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New-York tribune. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, August 18, 1870, Image 7

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gS ? iS?::::
r"***" . i i
15 1 - .II?
*}?', ? '' >r-H .I'-a
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? - air-iT. A Mrrrb.a
jereel. ?? I s .
?- __L " N-?.?a ...no
* rrW' ? J,* ?
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...ili,,L,r? .......I.?
? ?' Bee? Aater.ra.I?* I
A .?li- 1 ' t .... 1O0
?IrZiMi aeat. 1?*.>?'
2 ?"**?? ' -. ivira.ii. urra.in?.
Srnic-pobBa. i.:-.-.IIB)
.n,H.?6a M.NI
_?__?'?11X. i-i ml.H?)
-, er cent, ltr.lt
i. ,?T??e 1BH.I.?7
t. |?tr real. 1RH.I. !*7
? at, 1H7S. ?
Bl. Mar ima .100
k ? , r ' atar?, baa-? ..'?'? I pani? lemn.IT?
' i im ?? I ' "!'"' Hoant? L.??b H'j
-. ???. t a... ioea. lHT_..ltrT
., ,? , Lm v ? Iori (?a (-?baIIoib liri .1 f?
kimmn. H. ead Bl Ja ima- j v_,._,rtit ( ,M, k(Ul. j
tr**?Pm*7:?_ - '. c?n?'i.?aB iio..itvr
a L.rkU. Caaalloaa !
? ?? l.,ri*. ? iailleaa.1
B v?. York Sa (?Bill-ae
. it,rk5..CB_all?aa,in_..loO
And ti.?' f.'M, ? "Hil-:
?At. ,1 I-- *'? '*<?',? C-BTl?. #>.
Z , ? .'. l*t M?Tt. 1W
m . , ut Wee?. ?d Mort.. i!W3.... Ho}
\ , ' , n? A n,.ea?ra_IMort... 1"
, -?..Mi K. Miad A Peale. !? J
.1 Bl ?uri IM llMI h 4 Mom? 0 Vmei 1?. Mort.1 1,
I M?rn, I b?vi ti B.'rt. 93
, .A T..1. Sel i,. F..Ml
, ? N .l'-eCe?t IdMort.1?)
B P tt . Ft W A < h.r. Ut MortlO!.
/, . V ".? I" t? ,Vt W M
? -. ? Pitta.WM.'r!?Bc* ... W
H?r b <Q S a. a W M..US ? ???*. a II-u. 3d Mon??** " I
. ? S. I-ti? 4tl. Uortfue... 7??
| , Mo.... !.., ?-hie. A AI:onRinka,el-_nd....l'4i
? tia A Al'.'i IMS rt.M1
I ? ,..* P??-,U l-l IW1?. ftr,') (*h r??o ?.
'70.. li,, ?it. L. A Iron M?H?it*?n Bond*..
Ill Mi A Si P?ul :n Mort, i,- los
<, ion I T. H ?I Mon lue Pani 1?. M ?rt T 3-10. 80
1 ?! I,r*_-.....1UH M '. k M. Peal I A M.A.IS
rl.l A M. P&ol i-i Mort.. S
-' ?1 li? I ?! J. Ck -ace, 1*' M.-rt.. BJ
li IM ii I. id. 1 at Mort.... 8?
? A li M M.W
i'araaw, I. h M
..... Ti S Y.-? k S. Ha-rn Ht.ST
i II aja c.nr Si P. H". Kaatoa. H. kim (aaraatd... ?
'.?? tt,?- BBBDMiattas carnitiirs of thf?
*?..r'ii \t.-tern i-anu.ij ??uruig tiicseesad
1 - rea?'..'r7 741 5fi
lANixIM. AND ein?ncial.
1. ?K l'i-K ?\ II ITCT?, No. r> \a-snu-Ht., >
H_rw-Y? kk. Aas. r>. l?IS. $
Tuf. Cr-.Ti:u. Ta? nie K. 1?'. I yat rent GOUD
T: m.?, bl ta not, art- t.?-day Miling at
B?U__. ..I the i ali ofb!<loth,yyi'ld7perieiitirXffold;
i,ial payable in goUi coin, a. .\tic-York
Tkaj btf ? Find Mi IwgBge ?>n property
i h f?..it nu i? thin l??t.il ik?ii. ; ii riiiwl bavini. a
ruiiiealy revenue?nearh $3,OC<*0,000 f??r t li?? first si*.
months?.? tins year, itiul -j T.r7,8< ii for July, - beeag an
"" ?.v.-r the burga isvsnsei at the
.. riod la?t y? ar, wini?- Um annas] interest ynj
11,-00^000, Tin > ar. a? ajead ?nul as aafi as
rriinrnt Homls. ...Id. I.? of UM latter would ?la
H ii t . < :t;., t;?li/c the ?lill?!? ii?. \t ?ii!? tin-(.Yntrals
? a?lea occasioned bj thsrataassi these Bonds
unt of Um tafifbla war now
I iii Europe. 'Li-' am?.nn:? :.ow eoasiltf are
Mi.all, ami arc heilig steadily ul'sorln-tl l?y heavy
..ill.?ts lo-re.
lui U ??.lilli. l?:i-? rt'-rl and intereat
.li in lawful un-ut?-,? iiith an average of 26
11? nut, al L18 flat, pa] asl] t nat oten asnsacy.
. i n h ? >?. in.-?, with ;M veais t ) mu iii is not proh
fchl? tin- is.-..i w ill I.,- called in till maturity, a? a
? -.i )>f the llondH Authorized hy the Kundin?-:
.l.'.ut UN prep-lit prie?
? ii'?"ii ?lue *-H'i?t. 1. ??it?, ti lui'e.nt BwSbL
S m- .ISM ' .iviiir il \?ar? t?? nm.at tli. rurinit
rut?'. Ill ??>. pav only 4, per < eut cold. -
Kivf-I w i ?. i m ?. aaaanthig thal Um. will nol be
Dallad m f "i "> jraats, at 10Spax bal 4 i?-i easl gold,
'J'hi.-ioj>l>..rtunits toreali.e s.?handsome au addition
to ti.? :r ? I pita), :':i?l at lbs BatM ti'i:? a large inrrea.se
.: ti,? d ititfit-t jrield, bjr aa aaahaass
it,;?? (inn.ii I'm ii.?? lloiils. mai not oo4ur again.
v.- assess, sa Um lassad for them i.? lug?-, that
.annot V hail at tlx ].r< ?. lit pli?.' fot any
} i*th of t,III". I'1-.K & IIvT? ii.
N.Ti? AV ali ,w itit?r ?? on Deposits maka Col?
ic tion?. sad ?I" i fio-tai Ra
lit i.i in OTOS, CSDAB l.Ai'ii??, AM? -MlVM-.Tt
P\iu:.,?i ' l_SS1 M. ?inoti.r. Si vin PSS
? si lu .*? Vim: ?-INKIN.; Kim? BosnDS 'i>rinripal
and inter? ?t .?ayahle in gold?, free of Government
t__, coupon or registered, convertible at the option
of the hold, r ?ut.? ?tot k of th? Company al par, which
jpnvihge will at no distant day enahle the holders
?>f th.? bondi to realias opes them at apric<;con
aoioral'ly sbais i?ar, l>a?sid-- paving about nine ill)
l>< r (?eut curreucv mt? rest in the meanwhile. The
e- ial?h?h?-.i ? hura? ter of this load, ruuuiug as it does
IVroi.. : of the most thiekly-settled portion
el Um BTeal Ettata of Iowa, together with its present
a Ivanced condition and large earning., warrant tis
iii anhomtatiugly re-commending tht*?se Ninds to in?
vestors ?us. in every respect, an nndouht<*d security.
A liinit-.-d ??iiaiitity art- still offend at 90 aud interest
? - Hk.nkyClkwh i Co., No. 32 Wall-st.
Bankin?, ]].,{-.i ,,r Etssst Ci.kws & Co.,
Si Wallet.
Infer? ?t al! wad ?.n all il.u?\ l.aline. r of gold coin
<?r curreucy accounti? at mai k.. 11 ii? ?.
PaiaoMa ?1? i?os:.tiug with na can check at si ,ht, in
Baiue uiaiiu? r as upon any of the bank?-.
(Yrtiti. at- - of DepaaH i-sn.-?l payable on demand
or at a iix.-d dal?-, beafins i'it< i.bt at the current
Colle?lions mad? promptly at all points.
We draw ]'.;.':- of Excbange, B_a_M t.hinaphi?'
?SaaaSaSS of money iu London, and issue (ledits
available throughout BSSSBS?
\\i an- ]i!)|iarxl t.? take (?old A? ?? nuts, on terms
the sam? ii- for Currency : t<> ree. ive Qald on Dapes?
it liearmg iiite-re-jt, and suhject to chex-k at sight;
to lHrtin Qald ( ?niti? ates of l)e]?osit : t<> make Ad
1 Id aertinxt Curren.?> and other Collat?*
?:?''. !? aiiord liauking 1 u? ilities geuciiilly upon
a i...??l r?.t-,is. _
(?HMAS, BOS ?i Co.,
liWKI BS, No. i~. T.\i 11 IN..K-1'I ACE,
lai tab th?- f' liowiug state ni Ii-i.iN.ii.s, Oom*
iv. ainI loM.vsiui' Bom.?:
?7 per ceul bond? Clav Co., 111.. |i 1,000 each, at ?S3
and interest.
