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Pa? " Mm. JoBa Wood and Jt.liti Itn.ash?..?
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MorVrwrr n? a ?K-nplslr. R. ? ? ? ? of tk? (rr.i! B.?*t mi!
V. . | a?BW, f JBBlli: . I I I ? i -, nul ohleb,
1rom t ? "??.?? Mia-rsil. Arn Bend mi ?eb.-i ralaakkl rramrrei
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?had??et? n..?j its-?..?i aabet il aaa .?-.t..t..-??nrr?tta.-nt ???
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Atioo, ml ?l, v?l, o.joan lad
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S? . . J aril It rarr.it?, n.iil ntri. tie .Vi-?tiu?i Pal me
gM ! ? '? ct ?'? DA.otial?-1 b? u?, in I now
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?-?i B la I Pi ?. I
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I. ' "l. ?Mt I.Ill .? Tilt'
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l>r..-i?- f ? .1,1 ill ? ,?l|.,e
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a - - . . -v. : allrri- I?
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r is i.i * - j ? i : i _r or ftoing
I' ? I . : ?r? L:BKIiil?l,
? i i _roon Co*
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V. .i i _ M I ave remove- tiuir
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err..? t _
H.\<- I'tit. 113,710 Pout r-HoLPBRS,and lia.? tin
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\t " L(Mt. Hah; I'Vk. I.esi in the world.
i-i., - . i ? t - . ,i- At i
i ; .-Patent ARMfl ami
I ? ' I _
Tu Tribuxb Ai.V4.ai- l?.r 1873 is now
r-i :.--?:?? -
\\ I - ?IN Si | *. .
? 'in Tua Taiai-.?iK LecTtrao
l ready. Pi _
i lit THOUeU-Bl i l'ii.-ieiAN
4 Sp.-?D? t? I bnl'.b" ?rason. It* ?ndil'it trv ?
i ? a i ?i II tal g illiag nia, ir? proToraUre of
? ?nralna, ?ad ?jrBaia trt*re i, a ?rodlipo-tloa to aje
jsri? I 00 I .o.? aaho, or '??.I?; 111 terrr, larh vimtipai of tbc
eaaaaran tat :o tu;'?ri oit??? ? ?nsitition of on. ere?*
? ? pdadag ?M ?r?tr_ ?nth
h . : h i.-, gTOtf?ca aii'iaaa
a? tit? aeowe, ?'.?;?* fi.1? __.. l.'arT.r, is? winledoff. TL?. ?irrct
f ? -r. . i -r a i Be c it to iaiik'or?!* fbe tiooy and
faiiovii? lb? eotitlt-tioa, *?)-l? it inirrrilr on?rit?i ai i pre
?aati?? >! I?-*?? t y p-ri/fiDf tt't ?vmil f tudi from iaj icid parti
?el?*a tke? -i a? r.u:ix. ltd remJ,:: < it? foxrt.oai opn? which lirillli
?at- 1 -n?t?t*j- thai? of f utttioti, ari^rtioD. aail ei-rcoatli,_
,Ii?!i . ; iiBT-sr.. Mail Pul-r-cnliern. $10T>er imnnrn.
r-i Ml-W li BLTTrIBI *>'i\ Mnil Snlisrrilier??. ?s." parBB.
\ -.. .Mai! Sabo-ribera, ?-** - i??;i auuuui.
Advertising l?ales.
'?T>Aii -. 1 MBPKB. ?'->c.. 40??_ t?'i-., ISe?, ami $1 per lin??.
r-i'NM-w ) i i.i.\ i ' and SO <?< nta i?er line.
V.i lk;.? liaiilM., .*-'. ?", and .??"i n?:r Inn?,
Aicording to n?)?-Uoii in the paper.
TdBBM, BBSb it .'i?l?aiico.
Adiii?*-?. TnK Tr.;r.rsT:. New-York.
t.'ii'ivci] ..t up-town ofliee.??. M W.
Wd st.. or kW W. BJd-eL, till ? p. m., at rojrular rates.
Tit. Tkubcbb n f.i bob*??iaeekee f.?r triucnk a?i
t. r- .-i . ? ? '- ;i:..i .-:. - .'.}.tioi)? 1? now ojien in LioadoB,
>'... ?4 PI -i . I . .\ Boalioh aii?l < oatiarntal ad
,iit<i.(le?l f "r m?ertion In TnK KSW'TOBB
j: - tiir-ii t to tiie London ?>f!i. e.
? i ? ? rl.i.l Will ha received ut the
? i ? l_?H copleo o? t?e paiHir may .il??u>.?
., . 1MB Bhw-Toax TB-BtrBB,
84 F?eet-et.. li. C, Iiomlon.
*'/-,.' - itley -enlarged, with an ad??V
?tuait.' -?-m-lraU of Mr. t-rec'ey at he appeared in the last
-, ('? of hi* hft~t untlsontcly lurund, by mail for tl; in
ft-i,nplili ?? r ?ni for (Ax cent*. Alto for tale at 1 he Inbane
CiraMfiriij room.
^rt^fxfc Sails eriii?n
BAT?BDAT, APRIL 6, 1873.
M. Lou!? Joet |ih Buffi t iia? u-en ?dOOSad Tresltlent of
ttie Reaah -???-uitiiy. ??-?, Qaeaaa Mdwe_ and Bdwla
aaa telaaOOl on b.iil in the London court,
Capt W:'liaron attribute? the miscalculation that
? '. tke Atlanti. toan BBB-POOOSd iiort?url.v "iv-t "
orcuri'i ? t DoBO IM . '?:k* bill wa? pa??t(l hf Ihe
Aaasatfcljr. ::-?-s The MOBKlaSoaf Legialatui?-. adjonrnod
?in? die.
