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Vo1 -? XXXIII.N** 10.006.
STUKS ? . \\ I ! | AI.! ! il I I! I A\
Mm roauo niaaaoi m narntaxT aaootn>
AKV M I I el VI Um i; i ??!.'
AM : ran - mi. l amni. i . . . t i
OF IHK MIX raON JiiY i?' Mi.r. i BfTBI
I : I- ;l!K mT**"1 ?*
|rii'\i * i.i:au (oi;ki irOJTM sr Of WO IW s '
AinwY, April 80.-attheq the Aasea*
sly i;.. i ! ('?.ui.il tailed Mr Hasted
to the cli.iir and, uk?.ir the floor, BMVed to rt-; <>ni
ttit Ik? Mil Huit vas ordered toa thud reading la-t
?gj the l'sui\ laws, with ii strue
tions |fl ban rf tin same arm ndnicnt < I i red bj I-11'1
sad rejected last eight, n shared m le ss?fce the
Uw take ? itiM t on Mm ist of .Tiny Instead of the 1st
o? An rust,? Ml tii.it it continua in epetatioo two
years instead of otic. It appears tli.it since the
puto, 11 the leading Repobli
, got frightened about the
gfleet thai the law mitf.it havo on tho
1. ?'arty, ami ] SB t..kt the hash
taodi/j thelao bi asoordsnes with
H> r, Mr. Heated was the first
la*?, thai tin later
: arty aright he ut staho In this i>iii : sad
tt?dai unong Republicans turned al
rai?i m'lolly ui>?n tins asp, 11 si Mwojaeatsaa, Baaske!
I -warning the majority to be can
? tbey passed a bill, without the Hailtatlon
.?neuf, that ? iff< cted
, . With bis amendment
. trded in ibe liejhl al sa i
i and. if it proved to be a bad one, it wot
'al.lc til?n'. and Blight
pval d soon? r if the people d< tired it.
Mr. Line?la ol Ontario followed la still morecx
pln h . naspeetsof the
bill. He seid that tas MU,-ontop
.! and the I
?t?-ai, weald esass the Repablicaa party tos?
end tott. r to it.- : l toi tlie
amendment proposed by the speaker was to break
Lili s tact incident la the gr?ai fight
: i : p . le, and
1 . :i tlie ein!.
hb. Abbott o? Orange followed Mr. Lincoln, and
took i>rii isely an ? bill In his
? rest of the poot man, and
?, [e san ao ass m the
saaandnicnt proposed by the Speaker. If the law
proved to be a bad one, it could and would be ra?
sad if
it ? ?:; ?!.? not to be
any limitation "f the time In which it wi
satan?, Str. Vcddet sustained the amendment on
party gi was in favor of the prin
stall -i the MIL Mi Prinoi institu?
te a unit i:i favor of the hill, or of some
saodii cation of th
au?Mi *ln fact that then
poitK ii of tin people of the .State who were op]
to it. ?Mid thai us effect nrighi be inimical to the
Republic an pi: ry. Hs therefore favored the amend
tii st ?
Mr. Batebellei of Saratoga wa? opposed to any
in the usury 1 .??? -. although his constituents
. f. .or of this bill lu
per cent i:?:
more than any business man could p;y for money
atid prosper. II? was satisfied, however, that
bill, or something -
rt beat thing for bias bewoald heartily
port the ameudnient of Mr. Con .11. I'rof. Clark of
' t'.ic emendo ?
?heard, and i I no i ring of ? party
* would make him support it.
Mr. Pierson ol ' I there wert
Maas involved in this bill?first m of party
polir.? end second a question of public pobcy. r'or
ble to se;..
hia own in.
blic policy
saght siso to be true party is.licy. At all events,
tnd to set for what they
i i ole people,
What h .<! ? .ny In this
?iveand s.i 1 tnwhomw?
i . for our Govei L upon 1 >j< et ?
[Mr. 1 ? read from (J"\\ Dix's animal no a.
sage an ut - a repeal of
Mm usury la , ho s? id, ol
tbem.f . ? party
opinion it would
: lie to follow such a leadei on thisques
Man. !' . idea to him that the Question of
the ai a. He had |
,i hoy, hut
r . -is a tenet Si any
politii al party. 1! :n the
pie i if It proved to be otherwise,
and that nue had marie a mis?
take m pafesiiist it, ti.-be who c ?tut after nscould
corr?(t tin' error.
Mr. Herring of T supported the hi
approved Mm t He maintained that the
Khyh ( ks of ^'aii-ht., who had been wproscated SJ
t of the bill,
were ! : ? g who profited most by the pi* m ut
laws on the subject of usury. It WSJ their cunning
ander: <i iu evadiru'tV r-tiiy laws, that
I : thim to wring from the uufortunate lu r
rower tlijir extortionate gains. Tho present bill
would bung hoi,est capital into the money marts
andel. As to its political beartaga,
shay were aawetthy tho osaaiderattoa efaay] gh>
ssjf question was, "lsflio lull rightV1
should be enacted into a law, what*
? i io tnrp'ir.iry efleet on parties.
The?, -o?- on continued for two L>uis and more,
when Mr. Yeoinaus mo>.-l thi Bterioas QaastiOBi
which was ordered, and the roll WSJ Dslled on Mi.
V .rneLl's amendment, requiting in iu adoption by a
?Ote of Ii.", to 17.
Mr. Baheoeh of Niagara, la explaining his vote,
said he was m faroi of the lull sad battered it to be
in the interest of the borrower. Ho also hattsred
that the f' arsexpreascxl about the effect of itspassage
?u the Bepabtteaa party were entirely groundless.
He had no sjx-cial objection to the amendment
lalthojgi. bs regarded it as useless;, and would there
ton rots 1 r it.
Mr. Whalsa .,f Orleans in explaining his vote, said
that the ?rttaif? of the rural districts wi;h n -
tard to this bill had been entirely adSTSfsasaated,
At hat^t he r< jnesentod a rural constituency who
?ereiu favor of the lull.
In Sasssdaaj with the above vote the bill was re
?wnuiittid t0 ttj<> ju,ii(i,iry Cummittoe. who in
sertwl Mr. OsraeD's amendment, and snbsemiently
*twwanl Masaba? Mm Baaas where it bow Has in
tieor-huan t!,,;,| leadings. The Ojllbsfs??SUf
lD'*,l! .av.- hsssj l-THgatri by th- b>
?u,:i:" It is thought by BOOM tliftt the
??'?ritlii,,, t ?y] have the flleet to kill the bill, as it
*ul Uuu to K,j kaak to the Se.'iato for concurrence.
'iJii: ci BUK1 or i.jm>j.mio\.
*rru(AM- soa roarnuasi oa m aoaaa ca
??niiiiusi m M j.j.j y liii.i.-iHE oairaA
Ai>i' KM? BSJSJgB,
i i*ei m so ; UK lac?
A'-Ham, A|..-il JO.-The applicants f?r :tp
LJ, L: ** ' ou"" ' ti.e oew hoaril of Kim
r*^"'11"1--' liearh?}.?. AtuouKtbo?, uiost stroiiK!y
J7*M upon the att^itlO? of tl,^ OofOrast are <>r.i.
umiim;,? BMwssrottaaeM Bess?,whs wai
w"w'e'r" l,v *? K""i ",K:y; ?'
