillside.
WtSrtQ ?wBBbI w.is a m? re hospital, and all the in
hai.ii.iiit? ware ? itlu i nursing the wounded or bury?
ing the dead. It was an ei d rate for the pi? tur.taque
little plat*?*., that more than 100,000 men on one and
the oth.r ?should have settled then ?pian? lso neal' at
und _ , _
(?f, otning movements I mu?t BOBsay B word. Tlu
cn ut of v. ?t.rrdaj? wa* ti.?- ? apturc oi th" l.ttl.- tort
NSBOi l.??i? bl? i,bing, where a hug? amount ofmili
tni4 atores an ripon, d to have been captured. Tin
.-<??-?ni ti,te. fin d In- i\ iiv into the plant), and ?ve h< .?rd
then guikfi b.s.niitigiill vjwlertsaj t'oicuoon."
I.omk'N, Weiln? sday, Aug. 17, 1(<70.
Tin Ti mt -avslhe Fianch army received a finish?
ing stroke a? M?-fjr. A de. isiv ?> battle will be fonght
.ii ('l,!'iloiis,att<i which Fnglisli intorventioii will
take pla?-?*. The Times also saya the Eni|?eror now
know? how gtiK-sly he ha? he?n misled as to the var
establishment, ?md how the publie money ha*been
?apian.I? red. He ian also ?oee howhe has been nii?
giiided a? BO the anli-Fruasian fieling in HauoVtr.
Havana. Sa tony. ??ic.
The l'o't says the telegraplis have lseeu cut in the
rear <>! the Prussians. The Fi? tit li aro chary of news
at pn t-<nt. The fightiiiK aeeuia to be good for a week
without a decisive result. The French are re.ialy to
fight till the end. Paris, thus far, in ti mid vised of
,,,i n \erses. If the Pnissian? approach Paris, a
revolution isinevitablo.
j h,. eorriKipoinlents of the varions louden paper?
(ontirui the taasrto previously published that the
i rein I. ?inn v . ntered the hist .roullict in a starviiig
Wasium I?'*.. W.dllealay. Aug. 17, ltfTO.
Official infoimation luw Isetn received here .buy?
ing that 0*1 French (?overnmeiit han ordered a f0B>
eralr.uiovalof the Priiseiins from Fork. It BBS,
how. vu, re.pui.d aOtaSfO IOS Pii:v?i?ms to leave
that city for the re.iaon tliat they violate.l the privi?
lege- of ?louiicilo by uufiieudly deui.miUutioii?
against the Frein h.
The State ILpaitmeiit lina le.eiv.d from lkau.n
Cb roll a tiaiisl.lion of the full dispatches from lo?
Government, giving the general outlims of the
military m.>\? nt.-uts np t?> ?tinday. when the
Fir ?i.ni? had ?luven th. French into their foiritiea
tioiisat Met/. Hy Hu-?" ?H pa.<'"'* the repulse re?
ported b.\ th.- li en. h appears to I?.- only the cheek
given the PitissiaiiH when the French reached th?
?lu li. r of t heir fortiticutions. It SB0 intimated that
both Htraslis?iirg and Met. would Is* left in their rear
hv the Prussian main ?Ml ?? IIBB?*rSiOS la tin
s-eiicral dimttou ??f t-'h-Uoiis, asuialler forte lieiu?
1,-ft t?. walch iKjth place*. The dispatch?** w?-re af
the ni??st cheorhil rharacter, said spoke of all the
movenuiits of the Orman annies a* complet? ?
mir?eiiikfv* at every sti-p. There w>_* |ieife?t unity
among the |?fople at lu.nie, the anny w?i*in exoelleiit
'spirit* und thoroughly BOBJSBsSBa, and fit.? command
era and leading ??IticiTH of the right, left, and center
wore in complete? BBSBBSi
Hiijrou Uassult, the Fnaaisu Mkui*tisr Ikere, it ia tfy
reipt of mimerons h M?-?/, from Germans in all sec?
tions of this country, offi ring meiuis mu? s!i, Hal I ?
