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V01- XXX.N?- 9,164.
Thb Tribune m the only ur^crpaptr in the
VUUed Utile? reeexrin? full epeeial diepateAeo from the
mjmt ?/ war. and fully repreeenled by ?medal Oorre
mmmndenti wtfA both Pru?na* and FrrnrA annie?, and al
_W fifl-*f-g- empilai*. That for Thb Tbibvhb <fu7?a.Vft<*?
hate le** ***ai, i* on imperfect form, hy The Kern York
Meraki, World. Time?, and eon. They teert to ueed yee
trrda* by The Xrtt- York Herald and Sun.
Loanoa, Friday, Ang. II, 1976.
A diaptt-ib trvm Berliu .dato? thai the French
annus w? re Bcparat??:. at Mara la Tour, and
the main anny at Metz cheche*:? hy the first
and second armit* of PruN?A. The Crown
?Prince with three anny corps is now marching
to aftAck rT-of-aard at Chalona. The dispatch
Bilds that Maratta) Bazaine moet cut hi? way
through the German annie? of Prince Fred?
erick Charlea and ?fien. Steinmete, or his
Anny ot the Rhine will be forced to capitu
Lotto?)*, Friday, Auir. 1?, 1S70.
Tbe following is the littt-st from the seat of war :
? There was fighting all day on Thprsilay at Maru
la Tour. The lat<*t French dispatch??? are fnll of
>*_?pm*ions of confidence of victory."
liOifitoii. Friday, Auk. 19,1870.
Telegrams revived here ioday from Brussels r?*
-turt this Kinpeior quite ill with symptom? of intenso
terebra] ex? it? nient He is said to charge lus ? ?isad
venture? to treason. This story is forwarded as one
of tbe runmn- ni the war, but is generally dux r?'Jit.nl
lb. T.l.tdl-Alll TO THK TRIBV5B ]
London, Friday, Aug. 19. 1870.
The rrpecial C4?.T?M?pon?lent ot The Triiu'nk at
MeU writes on Monday (luth'.: "Yesterday wcthonght
ourselves ahnt np hero, and all chant1? of sending
letter? gone ; for we get nothing, even from Paris.
But thi- looming 1 hear that a post will start for the
?capital, and 1 take my ?-hance of your getting what
I am able to till from the inside at a town which is
surrounded by iMiuiea? whether French or I'ruasian
do?? not much matter so far as new. is concerned.
" At 11 oY.oikon Sunday Bazaine eft?-cted a grand
r?x?ounoi?4sanc? with one division of I>adu?_rault's
corps. At 2 a buttle couimenc??d on the right at Bur?
ney. Till 4 o'tloi k it waa of no great importance.
Then, the Fourth Army Corp?, forming the lint line
of battle, accomplished a man?*uver intended to d??
?oive the Prussian? tata the belief that it waa re?
treating. Tins was aaaaaaaHakad by 4:ir?. The Pkaa
aians fell info the trap, rushed forward and attacked
with surpri-mg i igor. The Fourth Corps, whose r<?
tr?'at to the left was a mere feint, fell at once on the
enemy's flank, while MacMahon on the right attack>*d
tamultaneously. The Prussian atta?k meantime had
lieen de*? ?-loped La gTeat font* ?>n the Fren,-h center.
" Tlie movements on both sides were effi? lad B ith
ningnlar precision, and the whole spec tacit-, was like a
review at Chalons. The PkBBBBBBI advanced in close
column against the French line, which their artillery,
splendidly serv. .1 aa it was. had vainly attcmpti-il
to shake. The French officer? consiihi that the
I*rui?ian it.fat.m was ?elativ.ly inferior latta m*tm>
nail artillen. The u??4?4llc-gun is heavy an?! appear?
to wieomunnle the Prnseians greatly when climbing
a bight or iiiov ii.g rapidly ov? i l.r.-k? n ground. The
soldiers, th?mr- Ive?, are active. Tliey fire lying
Bat on the ground. r>eekiiig cover from every irregu?
larity | but do not use then knapsacks as the French
?1<> t4? mtike lull? rampart? in Iront of them and rests
lor their guns. It is true of this, as has Baal etU ot
tia attar hattlai ?>f Worth and For bach, that tta
PrusKiaiis lir??4l with great ?I. liberation, while the
PnD.h ratti??i MMf a?fast aa ttaff could ?aakavfa
then < ha?-*?? |."Is
'* lhe Mgiiimit? most ?los? li ? ngag.-.l were t lie
Mi .?nth. 44th, lath. With. Hi, Ntt, ?'?'?th. anil 8T,th
at tta Ubi: tta litt and 1Mb f?a?i i?mbbbbbi' and
tliehth.Vth and loth batt? ric? of the first regiment
of artillen. Thone whi? h sullerwl most were the
44U? and With of the line, anti the 16th foot chas
Beun*. Tlie 44th aaBaakDy was bmflhly shattered,
while ttatttt, though in til? thickest of the a?-ti..!..
lost but35men killel and wonadad. TL?- ('..Ion?, ??f
II.? 44th was kill?-?! : the t'ohmelof the M horse
BBaaaaaaaaaal Qcaa. Daptaaaa. and Caataaat waaa
"As it in ini[M?HSil.|<' to leave the town, ami this
a? titiii was loiight, or at any rate begun, at some dis
Ui.ee ratable the fortification?, I cannot pretend to
five you the BOaaaB-t of an eye-witne???, nor a com?
plete account at all. The above details are chiefly
trat her?.! fr,,*-, ?Iii?1??/? ?Miming into town after the
-Kht w_b over. At the beginning I followed a troop
ul liusKan? a* far as permitted, and what I saw of the
fight ?wa* fr,?u a hill.nk <l?*?e by the walla. Pre
viousl>, I wa? Hf,tt4?l in a caf?'1 with some oflicera of
the biuaaar n*gitu?iit. A stall officer (?une to sum?
mon the r, (rinvent ; in live romutes it wa? in motion.
Ii halM -tx Ogg* _t lht, yfl-^ a),ov?>mentioi..??l.
'"' J **]** HiKaui ,l emA tvaring away to the
liont. I? ?, luw^. _uore tli(. ;u.tj.u.rv m ,Mjth Hi(1)W
liail ?overe?! tb,.,._,.,.,. VHlWy of tfje river> M weU M
tlie tttmmt viaibl?- a?r? lu froll, ftIld tll,. K,on,,ri be
>?ik?. w.th a thick, lund * Onoan, There waa BO
Unng to do but n, return to town.
"By h) oVWk i? the ?vernng a bulletin was
plaranledii.tl.srt^t.^i,,, ..,.,,. ?_? ^ ^.j
treat. ri?e Pm*,?, hu,M ,XUluM thre<i k
Ground .? ga.,.,1 i? ,.v,ry ,,,_?,. m , ft?^??
