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with r?4r-T**4t ?b*?"-*., with?t<Xrd th<? ISSBBBSB "f UM
mwd. laksatag all Um children who desired t.?
. aTp. but ?f !h" 184, ?ml v 1H i?.H)S.?nl4?4l titi.;ite their
kind fttaaitt fi**J t ??.'?? bei ?. ?uni bo the Staten ren.?i\?'?l
|??I?rt)^'t'he li"'" ?'lies, ?n?' Ihe Kreuch l'oiistil
o0h?y ?l?teteBia eaunl-jrwoaam in tlu-ir just i,..
*,i?c. Late ta lha avaasag the erawd dtaparaad,
affm, toa tag latta .aed Ubi Censal thnt ?>u Um _ucs>
lt.w they certain., would kal a easy medgum ha the
linn night tWOaf the Sisters at tempt ?vi to reach
?lie Kur.?i*4'i.n settlement, hut f?>u id every street 1.,-ti
ikadad bj "bravas/1 ?m! they wen? drivaa beek.
Larrit es? apine outrage and i1.ti.1i. Bsmpa ?um ini
paSSlVa, for UM foreigners were doomed.
TIIK MASs.ti lil..
Atx?tii uam <>f aha Mai the crowd had smsssmbled
;ind advamis! to t lie Consulate in two ???tiona, BOB
?1..WT1 the hank "f the (?land Canal, the other lij? the
liter. At the Consulat?' WefB the fellow ?ng-iiamc<l
i ..i ??ms at tanah i The Censal, m. Hem i Puntantes ;
M, Si!in?!i. his Secretary; M. Contres, Chancellor
..m mu i.it.u , ami Mons, anil Miwl.inio Thoinrissiii,
llie former holding the hi?rli ??iii? lal station of .?-Ve, re?
tal y of 1 .?tration tie Iran? r at Peking, ami interpreter.
iKniiinds it?re airain BSSds f"i the Consul t?) proceed
t.. the Mission rni.1 ?.??inp-l the Sisters to turn ont th?>
? hildrvn : tlie h?wls were almost deafening, atnl in n
fe?? min?tes stones In trari to shower on the bulkllag.
s,.me teaaktngsha wtedBwa Bad tailing en the din
in. tates, hraakteg __shmaad scattering food ai>oat
BBS ISam l"|s?n this the Consul ami his ?Secretary
:.).'-? treal the tabla, pat og their side-arms and rcg
nl.ilion ''als. iinil, pntag to the wall which sur
romdeil the Consulate, attempted te imam willi
Ih. ?mtI.sI crowd. They were met with volley after
Tollejr ?>f sti.ks and stones, and, finding reinon
uBianm vain, the j*, ntleinen went out hythe rear
pata,sad,pmanad hythe htrrltag Baan, saaght the
Taaam and demande?! m instruit interview of
<he t???vernor. It wa? granted. What oc
r.etlai (hat interview we have no means of know?
ing, Sieepl fr?>m Chlasm inform?t lui. A China?
man asmad Ttag says that Ohanghow Pasted ma
C?msul most c.T.-.'ii!?>t mush, aad eicii UBSt upon
UaBwhaaha lapaeeahad flbBBghon with lack of
? < ?riiiivaiice with the pricat-s of Bndhso :
th ?? the Coaaaj msnrsd Chasghow thal ho was then
.?l?-t1i!ipt n . rime that w??nl?l ted oi.lv arouse his
nitry. l?nt the world, to vengeance, and implored
Chungbow to instantly onler his soldiers and pro
'???tihe foreigners. I'jion this, the servant? were
on!, uti i > aspsl him. and did aa violently. In the
iiet.ilver whiahtha Bffssterjhed in his
lumdwm ?lis. hared into the floor, but no one was
-nut (urida the Yanii'ti. The doomed men then
.ht tin-street ami attempted to reach tim Con
BBdatel i Mr. Contres had meantime ?itscapeil and
t? ?I himself in the top of a joss-house itcniph-i,
whsm bawHaaasad what transpired), but as they
mr,,. ? ths corner, a leadistbtSVa attacked the C??n
,Tt!?"i i'i nu instant hundreds more ha?l joined the
i! ?ni, and in laBB time than it takes to record it,
? ? I ? a', hashed, Bad literally torn their bodies
aim ?t i..;-t recognition. Ib?? .?i ?meo having been
ah i. and two ingh officials slain, these brave, anas?
n.? feat : with madd? ned howls they again sought
the CiBMUlata, At ma ?rate they found a priest
?ia they instantly killed. M. Thomassien was
' I, u iHi'i'ht as he was barring the gate, and cut
* n Madame Thomassien then ?ame to the wall,
? nil th ? ?rowd rngheil at her; she drew two self
i.iL'r?\?)l\ers and killed, it is said, four or five
, ti before she was overpowered. Her strug?
gle- w.re ,.f u., avail, though, and she was iniinetli
ately ninnie red. Every house-servant at the Cou
?nlate. a native priest, and two Canton men, were
Ki!l d. and then the place was set on fire. lu an
. r. Um Consulate, cathedral, and out-buildings
aaaate ruins. TIM bodies of the priest. Mons.
und M i bur? Thomassien were thrown into the river,
bay were recovered th?1 next ?lay.
M i-'-iii'.e, after M. Foutanier ha?! been slain, a
mswd numbering several thousands had crossed the
brif'.i:.- of baste and surronmled the mission. The
l?.?s wer?1 instantly wrenched from the gate, and
. i ?w?l till ?1 the inclosure with horrid shouts, j
A Bttre Christian priest who attempted to guard i
t Hoar, waa SB-Bed and tan limb from limb. Nine
of lb.- ?sisters w.re then collett? d in (he large school
m : they w.re beaten with sticks of bamlioo,
?h ir cloth?*, torn from their bodies; they were
placed ?>n their heathland cut with knivesin the most
. ?? m BUMS, itii.l outraged almost beyond belief ;
get alive, they wara ranged sids hy side along the
?-..??in. th.-ir che.'ks BB-BBBB. lips ami nose cut. eyes
Beasped from their heads, their breasts out oil", and
aMamra ripped open; with large cleavers thais
limbs were cut ami broken, and in ten minutes
?aught remain, d but their disfigured hollies. Every
riii'dti ?vhich it w;is possible for the most savage
V iib.man to cone ive of was perpetrated upon these
?w. ak. d-feiiseb-ss. Christian ladies. When there was
i)a ni.)'.- to do. lire was applied to the massive build
in ;s. .md in a little time they were burned. Fixty or
?evenly children, who had sought refuge from the
?no1) in the cellar, were burned to a cruel death.
Afterward, six boxes, containing the charred and
maiiL'h d bones of the Sisters, were forwarded by
< buugbow to the Lnglish OaaanL
<) e- ?.i th?- sisters named Louiza (an English girl,
-vt. 11 known in Shanghai as a devoted and faithful
iii.-nd of th. l hi?ese, and tor years a patient toiler
in Anal.?China hospitals and schools) escaped from
the Mi sion when it was attacked, elad in Chinese
garments She olitained refuge in the house of a
rice in.'.eliHiit, where she remained four hours; but
tupni att ??lnpting to e-scap<! to the settlement, she was
I. tray?! by has European shoes, and set upon hy a
r i..nil w Illili in a few minutos numbered hundreds.
?si)?1 was nio-t shockingly abiise<l, and suffered indig?
nity at the hands of the savages which make the
le ai i si, k. All, and more than her companions ha?!
?wiitletvd. was dhis compell-d t<? undergo before ?leath
t le i-?-d her. Her 1??mIv laatsd down the river on
AVi-.ln-i.lay a bruised and sickening witness of her
?Braal death.
Wini.- th. Consulate was in flames three Knssians
?w.-ie ,-n route to the foreign settlement?Mr. and
.?Ir*. I'i.)!..|...)?..t!, and Mr. Ua*n ??It. the former mar?
ried Ih?- dal pi.vio.i_?and passed near the building.
'IiVv w.re net upon, and although they protested
i .t tan wam not missionariert, and only traveling
iurpI'M.s.n.. they were dragKt??l to the earth, and
alamr it !'?'! in a most cruel manner. The hotly of
Malani I*, was terribly mutilated. Mons, and
Hadas. Chshasuhaa lived just inside has walli of
Ti?"i-Tsiii. aird were engaged in tnnle, keeping all
maru,, i oi Earopaaai ware?, ate? The mob sought
tli.tii o.it. ?nd instantly slew th.-m, and irutt'-d the
*t.ire ol everything valuable. Chiinghow's tr?s?ps
UaBSdsnsndnBP this act commit.?.??-, as I leam
tramsLC.tas Ths bedlmadthe Bnaaaaa, and the
tee aamad, were thrown in the river, and afterward
laaeaal ?a bil? iaaatsg pa*t the sattm_aaat.
Mi. .?iiraiiiin.iu, a German, and M??ns. Osatras alone
SSaapai risaghtm, of all the foreigners who wem n.
thl morning of the Hat After the build
in ir*- fi;t?l ham burned the crowd started acr??.s the
< 'y tnr the IVaSBBBBBl onart'rs. They found only
ti?? BaUtatkm of the BSaSBBmasim who had heard of
the att,ok in the other side and escaped. They
strippte ths shsnehm of asmything, ami thsn, as u
wa? getting ?lurk, left for a grand caiouse and an
attack on the foreigner? below on the morrow.
Mons. OautasS l__s kindly funiislu-d your corre
?|*oii<lent with the corTect narms of de?cased : lb uri
1 S 'tanier. Consul of France; Mr. Simon, ?Secretary
tetheOeneal) ILThossassate and wife; PmeChsr*
y?i?-r, a CothaHa prie?!; MaIhelsaapefll sBms-M
'??.ii?;?!, mid wife; Mr. BsssaaX Mstem??LsalsS)
Laafm 'French!. Mary, Victoria, Theresa, Joriephina,
Vimenta, Or.tlia, Eugenie, and Catb??nna ; Mons.
??nd Ma'lam Chabnaisim? in all twenty. The He v.
Mr.B-anlay nri?i family <?f Ctaatanasl, ohio, occo
piedone of the Mimtions, but as he shSBeSdteSS
?huent at th?- tiioe Mrs. Stanley and Mimi Thompson
found refuge on hoard the steamship Mamhii, and
Ihn? doubt le*, ?n??1?.*??-?! a terrilil? tate.
A? ?toon as the slaughter c?.mmenr?yl, news of it
w;t* earri?*d by the friendly Chinese to the main ?et
Ikaamtj and iiir-tnutlv ineaim of tBBBBBB were taken.
The-?? wm lying at the lev? e the Ai(?*-ri?ii? Mleaui
?1'ipMitacliii, ('apt. Meeta, ainl llie lagihh st-cum
pLtip Appin, be-idc? two balks ?ud Uuj.? ???.?n.t,yvi-.