The . iOB frern the Hull'? Head Bank wao
aiH.it: i. ? i MejaaetlalfceQeedsMfcaB?rdse
OMBBOSMttaaaa. - l?r. Marv (?. Putnam loOOBBOdOB
aa/aOBOOfBl irri?*? " - It isrunioresi that ?nit? will
kOkBaasShtaaBBaa tlmse who are UKklnif up money in
*M'all-t?t. a? Ike Mitiioii-t ?'oiif.-rcnce NMMBSi It?
eesriiiii'. ? ? ??old, li:|, ll?!. 11?|. ?-? Thermometi r,
tb\ b*'-, tu'. ___________________
A fux ?*ni i<- baai bat inintl with n raog-kaoi
ou n.jii?a fotmm fin-i aathatk, la ? letter
j-riijT.-'l u.i ?>ur hi?-oikI V-cic. Su? h lunik ir
revei???????' touunl dig____-iai DO MBN WmXt
tL'U?* V.IiUlM- ?in- _
'J'hi? land i-' ???'? Ni-w-Vurk had ni tin- wool
i_(hirftri/ m vt -t ?- t)if niiiarks O? MMM J?;i<lin>?:
?ni? irlmnlr?. ifiv?-n on ?ui?ith?T jnip-, wifh r-ji.tinl
iuieirsi, pa_ika_kri} ?? ftaa-Tradew a|? ?u-*
,p?ir,e?i u? nu-.!? i it-si nt t'n eaaao ?>f the part?a!
ti? -pi-? s.-ii<:i I'ltr in thi' w?x?l trade. "W it li one
exci'ption. it will ht NCI that tMfc ?kTOtl P?o*
teat?t -i? kBd I hat it is ?oiitiili-nllv ?-.\|?ci Mil tlie
wixil iiit'.iis'iy will ad IkBg rtTkl in jini-loiit)
tlio-H' o; iron and c?ittou.
A ItpOlt <?f mmmt <?f itm <'oillllll'Bli'llll'Ilt ??-.
/ .ii llii' Mi. hi ?M li Ciiivci.sit?, punt??! <?ii
tin- ?on?ii pafk?. Tin 'litiniM, to lia?, ?'?M'.?
?p.?-i.ii j.MiriiiiieiH?' i?? ?oaaa lata^at?nji Raati
riilatr." -'? lh?' j-kd-ktad tttm the LdtOJ ami
HaAical Behaala?! thi laatltartaM Tfci in
?tivity ?il -un?'ol th<?< !-r;i<lii.it<s is ^i*. ?ii, ami
tlll-ll r.'? Ill?- tmmmm ? MBU-danMO h*it'll? ?'I
,th?' aai .?I rataioffwa Two woaoea If
tlll.J t ... I.? VSOIIil 11 ?! 'I' ? Hl til?'
list, o 1 etudc-?te -?ai Uwih L?* rtr?alotc? Um
professions of law Anti medicine. The f?
praffltaM ?>f the??* pioueers in log?, H>r*c
will l>?' watohod witli riirioiis intereel.
From tho fori'iim c?.rrespondc?nee publi
on Hi?- third 99M0 <>? I'm. Tiiibiin*^ tj
tli?- '?'..?1er may gaita ?"nu- dcsirahl?* .???'???'
lion comi-rnin?. Mr. (j.la?lKt??iH*<* return
power; the ?otutiti??vi of alhiirs In S\m\n;
how St. l-atrick's !>;?> ia celebrated H
l..:,.l of St. Patrick. It will bo notii'otl
?mi c?'i!c?|>i?.!.l(iit :?t ?Madrid takes 11 ho
nli.it gloomy rltUTirf_taf****** r*rbii|)r? :i 1
iojinit would g_T? tal I bnuhti-r picture.
The Mca-k-Olltal of Hornee C. rev-ley, rece:
is?n,.l h.v Tin Tim.u.'Vi: in pamphlet fonn,
li I tadittOB <>f which was exhausted wilhi
day or tWO taflet piil?li?'atioii, has boOta so
what <-iilai--.cd. ?unO?<?1 with ?m additional
very fun* ajotrti-ll of Mi. Cretlev, as he
ju-arc?l in the a?ttol few months of his lit",
is now for Btvie tal Tin: TtaiBuiti oftee. hi?
soincly hoiiiK?, at tin? ?ilniost nominal pria
one dollar. _
From Halifax v.c have no furtht-r infori
lion OOl-Oei-tillg tin-, wreck of _____ Atla
whieb tlilows any light on the ?-auses of I
calamity, ('apt. William?! makes a Hlatoni
kO ii rep?rter that his calculations wire pro
My disturbed by the currents. The olheial
v?.stielt i??n -will ?loubtlcss brinir out, h i a
plantation in sonic molt satislactory form t
this, C.rtainh Mich an excuse is not wol
?it n veteran .?.liipinaster. It cannot be ?ill
??as In s'ly in detenM of his dieadlul blun?
A very curious i*iih?ect?the growth of e
? is treated by Prof, itM9t9?? in the third
his present course of lectures, which we g
with illu.?.;ration-? in other columns. It is i
lii-ult, u_s lie ?a?_!????.'*., to realitat the fact t
all living Ik *ti'_*s anu?ml u.-, whatever ll
diversity ?if form, have grown up from ??
which are at liist all precil ly similar. M
of the ttepa by which the deviations t;
pltaOta that event'lally change these tifinga i
Mi,-h widely-differing animals, have only In
a.-i'i-it'iined within a very few year,-, and tl
relation has Stall sonic novelty for _lOM t
have, us well as for those who have i
made ihese subjects Jk special study.
Mr. A. T? Stewart has n ?Teat objection
OtaJ railroad si-lnmie which ihtall DM the BnM
WtaJ line Bloilg the island, whether above
under ground. His r?-?rular price i*
for any fi.uii-fii-?j which i.? a?-ked for l?y tal
holly elae. The Beach pneoinatic ?____*
hill was the but to di-tw thjg ni
nifleenl offot from Mr. Btawai. ; so t
A?s.'nilily tttal sent to the Cover?or for t
hill, in order that he may have a chance
liii.viiIf tl10 tunueliilff ptiTileg? foi $0,000,0
_f he wants it at that figtUO. If lie decliu
the Ofler, the Beach Com.-iany are lo go on n
di?!urb?-d. That set ins to he fair 0OOO|
We want rap.?l transit in th?- qnickaet p??
ble tini?'; and DO more f??olislint .?->.