Hie Germans exile?, from ftau?a. II" Biala- that a! I
inom-ys will be trtiusiiiitted to Iti-rlin tiii?-ii-rli the
Pi BBS-SI Consuls, but that he hal no autho iii t?.
accept any aid on the part of ti.? Pal III BiaiBII
The Schleswig Holstein Society held a special
meeting last ?-vening f,,r the purpose of resolving tbein
aelves Into a patriotic wa* organization in Bli ?.f Hi?- ila.
fenders of Fatln rlaml. A I.V.muiltt? ???, < .imposed of
Messrs. Hinein. Wrage, ItVfisrh r, II iitiiiiir, ami .lease,
was authorized to raise we.-kly ?ml BDontbly atti
titi.ii-, .uni a liitiitL-uino aiii....ut it is sill.?? ni i'il bj iii?'
nii'iiiiwrs in attendance. Prof. wmg" was ?T?-?-ti?.i h dcle
iriiti' t.? the o Basra! Bi il? f CoiaantS ??.
The < ?crinum? of (Irani.-?' har? formed B nur ornais i
li.ii, of Hin? li Aid- nii..ii Ben? r li Pi? - Id. iii, od hi
Engen RGi'hof and J. BnrrehareBecretarVas. Aeom>
initt.-i' was appointed to ralas lobssripaoas.
A liar iil'gaiil/.tt:..!! hi?s Im .-ii .'.il'iueil at Union Hil),
eiiiltraiiiig the i,erun?n? of weehawhea, Wea Hoboken.
uri,I North Bergen. They have raise?] Ii.i.th. and ... i.<i
Mr. BoUSBSM a delegate to the War Convention at Chi?
The Or?ler of nirnzary. to the ntiml?or of about 4,101),
liav?' al?., t ii., ti a,. tlOD in i:<I of the wornt.led ii. lender?
of l.ermany, and the f.iniillea ,,f thom? kitted Inimiti?.
The Orilitr. which has alxnit 60 lodges looated thienahout
the tv ate, h.?? a capital uitiuiiuliug lofj.MI, of ninth f_?x)
v. is i).| ri.iiriut.'.l a? B fl-?l Itii-t I'lmotit.
Tin' ?iemiuiis of the n? vintceiith WaH were rvl<1reas?'?l
last evening liv Mr. I.onls Franck, ii ho r.ii?l that tito
Ki'm li bad dona abai Oerma-ta Lal trie?! alnc. in?,
naini'lv, to make a unit? d (.tmiiriy. B? pointed to the
anal ii. lories slraadt island sad ur gol ?trough iii?* n>l
1. i 'i -ii of funds for the aid of those already maits orpli
ana and widow?. The IiBbsIiBB- an<l Phoenix singing
?... i.'ticst iiili.ne.l tho prueedlng?. The following ofttc
?TS w??r?' elected: I/niis Franck, President; Chas. Lange,
Vu >? I'd ?nil nt ; Chas, liingler, IBltllilsiJ A bous, i, ?
house collection will Is? e.iiunn need to-uiorrnw, and the
prooe? ?Is haii-U'il oi .-r direct to Um ?.?Millaa Consul.
The (jcrmaus of Morrlssnia heltl a meet i ti it on Tuesday
evening, und contributed iiIm.iU Svoo for me fB-Bllfca IB
Ile ne killed or wounded In bettie! ,iiili the Er? Bl li.
The <;< mian War Conv? iitl.ui, e?wnp<-Bed of .!??',. irate? ?if
the .?? mitin I'litrlotle Aiil Bo.-ietie?, whleli baie sprung
np within the course of a few weeks throughout tue
North, Wert, und East, will assemble this forenoon, In
Turn Hall, in North (lark ?t., a hen a full attentlanc? ??f
delegates from ?II parts of tin? country may be BXDeot, ii.
Th?'Se. retary of the Executive Ci'tituiitti-e at c1
lias i alle?! upou the visiting del? giles to nx < t the o
of th. Comaalttee ?,n their Birival ,it Chteeco, previous t..