_*ybywb,).,!th.K??Uul umnntmtA (Weanwka
?aiiM; back laU-i fi?,ui \\,. ?, 1,1 ___.. ,?? , . .
a*a BU?, ii. 1(| Hiailitaitlffl tliil! li. -
lory rOOtai with the Fr,IKL, ,lia, ^ ,.ni^;a;ih ?^
..?n.gd.*1?..i?.i ?,,i ua, h(iavi!y wham lht.
1,.,?. h mtm aunnMnatiiil, ]ltt?e ?^^ ^ m
Ptummutx officer wh., had aaai tah,,, ,,tmmt, iU1(,
who rame into a ?rai?? <?, ,,ar?|? Wl,h a Kr,.I1(,,
-ii... i told a dliuent a\oxy, Batt toe, ? Yc-nmiahl
un?, r...i..iii.i md. ?ii*4.ieti?,ii. w,- aretaorathan
1(10.000 ?rtiong. You Ba-iil I* ,ri,MlWi. Am ,<( ,,?.
I?4_?tk, ?ou luei vvuj BBii way al ?tai, I? r we be
lieved Ibero wm oikly s division io front ol ne ; but
yon know what ?abe end waa.'
" It ia difficult to ?iiicetiiin even officers chaely, so
keen are yet the suspicions about spiee ; tod to ask
whether the French army had suffered a defeat
would be to expose myself to instant expulaon, or
woree. Henee I ean five you only auch partii-ularn
as are ?collected in the ways 1 have mentioned. As a
Frenchman, I believe ia the taeeest of French arms ; but
I know tot tehu the tdrauced ?dunns have withdrawn
aooiu under the wall* of the fortress.
"Thia morning, Monday, there were reports of
heavy art_ll?ary toward Thion ville ; but all Is again
quiet We only know that Sunday's conflict was
not decisive, and that another battle is imminent
The troop* are never at rest Manen vera to one
direction or another are going on constantly. Orders
have just been issued thal no civilian shall leave the
city on any pretext.
"Two shots from Fort St. Quentin have just
deinolishoil the hoad of the Thionville railway
bridge at Meta station. I am told that it was done
to cut off a detachment of ?500 Prussians encamped at
Moutigny, who attempted to cross the Moselle and
were ?seen from the fort? Moutigny is a mile and a
quarter distant from Met*. At 7 this morning two
Prussian cuiriwaiers entered that town; they were
followed by four others. Breakfast was served to
the six, and paid for. They promenaded the town
till 8 o'clock, and then withdrew, not only unnm
lested by anybody, but carrying off two prisoners?a
St Cyr pupil and one orderly. This will give you
some ulta of the ?l_w.ii and I..,Mucks of the Pnissian
" Last night we thought we heard the Prussians
.shouting victory, notwithstanding the defeat we
believe they suffered. But it ?Aoems nome of their
regiments King hymns nightly, with accompani
m ita from their military banda??'! custom they
have preserved from the battle of Leuthen. where
they advaiiied to th.- charge singing Luth? r's hymn.
Tiny follow it with hursaha. Wa heard them
" The Emperor and hi? staff, as well ae the Prince
Imperial, are at Longueville. As I write there
pusses a rloaed carriage (tscort?*?! by a picket of Hus?
sars in command of a Captain of the BtadL It con?
tains n Prussian envoy rccondncted to his owr, unes.
Our officers say that he brought a request for an
armistice, and admitted that the Prussian loss?*
were considerable ; but he did not tell his errand to
them or to me."
LOBaOB, Friday, Au?'. 19, 1?70
Tlie HiKM-iiil correspondent of Titi: Trihi ne ?it Ber?
lin writ.-s on Tuesday lltithi : "The encounter before
Metz on Sunday was an attack upon the reaj-jruard
of the French and the repulse of a sortie from the
fortress hy troops of the First East Prussian and
Seventh Westphalia army corps. The commanders
of the*? two army corps?Von Mant? ufTel and Von
Zastrow?having direcied the movements, it is prob?
able that the siege of Metz will begin at once. The
siege-train at Magdeburg has left for Franc? already,
on Saturday last, and ?ither siege artillery ia to
follow it Strasbourg, it is supposed, will be besieged
exclusively by South Germans, chiefly Baden troops.
An ?**trly surrender is, however, anticipated aft? r
the earnestness of the siege shall have been suffi?
ciently shown?not so in the ?wise of Metz.
french stwsn of tiif. battle?the i*soa
I'akis. Frilay, A)!?,. 19, 1870.
The Figaro to-day gives the following details of the
battle on Ktimlay:
H?lfet our anny, windi was about 2?0(),000 strong
vv. re paoatof Um M?eDc at that place on ano Miss,
The Prussians mail?' a mistake, and attacked about
?in hour too soon. Ike 00BBB .?1 I ?< OS l.a?iiniraulf and
de Jean were aide to face the enemy in about half an
hour from tin- lune tin-tirst attack was ma.le. The
Prussians had evidently a planet the fuiTiiications
of M?-1z, but which apparently did not conlain any
indicatioii of Fort St. Quentin, for in trying to avoid
lort St. Julien they mare.iel directly "toward Foti
St. Quentin, which, wh.-n tiny caine within e.-isv
raup.'.-, oposoi a very d. ?ti in tive fire on them,
lu their confusion the Prussians rc!re;ite?l, slid
?am?' within range of the gun? of Port St.
Julien, which also opened. mcrca-nig BSO loOO of the
enemy. The Prussians then attacked another point
of our position, which was defended hy only one
icL'iiii.iit c1 infantry, and a masked battery of tm
traillruKt*. The latter imm?diat' Iv uncovered, ami
made great havoc in Hie ranks of the Prussians. The
tiring ceased at 7. in the evening,hav inp lasted from
4 o'clock. \V. had ?il><>?it 1,000 killed and p? rhaps us
many wounded. The Prussians sent a flag of trine
deiii.TiidiiiL'an artni-tice for the purpose of burulu,
the dead. 1 li. y ikdmitO'd a loM <?f ftfiOO killed. 1 BO
armistice was refused. In this I,attie the First Corps
of the Prussians wins . oiiiiii.ui.le?! hy Gen. Mant? ntl? I.
a ml UM St vent h Cor** by Cmii! Zastrnvv. Th. v
had BOyOOO infantry. :.i.(??i i iv.ili.v. ??ml '.ii gun?.
T ? I ? ' I ?AM. I'RIt-OM'.R*- AN!? ?I. VEN ??I V? I AT?
TI 111 I?.
Ill it! is. IT,,lay. Aupr. H?. 1870.
The flaBBBBSaawBaSraf IBS citv has Ih? following dc
tails of (?.-ii. St.'iiitiii 1/ s iiiovi-iiieiits : "'Ihe (?.-ni ral
succeeded in engaging (he enemy while the latt.-r
was retreating from Metz in a sotitlu-ily dir? ? tion,
and obliged him to piiuse nt ?tr Am.ark. where, aj?
paoaahiai ?>u the left bank of the river.
