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Vo-? XXX.N?-9,165?
man victory or VBUMOAT ?xiNkirmki?,
Thk. Tri bim. is the only neirftixtpcr in the
United Stales receiving full special ditputches from the
teal of tear, and Hilly represented by Special Corre
tfm,nilrnls with both ?"russian ami French armies, and al
tkt Unding eopiia's. Tuic Tmni \? dispatches hi
msed, in ?n imperfect form, by The ."tra- lark Herald.
Bi?.?/. Times, and San.
BAI-AI M I M-l \?"..1N?. TO (TT III*? W\T 4)fT
Of MIT/-111. II liLlTlM.l? Willi QBSAI
LOBMSI, Aug. .1, HIS,
A t< Ie<_.raiii from ilvrliu, which was received at the
Kiiibaasy (?f the North Gentian Confederation l.-it-e*
laol evi .?ii1-.-, aasaasaai tbut Marshal Baaataa, ol the
lu.ul <?f li"' Fr? nth troops, made h most loBpSOBSS I 1
lort, just .it iojISISl tliiR morning t<? ?u! his way
iin.?mili iii.- Piroaaaaa .Bullas. Ilao Bo was met in?
stantly hy the Prussian.-*., in irr.-at forre, an.l. aft? r
Ihn ' boan of -Wspoiato fightinc. repulsad with a
In ni? mi.?ni. loss t?. the Freneli. flaaolBtl was du vi u
lath? ? n-itl? f?,rti??.-. ?>f Mtt., willi his lulu groaUj
dai?iu ' ?I.
'IHK latf.st wau m:\vs at BBSLDf.
Tl!K 1 Hi Ni li VVII1IIV Till: KOiMTl It ATIONS AT
lil lil IN, Au?.. J! NiKill.
li is ofliii iliv stat?*.! tli ?I the only important news
T.?t tv. .1 n'.f. Itic :i. linn at l?.vnnv ill.- ia that the I
?en? li liiivc withdrawn all l?uir fun,-- i'llo the
1?,ruinations of M, i/.
KIM. vvilIIWl's DI8PATCS ' "MIIIMI !?? Till
li?'Vi? ill IV- 1 IA \ .K1?! S AM? MIT/ .'?? I -
i in? n the rsuniin
1*11:18. Au?. 21, 1870.
A ?orr. ?iH'ii.l, tit ,,f (lif Coitl u- dOOBBBBa. ftoin
u. lu. 1 , : Um r. id from Met,: t? '
?!:: . BBiod i?y t. is, sad lu ka :
itivt- that at VmtIiih t-.o BSWSBSd bosa hear.l of L.i
tn\ ;:?? 19th. Trie lu i!il?|ii:?rt T-s at Flinn
Fn-d? m k Charl) .- tv.re aeai St Mullel,. Ighl Isa
iron) V.tdun.
TelegtaaM ol Sa tur. lay moTtiinir have oalj just
Ixten re?a ivetl m l'ai:.? l.i.in tin- -?? ? n k1 Wai ?munni
Wo;/. The eon.lnc! of Marshal BBBBlaO BBWBIB aatj
KttiMst li WBI J?! vi'?i!?ly under
hUhkI thal he vvu? so Mlinu? ?1 a? I ? 1.? a'..h t.? mai. h
?iviliioiit opposition on Met/, or N.-nliin. OSBSBSS?
len? .1. uri.l :i??vv li? bmOBJ t,? he ina live. 1( IsqidfOB
19 hourn for a ?OOSBaS BO -BBS. IkIw. ?n him ??ixl
Mu, Million, ami theireoniniuiiicnti->ns ar?- freqii- ntly
ml? r-ujit?'I ?ill"'.*, ih.-r. I'll,- 1"). ni li 11<M'ii*i iu the
liii'll. of the IHk ??ain found tlieinsvlvck willmot
?tuiiiiiiiition. I'H'is BBS knows that IBS l'iu-sian
CaSSB n Fi ?n.. i?. at Vilry-h-I'i,iiK,ai?i\ urn! a liai, le
de.iiiveof the wat N hourly BBpOOlOd betS/BOB lum
and M.v-Mahon. _
'IHF FlM's.-l \N VK loin OF Uli R8DAT.
A TKIBl M. ( <>!.l;!.-I"'>V>I'.vr an EYE-Wl I \ I.-?- Of
nu km? .,'> ii\'i ii ; ?'nu: r.>?iii?>\> <?i nu
AKMII-? ~- .KTII.l.r.K. Il?i:.l.> Till PISSI
KB?.S( I! .'??ITIoN?IlE.l.Y ll?.,ITi\?. FOR
ShVKRAI. HOI i:*- I?? 1..1?C1-: lill ?EOOBD PO?
,i.i tli i. .itvi.; ." rai Ti?iii n i
iA>s,-,,s, katy U, ?-?' ?
The sp??! ti oaOlSSSOaiOaSl <>1 ItSS I mm M. al Hie
PniHM.lIi li? T?l?i nt? I?. send.-, the f..ll-.v. lui.' ?te. oliiit
<rf rhiirwlay's battle, wrilten the same SM*M on the
lieitl, foiwarded by messenger to S-iarbnu-k. and
BOBoUai L?.'.'i?l"ii tlieiue l?v I kfrssk "H Sunday
r\? nine :
"I he hattl. laafjU lo-day 'I'h-ii ?day. the Ittfc,
Ivv.ialJii iii? ha.ile ni ( ir.iv ii?.;,,- . h -?an at 10 in
fin- ni' ililli?.nu! hksl<-d till ufl'-i l?this evcniii?. Ililli
ii",n it wai an artilh-ry duel. The Fi.n?h lines
I. ittii sli.l.hul iilotii,' Um hill.- *SOTSriaf the Ivvo
r?a.l?h*a<liii?f basa M.tMo Vm.Iuh. havitn, OB ih.-ir
rii'ht think a fatiii-h"ii??\ ku w n 00 Li . QlsttS, with
a walle.) (rarden, held in tri?.it lofOO a sunk? n mad
thai lal aSaighl fraaa 0 io the <ei,t<rof
theil |>?imII"!1.