2 '"' '""K'- ^o!.ur'i, it.,!?,t i casa a.,11
*ou. laajtaassn. -ii^re ?r? ahi Osaaatsstsaan te
?Ttwo ?*? ?*?** aoove uicubobad. xt* ih?
crnor ha? until WcdticMlay at BBSs week to make I
Tin- Bapprv hill BWWpM t*ie itren'lon of the A??rm
tins eveateg i? the entasten of i w rj thine ehM ; M
\<iy Important ShaagB*. Were mad" In the Items
r. polled from tl.e Wajs :m<l Mr.m? ( 'oiiiiii i r t.-c IM
BTObaMj MM tW*>daj I m< iv t.i flu I-lut, ii:nl I In- prlncl
flgatwl f1 ;. i- beat Items, m. ? i i. ? i appropria
? for the, iv mi Iteli m i iri?m
Battre MV Count 1 'lot). As then N M reu
for n clinti?!'In tlio CbBMI Baton, exc.pt u pilithul
rather a factloual one. there will b" I Itl
to ti ? ' Viiu-c. A m.i.)r-r;tV*of tliP presentC(
?i"i. an liberal Republicans, hut It la BOi lagan
no BOtBOas u rriine to lie I literal Republican BOW a
?Mat tt.e begtaatag of the mi Ion \ betwaeaLttM
BepoMteaae and custom boase Bepnhlleana, the fora
kan a ii isded preference among rc-,i etublc member
The leaaw ?pent Ha entit? lemaa thu ertatag "i
the roticurri'iit laeotBtloa propi atag au iraai d?nent
the Coaatltalloa, aathoslalBg the funding of the ra?
and laaera) fund debta late M rear bonds, aad limit ?
i thi raaal talla la a aaale i aVtaar] la pay oi.iy t'.e
? latee? ? aha above debt, a eaatrtbutie? of eoeeeat]
nnnuni for ?inking fund und cost Of ordinary repairs a
cafte ettaf toil?.
?heaud the proposed aaeadaeal t>e laeetpotated
the Constitution, the e ?t of aew wart and the <
truordinar) rep tin woald baveat be flefiay* <i >??? ehyc
11 t.ix.ii,n.i The pu'i-i'-.ti'iis fat extraerdiaarj rapa
aad aew wecket Is te years have averaged saota thai
a dollar? per am.um. Tiiis taxattea, however,
! l!i( Constitut'oii I
tho surplus revenues which the can ils pay into I
gciicial fund, and which are applied tu the rodm tun
the Kent ral faad eObe<
i - aarptaa batata the tedaetlea of the ti>'
in lbTo ?at very large, raogtag from $2,001,0
to ti.oou.ooo n year; bal ahm i?~o it has averagx
about fl.ooo.lioo, whllo the tax for internai puipea
:it ft.tffff.flr If thi poalUoo tnfci
. o l)i moci. la-da] 1 ? any Indie
turn, that party ia wining to preeeed ae tarta*
in the diraetloa of Ian t< r rj L>
". B voted Hi:..!:.st f
I of the resolatloa. Tee Bapabtloaas presse
. ;. r the third reeding; bol m
,i. trae ti??' only BepeM
te la favor ot the propoaed redactlam, Tit
lack of rat ijur.-tiou nettingtttharffraattn
sly too appati
If; a this I/;N1 ititro ami the nn
and i- . ?-n. froai aad after th
in aai rraai M la M , i ai th
At the Wim
taaaal las for the new work a-i
adiaarj repairs for whlek the State eaaa
. n c ?pte.
Th' : Ve-tna
in Mr. Lard, Who thoroughly un
i be bulb of th
.: ? id rtaW'Tath and Bal ?. Magie
btr. Murphy s.ii i i.is eaaetltaaati ware grow
ln^ very uneasy under th* heavy : - i r Stab
pulpo-- .- aad , -i? eia'.ly lor can .1*. She r.Rolot pfj wil
My bave IM third n ? im? laaaarraw, and \wii thei
be sent to the Assembly for it' aaaaai ?
On;. B BatarO.P.Wood.1 ?? >>ftin
Fin.?nee Cotiuiittee, n resolution was adopted, t
calling on tl ? in to repot
?itt?o three daye te tea . r of affleen
Batea* o? i-iulg;.. DO, their ?
It baa b' ? a mppoaed tl.at the !.? .
to ndjouri: *i>ie r/ir by the ? ad el er next
bat i:
vm ? h win t>e aeeoeeary. Tin- :.
tral and Iludh m lL\t?- i; Jiro . i expti i
?ill pro ... ? ^t. .i i i i. tliaeaa ueual till
liter adjoaraiaaal
?-!:n.?TE.AiaUKT, W< di?? Bay, April 30, is:3.
Mr. Pibbt, irom the Committee on Cities,
a ' . 1er, ?hieb wee
I to be print?
of the Wbole ob the eaual lundiuK reaoluuoD, Mi.
. uair.
Mr. Li ???>? udhewoaldnet detain the Benate wl'h
itended remexki n .?? ;; aol i"i tbe taol that
: ;,i | ;i e i
. ? uui not b ' th? .n aa abroad ai a;
A boat ti.000,000 of'thi c .ma debt fall? due tbls year, aad
.: .ti.'i tbc in
f tl iti- pro
? aai this? an be rton ?. and
ottrue ti.at tbe monej \m i" eome directh froaa
\ | ? : I; 1 :.? . i - i. . I
ttur?! should pttestl o ander ooi
tion, a- i other. It U i" be
. i ? flu il.
? voted upon thi?
l i fai t i- tbal in the WlnU r ol ISTo
? an iii
bul pi - topaj "tl tb<
? i i . inn tbia del l bj din 11
: ? upon by the ] I
tl wan a i ? propos!
I . ? .- . 'a th" part ot tu o? i" i
d v.uh tm < i. ii i. ? - i" di leal tl
lea there ?ere
? bal 11 t' m tai or ,.f the
seal Into the Interior, aad la tuis
i a km ai il. gri ?. b] H
in t"-'i iy to . dei >id or in?
ternal improvi ' .i.aoa Iseoasiderinx
tne questlou '?: kpeualnfl bon money on i:.? ?,,ti nul lm
ships, One i In that Da?
Massai busetti
i tbe J llnordej to dlvi it
.t Wi -t to - thei
oad ?- a No i adi ?
iitur?'-. t> diverl tola trade, lbe eoiam
th? tuai West ?f graduauy slipping nom oar cra-ji
ahile?? lupi ? ) look on, frighiened i.t t tj- little debl
i ? . ktbers showed more euu rprlse
i canals, mahlng tbls State tbe irreal
Ium fto?n to be. rhe Srle Oaaal la a axaal
mine of wialth to tin- Mate. 'lu"ii^ii in former years
amaaaed fcrrM wealth frov the eaaali
bushi ? ot n'aiu carried through this Mate tad Uuided m
Ne?-Yorb lor foreian ports Is ? sonree ai largeinoowe
to the people at this State. Hundreds of thi ring all?
iages snde.tles bavaarova op along tt?; line ol tne ca
; ;.'.? and l bamplaia Canals bave paid into
the treaauri from tolls In the last M y tara m u
, auu 112,600,00(1 haye men contributed bj lateral
Lan.ii-. it nan cost for ordin?r] i (pensesoi ism 1..1.
and <-hamvia,iu C?nalo only ?lt.'yA'.U?o dunij? Ul
-tati.-tieian says the ptotlts of thi Eric Canal hare
been ovei |so^oo,eoo. The indirect an,tits tr.mi it
amounted to maey BulUooa more, Had ?eprupej faell
>i oarrying mercbaadiac over the, Brie Canalla
Improved boaU.it! earrylag eapaeitt eould babetlei
U sU 1. Tie ('liarnpiaiu Canal I? an lmporlaiit om . aad
berfully voted aa appropriation i<> it. As teaooM
ol the others? he said :h<n day ?ae past, Tblaproposi
i. i of fuadlag is not a Buffalo one. Thi fiirnds oi the
h? benie can be found all over the Mat.'. Mi. Hatean a
talented goutlenihn. He bar inen u Bepraeeata
tive In Oonareea au't ha? aleo served bis eonntry
In lutth iK.rjitioiio of trust. lie did not thins*
it fuir lor the Senator from tbe 'jeth (Mr.