Inasmuch -ix Hie deck of the M anchi! cotnm-inded
th? entire levas? und the mum stlSSl heading 111 tho
j city, it was di-cmcd liest to centralize m-aiis of (!<?
I fense, mid so el? ven moiinl.-d guns wore pro. nn-il ;
j gasa, ntl.?, anil pistols ooosmdi tho laobVai oai
? , lui.Iren hurried on I ?on rd ; the citi/.ons naslvad
| into a patrol gBBffi, and as night closed in they
, Bl au?'?! an all nk. All lhat ?beary night. tTMamo
, who had been for years employed *m ?munt s in for
| ? ??m hongs kept arriving from the ?ii?, Hn.l btoiight
bossslthe oooalag Mtaah. They begged the f..r
rignen to loara, to if tiny did astabay Aaslafsd
the] would all b,-kill, ?1 ami mutilated, a? ha?! hoon
thom ihaos on tho river. Mr. Gay, En
Klieh Consul, C-v.pt. St.-ele of the Manrhu,
Mr. Hannen. Cominissiouer of Customs, the Kev.
Mr. bees, the North Cern?an Consul, and ?werai
others were most active, and hy their Tlgflnaoa.
doubtless prev enteil an attack; for. as spi,?sfi.,ni the
? ity ciiiiu? down, they were received a? friends,
show n the guns and piles of ammunition ; told what
n ti?memlonssia.ighter they should maha ahm nt
ta ke.l, and then allow.-.l to depart healing Hie tale
Of the ?lilli. ulticH the Chinese would encoiinl.-r in
attempting to kill tims? in tin? Mancliu. There.?
no room for di,?bt. but that their cowardice saved
the lives of KW foreigners in Ti?n Tsin. On the ttth
of June, the steamship Dragon hud left for Shang?
hai, carrying requests from 1 mii?li-ali and Trench Con?
suls tosend BOBM gunboats hillier immediately lal.is ?
America is without guiih??ata or olhor protection, ex?
cept at the 1'iit i?h port of Boag kong, whore Ad?
miral Kow in has laaaaasaassi bS linee years past),
ami it w.ks hoped that assistance would arrive as
early as the .'??iii
On the morning of the _M, your coin-spornLn!,
willi two others, arrived, at 2 a. m., at the bridge of
hoats, unconscious of the terrible tragedy of the day
beforo. 'I'll.? place was deserted, and our boatmen,
ali. r a delay of an hour, got their boat through, and
ju-t at ?lav light we hanl-.l alongside the levee. Had
we beeu two hours later, or six hours earlier, we
should doubtless have been cruelly murdered. We
found quarters on the Man; hu, enmlhxl at once
asa patrol.iind then found time to return thanks
for our f??rttin:ite escape. During the day, the bodies
Of three I'lissians?Mons. Th<?nu.ssicn ?uni wife,
Mons. Chabiiais?>n nnd wife, and Sister Loniza??
Uoat.tl down on the ebb tide, and were rescued. It
BBS B terrible sight. BteCS men wept as they savv
tho mutdnt-.I bodies, and -women ishrunk, ighasL
with terror. Many hodi.*s of Chinese came dow n on
mat tide, and at tloixl retitrnrsj and swept Bp lo tin
bridge of Iront?. The BOO-SO of Europeans BBSS put
m collins as fast a? recovered. Au inquest waa un?
necessary. A coroner'-, Verdict could only be, **| n
heard of baibarism."
The day wore slowly on. Tim Chinese had de?
serted the settlement., which wa? silent, ex? opt
when the tread of the patrol was heard, flagl hung
at half-mast, and bells tolled a solemn din..?. It w as
a dreary day Escape was<m**NBBBBlo bad an attack
been made, and we ? -mild only have died lighting.
The inherent cowardice of the Chine??.?? ?dom- .saved
Irs. jovvat,* evening Chimgbosr sent a message to
the Consuls that it would " not be adv isal.le for any
foirigiiers to attempt to visit the city, and that he
should try to protect them from further ?tit i. k." I'n
morsthat all the foreigners at Pekin were slaughtered
excited f-arful apprehension. Happily all th,-.?,' re?
polis were niitiue. Chnnghovv issued a pro, 1 mi i
tion stating that if " Cliinesi* an?l foreigners had any
further ticiits,",-te. What a tight it must have I.n
foi ten thousand inen t?> murder thirteen wmiiimi and
seven men. liv o of whom were unarm.-u '
Ami so passed ihe days until Sunday, when ju-t as
the sun was sinking the English gunboat Oppossiim
steamed BOBSad OBS bend of the river, came on, scat?
tering innks on either side, nobly stood on willi runs
run out and shotted for instant, service, at last were
alongside, and received with as loud and heartfelt
(he-is as ever was irait gn-cted with. Then wo in?
dee'.] felt s.ife, tor h.-r- was strength and piot-Mion.
lu an hour after the arrival of the Opposstnn Chang
how sent a dispatch that hu should that Bight post
" 500 soldiers on each side of tbe river, so that the
foreigners should have no fear." The villainous old
assassin '. He sent his soldiers for fear that the right?
eous indignation of white men would lind vent by
leveling the walls of Tien-Tain !
The next morning another gunboat, the Avon,
with several first-class guns and 17t> bnglisb man m to,
arrived and almost insured safety, ami so Hit? Man, hu
was relieved of her warlike dress and on the "J-Stli ii ist.
departed for Shanghai, carrying OBBBBmhm and a
large number of Chinese passengers anxious tube
away from that ? ity. Betas we left new? had been
received from 1'cl.in ol' the Omt-ty of foreigners, but
a terrible state of excitement among the people was
announced. The French Minister was not permitted
to leave, and communication with him forbidden.
A proclamation had bees issued by the Emperor
looking to ChaagheS bl his head, and in turn thal
official caused the following bombastic fuliuin.itMiis
to issue :
A 1'k .? 11M1T10N o? tht katmtSt ot Tieti Tila Chati/', to tbe Prnpl?
of Tau T.ia.
Ob tbe tai at the current month f?lsl Jans) re, i>???j>i.*
of Tun TWa, lia vc coi a n, .-in -,ti a quarrel -wti ti?? French
liiisHion.irie?I 1 li.ive already addressed a memorial to
the throne stating tli.-se oooum ni ? . In a? ? irdsuee willi
Hie iruth, ninl ?nil n?'W snorting Hil Majesty's decree
thorson. Bversinoe th.- potiof inn iwb bsebees opened
to ?ht'rnatniii.tl Inter.-.mrs- the bOSl HBderstSBdlBB ttt
b1 sa j i oilaled isa we-n chinese and foreigners. There
forc v. ,j>. opie of lien ?Tata, must in fat ure, Bsberetofore,
live'in pests with foreigner?, mav tli.-viie util? ials or
in-niiatit-, SBd .ilistain fioin crc.niiig any fuithii dis
tnrbance*. Should, therefor*, utoh n rou be found
guilty hereafter of hooting nt BBJ r?ii?-ii_-ii?r in the i?treeti
it psbllc pi.ice?, ??r of using nt.iiaive limgiiakre BSSlnsl
him, or b?-giu a quarrel, Um tdvll ami m!11t?ry omcer?
have alreaiiv been iiisiructed in such essc t<? lastttals a
strict invest:-.itn,n and puni-li tin ni s.v.I ely, Tin.-, .ve
people, I BIBBS know ii t<> von nil. m .?nier that y.i:.v
!? ?ir it in mimi, and each of you .|inetly lo >k after his
swBbaalBOsa If,oe ti??- eorasr-? isabbsssagsia to?
gether 1b gnat number ead (obssiII riots, Um culprits
shall a'iffi-r espita] punish wen t.
Do not hope ior MBit] '
Take care ! Le ot.cdient !
Tungchih, nth year, 5th moon. .Oh day.
A Pin? i ?w iTios of Hit GoTernoi of T?ra Tun. Chun?, to tbe pi-o'.lc of
On the ?6th day of the current month, I hav?<? re? eived
a ?li ? re- fruin Ills Majestt the Emperor, stating that the
Member of the Pri*n* OobbcU ?ml Qoresvor -??en? ?ral ?>f
the li,?vince of C'hihli, Tseng, had been Iiistm. t. ,1. in
cn inert vtitli lii.Vs.if, ami tv Ith tin .i-.i-i-t.uic>- nf UM < ?mi
liiaiiilanl of tin-? it.v. tin JT.atai. uni Hie whole I....it or
?it ii ?uni militar*' .?til.-iais ?1 Tien T-m, to take at .?ne?-" the
meastvea neeessnstod bj the , ..nii.tgrittion amid? -tin
ti.m of ??. vcral mis.?lonirj est ibllshlnents. His Majesty
the Emperor, on the gi-?uni mt the trestles eoBcfuded
wi'h /??r, iga Ststes,haa giren expresa permisslos to
Protestant ami CaUaollc ndssionsries !?> pRaveh ih.-ir doe?
trines throughout hi? ?joiuiiiiou-. Ve,peopleol icin-Tain,
iinist ua?uraiiy regulate your c.inlu. t lu a? ? .?r.luii. <? >? it h
this, SBd never forget it. PhOBld, th? r.-fnre, inn OBSOf
?TOS still dare liereafter to nn'lest In any way f??r? Iga mis
uoiitar.es, or t.?. reste (Hal uriiain ?? l?y false munn?>, j on
will be arrested witbout m. rcj, am! andergo, bj miiiiaiv
law, Hie punishments that BBS ililli? t-'l OB thOSO Who
Heiluie the |n-o|ile liv StTSSje SBd ff-SSSSUSSS flcteOtlS.
And farther, jrepeople i?IT.?u-i' iiinnistni.t mo e?t in uny
Mat tor.-iiiii util-Mis. m merchants,or CalsikM lathe
s. r"v I- B of fon-lioier?, or IIMlSlillglil? carrying letters lue
then), norj.ut ..l.sta.ies In tmir way. Wh... -ver .lues t?,
.li-ol..y th.? will b- pnnlabtld wost BSTOCSIj and without
in, r,v.
iniujchih, ?th year. 5th moon, 25th day
OOTSaSffl AT liill'.x?.
Ciiikx?. July I. lip?n Hie nitral of tho Mancliu
at this jH,rt the tut ii?* population were found to be
gieally 0X4 ?ted on account of lesser outrages com?
muted on the ?!1 st of June. Mr. Hartwell, an Aiiimi
ian missioiiaiy. hail been s?i/ed by a high Mandarin,
bound hand and foot. beat.n nearly to ?bath, and
ordendto leave the province under pani of .bulb.
