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Vo"- XXX.N??U<M.
Tub Tribune ?> the only netctpai>er is the
Vuitett State? reeeielexo full ?ixruif ditpatehc* from the
nat of tear; and fully reprenenttd by Sfrctial Corre
UyOOafktUU xeith both I'ruttian and Trench tirmie?, and at
the leadino capita!*. Thm* far THK Tkibisk ?.i?'*.?VA?*a
lute been used, in an imperfect form, by The SexeTork
Herald, World, Time?, and Sun. They xeere to need yee
?V'Yifnv by The \rtr lork Hcruld and Sun.
. i ?-KRII. rKKsS MSPAT??n |
I_?NIH?N, Ttoumlay, Auk. l8?Midnight.
WS have it 4111 Ii?kIi authority, frvsh from
1 .'iris, that it is tlie universal ?onviciioii there
tint tit?- Na*.a ?leonie dynasty in ended. The
Easpnaa havinp packed up and dispatched
A?1 hi-i va!nal>le,?, including pictures of
?itsriinable^ price, has left for England by
WSJ of Relgiuui. It in i>e? "?>*"?__ that the Etn
9*I or la BBSS on the way to this country fcjf
<f>? same track. Bi ?lois n??t dare to return
to P4uis. Priute Napoleon has fled to Italy
*?th kia family. _
tah: of bazaine's army fokced back into
iun> the lill j ntl li I or kui k (?mrs or
the um 'im chown ruiN?E movin?;
<?N ? H ll.i.N?.
LosDOJi, Tbiuxlay, Aug. It?, 1S10.
I day*, buttle it) tli?? (.owning proof of French
fals?lioo4l ami eonc4*?_ment in recent telegrams.
I .ihk;.4> Eaaiavai in tlie Corps L/gislatif that the
1'iussians hail lui n fore?! to abandon the attempt t?>
i',it?rrupt the Ficmh r? treat, ntul that Hazaine wau
nip hie r??a?l tuimol.st4tl to Verdun and Ch;V
losa, While he wa* sin iking the Prussians weie at?
tacking the French llaiik, ami at nightfall one por?
tion at least of Ba '.lim '? anny had been forced t??
?abandon the IBSi to Verdun, and was shut np again
in Met/. It is more than ever plain that no consid?
eran!?'part of the Frrn? h anny han ever succeeded
k in peniup fur on the ro.td from Metz to Verdun.
1 heir ?s lay, to wh.it? \er canse due, p-w?- the Prus?
sians time t?. .?.riv np, and they were al?le?>n Tui-s
? -v t?? .an. k \\?.h a vaiipmird strong eiiougb to ar
r?'st the Fren.l r?tr?:ii and hiing tour Inn? li cor*,**,
into action.
When lkizitiii?? foimd that he ?mid not shake oft
1h? Pnu-siax, pursuit, he evid.-ntly resolved to ??nish
? their ringle corp? h? fore it?? supi?orts could arrive.
For hours the Tliird Pnissian Corps, which support? ?1
?only hy cavalry divisions, had first attack? ?I. WSSS-SB
yaOai to b? arthi-U?iiit tin vitrorcwrs onslaught from
twice or time?' its <>v? n nuinb4*rB. Toward the close
<f the day, r<? iiforccd by the Truth and parts of the
Fight!) and Ninth CV-rps, the ItsSBBBB. rc4-?ume?l
the offensive. Whea night f?il the Fn-nch anny was
..rain divided, and it is d??ublful whether either of
ti,. nunn rss?a bvaa Mati to \ enlim i___siiia?opcB lo
J .'.iriie.
iliiee or four Frtiuli c?>rj?s liiilieit.? uns? allied,
b. Mile Frossard's and the Imperial Guard, were
I,i ?night into the action. 1 liieh on the French side
wat- a y* neial engapem?-nt, while on the Prussian
alda the larger part ?>f the two annies ?>f St? inmetz
ami Prias ? lr? ?I. i iek Charles were not on BBS * - ? -1 < 1 :
?i... apparently not a single battalion was pre?, nt ol
th? army of ti??- Crown Piince, wlm is li.li? veil to l?e
-??lamingstea?hly u_*4?n Ch?hm?. <;? w. s.
?! \S" VllT'iKY-TWI.IVF. TOUM' I'lOIITIN?; ?
HUSOMKM ' AITI KKD?-TWO I'i:t??I\N ??! \
Iii BUS, Tlnirsdiiy. Sag. is. ino.
Oft.? lal SSSSBBl lies publish?-?! here, daled I'..iit .?
M? 'ii ?r...n. Aug. i;.giv?s the following (.?-fails of the
tattle of the Mill:
" C? ti. AH? in?.? lu n ad\aiiii<l J ? ?tt i?i:iy with tin
1 toni Oorpi toward tlie ?ist ?-??I? -of .Metz, fin the
bue of tlie enemy's retreat toward \ enlim, Ik ? n
4'4?unt? red M-vere fighting with the iii\ ?nions oi Cens.
J ie CSSS, I.'Admirnult, J'ros?ui?l. OBSrebarti and the
I'.ijKi.al Guard. Cn. JkHssdsbtS was Mistan.? ?I
sasassstsal] bo Um t? m?t Anny Cacia, ami i>> a .1?.
t.t? tiru* in ol the Fight!) and the Ninth, ((miiiianilol
b> FMsaa Fr?-?lei i? k Charles. Tlie enemy was driven
jt, upon M?'tz, in spin- of his pasl siirxrioiit?, ol
tai . ?. alter a tem sa combat ?>f i. hours. Th? laaata
11. Loth ?-id.* vere \<rv h?a\y. The Priissiun <-?-n
? lais Daaasag taut Woaal wer.-killed, ami Qaas.
ii aiid??iis. bat woii!id?-d. King William t<>
?flu> ??aliited the troops on the tuhl of battle, m hi. li
. ionourdy nui!iitanie?l.''