Lord/ to attack hlln a-- In, did this morning.
id n ad a letter nom Mr. Hatib daaylBg thai thelluf
tulo board of Trade ever tried to influence ihm funding
plan. TneChamixTor Cea aeree of hew YorkCIti baa
I a resolution reeommaadtag tiiis proposition,
v.l.?:o th? Governor aayj Is blsmeasagt that *'it meets
with ?encrai favor." J'iie Produc? Exehange.ol (fea
Yorklt a'-o m favor of it. laapraasol u?' dtai
rally f;.vui tali plan of faadtag. A ?inkiut,' fund "f
ii?,o00 annually will pay the eatirt di bt aad Interest,
i. iteralone objects to tbe reaolatlaa,ptrahablj i"
? ildanta are not having as many eouliacls as
formerly. The people geaerallv lavut it.
a hi.lLl raOM MU. Loi;u.
Mr. ix)Rn repiieil if be ?anted to nave contracts aa
thi canals b? v.oubl favor tin? canal landing resolution.
When be ?as taletaatod intnecanaia thej pasd w.ihhi,
or? anaoaliy into the State Iraaaory, lu;, u ti.
' Buffalo la headed off tho people ol thi
will have BMtO^ai anuually wrung frvmthclj pocket .
It' did uot ravor the oui or hto, ami opp<>!?-d bin tbe
Democratic caucus, wbere be prodlctedii wo?iii i ,i be
acceptable v> the people. Buffalo asnl its d ? its
bar? aad paraaaiad tncCauai Board toa<b'iit ti,
un. dauataka ?Masado m i^to, ami ?ere it no) for
tiiat error the |li^03,ouo i.niul debt would bi paid la
? million dollars was doe last rear, anothei Itoo,
?uo last January, and iiion i? due iitxt July. The ( on
n provides loi meeting tnia bj the -??ue of baadi
hiivin.'ls yiars t<i run. Wnat U the Deocaalty. then
fore, of tbls aeneme. He gave the vote In several Sena
tonal districts mi tbe bill ol igro, showing bj toe uumbei
of bellota agaiaM It that the meaeurevee not popaiai
V,,Hi the pe 'l'h- IUM Scheme Of luiidiu- Li not Ub like
tin- alii of im
Mr. Lawia insisted thai the aahaasa af UTOhi eatlrtly
. . in i provided tor
an annual tux to paj ofi the Interest and debt ml?
rblt i' eolation does u i propoae t.. i ike . dollar
from the people, but to have u? revenu. thei il
i"> ? n thi autlra debt and lutcrest Erie t'ouat> gave
i ,nt> foi tin prono ium Uiudi in li
uol ' .' Sou i oi Lord,
.Ml. MaI>I'I> nib led u? all iliiei.dinent t? ibe|.?olll
tion tm iol. ,w in_': The Isaglslatme aiay anil, b
otbtraiat ui-ji se ol aaj ul the eaaais ol iw eutie,
1!?? I .. , i I. Ill i'iailj, i law? K", '
-? i ? i. ?*,.a u ?nan iciwuiu Ha- property of H Stats
ion. ?. 1 .
Mr.fjtwigappend the propasad aamadawat,aaytag
o il ,< .-nil: -, aMialao ii...? me report ol ?ai i uu
| ?UluUoual Cuuiuiunm, >ii l-o .ic couaiai ltd uy tboUa- I
IslatsTBi StOVtaoi tai 'he (ii*iio?:ii of some of the lateral
Mi ktanoan sdvooetod hi? smmiilment at length, saj
Ing tlint with it the eaaal funding resolution wouM In
i OHM a \< I) p ip ll II propil Im.. The Chi naI go
wasi.r doom whatever,except rotioatthe ?t?te seona
tu keep it in n pair.
Mr. Johnson replied to ta? Senator JTeui the XXXt?t
Distil? ! (Mr. i..v. I?) thai tbi re wen otkei - In the .s?-u.it<
??Ids from th? Canal Committee wbn auiWidood thin
question, and t?i? ir expressed opinions were at tauet
intu?. I to a respectful beartnr. 'I Mere n do necessity
tor lbs resolution, ae the Bute Constitution aou pro
vi'ii'- for paying the eanal deb? and Interest.
Mr. MAtu'tN wltbdreu bis amendment, us he did not
v, i-'; to i 'ii it* i the n wlutto i,
Mr. Lewis moved to smcod by providing tii.it nil ef
Mid debt and Isterest shall be paid by revenues fro i
oil not one dollar of it by direct tax. il,
answci to a question from senator Johnson be replied
that ti/-- revi um - from the ? inals asi i on on
creasing, Mr. Lewis's amendment ws and the
on then ren rted favorably to the Senat?, in
the Senate the resolution w.,* ordered to a third reauloc
by a voto ol M Vi as to : Nays.
Mr. i?. P. w?. o offered .1 pssolsttaa estilas on the
Cotntnojisslouei'sol . i. report tothisoody
nithtu tares days the numberol oil ers emp ?
them dnrl g ti., past year, with ta? groMsmountof sal
arles paid; also the name of each officer,and salary oi
. AilnpU (|.
Tin-i mmlttee report? I favorably the senv
eurreul latas out p.,:: of the Miller lu
nu.?m??? report ..? phased m Ute last report Tooled
ander ihc i ule. Adjoin nod.
The IIouho reSSUfmblod at 7 p. m., and went
Into 1 ouimllt? e >? Mr. i.i us
rooved to lus. n j t,O00 to the Hi ? \.:\> i und . .
lum He explained the objeel and stated the wort n? 1
? ??> ihl? inslltutl m. Mesera. S/ooue sud C. (?.
Cokkkll also sustatued the moilon, out il vas lost .11
Mi. Dazran mnveil to toeerl tann.oon to complete the
1; uiira. 1 .m 1 it.
Mr. a. B. i..um 1.1. mov? d to reduce tot
H ol the lu- ne al i
keeiwle, from ? . on i .... Lost | . , ,,.
un.11, pursed 11< gtese. a, j
1 v. wii\ vi inv 11Y MTB LROISLATin COMMA
INintl-.SllNv, MSil.l.MI:! s NC.W BAUBOAD
Pclli ??
[UT reXBOSAFS To Tile 11:1111 s. .J
Bt. AlBAXS, April GO.?The V? n?n,til (\ : t;.,l
: .i luvt itigating Con mlttt 1 to-day took Inl son
ilderetton the 1 bai gi 1 asainst the ran-sgr sm nl Is tea
Uon to the car companlea it sppsars that Us Ra
Dispel ii Company was organls .i sere, sad that tea
stock, waeewe? il oa lac Vermont Central line fi ia <hi
( .ico to Bosl ? ; th.it til. .
of tin-11 mi .ii v.i re lergi stoi *
Iprofll 1 seal anuuaiij ?i.u taeartaiasl in
I Iron and ( .>- wss
sgers of iad was
lai retire si it ? 1 snati 1 part,
of legialstivs retaba sums
,'? so head 1 ' . : (rum
1.11 of the Pi leldeal sf the
road, and which was sot knows is tas Osnrl sadei
which the SMaagers operated the root ai ra.1 .
n. .r f. tin- Advising 1 ogam i .1, ? t i>y
the bondholders to supervloi 111 ? ? s lions an.i
into of the treat ea During the la t session at
i.- inert epp ire 1 la the B? ston ;
what purport .i t.. b ? 1 voaeaer sbowl ig i)
; .?!? ,11 1 ??".'). It was Her. Stab . iu..t there
were, in a.M.: ion to : having
received !?!>? ifi.il amounts sf this fi ..., s sasi
1 I pros la< nl Indii Idaals ? m m it wsii set tin 1
ni.iti il sad received men ?
rer, shows by Us testimony if Mr. .t. t>.