N-veral baadatad a\S*hBI is?.?ple had been skiiting
tin- city, and f?ars were felt of (Mining trouble ; but
inasmuch as this port is an <>i>eii bay escape will be
easy. Wl I? ft in the evening, and on the iuoruing
of July I, at ?lajl-yl-t, arnv??l at Mianghai.
sll VMillVl
As we dropped anchor a larue nnniber of sanpans
with anxious? it iz.ns on boan!, carne on the steamer,
and soon be. ame possessed ??f full particulara of the
du?-calamity, minors <>f win, h ha?l reach? d them a
B*es_- 1-.-f.ire per steamship I>ragon. The Fr.-mh
jKipuhttion were terribly ?noosed, and bun,lieds of
friemls afamaam foullv ?nurdendslnank honil'n-.l
at the sickening ?letail of barbarities. With I "in
mon voice the m??n of ? ivi1i/.m1 nations imlignanilj
me.) for r.paratn.ii and justice. In all .shanghai
tmSO was m. apology for Hie ?laughtei. except m the
lion. Mi. Hart * Anglo-Chinese Ciistom-Hou'ie.
BrOff ttSmadhiemsl silem-e was quickly taught.
for tim heartUaO twaddle ol half a .boen pani
servants of Chinamen was not to be ?minted at
sucha time. Wini.- non Shs had s.u-l. b 1 m?1
! riilnmabi~ittrt t.? mIto ti??- paablim ,,f ? lJu*U"
| uy^i aud ??lau.- a bmrniiig hum ou every bill." that
I dar ?aid: "I,et China be ?WdniH ?erith rrimaon if
, Treaty Right? b? not r?*44|??M't4>d." livery fl.tg was at
: half Bust, < i .??M? wits ?m ?loon? ?>f naMenem and
oflteSB, and laeseW in .?very henri And wa? Ibis all I
No! In two hours. <>n.? lien? h uni two l'.n?rlish gun
beata bad ah mssd down th.. bai baa ?<>r T.-in-Tain. and
Ttoa-OanUBl Jenkins hail forward???! dispatches I?.
Hong Koli? unking thal the A*?hiiel??t might mine to
represent ami poBtaSt American inU.resU?. Ihfore
sunset ,?f that day it was known that an altaok in
Shanghai wan pnibable ; and then work Waa done.
Tli?1 Shanghai Volunteer Corps, Sir lalinund Hornby,
was restiHcit tt?til and iinn??d with ball cart ml itch;
Hu? Mx-ko~long company, Capt. C. J. Ashley; lion
kew company, Capb Hammond; the French (?uitrd.
Copi llhriik; th.? entiro Fire Brigade under Capt.
Thorne, and the Steamboat Ouaril, OSfi Donaldson
?in all numbering about six hundred good men?
were aimed and put in drill. Extra policemen wore
detrtile?!- Chinese vralchmen dismissed; sever.ii
shiim of war in port pla??ii in position f.?r actite ger
viiAand Shanghai beratha lo?>k that Washington
?lid nine years ago. The " Foulai "caused notice? to
be pasted threatening Chinese willi punishment if
they ?rented trouble; but in an hour every such
notice hail Wn t??rn fr??m the walls. Small man?
darins and priests did Die work of their superiors.
The Chin, -te op. nly BKttltad over the news, and in
an hour became ti. MBB, BSi Bald. They only cow?
er? ?1 when they knew that Shanghai waa under
anns, ?nd ah!? t<> defeiul itself. The highest oliiciaU
'??lilly and proudly proclaimM finir joy over tho
death of rush French subjects as ha?l been mas?
sacred, hut said that, they were sorry that they had
mad?? the mrioiiM mistake of slaughtering English
and Kiusiun citizens. The entire pre_s of Shanghai
rame forth with black borders and bitter word? of
indignation. Tli? action uf the American Consulat
T.?ii-Th?u in wnting a glossary article to The Nexv?
Wm vein meiitlv denounced. Mr. Meadows is an
I.iiglifthman ; leOoueul tor the United Btataa,Hol
bm.l. and Ihe Dane-? without salary from eitler, but
h'.l.ls the sin? MUM position of Sun? riiitin?l?!it of
( hunghfnr'B ft ramal at a aalatj ?>f P50_ per month,
and i-, I fear, t,.?. ardently admiring <?i china te in? a
consul for the United BtatCB. Th? Shanghai Nrxct
Lettet the only ?Americas journal in .Shanghai) says
of t Ii ir? sill,], i i :
Mr. J. A. T. Meadow?, the Ameilcnn Consul, wm the
??lilt MM ith,. -eeiiieil I?. XyUtU Hie whole utfaii nitii
uni 'im? i ni He waa evidently under th?1 Bteteel-on ol
lil- Inen I uni eiiii lu?, r, Chung, tor le- .lid not turn nut
with iii. rotnateen. ?mi rathor ?i-norod a! their eadeai
.-> tepeeleel tbatr area uni property, winn the rumor
rai,)? in i,,?? n Ih,,! TsenK ki??' tan bad boen ordered ?In w11
here hy I lie Emperor, Mr. Meadows then ill.l show BBBBS
excitement,?a Chu-ufa bead looked beapataaj price
ta t, talga, r-, / ?r MM '?'".', ti America! xrill you I rep
lorriijmr* und alien? in your pott* ol honor omi tottan
While the imie eiHimiiniitv ??ri'a i-T n h it. tim- heen
setupon and almost eittnalnate?, t-ratehful uren auto
tuijicjl for mu.?'..? |->_c7**ftal*-] ll"1 "' inn.- Walli BO
re?tela "t war in p-.rt-a Jutnl mi.tul,e-ov> ?an?, ?ojj.
Uves m uur.?wn h.m.Is.
nnoauaoy my viniMs.
On the mh of .Inly solemn High Mum ami funeral
Bmrimsfss balds?! thsFiaatih Cathsttral. Thsaitt
zena tunie.l out rn matte, including the entire Con?
sular corps of every nation, in full dress, be-ide Hie
iii uni? ii>:il Collin ils, Itritish and Fren, h na?, al olli
tato, an?! a ih.i.iiii of ladlee. A detachment of a
ih m.-aiid --.iii'?r-? and aoldien unaided th?- chureb,
and rendered the eeoaaion importing. It was a md'-iuii
s?.Mie, and one that ton. lied everv heart, and hioiight
hi.me ininiiry of jwrsonal safetv in Illina.
'flin ..'flowing addmaata. bearing the ?vtcnatnrm el
neal li aren ?hit.-mau in shanghai and HSBg kong
hues been forw,iided :"
We, Hie liii.l.Tsi^ned Prnteatiint, clergymen and mi'?
m re I.?mi:atHhangbai,loneao moe ia wTittni to
ns.siiii* > en i.f ,,nr pn,flinn.1 nml sincere s. 1np.1t hy 00 Iii?
present 'ireHsinn. At a time like this oin unanimous
ti ?Ti mr of < -.. m n 10'i suit, it? Blla ?MI hearts. The loss of til?
d. xrat ii iii.Ti in.1 women, ?vin? bare bera 10 bataan lair
sa? iii!, e?l ,.t rein Tain, is a looa n. all Chriatendom. D? op
and terrible, bowev? r, as is Um .alamil v, we elim11.. the
promise of our Lord Jctraa Chriet, thal Ho will bo wtth
His people in tin- . ml of the w,.i II, anil we are .??iiifortcl
i.v the tea. linn,' <>f K clealaati. al lll-i?>rv, winch eaeure*
M that "tilt? Ul.MKjof Martyrs Is tin- ?Seed <?f th?'< hnr? h."
W?'i?ii.v tim! full reparation f?>r tin? past an/1 bettor
protection foi the tatara majr !>.? aeenred for th?.*?? en
gag?-?l in the spread of religion th:..iih-h'>iit the chinese
Shanahai, July 6th, 1?370.
Tm?-. M. ?T ?l? un-. M. A .
Canon of st. John's Cathedra!, Hong-Kong, an.I Mis?
il?.nar? t.. the (Ti. Miss h,,. 1. ty
-Chaki Bl Hi ' Bl Bl l? nut, M. A ,
Canon of Bl. Jobn'a Catb? dral,I-OBg Kong Rut.-h ?" ?a
?.ular Chai.lain. Bhanghal
M 11.MAM Mi Ililli.ah, 1
(lui. B. On 1 B, '? M.Tiil.'-rs nf th.? I*?ii'l'>ii Mi--ii.ii.
.1 ??us Thomas, )
.1. W. I.AMiti Til. I Member* of the Wesleyan Epia.
Yoi HU I Al I 1 N >( lunch Mi--lull. 0 B. A.
J. M. W. 1 ' AiiMiAM, Am. 1'ie al?.? . Mi-sien.
Kaki. Kui ii k.
lioiiMti NaLOOU, PtoBbj t.r Am I'l.-.-t Ipi?. MI--ion,
E. W. Qvi r. fti-ainan h iliapl ila.
Joh* UT'ntitY. Am. Preobjrter.MlMton,Shanghai.
lo Montour I.l. ...Mill DI. Ml.JAN, C.,it*itl-<iintrnl of
Crame, Shunt/lui.
Rut: Wa'. Um nml' isiirne.l, fonlga resident< ??f Sti.mi'
liai, have the li>>ii..r to adlll-Oa ) "ii mi tim BOUei t ?.I ti.,
airo?Tims massaere lately perpetrated at Tleii-Tt-in.
The BJ in|a.iih.v Of all (Tirlslians In tim fun-i^-ii e?>ni
miiiiit.t la enils'. ? 1 ao st i?>n.?h In the su IT. rlnirs of the in
lio.ent, .liviite.l. Bad ytmwtma ladl?*?, ?nil <)tli?T ?ii'tlms
Who sailer.-.1 on tin- "? i a-uni, 1 hat tJiey are utulil.- lo
<xi'i> ia then Indign?t ton and abhononee.
lle-.s? tin i-tl. ms leiv.ntly boee that whatever ??tin
fa.ii,m ji.urGoYeflnnenl ma] think taugtu to deaaaad
m lil,?)., 1 or un Tut . m ill Dot ?X. lillie the eondittcn that
th?- < ity ..( Tien T.sin, willi ita walls and fortlfl-atlon?,
rli,ml?! li. ra/, li to the gTOBBd, that a moutliu? lil should
be erected thereon to the memory of Um inuiir-. and
tii.it n? i.ini.iiii.s sii.uiid be balli ?ni th.. s te in perpe?
tuity. W? remain, Sir, your ol.eiln nt s. riants.