M : gai ? ?ut bouds Clay Co., III., fKX) each, at
i kaaeaaaa.
lo lo aei . ent lionds LamaidToarnship, Wayne Co.,
$ .u?> ? -mt h. at -~? and iut?*r??t
'? 10 ?ter cent bonds JaapeT Totrnship. Wayne Co.,
?? " I ami int? !?
li)10p.i i'.nt beads Ii? "!...i.rr..wfjship. Wayne Co.,
?a "*' ' or h, at'.*"? and interest.
-311'11" r ,,-nt iM.ruls Hart.r Toarsabip, Wayne Co.,
* I ami tatereat
i m l?r .-.Tit 1?.,nds liig Mound Township, Wayne
< "?? A\ .? . ? |_ _, tUjamyi ?nt? r.-st.
le -. u>.,(i? w,.n. ?^?^ |imi^! m sjK-i ial act of Leg
I'Utur.-. Extm t from letter by the Mata Ainlitoi :
" ial)?. ??^ m* .>?. Auditor of the St He to levy.
?froM inn?- t? tiru,. uxn\\ i?-.it taxes to meet all accru
" ni teret sad priacipal '
Bl8?1 Pkk O.m OajIM IU)SDU,
blom d b?
State ok A m tutu.
.,. '"'v*- ?S <**d A or rued Internet.
fWMiflB?(.taltl ifmnrli b e Montsomen
? .id tuiauu l_ailro_,l. ?u m.i.hiii road. Issue re*
.- ?w . , ;and ******* *9 isssaasmlbal
l"ix1iVnl\ ? to "."""-aliiabh. ? ?'.?ii'? lion
mi, , La? tkn?ngn, and will ho mtmiMt? within a
KtStt1- itoflwu-?^ine_eene,,t.,,?di.
oLtxef^r ,T n,lk' tl" Ulnt >';" *? *****
amliumu,r\ uet eirirningB.
Wai^orninend tbeae bond? as a, h a? ami well
??MUJrrd mveatment '
OEoitoE On?rKF. &_fV, ?HaaaB?Bt
I? A-afalrj raparte?) fal T?? Taiar?? |
A?IBS-TWe Im bee. . Mr der..,*! Im'rmmmVlmimmm'L I*?'
???11" ****** *** "* "**" "^**?.
*&trXm~A tmi ?mmaai (*?? tumo** ?a^kan,, ma) ?..^ tum
tor ir?-<-Bl?ti4>*. !*_" fmnre 0? liter, tbe tdTn.ee .? ?s??p _?,,?? der,,led
?waiea Aarnat .1 like. , V "' ?? l"i> 11? .V-.leml.-r at idle . _,.
! ?al ltkr..a*Sl?>?'Oe-._a'r t,?J Kotsaibet ti ibic-, til ?B a l??_ii
..! I?.? Middhoie W? ?art? ??"?.How.
I'l.lea?.. kav M.-lsJe. Bew-Orleeue. Tetta.
?>r-ls?yT. IM l?(j til B
???...'. ?M,narr Mil Hei l'ij
I M Mine l*| J?| 18| o
i I
MbMInf. I!PJ Th, 1?. n
.1 MbidliBt 2f?l ki ?ti .1
1 ?it I'TF.-Tbere Ire? rs?r-t ratWe teUe.tr It B'?. ?Hpl pr.r.? rrn-tia it
li?: quater) kal a ether l'?iei Lu-?e??|*?a? dall; R.rJ J?| " tar. ral.
>*lea?>fl.3B0 1,a4rt Rio, per Kane/, ax-J- t!*? liri in, per J-liieiieii. o.
|?T vate ternia. i
PLOl K AXIi MF.VL-The mtrkrt for Rttte and Wet.ru Kloar li
:i?.r? ?oL.Tr and Mrpping brt_.li of fresh a?send ?re IO? I.V. laftter
I', ftaoralile fereipjo adnera rtiber rtlmalaliii?- tk. inqa'r.. Trade a lal
Familt brinda are dull and ter? irr-iular. Hoar It is fair dtasal st
??ft _.'? oeS 75. Tbe salee are .'Ti.1) .bit. W? qaote
rv,.?r ?JM.ol .a ?'. -A? Si 7!, Olio. Ia_. k I1L Nap ?5 taffOS TS
I .1 20? I it Oliio Rou..d-hs?p. Ex
Mepaeytne.SI a I 7i>, tra (Shipning). SKI? ?15
fra brand)... I 75a 6 li|Ohio. Ki. Trade brtlt. t 10? ?J 90
Stale litar, da).6 2'??. 6 75 Witt? Wl.e.t. Kurt
We?fB BUi-piBg Kit. ft ?a? 6 10 Olio. lad. and Mlrb. ft ?irr fi TS
?j s-i to cb.ure-iimnr ! [koBiile Klirt lie. do... T 45 it TIS
W heit Kitrta.. I 90? 6 "? St lan?a, Sinale F.iti C 2a? T 4"
M iineeola k lowt Kit. i 00 a? T TS St. lacou, fJootile Kit 7 fa? 8 ,?i
Kura An.brr Indiana. ? l.oai?. Trli.tr Kit. 7 W?,r 9 IS
l li.io are! M.cb.i-ta. 6 2b* T 10 (.t-nraer Ritra brinda S 083 ? ?-J
Son.bera Fionr li uri quitt, but u beij with Diort Lou neal, tbe n.ca
lie 2S>) bbii. We quote:
Bait. Alex . end 8s -rretown, mixed te food Hop. 4,5 Serf ?5 63
Bait. Alex., and (>< .ltd Pially.. 6 ."7
Freienrkitnrf and for?! ur| t ouliLi;. 6 .'?""J T 20
Ki.bmond I ouutrr. Kura
Ixlawtre.. . (?i?'./ 8 IS
Ga) . ?-ia tnd Tennet.ee Kitrt an i Ftiinl? . I I.'??/ I M
Rye Fioar ia in fur dt-nund, u> ann ple_t'. ead u lower, the tata, trv
171? ?.lila. We quote:
Wenem.SI ft'? Si 7-' ?-Uti and reuniiliinii 4-S W)r?$7 00
Corn Meal li itatdi tod inore arti re; tbe tale? ere 350 bbla. We
a' JeraeT... _7f?M ? Oom Meei Br-we... 06 1??
Com Meei W cetera. Ma?.* 5 Sft'O .rn M'l HFwe. ?VI, ?
FRI.Ii.int-? Larit in the dr. fT.r.Mt ali - - - ?
tie ?bipmeBt of (tTiln be n. rtfe.ied. lu-her ratet wer? a.k<.l. ailie.Beb
Bo eat??'meale were aaaate ti?.ye tbe ra.el of ie*t? ula? . bot a.
? ?.came fairl te: re ir. al. am. and eturaf-ernent? were natile f,-r
15 ia?'bu?li. Wbeat to I.HT|sa.| it :^i. hail frcicT.t- ?. re ter. ii?.!! lad
??.-it. Four to Lotion ?t quote it 2 t bj Uli ?,ao*n.tl.. ,'. ?ntl w . . .;
I?. Landon at ad.
(?LAIN?Tbe Wheat market ii more art re. tad ahipp'ar qualities IS*
ti .'ii higher tb? neal bore Kan.pe tod Boree advi:..- iu foi.! inna
Uliii,; tbe inqu.r? for eipi.rt ?ni tmllinf Arr'ier IV : ?-? iar tL? ns,.|
?alatli? tint tli~?e. b a,. (aw*kotfapruf Wheel i*Marre sad ?ani?l;
?he aalet are lrn'l baah ?I sl?4?-M (?7 f..r H?,e?t?.! Soria*:
SI Wfot toft No.if?-nieii'.o Korne: SI 10? SI li foi K
Ti 30 bid for .No. 2 Mil??ukee, +1 ;-. ; el?
,l Si ?I ', r An bat VVe?t?rn .al. I ironl! lo'. It SI (lj alo.! S 1 ?In
S1 ?2 tor M I .r M ? h ran arion! . SI M? S 1 ? f. r VV I :ie Keuturtr ?
?bl 12|aSl S? for Amlwr T.nncieee, and White T -one-wee at iidi.
Harle? Mall ti ira, ?ndjn fair .Munni. a*?*) of i (??. bu? ?ia!? ?I sf I 30,
0 :- a . (reel low? th. ia'.-? _??'?! ??" 'u?ta at 53?
.'?t.- fer fair t? eh t Wl ? K< * otu" V?.-?,. m al'??-., It atore, and
. ?float; ?late ii :>2',M'' . tia in?i,ie |r,, f r ia! riot in note,
a,, i Jr??e> ?n: S<iuthirn ?: SO*
of J ?' bo.h Jemev at aim?. ( -ni i? ???
i ral, the taloa art ' " ! ua!, ai li. . a . ia:
.\?.t vie..?.?, VVLitc it el luu ?1 lij. ?uJ de, Y.-ilow ti .
t-I "I
li VY i? in food .'ei-and but prlra-t ire iteaJy; we qo.?-i ii
' .r ?hi ?hil- ml t?i " +1 2 ' r I;, lui rou. Loa?-U,e ?-.ra i ia lelii?f
SI IS tad m -
H KUI'?Msinlrt ia without ebanre ?till t_-irr/ (ino?.! ?t TJje. tri ! 1 e
...,'? 1..! ot...-! had* Shs? ia m? dow au,! ml , ?