"On the Ii'Tidi hit. th.- I?..?-. 1 wound STSB the
?rest ??f a hill on which II eaithvvorks bad Ix-en
thrown up. Eight mitrailleuses, hesi.lt- arlilhry,
as-Bo aaalsd lo fianmond etecy aa**a*saea t?T this
?tioi,? ]?.?iti<?ii, and their ?runs swept the vall<-v
?reai-hing fi.un (.ravt-lotte easlward, hy which the
Pi ii.? Man? hud lo advance. Hehind this line of
BBBBBf ?h ft use lay the fort? S!. Qi.entin, malani.' the
pOOSiOB .??'lian-ally ?>:ie of iinprt-guohle -itienirth,
?ad<c_L|.l? ;?-ly ,.iuiL( ting lb.-Fi.-iij h nar,_
? lb? Boaitaaaal iii-?! h'Ul bvt'n.-Frussians wast?.
bV 000? "t ?iicFieii'li f.TTii'.' t ?ward M t/. (K.-npy
iiiL";; ?-,?. r t... ?I to Verdun, and Naohtaf
?'..i km i 'lain ,,f hill, kin? 1? -twe, n (.i-iivt l??l!<- and
Ib- i?-uli ?I lb?-atTillery ?(.nt.-st was
t<- ion.;, i titt it' m h !-? shan l ?n ih? ii m
van.? _ ' -'.huh aafi) hop ?1
h)'"v? i I? . - ti and driven b
At i inn ti?, Prussians were able t? push lui ward
II*? t an i .,. ii cb l'un- |ii.?\iii? uiiiihle to
1 Ila asi bird i ?<?Praoolaa 1rs Ha ftsaasai
luklteri. . ?I,.,; tit a?-,-, BOSS w11,' in |?o?;t ?,ii OB
oiih. i? ;. .,} (;iavel?.t(e. so that neither of the mads,
wh.. I, a-, ti,.,-,?,.-.) bsaaek Off t.? Verdun north and
?kouUi-w, ,t,.,?. BSOaaaq longer open 1?) the Fun. h
anny. * i?.srh?-?1 tiie iii Id just as this forward
?aoveiueiit ol lh. \'t ,- n? bad b.-cn a? ? ?minlished.
aaSOSSBBlaSa bsaOBSls?ai a good kiewof l?otb
*_***'??? BBS S BOB aapaaOBtal a glance that Hi
F"",h u*& okaaaj raUaaalaasi a line of asfaasi
laivaasB?siaaaaa i aaassa> a? well as ?trat? ?i< ally.
?'.??'??'?l^k!!,,. French batterie? ?overing the
raa?oarood baa. IhoBjartajosdaaal ass rflsoniil.
SMMilhePntH-ai-ans had ,j,Mn* mt j_r ilom tllo
??VHlfho?tli?.r,,,,- ? u mmmmm t(?. BVIBB hOSJSO at
M?lm?m?, a toksat Amms^mtmmt from Grsveloite.
Tw.-i.1y __BBSS lalrr (be Fren, h lire so
Slat-kened aiH tmavrrM that the _ftBH.ll
baasassa bbbj aasa mor?- bsbsb4 f??rw?,d. and
?***??? up a new pusi?'.u i? fIOI1t ?f Qh11IqIH
At-iji ti,. Praasao oaraarj araal laaa aaaMoa, Th.-y
*d?-u.,diuni.| ,__| )irr flimi ?ii, rioBia jaao
-I?, alta?! aaaiiiiide m OOBSaaBSMo fuite bv the
I bia..?, baaaso rsssli ?aadsaassai but ti?, v bbm
*? nm W,"*4?H mfatitiy BSaSOrt, a.al could uuik. ?o
?erKMis iinprcwi,,,, 0I1 _ )Kmi,hlI1 Ml? Iiahir?,||v
?troiiK and ?UTI held i? f(,rC( 1jV u), M ()f mp
"Hut usJf au hour hta? it beina now nearly four j
m tin' afternoon, ft portion of th?? third PniHuian
??orr??? had come upoti tlu? trrouml. The infantry refi?
tment.-, were fnnned rut fiutt na they caine into the po?
sition from wliich til?? Renou? attael, wa* to he di?
rected on what up-reared U) he the key of the
French lin.**?. At four the Thirty-thi rd Regi
ment of the Prussian line was launched infamst
the same posiiion which the mvalry had failed to
r< a? h. It monad forward with the utmost determi
natioi. ; hut iii.? French hy Uns time had reenfore?*<1
their defense? in?>re strongly than the Prussians hail
tl.cir i?tt,i? k. and they still outnumliero?! th? ir __*ba?1
ant* and stoadily maintained the second line which
Uley hail occupied.
"Am the diff?rent divisions of the Prussian army
??inn into paafcttaa they attacked forcihly, hut were
repeatedly driveu back with heavy loe?. The strug?
gle last?-?], with variing fortune.?? on different ??or
tinnsof the line?, until 8 o'clock. lT|i to that hour
the French li. Id their ground.
[Tb? ?!,<???? I. ?11 of ?bia ?tiapatrli that baa ruc! ?d 0. Bp to 3 u'rlwrk
i? n? Tb* rim.io In will lae pu!.I -h, i in ? |? -l?ei;?.t.)
LOBBOB, Aug. 21, 1S70.
King William's ?hsjiati h datad at ii, Thursday eve?
ning, was reteivtHl in ?London last mt.lit. It com
pl. t? ly confinns the Prussian accouuta of the pre?
vious hattle on Tuesday. Bazaine'? affirmation that
he rcniaiued munter of the ground may have heen
rrtrtl?, tnic, without din inishing the extent of the
ftanah diaaatar. What th<- Fren? h fought for, hoth
?.u Tuesday and Thui ,.l?y, was a chance to retreat.
It w as ?louhtf ul yesf.'i'lay whether Tuesday's hattle
might not beset u it .hem in poaaaaB_ea of tha north?
ernmost road teem Maia to Verdun, or in position
and for??- str??ng ?-nough to renew the struggle for a
paaaaan to Tardan. It no1 mt. rly beaten Tfeeadaj,
l?:i/ainc was la.niiitl lu iiTii'tv the battle mun.di u, ly
mik.' Prussian re?nfor. em. nts n.-ie huntly toiiiimr
Up, whil. to him BO flash stn nirth could arrive.
Nothing is ?nil loiiirer .luni.tlul. Instta.l of Ha
tit'xuo aTjftxng mu i- na,re to cut his way through, ii is
the Pn: -i i!is wlio n ? ?.liri ... . . MW< atlrick?.! the
l'i? m '?). r" ? (Ung Wiili.an, " .... ii pi in? a sin.,1
pot-tioH is.hI of Met/, and alter nine hours
li' liiiiii- <???m]'1< t? ly ?Iii- rit? ?I I ein. cut ntl'their com
nniiiii attona vith I'ii i-, ami di,,?,, ih.-m bat k u?i?iii
Matt." lank a blow li decisive, a? aa Tuesday the
French wer.- la. tag West and the PnaataBB Eaat
Prill.-?' l'i? .1? 11, k, ?-i? iiimet/. and the n ter* i?- andaa
King William hiuiseli iii- a. loss the ro.ul to Paris.
ulule i?.i v.. ?u tli? in iin<l that .ii', there is mdhing
beti ti ?sii laviea BoaagBnlaad, and the Garda Mobile
m hit b is inerc raw ina!? rial for BoldielB. And the
C-VWB Priii.? ii -till I?? bi bi-ard fmui. ... it. A
i-i-r\|.|| rii.iM kin?; william?A BATTU OB
SINK li?,I li- ? r.A/.tlS]'- ( ? ?MM INK M?OS
?IT oil.
io ni is-, Aug. 21. ir-70.