Batch, who baa the dlsbun 1 .t i.i :? . t id* called
the * Secret Service Fund,' a charge, thai he not only
paid to the persons named is the vooeber tue saass
, th-ir sassee, for tho parp?os
bntslss pul otie.-r hum-1 tu the j" i sames
appeared apea the hack of the voucher, i
talus ver, mauj of the lee ding no h of the BepubUeas
party, one of tli'- inetiil.ers of the Btipremo Cour:, vran
was at thai tune a BBSmbSt Of the OoaSO, SSSSshassOf
legislative 1 ommlttoi
The bOOkl (if thd Cintra' V. nantit Coiiiptinv WOTS
spaaed hers today ami i?.covm of stoeh nei
scribed, end lbs boohs et m L alsaost the enttn
aaaouatofetoekweetaheahyTireaot w. Park sad bis
Bow-York fiifuds,sad it 1? understood thai this has
been dons bj Mr. park in the mtereei sf the
New-York, Boston, sad Montr? i! ri.i. and win
result It Is ssppeeed In sa entire shaagoof the present
? taagetnent of the railroads sf v\rmeaf, now knowp si
tbn Central Csmataatlsa. The Ceotrai Yernseat'a chai
let was grana ii at the Isei Lectalatore, sad la abat?as to
that of the eotpi ration which has just BWsUoWOd up the
.1. sad Bi Is read.
\V\MIIM 1 .s, NY.It ? ?-?I.I' . Ap' || BJ :
The Sixth Amlitor of the Treasury haSI SSlvOd Si IS 33
fumi ss sakaows source.
i Commisstoner of tin Oenetal Usad Onsas, hMsay,
ipprovedthi sai ve-, sf ths Beltona Has sn,ahout three
.h Los Insjatas Ootrnty, COUroralsv. A. .
Mai hado and othi 11 are the i oudi i
On eoeount ot urn la the United States Ds*
ry Blchards ? toss
that o|!i , . ill. r tin- li i-.n. -< ut thai i"'. ?
be discharged by the Assistant ??ctsuier ai hTsw*
fa rosnoass to S letter trots the c, >v rm.ref Oregon
cmi.pian, .m; at the daisy Is Ustlnctae swamp la
that State, Canualsaio mi Drumnssud hsi written ? totter
sb m mg that the proper stepe have sol yet asma takes
uniu r tin j.i w to ? ,111 ..oi Sualacttos,
las iv-tni.i ???! i. ?"! i.ii, te lay, decided that :
stSTttrrnrt Mi suthorised tij sell peetalcards toaaj
person la Isrgi ? tor small foi ssore or toes than
one a ni i o b, N i Hi inttl : ?tore c in be allow? .1 te
purchasers oi agents ? Be d Ore t" keep ihJ cardo ou
hand foi -aie to the pabtie,
Coaiin. ? Il in ?lull v receipt of e-nltnates
fu?? cullectois ol mieiual n v.nm for BSBwBOSl of eol
leetlag isienss uader thaaewtowsetnglntosSaeteo
May, ?he pressnl ladicattoasare that thi
clpated niniii lb 'hi win ne iully
thai la not leal than |i OS \JHM pM nr****"*
XaaSeeraiary of the Ireaeury deetdea that rut.iK-r
bcoto wMh salted liaisg sempeeed Is part si ueel are
sot sahjei I Is lbs datj ss wearing ^yv irai i ssipoeed si
wool Isiaossfl aader tao set of Marsh j. lat?, sal .i
duty .o? i ui 11., f uooto, a ?? b Is .<n ii?-i cent, under
taeaet of Aug. s, isti, wlthttpereeat leUjciiou uuJor
the act of June 6, Vsli.
JohnW. lirowniug of New-York City 1ms r.eerj ap
petated nui sesBnaeetosed Bieeatlvs Oolorr for the
Btatosfltea x*erkbyA.B. ladst<sas, Pr?sidons of the
.National Lshet Council si WBahlagtaa, D.C ih.re will
f sm appeal an bA lal aathorlsad statement of ti..- pr *v
j. ts ot the labor movement, by the Man. John Pool of
north Carolina. Chairman ol lbs National Executive
? ? BBtlth i "i tin Qsltod Workiiiguieii of Amsrh a.
The total luterual reveuuu lOSOtotS for the loo?ih end
ItiK t(>-<luy wan |:,6?^.4W 2-1, tin- total reOStpta for May,
ls7/, were flu.iifj.iTS JO. IBS total rSOStptJ frmu all
ssaressfar the Brat faar ?sathsaf isn aoraatLM
uni f. r the lirit four uniuths of tho SSaaSSl fOST *.?,
ir.H/j?.!. Hiere aw BM Ba bs no daabl thai the estlmatod
receipts! r the present 11 cal year, namely, 1110,000,000,
will be fully realised. Fbe receipts airead] amount to
over |KI,<.VJ,UU0, with U'o uiOUtha K'UiallJiU?' ol the BOBBl
Third Assistant l'oitmnster Oaaatal Barl?er recently
. B letter nuking whSChM SSSSBl BeSgS eonlallilllg
notici -i of BSssoBsaeert, a.-., that save besa asa a psopostp
BraaSBSttted thronab the mulls and tho stamp thercou
i an i Ii il, can, after thin hslag n tin ind to the BSSkSSI m
a sealed eneetops with the remittance, be transmitted
o the pei "i, originally addreeaed with the word " paid"
stamped or ladoraed thereon, bv placing upon the card
a on i'Hi adhesive stamp. The Poetinaator>0<?neral,
to-day, decided that saeh sarda ceo be so transmitted
ni on pa) ni' nl ol the leqnlrad pest isa ol nac i mu? am h
lull decision will ov ims'-iy n\aii'-'i ..f n> Masonti aad
..lit SSSOeiSSlOSS lu the collectlou of iliie^ ami ani-C?a
III. III?. _
RAjQggaf IN KKNTl CKY. |
Civcinvati, April !W.?Information- has 1? ? n
received hen of ? Berribta atxsli hi MsreS iii Coaaty, la
tho West Of Ketitinky. OS SaadS] last, in a iju.trr.l
m? -hu? out ?if fniniiv iitt hi , Jsmei Deuirberti ihoi hi*
rail t r-iii !,tw, iniiuu'i hmitii. hiiuit ion. Instantly,
lieu ii>ii', ?as arrested.and while in custody, v..?? ?hot
irania b?ates ont ?iiii tin-. n.n . ?., ,.f tuo gnu
bj a ?<>u ..i tu?: uardsrad Basa,
C'Hli'M.o, A11111 30. ?A dispatch fjaaj Macki
im* fai.i in,it lin stralM snap i.<- seastdeaai spaa?
sithoaghthei...y tobsrPssi atsstaa psesaessefvea>
f [t fui .. iniiiiii, i ol da] h yei.