MO! V--SP.??The deintnd roi.t rue? eerr lijrit in! ?.rirei ire without
??le? ,-,f isa b'si?. ?!. < : .ii a: 41 |,ei -aur.
BAVAI? BTOBBB?.?: - ? ,.m, m fair de?and at
teeirrda. i prates. Wt heal
? af 1 II ?I
I.bl? weremadeal ?1 KiTevSl 80. Fine l'aie i. ?..ree ,n! w ne I. lu
starr Kean? wtrj lillie ut dula*. Wes . .. 1 ?li- So. 2 It
-.' .ni No ! a! y.- Ve*P .'4.
, Oil..?? Ainenran Lin?ee.l if .lui! ind eaaier. FiirlMi Lnaeediidi.il
etati o.H.I,,?1 . - i? ? ikara r-haaprt i?- cuai
neee ba. ? N ;-?-,! Oil? ?re Ina witk
ate deramd. Other (?ill ?re without rbatu-e of luiporiarire, tb- trade , on
I K'IV I-lii\s_p,.rk || ??i.Vie.nt rtitnr?- of importar re ,?,! j. ,
?air?, rat?- an! r-pu'a: ire I
' -..r I it.-? Pr ne; i-,| 026 ft0S-*7f-r N
? at -H.'..- t II ia: PUis Meat, ind s
I . " li? f ii qeiet: w.- qui. ? ?-.-.. ,.,r | . _, ti,
Snio.edHi.il*. B. inn quiet. 1'ri???! Ile;-? are trnier: we quote at 12
' r.i'i-, tari finwr hu- ,,n t. ?al.i ISO bid?, sad las.' st lae.
fot No ! ' ? i ? . Bad I-;- f..r f.: ti. ; : .?a .?:.-.?_" ; foi lo rt
!??! bo hatera.
..r ail ftA^c? ol Mata 111 VV'e.tcra li int. ?,;h
? f?,-demand. W'eqoote:
luhi.ane.a-.-??'M ' Firt?n?.State.?OSSI
1 Mini. VV??t?n
Comiii.iu WuSsrs.
Onl,?art rio.
k Tb? nurket ladull and heiTr IV. qno'e:
1 ' - I -s r.-. .? ,;1? i K n. I ?r?, . 1? 111
! ? le l-'-s.l .... i lairtocood. '? .1.'
Skimme.1 . 8?T9 | Bkimmefi.
l'l:TI;?)iTI M-Tler. ia ;,, arl a fur laquirr for Crode in bulk, ia
air ill lot* from r-frer- ah* Sa* wialwrip" lo !?? iiil?. |.urrh_e? onlr lo
aopply imm?diate s ant? : ltira of I 'ka, hhla. barr ia en maale at He lay
o. tivrrt ["be aiarket on the Creek hat be. a fen? rtlly
i:..,:?, i pt ,-e on lae -
?ed +.!0Jind S IM ti OT fiti, which li a d?-tle? aince leatarlar
Th? nae, ?.bia l..-r!?y were 2 IS
ha? reel w th ? mod?rale demand froc e.'KrrteT? aad ?per?le'or? iwd.
ow.iift .o th?' r..., par.t'aelr amil1 amoBnt offenYLf. hat )??a-B quite Arm ,
?tie. of Ma? I 1?. f.,r An'r:.?! deiner., ha?? isaen m.?1e st Me.,Bad a
amall aale ef 3.? bl la . in ,x. 1. , . I,,'? hm Is-en made M ?Sr. j
?.ia?, bide, were nude in PhilaJeipihia ti 21c The rexxiuU of ttebued ia
1 .'?1.. wer? I ."'b'la
l:!'T Ck ?atif wai rer? falrlr tetiTe ind ratre f -nier ?ale?. lOtnni
('?roi.na. ai Bj lare... ? .,? ,:, ?,..? demand and itea-lr; aalei, 300 bti?i
i. ravi.
-I'liK ? Rae .-.? .t nee. arti.. t"at rnrna ?now.? furh?r roreeaaina
| oa in? part of boldert Fair lo ?-.??J Kefia.ni. !>i<7!ekc., tai?-? 1 <-'ai
h ..le. ?t H^lt-itV for (Vi TMllr. for P..:in Kau tad 1.'le foi
tod I!? an we qaoti al 131 u 1 Te. Itr Hani..
art dull ?aa pries* ara uonuiial al lar. for ? later.
awl e? ?' '? ?* ?' I"! TTiuoiur. I ?Iciiu iaiataanl u ?eb -a ?I S- 2.'a
4VTII-k.l u lee. ac'a.e and Ino?/. T.\c. ii bid and 'Mt. tekeJ fur lue
WrnarraMT Ao? 17 ?Bkki wt? in fair i!> intii ' n Wianbict.vn Mar
kr! t' - , ? i n.,1 ?ell'.-i SS well Bl B
li ?el we-e fin?! tin.u?h :o brinij 15c. An Isussasi '?,
.-al- dTertt the nii-t! ettert to thil fruit. Still the ?rr? at rt'.l
tymn t?-?wti? aaiBas abisad. b -lela, t-xcor- ? ut ia tanon? diree.
Iltai and demand fruiu qoiie ttu-Uki I ?ate-iLir pine* either ter the rattle
tleinwli"?? ur Uie-r .lr?-?.d r?ri?a-ae keera, op ea aetiTr inqairj here,
au ?'i??! raine are .ipertaii Balli 1. t?.-merri.w and Jr.dti.
SlIKKC A>D I.AB11S? Rare ?ta toda? ? ' ' -' tan at i'urlr-e _M\
?t 7 it I omuiOBip,?? at,.: 2 al J ort ?eli, tL Trade daw. bal no , uai..'
t, ?.nr?? if we exrept a few ?xtra Ine larrTu |- ildi. 1 oui al Pi a 1' r
?vi. ga ha a- : utatiri T! -i
roane aheep went at l|r. hut tb-r weorhed nearly BIBS v.
woii.d (s s* low SS Ije- while pr.ine tub! attijaijc Poot iauiba go
tlowlt tori ti lower pnrea (jar.?je,
At Fotr-eiebib it. MrOnw fc Reid sold 11 Sitte iheep 7I| fh.it
Me, anOSs TIB ?t Sir ; IO Ke?i:nrk?, SO ft!, ?t b .: US ludiant.
? ti ? K at?l 1(7 ii.. . * If. 1? b|c.' Of lernt?, 17 Indiana. S.|
It. It Tjr . . B Kti.tuc, I M If., t! T**. 275 Mate Wl I
Hume k KUiott told 28 Ohio tne-p. 80 ID. st be. 1 S of H ft. it C|r.,
ano . . aoaaiaa, 108 ft. at Tr. Alto. TO Sute lamba SO ft at be.. li.
('?nada*. S) i al -it. eui 1 U of ?*J ft ti 9c. ?.th 3 of TO ft It temi
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24 eSSa per bbl for Weetem Caail Tallow ? 9.
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Red St ISCSI (Bl We.tern 01 4**'SI ?'? Ke?.Sew teilt at 01.
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Wmstt fi:mer for Choir? Aml?rr; o:ber prr?de? du!' in'*! SI 5 3
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White SI 4"?S1 ?-S WraU-ni SI ?<'?*! li. Corn?While, SI?
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01 St? to ??rw York , S? b? t? Altiinv lier tun Like I ?por??? lal SSt
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Rad *1 Iii; 5o.lB?d. S1?4- O'* ?.l??i.nagi N. I T* Be
Worn I2.C., Ne I oki ??. , >,,. ?? ;.r? l'y
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I ..ra IX ?SS head Oats, 3 ?i',u.h M, ; laent??Fleer. II.'??
Wheat, bj^rw l?i?h... .?ra. IT.wu be?.. t??:t ..9.4M) im-'.
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SI 11) -?I er Septemlo-r. ?i .'p u. i'.r.'t lot-r. ?t SI" "?M .
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heur; and tsaeu?. H beta?mere inqnir?; ?le? I?..*? t.uek Bo. j
M ??.?kee Club, Oi, ?,..! 133 ,?30 ?.uti. Ko 2 Rod ToleJ.. st #1 ?. ?oo
2?HW l.?Bth. bo. I Ra?! Toleai?, it 01 34 il?! OBe ctr to? WlfHe M?rh ma
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R.e .?,,? yy)rt uki bama Baw Weetara, ?a.. iad I.SnS bath o!J Weat
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rill '?-*?-ftaaral Floor irm.t, Kiln l'a-nlr *?'?> T5 Wheal
Bna-r al Bl ?XBai?. ?ora dall 40c. B. e. Ki*. I'???,, na. dall a-d
"ijai', Uni, I.e. H?a_i-rt??ar-i>ar-_, IJr. Wfc?.' ? dall, kaw.
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for Ba. t (era aal Itir.r? aaatlaal. Bra ataad, at TV fur 5a. 1.
eVbrbta ?aairr al 5^. to Balala, l??4j?.'to Oaw-fa. Baee.pt--t.Oaa
' ?ar. ?,0M kamt. Wheat ShlSMala-S.iaa) MU. Heai, 1M.MS
b.?b. VI Brit.