Prince Frederick ('hail, s overtook the French
left on the H'.th. The Priin-e had the
Third Corps, which, although it had been
engaged at Sft.irl.ruck and Forbach. instantly at
i;ii kid the ciicmv in company with firm PWpnaejiFa
Fifth DiMHion. ami niainl.uiie.l its ground against a
mi(m um for? ?for six hour?, until the II a novel Corps,
with the Twi iitv-M-.oml and Twi-nt v'-fifth I?iv isinns.
arriv.??l IS the scene. The??- six divisions, nii.l.r
PltSsO Frederick Charles, r? pulsed the Third, Fourth,
BsSOSd, und Sixth Divisions of the French and the
liiijierial (iuard. The Prussians took '-'.um priauiers,
two eagles, and seven guns, luid .-oiistraiiied the
enemy to a rapid movement from the banks of the
Meus?* to the fortified city of Metz."
I'AKIS, IkMOfl -??.??? 19' 187(fc
The following news is made public this morning :
" General llEAoqi arter*. Aug. l8.?!, p. m.?In
the encounter of the H?th inst.. the corpa of (Jen. I.ad
mirault formed Ihe extreme right of the anny. A
battalion of the 73d Regiment of the line destroy?!
a Prussian regiment o? li-neer?, and took ita colors.
There have Ireen many brilliant cavalry charges, in
one of which (Jeu. I-eGraud was killed at the hoad
of his division, (?cn. Montaigii is missing. The
lYussian General* ?.s-niig and \V.?del wen killed,
and Gens. G roon ter and Von lion? h wee vsaadsd?
iTinee Albert of Prussia, couiiuandiiig the ?avaliv
was killed. Th?? follow in? muruing we wen? masters
of the jsisitioii previously OOBBBaSd by the enemy.
(Hi the morning <?i the 17th, sevaral combats with
the rear guard took pi?"? '-.tar GravalidUs. The
fnjieofthe enemy in the battle of the Iflth BBBJ bo
appnixiinately wtimai.d a. IVi.iasj mon. We have
not yet the exact tip/ur? s of our hisses."
The following additional fa? t* <>f Tuesday's conflict
hav?- Ixen um ? iv.tl :
"A battalion of the lesi Fiench K< giiii.nl of the line
dcst.royc?l a n-giiuent ol G.-rmaii lan?, rs, capturing
tl? ?i eaass, It is reported that Prince Albert ?-om?
ma,?ling the Prusaiau cavalry, was killed ??utnglit,
1 |?t this i? not confirm??! It la sm?I that the French
i force engaged aaaaasrsd UM* Yb>ro wa?, m vere
! rip?himg ..nth.? 17th neat GiTa.?il??tta. Tin Kmi'Mor
I Is still at Uh.ima I'll?- grouutl bttwecn MeU aud
Verdun has been the scene of ?-onstant carnage aiitrce
Paris, Friday, Aug. 19, ira
The following official dispatch from Marshal Ba
eain? haa l?een marie ?public :
Vkri.i'h, Aug. 17-?o'clock p. m.?This (Weiiiieeday)
?orniag Um anny of Prfaoe Frt**_ericM ?-burles com?
menced a sharp attack on tbe right of our position.
The oavalrjr division of Oen. Forton and the Bsotn?.
Corp?, under Oen. Frossard made a linn realstanoe. Tlie
divisions of another oorpa, which were in echelon to the
right and left of Rr-sonvllle, came np suroesstvely and
went into the action, which lMted until nightfall.
The enemy deployed <v*_sl(l?*riible forres ami mad?
repeated effort? to resume the oBenslYe,
which were vigorously repulsed. A fresh ??rjM xTxtrmUt
endeavored to turn our left. We have everywhere held
ear positions, and have Inflicted heavy losses on the
enemy. Our loss is serions, (len. Battaille waa
wounded. In the heat of the action, a regiment of
Uhlans charged on the staff of Basalne, and 30 of the
Marshal's escort were placed kort de eor?6_l. The
Captain commanding the escort was kille?l. At 8 o'clock
the enemy was driven back along hla entire line. It ia
estimate?-that 130/100 Prussian? were engaged."
Tlie (?auloit says the following particulars have
been communicated by an eye-witne?s belonging to
a regiment of chB?teurs :
"The Emperor left Mets with the advance guard,
Haliday iMt, for Verdun. On that day there waa a
bloody and protracted engagement The Prussian army
was repulsi-d liy our troops, and lost from 1?,000 to lS.ooo
men. Nearly all their cannon fell Into our hands. The
guns of Fort st. Quentin played an Important part
In this battle, and with terrible effect. On
Monday, about 9 o'clock in the morning, a detach?
ment of Ch?meur? d'Afrique was sent to reeonnoiter the
woods tn the neighborhood ?>f Mars Ia Tour. They suil
?li'i.ly ram?? npon three reglmeuts of Pru-slan infantry
and two batteries of artillery, which Immediately opened
fire. Col. (ialifet ordered inn men to charge; but at that
moment an order came from Bazaine to fall back on the
.owl and protect the passage of the Emperor, and the
? li.'iBM'iir?, returned ami encamped a little al.ov. Jan.;.
Almut . lu the afternoon the Emperor, who Intended to
sleep at Continus, paaaed over tho rou.?!, going
in the direction of Verdun, as at Conflaiia
several l'hlans had suddenly api?eared, and shot over the
road like a flash of lightning, ?mi .'aun?.ii thundered all
the evening from tho direction of EUin, and the roar of
the cannonade was ?till li. ard at S o'clock ... ni. At about
7 o'clock 35 UhlauB na*?*e<l the ?rump and disappeared In
the woutis, all trace?? of them being l??-t. On Tuesday the
Emperor arrived at Vertluu at noou. and left in a tram at
half-past 2. Two regiment? of chasseurs had
la-en ordered from Ch-Jons to watch the
woods and guard the railroad track. [The jxTSi.n
?tho eonmunn? aten these details belonged to tin?
detachment.] He met tlie train bearing the Emjieror at
Saint Meneuouid. With the Emperor uere M. Pietn and
Maa. Murat. It was reported that the I'rince Im-M-rlal
and Prince Nai?oleoii ?Ino accompanied him. The train
consist?'.! only of two third-<la*is cars for the panne n gers,
two for the hor?-?-?, and three baggage vans. It rearhed
Rheiins In the evening. At Verdun we could hear the
sound of the cannonade ?Miling from the direction of ft
Michel. At bi. Meuehould it was reported that Burle
Duc had bein otc u J. led by the PruB*>iau? Bitice 3 p. m.
Paris, Friday, Aug. 19,1870.
Tbe Figaro makes the following report o? the
idi.v ? ment?, and doings of tbe Emperor :
" On Tiiendav, the 16th, the Kiii|>< rar, who had not yet
h? ,inl of the battle of that day. received th?1 Mu. or and
Huit-Prefect of Verdun, unil .paka em otiragiiigly to them.