Osa soo, a pi .i so, i in- ni heeaer Meraiag Light, rrses
ii i h .miii su ?t. arrived he? this lui.ruiug, tue urut
tbrougU ibe Wc?Uud i:?.ual tbU scaaou
11111111 si IiKfKATKD.
i?, ion, aTadaasdaVi April m, \tu.
In tho HOBS? of Communs, ihie. afternoon,
Mr. Jacob Bright moved the second nadln/ of lbs
Woman's Di?.ihilitlea bill. la h? ri inaiks In nippi.rt of
the bill Mr. Bl Ight Btti d the ad. pi II -i of wcmau suffrage
in Wyoming Territory and ShMWaOrB. He also ?aid if
the BsBBBarS was defeated uo-.\, i;, would be btOOghl for
?Bid again and again.
Mi. Bouverie moved that Ihn SSOSOd reading of tbe
hin be pesrpeeed su aseathe, and Mr. SeeorSeld eec
M u 'i the mat to a.
Di hate followed, Bl the Stfas of which the II BSS
ilVidad, and tbe bill as i. ). | (, d by a vote of 111 to 155.
Tin-: 1,000 01 ; Bl ITAKBi won Bl "?am? BOB
LOWOOW, Wednesday, April 30, 1873.
The race for t" 1,000 fntBeas staksta tlif
great event of the i 'v market hpriii!" ItttTBg. tgth
ptaae te day, sod waa wee by Qaag Basasses Kakwt
?ad Betend aad Suit asa third, lag betting feat ba?
ten the start B7BS fix to one a^ and (? lag P irw.tr.1, two
to one against K user, an I BVBa on Safc MBOB BgalBBl the
field. Ten beraM run. Tue followiuif ta a summary of
the race :
The MM guineas ssakos, a sahserlpttsa sf icosov
ii! Uns each, h ill folfc.it, f i thiaO-j Tolls; the owner
of tb" sc ni'i i,"i -?? tu rae Iva M san raigas aad <>f the
?'. i the third toi re bl? stake- it at <7i sahs.)
Mi. W.sV Crawford's eh.e.Gaag Forward, by Steeh
a ?. o n m Ladj if an .>> Orlando. l
Mr, H. bavtU'a b. o. K US) i, by hkn m inner, out of Ba?
il King Tom_. 2
Mi. F. QreUoa'a br, e. ?.lui a, oy ?Calgbl of the
Craaeeot. out of Qgeei al riasslii.:i
THK bWBSBB PAST i IPATDSd in tiif. n\rr..
Ihewtsnarr.Oaagfor? rd, ts a ohastant colt, aearly
the tea* . Blatt At'ioi, with ?i white tear, ins otr
biodleg beiag alse white. He deads aboal ll lasada I
and is a tight,bibi alareolt Hsteagve ttatat
last rear sa a taro rear-eld, aa i .vor: four laces? the oalj
time h . --'ni being ii the Miinicp.ii Stakes
asDeaeaater, whea, i" agwrj be kward in condition,
-.1 . . II ? l olt Font I
I i a -. in- wou the Bos
I by S I id, and won the
BtakeS at the ?ame n eting, bcatiug l'ai., lin
i welghta . y half a leagtb, in the Glasgow
ha del l ladrad ? ball a leagtb at area
i beiag third. He wound up
ala twe year sad career by w/abktog over forasweep
atak. al i ft T.i?. Is the first timo his owner, Mr.
i ' ? . aros tali laoe-aad bis nroasaetet
.-oit ikeTtarhyloota ptombilag Balear, vhleh
raa a?alto Qaag Porward la the race, belongs to Mr.
,who ?oa the Derby last reas with Creoaoraa,
arter ee apylag araeissly the ?ame paaattew|M.i<d in
sfceTe (Jala* isa. with thai homo te Prince
Chai . ha h is dono to (iuig Forw..rd.
?edatasask whteb raa third, beloasa to Mr. urrtton, tho
owner of theraea botas Bterlnajt, betweea which and
Harr] Baaaettvoaraoi by CoL McDanieis beta,a Bastes,
twe years ago, was prapas i. sstrasalted taaodMsalls
i i:. .nc i deellalng to ero se the
Atlantic to i an.
B 'i . ?"< ?m - lay. Apr.l 30.1873.
Thi! ChgJabei Of DfipDEBM. to-<l;iy, in opjni
sitiou to the rilpt1 MBtOttBOO und remonstraii' aa of
I i.a. hUaieter at Plaaacea, voted OssSyaPJ for the
tetabllehaanat al an aro aal al taraato, VTaeei the vete
? ? Sedated Mgaet SsBa ashed far ae adjOwraaaaat.
1 he would Inform the House to BfeSROW what
? in he shook! take.
Hi.lit.in. Wenue-da) . 4prtl SB, .
The J'ruriuzial Omrrttfom?tMM .says tlio vie.it
ot the Qeeasaa Basperet te tu. Pstetsbatg essatrass the
naeifle pollry agreed to by th Bmp rota ot Qemaayi
i: i ? -ui, aad An.-tna, last September. It Is eepeolaUj
-unit,, sal at this tune b casas tb pruspsots >f sjalel in
e/eetera Barops wi re grawtag gloomtar.
rBBClTTOf BILBOA. SAID to SB BlIBSXM <\>r.i> iiy
CAiii.i.-i.s -BtfOBTl ii DaUTH OP TBfl CUBA Of
.'?ama ti.tv. -STBIBfl in ii.vncr.LDNA i:mh;ii,
l'viiis, Wein.- lap, Aiirll :i0, IfTJ,
It is reported In Bsyonns tli.it tliu Csriiata
m the Bpaaatb ptwvtaeo of Bissau bava sarroaaJjsd tbe
City of BUboa, ?Bleb la siosost d
bUtobss, BartaradsT. ?prllK, (fit
A minor I BBta iron tho frontier that the Cine of
Santa Cnu hat been shot by b lOWBl fl I -.
Mai.mi., w, ilaesday, d?til 11
The strike of the avaaeae la Bareeloaa baa ba?a
and the mm ha\c raSOSSSd work.
HOMES FlciuiNi; in Tin: HOLY i.amv
LOXDOX, Wi las -dy, Apr.l ;W, 1?;3.
Lsig sdviosi froen Jentsalen stit? Huit
lavera ftghta b iva <??: u d la B ? Um
I ? sedOreakBsoaka. Five o? thetoraasi ami six of
the lalt<r WCe ilijlll'd. __
Tue IlAi.ti:, W.dne- lay, April 30. |
The ileb.iti- in the ( 'Ii.iihImt nt 1 >,-jnit isg un
tl.e Ali Inen, se war has ended, tho subject bavtnj beta
dropped without a vote.
Two oasofi of rJsolefa wen; ii'ihirtotl, yeertetf
day, In Magdeburg, Prussia.
Sir John Colevldgth tlbh. Iliitish AMnriiiy
', n, i.il. iiceutly ileeturi d BOfBra his constituents on
Wotd-'-vortb and In the course of his remarks siud:
"Wordsworth taught an no Bthet man did the gtooy. the
leaiitv, and the holiness of nature. Tho dignity of
\ltfiie. ?itiiplie.ty, and liulependetieo wherever found
was recognised. Patriotism of the truest type un
in In. poem?. His teaching ?SS lOtty. Had he lived in
tie. days i f the Third Bajpoleoo, ind seen the soap tP < I it
ami the deportatloaa to Cayenne, be would have rebuked
tbe l.ugiish worshipers of the nephe? sa be did those
or the un- ?ter uncle." Tht I> liiy telegraph ol Lon loo i?
vsrylndlgasnl with th-, and maintains that ?ir John
bas ? ii'iteiy mlstakeo the eharai uit ef w"ordsworth.