A heavy suhs. ription in aid of a monument to the
inatti re?l msI.th. renders it certain that the spot
will not go unmarked nor iincommemorated. The
common question now is, what will the French and
Kusshms ?lol ^our msmssaadent ?l?? not even
" ?.'liens" illili trill b? dnlie ; hut ccrtailllyNapolei.il
will n.-ver sill the blood of tbmt nnml?!? ?I wollun
fal Chinese Bl MO. 1 Ins is an auspicious moment for
China.it it ?s 'udi< ioiisli impiovcd, und that inno?
cent blood lilly prove liolileu hincks with which to
pave tlie opeiuiiii avenue of Christianity, Progl-BB.
and Enlightenment Awlmleaocae retribution and
undoubted lecnritj for future rigbta, ih-mandtd and
enforced ananimo-al] bj the "rim*" of eiriliBed
nations, can n??w accomplish nil this, and moro
Jti.Y 12.?Tins morning, nu In.ur Infor.? the Am? ri?
nn mail l.a\. s, the Nan/ma caine in. hringiin*latest
n. its fiom 1'? kiu and I i.n-Thin. All is quiet at this
?late. Ths ni"?1! r? iiuii killie, insult ever oll.red l.y
the Chin?1*1 ll.'vernmeiit is that the Kni|M-r<?r hm
ordered Chunirhois to _?. to France, und explain Bl
Veraailles n-^v h? permitted the massai1 re. t an it he
poaaible that aj??ke i?? intend .1 of this Bubjeet f If
no, Cbu-ig-rOii m ill do iv-11 to avoid t \isit to Bbang
liai' en route. The Kim for the .li-partiire of the
steamer has just maiu.led.
Washington, Au^. IL? VidiiiuinmiH dis
I?.it? hes, and a nuuiher id i luna tai Japan newspaper?,
were y??terday received fruin the A.iatin H,|iia,lroii, at
the Navy Department. Tins.' papers R-Ke detailed ac
counts of the lal?? nits ?a? re of Fn-m-li and Ru-sianiut
Tun Tsiii. (hm i. h> B mob of the .Ttl_eiin uf that pla. ?-.
It apl?ears that the Fr.-ii.-h CuiihuI and his wife, a m< ne
tier of the Fremh Legation and lils wife, it Ruseian otile? r
ami lil*? wife, a Riis-lan fu ti ??I. r, and a nuiul?er of
prtoata and Waiora ol Charltr, weea Baaoagtta ve tim-.,
Iier.ul?' Dr. ? .?nui? hail, an KiiKliriiinian, and an unknown
BngUahman, uud aa aakaava Saarieaa. it is
u-sericl that over _.?T Chinese, proselytes
of ll.e pi unis, were ni.-ssacrcd l.y the iii.?li.
It ia ekargBd that Cl.unttle.w. ii,.- Mandailn or .,<iierii>?r
of the prot ?-tee, was tm laol?gator ?,f the nu.!., and st....i
by and witnessed the massacre without attempting to
previ nt it. nli'l ni*?? lhat J. A. T. Miad?iwn. tha Aineri. ni
i -..iisiil at Tien Tsln, wau in c.ii.p.iiiy w, ith < ibnagho* all
the time, and did Bnthlna t?> prerent the ti-rrihh- ?.ut
rage, altnongh be la aa ottoar ??f the OMaaaa uovern
iiii ni. ami had enough i?)?,er .tm! Inflo, a. ? to pr.-ient It.
rho ?B-peror ol ?China Baa appointed ChuncBo? a ape
c1 .1 inlniHti r t" I'aiis. to sittily the French Baaperorla
reference t?> tins unirai.'., ami baa apiMiiiite.l Mr. Mead
otu a? th.- seentary and lnt.rpi. ter to a?. ..mpiiny
Chiiniilii'W. Tills the Shanghai papera dcnnuiue a? a
Kress liiMilt,.ni.I < allson the French and Ru_t?iuu ?Jot
ermu'-nts I?) resent It.
T lie faielga HlaUBan and the talagaelsmare mnrh ex
erei??ed ?.\<r tli?- man. r. and the Superar*?**!.! ni t aUow
any of them to leave Pekin ter tha interior at pmeaat.
They comphtill th* they are shut in as pti- u.ers, hut
theKlujieror says that It Is m.r.Ty pr.cauil.iuarv until
the exritenieiit mover. On the 9th ?>f July the Anuri? au
ateamer Aahuelot, Commander lavlor, left IIudk K uiir
fur the ??-en?' of Die. roeoat oulra?es t?> look ?fin th.;
Smerlean Inteiwla la that gaarlaa, Banaid i'. chenu
*f ith, the late American Consul at ?a n tun. ?a? hurud
with great honor?, all the fWiilfiaia uttendimc the
ftiueral. Mr. l-'Kiudre, the Aiu?rit-aii CoiihiiI at Amoy,
lutsoht.iin.-'l len? ?*M BBBaaOB, and lit en rout?1 to tilla
co.intrv tocotifuilt with the state Department in reler
enee ta tm application of ti.aal treatie? to the.??l
l.-ctioii uf tinning?* BBd .us!, in? ?ititi?-? fruin Amoru an
vesrt. I? l>> the chinese auDiorit.es. A serious nil.uixt? r
staiullii-. U apIM-ar?. ?Xlnlr. In ralattOB to these ?..Ile.
tious hy which the AtneiT.aii ?hi|.|K*ri4 and ship..? n. ra
ar.- th.- heavy loner?. The ottleera and crew? of the
\nlutl? fleet are rept.rted all vtell.
LmiM W Credit.?By sjtasMI to our
?dv.rtislng eiiluiiinalt will Ik? _.-,n that Mo*??rs. Rowlea
Druthers of I'aris. Iiavlug, lu January laut, opened a
branch bouae In l^?n?l??n, are prepared to ?_*ue traveling
l>it? rs ni ?T? ?lit In l'ouiuls t-t.ilinjr, l)..li_?r?, ??r Franc?,
avallahle m all ?p.arter* of the woild M.s.srs. Howie?
lirothi r? hare al?? HSSBSBSl to allow holden? of DnTr BB
Utlng letter? of credit lo draw m |M)iinda aterlli.R upon
their I.an,I.,11 bou?e Thl? will ?ave the holder? any
trouble during the pn"-?iit nionetury ?liaturbau? ?a cauacd
by the war.
""Ml I'lIATT QCmTK-? ??< I'linnm-IHK QffSS?
?JJ"*0?- Ama MKvr-mt, nkwman'.i kki'i.t
?alt Lark Citt, An??. 15.-After six days of
negotiation, the debate ??n polygamy, lM-lwi?rn the Kev.
Mr. Newman ?m1 Klder Orson Pratt, was Qgml on at
iiiHiii ?f the lath, tim iBBBtlm to be, "Doe? (lee Ilible
sanction polygamy I" Kl.ler I'r?!t to lake the ?fflrmatlvo.
? 'r Newman tin, negativo. Tlirtie so?sioi_?, of two hours
*___- 0il?'?lly dlv letl between the disputants, an?l to
take ptaeeon thrrte ?>ieee??slve day?, oommeuolngon tho
12th, were agreed on. Klder Pratt chose Judge Snow as
Moderator; Mr. Newman chene Judge Hawley, und they
together rhoao Msnthnl Patrick. The prellniliu-rle? had
been settled only two hours previous to the opening
of the debate, and so only about 2,000 people BOBS
pr.?? nt. Eliler John Taylor opened the session wiih
prater, am! ih, n Khlcr pratt commenced, citing D.-ut.
xxl.. 15. K, it : " if ? ,?an _aVt> two wive*," ead Ex.
??I-, 7 io ; " If a man ?wll his daughter," ?to.; Ueut. xxv.,
I lad onwird : "if lirethren dwell together," Ar.;
-Numb, mi., n, ?^ concerning saving the Mldlauitish
virgin i ; l),.?t. xxl., io- -n : "When thou g-.-st forth to
var, &c., ^ sanctioning and ?.?nunan,ling polygamy,
1? . BBSS, 00 In- affirmed, the 1? tribes of Israel originate.!
i<? 1'Olyiriiiny iiml practiced it down tothecomlngof Christ,
'?"Hi monagamou? and polygaiu.nis marriage lielng
rec.?gi)i/,.(i BMBg them and these texto were of
general and not ?pet lal Application. If the contrary
maid Is? shown, he would have to yield the point, but
uiitil it should ls>, th.?y had tho right to coustruo th??e
m**BffB0 a* not only sanctionirg, but absolutely com
n.i.mliiig polygamy. Nutlicr could the Christians ex
?Iml?- tl.cin fruin top Church, because it wool.I be ima,m
mat. nt to mt them off from the (Jospel for tin Ir oliedi
BBOa to the law of (Jod. Ho cited g BSSBB. xxil, l8,17, re
?liiliiiig a in.tii who should seduce a maid to marry her;
ami l'eut, xxll, _?, ?BJ, ro.piirmg the same In case of rape,
ami claimed that there ??a no BIllipUaB ?ti tliese laws in
favor of married persons, forgetting, apparently, that
the col,ululation of ? married man with a woman ,aller
**?*-*? ?ata sjHo wai odaMaaj. pbbIsbbbIo. not by aoaapsl?
?cry mai Hage of his victim, but by death.
His next point was mud,. ?n M ( hron. xxiv., _, 3. 15, Ifi.
whnh relates that Ji-lioiitda, the priest, gave two wirft
to Joasli the King, ami th- ii sa> ? that Jonah did right all
tho days of Jchoiaila, and that the hiller livid
t?. ? ni?? ?Id age, ilnd, mid wa* burled among the kings
!>??? au?,- ho had done light both towald Hod and toward
His house. Next vi) wiro referred to BaBBBB, chapter*.
li. and iii., where It Is said that <Jo?l comm.i-nlcd II,,?e.-i
to taken harlot mid SB mt ul I en -SB to wife, and It wa?
claimed that (?ml commanded polyganiv, |_d al?o ?onie
|___| isspejgodHS own law?, Blldjeven ordered the
to .?e biaken, nol for our exainp.?. ai.d Imitatlu
sahl Mr. Pratt, but for a ?perlai purpose. Ilia
Jaw requiring a man to espouse the widow
of a deceased brother, which is in opposition to the law
of consanguinity, and lu. command to Abraham to slay
Isaac. In , oiitravcntion of the law again-? murder, were
other liistan, is of th, BUBS kind, showing that tin) Lord
has ft right lo change His law if II. M plea??-. And if He
s,, ooBBBaad at, bo must ahej*. Bappeee, aoM bo. it
should be proved that the Bible sanctioned polygamy !
Th.it w.mlil l.c no reason why we shuni,I practice it. We
must have a command of our own. The people in these
valleys do not pi attlee polygamy beiatl.se Moses au
ti?..il???l it, nor bei au??- the ciuiiii ut iiii-n of Bible Inn. s
prietaed it. They did it
Hero the hauimer f.-IL E'dor l'r.itt. if he had n??t fully
nut the expei tatton? of hi. friends, had pSSSOSOed his
texts and maintained ttioir pertinency and force, BO fir
us he had til?n, in a good .I, at of the 0BBBB sty!, us Hut
li,iiii?ler did who argued iigiln-t !ii-'h li, ,,l tBBOOBO from
Hie text, " Top not como down," from " IxBt him that ia
on the 1,ouse tap not come down." His n? inner was j
calm and coiirtcuis ni the superlative .legre.-.