He was then accompanied hythe Prince Iin*>cri,il, but
was al.ii.'-t without escort. Ile wcut to the railway sta?
tion und demanded a train. Tlie otu. ers of the rua?! could
furnish only a thlnl-class < ar, and the Emperor ant-red
Hiern that lie wami.1 I..- ?-iiti-ll? ?1 with that. The Prin.-e
Iiii|kt?h1 n'.-'iii.d to l?e greatly fatigued. A locomotive
??rciedi .1 the train to UU tint the road was clear. The
n.-vi morning at du. light the Emperor reached Chalons."
Wlnle at Met/ ti.?- Emperor insued the following
order, which was priutcd and distributed among the
"Th< Prutr-ian* begin an action by putting forward a
?. mall force, but pla? nig heavy batterie* lielilnd th. m m
gUOi |M>BitioiiH. Tin y then form it line of BharpshiN.ters
who, under cover of woods, keep up a constant fire, and
gradually gain the flunk of their enemy. Whin the
hhiirpnlinoter? are well engaged, the Frisians put for?
ward strong bodies of troop?, who try to approach as
innr the hostile Line ne p...-eil.le unseen."
liai mg giv? n tb.?*??? ?letiiiis. tb?- Emperor concludes
by directing the ufiic-i. !?? imitate the tactics of tbe
Prussians. _
TIKS Ill.lM KHAN. !..
I/ONIK)*?, I'll.lay, Ain.-11-? 19, 1?*70.
Tlie following is tlie letter of the Pojn- to King
William proposing iiie.liation :
Yoi'? Ma.ikmty : In the pr.-?ctit grave I irenm
Htaii.esit 111.4\ appcaranunm.ua. thing tore<oive a
letter from nu : but, ;_- tin1 \n;ir on Earth of (J<r1
and aaaaa, l bbb-mI la laai than otmt my
mediation. It is my desire to witness the
cessation of warlike preparations, and to
stop the evils, their inevitable aaBBBfaBMaa.
My intubation is that of a sovereign whose small
dominion ex?Maa no jealousy and who inspire? c?.11
lidenee by the moral and religious influence he
personifies. May (Jod lend an ear la my w ir-ln??.. ami
listen also to thom? 1 form for your Majer-ty, to whom
I w?)iild is- aattad m Um basai of chant1,.
(iiveii at tlie Vatican, July JJ, UM, Firs.
A posts? ript atlds:
" I have written identically to the Eui** Tor.''
The King's r? ply is as follows :
"Mf>st angnst Font ill: I am not siirpri-ied. but
profoundly iiiove?l, at tiri' touching words traced by
your hand. They cause the voice of (?el and of
pe._ce t<? !?? beard. How could my heart refuse to
listen to so paw alfa! an ap-ieal. (,od witii.-eses that
millier I nor my p?*ople desired or provoked war.
Obeying the sa?'red duties winch (??m1 impastes on
sovereigns and nations, we take up the sword to de?
fend the independence and bon.it of our
country, ready to lay it down the moment
those treasures are aectire. If your Holi?
ness could offer me from him who bo
unexp<r*et**dl.v ?leclare?! war assurance1? of sincerely
?..?..iii. ?dispositions, ami guarantees against a similar
attempt upon the peace and tranquility of Europe,
it certainly will not be I who will refuse to receive
them from your venerable hands, united as I am
with you in bonds of Christian charity and sincere
friemlahip. _ WlUJUM."
Pahis, Friday, Aug. 10,1x70.
Tlie ('onttitutionufl, to-day, publishea an article
stating that Pans is a strongh??ld. The armed fono
m very great. Tb?' Admiralty has tM-uipped the forts,
whi? h have 1m? n armed rotnpletely. Enonuou?
?luanlil ?es of prov isionn have been stored in the city,
and much more is r?*_< bing here ?lady. Milla have
lately lawn erected her.? < BBB-kla of furnishing more
flour than the re_i?lent population could nae. Sun.?
of the heavi?*st dealers in grain have xyngngai n?
furnish all that is needed, without any reference to
the price, leaving that matter altogether to tho dis?
cretion of the Oovernnient. The journals eouipli
meut such evidem us of sine? re patriotism.
'lhere is intense eiciterrmnt and enihusianiii 1m
ti...*... ol tim nowa of repeal??! Fn-ich vittuii??. Tue
?"trrv.sU are full of pro,-e**iona, aad great crowds of
People are roaring the "M?Weillaiee," Kstwithetand
mg the great excitirment ?there hse been no disorder.
Gen. Ir.? hu held amsetlag this morning with the
officers who are to take pert in the defense of Paris,
at which all neeeeeary meosoree were sdopted. Gen.
Trecha has bia headqiiartora a? the Falya?e.
The LikrrU Bays orders hare besa given to cut
down the Roia de Bonloprne and Vinceunes, and adds
that the population of Paris need not be farmed, as
this ia merely ? aaooBBBBB precaution.
1'ARlS??OL'NT palikao oh twb RECENT
Pabis, Friday, Ang ia, tam
In the Corpa Logialiktif, last evening, like Count d?
Palikao, the Minuter of War, took the floor, and, in
reaponse to an inquiry, made an explanation relative
to the fact of Gem. Trecha being d-Mlared Governor
of Pam. The Government regarded it as a wise
movement, he sud, to confide the defense of the
city of Paris to a person eminently qualified to in?
crease the Bocurity of peace in the minds of the cit
i/cns. Gen. Tro? hu will be replaced in the command
of his corps. (The reeerre? were formerly under his
The Count de Palikao then informed the Corpo
that it was ceri ai n the Prniwians had mffered ssvere?ly
in the lato engagements. Their center had been es?
pecially crippled. They had tried to retreat to St.
Michael, but were not able to effect a junction with
the Prinr-6 Royal. The entire Regiment of White
Cuirassiers, under the command of Count Von Bis?
marck, was totally destroyed near rkhlettstadt. The
French peasants attacked a detachment of Prnssian
dragoons, and made them prisoners. The Count then
dwelt upon the fact that a dispatch from ..russels,
emanating from a Prussian source, made no mention
of those French victories. The remarks of the Minis?
ter were received enthusiastically by the Deputies.
|BY H-LMiftAi'll TO TUB TRlBl'NB ]
London, Friday, Aug. 11, 1870.
The special correspondent of The Thihcm* at the
boaaOjaOBSOB. of the Cmwh Prince ?ai it? ? on the
E-thmst: "Tlie more we gather of the details of
the battle of Worth, the more clearly does it appear
that there was no miracle about the affair-no sud?
den surprise as though a new weapon had b?-?n dis
?covered. From the villikger. in the rear of the field
I gather far more of the French movements than
can lie learned from the prisoners or the villagers on
the held itself.
" It w?mill neem that the Imperial commanders in
this quarter were altogether oiitmaneiivered hythe
Crown I'rince, and that whatever the merit? of the
n-spective small-arms, the t?ctica of the two armies
will not War comparison. ?Some say even now that
the ?-hasanpot is a better rifle than the necuMe-gun ;
but be that as it may, the French allowed themselves
to be bo placed as to have re?iiiired no common
amount of righting to save them at all. First we
hear of their blind confidence, and of their cries of
"?i Rerlin,' while they were-really in desperate
danger. Then came the news of the surprise at Wcis
HTilmrg, and of the death of Gen. Douay.