The K.ul of Kiiulitrli'V, Biuisli Minister for
the 0 aseada, spoke ou April 17 at B Liberal batuiuet at
Ipewi h. alluding to recnt legislation in regard to Ire?
land. In regard to Home Hule he sold: " Nodoubt thero
aal d?and i passed two re ire in Iretaad. aad had many
opportunities of ulieeiialhiii wnililiu able mlsti sat and
di? ike toward tbls ooontr* amoi s tue Irish, bat it is
better at all events, to have a Home it tit agitation than
i i-ni.iniMu. Penlaatsm, slthougb a?ili existlog.lt (at
less rampant and daageroas thaa It was before, and *?
cannot ezpeet all al onos te see thai whleh I tros) i i
! in .lien *iu see?vit : Iceland as tlrmly and as cordially
united to this i.111 > a? Scotland DOW IS WS ?bail not
. lids for a very long time; etui I do not de-nalrof lro
lainI." ;
The KStttok? IgtfBBf pBBtttllaal ttd following
bt tei f i om/.?u ?i !? ar.datsd the tethef March ; "tiir?artie
1 i en's mission has come to u lamentable end. B-fore
hie departure be charged Dr. Knk, tbe EngllHb Consul,
to uiske a formal complaint to the Multan as to the in?
sulting treatment which he had lecelved Uoni the Gover?
nor of Kilwar. The Daphne, Commodore Bateman, went
. lay, with Hir Bartle Prate on boanl, to Il.igomoya,
I be point of departure of Eil lugstone's Joiirue va luto the
interior. Thouee be Is to go north?ard to Tagaui,
where the Euehantre??, t.'apt. Car-, Is to receive bun
At MoiuIik/j? the lint,m, Cspt Malcolm, will Join li'.m ;
ne will Siso Und there ( " nan I Kirk. After the arrival ol
tbe l.iigiisii saell the envoy will aet oat for Museal Thei
he han to ploient letter? from (?o i u V.. lone to the
Inuuiui rtaa be will leave far Bombay. At atonibasa
rraldss th? OermsB mlsstoaar) H bmann, wh> is re?
ported to nave the ni"-t theroagh knowledge of tbe
lilaiecU spoken oa tbe Bast i mean coast S" Bartle
i ni.- ?id probebly nm i.^e tbe opportaahty to confer
elthhlaa. if the mtsaaon has hdied, >et ?Teat sdvsut
,,g,-< haue aivrued Hum it. A heiter nun thun th<
eavoy sealel not have baaa feaad. That ho did not
,,, omplUb bis purpose |a not bt? ?aiilt, t.ul Is d.ie B< th.
itiiticuiiii s of tee situation, wnii his eieaxjuilKTip-.it
und intensive BWOWlSdga of men and tliiugs, h*' boa Vrr
lucid some sflecl on the . ..inluet of IBS Ku?I Africa
alavis-traO>. n the Baltaa of aUnaibex, attled bj th
Imaum of Muscat, ami, tl is believed, also by Krsu- , l\*^
IbOUgut it right Ui break off all unguitatious, mdloatious
, not wauiin? ihn ?." with tbe eniefs aud slave
of the country, beam to bc*r tbe riugmg of 10?
funeral knell of Slavery, gad see coming the beginning
of the cud."
nur: coiufissioyERSHiPa bcaidal.
iiiai.i.is Of 11:1.1 1.II Aiiiiv? BO BBStOBAI
BO 01 11 g UK? ?iMMKNDKD.
Wasiii.n(,ios-, April inWAtflttrBBtbtShCwB
iterlred from rhe sp.iiai Osaaassstoa st v. ? if
p'lintcii by the Ptes?sal to examine latoths alleged
1 1.tguhwtttoa of the original (taanaleston, ts Utoeffcei
that some of the suspemi".! ( 0111:1.l-.;oni r< appear to be
bapltautad la IBs ssarsaa si baprepei ?> i
. It leaves the following persons tree from the
raerse of eaj liisgulaitty, vBm Dr. Anchoar Bui
Thus, MeBJrath,Lewis sssaesaaed, j. c. Betten,G. L
Btodgetl, ii. Osrsssasa, Edward Ootthlel, I
MiM.cliael. bSSS Col;, A. (?. James, act We bum P.
Hounil. || is n . oinii.i BdSd thai SS part o! the mi-,
Ci.iiniii-.Moti I.? re-tin .1 at present. It is BS4srSBSOa
that the ri.iu't of tie aaanshaaitoa aad the gieand.
Which Us nu ommei '...tlou is lounded ar<! to SB liiiine
ssstely IsrwnidadL
nr.ACKMAii im; AMD OORaornoK?i\xi-i LBVTJCTJ
[faon a IfBOfAK < oliiu.-i'.'Mii.sr of IBS mint BE.]
ViiNN'A, April 10. ? It ig to lie hoiml that
the Aniei ic ?a ??i-vernnnt w III institute a twBtWUBfh I11
rsBtlfstlnii lutn Una sssiimf In nhlth lbs ??
to the < ' h. ilasloo fur thu Bxhlbttioa has b? bu essai red.
The Bspplj has srSlVSd at Trieste, lint no papers have
bees forwarded to ftrllttsto IBs nlseaari
osrgo, las Commissioner who was churned with tin?
duty not bevmg been board freai sp to thti dato, Bo
ulau? have SMS recelvad, so far SI I can flml, for the
arrangement sf the goods, and our traasepl i-, etoae,
empty and utterlj snot preperstlsn forth.'
receipt of geeds, Tim BogUah Cosnaalsstos have bees
lo 1 lor asaalha, sad have tbatr speee all mspped oat,
and gsedsara sin oiy in cum ta or ,,i rangement. B one
naeaarkaou ledge of Ihadkajmstttoaef aa?irs,aad a- Mr.
V.iD BfJOS has jii^t srrlved it is only now that ex
hibitoi?, leUM of wboai have beeu waiting to
nooks, can begtato taska ihairsrraagssaenta. of tiie
Cemaalsaton th resrethas iar only four working mem?
bers here, aad taooaoeojueoca everything Is th<
cm dsaartsBsnt M lu ooofuotoe, aad theac wiiodo work
have not tho materials to saabls them te work InteluV
gsntly. Bal tor Ike tnrieantsl preeeaeeof Mr. XcKrath
here (le not'having had say purl lathe pi v nation In
Assart a sad knowing sothiag of the ptana before
co.niiis' in 1 ), nothing ooald ss doas to ?! ly su i pt s .it
liai hi Her not have been ?lone.