Mr. Von man ?aid ho had desired umo hours for tim |
discussion of this question, but having been reduced to
three by mutual consent, ho would pro.-, ad at BBB0 t-,
dedin ? the question. I?,,.? the Bible sanction polygamy I
is? it now-, not did it formerly 1 l>o"s the Biiilo, in tho
ro.-e-.vcd BaaSsfe translation, in the Heptuageiit or (?reck
translations, or In the original Hebrew, sanction?sanc?
tion? that n , .?iiiu,and. not tolerate, not suffer or rcgit
iat.-, but,-.?iiiiiiim.i ixiiy gatty i Bats f?'iiow,-,i an cxpm>i
tlonof the derivation ami meaning of tin? ttor?!, being a
pi,mil.ty of wite? or huabamls, not of wives only. The
. ??n?? t word f.,r lhat was pstj gamy. Tli.ro was another
word closely connected with these ?polyxandry?
? plurality of hii-l.uiiila. It aeeuied to li i in
thal If a mau might legally ami right I lilly ha vc many wives
. i vv?, n um might have many BBSbaadB [Applause from
the woiu,-ii-'-h?"sh ShsadBBBKS from the mon.| Mr.
Nott man !iia!iitaliic,| that til?- liil'le as n stands is
authentic, the tact that the uri-_M:)ll til Ullis? 1 l|'ts had
been l"?l being "f "" ' ouse,pi,-nee ; that li wa? i oinp.'s. ,1
of history, biofiaphv, prophecy, law, poetry, Instru?
t ci?. A? .. oui that vi,- si,.mlil n??t confound historical
Mitteln? Ms with precept S?d lill in? lion. The New les?
tai, ant was a ,, iniiieiitary on th.? Old. Ker example,
Christ, ctiinmeiitinir ob the law of Moses, bringtsg otu
its lu,I,len in- ailing, eli,.w.-.l us lhat it man is not only au
adulterer who mum, s Bore women than ??no, hut wh?,
look? ,?n a won, iii it iib lust. [SOSsaUoB.) He held
iuitlicrtliat li any I?.?ti of the Bible had been iii t-tfoct
repealed, then I! Is not now of binding force.
II.- thon j. is?e I to a close analy zatlon of the marriage
established bj Oodla th.-time of bibb's Innocencr?be
tween one man and one woman, in its nature, it's ele?
menta, its de?l,"ii, its rii-iits, ?ml obligations, ami Us
defenses and maintained that polygamy, lavented by
mini sim ?? hi, aposta-'. , struck down and ?lest rev ed this
Bible-iu.iiriai.i- in all us essentiel feature?, li defeated
Itsthree fold obi'? t, by 1. ?s.ning lils e:?pa?-ity for coni
psnioBShiB, ?I'd by causing a preponderance in
births of one MX, tims tending to the ex
t!notion of the race, and defeating pro-creation ; by
U,v n,g man more license in ttexual IBteroonrse, and thus
encouraginglasclvloueness. It relieved mun of hisobll
g liions of ti ?ein meal love and mutual affection; it aug?
mented his authority while lessening his noveer to pro?
tect won,an. In v low ,,f the usual distribution of iroods.
Bum but ainsi, nabobs, snd priests assld eflaad it, and
berala it robSed the poor for the bom-tit of the rich, in
ti.m .??? ,,f this exposlttofl Of the true and expoosM of
ti.o ?piinous ui.iiri.ige, hu ilrew a pit ture if the monoga?
mous homo, ami, ?hai piy ? on Hasting it with that of the
polj ft? mist, oom polled SB involuntary burst of applause.
1!, next turne,1 ins attention to Eider l'r.itt'? texts,
r f.i it!ii_M<> l'eut? ronomv xxv,r?,and onward; ho went
lia, k lettie i?.uti-diluvian-? after his, ?ppOMnt, ?mil ?XffOSed
the absurdity of alta? king the assumption, that bsCBUSS
?,...1 made and unirii, ?I but one woinan t?? the first man,
therefore that was the aaodel far all subsequent mar
uage-; by nu h rSBBBWlsg na that offercil, namely : if
th.it Ix- s... then, liecause (iod gave thom but one garden
to till n,.I??-.ly should ever till two gardens ; or because
God clothed (heju with skins nobo.lv should ev.-r nae
au? HiIiik . I?? for clothing. In this there wa? a failure
to distinguish between tbs essentials and the incidentals
of mania?-'-. He maintained that when Cain murdered
Abel ho was uot married, and therefore his criuie could
no? have grown out of monogamy ; while, on the other
hand, Lamei-h, the tlrat jwlygamlst, ?lew a man <>n
the assumption that he had cune to claim his rights.
Tiie nr.-t luarriagi- In BEBB ?tas not a historical fact
UiVPiy. for, coui'iig down the s?rcalo of time, we find it
referred to by Malachi, by Jesus, and Ht. Paul, as the iii
prissi??n of a gnat law. And so the hammer fell.
Mr. Nott mau had not referred to t'der I'itttt'8 texts
mu, li, and the Mormons seined to think, then-fore, that
h,. , .,u,l not answer them. But if waa only lie.-a nae lie
had not ha?l time. He li.i.l t?> ?letli ?? the question, and to
give his idea of Hible in irri.tk.-o as coiitrit.li.stuguiHh.-d
ji,,in lKvlygauioua BBBIllSffa Hist. As the assembly dis?
pels. ?1 a i le .-nul murmur of conversation ro?e frmu the
crowd in iiitii-ipall'iii. I .suppose, of further vict.-ry ou
the morrow.
Tlicre were alstut i.ooo people pn-scut. After prayer,
Mr. liait b'-giti by insistlngthat the original manu?, ript
. opy ?,f the Bit?!?' ?as U??t He, however, accepted it as
li ninnis, ai? eoaaaSBtVS ex ideuee of polygamy. Ho de?
nied Hi it the ~u\ 1'T sill ihat marrying more than MS
woman constituted adult, ry, ami cnallensred Um proof.
Ile adiiiitt.-il Mr. Newmans definition of the tvnn sanc?
tion In it? .-i'1 f,,ri'' ? Hm bed brought force
yesterdav, passage after passage from King James?
Bible lu V4 hi' h i??>lv gamj w.is , ouniiandi d under penalty
of the heaviest euriM-nf Hie law. If this was nut s nu
ti?.n he did BO! understand W.-bsK-r or .Newman. I!, had
waited in vaia for wme ?butting t? -tii....i?y. but sbso
iM.-lv none hsd bees addne? ?l. H?- malutair d that the
-?f A.lam or
f inar
Iiuglll uo wn ?eu m.... All the
?_s of lils friend Bowman about iiiarriaire were as
ai.oln al,,,Mo plural as to singlu in.inlag?'. II.-refill?.1
ti, idea that is.ljan.lry wa? as justitlabl? as in.ly-amy,
(?-cause it tended to l?r..?luc, st. ?ility ruth? r than fertil?
ity of the wou?kU, ami destroyed ?U knowledge of the
fUMr ITatt then went info an elaborate argument to
i ante that ?JoU win, better piesse! to aeo a Daw rlsmsasa
iieiimirryinauy w-ives, and t*get ami bring up trooj)?
of chfldreii, In the nurture and admonition ..I the Lord,
than he was with tho monogamous marriage of the
wicked, In which Ile had no parl.oxcopt that He per
milled it. Who would lead their children to destruction
t lb. ir ?til tea? lung and example. Th.- assumption of
self righi.M.iisn.ss ?'? th- I'urt of UM ls.lv -,'ainlsts in th!.
di I nut S.OIH to strike him a? absurd, nor the fallacy of bU
lOely DOM had been lidduo? ?I. He lilaiut??!!' a tlml ti
runos of iJltn.-ch, of ?am, the traaSSMSSMO of A,I.un ?
nvbo.lv ?Is? ba?l no coime, lion willi the form of ma
I aire Th' v nur? If prOT? ?1, historically, that both poly
mist's and" moiui^unists might !)?? wicked mon. All H
laws to .?..pris-.n their BBSa aud ?esso their vvoinci.'.o
?w . ii . . ...ia.?! i.? u severe arraignment of turning
2fi_ i ...'? V.rV?t,luU?n. lufanlicl.!,-. A?.,
;r'i:;h l^mlUre and eael? "ti?1' '" rt-ns of prostitutloii
H, \ uVd?S,T?^.?tlng'U,l,?-<t friend to lav before ?he
,? ?I?II. efXltiitlon of those passages of fce Bible Be
..1 i.l.luce.1 the day before amictloulng (??lv^.tmy 1. ?
^etTw^piovMEslthoes lasswsralimita Q thej
were -waSSSa^ NKW_A!4.i iE,.OI(D SHBKC.I.
Mr. iTftjama dovoUsl ?ls?-.t ?*?? uiiauve^ to a uoti.e of
Mr rrttc. ?.?altering remnrlr?, *nd tVn ??levi if the
gentleman had adduced a law ?tanctlntitng polygamy.
Ijiw, he ?aid, waa Uie e?.prer-ton of ?h?. l.-riAUtivn will.
In I? .-lal.ilin? on any nil.jc. t then must Ih- a grand or
gnuie ast n-ferfing to thal ?)i1?je. ?, In (he lljrttt of whirh
tlie general code and ail parti, talai laws iiumi i?, inter
ptreted. Noanehlaw h?<i .Men. or could he.piailuunl
. "tnmanding polyg.my. but, un the other band, In la
vittctia .till. is. we had such a law prohibiting it?
"Neither .shall llion take a wife to her ?Uter, to vet her,
to a?eo?rat lu r u.ik? ?lu?-?.-?. besides tit? other lu her
litiiime," ?r, aa the marginal reading ia, "take
on?'wife to mothar." This rendering waa sustained
I?1 (?...Its in, iiisbop, Jewel, Dr, M warda, and Dr. Dwight.
A.fording to l,r K Iwards, tia? Hebrew wolds translated
.?wife io her Mater," ween round la tin? original but
eight tim,?, .?ud in ea< h cas.' Hi, y referred fu inanimate
oh|eots,-uch as the wing? of Hie cherubliii, moi tie? ?a,
l*n ,Tr?. A? , aiul si.mrt.'d coupling togither, one to an
other. They denoted the exart llkenes?. of one tl.ing ?<?
anutber, and lu re forbade, .is I lu? marum expressed It, the
taking of ?me wlf.? to another in her llfelln..1. Hut sup
Baas, -?aid Mr. Newman, a* the polyga-Blatfl ?1 ih.i, that It
m.aiis lo prohibit the marriage of two litoral sister*?, the
Mormon pru'ticing that moat admit thal be wa? living
in vi?,I.?lion of nod's law
Mr. N, wu.an Dieu examined the texts quoted hy Mr.