: ?list.atsh.? ?li.te tli:*t BaSBBSl Ha/.line while
? . , \?.iiiig to fall ba? k from M.i/f<? \eidun, wau
attacked at 9 o'clock on Tuesday morning by the
J- if tia Division and forowl to fa?c about. The Prus
?liiisw.ie a.?niiahly linn, though they sustained
li,? atta? k of four Fr? m h corps, among thiiulhe
Imisrial (iuard. Aft?r lighting gallantly for six
lujiira, th? Prussian Fifth llnision wttsr?'?iii??rc?d hy
ti.? 1 "n -t Corps. TI,? sr n . nfoi? ?'iiniitri arrived op
|h ltniu-l.i. The lien?h found that a prolongation
?? BSaaasAaal w.ui.i in- ospeaslblay and Bstfisd bbsb
M? t/, ?a-jth a lata of tfiSO prisoners, two eiigb-s. and
?SSI ?ti non.
A <iis|?atili fioin King Wiiliam, .latxl al Tout .?
lM.ius-? .,, Aug. It, Ktys: "In the fight .\est? ulav w?
t. <>k : ant j.?)?, ners, 17 (runs, and :.' ???/I??."
THE ikUVSi) pQBCI TUFUE TO Hl?l?l Till.
SITTOBni s nu ??ian?.
IB1 rSIBBBISS io rio: ruiiii ki i
1?.\lS)\, Thur'Mlay, A))>0)?t lx, isfio.
?lM.in) ?(?ir.?|N,n?l?I,t ?f T?K TmBUBI at
( MSB. BTlMasasMSBS-V lath,: "Thiaisth.-FmiHi
4i,V 1'irll.day bul no lxlnlay. Analarui wannoumle?!
th anasfaii?. io.?vio<i_ a,,,. TglMaj wer. yo* ,?
?auas Thay-aiaaAfwgai IsVaasMlSsslesat.
K.oiCh?loiiawidbuiil.sF.of Viti> on the railmu?!
ttxfM Chalons Ma Y,try and Nan.y to Met/, and at
the ?Unction (?f ?he bl ??It. h Ililli,*,| t?J ChilUlllO.lt |.
Ji,.;*- th?, found thal i lie railuay ??,-, nil and
ti.,, i.'JI l?a?k. No ra?Uay eaSHMSiassks rxxt-U
h? I??? a Chalona and liilnr M. ?/ ,,i fasdSB.
' We la n.rt kjmw ?hei,- th, Cr? m h main ,,M,n u
toit 'li I {gy* ramjxoiid it man, QMS? t;,.,,, /,?
. i? no ion?' I??a? ? ..p.ti,it- ,,i Maia?M
T?as BsSFIS mai. BBSON Ihe whole tho-ifcr of o??, rataSSS
BBSajaoOB ti? Rhino and l'art?. Th?'forti-eseajtsof Hit? lie,
htriistHiurg and MbIbbSBB arc BOB) invest. .1 ami tx-lip ii
ivy the r?r-aerv?* of tho 1?tti>?h?iiii ?iniiy, which, tn tlie
liunilieT of 1W?,?i00 laen, 000 known to lie Bl russ the Rhine
and <**. Freneh territory. Tin; lines ?>t retreat of the
fYciK-li towiir.l I'iiris aro olOO ? 1? ?nij.* lndic.ited. Tlie
rein* i.'mt of M.icMulion'? Cori?n which escaped ii?,ni tlie
Viisp.S Mountains after t!?e hnttl?* of Ilnprtienan retreated
to Lune. ?He, Nancy, Commrrcy, and thenee, It is In?
ferred, fell hack t.iward Cliftlons, rlmsoly pursued hy tho
Crown I*riii. e Frederick William, with the Anny of tlie
South. On the nth Iii"?., the advance pruard of this
I'russian ?im?y had reached Rlesine, M miles by railway
froni Chal?n?. On (he .ann* day, the right wlnp? nf the
Tnisi-iiins, known a?< the Army of the Bai.r, under Gen.
Von Htcltinietz, appeared Infor? ihe ens-tern walls of
Met?., mid carried, after four hours' flghlinpr, the outer
works of Bellerroix. The French army tuulcr Haz line
evacuated Metz on the same night. On the 15th, It
encountered Hie center of the rriisslana, which ha?l
crossed the Moselle ls-tween Mi tt and Nancy, and bail
eudcavoreil to ?elie the road between Metz and Verdun
hy which lia/aiue wished to retreat. It wa? for the
posseasion of this road that the several enprasrementsof
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were fouprht. Tlie
, bat fe of Monday wa* under the western walls of Metz;
! that of Tuesday waa at C.ravelotte, four miles we.-f of
j Metz; that on the 17th Inst. was at Muru La Tour, m
I miles from Metz. From present Indications the French
here gave up the etmgprle, and, abandoning the road to
| Verdun, fled toward Etain.
