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Al? iee, ??ne al tbe mool feriile mid )>i?*-ii?u-tiv?*
i ? i.it il trou i?>e ??rMid
|iii h) I ilaionbv lb'' river Rlilatj, It* a.utikfn? isuin.l
i . . u,t.,,, o' Baale in r-vtilzei 1 .ml, while
low..ii :?-? >?oi-..i it inn 1.1., oo Kliciiir.il li, ivai.,1. 1?
h-,- ??1 ?! . ?I m ?Ht-1., i uiiii Luipuc alii.. ?,,,?, un,! funnel
?un n ?:. i ?ur!:> of- i.?' ,., fi,,n? aoto T.6V. YhsKramh
? it i' M .-o two .|e|'-ulni..|,t . Hie " lliis-Rhlii"
?fk^ii?r??B.?!ioi:ra;aa'l M^ "SsnWIlwln" ?iib, coiiuai f?
Til?- 1..;. .lil" (I, .til! II! ..Ii ]? situated IxtweOtl t li*?
.....! U . .an.? e\t. ml? ti'W.itil the north
I-, tin- i -i..-..,1 li'teltyo. frreemiWaTg nu?! to titre PniralaB
Rlienlsh provinces, m the sontli to the --Fr-in'hc-?'"?.." ?"
it ?- .1'vi.i <i luiqfnsiilsjasrtisea?i lasses! ti.?- M.-nrti??.
|l.. V Iksjf. -, til- Vn-O'le. BIM the Mell-''
Thee i; ',ii>-.,.,f Ki ice (lur:ng the last I'"' centtirin?
?id til" , ,.: ;-er.,tiii!i SB?. as-ist'irue of ? .???l-'rfli.s thcia
,.i ,? inn' eui ting Alsace fi-m th? c mum
F .,,?, T',... \.,?t, ra pUBuIaSaai (SS eoinmiinitie*.
. ., .? ,?,.. ,,r,-eut tiuve. of SOW t?t.tnO)
w.-ro . eel lo Frais?' ??Y the Wesrplmlli.n treaty Bl pauOt
al Hic ?lof th.- t Iii? Bj -v-ars1 war (IMS); the five i-.t,o?
lUliiat p.,it of the SBsaBSa Empire BJO comm.?lillies,
?A,ta_'...,i'iinlmi.:!.nl?Mv are ?-t.-?'.l into snl.uile-sli.ii to
..lil lit Hie .U ?..III li Af??!.?'"SI. 4t lilli till' Ri'pub
i,ii tin- bishop vtlth hise\tcii?ivi- .lo
, lf-i.-uiui-iiiuitie?, with 313,000 Inhabitants' roTaB
, - ,', tl.etnseiv. ? llli.br the piot. i-toli nf 111.?
i I i..ulIi t'.e inquisition ?rfIiorraitip'iini
the :r.i-i-f-r of :, few ('..Tiri.in prnit-lp-illt'c*. In the *tl.?ii
t.,-, pi, t,, to France, ii nuiiiiimiitl.?- with i7.i?toiii
l ,!.ltfi-?t- ?re iibsorui-.l eBBBBBJ Hi?- eighteen! h ocntuiy,
it lui* the r. .?; of tile count r.t , comprising ?everal .?erin.iu
fin him p lillies .mi! the ? ?'Ubilc of Mlililhi.u?e. ;i:?u ??oin
MBSStseWttSlaBBSB iiihab'talit-) follow,,! durii.p, tbe
Hu;.' of IBS Kien, h Revoluti????. NT-v olheics, a'i'1
?i.ii.oi-ii m Bssaaeelsa <'t Iho aoaaSf kaxgbefare,tae
pra'eeM ami even aiiiclii'I'to tho pre? I ?lil? | _-.I??-l.. t ? ?I?,
till' Fr. -i. 1, dot, linn. lit li.is found nil Ile 0_iprMawT?
I - I,. ?.-, iir- t!ie li.'r.'ilui tiMi ?in', the piel.'iniii
an. a ?f the Fi.-tich Lingua:*.' hm,mi.' I i> .pul.,
tlo.i of (! H ?-?? ?t ??paifinefts to Is- In-tr-ctive, ,,nd nilli?
ctToris t-?v. tiri! li llBagllimiai th" ti? nunn id|..in have
air?, veil taSS IT.4ie.il. foi !??? Re4,.ltiti.ei the nat iona Bj
sud on -in i-f the js opie had never been ?|u.'?tioiie<l, nay,
the eiiipl ?is and olllt ?ti-s ?rf the Ooven.ment ????re coln
BjOaBMtoa tu ile Ibetiis. he.? i'unuliar vtilh the laiigiifkge
of the country, wiriih was then ?.till spuken In
tin) cou ts of ju?liic anil taught ,n
the ?, lu,..1- of t'ii.l?'!?irtliieuts. With the
outbreak, of tits revolution of 1780, however. Ills* luin to
Fianioiu tbe people ?.i- eOBCBlV. '.?ml tin- set i if ?t
nil-asmc- wera lamod ?it? ly rasartsfl lo i?i orti r to ?-tri.-.
all tnkc?'.? ? f tiie liii-pi?Li* ?uni of the erigin and i ?1
Ityofthe Inhabitant?. The in?iru, lion in < ..-itiihu, lui li
erto alloweil and author!:'?-?!, was al anden.-.1 atad foran!
?len, the men of the n volution bs?k .lump?., ttn-div. t st,
of lan g u. ige as un ml., ut .ne BBS au ?-in iiiu'tui of i li
dullam. BajSS tin- i< \o.iii.ini of l-4eslid ciuring the .->. ?
on?! Empire up to tin pr.?eiit .lay, tlie F?c.?'-h Oovel n .
aient lins add?-.! totlie weight of lb?- oppte ?:v e burdell
licw roStrtt tive anil prohibitory ni.? -'ii-. The Gannan
natue? ?>f the ? ita -and their street. .of the ti- era, hil land
?alley? are n>. lunger UKilignllBll. l?ut ti? ? HI,cr l'i'ii;iei.;i
lied in a nio.?t absurd maniu r, or rcpl:-.-? ?1 by ? ntlr.-ly
niw French denomination?, which aoftsd ?trsng?- to lin?
ear of the yx>.pie. and t.?, he n?e of which they have ;,..i
Itecone-1., custom,?(! even to tIii- day. Travelers thron -li
the*?' paris, lu trater-u - til, inti'i ior of the country, will
soon lind out to their Ment annoy.nu ?-, ?Bat, win lia-l.iiM'
for information SB Bl tin <iii,e:i,-n the? hat e to take in
urder to lea, ii a gi4mi pla. r, tli.-y Mil., in lime taSBSSal
of t?-n, not be undi-r?lcn<l by the ptMtuakTJ i while, r\, n
in'he c! :, -, many pet??***? c:i: r. l.v l-l: -re the F.em li
BSSB0S of l! < ?tint-, .iltlioll-il they li,,,.!' li,' .?.-cn on tin
?all? Bf ?vert corner 1,on-,? und on th-- Stn < t lantern?,
on the-ti." liainl tin v all Know the old ?;, mian li?mes
|,i lii'iii!. In c. tie? like Miii?'hoii?c BT*fl ?????-! iin.'. Hie
pasa a ?? ti aa_B*eiwas Brsath ..thci-.u sad of whole rsgt
incnts ol French soldiers, drafted m the e\? litsive Fienili
pro. ii.? ut the Eiupin-, has no doubt exer? Sad a BBSta
ni' iniliiiTice uiKintli?- language ol the i*-<iple,lii.i-iui!. ii
a? all tnilir? and retail SBBleSBsee the a?hinn?uc
luis. i.lined tr< in tie knowledge ol tia- l'r- nth '.;?:i
i'i? only one tlnv can make u.-c of in Ih.ir in
len our?*' with these class.?*, lint, observing (hese same
jM-op!?. at home, Hrouinl the domestic hearth, or in th.-ir
?.Mi:il int.it our??- vt nil those who -pnni: trott the same
root. Baa i? BSBsaaSal to hear the Fienili iilioui ri?
pia, ed by . BkSS Hu- QSnaSB /?if".*, the AH-manir iiliein,
or, as is the BBSS BBBBB| 'he lngher iiiid bettet educated
?lass?? of eui/..n-, i.y lae pam <;? taaaa loaisaao. This
is indeed -igiiitl'-ant. and g<? ? far to ?.rove that all the
i e.?l lid h e ai.d pi-ii. ii.:: i ii'.v nica?ur, s hav?- lu en abort .v?-.
The ta? t that tin pep!., almost without t xcoption,
make tis?- of the language of their ancestors, tis soon as
they tlml Hiemsi Ives fits- from external pressure, eluci?
dates, I?, ttcr than all oflloiit) r?>cords on the subject, bow
deeply r.?'.t.-d i.? ti:' ir utt.ii hiinTit to their l?itive lau
gttuge. And not ??ni.? in the use of the language, but in
Hie allem yet soeloquent obsurtsuce of the customs, man?
ner of life, and the cheri-lud habit* of their forefath, r- ?
to which ?Ire? cling with i. kind of religious t?'?ia?'ity?do
(liey ?how tti.it th'-y are still (?ennan? Bl heart, Jti.-t SB
lunch. )si hap-, as they wen- a century a-'??.
Even th. i ..uiiiiaiidi'ig di. tates of f.i.-hioii, which are
?si attentively listened to in almost evety nook mu! cor
uer of tlie civ iiize?! world, are ree?h?d here with dls
lm?t. (?ne of the measures renorted to 1>4 the piesinf
BBBpeise Of Ike Fniirb.ln his endeavoi- to make the
ii.iti-'ii wliicli he rill?-? a unit, consist? of the imuii .1 .it
transfer of au IBe voting nun drafted fn.in this part ,1
Hu- collin rv ?ith.r ti Far:-, or to -anne far distant ,1,
partmeiit or French colony. Thi? i? ??iliiilateil toestraiuj.'
tbe growtsg mule generation from all In,me intluence,
un I to ica'ic them oblivious of the hiiigi'.age and bal'il
<.f their parent.-. Tlie suecos of tbe me.isure leis ho far
la-en veiy do'ibtfui at Iwst, hil! ii is indee?! surpii?in_
lii.it a mun ?i- shrewd and lalllTBgtiBl as Louis Najsili-oii,
?ho has liteil Hie beal und i?roh.il,'y the hapi?ie.-t put al
hi '?'? ?;? t te hi'.irt of (J, ruiany, -hou!?t not have bSSOM
I. (ter a.'.Tiiiiite,; tilth the Ulai antill Sill 0? rni?ii ?t -tb
bouii.e ?. BBd bTBOW the fii'ilitv of the policy to vvhic'i he
>o-frn i:> .,l:,re-. BSeattre e,lu, ?itn.n i? cs-, ntl .iii
ia; !,--..- not . ii!-? i-erfecil.v familiar vvitli the lau
??ii.i-e, BOt S '? ii??-.?, ii lo b, t ????????du -ly well inform?-,] ?n
?.iiNi. . . i-. i.nil ,?n iu.iciit gesalrsr ol
Saeta -ri ,.t ;""t and willers, ?verthei.s?, bj j? ??.
doiit'te ?!> ti"e t: : t ti"- -.v?i.m.itlc w.,r of ?iniiihlhilioii
agalasl aB Mat a ? barta iwlalBaBj o?*naaa in ?fee p?'"
|. . vi','.?? r Lat'it?, Iii? !.?.4i-r bien S*S**Sd wdh Bael
I' .I, I 11.4 .??of late, iin.l that It linds no ],:inillei In
licinh hl-tort, unie?it t?e the foiiual v.i.r against llie
?;. naas satl?isj)sl_tj sf Um ropuiatnmof l??*a?*alBs,loaar4
til?' lie?'el!. Of the i 'L'Meeiith i-i-lit m v.