I ration the day before, showing ti,at his construction
o-the:.) waa baaed.on ? giatuftooa aaaumptlon on lila
pint thai the Israelites were a polygamous nation when
the law of Mos. s wns riven. Thl? aaaumptlon he ?lid not
}.r.(,'V.'.'rU .'""!:' ""t '"'"."'I ,,""'*''l"''"?"y tU argument
fell I brough. Not one of th.r-e vaunt, ?l texte menti,.ned
???lygami. nor, construed in the light of the gi. at pro
iniiitioii of pol? gamy he bad preeented, >?? ubi any wtiu1
linn of u b.? torture,1 from them. He examined them
s? ii.itiin, ami showed conclusiv. ?v (bat ti., y Isire no
sn.'h construit Ion a? Mr. I'rr.tt bad given llie'in,. oiwid
ered by themselves.
Mi. Newman Dieu ma?le a telling allusion to Mr. I'ntt's
having given up the question al 10(414 ?t the < lotie of his
hour, on the ?lay before, bj sa?, hog n . II? , t Mi .! the Mor?
mons claimed no right t?. praotlee anljaaaaj IroaariQnd
co.iiiiuiiiilert il.and His people pract? ed it In au?Tent
tunis, hut lieuiu.se the} had been expi.-sly ??<.? m. n led
of Cisl forltieiiirti'lvea todolt, and aaied hltn -.hy, th. ii,
he had. mleay..risl todiag the Killie into the question,
in Th.? Beer, In bitcorTt*?pondenc_ with hnn lu a New
York journal, and fro'n I his stand.
He then . haig. ?1 that Mr. Pratt had brought nothing
but downright aa? um pt ion* as yet, iiiis.iptxirttwl by a
particle of cii.lt nee, to the support of the atllri.iiit.ve of
the question under debate. Ile had assumed that the
Hebrews wen a polygamous nation in the wlbleriiesa ;
that these laws were gi\ in to regulate au institution Bi?
rt ady existing; that they were general In their appll? a- |
tioii, applying t?. all, which he (Dr. Newman) hail prov? ?1
they wer?' not; and none of thee assumption? had ho
proved He denied that the Hebrew* wer.? a polvg.inio.i*
n,.ti,.ii ?t that time, and challenged the
proof ot the conti ary. He reaffirmed that
among the law* ?..k1 tjurt Hu in after He
has ?rilled them for a Hpe.-Ul purpose, regulating the
commerce of Um aaiaa. waa Um greal law. Thouahall
not take one wife to another. That was the great law of
marriage a* established by ?i.si in the time of man's m
dim en? e, i.. itabllahed at the tune of the flood, re. ord? ?1
bv Moses, reenncted by ?hrist ami Ht. Paul, and denied
that Mr. l'ri.tt bad adduced ona nott, ttom the
Bible thal directed ur p. nnilte.l uny other kind
of marriage. It wns bo evidente to bring
passage after passage, which lils learned friend knew, if
K.iisti-ned in ?vor of pol/gaaag, would la. In direct op
poattion t?. the great central law OB tin - labje. I.
No abstract ? an ?io Jnstiee to Mr. Newman's argument
of tin* day. HI? rendering Of Leviticus xvili., is, ami
hisposiiiteiieiii.il that tin [araelitea In the wibi
wen* poly .'nui?.us as a Dation, K-tned to -turtle the
audience,and altogether Ita effort impre?a<d then SB
that Dn-y had 111 He t.? -u?. "ii dlepi1 -mg.
Tllllll? IJA??MR. IRATT.
Thl? was flundriy, ami there were about MM persons
prcstiit. The.li-bate wa? ipSBSi hy singing a* well as
prayer. Mr. I'tatt a.'.mltted that arguiueuU had now
l.e.n ad lined on both .MBB. lu answer to Mr. New
inan'n challenge, he eiitercd|iuto an arithmetical c?enla.
MBB to prove that the Israeli:? I Bran lMilyguinou.4 in tin
dais of Moaea. He took Mr Bewmaaa atateuMBl of tha
entire number of them -??_?. MUS H.? .Tanned that front
the law of Pharaoh ?oniruau?iiug the destruction of the
mala lift mt ? "f the Hebrewa, and i Daeoouatof Itaexoaa
ti,m in ??ne out Of every ",<?) ? ion ?a' h jeir, fur N) ).'.ir->
?hen- woe ?nu no? ann aaaiila|ii!iln women than Mea. Ia
Nuiii!. i, io. be totted Um number of bh ? above lOjra ni
of age riai.'ii at mtytM, Bad he cal. olated the who e naaa*
ber of numil, s at utfttt trout the mjKIt famlllee whooa
Hislinin wen males, glieu in Numil m. t.. IT.?m these
etatiatlca be deduced that there w. n ..BBMMwoaaea Bad
i'-i,5i50 men nl.ler than _0y?ars, and WS.M children under
M i eui s, divui.'.i Into .?o.oijo families. He theo appor
I lolled to each of the TU.OOu heads ?)f fanijlu's Se? I! wins
lind 70 children, leaving WltJHt un.narri? ?I in? n, ami
7'...i,.,5<) unmarried women <>i.r si reen of age, and < aa*
?in.liai Hutt be had thereby,-tai.ii-hed thatbraalwaa
both poljrgamoua itu?l nonogamoua la the time "f Moses.
He next attempted to dea-oaatnte that if the n
tiou of an tnisiii m util waa not aanctloa, nor was it em
d. inatiou ; for While It WM . I.'tlliied that God gul?' laws
regulating monogamy. It would hardly be admitted that
t,.i regulation < ?.ndemned it.
He next look up what Mr. Newman claimed to be the
great law prohibiting pol?gamy. I^vit. xviii., 1?. Ac
cording to Kilo,- j.i im ?'s traaalatlon.lt read: "Weither
..halt thou take a wife to her sister." Hu friend New?
man, together with Messrs. Dwight, Kdwards, and
others, dlaagree with that translation, and aomebody had
in-crtcd a .Pil?rent leading in the margin, viz: "Thou
Saan nut take one wife to another" Mr.
Newman held to lim marginal reading, and nut
the i.-xt, lo l?e currect. Tins?- great commenta?
tor? who thus alter King James's translation, a? wella.?
the translator? were inoiiogami.-ts?monogamist? con?
ti iiiling with ?a? It other. Mr. Newman irgued that
the lbl.row contained ?oraething a little dur?rent from
King James's translation. He had exauiineil Du- text in
Du i Hebrew, ami he alhrmed that there was uo word in
Hie original Of the text that could be translated wife. It
was manufacture?! scripture, for which there wus no
i. anon bin that the Iranalalnra wrrti monitgamlata end
were afraid they should not find anything In the llible
. uiiilemiilng pulvgiuny, and, thereiure, inaiiufaetur.-il it.
If tiny ha?, the right to manilla, turc a w.id t?)
sii-tain them, then he hail th.? same right, and
to make it read, " Bhalt not take one sister to another."
This was th?' true rendering. It was a part ami portion
of the law of consanguinity winch tilled tIn- rest of the
chapter, prohibiting the marriage o? mst.'r.s in Unit day.
I.e.-aii-e of the tendency to ))in?rrel lietweon blood re?
lations. He il.Ticd Mr. .New man and all Die World of
Hehnweeholan to find _H"*r?_"-rd la the original to be
translated wife, if ?he rendering U- given that is inthe
margin. Is ? aus.? thcie i~ uu noun preceding the words I
'' one to unuther."
Be referred agada to the unlimited nature of the com
i)).in?ls a.I.lu. ed bl him from the Hll?le on the first day of
the ?i? bate Mr. Newman bad judged all thon panag*.
by the gn'at loun.latiou principie be t laime.l to have
found ni Lent, win., is, wh.ch he had proved that Mr.
Newman had mis.ippieheiided. Thal fallimr, therefore,
those paanglU MOOS good, uni.-as *om. thing fine could
be i..lilli? ed tgainst tlnm.
If tin* passage forbidding the king to multiply wives
uuto hiiuaelf confined linn lo one wife, then lb.? samo
..,iiiin nul, .ullin..! lum to one horse. The married kins?
man of Bona it? knowledged that the law was binding on
him hy saying," ?io and re.le.ni my right." The pansages
from Matthew and Malachi, made ao mu. h of by Mr.
Newman, refeire?! to ?livor? e ami not to polygamy. The
marrilni* of a second wife without putting away
the first was not adultery. The weeta "duty
uf marriage" meant more than betrothal, ac?
cording to Gibbs, Professor of Theology in
Yale I-U.-ge, it meant cohabitation. Ib.-ea ?lui not
diiori?1 mi? harlot before ho married the other. ITere
WBB a law of God, general In its nuture. or if limited, It
couldn't be proved. There wa? no law against it. It
stood a? Immovable its the Ko? k of Ages, and would
stand when heaven and earth should pass away. It was
a law that waa binding on aucient Israel. He was sorry
he bad not more time, but, Having ?llscussed the .ul.jctt,
would leavi- it to all candid |s-rs..iis to judge.
Mr. N'.'W in.ni sahl that it was unfortunate that Ins dis?
tinguish?'.1 friend, In his wonderful numerical ctlctihi
tr.Inul b.-i.scil It on the ?is-iiimptluit that the slaving of
the male children uf the Hebrews continued through M
i? ais nml fallid to prove it. Until he could prove that,
his argument had no more foundation than a vision. Kc
sp?-. ung the great law piuhil.itin?,-polt gamy,lu- r.-allii m, .1
that the marginal translation was p.ife? t to a word.
The gentleman bad la!x?r?-d han! to show that Hod didn't
mean what be sahl?" One woman to another." He ad?
mitted the translatinn In seven of the eight passages to
be correct, why not in the eighth I HU admission
knocki'd his argument to pieces. He challenged lum to
meet him on paj-er, any tim?' or atiywh?-*?-, un thell.-brew
ofthisbxt. The marginal was the true rendering. He
referred la in? openlageueeeh to the margin tostreagthea
hla argument, ami it was a poor rule that
wouldn't wurlf. both ways. Suppose it meant
what Mr Pratt claimed. Dr. Newman proved
yesterday that this law of Moats is not kept hv the
Mormon?. Where waa his solemn denunciation of this
violation of I>lvine law 1 Yesterday he pronounced a
. ai-e ..ii him that fuiiiiniii'th nil the words of this .aw to
do Dum. Did not that curse rest ?n him and his ??-opie I
T.. save aOLjganty, ha stood here la the sight of God and
Hie angels, and t>e.<?re this intelligent aii.lleii.e a, ?tnowt
edged that this people sit G?>il '? I iw at de Ha nee. What
resp-ct was du?' hi? argument from the teaching? of
Moses lu support of polygamy I
lloapoi tinii UM parallel betwnn the King's multiplying
wives and horses, there waa no law in regard to horses,
but there was in r,-gar?t to wives. If on unequal footing,
then lhere was no limit to the nuinU-r of wives a m in
might have. A passage >>f Beripian wa? otteii gaoled la
favor of pul.ygaiiiy to the effect that if a man foi sake his
w ife be shall have a hundred. If It vas good to forsake
hi? wife. In tha' B use. It would be better to forsake the
hundred. Then he should have in,0U0. This la the argu?
ment in Mr. Pratts book. " The Ban." Why. such a man
would keep the Almighty busy creating wives for him.