Mr. D.inohue'.-? hill for the protection of g
i meuniers whs taken up in the A-.-emlil
yesterday, and ?rietfl. by such an ?>\erwh?-li
m_* vote that Mis?i?. Cornell and Albeig
must hare been __rto_dt?I <1 at the mrtlg
minority in which they found theniM lves. '11
bill, which orit-iuated in the Assemhl
is one of the nio?t just ,-ind M
sil'le that could be ima_.*ineil. It, nitre
provider lor the inspection of the ?:
which the companies in New-York and linio!
lyn furnish lo their teuton* is. If the gM
not of a fixed standard quality, th0 Compar
i.? |0 be fined, and the juice is fixed at ?i*"*! ;
per l,t>00 cubicfeet. Thegtag -italienalready j>r?
telid to comply with these r<-ipiircm?-nts. Tl;
inspectors will see that they do; hut the Bel
ate taras? liist paat the bill ami give ?>* thI
needed hiw. _
For a newly-thdijyd ????vernnient, the lor:
authorities of Washington have wortlu!y im
tatfd the ?'Xttavalant example of faurgrai mi
nicipalilies. Congre.?.-* good-naturedly ga\
them i?'3,.'?(K?,000 at it-? list se.?sion, thoilgb tin i
Wll "o reason why the District (..oviitimei.
shonld have *IXJMcted it. If this relief ha
not come, the trovniiiieiit w*0?(d have be?
uttirly and lioiiele,?.>lv in debt. As it is, td
tnigfatj iloinfrs of the Doanl of l'ulilic, Worli
have left the District so iar behindhand In il
tinaneeR that some of it h contemplated "in
" ?iioveiiieiit?" baye been abandonoil, and th
tl?_t_B?iy ig not only empty, lmt the outstan?J
ini? ohlJKatioiM aie hirfrely in excess of a
pit??ilalp rect ipt.s. If the Washinp'on Goveni
Bent has illegally conti-acted debtfl, as i
pointedly char','*-?!, there ouj_lit to be m_d
liH-.tiis by whi<h tlio guilty ptaltioj can b
punished and further excesses juevented.
The public aro becoming a little impu'ien
with the ___n_kgl iiiiiit <?f the Hull's Head ilanl
business. The juthoiis in eh__rgta of tlio afl'ai
are fixing up things in order to ?ro on. He
sumption of business is tlio only thjni
talk?>d about. Meantime, tlio delicit Q
two or threo hundred thousand dol
lars remains unexiilained. Nobody is coin
plained of; nobody susjiecfed, BO far as tin
oiit-.ido world sees. ..eMiimptioii it not tin
thing) tal y?t. D? t?ction, conviction and pun
ishment of tho thief or thieves oro Urs
needed. Must the depositors be compille?
to get up ft civil suit to brinfi nuitteri
to a locust We think not. The (?'rand .lurj
should ttahe hold of this scaudaloiu? _B___Be_1
niid Rive it the investijrajion which the Hani'
Dir?"-tors si-em inclineil to shirk. A few
judifioiis indi? t ment s Bight be a wholelOtaM
les.toii to liaiik sharp? rs In naftei.
U'i take {iha-uire in printin?' ('ouiuiissioii?-r
Van .Sort's ?xjilanation ?if the failure to audit
ami pay tlie kus bills. But we must say that,
ulule plaiii-iiblc, his statiini'iif is not enlinly
KittiafiK'toiy. At the time the ?'oiilr.n-1 AL m-iIiici-iI
rates conditional on the jiayini-iit <?f tbe old
?laiiiis was made, it was cotidi niiied ?mil
repudiated by Controller t.reeu, win? took the
bighei ground that old fiauduh-nt hills should
not be paid at all, and that tin- City should
lu- M fed as cheaply as any p?fate company.
Conimis,*.iiiner \ an Nott do? ? not d< ny that lu- in
ii-?poiisihl?- foi the ? oiiditionul conlriiel vliicli
puts a dead loci? on all dcaliiif?s with the gft|
00_aP-_-i)MJ on the contraiy, he claiinn to iiav??
made it, never sci-min?. to ?aispeet thai tho
condition attached ?>f the payment of the
btaOh ?-laiiiis wa*? in tint nalure of n ??rilw- to
indocta the eoiiipanifjg tta ?h? what In cleaily
stal?*? be had ? ri-ilit to demiiml. We think
Ciuitfolier Oreen light In refiaitag t<? paji bfQi
which WOfta '.:ii'_ue?,iionablv eotorhitant ; and n
is not his action hut that of the Cotnmji-Mioficr
in in.ikiiiK' *l-*' ?'untia?'t vihiih stops th?- way
to pav.iU'liits ?it ItatHOBtatde rates. We shall Ik
jrl'.J to bi'lbvi- ttml Coiiiinis.sfoiier Van Sort
l..?-i imlhin? tO do With tin- pn-rtcill im nil
.-tVi.it to d-aparage Mi Owen bjr ta-ittattatiag
? i,, >,, ! ," ii.:?e m.i- charged that he
has.--but hi' uiusL ?lull'ip.tlo oucii oU;,?>,t.uU-.
whi?n found fig-ting with tho Rins wliich
f?tnploya euch t.?cti<-s.
In the l.onneeticut election, whirli tnkcfi
place next Monday, there MB-kl to he luit one
ticket represent in?? ii pronounced and wcll
d?llne?l principle. The Pn hihilion party pre
Ht'tit.s a ch'iin ismir. It ofli re, n 8|H?ilicmeasure
for the approval of the people, nnd propone?,
tinileterred by detent, to continue ?Ih tijrht for
principle till its work in done or tho l.iHt
min ?li* h. It h.iH the merit of pluck nod
persistence, und of going for precisely what it
want-? in th<? most din? t and straightforward
way. Il lalrors under the disndviintafcn of
offering a? candidate for (?overnor n Ri'title?
m?n WhOM devotion to the ?aune wan held in
abayaneo during th?> last Praaldaartia] ranvnw,
ha being of the opinion th?-n thai l_M henelit
ol u /rood example in th<> matter of t?*tiip?*r
ance in the President ?if the Pniled States
was of n?i sort of conse?ntenco iih waighad
ii'.'iiinst the large petkOMi idTBHtlgl) that
\?oiild ;n irii?? to himself from being a PME*
dential elector. Put then rin__kft__BM? cliariire
with times, ami irreal ?illowmi?Ml are to be
made in B Presidential Campaign tor ?very
body. As hit ween Ih" other ciniliilatos them
seems to he hut little choice It would he hurl
lo name a klngla political ?iiiestion upon win? h
they, ?>r the p.ufies that nominateil them, <!o
not either BgfM or prelend to. Bol h candi?
dates aie opposed to ? 01 Tiiplion anil bribery,
are sound on all moral questions, and would
not do anything qnestionalile or WTOMf in
politico so lotifr as there was a Stato Commit?
tec to do it jot them. The ?.ovcrnnr of Con?
necticut has DO DOWei whati \er, hi> ?ttoeveti
being Of no account evept to return n b II
foi ieci>ii-?i(|i ration, whin a mere maioiitv ??hi
override it. and it makes nails v? ly little
?tilVen-nce who is elected.