'au attack. So far nothing hut the cavalry of the
Pi ossians is lu,ard of; lint they were yesterday
??Mlliin twenty miles of Chalons, aiul welt- destroy?
ing the railway ?'it v ill."
makmi \l r.AZAiM.'s "oSSAT sTijATi;i;ic Movr
MESi" .?I ? ( 1..-.-1 i I.?TIIK 1 BBS! II " l?KriIiE*"
l'Aiiis, Thursday, Aug. is, 1870.
Ollieiiil dispatch? s re-lv. ii hero say that the dif- I
feront hattl.-s around Metz vv< re fought by the troopH !
of the Third and Fourth Corps. Altout 40,00i) Fret?, li
troop? were e-niukgcd. Tho Prussian loss was very
prreat, and ia eoinput? .1 ?it MyoBB, The From h loss is
comparatively f.rua.1, o\% ?nor t?> the aid a!l<,i k>d by
tin- cannon of the adj.u-cut lortr?.-.?.
Other tehkfran.s art* the following part i, ulai ? >?f
tilt* engagcm?iits sine' Sunday last :" On that ?lay
the rrcii.li anny fiitriti-r. ti the Pru.-siaiiB lu fore M.-tr.
I The latter au ft. red li? ?ivy losses. 'Iii" Frontil retir. .1
on Y.Tiliii). On Monday tbe Baiaetot wa? at (.ravei
lnltc willi I?1,it?? liii-ii. Sai,-,-iiiiently, engagements ?
o?.in red at I.oiiL'u.v ill, , iitul at other pliices, the '
French eon.-tantly fighting and r? tn-ating?cont?*st
ing cvi-rv'Mop. (?n Tu. ??lav. tin- Km]?? ror paswvd
through Verdun, ?nul re?arhod Kln-ims, white li.
llllVV is.''
The Snii tai-dav s.iv ? : "It WOO fea it k1 that ???Haiti
iiii'Kirtaiit railway . oiniect ion? were to BO ?tit hy the ;
enemy, wh-cli would thwart llie jiii-sent movements
of the Fren? li aniiv. Tin- (?encrai ooiiunauding nt
! Cli?li.iis was sent with a strong column to prevent
this movement of the Prussian.?, and to assure our
communications. That column arrived in time iiikI
accomplish.?I its mission."
A icl.'giafii fi. in Iii lev, ii tow n fourteen Ballee
noith-wirtt ?f Mil/, hits tin- following: "An obsti
nal?- struggle occurred near Maru le Tour, yesterdav.
It is supposed IBS engagement was general. Large
umolu ra of wounded of both annie* arc arriving at
Hii?.v. Travelers nport that a vast body of l'rus
?.in? have beet) thrown ha? k n jk.ii the Moselle by
the Iini??-rial (imird. The l'russiari ai-tilh-ry SSO B>
trencbe.l BStWSSa Briey and Saint .lean."
As official ?lispalch fiom Marshal Ila/aine, dated
4 o'. l.M-k Wediienday afleinoon, says:
" Vest? l.iay, late in the uftirnoon, we gave battle
aatSBBB IioiKi.iiit and Viouville. The eueiuy were
?Inven h.ick. and we bivoiiacke.l on BBS (?ositioiiH wo
h.ul taken. I halted in my uioveiiieiit for several
hours, in order to bring; up a full ?supply of muni
bVbbb. Waksel tafos as Prises Frederick cii.nl? s
and (?en. Steinmetz.''
The following a<i??it iona! detail* of Tuestlav's bat- i
ti.', near Doncuiirt and Vionv ill.-, have been obtained
f K.iii ollie ml sources :
' Prince Frederick Challes alfa? ke?l onr right, and
waalinuly met. The ?-orna of (len. Argand, at Re
BOB ville, hastened into the action, which ?eased only
witii night. The PriiH?siaii.s r?-|?.-utt*4.11>' attacked na,
and were nu often repulsed. Toward night a fresh
! corps Hought ti? turn our position, hut was BCBaSS
oil. Our J?*r?--tt(? are Ben..us. (Ion. HatUiille is
wounded. Hy t o'clock in the evening, the enemy
I wa* repula? ?I along the ?ntir.? line. He had ISJgM
in?-u engaged-''
Tlie following dispatch ia not olli? ial, but i? given
to the juihlic hy the Ministry :
" Vi.HDCN, Wednendav.?The battle still ???niinnes
on the Hide of Mars la Tour, and seems to I*- going in
ottr favor. A number of wounded Frem-h and Prus
?laii OOialaSn have BBSB brought int.? BllOf. A force
i.l l.'-UU I'rilMSliiliH is OOMBBBtaai ou the plateau b?
tween Hi icy and ?Saint Jean. They sent
nut ?oiiriers, who have enierod Uri? y.
I iu.?t worthy jK-i>toii9 who have armed
heie from Mara la Tour sjaak ?f a heavy engage?
ment there yesterday with a large i?ortion of li??
Prussian ?iriiiv, which they say wa* charged with
gieal 4 igor l?.v our ca\alry ami the (?ard?? Imperial?*,
and tlirovvn back on the Mom Ile. Ii is rumored thiat
<-m?s. Kaitiillc and Fi-ossunl are liadly wounded.
'I Liomin?- still iSBsaiafl ?? <""" ?aBSsiBS. A Prussian
I ."liimii r<. ?tully approached 1<m? near tho (own, and
was saint, ?| with adiachaige of artillery. Tln-cncmy
bil l?.i.k wiih pi??i|.ititliiiii, and ha*, sin??1 kept at I
ttmppt 11,ii (list.incij."
Lt Haine grrat Ihe following munn of infoi in.ili'?!?