The laHoarinf ??i-i'.)i. h tioiu King William, datad
J.e/.onville. was rceciveil by tile QnBBfl yi-st? r.lav :
"The French army were w. ?t <?f Met/, th.-irpo-ition
\?-n str? ni'. Mi . ??mt..anil, after a combat of nine
hours, totally d.-f. at. ?1 tin- French army and int? r
i ob .1 their eoiimiiinieation with Palis aii?l iii ?>\ ??
them hack u>.i.ii Mit/.'*
Ati-Lgiani treal Point-a-Moiis-on. Aumist li. n
?mit- :
"Yeeteadaj th. Praaaiaoatbobahrilliaa! trietaty
iiinr tiravellotte. Um Ii.ti. Ii u?tc . xpcllcd lunn
. \ ?tv [xisii nui th. y In 1.1, thrown back upon Mata,
and confined to a narrow1 territory around that for?
tification. Thev are compb-tely tmt off from Paris.
The Twelfth Prussian Army ('nil's holds the rail wai s
from Metz to Thion\ ill?1. Th?1 faNBB-B loss.-hate
been hi a\ \ ."
Theie is great joy al Hamburg. Hirliii, and Fiank
?ort over the n cent Prussian vu tories. Illuinina
tioiis and procession? an the features of the o.ci?
si?n. At Frankfort the Auniicau C'oiit-.il wa? en?
thusiast i< ally cheered.
Tha Basan traeca) engaged in the hattle of Thurs?
day li.ii.lit all the alti-rnoon and met with eom
1.1. t" -u.c.aa, taking many prisoners. 'I he Sec?ml,
Third. ?Seventh. Kiglith, Ninth, and Twelfth Anny
1 nijas iiiid lln- Pnissiaii (?ii.nib bore the brunt of the
A dispat? li n ? ? i--1 ii f i oin Piuiit-a-Mouss.iii to-day
says Ftfiieb prleoneti eenllnae to pour into thai
place. On Sat uni.n niirlit 'J.OOfi privates and I?! ??__ic?-rH
arrivetl, and to-day nun.- soldiers and M ..flictis \m i?
broiiirht in, .'iinontr th?1 lati?T (?en. Plombin. Tlie
i loss of the French during the week cannot he less
than ao.OOO kille?!, wounded, anil missing. At Cour
? ill?-.?,. Yionville, and (iravellott?1. they are known to
have lost 15.fii.Kiin each battle, ?minding at the latter
platt lyM prisoners.
nanea orncuL nrOBn*?>*ooinit pai.ikao
Uti \< li vi? tory CLAIMED.
Paiiis, Aug. -I, 1870.
In the Carpa I.?|!?nl_?i? y?st?r?l:.y, the Count ?le
Palikao. Minister ol Wal. made the following stat?
mint :
"'1 hi I'm ?raus asseil that iii. y were victorious on
tin 1Mb. I ailinn the ?..ntrary. I han- eoinmuiii
eated a ?ii-pateh t.. -. vatal ?>f tha DapntieB showing
that thru Prussian anny (?ups united anil atta? k? ?I
Marshal I!.?/.ini< . '1 hey were MfaJaad und diiien
int.i the .|iiiiiii.e of Jai.inoul. My r?m ric about
this dispat? h will b?1 und?tsIim??!. 1 mci not m? ntiori
th?- suiiill advantage gainai BBS- Har-le-Duc. We
are von aetiiely ? oni|.leting 1h< fortilicatioii of
Pal is. In I f. w .lui s all n ill be af-sur. .1."
Ibiofli.ial lepoil? stat?' tlint Maislial Ha/.une.
Whaai retreat the Prusnians say they BBfB om*0juou\
is, on the ?-ontrary, in a position enahlint.' him to
s)i|?i?ort the Fren? li either at Met/ or Verdun, a? ? Uti j
mg t-4i circiiuiaUuK-eii?. He still keeps his plans and
movement? profoundly secret.
The Journal de? Debate Bays that, at the hattle re
hna?tahj Count Palikao in hie statement to the
Corps Let-whitif y?-st4*rday, one French regiment
I h?-l?l in c!)?*4rk the I*nns8ian force, thus enabling Mar?
shal bazaine to execute a flank movement and re?
pulse the enemy with great los4. It is also lapavtad
that later in the day the Marshal made a ki? un
r*4>rtai.t movement.
? Ai-ri li <?i pi Ai.ziu u?; hy nu. puissianr?
Lamm Aug. ii, ibto.
It is aimoiiiKid hete today that the tatuad
town of Pf-.l/bnn.'. in tha faaana, capitulated on
xhai I'uln.V to Iii?' W ni t. mlierg ? my. UM < aptme of
Ibis forti.-?. ii,.-ii!. s the e..iiimiii.i.Tili"ns )f the
Cn.wn Prim ?? a iib hi? ba-.s ..i BBppUaa
'I be Finpeioi ami Pith, e Imp? )ntl w.re certainly
at Ch?OM on Saturday. A cucuuntantial rc
irort o! his irioi.ui? .it ? strifes that he nu-s in th?
MlUft on that .la?, and mhiI.iI Hie ditler. nt <4?r|*.
The GcriiiauB eipellcd from Irani1- are arnviug iu
The ?hove map locates with elearncsa and con-ertnesa !
the th |ia uf the late hutt lea around Metz, and alda to
?BBS lutclligihlc the account? of the darlu?? operations
which have reault.-d in shutting the remnant of Man-hiil
Bazaine'? army up In the Fortress.>f Metz. We give below
a suiDiiiury uf these- several events.
rim.at's Bania aaaa um.
Ou the retreat Of the I-'rench left from -MartTiv V, after
the iii ti ,i ni Ma? Malini? Hiul Fr,,??.ir,l, the t t.rps, of the
latter (.), BBSataa (')), Ladiiiirault (i) and n.uirl-aiTay (?), !
vtire tone? ntraled liotwcen Ft an?? und l-'iiliiucuiont, '
cuv.Tin? Mot/. On the advance of the Prussian Center
Hii?l P.??ht Wtag the Fri iich withdrew Into the defense of
Metz (Aaf.lt). The Prussian Oeiiti-rhavin?? little later '
thrust It-? If hi tweet, the retrcatim? Mat Mahon and the '.
(toop? a! Met/, the new ,-,,inman,1er of the hill. r. Mar-hal
Ha/, ihn-, rci-nlvo! tO eva. nat, Metz. The retirement
besjas "ti su-i'My i,?- : ?,'?? -, .iii.-, i n, mai t aa ia. taatoi
I?.- ti.?.- l'liii-l-ii? m hen only tot half of Hu- l-'i.-iicli ?iriuy
hail . I??? ?, ,1 I he M ?.-elie TI,,- I't BSSOBB at flue .. Mackel.