the Co'ivi'iition in the I'ost-oiri. s l.uliiliiig,sr Dih-- p seas
designate?-, lui the purpose of aiiaugiiig Uiu pi. ?nin.i.i
The r.iininittep of Arrangement?, hiving In ehirgo the
festt?/all to take pi ii?' Friday next. ur< making a-reat
pup nations to Insure it? Bttcesaa. Already l-,ouo ti? Lets
nave been sold, invitations to be pnr.-nt have been
?. til t?i tout? id the most proiiililent citizens of the
ronntnr smosg th.-m the consul ?..-ueraj, of J j.*?!?.- ?? j und
i.iu. Uirint.elinau, who will make an uddres* m 1.;
a lai gi ntiiuher of ti? k? ts have baan Mud to te? '?? tuan
nji-n lisiits atnl hirikers In this < lty, wlio are taking un
ii-ii.ii int< rift In tim matter. From pressai indicaliona
It will i?.- one. of the largest gathejii__i that has o? m
Johannes Hoesslng bal frnnnmltted |M Ml, collected in
tin? city, to the Central B tat loo at Ueri.n. Thus fur,
S ."? hue 1.? en eulie? t"d. 'Hie Heboksa Patriotic Aid
So. i.'tv ha? |.i?l ? .,iiiri!iiit)d I-,700. Tin uti *iir? ? werk?
ln? n of Weat Hendon, Conn., bato sent f.'lO to Dr. Boaa*
It lo reported that everv French section of the Int. r
natKii.il Workliiguieu's Union, hi. lu.llng those of ?.?n
Francisco, have i ?mr? ?1 in a prof, ?t Beatas! the war non
being ivas.)?! try tue French BarBBNt against (?crniaiiy.
.?-nil?, nptl..us are heilig ri_?.-d in aid ?.f the f.niiu.i I of
thus?' Li I led in IBU nil, ami of the Wound?.!, without
r. Bleuet- tu their nationality.
From Til* WTx-rllaj fnt<-11!.r_e?-r.
The New-York Tribe ne, in Ita reports of
the European war, 1? a head and shoulders ali?te ?ill its
New-VorK cotemtMiraries. U has an exoelleal corps of
?pet rial .-orr. spondciits lu l?oth France und Ocritinny,
and a bun au lu l."ud).n, wln-re the sews Su aided By
its ?-outmental eoiTe?p?>ndenfs, as well as that to Is
at ,n It: 1 ill l.Slliloil, in put ill SOapC .Hid t. leg! apl.i'il to
'UK Ti; I iii St.. Tin ?e ?p. iii!? rue the mnln ri'li.in? e of
the coitiitiy for new? of the war und fiinii?-h the t,alk of
that telegraphed weatwardly from New-York hy the
A?.???? i.iteii Trees. Tint Tuihunk ?eiiiie.l to havo this
bows corys readj oraaatsad at the opening of the ?mr;
or If not, urgaiilz? ?1 it veri promptly after the war keeks
out. It displays g?-uiitne enterprj?e ami IfMMda tn.iu)'.i
l.?i ??lily ; anil daaSfTSS not oiiiy tile gr?-.it pallon.ige it
re. "ile?, bul UM acknoitliifglnenl? of tie li.nor pre??
which ia so much Indebted to it for the news.
. rom Thr Troy Time*.
Hy r-poeinl telegiaphic airiuiK?>mciit<, w?? !iit\e
prompt.) forwarded to us ever? ?lay th?- dlapiitches re
i .ii. d i.i Tut li.nu m: from 1'? cortespondeota n iii??
Best of war and In the different European capitals. Tli??.?
(liHiiatcltes are by all odd? tho fullest, niora inten sting,
ana most trustworthy thut ?onie through the <at>ie. Ttu.
'i'mm m: ?les? i -i ? s g.? Bl ?ri ?lit for Its enterprise lu ??>
thoroughly organizing its corps of European ?orresrsiml
ents as to get so much Bears of suth au excellent ijumii..
Kr, I he Wn<r>,riiB ri'a?.'Joiinial.
.^inro til? out bleak ol' the l'laiico-PtiH-ian
war, th<? country has bon largely iinlel'te.l for the ear?
liest, fallest, niel linst trustworthy information from the
seat Of wrtr to TlIK ??BW Yokk IStBtTMB. It has organ?
ize.! an ? tllcient 1.ur.au of ? orrer-poiitti nee, nith r? pie
sentatifes at diff? rent points of inteie-t In both the
En neb mil Prussian line?, who have s>-nt sonto graph'?
litter?', the li'ii-st iii-ifaiii'?'!?< inc tin- aei'ount fnuit l.otli
the Erde h and PraaBtaa annies of the battle of w? ? ison
burg. Theso)lisp.)t?hes, n eel V?Sd over the At ?a ti rie Cal le,
< -I I eaiily, sud we hop.' Tin. Tuna Ni. will 1?. n,ll re?
it it.led for Iib enterprise in lactesadrl iiibfsrlirtloiis. Oft
n ??ml to stiti. lo dar, thsl snsss <>f Tiik Ti.mt m eorre>
sjs.iidents have fallen victims to the suspicion and j? al?
en?? of Hu- Frinch.'niiil one has been sent out of France.