? <i from its pi ivan? aoasojoai
i In* Ulli... UO'lei ,Vl.?lr-li..l I'-.l/.?HI?', lt?IH?g "l"'"
one of the strongest places in the world, occupied
ji??ax Metz a js?. iti',11 which enabled it to cheek the
OOaetjy ami gain precious time. Iii?; Prussiaus d?'- |
cidc.l to turn Metz, hut llaziiiue knew their
intention and eiossed the Movile in ,
?asnal paseal at the s?ifte time. Ba
wa? not surprise?!, as has been saul. II??
knew flint In- must soon ine?>t the enemy, and was
prepared. Hy cro*??iyt tin? Moselle ttrr*? Fren? li
iiit('tide,<l to fall back on Chi'ilons, but the Prussians
andas Tetad to cut the French line. Four time* they
a!.acked, and were repulse?! with great loss. The
anny of I!a/aine continued ita march, and may be
considere?! as certain to make a junction with tin
corps of Ma? Mahon and Trochu. This result the
Prussians have not been able to prevent, and it
<-ha_mrfl the situativ*, vastly. Bazaine will then be
at the head of larger forces than thoa? opposed to
him, and when he wishes, may assume the offensive,
This vii-w of atl'ujrs in hancd on inform?t ion from the '
?ccue of the hostilities, ilnfcd Tuesilay, the luth."
I.OM.oN, Tlnirs.lriy, Aug. H,Sn
The jumi ion of the armies of Ihizaiiie and j
MacMahon is momentarily e_pe?t?d at Vitri 1?
Fram-ais, near Chal?n.?', where the French an- . .\
I?ccte?l t?. make a new stand.
The Cominan.hint at Metz, on account of th. ?le?
la ienry al foo?!, drives away the fugitives who ?
throng int?? the eily. I
AIiVANCi: Off Till; ( I.'OtVN PlIINCK.
lill I I?I.N? II rKol'I.K KINDLY THEATED B*t Till
PIU .??IANS?MA? M Ulov's 0001 ?"?? ITTl'I.'ED.
|BV T-DLBSBAM To TUK tkiui 181 ]
RrftSBWIj Tlmrailay, Aug. Is, HflO.
I he ?j? ?inl conespondetit of Tin: Ti?Iiiink nt the
heatlijiiarteis of the Crown Prince writes ?>n Friday j
ir.'tln: "We aie daily adianciug from tillage lo,
tillage. Alsaeian sympathies.alb.cither French, i
but the inhabitants of the country are tr? atetl kindly j
by the <i? rm.ins, except where the peasants commit
"N)> compulsory military ki vice is enforced.
Wagons tor the wound? ?1 f?U ie?|iiin?l ami biih-s of
in?,visions compelled j nothing is, however, exa? lai
but strict iierrsaarieH, ami everything is paid for.
The Crown Prince .le. lar? s that he makes war ou the
ID m h CoviTiiinent. not on the people.
" MacMahon's Corps must have l>een alni???! ?1? -
stro.M.l, a? no niiiiiiiiit of it is found as Um Cbbwb
Prince pushes st? adily forward against the French I
light wing.''
two riusMAN ?OKI's?MMN mipllBI
[BV TKI.L'.lt.tl'll TO TUK TKIBI Bl 1
I/OM.oN, Tlnir-.l.iy, Aug. 1?, IDS
As|sciul i-o?r? spomii-iit of The Tium nt al the
hea?l?iuarters of the .?-coud anny of Prussia (known
as tho "Army of the Rhine," under command of
1'iin??)? Fled? rick Charles) writes on Friday, 12th :
"Should the French not accept baille outsiile of
Metz, two corps will he left lo mask the fortress, ami
the main body will march toward Paris. The
Prussians have at the leant Mm ?iii men advancing on
French soil, am! as many mor? in reserve. All
talk of peace before th?' occupation of Paris is
laughed al-'
.'Allis, Thursday, Aug. is, 1870.
lim. Trorhu has li? n appointed coiniiiainl.T-iii
thi.-f ?f all the forres at Paris, and has issued a
proclamation ?'??marling order and calmueas, not
only in the sheets of th? city, hut a spirit of n*signa
ti'.n uii'l? r the trials couse?pietit npon the situation.
Hi snys that Franc? must have the (hmeaiior of a
peat military nation conducting its own des
tinics, and flic Cnvenmicnt will gain the confidence
of the people bj showing the greatest confidence la
than. H': tlyy?tmt to all men ami to all parties, say?
ing that h. belonn liiinv if t.? n?. party met 'hat <>i
hihcuiiti.. and de? lure? Ihiit all go.sl cilizeiia inu?t
lu moi al i"?H'"Ut k.-. p?l?)wn li...sewh?'B?o ii. |?u?. I
lie tnisfortiiiies only an opportunity to satisfy their
ovv ii detestable designs.
The Senate was in ?easion to-day. The Corps
L?gislatif has a?ijourned to await further news from
the scene of hostilities,
There is immense activity at the Paris defense?.
The laborer* are absolutely swarming on the fortifi?
cation*. It is hintnl that thi.s measure of strength?
ening the work* is due more to a wish to k.-?-p a .lan?
gerons cl:k-vs busy than to any actual fear.
Beriin, Thursday, Aug. 1?, 1870.
?\<li ii es li.14 O JU?t been received here of ?I naval
engagement off the coast of tin? Island of lingen, in
the Baltic, (?ne division of the Prusnian fleet, con
si-ting of on av is,, and the giiiilx.ats Drache Mit/,
ami Salamander, ycst.iday aftenioon af 4 o'clock
encountered the French th-et, consisting of four
armored frigates, a corvette, and an aviso. The
Prussians ??on withdrew, without loss. The From li
licet is now oil Dornbusch.