What the arasrwl Ooveraa . iit im- attabu-d, decs not,
most BBOBB* Hy, l*??aiV*a_r?d t.. itstr.-lit. For in-t:ince : It i?
an irn-fntiiMc f.'tt, iiltb"ii-h it is in.t generally kaSrWS
eitli.-r in <:. rt.ii.iiv or A!-ace, that i-i the gre.it intijnrity
?if ti.- tricia the ].,ij.il? are aBMBBBB ?I without
having l.ainedto lead og write a word iii their mother
language, and after havr-g re? eitel huta veiy i.i.l?l. i
cnt liisii u tloa in Fn in ii. It M-, onie? painfully i viilent
n.at Otsrsraasaart, fully awaaosf lae asperler lalalllgiai i
lind beOlOB .lim at ii o? ol ile QcnaSS jsipiilatioii of Al-ai e
ii- i oii.|i ie.I with the gem lanlj of the Fr. ii'h pep!.?,
BBS e?p,.?iilij tht l'ieiiih is-a?an!iy lhroughoiit tin,
Lu,pire, baa conceive.! the plan to I. Mice the foiniei to
the ?Mtlue level Sf instruct!, li gad etlueatiou With the
?otUltry ik->i?!.- in the Vend??-, the AiiviT-gn-, Se., ki,.144 ti
t?. ix- tb? lui t bigoted, anperatltiou*, and ignorant peojile
on the Enropcn loi.llnint. The disastrous t on?, .?ne:,. . s
of such a mcii-urc, although not, bnmeiliiiiiTy poco I? ? !
ami I'llt din.lv s? cn,?ii. -nil liistinctivcly felt by the boll
??f the jH-opie, wi.iie la tassa olnilaa id mt?atj whare
mental culture i? ?till dl'igently m.uri-he.l and llotu.?!:
Ing. it* far-i?'acliiiip and j? nib l?,i? bseetaag is salj los
Wi-I! niidersttHxI BJ the ?lot, l'liiii.-iit. One of the inu-t
eminent clergymen I?. Alsace, in ?|n-iiking of the uni, ...
?if vice and the gradual dcinoiallz-itlen spieading BBBOaj
the jK-ojilr, attributes them in the mum to Hie ho?ti!e
paeWao bbbbobosI lyasoOaesaaaeaSaaislBsi th?'ian
guage of the country, and comes io the logn-,il eon, lusioii
that "Hil? war ?gulust the .ieruian nllon, is j air? .t
uti?! moat despicable attack u\mu the roll g1 sa, th?- murals,
and the i n B?MMSBB <?f Alsa?e."
An cullin tit water uti?) stat, ?man, who lue? but re
reut... hu?! ?Mxasion to sojoiiro uuioiig and olmerve the
i.eiuiaii? throughout Alsioe, v? ry p?rtln?-iit!.v reniarks:
"Tlie s>stem of giiuliial suppression of Hie Qtntta
lang.nik.-i t<> tin I? ni til uml foi the exclusive iniro.lu. -
(ion of the Fi? m li, ha? .-4 id.!,tiy created ?? moiiiiil le. :
las <-f diegust amoagalldaaassof the popolatloB ; ><-a,
II is not .-ten approve.! <.r bj Hutt |eortiou Of the Klein li
who, hat In?; ?oin! hither lion, other pall? of the empire
-,..111) ? car? ago, hate wttlcd in tim inilist of !h< (,er
luai.shere, and, whil?-aii*t-uiili.g from almos! all inter
???iir???-during the ??st )?tars after th? Ir uirival, h?.4??
gtadUHlly lava ?.nie a< <jnaii.Ic-?! with ami have leeen ii-luct
aiitly for.?<l t?, .M-ktiowledpr?. the horn ?tv -, mlcgi it j , aud
ati-illnps qualitk-e of tbeii (.erinau ikeigbbor*.H
lu the beprinniiig of tbi?c-iiturjr the renownesl warrior,
poel, sud patriot. Ht lieokendorf, while standing on the
ciladel of his east 1,, looked ov.-r Into Alsace, into the old
Alleioanir otmutry, strett-hlug from near tbs limit? of the
?ermau Black F.?r?-st up to tlie tout of tbe Vo**?a* niouii
Ulua, and excUlirted : *? But thr.r<> _,,_,. tbt, v???a-e* lie* a
haSjewel ; iel us aaeoooa it, aud ibu* *??,? Heiman biissl
from bell's op|>.T**?*)ion " Tbl? entbusiaatle aud -?atrtotic
outory of,???TkVs-aiau jsiet found no aclio in tbe heart* of
the diplomats aud (Vei-man ??ovetreipTui,, wuo afterward
l**??aaiiia osmio* to aud ?dgited tie? flrst mu? ?ocond
treatleaof r-eat**. B< MW? ll.te a f?v"rsWe oc-a-lnn
wv? pr**..?t, ,1 fur a re .,lj.,sl....'..t of the boundary lines
between (Jem. ?-.y al Ki ????v. torthe tetxma. fr-in to*
?Ignfaleofaver tbirUea linnd"-! tho..??.? ?crrnans
amlfor..,. i.i??t?..vof . MU"' mu\ **^?*
c.,unlr?'..-M'ndl..got'er(?..'* "- ''"? 8l00fl ;'"'?*
e ed the a,lni,'tiili'?n*"f the UVllBtalll
. ,?,,, aad atatuli.tan, titxtrntrnt, the.? let the oeca
- ?n pn-? i.y. Hin? ?* ?I?'". '?"? wiiiil of unity and the Im
noasUrlStr f* ****t*f*****mU** ??b diw-lmia of (?eniiany
into -(iniionlou? and BSMBtaai ?elton, pr-sclud.-d ali I.lea
of .eallring H"' bafBSel the (.? rinans fur thc,rc< over? ol
these prut in SB.
Klnre fin >?-ai IBM, howe?, er, affairs ii, (ieriiiany bate
m ?t.nail? chang?1?., the formation of Hie North-Herman
?uufe i.ration and ita treat lea of alliance with the /rev
. -nun? uUof tbe flout h -Ocrman 8tnt?-s forming a umli-Ba
for the final unity Of the ?Trcrnian itatuui, it nil the reeatab
li-ihi.irnt "1 the (.craiin Kmpirc one aud undivided.
s??lue lut? r? M mg n marks on Hu? feeling of Hie Maa
liana were ina?ic shortly befnre the out break of the war,
in it (?crinan li. nu crati. newspaper, estibll-liedln Mimi?
li.ms-, in Al .ne, in Mai? li. UM, iintl?. Ibe lit'.e, The
toomrtign Elector, and with Hi. inntio. " 1!. ip your
sclvc." The pap? i is thoroughly <i.iman, and iir<xtSut??
e.MIUll).' (i.tti ,,n rcntiiiu-iit. In UM pn??p?-i tu* I'"
Oooereiga Jilcctor answers Ile r,tie-tion. ?? Why piil.li-ll B
new paper in th.-'ici min language t" in IBs IWIowliig
?urt md pitt nu nt wat : "?'imply fur the rea?"ii that
Iii.? mujeril. , rea, thu ?>??? ru bri liiunn Bk-JorSf of II?.
I an pendle are (.. i m, n in thniighl, m beling, fu
laiigerigr. sad in habit. I ?n y ar.- t-.ught Iba lesson? of
Clin.-liilllilJ m that nil in, and ?lo a'l tiny ? an not f?>
bi'come i?l?Mt mu-of it. Wt- know til it many of ils h.i.e
beeninatrsrtedtospaek, raed, uni wni<- Erem-h, and
that, i? niidonbli illy vii) Hue; bul the ?nun- ? iluins, who
irefnllv familiar with ?ml e?.nvii?ant in Firnch. will
tii.i ? _ah( to timk, f. el, and speul; Oei mun. Ami that is
why weeoiii'' lo thom lu the langi?.?).<? ? f tin ir mother,.,
In Ina laagSBge of their infam?>, tim cam?1 m which tiny
?? i.uaU' al.ti cb? lisll tin al ilnl ?re?,; Iii?-1.miri.au?' ?'f love
t . ihcir wive* and rot. olatlon i?. then ?I-iii?? paroBta."
T.? slant Hi? ? ixb nt ni tin I? trli ryolihc (?? mun lan
gua'ciu \1 I <? kui Lirra i : . . Wa t?SS ISBaSfB. t" m
.tu lient ami nilen ?ti.ig t-tal l-l ? al xyytxtt tt I It? n BJ .Mr.
i Ki. h.u.l Ho? k1?, Uuin wlin h W?) have .tin a i j i )M itBei
nun h Miln?bl- inf?>nii_,Uaii. The Imnk ha- been pnb
lished in lirrTin this m fir under the lill?-. Inr DtmtttAtU
ihl und *-'?.raehyibiii in dru enrol" ? I ''" B
', " (Tin- iiuineiic.il strengt1! of the Herman'm-o
n1? niui tin- i. itii.it of their langnbge ia Em peaa
states.) It ."it, s the ful? wuk figures ruin-? m.ng the
t.-iii. i-t ?.r'le i.. du.n tangaaga: la IbaDepsrtmenl
? ? Kain tbe entile popui i'"II is .'Oin ?'..le. I a . .litllU^ to
. i, mi? mi?.lei U, i li, tit &: Vi Inhabitant*,
I I .?? i. in ', I. ? ,.mam ni li- ?,v , '. ?..-rtii nu . lar!,, I? ; irt
i.ient II int Kinn ilWT?' lived tlkJoi fnliabi'iinl-, uf win, li
.V'6,41.1, in :cy .'..11111111111!"-, wi-re (ierm ni- lo Hu- De
liai im? nt-M-m th.' r ii.l.Vu-gi? trew iuidI lu 17?t com -
nii'.inti -K '.O',:, ,i Ut ruin , ? a .total b l I? 'iniiiuiii
tiOSBUd rj.4,128 nrlMliltiUH?-, mt m Ita 1?' I'.itniClii Of
M..?ei!c. in ..: i oommufntl? -, th. re were ISO ii4 ...tin m ,
or an aggregate populatlo_ >?i ?i'.t?T Inhabitants, T?>
?uni np: .?ut <?r .1 tita! popn! .la.n in the titi' H.patt
in. ut , ',li ibriant- 1. ;?".!?.I's weil (., lilians.
lu .oin la? nu tie ti i i ti.? le th? following ?rum a letter,
|,*C4*iiillt i eli? ? eil by UUa "I Iii?' treal? I l 'Tin.ni
writers, Funny i. tra?. , to 1*1 Vaukfork gntate-Zeit ung :
"Mint. I mut think of our 1,, st jeal - -ojourii uiAI.?;..e.
Hu i? in, i iluane? of ife nvi r Hide nil??. I? in? deep!/.
We wer?-uti -, ? l?:t ii' n oars.?ii.ig illa .?niall u.llutiy
lui? n about six hu.u ? wa'??. Iio.n -it tabourg ; an lil v, ??
Lad Ik','11 Pinpin,.-,I ti, lind the Working c'a-??'.. In t'l.-f
t 'it j B-Bwisf ?'.veiu.-i.. :> ?.? i....m. a ml the character of tbe
.it.? iii.i. hkIiIj i.iiiiiii in over] raapect?bow in...h
moro w;r? tin- the . ..Mr I,? le.
" A'.si'c?1 1- lH-alllitul, tOtS b'lil'li'ul. ?ii!? Its '.?ne-il.i.l
bills stieb liiBK lai.lown to lh, Yu-?cs M'"int?lln-i II
ttii-in Au! Stn; clu.?ler? of liiMiou.s iipi fiai? r, huiur on
lill Hillls, willie the nilli hail ?ill 1 ai_ '?, . ii lia i t ' ' I 'I.
of leu lia vc I w nui rod through the ii, Ida and trine] aids
ttith our friends during the wann nasa-daj bowl?, Bal
u li??? oevr. ?.Ute a loll; "HU ?.?11? -womel! i'i ?m-? to mat ki t.
?artineu v. ilh iii? ?' t. lin I? .?. old poipl.- i.iirjln?; bru.-h
w.i.i.l, or an old trule? .lew?diet'all >p. , . (.?nniiii. al
thouirh oflen not Hie purist dihl.'.t. lu the l'r??i
i? ir-oi' ?u' .-? it saaapsSaa m inn. h the better,_a nu it
punty: mu! the old Prat. -I.ml ? letgj nu :. XOftt ail
ihurougblj Hilinaii in In.ut and fsrllBg Ainnug tlie
j?? un?:, i ? !<i:-t iiicn ws lunn.I mure Inclination toward
Hut 'grande nation,' it is true, and I wa-. t?'l?l that their
? ?.ruin ii ?lui uot, in-.pu nt.j, either apeak 01 uml? rataad
lu t'linn.