(-. nsation.j He tv gritted that he hadn't time to notice
all th?1 pointa made by his opponent; be desired to ?lo so;
li. had pleaded for more time ; so h-..l his fnedds, but it
hail I?'?1!! .1.Tiled him.
He would now take up his argument where he left it
yesterday, and apply the great law he had proclaimed
on that occasion, lu the Hll.b, there wore at most li or
?Oca-ies of -Mdygaiuv recorded out of the millions of
people Of whom it was UM hi-t?.r>, ?nd upon the example
of th.se the polygamlslM of our day rested their, ate. In
con-Id. ring them h>< divided the Period I?1 fore the law
was given fruin that afterward. Ile then showed that
Abraham was not a polv gamist ; thal Hager waa brought
to lum by his wife, __-*-_?, and that Immediately there?
after she -aw her wroug, but laid it ou h?n ; and
that God sent the pelygaiuot.? child ?**_y, the
parents cons.uitiug. Al>r?-iiui m.trrlc.1 Ketmah
after tiarah's deaih,?J not liefor.?. ?te. Thla reinark
ai.b- patrtareh wm a mouogaaist, not a iml.ig
aiiilst. [sensation. I Jacob, ho said, wa? Inveigled luto
polvgaiuy before he wa? converted at the br.jok Jabboki
aiel unlv lived In HW year? of the W7 of hie life. Mt*1?, ,
It was said hen1, waa a pulygauiist, and Miriam waa
sinn k with leprosy because she murmured at it. Zip
porali, the ?laughter of J.'thro, and rho Ethiopian woman,
were the same p? rson, Muluu and Kihi..pia the ?am?
part of Aral.la. Mea. - then stood forth a_a uionogaiuLsl
?thl? lawgiver of a |-"lt gainons nal. who should by
all means have hail a hundred wlvee. Aa to Gtde.ui,
be waa an idolater a? well aa a polygamlat, and if bia
polygamy was a law for un, then enuatly waa his Idol?
atry. The Hi?.le was sib-nt as to '? i li For Elkauah. he
could prove tiiat Hannah, the mother of Samuel, waa bia
first wife, and God'? hearing her lira)cr. was a t.l.<??slng
on monogamy. Haere?! writ aav? Hannah, being barren,
Eikauah took another wife. Then David, the warrior,
king, aud poet, he had le wlve?, ami wa?
n ?t edaltenr and a murderar. If Goda
w.tds t? lum, as waa clalmeil, 41 I ????v'3
t1'..- ih\ nui4ier s ?Ive? int? thv lw?oni,"aa_icti?_ii ']
|..,lv.a.r.v, tb. li ..??la wortls, I Wl1lt*ke thy wl?--?j??'l
Kite n .t?> tb> ueighiior. and b. sha.l he willi laen.
sauil.jui'la?'.ulUry auduiiruaU David tttpouitgu taxi ?*ui i
away his wirra? elglit yesra IWar?> hie de _Ji "wTial tit
fMIonion. the gnwit ixilygamlst-tiie man wiA ? tbo.ia.tnO
wv* <st It was sa d lils greAtiM-as waa pre?net_*d, an?! his
PoiyK-iinons Mrth find marrlapr-s thireby ?ppro?^?S. Bel
ii??' groat unas ?,f l I, hat wa? ?la) -/?rcallsta-d Did that
a. r ?0*1 aPP*?,v?' lil?? liakTitytl end ?ni? l(! i Ion I
ir?. "'ah," **'"? U'W thal If his do? trine wa?
aw Solnrnmi wsa a bastard, and by tb?
atTaii ?Iii . '*or"** ,nto ?be hoiiite, of ??.?1
mia, VuC. ',""? ""- P"1"1 * h""*'- tj'w mam ?*? *
i^?-^--f0,,,,l'. ,,f fti? ?"rd. With na It meant off
Now, said Mr N., lot us see ?a ha?? ,_.,._?_.,__?
I. um,. !? the murderer ., .?-??Mbe Var""? rttat/T ft
toeni.ird.-rer ami -sdnltamr, K..W,,, turned le !d.,utrr
ami on the other hand, iimmiganiist?. A .lam ?,??,{
N'Ukh, Ablaiiaim leas?, J???. ;>h, Move, A ir.u,' ?''] thi
greet prophets, Cbiial ?nd tie holy ?tH,Hti?v? 'y?? ,?
Nx'iistome.1 to hear (hat all ti??- palnarch?, kinm, ___
pinpi,?in ,,f ti?? Bl bis were polyg nuisis. I,w*,r(?lla
Mr. N. then dwelt on Paul's words, ''Ni-vertheleaa. to
?void fotiiii allon, let every man hive lils own wlfei.1*
Ac., to prove thal, the New Test ?nu t,t esaSaSMMd !?*?? j?SS
amy. It taught the mutual dnUeoaad right? of iu.ai.an4
end wife, it agreed perfectly wltb l*trn. ivM is, ans
the two constituted a statute cloai and ii nq neal ron.i Ide
?gainst |H)lyiramy and for inoiiogiuny. It was ..ni
>'. ?i,y ,i.nu,tl.-d that them. pa.ss4.g11a from
I'ml prove! the iM'tu.il natur,> of the re?
lation?that the wife hsa .-na go.wl ? right to a
whi.lo husband, as Hu- husband lias to a whole wife. TB?
wolds of the s im. Aposl .-, " Know v ? no1 thal ii? whioh
Is Joined to an harlot la ??no body! for two, sAltl) He,
?ball I* ono lli-aii," had lwaen urgo.l ii ?tal mat BBS MSB SB
exclusive monos;. nous w. illmjk. lint Paul ?a? ah?,win*
tim Iras relation of the (??it to ?iirtal ondea the figure ?at
marriiiKo. M?,rc??\t?,r, ho alflnm-d that If a man ?narri???-,
not simply- ,-.,i,?i,ite,?, trat ,nMtie<I a bsrlol.ho did ka
com.- one flesh with her. It was said thst Paul's ??ink
The Bishops should therefor? Is- blameless, the husband
ol .me vtif,, ' wa.? an Indication that polygamy wa? ?.r. ?
?lent In the timo of Chi ist ; bul ibis was a palpable em
Had!. lion of that otli.-i a**? -rtion of polygamisL?, I hat
monogamy narnu from lirw?.- and Kum,-, /'.ti. ?tinu I? in?
apartof the Roman Kinn'.ro at lh.it tim.-. TUsltijuii?
tioii of the Apostle was the complement of ?? ..et every
m in have ins own wltc," 4c.
Ile bad been challenged to prove thal polygamy wa?
adultery. Here Mr. N. mad.- an ?l.iis.r ,t. auaiyal? ol
adultery, ami kimtn d word?, in the Ursel and Hebrew,
and < inled by ulliniiing that undi r tim Je?;?li i!' j?i-f
ti"li UM coliabifatlon of a BBSS Witt tay other WSSBBB
than hi? wife wae re?rari|o<| as adultery : the word m. but
Lag, ?S ti, y used it, foi ni, .ilion, a,Ililli iy, ?iid even the
sala, id lusis of the heart. Therefor??, as a ihri-tua
mu,l?f?-r, ho proclaimed the fact thal is.ljgaiiiy ia
adultery. [So, do, bo, irom the Buseaakse |
He kau been ch?llenaed t<? prov. that polygamy waa
no preventive of prostitution. II?- had asi timo, bul
b- waa prepared to pro?..- ti.at prostitution wes inore
pu valent in polygamous than in monogamous ,. uni ries.
The iKilygamists ? '.aimed the ri-rht. ander the ?. doral
Co'istittition, to practice it a? religion Ho was aa proud
as his opponent uf our religious liiau ty. lint tin- law of
limitation applied toll tin same s? ti? the movements of
tia? heavenly bodies. The Hiinl,,.? mother might , <>ra?
here, and (hrow her infant into Hie lake, and, at?a'??,ding
to the Mormon theory, th.* civil government eonld no4
pu-vent It. Yes, it could, tiny sat, boonu?.- it is rnur.tnr.
Its mS Binder, mid Mr. Newman, it I divest? lol every
attributs of murder, itt- a reUgioos art Yet we fessa
the right t.. pr?vint it. le ?t.- Lave the light
to legislate with regard to inarrlag? to
restrict men to one wife ?*?oh. He wee
m?) in favor of harsh legislation, and would axer! his in
Boence to prevent it shosld tt be proposal. Hut ha bo?
sorted the principle thal the nul suvemmeat had the
right to limit rolfgiou? liberty within UM bonada of do.
coney, ?iid so far a? might be needful to a-, uro the well
l? li,g of s.s-iety. Ile .?llu-i? d I" the be iring of poly gamy
on the perpetuity of the national Ufa, denying what wes
claime.l for It, .uni naming ' .leece, Koine, linne n.-r
many,Bugland,a?living proof?to the eostniy, while
Turkey, the lah It edlUoa of a p-1 Ran "?i? country, wa?
fast passing away. Our own connut, was ; ist In it?
y??u,h, it aras destined to outlive lae bessy Best tS
would ?se OS Bad on ?n gTeatriea? and power and glorjr
until it bad solved all those gi eat problem? of iMiigioa?
lib? rty ami ? ivil rights Intrusted to it.
These tt,re ti ?' iir.-iiln? M.? foi I?,mi..gan,v. BThSS they
could tie overthrown we might r?..;ie polygtmy se
taught here. But uat?l it could be proved uni tL?- ??rig
In ii law of marriage had been abrogaU d; tbst thora wa?
no distinction iie'wi-cn law ?nd practice; thatpolrs
amy was a pr?t cntive of proatltutlon and ws? not a lau
t< ry: that It t> i.dcl to the perpetult* ..f th.- nat in .it life
ami th?-elevation of woman?iitifil fix n we ,,,!,!.I noa
give up this grand Mea 'hat ..si? law condemns
polygemy und commanda nionogumy; Hut
the ,1-iirost iBtoreats of men and womea
and of the rising generation as well, demand of us the
i ntabii.shmcnt and matate nance of mouogamou? mar?
riage Is oiircoiintrv. Then would l?e r?-a:i/?-?l the happy
picture of the Scripture?, where tfes hssbead ami wife
were one and the two were equivalent, where par?ala
should bring up their children in the nurture sad id
monition of the Lord, when, men should provide for their
families, for we are told tl?.i? fee Who will not do this le
wors?> th.-.n an Infidel-tin-ti, then Indee?! w mid monog?
amy stand forth as (ho grand truth.