\i> presume hi.? place Hill be soon supplied.
From Tbr Chicago Kepa' ' rnu.
A p(.o?l ?i<-;il ?if ?nteitiutiuiiut hsi 1?? ?ti fnr
iii-lnil to Printing Ilouse-rwpiai-c, liy the BBseOBBlUna
advertisements of The sun aseas engaging S'il sou
11. Itns-Hell, on ina own terms, as war c??rie-|K?i ilenl.
mell is the reputation of tin- pu per, that h.inli., ..n.
omi b' lieves that Russell has buen approach? d at
k1! o i tin' siili.l??'t. It would haii-1'.i'ii ,ju?t .is well
for the ?lally c.lrtuii of The Sunday Mercury if it? ?I 11
about Russi-ll liit'l been a ? ??iiplcle fabrication. It ha.?
never had S single line from lum, either bj mud 01 tele
graph, and has been eouiiN-llod to depend on Tin. Tuii
i m , win? li mail.' no noise about ii? coi res|?iii.l?m e, f??r
whatever baportaat sud?ralasbla Ini'lili?-. nee Itsool
utnii? h.?vi-? ?.nt.tilled. Ihe Sun has iteeu veri anxious
t<> obtain Tiik Tumi m?'s aawa ai a? curly an hoar a? pea
?il.le, ,ind has boitsted of its e.iraoidinary enterprise
w hen it ''H' " it? war MBWStaTMa Thihim:, which It ao
li.'i.iiflv dsSeass, ead ha? so sasuasfally saaasd. One
WO-MnotsappSSS thal ?he sun saald ever think of its
silly i.itinliiig agiuii n it bout profoiiu.l mort iflcat lou.
Eras tis Roclirwt? r Kiprtaa,
t}o?ii .?The IS 0k> Tor h Times sjiys that from
lirst to lu?t it '*prlnt?-d le?s than a dozeu lines of lins.
Thiiii ni: dispatch?'"," r? ferilng to the new? sent ovi'i the
lilli?- bj Miiilley, the n-pre-ieut-itivi' in Iiondnn of Tiik
Tmibtsb, sad than adds that It <l?Hiinest?> pnut faaaa
eai opinion.? sshears. If r*? rim*? had assbb-afanatb
oii us narpa a? Baiallsr, it would I??- a livelier and strong?
er pain r Its choi? e of t< rats is unhappy, as the ?rentle
uiati reaponwhle tor th?- Bnrupeaa Bews relwied to i?
nuteil more for his? alni r? ??at? h sad chiir pr?sentation
of news and fact? tbau for an enthu?iastic espous-l of ?
uni ?.au?.' or | arty. We dmi't know of a man we would j
ratlni hu?- a?fl oar ???'us for us an?l separate It from the I
chaff m pr. fen in-?r io Mr ??malley.
Havana, Auk. 1?.?Ailvicen from Mexico t?> |
till- Util inst. hale Iwen reteiie?! Tin- ? ?fe nt J'l.ut /.
wits so M-nou-iy ill that no hopes of her reeov?ryiire
entertained. Th<- fiMfSSISSBBBt Is complet? li luinLrupt ;
th? salaries of emploi ?? remain unpaid, and (ioveruuieut
emploi nient ta il? sauted.
li?.mel i? will probably le.tie the ?'tibinet and M n*
Minister to WasniBBjtea. Marissal util aassaod lum la
tin-Ministry. Komeru's n signal ion is a political n???-?
sjty. The eoiupllcity of Minster M.-.ila and ?.en. ? ant?..?
in tin- assassination of (len. I'uloi i is no long'-r ?lonbl. d.
A ?troug ?>J.|S)s1tl)?n to the T',-btiMiil?'|M-e ?ronces*inn 1?
fortines Is-nlo's organ u?lmiis the value sod MSsasstttar
of ti,,- inn L. im! say?- the Mexicans ought to do it. The
lim Wet itbHc? replies strongly in favor of tin- Au.cit? mi
, iitcrpti-e. Man.tin?, brother of (iitrcia C?rdena, and
?>tht t revolutionists, have ls?n captured and executed.