"Intlia-e times Um li'? ral mi titled par-nis in Alsace
lind to rtrugtile .??.?in.-t Bggne.luill lr.,in f.m.itn -, and
. ?Ulroi t Ile-a?l\ ?a ali - if piijmlii? and durknc-S, ami I
v. um ?le\ig,it. ?1 tone tlie riini. at Proteatanl nilli! mam
fest itself 111 tin?.' tea ti' le pi litlemen. Well ! I I
hat BOW ar'... . a.-n.n to make front ri; .un-t an?,Hier ?l<
bl?i,ii?to ri*' BStbC ????? t? h Fie, inri-un I" Ice in C i ,
?I??'??sgalast tbeegotlsn of bim wBo in? ne? two? K ri
BBM 'I nitiulis tu .leiiilly ..lill?,? tllllt li. may step bil
throne in torrents ?if 1.1.? .1-a thionti built up ihiuikh
p?'rlui>' and treason.
" The Khiue is not tli. i, tur,,; ?iutiti r b. t tvceii l'iain c
and (?erii-iD ; Un inou?.tam range ot the YsafOS niai!.?
th? -? parat.on. 'J'Ins ttt? haf? j .ai (j ..iiitiit ?tay m
Alsace, lor not tbo Kliiii?'. but th.- VosgBI Mount ai tis loi in
the ,,i mal Limit or houmlaij ??f tin- tel iturj of the t,, r
noan language, aad li is to is- Bopc ithat IBerenownsa
old BtrBsbonrg, taMBBrtBllaaa IBro-Shmanj aa . >i ? i ?. ? r
m;in song?th? Mra-1 ,,urfj winr. Il, r |. t atal Ooetbe
mu . ? ?t'idleil?n.nv j. tin, at ne dl-taiit dav, b ?un,, a
nui?, rv of (;?r."int! enltuie au.l etvlbz.ition."
Tin- stc'-ple-elbi.-u1 hor?? Colonsl, recently pin -
n,ut..i t?? th?. Ktiur of i'tii.-?ia. wat pBinbaaad a '? w
months ago in Kngland fui lit,???.. gol?l.
The Fr??neh fumled dcht in tbe sixteen fSSH
from 1S5- t?? ls?^ w.?*? ?D))re thrtn dsaBled lu 1MB il \?as
?l.iu. ,_,,,i? I, m ISN il un- >j, S .M",a.?!.
Franc?- will hSTC bj the l?t ??f N'oii'inlur.
-.HMW fbasanioti In rtorti The proda. Boa ^as aarat
?l.u kcnc'l foi a ni"iner,t. In.Inli, ai.SB) ),. r week weit
miimii.i? im .1: m tngnattbe Bnnihei ?iii leach it.uuu;
m sopteuilx r, fij.iKiu, nml in ( ). loUr. MyMS
The Count ds OsBpsi-S| of Anuri?,in lams,
? has in the f. .nu of a letbl aildi.-m?! to Hw .lou,no1 dry
THkat?, *pSWIsBbS a two? ban J. muli .1 "induration ??.<?
Iiuerrr, ?til, h the Journal il. n iib, s as b? ing ruther de*
aerving ??f the title of 1 protest .nnn-t th.- war on wBB h
1 i in.e h i- ?-utireil.
l'ujiix-o is ?rabHah.Bg Louis B1sbs?i "Jlistury
of th.- Preneh Bevolutlou," in eonsetpience of tin? ?ur
pa?-iiik' Intereal al the t?1 ?-?-_.-ut inoiuent of lu? account <>f
the invasion ..f 1-1 a, ?,?. b\ Hn- l'ru?ittiis In KtTi. Tin?
paper eonaldnra thal no bleterlan hi? deaeribid ihai
event with greater truth, authority, an?l aceiiract than
Louis lilaiir.
The, tr?)or*44 now under Ml in Switzerland
are 4-_ battalions an! Uve half battalions of Infantry, .so
<nin]>aii)es of riflemen, 1.', iqWBdfSM of ilr.in.sm? uml
Ktiiii. s, 11 batter!. I of afilien , six conipatii.s of ?till? rt
an?* bag.'!--?? train, and tiree . ompann ? ol Mpperanud
lini.r?. li cor.-pi. i., theae ???i,.? oogbt to amount to
6U,'J00nieu; but it i- suie.l that thrre ur. not a. tuallt
louie than '?.OUDurcn und? r anns.
AsBO?ff the reaaela aowlmndingsi Chsthsm,
England, th.)piiuilp.ileff.?rt4.ire d? \. 1,-t lo the I "in|.l.
tiouof the animr -bul tuiret?hip Hlnttuii. Igans, VxM
tans, Ma botas pawer, la utan that ?he BHu*baSaaaal
?ml of the duck by the tallies! pussibl, .lute Tie G lut
tu i i? I,? tai the most DOW?-rtiil of ant ,,t the norn lad
t ???lsliitlierto built at thai ?lo.k-vi.id from the designs
..f th.- tote Chief Constructor of ti,? Navy, ber sruioi
plating ln-iiig of s tii.ekiu'sB never before attempted t"
' ? ?!i\? d to the sides of uti Iron ship.
The I'lii-si.ins and French have now been
fighting at .liff rent ?lit-ri ill tot ti. uri y U? BBBtBTiol.
TB. l-OaWiag is iM'lieveil to I),- I correct statement uf the
pinn ?pal battles foiurht md the HatstB, BIOBfl WbtCS
the combat was iiilecisive :
emssi.vN vi. i?>>!i,.?.
IM!, Tarni .Pnissiaus and Au-tr ins.
1701 Malj .1.1.1 net. I1, us.ir,n-, ia.- lab, and Aim
it ti, BoMBOeh.Pru?si in? Itrlans.
lT.vi, (i efeld.Pn-Batoos.
list, Mlndn.f'riis?iaiis.
IBIS, (iro?sl.e. t, n I'ru.-siaii?
ISIS, iKimewitz.I'rus-'aii?.
lsirj, KaUba>ob.Prusslsiw
ins, llacelaberg.1'nia.iaiis [trisas.
is I?, Ki,I m.1'ri.a.siaiis. Itiis?ialisa)i.l Aus
isn, Wart? nburi?.I'ms-ian
i?i i, leipzig.PrnsaUns and Allies.
I 1H14, BrlsaasQa BBlbaHo?..**raailasa?
lt-14, Iaioii .ITilbbIbiis mid Alii??
1S14, Claouin .Prussian? ni,?! Alla -
lau. Arrla HiirAuU?.Priuhsiau? and Alllra.
isn, Montuiartie...l*ru?-i.,iis and Allies.
l-l',. ?Waterloo.Bngllsb andPrnastoua.
lsir,, Wavre .... Prus-ian
laU, ?Vi-.tie lira??.English and rni-aian?
1UI.M II VII lOltll ?.
1192, Vafmy.Prussians and Allies.
]?*.>?., Jem. .md Au?i>t.?dt. ..i'ruaalau?.
ISO?, Erie. I lana.Prusstaaa ladBassiaiM
1H13, Liitaen .I'russlHnaiiud KiLssian?.
I si 4, M ?ni mu ,u I.frtiaalana.
181?, Mouterou. I'rnsnians and Ailie?
ira aau i nan Baaitaa,
HW, Eylau.I*ruaahtiia and Rtiaaians
181.1, lianit'ii .rrussi.iiis and l:u?-i,,i,.
1116, IJgny .Prusaiana and Kuusiau?
Illa, Dresden. No I*ru>_iiaii_.
Of the thr??? armies of op. ration, tlie Crnwu
Prince of Pruaaia toke? tlie eomuiaud of that of the
?outil, with (len. Von Blumeuthal aa the chief of hin Btufl
Thn aaine oSloer brid that poalUon lu the ?inup.,,.?:, of
is??,. Hen. Yon rtiVii,md/.. mihi ? .ti* V?* Kperlingaa hi?
?bief of staff, and Pn ure Ertnlerlck f'hnrlra, with (?ii.
Von Htu kle in the nanni (iipacaly, luiuuiind the t?.,
oU?era, of wbicb tbo latter 0C4 upna Ihe ninia northerly
position. Til?? liefen.?.- of the i oa-t has Issen entrust?*?!
?Tien. Vogel Von Falkcnstc in. The command? of the ||
aiinv con** have mamu .llstni'ut. ?1 as follows: The
thuin!?. I'ruue August of Wurt?-nilling; No. 1, (?en. Von
M ,Mendel ; No. 1 (len. Von Franse? k1 ; No. a, ?.cn. Von
Vh.-iislclien II : N<> < i.? n. Yon Alven-lets-n I.; No. 5,
(o ii. Vim klrctahiich; Ko. ?, (len. Von Tueinplliig; No. 7,
?.en VoiiZ-a-trow ; No. s, (i. ii. Von ?i.wlien; No. 9, Cm.
Von M.nistelii; No. 14?, den. Von Voigts RheU: No. li,
?i.n. Von Boa . ami No. 11 tim Crown Flin, e of Saxony.
Itishanllvnccessanr toiid.l thal ?o-ri. \<m Saltia it*
cbuf of ihi t', n? r-.l siair, ha? far more lints,rtant futir
tmu? thin, those of any iM.rtl.ular.oiiiuiaiul.
Not ?mc ol' tia* li-iist important ehaSfM which
the prest, ni war has given rise to is thor.-iuaiS-ible recog?
nition bj Napoleon III al tho celcbr.il.-d French revolu
t1..iis_y hymn, popnlarlj known us Hw " Marseillaise.''
Hitherto (he Inspired meltsly of tb?> >??ung French ar?
tillery offlc? r, Roiil-i t .1. iT-'f, has tie? n iiiidtr the ban of
the Iidihilal l'ohec; but BOS' lae VlBBOIOaT, iludlng lils
dyn.Tst.t iiupi riled, pul'ln 1.4 r? cgnl/.-s the song, which
nilly a l*W inonlhing' ii'."'- PsHs r? >: h?' ?i? B toXen of
discontent and riot. \H'"'gh ?"> tatttti l?l?-a cann?
riven li? English of th? Is mify of !he Mag in theorlginal,
the following isa masterly translation :
Collie. . bibil? It of your eoiii.tr ] , come.
New glory dajan! bim? tbe arw >i
< mr tv rants ru bin,.' t--1 heit -l- au?,
Tlieii blood, standard lui ve ttnfiifl'd;
\ ,.iv ou our plains wa h ?r
Tin: murnini? ol o savage bo* lo
'IHi > tin?ufen witn Un- nun?1? ron? iword
Vour coiuruile? anil > ?Mir cliililr.-ii .har.
Tin n up. und Corra jr. urr.ink ?. the hin ling roe wit h-fand
March on-his era vi u blood 'nii-1 fertilise tin Land.
Those ii,mi ,1 Barta abai would thsj have.
Ey tv i.tiii kiln:? lo .-et lu i I rougTt '
Whom BTC tho?,- felt. ist. . ii-l ..te
wiii'-ii long ago Un t baad ? I? isa wissghl '
Vol, Fretn lim. i?. you, Hu y 44 oil,! n, hain ;
I? .ii, 1.. ! lb. 111.??ghi your l?os<'lus lire;
TI e .o.euiiil Uolid-.g?- th-t ?I ?>??'
To tun ? upon vom m . : - ogBIa.
Then up, and form vim r -, faBTSjthetaBdi
March oil - his craven MOB I n.U-l li rt .1 ;/?? tin laud.
T io-- niai haled forelga? n ? dull Um ?