Alter a BSVerC tlt'h' O.t?. -I. -iniiiet/ tiltil the PlTI?slill
Righi Wtag a.P .lined ??? fur ii? liell.i loi?, an nut woi k ,?f
Met/ ?uaiiliiiL' tie n,.rill ? BOtei I, appro,.? he?. A |s,rt|,'ti '
of l'une?- Fi-e.l.-rit k ? hal li - - itriii.v <?f the ?'.nor al-o
??iiru-il the Bal Sut ka ot horny, which coi ninan.! the
south-i-a?!., ii ?ppi ?-in he? iiiul the rail? in Uri,lire ?nut li of
M.i/. 1 Ia\ intr lOHt possession of this l,ri,l?i> tin? French
?I. .tint?.I It 1.1 two ?lint? from Fort St. I'uctititt. TI,ia
latter ?auk. Il.e .-iii? f ?I. fen??-of ti.? Iiti.li.-es at MM/ Bj
vi lil? li til?- ITetnh witt? ISHllBg, Wa? wcuri ly hei'l l?t
tin in. CikI.t ...ver i.f nlL'hl BBS Free, h et m tia'?',! (he
. it j , I? u\ ii,-, (len ('lilli,'.' tinier in . ?-nil,um,I with a lar**?.
L'ai iii. ?ti In this %l,i the l'rtl-Hlans ?/allied nota? tie.ti al- ',
t :iiitai.-i-?- th'-y -ntl. r."l e nun non? I v la killed and wound.al,
losiii?, it i? ?..Id, t"i, tin? s *m inaliy mel, ii? the Fren-'ll,
vtlio?,- h .?h waa li pi. lie. I at 1,000, Til'- "?I? e?of tin tl?llt,
howell r, wa? ?nilli .1. Toe Klein li led, ,1 wa? ih-luteil |
mm ,., I hfiii-, ,i'i?l the |'.??a!'e of the river Ht P"i,t A
MOBBOaa '?y a part of flu Pius-ian army of the OOSOM
wa? B4 i olnpli-hed.
tliiM.tl - lil I (m .,,!_. |\, y A| til |/.
Ill Hu-catii accniut? of th<- ei??a?eh,cnt? ii wa? !?
IM.rte.I fh at ii luit ? 1?- wa? f(iu?li! on Munday, \ 11 sr. li.
Hut BBBOtlsaOOaaSaSOBSfll t-sik place OB thai ?lay. The
Pius-lans nif.de a r-ccoiiiioli.-tuiec toM "f Met?, hut it
re?ull, ,1 oiilv m r,v, aim.' t" them that the main French
,?r n.v had cr?*?cd the Moselle ami h,i?l d< parted from
Mets. Our spc.-i.-il corr. BBSS.dent In Metz, writln? on
MoadS] ? r? i"'it''l " he ivy artillery lirln? toward Thion- '
ville." OST ?peeiiil Bl I.iix.-inl.iir?. imm?diat?-!.' north of ',
Tblonville, rejKirted ?t the same date " euiiiiotiadiii? in
the dire?!I'M of Metl." 1-ater ?llsjmlehes estahllsll that
tlie>-e muh,,1? of hattle tur,- merely those ot the r?'
I NBnaaBB-Bea anil.of the bombardment which pBBBB-aV I
tin pasriagc of the Moselle by the Pi-iisslau Eight Wing
at and north of Worny. On the same ?lay portions of
rrince Fredcrlil. Charle?'., army crossed the Moselle at
l'ont A Mousson, and advanced northward by liol/ , te
iiigagi' the ret? eating Tren? li.
On the iiioi iiiii'* of Aug. 16 the two annies met Betweea
Oraveli.tli- anil Don. ourt, and tUgtMP mints ensued tie
hrei n th.- eetpi Ban-dag til.- l'i? m i. itight at .jravciotto
and the Tlilnl and Hannit rinn Otxtp? of Punce ?"harles's
iir.n.t, and l.ettveen th?- Trench Ia ft at Doncourt and the
anny of .?.ii. V..ii MttBBBBB. TI. N lights were veiy
desperate In character. A battalion of French Infantry
destreved B Prundan reidmcnt of cavalry, taking its
seien, IhePimataa cavalry leader. Prince Albert of
, m |.),? ti of the Kln_*. was -lain. The Prussians
w.re it ? it'.? h.-P' reji-il-. ?1. A -m.i'l patt Of the French
arin.t tt ii- cut tilT. however, anil retu ed !" Meta. Inirmg
ti.?- ..Inlit ami n? \t morning th. Ti. uti liiirhl ? i1 h.lre?
ii i.in i.ri'a lett, rind f.',.. lud Mar- 11 Tmir.
? i banana. 1 bati?i at mu;- i ? ratra.
?it tl.i- potBl "ii the nmriniig of t'?- I'M. of Au'_ti?t th?'
liii'lit nf the Fun. h ?ir.nl' was attacked bj Mat*
I'tl.ti le.'.s ?Hint. Other uni fre-.li li..op-., iih.'.iiil' IT'?,a
Pont A HeweOB by THoncourt towar.l Miinhrulle ha?l
ontflanke?! the Prem h and now loterpoeed between tbetn
and t? rd ii n. ?i? ii I la/?ii ne ? lil ins I? ? have held his irr. n uni
on this il.n ,anil it i? i I. ai that w. ti nil i.ttaeks or the
Pru-siaim tv? le le pi li-ed Net ertti.Te?-. the lia file reunited
In the ii tiretiHTit of Bazaine from Marx lu Tour toward
Metr ?il1 uri. r-iiiiie p..iii?.n of lils Bl my I scaped from Von
?-(.Ililli, (/ toward IT,Un, but the inaln I?.d'.' It Is now
knoMii f? II !?,ie!. to ll./.iii\ Hie, and Hut. prepare.1 for
the till.ii ?tin
TIII?-K41'- nATTI I1 IT II' /< .Ml I I.K.
Th? p>?11 Ion. ho en hy I1a_uine.it Hil- |h.IhI ?-.I.-ci Ibol
M naturally ve i j -tmng. Hut nilli ti'." army ??f Freileil? k
?'hail. ? ad\ an' In- fruin Mars la T"iir In lils front, ?uni
that of Von Steinmetz on his flank and rear at Don. ?nut
MB p.'Hthill Wa-? tai ti? .lill unten.'.!... Afl.T' uti tUgntJ?
m. ni, which i.? nil .k '.'.nuit- out 11.?' -evfie.-t of theeor
er.ii ?on,ii,!-, th?' Fun. h w?r? beeten ead breed baal
upon V.i/. H.Te ti..-} will Ik- . ..m'M'll? ?I lo rt.ind I
?egX iii a f, ltr. s-ji.Hiily jiiiit i-ion. .1 ami itith an army
greatly dMiearteaad u\ th. r.-i.ii al their anepentc
ett.ii- ao*?? trains ?,r. .-.?ivail.t ,nl\ an. ?ni: from the
Khun, BBd Hie line-tin. nt Of M' t/ a).pears eiTf.iin.