Ingutryasasag exhibitors aad constructors dl
1 k tho fast that a system of bhtrfc saslHsg sad rarruptton
has b. ill applied by certain BBSBBbUSS of the ( JOSBIIllSSlOII
ahteh, when fully unravel. .1, will SSCfto lbs iicligtiat.nn
of tho wuolo country. BaldbltOH MV? I
pisses by paysseatol money toCssantlsisanssai taxes
have been levied en contracto) the rterasotcseven,who
leaded the ships, are said to liase been bled 10 a ruinous
salant for las srlvlloen of loading, ?mil, of the sssatrao
tions here, one Job, the roofltigof a court for the BBSs
ehlaery, has tx-eu given to ans sontraetoc for U?JKt
fraSMS, With the reversion of tho building ut the t ml of
"h BxhlMUon, Whita another contraetor had offered to
.I . IBS BBSBB work for 115.0C0 francs, paying 5 per cent
to the Cemaslsatonet woo had ehargs of the tota, and
giving up the building to Government. To ex?
tort the? bribes fioiu tuo exhibitors numerous
applicants have beca refused places, and now
then Is space BaaUed, end WS need morn articles to
B ?how con-i-teut with our pretension. The flt
tlugs ap for tho di pirtiiKiit li.ivo been SOSlgBed to a
eeatreetorwith the sadsrstasMBagthat so ?vreentot
the I r ills should hS paid to tho Commissioner in ? '
Mi 1. 'Ins' balageaaaBy behindhand, w"
Bl il not lo<e as muchas wo dtnerve. The Hue arts hall
will not SB ready before ttie midilln of Juno or the ?rst
of July, the WBlla being ?lamp. Our goods by tho Supply
are all l.uidi d, aud a Part has arrived, SO thai WS Shall
be ready SO far fOf tho opening; but our space, thauks
to ..'.ir lageatons OammhwiosMr, not sols ? fair, It wui bo
permitted te add until Juno is, when the j artos boss
m. m -.:ung.
g, In the gepartmeat of steam enginery tho inventive
0 m .s of Aiucrii .1 has one Item si practical appp
which le worth mote thus sump as?dale, of the eight
steam eagtaea eoatributed by tho whoio mechanical de
partmsntthere are :i\c Corllm(Amertosn)eaidnee,nnd
one ot ti.e ottnr three has s Portar*! gorernoi
AsMriean). Thessetioo saalgned to the machinery of
An,. 1 lea bas onlj a .-mail part of tho extent psstgned to
Bogland, but it nil) nave a featuro not shown by any
other dspertSM u:, in tuat the lighter machinery in the
side gsUertos will all bo iu motiou, side
shafting sad driving bands having besa uiiowod
by the general direction, so that every Amertosn ?ua
di.hi la the Mechanical Ball will iUsatratoits saathod
of action m a mn-iint* comprehensible to say observer
tlun. Iu this department especially the friendliness of
the Imperial direction baa basa shows to tho Unite.i
sutt -., lu the affair* of the disputed hall (aiid in several
other minor Instances), there has basa a beert
Brill show?).. the Americans which is exceedingly flat?
t. ring. That tho entanglement shoaid have ha :
eine 1-, I ..m assured, owtac to the neglect of our Corn
plana, oc to a?afea aay pr"i Iss claims
s f spaas sutil after the timo at ahleh the bosob b
ing to in was asMcncd, 111 default of such claim, to
Kuglaud. Naturally lb such a case, with tho absoluto
ssilsTiment of the essne in oueatloa to England t.y tm*
amnageuM at, the British ComaBlaatoa deciiued to submit
Ibe question to sasrbitrattoa,aa ptapoasd by our com?
?n-- II
o, thedlfareal sections of the Exhibition builillngs
aotblag probaWy will be in complete reodlnoai for the
o,.ei.ing except tho Kutuuda. In this meu swarm like
ant", sad SB mu. li energy as could bo expected from the
workuieu :u this country is shown, aud it is confidently
expected in e . omph tl ; but for tho rest, opinions differ
?early o asenth so to the date of Bomstotoieadlaeeai
the latest putting it some time In July. The slowness
aud tadiroetueas of spasattosa here can scarcely bo con
sstisdtn A Bastion rile-driving by hand andcarrving
of heavy loado i y g ins's Sf uieu where wheels would as
readily do the work, n tfeaasayotasf sasthoda of indi?
rection and how cot ia u, sro VtSlbls In every illrectiou.
The site is cv.il' stl, on? if rho most favorable that can
bo found, a.id v.l. u the gay kiosques and res
uuranis, with their flae* and decoraticus, tiali
l.nned* In the trees which Just begin to show
thetl BpCtng groas, are complete, und the long avenues
of massive looking buildings are dislncumbered of the
unsightly scaffolding which now covers them, I can well
imagine that tho sight wi.l bo one worth golug far to
see. Down lu a glade of forest of almost unsophisti?
cated beauty is a liugo wigwam?tho exterior of an
Am. inati bar. Iu auother corner la a Japanese
garden and fallu-hou-e, SE which the busr hammers are
now clluklug with ufsldi'i'c, aud the Mongol eyes look
out on ways aud meat's as strange to them as their
?laiuty wooden tiles uiut exquisitely tlnl?hcd house-tltn
1.-: - ne to ue?tiit-lr giugeriv agility, footing 11 over tho
slightly built, roofs iu straw silppers, agile aa habitual
Junkers. Close by is a model of a mosque and
uuu'iif-t from Egypt? fragile but exquisite Imitation of
*.ao most quaint and airy of all architecture. Deep In
th.'Kladeof the woods again, under the shelter ot tho
sympathetic pines, Is a Norwegian farm-house, and
quaint edifices nut yet defined, aud, to tho outsider, uu
detinable, are here and ?here in the groves. A Hwlss
till.:, exquisite iu every way, nestles between two of
the transepts, aud a charming Swiss school-house Jostles
a ?..rinan restauratlou and beer hall. Of our own
irhool sansa we bob ret only the site, bat are assured
that it will not fall to be in time for the opvniiig. Jew?
ell's American restaurant Is nearer completion, and the
good Yankees who prefer Vienna to Paris this session
Ban be provided with hot cakes und tuaplo sirups aud j
unut Juleps in hot weather, (.. IhSir utmost dosues.
l'un.mu i.piiia, April 30.?Richard lVttit, an
attorney, rvsuliug on EiKlithst. uear Spuice, committed
BataaSS l-??t evening, by shooting himself through the
I.. ol fJs was to have been uiamesl at noon to-day to Miss
ht airy. The affair causes much exciUui.. ut among the
friends ot the SSAiBSa Mr. lVttit had tasea engaged to
Mlvi basJap for 10 y?-srs. Sbo had lutely leOOlVOd a
b vuNome est?t? by the wills of the U'e lt-diert llald
cloiish isud Ii. 11. Haldclough, und over) thing Was v1""
pand for tue siarrtoge at aoea at hi. Mark' Chumh.
Tin-v diiHigued taking a Curupcau tour. Tie d ceased
Was a son of the late Ju Ige I'cltlt ?ud a .lupin . ,,f
Q, H. Naval I'ayuiMsUr Klehanl 1'eilll Tue lid;- 1,
Eug.Uh, and a ?Mtuaiu I? Bi?l*op ?Ul?s> , lal? ol iiouolula. j
Tin: IIODOC Hi '
sjBjsagsui drocAM attack.
BAM Fi:av< t.. ... April Bfc-A (Cratch from Yreka,
to-alsjbt, asps that the peopio of thai plset awl la
Rcotfl Valley are aiming, iinilcr the ?ippn liento ,-i
tint there aril] be i gi * i il Italian war. The ledies
fd .1. kg lii'-e taken tu, ggaj resto (.end lint, DBgaalfl -,
finit, atnl oilier Boeeaaitsea to the >-i< k ami wounded.
Meodeohali'atroopa BaaaharhaB IBSaaaak wereex
: to join Neu. Gilhaal last BagtA
ThoeeStleraia the vallepa at Owajaaj. ahowe the
lakes and laVO lud", ate BBOTfag away with tbefl
eattte nml other pjofeity,being afraid to rea tin
long t. There land farther sews ft es the b
mi: intllf CftaffTbTW BBaTB OOaUKD i OB B3B
i ?.; un-pi i? noon,
\W?mim;t<i.\, A, . n. Slii-riiian fo d iv ro?
il thi annexed disoatebea, forwui<le<i bj .Major
<?. ii. >< liohcM :
Lat? I't.i'S. ai i ..-. BBI
lu i?ijIm?'itii. - i; i., mfrwaanhwej OatBt
ig the aaaip
rdea l ' i.i'. Tic.n at, ? .. Anil
... Ipnng 1
: - au I 14 In Ii in? t.n. ??? in a
Toe pert* i iboaJ u m.. and reached
the Bt
In i apea hj i,
the lave i
i of Capt 1 . i . ... us
Artillery) a........ ... ...