Make ).?>? - to 11 ,? i, 1 be i aw hsaau'a hearth 1
g1 all li.n Ung fi-.i'l?- 44 ho il'.'i,; tf 1 p.iv
'., ,|i'4-.n uni 4... ,ri. :- i" 1' ' earth 1
?hill! ?ll.llLWC bOS tS'le a'h til.- We?L'1,1
01 basas th ii ivtai ? !? ??- w, .1 ;
HiiSll 1 ililli?---? ilcspol- .?iii 1 I: 'Ti dsn
fal i, the meeton of oin fate!
Then up, ..ntl linn J our in ni. -, t he bin III ig foe t? it lut.ml;
M,,i' h on ?bit ?rat en bli" d Blast frrl.Hi/e I he 1 uni.
Then tr-TiMle. tyrmts?trettora ,1!
1 ', whom bath ti ?? no* ind f?*j l( iplsa ;
On] in shall r, ti. lint kui fail,
Your C'-line? ?Ililli ;.,III :, 4V0I I ,4 pi
Each m in e**fpoeea adgbl t.? nughi.
And ?theil our J mithin! bora d ?'.
( kin- Fi .ut-? I in well their pla, e um ?>|>'.4 ;
We're soldiers ft!! with vos to Ugl.t.
Then up.and form vmir ranks, the Bin Ung fu?'> wii list,t? 1;
Mare! na , his i tarea blsod msal f.-itiii/.e the i*u?i.
Yet, gea rous mr liol -, still fora? ii
1" di 'I otiall JOUI 4. Bgl fSl ?MSa ?
The trun nf ha jile.?? ii' tims - parr,
f t'eir 44i'l th' j u-f our f<>. s.
Bal Oh, those depot ? stn n'd with bl asi,
T l-l ti <)'?" ' le I "!? '1 44 I til I'l.-C Ii? ?.lill?'.
Who i.i'ilii' theil- i itive land their prev .?
i?, .-h t.? f!u> bot age tiger broad !
Thou ii].,and form*, eui r .?ii:?, tin- hireling fo wit ?island;
Man h in: -lila craven blCKkd 111?St fertilize the land.
Ami ?4 ben our glorious ?.cesare ?lend.
Tin li v .rlii? r- 44 a shall surelj lind
\v ,, . iMhe -, If -ame path we In ?ni,
Ai ,1 leck the fame tiny leave behind.
I.( I tO survive theil) ?SB ?1 ""?
T? it to prirtak" th. !r no'il.' irr ive ;
'Jin liioud aiiililtii.ti w, -liall liavit
T-. live for rsageaSOO or ?-?.plie.
Then up.ai.d form )i?tirr:iiik-,tlic hin 'mgf.e withstand;
Sarek on?his?-r_v?ii biix-.i must f? itlltae the land.
('?.mc, love of country, guide ni now.
Endow our venpelul unis with might;
A:nl, ih an.t lil erty. do t lion
Aid ih) defenders in the tight
Cul,, our flags let victory.
< ulled by thy atirring accent?, hnst?;
And mai- th) thing foes at lae.
Th.v tiiiiiiiph and our glory s< e.
Then np, ni -I foi in your rani.?, the li irr-1 lag foe vvllhrt.u, ' .
.Mini h on?his ? Taten kutti inii-l ?ei uii' ihe laud.
ii. (li ?NT Di DJBPABT.
In llic pic?, nt hump? ?in ciisis prophet? an
e.ijing tli.kt ?'Hi-t.ry ?ill i p at Ba if.' Whether this
o, -.. or mit, tun?- will t?-!l. Ono of tho irrand " ni'lliit
lions" which thO prophet? ?'..Hit to 1? tin frkct that tho
far-famed Mtrttillatat ead th, -. u.. ly lees famous
11,ant ila Dfpartarasgslnthe o ii aoaajasf the Fr.m h
is-ople Tin liest i- well known in our Enclish, but not
Bolts' 'irotlu r," a-the rc4 oliitioni-t? of 179* nanu-d the
Tin? .?.mg?asetrasaosssei by Mun?- Jaosyh OhaaSorfaa
fin ./.b ?li i . ? lu.itii.!: of tin fall of the ItSOlaaff. lill
Jill. , VM. The re? cut 4 ,,dories ?if Hoelie, alni Iii,' ,11
I li.isiii-iu sf tim people Inspiring him, hu produced a
lv ric w Inch awakes ?t spii it of patriotism in the BOO BS ti
.?..Ti au imp? rial can,p follower. It is pn.faued and
j.ililli.it. d to-.lav, Bl R"?l,'Tit i-ui.irks, by being
?- iioniipartlst and Imperial-," t>>-iu?.iTow ii liuiy Ik- 00 be
hop?S, ?? R, pul In an and e? ilitiou? "
Bttbjoined ia a close translation by Mr. Joseph J- C.
(Talke, which 44 ill ih ii ii it 1. BB I"' I? ed w Uli i utere-t.
1.1 ? II ANT DI Ml'AIM.
a m h ii.
'Ill M ??> !.. ii I -n., i Bl of v ?, lol i '?-ata* ST? - oil toil tub .1,
I ol lu" : IJ k'Tidi - -Mi oin 44 a . ,
From the north to the *.. uti war*! wibi ti mu?? r has
To arms' 'ti? Um hour ..I tin- f| |J
rio 11.milli, ye i"i- th.it .m France's,
Rings ilni ilk upon blood, thoiii.li ) , ra4,-,
Tl.- SOI el . Ig?i I eoph :,,1t mee. ;
'lin 11 ti rant? ii, -iiinl to tin ?Mat- I
('inn-Hi ui Warrion
iii 1 !:? p. 11 ii ii ?awakes in lu r splendor,
-I e 1 .ill? 11- to \4iii, no1 to th ; ?
A F" : ,T,',m?, ?ho,ii.I live to fiefetid her,
t',n lui -In.?ii.1 ?1. BMMBfSBaJ die.
I'l-.Ti, Me , yc? of y o?r tin it hers no wee pin _? ?hal I shaun ye,
F.u Iroiii 11- lie'all d.i?t ir.llv 1,? ,1 ?;
For 0.11 coiiniry should iriuiiii?ii when battle-lines
c1.inn 4 c ;
Let kin.'s guian in sorrow and tears.
We tin?-I ?on nit). Ufe tioiii oui iiosoins?
'Unit life 1- in. ion?., r .4 ..lit 044 n ;
Your lnothi-ilHiiil n-k . Ila dut -b'o-.oius.
'For 11- ihe'S toni molli.-r .ilone.
? boral t,t Mm,.,1,a. The Republic, etc.
lara m o ass.
Be rosa tethers' Isighl sweetie br the bravest lyal fcenr
I. I;
Think of usliut in iv.ir's ldoo.lv Bell:
Con.-. 1 rats m th, (.me of ,t king or his v ai!? t,
The steel thal 44, bless jon to nield.
And back to our heart? bring 111 gladness
TI,,- s, ?rs iimi th, tiiunipli? you gala,
To , lose our Ion? ? 41 ? vv.thout Ntdni??-,
Wie 11 tv unit? ,,:, ?, ;,|t, 1, ,1 and slain.
( ksrltl of old inrti. Tlie Republic, etc.
A li'.I.
Ob Barra! Visual we en? y tour glan,
Mill v ietor?, though hr.- lillie?? 4 on lie ;
For the .??waul lives not, ttiuii^ii with year? he prow
Inxiry :
Who lill for the p opie ne'er die.
Brave -sagre ws woui.i rival 4 .nu des ! rall,
"Twill guide 11? 'gainst ti rannt then ,
Repulillr ins all swell th, is- ,,1 roll,
while ?i., v < ? are but miaut* ux.ng men.
? karmttt biys: The Republn-, etc.
A I'.HII'h.
To Ih- Bghl, va'l.itit hiHliaiida! Our feast* he each
buttle I
Go. ?viirrior?. wortliv y..ur vows!
We shall w r?silie jon fair garland?; when . annons loud
ra It le
Our himd- -bali ealsnrel >..ur hrowa
And ?f vu,11 bold 1 omiiu-rinV s|.irlt
The teuiple of liieliioll ?lim, ,
??in -ong? shall jour glorie* Inherit,
Our loin? tour an ug, r.? ah)k11 tit ?u.
1 huras ni irtrte Th? R. pul.li. , , t,
A Mau.1 s
W?. tin ?'-ter-of !i. i,,,-, 4th , ,| H vint-ii's ?ilt-v.
Hake ne <r Im-cii lu hu |ng knot 1.nun,1 ?
Let our soldiers no1 now lu ibelr duty path fall, r
If bride? 'mung our muk* wouhi ba fourni
Hut bach 1-t tin m 1 ?um , bravely is-erless,
R?-?pleu(letit lu Fn-eOom's full _-|,,w,
And teach ?w their 1.1...,.I , .m all fearlces
For gliiii.ius Eipiallty 11 w
( loras of manir,,, T'.,. Republic, , (, .
'Fore dod do we ?aear, on Ihe liladea of our saliers
lo I ithei-. to mother?, and wives,
To ?isters, ami sons, necr to i eam m our labors
Till tyruuts have ended their lives.
In nil placea. In dm km-?- consnnilng
8li*ll plunge we l.a?w- royalty's tiv e,
While Frame o'er Ih. w,oi!U ?hods tb - bhetiiuius
Of IlisTly, honor und BaBBB.
tleneral ehorut: The R,.,,U|,||,. awskes In her splendor
Mm eills all ia, vain, nut u, fly
*. 1 1. a, 1,1 1,11 ?boni,1 or,, to?lef?ml her
loi bru should he iiianfull?, tils, '
-t ?_
(iiNEini. nun in:s.
Cincinnati, Ohi'?. Aug. lfl.-Tlio ?fih sssssJ
National UbsrOM?raN lassa? baan la ?.-....u-vo
day*, ami I am nut unfair in sa) lag Huit so far th.- g? i.
eral feeling baa been one of dUippoiulwent. both at the
ratberBiualliincuilai.ee ami the want ?f ?le. bled tiler,.
and abllltr dl?pl?ved. Verh.ip?? M would l?e more Just to
wait another day iH-fore niall..? u?h a jinlgment final,
an? I bold it opon for iJWftaw. ??t so far as
numlH'rs pre?, nt and li es1 Interest e?|?rc,ally
ia ?IBI l|Bll. Ihe Congress lu ??-Mainly
nol a? mark? ?1 a sue . sa aa Mint of August, is,... m Phlla
?l.lphla. Certainly it Is true Hint tho woman suffrage
agitator* are not h?-re to ?llsturb. nor are there bo many
of the pronounced Trade PStsaSstS ?>f the narrower
?tr.pe either. Th??re wa? a gem ral expcctatl.?!., here and
alaewhrre. among all WbB are ? iib? r directly ? ngagc.l In
the mnvement. or ??at. h If a? students uf ??.lui and
,.,,????),. etr.rt ,1". that IMl BBaSSa SWSM It Imth
nuuvmu-ly atti ml??! and ?S? et an aiiliiiatlng
iin,| |a.riant chanieter. I ??ink. also, that
?Lttleal n..in.g. ra feB*0 bu.l Mi an ?\|>ec
tatiou. and, m .<>!.0c.|iieii.e. lia?. Bad a)e looking ??!.,?.-ly
aft? r ib? ?ming? ?>f the Let* Me-rtraBSM in tina its ta>
Uui,a' np:. -< ni 'ti"U- I do not ?.?'that they have great
need f.'T pr.aent I'luin. It ? ?l.ilrm.l by s..of the
mure earn.-? ami thunglitiiil le Xtetttt to tins body that us
slow growth ia a ial*jeetof eest-atutollas ratbai than
.?themis,. One of UM lu"?t lllMlice'it ?fated to IU?'. to
.1 ,\, that bed. eine.I til? plane li|. a hit h [Militas,it Ibu
pi,',', niiiar waseo-Bdactad i altofBlbar tea Mrto*tVto
1 gb.? ire- acope and plsj for fal itaSB-atoa af Um I ass
hound up, a- la- put It, lil the labor r.:,>im,ar.l Mut it
?rou!?I, Hi, i? fur?1, b?- unwise u? a maller of policy,
and total to a fail consi.iriiiiiot) al* these prtnelplea,
f.,i i.ii'ur i. ?") m. io !?' -?Its Murr mor? m, nt i, o rapidly
' into the ?plier?* of national politic*?. Those who think
with inn, be Here, ni reaBfiape, thal tbepr -?nt Congi,-?