Willi lia/ une llins penned tip ill tin foili.-s there
remains to iippone the onward man h Of Pi In? I IT??!? ri? k
William ..ni? ti.? M.,,ix?. es, a p. .1 men of MaeMahon, the
sixth i tup- .uni tin ii,?nie M?.!>;:?? Bl ? Ti.tloii?, and tin
. Iti/I II -..??III IS Bl Pali
Stn(t?art in 1hron?s. 'J heir tieaimen! and eondi- .
lion excite iatSBSe iiuli?nation. It is ?aid that
Prussia will ii-lalia!, -by o.a. tin? h-avicl loiitiibu
lion? iioiii Ib. Fien. h.
lill I'ltlIllUSf? Ml TINY 4)E THE ..ARDE
[BY TF.Lhi.'HAPIl T?) Till: TKiniXB.)
L'.M'ON, IBS -1, 1870.
T'a. ?p. dal coiT,'?l'??II<l.lit of TlIK TrHIIM at
flialoiiB w riles on Thurs.l.i.v 1Mb : Th, Knijieror
luis ai i iv .-?I. .Ma?Mahon and Caiiiota-rt OIOOllOBsra,
I-, the allair at L ?n?ueville on Sunday the Kmp<r?r j
narrowly OOSBJBed bein?killed or captured. It wa?
merely a reoonnoissance on th? PnooBBB side, bul a j
NoooBBBsaaaoa . "iniu.t? <i silk Isorodibls ?asriag
The Prussian?? pushed st rai?ht np lo ibe Jiii-x-nal
In iuhinarters. and their presence waslirst announced
by cannon shots The Prus-uan bullets were whist?
ling I'af,t the end B. BBS Lui's-roi's escort liefore they
could ?et <?n hoi-Heha-k, and nothing but Hie most
pre? lid?alo retreat saved bim. ??? ?
?' Yesterday there was almost a panic in ram]).
Dislant eannoLiiding was heard, or believed to BO
heanl in the forenoon. The Garde Mobile, who are J
imperte? lly <>i?.iiii/<d, and in?! half ann.'?I even ?
with infill.n w.a|M.iis. In?;iii deinaudiiig to be led
hack I.? l'ai is. Finally ?ven the ofticers joined in
the i.-?iu.-si. and presently a slaH'-?.1Ii.-i-r came rtiI
lt?i?ing tlirough the camps announcing that theil
tbmand had been ?granted; hut meantime thej are
esaatfaai to their barracks.
"Other troops are coming in, and all the wav
from ChAlons lo Mourmelnn " (a station about half
way on the railioail Loin Chalons to Keims,] " is a
line of camps.
-The inhabitants at Met/ arc already on short
rations of bread. Meal is, how? ver, plentiful, the
?artie from the whole .?.untry uround being diiven
iiiM.l? the enceinte."
A ?Wit..
LoM?o>(, Au?. .1,1810.
The special correspondent of Tub Trihi nk st
Paris writes on Fii'l.iv niL-ht. P.tlh : " The Emperor,
when at Chillona, waa hissed and hooted at by Hie
soldiery. Numerous letter? from Gardes Mobiles
mention this. We an- OB the eve ?if au abdication?
of course, io ?favor of Louis, v, iib the Km press as
1(. ?.nt. Then the ?us?a will come. Notiody Is lie vea
IBS dynasty can last bourgeonde, Grleaniats, work
itigineu, nor Kcpnbli. aim.
"The not at 1? Villctte occanioned the arrest ??I
nts im rsoiiH. Nin? t?en bave I?.-? n lilx*riil??d. The re
niaiiid. r at. in the military prison. The diurnes are
niveHtigated b\ civil, not militai-, auiborili... The
I militai.? tiihiinalmtutBthiseveiiiiii.. No d??uhl <?
! ,?ta that lhere is an exteii-ive se.r.t ?r?aniyaIion. of
?hi.blboM-amst.'lare hm ., small aeciioii. The
polic* h?v? discovered uumeious depo?iU>rie? ol
anns. Tvu-nty panana in i'?? way eonne. t??l with
the I.a Yill.ttc allair have been airc-tcd. The city
mi ai ins with Prtinsiau spies.
" The in? .??-ure*? against (?orman r?sident? impose
onerous duti?1? on the American I.c'/ation. tin* doors
of wlii.li are constantly besieged hy Ceiman appli
cants, and the street is blocked np.
"Palis is alieady amply victual.! for a two
nionths* ,-i.ge ; hut ii -i? gc cannot last a foitniirht."
Anotlit-r sis? ial correspondent writes from Paris
on the loth : "Than is _M>ea_BaBjaBBtlaB la saving
that wa ran tha rial al iwing starved ali.Tidy. Um
Stielt lecoiiiinenils private fami'it? s to lay in a ?-to. I?
.,I -.ali lli.lt. fish, flour, pie-eive.l Vegetables, |M)ta
t,? s, and puNe. You know already that the Hank
of Fian? ?? pajBneither gold nor silver: but now it
is piacticalh ?tii|>o.s-ilile to change a 1,009 Off B HO
liaiic note. As foi UM MT ?SO fraucs uotcs,my bankers
cannot get them foi tb.irown use."
A later dispatch from Paris says: "OuthelHth
th. Kmpcior visit? .1 several army coi ps at Chalons.
The soldiers clamored to bo led forward. Palikao
nth.Tally <L ni.-s the loport?1?! advantages al the Prus?
sians on the IHth inst. II?1 asserts that their tin??1
army cups wen- n puls. ?1 ?
PK.ill.AMlTlON' ISON OaaW. TII?>tlll'?A sIE.iK
Di TIIK lill EXPI'.iTK!)?THK < IT? PKO
Paris, Aug. 21,1870.
Oatt. Tioohu yesterday published a letter ex?
piai.lin.-' how he di-sires to aid the people. He says:
"Tilt ulea of maintaining ord? r by fon-e of the
bayon? t ami th? sword in Parla, win? h is mi .initiated and
gt-H n np t?. gri'-f, lill? me with honor anil disgust. Bl
maintenanceof ?rtlei bj th.> tax endam y of patriettm.
freely ezfeeeeei bp Wa auounmige ??f the evident ouugmt
of the ?-?.iii.iiv. tills me with hope ??ml serenity. Um ibis
j.Ml.l. lu l- ?int.mil"'- ?ii'1 I ? """?'I latte it alone, hut 1 eau
vtith Hi?' aul ?>f those havhiK ?incli sentiments. That is .
?i hat I term moral aid. The inoinent may arrive tv Inn ?
m.ilefri? tors, seeing u? defending the elly, will neck to
pillage. TI.??-*1 Hie honest must i-ei/.e. Tile error of j
allHoveiniiitiit-I li??" <-verkii?.wn 1? to . oii-id.r force
? the nllimii.e p.-wer. TI.?- ?>nlv ?I?? i-i?'' OUttm m the mo?
ment ol d.itigei l? mor.il for??"