CLBTintit?, Aac 1*.-Wheat ??VlloU/r, a_1?ia il SI *S|??*1 M far
B?. 1 Red Wi?l.r, Bl 21 far Bo .' Jo ?'.?ra dall in<t ??.maa?!'/
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hiirber. *al*a Wiiitrr Rod, I? I aad _. at Bl ??*' ? ?'?ra Ira?
and in l?ticr <ieau_B<1 at Tirrike. Oat? ai-biaa?-. B'r aa??'t at 7Hu
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dlinj. Totier-r, la .no1 demied: nie?, IT- bb?_. al B4 sa<r A.'.'.
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?old at Uti M. LarlneMit l-l ?r Ire- fer < I? ?ile? eoantr? at IV
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?;,it?.t.,?, l,?r 17 ?? ..i?..:, dull. pMM? aoa.i-Al, 0o->d O.-iaarj,
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???.it??!. An/ IT ?4"oU"B oar* ?rtiT? : Low Middim/l. 17?.;
Balee. If* halra: net re?-e,pi? Li ' b?'ei, exporte??ia*twi?*. 1J1 bales;
??I -a! hile?.
?H?Ki?.T,?i? Aer 17?4Vttt.fi?rood d?ro??d: Mildling?, Vi*. .Balee,
2'?' ),?!?? art rrreij?, 146 l.?l.i. Hock. 1 '-?I l'?lea
Mom,.?: A?, li ?4 i.t'i.i, ?loII l? w Mildil??-. "?*??. ?al-?. ?* l?al?a,
ri"r..,,t. . ? ,;..., ??..ri- -.,,v"> ? I : ??* la .Nrt. . i, i. ?... j J
bale? to Fmt.,l._r. .tori .'-..'' I?lr?
Baw Oki.?'.??- Anr. l:.?<'.,',i ,n ?juirt ?ni ate?-?-; MIAHIbsb, 1T|S
l~ie.;aalei XJt baie*; CoiBtwwe, I bale?,
loti I. 1U Lair* Dorl M'Uto t.elea.
Dl'NKll.K? WAUUKN and IMTTSM l?i,il
SI.VIN l-l 1- (INI (,(>I_L> liOND,
free ?>( Inronie Tal.
I) Vr-.i narai r i flM
MOBTQAUK te tfca l'i i,n Tr -?. I mr ?wj at B?*-Taril aiKin tbnr road
. ri M Binn a .i.. ? ,rr ,,! ') Baila?, to !?
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? ..n?nl? later. Z3ii WalualaL. Fbi,.-lrlp- a. Mar 17, UT ,. )
[ba-eiaMperaaad Um i poll f Fraa-lla aipl, aao_., ?rSa (at
?i -ian r.??i?i, uf . ,,ur r,,.?f fn?m I?atikirk te
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t.namraa fall? "inal t,, ?, - I la Dot tor B BMaaaal permit
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l.l'U IN F (i.ll I'r?.
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ra?' r??!: i'. .?? ?? .j; ?hi^pe?-, tod ?br road
??i-rr-t.-d t? l?r -..m l.-ir .ur Ok t_e rear.
liri,? ? . I. run-1, rrport? mid? to
Bl am! hare ti.. !i?'-.iUu? _ in rrcuutiar_'liii<T tbr bond* ii a j-erfrrtlf ufe
I'r.r- Bal Bl -; -i -a-, '??t. ?t wli'??' j,r ,-e wilb g ,'.d it lb? preaeat
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i.i ; ? lu :; i :?. i?\n \ ?*? stimson,
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tlNf.ru ...Vie WV_
CEVEN P?K LENT BONDS of the Ciiy <?f
kjl < . ?i. iarr alii Julr, in f.rw
i.?rll 1'-::,
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JO Wil.-.t.
IOWA BONDS WANTED, ol arery deaeri->
- II?,!. ,,f rb-(',_i i,,a of Iowa J.,!ii._oa Iriu.aa, W??liiuirt.?ii
l'?ttiw?itir- r I',,?, .tail I ?a. with a!! l.aei root-?-* ?tUrbni, par
r?n*r?llpt 1!.F 'i'lil.'l. R llf;?d.)lli: M PXaam R,?mNo?._
Orrtt-Bur ni? :?'?? 1, i.k H -aat?.?iii . abi? Bobtmbui li. B. Co. 1
> t? Bboadwat Bbw-.OBS, Au*. 10, 187H J
H?.I.I.Kits, f ibu? aatpaaf to, t'* ELECTION of PI HFC I'oRl
.. I IN.?l'l.? ToR.? .f II .. riOBtol tr? m-titir year, will ba bail it
t!.i? offi? ?? ur rVBBDAT, Scpleabar II ISM at 1. ra
_r_J_WAl.LmKROKABT. *?r?-r?4?rT__
The Lal? 1h?r- .nd M.rhira? len'beri R?l'w?r r.HBpinr f r 'Fe
pnrpoDe o? p-oTiling f >r the pavra?r.t ..f it? ar?*ral nxir ?a.r d? r ? mt
tiley bee-ax dae hil eier-itr I a _!i?.-tr-?r ti, th? ( nioi. Trnit ( urnpai;? of
Brw York, aa Trail, r np i, tne ?ii.?> .?( ;U R_ilr?._t ia ! I.ranrbai. pa/
ihl? on tbr Irrt li? of Jn'.r in th? ?nr ,??,? tho_tiat .l-rhandrel.
Coupoa limit ,.'. + l.i??? each will b* uuneJ with interrat it S*Ten
per rentan per iliiuhi, pijit.le aemi-iniiAil?, on tbe Crstdir of Joau
aiy tai July. In eirb ?ear. and Rrciefr"! I'.oitU of ii <?)0. ii (MO,
lad eiO.000 rarh witboot roaponi, with interret At Herrn per rrntnm per
innoB paytt'ile qfuarXtrly oi tb* iii li* of J.muary, April, Juif,
lad Itriober. in each ?ear pronpil ?ni atcreat piTibie At tbe ofice ol
tbe I mon Trait t omp?a? io New-lork.
We ral) tbe ?tlentioa blinrratorieap.H'iillT to tbil ?la?, of liefittertd
Baud*, which, ob ?reoaBt of tb? Serurity afordtd ?valait lit* hy n'y
bery fire or otherrite in?) ti? paymiil f '??.trtrrly it.urttt ?(Ter aa
latritroent r?-uliarii M_SHa
A !i-iit?,t aaniunt of tbear Iriail? cab be porchA-rd at T.\ tai acer-e
iutrrea?, upon ippliratina to
_is asoai ?!
Thi. B?.*J .'o?nectin(r tbr imporUnt [..inti of Loaiiril'? mil Pid.ir?h
il 1H5 roilei lon^ and p??vr t!.ri,n_h n ri?-h _<rri?Ti!taT_i and um eral ne
lion of the SUtr of K'-n-.uikj? ihr tria?' .f ttotA, it ii Lelrnod, will jt
a!,uod*ntl. rrtiinnrritii-?.
Brirlr tbr ?hole 1)0-u _ad*r enetnet, aad thirtr <?ne nu'ei of the
roid ire ilreid? ia Baereaafal ?.p. rat ?...
The itork iub--r)pti?ii?? (of wbirh lUe C.tj of LouiiTille ?l??er1iVd
Si k4. HMJ ?mount M S.'I.OH.?.UOO.
To'.it the ra) 1? and (_mrletrl? r?iuip the roa.1. THREE Mil.lt B
DOLI.AB? of Fir.t Mortjfire Coot, rtible Bondi kirr bee? iiibor r._
b*ADB| rj.-h? p-r real ,r-,. r-?t p.nlile aemi lanaallr at tbeBA.SKol
AMKRIl A, U tbr ( itr .b1 Bra Utk, on -.be trat tU.i of Maren aad
Tbeae Bond? ire th? o?!r |,*b npos the prop*rt? lad franertia?? of ?be
Co_ip*Di and *re d-po,iied w.th th. CB1TED KTATF.S TRI K I . n.M
PAVI OP NEW 1 ORB al.1? h w.ll par orer t)4 proree.U of tut Boadi
to tbr Ra?iTua! I ?mpaiir onlr in Hie ntio of BBMSbMloo.
Tbe nx??< r|vd ear* -a? luret? eirmard to prot*. t th* Intrrrwt of ti??
ti Ililli Irr hr rr?rr Irfil ufreraard. Tl,e boa.1i raa he eo-iTere.1 int.
?tork it tbe Option of the holder f?r mt-b inn ifter ike romplrti.? ?I
ile Bold. Tbr ainigem?at li in th? hit.!, of aorne of tl?e aoat rrepon
ul.lr ? u?i (_Torir.lT known bw-iirM nea of Beaturkr. With tbe ?a?riatr
?f their iIileiB-l faithfnl ?tireetioa lad Ib? lirfe aamant mi ?tot t ??.!,
arnli*?l, the?e te.nJ? farm i Ter ufr in! deai-iMe larritaietit.
The pnr* of the r?>nda at pmrat ia ICJ and irernad at-rrit
An? farthrr inlorauUon ?lil be (?jraubrd upo? ?? p ic?:iei lo tbe ua
?- r...--:
MORTON, si.ai <?n iii; A c...
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Bo. 40 ?ALI. Ut.
hall?', w.tt.n ??(-?>.,
?_b?, as aaoissT
Guaranteed by the State of Georgia,
A ii?. :.:. i-?aaat lot nia ?a fa?orabie leraak
_32 Wallst.
TNe uaarr?l?aeS oder lur aale al
Uli: FIRST yii?TulliE 8 l'Lil IVx?