Stikel; i.?' .mil ia? hohl ha. k tbe political partisan len
?leney, alvt.iy? toa ina _?dlB Ann-rb an Ig-tsflona, until
tl? ,,' i?,,a.i. r i.l. IB - SB !?? ne. i] ?n?fr?iu.'.l, hut ulag to
,, lUj -ne ,gth. ?:. Mu m lu il"n slto^wst dls?wml|Stiiig
t,,. ni.-re ri'li.-.ii.-"tia!, md " .?soiiiii1 vi.-w? i hey a. I-ro
( ,,,. j ta'.'iii-' ? ?n'*?)' ?? ?iii.? woilli> "f ? .rt_ai.lei;?
t K.M.
Ml HBBJM .4*41? 1 li I li ti 11 l: '?1 I'll I'.AIIU*.-.
s.!f,r the ii? i, ?jalea -anbei .'...nt M, i..?m >?? ir. if I
aiiiii'i ini.it-ikeii. there wer?? ulsiat Hu d> l?gat, s. Patt
thiS representatinti ?mi by no means as. e,|ual as thal
Bow enbra. ?.I. A lui-', p..linn "f inn ?hi, gab s al
PbltodelpWa wen* from New foti -iii?l I'.-.iii-y iM.til ?
Tin my d' legations ?w re tjalb itiwSj Tins is not b1 all
Mu ci?? In ('iii. toa it ...?ml. m l h? >W hoi. . ti.?' I no11 ve? win. li
??r.-ate Ihat future el. .i'Tat.le to tin- \v ikingui? a h''ii'.
1 aui lohl that linn* is gi? ?t Bin-ugth in tins city ami
coSnti*] m tb tocal I bor aaasa-aaatoaa. trade tfatoB
H1I, ,- I? lite BSd Hu! ', al ?1 ?'? I?, ?It BBS le. 'I,Ml?' bilbul
party Maa? lirtt Mi-? BBTW bad -'i?h an extrem? ?I.? ?c of ,
i at? i m ((. en. | in), tint the ma ?? hat? kept BMBBW li it
ahsif fruin the ?ongies.-. ..r tin- pieliriiiiiar.v ju?, leadings
uni tor mt re.. -Stans, in. told that i lu? haling la mu
ulong, 'i1"1 l1"' Ir-'di? rinuii? ?'?pi-cially Bia 'lui" i.-tite
in tv. I?, ming Mair i. ,.t. ?ei't.itii r nu :i ?in ihr ?th, r
hand, .V w-Y? ii? .1?. s not tend in}ll.ing Uke
th.-delegation lu BSIBbaW ?-lit 1" th? previ...!? ?'?'):
?.res-e?, still Mu tra?!?1? "t lb?'Duipit' Blatt Bia ?. pt ? -
tented b] ganai b1 inbuaMb bmiib ""i battse. peebabiy,
thrm a? formerly, by s<? many local org.tuzatioii. Mending
m palate r? pre-w-ntatioli. Ml. W. J. Jcsrjilp, IT, ?i ?.III of
>..,.! -Ul?> Workiii.iiicn'ri nOUVOiVL} , w Iii? li Linn I in ii -
Delegated eharacb i to rein-scut \mjtm I'nioi.l l-l anl
souor U)ore Umoii?, ia bert?, ac'ivclv parin .;lal m -'?
Vle\uit.hi Troup U iho fl pi? -.ulntiv. uf the Bl .1? iOOOt
I UiiU'li, which ? .a.ui? lo b_\c a l.n _?- nun. ..
loeul union-,-owl lui al ha-it?within its jin I-?li? Hon.
Conrad Kuhn r? -presi-ut- tlie 40 ?>r 50 union? ?ml.raced
within the ?.crinan AiU-ili r lui, >n of .nur city. TI. Ut?
uri? r? ?.I'.-xiitative? lu re I rum the i pi? ?cn tal it e Trade
Conn. H| Of li... bMtar, Bj racti??'. ami Albany?al' fin ' lug
a larg, number of uni >ns and iis?iuel-itlnn? under JUBB!.
Tin?. nn-..ii,lriti.. i of represrai ?non is a ?n- ?ni t featuie
of the present OOSgrtaa. Tli?' ?le'e'ra?. s i te from II
St.tt?4 tai aUU I?i.-trict of Columbia, bat MbSH
b.ing M issacnuacttr?, Connecticut, New-York, N.-t
Jcrsey, Pennsylvania, ohio, Maryland, Virginia,
Kentucky, I ? u nema-e, Miaaonri, Kuli?-?, l'ullaii.i, I.li
l.ols.? Mi? higan, Neva?!.?, California, and Weat Ylr
giina. Tuer?' Bia four laili?a?two from Cb,, ago, repre?
senting a coopcratim muiemeut, and tWO ttUUt M.s.?i
ebasetts, representing lbs Dongbtefi <?f st. Crispin*.
There are at l?:int 'M trade urilou? ])ro)?er r. pr, ? nte?l,
i-uin?1 ifi Iniitl labor union?, be?.de the Ht.i'e
BalOBS r? ft i -nal to, five or sis statc ?uni
City W.irkingineiiN SSBBOMkB, tvith 1? n ur twehc BBaO*
fl'Liri trade sui-tetle?. I think that, in, ike the l'lnla
iblpliia Cui.gns?, then ar?- pf(.Tj:ib:y not myra than ii
hii'Mozen bogus delomttlons?one of whom is B ?ome
v. hat notorious Washington Iobbyl?t, busily occiipving
liin,-' I, io caiiC'Un?ig fur the n. iking it l'r. sl.leutial iiumi
iiatn.n uti Hi?- pitrl of th.- Congress?his ela nt in this
BBBI b. in r .,,iv. ?ieitiy of l'eini.?;. Ivauiu. l.'t nie-ug
g.-t li,at iii? ?.?.v. mor might wail CbOQBB a more repOtW
hie att.?ni?\, uml not allott? ?in agent, If be bo bo, to i
insult .'omtii.n eem?..' by su? h arir.iments :.-. the ..ne put
f? rlh to-.lay. win? ft waa that the IfBbOB ami lhiunii
par') or parties inii.-t put in tbe Held for 1872 a inililary
ii.an, ?is I'la sub nt (ir.int, if ii? feat.-d, would not go
is'ii, . full? from the White llnu?e. This indnstrloiis
lobby 1st pruiiuriiiceil himself an ass hy Um -?'lit munt jn.-t '
a a ids Bbakaspsataaa natal|p ? 11. i ?> Isag ago by the |
J.en. On thi? ?in? sliuli of _m?111i.-.i 1 a. (ion Bad I,"initiation I
Mut, p. ? -ii?. -?? s t?? I .?? an intet "-ting fight In the Congre**).
I ahull ?peak of th>' fcaturea this presents, and will be
likely to d.'ic'.i'P inore a? length, hinaft?!. The
inaioiity of the aitivi- il.-legat?? BIB UM same
iin-n known M h'.iil'i ? m previous, tSdtBB.
li, in Ma -a. linnetts tmmmea Um Kal leader ami
orc.ini*"r of the < n.?pln order. 8. 1'. ('uiimuiigs; anil I
I Inn h s .M? 1-eaii. BBS" pruinnii nt ni Hu? l.tl.oi ?iart> , anti !
, ru ?ni. ni ?.f the l'l.isieiet i1 ii ii rsattasal tTaloa, T^MBst
I n ? ie -Lone. Th? Saw-Tart fttiBigstea. or Ibu luadlag
; in? ii, with Hu- etc. ptfaa of Mr-, lliownliig, who sh)?ws I
con ?nie t able fon.- of , ha,.n I.-;, hate been lia tin .1. 1'. lill- !
st h .una 1? rather ?lim m numbers, though a? !
iu the casa ?f Mr. Waai (eolotwd), aas man r.-j?
reseats the aweergaaltBUoas mat a doaaa ?ii?! lot
tear. The White Cniun- hate sent a . un.?..M.Intel r.prt
? nT.ition. (?Ino. Illinois, Kellin? ky, and Mi-v.uii have
the l.trge-t I? pi??? illation-, Crilifoniia has tin..' ,1. !??
fates i Bl Piulad? Ipli ?Hur?' WBI but one. Kan-.is has
Hut.-, .md list teur lam.-. 8.. In BBBM nMnr f?fflBHttM
on.- Misses UM red uiiimii-m ,,f Hli-s.,.i,l, Walsh, ami
??Hi? i? fioiii y.iur ttty, win, in.uUt such a but? r ? "ii
tOU\ I' t .'.?r ?v. r tim BdflB-Mtea of Mi-s Anthony.
Th.re ti i? a little Unser.* of the sam.- kind yestrnlay, but
it had in? fi.i.-c m it. This tune, opposition lo th.- r.', Of
tiuti uf the wann, n ?tSym Um i i une fruin a w.an, Mi ?
Lan,- ?,f Uaaaaebaaabb. WBabai anreiwl tim.- avtacaa
...tisid. rabie l.lt_..trv ,.f s|?r|t ami sharpms- ?f tuanner.
But Hi? Congres? did ?o! reapond.
T-.slay Hiele wita a very auiinnt-.l ami .it-riiuotnou?
debate over a r? ialatlastaada_tl Pits. Jaba M. '--rlrn
of the I!..wm.I I'nivi rsify to the privilege? uf the lluui.
The attempt waa made to tOtm, the rejection of the
niutaui tho air of t-ulnr i.re)udi.e. but it WM wholly
unfair to do so. Mr. I.aiig?toii, It will be
uni. mix-red, at the National Colored l*ibor
OMgTBBI last ?lalor, bald in Washingtt.n.
attacked the Pr.sid.-ut of this O?agM?B, Mr. Trev.lli.k,
and M.mmmu. Cumming and McLean, pr. s. nt then as .1.1
t-gatea, na repiidiatiouist? ami emlssariej? of the Demo
?ralie party. UM fa. t wasreiui'tuhercd and u?. d againnt
; Mr. Isaaataa to tar. Oaa b1 th? Unao ? olocod d. logas s
rolad not ta aeeard bus Iba (wtTtfegc witbed toi bj ins
toils n,, mim sr ,., ,.,?,, -,? , <lS<,,., ..
Mr. Tit-ve! li. ?',-? ti nil*, mi theories, as B-BBSBSlSi m bia
annual .?pur, ,t, ?,?t im..^ ,? -,,,.,, ,ht. ,J(llj(.v ?,,,??
(??gre??? tttihont.-tu,,!, r.-,?tai?... The coloml dele
aatss, a ith Mcsra. Peters and Corflii of Waab
toftBB, the fHliiomu and Kanaas delegation?,
mil I* likelv to attack them. 1 find
aconvi, lam BBBBBf l.i.mv. wh? Wl.r? ?rg.-nt for last
ye.ir-4 (lnancial folly, th..t ,?rh^, ammnt? arr ?.tiling
these nueatiom, mure ass?re,t|v ,h.?, ?u ,(,.? wlu.lv da*.
<r,?a,i.Mcan,1o. Ithmk that wini.? their here-y will
nut !?? r.jeet,"l ,| w ill i?. I,* Ited to take ., hack seat and
dies? in lc*s pr?tention? gail,.
The toad grant, the iBBBBjTillUu min.Ile?, a? Ihey
expr?s It. .Hld the C,mU, ,??.,,??? ????,,???,^??,1
??'..I topi, -?in the mimi. ,? ?,? ,ll.1(.(fa?., ,??, ?? th?
******** l"'"i"nn ?,,.'.h,-wlll IS entre.|y
ra?li? Bl Nu inure toad grant?, and tlu- txUkaTX Slea of all
the r?miming public domain to bonn -tend pnrpo-ea.wiil
IS their policy.