The great discussion w.m closed. BefOfB BBS railroad
or i su. h an event would have horn impossible In gen?
eral. It may have ?erv ed but to confirm Um pertisausof
each system, but it cannot lu- Hi,ti Hie intelligent and
honest h ave not been impr.sood wi?h tin annettes
grandeur and ?tlength of our side of the iiiestioii. What
is most singular in it all, 1 think, ait? rall, ia that there
lias not been a i.'ovv strm k on a? count ..f this d?bete I
hope that the disputants will giv. u? th.nte.t ,?\.-r the
pase.igo ni Levitt? tut,ou which the dit. et liiblc ?is ?until?
.-.?ano to hang i bully , on p..,.. r
Lewis Phillip*?, TaSSBSS Shorey, Palrich i'.uvy
sad Wm. Cook ve?ate day Indulged in a free tight os tse
peebro-1. mi rrhees, and all wen- aeverelj puaiafesd.
Tfeej were taken Into esstody, ami Iseked up m the
Lc-oiiai I -st. Pollei??Station.
ff/feSI Hld It.?Lins't K?TH?IR. ?? mala rur bli: ?oft In ?art ?at,
j'..! t . ? i? I ti teas'? M.t'.si.i i? lia. ? rinnir?! that ?ti! iw r.,ra;.|?uta
late Ills uiariil- laeut? toa Bow are. ibu it auipliaticall' lb? Utgttft
of ill wliu a?e the??- aril. ra. A to? head ?>f hi r ?iii . r??n?>! <-??n|lc.iea
trr the ?retreat tttractiona a ?mun can putaeae Ttie Kathai rea tad
M.u~..lia Balla ire jual ?hit will lira thara ta? "si-anl a.,'!-?r aita
I [ The Bahn ii the hi.aim ?>f yi.uih It makca a Ia.lv ?f thirt. ii?t*-ee
hut twenty. Beth articri tra ratirclj? baroileaa. a_ul 'try i
i u<-? ibiuil tie in nu; laiir'i ivaticaiaioa.
"al penny to,',i it <?-0 pitre qui it I ,
Deposit yum MB la-ma? la ta? M? r il Litmrir .l??i?aa
Buts, lob Niaaa.nl. i rribaae block), Ntw lork.
Vthnt Tllnornl Water-s do yoe lee f??Jitirtl D??--?i h?
Numil Wileri reif, !M ? bann cr? ?t
Weddin? and Visiting Cards, lamil ?tirapi?, ?...U Pt???
Wa. SriauaLL ? Sosi. .... Kia to.? it . orr. did Dut? a Csvaca.
BRITTOy-On Surnliy. Aty. 21. Dt.ul Brilia of WrttleU ?tats?
'I !i-r?- .-.nea Ac.A fhrndt uf Hie ftmi.r tra ?nT.?e.t ta tttend hu fiaeral
?t the MortTita Charrh. Kew D?rp. Kutra Island it J) o ,?.kI, ?a
Turaday, 23d la.t. Take 1 r/sltek Imat from >',?? lui.
BROWN?On iSuadir. Aaf 21 of .-..nanniptiin D?Wtl ?' Bmn at
if Jil. R. lad itrj, aou ?t I.?.melia liruan. a^-d ii jeers, J BoaSM.
tml IT tari
BrlatiTet ta.i frien.il ire in?it.-l !.. tttrn.l th? fonertl Tuerait? Au. ta
tt li) o'rliN-k a. m.. it lui Bower?. The renaina will be tall? to Tarrr
town for inteneeat.
BADIE-A'?Tirk.?lit Init John Pnoklio ?'.?cot tot itf Jeht tal
Marr A. Kadi?, ursd 21 year?
The relatirea aaii meada are raapwrthllr lari.rd !.. tttrn.i hit faaeral ?a.
TnealtT. 23>1 iatt , It noon, ir.? the mulan?- ?t hi. rn? !?.,U^r,
Bri. ?.lacktnboa (ok! .No. St?), Adelphi it., atar lnltaib-l,t.
GORDON?Oi SuadiT 21,t, Bri. MtritGordua.il Um 90tb year ?I
her a??.
Fanerai al One? Charrb. Jamaica, ob arrral of 3.30 trail froa Nea
York. Her fnenla. and th'iM of her toa?, Har. li S tad Wiah?a(tee
Gordoa, ire iutar.1 to altead.
IIOXIK? At Wet.rrlr. K I . on 1 aurait?, th? 18th :a?t Jotepb Host*
of tbu <-itv, ta-i.l "j ?ear?.
BeietiTei lad ftrnJi ?re retpertfnllj in? tM Is altrad hu fanerai fra?
the Rer. I)r Buddingtei ? ?bnrrh corner of ?'Tntot tad Late?/
etle ?Tee., Brooklyn, os Vomlty the 23.1 lint it I ?Vloek.
UAH AM VN-In Re? York, on Saturda?, Aug. 2? Oeor|? C. Huft-aaa.
ia the ??lb ?eai of hit a?e.
Tb? fri-n<!i ?if Ihe fimilr are inrlted to atteal thrfi,-ril fr.'ir hu lite
reti.ienre No .1" kail Kiflirtb tt tbu I Mondar) ???aiii? at -I ?? cock.
The remain! will be taken I? Anaterdain. N Y . (or .atrnacat.
HA'NES?al Klueheth. N. J, na Sundi.? taoruin? tb? Ila laa-k,
Hrhini T. Hainrt. la the 7Stb ?ear of bil ira.
Tbe relati??? tad fritada of the ramil? are taeprrtfull? iatited to at'aaS
hil fuaertl from Ibt Wciirn,niter I'r-tti.u- an I'nurrb Cuitka
Tueidty afternoon, the 2ki mat. at i ,>M,a-k. w thout furtls? m>
TltatloB. Train? leare foot of (.'?rtlan.lt and Liter.? ita al 2 p. a.
L?.NKS?At Sorwalk, Cona., ob I ndey. An?. 19, Htintol Lya-a. ia th?
Til rear of hit isa.
Ila, rrlatirei and Mendl, lad thoa of hu brother. 8taph?a ?'. Mata.
ire mpectfullr tuTiie.1 t., attend bia fur??-ral from Ht. faul a ?"hnrem.
?(??wtU. on fueidi? tft?rn'??a, Aaj 2.1. at 2| ..'?is i Trtini iaa.?
depot T?ent? irTeutB at. ead Kourtl, ara it J 1'j. lad I2li.rl.-k
PKllKHSBN?At Stn Frtnn??.. ?'ti ou Kn?!i? 19tb mat. tftee ?
nog. r-.ii? lUueu. ?ipi Jainea Naw-BBB, ? Lau?? of tunain.1 N?e
way. la th? both year of hit iga.
8PKBK?? At Muna? Rorklan! ?ount? N Y ob Au?. Vi. ?ink !..
eldetl dau?btrr of William ti. a?d ?l,a Spear?, afed la ???ra, S
month, ar.il 19 dara.
Tia? r.Tatltea and frlanda of th? famit. ire tainal '? ttteal h-r 'aaanl
from the rraidracr of b?r pareau 1 H Winer. Jena? .li? it ttmm.
day Aa?. 22. it 1 o'clock.
8TT'R<iK*s?On Servi? r Ass. 21. Jtae Frermaa, ?fe of L-.i* rup L.
I?tnr??l. tn the ?nth ?tar ofhri Aft.
Ra.at.tea ?nd fr e-.la of the fim.i? ire retprctfui!? iBrlted to i tired kee
faueral frt.a her late rrtixV i-r.'Nu. lift l.aat ifiaeteraihet. oa Taaa
day. the Iii lint. at i o'rlock p. m.
811 KB WOOD- At Oriter Be?. Ll_| Frida? aftrra???. At/ 1?. Mott
V. Sherwood, daasblrr of lie lau ?iilbrrt >i*.i Alb Mirrwowl
Har remaa a will Is- uken ou M tulay to Bid.refirl.1, ? ?i.e. for latera?-*.
Fuu?bkerpai? pap?.? pleaee c.p.
to MAFT-rt..i.?..!enl? on Haiariar. Ans *1' IS" Ww1* **** ?"" **
Pt?? :i,and Mar? F.. Schaf in hil 1'tb ?ear _
Funeral tem. rt at the re?i.t?ii?-? of lu. [?rrnte. ?I? ???< ?1*TW,'*, J__
Hi Ilf lit J" p. m ?r.,-..dt iBTitaJte he pnwBt wiU.ts.1 f.irk-e?
BIMON.s-Oa Thar-d.r CTtBia? Au? 1?. ?? ?ta-tootoll?. Hyl?.. mm
lead wife of Bdwinl 0. Slmeee. ased-? .'______. i.-.^., _ ,.,__
Tberela-i?ea aal fnea.it ti tbr nail,? ?*? l**ff-*1*r i'X _?t____
the mooan frvws Tntiiy Chart?. oVrtaaBa. ? ???-J?/ -^-?oaa
Verawnt .:id M.McbaatWpapea piae? cony
TOMPSON-On tAtntity Auf. * Cstmum M.. BIB at TTkaa?. Ton*
a- '?.?*f'h'?''''/thh<''_<*,,,?_-^,rally!BTlied~ har
B'?UU"? ?!**? ?"", '. J?S Vo -?Te S art- . o, Mi.ad?y At?,
funeral from brr Ula rraMrucr - o --.
li. at 1 o Mark p. a. witta?? ttttktg sent*
."_. T. aauew i? V'a? 1 ???? ?????a? ??i '" ?. tl?rir ?aaa
mm aSaaa tot ?*?*w - m uso v. bbai? ??o^ yrojx,
"bltlu t- IBSSSSk aat-ji_
?~P.teci? '?' >ew leeeelleM objaeed is*^ t;^, ?um, uti
?,%*^,i (oa?t-i?fc a? 0***,"d ??'??naelreB ttyr _,^ k
al f^?*? ?a. BlWNk ta, ff, rsnttVu, B.w-rak.
Trade 5l?rka for B^V**?!. "^ Pwwoe ?sa ae? be f Sfffff
l., tkirir r'tra. I'erticeUn cm t? bal >.| _,?.???,? u _| NN n'?.
** U"t,_J s .? nie Aarritaa (?S ,J*ft S^..^. N.? \ otk.
A-i^cUU?. Mr?, _ea.oMMi?ia ,__
adapted ??? Sb f ?'??! ? ??"ric?!- ,^ ,_j ^.nl _ji_ pa eoa?iitiaf
ao* Kita tot cnal t?d ere alf ^^ 1UltrMm, ?ttirmt fan-teas
a?d aula. Ka? l)k?aa?Ta|*? |T . f,h,afo?.-l,o,, a_-U?a?_
?a iTU a i-osr?a, nsae-f?, r?a?v

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