OP tub
St. Joseph and Denver Cily t? R. Co.
laur?at par?ala raibmarj M-, AafaM Pr.r? ?:j ?_J Au mai lalar
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W. 1?. ?"oSVF.ltSF. A Co.,
fr'lI?ST MORTC'BGb ?
GnarsBtesd by the State of Alabas?.
JBanking tjonoco ano Dankcre.
16 a l8 NASSAU-ST., N. Y.
DKALEBS 1.1 ALI, ISRI.'C. ill ii^V-UMdlk.VT 8S<'l'l_ITI?-:_
MAB13Q LIBERAL Alivtv. r-i
\o. 91 Broadway,
A gi;;\i;i:ai, BANKING nrsiNF.s.s,
l-rladir,? the pareiuAe ind ??1*. on maaiaaiita. ?>f OoVBItBMEN'T __4"_
LAII.'lAt In?.?- j .,-,. ?-s typ tJTBBB !.. 'IT1H
KO. M WiI.LIAM-ST.. N. Y.,
i?-?' r--.t-r. ,f (re! I ?:?. - 1., n,ioa ?c1 l_n? ???.ial.lr in ?11 the pria
I ;??, r ,*a ,,n tb- lontinin?. Bur ?ad Kill B_i_i?_?? on Loadoa, Pirii,
AnMUr!? ... ?. i'.'.-.-h. ... ! '..?aguw.
Dioibcn? Notice..
Omfi ur ti* ti ina..ti, C >-e?-T, I
i ,,,... i ... S
-.1 1,. . r? ..f t!. . Rail) in tim h?
IVIDBVPofK1VBPBBCBM :-*of(.i>r*rn
mri'tii L.'.ta. ,1.. ? . |'r*-r-rr : ?i, i I ?tn_M,n St,? k
"'"?i?'' .'. ,?fi '..: - iiu.n.tl ? pA'il.le at the
?.le? o(M.?-m. M KJrii'ia ? ., A. i mr Bo. 12 Piae
i_, in i _? ? .t? . ? , neil, to holden
. ?? w??'li?t ti - r .????.. ! n,:.,r?i li. we, .,. !?.:, .rjit . ?twl.ir!, tune
IB? ' ? f,,r 'rin.frnon
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: iT/aa Crrrl
I;? i?, id Cobbi?t, /
; na y
THE INTEREST and i 01 PO?S on ilu- First
. ?*? Ki?ht per I ,,L ?u,l l> i,??'r
)''f R. !:,,.'?omp?r? da* 4 I. iv?'in.ol! it tli*
Pinrrn' I.o.n t- I ' ?? . | - on lad
Ai..?a 1. . ? .?.- ? lork, (
Au?. 11. lbTO. {
1 PABT hare tAii >'UlENDnf TWO (S) DOLLUU
PbBMIABI i ? - ptaa e prui. lo .t lock hu Iden
??.. ?.
i , . ?n?irr buoy* ?al .?- A..- l'l, t? the mora
mg . I .v I
J i- lill HICK Tr-?sni-r
Savings Dauko.
hi. I'BK.'I-.M IMI'KKSI ON J?.* ?I |_,l)UU,
a..O:l->.,W> 90.
N .' li ti?:I?? ? ,. ? ._, J?.I!.N ?|, T RIX Prr.iden?.
IV ? WHITLOCK. i ''?*? "?,-"'9u- .>Ui?ll.V, lruw/w.
1 e. A-M.liA. OmyKlmtf.
(Thanccs for Business fUen.
i 800D I'AVlNi; BUSINESS, low r.-m,
- ? >L1> it ? bixfiin. J. 11.
?iii.r? - i
)' II?)! IB' l'Ut Hill tan ?'?t: Ita? d- .,?,.,_,_,?,
d.tinr ['?' ? -i??.p. hard?.---- ? r'*?*:r??t, an.! r,r?,t tarni.hel thro?.boat.
tot ?lie ?t * berfiii.. owner bei.? la lil hr.iih. P. J. U?ALL,
Kreebuid I J
I tt?B or?., ? 1\ .?>. Ar?? Bbwi ?-!'. R I Wmt II 1870.
B. ' AT] li ii RLOCK M.\NI>. IM.?
II ' ' ! ??tur
ai? ,! ? ??' Sr|,'.,'i, ! - r ? m f??r the -or.-trur
?- of a Uren water it Block Iiieud, _. I , for
!.,,?! p- r|x>-< <
It ?ill I,-?? a ?? ? ? -"?? - | I.v.dii.," ?B Bal???-(_
*A?tp?.t?,f tt- l-l..?], ?, i . ' ,i .- ?aiI to ami ?'?in?? line adjoining
"11.. II--.1' ??
'. Bri ? i ? a Mci i ,r. Ti ? _rr?.. ,i ... f h
of wuler un ii?~ ?.ur i, iLr Lr,.?k* ?'< r :? Bl Ita ara etU-Bit/, ?Ben
'.li? r- .?? ? ?'?r Fro? SaBsa Ih.rrwani.
tl?e I o'' i to la.h wat r mark, tbr l.otuiui tie.Uif
111?, li. - . .. . . ' <r ... Uli ot Uti: UOc ia
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Tb ? au atrt'in" ,( tS< I -Akws'er will t- .-or?? ?Bjpi? drenpeil Into
tbr ?at i ?., _, I- f,?rt ?- !,?-, '.,. n? (1) terp-u itcular
on tbr - ; rp i..! rolar un
the?)-tct<.w?i- ib?- l.?nd ?al ta M '?? t.,:r at m-*n low
? itr i, i : ? ?Uli be LB??ed
ap U? m?A_ l?.w wj . " - ?h?re.
UN ton? ault he Krui? of tbr lett '?milly, ?o far ia daral.ilit? ii
? , ? '
(11) tnia ' thrrr ??nit I?- ?0 tUt*>t
or IB. a T
It ia l?rli'?rd'bit ?hil work r_a ha ?tanr br T?-??*:, tr'.??n Wig thr,r
,-.?.... ...... [| rta Tie la the roa I ?? ??!
. ? w ?1 ?>r tau, ? in t! * ?arl.er pro-.-n-*? ?f
.baa . ?,)- .t.rma ire
from ihr ?e tb-eut. and duri-i. ?t., m. from t-At .|i:.r'.-r, tiir roaditead li
? . ??' la? ria?.
,'irr i!i,?nt Stir thoojand turn of Mon?
w, ? rr?.?r-l l,?t ?t r_'-;r,t th? fund? approprutlal will
I?, , : (,?. tit n??t r-'-rrtl.in ten thwuaand tan?. IT ;?o._l? ?rll t?e re
I oe e.U;rT?i into
fur w ?r. t i? of Jua? ' "1
Pinrie.'? will I?? made m.-t'il?. m*rr ?# ei . 1- j*r ?-entum till the
?a r?, i ,
? ,.a ai'iat lUt? Sa price per I-ra at wlnrh it ? ?tone will I? fur
?t_bae ia?l nnt ir. tbr l,rr_k?i:.r ..hirh patt rael in? iiue ill chirjei
al ifin.i lut I ntl-1 .?tillea.
la. M 'o-m.?- ? .-f I.? iBjerri? m of
..?te: I 'L in.:.'.?i.i.?d for that dot?.
1 ?i1', bl I'.-ntl
a'-rr a, ,?|-,i ,-? f ppipaaal W,,rk ?,_,?-' 1,. ,-u_ m_.-< !??? pro??*..??, ?, h
?1 pratt' a
? m-.n-l bf I r-iAra-t- M !n
? ?[. ..t ti, ? ?,",rrti-nari.) ular allaaa ? pro
: r ,, ,.?1? and ?uiraatee? t? li 1?^ fui_i^b*>l bj
i, .,.-???'? ^i?e.
?f?r?iii Ir trad
? ' ?? ur lo thr
. ?? ?ni,mt i ,,(*. ia. ?.'li Ui? (Badaappropri?t?! th? n.bt
. ?-I iBjr ?ad all bUl f il.rs. ,...j..t? irr uot tl??rreb/ ob?
|'r?.po*ll? mo-' ' -. f-,r? ,?? in,'?neil on the
asTei.'?-, I'r?iA?.?u io. i ?...ni,.' Breakaatci al li?. ? . l-i?i?<l B. 1."
I, | A \,al v
K?.or of Ka_ir.?-? r. litt, Ut)m fiaB U.S. A.
?a Orri I ? 4 ??? Bbwi.? R.I t?uf. !??. 1d7..
I R I -SBALKD PBOPO ILS win M - i ' ?? IBM ..m.e ontl
Fridat thr i j,, a? ..r ?. r r ?lr,-ttrinr ia
I i. ? la ,,i.t ii, a ._?..'.?;
artruii-lite (7.) feet wid> awl (.?.reen (141 feet ii*, p it la-in lo* ?atrr
? - jeyth TBli-i Byaa fear ard ear half |ti| feet to
? : Thr
? _L It
e_D he dr[-?nt.-l ?t hi.*, ?r i,? ?
Th? *?? I' I- ?ill
,1.,, tv *.rl--t lim- at
?r ? h it.- ., rt ? r* .."??'
Iwi(an, a.??? lia wimbi ?li lui), -ar*. PajrawnM will
eaataia !i,'ink' rttiaed
l WaphTilB if th, ITT*- t .. '.I Hill )ie ru ? r-l late
" ,n lu#
i' r.t? ier.?p?_l*l bra nimti In duplicate wirb a pr.-'-.l cop? ,,t
tliiaa-.i ' -,,jr, ?I?