I lu- ollicers of the French tleet now in the Il.ilti?
liave received or.leis to claim at ea. li commercial
poit of Prussia an indemnity double the amount al
ea? h contribution exacto?l by the Prussians, in those
parts of France now under their control.
K??K A SIKliE.
Paws. ThurMlay, Aug. is, i?7o.
The last meeting of the Corps L?gislatif was in?
teresting. A great crowd of jx-ople had OoOeoled
.iioiniil the hall lo hear the war news. The National
(?u.ird w.is at its p.?st to preserve order, but no sol?
di? is were seen at the connnencenient of the session.
( oiiiit 1'alika?, the new Minister ol' War,OBSSS Bl
billows :
"The Chainlier will und? r?taud that I rammt give
]ir?-ei?e iietitiis se to the iiuiiiImt of irsepa eaaakgj ?i. tie
cii-uiiliies, A.-. I eauiiot even state the result of tin- BB>
giiL'ein.-nts, but I may ?av tint the enemy has wa?Ic au
ii . it. . MM Mt. nipt to rapture I'f.ilsbiirg, and lost 1,5430
nun kill. .1. Tai? r. pulse has had a great cite? t both on
th.-en..my and the people of that part of France. The
moment the ?Mveminent has Inform.it?mi of tin- great
movements now taking place, I will couiiuiiiil, ate it to
tin chamber*."
Iiejuity .lui?a Favre then took the llisir. ?uni re
(juested ihat the utmost severity be shown the riot?
ers and assassins of Yillctte. M. Thiers 8Ugg??te<l
that in case of a siege of Paris the j?usants Ih-al?
lott e.| to cnu-r the city with their grain and cattle,
and that the Stat?- ri'iiul.urse them for th.-ir prop?
erty. He also reeomiiieuded that this Chamber now
ineet dail.v. Minister Duvenmis, in reply t<? M. Thiers,
siiul the (.ov.rnment had intended to fully pmv i?i?ui
Paria. The Deputies, after a consultation. ?I- ? nlcd
to meet ag.tin to-day._
?I I I K??K TIIK 00n OF Till. WAK.
IxiMiov, Thursday, Aug. 1?, 1?70.
A w.-ll-infoimcl ?1 iplom.it says that Pru?sia will
. \a< t in? surrender of French soil, hut will insLst on
the exclusion of the Bonaparte family from tin?
t?n on?-of France. Other t.-rins of peace, not recon
? ilaMe with the Freiice amour propre, incliidiiig,
doiibil, ?*?, a partial reimbursement of the > m-t of the
war. may I??1 ailtl.il. The politic.ii restoration of the
house Ob*Orleans is curreutlj .li-cu-iscd as prolxkble.
The l'rorincial t orretpoiidence of lleilin says that in
r. sinning possession of the former < ?crinan |irov n,, ? s
of the I.liine, Prussia means to reimburse her plund?
ered Miltj.?cts expelled from Fran? ?-.
The Time* says future resulta will depend on ihe
developeuieiil of the rt-sen"<-s ?f the hostile powers,
ami declares tluii a transfer of Alsace to Prussia
would violate sacre?! principle of national sover?
eignty .?nil couth? t with a permanent restoration of
peace. _
ISBBSBBt Thursday. Aug. is, i?:,i.
Prune Murat lias Baa yet retunied t?. the army,
but continues t?? pa??* betweiti the Duke of (iramotit
and Mr. (?liulstone, having already crossed thcChau
ii, 1 ?.4i ral Innes. There is no doubt that he i? tie
h, .,icr of n. -gol ia! ??ma which look to poa,-..
A Dlsl'AT? II FROM ?-?.N. ?waiSTSI UT.I.-dl.V.
?Ill.lilliAN AT l*ONT-A-MOLla*ON.
linn is, Thnrsday, A ?ig. ia, is7?i.
Osa. M.nit. uti. 1 t? legraplm lo th. (?ovennm ut here
o lative to the battle of the llth, dating his dispatch
mar Met/ yesterday afterii.Miu The French, in
BawBTJ nnia-TS i*-?"*?1 ii'oiii Mel/, ,iii.l, af 1er a l?l.?.*ly
cngagcni.-iit <-f linee hour*. Hie lust (.ups louftsl
th. onoim*light. Obi ?t*w*oos iouabt with ?u.?ii.
I courage, carrying the enemy's positions by assault ,
splendidly. I write without waiting to remove my ,
Gen. P. H. Sheridan of the I'ni ted Stab's anny ?
has arrived at the King's headquarters at Pout-a- |
Mousson, and ha? been received aa a royal gu?'st.
Frederick. Duke of IrSchleawig, has issued a mani?
festo imploring all Germans to sustain Prussia.
Paris, Thursday. Aug. is, l?v;n.
The investment of Strasbourg is so slack that
French tro<?i?fl have ent4*re?l and reenforced the
garrison. Provisions havo also been carritti
j there without attempt at capture. A pay
' master of the French anny left here with
a large amount of treasure without any
? hiiidcrance whatever. It would seem that as the
Prussians have no siege trains they have given up
the idea of a regular sieg)?. Having at tau ked Ifalils
hourg unsuccessfully, the Prussians have retired six
milonieb'i-s to the Valley of Dorsenheim to assure
their communications.