He was postod in a corner of the French territory,
with a mass of German troop? collected on both his
flanks, and waa much further from his supports than
prudence warranted in the fivce of such an enemy.
It can Batta l??i known whether the French com?
mander would have extricated his men with less
loss than they actually sustained had he lived to
din .t them, for he lal by oue of the first tlischarges
of artillery.
"Thus was a step gained by the Germans. They
had gallantly stormed the position at Weisw-nliurg
and had begun to -hatter the enemy in detail. Ma. -
.Million and Do Failly were now called on to act. The
former marched against the Crown Prince with his
whole corp? darin.1?-, and, as wa? believed among the
l-'iciich soldiers, expectaod Do Failly to support his
left in cae?- of a che? k. Here again wa.? the impetu?
ous over-conrJd.'ii.a which Fr? in limen are apt to
show. The second opportunity of meeting them in
d. tail wikri given to the Germans, and a bloody.battle
was the r. ?ult.
"The Prussians and Bavarians together far out?
numbered the corjm of Mac.Mahon. We may esti?
mate that tin? Ciovvn I'micc had at least half au
many again of disposable troops on Aug. (5 as his
opponents. I hav?- heard twelve to seven mentioned
a? the odds m the tight at Worth, and before Mac.Ma?
hon had BSSB bag engaged, he was send in if iiide?-<h
. ?imp t.? beg h? lp from De Failly. Tlie distance was
net great t<> Hit? he. and the messages must have
arrived in tim?, to bring the misled help, if only
evcr> thing had been in readiness. Hut here
again over conlidence ha?l prevailed. One French
con? VVi*', destroyed Is-foro the other cam?
to it? support. I have heard that on Sunday, the
day following the battle, a large force was ?rlsmt in
the nar of where MacMahon had fought. People
who saw it t.ll with wonder of the rush of the
hoOSSB army westward, and the advance of angry
anil almost incredulous troop* toward the front. It
was too late to renew the battle, too late to save
the tive regiment? which lay strewn over the fields
at Worth. The mon-fdtisperate their resistance, the
more tiny had Ims-ii slaughlered ; and at ihe last
there had hOSS a sort of pani,.
" Frenchmen are bad hands at retreating after a
defeat. It seem? certkiu that the fugitives from
Worth were in great disord?-r, even when passing
through villages ten mile? in the rear. The Corps <>f
I ?. Failly could only have sa?-rili?-e?l itself uselessly
when one.- MacMahon? soldiers hail been demoral
i/i ti. To have foiigh! a second battle of Worth
would have been to play into the hands of the
Crown Trine?, who would have lik?*d nothing bett? r
than b> engage the whole French army in detail and
lieat them consecutively. ' He is the better general
who ha? the largi-r force preaent in the nick of time.'
" Franc? is uot properly fortified for a war with
united Germany. These little places which hold a
few hundred men, and did well enough in old times,
are useless against modern ?arti?ery. There is, for
instance, an anci?-nt fortress among wood-covered
hills, a quaint, picture?<iue stronghold ol Alsace,
called'La Petite Pierre' [in the V?>sge? Mountains,
eight miles N.N.W. of Savenie). Once it wa? much
e?t?.-eme<l a? 0 cheek to an invader coming through
the V(-sges, but now it ia abandoned without firing a
shot. The black and white colors of Prussia wave
over the citadel, and a quantity of military store*
were captured therein. It was not ready for de?
fense when the Prussians came. The outer and
more important work was nnfini*b?*d. Therefore La
Petite Pierre was abandoned, to the irrest relief of
it? inhabitant?, who had f?i-ared destruotion, and the
Prussians quietly marched on. Now if a atrong fort,
say an iron-clad tower, had l>oen upon this hill, the
('roan Prince would have required heavy guns
against it. I do not mean to say that any mere fort
by a roadside would hinder the tienuan invasion, bnt j
this little fortress of La Petite Pierre, among it?
wood-covere?l hills, illustrativ two points of the
Frenchmen's unreadiness? the fort wa* ?.Id fash?
ioned ?id insufficient, and it wss not aiuipped for
?The ntoveiaent of troops is incessant, though no
one ia tohl whither they ??? to*0*, -?-O'? with each
advam* tri* Prussians bring forwas?! th.a, li.dd-post
and t!*ir imiilary tolegrapk A mure pvafeot ?igaiu
utuou it i* diihuilt to ima*-"*'* T*>*e tIil1??' ?* V?
visions creep like great serperits <?v*r the .-ouutrv.
Tlir- ikutiv?, detachments of telcgreph-mti_! puah on
with thur light Doha eel np st intervals, and their |
?lowly decreasing coil of wtra, while th? fteW V***t
offtce bringa letters to the ?i-ffweut ?ti-r-dons from
side to side for many a mile. The whole country is
on the move, A regiment of cayalry goes by with
infinite jingling of harness and clattering of lioofa.
Now the bayoneta of the infantry shine oat among
the treea or there ia an interminable train of guns
dragged past. I fancy that the villagers ar? simply
astounded at what they see, and imagine that all
Germany is upon them.
"The soldiers, laughing, tell of the other two
gnat annie*, whick ?are invading France. The
Fatherland is quite safe. The war baa searc-ely
troubled a single Herman y i llago?not ona in this
part of the Une?and rain aa it may, the men ?are
thoroughly ehe?*rful."
|A pmrU** at Um f??!i?wi?K iutpttrb efpeerri ia ?at tammi *_!_??
T?Mt*ni?; J
Pas is, Thursday, Aug. 19, ism
Urdmond About ?h-r-jilies the sceuea after tb? bat?
tle of Worth as follow? :
" One ?em solid regiment?, who proudly retreat,
while a few bad soldiers, disbanded, lost, demoral?
ized, and disarmed, throw themselves deeperat4*ly
into each by-path. I armed just in time to stop
three wretched Turcos, mounted on artillery
horse?, a? they were entering an old quarry
with the hope of making a short cut from the fleld
Oar artillery must have been roughly used, so many
r,lissons paita along the road without guns. But here
conic one or two regiments of the line quite linn, tol?
erably complete in numbers, rifle on shoulder, and
knapsack on back. Behind them Marshal Mc
Mahou, ??aim, dignified, almost smiling, and fresh
tux a rose. I salute him as he passes. He responds
without noticing me. One of bia aida, M. d'Altac,
name? me. Then the old hero stops, and tells me
quite simply the story of his defeat, thoa: 'I had
only 3.5,000 men, and I found LW.OOO in front of me.
We have given way before numbers. They
havo kill?*d or wounded about 5,000 men.