Then la bo doubt of Gen. Hawley*! w*
election to CongTOM in tli?- Ir-t I )i?.ti ?ft, the
opposition to Ii?h? bring pretty mack a natter
Ol gofakg lliroiii-'h tin motion??, (??ii. Ifav.ley
is a iii'ii ni mu oniiiio'i faith in bin party.
When he ..-eis free from part?oani-iip?and the
reei nt remarkable performance! ?>f the Ad*
ministration and i>:i:t> are helping him along
quito rapidly in thai direction ho will har? i
ehame to In- !i?eiiil. In the ild District, Mr.
Kcllogg, wiiose earneal support of eertain
meaauieo in the intereal <>.,th? C atral Pacific
Railroad haa excited animadreraioa, i- ? <;-?.
didatc for rei-I?-?itien. He il ?i politieian, and
poHtieiane- method,-, lie- aaaac i? true of
hii opponent, ex-Gor. English, Mho, aflat
adrocating and voting for the lepeal of the
uaaiy law in the Legialatore laal year, has
been guilty of the Meakaeei <>f catering ta
vote? by writ in?? u h'tt-i t_-Cingthe hack track
on the -iiii.ieef. It iadoubtful if the change from
Kellogg to English would be aa imntore
ii', m. There is ?reiy little tochooae between
them, in the Hid i>i-,iii(t, Mr. Otarhweather
Will be elected for his fourth tenu. EU _) 11
member of the National Republican Ezeeatire
Committee, and baa made politics a profomiou
Lu many yeara? The nomination cf hii law
partner, Mr. Tenney, for the St.ite Benate, oo
casions nnpleaaant comment, bom the fact
thai Mr. Tenney is Cloth of the Coaunitteeon
the l'ir-irict of Columbia (Mr. EMarkweathet'o
Committee), and in ih?' Washington lobby
while Congress i-? in Mat?n : and Mr. Btark
areathei is always mora orleaa employed in the
lobby of the Conneetient Legialatnra. The
commenl of the worldly upon incb an arrange?
aient is that, it has tin tlavoi of buaineea too
strongly, lu Un- IVth Diatriot. Mr. Ikimuni,
win? ii the D?mocratie randidato ta melee*
tioii, has no special claims oppjalilicatiotis. hut is
perhaps u good as the aretage CoBgmamaa,
if any one knows what the BTerage Congreoe
man is. Kx-C.ov. Minor, who is a Jndge of
the Bnperior Coot, i* the BepnbUeaa candi?
date. It would Im5 .1 good plan for Judge
Minor to make tip his mind which he wants to
do and make ? boabiam of? ran for Cong-mat
or bo a Judge Of the Superior Court. The, two
pursuitaaiB incompatible? Judge Minor, in his
letter accepting the nomination, denoaneed the
?alary (.'rah with glOBf ?ligOT, which, ;is hoWBI
not it member and not. axpoaed to the back?
paytemptat?on, bad inore, of theeoMndef triad
than of the savor of fiacrifi?'?'.
A good many Ih public.ins \? ill ti ly away from
the polls entirely, ami nom??, <l??ulitl v?, ?_Q voto
the D?mocratie ticket; and the DemO-t-tfa
\n\<: will not ha brought out fully, Bl TtaTj
little eitel haa been mod? Ite ordinary
Connecticut, votci contimplaara both parties with
distrust und I lie remark, " A plagnt on both
" your htmsi s."
r.verr uniil briiitr?! ns sodh- MB tV-leDM
that the be_t hope's of tho l.epublic In l'r.inco
are founded npon tha utter iMaptcMy af tin?
?ao-Miehieal panics to irtinupHah anything in
the rcionstriiclion of the omiirry, Ono inc.t
hiii*tiltlo poiireo of ?ni.foiiun'.'.s lo Mieni is
found in tho Count of Chiinihou?, who if lie
WCte tin? hired natinVt of the lirpublican pmty,
could not work more olfet'Lu.illy in niakinc Ui
own rtupportera rUt?eolona. The jutlii-iniis
prinri-f? of Orhuiiis tnay intriiM?! ?is they
pleaae for months' togathet to li^nigthrjii
ami eonaottdata the Bouhon riaaaanti
in the Ass? tiibly ami in HocvMy, but tlrir
lord ?mil eonain ?4 elwayo sur?' to oomm ta*
waid at the rlghl moiiient in blow ov?r their
eard-eaatleo by some abanid nUinanue of im
dieral aboolntiam. Tho Donspartiato cannot
keep from gnanoUag aaoong Ihmnanli-i ta a
week together. Tha admirable mmmga-kenl of
the flnancea, und the lncnromlialili civil a?i
Tiiini.?tiiKiion whieh the BopnbUcan authoritiea
barra been able to giro to Prance, am mndcr?
inpr the exiat?ng tara of piminmagj nnm?
.md more popul.u. If the eleetfo-M for a ni w
Nutioiiiil Asseiuhly COUld BOW he Oldcted. thcr?:
is tm queat?oM ?if a large and solid majority
m ?.vor of tha definite mtohHohiminl of the
Kepublie. It is of eomae a thing to ho ?!??
plorad thai the present AmemHy, Herted in a
?ri?ji ;il and hif-rhl.? urifnv.-inlil? M?nent, toca
not i'learlv uprfM-nt tin? peognae (,t liberal
opinion. Y11 the etitagfh ol **"* mimirrliir il
??i iiiiiiicni in the Chmnhei thus t),,t ,H v,t
appear to hare lad to aaq diaastraiu ruaults
nnd th? reaaeai of ihn etewrlj. is i he palpable
mi*? lioiiry of the ranct?oniota m political
aljiliiy nuil tint to those Republicans
m?.on it has been ho long BUHtO-MIT to
aaenaa of a de?MaMky m theaeQualitiea? \? hen
the Commimiim of Thirty Mas taaaod the
Monaivlii it-, h.v im-tii hrut<- Meighl ,.?' iiurn
beis m the met? one, obtained nineteen oi its
?nemhera. Aimed Mith tins burga majority
t.ie.V Iliad to hind Ihe h Huis of the Tioiilent
and pave the v.,iy for tin? Jlouiliuns. lUit
through the moderation of tha Rtppnhlieana
ami the adroitaoos ??i M. Thiero, a raporl ??.is
,ii la t see arad which was renaonablj satiofko
tuiv to ih?'. nation. 'Ihe Aeoembly aaauaoed,
ii is true, ?'oii?iiiiient poWflfB, hut the ? ?.er
e.i.-io of these lunelioiis una i-o IiciIk? ?I nboiit
by cuuditiuuii n_i*l circuitiat utcv?- I?141 (hm m
do ?langer that any ?inister two will lie made
ol them.