T.?-?lav (?en. Tn? hu i?u*. <! XmX I .'I- wing :
"To the Saturnal lina,'I. li Ctr our.!' Mobile, to the
Troop?and Seamen at IAe lr y o' Pari?, lo all the
ixefetxdertof the Capital :
? In the midft of event? of the Mfhaal lini?.rtancc I
heve been appointed UoTemor. The h..n?.r i? great, the
Billi-IB- ideiM-ndun )?ur ptitnotiiiu. Should Parla
r* .objected U. a ?leg41, never wa* Hu n a mure axttnx
ncr-i.t opportunltr to Prov? to the world that lonK pros?
perity baa not effeminated tie country. You have htetore
routhe example of an arm, which has f??i.__tone t*alu.t
three 1 heir heroic Btnig?le compel?, the aduiirulmi. of
?II Hl.owhy vo?ir..?ii?ln?i (bul t.?ti have the feeling of
tb,' profound rcsiHintlbllity reatli g afBfl ?ou."
Tin* c.pital ha*, been siippli.-l with .u immeuae
nii'.niil.i ?f provisions ami numil ions of war ?luriug
the pa-t tWO w.eks, and could now stand a siege for
.u Tr.,, , ..min i w iib which the (?overn
MX months. In.? rapuinj win.
' ?,c,th:.??_?.utn.ili.?'<l stores is vvoii.lerf.il, n..r.l.K*s
1 its activity dimmish. The stock of ammunition and
' fiKsl is h.iurly hMMBBBB?
Th. QaUaOm relates that when the Ftiira-ror ottered
I le Troche ihe ijBIB.lia.BBJp at Peris and ?-?mimend
1 ?f the for. 'I b? le. the aamOt stipul?t??! that t,e must
I x\\ txtu t.. a? I as h- tamngSa xftnynt he must he
IgAmmluAule aaoont-aDad. "G.ral, lepHod he
! Empero.. " 1 collude to >?ni the salety.?itl.c...|?.t..l;
Aim? .he ?'.'miiian.!'- lath H? publican and
? ?Zl* :.3 r*** S* ht Ha i.,.i?.
< ,?.,.,|, n? e and fiTiiiii?'?*
i Ihe et.iteinent.if the people of Pan. laut nigl.t
! at not r.eeivina news from the anny was e_.i....e.
i Whmt the ?v.mug journals _|1?W?, ? row.ls f.night
| foi the Hret u.imbere- Tbrir report of the .tateineut
made in Hie Corps I/gislatif was read aloud t<> the
eager crowds, and wildly cheered. Compact ma??-?
of people remain,.,! under the window s of the differ
ent minist rit? awaiting official bulletins, none hav?
ing appeared for two days.
The grave rumors circulated in this city on Friday
concerning the Kmporor's health are unfounded.
It is now assured ?that the forests of Boulogne and
Vin.-ennes will only be cut down in cas?- of the losa
of a battle in Champagne, which will render the
march on Paria possible by the enemy. The Count
de Falikao decided on this in the Council of Minis?
ter? to da v.
The bullion at the Hank has decreased 120,0o.,,,??,
francs during the past week. This heavy decrease
is occayuotuxl by the Hank'? purchasing Treasury
bouda for the payment of the army, which will re
qt?re M,?jtX!,O?O francs per month. The notes of tue
? Hank of France are now at five Der cent, discount.
The Minister of the Interior has issued an older
that the public must not under any eircuuistaucee
mount upon the ramparts, or inspect the works of
; defenm? under the penalty of a trial by a Conn, ii of
War. At Cherbourg civilian*, are not permitted Is
. enter the arsenals, forts, or navy-yard?) even under
the escort of an officer.
Admiral BBaBOBBBB* has addressed a proclamation
to the sailoTBand marines ebikr?ed with Hie defense
of the forts at l'aria. Ho says that they inusl In?
here what they were at Sebastopol, where their oaf?
v i.es were so great.
Paris, Aug. 21. vno.
In the Corps L?gislatif, y.-htenlay, Deputies Haiii
betta and Picard called the attention of the Gov?
ernment to the necessity of speedily conipl.-tin? the
armament of the Garde Nationale at Faris. Gamier
"ages also complained of the ?Inlay in naming com?
petent olli.ror? for the Garde. M. Chevreau, the Min?
ister of the Interior, said that he could give the most
satisfactory replies to the suggestions of the mem?
bers. On the loth inst. there wen? but 34,00? men
enrolled in Hie G artie ; now lhere were M.noo, and in
a few days there would be 00,000. M. Clu-v u-aii oloS
gave olhei? expl;marions ,?l the pn-paralions for the
?1? feiise ol' Paria vv hieb were rOCOivod vvi'.li ?na?
?satisfaction. _
SORTIE II0.VI SI ,;A-.|i?)l !((.? THE E M PER??!!
P.VItls, Au:.'. ?? ??7?'.
It is oiii.iall.v Tt-p??i t. ?i hero thal Mm-hal Baaotao
has ?I. ?i? 1??< 1 to r.uii.iii i?, ?li/, bal iii vvlui rOBOOB
is not ?tut? ?1.
l'riv.ite lett.is ti--?si rib?- th ? i-oiidm t of Marshal
j Caiirob? it, vtlu? took part in the battle of Doncourt,
! as lu-roi, in tin-e\ti'Tiie. During His entire day lu?
pia.-, ii himself in the forward lines, and personally I
headi'd Hu-?har?.-? of his troops. His Aid-<I?-( 'amp, j
t 'iiminiiiiiliint Hos.scnurd, had au arm shot off while I
by Hu- Marshal's aids.
Advices from Hu- little (own of Fort-ii-Mousaou
lepreaenl that the Prussians continue to make ex
horhitant re,|iii,siti,?iis. Tlu-y endeavor there to
make IflBO inhabitants feed 1.10,04>0 troop?. The jour?
nals ,1,-ina,ni that energetic rSfriOSlO he made hy the
Haiti?- deet for Stott exaction?.
A report frota Mulh?.ua?- states that the garrison of
Strasbourg mad?* another sortie, surprising the baa
siegers, and killing or capturing a considerable num?
l! is positively denied (bat tim F.inia-ror is at
Ii'litiiii?. bal it la kB0O*B that preparations have la-en
mud.- there to receive him. PrtaeO Napoleon bac
again ?on?' to the camp al Chalons.
Tin- irial of Hie rhilers of the Bonlcvuid de la
Villette i oinme'ii-ed vectenlay before a < ?uiit-inar
tial. It is now reported that Prince (fapoleoa lia?
?one to Iialv ?ni OB iui'Miilaut mission. Ile paaosd
lbron?li Um city yesterday. Another sei/.ure of
linns was made here last night, and there are indica
tionstliat a great conspiracy a?ainst the Ktnpire has
been discovered. The Preise says Hen. Troehu baa
r.ini'ved Hu- Interdi? lion on th. journals Reuil. Lap
pel and (loche.
The Fr. nell War Otliee forbids Hie publication of
any war dispatch?*., tiulet?. 8??ned by Marshal Ba
zaine. The prohibition extends even to Hie l.ui
peror's dispatches.