_Mr. Mitchell, fortuerij AUoiui'j-Geiier.il
of Ireland, Is ?I? ad.
....PeSCC ?-Sts ICB Kio .Tam-iro and rainpiay
L.t? I? . n foi uiiilly pro?liiiun?l
....The Kxliil'itinuof ls7!.in landon, will not
I.?- | ir-iponcd "ii a. i ..uni of tin- S Bf.
_Baisa ?srike bsabees ippatuted Kmi?as
?H.lot Ol 11. :i..m1 to tl.e < ?MBH ??! Bt Jiiiiiiii.
_The BnudUsn Goreis-ucat Isp mn?le ex
ten-i'e ii.ntract.? lot- ihe ni,| ? ri.iiien of ch?U,-m fur tau
_Tit?- Bpssiak uiiiui-idy is alisoliite, all
p?n,ii,ig pi? 11< lim,.? ag.iii.nt poiitu?i bSrudsia belMf
?|iia-l.? ?1
_Tin- English press urge their Govriiinirnt
0i (iike .tell,a. ou tin j. ti!.on from Llverptsil for bsrlxtr
_lu ??onse?iupTi<?)p ol' th?' a!.?.Iii ion ni' the
Concordat in A.??ins. Moiisigu? iii Es1?Inelii, the Papal
Mum lo, has l.? eu MB a.led.
? Cul. Hay. BSSISS-STJ tt the Anitii?an I.?
liiil??,li .it M i.lriil. has fUMC lo Woshii.ytoii lo u.!J)??t
<|.i,'stioi,n arising troiu the Cubas situation.
...M. Walli nberg. au ofheer of the Biuik of
Btirekholiii. mid lab me mix r ??t the Intemstlonal ?'??nier
eine for fixing u uniform ?tundan! ol SB-BS. *tl?rktaou?i
uieaaurea, has written a lettur uriruis the s?1?b|>?u???b i?i tri?j
M franc pieee, with a flx??u ailvi oi xmt ??bib aa ia?
Bsoastary unit.
TIIK MI-I.iN li? KMil.AMl- kl.'HHvl KAURI
CIIS KotBABLB SI . . I ---ok ?|,|.i ,?,(,, ,?,,
W.t?iiiN.,To\, VseSsMjsa], asia? n.hSB
The-statement m tin- I'n ? ? ?li?pat? li from Chicago li?
?liiy. to Hie cTei t flint Mr. Freliligliuys. i. having ?laVT'r?J
to decline the English mission, the jx mi. n t,???l hp? ?
b-ndend hythe President to rseuat.ir Truiiituill, is r?
ccive-d h?rc et iib cr.Mif, rtlMi.uigj BBBBBbSJBi ?il wnuf th?
f*ct*at Mi?ntate I?. pi rtu cut. It I? kno'.trn lar. tM.i
Mr. Frelinghuysen at one time de? ul,??l tu aa-cept ihr
m lo? ion, hut It is now preiieraliy und. r?t<sM| tlt-.it lie ha*
Hsked the President to relierehim, as bia |? i ????nal busi
nts* ?letnands lil? pre?, ne- ?if hume. TI ? fac? that sena
Mr T'um!?,ill is nowaan his way to this city add.? ta- BBS
probability efthe report,althong.Ik.iI> henj belier? ?
that he twill ?ic.ept any appointment from the Govern
ni. nt, as his {te mitorlal t.-nn ?lues not BBBBN ?oi'll lrT73.
Naval officers gcuerally seem to favor a | :?utiotlon U
the position of VI.? ? A.lii.Irulby BBBllMHj. hallllllsjBMBl Bj
thia course tlu-re would ho I, ?taon tlioti
shuni.! s ?-lection be maale on a-co-int of war service?
only. .H*ioulil thl* course he adopted. Vl.e A.ln .ir.il Gold?