In the meanwhile, an incidenthnsjnst occurred
at Versailles which aiTonls another pro ?I of
the evil destiny which pursues the so-cabed
Conservutive party in tin*? Chamber?an if ?
faction could be called consci vativo wl.?
object is the destruction of existing insiilu
tions. When the nialter ?if the Lyons Munici?
pality was. unihr discussion, M. Le Ro.-er,
a member of the Left, spoke somewhat irrev?
erently of the report of th?< Committee, ehar
act? rizing it by an ?-pilhet which the eabht
translates tor us as " trumpery." This style
of .-i-iti.-ir.iii did not at all suit the Duke of
Cramont, who, with all tho dignity of A
man whoee escutcheon dates from the crii
sadis, called M. Le Koyer an -'impertinent."
M. (?levy, tho l'n-sident of the Chamber,
proiM-ily called the Duke to order for thin unpar?
liamentary language, ami th?! entire Kight,
-horanghlj oiitragi:?l at tin: spectacla of a Duko
re|>riiiiaii?led for merely insulting a Kcpubli
can, rose and threaten??1 to leave the hall.
M. C.n-vy, who*-?- conduct during the whole
oession has been singularly impartial and dig
nilicd, not willing to induro auch an all'ront
from a large uection of the Assembly. ?:lo.*i?'d
the sitting, and tho next day i.*sign?'d. lie
was iliumdiately re? beted by a large tOMJo?tj,
but hndetitd upon his resignation, and M. Louis
Joeeph Bah?4 has now been eh xLcd by the
High! to succeed him.
lly this course the llight has ?-.imply lost
a linn, moilerate and impartial parliameiiI*
tari.m in tho Cliair, aad gained on tho lloor
of the Ch.mili.-r an able, bnlli?int and popu?
lar oppom at. No mini in Franco is moro
uiiivciKilly if-pe?-i 'i| and ?-.teemed than
M. fifivy. ]li. life has be? n a nan and ?<?u
sistent protest, agaitiHt ? v? iy foini of tyranny
and roirupl.on. lb- caily ?li.tiiigai.shi ?I him*
M If in publie life; and wlnn, <ui tin-advent of
the Kiupiie, he retired m ___?_*-?* fi-om M
aieiiu ajhaia thcM a*ai aa placa for _aea
of honor, he devoted himself to the
piinti??; of hit pro.Vi-t-.ioii wiih such
signal siicccs-i that In- hieiniie, in 100.
B?tonnier <>i the Oldet of Advocates.
A ? the r.mpire neu red it? BgOnj he r?ippear.-il,
With Ota?t good meai, in poH?ce, and was
elected by an o.cr.vhelming and itax-tliag ma
loiily in tho Di'paitiiient of Ihr; Jura, this
being the lii-t great ?I? but which Iba l'.m
petoi bad i?-tond in a raial ?li?tri?f. lb was
a second time ?'h-etcd tal_BOel without ?ippo
ition, and win ii th? umpire fell he WM on?
Of the men upon -whom all ?yes wan- naturally
turned as the projer redpiante of high ollice
in the State. It i? Mch a man ?is this
tl.it tho Bight h.i.e publicly ati?olitcd
in the uit? r? *t of rii.h :i p? rson as the
Duke ?it < .'r.imont, who.?e only merit is in
hi?, inline. lie lias made in? J'chandi.e of his
bigtt di ?(?in. The Kmperor dearly hived a
bird, and when Im could liud MM lo wear
Ins Ir.eiy he loaded him with honors and
office. So Ainiior de (.rumour pro.-p? red ; bo*
??aun- Enroy, Fiibatindor. aad Cybnnt Mm
Uter. lb- let the n.ition drift lato war bo*
t*aaae the F?aipirai eriahed if; be allowed La*
Drauf to deceire __aa about th?* Mniy at home,
while Heust and Mi-mink _ta?ghcd at
him abroad. He aaaoa_aaed waf to the
Chamber with ja.i.tv noiieli.tlirni, wliib* tho
Ci-iitli liad no army to rcl> on and no alli?
ance?!,! hope foi. He ha? not ?veil v? t ?lis
c.iveii'd what h ippi nul ill In'?. Y, I been:??'
in-i? a Dake, the Right precipitate a eti?i.?
rather than allow aim to be called to older by
the 1'ifsidi at Of th?' A**?eilib.y. Tin' world il
growing too old fat aoaieaae ?if this kind,
?ip,! tins la'-t will not be miic-t:i laager in ar?
il ving at Versailles.
The second ?lay ?if the FaiBIOtta- M?-? ting at
Kpringtblil was eliarni-ierizcd by some contu?
sion and disorder, not unnatural perhaps in an
Beeemblage of pereoni ___?ted to each gather?
lags tad ptta-lhlj unac(|nainteil with parlia
iiK.-ntaiJF forint?. The ?blegat'-s, having met
for a di.-linct practical iuirpo.se, were iu no
humor for long BJieachai <?r debate, and many
of tbeai went back to their farms ?is MOO ns
they had __-{a_*ggied thi ir i Qtimentg In tlie for?
mal rendutions. Fortunately th?' aaarhai de?
claration respecting the tariff on railway ma?
p-rial?) was ri('on.-?iil? red, lise voie of the day
lv-fore benip n ver til. The re?olutioii ceiniir
tng the bach-pay theft was expunged as im-.l
erant to the ?jUcsti? n?. biforo tho inciting.
Ho (?no doubt-t the si '?limen., of the far.'.iing
coimnunity on thus subject, on?l tin? Conven?
tion was wipe to le-triet itself to its in.int.di
ate bu.in -Ms.
The r?tiluiii-ifi of the ru il way problem is now
left to the State Legislatures. That they will
completely solve it Wta do nof ?mtit ipito. it
tar?n the, ingenuity of the ablest irolitiri.-ins
and -M-Ur-tabte of both hemisphere?. It 1h
agitating Qteet l.iiiuin, whore the plan of
State owncr-ihip ii again be-ooaiiag prominent.
II i- b.v no teaai M-tib-d even in Uelgiiim.