: n ll_i an?
, rio fr.tr rrert r- ?i-'tMHe and
-, ?ed t., ?nut
iTeat*?-. ?moiir,- '?uri ?ur ti? to ?
r? i* arr not therebr ob
..l? ran?t I? Kldrxae'to tb? ofd-riim?! ?al in?l.'r?ed on the
' ' ,' .. m .
..I . ?ral r. B. A.
V... tr?K..m ? t a Aawr. Itawp-aT R.I Am
I R | -.j,.,,' Prop. ? ' - rd*T. 'I"
f fliplBBBl )l I"* it ? BfelaeA, BL f..r ,:r..i?i_? I*, tb, rl_?an?l
, t?_-.'". R? ? ?.. I., >l h?rr u,
..' i'?t._,rk?? ii ililli! i ihwaala-mwrtj l~f** f>-et ??!*, utd
- wit.-r.
? <i ; ?ral low water ?.rpih I. t ?n riae
.' tur Udr .. I?- I M re??rae
I .- .. , tiled II l,i,'? ?-?t-r -i-.B ? i.t.T.rr?'?ne
. Pro
? ard, aar.j-reJ I? tbe ?<?owi ila? ti* eirli
r.t t ??- ?'. ?hieb w..rk w I ?? ?.vii .ft, i ? ??'*!? ?a?? ":?.ro|M,_?L Work
aaaa haxaa aiaat ha praaaeatad w.tb ail preattaabjaBaua-aae Pi-T_i.au
.?da al Baa clowr of each _t?>r.
t ?..I be enter*!
?? L . j i,- . ! ? 1 I ?? , i ?r *?1 i-u-l .. in
... :.,n ' ? lu Ira. I tel eop el
? t. (or pro)?.? ?',?
" tli a ti r un ap; Ix-tMM. ead aa> ?abai
-?? h*ni to jrlrerierrrr^eajIMr mad
mmmAetmaem m? mmatto'. tir ?or. aad to ?-art la tbe
?i i t ?_? iraau ?? aa_aaaa al wwrk will, ti.? ' ?ada ?p?. r-p,_,i?ej. ti.,- nirbl
It -rerr?r,l k, leaerl ?B? ?nd al, l.kU, li ll??w? ..l?j-?a4 ?ir no4 lUrtbr
'"j"'.,.'". ' - ' aa the
_>,?_.?_ !.. ' ?__? ?*? '"
mia***, rro|-??ai. (. t
?f K*r!?erT?; liri. Mil-?Jen. !'. B^J_
? ,. ?I M.a I
114, tl.~"rraK er I ""1
Ii iPOSAIeS will 1" n-??.'??' ?I 'Hi?? olhY<*
.,- Il.rt.--I
- u>tr? I'j-ti ouiu-t loe WLuaiaf
'?I J : .a ""
mlW ?? ' ??*.
Um. ?... -
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?1,1 '.a.- H.
ii"- r ? ? ' ""?' ru
I? .??-. I ???' Ile.*' H
f. ?
hw,k. tam
1 *r ar-?* awatieaa? pati* *n
! r
"te ' .".DM.
," ;<m Antea . Bilier. !*0 daita.
. bar* atrrf ?aa. ama, ara l?e
? i'tter aa
m??v.l.le , i lro?n urre.i^?n*?M l*-r''^_?/fj?_"* **"****?' '""
mm, i. ?... ?.,? ?. ? - ? >?'???',)-a ah"?--.
_'*? __Tr<u .'" *?***
i*?,,,? ..n. i ? ,
'" " '"", u ' ...
?tu! DeM?lB? ?i??l? '"???? * ' , _ . ra.? ie i___i ?^ _1 ?. ?'?
Um?, l-ui. ?ad All ( Chi Metliral I'ui.w, V. S. A.
Naw-VORK, Wealu? tala}-. Au?. 17, lim
The li(?ra_f* Diiirkct reiiiains unr-iangeil ; no
sal.?? sr* tvr?? ted ix-yond ? small ?i nan tit/ of railroevd
and work horas* at the nsu.vl pri. ra
At tim uiortpr-.if-e sale of liarse* an?? carriages at th?
livr*i~ stables. No*, au and m ?t-a*t F<?rty-???*v<>atJi aL,
the blildiiij; for caiTkiprrs and hf?t?w)r><?a ?-as BBBSi more
??v. lv tli.in for the b*?rsc.s. Mr. Jitanrs J?iiklri*. the aoe
tlones-r wita ..?iidint??! the sale, realized Ihr following
priese for three hors?**, out of th? rl-rht which were
briiiiirht underfill' hainrm r:
Baal lone, l?i bandi. 7 rein?, hranrtt.ST?!*
Bl katrai ITha-!.. B rasa r-??i_rf,t. 10
Blaek bone ?S b-ada. 7 rear? hma_-l.t. 233
Til. favorite eiirriapfe ?ici ?tr? will, ?MOii?iolially, In
?pit* of tlie dull m iison. mi,, ko Htrur 1T.H..I -,l?s; ate-evers.
Da-?II.II-. ?I ,V Wo...ltrtitY..f No?.?.s n?| r. 4j ?roiulttay sold
?.li?! ?Iil|.|??.l todny ?fliieexta.|i?i.,;i top ?-..l.riol, t to JkSi
iii,ia, two tap ?.?.'uns to i'iiii:-l.iii_i?,, nu,] otk? kop
blip??,')-1 .1),bl-a Ferry, a I I? tin?
?;?-i ti. mi. n eiiirake-d lu ? lu . am .?? bnsln?-** pr?t!Iel a
?rood Fall tradr, and I heir il<-|?isit?.ri. ? Hr. already ?eli
BUed with vein?'e.? of a'l ,le?ri|.lions. W.hmI i.totli, r*
A ('..., lu tbeii new esta, I,-binent. No. 710 It ro?v las?,
uni. li.' .4. r> tari- tt of pi.-.noire ?li.-nm alni statt i ?
rniiris. exhibit sonn lut? Ty i oiisti u, t, ,1 ?iinl ui...?t Is-iiiiti
foi 4 lliiirlnd rurlain eoiuhes, ? iiiiliiiiinpr
?t ei> ?blue tiiat comfort dewre* and cb ?rua.?? of ??-i?, ar?
an? e r?'i,i!:r.'s.
Tho !iever-risfin_rrnf> 1-pti.e of our leading nianufar
t ure ra, tin lr effort* to |i...!...-<: oalj tin: v.r> U ?t, anil
their iiiiiliitii n i,,
Ss well i? Mer re "lines.? tn in, nr et err ex na-na*' in ,.i-.|? r
t?i nrbii've their purajeiiac, it oin?, more ?pien.lilly iliu*.
trated by tilt, fiui tbat M..??i> Hr. vv-:.r ? d. "? r'.rtli
ave. Bave of late sciit their former salesman, Mr. j. J.
I'efun!, to Li'lii'i.i:, and there, ni,der li? iii:inair?>nienl.
have established mi agi-ncy for the pur. ba?,- of Snglieh
? o ri.-ipfc nut? ri ii ; ?tli'ie al tb? samel in. Mr John l>.
..ribbon, the able Siiperintendent of tbeir Iti-miine-st.
fa? tory, is makin i; a tbree m.-iitli*' visit to I'ari? and
I/..!..ton. In nr.li r that H.?'ttsl??r ?k ( ft. mav st nil tliem
???Ive.?? of all iniproNeineiits that may bave lie? u made in
fiii-eiprn niau if ??tory.
-ejorsco, (Tarri?gfs, tjarnfss, ??v'c.
e as sal TW mtmitaiy.
Hire the lar_-.-?t and heat ?lock of
< Vi.T.'i V ! S
And tell at lows, pri?e? tri-n a:., h .u?. in tbe t-.it? Fitrllird'-try
irnioremeaie ottered to baien tint month. Beirral teen,?! ?nod join,
ter. rbe*p.
?5*S ataor-ment ,.f n?w ? "arenret Cnarke? l'ark l'on? Phtet/.n- fr..m
Sl-Li op. top road, tod eiprvai VV a?., a Balkera, kUs-k.wa a allot
Htieert tqiare.-x top. Sion; mel ?V ? ? hoektw-t?, STi.
0100; one tii-teat Roektwt?. B?1^'; ' ne ?rewtier W't_-?n S
|.u?enbar7 fc Van Pute- S1"J. B*sPhs*?ea. QH3 Harnett .sheet?
Neta, fce. WM II ??RAY 2.1 23 21 tad a?. Wr?Hrt?r-tt.
A PAIR of iron-pray MAIMS, ?n y-ars ol??,
?..und ?a I kind. A Ito a top hiiaiaeta V. .proa witl, pol? and ihafia,
will he auld low. Cau I,. ... l .. I : n u. ioI .. a ? : f Beek
mau and Pearl ?te.
A ? PONY. PARK, ?uni Doctora'PHAETONS,
-. 1 ? Tar SS I "|--n Hoad Wilona, Uoeaawa?? Ki pre??, BusiMaa. ?ad
liepolWai .1 iiirneii. .? - ila.'.??,
Ae. new aa.l teeoiMl hand. far iel. .w ?i ? liena? ,i, .V ?-lark. Call and
inr? ajKlaaUif. joum-ivia, at I,1/? and 1,4? 1 li: ?vlway. near i-orty.