But we shall havo our revenge. Explain this to
the public. But where an? you going in that direc?
tion V ' To Savenie,' I reply. ' You will ho cap?
tured. The Prussians will bo there iu two hours,"
says the General. 'I havo my wife and children
there,' I answer. ' dod preserve you. Do not fail
to say that the morale of tho troop?, i? exc?:llent."
We shake hands.
" 1 exchange a few pleasant words with M. d'Alza?,
and I search vainly in the ranks of the staff a? it
move? on for the laughing and kindly face of M. de
Vogue, ofbcer of 4irdnance. This line young
man, fidl of promi??-?, was killed by a luillet
through the forehead, and (Jen. Colson
with a bullet through the heart. Both of
them were struck down by the ?ide of the Marshal,
who was r?v?kl?r*_B of his Ufe. I-ast com?*? a regiment
of Turcos, the moat complete and tinest of tho three
These fellows have not thrown away their
knapsacks nor their arms. One of the first
conns out of the ranks and clasp? me
around the neck. It is Albert Dury, a
fellow journalist, and the excellent fellow begins by
telling me : I have been to your house; it is empty.
All your people are safe but you. I, as you see
am firm aa a post. Oh, my poor friends!
What a disaster. We will repair it, though.
He runs off and disappears in the motley crowd of
his com au les. A little further on I saw a civilian
dressed in a short coat of grey velvet, who marches
like au officer between two ?impunies of the line.
It is M. (?uildran, the artist of the Illxutration, an
old friend of the day before yesterday. Ile carries hi?
portefolio across his back, and to-morrow morning
at Pfazbiirg he will, no doubt, make a sketch of this
shameful retreat.
"At the gates of the Faverne the panic stricken are
flyingalong the railway orare hitling in the gardens;
but some gootl regiments of the line are tramping in
Btei?s through the street?. Their passage, calm and
courageous, is not over before 11 o'clock at night.
These last lielong to the Fifth Corps. They rea4?h?*d
Kei.'hahofien too late to give battle. I thnl the little
town a prey to a panic really fabulous. Marshal
MacMahon arrived there on Saturday night at 11
o'clock, followe?! hythe remains of his army, and
preceded by a swann of breathless fugitive?. In
the twinkling of an eye ?Saverne saw itself
filled with the First C.>n>s, which the fi>e
luckily believed to havo retired upon
Bit? he. Tiley mt-rim*?! together where they could?
those mo?<t fortunate, in the houses of th. ir towns?
men; those who had brought away their knaps;u ks
and cuuip e?-uipage, under their tenta; many upon
the pavements ami in the fields under heaven's can?
opy. The night was passed in iVrror. If the enemy
had known how to profit by the opportunity, he
might have made 10,000 or IS, 000 prisoners at one
blow. The population was only half reassured by
the presence of troops broken down, starve?!, and
discomlited. ?Some families got off by the mail train
at midday, tbe last that went from Strasburg."
Yesterday (?-?linday, the 7th August), at 6 oYlock,
upon I know not what false alarm?perhaps only be?
cause three or f?>nr scouts of the enemy were an?
nounced on the side of Steinburg-?tho Duke ?le
Magenta caused the " Generate" to be iVaten, and
Sa vi me thought itself lost, while officers and soldiers
threw themselves pell-mell upon tho Pfal/l.urg road.
Tlin-e-fourths of the people went oft' wildly toward
the neighboring forests. A sail example was s?>t by
the gen? tJamtejt an?l the ?argent de ville. The
townsfolk closed their shops and piled np their fur?
niture upon carts. ?Some of the farmers drove their
cnttie katoa them, as in tho time of Abraham.
There were incredible accumulations, formed both of
men and animals, in the bon??1? of the fort??ters and
in the ruins of the old castles.
This morning all is calm in the town; or, to speak
more accurately, all is deail there?. Th?? invasion is
<???'?< ? t?-d from ??ni1 moment to another, and noone
dreams of defense against the 150,000 men of the
Prince Royd. The Mayor invite? the baker?? and
botaban ta reopen their shops. A few ?levoteil men
and some brave women divide themselves between
tara ambulances, oi which one is at the Hospital
and the other at the Asile lmp?rial. There remain
only 60 woundetl or so. One hundred and sixty have
been sent on to ?Saarhi-rg. Alnnstt all the Zouaves
and Turcos made their escape last night, fearing to
l?e murdered by the Prussians. How they have
l?een able to drag themselvce as far as Pfalzburg,
being in such a state as they were in, 1 scarcely
know. They must have stolen horses and carriage?.
Mine was retoveml this morning, at ti o'clock, per
fc? tly sound, from half-a-dozen stragglers, who hail
r.pla?<<1 the trace? with turbans unrolled.
1'AUin, Friday. Aag. IB, 1870.
The Gi mian? of the Northern State? of the Confed?
eration, who have been expelled from Frame, will
go to Belgium, and those of the Southern State? to
Switzerland. The Federal Council of the latt?r
country has ordered that German-speaking Commis
saries ?hall be stationed at Geneva, V ?miers, and
Neufchatel in order to assist the Germans arriving
th. n- w i;hoot means. The (roverniueut of the Ger?
man State? promises to refund to Switzerland all
expenses incurre?! in the relief of the ref tige??. Ger?
mans who can procure French citizens as suretu-s
axe permitted to leave their wive? and ? Inldren in
Frauee. _
Lour-on. Friday, Aug. r?, urra
The German-Hungarian Monthly gives turtixar I
reiveUtinus of the French policy toward Pnisa?a?u4l ? '
the North (?trinan Confederation, namely : Ceri an? [ ?<!
-?-??-?.?it mm- made at Salzburg in 1807 by Napoleon j J
lol'fiii.t Vii) Reust. Aiistri.it. I run.? Mu.isur. Th? j i
ftoo Fa-rib Ftige. ' '
Washuk.t?,*?. Pri'lay. Au**, u. ist?.
The latest r-mrvr here in regard to th* Ens-ltah M ?a?...a
is that ex-Senator Wade has been tend?ered the x* mitton
of Secretary of the Interior, and that Secretary Coi ?ill
be wat Minister to England.
Mr. Webb of New-York has informed the PoeV-fSVs
Department that lu? ha* decided M a t?u*n,e?a rij-rt
inr-iit to send bis steamship, the Guiding Btar, on a '?if.
to Havre on Tuesday next, and offering to carry tb* U.
8. mail*. TV) Po*tm*st*r-G?..er*l has replied, saying
that h* has no authorltv to give any subsidy, but Hal
the regular Inland and ara rates of postage WIU La
*ll??w?-d Mr. Webb lor tbr service. He ha* la IBM ?d4
directed the Poatinaster at New-York to Bake np a let?
t?r and newspaper mall for the Guiding Star OB T .e*<i?y.
If the ventare ia auccessfu!, the trips will I*- regularly
continued every week.