A private dispatch, datM Thionvillc, Monday. 4 p.
ni., says: " The cannonading of the Prussian?) com
iii, in ?-,1 at .1 o'? lock, and lasta yet. Many of the
en? my have been phvce4l horn du con.?.?...''
Iii? coincidence in time of the recent r. voliition
aiy outbreaks in Paris and in the South of France
suggests to the police evidence of a combined at?
tempt to ?h-< lan- the Kepuhlic. The t? stimuliv of the
prisoners con?erne?l in the affair of the lioulevard de
la Villett?', on Monday last, is withheld.
Algeria propos**? to send IgM voliintei-i-s t<> Frame,
(ii-ii. Sarras takes the place of Major-Gen. I.e ltrnn,
who has resigned. The entire garrison of Paris is
ban} ? ?l.-iy*nnd night, making cartridges. Hy Sit ur
.lay 1.0U0 guns will he mount? .1 on the Paris fortili
. iii..us. one-fourth s?tvc<1 hy numerous hut inexpe
iietK?'?! hands, (?en. Melliint has tVen a.?.siguo.| to
tli? COB-SBind of the Garde Mobile. Marshal Bazaine
his B0_as st.?i?ped all private telegraphing, as hy
that means news reaches berlin I)v way of London.
Th?' th? it? rs in this city an* nearly all cl.is.-d.
lim? ?* Napoleon a. nt his children and valuables
away against the earliest renions! i um .? of the
Th? Ohaaaaa d-aassasi ha? bats plssslst Um ?lis- ?
posai of the authorities by the Count ia Cliambor.l, I
as a military hospital. It contains 440 rooms, HO of j
which are iinfurnish.il, and all have chimneys and
an- admirably adaped for the use? to which their '
Sabla UWUnO has so patriotically devot?-?! them. The
tir.-m.-n have heirn enliste?l as soldiers, and throng '
the s're.ts of Paris (the (?aiiloi* says) to the number
of lonou.?. Th.-y wear their brass helmets and are
Th?- Freiu'h F.inbassador at Brus.els has refused
Fran? is Hugo, ?ou of Vi? tor Hugo, a passport to
Mr. Washbiirne, the American Minister, tinds him?
self overwhelmed with the cons?-queuc?*8 of assum?
ing protection of Prussian subjects.
London, Tlnirstlay, Aug. l8, isTO.
Th? -Paris Fret? says: " The r?-port that tho Prus?
sians had . 1? iiiandeil an amil.?! n e in order to hury ;
their ?I? a?l is fully cou linne.!, and praiais Marshal
Ii i/aiii? f??r not according it. The pcuaantu must
bury the dca?!, und the army continue ?tri work of
annihilating tin-euemy. The French foros an- ?n
ciearing constantly, anil the Prussians decreufliug.
The hour ??f the complete victory of France is neai."
The Paris -?__???, this morning, says: "Two.lat
ago the l'r<mh vet-sels of war ruptured an English
vessel m the English I. haime!, laden with arti? I.?
coutrabund of war, destined for Prussia. When the
? apt.mi waa questioned how he dare do this, he re?
plied that he knew a r?volution was alxuit t<? ???cur
in Paris, and a? the French thrt would, therefore,
pn>!>a1?ly Is? recalled, lie thought he conhl run the
n?k " The .'?j,? cointucnts upon this reply, ami s.n?
that tin- same impression regarding a revolution?r,
outbreak in Paris exist? iii Germain, anil is on?? ?>f
tin ?chemesof lllsIUal? k.
Tlie Haily Sexe*, todai, ??ays, Miui-otlit nilly, tliat
l'.iiglish h<?|ies of sin. I'cdiug in intervention lia?*
I?, ?ii abandon..1.
IWTaSSI Tempt, to-tlav. .?a\s. M. Fuiile Ollni.r
the ex-Prime Minister, and his wifehtie gone f<?
Italy. HissavarSatastascb? i-bsbbbJ la ??"?"??.'
coiiini. uted ou.
The Fx-mh uuthoiiiie? jr. ...i.tiDiiiDg tO tg*
away G? itnans who are coimhhnil suspicion* "'"'
Joui-uulof Eranie says, in this, -?.tuu-eii"?. i'"?* "' v'"
ii, ti.? I,.ii?l,.,is?f the great ladies must rtStSISb ba |
Hre Kam Ik r?a?-.
4 a. m.
Taki?, Thursday, A it.. ia, uno.
Illili?.nd AIxiut describes the acenea after the bat?
tle of Worth aa follows :
"One *???? solid ngnuitits. who pi omi i?, r? treal,
while a few l?a?i aohliera, disliandrd. loaf, ?leiuoral
ired, and ????(inned, throw therm??-lv, s deaperal^ly
into each by-path. I arrivpd jn?t in fun?-f-> atop
thr??e wretched Tnrc?*?, m<?ut.t?-?l on artillery
hors?'?, as they w?*re enlvring an old quarry
with the hope of making a short cut from the field
Our artillery must ha?. I l?e?'U roughly BBSS, so many
aabsSSS pass along the r??a?l w ithout guns. Hut lu-re
coiiieoiieortworogiiuentsof the line quit*-tinu, tol?
erably complet in uumU-ra, ride ou sliouhler, and
knapsack on back, behind then) Maratta- M.
Mahon, calm, ttffnil.eS, aim?** ?miling, anil fresh
asarrme. I salute him as he passea. He reapomla
without noticing me. One of his aids, M. d'Alcac.
names me. Then the ohl hero stops, sud fella m?
quite simply the st?>ry of bia defeat, thus : 'I I,.-vi
only PyOOO men, and I found l.Vt.v? Is front of me.