DBEW8TEB ?V Co. (of Brooaae at.) iasttaas
intpertiu* of tb.tr itock of
fer Aa-.won lud VV.oter nae now on exhilitl ?a it their Wtreroomi, on
i ii ni a vi; s ii.,
i ; al irti.-n of b- r a I. known Broome it. Facto? tnd
ia ill resperti equal to their ?eua! ttaadard for
Thee also desire to cell I'tention to the fart thal thee hare no ron
Mellon whaleier with a Juiui Slock Comptnr of cirritpre iletlen Utelj
?>rfir. ?ed ander t Berne to nettly like tbeir owt it to make Uni ootice t
n ?reality.
Specification? md irtwin?, faro'?.??! on applirat ?0
At lu . oil?-?, tissa
Hirneae i:ni(l? tad I. ?Me. .."til kind? foy ill parpase*
SiBirle Harnea?, S?. to ?123.
ll,-?'-> Hararaa, S2? to * ,73.
We har? ?eyer TOS ana of Hare??? on hand.
Also Lulu-, ii i.enta' gap;lia* ?addlee. Brille?. Whir*. She?.?
Blanket?. Ki,'?-t. Pie ?teta, and all other ?riiejee rouoeeted with the boa
oeat, al ?err lo? pri,. ?.
HOK.sK <'LurHlNO of ?*r?rr il-r-si-rptioTJ alan a Urip uiortment of
ali kiu-a uf ft*?*lA i^rtsiDii^* tu ?ba tiu.n>_. ?at uf buirsca,
Minafaetarer tod Importer of Cue K.-.a:Itali and Prenrh Sadd'?
.->? a I? no-ay?.
UortA cart/oUa fittrt ir_k f.o./taa' ?Mil (?w11??ian , vi./.lfa.
An- now comple-it? t'e r / J__h. lrt-.r,! Y il and Win;? r CAB?
RI fir'? in entireb new and ral?a__Pitk*ua
M) 11. E ? ihe Pul.li- will dJ-awMTs, remember thtt thi? ii the
tnlthat POSITIV KL Y lo Carriagt a tra to id tiru, bul thote actnillj
made OB in? \ reniiae?.
J HAMM I It. w Th Vt? ! liTs-k? J..-.: sal S'.an. li . 1er I Bet S II
fe?' witl. .' Y ?? a 17 MB I.-: i'n ' '.inlet kr.kr. A.?.? N ia?) th
of Tornar?-i'liie? Ta.,I? Otk ah? r hall ..??? StsaSaSSBasI r ? inet
Iroo. Adilnxi!. WlilPMIN ?elri i rr V., rli, l.r-eapoint. L I.
On.- Pr ,p-1! r Kruriar. 40- u,!i c ',.1-ier by I feet tiruke, with RE
?iLK.?' ILb'li. 411 li,,11.1.ii 4
(TlVItl.Ils W COi'l'I.i.N! 61 H-, i!??r.Ne?.-Tork.
TH*i?r,iy I)ki"*?T?Bi?T. Ornrv .,r IaTiB.sAr Rerrirs, I
PROPOSALS lor S l'ATloNViiV.-.N-ak-tl Pro
petal, trill tt re.-riTe.l at tina ?ftre until the tret dar of rtepteraber.
1 IT?, al !-' -. riia-a ra. for ?appl :r,t tra Vaaeaaoraead ? olleckanof lulen,?!
Hereone throiithout that partioa of the I nted Stale. Irinietit of Hie
Rock? M .uiitaui.a. rir.pt kloi-ana in.! >'. ? M tkaa atti the Murionerr
r? |i. r.'d far nae .ii th?ir reapertiTe di?rrt? fir :hat part of tb? preaent
fiar?! veaj-i-i.mmen^ir.if oet.>r.er I. Trio at, ! endinpt J.iue K), lirTI.
There ?re m that po-tion of the I nil?.! State, for wbirh pTorsstala are
?..I rite.1. two huDilr.nl and tweatr-ekebt eol'.-rtion district?, in each ot
. ' -- : I Tal e-ier. I'la a .?-re-? t.nrc l.e-a dirkded
tut? ncimpbical depirtiLeut?. Contractor? are at ll's-rty to pmp.iae to
furn ? ? nrr. lo the .itbiera ..f one or mo.? oi tbr l?eptrtuieuta.
Tbe fjl ?'?las: n ? hat of the f tat e and Trmtorie*, aud liulricts in
etch, cooa'.ituting lue ?tyrril lieparimenti:
.- i i '.T.itt-Sliac N- ? linn p-hire V?rm .nt. Minaeha
iel:.-. KiaaS libia 1 CSBBSM co!. New-York.?Nnml^r of d.itnrtt. 5a.
a l?tpjkHT?rM?P" L.I? li?tti?, Btw Jutt 1-rl.waie. Mirr?
ia., ! V'r.na W-at Vir.tii Nor:h fir am. lliatr et of Voltiilila.
? Niiib! er of di.tn. ta I
Iiiirb Ut|.*.!T??sT.?? ?th ?*arolia?, O'-orin?. Alabama. Florida,
Misai.ss.ppi. Loflnuaa, Texat, Teaueaaee ArktaMi?>ma?er oi dia
! htm PEi'iKTwavT.?Ke taekr. Obi?. IliI?soi Illinaii, M rhlaris,
VV ,.ci.iiaio. M.?..un. l,.?a. Miuaeao.a. Ksaass, Ketn-aake, Colorado,
liakoli. ted VV y,u. if - Nu.u'e r of Haldeta, ?3.
No proposili will he rou?, 'rr.-.l mil. ?a .er.,mp?nied be I ?s?ad wi?n
luRn, ni ?ur ii?:? ?Bil* -tun., f fire ihan-aml doilir? ( S.Vukn ?p| rore.1
hi i t'nited Stil ? '.'?-tn A' ..rnrr ,., ? form to ra? font ?he.! f.r the
Depart?a, n! ron litioacd tint th- partie? ?halt. Ib r-je of the ???ptanr?
ot tbeir hi i . r ai:> ' art "f tt. lal eierme a riMitmet with good and aoi
Inaat bond, for '?,' ?:..'? ??-r'arn.,.. re af ihe aame.
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?a. li kal i em ' - r.eiu
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for Teul Poiea" 11, or !? - ,??? t ? yoJrteri?tat.-r-<i-orril
_ C I!. UoiT .V. ?J M. aa.1 Det-aat ?Vairtersaeiter^
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Cima Risk iii 1 i.i.i.ai. UlLTiauKB, Ml.
QEAXED PKtil'OSALS, iii (lujili.it.-. will 1??
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teml_.r aext eaau ?^ for the reB.oral of'b> fallow,.
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At WARWICK BAR. ?hool l?e in'Iea be!ow Rirhmoad. wreck? of
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Lark propo.al.mnet Hat? the time wilkin ?hob the work will h?
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Seu.e of the ?r-? ?a arwof r ,a_?erah!e raia*, areli? itexpretetl thal
the prinUate of maine Ibeei ?.?I either Is. part* tar by Ihe eeatraeter? u,
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I ro|M?aaU w . 1- "r>. I.-, all >< p m of the 12th day of Heptewittet
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Pay-mi af propte-tla lo he heal oa ?pell alto? al thla aaSee.
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lina a.tertiieiarBl. and ad..r<ne.l lo . - 44 vt p. . PUK.Hil L
luina t.ai I iUikliu? Ballimore M?L
4JEALED PROPOSALS will h.? rreewoA by the
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11:, ??mu'kd.
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W}.rB the hriiH.at toar
I tv? VKN"'.. BARRETT,
Will appear la thr eeet popalar liraau of
THE Di ki ?? MpTTO.
Ko?-|?.r:H h? ?n
I NK.,,1 'ALE:. DRAMATIi ?'?'MP'TT.
B_l.Pl..?. i.V. MUBDAT Aar It
Mr?. JAS. A ?? t .
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?rH-THlr-IO. . Mr- JA?. A. OlTHft.
MAB1IIA. II? .,i " L loi.
Tt* ?le of ara ti rotna?*e>- ?Teal ', Inet
t ? ; u I li v?a
Bl KBY Ii.li al .. ?a.! EVB.Ii.M? ?tupa,,
the Author aul A, ..
in bia new lo. al Dr* u?. of ?
I. .
KURTH WEIR OF ! ! . -A |t_lSD
lu pr ,A.iuon, Ur li.. ? aurai -Tara?, a
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Latinea an? iHcctin?..
M?si KATH FIELD vtill L.1I..-..1. ? I.i?m
U reader B < r. tal
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. ..rrruitte? wl?u iia.c not kllVABCB LK? Ti BB
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l.efor? tai karr ??~a ir r.--,;* for ib? eneai... ???*.?
Hilra ?, i I.',-. BA.4SA? 1 BBW-TOaC.
I Ma
?itnationa Cuantcu--.ffm.ilfs.
-L | : .-it.. ! ,KKi 'KA < .?.,? ii .?i ?r ? ?ul.-t?. .'?-lae
ti.? a fr"in Y.i.y' ib, Seotrli. <_r.-i , ? .
/ 1ERM?N "FEMALE SE!? VANT-, ra?ib??
"I aat* tout? I to h.-f...r.?! ?t 1 F - ' t. M-? LOWB
G (H ipi; enr?an f.-nit!?- SER, AN rSronatastlj
t?. he found at M?HILI? ?..FRMAN INMI. i .
l.*w**n Kiriarfrou ead Ma-ion.