A ?It puty t.. ?he Corpa L?gislatif to-day announced
lo persons collected near ibe Chamber that the
Pt*aoaiaaa bad oatorsd Cbatilloii-stir-Murne, M miles
W. N. W. ofChflh.ns.
A number of Prussians were seen near Sainte
Mini.?au-.-Min? s. It wau alt?) discovered that the
e'leinv bad ii"! laid sie?re to Si-hh-ttHta.lt (liol ween
Mullion?, and Strasbourg), au liad been reported.
1 h? Countess ?1? M.uitijo, in Madrid, has received
a telegram from I he Kmprcss Eugenie, in which she
professes to lu? resigned to any fate which may befall
her. Tlie Regent Serrano has telegraphed to Faris,
offering the Batposao sh.-lt.-r. Seventy li.uvy eaaaa
arrived here last w?-ek from Paris, addressed to the
Countess de Montijo.
Gen. Bailallie, wouuded at Gravellolte, is rap?
idly recovering. Large Ihk?.-.s of troops, in line
order, pass through Fans day and night, on their
way to the front.
The council of war summoned to ?try the perpe?
trators of the outrage on the Boulevard de la Vil
1. tie has terminated ii? labors. Ilrent, the ring?
leader, is sentenced to death, and Robedat and Hu?
bert to ten years* imprisonment at hard labor. Two
of the accused weie a? quitted.
s. 1.1 ?1ER:. STL'li VINO FRENCH.
Paris, Aug. 21, is:u.
Li Figaro ?i-wits that the camp at Chalons has been
broken np, and lhat the tr?a?|m lal.-lv there must
now 1m> close to the corps of the Prince Royal. If so,
Hu- Prussians now have around them Marshal Ba?
zaine, with his tetas mas?Hsl in and almut Metz, on
the one hand, and Marshal Ma? Million, willi his own
cori?? and the large force which waa at Chalons, on
the other. Ia: 1'ablir naya that the statement of Le
Figaro is correct, und lhat the decisive battle i? im
min.-ut. Ia Public adds: "All rumors of Marshal
Ha/.aiiie s bein? surrounded are false. Aa the result
of the fighting for the past three days, be ha?
.hanged his plans, as events will soon show.''
The Paris journals report that each German soldier
canlol with him in the campaign a little book, con
titiiiiug simple French and German phrstia?, such as
are needed to couvert?* with the country peuple. All '
the Herman ofti. ere have the most detailed map? of
the French Territory.
The Constitutionnel, iu its issue of yesterday, says :
Our rever??? at Oral surprised and frightened us. We
' ?t.rted for victory too n 'Huntly. We have received ?
ha ni I? ?eon; we hu ve found the eut-ray more powerful
? than we cM<e? ted, and ourselves not a? ready sr. we
; w? re taught t?? believe. The evil is not without remedy.
We BOBS mistaken at lli.-l; but we ?hall use ?II our
in,-ans now, under the painful experience we
I have re .It/.?-?!, tu ?n??einlilo tur for? tv? and
repair our faull?. If any consolation lie p.a
?il'lc In our reverses I! la the thought bow
gi .at the poad our brave and linja-tunus army would
lian-run li.ol we luvu'h-l. Win re would we now Bave |
I?, en if the Inittl??? lu Hu- Vu?.-?'? had been fought near j
C.il.'.eul/. oi Muyence t We muy now successfully real* i
lux-an*.-we ure uear ?mr resource?. We are on the ?le- I
feumv.-, hut we ure on our own grnuii.l. Co.ihl (he man
wh?. dir? ?tai the Prussian anny have foreseen that w?
were ?? teadylto repair our error?, ?nd 00 BSBBBaaaBl tt
ISBSl iiivushui, he would have a waited, und (he BSBBSOB
' army Would 1m? lees cutupioiiiiaed.
The tonititutionncl tayn Kugland, Russia, tai lt?w
1 have agreed to aet together to insure _??-???? ***
I ~" In tua?? rant.
4 A. HI.
THE raUWAl VKTOKV OF lill U.?a!)AY.
"At 8 o'clfx k. the lYnssians .BB-BBBg |.? tn \ f. re?,
on their left, attaikrd and carriel Ii Villen?., 4
hamlet covering tb?; French right. I ins. tmea in
Prurwian hands, enabled them to enfilade the French
lines, and take in reve?*?4e some of their outworks.
'Hie ground th.- Fr.-n.b had held so .?Ielmat? ly and
?B ?gallantly during nine hour? they wer. <oinpcli?<l
to abandon, and at ? o'clock wen) driven back upon
Met?, and, nnder over of It? outlying fort*, their
laut hold npon the Y.-rdu Road was abandoned. th? ir
rommunications destroyed t4> the eaet and to the
west, and the French 'Army of the Rhine,' eft.i
oeing three pitched battles since Sunday, wa? shut
iipin the fortress, which th??y had <hox?n for the
ba??c of tlieir operations for the iirvasion of G.i uynt ?
"I believe a strong Pnisman for??* is moving to
night to the north of Metz, to cut oil al! eommuni
?arion with Huonville also. King William wa?
pretsent thronghont the hattle. Th. Prussian force?
? ngiigt'd were midd Q-BL .?"T?tiiiu< t/s rnminnnd. and
p<'rr?onally din ? t< ?1 by him. Marshal I!.?/; nie com?
manded in person on th? French sid?-.
The Eighth Prussian Corps, numbering w i?li other
divisions over Vi.omi men. bore the brunt of the bet.
tb?. The Second ami Third Carpa were ?.o.-ly en
i/aged. Four thouaand Frcach prisoners v.. r? tek? ?
The Prussian lfvss in kilbil, wound?*?! and missing i
? stimabd to-night at not les? than 10,00ft Of th?
French losses no. -t?mate can .vi I?' foini?1?!; bul
their defeat is complete, and it is b?-li* v,d they are
no longer in eoiulilion tai make any furth? r attempts
at escape. The Priissiiin army, spite of ali it-- !
is in the hiirhest spirits. I.umors "f I? u I
allandy < in ul.it. .1 in the cam?s. and tie han! -I
werk of the campaign Le thought bj the soldiers to
be over.
** Genera] Bharidanwaa ob th.- fold, aud mb? the
battle from ('mint Hi-nun ?I?'.? cani- ?. 1 ?encrai
i'"i-vtli maa alao preaent.
"? This i;im . t?, lui. TBIBCBB l?> -;-?
as far as Sa.irbiib L; tl.ence, I h?>i?e, I", t -i- inaph.
Tem -li-?11 h.lie de';.ilc.l a? .?..mt al ti'if . .ti ?n>f luo
lllellt." _
in? iH.niiii i -t..i;n- i-i:.?in i....in.i? ? : , i.vii.v
-Jiitit-i. Ki.Till ti- BBUBT1 ?? l
s| KA TE?: I.'A I. MOVEMENT*?Till I'l.'l ?-'.-I W
(Ill IKT BBBArn TO TIIK THtni N, |
l,i.M?o?, M.:,,I it. liif.. .: -: ,i. ux.