Ixirollgh would receive the npisoiiitineiit. The act .-;.
atlng the?,!*,, c nf Vue A.lu.irul uutlici, - in-.,li i,t
to select thiit offi. er from the lint of Km r A ?fin irais,
lume BBB List Admiral u,,oii 'he li-t , (mill l,,- denlgiii?!. ?
fur the po-itioii, if th.- Pre? dint sbouid tim
?loso. 'JTie tbne prominent Admirals uieniioi rd tot OBI
position are: L. M. ?.olibdsirough, first upoi the list
??Stephen C. Rowan, fifth, and John it? dp.., ?, ssrsaaaas
Ad ni 11 al? (J., bl? I "uti v ,- h ?md Rodgeraar?' no'l. r?-siil?<uU?)
tbe District of ('oliiiiiiu.i, BBi Ailiu.iai linn.m ?sa resi?
dent of Pennsylvania.
The accounts of naval paymaster?, which uro ex a in
hied hy the Fourth Am! tur, BOOOBBBBSSal BBBJ 'j BSBSaJ
the war, and It is only rec. ntly tLoit Hil* gnat BBBOB el
work BBS leen < u' down so ?in to !.- ut ml | .
A portion <>f the ,-len.at force of the txBce is rays
hu Hy engaged ia nu ovcring old bal nie ? ESS ?Sakaril.
'run,.-nt, utaiiy uf wh.eli ne, ni? 11 BBBSBBB la IBS m
Is bon,,?oin? ? being 'tue from pikyn.aatrrs who ????..l.-l
Sharp work Is ma,le of all them? old if counts, ea.i leen s
Instituted without di'lay ??gainst the b-. .'.. BO I
presumed that th.-ot'li-er?; must ha-e been cimuiz. nt of
their indi budnee*, and ?houl.1 have anti. ip.it.? <1 tlie a?
BBS "f the Guvcriinu-nt by paying up such ludeliU ?Iii. --
The nile* hare also laen iiia.le iu.,ro strln...'ent, 00 *? t?i
codi;k'1 disbursing olTi.ers of th..?.\a\y to ? ina'e up al!
oui.-taiidlug accounts before they can be appain ordered
on duty. ?
Conprre-? having authorized the er.-ction (f
a bronze equestrian statue of the late
John A. ltuwllns, t?cen-tary of war, In one of thcpiiniic
parks In this city, and having placed at the di ?pooal of tin
President certain bronze ordnance Of whnh to iiiatti tile
siatue, the work will be begun as soon as the necoaaary
amount of ninney . an be raised. The lass i BBSS ha4 ?ng
the matter in charge is pi? sided ..ker by Hen. John 11.
f-inlth,and among the Vlcc-Preatd.-nts ans?', n-tory H?-lk
nap, Po.?tmaster (?en.-ral Creswell, W. W. Corcoran, Seu
atnr Milton, .?.. ntaiy Uuiitttell, ?Jen. Logan, G. ti.
Melgs, Senator < arpent r. Commissioner Parker, Frank?
lin Kives, eaq., and other pruinin.uit >?BBBB*as> Cnutrihu
iiuiis in aid of tbe tuon mu-nt are ?oui.it? ?i bj VV. 8.
Huntington of this city.
Several ?lays ago ti,, i-?"( retary of War ..-Mi ? ss< ?1 a let?
ter to the City Government of Hlchinoiul, other coire
sjiondencc having pic,,,hil if, btv '.u ? that he fore the?
Unlto?l MatCH (Joveiniuciit wouid r. 1. a?e the J> IT. Din :s
luaiisloti, and tBBBSfrr it to the City of lu. hi,ion,I, it
would he nec.eeiiiy, hy a formal ISaOBBBSB o? the luv
Council, lo legally release the l'nit<:d BtBtflO from all
( latins or liabilities f,,r l-ent, use, or damage of the prem?
ises In question. Information was BO da?; BaaVw*fal ??>
the War Department that at a meeting of the UieumoLd
City ?Council, on the evening of the l?th, a resolution in
accordance with the Secretary's directions w.?s pa?s?d,
an?l Mayor BtVJfSSB wa* authorized ta? r M ? .te tin- prop-'
city and ?'?.eitit.: u deed of BflBMBB* OB thl DO BMlBBBtBB
The business of the Patent ObBBJ has n??. i b ?
pros'aerous as at present. A? an evidence of tina, tho
?tiicm.iit io mash'that there li.?v.- > I p| I 'inns
und ?30 caveat* tiled m the ,,tli,-?? ?u ile (.'. ,i,..e -, .um i
during the week ending yesterday. Tn?' number of
patent* prepared for l??u?- Wits 'Jil.