We have given way before numb re. Th?*y
have killed or w ournie?! about ...uti mem
But we shall have our revenge. Explain this to
the public. But where an- um going in that din? -
t.on'f 'To Saverne,' I reply, lou will be cap?
tured. The Pnissians will U- flu-re in two hourn,"
says the General. 'I have my wife ami childi, n
there,'I answi-r. ' G?sl praSarva yon. I),i not fail
to say that the morale tt the ti oops is e\. client."
W? BBBka hands.
" I exchang?1 a few pleasant wor.l? with M. ?l'Al/.-ir,
amil search v.tiulv in the rank? of the staff to it
moven on for tlie laughing aad kindly face ?f M de
Vogue, officer of ordnance. Tins tin? >o?ti,g
man, full of promise, waa _-.il.. *i hy a bullet
through the lor. head, und Geu. Col??'..
with a bullet through tin- heart. Both of
them were stnick d??wn hi the side of th?* Marah..I.
who wa., reckless of his life. Laut comea n rcfimcut
of Turcos, the most complete .'iri?l ,iu. st ..f the thr?-?'.
Ifcaaa fellows bara not fi;i"-.?-n swsj finir
knapsacks nor their aims. On?' of the luwt
?oiks out of the ranks and daspa in*)
a o und the neck. It is AlU-rt Dury, a
fellow Jotiniali?t, all?l ! he ) \<a lient f? l!..',v Is fc.ns by
telling me: I have beru l<? lour lion.?. ; it ineuiptv.
i All your people are ni:.: luit you. I, ay ton "??<?
am finn as a post. Oh, my i>?>or friends,
What a ?lisas*, r. We will repair ir, tlmiu-n
He runs oil' rtml .lisrip;? Bia iu UM iiiotl-y crowd of
his comrades. A little fur'li? r ?'ti I ?aw a ?-iiiliui
dr. sm'iI m a sholl ? ? at of gi ey \. It? t, who mir? li? ?
like an ollie, r li? iw .11 Inn eomp.tui? s ti Iii. line.
It is M. Giiililiiiii. the aili.it of tin- ?llu.-.tiatiou, an
old friend of the .1.it b, foi?. J e.?t. tiny. M.' ..mies Ins
(su (?folio at loss In.? lu. k, anti to-moiiow morning
at I'f./lmrg he will, no doubt, make a t-k, ...li ol this
shaiiiefiil retreiit.
"At the gat?s ?1 iii? Saverne the panic ?.'ricken am
flyinffalong tin- lailwi y orare billing in the garden*;
but some good l.riii'i nts of tile lina ,11,? tiaiBHJBt ni
?tapa llinuigli the streets. Their pa-aage. < aim nil
< ouragi-uus, is not oser before li o'clock at int-'hi.
I In s?; laat belong lo the Fifth Corps, 'i my riva? li? ?I
ItVeii'lishofteu too late to give battle. 1 ?in.l the littl.?
town a pr.-y t.. 1 pani? really fabulous. Marshal
MacMalion armed there on BatBiday night al II
?reloek, follow ???! hythe remain-??t bis Bf-Bj*, a. ?I
preceded Bl ;t swarm ol' bieatlile.-? fug,fives In
tile twinkling of an ey Bavsms san i's, ';
i?II.m! with th? lust Corpa, vhieh Iba fas
luckily believed to l?a\>- 1 ' ted np.m
Hit? he. They toesBed togetb? r where thai aaaU
those most foil limit?-, in the bonseS Ot th.ir towns?
men: those who had hi .?tight a.'.av ti.,11 Itiiai*;?? '? s
and t-aiup ? ?jiiipag?, under tli.-ir 1 ? iii.-.; iii any up? n
the pat .in? tit? alni in tue li? iii- under 1?.-ai m a can?
opy. The uignt waapaaaedin temar, li hsaaaawy
i had known how te pi".lit bj tli. o**apoi l unity, h"
might have made i?n.tjB>,r or ia.um pnauneia at ?.a??
blow. The 'Nipiilation w.i? only hall reassured I?)
the psaaasaa ii tnopa brakaa down, started, and
discomti tad, ?"ollie famili?:. got oil by tin mail ti.nu
at widda., th? last that went from Strasburg.''
[bl rBUSBUPB io tul ?i'_:i,i'N,.i
M'.t?ujN?,i??.N, TiturrUat, Amp 1-, BBS
Senator Truiubull .urn..I li. re la t ?v ? t?u??_. He ima
not I??-? 11 m Illinois since the iwljo.in nient of ('??ki? ?-,
and, Hi? relnie, Hu *n.iu ? Bboat Hie i'reaidrut I? nil? 111114
lum tilt sial?- Ispartaient, or any nth? r place, is uni) B.
He staten ponltiiely that In- han nu 1.1. a al pre-, nt ot
leaving lix Senate. Si natur Tnunbiiil ia ia good liralt li,
inn! purposes ent?rina iii. campaign ti,is Fall ii? lil? otan
stat? uni in lu.1.ana und Ohio with all Hie < ucrg> be car,
brim, to I? ar. II? SSBS BBtSSS aim ot the full hu???-*?
of ill? Ki-nulilii an pait.t, alni conten.Is that uni?'?? .1! ti?,
laaaasi work aw Igelt? idly th? re ?ill l.t ??? rioua lo???--?.
tiru. fUeruiail left li?-re to-day for LS-MBMMT, ?Uno,
win 11 he v\ ill remain with his lan,lit until the latter
part of this in?,nth. II? will then ko to 1><? Mum? ?, Iowa,
ami BS pt'? ?? nt on the list lust, at the ?.Tumi reunion of
tin Iowa Volunteers. The ?-etictar.v tt War ?ill in? ?t
linn then1. Afti-r remaining In Iowa a few ?la. h he ??ill
1 i-it 1 In- fort- ami Iinllan ?I?-puta uf the Plains, luelinlin?