OMbaaaaaad n.e Ubbs bb*ssbbJ tosbsaww iinnoia
i.?i.?tiltit.,.?.wltl, more ra Ih-nl ?,?-* ,? m ?ame g-'u-ial
dlrfwl.on. will ia, f?., ?, ,.ptMm ,,,? mtnmnl M ul|
ba (??.he que?tl.?, ; the Congr? ?*. w11 demand
the in.^t Tljrorous l,.KlaUHo,, ?a against in,
-MBM tolaw. iirgliiK. Inmever. tbal the puiwIUes
** *"u',, *l ,li*'*> abo MM and employ.
Then- will u, no derbtfatlon againat voliinuiry Chine?.?
limiiigration a.id probably n?U(. ,? lU fat ?r. even urg
allvely. Th.-M, ,. BO eatSWdodIBBBWl preparing W UM
CommlHtve on tina ?ubje, t, which, from a lui-f gi.,,,,,, i
have Ind al Eba ,,r.ift, , ,,,? ,urllll,?, to ,M.
Heys will .nally u, ?? ?,,,n di^un.ent, writ
teu ?siUioul p?Mioi?. ?itutu,, u cipreas ib.efly
the economic ami su,. 1 il elOOO .?hie? finn, ?mt refraining
?.?together t?? ??.-ailing the Chinese ?ve a race or nation.
4'oo|.cr.itJoii will hate a good shan' of tin- dis? u?s|,.|is.
It Is very evident that Hut. Is a Beeper and i,tit,miall)'
growing lui? ro*( on this ?iiLjcct.
HK.t'.ATK <?N THE ? 111N K -1. <d l->rii?N'.
Cincinnati, Aiifr. 17-ln ?)'<' ''||,"),,:"I'?V
sion of the Labor Congr?***. IrlY. SB?? - u 11 ?? of Mi-sou? i ?ib
mitte.la iiliioilti r?|??rt on the Pre?i 1'iiC? addr MB I Bl
?hiring for free homesteads to every Arnot MSB* ? katta,
will,Ti he iiinnot ts di prlved of by In- own act or by
Coiigxess; frc?. money, or a sufficiency of the ninney
Ink. n and furnished bv the ?iovernment. without the in?
terposition of bunks. The re|s?rt *n_s laid ou lim table.
The ijuitstion re? unod on the adoption of the majority
report. ?
Mr. Troiip of New York eoSMMBMl that portion of the n
port n-comuiemllng the printing of -0.000 ? ?pi?m of tin?
aSJBB_BaP?V*e BVilOBsee, astil aiaasa u?' provni. ?i to p.?y f??r
the work. Ho was also opposed !?> that portion of tim
report ugainsl chint?*?- immigration. The .(??tinetloii bOj
twe?n importation au?l Immigration im?st is? clearly
?I ited. Mr I.MieofCtkllfcriiia wimiii fav.u of tb?> r? pot t,
Ud dagliMjl ?MM* kit importation and immigration ??(
Chin?**. Mr. M.Lo.iu of Boston BSSjhe ..ga.mt tOttUt
importation or immigration. Tim Chlnaiunn ? ?ubi m-vl r
b. i .nie a clluanof the (lilted ?lal?s Ilk? "the! inuii
gti.nl-, ti "in hu vrrv ?.alni?. Ha WMibl IBB-BlB l
heathen la apile <?f all cuiisti.ui tuaS-enca upon bun.
Th, inaiority nport on Ib* l*rt?ri?l? ni'? addr? sa, md-1 tngj
lkonl> so lal as relates lo Ibc ?hine* l.ui sUoli. w.i*
then adoptait.
Mrs. Lane of neston submitted ISvtol Hoot Indorsing;
th Mon of the Labor Cotipnc.s? during th- PS? *esr,
d.inaiidliig tar her -lolling -MM*" the same lal?- --f
44, ,? tti.it ?neil reive, S*. Th? lesoltltious v.c.u
ni?.ininmu tljr ?idopt.'d.
Mr. i?e!.ui.-y of Ca'iforniii j.resented resolutions de?
linuiii-Hi*?tli<.?li?' system, SSB ...?king for tie ..bro ?-. -
ritioii of (he treaty l.et'.vien the I 'ulled Mat?? k1 ??!
? 1,'ii.i; BlSO opposing taxation <>i Ulled lal ?Is, Badina
1 atioli of all lamls owned bj njnnipolms ami
no? . uitiv.tti 'I. A mimbi r ol' ??tin r io.-?.lutioiis vvue
olii led and n ierre?!, w Inn I ho Congress .nljounn ?I.
.: -i : ?.pvy'-j i*i?i? i H?!*.? ? -'? \ BEW 1*4)1.ni- \\i,
I'.HIV I'lt?H'4)H|.|)? ITIE I'l.ATKOKM.
Cincinnati, Aug. l8.?The? Lahor O'
met at I o', ?o.k. Mr. Cummings, of M .-sa? baa HS
oil red a ri-olution i-'.'iiiiueiiilini'Hie t-.i in.itloii ol' an
nul, pen,I, nt p..l,tie.I part.v. lo I? km wn a? the " B >
ii. uni i~.i?m K4-f..i:n Varty," tot mat i r. i.-??Soo by 'he
ballot of Hu- iiilerorvlsot tin- working people, i.n?! '"? the
,i|'|M.iiiti!ient of a ...tumut.?> in ???.? h ISati to cull*
National Convention to or-.ini/e auch psi tv, - uni B*J0t??
in ?up??? :i o. tim I*? aolnl .?ti. Mr. l.avit.f Ililli"!? ? i le
an carne?! Upto?h in far? of Mr (Tullin BgJB*a ?- -"lu S
Be would .iii .i that the i:. publicans liad gives iwsi
mu h liltnl. but the aSSM party hill "len- I B ! I In ?-oi.th to
the laboiiiiL' i 1. -??-. Mi.Troirpof Bl B"Vorl ??r-Hhut a?
,. hrxl shown I h t the iii'n diietioii ol peilttee tata
tra S tiiiion bud Impaired their us.-itituess.
Ti?- ? .Unmut, e on I'liitforin i. 'p-iiTed substantially ?a
folio* ? :
/.,- / Tint ? ? II f '??'?' ?" aa?
ii.s; bun ? lal
i-, rata ui'ni.,--le :i?',r..port ou? ?? ta? and ii . SB
of t?i? n?iti"iiil weah!,
? I .-,-? ?...'.,f ?i S ii ..nil Ilan'.iag ? ?? I? I.
/'..,. r? ii ,t i fall : ?r*l ti ?.?'?? ah ' TI
?a. ..? ti.? - 'I ... : "?? r??4 "
. ..r i'.r ill t- 1 . .-?.,1 i riii.i.- ii - lb* I 1 ??< ? It
. ., iii? ] lex
/?l? .- , in ,: ,n ?nil of .ti? Kit? .'?. lal S B S*M
|r , pul "f ?i lavelilelo Iswfal m
. ,,? -ii.nii.i I? ,r ? issu ia sa
?, r-irmpfj :, , ? ? Tt'irr.ontt? r?l??of inO-rr?! frotu
, ,| ,,, -ira! ?,rui-'.l i-f ' "
. I to ??mit ib?- ?????aa-ari.e ..' lif
?ni ?B?T. an.ile? of I mil .m ne ti we .ti ant (?r.?iut?, .ui.?-?i I r r r ?
Lia* tab. m .1.1 - "' ? H ????-" ? '? ?' ??-*?._??*
rill of In .' ir-!.! ??. ,iil?..i!?i^i.'>lke^?aeBi<?4*uf??.'?i*?Bii .
irr-..?.' t.? ?.niilar ,-f fa.-i. i?a. ii re '?iplujUtnl I.? mon-ltiMerer?.
??lu-- .ii i.-i ii. -ii ni'?;.ii ?! .ii r -' ' a;ern. I' ii.-i..ar.? foi ,_
t,.r .au., ? ?Kiel on?.?I mer
..I i.titiuri.l J ?.loBicsl? us le Ssaf*a ?ililli...- traaLitciar-ra M
' TTi? | -i',l> hn'? '-1 w, [ ?o tli? p.s?|.le ?i?l ?I "ill n?? le ?j'iI
to .rrlit.ilriiU. b?h rT..i.t?l a uapailOaas, t,ol ???eil .ia a irnat f.r is
BsepU, sad Krai.iM fit? "t ."-> toteUl r. ia ti
A n'A lh? trratr maka? iM'w.r li?? no auii.i.1'. i i ll'.e C<
li iliapo-e of th? Uliblir landa ?itlioal til : j lill ttttt ' '
Hull??; of K?-|.rt'fi.t.ti?ia.
\ ?xif.s nu: juni.i: SANCTION ?'o'.,,amyi
HU. .1. P. NEWMAN YEKsl's BBIOHAS V ?"N?i.
:j\i.r I.AKK Cm', Ail?. 10. ? Last r-pi in_r.
the ltuv. J. P. Ni win.m Of the Metropolitan M? I hod.
1st Church, Winhiiigt'ii, pr-a? In ?! 0 seniimi, in .ui-tur
to a ?peeih lnaile by Win. H. 11-wip -r In the Hoiiv, Mr.
Newinan, of course, took the ground that th? Bible doe?
not sanction i*olygi?mv. Tile B'It Lake Daily Tilegrapn,
i oiumi uting on the di.oou: ?e.sai.l :
'? Tue di-eoiu M II it lenpr?',. ned argSBieBt to prove that
Hie Illble ?Wa no? B?stala isilygumy. II should I .tve
been .'.. liv. red in the B? tv t.ito-r: .ii i?-, in this city, erith
ID.oiiO Mormon? t?- ilsl. n to It. ami then fjBBOB I'mtt, or
some prominent Uonuon, should have a bearing on the
?ilInT ?nie,.uni ths j., i..,l.. In OS ??Llowed to ?I?-, ide."
Mr. Newman , ,iiisi,ier.*d this as a challenge, and on lils
arrival m Halt LOBS! LtJ la.-t Friday, he Btnlghtwaj? of?
Bared) t<> debut,- tas sjaaeties with Btighaai Young in tho
M'.iuioii Tai., m.ni.-. Brighsaa aSeMaod this otT-r, how
?-V4 r, on th<* ground that h- wa? not responsible for what
appeared La the eehassaa el /?/?<? kail imke Telegraph.
Late m the s*realag aa ~?itin-.i.iy. after aRaasaasseta had
lu-.>n iiia.le Bad ft li id b en given out th.it Mr. New n ni
Would pre;;- h on HlUl'luy ill the Hall of the Methodist
M!s.?ioii, Urigliaiii sent h hu an invitation lapaSBOh 00
the morrotv in the SsBOSBOM'h', which hOSaO foiieii to
Mi. .N.vvman ijaSSSBSi in the II ill of the Methodist
Mission tin e hours on Miinluy afternoon, advancing
.uni ia a:',!, lining in support of Iii* views the following
1. Marring?-, as establi-h d by the Alniiglity in Hie time
of msn'a iiiiiis ? boo, was mnnngarnons the union in wi ?t
1.? k of one mau and one woman.
.- I'lilvgnuiv i? i violation of tho Institution of mar?
ri ig-, as origin.illy estai.lishcd I.) ?Jod, and dt?ued in
In- W.-rd.
:). l'oit .-.tun is ntiiltery.
4. Tlnic is no passage! of Hciipture, corn? fly uiter
pr. ?ed, iliat either ? aim ions or allu a ? tin pin ii,'?- ol po
lv iramy
5. Tim -N-riptur. ? posltivelj? ?-ondemn poh :.'.iiuy.
?. The ptit'-tlce of polygumr, as recoi-.l.-.l iu tim Bible,
i? condemned bj the facts ni the ,.,.-..
:. Prostitution has been and la mon* prevalent ?n poly
L. ? ni,, lliin lu mo?.,,?:.uni. ,?',lint i
- Polvpramy rannol be clslBwd a i elrtl right, ato
tilted by the (onslitiitiuil of tim liiite.i .?tale?, w In. ii
gie, ran I,, s to all citizens religious llbertj
9. l'olvgiimy doM not Utul to the BTrTrpOeSlty ?'f ttiO
n itional lif?.