The special correspondent of THE TniBl'NB at
Paris mitre on ftatnHaj morning (tttb): " Tha Mat
incredilile storn-s arc promulgated oil:? ?ally ami
semi-olli? ially in Pari-. It ia believed hj tue people
that Bazaine', dispatches aro supines????! t?.r
f?'itr of infonniug the en em j ; tlutt tin?
Prussians have l.?.n successfully entrapped l?v
Ba/ine in the three last battles; that lla/ine's re
treatnare all feints or strategical maneuvers; that ho
might go to Verdun it he treated ; thal Pin.? ?? P.?.I
erick's anny is totally d?*stioyt-4l ; t! al ?I ihe Bis?
marck Cu i i ?i-.-ier ic_?m< ni oat ana nmaia thalaba
rest of the Pin ?ian a'liii is BO weakened bj iliscn
tery and famin? thiit it .aiinot most. Ka h.t.onis
too mouatrons for bi lief. It is still !.. U ??-?I .. aatpa
is truing by th? llalli, to make ad? anani Baan B<rlin.
There are at leant three Coininamlers-in-l'liief of
the 1-'ittii h annv ?lla/aine at Mi t/. Ma. Malu.u .it
( hal.ms, and Tkii hu at Pans, an,I n, ni,, bo? .n?>
anth? nts over the ot'n-i. '
Bl thinks mis nut a siir.Abi.K nvti i?, de
. LABS .U UKl'l I'M?; IN ii: IN? I..
[Bl RUKBAPfl to IHK Ti?ii ni.i
l/ivwis, Mondiiv, An, ..- .a. m.
Louis lilam. replying to apjieals of main li,? nd ?.
is alsuit io pulilish a biter re\ letting tin mu,mon
of Iiairce, dedaring it is time for the people te
choose betw***"n the Empire and the nation: tint,
nevertheless. . i vii dissensions would deliver France
to her enemies : that for h-inaelf he deleye returning
to Paris only for fear that his pr?t uno might
be the i_na! of l? volution ; and th.ir di, Republic
ought not to be declarad at a bbobm b1 a bbb H ? -I
a.s8ume thereep ineibilitiea which aronld b? di '.< Wee
upon it by the incapability of tin- E_BPerar. M? ...1
vises that Finn. c. resuming contrnl ot bat <1? slim? k,
should say to (lerinaiiy and tin vioild, I li,- is a wai
lietweeu two men, not two nations.
" France prot?'sted in alliance, and sin- r? pudiatei
it now. She appeals to her great principle?, the tra?
t??rnity of the people, and is ready to a?? ?-pt an hon?
orable peace." " But." he conclude-., "at this mo?
ment the enemy is on her soil, and while he r? mains,
France ia only to show a lulim?-s ni spinr, .?n
energy, a calm courage pioportinmitc to the gr?-at
neu of her peril." ??.vi.?-.
tWT-DOOH spoin I
CIMimiA A??.1IN DEI li II I?.
Holme?-'?} Hole, Au/?.Ml?To-day tha yacht?
sailed from Ncw-Rcdford over to H:?? Vitrejard ?'Minr?
Meeting Groundh, a dlstiiaee of BBOBl ."in!"?. A veif
pretty eoutt-at ensued between the Sappho, ?'?tintnia, atnl
Dauntless, In w Inch the ("anil>ria proved herself fully a
match f??r either ?f Hie others a? long a? the course wa?
to the windward. I?nt once fie.? and ..If Hie wind. Hi??
Amerlenu yachts showed the <'Hinl.na Illili -(? ns Tlio
wlml wa? very ?tioiic from the south-south w. si, and the
pansage over .? ver? fast one. Alaout 1 o'? I ? k ..lithe
yai-hts weighed anchcr ??ii?! Iteat out of the bitri-?-.. il,e
Sappho lemliiiK The wind wa? too troah tor t<?i>*.?il? to
lu- of any uae, and al! the yacht? iani? 1 wa?
their f.ire and mainsails and Jins. As the l< adnu
.acht- ?tooti out ?if the harbor it waaobaerve.l that t.??
rate of a**..!!??* wa- very eunal Itetwean Htctu, the Denn)
les? ?i.dMapphti fore reaching on the ?'anilirta. but ?ha
lieatmx up to the windward of them. Tha- imwIUvu <?C
tho vcsael.s waa aa follows : The lauibria waa ti?*
weather t eaeel, linuiCA?ately to the lee ward <>f berma?
Um J???phlue, and on the weather ?'.miter ?f tko ? ani?
lina and some ?lista nee behind wa* the Phantoie, ixt?
blatch, xtaA the Mad?elui?-. Behind her c-iue the rMM
wing. Fleur de U?, and AUiui. At J o'tlo * ?" '?? *'*
?el? tack..?! ?.IT KoI.him.ii's Tlole, the I>"iIBVT?^.iV_
Cambria'? lee nuarter, thr 8ej?pho ah?^ "f rL .h.
leeward aad on to the ?-?abr?a'? ??*? lf*?_JE
Joaopiun? t.? the le^-ward of ?ha mgat'O. rnom
and fil?me distan.. ?.tern. an?. ,*?'"t,,/b'.?^1w .'?_!
the Cambria'? weather ?i>_iu-*a?r. <? ; * "'?". \\m
arrived at 4:^4J?- ?? }?V 1%, Jotxepllne, CM ; HoAa
THE xob?h MMUU WtWtEjm
Balbi???. Aa*' W.-Jud?* Peivmin, ia the
ChaietaM, tod*y' ********* "u ** l""0??? ?*e*H
Utr luelnAlo? Jobu Kerr, then? BBBBJ ?O evidence pit?
dur???! axtmto** ti)???. ?it*?r ***** buVTl*oaeA Ove we* ka.
?a _ am* ?Hil held <>u ? l??iK_-??ajTaiit axe retained?^
rl^__-r?Uvlt?)IKlli.,**''tUUr,-lorUl Hut lie Ik 11, v?*st?-.4
Le.^J! w.re ?Onu? "f murder. The rsninael for th?
nilaoners objected t?> ti)?1 altl.tav It as 1n??lBlel?*iit to **T*.?I
iVi???*??^wtTr?iiit u|m?u. lie? aeae It -el f??rtli uo tact? thal
could l?e Oik? ii ?** ???'?'?':.''. and he a?l?ed time to pro
dure authority on the <,tit-?vtti*n. The umtioi? **??*
?j-raiited, and tillie al,..wed until Mi>ii?in. tt ??j'iltaiia.
m The prlrwuet? vl.l b?* baileil in the nu-an tune. It ii
tlit.iight n? legal evidence can he predur^d. when Hu?
will he-?leefc-d. The Uutted 8iatei? M*r?hal ha? ?ttrat
writ? ou Mi??*.!'?. Kirk am! Bergrti lo appeur Issfure J utan
litvoka oti To. a_?> i?. 11 on ibree mvetttl will*.

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