\ arhoat e\iiini'le Is so often reteiad t?j by the
tt_TwM?ate_ of governnii ut lata tier? BOO? ?\o
ajawt)a>_. imhtad, bare the inmeroiii ?litiicuhicH
?if the qiie?liori been lairly met. and con
qacrad, I it this ?ouniiy the c.i^i? is coinpli
oated aith ? great vari?t.? of condition-.?in
one Mill'-, pi-rliaps, b\ the ?-iiurtiiou-- wealth
of the -tailroeda, in aimtlier l?, their txtxttno
pov?riy. Hare the 6_reeton maybe iqnaBtler
ing tie- t-uraiag > of the oompaBj in legislative
I'onujifion ; th<n> the sio?'!?holders may be
?ttaggetlag BBd-? ? load Of debt transmitted to
? iheiii from ?U-I.oii? s! or iin|>ro\ id? nt preih e. -
? hiiis. Win? shall decide what is m lair tariff
?if ?liai';?-.?? on a laukrupl Kculf Who shall
?flv what a prosperous corporation may nason
ably d*_a?ad? A car-load of wheat i? moved,
) let tM say, from C'eut ral Illinois to BoatOB at
? a uiiilunii tata per mili', paeatag ??ver s. retal
__u4.net mads before ii reacheg Ita?le-tinatnui.
To one of tin se roadg perhaps the nit?- afford.
,i Ju.nil-.oiii?- profil ; to th? MXt, which has a
liinvief debt, it yield, little or nothing i to
i the third it, again b.inini- profit ible, Ciiglit
i the tattfl. in sinli t.ises, to \:uy v.ith tho
bubililie? Of the ?I'llennt ?oinpaiiies y Th?ta0
an i-oiioiiK i|iii-.?,ti?iiiH( and in attempting lo
' lad i raaiedj tor the t?fleiingi of the fann
i-i. w?- nui?-! be tarefal t?? i? iu*?t ?. tbe ??tinr
After all has bei a said, how? ver, the fact
??Minns that the grain of the Weal nag. come
lu the si aboard, and that the cost of bringing
it now m to?? groat to pay the t_pe-_eia of the
pioiliicri's, to saiy nothing of hiit?r?e, aa tha
nap nil invested in then f inn.?. A committee
of the Tniled Slat, s Se?ale was ap|iointe?l at
t)i? la?) :,e ?ion to investigate this subject,
and it is iindi-isiood tint Mr. Wimloui of
Minnesota pur ?toses devoting the recess to a
?iiP'ful Mtiulv of it. He could not engag?' iu
a inoio useful woik, anil the whole countiy
will watch wilh ?uiio?.ilv log the lasiilt ot his
researches. Unjust disciiiiiiuiitioiis and groaely
?M.iili'iicit?? a*U-Tge_. of width the Illinois
laii'ii'i , i in, tlv coiii|il,iin, will be raaahad l>\
Ivval l.ii.-u-liuu; but wUvu (Ucqo U-i.u bix-u.
puf down the nceile?! nl'orni wdl have ht?
?inly bag-B? ___________________
Tho llonorahle .James M. Baofkl of N'ew
Jenay is an eminently lively ?iti/eu. A-- I
legislator he hiis hccti said to hiive loose no
tions; asa politician he is n-|s?rte?l to he a
man whom you are much more nrtain about,
when your thumb la on him than when llore
i? nothing lo p.event, his exercising the royal
pilllOglllni of skippinis'J hut as a citizen M
may always Im, counted on for items ot int?r
eatlag li?'?-.. Wherever he ionics, storms
gather and Ughtningi play. He preaafM trou?
ble. The rareled edge of a quarrel is always
so mv?r him that, he can gather it about him
and have a jolly row at. say lift? en minuto*
notice. It haa boon complaine?! of him t hat he in
turbulent. This is an invention of ?.he enemy.
Ho is Himply nervous. It has bOW clarad
that ho is n?it always trustworthy; that ha ny?
things the truth of which it requires ?,rr?at
talent and persistence to diMOVOr. This can
hardly Ik*. Mr. BcOTol has hOM a Senator of
the State of New-Jersey, has presided over
tho ,Ser. Mo of that State with much Ufo
nity, and has said so many things that were
found agon investigation to bo entirely true,
that it is now -ai- to say that whenever he
makes a deliberate statement of a tact tho
chances are that it is worth while to make
further Inquiries about it.
The Honorai.. ? .Mr. Sc?ivel i-t not now a mem?
ber of t'n ,\. -,',-Jerscy Legislature. Hut ha has
bei n. HkYing been, he is entith ?1 to the privi
lage of the th>or. This privilege lie nareieod
y?st?nlay in a manner kt once U?fM, b-totf
fnl, ami gmffTtrlaf. There was a bill up in
which he MM inteieotod. As to the merits of
the hill then mi m? to have been a difbri bm of
opinion between hJametf ami an Assemblyman
by the name ol Cole? In UM MUM of a conver?
sation on the merits of the hill, AnWlMjHUII
Cole in the must cursory way exprOMOd the
Opinion that Bcovd was n liar and p?-ijur?r.
9e0Vel in the wnOkth of his nature IMpODJOd
under Colea chiu, or in tliat neighborhood? ami
Cole went down. The >piiik?r of the Assembly,
with a remafkaHy keen eye for the proprieties
of the occasion and the ChMMM for a fair fight,
ordered the <io?rs to be eloood and time to
Ik- called on tin? tii'st ro?ad? Aeiemblymaa
far?.' ion;, a hand in the be m ? it thiajunc?
tine, ami made remaiks of an nafeeliag?har
.u ht t() BoOVel? whereupon llf Utter, who was
on the BOM a? a privileged charader anil in
?unie mhm a gneat of the Benate, lannebed
what the rotariea of the prife-ring call his
" It tt duken?which, by the way, i.? a highly
improper ohanctei to introduce in the Legia
lature of a republiean State .on Mr? Camcfr
Legialative none, and branghl him to the floor.
Ihe ai'count? id this ciisis an: confuid, but a
great man? people seem to have rushed in
ami pi? vi mi'd the ? .\-Pri sid? nt of the Senate
from continuing the unparliamentary proceed?
ing of giving tt:'. iioor to mon Hum onemeM
ber at a time.
The diapute originated in the passage or
proponed paaaage <>f a bill relating to tin?
probat?? of wills, in which Mr. Beovel had a
pemonal intcreat? Tt i* possible that Mr.