Next day the Church paper eaSSS rSSed to cn-,ile tho
Impression that Mr. Newman dara i ?>t ?Hamas the rjnes
tlon with theMormona, charging t'..,t he pni*p -. h M
liveie.l his lecture in ii small hal1, befare a few Iiuuilrml,
Instead of before IhwisandsIn th? T.ib?-rnach- ; that he
nev.r Inteadad toiii?cu?s the question al all, bas ? ame io
i tah with tit?- ho*?' of gaining *mtorlet. nu cheap t rue.
t pim ?hi? turn of tSa ilTili -oi.f the ??entile? .ni?
di, ?a.-.! a n.'te to Mr. Newman asking whether this i? all*
was th.-, , -.
To Hu* Mr. Newman replied thal he would send a elm!
lenge to Young, which he dl?l. Young accept. I, deslg
Bating Orson Past! or John Tailor ts setts his .stead in
the ?li-'Ti.?.?i"ii. Mr. Newman sjuwered thal be had
challenged Brigham, not Putt or Taylor, and that lu re
In-thought he might reasonably rest th.: matter; but if
Mi. I'r.iit would tahstha ulllrmative, he w:ts prepared
t" in.lint.nu the n?gative.
Tim following progranuiie his Itcr-n agrol Upon : ThSt
lim i|iie-tlon ?Il?cu?s.)<rshall b?, " DiM'sthe Killie sanction
Polygamy 1'' that Orsua Prall ?lull laka the atUrmatlre
uni Mr. Ni willan the n, -alive ; that there shall !.. .
eaaaisa aa eta easeeaSrs oiiialasBi, In Ihs < >i?i Taiier
nacle; the itllmunive to have the Hist, ilunl, .nul lift ii
-t. nings, the negativ.- ?tohave tin- aeeond, fourth, and
suth evenings; euch seoSon 10continue Bot longer than
Oin-hour and a ii.ilf ; no report to Is-considered aulle.,
Ile unless signed bj? both pirti?? and , o,inter?igimd hy
the moderator?, of whom then? .?ro to '.??? tim e.
Ev.-rj thing whs agreed upon wli.-ii it th- last moment
the seconds on the Mi.rtii.i:i side demaml??! that the ?I?
bate should continue als evening* iii-t, .,,1 of Hu, the
nilli mat ive to ?peak on the first, third, and tilth, and
negativ? on the BOOuad, fourth, and ?i.\n,. Mi. Bawmaa'a
seconds loiisiilted Iii'n. he agreed to I'm it ran ?'? mont,
and they were pn?<nt tit the iip|niiiit(vd time to Btgn the
stipiiUtluns. pllut liiBi. ad of ?igniug, ik.s a_.'i?s?d, tin v pre
-. i.ted 0 (JSPei whi, h tiny sahl wa.? l'i??f I'ratfs ul'inia
fiitn This docuinetit demanded Heit the sp??,i_ers ?I,,,!:' I
?I? ak sa the BOOBS ?lav ose hour catii, ihe negiitive to
follow the .itiiriiiAth? Though this kiv.-s in ^?amian
the dls-idvautiig?- of having to ?js,tk exteiaivon' against
a preparedsiMtes-h. he hasneeeptod even thesecottdiUon?
in Ihe hope that the debuto may now eome otT
.?- a_BJ_.-t_--.aL aUaaraa? ?<?, j?_?i_??> T*?-..
"F. I), ('."of The Trot/ f?am write* trom Sall
. .. , 1",'\_. ""' -''"I'ii?"? .?ml their hilder?. ,? follow ?
lirlgliain Yoting i? n man of grsikl is,tv-r. m aa orir.in
!_er and a ruler. Elder siuntu saul, ni replv lo Hie
question "What ?lull the (internment do with tim
In, bans I "??ne th. m ov.r to Creal.but Young, and
give lum ?l.li.ooo jN r y.-iir, and he will take care ol (barn,
and there will never Is- any (rouble." I do not doubt It
'... *. . ?"*' "f ,H,r ll"1""' tboupcht Mr. Young looked like
wa*Unst??*i, Ile is st,mt, and In hill vigor of mind and
iioih. Tin-1 ibor 44 hit b he BarfarsM Is Immenai Bia on b
IM-raoiial Inisiiiess i? very gnat. He owns mills, f,i, tori? ?,
and ran.Ties, and rattle 1?) the thousands. His dom? sue
allans mutt e.inimaiiil much of lit? time, tor ho lukes u>
ritlieily lnlert-sl In euch one of his ID ?hil,Iren, uni
no mau ?-?.ubi tin his pla?? e-tcspt be r.sl?,-,d
e v. Mt!, log toa |?i fe, I sei.iK?. ?f ?vstem and nnler.
liueii is Ki iirhaiii Young His intliuuico ov.r his t_e<iule
?saluukstiiiiliuiiti .1. In .Halt Like he is reverenced ,.s
??M-??ii7*,__!-i.,,H^i-!ld Kl">." "I? enemies savins
rugn Is. liMpoiic, ami the Mormons BIS -lite? The re
iruiUtoilii.iiiitbiire.lrawii frtkuniie insurer rli,?i??e_. m
...i!.'!1 i .S.,l,',i''t'"1 K"K|-,n'!- At home they |s??si??*s
nothing bul th- inheritance of ?lije.t |N.t,,i, Urigham
ii'lvTi... .?* t|M. ru?11(.v for tb,.|r f_n, ont' . (>|n > vt,,,.,,^?,,"
io'.H^i,},7 *n\. f.,V"",,,.,;a1w',h ? ?,lt'c? "f ?and. ?nd aided
to iH-ptiit Hie world on their own oecount. Th? monev
ami aid a? vamvd I? put ni!., a note, which li,,X,,
holds, anti win I. the ,?w com, r is rc.,t?n*sl tu nv
yearly Installmei.ta, which he I? able to',*,. tf h? ia &Mta*>
triou? aud eateriwuiiig. We saw lliousan, s ?,f hot IsTf
......fort. If not plenty, lltl.e* to tim , h.tn-b ?n> A
?lu.re, . an, rou. theu. tbe widows and orphan* litt ?,"?
, ?#'. . L, .'.,h. ,;r?1"1l?,U"?' m.ti.,lalue4l Now.
I mus? fiankii ay Ibu) in all this | hlM. ?? itraiinv
itrighiiin fu. uBBsaa the b,.?.,?aad? a,?i?i i? ,Urt fire, and
o do bu? ne?* ?IU of which on,,,, a th.,.i**i,il .?mi
fort? whicli I?.-?- |M>opl? |n ?. ? im?,?? taifoio. and lo.
It ?bey rehirn ?i p-r? ??'Ile r , ru i,,-.. T'l.tir
slavi'Silia'i the thousand??d opi-riti-e? m the J-.oti-ni
Slates who tell for ?ni |,.,ii. ami h m wh, ?? lal*?r otters
are |T' ii.ed. 'I - ? ml of work t . -, m rniotis have
?Ion? i? .?ton -Ion ? rhi lui K t ment f< r n ?ranon ,|, ?, ?
.?iiDuitiiisto Mi?-laii'l-'ii" Bimi of 'i.'. ??. Til?n?,... ?
t,,, rallroa ', H ? i"!' ' hlghwi . .. ,.
i.nie. and Hi? driv. r wil i iii eye .,, ? , ?I ? ,
k?" p tie) l ?meCO ?nile? np lo Ilelei ... ,,, |
? i , ' ,, ;. ne. ?, feud Ihn i ?. rumbling down
eight Hill?* l??Ug, bulli IB ' poll Hi ? I,
fll.HIS, ?fl>_ ti ?' PUbll?1 lllllMl?).?. It?'?l?|e f). ?
tit,, land. T n j mann/ai tun tb?*|r o ti loth? . .
toe-tabii :. t s/atrrn ?.f blane i-r...!?-? if..?, vv.? .
make them nub p?i d? )?t i f the outside world Ti,.- luna
.?allon to tfx Temple l? a- i!r? ?ir ???>-* i rnillinn of tlartara
II i? U? tent bv MO, nod -.vrieii . 4*niale|??J. wa. . *
or ni lofty spir?**--... ftt?l m lifehlr??r? t<i I...?.
Mormon's 1 votlou ami -a' nil? <?* t" '??? ' ? Hi
////. .XEW not; V.I.
1 h Pa ia ?-?irn*r?jHitiil4'nt <>l The fawdon
Ha*:.1 1 " " , /? Cm? -h? - the .? ...in?? m .1 I ,
re.,-1,1 el? 1 I fin Ilya. it.Ib? i?|h?ii flu do ? 1
llhilifv: 1 I'e Vi rst.iuit.? prdfen'enr coiiini"i? ?? trill. ?
r Ion ni tits ground? epeO *?*?' h ti??- 1 1
Worl ' 's si.'im.oir. .1 !" ?? ?? pt the '..'.'',-in ? \i'li .: I'
he ??.t , I? bevond doubl fi.,- imculiar principe tali.? 1
gunnia In?- 'uurrh, but ?or HiU vnr.v ??? ?son if 1 ? li
ni ,n 1.? ilful t?. di ?till ni h m. ely bet?.I*. ??
auiiioiliy ?nid ihr ne tua I 1 h ?? ? lu win? li ? in?..?
tin- claim of ih<- Van? au Council to lu ranged! 1. ?.- '
? 1 h to? nii.t,,, i di -r -1? t r wiiieb cirtriu,
. ? .1 ? n e of ? li li'' ' li
< 1 ?... h .1 BOUM ?I la )r.s ,i',?,i. ?;. I
tia! .?', ti r . .,,, o rd In? I. ti. r? un m
Pel,- Mir,eil Mu . -.:))?)? to the
Which J ii? :? ?at Bl I. ?"? 'li ? i" t ? I
must infliatnial at Ita lit. nl.'i . .* pn.po.ll ?
? luth .., i,, a ? ? ?
lufg? , i-? f dignify, I My ?
, , . >. Bil ? . : " ?t ? 1 , f tli
W* ? tll"ltts| bv .1 ?1. r !? a Hie .?' . I! i .
( I ', WOUlfl bat" I,,I 1 |, I .. ,,?)?,
rhial'y I'ui'i np and ,1?
. . - } stell f lipjiressi II." Allott?. i?','l'',l I!, a.
1 .,?1 . li, 1?
u? 1?, ..giiiii.iM of th ?h?,, 1 -i un of ? eulin
eli is nut tu it, j --.. urw artlel -Sof fal . ' "a t ????
cr?, but t?. man 1.1.1., 1 ?I, m . m? of I '.?la?
fti an? 1 n! ? r ? d' 1 1
that II llth ,', ii'i ? h, ?
temper, ouo,t .. . ?ve,
rb p I ? . . ...' I ' .1 , . I ? .1
clea xfl ii ? .eile' In ti I ?
..1 e. I . ). -h' .1. T ,1 ? .,.:..:.
rt'i'h? 1 ?'. . _?? ? 1 I, ? ? ?
n,e dal
if the word ? >.! M in*
Ililli-, 1 . 1. .1 st it. . 1 ?
if, ei b? cn 1.1 web i* 1 1
\- , 1 lorn? ' ' ??" '
4 lu 1 ?Liku t.? lift his voice ii. d
I . re Hv.ieit'l! e feela 11
this di'.. ,11 .', in n.e ir.'p..
mull. - I ir,,l< at, ' he ?1
.Lu,: 1 ?f trie !? it la
ill tile ?le? no xwt lue C un? t I. 1 I " .???-? I am ?
ollc.and v?? h io tor? It I I ? ?
time uni I'Mwri tu f .
now hy
nulli:. - ni. l?adnal ?:? ? 1
im- .?., tilui,ui. of Hi?- ( h.rt.? .
r?gulai .11 of Ita f lib. ' f am a < ? .
and \?l?h .4.. to rcn ;?.? , ti. ,t Iii ?rit b all ni v
-,, 1. ,.11 , Mi, ?. ?lui? I '
vi,., i? priant. ?I an? ,r fi.ilJ.-l I,.,, a,,,, I?,li.?