?mialla, Kurt Iairiiuii?', Lcaveiiwurth, Ax., an?! return
Ivaat hy way of K1. Fouis. During his visit to ti??' Indian
. ininti t In-. -pecta t.. nie, t Red Cloud, spotted Tail, ami
the other prominent Imll.tu chief.?. Ho will return tu
Mraaatafftaa la lbs ?arl. part of Ostebav.
Aa there Is Bo buslm-M uf any iin|s,rta_.ce in the ?le
pai tineuts ria.airing the attention of the President, h?,
ha? < ?.neill.I. .1 to remain at Loug Bran? li luaU'.td uf ? ?nu
lug to Washington tin.- wail?. All the lueuilierM uf the
Cabinet are out of town except ?iecret.try C.?x, ,-ona?
?I 11 nt!. matt. 1- in the several departments uf the Out
erniii? nt in exceedingly ?lull. The next me? tint.' of the
CB Bl IBU Sill BBabaaS] Bl he'd the ?r^twt???k IbBbsSbb>
(<)MMt)D?)l:K VANDr.lH'.Il.T sTIilCK WITH Al'O
Tkoy, N. Y., Aug. l8.?This ev?ning, ?a
Cuiiuinslnre Vandirbilt was iiiinut cut? ring hi? room ,?t
Cougress Hall, Saratoga, be fell dnwu In an apoplretM
lit. He was ii)!ini?liat?'!y carri?1?! in the room, and m?<li
cal aid wa? ?umin?.ne?). Tu.> phyalciana inun this ? itjr
hu te ytOa np. N'o one It? allow)-.! to .?? ?? Mr. Vaud?i Inlt
un,I the I'M?-1. ians are . unslantlt at hi.? Is ?l?l.le Kin?
eltui t is niakiiiK to Weep the atf.,11 qunt. It 1? SUMBBI ?'
tuai the excitement of the race? braauAI ou th<- ati?. 1?.
and from app?'.irain? ? the Coiniuodur?' lies lu a \rr> in?'
.allons ...|i<lltlO*B Hi? lamil t h.i.e lieel, siliiunoi?? >' to
his lK'.l?;?le
At BssiaatowB sa Wsdassssf *****j*9 ,v>"
trains 1 atue m collUlon ou the l,?ai?li-u aad AbbIh?> Kail
roa.l. 15.? -..mc l.lutnler the tnuiis were muiil?? in opi*.
slte directions uu the wuue track, and the n-?.ilt? wnr>
?n tr being ver. aerioua. Th- cn,'iti.s wer.' wie?._. .1 .?mi
tli.- fonrard rara ?lm.^t d.-fr-.tcl. >?? i?"r???D. h??w.->rr,
w..- wiiously lujtired.
John C Ward, wh?i iii-mlen?l his mot lu 1 on
Tuesday. ...ar L..i.ir,..?nilng. m i*"??" ?ewJrraay, baa
1?,.M ?,,. -,..| ?ltd i? now c-.tln.-d In the Camdr. (...inly
, ., ?? . 1, _.? ?he critu?'. a"'! ?tafe? tlmt it wa*? ? ??ni
Jail. le roxxlr^*tke^ . m^ ,?..,,
'?', ,?f t'heiUH.i^M?-ir..?l?t HUI ?M??*?1. Term of
?;;,!'^n;:.e?.'.'i.i.'r"'"rt?''>-e-i"t- _
11.1.I-... It trill? NOTKH.
1 National Toatbois' A**nriatioi. is 11, *._
__iuOm-?* >'"".?laaa-aiaaaaiaaam
lliii 11 men of tbe Bia Horn v_|m dinon have
-??-,,,'._, It,,, ,. ? ?i ? Tb rriuiin.1*, Bair ,?mr ??. M. a
a ieu I. o' Ik? .. 'iHnloo a? firra.
Lau?*- ?f1* ""**
After linee dais s???ion. ihe l,??,rgi.? Ai'iicnl
..."ic'uatrnt.'.o. ?t AlUBl?. ?Ijui.url i?,.r??*,._* at?? ka- J?r?HI
'?" '*.!., . . ? :,.r?-,<_irl?i? ?al mmemle.
?aranarrka** r k a nt Vi rat t j ia??1. r-OiCWra bm>b ?I ia* ,r-*) ?a?.
l?t)rlo .1 B^I?.
I!? r-t? ..in? 1 Oatooagon, Imuui?! fiom Chicago
\r..,. it-ark ? rerk a '- pta-ui tbi?'.?B tk? ??*-? ??
Malar ??.1 ????? """ ?ka l?-?a. at-?at 4 ?al* ?<-ji at tke wak. TB?
oom. yyi-r- .*?.-..?. i ? Li'' l.?*?i?('-.ir--J_M?. A Itiar ammbei ml
' ,S ?0b??3?.r ?I?? ?*??? ? I??????*
,( wie . .araatlka ???aiui?? i?kor?.
t .ni 1 ni baa Is cn

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