The Consul Ha the Hayiiun liovenin ?. ?1,-,1
in capturing here a larpn? hit ?>( Ha?, not reuatSBl'tolt <iu
renc.4, lut.'iuleil for distril?.itlo?i in kiiat ? ? liiil r?.
Thi Infernal Ki'teiiin-re? elpi? ?m-1|., ,.-hot ?ign?t
np to LmI.-iv I- iUMr'/'.l 6?. The total inn to k1 C? Hi
l-itJulj isi,'.?.7s?;,r.?i 01. _
[i.ESKRAL rBaSl I>M'." ''? HI
Tlii'War Dep.ii tin? nt t.i-ila.v i?e -, ? ? ..- order quoting
askragraphtittrf thi revised r?-, ,. liaimy,oi
[BBS. ?t.? follows: -'lf any .li-biii-iii?; ?Ii,. ;
cards or ?mt gone of L.i/.ud. hi? . , >ffl i t
.?hall .su.-|M-ii(i hi- inn? lum? ...ni it.,h?. Lim tot . I o\ ?
all the publ 8 f Ultils lu Ills kee pi tig, ?uni -1 lil ItBtnedl.'itelj
reptil I the ca?e to tin 1 lui? r Lil. all .'f til? 'Au' I -? ;
unlit." Tut- nillir ai bl?: "Iii<-4. r> .-a-? \\.
c? r hitritsted with the care sr di bur? ? ' ?I p
fn.iidj.shaUvnu.it? this r?gu!.iiioii l?<- ? i i.t t<
trial before ageiurul eaavt-saurtlal hj the D*t?arrnkent
Commander, and will not be a-? u? li ? duty ?>i
put In pnfaiBlon of publie funds -ni??. ?ru< nt to his trial
vvitliii.it the apjiroviil?if the-nie. rj ol W n."
The ?nier of the ?-?sj-etarv of the Bsi - to Admiral
(Misson ts asad a rsasel al war up las Elbe ami Wea r
ii.ver? and along the North A*:, li ?. ma?! vt?. ? ia .?? ? "rd
a?n e ? ith the re.|iie?t of anumUrof Xiiutii.in ?Itlren?
?.olourning in North Gerrnany. Thev said tliat white fh.'.v
44 on Id tiltia Be gTH'ltle.l in -eeiiig llieir *Vi II lia _' in le ?
wat? r-, the v ? .-.-??: iiiight is- able to aaard thaaa slaltsi
oijip'ic? tion ahcHild any be le.j'iir.-'l.
The Army lull having ?in.'islu-d the Milln rv lud?an
Agent-, the Se. relui y oi the iltt? ri?>r hu? ina.?e a,, .
tuent? with the Ii,,linn Hine.,ii foi- reel.,i in?; ti ?i?. Ui le?
to civil control. Mme attention than ben tofore ii bo !??
paid to moral qnallS atloaa nu.I .??...?wltv, and, ala ia**, i
pia? tu ubi.-, such ?Igelit?, liefore appoilltlueut, are re
quired to have tin Indoi ?. meut of 11?. i ? llgiou? bodha ti
which tiny may i< ?p?-' tlvciy i? Num aslufh eaai? of th?
Kriend?, a Veur Bgjw, BaOSt the fllrttBB IwSag is.iii yoi
I'restdeiit (?rant.
i:.\-?i..v. iicCorinick liu4ing bean delayed b? re osla
portant matters relating to Arl ross, n.o-t ..r wh: h havr
met fir. unible cnn-lde. ??tin,,, lett for the l'a. Isa to uighl
?ni Id? way lo Hie \mtti\mn ?
A neiiiraliti piocUiuui.on has lieen iirc]i,ire?t, and ?uki?
mltt?-d to rre'siilc.it Grant for hie coiisbleratiou.
nu: Lahor CONiwRE?S.
(IN. INNATI, Aug. 17.?In the Iailbor ( iilipirr??.
Iliis inoinlntr the (ollowing committees w? re ?m,muru ed :
On Vingt and Heans? Messrs. Campbell of Illinois, Don*.
bue of New-York, Miss Walbri.lge of M..-*a? liiisett*,
]ir.?d> of I'euii-ytvi.uiii, l.elauo of California, llanlguc
anti ?I'Knyof li.iliaii.i, Collin of Washington. (M lil|
t>rgnniaation?Messrs. Coggswell of Illliion?. (Tiinminpcl
of Massa? liusottH. Davlsof Ohio, (.ilchii-t of Kentucky,
\t "ard ..i Illinois.