Piral .' ? I i
. lUlitedlv kilt.-.]. Ll It. ' .
at IIII ... ,,n ,, . m g are
a rloo . _? roaely w< i
. .u .1 -, . ., Bl SB I.
All the ? .
an i fought like bei : .
mai:.-of th" h taken to i ? i -. BBBROW.
? if foot wari
lee of tho battle. < ,i . bfeudenbail reports trees
, au,l ln\;^ aa '
la the rocks aboal four
tOUth of tin ..
suiivuad tin m v.i ,i the I .. t it oree i
The ' .' .av.i ladj la, ul .
Gen. 71
At.vis ? ? it
Qeo, Davisstan . ? i,. ah this
Bkoshlaa- J M .-.:...
Gi n. >liernu:i lias, alter OOOfetOOOS '?vitli AetOsg
o, teleBTgpfcsd to SmK'i.iiv I., i
luu?p and President Graut lathe way el BeaaBBBtsV
tloU ad to lulUlo aimy BBOII Hient.s.
gg BMPOBJ I.MKNI-? At'lll'ild/.I'.I) ? I.M.IAN BAJB4
[nr TEt.rr.n vrtt to tiii: ti-.ii-.'
vTasjusu'ium, April SO. -Tboreieiaeri i
at the War D.pa: ? unnt OTOS the Indiao til
Qeo. Bchooold Lan been given full authority to I
raeaiVaToeaieatg from sa. b i> liata withio ?us tl
ad truopa SSO bt spajrod. The Department had infor?
mation which causea grave apprehensions
trouble may arise immediately with ether bands on
the border of On gOO ami California. Mail a
to-night, from the regfcoa ol Ubtsbuo City, Wyoming
Territory, reprtocot the Indiana aa restless, a:.d
sighs of trouble M very a ?.parent.
BUUSri ?una. vwill IHK lAViOPt sB iNDi.i.. .
Elus \ n:v> et un; mu v; ms.
Washington, April 30.?(Ji a. Crook'h asBaUM t
of carrviucout the i'c.iec poiic) in Arizona toettWOglJ
Indorsed, especially in iiiiit.ry circles. It is known shot
twe et the Basel rorasaSabaa beoda ot Atesabas be
sanaaderad threoghabsetaaa Beeret bletresps
one of the ihiefs saying in council that he first the
Gen. Crook, then God, for bosdlag forth the attva branch
aad poruilttit:?' bis n?s pie ta come in under the ??? U i
rag" in the hand. (.en. Creek baa Bddroaai i the follow?
ing letter, received to-day-te F?**fgTrtT MeCaaaataBet
PKK?('"TT, irlSOBS. April 11, 1?73.
Mt DEAS Oovt.ru
?bicb sum up I t ' I tn question la this Ihrrltorv,
Coehlse exceptad. Pensil dm to thank >ou, m behalf
of myself and the tro ps under my rommaod, fot the
able manner In ?blchjroa Uavi tl tbe ques?
tion in WashlagtoB. We feel that ?e are In a great
measure indexe; to _\ i ? : r tb Itave bad U
work with la the secernpllsbmenl k last
I. ilthourb we n.av have Mime ?<..11* ring
dations in some parts ol the Territory, I feel that t-.*
maiu work is over, ami 11. 011 I OfloBS can be
iiiade by tiio Post Commander, leaped
be kept easy for several i ne ?atoning that
t ae ii diaus on tiio \ .;i lo - reservations setl le .1
gbt grooves, but l hope that i\ the time am 1
m is held in the I [shall tie ab e te give
tea a solid rolo lrom my ludlau friends. Y< m .
rely, Oooaoa < aooa, 1;. j?. a.
To ibe Uou. h. C. i B?.C
Toronto, AptU 2?).--A hiK.cial tli-pateb freesFSti
Garry, Manitoba, says:
It Is BBdatatOOd thai dlsp itches have h. in received t.y
the Administration from th" Hon. Hr, lin land, arhS
stutout by the Council uf the Bei I W ataaeseai
the feeling and nataattoa of the W isu 1 adlaaa soaaatpi I
lu tho neighborhood of K >rt K.li*. The Batata of Mr.
Bnland's report has not BOM Bas?e public.
Informa'viou has been receive 1 In re frn-n a BBBjaae Ken
orally reponed tristworthy to the effet that
American trader. BOVhag poisoned two Sioux chief-,
little Knife SOdBtttbW Bull, at a place BalledCypteg
Hill, in Britiih t -rritory, by Bdnatalstertag atryehalaa
to them in their food, the Stoux fell on the post :
and massacred all the American, lu t'ae ftatOtfp, |
alsostatedth.it the half breeds livimcin the m .
hood shared the same fate, but thi? is rontradicted by
another report. Cypru.- Hill Is about lid B-JkM IrOSJ I .1
Coll'MBUS, April 30.??I1 the .StaU' Smute,
today, a VlgOtOai discussion cn.-ucl omt a * rn-? of res?
olutions lt'dorstng the present peace policy al thi
eral Government relative to ludiau altai's. tu,. re?s>lu
tlons were tabled, there being a decided ?bbbbSSBBj
among the Senators on the gsjesttao.
The Board of Indian Comniisnioncr? were
In session, yesterdar, at Leonard-st. and aTeet Broad?
way, and in the evening at the fifth Avenue Hotel, cui
slde.-lng the proposals received on Monday aud Tuesday
for transportation and provisions. They made no
awards, but hopo to brim; tho matter to a close, by to?
night. Ills probable that the coutracU for sugar and
coffee ?ill be given to tbe same person, and the ote
for flour will bo divided Among only a few. The
awards for beef will be more complicated. It is a curi?
ous fact that there are rroposals for delivering aui;ar
and coffee at the Indian reservations at lower rutea
than those for wlitoh goods of the same stipulated Krade
eau be purchased from the Importer in Nea-iork. Tata
ja theaghs te tadioate o ptedetecBilnatlaa not to carry
uut the contract in good faith; and the lowest bidders
ate quite as uuUkely to BssjggfS the awards as the
highest. mmmm____Baaa-a-a-??
Charlkstow, April 30.?Morton, Hliss tt, Co.,
I,ankers, of New-York, applied to tue rlu pre me court at
i "iuiniila, to-day, for a writ of mandamus to compel
the rouiroller-General to levy a tax aufhvieut to pa/
overdue and accruing iuterest on tho State debt. The
?rlt la made returnable on Tuesday next Th? Chamber
of Commerce of this city had a special meeting tod iy
to couslder this subject, sud adopted, a preamble de? :?r
lng H Important to determine the character and amount
ot the mate, debt, so that tbe proc?dions in the e 1
grease Court may not result ta tb? raeognltloa of fraud?
ulent bonds; also a r?solution doclariuit it Uue lo tho
credit aad good faith of the people, aud to the h.. 1.1? is
of iini|iiestioiiably valid bonds, that the taxpayers be
repn-?i uied by couuscl In tue suits. A commuieo ?as
accordingly appointed to engage counsel aad carry out
the purpose ul tbe aaaaaBaaaai

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