Situations Ulantri -?H.ilce.
A YOUNG MAN of 20 wislie* n SITUA?
TION ii? t ?e ah?.? ???.? .?t retail JBV.Bl.Bl 1. i -1 .*?. -? I
I ; ,?n >r!l J EVA . li., i
A GENTLEMAN of no?doubt? ?1 cliaRi??ter,lnna
Im.'nra? erprrlrr.re In tlir? r t . ?ad ? ? IHItB
aa AOaaCT, or ?oaw re?r?.B?'?? rl r.< Will ? - hikhtiI willi tymi
,?. ?.-uaetion. AddmaBOl'AB, TiihuB? ?if,,.
WANTED? Hv a v..;in. MAN,n?l ! I \1I??\
'I ??E.NUINKER; w?.oii*t.?k. :,.r., o' 'I ... hi?,
arif earful; would r?> ia thr r.matr, ; ( ,od r-A rea?-,) wirra .
BBOIBBBS Uoi 1B0, rr.l a-.e OHe?._
I.WUM HANDS, Gardeners and Coachman, si
B Bowli?-?-rren. PIK'tl'BA ? - '.-... -rw*.
??la?i Swi'de?, Grnaau?, arou-b. Ku?i:?',. ?t > ..
tjcip ODoattd.
A FEW 8ALE.SMEN, travilinj. Rnutb. I ia
,,r B r.t, for Ne? lor? I BBMaaM
an.u to ?rll oar Far* PiuU, t?r? ???! Oil
I'artiruUr? ritrn h? .?Iilir-nn? B. li ARBE A CM, Miser? lad Maa*
firrerrr?. K??ion. l'r..n.
WANTKP?A?KNTS t-.r the t?. ?j Eu?)K
? ? now ?tf. rr-i th* |>ohlir for lam ra!*?.
VV I hat* lal-!? rnir?.". am '"Out lean. .1 mr* of ??? for on? ?a?r
it SI p-rdir and etpenie.. We ariah 1er :??:?,?'.' n. ?-I
11 min? boo??, at tbeaeaw pnte. VI t ?-.ii Ommlmj i (rw ia I ????
?ion. A-dies?
W. 1. noLI.lM?
,?|--, 11.: Hi??.
WAN I ED?In :t ri.ini: !s?i).u House, a LA?
I 1 of 13 lo lfi <rar? ?f ?.-?? la '',??" I? BBM .' ?r ' , Jt ?ful. AS
?!-??*. In biBdwr.t u. ?if appli<-aut, ?.lb rrlorei.rei, Bul T'4i .?4 ? PaaB
(Dccau Stiamcre.
_?V LlVi.lil'.i IL lad LOBDOS
Baal i'?*r 2??. North Hirer.
i I id.l'A. .?A 1 I. hliAI. Aayu?! 0
frrl Olbin paAeerre, ?.?5 ?nd * Ti. (jtrrmediiU. tu, Steene* S SA
Sterrur uckeu (ruts ?bur? ron?. *.tt.
llLM'tlisOB BBOTIIBRS, ll-au,
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Bri*?, Mu! 5t?AB?*r- ia am oath* 13d ofrtcrv uoath.
SOlTH AMEBlt'A. ? apt. E. L Tn?ur? ,h. A i?j?' ?.
MIHI li AMEMII A. ??pi. ?J. II. .?I-?, a. a*yX*u.lmt ti.
M-RKIMAi K. ??i-i. ?iii ...u.irr-'l.
Th.ie ?i,:*,-! :;.: arri.i.rra ?ail or iehr.lu'.e tinr ?? ' ?' ?t I . Thoaua,
P*ra, Feruirubneo, hai-A. ?iel K.o dr Jmriiu, ^,,?a< ia. r<-.i?i. a< Pal
rn_i??rarn?* of frui^bt ?ir \ rnutg'. ap[.!r lo
UM. R. elaaiSOM, A.?nt. Xo. S Baw
irg frmri. Brw-Tarh.
ATXA5TIC Min. -ll.t.vi-l'IP co..
?i*i_n? reeuUrlr BVEBT THL'R.Sl.AT, it J o'clock
fruta l'.rr Na. 4.'Bonh Ritt.
MI?*???! Bl. Tim. J. B. E.lwiHa.A_r?_i II
M?/l:R?i ?'AriTI.E. ? '?I??, at. A'iaro?.Ae^??? ?
t'i.IfMHI t ? - ?? emtm I
For freight or tmtttfr ip; Ir to 8. li. V. I! EELES jr. Preanieat
*- ? .r.?l
"S'OTH'K.?'It.* Ini.i? l-l 111 IS w '! uti freaa
Pi-r 1... N-rli Birrr on Till l'..?l"A i l?tb ?nau. at .. p. bl. ?rarrnaa;
a limited number of Herraje aaasr-i? ? '
JOH*. O. lui -?iwa?.
.1 I-..-' I. ,r of K??*l Mail Ktriaii-n ir-?t?;,.'at-d taaail ?? follw?rBi
CITY OK BRI tO-EI ><.?'I I'I'Al 4?_?,.l .)? lia
t 111 <>K 11AI..1>I'.KI'. ItU I!?: ',., I ? BeWAl I.?.u.r ti ! p- at.
< 1TT OP P.tltl.?.?All 1CIV ?-?????n'er I Ila?.
And earhmiee.r.iiix ?ATt'RDA? Bal ait. i-sA* TI Kui'Al item PUB
Be. 41 North Burr.
riT?B) ? re BBBM pt'tRLB I? rr?Br?'-T
FIRST? A|:'.SiS,r..i!^tb)a*' BTBKKAi.K.I?
1'ola.n.loa. _. T?. Uwlan. ?
Ti.l'ari. 9?, To 1'iria.. M
lu BaWha B.I ... ?I T? Halif*? 1?
Pememy. rt alto furwartled lo Harr? llamrmrg Breaiea. Ar.ill?
dnrrd rai?-a.
TirkrUraa t^ hoo?bt here. *t aioderitr ralea, bj perlen* wubin? IB
ir:.d for thru fnr'.d*.
Fur furilirr infor_.?r.,?n appl? it lb* l>?p?n?'i 08*?.
J.. ! I > .,. LAI I. t. s , : ? . ?a? ? T.__
csBSTtaa THK r. s. MAiiJ?.
will di*t'?t?-h OB? of ?b?lr Ir?l-e1?i?. fall powrr. In? _rr*w ite^aaaipa
aa fol'owu
BEVAOA. r.pt ?Ibwbw. .A?f?.i ii. al4:IW^ a.
roUlBADO. ?'?pt. i'liiiin.Aa?i-A 31, al ?:<*!. ta.
vi ;.-?BMHn, i ?,-?. v"?iu-iab_.laaa___af??al-?SSaa*.
M1.S.S_.?K)TA. <*pL VVmisbiut.*tn:. mbit ti, *X ? .a* a. m.
II.AHO. Ctpu Pair? .SepleaaWr ?. al ?:???. ?B
Tibia pa tait?, a* C?l'l- _
lxe*r.r. paeaac* "Mt', fe- ? Broa.lwi.0. S ?' BaMMMJ.
Ko: kn<? at ?dd? p.-^ Hjp^w k ono? y,OW.n^
0~NI.Y DIRpX'T ri?]_J^lH&*Aira aiAia
STT.?M!4H!P? li?_-r_KKB ??WIOaa a.?? aa?
A TBaiWT ^^^ ?mt ter xaa Cmtiaeel ?rlB ?aB
Th* ?pie-did Tinah? ?a. ?aai ??**?_"_"""
-rea, P??r N?. 1" N./rtl. W?r?r. ?? ???-???? ?ATrlnAT ?armUX
ST.LArRrtNT I-raarl. H.j ?.?.AT SefSaharB
PBB?lB?U??eb?a?^...;.....aAtyaiaAt. S||I Bl M It
LtKtTKTTB *_f-^___-_,, ' "..SATl BDAT ?J?BB_ar _.
VILLI IlBPABIS^IB_t-aaaitB ??elielia? WBM:
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fal.??. S'?.
?-?f ??r^__:^_rroV,^tS.c*-?-? '?_. ?v.???? **
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f ? ...ratari r??.Bi t? or retaTBiaf I.?
Aa?.rl??? t"""1*?? ?My , ?m1 i?a.r? nala tr.? traaaM
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Bro?. Pi?r Bo. ? Borth Sire?.
Tritt ??I FBB Thoa.?-? MTIBDA? A?.. ?. al SSBB
iiilVhll* ???4?a.?A.\lT__?AY A??t_rl r ??????
u,;'l-ABO Ttaaaaa.* A I LBllAl. ?^.1- 1. ? >" ?? ??
PaaBM? ?? U?rrpo?J er *)eteeml.~re. raitt. 0* tai ***^'m****f*3L
0?Tri*atiniairMXr a-k*utt,?a Ureipeol -_" . ?
*s?l__^'Badft__JNA ?'BB aad LuBDON e??i7 ?B???*?^ n,a?? **
P^mi-tbtelaadpaaieacer?. _ .
?'....a aaaaa??. IB) ?M I?, H*era?a. ^^^ZS^Tr***
r.jiiagliit *--'?-' t- Paru al Tadaa.?! ?????? tot ParlA-l r
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