Th? iesoli.tii.ns on the Cherokee I*n?l question, Intro
dtlcr?! veslerduy, caine upaild elieita-il deLale, tt hi. h was
sturm?, at lim?-?. A motion to amend the r? .-.Mit,on, bl
?til .?a it ut lug the words ?? ?(?uni by"forth<- wupl "slrike,''
where they urge th. settlers to "strike for their home?,*?
vi.is ,it t, itteil, with oilier aiueudiueutan ottered, and lb*
original resolution? were aaliipted.
Mr. Mclsuu- of Iso-ton ?.ffer>it resolution? repudladna
every thing looking to a r?pudiation of Ihr national d? lit .
Welcoming I lu nil gT allon, ?in?! declaring that ?til nu n shao
receive (lie proU't lion rat o.ir laws, but denying the right
of capitalist? to import Ii ?mut ii fn-ight for th?- purpose of
I.--, muli wages and d? ?railing labor, luvenng a p<euer*l
adoptiaa of theelgiit hum tyntem; protesting apt uust fur
tt.er land graut? to private loiupaiiic? for rdlwayor
other purposa-s, und rtes-larlng that the time 1. rip?- for
Hie formation of a distinct politteul party tu the iM?-rt-at>
of Ihe workiiigmeii. The resolution* were referred lo th*
Committee on Kenoltitlons.
President Trev. III. k's ad?lress waa submitted ?Kb ?
report Indorsing It only so far a* relates to the ?Tilii??*?
emigration qui-Bllou. Mi yin nu ol thr (oaiaaUtes ?11'?
?ented Iroiu the iuaj?>rlty report, so far as it relafes ?. th*
nioner and land question. Another memiwr of the ? um
ii itt? ? diss. nt? nom its declaration on tin* suljitct ol
forming a polit li al party._
Ho? HK-Ti?R. Aug. 17.-The sat-oud ?Liy'a ???-s
slou ?if the (i.and Uidge of I. O. O. F. o*jened this morn
?BgatVoYiork. The BBBBSSI *sa harmoniously con?
ducted, bart eral umei.du.euts to tbe (?rand \au\? O.n
.(K.ttion and appeal rases were ?onsideml and decided.
The n-port of ti.? < onuuitU?e of Corr*aiH,nilen?* wa* re*d
. a?. . ??-?. i L- P ll??w?-ll of The Ann i,run (hid F'llOW.
hy i?ast ???.'???'fc?-.,, ,,"iy |.n-?ente,i u .??n.ori.l trituite
!*.,?( ?.rand *^r$ ?t? ately .l???>a??l-d, who had b.-u
li edil ?A ua mAnuunl gBjaV ajjjMis>Jk* t?o
. . u? 'Vii,-?l.*llowliigF*?t ?irand Masters Ua
eUtut'oa wa.? i? ?I?. ? ? ?, _?,, Ttie ||#_t
partitipatcj^nd*j^ |M|M M Uf,r, \uu ..v,,*??,,. ,,
?.Vu ?.?^Tu.cta-lrat.on I? !?<mor of (be ?.rand Ulai*.
i1 .t. .i.,?, u?. il.o.i**n.l .??id K.-11.IWS man-bed in wro
..wi toWa?bii!gl?>u Hall, where lltrraty aud mu-acai
' ' o' iiae* were giren In preseikee of a large mullen?. ?.
ti.. Vveiili.g s Nrilllaut festival is traiiaptrliia un?ler liku
?ire? of Hiiwlsudt LtKlge. To-mont.wtlkt'I u written
a.,r? will I? exeinphBt-d m-fore the Grand Loigti by
I* put.? (?rand ??Ire smart.
A large ?-umber of the isensonal frii-nde i?vad
iM.iii ..., ...I", .-r? ?I Mr. Jamas Daly ?if tn. v.tuna Me* '?
li,-,,,., rutl? ? bin ?>f Ihr "?lev.,lb *i??.-?evei.l>e..lb Baird*.
?ave bim a raNcptiou and avejreuade last evening, on his
rUiirn I rom a visit to Ireland. Mr. ?taseaaka*?-?v/aaS aa
saMraas sa trntttXt at tSa eeran aOSaa sa wlath sir. ImtkM

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