WOT Inp- as itn.rii., , 1 . . (Hilt ?
domination whlcb the U< ? ? . .' hhrl be is ?tim mi
ter, denies, and that Infal 1
in? l!. gb, b inp? n d ?f lire ni'?1 ?I ?} a? <'?'.r ..w11. I
?.ry the ?.(?... r? ?. ?;. ti,aaaaign ? -iitiobtUt, iii.
of Universal H. la 1 v 1 leb wa* ofl ' : -- S
would n?. have saul >?> ti.?- til ?? ??r - I'oui . . li
ru.- 11 1 intb. 1 ills tbut pa
-f? f io ?ssO? to arl 1? 0 1 .an.'"?I aCoumlli
,1. llleelilllll. At till I" *C"I
demand. "But ah..'.-' all," be muyn, "no
auiM-al loOod. M 11 ?us ?bown tom,
brfngab nftheti -imph >f Insttee and tru
tho Loi el arise Ki laite , 1? OWB ? ? '
I, ? The Conn? II, wbl. ?_ onght to
enllglit? nmetit ami p? H?-e. has till? ?
ni.?! uni "-.-ed di ?uni lu lb. worl?! ?
?Itit-i.le t,ot bl war replies o k1 I: I?- a 1. : 1 ??? . .' .'io. 1
is., .li e ol'O ?I. Bul m ii .;?. II?? ? ' tb
ni'-iif, in.' i? t " i al?"?'' ' preiKirmg th ? rent! I
lan? m t..us the unc?, ni ? ?l.tt? e, ni?;
i I on which M?. D
. ....... .,-, 1 ? tv J. ? ii-'
OR ? \i rnr notes
Mr. Charlea Feehtsr and Hi w ? .' "'?? \*
? lui. q bi?M? ;iiil\i??i in Beatas.
Mr. Mark Smith, tin? comedian, ? ??,
Kew-York tltia ?nonti;. He left Londofl Intb - I
Bal rday.
. Wln-ii (Iii? Ol)iii|)ic reiipii? di '
evciui.i?,' v.ii.'i the "I.Htle Lu?.. 't i.- :' 1
?lariiu.rit . ami Mrs. nat? s willapp.-ar as../.
A drama eatittod " Ths H?-;ni ol! (
?r?'par:iti? 11 at Wool's Mrts? um* tu -t?< ? ? ? ?I " i'la \
";ii'1es." 11.4 BOOB a? ?I change el I 111 ma. bOOUMt
i ?ney.
?Mr. Wsltec Most^OlDSIT, th? Kr_rT. -Ti tr.i -??
I dlan. Is in Um ? ltv. ?md It 1- lutin
, Bbortly appear at oos of our tbeatei*. His rcpulati? 1
:in ;trtrut is go"d.
M?"<?rH. LsarsO find MBBBBsnda si 'liis ??'>
I'at?: , uga :?'?1 M:?s Maggie .M ibaie'l. I?. _, ?? ? _
.,'..*-. tu (1er then dirleton. Hbe Will eonU-Bn .
al EiLutr.i, B. Y., 011 ii.? si ?u Oetabai
?Mr. .lolin S. ClsrkSi tho eoissdisB, nri<l Mr
losepb A. Ib'oth, the Tr. a.?tirer of Booth'? Th?aU . .
iite.1 ia .New York on I'riL.v. in t: ,?-t ?atex it. I
Mr darin WfH appear at Wood's 'Iii. at r, < ; i< ' ? I 1
the ..ti, of ss pw-mi.tT.
Mr. Daly nu noun re. that he ?ill nomn th<
rillliav,'. WbBBIBI OB or .'.built Me '.('i , ; Sept
and preeonl a new .oiii.-dt, founded ou \?. lil
I...tel e! "'lui and Wife." His ?nunatli ?
bena Inerrased, and his prett> little ti?, al?
ni nie pi? tli r than e\i ,.
The ?1. sign of brinsingosrl "Tlio Lady of ii..
Labe," al Bas4b*i Tbeainc, i?> tin Umbu ,i uifhti
dulilla Mr. .led. IMon's ei.gag. I'. ..t.li.? I><
Mr. J? li 1- ii Will p'av /,'ii? ion XX nil;!.
Bl 1 tii.ti.-e OB -aliliif' > " 11 , I..: !\ , | 1 .. .
liotteter, is ready forr? pie . ntaiioti, ai))l wi" be ???
forward iii Hie BOWrsC of tho A?t linn or W '.:.
Aikcii's MaaeuiB, ?it Chicsgo. wsa oja n.-.l, .?n
the ?Mi iie-t.( foi Mi- !? gular -'??- ,. TI, ? ?... ,
wa? "Iiomlon Fiodcs." Thecu?tInclude?!, ai 1
Mr. OweB Kaw. ? I! a'.d Mr. J. ?v. Moiii-.a r ?M. Vi? _?*i ?
'lliiiitei'was op? ia ii .ai the sane evenlug, when >x
John Collins appsured la "Korj U'Moore, j' ?? 1
TbompsoD li.ii, anu? i ?.. ipe b ?? Ixeo
?burles.|in- 1 ? -it (!:<? Chicago Op. ?a .
pany is IO U' ' at li"? h? It? r, >'.?.. ??ti 11,
A sew piny, .'allc.l toa ".\.o ??, >i?i.l. ??," i,v
Mr. til .ii A.ki ir, tt,.? ni, ; ou Hominy
Mus?um, with tbe author lu the leadlug
will appear, na asnal, tonight, ni S'alla k' . .
cbaraeterof ?W/*.?Miiilame Lunner's bull
atartle 1 and pleased I
(.rand Opera House. It Boar la
".?it ila.' n ?? las! i.r.l : lot Hu? 1
beau ?nmoiirie.'d. al tia - . .
Mis. .<?'i)tt->ii'?.li'i;.-.. na ws 1;im- idresdy ,-ui
notiti.. ?I, la? -..a m..1 Mr. . r . . 1". > t
Axe and l'iown," wbteh 1
.liii'ii ... Ml -Scott 1 ? um
in sepf. nib r. and preaenl tbisuovell . Mr. Wornt 1 ?
, made 11 gtiod 11? ? e in > dram ?lie
'.??-- .
at 1 be London lia] marke, nu tia : . :i ? 1 _ . ? 1 ,4 nig
King Beni'? Daughter, and ?' ia ", In "T :i ?
moon." Bbe ,l
Mis? Evelyn, wbu 1 I -i lu . nea p. ., 1 1 1 ? ;i... u
Daua las.1
Mr. Wiuiiini 11. Pops?who hsi Mrufxlad in
a . our ig.-oi; - .ii.1 .'.?ii rmined tuan)
?i ti? i-, ti, ? m ?<?-.* Mi, . ',? iiti?iii-i or ?publier
?. ,1 t?bo baa I ? is ??? ? 1 npu
tatton?is to
141I1 of ^?-pt. mis 1. : a will be , .-i f
di im ii??? .1 id pnrllj mt Mr. Poi?e
? lit.'I ' I Iii ? 111 . lU tillie 1 .1,1. " ?,
war: ?iiid this te ii-io.ii:?l to bim will,
given antler Um ? p es? lb. Ui md arm
Kssrspspsra eootaiiiins -oark??d puflb of ;i I ?i
ol ?Saudi ? ? ??ailed "J I ?b B id i
tbelr ay tom la lurg? Btimbera. Tin r. la ana 1 to
ii.iilupi)']?!', ois thit al Me fools III tile ti.?rid a I
dead yet. r ?? .?? lora who commend, and the rroWtls of
? u h ? :{?> '?> t.: ?r, ra ti? ^a/e a il a r .?.tu;', un. H.-'
anti ? of h. 'i milln ??>?<! wuiin b, ure , .. ?? ?tiller in ' moi ?
euntemptfblt! Mian tin wrelebed, empti 1.? .-I? d. ?>
?lu iliiiii' theil atafl ?I ?alte- lu i".? publii 1 ? 1
ihtnU tbamaelves dramatle uH-t.-?. We line bou 1
Bad M. ard , i ni te enough .?i "British Blond? -?"
Miaa Olive LogsB baa returned frost Csll?
Ibu -i. Mitti 1? al Um i u iel ataeas Hotel. v_rfttna?a
Bomeuyi lectura? for the nez] a muo'i tour. Oi '
l,cr new ?li?? 0 a- es wi_ ne t f'T ?. llncht *?!?l?>," ?uni
will eiiilm.tv a Houuiii'i plea for.'h? .1 iu'n as, tin .1
and sunshine in Hie \\"t Id. TI:?-top.? (sid. Ifthtfa
I and?-.ii..?- M?as I,?gan isa ni?,-..i ??hat ?? c- ir<-i? yr?
doubt m?l abe will frist it In s delightful niaU-cr. ? ?
other vi her new i??tui,s \?iu d?sonas love, ea? ?
1. ? , io., .1? '?.-?" th?' k? ii? lal title ?>f -'Til, Paaalotia.'
i.? ..?fi has been abundantly aueeeasfal la tin? w.'
{ illfornla, au.i baa already made ei.tfat'i'uuuia to km nie
lil Howard? of lia elites nail bbbbbs
Msssis. ?_?<11> ? I^'on hsws tiiki 11 Dodwsrths
Hull, ami bad H^Ul.?? ?*??l. ieino.i??l,-?1, re 'I 1. .1. ml | al
iii cotupuie or?I. r. A 11? m slitgf an?I new >?.-, ? - tia??
I? cn piovl.lfsl. A gitilvry Uta U-4-u put m A Unit ilr>
t>?.?|M' has been lurni-hetl, ?it Hie tear of tin- hulldln^
BO lhaf. in ? is? of Ure, the auditorium could I*1 , Di
1 lean .1 111 three ittiuute??. Ill brief, Hie obi hil. ha? I?- a
euuverted luto a bandoumi little tbeabr??affording ??au
for .?is.ni ^ight hitmired panaas] .?ml herein te ???
kully A loan s .Miii?lr. 1? nil ml to r? ?nut?' lu. I?,?.
th?- lulu,).?. OB or about the .".?I of Aug.1-1 l'hrir old hall.
at .No. T.o l?r...?.lv? . t, IiMj, Ix-nu ;e,?*??3?l to Mi? I?. 1
wm, win? mt?, uds i., .-p. 11 It, as a burieequetheater, ?ho '
the uii.tdle of ?-?'ptetuln'r li ?till be r?*u*>mb?n*- lh?l
Mis? i-:i,m> ii?)ii tri? ?1 1 .-m ni.a- BiperiflBtal .t lola pi <??
?ollie time ano.
Hryam'rt Xe? M?mM EhO ??i?l-> fsif * ,H*
? n-t.uirlkai.il/ BaadeoBM th, ater it looalj ?..otv.""
plt-k-il ; bul work upon It 1? rapid!? ?r??m? forwanl. imj
wt? prt-MUiue ii will t.- iv-sty for u?. cup., no ??isiiii tb. l
of Notember The buildlns; ?tm.l? on lue n.irtti ??d. ?I
Tu ??my (hint ?t.. s few pa??1? w? at of the Bialb a?e.. ?"?'
liol Tar from Booth'* Theater. It ha? a front-ige ?>f ? ? '
au?! a depth of so. It will be four ?Ionia high, and li ?' ?'
a Miuiaard roof. lU ?Ug. vi ill lie W feel wide au?) ?' "
?ieep. Ita iiudtuirtiiui. luidud 1 us two galierl??*?. *"" ," '' ''
?rata for ala?ut I .Ubi permuta. It? srvenn??>iu ?nil di?'?
tun roouia will b*. und. meath Hie bIhs- Mr Hi ranl ??
tonda to nrgani/.e an excellent ttnupaoiy ^U_**_*|V!
NejiTO Min?liel?v In Hie lMi*?t |xt??i.>?Ve mu?a* Wh?. ?? '"
Ho,.lh'a TbeaU.r. Italy's, li.,? .'ititi Av.mi?-. Br> ?i.t ?
?>l??'ra lion?,', the new Masoni.? 1-WI* . ""' "'." ?'*,?,
Opera House, the v?,?i.rly pa.tof 1 v? ?. ? t ? t li, r?l hi ? '
1??? 011^ of tit.- brightest au I U-siesI a??? ti??.?? "' Ibis i?i >*i'?
?mi lu?a? t iij,.

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