It Is asacrtedby the Treasury officials that a ?l<M"uB_ent
wUl soon be issued showing that the expeusea for tha
}?.?r uni, for the civil nerrin- of the Uovernmeul, will Be
|ib,0(?AT?tJ0O les* than for the previous year
Monsieur lie.rtheray, Kreu'-ti Miolster, lia* not ti?**? em*
fined to his tied hy chotara rnorbus. Th* Kit-m-h I. gatum
aae In ttood humor but have no news. B*rou iien.it and
the Prussian Iasgntlon are confident, as usual, but u.ikti
no new facts publie.
Mr. Rurltrtird, Controller of the Curretiry, r..t,?<>o??
plates to change the entire'pr-.ntlng of the national . ?r
reney, owing to the many (?ucoe.sfiil counterfeit* that
are gotten out. The recent issues of the ten-dollar and
twenty-dollar note* are calculated to deceive esperta,
and will prove a prreat l<>ss to the general pul.it? New
and Improved plans of printing-ink, ex., will be consid?
ered by Mr. Hurlburd.
In the case of a recent sef.ure by the Government ol
tobacco in . harlestou, 8. C, the sum of git .1 wm real'
lzed by the sale ; of this, til) went as fees to the ittUin? y,
I? 15 to the clerks, and li to the I . ?. Marsiiu!, BBBS Bg i?
centa to the Government.
R? furn? of the eensus are now r? a? Ling the H?,p. rm
tendent'? Office very rapidly. The report? of ?th? ? minier,
allon lu nearly the whole of Ka sa? were received to?
day, and the United States Mar-lial at Han Francis.? r? -
port? that be expeeta by tlie 1st of r>cptcmt>er to hav?
??.iielii.l?-?l tlie entire enumeration of ? ?lift,ml*. Hi? r?
nirns from tlie Southern States sre slow in aaaBBBBj N ,
and the marslials coin ulam thal ??.iiie ilit?cu. tv la ?X|w
rieu, ed in obtaining information from the < oi<m-?l is i?
pie, owing to tlie Inability of ?great Dumber* of tin m
who live in the Interior countl? ? to give .-?.rriit n ?
?lum??-? to the (?ueationa propounded by the reiiaua i-f
Already the returns Indicate vast increases In Hie pop?
ulation of the ?Ttle? around New-York. Although BJ. w?
York lt*?-lf shows an absolute Increase, there 1. pro?s rtioi.
atoiy no similarity to the lum-ase noted in Brooklyn, ?i
many of the cities surrounding it, and in many <>f thoa?
contiguous to the gr.-ht ctiuta-r of trade and capita?
rienator Cole is in towu to-day, and has been in .??iisiil
tlon with the Controller of the Currency relative io tia
organ I r_at i on of cold banka on the Pactfl?' Coin-t mulei
the new a?-t. Henator (Jassc.rly has recently wr?t'.??ii U
the Controller on the same sutijert.
Maracaibo. July 22.?A dcterniincl . ?.urn?
has lately Is-en adopted at I-Aguaj.ru by . ..iiiiuand? r B>
Knorr of tlie Nortli Gennan gunboat Meteor. In olie
di.'tiee f" the dictate? of the In pi ..in ail? ? >?i p? .,i? .. ? an as.
lu compliance with the order of (i?-n. Her'landet, win *
at present at the head of afluir?, n tho intu.e ?it ii?, v
nagas Government, tlie ports or Eatriiavm ni,?! |-<? i.?
I'al,? Ho were rix? ntly declared lu * ?lu!? ni nits kital. ,
and the Venetmelan man-of-war Maparari was or.ien-?t
to cruise near the mouth of the-e ports, and at all haz?
ards to maintain the t>l>.rk.nl. , -a lu.-li was render.?! BBBCa
eff?>a tive by the presence of a tlnet under Hie .< i,,ii,.u ?t
of Hernandez. At Ti o'cUs li m the morning ol M?. inn.
fl.e Maparari, while crnisioe n.-ar ?he eittain? ta? 1.a
k.Tiayi.1. righted a steam, r carrying the Preis h ,,? ?
_.?h? in?tuntly tired a ?oin for theatrasase Is lay la a?
?ti.ad of obeying the order the asaaaaei Boallaaad on,
iiiul aasesedad lu po-ttA-ipc mt" the tw.rt nf I-,?-,.?>ra.
BBS afterward preved tai Is* one Of the Fr? i??ii ?nail nat
of steamers. Very sik.ii after the M ?paran dia ??ver? ,1 ,t
steamer comiug out of I.aguav ra hav ing a lisp- ><t traes
at her foi-e-top. Till? proved t?. be the NT i ih ?.i unan
ptntsiat Meteor. Tin- tonend moved furwar?! t?> ti.? ? t
her, und when Within ballin?- dUlalice a boal vait?. I??4t
ered fn?m the Meteor, and an oilier from her roast <>a
board the Maparari beasBBJ a note cou? bed in tia tollow
ing terms:
Os B.,t?p TBS Mstsob Jalv I. I?.?
7Vj (Ar ('o?,?a?t?i?r<i/(?V Manor-net?tatt Iba?- tin- Ia .... i. ?->.
iV>i-m ?on thit 1 hay? reirit?<l poaiiiv? osier? fr?!?? t'e 1. [ ,,n. , ...,(. |
( aracai to prt.teet th? .?arta of ti) Bitten?, in the r eo?r?,. | ?SSI?_?.
ini/fr?m thu port with the eir?|iii.n ?if ?otti i???ia at aai ,,?ai. r ?he
Vearaurlan flag, tal u, repel la f?rre in. MSMM mail? ta, p r. ..n ?...
tr!l pit iD|f hrtwern porta ?.f th?.? Kepullir ?t,?na?-or liana, li ? |? ?.
In nilling Ibu eoiniiaii.i?aiiou I l*g '?? r.-.|n,-t rSS *,l, ??.?I li?
?auir t?, the rontr-anJ? ? of ?e-aa-li aHj.-iir i ..I. r .. cr r??- ???vu? ?. .
t? farol mt with t report ?if whatever ir_.lt?.in \,?, ia.sea Ihn?
Lb? ii.,n.,r to I.e. At, I IsswS Is?
On reading (be eztraordiBSrj no?.- of then n ii ..tal? r
of IBs Melees, ?Se officer in command of ti.
,l.-< lined coiiiiiiitting )iini??-lft<? a Wriltes ISplj i til hu
had communicated with Ins superior ottn er .,.,v
sent to4 oiniiiaiiili-r Knorr a v.-rhal answer, wh. ?.. boa*
ever, the Oerin.ili officer .!?!? !un-d .n ? eptinp.'. hi ' .1 Lil g
to tin- Meteor, the officer ni?>rted th? n? ?it ol
tcrvTew, ainl was lu i<iu*ei|Utu<?. Immediately ?lisp..uln <i
with the following u.?te:
O* B.IAHD THs S-rs?*ra Brrw* JJ? 1' 1 *.'.