Scovel may be a perjured liai and Moundrel?
aa tho l-fosara. Cole and Came charged, but
being 0 man of ex?*itablc te up? rament ami
consiiii'iable mnaco-M derelopment; it would
? em to wholly ind-fcrent spectators to be a
discreet thing to debar him tbe privil
the door bef?te calling him pet names. He
appears to l?' an uncomfortable man to have
" ';l-l(** _____________________
un. a: i or OF seu-york.
'l be yrektaem of tbe foreign brade of our
city may be reeliaed by examining the state
nient ??a aiiotin r pago, comparing it with that
of all other [.??its in the Cnited Btatea? The
toial foreign osmmerae of the Un.on in the
llmil year ?91% ?van, It nppea*>, iu round num
hers, 11413^)00,000, of which amount $701,000,
000 t'ormid the .?hare of thi.l port? More than
half the ?'iitire foreign busin? ??, ilwnfore, of
this continental republic, baring an ana of
?V*"VXr.) stiiutre miles, ?uni a population of
4?),0iK),0o0 people*, was trammeled within tho
moderate limite of our metropolis.
lu both tho imports and exporte wl.i< h nuke
up this trathe ?-ur ?ecendeney is nuiked? We
iinportoil *i41i?,<.- HJ.OX), or nearly two-thirds of
?r'iM.fjoo.OOO, the aggregate value of the im?
porta of the United Btatea. Th?: d? tails ihow
that our city imported inoro than all other
port? together of ?ach class of poods,proving;
thai in tin.? Inrgeaem of Im supply and the
?liversity of the proilucts it olfirs, the IS"?w
Vork mnrket is indisputably the grMtoet for
foreign merchendim iu tho Union.
It naturally [allows from the magnitude of
the imports that the exports aro also pro?
portionately Rrcut. Tho t.iii.-,tics show that
of the -K-40,000,00.? worth of merchandise ax
ported by the United .Suit? ., the share of
New-York WM ?i?,?V?00,000, or nearly one-half ;
ami if wo except the cotlon ml mainly from
Bonthetn portai ami valued at $h?),()oo,ooo, it
will bo seen tliat this city is the eoUoetag
and distributing point of neatly __rae-fonrthe
of thoM Ann lican product?, which afford suh
liatl nee to the people of Ion i^-u 1.unis 1,r form
the raw material of their manufactures.
The va.?lncss ?if the trade which the fore?
going figura indirata wa just subject Cm era?
iM.1 illation, ami ought to be sin.-_e.st i ve to
our politician? art! poUtfcal economists.
It is not alone iu oui own Capitol that the
cuticle ?>f ihe lawgiver learaBathra to criticism.
Win n we ace our ??en. Butler excluding the
press from an? participation in hi- geneeia, and ?
?mi .Mi. Nve npholding th?- ancient dignity of
the Sonnte agnhml the men who would m el.
to know how Benatom gel their mete, we are
comforted by raflcct?nn thai in other lands as
well, there am itateemcu who kid, againol the
rabilan goods, in the Ideal Conimonwealth
of ih?- tutiu?',vii i? r?maenably certain that when i
a public man is relinked by a Witt ami inde?
pendent orgue of public opinion, he will
promptly do act of pemanraj ami gtvu '
! propel ?? 1 ? ?lit to his deemster. Wt may
I indeed be permitted to hope thai if he
leads his n? w-spap?"* in a proper Spirit he will
never need correction. Uni as long ...- ,-,._
pravity Bziots in legialation, there ??ill aloo be
found among legialntem a rebellious and ?,,,.
: amid spiiii agalne! MrW-fapma. inetend of
nie.kiy mending theirwnyi when admonished,
i m. \ .m- too apt to rim to a fueotion of privi*
? lege, ami to make thcBBBelvtS a l?urd?'ii t?> the
Chamber, while they blaspheme the power
which created and has the right t.? ebneten
th?m. Berne do it out of mere fn tflil nu
pulaa, alhara beenuM they think il is a tine
ami pictiirt ?ipie thing to do, BnOM-M ions of
thl fact that they BppOM as minute ami gro*
t?st-ii?* in t?a? a?i. as Mi. v-'oin Thumb In hie
imitation ot AJBJ ?I U'nu* the I.i_litnin_r.
The exhibition of thie hind ol posturing in
ih?? lions.' of Common. l'1 umd v n
?M higbl] ' !. ; men #ho
no ?li?uiiy lo ?.j?.. 1 re in'? -jiiuiuu*, auuat
it, an?l thoivt who mi/lit have had son.?- ri?
to complain treated the matter with jiidfefrj
goo<l-n:iture. The I'nil Mall Gnu lie, ?, mm
which suHtairm in real life the chsraahv|
c.leverneM and goo?!-bleed.Bf which J.
Thackeray gave, it in it? ante-nat..J H_gega_|
critiiiMii in Iti aaaal hiaiuto B_aaaee tht .,,
duct of thaaa "ultramotitan? "' member,, si,
nwirited in the defeat of tin- Iri?h I?uv.-bj.
bill, saying that "the bill cut the /ruirnl ?,,,
" Ctndi-r their Fenian agit ?ion- ami their ?_,,
" lie in noisy di-loyalty." Thll pre fjt?
otteiii??! t?j Mr. Miiii-vter of Mallow, abe riy^
a long srx ?-?-h about it, and rnir?-|
that it wan a libel and a breach of p?_
ileg'*. Mr. J)isr.?<-li, to whom ti,i? ,_.*?,
??ron-? outcry appeare?! Mmewhat rid ,
dryly ohaaryad that lit?ate Um lio;-?- begab.
int? rft-ro with th?- blxtty o? the pnat. u *,_*?
Ix? an well to Baaafta?I who the "ultraat?
"tane" memb?ri wer?'. 'J hin ?_4_*B-fa_. i/irw
?*tlc<ted an lai-taftjItatta <l!ver?;o:i frog, tita .
ealpated aewapapegg. at tin expeltea at J*.
Di?aaU himself, wha beeaa_e the i___atd_|
target of a g?:n?ral a't.t? k fr.m t: ? ,
Uaad all aU-g the liae. Mr. Mitehi ii Btaa
whom Ii?-% cons'itucrit? | the .Man ft
f.alwuy, ?Mr. McCarthy Downing ?to:..