Th th* ConUUmattr of th. J/ipvtrir,? Sin : A? yon ha ? .. I
te t.kr 1010 cooM.Uiativn ihr tcuoa oftie . - )<???
t?> ..,u m lu, 1 ar f!.-;? I Lere'e J-'I.r.. BBS ?. ??. i _ .?, ? at
ilenuii'i Ulai ??.a I? wer puai Ha? wti.n ?)?e la.ualei Lou
?itlierwiae 1 ahil? lake pian rsawi b) loree.
E Ki? na < . a?u?kr
In reply t<> this the Commander "i the Map..1.tri said
I that te would ImnaadlaOal* pro?sed ami report t?> 1 .a
clin f tlie aK-tion of th?- i>m,niau,t.-r of the North (.ern,au
?tea,lier, lilli lie pon t! v ely tefus'-.l to lower lils flap- ?at U*\
?-iii.it th?- Ma paran ?haul.! Ix-?mik wit li all,m I?. .1,1 is fur.
KM h a dastanlly act slsuuld be coniiuttted." This asas it
War? eotiviijed to tile M'iteor, vt !,?> iiiim?'?liat? i. ?i?an?'l
within gunshot of th? Maparari. and haulin? do ah (In
w hit?' flag uiade all preparation to attack her it. ? '. 1.
u..11..t? r ?f the Maparasi then ??'lit a txiat witt. .11. ntl.?. 1
to tin M? t?*f?r ?1? uiaudlug further explsostious. Ti.?
answer of ('?.iiiiiiaiKi.r K'n.?rr ?as peremptory, that the
MipMiiiri should U.tie th.?' uut-i? iiiiii.eili.it? Iv. an.)
that any ve?* : found Mis-kadiugtuat port wnui.l Is- ?un*
by him. He state* further, that the iiiU-re.ta? of ti.?
foreigners Ht I-apt-u?. ra wen- ?uffering sonTv'ifroin th? ? \
Istlnpi dlsturhaiiK-s. and his orders fr??tu tile Dipli.uiaiir
Corps were positive t?> break up any stttsiQIi?
l,h? ka?le. With this lntellipri-uce the Maparari
immediately ?left to r? port to ?nu. li? rn.n,,!? _, *i.i
once dlapa't? hed In? ><-?r<tary. Dr. lUuioii, Mont.:.a
Foanes, Col. Pedro Kspeiial, and C. Haiiulle. a li? ruiai ,
to Laguayra, with lti?tni,tloiis to pnilest agitui.t ?in I)
ita t ii.ii on the part of the Diplomatic ..ii p.?, and la rSMS
sent to the Commander of the Meteor that if tin ton.
in,iii,ter of the Meteor p??rsl?t4-d in the ?-ours? he bad in
du tt.-d, he, Gen. II? rnandez, ?ifould feel it in? utnls-M .,11
him to eoa?aeale all th,- propert) ?.f the ?.? nasas attaia
llisjurisdietii.il to lL?leliililf> llS ?lOVerument f??i tin .< i?
?e.|!ien. ?? of the .k ti,?li? of tile ? ouim.tndt I o' t,,< Ml U -1
in .>pi-.'slug lils ? fforts ta? ?iippr?--? the r- I? lliol .
Cincinnati, Aug. 19.?The Lik?r Coagnai
met at'.? ?>T l'K k this uiorniiipr. K? ?olilfwiis ,',. .inup' I
to t?. tlie duty of the Government to protect every iir?.?n? h
of honest Industry pursue.! I.y it? citizens, and that a.I
duties ?m ship t'Miilliip. materials should be removed. A
rr?*olution reeommendlng all organuatloii* of pn?k-< ti te
?MStK-iatlons to adopt the Eight-Hour ntl?- wa* also re?
ferred. The fourth and fifth n-solutiou* of the platform
were adopted. Au amendment to the sixth nwilutiou
that "the accumul?t? ,1 wealth of the nation, mint, is th?
result of ials.r.already performed, should lae taxed ona
irraduat.il hasls, so as to make th?- t.iirdei? of Umtion
be*r heaviest upon those who have secure?! (.. ti?, un-elt, ?
the lion's share of the fruit* of American toil." was pre?
sa n ted hy Mr. Coffin, and warm' v dis. ii?ae.l. Mr?, liai!.?
way favored the amendment, de?-i*nng that it rxpr***e?1
the views of the working women, who "?"?* alw*ye*l
the very i"?tt??in of the pvramid of ??prareasiou ti??t rtmt*
up-uii t_i?;la-K)r_-ia:c--ksik.ii-*i.'' Ptudlag tlie dlseusykiu the
Convention adjounit-tL
At Ui? tail? r-ti-on tessioa Sr. Coff* ?iibsf ituU' for t! ?
sixth resolution wa* lost aa?l the origintl ns-??luti..u
adopted. Thts resolution d?v-l*re? tha? tlte, bardeo of
taxation should mrt eijually on ^! ?lasse* aitd interest?,
and that the exemption of G??verniu?-?*l bnudt fn.m taxa?
tion wa? a violation of aiijuit pria? lp!????r Hie r< venue
law?. Thesevpnth ts-solulioB. ?le? la-'uf ?h-?l ? ? "?' ??
should m.Hlify the tarlft so as t? ?ulm t rre?t ihe i.e.-, ??.,
ries , f life, and leva dull?-* lor the re en? ou art.. *s . f
luxuiv.and on .?u.h uianufactsr.? ...? ?nu |tr. ?tuce,
wa?.hen taken up. ?Dd ?rft?.r,ll?*.issl<???n?mj.^??pt? <?.
Tile eighth re?-.1iil)?.B depre?-*tliiir the jrjsit of |..il.ll.?
lands to corporations, or theil? aai. t.. lnd?i?aial-. and m
lavor of l'iv-nurth?*?, ir*? of Cit in ?-juaaiitie? not ex
??edbkglS aT-rWI t?. artr*l ?-?leis. wa. S.a. ., ?p. muk
p?-ndlug the discossioa the Congress took a se.es?.
EvAVsviLi* Ind., Aug. 1?.?This alii ni.x.ii
slwuk _ o'cl*** ? ttorn of wind ?>nd rain, a? ?iiipaiur?!
?Kb llgbtnlag. prevailed In this viriulty. Th* milli i?li,d
?ter??!- o* a* Trtiirty Ia?U)?r?B Chureh wm blown daws,
nistu- a 1* th- Towy acb<uolhouse roof and ?ii? walls.
a.l?i:.| ?li?u*k'.'S (o th. alnou: t uf tl.OOt or BUtt). N??
.m-ni Ia* biSldtn*- waa hart. Juhu T?p?_lli. an old rill?
ara, while .(?.adln?, in hi? liarii .I, or wa* alrm _ lu iip-ti -
Inpi and klUe-sl. Tue ?ta epi? of tha Wni.itt ?t 4 lian li
rea struck, MMUklikg -J.? LI ?iaiiiUKe. Tit?? w-,<? i ??????
own, anti al III? wli-nl eei.ial t>o.tU ttei? ?-ronuue.!
a Bnight TowbsJUi * an. wa? siiuch ?uti imuu?*?!

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