Cork, th?; member from Kill ? ?? BtH
inahad to the baf mOnjoimtt, nd i>?-!gUaj
the cynical Con-xrvativc leader with gr??
emphasis and unanimity. Wbm? th' r?: aj
nothing more left to -.-.y, Ifr. OlaA-tai
hi-Mali roue, evideiiiiy regarding the 9
aaaiaa aa ana nan-dag < ? i*- ? ? ?i Intel
and in bin most, Olympian niiir.ii?-*-, ? dm?
the tea-pit t__apaaa> Be t-sOtalght th. ? ,
though uncalled for, ta/ai Btat a bl
privilege. The gi-ritlemari wMild do \
to preM his moti?in, beeau-e if 1 r
WOBId occupy "an unenviable poeittaB." H
sympathi/id with him?hi* bad been tl
fully entreated him-elf?but the ap,
000*1 own .aajadaaaa would aeatri
t: iction. The irate member for Mallow Iw-gi
to realize the posalbilitii s of the '" ni ?
" position,'' and arftbdr. __ Tb
moral of the incident La pointed by 1 ?
C___MbC authors who in? ?laata tha l
Kiibmii-sion to BgDftaV eorrecnon. Non tennn
JMeog-l the form in which Viml puts it. an
Bargee ooncladee big mo?t _*uno-_. poi
the warning that men are B04 to tak tfj
of superior power?-, though their beat
iu patience. <__-p___i_________________
charities OF PEEMANEN1 BEE*
No lygteai of ehaiity can l>o tail 1 _
tory, and ?t?te ?.bar?; its ha?.
than other, al approaehing ideal p?;tnt.ix
But Massachusetts has a record in ' ?
ten. of which her ijti/cns are ju-tly
and in tha report of the -tal _??..
tha [Kate L_>oard of Chaiiti
which || given by one of our Boston corre
.pondent s, then letta?i ta be oaaai o*xaaai
for congratulation. The State dm
sole eharge of the bii.vl, ??f deaf arat.
idiots, but does of the in-aii?-. The thltai __?
iiaiiiiil elf-Meg are t? mporarily taken in _*j
luins undt.r the management of tiu?" -, | |
are jointly appointed by the ;**iate an.
by private charitable corporations. _-__cti_
why lunatics are di.?i?i:gui.*>ln.d from the o?.iTl
and ato regai?ed a-, to?- traid1 ?>t th >.
does not cb-arly appear. But the p___aaj|
carried out respecting the other el..,-??.?, riiii!?,
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asylum?might well be appli? d to all ?l.i.-*??_l
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merit, the progress of its r? oipient. '1 _
institutions are really training KatOolg. and
ae such m?<t with great anaei a_? w?
toeae tune __aee gata on toadan exteaa__
?h .?cripuons of the nietho?l o? li? ??-.
taught to deaf mutes at Northampton, ai d A
tin* growth and pn.sp i.ty of the i :..
which is now sup;.orteil by tha
germ of a wider extciiMor. of such bei ? ? ?
found in practice in BoatOB. w b? Eta '
tion of deaf-mutes is made a pan 1 . .
mon school sy-iUin, and the pupils may live
at home with th? ir parents.
Tho same gaajaral prind] le?to make ? 1
charities curative and r? in? ?ii.,1, ?1 .1
cipients self-supponiiig nuT.ib.-is ef tht
nionwealth?is f??i-atigtj exemplified iu t ;s
care of children, tho waits of i ? ? . ?
crime. j\? soon tia poa_fble they tare ] i
out in families, and a numerous ?_??;?
ors, principally women, Me to il
ara lai.-ly treated and bnt-aght up iu g ?et*
viciable way, th? ir education b. .
the matters carefully looked after, b
situial instances these * ?>, r tbJi
ailopted in the familie.?. where thej ha. u
jila.-iil, and in all cms tlieir ?haiu. ? .
futur?- are niUvli improv??!. Wltrl ? :
iuinciple t-hall bata bei n exten?led to i
; sane, tlie jtaiiper aad the ?riniiia!. - ? I
the most dithciilt probleint of citi
approach ki.uiiou. No: la ?
iiiilcliuiw-ly leiiiot?-. Groal M ? ?- mW
! bien met with in l/.r pe La ; - -
' ?uit the in?.;ine With l.in,
j willinir. undci c? it.ini .
j to limit art?ka t?o-ir (ii irge ; aa l . I
gains ground in England thai ;
tyaten.. which somewhat eppr? 1 a ...
the f.imil\, is foi m,,:
large iisylums. A -iiiiil.ir objccl . -
bv the mus? atlv.i:.e.(l I]
I tin m. ilaeetachtatetta bag tuce?
the number of ber alulaliouat.?; and ? ?'
\i ?i gating nil fence ?... -it mi
down the Banner <>t >t ite 1 ? ?
than half. Tbie r. ?nil 1
b-.?s by getting rid of uu
than by pUttiOg th? U
t-aj oi it, Mei?nul-? lik? ? s
dun.?le \ .ilm-_
;?//: si 1 TIE 11
it is hard to tin,I a -m le point
the black ttorj of l.'?i Pa
Whether there was eidpable 1
t!i?- part ot the coi 1 ??
whe ther th?' Iil.uin- la due to a
to the inattention of Capt. .? Uli in
?itle. t the ?et le. 1 ? irt ?*
main? tli.it over live h?ad] 1 -
w.il.id finui a peaceful .?.tup foi u
BgOUilitlg liltUileut in il..- ,
the neu ha?! net Death and learn? II1U?
.SOilll'tlllH-s ,n *.,l,-!i :;
>uc!i exhibitiona ol bra - _. ?i ?
of unilinchni.r integi it) to ?i
Ulitl lo.?.?, of bodil] bl? ?? .ill ?.?til .1
i.? p i\ I u the noble It >.''i aad
of cheer tpoht*a to the won.I. \\?; , 1 .
!?? we the Northt. 10 doarn the
lit-loi?- Igare "i .? Kbom U ? 0 ,
here there ??? 1? bat little n?. ? '
I.???.''! Il \.a? all .?lift 1, UUIU?ttgUt?*d
l he bia.lv aighti the ?is ?
ot ih?- tteetaga paaaeagert baUened ? *?
into then cuiiii, the ?Militai\ >_ ?'?
lethed dead to th.- rigging, her ??>, ? pi
mi*, the jewels tparhliugon 1.?
tl ? thi>ii?amie o: tanxio 1? bmi??? ? . . ' *? "
ipil.', ilolile? lo-ili?, ,.. which M kuO
w-i-.cif [a the 1 >i.i.
i -in. I?.?.'. i_ but HMg4 a tvuv? yf ?Wi

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